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^ ^^^^^^^^^H 


Coll«flQ »<*4 School 


Mv mil 










Together with mach other information 




American Educational Company 

PRICE, $5.00 




■ntered according to the act of Congress, in 
the rear 1906. by Homer L. Patterson, in 
the office of the Librarian of Con- 
gress at Washington. 





The aim of this work is to give a complete index to the educational system 
of the United States and Canada. The information has been thoroughly revised 
and brought down to date, and before final printing of the book proofs sub- 
mitted to the head of each institution for O. K., or correction. 

In the main classification a complete list of the schools and colleges is given, 
together with information as to the kind or school, class of students admitted, 
religious denomination, year established, and the name of the head of the insti- 
tution with title and degrees. The counter-classification will be found a ready 
reference for any particular class of schools. Any school may be instantly 
located by referring to the complete alphabetical lists. The Public School 
system is fully covered by complete lists of the State Educational Officials and 
county superintendents of schools. The lists of College Greek-Letter Fraterni- 
ties, undergraduate publications, Foreign Universities, etc., have been added 
for the purpose of making the book a complete educational directory, contain- 
ing information upon every subject pertaining to colleges and schools. It is 
believed the work will be found of value to every one in any way associated 
with educational institutions, or engaged in educational work. 

Acknowledgment is made to the various State Superintendents of Public 
Instruction in this country, and to the Commissioner and Deputy Commission- 
ers of Education of the Provinces of Canada, for their kind co-operation and 
assistance in compiling the information regarding the school systems; also to 
the editors of various fraternity and college papers for the assistance rendered 
by them in the departments of Greek-Letter Fraternities and college pub- 



Introductory 8 

Educational systems of the states, including: the schools and colleges, arranged 
alphabetically as to towns and cities. 














IOWA ...67 




















OHIO 182 








TEXAS 228 

UTAH 236 

















Alphabetical list of schools 281 

Counter-classification of schools and colleges, arranged according to kind of 

school 348 

Table of universities and colleges, arranged according to age 340 

Table of UMiversities and colleges, arranged according to size 341 

College papers 407 

Fraternity papers 427 

College colors 429 

Greek-letter fraternities 433 

Foreign universities 468 

Table of foreign universities arranged according to age 477 

College libraries 479 

Law libraries 500 

Medical libraries 505 

Theological libraries 508 

Government and state libraries 512 

Historical, society and special libraries 516 

Public libraries 521 

City superintendents, high and graded school principals 559 

Display advertisements 665 

Index 685 


A. B Bachelor of Arts 

Affri agriculture 

A. M Master of arts 

arch architecture 

B. A Bachelor of Arts 

B. C. L Bachelor of Civil Law 

B. D Bachelor of Divinity 

B. Mui Bachelor of Music 

Br»th Brethren 

B. S Bachelor of Science 

B. Pd Bachelor of Pedagopy 

bus business 

B. V. M Blessed Virgin Mary 

C. E Civil Engineer 

chem chemistrj- 

co-ed co-educalional 

coll collegiate 

Cumb. Presb Cumberland Presbyterian 

dent dental 

dom. sci domestic science 

elec electrical 

elo elocution 

engin engineering 

engr engraving 

est establlsbed 

Epis Episcopal 

Evang Evangelical 

F. B. H. S 

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society 

F. B. S Fellow of the Royal Society 

0«r. Evang German Evangelical 

homeop homeopathic 

hort horticulture 

indust industrial 

L. I>. S Lat<>r Day Saints (Mormon) 

Litt. B Bachelor of Literature 

Litt. D Doctor of Literature 

LL. B Bachelor of Laws 

LL. D Doctor of Laws 

LL. M Master of Laws 

K. A Master of Arts 

M. D Doctor of Medicine 

M. E Methodist Episcopal 

mech mechanical 

mod. me<1icinc 

M. E. So Methodist Episcopal South 

metal metallurgy 

metaph. metaphysics 

Meth Methoillst 

mil military 

min mines, mineralogy 

M orav Moravian 

M. H. A. 8 

Mem!)or of the National Academy of Rolcncej* 

M. K. A. 8 

Member of the Royal Academy of Science 

mus masic 

non-sect non-sectarian 

nor normal 

V. Y. M Nativity of the Virgin Mary 

ophthal ophthalmology 

0. 8. B Older of Saint Benedict 

osteop osteopathy 

P. E Protestant Episcopal 

Ph. B Bachelor of Philosophy 

Ph. D Doctor of Philosophy 

phar pharmacy 

photog photography 

phren phrenology 

phys. sci physical science 

physio-med physio-medical 

pop population 

post-grad post-graduate 

prep preparatory 

prin principal 

Prot Protestant 

psychol psychology 

B. Roman Catholic 

Ref Reformed 

reg regular 

R. 8. 8 Fellow of the Royal Society 

Rt. E6T Right Reverend 

8c. B Bachelor of Science 

sculp sculpture 

7th D. Adv Seventh Day Adventists 

7th D. Bapt Seventh Day Baptists 

8. J '. Society of Jesus 

8. M. E Holy Mother Church 

8. M. M Holy Mother Mary 

8. R. 8 Fellow of the Royal Society 

8. T. D Doctor of Divinity 

sten stenography 

8. T. P Professor of ThiKrtogy 

surg surgery 

snrr surveying 

8. V Holy Virgin 

Swed. Swedish 

tech technical 

teleg telegraphy 

ter territory 

theol theology 

IT. J. D l»<>ctor of Canon and Civil Law 

ITn. Breth Fnlted Brethren 

Unit Unitarian 

univ university 

IT. 8. H United States Navy 

V. D. M Minister of tiie Word of God 

▼et veterinary 

V. 8 Veterinary Surgeon 

Y. M. C. A..Ywing Men's Christian Association 

Y. W. 0. A 

Young Women's Christian Association 


Population, 1,828,697. School census, 702,000. School age, 7-21. 

Alabama is the eighteenth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 1328,697 inhabitants, of whom 1,001,152, or 54.7 per cent, are white. Of 
this number, 14,060, or 7 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 34 per cent, the state ranking forty-eighth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


H. C. Gunnels, Superintendent of Public Instruction Montgomery 

WiLLAM F. Feagin, Chief Clerk Montgomery 

W. C. Swanson, Assistant Gerk Montgomery 

Jas. N. Gunnels, Assistant Clerk Montgomery 


Harry G. Gunnels, President Montgomery 

Henry J. Willingham, Secretary Montgomery 

Miss Sara Clark Montgomery 


Governor H. B. Comer, Chairman Montgomery 

SuPT. Harry C. Gunnels, Secretary Montgomery 

S. S. Murphy, First District, Mobile 

John P. Selman, Second District Troy 

J. V. Brown, Third District Dothan 

D. M. Calloway, Fourth District Selma 

J. P. Neff, Fifth District LaFayette 

G. W. Brock, Sixth District Livingston 

J. B. HoBDY, Seventh District Albertville 

H. T. LiLE, Eighth District Falkville 

C B. Glenn, Ninth District Birmingham 


W. E. Stripin, President Gadsden 

J. D. McNeel, Chairman of Executive Committee Talladega 



No. of 
Ck>unty. Superintendent. Postofflce. Schools. 

Autau&ra ^. A. ABkins Billingrsley 69 

Baldwin ^. S. Lambert Bay Minette 68 

Barbour B. Davie Clasrton 138 

Bibb Jl. H. Pratt Six Mile 68 

Blount 40. A. Steele Oneonta 76 

Bullock JD. S. Bethune Union Springrs 89 

Butler JC. H. Lewis Greenville 110 

Calhoun .H. T. Persons Anniston 73 

Chambers W. T. Hollingrs worth LaFayette 103 

Cherokee ^A. O. Williams Center 60 

Chilton #J. W. Moore Clan ton 66 

Choctaw iW". J. Dansby .^ilas 93 

Clarke Jl. C. Heard Grove Hill 103 

Clay ^ S. Horn Ashland 74 

Cleburne ^A. H. Glasgrow Heflin 50 

Coffee ^. W. Simmons Enterprise 72 

Colbert J. W. Johnson Sheffield 69 

Conecuh />. M. Harper Herbert 86 

Coosa , J. H. Johnson Equality, R. F. D. No. 1 . 68 

Covington ^W. J. Merrill Andalusia 62 

Crenshaw C. K. Sharpe Higrhland Home 74 

Cullman 4D. V. Smith Cullman 88 

Dale W. M. Head PInckard 89 

Dallas JD. M. Calloway Selma 136 

DeKalb ,V. J. Callan Ft. Payne 100 

Elmore ,W. C. Cousins Claud 74 

Escambia .J. B. CBannon Brewton 68 

Etowah J. E. Williams Gadsden, R. F. D. No. 3. 73 

Fayette ^. W. Barnard Fayette 58 

Franklin ^ S. McRigrht Russellvllle 77 

Geneva *r. M. Lammons Hartford 

Greene W. P. Archibald Knoxvllle 86 

Hale jr. A. Ellerbe Greensboro 75 

Henry .iSam Davis Abbeville 134 

Houston 4J. B. Dell Dothan 

Jackson Wm. Cooper Scottsboro 131 

Jefferson I. W. McAdory Birmingham 190 

Lamar ^. R. Harris Vernon 88 

Lauderdale ^Tas. F. Koonce Florence 92 

Lawrence M. G. Almon Town Creek 72 

Lee D. M. Banks Opellka 66 

Limestone W. H. McClellan Athens 96 

Lowndes Geo. E. Gk>rdon Haynevllle 93 

Macon JW. G. Stevenson Tuskegee 70 

Madison S. R. Butler Huntsvllle 134 

Marengo S. W. Compton Myrtlewood 110 

Marlon ^H. W. McKenzIe Hamilton 76 

Marshall ^Tay Mabrey Horton 81 

Mobile S. S. Murphy Mobile 107 

Monroe .T. D. Forte Beatrice 100 

Montgomery G. W. Covington Montgomery 149 

Morgan P. A. Oden Stringer 88 

Perry Chas. C. Johnson Marlon 86 

Pickens W. H. Story Carrollton 106 

Pike J. M. Sanders Troy 90 

Randolph .T. N. Word Newell 87 

Russell F. M. deGraffenrled Scale 75 

Shelby .T. O. Dorough Columbiana 76 

St. Clair R S. Hodges Steele 72 

Sumter R. B. Callowav Livingston 89 

Talladega J. C. Williams Talladega 118 

Tallapoosa J. P. Oliver Dadevllle 150 

Tuscaloosa P. B. Hughe.** Tuscaloosa 125 

Walker T. J. Lamar Jasper 90 

Washington R. E. Blunt Sunflower 61 

Wilcox Will M. Cook Camden 116 

Winston Z. McVay Double Springs 6f 





ABBEVILLE, Heniy Co., pop. 889. 

Third District Africaltaral School; agri.; co- 
ed.; state; 0. J. Owens. Pres. 

ALBEBTVILLE, Marshall Co., pop. 1.500. 
Seventh District Arricnltnral School; agri.; 
co-ed.; state; est. 1892; J. B. Hobdyt 
B. Sc., Pres. 

AHHISTOV, Oalhonn Co., pop. 9,096. 

Anniston College for Tonng Ladies; closed. 

Barker Memorial Seminary (colored); women; 
prep, and indust.; Presb.; est. 1896; Rev. 
S. M. Davis. D. D., Pres. 

Boys' Training School; prep.; boys; non-sect.; 

Noble Institute for Oirls; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Miss Matilda Gray, Prin. 

ATHENS, Limestone Co., pop. 1,010. 

Athens College; girls' boarding: M. E. So.; 
est. 1843; Miss Mary N. Moore, Pres. 

Eighth District Agricultural School; agri.; co- 
ed.; state; J. M. Atkinson, Pres. 

ATTBITBN, Lee Co., pop. 1,447. 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute; tech.; state; 
est. 1872; Charles C. Thacb, M. A., Pres. 
School's announcement. — Seven degree 
conrses: Chemistry; Civil Engineering; 
Electrical Engineering; Mining; Agricul- 
ture; Arts; Pharmacy. 484 students; 
twelve states represented. Excellent shops, 
and laboratories. Degrees B. S. and M. S. 
Twenty professors: seventeen assistants. 
850 feet above sea-level. No malaria. 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Department of 
Pharmacy; phar.; co-ed.; est. 1895; Em- 
erson B. Miller, Dean. 

BELL, Lamar Co., pop. 22. 

Shiloh High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1896; Archer B. Gllmorc. Prin. 

BIBMINOHAM, Jefferson Co., pop. 38,415. 
Birmingham Consenratory of Music; music; 

est. 1895; William Gussen and Edna 

Gockel-Gussen, Directors. 
Birmingham Dental College; dent.; men; est. 

1803; Charles A. Merrill, D. D. S.. Dean. 
Birmingham Medical College; mod.; reg.; 

men; est. 1894; B. L. Wyman. A. M., M. 

D., Dean. 
Birmingham Seminary; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1897; Miss Loulle Compton, 

A. M. Prin. 
Howard College; coll.; men; Bapt.; est. 1842; 

A. P. Montague, Ph. D., LL. D., Pres. 
Massey Business College; bus. and sten.; Wm. 

N. Smith, Prin. 
North Alabama Conference College; coll.; 

men; M. B. So.; est. 1898; Anson West, 

Pollock-Stephens Institute; girls* boarding; 

non-sect.; Catherine D. Elford. Prin. 
Spencer Business College; bus. and sten., est. 

1805; Robert Campbell, A. B.. Prin. 
Wheeler Business College; bus., sten. and 

teleg.; est. 1888; WlUard J. Wheeler, 


BLOUNTSYILLE, Blount Co., pop. 600. 
Ninth District Agricultural School; agri.; co- 
ed.; state; est. 190S; E. A. Miller, M. 8.. 
CALHOUN, Lowndes Co. 
Calhoun Colored School, agri.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1892; Rev. Pitt Dillingham, 
CLANTON, Chilton Co., pop. 611. 
TTniversity School; prep.; ce-ed.; non-sect.; E. 
Y. McMorries, Ph. D., Prin. 
COLLINSYILLE, Do Kalb Co., pop. 624. 
CoUinsTiUe High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1887; E. B. Paul. Prin. 
CREWS DEPOT, Lamar Co., pop. 40. 
Trideska College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; J. 
M. Walton, M. A., B. L.. LL. D., Prin. 
CTTLLMAN, Cullman Co., pop. 1.255. 
Polytechnic College and Ladies' Institute; 
prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; S. A. Felter, A. 
M., M. L., Pres. 
DAPHNE, Baldwin Co. 
Daphne Normal College; nor.; co-ed.; J. A. B. 
Lovett, Pres. 
DEMOPOLIS. Warren Co.. pop. 2.606. 
Marengo Military Institute; military; non- 
sect.; W. A. McLeod, Prin. 
EDWARDSYILLE, Cleburne Co., pop. 400. 
Cleburne Institute; prep.; non-sect.; L. H. 
Jackson. Prin. 
ELKMONT, Limestone Co., pop. 174. 
Elkmont High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1895; W. R. HIghtower. Pres. 
EXIF AULA, Barbour Co., pop. 4,632. 
Alabama Brenau, The; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1857; H. J. Pearce, Ph. D.. 
and A. W. Van Hoose. A. B.. Principals. 
* School's announcement. — ^The Alabama 
Brenau Is conducted by Presidents Van 
Hoose and Pearce, who have had such 
remarkable success in developing Brenau 
College-Conservatory. Gainesville. Oa., 
now one of the most famous Institutions 
in the South. 
TTnion Female College; girls* boarding^ non- 
sect.; est. 1854; Mary Lyon. B. S., B. L., 
and Mrs. Charlotte L. Ball, Associate 

EVERGREEN, Conecuh Co., pop. 1.277. 

Second District Agricultural School; agri.: co- 
ed.; state; Willis Washington Hall, Pres. 

FALHVILLE, Morgan Co.; pop. 84S. 
Falkville Normal College; normal; co-ed.; est. 
1896} James L. Gibson. A. B., Pres. 

FAYETTE, Fayette Co., pop. 452. 
Fayette Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
John B. Ziegler, Prin. 

FLOMATON, Escambia Co., pop. 210. 
Flomaton High School; prep.; cn-cd.; non- 
sect.; J. W. Agnew, Prin. 

FLORENCE, Lauderdale Co., pop. 6,478. 
Florence TTnivcrsity for Women; girls* board 
Ing; non-sect.; est. 1890; M. W. Hatton 
and 0. W. Anderson, Presidents. 





State Vomud Oollafe; normal; state; co-ed.; 
ManhaU C. Wilson, Pres. 
FO&VEY, Chexokee Oo.; pop. 100. 
Chexokee Inatitnte; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1894; J. H. Scroffftn, Prln. 
FOBT PATVE. De Kalb Oo., pop. 1,067. 
North Alabama OoUefe; coll.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; B. R. Bldrldffe, Pres. 
OATLESYIIXE, Cherokee Oo., pop. 206. 
Oaylesrllle Hiffh School, prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; B. J. Ohestnat, 0. B., Prin. 
OBEEVBBOBO, .Hale Oo., pop. 2,416. 
Sonthem University; coll.; men; M. B. So.; 
est. 1856; Rev. S. M. Hosmer, Pres. 
OURLET, Madison Co., pop. 831. 
Robert Donnell Hiirh School; prep.; co-cd.; 
non-sect.; J. B. Conder, Trln. 

HAXZLTOV, Marion Oo.; pop. 286. 
Sixth District Arrionltnral School.; agrl.; co- 
ed.; state; H. O. Sargent, M. S., Pres. 

HEALIHO SPRINOS, Waahington Go., pop. 85. 
Healing Springs Baptist Institnta; prep.; co- 
ed.; Bapt.; est. 1889; WiUiam A. Wind- 
ham, A. B., Prln. 

HTTHTSVILLE, Madison Oo., pop. 8.068. 
Chailn's Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1899; W. F. Chafln. Pres. 
Macon and Andrews College; closed. 

JACKSOK, Clark Co., pop. 1.039. 
First District Agricultural School; agrl.; state; 
co-ed.; est. 1886; W. P. Monk. M. S., 

JACXSONYILLE, Calhoun Co., pop. 1,076. 
State Vormal College; normal; state: co-ed.; 
est. 1883.; C. W. Daugette, M. Sc.. Pres. 

JOFPA, Pullman Co., pop. 180. 

Vormal, Industrial and Collegiate Institute; 
prep.; co-ed.: Cong.: est. 1892; Rer. Mar- 
shall M. Gaines. A. M., Pres. 

LAFAYETTE, Chambers Co., pop. 1.629. 
Lf^ayette College; coll.: co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1886: John P. Neff, M. 8., Pres. 

UYIHOSTOV, Sumter Co., pop. 861. 
Alabama State Vormal; normal; state; co-ed.; 
est. 1882; Miss Julia S. Tntwlller. LL. D., 

MARIOV, Perry Co., pop. 1,098. 
Judson College; coll.; women; Bapt.. est. 1889: 

Robert G. Patnell, B. A.. D. D.. Pres. 
Marion Baptist Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 

D. V. Jemison. Prln. 
Marion Female Seminary: girls* boarding: 

noQsect.; est. 1836; James D. Wade. 

Marion Military Institute; mllltarj; non-sect.; 

James T. Murfee. LL. D.. Prln. 

MOBILE, Mobile Co.. pop. .38.469. 

Academy of the Visitation; girls* boarding: 
R. C: est. 1833; Sr. M. de Cbantel 
Ryan, Supt. 

Emerson Vormal and Industrial Institute; 
nor.; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 1866: Rct. A. T. 
Bnmell. A. M.; Ph. D.. Pres. 

Hunter's Select School for Oirls; girls* board- 
ing: non-sect.; Miss Sallie B. Hunter, 

Mobfls XUitaij Academy, military,; non- 
sect.; P. B. Peterson, Supt. 
St. Mary's Select School; girls' boarding; B. 

C; Sister Aloysla, Prln. 
Qpenoer Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1896; L. 0. Spencer. B. 8., Pres. 
Spring Hill College; coll.; men; R. C; est. 

1880; Rot. J. WlUIam Tyrrell. S. J., 

ITniTsrsity of Alabama, Medical Department; 

med.; reg.; co-ed.; est 1850; Dr. Rhett 

Goode, M. D.. Dean. 
ITnivszBity of Alabama, School of Fhaxmaoy; 

phar.; co-ed.: est. 1859; George A. 

Ketcbum, M. D., Dean. 
MOHTEVALLO, Shelby Co., pop. 1.350. 
Alabama Oirla' Industrial School; prep, and 

Indust.: women; state; est. 1896; Thomas 

W. Palmer. Pres. 
MOHTOOMEBY, Montgomery Co., pop. 80.346. 
Calhonn-Chamberlin School; girls* boarding: 

non-sect.; Miss Josephine E. Calhoun 

and Miss H. P. Ohamberlln. Prins. 
Draughon's Practical Buaineaa College; bus. 

and sten.; J. F. Draughon, Pres. 
Loretta Academy; girls* boarding; R. C: 

Sister M. Borromeo, Prln. 
Maaaey Buaineaa College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1884: Ralph D. Qulsenberry, B. A.. Prin. 
State Normal School for Colored Studenta 

(colored); normal: state: co-ed.; W. B. 

Patterson, Pres. 
TTniversity School; boys* boarding; non-sect.; 

J. M. and S. C. Starke. PrIns. 
KAT, Jaokaon Co., pop. 10. 
Green Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; cat. 

1891; J. M. Trospcr. Prin. 

MEWTOV, Dale Co., pop. 457. 
Baptiat Collegiate Inatitute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; A. W. Tate. Prin. 

KOBMAL, Madison Co.. pop. 88. 
Agricultural and Mechanical College (colored); 
indust.; state; co-ed.; W. H. Council. 

PIS6AH, Jackaon Co., pop. 48. 
Male and Female Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. W. Simpson, Prin. 

ROAVOKE. Bandolph Co.. pop. 1.155. 

Boanoke Normal School; private: prep.: co- 
ed.; non-sect.; Robt. M. Crawford, Prin. 

ROCXFOBD. Coosa Co.. pop. 240. 
Bockf ord High School ; prep. ; co-ed. : non-sect. ; 
Jefferson Fox. Prln. 

ST. BEBNABD, Cullman Co.. pop. 25. 

St. Bernard College; coll.: men; R. C: est. 
1892; Rev. Benedict Menges. O. S. B. 

SPBINGTILLE. St. Clair Co., pop. ^6. 
Spring Lake College; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.; 
est. 1897; W. A. McCreless. Prin. 

STEVENSON, Jackson Co., pop. 575. 
Auatin Training School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. P. Mawry, Prin. 

SYBACAUGA. Talladega Co., pop. 880. 

Fourth District Agricultural School; agri.; co- 
ed.; state: est. 1896; Geo. H. Thlgpcn. 





TALLADEGA, TalUdeffa Co., pop. 4.066. 
AlalMuna Qjaodioal CtoUaffo for Womon; girls* 

boarding; Presb.; est. 1903; Ber. T. P. 

Walton, Prea. 
loatitnta for Deaf, Dnmb and Blind; state; 

J. H. Johnson, Snpt. 
labell Ctollefe; merged with Alabama Synodlcal 

College for Women. 
Talladega College (colored); coll.: co-ed.; 

Cong.; est. 1867; Rer. BenJ. M. Nyce. 

M. A., Pres. 

THOBSBY, Chilton Co., pop. 54. 
Thorsby Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1906; Samuel Brenton Groves, Prin. 

TRTTflTY, Xorgaa Co., pop. 191. 
Vorth Alahsma Collegiate Institute; prep.; 
co-ed.; Ber. Josephos Shackelford, Prln. 

TROY, Pike Co., pop. 4,007. 
State Vormal College; normal: state; co-cd.; 
est. 1887; B. M. Shackelford, Pres. 

TUSCALOOSA, Tuscaloosa Co., pop. 6,094 
Central Female College; girls' boarding; 

Bapt.; est. 1858; Dr. Giles, Pres. 
Tuscaloosa Female College: girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; est. 1860; W. F. Melton, Ph. 

D.. Pres. 

University of Alabama; see UnlTerslty P. O. 
Yemer Military Institute; military; non-sect.; 

R. Bliss Edgar, Prln. 
TXrSCinCBIA, Colbert Co., pop. 2.348. 
Deshler Female Institute; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; Mrs. R. P. Foote, Prln. 
TTTSXEOEE, Macon Co., pop. 2,170. 
Alabama Conference Female College; girls' 

boarding; M. B.; est. 1855; John Massey, 

LL. D.. Pres. 
Tuakegee State Vormal and Industrial Institute 

(colored): indust.; co-ed.: non-sect.; est. 

1881: Booker T. Washington, A. M., Lli. 

D., Pres. 

UNIVERSITT, Tuscaloosa Co.. pop. 23. 
TTniTersity of Alabama; unlv.; state; co-ed.; 

est. 1831; Dr. J. W. Abercromble, LL. D., 

TTniTsrsity of Alabama, Law Department; 

law.; co-ed.; est. 1873; W. S. Thorington, 


WALinJT GROVE, Etowah Co., pop. 270. 
Walnut Grove College; coU. and prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; W. J. Nash, Pres. 
WETUMPKA, Elmore Co., pop. 562. 
Fifth District Agricultural School; agrl.; co- 
ed.; state: L. L. Vnnn. Pres. 


Population, 122,212. School census, 34,299. School age, 6-21. 

Arizona is the forty-eighth of the states and territories of the Union in point 
of population, having a total of 122,212 inhabitants, of whom 92,903, or Id per cent, 
are white. Of this number 22,395, or 18.3 per cent, are foreign born. The per- 
centage of illiteracy of the entire population is 29 per cent, the territory ranking 
forty-fourth in this respect. The educational system of the territory is as follows : 


Joseph H. Kibbey, Governor of Arizona, President Phoenix 

R. L. Long, Superintendent Public Instruction, Secretary Phoenix 

R E. KiRKLAND, Territorial Treasurer Phoenix 

A. N. Taylor, Principal Northern Arizona Normal School Flagstaff 

A. J. Matthews, Principal Arizona Normal School, Tempe Tempe 

K. C. Babcock, President University of Arizona Tucson 

John D. Loper, Principal Mesa School Mesa 


R. L. Long, Chairman Phoenix 

John D. Loper, Member Mesa 

W. W. McNeff, Member Phoenix 


Arizona has no regularly constituted board of this sort, but especial attention is 
paid to the building up of school libraries, fifty dollars being given each year by the 
territorial government for books for school libraries to every district having one 
hundred or more children. 


Pop. of 
County. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Apache Alfred Ruiz St. Johns 8,452 

Cochise J. A. Rockfellow Tombstone 9,251 

Coconino J. E. Jones FlagstaflT 5.344 

Gila W. O. Kellner Globe 4,264 

Graham A. R. Lynch Safford 14,162 

Maricopa A. H. Fulton Phoenix 21,352 

Mohave R. A. Robertson Kingman 3.443 

Navajo Robert C. Smltii Holbrook 8.817 

Pima Frank L. Culln Tucson 14.689 

Pinal John C. Harris Florence 6.884 

Santa Cruz M. Marsteller Nogales 4,545 

Yavapai J. B. Jolly Prescott 13,799 

Yuma Jos. H. Godfrey Juma 4,145 





FLAGSTAFF, Coconiiio Ck>., pop. 1,271. 
HortlMn Azisona Hoznul Scliool; normal; 
■tate; co-ed.; est. 1899; Almon N. Tay- 
lor, Ph. D., Pres. 

FO&T DEFIAVOE, Apache Ck>., pop. 23. 
H&Tajo Traininff School; Govt, induetrltl 
school for Indians; co-ed.; est. 1872; Ren- 
ben Perry, Supt. 

SEAM'S CAHOH, Havajo Co., pop. 29. 

Moqni Indian Training School; OoTt. Indns- 
tritl school for Indians; co-ed.; Theo. O. 
Lemmon, Snpt. 

MOHAVE OITY, Mohave Ck>., pop. 30. 

Fort Mohave Indian School; GoTt. Indnstritl 
school for Indians; co-ed.; est. 1890; Dnn- 
can D. McArtbnr, B. 8., B. Pd., Snpt. 

PHOEVIX, Maricopa Ck>., pop. 5,544. 
Lamson Business GoUeffe; bus. and sten.; B. 

M. Lamson, Pres. 
United States Indian Industrial School; OorL 
industrial school for Indians; co-ed.; est. 

1890; Oharlea W. CkMdman, Sapt. 
FSESOOTT, Yavapai Go., pop. 8.560. 
St. Joseph Aeademy; prep.; co-ed.; B. G.; 
Sisters of St Joseph, Prln. 
TEMFE, Maricopa Go., pop. 885. 
Honnal School of Arisona; normal; state; co- 
ed.; est. 1886; A. J. Matthews. Pres. 

TUGSOH, Pima Go., pop. 7.581. 
St. Joseph Academy; girls* boarding; R. G.; 

Sister PriscUla, Prin. 
University of Arisona; Univ.; ter.; co-ed.; 

non-sect.; est. 1891; Kendrlck Charles Bab- 
cock, Ph. D.. Pres. 
University of Arisona, College of Agricnltnre 

and Mechanic Arts; agri.; state; co-ed.; 

Kendrlck Charles Babcock, Pres. 
University of Arizona School of Mines; tech.; 

state: co-ed.; William Pbippe Blake, A. 

M., Director. 

YUMA, Yuma Go., pop. 1,519. 
Fort Yuma Training School; Govt, industrial 
school for Indians; co-ed.; est. 1885; John 
S. Spear, Supt. 


Population, 1,311,564. School census, 533,843. School age, 6-21. 
Arkansas is the twenty-fifth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,311,564 inhabitants, of whom 944,580, or 72 per cent, are white. Of this 
number, 14,186, or 1 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 20.4 per cent, the state ranking thirty-ninth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Geo. B. Cook^ State Superintendent of Public Instruction Little Rock 

W. A. Crawford, Deputy Superintendent Little Rock 


X. O. PiNDALL, Governor. Little Rock 

Geo. B. Cook, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Little Rock 

O. C. LuDWiG Little Rock 


Geo. B. Cook, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Little Rock 

A. E. MooRE Little Rock 

O. C. LuDwiG Little Rock 


D. T. Rogers, President Jonesboro 

H. S. Traylor, Coresponding Secretary Booneville 


Pop. of 
County. Kxaminer. Postofflce. County. 

Arkansas G. W. Botts DeWitt 12,973 

Ashley i^B. R. Smith Hamburg: 19,7S4 

Baxter Joe George •. Mountain Home 9,298 

Benton W. R. Edwards Pea Ridge 31,601 

Boone .R. T. Dopson Harrison 16.396 

Bradley D. A. Bradham .fVarren 9,651 

Calhoun .C R. Condray Hampton 8,539 

Carroll .M. L. McCall Eureka Springs 18,848 

Carroll J. C. Bunch Berryvllle 18,488 

Chicot William Kirten Lake Village 14,528 

Clark N. M. Whaley Gurdon 21.289 

Clay .C. D. Threlkeld Green way 15,886 

Clay J. N. Moore Corn ing 



POIK of 
County. Postofflce. County. 

Cleburne J. L.. Bittle Heber 9,268 

Cleveland .B. Y. Searcy Rison 11,620 

Columbia %W. B. Smith McNeil 22,077 

Conway J. H. Reynolds Appleton 19,972 

Craigrhead .D. T. Rogrers Jonesboro 19,605 

Crawford iiWallace Oliver Van Buren 2.720 

Crittenden O. M. Gooch Earle 14,629 

Cross ^. N. KiUougrh Wynne 11,051 

Dallas G. A. SuUards Fordyce 11,518 

Desha *r. F. Wallace Kelso 11,511 

Drew J. L. Spence Montlcello 19,461 

Faulkner •iT. F. Forrest Vilonia 20,780 

Franklin .M. V. Waterfleld Charleston 17,395 

Franklin .P. M. McKay Ozark 

Fulton -iR. L. White Salem 12,917 

Garland jJ. G. Cubbagre Hot Springs 18,778 

Grant .^. M. Rodgrers Sheridan 7,671 

Greene JO. B. Richardson Paragrould 16,479 

Hempstead A. L. Jobe Hope 24,101 

Hot Spring: W. D. Leiper Malvern 12,748 

Howard d«D. P. Holmes Nashville 14,076 

Independence .Sidney Pickens Sulphur Rock 22,657 

Izard T. H. Linn Melbourne 18,606 

Jackson ^ugrene A. Shaver Newport 18,383 

Jefferson G. E. Lytle Althelmer 40,972 

Johnson *J. W. Sallis Clarksvllle 17,448 

Lafayette J. F. Brigrht Stamps 10,594 

Lawrence #E. E. Hulen Black Rock 16,491 

Lee A. W. Bonner Marianna 19,409 

Lincoln R. A. Collins Palmyra 13,889 

Little River T. T. C. Anderson Winthrop 13,781 

Logran G. S. Minmier Paris 20,563 

Lonoke lE. R. Robinson Lonoke 22,644 

Madison ^L. F. Bell Thorney 19,864 

Marion .J. L. Bond Yellvllle 11,877 

Miller *F. W. Miller Texarkana 17,658 

Mississippi J. H. Riley Luxora 16,884 

Monroe «Jack McCullougrh Clarendon 16,811 

Montgomery .John L. McConnell Mt. Ida 9,444 

Nevada .P. F. Chappell Prescott 16,609 

Newton *R. C. ArbauSTh Jasper 12,638 

Ouachita .^E. H. Carson Camden 20,892 

Perry .W. B. Laudermilk Casa 7,294 

Phillips C. P. Sanders Helena 10,801 

Pike James H. Webb Nathan 26,661 

Poinsett N. J. Hazel Marked Tree 7,026 

Polk W. M. Pipkin Mena 18,852 

Pope A. S. Hays Russellvllle 21,716 

Prairie S. D. Williams Hazen 11.876 

Pulaski Major R. H. Parbam Little Rock 63,179 

Randolph W. Frosty Acree Ravenden Springrs 17.156 

Saline .W. J. Canaday Benton 13,122 

Scott .B. Holland Cauthron 13,183 

Searcy J. M. McCall Marshall 11,988 

Sebastian J. W. Kuykendall Ft. Smith 36.935 

Sebastian C. Henderson Greenwood 36,936 

Sevier L. E. Quinn Lockesburg 16,339 

Sharp .James M. Simpson Cave City 12,199 

Sharp D. C. Billingrsley Ash Flat 12,199 

St. Francis W. H. Paslay Forrest City 17,167 

Stone Geo. W. Lackey Mountain View 8,100 

Union .Rev. J. F. McKenzie El Dorado 22,496 

Van Buren F. M. Eubanks Choctaw 11,220 

Washingrton .M. F. Croxdale Fayetteville 34,266 

White F. Garland May Searcy 24,864 

Woodruff A. L. Hutchlns Augrusta 16,804 

Yell D. F. Montgromery Danville 22,750 




AMtrr, euok e^.. p«)p. »t. 

iUritjr MlfEli SeliMl; pvep.; eo-«fL: saorMct.; j 
eiit. ]«^1; 59«miiel V. aamwHi, PrlB. * 

MMKASfKLnOA, CUA C*., pop. 2,73^, 

M B w d m tm fMtf9^\ tctl,; en^td.; IT. IL; eat. 
1»0; Joba fy. mmtmon, A. K.. Prs. 

OMMfcK* 9m§ftStt CaU9*\ «on.; ei>-«d.; BapC; 
«it. ]M«: J. W. Owger. A. V.. Pnta. 

BiUanr f oxx, ifH c^, pop. »o, 

Vt* T l tmm at AemAtmj, prep.; om 

ed.; R. B, Am, Pfto, 
B1TX9TCLLX, Imitfwm^tmf C^,, pop, 2,:B7. 
Af hw Mit CMIoipt; <;4>n,; eo-ed.; PKsbj.: eat. 

]^2: ISn«#^ne ft. Loo^ A. U„ Fk. D,. 


nixinmxc, t«ii c*., pop. 974. 

BolkfvSIU A c Minrn j ; pnp.; <i^M.; noo-Met.: 
J. B. ftm/tfc^, Pi1». 

a^nrrovinLLC, boikmi c*,, pop. i.mi. 

OMoUt* » M H o B f l Mo Acmdtmr; prep.; eo-ed.; 
f(flpt.: Mt. IWO; Kdward K. Bcgwefl, 

MOVCAW, VMr«4« C»., pop. 71. 
VaiMi BaytM Bigk fekool; prep.; eo-«d.; 
Il«pt.: A. 19. Hoillc, Prln. 

CLAftXSTXLLZ, JokMoa Co., pop. 1,0M. 
Affeaataa CaaiWrUui4 Collofa; coll.; e»^.; 
Prenb.; eat. ISM; Her. O. P. Crawford. 
A. M., D. D., Prea. 

COirWAT. Faolkaor Ca., pop. 2.008. 
Caatral Baptiat CoUafa; firla' boarding; Bapt.; 

•at. ]«r2; W. W. Rlrera. A. M.. Prln. 
Kaadria Callafa; coll.; co-ed.; M. B. 80.; aat 

ISM; Ber. Stonewall Anderaon, A. B., 


7ATKTTZTZLLE, WaaUafton Co., pop. 4,001. 
UaiTaraity of Aziuuwaa; anlr.; atata; co-ed.; 
nonaect.; eat. 1872; John N. Tillman. LL. 
v., Prea. 

70BT SMITH, Babaatiaa Go., pop. 11. M7. 
Dranrbon'a Practical Bnatnaia Ck>llafa; boa. 

and aten.; John F. Draufbon, Prea. 
Fort Smitli Commarolal Ck>llara; boa. and aten.; 

frat. 1888: Geo. M. Neale. A. M.. Prea. 
St. Ann'a Aeadamj; flrla* boarding; R. 0.; 

Hlat<>r Mai7 Aloyaiaa. Saperlor. 

FRIEVDSKIP. Hot Spriaga Ck>.. pop. 188. 
Friendahip High School; prep.: Co-ed.; non- 
at'Ct.: pat. 1800: G. L. Morelock. Bapt. 

OEVTRY, Benton Co., pop. 419. 
Hendrix Academj; pn-p. : co-ed.; M. B. 80.; 
fNt. mm; R('T. L. H. Bakca. A. B., Prea. 

HELEBA, Phlllipa Co.. pop. 6.600. 
Sacrad Heart Aoademj; glrla' boarding; B. C; 
HIatrr Kvangollata. Prln. 

IMBODEB. Lawrence Co.. pop. 411. 
Sloan-Hendrix Aoademj; prep.; co-ed.; M. B. 
Ho.; (Iporge Hvana, Prln. 

LITTLE ROOK. Pulaakl Co., i>op. 88.307. 
Arkanaaa Baptiat Collage (colorod); prep.; co- 
rd.; Ilaiit.; Joarph A. Ilookrr. Proa. 
Arkanaaa Military Academy 1 boya' boarding; 
mllltnry; nonaect.; Col. R. C. Uall, Bapt. 

CaTlaga •€ Phyaudaaa aai 


and ateo.; J. F. 
laatitate Laai Xaya, The; 

Keya. Piaa^ 

Wa liar Saaiaazy far Yaaac laAaa: gfzia' 
boazdiag: aon-aect.: eat. ISH; Alwfa Stew- 
art Maddoz. Prea. 
FWTaa^ar Saiith CaOaga (calared>: eoIL: co- 

ed. M. E.: eat. 1877: J. M. C<a. Prea. 
St. Mavy'a Atfadaiay; glrla* boazdlBg: R. C: 

eat. 18&1: Siatera of Mercy. 
Bai t aiaiiy ti Arlraaaaa, Law Sapaztaaaat: law: 
co-ed.; eat. 1880: J. H. Carmidkaal. Dean. 
Baivataity •« irfcaaaaa, Mafieal Sapntauat: 
OMd.; r^.: co-ed.; eat. ISTi; Dr. F. L. 
French. M. D.. Sec. 
WiUiaaa ladoatrial CoIIaga (colored^ : indoa- 
trial: co-ed: nonaect.: est. 1908: Roftia 
.S. Stoat. LL. D., Pr»»a. 
MA0A7.f E, Logaa Co., pop. 807. 

Magaaiae Oaehita Academy; prep.: co-M. : 
Bapt.: eat. 1900; Jaa. L. Smith. A. B.. 
MOBTICELLO, Draw Co., pop. 1.579. 
Hiaamoa'a XTniTaraitf Schaal; prep.: co-ed.; 
non-aect.; eat. 1800; J. L. Sp«nce, Sept. 
MOmrTAIH HOME, Baxtar Co.. pop. 363. 
Oaaahita Aeadamy; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; L. 
A. Morton, Prln. 
MORTK LITTLE ROCK, Sabaib of Little Roefc. 
Shortar Gollaga (colored); prep.: co-ed.: A. M. 
R.: eat. 1887; Rer. Andrew H. HIU. B. D.. 
OXOLOMA, Clark Co., pop. 411. 
Okalona High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-aect.: 
T. B. Greene. Prln. 
PARAOOVLD, Oraana Co., pop. 8,824. 
Fartiah College; prep, and bna.; co-ed.; aon- 
aect. ; eat. 1880: B. H. Parriah. B. S.. 
Thompaon'a Claaaioal Inatitnta; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-aect.; R. S. Thompaon, Prln. 
PARIS, Logan Co., pop. 848. 
Vew Snbiaco College; coll.: men; R. C: eat. 
1887: P. Boniface Spanke. O. S. B.. Praa. 
PEA RIDGE, Benton Co.. pop. 302. 
Pe« Ridge Maaonic College.; coll.; co-ed.; Ma- 
aonic; eat. 1880; S. G. Parlab. A. M.. 
PIHE BLUFF, Jefferaon Co., i>op. 11,496. 
Annnnoiation Academy; glrla' boarding; R. C.; 

eat. 1880: Slatera of Charity. 
Branch Vormal College (colored): normal; 
atate: co-ed.; eat. 1875; laaac Flaber. Prln. 
Jamea' Practical Bnaineaa College; boa. and 
aten.: eat. 1900; J. W. Jamea and J. B. 
Slma, Prlna. 
ROOERS, Benton Co., pop. 2,158. 
Rogera Acodemy; prep.; co-ed.: (Tong.; eat. 
1883: Morria E. AUIng. Ph. B., Prln. 
SEARCY, White Co., pop. 1.905. 
Galloway Femala College; glrla* boarding; M. 
B.; G. C. Godden. Prea. 





B—xcj Fttiiul« InttitBte; gUrtm' boarding; non- 
sect.: est. 1881; Mary Jasi>er Willis, Prln. 

BELICA, Dallas Ck>., pop. 8,713. 
Alabama Baptist Colore^ tTniTorsity (colored); 
coll.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 1878; B. T. Pol- 
lard, Pres. 

SILOAM SPBIHG8, Bonton Ck>., pop. 1,748. 
Arkansas Cktnfsrence Ck>llege; coll.; co-ed.; M. 
E.; est. 1809; Bey. Thomas Mason, A. M., 
D. D., Pres. 

SOVTHLABI), FhUlips Oo., pop. 28. 
Southland College and Hormal Institute; coll.; 
co-ed.; Society of Friends; est. 1868; H. C. 
Wolford, Pres. 

STVTTOABT, Arkansas Ck>., pop. 1,258. 
Stuttgart College; prep.; co-ed.; United Presb.; 

B. McKee, Pres. 
Stuttgart-Hendrix Academy; girls' boarding; 
M. B. So.; est. 1003; 0. O'Bear, A. B.. 
VILONIA, Faulkner Co., pop. 1,858. 
Holiness Literary 8<^liool; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Miss Winifred Darby, Prin. 
WILMAB, Drew Co., pop. 844. 
BeauToir College. ; coll. ; co-ed. ; non-sect. ; J. L. 
Spence, Pres. 
WITCHEBYILLE, Sebastian Co., pop. 128. 
Backner College; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; J. B. 
Williamson, Prin. 


Pofmlatson, l,4SSfiS3. School census, 445.000. School age, 6-17. 

Calif anna is the twenty-first state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of l,485/>53 inhabitants, of whom 95 per cent are white. Of this nnmber 
22 percent are foreign bom. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population 
is 48 per cent, the state ranking sixteenth in this respect. The educational system 
of the state is as follows: 


Edwaxd Hyatt, Superintendent of Public Instruction Sacramento 


James N. Gillett, Governor, President of Board Sacramento 

Edwabd Hyatt, State Superintendent, Secretary Sacramento 

Moms E. Dailey, President of State Xormal School San Jose 

J. F. Millspaugh, President State Xormal Los Angeles 

C. C. Vajc Liew, President of State Xormal School Qiico 

Sauuil T. Black, President of State Xormal School San Diego 

Fkederic L. Burk, President of State Xormal School San Francisco 

Benjamin Ide Wheeler, President of State University Berkeley 

Alex Lange, Professor of Pedagogy at State University Berkdey 


James N. Gillett, Governor Sacramento 

Edward Hyatt, State Superintendent Sacramento 

C. C Van Liew Chico 

J. H. Strine, Secretary 

According to the California text-book laws, the state hires the plates of such 
lx)oks as it desires to use. Adoptions were made in the spring of 1SX)4. 


The state has no recognized state board, but provisions arc made for pupils 
reading through a direct law, which makes annual contributions to the district 


Fred T. Moore, President Alameda 

E. ii. Wright, Secretary Stodrton 




Pop. of 
County. Name. Postofflce. County. 

Alameda Geo. W. Frick Oakland 130,197 

Alpine Mrs. E. A, Grover Markleevllle 509 

Amador W. H. Greenhaigrh Jackson 11.116 

Butte Mrs. Minnie Abrams Oroville 17,117 

Calaveras Frank Wells San Andreas 11.200 

Colusa Lillie L. Laugrenour Colusa 7.364 

Contra Costa W. H. Hanlon Martinez 10,046 

Del Norte Mrs. A. M. Laduron Crescent City 2,408 

El Dorado S. B. Wilson Placerville 8,986 

Fresno E. W. Lindsay Fresno 37.862 

Glenn S. M. Chaney Willows 5.150 

Humboldt George Underwood Eureka 27,104 

Imperial J. E. Carr El Centro 

Inyo Mrs. M. A. Clarke Bishop 4.377 

Kern Robert L. Stockton Bakersfield 16,480 

Kings Mrs. N. B. Davidson Hanford 9.871 

Lake Hettie Irwin Lakeport 6,017 

Lassen W. B. Philliber Susanville 4,511 

Los Angeles Mark Keppel Los Angeles 120,278 

Madera Estelle Bagnelle Madera 7,364 

Marin lames Davidson San Rafael 15,702 

Mariposa Julia L. Jones Mariposa 4,720 

Mendocino L. W. Babcock Ukiah 20.465 

Merced Mrs. Belle S. Gril)i Merced 9.215 

Modoc Eva W. Spargur Alturas 5.076 

Mono Cordelia E. Hays Bridgeport 2.167 

Monterey Duncan Stirling Salinas 19.380 

Napa Lena K. Jackson Napa 16.451 

Nevada I. G. O'Neill Nevada City 17,789 

Orange R. P. Mitchell Santa Ana 19,696 

Placer C. N. Shane Auburn 15,786 

Plumas Miranda Ray Arms '.Quincy 4,657 

Riverside Raymond Cree Riverside 17.897 

Sacramento Mrs. Minnie O'Neill Sacramento 45,915 

San Benito John H. Garner Holllster 6,633 

San Bernardino A. S. McPherron San Bernardino 27,929 

San Diego Hugh J. Baldwin San Diego 17.700 

San Francisco < Alfred Roncovieri San Francisco 342.782 

San Joaquin E. B. Wright Stockton 35,452 

Sani Luis Obispo F. E. Darke San Luis Obispo 16,637 

San Mateo Roy W. Cloud Redwood City 12,094 

Santa Barbara Mamie V. Lehner Santa Barbara 18,934 

Santa Clara D. T. Bateman San Jose 60,216 

Santa Cruz Champ S. Price Santa Cruz 21,512 

Shasta Lulu E. White Redding 17,318 

Sierra Belle Alexander Downieville 4,017 

Siskiyou Mrs. B. Persons Wood Yreka 16,962 

Solano D. H. White Fairfield 24.143 

Sonoma DeWltt Montgomery Santa Rosa 38,480 

Stanislaus Florence Boggs Modesto 9,550 

Sutter * L. L. Freeman Yuba Citv 5,886 

Tehama Delia D. Fish Red Bluff 10,996 

Trinity Nellie M. Jordan WeaverviUe 4.383 

Tulare C. J. Walker Visalia 18.375 

Tuolumne G. P. Morgan Columbia 11,116 

Ventura Jas. E. Reynolds Ventura 14.367 

Yolo May B. Dexter Woodland 13,618 

Yuba B. T, Manwell Marysville 8.620 


ALAMEDA, AUmeda Ck>., pop. 16.464. 

Hotre Dame Academy; glris' boarding; R. C: 
Sister of Notn Dame, Prtn. 
ALTA, Placer Co., pop. BO. 

Afauix Hall; 1x^' boarding; non-sect.; est. 

1900: William W. Prlco. M. A.. Head- 

Schoors announcement. — Prepares for the 
best colleges and nnlyersitles. Students 
may enter at any time in the year. A 





Mbool where the teacher* take a personal 
interest In the boys and give them prac- 
tically private tutoring. The boys hunt, 
flsh, ride, row, go camping, and practice 
all sports that tend toward health and 
self-reliance. School charge, $700 per 
year. Beaotifol summer camp open from 
Jane 15 to September 1; summer charge, 
BELMONT, San Mateo Co., pop. 863. 
Belmont School; boys' boarding; non-sect.; W. 
T. Beid. A. M.. Prin. 
BEBKELEY, Alameda Co., pop., 13.214. 
Berkeley Bible Seminary; theol.; co-ed.; Dis- 
ciples of Christ.; est. 1896; H. D. Mc- 
Aoeney, A. M., LL. D., Dean. 
Berkeley Faciflc Theological Seminary; Cong.; 
co-ed.; est. 1869; John Knox McLean, D. 
D., Pres. 
Berkeley Preparatory School; bojs' prep.; non- 
sect.; J. H. White, PrIn. 
Boone's University School; boys' boarding; 

non-sect.; P. R. Boone, Prin. 
California Institution for the Deaf, Dumb 

and Blind; state. 
Head's Preparatory School; prep; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Anna Head, A. B., Prin. 
Paciflc Theological Seminary; tbeol.; Cong.; 
co-ed.; est. 1869; John Koox McLean, D. 
D., Pres. 
Paciflc Unitarian School for the Ministry; 
theol.; Unitarian; co-ed.; est. 1906; Rev. 
Earl Morse Wilbur, A. M., S. T B., Dean. 
Snell Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; est. 

1879; Mrs. Edna Snell Poulson, Prin. 
University of California; unir.; state; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1868; Benjamin Ide Wheel- 
er, Ph. D., LL. D., Pres. 
University of California, College of Agricul- 
ture; agri.; state; co-ed.; Benjamin Ide 
Wheeler, Pres. 
University of California, College of Applied 
Science; tech.; state; co-ed.; Benjamin Ide 
Wheeler, Pres. 
University of California; College of Chemistry; 
chem.; state; co-ed.; Benjamin Ide Wheel- 
er, Pres. 
University of California, College of Commerce; 
commerce; state; co-ed.; Benjamin Ide 
Wheeler, Pres. 
University of California, Medical Dept. ; Fresh- 
man and Sophomore years only; Junior 
and Senior years in San Francisco. 
BUBLINOAME, San Mateo Co. 
St. Matthews MUitary School; boys' prep.; 
Episcopal; est. 1866; Rev. Wm. A. Brew- 
er, A. B., Rector. 

CHICO, Butte Co., pop. 2,640. 
State Normal School; normal: state; co-ed.; 
Charles C. Van Liew, Pres. 

CLABEMONT, Los Angeles Co., pop. 180. 
Pomona College; coll.: co-ed.; Cong.; est. 1888; 
Rev. George A. Gates, D. D., LL. D., 

EAST OAKLAND, Alameda Co., Suburb. 
Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes; girls' board- 
ing: R.t3.; Sister Mary Fldells, Prin. 

EUEEKA, Humboldt Co., pop. 7,327. 
Eureka Business College; bus. and sten.; C. J. 
Graddock, Pres. 

FAIB OAKS, Sacramento Co., pop. 318. 
Four Gables; boys* boarding; non-sect.; Blinore 
Chase, Prin. 
FRESNO, Fresno Co., pop. 12,470. 
Chestnntwood's Business College; bus. and 

sten.; J. H. Jans(Hi, Pres. 
Fresno Business College; bus. and sten.; J. 
N. Sproose, Pres. 
GRASS VALLEY, Nevada Co., pop. 4,719. 
Grass Valley Business College; bos. and stoi.; 

E. H. Armstrong, Pres. 
Mount St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. 
G.; Sister Mary Baptist O'Connor, Prin. 
GREENVILLE, Plumas Co.; pop. 531. 
Greenville Indian Industrial School; Govt. In- 
dustrial school for Indians; co-ed.; est. 
1887; Burton B. Custer, Snpt. 
HEALDSBURG, Sonoma Co., pop. 1,860. 
Healdsburg College; prep.; co-ed.; 7th Day 
Adv.; M. E. Cady, Prin. 
HOLLISTER, San Benito Co., pop. 1,315. 

Sacred Heart Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C.; 
Sister Helena, Prin. 
lONE, Amador Co., pop. 806. 
Preston School of Industry; indust.; state; 
boys'; est. 1880; William T. Randall, A. 
M., Supt. 
IRVIN6T0N, Alameda Co., pop. 467. 
Anderson Academy; prep.; boys'; non-sect.; 

est. 1894; W. W. Anderson, M. A., Prin. 
Curtner Young Ladies' Seminary; closed. 
LORDSBURG, Los Angeles Co., pop. 600. 
Lordsburg College; coll.; co-ed.; Brethren; est. 
1890; W. C. Hanawalt, Pres. 
LONG BEACH, Los Angeles Co., pop. 2.252. 
Heald's Business College and Conservatory of 
Music; bus., sten., teleg. and music; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; est. 1002; V. E. Nielson, 
Long Beach Business College; bus. and sten.; 
R. S. Knudson, Prin. 
LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles Co., pop. 102,479. 
Boynton Normal School; normal; private; co- 
ed.; est. 1889; Boynton and Esterly, Props. 
Brownsberger Home School of Bookke^dng and 
Graham Shorthand; bus. and sten.; F. 
Brownsberger, Prin. 
California Eclectic Medical College; mod.: 
eclectic; co-ed.; J. A. Monk, M. D., Dean, 
846 Lyons St. 
College of Physicians and Surgeons; med.; 
reg.; co-ed.; Charles W. Bryaon, M. D., 
Convent of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; 
girls' boarding; R. C; Sister Superior, 
Cumnock School of Expression; elo. and or.: 
co-od.; est. 1894; Mrs. Merrill Moore 
Grlgg. Director. 
Girls' Collegiate School; girls' boarding; 
Prcsb.; est. 1892: Alice K. Parsons, B. A., 
and Jeanne W. Dennen, Prlns. 
Harvard School; boys' boarding: mil.; non- 
sect.; est. 1900: GrenvIUe C. Emery, A. 
B., A. M., Lltt. D., Head-master. 
Heald's Business College; bus. and sten.; J. 

W. Lackey, Manager. 
Los Angeles Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1882; E. R. Sbrader, A. M., Ph. D.. 





Lot Aagelat Oontezratozy of Xntio and Arts; 
music and elocatlon; co-ed.; est. 1888; 
Mrs. Bmlly J. Valentine, Pres. (Branches 
at Long Beach and Oarvanza, Gal.) 
Los AngeloB College of Fine Arts; See Unl- 
Terslty of Sonthem California, College of 
Fine Arts. 

Los Angeles College of Law; law; co-ed.; est. 
1899; Daniel M. Hammock, Dean, 722 
Trust Bldg. 

Los Angeles Military Academy; mllltsry; non- 
sect.; Walter J. Bailey, A. M., Prln. 

MarlboTongli Preparatory School; girls' board- 
ing; non-sect.; Ida B. Llndley, Prin. 

MarllMXOQgh School for Girls; girls' board- 
ing: non-sect.; Mrs. Q. A. Caswell, Prin. 

Occidental College; coll.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 
1887: John Willis Baer, LL. D.. Pres. 

Pacific College of Osteopathy; oeteop.; co-ed.; 
est. 1896; Clement A. Whiting. Sc. D.. 
D. O., Dean. 

St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister Catharine. Prin. 

St. Vincent's College; coll.; men; R. C; est. 
1865: Very Rev. Joseph S. Glass, C. M., 
D. D., Pres. 

Southern California Business College; bus. and 
sten.; B. P. Heald, Pres., 614 S. Grand 

State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
est. 1881; Jesse F. MiUspangh., M. A., 

University of Southern California; unl v.; co- 
ed.: M. B.; est. 1880; George FInley Bo- 
vard. A. M., D. D., Pres. 

University of Southern California, College of 
Dentistry; dent.; co-ed.; est. 1897; Gar- 
rett Newkirk, M. D.. Dean. 

University of Southern California, College of 
Fine Arts; art; co-ed.; est. 1901; Wm. 8. 
Judson, Dean. 

University of Southern California, College of 
Law: law; co-ed.; Frans M. Porter, LL. 
B., Dean. 

University of Southern California, College of 
Medicine; med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1885; 
W. Jarvis Barlow, M. D., Dean. 

Westlake School for Oirls; girls' boarding; 
non-sect.; Misses Frederics de Laguna and 
Jessica S. Vance, Prins. 

Woodbury Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1884; B. K. Isaacs, Pres. 

Tale School; boys' boarding; non-sect.: est. 
1901; T. O. Adsms. A. B.. Headmaster. 
MART8VILLE. Tuba Co., pop. 8.497. 

College of Hotre Dame; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister Superior, Prin. 

United Business College; bus., sten. and teleg.; 
Frank Harronn, LL. D., Prin. 
MEHLO PARK, San Mateo Co., pop. 385. 

Hoitt's School for Boys; boys' boarding: non- 
sect.; est. 1891; Wm. J. Meredith, A. B., 

St. Patrick's Seminary; novitiate: men: R. C; 
est. 1898; Very Rev. H. Ayrlnhae, D. D., 
MILLS COLLEGE, Alameda Co., pop. 280. 

Mills College and Seminary; women; non-secf.: 
est. 1871; Mrs. C. T. Mills, Pres. 
School's announcement. — Seminary Coarse 
accredited to the Universities of Califor- 
nia and leading Bastem Colleges; College I 

Coarse parallel with University work; rare 
opportunities offered in Music. Art snd 
Blocution. Ideal climate and grounds; 
home comforts. Confers degrees and 
grants diplomas. 

NAPA. Napa Co., pop. 4,086. 
Napa Business College and School of Short- 
hand; bus. and sten.; est. 1894; H. L. 
Gunn, M. A., Pres. 

NORDHOFF, Ventura Co., pop. 244. 
Thacher School, The; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1889; Sherman D. Thacher, A. 
B.. LL. D., Prln. 

OAKLAND, Alameda Co., pop. 66.960. 
California College.; coll.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 

1870; Arthur Amsden Macurda, A. M., 

Pres. '^ 

Convent of Our Lady of Sacred Heart; girls' 

boarding; R. C; Sister Mary Symphorosa, 

Horton School, The; day prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; ^st. 1884; Miss Sarah W. Horton, 

Manual Training and Commeroial High School; 

non-sect.; est. 1896; Philip M. Flsber. 

Oakland College of Medicine and Surgery; 

med.: reg.; co-ed.; est. 1902; Bdward N. 

Ewer, M. D., Registrar, Grove and 31 st 

Oakland Conservatory of Music; music; co-ed.: 

est. 1899: Adolf Gregory, Prin. 
Oakland Kindergarten Training School; kind. 

Oakland Shorthand Institute; bus. and sten.; 

Frederick G. Ilsen, Prln. 
Pacific Technical College; tech.; co-ed.; est. 

1904: Chaa. C. Swafford, Pres. 
Polytechnic Business College; bus. and sten.; 

W. B. Gibson. Pres. 
St. Mary's College: coll.: men; R. C; est. 

1863; Brother Velleaslam. F. S. C, Pres. 
Unitarian Theological School; theol.; co-ed.: 

TJnltirlan: eat. 1901; Rev. Earl M. WIl 

bur. A. M.. S. T. B.. Dean. 
Vander Naillen School of Engineering; tech.: 

men: est. 1804: A. Vander Naillen, Jr., 

C. B.. B. M., Pres. 

PALO ALTO, Santa Clara Co., pop. 1.658. 

Miss Harker's School for Girls; girls' board- 
ing: non-sect.: est. 1892; Miss C. Harker, 
A. B.. Prln. 

Homerian Hall, Hoitt School for Boys; boys' 
prep.; non-sect.; est. 1891; William John 
Meredith. A. B.. Pres. 

Manzanita Hall Preparatory School for Boys; 
boys' boarding: non-sect.; est, 1893; J. 
Le Roy Dixon. A. B., Prln. 

Palo Alto Academy; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 
Maynard Shipley, Prin. 
PASADENA, Los Angeles Co., pop. 9,117. 

Classical School for Boys; boys' boarding: non- 
sect.; est. 1889: Stephen Cutler Clark. Prin. 

English Classical School for Girls; girls' board- 
ing; non-sect.; est. 1890; Anna B. Orton, 

Pasadena Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1904: J. H. Warner, M. A.. Pres. 

Throop Polytechnic Institute; tech.: co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1891; Arthur Henry Cham 
berlaln, Acting President. 





PETALUMA, Sonoma Co., pop. 3,871. 

St. Vincenft Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0.; 

Sister of Charity, Prln. 
POMONA, Lot AnrelM Co., pop. 5,626. 
Pomona Basinets College; but. and tten. ; est. 

1895; D. Brebaut, Prln. 
BED BLUFF, Tehama Co., pop. 2,750. 
Academy of Our Lady of Mercy; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Sister Mary Josepb, Prln. 
BEDWOOD CITY, San Mateo Co., pop. 1.653. 
Academy of Kotre Dame; girls' boarding; R. 
C; Sister Mary Cecilia, Prln. 
BIO VISTA, Solano Co., pop. 682. 
St. Gertrude's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Mary Camillns, Prln. 
BIYEBSIDE, Biverslde Co., pop. 7.978. 
Riverside Business College; bus. and stcn.; 

L. W. Zinn, Pres. 
Sherman Institute; Govt. Industrial school for 

Indians; co-ed.; est. 1901; Harwood Hall. 

SACBAMENTO, Sacramento Co., pop. 29.282. 
Atkinson's Sacramento Business College; bus. 

and sten.: E. G. Atkinson, Prin. 
Christian Brothers' College; coll.; men; R. C; 

est. 1875; Brother Walter, Pres. 
Howe's Academy and Business College; prep.; 

co-ed.; Prot.; Ed. Howe, Jr., Prln. 
Sacramento Institute; boys' boarding; R. C; 

Brother Walter, Pres. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding: R. C; 

est. 1867; Mother Mary Gertrude, Prln. 
SAN AN8ELM0, Suburb of San Francisco. 
San Francisco Theological Seminary; tbeol.; 

men.; Presb.; est. 1871; Warren H. Lan- 

don, D. D., Pres. 
SAN BERNARDINO, San Bernardino Co., pop. 

Sxn Bernardino Business College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1901; L. W. Zinn, Pres. 
SAN DIEOO, San Diego Co., pop. 17,700. 
Academy of Our Lady of Peace; prep.; co-ed.; 

R. C; Sister of St. Joseph, Prln. 
S&n Diego Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

F. W. Kelsey, Pres. 
State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 

Samuel T. Black, Pres. 
SAN FRANCISCO, San Francisco Co., pop. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; prep.; co-ed.; 

R. C; Sisters of St. Joseph. 
Caldwell College of Oratory and Acting; elo. 

and oratory; est. 1897; F. Cooke Caldwell, 

M. O.. Pres., 1296 Market St. 
California Business College; consolidated Into 

Metropolitan Business College, March, 

California College of Pharmacy, University of 

California; phar. : co-ed.; est. 1873; W. 

M. Searby, Ph. C. Dean. 
California School of Mechanical Arts; tech.; 

co-ed.: non-sect.; est. 1896; Geo. A. Mer- 
rill, B. S., Prln.. 16th and Utah Sts. 
Cogswell Polytechnical College: tech.; co-ed.; 

non-sect.; est. 1887; George B. Miller. 

A. B.. M. A., Pres. 
College of Medicine and Surgery, Dental De- 
partment; dent.; co-ed.; est. 1899; Alfred 

E. Ul.ike, D. D. S., Dean. 

College of Notre Dame, girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister Julia Theresa, Prln. 
College of Physicians and Surgeons; med.; 

reg.; co-ed.; est. 1896; D. A. Hodghead, 

A. M.. M. D.. Dean, 1025 Sutter St. 
College of r'hysicians and Sorgeoni, Dental 

Department; dent.; co-ed.; est. 1897; 

Charles Boxton. D. D. S., Dean. 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, Depart- 
ment of Pharmacy; phar.; co-ed.; est. 

1898; Wm. J. Jackson, Dean. 
Cooper Medical College; med.; reg.; co-ed.; 

est. 1862; Henry Gibbons. Jr., M. D., 

Gallagher-Marsh Business College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1899; Robt. F. Gallagher, 

Pres., 1382 Market St. 
Oolden Gate Kindergarten Free Normal School; 

kindergarten training; women; est. 1801; 

Annie M. Storall, Prln., 560 Union St. 
Hahnemann Medical College of the Pacific; 

mod.; homeop., co-ed.; est. 1882; James 

B. Ward. M. D.. Dean. Sacramento and 
Maple St. 

Hamlin School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Sarah D. Hamlin. Prln. 

Hastings College of the Law; Law Depart- 
ment University of California; co-ed.; 
est. 1878; Edward R. Taylor, Dean. 

Heald's Business College and School of Prac- 
tical Sciences; bus., sten., and prac- 
tical sciences; co-ed.; est. 1862; Edward 
Heald. Pres. 

School's announcement. — ^Tbe leading com- 
mercial school west of Chicago. One of 
the six schools of the U. S. selected 
to represent commercial education at the 
Paris Exposition, and awarded the sil- 
ver- medal. Thoroughly teaches Short- 
hand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping, teleg- 
raphy. Penmanship, Electric, CIyII and 
Mining Engineering, Assaying, the Eng- 
lish Branches, and everything pertaining 
to a Business Education. Twenty-flve 
teachers. Sixty writing machines. 18.- 
000 graduates. This college annually 
places about 300 of Its graduates in posi- 

Heald's School of Mining and Engineering; 
tech.: men: est. 1804; Edward P. Heald, 
Pres., 1.^0 Union Square. 

Irving Institute; girls' boarding: non-sect.; 
est. 1880: Miss Ella M. Pinkbam. Prln., 
2126 California St. 

Lyceum. The.; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1893: L. H. Grau. Ph. D., Pres.. 806 Mar- 
ket St. 

Mark Hopkins Institute of Art. of the Uni- 
versity of California; art; state; co-ed.: 
Prof. Robert H. Fletcher, Director, Cali- 
fornia and Mason Sts. 

Merrill-Miller College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1890: Katherlne L. Miller. Prec., 855 
Market St. 

Metropolitan Business College and Academy; 
bus. and prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1903: L. A. Jordan. B. L., Manager. 

Mnnson School of Shorthand; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1893; Miss Lucile M. Smith. Prln. 

Murison's School, Miss; girls* boarding; non- 
sect.; Miss E. L. Murlson. Prln. 





Our Lad7 of Itorej Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 

B. 0.; Sister M. Immannel, Prin. 
PrM«BtAtioB OonTent; prep.; co-ed. ; B. C; 

Mother M. Josephine, Prin. 
Kaymoad Coaoldng School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1000; W. H. Y. Baymond, 

Prin., 807 Sutter St. 
Sacred Heart GoUeve; boys* day; B. C; 

est. 1874; Bro. Lewis. F. S. 0., Pres. 
Sacred Heart Presentation Convent; girls' 

boarding; B. C; Sister Mary Xavler, Sn- 

perior, Taylor and Ellis Sts. 
St. Bridffet's School; prep.; co-ed.; B. 0.; 

Sister Snperlor. Prin. 
St. Ifnatins* OoUoffo; coll.; men; B. C; est. 

1865; Very Ber. J. P. Prieden, S. J. 
St. Peter's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 

Sister Mary B. O'Brien, Prin. 
St. Vincent's School; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 

Sister Engenia, Prin. 
San Francisco Business Oollege; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1888; Albert S. Weaver, Prin. 
State Konnal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 

est. 1890; Frederick Bark. Ph. D., Pres. 
Trinity School; boys' day; non-sect.: H. C. 

Lyon and L. H. Bogers, Prins., 2618 Pa- 
cific Ave. 
University of California, College of Dentistry; 

dent.: co-ed.; est. 1881; James O. Sharp, 

M. D.. D. D. S., Dean. 
University of California, Medical Department; 

med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1802; A. A. 

D'Ancona, M. D., Dean. 
ITniveraity School; prep.; boys; non-sect.; 

Arthur Cutts WiUard. S. B.. Prin. 
Tan der Vaillen School of Engineering; tech.; 

men; est. 1806; A. Van der Naillen, Jr., 

0. E., E. M., Prin., 118 Fulton St. 
West's School for Oirls, Miss; girls' board- 
ing: non-sect.; Miss Mary B. West, Prin. 
Wilmerding School of Industrial Arts; Indust.; 

boys; non-sect.; est. 1900: Geo. A. Merrill, 

B. S., Director, 16th and Utah Sts. 

SAH JOSE, Santa Clara Co., pop. 21,500. 
College of Votre Dame; girls* boarding; B. 

C; Sisters of Notre Dame. 
Garden City Business College; bus. and sten.; 

H. B. Worcester, Pres. 
Heald's San Jose Business College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1891; Jas. H. HiU. Mgr. 
Xing Conservatory of Music, music; co-ed.; 

est. 1880; F. Loui King, Dean. 
Modem School of Business and Correspond- 

once; bus. and sten.; est. 1901; Geo. T. 

Pratt, A. M., Prin. 
Paciflc Coast Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1900; H. E. Coz. B. Ph., A. B.. Pred. 
San Jose Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Miss K. F. Leffler, Prin. 
San Jose Conservatory of Music; music; co- 
ed.; Maurice Leon Driver. Director. 
St. Joseph College; boys' boarding; B. C; 

Bev. M. Gleeson. S. J., Prin. 
State Voxmal School; normal; state: co-ed.; 

Morris Elmer Dailey, A. M., LL. D.. Pres. 
XTniversity of the Pacific; coll.; co-ed.; M. E.; 

est 1851; M. S. Cross, Acting Pres. 
Washburn School, The; prep.: day; co-ed.; 

noo-sect.; est. 1894; Arthur Wnshbnm, 

B. S.. A. B., Prin. 

SAM JITAH, Saa Benito Co., pop. 449. 
St. John's lastitnte; girls' boarding; B. 0.; 

est. 1876; Mother Carmen Argelaga, Prin. 
SAW LEAHDBO, Alameda Co., pop. 2jBBB, 
St. Mary's Convent; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 
Sisters of St. Dominic, Prin. 

SAK LUIS OBISPO, San Luis Obispo Co., pop. 
Academy of Immaculate Heart of Maxy; prep. ; 
co-ed.; B. 0.; Sister Mary Conception, 
California Polytechnic School; tech.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1901; LeBoy Bums Smith, 

A. B., Director. 

School's announcement. — A Secondary 
School devoted to Instractlon in Agricul- 
ture, Mechanics and Domestic Science. 
A practical school for practical people. 
Begular course, four years. Short and 
special courses In Agriculture. Tuition 
free. Climate unexcelled. Mountain and 
sea air. 

SAN MATEO, San Mateo Co., pop. 1.832. 
Church Divinity School of the Paciflc; theol.; 

men; P. B.; est. 1803; Rt. Bev. Wm. 

Ford Nichols, D. D., Dean. 
St. Margaret's School; prep.; girls; P. E.; 

Miss I. L. Tebbetts, Prin. 
SAH BAFAEL, Marion Co., pop. 8,879. 
Dominican College; girls' boarding; B. 0.; 

est. 1860; Mother Louis, Prin. 
Hitchcock Military Academy; boys' boarding; 

non-sect.; est. 1808; Bev. Chas. Hitchcock, 

B. A., Prin. 

Mount Tamalpais Military Academy; mili- 
tary; non-sect.; Arthur Crosby, A. M., D. 
D., Head Master. 
SAKTA AHA, Orange Co., pop. 4.538. 

Orange County Business College; bus. and 
sten.; H. 0. Slsson, Pres. 
SAHTA BABBABA, Santa Barbara Co., pop. 

Blake Manual Training School, The Anna 
S. C; nor.: co-ed.; est. 1907; Miss Ednah 
A. Rich, Prin. 

Hicks' School, The; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 
Rodney M. Heggle. Prin. 

Santa Barbara Business College; bus. and 
sten.; B. B. Hoover, Pres. 

Santa Barbara Collegiate School; prep.; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; T. H. McCnne, M. A., 

SAHTA CLABA, Santa Clara Co., pop. 8,660. 
Academy of Hotre Dame; girls' boarding; B. 

O.: Sister Louise De Gonsague, Prin. 
Santa Clara College; coll.; men; B. 0.; est. 

1851; Bev. Robert E. Kenna, S. J., Pres. 
SAHTA CBTJZ, Santa Cms Co., pop. 5,660. 
Chestnutwood's Business College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1884; D. C. Ahlers, A. B., 

Prin., Walnut Ave. 
School of the Holy Cross; girls' boarding; B. 

C; Sister Mary Joseph, Prin. 
SAHTA BOSA, Sonoma Co., pop. 6,673. 

Santa Borsa Business College; bus. and sten.; 

J. S. Sweet, B. S., A. M., Pres. 
TJrusIine Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister Agatha Reynolds, Prin. 

SHOBB, Los Angeles Co., pop. 128. 
Academy of the Holy Hame; girls' board- 
ing; B. C; Sister Superior, Prin. 





pop. 720. 

LeUnd Stanford Junior trnlTortity; cmiT.; c*- 
ed.; non-sect.; est. 1891; Darid Starr Jor- 
dan, Ph. D., LL. D., Pros. 

Leland Stanford Junior TT ni T orsity, Depart- 
ment of Encineerint; tech.; co-ed.; Darld 
Starr Jordan, Pres. 

Leland Stanford Junior XTniTersity, Law De- 
partment; law; co-ed.; est. 1882; Charles 
Henry Haherlch, D. 0. L., LL. D., Act- 
ing Dean. 
8T00KT0H, Ban Joaquin Co., pop. 17,606. 

Heald's Business OoVLf, bus. and sten.; 
est. 1874; W. O. Gardner, M.. Acct., Prln. 
cor. California and Channell. 

St. Mary's College; boys' day; B. C; Bro. 

Chas. Anl, Prin. 

Stockton Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1874; F. O. Oaidner. M. Accts., Prin. 

Western School of Business; bos. and nor- 
mal; est. 1902; J. B. Humphreys, Pres., 
cor. Channel and San Joaquin. 
VALLEJO, Solano Co., pop. 7,966. 

St. yincent's Convent School; prep.; co-ed.; 
B. C; Sister M. Joseph, Prln. 
WHITTZEB, Los Angeles Co., pop. 1.690. 

Whittier College; coll.; co-ed.; Friends; est. 
1891; Thomas NewUn, A. M., Ph. M., 
WOODLAND, Yolo Co., pop. 2,886. 

Aoademy of the Holy Rosary; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Sister Mary Barbara, Superior. 

ITnited Bu^ess College; bus., sten. and teleg.; 
Frank Harronn, LL. D., Pres. 


Population, 539,100. School census, 200,411. School age, 6-21. 

Colorado is the thirty-first state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 539,100 inhabitants, of whom 529,046, or 98 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 90,475, or 16.8 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.2 per cent., the state ranking twelfth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


Miss Kathemne L. Craig, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Denver 

Miss Emily Griffith, Deputy State Superintendent Denver 

Mrs. Louise Revelle, Stenographer and Qerk *. . Denver 

Mrs. Elna M. Gleason-Frye, Stenographer and Clerk Denver 

Miss Hattie E. Stevenson, Assistant Librarian Denver 

Mrs. Clara Wilmot-McCready, Clerk in Library Denver 


Miss Katherine L. Craig, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Denver 

Timothy O'Connor, Secretary of State Boulder 

William H. Dickson, Attorney General Denver 


Miss Katherine L. Craig Denver 

Joseph F. Daniels, Librarian, State Agricultural College Fort Collins 

Miss Mary Sabin Denver 


Dr. B. O. Aylesworth, President Ft. Collins 

H. S. Phillips, Treasurer Denver 

W. W. Remington, Secretary Denver 


Pop. of 
County. Name. Post Office. County. 

Adams Mrs. Katherine M. Cook . . .Brlg-hton 

Arapahoe Louis J. Rote Littleton 153.017 

Archuleta Mrs. Birdje E. McConnell . .Pagrosso Springs 2,117 

Baca N. Gomer Jones Springfield 759 

Bent Florence Sargent Las Animas 3.049 

Boulder J. L. Griffin Boulder 28,544 

Chaffee Harry" L. McGinn is Buena Vista 7,085 

Cheyenne Mrs. Ellen Martin Cheyenne Wells 5QJ 

Clear Creek Mrs. Carrie J. Mason Idaho Springs 7.082 

Conejos E. A. NIelson Sanford 8,794 





Pop. of 
County. Superintendent. Postoffice. County. 

Costilla Armand Choury San Luis 4,632 

Custer Asa P. Dickson Westcliffe 2,937 

Delta Emma G. Myers Delta 6,487 

Denver Lilian A. Field Denver 

Dolores Mrs. Josie K. Moore Rico 1,184 

Douglas W. L. Heath Castle Rock 3.120 

Eagle Sallie R. Welsh Red Cliff 8,008 

Elbert J. J. Kruse Kiowa 8.107 

El Paso Mrs. Florence M. Stote Colorado Springs 31.602 

Fremont Mrs. Minnie Merriam Canon City 16.686 

Garfield Mrs. Alice B. Clark Glenwood Springs. . . . 5,885 

Gilpin Mrs. Ida Kruse McFarlane . Central City 6,690 

Grand Alex. Stewart Sulphur Springs 741 

Gunnison Luella Johnson Gunnison 5,831 

Hinsdale Mrs. Alma Elder Lake City 1,609 

Huerfano Frank Mead Walsenburg 8,395 

Jefferson Myrtle Songer Golden 9,806 

Kiowa Alice M. Abrams Sheridan Lake 701 

Kit Carson Mrs. Etta Rogers Burlington 1,680 

Lake Mrs. Ollie 1. Vivian Leadville 18,064 

La Plata Mrs. Rosepha Pulf ord Durango 7,016 

Larimer Pearl L. Moore Fort Collins 12,168 

Las Animas f. M. Madrid Trinidad 21,842 

Lincoln E. E. Franklin Hugo 926 

Logan M. Madeline VeVerka Sterling 8,292 

Mesa Mrs. Daisy D. Breeze-Lucas.Grand Junction 9,267 

Mineral Mrs. Effle M. Anderson Amethyst 1,918 

Montezuma J. W. Denney Cortez 8,068 

Montrose Mary Abernethy Montrose 4.686 

Morgan Mrs. Grace M. Anderson . . . Fort Morgan 8,268 

Otero Mrs. Carrie B. Money La Junta 11.528 

Ouray Mrs. A. L. Stanley-Graybo . Ouray 4,781 

Park Nellie A. Baker Alma 2.998 

Phillips Mrs. Estelle Summers Holyoke 1,688 

Pitkin Miss A. B. Canning Aspen 7,520 

Prowers C. G. Smeltz Lamar • 8.766 

Pueblo Nellie Corklsh Pueblo 84,448 

Rio Blanco C. F. Brown Meeker 1,690 

Rio Grande George M. Corlett Monte Vista 4.080 

Routt Florence Lighthlzer Hayden 8.661 

Saguache S. M. Lud wick Saguache 8,858 

San Juan Mrs. Jennie M. Harwood. . .Sllverton 2,842 

San Giguel Mary K. Motte Tellurlde 6,879 

Sedgwick Elma O. Law Julesburg 971 

Summit Mrs. Lillian Colcord Breckenridge 2,744 

Teller Marie V. Donahue Cripple Creek 29.002 

Washington Mrs. H. B. Buchanan Akron 1.241 

Weld L. H. Harrison Greeley 16.808 

Yuma F.B.Williams Wray 1.729 


BEBXELET, Arapahoe Co., pop. 707. 
Jetolt Colleire; noviate; men; R. C. 

BOITLDEB, Boulder Co., pop. 6,150. 

Colorado School of Applied Science; tech.; 
state; co-ed.; Mllo S. Ketcbum, 0. B., 
__ Dean. 

Colorado School of Law, UniTertity of Colo- 
rado; law: co-ed.; est. 1802; James Baker. 
LL. D., Prcs. 

Colorado State Preparatory School; prep.: co- 
ed.; state: est. 1875; Charles Bartlett 
Dyke, Head-Master. 

Mount Oertmde's Academy; prop.; co-ed.; R. 
C: Sister M. Salome, Prin. 

University of Colorado: nnlv.; state; co-ed.; 
non-sect.: est. 1877; James H. Baker, 
M. A., LL. D., Free. 

University of Colorado, College of Enviaaer- 
inc; tech.: co-ed.; est. 1803; MUo S. 
Ketcbum. G. E., Dean. 
University of Colorado. Medical Department; 
med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1888; L. M. Gif* 
fln, M. D., Dean. 
BBEEN, La Plata Co. 
Fort Lewis Indian Training School; Govt, in- 
dnstrial scbool for Indians; co-ed.; est. 
1892; W. M. Peterson, Snpt. 
CAHOIT CITT, Fremont Co., pop. 3,775. 
Mount St. Scholastica's Academy; girls' board- 
ing: R. C: Sister M. CaUlsta. Piin. 
COLORADO SPRIKOS, El Paso Co.. pop. 21,086. 
Colorado College; coll.; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 

1874; Wm. F. Slocum, LL. D., Pres. 
Colorado Springs Academy for Bojt; prep.; 
boys; non-sect.; J. B. Walteo, Pzla. 





Cutler Academy, Oolorado College; prep; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; est. 1874; James William 

Park, Head-Master. 
Henafer's Business College; bos. and sten.; 

J. 0. Henager, Pres. 
State School for Deaf and Blind; Indust.; 

state; co-ed.; W. K. Argo, Supt. 
San Luia School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1880; Bessie Henry and Chas. B. Moore, 
DEHYEB, Denver Co., pop. 133,850. 
Central Business CoUege; bus. and sten.; est. 

1887; L. A. Arnold. Pres., 829 15th St. 
College of the Sacred Heart; coll.; men; B. 

C; est. 1876; Rev. J. J. Brown, S. J. 
Colorado College of Dental Surgery, ITni- 

▼ersity of Denver; dent.; co-ed.; est. 

1897; H. A. Fynn, D. D. S., Pres. 
College of Music, University of Denver; 

music; co-ed.; Frederlclc Schweikher, Dean. 
Denver Business University; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1904; Ellis J. WiUite, Prop., cor. W. 

37th Ave. and Bryant. 
Denver and Gross College of Medicine, TJni* 

versity of Denver; med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 

1881; S. O. Bonney, A. M., M. D., Dean, 

14th and Arapahoe. 
Denver Homeopathic College. See West- 
minster University, CoUege of Medicine. 
Denver Law Schools University of Denver; 

law; co-ed.; est. 1892; Lucius W. Hoyt., 

A. M., UU B., Sec. 

Denver Vormal and Preparatory School; nor.; 

private; co-ed.; est. 1893; R. A. Le Donx, 

Free Night School for Boys; prep.; Mrs. Ida 

Gregory, Manager. 
Manual Training High School, prep.; co-ed.; 

est. 1893; Charles A. Bradley, Prin. 
Modem School of Business; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1896; Geo. La Munyon, B. S., Prln. 
Students' School of Art; art; co-ed.; est. 1895; 

Henry Bead, Director, 1427 Broadway. 
University of Denver, see University Park. 
Wallace Business College; bus. and sten.; 

B. J. Wallace, Pres. 

Westminster University, College of Medicine; 

med.; reg.; homeop. and eclec.; co-od.; 

non-sect.; est. 1894; J. B. Klnley, M. D., 

B. Sc.. Dean. 
Woloott School, The Miss; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; est. 1808; Anna L. Wolcott, 

Prin. t 

Wolfe Hall; girU' hoarding; P. B.; est. 1867; 

Miss Margaret Kerr, Prin., Glarkson St. 
Woodworth's Shorthand College; sten.; W. A. 
McPherson, Manager. 
DUBANOO, La Plata Co., pop. 3.400. 
Fort Lewis Training School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1881; John S. Spear, A. 
M., Prin. 
OBAKD JUNCTION, Mesa Co., pop. 3.503. 
Colorado State Agricultural College: agri.; 
state; co-ed.; B. O. Aylesworth, LL. D., 
GOLDEN, Jefferson Co., pop. 2,152. 
Colorado School of Mines; tech.; state; co- 
ed.; est. 1873; Victor C. Alderson, Sc. D., 
GRAND JUNCTION, Mesa Co.; pop. 3.503. 
Teller Institute; Govt, industrial school for 
Indians; co-ed.; est. 1888; Charles B. 
Burton. M. S. D., Supt. 
GREELEY, Weld Co., pop. 3.023. 
Colorado State Normal School; normal; state; 

co-ed.; Z. X. Snyder. Ph. D., Pres. 
Greeley Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1904; D. G. Royer. Prin. 
LEADVILLE, Lake Co., pop. 12.455. 
St. Mary's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. G.; Sis- 
ter Anselcta, Prin. 
LORETTO HEIGHTS, Arapahoe Co., pop. 72. 
Loretto Academy; girls' boarding; R. G.; Sis 
ter Superior. 
MONTCLAIR, Arapahoe Co., pop. 415. 
Colorado Woman's College; girls' boarding; 
Bapt.; est. 1905. 
PUEBLO, Pueblo Co., pop. 28,157. 
American Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1903; J. A. Clark, Prin. 
Cooper's Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

J. P. Cooper. Prin. 
Loretto Academy; girls' boarding; R. C.; 

Sister M. Reparata, Prin. 
Pueblo Business College; bus. and sten.; G. 
II. Donaldson, Pres. 
TRINIDAD, Las Animas Co., pop. 5,345. 
Trinidad Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1888; W. E. Anderson, M. G. S., Pres. 
UNIVERSITY PARK, Suourb of Denver. 
University of Denver; univ.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
est. 1864; Henry A. Buchtel, D. D., LL. 
D. Chancellor. 


Population, 908,355. School census, 723, IM, School age, 4-16. 

Connecticut is the twenty-ninth state of the Union in point of population, 
having a total of 908,355 inhabitants, of whom 892,424, or 982 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 237,396, or 26.1 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 5.9 per cent, the state ranking twenty-fifth in 
this respect. The educational system of the state is as follows, the chief executive 
power resting not in a State Superintendent, as in most states, but in the State 
Board of Education, of which the Governor of the state is chairman and the Secre- 
tary executive ofiicer. 


RoLLiN S. Woodruff, Governor New Haven 

Everett J. Lake, Lieutenant Governor Hartford 

Edward D. Robbins Wcthersfield 

William H. Palmer Norwich 

George M. Carrington Winstcd 

William G. Sumner New Haven 

Charles D. Hike, Secretary Hartford 

A. J. Wright, Clerk Hartford 

Giles Potter, Agent New Haven 


B. Frank Marsh, State Capitol Hartford 

The state has an optional text-book law, authority being vested in local boards 
or the voters to determine whether text-books shall be furnished free. 


Connecticut has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what is 
called the "town system" of school supervision, each city, or in some cases, where 
the towns are small, a group of cities, having its individual superintendent of 


BALTIC, New London Go., pop. 500. 
Academy of the Holy Family; girls' board- 
Inir: R. C: Sister M. Carlne, Prfn. 
BLACK HALL, Hew London Co.. pop. ?S2. 
Black Hall 80I100I; boya* boarding: P. E. 
Chas. G. Bartlett, M. A., Prin. 

BRIDOEPORT. Falrileld Co.. pop. 70.996. 

Bridgeport Training Scliool for Teacheia; nor- 
mal; state: co-cd.; Miss Bessie E. Howen. 

Bridgeport ITniTertity Scliool; boys' board- 
ing: non-sect.: Vincent C. Peck, Prln. 





Bxown's BiuineM Oolleffe; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1901; I. S. Brown, M. B., Pres. 

ConrtlAnd School, The; girls'; day; non-sect; 
est. 1891; Mary J. Miner, Prln. 

Froebel Kindergarten and Training Scliool; 
normal kindergarten; Fannie A. Smith, 

Park Avenue Inatitnte; boys* boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1872; Seth B. Jones, A. B., 

A. M., Prln. 

St. Joseph's School; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; est. 
1900; Bev. H. Dahme, Prln. 

Trade School and Institute; tech.; men; Y. M. 
C. A., est. 1803; H. B. Ck)nver8e, Di- 

Union Business College; bos. and sten.; Fred 
E nos. Pres. 
BROOKFIELD OENTEB, Fairfield Co., pop. 176. 

Brookfleld Summer School of Musio; music; 
co-ed; est. 1900; Herbert Wilbur Greene, 

Curtis School for Boys; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Frederick S. Curtis. Prln. 
CHESHIBE, New Haven Co., pop. 1,080. 

Cheshire School; boys' boarding; P. E. ; est. 
1794; Joseph W. Harrlman, Pres. 
CLINTON, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,429. 

Morgan School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Geo. 

B. Eliot, Jr., A. M., Prln. 
COBNWALL, Litchfield Co., pop. 1,175. 

Cornwall School, The; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; F. M. McGraw, Prln. 

Rumsey Hall, boys' boarding; non-sect.; est. 
1900; Louis H. Schntte, M. A., Head 
DANBUBY, Fairfield Co., pop. 16,587. 

Banbury Music School; music; co-ed.; Ella 
A. Curtis. Director. 

Stillman Business College; bus. and sten.; 
William J. StiUman, Pres. 

DEBBY» New Haven Co., pop. 7.930. 
Pope Business College; bus. and sten.; F. J. 
Pope, Pres. 

ESSEX, Middlesex Co., pop. 2,580. 
Pratt High School; prep.; co-ed.; Gong., 
est. 1890; Ernest M. Llbby, B. A., Prln. 

FAIBFIELD, Fairfield Co., pop. 4.489. 
..Fairfield Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Francis J. Brewer, Prln. 

FALLS YILLAOE, Litchfield Co., pop. 671. 
David M. Hunt School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1891; Miss Marion C. Chandler, A. B., 

FABMINOTON, Hartford Co., pop. 8.331. 
Porter's School, Mrs.; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1843; Mrs. Robert Porter Keep, 

OBEENS FABMS, Fairfield Co. 
St. Paal's Grammar School; boys' boarding; 
G. Y. Tompkins, Prln. 

GREENWICH, Fairfield Co., pop. 2,420. 
Brunswick School: boys* boarding; non-sect.; 

Q^o. E. Carmlchael, Prln. 
Ely School for Girls; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Mlsaes Ely. Principals. 
Greenwich Academy; prep.; co-ed.; noo-sect.; 

est. 1827! Newton B. Hobart. A. B., A. 

M., Fret. 

Rosemary Hall; girls* boarding; nm-MCt.; 
Caroline Bnuts-Bees, Prin. ^^ 

HAMDEN, New Haven Co., pop. 4^6. 
Hamden Hall; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Wm. 
0. Raymond, Prln. 

HARTFORD, Hartford Cort nop. 79,860. 
American School for the Dmr~Btate; Dr. Job 

Wmiams, Prin. 
Conneoticnt Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1903; B. J. Wilcox, M. A., Pres. 
Hartford Hospital Training School for Nurses; 

nurses' training; women; est. 1877; Miss 

Lander Sutherland, Prln. 
Hartford Theological Seminary; theol.; men; 

Cong.; est. 1834; W. D. MacKenzle, D. 

D., Pres. 
Hillyer Institute; bus. and sten.; Indust.; 

men; est. 1882; H. M. Gerry, A. B., 

Huntsinger's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

F. M. Huntslnger, Pres. 
Morse's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

Edward H. Morse, Pres. 
Mount St. Joseph Seminary; girls' boarding; 

R. C; Sister Mary Cecelia, Prin. 
Olmstead's Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1887; E. M. Olmstead, Pres. 
School of Horticulture; hort.; non-sect.; co- 
ed.; Stanley H. Rood, S. B., A. M., Di- 
Trinity College; coll.; men; est. 1823; Flavel 

Sweeten Luther. Ph. D., LL. D., Pres. 

KENT, Litchfield Co., pop. 1,220. 
Hopson's School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Kathcrlne M. Hopson, Prin. 

LAKEYILLE, Litchfield Co., pop. 1,000. 

Hotchkiss School, The; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1892; Rev. H. G. Buehler, 

Taconio School for Girls; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Lilian Dixon, Prln. 

LITCHFIELD, Litchfield Co., pop. 3,230. 
Foster School; boys' prep.; boarding; non- 
sect.; Rev. Allyn K. Foster, M. A., 

LYME, New London Co., pop. 750. 
Boxwood School; girls' boarding; P. E., Ida 

Lewis TIbbltts, Prin. 
Home School for Little Boys; boys' prep.; 
Miss A. N. Griffin, Prin. 

MERIDEN, New Haven Co., pop. 24,296. 
Pequod Business College; bus. and sten.; Al- 
bert A. May, Pres. 

MIDDLETOWN, Middlesex Co., pop. 0,689. 
Berkeley Divinity School; theol.; men; P. E.: 

est. 1864; Rev. Samuel Hart, D. D., Dean. 
Connecticut Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1895; B. J. WUcox, Prin. 
Emmette School, The; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1809; Sophia L. Emmette, Prln. 
Patten's School; prep.; co-ed.; Protestant; 

Misses Patten. Prins. 
Wesleyan University; coll.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 

1831; Rev. B. P. Raymond, D. D., LL. D., 


MILFORD, New Haven Co, pop. 2.788. 
Simpson's School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Miss L. Simpson, Prln. 






KTBTIO, Vew London Co., pop. 3.000. 
Myttio Yalloy Enyliali and CUuioal Insti- 
tution; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; John 
Kntgbt BncUyn, Prln. 

NEW BBITAIV, Hartford Ck>., pop. 25.998. 
New Britain Commercial College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1902; T. Clay Cavanaugh, 

State Normal Training Soliool; normal; state; 

co-ed.; est. 18i9; Marens White, Ph. B., 


NEW HA YEN, New Haven Co., pop. 108.027. 
Boardman Xannal Training High School; tech.; 

non-sect.; day; Charles L. Kirschner, Pres. 
Booth Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Geo. A. Booth, Prin. 
Childs-Bntler Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1884; Mary Dibyl Johnstone. Prln. 
Oaffey's Shorthand School; bus. and sten.: 

John P. Oaffey, Pres. 
Hopkins Orammar School; boys* boarding; 

non-sect.; est. 1660; Arthur B. Woodford. 

Ph. D., Rector. 
Johnstone's School; girls' boarding: non-sect.; 

est. 1884; Mary Dilbyl Johnstone. Prln. 
New HsTsn Normal School of Gymnastics; 

phys. cult.; co-ed.: est. 1886; B. H. Ar- 
nold, M. D., Director. 
Sheffield Scientiflc School, Yale TTniversity; 

tech.: men; est. 1871; Henry Russell Chit- 
tenden, Ph. D., LL. D.. Director. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. C: 

est. 1901; Sister Mary Basil, O. S. D., 

State Normal Training School; normal: stato: 

co-ed.; Arthur B. Morrill, Pres. 
Weantinaug School; discontinued. 
Whedon's School for Boys; boys* boarding: 

non-sect.: Susan H. Whedon, Prin. 
WUlard's School for Girls; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Miss Charlotte H. Wlllard, Prin. 
Yale Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1862: Nathan B. Stone, Pres. 
Yale DiTinity School, Yale TJniTersity; theol.; 

men; est. 1822: Edward Lewis Curtis, 

Ph. D.. D. D., Acting Dean. 
Yale Forest School, Yale University: forestry; 

men: est. 1900; Henry Solon Graves, M. 

A.. Director. 
Yale School of Fine Arts. Yale University; 

art: men; John Ferguson Weir, M. A., 

Yale University; unlv.: men: non-sect.: est. 

1701: Arthur T. Hadley. LL. D.. Pres. 
Yale University, D^artment of Medicine; 

med. : rog.: men: est. 1813: Herbert B. 

Smith. M. D.. Dean. 
Yale University. Law School; law: men: est. 

1824: Hi'nry Wade Rogers; LL. D.. T/ean. 
NEW LONDON, New London Co., pop. 17.548. 
Bulkeley School: boys' boarding: non-sect.: 

Walter A. Towno. Prln. 
William Memorial Institute; girls* boarding: 

non-sect.; est. 1891: Colin E. Bnoll. M. A.. 


NEW MILFOBD. Litchfield Co.. pop. 4.804. 
Ingleside School: girls* boarding; P. E.; Mrs. 

Wm. D. Black. Prin. 
Weantinang School, The; prep.: boys; P. B.; 

est. 1902: Rev. Prank B. Draper, A. B.. 


NEW PBESTON, Liteldtold Oo., pop. 800. 
Upton Seminary; prep; boys; Cong.; est. 1809*^ 
Rev. Henry Upson, A. B., Prin. 
NEWTON, Fairflald Co., pop. 254. 
Newton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Wm. Wilson Gardner. Prin. 
NOKFOLK, Litchfield Co., pop. 1,614. 
BobVias School, The; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
A. M. Blackburn,, Prin. 
NORTH STONINGTON, New London Co., pop. 
Wheeler School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Clare 
Reynolds Bass. Prln. 
NOBWALX, Fairfield Co., pop. 6.126. 
Baird's Institute-Home School, Miss; girls' 
boarding; P. B.; est. 1882; Miss Cornelia 
F.Balrd, Prin. 
Meade's School for Oiris; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.; Mrs. Melville E. Meade, Prln. 
Overlook Military Academy; boys* prep.; mili- 
tary; non-sect.; est. 190S; Major George 
Wilson, Prin. 
NORWICH, New London Co., pop. 17.251. 
Butts' School for Girls, Miss: girls' boarding: 
non-sect.; est. 1901; Miss Matilda Butts, 
Norwich Art School; art; co-ed.; est. 1890: 

Osias Dodge. B. P. A., Director. 
Norwich Business College; bus. and sten.; W. 
E. Canfleld. Pres. 
- Norwich Free Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Robt. P. Keep. Ph. D., Prln. 

POMFBET, Windham Co., pop. 1,831. 

Hamlet Lodge School; boys; non-sect.; F. L. 
Waldo. Prln. 

Pomfret School; boys' boarding; P. E.: Wm. 
Beach Olmstead. Prin. 
PUTNAM, Windham Co., pop. 6,667. 

Academy of Notre Dame; boys' boarding; R. 
C; Rev. J. Van Den Noort. Prln. 

Notre Dame Bon Secours Academy; girls' 
boarding; R. C; Sister M. Paula, Su- 

Putnam Business College; bus. and sten.; E. 
P. Keller. Pres. 

BEDDING, Fairfield Co., pop. 1.426. 
Hill Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; est. 
1882; Ray Preston Bowen. A. B., Prin. 

REDDING RIDGE, Fairfield Co.. pop. 764. 
Sanford School. The; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 
est. 1805; Daniel S. Sanford. M. A., Prln. 
BIDGEFIELD, Fairfield Co.. pop. 2,670. 
Ridgefield School for Boys; boys' prep.; non- 
sect.; Roland J. Mulford. Ph. D., Head- 
Yinton School for Girls; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Miss G. Vinton, Prin. 

SALISBURY. Litchfield Co.. pop. 3.480. 
Salisbury School: prop.: boys; P. E.; est. 1908: 
Rev. Geo. E. Quailc, M. A.. Pres. 
SAYBBOOK, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,634. 
Miss Shepard's Private School; prop.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; Miss F. C. Shepsrd. Prln. 
SIMSBUBY, Hartford Co., pop. 2.004. 

McLean Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

J. B. Mclean. Prin. 
Westminster School; boys' bosrding; noo-sect.; 
W. L. Gushing. Pri«. 





SOUTH HORWALK, Fairfield Oo., pop. 6,691. 
Blown BusiiMM Oollefe; bos. and sten.; G. B. 

Sartain, Prea. 
B0T7THP0KT, Fairflald Go., pop. 1,479. 
Soaaide Seminaiy; prep.; co-ed.; non.sect-; 

Ml88 Anffoata Smith, Prin. 
STAMFORD, Fairfield Co., pop. 15,997. 
Bett'i Academy; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 

Wm. J. Betta, Prln. 
Catlierine Aiken School; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.; est. 1854; Harriet Beecher Scorlllc 

Deran, A. B., Prin. 
Xing School, The; prep.; boys; non-sect.; est. 

1876; H. W. King, Prin. 
Low's School, Miaa; glrla' boarding; prep.; 

Miss Low and Miss Heywood, Prins. 
Kaaor School; boys' prep; non-sect.; L. D. 

Marriott, Prin. 
Merrill College; bas. and sten.; Mrs. M. A. 

MerriU, Pres. 
STOKBS, Tolland, Co., pop. 174. 
Connecticut Agricnltnral College, The; agri.; 

co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1881; Bnfns W. 

Stimson, A. M., B. D., Pres. 
SUFFLELD, Hartford Co., pop. 8,621. 
Conaectiout Literary laatitnte; prep.; boys; 

Bapt.: est. 1833; Ralph K. Bearce, A. 

M.. Prln. 
WALLnrOFORD, Hew Haven Co., pop. 6,737. 
Choate School; prep.; boys; non-sect.; est. 

1806; Mark Pitman. A. M., Headmaster. 
Phelps School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; Mlra 

Sarah S. Phelps-Kelsey, Prin. 
WABHZHOTOH, Litchfield Co., pop. 1,820. 
Gunnery School, The; prep.; boys' boarding; 

non-sect.; est. 1850; John 0. Brinsmade, 

A. B.. Prin. 
Ridge Sclftool; boya' boarding; non-sect.; Wm. 

O. Brinsmade, Prln. 
Wykeham Rise School for Girls; girls* board- 
ing; est. 1902; Miss Davles. Prin. 

WATERBURT, New Haven Co., pop. 46.859. 
Gerard School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Isabel 

0. Lawton, Prin. 
Monroe's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

W. J. Monroe, Pres. 
Kotre Dame Convent; girla* boarding; B. C; 

Sister St. Egbert, Superior. 
St. Margaret's Diocesan School for Girls; 
girls' boarding; P. B.; Mary R. HlUard, 
Waterbury Buainess College; bus and sten.; 
est. 1888; H. G. Poet, Pres. 
WATERTOWK, Litchfield Co., pop. 3,100. 
Tait's School for Boys; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Horace D. Talt, Prln. 
WESTFORT, Fairfield Co., pop. 4.017. 

Sti^lea High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect. 
Bessie R. Taylor, Prln. 
Wn.LTMAHTIC, Windham Co., pop. 8.037. 
State Normal Training School; normal; state; 
co-ed.; est. 1888; Henry T. Burr. S. B., 
S. M.. Pres. 
Willimantic Business College; bus. and sten.; 
R. L. Viclcerson, Pres. 

WILTON, Fairfield Co., pop. 1,608. 
Wilton Educational Institute; boys' boarding; 
non-sect.; Chas. W. Whitlock, Prln. 

WINDSOR, Hartford Co., pop. 3.014. 

Campbell School for Girls; girls' boarding; 

non-sect': est. 1903; A. H. Campbell, 

A. M.. Ph. D.. Prln. 
Hayden Hall; discontinued. 

WINSTED, Litchfield Co., pop. 6,804. 

Gilbert Home School; prop.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1880; John Eastman Clarke, Ph. D., 

WOODSTOCK, Windham Co., pop. 2,005. 
Woodstock Academy: prep.; co-od.; non-sect.; 
E. R. Hall. Prln. 


Population, 184,735. School census, 48,982. School age, 6-21. 

Delaware is the forty-sixth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 184,735 inhabitants, of whom 153,977, or 83.4 per cent, are white. Of this 
niunber 13,729, or 7.5 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 12 per cent, the state ranking thirty-fourth in this respect. 
Unlike most of the states and territories, Delaware having no State Superintendent 
of Public Instruction, the functions of this oflSce being performed by the State 
Board of Education. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


Gov. Preston Lee, Chairman. . • • Dover 

Thomas C. Roe, Secretary Dover 


Thomas W. Wilson, Secretary Dover 


Delaware has no State Teachers* Association. 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Kent James E. Carroll Dover 32,762 

New Castle A. R. Spaid Wilmington 109,697 

Sussex Jno. D. Brooks Milford 42,276 


DOVER, Kent Ck>., pop. 8.829. 
State College for Colored Stadents; (colored): 
coll.: state; co-ed.; est. 1892; W. O. 
Jason, A. M., Pres. 
KEWA&K, New Castle Co., pop. 1,218. 
Delaware College; coll.; state; men; est. 1834; 
George A. Barter, M. A., Ph. D.. Pres. 

WILMDrOTOV, New Castle Co., pop. 76.508. 
Friends' School; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; Uer- 
schel A. Norrls. A. M., Prin. 

Goldey College; bos. and sten.; H. 8. Ckddey, 

Hebb's School for Girls; girls* boarding; non- 
sect.; Misses Hebb, Prins. 

Wilmington Business School; bns. and sten.; 
est 1900; W. H. Beacom, Pres., Market 
and 10th Sts. 

Wilmington Conference Academy; Meth.; est. 
1874; co-ed.; Dr. B. L. Cross, Prln. 


Population, 289,500. School census, 62,914. School age, 6-18. 

The District of Columbia has a total population of 289,500 inhabitants, of whom 
191,532, or 68.7 per cent, are white. Of this number 19,520, or 7 per cent, are 
foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the District is 8.6 per cent, ranking 
thirty-first among the states and territories in this respect. The educational affairs 
of the District are under the general supervision of the United States Commissioner 
of Education. 


Elmer Ellsworth Brown, U. S. Commissioner of Education Washington 

William E. Chancellor, Superintendent Washington 


WA8HIKOT0N, Diatrict of Columbia, pop. 

Academj of the Sacred Heart of Mary; girls' 

boarding; R. C; Sister Mary Clemen- 
tine, Prln. 
Academy of the Yisitation; girls' boarding; B. 

C. ; Sister M. Agnes Mathaney, Prln. 
American XTniTersity; post-grad.; co-ed.; M. 

E.; est. 1893; Bishop C. C. McCabe, D. 

D.. LL. D., Chancellor. 
Army and Nary Preparatory School; boys' 

prep.; non-sect.; B. Swavely, Prln., 4101 

Connecticut Ave. 
Belcoort Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Mrs. Somervell and Miss Dancan, Prins. 
Bliss Electrical School; tech.; men; non-sect.; 

est. 1893: Louis Denton Bliss, Pres. 
Bristol School; girls' boarding; P. E.; est 

1904: Alice A. Bristol, Prln. 
Catholic University of America; unlv.; men; 

R. C: eat. 1889; Rt. Rev. D. J. O'Con- 

nell, D. D., LL. D., Pres. 
Catholic TTniversity of America, Law School; 

law; men; est. 1895; Wm. C. Robinson, 

LL. D., Dean. 
Catholic TJniTersity of America, School of 

Technological Sciences; tech.; men; B. C; 

est. 1895; Daniel W. Shea, Ph. D., Di- 
Cheify Chase College and Seminary; girls' 

boarding; non-sect.; Mr. and Mrs. S. N. 

Barker, Prins. 
Columbia Polytechnic Institute for the Blind; 

manual training: co-ed.; est. 1900; Franlr 

E. Cleveland, Prln. 
Columbia School for Boys; boys' boarding; 

non-sect.; B. S. Merriman, A. M., Pdn. 
Columbian irniyerslty; name clyanged May 1, 

1904, to George Washington University. 

Corcoran School of Art; art; co-ed.; est. 

1887; E. C. Messer, Prln. 
Corcoran Scientific School of Oeorge Wash* 

ington TTniversity; tech.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Charles W. Ncedham, Pres. 
Draughon's Practical Business College; bus., 

sten. and telcg,; est. 1889; Edgar M. 

Hayes, Mgr. 
Drill ery, The; bus. and sten.; est. 1896; 

Franic Fuller, A. B., Prln. 
Eastman School; girls' boarding; P. E.; Miss 

Annie Henderson Eastman, Prln., 1305 

17th St., N. W. 
Emerson Institute; boys' day; non-sect.; Chas. 

B. Young and George H. Sensner, Prins. 
Fairmont Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

A. T. Ramsay, Prln., 1411 Fairmont St. 
Florence School for Girls; girls* boarding; 

non-sect.; Mrs. M. A. Martlndell, Prin., 

2401 Massachusetts Ave. 
Gallaudet College for the Deaf; coll.; co-ed.; 

non-sect.; est. 1864; Edward M. Gallaudet, 

Ph. D., LL. D.. Pres. 
Georgetown Preparatory School; boys' board- 
ing; non-sect.; J. D. Whitney, Prln. 
Georgetown ITniyersity; univ.; men; B. C; 

est. 1780; Rev. David H. Buel, 8. J., 

Georgetown TJniTersity, Department of Den- 
tistry; dent.; men; R. C; William N. 

Cogan. D. D. S.. Dean. 
Georgetown TTniversity, Medical Department; 

med.; reg.; men; R. C; est. 1850; Oeorge 

M. Kobcr, M. D., Dean. 
Georgetown ITniTersity, School of Law; law; 

men; R. C: est. 1870; Harry M. Cla- 

l-iugh. LI. D. Dean. 
George Washington ITniTeriity; (until 1904 

known as Columbian University); univ.: 





co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1821; Charles W. 
Keedbam, LL. D., Pres. 

George 'Waahinffton TJniTsrsitj, Dentil De- 
partment; dent.; men; est. 1886; J. Utti! 
Lewis, D. D. S.. Dean. 

Qeorye Wathinirton University. Depertmont r.f 
Law; law; co-ed.; est. 1800; William B. 
Vance, Pli. D., LL. B., Denn. 

Oeorfe Waahinfton University, Department of 
Xedicine; med.; reg.; men; est. 1821; 
WlUlam F. B. PhiUips, M. D.. Dean. 

George Waahington University, National Col- 
lege of Pharmacy; phar.; co-ed.; est. 
1872; Henry B. Kalusowskl. Phar. D., 
M. D., Dean. 

GcK'rge Waahington University, College of En- 
gineering; tech.; men; Howard L. Hodg- 
kins, Ph. B., Dean. 

Gonzaga College; coll.; men; U. C; est. 
1821; Bev. Jas. J. Himmel, S. J.. PrcB. 

Gnnston School for Toung Ladies; girlB* board- 
ing; non-sect.; est. 1892; Beveriy B. Ma- 
bon, Prin. 

Bohool's Announcement. — A select board- 
ing and day school for girls and young 
ladles. Located in a new building, 
planned and built for the school, with 
every modern appliance fur comfort and 
convenience. Special advantngcs iu Mu- 
sic. Art, Elocution and Languages. Il- 
lustrated catalogue on re^iuest. 

Hall-Koyes School; girls* boarding; non-Hect.; 
Miss Frances M. Hall, A. M., PrIn. 

Hamilton School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Mrs. Phoebe Hamilton Seabrook, Prin., 
Lafayette Square. 

Holton-Arms School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
est. 1901; Mrs. Jessie Moon Holton and 
Miss C. 11. Arms, Prius. 

Holy Cross Academy; girls' boarding; B. C; 
Sister M. Angelica, Prin. 

Howard University, (colored); univ.; national; 
co-ed.; est. 18C7; Bev. Wilbur P. Thir- 
kleld, D. D., LL. D.. Pros. 

Howard University, Dental Department, (col- 
ored) ; dent; co-ed.; est. 1881; Bobert 
Beyburn, D. D. S., Dean. 

Howard University, Department of Pharmacy 
(colored); phar.; co-ed.; eut. 1867; Bobert 
Beyburn, Dean. 

Howard University, Law School (colored); 
co-ed.; est. 1807; Benjamin F. I^Ighton, 
LL. D.. Dean. 

Howard University, Medical Department (col- 
ored); med.; reg.; co-ed.; eat. 1807; Bob- 
ert Beyburn, M. D., Dean, 5th and W. 

International Correspondence University; cor- 
resp.; est. 1904; Ghannlng Budd, D. G. L., 

King Theological Hall; theol.; men: P. B.; 
est. 1901; Bev. William N. Tunnell, War- 

Laise-Phillips School; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Mrs. Anna M. Lalse-Phllllps. Prin. 

Madeira's School, Miss: girls' boarding: non- 
sect.; est. 1908; Lucy Mndoira, A. B., 

Madison Hall Seminary; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.: est. 1905; Prof, and Mrs. Geo. F. 
Winston. Prlns. 

Martha Waahington Seminary; prep.: coed.; 
non-sect.; E. W. Thompson, Prin. 

McDonald-Ellis School; girls' boardlnc; mb- 

sect.; Edwin B. Lewis, M. D., Prin. 
Mount Vernon Seminary; girls' boardins: ooo- 

sect.; Mrs. Elisabeth J. Somen, Prin. 
National Cathedral School; girls* boudIa«; 

P. E., Mrs. B. Walker, Prin. 
National College of Pharmacy; we Geoigc 

Washington University. 
National Correspondence Institate; correap.; 

est. 1893; J. WlUlam McKinley. D. a L.. 

National Kindergarten Trainiac Bdhoal; nor* 

mal; private; co-ed. 
National Park Seminary; see Porest Olea, 

Md. ( Suburb of Washington.) 
National Training School for Misitimarliw and 

Deaconesses; women; M. B.; est. 18M; 

Bev. Charles W. Gallabher, D. D., Pres. 
National University, Dental Department; dent.; 

men: est. 1884; H. H. Barker, D. D. 8.. 

National University, Law School: law; men; 

est. 1860; Charles F. Camst. L. L. M., 

Notre Dame Academy; prep.; coed.; B. C; 

SiKter Mary Euphrasia. Prin. 
Pollock Normil Kindergarten Institnte; nor- 
mal: private: women; est 1874; Susan 

Plessner Pollock, Prin. 
Potomac University, unlv.; co-ed.; n(m-sect.; 

est. 1904; Ernest Warren Porter, Ph. D., 

Potomac University, School of Law; coed.: 

est. 1004; Balph E. Walker, Ph. D.. LL. 

M., Dean. 
Balaton University of Ezpreaalon; do. and 

or.; co-ed.: est. 1884. 
SidwoUs' Friends School; prep.; co-ed.; 

Friends: est. 1883; Thomas W. Sid well, 

A. M., Prin. 
St. Cecilia's Academy; girls' boarding; B. C; 

Mother Mary Augusta, Prin. 
St. John's College; coll.; men; B. C; est. 

1870; Bev. Brother Germanos, F. S. C, 

Strayer's Business College; has. and sten.; est. 

1904; P. J. Harmon, Prin. 
Stuart School; girls' boarding; non-«ect.; 

Miss Claudia Stuart, Prin., 1848 U. 8t, 

N. W. 
Tanner's Business College; bos. and st^i.; H. 

C. Tanner, Pres. 
Temple School of Shorthand and Typewritiag; 

bus. and sten.: est. 19<KS; Caroline B. 

Stephen. Prin. 
Trinity College; coll.: women; B. C; est. 

1807: Sister Julia. Pres. 
United States College of Veterinary Sorgery; 

vet.: men; C. Barnwell Boblnson, V. 8., 

University School, The; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1891; Bobert L. Preston, A. B.. 

Visitation Convent; girls' boarding; B. C; 

Sister Claude Agnes. Superior; 85th and 

P Sts. 
Washington Business High School; bos. and 

sten.: Allen Davis, Pros. 
Waahington Christian College: coll.: co-ed.: 

non-seet.: est. 1902: Daniel E. Motley. 

A. M.. Ph. D., Pres. 

School's Annonncement. — ^Thls college en- 
deavors to fill a much felt edocstlonal 





need by fnrnlshing a positive Ohrlstlan 
inflaence, ondenominatlonal and at the 
same time thoroogh, able educational 
work. Coarses: Literary, Scientific, 
Philosophic and Music. To young la- 
dies, board, room, tuition and music, 
$350; without music, |275. Young men. 
$250. Sessions open October the first. 

Washington Ck>llege of Engineering; see George 
Washington Unirerslty. 

Washington College for Young Ladies; girls' 
boarding; non-sect.; F. Menefee, Prin. 

Washington Ck>llege of Law; law; co-ed.; est. 
1896; B. S. Mussey, LL. M., Dean. 

Washington Ck>Ilege of Mnsio; mus.; co-ed.; 
est. 1903; Sydney Lloyd Wrightson, Pres., 
1218 P St., N. W. 

Washington Dental College; see Dental De- 
partment Georgetown University. 

Washington Normal School, No. 1; normal; 
national; co-ed.; est. 1875; Anne M. God- 
ing, Prin. 

Washington Normal School, No. 8 (colored): 
normal; national co-ed.; Lucy E. Moten, 

Washington School for Boys; boys* boarding; 
non-sect.; Louis Leverett Hooper, A. M., 
Headmaster, 2900 Wisconsin Ave. 
WEST WASHINGTON, Suburb of Washington. 

Linthicnm Institnte; boys' boarding; non-scet.; 
R. C. Balllnger, Curator. 

Wood's Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 
Court P. Wood. L. L. M., Pres.. 811 B. 


Population, 528,542. School census, 217,703. School age, 6-21. 

Florida is the thirty-second state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 528,542 inhabitants, of whom 348,923, or 36.3 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 19,257, or Z.7 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 21.9 per cent, the state ranking forty-first in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


W. M. lIoLLOWAY, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tallahassee 


N. B. Broward, Governor, President Tallahassee 

\V. M. IIOLLOWAY, State Superintendent Public Instruction, iVcr^^/ary. . .Tallahassee 

H. Clay Crawford, Secretary of State Tallahassee 

William V. Knott, State Treasurer Tallahassee 

W. H. Ellis, Attorney General Tallahassee 


Same as State Board of Education. 


There is none, Florida having no State Uniformity Text-Book Law. 


Dr. W. H. Russell, President SUrke 

J. G. Kellu M, Secretary Tallahasse 

Si'PT. R. L. Turner, Treasurer Inverness 


Pop. of 

County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Alachua .T. L. Kelley Gainesville 32,245 

Baker W. R. Simmons .Macclenny 4,516 

Bradford Geo. F. Scott Starke 10.295 

Brevard I. R. Walker Titusville 5,158 

Calhoun G. F. Tucker Blountstown 5,182 

Citrus II. L. Turner Inverness 5.891 

Clay W. O. Geigrer Gr'n Cove Sp'gs 5.635 

Columbia T. H. Owens Lake City 17.094 

Dade R. B. Hall Miami 4.955 





County. Superintendent. Postofflce. 

DeSoto J. S. Carlton Arcadia 

Duval J. Q. Palmer Jacksonville . . . 

Escambia N. B. Cook Pensacola 

Franklin W. T. Marler Apalachicola . . . 

Gadsden* J. R. Key... Quincy 

Hamilton Geo. J. Graham Jasper 

Hernando A. M. C. Russell Brooksville .... 

Hillsborough W. B. Dickenson Tampa 

Holmes C. A. Fulf ord Bon ifay 

Jackson C. C. Gunn Marianna 

Jefferson W. B. Carter Monticello 

La Fayette W. R. Fletcher Mayo 

Lake J. C. Compton Leesburg 

Lee D. W. Sumner Fort Myers 

Leon Ed w. B. Eppes Tallahassee . . . . 

Levy Shelton Philips Bronson 

Liberty T. H. Jackson Bristol 

Madison G. W. Tedder Madison 

Manatee W. M. Rowlett Braden town . . . . 

Marlon W. D. Cam Ocala 

Monroe J. V. Harris Key West 

Nassau H. L. Mattair Fernandina . . . . 

Orange W. B. Lynch Orlando 

Osceola W. J. Sears Kissimmee 

Pasco John Barnes Dade City 

Polk S. S. Niblack Bartow 

Putnam L. K. Tucker Palatka 

St. Johns W. S. M. Pinkham St. Augustine . . 

St. Lucie W. J. Nesbitt Port Pierce 

Santa Rosa E. L. McDaniel Milton 

Sumter J. A. Jones Sumtervllle 

Suwanee J. E. Wood Live Oak 

Taylor A. E. Morgan Perry 

Volusia A. O. Botts DeLand 

Wakulla S. M. Revell Crawf ordville . . 

Walton R. Q. Baker DeFuniak Sp'gs 

Washington B. F. Gainer Vernon 

Pop. of 
.. 8.047 
.. 4,840 
.. 3,638 
. . 7.762 
.. 4.987 
.. 7,467 
. . 3.071 
.. 8,603 
.. 2.956 
.. 4.663 
.. 9.654 
.. 3.444 
. . 6.054 
.. 9.165 

. 6.187 
. 3,999 
. 5.149 
. 9.347 


D£ FITHIAX SPRnrOS, Walton Co., pop., 1,300. 
Palmer College; coll.: co-ed.: Presb.: est. 
1907: Rev. J. W. Walden, D. D.. Pres. 
DE LAND, Yolusia Co., pop.. 1,449. 
John B. Stetson XTnivertity; aniv. ; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1887; Rev. Lincoln Hulley, 
Ph. D.. Pres. 
Stetson XTniTersity, Department of Law; law; 
co-od. ; est. 1900; Albert J. Farrah, LL. 
B. Dean. 
Stetson XTniversity, School of Technology; 
tech.: co-ed.; est. 1002; Ellery B. Paine, 

M. S.. Dean. 

EIJSTIS, Lake Co., pop. 422. 
Presbyterian College; coll.: Presb.; co-ed.: est. 
1904: Rev. H. A. Goff. M. A.. Pres. 
FESVAlfDnfA, Hassan Co., pop. 3.245. 
King's Business College; moved to Raleigh, 

N. C. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Sist er M. Agnes. Prin. 
Fessenden Academy and Industrial School; 
nor. and Indust.: co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1890; Joseph L. Wiley, A. B.. Pres. 
OAnnSSYILLE, Alachua Co., pop. 3.633. 
Boarding and Day School; girls' boarding; 
non-sect.; Miss Tebean. Prln. 

XTniversity of the State ^ of Florida; univ.: 
state: men; est. 1005; Andrew Sledd, Ph. 
D., LL. D.. Pres. 
JACKSONVILLE, Duval Co., pop. 28.429. 

Cookman Institute (colored): prep.; co-ed.; M. 
E.; est. 1872; Rev. James T. Doclcing, 
Ph. D.. Pros. 

Draughon's Practical Business College; bns. 
and stcn.; John F. Draughon's, Pres. 

Edward Waters College (colored): prep, co- 
ed.: est. 188.3; A. M. E.: A. St. George 
Richardson. B. A.. Prln. 

Florida Baptist College; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.: 
N. W. Collier. Prln. 

Xassey Business College; bus. and stcn.; E. 
S. Howen. Pres. 

St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister M. DeSales. Prin. 
JASPAR, Hamilton Co., pop. 003. 

Jasper Normal Institute; normal; private; co- 
ed.; Wm. B. Gate. Pres. 
KEY WEST, Monroe Co., pop. 17.114. 

Convent of Mary Immaculate; prep.: co-ed.; 
R. G. ; Sister M. Delphine. Prin. 

University of Florida, College of Agricul> 
ture and Chemistry; agri.; state; co-ed.; 
Andrew Sledd, Pres. 





TJniTenity of Florida, College of Engineer- 
ing: tech.; state; co-ed.; Andrew Sledd, 
LIVE OAK, Sawanee Co., pop. 1.669. 
Florida Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.: eat. 

1876; L. C. Jones. A. M.. Pres. 
Southern Business College; bus. and sten.; 
L. M. Hatton, Pres. 
MADISGir, Madison Co., pop. 862. 
Florida Normal Institute, nor.; co-ed.; pri- 
vate; W. B. Gate, A. M., Prin. 
aCAHTIN, Marion Co., pop. 60. 
Fessenden Academy ; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Joseph L. Wiley, PrIn. 
ORAKOE FAIIK, Clay Co., pop. 246. 
Normal and Manual Training School; normal; 
indust.; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 1801; Agnes 
McCartney Lord. Prln. 
PALATXA, Putnam Co., pop. 3,301. 
St. Joseph's Academy and Day School; prep.; 
co-ed.; Sister M. Jane France, Prin. 
ST. AUGUSTINE, St. John Co., pop. 4.272. 
Florida School for Blind, Dei^ and Dumb; 

state; A. W. Walker, Pres. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0.; 
Sister Mary Agatha. Prin. 
ST. LEO, Pasco Co., pop. 146. 
St. Leo College; coll.; thcol.: men; R. 0.; 

est. 1890; Rt. Rev. Charles H. Mohr, O. 
S. B., D. D., Pres. 
SAN ANTONIO, Pasco Co., pop. 262. 
Holy Name Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Mary Winifred, Prin. 

SUTHERLAND, Hu^sboro Co., pop. 108. 
Florida Seminary; name changed to Southern 

Southern College; coll.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 
1002; S. W. Walker. A. M.. Pres. 

TALLAHASSEE. Leon Co., pop. 2.981. 

Florida State College for Women; glrla' board- 
ing; state; non-sect.; est. 1857; A. A. 
Murphreo. A. M.. Pres. 

State Normal and Industrial School for Col- 
ored Students (colored); normal; Indust.; 
state; co-ed.: est. 1887; Nathan B. Toung, 
A. M., Pres. 

TAMPA, Hillsboro Co., pop. 16,839. 
Convent of the Holy Name; girls' boarding; 

R. C; Sister Mary Winifred, Prin. 
Tampa Business College; bus. and sten.; oat. 

1800: L. M. Hatton. Pres. 
Tampa Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1899; J. T. Malllcoat, Prin. 

WINTER PARK, Orange Co., pop. 366. 
Rollins College; coll.: co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1885: William F. Blnckman. Ph. D., Pres. 


Population, 2,216,331. School census, 703,133. School age, 6-18. 

Georgia is the eleventh state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 2,216,331 inhabitants, of whom only 1,181,294, or 53.3 per cent, are white. 
Of this number, 12,021, or .6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 30.5 per cent, the state ranking forty-fifth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


T. M. Pound, State School Commissioner Atlanta 

T. H. Robertson, Gerk Atlanta 

Miss Fannie Scott, Stenographer Atlanta 


Hoke Smith, Governor, President Atlanta 

T. H. Robertson, Secretary .Atlanta 

J. M. Pound, State School Commissioner, Executive Officer. Atlanta 

John C. Hart. Attorney General Atlanta 

Philip Cook, Secretary of State Atlanta 

William A. Wright, Comptroller General Atlanta 


Same as State Board of Education. 
J. M. Pound, Secretary Atlanta 


C. B. Chapman Macon 

R. B. Daniels Valdosta 


No. of 
County. Rupprlntendent. Post Office. Schools. 

Applingr H. J. Parker Baxley 74 

Baker .iHenderson Hall, Jr Newton 

Baldwin 'R. N. I^amar Mllledpreville 45 

Banks /?. G. Rtranpre Homer. R. F. D. No. 1 . . . 47 

Bartow Henry Milam Cartersvllle 54 

Ben Hill R. J. Prentiss Fitzgerald 

Berrien W. G. Avera Nashville 76 

Bibb O. R. Chapman Macon * 

Brooks R S. Bennett .Quitman 74 

Bryan Edward Benton Pembroke 46 






Bulloch . 
Burke . . . 
Butts ... 
Calhoun . 
Camden . 
Carroll . . 
Catoosa . 
Clarke . . . 


Clayton .. 
Clinch . . . 


Coffee .... 
Colquitt .. 
Coweta . . 



Decatur . 
DeKalb .. 
Dodfre ... 
Dooly . . . 
Dousrlas . 


Krhols .. . 
Elbert ... 
Emanuel . 
Fayette . . 


Forsvth . 
Franklin . 
Fulton . . . 
(rllmer .. . 
Olynn . . . 
Gordon . . 
Grady . . . 


Harris .. . 
Hart .... 
H<»ard .... 
Henry . . . 
Trwin .... 
.Tack son 
.Tasner .. . 
.TpflT Davis 
.Tenklns .. 
.Tones .... 
T>aurons . 


Liberty . . 

Superintendent, Postoffice. No. of 


.J. E. Brannen ijtatesboro 106 

.E. B. Gresham .Waynesboro 110 

.C. S. Maddox Jackson 42 

.J. J. Beck Jlorgan 41 

.J. O. ManfiTham ^t. Marys 49 

4F. J. Dodd Fairbum 44 

J. S. Travis Carrollton 103 

T. L. Mafflll Ringgrold, R. F. D. No. 2 . 28 

L. E. Mallard J'olkston 29 

Otis Ashmore Savannah 

»C. N. Howard Cusseta 27 

S. E. Jones Summervllle 47 

Jabez Gait Canton 69 

T. H. Dozler Athens 32 

E. R. King" J^ort Gaines 29 

,vJ. H. Hule J^orest Park 38 

W. T. Dlckerson Jlomervllle 46 

Bernard Awtrey >larletta 95 

Melvin Tanner J)ougrlas 75 

John E. Howell Moultrie 49 

B. P. .Tordan Grovetown 44 

V. A. Ham ^ewnan . ....■.• • . 86 

J F Hartley ..Eort Valley, R. F. D. 2. 42 

J. W. Bivln's .'...*; Cordele 

G. A. R. Bible Sulphur Springs 21 

A. W. Vandivlere Dawsonvllle 30 

J. S. Bradwell Balnbridgre 130 

I.. J. Steele Decatur 44 

AT. T^ Burch Eastman 78 

E. G. Greene Vienna 95 

TJ. H. Warren Albany 30 

G. T. Mccarty Dougrlasvllle 42 

Bvron Collins ?^^^®'y.,; ^* 

J G Prime StatenvIUe 11 

A. E. Bird . .'.'.'.' '.]'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. iGuyton 58 

J. N Wall Elberton 76 

Edward Warren ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. [Swainsboro 83 

J. M. Clement Mineral Bluff 66 

W. N. D. Dixon Fayetteville 47 

J. C. King Rome 

C. I.. Harris S""*'"*"jf, "• 5J 

J. W. T^indrum Carnesvllle 78 

M. T. BrIttaIn dt??."** i2 

W. H. Allen 511^^^^ 5? 

E. B. Rogers Gibson 21 

N.H.Ballard Brunswick 

T. G. B. Edwin. Jr Calhoun 61 

T. B. Wight Cairo 

W. A. Purks Greensboro 66 

C R. Ware LawrencevIUe 84 

C w Grant Clarkesvllle 58 

vi. I..' Black well ];'.;*.;;*.;'. iGalnesvUle 88 

M. I.. Dngean Sparta 62 

Tobn w White 5"p^,^"^" 1? 

T. T- Tbomason VJ^*R^^^\, il 

B. H. Pearman S^^*^®Al 5! 

TTone H. Cook Cooksvllle 68 

T^awrenre Duffev McDonough 66 

G. W. Smith Perry 61 

T. W. Weaver Irwlnville 80 

P D.' Monro ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. [Jefferson 82 

W. A. Reid Mont cello 49 

T J Ellis Hazelhurst 

H F. Smith \'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'/.'.'.'.'. !?aj;*^^ ^^ 

W V. T.qnier Mlllen 

\. .T. M. Robinson Wrightsville 51 

F. W. Sammons 2**^^. ,f5 

T. T. Smith Dublin 115 


t" R. ..!.!.!..!]!.! [I^eesburg 

E. B. Way. 

Hineaville 68 



County. Superintendent, Postofflce. No. of 

Lincoln Dr. W. R Crawford Llncolnton 37 

Lowndes C. L. Smith Valdosta JJ 

Lumpkin Carl Schultz Dahlonega 31 

Macon J. P. Nelson Oglethorpe 43 

Madison J. A. Griffith Danlelsvllle 59 

Marion T. B. Rainey Buena Vista 50 

McDuffle M. W. Dunn Cobbham 43 

Mcintosh C. M. Tvson Darien 21 

Meriwether B. M. McCaslan Greenville 84 

Miller W. L Geer Colquitt 38 

Milton G. D. Rucker Alpharetta 26 

Mitchell T. H. Powell Camilla 73 

Monroe T. H. Pbinazee Forsyth 8^ 

Montgomery A. B. Hutcheson Mt. Vernon »4 

Morgan F. L. Florence Madison 54 

Murray W. D. Gregory Cohutta Springs 41 

Muscogee J. M. Moon Columbus 38 

Newton A. H. Foster £?^\"?**'".,, 5? 

Oconee T. W. McWhorter Watklnsvllle 37 

Oglethorpe R. M. Bacon Stephens 67 

Paulding T. S. Turner Dallas 56 

Pickens T. H. Little i^^Pf*, 5? 

Pierce J. A. Harper Blackshear 47 

Pike G. B. Bldley 5^^"^?" 52 

Polk T. E. Houseal 9.^^^^^^^'l„ il 

Pulaski B. C Sanders Hawklnsville 60 

Putnam W. C. Wright Eatonton 41 

Oujtman H. M. Kaigler .Georgetown 22 

Rabun L M. Cbastain Clayton 42 

Randolph Walter McMlchael Cuthbert 46 

Richmond Lq wton B. Evans Augusta 

Rockdale T. D. O'Kelley Conyers 30 

Schley E L. Bridges Ellavllle 22 

Screven H. .L Arnet Sylvanla 92 

Snaulding T. O. A. Miller Pomona 43 

Stephens V. R. C. Ramey Toccoa 

Stewart W. T. Halllday Lumpkin 60 

Sumpter W.S.Moore Americus 55 

Talbot O. D. Gorman Talbotton 52 

Taliaferro S. J. Flint Sharon 30 

Tattnall T. S. Smith Reidsville 92 

Taylor A. S. Wallace Daviston 40 

Telfair T. P. Windsor McRae 47 

Terrell H. A. Wilkinson Dawson 54 

Thomas K. T. MacLean Thomasvllle 102 

Tift W^illiam R. Smith Fender 

Toombs P. A. McQueen Vidalla 

Towns R. A. Kimsey Hiawassee M 

Troup W.C.Davidson Long Cain 69 

Turner F. H. Taylor Luke 

Twiggs B. S. Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrlck 85 

Union C. S. Hauney Blairsvllle 49 

Upson R. D. Shuptrine Thomaston 44 

Walker C. M. Conley T^Fayette 66 

Walton R. L. Paine Social Circle 65 

Ware J. M. Markey Waycross 50 

Warren B. H. Ivey Warrenton 49 

Washington Wade. H. Wood Sandersvllle 88 

Wayne B. D. Purcell Je.sup 67 

Webster S.R.Stephens Preston 82 

White G. S. Kytle Cleveland 28 

Whitfield J. C. Sapp Dalton 49 

Wilcox E. S. Hamilton Rochelle 47 

Wilkes J. M. Pitner Washington •.' 54 

Wilkinson Trwinton 50 

W'orth L. D. Passmore Sylvester 94 






AME&ICTTB, Sumpter, Co., pop. 7,700. 
Third District Asricnltural School; agri. and 

Indost.; state; co-ed.; est. 1906; J. M. 

Oallnm, Prin. 
ARABI, Dooly Co., pop. 505. 
HoostoB High School; prep.; coed.: non-sect.; 

est. 1894; Rev. L. S. Barrett, A. B.. Prin. 
ATHENS, Clarke Co., pop. 10.245. 
Oeorffia State College of Agriculture and 

ITechanio Arts, TJniTeraity of Georgia; 

agrl. and tech.; state: men; Henry Clay 

White, Ph. D., F. C. S.. Prcs. 
Jemel Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; J. H. 

Brown. PrIn. 
Knox Institute and Industrial School; prep.; 

co-ed.: Cong.: L. 8. Clarke, A. M.. Prln. 
Lucy Cohb Institute; glrl8' boarding; non- 
sect.: Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb. Prln. 
State Normal School: normal; state; co-ed.; 

est. 1804: B. C. Branson. A. M.. Pres. 
UniTorsity of Georgia, nnlv. : state; men; 

est. 1801; David C. Barrow. A. M.. Chan- 
University of Georgia. Law School; law; co- 
ed.; est. 1859; Sylvanns Morris, LL. D., 

ATLANTA, Fulton Co., pop. 89.872. 
Atlanta Baptist College (colored): coll.; men; 

Bapt.; est. 1867; Rev. George Sale. A. 

M., Pres. 
Atlanta Business College; bus. and sten.; 

W. P. McDade. Pres. 
Atlanta College of Pharmacy; phar. ; co-ed.; 

est. 1891;- George F. Payne. Ph. G., M. 

D.. Dean. 60 Armstrong St. 
Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons; 

med.; reg.: men; est. 1854; W. S. Bl- 

kln. M. D.. Dean. 
Atlanta Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

Noah Adair. Pres. 
Atlanta Dental College; dent.; co-ed.: Wil- 
liam Crenshaw. Dean. 
Atlanta School of Medicine; med.; reg.: est. 

1905; George H. Noble. M. D.. Dean. 
Atlanta Theological Seminary: theol.: men; 

Cong.: co-ed.; est. 1901: Rev. E. Lyman 

Hood, M. A.. B. D.. Ph. D.. Pres. 
Atlanta TTniversity (colored): coll.: co-ed.; 

non-sect.; est. 1860; Edward T. Ware. A. 

B. Pres. 
Crichton Business College; bns. and sten.; 

E. C. Crichton. Prop. 
Draughon's Business College; bns. and sten.; 

est. 1889: J. O. Bagwell. Prln. 
Exposition Cotton Mill School; private com- 
pany school for mill operators. 
Gammon Theological Seminary; theol.: men; 

M. E.; est. 1883: Rev. L. G. Adklnson, 

M. A.. Pros. 
Georgia College of Eclectic Medicine and 

Surgery; med.: eclectic: co-ed.: est. 1886; 

Elzio B. Thomns, M. D.. Dean. 
Georgia Military Academy: mil.; non-sect.; 

J. C. Wootlward. Pres. 
Georgia School of Technology; tech.: men.; 

state: est. 1888: K. G. Matheson. A. M., 

LL. D.. Pres. 
Hunter's School for Boys; boys; prep.; non- 
sect.: B. T. Hunter, Prln. 

International Missionary Medical OoUege; 
med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1906; J. McFad- 
den Gaston, M. D., Dean. 

Klindworth Conservatory of Music; mnsle; 
co-ed.; Kurt Mueller, Director. 
School's Announcement. — A high-grade 
school of music located In the metropolis 
of the soath. In a most delightful climate. 
Faculty unsurpassed anywhere. Mosle 
In all branches. Art, Elocution, Oratory 
and Languages. Diplomas awarded. Board- 
ing Department. For circulars address 
the Secretary. 

Loretto Convent; girls; prep.; R. C; Sister 
Mary Regis, Superior. 

Marist College; coll.; men: R. C; est. 1902; 
Rev. John E. Gunn. S. M.. D. D.. Pres. 

Morris Brown College (colored): coll; co-ed.; 
A. M. E.: est. 1885; Rev. J. S. Flipper, 
D. D.. Pres. 

Morse School of Telegraphy; tel. and sten.; 
est. 1903: J. H. Shulkey. Pres. 

Peacock's School for Boys; boys* boarding; 
non-sect.: D. C. Peacock. A. B., Prln. 

Southern College of Pharmacy, phar.; co-ed.; 
Hansen Crenshaw. M. D., Pres. 

Southern Dental College: dent.; men; est. 
1887; S. W. Foster. D. D. S., Dean. 

Southern Shorthand and Business TJniTersity; 
bus. and sten.; A. C. Briscoe. Pres. 

Spelman Seminary (colored); girls* boarding 
and day; Bapt.: Miss Harriet B. Giles. 

Storrs School (colored): prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; 
est. 1865: Jessie F. Cutler. Prln. 

Washington Seminary: girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1878; Llewellyn D. Scott and 
Emma B. Scott, Prins. 
AUBURN, Gwinnett Co., pop. 191. 

Ferry-Rainey College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1894; J. D. Brookshire, A. B., Prin. 
AUGUSTA, Richmond Co., pop. 89,441. 

Academy of Richmond Ck>nnty; boys' board- 
ing; non-sect.; Charles H. Wlthrow, Prln. 

Augusta Co-Educational Institute; prep.; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; J. C. Shecut. Prln. 

Haines Normal and Industrial Institiite; nor^ 
mal; private; co-ed. 

Martin's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Miss A. R. Martin. Prin. 

Medical College of Georgia, XTnivertlty of 
Georgia; med.; reg.; men; est. 1829; Jo- 
seph Eve Allen, M. D., Dean. 

Nellieville Academy (colored); prep.: co-ed.; 
P. H. Craig. Prin. 

Osborne's Business College; bns. and steB.; 
S. L. Osborne. Pres. 

Paine College (colored); prep.; co-ed.: A, M. 
E.; est. 1882; Rev. George W. Walker, 
D. D.. Pres. 

Sacred Heart Academy; girls* boarding; B. 
C: Sister M. Gertrude. Prln. 

Sacred Heart College: prep.: boys; R. C; 
eat. 1900: Rev. W. A. Wilkinson, S. J., 

St. Mary's Academy; girls* boarding; R. C; 
Sister Mary Peter. Superior. 

St. Patrick's Commercial Instltaie; bos. and 
sten.; est. 1872; Brother Theodoms, Prtt. 





SoutheTB School of Mntio; moBlc; co-ed.; S. 

T. Battle. Director. 
Stumuui'B Preparatory School; prep.; boys; 

non-sect.: W. H. Starman. Prln. 
Sommerville Academy; girls* boarding: n(Hi- 

sect.; Arthur Grabowskle, Ph. D., Prln. 
Walker Baptist Institute; prep.; co-ed.: Bapt.: 
N. W. Cnrtwright, Prln. 
AX78TELL. Cobb Co., pop. 648. 
Aostell Hiirh School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1880; J. J. Vemer, Prcs. 
BA&HESVILLE, Pike Co., pop. 8.036. 

Gordon Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-scet.; 

est. 1852; O. F. Ollphant. A. M., Pres. 
Sixth District Agricultural School; agrl. and 
indnst.; state; co-ed.; est. 1906; B. H. 
Chllds. Prln. 
BOWDOK, Carroll Co., pop. 307. 
Bowdon College; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1857: Rev. John A. Pool, A. B., Pres. 
BOWXAir. Elbert Co., pop. 367. 
Oibson-Mercer Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Bapt.; 
est. 1904; W. C. Underwood, A. B., Prln. 
CABITESYILLE, Franklin Co., pop.. 306. 
Camesrille High School; Bapt.: prep.; co- 
ed.; J. W. McFarland, Prln. 
Tugalo Military Institute; mil.: co-ed.: non 
sect: est. 1900; Jacob A. Hnnter, M. A., 
CAK&OLLTOK, Carroll Co., pop. 2.008. 
Fourth District Agricultural School; agrl. and 
IndQBt.; state; co-od.; est. 1906; J. H. 
Melson. Prln. 
GAVE SPKIKOS, Floyd Co., pop. 824. 
Heam Academy for Boys and Girls; prop.: 
co-ed.; Bapt.; C. R. Allen, A. B., Prln. 
CEDABTOWV, Polk Co., pop. 2,823. 
Samuel Benedict Memorial School, The; prep.; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; George B. Benedict, 
CLABKSYILLE. Habersham Co., pop. 500. 
Histh District Agricultural School; agrl. and 
indnst.; state; co-ed.; est. 1906; W. H. 
Maxwell, Prln. 
CLEYELAin), White Co., pop. 231. 
Cleveland Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
W. P. Palmer, Prln. 
COLLEGE, Chatham Co., pop. 100. 
Goorgift State Industrial College (colored); 
normal; Indnst.: state; co-ed. 
COLLEGE PARK, Subui^ of Atlanta, pop. 617. 
Cox College (formerly Southern Female Col- 
lofre); girls' boarding; non-sect.; est. 1843; 
John W. Oalnes. Pres. 
Georgia Military Academy (See Atlanta). 
COLUMBUS, Muscogee Co., pop. 17,614. 
Columbus Free Kindergarten Association; 
kindergarten training; women; est. 1804; 
Edwina Wood. Director. 1481 4th Ave. 
Massey Business College; bns. and sten.; 

Richard W. Massey. Pres. 
Moore's School, Miss; prep.; co-ed.; non- 

pect.: Miss Rnth Moore. Prln. 
St. Elmo's Institute; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.: James J. Slade. Prln. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.: R. G. ; 

Sister M. Stanlslans. Prln. 
Wynaton College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; F. 
G. Webb. A. M.. Prln. 

CONCORD, Pike Co., pop. 231. 
Middle Georgia Institute, prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; H. B. Carreker, A. B., Prln. 
COOXSVILLE, Heard Co., pop. 75. 
Cooksville High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; G. W. St. John. Prln. 
CORDELE, Dooly Co., pop. 8,478. 
Cordele Business College; bns. and sten.; 
est. 1902: Barnest Seamans. Pres. 
CORNELIA, Haversham Co., pop. 467. 
Cornelia Normal Institute; normal: private: 
co-ed.; J. W. Morion. A. M.. Pres. 
CUMMIN6S, Forsyth Co., t>op. 242. 
Hightower Baptist Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; B. D. Green, Prln. 
CUTHBERT, Randolph Co., pop. 2.641. 
Andrew Female College; girls' boarding; M. 

B. So.: Rev. Homer Bush. A. M., Prln. 
Bethel Male College; boys' boarding; Bapt.; 
A. B. Kuse. Prln. 
DAHL0NE6A, Lumpkin Co., pop. 1.255. 
North Georgia Agricultural College; agrl.: 
state: co-ed.: est. 1871; G. R. Glenn. 
A. M., LL. D., Pres. 
DALTON, Whitfield Co., pop. 4.315. 
Dal ton Female College; closed. 
Hargis School; boys' boarding: non-sect.: S. 
J. Hargis, Prln. 
DECATUR, Dekalb Co., pop. 1,418. 
Agnes Scott College for Women; girls' board- 
ing; Presb.: F. H. Gaines. D. D., Prln. 
Donald Fraaer High School, The; boys* board- 
ing; Prcsb.: G. Holman Gardner. Prln. 
DEMOREST, Haversham Co., pop. 560. 
Piedmont College and Jesse S. Green Insti- 
tute; prep.; co-ed.: Gong.; est. 1897; 
reorg. 1903; John C. Campbell. A. B., 
DOUGLAS. CofTee Co., pop. 617. 
DouglasTille College; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.; 
est. 1889: Arthnr W. Jackson. B. S., 
EloTonth District Agricultural School.; agrl. 
and Indust.: state: co-ed.: est. 1906; 0. 
W. Davis. Prln. 
Southern Normal School; normal; private; co- 
ELLUAY, Gilmer Co., pop. 502. 
Ellijay Institute; prep.: boarding and day; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; W. A. Barrett. Prln. 

EPWORTH, Fannin Co., pop. 50. 
Epworth Seminary; prep.; co-ed.: M. B.; est. 
1896: Rev. Milton R. Eastlnck, Prln. 

EVERETT SPRINGS, Floyd Co.. pop. 72. 
Everett Springs Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1886: Rev. G. M. Davis. A. B., 

FAIRBURN, Campbell Co., pop. 777. 
Falrbum Institute, prep; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
W. C. Looney. Prln. 

FAIRMOUNT, Gordon Co., pop. 101. 
Fairmount College: prep.: co-ed.; M. B. So.; 
W. ri. Clark, Prln. 

FORSYTH. Monroe Co., pop. 1.172. 
R. Banks Stephens Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; J. L. McGhee, Prln. 





Monroe Fem&le College; girls' boarding: Bapt.; 
est. 1898; C. H. S. Jackson, A. M., LL. 
D., Pres. 
FORT Mcpherson, Folton Co.. pop. 25. 
Anna Dill Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Geo. W. Camp, Prin. 
OAIHESVILLE, Hall Co., pop. 4,382. 
Brenau College; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
A. W. Van Hoose, PrIn. 
HARTWELL, Hart Co., pop. 1.672. 
Hartwell Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
M. L. Parker, Prln. 
HIAWA8SEE, Towns Co., pop. 230. 

Hiawassee High School: prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
A. B. Greene, B. A., Prin. 
IRWIKTOK, Wilkinson Co., pop. 227. 
Talmage Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. S. Davis, Prln. 
JEFFERSON, Jackson Co., pop. 740. 
Martin Institute: prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; Jo- 
seph D. Smith, Prln. 
JOHNSTONYILLE, Monroe Co., pop. 48. 
Fleming High School; prep.; co-ed.; William 
D. Thurmond, Prin. 
LA ORANGE, Troup Co., pop. 4.274. 

La Orange College: girls' boarding: M. E. So.; 
est. 1833; Rufus W. Smith. A. M.. Prln. 
Southern Female College: girls' boarding; 
Bapt.; est. 1842; M. W. Hatton, A. M.. 
Litt, M., LL. D., Pres. 
LAYONIA, Franklin Co., pop. 609. 
LaTonia Institute; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 
W. P. Lunsford, A. B., Prln. 
LEO, White Co., pop. 21. 

Mossy Creek Academy; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
J. W. Smith. Prin. 

LOCTTST GROVE, Henry Co.; pop. 254. 
Locust Grove Institute; prep.: co-ed.; Bapt.; 
est. 1896; Claude Gray, A. B., Pres. 

MACON, Bibb Co., pop. 23,272. 
Ballard School; prep.; co-ed.: Cong.: est. 

1868; George C. Burrage, Ph. B.. Prln. 
Central City College; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 

Wm. B. Holmes, A. M.. D. D., Prln. 
Georgia-Alabama Business College: bus. and 

sten.; E. L. Martin, Pres. 
Macon Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1881; W. McKay, Prin. 
Mercer University: coll.; men: Bapt.: est. 

1837: Charles Lee Smith, Ph. D.. Pres. 
Mercer University, Law Department: law; 

men: Bnpt. ; est. 1875; Emory Spocr, A. 

M., LL. D., Donn. 
Mt. De Sales Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister M. Liquon. Prin. 
Stanley's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1802: G. W. H. Stanley. Pres. 
Wealeyan Female College; girls* t>oardIng; 

M. E. So; Prof. Guerry, Prln. 

MADISON, Morgan Co., pop. 2,000. 
Eighth District Agricultural School: agri. and 
Indust. ; state; co-ed.: est. 1900; F. A. 
Crawley, Prln. 
McINTOSH, Liberty Co., pop. 200. 
Dorchester Academy (colored): nor.: indust.; 
co-ed.; non-sect.: est. 1872; Frederic W. 
Foster. Prin. 

MUXEDGEVILLE, Baldwin Co., pop. 4,219. 
Georgia Normal and Industrial College; nor- 
mal; Indust.: state; women; est. 1889; 
Marvin M. Parks, Pres. 
MONROE, Walton Co., pop. 1881. 

Fifth District Agricultural School; agrl. and 
andJndust.: state; co-ed.; est. 1906; G. C. 
Adams, Prln. 
MONTICELLO, Jasper Co., pop. 1.106. 
Monticello High School: prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Rembert G. Smith, Prln. 
MORGANTON, Fannin Co.. pop. 115. 
North Alabama Baptist College; coll.: co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1899; Madison A. Cooper, B. 
S., Pres. 
MOUNT ZION, Carroll Co., pop. 85. 
Mount Zion Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
J. L. Robb. A. B.. Prln. 
NEWNAN, Coweta Co., pop. 3.654. 
Walker High School; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.; 
Daniel Walker and J. E. Pendergast, 

Norman Institute: prep.: co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 
1901; O. A. Thaxton. A. B.. A. M.. Pres. 
OLIVER, Screven Co., pop. 350. 
Oliver High School; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.; 
David S. Laffltte, Prln. 
OXFORD, Newton Co., pop. 800. 
Emory College; coll.; men: M. E. So.; est. 
1838: Rev. James E. Dickey, D. D.. Pres. 
Emory College, School of Law; men: est. 
1838; Charles E. Dowman. A. M.. Dean. 
FENDERGRASS, Jackson Co., pop. 232. 
Pendergrass High School: prep.; co-ed.: non- 
sect.: est. 1880; W. M. Holsenbeck; B. S., 
POWDER SPRINGS, Cobb Co., pop. 284. 
Seventh District Agricultural School; agri. and 
Indust.; state; co-ed.; est. 1906; H. B. 
Hunt. A. B., Prin. 

RINGGOLD, Catoosa Co., pop. 437. 
Literary Normal Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. E. Bryan. Prln. 

ROCKMART, Polk Co., pop., 575. 
Piedmont Institute; prep.; co-ed.; M. E. So.; 
G. F. Venable, Prin. 

ROME. Floyd Co., pop. 7.291. 
Shorter College; girls' boarding: Bapt.; T. J. 

Simmons. A. M., Pres. 
SAVANNAH, Chatham Co., pop. 54.244. 
Beach Institute ; prep. : co-ed. : Cong. ; Beriha 

S. Rlrk. Prin. 
Clavier Piano School; music: co-ed.: est. 

1003: J. R. Ribarc and N. R. Harts, 

Richmond Business College; bus. and sten.; 

C. S. Richmond, Pres. 
Ryan's Business College; bns. and sten.; Miss 

M. E. Ryan. Prln. 
Savannah Academy; boys' boarding: non-sect.; 

John Taliaferro. Prln. 
Somerville School, The; boys' prep.: non-sect.; 

est. 1905: Rlchnnl C. Somerville, A. B., 

A. M.. Prin. 
St. Vincent's Academy: girls' boarding: R. 

C. ; Mother M. Irene, Superior. 





Wett't School for Girls; girls' boarding; non- 
sect; Miss B. A. West, Prin. 
SEKOIA, Gktweta Co., pop. 782. 
C^rgia Telegraph and Bailroad Business Col- 
lege; bos. and sten.; Eugene Rowe, Pres. 
SOUTH ATLANTA, Fulton Co., pop. 500. 

Clark University; coll.; co-ed.; M. B.; est. 

1870; W. H. Crogman, A. M., Pres. 
Gammon Theological Seminary; theol.; men; 
M. B.; est. 1883; L. O. Adkinson, D. D., 
SPABKS, Berrien Co., pop. 693. 
Sparks Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; M. 
B. So. 
SPABTA, Hancock Co., pop. 1,200. 

Tenth District Agricultural School; agri. and 
indost.; state; co-ed.; est. 1906; J. N. 
Rogers, Prin. 
STATESBOBO, Bulloch Co., pop. 1,197. 
First District Agricultural School; agrl. and 
indust.; state; co-ed.; est. 1906; J. H. 
Hendricks, Prin. 
Statesboro Institute and Business College; 
bus. and sten.; J. H. O'Quinn, Pres. 
STELLAVnXE, Jefferson Co., pop. 171. 
StellaTille High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; D. B. Hodge, Ph. B., Pres. 
STILLXOBE, Emanuel Co., pop. 750. 
Stillmore College; coif.; co-ed.; non-sect; O. 
B. Usher. A. B.. Pres. 
STONE MOUNTAIN, De Kalb Co.. pop. 835. 
University School for Boys; prep.; boys; est. 
1900; non-sect.; W. B. Oriffln, A. M., 

SWAINSBOBO, Emanuel Co., pop. 806. 
Swainsboro High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Berta Barnes Parrisb, Prin. 
TALBOTTON, Talbot Co., pop. 1,131. 
Le Vert College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
P. B. Win, Prin. 
THOMASVILLE, Thomas Co., pop. 5,322. 
Allen Normal and Industrial School; normal; 
private; co-ed.; est. 1887; Abbie B. How- 
land, Prin. 
Young's Female College; girls' boarding; 
Presb. ; est. 1873; I. Cochran Hunt, A. 
B., Pres. 
TIFTON, Berrien Co., pop. 1,400. 
Second District Agricultural School; agri. and 
indust.; state; co-ed.; est. 1906; W. W. 
Drlskell, Prin. 
WALESXA, Cherokee Co., pop. 170. 
Beinhardt Normal College; nor.; co-ed.; M. 
E.; est. 1884; R. C. Sharp, Pres. 
WASHINGTON, Wilkes Co., pop. 3.300. 

St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 0.; 
Mother Gabriel, Prin. 
WAYNESBOBO. Burke Co., pop. 2,030. 
Haven Normal Academy (colored); normal; 
private; co-ed.; W. H. Bryan, A. B., 


WHITE SBUBG, Carroll Co., pop. 296. 
Hutcheson Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
M. E.; W. W. Gaines, Prin. 
WBIGHTSVILLE. Johnson Co., pop. 1,127. 
Warthen College; coll.; co-ed.; M. B. So.; 
est. 1888; W. E. Luraley, Pres. 
YOUNG HABRIS, Towns Co., pop. 342. 
Young Harris College; coll.; co-ed.; M. E. So.; 
est. 1885; Rev. Joseph A. Sharp, Pres. 


Population, 161,722. School census, 80,857. School age, 6-21. 

Idaho is the forty-seventh state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 161,722 inhabitants, of whom 154,495, or 93.5 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 21,890, or 13.5 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.6 per cent, the state ranking fourteenth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


S. Belle Chamberlain, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Boise 

T. Carrie Gustison, Assistant State Superintendent Boise 


S. Belle Chamberlain, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Boise 

Robert Lansdon, Secretary of State Boise 

J. H. Guheen, Attorney General Boise 


State Land Board Commissioners of the State of Idaho. 
Gov. F. R. Gooding, Chairman Boise 


Same as State Board of Education. 


I. B. Warner, President Mountain Home 


No. of 
County. Superintendent. Address. Districts. 

Ada Miss Ivy Wilson Boise 32 

Bannock Miss Grace Loufirhran Pocatello 45 

Bear Lake Miss Hermione Hart Paris 22 

Bingham Miss Belle Shaw Blaclcfoot 49 

Blaine Mrs. May Ringgold Drake. . . Kailey 86 

Boise Mrs. Mabel Whltely Idaho City 35 

Bonner Mr. J. W. Ramsey Sandpoint 

Elmore Mrs. Lillie B. Wertz Mountainhome 13 

Canyon Miss Cora Bean Caldwell 41 

Cassia Mr. H. H. Thornton Albion 

Custer Miss Jennie Kelleher Challis 16 

Fremont Miss Harriet Wood St. Anthony 68 





No. of 
County. Superintendent Postoffice. District& 

Idaho Mr. Chaa. W. Greenough .... Grangeville 64 

Kootenai Mr. R, C. Bgbers Rathdrum 76 

Latah Miss Catherine Bryden Moscow 85 

I^emhi Mrs. Ethel Watklns Salmon 18 

Lincoln Mrs. Leah Burnsides Shoshone 20 

Nez Perce Miss Bernice McCoy Lewiston 83 

Oneida Mr. R. N. Hill Malad 44 

Owyhee Mrs. Myrtle Hastings Shea. . Silver City 22 

Shoshone Miss Frances Wilson Shoshone 31 

Twin Falls Miss Edna De Bow Twin Falls 

Washington Miss Mary Z. Harper Welser 46 


ALBIOK, C&tttU Co., pop. 306. 
State Kormal School; normal: state; co-ed.; 
C8t. 1805; G. A. Axline, M. A., Free. 

BOISE, Ada Co., pop. 5,957. 

BoiM BntinesB and Shorthand Gollefe; bOB. 

and sten.; W. N. Rboade, Pres. 
Idaho Bntineu TTniTenity; bns. and sten.; 

H. 0. Hoffman, Pres. 
St. Teresa's Aoademy; girls' boarding; R. 0.; 

est. 1889; Sister M. Amatns, Superior. 

CALDWELL, Canyon Co., pop. 997. 

College of Idaho; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; Wm. 
Y. Boone. Prln. 

LEWISTOK, Kes Forces Co., pop. 2,425. 

State Kormal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
est. 1893; George H. Black. A. B.. Pres. 

MOSCOW, Latah Co., pop. 2.484. 

Moscow Business College; bus. and sten.; 
co-ed.; est. 1901; T. N. Creekmnr, M. A., 
TTniTersity of Idaho; unir.; co-ed.; state; est. 

1889; James A. MacLean, Ph. D., LL. D., 
XTniyersity of Idaho, College of Agriculture; 
agri.; state; co-ed.; James A. MacLean, 
ITniYersity of Idaho, School of Applied Sci- 
ence; tech.; state; James A. MacLean, 
PARIS, Bear Lake Co., pop. 906. 
Fielding Academy; prep.; co-ed.; L. D. S.; 
est. 1887; Richard T. Haag, Prin. 
POCATELLO, Bannock, Co.; pop. 4,046. 
Academy of Idaho; prep.; co-ed.; state; est. 
1901; John W. Faris. Prln. 
FBESTON, Oneida Co., pop. 1,000. 
Oneida State Academy; prep.; co-ed.; L. D. 
S.; Edwin Cutler, Prln. 
BEXBTJBO, Fremont Co., pop. 1,081. 
Fremont Stake Academy; prep.; co-ed.: L. 

D. S.; Douglas M. Todd, Prln. 
Bicks Academy; prep.; co-ed.; L. D. S. ; est. 
1888; Ejsra C. Dalby, Prin. 


Population, 4,821,350. School census, 1,449,336. School age, 6-21. 

Illinois is the third state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 4,&il,550 inhabitants, of whom 4,734,873, or 96.2 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 964,635, or 20 per cent, are foreign born, i ne percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 4.2 per cent, the state ranking tenth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows : 


Francis G. Blair, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Springfield 

U. J. Hoffman, Department of Country Schools Springfield 

J. C. Thompson, Department of Law Springfield 

G. A. Burgess, Department of Publicity Springfield 


Francis G. Blair, State Superintendent, ex-officio Chair tnan Springfield 

Ira Woods Howerth, Ph. D., University of Chicago, Secretary Chicago 

Edmund J. James, President University of Illinois Urbana 

R. E. HiERONYMUS, President Eureka College ' Eureka 

Alfred Bayliss, Principal Western Illinois Normal School Macomb 

A. F. Nightingale, County Superintendent of Cook County Schools Chicago 

Edwin G. Cooley, Superintendent of City Schools Chicago 

Harry Taylor, Principal Harrisburg Township High School Harrisburg 


F. G. Blair, State Superintendent, President Springfield 

Anna L. Barbre, Secretary Taylorville 

Charles Hertel, Treasurer Belleville 

Samuel J. Ferguson, Manager Rock Island 

A. F. Nightingale Chicago 

W. F. BoYES •. .Galesburg 

George W. Conn, Jr Woodstock 

C. L. Gregory Aledo 

W. M. Grissom, Jr Viemia 


Edward Bangs, Asst. Supt. Public Instruction, cx-officio President Springfield 

F. A, Kendall, Secretary and Manager Napervillc 

Elizabeth L. Howes, Treasurer Decatur 

J. A. Mercer Peoria 



C. M. Bardwell Aurora 

U. J. Hoffman Ottawa 

George W. Brown Paris 


J. A. Mercer Peoria 

Caroline Grote, Secretary Pittsfield 

R. N. Stotler, Treasurer Olney 


' .?'* ! No. of 

County. Superintendent. Address. Districts. 

Adams Albert R. Smith Qulncy 185 

Alexander John Snyder Cairo 51 

Bond H. A. Meyer Greenville 77 

Boone J. G. Lucas Belvldere 74 

Brown Charles W. Sellars Mt. Sterling 65 

Bureau Claude Brown Princeton 201 

Calhoun Stephen J. Sibley Hardin 37 

Carroll John Hay Mt. Carroll 110 

Cass Henry Jacobs Virginia 79 

Champaign Chas. H. Watts Urbana 248 

Christian Anna Ij. Barbre TaylorvlUe 149 

Clark Harry W. Drake Marshall 104 

Clay Otto Lewis Louisville 96 

Clinton William Johnston Carlyle 72 

Coles Marietta A. Neil Charleston 134 

Cook A. P. Nightingale County Bldg., Chgo 569 

Crawford Harry E. Green Robinson 100 

Cumberland H, M. Tipsword Toledo 39 

DeKalb W. W. Coultas Sycamore 162 

DeWItt Thos. C. Wampler Clinton 97 

Douglas Edward B. Gere Tuscola 96 

DuPage Royal T. Morgan Wheaton 87 

Edgar George W. Brown Paris 145 

Edwards William H. Slefferman Albion 50 

Effingham Claudius E. Mitchell Effingham 84 

Fayette C. F. Easterday Vandalia 140 

Ford H. M. Rudolph Paxton 110 

Franklin ". Offa Neal Benton 90 

Fulton ; M. M. Cook Lewlstown 212 

Gallatin F. L. Greenlee New Haven 65 

Greene George B. McClelland Carrollton 100 

Grundy C. H. Root Morris 1 02 

Hamilton Thos. W. Biggerstaff McLeansboro 88 

Hancock J. E. Williams Carthage 188 

Hardin Hattle Rittenhouse Elizabethtown 33 

Henderson : Mrs. Delia Yoemans Biggsville 69 

Henry Martin Luther Geneseo 201 

Iroquois Frank A. Gilbreath Watseka 236 

Jefferson Arthur E. Summers Mt. Vernon 137 

Jersey James W. Roberts Jerseyville 71 

Jackson Ida Robinson Murphysboro 12 

Jasper J. F. Arnold Newton 11 

Jo Daviess Myrtle Ren wick Galena 12 

Johnson Wm. F. Grissom, Jr Vienna 72 

Kane H. A. Dean Geneva 15 

Kankakee Samuel D. Saltzglver Kankakee 153 

Kendall Amos D. Curran Bristol 73 

Knox W. F. Boyes Galesburg 188 

Lake T. A. Simpson Waukegan 119 

I-a Salle WilHam R. Foster Ottawa 312 

Lawrence R. R. Kimmell Lawrencevllle 78 

Lee r. Frank Edwards Dixon 165 

Livingston W. B. Herbert Pontlac 26 

Logan D. F. Nichols Lincoln 127 

Macon Leona F. Bowman Decatur 134 

Macoupin Robert C. Moore Carlinvllle 176 





No. of 

County. Superintendent. Postoffice. Dl8trict& 

Madison J. U. Uzzell Edwardsville 152 

Marion Jolin S. Knlseley Salem 125 

Marshall E. Frank Perry Lacon 87 

Mason John A. Mehlhop Havana 97 

Massac W. A. Spence Metropolis 49 

McDonough Benjamin E. Decker Macomb 153 

McHenry George W. Conn, Jr Hebron 141 

McLean B. C. Moore Bloomlngton 276 

Menard Mrs. Eva B. Batterton Petersburg 62 

Mercer Charlton L. Gregory Aledo 115 

Monroe Henry Eisenbart Waterloo 57 

Montgomery John W. Harp Hillsboro 147 

Morgan Harry C. Montgomery Jacksonville 115 

Moultrie J. C. Hoke Sullivan 86 

Ogle Anna B. Champion Oregon 178 

Peoria Claude U. Stone Peoria 167 

Perry Robert B, Templeton Pinckney ville 70 

Piatt Chas. Mcintosh Montlcello 103 

Pike David P. Hollis Pittsfield 170 

Pope Robert R. Randolph Golconda 65 

Pulaski May S. Hawkins Mound City 52 

Putnam Geo. W. Hunt Granville 83 

Randolph Maurice A. Mudd Chester 105 

Richland H. T. Dewhirst Olney 87 

Rock Island Samuel J. Ferguson Rock Island 128 

Saline R. E. Rhine Harrisburg 90 

Sangamon Edgar C. Prultt Springfield 

Schuyler L. J. McCreery Rushville 94 

Scott John C. Moore Winchester 46 

Shelby Chas. M. Fleming Shelbyville 171 

Stark George C. Baker Toulon 70 

St. Clair Charles Hertel Belleville 155 

Stephenson Cyrus Grove Freeport 147 

Tazewell A. M. Wells Pekln 180 

Union Wm. O. Brown Jonesboro 79 

Vermilion W. Y. Ludwig Danville 226 

Wabash S. A. Mayne Mt. Carmel 55 

Warren J. D. Regan Monmouth 185 

Washington Robert Pence Nashville 88 

Wayne Willis G. Cisne Fairfield 149 

White Vol. W. Smith Carmi 108 

Whiteside B. F. Hendricks Morrison 150 

Will William H. Nevens Joliet 214 

Williamson Robert O. Clarida Marlon 108 

Winnebago O. J. Kern Rockford 186 

Woodford Fred H. Doeden Eureka 121 


ABINODON. Knox Co.. pop. 2.022. 

Heddin? College ; coll.; co-od.: M. E.: est. 
IS.'SS: William Pitt MacVey, D. D.. Pros. 
ALBION, Edwards Co., pop. 1.162. 

Southern Colleffiate Institute; prop.: co-od.: 
Cong.: Frank B. nines. A. M.. Pros. 
ALEDO, Mercer Co., pop. 2.001. 
Drury Academy; prop.; co-od.: non-soot.: ost. 
1!K)S: T. J. Davis. A. «.. Pros. 
ALTON. Madison Co.. pop. 14.210. 

Academy of the Holy Family; jrirls' boanl- 
ln>r: R. C; ost. 1859; Rev. M. Bomard. 
Wellesley Preparatory School; prop.: co-od.; 
non-soct.; Miss Julia D. Randall, Pros. 
ANNA. Union Co., pop. 2.G18. 
Union Academy of Southern Illinois; prop.; 
oo-od.: Prrsb. : Thadcus II. Rhodes. Pros. 
AURORA. Kane Co., pop. 24,147. 

Auror3i College; nor.: co-o<l.: non-soct.: e«t- 

lRn2: Thomas J. Allen. M. A., LL. I).. 

Aurora Shorthand School; sten. ; co-od.: ost. 

1SS4; Jonnio G. Palmer. PrIn. 
Jennings Seminary; girls' boarfling: M. E.; 

Bortha BarlM-r. B. S.. PrIn. 
BELLEVILLE. St. Clair Co.. pop. 17.484. . 
Belleville Commercial and Shorthind CoUeffe; 

bus. «n«l sten. : James P. Fi»ollor. Prin. 
Immaculate Conception Academy; girlK* lio.inl- 

Ing: R. C: Slstor M. Magdalen. ' 
BL00MIN6T0N, McLean Co. pop. 2:i.28«. 

Brown's Bloomingrton Business College; bus. 

and sten.: co-od.: ost. ISSHi; Frank C. 

Koaeh. I'rin. 
Illinois Wesleyan University; coll.: coed.; M. 

E.: est. 1R50: JYancis Ooorge Barnes, 

A. M.. D. D., Pros. 





niiaoU Wesley&n University, Law Depart- 
ment; law; co-ed.: OHt. 1874; Owen T. 
Reeves, LL. D.. Dean. 

St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C. ; 
Mother M. Baptist. Superior. 
BOTJBBONlfAIS, Kankakee Co., pop. 595. 

St. Viateur's CoUeffe; boys* boarding; R. C; 
est. 18C8; Rev. J. P. O'Mahoney, C. S. V., 
BITNKEB HILL, Macoupin Co., pop. 1,279. 

Banker Hill Military Academy; prep.: mili- 
tary; non-sect.: est. 1882: Rev S. L. 
Stiver, A. M., Ph. D., Supt. 
School's Announcement. — The design of 
the Academy is to meet the wants of 
parents who wish for their sons the ben- 
efit of careful and systematic Instruction 
and training in everything necessary to 
their success and welfare as men. It 
provides for the physical, social and 
moral development of all its students, 
and leaves nothing undcHie to promote the 
true welfare of the humblest as well as 
the most advanced among its cadets. 
Personal attention Is constantly given, 
and each cadet receives all the care and 
assistance demanded by temperament or 
special requirements. 

BXTSHITELL, McDonough Co., pop. 2,490. 
niinoia College and Business Institute; prep, 
and bus.; co-ed.; non-sect.; J. B. Mumma, 
CAIBO, Alexander Co., pup. 12.566. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten. ; 
G. W. Brown, Pres. 
CABBOKDALE, St. Clair Co., pop. 3.318. 
Sonthem Illinois State Kormal University ; 
normal; co-ed.; state; D. B. Parkinson, 
M. A., Ph. D., Pres. 
CARLimriLLE, Macoupin Co., pop. 3,502. 
Blackhum College; coll.; co-ed.; Presb. : est. 
1895; Thomas W. Lingle, Ph. D., Pres. 
CARTHAGE, Hancock Co., pop. 2,104. 
Carthage College; coll.: co-ed.; Luth. ; est. 
1872; Frederick L. SIgmund, D. D., Pre«. 
CENTBALIA, Marion Co., pop. 6.721. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; D. 
C. Brown, Prin. 
CHAMFAIOK, Champaign Co., pop. 9,098. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
J. E. Baker, Prin. 
Pastors College, The; theol.; non-sect.; co-ed.; 
est. 1908; George Thorn Smith, A. M., Ph. 
D., Pres. 
CHABLE8T0K, Coles Co., pop. 5,488. 
Eastern Illinois State Nomud School; nor- 
mal; co-ed.; state; est. 1899; Livingston 
C. Lord. LL. D., Pres. 
CmCAOO, Cook Co., pop. 1,698,575. 
Academy of Fine Arts; art; co-ed.; est. 1902; 
Carl N. Werntz, Director, 6 East Madison 
Academy of Our Lady; 95th and Throop Sts. ; 

see College and Academy of Our Latly. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls: R. C; 
Charlotte Lewis, Prin., 486 W. Taylor St. 
American College of Medicine and Surgery; 

see Chicago College of Medicine and 
American College of Osteopathic Medicine and 
Surgery; ostcop.; co-ed.; est. 1902; Dr. 
James B. LIttlejohn, Treas.. 334 W. 
Monroe St. 
American Conservatory of Music; mus. ; est. 
1886; John J. Haetstaedt. Pres., 243 
Wabash Ave. 
American Medical Missionary College; med. ; 
est. 1895: E. L. Eggleston. M. D., Secy., 
888 35th Place. 
Anna Oroff-Bryant Institute, The; vocal arts 
for singers and teachers; Anna Groff- 
Bryant, Director. 
American School of Home Economics; cor- 
resp. ; women; chartered 1904; Maurice 
Le Bosquet, S. B., Dean, C06 W. 69th St. 
Arey Conservatory of Music; closed. 
Armour Institute of Technology; tech.: men; 
non-sect.; est. 1892: Rev. Frank W. Gnn- 
saulns, D. D., LL. D., Pres., 33rd St. and 
Armour Ave. 
Art Craft Institute; co-ed.; T. V. Morse, 
Prefe.. 209 State St. 

Art Institute Art School; art; co-ed.; est. 
1879; W. M. R. French, Director, Michi- 
gan Ave. and Adams St. 
School's Announcement. — The Art Insti- 
tute is the most comprehensive and prob- 
ably the largest art school in the United 
States. It embraces Schools of Drawing, 
Painting. Illustration, Sculpture, Archi- 
tecture and Decorative Designs. The tui- 
tion fee. covering all the privileges of 
the school, is $75 a year. Students may 
enter at any time. Special classes even- 
ings and Saturdays. 

Ascham Hall; girls* boarding: non-sect.; est. 
1883: Kate Bryan Martin. Prin., 4740 
Madison Ave. 

Association Institute; prep.; men: Y. M. C. 
A.; est. 1893; J. G. Perkins, R. S., Di- 
rector, 153 La Salle St. 

Athenaeum. (See Illinois College of Com- 

Auditorium Conservatory; see Chicago Con- 

Automobile Schools of America; automobile 
engineering: W. M. Hussey, Mgr., 1002 
Michigan Ave. 

Balktka Musical College; mus.: est. 1870; 
Chr. F. Balatka. Director, 40 Randolph St. 

Barnes School of Anatomy, Sanitary Science 
and Embalming; co-ed.; est. 1892; Carl 
L. Barnes, M. D., Pres.. 404 Ogden Ave. 

Balfour Johnstone School; prep, and civil 
service; 1017 Schiller Bldg. 

Barrett Institute of Shorthand; bus. and 
s»en.: est. 1904; Charles R. Barrett, Pres., 
Majestic Bldg. 

Bennett College of Eclectic Medicine and Sur- 
gery; mod.: pclootic: co-ed.; est. 1808; 
E. J. Farnum, M. D., Pres.. 412 Ful- 
ton St. 

Berlitz School of Langruages; languages; co- 
ed.: est. 1878; Auditorium Bldg. 

Birmingham Shorthand and Typewriting 
School; bus. and sten.; 240 Blue Island 





Boyd's Shorthand School; stcn. and bus.; est. 

1901; Robt. Boyd, B. A., Prin.. 40 B. 

Randolph St. 
Brid^eford Barbor College; practical harbor- 
ing; P. C. Brldgeford, Prop.. 452 State St. 
Brooks' Classical School; girls; est. 1800; Bf- 

flo A. Gardner, Ph. B., Prin., 421 W. 

Adams St. 
Bryant ft Stratton Business College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1856; H. W. Bryant, Pres., 

815 Wabash Are. 
Bush Temple Conservatory; mus.; co-ed.; est. 

1902; Kenneth M. Bradley, Director, N. 

Clark St. and Chicago Ave. 
Caruthers* Normal School: private; mus.; 

normal: Julia Caruthers, Dlr., 203 Mich- 
igan Ave. 
Cathedral College; theol. ; men.; R. C; est. 

1004; Dr. P. A. Purcell, D. D., Pres., 149 

Cass St. 
Central Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1901; W. H. Harmon and W. J. TInus, 

Central Conservatory; mus.; est. 1902; J. B. 

Davidson. Pros., Auditorium Bldg. 
Central Institute; prep, and bus.; Guy M. 

Johnson, A. B.. Prin., 40 B. Randolph St. 
Centralising School of Music; music: co-ed.; 

Gertrude Radle-Paradis, Prin., 516 Fine 

Arts Bldg. 
Century School of Music; mus. and or.; est. 

1805; Chester N. Hanson, Director, Athe- 
naeum Bldg. 
Chicago Business College; bus. and sten.: 

co-cd.; est. 1889; F. B. Virden, Prin., 67 

Wabash Ave. 
Chicago Business Law School; bus. law; 

co-ed.; est. 1895; Charles Ailing, Jr., 

Dean, 100 Washington St. 
Chicago College for Nurses; see Jefferson 

Park Hospital Polyclinic. 
Chicago College of Advertising; corresp. adv.: 

est. 1902; W. A. Merriam, Mgr., Wil- 
liams Bldg. 
Chicago College of Dental Surgery; dent.; 

men; est. 1881; Truman W. Brophy. 

Dean, Wood and Harrison Sts. 
Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery 

(formerly Anu-rican College of Medicine 

and Surgcrj'): mod.; ocloetlc; co-ed.; est. 

1002: J. N. Roe, M. D., Secy. 
Chicago College of Millinery, The; millinery; 

Mmo. Blosse. Prin., 80 Dearborn St. 
Chicago College of Pharmacy (University of 

Illinois): pbarm.: co-ed.; oat. 1859; Prcd- 

iTick M. Goodman, Ph. G., Dean, 12th 

and Michigan Ave. 
Chicago Conservatory: mus.: co-od.; est. 1884: 

Walton Perkins. I*roa., Auditorium Bldg. 
Chicago Correspondence School of Law; law; 

«'Kt. 1892: Charles F. Wostwood. St'C, 

Reaper Blk. 

Sohool's Announcement. - Rt'i^ular 2-yoar 

course for preparation for admission to 

the bar. Business law course of 22 

weeks. Special course in any, subject. 

The largest exclusive correspondenco 

school of law in the United States. By 

the correspondence method, the student 

may pursue the course rapidly or slowly 
according to his desire, circumstances or 
ability. He can follow his regnlar voca- 
tion and choose his own time and place 
for study. 

Chicago Correspondence School of Vmniag, 
711-46 Van Bnren St. 

Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose and Thxoat OoUege; 
post-graduate: men; eet 189T; William 
A. Fisher, M. D., 206 E. Washington St. 

Chicago Free Kindergarten Association; est. 
1881; Harlow N. Higlnbotbam, Pres., 6 
E. Madison St. 

Chicago Free Kindergarten Trsininc Sohool; 
private; normal kind.; non-sect.; est. 
1881; Eva B. WhItmoPe, Supt., 40 E. 
Randolph St. 

Chicago Froebel Association; training school 
for kindergartners; est. 1876; Mrs. Alice 
H. Putnam, Prin.. 1006 Fine Arts Bldg. 

Chicago Homeopathic Medical College; con- 
solidated January, 1905, with Hahne- 
mann Medical College. 

Chicago Industrial School for (Hrls; Indost.; 
49th St. and Prairie Ave. 

Chicago-Kent College of Law; law; co-ed.: 
est. 1888; Guy Guernsey, Sec., Clerk's 
Office, Probate Court. 
Bchool's Announcement. — Offers evening 
courses with complete curricolam. Even- 
ing sessions are held each week-day even- 
ing, with ten hours* session each week. 
This course affords young men who are 
engaged in law offices and elsewhere dur- 
ing the day an opportunity to porsne a 
regular course of law studies under proper 
instruction. College graduates who have 
a sufficient amount of credit in legal 
studies may t>e admitted to advanced 
standing in either course. Summer coarse 
during the months of June and July. 
Post-graduate course leading to the de- 
gree of L. L. M. Hon. Edmond W. 
Burk-.', Dean. 

Chicago Kindergarten College; kindergarten 
training; women; est. 1886; Mrs. J. N. 
Crouse end Miss Elisabeth Harrison, 
Prins.. 1200 Michigan Ave. 
School's Announcement. — The school is in- 
tended to meet the needs of kindergart- 
nors, public or private school teachers and 
principals, and to give an int^lgent idea, 
in a short time, of the kindergarten and 
its relation to all after education. In- 
structors in every department are spe- 
cialists. College is centrally located, in 
close proximity to the art museums and 
public libraries. Boarding department de- 
lightfully situated in a quiet residence 
part of the city. 

Chicago Kindergarten Institute; kindergarten 
training: est. 180i; Miss Caroline C. 
Croniso. Sec. 40 Scott St. 

Chicago Latin School; boys' prep.; day; Rob- 
ert B. Bates, Prin.. .'iOl Division St. 

Chicago Law School; law: co-ed.; est. 1806; 
Horatio L. Wait. LL. D., Dean, 100 Ran- 
dolph St. 

Chicago Lutheran Theological Beminaxy; 
tiK'ol.; men: Evang. Luth. ; est. 1891; 





Prof. Revere P. Weldner, D. D., LL. D., 
Pres.. 1301 Sheffield Ave. 

Gliioaco MuiaAl Traininir School; indust. ; 
men; Henry H. Belfleld, Prln., Michigan 
Are. and 12th St. 

Chicago Miuical Cktllege; mus.; est. 1867; Dr. 
F. Zlegfeld. Pres.. 202 Michigan Blvd. 

Chicago Musical Seminary; mas.; est. 1878; 
M. 6. Macdonald. Pres., Steinway Hall. 

Chicago national College of Mnaic; mns.: 
est. 1801: Dr. H. S. Perkins. Dir., 26 
Tan Bnren St. 

Chicago Vantical College; nautical science; 
men; Llent. W. J. Wilson, Prln. 

Chicago Opera School; see De Marion Musical 

Chicago Piano College; mus.; est. 1895; 
Charies E. Watt, Dir., 243 Wabash Ave. 
Schoors Annonncement. — This school is 
the only one in the west devoted to 
the specialty — ^Plano — Musicianship, and 
offers indisputable evidence of the fact 
that in concentration there is strength. 
No better course has ever been devised, 
and no better system of study could be 
found, than that in use in this college. 
Preparatory, Collegiate. Non-Profcssional. 
Piano Tuning and Music — Kindergarten 

Chicago Bail way and Commercial Institute; 
tel. and ry. bus.; co-ed.; est. 1902; W. 
T. Healy, Sec., 95 Washington St. 

Chicago School of Applied and Normal Art, 
The; art; Emma M. Church, Director, 234 
Michigan Ave. 

Chicago School of Assaying; assaying; J. 
Dunraven Young, Dlr., 1733 Monadnock 

Chicago School of Motoring; automobile en- 
gineering; est. 1904; Frank E. Edwards. 
Chief Instructor, 1436 Wabash Ave. 

Chicago School of Painting, Decorating and 
Faperhanging; trade; est. 1908; G. D. 
Green, Prin. 

Chicago School of Physical Education and 
Ezpression; normal: physical cult, and 
gymnastics; est. 1903; Mrs. Robert L. 
Parsona and Bertha Beatrice Lash, Prins., 
311 Wabash Ave. 

SchooPB Announcement. — Largest and 
best equipped gymnastic school for 
women west of New York. Including a largo 
variety of portable and stationary ap- 
paratni. Instruction is given by the prin- 
cipals and a corps of experienced teach- 
ers, all of whom contribute to the atmon- 
phere of helpfulness and happiness which 
pervades the school. High school grad- 
uates admitted on certificate. Morning 
and evening classes in general gymnastics. 
fencing and gymnastic dancing. Write 
for catalogue. 

Chicago School of Psychology; applied psych.; 
co-ed.; est. 1806; Herbert A. Parkyn. M. 
D., C. M.. Snpt., 4020 Drexol Blvd. 

Chicago Tailoring Institute; tailoring; Jack- 
son H. Ayer Co., Props. 

Chicago Teachers' College; normal; state; 
co-ed.; est. 1871; Arnold Tompkins, Ph. 
D.. Prln., 68th and Stewart Ave. 

Chicago Technical College; tech.: evening; 
est. 1904; Charles W. Morey, Pres., 26 B. 
Van Bureu St. 

Chicago Theological Seminary; theol. ; men; 
Gong.; est. 1868: Graham Taylor, A. M., 
D. D., LL. D., Pres., 81 Ashland Blvd. 

Chicago Veterinary College; vet.; men; est. 
1883; Joseph Hughes, M. R. C. V. S.. 
Sec. 2537 State St. 

College and Academy of Our Lady; girls' 
boarding; R. C.; est. 1876; School Sisters 
of Notre Dame, 95th and Throop Sts. 

College of Dentistry (University of Illinois); 
dent.; co-ed.; est. 1899; George W. Cook, 
B. S.. D. D. S., Dean. 813 W. Harri- 
son St 

College of Medicine and Surgery; physio-med- 
ical; reg.: est. 1885; N, La Doit Johnson. 
M. D., Pres., 370 S. Wood St. 

Columbia College of Expression; elo. and or.; 
co-ed.; est. 1890; Miss Mary A. Blood. 

A. M., Litt. B., Pres., 17 Van Buren St. 
College of Physicians and Surgeons (Uni- 
versity of Illinois); med. ; reg.; co-ed.; 
William E. Quine, M. D., Dean, 103 
State St. 

Columbia School of Music; music and dram. 

art.; co-ed.; est. 1901; Clara Osborne 

Reed, Pres.. Kimball Hall. 
Cooper School of Photography; photog. ; 260 

Ashland Blvd. 
Cojme's Trade School; plumbing, bricklaying 

and electrical trades; est. 1899; L. L. 

Cooke, Dir., 840 N. Ashland Ave. 
Cristman Shorthand School; sten.; Miss Laura 

B. Cristman. Prln., 3151 Indiana Ave. 
Cultural Review School; normal review, co-ed.; 

O. M. Heath. 40 E. Randolph St. 
Davies School of Dramatic Art; dram, art.; 

Thomas Richard Davies, Dir., 1G8 Mlchi- 

gan Ave. 
Dearborn Medical College; closed. 
Dearborn Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Evelyn Mat*. Prin., 2252 Calumet Ave. 
De La Salle Institute; commetx;iaI: men; R. 

C; Brother Lignori, Pres., 35th St. and 

Wabash Ave. 
De Marion Musical College; music; co-ed.; 

est. 1890; Mme. Biro de Marlon, Pres.; 

H. Cohen. Mgr. 
Electa School for Girls; now Spaid's School 

for Girls; The Misses. 
Englewood Musical College; music; Hans 

Biederman, Dir., 6316 Yale Ave. 
Ephpheta School for Deaf and Dumb; private; 

girls: Margaret Cosgrovc. Prin., 409 S. 

May St. 
Gottschalk Lyric School; music; co-ed.; est. 

1889; L. Gaston Gottschalk, Dlr., Kimball 

Grand Conservatory of Music; music; 612 E. 

46th St. 
Gregg School; bus. and sten.; est. 1896; John 

R. Gregg. Pros.. 151 Wabash Ave. 
Hahnemann Medical College; med.; homeop.: 

rood.: est. 1S60; II. R. Chislett. M. D.. 

Rcgistrnr, 2811 Cottage Grove Ave. 
Harvard School for Boys; boys' prep.: day; 

nou s«'ct. : est. 187G; John J. Schobinger, 

Deau, 4051 Droxel Blvd. 






Harvey Medical College; consolidated with 

Jcnncr Medical College. 
Bering Medical College: med.: homeo. ; co-ed.; 

est. 1801; J. R. Boynton, M. D., Prcs.. 

350 S. Wood St. 
Hinshaw Conservatory of Music; inu»ic and 

opera; WilllHni Wade Hinsbaw, Dir., 

Kimball Hall. 
Holy Angels' Academy; girls; R. C; 2^8 

Oakwood Blvd. 
Holy Family Academy; select school for Pol- 
ish children: est. 1802; C. C. Sczeslawo. 

Prin.. 130 W. Division St. 
Hunt's School of Millinery, Madame; luil- 

liner>'; Madaine Hunt, Mgr., 1201 Ma- 
sonic Temple. 
.Illinois College of Commerce: bus. and stcn.; 

est. 1871; Samuel ^. Willey. LL. B., 

Illinois College of Law; luw: co-ed.; est. 

1807; Albert H. Putney, A. B., D. C. L.. 

LL. D.. Dean. 301 E. Erie St. 
Illinois College of Osteopathy; osteopath: co- 
ed.; est. 1808; Wilbur G. Hamlin. D. ()., 

M. D.. Pres.. 167 Dearborn St. 
Illinois Industrial School for Oirls: state: 

indust.; Miss M. Mcintosh, Sec, 70 Dear- 
born St. 
Illinois Medical College: nunl. ; reg. ; co-ed.; 

est. 1804; B. B. Eads, M. D., Dean, lOti 

State St. 
Illinois School of Dentistry; see College of 

Dentistrj', University of Illinois. 
Illinois School of Electro -Therapeutics; med. 

electro-therapeutics; co-ed.; est. 1001; C. 

S. Nelswanger. Ph. G., M. D.. Pns., 

Champlaln Bldg. 
Illinois Training School for Nurses; nurses' 

training; est. 1880; Helen Stott Hay. 

Supt., 304 Honore St. 
Interstate School of Correspondence; cor- 

resp.; est. 1808: J. A. Bellows, B. S.. 

Pres., 378 Wabash Ave. 
Jefferson Park Hospital Polyclinic; nurses' 

training: est. 1000; John Dill Robertson. 

B. S., M. D.. Pivs., 481 W. Monroe St. 
Jenner Medical College; med.; rep.; evenluK: 

co-ed.; est. 1801: William Rlttenliouse. 

M. D., Sec, 100 E. Washington St. 
Jewish Training School of Chicago; Indust.: 

co-ed.; nou-sect.; est. 1888; Orris J. Mil- 
liken, Supt.. 100 W. 12th Place. 
Jewelers' School of Engraving; engraving: co- 
ed.; est. 18S0; Richard O. Kandb-r. Mgr. 

lleyworth Bldg. 
Jones Business College: bus. and stcn.: est. 

1SS4: Charles E. Jones. M. A.. Prin.. 40tJi 

and Madison. 
Jones' National School of Auctioneering and 

Oratory; Carey M. Jones, Pres.. 1217 

Washington Bl'd. 
Josephinum Academy; U. C: pirls' boarding 

and day; Sisters of Cliristii»n Charity. 

800 N. Oakley Ave. 
Kenwood Institute for Girls; uirls: non-sj-ct.: 

est. 188r): Mrs. Strlla Dyrr Loritij; nn<l 

Mrs. IsalH'l C. Bnckin>;hani. I'rins. 
Kenwood Latin School for Boys; boys' pn-p. : 

est. 1007; Mrs. Mary Kklii Whitton. 

Kindergarten Training School at Chicago Com- 

mons; kindergarten training; Amalie Ho- 
fer, Prin. 

Kirkland School: girls' boanling: non-sect.: 
est. 1874; Mrs. Emma S. Adams, 40 
Scott St. 

Kugler Guitar School; F. J. Kngler, Dlr.; 309 
Kimball Hall. 

Laird Private Shorthand School; bus. and 
sten.; co-ed.: est. 1902; Albert J. Laird. 
Prop., 441 3lBt St. 

Lake View Institute; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Sarah A. Anablc, Prin., 1844 
Briar PI. 

LefHingwell Violin School; mus.; est. 1904; 
W. W. Lefflngwell, Dlr., 616 Kimball 

Lewis Institute; tech.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1806; George Noble Carman. A. B.. Di- 
rector, Madlscm and Robey Sta. 
School's announcement. — Offers a four- 
years' course leading to the degree of 
Mechanical Engineer. In the last two 
years, elections enable the student to 
specialize in Electrical, Steam or Shop 
Engineering. Careful attention given to 
mature students, not candidates for a de- 
gree, who wish to perfect themselves in 
special lines of work. Catal<^ or spe- 
cial information sent on application. 

Loreto Convent of the Immacnlate Goacep- 
tion; girls' boarding; R. C; est. 1905: 
Ladles of Loreto, 05th St. and Washing- 
ton Ave. 

Loring School for Girls; girls; non-sect.; 
est. 1878: Mrs. Stella Dyer Loring, Prin.. 
2978 Prairie Ave. 

Lyman School; elo. and dram.: est. 1874: 
Mrs. Walter C. Lyman. Dir., Kimball 

MacCormac Correspondence School; bus. and 
sten.; co-ed.; est. 1002; Morton Mac- 
Cormac. Ph. D.. A. M., Pres.. 440 E. 
C3d St. 

Marshall Law School, John; law; co-c<1.: est. 
1SS0; A. N. Waterman. LL. D., Dean. 

Mary Wood Chase School of Artistic Piano 
Playing; music: co-e<1.; Mary Wood Chase. 
Concert Pianist. Director. 
School's announcement. — A school for de- 
vj'lopment of musicianship and artistic 
piano playing. Systematic and scien- 
tific training from earliest childhood to 
the uatun* artist. Most modem and pro- 
prressive methotls in Child training. Tech- 
nlc, lnt«>n>retatlan. Harmony, Theory. 
Ear Training. Dictation. Analysis. Sight 
Readin;;. Arcompanyinp. Normal Train- 
ing. Musical History and Orchestra Study. 
All gpjub's under personal supervision of 
one of .Vnierica's most prominent con- 
cert i)ianists. Teachers prepared for re- 
sponslble positions in constant demand. 

McCormick Neurological College; med. and 
nnrsinK: non-s«'<t.: i-o-ed.; est. 1803; 
Cliarlcs McConnick. M. D.. Pn»8. 

McCormick Theological Seminary; theo. : co- 
ed. ; Ucv. .Tanus ii. K. .McCUun*. D. D.. 
LL. D.. I'rrs., VHiO N. Halsted St. 

McCowan Oral School for the Deaf; speech 
teaching; co-ed: private; est. 1883; Cor- 
nelia D. Bingham, Prin.. 6550 Yale Ave. 





McDowell Drestmakiiiff School; dressmaking 
and ini]linei7; A. H. Lynn, Supt., 41 
State St. 

McKillip Veterinary CoUeffe; vet.; men.; est. 
1892; M. n. McKillip, M. D., V. S.. 
Pros., 1639 Wabash Ave. 
Schoors announcement.— Throe-year Grad- 
uate Course, leading to the degree of 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, opens Oc- 
tober 1st and ends April Ist. 

Five- Week Pi'actltioners* Course, con- 
sisting of advanced work in surgery, 
medicine, diagnosis and dentistry, opens 
the first week of January each year. 

Six-Months' Post-Gyaduate Course, con- 
sisting of advanced work in any of the 
veterinary medical branches, opens Octo- 
ber Ist each year. 

Meat- Inspect ion Course, to prepare stu- 
dents and veterinarians for the Govern- 
ment Civil Service examinations for Meat 
Inspectors, from October to April. 

Metropolitan Business College; bus. and sten. ; 
est, 1873; 0. M. Powers, Prln., Central 
College; Wabash Ave. and Monroe St. 
Branches: Englewood, Wicker Park, 
Douglas Park. 

Milet College; bus. and sten.; est. 1903; C. C. 
MUes. Pres., 92 La SaUe St. 

Moler College of Barbering; barbering; co-ed.; 
est. 1893; A. B. Moler, Pres., 435 Wa- 
bash Ave. 

Moody Bible Institute, Missionary Training 
School; est. 1886; Rev. R. A. Torry, 
Supt.. 80 Institute Place. 

Morgan School of Expression, Anna; dram, 
art; Miss Anna Morgan, Dir., Fine Arts 

Mortimer's (Edmund) School of Dramatic Art 
and Elocution; ora. and dram, art; co-ed.; 
Edmund Mortimer, Dir. 

Kational Medical University; med. ; co-ed.; 
est. 1890; L. D. Rogers, M. D., Dean, 533 
Wells St. 

Kational Correspondence School of Railroad- 
ing; railway telegraphy; F. S. Mordaunt, 
Pres., 2941 Michigan Ave. 

Korth Chicago Business College; bus. and 
sten.; C. C. Cochran, Prin., 444 Garfield 

Korth Park College; prep, boarding; co-ed.; 
est. 1893; Swedenborg Evang. Mission; 
A. W. Frederlckson, A. M., Pros., Ked- 
ale St. and W. Foster Ave 

Korth Shore School of Music; music; Charles 
J. Haake, Director, Evauston and Lo- 
land Aves. 

Korthem Illinois College of Opthalmology ; 
opth.; co-ed.; est. 1872; J. B. McFatrlch. 
M. D., Pres., Masonic Temple. 

Korthwestem Business College; bus. and sten.; 
J. F. Fish, Prin., 747 N. Bobey St. 

Korthwestem University Dental School; dent.; 
coetl.; est. 1887; G. V. mack. M. D.. 
D D. S., LL. D., Dean, Lake nnd Dcnr- 
lK>m Sts. 

Korthwestem University Law School; law; 
co-ed.; est. 1859; John II. Wigraoro. 
Dean, comer Dearborn & Lake Sts. 

Korthwestem University Medical School; 

med.; reg.; men; est. 1869; N. S. Davis, 
A. M., M. D., Dean, 2431 Dearborn St. 

Korthwestem University School of Pharmacy; 
pharm.; co-ed.; est. 1886; Prof. Oscar 
Oldberg, Phar. M., Dean, 87 Lake St. 

O'Donnell's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
D. J. O'Donnell, Prin., Paulina St. 

Orr's Business College; bus. and sten.; Grant 
Orr. Prln., 63rd & Yale. 

Ott's School of Expression; closed. 

Oxford School for Boys; boys' prep; non-sect.: 
est. 1900; Richard H. Arms, A. B., Head 
Master, 2141 Calumet Ave. 

Page-Davis College of Advertising; corresp. : 
est. 1897; Edw. T. Page, Sec., 90 Wabash 

Parker School, Francis W. ; prep.; co-ed.: 
Flora J. Cooke. Prin., 558 Webster Ave. 

Faterson School of Millinery; millinery de- 
sign; co-ed.; Rosamond G. Paterson, Mgr., 
6 E. Madison St. 

Faterson's Stenographic Institute; sten.; est. 
1889; Charles Paterson, Prln., Athenaeum 

Paul Gerson Dramatic School; elo. and dram, 
art.; co-ed.; est. 1898; Florence Piatt 
Baker, M. A., Dir. 

Perkins Kational College of Music; mus.; H. 
S. Perkins, Mus. Dir., 26 Van Buren St. 

Phillips School of Oratory and Century 
School of Expression; elo. and or.; co-ed.; 
«^8t. 1894; Arthur Edward Phillips Litt, 
D., Prln., Kimball Hall. 

Preparatory and Collegiate School; prep.; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; est. 1896; Miss L.- Etta 
Ernst. Prin., 062 LaSalle Ave. 

Post-Graduate Medical School; post-graduate 
work and clinics; W. F. Coleman, M. D-, 
Pres., 2400 Dearborn St. 

Presbyterian Hospital Training School for 
Kurses; nurses' training; 277 Ashland Ave. 

Princeton-Tale School; consolidated with Har- 
vard School for Boys. 

Reese (Michael) Training School for Kurses; 

nurses' training; Mrs. Minerva Mayfield, Supt., 
29th St. and Groveland Ave. 

Reliance Medical College; night school; med.; 
reg.; co-ed.; est. 1907; J. F. Burkhalter, 
M. D., President. 

Reese (Michael) Training School for Kurses; 
nurses' training; Mrs. Minerva Mayfield, 
Supt.. 29th St. and Groveland Ave. 

Rush Medical College; med.; reg.; co-ed.; 
ost. 1837; Frank Billings. M. S-, M. D., 
Dean, Harrison and Wood Sts. 
School announcement. — The curriculum 
of this school of medicine requires a 
proper preliminary education and four 
years of study in college, devoted to 
laboraton'. didactic and clinical Instnic- 
tion, to recitations, and to manual train- 
ing In the use of instruments and appli- 
ances. With a faculty of over 180 pro- 
fessors. Instructors, and assistants, and 
with ample room and appliances, this 
school is able to furnish its classes with 
tlie moat approved systematic education 
in medicine. Student atendance during 
the past year was 1,029. 

School of Acting of the Bush Temple Con- 
servatory; dramatic art; Edward Dvorak, 
Dramatic Director. 





School of Deatiitry, UniYortity of IllinoU; 

see College of Dentistry. 
School of Domestic Arts and Sciences; women; 

est. 1893; Mrs. Lyndon Evans, Pres., 39 

SUte St. 
School of Dlnstration; Illustrating; corresp. 
School of Pharmacy. University of Illinois; 

see Chicago College of Pharmacy. 
School of Medicine, University of Illinois; 

see College of Physicians and Surgeons. 
School of Surveying; tech.; J. P. Scbroetcr, 

C. K., Prin. 
Sheldon School of Scientific Salesmanship; 

corresp.: est. 1902; A. P. Sheldon, Pres., 

209 State St. 
Sherwood Music School; mus.; co-ed.; est. 

1897; Wllllnm H. Sherwood, Dlr., 203 

Michigan Ave. 
Soper School of Oratory; closed. 
St. Francis Xavier Academy, The; girls' 

boarding; R. C: est, 1846: Sistor Mary 

de Sales, Superior. 4928 Evans Ave. 
St. Ignatius College; boys' prep.; R. C. : est. 

1870; Rev. Henry J. Dumbacic, S. J., 

Pros., 413 W. 12th St. 
St. James School; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 2912 

Wabash Ave. 
St. Louis Academy; girls* boarding; R. C; 

Sister Superior. 
St. Patrick's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

est. 1883; 11715 State St.; Mother Mary 

Joseph, Superior, 374 Paris Ave. 
St. Patrick's Commercial Academy; R. C. ; 

Brother Joseph, 135 S. Desplaines St. 
St. Stanislaus Academy; boys* boarding and 

daj*; R. C. : Rev. J. J. Rosinslci. A. M., 

Prt»8.. Division and Holt Sts. 
St. Viator's Normal Institute; prep, and nur.: 

co-ed.; R. C; Rev. J. D. Laplante. Prin., 

Belmont and N. Fortieth Aves. 
St. Vincent's College; coll. and prep.; men; 

R. C; 244 E. Webster Ave. 
Spaids School for Girls, The Misses; girls' 

boarding; non-sect.: est. 1890; Miss Kate 

Louise Spaids. Prin. 
Starrett School for Girls; girls' lK>arding; 

non-sect.; est. 1884; Mrs. Helen Elcin 

Starrett, Prin., 4707 Vincennes Ave, 
Stevan School for Girls: girls* boarding: non- 
sect.: est. 1880; Mrs. Luella M. Wilson, 

Prin.. 4318 Drexel Blvd. 
Success Shorthand School; bus. and sten.; est. 

1903; W. L. James, Pros., 79 Clarlc St. 
Tomaso Mandolin School; mus.; est. 1886; 

Salvatore Tomaso, Director, 511 Kim- 
ball Hall. 
Twentieth Century Shorthand School; sten.; 

112 Clark St. 
Union Electric Telegraph School; tcl.; eo-ed.; 

est. 1875; Henry C. Roeth, Pres.. 88 La- 

Salle St. 
University High School of the University of 

Chicago: n<»n-scct.: co-ed.: est. 190.'^: H. 

H. Belfleld. Ph. D.. and W. B. Owen. 

Ph. D., Dean, Normal Ave. and 58th St. 
University of Chicago; unlv.: ef>ed.; est. 15*02; 

Harry Pratt Judson. A. M.. LL. D.. I'res.. 

58th and Ellis Ave. 
University of Chicago, College of Commerce 

and Administration; commerce, adminis- 
tration, and finance; co-ed.; Dean. 

University of Chicago Law School; law; co- 
ed.; est. 1002; James Parker Hmll, A. B.. 
LL. B., Dean, Lexington Ave. and 00th 

University of niinoia, Modical DepaxtoMst; 
see College of Physicians and Surgetms. 

University of Illinois, School of Phannaoy: 
see Chicago College of Pharmacy. 

University School for Girls; girls' boarding: 
non-sect.; Miss Anna B. Haire, Dean, 
21 Lake Shore Drive. 
School's announcement. — AflUiated with 
the University of Chicago. Home and 
Day School for Girls. College preparatory 
courses adaptecT to entrance requirements 
of Smith, Bryn Mawr, Vassar and Uni- 
versity of Chicago. Special Art and 
Music courses. 

Valentine's Dress Catting School; dress cut- 
ting and designing: est. 1901; 867 N. 
Claric St.; G. V. Valentine, Prop., 88 
State St. 

Vernon Practical School of Millinery; milli- 
nery; Madam Vernon, Mgr., G31 Stewart 

Wahl-Henius Institute; brewing; Robert Wahl. 
Ph. D.. Pres., 327 Fullerton Ave. 

Walton-James-Ford School; see Succom Sbort- 
liand School. 

Watson's Business College; bos. and sten.; 
George Watson. Prin., 740 W. 6th Blvd. 

Western Theological Seminary; theol.; P. B.; 
men; est. 1880; Rev. Wm. C. De Witt, 
S. T. D. Pres., 1113 Washington Blvd. 

White's College of Shorthand; bus. and sten.; 
Mrs. IjQua A. White. Prin., 46 Jackson 

Y. M. C. A. College; sec Association Institute. 

Zymotechnic Institute; school of brewing: 
men: est. 1872; J. E. Siebcl, Director. 
1422 Montana St. 
COFFEEN, Montgomery Co., pop. 063. 

CofPeen Normal School and Academy; prep.; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; Jacobcl Taylor, Pres. 
CRAB ORCHARD, Williamson Co., pop. 237. 

Crab Orchard Academy; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
James C. Blizzard, Pres. 
CREAL SPRINGS, WUliamson Co.; pop. 940. 

Creel Springs College; col.; co-ed.; Bapt; 
Mrs. G. B. Murrah, Pres. 
School's announcement. — Degree eon- 
f«'rred for tin* completion of Classical. 
Selentifle. and Philosophical courses. 
Diplomas awanied in the Academic Nor- 
nt.'il. English. Kloc-ution, and Commercial 
departments. Certificates awarded in 
Stenograpiiy. Thorough courses in Piano. 
Voice, Harmony, and Musical Hlst<»3'. 
Creal Springs is an ideal place for study 
— retired ami healthful. 
DAKOTA, Stephenson Co., pop. 269. 

Interior Academy: i>r«'p. : eo-(««l. ; Ref.; Rev. 
P. C. Byers. A. B.. Pres. 
DANVILLE, Vermillion Co., pop. 16.354. 

Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
coed.; esi. IST.I; i:. B. Lyons, Prin. 
DECATUR, Macon Co., i>op. 2,075. 

Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
co-ed.: est. 1884; H. M. Owen. Prin. 





James milikea UniTenity, The; tmiv.: co-ed.; 
Cnmb. Presb.; est. 1903; Albert B. Tay- 
lor, Pb. D., Pree. 

St. Theresa't Academy: prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Rev. J. Murphy, Pres. 
DE KALB, Be Salb Co., pop. 5.004. 

Northern Illinois State Kormal School; nor- 
mal; co-ed.; state; John W. Cook, M. A., 
LL. D., Pres. 
BIXOK, Lee Co., pop. 7.917. 

Goppins' Business Gktllege; bos. and sten. ; est. 
1904: W. H. Copplns, Pres. 

Dixon Colleire and Kormal School; prep, and 
nor.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1880; F. E. 
Rice, Ph. B.. Prln. 

Bock BiTor Military Academy; military; non- 
sect.: est. 1904; Edwin B. Floyd, Com- 
EAST ST. LOXnS, St. Clair Go., pop. 85.000. 

Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; G. 
W. Brown, Pres. 
EFFHTGHAM, Efflngham Co., pop. 3.774. 

Austin Golleffe; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1891; Rev. D. R. Bebont, Pres. 

Bissell Collefe of Photo-Engravinff; tech.; 
co-ed.: est. 1894; L. H. Bissell. Pres. 

niinoia College of Photography; photo.; 
co-ed.; non-sect; est. 1894; L. H. Bis- 
sell, Pres. 
ELGUr, Kane Co., pop. 22.433. 

Sgin Academy of Korthwestem University; 
prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; George N. 
Sleight, A. B., B. Pd.. Prin. 

Elgin Business College; bus. and sten.; W. 
H. Callow, Pres. 

Mary Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; est. 
1880; Sister Mary Constance, Superior. 

ELMHBRST, Dupage Co., pop. 1,728. 
Erangelical Proseminazy; theol.; men; Oer. 
Evang.; est. 1871; Rev. D. Irion. D. D.. 

ETJBEKA, Woodford Co., pop. 1,661. 
Eureka College; col.; co-ed.; Christian; est. 
1855; Robert B. Hieronymns, A. M., Pres. 

EYAVSTOK, Cook Co., pop. 19.259. 

Academy of Korthwestcnm UniTorsity; prep.; 
co-ed.; M. E.; est. 1857; Arthur Herbert 
Wilde, Ph. D., Prln. 

Bedits School of Languages; languages; co- 
ed.; University Bldg. 

Cumnock School of Oratory, Korthwestem 
University; oratory; co-ed.; Bobert Mc- 
Tjean Cumnock. L. H. D., Director. 
School's announcement.— Among the spe- 
cial advantages of this school may bo 
mentioned: Occupies Its own buildings. 
Offers to students two private lessons a 
week and fourteen class lessons a weelc. 
Scholarships yielding $150,000 yearly, fur- 
nished to needy and meritorious students. 
Ten of the ablest Instructors in America 
gire their entire time to the school. For 
catalogue address the Director. 

Churett Biblical Institute, Korthwestem Uni- 
versity; theol.; co-ed.; M. B.; est. 1866; 
Rev. Charles J. Little. Ph. D.. LL. D.. S. 
T. D.. Dean. 

Evanston Classical School; prep.; girls; day 

and boarding; non-sect.; est. 1904; Mrs. 
Alice Clawson Gove, Prin.. 625 University 

Illinois Industrial School for Girls; Indust.; 
girls; Miss M. Mcintosh, Sec. 79 Dear- 
born St. 

Northwestern University; univ.; co-ed.; M. 
E.; est. 1851: Abram Wincgardner Har- 
ris, Sc, D.. LL. D.. Pres. 
School's announcement. — ^The University 

The College of Liberal Arts, at Evanston. 
The Medical School, at Chicago. 
The Law School, at Chicago. 
Tbe School of Pharmacy, at Chicago. 
The Dental School, at Chicago. 
The School of Music, at Evanston. 
The School of Theology, at Evanston. 
In addition to these degree-conferring de- 
partments the authorities maintain at Ev- 
anston an Academy and a School of Ora- 
tory. The nnrab<'r of instructors in all 
departments is more than 300, and the 
number of students over 3.000. 

Norwegian Theological Seminary; theol.; men; 
M. R. ; est. 1885; Rev. Nels B. Simonsen. 
D. D.. Dean. 

School of Music, Northwestern University; 
music; co-ed.: est. 1891; Peter C. Lut- 
Itln. Mus. Dir.. A. G. 0.. Dean. 

Swedish Theological School; theol.; Rev. Al- 
bert Bricson. D. D.. President. 

Visitation Academy; girls; R. C; Sisters of 
the Visitation. 
EWING. Franklin Co., pop. 419. 

Ewing College; coll.: co-ed.; Bapt.; est 1867; 
J. A. Leiivitt, D. I)., F. R. G. S., Pres. 

FLORA, Clay Co., pop. 2,311. 

Orchard City Business College; bus and 
sten.; est. 1800; Thos. B. Greenlaw, Pres. 

FREEFORT, Stephenson Co., pop. 13,258. 

Freeport College of Commerce; bus. and sten.; 
J, J. Nagle, Prln. 

FULTON, Whiteside Co.. pop. 2.685. 

Hansen Military Academy; mil.; non-sect.; 
eat. 1903; A. M. Hansen, LL. D., Pres. 

GALESBURG, Knox Co., pop. 18,007. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; W. 

F. Cadwell. Prln. 
Kindergarten Normal School; women; non- 

scct.: M. Evelyn Strong, Pres. 
Knox College; coll.; co-ed.: ncm-sect.; est. 

18.S7; Thomas McClelland, A. M., D. D.. 

LL. D.. Pres. 
Lombard College; coll.; co-ed.; est. 1852; 

Rev. Lewis B. Fisher. D. D.. Pres. 
Rider Divinity School of Lombard Univers- 
ity; theol.; men: est. 1881; Lewis B. 

Fisher. D. D., Pres. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sistor Camilla. Superior. 

GENESEO, Henry Co., pop. 3.356. 
Geneseo Collegiate Institute; coll.; co-ed.; 
Pn'sb, : S. Hope Thompson, Pres. 


Ilinois Manual Training School Farm; iudust.; 
non-sett.; est. 1887; Marion E. Lollar, 





GODFBET, Madison Co., pop. 29. 

"Beyerly Farm" School for Kenrons and Back- 
ward Children; non-sect.; co-ed.; est. 

1807: Wm. H. C. Smith. M. D.. Supt. 
Monticello Seminary; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Miss Catharine Burrows, Act. Prln. 
GREENVILLE, Bond Co., pop. 2,504. 
Greenville Colleffe; coll.; co-ed.; Free Mcth.; 

est. 1802; Eldon G. Burritt, Pres. 
HIGHLAND PABK, Lake Co., pop. 2,800. 

Northwestern Military Academy; mil.; est. 

1888; Col. H. P. Davidson, 111. N. G., I 


School's announcement. — A preparatory 

school for college, the Government, Acad- 
emies, or business, combining thorough 

instruction, careful supervision, and the 

best home Influence. Limited numbers. 

Large staff of experienced instructors. 

Small classes. Individual instruction. 
HOOPESTON, VennUlion Co., pop. .3.823. 

Greer College; nor.; co-ed.: non-sect.: est. 

1890; E. L. BaUey, M. S., Pres. 
JACKSONVILLE, Morgan Co., pop. 15,078. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; F. 

C. Kcach, Principal. 
Illinois College; coll.; co-ed.; Presb. ; est. 

1829; Charles Henry Rammclkunip, I'h. 

D., Pres. 
Dlinois College of Music; music niul era.: 

Franklin L. Stead, Director. 
Illinois Woman's College; girls' boarding; M. 

E.; est. 1847; Joseph R. Ilarker, A. M.. 

Ph. D., Pres. 
Routt College; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; est, 1904: 

Very Rev. J. W. Crowe, Pres. 
State School for the Deaf; state; Chas. B. 

Gillette, Supt. 
State School for the Blind; state; Joseph II. 

Freeman, Supt. 
JOLIET, Will Co., pop. 29,353. 

St. Francis Academy; girls' boarding: R. C. : 

Sister M. Stanislaus, Prin. 
St. Mary's Academy; girls* boarding: R. C. : 

Mother M. Angels. 
KASKAKEE, Kankakee Co., pop. 13,595. 

Kankakee Business College and Shorth&nd 

School; bus. and sten.: est. 1893; N. L. 

Richmond, Prin. 
St. Joseph's Seminary; girls' boarding; R. C. ; 

Sister ,St. Arcadlus, Superior. 
KENILWORTH, Cook Co., i)op. XiC. 
College School: boys' boarding: Allen H. Car- 

pentor, Prin. 
Kenilworth Hall; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Mrs. Mary Keyes Babcock. Prin. 
Rugby School: boys' lM)arding: non-sect.; W. 

A. Trowbridge. Prin. 
KNOXYILLE, Knox Co., p<.p. l.Kr.7. 

St. Alban's School: mil.: i»oys: P. E. : rst. 

IWM); K«-v. ('. W. L«'mn>rw«'ll. Pros. 
St. Mary's School; sirls' bojirdin^': P. K.: rst. 

1S(W; lU'v. ('. W. Li'lliugwell. I). D., Pns. 
LA HARFE, Hancock Co.. pop. 1,.'»91. 

Gittings Seminary; prep.: co-ed.: M. E. ; H. 

K. Fox, Pros. 

LAKE FOREST, Lake Co., pop. 2,216. 

Ferry Hall; girls' boarding; est. 1889; 
Frances L. Hughes, Principal. 

Lake Forest Academy; boys' boarding; Presb.: 
William Mather Lewis, A. M., Head- 

Lake Forest College; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1876; John S. Nollen. Ph. D., Pres. 
School's announcement. — The mission of 
the small Western college is to re- 
ceive young men and women who want 
an education on the spot, and to main- 
tain through them and for them an at- 
mosphere of purity and of earnest lir- 
ing. as well as high standards of in- 
tellectual attainment. Lake Forest Col- 
lege is situated at Lake Forest, Chicago's 
favorite suburb, only 28 miles north, on 
Lake Michigan. Has nine well-equipped 
buildings, finely equipped gynmasium, a 
faculty of 19 members, special instruct- 
ors In elocution and gymnastics. Sixty 
scholarships given annually among stu- 

LEBANON, St. Clair Co., pop. 1.812. 
McKendree College; coll.; co-ed.; M. B.; est. 
1828; Rev. John F. Harmon. D. D., Pres. 

LINCOLN, Logan Co., pop. 8,962. 
Lincoln College; coll.; co-ed.; Cumb. Presb.; 

est. 1865; J. H. McMurray, A. M., Pres. 
The Lincoln Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1881; W. R. Whetsler, Prln. 

MACOMB, McDonough Co., pop. 5,375. 

Central Preparatory School, prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect. ; Ivan Dcach, Prln. 

Western Dlinois State Normal School; nor- 
mal; coed.; state; Alfred Bayliss, M. S.. 

MARION, Williamson Co., pop. 2.530. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.: G. 
W. Brown, Pres. 

MAITOON, Coles Co.: pop. 9.622. 
Mattoon School of Commerce; bus. and sten.; 
co-ed.: est. 1896; David W. De Lay, A. 
M., Pres. 

MEDIA, Henderson Co., pop. 290. 

Wever-Media Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1889: R. M. Wylle, A. B., 

MENDOTA, LaSalle Co.. pop. 3.736. 
Mendota College; prep.: co-e<!.: Christ. Adv.; 
est. 1903: B. J. Dean, B. S., Prin. 

MOLINE. Rock Island Co., pop. 17.248. 

Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.: 
est. 1897: J. E. Gustus, Supt. 

MOMENCE, Kankakee Co., pop. 2.040. 

St. Patrick's Academy; ^'irls* l>oardlng; R. C: 
Mother SniMTior. 
MONMOUTH. Warren Co.. i»t.p. 7.400. 
Monmouth College: roll.; <-o-e«l,: Un. Presb.; 
.St. is.-,r,: T. H. M«MI<-hael. A. M., I>. D., 

MORGAN PARK. Cook Co.. i^op. 2.329. 

Morgan Park Academy of the University of 
Chicago: pn-p. : boys: non-sect.; est. 1892; 
Hurry Delmoqt Abells, S. B., Supt. 





MORRIS, Grundy Go., pop. 4,273. 

St. Angela's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C: 
est. 18C0; Sister M. Jerome. 
MT. CARROLL, CarroU Co., pop. 1.0G5. 

Frances Shimer Academy of the University of 
Chioaffo; girls' boarding; Bapt.; efit. 1853; 
WUllam Parker McKee, M. A., B. D.. 
MT. MORRIS, Ogle Co.. pop. 1.048. 

Mt. Morris College; prep.; co-ed.; Dunker 
Breth.; est. 1839; Rev. J. E. Miller, A. 
M., Pres. 
MT. YERHOK, Jefferson Co., pop. 5,21G. 
Mt. Vernon Collegiate Institute; closed. 
NAPERVnXE, Dupage Co., pop. 2.G20. 
Vorthwestem College; col.; co-ed.; Evaug. 
Assn.; est. 1861; Rev. H. J. Klrkhoefer, 
A. M.. Ph. D., Pres. 
Union Biblical Institute; theol.; co-ed..; 
Evang. Asso.; est. 1786; S. L. Umbach, 
D. D., Acting Principal. 
KATTYOO, Hancock Co., pop. 1.321. 

St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Mother M. Ottilia. 0. S. B. 
Spalding Institute; boys; boarding; est. 100:i; 
R. C; Sister M. Cecelia, O. S. B., Prln. 
NORMAL, McLean Co., pop. 3.795. 
niinoia State Normal TTniyersity; normal: 
co-etl.; state: est. 1857; David Felmloy, 
L. H. D., LL. D., Pres. 
OAK HILL, Peoria Co. 
School at Jubilee, The; prep.; co-ed.; uon- 
sect. ; Raymond Riordan, Supt. 
0NAR6A. Iroquois Co., pop. 1.270. 
Grand Prairie Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.: 
est. 1863; Henry Hoag Frost, A. B., Pres. 
OREGON, Ogle Co.. pop. 1.577. 
WcU's School for Teachers; private; normal; 
co^ed.; non-sect.; est. 1879; H. W. Sulli- 
van, Prln. 
OTTAWA, LaS&lle Co., pop. lO.-'SSS. 
Brown's Ottawa Business College; bus. and 

sten.: W, G. Rosebery. Prln. 
Pleasant View Luther College; prep.; co-ed.: 
Luth.; est. 1896; Rev. L. A. Vlgness. 
St. XaTier's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister Mary Unsula. 
PARIS, Edgar Co., pop. 6.200. 

Palmer Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Edward Willasey. Prln. 
PAZTON, Ford Co., pop. 3.036. 

Rice Collegiate Institute; closed. 
PEORIA, Peoria Co., pop. 56,100. 
Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart; 
girls' boarding; R. C; Sister Mary Alex- 
Bradley Polytechnio Institute; tech.; co-od. ; 
non-sect.: est. 1897; Theodore C. Bur- 
gess. A. M., Ph. D.. Director. 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Horological 
Department; watchmnklug; eo-ed. ; Tlim- 
dore C. BurgesH. Ph. D.. Director. 
Brown's Business College; bu». and stcn.; 

est. 1868; W. H. H. Garver. Priu. 
Jones' Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1885; Chss. E. Jones, M. A.. Mgr. 

PERU. LaSalle Co., pop. 6.863. 

St. Bede College; coll.; men; R. C; est. 1801; 
Rt. Rev, L. Schnerr. O. S. B, Pres. 
PORT BYRON. Rock Island Co., pop. 732. 

Port Byron Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; 
M. J. Yoltou, Pres. 
PRINCEVILLE, Peoria Co., pop. 735. 

Princeville Academy; closed. 
QUINCY, Adams Co.. pop. 30.252. 

Gem City Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1870; D, L. MuRselman. A. M., Pres. 

National Business College; bus. and sten.; 
J. R. Hutchinson. Pres. 

Quincy Conservatory of Music, The; music; 
co-ed.: est. 1885; Samuel Harriscm Love- 
well. Director. 

St. Francis Solanus College; coll.; men; B. 0. 
est, 1860; Very Rev. P. Anselon Mueller, 
O. F. M.. Pres. 

St. Mary's Institute; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Mother M. Boniface. 

St, Mary's School: prep.: day; co-ed.; R. C; 
Rev. George G. Tlilele. I'rln. 

St. Mary's School; prep.; day; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Rev. George G. Thlele. Prln. 
ROCKFORD. Winnebago Co., pop. 31.051. 

Brown's Rockford Business College; bus. and 
sten.: W. F. Cadwell. Prin. 

Rockford College; women's boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1S49; Miss Julia H. Gulliver, 
Ph. D.. Pres. 

School's announcement. — Founded in 1840. 
Rockford College stands as the oldest 
woman's college of the first rank in this 
country, with the single exception of Mt. 
Holyoke. Has Classical and Scientific- 
Courses and Courses In Music and Art. 
Well equipped Library, Laboratories, and 
Gymnasium. Beautiful * and healthful 
surroundings. The health of the students 
is under the care of a resident physician. 
It Is considered of the first importance. 
A number of scholarships are awarded 
annually: also four fellowships, each 
yU'ldlng $120. at the University of Chl- 

ROCK ISLAND, Rock Island Co., pop. 19.493. 
Augustana College and Theological Seminary: 

coll.; co-ed.: Luth.; est. 1860; Gustav An- 

dreen. Ph. D., Pres. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

11)01; J. O. Brlggs. B. S.. B. A.. Prin. 
Villa de Chantal Academy; girls' boarding; 

U. C. : Slstor F. Borglson. Prln, 

RUSHVILLE. Schuyler Co., pop. 2,292. 

Kennedy's Normal and Business College; nor. 
and bus.; est. 1885; Maxwell Kennedy, 

SPRINGFIELD. Sangamon Co., p«)p. 34.159. 

Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart; 
girls' liojinlln^; K. ( ■. : Sister Thomasina. 

Bettie Stuart Institute; Kiiis' boarding: non- 
sect.: (St. JS08: J. Brooks. Prin. 

Concordia College; theol.: men; Evang. Luth.: 
est. Isr^G; Rev. Relnhold Pelper. A. H.. 

German Evangelical Lutheran Seminary; 





theol.; co-ed.; est. 1846; Belnhold Pieper, 

niinoU BiuineM Ck>llefe and Telegraph 

Bohool; bus., sten., and tel.; est. 1900; 

C. N. Stockton. Pres. 
Bpringrfleld Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1864; Henry B. Henkel, C. P. A.. 

ST. GHABLES, Kane Co., pop. 2,700. 
Xt. St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; B. 

0.; Sisters of St. Dominic. 
STEBLnrO, Whiteside Ck>.; pop. 6.800. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; G. 

W. Brown, Pres. 
Sterling Business College; bus. and sten.; 

William Lueders. Prln. 
STBEATOB, LaSalle Co., pop. 15.820. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; O. 

W. Brown, Pres. 
SYCAMOBE. De Kalb Co., pop. 3.653. 
Waterman Hall; girls' boarding; P. E.; est. 

1888; Benjamin Frank Fleetwood. S. T. 

D.. D. D.. Pres. 
TEUTOFOLIS, Efflngham Co., pop. 498. 
St. Joseph's College; coll.: men; B. 0.; est. 

1862; Bev. T. II. Storff, O. F. F.. Pros. 
TOULOK, Stark Co, pop. 1.057. 

Toulon Academy; prep.; co-od.; non-sect.; 

Lewis A. Morrow, Pres. 
UPFEB ALTON, Madison Co., pop. 2.373. 
Skurtlefr College; coll.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 

1827; John D. S. Biggs, A. M., Ph. D.. 

L. H. D.. Pres. 
Shurtlefr Divinity School; theol.; men; Bapt.; 

est. 1827; Bansom Harvey, D. D.. Dean. 
Western Military Academy; mil.; non-sect.: 

Col. Albert M. Jackson. A. M.. Supt. 
UBBANA, Champaign Co., pop. 5.728. 
Vniyersity of Illinois; state unlv.; co-ed.; (>8t. 

1867: Edmund Janos James, Pb. D., LL. 

D., Pres. 

VnlTeisity of Illinois, College of Agrioultoie; 

agric; state; co-ed.; Eugene Davenport, 

M. Agr., Dean. 
University of Illinois, College of Eagineer- 

ing; tech.; state; co-ed.; William F. M. 

Goes. D. Eng., Dean. 
University of Illinois, State libraxy School; 

library science; state; co-ed.; Katharine 

L. Sharpe, Ph. M., B. L. S.. Director. 
College of Law, University of niiaois; law; 

co-ed.; est. 1897; Oliver Albert Barker. 

A. M., Dean. 

VEBMILIOK OBOVE, Termilion Co., pop. 172. 

Termilion Orove Academy; prep.; oo-ed.; 

Friends; est. 1874; Edmund Albertson, 

B. S.. Prin. 

WABBEN, Jo Daviess Co., pop. 1.327. 
Warren Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect; 
Joseph M. Weaver. Pres. 

WAYNESYILLE, De Witt Co., pop. 628. 
Waynesville Academy, prep.; co-ed.; non-sect; 
Bev. W. H. Smith, Pres. 

WESTFIELD, Clark Co., pop. 820. 
Westfield College; coll.; co-ed.; U. B.; est. 
1865; B. F. Dougherty, A. M., D. D., Pns. 

WHEATON, Dupage Co., pop. 2.345. 
Wheaton College: coll.; co-ed.; Gong.; est. 
1860; Charles A. Blanchard, D. D., Pres. 

WIHNETKA, Cook Co.; pop. 1.838. 

Oirton School for Oirls; girls' day and board- 
lug; non-sect.; est. 1898; Francis King 
Cooke. A. B.. Principal. 

WOODSTOCK, McHenry Co., pop. 2,502. 

Todd Seminary for Boys; boarding; non-sect.: 
est 1818; Noble HUl, Ph. B., Prln. 

ZIOK CITY, Lake Co.; pop. 768. 
Zion Educational Institution; prep.; co-ed.: 

C. C; est. 1899; Hsrvey D. Braselleld. 
Ph. B., VIcc-Piw. 


Population, 2,516,462. School census, 764,014. School age, 6-21. 

Indiana is the eighth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 2,516,462 inhabitants, of whom 2,458,502, or 97.7 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 141,816, or 5.6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.6 per cent, the state ranking thirteenth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Fassett a. Cotton, Superintendent of Public Instruction Indianapolis 

Lawrence McTurnan, Assistant Indianapolis 

Frank D. Hester, Deputy Indianapolis 

Sarah E. Cotton, Deputy Indianapolis 

Herbert R. Condrey, Stenographer Indianapolis 


Fassett A. Cotton, President, Superintendent of Public Instruction Indianapolis 

William W. FAkSOifs, Secretary, President of State Normal School. . .Terre Haute 

J. Frank Hanly, Governor Indianapolis 

WiLLLAM L. Bryan, President of Indiana University Bloomington 

W. E. Stone, President of Purdue University Lafayette 

Edwin H. Hughes, President of De Pauw University Greencastle 

Robert L. Kelly, President Earlham College Richmond 

C. N. Kendall, Superintendent of Indianapolis Schools Indianapolis 

F. W. Cooley, Superintendent of Evansville Schools Evansville 

J. N. Study, Superintendent of Fort Wayne Schools Fort Wayne 

E. E, Robey, County Superintendent, Howard County Kokomo 


This board has the same membership as the State Board of Education. The 
state has a Uniformity Law. 


Jesse M. 'Nzei:, President, Supt., Park County Schools Rockvillc 

Lawrence McTurnan, Secretary, Assistant State Superintendent Indianapolis 

J. Walter Dunn, Manager Indianapolis 

Emma Mont. McRae, Professor English Literature, Purdue University.. .Lafayette 

James H. Tomlin, Superintendent of Schools Shelbyville 

Fasset a. Cotton, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Indianapolis 



Geokge L. Roberts, Superintendent of Schawls Munde 

E. G. Bunnell, Snpt. Laporte County Schawls Laporte 

George H. Tapy, Sup\. of Whitley County Schools Columbia City 


Pop. of 
County. SupedntQDdfifit. Address. County. 

Adams L. E. OpUger. . Decatur 22.2SS 

Allen Henry G. Ftf^lger Fort Wayne 77,270 

Bartholomew Charl^^s FI. Talkington Columbus 24.494 

Benton Charles H. Dodson Fowler 13.128 

niarkforrl w. P. Modlin Hartford City 17.2M 

F^oone Edward C. Gullion Lebanon 26.321 

I'.rown William L. Coflfey Nashville 9,727 

Carroll Ph ip B. Hemmlg Delphi 19.958 

(^HHH \Vi\ iam H. Haaa I^jfansport 34.645 

Clark SriTriiiel L. Scott Jeflfersonville 81.885 

Clay Willis E. Akre Brazil 34.285 

Clinton Oscar S. Baird Frankfort 24,262 

rrrawford Stuart A. Beals English 18,476 

fnivie.sH Benjamin J. Burris Washin^on 29.914 

f dearborn George C. Cole Lawrenceburg 22,144 

\}*'tu1ur Edgar Mendenhall Greensburg 19.51$ 

r>*'kan> Her E. Auburn 25,711 

[^♦•laware rnssijt^ .v. Viin :*Ljtre Muncie 49,624 

f>nholH TVniliim Melch or Jasper 20,867 

roikhart V, E. Weaver Goshen 45,052 

F'ay*-tt*' r^Taiide K Trusler Connersville 18,495 

rioyd Roy L. White New Albany 30,118 

Kountain M. F. Livengood Covington 21,446 

Franklin August J. Reifel Brookville 16.888 

Kulton Tohn C. Werner Rochester 17.458 

Gibson John L. Fulling Princeton 30,099 

<'Jrant Alonzo G. Brumfiel Marion 54.698 

(in-cuo *\ i^^ TmnMson Switz City 28.580 

[lairiilt'in I i n F. Hm rus Xoblesville 24.914 

Ifancork Frank I^rrabee Greenfield 19.189 

Harrison Amzio P Kinn:!!"! Corydon 21,702 

HendrlckH Guv M. Wilson Danville 21,292 

ir<nry Harry B. Roberts New Castle 25,088 

I Toward E. E. Robcy Kokomo 28.575 

Huntington Ira B. Potts Huntington 28.901 

Jackson Jeremiah E. Payne Rrownstown 26.683 

JaHi>er P^rnest T-amson Rensselaer 14.292 

Jay William K. Armstrong. .. .Portland 26.818 

JefTerson Charles T. Fewell. . . Madison 22.993 

Jennings iohn Clerkin North Vernon 15.767 

Jr^inson Fesse C. Webb Franklin 20,228 

Knox Wm. M. Alsop Vincennes 32,746 

KoHC'lusko Edson R. ."^arber Warsaw 29,109 

I^igrange Theodore A. Norris T^grange 16,284 

Uike F. F. HeijjThway (^rown Point 87.892 

Laporte Elmer G. Bunnell Laporte 38.386 

Lawrence Ralph N. Tirey .Mitchell 25,729 

Madison Ijune.s W. Frazier Anderson 70.470 

Marlon Tohn R. Carr Indianapolis 197.227 

.Marshall Louis VZ. Stelnebach Plymouth 25,119 

Martin Fohn Armstrong Shoals 14.911 

Miami E. H. \\ . Inrow Peru 28,344 

Monroe Har fi i. ;iirf Bloomington 20,878 

.Montg<imery Otis J: Hall Crawford.sville 29.388 

Morgan W. D. Curtis Martinsville 20.457 

Nfwton W. O. Schanlaub Kentland 10,448 

Noble William A. Beane Albion 23.513 

<^>hlo Reuben M. Richmond Rising Sun 4.724 

Orange Claude L. Rankin Orleans 16,864 

Owen William H. Stone Spencer 15.149 

I'arke .lesse M. Neet Rockville 23,000 

Perry Lee B. Mullen Cannelton 18,778 





Pop. of 
Superintendent. Postoffice. County. 

. . William S. Corn Augusta 20,486 

..Samuel C. Ferrell Valparaiso 19,VJB 

. . William O. Wilson Mt. Vernon 22,330 

..John H. Reddlck Winamac 14,033 

. .Oscar Thomas Greencastle 21,478 

. .Lee Li. Driver Winchester 28,653 

..Hale Bradt Versailles 19,881 

. . William O. Headlee Rushville 20,148 

. . James A. Boatman Scottsburg 58,881 

..William Everson Shelbyville 8,307 

. . Ulysses S. Lindsey Rockport 26,491 

. .Elmer E. Rodgers Knox 22,407 

. . William Clem South Bend 10,431 

. . Homer Dilworth Angola 15,219 

. . Richard Park Sullivan 26,005 

. .E. E. Scudder Vevay 11,840 

. . Brainard Hooker Lafayette 38,657 

. .Larkin D. Summers Tipton 19,116 

..Eli P. Wilson College Corner, Ohio. 6,748 

..Floyd C. Ragland Evansville 71,769 

..John B. Butler Newport 15,252 

..J. S. Hubbard Terre Haute 62,035 

. . Robert K. Devricks Wabash 28,235 

. .Harry Evans Williamsport 11,371 

. .Andrew J. Hopkins Boonville 22,329 

. . Orra Hopper Salem 19,409 

..Charles W. Jordan Richmond 38,970 

..Arthur R. Huyette Bluffton 23,449 

..Henry J. Reid Monticello 19.138 

..George H. Tapy Columbia City 17,328 












Spencer . 


St. Joseph . . . 






Vermillion . . 



Warren . . . . . 




Wells , 




AXBOT, Miami Co., pop. 500. 
Amboy Academy; prep.; day; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; F. Kimball, Prin. 
AHDEB80V, Madison Ck>., pop. 20,178. 
Aadenon Bosineaa Collece; bus. and sten.; 
W. H. Carrier. Pres. 
AV60LA, Bteuben Co., pop. 2.141. 
Tri-State GoUece; coll.; co-ed., private; est. 

1884; L. M. Sniff. A. M., Pres. 
Tri-Btaie College of Pharmacy; phar. ; est. 
1901; C. C. Sherrard, Ph. C. B. S., Dean. 
BLOOMnrODALE, Parker Co., pop. 506. 
Friends' Bloomingdale Academy; prep.; co- 
ed.; Friends: Andrew F. Mitchell, Prin. 
BLOOMnreTOV, Monroe Co., pop. 6,460. 
Tndiana Vnivmsity; onlv.; state: co-ed.: non- 
sect.; est. 1820; William Lowe Bryan. 
Ph. D., Pres. 
Indiana VniTersity, School of Law; law; co- 
ed.; state; est. 1842; Enoch O. Hogate. 
LL. D.. Dean. 
Indiana Vniyersity, School of Medicine (fresh- 
man and sophomore years) ; med. ; rog. ; 
co-ed.; Allison Maxwell. M. D.. Dean. 
Stenographic Practical Training School; sten.; 
co-ed.; est. 1898; Miss Jessie M. Little, i 
BOBDEH, Clark Co., pop. 300. 
BoTden Institute, prep.; co-ed.: non-soct. ; J. ' 
O. Engleman. Prin. 
BBAZIL, Clay Co., pop. 7.786. i 

Biasil Bn^eas Vniirersity; bus. and sten.: | 
est. 1900; B. A. Manson, B. S.. B. A. i 
Pres. ' 

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Montgomery Co., pop. 0,- 
Crawfordsville Business College; bus. and 

sten.: A. J. Hall, Pres. 
Wabash College; coll.; men; Presb. ; est. IS32; 
Rev. George L. Mackintosh, D. D,, Pres. 
CTTLVEB, Marshall Co., pop. 605. 
Culver Military Academy; military: non-sect.; 
Col. A. F. Fleet, Prin. 
DANVILLE. Hendricks Co., pop. 1,802. 
Central Normal College; normal; private, co- 
ed.; G. W. Dunlavy, Pres. 
EOE LA OTTO, Noble Co., pop. 50. 
Immaculate Conception School; prep.; men; 
R. C; Rev. F. P. Faust, Pres. 
ELKHABT, Elkhart Co., pop. 15.184. 
International Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Ira E. Elliott, Manager. 
EVANSVILLE. Vandersburg Co.. pop. 50,007. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1850; M. P. Alters, Pres. 
Draughon's Practical Business College; bus. 

aud sten.; John F. Draughon, Pres, 
Lockyear's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

M. n. Lockyear, Pres. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.: oo-od.; R. C: 
est. 1853; Sister Mary Albortine, Prin. 
FAIBLAND, Shelby Co., pop. 513. 
Manual Training Academy; prep, and man- 
ual; non-sect.: co-ed.: B. F. Macklan, 
FAIBMOITNT, Grant Co., pop. 3,205. 
Fairmount Academy and Normal School; 
prep.; co-od,; Friends: est. 1884; Leon 
L. Tyler. A. B.. LL. B.. Prin. 





FEBDDIAVD, Dn BoU Co., pop. 827. 

▲cademy of the ImmacnUte Conception; gills' 
boarding; B. C; Sister M. Salesia, O. 8. 
B., Prin. 

St. Angaetine's Academy; girls' boarding; B. 
C; Sister St. Louise, Prio. 
FOBT WATVE, AUen Co., pop. 45.115. 

Concordia College; coll.; men; Luth.; est. 
1830; Bev. Martin Laccke, Director. 

Fort Wayne Art School; art; co-ed.; Albert 
E. Bolson, Jr., Pres. 

Fort Wayne College of Medicine; merged with 
Indiana Medical College. 

Fort Wayne Consenratory of Music; mnaic; 
co-ed.; est. 1871; C. F. W. Meyer: Direc- 

Indiana School for Feeble-Minded Youth; 
state; co-ed.: A. E. Carroll, Sapt. 

International Business CoUege; bos. and sten.; 
T. L. Staples, Pres. 

St. Augustine's Academy; girls' boarding: B. 
C; est. 1845; Sister St. Louise, Prin. 
FBANKLIN, Johnson Co., pop. 4.005. 

Franklin College; coll.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 
1834; Elmer B. Bryan, LL. D., Pres. 
OOSHEN, Elkhart Co., pop. 7.810. 

Ooshen College; coll.; co-ed.; Mennonlte: N. 
B. Byers, B, S., A. M., Pres. 
OBEENCASTLE, Putnam Co., 3.661. 

De Fauw TIniTersity; coll.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
est. 1837; Rev. Edwin Holt Hughes, S. T. 
B., D. D., O. T. D., Pres. 
HAMMOND, Lake Co., pop. 12,400. 

Jones Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1885: Cbas. E. Jones, M. A., Pres. 
HANOVEB, Jefferson Co., pop. 377. 

Hanover College; coll.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 
1833; Glenn Culbertson, LL. D., Pres: 
HTJNIINOTON, Huntington Co., pop. 0.401. 

Huntington Business IJniyersity; bus. and 
sten.: O. E. Hawkins, Pres. 
INDIANAPOLIS, Marion Co., pop. 169.104. 

Baptist University of Indiana; coll.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1002; James C. Patton, D. D., 
Pn'B., 2225 Groonbrlar Ave. 

Bowser Advanced Shorthand School; sten.; 
est. 1001; A. A. Bowser, Prin. 

Butler College of the IJniyersity of Indian- 
apolis; see Inington (suburb of Indian- 

Central College of Dentistry; dent.; co-ed.; 
est. 1807; M. F. Ault, D. D. S., Dean. 
School's announcement. — The Central Col- 
IcKt; of Dentistry. Indianapolis. Ind., is 
duly Incorporated under the state laws 
of Indiana. It has received reoogrnitlon 
by the State Board of Dental Examiners 
and the boards of all other states in 
which its diplomas have been presented. 
Member of the National Board of Dental 
Faculties, and conforms to the require- 
ments of that organization. It Is one of 
the colleges recommended by the Na- 
tional Association of Dental Examiners. 
IlaH a complete corps of Instructors and 
course of Instruction, both didactical and 
clinical. Faculty is complete and com- 
posed of experienced lecturers and clin- 
icians. The clinical course is excep- 
tionally full and flne in all lines. Tbe 

tuition fee, $100.00 per term. Gradna- 
tion fee, $10.00. For catalogne and other 
Information address. Dr. C. A. Bamhlll, 
Sec'y. Central College of Dentistry. 

Central College of Physicians and BugeoBi; 
merged with Indiana Medical CoUege. 

Classical School for Oiils; girls' boarding 
and day; non-sect.; Miss Anna F. Weaver, 
A. M.. Prin. 

Eclectic Medical College of ladlAMt; med.; 
eclectic; co-ed.; est. 1900; T. M. ColTer, 
M. D., Dean. 

Indiana-Boston School of Eloo«tioB« Oratoiy 
and Dramatic Arts; elo. and or.; est 
1879: Mrs. Harriet A. Pnmk, Director. 

Indiana Central TIniyersity; coll.; co-ed.; Un. 
Breth.; est. 1906; J. T. Boberts, D. D.. 
Ph. D.. Pres. 

Indiana Correspondence College; corresp.; 
Robert J. Aley. Ph. D., Prin. 

Indiana Dental College, Vniirersity of iBdian- 
apolis; dent.: co-ed.: est. 1879; George 
E. Hunt. D. D. S., M. D.. Dean. 

Indiana Industrial School for Girls; state la- 
dust.: Arab L. Montgomery. Snpt. 

Indiana Kindergarten and Primary Nozmsl 
Training School; normal kind.; women; 
est. 1882: Mrs. Eliza A. BUker. Prin. 

Indiana Law School, Vniirerslty of Indisaap- 
olis; law; co-ed.; est. 1894; James A. 
Rohbach. A. M., LL. B., Dean. 

Indiana Medical CoUege, School of Mediolae 
Purdue University; med.; reg.; co-ed.; 
est. 1869: Henry Jameson, M. D.. Dean. 
Newton Claypool Bldg. 

Indiana Veterinary CoUege; ret.; est. 1801; 
Ferdinand A. Mueller, V. 8.. Ph. G.. Sec.. 
810 E. Market St. 

Indianapolis Business TTniTsrsity; bus. and 
sten.; E. J. Heeb, Sec., When Bldg. 

Indixnapolis College of Law; law; co-ed.; est. 
1807; E. J. Heeb. Sec.. When Bldg. 

Indianapolis Commercial CoUege; bus. and 
sten.: A. Bowser. Pros. 

Indianapolis Consenratory of Mnsie; mas.; 
co-ed.; est. 1897; Edgar M. Gawley, Di- 

Indianapolis Normal School; normal; state; 
co-ed.: M. E. Nicholson. Pres. 

Indianapolis Piano CoUege; music; co-ed.; 
James M. Dungan, Director. 

John Herron Art Institute ; art; co-ed.; est. 
1001: conducted by Art Association of 
Indianapolis; Mrs. Addison O. Harris, 

Knickerbacker Hall; girls' boarding; P. B.; 
Miss Julia Ethel Landers, Prin. 

Lain Business CoUege: bus., sten. and teleg.; 
est. 1904; M. M. Lain, B. S., Pres. 

Medical College of Indiana; see Indiana Med- 
ical College. 

Metropolitan School of Mnsic; music; co-ed.; 
est. ISO.'S; Oliver WiUard Pierce, Di- 

National Correspondence Schools; corrpsp. ; C 
J. Heeb. Pres.. When Bldg. 

National Technical Institute of Indianapo- 
lis; tech.: co-ed.; nmi-sect.; Bev. S. C 
Dickey. Sec., 118 Monument Place. 

Physio-Medical College of Tndisna; med.; 





phyilo-med. ; co-ed.; est. 1873; Dr. 0. T. 
Bedford, Dean. 

SduMri annoonoemeBt. — Having bought 
the building with five acres of ground 
formerly owned by Butler University, 
the college will hold Its future sessions 
in the same. Laboratories complete. Fac- 
ulty progressive and thorougUy Physio- 
Medical. Well-established and recog- 
nised. A four years' course of seven 
months each. For information apply to 
the Secretary. 

St. Agnes Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 
Sister M. Baphael, Prin. 

St. John's Academy; girls' boarding; B. 0.; 
Sister St. Liguori, PrIn. 

St. Joseph's Institnte for Young Men; prep.; 
boys: B. C; Brothers of the Sacred 

St. Mary's Academy and School for Oirls; 
girls' boarding; B. C; Sisters of St. 

St. Patrick's Academy for Oirls; girls* board- 
ing: B. C; Sisters of Providence. 

St. Patrick's School; prep.; boys; B. 0.; est. 
1870: Brother Albert. Prin. 

Sanderson School of Practical Business; bus. 
and sten.; co-ed.; est. 1900; Laura A. 
Sanderson, PrIn., Big Four Bldg. 

School for the Endoatioa of the Blind; state; 
George S. Wilson, Sup. 

School for the Education of Deaf Mutes;, 
state; BIchard O. Johnson, Sup. 

Shorthand Training School, The; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1803; S. H. Bast, Prin., 424 
Law Bldg. 

Teachers' College of Indianapolis; Bllsa A. 
Blaker. Prin. 

Tndor Hall: girls' boarding; nmi-sect.; est. 
1902; Miss Fredonla Allen, Ph. B., Prin.. 
1530 N. Meridian St. 

University of Indianapolis; comprises the 
Medical College of Indiana, Indiana Den- 
tal College, IndlaBa Law School at In- 
dianapolis and Butler College of Irving- 
ton; George B. Hunt, Sec, 131 B. Ohio 

Tories' Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1888; A. E. Martin. Prin. 

Winona Technical Institute; Trade school; 
co-ed.: est. 1908; W. C. Smith, A. B., 
IBynrOTOV, Marion Co., pop. 1.799. 

Bntler College; colL; co-ed.; Christ.; est. 
1855; Thomas C. Howe, A. M., Pres. 
JA8PEB, Dubois Co., pop. 1,863. 

Jasper College; prep, and bus.; men: B. C; 
est. 1800; Bt. Bev. Athanasius, 0. T. B.. 
D. D., Pres. 
JEFFEBSOHYILLE, Clark Co., pop. 11,088. 

Indiana Beformatozy, School of Letters; state; 
George B. Asboiy, Supt. 
KOKOMO. Howard Co., pop. 10,609. 

Indiana Buainess College; bus. and sten.; co- 
ed.; est. 1902; O. S. Benjamin, Man. 

Maplewood School; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Mrs. Sheridan Cox. Prin. 

St. Francis Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 
Francis Lordeman, Prin. 
LAFAYETTE, Tippacanoo Co., pop. 18,116. 

LaFayette Batinoss College; bos. and sten.; 

S. A. Drake, Pres. 
LaFayette Free Kindergarten and Industrial 

School; est. 1896; Mrs. Jessie Eden Mat- 

loclc. Supt. 
Purdue University; tech.; co-ed.; state; est. 

1874: Winthrop Ellsworth Stone, Ph. D., 

LL. D.. Pres. 
Purdue University, School of Pharmacy; 

pbar.; men; est. 1886: Arthur L. Green, 

St. Ignatius Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 

Sister of Providence, Prin. 
Union Business College; bus. and sten; S. A. 

Drake, Pres. 
LAPOBTE, Laporte Co., pop. 7.113. 
Art CoUege; pen art; est. 1889; L. J. Mar- 
lay, Pres. 
St. Boss's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 

Sister of the Holy Cross, Prin. 

LAWBENCEBUBO. Dearborn Co., pop. 4,326. 
St. Lawrence Select School; prep.; co-ed.; B. 
C: est. 18G7; Rev. J. F. Sonderman, 
LIMA, La Orange Co., pop. 578. 
Howe School; boys' boarding: P. B.; John 
n. McKenzle, L. H. D., Prin. 

L06ANSP0BT, Caas Co., pop. 16,204. 
Holy Angel's Academy; girls' boarding; B. 

C; Sister M. Evarista, Superior. 
Logansport Business College; bus. and sten.; 

MADISON, Jefferson Co., pop. 7,835. 

Indiana Business College; bus. and sten.; co- 
ed.: C. Booth, Prin. 
MABION, Grant Co., pop. 18,337. 
Marion Business College; bus. and sten.; J. 

D. Brunncr, Pres. 
Marion Law School; law; co-ed.; est. 1897; 

G. L. Henry, Dean. 
Marion Normal College; normal; private; co- 
ed.: non-sect.; est. 1892; Chauncey W. 
Boucher, B. S., Pres. 
MEROM, Sullivan Co., pop. 478. 
Union Christian College; coll.; co-ed.; Christ.; 
est. 1859: G. R. Hammond, Ph. D., Pres. 
MICHIGAN CITY, La Porte Co.. pop. 14,860. 
Michigan City Business College; bus. and 

sten.; co-ed.; Prof. Ewlng, Prin. 
St. Mary's High School; prep.: co-ed.; B. C; 
Sister Mary Acquinata, Prin. 
M00BE8 HILL, Dearborn Co., pop. 338. 
Moo res Hill College; coll.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 
1850: Franlc Clare English, D. D., Pres. 
MUNCIE, Delaware Co., pop. 20,942. 
Indiana Business College: bus. and sten.; 

co-ed.: Charles C. Gring. Manager. 
Muncie Business College; bus. and sten.; J. 
Westbrooli Howard, Pres. 
NEW ALBANY, Floyd Co.. pop. 20.928. 
New Albany Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1865: H. O. Kcesling, Prin. 
St. Mary's Academy; bus. and sten.; Sister 
M. Bonaventura, Pres. 
NOBTH MANCHESTER, Wabash Co., pop. 2,- 
Manchester College; prep.; co-ed.; Ger. Bapt.; 
B. M. Crouch, Pres. 





KOTE£ DAMD. St. Jo»p]i Co*» pop. TfiO. 

8t. Muf^'i Ac&demy; girls' bonrdlof: R, €.; 
Mother M. Paullae, Prtn. 
Bcbool'i aaDouueemaDt^ — 8t* Mar^'B College 
aaS. Acadsmjt Notre Dame^ tad., one niUe 
west of Notre Dmiie UnKersJty* Cop- 
ductcd b; the SJflt«T« of the Holj Cron. 
CU an I! red 1S&5. Id^al location. National 
patroDogc, Tliorcugb EnglEfih, Clusslc&l, 
ScleatLlle, aad CotntDercitti Cdtirties. Ad- 
vaaced OtiettilHttr. Plinrmacy obcI Modern 
Laamiiigefl, aiudeata prepji^rcd for t^ol- 
leglate aod Upeclal Couta^j. CkJOfterra- 
tof>- of Mufllc and Art Bcbool and well 
eiiuLppGd GymnjiRlunt. 

UaiTOTJiitr of Notre D&me, coll.; mn^n; E. 0.\ 
eat. IS42; Ecv, JoliQ Cavaoaugti. O. S. 0,, 
D» D.» Preii, 

TTniTomity of Notfo Dam^, GoUdto of Fhai- 
macj; phsr. ; men; eat. 3SJ>8; 1, V, a. 

TJnlTfiTiit7 of Nqtr« Same, La^ Departmfrut; 
Juw; Eueu; Wllllflin HoyueBn LL. D., Di'ad, 

OAKLAJTD CITY, Oibsoo Co.^ pop 1*901, 
OaMaad Cit; OoLle««; prepn; co-cd.; Oer. 
BnpC.i W* P, Dearlag, Prla. 
OLBElfBtma, Fraaklin Co., P«p. D(S7. 

AcKdem^ ef the Inuaacnlata CoucAptioti; 
glrW bourtling; tt. C.i Stater M. Veton- 
Iqft, Prtn* 
FLAIKTIELD, Hsudrfckt Co., pop. e«Q. 

Central Acaddoay; prep.; co-ed.; Friends ; 

feuf. Coftan, Prln. 
IndiaDa Bojt" Sobool; Btate Jnddftt.; B, H. 

York: Supt. 
Buffar GroTe School; glrla^ board Lngr FrLeods; 
Laura B. Steer, Frin. 
]PLY110UTH, ManlLall Co., pop. &,0&e. 
&L Kichaei'i Ac&d«m7; prep.; boji' baardJox; 
R. C; eat. ISTCt; Slater M. Puleherla, 
RE1ISS£X^£E» J'aipQT Cki.^ pop. 2,431. 
flt« Joieph's College L bojs' btmrdlng; B. C; 
est, IS&l; Aug. Selfert O. PP. S., &□- 
pert or* 
BIOHMOHD, W&yns Go,, pop. 18,^20. 
Earlliaiii Oi^Ues^; colL; ca-e(|.; Frleoda; eat. 
JS4IJ; Robert LlucolD Kelly, Pb. M., PreL 
Bickmond Bud net! ColUtfe^ bus. and ateo.; 
O. E. Fulghum. Prea, 
EOCHESTEH, Fultao Co., pop, 3.421. 
Bochestar KothliJ TJnlTeraity; nor. and prt?p.; 
co-ed.; non-aect.; WllUnro H. Bonta, Pre*. 
ST* MABT'S, Yifo Co.. i>ap. 175, 
6t. ICaiy^a of tb» Wooda AcAdaniy; flrli' 
board Lng; R. G^; «at. 1S40; Slater &n- 
ST. MEIKEAS, 8peB0«r 00.^ pop. fi3G. 
St. Hflinrad CoU^^q^ ttieor men; B. C; ^t. 
1S07; Rt. Rev. A. Schmltt, 0. 8» B.i 
SOITTH BEND, Bt. Joieph Co., pop. 35*M0. 
Indiana Institute a&d School &f Mnaia^ girla* 
boiirding; tnuiik; est. J&074 Mra. Ltitte 
Uakf^r Ociiin, LHrL-L'tor 
iDlontatlonal BuiinflBi CoUefo; bni, and Bten.; 

eat. 1004; M. D. Piitcrbaugft, MADa(t«r. 
St> iJoiopb'a Acadqiny; girls' bcnrdlog; E, 0.; 

Slater of tbe Holj- Croaa, Prlo* 
South Bend Commercial Colloso: buB, and * 

Bteo.: eat. IfMUS; C. A. Arnold and M. 

D. Puterbaucbt Prlna. 
SPIGELANli, Kenzy Co*, pop, 500. 
Spicalandi AQademy; prt^p.; eo-ed. ; Frleods; 

Homer n. Cooper, A. SI,, Supt, 
TEEEE HA¥TE, Tiffo Co., pop., 3fl,07B. 
Brown' a Bntioosa College; bus. and aten.; 

eat. 1S62; 0. W. Brown, Pres. 
IndiaEU Stato Honaal Scbooh normal; itate; 

co-ed.; obe. 1870; Wm. W. Faraona, Prea. 
Boae Polytechoio Inatitute; tecb.; men; cat. 

1S74; Crtrl Loo Meea, Fh. D.* Prea. 
Wabuh Buaioeaa College; bua. and itcu.; 

est. iwn; M. K. Akera, Prin. 
TIPTON, Tipton Co., pop. 4>0W. 

St. Joaepb'i Academr ; girU' boarding; R. C.^ - 

Sister Al. OcTtfude, Superior. 
UPLAND, Grant Gt>., pop. 1.306. 
Bead Theological Btiminarsr^ Tajrlar VniTanitr; 

tbeol.; M. E.. eat. ISaij; A. R. Atcnibald. 
D. D., Dean. 
Tajlor iTniTeraity: coll.; co-ed.; M. U.; «l^ 

l§iO; Re?. M. Varbliiti*?r, A. M,» D. ».* 

VALPARAISO, Porter Co., pop. C.260. 

Dodge 'a Inatitute of Telegr&pliy; teL; co-ed.; 

est. 1S74; Gear^e M. Dodge, Prea. 
Polk'i School of Plana Taaing;; (tUno tuDlng; 

co-ed.; eat. IOOOl C. C, Polk, Prln» 
Yalparaiio Scliool of Fbotcgraphy; photogm- 

pby; eat. Hi02; A. 11, Rending, Prbi. 
Valparftiao tJniveralty; unlv.; coed.; noti- 

aect.; est. 1873; Henry B. Br^nrn, A. »., 

Valparaiso UnlToraity, School of Law; law: 

co-ed . ; eat . 1S7W ; Mark L. I>i» Mot le. 

A. M,. Dfian. 
Valpirafao UnlTertity, School of Ph&imacy; 

co-ed.; eat, ISOS; J. Kewtni) Roe* Be. D.« 

YIKCENNEB, Knox Co., pop., 10,240, 

8t. Eoae Academ]ft fills' tiotr^lgg; E. C; 

Slater St. Gyrllla, Prtn. 
Tincennes TTniTeraity; colL; co-ed,; non-a^t,; 

est, 1S0«; Hornce Ellla. Pb. D., Prea. 
WAfiBlKGTOK, Davieaa Co.; pop. 8*S00. 

Bouthem lodi^ana Bnalnesa Colli»r&; bna. and 

Bten.; pet, ltK>6; Frin. 
WESTFIELD, Hamilton Co.* pop. 4470. 
Union High Aoadem; and Bnalneaa Collef«; 

bu!'. itnd fltcn,; Irvin Stanlesr, Prea, 
WINONA LAKl;, Kosciniko Co,, pop. ll^S. 
Winona Academy for Soys; hoyn* board Itii^; 

non-at'ct.; cat, 1002; H. E, 0u Bola, A. 

M,* Frin. 
Winona Agricultiiral Institute; agrL; men: 

non-aect; cat. 1002; Rev. J. C, Bn»ekeiii' 

ridge. Prln. 
Winona Canierratory of Hnaic; non-aecL; co- 
ed.; njuHlu' U, W. Owens, Director. 
Winona Park School for Young Woman; girta* 

iKinrding: nonspct.: est. 1805; M\m Ro»e 

M, Clark. M, S,, Prln, 
Winona SummeT School; aummer; co-ed.; t«t. 

IRf^rj; Rpv. S. C. Dickey, Prea. 
Winona Training SchooU P<'ep, ; Co-e^l.; noo- 

Bet?t ; H. S. Lebr> Prea. 
WQLr LAKE. Noble Co., p«p, 284. 
Indnitrial School; prep, and Indaat. ; co-«d.; 

Seventh D. Adv.; ERjiworth A. K^tn^ 



Population, 2,231,853. School census, 723,347. School age, 5-21. 

Iowa is the tenth state of the Union in point of population, having a total of 
2,231,853 inhabitants, of whom 2,218,667, or 99.4 per cent, are white. Of this num- 
ber 305,782, or 13.7 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 2.3 per cent, the state ranking first in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows : 


John F. Riggs, Superintendent of Public Instruction Des Moines 

J. C. Bennett, Deputy Superintendent Des Moines 


John F. Riggs, Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio President. 

Des Moines 

George E. MacLean, President of State University, ex officio Iowa City 

Homer H. Seerley, President of State Normal School, ex officio Cedar Falls 

O. J. McManus Council Bluffs 

Maria M. Roberts Ames 

Z. C. Thornburg Des Moines 

Viola H. Schell, Secretary _ Des Moines 


Iowa has no State Text-Book Commission, the question of free, uniform text- 
books being optional with the school corporations except in counties having voted 
for county uniformity when the county board adopts for the several schools. 


Hon. John F. Riggs, President, ex officio Des Moines 

P. J. ScHROEDER, Secretary Dubuque 

F. D. Joseph, Treasurer Manchester 

Mrs. Lora Richardson Mount Ayr 

J. D. Adams Grundy Center 


T. T. McCoNNELL, President Cedar Rapids 

Adam Pickett, Secretary Mount Ayr 

Northeastern Iowa Association, Supt. J. E. Vance, President Marion 



Northwestern Iowa Association, W. M. Stevens, President Sioux City 

Southwestern Iowa Association, H. H. Savage, President, Denison 

Southeastern Iowa Association, H. C. Hollingsworth, Vice-President Albia 


Pop. of 
County. Superintendent. Postofflce. County. 

Adair Omer Vandlvier Greenfield 16.196 

Adams Clara Taylor Corning 18,601 

Allamakee Wilbur L. Peck Waukon 18,711 

Appanoose Mrs. S. S. Webster Centervllle 25,927 

Audubon Ella M. Stearns Audubon 18,626 

Benton J. W. Jones Vinton 25,177 

Black Hawk Charles Elliott Waterloo 82.889 

Boone R. R. Cobb Boone 28,200 

Bremer John T. Remick Waverly 16,205 

Buchanan P. C. Arildson Independence 21,427 

Buena Vista J. E. Cundy Storm Lake 16.975 

Butler Mary Faint Allison 17,956 

Calhoun O. E. Hibbs Rockwell City 18,669 

Carroll W. J. Barloon Carroll 20.819 

Cass Mrs. Bertha A. Johnson.. . .Atlantic 21,274 

Cedar Geo. H. Kellogg Tipton 19,871 

Cerro Gordo Fred Mahannah Mason City 20,672 

Cherokee Kate Logan Cherokee 16.670 

Chickasaw Frank JL Conley New Hampton 17,087 

Clarke L. C. Smith Osceola 12,440 

Clay Mary E. Riley Spencer 18,401 

Clayton C. J. Adam Elkader 27,750 

Clinton Geo. E. Farrell Clinton 43,882 

Crawford F. L. Hoffman Denison 21.685 

Dallas R. F. Wood Adel 23,058 

Davis H. O. Roland Bloomfield 15,620 

Decatur J. W. Long Leon 18,116 

Delaware Frank D. Joseph Manchester 15,186 

Des Moines Howard A. Mathews Burlington 35,989 

Dickinson F» T. Thompkins Spirit Lake 7,995 

Dubuque P. J. Schroeder Dubuque 56,408 

Emmett Maria Z. Pingrey Estherville 9,986 

Fayette R. H. Belknap West Union 29,846 

Floyd E. A. Sheldon Charles City 17,764 

Franklin S. E. Campbell Hampton 14,996 

Fremont Mattie Lee A. LaJr Sidney 18,546 

Greene A. J. Obllnger Jefferson 17,820 

Grundy J. D. Adams Grundy Center 18,767 

Guthrie I. M. Boggs Guthrie Center 18.729 

Hamilton . . '. J. M. Holaday Webster City 19,614 

Hancock A. M. Deyoe Garner 18,752 

Hardin Julia Scurry Eldora 22,784 

Harrison D. E. Bralnard Logan 25,697 

Henry L. Antrim Mt. Pleasant 20,022 

Howard Sarah Brown Cresco 14,612 

Humboldt Clarence Messer Humboldt 12.667 

Ida Wilson Jones Ida Grove 12,827 

Iowa Mark Mullin Mareng^o 14,544 

Jackson Hilda Lundin Bellevue 23,615 

.Jasper I^ura N. KiUduff Newton 26.976 

Jefferson Hessie Buchanan Fairfield 17,487 

Johnson Claude M. Miller Iowa City 24.817 

Jones Kate Maurice Anamosa 21,954 

Keokuk Cap. E. Miller SIgourney 24,979 

Kossuth Sid J. Backus Algona 22,720 

Lee E. C. Lynn Donnellson 39,719 

Linn A. Bruce Alderman Marion 65,892 

Ivouisa l^lph R. Hunt Wapello 13,616 

Lucas Mr.s. Laura M. R. Gow Cliariton 16,126 

Lyon E. T. Gilman Hock Rapids 13.166 

Madison Gertrude M. Duff WInterset 17,710 

Mahaska Chas. H. Young Oskaloosa 84,278 

Marion Josephine Smith Knoxvllle 24,169 










Montgomery . . 
Muscatine .... 




Palo Alto 


Pocahontas . . . 


Poweshiek .... 










Van Buren . . . 






Winnebago . . . 
Woodbury .... 



Superintendent. Postoffice. 

Mary B. Hostetter Marshalltown . 

W. M. Moore Glen wood 

H. E. La Rue Osage 

F. E. Lark Onawa , 

Myrta Harlow Albia 

Clara Cowgill Red Oak 

P. M. Witter Muscatine , 

Nellie Jones Primghar 

J. R. Wilson Sibley 

Jessie Field Clarinda 

Lillie Patton Emmetsburg . . 

Geo. C. Countryman LeMars , 

W. P. Jensen Pocahontas . . . 

C. E. Akers Des Moines . , . . 

E. R. Jackson Council Bluflfs 

Estelle Coon Brooklyn 

Mrs, Liora L. Richardson . . . Mt. Ayr 

Horace C. Coe Sac City . , 

W. D. Wells Davenport . . . . 

M. C. Peterson Harlan 

F. E. Fuller Orange City . . 

I. C. Welty Nevada 

D. E. Brown Toledo 

E. B. Kuhn Bedford 

F. M. Abbott Creston 

A. L. Hemlnger Keosauqua . . . . 

Emma Nye Ottumwa 

J. W. Radebaugh Tndianola 

Cora E. Porter Washington . . . 

M. Jane Reddick Corydon 

E. E. Cavanaugh Fort Dodge . . . 

1j. C. Brown Forest City 

B. J. Hook Decorah 

T. B. Morris Sioux City 

O. E. Gunderson North wood . . . . 

O. H Benson Clarion 

Pop. of 







































' •: I 

ACKWOHTH. Warren Ck>., pop. 134. 
Ackworth Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; 
Ada Ellis, Prfn. 
AFTOH, TTnioii Co., pop. 1,178. 

Afton Vormal and Business College; closed. 
ALTOH, Bionx Co., pop. 1,200. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
est. 1885; F. J. Bmne. Prin. 
AITES, Story Co.. pop. 2.422. 
L>wa State College of Agrieolture and Xe- 
chanio Arts; agrt. and mech.; state; est. 
1868; A. B. Storms. A. M., D. D., Pres. 
Iowa State College^ Teterinary Department; 
ret.; est. 1^; Albert Boy ton Storms, 
111. D.. Pres. 
ABCADIA. CartoU Co., pop. 405. 

German School; prep.; co-ed.; A. Bemer, 

St. John's School; prep.; co-ed.: R. C; 
Franciscan Sisters. 
A8HT0V, Osceola Co., pop. 513. 
St. Joseph's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0.; 
est . 1880; Rev. J. P. Hoffman, Pres. 
ATKnre, Benton Co., pop. 200. 
Evangelical Lntheran College: prep.: co-ed.; 
Bran. TiUth.; Rev. C. A. Krog. Pros. 
BLCCICFXELD, Davis Co., pop. 2,300. 
Bonthem Iowa Vormal School; nor.; co-ed.; 
est. 1874; H. C. Brown, Pres. 

BODE, Humboldt Co., pop. 400. 
Lutheran High School, closed. 

BOOKE, Boone Co., pop. 8.880. 

Sacred Heart School; prop.: co-ed.: R. C; 
Sister Superior, Prln. 

BREDA. Carroll Co., pop. 395. 

St. Bernard's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
est. 1880; Rev. G. H. Lnehrmann. Prln. 

BURLINGTON. Des Moines Co., pop. 23,201. 

Elliott's Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1870: G. W. Elliott, Pres. 

First German Evangelical School; prep.: co- 
ed.: Evnn. Luth.: Charles Franke. Prln. 

Our L&dj of Lourdes Academy; prep.; co- 
ed.: R. C. ; est. 1875; Sister M. Gregory, 

St. Cecilia's Academy; prep.; girls: R. G.; 
Sister M. Navies. Superior. 

St. John's Parochial School; prep.: co.-ed.; 
U. C. : est. 1885: Thos. Rurk. Prln. 
CALMAR, Winneshiek Co., pop. 1.003. 

St. Aloysius Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C.; 
Sister M. Ursula. Superior. 
CARROLL, Carroll Co., pop. 2.882. 

Mt. Carmel Academy; prep.: co-ed.: R. C.; 
Sister M. Adolphlno. Superior. 

St. Joseph's School; prep.: co-ed.: R. C.; 
Franciscan Sisters. 





St. Peter's and St. Paul's School; prep; co- 
ed.; R. 0.; Sister Superior 
CASCADE, Dubuque Co., pop. 1.206. 

St. Martlii's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Rev. L. 

Roche, Prin. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Rev. J. B. Alberts, Pres. 
CEDAR PALLS, Black Hawk Co.. pop. 6,819. 
Iowa State Hormal School; normal; state; co- 
ed.; est. 1876; Homer H. Seerley. B. Ph., 
LL. D., Pres. 
CEDAR RAPIDS, Linn Co., pop. 2.'S.(Vr>n. 
. Cedar Rapids Business College: bus. and 
Rtcn.; est. 1879; Austin N. Palmer, Pres. 
Coe College; coll.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 1881; 

W. Wllberforce Smith. LL. D.. Pres. 
Inter-State Schools; bus., nor. and civil serv- 
ice; est. 1805; W. L. Hoff, Pres. 
School's announcement. — We prepare ap- 
plicants by mail for teacbinff and com- 
mercial pursuits, also for the entrance 
examination for all positions coming un- 
der the classifled Civil Service, making a 
specialty of the Railway Mall. Postal 
and Custom House branches of the Serv- 
ice. Our students have formed the habit 
of securing the highest grades and re- 
ceiving the first appointments in nearly 
every state. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.: R. C; 
Sister Mnry Agatha, Superior. 
CHARLES CITY, Floyd Co., pop. 4.227. 
Academy of the Immaculate Conception: prep.; 
ro-ed.; R. C; est. IROO; J. J. Gnrlaiid, 
Charles City College: coll.: co-ed.: M. E.; 
est. 1801; P. E. Hirsch. D. D., Pres. 
CHARLOTTE, Clinton Co., pop. 260. 
Oerman Lutheran Parochial School: prep.: co- 
ed.; Evan. Luth. ; Rev. H. Neimand. Prin. 
CHARITON, Lucas Co.. pop. 3.089. 

Blackburn's Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Rev. 

Backbum. Prin. 
Chariton Commercial College: bus. and sten.; 
est. 1004; J. W. 0'Br>an. Prop. 
CHARTER OAK. Crawford Co.. pop. 820. 

Oerman Parochial School: prep.: co-ed.; Luth.; 
Rev. A. Amstein. Prin. 
CLARE. Webster Co., pop. 374. 
St. Matthew's School: prep.: eo-ed. ; R. C; 
est. 1802; Rev. Matthew Darcy, Prin. 
CLARENCE. Cedar Co.. pop. 676. 

Oerman Evangelical St. John's School; prep.; 
eo-e<l.; Evan. Luth.: C. Schnlmelstrat, 
CLINTON. Clinton Co.. pop. 22,608. 

Clinton Business College; bus. and sten.: B. 

J. Heflin. Prt»s. 
Oerman Lutheran Parochial School: pri>p.: co- 

e<l.: Evan. Luth.; P. Melchert. Prin. 
Mount St. Clare Academy: girls' boarding: 
R. r.; est. 1803: Sister M. Paul. Superior. 
Sacred Heart Academy: prep.; co-ed.; R. C.; 

Sister M. Monica. Suiierior. 
St. Mary's School: prep-: eo-ed.: R. C. : Sis- 
ter Mary Justn. Prin. 
St. Patrick's Academy: prep.: co-ed.: R. 0.; 
est. 1801; Rev. J. A. Murray. Prin. 

Wartborf OoUege; coll.: men; Loth.; cut 
1868; J. Pritschcl, Pres. 

COLLEGE SPRDTOS, Pace Co., pop. 693. 
Amity College; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1872; Rev. R. T. CampbeU. D. D., Pres. 
CORNING, Adams Co., pop. 2.146. 
Coming Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 
1886; P. H. Currens. M. A.. Prin. 

COUNCIL BL1TFFS, Pottawattamie Co., pop. 

St. Francis Academy; girls* boarding; B. C; 

Sister Mary Chlonla, Prin. 
St. Peter's School; prep.; boys; R. C: est 

1888; Rev. P. Herman, Prin. 
Western Iowa Business Oolleffs; bos. and 

sten.; R. E. Wiatt, Pres. 

CRESCO, Howard Co., pop. 2,806. 

St. Joseph's School; prep.; R. C: Sister 
Boniface, Superior. 

School of the Assumption; prep.: R. C; Sis- 
ter Enthalia, Superior. 

D ANBURY, Woodbury Co., pop. 480. 
St. Patrick's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
est. 1887; Rev. T. Meagben. Pres. 

DAVENPORT. Scott Co., pop. 86.254. 
Academy of Immaculate Oonoeption; in«p.: 

R. C; Sister Mary Bdltba, Superior. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

J. E. Gustus, Snpt. 
Davenport Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Alwil O. M. Mueller, Prin. 
Duncan's Davenport Business Oolleffs: bos. 

and sten.: est. 1866; J. C. Duncan, Prin. 
German-English School; prep.; co-ed.; J. C. 

Pullmer, Prin. 
. . German-Lutheran Zion School ; prep. : co-ed. : 

Luth.: Paul J. Bunge. Pres. 
Jones' National School of Anotionoering and 

Oratory: men: est. 1004; Col. Carey M. 

Jones. Pres. 
Sacred Heart Cathedral School; prep.; co-ed.; 

R. C: J. T. A. Flanagan. Prin. 
St. Ambrose College; boys* boarding: R. C; 

est. 188.') ; Rev. Wm. Shannahan, Prin. 
St. Anthony's School: prep.; co-ed.: R. C; 

est. 1853: Sisters of Charity. 
St. Katherine's School; girls* boarding: P. 

K.: est. 1884; Sister Esther. C. 8. M., 


DECORAH. Winneshiek Co., pop. 3.246. 

Decorah Institute: prep.; co-od.: non-sect.: 
Mrs. J. Breckinridge. Prin. 

Immaculate Conception Academy; prep.: co- 
ed.: R. C: Sister .Mary Clare, Superior. 

Luther College; coll.; men: Luth.; est. 1861; 
Rev. C. K. Preus. B. A.. Pres. 

Valder Business and Normal School: bus. and 
nor: co-ed.: non-sect.; est. 1888; C. H. 
Vnlder. Prin. 

DENISON. Crawford Co., pop. 2.771. 

Denison Normal and Business College; nor- 
mal: private; co-ed.: est. 1803: W. C. 
Van Ness. \. M., Pres. 

German Parochial School: prep.: co-ed.: 
Evan, Luth.: J. Ililgendorf. Prin. 

St. Rose Academy: pn>p. ; eo-ed.: R. C: Rev. 
P. J. Parrelly. Pres. 


DEZTMASX, Lee Go., pap. 273. 
Huunftrk Acftdemy; pn?p.: cofta ' Con^.t eat. 
1843: Robert L, BaiM. A. B,, Prln. 

DES MOIHES. Folk Co,, pop. 62na&, 
Ac^d«mr of tho VUltition; prep.; co-e<l.; B. 

r.; Pat her NngPiit. Prvp, 
CaiiltAl City Commercial CollasQ? hna, HOft 

tifn,; *.st. 1894; B. F*, WflltomB. Trw. 
Cipttft] City Tsle^Rph InatltutA: tel. anil 

com." est, 1001; P*. Ij. Meyer. Mgr, 613 

t^ocnst St. 
01urk«^t Scbooh prep.: coed*: nonwct.: 

D«» Itofnei Ootle^is: coll.; eo-ed.t Bapt.j eit. 

tSflTK Ivtirnn p. Oflhrtrn, Ph. D.. Dean. 
B(tft Jfoinot Collars of Deutftl Sur^flTy^ DiiJka 

^olT«raii7i rlent. ; coe^l.: pst. 1808; Fred- 

fHck KT>ntt, p. t). S., Dean. 
Du Voiiiev Muite^l Gollere; miiBli?: co-ed.: 

W L Rjirfcll, Director. 
I>eK KoineB School of Ontoiy tmd Bufflfih; 

elcj : Emmn C. Pngh, Piln. 
Dr&ks UnivenltTt nnU.: co-ed-: Ttidr^pcndCDt; 

ppt.t lS81r mil McClellnnd Bdl. A. W., 

LL. D., Pres, 
Jirmkit ITniTonityt OoUofo of Medtclno; med.; 

fee-: co-ed,: nt. ISSfl: Dattd S. Falr- 

thlld. M. D,. Deao. 
Dtvlce UidTertltT, OoUeffa of tho Bfble; Cheol.i 

ft^ed.: Cbrt«t: Alfrcf) Mnrtru Hnr^ard. 

A. 1f.« Dean. 
EBai Ooaurrftiory of Hqsk: mui*: rat. 189T; 

Kin 11 Knnii, Dfrf?cTnr. 
Onnd Viow ColleBr«; prop.: coed.t Lath.t 

f^t. tROr»: Benfaic): Nordi^ntn f t Pn>n. 
Htrmand F*rk GoUefe; nor.; prtvufe. ; e»t. 

tM^: O n, Lflflffwell. Fre»- 
HijhUnd Puk CoHeffe of Phi.rni»cyr phw,; 

oo ed : f^sf, IROO: Shormnn H. Macy, DeuL 
filfklLDd Park CoUo^o of Lkw; Inw: oo-ed*: 

Mt 1808: John T PlUc, TX. D., T>e»n. 
HokaBidmk-OiirppDter School of Emli Aiming ; 

emhaltntiifr: foed.: est. 1881: Wto. S. 

Canwntffr M. P.. Prcif. 
Holra» Optical Collaffo: ophthHltaclo^y* eo- 

p^.: iitt, IftUS: Harry P, ITolmea, Opii. P.. i 

Iowa Bmmeaa ColI«re; bnn. and stei).; eat. 

ISjflS: CharlQii PiiBcnti MeOrcgor, Prea. 
tow& Call are of Lmw. Drako ¥tdv«ralty; law; > 

roiMl.; (VRt. iSTrV; Gheatcf C. CoIp, LL. D,. 


tova^ CoU^Nfe of Fhann&cy, Drake Uni¥eritty; 

phiar: co-ed.; est, 1883; Wm. FtteTrnaon, 

Peoples* Comino [trial ajid Bowen BnaliieBa 

OoU«tra: hn». and aten. : B. W. Bowen, 

Buifrok School of Maiio: niiiu. ; roe^T,; eaf, 

19fW' e»nH W. S. Bnifrok. Director. 
etill Cftllefv of Oaleopathy; oateop.t co-ed. 

eat. lSft9; C B. Thorn psoa, A. M., P. O., 

St. AmVoiO Academy f pru^p.i e<3-Fd.: B. C.; 

S^ittiT M. Olvrnpfn, Superior, 
fit. JofAph'a Acadomr; ^lrl»' hoarding; E. C- 

S later .Sniierlor. 

DE WITT, Clinton Co., pop, t.SfiS. 
St. Jof«iph'B Academy: prep.: eived,; R. O.r 
^\Mt'T M Tcrean, Snpfrlor, 
DEXTEE. I>allaj Co., pop. 7WS. 

i>exteT Vormal Sckool; nonnal; ata£ei: CQ-fd.l 

A. Q. SmlTb, Pre«. 
DOU0HEBTY, Cem Qoido Co.t pop^ 12ft« 
St. Bfttrlok'a School; prep.; co-ed,; B. C. ; 

Slater Mai^ l^eTlnp. Saperlor. 
DUBUftlTE, Dubuque Co., pop. 36,37, 

Academy of the Holy Bhoat; prep.; co-ed. r 

R. r.; RIfltcr M. Abondin, Superior. 
Academy of the Tljltatlou; flrla* boarding; 

R. C; Sister M. AloTata Fabertr, PHfi. 
Baylese Buaineaa Coltofe; bus. and iten.; eat. 

1858; a Bayteaa, A. Bi.. Pr«. 
Cutler BualDeoa Scliool;: bua. and aten. : Mrai. 

Idil M. Catler. Prln. 
Oormaii Thaolofical BmliTtertaji Seminary i 

theol.: meh: Pr^sb,; rat ia'i2t Rev. Wll 

It am Otla Rnaton. D. p.. pcaa. 
Mt. St. Joaeph GolleE« ^nd Academy; gltim* 

tmarrtlnE: R T/: Slater of Charity. B. 

St. Columlikiiri. Academy; i>rep. ; co-ed.; B. 

0; Rev. J R. Tog^arty. Prtn. 
St, Joieph^B Academy; prep,; glrta; B, 0*i 

STptprs of Oh a Pity. 
St. Joieph'a College; coll.; men; B. O.; eat, 

18T3: Rev. Pnnlcl M. Gorman, Prea. 
St. Vary'a Academy; prep.; eo-ed.; B. 0.; 

i^flt, ISTfi: Mother Coleta, Prln. 
St. Patrick*! Academy: pft'p.: eo-efl.; B, 0.; 

Ri^v, John Hnlpln. prea, 
at. Paiiri ET&nfelical Lutkerao Sohooi; prep.t 

fo-ed, : Evjvn, IM%. : Rev. BiiftBe, Prln, 
St, Raphael's Academy; prep,; coedl*; R. C; 

Rev. .T. J. Toomey, Prln. 
Warthurr Theoldrieal SemtnaTj; thf^oL: men: 

Evan, Ltith-: v>it, ia*?4; Pnif. M. Fritgchel. 

A. M,, Pppa. 
DYERS VIXLE, Putuqme Co., pop. t,S23. 

St. pTAncIi Academy:: prpp.; t^o-ed.; R. C; 

Rev, .T, W. Hi'f^r, Prpa. 
EAGLE GROin, Wrlfht Co., pop. a.5«T. 

Sacred Heart School: prep.: co-ed. t B. C; 

Rev. John J. 13 art and ^ prea. 
EXKADEB, Clayton Oom pop, t,S21, 

St* Jotoph'a School: prep.t t^o-ed.: J. F. Bully, 


ELK HGRK. Shelby Co.. pop. 150. 

Elk Horn Lutheran Opltafe? prep,r co-ed.; 
Ki'rtnir. Liith.; eat IS78? Be*. Th. N. 
.Trr^nd, Pf^b, 

EHKETSBTJRG, Palo Alto Co.. pop. 2,Sai. 
St. Mary* a Gollese; prep,; co-ed,; R. 0,t 
fliater M. Emily. Saperlw. 

EPWOSTH. Dnbuqae Co.* pop. MS. 

Epworth Seminary; prpp, ; co-cd.; M. EJ.; eat. 
IHfvT: Rev. H. R. Pe Bra. A. M,, Pre*. 

FAIRFIELP. Je^enon Co.. pop. ■l.flW). 

FaJrfloId Academy; pfep.; CO-ed.: R, A. Hark- 

nPHs, Prtn* 
Panout Collect coll.: co-ed.; Prefh,; eat. 

1870; Wltlli Kdwarda Parsflna* D. D., 


FAIRBABS, Buchanan Co.t poo, 724, 

AeadeEny of the Immaotilate Conceptlott; prpip,; 
rnnri.t R. C; Father W, P, Donnhciii, 
St. Jchu'B Lntherao School; prep.; co-ed. l e«t, 
IStM); Auf. Boeber, Prln. 





FABLEY, Dvbnqne Co., pop. 613. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0.; 
Sister M. Francis. Superior. 
FATETTE, Fayette Co.; pop. 1,316. 
Upper Iowa TJniyersity, coll.; co-ed.; M. B.; 
est. 1857: William Arnold Shanklln. D. 
D., LL. D., Pres. 
FE8TIVA, Winneshiek Co., pop. 141. 

St. Xsjy's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0.; 
Rev. Aug. Sauter, Pres. 
FOREST CITY, Winnebago Co., pop. 1,758. 
Walford Lutheran College; prep.; co-ed.; 
Luth.; L. W. Boe, Pres. 
FORT DODGE, Webster Co., pop. 12.162. 

Corpus Cbristi Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0.; 

Sisters of Charity. 
Sacred Heart School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

est. 1901; Sr. M. Cyprian, Prin. 
St. Paul's Lutheran School; prep.; co-ed.; 

Luth.: H. Bergman. Prln. 
Tobin College; prep, and bus.; co-cd.: non- 
sect.: est. 1801: C. V. Plndlay, Pres. 
FT. XADISOH, Lee Co.. pop. 9.278. 
Johnson's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
N. Johnsim. Prin. 
OILBERTSVILLE, Black Hawk Co., pop. 262. 
Academy of the Immaculate Conception; prep.; 
co-ed.; R. C; Rev. John Nemmers, Pres. 
6LIDDEN, Carroll Co., pop. 733. 
German School; prop.; co-ed.; A. Mueller, 


GRAND JUNCTION, Greene Co., pop. 1.113. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 
est. 1888; Rev. P. C. Kinney, Pres. 
GRINNELL, Poweshiek Co., pop. 3,860. 
Iowa College: coll.: co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1848; J. H. T. Main. Ph. D., Pros. 
GUTTENBERG, Clajrton Co., pop. 1.620. 
St. Mary's School: prep.; co-ed.; R. C; J. H. 
Bronkman. Prin. 
HALBUR, Carroll Co. 

St. Augustine's School; prep.; co-ed.; est. 
1901; J. Banimber, Prln. 
HARPER, KeoKuk Co., pop. 300. 

St. Elisabeth's School; prep.; co-ed.; est. 
1883; H. Grothe. Prin. 
HAVERHILL. Marshall Co., pop. 85. 

St. Mary's Institute; prep.: co-ed.: R. C; 
Rev. J. M. Schlneter. Pres. 
HAWARDEN. Sioux Co., pop. 1.082. 

St. Anthony's School: girls' boarding: R. C; 
Sisters of St. Francis. 
HOPKINTON, Delaware Co., pop. 767. 
Lenox College: coll.: co-ed.; Presb.: est. \9SIQ; 
Rev. K. E. Reed. D. D., Pres. 
HUMBOLDT, Humboldt Co., pop. 1.474. 
Humboldt College; normal; private: co-ed.; 
est. 1805: J. P. Peterson. A. M., Pres. 

INDEPENDENCE, Buchanan Co., pop. 3.056. 
Notre Dame Seminary; prep.: co-cd.; R. C; 

est. 1800; P. O. Dowd. Pros. 
St. Joseph's Parochial School; prep.: boys; 
R. C: Pntlipr W. J. Welnck. Prln, 

INDIANOLA, Warren Co., pop. 3.261. 

Simpson College; coll.: co-ed.; M. E.; est. 
1867: Cbas. Bldred Shelton, A. M., LL. 
D., Pres. 

IOWA CITY, Johnson Co., pop. '7,967. 
Iowa City Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 

W. A. Willis, M. A.. Prin. 
St. Agatha's Seminary; prep.; R. C; SlBtera 

of Charity. 
St. Mary's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; est. 

1892; Rev, A. J. Schnlte. Prin. 
State Uniyersity of Iowa; nnlv,; state; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1847; George B. MacLeao, 
Ph. D.. LL. D.. Pres. 
State University of Iowa, College of Dsntist* 
ry; dent.; co-ed.; est. 1880; William 8. 
Hosford. D. D. S.. Dean. 
State University of Iowa, College of Homeo- 
pathic Medicine; med.; homoop.; co-ed.; 
est. 1877; George Royal, M. D., Dean. 
State University of Iowa, College of Law; 
law; co-ed.; est. 1868; Charles N. Greg- 
ory. A. M., LL. D., Dean. 
State University of ^owa. College of Medi- 
cine; med.: reg.: co-ed.; est. 1870: J. R. 
Guthrie. A. M., M. D.. Dean. 
State University of Iowa, Department of Phar- 
macy; phar.: co-ed.; est. 1885; Wilber J. 
Teeters, Acting Dean. 
State University of Iowa, School of Applied 
Science; tech.: state: co-ed.; Laenas O. 
Weld, B. S., M. A., Director. 
State University of Iowa, Summer School foi 
Library Training; library science; co-ed.; 
est. 1900; George E. MacLean, Pres. 
University Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Elizabeth Irish, Prln. 
IOWA FALLS, Hardin Co.. pop. 2.840. 
Ellsworth College; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
est. 1800: J. F. Meyer. Pres. 
JEWELL. Hamilton Co., pop. 947. 
Jewell Lutheran College; prep.; co-ed.; Loth.; 
est. 1803; N. J. Lohre. B. L., Pres. 
KEOKUK, Lee Co., pop. 14.041. 
Keokuk Business Institute; bus. and sten.; M. 

J. Mallery. Pres. 
Keokuk College of Pharmacy; phar.; co-ed.; 

est. 1000; O. D. Walker. M. D., Dean. 
Keokuk Dental College; dent.; co-ed.; est. 

1897: B. C. ITInkley. D. D. 8.. Dean. 
Keokuk Medical College, College of physioiaiis 
and Surgeons; med.; reg.; co-ed.: est. 
1840; Geo. F. Jenkins. A. M.. M. D., 
St. Vincent's Academy; girls* boarding; R. C; 

Sister Irene, Prin. 
Y. M. C. A. High School: tech. and bns.: 
men; est. 1808: W. A. Scott, Sec. 
LACONA, Warren Co., pop. 542. 

St. Joseph's School: prep.: co-ed.; R. C; est. 
1005: J. A. RauBger, Prln. 
LAMONI. Decatur Co.. pop. 1.540. 

Graceland College: coll.: co-ed.; L. D. 8.; est. 
1805: Rollnnd M. Stewart. B. A.. Pres. 

LAWLER, Chickasaw Co.. pop. 646. 

Mt. Carmel Parochial School; prep.; co-ed.; 
Rov. Garrahan. Prin. 

LEGRAND. Marshall Co., pop. 408. 

Friends' Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Friends; J. 

II. Ilndley. Prln. 
Palmer College: coll.: co-ed.: Christ.; est. 

IRSO; Carl Snmmerl)ell. Pres. 

LEMARS, Plymouth Co.. pop. 4,146. 





St. Joseph*! Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0.; 

Rer. Faneratein. Pxin. 
Western TTnion Ctollere; normal; private; co- 
ed.; Charles C. Paling, Ph. B.. Ph. D., 
LOWDEH, Cedar Co., pop. 544. 

German-English Lntheran School; prep.; co- 
ed.: Lath.; W. Schmidt. Prin. 
Evangelical Zion*s School; prep.; co-ed.; 
Evan. Lath.; F. Weming, Prin. 
LYONS. Snbnrh of Clinton. 

Onr Lady of Angels* Seminary; girls* board- 
ing; R. C: est. 1872; Sisters of Charity 
of the B. V. M. 
St. Boniface Academy; prep.: co-od. : R. C; 
est. 1864: Rev. Joseph M. Fritz. Prin. 
MALLARD, Palo Alto Co., pop. 292. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; oo-cd.: R. C; 
Sister M. Jerome. Superior. 
MAHCHESTER. Delaware Co., pop. 2.887. 
St. Xavier's Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 
est. 1891: Sister M. Andrews, Superior. 
MANILLA, Crawford Co., pop. 773. 
(}«rman Parochial School; prep.: co-ed.; Evan. 
Luth.; Rev. C. A. Krog. Prin. 
MARCTTS, Cherokee Co., pop. 718. 
Loretto Academy; prep.; co-ed»; R. C; est. 
1892; Sister M. Bemardine. Prin. 
MARION. Linn Co., pop. 4.102. 
Sacred Heart Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 

Sisters of Mercy. 
St. Berchman's Senadnary; boys* boarding; R. 
C: est. 1895; Sister Mary Llgonri, Su- 

MARSHALLTOWN, Marshall Co., pop. 11.544. 
Central Iowa Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1890; W. H. GHbert, Prin. 
St. Marsr's Institute; bus. and sten.; Mother 

M. Frances, Pres. 

MASON CITY« Cerro Oordo Co., pop. 6.746. 
Iowa Normal and Business GoUege; nor. and 

bus.: H. J. Knapp. Pres. 
National Memorial TTniversity; coll.: co-ed.; 

G. A. R. ; est. 1900; Walter J. Patton. D. 

D., Pre*. 
St. Francis Academy; prep.; R. C: Rev. Dean 

Toland's Business TTniTersity; bus. and sten.; 

L. A. Toland. Pres. 

METER, MitcheU Co., pop. 11. 
Sacred Heart School; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 
est. 1901; J. Wlrte, Prin. 

MOITNT PLEASANT, Henry Co., pop. 4.100. 
German College; coll.; co-ed.: M. E.: est. 

1873; Edwin S. Havighorst. Pres. 
Howe's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1844; S. C. Howe. M. S., Prin. 
Iowa Wesleyan University; coll.; co-ed.; M. 

E.; est. 1844; John W. Hancher, A. M., 

Mt. Pleasant Academy; prep.; co-cd.; L. An* 

trim. Prin. 

MOITNT VERNON, Linn Co., pop. 1,029. 

Cornell College; coll.; co-ed.: 'M. E.; est. 
1857; Rev. Wm. F. King. D. D., LL. D., 

MUSCATINE, Muscatine Co., pop. 14.073. 
Leverich Normal School: nor.; private; co-ed.; 

R. W. leverich. Prin. 
Muscatine Business College: bus. and sten.; 

est. 1882: W. D. Peck. Pres. 
St. Mary's Academy: girls: prep.; R. C; 

Sister Hyacinth. Superior. 
St. Mathias Academy; prep.: R. C. : est 1854; 
M. Fellcitas. Prin. 
NEOLA, Pottawattamie Co.. pop. 1.000. 

St. Joseph's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Sis- 

ter Superior. 

NEWHALL, Benton Co., pop. 100. 
Evangelical Lutheran College; prop.; co-ed.; 
Evan. Lnth.; Rev, G. A. Matthaidess, 
NEW HAMPTON, Chickasaw Co., pop. 2.339. 
New Hampton Normal School; nor.: private; 

co-ed.; T. J. Wormley, Prin. 
St. Mary*8 Parochial School; prep.; co-od.; 
R. r.: R. H. Forkenbrock. Prin. 
NEW HAVEN. Mitchell Co., pop. 50. 
St. Mary*s Academy: prep.; co-od.: R. C; 
Father Borry. Prin. 
NEW PROVIDENCE, Hardin Co., pop. 268. 
New Providence Academy; prop.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: est. 1870; A. F. Stylos. Prin. 
NEWTON, Jasper Co.. pop. 3.082. 
Newton Normal College; normal: private; co- 
ed.; G. W. Wormloy. Pros. 
NEW VIENNA, Dubuque Co., pop. 245. 

St. Boniface Academy; prop.: rood.: R. C; 
Rev. T. W. Pape. Prin. 
NORA SPRINGS. Floyd Co., pop. 1.200. 
Nora Springs Seminary; prop.: co-od.; Frlonds; 
est. 1802: E. F. Fisher, Prin. 
NORTH WASHINGTON, Chickasaw Co., pop. 
North Washington Parochial School: prop.; ca 
od.: J. B. Probst, Prin. 
NORWAY. Benton Co., pop. 5.^3. 

St. Michaers School; prep.; co-od.: Rov. Jo- 
soph Droxlor. Prin. 
ORANGE CITY, Sioux Co., pop. 1.457. 
Northwestern Classical Academy: prep.: co- 
ed.: Reformed: est. 1882: Rov. J. F. 
ITunstrn. A. M., Prin. 
OSAGE, Mitchell Co., pop. 2.7.34. 
Cedar Valley Seminary; prop.: oo-od.; Bapt.; 
est. 1802; George Afllton Potter. A. M., 

08KAL008A. Mahaska Co.. pop. 0.212. 

Oskaloosa Business College; bns. and Bton.; 

B. A. Wright, Proa. 
Penn College: coll.: co-od.: Friends: est. 1873: 
A. Rosonberffor. A. B., LL. B.. Pros. 
OSSIAN, Winneshiek Co., pop. 070. 
St. Friends de Sale's Academy; prep.: oo-od.; 
R. C; Sister M. nildegard, Superior. 
OTTTJMWA, Wapello Co., pop. 18,197. 
Ottumwa Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1889: J. W. O'Bryan. Proa. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prop.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Mother Superior. 

PAULLINA, O'Brien Co., pop. 700. 

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran School; prep.; 
co-ed.: eat. 1880: H. G. Nuoffer. Prin. 





VELUl, Marion Go., pop. 2,623. 
Central TIniyersity of Iowa.; coll.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1853; L. A. Garrison, D. D., 
PEKHY, Dallas Co.. pop. 3.086. 

Perry Normal College; normal; private; co- 
ed.; est. 1892; C. Durant Jones, Pres.; H. 
M. Campbell, Prln. 
PLEASANT PLAIN, Jefferson Co., pop. 280. 
Pleasant Plain Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
Friends; R. H. Williams. B. S.. P.-ln. 
PBOTIYINE, Howard Co., pop. 136. 

Holy Trinity Catholic School; prep.; R. C; 
Rev. Francis Urba, Pres. 
BEMSEN, Plymouth Co., pop. 835. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
RIVERSIDE, Washin^on Co., pop. 098. 
St. Mary's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Sis- 
ter Mary Delphine, Superior. 
ROCKWELL, Cerro Oordo Co., pop. 830. 
Sacred Heart School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; est. 
1900; Sister M. Josepba, Superior. 

SAC CITY, Sac Co., pop. 2,079. 
Sao City Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; O. 
W. Lee, A. B., Prin. 
ST. ANSOAR, Mitchell Co., pop. 608. 
St. Ansffar Seminary; prep.; Lnth.; co-ed.; 
est. 1878; Geo. W. Mohn, A. B., Pres. 
SALEM, Henry Co., pop. 548. 
Whittier College; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; est. 
1867: Louis T. Hill, Prin. 
SALIX, Woodbury Co., pop. 387. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. G. ; 
est. 1892; Rev. J. A. Griffin, Prin. 

SHENANDOAH, Page Co., pop. 8.673. 
Western Normal College; normal; private: co- 
ed.; est. 1882: J. M. Hussey, M. S., Pres. 
SIOUX CIT7, Woodbury Co., pop. 33,111. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

G. W. Brown, Jr., Pres. 
Epiphany Academy: prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; est. 

1882; Sr. M. Emetta, Superior. 
Momingside College; coll.: co-ed.: M. E.; est. 

1894; W. S. Lewis, D. D., Pres. 
National Business Training School; bus. and 

sten.: est. 1902; W. A. Barrett. Mgr. 
St. Boniface's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Theomllla, Superior. 
St, Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Edmlda, Superior. 
Sioux City College of Medicine; med.; ro|?.; 

co-ed.; est. 1889: J. N. Warren, M. D., 

SPENCER, Clay Co.. pop. 3.095. 

Spencer Business Vniyersity; bus. and sten.; 

non-sect.; est. 1903: R. R. Stuart, Pres. 
Toland's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

L. A. Toland. Prin. 

SPILYILLE, Winneshiek Co., pop. 3.')6. 
St. Peter's School; prep.: co-ed.: R. C.: est. 
1901: Sister M. Loretto. Prin. 
STORM LAKE, Buena Vista Co., pop. 2.109. 
Buena Vista College; coll.; co-ed.: Presb.; 
est. 1801; Rev. Robert L. Campbell. D. 
D., Pres. 

TABOB, Fremont Co., pop. 984. 
Tabor College; coll.: co-ed.; Cong.; est. 1866; 
George Norton Ellis, A. M., Pret. 
TAMA, Tama Co., pop. 2,780. 
St. Mary's School; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; est 

1895; Sister M. Margaret, Prin. 
St. Wenoelan's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. 
C.; Rev. John P. Bro. Pres. 
TEMPLETON, CarroU Co., pop. 821. 
Sacred Heart School; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; eat. 
1884; Very Rev. B. A. Scholte. V. F.. 
TOLEDO, Tama Co., pop. 1,941. 
Leander Clark College; nor.; bus. and sten.; 
U. B.; est. 1856; Gyms J. Kephart, A. 
M.. D. D., Pres. 
Sac and Fox Industrial School; Government In- 
dustrial School for Indians; O. J. Green, 
Western College; coll.; co-ed.; U. B.: est 
1856; Rev. L. Bookwalter. A. Bl . D. D.. 
VAIL, Crawford Co., pop. 578. 
St. Ann's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Rev. James Murphy, Pres. 
VAN HORNE, Benton Co., pop. 484. 
German Eyangelical Zion's School; prep.; co- 
ed.; Luth.; est. 1877; G. A. Mantraider, 

VICTOB, Iowa Co., pop. 700. 

St. John's School; prep.; co-ed.; Otto Kits- 
man, Prin. 

VINTON, Benton Co., pop. 3.409. 

Iowa College for Blind; Indnst.; sta^e; co- 
ed.; est. 1852; J. E. Vance, Prin. 

Tilford Collegiate Academy; prep.: co-ed.: 
non-sect.; est. 1871; Thomas F. Tobln. 
A. M.. Prin. 

WASHINGTON, Washington Co., pop. 4.642. 
St. James' School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Sisters 
of Charity. 

WATEBLOO, Black Hawk Co., pop. 12.580. 
Academy of Our Lady of Victory ; prep.; &>- 

ed.; R. C; Rev. M. Cooney, Pres. 
Waterloo Business College: bus. and sten.; 

est. 1894; A. F. Harvey, Pres. 

WATTKON, Allamakee Co., pop. 2,153. 
St Patrick's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; est 

1883: Rev. P. Walsh, Prin. 
Waukon Business College and Normal School; 
..normal; private; co-ed.; W. S. Peck, Pres. 

WAVEBLT, Bremer Co., pop. 8,177. 

St. Bernard School; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; Sis- 
ter M. Ignatla. Prin. 

Wartburg Teachers' Seminary and Academy; 
prep.: co-ed.; Evan. Lnth.; est. 1879; Bev. 
J. Lutz, Director. 

WEST BEND, Palo Alto Co., pop. 638. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: 
Sister M. Romana, Superior. 

WESTBBANCH, Cedar Co., pop. 017. 

Friends' Boarding School; prep.; co-ed.: 

Friends: Howard T. Jones, Prin. 
Scattergood Seminary; prep.: co-ed.; Friends: 
Edmund S. Smith, Supt. 





WEarr BXTRLnrOTOir, Dm ICoinet Co., pop. 
St. ]Kar7's Parochial School; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C; est. 1886; Anthony H. Schoeningb, 
WEST OATE, Fayette Co., pop. 360. 
German Lutheran School; prep.; co-ed.; Lnth.; 

est. 1885: R. Uhlmann, Prln. 
WOODBIKE, Harrison Co., pop. 1,255. 
Woodbine Kormal School; normal; state; co- 
ed.; M. A. Reed and H. A. Kinney. Prlns. 
WOBTHINOTOK. Dubuque Co., pop. 288. 
St. Paul's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Worlieth, Superior. 


Population, 1,642,000. School census, 508,870. School age, 5-21. 

Kansas is the twenty-second state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,642,000 inhabitants, of whom 1,416,319, or 96.3 per cent are white. 
Of this number 126,577, or 8.6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 2,9 per cent, the state ranking third in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


E. T. Fairchild, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Topeka 

C. C. Starr, Assistant State Superintendent Topeka 

O. V. Henderson, Bond Clerk Topeka 

Helen E. Eastman, Statistician Topeka 


E. T. Fairchild, State Superintendent, Chairman of Board Topeka 

Joseph H. Hill, President of State Normal School Emporia 

Frank Strong, Chancellor of State University Lawrence 

E. R. Nichols, President of State Agricultural College Manhattan 

W. S. Heusner, Supt. City Schools Junction City 

C. E. Rarick, County Superintendent Rooks County Stockton 

O. G. Mark HAM, Professor Latin, Baker University Baldwin 


C. E. Denton, Secretary of State, President Topeka 

E. T, Fairciiild. Secretary Topdca 

F. S. Jackson, Attorney General Topdca 

The State School Fund Commissioners manage and have charge of the invest- 
ment of the state permanent school fund, the normal school permanent fund, the 
university permanent fund, and the Stormont Medical Library fund. 


E. T. Fairchild Chair ftwn Topeka 

W, B. Hall Abilene (ieorge W. Winans Hutchinson 

A. B, Carney Concordia C. I, Vi nsonhaler Troy 

Willard Lyon Lincoln Frank Nelson Lindsborg 

D. O. McCray Topeka S. M, Nees Independence 




The State Text-Book Commission passes upon and selects the text-books to be 
used in the public and high schools of the state, in accordance with the state uni- 
formity law. Books are adopted for a period of five years. 


E. T. Fairchild, President Topeka 

John J. Haney, Sec'y Smith Center Belle Inglish Oswego 

J. E. BoYER, Treas Kingman James A. Ray Marion 

W. H. Rice Oskaloosa Otis N. Berry Marysville 

Maude Davis Paola George Edgecomb McPherson 


J. E. BoYER, President Kingman 

Henrietta V. Race, Secretary Winfield 

VV. C. Lansdon, Treasurer Lawrence 


E. T. Fairchild, Chairman Topeka 

SuPT. L. A. Lowther, Secretary Emporia 

Hon. J. W. Gleed Topeka Prin. W. S. Pate Cherokee 

SuPT. R. F. Knight. Wichita Co. Supt. A, J. Stanley Lincoln 

SuPT. W. D. Ross Peabody 


No. of 
County. Superintendent. Address. Districts. 

Allen Mrs. Maude E. Funston lola 75 

Anderson C. H. Kennedy Garnett 89 

Atchison J. W. Campbell Atchison 87 

Barber J. E. Thomas Medicine Lodgre 89 

Barton Edward Ople Great Bend 103 

Bourbon Miss Rose Allen Fort Scott Ill 

Brown C. W. Good Hiawatha 84 

Butler W. H. McDanlel El Dorado 165 

Chase Miss Anna Arnold Cottonwood Falls 66 

Chatauqua Mrs. C. W. Sneed Sedan 99 

Cherokee D. H. Holt Columbus 105 

Cheyenne Miss Nellie Maxson St. Francis 69 

Clark .*Mies Agnes Sughrue Ashland 52 

Clay Frank P. Gray Clay Center 102 

Cloud Mra Belle V. Houston Concordia 115 

Coffey A. C. Lane Burlington 100 

Comanche T. L. Chase Coldwater 32 

Cowley Miss Hattie Lewis Winfield 153 

Crawford Geo. Gemmell Glrard 127 

Decatur M. T. Barnett Oberlin 100 

Dickison E. S. McCormIck Abilene 128 

Doniphan Chaa I. Vlnsonhaler Troy 69 

Douglas C. O. Bowman Lawrence 86 

Edwards M. D. Weltner Kinsley 44 

Elk Ed. Adams Howard 89 

Ellis Wm. Grabbe Hays City 56 

Ellsworth W. E. Hagy Ellsworth 74 

Finney Mra Frlda D. Molz Garden City 41 

Ford F. C. Woodbury Dodge City 56 

Franklin Chaa A. D. Jacobus Ottawa 97 

Geary Miss Olivia Milley Junction City 44 

Gove Miss Stella Mather Gove City 45 

Graham Frank Blackburn Hill City 79 

Grant 8. A. Davis Ulysses 11 



No. of 

County. Superintendent Postofflce. Districts. 

Gray Mrs. E. V. Miller Cimaxron 86 

Greeley Miss Cora B. McLintock. . . .Tribune 113 

Greenwood H. W. Nixon Bureka 115 

Hamilton Miss Alta Jones Syracuse 21 

Harper Miss Jennie Davy Anthony S5 

Harvey John E. Frazer Newton 75 

Haskell Miss Carrie M. Graver Santa Fe 13 

Hodgeman Miss Margaret Haun Jetmore 45 

Jackson George Allen, Jr Holton 91 

Jefferson W. H. Rice Oskaloosa 100 

Jewell R. M. Cauthorn Mankato 163 

Johnson Miss Margaret McFarland . . Olathe 97 

Kearney Mrs. Sulie Bopp Warthen. . .Lakin 13 

Kingman J. F. Boyer Kingman 95 

Kiowa D. Li. Feaster Greensburg 40 

Liabette Miss Belle Inglish Pswego 113 

Lane Miss Katherine Ehmke Dighton 44 

Leavenworth J. B. Kelsey Leavenworth 78 

Lincoln A. J. Stanley Lincoln 88 

Linn A. S. Hiatt Mound City 104 

Logan Mrs. Estella M. Smith Russell Springs 41 

Lyon George Snoddy Emporia 118 

Marion James A. Ray Marion 123 

Marshall . . . ; Otis N. Berry Marysville 144 

McPherson George Edgecomb McPherson 121 

Meade Miss Ruth Bennett Meade 38 

Miami Miss Maude Davis Paola 102 

Mitchell Miss Ada W. Hitchcock Beloit 112 

Montgomery B. W. Slater Independence 109 

Morris A. B. Robison Council Grove 86 

Morton W. F. Craddock Richfield 10 

Nemaha Milton Poland Seneca 118 

Neosho C. S. Swain Erie 102 

Ness Miss Edith Salisbury Ness City 74 

Norton E. E. Nelson Norton 115 

Osage Mrs. Mary H. Kirby Lyndon 119 

Osborne P. D. Scott Osborne 121 

Ottawa Mrs. Ida M. Collister Minneapolis 98 

Pawnee Miss Eula Doty Larned 64 

Phillips C. M. Arnold Phlllipsburg 130 

Pottawatomie Geo. T. Codding Westmoreland 119 

Pratt Miss Mattie O. Hilliard Pratt 78 

Rawlins Dennis A. McDougal Atwood 92 

Reno A. W. Hamilton Hutchinson 160 

Republic L. W. Nutter Belleville 126 

Rice W. S. Higgs Lyons 101 

Kiley Miss Hannah A. Wetzig Manhattan 86 

Rooks C. E. Rarlck Stockton 112 

Rush Harry T. Fish ,La Crosse 68 

Russell T. W. Wells Russell 66 

Saline Miss Mabel Marlin Sallna 88 

Scott J. C. Weaver Scott City 30 

Sedgwick J. V. Colville Wichita 165 

Seward Mrs. Nell Dillen Myers Liberal 13 

Shawnee John R. Carter Topeka lOS 

Sheridan E. E. Ritter Hoxie 70 

Sherman J. P. Phillips Goodland 72 

Smith John J. Haney Smith Center 145 

Stafford D. S. Mull St. John 89 

Stanton Mrs. Emma Plummer Johnson 15 

Stevens Cliff. F. Bell Hugoton 23 

Sumner Lee Harrison Wellington 197 

Thomas O. H. Bruns Colby 80 

Trego Mrs. C. D. Smith Wa Keeney 45 

Wabaunsee Fred I. Hinshaw Alma 92 

Wallace Miss Rose Gilbert Sharon Springs 32 

Washingrton George Palmer Washington 153 

Wichita Miss Minnie A. Lipper Leotl 38 

Wilson Miss Josle E. Park Fredonla 103 

Woodson John K Markham Yates Center 71 

Wyandotte H. G. Randall Kansas City 42 






ABIUUSTE, DiekLBAon Co., pop. 3,507. 

C«iitr&l KHiLi&i BuKiaeu OoU«fe; bui. tnd 

nti!?ii. ; H. A. Andefsoo, PrSn. 
lit. St. Joi4?pIi'ft AcmdAmfi n^lrlA' bo4n11ns; 
II, €.; t'si. tSTT; SiBtere of SL J<wepU. 
4TCHIS0N. Atchison Co., pop, 1E^,T22. 
Ati^lLiAi&i] Btuin&fti GoUfiffij bui. and sten.; est. 

1885; A. F, Heck. Prop, 
OalI«<e Vt^j^M.TmXtttj Schii^l; pf«p.; cfr^ed!.; noa- 

Xidland Collesai oolU; eo-ca.^ Luth,; «t. 

ISiST; B<*v, M 3 Hard F. TroicU, A. M.. D- 

D.. Prea. 
Mt, 8t, ScholMtic* Acadamr: jrirlfi' btiardtHE; 

E. a; eat ISG;^: IHolljer AlojFtis, Pres, 
St, B«B9*iot'i CoUfltej coll.; tnun; R. Cr, 

fBU iSftS; K*!P. lnii(»eot Wolff. 0- S. B., 

at. Lofii» CoUeK«i prep.; tupp; B. C; Ilev. 

BIMtfi Soldiafi' OrpIiAaa' He^rae; ttate; f;D-«d.; 

i^t ]S«7; E, L. nilllN, Supt, 
W»tflm IheolofflciAl Eemiuitryi Ibt^oL: mea; 
Kv. Lijth.; i'8t. 1803; Frauk D< Altmai^ 
A, M.> D. r>.. Pres. 
BALBWnr. Dsnflm* Co- j pop. 1,017. 

BftlL«; ViavnTKitt', I'oll.; co-ed.; Bl. E.; eat. 
li5S; L, IL MudlD. D. 0.. S. T. B.> 

^^^_ S«b«il'« MnAQaAcemeiit. — ThU drst cot- 
^^^K lefe In Eaasua fi located about 1ml f way 
^^^B betw^eo Kaiiaaa Gtty iind Topeka, Aqd 
^^^" iKt frees Lawrence add Ottawiv. Of eaaj 
F BGCtiM for all KnOAU, Uliioiiri and Oki^- 

■ hmDtt points. AtQpt7 eqalijp«d wUb U- 
H brartpfrp lat^ojratofli'A and grtrLDdslum. II aa 

■ ikducat^ QVer 10, (XXV yGiiag people. Col- 
^1^^ ieg«» ACtdemle. Normal, Fine Arta DC' 
^^^B ptrtsaendi; Seboolft of MlUtar^ ^Monce 
^^^B ftwl PhyalCAl Trainlne. Faculty ^^ ^^ 
^^^f memb^t?, and an attendJince of I.ObO at[i' 
^^^ dentv, f^p resenting over 20 stnti* and 
H tcrritorlps. Baldwin 1b an blM^al cnllpgd: 

■ town* ttvv^ ff^m lempUtlon* ami diatrui:- 

■ tiona. ExxH-naeit are modern te. 

I BELOIT, Hitcbal] Ca., pop. 2.350, 

K St*ta Indnitii*! Bcbool fot Olrli^ state r^- 

■ formatoryi firta; fat. l&m'. Mirs, Julia 
W B. Perrj', Sul't. 

W COFrETVTJ,I.E, Kenttomerr Co.» p<3p. 4.B53. 
B Qoff^rTllle Buiineaa CoHe?«; bus. and ateo.; 

■ T. F, ataryber, U. Sbbd.. Prln. 

I COHCORDZA, Clowd Co.. pop. UJOl. 

f ]|;$U«]poIitaii Buaineai Gi»llace; bus. anc) «tcn.; 

A F. Dai', PTtn. 
Muanth Academy 4 g\TW boarding: H, C; 

cat. ISSI; Moth<?r Antoinette*, Prln. 

COlrWAT SPBIKOS. Sumner Oo,, pop. 714. 
Vftrmal atid Busin^M Collflffa; norma) wnd 
bus.; private; a, D. Cranei Pres. 

DAJCVJiLE, Harp«r Ca. j pop. IIB. 
it E««i Afiadomy; prep; co-cil.^ R. €. ; cat. 
ISPl, P. J. Malogey, Prea, 

0OD6E CITY, Ford Co,, pop. 1,&42. 

8011I0 GoUeKe: roU.; co-f>d.; M. E., est. Ifl&4; 
Rev. K. H. Vnuglian, Pb, D,. D. D., Pres. 
Scbonl'i aubottncfTmcizitt^ — Wbere tbe heart, 
head and band ari^ trained. GourKff of 
Btudy: Prtpiifatory: >forraaJ; Cocnmer- 
clal; InduatHal: ElocutloQ- Muaic; Col- 
leglate, and Post Graduate, fiealttiful 
cllmatti, good aei^otumodatioHa^ large op- 
port unit lea ^ moderate expenaea. Board, 
12.00 per wwk. TultSon, 1514.00 per jear, 
EMPOBIA, Lyon Qv,, pap. S.223. 

Codecs of EmporUi eolK; co-ed.: Preab.t est. 
1883; Ret. Benvj €, Culberrfton, A. B., 
B. D., Prta. 

Emporia Batineia ColbsQ; boa, vnui aten.; eat. 
18S1; a n. Long. Prcg, 

State 2fojrmal Bchool; normRl; state; co-ed. s 
miQ-aect.; eet, IftflQ; .Toacpb n. tlWU A. 
M., D. D.. Pr^B, 

Weatera Muiical Oonaerratory ; mua.,. eat. ISTl ; 
H. S. Cba!4e. Dlrtrotot; 

ENTEEPaiSE, Dickinioa Co., jiop. 780. 

Enterpriia Hormal Aoadajny; prep,; f:a-ed.; 
Oer. M. E.; eat 1803; J. P. KoeUer, 
^ Prea, 

E VII DBA* I>oarlat Ce., pop, 040. 
Heapar Aoadem;; prcp.^ co-etj.; IMemlfi; cat. 
ISM. Editb E. atnltb, M. A., Pr«B. 
EITBEKA. Gracnwood Co^ pop, 2,001. 
Sou t barn s&niai Aoadamy; prap.; co-ed.; 
Umig,: t-Bt. ISSr*; James Fraada Eaton, A. 
M,t r, D., Pros. 

FOaX SCOTT, Bourbon Co., pop, 10.32a. 

Drauffhon'a Fnotlcal BttaiUflBa Gallaf?fi; bua, 

and eten. ; J. F. Draugbou, Prea, 
Notra Harae de Lourdoa ^eademy; prep.; cq- 

td.; R. C; eat. 3001; Slatera of St. J<a^ 

Wiadaor Commercial Callage; bus. and Eten.; 

«i1. 1S5I7; Dean Uick, Prca, 

OALEKA, Cberokfje Ca.^ pci^p, 10,1&!j. 

Spring RiTer Academj; prep.; co-ed.; Friend* ? 
¥b1. ]!>7EM Mijry Stinw, Piin. 

HARPER, Hi-rper Co-; pop. 1,151. 

HLrper Normal and Butineai Collafti; cl€»ed» 

KAVILAND, Kiowa Co., pop, 320, 
Haviland Ac ad amy; prpp.; co-ed. ^ Prtenda; 
*^si 1^^7: Ftank U, Clarlc. A. M., Prln. 

HAYS. Ellij Co,, pop. J,l3a 

BiBaini't CoMorvatory of Muaic; mua.: est. 
1001; i'rtroBr3ts(:b Bl-<sing, Pres, 

Fort EayB Branrb Experiment Btatioa of the 
Btata Agricultural Colleeo; eat. 1901; J. 
0, Hancy, H. S,. Supt. 

Western Branch State KormaJ Scbool; norma t; 
Blatc*^ coL'd.; est, 1002; J. N. WUklbaon, 
Pree. ; William S. Plckpu, Prib, 

HIAWATHA. Brown Co., p*>p. 2-829, 

Hiawatba Academy; prep.; eo-ed,; Bapt.; eat. 

1B87; G, A. Horfman. Prps. 
Ifational Buaineas Cellevo! bua. and atcn..' 

Henry Coon, Pret. 






HIOHLAKD, Doniphan Co.. pop. 780. 

Highland Uniyeraity; coll.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 
1857; George E. Knepper, A. M., Ph. D., 
HOLTON. Jackaon Co., pop. 3.082. 

Campbell College; coll.; co-cm1.; Un. Brcth.; 
est. 1882; J. D. Crltes, Pres. 
HUTCHINSON, Reno Co.. pop. t).371>. 

Salt City Business College; bus. nnd sten.; 
est. 1879; G. L. Moody, M. C. S., Prt»8. 

State Industrial Reformatory; state reforma- 
tory for boys: est. 1805; E. f:. Marshall, 
lOLA. Allen Co., pop. 5.701. 

lola Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1800; Hugh J. Powell, Pres. 
KANSAS CITT. Wyandotte Co., pop. 51.418. 

College of Physicians and Surgeons (merge«l 
April. 10U5. with the Kansas City Med- 
ical College, and Mcdico-Chinirgical Col- 
lege of Kansas City, .Mo., to form the 
Medical Department, University of Kan- 

Kansas City Baptist Theological Seminary; 
theoL: Bapt.; est. ll>01; P. W. Crannell, 
D. D., Prea. 

Kansas City Uniyeraity; coll.; coed.; Meth. 
Prot.; est. 1800; I). S. Stephens, D. D., 

National Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Henry Coon, Pres. 

State Institution for the Blind; indust.; state; 
W. B. Hall. Supt. 

Western Eclectic College of Medicine and 
Surgery; med.: eelec; co-ed.: est. 1898; 
Theotlore Doyle, Ph. G.. M. I).. Denn. 

LAWRENCE, Douglas Co., pop. 10.802. 
Haskell Institute; coll. nnd iudust. school for 

Indians: co-ed.: Federal: est. 1884; II. 

B. Peairs. Supt. 
Lawrence Business College: bus. and sten.; 

est. 1800; W. II. Quackeubush. M. A., 

University of Kansas: univ.; state; co-ed.; 

non-sect.: est. 18WJ; Frank Strong. M. A., 

Ph. D.. ('hancellor. 
University of Kansas, College of Fine Arts; 

art; co-<m1.; Charles S. Skllton, A. B.. 

University of Kansas, School of Engineering, 

tech.: state; co-rd. : Frank A. Marvin. A. 

M.. Dean. 
University of Kansas. School of Law; law; 

ro-iMl.: est. JSSO: J. W. (Ireen, A. M., 

University of Kansas, School of Medicine; 

pH'p. : iiumI.: (fresliman and enphomore) : 

n-tr.: cohmI.: est. I00<»; Mervin T. Sudler, 

M. D., I)«*an. (S«-e nlso Uosedale. Kans. ) 
University of Kansas, School of Pharmacy; 

Phiinn.: co-ed.: <'st. 1KS.'»: L. K. Sayre, 

Ph. M.. Dean. 

LEAVENWORTH, Leavenworth Co.. pop. 20,735. 
Leavenworth Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1SS7: N. B. Leach, Pres. 
St. Mary's Academy: girls' lionnllng: R. C; 

est, ISW: .M«»tlii'r In^n*'. SninTior. 

LECOMPTON. Douglas Co., |H>p. 408. 

Lane University: merged into CaniplKdl Col- 
lege In loat. 

LINCOLN, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,202. 
Kansas Christiaii Collec«; coll.; co-cd.; Christ.; 
est. 1882; O. B. Whltaker. M. S.. A. M., 

UNDSBORO, McPheraoB Co., pop. 1,279. 
Bethany CoUego; colL; co-ed.; Swed. Lutli.; 
eat. 1881; Emeat Philblad. A. H., Px«l 
SohooPa annonncemeiit. — Bethaoy College 
has nine departments: Coltege, Academy, 
Normal, Business and Shorthuid, Musical 
Conservatory, Art Department, Depart- 
ment of Elocution, Model School, and 
Training School. The Mnslc School la 
one of the largest and best equipped in 
the West and offers Eastern advantages to 
Western people. The Ling Auditorium 
has a seating capacity of 4,000 and pos- 
sesses a $5,000 MoUer Pipe Organ, whlA 
is oi)en to students* use. Summer 
Schools in Music, Art. Normal and Cob- 
mercial Departments. 

LOWELL, Cherokee Co., pop. 1JM>. 
Lowell Academy; prep.; co-ed.: Friends; est. 
1801; Wm. B. Morgan, Prin. 

Mcpherson. McPheraon Co.. pop. 2,99G! 
McPheraon College; prep.; co-ed.: Oerl Bapt.; 
est. 1887; Edward Frantx, A. M., Pres. 
School's announcement. — ^The aim of this 
S<hool is to provide a thorough Chris- 
tion education. It advocates plainness of 
dress, simplicity in the habits of life. 
and discourages caste, thus making It a 
lionie for rich and poor alike. Has 
Collegiate, Academic and Normal De- 
partments; also a school of elocution. 
busin4>Bs and shorthand department, and 
opt^ial German department. Expenses 
an' very moderate. 
Walden College; prep.; co-ed.; Swed. Evang.; 
D. Nyvall, Pres. 

MANHATTAN, Riley Co., pop. 3,488. 
Kansas State Agricultural OoUsge; agricul.; 

state: co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1863; E. B. 

Nicluds. D. B.. A. M., Pres. 
National Business College; bus. and sten.; 

Hrnrj- C<x)n. Pres. 

MARIADAHL, (P. 0. Clebnrns), BUsj Co., 

pop. ir.0. 
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Orphans* Boms; 
coed.: Swed. Luth.: est. 1880: A. O. 

.loiinson. Supt. 

MARYSVILLE, MarshaU Co., pop. 2,000. 
Modem Normal College; normal; private; J. O. 

Allenbecker, Pres. 

NADEAU, Jackson Co.. pop. 2S. 
Pottawatomie Boarding School for IndUns; 
Fedoral industrial school for Indians: est. 
1S72: G. L. Williams. Supt. 

NEWTON. Harvey Co.. pop. 6.206. 
Bethel College: prep.: co-ed.; Mennonlte; esL 
isji;;: Kev. C. II. Wedcl. Pres. 

NICKERSON. Reno Co., |>op. 1,038. 
Nickcrson Normal College; normal; private; 
co-e<l.: nnnmvt.: est. 1888; Edwaid B. 
Smith, Pres. 





NOETH BRANCH, JeweU Go., pop. 100. 

North Branch Academy; prep.; co-ed. 
Friends; est. 1888; D. W. Lawrence, Pre*. 
OLATHE, Johnson Co., pop. 3,451. 

State School for the Deaf; co-ed.; est. 1861; 
H. G. Hammond, Sapt. 
OSAWATOMIE, Miami Co., pop. 4,191. 

Osawatomie State Hospital for Insane; state; 
co-ed.; x-at. 18G3; L. L. Uhls, Supt. 
OTTAWA, Franklin Go., pop. 6.034. 

Institute of Shorthand and Typewriting; sten. 
est. 1807; J. F. Peet, Prop. 

Ottawa Business College; bus. and sten.; G. 
H. Grain, Pres. 

Ottawa Uniyersity; coll.; co-ed.; Bapt. ; est. 
18G5; Silas E. Price, D. D., Pres. 
School's announcement. — Ottawa Unl 
versity, iocori>orated In 1865, is a Chris- 
tian institution for higher education, un- 
der the auspices of the Baptist denomi 
nation of Kansas. Strong religious in- 
fluences thrown around the student. Col- 
legiate and Academic Departments, De- 
partment of Public Speaking, Department 
of Education, Conservatory of Music, 
Department of Art, and Department of 
Business. Faculty of 30 members, and 
average student attendance of over 900, 
Tuition and living expenses exception- 
ally low and unlimited opportunities for 
FAOLA, Miami Co., pop. 3.144. 

Ursoline Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. C.; est. 
1895; Mother Jerome, Pres. 
FABSONS, Labette Co., pop. 7.682. 

Parsons Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1891; J. G. Olson, Pres. 
FITT8BVB0, Crawford Co., pop. 10.112. 

Fittsborg Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1895; S. W. Errebo. M. S., Pres. 
QTTINDABO, Wyandotte Co., pop. 500. 

Western University (colored) ; industrial school 
for negroes; co-ed.; A. M. B.; est. 1898; 
W. T. Vernon, Pres. 
ROSEDALE, Wyandotte Co.; pop. 3,270. 

Uniyersity of Kansas, School of Medicine 
(junior and senior years); med. ; reg. ; 
co-ed.; est. 1905; George Howard Hoxie, 
A. M., M. D., Dean. 
ST. MABT'S, FotUwatomie Co., pop. 1,390. 

St. Mary's College; coll.; men; R. G.; est. 
1848; James McCabe. S. J., Pres. 

8T. FAUL, Neosho Co., pop. 1,047. 

St. Fanl School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; est. 
1847; F. Baymond, Pres. 
SAUNA, Saline Co., pop. 6.074. 

yff"-** Wesleyan Business College; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1892; T. W. Roach, Gen. Supt. 

Kansas Wesleyan University; coll. and nor- 
mal; co-ed.; M. E.. est. 1886; Thomas 
W. Roach, A. M., Pres. 
School's announcement. — ^This school has 
eight departments, with a yearly enroll- 
ment of over 1,000 students. The com- 
mercial department alone has grown from 
a handful of pupils to a business college 
enrolling 600 pupils and employing 11 
iostmctors. The ayerage total expense 

per student in all departments is |00 to 

St. John's MiUtary School; mil.; P. B.; est. 
1887; Rev. A. B. Heard, Rector. 

Salina Normal Uniyersity; normal; private; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1885; Charles 
Swisher, Pres. 

Skelton's School of Telegraphy and Railway 
Business; tel.; men; est. 1887; W. H. 
Skelton, Pres. 
STERLING, Rice Co., pop. 2,002. 

Cooper College; coll.; co-ed.; Un. Presb.; est. 
1887; F. M. Spencer. D. D., Pres. 
TOFEKA, Shawnee Co., pop. 33.608. 

Assumption School; prep.; co-ed.; R. G.; est. 
1867; Sister Martina. Superior. 

College of the Sisters of Bethany; girls 
boarding; P. B.; est. 1861; Barbara 
Walker, Prin. 

Dougherty's Business Training School; bus. 
and sten.; est. 1894; Geo. B. Dougherty, 

Kansas Medical College, Medioal Department 
Washburn University; med.; reg.; co-ed.; 
est. 1889; William S. Lindsay, A. M., 
M. D., Dean. 

School's announcement. — The Kansas Med- 
ical College has a four years' graded 
course of study, having been one of the 
first colleges west of the Mississippi 
River to raise its standard to that re- 
quired by higher medical education. Pos- 
sesses unsurpassed laboratory and chem- 
ical facilities; also library facilities. Its 
students having free access to the Stor- 
mont Medical Library of the Kansas 
State Library, in which are several thou- 
sand volumes of medical works. 

Fond's Business College; bus. and sten.; M. 
A. Pond, Pres. 

School of Expression and the Drama; eloc. 
and or.; est. 1895; Miss Glara M. Crumb, 

School of Fianoforte Flaying; mus.; Annie H. 
Parry-Bundy, Pres. 

State Industrial School for Boys; state re- 
form school; boys; est. 1879; H. W. 
Charles, Supt. 

The Standard Shorthand School; sten.; est 
1887; Anna E. Canaan, Pres. 

Topeka Business College; bus. and sten.; L. 
H. Strickler. 

Topeka State Hospital for Insane; state; co* 
ed.; est. 1875; T. G. BIddle. Supt. 

Topeka Industrial and Educational Institute 
(colored); indust.; Wm. R. Garter, Pres. 

Washburn College; con.; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 
1865; Frank Knight Sanders, D. D., Ph. 
D., Pres. 
WASHINGTON, Washington Co., pop. 1,575. 

Washington Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
est. 1892; S. S. Hageman, Prin. 
WICHITA, Sedgwick Co., pop. 24.671. 

Fairmount College; coll.; co-ed.; Cong. est. 
1892; Nathan J. Morrison, D. D., LL. D., 

Friends' University; coll.; co-ed.; Friends; 
est. 1898: Edmund Stanley, Pres. 

Lewis Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 
1886: R. S. Lawrence, Ph. D., Prin. • 

Mount Carmel Academy; girls' boarding; R. 



C; tmt, 1887; Slater Mafjr iMbdla. C. B. , 1S» : W. B. A1t«j. Piwl 

V. Sf.. flaperlor. wmXELD. Cai«l«7 O*.. 
WMten fefe0«l cf gl»c«ti— and Oratny; 

*:Us0i. and or.: €«t. 1S90; G«orr« W. Bjom, \ iten. awl prep.: est. ISM: H. F. W. 

Prt*. Koefaoe, Picl 

WieMU »iri«i— CoU«c«: ba. aad iten.; cat. ! St Jakm'i Latk«am Orikga; coD. 

1M6: r, A. Hibuier ud WID O. Prlee, ; Lath.: est. 1883: A. W. Meytr. Prea. 

■ <m t k w — t Xaaaaa Orikga; coIL: c<K«d.: M. 

WiehHa CMnaaieUI Goflafa; baa. and atn.; I E.: eat. 19M: F. E. Sfoaanaa. Prea. 

eat, 1808; H. 8. MiUer. M. C. 8., M. A.. Stata fefeaal far TaaUa-Hindai Taotk; atate: 

Prea. i co^d.: eat. 1881: I. W. Clarfc. 8opt. 

WieUta Talafxaph CoUafa; teL: eo-ed.; eat. I 


Population, 2,147,174. School census, 684,064. School age, 6-20. 

Kentucky is the twelfth state in the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 2,14/,174 inhabitants, of whom 1,862,309, or 86.7 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 50,133, or 2.3 per cent, are foreign born, i he percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 16.5 per cent, the state ranking thirty-seventh in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


J. G. Crabbe, Superintendent of Public Instruction Frankfort 


J. G. Crabbe, Superintendent of Public Instruction Frankfort 

James Breathitt, Attorney General Frankfort 

Ben L. Bruner, Secretary of State Frankfort 


J. G. Crabbe^ Superintendent of Public Instruction Frankfort 

EU.SW0RTH Regenstein^ Superintendent of City Schools Newport 

T. C. Cherry, Superintendent of City Schools Bowling Green 


i ■••-•• 'I -rs 

Augustus Willson, Governor Frankfort 

J. G. Crabbe, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Frankfort 

Ben L. Bruner, Secretary of State Frankfort 

Napier Adams, Clerk, Court of Appeals Frankfort 

James Breathitt, Attorney General Frankfort 

Frank P. James, Auditor Frankfort 


Edward Taylor, President Bowling Green 

Kentucky two years ago enacted a law allowing the commissioners to use a 
part of the school fund for libraries, one to be at the commissioner's office, and 
then as much as ten dollars for each school district if the people would raise ten 
dollars. As a result, in two years every county has a local library in the court 
house, and there is a library for every 720 children in Kentucky and one book for 
every ten children. 


Hugh McKee, President Frankfort 

T. W. Venson, Secretary Frankfort 





Bath . . 
Bell ... 
Boone . 
Boyd . . 
Boyle . 
Bullitt ... 
Butler . . . 
Caldwell . 
Carlisle . 
Carroll . . 
Carter . . . 
Casey . . . 
Clark . . . 


Clinton . . 



Davis .... 


Klliott . 

Estill . . 



Floyd . . 


Fulton . 



Grant . . 

Graves . 


Green . . 



Hardin . 

Harlan . 


Hart ... 


Henry . . 








Knott . . 

Knox . . 

Larue . . 

Laurel . . 


Lee .... 

Leslie . , 


Lewis . . 


No. of School 
Superintendent Address. DistrictB. 

Mrs. Geo. R. Shelton Columbia 91 

W. A. Whitlow Scottsville 74 

M. L. Chowningr Lawrenceburgr 48 

M. S. Stevenson Wickliffe 60 

W. C. Turner Glaserow 110 

Miss Pickett Metcalfe OwingsviUe 61 

H. H. Fuson Pinevihe 66 

D. M. Snyder Burlingrton 49 

F. L. McChesney Paris 67 

O. K. Campbell Catlettsburg 89 

J. W. Rawlings Danville 43 

Wm. Huffman Brookville 48 

Henry B. Noble Jackson 98 

Joel H. Pile Hardinsburg 107 

Lindsay Ridgreway Shepardsville 46 

R. B. Drake Morgan town 90 

Miss Nannie Catlett Princeton 67 

L. A. L. Langrston Murray 88 

J. W. Relley Alexandria 

Mrs. Eliza Curtsinger Bard well ... 

Ernest Lewellyn Carrollton . . 

W. C. Kozee Grayson 

J. S. Lawhorn Liberty 

W. E. Gray Hopkinsville 

C. A. Tanner Winchester 


Luther Hatton Manchester 99 

L. F. Piercy Albany 46 

Jno. B. Paris Marion 74 

R. D. Bass Burksville 66 

R. D. Allen Owensboro 118 

Geo. B. McCombs Brownsville 69 

Mrs. Mollie Greene Sandy Hook 61 

C. J. Miller Irvine 66 

Mrs. Nannie G. Faulconer. Lexington 46 

Miss Annie B. Six Flemingsburg 77 

H. F. Patton Prestonburg 100 

B. R. Jones Frankfort 66 

Miss Dora H. Smith Hickman 38 

Jas. R. McDanell Warsaw 26 

Miss Mittie Smith Lancaster 63 

C. C. Adams Williamstown 67 

W. D. Dodds Mayneld 127 

Warren Payton Litchfield 108 

Miss Lizzie Graham Greensburg 74 

Leo. F. Thompson Greenup 74 

Geo. H. Mickell Hawesville 42 

J. L. Pilkenton Elizabeth town 114 

W. J. R. Howard Mt. Pleasant 68 

Jas. W. Rogers Cynthlana 67 

J. F. Geralds MunfordvlUe 102 

Miss Bettie C. Muncaster . . . . Henderson 106 

W. T. Gividen New Castle 69 

Mrs. Lula B. Smith Clinton 49 

Andrew J. Fox Madisonville 114 

H. F. Minter McKee 67 

Mrs. Rosa A. Stonestreet. . Louisville 97 

C. C. Sandusky Nicholasville 87 

Milton McDowell Palntsville 79 

H. S. Kennedy Independence 44 

Robert Martin Hindman 66 

R. E. Parker Barboursville 98 

G. T. Gaddie Hodgensville 62 

J. K. Lewis London 96 

I. H. Thompson Louisa 96 

Sam. Hurst Beattyvllle 46 

A. C. Valentine Hyden 68 

Jas. S. Pendleton Whitesburg 68 

W. R. Henderson Vanceburg 86 





County. Superintendent. 

Lincoln Garland Singrleton 

Livingrston Chas Furguson 

Logran D. B. Estes 

Lyon U. S. King 

McCracken Jno. Noland 

McLean K. S. Hosklns 

Madison J. W, Clarkson 

Magoffin Chas. Jones 

Marlon J. C. Fletcher 

Marshall C. D. Wells 

Martin S. J. Billington 

Mason J. W. Boston 

Meade W. B. Arnold 

Menifee B. F. Peck 

Mercer Miss Ora L. Adams . . . . 

Metcalfe J. A. Pulliam 

Monroe W. W. Carter 

Montgomery M. J. Goodwin 

Morgan Miss Nannie E. Fields. 

Muhlenberg J. E. Shaver 

Nelson W. T. McCain 

Nicholas Mrs. Mattie B. Hamm . 

Oh io Jas. M. De Weese 

Oldham J. L. Reeves 

Owen W. A. Barnes 

Owsley G. W. Garrett 

Pendleton R. L. Ballenger 

Perry G. P. Coombs 

Pike H. F. Childress 

Powell R. A. Irvine, Sr 

Pulaski L. N. Taylor 

Robertson Mrs. Kate Zoller 

Rockcastle G. M. Ballard 

Rowan Miss Lvda Messer 

Russell O. D. Smith 

Scott J. R. Lancaster 

Shelby G. M. Money 

Simpson V. D. Hammond 

Spencer Miss Mayme Miller .... 

Taylor E. P. Peterson 

Todd A. S. Johnson 

Trigg Alford Cunningham . . . 

Trimble I. D. Mitchell 

Union N. C. Hammack 

Warren Emory White 

Washington J. W. Bush 

Wayne Jno. H. Dalton 

Webster Miss Mary Bailey 

Whitley Miss Rachel Tye 

Wolfe W. H. Chambers 

Woodford M. B. Hifner 

No. of School 
Address. Districts. 

.Stanford 76 

.Smithland 58 

. Russellville 121 

.Eddyville 44 

. Paducah 102 

.Calhoun 82 

. Richmond 66 

. Salersville 67 

. Lebanon 36 

.Benton 58 

.Inez 58 

.Maysville 61 

. Brandenburg 67 

. Frenchburg 41 

. Harrodsburg 57 

.Edmonton 62 

.Tompkinsville 70 

.Mt. Sterling 41 

.West Liberty 80 

.Greenville 100 

. Rardstown 79 

.Carlisle 44 

.Hartford 133 

.IjaGrange 27 

.Owenton 82 

.Booneville 42 

.Falmouth 71 

.Hazard 56 

.PIkeville 148 

.Stanton 38 

.Somerset 162 

.Mt. Olivet 22 

. Mt. Vernon 72 

. Morehead 148 

.Jamestown 61 

.Georgetown 57 

.Shelbyville 66 

.Franklin 53 

.Taylorville 4o 

.Campbellville 63 

.Elkton 78 

.Cadiz 76 

.Bedford 38 

.Morganfleld 73 

.Bowling Green 118 

.Springfield 69 

.Monticello 102 

.Dixon 86 

.Williamsburg 130 

.Campton 61 

.Versailles 43 


ALBAVT, Clinton Co., pop. 234. 
Albany Hifh School; prep.: co-ed.; Bapt.; 
A. B. Barnes, Prin. 
AVCHORAGE, Jeffenon Co.. pop. 421. 
B^wood Sominnry; glrW boarding: est. 1800; 
non-sect.; W. O. Lord, A. M., LL. B.. 
ASHLAITD. Boyd Co., pop. 6.800. ' 
Aahland College; coll.: co-ed.: M. E.: est. 
18S7: George H. Relbald. B. D.. B. S.. 

ATTBVBir, Loguk Co., pop. 007. 
Aniram Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Cumb. Presb.: 
W. Lee Harris, Acad. Master. 

BABBOURBVILLE. Knox Co., pop. 1.010. 
Union College; ooll.: co-pd.: M. B. ; cat. 1886; 
J. W. Easloy. B. D.. Pros. 
BARDSTOWK, Kelson Co., pop. 1.711. 
Bardstown Baptist Institute ; prep. ; co-ed. ; 
ofit. 1884: R. F. Galther. Prln. 
BEAVER DAM, Ohio Co., pop. 5.'S2. 
"West Kentucky Seminary: prep.; co-od.: non- 
sort.: W. O. Wolhorn. Prln. 
BEECHMOKT. Jefferson Co., Suburb of Louis- 
Louisville Training: School for Boys; prep.; 
hoyg; non-ROot. ; opt. 1889: H. R. Taylor, 





BEBEA, Madison Co., Pop. 768. 
Berea College; coll.; co-od.; non-sect.; est. 
1855; Wm. G. Frost, Ph. D., D. D., Pres. 
BLAIKE, Lawrence Co., pop. 130. 
Blaine Kormal School; normal; private; co- 
ed.; est. 1880; G. Milton Elam, Prln. 
BLAND VILLE, Ballard Co., pop. 2T7. 
Blandville Baptist Colleffe; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; J. R. Robinson, Prin. 
BOONEVILLE, Owsley Co., pop. 215. 
Booneyille Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Prcsb. ; 
est. 1805; Rov. W. A. E. Campbell, A. 
B.. B. D.. Prln. 
BOWLING GREEN, Warren Co., pop. 8,226. 
Bowling Green Business College; bns. and 

sten.; H. H. Chorr>', Pres. 
Bowling Green Preparatory School; prep.; co- 
od.: non-Boct.; Misses Du Rose and Rag- 
land, Prins. 
Ogden College; coll.: men: non-sect.: est. 

1877: Wm. A. Obonchaln. A. M., Pros. 
Potter College; girls' boarding: non-sect.; 

est. 1889: Rov. B. F. Cabell. Prin. 
Southern Normal School; normal; private: 
co-ed.; II. 11. Cherry, Pres. 
BUFFALO, Larue Co., pop. 347. 
East Ljrnne Colloge; prop.; co-ed.; non-soct.; 
ost. 1874: G. L. Cnxmo. A. B., Pres. 
BUBKESVILLE, Cumberland Co., pop. 525. 
Alexander College; prep.; co-ed.; Pn'sb. : est. 
1870; J. Russell Crawford. A. B.. D. D., 
CAMPBELLSBURG, Henry Co., pop. 101. 

Campbellsburg High School: f;irls' pn>p. ; non- 
sect.: ost. 18D4: J. W. Poarc.v, Prin. 
CAMPBELLSVILLE, Taylor Co., pop. 1,341. 
S. W. Buchanan Collegiate Institute: prop.; 
co-ed: Prosb. ; est. 1004; Isaac Mitchell. 
A. M.. Prin. 
CAMPTON, Wolfe Co., pop. 276. 
Kentucky Wesleyan Academy; prep.: co-e<l.; 
M. E., So.: George Clarke, Prln. 
CANKER, Hart Co.. imp. 240. 
Lilian Academy; girls* Imarding: S. M. Dur- 
ham, Prin. 
CARROLTON, Carroll Co., po|). 2.205. 
St. John's Select School; prop.: co-ed.: R. C; 
Ignatius M. Ahmann. Prln. 
CLINTON, Hickman Co., pop. 1.402. 

Clinton College; prop.; rood.; Bapt.; Richard 

1). Swain. A. M.. Pros. 
Marvin College; pn'p. : cood.: M. E. So.; II. 
W. Browdor. Prln. 
COLUMBIA, Adair Co., p^p. 4r>l. 
Male and Female High School; prop.: rood.: 
non-soot.; A. H. Ballard. Prin. 
CORINTH. Grant Co.. iKip. Xi\. 
NortLem Kentucky Normal Academy: prop.; 
oo-i'd.: non-soot.: D. J. Wrlpht. Prln. 
COVINGTON, Kenton Co.. pop. 12.03.8. 

Clark's Commercial College; Ims. nn.l ston. 

W. I>. <'l:irk. Pros. 
Notre Dame Academy: girls' boarding: R. C. 
Sistor .Mary Annolla, Prin. 

Rngby School; prep.; co-cd.; non-sect.; K. J. 

Morris. Prln. 
St. Joseph's School for Boys; boys* boaidlng; 
R. C; Brother Francis I^ehr, Prln. 
CYNTHIANA, Harrison Go., pop. 8.257. 
Smith's Classical School; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1868; William Selin. A. M., 
DANVILLE, Boyle Co., pop. 4.286. 
Caldwell College; girls' boarding: Presb.; est. 

1860; John C. Atcheson, M. A., Pres. 
Central University of Kentucky; nnlT.; men.: 
Presb.; est. 1822; Rer. P. W. Hlnltt. 
Ph. D.. Pres. 
Central TTniTersity, Law Department; law; 
men; est. 1894: Archibald H. Throckmor- 
ton, A. M., LL. B., Dean. 
Reed's School, Miss; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.;' 
Miss Josephine Reed, Prin. 
ELIZABETHTOWN, Hardin Go., pop. 1,861. 
Hardin Collegiate Institute; prop.; co-ed.; 

Presb.; J. E. Austin, Jr., Prin. 
St. James' School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: Sis- 
tor M. Gabriel, Prin. 
ELIZAVILLE, Fleming Go., pop. 199. 
Willow Dell Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: James H. McGohan. Prin. 
ELKTON, Todd Co., pop. 1,123. 
Vanderbilt Training School; prep.; co-ed.; M. 
E. So.; J. M. Fletcher and J. M. Roberts. 
FRANKFORT. Franklin Co., pop. 0.487. 
Kentucky Normal and Indostrial Institats 
(colored); normal; state; co-ed.; est. 1887; 
John II. Jackson, A. B., A. M., Pres. 
FRANKLIN, Simpson Co., pop. 2.166. 
Luna School, The; boys' prep.; non-sect.; est. 

1898; E. I. Luna, Prin. 
Southern School of Osteopathy; osteop.; co- 
od.; est. 1898; Robert W. BowUns. M. 
D., D. 0.. Dean. 
FTTLTON, Fulton Co., pop. 2.860. 
Carr Institute; girls' boardins; non-sect.: 

Prof. Check, Pres. 
Fulton Normal School and Business OdUego; 

see South Fulton College. 
South Fulton College: prep.: non-sect.: co- 
ed.: est. 1905: J. H. Stover, Pres. 
GEORGETOWN. Scott Co., pop. 3.823. 
Georgetown College: coll.; co-ed.; Bapt.: «st. 
1829: J. J. Taylor, M. A., D. D., LL. D.. 
GETHSEMANE, Nelson Go., pop. 110. 
Gethsemane College: boys' boanllng: R. C: 
PMward M. Obrecht, O. C. R., Prin. 
GLASGOW. Barren Co., pop. 2.019. 
Liberty College: coll.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 1875; 

R. K. Ilatton. A. M., Pres. 
Urania Normal College; prep.; co-ed.: non- 
soct.: Rico E. Eubank. A. B., Prin. 
GLENDALE. Hardin Co., pop. 173. 

Lynnland Male and Female Institnte; W. R. 
<Iw.vnn. Prin. 
HARDINSBURG, Breckenridge Go., pop. 680. 
Breckenridge Normal CoUeco; normal: pri- 
vate: coofl.: D. S. Roberts. A. B., Pres. 





HARLAV, Hariaa Co., pop. 667. 
HulaB Ao«d«my; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; W. 

C. Clemens. Prln. 
Haxlem Vormal and Industrial Institute; pri- 
vate; nor. and tndns.; c»-cd.; Presb.; est. 
1801; Andrew L. Whitfield. Ph. D.. Prin. 
HAKBODSBURG, Mercer Go., pop. 2.870. 
Beaumont Oollere; girls* boarding; non-sect.; 

est. 1804: T. Smith, Pres. 
Harxodslmrg Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.: J. O. Acbeson. Prin. 
Wayman Institute; (colored): Presb.; co-ed.; 
boarding; A. M. E.; Geo. W. Saffells, 
HABTFOBD. Ohio Co., pop. 785. 
Hartford College and Business Institute; 
prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; T, J. Morton, 
HAZARD. Perry Co., pop. 300. 
Hazard Baptist Institute; normal; private, co- 
HAZEL OBEEV, Wolfe Co., pop. 225. 
Hasel Oreen Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Christ.; 
boarding: Wm. Henry Cord, Pre*. 
HnrDMAV, Knott Co., pop. 831. 
Hindman School; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 

George Clarke. Prin. 
W. C. T. XT. Settlement School; prep.: co-ed.; 
non-Boct.: est. 1002; Rev. Albert E. Smith, 
HODOEHYILLE. Larue Co., pop. 825. 
Kenyon College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Charles William Barnes, Prin. 
HOFKnrSVILLE, Christian Co., pop. 7.280. 
Bethel Female College; girls' boarding: Bapt.: 
est. 1856; Edmund Harrison. A. M.. Pres. 
Lockyear's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

ro-Pd.: est. 1906: J. W. Walton. Prin. 
South Kentucky College; col.; co-ed.: Chris- 
tian: est. 1840: A. C. Knykendall. A. B., 
HTrSTOJiVlLLE, Lincoln Co., pop. 425. 
Central Christian College; prep.: co-ed.; 
Christian: Miss Mary F. Wood. Prin. 
HTDEV, Leslie Co., pop. 260. 
Hyden Academy; prep.; co-od.: Presb.: T. 
Jndson Miles. A. B.. Prin. 
IVDEPEKDZVCE, Kenton Co., pop. 193. 
Independenoe High School; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.: est. 1894; Charles Vemer Lncy, A. 
B., Prln. 
JACKSOV. BreathiU Co., pop. 941. 

S. P. Lee's Collegiate Institute; prep.: co-ed.: 
Presb.: est. 1891: M. L. Girton. A. M.. 
JETT, Franklin Co., pop. 62. 
Ezcelaior Collegiate Institute; prep.: co-ed.; 
Christ.; Endora Lindsay Smith, Pron. 
LA OBAKGE, Oldham Co., pop. 740. 
Funk Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-soct. : John 
W. Selpfa. Prin. 

LEBAHOV. Marion Co., pop. 3.043. 
St. Augustine's Aoademy; prep.: co-ed.: R. 
C; Sister Mary Kevin Coffey. Prln. 

LEXnrOTOir, Fayette Co., pop. 26.309. 

Agricultural and Meohairieal College of Sm- 
tucky; see State College of Kentucky. 

College of the Bible; theol.; Disciples; co- 
ed.; J. W. McGarrey, Pres. 

Hamilton College; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Mrs. L. W. St. Clair, Pres. 

Kentucky TTniversity; see Transylvania Uni- 

St. Catherine's Academy; girls* boarding; R. 
C; est. 1823: Sister Mary Vincent, Prin. 

Sayre Female Institute; glris' boarding; 
Presb.; est. 1864; George J. Ramsey, Prin. 

State Vniyersity of Kentucky; non-sect.: est. 
1866: co-ed.: James K. Patterson, Ph. D., 
LL. D.. F. R. Hist., S. Gr. Britain. Pres. 

TransylTania University; nnlv.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1798; Thomas Benton McCart- 
ney, Jr., M. A., Ph. D., Acting Pres. 
LOHDOK, Lowell Co., pop. 1,147. 

Sue Bennett Memorial School; prep.; co-ed.; 
M. B. So.: J. C. Lewis, Prin. 
LORETTA, Marion Co., pop. 200. 

Loretta Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Mot her Roslne, Superior. 
LOUISVILLE, Jefferson Co., pop. 204,781. 

Aoademy of Our Lady of Mercy; girls' board- 
Ihr: R. C; Sister Margaret Mary Car- 
roll, Prin. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Sister Angela, Prin. 

Boston Academy of Music; music; co-ed.; est. 
1900: T. II. Randall, Pres. 

Bryant ft Stratton Business College; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1864; E. J. Wright, Pres., 
Cor. 2nd and Walnut. 

Cedar Orove Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
rst. 1842; Sister Mary Thomas, Superior. 

Central Law School (colored); law; co-ed.; est. 
1802; Albert S. White, LL. D., Dean. 
2704 W. Walnut. 

Clark's School of Business; bus. and sten.; 
non-soct.: ont. 1906; P. W. Clark, Pres. 

Flexner's School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Abraham Flexner, Prin. 

Holy Rosary Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister Vlncentia Magulre. Prin. 

Hospital College of Medicine; med.; reg.; 
mon: e«t. 1872: P. Richard Taylor, M. D., 
I)(>an. 234 E. Chestnut. 

International School of Telegraphy; tel.; co- 
rd.: E. J. Wright, Pres., 312 W. Jefler- 
son St. 

Kentucky Home School for Oirls; girls' board 
ing: P. E. : Miss Belle S. Peers, Prin. 
1509 4th Ave. 

Kentucky School of Medicine; mcd.; co-ed. 
oBt. IKiO: Wm. n. Wathen, A. M., LL. 
D.. Dean. 619 6th St. 

Kentucky University, Medical Department 
merged with University of Louisville, 
Medical Dopt. 

Louisville College of Dentistry, Central Uni- 
versity of Kentucky; dent.; men: est, 
1KS7: W. K. Ornnt. M. D.. D. D. S. 
l)«Min, Iln»ok nnd Broadway Sts. 

Louisville College of Pharmacy; phar.; co- 
od.: P8t. 1872: Gordon L. Curry. Dean, 
104 W. Chestnut. 

Louisville Medical College; med.; reg.; men; 





est. 1869; C. W. KeUy. M. D., Dean. 101 
W. Chestnut. 
Louisville National Medical Golleffe (colored); 
raed.; teg.; co-ed.; est. 1887; B. S. Porter, 
M. D., Dean. 12 W. Green St. 
Louisville Normal School; normal; state: co- 
ed.; W. J. McConathy, Pres., 627 B. 
Louisville Presbyterian Theoloffical Seminary; 
theol.: men; Presb.; est. 1893; Rev. Wil- 
liam Hogue Marquess, LL. D., Dean. 
Louisville Training School for Boys; prep.; 
boys: non-sect.; est. 1880; J. I. Moore, A. 
B., Prln. 
Massey Business College; bus. and stcn.; co- 
ed.: est. 1901; Henry J. Holme, Man- 
Patterson-Davenport School; boys* prep.; non- 
sect.; est. 1901; John Patterson. M. A., 
and William Davenport, M. A., Prins., 
2010 Third St. 
Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Ken- 
tucky; theol.; men; est. 1853; Rev W. H. 
Marquess, LL. D., Chairman of Faculty, 
First and Broadway. 
Presentation Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Eutopia, Prin., Fourth Ave. 
St. Benedict's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

C; Sister M. Thomas. Prin. 
St. Xavier's College; boys' boarding; R. C; 
Brother Bamardinc, Prin.. 112 W. Broad- 
Schwartz School; bus. and sten.; est. 1892; 
Dr. Geo. W. Schwartz, Ph. D., LL. D., 
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; 
theol.; men; Bapt.: est. 1859; Rev. E. Y. 
Mullins. D. D., LL. D.. Pres., 408 W. 
Southwestern Homeopathic Medical College; 
raed.; homcop.; co-ed.; est. 1892; George 
S. Coon, A. B., M. D.. Dean. 635 Sixth St, 
Spencerian Commercial School; bus. and stcn.; 
est. 1802; Enos Spencer, Pres., Sixth and 
State University of Kentucky; univ. ; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1879: James R. L. Diggs, 
A. M., Ph. D., Pros. 
Uhiversity of Louisville, Law Department; 
law; men; est, 1847; W. O. Ilnrris, Dean, 
812 W. Chestnut. 
University of Louisville, Medical Department, 
mod.: roj?.: mon: est. 1837: J. M. Bodlne, 
M. D.. Pros.: T. C. Evans, M. D., Dean, 
Cor. Chestnut and 8th. 
University — Flexner School; boys' prep.; non- 
HC'ft.: est. 1900: WllHam H. Thorp and H. 
O. Brownoll, Prins. 
Ursuline Academy of the Immaculate Concep- 
tion; prop.: girls; R. C; est. 1804: 
Mother Tlioo<lore, Superior. 
LYNDON, Jefferson Co., pop. 4ft. 
Kentucky Military Institute: military: nnn- 
Hoot.: oHt. 1S45: C. W. Fowli^r. .M. A.. C. 
E.. Supt. 
MACKVILLE, Washington Co., pop. 171. 

Mackville High School: prop.; ro-ed.: non- 
sect.; W. J. Rnmley, Prln. 

MADISONYILLE, Hopkins Go., pop. 8,628. 
Atkinson Literary and ladnstrial Bcliool (col- 
ored); co-ed.; A. M. B.; Samuel B. 
Duncan. Prln. 

MIDDLEBUBO, Casey Co., pop. 182. 
MiddlebuiV Normal CoUegte; normal; private; 
co-ed.; est. 1881; J. Sherman Lawhom, 
B. Ped., Pros. 
MILLEBSBUB6, Bourbon Co., pop. 862. 
Millersburg Female College; girls' boarding, 
M. E. So.; est. 1850; Rev. 0. 0. Flalier, 
A. M., Pres. 
Millersburg Training School; boys' boarding; 
non-sect.; C. M. Best, C. B., Prln. 
MINEBYA, Mason Co., pop. 132. 
Minerva College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; B. 
L. Gillis. Pres. 
MOOBHEAD, Bowan Co., pop. 1,100. 
Moorhead Normal School; normal; private; 
co-ed.; F. C. Button, Pres. 

M0B6ANT0WN, Butler Co., pop. 587. 
Morgantown Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect; 
J. Elmer Turner, Prln. 

MOUNT STEBLINO, Montgomery Co., pop. 
Ooodwin's Male High School; boys' boarding; 
non-sect.; M. J. Goodwin. Prln. 
MOUNT VEBNON. Bock Castle Co., pop. 422. 
Mount Vernon Collegiate Institute; prep.; co- 
ed.: Presby.; Rev, A, E. Ewers, Prln. 
NAZABETH, Nelson Co., pop. 30. 
Nazareth Literary and Benevolent InstitntiMi; 
girls' boarding; R, C; Mother M. Qeo- 
phas Miller, Prin. 
NEBINX, Marion Co., pop. 17. 
Loretto Academy; girls' boarding; B. C; est 
1812: .Mother Domltllla, Prln. 
NEWPOBT, Campbell Co., pop. 28,301. 
Academy of the Immaculata; prep.; co-ed.; 

est. 18.58; Sisters of Charity. 
Academy Notre Dame of Providence; girls' 
boarding: R, C: est. 1889; Reverend 
.Mother Maria. C. D. P.. Prin. 
Clark's Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

W. D. Clark. Pres. 
Mount St. Martin's Seminary; girls* board- 
ing: R. C: Mother .Maria, Prin. 
NORTH MIDDLETOWN, Bourbon Co., pop. 434. 
Kentucky Classical and Business Oolleg«; 
prep.: co-ed.: Christian: est. 1868; Mil- 
ton PMllott, Pres. 

OWENSBOBO. Daviess Co., pop. 1.3,189. 
Owonsboro College; coll.: co-ed.; J. Byron La 

Rue. Prep. 
Owonsboro Commercial College; bus and sten.; 

L. C. Smith, Pres. 
Owensboro Female College; girls' boardlns; 

non-sect.: est. 1R90; A. C. Goodwin, Pres. 
OWENTON. Owen Co.. pop. 1,014. 

Caldwell Academy and Graded School; prep.; 

ro-ed.: nons<'<t.: .Tesse C. Caldwell, Prin. 
PADUCAH. McCracken Co., pop. 19,446. 

Central Business College; bus. and sten.; est 

10n2: wminm C. Strong. Ph. G.. Prin. 
Draughon's Practical Business Oellege; bos. 

and sten.; J. F. Dranghon, Pres, 





St. Mary's Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Agathlna. Prln. 
FABIS, Bonrbon Go., pop. 4.603. 
Paris Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; Ed- 
ward M. Costello. Prln. 
Tipton's Select School, Miss; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; Miss M. S. Tipton. Prln. 
Yerkes* Priyate School; prep.; co-ed.: non- 
sect.; W. L. Yerkes, Prln. 
PIKEVILLE, Pike Co., pop. 608. 

Pikeyille Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Presb.; James P. Record, A. M., Ph. D., 
PIKEVILLE, Bell Co., pop. 2.072. 

Theodore Harris Institute; Prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. T. C. Noe, Prln. 
PRINCETON, OaldweU Co., pop. 2.M6. 
Princeton Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Presb.: John M. Richmond. Prln. 
PBOVIDENCE, Webster Co.. pop. 1,286. 
Male and Female Academy: prep.; co-ed.: 
non-sect.; J. Y. Brown, Prln. 
RICHMOND. Madison Co., pop. 4.66.3. 
Madison Female Institute; girls* boarding; 
Christian; est. 1856: 0. P. Simmons, 
RUSSELL VILLE, Logan Co., pop. 2.591. 
Bethel College; coll.; men; Bapt.: est. 1804; 

Wm. H. Harrison. M. A., Pres. 
Logan Female College; girls' boarding; M. E. 
So.: est. 1856; A. G. Mnrphy, A. M., 
ST. JOHN, Hardin Co. 
Bethlehem Academy; girls* boarding; R. C; 
Mother M. Kevin, Superior. 
ST. JOSEPH, Daviess Co., pop. 80. 
Mount St. Joseph's Academy; girls* bonrding; 
R. C; Mother M. Angnstlne, Prln. 
ST. MARY, Marion Co., pop. 200. 
St. Mary's College; coll.: men: R. C; est. 
1820; Very Rev. Michael Jaglowlcs, C. R., 

ST. VINCENT, Union Co., pop. 25. 

St. Vincent's Academy; girls* boarding; R. C; 
Sister Mary David, Prin. 
SHARPSBimO, Bath Co.. pop. 482. 

Male and Female College; prep.; co-ed.; non- 

sect.; Mrs. Fannie B. Talbor, Prin. 
Sharpsburg Academy: prep.; co-ed.; est. 1878; 
J. C. Nelson. Prln. 
SHELBY VILLE, Shelby Co., pop. 3.016. 
Science Hill School; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1825; Clara M. Poynter, Prln. 
SLATTOHTERSVILLE, Webster Co., pop. 683. 
Van Horn Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. W. Blgney. Prin. 

STANFORD, Lincoln Co., pop. 1.661. 
Stanford Male and Female Seminary; prep.; 
co-ed.; est. 1904; Oscar B. Fallls, Ph. D.. 

STTLPHXTR, Henry Co., pop. 400. 
Fairmount College: prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

B. P. Turner, Prin. 
TAYLORSVILLE, Spencer Co., pop. 615. 

Spencer Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; O. 

C. Overstreet. Prln. 
TRAPPIST. Nelson Co. 

Gethsemani College; bus. and prep.; men; 

R. C; est. 1851; Rt. Rev. Bdmond M. 

Obrecht. Pres. 
VANCEBXTRG, Lewis Co,, pop. 1,161. 
Riyerside Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Lawrence Rolfe, Prin. 
VERSAILLES, Woodford Co.. pop. 2.337. 
Margaret College; girls' boarding: P. B.; est. 

1892: Thos. C. Walton, Ph. D., Pres. 
Rose Hill Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

boarding; M. Q. Jesse, Prln. 

WADDY, Shelby Co., pop. 168. 
Central Normal College: normal; private; co- 
ed.; Robert Allen Burton, Pres. 

WTLLIAMSBURO. Whitley Co., pop. 1,495. 
Williamsburg Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1880: boarding, A. 8. Hill. 
WILMORE, Jessamine Co., pop. 350. 
Asbury College; prep.: co-ed.; Holiness; est. 
1890; Rev. Newton Wray, A. B., B. D., 
WINCHESTER, Clark Co., pop. 5,964. 
Kentucky Wesleyan College; coll.; co-ed.; M. 
E. So.: est. 1866; Rev. John L. Weber, 
Lltt. D., Pres. 


Population, 1,381,625. School system, 469,100. School age, 6-ia 

Louisiana is the twenty-third state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,381,625 inhabitants, of whom 729,612, or 52.8 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 51,853, or -3.7 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 38.5 per cent, the state ranking fiftieth in this respect 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


James B. Aswell, Superintendent of Public Education Baton Rouge 


Gov. N. C. Blanch ARD, President Baton Rouge 

Atty. Gen. Walter Guion New Orleans 

State Supt. J. B. Aswell, Secretary Baton Rouge 

Hon. D. C. Scarborough Natchitoches 

E. B. DuBuissoN Opelousas 

Hon. Walter J. Burke New Iberia 

Hon. a. Brittin New Orleans 

Capt. E. L. Kidd Ruston 

Prof. T. H. Harris Baton Rouge 

Dr. Jas. H. Dillard New Orleans 


Nicholas Bauer, Secretary New Orleans 


Dr. N. P. Mdss. President l^fayette 


No. of 

Parl.sli. Superintendent. Postofflce. Schools 

Acadia J. TI. Lewl.«« Crowley 46 

A.scen.sion I). R. Showalter Donaldson ville 87 

Assumption S. A. Alleman Napoleonvtlle SI 

Avoyelles Virtor K Roy Marksvllle 94 

Ha ton rvonpc'. K IT. J. Slrii'kland Baton Roufce 4S 

Haton Roiiv:*'. W L«n. SI. Favrot Port Allen JO 

Pi^nville \V. P. Head Arcadia S4 

Hdsslor I. H. .Jolinston Benton 71 

(^iddo T. C Moncure Slireveport 100 

("alcasiou Tolin McNeose Lake Charles 100 

Caldwell A. B. Hundley Columbia 17 





Parish. Superintendent. 

Cameron A. G. Murray 

Carroll, E C. C. Lewis 

Carroll, W W. McG. Dollerhide . 

Catahoula T. W. Perrin 

Claiborne Chas. W. Seals.* 

Concordia D. S. Strickler 

De Soto William Goss 

Feliciana, E D. G. Lunsford 

Feliciana, W A. M. Hendon 

Franklin H. F. Smullen 

Grant J. N. Warner 

Iberia J. C. Ellis 

Iberville C. J. Brown 

Jackson C. L. Shell 

Jefferson F. A. Middleton 

Layaf ette V. K Roy 

L«af ourche W. S. Lafargrue 

Lincoln R. M. Logran 

Livingrston W. E. Underwood .. . . 

Madison M. S. Pittman 

Morehouse J. O. Taylor 

Natchitoches A. E. Bath 

Orleans Warren Easton 

Ouachita T. O. Brown 

Plaquemine R. E. Hingrle 

Pointe Coupee C. F. Trudean 

Rapides C. C. Henson 

Red River J. L Teer 

Richland T. H. McGregor 

Sabine John H. Williams . . . 

St. Bernard Clement Story 

St. Charles T. B. Sellers 

St. Helena W. H. Humble 

St. James J. N. Gourdain 

St. John , J. E. Guardia 

St. Landry C. J. Thompson 

St. Martin A. J. Cormier 

St. Mary Dr. D. N. Foster 

St. Tammany W. C. Evans 

Tangipahoa A. C. Lewis 

Tensas A. E. Green 

Terrebonne . . * W. P. Tucker 

Union I. O. Hodnett 

Vermilion A. M. Smith 

Vernon W. L. Ford 

WashinfiTton J. W. Bateman 

Webster J. M. Davies 

Winn Cas Moss 

Pop. of 
PostofBce. Schools. 

. .Lowry 26 

. .Lake Providence 24 

..Floyd 24 

. Harrisonburg 79 

..Homer 121 

..Vidalla 34 

. .Mansfield 60 

. .Wilson 66 

. .St. Francisville 14 

. .Fort Necessity 33 

..Pollock 48 

. .New Iberia 48 

. .Plaquemine 24 

..Avard 62 

. .McDonogrhvllle 23 

. .Lafayette 31 

. .Thibodaux 60 

. .Huston 66 

. .Bayou Barbary 62 

..Ashley 43 

. .Bastrop 54 

..Natchitoches 100 

. .New Orleans 71 

. .West Monroe 55 

. .Pointe-a-la-Hache ..... 40 

. .New Roads 50 

. .Alexandria 104 

. .Coushatta 56 

. .Rayville 25 

. .Many 94 

..St. Bernard 13 

..Ama 19 

. .Greensburgr 52 

. .Convent 28 

..Edgard 24 

. .Opelousas 87 

. .St. Martinsville 25 

. .Franklin 37 

. .Mandeville 33 

..Amite 82 

. .St. Joseph 57 

. .Houma 59 

..Marlon 99 

. .Abbeville 47 

..Leesvllle 84 

. .Franklinton 62 

. .Mlnden 54 

. .Winnfleld 50 


BALDWIN, St. lUzy Farisli, pop. 650. 

Gilbert Indnitrial Bdiool (colored): Indust. 
and prep.; co-ed.; M. B.; Rev. Pierre 
Landry, Prln. 
BATOV BOVOE, E. Baton Boog* Parish, pop. 
LoBiaiana State Vniveraitj, Affrioultnral and 
Mechanioal CollMTe; nnlv.; state: co-ed.; 
est. 1800; Thomas D. Boyd. A. M., LL. 
D.. Pres. 
St. Joseph's Aoadeiny; girls* boarding: R. C; 
est. 18^: Mother Raphael, Superior. 
CHnrCUUBA, St. Tammany Parish. 
Chinchaba Deaf Mnte Institute; school for 
deaf; co-ed.; R. C. ; Archbishop of Now 
Orleans, Pres. of Board of Directors. 
CLnrroV, E. TeUdaaa Parish, pop. 900. 

Billimtn Collegiate Institute; girls' boarding; 
Presb. ; pBt. 18,52; Rov. P. W. Lewis. 

CONVENT, St. James Parish, pop. 050. 
Jefferson College; coll.: mon.: R. C. : est. 1804; 
Very Rev. R. n. Smith. S. M.. Pros. 
COVINGTON, St. Tammany Parish, pop. 650. 
Dixon Academy: prep.; co-ed.; non-spct.: Wil- 
liam A. Dixon. Prln. 

CROWLEY, Acadia Co., pop. 4,500. 
Crowley TTniversity School: prop.: oo-od.; non- 
sect. : .Tolin Hiram Lewis. Prln. 

DONALDSONVILLE, Ascension Parish, pop. 
St. Vincent's Institute; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister M. Clotilda, Prln. 





6&AVD COTEAV, St. Landrj Farisb. pop. 621. 

Academy of the B&cred Heart; girls' boaxd- 
lofir; R. C. : Mother H. Sarens. Prln. 
7ACK80V, E. FeUciana Farifh. pop. 2.012. 

Millwood Institnte: prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.: 
Miss A. M. C. Pearce. Prln. 
KEATCHIE, De Soto Farish, pop. 326. 

Louisiana Female College; trirls* boarding: 
Bapt.: est. 185<J: G. W. Thigpen, Pres. 
LAFATTTTE. Lafayette Farish. pop. 3.314. 

Southwestern Louisiana Fari^ Industrial In- 
stitnte; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: Edwin 
Lewis Stephens. A. B., Ph. D.. Pres. 
MAHSFIELD, DeSoto Farish, pop. 847. 

Xansfleld Female Ck>llege: girls* boarding: M. 
E. So.: est. 1855: T. S. Sllgh. Pres. 
MABKBYILLE. Avoyelles Farish, pop. 827. 

Marksyille High School; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; V. L. Roy. Prln. 
MOVROE, Ouachita Farish. pop. 5.428. 

St. Hyacinth's Boarding Academy: prep.; co- 
ed.; R. C; Sister St. Ignatius. Prln. 
MT. LEBAHOV. BieuTille Farish, pop. 205. 

Mt. Lebanon Baptist Male Ck>llege; coll.: men; 
Rapt.; est. 1851; C. Cothingham. M. A.. 
VATCHITOCHEB, Natchitoches Farish, pop. 

Louisiana State Vormal School; normal: state: 
co-ed.; B. C. Caldwell. Pres. 
HEW IBERIA, Iberia Farish. pop. 6.815. 

Fasnacht's Graded Institnte; prep.: co-ed.; 
non R'Tt. ; Mi«s Marie L. Fasnacht. Prln. 
HEW ORLEAHB, Orleans Farish, pop. 287.104. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; giria' board- 
ing; R. C. Madam C. Dosbarats. Prin., 
4.'»21 St. Charles Ave. 

Algier's School of Shorthand and Typewrit- 
ing; sten.: co-ed.; M. Beatty. Prln.. 420 
Rormtida St. 

Audubon Sugar School; chem. and sugar 
analysin: co-ed.: non-HCCt.: Thomas D. 
Boyd, A. M.. IX. D., Director. Aadnbon 

Carillon's Shorthand School; bus. and ston.; 
A. C. Carillon. Prin. 

Chenet Classical and Commercial Institute; 
Prop, and bus.: bo.vH: H. S. Chenet. Prln. 

Cenas School, Miss; girls: prep.: non-sect.; 
Miss Frnnoos Cenas. Prin.. 1421 N. Clai- 
borne at. 

College of the Immaculate Conception; coll.; 
nmn.: R. C; est. 1R47: Rev. Henry S. 
Mjirlnp. S. J.. Cor. Baronne and Common. 

Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes; girls' board- 
ing: R. C. : Mother Enphrasie. Superior, 
1072 N. White St. 

Daniel Hand School (colored) ; prop. : co-ed. : 
Miss M. Isabel Whelpley. Prln.. 126 N. 
Ilocheblnve St. 

Dyker's Institute: girls' l>oardlng: Christian: 
Harriet V. Dyker, Prln.. 1727 rarond<>lot 

Ferrell School for Boys; boys' boardlnp: non- 
wet.: L. C. Ferrell. Prin.. 4020 St. 
Charles Ave. 

Flint Medical CoUaffe, Medical D«pwiflUKt 

Hew Orieans VaiTerslty; med.; re^.: co- 
ed.; est. 1880: A. D. Bush. M. D., Dean, 

1506 Canal St. 
GnUlofs Institnte; girls* boarding: noD-sect.; 

Mlfli Marie Gnlllot, Prin.. 1306 Danphbi. 
Hanghn Institnte; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect; 

est. 1802; Mrs. Margaret H. Haoglm, 

Prin.. 1653 Octavia St. 
Holy Cross College: boys' boarding: R. C; 

D. J. Splllard. C. S. C, Prin.. Danphlae 

and Reynes Sts. 
Holy Trinity School; prep.; b<^yB: Rev. A. 

Bechelmayer. Prin.. 2827 Royal. 
Home Institnte: giris* boarding; non-sect.; 

est. 1881: Miss Sophia B. Wright, Prin., 

1446 Camp St. 
Isadore Hewman Manual Training School; 

manual training; co-ed.: non-sect.; est. 

1004: James E. Addicott. M. A.. Fret.. 

1831 Peters Ave. 
Leland University (colored): coll.; co-ed.; 

Bapt.: est. 1870; R. W. Perkins, A. 

M.. Pres.. 7013 St. Charles Ave. 
Loyola College; prep.; boys: R. C; Rev. A. 

Blevers. S. J.. Pres.. 717 Willow. 
L'Vnion Francaise School; girls* boarding; 

non-sect.: Miss Marie Dnmestre, Prln., 

028 N. Rampart. 
Luther College: prep.; co-ed.; Lntb.; F. J. 

Laukenau. Pres. 
Moler College: barbering and halrdresslng; 

co-ed.: est. 1803; D. Moler, Mgr., 1S8 

Carondelet St. 
Hewcomh Memorial College of Tnlane Uni- 
versity; coll.; women: non-sect.: est. 1886; 

Brandt Van Blarcom Dixon, LL. D., 

Pres.. 1220 Washington Ave. 
Hew Orleans College of Dentistry: dent.; co- 
ed.: est. 1800: A. G. Friedrichs, M. D., 

Doan, 831 Carondelet St. 
Hew Orleans College of . Oratory and Boon- 

tion: elo. and or.: co-ed.; Miss Lilly 0. 
Whittaker. Prln.. 707 Common. 
Hew Orleans College of Fharmacy; phar.; 

co-ed. : est. 1000; George D. Feldner, Fret.. 

725 Camp St. 
Hew Orleans Hormal and Training Sohool; 

normal: city; co-ed.: est. 1806: Miss Mar- 

earet C. Hanson. Prin., 1142 Constance 

Hew Orleans University (colored); coll.; co- 
ed.: M. E.; est. 1873; Rev. F. H. Knight, 

Ph. D.. Pres.. 5318 St. Charles Ave. 
Hew Orleans University, College of Fhsmacy 

(colored^; phar.: co-ed.; est. 1000; H. J. 

Clements. Dean. 1566 Canal St. 
Hotre Dame Academy: girls' boarding; R. C; 

est. 1803: Sister Superior. 
Paragon Shorthand Institute; bus. and aten.; 

est. 1890: Alex. Llchtentag. Prop.. Camp' 

and Enterpe Sts. 
Picar Institute: girls' boarding: non-sect.: 

Miss Alice Gamatls. Prln., 2308 Esplan- 
Ficard Institute: prep.: co-ed.: R. C; Mra. 

A. Plonrd. Prin.. 2308 Esplanade Ave. 
Finac Institute: girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Marie L. Plnac, Prin., 1400 Hospital. 





Points Musical Institute; mosic; co-ed.; Miss 

D. Points, Prin., 930 Elysian Fields Ave. 
Pnrsell-Bliields School; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Mrs. Purcell-Shlelds, Pres., 2910 

Robert Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Miss E. Rob- 
ert, Prln., 2312 Barracks. 
Rugby School; boys' boarding; non-sect.; W. 

E. Wails and W. G. Jones, Prins., 4803 
St. Charles Ave. 

St. Agnes Hall School; prep.; co-ed.; Miss 
M. Burthe, Prin. 

St. Aloysius College; boys' boarding; R. C. 
Brother Celestln. Prin., 1106 Esplanade 

St. Joseph's Commercial Academy; boys' 
boarding; R. C; Brother Athanasius, 
Prin.. 2137 St. Philip St. 

St. Louis Diocesan Seminary; theol.; men.; 
R. C; Very Rev. Michael S. Ryan, C. M., 
D. D., Pres., 1438 Henry Clay St. 

St. Simeon's Select School; girls' boarding; 
R. C; Sister Adelaide, Prin., 1321 An- 
nunciation St. 

Sloan-Duployan Shorthand School; bus. and 
sten.; co-ed.; Charles Nathan, Prln. 

Societe Francais du Juillet School; prep.; 
boys; non-sect.; Miss Ada Freret, Prin., 
1028 St. Peter. 

Sonle Gommercial College and Literary Insti- 
tute; bus., sten.. and prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; George Soule, Pres., 603 St. 
Charles Ave. 

Southern Academic Institute; girls' boarding; 
non-sect.; Mrs. Kate C. Seaman, Prln., 
2618 Coliseum Ave. 

Southern College of Music; music: coed.; 
Mrs. G. David. Pres., 1216 Felicity. 

Southern University and A. and M. College; 
(colored); col. and tech.; co-ed.; non* 
sect.; H. A. Hill, Pres. 

Spencer's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
co-ed.; est. 1893; L. C. Spencer, B. S., 

Straight VniTenity (colored); coll.; co-ed.; 
Cong.; est. 1809; Rev. S. G. Butcher, A. 
B., Pres.. cor. Canal and S. Tontl Sts. 

Trinity School; prep., co-ed.; Rev. 0. Nler- 
mann, Prln., Oliver and Eliza Sts. 

Tnlane VniTersity of Louisiana; unlv.; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; est. 1834; Edwin B. Craig- 
head, LL. D.. Pres. 

Tnlane University, College of Technology; 

tech.; co-ed.; Crown Ayres, Ph. D., Dean. 

Tnlane University, Department of Pharmacy; 
phar.; co-ed.; est. 1838; Isadore Dyer, 
Ph. B., M. D., Dean, Canal and N. Rob- 
ertson Sts. 

Tulane University, Law School; law; men; 
est. 1847; Eugene D. Saunders, LL. B., 
Dean, Tulane Ave. and University PI. 

Tulane University, Medical Department; med.; 
reg. ; men; est. 1834; Isidore Dyer, Ph. 
B., M. D., Dean, Canal and N. Villere 

Twentieth Century and Cowles Shorthand 
School; bus. and sten.; co-ed.; Miss Ma- 
rie R. Wood, Prin., 646 Commercial PI. 

University School; boy^B' boarding; non-sect.; 
T. W. Dyer, Prin.. 1923 Ollseum St. 

Ursuline Convent; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Mother St. Stanislaus, Prln.. 4580 
Dauphlne St. 

Wheeler Business College; bus. and sten.; co- 
ed.; WiUard J. Wheeler, Pres., 803 
Canal St. 

NEW ROADS, Points Coupee Parish, pop. 770. 
Poydras Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; I. 
J. Vaughan, Prin. 

0PEL0U8AS, St. Landry Parish, pop. 2,951. 
Academy of the Immaculate Conception; R. 
C; prep.; co-ed.; Sister Veronica, Prin. 

RUSTON, Lincoln Parish, pop. 1,324. 
Louisiana Industrial Institute; tech. and in- 
dust.; state; co-ed.; est. 1895; 0. B. 
Byrd, Prin. 

SHREYEPORT, Caddo Parish, pop. 16.013. 

Centenary College of Louisiana; coll.; co- 
ed.; Meth.; est. 1845; W. L. Weber, A. 
M., LL. D., Pres. 

Draughon's Practical Business College; bus. 
and sten.; P. E. Townsley, Manager. 

SPEARSVILLE Union Parish, pop. 130. 
Everett Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; J. W. 
Thome, Prln. 

THIBODEAUX, La Fourche Parish, pop. 3.253. 
Mount Garmel Academy; girls' boarding; R. 
C, Sister Superior. 

WELSH, Calcasieu Parish, pop. 320. 

Welsh Normal and Business Institute; bus. 
and nor.; co-ed.; non-sect.; J. N. Nelson, 


x'r.yiWvjT., 6W.466. School census. 210J54. School age 5-21. 

\\'<\n". w th-i thir.ifrth =:atc of the Union in point of populatioii. having a total 
'fi OA,Af/, irhsibi'Sinr-. of whom 692 J26. or 59 J" per cent, are white. Of this nninber 
72,93.-. f,r 1.14 j/;r cm*, are foreii?n bc-m. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire 
pf/p'ih'yjTi i- £.1 per cent, the state ranking eight e^ith in this respect. The educa- 
•ional -.y"i*':rr. of the -late i« as follows: 


I'AYsov Smith, Start Superintendent of Public Schools Augusta 


f'liMi': '.rhfjfA V;xl-lKx^k« arc required by state law to be furnished free by the 
-.':v't;i1 towns. Th'T*: is no State Text-Book Commission and no state uniformity 

of t#:Xt-lKy^ks. 


K, L. I'AKMKk, President Dexter 

I ), L. Wok M w^^KKi, Secretary Oldtown 


M;iiTH! has no county superintendents of schools, but nas instead what is called 
th<- "towns sysKrin" of school supervision, each city and town, or in some cases, 
where \h<: towns are sniall, a group of towns, having its individual superintendent 

of srhfK>ls. 


ATHENS, 8oin«rMt Co.. ih^*. WK. 

SomeriAt Academy; f»ri«|». ; fnt\.: iionHi-ft.; 
A. W. lJ«*fofi. A. ir. Prin. 
AUGUSTA. Kennebec Co.. j>o[>. l\.OS:i. 

Shaw BuiineM College; Imim. niul Htfn. ; out. 
]H!».'(: Cnrroll IT. BlnlmlHl. iTlii. 

BANOOR. Penobirot Co., |»op. 21.>iriO. 
Banfor BusineM Collefe; biiH. nnd Htcn.: E. 

I». I'rnll, I'n-H. 
Bangror Training School; nor.: womon; city; 

int. |Hl)r>: li. Kli'fiiior (!loiuliiinn. Prin. 
Bangor Theological Sominarj; thcol.; co-cm1.: 

CoHK.: out. 1814: Rpv. IHrid N. Beaeh. 
D. I)., Pivi*. 
Shaw Buiineas College: bus. and aten.: eat. 

1RR4: P. L. Shaw, Pre*. 
Uniyertity of Maine. School «f Law; law; 
Btat«<: oo-<(l.: est. 1896: William E. Wals, 
M. A., LL. B.. Dean. 
BELFAST, Waldo Co.. pop. 4.016. 
Banks Business Collegv; In». and aten.; cat. 
1900; E. A. Banks. Prin. 
BETHETi. Oxford Co., pop. 722. 
Oonld's Academy; prep.: co-ed.: noa-McL; 





est. 1836; Frank B. Haoscom, A. M., 
BLVEHHX, Hancock Co., pop. 1,828. 
Goorse StoTona AcAdomy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; WlUiam H. Patten. Ph. B.. Prin. 
BRUlfSWICX, Cumberland Co., pop. 6.210. 
Bowdoin Colleire; coll.; men; Con^.; eat. 
1802; Rev. Wm. De Witt Hyde, D. D., 
LL- D.. Prea. 
Medical School of Maine at Bowdoin College; 
(freshman and sophomore years); med.; 
reg.; men; est. 1820; Alfred Mitchell, A. 
.M.. M. D.. Dean. (See Portland. Me.) 
BVCKBPORT, Hancock Co., pop. 2,339. 
Eaat Maine Conference Seminary; prep.; co- 
ed.; M. E.; est. 1848; Frederick E. Brag- 
don. A. M.. Pres. 
CASTnTE, Hancock Co., pop. 025. 
Eaatem State Kormal School; normal; state; 
co-ed.; A. F. Richardson. A. M., Pres. 
CHARLESTON, Penobscot Co., pop. 842. 
Higgina' Classical Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; L. L. Workman, A. B., Prin. 
CHERRTTIELD, Washington Co., pop. 1,859. 
Cherryfteld Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
BenJ. CoflBn and Thos. 0. Tooker. Prins. 
CORDTHA, Penobscot Co., pop. 1,170. 
CorinuA Union Academy; prep.; day; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1852; L. Whitney Elklns, 
A. B., Prin. 
CXTMBERLAin) CEKTER, Cumberland Co., 
pop. 350. 
Oreely Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Si- 
mon Monlton Hamlin, Prin. 
DRESDEN MILLS, Lincoln Co., pop. 200. 
Bridge Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1881; Norris S. Lord, A. B.. Prin. 
EAST CORINTH, Penobscot Co., pop. 478. 
East Corinth Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1844; H. D. Worth. A. B., 
EAST MACHIA8, Washington Co., pop. 1,521. 
Waahington Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1792; Ralph S. Smith. A. B., Prin. 
FARMINGTON, Franklin Co.. pop. 1.251. 
Abbott School, The; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1844; George Dudley Church. 
FarmingtoB State Normal School; normal; 
state; co-ed.; George 0. Purington, A. 
M., Pres. 
FORT KENT, Aroostook Co., pop. 2,628. 
Madavaoka Training School; normal: state; 
co-ed.; Miss Mary P. Nowland. Pres. 
FOZCROFT, Piscataquis Co., pop. 1,629. 
Foxcroft Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Lyman Kingman Lee, A. B.. Prin. 
FREEDOM, Waldo Co., pop. 479. 
Freedom, Academy; prep, and bus.; co-ed. r 
non-sect.; est. 1836; A. B. Linscott. A. 
B., Prin. 
FRTEBTJRO, Oxford Co., pop. 650. 
p Fzyeburg Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

[Emerson L. Adams, A. M., Headmaster. 
eORHAM, CoaibexlaBd Co., pop. 2.640. 

Western Normal School; normal; state; co- 
ed.; Walter E. Russell. Pres. 
GRAY, Cumberland Co., pop, 1,388. 
Pennell Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; C. 
F. Howland, Prin. 
HAMPDEN, Penobscot Co., pop. 2,182. 
Hampden Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1803; Henrj- W. Mayo, Pres. 
HEBRON, Oxford Co., pop. 494. 

Hebron Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 
1804: Wra. E. Sargent. A. M.. Prin. 
HOULTON, Arooatook Co., pop, 4,G8G. 
Ricker Classical Institute; prep.: co-ed.; 
Bapt.; Edwin C. Harmon, Prin. 
XENTS HILL, Kennebec Co., pop. 150. 

Maine Wealeyan Seminary and Woman's Col- 
lege; prep.; M. E.; Wilbur Fisk Berry. 
D. D.. Pres. 
LEE, Penobscot Co., pop, 801. 

Lee Normal Academy; normal; private; co- 
ed.; Prin. 

LEWISTON, Androacoggin Co., pop. 23.761. 
Bates College; coll.: co-ed.; Free Bapt.: est. 
18G3; George C. Chase, D. D.. LL. D.. 
Bliss Business College; bus. and sten.: O. D. 

Bliss, Pres. 
Cobb Divinity School, Bates College; tbcol.; 
Free Bapt.; est. 1840; James A. Howe, 
D. D., Dean. 
LIMINGTON, York Co., pop. 1,001. 

Limington Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
day; free; Walter H. Russell, Prin. 
LITCHFIELD CORNERS, Kennebec Co., pop. 
Litchfield Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
O. C. Merrill. A. B., Prin. 
NEWCASTLE, Lincoln Co., pop. 1.075. 

Lincoln Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-soct.; 
George H. Larrabee, A. M., Prin. 
NEW GLOUCESTER, Cumberland Co., pop. 
Stevens School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; M. 
B. and S. P. Stevens, Prins. 
NORTH ANSON, Somerset Co., pop, 1,000. 
Anson Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1823; George Thomas Sweet, A. B.. Prin. 
NORTH BRIDGTON, Cumberiand Co., pop. 280. 
Bridgton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1808: J. F. McCormick, Prin. 
NORTH PARSONFIELD, York Co., pop. 200. 
Parsonfleld Seminary; prop.; co-ed.: non-soct.; 
Frederick W. Ernst, Prin. 
ORONO, Penobscot Co., pop. 3,257. 

University of Maine; iiniv.; state; co-od.; est. 
1867: Goorge Emory Follows, Pli. D., LL. 
D., Pres. 
PITTSFIELD, Somerset Co., pop. 2,208. 

Maine Central Institute; prep.: oo-ed.: free 
Bopt.; est. 180G; F. U. Landman, Prin. 
PORTLAND, Cumberland Co., pop. 50,145. 
Gray's Portland Business College; bus. and 

sten.: Frank L. Gray, Pros. 
Medical School of Maine. Medical Depart- 
ment, Bowdoin College; (Junior and 





Senior years); med.; reg.; men; est. 

1820; Alfred Mitchell. M. D., Dean. 
Norton's (Miss) Training School for Kinder- 

gartners; nor. kind.; women; est. 1890; 

Miss Abbey N. Norton, Prin. 
Portland School of Telegraphy; teleg.; Geo. 

L. GaskcU, Pres. 
Sawyer's (Miss) School of Shorthand; sten.; 

co-ed.; est, 1885; Miss Annie L. Sawyer, 

St. Elizabeth's Academy; girls* boarding; R. 

C; Mother Mary Teresa, Prin. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. G.; 

est. 1882; Sister Mary Wilfrid, Direct- 
Shaw's Business College; bus. and sten.; T. 

L. Shaw, Pres. 
Virgil Clavier School; mus. ; co-ed.; est. 1896; 

Frank L. Rankin, Director. 
Waynflete School; girls' prep.; non-sect.; est. 

1898; Miss Caroline M. Grisfield and 

Miss Agnes Lowell, Prins. 
Westbrook Seminary and Female College; 

prep.; co-ed.; est. 1831; boarding; Ar- 
thur C. Ycaton, A. B., Pres. 
FBESQTTE ISLE, Aroostook Co., pop. 3,022. 
Aroostook State Normal School; nor.; state; 

co-ed.; Irving 0. Bragg. Prin. 
ROCKLAND, Knox Co., pop. 8,150. 
Rockland Commercial College; bus and sten.; 

est. 1880; Howard and Brown, Prins. 

and Props. 
SACO, York Co., pop. 6,122. 
Thornton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

day; Ernest Roliston Woodbury, A. B., 

SEBAQO, Cumberland Co., pop. 576. 
Potter Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 

1805; Herbert E. Thompson, A. B., Prin. 

SOUTH BERWICK, York Co., pop. 3,188. 
Berwick Academy; boys; prep.; non-sect.; est. 
1791; Frank E. Nye, Headmaster. 
SOUTH CHINA, Kennebeck Co., pop. 102. 
Erskine Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1883; W. J. Thompson, Prin. 
SPRINGFIELD, Penobscot Co., pop. 532. 
Springfield Normal School; normal; state; co- 
ed.; Miss Anna H. Chadboume, Prin. 
TURNER, Androscoggin Co., pop. 1,924. 
Leavitt Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; B. 
E. Packard, Prin. 
YASBALBORO, Kennebeck Co., pop. 2.062. 
Oak Grove Seminary; prep.; co-ed.: Friends; 
est. 1847; George L. Jones, Prin. 
WATER VILLE, Kennebeck Co., pop. 0,477. 
Cobum Classical Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1829; G. S. Sterenson, A. M., 
Colby College; coll.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 1818; 
Rev. Charles Lincoln White, D. D., Fret. 
Kiest's Business College; bus. and sten.; H. 
L. C. Lanning, Pres. 

WILTON, Franklin Co., pop. 1,647. 
Wilton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Drew T. Hartbom, Prin. 
WISCASSET, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,273. 
Wiscasset Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1808; Charles S. Sewall. A. B. Prin. 
WOODFORDS, Suburb of PorUand. 
Westbrook Seminary; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1834; President. 

YARMOUTH, Cumberland Co., pop. 2,274. 

North Yarmouth Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non- 
sect.; Frederick H. Dole, A. B., Prin. 

Btockbridge Hall; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Miss Stockbridge, Prin. 


Population, 1,190,050. School census, 336,230. School age, 5-18. 

Maryland is the twenty-sixth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,190,050 inhabitants, of whom 952,424, or 80.2 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 93,144, or 7.9 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 11.1 per cent, the state ranking thirty-second in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


M. Bates Stephens, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Annapolis 

Bradl£y K. Purdum, Asst. Supt Annapolis 


Austin L. Crothers, Governor, President Annapolis 

M. Bate Stephens, State Superintendent, Secretary Annapolis 

RuFus K. Wood Sparrows Point 

Clayton Purnell Frostburg 

William S. Powell Ellicott City 

Z. P. Wharton : Stockton 

Robert C. Cole Baltimore 

Thos. H. Lewis Westminster 


Public school text-books are required, by state law, to be furnished free by the 
state. There is no State Text-Book Commission, however, recognized as such as 
a separate board. 


M. Bate Stephens, President , Annapolis 

Miss S. E. Richmond Baltimore City 

RoBT. H. Gault Chestertown 

J. M. Gambrill Baltimore City 

Miss Margaret M. Robinson Frederick City 

Herbert E. Austin, Secretary Baltimore City 

Mary E. Ford Frostburg 


Sarah E. Richmond, President Baltimore City 

Hugh W. Caldweu., Secretary Chesapeake City 






Pop. of 
County. Exanilner. Address. County. 

Allegrany A. C. Willison Cumberland 6S.694 

Anne Arundel Harry R. Wallis Annapolis' 40,018 

Baltimore City James H. Van Sickle, Supt.. Baltimore City 508,967 

Baltimore Albert S. Cook Towson 90,756 

Carroll S. Simpson Westminster 88,860 

Caroline Edward M. Noble Denton 16.848 

Cecil George Biddle Elkton 24,662 

Calvert J. Briscoe Bunting Prince Frederick . 10,228 

Charles Michael R. Stone La Plata 18,816 

Dorchester Wm. P. Beckwith Cambridge 27,962 

Frederick Oscar B. Coblentz Frederick 61,920 

Garrett Edward A. Browning Oakland 17,701 

Howard Woodland C. Phillips Ellicott City 16,715 

Harford Charles T. Wright Bel Air 28.269 

Kent Milton Melvin Chestertown 18,786 

Montgomery Earle B. Wood Rockvllle 80,451 

Pripce George Frederick Sasscer Upper Marlboro 29,898 

Queen Anne B. J. Grimes .Centreville 18,864 

St. Mary George W. Joy Leonard town 18,186 

Somerset Wm. H. Dash lell Princess Anne 25,928 

Talbot Nicholas Orem Easton 20,842 

Washington John P. Fockler Hagerstown 45,188 

Wicomico H. Crawford Bounds Salisbury 22,869 

Worcester Edgar W. McMaster Pocomoke City 20.865 


AMMENDALE, Prince George Co., pop. 15. 

Ammendale Normal Institute; normal; co- 
ed.; R. C: est. 1880; Brother Austin, 
ANNAPOLIS, Anne Arundel Co., pop. 8.625. 

St. John's Colle8:e; coll.; men; non-sect.; est. 
1789; Thomas Fell, LL. D., Pres. 

United States Naval Academy; naval; men; 
U. S. Government; est. 1845; Capt. Wll- 
lard H. Brownson, U. S. N.. Supt. 
BALTIMORE, pop. 508,957. 

Academy of the Visitation; girls' boarding; 
R. C; Sister Mary Agatha Scott, Prin., 
604 Park Ave. 

Affordby School; primary and kindergarten 
normal; est. 1888; Laura M. Beatty, 
Prin., 311 Courtland St. 

Atlantic Medicid College; (formerly Southern 
Homeopathic Medical College) med. ; 
Homeop.; co-ed.; est. 1890; Eldrldge C. 
Price, M. D., Dean. 1012 Madison Ave. 

Baltimore Business College; bus. and sten.; 
E. li. Norman. Pres., 5 N. Charles St. 

Baltimore City College; prep.: men; non- 
sect.; est. 1839; Francis A. Soper. A. M., 

Baltimore College of Dental Surgery; dent.; 
co-ed.; est. 1839; M. W. Foster. D. D. 
S., Dean, cor. Easton and Franklin. 

Baltimore Law School; law; co-od.; est. 1900; 
Alfred S. Nlles, LL. D.. A. M., Dean, 
232 St. Paul. 

Baltimore Medical College; mod.; rog.; men; 
est. 1881: David Street. A. M.. M. D., 
/♦res., Madison St. and Lincoln Ave. 

Baltimore Medical College; Dental Depart- 
ment; dent.: men: est. 1895; J. W. Smith. 

D. D. S., Dean, Howard Ave. and Madi- 

Baltimore Normal School (colored); normal; 
private; co-ed.; George Harrison, Pres., 
Saratoga and Courtland. 

Baltimore Polytechnic Inatitnte; tech.: men; 
est. 1884; William R. King. U. S. N.. 
Prin., 311 Courtland St. 

Baltimore School of Garment Gntting; gar- 
ment cutting for men: night; est. 1889; 
ilecklinger and Oebm, Props., 221 Han- 
over St. 

Baltimore School of Pemin Shorthand; sten.; 
est. 1897: E. W. Weems, Prin., 1419 N. 
Charles St. 

Baltimore University, School of Law; law; 
men: est. 1814; Thomas R. Clendenin, 
Dean. 232 St. Paul. 

Baltimore University, School of Modiciao; 
med.; reg. : men; est. 1883; Theodore 
Cook, Jr., Dean, 1806 No. Charles St. 

Boys' Latin School; boys' day; non-sect.: 
Janios A. Dunham. Prin., 1006-1014 

Bryn Mawr School for Oirls; girls* day; 
est. 1S85: non-sect.: Edith Hamilton. M. 
A., Head Mistress, Cor. Cathedral and 

Calvert Hall College; l>oys' boarding: R. C: 
Brother Denis. Prin.. Cor. Cathedral and 

College of Physicians and Burgeons; mod.; 
rog.: men; est. 1872; Chas. P. Bevan. 
M. D.. Dean, corner Calvert and Sara- 

Country School, The; boys' boarding: noo- 
soct.: C9t. 189G; S. Wardwell Kinney. 
M. A., Headmaster, Charles St. 


Imijj*, nou-fioet.; cf-t, ISSi; E, DeiphmaDD» 
Vh. IV. Prtti.. S'll N. Jiowjird at. 
EAton & Burnett fiiiaineAa Gallegfi; buH. nn4 
?!r(*Q.; A. n* Batcm, Prea.; Hon Bj^UI- 

IlfL^ewoKh Bchonah girl»' boarvlLog; noiv-sc^t,; 

Mr*, ri- K Lcfi^-bvre. Tria. 

Epipb&D^ ApoitollQ Ocin«fff»; bdjfi' bonrillpgr 

B, C. ; Jufitiii McCiirthj-, PriD,. Walbrook 

IViandi' Schawl: prep,; co-ed.; FrleniU; eaC- 

1804 : Etlwnrd a WIlBon, B. S. Prtn., 

Piifk PL nufl LiurL'ns, 
Girli' Latin Scliooh girls' boar ding; M. E^: 

pBt. 1800; llarlad Updi'irrdflr, A. M,. PrJn* 
Joluu Hopkina UbiTeraity; uttlv.; mcti. non- 

Bt-cr.; csi. JST«t Irn Rcmsen. Ph. D., 

LL, D.. Pres. 
jAltbi Hopkloft llTniTflnity, Hedicjil 8ob»l; 

raiHt.; meg,; co-ed.; est. 1803; W. H* 

Hott*"lI. P!i D.. M, D., LL. D. Deitn, 

WiiatiJng^lon ftnil MoDUident. 
Eiaspp'« luatitnte; Dftr^i co-rtL ; uoa-Hti-Pt. ; 

W. A. Knjipp. Prln,. gRl-SG^-i Hoi I In a. 
Irforolm GollAge; coll.; men* R. C. ; est. 1852; 

llt'V. J. F. Quirk, 3. J., Pn?*., MddWttient 

jiml .\Tjtfltat^D St. 
ICmiyliuid CoUeB« of Pbftnomcyj pimrj co- 

eii.: f'tif. 1S41I CbJirleft C«spjirl, Jr.. Di;nB, 

AIhjmU^ Ave. and Fnyj?ltt', 
MvyluLd Inatitute Bcbaol c^f Art and Doilsn; 

>n; rrt(-d.; i'ist, 1,H4T; Job« M. Cnrtcir. 

Mi^rTland Medical CoILtifa; nird.: reg. ; meu; 

t?st 1W>S: J. B. ScIiwatlEa^ M, 1>h. Puan. 
Mai^lund Stute HomiaJ ScbooU ntfnnol; sfntp; 

ro#il.; Gvnrgcr Wji^bitijErt^ii Wurd, Pb. 

r>.. Pros,. ^'oniLT Lafflj-dttf and f'wrroU- 

tnrj Ai^e»» 
Xilt&a Aeftdem^i bojt* prep.; iion acnt.; est. 

1H4T; W. JamtK H«ap«. Pti, !>,. LL, B., 

Prtn,. 310 W. Hoffmad St^ 
Motsas CeUogfli call,: ra-Ǥd.; M. B-; i?8t, 

lH7t». John O, Spencer, D, D.. Pre*. 
Mount St. Ji>aeph*a CoUetfA; brj.v^' iK^ardlng; 

1{. cr. ■ p9t, 1870; BrnthtT iBldJin?. Prin . 

SmrtDii D,, Folk Avn. ^-itii'iHlea. 
ITcitfD DiimA ef Kuylmad; i^^irld' bojirdlugi R. 

r., p«t. JS73: Slater M, Flurentlne, Prm.- 

iBiilllmnFe f^flimtjr). 
Fembodf ConaemtoTy of Mutic; miia. ; cflt. 

l^tVT, lliimltl Randolph. Utrcclw, ML Wt- 

*if»f> PI- ami CliJirlpi* 8t, 
RLadalpIi'H&rriaon Scboal; ctrlB* board lug; 

jiaii y*H:"t. ; Mra, J, Riuidolpta-HiirrtMrn 

Rnpilrtll. IMn.. HOT* I'fifk Av<v 
Etilatid P«* Bc^hool for GirU: ulrls' bonrd- 

iiijj: uudS^'Ct.; Vlrfi. A nut? E. TiWmbB, 

SadJflE'a Bryaat & StxAtton BnaiDait Coltafo; 

im* Biid fileo,: W. H, Sinller, Prre.. 715 

N, Biitaw St. 
iunaal fieady Schooh glri«' bonrilliig; nnn> 

htL: «t, )88T: MTrb llcl(*n J, Rowe, 

I it. Frajkctt A*«d«inr; iftrK bnardSn^; B. €.'. 

Moibor Mag<*aleat Prin.. *W Courtlanrt 

^t. jM*Bb*i BajHiJiAiy; call.; idDij; E* C; 

i'9t. 1888; Eer. Jnstla MeOurthF. Pnsflt- 

&]iaft«feur:r OoUeto of ExpreiAion ; dramatic: 

toed.; csL 1890; Alice May Yoitae, Prln,, 

1-4 N. Carej SL 
Saulharn Hotda i<!:haoh girls' board Inj^; ncHi- 

fleet.; Mrn. W. M. Cary aud KtlBS Gary* 

Prlns,, 9ir» N Cliiirb*». 
Southern Komeopatl3ic H«dleal College; tiow 

ItEiowd )!B Atiadtk* .Metlknl CoUrgr. 
Strfcyer't Buaioeaa Goll«Fe; bu^. nad atcdi; 

H. Inanjs ^Strnjrer, PriR., 225 E. Baltimore. 
Thealogiciil Sominary of Bt> Bttlpia« and St« 

Mary'a ITai^eraity; tbeoi ; man: R, C.; 

eat. 37[il I Vpt?' Rpv. E4ward R. Dyer. 

P, D.. Prf^a., N. Poca Bt. 

Univeraity of Maryland; uqlT,i: DOn-secL; 

men; (^st, 1807' Bcrtuird Cartcrt LL. D.j 

PrdtoiiL I 

UuiYanity of Maryland. BflntaJ! Bapartmant I 

ilenL; mt'u: cut, J85i2: F^vdhtadd J. S. 

Oorgat. A. M.. D, D. 3., Beau. Cor. 

Greeae aud Lam bore!. 
¥oiTanit7 at MmrrlmnA, flcbool af Modlet&a; 

med. ; re^g. : men; eaL 1807; R» Dofaey 

Coale. Pb. p., Poan. C*r. Greene and 

TJntveraity of Maryland, Scbaol of Xaw; lawj 

inenL f«L 1S07- Birnard Carter, LL. D., 

St Pitid SL 
iriLifroraity Schoal for Boy a; tioya* bourdJinsi 

uonsict,; W. S, Mwrston. Prln,, 120G 

GatbHlrjil St. 
Wilford Home School; prlmurj; eo-ed.; ^t. 

18TS; Mi-H. Waller R, Bullock. Prin., 1405 

Pftfii Avtnue. 
Woman'a College af BaltimoiB; coll.; wumen; 

M. K.- c'«t iSSg; Rev. J. I.\ Qoucber, LL. 

P., Pr<>8,. Si, P»al, rmm 23rd to 2Btli N. 
Woman 'a Hedlcad College; med.; rej^, ; wom- 

ud; eat. IHHli 4ohu H Abercroiuble. M, 

p., Dt-un, MiCullnh aud HofTuiau. 
BBOOKEVILLE, Mantgomery Co., pop. l&S. 
BroQkuvillB Academy; prep.: Cd-ed. ; nan^ 

siTt,; CJitiion M. Moore. Prln. 
BRTJKBWICK. rredorick Co, pop, 2,471. 

Brunawkk Betnitiary; prep.; cd-od.; noa-acct.: 

J. J, iSlniili. Prin. 
BUCKEYEBTOWK. Frederick Co-, pop, 430. 
Buckeyeatown Karmal; dor.; eq-cd.; non-aoct.; 

(i^t. iHSS- F. U Neigtibour^, Prln. 
CATOIfSYILLE, Suburb of Baltimore. 

Mount da Salea Academy of the Titltation: 

tflrla' boarding; R, C»; Slatf?r [gnat La 

Alkln. Prln. 
GBABLOTTE HAIX, Bt. Mary GOt, [lop. 100, 
Charlotte H»U Sefcaol; bo>a' boarding; nod 

fltfCf..; tloorjiTf' M. Thorn eia. A, M., Prln, 
Qay Hill Female Bchool ; |£lrla' bojsrdluf;; noih 

a^-ei.: Prof, niid Mrs. Ktlwurtl T, BrEeeoe. 
CHEBTEETOWN. Kent Co., pop. 3Sm, 

Waakbigtod Gollfige; {^oIL; men; (dorm a! depL 

co-iHln;. nori-flj?rt;. fat, ITSai JamcA TJV* 

Cn Id. LL. P., PreB. 
CHEVY GHABE, Montgomery Go,, pop. 20. 
GheTy Cbato Collegu and Semidary; See W ab- 

Ington. n, C, 
GOLI^GE FABK, Fringe Oeorge Co,, pop, iflO. 
Maryland Agricultural GoUofe; fl^rt,; etatci 

men; eat. IJWO: R. W. Syl vector, Prln. 





GOLORA, Cecil Co., pop. 250. 
West Nottingham Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1741; Clifton O. Walker, 
A. M., Principal. 
CUMBERLAKD, Allegheny Co.. pop. 17,128. 
Allegheny County Academy; prop.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.: est. 1798; Marshall C. Allaben, 
A. B.. Prin. 
Central Commercial College; bus. and sten. ; 

C. E. Pusho. Pres. 
Mountain State Bniiness College: bus. and 
stcn. ; A. G. Sine, Pres. 
DABKESTOWN, Montgomery Co., pop. 148. 
Andrew Small Academy; prop.; co-cd.; non- 
sect.; est. 1867; ttev. M. L. Fearnow, A. 
M., Principal. 
ELLICOTT CITY, Howard Co., pop. 1,3.31. 
Rock Hill College; coll.; uicn; R. C. ; est. 

IS.')?. Brother Abraham. 
St. Charles College; coll.: men: R. C. ; est. 
1848; Rev. F. X. McKenn.v. S. S. 
EMMITBBTJRO, Frederick Co., pop. 849. 
Mount St. Mary's College; coll.: men; R. C; 
est. 1808; Very Rev. D. J. Flynn, A. M., 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C. ; 
Sister Henrietta, PrIn. 
FOREST GLEN, Montgomery Co.. pop. 70. 
National Park Seminary; girls' boarding; non 
sect.; John A. 1. Cassedy. B. S., Prin. 
FREDERICK, Frederick Co., pop. 0,290. 

Frederick College; prep, and bus.; co-ed.; est. 

1779; E. E. Gates, A. M.. Pros. 
St. John's Literary Institution; boys' day; R. 

C; W. J. Kane. S. J.. Prin. 
Woman's College; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
est. 1893; J. H. Apple. A. M., Pres. 
FROSTBERO, Allegheny Co., pop. .'>.274. 
Maryland State Normal School, No. 2; nor.; 
state; co-ed.: E. D. Murdaugli, Prin. 
HA6ERST0WN, Washington Co., pop. 13.591. 
Kee Mar College; girls' boarding ; non-sect.; 

est. 1852; J. Emory Shaw. Prin. 
Wolf's Business College; bus. and sten.; D. 
Elmer Wolf. Pres. 
ILCHESTER, Howard Co., pop. 000. 

Redemptorist Seminary; tlieol. ; men; R. G. ; 
o8t. 1807: Uov. Etlwjinl M. Weigt'l, G. S. 
S. R.. Rector. 
LA PLATA. Charles Co., pop. :HH). 

McDonough Institute; prep.; co-«mI. : non-sect.; 
•'St. 11H)."{; A. M. IsanoKlc, A. B., Presi- 

LEONARDTOWN, St. Mary Co., pop. 483. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sisters of Charity. 
LDTHERYILLE, Baltimore Co., pop. 663. 
Maryland College for Women; girls' board- 
ing; Luth.; est. 1853; Rev. J. H. Turner. 
A. M.. Pres. 
McDONOOE, Baltimore Co., pop. 100. 
MoDonogh School; prep, and mannal train.; 
boys: non-sect.: est. 1873: Sidney Tomer 
Moreland, M. A.. C. B., Principal. 
ICILLERSVILLE, Anne Amndel Co., pop. 40. 
Anne Amndel Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1855; Marcus Blakey AUmond, 
A. M., LL. D., Prin. 
MOXTNT ST. MARY'S, Frederick Oo.i pop. 80. 
Mount St. Mary's College; coll.; men; R. C: 
est. 1808. 

MOUNT WASHINGTON. Subnrb Baltimoro. 
Mount St. Agnes College; girls' boarding; 

R. C.; Rev. Sister Cummings. Superior. 
Mount Washington Seminary for Boys; boys* 
boarding; R. C.; Sister Mary Bonaven- 
ture, Prin. 
NEW WINDSOR, Carroll Co., pop. 430. 
New Windsor College; coll.; co-ed.; Presby.; 
est. 1843; Rev. James Fraaer, Ph. D., 
PORT DEPOSIT, CecU Co., pop. 1,675. 
Jacob Tome Institute, The; boys' prep: non- 
sect.: est. 1894; Francis Ransom Lane. 
A. M.. M. D., Dir. 
PRINCESS ANNE, Princess Anne Co., pop. 240. 
Princess Anne Academy: agri, and mech.; 
co-ed.: M. E.,; est. 1888; John Oakley 
Spencer. Ph. D.. President. 
REISTERTOWN, Baltimore Co., pop. 640. 
The Hannah Moore Academy; girls' boarding; 
P. E., Rev. Joseph Fletcher, Prin. 
ROCKVILLE, Montgomery Co., pop, 1.110. 
Rockville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1808; W. Pinckney Mason, Prin. 
ST. MARY'S CITY, St. Mary Co.. pop. 40. 
St. Mary's Female Seminary; girls' boarillng; 
non-sect.; Mrs. L. V. Maddoz, Prin. 
SANDY SPRING, Montgomery Co., pop. 135. 
Sherwood Friends' School; prep.; co-ed.; 
Friends: est. 188.1; Ida Palmer Stabler. 

WESTMINSTER. Carroll Co., pop. 3.199. 
Westem Maryland College; coll.; co-«d.; 
Meth. Prot.; est. 1868; Rev. Thomas 
Hamilton Lewis. 1). D., LL. D., Pive. 


Population, 3,003,680. School census (between 5 and 15 inclusive), 583,767. Com- 
pulsory school age census (between 7 and 14, inclusive), 423,859. 

School age, 7 to 14 (continued to 16 if unable to read or write). 
Massachusetts is the seventh state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 3,003,680 inhabitants, of whom 2,966,762, or 98.7 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 126,396, or 4.01 of the total population, are illiterates, the state rank- 
ing twenty-third in this respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


In Massachusetts, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction is entitled 
"Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education." 
George H. Martin, Secretary Massachusetts Board of Education Boston 


Curtis Guild, Jr., Governor Boston 

Eben S. Draper, Lieutenant-Governor Boston 

Mrs. Kate Gannett Wells 7 Otis Place, Boston 

Clinton Q. Richmond North Adams 

George I. Aldrich Brookline 

Mrs. Ella Lyman Cabot 190 Marlborough St., Boston 

Albert E. Winship Somerville 

Thomas B. Fitzpatrick Garden Road, Brookline 

Carroll D. Wright Worcester 

Joel D. Miller Leominster 

George H. Martin, Secretary, State House Boston 

L. B. Tillinghast, Clerk and Treasurer, State House Boston 

John T. Prince, Agent West Newton 

G. T. Fletcher, Agent Northampton 

James W. MacDonald, Agent Stoneham 

Frederick L. Burn ham. Agent for Promotion of Manual Arts Cambridge 


George H. Martin, Secretary Massachusetts Board of Education Boston 

Arthur B. Chapin, Treasurer Commonwealth of Massachusetts Boston 

Massachusetts has a state law requiring free public school text-books. 


F. Allison Tupper, President ' Lynn 

Carlos B. Ellis, Secretary Springfield 






Massachusetts has no county supci intendents of schools, but has instead what 
is called the "town system" of school supervision, each city, or in some cases, where 
the towns are small, a group of towns, having its individual superintendent of 


AMHERST, Hampshire Ck)., pop. 6.028. 

Amherst Ck>llege. ; coll.; men; non-sect.; est. 
1821; Rev. George Harris, D. D., LL. D., 

Home School for Backward and Kervons Chil- 
' dren; co-ed.; est. 1882; Mrs. W. D. Her- 
rick, Prln. 

Massachusetts Agricultural College; agr. : co- 
ed.; state; est. 1863; Kenyon L. Butter- 
field. A. M.. Pres. 

Mount Pleasant Institute; boys* boarding: 
non-sect.; Wm. K. Nash, A. M., Prln. 
AKDOVER, Essex Co., pop. 6.813. 

Abbott Academy; girls' boarding; non-sect.: 
Miss Emily A. Means, Prln. 

Andover Theological Seminary; theol.: men; 
Cong.; est. 1807; Charles O. Day. D. D., 

Phillips Academy; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 
est. 1778; W. B. Graves. A. M.. S. T. B.. 

Punchard Free School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: est. 1864; Charles L. Curtis. A. B.. 
ASHBTJRKHAM, Worcester Co., pop. 1.882. 

Cushing Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Ileney S. Cowell, A. M., Prln. 
AXTBURNDALE, Middlesex Co., School Station. 

Lasell Seminary for Young Women: girls' 
boarding: non-sect.; est. 1851; C. C. Brag- 
don. Prin. 

School's announcement. — Unsurpassed so- 
cial advantages. Pleasant excursions to 
Boston museums and art galleries. Con- 
cord, Salem. Bunker Hill, and Plymouth 
make profitable diversions for Lasell stu- 
dents. The art and musical Influence of 
Boston Is strongly exerted over Its pupils 
and in these two branches Lasell Semi- 
nary lias become famous throuphout the 
eonntry. Unusual advantages are offered 
In household eeonomlcs free, including 
rooking, sewing, dress-cutting and milli- 
nery. Many graduates occupying promi- 
nent positions in social life have written 
thanking us for these practical accom- 
BARRE, Worcester Co., pop. 2.059. 

Elm Hill Private School for Feehle-Minded 
Youth; George A. Brown. M. D.. Supt. 
BERNARDSTON. Franklin Co., pop. 792. 

Powers Institute; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
Thoniiis Allen. A. M., Principal. 

BEVERLY. Essex Co., pop. 13.884. 

Hew England Industrial School for Deaf 

Mutes: Miss Martha O. Bockee. Supt. 
Woodbury's School for Girls, Miss: girls' 

boarding: non-sect.; Miss Woodbury, 

BILLERICA, Middlesex Co., pop. 2.775. 
Howe School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: Earl 

C. Davis. Prin. 
Mitchell's MUitary Boys' School: mil.: boys; 

non-sect.; est. 1870; M. C. Mitchell, A. 

M.. Pres. 
BOSTON, Suffolk Co., pop. 560.892. 

Academy of Hotre Dame; girls* boarding: R. 

C: Sister Mar>' Johanna, Superior. 2893 

Washington. Roxbury. 
Ballon and Eobigand Preparatory School; 

hoys' day: non-sect.: H. M. Ballon and 

J. A. nobigand. Prins.: 1022 Boylston. 
Bellows Private School: girls' prep.: non- 
sect.: John Adams Bellows. Prln.; 116 

Beacon St. 
Benedict School of Shorthand; sten.; George 

Benedict. Prin.. 14 Beacon. Room 614. 
Boston College; coll.; men; R. C. ; est. 1864: 

Rev. William F. Gannon, 8. J.. Pres.. 

761 Harrison Ave. 
Boston Dental College; see Tufts College 

Dental School. 
Boston Normal School; normal; city: women; 

est. 1872: Wallace C. Boyden. A. M.. 

Head-Master. 07 Huntington Ave. 
Boston University; univ.; co-ed.; M. E. ; est. 

187.3: William Edward Huntington. LL. 

D.. Pres.. 12 Somerset St. 
Boston University. Law School: law; co-ed.; 

est. 1872; Melville M. Bigelow, Dean. 

Ash burton PI. 
Boston University. School of Medicine; m«d.: 

homeop.: co-ed.: est. 1873: John P. Suth- 
erland, M. D.. Dean. 80 E. Concord St. 
Boston Y. W. C. A. School of Domettio Sci- 
ence ; dom. scl.: women: boarding: est. 

1888: Miss A. Josephine Forehand. S. T. 

B.. Prln. 
Bryant & Stratton's Commercial School; bos. 

and sten.: H. E. Hlbbard. Pres.. 334 

Boylston St. 
Burdett College; bus. and sten.; P. B. Rich- 
ardson. Pros.. 094 Washington. 
Caines' College of Phjrsical Ctdtnre; normal 

training; co-ed.: est. 1904: Richard I. 

Rldgway-Caines. Director. 177 Honting 

ton Ave. 
Chamberlyane's School for Girls, Misa; girls* 

boarding: non-sect.; Miss Catherine J. 

Chamberlyane. Prin.. 28 The Fenway. 
Chauncy Hall School; boys' prep.; technical; 

non-sect.; Hagar and Kart, Principals. 





CbUTch'i ScliDol for Gtrlif Hlu; g\rW bonrd- 

ins- Marf Ellmbeth ChurPli. Ff!n., 401 

Beueoi* St* 
OliABieal ScbDol: boys' boRrdlnK; aon-Bi'ct.; 

Gecrgf W. C. Noble, Pria. 
01aw!««J School for (UrU; girls' boaf^HtHt; 

nftn-?f<*l.; MIbp S. Alicj" Brown, PHuh. OB 

Mjirlboro St. 
€oll«CB of Fhyilcifljat and SuTfreont; mrd. ; 

TOR.! c*>'(Hl, ; i?st, ISSO: C. H, Cobb. M, 

D.. Dean, liotft! O^forfl. Bwton. 
Comu'A CoiDiiijereliLl OoU«^; bus. tinA f^tea.; 

Mf. 184fi: Charles E. Cirraier, Prtn. 120 

Commonwftilth ATenae School, Tho; ^Irls* 
boardrutr: Cb&ll^.; Mlsa Fatinle O. diiQd. 
Prln.t 324 €ommonTrf>Btth Ave. 

CoTDfi*! Bofton T™ao ScliooU tf'ch.: ^o^l-»P^^t.: 
men^ JptTn«« Cojne, Pre«., 121 HaTprhlll 

CuTtim-FftKhody School for Girli; jrtrlB* bnnrd- 

fnif: rit)nfl**rt.- Ellxjiib^fb Curtis and li. G, 

P^'ntMTulF, Print. , 37§ Cotumon^^alth Ave. 
DflUfleld'Colviz] Bchool. Tbs; j^lrlfl' board1P]ir: 

P, E.: Mrfl. Mnry K. rnlvlij, Prin.. 25 

nnd 40 Chewtnnt. 
D* KerrittA Scbooh baya* prep: nqn-ftpt^t. ; 

Edw!n Pp McrHttp. Priti , Sft Bnntlngtoii 

Emnrtoa GeU«r« of Oratory j orttuiy: eo-rd.t 

Tion-sc'trL: pst JIWO: Wm, J. R*^lfe- A* M.. 

Pre*.. 2,'i3 HiinttnfrtoiK Avn. 
Eric F»po School of Art: nrt: roMi est 

t*i**S: EHf Pupp. Dlr^-flor, Mum, Ave. 

nnd Bojrlnton. 
Female Ac^doniy of llio Stcrud Hetrt: (rtrlii* 

boflrdfnirr R, C: Mm?. P. Mii11i\t. Prin.. 

*rjS Minili|«j]€tjll?rMttB Avf'. 
Ftahor Winter HUl Buiinoii Colloiras litiP. 

Fluher, Principals, SomHrvnir, P. A. 134. 
FroIndfoM Indumtrltl ScboDl; fodntit.: ro <kI : 

Rfl|if.r pHratP''. mt, 1K8i>: .Tfwi**ph R StJ?w- 

j»rt. flnpt,. 11 58 Trf?n»t>t]r St, 
Froebet School of KindorrhrtfinSnv : Ifndi'r 

jfurti'n tratnlnff; prlvrvf^*: M\^^ A. C. Rii#t. 

PpIr. m Newburjr SL 
&uUiid KtndtirpAJteD Trftiniiur School: prl- 

tAttr* wom«*tiL nPn-Mrt-T «'Pt, 1ST8; Mra. 

Munrarvf S. Stunnjird, Prln. 
fiiLrrmrd Medical School; mpd.i rfjr.t rnf^n: 

*-it 17R2: riiarles W, OiTf^u. M. P.. Act- 

Tujf Pent!. «^ B*if!Bton. 
BxrvB^rd tfnifertlty. Dentil School; itinit.t 

m^n; *-st 1fi«R: F:n(f**n'* H Smith. P. P.. 

S,. Dr-fln. 2SS Partmoutb St. 
Hiokox SBorthand School: i»ten.: Wm, E. 

Htcltox, Prfn , 24 pUvPf* Plde. 
H«pk[]itAii Soboo! (See LefLtoS PrlT«to 

Eo»Cfl Kuin, School for the Bo&f^ MTfb flnrttli 

PttUeT, PrlnHpal. 
Xetemmtfond: iobool for Voo&llita a^nd Fl&H' 

lata; mii^lc: est 1W3; Wflllnm L. Whlt-, PlrfM?tor. 2I« HtiritlnKtcin Ave, 
Lanrefij Sch&oli Thfi; Kirln; boqrdltig^ ood- 

nf'et.: yi«» Elizabeth P. Hur^w, B. 0., 

AQtl Mliv Sarnb O. Weed. B. A.. PriEis., 

lOT Aiidnboa Road, 

Le^&te'm Frlriktn Schooh boj-a' board I ng^; nan* 

Beet*: B. J. LoR-ate, Pfln. 
LelKud Fowora School; elo. «nd drsm. mtti 

ed-ed-I Li*lftB<| Pfjwera, Pt1b.» 1T7 Huat- 

InfTton Atp, 
Huuehnietta OharlUhlo M«ob«nlo AuooU- 

tion Tr^do School; tneor trmlpi non-SHpct,: 

<»«r. IDOli: John W. Wood. Jr.. S. B., 

H&iuchuaotta CollDgo of Ofttoopmih^i: <wt(>o[iit 

co-<?fl.; «*flt. 160? : Wilfred E. Harrta, 

p. O.. Pwa,. S84 HnnttnirtoQ Av<*. 
KmwtchuActta OolIoffA of Pliann»cyi jib*r*$ 

corfl,* (?«t, lft2fl; Jnllnn W. Bftlrd. A. M,* 

Pii'nn. Tor. Botolpb and OarHaofi. 
Mmtaa^hoMtta Inatitute of CerhnoloBr; tpch,; 

co-ed.: ^tnti': est. tSfll ; AHhnr A. Moye», 

Ph. D,, LL. D., Acllnp Prrnldotit. 
H&sa&chiiaotti KormLl Art School; normal 

nrti fiiate: co-ed.: eat, 1«T3: G<?org<' 

nnrthetl Rartli'tt. Prri., Car. Eieetcr and 

^tc'Wbiirjr Stfl. 
Way Srhool: Kfrl^* boarding: nnnnect: Mlaaic^ 

Mfty. Prhi^.. ^^ Ml!V^1^0To St. 
Neit EnrUnd Conwirra,toTf of Hnftlct mnn. : 

rned.^ non-srrt.: PBf. ISfiul; (Jrifiri^p W 

rTindwfrfc. Plrr^trkr. 
Korth Bennott Stro«t IndnatriU School; 1n- 

rtnst,: e&-ed.t non-d^ct.: eitt. ISSI; H. 

K, Fflltadtirhoni. Ph. p.. Pfrector. 
Korth End Union School: te<>h.: est. IftOT: 

f^nmnel P. Hnhbnrd, Hunt- 
Perkini Vnatltntton And Ji&aamehuaotta School 

for the Blind: Edward S. AVlj^n, Pirertur. 
Fflrntn School of ShortbtLtid and Bookkeoplnc; 

Ni*, pvnd »^pn,r <*st. I'lnn: P. & P. PIrtck, 

Prlrv*.. Irtrt Bnvlwtrrw Bt. 
Ffirry Kindorffirten Norma.! Scboo!-, nor. kind.; 

wntripri: r-nit. ISJlS: Mrs. Annlf^ !itf>Ri»ley 

Perfj, Prln.. IS nnntlnpron Ave. 
FoBt« Gymniafnin, The: phvFfe'iil frnlntni; anrl 

L'tmoH^Urpt PflroiifPfi Rnsp Pn^Rp. Plrect- 

np, !K¥5 MnS!<, Av4^. 
School of Expreaaion; P']n. r^nd or*, t B. S. 

rinrry. Ph. P., Litt. P.. Prwi., <Tdp!<*y 

School of tio Ifnatfnffl of FiM ArtiJ aft: 

civ-'d.: est. T^^T; Alice F, llfMtlcv, Man- 

St. Aartiitino'a SrHool: kTi-Ts' bnat^lnir: E, €.: 

RlPtf^r Mnrv. RiipeHnr, Srath BnfltDn Stu. 
St- John' a Boiton Bcclcii^itie&t Seminary: 

thcol.; mf>n p. H.: cut. T^S4: Bpt, Pf, 

pJifirH E. Mfihor. P p., Pr^^fl 
ShAwmut School for Qirtat cTrts* Hrtardlnpr: 

(prfii. : rone; f^st. l^n; Ellfl Ollhrrt Irew. 

Prl II . . N** w Porch eirf er . 
Blmmona Ckrlleffo: cnlL: twh,: wnmffnt non- 

sfet : eat. IftfWt: Flenry Lefavmtr, Ph. 

P . IX. P.. Prrvfi. 
sroyd Tri.f&inf School; t«ta.: cn-ed, ; nob- 

9*^Qtr. PHt. ^mBl Onataf fH-nrsiion, Prtn^. 

ar) N. Bennett St. 
Symonda ElnderffaTtoii Tmipinf^ School; pri- 
vate; nor. kfnd.^ women'. e«t. IB80: Mian 

l,i)cy TTarrla Symonda- Prln.. B2 Rt, Stc- 

lihen St. 
Tuflj Colleso, Dontmt Bchoul; dent: {?o-cd.; 

est. 1£6S^ On mid Willi ama, D. 0. B,. 

Dean, -ilC HuntCnjton Ave. 





Toftt College Medical School; med.; reg.; co- 
ed.; est. 1868: Harold WlUIams, M. D.. 
Dean. 416 Huntington Ave. 

Weeks-Loogee School; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.; Emily Weeks, Prln., 262 Marlboro 

Weston School for Oirls, The (See Soxhnzy 

Winter Hill Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1903: E. H. and M. 0. Fisher, Prins., 
Winter Hill Station. 

T. M. C. A. Erening Institute; men; est. 
1898: Frank P. Speare, Dean, 458 Boyls- 


BRADFORD, Essex Co.. Ind. Sta.. Haverhill 
P. 0. 

Bradford Academy; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
est. 1803; Miss Laura A. Knott. A. M., 
BRTDOEWATER, Plymouth Co., pop. 5,806. 

State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
est. 1840; Arthur C. Boyden. A. M., 
BRIGHTON, Suburb of Boston. 

Mount St. Joseph's Academy; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Sisters of St. Joseph. 
BRIMFIELD, Hampden Co., pop. 941. 

Hitchcock Free Academy, prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: est. 1856; Benjamin D. May. A. M.. 
BROCKTON, Plymouth Co., pop. 40,063. 

Brockton Business UnlTersity; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1894: Principal. 
CAMBRIDGE, Middlesex Co, pop. 91.886. 

Browne & Nichols' School; boys' boarding; 
non-8oct.: est. 1883: Geo. H Browne, A. 
M.. and Edgar H. Nichols, A. B., Prins. 

Cambridge School; sec Gilman School for 

Divinity School of Harvard University; theoL; 
men: non-sect. ; est. 1812; Francis Green- 
wood Peabody, A. M., D. D., Dean. 

Gilman School for Girls; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.: Arthur Oilman, A. M., Director. 

Harvard University; unlv.: men.: non-sect.: 
eat. 1636; Charles W. Eliot, LL. D., 

Harvard University, Law School; law; men; 
est. 1817: James Barr Ames, LL. D.. 

Lawrence Scientific School; t^ch. ; men; non- 
sect.: est, 1847; Wallace C. Sabine, Dean. 
School's announcement. — Offers four-year 
coiirsrs of study leading to the degree of 
S. B. in Civil. Mechanical, and Elec- 
trical Engineering, Mining and Metal- 
lurgy. Architecture. Landscape Architec- 
ture. Forestry. Chemistry. Geology. Biol- 
ogy. Anatomy and Hygiene (preparation 
for medical schools). Science for Teach- 
ers, and a course In General Science. For 
the catalogue and information address J. 
L. Ix)ve. 16 University Hall. 

Lee School, The; girls' boarding: P. E.; Miss 
Mary Ix>ulaa Kolly. Prln. 

New Church Theological School; theol.; men; 
Church of the New Jerusalem: eat. 1889; 
Theodore F. Wright. Ph. D., Dean. 

Radcliffe College; women: non-sect.; est. 1879; 
Le Baron Russell Briggs. A. M., LL. D.. 

Rindge Manual Training; boys* prep.; non- 
sect.; est, 1888; Charles H. Morse, Head- 

Sargent's Travel School for Boys; European 
tours and college prep.; Porter B. Sar- 
gent, Prln. 
CAMBRIDGEPORT, Saburb of Boston. 

Wellington School; normal; state; co-ed. 
CONCORD, Middlesex Co., pop. 5.662. 

Concord Home School; boys* boarding; P. E.: 
James S. Garland. Prln. 

Concord School; boys' boarding; P. E.; L. E. 
Ryther. Prln. 

Middlesex School: boys' boarding: prep.: non- 
sect: est. 1902; Frederick Winson, A. B., 

White's Home School, Miss; prep.; co-ed.: 
non-sect.; est. 1898; Flora J. White, Prln. 
DANYERS, Essex Co., pop. 8.542. 

St. John's Normal College; novitiate: men: R. 
C: est. 1891: Rev. Br. Dominic. Pres. 
DEERFIELD, Franklin Co., pop. 1.969. 

Deerfleld Academy and Dickinson High School: 
prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; est. 1799; Frank 
L. Boyden, B. A., Prln. 
DUDLEY, Worcester Co. 

Nichols Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.: 
Frank C. Johnson, Prin. 
DUXjrfURY, Plymouth Co., pop. 3.553. 

Powder Point School; boys' boarding: non- 
sect.; est. 1886; F. B. Knapp, S. B., 

EASTHAMPTON, Hampshire Co., pop. 5,603. 
Williston Seminary; boys' boarding; Cong.: 

est. 1841: Joseph H. Sawyer. Prin. 
EASl NORTHFIELD, Franklin Co.. pop. 800. 
Vorthfield Seminary: girls* boarding: non- 
sect.; Miss Evelyn S. Hall. Prin. 
EVERETT, Middlesex Co., pop. 24.836. 
Home School; girls* boarding: Bapt.; Mrs. 

A. P. Potter. Prln. 
FALL RIVER, Bristol Co., pop. 104.863. 
Dominican Academy: girls* boarding: R. C; 

Sister M. Bertrand, Superior. 
Jesus Mary Convent: girls' boarding: R. C; 

Sister St. Paul. Superior. 
La Sainte Union des Sacres Oo«uts: girls' 

boarding: R. C: Sister Mary Aidan. 

Rogers and Allen's School of Business nnd 

Shorthand: bus. and sten.; est. 188T; 

W. S. Rogers and F. G. Allen, Props. 
Sacred Heart Academy: prep.; girls: B. C: 

est. 1886: Sister Mary Aidan. Superior. 

I'rospect St. 
Thibodeau's College; prep, and bus.; co-ed.; 

non-sect.: est. 1889: J. D. Tbibodean, 

FITCHBUR6, Worcester Co., pop. 31,531. 
Fitchbnrg Business College; bus. and sten.: 

D. Fullmer, Pres. 
State Normal School: normal: state; co-ed.; 

John G. Thompson. Pres. 





FRAIOHOHAM, Middlesex Co., pop. 11.302. 
State Normml School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
Henry Whittemore, Pres. 
F&ANKLUr, Norfolk Co., pop. 5.017. 
Dean Academy; prep.; co-ed.: Univ.: Arthur 
W. Pelrce, Prin. 
GREAT BARBIKOTON, Berkshire Co., pop. 
Sedrnrick School: bojs' boarding: nou-sect. ; 
est. 1856; Edward J. Van T^nnep, A. M., 
OREEHFIELD. Franklin Co.. pop. 7.927. 
Prospect HUl School; icirls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Caroline R. Clark, PrIn. 
OROTON. Middlesex Co., pop. 2.062. 

Oroton School; boys' boarding; P. E.; est. 

179.3; H. H. C. Bingham. Prin. 
Lawrence Academy; boys' boarding: est. 1793: 
William Steen Gand, Head Master. 
HADLEY, Hampshire Co., pop. 1.789. 
Hopkins Academy; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.; 
George H. Driver, Prin. 
HARTARD. Worcester Co., pop. 1.139. 
Broomfleld School; prep.: co-e<1.: non-sect.; 
Miss Llla Frost, Prin. 
HATFIELD. Hampshire Co., pop. 1.500. 
Smith Academy: prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
est. 1871: Albert J. Chidester. A. B., 
HAVERHILL. Essex Co., pop. 39.024. 
St. James School; prep.: co-ed.: R. C. : M. 
DeChantal, Superior. 
HnrOHAM. Plymouth Co., pop. 5.059. 
Derby Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
Sarah O. Robinson. Prin. 
HOLTOKE, Hampden Co.. pop. 45,712. 
Holyoke Business Institnte: bus. and sten.: 
est. 1883: TJamell A Foote. Prins. 
HYAHinS, Barnstable Co., pop. 1.550. 
State Normal School; normal: state: co-ed.: 
William A. Baldwin, Pros. 
LAWRENCE. Essex Co.. pop. 02.5.'>9. 
Cannon's Commercial College: bns. and sten.: 

G. C. Cannon. Prin. 
St. Mary's School; girls' boarding: R. C: 
James T. O'Relly, Prin. 
LEICESTER. Worcester Co., pop. 3,416. 
Leicester Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.: 
est. 1784; Raymond McFarland. M. A., 

LOWELL. Middlesex Co., pop. 04.969. 

Hill's School, Miss; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.; 
est. 1870: Lucy A. Hill. Prin. 

Lowell Commercial College; bns. and sten.; 
LeDoIt B. Kimball, Prin. 

Lowell Textile School; tech.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
est. 1807: Charles H. Eames. S. B., Prin. 

Rogers Hall School; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.: Ellxa P. Underbill. Prin. 

St. Joseph's College; coll.: men: R. C: est. 
1802; Brother Chmsenil. Prin. 

State Normal School; normal; state: co-od.: 
Frank F. Cobnm, Prin. 

LTNN, Essex Co., pop. 68,578. 
Lynn Bnsiiiess Coll^» bus. and sten.; est. 

1895; C. C. Dexter, Pres. 
MARION, Plymouth Co., pop. 902. 
Tabor Academy, The; prep.; co-ed.: non- 
sect.: est. 1876; Nathan Chlpman Ham- 
Win. Prin. 
MARLBORO, Middlesex Co., pop. 13.600. 

St. Ann's Academy; girls' boarding: R. C; 
est. 1887; Sister M. Anysla. Superior. 
MEDFORD, Middlesex Co., pop. 13.314. 

Sarah Fuller Home for Little Deaf Children; 
school for very young deaf children: est. 
1890; Miss EUsa L. Clark. Matron and 
MELROSE, Middlesex Co., pop. 12.962. 
Melrose School of Music: mus. : est. 1894; 
Susan A. Wells. Princlpol. 
MERRIWAC. Essex Co., pop. 2,131. 
Whittier Home School: girls' boarding: non- 
Roct.: est. 1893: Mrs. Annie B. Russell. 
A. B.. Prin. 
MILTON, Norfolk Co., pop. 0.578. 
Milton Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.: 
Harrison O. Apthorp, Prin. 
MONSON, Hampden Co., pop. 3.502. 
Monson Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.: 
James Francis Butterworth. Prin. 
MOTTNT HERMON. Franklin Co., pop. 500. 
Mount Hermon Boys' School: hoys' boarding: 
non-sect. ; Henry F. Cutler. Prin. 
NATICK, Middlesex Co.. pop. 9.4K8. 
Walnut Hill Wellesley Preparatory School; 
girls' boarding: non-sect.: est. 1891; Miss 
Connnt and Miss Blgelow. Prins. 
NEW BEDFORD. Bristol Co.. pop. 62.448. 
Benton's Business School: bus. and sten.: est. 
1899: Chas. E. Benton. Ph. B.. Prin. and 
Friends' Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Friends: 

Grace B. Dodge, Prin. 
Mosher Home Preparatory School; prep.: co- 
ed.: non-sect.; est. 1892: Charles E. E. 
Mosher, Prin. 
New Bedford Textile School: tech.: co-ed.: 
nnn-sert.: est. 1805; Henry W. Nichols, 
n. A.. Supt. 

NEW DORCHESTER, Suburb of Boston. 

Shawmut School: girls' boarding: non-sect.; 
est. 1885: Ella Gilbert Ives. Prin. 
NEW SALEM. Franklin Co.. pop. 921. 
New Silem Academy: prop.: co-od.: non-sort.; 
hoanling: Emorson It. Adams. Prin. 
NEWTON, Middlesex Co., pop. SH.r^sl. 

Mount Ida School for Oirls; girls' tioardlng: 
non-R«'Ot.: est. 1002: George Franklin 
Jewett. Prin. 
Newton Private School; prop.: co-ed.; non- 
sort.: Mabol T. Hall. Prin. 

NEWTON CENTER. Middlesex Co.. pop. 4.898. 
Newton Theological Institute: thool.: Rapt.: 
o.)-o<l.; ost. ISLVi; Uov. Nathan K. Woo<l, 
I>. !>.. Pros. 

NORTH ADAMS. Berkshire Co.. i»op- 24.200. 
State Normal School; nor.; co-od.: state; est. 
1S!>7; Fraiilx F. .Munlook. A. .M.. Prin. 
NORTHAMPTON, Hampshire Co,, pop. 18.043. 





Ct&rke School tot tha B6if ^ aebool af lip n^ndJ- 
fttp; Pit. IHBft: MIrr Cttmllui? A. Tnlc, 

STorthumptaD Oommerci*! CflUege; bns. aofl 

Mrri.: pst. ISOGr JoBf*f*h Pkkett. Prig. 
H^oithimptoD Scbcml for Oirlis iflrls' bojtrdtngr 

prfp : Don-iK^rt.r wit. I8TT; Mist B. T. 

Cjuk*!!. PrIticJpfll. 
Smith College; wompn; non-9C?i;t,: est. ISTtV; 

Hrv. L, CI fir* ScPlye, D. B.. LL P.. Pwfi. 
KORTOK, Briitot Co., pop. 1.S26. 
Wbomion Femmli! B^minKTyi irlrlff* txiiinllnf?: 

Cond-: Samiir'l V. Cole, D. D.. Prin. 
PrTTBFlELD, Berk»hif(» Oil., pop* 21,76fl, 

BerkihirQ BuslneiK Gollflgw^ |>up. nml Hh-n.; 

r., ^f, ITniniPn, Prpf». 
H%lPi SohiM}! for Oirl«, Miai; fsItIh* iKkftTd- 

triK; nonaprt.; Mini IT. Ftall. Frln. 
QtriNCY. IToTfolk Co-, pop. 23,809. 

Adunt Acftdttmy^ prep,: hoys* eat IliT2; Wit- 

llnm Kvir^^tt. JX. fl,. Mimtflr, 
Wood^a-rd Inttftuto for dlrlt; prop.: tioii- 

,nf»rt.; e»K 1894: ITrederEck W. Pliiiitiu*??. 

A, M.. Prlnolpftl 

BANDOLPHh Norfolk Co., pop. 4..14S. 
Boston School foF tho Dft^f, The; ^r^hool for 

ilojif rniiif's: Thomti!! Mjij^(»nn.[fi, litupt, 
1IOXBUIt7, flufFolk Co., eiibnTh of Bottozi. 
fiiuntleroy Hijl School: prep.: ro-ort.;; nnn- 

iw'ct,; (vjit. 1S80: MlP» Allro C, I>aT|B. 

Prlii,, Wpnonnh Bt. 
IfotfB Duno AoulBmr: Kirl^" bftnrilftjif; R. C: 

Sipstrr JmIIo, Priij. 
Eoxhitry La tin Soknol: boyv' tmonllnii;: non- 

flt^ct.: Wnu O. Cojtjir. Frin, 
Bouth End luduttfii.! School; women Atid «hll- 

dr<*n: uonnf^rt: eaf. tS®4; L®n!»p Howf, 

Wuatoii School for 01 til, Tho; 0tW bonrd 

iTifTT non-Mcf.: «it. IR^: Mm. KLItubf^ni 

MnthHflA-Rtfhnnliion, A, H.. Frln. 
SALESC. Ebirx Co.. pop. ^'iS.OPfl. 

Drapflr't FfItaIis S<rliool. Hiii; fflrb' doy; 

non-^CN^t.r Mfas A. T. Drnprr, Prin. 
S, ft P. Bg>Iiie*t Col)«ffo; ronsoLldAted trtth 

Sfllrm Commrri^Enl School. 
S^om Commefclal Bchool; bnit, and Ett^D.i 

fjpo. P. ijjril, pTPn, 
Stfttfl ITormiil School : nofinni: state: eo-^.: 

pflt. 1854; J. Aftbury Pilnjnn. PHn, 
WalkAf'i Fropiirfttoiy School; pirp.; eo-tH).; 

nonRprt,: Frank L. Wallier. Prln, 
SHEIBITRKE FALLS. Ffmnklin Co.. pop, 1,20ft. 
Af2D« Acftdfttny; pnp,: coed.:; Ccn*f.; Chass. 

A nnl brook, Prin. 
SHERBORN. Middl«ie£ Co,, pop. l^m. 

S&win Acmdomy und Bowte Hl^ti Boho^l: 

pr<*p : <'o-ed,: non(t(s:'f,r 'fit. Xfln, EthM 

Frunce* Littlofield. A- M., PrinHpnt 
SOITTKBORO. Warc&»tor Co,, pnp. l,P2l, 
St. Mark'i School: b^yn* hnnrdtttK: P. I?.: 

Wm. Orof^noiiirTi Thnyi'r, D. J>.. PfIhh 
SOUTH BYFIELD. Ets«x Qa., pop, ISO. 

Bummor Acftdi^my: prep.: boy«* Ytoai^tpg^: 

nnrifiect.: P^rl^y [ifonnrd H*>mc, Prin 

SOITTH BRAINTBEE. ITorfolk Co., twp. 2,000. 
Thftyer Acftdomy; pnpr, CO~ed,: iiPii-wct.; 

Wm, OaUo^'i^r, Ph. D * Prin, 
SQ¥TU HAI3LET, Hunpthire Co., pofi. 4.^24}, 
iroant Holyoke 0^11 b««: coll.t wamtn: iwni- 
^ei?f.: eitt. 1S3T^ Mjiry B. Woolly, A, M . 
Ijtt P.< Priw. 
SOTTTB: LAHC ASTER, WoTc#<t*r Co., pop. W>o. 
South LtncMter AcKdflmy; pR'p. : ro^d.: SIkt- 
enth Pny AdT.; Fri?dt>riok Or1f?iE«, Prin. 
SOTTTH W0RTHINGT5W. Hiunpahire Co,, Fop. 


OoBWilt Ackdemy: prrp. : PoWI.: nonspf't.: 
Mis* Minnie H, BrMpemnn, Prin, 
SPRlKDI'fELDt HaBipflon f3o., pop. M.ftWl. 

Amerkan Intemationftl Callec«; s^honl for 
trntnldfrnnrs; prop.: Co-<*(].; orinspet,; <•»!. 

Bftncroft School Tho: pnp.t eo-ed.: noii'#ect,: 

r!*t, IROOt Friank H. Hohoon, A. M.. Pdn. 
Bfcy Fmth Iiistiitit«: btJR, and iten. : f^t. IHW: 

M. F. Pulfnnr, Prin. 
*'Tho Elnu'^ Bty tud Homo School for Olil*: 

Ft rip' bonfillnif: non-aect.: Mi sit Chartflttf? 

W. portn^r, prin. 
Frenrh'AjneHcan CollftffOS coll,: r^i-ed.: n^n- 

sprt.r e#t. ISSS^ Rev. BamMrl H, Lee, 

M. A., Pres, 
Iiit«nit.noiitI Y, M. C, A. Trmliitiit ScImI^ 

nor. trjiinrngr for T, M, r. A, DJre«*toni: 

f-^t, 1KR5; L. L, r>oirif4*tt. Ph. P.. Pf*». 
M*\cDuflSe School for OirU; fftrln* iM^trrttnt^ 

iionfl<^ct.: e«t. ITOft; Or, John MncPnflle, 

rn D , Prin., iRir Centrnl St. 
TAUKTOH. Brittol Co.. pnp, ni^mfi. 
BHito! Aoftdflmy: prep.: eo-pd.: non-»wf, : 

Fr*4lr'rlr T. FftrnRworth, Prin, 
T&unton't Builnoti Colloffo: bii*, and ttr^n : 

i:. L. niUfhtnunii. Pre*. 
TUFTS COLLEGE, MiddlMWC Co.. Scfioctl »(» 

Tuft* CoUoro; not v. ; cn^oA. ', oBt. 1^ft4: H*^. 

F W Flnmltton, P, P-, Pit's. 
WABAN, Middlamfl* Co.. pf>p. 5W* 
WshAn Scbool, Thoi 1>o^ii* botrdlnir: nioo 

srct,t est, ISSBi Rev. Joftu H. PIllstiisrF. 

A, M . Prtn- 
WALTHAM. urtddleseiE Co.. pop. 23.4R1. 

Haiiirhniptti S^boDt for the FfrBb|«.|Cf ndod t 

*ttrti( :^ Wrt1tf*r f;. F'rnaM. M D,, Snpt 
VeUot^i Commerctd CoUove: btiP. sn4 s(en 

wt. 1WI4; Wm. TT. MHlflf. Pffff. 
St. Joseph* a School; boyn: prep.: R. tL 

Brottior .TfTnt<*«. Priti. 
Wilth^m Kow Cburcb Behool; prep.: Wi-#d.J 

f./iorf1lnir: Now Jprnsiilem dbttrch^ BmJ. 

%Vtn»orptor. Prin. 
WATER TOWN. Widdloi®* Oft,, p^p. Ift.Omi, 
St, Pfttnek'a School: prep.: ro-ed.i E, r,: 

Sliai^p Afjtonlnfi. Snperier. 
WFLLEBLET, Norfolk Co.. pop. Ci,0T2. 
Bjuti, Hull: r^rlp' bojtrdinir: nflii-i*per. ; «t 

TRRO: rielen Temple Cook. Prim, 
Wollosley College: women**: nonspot.: est 

ISnS Mlas Car<»l!n€ Haitaist M, A.. Utt. 

a, Lf.. n,, PrPH. 
Weliosley School for Boyi; boys* bosidlOtft 

nonaect.; e«t. 1831; Edwsrd A. 







WEZXESLET HILLS, Norfolk Co., pop. 950. 

Bock Rid^ Hall; boys' boarding: non-sect.; 
est. 1900; George Rantonl White, Ph. D.. 
WEST BOXFORD, Essex Co., pop. 325. 

Barker Free Academy; prep.: co-ed.: non- 
sect.: est. 1883: Harold C. Wlngate. A. 
B., Prln. 
WEST BBIDOEWATEB, Plymoutli Co., pop. 

Howard Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Sarah E. Laughton. Prln. 
WESTFIELD, Hampden Co., pop. 12.310. 

Massachusetts State Normal School; normal: 
state: co-ed.; est. 1839; Clarence A. Bro- 
deur. President. 
WESTFORD. Middlesex Co., pop. 12.310. 

Westford Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
est. 1792; William A. Perkins, A. M., 
WEST NEWTON, Middlesex Co., School Sta- 

Allen School, The; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1862; Albert B. Bailey, A. B.. Head- 

Fessenden School, The; boys' boarding: non- 
sect.; est. 1903: P. J. Fessenden, A. B., 
WEST ROXBTJRT. Snbnrb of Boston. 

Sherman Hall; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Miss Sarah W. Ames, Prln. 
School's announcement — Fine location, 
combining city advantages with the 
healthful conditions of the country. Refined 
home Influences. College preparatory, 
Academic and Special Courses. Unusual 
opportunities for the study of Art and 
Music; also an attractive course in pic- 
turesque geography, as a preparation for 
foreign travel. Arrangements may be 
made for students to spend the summer 
abroad with a teacher as chaperone. 
WILBRAHAM. Hampden Co., pop. 1.595. 

Wesleyan Academy; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
est. 1817; Charles M. Melden, Ph. D.. 
WILLIAMSTOWN, Berkshire Co., pop. 5.013. 

Williams College; coll.; men; non-sect.; est. 

1793; Henry Hopkins, D. D.. LL. D., 

WINCHENDEN, Worcester Co., pop. 5,001. 
Murdock School; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.: 

Frederic W. Plummer, Prln. 
WOLLASTON, Norfolk Co., Suburb of Quincy. 
Qnincy Mansion School; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Horace Mann Willard, Prln. 
WORCESTER, Worcester Co., pop. 118.421. 
Bancroft School, The; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1900: Franic H. Robson, A. M.. Hoad- 

ra aster. 
Becker's Business College; bus. and sten.: 

E. C. A. Becker, Pres. 
Clark College; coll.: men: non-sect; est. 

1902: CarroH D. Wright. Ph. D.. LL. D., 

College of the Holy Cross; coll.: men: R. C. ; 

est. 1843; Rev. Joseph F. Hanselman. 

S. J. 
Highland Military Academy; military; P. E.; 

Joseph Alden Shaw. Prin. 
Hinman's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

A. H. Hinman. Pres. 
Holy Cross College; coll.: men.; R. C: est. 

1843: Rev. Thomas E. Murphy, S. J., 

Kimb&ll School; girls' boarding; non-soct.; 

rst. 1887: Miss B. A. Kimball. Prln. 
Redfield College; coll.; co-od.: Cong'l: est. 

1887: Rov. I. P. Patch. D. D.. Pres. 
School for Oirls; girls' boardlnp; non-sect.: 

Miss. E. A. Kimball. Prln. 
State Normal School; normal: state: co-ed.; 

E. Harlow Russell, Pres. 
Tyler's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1901: Mrs. Edna I. Tyler. Principal. 
Worcester Academy; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.: est. 1834: D. W. Abcrcrombie, LL. 

D., Prln. 
Worcester Business Institute; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1899: C. B. Post, Pres. 
Worcester Domestic Science School; domes- 
tic arts and sciences; Mrs. F. A. Weth- 

ered, Principal. 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute; tech.; men; 

non-sect.; est. 18G5; Edmunr' ^ Englcr, 

Ph. D., LL. D., Pres. 


Population, 2,530,016. School census, 744,603. School age, 5-20. 

Michigan is the ninth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 2,420,982 inhabitants, of whom 2,398.563, or 99.1 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 540,196, or 22.3 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 402 per cent, the state ranking eleventh in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


L. L. Wright, State" Superintendent of Public Instruction Lansing 

Walter H. French, Deputy Superintendent Lansing 

A. Hamlin Smith, Chief Clerk Lansing 

Nora B. Sharpsteen. Statistician Lansing 

Grace Wallace, Assistant Statistician Lansing 

Jean G. Gow, Assistant Statistician Lansing 

J. W. Hazard, Assistant Statistician Lansing 

Agnes E. Johnson, Editor Lansing 


D. M. Ferry, Jr.. President Detroit 

W. A. Cotton. Vice-President Escanaba 

L. L. Wright, Secretary Lansing 

W. J. McKoNE, Treasurer Albion 


Michigan has no State Text-Book Commission, the state law making it op- 
tif)nal with the local boards or voters of the respective counties whether free text- 
books shall be furnished in the public schools. 


L. L. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio Lansing 

H. S. Elliott Oxford 

James Swain Coldwater 

M. W. Hensei Blissficld 

E. W. Yost. Secretary Detroit 

C. G. Putney Sandtislqr 

Michigan has a provision in the state constitution that the legislature shall pro- 
vide for at least one library in every township. 




W. G. CoBURN, President Battle Creek 

John P. Everett, Secretary Mt. Clemens 


Pop. of 
County. Commissioner. Address. County. 

Alcona W. H. Sanborn Harrisville 5,691 

Alger Orvice LaBounty Munlsing 5,868 

Allegan Ira G. Thorpe Allegan 38,812 

Alpena Harry V. Knight Alpena 18,254 

Antrim H. M. Coldren Bellaire 16,568 

Arenac George H. Glasure Standish 9,821 

Baraga S. O. Clinton Baraga 4.320 

Barry Ernest J. Edger Hastings 22,514 

Bay John B. Laing Bay City 62,378 

Benzie O. L. Bristol Benzonia (Exp. Beu- 

lah) 9,685 

Berrien G. N. Otwell St. Joseph 49,166 

Branch James Swain Coldwater 27,811 

Calhoun F. D. Miller Marshall 49,315 

Cass W. H. C. Hale Cassopolis 20,876 

Charlevoix J. H. Milford Ea.«^t Jordan 13,956 

Cheboygan E. W. Baker Cheboygan 15,516 

Chippewa T. R. Easterday Sault Ste. Marie 21,328 

Clare E. G. Welch Clare 8,360 

Clinton Theo. 'H. Townsend St. Johns 25,136 

Crawford J. E. Bradley Grayling 2,943 

Delta Peter R. Legg Gladstone 23,881 

Dickinson P. L. Parmenter Iron Mountain 17,890 

Eaton Cynthia A. Green Charlotte 31,668 

Emmet H. S. Babcock Harbor Springs 15,931 

Genesee H. E. Potter Flint 41,804 

Gladwin Floyd E. Armstrong Gladwin 6,564 

Gogebic Laura Bowden Iron wood 16.738 

Grand Traverse George L. Crisp Traverse City 20,479 

Gratiot Charles F. Pike Ithaca 29,889 

Hillsdale Harry McClave Hillsdale 29,865 

Houghton William Bath Houghton 66,063 

Huron Charles F. Hey Bad Axe 34,162 

Ingham F. E. Searl Mason 39,818 

Ionia H. H. Lowrey Ionia 34,329 

Iosco J. A. Campbell Whittemore 10,246 

Iron John F. Mason Mansfield 8,990 

Isabella Ernest T. Cameron Mt. Pleasant 22,784 

Jackson Thomas M. Sattler Jackson 45.031 

Kalamazoo Sheridan Mapes i Kalamazoo 39,273 

Kalkaska Irene Louise Getty Kalkaska 5.160 

Kent Allen M. Freeland Grand Rapids 109,922 

Keweenaw F. M. Bradshaw Gay 2,894 

Lake W. C. Giberson Baldwin 6,505 

Lapeer C. H. Naylor Lapeer 29,213 

Leelanau E. F. Carr Empire 7,944 

Lenawee M. W. Hensel Blissfield 48,448 

Livingston J. A. Woodruff Fowlerville 20.858 

Luce H. G. Warne Newberry 2,445 

Mackinac E. J. Lachance Mackinac Island 7.830 

Macomb O. D. Thompson Mt. Clemens 31.813 

Manistee H. J. Leighton Bear Lake 24,230 

Marquette Albert E. Sterne Ishpeming 41.239 

Mason C. A. Rinehart Scottsville 18,885 

Mecosta Burt J. Ford Big Rapids 26,098 

Menominee Jesse Hubbard Menominee 27,046 

Midland John Mustard Midland 14.439 

Missaukee E. S. Hall Lake City 9.808 

Monroe J. J. Kelly Monroe 32,754 

Montcalm E. D. Straight Stanton 32,754 

Montmorency B. J. Watters Lewiston 3,234 





County. Commissioner. Postofflce. 

Muskegron Nellie B. Chisholm Montagrue ... 

Newaygo Isabelle M. Becker Fremont 

Oakland H. S. Elliott Oxford 

Oceana Marguerite Lux Hart 

Ogemaw Ben Bennett West Branch 

Ontonagon A. C. Adair Rockland ... 

Osceola George F. Roxburgh Reed City . . . 

Oscoda Mrs. J. A. Young Mio 

Otsego Sim J. Lewis Gaylord 

Ottawa M. M. DeGraff CoopersvlUe 

Presque Isle M. H. Nester Rogers 

Roscommon Ellen McRea Roscommon . 

Saginaw B. S. Tefft Saginaw 

St. Clair E. T. Blackney Port Huron . 

St. Joseph L. E. Miller Centerville . 

Sanilac Charles G. Putney Sandusky . . . 

Schoolcraft Wm. T. S. Cornell Manistique . . 

Shiawassee Howard E. Slocum Corunna 

Tuscola Henry P. Bush Caro •. 

Van Buren V. R. Hungerf ord Paw Paw . . . 

Washtenaw Evan Bssery Ann Arbor. . . 

Wayne E. W. Yost Detroit 

Wexford W. H. Faunce Cadillac 

Pop. of 
. . 7,766 
. . 6,197 
.. 1.468 
. . 6,175 
. . 8.829 
.. 1.787 
. . 7.889 
. 33.866 


ADRIAN, Lenawee Co., pop. 0.G54. 
Adrian College; cull.; co-ed.; Meth. Prot.; est. 

1859; B. W. Anthony. President. 
Brown'i Buiinesi University; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1884; L. S. Brown. Pres. 
Raisin Talley Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; 

Friends; C. W. Abee, Prln. 

Michigan State Agricultural College; agrl.; 

co-ed.; state: est. 1857; J. L. Snyder, 

A. M.. Ph. D., Pres. 
ALBION, Calhoun Co., pop. 4.510. 
Albion College: coll.: co-ed.; M. E.; est. 1843; 

Samuel Dickie, LL. D., Pres. 
ALMA, Gratiot Co., pop. 2.047. 
Alma College; coll.; co-ed.: Presb. ; est. 1887; 

Kev. August F. Bruske. D. D., Pres. 
ALPENA, Alpena Co., pop. 11.802. 
Alpena Business College; bus. and sten.: est. 

1898: Mrs. M. L. Veenfliet. M. A., Pres. 
ANN ARBOR, Washtenaw Co., pop. 14.500. 
Kimball's Intermediate School for Boys, Miss; 

boys' boarding: prep.; est. 1885: Miss 

Kimball. Prln. 
Stenographic Institute, The; sten.; est. 1884; 

Selby A. Moran. B. S.. Principal. 
St. Thomas High School; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister M. Mapdalone. Prln. 
XTniversity of Michigan; nnlv.; state: co-ed.; 

est. 18.37; James B. Angell. LL. D.. Pres. 
XTniversity of Michigan, College of Dental 

Surgery; dent.: co-ed.: est. 1875; N. A. 

Hoff, Sec. 
XTniversity of Michigan. Department of Law; 

law; co-od.: ost. 1850; Harry B. Hutcb- 

Ins. LL. D.. Dean. 
University of Michigan. Department of Medi- 
cine and Surgery; med.: reg.; co-ed.; 

est. 1850; Victor C. Vaugban. 8c. D.. M. 

D., Dean. 
University of Michigan, Homeopatkio Med- 
ical College; med.; homeop.; men; est. 

1875; W. B. Hinsdale. M. D.. Dean. 
University of Michigan, School of Fhamacy; 

pbar.; co-ed.; est. 1668; J. O. Schlotter- 

beck: Ph. C, Ph. D., Dean. 
University School of Music; mna.; co-ed.; eat 

1892; Albert A. Stanley, A. M.. Director. 
BATTLE CREEK, Calhoun Co., pop. 18.5(13. 
Battle Creek Busineat University; bat. and 

sten.; J. B. Krug. Principal. 
Battle Creek College; prep.; co-ed.; Seventh 

Day Adv.: Edward A. Sutherland, Prln. 
Gardner Commercial School; bos. and sten.; 

Elmer E. Gardner, Manager. 
Graham School of Shorthand; sten.; est. 1001; 

William E. Cornell, Principal. 
Michigan Business and Noimal Collefo; not. 

and bus.; C. J. Argubrlght, Pres. 
School of Applied Art; art; co-ed.; est. 1886; 

Edwanl S. Pelsworth, Pres. 
St. Phillip's School; girls' boarding; B. C: 

Sister Veronica, Superior. 
BAY CITY, Bay Co., pop. 27.628. 
Bay City Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1880: R. B. Lane. Principal. 
Holy Rosary Academy; girls' boarding; B. C.; 

Mother Superior. 
BENTON HARBOR, Berrien Co., pop. 6,602. 
Benton Harbor College; prep.; co-ed.: noo- 

sect.: (;. J. Edgecomb, A. M., Ph. D.. 


School's announcement. — Incorp<n«ted 1802. 
Most thorough and rapid preparation for 
b<>st Universities and Colleges In the land. 
F«.r teachers of District. Graded or High 
Schools. Elocution. Music and Art. fif- 
teen full courses. Special featOKs: Fine 





RiHtint Atid SUiicJ'b Appardluii; Etgbtei:Q 
BntbBSliistic TejiLlierH; Military I>rlll, 
CAd«U A rated «tD(1 UDlforci&il: Attilctle 
Club niul LUeriLfy SocIetlL's; Good DLkI- 
RlioD mna Ghrletlau Intin^oCQ. Expeflsei 
Mtj TQod&rate. 

BEKZONIA, BftDsffl Go., pop, 4M. 

B^jaxoiiLi Ac^emy; prep, i l?o-ed^; QOHM-I 
tlinrjpfr \\\ Duan. Frtn. 

BTB^RIEK BFHIKGS, BerrlttD Co,, pufi. 9 JO. 

W, K a utile, I'res. 
nm S^APIBB, ICecosU Cki., pap. 4,0$G. 

FtrrU Iiiatitate; nor-; cp-etL; non-Bet't,; eat* 

iSS-^: Wixxlbrldife N, Ferrlw^ Prun. 
Fenria Iumtitute, School of FhurtDKcy: fbar.; 

C^;iAM I,AK£, Montcalm Co. 
Qm4mx I.ake Itiduitiiml Ac&dflmj^; ptt^p.; co-td.; 
e«t. lium; SylvfsliT ^!. Bullcr Pr<i«, 
CT.JtBgBVILLE, Ionia Co., pop. 3o0. 

]fkli%«Q N^ormaJ Acadomy and Buiiinfliit Cdl- 
Jflff«; prep.; co-hL^ noo-sect.i CliJirlin 

D£mOIT, Wayne Co., putt, l'S0*704* 

AisadeiDr of tbe Bacr«d H«&Tt; i:l7l!' imnt^h 
log; R. €.p Madame A. Fiiltoa, Prlu., H22 
Jv*(T(' refill Ativ 

AtKciiLtion InititDte; prrp.: men; est. 1S9Q; 
VVLlhfltii B. Van Akld, U. A., L'rliiclpaJ. 

Dfcrltn«*» icliaol for Oirli, Kri*; glrU' bonrd 
\Qiii htfh. Ada Brann Durlltiifp Prln, 

Dotrvit Bvainoai ITftiTsriity; biis. nxal attiti.; 
c*t, myt; Wimum F. Jewell. I»ri?»„ 11 
Wllwa St, 

Itetrtjit CoUeffe; colL: mep; B. C.^ Pit. 1877; 
Kcv. Rlcbttr^l 1», Slevln. S, J.. Prei. 

ButTDit CliiL7t:h Academy; pri'p.: tuiyEi Eiev. 
Panl ZclylMr. M, A., Principal. 

D«tAilt Collecre of L%w. l&w: cued.t v»t. 1M>I; 
Pbllip T, VoD ^Ue, LU D., Deaa, C<fr, 
St. Anloltic and Mullet. 
Schoor* Anjiouncomflnii — TJiree yejsni' 
c<}i)rs«. twenty tirofefiMora Aad m Hhmry 
of oTt»r yotumca. Dlplonii* jiUinits 
Eci tbe bur. Ev^nlnir se^ulona. Students 
here enjoy the tstat relattoo to: <1> Tte 
Jjiw school. *2} Til* Inw ofDce. (3) TM 
eonrt*. ouil (4) Tlic law llbratyn pe- 
Ittrtt U an Ideal |>la<;e In wlileh (o study 

Pfrtroft Cotlef« of Medicine; nted.; ri^^: l moTi; 

r*j. 1S<L^; Theodore A, Mc€rMw. LL. v.* 

%J. D.. r>ejrii. Cot, St. Antoinu «iid Mullet, 
S^troit C«»UefB of MedloiniSi Dopa^rtmeDt of 

Deata] Surgery; elrut.; ropn: c«t. 1801; 

Tliewloru A, MeGniw, M, A., M. H.. 1>phii, 

Cor. nt. AntoltK^ and MuZlcl. 
Detroit C^lltfe of Mediotne, Departmeat of 

Phamucif! pbar.; men: e*t. 1800: John 

K. Cliirlc, Dean* Cor. St. Antotnfl Mn6 

Detroit CoiKerrat^ry of Muiic; mua.: v9t. 

I fa 4- rraneld L. York, M. A., nifBelor. 

53fJ Woodward Ave. 
petvoit Hebrew InAtitata; prep.; food,: eat. 

ia>S. Jneob B. Baroeb. IMntlpt^I, 10 Dt- 

DdtTolt Hodti and Bay Bcbool, Tba; glrla' 

boarding j^ uon-»i'et., Mlafi Bllu M. Lis- 

Satt, Prln., 73 StSmsoD Pi a re, 
BetTolt Homeopithlo MediGial Gdllete; med.; 

houioop.; co-ud.: eat. 1872; D- A. Mac- 

I^acblnn, M. D., Dean. 1S& LafayeU^ Ave. 
Bfltroit BQbool of Art; art; c4>-ed-; Mary Mc- 

Alaitor arid Unttlij N. I^eoimrd, Directf^rit, 

271 Woodward Ave, 
Detroit School of L«ttariaf | sign pafat Jug flud 

iVoBfsnlagL QUI. IBOfr; ChMS. J. Strong, Pre*. 
Betralt Seminary; glHn' boarding: non-aeeC.; 

ffit, IS&O: Adji Krowii Darllog, Prln. 
Detroit SfDrmal Training 8cbool; tinr.; wc^tueu; 

tky; rlUiflrH I., apttln, A. B.. Principal. 
De trait School of BetinoHcopy; opMc4^l; co-ed.; 

tPt, nm; WSUijiiij 11, Poole, M, D., Pre^., 

270 WcKitlwiiird Ave. 
Detroit School of Expreuion; elo. and drama; 

ro-ijtl,' .Mrs. MUdred A. Boll, Pr1u.» 1101 

Jeltersub A\f. 
Detroit School ^f Htnaic; miift, ; co-ed.: Franji 

A, A pel, DIrpf fur, Svhwjiukovaky Bldg. 
Detroit Training School of Elociition and £ag- 

liab Liteimtiife; esL 1818; Mra. Edna 

C&ulTee Noble. Director. 780 WfKNiward 

Detroit TJhivtir»ity Bcbool ; prep,; boya; Fred- 
erick L. IIH^Sh Prill.; ItJ Elmwood Ave. 
Go tcheBa- Metropolitan Bualnesi College; hua. 

nnd #ten,; t'i«t. ISOC; J. ClifTord Kennedy, 

Lewia School for StamnieTeri; t^tnu^tui-Hng; co- 
ed,; est. ISOG; George Andrew l^ewis. 

Pres., ;t5 Adelattle St 
Michigan CoHago of MedicLoo and Surgery; 

f'Josed lWr7, 
Michigan Gaoiervatory of Mnalo; mtlA. : ^t« 

}Wm: Kr^-diTk i*. Abel, Director, 
Kilei College; btia. imd sten.; est. ISSG; II. 

11. Mllea. Prra , 78 Miami Ave. 
Mo it Holy rrinity School; prep,; co-ed.; 'BL 

C; Slaters nf Mary: Prins., 14S P«rter 

Femia Sborthiad Inatltute; stcn. ; H, M. 

Pern In. Pres,, 1*13 Woculward Ave. 
Eeed School for Kenront ajul Backward Chil* 

dren; ebJldren ijudec 56: est, IBOO; Mr. 

find Mrs, Frank A. R(jed. Dlrectom, 38G 

Flubboird Ave, 
Reed School for StunmBTen; a U turner ing; 

eo-ed.: est, 1900: Frank A. Rc?ird, Prlii., 

n^ flubbnrd Ave, 
Bt. Joaeph'i Commercial Bcbool; bua. and 

&tea,; K. r , : mr'n; eat, 18^: Bratbet 

Heor.v, IM rector, OS Jny St, 
Seminary of tin? Felfcian SIflten; prep.: H. 

C.: (*st. 1882: Ciijetann JnukiQwlvit, Sti- 

Spragua CorrAi.pond«ncfl School of lonraillam; 

eHt, IKjtn; Willi Hm O. apragiie. A. B., 

IJh n., PreK.. 7;i3 Majeatrc Bldir. 
Sprague CorroBpondence Schvml of Law; Jaw; 

erifrofip,' ).4t. 1800: Wininm C. Sprague* 

Pre*., Majestic; Bldg, 
ThofuaB Kofmal Trainiag Sebool; nor,; co-ed.; 

eat. 1888; Mffi» Jeoiile Loiilae Thninnfft 

DirMtor. 550 Woodward Ave. 
Tet Mnsical Academy^ mns^ and Jang,; co-ed.; 





Cburlcs M. Vot, Director, 353 Woodward 

Washinffton Normal School; nor.; women; 
city: Charles L. Spain, A. B., Prln. 
ESCANABA, Delta Co., pop. 9.540. 

St. Joseph Hiffh School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister M. A. Logorl, Prln. 
FLINT, Genesee Co., pop. 13,103. 

Bliss Business College; bus. and sten.; J. H. 
Long. Pres. 

Michigan School for the Deaf; state; est. 
1854; Francis D. Clarke, Supt. 
GRAND HAVEN, OtUwa Co., pop. 4.743. 

Akeley Hall for Girls; girls* boarding: P. E.; 
est. 1887; Miss Susan Hill Yerkes. Prln. 
GRAND RAPIDS, Kent Co., pop. 87.505. 

Beasley School of Oratory and Dramatic Art; 
elo. and drama. ; co-ed. ; Mrs. Marie Wil- 
son Beasley, Prln., 132 Monroe St. 
School's announcement. — Finest location, 
next door to Ryerson Public Library, In 
new Theatre Majestic, a short walk to 
Uuiun Station. The best advantages of 
any school of the kind In the state or 
city, and equal to any anywhere. Many 
pupils from the Beasley School are filling 
responsible positions as teachers In lead- 
ing schools and colleges all over the 
United States, and some have become re- 
nowned as citizens for their valuable 
services. Of the women graduates, so- 
cially, there are none more estimable. 

Eastman Private School; prep.; non-sect.; 
Mrs, W. n. Eastman, I'rln., 110 Barclay 

Grand Rapids Business University; bus. and 
sten.: est. 1897; A. S. Parish, Pres. 

Grand Rapids Kindergarten Training School; 
kind, training: women: est. 1801; Clare 
Wheeler. Acting Principal. 

Grand Rapids Medical College; closed. 

Grand Rapids Veterinary College; vet.: men; 
est. 1S07; L. L. Conkey. M. D.. D. V. M., 

Holland Theological School; theol.: men: est. 
18J)1: A. J. Rooks. A. M.. Principal. 

McLachlan Business University; bus. and 
sten.: est. 1SJ)5: M. McLachlan, Prln. 

Theological School of the Christian Reformed 
Church; theol.; est. 1878; Rev. F. M. Ten 
Hoor, Pres. 

Walbridge Private School; prep.: oo-ed.; 
Cong.: est. 19<X): Nelson H. Walbridge, 
A. M., Prin., 15 Dunham St. 

Y. M. C. A. Evening School: men; est. 1892; 
Wilbur W. Xlgh, Educ. Dlr. 
GROSSE POINTE, Houghton Co., pop. 343. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart: girls' bo.ird- 
ing; R. C : .Madam Gavin. Prln. 
HILLSDALE, Hillsdale Co., pop. 4.151. 

Hillsdale College; coll.: co-ed.; Free Bapt.; 
est. 18."»."i: Joseph W. Mauck, LTi. P.. Pros. 
HOLLAND, Ottawa Co., pop. 7.790. 

Holland Business College: bus. and sten.: est. 
1894: Cornelius J. Drepman. I»rlnclpal. 

Hope College; coll.; co-ed.; Reformed: est. 
180('»; (Jerri t J. Kollen, A. M.. LL. D.. 

Western Theological Seminary; tbeol.; Kef.; 

men: est. 1806; John W. Beardslee. Pres. 
HOUGHTON, Houghton Co., pop. 3.350. 
Michigan College of Mines; tech.; men; state; 

est. 1885; Fred Walter McNair. B. 8.. 

D. Sc., Pres. 
ISHPEMING. Marqnette Co., pop. 14.282. 
St. John's Convent; prep.; co-ed.; B. G.; Sis- 
ter M. Alexandrine, Superior. 
JACKSON, Jackson Co., pop. 25,180. 
Devlin's Business College; bus. and sten.; H. 

C. Devlin, Pres. 
Jackson Business University; bos. and sten.; 

est. 1901; B. J. Campbell, Prin. 
KALAMAZOO, Kalamasoo Co., pop. 24,104. 
Kalamazoo College; coll.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 

18r>5: A. Oaylord Slocum. A. M., LL. D.. 

Michigan Female Seminary; girls' boarding; 

Presb.; Elsie Garland Hobsoo, Prln. 
Parson's Business College; bos. and sten.; W. 

F. Parsons, Pres. 
Western BUte Normal School; nor.; state: 

co-ed.; est. 1904; Dwigbt B. Waldo, A. 

.M., President. 
Wilbur Home School for tho Feeble Xiiided; 

co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1884; C. T. Wilbur, 

M. D., Prop, and Supt. 
LAKE LINDEN, Houghton Co., pop. 2,764. 
Sacred Heart School; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 

Rev. Slglsmund Pirron, Prin. 
LANSING, Ingham Co., pop. 16,485. 
Michigan Business Institute; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1897: H. J. Beck, Pres. 
Michigan School for the Blind; state; rat. 

1881: Clarence E. Holmes, Supt. 
Michigan State Agricultural College; agrl.; 

state: co-(m1.; est. 18f»0; Jonathan L. 

Suydcr, Ph. D., Pres. 
LAURIUM, Houghton Co., pop. 5,643. 
Laurium Commercial School; prep, and bus.; 

co-ed.: est. 1809; A. J. Holden. Prln. 
Sicred Heart Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 

Rev. S. A. Perron. O. P. M.. Prin. 
LUDINGTON, Mason Co., pop. 8,422. 
Ludington Business College; bus. and sten.- 

est. 1808: W. H. Martlndlll, Prin. 
MANISTEE, Manistee Co., pop. 14.260. 
Manistee Business College; bus. and sten.- W 

II. Martlndlll, Pres. 
MARQUETTE, Marquette Co., pop. 10.0G8. 
Marquette Business College; bus. and sten * 

J. C. Parker. Prin. 
Northern State Normal School; normal; state; 

<o-ed.: Jumes H. Kaye. Pres. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R C ; 

Sister M. Ajcnes. Prln. 
MONROE, Monroe Co., pop. 5.043. 

St. Mary's College and Academy; girls* boaid- 

iiur: R. C; est. 1845; Mother M. Mecb- 

tildi««. Prin. 
MOUNT PLEASANT, IsabelU Co., pop. 3,062. 
Central State Normal School; normal: state; 

co-ed.: Charles T. Qrawn. A. M., M. Pd., 






Mount Pleuant Indian Ttaining School; board- 
ing; co-ed.; est. 1892; Robert A. Cochran, 
MUSKEGON, Mnakegon Co., pop. 20,818. 

Hackley Manual Traininf School; non-sect.; 
co-ed.; est. 1886; Carl T. Cotter, Dlr. 
KAZARETH, P. 6., Kalamasoo Co. 

Barbonr Hall; prep, for small bojs; branch 
of Nasareth Academy; Sisters of St. 

Nasareth Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
est. 1897; Sister M. Gertmde Keenan, Su- 

Saint Anthony's School for Feeble Minded 
Girls: onder the direction of the Sisters 
of St. Joseph. 

NORTH DETROIT, Wayne Co., pop. 160. 
Deaf Mute Institute; Bv. Luth.; co-ed.; est. 
1871; Rev. Wm. Gielow; A. B., Director. 

OLIVET, Eaton Co., pop. 800. 
Olivet College; coll.; co-ed.; Cong.; eit. 1880; 
Ellsworth O. Lancaster, Ph. D., President. 

ORCHARD LAKE, Oakland Co., pop. 63. 
Michigan Military Academy; military; non- 
sect.; L. C. HuU, Prln. 

0W0880, Shiawassee Co., pop. 8.096. 
Oakside School; normal; private; co-ed. 

PET08KET, Emmet Co., pop. 6,286. 
Petoskey Normal School; normal; private; co- 
ed.; H. O. Graves, M. A., Pres. 

PONTIAC, Oakland Co., pop. 9.709. 
Pontiao Business College; bus. and sten.; G. 
A. Passell, Pres. 

SAGINAW. Saginaw Co., pop. 42,846. 
Intemational Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1896; S. W. Pearey, Prlnotpal. 

Saginaw Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Geo. W. Smith, Pres. 

St. Andrew's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
est. 1876; Sister M. Albertlne, SUter Su- 

SAULT STE. MARIE, Chippewa Co., pop. 11,624. 
Academy of the Ladies of the Loretto; girls' 
boarding; R. C; est. 1898; Mother M. 
Bride, Superior. 
St. Mary's School; prep.; R. C; est. 1898; 
Rev. Alex A. Gagnleur. Pres. 
ST. IGNACE. Mackinac Co., pop. 2.889. 
TTrsuline Academy; prep.; R. C; est. 1890; 
Mother M. Angela, Superior. 
ST. LOTHS, Gratiot Co., pop. 1,989. 
Terington College; bus. and sten.; C. W. 
Yerlngton. Pres. 

SPRING ARBOR, Jackson Co., pop. 210. 
Spring Arbor Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Free 

Meth.: est. 1873; Burton J. Vincent. A. 

B., Prln. 
THREE RIVERS, St. Joseph Co., pop. 3.660. 
Three Rivers Business Academy; bus. and 

sten.; Charles H. Sage, Pres. 
TRAVERSE CITT, Grand Traverse Co., pop. 

Academy of Holy Angels; girls' boarding; 

R. C; Sister Mary Assisslum, Prin. 
Needham Business College; bus., sten. and 

teleg.; est. 1804; W. P. Needham, Pres. 
Traverse City Business College; bus. and 

sten.; C. R. Doclieray, Pres. 
TPSILANTI, Washtenaw Co., pop. 7^8. 
Cleary Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1891; P. R. Cleary, Pres. 
Michigan State Normal College; normal; state: 

co-ed.; est. 1849; L. H. Jones, A. M., 



Population, 1,979,912. School census, 545,930. School age, 5-21. 

Minnesota is the nineteenth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,979,912 inhabitants, of whom 1,963,658, or 99.2 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 537,041, or 28.8 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.1 per cent, the state ranking ninth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


J. W. Olsen, Superintendent of Public Instruction St Paul 

C. G. ScHULZ, Assistant Superintendent St. Paul 


The Governor, the State Auditor, the State Treasurer and the Attorney Gen- 
eral, all at the State Capitol, St. Paul. 


Minnesota has no State Text-Book Commission, the state law making it 
optional with the local boards or voters of the respective counties whether free 
text-books shall be furnished in the public schools. 


SuPT. D. C. Mackenzie Minneapolis 

SuPT. M. L. Pratt, Secretary Granite Falls 

D. R. Savage Windora 

John Lander St. Peter 

Paul Ahles St. Cloud 

Minnesota has a state law that the legislature shall provide for at least one 
library in every township. 


C. G. SciTTLz. President St. Paul 

J. M. Gttise, Corresponduuj Secretary St. Paul 

Kate M. Jones. Recording Secretary Litchfield 

F. J. Sperry, Treasurer Anoka 





No. of 
County. Superintendent. Postofflce. Schools. 

Aitkin J. J. Gildersleeve Aitkin 98 

Anoka Geo. D. Goodrich Anoka 73 

Keeker Caroline C. Auxer Detroit 108 

FJeltraml W. B. Stewart Bemidji 93 

Benton J. E. Doheny Foley 58 

Big: Stone Anna Swenson Ortonville 66 

Blue Earth O. O. Ulvin Mankato 154 

Brown John Cutting Sleepy Eye 88 

Carlton N. G. Nilsen Moose Lake 57 

Carver F. L. Williams Watertown 73 

Cass Olaf Oleson Pequot 108 

Chippewa Hilda M. GIppe Montevideo 85 

Chisago J. E. Modin Centre City 61 

Clay John Turner Moorhead 127 

Clearwater J. H. Summervold Bagley 56 

Cook Mrs. Maude P. Aim Grand Marals 7 

Cottonwood D. R. Savage WIndom 81 

Crow Wing J. A. Wilson Bralnerd 99 

Dakota C. W. Meyer Hastings 118 

Dodge Alma B. Campbell Mantorville 83 

Douglas T. A. Erickson Alexandria 98 

Faribault J. E. Gilman Winnebago 132 

Fillmore Oscar Carlson Preston 197 

Freeborn Geo. P. Lattin Albert Lea 131 

Goodhue Julius Boraas Red Wing 163 

Grant R. J. Stromme Elbow Lake 74 

Hennepin D. C. MacKenzie Minneapolis C't House. 184 

Houston Georglna Lommen Caledon ia 107 

Hubbard D. R. Bradford Park Rapids 72 

Isanti Carl G. Benson Cambridge 63 

Itasca Hattle F. Booth Grand Rapids 59 

Jackson J. B. Arp Jackson 118 

Kanabec Claus Morgan Mora 51 

Kandiyohi W. D. Frederickson Wlllmar 112 

Kittson John C. Cowan Hallock 70 

Koochiching Annie E. Shelland International Falls .... 22 qui Parle G. R. Ingalls Madison 106 

Lake Carrie H. Woodward Two Harbors 17 

Le Sueur Ambrose Hays Lesueur Center 110 

Lincoln George C. Miller Ivanhoe 70 

Lyon H. R. Painter Marshall 95 

McLeod R. Mackay Hutchinson 86 

Mahnomen Kate L. Owen Beaulieu 1 

Marshall M. Mithun Warren 138 

Martin C. R. Sweet Fairmont 12? 

Meeker Mrs. Kate M. Jones Litchfield 9;^ 

Mille Lacs Guy Ewing Princeton 5i 

Morrison M. E. Barnes Little Falls 132 

Mower Grace M. Sherwood Austin 135 

Murray A. D. Smith Slayton 110 

Nicollet John Sander St. Peter 64 

Nobles L. W. Abbott Worthington 109 

Norman Thomas C. Strand Ada 109 

Olmsted Geo. F. Howard Rocliester 144 

Otter Tail Charlotte M. Knudson Fergus Falls 279 

Pine R. H. Blankenship Pino City 108 

Pipestone Jessie E. Walkup Pipestone 74 

Polk Thomas Casey Crookston 225 

Pope G. C. Torguson Glen wood 99 

Ramsey Th omas Montgomery St. Paul Court House ... 84 

Red Lake H. T. McAnulty Rod Lake Falls 101 

Redwood H. J. Bebermeyer Redwood Falls 116 

Renville Fred A. Schafer Renville 141 

Rice J. H. Lewis Faribault 129 

Rock Edia A. Headley Luverne 74 

Roseau G. H. Mattson Roseau 92 

St Louis S. W. Gilpin Duluth 185 

Scott H. J. Fitzpatrick Jordan 70 





County. Superintendent. PostofBoe. 

Sherburne A. C. Bailey Elk Rirer . . . 

Sibley W. M. Carver Gaylord 

Steams Paul Allies St. Cloud 

Steele C. L. Davis Owatonna ... 

St^'venB Ilay S. Roberts Morris 

Swift Nellie M. Cashman Benson 

Todd Bertha F. Roddis Lonp Prairie . 

Traverse W. T. Williams Wheaton 

Wabaaha Jacob Reusch Lake City 

Wadena H. O. Button Wadena 

Waseca H. A. Panzram Waseca 

WjiBhlnfiTton J. F. Larson Stillwater . . . 

Watonwan Joseph Da vies St. James 

Wilkin E. M. Grangrer Breckenridpe 

Winona William A- Bugrers Winona 

Wrijfht A. A. Zech Annandale . . . 

Yellow Medicine M. L Pratt Granite Falls 

Na of 

. 4t 
. Tt 
. H 

. 7f 
. 9t 
. St 

. cs 
. tt 

. t2 
. ft 

. T7 




ALBERT LEA, Freeborn Co., pop. A.^H). 
Lnther Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Lutb.: est. 

18%8: Ber. Jacob E. Tboen. B. A., Prea. 
AVSmr. Mower Co., pop. 6.474. 
Anitin Collefe of Law. Bonthem Minnesota 

Normal Collefe; law; co-f<l.: est. 1809: 

F. W. Oreenman, Dean. 
Soathem Minnesota Normal College: normal; 

«'0-*hJ.: privat**; est. 1897; Cbas. B. 

HofMtrom, Pres. 
BRAINERD, Crow Wing Co., \toi*. 7.524. 

Brainerd Busii:.es8 College; Imjm. and sten.; 

I>'WiH H. Vath, Pn-K. 
COLLEGE VILLE, Steams Co.. i>cp. TTt. 
St. John's University; coll.: men: B. C: est. 

18.'>7; Bt. ttev. VfAfv Engel, I»h. I).. Pr***. 
CR00K8T0N, Polk Co., pop. .'>.359. 
Crookston College: prop.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 

est. 1895: J. C. Satlirr-. M. S.. LL. D.. 

DXTLVTH, St. Lonis Co., pop. 52,009. 

Dnlnth Business TTniversity; bus and sten.; 

W. C. Mc<;art.T. Pres. 
Parson's Business College and Shorthand In> 

stitute; biiP. and sten.: Iliram Parsons, 

Sicred Heart Institute: k\tW t>oardin)2:; B. C; 

.\fofh<;r S^holastlca, 0. S. B., Directress. 
State Normal School; nor.: state: co-ed.; est. 

iwi.-,: V. w. Itohfinoii. .V. M.. Propldent. 
University School; prop.; boys; non-sect.: Al- 
bert II«'i»pfTt. I'rim-lpal. 
FARIBAULT. Rice Co., p<ip. 7.868. 
Bethlehem Academy; glrlH* boarding; B. C; 

SlHt»'r Hiirwrior. 
Faribault Business and Normal College; bus. 

iind nor.: ro ♦•«!.; est. ISfM): K. A. Plrb- 

Ijirij; am] V. If. Daiikcrs, Prinrlpaln. 
Minnftsota School for the Blind; state; James 

J. Dow. Siipt. 
Minnesota School for the Deaf; state: est. 

IS!»I: .Imiimh N. Tati'. .Supt. 
Minnesota School for the Feeble Minded; est. 
UKH: A. (J. BogerK. Supt. 

St. Mary's Kail; girls' boarding; P. E.: MlH. 

Caroline W. Eella. PiIb. 
Seabory Divinity Bcbool; tbeoL; P. K.; moi: 

est. 1858; F. A. McOwaln. M. A.. R. D.. 

Ehattnck School; iMya* boaidinc; mil.: P. B.; 
I Ber. James Dobbin. Prin. 

; FERGUS FALLS, Ottaitan Ga., pop. 8.07S. 
I Northweatem Collega; prep.: co-ed.: Lnth.: 

est. 1900: A. C. YoangdaU, A. B., Prei. 
Park Region Lvtiwraa Collace; eoD.; co-cd.: 

Lnth.: K. M. Hageatad, Pres. 
' OLENWOOD, Pope Co., pop. 1.116^ 

Glenwood Academy; prep.: co-ed.: Lath.; cat 
! 1904: B. K. Sayre. A. B.. B. S., Prim. 

, MADISON. Lac qui Parle Co.. pop. l.aS. 
I Normal School of the Uaitad Merweciaa Latt* 

eran Church: nor.: co-ed.; Lath.; eat 

1892; Bev. H. O. Fjeldstad, A. B.. Pica. 
MANKATO, Blue Eartk Co., pop. 10.9W. 
Mankato Commercial OoUago; Ims. and atcm.; 

est. 1891: J. R. Brandmp. Pies. 
State Normal School; normal: state; co-ed.: 

est. 1868: Charles H. Cooper, Pres. 
MINNEAPOLIS, Hennepin Go., pop. 902,718. 
Academy of the Ho^ Aagels; fflrls; B. C; 

Sister Bosalia, Snperl<v. 
American Business Collogo and Monul BdMsl; 

bi!8. and nor.; co-ed.: est. 1904; J. J. 

Jespcrson. A. M.. Pres.: 780 E. Ijske ft. 
Archibald's Buaineaa Oollago; tms. and stea.: 

A. B. Archibald, Prln.. Lake and BtcvcM 

Augsburg Seminary; coll.; men.: Latb.; est. 

Caton College; bus. and sten.; Tlioinas J. 

Caton. Pres. 
Curtlas Business College: bns. and sten.; est. 

1874: George H. Zlnnel. Pies.. 122 8. 

Sixth St. 
De La Salle Institute; prep.; boys; B. C.: 

Bev. Brother Emilain. Prin., Orore aad 

Island Ave., W. 
Eclectic Business College; bos. and tel.; est 

18!N*.: J. M. Balser. Pres.. 4% Washlw* 

ton Ave., S. 





Oraham Hall; girls* boarding; non-sect.; est. 
1900; Zulema A. Rnble, Principal, 1800 
Pirst ATe.» 8. 

Oren Qiorthand Bnsinesa School; sten. and 
bus.; B. L. Jones, Prin., 800 Northwest- 
ern Bldg. 

Holy Angels Academy; girls' boarding; R. 
C: Sister Rosalia, Prin.. 4th St. and 
7th Ave., N. 

Johnson School of Music, Oratory and Dra- 
matic Art; art; co-ed.; Gastams John- 
son. Director. 42 8. 8th St. 

Metropolitan Commercial College; bus. and 
Sten.; George M. Langum, Prop., 329 
Hennepin Ave. 

Minneapolis Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Ref. 
Presb.; Thomas Peebles. Prin.. 501 Har- 

Minneapolis Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1903; Roggs and Boyce, Props., 305 
Central Ave. 

Minneapolis Claaaioal School; prep.: co-ed.; 
est. 1894; Arthur D. Hall, A. M., Pres., 
Harvard St.. 8. E. 

Minneapolis College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, Medical Department Hamline Vni- 
Tersi^: united with Medical Department 
University of Minnesota in 1008. 

Minneapolia School of Fine Arts; art: co-ed.; 
est. 1886; Robert Koehler, Director. Hen- 
nepin Ave. and 10th St. 

Minneapolis School of Music; mus. snd dram., 
art; co-ed.; William H. Pontius and 
Charles M. Holt. Directors. 

Minnesota Institute of Pharmacy; phar.; co- 
ed.; 0. W. Drew, M. D.. Dean. 

Mianasota School of Business; bus. and 
sten.; Ricksrd A Gruman. Props.. 54 S. 
3rd St. 

Mvnson Shorthand Institute; bus. and sten.; 
R. J. Smith. Prin.. 1216 Guaranty Bldg. 

Horthwestem Collago of Photography; photo.; 
co-ed.; 811 NIcoUet Ave. 

Morthwestem Gonserratory of Music; mus.: 
co-ed.; Clarence A. Marshall. Director. 

Hasmussen Practical Business School; bus. 
and sten.; est. 1908; Julius Rasmussen, 
LL. B.. Prin. 

State Business Collage: bus. and sten.: est. 
1904; George A. Gdder. Pres.. Nicollet 
Ave. and 7th St. 

Stanley Hall; girls' boarding; non-sect.; Miss 
O. A. Evers, Prin., 2118-2122 Pleasant 

ITniTersity of Minnesota; nnlv.; state: co-ed.; 
est. 1888; Cyrus Northrop. LL. D., Pres., 
University and 14th Aves. 

ITniTersity of Minnesota, College of Dentistry; 
dent.; co-ed.; est. 1888; Alfred Owre, 
Dean, University and 11th Aves. 

ITniTeisity of Minnesota, College of Homeo- 
pathic Medicine and Surgery; med.; 
homeop.; co-ed.; est. 1886: Eugene L. 
Msnn. M. D., Dean, 094 Endlcott Arcade, 
St. Psul. 

VniTersity of Minnesota, College of Law; 
law; co-ed.; est. 1888: William S. Pat- 
tee. LL. D.. Dean, University and 11th 

ITniTsrsity of Mliinesota, College of Medicine 

and Surgery; med.: reg.; co-ed.; est. 

1888: Pranlt Fairchlld Westbroolc, M. D., 

University of Minnesota, College of Phar- 
macy; phar.; co-ed.; est. 1892: Tr rlerlclt 

J. Wulllng, LL. M., Dean. 3305 2nd Ave., 

MONTEVIDEO, Chippewa Co., pop. 2,146. 
Windom Institute; prep.; co-ed.: Cong.: est. 

1886: Rev. R. P. Herrlclc, B. A., Prin. 
MOORHEAD, Clay Co., pop. 8.730. 
Concordia College; coll.; co-ed.; Luth. ; est. 

1891; Rev. Rasmees Bogstad, M. A., 

State Normal School; normal; state: co-ed.; 

est. 1880: Frank A. Weld, President. 
NEW ULM, Brown Co., pop. 5,403. 
Dr. Martin Luther College; normal; private: 

co-ed.: est. 1884: Rev. John Schaller, 

NOETHFIELD. Rice Co., pop. 3.210. 
Carleton College; coll.; co-ed.; Cong.: est. 

St. Olaf College; coll.: co-od.; Luth.; est. 

1874; Rev. J. N. Klldahl. Pres. 
OWATONNA, Steele Co., pop. 5,561. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing: R. C; est. 1877; Sister Mary Cyril. 

Canfleld Commercial School; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1897: W. P. Canfleld. Pres. 
Pillsbury Academy: prep.: co-ed.: Bapt.; est. 

1877: MIlo B. Price. Ph. D.. Pres. 
PIPESTONE, Pipestone Co., pop. 2,536. 

Pipestone Indian Training School; govern- 
ment school for Indians: est. 1802; Wil- 

lard S. Campbell, Superintendent. 

RED WIN6, Goodhue Co., pop. 7.525. 
Red Wing Business College; bus. and Rton.; 

H. J. Meyer. Pros. 
Red Wing Evangelical Seminary; tbcol.: men; 

Luth.: est. 1879: Rev. M. G. Hanson, 

ROCHESTER, Olmiter Co., pop. 6,843. 
Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes; frlrls' 

Iwardlnj?, R. C. 
Rochester Business and Normal College: bus. 

and nor.: co-od.: est. 1896; Martin A. 

Beatty, Proslrtont. 

ST. ANTHONY PARK, Suburb of St. Paul. 
School of Agriculture, University of Minne- 
sota; state: co-od.-, est. 1SS8; W. M. Lig- 
gett. Donn. 
Luther Seminary; thool.; men: Ev. Lnth.: est. 
1885: Rev. Prof. H. Ernst, D. D., Pros., 
Phalem Park. 

ST. CLOUD, Stearns Co.. pop. S.063. 

St. Cloud Business College: bus. and sten.; 

est. 10n2: Lowls H. Vath, Principal. 
State Normal School: normal: Ktnte: co-ed.; 
est. ISCO; W. A. Shwmakor. Ph. D.. Pros. 

ST. JOSEPH, Steams Co.. imp. 549. 
St. Benedict's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 
C: Mother Aloysla Bath. Prin. 





ST. PAUL, SaiBMj Go., pop. 163,065. 
Bmckofl' School for Oiris, Mrs.; girls* prep.; 

noD-sect.; est. 1903; Mrs. Carrie Hasklns 

Rackas. Prin.. 489 Holly Ave. 
Baldwin Semiiuury; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.; 

Clinton J. Backna. Prin., 114 Macknbin. 
Boenisch's Commercial College; bos. andsten.: 

B. W. Boeniscb, I*res., 601 Chamber of 
Commerce Bldg. 

Capitol Commercial College: bus. and stcn.; 

Margaret IlPihr, Prin., 309 McClure Bldg. 
College of St. Thomas; boys' boarding; R. 

C: Rev. John F. Dolphin, Prin., Cor. 

Cleveland and Summit Ave. 
CcncordiA College; troys' boarding; Ev. Luth.; 

est. 1893; Theodore Buenger, Prin., Cor. 

St. Anthony and Syndicate. 
Cretin High School; boyu' boarding: R. C: 

Brother Ambrose, Prin.. Cor. Fort and 

6tb Sts. 
Globe Business College; buR. and sten.: W. 

C. Stephens. Vrcn.. 43 W. 7th St. 
Hamline XTniversity; coll.; oo.-ed.; M. E.: est. 

1S54; Rev. f}. II. Bridpfinan. LL. D.. Pn-s. 
Hess Business College; buH. and stcn.; est. 

1885; D. S. Coffey. Pros.. IMonwr Pnjss 

Loomis School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

.MIhs Annie J. Loomis, Prin. 
Luther Seminary; tbcol.; Luth.; men; 

1878: O. E. Brandt. Pres. 
Macalester College; coll.; co-ed.: Presb. 

188.'5; T. .Morey ITo^lgman, M. 

Nichols' Expert School of Shorthand; bus. 

and Hten.; vnt. 1899; Malcolm E. Nichols. 

LL. I)., Prin.. .TJO Endicott Bldg. 
Pioneer Business School; buK. and sten.; Mrs. 

P. P. Roller, Prin.. 3L'9 Ryan Bldg. 
Rasmussen Practical Business School; bus. and 

sten.; Walter Uasmu-^sen. Pres., Globe 

Seminary of the United Norwegian Lutheran 

Church; thcol.; Luth.: men: est. 1890; 

Kev. Prof<'88or Marcus O. Bocicraan, D. D., 

St. Joseph Academy; girls' liourdin^; R. C. ; 

Sister Hyacinth, Prin., Cor. Nelson and 

Western Aves. 
St. Mary's High School; pnp.; co-ed.: R. C; 

SistiT Victoria, Prin., Cor. 9tli and Lo 

St. Paul Academy; Iio.vm' boarding; non-sect.; 

rst. ISKX); Fn'd W. Fislt*'. N. B. Wheeler, 

I'riiiH., Cor. Dale and Portland Aves. 
St. Paul Business College; bus. and sten.: 

MaK'uirc Bnts.. Props., 4:>0 SUtb-y. 


LL. I)., 

St. Pmnl Oollaco of Iaw; law: men: est 

1900; Judge G. Z. Bum, Dean. 
School of Traction Enginaeriag; tech.; men; 

est. 1906; D. D. Mayne. Prin. 
St. Panl Teachers' Training School; nor.; city.; 

co-ed.: Miss Sarah C. Brooks, Pres. 
St. Paol Seminary; men: P. E.; Yery Rev. 
P. R. Heffron. D. D.. Rector, W. End 
Grand Ave. 
Stone's School of Watchmaking ; watchmak- 
ing: co-ed.; 903 Globe Bldg. 
St. Paul School of Fine Arts; art; co-ed.: est 
18(f4; D. E. RandaU. Director. 48 E. 4th 
Teacher's Training School; n<v.; women: est. 
1883: Hiram W. Slack. Prin., Granite St. 
Visitation Convent: girls' boarding: R. C: 
Mother Clementine, Prin.. Cor. Robert and 
University Ave. 
ST. PAUL PARK, Washington Co., pop. 1.173. 
St. Paul's CoUege; coll.; co-ed.: M. E.: W. 
H. Miller. Pres. 
ST. PETER, NicoUet Co., pop. 4.302. 
Oustavus Adolphns College; coll.: co-ed.; 
Luth.: est. 1862: Rev. P. A. Mattson. A 
B., Pres. 
SAUK CENTER, Steams Co., pop. 2.220. 
Sank Center Academy and Bnaineas College; 
bus. and sten.; Lewis H. Vath, Pres. 
STILLWATER, Waahington Co., pop. 12.318. 
Raamussen Practical Bnaineas OoUege; bos. 
and sten.; est. 1900; Julius Basmossen, 
WELLS, Faribault Co., pop. 2.017. 
Parson's Business XTniversity; bus. and sten.; 
A. C. Parsons, Pres. 
WILDER, Jackson Co., pop. 174. 
Breck Farm School and Bnaineas College; 
prep, and bus.: co-ed.: est. 1888; P. E.; 
Rev. William Henry Pond, President. 
WILLMAR. Kandiyohi Co., pop. 3,400. 
Willmar Seminary: prep.; co-ed.; Ev. Luth.; 
est. 1S83; II. S. Hilleboe, A. M., Prin. 
WINNEBAGO CITY, Faribault Co., pop. 1,816. 
Parker College; coll.; co-ed.; Free Bapt.; est 
ISSO; Rev. Elbert W. Van Aken. A. M., 
WINONA. Winona Co., pop. 19,714. 
State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 

(;. E. Maxwell. Pres. 
Toland's Business XTniversity; btis. and aten.; 

J. W. Hooker and F. J. T(dand, Pres. 
Winona Seminary; girls' boarding: R. C: 
Sister M. Celestine, Prin. 


Population, 1,551,270. School census, 537,310. School age, 5-21. 

Mississippi is the twentieth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,551,270 inhabitants, of whom 641,200, or 41.3 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 7,625, or 5 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 32 per cent, the state ranking forty-sixth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows : 


Hon. J. N. Powers, State Superintendent of Public Education Jackson 


Hon. R. V. Fletcher, Attorney General Jackson 

Hon. J. W. Power, Secretary of State Jackson 

Hon. J. N. Powers, State Superintendent of Public Education Jackson 


Pop of 
County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Adams J. W. Henderson Natchez 30,111 

Alcorn W. C. Sweat Corinth 14.987 

Amite Geo. A. McGehee Liberty 20,708 

Attala M. L. Dew Kosciusko 26,248 

Benton J. A. Barnette Ashland 10.510 

Bolivar Thos. S. Owen ^Cleveland 35,427 

Calhoun C. A. Beasley Pittsboro 1 6,512 

Carroll C. A. Neal Carrollton 22,116 

Chickasaw R. R. Waldrop Houston 19,892 

Choctaw H. Spl^a Mathlston 13,036 

Claiborne S. J. Russell Port Gibson 20,787 

Clarke Geo. B. Parker Quitman 17,741 

Clay Paul Townsend West Point 19.563 

Coahoma J. M. Brooks Clarksdale 26,293 

Copiah J. T. Hood Hazlehurst 34,395 

Covington T. R. Thames Williamsburg 13,026 

DeSoto R. E. L. Morgan Hernando 24,751 

Franklin V. H. Torrey Meadvllle 13,678 

Greene A. G. Ferguson Leakesvllle 6.795 

Grenada Virgin R. James Grenada 14.112 

Hancock W. W. Stockwell Bay St. Louis 11,886 

Harrison CD. Lancaster Mississippi City 21,002 

Hinds C. S. North Raymond 52,577 

Holmes W. H. Smith Lexington 36,828 

Issaquena George Robinson Mayersvllle 10,400 

Itawamba J. E. Sandlln Fulton 13,544 

Jackson Guy D. Dean Bcranton 16,513 

Jasper W. J. Shoemaker Paulding' 15,394 

Jefferson J. R. Torrey Red Lick 21,292 





County. Superintendent. Postoffice. 

Jefferson Davis W. J. Burkett 

Jones J. T. Taylor Ellisville 

Kemper I. N. Thompson Dekalb 

Lafayette T. M. Anderson Qxford 

Lamar T. W. Davis 

Lauderdale J. R. Bills Meridian 

Lawrence B. D. Bishop Monticello . . . 

Leake L. R. McDonald Carthagre 

Lee J. N. Francis Tupelo 

Leflore W. M. Peteet Greenwood . . 

Lincoln Edsar Green Brookhaven . . 

Lowndes .S. M. Nash Columbus 

Madison R. E. Hinton .Canton 

Marion E. 1. Watts Columbia 

Marshall J. P. Horton ^KoUy Springrs. 

Monroe T. T. Deavenport Aberdeen . 

Montgomery J. L. Frizell Winona 

Neshoba W. D. Hitt ....Philadelphia . 

Newton W. W. Coursey Decatur 

Noxubee J. R Jackson Macon 

Oktibbeha S. J. Wallace Starkville 

Panola J. B. Eckles Sardis 

Pearl River J. F. Williams Poplarville . . . 

Perry E. J. Currle Hattlesburgr . . 

Pike C. H. Otkin Magrnolia 

Pontotoc J. H. Mitchell Pontotoc 

Prentiss C. E. Billingrslea Booneville . . . 

Quitman J. B. Stone Belen 

Rankin S. R, Myers Brandon 

Scott W. J. Stokes Forest 

Sharkey J. S. Joor : . . Jlollingr Fork . 

Simpson W. D. Wallace Mendenhall . . 

Smith W. T. Simmons Raleigrh 

Sunflower D. M. Quinn Indianola 

Tallahatchie H. H. Womble Charleston . . . 

Tate L G. Allen Senatobia 

Tippah J. W. Mitchell Kipley 

TishominsTO H. C. Long: luka 

Tunica J. W. Henderson Tunica 

Union S. N. Collier New Albany . . 

Warren J. B. Dabney Vicksburg . . . . 

Washington Stevenson Archer Greenville . . . 

Wayne Jno. A. Ramey Waynesboro 

Webster J. B. Scott Walthall 

Wilkinson Joseph Johnson Louisville .... 

Winston L. H. Hopkins WoodviUe 

Yalobusha J. R. Hodnett Coffeevllle . . . 

Yazoo W. W. Lockard Yazoo City . . . 

Pop. of 


. 6.697 
. 6,436 
.16 084 


ABBEVILLE, La Fayette Co., pop. 2S6. 

Abbeville Kormal School: normal; state: 
pop. 175. 

Xiiiiiiippi Agricultural and Mechanical Col- 
lege: toch.: 8tatp: men: est. 1878: John 
C. Hanlr. A. M.. LL. D.. President. 

Xiiiiiiippi Textile School, Dept. A. ft K. 
College: Wm. R. Meadows, Director. 

Alcorn A. ft M. College for Kegroea; tech. ; 
state: L. J. Rowan. Pres. 

BAT ST. LOUIS. Hancock Co.. pop. 2.872. 
St. Staniilaus College: hoyn' hoarding: R. G. : 

est. ISiW: Brother Felix. President. 
St. Joieph'i Academy: Kirls' boarding. R. C. ; 

est. 1855; Sister Angnstln. Directress. 

BLITE XOUirrAnr. Tippah Co., pop. 406. 
Blue Mountain Female College: girts* board- 
ing: non-sect.: est. 1878; B. G. Lowrej. 
A. M., Pres. 

BLUE SPBIKOS. Union Co.. pop. 108. 
Blue Springs Kormal CoUoge; normal; state: 

Boyne Chitto Kormal School; nor. an4 kind.; 
Bapt.: private: S. S. Lynch, Prin. 

BRA^TOK. Simpson Co.. pop. 100. 
Braxton Collegiate Institate; prep.: co-ed.; 
non-sect.: est. 1880: Paul De Leon Mc- 
Laurin. A. B.. Principal. 

BBOOKHAVEK, Lincoln Co.. pop. 2.678. 
Whitworth Female College; glrU* boardlnf: 





M. E. So.: est. 1809; Rev. John W. 
Cbamben, A. M., Pres. 
BYHATJA, lUnliaU Co., pop. 700. 
Kate Tucker Inititnte; prop.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: Kate Engenia Tucker. Prln. 
CAKTHAOE, Leake Co., pop. 416. 
Cartkaffe Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Woodley ft Hnddleston, Prlns. 
CASCHXA, Tallakatckie Co., pop. 186. 
Caacilla Higk Sckool; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Prof. Ooinn, Prln. 
CSALYBEATB, Tlppak Co., pop. 40. 
Chalybeate 8|priii«s Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; J. N. Berry, Prln. 
CHATAWA. Pike Co., pop. 54. 
St. Mary's lostitvte; girls* boarding; R. C; 
Sister Mary ApoUiBaire. 
CLABKSOV, Webster Co., pop. 68. 
Bennett Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. M. Hazey, A. B., Pres. 
CLIHTOV, Hinds Co., pop. 354. 
Hillman College;, gills' boarding: Bapt.; est. 

1853: Dr. J. M. Johnson. President. 
Mississippi College; coll.; men; Bapt.; est. 

1827: Rer. W. T. Lowrey, D. D., Pres. 
Mount Hermoa Ftetale Seminary (colored); 
girls' boarding; non-sect.; est. 1875; Miss 
Jnlia M. Elwln. Prln. 
COLLEGE HILL, Lafayette Co., pop. 80. 

College Hill Academy; closed. 
COLITMBIA, Marion Co., pop. 507. 
Columbia High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. T. Calhoon. Prln. 
COLUMBUS, Lowndes Co., pop. 6.484. 
Industrial Institute and College; state; In- 
dustrial school for girls: est. 1885: H. L. 
Whltfleld, Pres. 
CrUMBEBLAHD, Webster Co., pop. 89. 

Cumberland XTormal Institute; private; prep.; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1886; Rev. J. F. 
Mltchen. Prln. 
DIZOIf, Veshoba Co., pop. 100. 

Dixon High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
H. T. Graham, Prln. 

EDWARDS, Hinds Co., pop. 586. 

Southern Christian Institute (colored): prep.; 
co-ed.: Christ.; est. 1882; J. B. Lehman, 
Ph. B., Pres. 
F&EMCH CAMP, Choctaw Co., pop. 259. 

Central Mississippi Institute; girls' board- 
ing; Presb.; est. 1884; J. A. Sanderson. 

French Camp Military Academy; mil.; boys' 
Presb.: est. 1886: Rev. Frank L. Mc- 
Cne, Principal. 

School's announcement — ^French Gamp 
(Miss.) Academy Is located In a qnlet 
country town, away from the nsnal temp- 
tations. It is a good place to send your 
boy to form a manly Christian character. 
The best advantages at low cost. Ad- 
dress Rev. P. L. McCne. Principal. 

GRENADA, Grenada Co., pop. 2.568. 

Grenada Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; W. I. Clifton, A, »., President. 

HARPERVILLE, Scott Co., pop. 180. 
Hazperville Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 

non-sect.; C. A. Hnddleston. President. 
HEBROK, Lawrence Co., pop. 100. 
Hebron High School; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.; 

est. 1889; Fred M. Bnsh, Principal. 
HERKANDO, De Soto Co., pop. 563. 
Randle's University School: prep.; co-ed. ^ 

non-sect.; est. 1850; W. S. Burks. Prin. 
HOLLT SPRINGS, MarshaU Co., pop. 2.815. 
Mississippi State Normal School; normal; 

state: co-ed.: Rev. E. D. Miller, Pres. 
Mississippi Synodical College: girls' board- 
ing: Presb.: est. 1891; T. W. Raymond, 

A. M.. D. D., Prln. 
Rust University (colored): coll.: co-ed.; M. 

E.; est. 1808; Rev. Wm. W. Foster, Jr.. 

D. D.. Pres. 
HOUSTON, Chickasaw Co., pop. 677. 

Mississippi Normal College: prep.: co-ed.; 

non-sect.; E. L. Collins. Pres. 
lUKA, Tishomingo Co., pop. 82. 

luka College; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 1004: 

Rev. .Tohn B. Culpepper, President. 
JACKSON. Hinds Co.. pop. 7.816. 
Belhaven College for Young Ladies; rIfIs* 

boarding; non-sect.: est. 1804: J. R. 

Preston. M. A.. President. 
Dranghon's Practical Business College; bns. 

and sten.; J. F. Dranghon. Pros. 
Harris Business College; bus., sten. andtelcg. ; 

est. 1895: N. J. Harris. M. A., Pres. 
Jackson College (colored) ; prop. ; co-ed. ; 

Bapt.: est. 1877; Rev. Luther G. Barrett, 

A. M., Pres. 
Millsops College: coll.: co-ed.; M. E. So.: est. 

1862: Rev. W. B. Murrah, D. D., LL. D., 
Macon and Andrews Business College; bus. 

and sten.: est. 1805; G. A. Mncon and 

A. A. Andrews, Props. 

Millsops College, Law School; Inw; men; est. 
JEFFERSON, Carroll Co., pop. 25. 
Jefferson High School; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
Miss Juniata Hill, Prln. 
KOSSUTH, Alcorn Co., pop. 220. 
Kossuth School, prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; J. 
O. Looney. Prln. 
LIBERTY, Amite Co., pop. .392. 

Liberty Male and Female College; prep.: 
ro-o(l.; non-sect.; Rov. N. Smylle, Prln. 

LOCKHART, Lauderdale Co., pop. 100. 

Lockhart Male and Female Institute; prop.; 
co-ed.; non-soct.; est. 1898; W. F. Cooper. 

B. S.. Prln. 
LOUISVILLE. Winton Co., pop. 505. 

Louisville Normal School; normal; state; 
co-o<l.; J. A. ITall. pres. 

MERIDIAN, Lauderdale Co., pop. 14.050. 

Macon & Andrews College: bus. and sten.; 

est. 1805; J. J. Forguson. Principal. 
Meridian Academy (colored) ; prop. ; co-ed. ; 

M. E.; est. 1870: J. Beverly P. Shaw, A. 

B.. A. M., Vh. D.. Prln. 





Meridian Woman's Collefe: girls' boarding; 
non-sect.; est. 1903; J. W. Beeson, A. M., 
Queen Oity Business Oollege; bos. and sten.; 

est. 1907; M. F. Mitchell, Pres. 
Lincoln School; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; Mrs. 

H. I. Miller, Prin. 
Mississippi Medical College; med.: reg.; co- 
ed.; est. 1906; T. A. Barber, M. D., Dean. 
MONTROSE, Jasper Co., pop. 150. 
Forest District High School; prep.; co-ed.; 
M. B. So.; T. C. Bradford, Prin. 
MOTTNT OLIVE, Codington Co., pop. 246. 
.Mount Olive High School; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1866; J. T. Calhoun, Prin. 
NATCHEZ, Adams Co., pop. 12,210. 
Cathedral School; boys' boarding; R. C; 

Brother Charles, Prin. 
Katches College (colored): prep.; co-ed.; 

Bapt.: S. H. C. Owen, Prin. 
St. Joseph's School: girls' boarding; R. C. : 

Sister Scbolastica, Prin. 
St. Mary's Cathedral School; bus. and sten.; 

Brother Charles, Pres. 
Stanton College for Toung Ladies; girls' 
boarding: non-sect.: est. 1894: James R. 
Preston, A. M., Pres. 
NETTLETON, Lee Co.. pop. 570. 

Providence Male and Female College; closed. 
ORWOOD, La Fayette Co., pop. 106. 
Orwood Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.: 
J. D. Stormont. Prin. 
OXFORD, La Fayette Co., pop. 1.825. 
University of Mississippi Medical Department 
(prep. med. freshman and sophomore) ; 
mod.: reg.; est. 1903; W. S. Leathers, M. 
P.. Acting Dean. 
FITTSBORO, Calhoun Co., pop. 254. 
Fittsboro Male and Female College: prep.; 
co-ed.: non-sect.: A. A. Nowoll. A. B., 
PONTOTOC, Pontotoc Co.. pop. 1.010. 

Chickasaw Female College; girls' boarding: 
Proab. : est. 1852; C. E. Crawford. Prin. 
PORT GIBSON. Claiborne Co., pop. 2.113. 

Port Gibson Female College; girls' boarding; 
M. E. So.: est. 1843; Rev. Henry G. 
Hawlcins. A. B., Pres. 
SENATOBIA, Tate Co., pop. 1.156. 
Blackbourne College for Girls: girls' bonrd- 
inp; non-sort.: Mrs. T. I). Moore. Prin. 
SHELBY, Bolivar Co., pop. 500. 
Shelby Normal School: normal: private: co- 
ed.: J. M. Wiiliamson. Prin. 

School's announcement. — A training school 
for young mon and women, fitting them 
for active po«lapogioal worlc. Kvory nd- 
vnntjige is ofTorod the ambitions student: 
tiio (juallty of worlc done Is hljrh. oqnip- 
inonts ado4|uiito and expenses vrry low. 
A srliool wIkto worlc Is <lono. whoso stn- 
drnts are «'nthusod with this spirit, and 
whoso gradnntos nro soujrht by iniMIo 

and private schools throoghoat the coon- 
try — such Is the Shelby Normal School. 
SHTJBTITA, Clarke Co., pop. 461. 
High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Cbas. 

A. Huddleston, Prin. 
STARKVILLE, Oktibbeha Co., pop. 1,986. 

Mississippi Agricultural and Xechaiiical Col- 
lege; see Agricultural College P. O. 
Starke ville Graded School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Hugh Critz, B. Sc., Prin. 
SYLVARENA, Smith Oo„ pop. 75. 
Sylvarena High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1870; John B. Polk, Prin. 
TOTIGALOO, Hinds Co., Pop. 26. 
Tougaloo University; normal; private: co-ed.; 
Cong.; est. 1860; Rev. Frank G. Wood- 
worth, D. D., Pres. 
TYRO, Tate Co., pop. 110. 
Tyro High School; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.: 
E. T. Keeton, Prin. 
UNION CHURCH, Jefferson Co., pop. 126. 
Union Church High School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.: J. A. Smylie, Prin. 
UNIVERSITY, La Fayette Co., pop. 16. 
University of Mississippi, Law School; law: 
co-ed.: est. 1848; Robert B. Fnlton, M. 
A.. LL. D.. Pres. 
University of Mississippi; univ.; state: co-ed.: 
mon; est. 1854; A. A. Kincannon, Chan- 

VAIDEN, Carroll Co., pop. 474. 
Vaiden Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect; 
Hugh B. Rose, Prin. 
VICKSBURG, Warren Co., pop. 14.834. 
St. Alojrsius College; boys' boarding; R. C; 

Brother Alphonse. Prin. 
Vicksburg Commercial School; bus. and sten.; 
G. n. McDonald. Pres. 
WALNUT GROVE, Leake Co., pop. 207. 
Mississippi Central Nonnal School; normal; 
state: co-ed.; John R. Tally, Pres. 
WALTHALL, Webster Co., pop. 170. 
Walthall Normal School; private; nor.: co-ed.: 
non-sect.: est. 1887; E. Morgan Shaw. 

B. S.. Prin. 

WASHINGTON. Adams Co., pop. 240. 
Jefferson Military College; militar}-; noo- 
soot.: Joseph S. Raymond, Prin. 
WEST POINT, Clay Co., pop. 3,193. 
Macon and Andrew's' College; bus. and sten.; 
O. A. Macon and A. A. Andrews. Props. 
Mary Holmes' Seminary (colored); girls' 
hoarding: Presb.; est. 1892; Rev. Austin 
II. Jolly. D. D.. Pres. 
Southern Female College; girl's boarding; 
Cumb. Presb.: Rev. A. N. Eshman, Pits. 
WINONA. Montgomery Co., pop. 2.684. 
Grenada-Zion Industrial College; Indust.; eo- 
od.: Bjipt.: John W. Cross, Pres. 

YAZOO CITY, Yazoo Co., pop. 4.944. 

St. Clara's Academy; prep.: co-ed.: R. C; 

Sistirs <»f Charity. Prins. 


Population, 3,106,665. School census, 984,659. School age, 6-20. 

Missouri is the fifth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 3,106,665 inhabitants, of whom 2,944,843, or 94.8 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 215,775, or 6.9 per cent, are foreign bom. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 6.4 per cent, the state ranking twenty-ninth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Howard A. Gass, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jefferson Cit> 


W. T. Carrington, State Superintendent of Public Schools, President . JcdGrsori City 

John E. Swanger, Secretary of State, Secretary Jefferson City 

Joseph Folk, Governor Jefferson City 

Herbert S. Hadley, Attorney General Jefferson City 


Arthur Lee, President Clinton 

Howard A. Gass Jefferson City 

Miss Lillian Neville Bethany 

M. A. O'Rear Boonville 

Luther Hardaway, Manager Missouri School Journal, State Manager. Jefferson City 


Howard A. Gass, President Jefferson City 

B. G. Shackelford, First Vice-President Cape Girardeau 

J. A. Thompson, Second Vice-President Tarkio 

W. A. Annin, Third Vice-President St. Louis* 

E. M. Carter, Secretary Jefferson City 

W. M. Oakerson, Treasurer Maryville 

E. E. Dodd, Railroad Secretary Springfield 


County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Adair K B. Sipple Kirksville 21.72S 

Andrew John Rlade Helena 17.332 

Atchison L. R. Thompson Rockport 16.501 

Audrain S. T. Davis Benton City 21.160 

Barry J. R. Wallen Cassville 25.532 



Pop. of 
County. Superintendent Address. County. 

Barton L. E. Brous Lamar 18.253 

Bates A. L. Ives Butler 30.141 

Benton J. R. Yelton Cole Camp 16,556 

Bollinger W. A. Davault Marble Hill 14.650 

Boone J. Kelly Wright Columbia 28,642 

Buchanan R. V. Reece St. Joseph, R.F.D. 5 . . 121,832 

Butler James M. Irby Poplar Bluff 16.769 

Caldwell Jno. H. Bckelberry Hamilton 16.656 

Callaway R. G. Hale Fulton 25.984 

Camden G. B. Davis Linn Crefek 18,113 

Cape Girardeau T. E. McNeely Jackson 24,315 

Carroll S. S. Walsh Carrollton 26,455 

Carter W. S. Perrin Ellsinore 6.706 

Cass T. J. Walker Belton 28,636 

Cedar P. C. Callaway Eldorado Springs 16,928 

Chariton J. W. Taylor Keytesvllle 28.826 

Christian J. T. Mapes Chadwlck 16,939 

Clark S. E. Seaton Kahoka 15.384 

Clay C. S. Storms Smithvllle 18,903 

Clinton Miss Willie McWilliams Plattsburg 17,363 

Cole C. D. George Jefferson City 20,578 

Cooper T. R. Kemp Blackwater 22.533 

Crawford W. M. Chapman ; Steelville 12,959 

Dade R. E. Morris Lockwood 18,125 

Dallas I. W. Wlngo Fair Grove 13.903 

Daviess C. W. Shreckengaust ^ttonsburg 21,825 

DeKalb C. W. Fore Amity 14.418 

Dent W. I. Oliver Salem 12,986 

Douglas Rufus H. Wood ^'opaz 16,802 

Dunklin Alvin Chapman Senath 21.706 

Franklin A. F. Borberg Gray Summit 80,581 

Gasconade F. O. Spohrer Hermann 12.298 

Gentry Geo. L. Gray McFall 20.554 

Greene J. R Roberts Sprlng^eld 52.713 

Grundy Elizabeth Bralnerd Trenton 17,832 

Harrison Lillian C. Neville Bethany 24.398 

Henry F. S. Callaway Clinton 28.054 

Hickory Arthur Davis Pittsburg 9.985 

Holt G. W. Reavis Maitland 17,083 

Howard Levi Markland Armstrong 18.337 

Howell Mrs. Carrie Phelps West Plains 21,834 

Iron Geo. L. Smith Ironton 8.716 

Jackson W. H. Johnson Independence 195,193 

Jasper Walter Colley Carthage 84,018 

Jefferson R. B. Wilson Hillsboro 26.712 

Johnson W. L. Shipp Warrensburg 27.843 

Knox W. E. Cottey Knox City 13.479 

Laclede H. W. Bowman Lebanon 16.523 

Lafayette J. C. Fitzpatrick Higginsville 81.679 

Lawrence D. W. Clayton Aurora 81.662 

Lewis Mrs. Jo. B. Raines LaGrange 16.724 

Lincoln Miss Zulu Thurman Troy 18,362 

Linn E. M. Sipple Laclede 25,603 

Livingston J. J. Jordan Chilllcothe 22.802 

McDonald J. Turner Horner Rocky Comfort 13.574 

Macon W. E. Moss Macon 33.018 

Madison T. D. Bennick Federicktown 9,975 

Maries R. L. Holmes Vienna 9.646 

Marion A. H. Foreman Hannibal 26.331 

Mercer D. W. Branam Princeton 14.706 

Miller Geo. T. Boar Iberia 16,187 

Mississippi Mrs. Clara Graham Charleston 11.837 

Moniteau M. A. Inglish California, R.F.D. 4 . . . 16.931 

Monroe J. B. Ropjers Madison 19.716 

Montgomery J. W. Davis Middletown 16,571 

Morgan Wray Witten Versailles 12.175 

New Madrid L. O. Swan New Madrid 11,280 

Newton Ernest McKinley Neosho . . . ^ 27,001 

Nodaway W. M. Oakerson Maryvllle 32,938 





County. Superintendent. Address. 

Oregon Thos. W. Smith Alton 

Osage Robert H. Bryan Linn 

Ozark W. D. Roberts Bakersfleld 

Pemiscot B. S. Steams Hayti 

Perry Joseph G. Reddick Perryville 

Pettis T. R, Luckett Sedalia 

Phelps Jno. F. Hodge St. James 

Pike Wllla Nora Mitchell Bowling Green . 

Platte J. F. Sexton Platte City 

Polk W. B. Lee Bolivar 

Pulaski C. H. Gove Richland 

Putnam W. K. Armstrong Unionville 

Ralls Arlie Lake New London . . . 

Randolph Claud Marshall Moberly 

Ray O. L. Kincald Richmond 

Reynolds J. G. Hartman Centervllle . . . . 

Ripley C. N. Pennington Doniphan 

St. Charles L. C. Saeger St. Charles 

St. Clair Henry Stephens Lowry City . . . . 

St Francois A. H. Akers Flat River 

Ste. Genevieve John Cantlon Ste. Genevieve 

St Louis J. Will Andrae Clayton 

Saline W. C. Fisher Marshall 

Schuyler Mrs. Nettle Grisham Lancaster 

Scotland Miss Dilla Stevens Memphis 

Scott Hugh Smith Benton 

Shannon Walter Webb Birch Tree ... 

Shelby Mabel Owen Shelblna 

Stoddard R. F. Jones Puxico 

Stone L. V. Threlfall Elsey 

Sullivan L. Fay Knight Milan 

Taney D. B. Palmer Walnut Shade 

Texas J. O. Payne Licking 

Vernon W. Y. Foster Nevada 

Warren F. W. Kehr Marthasvllle .. 

Washington J. W. Houston Irondale 

Wayne James K. Clubb Greenville . . . . 

Webster .O. P. Keller Marshfleld 

Worth R. B. Greene Sheridan 

Wright Elmer J. Knight Norwood 

Pop. of 
. .. 8,161 
... 9,892 
. .. 9.919 
. . .16.640 
. .. 9.832 


APFLETOV CZTT, St. Olair Co., pop. 1.188. 
Appleton City Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1888; 6. A. Theilmann. Prln. 
ABCADIA, Inn Go., pop. 205. 
ArcAdia CktUere mud tTrtaline Academy; girls' 
boarding; R. C; est. 1877; Mother Borgia. 
O. S. U.. Prin. 
ASHLEY, Pike Co., pop. 860. 
Watson Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
A. W. Clemons, Prln. 
BCOHEVILLE, Cooper Co., pop. 4.377. 
Kemper Military School; military; non-sect.; 
T. A. Johnston, Prln. 
BOWLIHG GEEEK, Pike Co., pop. 1.902. 
Pike Collece; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1881; 
Wllbar M. Jones, M. A.. Ph. D., Pres. 
BITTLEB, Bate* Co., pop. 8,158. 

Bvtier A c adem y ; closed. 
CALEBOHIA, Washington Co., pop. 166. 

BeUeme Collegiate Institnte; closed. 
CAMDEV POnrr, PUtte Co., pop. 170. 
Female Orphan School of the Christian 

Church of Missouri: girls' boarding; 

Christian: E. L. Barham, Pres. 
Military Institute; rail.; non-sect.; W. U. 

Stagner. Prln. 
Missouri Christian College; girls' boarding; 

Christian; E. L. Barliam, Pres. 
CAMERON, Clinton Co., pop. 2.979. 

Missouri Wesleyan College; coll.; coed.; M. 

E.; est. 1887; Walter D. Agnew, A. B.. 

D. D.. Pres. 

CANTOK, Lewis Co., pop. 2.305. 

Christian University; coll.; co-ed.; Clirist. ; 

est. 1853; Carl Johann. A. M.. LL. D., 

Elston Correspondence School and Studio; pen 

art; est. 1892: J. A. Elston, Principal. 

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Cape Girardeau Co., pop. 

Cape Girardeau Business College; bns. and 

steu.; est. 1004: George W. Moothart. 

St. Vincent's College; men; R. C; J. Lay ton. 






State Hormal School (third district); normal: 

Rtatc; coed.; ost. 1873; Washington S. 

Dearmont. A. M., Litt. D., Prea. 
CARTHAGE, Jasper Co.. pop. 0.416. 
Carthage Collegiate Institute: prep.; co-ed.: 

Presb.: W. 8. Knight, D. D., Prin. 
CHILLICOTHE, Liyingston Co., pop. 6.905. 
Chillicothe Business and Shorthand College; 

butt, and aten. ; Allen Moore, Pros. 
Chillicothe Normal School; normal: private; 

co-ed.: est. 1800: Allen Moore. Ph. D., B. 

S., Pres. 
Xanpin's Commercial College: bna. and sten. ; 

eat. 1889: Dolph Maupin, Prin. 
St. Columbus* School; prep.; co-e«l.: R. C; 

Il<'V. Ilanoriiirt Busch. Prin. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girl's boarding: R. C. ; 

eat. 1871 : Sifter S<>raphine, Superior. 
CLARKSBURG, Moniteau Co., pop. r>09. 
Clarksburg College: coll.: co-ed.; Bapt. ; est. 

1870: Charles C. Peters, Pres. 
Hooper Institute; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 

E. E. Carey, Prin. 
CLIirTON. Henry Co., pop. 5,322. 

Clinton Business College and Conseryatory of 
Music; bus., sten. and miislo: eat. 1J>03: 

F. A. Colt. I»rcs. 

COLLEGE MOUKD, Macon Co., pop. 230. 

McGee Holiness College; prep.: co-ed.: Holi- 
ness: P. W. Campliell, Prea. 
COLTJ.MBIA, Boone Co., pop. 5.661. 

Bible College of Missouri; theol.: Christian; 
co-ed. : W. J. Lhanion. Pres. 

Christian College; tslrW boanliug: Christ.; 
est. \fC>\; Mrs. W. T. Moore. Pros. 

Columbia Normal Academy; nor.: co-ed.: non- 
sect.: est. 181»8: (Jeorge H. Beasley, S. B.. 
Pc. B.. Pns. 

Columbia Business College: bus. and sten.: 
co-od.: «'st. 1900: George II. Beasley: S. 
B.. Ph. B.. Pres. 

Stephens College; girls' boarding: Bapt.: est. 
1850; William B. Peeler, Pres. 
University Military Academy; military: non- 
»e<.'t.: John B. Welsh, A. M.. Prin. 

University of the State of Missouri; nniv.; 
state: co-ed.; est. 1840; Albert Ross 
Hill, Ph. D., LL. D., Pres. 
School's announcement. — T(>n depart- 
ments located at Columbia and RoUa; 
College Liberal Arts: Graduates School: 
Missouri Milltarj' School: Missouri Teach- 
ers' College; School of Medicine: Missouri 
P^xperlment Station; Agricultural College: 
Law Department; School of Engineering: 
School of Mines. 

University of the State of Missouri, Law De- 
partment; law; co-ed.; est. 1872; Alex- 
ander Martin. LL. D., Dean. 

University of the State of Missouri, Medical 
Department: med.; n»g.: co-ed.: est. 
1873: Andn«w W. McAlester, LL. D., M. 
D., Dean. 
CONCEPTION, Nodaway Co,, pop. 100. 

Conception College; boys' boarding: R. C: est. 
18.S.3: Rt. Rev. Frowin Conrad, D. D., O. 
S. B.. Prin. 

CONCORDIA, La Fayette Co., pop. 880. 
St. Paul's College; boys* boarding: Br. Luth.; 
est. 1883; Rev. J. H. O. Koeppel. Director. 
DADEYUXE, Dade Co., pop. 46G. 
Dadeville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-aect.; 
est. 1801; E. C. Lowe. Principal. 
DE SOTO, Jefferson Co., pop. 5,611. 
De Soto Business CoUege; bus. and aten.; est. 
1800; Geo. W. Moothart,' M. C. S.. Prin. 
St. Clement's College; theol.: men; R. C; est. 
1000; Very Rev. Joseph A. Bell. Pres. 
DEXTER, Stoddard Co., pop. 2.060. 
Dexter Christian College: coll.; co-ed.: Chris- 
tian: George T. Smith, Prea. 
EDGERTON. PUtte Co., pop. 640. 
Platte School, The; prep.; co-ed.; Preab.; D. 
M. Boyer, Prin. 
EDDTA, Knox Co., pop. 1.605. 
St. Joseph's School; prep.; co-ed.: R. C; est. 
1807; Rev. C. E. Byrne, P. R., Pres. 
EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Clay Co., pop. 1.881. 
Haynes Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; An- 
thony Haynes, Prin. 
FAIRDEALING. Ripley Co., pop. 46. 
Fairdealing High School; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.: M. E. Foster, Prin. 
FARMINGTON, St. FrancoU Co.. pop. 1.778. 
Carleton College; coll.; co-ed.: M. E.; est 

1854: George Brown Thomas. Pres. 
Elmwood Seminary: girls* boarding: Presb.; 
est. 1880: Helen Montgomery. Prin. 
FAYETTE, Howard Co., pop.. 2.717. 
Central College; c(dl. ; co-ed.; M. E. So.: est. 

18.'>7: William A. Webb. A. B.. Pn^. 
Howard-Payne Collie; girls* boarding: M. E. 
So.: est. 1844: Rev. Henry E. Stoat, Ph. 
B., Pres. 
FREDERICKTOWN, Madison Co., pop. 1,577. 
Marvin Collegiate Institate; prep.: co-cd.: 
M. E. So.: est. 1805; Rev. C. M. Gray. 
FULTON, Calloway Co., pop. 4.888. 
Synodical Female College; girls' boarding; 
ProHb.: est. 1871: Rev. Colin A. MePbee- 
ters, A. M., Pres. 
Westminster Collie; coll.: men: Preab.: eat. 
1853: Rev. David B. Kerr, Ph. D., D. D., 
William Woods College; girls' boarding; 
Christian: J. B. Jones, Prin. 

GALLATIN, Daviess Co., pop. 2,000. 
Grand River Academy; prep.; co-ed.: Bapt.: 
est. ISiV): O. L. Wood. A. M.. Prin. 

GLASGOW, Howard Co., pop. 1.672. 
Pritchett College: coll.; co-ed.; noo-aect.; est. 
18C6: U. S. Hall, A. B., Pre*. 

GLENCOE. St. Louis Co.. pop. 75. 
La Salle Institute; novitiate; men: R. C: 
Brother Paul, Prin. 

GRAVELTON, Wayne Co., pop. 75. 
Concordia College; prep.; co-ed.: non-aect.: 
L. M. Wagner. Prin. 

HANNIBAL, Marion Co., pop. 12.780. 
Hannibal Commercial College ; bna. and aten.; 
F. L. Kelly, Pres. 





St, JoHph'i Aq^aemr; v^pr. metl.; R. C.t 

St. C«ceUU SemiiiAfT; pre p.! cii-ed. : R. 0,; 
SiBlvt M. PurracBtloti. 

HOWELL, St. Chmrlea Co^ pop. 93, 
Hd««1I IiLititut?; prop.; eo-tHl.t noli ate L; 
i^eorife E. Milker. Prln. 

m^^SIA, MU1«T G«,. iK»p^ ^^' 
IbcrU AcAiA^mji prvp.: ccnpcJ^; Ccmg.; ijst. 
1S90; G. Byroa Smith, A, M,, Prlu. 

JACXSOIf, Ct|i« <|ir«riiflv.u €o„ pop> 1,05^. 
Jaiekioa ICilitAT^r Acikderoy; Jiillltury: arm- 
sevt.-, CdL T. W. BirtnLUghatD. t'rtti. 

lEFFBHSOM Cmr. Colfl Co.. pon> 0.««4. 
I^IdcoLei JjuHtute (colored): pt**p.; ec-Ml.; 

*tnie.- f^r, ISGO; B, F. Allen. M. A., Ph. 

IK. Pft^r. 
St. ?flteif'f ScbOffi; prep,; to-ed. ; Jl. C: It«»t. 

JfMfph S'MniBtT, Pt(d. 

JOFLXH. JEBpet Co.. pop, 2Q,e2B. 
Ac»4em7 of Our Lmdy of Ifvrc^; girl*' boird^ 

Jwjfi: II. C; Motlier M. Frances. Prin. 
Joplin Buiiaeu Col]«c»e: bus, snd H^i^p.; Q. 

W Wcfltherly, Pri'a, 
Eh&NBA^S CIIT. JickiOfl Co., pop. 1(S3J52, 
Auditorjum Birmmati€ ScbiKil; dramnUc nrt; 

*-rt(!«l.: AliKfl Cf(Dri;J4i II. Browti. UJi-ect- 

rf**. 9flj imnJ Holmes. 
Atmdemr Of the flfccrfid Hnurt; prcrs,; ^Irla: 

li, C. 3 Motiipr Sup^rlur. SOlh unci Bfllc- 

Baj^tow School; gIrlH' tHmr<IItig; wons&ct; 

Wt?^t|wrt Ave. 
Bif«law's School p Mitt; gtrls" tKiNrdlns; tiwi> 

Ki-ct.: Mian Uuvy Stow* Bt£«low, Prltj.. 

STi^ti Trooit Ave. 
Browm^t BucLiieu Collero; bns. iind Blvu.t 

r*h'rff- g. HrowD. PrJn,; 1114 Ornud Ave. 
C»tbeilT»l Commercial School^ bus, wud mi on.: 

R. C; ChHetlan Brotben, 4H W. 12th 

Caatrti Busineit College; bus. mid iit(§D.: ent. 

1*0 It*' * WllUrd Morrlfl. Pre».. ISU fJrjiud 

C«ulnLl C{»ller« of Oitaopathy; ostcop : €!o^ 

t*l, ; Oflt. Ift03^ Hr. Gt^rge Moltett* D, D.. 

Se<r*y, ftafi New RMRe Bldg. 
CbiittiuL BTottacTt Colt«B«; prep.: m^n,; R. 

r.L BPttthvr Cbndea, Director. AU W. 

12tlt St. 
CiwO Servl£« Trmlniiif School; cUII Mrvtce; 

co**rt.; tr«t. 1»02i Hearj Coon, Prln.. 302 

Ow^n Bldg. 
DiZI«iib»ck Sclural of Orato?r; elo. ami or.: 

rrtfnl,. Prt-iton, K. Dil1epb(K-lt* Dnrftoi^ 

IH12 Waluat St 
Bri.uchon*i PT&ctifttl Bufllnesji ColUfof l^un. 

«(m1 Birij. ; J, r, Drnuisbon. Pii'b., Htb mul 

El luetic Modlfikl ITDivenit?; tY!tnfivrMi tnUT to 

Kiin«as CIt|, Kan. 
Fine Arta la^titnta;^ jirt ftnd ni^inEt.': co-fHl.; 

rsr 1W7; fi. H. PcBBj. Director, 
E&atu Citj Buvlnett CAlloi«; bus. ttudl atep,; 

4*ftt. imV C. T. SdiHb. Prio.. lOtli nml 

Wiilnut St 8. 
S&nftaa City Gdleiro of Pharmacy and HaturfJ 

BcUncflt; pbnr.; Cfj-ett.; <»Bt. 18SS; J. M. 

I^ove, Plh O.. Pre»., 714 Wyimdotte St. 
Kaofu City ]>eata] €oll«ffo; deat.; men; est. 

1S91: Charles Cbanninif Allen, D. D. S.^ 

Secy., das WuHblngton. 
Ktsiu City Haknemaii Hodioal O^l^ffv; 

meil.t hoBitop.; co-ed.; eat. 1BS8: FrunU 

EUioU. M, D.. Donn. 1023 Qrand Ave. 
Xasfu City Honolofical Bshool; wttebnitik^ 

lug: ro-t'd.; i>Rt. 1001: Arthur E, PKttn- 

get. Prop.. ftl2 E. 12tb St. 
Sjio4«t City School of FiAfl Arta^ art: co-isl.; 

E. A. Hiippirt. Director, Hflyiinl Bldic, 
KajuAa City Bohool of Languafea: Itrng.; et>- 

ed,: Kdtniiiiil t)r<^ Vcmlo, Prin.. Kew Ridge 

Kaaaaa Oily fcliocl of Lawi, law: night: co- 
ed.: ewi, L»yi,".: \Vm. P. Borland, Uead, 

Kaaaat City Toterinuy CoUftfe: vet.; men: 

eat. l«nl; S. Rti^wurt. Al. D., D. V. M., 

tipant 1330 K. 15tli St. 
Loretto Aoadeniy: prep.; E. C; Blater Su- 
perior, liinb uiid W- Proipi'Ct PL 
Medico-Chimrgical CoU«ra; mfrd,; rtg.; mi'n; 

etst. 1898; Georf*! O. Uomn. M. D.. Deflii. 

©U-Ulit Indt'peudeuce Ave. 
Kational ButioABi C^llcfo; bnn, and aten. : 

est. l^^'i: Hpiiry tM«ni, Ppf"»., Owen Bld|r. 
Fowall'i ShoTthand &cho«t; tten.: co-vd.; J. O. 

P&mll, PHn.; rJTj New Itld^e BliJtf. 
PvatiiO Prepmratoiy Scboal: boys' prep.; efti, 

lliW: Jfjiup^ P. RicbnrdKoii. A. M.. Bend 

MrijiN'r, ^+18 Wyandottp St, 
Bcojrjlt Bihlo and Tr»inii«r School; theol,; co- 

etL; Marl 4* L Gibflorr, Prin., Harris and 

Askew Ave. 
Bt, TflroBa'B Academy; girls* boatdlng; R, C.l: 

€M. 18ti7: SljtH^r Evi'l^n, Prln., 11th nud 

Bchuitito CoUoge of KoMo: nor.; mus.; H. E. 

.SrliiiUKe, Dii-eetOT. Urilveralty Bldg. 
Spa] ding' a Camroarctal College i bus. 41 nd steo.: 

Jauiea l^ Spuulatog. Prtfs, 814-810-813 

tTaiToraitT Kedloal College; toed.; reg.; men; 

est. ISal; J. K. Loguxi. M. D.. Dmn, 1208 

WyHndolte St 
Wofltem ]>«ntal College ; d{?iiL: eo^ed.; eBt„ 

IJSJO: Prur^^ J, MfMlllea, D. !>. 3.. Dtt*n. 

ntli nnd LO(t]t*t Sts 
Western Voterlaary College; vet.; men; e*t, 

l.sjiT: -hiJiitis II. Wnttkft, M. D.. V. Si, 

Ph's., 1121 Holmeg St. 
Woman'4 Medical Gollefe; ine<1.; rejf.; 

woiijtMi; est. 1J^>&' Nnnnle P. r^iewiB. A. 

M., y\. D., Dean. Oil Foreat St. 
KIDDER. Caldwell Co.t pop. 357. 
Kidder laatitute; pn?p.: eo-e<|.; Consw George 

W, J5E.111W, PrIn, 
KIBK8VILLE, Adair COh, pop. 6,1WG, 
AmsricAa School of Oiteopathy; riflteop.; eo- 

i.i; rs^t lffi>2; Dr Andrew T. StiH. Pn-s. 
State Kormal School Cl'^Si'^t Dlatrlctli normal; 

atnte; eo-ed,; John H. Klrlr. I*rca. 
KIrkiTille Bnilineu College; buit. nnd aten. : 

eijt. in03; A. H. Burke, Principal. 





JUJiKWOOD, St. Louis Co., pop. 2.S25. 
XiAwood Militaiy Academy: military: noo- 
sect.: est. 1882; Edward A. Halgbt. A. H., 

LA ORAVOE, Lowis Co.. pop. 1.507. 

Ls Oran^ OoUsffo; colL; co-ed.; Bapt.: est. 
1858; Rev. John W. Cronch. A. M.. D. D.. 

LAMAB, Barton Co.. pop. 2.737. 

Lamar College; prep.: co-ed. : non-sect.: Jo- 
seph Marlon Weaver. A. B., Ped. B.. A. 
M.. Pres. 

Central College for Women; girls' boarding; 
M. E. So.: est. 1800: Rer. Alfred Prank- 
lln Smith. A. B.. Pres. 

Lexington College for Women; girls* board- 
ing: Bapt.; est. 1855; Edward W. White. 
A. M.. President. 

Wentworth Military Academy; military: non- 
sect.: est. 1880: Cgl. Sanford Sellers, M. 
A., and W. M. Hoge. Prlns. 

LIBEBTY, Clay Co., pop. 2,407. 

Liberty Ladies' College; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.: est. 1890: C. M. William.**. Pres. 

William Jewell College; coll.: mon: Bnpt.: 
est. 18401 Rev. J. P. Greono, D. D.. LL. 
D., Pres. 

XACOV, Xacon Co., pop. 4,068. 

Bleei Military Academy: military: non-sect.: 

est. 1890: Col. George L. Bjroade. Snpt. 
Western Collegiate and Industrial Institvte; 

prep.: co-ed.: Bapt.; James Henry Oar- 

nett, Prin. 

MARBLE HILL. Bollinger Co.. pop. 295. 
Will Mayfield College: coll.: co-ed.: Bapt.: 
A. F. Hendricks, Pres. 

MARIOHYILLE. Lawrence Co.. pop. 1.2f.O. 
Marionville College; coll. and prep.: co-ed.; 
M. E.. est. 1872: Rev. L. G. Reser. D. D.. 

! 'ros. 

MARSHALL. Saline Co., pop. 5.086. 
Missouri Valley College; coll.: co-ed.: Presb.; 

tst. 1KS9: Rov. W. H. Black. D. D.. Pres. 
St. Xayier's Academy; prep.; co-od.; R. C; 

Sister Loretto, Prin. 

MARTVILLE. Nodaway Co., pop. 4.577. 
Maryville Business Institute; bus. and ston.; 

est. mC'l: Frederick Bcuttner. Ph. B., 

MarsTYiUe Seminary; pnp.: co-ed.; M. E. ; est. 

1889: Rev. Charles F. Enyart. A. M., 


MEXICO, Audrain Co., pop. 5.099. 
Hardin College; girls' boarding: Bapt.; est. 

187.3: John W. Million, A. M.. Pres. 
Missouri Military Academy; mil.; non-sect.; 

Wm. D. Fonvllle, Pres. 
Sproul Academy; prep.; co-ed.: Presb.; Miss 

Carrie Sproul, Prin. 

MILL SPBINO, Wayne Co.. pop. 110. 
Hale's College; normal; private; co-ed.: est. 
1880; W. H. Halo. A. M.. Pros. 

MOBEBLY, Bandolph Co., pop. 8.012. 
Magic City Business College; bus. and stcn.; 
J. J. Weber, Pres. 

at. llaxy's Acadttmy; girls* boudiac: R. a; 
Sister M. Agneta. Prin. 
KOBSISVILLE, Polk Co., pop. 400. 

Xorrisrillo College; coll.; co-ed.; M. B. So.; 
est. 1872; Rer. Allen H. Godbey. A. H., 
Ph. D.. Pres. 
XOTOOTILLE, Yemon Co., pop. 28T. 
Cooper College; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; C II. 
Miles. Prin. 
HETADA. YemoB Co., pop. 7.4A1. 
Cottoy College for Tonag Ladies; glris* boaid- 
ing: non-sect.: est. 1884; Mrs. V. A. C. 
Stockard, Pres. 

ODESSA, La layette Co.; pop. 1,446. 
Odessa College; coll.; co-ed.; noa-aect.; est. 

1883: L. H. Gebman. A. M., Piea. 
Western Bible and Literary CoUece; prep.; co- 
ed.; Chnrch of Christ; est. 1906; B. N. 
Gardner. B. S., Pres. 
O'FALLOV, St. Ckarles Co.. pop. 460. 
Woodlawn Female lastitate; glris' boarding; 
non-sect.; est. 1852; Alex 8. Paztoo, Prla. 
OTTER YUXE, Cooper Co., pop. 884. 
Otterrille College; prep.; co-ed.; noa-aect.; 
est. 1885; W. W. OUlam, B. L.. Pies. 
PALMYRA. Marion Co., pop. 2.828. 
Centenary Academy; prep.; co-ed.; M. B. So.; 
James A. Lanins, Prin. 
FARKYILLE, FUtte Co., pop. 981. 

Fark College; coll.; co-ed.; Piesb.; est. 1875; 
Lowell M. McAfee. A. M., LL. D., Prea. 
PIEDMONT, Wayne Co., pop. 868. 
Hale's Hormal School; nor.; co-ed.; eat. 1880; 
W. H. Hale, A. M.. Piealdent. 

PILOT OROYE, Cooper Co., pop. 831. 
Pilot OroTs Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-aeet.; 
est. 1878; C. L. Bnckmaster, Prin. 
PLATTE CITY, Platte Co., pop. 744. 
Oaylord Hall, girls' boarding; non-aeet.; eat 
1857; Mrs. T. W. Park. Preaident. 
POPLAR BLUFF, Butler Co.. pop. 4.821. 
Poplar Bluff Bnainess College; boa. and atca.; 
est. 1904: Geo. W. Moothart. M. O. &. 

PORTLAND, Calloway Co., pop. 146. 

St. Mark's School; doaed. 
PRAIRIE HILL, Chariton Co., pop. 220. 

Prairie Hill Academy; prep.; co-ed.; noo-aect. 
E. R. Carlstead. 

RENSSELAER, Ralls Co., pop. 51. 
Yan Rensselaer Academy;, prep.; co-ed.; 
Presby.: Wm. R. Anderson, Prin. 

RICHMOND, Ray Co., pop. 8.478. 
Woodson Institute; prep.; co-ed.; M. ■. 80.; 
W. M. Board. Prin. 

ROCKY COMFORT, McDonald Co., pop. 288. 
Homer Institute; prep.; co-ed.; noo-aect.; J. 

Turner Homer, Prin. 

ROLL A, Phelps Co., pop. 1,742. 
School of Mines and Metallurgy, Haiveiaity af 
Missouri; mining: co-ed.; eat. 1874; Lewli 
E. Young. E. M., Director. 

ST. CHARLES, St. Ckarlea Co., pop. 7.98L 





Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing: R. C: A. Kavanagh, Prin. 

Lindenwood College for Women; girls' board- 
ing: Presb.; est. 1830; Rev. George F. 
Ayers, Ph. D., President. 

St. Charles' KUitary CoUege; mtlitar}-; Metb.; 
est. 1832; Rev. Geo. W. Bruce, A. M.. 
STE. GENEVIEVE, Ste. Genevieve Co., pop. 
2,000. \ 

Academy of St. Francis De Bales; prep.; co- 
ed.; R. C; Madame Louise de Camiran, 
ST. JOSEPH, Buchanan Co., pop. 102,079. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls* board- 
ing; R. C: Mother M. McNenamy, Prin. 

Christian Brothers' College; prep.: boys; R. 
C. ; Rev. Brother Ligouri, President. 

Ensworth Central Medical College; med.: reg.; 
men.; e»t. 1872; J. W. Heddens. M. D.. 

Oaynor Studios, mus. and dramatic art; est. 
1900; Mrs. Jessie L. Oaynor. Director. 

Piatt's Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 
E. M. Piatt, Pres. 

St. Joseph's Business University; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1879; E. E. Gard, Prin. 

St. Joseph Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 
Brother Emery, Pres. 
ST. LOUIS, pop. 575,238. 

Academy of Architecture and Industrial Sci- 
ence; tech.; est. 1885; co-ed.: Henry C. F. 
Maack, Prin., 1742 Chouteau Ave. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart: girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Mother Vlctorius, Superior, 
Maryland and Taylor Aves. 

Academy of the Yisitation; girls' boarding; 
R. C; est. 1833; Sister Margaret Mary 
Atwater, Prin., Cabannc Place. 

American Medical College; med.; eclec; men; 
est. 1873; P. C. Clay berg, M. D., Dean. 
2830 Lafayette Ave. 

Barnes Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1881 ; Arthur J. Barnes, Pres. 

Barnes' Medical CoUege; transferred to Uul- 
very of Missouri. 

Beethoven Conservatory of Music; mus.; co- 
ed.: The Brothers Epstein, Directors. 2301 
Locust St. 

Benton College of Law; law; co-ed.; est. 
1886: George L. Corlis, Dean, cor. Franlc- 
lin and Grand. 

Berlits School of Languages; languages: co- 
ed.; est. 1891; A. HoUwitz, Director, Cen- 
tury Bldg. 

Bishop Robertson Hall; girls' boarding: P. E. 
Sister Catherine; Prin.. 1617 S. Compton 

Boeddecker's Conservatory of Music;, mns. : 
co-ed.; Mrs. Emily Boeddecker, Prin.. 2611 
Park Ave. 

Bryant and Stratton Business College; bus. 
and sten.; W. M. Carpenter, Pres., Cen- 
tury Bldg. 

Christian Brothers College; col.; men: R. C: 
est. 1851; Rev. Brother Justin, LL. D., 

F. S. C Pres., Eastern Ave. and King's 
. Highwaj'. 

Columbia Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 
ost. 1903; C. C. Chrlsman and H. D. 
Goshert. Prlns.. 318 N. 8th 8t. 

Compton's School for Children, Miss; non-sect.; 
co-ed.; est. 1901; Miss Fanny A. Comp- 
ton, Prin. 

Concordia Theological Seminary; theol. ; men; 
Luth.; Rev. Francis Pieper, Pres. 

Coyne School; plumbing and bricklaying: men; 
John F. Wenz, Prop. 

Draughon's Practical Business College; bus. 
and sten.; D. L. Lacy, A. B.. Manager, 
comer Olive and 10th Sts. 

Eden College; theol.; men; German Evang. ; 
est. 1850; Prof. William Becker, Pres. 

Forest Park University; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.: est. 18CI: Mrs. Anna Sneed Cairns, 

Gallaudet School; school for deaf; prep.: non- 
sect.; co-ed.; est. '1879; James H. Cloud, 
M. A.. Prin. 

German Evangelical Missouri College; theol.; 
men; est. 1850; William Becker, Presi- 

Hippocratean College of Medicine, night school; 
med.; est. 1007; Emory Lanphoar, M. D., 
Dean, 3412 Morgan St. 

Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri; 
med.; homeop. ; men; est. 1857: L. C. Mc- 
Elwee, M. 1)., Deun, 1221 North Grand 

Hosmer Hall; girls' boarding; non-sect.; est. 
1884; Louise McNalr, B. A.. Pres., 4296 
Washington Blvd. 

Hughey's School of Music Culture; mus.; Mrs. 
Fannie E. Ilughey, Prin., 4003 W. Pine 

Jones' Commercial College: bus. and sten.; 
J. G. Bohmer, Pres., 307 N. Broadway. 

Manual Training School of Washington Uni- 
versity ; boys' prep. ; non-sect. ; est. 1879 ; 
C. M. Woodwanl, Ph. D., LL. D.. Prin. 

Marion-Sims Beaumont Medical College ; be- 
came Medical Dept. of St. Louis Uni- 
versity in 190.*j. 

Mary Institute, The; Washington University; 
girls'; non-soct. I860: Edmund H. Sears, 
A. B., A. M., Prin., Cor. Lake Ave. and 

Metropolitan College of Law; law; coed.; 
est. 1894; William H. Peabody, LL. B., 
Pres., Odeon Theatre Bldg. 

Missouri College of Law; consolidated with 
Metropolitan College of Law. 

Missouri Medical College; see Washington 
University, Medical Department. 

Missouri Shorthand College; sten.: est. 1886; 
John n. Sc'liofleld, Pres.. 912 W. Garri- 
son Ave. 

Moler Barber College; barber: co-ed.; C. L. 
Aldrlch. Mpr, 1110 Pine St. 

Mound City Business College; bus. and sten.: 
ofit. 1000; fJoorge A. Hanks. Pres., 1401 
Washington Ave. 

Perkins and Herpel Mercantile College; bus. 
and ston.: H. C. Perkins, Pres., Lincoln 
Trust Bldg. 





Perry School of Oratory; or. and dramatic 
art; co-ed.; est. 1897; Edward P. Perry t 
Prln., Grand and Franklin. 

Phillips School; prep.; day; co-ed.; est. 1890; 
Helen Moore Phillips, Principal. 3643 
Washington Blvd. 

PrincipU School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1898; Mary K. Morgan. Prin., 6539 Page 

Railroad Telegraph School; tel.; co-ed.; W. A. 
Lambnrtb, Pres.. 1218 Pine St. 
School's announcement. — The largest 
and finest eqoipped Telegraph School in 
America. Established 1897. All gradu- 
ates are sent out in good paying positions 
as soon as. they are competent. Regular 
trains are run through the school, and the 
block system is in operation day and 
night the same as on all railroads. Cata- 
logue free. 

Rubicam's Shorthand College; ston. ; co-ed.; 
Miss Rubicam, Prin., 3908 Olive St. 

St. de Chantal Academy of the Visitation; 
girls' boarding; R. C; Sister Superior, 
4012 Washington Blvd. 

St. Louis Business College; bus. and stcn.; 
A. J. Barnes, Pres. 

St. Louis College of Pharmacy; phar. ; co-ed.; 
Henry M. Whelpley, Ph. G., M. D., Dean, 
2108 Locust St. 

St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons; 
med.; reg. ; men; Waldo Briggs. M. D., 
Dean. 2600 Gamble St. 

St. Louis Commercial College; bus. and sten. ; 
S. L. Giver, Prin., Cor. Franklin and 

St. Louis Dental College, formerly Xarion- 
Sims Dental College; dent.; non-sect.; 
co-ed.; est. 1805; B. M. Hypes, A. M., 
M. D., Pres. 

St. Louis Law School, Washington Uni- 
versity; law; co-ed.; est. 1S67; Wm. S. 
Curtis, Dean, 1417 Locust. 

St. Louis Medical College; sec Medical De- 
partment Washington University. 

St. Louis School of Fine Arts; art; co-ed.; 
est. 1874; Halsey C. Ives, Director, 19th 
aud Locust Sts. 

St. Louis University; univ.: men; non-sect.; 
est. 1829; William B. Rogers, S. J., Pres.. 
Grand Ave. and Pine Sts. 

St. Louis University, Medical Department 
(formerly Marion-Sims-Beaumont Medical 
College): med.; reg.; est. 1901: H. W. 
Lot'b, M. D., Sec.. 537 North Grand Ave. 

St. Louis Watchmaking School; watchmaking 
and engraving; co-ed.; est. 1886; R. Jae- 
germnnn, Pres.. 5815 Easton Ave. 
School's announcement. — The St. Louts 
Watchmaking School offers groat advan- 
tages to students wishing to learn the 
art of Watch, Clock. Jewelry Repairing. 
Engraving and Optics. The greatest rec- 
commendatlons are the many thonsnnds 
of flrst-olass Watchmakers and Jewelers 
who have learnC tiaeir trade nt the St. 
Louis WatchuaKlnc School, of whom 
many are toda/ proprietors of large con- 
cerns. Yoimc r^i*^ »tui ••omen should take 

advantage of thla opportonity, and at 
once write for a new catal<^^e of this 
school which will be sent free apoo ap- 

Sts. Peter and Paul High School; boys* prep.; 
R. C; Bro. A. J. Kaiser, Prin. 

Smith Academy, Washington UaiTersitjr; b<VB' 
boarding; non-sect.; Frank Hamsher, Prin., 
Cor. Washington and 19th. 

Southwestern Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Edward H. Fritch. Pres., 810 Olive. 

University School for Boys; prep.; boys; non- 
sect.; Franklin Kean, Head Master, 964 
N. Boyle Ave. 

Ursuline Academy and Day School; girls' 
boarding; R. C; Mother Seraphtne, Prin., 
12tb St. and Ann Ave. 

Walther College; prep.; co-ed.; Lath.; A. 0. 
Leutheusser, 1021 South Sth St. 

Washington Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1905; Geo. A. Hanke, Pres. 

Washington University; univ.; co-ed.; noo- 
sect; est. 1853; Marshall S. Snow, A. M., 
IjL. D., Chancellor, Skinker Road, oppo- 
site Lindell Boulevard. 
School's announcement. — For particulars 
in regard to the Undergraduate. Law, 
Medical, Dental and Art Departments, 
address the Deans. 

Washington University, Dental Departmeat; 
dent.: men; est. 1865; J. H. Konnerlj, 
D. D. S.. Dean, 2641 Locust. 

Washington University, Law DepartaMst; 
law; co-ed.; William 8. Curtis. Dean: 
prep, and bus.; co-ed.; R. C; est. 1882; 
George Wright, Prin., 518 Walnut St. 

Washington University, Xaanal Traiaiag 
School; boys' prep.; non-sect.; est. 1S79; 
C. M. Woodward, LL. D.. A. B.. Director. 

Washington University, Medical Department; 
med.; reg.; men; est. 1840; William H. 
Warren, A. M., Ph. D., Dean. 1806 Locust. 

Washington University, School of Fins Arts; 
art; co-ed.: Marshall S. Snow, LL. D., 

School's announcement. — ^A result of the 
(ombination of the St. Louis Medical 
College, established 1842, and Missouri 
Medical College, founded In 1840. Tbe 
two oldest medical colleges in the West. 
Curriculum extends over a period of 4 
years. 8 months each. Owns two large 
buildings, with two large separate dis- 
pensaries and hospital with beds. Has 
absolute privileges for bedside Instruc- 
tion in two large hospitals. Clinics at 
the City Hospital and Insane Asylum. 
The reiiuireinents for admission are equiv- 
alent to a four year high school coarse 
of the l)e8t grade. 

West-Marienthal Institute; private; nor. kind.: 
co-ed.: Mrs. E. P. West, Principal, 6545 
Cabanne Ave. 

School's announcement. — ^West-Marienthal 
Institute Is an excellent school for kts- 
derfrarten students who desire to round 
out their development in special branches. 
for opportunity to do so is afforded bj 
special classes In Literature, EnglUu 
Composition, History and other 






Women's Trainioff School; Indust. and bus.; | 
women; est. 1882; Mrs. Clara A. Ckmies, ) 
Supt.. 1728 Locnst St. | 

WriffhVs College and Private Hiffh School; 
prep.; co-ed.; R. C; est. 1882; George 
Wright. A. M., Pres.. 14 N. 4th St. 

Yonng Men's Christian Association; prep, and 
tech.; men; A. W. Vaughan, Pres. 
SALISBTJRT, Chariton Co., pop. 1,847. 

Horth Missouri Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; O. C. Brlggs. Prin. 
8EDALIA, PettU Co., pop. 15,231. 

Central Business College; bus. and sten.; C. 
est. 1883; G. W. Robbins. Principal. 

George R. Smith College (colored); coll.; co- 
ed.; M. B.; Rev. I. L. Lowe, D. D., Ph. 
D., Pres. 

Hill's Business College; bas. and sten.; est. 
1900; O. D. Noble, B. S., Pres. 
SOUTH ST. LOUIS, Suburb of St. Louis. 

Sacred Heart Academy; girls' boarding; R. 
C. ; Madam Mary Burke, PrIn. 
SFRIHOFIELD, Greene Co., pop. 23.267. 

Draughon's Practical Business College; bos. 
and sten.; John F. Draughon, Pres. 

Dmry College; coll.; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 1878; 
Joseph H. George, Ph. D., D. D., Pres. 

Loretto Academy; girls' boarding; R. 0.; 
Sister M. Winifred La Motte, Prin. 

Queen City Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1889; J. A. Taylor, Pres. 

Springfield Business College; nor. and bus.; 
noo-seet.; est. 1884; J. A. Taylor, M. S.^ 

SPRING GARDEN, Miller Co., pop. 120. 
Miller County Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. L. Lumpkin, Prin. 
SWEET SPRINGS, Saline Co., pop. 1,080. 
Sweet Springs Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. E. Bamett, Prin. 
TARXIO, Atchison Co., pop. 1,901. 
Tarkio College; coll.; co-ed.; Un- Presb.; est. 
1883; Rev. J. A. Thompson, D. D.. Pres. 
TRENTON, Grundy Co., pop. 5.39C. 

Ruskin College; closed. 
TROTr Lincoln Co., pop. 1,153. 
Buchanan College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1894; Warren T. McDonald. A. M., 
WARRENSBURG, Johnson Co., pop. 4.724. 
State Normal School (Second District); nor- 
mal.; state; co-ed.: est. 1871; W. J. 
Hawkins, Ph. B., LL. D., Pres. 
Warrensburg Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1003; BenJ. B. Parker, President. 
WARRENTON, Warren Co., pop. 770. 

Central Wesleyan College; coll.; co-ed.; M. B. ; 
est. 1804; George B. Addlcks, A. M., D. 
D.. Pres. 
WEAUBLEAU, Hickory Co.. pop. 274. 
Weaubleau Christian College; prep.; co-ed.; 
Christ.; Fred Cooper. Prin. 
WEBB CITY, Jasper Co., pop. 9.201. 

Webb City College: prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
John W. Kellner, Prin. 

WEST PLAINS, Howell Co., pop. 2,902. 
West Plains College; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1890; H. H. Webb. Pres. 


Population, 243,329. School census, 73,249. School age, 6-21. 

Montana is the forty- fourth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 243,329 inhabitants, of whom 226,283, or 93 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 62,375, or 25.6 per cent, are foreign bom. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 6.1 per cent, the state ranking twenty-seventh in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


W. E. Harmon, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Helena 

H. T. Hathaway, Deputy Superintendent Helena 


County. Address. Superintendent. 

Beaverhead Dillon Alice Herr 

Broadwater Townsend Sallie McMahon 

(!arbon Red Lodge Agnes Ross 

Cascade Great Flails Lucy Major 

Custer Miles City Mary Lee Wilson 

Chouteau Fort Benton Agnes H. Atkinson 

Dawson Olendive Tena Hackney 

Deer Lodge Anaconda Mae McHugrh 

Fergus l^wiston Orpha Noble 

Flathea<l Kalispell May Trumper 

Gallatin Bozeman Pearl Dickson 

Granite Philipsburg Lottie T. Irvine 

.lefferson Boulder Maud Mosher 

I^^wiH and Clark Helena Lucinda Buck 

.Madison Virginia City Anna Mae Lowman 

Meagher White Sulphur Springs. .. .Lottie A. Harris 

Missoula .Missoula Retta Barnes 

Park Livingston Jennie Smith Cowan 

Powell Deer Lodge Maggie Jensen 

Ilavalli Hamilton Jennie Adams 

BoHchud Forsyth Lizzie M. Snook 

Sanders Thompson E. M. Castlio 

Silver Bow Butte Margaret Hogan 

Swe«'t (irasH Big Timber Mary D. Forewald 

T«*ton Chouteau Nellie R. Brown 

Valhv c;iasgow Faye Otis 

V'l-llowHtone Billings M. M. Strang 


BOZEMAN. Gallatin Co.. F>op. liAV.t. BUTTE. Silver Bow Co., iM>p. .30.470. 

Montana Agricaltural College: apri.; state: Butte Business Colleire: bni... «ten. and nor.: 

..... w w, w ,, I^'*'*'- I-"l^<>n & ^»oW. Props. 

ro ..<!.: ist. IKJM: Jainon M. Hamilton. M. M/titana School of Mines; mining: state: 

S.. PreM. Cliiirlcs H. Bowman, M. Sc., Prea, 





OEEB LODGE, FoweU Co., pop. 1.324. 

Xontuui College; prep, and tech.; co-ed.; non- 
Beet.; est. 1004; J. W. Eaton. Pree. 

St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister Anacleta, Prin. 

DILLOK, Beaverhead Co., pop. 1,530. 
Montana State Normal College; normal: state; 
co-ed.; est. 1897; Dr. Henry H. Swain, 
Ph. D.. Pres. 

OBEAT FALLS, Cascade Co., pop. 14.930. 
Great Falls Commercial College; bus. and 
sten. : S. H. Banman and J. C Preston. 

HELEHA, Lewis and Clark Co., pop. 10.770. 
Capital City Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1902; F. Marion Brown, Pres. 
Helena Business College; bns. and sten.; est. 

1883: S. A. D. Hahn, M. A., Prop. 
Montana Wealeyan XXniversity; coll.: co-ed.: 

M. E.. est. 1880; C. W. Tenney, Pres. 

St. Vincent's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister Mary Cecelia. Prln. 
KALISFELL, Flathead Co., pop. 2,526. 
Kalispell Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1901: ITugo F. Albrecht, B. Accts., 
MILES CITY, Custer Co., pop. 2.100. 
Vrsuline Convent of the Sacred Heart; girls' 
boarding: R. C: Mother St. Cecelia. Prln. 
MISSOTTLA, Missoula Co.. pop. 4.30G. 

Sacred Heart Academy; prop.; girls; R. C: 

est. 1885: Sister Mary I^rctta. Prin. 
TJniTersity of Montana; univ. ; state; co-ed.; 
est. 1895: Oscar J. Craig. A. M., Ph. D., 
ST. FETER, Cascade Co., pop. 300. 
TJrsuline Convent; prep.: oo-ed. ; R. C. ; 
Mother Mary AniadeuK, Prin. 
STEVENSVILLE, Ravilli Co., i>op. 500. 
Stevensville Training School: prep.: co-ed.; est 
inOl; M. L. Roark. A. M., Prln. 


Population, 1,068,539. School census, 379,014. School age, 5-21. 

Nebraska is the twenty-seventh state of the Union in point of population, hav- 
ing a total of 1,068,539 inhabitants, of whom 1,056,526, or 99.1 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 177,117, or 16.6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 2.3 per cent, the state ranking second in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


J. L. McBride, Superintendent of Public Instruction Lincoln 

E. C. Bishop, Deputy Lincoln 

W. D. Redmond, Assistant Lincoln 

Jennie B. Adams, Secretary Lincoln 

Martha Brandt, Stenographer Lincoln 


C. A. FuLMER, President Beatrice 

E. J. BoDWELL, Vice-President Norfolk 

Cora O'Connell, Secretary Ashland 


James E. Delzell, President Lexington 

Luther P. Ludden, Secretary Lincoln 

B. L. Shellhorn Peru 

H. M. Childs York 

Chas. H. Gregg Kearney 

Lawson G. Brian, State Treasurer, ex officio Lincoln 

J. L. McBrien, State Superintendent, ex officio Lincoln 


E. Benjamin Andrews, Chancellor, University of Nebraska, President Lincoln 

H. C. Lindsay. State Librarian Lincoln 

J. L. McBrien. Supterintcndent of Public Instruction Lincoln 

F. L. Haller Omaha 

Walter K. Jewett. Librarian University of Nebraska Lincoln 

Charlotte Templeton, Secretary Lincoln 

R. C. King. Otoe County Superintendent. President Nebraska City 



E. L. Rouse, Instructor State Normal Peru 

M. R. Snodgrass, State Normal, Treasurer Kearney 

Isaac A. Downey, Inspector Normal Training, Secretary Lincoln 

J. L. McBrten, ex officio, Manager Lincoln 


A. H. Waterhouse, President Omaha 

W. L. Cave, Vice-President Holdrege 

Katherine L. Woods, Secretary Peru 

R. D. OvERHOLT, Treasurer Minden 


A. V. Teed, President, North Nebraska Teachers* Assn Ponca 

Florence Zink, Secretary O'Neill 

W. W. Stoner, President, Central Nebraska Teachers' Assn York 

Margaret E. Brown, Secretary Grand Island 

E. S. Cowan, President, Western Nebraska Educational Assn Ogalalla 

Mrs. Genevieve Richmond, Secretary, Ogalalla 

E. M. Short, President, Southwestern Nebr. Educational Assn Bloomington 

Mary Steuteville, Secretary Stratton 

Geo. E. Martin, President, Southeastern Nebr. Educational Assn Nebraska City 

Mrs. Olive W. True, Secretary Fairbury 

Geo. D. Carrington, Jr., President, Superintendents and Principals' Assn ... Auburn 

Margaret E. Brown, Secretary Grand Island 

George J. Boucher, President, Northeast Nebraska Teachers' Assn. — Dakota City 

Mae Dendinger, Secretary Hartington 

J. W. Mengel, President, East Central Nebraska Teachers' Assn Wahoo 

Eda C. Nelson, Secretary , Tekamah 

F. E. Kelly, President, North Platte Valley Teachers' Assn Bayard 

Agnes Lackey, Secretary-Treasurer Gering 

C. N. Walton, President, Northwestern Nebr. Educational Assn Chadron 

C. L. Hopper, Secretary-Treasurer Rushville 


Pop of 
County. Superintendent. Address County. 

Adams L. R. Willis Hastings 18.840 

Antelope Clarence E. Ward Neligh 11,844 

Banner Mrs. C. A. Douglas Harrisburg 1,118 

Blaine Etta Brooks Brewster 608 

Boone Fred W. Hoffman Albion 11,689 

Box Butte Ora E. Phillips Alliance 5,572 

Boyd Meyer Brandvip Butte 7,832 

Brown Florence N. Johnston Ainsworth * 3,470 

Buffalo S. A. Reasoner Kearney 20.254 

Burt Eda C. Nelson Tekamah 13,040 

Butler Elizabeth M. Shaffer David City 15,708 

Cass Mary E. Foster Plattsmouth 21,380 

Cedar W. B. Miller Hartington 12,467 

Chase Leocia Fletcher Imperial 2,559 

Cherry Lulu Kortz Valentine 6,641 

Cheyenne Wm. RItch le, Jr Sidney 5,570 

Clay Edith Lathrop Clay Center 16,736 



County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Colfax F. J. Vogltance Schuyler 11,211 

Cumlngr Emma R. Miller West Point 14,584 

Custer H. M. PInckney Broken Bow 19,758 

Dakota Mary Quinn Dakota City 6.286 

Dawes Jennie M. Ellis Chadron 6.215 

Dawson L. A. dinger Lexington 12.214 

Deuel Tillle Davis Chappell 2,630 

Dixon A. V. Teed Ponca 10.535 

Dodge John M. Motzen Fremont 22.298 

Douglas W. A. Yoder Omaha 140.590 

Dundy D. Maud Porter Benkelman 2.434 

Fillmore Henry Vauck Geneva 15,087 

Franklin Ed. M. Short Bloomlngton 9,455 

Frontier Thomas Scott Stockvllle 8,781 

Furnas Frank J. Munday Beaver City 12.378 

Gage Anna V. Day Beatrice 30.051 

Garfield J. L. Jenkins : .Burwell 2,127 

Gosper V. W. Montgomery Elwood 5,801 

Grant H. R. Delllnger Hyannis 768 

Greeley James Pelly Greeley 5.691 

Hall Margaret E. Brown Grand Island 17.206 

Hamilton S. C. Stephenson Aurora 13.330 

Harlan P. P. Bentley Alma 9.370 

Hayes Mrs. Margaret E. West Hayes Center 2,708 

Hitchcock Chas. L. I.ittel Trenton 4,409 

Holt Florence Zink O'Neil 12.224 

Hooker E. C. Hewitt Mullen 432 

Howard Edward L. Vogt. .-. St. Paul 10.343 

Jefferson R. Clement Harriss Fairbury 15,196 

Johnson Marcus A, Carman Tecumseh 11,197 

Kearney Edwin Curtis Minden 9.866 

Keith Mrs. G. Richmond Ogalalla 1.951 

Keya Paha George Fessant Sprlngvlew 3,076 

Kimball Alice Wilkinson Kimball 758 

Knox E. A. Murphy Center 14.343 

Lancaster Oscar R. Bowman Lincoln 64,835 

Lincoln Wm. Ebright North Platte 11,416 

Logan Sadie Bakewell Gandy 960 

Loup Florence Fay Taylor 1,306 

McPherson Mrs. Ruth Miller Tryon 518 

Madison Frank S. Perdue Madison 16.976 

Merrick Miss Frank Kelley Central City 9.255 

Nance Frances E. Taylor Fullerton 8.222 

Nemaha Geo. D. Carrlngton, Jr Auburn 14,952 

Nuckolls Ida Mae Bosserman Nelson 12.414 

Otoe R. C. King Nebraska CMy 22.288 

Pawnee Elmer M. Avery Pawnee City 11.970 

Perkins Jessie Lamb Grant 11.702 

Phelps E. E. Larson Holdredge 10.772 

Pierce Frank Pilger Pierce 8,446 

Platte F. S. Lecron Columbus 17,747 

Polk Lillle M. Cole Osceola 10.542 

Red Willow Claudia Hatcher Tndianola 9.604 

Richardson T. J. Oliver Falls City 19.614 

Rock Clias. G. Amnion Baasett 2.809 

Saline 7^ G. Hopkins Wllber 18.262 

Sarpy H. A. Collins Papillion S.080 

Saunders J. W. Mengel Wahoo 22.085 

Scotts Bluff Agnes I^ickey Gering 2.552 

Seward E. H. Koch Seward 15.690 

Sheridan C. L. Hopper Rushvllle 6.031 

Sherman R. D. Hendrickson Loup City 6.550 

Sioux Artliur F. Becker Harrison 2.056 

Stanton Cliarles S. Conev Stanton 6.959 

Thayer W. A. Posey Hebron 14,325 

Tliomas Nellie Z. Vandling Tliodford 628 

Thurston E. W. Tarrant ., Ponder 8.756 

Valley Eva B. Sbuman ' Ord 7.33S 

Washington Jolin A. Rhoades Blair 13.086 

Wayne A. E. Little Wavne 9,862 

Webster Mrs. Nellie Caster Rod t'loud 11,619 






Superintendent. Address. 

.Edna Blackman Bartlett . . 

.Alice Florer York 

Pop. of 
... 1.362 


AmtORA, Hamilton Co., pop. 1.921. 
Aurora Vormal and Business C!ollege ; nor. : 
bns. and sten.: C. P. Cr«ft, ProB. 
BEATSICE, Gave Co., pop. 7,875. 

Institute for Feeble-Minded Touth; state; 

Frank Osbom. Supt. 
Vorthwestem Business CoUefe and Normal 
School; nor. and bns.: E. A. McGlasnon. 
BELLEYUE, Sarpy Co., pop. 527. 
BeUevue College; coll.: oo-ed. : Preab. : oRt. 
1S80: Rev, Qny W. Wadsworth, D. P.. 
TTniversity of Omaha; nnlv. ; co-ed.: Prosb. ; 
est. 1880: Anderson Craln, B. D., Mgr. 
BETHAKT. Lancaster Co., pop. 330. 
Cotaer TTniversity; nnlv.: co-ed.; Christian; 
eat. 1880: W. P. Aylsworth. LL. D.. A. 
M.. Chancellor. 
BLAIB. Washington Co., pop. 2.970. 
Dana College; coll.: co-ed.; Luth.: est. 1886; 
J. P. Jensen, Pres. 

BBOK£K BOW, Custer Co., pop. 1.375. 
Broken Bow Business and Normal College; 
bus. and nor.; co-ed.: non-sect.; est. 1001; 
Uoyd E. Epley. A. B., Supt. 
Custer College; prep.: co-ed.: Loren Comett, 
CENTRAL CITY, Merrick Co., iK)p. 1.571. 
Nebraska Central College; prep.; co-ed.; 
Friends; Stacy McCracken, Pres. 

CHADBON, Dawes Co., pop. 1.665. 
Chadron Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Cong.; est. 
1889: Edward Raymond Burke, A. B., 

COLLEGE VIEW, Lancaster Co., pop. 865. 
TTnion College; coll.; co-ed.; Seventh D. Adv.: 
est. 1801: Charles C. Lewis. M. S., Pres. 

COLUMBXrS. Platte Co.. pop. 3,522. 
St. Francis Academy; prep.: co-t'd.: R. C. : 

^farcelllnus Kollmeyer. Pres. 

CRETE, Saline Co., pop. 2,109. 
Doane College; coll.: co-ed.; Cong.; est. 1872; 
^ Bev. David B. Perry, D. D., Pres. 

FALLS CITY, Richardson Co., pop. 3,022. 
Falls City Business College; bus. and steu.; 

O. M. Barrett, Pres. 
TTrsaline Convent; prep.: co-ftd.; R. C. ; est. 
1804; Sister M. Helen, Prin. 

FRANKLIN, Franklin Co., pop. 756. 
Franklin Academy: prep.; co-ed.; Coiir. ; est. 
1881; Alexis C. Hart, A. M.. Prin. 

FREMONT, Dodge Co., pop. 7.241. 
Fremont Normal College; nor.; private; co-ed.; 

W. H. Clemmons, Pres. 
Fremont College and School of Pharmacy; 
pbar. ; co-ed.; W. H. Clemmons. Pres. 

GENEVA. FUlmore Co.. pop. 1.734. 
Industrial School for Girls; indust.; stat»: 
Lydin J. McMahon. Supt. 
GRAND ISLAND. Hall Co., pop. 7.5r>4. 

Grand Island Business and Normal College; 
bus. and nor.: est. ISS-j; A. M. Harpis, 
Grand Island College; coll.: co-od.: Bapt.: 
est. 1892: (i<>o. Sutherland. D. D.. Pros. 
HASTINGS, Adams Co.. pop. 7.188. 
Hastings Business College; bns. and sten.: 

est. 1890; G. E. Bopps. Prin. 
Hastings College: coll.: oo-ed.; Presb.: est. 
1882; Arthol.nus K. Turner. LL. D.. Pros. 
HENDERSON, York Co., pop. 208. 
Betheada College; prt'p. : co-od.: non-sect.; 
Daniel Potorp. Pros. 
JACKSON, Dakota Co.. pop. 339. 
St. Catherine's Academy: girls' boarding: 
U. C; Sister Thoodosius. Prin. 
KEARNEY, Buffalo Co., pop. .'>,Q34. 
Industrial School for Boys; indust.; state; E. 

B. Sherman. Supt. 
Kearney Military Academy; niilit«ry: P. E.; 
ost. 18S»2: Harry N. Russell. Head Master. 
Keamoy Normal School and Business College; 
nor. and bus.: oo-od. : Clarence A. Murch. 
Nebraska State Normal School; nor.: state: 
oo-ed.; ost. 1I>0.~>: A. (). Thomas. I»ros. 
LINCOLN, Lancaster Co., pop. 40. ICO. 
Brown's Business College, bus. and sten.; (>. 
W. Brown. Jr.. Pros. 

Convent of the Holy Child Jesus; girls' Iward- 
ing; R. C. 

Lincoln Academy; pn»i). : oo-od.: non-sect.; est. 

1895: T. M. Flodgman. A. B., A. M.. Prin. 
Lincoln Business College; bus. and ston.: ost. 

1884: E. C. Bigger. B. A.. Pres. 
Lincoln Dental College, Cotner University; 

dent.; oo-od.: ost. 1899; W. Clyde Davis. 

I). D. S.. Donu. 
Lincoln Medical College, Cotner University; 

mod.; eoloo.: oo-od.: est. 1889; W. N. 

Unney. M. D.. Dean. 
Lincoln Syllabic College; bus. and sten. ; F. A. 

Watts. Pres. 
Modern Commercial School; bus. and sten.; est. 

1003: J. L. Stophons. Pres. 
Nebraska College of Medicine; mod.; est. liK).'>: 

J. F. Stovons, M. D., Dean. 
Nebraska Conservatory of Music; nius. ; ost. 

18SJ»: riomons M<»vins. DircH'tor. 
University of Nebraska; univ. ; state; oo-od.: 

ost. 1860: E. Bonjamiu Amirows. LL. D.. 

University of Nebraska, College of Law; co- 





ed.; est. 1801; Roscoc Pound, Ph. D., 

University of Nebraska, College of Medicine; 

prep.; med. (freshman and sophomore 

years); reg.: co-ed.; est. 1902; Henry B. 

Ward, M. D.. Ph. D., Doan. (See also 

Omaha, Neb.) 
TJniTersity of Nebraska, School of AgrricnltnTe ; 

agri.; state; co-ed.; Albert E. Davlsson, 

A. B.. Prln. 
University of Nebraska, School of Domestic 

Science; dom. scl.; state; women; Rosa 

Bouton, A. M.; Director. 
University of Nebraska, School of Mechanic 

Arts; tech.; state: co-ed.; Charles R. Rich- 
ards, M. B., Director. 
University of Nebraska, School of Music; 

masic; co-ed.; est. 1894; state; Wlllard 

Kimball. B. M., Director. 
M'COOK, Red WiUow Ck>., pop. 2,445. 
McCook Phonographic Institute; bns. and 

stcn.; est. 1893; L. W. Stayner, Pres. 
NEBRASKA CITY, Otoe Ck>., pop. 7.380. 

Institute for tho Blind; state; J. T. Morey. 

NELIOH, Antelope Co., pop. 1.135. 

Gates Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 

1881; J. B. Taylor, A. B., Prin. 
NORFOLK, Madison Co., pop. 3,883. 
Norfolk Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1901; C. H. Brake. Prln. 
NORTH PLATTE, Lincoln Co., pop. 3,640. 
Nativity School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; Rev. 

T. V. Haley, Prin. 
NYSTED, Howard Co.. pop. 52. 
Danish Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Lath.; A. H. 

Dorf. Prln. 
OMAHA, Douglas Co., pop. 102.555. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' boarding; 

R. C; L. Gareschc, Prln. 
Boyles Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

co-ed.; H. B. Boyles, Pres. 
Brownell Hall; girls' boarding; P. E.; Miss 

Kuphan W. Macrea. Pres. 
Creighton College of Pharmacy; phar. ; non- 
sect. ; co-ed. ; est, 1901 ; Edmund Thorp. 

Creighton Medical College, John A. Creighton 

University; med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1892: 

D. C. Bryant. A. M., M. D.. Dean, 14th 

and Davenport sts. 
Creighton University; univ. ; men; R. G. ; est. 

1879; Rev. Eugene A. Mageonly, D. J., 

Mount St. Mary's Seminary; girls' boarding; 

R. C; est. 1894; Rev. Mothor Mary Leo 

College of Medicine, University of Nebraska 

(Omaha Medical College) (junior and se- 
nior years); med.; reg,; co-imI.; est. 1880 

Harold GIfford, M. I>.. Dean. 
Nebraska Business and Shorthand College 

bus. and sten.; P. L, Sraitliers. Pres. 
Northwestern School of Taxidermy; taxider 

my; co-ed.; est. 1902; Comraercial Nn 

tional Bank Bldg. 
Omaha Business University; bns. and 8tcn. 

est. 1902; N. B. Van .Mntre. Pros. 
Omaha College of Pharmacy; pbar. ; co-ed. 

J. L. Kendall, Dean. 

Omaha Commercial College; bns. and sten.; 

est. 1884; M. O. Rohrboagh, M. S.. M. A.. 

Omaha Conservatory of Music; music; co-ed.; 

B. M. Jones, Director. 

Omaha School of Law; law; men; est. 1890; 

H. A. Whipple, Dean. 
Presbyterian Theological Seminazy; theol.; 

men; Presb.; est. 1801; Rev. M. B. Low- 

rie, D. D., Pres. 
St. Catherine's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

C; est. 1877; Sisters of Mercy. 
School for the Deaf; state; Cyrus B. White. 

University of Omaha, Dental Department; 

dent.; co-ed.; est. 1895; A. O. Hunt, 

D. D. S.. Dean. 
Van Sant's School of Shorthand; sten.; co- 
ed.; est. 1900; A. C. Van Sant, Prop. 
T. M. C. A. Night School; prep.: boys: Y. M. 

C. A.; est. 1876; A. Omer Turner, Educa- 
tional Director. 

O'NEILL, Holt Co., pop. 1,348. 
St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Mother M. Leonia, Prln. 
ORLEANS, Harlan Co., pop. 656. 
Orleans Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Free Meth.: 
est. 1884; Rev. A. J. Damon, A. B., Prln. 
PAWNEE CITY, Pawnee Co., pop. 1,969. 
Pawnee City Academy; prep.; co-ed.; U. 
Presb.; F. A. Henderson, Prln. 
PERU, Nemaha Co., pop. 848. 
Nebraska State Normal School; normal: state; 
co-ed.; est. 1867; J. W. Crabtree, Pres. 
ST. PAUL, Howard Co., pop. 1,475. 
St. Paul Normal and Business Collie; nor. 
aud bus.; co-ed.; est. 1898; S. D. Smith, 

SANTEE, Knox Co. 
Santee Normal Training School; private Indi- 
an training school of the American Mis- 
sionary Assn.; Alfred L. Rlggs, Prln. 

SEWARD, Seward Co., pop. 2,100. 
Lutheran Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Geo. Wel- 
ler, Prln. 
UNIVERSITY PLACE, Lancaster Co., pop. 
Nebraska Wesleyan University; coll.; co-ed.: 
M. E.; est. 1888; D. W. C. Huntington. 
WAHOO, Saunders Co.. pop. 2,100. 
Luther Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Ev. Lath.; 
est. 1883; Rev. O. J. Johnson, B. D., Pn». 

WAYNE, Wayne Co., pop. 2,119. 
Nebraska Normal College; normal; private: 
co-ed.; est. 1891; J. M. Pile, Pres. 
WEEPING WATER, Cass Co., pop. 1.156. 
Weeping Water Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; 
est. 1885; Charles E. Corbln. A. M., Pita. 
YORK, York Co., pop. 5,132. 
York Business College and Normal 8cho«l; 

bus. and sten.; C. W. Buckley, Pres. 
York College; coll.; co-ed.: U. B.; est. 1890; 

Wm. E. Schell. A. M., D. D., Pres. 
School of the Holy Family; prep.; co-ed.: 
R. C: Mother Margaret Mary, Prin. 


Population, 42,335. School census, 13,065. School age, 6-18. 

Nevada is the fiftieth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 42,335 inhabitants, of whom 35,405, or 83.6 per cent, are white. Of this number 
8,581, or 20.3 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire 
population is 13.3 per cent, the state ranking thirty-fifth in this respect. The educa- 
tional system of the state is as follows : 


Orvis Ring^ Superintendent of Public Instruction Carson 

G. E. Anderson, Deputy Supt. First District Elko 

A. B. LiGHTFOOT, Deputy Supt. Second District Eureka 

J. F. Abel, Deputy Supt. Third District Winnemucca 

J. E. Bray, Deputy Supt. Fourth District Reno 

G. C. Ross, Deputy Supt. Fifth District Tonopah 


D. S. DiCKERSON, President Carson 

Dr. J. R Stubbs, President University of Nevada Reno 

Orvis Ring, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Secretary Carson 


Nevada has a new state uniformity law, which went into effect June, 1907. 
The State Board of Education recompiends and adopts the text-books to be used, 
as well as recommending sets of books for supplementary use in the schools and as 
the nucleus for a school library. 


Romanzo Adams, President Reno 

Gertrude Caine, Secretary and Treasury Reno 


Counties. Deputy Superintendents. Postoffice Address. 

Elko (District No. 1) G. E.Anderson Elko. 

Eureka. Lander, and White 
Pine (District No. 2) A. P. Liffhtfoot Eureka. 

Humboldt and Churchill 

(District No. 8) J. F. Abel Winnemucca. 

Washoe, Omnsby, Storey, 
Lyon. Dougrlas and Es- 
meralda (District No. 4) .John Edwards Bray Reno. 

Lincoln and Nye (District 

No. 5) Gilbert C. Ross Tonopah. ^ 






GABSON CITY. Onnsby Co.. pop. 2.100. 
Indian Tntininc School; Govt. in«lu«trial 
srbool for Indians: co-ed.: est. 1800: C. 
II. AHbury. Stipt. 
REMO, Washoe Co., i>op. 4.S00. 
Atkinson's Nerada Business Institute; bus. 
and sten.; est. 1002: A. F. Atkinson. I*rin. 

Nerada State XTniTersity; onlv.: state: co- 

eil.: est. 188R: Jonepb Edward Stiibba. M. 

A.. LL. I).. D. D., Pres. 
State Normal School: nor.: state: ou-e<l.: 

Roma nxo A dams. Dean. 
VIBOnriA CITT, Storey Co.. pop. 2.802. 
Virginia City Miaiag School; state: Dwij^bt T. 

Smith. Instnietor in Charge. 


Population, 411,588. School census, 90,400. School age, 5-16. 

New Hampshire is the thirty-sixth state of the Union in point of population, 
having a total of 411,588 inhabitants, of whom 410,791, or 99.8 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 87,961, or 21.4 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illit- 
eracy of the entire population' is 6.2 per cent, the state ranking twenty-eighth in 
this respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Henry C. Morrison, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Concord 


New Hampshire has no State Reading Circle Board, but has district laws for 
the aid of school libraries. 


Principal E. W. Butterfield, President Dover 

Clara E. Upton, Secretary Nashua 


New Hampshire has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what 
is called the "town system" of school supervision, each city, or in some cases, where 
the towns are small, a group of towns, having its individual superintendent of 


AVDOVEB, Merrimftc Co., pop. 1,170. 
Proctor Academy; prep.; co-ed.: Unitarian; 
est. 1881; Theodore P. Parr, A. M., Prin. 

ATKUrSOlf, Bockinffham Co., pop. 442. 
Atkinaon Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Herman N. Dnnham. Prln. 

CAWrtSLBTTRY, Meirimack Co., pop. 821. 
Zazer Bemiaaiy; prep.; co-ed.: Free Bapt.; 
Mrs. Clara M. Currier. Prin. 

CENTER STRAFFOBD, Btrafford Co.. pop. 50. 
Austin Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Free Bapt.: 
ej»t. 1833; Henry R. Gardner, A. R., Prin. 

OLAREMOUHT. SoIliTan Co., pop. 6,408. 
Stereo's Hiffh BcbooL; prep.; co-ed.; non- 

scot.: est. 1807; Leroy S. Dewov. A. B.. 

CONCORD, Merrimac Co., pop. 10.0.32. 

St. Joseph's Higrh School; boys' boarding: R. 

C; Brother Cyril, F. S. C. Prin. 
St. Mary's Diocesan School; girls' boarding; 

P. E.: Isabel W. Parks, Prin. 
St. Paul's School; boys' boarding: P. K.; Rev. 

James C. Colt. D. D., Prin. 
DERRT, Rockingham Co., pop. 3,58.'{. 
Pinkorton Academy ; prop. ; oo-ed. : non-sect. ; 

ost. 1814; Ccorge W. Bingham, A. M.. 

DOVER, Strafford Co., pop. 1.3.207. 

Dover Business College; bus. and sten.: E. 

W. Warner and C. MoTavish, Props. 





Feftslee't Commercial School; bus. and gten.; 
est. 1900; Miss M. F. Peaslee, Prin. 
DURHAM, Strafford Co., pop. 006. 
New Hampahire College of Asrricnltnre and 
Mechanic Arts; agri.; state.; co-ed.; est. 
1866; WlUiam D. Gibbs. M. S., Pres. 
EAST JEFFREY, Cheshire Co., pop. 1,000. 
Conant Hi^rh School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
George W. Flint, Prin. 
EXETER, Rockingham Co., pop. 4,022. 

Fhillip Exeter Academy, The; boys' boarding; 

non-sect.; Harlan Page Amen, Prin. 
Robinson Seminary; girls* day and boarding; 
non-sect.; est. 1869; Harlan M. Bisbee, 
A. M., Prin. 
FRANCESTOWN, HUlsboro Co., pop. G03. 
Francestown Academy; prep.; co-cd.; non- 
sect.; est. 1801; James I. Newton, A. B., 
FRANCONIA, Grafton Co., pop. 655. 
Dow Academy; prep,; co-ed.; Cong.: Fred- 
crick D. Haywood, Prin. 
GILMANTON, Belknap Co., pop. 1,100. 

Gilmanton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; 
est. 1794; Walter H. Fletcher, Prin. 
HAMFSTEAD, Rockingham Co., pop. 328. 

Hampstead High School; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; 
Charles L. Clement, Prin. 
HANOVER, Grafton Co., pop. 1,884. 
Dartmouth College; coll.; men; non-sect.; est. 
1769; Rev. W. J. Tucker, D. D., LL. D., 
Dartmouth Medical College; med.; reg.; men; 
est. 1798; Wm. T. Smith, LL. D., M. D., 
KEENE, Cheshire Co., pop. 9,165. 
Grinnell's Commercial School; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1903; Miss I. M. Dearborn, Prin. 
Tiffin's Business Institute; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1896; Harry C. TiiBn, Prin. 
KINGSTON, Rockingham Co., pop. 1,132. 
Sanborn Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1883; J. Willis Kemp, A. M., Ph. 1).. 
LACONIA, Belknap Co., pop. 8.042. 
Terhune's Practical Business College; bus. and 
sten.; W. R. Terhune, Pres. 
LANCASTER, Coos Co., pop. 3,190. 

Lancaster Academy and High School; prep.; 

co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1828; Willis O. 

Smith, A. B., Prin. 

MANCHESTER, Hillsboro Co., pop. 56,987. 

Bryant & Stratton Business College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1865; William Heron, Jr., Prin. 

Hesser Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1906; Joel H. Hesser, Prin. and Prop. 
Mt. St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding, R. 

St. Anselm's College; coll.; men.; R. C. ; est. 
1889: Rt. Rev. Abbott Hilary, D. D., O. 
S. B., Pres. 
St. Augustine's Academy; boys' boarding; R. 

C; Brother Alphonse, Prin. 
St. Joseph's High School; prep.; boys; R. C; 
est. 1890; Rt. Rev. John B. Delaney. D. 
D.. Prin. 
MERIDEN, Sullivan Co., pop. 250. 

Kimball Union Acad«»»»^; prep.: co-od.; Cong.; 

est. 1813; Charles Alden Tracy, B. L., 
MILTON, Strafford Co., pop. 1,625. 

Nnte High School; prep.; co-ed.; n<m-8ect.; 
Clarence B. Kelley, A. B., Prin. 
MOUNT VERNON, Hillsboro Co., pop. 453. 

McCollom Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; H. 
W. Delano. Prin. 

Steams School, The (for small boys); prep.: 
non-sect.; Arthur F. Steams, Prin. 
NASHUA, Hillsboro Co., pop. 23,898. 

Naahna Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1900; Charles Heipel. Pres. 

St. Aloysius Academy; boys' boarding; R. C; 
Brother Fabian, Prin. 

St. Aloysius School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Sis- 
ter M. S. Anatole, Prin. 
NEW HAMFTON, Belknap Co., pop. 852. 

New Hampton Commercial College; bus. and 
sten.; Frank W. Preston. Pres. 

New Hampton Literary Institute; prep.; co- 
ed.: Free Will Bapt.; Frank W. Preston, 

NEW IFSWICH, Hillsboro Co., pop. 1,002. 
New Ipswich Appleton Academy; prep.; co^ 
ed.; Cong.; Chas. P. Poore, Prin. 
NEW LONDON, Merrimack Co., pop. 768. 
Colby Academy, The.; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.: 
est. 1853; Justin O. Wellman, A. B.. Prin. 
NORTH WOOD CENTER, Rockingham Co., pop. 
Coe's Northwood Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1866; Edwin K. Welch. A. B.. 
PEMBROKE, Merrimack Co., pop. 3,183. 
Fembroke Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1818; Homer F. Northmp, Prin. 
PLYMOUTH, Orafton Co., pop. 1,972. 
Holdemeaa School for Boys; boys' boarding; 
P. E.; est. 1870; Rev. Lorln Webster. A. 
M., Prin. 

School's announcement. — Prepares for Col- 
leges and Technical Schools. High order 
of training in mind and body. Individual 
influences and instractlon. Gymnaslam, 
Athletic Field, running track. Moderate 
terms. Twenty-seventh year. Smd for 
catalogue to Rev. Lorin Webster, M. A., 
Rector, Plymouth, N. H. 
New Hampahire State Normal Bdiool; nor 
mal: state; co-ed.; J. E. Klock, Prin. 
PORTSMOUTH, Rockingham Co.. pop. 10.637. 
Bliss Business Collie; bus. and sten.; Wil- 
liam J. Lewis. Pres. 
REEDS FERRY, HiUsboro Co., pop. 250. 
McGraw Normal Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: David F. Carpenter, Prin. 
SOUTH HAMPTON, Rockingham Co., pop. 297. 
Barnard High School; prep.; co-ed.; noo-scct.; 
M. F. .Mcintosh, Prin. 
TILTON, Belknap Co., pop. 1,926. 

Tilton Seminary (formerly New Hampabirr 
Seminary); prep.; co-ed.; M. B.: eft. 
1845: George L. Plimpton, A. M.. Prin. 
WEST LEBANON, Grafton Co., pop. 525. 
Rockland Military Academy; mil.; boys; dob* 
soot.: est. 1854; Elmer B. French, A. M-. 


Population, 1,883,669. School census, 496,380. School age, 5-18. 

New Jersey is sixteenth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 1,883,669 inhabitants, of whom 1,812,317, or 96.2 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 430,050, or 22.8 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 5.9 per cent, the state ranking twenty-fourth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Charles J. Baxter, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Trenton 

J. Brognard Betts, Assistant State Superintendent Trenton 


George A. Frey, First District Camden 

Edward E. Grosscup, First District Wenonah 

J. Bingham Woodward, Second District Bordentown 

S. R. Morse, Second District Atlantic City 

W. Edwin Florance, Third District New Brunswick 

Edmund Wilson, Third District Red Bank 

S. St. J. McCuTCHEN, Fourth District Plainfield 

Percival Chrystie, Fourth District High Bridge 

William H. Morrow, Fifth District Elizabeth 

Charles E. Surdam, Fifth District Morristown 

Francis Scott, Sixth District Paterson 

Sweeting Miles, Sixth District Alpine 

Edward G. Robertson, Seventh District Newark 

Leslie C. Love, Seventh District West Orange 

James h. Hays, Eighth District Newark 

T. O'CoNOR Sloan, Eighth District South Orange 

Wm. R. Barricklo, Ninth District Jersey City 

Ulamor Allen, Ninth District Jersey City 

W. D. Forbes, Tenth District Hoboken 

Edward Russ, Tenth District Hoboken 


The Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, and the 
State Comptroller constitute the Board of Trustees of the Fund for the Support of 
Public Schools. 

J 44 





The state has no State Reading Circle Board, but ample provisions are made by 
the legislature for aiding school libraries, twenty dollars being appropriated the first 
year, and ten dollars each year thereafter, to each district, for this purpose. 

Henry Snyder, President Jersey City 


No. of 
County. Superintendent Address Districts. 

Atlantic Hon. S. D. Hoffman Atlantic City 19 

Bergen B. C. Wooster Hackensack 62 

Burlington Herman A. Stees Beverly 34 

Camden C. S. Albertson Magnolia 19 

Cape May Oscar O. Barr Cape May City 15 

Cumberland John N. Glasspell Bridgeton 12 

Essex Elmer C. Sherman South Orange 18 

Gloucester Daniel T. Steelman Glassboro 20 

Hudson M. H. Kinsley Hoboken 13 

Hunterdon Jason S. Hoffman Flemington 21 

Mercer Joseph M. Arnold Titusville 10 

Middlesex H. Brewster Willis New Brunswick 21 

Monmouth John Enright Freehold 30 

Morris W. B. Matthews Dover 27 

Ocean Chas. A. Morris Toms River 23 

Passaic p:]dw. W. Garrison Passaic 13 

Salem J. A. Wentzell Elmer 14 

Somerset H. C. Krebs North Plainfleld 16 

Sussex Ralph Decker Sussex 21 

Union J. J. Savitz Westfleld 17 

Warren Franklin T. Atwood Hackettstown 20 


BATONNE. Hudson Co.. ih*].. .T2.722. 
Brake Business College; bus. niul stcn.: Cbas. 

Dell, Prin.: Albert J. (rh'ason. I'res. 
Sloa,n School for Girls. The; Kirls* boiinlin;;: 

non-sect.-, MI.s8e.s Clarke and KUne. 

BEVERLY. Burlington Co.. pop. 1.0.50. 
Famum Preparatory School; prep.: co-ed.; 

Tresb. : James R. Dllks. A. M., I'rin. 
BLAIRSTOWN, Warren Co., pop. HiC. 

Blair Academy; prep.; eo-ed.: I'resb. : est. 

1S;4S: R«-v. John C. Sharpe. A. .M.. D. D.. 

BORDENTOWN, Burlington Co.. pop. 4.110. 
Bordcntown Industrial and Manual Training 

School (colored): manual tralnlnp and 

Bordentown Institute; military: non-sect.: 

Rev. Th«tmpson H. Landon. Prlu. 
Braislin School. Friscilla; pirls' boarding: 

nou-secf.: Miss Allc<* ('. Rraislin. Mrs. 

Mar.v Rraislin Co<»ke. Prins. 
BRIDGETON, Cumberland Co.. |H>p. l.'l.fM.'t. 
Ivy Hall; girls' boarding: non sect. : Misses 

MacDonaM and Finn. Prins. 
South Jersey Institute: pn'P.: r-nod.: Rapt.: 

Rev. Jam«'S W. Ford. Ph. I).. Pns. 

West Jersey Academy: boys' boardlnfr: Presb.: 
J. H. Kekels, Prin. 

B&IELLE, Monmouth Co., pop. 300. 
Gerlach Academy; boyn* boarding; non-sect.; 
I>. Gerlach. Prin. 

BURLINGTON. Burlington Co.. pop. 7.382. 
St. Mary's Hall; glrlH* hoarding: P. E.: BeT. 

John Foamley. Prin. 
Van Rensselaer Seminary; prep.: co-ed.: 

I'resb. : Helen M. Freeman. Prin. 

CALDWELL. Essex Co.. pop. 1.307. 
Mt. St. Dominic's Academy; girls' boanlinff: 

It. C: Mother Superior. 
Kingsley School; mil.: young boyn; J. R. 

Campl)ell, Headmaster. 

CAMDEN. Camden Co.. pop. 75.035. 
Abrahamson Business GoUege; bus. and ates.; 

est. 1KS0; Chas. M. Abrahamaon. Pre*. 
Camden Commercial Colloge; bus. and tten.; 

«'st. V.M)2: (Jeorpe O. Rwartx. Pre*. 
Camden Friends School: prep.: co-ei!.: Frienda: 

Mary J. Hoopes. Prin. 

CONVENT STATION. Morris Co., pop. 25. 
College of St. Elisabeth; glrla' boanllBg; 

R. ('. : Sister M. Pauline. Superior. 
St. Joseph Preparatory 8cho«l; boys' board- 





ing; R. C; est. 1860; Sisters of Charity; 
Mother Superior. 
EAST ORANGE, Essex Co., pop. 21.506. 

East Orange School. The; girls' boarding; 
non-sect; est. 1885; Elizabeth M. Griffith. 
A. B., Prln. 
ELIZABETH. XTnion Co.. pop. 52.130. 

Lansley Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1872; James H. Lansley, Ph. D.. 

Pingry School, The; boys' day; non-sect.; 
Walter Randall Marsh. Prln. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed. R. C: 
Rev. Mother Benedicts. Superior. 

Union Business College; bus. and sten.; F. 
R. Berriman, Prln. 

Vail-Deane School, The; girls' boi^rding; non- 
sect. ; Miss- Laura A. Vail, Prln. 
EVOLEWOOD, Bergen Co., pop. 6.253. 

X>wight School for Girls; girls' boarding; 
non-sect.; Misses Creigbton and Farrar, 

Englewood School for Boys, The; boys' board- 
ing; non-sect.; James B. Parsons. Prin. 

Helicon Hall; boys; non-sect.; John W. Craig. 


FIVDERHE PARK, Somerset Co. 

Hudson River Military Academy; boys' board- 
ing; n<Mi-sect.; Capt. Joel Wilson, A. M., 
FORT LEE, Bergen Co., pop. 1,617. 

Institute of Holy Angels; girls' boarding; 
R. C; Sister Mary Nonna Dumphy. Prin. 
FREEHOLD, Monmouth Co., pop. 2.934. 

Freehold Military School; mil.; young boys; 
MaJ. C. M. Duncan, Supt. 

New Jersey Military Academy; military: non- 
sect.; est. 1884; Col. C. J. Wright, A. 
M.. Pres. 
HACKEKSACX, Bergen Co., pop. 0.443. 

Eagan School of Business; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1903; John J. Eagan. Pres. 

Newman School; boys' prep.; R. C. ; est 1900; 
Jesse Albert Locke. A. M.. LL. D., Head- 

HADDOHFIELD, Camden Co., pop. 3,000. 

Bancroft-Cox Training School; for mentally 
deficient and backward children; est. 1884; 
Miss Margaret Bancroft, Prln. 
HACKETTSTOWK, Warren Co., pop. 2,662. 

Centenary Collegiate Institute; prep.: coed.; 
e«t. 1889; Rev. J. M. Meeker. Pres. 
HIOHT8T0WK, Mercer Co., pop. 1,749. 

Peddle Institute; pre0.; co-ed.; Bapt. : est. 
1867: Roger W. Swetland. A. B., Prin. 
HOBOKEH, Hudson Co., pop. 69.364. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Sisters of Charity. 

Eagan School of Business; bus. and step.; 
est. 1894; John J. Eagan, Pres. 

Hoboken Academy; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.: 
est. 1860; Dr. Walter F. Knox, Ph. D.. 

Lightfoot Stenographic and Typewriting In- 
stitute; sten.; est. 1878; Robert Light- 
foot, Pree. 

Stevens Institute of Technology; tech.: men: 
non-sect.: est. 1871; Alexander C. Ilum- 
pbreys. M. E.. Sc. D.. LL. D., Pres. 

Stevens School; boys* boarding; non-sect; Ed- 
ward Wall, Prin. 

Teachers' Training School; nor.; co-ed.; est. 
1897; Joseph H. Brensinger, A. M., Prin. 
JERSEY CITY, Hudson Co., pop. 206.433. 

Drake Business College; bus. and sten.; Albert 
J. Gleason, Pres. 

Hasbrouck Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1850; Charies C. Stimets, A. M., Pres. 

Lightfoot Stenographic and Typewriting In- 
stitute; bus. and sten.; Robert Lightfoot, 

Manressa Hall; boys' boarding; non-sect.; Rev. 
E. S. Brock, Prin. 

St. Aloysius Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 
Sisters of Charity. 

St. Peter's College; coll.: men; R. C. ; est. 
1878; Rev. E. J. McGrath. S. J., Pres. 

St. Peter's Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed. 

Training School for Teachers; normal; state; 
co-ed. ; 
JERSEY CITY HEIGHTS, Suburb of Jersey 

German American School; prep.: co-etl.; non- 
sect.; Agnes M. Higgins, Prin. 
LAKEWOOD, Ocean Co., pop. 2,800. 

Knox School, The; girls' boarding: non-sect.; 
est. 1904: Mary F. Knox, A. B.. Prin. 

Lakewood School, The: boys' boarding: non- 
sect.; Edward P. Harris. Ph. D., Prin., 
LAWRENCEVILLE. Mercer Co., pop. 207. 

Lawrenceville School; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Simon J. McPlierson, D. D., Prln. 

LONG BRANCH, Monmouth Co., pop. 8.872. 
Star of the Sea Academy; girls' boarding; 
R. C; Sister M. Iraeida, Prin. 
MADISON. Morris Co., pop. 3,754. 
Drew Theological Seminary; theol.; men; M. 
E.; est. 1867; Harry N. Betts, D. D., LL. 
D.. Pres. 
MATAWAN, Monmouth Co., pop. 1.511. 
Glenwood College Institute; prep: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1840: W. E. Lamb, Prin. 
Matawan Institute; boys' boarding and day; 
non-sect.; est. 1840: Casper G. Brower, 

MONTCLAIR, Essex Co., pop. 13,962. 
Cloverside School; girls' boarding; P. E.; est. 
1894; Elizabeth Timlow, Prin. 

Montclair Military Academy; military; non- 
sect.: John G. McVicar. Supt. 

MOORESTOWN, Burlington Co.. pop. 3,000. 
Friends' .Academy; prop.: co-ed.; Friends; 

Wm. F. Overman. Prin. 
Friends' High School; prop.: co-ed.: Friends; 

John G. Embree, A. M.. Prin. 

MORRISTOWN, Morris Co., pop. 11,267. 
Morris Academy; bo.vs' boarding: non-sect.; 

Harry W. Landfoar. B. A., B. D.. Prin. 
Morristown School; prep.; l)oys: non-sect.: est. 

1808: Francis C. Woo<lnian, A. B., Head 

Dana's School for Young Ladies, Miss; girls' 

boardinsr: non-sect.: est. 1877; Miss Louise 

L. Newell, A. B., Prin. 





UOTSJiT HOLLY, Barlinffton Co., pop. 4,500. 

Koont Holly Academy; boys' boarding; uon- 
sect.; I. C. Pla. Prin. 
IfEWA&K, Essex Co., pop. 246.070. 

Coleman National Business Ciolle^; bus. and 
sten.; est. 18C2; J. Kugler. Jr.. Prln. 

Newark Academy; boys* day; est. 1792; n<Hi- 
sect.; Samuel A. Farrand and WiUcm 
Farrand. Headmasters. 

Newark Normal and Training School; normal; 
state; co-ed.; Joseph Clark. Pres. 

Newark Seminary; girls' boarding; oon-sect.; 
Anna Frances Whltmore, Prln. 

Newark Technical School; tech.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; 1885; Charles A. Colton, E. M.; 

New Jersey College of Pharmacy; phar. ; co- 
ed.; est. 1892: William O. Kuebler. Ph. 
G., Pres., 224-226 Market St. 

St. Benedict's College; coll.: men; R. C; est. 
1868; George Bein, S. B.. Pres. 

St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister M. Catherine. 

St. Vincent's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Mother Superior. 

Townsend's School for Girls, Miss; girls' 
boarding; ucn-sect. ; Miss Anna V. Town- 
send, Prin., 54 Park Place. 

Wood's College; bus. and sten.; Stephen i. 
Wood, Pres. 
NEW BRUNSWICK, Middlesex Co., pop. 20,006. 

Anable's School, Miss; prep: co-ed.: non- 
sect.; est. 1883; Miss Harriet Anable, 

New Brunswick Business College; bus. and 
sten.; J, W. Wilson, Pres. 

New Brunswick Theological Seminary; theol.; 
Kef. Church in America; est. 1784; Rev. 
J. P. Searle, Pres. 

Rutgers College; coll.; men; Reformed; est. 
1700; Dr. W. H. S. Demarost. LL. D.. 

Rutgers College Preparatory School; prop.; 
boys; non-sect.; est. 1706; Eliot R. Pay- 
son, Ph. D., Headmaster. 

St. Agnes Academy; prep.; co-od.; R. C. : Sis- 
ter Mary Grace, Prin. 
NEW ORANGE, Union Co., pop. 110. 

Upsala College; prop.; co-ed.; Lutb.; L. H. 
Beck, Ph. D., Pres. 
NEWTON, Sussex Co., pop. 4,370. 

Newton Academy; boys' bonrdlng; non-sect.; 
Philip Wilson, Prin. 
ORANGE, Essex Co., pop. 24.141. 

Beard's School for Girls, Miss; girl's board- 
ing; Miss Beard, Prin. 

Dearborn Morgan School ; prep. : co-od. : uun- 
soct.; David A. Konnody. Ph. D., Abby 
B. Morgan, I'rlns. 

Drake Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1«>C; Charles A. Lc Master, A. B.. Prln. 
Dorr's School, Mrs.; ;;irl8' hoarding; iion-so<>t.; 
.Mrs. Nancy H. Dorr. Prln. 
PASSAIC, Passaic Co., pop. 27.777. 

Passaic Collegiate School; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
Hoct. ; oPt. 1896; Lester E. Hunt, Prln. 

PATEBSON, Passaic Co., pop. 106.171. 
Colombia College; bus. and aten.; est. 1889; 

Geo. Oakley, Pres. 
En^ish and Claaaical School, girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; Miss Flora A. Graves, Prin. 
McCheaney's College: prep, and bos.; co-ed.; 

non-sect.; est. 1SS4; Dr. C. Eugene Mc- 

Chesney, Pres. 
Pateraon Normal Training School; normal: 

city; co-ed.; Jesse D. Burks. Prln. 
Phillips School. The; bus. and sten.; T. H. 

PhiUips, Pres. 
Starkey's Business College; bus. and sten.: 

est. 1898; Newton B. Starkey. A. M.. 

PENNINGTON, Mercer Co.. pop. 733. 
Pennington Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.: 

est. 1838; Frank Moore. Pres. 
FLAINFIELD, Union Co., pop. 15.368. 
Groszmann School for Nenroos "Childrea: 

prep.; co-ed.; boarding; non-sect.: est. 

1900; Masimilian P. E. Grossman. Ph. 

D., Director. 
Hartridge School; girls' boarding; non-sect.: 

Miss Evelyn B. Hartridge, Prln. 
Leal's School for Boys; boys' boarding: non- 
sect.; John Leal, Prln. 
Plainfield Business College; bus. and sten.: 

A. S. Herr, Prin. 
Plainfield Seminary; girls' boarding: non-sect.; 

Miss E. E. Kenyon, Miss L. S. Arnold. 

PRINCETON, Mercer Co., pop. 3.890. 
Carter School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; Maud 

V. Carter, Prin. 
Princeton Preparatory School, The; boys' 

boarding; non-sect.; J. B. Fine, Prin. 
Princeton Theological Seminary; theol.; men: 

Presb.; est. 1812; Rev. Francis L. Patton. 

D. D., LL. D., Pres. 
Princeton Uniyersity; univ.; men: non-sect.: 

est. 1746; Woodrow Wilson, Ph. D.. Uti. 

D.. LL. D., Pres. 
Rand Collegiate School; boys' prep.: uon- 

sect.; est. 1890; Edwin W. Rand. A. M.. 

RED BANK, Monmouth Co., pop. 5.428. 
Calhoun-Chamberlain School, The; .girl»' 

boarding; non-sect; Miss Calhoun. Mi-'«s 

Chamberlain, Prins. 
Shrewsbury Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.: 

est. 1897; H. C. Talmadge. A. M.. Prin. 
RIDGE WOOD, Bergen Co., pop. 2.962. 

Ridgewood Preparatory School; prep.: co-ed.; 

non-sect.: James B. Parsons, Prin. 
ROSELLE, Union Co., pop. 1,924. 
Roselle Academy: boys' prep. 

RUTHERFORD, Bergen Co., pop. 4.821. 
St. George's School; boys' boarding: H. G. 
Rawlins, Prln. 

SALEM, Salem Co., pop. 6.811. 

Salem Friends' School; closed temporarily. 
SHORT HILLS, Essex Co.. pop. 306. 

Short Hills School, The; prep.; co-ed.: non 
sett.; Henry P. Twitchell, Headmaster. 





SOUTH ORANGE, Essex Co., pop. 4,608. 
Baldwin & Veldon's School; prep.; co-ed.; 

non-sect.; Miss Alice R. Jackson. A. M., 

Montrose School for Girls; girls' boarding; 

n<Hi-se€t.; Mrs. L. L. M. Bryant, Prin. 
Seton Hall College; coll.: men: R. G. ; est. 

185G; Very Rev. James F. Mooney, D. D., 

Wooddiff School; l)oys' boarding; non-sect.; 

Wm. J, Eckoff, Prin. 

STTICMIT, XTnion Co., pop. 5,302. 

Carlton Academy; boys' prep.; R. C. ; Charles 
H. Schultx, A. M., Headmaster. 

Kent Place School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Mrs. Sarah W. Paul. Prin. 

Saint Gedrge's Hall; boys' boarding; Hartman 
Naylor, Head Master. 

Summit Academy; boys' boarding: non-sect.; 
est. 1883; James Heard, A. M., Prin. 
SUSSEX, Sussex Co., pop. 1.498. 

Seeley Home School; l)oys' boarding and day; 
non-sect.; W. H. Seeley, Prin. 
TEVAFLY, Bergen Co., pop. 1,746. 

Berkeley Academy for Boys; boys' boarding: 
prep.; Rev. Christie, Prin. 
TRENTON, Mercer Co., pop. 73.307. 

New Jersey School for the Deaf; state; John 
P. Walker, Supt. 

New Jersey State Normal School; normal; 
state: co-ed.; James M. Green, Ph. D., 

School's Announcement. — The normal 
School Is a professional School devoted 
to the preparation of teachers for the 
Pnblic Schools of New Jersey. Its course 
involves a thorough knowledge of sub- 
ject-matter, the faculties of mind, and 

and how so to present that subject-matter 
as to conform to the laws of mental de- 
velopment. The Model School is a thor- 
ough Academic Training School, prepara- 
tory to college, business or the draw- 
ing-room. The schools are well provided 
with apparatus for all kinds of work, 
laboratories, manual training room, gym- 
nasium, etc. The cost per year for 
boarders, including board, washing, tui- 
tion, books, etc., is from $154 to $160 
in the Normal, and $200 in the Model. 

Rand Collegiate School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1904; Edwin W. Rand, A. M., 

Rider-Moore and Stewart School of Business; 
bus. and sten.: F. B. Moore, Pres. 

St. Francis College; boys' boarding; R. C: 
Rev. Domminic Renter, D. D., Prin. 

School of Industrial Arts; tech.; non-sect.; 
co-ed.; est. 1001; Frank Forrest Frederick. 
VINELAND, Cumberland Co., pop. 4,G84. 

New Jersey Training School for Backward 
Children; est. 1888; E. R. Johnstone, Supt. 
WENONAH, Gloucester Co., pop. 498 

Wenonah Military Academy; military: boys: 
non-sect.; est. 1904; MaJ. J. R. Jones. 

Baron De Hirsch Agricultural School; agri. ; 
Jewish: men: est. 1898; Harold H. Bal- 
lard. I'h. D.. Supt. 
WOODBINE, Cape May Co., pop. 2,000. 

Baron De Hirsche Agricultural School; agri. 
and hort. : Jewish: est. 1884; Henry Wil- 
liam Geller, M. D., Supt. 
WOODSTOWN, Salem Co., pop. 1.371. 

Bacon Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; La'ira 
B. Garrett. Prin. 


Population, 195,310. School census, 84,984. School age, 5-21. 

New Mexico is the forty-fifth of the states and territories of the' Union in point 
of population, having a total of 195,310 inhabitants, of whom 180,207, or 92.3 per 
cent, are white. Of this number 13,261, or 6.8, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 15. 


J. E. Clark, Superintendent of Public Instruction Santa Fe 

A. M. Danchez, Ass't Superintendent of Public Instruction Santa Fe 


George Curry, President Santa Fe 

J. E. Clark, Supt. Public Instruction, Secretary Santa Fe 

W. G. Tight Albuquerque 

C. M. Light Silver City 

Wm. Rowe Santa Fe 

W. E. Garrison Mesilla Park 


Name of Supt. County. Postofflce. No. of School 


Bernalilo A. B. Stroup Albuquerque 27 

Chaves Mark Howell Roswell 30 

Colfax C. O. Fisher Raton 35 

Dona Ana Geo. Lj'nch Las Cruces 16 

Eddy John Armstrong Carlsbad 16 

Grant Colin Neblett Silver City 24 

Guadalupe Fidel Gallegos *. . . .Colonias 25 

Lincoln S. G. Anderson Carrizozo 27 

Luna Ney B. Gorman Demingr 7 

McKinley R. B. Lanlgran Gallup 6 

Mora Rlcardo Martinez Watrous 32 

Otero J. J. Cridebring Alamogrordo 22 

Quay Mllnor Rudulph Tucumcarl 78 

Rio Arriba Antonio I). Vargas Ojo Callente 55 

Roosevelt J. A. Fairly Portales 93 

Sandoval J. F. Silva Bernalillo 20 

San Juan C. D. Smith I^ Plata 21 

San Miguel Porflrio Gallegos Las Vegas 74 

Santa Fe John Conway Santa Fe 2f 

Sierra J. P. Parker Hillsboro 17 

Socorro D. A. Ortega Socorro 48 

Taos Eli Ilartt Ranchos de Taos 2$ 

Torrance Tuan C. Jaramillo Torreon. Tajique 20 

Union Luciano Castillo Folsom 26 

Valencia Jesus C. Sanchez Tome 25 





ALAMOQOBDO, Otero Co., pop. 1.812. 

New Kttzico Inititnte for the Blind; state; 
S. H. Gill, Supt. 

Hew Mexico College of A^colture and 
Xechanio Arts; coll.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
est. 1889: Lather Foster. M. S. A., Pres. 
ALBUaTJERaiTE, Bernalillo Co., pop. 6.238. 
Alhnquerqne Bnsinest College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1903; William E. Millilcen. B. C. S., 
Ph. B., Prin. 
Albnqnerqne Indian School; Govt, industrial 
school for Indians; co-ed.; est. 1880; 
James K. Allen, Supt. 
St. Vincoit Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

est. 1882; Sister Angela Murphy. Prin. 
University of Hew Mexico; unlv.; co-ed.; est. 
1892; Wm. G. Tight. Ph. D., Pres. 
LAS CSXTCES, Donna Ana Co., pop. 1.200. 
Visitation Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister M. Albertlna, Prin. 
LAS YEOAS, San Miguel Co., pop. 3.552. 
De La Salle Inatitnte; prep.; men; R. C; est. 

1880: Brother Arthemian, Pres. 
Hew Mexico Hormal University; normal; 

state; co-ed.; est. 1898; W. E. Garrison, 

Ph. D., Pres. 
ROSWELL, Chaves Co., pop. 2,049. 

Hew Mexico Military Institute; military: ter- 
ritorial; non-sect.; est. 1895; Col. James 

W. Willson, Supt. 
SAHTA FE, Santa Fe Co., pop. 6,603. 
Allison School; girls' boarding; Prcsb. ; est. 

1866; M. Bertha Leauingham, Supt. 
Loretto Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; est. 

1853: Sister M. Lucia, Prin. 
Hew Mexico School for Deaf and Dumb; state; 

W. C. Connor. Jr., Supt. 
St. Michael's College; boys boarding; R. C, 

est. 1861; Brother Hermes. Pres. 
U. S. Indian Industrial School; Govt, indus- 
trial school for Indians; co-eil. ; est. 1801; 

C. J. Grandall, Supt. 
SILVER CITY, Grant Co., pop. 2,735. 
Hormal School of Hew Mexico; normal; 

state; co-ed.; C. M. Light, Ph. D.. Pres. 
SOCORRO, Socorro Co., pop. 1,512. 
Hew Mexico School of Mines; mln. : men; 

state; est. 1880; Robert P. Noble, A. M., 



Population, 7,268,012. School census, 1,806,940. School age, 5-18. 

New York is the first state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 7,268,012 inhabitants, of whom 7,156,881, or 98.5 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 1,889,523, or 26 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 5.5 per cent, the state ranking nineteenth in this respect- 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Andrew S. Draper, State Commissioner of Education Albany 

Howard J. Rogers, M. A., LL. D., First Assistant Albany 

Edwin J. Goodwin, Lit. D., L. H. D., Second Assistant Albany 

Augustus S. Downing, M. A., Pd. D., LL. D., Third Assistant Albany 

Chiefs of Divisions. 

Administration, Harlan H. Horner, B. A. 

Attendance, James D. Sullivan. 

Educational Extension, William R. Eastman, M. A., M. L. S. 

Examinations, Charles F. Wheelock, B. S., LL. D. 

Inspections, Frank H. Wood, M. A. 

Law, Thomas E. Finegan, M. A. 

School Libraries, Charles E. Fitch, L. H. D. 

Statistics, Hiram C. Case. 

Visual Instruction, DeLancey M. Ellis. 


Regents of the University of the State of New York : 

Term Expires 

. Whttelaw Reid, Chancellor, New York City 1913 

St. Clair McKelway. Vice-Chancellor, Brooklyn 1917 

Daniel Beach, Watkins 1906 

Eugene A. Philbin, New York City 1909 

Charles A. Gardiner, New York City 1910 

Edward Lauterbacit, New York City 1911 

T. Guilford Smith. Buffalo 1912 

Pliny T. Sexton, Palmyra 1914 

Albert Vander Veer. Albany 1915 

f^uciAN L. Shedden. Plattshurp: 1916 

William Nottingham, Syracuse 1918 

Andrew S. Draper. State Commissioner of Education Albany 



Howard J. Rogers, First Assistant Commissioner 

Edward J. Goodwin, Second Assistant Commissioner 

Augustus S. Downing, Third Assistant 


None. Duties all performed by Commissioner of Education. 


None. Selection of text-books left to local school authorities. No state 


James M. Edsall. President 8418 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn 

Richard A. Searing, Secretary 478 Alexander St., Rochester 

W. H. Benedict. Treasurer 508 West Third St., Elmira 

F. D. Boynton, Superintendent of Exhibits Ithaca 


Pop of 

County. Commissioner. Address. County. 

Albany R. Clinton Baglcy South Bethlehem ...165,571 

Myron Fllklns West Berne 

Carroll Coon Altamont 

Allegany J. Servlus Smith Hume 41,501 

John D. Jones Cuma 

Broome J. Edward Hurlburt Port Crane 69,149 

Erwln B. Whitney Chenangro Porks ... 

Cattaraugrus Squire C. Havden Frankllnvllle 66,648 

Edward A. Stratton Great Valley 

George E. Waller I^lttle Valley 

Cayugra Herbert T. Morrison Weedsport 66.234 

Oeorg-e W. Atwater Moravia 

Chautauqua Pratt E. Marshall Sherman 88,314 

Charles W. Whitney Fredonla 

Judson S. Wright Falconer 

Chemung Gould J. TJttle Van Etten 54.063 

Chenango E. Everett Poole I^Incklaen Center . . . 36.568 

Doloa Van Woert Af ton 

Clinton Oliver A. Wolcott Keesevllle 47,430 

Wm. George Graves Plattsburg 

Columbia Randall N. Saunders North Germantown . . 48,211 

William P. Darrow Chatham 

Cortland .Tohn H. Murray Cortland 27.576 

Ernest W. Chllds Homer 

Delaware Frank L. Ostrander Masonvllle 46,418 

Matthew H. Sanford Rovlna Center 

Dutchess Frederick E. Benedict Billings 81.670 

William R. Tremper Rhineheck 

Erie .Tohn H. Meahl Sloan 433,686 

William E. Pierce Wllllnk 

William E. Bensley Sprlngvllle 

Essex Sidney E. Maders Essex 30,707 

Freeman C. Pond Port Henry 

Franklin Addis K. Botsford Malone 42.853 

Alexander Macdonald St. Regis Falls 

Fulton Clarence E. Burcn . . . .Mayfleld 42.842 

Genesee Charles W. Stickle Batavia 34,561 

Greene William H Anderson Athens 31.478 

T^eslle A. Tompkins Cox.«?ackle 

Hamilton Charles B. Hanley Wells 4,947 

Herkimer Daniel N. Boynton Newport 51,049 

Arthur J. Rose East Schuyler -- „.« 

Tefferson Charles M. Pierce Adams 76,748 

D. D. T. Marshall Redwood 

William J. Wnnell Sacket Harbor 





County. Commissioner. 
Lewis Daniel H. O'Brien 

Harry J. Henry 

Livlngrston Scott L. McNInch 

Ralph J. Cranmer 

Madison Irving S. Sears 

Isaac N. Clements 

Monroe James A. Harris 

Fred W. Hill 

Montgomery Arthur W. Smith 

Nassau James S. Cooley 

Niagara Charles Parker 

William D. Wisner 

Oneida Ray P. Snyder 

William J. Lewis 

Ervin W. Claus 

Frank E. NIess 

Onondaga Manford D. Green 

Charles W. Lanning. . . 

George T. Fuggle 

Ontario John H. Stephens 

Albert C. Aldridge 

Orange Geo. W. Flood 

William P. Kaufmann. 

Orleans John M. Brown 

Oswego Warren S. Gardner. . . . 

Willard C. Richards... 

Herman W. Kandt.... 
Otsego Floyd S. Lowell 

Walter J. Multer 

Putnam James H. Brooks 

Rensselaer Benjamin W. File 

Edwin S. Comstock. . . . 

Rockland Herman T. Hopper. . . . 

St. Lawrence William T. Clark 

Forrest H. Gibbons.... 

Albert J. Fields 

Saratoga Edward S. Coons 

William W. Bates 

Schenectady James Wingate 

Schoharie William H. Long 

Wilder S. Beard 

Schuyler Jane Mae Harlng 

Seneca Wilmer S. Wilson 

Steuben Daniel F. Hiler 

Fred J. Smith 

T^eslio A. Raker 

Suffolk Charles H. Howell 

Dr. Edwin S. Moore. . . . 
Sullivan James Hall 

Henry J. Knoll 

Tioga 0.«?car Granger 

Tompkins Edward W. Undiko . . . . 

Hattle K. Buck 

leister Edmund M. Wilbur 

Melvin G. Rhodes 

Thoma.*? G. Perry 

Warren Frank M. Starbuck . . . . 

Hon. James L. Fuller.. 
Washington Grant J. Tefft 

Myra L. Ingalsbe 

Wayne Ida E. Cosad 

Albert H. McMurray. . . 
Westchester John C. Rockwell 

riiarloR H. Cheney . . . . 

Oc'orgf IT. Covey 

Wyoming Ernest D. Jones 

Pharlcs C. Mcfall 

Yates William TT. Savage.... 

Pop. of 
Address. County. 

.Constableville 27.427 


.Conesus 37.059 


.Madison 40.545 


.Penfield 217,854 


.St. Johnsvllle 47.488 

.Glen Cove 55,448 

.R F D 6, Lockport.. 74.961 

. Ransom ville 

.Stittville 192.800 




.Liverpool 167,735 

.East Onondaga 

. Jamesville 

.Clifton Springs 49.605 


.Highland Falls 103,859 

.Port Jervis 

.R. F. D. 1. Holley... 30.164 



. Altmar 

Sch enevus 48.939 


.Garrison 13.787 

.Raymertown 121.697 



.Hallesboro 89.083 



.Ballston Springs 


.Princetown 46,852 

.Gilboa 26.854 

.Box 26, Jefferson.... 


.Ovid 28.114 

.Prattsburg 82.822 



.Riverhead 77,582 


, .Narrowsburg 32.306 

.T..ivingston Manor. . . 

. .Oswego 27.951 

. .Trumansburg 

, .North I^nsing 

. .Saugerties 88.422 

, .Port Ewen 

, .Kerhonkson 

..Glens Falls 29.943 

, .North Creek 

. .Greenwich 

. .Hartford 

. .Wolcott 48.660 

, .Walworth 

..Port Chester 183.376 

..White Plains 

. .Katonah 

. .Wyoming 

. .Eagle 

. .Rusliville 






ALBANY. Albany Ck>.. pop. 94.151. 

Academy of the Holy Name: prep.; girls: 
R. C: Sister M. Frederlcka. Prln. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart: girls* board- 
ing: R. C; est. 1852: Madame Margaret 
Moran. Superior. 

Albany Academy, The; boys' boarding: non- 
sect.: Henry P. Warren, A. B., Prln. 

Albany Business Colloire; bus.; and sten. : Jno. 
B. Camell, Pres. 

Albany Colle^re of Pharmacy, Union Univer- 
sity; phar.; co-ed.: est. 1881; Willis O. 
Tucker. Ph. D., M. D.. Dean. Eagle St. 

Albany Female Academy; girls* boarding: non- 
sect.; Ester Louise Camp. Prln. 

Albany Hospital Traininir School for Nurses. 
The; nurses* training. 

Albany Law School, Union University: law: 
men; est. 1851; J. Newton Flero, LL. D., 

Albany Medical College. Union University; 
mod.: reg.: men; est. 1838; Samuel B. 
Ward, M. D.. Ph. D., Dean. 

Cathedral Academy; prep.; boys: R. C. ; Rev. 
J. P. O'Connor, Pres. 

Christian Brothers' Academy: boys' boarding; 
R. C; Rev. Broth^?r Jerome. Prln. 

Female Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' 
boarding; R. C; Madame M. Moran. Prln. 

Holy Cross Academic School; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C: Sister Theobalds. 

New York State Library School; library; 
co-ed.: non-sect.; est. 1887; E. H. Ander- 
son, Director. 

New York State Normal College; normal; 
state: co-ed.: William J. Milne, Ph. D.. 
LL. D., Pres. 

St. Agnes' School; girls' boarding: P. E. ; est. 
1870; Miss C. R. Seabnry, Prln. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Brother William. Pres. 

St. John's Academy; prep.; co-od,; R. C. ; 
Sister Dolores, Superior. 

Union University; schools; Union College. 
Schenectady: Albany College of Phar- 
macy: Albany Law School; Albany McmI- 
ical College; Dudley Observatory (for re- 
ALFRED. Alleghany Co., pop. 756. 

Alfred Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1836: Frank L. Greene. M. A., Prln. 

Alfred Theological Seminary; theol.: co-ed.: 
7th Day Bapt.: est. 1871: Rev. Arthur 
Main, A. M.. D. D., Pres. 

Alfred University; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
18.%: Rev. Boothe C. Davis, M. A., Ph. 
D., Pres. 

New York State School of Clay Working and 
Ceramics; department of Alfred FnlviT- 
slty: est. 1900; Charles F. Blnns, M. So.. 
ALLEGHANY, Cattaraugus Co.. pop. 2.000. 

St. Bonaventure's College; coll.; men; R. C: 
est. 1859: Very Rev. Joseph F. Bntl.r. 

St. Elisabeth's Academy; girls* boarding; R. 
C: Motiifr M, Teppfft. Prln. 

AVSTERDAM, Montgomery Co., pop. 20,920. 
St. Mary's Catholic Institute; prep.; co^ed.: 
R. C; Sister Mercella, Prin. 
ANNANDALE, Dutchess Co., pop. 110. 
St. Stephen's College; coll.; men; P. E., est. 
ISGO: Rev. Thomas L. Harris, D. D.. 
ANTWERP, Jefferson Co., pop. 020. 
Antwerp High School; prep.: co-ed.; Meth. : 
est. 1852; Albert Tyler Bonck. A. M. 
AUBURN, Cayuga Co., pop. 30,345. 

Auburn School of Business and Shorthand: 
bus. and sten.; est. 1800; Hlland F. 
Crumb. Pres. 
Auburn Theological Seminary; theol.; men: 
Presb.; est. 1818; Rev. George B. Stew- 
art. D. D.. LL. D.. Pres. 
Home School for Girls: girls' boarding; non- 
sect.: Miss Mar>' E. Robinson, Prln. 
AURORA, Cayuga Co., pop. 555. 

Casruga Lake Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: All)ert A. M., Prln. 
Somes School; boys' prep.; non-sect.; Albert 

Somes. A. M., Prln. 
Wells College; women: non-sect.: est. 1868; 
Rev. George Morgan Ward, D. D., Pres. 
BATAYIA, Genesee Co., pop. 0.180. 

St. Joseph's Academic School; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C; Sister M. Helena, Prln. 
BAYFORT, SuiFolk Co., pop. 710. 

Shinnacock Summer School of Art; art; co- 
ed.; est. 1802; Douglas J. Couriah. Dir. 
BEDFORD PARK, Station New York, P. 0. 
Ursuline Convent: girls* boarding: R. C: 
Mother M. Fidells, Superior. 
BELLEVILLE, Allegany Co., pop. 384. 

Union Academy of Belleville; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect. : Clyde L. Harvey, Prln. 
BEDFORD, Westchester Co., pop. 2.32. 
Bedford Academy; prep": co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1800; Alfred D. Partridge. Pres. 
BINGHAMTON. Broome Co.. pop. .-^0.047. 

Barlow School of Industrial Arts; Indust. ; co- 
ed.: non-sect.; est. 1806; Vinton S. Paess- 
ler, A. M.. Prln. 
Binghamton School of Business; bus. and 

sten.: Dr. Jno. F. Riley, Pres. 
Lady Jane Grey School, The; girls* boarding 
and day; non-sect.; Mrs. Jane Grey Hyde. 
St. Joseph's Academy: prlrls' boarding; R. C. ; 
Sister M. .Toeeph. Prln. 
BRIARCLIFF MANOR, Westchester Co. 

Knox's School for Girls; girls* boarding: non- 
sect.: est. lOO.*?; Mary Alice Knox, B. A.. 
BRIDGEHAMPTON, Suffolk Co., pop. 1..304. 
Literary and Commercial Institute ; prt>i). : 
co-od.: non-sect.; Lewis W. Hnllock. Prin. 
BROCKFORT, Monroe Co., pop. 3.308. 

State Normal and Training School; normal: 
state: co-od.: est. 1867; Charles T. Mc- 
Farlaiie. D. Pr., Pres. 
BRASHER FALLS, St. Lawrence Co., pop. 570. 





St. Joseph's Academic School; prep.; girls; 

R. C; Sister Superior. 
BRENTWOOD, Suffolk Co., pop. 842. 
Academy of St. Joseph; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister Mary Loretto. 
BRONXVILLE, Westchester Co., pop. 684. 

Brantwood Hall; girls* boarding and day; 

non-sect.; est. 1904; The Misses Maine, 

Nazareth Industrial School; girls* boarding; 

R. C; Mother Elizabeth, Principal. 
Society of St. Martha; girls' boarding; R. C: 

Mother Elizabeth, Superior. 
BROOKLYN, Kings Co., pop. 1.166,582. 
Academy of Our Lady of Victory; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Sister Superior; 149 McDon- 

ough St. 
Academy of the Visitation; girls' boarding; 

R. C; Sister Phllomene de Chantal, Prln., 

Cor. 2nd Ave. and 89th St. 
Adelphia Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

day; Charles H. Levermore, Ph. D,, Prln. 
Adelphi Art School; art; J. B. Wbittakcr, 

Director; Lafayette Ave. and St. James 

Adelphi College; coll.: co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 

1896; Charles H. Levermore, B. A., Ph. 

D., Pros., Lafayette Ave., Cor. St. James 

American and Italian School of Music; Joseph 

Ferrugia, Director, 661 Park Ave. 
American School of Elocution; eio. ; est. 1890; 

Walter V. Holt, Prin., 345 Clinton Ave. 
Bedford Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

E. J. Winn, Prin., C40 Nostrand Ave. 
Bedford Institute; prep.; girls: Miss M. T. 

Purdy, Prin., 221 McDonough St. 
Berkley Institute; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Julian W. Abemethy, Ph. D., Prln., 185 

Lincoln PI. 
Blackman's School; bus. and sten. ; F. B. 

Biackman, Prln., 707 Halsey St. 
Borough Academy of Brooklyn; bus. and sten.: 

Beatrice C. Carbit, 39 Madison St, 
Boyce's Shorthand Training School; sten.; E. 

A. Boyce. Prin., 529 8th St. 
Breevort School, The; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

day; Adeline M. Kllping. M. A.. Prln.. 

1819 Albemarle Road. 
Bridge's School, Miss; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 

Miss Bridge, Prin., 545 Dean St. 
Brooklyn Academy of Musical Art.; music: 

R. W. Connor, Director; .'>49 Greene Ave. 
Brooklyn Business Institute: bus. and sten.: 

W. 11. Vernon. Prin.; 870 Willoughby Ave. 
Brooklyn College of Pharmacy; co-ed.; est. 

1S91; William C. Anderson, Phar. D., 

Donn, 205 Nostrand Ave. 
Brooklyn Conservatory of Music; music; co- 
ed.: est. 1897> K. Adolph Whitelaw, Di- 
rector. 5.3.'J Franklin Ave. 
Brookljm Heights Seminary: girls' bonrdinj;: 

iion-soct.; Miss Ellon Yal«> Stovona. Prln.; 

IS Piorrcpont St. 
Brooklyn Industrial School of Arts and 

Science: day: non-scot.; V. W. Iloopor. 

502 Fulton St. 
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Science; prop.: 

co-ed.; non-sect.; A. A. Healy, Prin. 

Brooklyn Latin School; boys' boarding: non- 
sect.; est. 1883; George D. Hapgood. A. 
M., Prin., 40 Monroe PI. 

Brookljm Law School, St. Lawrence Uni- 
versity; law: men; est. 1901; W. Payson 
Richardson. LL. D., Dean, Eagle Bldg. 

Brooklyn Studio of Music; music; William A. 
Enderlin. Dlr., 383 Gates Ave. 

Browne's Brookljm Business College; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1859; T. R. Browne, Prln., 76 
Court St. 

Bryant & Stratton Business School; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1800; W. B. Glfford, Pres. 

Central Business School; bus. and sten.: est. 
1902; Charles Edwards. Ph. D., Pres., 
459 Gates Ave. 

Charles Commercial School; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1893; Wra. P. Charles, A. M., Pres., 
472 Franklin Ave. 

Ciyil Service School; day and evening; W. J. 

D. Campbell. 13 Willoughby St. 
Claghom's Bryant & Stratton Boaineu College; 

bus. and sten.; C. Claghom, Pres., cor. 
Fulton and Bedford Ave. 
Clinton School; girls' day: non-sect.; Miss A. 

E. Trowbridge. Prin.. 191 Harrison St. 
Curtis Business Training School; bus. and 

sten.; Thomas Curtis. Prln., 140 Fort 

Green Place. 
Denton School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Min 

Louise Denton. Prin.. 109 Lincoln Place. 
Eclectic Shorthand School; sten.; N. B. Sage, 

372 Monroe St. 
Euclid School; bus.; Chas. Hermann. 1297 

Fulton St. 
European Conservatory of Music; music; 

Signor M. Guarrinl, Dir.. 344 0th St. 
Female Institute of the Visitation; girls* 

boarding; R. C; Sister Phllomene de 

Chantal. Prln., cor. 2nd Ave. and 80th 

Friends' School; prep.; co-ed.; Friends'; Ed- 
ward B. Ransom. Prln., 102 Schermer- 

hom St. 
Froehel Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 

1875; Dwight R. LltUe, M. A.. Ph. M.. 

Prln.. 687 Lafayette Ave. 
Garrett's School for Young Ladies and Chll* 

dren; glrla' boarding: non-sect.: S. W. 

Garrott, Prin.. 146 Macon St. 
Hager's Studio of Music: music; Henry Ha- 

ger. Dlr.. 51 Harmon St. 
Halsey School; prep.; co-ed.; non-soct. ; day: 

Miss E. Nicholson, Prin., 173 Halsey St. 
Hanau College of Music; music; Maurice Z. 

Hanau. Dir.. 443 Monroe St. 
Hawn School of Speech Arts; elc; Henry O. 

Ilawn, Prin.. 442 Classon Ave. 
Heffley School; bus. and sten.: Norman P. 

neffley. Pres.. 245 Ryerson St. 
Hinchcliffe's College of Mnsic; music; est. 

1879: A. Hinchcliffe. Dlr., 207 Scbenner 

horn St. 
Howell's School of Music; music; Frank W. 

Howell. Dlr, 413 58th St. 
Jordan School of Mnsic; music: George W. 

Jordan, Dir.. 15 McDonough St. 
Kennedy's School, Miss; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
soct.: day; Mlss Kennedy, Prin., 211 

Carroll St. 





Kisaick's BdiincBs IiLatitut«t biiit. an^ sti^n.; 
est. ISfiO; W. A. KVaBtck. Prlp., 45 AsJi 
land P). 

Keh^P M^mion Bobtwl; prep.; eoeiK* mm- 
Sift.i day; J. L, CurHs, PHn., r»*4 Bed- 
ford Are. 

L4fciin BcluKil> ThoE boya* day: iiL>ii-sc?t.; Dr^ 
Cji^kle lldiTl*™, M. A.H Pria., 40 Moa. 
roe Pi. 

Lock wood Ac&dflmf; HtKp-i ifo-ed.; noil firTH:t.; 
bonrdiiip: K. J. Cirr. Prin . 13S S. Ox- 
ford .St. 

Lon» Iflund Bitimesi OoUdsd; ^iis. nnd sten,; 
e*t, 1S72: B<lwln T.^lbfrc(-d. Pli. a, Prlti.. 
14,1 S. Stli St, 

Lda« lilind Col1«ee Hoipltil Me died Col- 
lefffs; lutHl.; r<?s.; t-Rt. ISBOi Dr. MeCortJe. 
Br* fin. cor, fffiiry rtiid Pftciflc. 

MjtcOrftgoT Schcrtil; bUA. nnd tttf'ii. ; 05 Hetiry 

Htltlry S:ome iLnd Bay School, Kftthorine L*j 
eirla* boHrdtrm: Mips K/ithcrlni' L. Malt by. 
Prin., 3flO JoFflleiiifHi »t. 

X&Atim] TrKiDinff Hlf^ Sckcwl; pFep.i; crd-ed-: 
ept. lSi>.1; Clinrltf» D. Larbltie. Prlu. 

Minfm' BuKtbeBB Acmderayt buN. ntid Bti^n.; 
ffst. ISft^: M, L. Mim?r Ph U-k Prin.. 
Jtrooltlyn llritonitb, 

llo]i«iiliiiii4T CaDHTTataiy i^jf IfiitiG; Ruiatc; 
i'f^t. \ht\S; Henry Molkaliau?r, Din* 73 
Mvin^E^tDn St. 

Monroe Conterratory of Kufic; munlc; ^SH 
Motir&e St. 

Moimtt Scheol; ilon.. M\»s Fumiy Moi^?. Prln^, 
lltv flroddwny. 

KatiTity Acadeaiy; prep.; co-ed.; R. G.; Sla- 
ter M. Bo«U> Prln. 2a Madtiton St. 

Kew Toik finpantocy Baliool; prcp,L ei>'e<S. ; 
non-nect.; d«y and even Ins'; Em 1 1 H, C«- 
di«?rrer. A. M,, LL. B,, Prln^n 200 Jotnle- 

EDO]!] St. 

FmckeT CoUe^Ato lUBtltute; tfrrls* Aayi aoit- 
mett*: eflt. IS^t^: Tmman J. Bfickua, 
LL. D.. Pres.* I TO Joralemnti St. 

ffiTMsa Scboulp Mn,i prcp- eo-f*d ^ nod-aect.^ 
dny^ Mr*. M. R. Perkliie<. Prin.. S30 Flat- 
busb Ave. 

Folyt«cIuiic Invtltate of Bittoklyn: tccli. ; mon; 
ooniifet.; est. 1S54; Ftt^flerlek W, Atkin 
son* Pb, D.- PrPii., 85 E.|\1aKstnn St. 

Fol^eghniiJ Freparatory flchool; pTep-; toch^: 
tsoya' dayp Don-aeet; est. IS5Bt A. E, 
naer, Prin.. SW* LiTlagtitoii St. 

Pratt IiLBtiliita; t*M?b.j eo-ed.; tirtn-fteuLi est, 
ISQ7; PH?il<*TLek H, Pratt, M. A., Chatr- 
njai», 215 Rypreon St. 

Pratt loatltixte Art School; art, design nm\ 
oreli. : oo-cd.: rat, 1SS7; Walter Scott 
iVnr, M. 8,, E^rltL, Ryersob St. 

Pnit Inatitwt* Hi^h Bcliool; prep.; co-ed.: 
ncHiM**t.; Liilber CJiilkk, l*r1li., 215 By- 
tntm St, 

ProBpflL't Helffhtf* School: ti^iys' boardings tion- 
sicM D. E. Ew'ftM, I^rli],. T>\ 7tli Ave, 

BotijL^a' Bchaol for Glrb. Miaa; i^lrla* bouM 
hVK : inT^n-Bi'ct.: Misa €hnstJnti Rmirtd!*, 
I'fiji., 7t2rt tliiiton Ave. 

St. Agnei' Semioaiy: nirla* bojvrdlng; R. C.^ 
Slsh'Pn of St. Joseph. l*S3 Union St. 

St, AmbivBe AcadefOfi glrb' day; R. C. Sla- 
ters of SL Jo«eD>iH TBS Dt Kalb Ave, 

St. Anj^ela'a H&]]; slrl^' day; R. 0.; Sinters 

i>f St, J»^s< pb, 28<J WiiBhlngton Av*. 
Bt. GAthorinft HalU j^trla' hoardlQf and day: 

P. E.: Mi PR t^onro. Prln.< ^(i Wash Ire 

ion St, 
St. ^raneli Academy; pr^p.; boy«; R. C; 

Brother Raphsiel. PHn, 
Bt« FraaciB Collefe; e^ll.i ill in; R. C*, eat 

IftTjU; Rixjthir Vincent, Pn-a., 41 Rotler 

St. ftanciB Xariar't Acadamy; girls' tward-^ 

\ng; n. C. 'r SLptw M. Borgia, Superior 
St. Jamei Acadomy; boya' bo^irdln^r R. C; 

est. 1851; Bn^lber Aufielm. F. S. C. 

Prin.. 211 .Iny St. 
St JTaha'B Collora; eolL; mon; E. C, : i»«t. 

1870; Vi>ry Rev, J. W. Moore, Prea., 

WUlongJitiy and T^ewFa Ave. 
St John'a Collepap Theotoirteal Dept,; theol. ; 

meti: R, Cr, Bt-v, W. P. Hoetor, T>eaii, 
St. Joseph Commercial Acxd^my; ir^ri^^ Slater 

i^npcrlor. S34 Pfvcittc ^t, 
St. Thamu Aquinai Acadamy; prei^: flrla" 

diiy; R. C; Sistrr Marj" Anna. Prbi., »tb, 

cor ftf 4 til Ave. 
Slack's Schoel of Moaiti; niuatc; S. SI nek. t>lr.. 

tiZtK Onles Av*v 
Starn'a School of Lan^affea; lnnfr.: S. M. 

Stern, Dlr., 177 MantaKT](» St, 
Teale'i School of Btenosraphy and LasguaieB; 

flten, mtd lutis-; Ollvof n. Teale. Pres.. 

121 Court St 
Training School fflr Teachen: normal: state; 

cfl'Cd.; *lohn ^^allagber. PrCa., 1483 Pa- 

clRc Ave. 
Talaaoa Bohool of Lanriafei; lan^iagee; eit, 

ISf^O; S. Fablen de Velai^eo. lilr. 283 

ScbernierhoTTi St, 
Waotwartb Studio of Dramatic Art; dramatic 

art. 315 Grvene Are. 
Wood'a Brooklyn School: bua. and ateii.^ e«t. 

1902; F. B. Wood. .Tr., Prfd., Broaaway 

and Bedford At p. 
Young^B School af BtBno^aphy; at en: Cbia. 

F. YonnK, H^ MontaffTie St, 
Y, W. C, A. School; girls' dny; nf>n-iwct.; 

Mrs. C, N. ^luflaofi, Prlri., S<*hennnn St. 

and Flfltbuah Ave, 
Zeinor'a Cana«rvatorr of Kuilc: rauMe^ P, W, 

Zi?iiur. .rr.. Itlr., IfH Leoujird St. 

BEtrSHTOK, Franklin Co., pop. Rlfl. 

St. Philomena'a Academic School; gErU' 
I pO 11 rdl n e ; It . P . ; M h ry Rn ph n el . Sister 
Rn peri or. 

BUFFALO, Iria Co,, pop. S02,3ST. 

Auoclatiod Inttftuta, Tho; Y. M. C. A,; pi'e;>. : 

inet!^ E. E, Viid xViitler, Ei!iir. Dtr. 
BTyant-Stratton Busineaa Colleffa; bns. nnd 

afen, J I'Kt, 18.'(4; riareiiee L, Bryant, 

Prhi,. nri W. Opneaee, 
Biiitalo Academy of the Sacnd Haart; g^irla'' 

I^CMirdlng; R, P.; SSatpr M. Leonard, Sn- 

pi'Kor. 7iii WaBhlngtan Bt, 
BulTala Commercial InBtitwte; bus. and sti-n.* 

J, M, WootL T'rJn., 3111 Iiron*Jwxiy. 
Buffalo Law School, I'TilverHtly of RnfTabht 

Ijiw; no<?tj.; e«{. 1SS7; Carlo* C. Aldea. 

lil.. M.. IX'an. tt33 Elllcott ^u 
Bu^alo Saminaryi The; s^rls' boarding; non 





sect.: est, 1861; L. Gertrude AngcU. B. 

A., Prin., 623 Delaware Ave. 
Buffalo State Normal School; normal; state; 

co-ed.; James M. Gassety, Ph. D., Pres., 

Jersey, near Normal. 
Canisius College; coll.; men; R. C., est. 1870; 

Rev. Angustlne A. Miller, S. J., Pres., 

651 Washington St. 
D'Youville College and Academy of the Holy 

Angels; girls' boarding; R. C; est. 1848; 

Sister Stanislaus, Prin. 
Elmwood (Conservatory of Music; music: A. 

Schmidt. Dir., 68C Main St. 
Franklin School, The; prep.: day; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. J. Albright. Pros., 146 Park Ave. 
German Martin Luther Seminary; theol.: men; 

Luth. ; Rev. Rudolph Grabnu, Dean. 
Heathcote School; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 

est. 1865; Lester Wheeler. A. M.. L. H. 

D., Prin.. 621 Delaware Ave. 
Holy Angels' Academy; girls' boarding: R. C. ; 

est. 1857: Sister Stanislaus, Prin., 320 

Porter Ave. 
Holy Angels' Collegiate Institute; prep.: co- 
ed.; R. C.; Michael F. Fallon, Pres. 
Hurst's Private School; bus. and sten.; est. 

1806; S. O. Hurst, Pres., Brisbane Bldg. 
Institute of Sisters of St. Joseph; girls' 

boarding: R. C: Sister Mary A. Burko, 

Mount Mercy Academy; girls' boarding; R. €.; 

Sister M. Borgia, Superior. 
St. Bridget's Academic School; prop.; co-ed.; 

R. C; Rev. Jamos A. Lanigan, Pros. 
St. Margaret's School: girls' boarding: P. E. : 

est. 1855; Mrs. Helen H. Van Winkle, 

Prin., 564 Franklin St. 
St. Mary's Academy and Industrial Female 

School; girls' boarding: R. C. : Mary C. 

Ilendrick, Prin. 
St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute; lioys' prep.; 

R. C: Brotlior Jerome, Pros.. 1238 Main. 
St. Margaret's School; girls' boarding: P. E.; 

est. 185.">: Mrs. Holon II. Van WInklo. 

Prin., 564 Franljlln St. 
St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding: R. C; 

Mary Hanloy. Prin., 68-74 Franklin. 
State Normal School: nor.; state; co-od.; ost. 

1870: James M. Cassety, A. M., Ph. D., 

University of Buffalo; scho<»l8 Buffalo Law 

School: Collogo of I'hannncy; Dontal De- 

purtmont: Modloal Departmout: Chas P. 

Norton, A. B., VIce-Chnnoollor. 
University of Buffalo, Collogo of Pharmacy: 

phar.: co-od.: ost. 1886; Willis G. Grog- 
cry, M. D., Donn. 
University of Buffalo, Dontal Department : 

dont. : oo-od.; ost. 1891; Goo. B. Snow. 

D. D. S.. Dean, (too«lrioh. near Main. 
University of Buffalo, Modioal Dopartmont; 

mcd.: rog.: co-od.: ost. 184.'>: Matthow 

D. Mann. A. M.. M. I)., Doan. 'M Allon St. 
CANTON. St. Lawrence Co., pop. 2.757. 

Clinton Liberal Institute; prop.; rood.: 

I'ulv. : Almon Gunnison. I>. D.. LL. D., 


St. Lawrence Uaivenity; coll.; co-ed.; Univ.: 
est. 1858; Almoo Gunnison. D. D., LL. D.. 
St. Lawrence University, Canton ThaoU^ioal 
School; theol.; men; Univ.; Henry Prentiss 
Forbes, D. D., Dean. 
-CABMEL, Putnam Co., pop. 588. 

Drew Seminary for Yonnc Women: glils' 
boarding; M. E.; Miss Martha Lee Han- 
aburgh. Pres. 
CABTHAGE, Jefferson Co., pop. 2,885. 
Augustinian Institute; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Mary Beatrice, Prin. 
CATSKILL, Greene Co., pop. 5,484. 
St. Patrick's Academy; prep.; boys; R. C 
Rev. William P. Fitzgerald, Pres. 
CAZENOVIA, Madison Co., pop. 1,819. 
Cazenovia Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Metb.; est. 
1824; Rev. Francis D. Blakesley, D. D.. 
Litt. D., Prin. 
CENTERPORT, Suffolk Co. 
St. Anthony's School; boys' boarding; R. C; 
Brother Ferdinand, Prin. 

CHAPPAQUA, Westchester Co., pop. 733. 
Chappaqua Mountain Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Friends; Charles R. Blenis, Prin. 

CHAUTAUQUA, Chautauqua Co., pop. 828. 
Chautauquan Institution; correspcmdence and 
summer school; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1874; Dr. George E. Vincent, Pr!n. 

CHATHAM, Columbia Co., pop. 2,018. 
Whiteman's Telegraph School; bus. and sten.; 
Frank Whiteman, Pres. 

CLIFF HAVEN, Clinton Co., pop. 22. 
Catholic Summer School of America; summer 
school; co^ed.; R. C.; est. 1802; Rev. 
John Talbot Smith. D. D., Pres. 

CLINTON, Oneida Co., pop. 1,840. 

Clinton Preparatory School; boys' prep.; non- 
sect.; J. B. Wheeler. A. M., Prin. 

Hamilton College: coll.; men; non-sect.; est. 
1812: Rev. M. Woolsey Stryker, D. D.. 
LL. D., Pres. 

COHOES, Albany Co., pop. 23,910. 
Sacred Heart Academic School; prep.; co-ed.; 

R. C. ; Sister .M. Laurentios, Superior. 
St. Bernard's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: 

Rov. Tiiomas S. Keveny, Prin. 
St. Patrick's Academic School; prep.; boys; 

U. C: Rev. P. J. Brady, Pres. 

COLLEGE POINT, Queens Co., pop. 6,127. 
Poppenhusen Institute; bus. and sten.: art: 

est. 1860; John G. Embree, A. M.. Prin. 
St. Agnes Academy; pnep.; co-ed.; R. C: 

boarding and day; Sister M. Petra, Prin. 


pop. 1,000. 

Bard Hall; military; young boys; Superinten- 

Cornwall Heights School; boys* lioanling; non- 
soot.: est. 18C7: Carlos H. Stone. Ph. 
1).. Headmaster. 

Cornwall High School; prep.; non-sect.; ee- 
od.; ost. 1806; H. C. Woodworth, Prin. 





Hew York Military Academy; military: non- 
sect.: Sebastian C. Jones, Prin. 

State Normal and Training School; normal: 
state: co-ed.: est. 1869; Francis J. Cheney, 
M. A., Ph. D., Pre«. 
COBTUUn), Cortland Co., pop. 0.014. 

Cortland Business Institute; nor.: bus. and 
sten. ; est. 1894; Louis E. Edgecomb, Pres. 
DELHI, Delaware Co., pop. 2,078. 

Delaware Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.: 
est. 1819; Olln Wilson Wood. Ph. D., 

D0BB8 FERRY. Westchester Co.. pop. 2,888. 
Boardinir And Day School; girls' boarding: 

non-sect.; The Misses Masters, Prins. 
Mackenzie School; boys' prep.; non-sect.; 
James C. Mackenzie, Prin. 
DOVER PLAINS, Dutchess Co., pop. 602. 
Dover Plains Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; A. E. Bangs, Prin. 
DUNKIRK, Chautauqua Co., pop. 11,616. 
St. Mary's Middle Academic School; prep.; 
co-ed.; R. G.; St. Agnes Joseph, Prin. 
EAST SPRnrGFIELD, Otsego Co., pop. 100. 
East Springfield Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Randolph F. Clark. Prin. 
ELBRID6E, Onondaga Co., pop. 549. 
Munroe Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Lester G. Tumey, Prin. 
FT.MTRA, Chemung Co., pop. 35,672. 
Ac ademy of Our Lady of Angels; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Sister Regina, Prin. 
Elmira College for Women; coll.; women; 
Presb.; est. 1885; Alexander C. MacKen- 
zie, D. D., LL. D., Pres. 
Elmira School of Commerce; bns. and sten.; 

est. 1880; B. C. Meeker, Pres. 
Warner's Business School; bus. and sten.; est. 
1858; Augustus J. Warner, Pres. 
FAR ROCKAWAY, Queens Co., pop. 3,000. 
Star of the Sea Academy; girls' boarding; R. 
C: Sister St. Qermaine, Superior. 
pop. 3,673. 
Caswell Academy; boys' prep.; mil. ; non-sect. : 

T. K. Kennedy. Prin. 
Mount Beacon Military Academy; military; 
non-sect.; Col. Vasa E. Stolbrand, Prin. 
Wilson School for Bojrs; boys' boarding: P. 
E.: BenJ. Lee Wilson. Prin. 

FLTTSHIMO, Queens Co. 
Plnshing Institute; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 

Ellas Fairchlld, Prin. 
Kyle Military Institute; military; non-sect.: 

Paul Kyle, Prin. 
Loncks' Resident and Day School, Mrs; gtrls' 

boarding; non-sect.; Mrs. Loucks, Prin. 

FORDHAM, SUtion New York P. 0. 
Pordham UniYersity, St. John's College: coll.; 

men; R. C. ; Rer. Daniel J. Quinn, Pres. 
Fordham UniTersity, School of Law; law: 

men; Fuller, LL. D., Dean. 

FORT EDWARD, Washington Co., pop. 3.521. 
Fort Edward Collegiate Institute; girls' board- 
ing; non-sect.; Joseph E. King, D. D., 

Pli. P.. Prin. 
FORT PLAIN, Montgomery Co.. pop. 2.444. 
Clinton Liberal Institute; burned: endowment 
merged with St. Lawrence University, 
Canton. N. Y. 
FRANKLIN, Delaware Co., pop. 472. 

Delaware Literary Institute; prep.: co-ed.: 
non-sect.; M. J. Multer, B. S.. Prin. 
FRANKLINVILLE, Cattaraugus Co., pop. 1,300. 
Ten Broeck Free Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.: Hamilton Terry. Pres. 
FREDONIA, Chautauqua Co., pop. 4.127. 

State Normal and Training School; normal: 
state; co-ed.; est. 1868: Myron T. Dana, 
Ph. B.. Pd. D., Prin. 
GARDEN CITY, Nassau Co., pop. 581. 
St. Mary's Cathedral School; girls' boarding; 

P. E. ; Miss Annie S. Gibson. Prin. 
St. Paul's Cathedral School; boys' boarding: 
P. E.; W. R. Marsh, A. M.. Prin. 
GENESEO, Livingston Co., pop. 2.400. 
Geneseo State Normal School; normal; state: 
co-ed.: John M. Milne, Ph. D., Pres. 
GENEVA, Ontario Co., pop. 10.433. 
Barclay's Business Institute and School of 
Shorthand; bus. and sten.: est. 1897; B. 
C. Barclay, Prin. 
De Lancey School; girls' boarding: P. E. : 

Marj* E. Smart, Pres. 
Geneva Business Training Institute; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1880; Ansel B. Mackey, Pres. 
Hobart College; coll.; men; P. E.; est. 1822: 
Rev. Langdon C. Stewardson, LL. D., 
GLEN COVE, Nassau Co., pop. 3,750. 
Friends' Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; F. 
E. Wllllts. Sec. 
GLENS FALLS, Warren Co., pop. 12,613. 

Glens Falls Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

A. S. Cox, Prin. 
Haley's Business Institute; bus. and sten.;. 

J. W. Haley, Pres. 
St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C. : 
Sister M. Florentine, Prin. 
GLOVERSVILLE. Fulton Co., pop. 18,340. 
Oloversville Business School; bus. and sten.: 
U. O. Patterson and A. A. Burr, Pres. 
GOSHEN, Orange Co., pop. 2,826. 
St. John's Academic School; prep.: boys; R. 
C. ; Rev. P. J. Mahoney, Pres. 
HAMILTON, Madison Co., pop. 1,627. 

Colgate Academy; boys' boarding; Bapt.; est. 
1873; Frank L. Shepardson, A. M., Prin. 
Colgate University; coll.; men; Bapt.: est. 
1S19: Rev. GcorKo Edmands Merrill, D. 
D., LL. D.. Pres. 
Hamilton Theological Seminary, Colgate Uni- 
versity; thool.; men; Bapt.; Sylvester 
Buruham, D. D., Dean. 
HARTWICK SEMINARY, Otsego Co., pop. 124. 
Hartwick Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Lutb. ; est. 

1707; J. G. Trnver, A. M., D. D., Prin. 
Hartwick Seminary, Thooiogical Department; 
theol.: men; Lnth,: Alfred Ilillor, D. D.. 
HEMPSTEAD, L. I., Nassau Co., pop. 3,582. 





Hempttead Institution; boys* boarding: non- 
sect.; D. Turner, A. M., Prin. 
HERKIICEB, Herkimer Ck>., pop. 5,900. 

Folts' Mission Institute; theol. and kind.; M. 
E.; est. 1803; Miss Ida V. Joatz, Prln. 

HOGAKSBXTRG, Franklin Co., pop. 390. 

Hor&nsburff Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Mary F. McGarr, Prin. 
HOOSICK, Rensselaer Co., pop. 388. 
Hoosac School; boys' prep.; non-sect.; Rev. 

Edward Dudley Tibbcts, Rector. 
HOOSICK FALLS, Rensselaer Co., pop. 5.671. 
St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Francis McCranor, Prin. 
HORNELLSVILLE, Steuben Co., pop. 12.692. 
Hemellsville Business and Shorthand School; 

bus. and sten. ; J. E. B. Santee, Pres. 
St. Ann's Academic School; prep.; co-ed.; R. 

C. ; Francis J. Naoghten, Prin. 
HTJDSOK, Columbia Co., pop. 9.528. 

St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Rev. Joseph H. Fitzgerald, Pres. 
IRVIKGTOK - ON - THE • HUDSON. Westchester 

Co., pop. 2,231. 
Bennett's School for Girls, Miss; removed to 

MiUbrook, N. Y. 
ITHACA, Tompkins Co., pop. 13,136. 

Cascadilla School; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 

est. 1876; Chas. V. Parsell, A. M., Prin. 
Cornell University; nnlv.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1868; Jacob Gould Schurman, D. Sc, 

LL. D., Pres. 
Cornell University, College of Agriculture; 

agri.; men; Liberty H. Bailey, M. S., 

Cornell University, College of Architecture; 

tech.; men; non-sect.; Clarence A. Mar- 
tin, Dean. 
Cornell University, College of Arts and Sci- 
ences; co-ed.; non-sect.; Walter Francis 

Willcox, LL. B., Dean. 
Cornell University, College of Civil Engi- 
neering; tech.; men; non-sect.; Eugene 
Elwin Haskell, C. E., Dean. 
Cornell University, College of Law; law; co- 
ed.; est. 1887; Frank Irvine, B. S., LL. B., 

Ithaca High School; boys' prep.: non-sect.; est. 

1874; F. D. Boynton, Prin. 
New York State Veterinary College at Cor- 
nell University; vet.; men: est. 1S9(»; 

James Law, F. R. C. V. S., Dean. 
Sibley College of Mechanical Engineering and 

the Mechanical Arts, Cornell University: 

tech.: men; non-seet. : Albert W. Smith. 

B. M. E., M. M. E., Dir. 
University Preparatory School, The; boys' 

boardinK; non-seet.; est. ISUl; Charles A. 

Stiles, B. S., Prin. 
Wyckoff Phonographic Institute, The; bus. 

and sten.; est. 1877: Mary A. Adsltt. 

JAMAICA, Queens Co., pop. 5.908. 
Jamaica State Normal School; normal; state; 

co-ed.; ArchlbiiM C. M. McLuchlan. Ph. 

I).. Pres. 

JAMESTOWN, ChanUuqna Co., pop. 22.892. 
The Jamestown Business College; bus. and 
Bten.; 11. E. V. Porter, Pre«. 
KEESEYILLE, Essex Co., pop. 2.110. 

McAuley Academy: prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Sis- 
ter Xavler Warde, Superior. 
St. Stanislaus Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
est. 1893; Rev. M. Cbarbonneau. Prin. 
KENWOOD, Madison Co., pop. 010. 
Female Academy of 8acT«d Haart; girls* 
boarding; R. C; Madam Margaret Moran. 
KEUKA PARK, Yates Co., pop. 45. 
Kenka College; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1892; Rev. Z. A. Spaca, A. M., Pres. 
KINGSTON, Ulster Co.. pop. 24.535. 
Livingston School for Children; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; Miss Mary Moncrieffe Living- 
ston, Prin. 
Spencer's Business School; bus. and sten.: 
est. 1889; B. H. Spencer, Prln. 
LAKEMONT. Yates Co., pop. 150. 
Palmer Institnte-Starkey Seminary; prep.; 
co-ed.: Christian; est. 1839; Martyn Sam- 
merbell, D. D., Ph. D.. Pres. 
School's Announcement. — Palmer Institnte- 
Starkey Seminary, on Seneca Lake, in 
New York. For both sexes, from 15 to 
25. Prepares for best colleger, and ad- 
vanced courses in art and music. No 
malaria or mosquitoes. Modem equip- 
ment, best service, moderate rates. A 
few choice rooms, which should be se- 
cured at once. Address M. Summerbell. 
Ph. D., Pres., Lakemont, N. Y. 
LIMA. Livingston Co., pop. 949. 
Genesee Wesleyan Gommeroial School; bos. 
and sten.; est. 1832; H. J. Chapman. 
Genesee Wesleyan Seminary; prep.; co-ed.: 
M. E.: est. 1830: Rev. Lafayette Cong- 
don. Ph. D., D. D., Prin. 
LITTLE FALLS, Herkimer Co., pop. 10.381. 
St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C: 
Sister Superior. 

LOCKPORT, Niagara Co., pop. 16.581. 
Lockport Business Institute; bus. and sten.: 

est. 1898; J. Franklin Ryan, Pre*. 
St. Joseph's Academy and Industrial TWnsls 

School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Sister An- 

tonia, Prin. 

LOCUST VALLEY, Nassau Co., pop. 530. 
Friends' Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; A. 

Duvis Jackson, Prin. 

LOWVILLE, Lewis Co., pop. 2.352. 
Lowville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
Wm. H. Perry, Ph. D., Prin. 

MALONE, Franklin Co., pop. 5,935. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; girls; R. C.: 
Mother M, Clement. Prln. 

MANLIU8, Onondaga Co., pop. 1.219. 

St. John's Military School; military: P. B.; 
Wm. Verbeok, A. M., Pres. 

MARION, Wayne Co., pop. 810. 
Marion Collegiate Institute; prep.; coed.: 





noni.ect, ; IXfwEs Hisaca Glurk, A. B., 
MIDIiLETOWTJ, Omnffa Co,, pop. 14,522. 

ltd^m»diU School of fiutiiieu; bus. and steit.; 

t'Sl. ISSfi; WElUtitu C. RamsilJill. Prw, 
trrntilitfe Academy; girls* boarding : R. C; i^t. 
1S05; Mother M. UwulJi, Prin. 

ICTLLBROOK. I>utch«B« Co.. pop. 1.382, 

Bennott School for Girls; girls* bonnllTiif; 

iii>r»sett ■ ^liiy F HpniU'tt. Prtn. 

MOHEGAK, Weitchester Oo., pop, 87. 

Billifiri' School. MlAt; j^lrls' btidfditig; noiv 
sfrtl.; f=at. 180ft; Miss Lmilse BllKngs. 

MoliKff&ii tike School; bo.vs' prsp; non-awt.; 
MaJ, Henry Ws«l<^ri ond Albert E. Llnder, 

II ONTO ITS FALLS, Schaytor C9.» [Hip, UlU^i. 
Cook AcadeiEL^, The; prep.; eo-ed. : Bapt. ; 
est I87L': Arthur IL Norton* B. S.. l*re». 

MOUKT VZEJIOK, W&ttcheiter Co.* pop. 20.788. 
8horfnsn'i. Busifteia School; bus. and olpti.r 
I St. l?st*i; 1 Urtrif a \?\ KbL-nnnii* Prifl, 

HOBIAH. £m<m Co., pop. 483, 

^«n&ui CotlegriAte iBitltnte; iira^i., euruL; 
QtMiSi'cL; B. L. Brown. Prtn. 

HEW BBIGHTOH, Rlchnioiid Co., pop. 10.S03, 
Botmf&rd School for Qirli; fir^i;' bonnliDif: 

nonscct. ; L, IT. RatBfonl, PHu, 
St&t«ti Ithuid Acadomy, Thej prep*; co-ed,: 

norj. fcret.; Frt-draek E. PArtEdgtoa. A. M., 

St. Fetor'ft Acadamr; gitU* boiirdlo^: B. C; 

Sister IL Mo deli oe, Superior. 

MCWBIIBO* OrAnfo Co., pop. 24.04-1. 
Xfteklo*t School, MJu; glrU' boirdlog; mop- 

si'ti.; Miss Eleanor J. Mackkr, Prin. 
Mount SI, Mftiy'i Aoftdeiay; glrlV boordliii;^ 

R, C ■ Sister M. EiiiumtiueL Priii. 
Bi^lKf School. The; bi^ys' boarttlins; non-aect,: 

lleOD' W. SIglar. Prin. 
SfKincoHui Ixtftitote of Busmen jLad Short- 

kKfid; buii nnd uten,; B. M, TnniKT. 


HEW FALTZ. mitet Co., pop, 1,002* 
Stbtfl Normi.1 School; nor.; e<oed, ; i$tate; I'^t, 
limi Myron T. iS-nddrr. A. 8.^ A. M., 

WEW aOCHELLE, We«tcho«tor Co,, pop. 14.720. 
Colleffd of St, AngsU; coll,; wouK'ti; R. C: 

est. IfMM; Ilcv >[, C. OFarrell. Prvs, 
OiLkimere School for Glrlt; ju^lrU' bonrdUii? 

ii*:iii-«oef.; Mn, Wlnnlfrc^d Edgirton M«'r- 

fill, A. B., Ph. D., Ci-in. 
TJonlLiia AcAdomj, "*Tbe Castle;'* girls' tioitrd- 

fog: It C; ent, 1897; Mother M. Aloyalua, 

MEW YORE, ITew York Co., pop. 3.J37,2ii2. 
Ahhott'i Buamismf, School^ hiis. and Mtcn.i 

lOB K, 2;trd St. 
Abt MuidolLa, Guittr and Harp Se;HooI; i^st. 

IfittS; \j4lfiJtJiit Abt. Dir.^ H.H3 7tU Ave-* 
Aemdomy of Mt. St. TTrsuU; ulrJa* iK^nrdtnif; 

B. C.: *"St 1S54 Mff<hep Mary Pldt-Ils. 

Prin., B«dfor*l Pnrfc. 
Aeidemr of Mount St. Tlncent; s\tW bq«rd- 

\ns; R. C; est, 1S47; Sister M. Conlella, 
Di rt'Ctress. Mt. St. Vtncewt. 
AeLdomy of Out LiAj of the fileii&d Sicta* 
mont; Kirls" hfinrdlni:; R. C; Motlj*?r Sa- 
pn^rlor, StKpk'toD. 
AoAder^y of the Sac red He&rt; g\vW doj^ 
M Ad A me M. Rulei^b, SupLTlor, G33 Mndl- 
son Ave, 
Alherti School of EipresKioa; elo. : ^vo Alien 

AUurrM, I*rln,, Corncj^lG J lull. 
Alciiin FrspAratoiT School glfl»' boircltna:; 

nonmpcL; MadliOD Ave. ami SOth St. 
All on School for Bojti boya' boarding; acni- 
eitK^t,; FrfHiclB Bellows Allen. Prln*. 42.'^ 
Mild Hon .\.ie. 
All SilntB' Acmdomlc School of MAiihv^tt&D; 
pre[(.; eo-ed. ; R. C,] Jnlln T* FlUpotrlck, 
American AcA^eroy of DrAinAtio Arts; drAnm; 
eocd.; lat, ^884; rranhlln IL Ssrfffot. 
Cwmefftif flwll. 
Amnricao Collect <if Muaiciina; ittstltptlon 
inereljf foadueta e^amCnotaons; AllM^rt 
Rtiafl Parf^iins. Pre». 
American Institute Applied Huiio; inu«le; 

Eds or (K SlJi-er. Dir,, 212 W. 50 th St. 
Amorican Inititute of l^hrenoloKy ; co-ed; 
lU-w ThoniHS A, H^de. M, A.. B. D., 
AmericAD Sishoal of EngraTULf; enKrovEnfr; 
Joseph A, GoldHttiJn, Mnnu^rfr, 30 E. 
11th St, 
Art Students* Loa^ue of DTew York; art; est. 

1875: Stephen EI. CoRdlct. Pre*. 
Autoiaoblle School of AmerioA; ontonoobUi? 

engineering; N, L, Wollnston, Mnaager. 

AaiociAtioa EToninf iDatitutfli of CentrAl 

BfADth Y. H, C* A.; prr-p. ; oculnKi M, 

T. limtim. T*ti2 Fnltoii gt, 

Banga and Whtton School, Mltaeit girls* 

iMiiirdlng; noo awt.; 733-735 Madlsoa Avt*. 

Bamard CluMi; girls* day; tirMi sect.;; MJrk 

E. P. OBlMirae, Prln,. 430 W, llSth SL 
BiroATd Oolle^i Womnn's OoUege of Calntnbhu 
rnherally: noo-aect.^ eat. I8!*9; NlchoJas 
Murray Butler, LL. D.. Acting Dean. 110th 
St. and Broattwuy. 
Bamard School for Boyi; prep,; boys; nnn- 
»<*ct.: est. 1S80; Willi nm LlviDgatoo IlJiieu, 
B. A.p LL. B., Head Moster, 721 St 
Ntfliolafi Ave. 
Barnard School for GirU, The; glrb* boanlhig; 
nonsccL; pBt. J 800; Misa K. H, DuvtB. 
r'rhi,, 4L'l f>avcnt Ave. 
B^rnea School of Anatomy, Saiiiti.ry Science 
and Eaabalming; ct^i^d.; eiit. 1890; i'orl 
L. Bame.*. M. I)., LL, D,, Prea. 
Baron do Hincb Trado School; tech.; men; 
Jewish: est. ISIH: J. Ernest G. YuldiTi. 
Hupl,. 223 Eost 04th St. 
Bell School of Speech; elo. : 9pe{?cb and yi^hI 
develiipment; ror^l.; est* IDOO; Mwry S- 
Tbouii>»on, Dlr.. 23 W. 44th St. 
School's Announcement. — Founded by Prof. 
A1e^And4?F MeWUle Bell, Lecturer on Pbo- 
netk-A In Oxfofd Unlveralty, Englotid. The 
obJectA of the school are to elucidate th« 
problenia of speech: to eatabtlsh n stand- 
ard for oral Engl]sh, and to correct oil 
vccol ant! artteut stive d electa. Tho meth- 
oil employed la Visible Speech, not aa 





applied to the nses of tiio Uoaf, but ap- 
plied to languages and to elocutionary 
training. Invaluable to speakeni, singers 
and all persons wishing to correctly speak 
the English language. 

Benson School of Applied Design, The; art; 
est. 1808; Mrs. Mae Benson, Dir. 

Berkeley School; boys' l)oarding; non-sect.; 
est. 1880; Dr. Adolph W. Callison. Head 
Master, 72nd St. and West End Ave. 

Berlitz Schools of Languages; languages: 
branch schools in principal American and 
foreign cities: Berlitz & Co., Head Di- 
rectors, 1122 Broadway. 

Bible Teachers' Training School; tbeol. : co- 
ed.: Rev- W. W. White, Pros., 541 Lex- 
ington Ave. 

Bird's Bronx Business Institute; bus. and 
Hten. : est. 1900; George W. Bird, Pres., 
2804 3rd Ave. 

Blake School; boys' prop.: day; non-sect, 
est. 1883; A. von W. Leslie, Prin., 537 
5th Ave. 

Bolin Institute; normal th(>rupeutic gymnas- 
tics; Jakob Bolin, Dlr., G45 Madison Ave. 

Brearley School; girls' boarding: non-sect.; 
James G. Croswell, A. B., Prln., 17 W. 
44th St. 

Browning School; boys' day; non-seet.: J. A. 
Browning, Prin., 29 W. 55th St. 

Bryant School for Stammering; school for 
stammerers; est. 1880; Dr. Frank A. Bry- 
ant, Dir., 02 W. 40th St. 

Callisen's School for Boys; merged with Berk- 
eley School. 

Chapin Collegiate School, The; boys' board- 
ing: non-sect.; Henry Barton Chapln. I). 
I).. Prln., 24 E. GOlh St. 

Charlton School; girls' day: non-sect.; Eliza- 
alieth Carce. Prin., 4!) E. Gist St. 

Choristers' School of Grace Church; music; 
boys: P. E.; est. 1S$>4: I. Mansur Beard, 
B. A., Dir., Broadwjiy and 10th St. 

Classical School for Girls: girls' b<»ardlng and 
day: nun-spct.; Mrs. Ilelon M. Scovllle, 
Prln.. 2034 5th Ave. 

Closon Point Military Academy; military: R. 
C; est. 188.'J: Brother Edmumi, Prln. 

College of Dental and Oral Surgery of New 
York; dent.; mm-seot,: co-ed.: est. 1852; 
William Carr, M. D., DD. S., IKmiu. 

College of Pharmacy of the City of New 
York; phar.; eo-t-d.: «st. 1829; Henry H. 
Itusby. IhMin, 11.") W. (»Nth St. 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, Colum- 
l»la University; uumI. : rcg.: men: est. 1807: 
L. M. ButkT. M. I)., Dean, 4.37 W. 59th 

College of St. Francis Xavier; coll.: men: 
R. C: est. 1847: Rev. David W. Ileam, 
S. J.. Pn'.s., 30 W. lOth St. 

College of the City of New York; unlv. ; city: 
men: non-sect.; est. 1.S49; Jolm II. Flnley, 
LI^. I)., Pres.. 17 Lexington Ave. 

Collegiate School; Itoys" bimnliiig: non-seot.: 
est. H133: L. C. .Mygntt. A. M.. L. II. D.. 
Prln.. 241 W. 77th St. 

Collegiate School for Girls; uirls' boardini;: 
non-seet.; Caroline M. Gerrisli. A, B,. 
Prin.. ."»4r> West End Ave. 

Columbia College; coll.; men; noa-sect.; John 
Howard Van Amringe, LL. D., Dean. 

Columbia Grammar School; boys' boarding: 
non-sect.; Benjamin H. Campbell. Prin., 
34 E. 5l8t St. 

Columbia Institute; boys' boarding; non-sect.: 
Edwin Fowler. M. D., A. B., Prln.. 122 
W. 72d St. 

Columbia University; unlv.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1754; Nicholas Murray Butler. LL. D.. 
Pres., 116th and Amsterdam. 

Columbia University, College of Pharmacy of 
the City of New York; phar.; co-ed.; e«t. 
1829; Henry Hurd Rusby, M. D.. Dean. 

Columbia University, School of Applied Sci- 
ence; tech.: men: non-sect.; Frederick A. 
Goetze, M. Sc, Dean. 

Columbia University, School of Architecture; 
arch.; est. 1882; A. D. F. Hamlin. Prin. 

Columbia University, School of Fine Arts; art; 
co-ed.; .Tos. R. Wheeler, Ph. D.. Acting 

Columbia University, School of Law; law; 
men: est. 18.59: Georfe W. Kirchwey. 
Dean. W. 110th St.. near Amsterdam Ave. 

Columbia University, Teachers' Collefe; nor.; 
co-ed.; James Earl Russell. Ph. D., LL. D.. 

Comstock School: girls* boarding; non-sect.; 
Miss Lydla Day. Prin., 31 W. 46th St. 

Conell's School of Elocution and Physical 
Culture; elo. and physical training; co-ed.: 
non-sect.; est. 1897: Jennie Conell. Prin. 

Cooper Union Free Art School; art; women; 
Frederick Dielman, Dlr. 

Cooper Union Night School of Art; art: co-ed.; 
est. 1854; George W. Plympton, M. A.. 
M. D.. Dir.. Cooper Union. 

Cornell University, Medical OoUece; med.; 
reg.: co-ed.; est. 1898; Wm. M. Polk, 
M. D.. LL. D.. Dean. 1st Are. and E. 
2Sth St. 

Cutler School. The: lK)ys' boarding; non-sect.; 
Arthur II. Cutler, Prin., 20 B. 50th St. 

Delancey School; girls' boarding; P. B.; Miss 
A. Delancey. Prin., 301 W. 98th St. 

De La Salle Institute; boys' boarding; R. C: 
est. 18RS: Brotlier Thomas. M. 8., Prin.. 
107 58th St. 

Drake's Schools; bus. and sten.; Tribune 

Drisler School, The; boys' boarding; non-sect.: 
Frank Drisler. Prin.. 235 W. 7Gth St. 

Drumm's School, Miss; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.; Miss IjoB. Drumm, Prln., 40 W. 
72nd St. 

Dwight School; hoys' boarding: non-sect.; Ar 
thur Williams. Prin.. 15 W. 43rd St. 

Eagan School of Business; has. and sten.: 
Jno. J. Egan. 42nd St., cor. 6th St. 

Eastman School; bus. and sten.; prep.: civil 
service: est. 1859; Clement C. Gaine«^ 
.M. A.. B. L., Pres. 

School's Announcement. — Bastman pre- 
pares for iMislness. combining a good 
En>;lish edneatlon with the technical In- 
st ruotloii and iiractical work rcqiUreU for 
thurouKii training, and giving rmilts. 
time. efTort and outlay considered, of far 
more value In every-day life than those 
aflonled in tlie universities ami other 





laslUutbDiit for "IiEbIu'IT iducntloD.'* 
Amotigr thvt bottt-kuown. ithi^nt tiiirl tmiiitt 
*'xt^ugivc4y patroa\%eH m-UuoIh 1ij Anji'tk-u. 
At>out 50^000 grailuates in businvHf) Id uH 
ffi-ei^tlone. &i the world et^mtRtl^^ uttiRt the* 
hish chmrftctpr of the work dmn-. ?;<j 
vjwfttfo&B. Afli ln!9tructf0D H lACtsvly In 
dividual. Dew fltuiltnta may bogLa work 
any wefk *Jay. Tlie iscbool DbtatdH etu- 
ji]uymeiiC for nil grBdiiatoB of Itfi Cooi- 
pl(*ti.' Commi^rcla) Cmjrsie* Frfc catAlu^f." 
nu upivllciitit>ii. 

Eolftctic Ifiedtcml Oall«fe; mcd.: &cleoltc; eo- 
L*it.; t»t, 1815; Otorge W. Boskowlti, 
A. U., M. th. I>aan. 2;?» E. Uth 6l 

£cl9Cti€ Oiteop*tMc ImtiUita; wtf^np. ; ciieiJ.; 
C, F. CooFOil. Prfts., 1053 Pflrk Avft. 

£Llimui ScluKil* Tbe; prep, ami kind.: n«»r,^ 
eo-fd,; noffl-SHwrt. ; EUtii A. PletutngK Prfn^, 
IQT W. S7th St. 

Ely'* School for airla^ Mua; girls' twiiFd 
lug; nonacwt,: Mlas KlUiibPtli L^ KJy, 
Prtri,, 3^ W, SeUi St, 

Etlileil OuUttTA Bohool: i>i%p. : cti-ed. ; tion 
■«*.; dnjf; OS I. ISTS; P. C. Lewlfi, Siipt., 
Cpnti-ftl Purk Wpat and flriffl iSt. 

f em^e Ai;«demy of thfj Sfccisd Heart 
bniinllnii; U. C, ; Ellt'd irftliMin^y, 
41* W, 17th fit. 

Fifth Ay«iiue Scbool of Pb^Hical Culture: 

Wiwah Scbool; fflrU' bfijardlnK und cluy; noti- 
jM?ct.: Mrs. Jump? WHIb Ftnc^h, Prtn,. 61 
IC. 77tb St. 

Fofdhun tTniTenity; tmLv\: tni^ii; R. C7.; est. 
l^ll; Buv, Daniel J. Qulnn, S. J,, Pre*. 

Fordbua Univotxttsr, CoUpffe of ^Ti'dlelne: 
m*'d.; fois.i est- 190U; Jo roes J, Walsh, 

FltublDf 8emm9.Ty; eirlti' board log; nod-sc^eL: 

t'st. IHSII; KllTiobi^th p. L&iteks, l*rth. 
Ford Bcbool of ExprciALon; ela.; )^. C. Fard. 

rrln., 4 W. -iOib St. 
Fneadii' Iteiniijary: prpp.; co-ed.; Frlentlci: 

lUf: Frflwurd B. RawBOD. PHn.. ^30 E. 

mih St. 
Froehel KormKl luititutft; kind, ttakiln^: 

womt^u:; nn>ti-^*i?et.; est, IHatl; B. Ip** Cbnml- 

J.f. Ki^jfistTiir, 4fi Irv'lDff Pl. 
Otffay'i School t Tiu«. ; IflS W. 23Td St, 
OardJier'i Rome Scbottl fof Girli; glflA* boand^ 

ri. Gol*di((?r l*rln.. HQl 5tb Ave. 
Gj,r«Ui}«'s BnaipBSi School; btis; 708 LcvlnfS 

Gonef&l Thcioltific^ SemlnKir af tbo Frotett- 
ant Epitcoj^Ll Ghurcli^ tbt'H^L; V, B,; mi'n: 
rat. l^Mi Very ttev, Wllfoni L. Rottblns, 
D, D., LL. D,, Prea*. ChclaMtt aq. 

OsrrUlbi't ^hool; Bids* diy; nm-K'Ct,; 510 
Wi.»j«(t JiJnd Avp. 

Q«o4rich Private Mutlcal School; A. .T. Qacd- 
rkh. int., J5io ^t. Niflioloa St. 

Or^bvn'* 8c|u)oU The Itiiaea; pfU* brmrd- 
ifig: inm-ftocl.; Thf 3iHflfWB OrnbaEi, 42 
Rtr<?n!(d(i nrtyif. 

Grmad Coaseiratorr of Maik; mtlate; ro-ed.: 
EruHt Eljepbitrtl. Mil*. D., Dlr^. 08 W. 

mm at. 

^twiu'i Behoot of Lip Bendlnr; lip r^-adlug 

day; noti- 
2t34 Tth 

find utiya.; 
B., Pre*.» 




for rtf*af; Dfivld Qro«iii\ Blr., 1122 Brood ^ 
Qroff School: bo>s' tMjimlldK: ond dity; JiMt^t^b 

C. Grwrr. Piin., 22K W. Tilnd St. 
ftuilni&Qt OrgiLD School: rxtuotc; WilHam G. 

riirl. r»li'. Hi w. I2tb St. 
Hamilton Qrrui^fl School £ fflrtt' boarding; aon- 

tect.: Mm. e. K. Morgan. Prlo., H1«t 

SSt. and C^onvent Ave. 
Hainilton Initituto; Klrlii' buanlidg add tliiy , 
rjonsf^t,; N. Anbhbold Sfanw^ Jr., Pdn^t 

45 W. SlHt St. 
Harlom College Institute; gtrla: 

a^t.; M. F. (Itc^ponly, PHd., 

Harlem Gommerciai fnalitute; bun. 

PBt. iKVi; WllUara Hope. Pb. 

IJ7 W. ]25th at. 
Hawthomo Seh«K)] ; jiTflp. ; glrt»' 

>(wt.; Murgfln-t Sweet, Prtn. 
Hobrow Xscbnical Inatituto; t(^h, 

n*n-?k-ct,^ t'^t. 1BS3: Kdjfjir 

A, .M.. G. E., Sc. D.. frid. 
Holy Croaa Academy; !;1t1r^ boo r4 1 tig: R. C; 

SiBtvt Miirio. l*rlQ,, ;J4.H W. 42iid St. 
Horace Hann School; pifp, : t*o-Hl-i itHJii-si'Ct.; 

i^umuid T, ItiiiEotj, Siipt,. 525 W. I2dtb St, 
Hug-fir's Boardinff add Bay School for Olrlt; 

Hunter'a Kinderi^irten TraiEiing School; klml. 

tTAlnliij^; prh'iijf; Wddied; (lon-fsi^t.; e»t» 

1SS3; Mlia .TffUDy tliidter. Prln,. 15 W, 

127tb St, 
Initittit« of Hiuioul Art of tbe Cftj of K«w 

York J diiasb: co-ed,; Fronk BainriOscb, 

iJir.. r*n 5th Ave. 
Irvinv Bchoolt boys' boardluj?; n on scut, j p»t. 

1830; Louli Bwlght Eoy, A. M.« Ph. D., 

Prio., 35 W, Mtb St. 
Jftudoii'i Bchoolp The Hltati; girls' iMtnrdtng 

and diky, don-ftiH-L ; 2fl. E. 581 b St. 
Jewiah Thoological Sominary of Afdoricit; 

theuU; cfl-ed*; JcwUb; est. ISfnV, Solodi*sii 

&ehc<;ht«»r. M* A., Lltt. 13,, l*r<^., 531 

W. 123nl St. 
JoHph pTtpKTatorr School; prep. i ca-fd.; nau- 

aect.; Sdmttel Jo»'epb. Prtn., 151-153 Glln^ 

ton St. 
Keller* a Diy School, Xiaa; prep^ ; ctFed. ; non- 

■(.'L't.T Elofljior 1. Kollcr. Prln.. 115-37 K. 

e2dd St. 
KelTin School; lioyi; uod-eeet. : Q. A* L. 

DioriHi'. Prln., 331 W. 70th St. 
Kl«il«or S(;Iii3o] of Elocution; (do. niKl ora. ; 

Gr*'hvini' KlH[wi^r^ liir, 12*]B> Brondwny. 
Lacbinuod Gonaorratoi? of Music; mua.; i^o- 

ed.; !iod-AL*ct. : Carl LachEdund. Dlr.» 1^2 

W. Kiith St. 
LawTonce School of Acting; dram a tie; co-^.; 

eat. ISmi; E. G. Lawredte, tJlr., 106 W, 

42Qd St. 
Lemcke'i Gookiag School, Mrs^ dodicntle sci- 
ence: eet, iSt>0; ICiumn K, Lenii'ke'UorJi' 

haiiBOd, Prtn,^ 2 E. 42dd St. 
Lenisz laitttuto! ii^rep. ; eo-ed.; don-flect^; An- 
drew Luban. Prln,. 3:H LenoK Ave. 
Lexington School of Xualo; mm., Ix^iilse 

Meidt'cke, Bin, 10§0 Lexldgton Ave. 
Loyola School; preji,; boys' day; non-«ret-i Sl» 

N. McKlmiod, Prtd., 65 B. B3rd Si. 





MacOregor Shorthand School; sten. ; F. A. 
MacGregor, Pres., 243 Broadway. 

Madison Avenue School of Stenography; sten.; 
Mi88 Therese Anb, Prin., 1529 Madison 

Madison School for Girls; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.; Miss Rosaline Moses, Prin., 19 W. 
96th St. 

Mae Benson School of Applied Design; women; 
Mrs. Mae Benson, Dir., 321 W. 94th St. 

Manhattan College; coll.; men; R. C; est. 
1863; Brother Edward, Pres., Broadway 
and W. 13l8t St. 

Manhattan Trade School for Oirls; trade; day: 
non-sect.: Virginia Potter, Dir. 

McFee's Boarding and Day School, Miss; girls; 
non-sect.; Catherine McFee, Prin., 152 
W. 72nd St. 

Merrill's School, Mrs.; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Mrs. W. B. Merrill, Prin., 225 
West End Ave. 

Merrill -Van Laer School; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; 30-34 E. 57th St. 

Metropolitan College of Music; music; co-cd. ; 
Kate S. Chittenden. Pres. 

Metropolitan Shorthand School; sten.; W. L. 
Mason, Prin., 35 W. 21st St. 

Metropolitan Temple College; consolidated 
with the Froebel Normal Institute. 

Miller School of Business; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1888; Charles Miller, Prin., 1133 

Morgan's School, Miss; girls" boarding; non- 
sect.: Miss M. S. Morgan, Prin., 113 B. 
19th St. 

Morse & Rogers School, The; boys' boarding; 
non-sect.; James 11. Morse and L. L. Rog- 
ers, Prins., 123 Madison Ave. 

Mt. Morris Park School; girls' boarding: 
non-sect.; Miss Whitfield, Prin., 1 Mt. 
Morris Park. 

Mull's School; bus.; E. E. Mull, Broadway and 
G6th St. 

Nathan Hale School; l)oys; non-sect.; William 
II. Church. Prin.. 10 E. 47th St. 

National Academy of Design; art: co-ed 
Fred DIelman, Director, 100th and Amster- 

National Conservatory of Dramatic Art; ora 
and dram.; F. F. Mackay, Prin., 19 W 
44th St. 

National Conservatory of Music of America; 
mus.: est. 1885; Wasslly Safanoff, Dlrec 
tor, 128 E. 17th St. 

National School of Caricature; co-ed.; L. 
Preau, Director, 185 World Bldg. 

New York American Veterinary College, New 
York University; vet.: men; est. 1809; A. 
F. Llautard, M. D., V. M., Dean. 141 W. 
64th St. 

New York College of Dental and Oral Sur- 
gery; dent.; co-ed.; est. 1803; William 
Carr, M. D., D. D. S., Doan, 210 W. 42d. 

New York College of Dentistry; dent.; men: 
est. 1866: Fanoull D. Wolsse, Dean. 20r» 
E. 23r(l St. 

New York College of Music; raus.; co-cd.: 
Curl riein, Prt'sldent. 

New York Collegiate Institute; f^irls' board- 
ing: non-soct.: Mnry Shoonmalier. Prin., 
241 Lenox Ave. 

New York Conservatory of Music; maslc; co- 
ed.; est. 1860; L. G. Parma. Director. 181 

Lenox Ave. 
New York Dental School: dent.; co-ed.: est. 

1893; Charles M. Ford, D. D. S.. Dean. 
New York Dramatic School; ora. and drama; 

7th Ave., cor. W. 57th St. 
New York Electrical Trade School; tech.; 39 

West 17th St. 
New York Froel^l Normal; private: women; 

est. 1896; E. Lyall Earle, Ph. D., 60 W. 

96th St. 
New York German Conservatory of Music; 

mus.; est. 1884; August Fraemcke, Pres., 

23 W. 42d St. 
New York Homeopathic Medical Gollege; 

med.; homeop.; men; est. 1860; Wm. 

H. King, M. D., Dean, 63rd St and East 

New York Law School; law; men; est. 1801; 

George Chase, LL. D., Dean, 35 Nassau. 
New York Medical College and Hospital for 

Women; med.; homeop.; w<Mnen; est. 

1863; Helen Cooley Palmer, M. D., Dean. 

19 W. 101st St. 
New York Nautical College; Nautical Science; 

navigation and marine engineering; men: 

est. 1882; Capt. Howard Patterson. Pres.. 

130 Water St. 
New York Normal School of Physical Educa- 
tion, The; nor.; physical culture; co-ed.; 

non-sect.; Watson L. Savage, A. M., M. 

D.. President, 308 W. 59th St. 
New York Folyclinio Medical School aad 

Hospital; med.; post-grad.; co-ed.; Jo6n 

A. Wyeth, M. D., Dean, "214 B. 34th St. 
New York Preparatory School; prep.: co-ed.: 

non-sect.; day and evening; Bmil B. 
Camerer A, M., LL. B., Prin., 15 W. 
43rd St. 
New York Post-Oradnate Medical School; 
med; post-grad.; co-ed.; est. 1882; D. 

B. St. John Roosa, M. D., LL. D., Dean, 
301 E. 20th St. 

New York School of Applied DesicB for 

Women; applied art; women; est. ISOS; 

Ellen J. Pond, Supt.. 200 W. 23d St. 
New York School of Art; art: co-ed.; est. 

1895; Douglas J. Connah, Director, 2239 

New York School of AntomoUls SBtiassit; 

trade; M. S. Gllner, Pres., 146 W. 66th 
New York School of Clinical XadielBs; med.; 

post-grad.; co-e<1.: est. 1886; Aagnstin H. 

Goelct, M. D., Pres. 
New York School of Expressioa; ela sad 

drama: Genevieve Stebbins Astley, Pres.. 

318 W. 57th St. 
New York Trade School; tech.; men; mm- 

sect.: est. 1881; H. Fulton Cnttlnff, Pres.. 

1st Ave. C7th and 68th St. 
New York Training School for Teaoksn; aer- 

raal: state: co-ed.; E. N. Jooes, Prin.. 

241 E. 119th St. 
New York University; univ.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1831; Henry M. MacCrackea. Ph. 





D., D. D., LL. D., Free., Washington 
Stinarc, E. 

Scbool's announcement. — New York Uni- 
versity comprises eight great schools, 
with an average yearly student attend- 
ance of 1736, and with a combined fac- 
ulty of 167 professors and Instructors. 
The Registrar of the University, L. J. 
Tompkins, Washington Square, N. Y., at- 
tends to Inquiries regarding any of the 

New Yorii University, Graduate School; Dan- 
iel W. Herlng, Sc. D., LL. D., Dean. 

New York TJniTeraity Law School; law; co- 
ed.; L. J. Tompkins, Dean, Washington, 

Hew York University, School of Applied Sci- 
ence; tech.; men; est. 18C2; Charles H. 
Snow, C. B., Sc. D., Dean, University 
Height, Washington Square, E. 

New York University School of Commerce, 
Accounts and Finince; co-ed.; est. 1900; 
Joseph F. Johnson, A. B., D. S. C, Dean, 
Washington Square, E. 

New York University School of Medicine; 
see University and Bellevue Hospital 
Medical College. 

New York University, School of Pedagogy; 
normal; private; co-ed.; Thomas M. Bal- 
llet, rh. D., Dean. 

New York University Veterinary College; sec 
New York American Veterinary College. 

Normal College of the City of New York; 
normal; city; co-ed.; Joseph A. Glllet, 
Acting Pres., Park Ave. and E. 68th St. 

Oakwood Heights School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Helen Mlshey, Prln. 

Osgood Art School; art; 12 E. 17th St. 

Packard Commercial School; bus. and sten. ; 
eat. 1857; Byron Horton, A. M,, Pres.; 
23d St. and 4th Ave. 

Paine Uptown Business School; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1872; H. W. Remington, Pres., 
1931 Broadway. 

Peebles Thompson School, The; girls' board- 
ing; non-sect.; D. B. Merrill, Prln., 30 
E. 67th St. 

Pervia Shorthand School; bus.; E. F. Long, 
150 Pulitzer Bldg. 
.Polytechnic Institnte; tech.; men; non-sect.; 
Henry Sanger Snow, Director. 

Rayson School for Oirls; girls* boarding and 
day; non-sect.; The Misses Rayson, I'rins., 
176 W. 75th St. 

Reno Maxvolia School for Children with De- 
fective Hearing, The; private; non-sect.; 
co-ed.; est. 1901; Mrs. A. Reno Margulis. 

Riverside School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Miss B. L. Cooper. Prln., 315 Riverside 

Robertson Day School; prep.; co-ed.; Prcsb. ; 
est. 1798; David G. Wylle, D. D., Ph. D., 
Prin.. 3 W. 96th St. 

Rnseoe College of Commerce; bus. and sten.; 
Frank W. Euscoe, Prln., 215 W. 125th. 

Sachs' Collegiate Institute; boys' boarding; 
non-sect.; Dr. Otto Koenlg. Prln., 38 Cen- 
tral Park Sooth. 

Sachs' Collegiate Institnte; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; Julius S.iclis, Prin., 116 Central 
Park, South. 

St. Agatha's School; girls' boarding: prep.; 
R. C; Miss E. G. Sebring, Prln., 557 
West End Ave. 

St. Ann's Academy; boys' boarding and day; 
R. C: est. 1802; Brother Ptolemeus, A. 
M., Director, Lexington Ave. and 77th St. 

St. Bridgid's Academic School; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C; est. 18G0; Sister Mary Nicolina, 
Prin.. 313 E. 10th St. 

St. Catharine's Academic School; prep.; co- 
ed.; R. C; Sister M. Mercedes, Prin. 

St. Francis Xavier College (Manhattan Boro) ; 
coll.; R. C; est. 1847; Rev. D. W. Ileam, 
S. J., Pres. 

St Gabriel's Academy of Manhattan; prep.; 
girls; R. C; Sister M. Vincentla. 

St. Gabriel's School; prep.; boys; R. C; 
James J. Dougherty, Pres. 

St. Jerome's Unuline Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C: Mother M. Clara Ward, Prln.; S. 
Blvd. and Deoatur Ave. 

St. John Baptist School for Girls; girls' 
boarding; P. E. ; Sister Superior, 231 E. 
17th St. 

St. John's College; coll.; men; R. C; est. 
1841; Rev. Daniel J. Quinn, S. J., Pres. 

St. Margaret's School; girls' boarding and day; 
P. E.; George Dickson, Prin., 48 W. 
54th St. 
-St. Mary's School for Girls; girls' boarding; 
P. E.; Sister Superior, Prin., G E. 4r.tii 

St. Thomas Academic School; prep.; co-ed.; R. 
C; Sister M. Chrysostom. 

St. Vincent De Paul's School; girls' boarding; 
R. C; Sister Mary of St. Irene, Prln., 
116 W. 24th St. 

School of Industrial Art and Technical De- 
sign for Women; closed. 

School of Musical Art of the City of New 
York; closed. 

Semple's School, Mrs.; girls' boarding and 
day; non-sect.; Mrs. D. Semple, Prin., 
15 W. SOth St. 

Senftner Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; day and evening; est. 1891; 
Herman F. Senftner, A. B., M. D., Prin., 
13 Astor PI. 

Spence's School for Girls, Miss; girls' board- 
ing; non-sect.; Miss C. B. Spence, Prin., 
30 W. .'-)5th St. 

Stanhope-Wheatcroft Dramatic School; drama; 
co-ed.; est. 1880; Mrs. Adeline Stanhope- 
Wheatcroft, Director, 31 W. 3l8t St. 

Success Shorthand School; sten.; 1410 Broad- 

Syms' School, The; prep.; boys; non-sect.; 
Robert H. Syms, Prln., 22 W. 15th St. 

Teachers' College, Columbia University; nor- 
mal; private; co-ed.; est. 1888; James E. 
Russell, Ph. D., PTes., W. 120th and 
Amsterdam A^e. 

Thompson's Business School; bus. and sten.; 
Andrew W. Madison, Prin., 62 Cooper Sq. 

Toby's Institute of Accts. and School of Short- 
hand; bus. and sten.; 150 5th Ave. 

Trinity School; boys' boarding; P. E.; est. 
1700; Rev. Lawrence T. Cole, Ph. D., 
Prln., 139 W. Olst St. 





n™'a**ct, ; est. 1S3*1; Tbf Rev. Fmncis 
Itrown, C*h. 11., l>. D.. LL. D.» Prt'H.. 7(W) 
PftTk Ave. 

for Beliolnrly anil pracnicul work, tn tUw 
mlctit of the Cbristlnn ejatcrprlspa of a 
gitut tlit^-. Td clofl<!! Jif^inU^nilF ri,HiitSoiirt 
wUli Columbia and New York Unlri^rHl- 
ticB. Off em opportutiltii'S fi>r the tie- 
grrwa of B, D,. A. M., and Ph. IK Open 
upon equal tonne to etudentit xyt nil Chris - 
tSati tHM]le#. Sovpntleth year boi^liiB Sep- 
tember 23rd. 1008, Addrosa tbt? Ppeal- 
dont or the Faenltj, the Rev. C buries 
CutlitHTt lUll. D. r. 
Unifenitj uid B«lleviift Hoipitil VedicKl 
Collets; med,; feg.: rofii; t^t. 1841: Kb- 
brrt Le Fevre, A. B.. M, D., Cor. Sik-., 
Flrnt Av(h und IS. l*tifh St. 
UniTanitj^ Lnw School j law; eti-ed. ; esl. 
1*1*; rijiTctice n. Ashli^y, U^. D,. Dean, 
%V a iH^liS Helton Siijimre, B. 
ITrsuliDfl Academy^: j^ifl^' boardlne; R. C; 
\fothpr M. Iffnalius, Prtn.. IIWI t'nrk Ave, 
Vkii Karmas Instituta; ek«ed. 
V&ltia QchQoii The; K^rH* board iu^^ iirtn-«ect.: 
Mi*s Umln^i Vt'ltlu. Prln.. VUi W. 74th St. 
YieMi& Cona«rT&toT7 of Music; Adolpb Bmck- 

diiid, Director, 05 2nd \\f. 
Villa Maria Academy: girls' r>aiirdln«r; R- C,i 
Ki^vorend Hi'itor Stiiferior. Prin., 13SI K. 
TBth St. 
Tli]fil ^iaao School; nxiis,; Mrs. A. M. Vir- 
gil, DSrp*7rorrnH. Jfi w; J6th St. 
Vdu Endo TioUn Stihwh Jti?rw<'irb Von Knde, 

Dlrt'ttor. 212 Central Park, i^iutb. 
Walwarth Buainaaa Institute ^ hm. and Hten. ^ 
est. iFtTl; IJ. S, Walworth, PHn., ai E. 
125th St. 
Warren School of Eiqireaaion — Beadier KOd 
ArtictilAilon ; prlvaK^ ^ihfio\ for the deafi 
eo-ed.; esL 18^3: Llllie Eginior Warrt-n. 
Prill., lil E. 2Sth St. 
Wvhh'a Acftdamqr; teeh.; nou aeot.; J. In^n 

ObnEfe^, A. M.. Prin. 
W«U« Bobool; gtrls: day; klii*lPr^orti'ii; aoti 

sect: SI fitli Atc, 
Waing^rt Inatltnte; h*>yfi' iMtnrdiiiKi Jrwiuh: 
rat. 1SS3(; S. WeSuunrl, Prlu,, 2041 Ttli 
Wilton and hyon Sthool; closi>d. 
Whipplo Bchool of Art.; f«-etJ.; t*. A. VVbtpi>U'. 

Utrt'Otor. \H*0 Otb A^e, 
Witikham'a School, Mlai; girls' bonr:llni$ nml 

day; noiiw-c't.; :i;fl4 T^^xinnftoa Ave. 

Winona Bthla Scho^il^ Ibr-oi.; uou-ae^t.: co-ed.; 

ent. ISMM); WUU-rt Webs^ter White. PU. 

1>., Prcri., 541 Lti^TElnBttm Avo, 

Wood' a Kew York Schoeh 1>iH. jcn^l nloti. ; 

Fn-deriek K, W^-kI, i'PH., 202T Mb Ave, 

Wroak'a School, The, Kiaioa; pi Ha' Ui&rdiatX 

nonse^t.; 12 K, Vir^t Ml. 
Wright Orml School for the Deaf; pr*p. ; co- 
L*d,: iion-ieet.; cat. ISSN: John Duttoo 
WHght. M. A.. Prin.. 1 Mount Morris 
Park, W. 
Zftllman Conaerratory of Mnait;; inuwlc; lo^M^ph 
It. Zilinjtiii, lilr^Kcior. <m W. I2tirh St. 
HIAQABA FALLS, Hlafara Co., [Kif>, 10,457. 

BeVai^ax School; boys' board I ui:; P. B.; Kit. 

151,17; Will I II HI S. Barrows. Prln. 
NIAGABA iraTYERSITY, Hias&im Co.. pop- 

Kia^ara tTniTOTiity s coll.; muii ■ R. C; e«t. 

\S',r,; Very He v. Jcifsf'^hb I'. Conrof, Pre«. 
SeEninary of Our Lad^ of Angela* ViaCitn 

¥niver«ity; tln'Ol.; inru; R. C. ; Very He**. 

Jiiseph P. Coiifoy, pres. 
NOBTH CHILI, Moiiioo Co.. i»p. 212. 
A, M. CheibTouifh 8«niinarrt prep.; co-ed. t 

iiou-Rf^l,: boarding; David S. Warner* 

A, M.. Prin, 
HOBTH TQNAWANDA, Niaffara Co., pop. D,OI%. 
Clark s School of Buainoai; iius. and tten,; 

P W Cliirk, rre«. 

KTACE ON-HTTOBON. Rockland Co., pop. 4.275, 
Hudaon Bivar Kilitaij AdLdemr^ sec Flu- 

di nie Park. N, J. 
Rockland Military Ac*deniy: mllitnry; non. 

S4 . t. ; Klmer R. Fn-ncb, A. M., Prln, 


St. Ann's Academic School; prep.; ci>-tf1.: R. 
C; Sister Domlnka. 

OAKflELD. Ceneaee Co., pop, 714. 
Cary Colleiiiite Seminary; prep.; eo-<4l.; P. 
\:.: Cimla Curios fimi\ M. A., Prln. 

OaUEKSBITBG. St. Lawrenco Co., ikip. V2,im, 
Offdonaburff Buaineaii School; bus. and eton.; 

C\ W. lifl.v. Mm, 
Holy Croaa Academic School; prep.; i?o-od.; 

R. C; Uov. p. O. LuBosc, Pirja. 
St. Hiuy'i Academy; girls' boo rd lug; R. C; 

Ut"V. J. II. Coiiroy, Prea. 

CLEAN, CattarauFua Cfl., pop. f*,4t!2. 

Weatbroolc Commercial Acadvmy; bn*. and 
Kt4>n : o«t, 1§S2: 1^1. D. Wcatbrook. Pr^n. 

OHBONTA, Otaeffo Co., pop, 7.147. 

SUta Normal School; normal: ittate; co-r^.; 
Percy L BuEbee, A. M.. D. Sc., Vf^. 

OSSISnNG* WMtche«ter Co.^ P^, 7.fii30. 
Holbrooka' School, Dr, ; nilileary; nonsf^ct.; 

etst. ISOa; Rev. Dwlgbt Holbrook. M, D.. 

Mount Piaatuit Xllltaiy AcadeiAy; mDLtAry: 

^fit. 1814; n<Mi-«ect.; Ohop- 1^. Bni»l<?, A. 

M.. PHn. 
Oiiining School; girl a* bonnlin^; nooii^et,. 

V\nrii t\ Fuller, Prln. 
St. John' ft School: prep.; uipn: hun-veet.: p«L 

184V; Rev. W^ A, Rauney, A. M., Ph. B.- 


OSWBOO. Oiwego Co-, pop. 22,100. 
Chtffoe'a Ftjonograpbic Intlitute; bun. Jind 

BteB.; W. G. Cbuffee, Pres, 
Btftta ITormal and Training Sohoel; o#nnal; 

alate: coed.; I. B. Poiietwr, Pii. D., Pr*»a. 
St. Fanl't AcftdeDiy; prep.; co-*d.; B. C* 

Rev. M Ban-y, Pret. 

PEEKSKILL, Weatchsater Co., piif*. 10,358, 
laatitute, Thoj preji,; co-ed.; nonntoct.; 

Cb(iJrl4.a t'nterrtiiiner, Prln. 
PeekaklU Kilitaiy Academy; military; non^ 
ac-ct.; ^L 153^1. J, C, But'liuJ'. M, A., 


OF THE trarncEB states Aim canada. 




fit. Gtbml School; iflds' buiinllnir: E, C^; 

ing; mil.; P. B.; p^t, 18T0; UTnwpr »inl 
SUUet, PiiOH. 

FEXHAtC WANOR. Waitch«it4r Gti,. (jop. 3^0. 

FENK YAlf, Yfttfti Co., fM^p. 4.400, 

P«ap Tftn Fn« Academrs buss, nns] nvii. : I'l^t. 
ISIK: L. I>. Wllrox. A. B,. Prln. 

FIK£. WyomiDf Co., pop, 4*V^. 
Fik« SemiAuy A&d IJalaii Fre« Scboah prrp.; 
c<>'<'a. : Hon fleet,; etT. lOOS: Jobii T Mi?- 
Grnren, Prill. 

FLATTSBUTtG. CHntau Cfl,.*tMjp. R.4:j-4. 

D'YouYiUe Ac&d«iof; ijlrla' hf»*riUni(r: R. 0.; 

FUttiUmrg State HiirtaAl ajid Trfclninf School; 
normQ]; ntaUr, cattJ.; Qt'orfeM- K. lljiwk 
\m. A. M.. P. Ht^. Trfti. 
FLATTSVIIXE. Clinton Co.< |«>p. .^CM. 
Cfa&mpliiia Bummer Brbool; eumitti^r »cIlo6]; 
ro'C^d.; R, C; cut. 3800: ttpv. IK J, Me- 
Mabon, t>. U-t Prfs. 

FOEt HENST. Eiuix Co,, pop. J*TR7. 

CbaxnplBin Intrtitute^ prt*p ; co-od. ; ft, C; Si*- 
frr M. GnbrltlM, Prla. 
POTSDAM. 8t LawreiLCft Co., pi>ii. 3.^^. 

CltJ-luaQ Mfiin&riil Schixiil of TAehRolofy; 

rlon. M. E,. Dln?cloT. 

Drmm KormAl iRttitute af Huaii^; iritliiliijL' 
iu'lHMjl r»ir mijH-rvlsor* i>r [liuhIc, c<>-etl.: 
**ft. laM: Mi«a JiiUji E. fruRi, plrt-ctof. 

Stfttti Komtsi luid Tr^ininK Scliooh nonnoh 
ttate; <?i>-<*d,: e*l, IStJO' TlfOiijaB U. 8to«- 
uU. Pb, D., Vti's. 
FOirOSKEEFSIE. BotclwM Co,, pop, 24.<>ak 

Etstmrnji Bq4ln«i!» OoU«ffft: buB, ; Hti<p, nml 
(iftrp ; fv:*t, l^Hl: Ck-mtMit C» Oiila<fS. M. 
A.. It. L., Pt^«. 

8cb0oPt unnDunc^mftnt. — EAUtoiAtt pnt- 
pan-a ftir buAln^^Hii, comblnht}? n i;cxh] 'Rtv^- 
lifib <Mli4ratlDn. wUIi I be tr«bn)ral iastnit*- 
tlon *inl [pmrticjil work n^tjutrwl for 
tNiriMiirh trftlnlng, mid HJivitiiF results, 
riniir, fffort, Ami mitloy conaldt'red. of far 
iii**n^ Tki!i]i^ Id #"vi'I7' day Uff tban tliOfts* 
AfTnnk'd in tbij univrr»iUU'« and oUwt tn- 
slUtidotif- for *'hl^ljcr ftliicatloii,'' 
AiijiifijE the bi'»l known, okk-st. and tumi 
L'Xft'tiiilvelir p*tratilRpd tML-boolK ki AmcHcn. 
AbAMit ZO.QOO fi-itdnntow In bnalnc'sa In 
nil n«t1oba of tbe world enmnfitly at- 
iwt I be MKh cbaracti>r of thi? wwk donv. 
Nt> vncattoaa. Ah InstructlcHi la I^Lfgi'ly 
tadlvldiinJ, new studiMit^i mny begin work 
an J- wvvt day. Thi* AC-hnol obtslnit i-m 
|tlr»j tiii'diiit: tr*t aU ftrudiiotcfl Ltf It* Coni- 
plvti? L\nniTi*T«(jil Ciwijntf'. FrcM* cntulttgiH' 
I III itpi4kfltbi[|. 

London Ball School far Girl a; t:irlJi' board- 
iiii:. H'Mt-riT,: HkeiiimI WtdlM Rnck, Pphj. 

Pamun Hall ScbOfll; Rlrltt' bi>m:<llii|f nod day; 
ocHi *«^^t L KlU-n CJl»bi* Bnrtlttr, Prlo. 

Sclbfioh pr>p. : co-etl.; iiu«i»i'C^^ Mnty 
<h AUlffcr. Prln. 

Riviiniew Milit^rr AQ&dom;: ndHtar^v: l«*»yH*^ 
non-Bprt L fsit. l.*43(l: Joseph B. Blab*'*', 
A. M.. Prln. 

Yftuar OoUesQ; woim-o^ oftD-fleet,; <»at. 1S*lfl; 
Raw J a HIPP M, TityJor, D. D., LL, D 


BANDOt^H. CftttATftusu* Co., pop. 1,2(10, 

CliambarUin Imtitutsi prop,: co-ed,; M. B,; 
iTiflfgo C. Rotli. A. B,. Prln. 
BEDFORD, Clintoa Oo,, i>op. 1S3. 

Acad«dSir of Holjr CtiaKi; ptep.i co<>iL; U, 0.; 
p*«t. l*Wd: atftter Mary of St. IIed«:lde«, 

Btlt&x AcftdQmlc Soboal; prpp,: co-od.; R, C; 
Nfr^^itiTL KdwiJire D««iiutii]». 8tipi?rlor, 

RHITSSELAES,, RcDiieUer Go>. pop. 7,40R. 

St, John'a Aca.d«niy: ismj*.; co-efl. ; R. C.; 

(St, l^vi-, Uf^v. John V. Glivjn, M. A„ 

RIVERKEAD, Suffolk Qo,. pop. 2,017, 
ElTerhejid Acad^m^T elo$ti'd. 

ROCHESTER, Monroft Co., pop. I02,0i:i«. 

Bradstreot School, Thftf tHiyn* brwmltii^; noii- 

sict, : J. (Iowa ml Brailstffft. prln, 
Calunibift School; frtrls' bonrfllni;: onn^ac'ct.t 

Mlif).He» Alldo Laltiinorp am] CjipotlJift UWlU 

til an. Print, 
Cnittandon Scboot, Tbe; glrla' bAMrclIni;; mm- 

FM^it.; Mist L. n. llnk^H, Prin. 
ExceUlar CaDunarcI&l Isitltuto; biiH, nn^l'iu: rat. 111iO!2; Fniult J SiltRick. Pn'M. 
. FenuLle Acadomy of tho Sii^red Eeartr glda' 

bo^mlhiir, 11. C; Mndnuii^ AitjniB«tji, PrEn. 
Flour City ButiuBvi School; 11. ITnUiy, Vfln,, 

Cox Hlll|r. 

LiTinffBton Purk B^mlniry: lelrli' iMtAnltni; mid 

djiy^ iion-<!WL ; Mrm. Wm. M. KfbuaK. Jr,* 

KaJtuToih Acadamy: glrln* tiosnliitg: E. C*i 

TknDiiiH F. Mick(*y. Prln. 
Nichola Schoolt Mn,; cl(i«i''d, 
Eoynoldi Biitlneii Academy: bin. and atrn.r 

^«T. tHU4; llarrub .T. Reynoldn, A. M.* 

Rochs«t«T AtbenaeuDL and K^obmloi * lull- 

totes trrh.' co-.^d. : non-a^Tt,: cat. 1885; 

IrfWl* P. RiW9, Pl^B, 

H4tc bettor Builneis luntitiito; bua. mnd tti^n.; 

A. S Of^born. Prca. 
RochoBt«r Theolo^ca] S^uitni^rj; (brol,^ wavn* 

TinpHst: Aisi^nsni!* H Btroujr. Ph. D.* B, 

li . LL. D., Prot, 
Bt. Bomiird SflmlnaryE Ibeol,: men; R. Cl 

Ri'V. Jamea J. HnrUcy, Prr>«. 
Undttrhiiri, Fhonasraphic Inttltutv: hup. and 

Kfiri.; fdt. m8T; B. «tev«iftOii LTudcrlUU. 

. . 0iiiirertity of Eochoitet; roll.: co-rd.: tion- 

st'i'T.T i-M. ISKO: Rrv, Itimb Kb(»trii, LL. D., 

Warner Hamoritl LuthoTiin Colloi^a; t^wlL 

hojfi: Kv. Lotli.; I'tit, 1K83: lii'V. Jiiatpb 

"WPBtern New York Inatitution for Iha Dflif 
and Dumh; ^inl* : Mr. WrHtrrfildL Prhi. 

EOKE, On«ida Co,, pop. iri,:i4:j. 

BL Fet*r'i Academy; ^kls* boMnllu^i ft, C: 
Slater Mflry Patrick, Prln. 





RONDOTJT, XHster Co., pop. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. C: 
Sister Frances Regis, Prln. 

R08SVILLE, Richmond Ck>., pop. 270. 

Trinity Home School: prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; boarding and day; Sophia H. Ayreg. 

ROXJin) LAKE, Saratoga Co., pop. 203. 
Round Lake Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Moth.; 
n. Burdick, Prln. 

ROUSE POINT, Clinton Co., pop. 1,676. 
St. Patrick's Academic School; prep.: co-ed.; 
B. C; est. 1886; Sister M. Patricia, Prln. 

RYE, Westchester Co., pop. 1,051. 

Rye Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Mrs. D. J. Life. Prln. 
Heathcote Hall; boys' boarding; P. E. Arthur 

De Lanccy Ayrault, A. M., Prln. 

SAG HARBOR, Suffolk Co., pop. 1.069. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart of Mary; girls' 
boarding; B. C: Mother BasIIe, Prin. 

SALAMANCA, Cattaragus Co.. pop. 5,000. 
Salamanca Actual Business Inst.; bns., sten. 
and tel.; est. 1902: Hon. E. B. Vreeland, 
Pres., E. G. Lannlng, Prin. 

SALEM, Washington Co., pop., 1,301. 
Washington Academy; prop.; co-ed.: non- 
sect.; est. 1792; Fred B. Stevens, Prln. 

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Saratoga Co., pop. 12,- 
St. Faith's Academy; girls' boanllng; P. E.: 

est. 1890; Eleanor A. Shackelford, Prln. 
St. John's Academic School; prep.; co-ed.; B. 
C. : est. 1805: Bt. Bev. Thomas Burke, 
SCABSDALE. Westchester Co., pop. 418. 

Heathcote Hall; girls' boarding and day: 

non-sect.: Misses r..ockwood. Prlns. 
St David's Hall; boys' boarding; Bev. W. L. 
Evans, Prln. 
SCHENECTADY, Schenectady Co., pop. 31.082. 
Fitzgerald School of Shorthand and Business; 
bus. and sten.; H. F. Fitzgerald, Prin.. 
277 State St. 
St. John's Academic School; prep.; co-ed.; U. 

C; Bev. J. L. Bellly, Pres. 
Union College; coll.: men; non-sect.; est. 
1795: Andrew V. V. Baymond, D. D., LL. 
D.. Pres. 
SENECA FALLS, Seneca Co., pop. 0..'>19. 
Sanford Preparatory School; moved to Corn- 
wall, Conn. 
"Flower Villa," co-ed.; boarding; est. 1907; 
Mrs. F. A. Warner, Prin. 
SHERWOOD, Cayuga Co., pop. 177. 

Sherwood Select School; prop.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; A. Gertrude Flanders. Prin. 
SODUS, Wayne Co., pop. 1.028. 

Sodus Academy: prop.; co-ed.; non sect.; Ell- 
sh.i Curtis. Prin. 
SOUTHOLD. Suffolk Co., p..p. 1.21»2. 

Southold Academy: prep.: (-(^-ed.; Presl*. : 
Mii«s N. A. p:verott. Prin. 
STANFORD VILLE, Dutchess Co., pop. 3.32. 
Christian Biblical Institute: theol.: co-ed.; 

Christian; John B. Weston. D. D., LL. D.. 

SYRACUSE, Onondaga Co., pop. 106.374. 
Academy of Sacred Heait; prep.; men: R. 

C; Bev. John F. Mnllany, Pres. 
Christian Brothers Academic Sokool; prep.; 

boys; B. C; Brother Emory Aloyslus. 
Dakin's Business Institute; bos. and sten.; 

est. 1892; George A. Dakin, Prln. 
Hebrew Free School; prep.; co-ed.; Hebrew; 

David Blumberg. Prln. 
Henley Brothers' School; bus.; B. M. Henley. 

Everson Bldg. 
School of Trarel (in connection with Byraciua 

Preparatory School); boys' foreign study 

and trarel; Frank B. Sherman, B., A.. 

St. Lucy's Academic School; prep.; co-ed.; R. 

C; Bev. John J. Kennedy, Pres. 
St. John's Catholic Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 

B. C; Bev. Michael Cllne, Prin. 
Syracuse Classical School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; A. Lincoln Travis, Prin. 

Syracuse Commercial School; bus. and sten.; 

J. J. Martin, pree. 
Syracuse University; nnlv.; co-ed.; M. E.: 

est. 1871; Bev. James Boscoe Day. S. T. 

D.. LL. D., Chancellor. 
Syracuse University College of Fina Arts; fine 

arts; co-ed.; George Albert Parker, Mas. 

D. Dean. 
Syracuse University, College of Law; law; 

co-ed.; est. 1895; James B. Brooks, A. M.. 

D. C. L., Dean. 
Syracuse University, College of Medicine; 

mod.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1872; Gaylord 

P. Clark. A. M., M. D., Dean. 
Syracuse University, Lyman Comelins Smith 

College of Applied Science; tech.; co-ed.; 

non-sect.; William Kent, M. E., Dean. 
Syracuse University, Teachers' College; Ednc; 

co-ed.; J. BIchard Street, Ph. D., Dean. 
TABRYTOWN, Westchester Co., pop. 4.770. 
Hackley School; prep.; boys: non-sect.: est. 

1809: Henry White Callahan. A. M.. Ph. 

D., Head Master. 
Irving School for Boys; boys' boarding: noo- 

sect.; est. 1891; John M. Furman, A. M.. 

Head Master. 
Ljmdhurst School: boys' prep.; non-sect; est 

1903; Fred McCollum, Snpt. 
Miss Mason's School, The Castle; girls* board- 
ing; P. E.: est. 1886; Miss G. E. Mason. 

L. L. M., Prin. 
Metcalf's School, Misses; girls' boarding and 

day; nou-sect.; Miss M. W. Mctcalf. Prin. 
Repton School; boys' boarding; non-sect.; O. 

C. Boach, Prln. 


Augustinian Academy; prep.; boys; B. C: 
Nicholas J. Murphy, Pres. 

TBOY, Renssalaer Co., pop. 60.661. 
Emma Willard School; girls' boarding: noe- 

sect.: est. 1821; Miss Anna Leach, A. M.. 

Lansingburg Academy; girls* boarding; oos* 

sort.: James Bay Craighead, M. A.. Pria 
LaSalle Institute: boys' boarding; B. C; rtt 

1853: Bev. Brother Arnold. M. 8c.. Pris. 





MetropoUtAii Scliool of Mntio and Art; music 
and art; co-ed.; eat. 1902; Will B. Rog- 
ers, Director. 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; tech.; men; 
non-sect.; est. 1824; Palmer G. Ricketts. 
G. B., Pres. 

St. Anffustine's Academic School; prep.; boys; 
R. C.; RcT. J. T. Bmmett, Pres. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; boys; R. G. ; 
Rey. Jame's A. Gartin, Pres. 

St. Patrick's Academy; prep.; boys; R. G.: 
Sister M. Blanche. 

St. Peter's Academy; prep.; co-od.; R. C.; 
Sister M. Odilia, Prin. 

Troy Academy; prep.; l>oys; non-sect.; est. 
1834; John O. Murdoch. A. M., Prin. 

Troy Business College; bus. and sten.; L. G. 
TutUe, Prin. 

Troy Female Seminary; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Anna Leach, President. 
TTHIOH SPRnrOS, Cayuga Co., pop. 904. 

Oakwood Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; 
est. 1796; Walter H. Wood, A. B., Prin. 
imCA, Oneida Co., pop. 56,383. 

Balliol School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Bdith RockweU Hall, Prin. 

Cecily Baker School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
est. 1882; Frances B. Newland, Prin. 

Speacerian Business School; bus. and sten.; 
Chas. B. Hall, Pres. 

Utica Business Institute; bus. and sten.; est. 
1863; G. F. Hendrick, Pres. 

Utica Catholic Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
J. S. M. Lynch, D. D., Prin. 

Vtica Female Academy; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.; Louise S. B. Saunders and Edith R. 
Hall, Principals. 
VEROHA, Oneida Co., pop. 357. 

Home School, The; prep.; co-ed.; ncm-sect.; 
Mrs. T. M. Foster, Prin. 
WATESTOWH, JelTerson Co., pop. 23,000. 

Immaculate Heart Academy; prep.; co-ed.: 

R. G.; Sister M. Berchmans, Prin. 

Watervliet Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non 
sect.; Rev. P. H. McDermott, President. 

Sacred Heart Academy; boys* boarding; R. C.: 

Brother August, Prin. 
Clayson Point Military Academy; boys' board- 
ing; non-sect.; Brother Edmund Prin. 
WEST NEW BRIGHTOir, Richmond Co. 
Livingston School; prep.: co-ed.; non -sect.: 

Way and Crooks, Prins. 
St. Austin's School; boys' boarding; P. B.; 

George E. Quaile, M. A., Prin, 
Westerleigh Collegiate Institute; prep.; co 
ed.; non-sect.; Wilber Strong, Prin. 
WEST POINT, Orange Co., pop. 1,260. 
United States Military Academy; military; 
men: U. S. Gov't.: est. 1802; Albert M. 
Mills, Brigadier General U. S. Army, 
WHITE PLAINS. Westchester Co. 

Westchester Hall; boys' boarding and day; 
non-sect.; Conrad Wollmann, Prin. 
Sacred Heart Seminary; boys' boarding; R. 
C; Sisters of St. Joseph. 

YONKERS, Westchester Co., pop. 47.031. 

Butler's Business School and School of Me- 
chanical Drawing; bus.; sten. and tech. 
drawing: est. 1892; WiUiam W-. Butler, 

Halsted School, The; prep.; girls' boarding 
and day: non-sect.; Mary Sicard Jenkins, 

Highcliffe Hall; girls' boarding and day; non- 
sect.; Mrs. W. E. Merrill, Prin. 

St. Joseph's Seminary; theol.; men; R. C.; 
James F. Drlscoll. D. D., Pres. 

Spencerian Business School; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1802; Ciiarles B. Hall, Prin. 


Population, 1,893,810. School census, 709,609. School age, 6-21. 

North Carolina is the fifteenth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,893,810 inhabitants, of whom 1,263,603, or 41.6 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 4,394, or .4 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 28.7 per cent, the state ranking forty-third in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


J. Y. JoYNER, Superintendent of Public Instruction Raleigh 

Allen J. Barwick, Chief Clerk Raleigh 

C. H. Mebane, Special Clerk for Loan Fund, etc Raleigh 


R. B. Glenn, Governor, Chairman Raleigh 

J. Y. JoYNER, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Secretary Raleigh 

W. C. Newland, Lieutenant-Governor Raleigh 

J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State Raleigh 

B. R. Lacy, State Treasurer Raleigh 

B. F. Dixon, State Auditor Raleigh 

T. W. Bickett, Attorney General Raleigh 


J, Y. JoYNER, Chairman ex-officio Raleigh 

Allen J. Barwick, Secretary Raleigh 

N. W. Walker Chapel Hill 

Z. V. JuDD Raleigh 

F. L. Stevens Raleigh 

John Graham Warrenton 



I. C. Griffin, President Salisbury 

L. C. Brogdin, Vice-President Kinston 

C. W. Wilson. Secretary Scotland Neck 

Duties performed by State Board of Education. 




Duties performed by State Board of Education. 


North Carolina has no State Reading Circle Board, but her legislature makes 
generous provision for the building up of school libraries. A state law was passed 
in 1901, appropriating $5,000 from the state funds, to be paid out, ten dollars to 
every school district that would appropriate ten dollars, and whose citizens would 
contribute ten dollars. The appropriation was taken up in three months, and two 
thousand four hundred books were bought for the school libraries in that year. 
This appropriation is continued from year to year, and there are now over 1,800 
libraries in the rural schools. 


Thos. R. Foust, President Greensboro 

R. D. W. Connor, Secretary Raleigh 


Pop. of 
County. Superintendent's Name. Address County. 

Alamance Rev. W. S. Long Graham 25.665 

Alexander A. F, Sharpe Hiddenite 10.960 

Alleghany C. J. Taylor Ennlce 7,759 

Anson J. M. Wall Wadesboro 21.870 

Ashe W. H. Jones Warrenville 19.581 

Beaufort Rev. N. Harding Washington 26,404 

Bertie R. W. Askew Windsor 20,538 

Bladen Angus Cromartie Garland 17.677 

Brunswick Geo. H. Bellamy El Paso 12,657 

Buncombe A. C. Reynolds Ashevllle 44,288 

Burke R. L. Patton Morganton 17.699 

Cabarrus C. E. Roger Concord 22,456 

Caldwell Y. D. Moore Lenoir 15.694 

Camden E. T. Burgess Shlloh 5,474 

Carteret L. B. Ennett Cedar Point 11,811 

Caswell Geo. A. Anderson Anderson 15,028 

Catawba Geo. E. Long Newton 22,133 

Chatham R. p. Johnson Mt. Vernon Springs. .23.912 

Cherokee E. B. Norvelle Murphy ' 11,860 

Chowan J. O. Alderman Tyner 10,258 

Clay G. H. Halgler Hayesville 4,532 

Cleveland B. T, Falls Lawndale 25.078 

Columbus F. T. Wooten Chadbourn 21.274 

Craven S. M. Brinson New Bern 24,160 

Cumberland B. T. McBrvde Fayetteville 29,249 

Currituck j. m. Newbern Jarvisburg 6.529 

I>are W. B. Fearing Manteo 4,757 

Davidson p. s. Vann Lexington 23.403 

Davie j. d. Hodges Mocksville 12,115 

Duplin D. S. Kennedy Kenansville 22.405 

Durham C. W. Massev Durham 26.233 

Edgecombe r. a. Kittrell Tarboro 26,591 

Forsyth W. B. Sneas Winston-Salem 35,261 

Franklin R. B. White Franklinton 25,116 

Gaston F. P. Hall Belmont 27,903 

Gates T. W. Costen, Jr Gatesvillo 10,413 

Graham L. H. Rogers Robin.«*vine 4.343 

Granville j. F. Webb Oxford 23,263 

Greene j. k. Debnam Snow Hill 12.038 

Guilford Thomas R. Foust Greensboro 39.074 

Halifax Dr. A. S. Harrison Enfield 30.793 

Harnett j. d. Ezzell Dunn 15.988 





County. Superintendent. 

Haywood R. A. Santelle 

Henderson Med. Ray 

Hertford T. E. Browne 

Hyde S. J. Beckwith 

Iredell T^. D. White 

Jackson W. T.. Henson 

Johnston J. P. Canaday 

Jones W. H. Hammonds . 

L.enolr C. W. Howard 

Lincoln G. T. Heafner 

Macon M. D. Billings 

Madison O. A. Henderson . 

.Waynesville . . . 


.Swan Quarter . 
.Statesvllle . . . . 








Martin R. J. Peele Willlamston 

McDowell D. F. Giles Marlon 

Mecklenburg- R. J. Cochrane Charlotte 

Mitchell D. W. Green Wing 

Montgomery R. T. Poole Troy 

Moore John A. McLeod Carthage 

Nash W. S. Wilkinson Rocky Mount . . . . 

New Hanover W. Catlett Wilmington 

Northampton Paul J. Long Jackson 

Onslow Walter M. Thompson Rlchlands 

Orange T. W. Andrews Chapel Hill 

Pamlico E. C. Ross Grantsboro 

Pasquotank G. R. Little Elizabeth City. . . 

Pender Chas. H. Utley Burgaw 

Perquimans W. G. Gaither Hertford 

Person G. F. Hollo wav Roxboro 

Pitt W. H. Ragsdale Greenville 

Polk ; . . . J. R. Foster Mill Spring 

Randolph E. J. Coltrane Asheboro 

Richmond W. R. Coppedge Rockingham . . . . 

Robeson J. R. Poole Lumberton 

Rockingham H. A. Hayes Reldsville 

Rowan R. G. Klzer Salisbury 

Rutherford B. H. Bridges Rutherfordton . . . 

Sampson L. L. Matthews Clinton 

Stanley E. F. Eddins Palmervllle 

Scotland L. M. Blue Gibson 

Stokes J. T. Smith Danbury 

Surry J. H. Allen Elkln 

Swain D. A. Randolph Bryson City 

Transylvania F. C. Henderson Quebec 

Tvrrell R. H. Spruill Columbia 

Union R. N. Nisbet Monroe 

Vance J. C. Kittrell Henderson 

Wake Z. Z. Judd Raleigh 

Warren Nat Allen Warrenton 

Washington C. J. Everett Plymouth 

Watauga B. B. Dougherty Boone 

Wayne E. T. Atkinson Goldsboro 

Wilkes C C. Wright Hunting Creek . . 

Wilson E. J. Barnes Wilson 

Yadkin A. J. Martin Benbow 

Yancey D. P. Deyton Toecane 

Pop. of 





, ... 9,278 


























. ... 7,004 



























ABERDEEN. Moore Co., pop. 550. 

Aberdeen Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 
S. P. Lorkhart, Prin. 
ADVANCE, Davis Co.. pop. 273. 
Advance Academy: prop.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 
.John Minor, PrIn. 
ALBEMARLE. Stanley Co.. pop. 1.600. 

Enfflewood Boarding School; prirls' boarding ; 
Presb. ; Helen J. Northrup. Prln. 

ASHEYILLE, Buncombe Co.. pop. 14.6M. 
Asheville Basinett Colleff«; bos. and iteo.: 

H. S. Shockley. Pre«. 
Asheville School; boys* boarding; non-MCt.: 

N. M. Anderson. Prln. 
Asheville School of Btenoffraphj mmA T j f p e 

writing: sten.: est. 1880; U\m Prmneef 

Emannel. Prln. 





Bingliam Soliool, The; boys' boarding; miU- 

tery; non-sect.; Ck>l. R. Bingham, Supt. 
Home Industrial School; prep, and indust.; 

girls: Presb.; est. 1887; Miss Florence 

Stephenson, Prin. 
Normal and Collegiate Institute; normal; 

private; women; Presb.; est. 1892; Rev. 

Thomas Lawrence, D. D., Pres. 
Stevens' SchoM, The Misses; prep.; co-ed.: 

non-sect.; est. 1900; Miss Elizabeth C. 

Stevens, Prln. 
ASHPOLE, Bobeson Co., pop. 432. 
Ashpole Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 

1879; George W. Coggln, A. B., Pres. 
ABDEN. Buncombe Co., pop. 137. 
Christ's School; prep.; coed.; non-sect.; T. 

C. Wetmore, Prln. 
ATLAKTIC, Carteret Co., pop. 52. 
Atlantic Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

G. W. Mewborn, Prin. 
Atlantic Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

C. E. James, Prin. 
AXJOXJSTA, Davie Co., pop. 32. 

Hodges School; prep.; co-ed.; uon-sect. ; John 

D. Hodges, A. M.. Prin. 
AVLANDEB, Bertie Co.. pop. 342. 

Aulander Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
H. W. Early. Prin. 
ATDEN, Pitt Co.. pop. 567. 

Free Will Baptist Theological Seminary; 
theol.; co-ed.; boarding; Free Will Bapt.: 
est. 1889; Thomas Ewlng Peden. D. D., 
BATB0R0XJ6H, Pamlico Co., pop. 292. 

Pamlico Male and Female Institute; prep.; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1888; Thomas M. 
Sea well. O. B., Prln. 
BEAVFOBT, Carteret Co., pop. 2.195. 

Beaufort High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Mrs. Daisy Belle, Prin. 

St. Paul's School; prep.; co-ed.; P. E. 
Edward Hills. Ph. D., Prln. 

Washburn Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1865; D. Wilder. A. B.. Prin. 
BELLCB08S, Camden Co., pop. 97. 

Bellcross Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. D. Berry, Prln. 
BBLMOVT, Gaston Co., pop. 146. 

Sacred Heart Academy; girls' boarding: R. 
C; est. 1892; Mother M. Teresa. Priu. 

St. MarjF's College; coll.; men; R.; C; est. 
1878; Rev. Leo. Ilald. D. D.. 0. S. B., 

School's Announcement. — Situated eleven 
Utiles west of Charlotte, N. C. In charge 
of the Benedictine Fathers. Physical, 
moral and religious training a special aim 
of the fchool. Pure, cold water; healthy, 
substantial food; cool mountain air. 
Ola&sical, commercial and scientific 
courses. Graduates hold responsible und 
lucrative positions In the principal South- 
em cities. Terms of board and tuition 
for the year. $200. 
BELYIDEBE, Perquimans Co., pop. 110. 

BelTidere Academy; prep.; co-ed.: Friends; 
Mary J. White, Prln. 

BELWOOD, Cleveland Co., pop. 107. 
Belwood Institute: prep.: co-ed.: M. E. So.: 
est. 1890; John C. Garett, Prin. 
BETHEL HILL, Person Co., pop. 33. 

Bethel Hill Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
Rev. J. A. Beam, Prin. 
BIG LICK, Stanly Co., pop. 132. 

Big Lick Academy; closed. 
BILTMOBE, Buncombe Co., pop. 71. 
Biltmore School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; R. 

R. Johnson, Prin. 
Biltmore Parish School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Alice R. JaclESOn. Prin. 
BISCOE, Montgomery Co., pop. 79. 

Biscoe Academy; prep.; coed.; non-sect.; 
Flora M. Martin, Prin. 
BLACK MOTTKTAIN, Buncombe Co., pop. 270. 
Holman Christian University; coll.; Christian; 
coed.; J. C. Goggins, Pres. 
BLOWING ROCK, Watauga Co., pop. 331. 

Skyland Institute; closed. 
BOILING SPRINGS, Cleveland Co., pop. 76. 
Boiling Springs Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. E. Goode, Prin. 
BOMBAY, Randolph Co. 
Bombay Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
W. S. Anderson, Prin. 
BOOMER, Wilkes Co., pop. 37. 
Boomer High School; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; J. 

A. Baldwin, Prin. 
BOONEVILLE, Yadkin Co., pup. 183. 

Yadkin Valley Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1854; Abner C. Gentry, B. A., 
BROADWAY, Moore Co., pop. 46. 

Broadway Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
M. A. McLeod, Prln. 
BREVARD, Transylvania Co., pop. 584. 

Brevard Institute; prep.; co-ed.; M. E. So.; 
est. 1895; C. H. Trowbridge, A. M., Prin. 

Broad Valley Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; L. W. Hall, Prln. 

Normal and Industrial Training School; prep, 
und indust.; co-ed.; non-sect.; E. E. Bish- 
op, Prln. 
BUIES CREEK, Harnett Co., pop. 25. 

Buies Creek Academy; prep; co-e<1. ; non- 
sect.; est. 1887; Rev. J. A. Campbell, 

BURGAW, Fender Co.. pop. 387. 
Burgaw Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-soct.: 

B. T. Cowper, A. B.. Supt. 

BURLINGTON. Alamance Co., pop. 3,092. 

Burlington Academy; prep.; co-ed.: Meth.; est. 
1903; H. 0. Stout, Supt. 

Parish School; prep.; co-ed.; nonaect.; Bes- 
sie Mann, Prin. 

BURNSVILLE, Yancey Co.. pop. 207. 

Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

E. E. Hnwljlns, Prin. 
McCormick School ; prep. ; co-ed. ; non-soct. ; 

C. R. Hubbard, Prin. 

BUXTON, Dare Co., pop. 34. 

Buxton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Miss Minnie Ilarrell, Prin. 





CAMDEN, Camden Co., pop. 268. 

Camden High School; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 
D. H. TlUett, Prin. 
CAKA, Davis Co., pop. 51. 

Cana Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; O. 
A. Reynolds, Prln. 
CABTHAGE, Moore Co., pop. 605. 

Carthage Academic Institnte; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; Palmer Dairy mple, A. B., Prin. 
CARY, Wake Co., pop. 333. 

Cary High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1870; E. L. Middleton, Head Master. 
CEDAR GROVE, Orange Co., pop. 70. 

Cedar Grove Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Annie Ilugbes, Prin. 
CEDAR ROCK, Franklin Co., pop. 44. 

Cedar Rock Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt. 
Mis.; T. H. Sledge, Prin. 
CHAPEL HILL, Orange Co., pop. 1,099. 

Chapel Hill School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. W. Canoda, Prin. 

University of North Carolina; unlv. ; state; 
men; est. 1795; F. F. Venuble, Ph. D., 
LL. D., Pres. 

University of North Carolina, Department of 
Pharmacy; phar.; men; est. 1898; E. V. 
Howell, Dean. 

University of North Carolina; Law Depart- 
ment; law; men; est. 1846; James C. 
MacKae, LL. U., Dean. 

University of North Carolina, Medical School; 
(Freshman and Sophomore years; Junior 
and Senior years at Raleigh); med.; rog. ; 
men; est. 1878; Richard II. Whitehead, 
M. D., Dean. 
CHARLOTTE, Mecklenburg Co., pop. 18,091. 

Biddle University (colored); coll.; men; Presb. ; 
est. 1878; Rev. D. J. Sanders, D. I)., 

Charlotte Commercial College; bus. and sten. ; 
J. C. Mintz. Pres. 

Charlotte Military Institute; military; non- 
sect.; J. G. Baird, Supt. 

Elizabeth College; girls' boanling; non-sect.; 
est. 1897; C. B. King, A. M., Pres. 

King's Business College; bus. and sten.; J. 
H. King, Prln. 

National Telegraph Institute; teleg. ; co-ed.; 
J. H. Skulkey. E. E., Pres, 

North Carolina Medical College; med.: reg. ; 
men; est. 1898; Walter O. Nesbit, M. I)., 

Presbyterian College for Women; girls' board- 
ing; Presb.; est. 1857; Rev. J. R. Bridges, 
D. D., Pres. 

St. Mary's Seminary; prep.; girls; R. C; 
S. M. Dolores, Prin. 
CHEROKEE, Swain Co., pop. 07. 

U. S. Indian Industrial School; Govt, indust. 
school for Indians; cu-rd.; est. 1880; De- 
Witt S. Harris, Supt. 
CHINA GROVE. Rowan Co., pop. 887. 

China Grove High School; prep.; co-ed.: non- 
sect.: P. E. Wright. Prin. 

Chapel Hill High School; i)ni). : co-e<l.; non- 
sect.: Rev. T. W. Stroud. Prin. 

Private School; prei». ; co-ed.: non-sect.; Mrs. 
(Jranneer, Prin. 

CHOCOWINTY, Beaufort Co., pop. 73. 
Trinity School; prep.; co-ed.; P. B.; est. 1875; 
N. C. Hughes. Prln. 
CHURCHLAND, Davidson Co., pop. 39. 
Pine Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Prof. 
S. G. Hasty, Pres. 
CISCO, Chowan Co., p(H>- 72. 

Elm Grove School; closed. 
CLARXTON, Bladen Co., pop. 131. 

Male Institute: prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; W. 
M. Dimn, Prin. 
CLAYTON, Jihnston Co., pop. 754. 

Clayton High Schcol; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1900; II. F. Williams. A. B., Prln. 
CLEMMONS, Forsythe Co., pop. 171. 

Clemmons School: prep.; co-ed.; Moravian; 
est. 1900; Rev. James E. Hall. Prln. 
CLINTON, Sampson Co., pop. 58. 
Brewer's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Street Brewer, Prln. 
Clinton School; prep.; co-ed.: noa-sect.; 
Brice Craven, Prin. 
CLYDE, Hayward Co., pop. 244. 
Hayward High School; prep.; co-e<l.; Bapt.; 
R. A. Santell, Prin. 
COHARIE, Ssimpson Co., pop. 21. 
Coharie School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Mrs. 
B. V. Wright. Prln. 
COLERAIN, Bertie Co. 
Coler&in Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Cora B. Beard, Prln. 
COLXTMBUS, Polk Co., pop. 334. 
Columbus Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-stHrt.; 

W. M. Whiteside, Prin. 
Central Industrial School; normal; prep.: co- 
ed. Indust.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Dr. J. G. 
McLaughlin, Prin. 
CONCOFD, Cabarrus Co., pop. 7,010. 
Mount Amoena Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. H. Fisher, Prin. 
Rocky River High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. G. Caswell, Prin. 
Scotia Seminary (colored) ; girls' boarding; 
Presb.; D. J. Satterfield, D. D., Prin. 
CONOVER, Catawba Co., pop. 413. 
Concordia College; coll.; co-ed.; Lath.; Rev. 
Martin Luecke, Pres. 
COOLEEMEE, Davie Co., pop. 247. 

Cooleemee High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. R. Craven, Prin. 
CORA, Burke Co., pop. 29. 
Amherst Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1880; T. F. Barnes, A. B., Prin. 
CRESCENT, Rowan Co., pop. 47. 
Crescent Academy and Biuinett College; bus.; 
est. 1896: J. L. M. Lyerly, Prln. 
CRISP, Edcombe Co., pop. 52. 
Atlantic Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
J. Fred Webb. Prin. 

GROUSE. Lincoln Co., iKip. 182. 
Piedmont Seminary: i»rep; co-<?d.: non- 
stct.; est. VMKi; G. T. Ileafner, Prln. 

CULLOWHEE. Jackson Co. 

Cullowhee Normal School; state; normal: est. 




tioiini>cl, ; 


DALLAS, Guton Co.. pap. raC 

\^i*; H. A. WulfT, A, M,, Pn-a, 
D ALTON, StDke* C^., \m{K HO. 

Dftltoii iDititute; |mi!.t co-l^Li 
W. A, Flint, Prln. 

DAKBUBY, Stekei Ctj.n |»oti. KIT, 

Daabuiy Acadeuiy; pn-tv. ; co-eil.i 
J. T. tiDifth, Prln. 

BAVtDSOK. MockiQnbBTW Co., poi^. I»04. 

D^TidMii CcUef9; nALi iiieb; Prc-pH. ; est. 
iNliT; lictirj' Lotiiis Sill I 111, Ph. D., LL. D.» 

XtOETCHES, Kuh C<». 

l>trNN. Hirnfltt Cfi-, pop, 1,072. 

DuoD Hifb S{:k)0]t pP«ii-; L^oitl. 
J. l). Ezztll, Prln. 
DURHAM, Diirl]L4Jn Cot, pop, ^,^7i>- 

rrimtir GolUg^}^ coU, ; ct^wJ.; M. B. Stx: ist. 
l§ol; Itirv. JMhn IJ, KlJiju. D. D.. l*i-i*. 

Trinity Fark Hi^h Bcho^l; prnp,t tociJ,; ,VI. 
E. So. ■ J, ^\ HivioH, Prim 
SoluHjri Anoou^icement. -* Trinity Park 
^btjul I* l<ji^iiled in thn bt'mitlful VU^l 
in^>iit si^lltin of Nfrt'tJi Unroltna; €aiTLL»us 
niljaln» tbat «f TrlnNy Oolkgf':; «in- 
iJunt^ 116*1^ tlie Ctillcgi^ librjir,T. Tht 
Scliool pr<?(iiifps flip Ibe beat collt-f^-i: thu 
AeviliMMic: ^jiHtiiiietit ia ttiilte Cfnnph^tis 
K^jivcJktit i^yomiifilnni flod Htblellc 
jrriiUQds, SI net t8U*i, I tit* furoLlment tans 
litcTFiiiipd froui 72 to JIJ5, niid tni-f IZi 
■ tqaifDts Ituve tj**fn prt:pjin?il for col- 
l«?lfe. Tlie rounsp rovers four yfiira, 
TJ*Dniiltorliii, itifuli'rti hi siriictiirc jiml 
eqnlpmcnt. K^pi^nHi-w: liiltlon. liOtti'tL 
launtirj, nni'l honbn, f iJiiii in f!SfH} p*"!' jt^ut. 

EAGLETQWK, Korthumpton Co., poti. Si. 
Aorora Htfh Schooh i>tvp,l e^-utl,: rrlentls: 
Lti'll Wbltp. Prill, 

ELIZABETH CITY, f nBquotank Co., tK»p. (|.a4SK 
AtUotic Callejpbte Institute; pn>iK: irc^Pd.: 

nito Bott, i ^. L. SlifH-ti, I'rln, 
Cfoey School; prvp.; <:o-ird- ; noo-«iifCl.; R. B. 

Crt'cy, Jr., Prin. 
St&te Colfirtd JTotnua School J nuraiil; uliite; 

co'C'd.; t*st. IS»I^ P* W* M0(»ri'. A. M,, 

Pd«l Bcluml: [ir^p. ; tN>rHj. ; nmi-^nevt ; Brrtk' 

l'r.ol. Pria. 
Tillnt School; prc-p.; (?o-od.; ijo«»<."et.T J. N. 

Tlllett. iTlti. 

ELOir COLLEGE p Almmuicii Cq., pop. mK 
tUon OoUofe; «<)'1L; eo-t-d.; CbfUtUnL esl. 
I§a0; Etuiiieli L. Momtt, M. A., LL. D.. 

EMOCHTLLL£, Bownn Co,, pop, Q(KL 
ElioehTille Sigh School; pn-p.H to-rd,^ non 
a^Kt.: P U, ISnmu, PpId. 

FAIBON, Duplin Qci,« pop, 308, 
Male Ac&demj; prr^p. i ifo-iML 
|[. Ci^Mwpll. Prtm 

FALLSTOH'. Cl^fveUn^ Co,, pop. 24 L 
FUlttqa AciAdemy; eloocd. 

uoii-atiet,; H. 

FABMIIfGTON. Davie Co.. pop. lUfi. 

Farminirton AcHdemr: pr««|». : iHi^ifd.: ii)»o 
*(.rr; 11, B fViUluri, Prln. 

FABMEH, Randolph Co., iio^i. 37. 
Fftupor InitLtut«: pfop ; eo-pd, : M, H.; 
W. R. Sfcirbom, Priti. 
F4EN SCHOOL, F. O,. noiir AilieiriUe. 

AibeTUlo Farm StUooh bo,vs' hiduKit,; Ppc^pIi.: 
t»t, 1NJI2; [li-v. CJ. SutmipF Bo*ki?rrnUu 
FAYETTBVILLE, Ciiinb&rUiid Co,, piii^^ *.<tTo. 
DanftldHon-DiTtdi^din Acftd«mr!: fft'^P-: "O-wK; 
Prf&b. ; OiiirlMs R. Wiikiljiiid^ A, M,. 
Ellis School: etoa^ft, 
Hollfitte School; pi^'P^; ico-t'd.; poTi'Sivt.: Mn- 

fioii ^lonfiii', Prtii. 
Stato Colo rod Normal School (Giiloi'Bd)4 n#t- 
tiiol; Stat*'; eo^fd.: pftL 1^47; E. K. I^mith, 
Pti. Jl., Prfa, 
FINCH, Kji*1i Co.. pop. 23. 

Stiktihop« Higrh School: prep..; imi^l-iL; uoii 
rti'ct.; Dnvkt Pri-shin iNirtPr^ Prln. 
FRAUKLIN, liftcon Co., pop. 335. 
Friuiklin High School; pn-p^: co-t^l.: xM. K. 
Su. L M. 1*. millngH^ Pl-tn. 
FRAKKLINTOH, Franklin Co,, p^p. 7i)L 
AlhiLp Academy — State Kcrmml School; nor- 
iiiul: ^Urts €o-*>d. ; lU'V. J. A. Bitvusu, 

Fra^Dklifitop ChriatlHii Goll«coi |>roi>. : tH>-i!idl,; 
flirititliin: Krv. Z. A. Pofite, Prln. 
FBANKLDIVILLE. Randolph Co., pop, fjflT, 
FratLklidrille Hifh Bchool; prep.: (.'o-i?!].; nop- 
Btet.; [*. M. W»?fiflKrly, PHn. 
FEEatfOUT, Wtyae Co., pop. I.T5. 
Fiomont Hijrh School; pr^'p. : coi-i«d.; iion- 

m*(?t.; C, E. Sponrf'T, Prln. 
All Hallowi S«EniDftTyi; prop.r sr^rla' bonrd 
\m'. R. C.; A. P; LlnilaHj, 1^1 n. 
GASTONIA. Gaston Co., pop. 4.610. 

Oaaton Academy; prp|K ; tfo-tnl,; Prp»b.: J. 
W. Slier, Prln; 
GATK, Orangfi Co., pop. 4S. 
"White Grove Ac«demj; prep: civi-^fl. ; utyu 
9vit.\ W. B. Self. Prln. 
GEORGE, HortbaDipton Go., pop. 53, 

01n67 Academy: prep,' ctU'd.; noii aert.; Da- 
vid f\ White. Prln. 
GISSOir. Scotland Co., pop, &ii. 

Gibson Aeademy: prfp. ; t'oed.; iioiinect,: M, 
L. «tl»^ki}ivi', Prln. 
GOLDBTOK. Chatham Oo,^ pop. 175, 
Golditon High School; prep.; coeiL; noiv 
Mcl- W. U. Tyler. Prln, 
GRANITE FALLS, CaldiToll Co,, p<>p. 277, 

Granite Academy; prt'|i. ; €m ed,; iiQntiL'^'t . [ W^ 
J^ WlsMi. Prln. 
GRANT3B0R0, Famlico Co., pup. 03. 

AlliaiLce High School; prep.; co+i?*!.; non- 
siHLl.; E. C. Rom, Prln. 
GREENSBORO, Guilford Co^ pop, 10.035. 

AfriLLiltural an^ Mecbuiicai GoUore for tho 
Colored Eaco (colored); Induel, ; in*?n; 
HXaU^i f>t IMOl? JHuit'B B, tlMley, M, A., 
LL. D., Prei>. 





Bennett Collegre; coll.; co-ed.; M. E. ; est. 
1871; Rev. S. A. Pooler, A. M., D. 1).. 
Greensboro Ck>lleffe; girls' boarding; M. B. 

So.; est. 1838; Lucy II. Robertson, Prln. 
State Normal and Industrial School; normal; 
state; co-ed.; Charles D. Mclvcr, Pres. 
OROVER, Cleveland Co., pop. 174. 
Grower High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
R. L. HoweU, Prln. 
GTJILFORD COLLEGE, Guilford Co., pop. 208. 
Guilford College; coll.; co-ed.; Priends; est. 
1837; L. Lyndon Hobbs, A. M., Pres. 
HAMILTON, Martin Co., pop. 493. 
Hamilton Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1893; W. H. Albright, Ph. B., M. A., 
HATESVILLE, Clay Co., pop. 142. 

Fort Hembree Business Institute; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1901; L. P. Shuford, Prln. 
HERTFORD, Perquimans Co., pop. 1,382. 

Perquimans Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. W. Roberts, Prln. 
HICKORY, Catawba Co., pop. 2,535. 
Claremont Female College; girls' boarding; 
non-sect.; est. 1880; D. W. Read, M. A., 
Lenoir College; coll.; co-ed.; Luth. ; est. 1891; 
Rev. R. L. Fritz, A. M., Pres. 
HIDDENITE, Alexander Co., pop. 108. 

Hiddenite School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
A. P. Sharpe, Prln. 
HILLSBORO, Orange Co., pop. 707. 

Hillsbor-) Private School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1880; Mrs. Bragg and , Miss 
Heartt, Prins. 
Orange Grove School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1898; William Archibald Fleck. Prln. 
HOT SPRINGS, Madison Co., pop. 445. 

Borland Institute; prep.; co-ed,: non-sect.: 
est. 1804; Julia PhiUlps, Prln. 
HT7BS0N, Caldwell Co., pop. 112. 

Hudson Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
K. B. Phillips, Prln. 

HUNTERSVILLE, Mecklenburg Co., pop. 533. 
Huntexsville High School; prep.; Presb.; R. 
co-ed.; est. 1885; R. .M. Gray, Prln. 

ILEX, Davidson Co., pop. 42. 

Holly Grove Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Luth.; 
Charles S. Illleman, A. B., Prln. 

INTELLIGENCE. Rockingham Co. 

Sharp's Institute; prep, co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. M. Sharp, Prln. 

Jackson Springs Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; T. M. Seawell, Prln. 

JAMESVILLE, Martin Co., pop. 235. 

Jamesville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
A. J. Manning, Prln. 

JERUSALEM, Bavie Co., poi>. 74. 
Jerusalem High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: A. L. Chaffin, Prln. 

JONESVILLE, Yadkin Co.. pop. 187. 
Jonesville Academy; closed. 

JOPPA, Orange Co. 

Chestnut Ridge Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: T. L. Reveelc, Prin. 
KENANSYILLE, Duplin Co., pop. 271. 
Shaw School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; W. M. 
Shaw, Prln. 
HERNE&8VILLE, Forsythe Co., pop. 652. 
Kemersville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Prof. J(AnBon, Prln. 
KINGS MOUNTAIN, Cleveland Co., pop. 2.0A2. 
Kings Mountain High School; prep.; co-ed.; 

non-sect.; S. W. Garvllle, Prln. 
Lincoln Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Cong.; Lil- 
lian S. Cathcart, Prln. 
KINSTON, Lenoir Co., pop. 4,106. 

Lewis School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Rich- 
ard H. Lewis, Prln. 
Rhodes Military Institute; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1902; Col. W. H. Rhodes, Prln. 
KITTRESS, Vance Co., pop. 168. 
Kittrell College (colored); prep.; co-ed.; A. 
M. E.; est. 1886; J. R. Hawkins. A. M.. 
LAURINBURG, Scotland Co., p8p. 1,334. 
McLean School; prep.; co-ed. non-sect.; 

Annie McLean, Prin. 
McLean High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; P. P. Wyche, Prln. 
LAWNBALE, Cleveland Co., pop. 500. 

Piedmont High School prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. D. Burns, Prln. 
LAWRENCE, Edcombe Co., pop. 27. 

Grace School; prep.; co-(>d. ; non-sect.; Miss 
M. H. Hicks, Prin. 
LEAKSVILLE, Rockingham Co., pop. 688: 
Leaksville High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; G. Boone, Prln. 
LENOIR, Caldwell Co., pop. 1,296. 
Davenport College; coll.; co-ed.; Meth.; est. 
1856; Charles C. Weaver, A. B., Ph. D.. 
LEWISTON, Bertie Co., pop. 168. 
Manson Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Pattle Manson, Prin. 
LEWISVILLE, Forsythe Co., pop. 159. 

Lewisville Academy; closed. 
LEXINGTON, Davidson Co., pop. 1.234. 
Lexington Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; George M. Edgar, Prin. 
Reed Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; G. 
J. W. Cole, A. B.. Prin. 
LIBERTY. Randolph Co., pop. 804. 
Liberty Normal College; normal; private : 
co-ed.; est. 1896; Thomas G. Amlck. Ph. 
D., Pres. 
LINCOLNTON. Lincoln Co., pop. 828. 
Piedmont Academy; prep.; co-cd.; non-sect.; 
B. P. Caldwell, Prin. 

LINDSAY, Orange Co., pop. 53. 

Damascus High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; C. P. McAuly, Prin. 
LITTLETON, Halifax Co., pop. 610. 
Littleton Female College; girls* boarding; 
Meth.; J. M. Rhodes. A. M., Prin. 





LONG CREEK, Pender Ck>., pop. 87. 
Long Creek School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. O. Henry. Prin. 
LOTJIBBITKa, Franklin Co., pop. 1.178. 
Louisbarff CoUege; sirls' boarding; M. E. 
So.; est. 1866; Mrs. Mary Davis Allen, 
Louisburr Male Academy; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Ernest Sims Morton, A. B., Prin. 
LOWLAND, Pamlico Co., pop. 23. 
Unity Hall High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Rena Bridgeman. Prin. 
LinCBEBTOV, Bobeaon Co., pop. 848. 
Barker's "High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. H. Branch, Prin. 
Bowland's (Mias) School; prep.; co-cd. ; non- 
sect.; Miss Penny Rowland, Prin. 
Bobeson Institute: prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 
1883; P. S. Vame, A. B., LL. D., Pres. 
MADISON, Bockingham Co., pop. 813. 
Madison High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; D. D. McBride, Prin. 
Madison Institute and Business College; 
prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; J. M. Weatherly. 
MAGNOLIA, Duplin Co., pop. 454. 
Magnolia High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; B. Robinson, L. I., A. B.. Prin. 
MANTEO, Dare Co. pop. 312. 
Manteo Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
W. G. Coltrane, Prin. 
MAB8HALL, Madison Co., pop. 337. 
Marshall Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; 

Grace Martin, Prin. 
Walnut Springs Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; UIss M. y. Darby, Prin. 
MAB8HALLBEBG, Carteret Co., pop. 87. 
Graham Collegiate Institute; prep.: co-cd.; M. 

E.; Rev. C. M. Levister. Prin. 
Graham Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
Rer. C. M. Levister, Prin. 
MABS HILL, Madison Co., pop. 288. 
Big Pine School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

B. L. Moore. A. B.. Prin. 
Mars Hill College; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 
1867; R. L. Moore, A. B., Prin. 
MABSHYILLE, Union Co., pop. 348. 

MarshyUle Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; H. H. Caldwell, A. B., Prin. 

MEBANE, Alamance Co., pop. 218. 
The- Binghsm School; boys' boarding; mil.; 
non-sect.; est. 1783; Preston Lewis Gray, 
B. L.. Prin. 

MEBBIT, Pamlico Co., pop. 88. 
Trent School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; E. 
P. DlxoD. Prin. 

MEBBY OAXS, Chatham Co., pop. 120. 

Merry Oaks Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
aect.; Lillian Massey, Prin. 

MIDWAY, Davidson Co., pop. 32. 
Arcadia Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
O. W. Rothwlch, Prin. 
MINEOLA, Beaufort Co., pop. 48. 
Carolina Inatitate; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
W. A. Bridges, Prin. 

MIZPAH, Stokes Co., pop. 98. 
Mountain View Institute; prep.: co-cd.; non- 
sect.; William M. Wall, Prin. 
KOCKSVILLE. Davies Co., pop. 745. 
MocksTllle High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Walter H. Goodman, Prin. 
Sunny Side Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; M. M. Eaton. Prin. 
MOFFIT, Randolph Co., pop. 118. 
Shilow Academy: prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
A. C. Cox, Prin. 
MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret Co., pop. 1,378. 
Harry North High School ; prep. ; co-ed. ; non- 
sect.; B. I. Tart, A. B., Prin. 
MORGANTON, Burke Co., pop. 1.838. 
Marbuth School; prep.; co-cd.; non-sect.; 

Mrs. Marbuth, Prin. 
Patten School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; R. L. 

Patton, Prin. 
School for the Deaf and Dumb; state; co-ed.; 
est. 1881. 
MOORESVILLE. Aredell Co., pop. 1.533. 
Mooresville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; 

Charles L. Grey, Prin. 
Mooresville Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 18C6; P. P. Rocltctt, A. B., Prin. 
MORAVIAN FALLS, WUkes Co., pop. 118. 
Moravian Falls Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1881; D. G. Weaver, Pres. 

MORTON STORE, Alamance Co. 

Gilliam Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-soct.; 
J. W. Gilliam, Prin. 

MORVEN, Anson Co., pop. 447. 
Morven Hill Academy; prep.; co-cd.; non- 
sect.; J. E. T. Massey, Prin. 

MOUNT GILEAD, Montgomery Co., pop. 385. 
Mount Gilead Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Eugene Harris, Prin. 

MOUNT OLIVE, Wayne Co., pop. 617. 
Mount Olive High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; David S. Nicholson, Prin. 

MOUNT PLEASANT, Cavarrus Co., pop. 444. 
Collegiate Institute; prep.; men; Luth.; est. 

18IS4: G. P. McAllister, A. B., Prin. 
Mount Amoena Seminary; girls' boarding: 
Luth.; Henderson N. Miller, Ph. B., Prin. 

MOUNT TIRZAH, Person Co.. pop. 130. 
Readeland Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
A. S. Webb, Prin. 

pop. 28. 

Mt. Vernon Springs Academy; prep.; co-ed.: 
est. 1850; Missionary Bapt.: R. P. John- 
son, Prin. 

Sandy Creek Association School; girls' board- 
ing; Bapt.: A. M. Yates, Prin. 

MURFBEESBORO. Hertford Co., pop. 657. 

Chowan Baptist Female Institute; girls' board- 
ing; Bapt.: est. 1848; John 0. Scarbor- 
ough. A. B., Pres. 

NASHVILLE. Nash Co.. pop. 470. 
Baker's School; prep.; co-ed. non-sect.; Mrs. 
J. H. L. Baker, Prin. 





Nashville Academy; prop.: <*«»-«m1.; iioii-Koet.; 
A. H. Koonce, Prin. 
NEWTON, Catawba Ck>., pop. 1,583. 
Catawba College; coll.; co-ed.; Reformed; est. 
1851; Rev. G. A. Snyder, Pres. 
NEWTON GROVE, Sampson Co., pop. 75. 
Catholic School; prep.; boys; R. C. ; M. A. 

Irvin, Prln. 
Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
BlUlc Robinson, Prin. 
NORWOOD, Stanley Co., pop. 663. 
Norwood High School: prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. M, Sherrill, Prln. 
NVLIN, Allegheny Co., pop. 26. 
Turkey Knob School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Oscar R. Blnck, Prln. 
OAK RIDGE, Guilford Co., pop. 161. 

Oak Ridge Institute; prep, and bus.; boys' 
est. 1852; non-sect.; J. Allen Holt, Prln. 
ORMONDSVILLE, Greene Co., pop. 26. 
OrmondsviUe Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. W. Ormand, Prin. 
ORRXJM, Robeson Co. 

Stinceon Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
M. Sheppard, Prln. 
OXTORD, Granville Co., pop. 2,050. 
Homer Militajry School; military; non-sect.; 

J. C. Horner, Prln. 
Oxford Female Seminary; girls' boarding; 
Bapt.; est. 1850; F. P. Hobgood, Pres. 
PANTEGO, Beaufort Co.; pop. 253. 
Pantego Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Chas. Scarlet, Prin. 
FEE DEE, Anson Co., i)op. 52. 
Barrett College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1889; A. M. Barrett, A. M., D. D., Prin. 
PENELOPE. Burke Co., pop. 13. 

Penelope Academy; closed. 
PINNACLE, Stokes Co.. pop. 156. 
Pinnacle High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

C. II. Johnson, Prln. 
Pinnacle Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
S. W. Hall, Prln. 
PIONEER MILLS, Cabarrus Co., pop. 82. 
Pioneer Mills Academy; prep.; co-ed.; nun- 
sect.; J. A. Bambardt, Prln. 
PITTSBORO. Chatham Co.. pop. 424. 

Pittsboro Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
H. M. London, Prin. 
RAEFORD, Cumberland Co., pop. 175. 

Raeford High School; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 18S>5; J. A. McLeod, A. B., Prin. 
RALEIGH, Wake Co., pop. 13.043. 
Baptist Female University; girls' boarding; 

Bapt.: est. ISiH); II. T. Vann, Pres. 
Draughon's Practical Business College; bus. 

and Rtcn.; J. F. Drauglion, Pres. 
King's Business College; bus. and sten. ; est. 

11)01; J. II. King, Pros. 
Leonard Medical School of Shaw University 
(colored); med.: reg. : men: est. 1882; 
Jami's MoKee. M. I)., Dean. 
Mount Moriah Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- { 

sent.: M. A. .VdaiiiK, Prin. 
North Carolina College of Agriculture and 
Mechanic Arts; tech.; non-sect.; men; est. 

1881): George Taylor Winston. Pre«. 
Peace Institute; girls' boarding; non-sect.: 

James Dinwiddle, M. A., Prin. 
Rileigh Male Academy: boys' boarding; noo- 

sect.; Hugh Morson. Prln. 
St. Augustine's School (colored); nor. and 

Indust.; co-ed.: P. E.; est. 1877; Bev. A. 

B. Hunter, Prin. 
St. Mary's School; girls' boarding; P. E.. est. 

1842; Rev. McNeely Du Bo»e, B. S., B. D.. 

Shaw University; univ.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 

1865; Chas. F. Meser^e, LL. D., Pres. 
Shaw University, Department of Phumacy; 

pbar.; men; etc. 1890; Chas. B. Crowen. 

Ph. G., Dean. 
Shaw University, Law School; law; men; est. 

1888; Charles Francis Mesenre, LL. D.. 

University of North Carolina, Medical De- 
partment (Junior and Senior year*; Fresh- 
man and Sophomore years .at Chapel Hill.) 

med.; reg. ; men; est. 1878; H. A. Boyster. 

M. D., Dean. 
Whittaker School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Miss Sallle Whittaker, Prln. 
RAMSEUR, Randolph Co., pop. 760. 
Ramsenr High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

J. T. Cobb, Prin. 
RED SPRINGS, Robeson Co., pop. 858. 
North Carolina Military Academy; military; 

non-sect.; Col. W. M. Jones. A. M., Head 

Southern Presbyterian College and Ck>nMrva- 

tory of Music; mus. ; Presb. ; girls; est. 

1896; Rev. C. G. Vardell, D. D.. Pres. 
REIDSVILLE. Rockingham Co., pop. 9t262. 
Reidsville Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1882; H. A. Hayes. Prin. 
RICH SaUARE, Northampton Co., pop. 232. 
Rich Square High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect. ; John F. Cole, Prln. 
RIDGE WAY, Warren Co., pop. 250. 
German School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; M. 

Lauterback, Prln. 
ROBERSONYILLE, Martin Co., pop. 275. 
Robersor.ville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1002; John D. Everett, L. I.. 

ROWLAND, Robeson Co., pop. 357. 
Rowland High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

G. E. Swain, Prln. 
ROXBORO, Person Co., iK>p. 1.021. 
Satterfleld School: prep.; co-ed.; noo-eect.: 

Gertie Satterfleld, Prin. 
ROXOBEL, Bertie Co., pop. 227. 
Roxobel Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Mattie Liverraan, Prln. 
RUFFIN, Rockingham Co., pop. 190. 
Ruffin High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Prof. Osburn, Prin. 


Rutherfoid College; coll.; co-ed.; M. E.. Sa; 
e»t. 1900; Loy D. Thompson, A. B., Prvs. 
SALEM, Forsyth Co., pop. 3,642. 

Salem Beys' School; prep.; boys; non-sect.; 
J. D. Brower, Prln. 

S«Iflm FaiukIa Acftd«mj &iid Collcgfl; ^1rl«* 
tkomrd^ Mom vi Jin; est, IJ<02; IU"v. John 
It. Ck'well. Pli. D., Pres, 
BALEMEURS, Sampuia OOk, pop. S2. 

ent. 1ST4; Geo^s^^ r, Eawiu*da, A. B., 

SJUSBtrEY^ Eowta Co.. iH>p. 0,2TT. 

Citholk SchcHfJt fjr*'t>. ; bofSi R. C; P, O* 

3. B. J.j^tr«U- PHn. 
Li¥iqff<t(jpo ColI«*e icolftred]; colL; eo-ed,; 

A. M. B. Z. ; e«t. ISfiS; WllUam H. Goler. 
D. D,, Pre*. 

SAXTTDA, Folk Cfl.» pop. 211. 

SaluiU Sorainuy; prep,: eo-pd.: Cknig.; Fl«fliitii 
Shildcm, PrSn. 
SCOTLAHB NECK. Hilifii C3ft-, pop. 1,34S, 

Vias Hill HlLd Ac&dAtnr; s^iispedded. 
SCOXrVlLLE, AlUffbuoy Co.. iwp. m 

3c£»ttville Acftdemy; prflp,; co-ed.: ncm-fl-ect,; 
O. H. Black, Prill. 
SEA BOAED, N^rthaLmptoii Do., pop. 2S7, 

SeA Boa^td High School; prop,; co-ot!.; non- 
Bv^t.: W. H. CiJJe, Prin. 
SEJULI^OTTE, SmnBWick Co., pop. 146, 
&h&llotte PrepijfttoTy B?lu»ol; t'J«s«?d, 
SHAH OK, Cleireland Co., pop. 42. 
Sluiron Acadjjaiy; ptep. j <*0'L»d.; nod-BiM-t. ; J- 
M. GrtrttH, Prln. 
SHILOE, GaJflden Co., pop. lEG. 

Blttfi Button AqiLdjemy; pftfp.; Lo4:d.: u^ni «ocC.^ 

VJrjile D. GftirEsR, Prln. 
Shiloli Academy J prtp.; co-«d*; tioti-ai?et. r C 

B. Gumete, Priu. 

SIL^l CITT, Chftthajn Co., pop. 440. 
iiltr Oily Hiffh School; prpp.; eoL'd.; tioD- 
««ct.; S, A, IvcBk Prin. 
8V0W im^L, 6rB«iitt Co,, pop. 405, 

iaaw Hill Inttittita; pT(?p.", Co-l^U,; aonafc^t. : 
t^t. imm, J. B, Dehnani. l.L, D,, Prln. 
SOUTH ULLB, CLmden Co., pop, 120. 

Sutttb Mills Academy; prep.; co-mtl aoti- 
iieet,; ChoH. BuniH, Prln. 
SOTfTHFOKT, BruDiwick Co^ P0|>. 1«B30, 

Bootl^ort Academy; pr^p.; co-^^d,[ pnn-ftect.; 
H. C. SchJiJlJt, Prio. 

8F£HCEE. Honrmn Co., pop, 2.S0C1. 
ftpenocr High Sckool: prep.; t^oed.; aon-seet.: 

Mr». L. B. Miitli^B, Prln. 
StAllisii' School; prep,; co-ed,; non-icor. ; J. 
W rilrtlljn^, Prin. 

SPRING KOBE, Nub Co., pop, 600. 

Spnns Hopft Aofcdftmy; pr^p.; colhI.; non- 
iv<?ct,; M. P, Cameron* Prln* 

ST, FATTES, Rabetoa Co,, pop. 00. 

St, PkqIs High School; prep.; fo-f!d,: Qop- 
fiv't.; S. Dh JoJioKon. PrlD, 

STAR, lfontgom«ry Co., pop. 2X1, 

BtMt Acadetmy; pfcp.; co-od, ; non-Bi'i't.; v»t. 

Is^liT; J. Sll^r, Prln, 

STATESVIELE, Ifedell Co.. pop, 3.141. 

BUtAfTJlU reia^ft CoUioffs; ginn" iKuiirdLDit; 
pTesb.: est* 1807: Rev. John A. St^ott, A. 
n.. 11. D,> D, D,. Pre*. 

STONETIEEE. Hockiusham Co., pop. 3T0. 
StDDOTilld Sigh School t prep ; ctjed, ; 
sr>"t^ L- T. Royall, Prln. 
SUTKERLANDS, Aibe Cv., pop, 76, 
Buthsf lands Sdmlnary; prt^p.; co-ed,; Sf. R. So.; 
M. Fupttflng. Prln, 
TARBDRQ, Edcicunho Co., pop. 2.40®. 
T&Tboro Halo AoKdoiuy; prep.; co-ed.; 
sect.; F, S, WllJtlfJUoo, Prln. 
TAYL0ES7ILLE, Aloiander Coi, pap. -llR. 


THOMASTILLE. DaTidson Co,, pop, 751, 
Thomaivllle High School; pri^p ^ eo-ed.; non- 
TROY, Montsomftiy Co.. pop. S7S. 
Foaliody Aoademy; nor,: eo-ed,; Cant^. ; c»t. 
IHSO; RfV. U, Frtdiiini, H. P., Prlp, 
UNION EIDOE, Alamattco Co.. pop. 2B. 
"Cnion Ridee Acmdemj; ptcp.; co-td. ; aon- 
BPCt,; Tlioiiirvfl W, Strowd, Prltt, 
TTKIONVILLE, IToiofl Co., pop, 21, 
TTiiLon Inatituto; pri'p. ; t-o-ed,; aonii^ct.^ eat. 
lSS5t O. C, Ham 1 1 ton, Prln, 
VANDEMERE. Pamlico Co., pop. 100, 

Homo School; prop ; coed.; non-HCCt.; Annie 
Cahul, Prln. 
WADESBQEO. Amon Co., pop, 1.540. 
Anion Ittfitittite; prep,; co-ed.; non-efict,; !>, 

A, McGn?i?or, Prln. 
Po« Doo Inttituta; prep.; etied.; non-sect.: 

W, J. Ffrndl. Piln, 
Wadsthoro Academy; prep.; co^ed.: non-sect*; 
T» A. McGn^gcr, frin. 
WADEVIXLE, MontgomeTy Co., pop. &0. 
WadoTille Acad«inyi: prep.; co-ed,; non-WH:t.; 
K. W. iloffjin, rnn. 
WAKEFIELD. Wake Co.. pop. 142. 
Wa^eflold Clauloal and Mathemattetil BohoQl; 
;irep. ; co-ed.; Bapt. ; R. E. Sentelle, Prln. 

WAKE FOEEaT. W*ka Co.. pop. 823, 

Waka Fore it Collate f coll.; men; Bapt.; est. 
1^1; Woi, LonEa Poteat, M. A., LL. D.« 
Wake Foroit CoUojie> Law BohiMl; Inwi ntcn: 

eat. 1S84; W. L. Potojit, Dean. 
Wokft Eorut Bchiool of Medlcino C'reshniBU 
and sophomore ycara); med,; reg.; men; 
WsKson S. Ranktn, M. D.. Dean. 
WALNUT COVE, Stokes Co., pnp. 53ffl. 

Walnut Cove High School ; prf^p.; co-cd. ; non- 
RrML't. J Joseph Aden. Prin. 
WANCHESB, Daro Co., pop. 125. 

Waiich«^«a Academyi: prep,; co-ed.; non-aect.; 
C. E. Tflylor, Prln. 
WAREENTON, Warnin Co., pop. 830. 

Brown's School; prep,; co-cd.; noo-aect.; Mla« 

.MutUt' Brnwn, Prln. 
Eawkini School; prep. ^ co-ed.; uon-Ke^t.; lUtsd 

r4H'y W. HowlelnB, Prln. 
Shiloh Inititate^ prep.; co-ed, i nPn-Bect.; enl. 

imi; T. B. Bruce. Prln. 
W*TTflatoii Kish School; prep. ^ eo-ed.; non- 
Beet,; John Grahjsm, Pfln. 
WARSAW. Duplin Co., voiK 579. 
Warvw High School; prop.; co-tnL; nun-aeet. ; 
a. G, WlnBteod, Vt\a. 





WASHINGTON, Beaufort Co., pop. 4,S42. 
Bobinson School; prep.; co-od.: non-sect.; Bet- 
tie Bobinson, Prfn. 
WEAVEBVUiLE, Buncombe Ck>., pop. 329. 
Weavenrille Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

J. M. Bopeson. Prln. 
Weaverville College; coll.; co-ed.; M. E. So.; 
est. 1873; L. B. Abemethy, Pres. 
WEST BALEIOH, Wake Co., pop. 114. 
North Carolina College of Agriculture and Me- 
chanic Arts; agr.; state; men: est. 1888; 
George T. Winston, A. M., LL. p., Pres. 
WHITE STOBE, Anson Co., pop. 20. 
Polkton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
B. D. Bedfearn, Prln. 
WHITEHEAD, Alleghany Co., pop. 76. 

Whitehead Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. M. Cheek, Prln. 
WHITE OAK, Bladen Co., pop. 42. 
*• White Oak Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-soct. ; 
est. 1899; W. W. Woodhouse. Prln. 
WHITSETT, GttUford Co., pop. 80. 
Whitsett Institute; boys' prep.; non-sect.; est. 
1884; W. T. Whitsett, Ph. D.. Pres. 
WHITTIEB, Swain Co., pop. 120. 
Whittier High School; prep.: co-ed.; Cong.: 
J. Ulrlch Glbbs, Prln. 
WHY NOT, Bandolph Co., pop. 23. 
Why Not Academy and Business Institute; 
prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; G. F. Gomer, 
WILMINGTON, New Hanover Co., pop. 20.97a 
Alderman's (Miss) Select School; prep.; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; Mary L. Alderman, Prln. 
Boys' School: prep.; bo3s; non-sect.; B. B. 

Hague. Prln. 
Boys' Catholic School; prep.; boys: R. C; 

Father Dennin, Prln. 
Cape Fear Academy; boys' prep.; non-sect.: 

est. 1800; Washington Cotlett, Prln. 
Gregory Normal School; normal; private; co- 
ed.; Geo. A. Woodward, Prln. 
Hart's (Miss) Select School; prep.; coed.; 
non-sect.; Miss Annie Hart. Prln. 

WILSON, Wilson Co., pop. 3.523. 
Atlantic Christian College; coll.: co-od.: Chris- 

tian; est. 1902; Jesse C. Caldwell. A. B.. 
B. D., Pres. 

Kinsey Seminary; merged Into Atlantic Chris- 
tian College. 

Wilson CoUegiate Institute; merged Into At- 
lantic Christian College. 
WINDSOB, Bertie Co., pop. S97. 

Bertie Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Bapt.; W. S. 
Btheridge. Prln. 

Gurley School; prep.; co-ed. ;- non-sect. ; Maud 
Gurley, Prln. 

Bosefleld School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Mrs. 
M. F. GiUIam, Prln. 

Windsor Academy: prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Fred Archer, Prln. 

Bankin-Biohards Institute (colored) ; prep. ; co- 
ed.: non-sect.; Bhoden Mitchell, Prln. 
WING ATE, Union Co., pop. 41. 

Wingate School; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; est. 
1896; M. B. Dry, A. M., Prln. 
WINSTON-SALEM, Forsyth Co., pop. 13,650. 

Salem Academy and College; girls* boarding; 
Moravian: est. 1802; Rev. John H. Clewell. 
Ph. D., Pres. 

Salem Boys' School; boys' boarding; Moravian; 
est. 1792; James F. Brower, A. M., Prln. 

State Colored Normal School; state; normal: 
est. 1895. 
WINTEBYILLE, Pitt Co., pop. 243. 

Winterville High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; G. E. LIneberry, Prln. 
WINTON, Hertford Co., pop. 688. 

Waters Normal Institute (colored); normal; 
private; co-ed.; Bev. C. S. Brown, Prln. 

WIT, Carterett Co., pop. 130. 
Wit Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Lillian 
Foreman, Prln. 

WOODLAND, Northampton Co., pop. 242. 
Woodland High School; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.: N. W. Britton, Prln. 

YADKIN COLLEGE, DaTidson Co., pop. 210. 
Yadkin College Institute; prep.; co-ed.; M. 
E., W. T. and J. F. Totten. Prins. 

YADKINVILLE, Yadkin Co., pop. 292. 

Yadkinville High School; prop.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Z. H. Dixon, Prln. 


Population, 319,146. School census, 111,379. School age, 6-20. 

North Dakota is the forty-first state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 319,146 inhabitants, of whom 311,712, or 97.7 per cent, are white. Of this 
number, 112,590, or 35.3 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 5.6 per cent, the state ranking twenty-first in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


W. L. Stockwell, Superintendent Bismarck 

E. J. Taylor, Deputy Bismarck 

W. K Parsons, Chief Clerk Bismarck 


John Burke, ex officio. President Bismarck 

Hon. W. L. Stockwell, ex officio, Secretary Bismarck 

President Webster Merrifield, ex officio. Examiner University 


Hon. John Burke Bismarck Hon. T. F. McCue Bismarck 

Hon. Alfred Blaisdell Bismarck Hon. W. L. Stockwell Bismarck 

Hon. H. L. Holmes Bismarck 


North Dakota has no School Text-Book Commission, the adoption of free or 
aniform text -books being optional with local county boards or voters. There is no 
state supervision. 


W. L. Stockwell, Superintendent Public Instruction, President Bismarck 

E. J. Taylor, Secretary Bismarck 

C. L. ViGNESS, Superintendent Burleigh County Bismarck 

E. G. Warren, Superintendent Ward County Minot 

Geo. A. McFarland, Principal State Normal School Valley City 

Mrs. M. M. Davis, Superintendent Cass County Fargo 

The state has a district law for the aiding of school libraries. 


SrpT. Mattie M. Davis, President Fargo 



Clyde Travis, Secretary Mayville 

Prof. P. S. Berg, Treasurer Dickinson 


Prof. Vernon P. Squires, President University 

C. E. Best, First Vice-President Enderlin 

SuPT. S. Henry Wolfe, Second Vice-President Minot 

Dr. Geo. S. Thomas, Treasurer University 

A. P. HoLLis, Secretary Valley City 


No. of 
County. Superintendent. Post Office. Schools. 

Adams Frederick Davis Hettinger 20 

Barnes Miss Minnie J. Nlelson Valley City 172 

Benson N. T. Teigen Minnewaukan 125 

Billings Joseph A. Kitchen Sentinel Butte 34 

Bottineau P. E. Christensen Bottineau 172 

Bowman Geo. H. Gllmoure Atkinson 

Burleigh C. L. Vigness Bismarck 95 

Cass Mrs. Mattie M. Davis Fargo 215 

Cavalier B. E. Groom Langdon 178 

Dickey Mrs. Geneva M. Lovell EUendale 108 

Eddy Miss Ellen Mattson New Rockford 58 

Emmons Miss Jessie B. Sandige Linton 98 

Foster Miss Mary J. Cain Carrington 60 

Grand Forks Miss Helen Prindeville Grand Forks 231 

Griggs I. A. Kampen Cooperstown 75 

Hettinger Herschel James Mott 66 

Kidder Mrs. Cora A. Scott Steele 55 

LaMoure H. D. Mack LaMoure 117 

Logan R. A. McCalmont Napoleon 70 

McHenry Dalton McDonald Towner 186 

Mcintosh W. A. Linn Ashley 94 

McKenzie Mrs. Anice J. Rosenqulst. .Banks 29 

McLean Hen ry C. Olson Washburn 175 

Mercer Benjamin Stoelting Expansion 31 

Morton W. F. Lorln Mandan 138 

Nelson B. O. Skrivseth Lakota 106 

Oliver Iva O. Jenness Gaines 29 

Pembina F. M. Sherarts Pembina 160 

Pierce Miss Lucy B. Seiple Rugby 98 

Ramsey Miss Laurena Vannier .... Devils Lake 138 

Ransom F. V. Hutchinson Lisbon 97 

Richland R. M. Black Wahpeton 210 

Rolette E. M. Sherry Rolla 66 

Sargent Miss Tene McCarten Forman 89 

Stark Lloyd Rader Dickinson 90 

Steele A. G. Miller Sherbrooke 81 

Stutsman Fred M. Wanner Jamestown 192 

Towner John Gang Cando 90 

Traill B. A. Wallace Hillsboro 128 

Walsh B. R. Wells Grafton 201 

Ward E. G. Warren Minot 364 

Wells Miss Maude T. Regan Fessenden 120 

Williams Mrs. Martha P. Tatem Willston 118 


BATHGATE, Pembina Co., pop. 708. 

State School for the Blind; state: est. 1908. 
B. P. Chappie, Snpt. 
BOTTINEAU, Bottineau Co., pop. 1.000. 

North Dakota School of Forestry; state: est. 
1890: J. Allen Kemp, Pres. 
DEVIL'S LAKE, Ramsey Co., pop. 2,000. 

School for the Deaf and Dumb; state: D. F. 
BiiTips. Snpt. 
ELBOWOODS, McLean Co.. pop. 54. 
Indian Industrial School; Indnst. school for 
Indians; co-ed.; est. 1900: A. W. Thomas. 

ELLENDALE, Dickey Co., pop. 750. 





State School; normal and Industrial; state; co- 
ed.; est. 1899; W. M. Kern, B. S., A. B.. 
FABGO. Cass Co., pop. 9,589. 

Aaker** Business Collece; bus., sten. and tel.; 
est. 1902; H. H. Aaker, Pres. 

Dakota Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1901; F. Leland Watklns, A. M., Pres. 

Fargo College; coll.; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 1887; 
P. G. Knowlton, Ph. D., Pres. 

North Dakota Agricultural College; a^ri.; non- 
sect.; co-ed.; est. 1890; J. H. Worst, LL. 
D., Pres. 
FOBT TOTTEN, Benson Co., pop. 134. 

Indian Industrial School; Indust. school for 
Indians; co-ed.; est. 1800; Charles L. Da- 
vis, Supt. 
GBAFTON, Walsh Co.. pop. 2,862. 

School for the Feeble Minded; state; est. 1901; 
II. A. La Moure, M. D., Supt. 
GBAim FOBXS, Grand Forks Co., pop. 7.652. 

Aaker's Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1907; O. J. Hanson, B. A.. Prln. 

Grand Forks College; prep, and nor.; co-M. ; 
Luth.; est. 1900; Rev. L. Hasteadt, B. A.. 

Vorthwestem College and Commercial Insti- 
tute; bus. and steu.; J. J. Swengel, Pres. 

St. Bernard's College Convent; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Mother Stanislaus, Prln. 

State University of North Dakota; See Univer- 
sity P. 0. 

Union Commercial College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1903; Thacker and Hughes, Prins. 
JAMESTOWN, Stutsman Co., pop. 2,853. 

St. John's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
est. 1800; Sister Superior, Directress. 

MAYVILLE, Tram Co., pop. 1,106. 
State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
est. 1890; Thos. A. Hilly er, A. M., Pres. 

MINOT, Ward Co., pop. 1,277. 
Minot Business and Normal College; bus. and 
nor.; est. 1903; Harold B. Nelson, Prin. 

NEW ROCKFOBD, Eddy Co., pop. 698. 
..Phillips Academy; prep, and bus.; co-ed.; 

Conjf.; est. 1904; Leander J. Aldrich, A. 

M., D. D., Pres. 

POBTLAND, Traill Co., pop. 524. 
Bruflat Academy; prep, and bus.; co-ed.; 
Luth.; est. 1889; A. T. Felland, B. A., 

UNIVERSITY, Grand Forks Co., School Station. 

University of North Dakota; unlv., state; co- 
ed.: est. 1884; Webster Merrifleld, M. A., 

University of North Dakota, College of Medi- 
cine (Freshman and Sophomore years); 
mod.; reg. ; co-ed.; Melvin A. Bninnon, 
M. D. Dean. 

University of North Dakota, Law Department; 
law; co-ed.; est. 1809; Guy C. H. Corliss, 

VALLEY CITY, Barnes Co., pop. 2.446. 

State Normal School; normal; state; coed.; 
Geo. A. McFarland, M. S., A. M., Pres. 

WAHPETON, Richland Co., pop. 2.228. 

North Dakota School of Science; prep.; co-e«1.: 
state J- est. 1890; Earl G. Burch, M. Sc, 

ZIONVILLE, Wautauga Co., pop. 68. 
Zionville Academy, (colored); prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1874; Charles Potter, Priii. 


Population, 4,157,545. School census, 1,248,089. School age, 6-21. 

Ohio is the fourth state of the Union in pointof population, having a total of 
4,157,545 inhabitants, of whom 4,060,204, or 97.7 per cent, are white. Of this number 
557,900, or 11 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire 
population is 4 per cent, the state ranking seventh in this respect. The educational 
system of the state is as follows : 


Edmund A. Jones, State Commissioner of Common Schools Columbus 


William II. Meck (term expires August 31, 1908) Dayton 

11. B. Williams (term expires August 31, 1909) Chillicothe 

S. P. Humphrey (term expires August 31, 1910) Ironton 

H. H. Helter (term expires August 31, 1911 ) Mansfield 

W. H. Kirk (term expires August 31, 1912) East Qeveland 


Members : The Governor, Secretary of State and State Commissioner of 

In accordance with the provisions of the School Book Law, enacted April 22, 
1896, the State Commissioner of Schools, during the first half of June, each year, 
furnishes each Board of Education in the state the names and addresses of all 
publishers who, during the year ending on the first day of said month of June, 
shall have agreed in writing to furnish their publications upon the terms prescribed 
by the law. Over one hundred publishers are now under such contract. There is no 
state supervision over the adoption of the text-books, this authority being vested in 
and optional with the local Boards of Education. 


Dr. J. J. Burns. State Secretary Defiance 

The Ohio Teachers' Reading Circle is organized by counties, being represented 
in practically every county in the state. The books for reading are adopted each 
year, being mainly upon the linos of pedagogy and general culture. 

Organized by counties and represented ni a large proportion of them. Books 





for supplementary reading are recommended and adopted for every grade, from the 
primary up to and through the High School. 

F. C. KiRKENDALL, Secretary ; Chillicothe 


Ohio has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what is called 
the "town system" of school supervising, each city, or in some cases, where the 
towns are small, a group of towns, having its individual superintendent of schools. 


ADA, Hardin Co., pop. 2.5T6. 
Ada Colleffo of Law, Ohio Kormal XTniversity ; 

law: co-ed.; est. 1893; S. P. Axllnc, LL. 

D., Dean. 
Ohio Vorthom Univenity; normal: private; 

co~ed.; Albert Edwin Smith. D. D., Ph. 

D., Pres. 
Ohio Vorthom iraivanity. College of Phar- 
macy; phar.; co-ed.; est. 1884: B, S. 

Yoang, Dean. 
AKBOK, Summit Co., pop. 42.728. 
Actual BntinoM College, The; bus. and sten.; 

W. W. Patterson, Pres. 
Buchtel College; coll.: co-ed.; Univ.; est. 1872; 

A. B. Church. D. D.. LL. D., A. M., Pres. 
English-Oerman Academy; prep.; co-ed.: Luth. ; 

Hanunel ButineM College; bus. and sten.; P. 

Hammel. Pres. 
Sacred Heart Aoadamy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1904; Sisters of St. Dominic. 
St. Httnard's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Saperior. 
ALUAirCE, Stark Co., pop. 8.974. 

Konnt Vnion College; coll.: co-od.; M. E.; 

est. 1846; Rev. A. B. Rlker, D. D., Pres. 
ASHLAVD, Ashland Co., pop. 4.067. 

Ashland College; coll.; co-ed.; Brethren; est. 

1878; John Lewis Glllen. B. D.. Ph. D.. 

ASHTABULA, AahUhula Co., pop. 12.949. 
Aahtahnla Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1895; A. E. Reynolds, Prln. 

ATHEVS, Athens Co., pop. 3.066 

Ohio ITniTazsity; coll.; co-ed.; state; est. 1804; 
Alston Ellis. Ph. D.. LL. D.. Pres. 
AITSTIVBtlSG, Ashtabula Co., pop. 270. 
Grand Hirer Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
est. 1881; Oliver J. Luethl, A. B., Prln. 

BARVESVILLE, Belmont Co., pop. 3.721. 
Friends Boarding School; prep.; co-ed.: 
Friends; est. 1837; B. J. Thomas. Prin. 

BEBCA, Cuyahoga Co., pop. 2.510. 
Baldwin VniTersity; c<Hl. : co-ed.; M. E., est. 

1843; G. F. Collier, Acting Pres. 
Oetman WalUos College; coll.; co-ed.; M. 

B.; est. 1864; F. W. Schneider. Dean. 

BERWICK, Seneca Co., pop. 130. 

St. Nicholas Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
BLlTFrTON, Allen Co., pop. 1.783. 
Central Mennonite College; prep.: co-ed.: Men- 
nonlte; est. 1900: Noah Calvin Hlrschy. 
A. M., Ph. D., Pres. 
BOND HILL, Hamilton Co., pop., 1.081. 
St. Agnes Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. 0.; 
Sister Superior. 
BVCYRUS. Crawford Co., pop. 6.560. 
Holy Trinity Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
CAMBRIDGE, Guernsey Co., pop. 8.241. 
Campbell Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Ira Campbell, Pres. 
CANFIELD, Mahoning Co., pop. 672. 

North Eastern Ohio Normal College; normal; 
private: co-od.; est. 1883; 0. O. Allaman. 
A. B., Pres. 
CANTON, Stark Co., pop. 30.667. 
Buckingham's Preparatory School, Miss; 

Canton Actual Business College; bus. and 

sten.; J. J. Krlder. Pres. 
East Ohio Business College; bus. and sten.: 
est. 1902; W. F. Klensle, Ph. B.. A. M.. 
CEDAR POINT. Hamilton Co.. pop. 20. 

St. Gregory Seminary; bo.v8' boarding: R. C. ; 
Honry Brlnkmeycr, Prin. 
CEDARVILLE, Greene Co., pop. 1.180. 

Cedarville College; coll.: co-ed.: Ref. Prcsb. ; 
est. 1804; David McKlnney, D. D., Pres. 

CELINA. Mercer Co., pop. 2,815. 
Immaculate Conception Academy; prep.; co- 
ed.; R. C; Sister Superior, 

CHILLICOTHE. Ross Co., pop. 12,976. 

St. Peter's Academy; prop.; co-cd. ; R. C; 
Sistor Superior. 

CINCINNATI, Hamilton Co., pop. 325.902. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart ; girls' prep. ; 

R. C. ; Rovorend Mother Frances Elder, 

Suporlor, Clifton. 
Art Academy of Cincinnati; art; co-ed.; est. 

18«0; J. n. Cost, Director. 





Bartholomew-Clifton School; girls' boarding: 

non-sect.; est. 1876; Miss E. Antoinette 

Ely, A. M., Prin.. Evanswood. Clifton. 
Bartlett Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1876; Bookmyer and Elliott, Prin. 
Broekhaven School of Opera; opera; est. 1902; 

John A. Broekhoven. Director, 310 W. 7tb 

Butler's School, Miss; girts* day; non-sect.; 

est. 1892; Miss Sarah BaUer. Prin., 724 

Onk St. 
Campbell Commercial School; bus. and sten.; 

A. R. Campbell. Prin. 

Cincinnati College of Dental Snrgery; dent.; 
men: est. 1893: G. S. Jonkerman, D. D. 
S., Dean. 231 W. Court. 

Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, Ohio XTnivar- 
sity; phar.; co-ed.; est. 1850; Jno. C. 
Otis. Dean. 

Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; mus.: est. 
1867; Miss Clara Bauer. Directress, High- 
land, Oak and Burnett Aves. 
School's announcement. — One of the 
laiigest schools of music in America, 
established in 1867. It has assembled in 
its corps of instructors, teachers of broad 
experience and international reputation. 
The Conservatory points to its hundreds 
of successful graduates as being the best 
testimony to Its efficiency and artistic 
merits. A special Normal Summer Session 
with all departments open. Catalogue sent 
on application. 

Cincinnati Law School; see University of Cin- 
cinnati, Law Department. 

Cincinnati Music Schcol; mus.; est. 1880; 
George Schneider, Director. 141 B. 4th 

Cincinnati School of Expression; elo. and or.; 
est. 1896; Miss Jennie Mannheimer. B. L., 

B. H.. Prin.. Lyric Theater Bldg. 
Cincinnati School of Phonography; sten.; A. 

R. Campbell, Prin. 

Cincinnati Technical School; tech.: men; est. 
1886: Daniel L. Burke. B. S., Prin. 

College of Music of Cincinnati; mus.; est. 
1878: A. J. Gantvoort, Manager, Elm St., 
opp. Washington Park. 
School's announcement. — Maintains a 
higher standard for graduation than any 
other American school of music. En- 
dowed, and not conducted for profit, thus 
afTording a faculty of teachers unex- 
celled in their specialties and general 
musiciansbip. A certificate or diploma 
from the College of Music of Cincin- 
nati is an "open sesame" to a good po- 
sition. Address the College of Music of 
Cincinnati. Cincinnati. O. 

Collegiate School; boys' boarding; Epls. : Rev. 
J. Babin. A. B.. Prin.. 148 4th St. 

Collegiate School for Girls; girl's boarding: 
nonsoot.: est. 1901: MIsa Marie Collins 
and Miss Mary Dohorty, I»rincipal8. 1327 
McMillan St. 

Eclectic Medical Institute; mod.: eclec: co- 
ed.: est. 1845; J. K. Scuddor. M. D.. 
Sec., 1009 Plum St. 

Eden Park School: girls' boarding, non-sect.; 

Madam Predln. Prin., Eden Park. Walnut 

Ednoational Institute; prep.; co-ed., non-sect.: 

Alois Schmidt, Prin.. Lane Seminary 

Female Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' 

boarding; R. C; Frances Elden. Prin.. 

Clifton, Lafayette Ave. 
Flowers Academy of Speech and Dramatic 

Arts, The; elo. and dramatic art; co-ed.: 

Montavllle Flowers, A. M.; Pres.. 7th 

and Elm Sts. 
Franklin School; boys' boarding: non-sect.; 

Joseph E. White. G. S. Sykes. Prins.. 

2833 May St. 
Hayward School of Elocution; elo. and drama: 

Mrs. Frances R. Hayward, Prin., 518 E. 

4th St. 
Hebrew Union College; theo.; Jewish; men: 

est. 1873; Kaofmann Kohler. Ph. D.. 

Lane Seminary; theol.: men; Presby. ; est. 

1829; Rev. William McKIbbin. LL. D., 

Pres.. Walnut Hills. 
Littleford's Shorthand School; sten.; est. 1898: 

Miss Betty LltUeford. Prin.. First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg. 
Lnpton's School for Oirls, Miss; girls* boanl- 

ing; non-sect; Katherine M. Lopton. 

Prin.. 2643 Bellevue Ave. 

McDonald Educational Institute; tech. and 
bus.; men; est. 1903; W. B. Ferris, Prin., 
7th and Walnut Sts. 

McDonald Educational Institute Law School: 
law; evening: men: est. 1892; R. M. 
OchUtree. LL. D., Dean, 7th and Walnut. 

Medical College of Ohio, UniTersitj of Cin- 
cinnati; med. ; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1819; 
Albert V. Phelps. M. D., Dean. McVick- 
ers Ave. and Elm St. 

Metropolitan College of Music ; mos.; est. 
1903; W. S. Sterilng. Dean. 

Miami Medical College; med.; reg.; men; est. 
1852; John C. Oliver, M. D., Dean, 628 
Elm St. 

Miller School, H. Thane; girls' boanllng: 
non-sect.: est. 1856; Mrs. E. P. Smith 
Miller. Prin.. Lenox Place. Avondale. 

Morse School of Telegraphy; sec National Tel- 
egraph Institute. 

Mt. Auburn Institute; see H. Thane Iflller 

National Telegraph Institute; tel.; co-ed.; 

est. 1885; J. H. Sknlkey, B. B.. Piee. 

Nelson's Business College; bos. and sten.: 
est. 185C; R. J. Nelson, Pres., 7th and 

Elm Si 3. 

Notre Dame Academy; girls' boanlliic; B. 
C: Sisters of Notre Dame. Prin.. E. Wal- 
nut Hills, Grandon Road. 

Ohio College of Dental Surgery, VBivmsity of 
Cincinnati; dent.; co-ed.; est. 1846; H. 
A. Smith. A. M.. D. D. S.. Dean. Court 
and Central Ave. f 

Ohio Conservatory of Music and Bramatk 
Art; mus. and dram, art; est, 1902; Mrs. 

S. C* Qra Hinder, DlrectrcsSp Ath nnd Lnw- 

rence Bta, 
Ohio MftckiBlc*' IflBtltat«] mech.i co*iI.; 

unnscct, : est. 1J93§- JotQ L, Shearer, 

A, M.. Prill, tiad Prea. 
Ohio MUit*ry Imtitute; inllttaryT nonnMt: 

A- M. Ot?[iEtiaw. PruR, MItrbeil BU^. 

SclLOoi't mnoancBniont.— Eel iibll shed 1833, 

SB MUlUrr School ISOO. Oaly borjn o( 

good chumcter nilmlttcd, Ti^iieherq ^radii- 

atPB, Prepjirei for all i;'q11^;ps ind fiov- 

erujaeBt ackwls, on*! alio |>Fepiirea for 

bnHtnee» life. Modem bulldlngit, good 

tnMe. nthletl<?9 n ^tjeclnlty. Its patmnn 

Its best frienil?, 
Ohitt School ot Telpfftsphyj tpL; co-ed-; mt. 

ISOO; W. L. Str[cki?r. Gen.. ^fB^. 
Bulto Madlcai Collfits; med.; bopaeop.; eo~ 

frt.; pst. 18X2] Vhm. E. WiiUrin, LL, D.. 

A. M., Deao. 7th and Mound, 
8attl«T''t School, mas; day Keboalt gtrlAt n&a- 

eect.; est. 18&4j Ml^ Alma Sattkr, PrtnM 

Ellen A\p.. Mt» Aoburn^ 
St. Fruicla CoUefffl; bo^i* boarding; R. O. ; 

Fitia Nlehnos. O, F. M., Hew tor, 1«I5 

Bt, Francflt Boraphkui CoUflsei tiieoU^ a. O.t 
inrn; est. 1857; Bev. Bemitrd N»irre, R*c- 

ttjr, tG15 VI no St. 
it* jQteph Colleta; biia. and Htcn.; Jm. M. 

SehureJP, Pre»„ 423 i31 W, 8th St. 
St. Maze's Bduoatioaal Initltiite; ^irln' board - 

lng\ H. C; Sliten* of Notre Daroc, East 

Walnut Hills. 
8t, Xaviar CoU^^e; col.; co-ed.; B. C.; cat. 

1831: A. A. Dlorches. S. J., Pn;a.. SKa' 

more and 7tb. 
Bchuater School gt El^oatlon^ elo. and drama; 

ni'Uu Me ret Schuster, Directress, riko 

Thoafre BMg. 
lochnical Bqhaol of tTnlTeriity of Qlnclii- 

natl; teeb,; men; eit, 1S8G: Frnntt W, 

Ballow. B. S., PrEu., Bntnett Woodi Park, 
Trmali'* Ba^inesg CollaffOj bus. and Men.; 

Louis Tr«ub. Pre*,, 4th and Race Sta. 
UniTonlty of Cincinnati: uaW., co-ed,; cltyi 

PMt. 1871; Cbaries W. Dabni'f, Pb. D., LL. 

D., Pres,, Clifton Are. 
VnlTeivitj of Cincinnati, Law Dapartraant: 

law; dton; est 1833; Wra. R. Rogera, See. 
Draulino Acadflin^; glrla' boarding; R. C; 

Slater M. Angela, Prtn., Cor. Oak aod 

Ma; HiE, 
WattDTf. Boiiinsu College; bus, and Rten.; 

J. H, Watttra. Prlo., Race and Carfli?ld 

Woodw^ard Hiffh School; prep.; co-ed*; est. 

1S31; A. A. Van Dj^ke. Prln. 
Y, M. C. A. Law School of McDonald Idu- 

caflonaj Institnto; law; men: I'^t. lffi»a; 

R[>[j*rt St. Ocijlltrec, Dean, 7th and Wni- 


CLEVELAJH). Ctiyabot* Oo.» |>op. 331,768. 
Adalbert CoUojc; see WeBlrm Ecwnr Vn\ 

Law fichool of Wettern ReaoTTo tfoi- 
TOTiity; law; men; est. iB&'2: Kvun 11, 
Hofi'klas, Deaii, 135 AdtJbert St. 
L^l^ay mad Brka*i ?riirato Bntlnoii School: 

bus, and sten,; 

412 Ede St. 
Oitao School of Applied Sclenco; toeh,. mining: 

men; non-^eet. ; c^t. IS^l- Charles iSi en- 

iier Howp, fh. D., D. Sr., ProHldent. 
Central Inatltuto, The; prep.: co-pd.; bus. and 

te«b.: ncn-H-ct.; Jftmcs G, Hobble^ Prca.. 

Wlbnn nnd Soovillc. 
Cleveland Callage of Physiolani and Surgaoni, 

Ohio Wet\oyAn tTniTonitr; med. ; peg.; 

Cfrcd,; Oiit. ISGa; R. E. SkwL M. D.< 

Dean. Cor. Bmwnell and Cent ml Ave. 
ClBToland Homeapathic Medical GoUego; med.; 

homrop.; *^ord; eal. 184D: Georgia H. 

Quay. M. D., iJcan, 22B Huron. 
Cleveland Kindergartan Training School^ nor. 

kIntL: wouj<?n; est. l!S)4; Nettn Furls, 

PrlnHiMil, Cedjir nml Wattlnfl Ave. 
CloToIand Law School of Baldwin tralforilt^r; 

law; men; est, T80T; CltsiTl<(?a S, B^^ntb^y, 

A. W., Pcftfi. H27 WimaiiiBon Bldg. 
OloToltuid Kormal Training School; normal; 

state; coed,; eat. 3ST2; J, E. McGll- 

t^n^ Prln.. Bridge and RandalL 
Cl«v«laad School of Art; art; co-ed.; eat. 1882; 

G«org]e L. Norton, Prtn., 1001 WHson Ai'e. 
dsTQland School of Fharmacy; phar.; men; 

tat. 1882; U, V. Amy. Pb, G., Ph. D.. 

Pcjit], yfld Superior St. 
College for Women; nee Weatcm Reaorvo 

Edmlstan Bnslnoaa CoUoga; bus. and aten.; 

[T, T, Ed ml fit on. Pc*^a.. 1107 Pearl St. 
Harrofi^ School of Eapresaloa; i?lo. and dram,; 

Flora llaiToff SturKt-s, PrSn. 
Hatha way-Brown School for ftlrla; gtrls' board- 
ing; tionsfCt.; Cora E. Cantleld, PrIncEpat. 
Henderthot Aoadamy; prop.; ho^s; t^st. 1SB{);; 

C. I\ Hcndershot. Prln., 1151 Enelld Ayt. 
Holy Name Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. 0.; 

Sister Superior. 
Lftoral laitltnte; girls* hoarding; non-aect.; 

est. ISOS; Mn». Arthur B. Lyman, Prin., 

10001 Enelld Ave. 
Mittlaherger'a Englivli imd GlaaaiQal School, 

Mlta; girla' tuoardlng; non-aeot. ; Augnsta 

MLttlrhcrgfr. Prin.. 400S Froflpcict Ave. 
Modern School, ThwT bus. nod etea, ; D. E, 

Iluil, PioM,. lt>^2 TbR Arcade. 
Ktitro Qame Academy; prep. ; co-ed. ; est. 

1877; U. C.\ Sr. M. Louise, Frln. 
Ohio Medical Uni^anlty, Department of Phar- 
macy; pbor. : co(}<I,; Georgo H. MrLt?§mi. 

Jr., Dean. Pflrk St., near BusselL 
Ohio State UniTcnity, GoUege of Pharmacy | 

pilar.; men; *^at. 1885; George B. Kanlt- 

man, Dpjin. B]gh St,, near Utb Ave. 
St. EUzaheth*a Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. Q. ; 

a]stcr Supers or. 
St. Fnmcii' Academy; prep.; coed.; R. C; 

SMtn- Superior. 
Bt. Ignatlua Collega; colK ; men; co-ed,; R. O.; 

t'fit. IgSti: Rev. Gaorgfl J. Pickel, S, J., 

I*rcs., Cor. T^rfley and CarrolL 
St. Mary's BDminary; tbca; rnon; N. A. Moes^, 

Spencerian Commercial School; haa. and Hten.; 

S. V^n Vllet. Priis.. 475 Eiiolld Ave. 
Tucker School of Exprfliaion; ^^q.; est. ISSff; 

Ann II P, Tnoker, Prcft.. 8^8 Oh 8ft Ave, 





Unnline AcAdemj; girlB' boarding; R. C. 
Mother Superior, Prin., Cor, Wilson and 

XJniveraity School; boys' boarding; non-sect. 
George D. Pettee, M. A., Prin., Cor. Hough 
and Olddings Ave. 

West Side Musical College; mus.; est. 1001 
Stephen CJomraery, Director, 539 Pearl St. 

Western Beserve University; col.; co-ed.; non 
sect.; est. 1826; Rev. Charles F. Thwing, 
LL. D., Pres.. 2430 Euclid Ave. 

Western Reserve University, College of Den- 
tistry; dent.; co-ed.; est. 1882; Thomas J. 
McLemon, D. I). S., Dean, 262 Prospect. 

Western Reserve University College for 
Women; col.: women: non-sect.; est. 1888 
Charles F. Thwing, D. D., LL. D.» Presi 

Western Reserve University, Franklin T, 
Backus Law School; law; men; est. 1802 
Evan H. Hopkins. Dean. 135 Adelbert St 

Western Reserve University, Medical College; 
mcd.; reK.; men; est. 1843: B. L. Mil 
liken, A. M., M. D., Dean, St. Clair and 
E. 0th St. 
COLUMBUS, Franklin Co.. pop. 126,560. 

Bliss Business College; bus. and sten.; C. A. 
Bliss Pres. 

Capitol School of Music; mns.; S. G. Smith. 

Capitol College of Oratory and Music; oratory 
and mns.; co-ed.; est. 1896; Frank S. Fox. 
B. S.. M. A.. Pres. 

Capital University; coll.; men; Luth.; est. 
1850; Rev. L. H. Schuh, Ph. D., Pres. 

Columbus Art School; art; co-ed.; est. 1870; 
John E. Hussey. Curator;. 

Columbus Business College; bus. and sten.; 
J. E. Joiner, Proprietor. 

Columbus Normal School; normal: city; co- 
ed.; est. 1883; Margaret W. Sutherland, 

Columbus University School, The; prep.; boys: 
non-sect.: est. 1880; Frank T. Cole, A. B., 
LL. D., Prin. 

Hickle's Commercial College, bus. and sten.; 
Floyd HIckle, Pres. 

Ohio Institute of Pharmacy; phar.; co-ed.: 
est. 1896; Peter A. .Mandabach. Ph. G.; 
M. E.; Dean. 

Ohio Medical University; merged with Star- 
ling? Ohio Medical College. 

Ohio Medical University. Department of Den- 
tistry; dent.; co-ed.: est. 1892; L. P. 
Bethel. D. D. S., Dean. 

Ohio State University; unlv.; state: co-ed.; 
egkt. 1870; Rev. William O. Thompson. 
D. D., LL. D., Pres. 

Ohio State University, College of Law; law; 
eo-ed.: est. 1891; W. F. Hunter, Dean. 

Ohio State University. College of Pharmacy; 
phar.: co-e<l.: est. 1880: William (). 
Thompson. LL. I)., Pres. 

Ohio State University. College of Veterinary 
Medicine; v«'t.: men: est. 188.S: David S. 
White, Dean. 

St. Joseph's Academy; Kirls* day: It. C. : Sis- 
ter .Mary Victor! ne, Prin. 

Starling, Ohio, Medical College; med.; reg.; 

men; est. 1847; George M. Waters, M. D., 

Thompson's Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1890; J. T. Tbompsoo, 

World's Electxo-Modical Institute, The; elec- 
tro-therapeutics; corresp.; est. 1901; P. 

A. Mandabach, Pres. 

Zanerian Art College; pen art; est. 1888; C. 

P. Zaner, Pres. 
C08H0CT0K, Coshocton Co., pop. 6,473. 
Coshocton School of Business, The; bos. and 

sten.; est. 1860; R. L. Meredith, Prin. 

CRAWFIS COLLEGE, Putnam Co., pop. 32. 
Crawfls College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; W. S. 
Wallen. D. D., Pres. 

CRESTLIHE. Crawford Co., pop. 8,282. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
DAMASCUS, Columbiana Co., pop. 827. 
Damascus Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; 
est. 1857; Walter S. Painter, Prin. 
DAYTOK, Montgomery Co.. pop. 85.338. 
Dajrton Normal and Training School; normal 
state; co-ed: est. 1800; Grace A. Greene, 
Emmanuel's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. 

Sister Superior. 
College and Teachers' Preparatory School 
prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1801; Albert 

B. Shauck. A. B.. LL. D.. Prin. 

Holy Rosary Academy; prep.; co-ed; R. C. 

Sister Superior. 
Holy Trinity Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. 

Sister Superior. 
Howe and Mrs. Marot's School for Oixls, Kiss. 

girls' day and boarding: non-sect. 
Jacob's Business College; bus. and sten.; H. 

L. Jacobs. Pres. 
Lents Commercial School; bus. and sten. 

Oley Dc Arlington. Pres. 
Kotre Dame Academy; girls' boarding; R. C. 

est. 1840; Sisters of Notre Dsme. 
St. Emmanuel's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 

C; Sister Superior. 
St. John's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. 

Sister Superior. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. 

Sister Superior. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. 

est. 1850; Sister Superior. 
St. Mary's Institute; boys' boarding: R. C 

est. 1851; Rev. Louis A. Tragesser, S. M.. 

St. Paul's Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Evan. 

Shauck's College Preparatory Sekool; prep.; 

co-ed.; non-sect.: est. 1891; Albert B. 

Shauck, A. M., PrincipsL 
Union Biblical Seminary; theol.; co-ed.; est. 

1H71: G. A. Fnnkhouser. Pres. 
DEFIANCE. Defiance Co., pop. 7,579. 
Defiance College; col.; co-ed.; Christ.; est. 

IKST); Wesley McReyn<»lds. A. M., B. D.. 

DELAWARE, Delaware Co., pop. 7.940. 
Ohio Wesley an School of Business; nor.; bus.: 

sten.: ent. 1884; W. F. WhUloCk, D. D., 

LL. D.. Dean. 





Ohio Wetley&n ITnivenitj: col.: co-ed.; M. 
E.: est. 1844; R^v. Herbert Welsh. D. D.. 
LL. D., Pres. 
DOWLIHG, Wood Go., pop. 296. 

Gorman FAriah Acadomj; prep.; co-ed.; Kvnn. 
Luth.; rrlnclpal. 
EAST LIVEBPOOL, Columbiana Co., pop. IG,- 
Ohio Valley Boainoas Gollere; bus. and stcn.; 
est. 1886; Frank T. Weaver, St^c. 
ELYRIA, Lorain Co., pop. 8.791. 

Darlinir's Private Buaineaa College; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1904; L. B. Darling. Proprie- 
Elyria Business Oolloffe; bun. and sten.; est. 
1886; Miss Elcic M. Johnston. President. 
EWnrOTOK, GallU Co., pop. 160. 
Ewinffton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1850 ; W. H. Dorkee; Prin. 
Southern Ohio Hormal CoUoffe; normal; pri- 
vate; co-ed. 
FUn>LAT, Hancock Co., pop. 17.613. 

Findlay Collero; col.; co-ed.: Church of God; 
est. 1882; Rev. Charles I. Brown, A. M., 
D. D., President. 
Tecum' 8 Findlay School of Business; bus. 
and aten.; est. 1003; J. U. Canan. PrIn. 
FLAT ROCK, Senooa Co., pop. 196. 
Ebeneser Orphana' Home; prep.; co-ed., Kvan. 
Luth.; est. 1866; O. A. Terner, Principal. 
FOSTORIA, SanoG* Co., pop. 7.730. 
Fostoria Businoaa Collere; bu/i. and sten.; II. 

G. I'ocnm and J. H. Canan, Props. 
Ohio Hovmal Ck»Ueff«; nor.; private; co-ed.; 
est. 1901; William K. Ashcraft. Prlu. 
FRAVK, Senooa Co., pop. 09. 
St. Miehaol'a A ca d emy ; prep.; co-e<l.; R. Cf.; 
Sister Superior. 
FREMOHT. Saaduky Co., pop. 8,430. 
Actual Bnsiaeea VaiTeraity and Hormal Train- 
iair School; bus. and nor.; co-ed.; est. 
1806; Burt German, Principal. 
FULTOHHAM, MuaUafum Co., pop. 245. 
Fttltonham Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1880; George H. Lapp, B. S.. Prin. 
OAMBIER, Knox Co., pop. 751. 
Harconrt Place Seminary; girls' boarding; P. 
E.; est. 1888; Miss Ilarrlettc Merwin. 
Xeayon OoUofo; ctrf.: men; P. K.; est. 1825; 
Rev. William F. Pelrce. M. A., Pres. 

Kenyoa Militaxy Academy; mil. and boys' 
boarding; non-sect.; est. 1824; H. F. Wil- 
liams, Regent. 

SclMMd's aanomicement. — Kenyon Military 
Academy is one of the oldest, most firm- 
ly established, and best eiiuippotl board- 
ing schools for boyii. It is Kituatcd 
eleven hundred feet abov** 8<»a-levi»l, in 
the healthful, beautiful ami historic edu- 
cational village of Gambler. ComiufNli- 
ous buildings, comfortable <|uartore. G() 
acTPT of grounds, golf links, fully 
equipped gymnasium. Thorough prep- 
aration for any c<^ege or technical school. 

A flexible two-year business course to 

prepare for practical life work. Intimate 

penwnal relations between masters and 

cadets. Refining home Influences. "Any 

Christian parent can with readiness and 

confidence place a son in your school." — 

Rt. Rev. W. A. I^onard. D. D.. Bishop 

of Ohio. 
6ERMANT0WH, Montgomery Co., pop. 3.000. 
Miami Military Institute; military; non-sect.: 

est. 188C; Col. Orvon Graff Brown. A. M., 

OLEHDALE, HamUton Co., poi). l..'>45. 
Olendale College; girls' boarding; Presb.; est. 

1864; MiKs R. J. DeVore, A. M., Pres. 
ORANYILLE. Licking Co., pop. 1.425. 
Dennison University; col.; co-ed; Bapt.; est. 

1831; Emory W. Hunt. I). D., LL. D.. 

Doane Academy; prep.; men: Bapt.; est. 1831; 

Henry Rhodes Hundley, I). Sc.. Dean. 
OREEKVILLE, Darke Co., pop. 5.501. 
Technical Academy; tech.; men; est. 1804; 

John Boers. Prin. 
HAMILTON, BuUer Co., pop. 23.014. 

Hamilton Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1807; Howard H. Beek. Prin. 
Notre Dame Academy; girls' boarding; R. C: 

Sister Rosa. Superior. 
HIRAM, Portage Co., pop. C50. 

Hiram College; col.; co-ed.; Christ.; est. 1850; 

Miner Lee Bates, A. M., Pres. 
KENTON, Hardin Co., pop. 6.862. 

St. Anthony's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: 

Sister Superior. 

LANCASTER, Fairfield Co., pup.. 8.001. 

Columbia Commercial University; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1000; C. C. Dibble, Pros. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
LEBANON, Warren Co., pop. 2,867. 

National Normal University; normal: private; 
co-ed.; est. 1855; J. Oscar Creager, Pres. 
LEIPSIC, Putnam Co., pop. 1,720. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-od.; R, C; 
Sister Superior. 
LIMA, Allen Co., pop. 21,723. 
Lima Buaineas College; bu8. nnd sten.; How- 
ard W. Pears, Pres. 
Lima College: coll.: co-c^l: Luth.; est. 180.']; 

Cliarles C. Miller, Ph. 1).. Pres. 
St. John's Academy; prop.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Sister Superior. 

LORAIN, Lorain Co., p<»p. 16,028. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prop.: co-ed.; R. C; 
est. 1800; Rev. Chaa. Reichlln. President. 

LOUISVILLE, Stark Co., pop. 1,374. 

St. Louis' Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; Sis- 
ter Superior, 

MANSFIELD, Richland Co.. pop. 17.040. 

Mansfield Business College; bus. and fitcn.: 

est. ISiM,; V. W. Fn-derick. .Mgr. 
Ohio Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1800: Short and I'l<lgeon, Props. 

MANTUA, Portage Co., pop. 25. 





Barters Musical GoUere; mus.; est. 1895; 
Otto E. Bartel. President. 
MARIETTA, Washington Co., pop. 13.348. 

Marietta Academy; prep.; co-ed.; est. 1830; 
E. E. Wolfe, Prln. 

Marietta College; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1835; Alfred T. Perry. A. M., D. D., Pres. 
School's announcement. — Marietta is a 
real college of the highest grade, with 
ample equipment, including a fine library 
of over 60,000 volumes. It aims to com- 
bine a broad training with thorough 
scholarship and Christian culture. Its 
courses of study and methods of Instruc- 
tion are progressive. It emphasizes the 
personal relation between professor and 
student. The College atmosphere is 
wholesome and Inspiring. Its Academy 
fits for any college East or West. Ex- 
penses low with abundant opportunities 
for self-help. 

Marietta Commercial College, The; bus. and 
sten.; M. A. Adams, Pres. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Sister Superior. 
MARION, Marion Co., pop. 11,862. 

St. Mary's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Rev. 
Michael Mulvlhill, Prln. 
MARYSVILLE, Union Co., pop. 3.048. 

St, John's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Evan. 
Luth. ; Principal. 
MASSILLON, Stark Co., pop. 11.044. 

Massillon Actual Business College; bus. and 
sten.; H. n. Wilson, Mgr. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Sister Superior. 
MILLERSVILLE, Sandusky Co., pop. 263. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
MINGO JUNCTION, Jelferson Co., pop. 2,954. 

St. Agnes' Acadamy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
MINSTER, Anglaize Co., pop. 1.465. 

St. Mary's Institute; girls' boarding; R. C; 
est. 1886; Sister M. Paula. Prln. 
MONROEVILLE, Huron Co., pop. 1.211. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
MT. VERNON, Knox Co., pop. 6,633. 

Mount Vernon College; prop.; co-ed.; est. 
1803; Norrls W. Lawrence, Prln. 

St. Vincent de Paul's Academy; prop.; co-ed.: 
R. C; Sister Superior. 
NAVARRE, Stark Co., pop. 963. 

St. Clement's Academy; prop.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
NEWARK, Licking Co.. pop. 18.157. 

Newark Business College; bus. and sten.; S. 
L. Bceney, Pres. 

NEW ATHENS, Harrison Co., pop. 435. 
Franklin College; ool.; co-od.: non-sect.; est. 
182;"; Nowton B. Kolloy. D. D.. Pros. 

NEW CONCORD, Muskingum Co., pop. 675. 
Muskingum College; coll.: co-ed.; Un. Presb. : 
est. 1837: Rov. J. Knox Montgomery, D. 
D.. Pres. 

NEW LEXINGTON, Ferry Co., pop. 1.701. 
St. Aloysius Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
NEW FHILADELFHIA, Tuscarawas Co., pop. 
Kuhn's Normal School, John P.; normal; pri- 
vate; co-ed.; John P. Kuhn, Pres. 
Yocum's New Philadelphia and Dorer Bnsi' 
ness College; bus. and sten.; est. 1892; 
Will B. Curtis. Principal. 
NEW RIEOEL, Seneca Co., pop. 298. 
St. Boniface Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Superior. 
St. Peter's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
NOR WALK, Huron Co., pop. 7,074. 
Norwalk Business College; bus. and aten.; est. 
1900; Henry C. Short, Principal. 
NORTH AMHERST, Lorain Co., pop. 1,758. 
Evangelical Lutheran Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 

Evan. Luth.; Principal. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: 
Sister Superior. 
NOTTINGHAM, Cuyahoga Co.. pop. 939. 
St. Joseph's Seminary; boys* boarding; R. C; 
est. 1886; UrsuUne Sisters, Prln. 

OAK HILL, Jackson Co., pop. 1,000. 
Providence University; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
O. James Jones, A. M., Pres. 

OBERLIN, Lorain Co., pop. 4.082. 
Oberlin Academy; prep.; co-ed.; John F. Peck. 

Oberlin Business College; bus. and sten.; J. 

T. Henderson, Pres. 
Oberlin College; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 

1833; Rev. Henry ChurchlU King, D. D.. 

Oberlin College Theological Seminary; theol.; 

Rev. Edward I. Bosworth, D. D., Dean. 
Oberlin Conservatory of Mnsic; music; Charles 

W. Morrison, Director. 
Oberlin Kindergarten Training Schoid; kind. 

training; women; Bertha Emeline Hoot- 

gomery, P. D. M., Prln. 
Oberlin School of Telegraphy; bus. and sten.; 

Q. L. Durand, Pres. 

OTTAWA, Putnam Co., pop. 2,322. 
Ottawa Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1002; P. J. MiUer. Secy. 
St. Peter and St. Paul's Academy; prep.: 

co-ed.; R. C; Sister Superior. 

OXFORD, Butler Co., pop. 2.009. 
Miami XTniversity; unlv.; state; co-ed.; est 

1824; Guy Potter Bentoo, D. D., Pres. 
Ohio State Normal School; nor.; state; est. 

1902: H. C. Minnick, Prin. 
Oxford College; girls' boarding: non-sect.; est 

1830; Jane Sherzer. Ph. D., Pres. 
Western College for Women; girls* boardlag: 

non-sect.: est. 1855; Lillian W. Johnson. 

Ph. D., President. 

PAINESVILLE. Lake Co., pop. 5.024. 
Lake Erie College and Seminary; non-sect.: 
ost. 1850; Mary Evans. M. A.. Lltt. D.. 


PIQUA, Miami Co., pop. 12,172. 





Beck's Academy; bus. and sten.; est. 1880; 
C. B. Beck, Pres. 

PLEASANTVILLE, Fairfield Co., pop. 501. 
Fairfield Union Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Charles 0. Webb, Prin. 
FOLAin), Mahoninff Ck>., pop. 370. 

Poland Union Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; 
Thomas S. Orr, Pres. 
FOMEBOT, Meiffs Co.. pop. 4,639. 
Sacred Heart Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Sister Superior. 
FOBTSMOUTH, Scioto Co., pop. 17.870. 

Graham's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
W. R. Graham, Pres. 
BEADIHG, Hamilton Co., pop. 3,076. 

Mount Votro Dame Academy; girls' boarding; 
B. C; Sister Agnes Aloysla, PrIn. 
BICHMOKD, JefTerson Co., pop. 373. 
Bichmond College; coll.; co-ed; non-sect.; est. 
3825; Geo. W. Macmilllan, Ph. D., D. D.. 
BIO OBAHDE, Gallia Co., pop. 110. 

Bio Grande College; coll.; co-ed.; Free Bapt.; 
est. 1876; Rer. J. M. Davis. D. D., Pres. 
ST. MABTIH, Brown Co., pop. 91. 
Ursuline Academy; girls' boarding; R. C. ; 
Mother Baptista, Prin. 

SALEM, Columbiana Co., pop. 7,582. 
Salem Business College; bus.; co-ed.; est. 
1894; W. H. Matthews, Prin. 

SANDUSKY, Erie Co., pop. 19.664. 
Sandusky Business College; bus. and sten.: 
est. 1805; R. D. Mitchell. Principal. 
SAVAHHAH, Ashland Co., pop. 290. 

Savannah Academy; prep.; co-ed.; est. 1856; 
non-sect.; W. J. Machwart, Prin. 

SCIO, Harrison Co., pop. 1.214. 
Scio College; coll.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 1857; 
I. C. Paugh, Ph. D., D. D.. Pres. 

SHELBY, Bichland Co., pop. 4.685. 

Oberlia Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: est. 
1883: John Fisher Peclc, A. M.. Principal. 

Sacred Heart of Mary Academy; prep.; co- 
ed.; R. C; Sister Superior. 

SKEPABD, Franklin Co., pop. 350. 
St. Mary's of the Springs Academy; girls' 
boarding; R. C; est. 1833; Mother M. 
Thomas, Prin. 

SIDHEY, Shelby Co., pop. 5,688. 
Bnckeye Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1898; W. A. Troute, President. 

SOUTH HEW LYME, Ashtabula Co., pop. 115. 
Hew Lyme Institute; non-sect.; prep.; co-ed.; 
Howard 0. White, Pres. 

SOUTH SALEM, Boss Co., pop. 264. 
Salem Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; Charles 
W. Barrett, Prin. 

8FBIHGFIELD, Clarke Co., pop. 38,253. 
Helflon's Business College; bus. and Kt<'n. ; 

H. H. Nelson, Prin. 
St. Bernard Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: 
Sister Superior. 

Springfield Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1876: Miss Anna B. Johnson, Prin. 
Williss' Business University; bus. and sten.; 

F. W. Williss, LL. D.. Pres. 
Wittenberg College; coll.; co-ed.: Luth.; est. 

1845; Rev. Charles G. Ileckert. D. D., 

Wittenbnrg Theological Seminary; theol.; men; 
est. 1845; Chag. G. Ileckert. Pres. 
STEUBENVILLE, Jefferson Co., pop. 14.349. 
St. Peter's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Superior. 
Steubenville Business College; bus. and sten.; 

J. T. Thompson, Pres. 
TIFFlSf, Seneca Co., pop. 10.989. 

College of Ursuline Sisters; jrirls' boarding: 

R. C. ; Ursuline Sisters. I'rins. 
Heidelberg Academy; prep.; oo-cd.; A. W. 

Rifksccker. Prin. 
Heidelberg Commercial College; bus. and 

sten. ; C. C. Kennison, Pros. 
Heidelburg Theological Seminary; theol.; co- 
ed.: est. 1850; David Van Home, Pros. 
Heidelburg University; coll.; co-ed.: Reformed; 

est. 1850; Rev. Charles E. Miller, D. D., 

St. Francis Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Superior. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Superior. 

TOLEDO, Lucas Co., pop. 181.822. 
Davis Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1882; Thurber P. Davis, Principal. 
Emmanuel Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Luth.; 

Good Shepherd Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. G. ; 

Sister Superior. 
St. John's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Evan. 

Luth.; Principal. 
St. Louis' Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0.; 

Sister Superior. 
St. John's College; coll.; men; R. C. ; est. 

1898; Rev. Francis Heiermann, S. J.. 

St. Patrick's Academy; prep.; co-ed. j R. C: 

Sister Superior. 
St. Stephen's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: 

Sister Superior. 
Toledo Conservatory of Music; mus. ; est. 1000; 

Bradford Mills, B. M.. Director. 
Toledo Medical College, Toledo University; 

med. ; reg. ; co-ed.; est. 1882; Park L. 

Myers, M. P., Dean. 
Toledo Normal and Training School; nor.: 

women; est. 1893; Mrs. E. M. R. Baird. 

Toledo University, Manual Training School; 

prep.; non-sect.: co-ed.; est. 1883; Charles 

G. Menzel. B. Sc. M. E., Dean. 
Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart; girls' 

l)oarding; R. C. ; Mother Superior, I'rin. 

UBBANA, Champaign Co., pop. 0.808. 

Curry Normal and Industrial Institute 
(colored): prep, and indust.; co-ed.; est. 
1889; Elmer W. B. Curry. President. 
Moore's Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1899: J. W. Moore. Principal. 
Urbana University; prep.: co-ed.; New Clmrclr 
est. 1850; John H. Williams, Dean. 





UBI0H8VILLE, Tutoantwaa Go., pop. 4.582. 
XTriohiTiUe-DenniflOD Bosineu Collero; bus. 
and Bten.; est. 1897; Will B. Curtis, Mgr. 
WASSEN, TnunbnU Co., pop. 8.529. 
Bryant, Stratton and Smith Bnsiness College; 
bus. and stcn.; Geo. H. St. John. Pres. 
WE8TE&VILLE, Franklin Co., pop. 1.462. 
Otterbein XTniTorsity; col.; co-ed.; U. B.; est. 
1847; Lewis Book waiter, A. M., D. D., 
WEST LAFAYETTE, Coshocton Co., pop. 724. 
West Lafayette College; coll.; co-ed.; M. 
Prot.; est. 1900; James H. Straughn. A. 
M., Pres. 

WILBERFOBCE, Oreene Co., pop. 161. 
Payne Theological Seminary of Wilberforce 

UniTersity (coloretl); theol.; co-ed.: A. M. 

E.; est. 1891; Rev. George F. Woodson, 

D. D., Dean. 
Wilberforce University (colored); coll.; co-ed.; 

A. M. E.; est. 1856; W. G. Morehead. 


WILMINOTON, Clinton Co., pop. 3.613. 
Wilmington College; coll.; co-ed.; Friends; 
est 1870; Albert J. Brown. A. M., Pres. 

WOODSFIELD. Monroe Co., pop. 1,801. 
St. Sylvester's Academy; prep.: co-od. ; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 

WOOSTEB, Wayne Co., pop. 6,063. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Superior. 
Vnivarsity of Wooster; coll.; co-ed.; Presb.; 

est. 1870; Rev. Louis Edward Holden. L. 

L. D.. Pres. 
Tocnm's Bizler Business College; bus. and 

sten.; 0. M. Yocum, Pres. 
XENIA, Oreen Co., pop. 8.096. 
Xenia Theological Seminary; theo.; men; New 

Presb.; est. 1794; W. G. Hoorebead. D. 

D., LL. D., Pres. 
YELLOW SPRINGS, Oreene Co., pop. 1,371. 
Antioch College; coll.: co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 

1853: Rev. S. D. Fess. LL. D.. Pres. 
YOITNGSTOWH. Mahoning Co., pop. 44.885. 
Baldwin Kindergarten Training School; nor. 

kind.: women; est. 1892; Miss Mary S. 

Morgan. Principal. 
Browne's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

J. C. Browne. Pres. 
Excelsior Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1901; J. E. Slindee, Manager. 
Hall's Business University; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1802; Short Bros., Proprietors. 

ZANESVILLE, Muskingum Co., pop. 23.538. 
Zanesville Commercial School, llie; bus. and 

sten.: est. 1900; R. L. Meredith, Pres. 
Putnam Seminary; closed. 


Population 398,831. School census, 162,800. School age, 6-21. 

Oklahoma is the thirty-eighth of the states and territories of the Union in 
point of population, having a total of 398,831 inhabitants, of whom 367,524, or 92.3 
per cent, are white. Of this number, 15,604, or 3.9 per cent, are foreign born. 
The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population is 5.5 per cent, the state rank- 
ing twentieth in this respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Hon. E. D. Cameron^ State Superintendent Guthrie 

E. P. McCabe, Deputy Auditor Guthrie 


Hon. E. D. Cameron^ State Superintendent Guthrie 

Hon. C. N. Haskell^ Governor Guthrie 

Hon. Wm. Cross, Secretary of State Guthrie 

Hon. Charles West, Attorney General Guthrie 


Prof. J. S. Buchanan, President Norman 

SuPT. J. B. Taylor, Secretary Oklahoma City 


Prof. J. A. Anderson, Chairman Pond Creek 

Miss Emma Gard, Secretary Watonga 

Prop. J. H. Hayes Chandler 


County. County Seat. Superintendent. 

Adair ^Westville J. B. Johnson 

Alfalfa ^Cherokee Gertrude Motter 

Atoka «iAtoka I. L. Cook 

Beav«r JBeaver G. W. Meeks 

Beckham ^Sayre .A. R. Harris 

Blaine ^Watonga Emma Gard 

Bryan Durant H. C. King 

Caddo «Anadarko Maude E. Widaman 

Csinadian #E1 Reno Kate Meade 

Carter Ardmore Mtb. Mary Niblack 

Cherokee Tahlequah A. K. Ralston 

Choctaw .Hugo F. M. Hughes 

CImmarron Cimmarron Mrs. Hattie Brltton 






County. County Seat. 

Cleveland Norman 

Coal Lehigh 

Comanche Liawton 

Craig: Vinita 

Creelc Sapulpa 

Custer Arapahoe 

Delaware Grove 

Dewey Taloga 

Ellis Grand 

Garfield Enid 

Garvin Pauls Valley . . 

Grady Chickasha 

Grant Pond Creek.... 

Greer Mangrum 

Harper Buffalo 

Haskell Stig:ler 

Hughes Holdenville . . . . 

Jackson Altus 

Jefferson Ryan 

Johnson Tishomingo . . . 

Kay Newkirk 

Kingfisher Kingfisher 

Kiowa Hobart 

Latimer Wilburton 

Leflore Poteau 

Lincoln Chandler 

Logan Guthrie 

Love Marietta 

Major Falrview 

. Marshall Madill 

Mayes Pryor Creek . . . 

McLain Purcell 

McCurtain Idabel 

Mcintosh Eufaula 

Murray Sulphur 

Muskogee Boynton 

Noble Perry 

Nowata Nowata 

Okf u.skee Okemah 

Oklahoma Oklahoma City. 

Okmulgee Okmulgee 

Osage Pawhuska 

Ottawa Miami 

Pawnee Pawnee 

Pavne Stillwater 

Pittsburg McAlester 

Pontotoc Ada 

Pushmataha Antlers 

Pottawatomie Tecumseh 

Roger Mills . . .' Cheyenne 

Rogers CMaremore 

Seminole Wewoka 

Sequoyoh Sollisaw 

Stephens Duncan 

Texas Guymon 

Tillman Frederick 

Tulsa Tulsa 

Wagoner Wagoner 

Washington Bartlosville .... 

Washita Cordell 

Woods Alva 

Woodward Woodward 

. .B. R. McDonald 
. .EUela Allen 
.•J. A. Johnson 
..H. W. C. Shelton 
. . P. T. Frye 
. .L. B. Snider 
. .Steve Beak 
. .E. M. Frost 
..J. A. McLain 
. .Greo. Rainey 
. .Pearl Bradfleld 
. .R. H. Wilson 
. .C. M. Jacob son 
. .J. B. Taylor 
. .Mrs. Alma Crlswell 
. . M. L. Cotton 
. .B. N. Hicks 
. . J. M. Dale 
. .L. L. Wade 
..J. Frank Lilly 
. .E. A. Duke 
. .G. E. Moore 
..Miss A. E. Lane 
. .Alice Fleming 
. .A. E. Crouthamel 
. .O. F. Hayes 
. .Neil Humphrey 
. .Mrs. R. Anderson 
..Mrs. Chas. Wright 
. .W. M. Abernaty 
. .N. C. Hunt 
. .A. J. French 
. . P. K. Faison 
. .L. G. Mcintosh 
. .Essie Bell 
..Dr. J. H. Settle 
. .Wm. Martin 
. .Blanche Larkin 
. . J. D. Nelson 
..Mrs. Mary Couch 
. .E. B. Shotwell 
. .W. E. Gill 
. .J. T. Davis 
. .W. R. Robinson 
. .R. L Bilyeu 
. .L. E. Christian 
. .T. F. Pierce 
. .Erskine Brantley 
. .Clarence Robinson 
. .T. C. Moore 
. .B. H. Hester 
. .W. F. Cooper 
. .Fred Merchson 
. .G. A. Witt 
. .Geo. T. Payne 
. .A. A. Rogers 
. .C. W. Grimes 
..J. W. Shortall 
..Flossie B. Lewis 
..J. H. Hubbard 
. . F. O. Hayes 
..Mrs. Sadie Zimmerman 


ALVA. Woods Co.. pop. 1,400. 

Northwestern State Normal School; normal; 
stato; co-od.: est. 1S97; W. L. Ros.«<. ProB. 
Oklahoma Correspondence School; (>ny M. 
liisk, Pres. 

ARDMORE, Chickuaw Co., pop. 8.800. 

Hargrove College; prep.; co-ed.: M. E. So.; 

est. 18J)5; Rer. J. W. Go»8, D. D.. Prefc 
Landon Consorratory; music; Cbas. W. LaA- 

don, Director. 




S4lTi%o Builoei! CDllafft; buff. niid steii«; est. 

nm, *i l\ Selvitlge. A. M.. Piwi. 
St. A^flA Colleftts prep.^ coLft.; Slsler Mary 
Tbomua, I'rlncijjnl, 
ATOKA, Choctaw Co>: pop. t.lfiO. 

Munc^w Xndi&aft' OrphAa Hiifti«i mlftslua 
RCbool for IndJuns; J. 3. Mtirroiw, D, D., 
BLACEWZLX. Kmt Ca., pog. 3,£S4. 
Qklmhomi. BtAte Biptitt CoUftr^; prep.; ct>-c^.; 
BapM est 1900; B. R. Wamadlc, A, M-, 
D, Dm FvtM. 
€AMniEM, a^rfleld C3o., pop. 17. 
Kortbti^etti^m Acadfinty; pn?p, t co-t?d, : Coiig.; 
W. n. LcBar, A. 31., I'nee. 
CTRELSEA, C^rokoe Co., pop. GOO. 
ObelM« Acndeni^: prep.; co-etl.: Ctimb. Prt«l)*; 
Tlioniiia U Bates. Prlo. 
DOTER, Kiuf Aiber C«.t P^P^ SOO. 

Cim^tnyti GoUofe; prt^p.; co-i'd.; uon- f«(K;t. : 
J as. A, Ilillliifd. Pf¥B. 
EDMOND. Oklti]iom& Co., pop. 0*Ki, 

Central State Homml 8c boot; tmriuiil; sttttt-: 
co-eH.. T. W. Btiteber, Pre»* 
EJTID, G*rfl«jld Cd.p pop. i,0S2. 

Chriati&D tyntversityj B, V. ^oUnr?, rn.-*. 
Gt^THRIE, Lopan Co,, iKip. lO.OOfl. 
Cflftttai City BuaineBa Gollefe; btiK. acid »tL^u.; 

►.Mt. t:!iy3' It, A. iTaffnej-. Trln. 
St. Joaepb'i Aaidem^ ; girls' boardtsg; H. C,^ 

Mntber MEiry Joseph, Prln. 
S^boal fsT tb« Ba^f and Duml; Btate; eo-cd.; 
€at, 1003; E, M. tluubaoi, Stipt 
HAKMON. OuAter Co., pop. 31. 
E«d Mooa Baardi;iff School; Gor't &dIim>1 fur 
IntlluD?.: cr^Kd,; W. M. BUsb. Supt. 
EASTllifGS, Comanche Co.. pop. 2T0. 
Soulh Wmvt Acadomr; prep.; ct^crd.; Cong ; 
efet. lyOi; DijFlght K. Purter, A. B., I'rin. 
aXXJ'SIDE, Oberoku Co.; pop. 72. 
IVi«iidi Bki-a-toak School mlgMlon icbool for 
[udftmft coed.: Friyudji; eat, 1807; Duultil 
Wltiiilow Lnwrfocr, B. S.* Stipt* 
KtMHilSHEmp KiJQtfla^er Oo,, pop. 2..^1. 

Klnv^ibtT CollcKa; prtp.; co^«d.; Coag. ; vnt* 

LAlfGSXON. Le«:aii Co., pop. 251. 
Calor»d A^oaltnria nod Hflreial Univoraity; 
aurtuah «tmtc; coed.: Jnioua E. pLigt\ 
Boly i'mnil^ OfiUef«i (colored); prep.; cis^i^.; 
R. C, ', eflt. 1S03; Ker. Father J. Aaceaux, 
L AWT OK, Oomanjcbs Co., pop. 10J47. 
Lawt^n Buiinoti CoUer^; ban. ULnA itt«Q.: eftt. 
im'-^r W. P. BUncliet, Ph. D., PrlnclpaJ. 
MAEJBLE. Chemkw Oo.r pop. 21. 
Dwiffht MiAtlon: mlaaloa Acbtio] for Indiana : 
ct^ed.: Fitatj.; c»t 1820; Rev, Frederick 
L. SchAQh, Snpt* 


E. Meta Sond CoUegfl^ prep.; eoed.; nflo-Aet't. ; 
Mlaa Meto Cbratnutt. Prtn. 

MUSEOGEE. Creek Oo., pop. -4,400. 
Baedss Indlaji ITiilTeriiJtrr prep.; co-ed.; BitpL; 

e«t. 1S8S: Ewldg Natbati CoUctlP, Ph. B., 

Catholic Aoadamy: f!ro. J, T. Morrla, Prea. 
Brnnshori'i Practioat BuiiaQit OalleifaE bna. 

audi 3ttD-- J. F. litraugboii, Pres. 
Henry Kendall Collai^e; coll.; c?o-«a. ; Presb.; 

fuL l&n4. Rev. A. Grant Evapa, Pr^. 
NaxAr«th Inatitute; gtrla' board lag; E. C; 

Mather JiiBtlne. Superior, 
Spaulding Inititute; girla' boarding; M. B. 

So.; est. 1881; O. B. Stapled, A. M., Prea. 
KORMAH, GlfiTolaad Co., pop. 2.225. 

UniToriity of OklhhoinA: unl¥,; eo-ed.; itate; 

f'Bt. ISG::; DjivJd R. Boyd, A. M„ Ph. D,, 

UniTonitT of Okjahooia, Phuma^^eutioal Do* 

partmeat; phar, : co-ed,; tBt. 1S84; Edwin 

Oe Barr, Dean. 
traiv«raity of Oklahoma, Schaal of Moilicinfl; 

(FrefthniJin ant! Sopbaaione ^r curs I ; niid. ; 

reg.: QBt. ISJOS; R. P. Stoops. M. Ii,, 

AeTlug Dean. 
OKLAHOBLA, Oklahoma Co., pop, 10.0^7. 
CaTver CMoge; WHlitrd i'Qrrer, Pres, 
JJraughoD'a Fractieal Bntioflit College; bnn. 

acid «ten. ; J. P. Draiighoti, Pre«,; T. M. 

Milan, Prln. 
Epworth Univpraity; eolL ; tro-iihtl.: Meth,; est. 

1004; GeorKe Bradford, tl. D.. I*re». 
Ctille^ of Hediciite. Ep worth Uaiveraitr^ 

ined.: reg.; est. 1004; A, K. Weal, M. D., 

HilPi Bnauieaa CoUegci; bus. and iten,; J. M. 

Hill, Pre*, 
lonet' F«mak At^adetny: girls' board Cng; son- 

fiect.; G. L. Jones, Prea, 
OkUboma Oitr Buiiinaj.i College; bi]«. and 

Men.; J, W. Butcher. Pres. 
Oklahoma Collega f«r Taung Ladiai; cqll.; 

woujiin; e«L. IBOfl; Oeorgc U, Jones., M, 

A., LL. n., Pres. 
FEYOR CEEEK, Cherokee Co., pop. 4m. 
Fryor Cf^ek Collegiate Inatitnte; prep,; co-(>d.; 

non-Beet. ; II. B, Brnee, Prla. 
EYAUt Chicka<&w Co,, pop. 1.482. 

Ryan EducAiloaal Inatitute; prt^p,; r,'Q(>d.; uon- 

aeeL: H. P. Walker. PrSn. 
BT^LLA, CleTeland Co.» pop. 45. 

Friendi' Academy; pn.'p.; eocdl,; George 

Wripbt, I'rei, 
SITLL WATER, Fayne Co., pop. 2.4ai. 

Oklahoma Afiriciultura] and Xeohanioat Col- 
lege: agri. nnd. roL-eh,; eo-ei].; noD-aect.; 

eat. 1891; J. H. Coanell. B. S., M. &e«, 

TAHLEQTJAH. Cherokee Co., pop. 1,600. 

Cherokee Peniale Seminary; girls' boaLTdlng; 

non-see t.; Misa FJe an or Allen, Pppb. 
Cherokee Hal'i Seminary; buyn' prep.; neiit- 

ecet.; J. N. Clark l\ Prea, 
Cherokee Bmptiat Academy; prep.; eo-Kl.; 

Bapt.; eat. 1S8J3; Rei. WflltcT J. Psi?k. Ph. 

B., Pres. 
Freihyiorian Academy; priep.; eo-ed,^; C. A. 

Peterson, Prea* 
TONKA WA. Kay Co.. pap. T07. 
yniverMlty Freparatory School ef Oklahoma; 

prop.: state; co-e<J.; aon-»cct.; est. 1902; 





J, H. Kelley, B. S., A. M., Pres. 
TXILBA, Creek Go., pop. 8,000. 
Heniy Kendall OoUege; coll. and prep.; Presb.; 

co-ed.; est. 1890; Rer. A. Evans, Pres. 
Tulsa Business OeUeffe; bus. and sten.; S. M. 
Smith, Pres. 
YINITA, Cherokee Co., pop. 2,330. 
Sacred Keart Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Princi- 

WUlie KalseU CoUere; prep.; co-ed.; M. E. 
So.; O. P. Ferrce, A. M., M. D.. Prin. 

WEATHEKFO&D, Custer Co., pop. 1,017. 
Southwestern State Kormal School; nor.; state; 
co-ed.; est. 1003; J. P. Sharp, Pres. 
WYWE WOOD, Chickasaw Co., pop. 2.000. 
Indianola College; prep.: co-ed.; Comb. Presb.: 
B. B. Cobb, A, B., Pres. 


Population, 454,993. School census, 112,047. School age, 4-20. 

Oregon is the thirty-fifth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 454,993 inhabitants, of whom 445,390, or 95.4 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 53,861, or 13 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 3.3 per cent, the state ranking sixth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows : 


J. H. AcKERMAN, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Salem 


Geo. E. Chamberlain, Governor ^ Salem 

F. W. Benson, Secretary of State Salem 

J. H. AcKERMAN, Superintendent of Public Instruction Salem 


R. R. Turner Grants Pass E. B. Conklin Pendleton 

Frank Rigler Portland L. H. Baker Salem 

D. W. Yoder Sumpter N. L. Narregan Medford 

Thos. M. Gatch Corvalis J. A. Churchill Baker City 

J. S. Landers The Dalles 


Geo. E. Chamberlain Salem 

F. W. Benson Sa^em 

Geo A. Steele Salem 


H. W. ScoTT Portland 

M. A. Miller Lebanon 

Wm. CoLViG i Jacksonville 

C. A. Johns Baker City 

P. L. Campbell Eugene 

Oregon has a state uniformity law, enacted February 21, 1893, the adoptions 
being under the control of the above-named commission appointed by the Governor 
of the state. Books are adopted for a period of six years, the last adoption being 
June 3. 1907. 




Oregon has no State Reading Circle Board, but has a district law aiding school 
libraries. All books are purchased by the State Library Commission. 


(Western Division.) 

W. W. Wiley, President Newburg 

E. T. MooRES, First Vice-President Salem 

A. D. Sheldon, Second Vice-President Eugene 

L. A. Wiley, Secretary Portland 

Margaret J. Cosper Salem 


No. of 
County. Superintendent's Name. Address. Districts 

3aker ^J. IT. Smith Baker City 68 

Benton tL L. Mack Corvallis 60 

Clackamas T. J. Gary Oregon City ItO 

Clatsop Emma C. Warren Astoria 36 

Columbia J. H. Collins St. Helens 66 

Coos W. H. Bunch CoquUle 76 

Crook R. F. Ford Prineville 41 

Curry Wm. S. Guerin Port Orford U 

Douglas Thurman Chaney Roseburg 127 

Gilliam J. C. Sturgill Condon 36 

Grant W. W. Austen John Day 44 

Harney L. M. Hamilton Burns 29 

Hood River Edward E. Coad Hood River 

Jackson J. Persy Wells Jacksonville 88 

Josephine Lincoln Savage Grants Pass 44 

Klamath J. G. Swan Klamath Falls 30 

Lake R. V. Jackson Lakeview 20 

Lane W. B. Dillard Eugene 167 

Lincoln R. P. Goln Toledo 63 

Linn W. L. Jackson Albany 117 

Malheur B. L. Milligan Ontario 36 

Marion W. M. Smith Salem 114 

Morrow S. E. Notson lone 46 

Multnomah R. F. Robinson Portland 68 

Polk H. C. Seymour Dallas 65 

Sherman W. C. Bryant Moro 32 

Tillamook W. S. Buell Tillamook 48 

Umatilla Frank K. Welles Pendleton 107 

Union E. E. Bragg Le Grande 64 

Wallowa J. C. Conley Enterprise 49 

Wasco Justus T. Neff The Dalles 72 

Washington M. C. Case Hillsboro 97 

Wheeler H. J. Simmons Fossil 69 

Yamhill H. H. Belt McMinnvllle 87 


ALBANY, Linn Co., pop. .'{.149. 
Academy of Our Lady of Perpetual Light; 

prop. ; co-od. : R. C. : Sister Mary An- 

sc'lmn. (). S. R. 
Albany College ; coll.: co-<m1.: Prosb.; est. 1806; 

H. M. rrw.ks. A. M., Prps. 
ASHLAND, Jackson Co.. pop. 2.G:U. 

Ashland Commercial College; bus. and sten. : 

ost. 1904; P. Ultner. A. M.. Prin. 
Southern Oregon State Normal School; nor- 

mal; state; co-ed.; B. P. Malkey* A. B.. 

BAKER CITY. Baker Co.. pop. 6.068. 

Baker City Business College; bos. and ftes.; 
est. 1905; C. A. Kraberston, Ph. B., LL. 

B., Pros. 
Eastern Oregon Commercial Collefe; bus. tad 

sten.: est. 1902; M. O. Pcny, Prln. 
Sacred Heart Academy; prep.; co-ed.: B. C: 

Sister Mary Cupertino, Prln. 



St. Fruicefl AtAAtmY kji^ College; vrep.; cty- 
Oil.; Ur 0^1 SfBter Mary Hn port I no, 
CORVAI,Lia. Bealon Co.. th>P 1,919 

Oterc'ii StfttA Acriculturml CoUei^a; ngrl.^ ro 
f^a.i Btatc^ ent. 1?570; Thtitnnu M. Gatcb. 

A, M.t Ph. iX. Pren. 

On^n AffTicultofAl Gollttffl, OoU«f« <rf Flmr- 
ma^jr: phur, : c?ofi().; est, l^W: A- L. 
Kitiseljr. Dean. 
DALLAS, Folk Co., pop. l,0rX9. 

BaUu Colleffe ftnd La. Cr^le AcAd«mr; colL; 
co-ed*; Uo> KTanff. ; i?«t. llMKJ; Cbnrli^i 
AdoJphtJH MqcIc, a, M.. rb. P.. Prta. 
Eclmori Aimouiic«mfint,— Dallna Colk-gii 
uifcn* ad^iiiitiiE^e» for ft liberal, GlirlBtlim 
edacfttlon. ^eeond to naoic of Its kltiit. 
Good, heal tb fill lotJatloq; gooii, stroog 
fActilt^'; f^xpenws redncRd to mlijlmum; 
ejE^elltnt dc^rmltory prlvllpgcR; well 
equipped g^j^mnafituni. LocatM GO tuUt^tt 
KJiilb of Portlmid OB tbe 9, P. R. R^ 
For inform at ion, uddresa the Prrsldent, 
DBAJiT, Bouilaa Go*, P^p. 103. 

Centrtl Or«^oii Siato Iformal School; nDriniil; 
atate; coed.; obL ISeS: A, L, Bflggs, 

B, S-. B. D.. Pre»* 
EtTQEirii, Lmneh Co., pop. a,2StE. 

Bufene PMnity ficlicioi; theoL^ co-ed,; Cbria- 
ttflo; <*et, iSeG: Rl'v. EnKi-ne C, Satwbr- 
HSfl. D. D,. LTj. D.. Pfpa. 
TTaworjity of Orfigou; uiilv, ; wtnte; co-cil.; 
e»t. Iti7*l; P. L. CunipbelU A. B.. Prt.»* 
JOREST ©ROVE, WMhlnffton Co., pop. l,09fl- 
Fu!iflc ITnitrartitr; cidL; co-ed. l Cook.; eat. 
lSii4; WmUm N. Ferrlu, A. M., Uh. D.. 
JAOXflOITTILLE, jAckion Cn., pop. 0«6. 

at. Maiy's Academy; prc>p. ; co-od.^ E. C*; 
Slater M. LauredtU, Prin. 
IXBAJTOHt Linn Co,, pop, f>22, 

8*nti«m Ac&4eiQy; merged with Lebant>fi HLifb 
LA 6HAKDE, ITniffB Co., pdp, 2,0«1. 
Smcrrtd HeLrt AcAd«myt Setter M. Eupbta^fA. 

MclllHKyH.lE. Yamhill Co., pop. 1.420. 

McUinitTilk Collofo; colL; co-ed.; Bapt.; cut, 
IXSi Rev. L. \V. Rllejr, A. M., Prea. 

MONMOUTH, Folk Co,, pop. 006. 
SUta Normal School; normal; atnte; ct^-ett.; 
efir. iH^'2i E. IK Readier, A. M., Prea. 

MOXrST AKGEL. H«doii Co., pop. C3T. 
Meant Ansel Academy; prep,; co-ed.; E. C ; 

MqlbKr M. Agiitba, 0. S. B., Pfin. 
Mount Anrel CoUffjo; boys' boarUloe; E. C; 
est. I8lj7; Rev. Fro win Kppef, Pneo. 

KEWBERO, Timhill Cfl., pop. 045. 
F*ciilc Gollefft; coll.; co-ed,; rdenda; eat, 
IK)1; IT, E. McGrew, A, M., Prea* 

FEMBLZTOH, Yum»till* Co.. pop. 4.400, 
Fan^ston Acadomr; |»r+*p i co-t^l.; Prvab.; 

W, li. lileakney. Prin. 
F^ndleUn Buiina** GoUeie; bM&. am] atciii.; 

«t. l^KW: E. M. Cbiircbm. PrUi, 
8t« Joaeph'a AcAdomy And Coll«^«; prep.; co- 
ed.; &. €.; Mother Uary Stjinlulaus, Prla, 

FHILOWATH. Ba^itoo Cit,, pop. 343. 

Fhliomath College ; ^oU, : t'oert.: U. B. ; pat. 
1S07; O. N. White. M. 8.. Pre*. 

FOBTLAND. Wultnomih Co., pon. 00,420, 

Bohnko'WaJkiji- Buslneaa College; btia. jind 

Bti'ii. : H. W, nebntci Prea, 
Btifaop Scott AcAdflUif; boya* boofdltif; P. 

K.; e«t. ISTO^ Arthur C. Newlll. Prtn. 
ColnmMa TTnlTeraity; coll.: men.; tt, C; T*t. 

IDfil; Joseph J. rjallflgher. C. S. C. Pppa. 
HQl Military Academy! m!!.- bnjfi; oofi aect,. 

est. 1001; J. W. nm, A. B., M. !>.. 

Halmoa* Enfliab and! Baainoas CiilleE«: bun, 

and Bten.; Mra. G, Qolmea Lawrettce* 

IfewhiH BiTerriew AoAdsmy; boya; P, D-^ 

Arlhiir Cotton New hill, PrIn, 
Korth PAfiiac Colloso (Schoola of Benttatiy 

ADd FhArmAoy); di?nt. awd phartn.; co-od.; 

est. 18931 Hertwrt C. Miller. M. D,, D. 

p. S., Dean. 141 W. Park St, 
FctrtlADd Aoadiimy: ptep.; co-ed.; Presb.; S. 

R, Joluifitor], ,T, U. Wilson, PrlOM, 
Fortland Buiinett CoIIqeo; Uhh, and aten.; 

eat. 1R001 A. P. Artnstroiiff. LU B.. Prlu. 
St. Heltn'a HUl; glrl»' bcvardlns and day; P, 

E.; est. ISOO; Sister aupertor. Prlh, 
St. Mary'i Academy and CoUeffe; ptrla' tuaiird 

ins; R. C: SIfetnr Mjiry Flnvlfl, Pfin, 
tTnlTeTiity of Oroffon, Medio a1 BepATtment; 

med,; reif.; eo-ed. r ^^t. 1887; 3. B. Jo- 

sephl. M. D.. Dean. 
irniTVTeit7 af Orsgon, flcbool of Law; law 

coed.; est. 1884; Ricbard H. Thorotoit, 


BOSEBUBG, Bouplai Co.* pop, 1,000. 
RosebuTff Academy; prep.; coned.; non-aect-; 
Cbrtrlea T. WhittleaL'y, Prlo, 

ST. FAITL, Marlon Co., pop. 143, 

St, Paul 'a Academy; prep.; co-ed.; E, C; 
eut, IS03; glater RoaAllnd of the S. H., 

BALEKh Marion Co,^ pop. 4.258. 

CApital Butin«aft CQlloca; bus, and aton.; 

est. ISSO; W. I. Staley, Pre*. 
SacTiL^d Heart Academy; girls* board I or: R. C; 

epl, ISfli: S?tst^r Mary Stephen, Prla. 
"Willamette tTolvej-ait^; unlv,; eo-ed,; M. E,; 

est, 1844: John IJaraime Colemati. D. D.. 

WiUamotta UniTeraity, Law SopArtment; 

liiwL co-ed,; est. 1SS41 John W. Reynolds. 

A. M., LL, B,, Actlnw Dean, 
WllUistette Traly«r*ity, Medic a1 BepAJtment; 

med, ; mg.; men; eat. ISflS; W. H. Byrd. 
M. D. Dean. 

THE BALLBSi, Waico Co.« pop. 3,G42. 

St, Mary't Acajlemy; girla' boarding; R. C; 
efit. 1S03; SiBlrr M, QernMlnt?, Prln. 

TILLAMOOK, Tillamook Co.. pcip, 834. 

St. AlphamiuB Academy; |>rep.; eoed.; R. €.; 
J>[srrr Mnry rieTiirnl;, T'rin, 

WESTON. Yumatilla Co., p-^' ^5-0. 

^Aatarn Oreffoo Stata Normal ichool; normal: 
Btste: ro-eij.; est. ISOI. Robert C Frencb, 

B. S,, Pma, 


Population, 6,302,115. School census, 1,733,400. School age, 5-21. 

Pennsylvania is the second state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 6,302,115 inhabitants, of whom 6,141,664, or 9/. 5 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 982,543, or 15.6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 6.1 per cent, the state ranking twenty-sixth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Nathan C. Schaeffer, Superintendent of Public Instruction Harrisburg 

A, D. Glenn, Deputy Superintendent Harrisburg 

Reed B. Teitrick, Deputy Superintendent Harrisburg 

R. M. McNeal, Financial Clerk Harrisburg 

H. H. Flasher, Recording Clerk Harrisburg 

U. G. Fry, Statistical Clerk Harrisburg 


(Ex-Officio Members.) 

Edwin S. Stuart, Governor, President Harrisburg 

M. Hampton Todd, Attorney General, Superintendent Harrisburg 

Nathan C. Schaeffer, Superintendent Public Instruction, Secretary Harrisburg 


C. C. Harrison, Provost University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia 

J. D. Moffat, President Washington and Jefferson College Washington 

G. M. Philips, Principal State Normal School West Chester 

James M. Coughlin, Superintendent Wilkes-Barre 

Martin G. Brumbaugh, Superintendent Schools Philadelphia 

John S. Stahr. President Franklin and Marshall College Lancaster 

Samuel B. McCormick. Chancellor University of Pittsburg Pittsburg 

John H. Harris, President Buckncll University Lewisburg 

IIexry S. Drinker, President Lehigh University South Bethlehem 


County, Siiporlntondent. No. of Districts. 

Adams U. M. Rotli Gtttyslmrgr 34 

AUegrlicny Samuel TTamilton Hraddock 108 

ArmstrnripT W. A. Patton p:idorton 46 

Boaver D. C. liOcko Monaca 51 

Bedford V. K. P. Barknian Clearville 41 




No. Of 
County. Superintendent. Address. Districts. 

Berks Ell M. Rapp Readingr 67 

Blair T, S. Davis Altoona 28 

Bradford Herbert S. Putnam Towanda 59 

Bucks J. H. Hoffman Newtown 49 

Butler R. S. Penfleld Chlcora 54 

Cambria H. T. Jones Ebensburgr 54 

Cameron Mattle M. Collins Emporium 8 

Carbon James J. Bevan Mauch Chunk 24 

Centre David O. Etters State College 84 

Chester Georgre W. Moore Erclldoun 74 

Clarion N. E. Heeter Knox 87 

Clearfield Wm. E. Tobias Clearfield 51 

Clinton Ira N. McCloskey Lock Btoven 81 

Columbia Wm. W. Evans Bloomsbur? 82 

Crawford John D. Goodwin Meadville 65 

Cumberland J. Kelso Green Carlisle 80 

Dauphin H. V. B. Garver Middletown 88 

Delaware A. G. C. Smith Media 42 

Elk . . ^ J. W. Sweeney Saint Mary's 18 

Erie I. H. Russell North East 88 

Fayette Clement Q. Lewellyn Dunbar 41 

Forest D. W. Morrison Nebraska 10 

Franklin L. E. Smith Greencastle 19 

Fulton B. C. Lamberson McConnellsburgr 12 

Greene John C. Stewart Jefferson 24 

Huntlnerdon James G. Dell Huntingdon 49 

Indiana James F. Chapman Indiana 85 

Jefferson L. Mayne Jones Brookville 84 

Juniata J. H. Deen Academia 17 

Lackawanna J. C. Taylor Scranton 89 

Lancaster M. J. Brecht Lancaster 60 

Lawrence W. Lee Gilmore New Castle 27 

Lebanon John W. Snoke Lebanon 21 

LehifiTh Alvln Rupp Allentown 26 

Luzerne Prank P. Hopper WIlkes-Barre 74 

Lycomingr Gardner B. Milnor Muncy 58 

McKean Burdette S. Bayle Smethport 21 

Mercer Frederick F. Foltz Mercer 49 

Mifflin James F. Wills Le wistown 14 

Monroe Frank Koehler Stroudsburg 20 

Montgomery J .Horace Landis Norrlstown 61 

Montour Charles W. Derr i .Washlngtonvllle 12 

Northampton George A. Grim Nazareth 87 

Northumberland W. W. Fetzer Sunbury 85 

Perry Daniel A Kline Marysvllle 30 

Pike Luclan Westbrook Matamoras 11 

Potter R. O. Welling 31 

Schuylkill Livingston Seltzer Pottsvllle 80 

Snyder T. A. Stetler Middleburg 18 

Somerset Daniel W. Selbert Somerset 44 

Sullivan J. E. R. Killgore Dushore 13 

Susquehanna George A. Stearns Hallstead 48 

Tioga W. R. Longstreet Mansfield 41 

Union W. W. Spigelmayer Mlllmont 15 

Venango Dallas W. Armstrong Franklin 85 

Warren f C S. Knapp Warren 81 

Washington L. R. Crumrlne Washington 65 

Wayne -T. J. Koehler Hawley 30 

Westmorland R. C. Shaw Greensburg 71 

Wyoming P'rank H. Jarvis Tunkhannock 31 

Tork Charles W. Stine York 67 


ACADEMIA, Juniata Cfo., pop. 186. I ALLEGHENY Allegheny Co., pop. 120.806. 

Tntcarora Academy; prop.; co-ed.; non-sect.; I (Soe Pittsburg.) 

Ida M. Barton. Prln. ' Reformed Presbyterian Theologrical Seminary. 





ALLEHTOWV, LeUgh (So., pop. 35.416. 
Allentown Bntinast College; bus. and sten.: 

W. L. Blackman, 0. P. A.. Pres. 
Allentown College for Women; Rirls' board- 
ing: Reformed; est. 1867; Rev. D. E. 

Scboedler, A. M., D. D., Pres. 
Allentown Preparatory School; boys: prep.; 

non-sect.; A. A. Kunkle. A. M., Prin. 
American Commercial School; bus. and sten.; 

O. C. Domey, C. P. A., Pres. 
Muhlenberg College; coll.; men; Lutb.; est. 

1867; John A. W. Haas, D. D., Pres. 
ALTOONA, Blair Co.. pop. 38.973. 
Altoona Bnsineas College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1804: W. F. Isenberg. Pres. 
Zeth School; bus. and sten.; G. 6. Zetb, 

AMBLER, Montgomery Co., pop. 1,884. 
Sunnyside School; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Miss S. A. Knight, Prin. 
AVNYILLE, Lebanon Co., pop. 1.283. 
Lebanon Valley College; coll.; co-ed.; U. B.; 

est. 1866; Rev. Lawrence Kelster, D. D.. 

ARMAGH, Indiana Co., pop. 131. 
Armagh Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

C. A. Campbell, Prin. 
BADEN, Beaver Co., pop. 427. 
Mt. Galitzin Academy; prep.; boj's; R. C; est. 

1901; Mother Superior. 
BALA, Suburb of Philadelphia. 
Miss Garrett's School for Little Deaf Chil- 
dren; home school for deaf children; Miss 

Garrett, Prin. 
Miss McGrew's School; for boj's of defective 

Kiss Roney's School for Girls; girls' board- 
ing; non-sect.; est. 1902; Mary E. Roney, 

BAR££YVILLE, Venango Co., pop.. 110. 

Barkeyville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Wm. Harris Guyer, Prin. 
BEATTY, Westmoreland Co., pop. Ct. 
St. Vincent College; coll.; men: R. C; est. 

1846; Rev. Walter Stable, Dir. 
St. Xavier's Academy; girls' boarding: R. C. ; 

est. 1840; Mother M. Regina, Prin. 

BEAVER, Beaver Co., pop. 2,348. 
Beaver College; coll.; co-ed.; M. E.: est. 
1853; Rev. Geo. D. Crisaman, Ph. D., 

BEAVER FALLS, Beaver Co., pop. 10.054. 
Batcher's Business College; bus. and sten.; J. 

W. Kutcher, Prin. 
Geneva College; coll.; co-ed.; Ref. Prcsb. ; est. 

1848: William P. Johnston, D. D., Pros. 
Rand's Commercial School; bus. and sten.: 

est. 1804; J. A. Rand, Prin. 

BELLEFONTE, Center Co., pop. 4.21G. 

Bellefonte Academy; prep.; cord.; nonsoct.; 
J. V. Hughes, J. U. Hughes. Frlns. 

BERRYSBTTRG, Dauphin Co., pop. SOS. 
Berrysburg Academy; prep.; co-ed.; nou-scct.; 
Frank D. Keboch, Prin. 

BERWICK, Columbia Co., pop. 3.916. 
Berwick Bnaineas College; bus. and stm.; 

est. 1906; Geo. R. Styer. M. E.. Prin. 
Dickson's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Archibald Dickson, Prin. 
BETHLEHEM, Northampton Co., pop. 7,293. 
Bethlehem Preparatory School; boys' boarding: 
Epis.; est. 1878; H. A. Foering, B. S.. 
Moravian College and Theological Seminary; 
coll.: men; Moravian: est. 1807; Rev. 
Augustus Schnltze, D. D., L. H. D., Pres. 
Moravian Parochial School; prep.; co-ed.; Mo- 
ravian; Albert G. Rau, Prin. 
Moravian Seminary and College for Women; 
girls' boarding; Moravian; est. 1749; J. 
Max Hark, D. D.. Prin. 
BIRMIKGHAM, Huntington Co., pop. 240. 
Birmingham School for Girls; prep.; girls' 
boarding; A. R. Grfer, Prin. 
BLAIRSVILLE. Indiana Co., pop. 3.386. 
Blairsville Colege; girls' boarding: Presb.; est. 
1851; Rev. S. B. Linbart, Pres. 
BLOOMSBTrRG. Columbia Co.. pop. 6.170. 
Literary Institute and State Normal School; 
normal; state; co-ed.; Rev. D. J. Waller, 
Jr., D. D.. Prin. 
BRADDOCK, Allegheny Co., pop. 15.654. 
Ctorman Lutheran School ; prep. ; co-ed. ; Lath. ; 
Rev. C. Engelder, Pres. 
BROADHEADSVILLE, Monroe Co., pop. 554. 
Fairview Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
E. T. Kunkle, A. M.. Prin. 
Academy of the New Church; prep.: co-ed.; 
boarding and day; Rev. W. F. Pendleton. 

BRYK MAWR, Montgomery Co., pop. 1.650. 
Baldwin's School for Girls, Miss; girls' board- 
ing; non-sect.; Jane L. Brownell, A. M.. 

Bryn Mawr College; women: non-sect.: est. 
1885; M. Carey Thomas, Ph. D., LL. D.. 

Shipley's School for Girls, Misses; girls' board- 
ing; non-sect.; Miss Hannah T. Shipley. 

Wright's School, Miss; girls' boarding; prep.: 
non-sect.; Miss Lila M. Wright, Prin. 

BUCKINGHAM, Bucks Co., pop. 266. 
Hughesian School; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; est. 
1842; Sarah J. Broadhurst, Prin. 

BUSTLETON, Suburb of PhiladelphU. 

St. Luke's Boarding School for Boys; boys* 
boarding; P. E.; Charles H. Strout. Prin. 

BUTLER. Butler Co., pop. 10.853. 
Butler Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1891i; A. F. Regal. Prin. 

CALIFORNIA. Washington Co., pop. 2.009. 
Southwestern State Normal School; normal: 
state; co-ed.: Thcodon* B. Noss. Ph. D- 





v-it, ISiVA; J. A, A. Crfllg, A. R. Prlfl, 
CAKBO ITS LACK, Butler Oo.< [kh». 01^ 
CLbot Institutd; prep.; oo-ed. ; non-wH.; e«t 
1901. a w. JohnRtOQ. A. B, Prln, 
CAaBOKDALE. L«:kMwiujn* Co., j»p. 13,536. 
GftirlKiiidAle Commerciikl Instituto; buA. and 
ftteij.; pftt, ItJOO; W. A. F. Scott, Prill. 
CARLISLE, Cumborlajid Co., pop. 0,(520. 
C&rllile CoQuzie»TQial ScHeoh bus. and sten, ; 

f^t. 1SS5; JijtitJ IL Loin?. PtIii- 
C«rliile IfldMii InduatTiftl &:rlioof. {S^t U, S. 

Indian tn dust dill S^cbool/k 
Cauwmjr Hall; prep,; JL K.; ccj-rd.; i;sL 1783: 

W. A, HDtehlsofl. M. A,, Hoadraa^^tfT. 
DiekLi>ioii Coll«rfi» I'olL; coed.; M. E^; ci^i 
JTS3: CJtHirg** Edvfopfl Rnfd. S. T. iJ., 

DickiJLtaii Fraj^uitoxy ficlLtKil; prep,; za-vd.i 

M. E.; tBt. 1783: O. E. Becd. A, M,. 

IHokiiiMii ScIlooI of Law; Uw: man: est IS^i^: 

WllllJitu Trfckett, A. M.. LL. D., I>epd. 
Mvtzver CoUeffe; glrW boarding; aoD-eecL; 

n*t, IKS I Mr Kg Saralj Kate Egti, Prln, 
V* 8, IndUn Indut trial Scht^l; BOVcrnKieut 

*rbr«.i; for Jadiojis; coed.; cat. 1870; M. 

Frledirjan, Biipt* 
CHAMBEBSBITBa, Franklin Co., pop, §.8G4, 
CUimberiburs Academy; h^^yn* bcjardlttgr; aoii- 

s^.^ft , tat, 17^*0; D, Jildsnr Rke, M. A.. 

Heyter'a frAparatory Sf:b(»ol, MUit prep.; co- 
ed,; noii'iMJct. i Katbtrlne B. Heifler, Trlu. 
Latla icliooU Tho; prup ; <*o-etl.; oaDSect.; 

Mijw Biille B. CrtHsler, Prin. 
P«iffii Salh glrla' tioardttig; DOti-ftrct. ; M, C^ 

rble«iig» Fn^fi. 
WiUiHL CaU6f«; girls' boarding; Fn?sb,; evt. 

ISTO; Matthew Howx41 Reaser, Ph. D.. 

CK ABLER 01, WasktDffton Co., pop. a,ei30. 
Tpbbi' BtLtin&M Coll9|r«; bui. and at&u. ; D, 

OEEgrER, Dttlawaro Co,, pop. 33,068. 
Ck»tc!r Academy i prep.; c<»-cd^; hod -sect.; 

QvHTfc'c iJilheft, Prln. 
PAfisaylYaaU MilltaiT CoUo^a; inUitiir3r; ooa- 
*ect.; «t. lSt>2; Col. Chai*. E. JTyott. 

C, E,. Supt, 

SleftM«r'a School of SttiaoffTHplix; bix». and 

sttin.. Jo»i?pb Sl&eppr. Prln. 
Sujuiyaide Schagl^ pfe^P*; co^ed-; nrtnueot.; t'Ht, 

iSaO; Mary Ptisej" Wwrner. Prln, 
CHXSTMTrr HIX*L, Bubiirb v£ Fhllad&lphia, 
Cbenjint HIU Acadamy; boys' boarding nnit 

day; P. B.: est. IBSJ; Jaiiic* L. Patlersoti, 

D, Sc HeadniBSter. 

Monut Sii Jaaeph'a Academy; piM?p.; covd,; 

H, C.l Mothi;r x\Tnry Clemtata, Prln, 
Spnqsvidei; glrlsi' Luardin? aod day; noD-aevt.; 
Mrs. Ct»apinau and Misa Joutftf, I'rUis. 
CHEYJrEY, Bolftwaie Co., pop, 23tt. 

ittltBtB f«r Colorad Touth 4Golor<.-dh ii^t*i 
eo-ed.; t*t. ltii,-ST; Bugh M. Browne. A. 

CtABION, Clarion OOr. r'^^P^ 2,0ti4. 

Clarion State MormAj! flchool; norm ah «t»tG^ 
<?o-ed,; ent. ^m7 . I. Oeor^c Becbt. A. M„ 
S*^. B., Prin, 

Clark Buiineii ColUffrt bii«, and sten, ; tl. 

Chuiiiicpy Chirk, Prei. 
CoativlUfl Butlneii tDatituto; biui. and Bt^,; 
Loe A, TliompsoD, Prln. 
COLLEOEYTLLE, Montromeiir Co., pop. Bll. 
Ursinus Collsfe; coll.; co-ctl,; Bcformcd; pkI. 
ISfiO- Geo. Leslie Otuffake. A. B., D. D- 
COLTTMBIA. Lineatter Co., pop. 12.318, 

St, Pater's Convent^ ptep, ; co-(?*l.; B. C; 
^Iviif^r M. Fbivin. Pdn. 
CONCORD VILLE, Delawaro Co., pop, 543, 
Maple wood Inatitute; boy«' bonrdliiip; non 
Hont.; FHt. lKfl2; Joaepb SliortHilge, A. M 
CCNKELLSTILLE. Fayette Co., poy. 7 J 60. 
Douglat Bumlneu Collegr^; bna. and fttco.t ^it. 
ISbfi; W. S. Br it ton, Fdii. 
CORBY. Erie Co., pop. 5,309. 

Corry Buiineaa CoUecro; btiH, and eti'n,: eit 
ISW; W, C. Twtnitig, Prln. 
CBESSOK, Cambria Co., pop. &0T, 
Mawnt Aloysioa Academy; glrla' bortrdliDg; II 
i":.; WlMtr M. Coast a life, Prln. 
DAYTOH, ArroatTonis Oo„ pnp, 431. 
Bayton ITtion Academy; prep.; cnod,; now 
BecL; L. \\\ Greenleis Prln. 
DETON. Ohetter Co,, iK>p. £flf>. 

Bevon Schooh The; jrlrls* boarding; nonaect.; 
MIsH E. E Harrar, Prln. 
DOYLEHfOWK, Bucks Co-, pQp, 3,034, 

Nationii Farm Scbool, Tbe; boy a' boardlDjr; 
nouiwct.: euit 1SJ*0; Jobn H. Wafthbuni. 
BUBOIS. Clearfield Co., pop, 0,375. 

DaBola CoUoge of Builneu; buB, and nteD, ; 
iHt, imtn *3. W, Tbom. Pres, 
EAiTON. Kortliaiiipton Co,, pop. 25,23S. 

Eaataji Academy; prep,; cned. ; non-sucl,; est. 

IBDOi ftamnel B, Park, A, M., Prln, 
Eiaton 8ohoo! of Bu4ine»«; biis. an^ aten. ; 

ik. L. Jones, Pi-eB. 
Hom« Boaidlne Ecbaql; prep.; co-ciL: tion- 
«t'rt.; P*t. 1S76; Mrs. M. M. Diabrow, 
Lafayette CollnffBt co.lL; men; PnMtb,; eit. 
1832; R«v. Kthelbrrt P. Wacfleld, D. D„ 
LL. D.. Prea. 
Len^U'i Preparatory School; prvp,: co-ed,; don 
sect.; Cbarka I J, l.*rcb, A. M., Prln. 
EAST STRCUDSBTTHG, Motuoe Co.. pop. 2,048. 
Eait Stroudsburg State Horraal School; nor- 
mal; atiitt*; ro i*d,; est. lUOH; E. L. Kc^mp, 

EAU CLAIRE, Butler Co,, pop, 231, 

Eau Claire Academy; prfp.; co-cd^; non-^tmt.; 
A W- Kelly. A. M., Prln. 

EBENSSITBG^ Cambria Co,, pop. 1,574, 
Ebembtirg Elemontary School^ pr^p.; co-ed,; 





non-sect.: est. 1007: Miss Sarah M. Galla- 

her. Ph. B., M. 8.. Prln. 
Ebensbur^ Normal School; normal; private; 

co-ed.; H. T, Jones. Prln. 
EDINBOBO. Erie Co., pop. 691. 
Edinboro State Normal School; normal; state; 

co-ed.; est. 1861; John F. Biglar, A. M., 

ELDERSRIDOE, Indiana Co., pop. 50. 
Eldersridge Acadomy; prep.: co-cd.; Prcsb. : 

est. 1847; O. Elmer Betts, A. M., Prin. 
ELDERTOH, Armstrong Co., pop. 293. 
Elderton Academy; prop.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 

W. A. Patton, Prin. 
ELIZABETHTOWN. Lancaster Co., pop. 1.473. 
Elizabethtown College: coll.; co-ed.; 6er. 

Bapt.; est. 1900: Rev. J. N. H. Beabm. 

ERIE, Erie Co., pop. 52,733. 

Davis Shorthand School; bus. and sten. : W. 

O. Davis. Pres. 
Erie Academy: prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.: est. 

1819: Travers J. Edmonds. B. A.. Prln. 
Erie Business UniTersity ; bus. and sten.; J. 

M. Glazier. Pres. 
Reed's (Mrs.) Private Kindergarten and 

Boarding School for Children; nor. kind. 

and children's boarding: est. 1895; Mrs. E. 

Cora Reed, Director. 
St. Benedict's Academy; girls' boarding: R. 

C: Sister M. Phllomena. O. S. B., Prin. 
Villa Maria Academy; girls' boarding; R. C: 

Mother M. Eugenia. Prin. 
FACTORYVILLE. Wyoming Co., pop. Q?i&. 
Keystone Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Bapt.; oRt. 

1808: H. Ix>ren Fassett. A. B.. Prln. 
FAWN GROVE, York Co., pop. 202. 
Fawn Grove Academy; prop.: co-od.: non- 
sect.: Geo. W. DevIIbllss. Prin. 
FRANKLIN. Venango Co., pop. 7.317. 

Miller Night School; prep.; men: non-sect.: 

est. 1899: D. J. Hart, Supt. 
FREDERICKSBURG. Lebanon Co.. pop. 012. 

Schuylkill Seminary; moved to Reading. Pa. 
FREDONIA, Mercer Co., pop. 4:{7. 

Fredonia Institute; prep.; co-od.: non-soct.; 

ost. 1887; F. A. Fnilt. A. B.. Pros. 
FREEBURG, Snyder Co., pop. 540. 

Freeburg Musical College; mua. ; ost. 1870: 

Ilonry B. Moyer, Director. 
GEORGE SCHOOL, Bucks Co., pop. 27. 

George School; prop.: co-od.: Frionda: ost. 

1803; Jopoph S. Walton, Ph. I)., Prin. 
OERMANTOWN, Suburb of Plilladolphia. 

Friends' School; pn'p.: oo-od.; Friends (ortho- 
dox): Stiinloy R. Ynrnoll. M. \.. Prin. 
Germantown Academy; prop.: l)oys: non-sect.; 

«'st. 1700: William Korsiinw. Prin. 
St. Vincent Seminary: prop.; oo-od.; K. C. ; 

.St. 1.S08: Vory Kov. .Inn os McGill. V. C. 

M., Suporir»r. 
Walnut Lane School; uMrls* l>u:irdinp: ost. 1H.-,7: 

Tlmwlori' It. Ilicrinrds. Prin. 
Stevens School for Girls. The: ^.'irl<' l)o;ndin-' 

non-si'tt.: Mr-<. S. ('mil, Prin. 

GETTYSBURG, Adams Co., pop. :'.. »J>r>. 

Bethany School; prep.: co-ed.; non-«eet.; 

Miss Laella McAllister. Prin. 
Latheran Theological Seminary; theol.; men; 

Lutb.; est. 1826; Rev. J. A. Slngmtster. 

D. D., Pres. 
Pennsylvania College; coll.: co-cd.; Lath.: est. 

1832; Samuel G. Hefelbower. A. M., D. D.. 

Steven's Hall; prep.; co-ed.; Lath.; est. 1832; 

Rev. Charles H. Iluber, A. M., Prln. 
GILBERT, Moaroe Co., pop. 142. 
Polytechnic Institnte; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 186G; Ralph H. Feltbam, M. E., Prin. 
GLENVILLE, York Co., pop. 175. 
Olenville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Lath.; est. 

1892: E. M. Stahl. A. M.. Prin. 
GREEN8BXTRG. Westmoreland Co.. pop. 6.508. 
Oreensburg Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Lath.; 

Wm. H. Zuber. A. M.. Prin. 
St. Joseph's Academy; giris' boarding; R. 0.; 

Mother M. Ignatia, Snperior. 
St. Mary's Seminary; boys' boarding; R. C; 

est. 1882; Mother M. Ignatia. Superior. 
GREENVILLE, Mercer Co.> pop. 4.814. 

Thiol College: coll.; co-ed.; Luth.; est. 1870: 

O. F. n. Bert. A. M., Dean. 
GROVE CITY, Mercer Co., pop. 1.599. 
GroTe City College; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1884: Rev. Isaac C. Ketler. Ph. D.. 

D. D., LL. D.. Pres. 
HARRISBXTRO. Dauphin Co., pop. 50.167. 
Harrisburg Academy; boys' boarding: non- 
sect.: Jacob P. Seller. Ph. D., Prln. 
Harrisburg Business College; bus. and sten.; 

J. E. Oamer. Pres. 
Harrisburg Conservatory of Music; music; est. 

1890: Mrs. E. J. Decevee. Director. 
School of Commerce; bus. and sten.; J. C. 

Shumborger and G. S. McClure, Props. 
HAVERFORD. Montgomery Co., pop. 548. 
HaTorford College: coll.; men; Friends; est. 

1833: Isaac Sharpless. Sc. D.. LL. D.. 

Haverford School. The; boys' boarding: 

Friends: ost. 1884; Charles S. Crossman. 

A. B.. Headmaster. 
HAZLETON, Luseme Co., pop. 14.200. 

Hazleton Business College; bns. and sten.; 

est. 1»)0: J. Edwards Walte, Prln. 
HERMAN. Butler Co., pop. G3. 

St. Fidelia College; coll: men; R. C; eat. 

1877: Rev. Fields M. Meier, O. M. Cap.. 


HICKORY, Washington Co., pop. 237. 
Hickory Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-iect.: 
A. M. Rood, A. B.. Prin. 
HOLLIDAYSBURG, Blair Co., pop. 2.996. 

The Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; est. 
18C7: Charlotte C. Gray, B. D., A. M., 
HUNTINGDON. Huntingdon Co., pop. 6.0C3. 
Juniata College; r(»ll.: co-ed.; Brethrea; est. 
1870; J. Harvoy Brumbaugh, A. M.. Pre*. 
INDIANA, Indiana Co., |>op. 4.142. 

State Normal School of Fennsylvaiiia; normal: 
stato: <o-»'d.: ost. 1875: James E. Ament. 
Mi. I).. I'ros. 





JEHKINTOWV. Montgomery Ck>., pop. 2.091. 
Abington Friends' School; prep.; co-ed.; 

Friends: est. 1887; Lewis B. Ambler, B. 

S.. A. M.. Prin. 
J0HK8T0WV, Cambria Co., pop. 35.936. 

Sowe GoUego; bas. and sten.; co-ed.; est. 

1893; S. H. Isenberg, A. M.. Pb. D., Pres. 
St. Mary's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Rev. 

J. N. Banscb, Prin. 
XEKNETT SQUARE, Chester Co., pop. 1.516. 
Cedarcroft School; boys* prep.; non-sect.; 

ese. 1906; Jesse E. PhUIps, A. M.. Prin. 
Martin Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; Per- 

clral C. Norris, Prin. 
KIKOSTOK, Lussme Co., pop. 3,846. 

Wyoming Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; L. 

L. Sprague, D. D., Pres. 
KITTANinKO, Armstrong Co., pop. 3.902. 
Xittanning Aeademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1821: C. V. Smith. A. M., Prin. 
KUTZTOWV, Berks Co., pop. 1.328. 
Keystone State Normal School; normal: state; 

co-ed.; A. C. Rothermel, A. M., Ph. D. 

LAKCASTER, Lancaster Co., pop. 41.459. 
Bowman Technical School; watchmaking; co- 
ed.: non-sect.; est. 1889; John J. Bow- 
man, Prop. 
Franklin and Marshall Academy; prep.; boys; 

Reformed; est. 1878; T. O. Holm, A. M., 

and E. M. Hartman, A. M., Prins. 
Franklin and Marshall College; coll.; men: 

Reformed; est. 1886; Rer. John S. Stabr. 

Ph. D., D. D.. IJj. D.. President. 
Fennsylrania Business and Shorthand . Col- 
lege; bus., sten. and civil service; est. 

1896: J. M. Wade, Pb. D.. Prin. 
Sacred Heart Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

C; Sister Superior, Prin. 
St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister E. Aloysias, Prin. 
St. Mary's School; prep.; co-ed.; Rev. P. J. 

McCollongb, D. D., Pres. 
Stahr's School, Miss; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1901; Alice HiU Byrne. Prin. 
Theological Seminary of the Reformed Chnrch; 

theol.; men; Reformed; est. 1825; Rev. 

John C. Bowman, D. D., Pres. 
Teates School, The; boys' t)oarding; P. E.: 

Frederick Gardiner, A. M., Prin. 
LAirSDOWVEt Delaware Co., pop. 2,630. 

Froebel Institnte; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 

est. 1888: A. Prichett and Emil D. Wright. 

LESAKOH, Lebanon Co., pop. 17,628. 
Eastern School of Telegraphy: tel.; est. 1897: 

co-ed.; B. J. Math, Pres. 
Lebanon Business College; buw. and sten.; M. 

O. Denlinger, Pres. 
TJrich Frivate School, Miss,; prep.; girls; non 

sect.; est. 1891; Margaret Urich, Prin. 

LEWISBtTRO, TTnion Co., pop. 3,457. 

Buckn^ Academy; prep.; boys; Bapt.; est. 

1846; Benjamin F. Thomas, A. M.. Prin. 
Bncknell Institute; prep.; girls: Hapt. ; out. 

1846; Thomas A. Edwards. A. M.. Dean. 

Bncknell School of Music; music; co-ed.; 

Eiysea Aviragnet, A. M., Mus. Doc.. Dir. 
Bucknell University; coll.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 

1846; Rev. John Howard Harris, Ph. D., 

LL. D., Pres. 
LEWISTOWir, Mifflin Co., pop. 4.451. 
Lewiston School; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 

1902; E. Washington Burchfleld, A. M., 

LIOONIER, Westmoreland Co., pop. 1,259. 
Ligonier Classical Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 

non-sect.; Rev. E. H. Dicliinson, Prin. 
LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Chester Co., pop. 275. 
Lincoln University (colored); coll.; men; 

Presb.; est. 1854; Rev. John B. RendaU, 

D. D., Pres. 
LITITZ, Lancaster Co., pop. 1,637. 

Linden Hall Seminary; girls' boarding; Mo- 
ravian; est 1794; Rev. Charles D. Kreider, 

LOCKHAVEN, Clinton Co., pop. 7,210. 

Central State Normal School; normal; state. 

co-ed.; J. R. Fliclcenger, Pres. 
Lockhaven Business Institute; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1900; BenJ. P. Fletcher, Prin. 
LONDON OROVE, Chester Co., pop. 197. 
London Orove Friends' Select' School; prep.; 

co-ed.; Friends (Hiclisite); Alexowna M. 

Rohr, Prin. 
MAHANOY CITY, Schuykill Co., pop. 13,504. 
McCann's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1897; L. C. McCann, Prin. 
MANSFIELD, Tioga Co., pop. 1.847. 
Mansfield State Normal School; normal; state; 

co-ed.: est. 1802; Andrew T. Smith, A. M., 

Ph. D., Pres. 
McDonald, Washington Co., pop. 2,475. 
Hickory Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Lioyd S. Paxton, Prin. 
McKEESPORT, Allegheny Ce., pop. 34,227. 
Douglas Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1894; Warren Donglas. Prin. 
McKeesport Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1897; S. S. Grossly, B. C. S., Prin. 
MEADVILLE, Crawford Co., pop. 10,291. 

Allegheny College; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 

1815; llev. Wm. H. Crawford, D. D., LL. 

D., Pres. 
Beethoven School of Music; nius. ; Prof. George 

W. Dixon. Director. 
Meadville Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 1S88: L. E. Stacy, M. Accts., Prin. 
Meadville Theological Seminary; theol.; co-ed.; 

Unitarian; est. 1844; Rev. Franlilln Ches- 
ter Soutliwortb. A. M., S. T. B., Pres. 
Pennsylvania College of Music; mus.; est. 

1886: Harry Waithe ManviUe, Dir. 
MECHANICSBURO, Cumberland Co., pop. 8,841. 
Irving Female College; Kiris' boarding; Luth.; 

ost. IS.-iG: E. K. Campbell. Ph. D., Pres. 
Normal and Classical School; nor. and prep.; 

co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1805; D. E. Kast. 


MEDIA. Delaware Co., pop. .S.07r>. 

Friends' Select School; prep.; co-ed.: Friends; 





«9t. U0»: EOea XtrUm Greeae. M. A.. 


MEMCEH, Watmt Cm., pop, 1.904. 

aftd oraai^:: e«>-^.: iwm-4«<t.: «st. 1S25; 
B«ir, CheM«!T J. W. Wlleomb. A. M.. Pre«. 
MZMCEMMKUWQ, Fraaklia C»., fMp. 908. 

Kmrtrnnkmrg Atmdtmj, TW; Reformed; Imt"' 
bosrdiaf ; ««t. 1W5; WfIIi«ni M«ini Irrine. 
Fb. D.. Prlii- 
mmiMTOWM, J«sUt« C»., pop. 9G3. 
Mlfta Atmdtmj; pr«p,; co-^.; noo-Met.; est. 
1M2: J. Harry DTsioser. A. B., Prin. 
MnXZasmXZ, L«acMUr C».. pop. 1,241. 
Tittt F«nM7lTaaia State Vormal School; nor- 
m«l; tute; co-«d.; est. 18S5; Eliphslet 
r>rain Lyte. Ph. D., Pres. 
USLLYILLE, ColomW* Co., pop. 503. 

Oroeawood SomiaAry; prep.; co-ed.; Frif-nds; 
Kucbtil Knfgbt. B. L., Prin. 


FonnsjlTAiiis. Institntioa for the Deif and 
Ihunb; Ntate; Dr. Crr^ter. Sapt. 

MollTiUe Frioads' School; prep.: co-ed.; 
VricwU: MIm Bilith Y. Eves, Prin. 

Lothenui Thecloffical BemiuMrj; theol. : Lu- 
theran; est. ifiM; Henry E. Jacotis. D. D.. 
LL, I).. I>ean. 

XILTOH, VorthomberUnd Co., pop. G.195. 
Kilton Commercial College; bns. and sten.; J. 
M. Rea»er, Prin. 
MOmrX PLEASAHT, Weatmoreland Co., pop. 

Weatem Pennsylvania Claaaical and Bcien- 
tillc Inatitnte; prop.; co-ed.; Bapt.; H. 
C. Dixon, Prin. 
MVBRYSVILLE, Weatmoreland Co.. i>op. 19G. 

Laird Institute; closed. 
MUVCY. Lycominf Co., pop. 1,&34. 
Lycominf County STormal School; normal: pri- 
vate; co-ed.; est 1870. Harris Alvin 
Spotta, A. B., Principal. 
ICTERSTOWN, Lebanon Co., pop. 1.880. 

Albright CoUefe; coll.; co-ed.; Un. Evan., 
eat. 1881; Jaa. D. Woodring, I). D., ITes. 

VAZARETH, Northampton Co., pop. 2,304. 
Vaxareth Hall Military Academy; military: 
Moravian; Rev. 8. J. Blum, D, D., Supt. 

NEW BERLIN, Union Co., pop. 010. 

Central Pennaylvania College; merged into 

AlbrlKlit CoilPKc, Myerstown, Pa. 
Union Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-gect. : ent. 
lS5fl; W. 1). Marburger, A. B., PreHid«nt. 

NEW BLOOMFIELD, Perry Co., pop. 772. 

New Bloomflold Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
aect.; ent. 18;tt); 1. M. Ivina, A. M.. Prin. 

Smith'a Buainesa College; 1>uh. and aten.; I. L. 
Smith, Principal. 

NEW WILMINGTON, Lawrence Co., pop. 791. 
Weatminstor College; col.; cord.; iJu. Presb. ; 
enl. 1H.VJ; Uobort McWalty Russell. 1). I).. 
LL. ]).. ITeHldent. 

NORRISTOWN, Montgomery Co., pop. 22.205.; 

Sddaalcr OaOcc* ml 

A. J. Sckissler. Pm. 
MORTH EAST. Erie Oe.. poo. 2.fl4BL 

8C Haiy's OeQcce: boyv' NMrdiit^: R. C: 

Very Rer. Jolm G. Srtaeider. Rertar. 
MORTB HOFE. Batler 0».. pop. 190. 

Morth Waahiactea l astilat e: pc«p.: co-ed.; 

noo-sect.; Ira A. TUmaer. M. R.. Fk. B.. 

OAK LAKE, snbort) of PhOadelpkU. 
Foster's SckoeL Miss: girls' boarding: Miss 

M. L. Foeter. Prin. 
Marshall's Scheel, Kaa; girls' boarding: aoo- 

sect.: Emma S. Mar^haD. Pifa. 
OGOMTZ, Moatgoaiczy Oe., pop. S12. 
Chetteahaaa IDitazy Aeadeaij; military: noo- 

sect.: P. E.: est. ISTl: J. D. Sbelton. Ph. 

B.. Prin. 
Ogonts School for Toaag Ladies: girls* boerd- 

fn;?: non-sect.: Sylvia J. Eastman. Prin. 
on. CUT, Yeaaago Co., pop. 13.2S1. 
Earp Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.: est. 

ISOl: Samuel Earp, Prin. 
Oil City Basiness College; ba5. and sten.; est. 

1S>5: E. R. Welch. Prea. 

OLEY. Berks Co.. pop. 514. 
Oley Academy; prep.; co-ed.: noo-sect.; est. 
1S37; C. Waldo S. Leinbach. A. B.. Prin. 

OYERBROOS. Montgomery Co., pop. 1.500. 

Orerbrook School, The; girts' boarding; prep.: 
Miss S. J. Sayward. Prin. 

Philadelphia Theological Semiaazy of St. 
Charles Borromeo; theol.: men: R. C: 
eat. 1832; Patrick J. Garrey. D. D., Rec- 

FENNSBURG, Montgomery Co., pop. 1,032. 
Ferkiomen Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Schwenk- 
f elder: Rev. O. S. Kriebel. A. M., Prin. 

PHILADELPHIA, FhUadelphU Co., pop. 1.293,- 

Abrahamaon Buainesa Collie; bus. and sten.: 

est. 1880: Cbaries M. Abrahamson, Prin. 
Academy of Notre Dame; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: 

Sister Agnes Mary, Prin.. 206 S. 19th St. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart; giris' prep.: 

day: R. C: est. 1865; M. H. Spalding, 

Superior. 1819 Arch St, 
Agnoa Irwin'a School; girls' boarding; noo- 
sect.; Sophy Dallas Irwin, Prin., 2011 

Dc Lancey. 
Anable's School for Toong Ladies, Miss 

;;irl8' boarding: non-sect.; est. 1898; Isa 

bella Anable, Prin., 1350 Pine St. 
Banks Buainesa College; bns. and sten.: est 

1888: Edward M. Hull, A. M.. Ph. D. 

Pres.. 300 Penn. Montreal Bldg. 
Borean Normal Training and Indastxial School 

indust.; coed.; non-sect.; est. 1889; Rev. 

Mattliew Andenson. A. M., Prin.. S. Col 

lege Ave. and 19th St. 
Blight School, The; prep.: boys: non-sect 

est. 1K87; William S. Blight. Headmaster. 

401 S. 22nd St. 
Brown Preparatory School; prep.; boys: n<« 

sect.; est. 1S77; Alonzo Brown, A. M. 

I'rin., Broad and Cherry Sts. 
Central Manual Training School; boys; manual 






tnln\ng &nd induat. ; Wm. L^ SayJ^L^ 8e. 

Mn. ChHpmKn uid Mipi Jones ftchool; glrli* 
boanJiDjr: ncrtj-stct; est. IflTM; L. P* 

CbniJinaii, Prill.. Chesttiut Hill. 
ComliA Bfomd Street ConBerratorf of Husic: 

i»»ij5.; nan-seet-j c'i>pd,; ufct. 1S§5; OilJM^rt 

R. CoititiR, IVLrwtor, 1321:^ So. Brand Bt. 
D« liUKt^T" Bcb»l, Tli«; Uojfi' prep: nQO-s^ct.; 

iBHi. ]&77; Joseph DatiA Alleo. M. A.> 

HfiidTnjisU^r, 1420 pipe Bt. 
Siyimtf School of tho PfotectAmt Episcopal 

Church in Fhiladelphla; tti^ln; nif^n; X\ 

K*: ti«t. 1K«j2; WlUiiiQi M, GrolOD. S. T, 

r*. Dean, 
Df«xel lutitute! prep.; co-Pd.: iiou-s(;ct; Unj 

(fvt'ninjj, Jnmifs Mne Allf^tt^r, LL. l>,, 

I>r«x«I Inititutfl Library Bchotil^ library train 

lug; t*o-ed.; fat, K+M; Alice B. Krwger. 

Eplicopal Academy^ Thej prep ; Dr, WlUtflm 

B. Klapp, £Iead-Ma«tcr, Locust and JUuI- 

FQit«T''a BchPoL Miai.i i«i»o Oak Law?. 
Franklia School of Buitneaa; bus. a ad sten ' 

flnxj. fc. Llurvcvv, pplB,. 4B07 Mulbwrr.v 
TriADds' Cvotral Sohncil^ prep.: eo ed 1 Prlendji 

J. Ungvise B&kcr, ABua W* Spcakoidti 

Pirlns.. H. IStb and Rue*. 
PrivB^' Belact Sctaoot; prep.; i?«-ed.; Frlctii^ 
tortbrtdoiK J- Ileury Banlett, Stit^t., liO 

\\ lOib St. 
FrDebelliad Scbool; ffirls; Dcm-secL; B, D. 

^'rlgbt, PrlD., I©;i2 Rai^ St. 
G«nii4tntowa Bctainoai C«Rvt<LI bop. and iteD.^ 
*V. J, Zcldera, Fn^B,. G700 GermBatowii 

tlibMii'i 6^tam?l, MUi; glrW boarding; aon 

■ect, ; .Mlsa Manrnrvt S. Olbeon. Prin.. 

2:i22 De Lancey Pi. 
tMrard CTgU^Ce for Orphmbi*, Tha; boja' board- 

Lug; ii*msi?ct.: Adoui 11. A-txeroir, LL. D., 

PriB.. Giiard Avi'. 
©irli' School of the Mary J* Dm^bI Boma; 

iilrJi' boiitdtng; Luth, ; Rev. C. Gogflei, 

Prill,. 2100 S. CoJIfse Ave. 
0qiTdon School for airlt, The; girls* bumi-fl- 

Ingj noo sett.i eat, ISSO; Hnrrlet D. Kt^y- 

»nr. Prin.. 4112 Spmce St. 
Bubnemanii lf«>die»l ColI«ffe and Hotpitil; 

tiled,; bamcop. ^ mcu; e*if, ISJS; HerlKTt 

L, Kortbrop, M. D., Denn. 
H«T«ii Cpllvts of Litar4tiiT« and 8iiiln«»i; 

boi. and »ten,; Curttfl Bax«a^ Pree.. iri'iti 


r» School for Girls, Hiss. ; girls" board Inmr; 
B(»i-a«Khr. ; Mrs, Eltziibelb BtlJ Lymau, Priu, 
^ "MohoMa Scbool for (Hrli; £flrls' prep.i non- 

s«ct. t esit. 1000; Loiiiai? Bolman Baynea, 

2204 Wajnot Bt. 
jjJiMtitnt* for Colored Touth (colored); pri?p.; 

co-ed.; Frlendis: Fwrnij" J. CopptDs, Prln.^ 

Buinbrldg« and 3. Oth. 
^AffAEaou BlAdloal CoUoK«; in^d.; n^g.r men; 
IS25; Jamc* W. Hnlland, M; D., 

Desn. S. 10th and WnJnut. 
Kiftehbanm School of ljmgyLa.s&i, Thej JaD- 

i:iiitv*€8: aon-soct,; coed^j eat, l8Si>; Dr, 

lH'tno IviraPhb4iuiD. Prln, 

LaSiUe Colleg«t eolL; men: E. G.; est. 1S67; 

Rtv. Brother Abdaa. F. 9. C. Pres,* IS40 

N. Brand St, 
HarshaU iemlnary. (See Oak Lnn«.) 
Mary J. Dfoxel School; girla" prep,: Lath.: 

^■Bt. ISeO; BeT. Ernest F. BQChiaaiiii. Prtn 
Modico^CbinuYical Callage of Philadelphia, 

BepaTtment at Madiclna; med.; reg^-; tueD; 

eat lasi: Seneca Egbert, A. M., M. D.. 

Demi, Cberrr bikJ >(, I7tb St 
Medico^ClLlTiir^cal CoUere, Bepartmeat of 

BoatiAtry; dt^nt.; men; eat. 1887; L N. 

BroomelK D. D. S.. BaaiiH 
ModicO'CbtmT|ri<?al College, Bapartmoat of 

Pb-armacyi jdiar: oien; I'St. 189®^ L V. 

i^tnule^' StfinialiiiB, M. Sc.» Pbar. D.. 

Mid^City School for i^irli; glrW \Mmrd\iLSi 
iioo-eect.; Airs. Rebeccji C. Dickson LoiLg. 

Mt. Bt. Joieph AQademj'; girls' board lag; R. 
0.; eat, 185SL Mofbor Mary Clement, Su- 
perior, Cbeatnut Hj|L 

National School of Elocution aad Oratonr; 
mIo.: eat, 1S74; Mfu. J. W. Sboemaker, 
Prln., Temple Bldg. 

ITmtioaal Telegraph Inatitntei teleg'i J- H. 
Bbullfey, E. E,. Pres. 

If off 'a CoUoira of Elofsntion and Ormtotyr SUai 
S, Neff. Ph. B., Director^ 23S W. lAtgan 

Hotre Bame Academy; glrla' boniidtnf;^ B« G.; 
Sister Snpen>tr of Notre Banie. Prib,. 
West Rlttenboiise Square. 

Palms' Buitnesi College: bus, and aten.; Theo. 
W. Palme, Prea., iTll Cb^stauL 

Palmer School, Thaj bus. and ateti.; eat. ISSO; 
Hi South 10th St; WlUlnm W. Fry, Bnal- 
nefiB Mniiiiger. 

Peirea School; bu«, and eteu.; eat. 186,1; L, 
B, MolTett. Business Manager, O'!? Gheat- 

Schuora annonncAment.— A eommtdetv teeb- 
ntral preparation for buslneaa, tosc;tber 
with a goud KugllKb iMlHciition, IbeludlnK 
niueh tbpt is not tmuifUt lii the ordinary 
eommercUl aeIiof>l, the result eomparlnir 
tn elflctency with ibst ot uqlveralty traln- 
iDg. Probnbly tUe lurj^cnt CDUiinerciaJ 
school In the United State*. The fueulty 
euoflBta of forty i oat me tors. 

Pdnnaylvania Acadomy of Fine Aita^ art; pon- 
fieet, ; co-ed.; est. 3805' John F, I^wta, 
Director. Broiid nud Cherry Bts. 

Pennsylvania OoUefo of Baatal Burgory; dent.; 
w-etl.; est. iSaO' Wilbur F. Llteh, D. D. 
9., Dean, N. IStU and Butt on wood, 

Fennaylraaia Maieum and School of Indus- 
trial Arti tech.; non-aect.; est. 1870; Lea- 
n.. W, TMiller. Director. 

Fcinn«ylvania Orthopaedic Institalo and Bqhool 
of Mechoiio- Therapy; gjinnastlca, tbera- 
peut^Ls; ro I'd ; eBl. IfiOB; Uai: J. Walter, 
Supt. ITJl Grten St. 

Pbiladelphia Business Cotloge and CoUore of 
Coinmerce; btw, and sten. ; est, 1003; F. 
F, Dutton, Prln.. 1017 Cbestsiut. 

Fhiladoiphia CoUege of Oaloopatby; oatefjp,: 
eo-ed,; «st. 1B8»: Charlea W. MeCurdy, 





Ph. D.. D. D.. Dean, 83rd and Arch. 
FhiladelphU Collegiate Institute for Oirls; 
girls' boarding; M. B.; est. 1896; Miss 
Susan C. Lodge, M. S., Trin.. 1720 Arch 
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy; phar.; co- 
ed.; est. 1821; Howard B. French, Ph. G., 
President. U5 N. lOtb St. 
School's annotincement. — The course ex- 
tends over three years, leading to the 
degree of Doctor in Pharmacy (P. D. ). 
Students without drug store experience 
are eligible to the degree of Pharma- 
ceutical Chemist (P. C). Special courses 
in Analytical Chemistry, Bacteriology and 
Philadelphia Dental College; dent.; co-ed.; 
est. 1862; S. H. Guilford, A. M., D. D. S., 
Ph. D., Dean, N. 18th and Buttonwowl. 
Philadelphia Law School of Temple College; 

Dean, N. Broad and BerliS. 
Philadelphia Medical School of Temple Col- 
lege; med. ; reg. ; co-ed.; est. 1001; W. 
Wallace Fritz, M. D., Dean, N. Broad. 
Philadelphia Musical Academy; mus.; est. 
1870; Richard Zeokwer, Director, 1617 
Spruce St. 
Philadelphia Normal School for girls; nor- 
mal; state; est. 1903; J. Monroe Willard, 
Prin., 13th & Spring Garden Ave. 
Philadelphia Normal School of Physical Train- 
ing; The Temple College. 
Philadelphia Polyclinic; med.: poet-grad.; 
co-ed.; est. 1882; R. Max Goepp, M. D., 
Dean. 18th and Lombard Sts. 
Philadelphia School of Design for Women; 
art; women; est. 1844; Miss Emily Sar- 
tain, Prin.. Broad & Master Sts. 
Philadelphia School of Elocution; olo. ; Bruad 

and Cherry Sts. 
Philadelphia Textile School; text; non-sect.; 

E. W. France. Pres. 
Phillips Brooks School; boys boarding: non- 
sect.; John Stewart White. LL. D., Prin., 
41»04 Baltimore Ave. 
Randall School; bus. and steii.; est. 1903; 

Howard E. Randall, Prin., Betz Bldg. 
Roanoke College; coll.: men; Lutheran; est. 

1853: John Alfred Morehead. A. M., D. 
Roman Catholic High School for Boys; boys' 
Ix.nnlius; R. C; Rev. Hugh T. Henry 
LItt, D., Prin. 
Royal Conservatory and College of Music; 
nuis.: est. 1801); M. E. Brodsky, Pres., 
47>:i S. rttb St. 
School of Industrial Art of the Pennsylvania 
Museum; art and tech.; co-ed.: est. 1876; 
Leslie W. Miller, Prin.. Broad & Pine Sts. 
School of Theology, TTrsinus College; Re- 
formed; est. 1870: James I. Good, Dean. 
Strayer's Business College: bus. and sten. ; 
est. U>04: S. Irving Strayer, Pres., 1100 
Chestnut St. 
Sternberg School of Music; mus.: est. 1888: 
Coiistuntlnc von St«'ruberj;, 10 S. 18tb St. 
St. Joseph's College; coll.; K. C.: est. 1851; 
Rev. Cornelltis J. Gillespie. S. J.. Pres.. 
17th & Stiles. 

St. Martin's College of the Church of the 
Evangelist; pn-i). for poor boys: P. K. ; 

est. 1004; Charles Wellington Robinson. 
Pres., 713 Catharine St. 
Taylor School of Boainess and Shorthand; bus. 
and sten.; est. 1898; Freeman P. Taylor. 
Ph. D., Prin.. 1224 Market St. 
Temple College; prep.; co-ed.; noa-aect.; Rus- 
sell H. Conwell. D. D.. LL. D.. Prin.. N. 
Broad St. 
Temple College, Medical Dept.; med. reg.; est. 

1901; I. Newton Snlvely. M. D.. Dean. 
Theological Seminary of the Rafonnad Epiaco- 
pal Church; tbeol.; Reformed Episcopal: 
est. 1887; John D. Wilson, D. D., Chair- 
man of Faculty. 

Theological Seminary of the Reformed Presby- 
terian Church in North America.; theoL: 
Reformed Presbyterian; est. 18&4; Rev. 
David Steele. D. D.. LL. D., Dean. 

Training School for Kindergartnezs ; kind.; 
nor.; Miss Caroline M. C. Hart. Di- 
rector. 1615 Walnut St. 

Union Business College ; bus. and sten. ; James 
M. Lingle, Pres.. 1215 Arch St. 

University of Pennsylvania; univ. ; state; co- 
ed.; est. 1740: Chas. C. Harrison. LL. D.. 
Provost, 400 Chestnut. 

University of Pennsylvania, Department of 
Architecture; arch.; men; est. 1880; War- 
ren P. Laird, Dean. 

University of Pennsylvania, I>epartment of 
Dentistry; dent.; men; est. 1878; Ed- 
ward C. Kirk, D. D. S., Demn. 400 Chest- 

University of Pennsylvania, I>epartment of 
Law; law; co-ed.; est. 1790; Wm. Draper 
Lewis, Pb. D., Denn, S. 34th and Chest- 

University of Pennsylvania, Department of 
Medicine; meil.; reg.; men; est. 1765; 
Chas. H. FrajEler, A. B.. M. D., Dean. 
400 Chestnut. 

University of Pennsylvania, Department of 
Veterinary Science; vet.; men; est. 1884: 
Leonard Pearson. B. S., V. M. D., M. D.. 
Dean. 400 Chestnut. 

William-Penn Charter School; boys' board- 
ing; Friends; day; Richard M. Jones, Ph. 

Winthrop School; prep.; boys; non-sect.; est. 
1900; John Loman, B. A.. Prin., 8929 
Locust St. 

Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania; 
med.: reg.; women; eat. 1860; Clara 
Marshall, M. D., Dean, College Ave. 
PITTSBURG. Allegheny Co., pop. 321,616. 

Alinda College Preparatory 8<diool; prep.: 
co-ed.; non-sect.; Miss Ellen Gordon 
Stuart, Prin.. 4606 5th Ave. 

Allegheny Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.: est. 1898; Wilmot B, Jones, A. 
B., Head Master. 

Allegheny Theological Seminary; theol.; U. 
Presb. : James A. Grier, D. D.. LL. D., 

Avery College Trade School; tech.; co-ed.; est. 
1.S41): Joseph D. Maboney. Snpt. 

Barclay Hall School for Oirls; girls* board- 
Ing: non-sect.: Nannie G. Barclay, M. S-. 
M. L., Prin. 

Berlitz School of Languages; lang.; est. 1893; 
Richard A. Skalweit. Director. Nixon. 






€MXVm Ctille^: hua. it ml lilC'ti,; vat. JQOI; 3S* Gt 

cm], \t. A., I'lx'w.. 2<>1 Sixth SI. 
Ctrae^e Tpciimo«l Bch«ol; Irch.; c*-«l, : 

ArtJinr A. ilaiiit^raclilaK* So, I>., Prld. 
Cummer cia.L Hifh S^^bodl; but. and itcn. ; eAl. 

IR70; S. R. E verb an, Pwfi. 
DH worth H»Ut flrls' boanliiig; non-sect.: est, 

15»(M^ H. D. Untlsny. Th Dm Prp». 
Duff'i Mert^Atil« Qon«ffe^ b\m. and stt>n. ; 

WllllAJn e. Duff. Prp«.. 72;i Liberty Avp. 
But Llb«Tt7 Acudem^; boya' bOArdlns; Don- 

liect-; Eyv. JCmll Lewi^jK Tti. D., Prln. 
Holy Ghott GoUftEii.; see Plttemir^ GoHeffC. 
Iron City College: bus, on<l »toa,; pst. ISfiS; 

J. (T. Mcluttpep PrlD. 
Ludy of Morcy Academy; ETlrls' bcyoriKng; It. 

C; SiBtor M. JlLlilri. Prip., 34r>l Titb A\\\ 
M&rtia Sh(» School: bus. anil sit en,; «Bt^ 

lfc78; H. L. AiidrewK Pre*,; A. H. Pern. 

PHa,, Cor, 5tti anil Lrtwrty Avt'H. 
Nonn&l Dflp&ztmcnt Fittsborff Kmh School; 

Dondidl; ctty; t^mh; C. B. WooiT, i'rin., 

0>r. B«dfocd MUd Fultou Ave*. 
Fark IiMtitwt*; pft'ii-i co L■^:ii nun-fitct, ; O. B. 

FnnnsylVftiiiA GolLefffi af Emb&lmini ; Bept, 

Fltta'bQrE Soboe^I of Anatomy; tmbalmlne; 

tat, t*)07: J. licnirs t.ongH F. D., Dmu. 

KK) ^tb St. 
F^UttVitslilA CoUe^a for Women; coll.- wom- 
en; est. ]S«0; Eev. H. D. Undi*ay. D. D., 

Pn**., Qth Atc. and Woodland aoAd, 
F^QDiylTmnift T«Xe«T«ph CoUflffl; tel.; co-ed^^ 

cpt. 19(i:i; FriLBk Joy, Gen. Myr. 
FIttsbnTff AcAdAmy; pre p.; co-pd.; iiooi<^ct«; 

J. Warreo I^tlo, Prln., 440 eth Ave. 
FitUbufff Golloffe of tlifi Holy Gboit; roll^: 

muo; R. C, (?9t. ISTS; Very Rev. M. A. 

Ut'h\r, PrrH., BliitF bOd Sbmglea St. 
PltttbuFf CoHe^a of Pharmpcy, "WfiwtBm ITni- 

lenity of F«iuujLTiuii&t pUfli, ; ct^-ed : 

e*T. IftlS; JuliTiN A. Koi'L, D*'nn, pi-rr^H- 

vine Av«>.t A, 
PitttbiiT^ Dentftl Collect, Wutem UoiTSnity 

«f PAnusytnDi&; driit.: coed.; i^^t. iSSQ: 

Dr. IJ. B. Fripsell, 0enn. Prlda & BlulT. 
'Plttobvrir Law School, WeBterB Vnivdrmity of 

FfiniifyifAjQia^ luw; muu; egl. lH9(h John 

Ij. Slinfi^fr, l*«*aii, Perrya villi! Avt?,, A* 
ll«foriD«d FnibyteriaiL Theolofical Sftmiaary; 

tbeoL: men; Hefotijicd Pi'iffib. : imU lS54i; 

D. B. WUma, A. >f . D, D.. Pciis. 
Echo Elwitbiuid and FenmAHibip Bqhnol; bun. 

nnd fileo, ; Marshnll FT, Pn»c., 4:!ii 

Woorl Ave. 
Sba^yiide Acadiimy; boys' hoardinff; nouaecL: 

W* R. Cmbbt-. Pb. D.. Prln., BIor^wcHnl 

tod EllfiVFortb Aves, 
StOATfji School^ irtrlB* l>oiar<1liii; non-sect,; 

&llfifi ElU Oonlofl Stoart. Prhi.. 4721 Otti 

Tb^fiton Ffspuatoiry Scbool; pr^p ; C(jed. ; 

non swt T Alice M. Thiiraton, Prln, 
TAliLiiii School for CMldTeD*i Llbrifiaiu; 

llbfrtry trak&ing; wotncii; DoM-iicct.; cat. 

19CH; Frnncps Jcpklna Olcott, Director. 

ScbCkOl'i aiinoiincflmont — TriLJuLnir School 

for ChUdreq'B Ubi^rians* conducted by 

Tb*? CiiriicKlc- [Jbniry nf PittRhttrs. Sup 

pfii'ted by Andrew L'lifui'fcMt'. For iMrcitbir^ 

iind Infonjiation, qcidifsft Miibel A. Frotb 

EoetLtim, S(?<:'retiity. 
UnivortHy of Flttthunr; iinlv.; co-ed.; noti' 

ifcct.; est. 17S7; Rev. S. B. McOoTmlck, 

hL. D,, Cbancellor. 
t7rBuLia« Tounff Ltdies' Acadomy: slrla* board- 

[pg; R. C; SiBter M. Ursula. Prln.. Wlnt- 

blddle .inrl Pm. Atcs. 
Wo«tf»n FoDniylTii.nla Hedical Ge^Uegft; Woft- 

ern Uniwiity of FanDiylTUCiia; med.; 

pctf.; cs>-ed.; est, 1B8Q; J. C. Lanfc, M, 

D , Dean, Brcfctob and 30th Sts. 
Weitom Thoolorioal Semtnary; thcoL; cat. 

1825: Presb.; R(?v. Dti^^ld Givgg, D. D.< 

IX. D., President, 
Weitern tTnlTDTiity of Fctziniylfania; see Vnt- 

vfrslrj' uf Phtshiirg; 
Wooliey School for Touajr Ken.; preji. ; bfly«; 

nou pcct.t efet. 1001 1 Luclua Everett Haw* 

ley, A. S!.p Prto.* 2l» Oatland Ats, 

FITTSTOK. LuBortiB Ga., iM>p. 27.000. 

St. John'fl School; prep, ; co-ed. ; Rev, J. P. 
O'MnlUy, Prtn. 
PLEABAlfT J£0U:NT, Wayne Co., pop. 727. 

FHQaKAXLt Mount Acadeniy; closer;!, 

FLTMGUTH I[££XIKG, Kantromary Oo-t p)^^ 
Fiianda Behiiol; prep.; co-ed,: Frfcnds^ e»t. 
1S55; Betjjiiiuin Stnltti. A. M.. Preeldent. 

FOTTaXOWN; Kontiomflry Co., pop, I3.UW3, 
HUl School. The; boya' boardlne; iion-a«!t,; 

eiit. 1S51^ Jobii MeLfR, Ph. 0., Frln. 
Fottatown BiiBlne^i Collate; bu*. and sten.; 
F, K. Kolloj. Free. 

FOTTSVILLE, Scbuylklll Go., pop. 13.T10. 
Gammercial tlTnion Scbool; bua. and HtiJD.; G. 

A. Fritn^uc, Pres, 
HUI School; pivp.; co-c^d.: non'9C<;t, ; «st. 197G; 

Mrs, S. A, Thurlcw, Pdn. 
FottiriUo fiutineu GoUoffo; bnv. and «ten.: 

<?*(. ISUS; Fratik Tnylor, Pria. 

REAtHNO. B«rki Co.< p'n^ 7S.9«l. 
GoLUiriftto Inttltute; j*rep.; co-cd,; J. V. 

Oetirgc, D. D.. Pb. I),. Frln. 
Imtor State GommerQial GoUoro! bua. and 

*ten.^ H. Y. Sterner, M. 1. A., PR-i. 
Readlntf Academy and Bu^insia GoUv^: bua. 

and aten, ; eat, IQOO; Ocorge I.. Klelo- 

Kinna, M. E.. Ph. lU Prln. 
Rfi«dlnf Glaiiidal School fof Boy« and (Hda; 

pfepKi eo-fd. ; non-secL; 3, W. Kerr. Am- 
brose €ort, Prina. 
Scbool of Cammerce. The; buR. and aten.; £. 

K. Sh.>op, Pfln, 
BchuylkUl Samlnary; prop; Co-ed.; Evanir*; 

est, l^i: Rev, \\\ F. Teel. Pb. M., Prln. 
Stnarl'i School, Mlti; prep.; i^lrls; nun-«cct.; 

est, iSai: Amaa J[. StUntt. Prln. 

BIEGELSTILLE, Bucks Go., pop. 630. 

RiG^ciU villa Academy; pr^p, ; co-ed,; Re* 
formed; cit, IS82: Glenn C. HelUr. A. BJ,, 

ROSEMDKT, Montsomery Co.^ |x^. B^. 
Kirk'i School, Miaioa; girls' bonnllog; non- 
Btcti The MIahc^ Kirk* Prlas. 





SALTSBUHG, Indiana Co., pop. 828. 
Xitkiminetas Springs School; prep.; boys' 

boarding; non-sect.; est. 1888; A. W. 

Wilson, Jr. Ph. D., Prln. 
SANDY LAKE, Mercer Co., pop. '632. . 
Sandy Lake Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1800; Stanley Lake, Prln. 
SCRANTON, Lackawanna Co., pop. 102.026. 
Anthracite Bnsiness College; bus. and stcn. ; 

est. 1004; C. E. Williams, Prcs. 
Boys' Industrial Association; indust.; boys; 

non-sect.; est. 1800; Henry Uolder, Supt. 
Bxyn Mawr School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

est. 1806; Miss E. S. Wines, A. M.. Prln. 
Holy Rosary Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: 

est. 1882; Sisters of Immaculate Heart 

of Mary. 
Lackawanna Business College; bus. and stcn.; 

est. 1001; J. H. Seeley, Prin. 
Merrill's (The Misses) Private School and 

Kindergarten; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 

1870; Miss Elizabeth S. Merrill. Prln. 
Mount St. Mary's Seminary; girls' boarding; 

R. C; est. 1002; Mother M. Cyril. 
St. Cecilia Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0. ; 

Mother M. Crescentia, Prin. 
St. John's Convent School; prep.; girls; R. C; 

est. 1885; Sister Superior. 
St. John the Baptist School; prep.; co-ed.; 

R. C; est. 1885; Rev. F. Frlcker, Prln. 
St. Thomas College; boys' I>oarding; R. C: 

Brother E. Lewis. Prin. 
School of the Lackawanna; prep.; co-od.; 

non-sect.; est. 1873; William Cranston 

Lawton, A. B., Prin. 
Scranton Business College; bus. and sten.; U. 

D. Buck and A. R. Whltmoro, Prests. 
SELINSOBOVE, Snyder Co., pop. 1,320. 

Susquehanna University; coll.; co-ed.; Luth. : 

est. 1858: Rev. Charles T. Alkens, A. M., 

D. D.. Pres. 
SEWICKLEY. Alleghany Co., pop. 3.5GS. 
Sewickley Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; 

non-soct.; est. 1800; M. A. Munson, Prln. 
SHARON, Mercer Co., pop. 8,016. 
Convent of the Holy Child Jesus; girls' board- 
ing; R. C: est. 1867; the Rev. Mother 

Superior. Prin. 
Hall Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt. ; est. 1888: 

n. C. Hall, D. D.. Pres. 
Sharon College of Commerce; bus. and sten.; 

J. P. Amspokcr. Prin. 

SHIFFENSBURG, Cumberland Co., pop. 3.228. 
Cumberland Valley State Normal School; nor- 
mal; state; co-ed.: Samuel A. Martin, 

SLIPPERY ROCK, Butler Co., pop. 003. 
Slippery Rock State Normal School; uornial: 
state: co-ed.; Albert K. Maltby, Ph. D.. 

SOUTH BETHLEHEM, Northampton Co.. pop. 
Bishopthorpe School; girls' boarding; P. E. : 
C. N. Wyant and Frederic Towns«'nd, A. 
M. Prins. 

Lehigh University; coll.; men; non-sect.; est. 

1866: Henry S. Drinker. B. M., LL. D.. 

South Bethlehem Business College; bus. and 

sten.; W. F. Magee. Pres. 
SPRING MILLS, Center Co., pop. 347. 

Spring Mills Academy ; prep. ; co-ed. ; est. 1806; 

D. M. Wolf, D. D., Prln. 
STATE COLLEGE, Center Co., pop. 861. 
Pennsylvania State College; coll.; state; co- 
ed.; est. 1850: J. P. Welsh, Ph. D., 

Vice Pres. 
STEWARTSTOWN, York Co., pop. 673. 
Stewartstown Collegiate Institute; prep.: co- 
ed.; non-sect.; Henry Mace Payne. C. E., 

Ph. D,. Prin. 
SUGAR GROVE, Warren Co., pop. 511. 

Sugar Grove Seminary; prep.; co-ed.: United 

Br.: est. 1882: M. R. Woodland. A. B.. 

SWARTHMORE, Delaware Co., pop. 003. 
Swarthmore College; coll.; co-ed.: Friends: 

est. 1800: Joseph Swain. LL. D., Pres. 
Swarthmore Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; 

Friends (Hicksite); Arthur H. Tomlln- 

son, Prin. 

TITUSVILLE, Crawford Co., pop. 8.244. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C: 

est. 1870: Sister Superior, Directress. 
Titusville Business College; bus. and sten.: 
est. 1001: Prof. W. J. Cable, Pres. 
TORRESDALE. Suburb of FhUadelphia. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C; Mother Henrietta Spalding, Prin. 
TO WANDA, Bradford Co., pop. 4.663. 
Susquehanna Collegiate Institute; prep.; co- 
ed.; Presb.; est. 1852; C. R. Stiles. A. 
B., Pres. 
Towanda Business College; bus. and stco.: 

est. 1802: M. S. Cronk, Pres. 
Douglas College; closed. 
UNIONTOWN, Fayette Co., pop. 7,344. 
Madison Academy; prop.: co-ed.; noo-seet.: 
est. 1805; A. M. Van Tine, A. B.. Prin. 
XTPLAND, Delaware Co., pop. 2.131. 

Crozer Theological Seminary; tbeol.: bcb: 
Bapt.: est. 1867; Rev. Henry G. W«toB. 
LL. D., Pres. 
VILLANOVA, Delaware Co., pop. 236. 

Villanova College; coll.; men; R. C ^ 
1842; Rev. L. A. Delurey. O. S. A., D. D- 
VOLANT, Lawrence Co., pop. 120. 

Volant College; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; «•«• 
1S80; C. F. Ball, A. M., Pres. 
WARREN, Warren Co., pop. 8.043. 
Ho£P Business College; bus. and sten.; c»t. 

1902: L. J. Holmes, M. E., Mgr. 
Warren Correspondence School; corresp.: W*-* 
est. 1901; C. W. Smith, Pres. 
WASHINGTON, Washington Co., pop. 7.670. 
Trinity Hall: closed. 

Washington and Jefferson College; coU.; 0^* 
Presb.: est. 1802; James Noble Bole. »• 
S., Pres. 





Wftihinfton Business Gollef« and Normal 

School; bus. and sten.; est. 1889; Louis 

Van Orden, Prcs. 
Washinflrton Seminary; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.; est. 1830: Miss Lillian M. Roscn- 

krans, Prin. 
WAYNE, Delaware Co., pop. 3,000. 
Annitage Preparatory School; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; est. 1898; Harriet C. Annitage, 

St. Luke's School; boys' boarding; P. E.; 

est. 1803; Charles H. Strout, A. M.. Head 

WAYNESBORO, Franklin Co., pop. 5,782. 
Wi^meaboro Business College; bus. and sten.; 

J. M. Lantz. Prln. 
Waynesboro College; coll.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Rev. Wm. M. Hudson, Ph. D. 
WAYNESBURG. Greene Co., pop. 2.544. 
Wayneshurg Business College; bus. and sten.; 

. est. 1901; S. F. Stockdalc, Prin. 
Wi^mesburg College; coll.; co-«d.: Cumb. 

Prcsb.; est. 1851; Jacob P. Bucher, M. S., 

Ph. D., President. 

WEST BETHLEHEM. Lehigh Co., pop. 3.465. 

Bethlehem Preparatory School; pn>p. ; hoys; 
P. E.; est. 1878; H. A. Foering, B. S., 
WEST CHESTER, Chester Co., pop. 9.524. 

Church Street Friends' School; prep.; boys: 
Friends (orthodox); est. 1852; Gertrude 
. Rhoads, Prln. 

Darlington Seminary; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.: est. 1851; Frank Paxton Bye, Prln. 

Fontgarth Hall; girls' boarding; non-sect.: est. 
18.97; Marj' K. S. Smith, A. M., Prln. 

Friends' Select School; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; 
Miss Gertrude Church, Prin. 

Friends' School; prep,; co-ed.; Friends (or- 
thodox); est. 1830; Anna B. Smedley, 

Vance School, The; prep.; co-ed.; Herbert T. 
Vance. Principal. 

ViUa Maria Academy; giris' boarding: R. C; 
est. 1872; Mother M. de Chantal, Prln. 

Westchester Business College; bus. and sten.; 
J. B. Martin, Pres. 

West Chester State Normal School; normal: 
state; co-ed.; est. 1871; George M. Phil- 
lips. Ph. D., LL. D.. A. M., Pres. 
WEST NEWTON, Westmoreland Co., pop. 2.- 

West Newton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect; S. S. Gressly. B. C. S., Prin. 
WEST STINBXTRY. Butler Go., pop. 254. 

West Sunbury Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non- 
sect.; est. 1884; Vennis A. Green, A. M., 
WESTTOWN, Chester Co., pop. 110. 

Westtown Boarding School; prep.: co-ed.: 
Friends (orthodox); est. 1799; William F. 
WIckersham. A. M.. Prin. 
WILKESBARRE, Luseme Co., pop. 51.721. 

Atlantic School of Osteopatl^; osteop.: est. 
1899; H. S. Hewish, M. D.. B. S., D. C 

Harry Hillman Academy; boys' boarding and 
day; non-sect.; est. 1870; Robert L. 
Lltch, M. D., Prin. 

St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister M. Francisco, Superior. 

WHkes-Barre Business College; bus. and sten.: 
est. 1899; F. M. Allen. Pres. 

Wilkes-Barre Institute; girls' hoarding; 
Presb.; Miss Sarah II. Stiles, Ph. D., 

WILLIAMSON SCHOOL, Delaware Co., pop. 70. 
Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades; 
tech.; men; est. 1888; non-sect.; John M. 
Shrigley, Pres. 

WILUAMSFORT. Lycoming Co., pop. 28.757. 

Boys' Industrial -School; indust.: boys: non- 
sect.; est. 1898; Rev. T. P. S. Wilson, 

Potts Shorthand College; sten.; est. 1882; 
John G. Henderson. Prln. 

Williamsport Commercial College; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1800; F. F. Healey, Pres. 

Williamsport Dickinson Seminary; prep.; co- 
ed.; M. E.: est. 1848: Rev. Wra. Perry 
Bveland, A. M., Ph. D., Prln. 

WYNCOTE, Montgomery Co., pop. 311. 

Est. 1872; Miss Georgiana L. Martin, 

YORK, York Co., pop. 38.708. 

York Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Presb.: est. 1873; B. T. Jeflfers, D. D., 
LL. D., Prin. 

York County Academy: boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Elmer E. Wentworth, Prin. 

York School of Business; bus.-sten. and tel.; 
est. 1904; Geo. R. Prowell. Prin. 


Population, 428,556. School census, 105,950. School age, 5-15. 

Rhode Island is the thirty-fourth state of the Union in point of population,, 
having a total of 428,556 inhabitants, of whom 419,050, or 97.8 per cent, are white. 
Of this number, 133,772, or 312 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 8.4 per cent, the state ranking thirtieth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Walter E. Ranger, State Commissioner of Schools Pawtucket 


Gov. James H. Higgins, President Westerly 

LiEiiT.-Gov. Ralph C. Watrois Providence 

Samuel W. K. Allen East Greenwich 

George T. Baker Providence 

Frank Hill Ashaway 

Jon N E. Kendrick Providence 

Frank E. Thompson Newport 

Abram J. PoTHiER Woonsocket 


Walter H. Small, President Providence 

Isaac O. Winslow, Secretary Providence 

John F. Deering, Assistant Secretary Arctic 

Sidney A. Sherman, Treasurer Providence 

Reuhen F. Randall. Assistant Treasurer Providence 

Frf-fjerick E IkAr.[)()\, Assistant Treasurer Lonsdale 


Rhode Island has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what 
is ealled the "town system" of school supervision, each city, or, in some cases. 
where the towns are small, a group of town^, having its individual superintendent 
of schools. 






BABBIHOTON, Bristol Co., pop. 1.135. 

St. Andrew's Industrial School; industrial: 
boys'; Rev. William M. Chapin, Prin. 
BRISTOL, Bristol Co., pop. 7.200. 

Morse's Private School; prep.; co-ed.: non- 
sect.: Miss Fannie W. Morse. 86 State 
St., Prin. 
CENTBAL FALLS, Providence Co., pop. 10.100. 
Our Lady of the S3u>red Heart; prep.; eo-od. : 
R. C; Sister Mary Philip. Prin. 

EAST GREENWICH, Kent Co.. pop. 2.775. 
East Greenwich Academy, The; prep.; eo-od.; 
M. E.; ent. 1802; Rev. C. A. Stenhouse. 

SchooPs announcement. — A boarding 
school for both sexes under Methodist 
management without sectarian bias. A 
faculty of fourteen competent instructors. 
A variety of courses including college, 
preparatory, academic, commercial, music, 
art and elocution. Social life of an Ideal 
family. Special attention to manners and 
morals. Pupils are individualized; the 
backward are stimulated. Location most 
healthful on the famous Narragansett 
Bay. Price very low, $225 per year cover- 
ing necessary expenses. No school In 
the United States offers more for so 
small an outloy. Opportunity for solf- 

EAST PROVIDENOE, Providence Co., pop. 
St. Mary's Seminary; girls' boarding: R. C: 
Mother M. Bernard, Superior. Bay View. 

KIHGSTOH, Washington Co., pop. 550. 

Rhode Island Colege -of Agriculture and 

Mechanic Arts; agrl.; co-ed.; est. 1800; 

Howard Edwards, A. M.. LL. D.. Pres. 
Oloyne House School; boyn' boarding; P. E. : 

est. 1806; Oliver Whipple Huntington. 

Ph. D., Head Master. 

MIDDLETOWN, Newport Co., pop. 1,457. 
St. George's School; boys' bmirdlng: P. E.: 
est. 1800: John B. Diman, A. B.. A. M.. 

NEWPORT, Newport Co., pop. 22.034. 

Cloyne House School; prep.; boys; Episcopal; 
est. 1806; Dr. Oliver Whipple Hunting- 
ton. A. M., Ph. D.. Head Master. 

HasMd Memorial School; prep.; co-ed.; Rev. 
James Mahon. Prin.: Truro St. 

Marsh's Select School, Mrs.; girls; prep.; 
Mrs. Mary 8. W. Marsh, Prin. 

Bayer's School, Miss.; pn>p. ; girls; Miss Mary 
A. Sayer. Prin. 

8t. Mary's School; prep.: co-ed.; 11. C. : Sis- 
ter M. Germaine, Prin. 

PAWTTJCKET. Providence Co., pop. 30,li.n. 
English and Olasaioal School: prep.; co-ed. ; 

non-sect.: Ghas. A. Cole, Prin. 
Kinyon's Gonuneroial School; bus. iin<l stcn. ; 

W. H. Kinyon, Prin. 
Sacred Heart School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sisters of St. Joseph. 

St. Joseph's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Sis- 
ter M. I^oyola, Prin. 

PEACEDALE, Washington Co., pop. 1,000. 
South Kingston High School; prep.; co-ed.; 
Louis A. .Reese. A. M., Principal. 

PORTSMOUTH, Newport Co., pop. 2.100. 
Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; Mrs. Lucy 

M. Phlnney. Prin. 
PROVIDENCE, Providence Co., pop. 175.597. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' boanl- 

ing; R. C; Mrae. Margaret M. Hoey, 730 

Smith St. 
Bronson's School, The Misses; prep.: girls' 

Cornelia C. Bronson and Caroline A. Bron- 

mn. Principals, 313 Hope St. 
Brown School for Bojrs; prep.; boys'; Miss A. 

Ketchum, Prin. 
Brown University; unlv. ; co-ed.: Bapt.; est. 

1764; Rev. Wm. Herbert Perry Faunce. 

I). D., LL. D.. Pres. 
Bryant-Stratton Business College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1863; Theodore B. Stowell, 

Fielden-Chase School for Girls, The; girls* 

boarding: non-sect.; Miss Abble E. South- 

wlck. Prin., 15 Greene St. 
Friends' School; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; est.' 

1784; Augustine Jones, A. M., LL. B., 

Holdens' Private School, Miss.; prop.; girls'; 

Miss Abby F. Holden. Prin. 
LaSalle Academy; boys' boarding; R. C; 

Brother Peter. Prin. 
Lincoln School, The; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.; est. 188J»; Margaret Gllman. Prin. 
Max Magnus Shorthand School, The; bus. and 

sten.; est. 10(K): Mox Magnus, Director. 
Morris Heights School for Boys; boys' board- 
ing; non-sect.; est. 1900; John Shaw 

French. A. B.. Ph. D.. Prin. 
Moses Brown School; prep.; co-ed.; est. 1810; 

Seth K, Gifford. Ph. D.. Principal, 257 

Hope St. 
Providence Business College; bus. and sten.; 

H. W. Small. Prin. 
Rhode Island Commercial School; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1900; H. L. Jacobs. Principal. 
Rhode Island College of Pharmacy and Al- 

^ed Sciences: phar. : co-ed.: est. 1902; 

Edwin E. Colder, Dean. 
Rhode Island Institute for the Deaf; state; 

Kdwin GiUe Hunl, Prin. 
Rhode Island Normal School; normal; state; 

co-ed. ; CharloB S. Chapin, I'res. 
Rhode Island School of Design; art; co-ed.; 

est. 1877; Mrs. Oustuv Radeke. Acting 

St. Xavier's Academy; girls' bonnling; R. C. : 

SlHtcr M. Eudllia, Prin. 
Tyler School; prep,; co-ed.; R. ('. ; Sister M. 

AllMTtus. Prin.. Cor. Point nnd Plain Sts. 
University School. The; boys' day; non-sect.; 

H. M. Rice. Prin. 
Wheeler's School. Miss; girls' boarding: non- 

8c«;t.; Mury (*. Wliecler, Prin., 20 (!abot 






8CITUATE, Providence Co., pop. 3.3G1. 
Pentecostal Collegiate Institute ; prep.; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; E. E. Angell, Prln. 
Stepping Stone Kindergarten; kind.; est. 1892; 
Anna Scbllepstein, Prin., Peace Dale. 

WARREN, Bristol Co., pop. 3,850. 
St. Jean Baptiste School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: 
Rev. J. A. Fauteox, Main St. 

WARWICK, Kent Co. 
St. John the Baptist School; prep.; co-ed.; R. 
C; Rev. D. B. Brunelle. Prin. 

WESTERLY, Washington Co., pop. 7.541. 
Pendleton's School, Miss; prep.; girls; Anna 

Sayles Pendleton. Pr[n., 22 Croes St. 
Westerly Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1897; George La Munyon, Principal. 
WOONSOCKET, Providence Co., pop. 28.204. 
Convent of Jesus and Mary; girls' boarding: 

R. C; Mother St. Stephen, 61 Park Ave. 
Sacred Heart College; boys' boarding; R. C; 

Brother Ulrlc, Prin.. 43 Hamlet Ave. 
Woonsocket Business University; bus. and 

Bten.; est. 1897; Albert J. Parks. Prin. 

and Prop. 

. i 


Population, 1,340,316. School census, 478,480. School age, 6-21. 

South Carolina is the twenty-fourth state of the Union in point of population, 
having a total of 1,340,316 inhabitants, of whom 557,807, or 41.6 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 5,371, or .4 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 35.9 per cent, the state ranking forty-ninth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


Governor M. F. Ansel, ex-officio, Cliairman Columbia 

O. B. Martin, State Superintendent of Education Columbia 

W. H. Barton, Chief Clerk Columbia 


O. B. Martin, State Superintendent of Education, ex-officio, Secretary Columbia 

W. K. Tate, First District Charleston 

H. F. Rice, Second District Aiken 

D. W. Daniel, Third District Clemson College 

A. G. Rembert, Fourth District Spartanburg 

A. R. Banks, Fifth District Lancaster 

W. J. Montgomery, Sixth District Marion 

A. J. Thackston, Seventh District Orangeburg 


Pop. of 
County. . Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Abbeville JR. B. Cheatham Abbeville 33.400 

Aiken .,A. W. Sanders Aiken 39,032 

Anderson ^R. E. Nicholson Anderson 55,722 

Bamberg: R. W. D. Rowell Bamberg 17,296 

Barnwell |B. M. Darlington Barnwell 35.504 

Beaufort B. H. Boyd Beaufort 35,495 

Berkeley .jCharles W. Sanders Monck's Corner 30,454 

Charleston E. P. Waring Charleston 88,006 

Cherokee *J. L. Walker Gaffney 21,859 

Chester W. D. Knox Chester 28,616 

Chesterfield Kirby Rivers Chesterfield 20,401 

Clarendon .^S. P. Holladay Manning 28,184 

Colleton ^H. W. Black Walterboro 88,452 

Darlington ....Henry C. Burn Darlington 32,388 

Dorchester .T. J. Howell St. George 16,294 

Edgefield : ,W. D. Holland Edgefield 25.478 

Fairfield T. M. .Jordan Wlnnsboro 29.425 

Florence A. H. Gasque Florence 28,474 

Goorgetown jJosiah Doar Georgetown 22.846 





County. Superintendent. Address. 

Greenville James B. Davis Greenville ... 

Greenwood J. F. Wideman Greenwood . . 

Hampton S. J. Fitts Hampton 

Horry W. A. Prince Conway 

Kershaw W. B. Turner Camden 

I^ncaster W. M. Moore Lancaster . . . 

I^urens R. W. Nash Laurens . . . . 

Lee McDonald Davis Bishopville . . 

Lexingrton J. E. R. Kyser Lexingrton . . 

Marion James R. Williams Marion 

Marlboro A. L. Easterlingr Bennettsville 

Newberry J. S. Wheeler Newberry . . . 

Oconee C. L. Craigr Walhalla . . . . 

Orangreburgr S. R. Mellichamp Orangreburgr . 

Pickens Richard T. Hallum Pickens 

Richland S. M. Clarkson Columbia . . . 

Saluda J. N. DeLoach Saluda 

Spartanburg: E. C. Elmore Spartanburg: 

Sumter S. D. Cain Sumter 

Union D. B. Fant Union 

Williamsburg: J. G. McCulloUgh Klng:stree . . . 

York T. E. McMackin Yorkville . . . 

Pop. of 
. . 5M90 
. . 28.S4S 
. . 23.738 
. . 23.364 
. . 24.69S 
. . 24.311 
. . 37.382 



ABBEVILLE, Abbeville Co., pop. 3.T0C. 

Harbison College (colored): prop.: co-<h1.; 
Nortliern ProHb.: est. 1881; R«'V. C. M. 
Younsr, A. ^f., PrcB. 
AIKEN. Aiken Co., pop. .'^.800. 

Scofteld Normal and Industrial School (col- 
ored); nor. and Indnst. ; co-od.; non-Kcct.; 
est. 1868; Martha Schoflold. Gen. Mjrr. 

St. Angela's Academy; girln' boarding: R. C. : 
est. 1900: Sistor Colestlne Quah'. Di- 
BAMBEBO, Bamberg Co.. pop. 1,5.33. 

Carlisle Fitting School of Wofford College; 
prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; W. S. Hogan. A. 
R., Prin. 
CAKDEN, Kershaw Co.. pop. 2.441. 

Mather Academy (colored); prep.; <'o-(m1.: M. 
E.; est. 1886; Miss Francis V. RushcU, 
CEDAB SPBINO, Spartanburg Co. 

State Institution for Deif , Dumb and Blind; 
state: «'Ht. lS4t»: V. N. Walker, Supt. 
CHABLESTON, Charleston Co., |M>p. 55,807. 

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy; girls' board- 
ing: R. ('. : Sister Mary Rrnedicta. Prin. 

Avery Normal Institute (colon^d): normal: 
private: co-ed.: Con;:.: est. 1805; EllxTt 
M. Stevens. A. M.. Prim-ipal. 

Charleston Mercantile School; bus. and st(>n.: 
•Maizlr J. Itcr;;niaini. Prcs. 

Charleston School, The: Itoys' boarding: non- 
sect.: est. VMiS; Williiim Ste..u (Jami. A. 
M.. Prin. 

Citadel Academy; pn'p. : co-ed.: Asbnry Tow- 
ard, Prin. 

College of Charleston; <'oll. ; city: men: est. 
1701: Ilanisoii KaiMlolph. ph. I).. LL. !>.. 

Confodurate Homo College: nvohhu; imii 
seel.: i«;t. lsi;7: llarrii-t F. Uoman. Prin. 

Gibbes School. The: i:\tW lioarding: I*. K. : 
.Misses S. P. ami !•:. S <iil»lM'>. I'riiis. 

Lutheran Theological Seminary: theol.: men: 

est. 1808; A. G. Volght. D. D., Pres. 
Medical College of the State of South Caro< 

lina; nied.: reg.; men; est. 1823; E. F. 

Parker. M. D.. Dean. 
Medical College of the State of Sonth GaioliBa, 

College of Pharmacy; phar.; mco; E. F. 

Parker. M. I).. Dean. 
Memminger Normal School: nor: statt^: co- 
ed.: est. 1857: W. K. Tate. A. M.. Prin. 
Porter Military Academy, The; military; non- 
sect.: est. 18t{7: Rev. H. J. Mlkell, M. 

A.. Prin. 
Smith's Private School, Mrs.; girls' boarding: 

non-sect.: Mrs. Isabel A. Smith. Prin. 
South Carolina Medical College; med. : co-ed.; 

est. 1832: Francis L. Parker. Dean. 
South Carolina Military Academy; military: 

state; est. 1842; Col. O. J. Bond. B. 8.. 

Stokes Business College; bus. and sten.; A. 

L. Stokes. Pres. 
Wallingford Academy (colored); normal: pri- 
vate: co-ed.: est. 18aS; Rev. David Brown. 

I>. P.. Pres. 
Y. M. C. A. Night School; bus. and sten. 
CHESTER, Chester Co., pop. 4.075. 
Briinerd Institute (colonel »: pn»p. : co-ed.: 

Presb. : John S. Maninis. Prin. 
CLEMSON COLLEGE. Oconee Co., pop. 120. 
Clemson Agricultural College; agrl.: state; 

men: est. 188t»: P. II. Mell, M. E.. Ph. 

I).. Pres. 
CLINTON. Laurens Co., Pop. 1,868. 
Presbyterian College of Sonth CaxoliiiA; coll.: 

ro-.'d.: Presb.: est. 1880; Rev. Robt. A- 

.Vdams. Ph's. 
Thornwell Orphanage: prep.: co-e«l.; for 

iii'.-dv Mipli.-ms: Wm. P. Jacotts, D. D.. 

COKESBURY. Greenwood Co.. iH»p. .^{04. 

Cokesbury Conference School: prep.: co-ed.; 

Meth.: e>t. is:!4: (i. R. IMikes. Prin. 





COLXTKBIA. Bichland Co., pop. 21,108. 

Allen Univemity (colored); coll.: co-od.; A. 
M. B.: est. 1880; David H. Johnson, Vren. 
Schoors annooncement. — ^The regular school 
year is from October third to June third. 
The institution is devoted to the train- 
ing of Negro youth. Departments are as 
follows: College, Ideological, Law, Nor- 
mal, Music, Grammar School, Primary, 
Printing and other industries for men; 
dress-ma Icing and other industries for 
women. From $6.00 to $8.00 per month 
pays all expenses for board, etc., on tho 
campus or in private families. 

Benedict College (colored) ; prep. ; co-ed. : 
Bapt. : est. 1871; Abraham C. Osbom, D. 
D., LL. D., Preg. 

College for Women; girls' boarding; Presb. : 
est. 1890; Miss Euphemia McGliutock, A. 
B., Pre«. 

Colombia College; girls' boai^ling; M. E. So.; 
est, 1859; Rev. W. W. Daniel, A. M., D. 
D., Prin. 

Columbia Theological Seminary; men; Presb.: 
est. 1828; W. M. McPheeters, D. D.. 

Dranghon's Practical Boiinett College; bus. 
and sten.; J. P. Draughon. Pres. 

Maofeat Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1892; M. H. Bowen, Prin. 

Parochial School; pn>p. ; co-ed.: R. C: CHt. 
1858: Madam Michel, Prin. 

South Carolina Theological Seminary; men: 
Presb.; est. 1828; W. M. McPheeters. 
D. D., Pres. 

St. Mary's Parish School (colored): prep..; 
co-ed.; est. 1892; Episcopal; GustHvns A. 
Sinkler, A. B., Prin. 

VniTersity School; boys' prep.; day: non-sect.; 
e«t. 1906; Claude V. Neuffer, B. L., Prin. 

UnWersity of South Carolina; unlv. ; co-ed.: 
state; est. 1805; Benjamin Sloan, M. A., 
LL. D., Pres. 

VniTersity of South Carolina, Department of 
Law; law; men; est. 1884: Joseph D. 
Pope, A. M., LL. D., Dean. 

Unnline Convent; girls' boarding: Catholic: 
est. 18.58; Mother Angela Brownfleld, I'rlu. 

DXTEWEST, Abbeville Co., pop. 631. 

A. B. P. Theological Seminary; theol.: A. R. 

Presb.; men; est. 1837: F. Y. Pressly, 

D. D., Pres. 
Dne West Female College; girls' boarding; A. 

R. Presb.; est. 1859; James Boyce, A. B., 

Erskine College; coll.; co-ed.: A. R. Presb.; 

eat. 1839; Rev. J. S. Moffatt, D. D., LL. 

D., Pres. 

EDOE7IEU), Edgefield Co., pop. 2.000. 

Sonth Carolina Co-educational Institute; prep.: 
co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1895; Col. F. N. K. 
Bailey, Pres. 

FLORENCE, Florence Co., pop. .5.000. 

Presbyterian High School; pr(>p. : co-ed.: 

Pn'sb. : Prof. Briggs. Prin. 
South Carolina Industrial School; state : boys: 
J. L. Mann, Ph. D., Supt. 

7B0GX0&E, Beaufort Co., pop. 35. 
Penn Hormal, Industrial and Agricultural 

School; (colored); normal; private; co-ed.; 

R. B. Cooley, Prin. 
GAFFNEY, Cherokee Co., pop. 8,937. 
Limestone College; girls' boarding; Bapt.; 

est. 1845; L. D. Lodge, Lltt. D., Prin. 
OBEEKVILLE, Greenville Co., pop. 11,860. 
Chicora College; girls' boarding: Presb.; est. 

1897; Rev. S. C. Byrd, D. D., Pres. 
Furman University; coll.; men: Bapt.; est. 

1862; Edwin M. Potreat, D. D., LL. D.. 

College for Women; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

est. 1804; A. S. Townes, Ph. D., Prin. 
Greenville Female College; girls' boarding; 

Bapt.; est. 1854: Edward G. James, Lltt. 

D., Pres. 
Sacred Heart Academy, prep.: co-ed.; R. G. 

Madam M. Patricia. 
Sterling Industrial College: (colored); prep.; 

co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 1854; D. M. Minus, 

6BEENW00D, Greenwood Co., pop. 4,824. 
Brewer Normal School; (colored); normal; pri- 
vate: Cong'l.; co-ed.; est. 1872; Rev. J. 

M. Robinson. Pres. 
Lander College; girls' boarding; M. E. So.; est. 

1872: Rev. John Owens Wilson, D. D., 

HAETSVILLE, Darlington Co., pop. 1,000. 
Welsh Neck High School; prep.; non-sect.; 

Rol>t. W. Durratt, A. M., Prin. 
South Carolina Industrial Home; (colored): 

pri.: non-sect; est. 1800: Rev. Richard 

Carroll, Manager. 

KEBSHAW, Lancaster Co., pop. 627. 

Union Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1895; Prof. F. D. Sims. 
LANCASTER, Lancaster Co., pop. 1,477. 
Lancaster Normal and Industrial Institute; 
(colored); est. 1897: normal; private; co- 
ed.; A. M. E. Zlon: M. D. Lee, A. M., 
LANDBUM, Spartanburg Co., pop. 344. 

Spartan High School; prep.: co-ed.; est. 19(K>; 
Bapt.; Henry Lee Dean, Prin. 
LEESVILLE, Lexington Co., pop. 538. 
Leesville College; coll.; co-ed.: non-sect.; est. 
1890; L. 15. Hayuos, A. B., A. M., Pres. 
NEWBERRY, Newberry Co., pop. 4.007. 

Newberry College; coll.: co-ed.: Luth.; est. 
185C; Rev. J. A. B. Scherer, Ph. D., 
ORANGEBURG, Orangeburg Co., pop. 4,455. 
Clafflin University (colored) ; coll. ; co-ed. ; M. 
E.: est. ISGO: Rev. L. M. Dunton, I). D., 
Normal, Industrial and Mechanical College of 
S. C. ; (colore<n : nor. and Indust. : co-ed.; 
state: est. 1800; Thomas E. Miller. A. B., 
A. M.: LL. D., Pres. 
Orangeburg Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.: 
H:il>t.: W. S. I'otrrsoii. Pres. 

REIDVILLE, Spartanburg Co., pop. 1«7. 

Reidville Female College; prep.; girls': Presb.: 
est. 1M.17; J. Whitner Reld, A. B.; Prin. 

ROCK HILL, Y-ork Co., pop. 5,485. 





Wlnthrop Honnftl and Indvitrial College; 
normal; women; state; eet. 1886; D. B. 
Johnson, Pre*. 

Bohoors annonncement. — Fourteen courses; 
Normal (6), Latin. Scientific, Llteraiy. 
Stenography, Millinery, Dressmaking, 
Bookkeeping, Moslc. Kindergarten. In- 
dustrial Studies. Degrees: B. A.. L. I., 
M. A. Forty-six officers, teachers, and 
assistants. 480 pnplls. Expenses of ses- 
sion of nine months. $60 to |li4. Ses- 
sion begins September. 
8PARTANBTJB0, Spartanburg Co., pop. 11..S95. 

Converse Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1890; BenJ. W. Oetslnger. Principal. 

Converse College; girls' boarding; non-seot.; 
est. 1800; Robert P. PeU. Litt. D.. Pres. 

Select High School for Boys; prep.; non-sect.; 

private; Hugh T. Shockley, A. M., Besd- 

WofTord Fitting School; boys* prep; A. Utma 

DuPre. A. M., Headmaster. 
WofTord College; coll.; men; M. B. So.; est 

1854; H. N. Snyder, LL. D.. Pres. 

SVMTEB, Sumter Co., pop. 5,678. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; B. C: 
est. 1862; Sister M. Raphael. Dlrectms. 

TIOEBVILLE, Greenville Co., pop. 85. 
North Greenville High School; prep.; co-«d.: 
Bapt.; L. A. Jones. A. B., Prin. 

UNION, Union Co., pop. 5.400. 
Clifford Seminary: girls' boarding: Prvsb.: 
est. 1881; Rev. B. G. Clifford. Ph. D.. 
D. D., Prin. 


Population, 456,185. School census, 146,222. School age, 6-21. 

According to the tjederal census of 1900 South Dakota ranks thirty-seventh in 
order of population. Of the total population in the state in 1905, 175,072, or 40.5 
per cent, of the white people are native to the soil; 167,255 were born in other 
states, and 89,534 were born in foreign countries. The percentage of illiteracy as 
shown by the federal census of 1900 showed 3.6 per cent, but by the state census 
of 1905 the percentage is less than 2.5 per cent upon the total of the white popula- 
tion. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


J. Fred Olander, Chairman Pierre 

Mabel B. Dempster Pierre 

May Farrell Pierre 


R C. Erickson, President Elk Point 

A. NoRBY Sisseton 

A. W. Burt Huron 

F. A. Spafford Flandreau 

Albert M. Anderson Sturgis 

J. D. Aldrich, Secretary Big Stone 


Thomas Nicholson, President Mitchell 

Hans A. Ustrud Pierre 

EsTELLA McMahon Rapid City 

J. Fred Olander, Secretary Pierre 


Thomas Nicholson, President Mitchell 

J. Fred Olander, Corresponding Secretary Pierre 

Mrs. Lillie S. Cooper, Recording Secretary Springfield 

Joseph Swenson, Treasurer Marion Junction 


Pop. of 
County. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Aurora P. P. Nolan Planklnton 4,562 

Beadle J. W. Smith Huron 10,064 

Bon Homme Gerald Muller Tyndall 11,185 



Pop. of 
County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Brooklngrs Malcolm Aldrlch Brookingrs 14,011 

Brown O. Jorg-enson Aberdeen 17,714 

Brule Myrtle B. Farmer Chamberlain 5,287 

Buffalo Vera Wells Gann Valley 681 

Butte Mrs. Elsie M. Hill Belle Fourche 3,975 

Campbell Herbert Mitchell Mound City 4,687 

Charles Mix Mrs. Olivia Herron Platte 11.212 

Clark Hattie Pickles Clark 8,701 

Clay Mrs. Stella Kahl Vermilion 8,981 

Codinifton B. O. Tankersley Watertown 11,296 

Custer Amy Gurney Custer 2,899 

Davison E. J. Quli^ley Mitchell 10,067 

Day J. H. Hetley Webster 18,786 

Deuel Rosa C. Moan Clear Lake 7,477 

Dougrlas C. Li. Fillebrown Armour 6,974 

Edmunds A. W. Lewis Bowdle 6,298 

F'all River Mrs. Josephine F. Anderson. Hot Spring-s 4.222 

Faulk Mrs. I. M. Alden Faulkton 8.962 

Grant Walter A. Kerr Mllbank 9,600 

Gregory Latta Bailey Fairfax 7,024 

Hamlin C. T. King Castlewood 6.962 

Hand Margaret Duthle Miller 5.071 

Hanson F. H. Griffin Alexandria 6,669 

Hughes Ida P. Hatch Pierre 8.902 

Hutchinson J. S. Headley Menno 12,281 

Hyde W. N. Van Camp Hlghmore 1,822 

Jerauld W. B. Wilson Wessington Springs . . 3,676 

Kingsbury A. H. Seymour De Smet 11.199 

Lake L. C. Kellogg Madison 9,888 

T^wrence Florence Glenn Deadwood 21.060 

Lincoln C. G. Lawrence Canton 12,742 

Lyman Chas. J. Anderson Oacoma 4,268 

McCook Ida S. Williams Salem 9.087 

McPherson Fred Hilgeman Eureka 6.727 

Marshall Jessie Stewart Britton 7,101 

Meade Juliet Brown Sturgis 6,405 

Miner J. H. Best Howard 6,271 

Minnehaha W. M. Mair Sioux Falls 27.282 

Moody Anna Cogley Flandreau 8.898 

Pennington P^stella McMahon Rapid Citv 6,078 

Potter J. W. A. Collins Gettysburg 2,978 

Roberts O. H. Jones SIsaeton 18.905 

Sanborn B. J. Woodbury Woonsocket 6,887 

Spink F. L. Ransom Redfleld 11,884 

Stanley Mrs. M. L. Weed Fort Pierre 2,649 

Sully Jessie Livingstone Onida 1.479 

Turner Isaac Nachtlgall Parker 13.895 

Union H. K. French Elk Point 11.212 

Walworth (}. G. Schellenger Selbv 4.005 

Yankton G. G. Wenzlaff Yankton 13.126 


ABEBDEEN, Brown Co.. pop. 4.0S7. 

Granger Business School; bus. and sten.: F. 

K. (IranuiT. I'rln. 
Northern State Normal and Industrial 
School: iior. and indnst.; co-ed.; stato: 
(;. W. Nash. Prt'8. 
Presentation Academy; pn«p. : U. C. Mothor 

Mar.v .losj'ph. 
Way's School: bn<. and ^tni.: rst. 1SSS; H. 
A. Wa.v. Ph'S. 
ACADEMY. Charles Mix Co.. p..p. lir,. I <''*'">' <•• '^^^'''^^ ^Tin. 

Ward Academy: pnp. . <•.►,«!.: <-..n;:.; K«'\ . 1 CHAMBERLAIN. Brule Co., i»o|>. SSo. 

I...wis i:. Cai.thld. Prin. ^ Chamberlain Indian Induitrial School: Gor'v 

BROOKINGS. Brookingrs Co., poi*. '2.::Ui. scbo«d for Indians; co-e<l.; p»t. ISTO: John 

Convent of Our Lady of Good Counsel; prrp.; | Fllun, Supt. 

rood.: R. C. Sister M. rJortnido. Prin. 

South Dakota Agricultural CoUefo: aicr.: 
state: co-ed.: est. 1884; Kohtrrt L. Qltifltf. 
A. M.. I'h. 1)., Fres. 

South Dakota Agricultural Collece, Depart- 
ment of Pharmacy; phar. ; co-ed.; est. 18S0. 
n. T. Whitehead, Dean. 

CANTON. Lincoln Co., pop. 1.943. 

Augrustana Collegre; prep.; co-e«l. ; I^th.: An- 





FLAITDBEAV, Moody Co., pop. 1.255. 

Kiffft Iiutitnte; prep.: co-ed.; G. Pierce, Prln. 
FBEEMAH, Hntchinton Co., pop. 525. 

Freeman CoUege; coll.; co-cd.; Mcnnonite; 
est. 1003; J. R. Tlerstein. A. B., Pres. 
GARY, Denel Co., pop. 347. 

SoQth Dakota School for the Blind; state; 
Mary B, Wood, Supt. 
GOODWILL, Roberts Co. 

Goodwill Training School; prop.;, co-ed.: 
David E. Evans, Supt. 
HURON, Beadle Co., pop. 2,798. 

Huron Business Colleire; bus. and steu. : G. 

M. Lynch, Principal. 
Huron College; coll.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 1883; 
Rev. Calvin H. French. D. D., Pres. 
MADISON, Lake Co., pop. 2.550. 

Madison State Normal School; normal; state; 
co-ed.; J. W. Ileston, Pn>B. 
XILBANK, Grant Co., pop. 1.426. 

St. Lawrence's School; prep.: co-ed.; R. G. ; 
Sister M. Benlgnus, Prln. 
MITCHELL, Davison Co., pop. 4,055. 

Dakota Wesleyan University; coll.; co-ed.; M. 
E. ; est. 1885; Rev. Thomas Nicholson, D. 
D.. LL. D., Pres. 
Holy Family School; prep.; coed.; R. C.; 

Father O'Shoa. Prin. 
Mitchell Business College; bus. and sten. ; est. 
1801; Dr. Thomas Nicholson, President. 
PIERRE, Hughes Co., pop. 2..300. 

Indian Industrial School; Gov't, school for 
Indians; co-ed.; esi. 1881); J. C. Leven- 
good, Supt. 
Sts. Peter and Paul's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C.; Sister M. Catharine, Prln. 
RAPID CITY, Pennington Co., pop. 1.342. 

South Dakota State School of Mines; miu.; 
state: co-ed.: est. 188.'); Chas. H. Ful- 
ton, E. M., President. 
United States Indian School; Gov't, sc'hool for 
Indians: J. F. IIous<', Supt. 
REDFIELD, Spink Co., pop. 1,015. 

Redfteld College; coll.; co-ed.; Couk. ; ei<t. 
1887; Rev. Henuaii Seil, President. 

SIOUS FALLS, Minehaha Co.. pop. 10,266. 
All Saints' School; girls' boarding; P. E.; 

est. 1885; Rt. Rev. W. H. Hare, D. D.. 

Lutheran Normal School; normal; private; co- 
ed.: est. 1880; A. Mlkkelson, Pres. 
School for Deaf Mutes; state; Dora Donald, 

Sioux Falls Business and Commercial Col- 
lege; bus. and sten.; est. 1884; G. G. 

Ghrlstopheraon, Pres. 
Sioux Falls University: univ.: co-ed.; Bapt.; 

est. 1883; Edward F. Jorden. President. 
SPEARFISH, Lawrence Co., pop. 1,166. 
State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 

F. L. Gook, Prea. 
Springfield, Bonhomme Co., pop. 525. 
Indian Training School; government school for 

Indians; Walter J. Wicks, Supt. 
State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 

est. 1897; G. G. Wenzlaff, Prln. 
STURGIS, Meade Co., pop. 1,100. 
St. Martin's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. G.; 

Mother Angeta, Prin. 
YERMILIGN, Clay Co., pop. 2.183. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. G. ; 

Sister M. Stanislaus, Prin. 
University of South Dakota; unlv.; state; 

co-ed.; est. 1882; F. B. Gault, Ph. I)., 


WATERTOWN, Codington Co., pop. 3,352. 
Watertown Commercial College; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1853; D. T. Walker, Pres. 
WEBSTER, Day Co., pop. 1.50G. 
St. Otto's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. G. ; Henry 
Menslng. Principal. 

WESSINGTON SPRINGS, Jerauld Co., pop. 320. 
Wessington Springs Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; 
Free Meth. ; est. 1887; D. J. Brenneman, 
A. B., Principal. 

YANKTON, Yankton Co., pop. 4,125. 

Sacred Heart School, prep.; co-ed.; Rev. Law- 
rence Link, Prln. 

White's Business College; bus. and sten.: est. 
1903: Alice White, Principal. 

Yankton College; coll.; co-ed.; Gong.; est. 
1881: Il«'v. Henry K. Warren, A. M., 
LL. 1)., Pres. 


Population, 2,020,616i School census, 653,845. School age, 6-21. 

Tennessee is the fourteenth state of the Union in point of population, having & 
total of 2,020,616 inhabitants, of whom 1,540,186, or 76.2 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 17,58(5, or .9 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 20.7 per cent, the state ranking fortieth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows : 


R. L. Jones, Superintendent of Public Instruction Nashville 

A. L. Todd, Chief Clerk NashviHe 


Gov. M. R. Patterson, President Nashville 

SuPT. R. L. Jones, Secretary NashviUe 

SuPT. P. L. Harned QarksviUe 

SuPT. A. L. Todd Murfrecsboro 

Prof. J. L. Brooks , Jadcsoo 

Prof. Wharton S. Jones Memphis 

Dr. J. H. KiRKLAND. Nashvilk 


Gov. M. R. Patterson, ex-officio, Chairman NasfafiHe 

SuPT. R. L. Jones, ex-officio Secretary NashWDc 

SuPT. P. L. Harned ClarksriDe 

Dr. J. H. KiRKLAND Nashville 


R. L. Jones, President Chattanoog* 

C. B. IjAMS, First Vice-President HcndcfSOB 

L. G. Agree, Second Vice-President Snyder 

S. H. Protitt, Third Vice-President CookefiD« 

Wm. L. Lawrence, Secretary and Treasurer Chattanoog* 

I. L. Hair, Assistant Secretary Pittsbirt 


County. Sii]M>rIntendont's Name. Address. County 

Anderson T. N. Crowder Clinton ^^'^J 

Bedford W. M. Erwln Shelbyvllle, R. F. D. 2l,f£5 

Benton W. H. Glngrles Camden 11,W» 



Pop. of 
County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Bledsoe J. W. Renegrar Pikeville 6,626 

Blount H. B. McCall Maryvllle 19.206 

Bradley J. A. Trewhitt Cleveland 16,759 

Campbell Henry B. Brown Newcomb 17,379 

Cannon L. E. Summers Woodbury 

Carroll E. H. Harrell McLemoresville 24,250 

Carter U. S. G. Ellis Elizabethton 16.688 

Cheatham P. H. Duke Ashland City 10,112 

Cliester N. B. Hardeman Henderson 9,896 

Claiborne Frank Evans Lone Mountain .... 20.696 

Clay W. B. Boyd Cellna 8,421 

Cocke R. P. Driskell Parrottsville 19,153 

Coffee C. N. Townsend Manchester 15,574 

Crockett J. R. McDonald Bells 15,867 

Cumberland , J. S. Cllne Crossville 8,311 

Davidson Walter Anderson Nashville 122,895 

Decatur J. M. Wheat Decaturville 10.439 

DeKalb Miss Martha Robinson . . . .Alexandria 16,460 

Dickson R. E. Corlew Charlotte 18,635 

Dyer Fins E. Scott Newbern 23,776 

Fayette D. K. Donnell Macon 29,701 

Fentress W. P. Little Clarkrange 6,106 

Franklin J. W. Templeton Winchester 20,392 

Gibson J. B. Cummingrs Trenton 39,408 

Giles C. H. Walker Lynnville 33,035 

Grainger John E. KInsland Rutledge 15,512 

Greene Oscar M. "Dugger Greeneville 30,596 

Grundy J. D. Fults Tracy City 7,802 

ECamblen L. B. Howery Morrstown 12,728 

Hamilton J. B. Brown Chattanoogra 61,695 

Hancock M. E. Testerman Kyle's Ford 11,147 

Hardeman J. A. Alford Bolivar 22,976 

Hardin W. O. Mangrrum. Savannah 19,246 

Hawkins C. H. Richardson Rogersvllle 24,267 

Haywood F. R. Ogilvle Brownsville 25,189 

Henderson *. ...W. H. Dennison Lexington 18,117 

Henry Joe Ronton Paris 24,208 

Hickman W. P. Morrison Centreville 16,367 

Houston D. J. McAuley Erin 6,476 

Humphreys J. E. Tubb Waverly 13,398 

Jackson P. J. Anderson Flynn's Lick 15,039 

James J. D. Bare Birchwood 5,407 

Jefferson Cleophus Blrchfleld Dandridge 18,590 

Johnson R. P. Donnelly Mountain City 10,589 

Knox E. R. Cate Knoxville 74,302 

Lake R. C. Donaldson Tiptonville 7,368 

Lauderdale G. G. McLeod Hennlng 21,971 

Lawrence Joe Sims Iron City 15,402 

Lewis H. Smithherst Shubert 4,455 

Lincoln Thomas M. Wilson Fayetteville 26,804 

Loudon D. B. Simpson Loudon 10,838 

Macon D. H. Piper Lafayette 12,881 

McMInn M. R. M. Burke Athens 19,168 

McNalry Terry Abernathy Selmer 17.760 

Madison R. E. L. Bynum Jackson 36,333 

Marion D. A. Tate South Pittsburg 17,281 

Marshall J. G. Stinson Lewisburg 18,763 

Maury J. P. Graham Columbia 42,703 

Meigs W. F. Grubb Decatur 7,491 

Monroe S. J. Parks Madisonvlle 18,585 

Montgomery J. G. Rollow Clarksville 36,017 

Moore Miss Laura M. Parks Lynchburg 5,706 

Morgan J. F. Johnston Petros 9,587 

Obion W. H. Cook Union City 28,286 

Overton A. J. Taylor Livingston 13,354 

Perry .J. W. Seaton Linden 8,800 

Pickett Ben E. Groce Byrdstown 5,366 

Polk J. D. Clemmer Benton 11,359 

Putnam E. H. Boyd Cookevllle 16.890 





• Pop. of 

County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Rhea Fred B. Frazer Dayton 14,318 

Roane M. L. Morrison Kingrston 22.7S8 

Robertson O. H. Bernard Springrfleld 25,029 

Rutherford J. D. Jacobs Murfreesboro 33.54S 

Scott S. M. Foster Huntsvllle 11,077 

Sequatchie 1. A. Austin Dunlap 8,326 

Sevier T. C. Drinnen Sevierville 22,021 

Shelby Miss Elizabeth Messick. . .Memphis 153.557 

Smith J. R. Curtis Grant 19,026 

Stewart N. N. Norton Dover 15,224 

Sullivan J. E. L. Seneker Blountville 24,985 

Sumner W. F. Albright Gallatin 26.072 

Tipton Joseph A. Gotten Covini^ton 29,278 

Trousdale Geo. M. Martin Hartsville 6,004 

Unicoi R. W. H. Gilbert Erwin 5.861 

Union W. H. Stooksbury Maynardsville 12,894 

Van Buren Geo. W. Hillls Spencer 3,126 

Warren F. C. Lowery McMinnvIlle 16.410 

Washington Guy S. Chase .Tonesboro 22.604 

Wayne T. F. McAnally Waynesboro 12.984 

Weakley J. F. Duncan Martin 32,546 

White Miss Ella Snodgrass Sparta 14,167 

Willamson Fred J. Page Franklin 26.429 

Wilson W. H. Knox Watertown. R. R. 1. 27,078 


ANDEBSOKVILLE. Anderson Co., pop. 72. 
Anderionville Institute; prep.; co-od.; Rapt.; 
est. 1808; O. W. Anderton, B. A., Pros. 
ATOKA, TiptQn Co., pop. 176. 
Boblnson High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; R. E. Robinson, Prin. 
BEECH OBOVE, Coffee Co., pop. 102. 

BeechgroTe Training School: prop.; co-od.; 
non-sect.; C. II. Walker, Prin. 
BELLBUCKLE, Bedford Co., pop. G05. 

Webb School; prep.; co-ed.; M. K. So.; W. 
It. and W. M. Webb, Prlns. 
BIBCHWOOD, James Co., pop. 139. 
Butherford Graded Schools; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; R. T. Rutherford. Prin. 

BLOOMINODALE. Sullivan Co., pop. 25. 
Kingsley Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
est. 1877; Rev. S. G. Ketron. A. M.. 

BLOITNTSVILLE. Sullivan Co.. pop. .112. 
Holston Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1884; Tlwn. I). Ciilp, A. M.. Pros. 

BLUFF CITY, Sullivan Co.. pop. 548. 

Zollicoffer Institute; pn'i*. : <'o-<'d.: uoii-sect.: 
U. II. Fret'land, Prin. 

BRISTOL, Sullivan Co.. pop. 5,271. 

King College; <*oll.; men; Pn'Sb. ; est. 1SG!>: 
Rev. Frnnkllu P. Rainary. Pli. !>.. Presi- 

Sullins College: uirls* iKjnrding; M. K. So.; 
est. ISfi!): W. M. Dyer. Pres. 

BROWNSVILLE. Haywood Co., iM,p. 2.<»45. 
Brownsville Female College; Kifl^' l>oardinu:: 
liapt.: est. isni ; W. L. Abbott. A. H.. 

BUTLER, Johnson Co., pop. 


Holly Spring College; pn*p. ; co-oil.; Bapt.; 
est. 1902: S. W. Tlndell. A. B.. A. M., 
D. D.. Pres. 
CAMDEN, Benton Co., pop. 300. 
Benton Seminary, The; prep.: co-ed.: non- 
sect.; W. 1). Cooper, Prin. 
CABTHAOE, Smith Co., pop. 622. 
Joseph W. Allen School; prep.: c<>-<hI.; noa- 
sect.; W. P. Morrison. Prin. 
CEDAB HILL, Bobertson Co., pop. 400. 

Cedar Hill Institute; prep.; co-ed.; noo-spct.: 
est. 1892; W. R. Matheney, Wm. O. Batts. 

CENTER VILLE, Hickman Co., pop. 710. 

Centerville Training School; prep.: co-«d.: 

non-sect.: est. 1002; William Pope Mofri- 

son. Principal. 
CHAPEL HILL, Marshall Co., i>op. 140. 
Chapel Hill Academy; prep.: co-ed.: noa- 

sei't.: W. E. Thompson. Prin. 
CHATTANOOGA, Hamilton Co., pop. 30.154. 
Baylor's University School; prop.: boys*: bob- 

8e<!t.: est. 1893; John Roy Baylor. B. A.. 

K. Let.. Pres. 
Chattanooga College for Yonnf Ladias; pcrp.: 

co-ed.; nou-s«*ct.; Jolin L. Cooper. Prin. 
Chattanooga Medical College; mod.: reg.: co- 
ed.; est. lS8i>; J. R. Rathmell. U. D.. 

Chattanooga National Medical CoU«c«; cloted. 
English and French School; prep.: giris; hob- 

sect.: est. 1803; The Misses Daval. Prin- 

University of Chattanooga, School of Tkaal* 

ogy; tlieol.; men: M. E.: est. 1800; WIU- 

iam S. Bovard, A. M.. S. T. R.. Dean. 
University of Chattanooga; onlv.; co-ed.: U. 

E.: est. 1SC7; Rev. John H. Race. A. M., 

D. D.. Dean. 



Jiiw; men- ^st. IMiS): Mnjor €Ujirlirfi tt. 

Mouatain Ctt^ Biuiiie«i Cc^Ut^re; liiti, and 

iten.: e»t. t?^i- J, A, Wiley, B. S.. O. 

B., Prin, 
CMirCKEY, GruDe Cd.» pop. SO. 

Wflileyui Aci^deiDf ; pre[».: co-ed^; M. E.; tat. 

1S$3: SutDUri H. Tb«aipson, B, B,, B. 

Pcd.p Prin. 
CHUHOH HILL, Hftwlciiui Qo^^ p^p. fi2. 

AJara Well Academy: prop.; co-ikI.; a on- sect: 

est. 1S!12; Wm. C, Pdtton, A. B.. PrJn. 
CI^AKKSVILLE. Houtromei? Co., pop, 0,431. 
CUrkxTille r^nuJe Academy £ fflrlft' boarfllng; 

M. K. So.; est 1S4«^ Rev. J, W. Heposs, 

A, M., Pro*. 
IMiiwiddifl'i TFniTemty Schiwl: prt-p.: boys; 

iioa-i«ct.; put. 1807: tl. K. tPlnwidilits 

A. M.. PrIn- 
SoutfawBitem Fr««^yt«rian Univeriity; coll.; 

mon: Pn-ab.i i?iit, 1S55: Rev. Neaiwlcr M. 

WotkIs. p. (I,, LL. r*.. CU«nc«ll^r. 
CLEVELAND, Bradley Oo*, pop. ISSS. 

CenteAaiy Female OoUev«; Kirte' boanllne: 

ar E. So.: cit. 1&S4: Rev. J; W. a^^ 

puj^a, M. A.T D, D., Prp»- 
GLIF^TOlf, Wayno Co.. pop. 630. 

Frank Hufhei CoUectt; prep.; co-fid. ; non- 
iMifC.; cet. IDOO; Rev. JAjuea T, Baki^r, 
Pli. M.. Pnes, 
Clifton MaiOQic Academy; prep.; eo-«d.; tion- 
■eet. ; J. f. n«gl)c«i. Prln. 
OOIXE0E 0BOTE. Wtlllamson Go.t pop. 113. 
C3tolle|Fe Gn>ve School: pfep. ; co-ed, ^ noti-ec^ct.; 
Slijii T. Record, Prln. 
eOLlTMBlA, Muiiy Oe., pop. 6.052. 

Colnotbia Iiutltute^ prep.; fJo-e^H.; IV 13.; 
MinB Maty A. Bryiint, Prhu 
COOKETOXaE. Putnam Co.. pop. l.r«O0. 
CookavUte CoUe^te In»tltiito; pfep.; cu-t-tl.: 
oa« iect.; eat. lOOO; N J. Firmcy. AM,. 
L, U. Summen, A. Mh, Prioe. 
CULLEOHA. Haury Co., pop, 327. 

Culleqlu Acadfuny; prep.; co-ed,: Don sect ; 
.J'>lin p. Gruljjira. I'rtiJ. 
CffMBESLAHD CITY, Stewart Co*, pop. 4M. 
OamlieTlaDd City Academy; pivp.; eo-e<l.; tkon- 
•i^cf.: J. H. Bh^'tr, PHit. 
CmCBEELANX^ 6AP. Ctailsonie Ce., pop. 480. 
Lincoln MemoHal UniTDTtity; iirep,; eo-e^L^ 
ooo-iect.; cat. ISSIG: WlUlam I*, gtooti- 
bury, A. M,, Pb. D,, PrcB, 
DICSSOM. Pickion Co., pop. U:iG3, 

Dlcki^n OoHeg's; iioriTiiiit luid pfrp. : ro-ed.; 
fMiiii sr^rJ. ; «*st ISSTi; T. B. Loyrnliia. A, 
M., Pfeu, 
OIIYrE BTATIOH. Wkite Ce,, pop. 1KT. 

Boyle Collefa^ pfcT.; t^o-<*d. : Bnpt. ; IKmiJ. F. 
J»nf!^, Pdn. 
nmEWDEH, Weakley Co., pop. A»U. 

€nbh Kichfllt Soliaot: prep,, i^-o-i'd., non-s«et.; 
niarl*^ H. Oil>ti antl J, W* BClcUola. PHub. 
DITCK B17ER. Hickman Co., pop. 57. 

Shady Otdtb XnilLtnte; prep.^ (^o-ed.; Pfeflb,; 
R S. Ballow, Prtn. 

ELIZABETH TOH, Cn-ter Co.. |M)p. 1,200. 
Harold McC&rmick Scboel; pirp,; co-**d. ; 
Preftb.; es^t. I§ai7: W. €, CIouiohk. Prln. 
EEW1N, Unicei Cv., pop. lliiO, 
Jifwishi Inatitote; pTcp.; ro-cd.; Pfenlj.T cit. 
1K>T: Oertnidc M. SummoQa, Prln. 
ESSAHT &FEIH6S, Hard emu Co. 

Sauthflm Tennoiaee Normal Invtitate; oivr.t 
prlvfite^ co-cd.; tH. 1889: D. S. Nelmi. 

FAYETTEVILLE, Linceln Co.. pop. 3.700. 
Korean B<3k»l; i^v^im.; co-ed.; non-iect.; eat. 
IMrtJ: n. K. M organ. Prln. 
FLAG FOND. Unlcel Co., pop. 40. 
Cory SckooU pi*<'p. : co'Ct).: Prfenda; Frnntc 
t. Llndftpy, LL. t).. Prtn, 
FOUNTAIN aXY, Kooi Co., pop, 300. 

Tennettee Kormal CeUere; ni>nnol: private; 
co-ctL; Bnpt.: est ISIWI: W. S. Bryan, 
A. B.. A. M.. PrCfl. 
FRANKLIN, WilUaouon Co.. p<}p. 2 Am. 

FtwplBa School; pn-p.: cmj-cnI.; mm-eect; 

pfoplcp? BrfJtlicfB, Pr]n», 
Teonevtee Female Colleg^e: nrlrla' boarvVlng; 
nweoft ; rm. isr*«; T, A. Allen. Prln. 
FRIEND BYItLE. Bloottt Co., poti. IBO. 

FrieDdiTille Academy; cloied. 
OALLATIN, SmniiflT Cn., pop. 2.400. 
Howard Female CollBfe; girls' boarding: non- 
&^?^^ iBt. l.Sotl: Amoe L. EdwufdB, B, 
I. , B. D, Prm 

GEAND VIEW, Ehea Co., pop. 48, 

CTand View Nonnal Inatitiite; prep.: eitcit.i 
rre*b,; U. I^. Hoyt, Prln. 
GRASSY COVE. CumhOTlaad Co.. pup. TjS. 

Qteskj Goto Academy; prep.; cOiuU: Prt*sh.: 
i'«t. IHMi; M[si I'^mmtt Hicks, Pria. 
GRAYaviLLE. Hhei Co.* pniK r>ie. 

Southen]! Traininf School; prep,: co ed.: S. D. 
Adv.r est. iiHlCl: J. ElUi Teniiey, Prln. 
GEEENEVILLE, Greene Co., pop. 1.81T. 
Waihtnrten and Tujuuluni College; call.: en- 
r?d. i I'resli. ; t-aK, 1T&4. 
HARBIMAN. Roane Co.. pop. 3,442, 

American Unlveriity of Harriman; uuh-.; eo- 
ctL: atkn-sect. ; est. lSfl*3: Jnmce A. Tate. 
A, M., Presideiit. 
American BniTentty of HarrUaan. Luw Be- 
pitrtfneiit: law: men: c*t. ISOi; S. O. 
Brown. A. M., Dean. 
laiNDEEeGN. Cheater Co,, pop. l.OiW. 

The Georfio Eobertion CbrUtian College; Inia 

tmd lit en.: .\. (i. Frv?^d. Prefl, 
VanderhUt Training Soboel; prt-p.; *'ft-*>d.; 
nrMiPwt^.: Rev. R. C. iHMiiiihiK, PHn. 
HXLHAM, Overtop Co^, pop. US. 
Flake Academy, Tho; prep.; co-<?d.; nofi-ai?c»t.; 
Mt. HM)2: A. J. Taylor, Prp*. 
HIWAfiSEE COLLEGE, Monroe Co*; jichoi:<l sta- 

Hiwastfte Collefe; coll.; Oo-cd.; non-acct.; 
e#t. l»4Vt: Rev, J. E. Lo^-ery. A. St., 
HORNBEAH. Obion Co.. i>op, S40, 

Weat Tenii()«a«t Normal Oollefo; minnal: prf- 
vale: coed.; W. L. WlUliUlbani. Prea. 





MOWZLL, liauia C*.. i^j^. 4:1 
'MamO. Tniaemg fcht*I: ^n^.: to^^: zmx.- 
»«t.: R. L. K^J:i:j. A, B,. Ptta. 

Hinrrnr0iK>v, camu c».. ;<<»p. ijss. 

Jadmgtxial trnd. Jniaaag fchMl: pr»^. ird la- 

«::*«,: -Mr**!- *«t. 3W^: J. O. Rij*r. L. 

I., ficpt. 
JAOUOV, Ib^iMB C».. tK9. 14.5X1. 

Lmm C*U«C«: 'rrAl.: <^^««1.: M. E.: «st. 1^62: 

i. r, L«x^. A. B.. A. M.. Pi*«. 
X«aipki« Ctmitnmcm 7efluU« lastitat*: r'rl*' 

b^/k/*::!^: M. E. Jk^.: *«t. 1M3: B«t. a. 

B. !<»«•. D. v.. LI^ D.. Prln. 
IchMl of B«4ijMw; tnji. and »ten.: cat. I^^: 

K T- Hal*f. IX. D., Prw. 
So«tkw4at«rB Bap«iat Vwimtitj; coll.; c>>-«4.: 

Bapt.: Mit. 1M2: G. M. Saras*. A. B.. < 

SMikwastam Baptist ITnivanitjr. DepaztaeBt 

of Law: lav; m«n; eat. IdOO; Jam<»i H. ' 

I«aD4, iMan. i 

ITaiTarsitj of West Tenaeasee; anir.: noo- ' 

wwt.; o'/-«:d.; est. 1»00; M. V. Lynk. 

M. »., M. D.. IX. B.. Pres. 
JAMVZR, MariMi Co., pop. d&O. 

Pfyof Inatitvte; pfp.; c*>-«l.: M. E. So.: 

•*t. I«i7; M. M. Iweaett. Ph. B.. Prin. 
JZTTERBOV CITY, Jefferson Co., pop. 1.2Vi. 
Carson and Vewmaa College; coll.; co-ed.; 

Bapt.; eat. 1H51; M. D. Jeffries. M. D.. 

If. D.. Pnta. 
J0HV80V CITY, Washington Co., pop. 4XAr,. 
Michigan College: roll.: co-ed.: Christian; est. 

iV(2'. II. E. Garrett. A. M.. Pres. 
JOVESBOBO, Washington Co., pop. 8&4. 

Warner Inatitnte; n^^nnal; private; co-ed.; 

II. L. Peterson, Pres. 
KIVOSFOBT, SoUiTan Co., pop. 90. 
Kingaport Academy; pP'p.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

A. M. .Shank, Prln. 
KIV08T0V, Roane Co., pop. 548. 
Roane County High School; prep.: co-ed.: 

nouHovt.; est. HK»3; Horace L. Eilla. 

KVOXVILLE, Knox Co., pop. 32.G37. 
Baker-Himmel School, The; prep.; co-od.: 

CoiiK.; C. M. Ilimmel, Prin. 
Clark's School of Telegraphy; tel. ; co-ed.; 

i-Nt. WHi; n. L. Gatcly. Prln. 
Droughon's Practicid Business College; bus. 

aii'l Hton.; J. V. Droiighon, Pres. 
XnoxTille Business College; buH. and sten.: 

«'»t. 1W*2; Col. J. C. Woodward, Pres. 
Xnoxville College; roll.; co-od.; Un. Prosb. ; 

cHt. IHTn; ll(;v. Ralph W. McGrnuabnn, 

I). I)., Pres. 
Knoxvillo Medical College fculorod); med.; 

r-K.: r.Mt. 1000; W. W. Devlno, A. B.. 

M. I)., Dean. 
McAllnn Business and Shorthand College; 

buM. nnd Hten.; John A. Mf Allen, Pre«. 
Tonnnssoo Medical College, Lincoln Memorial 

UniTersity; iiuhI.; h-k.; hhmi; osl. ISST; 

MIchaci Cnmiiboll. M. !>.. Ih'aii. 
Univnrsity of TonnossoM; uiilv.; stale: co-«'d.; 

• Ht. 17»»; HrDwn A.\rrH. I'h. D.. liL. 1).. 

I'n Mldont. 
Univnrsity of Tonnnssee, Department of Fhax- 

rcmsE? ^ Te 

K-C IX. D.. V^vs. 
Tease's OaZcg* of Shavt&aad: staa.: L. B. 

H'KST H. lagcr* 

LABETIEW. 6ikaas Oe.. ;4fK. 3. 

Laatriev CotXege: ;?>-;.: <->-^L: ne 
1^*7: Jota M«ft-^:ws. B. A.. Prs. 
LEBABOB. waaem Co.. pop. I.96& 

Castle Heights School: bors* boanliag: bob- 

Cvmhcrlaad Un i s oiaily : cnir.: co-ed.: Piiili : 

«4r. i«42: Nathan G7e«n. IX. D.. CkaBeel- 

CoaiberiiLBd Trnhrersity. Law Beksol: law: 

co-ed.: Pnesb.: est. IS4T: Nathan Greea. 

LL. D.. Dean. 
Comberland Vnirersity Tfcaalagical D^ut- 

mest; theol.: men: Camb. Preab.; est 

1S52: James Robert Henry. Dean. 
Lebanon CoUege for Toog Laiisa: gifis* 

boarding: Ccmb. Pre«b.; est. 18SS: B. B. 

Weir. Ph. D.. Pres. 
LEWISBURe. MsTshall Co., pop. 1,421. 
Haynes-McLeaa Academy; prep.: eo-ed.; bod- 

s'K^t.: M. M. Sommar. Pxin. 
LEXniGTOB, Headenon Co.. pop. 1.332. 
Lexington Hormal School aad Cwamarcinl b- 

stitnte: prep.: co-ed.: noo-sect.; Robert 

I.. Sutton. Prin. 
LIBERT7. DeBIalb Co.. pop. 290. 
Liberty Training School; prep.: co-«d.: non- 

soct.: L. F. Wilkerson. Prin. 

LOUDON, London Co.. pop. 875. 
London College; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.: D. 
Balbarrie Simpson, B. A.. R. S.. Prln. 

LYBBVILLE, Giles Co., pop. 700. 

Lynnville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; noa-aect.: 
W. B. Davidsoa. Prin. 

MARTIH, Weakley Co., pop. 1.730. 
McFerrin College; prep.; co-ed.; M. E. So.: 
est. 1889: Guy A. Simmons, A. M.. Pres. 

MARYVILLE, Blount Co., pop. 2.276. 
Marjrville College; coil.; co-ed.; Pre^.; cat. 
1819: RcT. Samuel Tyndale Wilsoe. D. 
D., Pres. 

McKENZIE, Carroll Co., pop. 1.266. 
Bethel College; c<^.: co-ed.; Camb. Presb.; 

est. 1850; Charles E. Stoakes, Pre*. 
McTyeire School; prep.; boys; M. E. 8a.; est 

1881; James A. RobiiM, B. A.. Prin. 

McLEMORESVILLE, Carroll Co., pop. 158. 
McLemoresville Collegiate lastttat*; prep.: 
co-ed.; M. E.; est. 1885; B. H. HairclL 

B. S., Pres. 

MEMPHIS, Shelby Co., pop. 102.320. 
Christian Brothers' College; coll.; men: R. C: 

est. 1871: Rev. Brother Maorelian. Pres. 
Collego of Physicians & Sorgeoas; med.: rpg-: 

est. irNKJ: lleber Jones. M. D.. Dean. 
Draughon's Practical Buainess OoUsco; boi. 

and Kten.: J. F. Draughon, Pres. 
Higbee School: girls' boarding; non-sect.; est 

1880: Hattie L. White. Pria. 





LeXoyne Normal Inititute (colored) ; normal; 

private: co-ed.; Andrew J. Steele, Pres. 
Hill's Businesi Colleire: bus. and sten.; est. 

1872; R. H. Hill, B. S., Prin. 
Macon and Andrews College; bus. and sten.; 

G. A. Macon and A. A. Andrews, Props. 
Medical Department of the University of West 

Tennessee; (colored); med.; reg.; est. 

1900; M. V. Lynk, M. D.. Pres. 
Memphis Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1005; C. E. Kingston, Prin. 
Memphis Hospital Medical College; med.; 

reg.: men; est. 1880; Wm. R. Rogers, 

M. D., Dean, 
national Telegraph Institute; toleg. ; co-ed.; 

J. H. Shnllcey, E. E., Pres. 
St. Agnes Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister M. Joseph, Prin. 
8t. Mary's School; girls' boarding; P. E.; 

est. 1874: Sister Mary Maude, Prin, 714 

Poplar St. 
Thomas' School, The Misses; prep.*, girls; et$t. 

1897; Miss Lida O. Thomas, Prin. 
ITniTersity School; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 

Werts and Rhea, Prins. 
MIDDLETON. Hardeman Co., pop. 287. 

Middleton High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; I. N. Roland, Prin. 
MIDWAY, Greene Co., pop. 110. 

Midway High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

J. W. Lucas, A. M.. Prin. 
MUXIOAir, Carter Co.. pop. 100. 
Milligan College; coll.; co-ed.; Chris.; est. 

1882; H. R. Garrett, A. M., Pres. 
MOHTEAOLE, Marion Co., pop. 300. 
Fairmonnt School for Girls; girls' boarding: 

P. E.; est. 1873; Rev. Walter Mitchell, 

B. D., Director. 
M0&RI8T0WK, Hamblen Co., pop. 2,073. 

Moxristown Normal and Industrial College; 

nor.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 1881; Judson S. 

Hill. A. M., D. D., Pres. 
MOmrr JULIET, Wllson Co., pop. 40. 
Caldwell Training School; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. A. Caldwell, Prin. 
MOUVT FLEASAHT, Maury Co., pop. 2,007. 
Howard Institute; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 

1801; James A. Bostwlck, Prin. 
MUBFBEESBO&O, Kutherford Co., pop. 3.iK)9 
Mooney School, The; boys' prep.; non-sect.; 

est. 1886; Prof. W. D. Mooney, Prin. 
Bonla Female College; girls' boarding; M. E. 

So.; eat. 1852; N. D. Overall, Pres. 
TauMSsee College; coll.; women; Bapt. ; est. 

1906; George J. Burnett, A. M.. Pres. 
MASBVnXE, Davidson Co., pop. 80.805. 

Belmont College; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Miss Ida Hood, Prin. 
Boaoobel College; girls* boarding: non-sect.; 

est. 1889; Mrs. J. O. Rust, Pres. 
Baford College; girls', boarding; non-sect.; 

eat. 1000; Mrs. B. O. Buford, B. A.. 

Bowen School; prep.; boys; non-soct; est. 

189G: A. G. Bowen. A. M.. Prin. 
OoUins Veterinary Medical College; vet. med. 
CoBserratory of Music, The; mus.; co-ed.; C 

J. Schubert, Director. 
S>rsughon's Pra«tiCMU Business College; bus. 

and sten.; est. 1889; J. F. Draughon, 

Fall's Business College; bus. and sten.; Alex- 
ander Fall, Pres. 

Farrar School of Voice and Piano; mus.; est. 
1801; Frederic Emerson Farrar, Director. 

Flsk VniTersity (colored); coll.; co-ed.; Cong.: 
est. 1806; Rev. James Griswold Merrill. 
D. D.. President. 

Jennings Business College; bus. and sten.; 
R. W. Jennings. Pres. 

Meharry Medical College, Walden Uniyersity 
(colored); med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1876; 
G. W. Hubbard, M. D., Dean. 

Montgomery Bell Academy; boys' day; non- 
sect.; S. M. D. Clark, Prin. 

Feabody College for Teachers; normal; state: 
co-ed.; est. 1874; James D. Porter, LL. 
D., Pres. 

Roger Williams VniTersity (colored); coll.: co- 
ed.; Bapt.; est. 1806; Rev. P. B. Guern- 
sey. A. M., Pres. 

St. Cecelia's Academy: girls' boarding; R. C: 
"St. 18(W); Mother Hesula. Prin., Spruce 
and Clay Sts. 

St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C: 
Sl.ster Evangelist, Prin. 

St. Joseph's School; prep.: oo-ed. ; R. G. ; est. 
1884: Sister M. Augustine. 

Tennessee Academy of Music; mus.; est. 1806; 
Franz J. Strahm, President, 240 Fifth 
avenue, north. 

University of Nashville, Feabody College for 
Teachers; univ.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1785; James Davis Porter, LL. D., Chan- 

VniTersity of Nashville, Medical Department; 
med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1850; Wm. G. 
Ewing. M. D., Ph. G.. Dean. 

Vniversity of Tennessee, Dental Department; 
dent.: co-ed.; est. 1877. 

Vniversity of Tennessee, Medical Department; 
med.: reg.; men; est. 1876; Paul F. Eve, 
M. D., Dean. 

Vniversity School: prep.; boys: non-sect.; est. 
1880: C. B. Wallace, M. A.. Prin. 

Vanderbilt University; univ.; co-ed.; M. E. 
So.; eat. 187.'); James H. Kirkland, Ph. 
D.. LL. D.. Chancellor. 

Vanderbilt Vniversity, Department of Den- 
tistry; dent.: co-ed.; est. 1870; D. R. 
Stubblefleld, A. M., M. D., D. D. S.. 

Vanderbilt Vniversity, Department of Phar- 
macy; phar. ; co-ed.: est. 1870; J. T. 
MoGlll. Ph. D.. Ph. G.. Dean. 

Vanderbilt Vniversity, Law Department; law; 
men: est. 1875; Thomas H. Mnlone, A. 
M., Dean. 

Vanderbilt Vniversity, Medical Department; 
mod.: rrj?. ; men; est. 1874; Wm. L. Dud- 
ley, M. D., Dean. 

Walden Vniversity (rolorod): univ.; co-ed.; 
M. E. ; est. 186G; Rev. John A. Kumler, 
A. M., D. D., Pros. 

Walden Vniversity, Dental Department (col- 
ored); dent.: men: est. 1886; G. W. Hub- 
bard. D. D. S.. Dean. 

Walden Vniversity, Department of Pharmacy 
(colored): phaP.; co-ed.; est. 1880; G. 
W. Hubbard. Doan. 





Wftlden VniTertity, Law Department; law: 

mon; Goorge T. Robinson. A. M., Dean. 
Wallace's UniTeraity School; prep.: co-ed.; 
non-8oct.: e«t. 1886; Clarence B. Wallace, 
M. A., Prin. 
Ward Seminary; girls* bocurding; non-sect.: 
est. 186S; John DleU Blanton, LX.. D.. 
NEW MASKET, Jefferson Co., pop. 420. 
Hew Maricet Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Presb. ; 
est. 1885; Samncl T. Miser. Prin. 
NEWPOBT, Cooke Co., pop. 1.630. 

Newport Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
Alex. S. Paxton, Prin. 
OBLINDA, Robertson Co., pop. 101. 
Orlinda Academy; normal; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
J. C. Berry, Prin. 
OTTWAY, Greene Co., pop. 89. 
Ottway CoUefe; prep.: co-ed.; uon-HOCt. ; E.; 
ertt. 1802; B. H. Turner, Pros. 
PABBOTSVILLE, Cocke Co.. pop. 137. 

Farrotsville Seminary; prep.: co-ed.; M. K. ; 
est. 1877; R. P. Driskell. Prin. 
PETEBSBUBO, Lincoln Co., pop. 411. 
Elizabeth Training School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
hect.; W. E. Miller, Prin. 
FIKEVILLE, Bledsoe Co., pop. 400. 

People's College; prep.; co-ed.: M. E. So.: 

Rev. J. W. Taylor, Prin. 
Fikeville Training School; prep.: co-ed.; M. 
E. So.; J. W. D. Renegan, Prin. 
PLEASANT HILL, Cumberland Co., pop. 37. 
Pleasant Hill Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.: 
Rev. W. E. Wheeler, Prin. 
PULASKI, Giles Co., pop. 2.838. 

Martin Female College; girls' boarding; M. 
E. So.; est. 1870; Leonard L. Vaum, A. 
M.. Prin. 
BOQERSVILLE, Hawkins Co., pop. 1,386. 
McMinn Military Academy; military; non- 
sect.; C. W. Davis, Supt. 
Bogersville Synodical College; girls' boarding: 
Presb.; est. 1849; Lawrence Rolfe. A. 
B., Pres. 
Swift Memorial Institute (colored): prep.; co- 
ed.; Presb.; W. H. Franklin, A. M., Prin. 
BUTHEBFOBD, Gibson Co., pop. 077. 
Butherford Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.: 
est. 1868; H. H. Ellis, B. S.. Prin. 
SABDIS, Henderson Co., pop. 200. 

Sardis Normal College; nor.: private; co-ed.; 
est. 1892: J. W. Williams, Ph. R., Presi- 
SAULSBUBY, Hardeman Co., pop. 343. 
Woodland Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
Frank S. Coffin, Prin. 
SAVANNAH, Hardin Co., pop. 2.000. 

Hardin College; succeeded by Savannah Insti- 
Savannah Institute; prep.: eo-ed.: non-sect. : 
est. 1Sl»r>: William K. Rogers. A. M., 
SCOTTS HILL. Henderson Co., pop. 240. 

Scotts Hill Academy; pn>p. : ro-rd.; non-sect. : 
\\. A. Tucker. Prin. 

SEVIEBVILLE, Sevier Co.. pop. 619. 

Muzphy College: prep.; co-ed.: M. E.; est. 
1891; Rev. James S. Jones. President. 
SEWANEE, Franklin Co., pop. 440. 
University of the South; on! v.; men; P. E.; 
est. 1868: B. Lawton Wiggins. M. A.. 
LL. D., Vice Chancellor. 
University of the South. Law Department; 
law: men; est. 1893: Lyman Chalkley. 
LL. B.. Dean. 
University of the South, Medical Department; 
med.; reg.; men; est. 1891; John S. Cain. 
M. D., Dean. 
SHELBYVILLE. Bedford Co., pop. 2.236. 
Bedford Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1902; G. Clinton Uanna. A. M., Ph. D.. 
Turner Institute (colored): prep.; co-ed.; A. 
M. E.; est. 1887; Rev. J. A. Jones, D. D.. 
SMYBNA, Butherford Co., pop. 220. 

Smyrna Fitting School; prep.; co-ed^: non- 
sect.; Fraser Hood, M. A., Prin. 
SNEEDVILLE, Hancock Co., pop. 180. 
McKinney Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Presb.: 
F. A. Penland, Prin. 
SOUTHSIDE, Montgomery Co., pop. 54. 
Southside Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.: 
non-sect.: McKee & Harper. Prins. 
SPABTA, White Co., pop. 895. 
Dibrell Normal School; prep.; co-ed.; non 
sect.; B. O. Duggan, Prin. 
SPENCEB, Van Buren Co., pop. 146. 
Burritt College; coll.; co-ed.; Christ.; est. 
1848; W. N. Bllllngsley, A. M., Pr«8. 
STEPPSVILLE, Warren Co., pop. 24. 

Philadelphia Seminary; prep.; co-ed.: non 
sect.; Marion Turner. Prin. 
SUMMEBTOWN, Lawrence Co., pop. 608. 
Summertown Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. B.: 
Rev. N. G. Paschal. Prin. 
SWEETWATER, Monroe Co., pop. 1,716. 
Tennessee Military Institute; military; non- 
sect.; est. 1874; Maj. O. C. Hulvey. Pres. 
TAZEWELL, Claiborne Co., pop. 400. 

Tazewell College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; L. 
A. Lewis, Jr., Prin. 
Link School; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.; S. A. 
Link, M. A., Prin 
TIFTONVILLE. Lake Co.. pop. 403. 

Tiptonville High School; prep.; co-«d.; non- 
sect.; est. 1900; Will N. Calhoun. Ph. B-. 

TBACY CITY. Grundy Co., pop. 2,130. 

Shook School, James K.; prep.; co-ed.: non- 
sect.: est. 1889: John C. Wagner. Prin. 
TULLAHOMA, Coffee Co., pop. 2.684. 

Brandon Training School; prep.: co-ed.; noa 
sect.: .\lfred J. Brandon, Pres. 

Jess Mai Aydelotte College; prep.; co-ed.: 
non-sect.: B. S. Foster, Prin. 

University of Middle Tennessee; unlv.; co-ed.: 
n.msect. : est. 1806; Enoch A. Fritter. 
A. M.. Pres. 






TirSCTTLIJM, Greene Co., pop. 50. 
Greenville and Tuicnlum College; coll.; co-ed.; 
Prosb.; est. 1794: Samuel Colle, D. D., 
WASHINGTON COLLEGE, Washington Co., pop. 
Washington College; merged with Tusculum 
College. Tiisculum, Tenn., In 1908. 
WATEKTOWN, Wilson Co., pop. 506. 
Watertown Training School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1803; Wm. H. Turney, 
WELLS SFBING, Campbell Co., pop. 89. 

Powell's Valley Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. 

B.; E. B. Dykes, B. S., Prin. 
WHEAT, Roane Co., pop. 50. 

Boane College; itrcp. ; co-ed.; non-sect.; E. E. 
Keebler, Prin. 
WHITE PINE, Jefferson Co., pop. 295. 
Edwards Academy; prep.; co-ed.: U. B. ; est. 
1878; Ross Masters, Ph. M., Prin. 
WINCHESTER. Franklin Co., pop. 1.338. 
Winchester Normal College; nor.; co-ed.; non- 
sect: est. 1878; R. A. Clark, B. S.. A. M., 
WOODBURY, Cannon Co., pop. 408. 
Woodbury Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
E. J. Lehman. Prin. 


Population, 3,048,710. School census, 1,067,710. School age, 7-17. 

Texas is the sixth state of the Union in point of population, having a total of 
3,048,710 inhabitants, of whom 2,426,669, or 79.6 per cent, are white. Of this num- 
ber, 177,581, or 5.8 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 14.5 per cent, the state ranking thirty-sixth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


R. B. Cousins, State Superintendent Public Instruction Austin 

F. M. Martin, Chief Clerk Austin 

J. W. Bishop, Auditing Clerk Austin 

N. J. Clancy, Statistics Clerk Austin 

J. W. Reid, Law and Certificate Clerk Austin 

J. A. Crawford, Stenographic and Filing Clerk Austin 

William Filers, Mailing Clerk Austin 


Gov. T. M. Campbell, President Austin 

CoMPT. J. W. Stephens, Austin 

Sec. State W. R. Davie, Austin 

R. B. Cousins, State Superintendent, cx-officio. Secretary Austin 


T. M. Campbell, Governor Austin 

R. B. Coi'siNs Austin 

SuPT. R. T. Davis Nacogdaches 

SuPT. O. F. Ch astain Stamford 

SuPT. E. F. Comegeys Gainesville 

Miss Mary Carlisle Austin 

J. H. Jenkins Corsicana 


Supt. J. \V. Cantvvell, President Fort Worth 

Miss F. R. Rrookk. Fist J ^ice-President Austin 

W. H. Knox. Second Vice-President San Antonio 

P. F. Stewart. Third J 'ice-President San Antonio 

Si'P''. R. F. Davis, Treasurer Nacogdoches 



SuPT. A. N. McCallum, Transportation Secretary Austin 

SypT. C. C. Foster, Secretary Amarillo 


Dr. W. H. Bruce, Chairtnan Denton 

SuPT. S. M. N. Marrs, Secretary •. . .Terrell 

SuPT. Ben. A. Stafford Mineola 

Prof. W. S. Sutton Austin 

G. P. Putnam El Paso 

SuPT. T. R. Day Henderson 

SuPT. P. W. Horn Houston 


Pop. of 
County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Anderson R. E. Erwln Palestine 28,015 

Angelina G. W. Largent Lufkin 13,481 

Aransas F. Stevens RocKport 1,716 

Archer S. C. Walker Archer City 12,508 

Armstrongr R. D. Doak Claude 11,205 

Atascosa W. M. Abernathy Pleasanton 7,148 

Austin E. H. Sterneberg Bellville 20,676 

Bandera J. W. Currie Bandera 5,332 

Bastrop Paul D. Page Bastrop 26,845 

Baylor B. F. Bowman Seymour 3.052 

Bee W. W. Dodd Beeville 7,720 

Bell J. W. Grissom Belton 45,535 

Bexar P. F. Stewart San Antonio 69.422 

Blanco S. W. Wallis Johnson City 4.207 

Borden E. R. Yellott Gail 776 

Bosque G. L. Ba^tson Meridian 17,390 

Bowie C. A. Wheeler Boston 26.676 

Brazoria C. D. Jessup Anpleton 14,861 

Brazos T. W. Parker Bryan 18,859 

Brewster A. M. Turney Alpine 2,356 

Briscoe John B. Rentfro Silverton 1,253 

Brown Courtney Gray Brownwood 16,019 

Burleson Frank Kedanka Caldwell 18,367 

Burnet J. G. Cook Burnet 10,528 

Caldwell M. L. Hurst T.ockhart 21.765 

Calhoun Willet Wilson Port Lavaca 2,395 

Callahan R. D. Green Baird 8,268 

Cameron E. H. Goodrich Brownsville 16,095 

Camp J. D. Bass, Jr Pittsburpr 9,146 

Carson J. E. Southwood Panhandle 469 

Cass M. G. Bates TJnden 22,841 

Castro M. F. Barber Dimmit 400 

Chambers Evander Light Wallisville 3.046 

Cherokee E. L. Penland Rusk 25.154 

Childress W. B. Howard Childress 2,138 

Clay J. S. Holaday Henrietta 9,231 

Coke P. D. Coulson Robert Lee 3,430 

Coleman G. W. McDonald Coleman 1 0.077 

Collin W. L. Yarbrough McKinney 50.087 

Collingsworth J. L. Lackey "v\''eilinerton 1,230 

Colorado C. K. Qulnn Columbus 22,207 

Comal Adolph Stein New Braurfels 6.398 

Comanche S. C. Findley Comanche 23,009 

Concho H. J. Crozier Paint Rock 1,427 

Cooke E. N. Blackburn Oninesvllle 27.494 

Coryell A. S. Blankenship Gatesville 21.308 

Cottle J. W. Woodley Paducah 1.002 

Crockett Chas. E. Davidson Ozona 1,591 

Crosby K. B. Covington Emn^n 788 

Dallam J P. Tnman Tpxline (Dalhart) 146 

Dallas M. F. Horton Dallas 82,726 

Dawson M. C. Lindsey Lamesa 



Pop. of 

County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Deaf Smith W. H. Russell Hereford 843 

Delta E. A. Watson Cooper 15,249 

Denton W. L. Willis Denton 28.318 

De Witt L. G. Covey Cuero 21,311 

Dickens W. C. Ballard Dickens 1,151 

Dimmit J. D. Spears Carrizo Springs 1,106 

Donley Geo. F. Morgan Clarendon 2,756 

Duval S. H. Woods San Diego 8,483 

Eastland Paul Chastain Eastland 17,971 

Ector L. M. Wilson Odessa 381 

Edwards S. A. Hough Rock Springs 3,108 

Ellis G. B. Winn Waxahachie 50,059 

El Paso J. E. Rainer El Paso 24,886 

Erath Miss Emma Perry Stephenville 24.966 

Palls A. W. Eddlns Marlin 38.842 

Fannin W. F. Keeton Bonham 51,798 

Fayette G. A. Stlerling LaGrange 36,542 

Fisher J. D. Barker Roty 3.708 

Floyd E. P. Henry Floydada 2.020 

Foard G. L. Burk Crowell 1.568 

Fort Bend V. L. Perterson Richmond 16,538 

Franklin D. H. Miller Mt. Vernon 8.674 

Freestone A. S. Johnston Fairfield 18,910 

Frio H. J. Warde Pearsall 4,200 

Galveston J. M. Fendley Galveston 44.116 

Gillespie Max Blum Fredericksburg 8.229 

Glasscock Will Hanson Garden City 286 

Goliad H. W. Haynes Goliad 8.310 

Gonzales W. W. Glass Gonzales 28,882 

Gray T. M. Wolfe LeFors 480 

Grayson Tom Smith Sherman 63,661 

Gregg J. Henry Smith Long\'iew 12,348 

Grimes J. Thomas Davis Anderson 26,106 

Guadalupe J. B. Williams Seguin 21.386 

Hale Geo. L. Mayfield Plainvlew 1.680 

Hall T. R. Phillips Memphis 1,670 

Hamilton B. H. Hill Hamilton 13.520 

Hansford E. C. Hays FTansford 167 

Hardeman J. C. Marshall Quanah 3,634 

Hardin Amos Rich Kountze 5,549 

Harris L. L. Pugh Houston 63,286 

Harrison Jno. M. Roots Marshall 31,878 

Hartley W. B. Chaunoey Channing 377 

Haskell T. C. Williams Haskell 2,637 

Hays John H. Saimders San Marcos 14.148 

Hemphill T. B. Humphrey Canadian 815 

Henderson C. D. Owen Athens 19,970 

Hidalgo R. A. Marsh Hidalgo 6,887 

Hill O. Y. Brown Hillsboro 41.856 

Hood J. P. Mahan Granbury 9.146 

Hopkins J. R. Dodson Sulpher Springs 27.950 

Houston J. F. Mangum Crockett 25.452 

Howard T-.. A. Dale Big Springs 2,628 

Hunt J. A. Thomas Greenville 47.296 

Hutchinson J. A. Whiteside Plemons 308 

Irion \V. F. Fokes Sherwood 848 

Jack L. Z. Timmons Jacksboro 10.224 

Jackson Guy Mitchell Edna 6.094 

Jasper Robt. C. Withers Jasper 7.188 

Jeff Davis J. P. Weatherby Fort Davis 1.160 

Jefferson M. 1j. Moody Beaumont 14.289 

.Johnson H. J. Ridings Cleburne 33.819 

Jones Tj. G. Allen Anson 7.068 

Karnes J. IT. Blanton Karnes City 8.681 

Kaufman C. B. Horton Kaufman 38.876 

Kendall TTeurv Theis Boerne 4.103 

Kent J. B. Day Clairemont 899 

Kerr Lee Wallis Kerrville 4.98ft 

Kimble John S. Durst Junction City 2.508 







Kinney .... 
Knox .... 
Lamar . . . 
La Salle . . 
Lavaca . . . 



Liberty .. 
Lipscomb . 
Live Oak . 
Llano .... 
Lubbock .. 
Lynn .... 
Madison . 
Marlon . . . 
Martin . . . 
Mason . . . 
Medina . . . 
Menard . . 
Midland .. 



Mitchell .. 
Moore . 
Morris . 
Motley . 
Navarro .. 
Newton . . 


Nueces . . . 
Ochiltree . 
Oldham . . 
Orange . . . 
Palo Pinto 
Panola . . . 
Parker . . . 
Parmer . . 



Potter .... 
Presidio . . 


Randall . . 
Reagan . . 
Red River 
Reeves . . . 
Refugio . . 
Roberts . . 
Runnels . . 


Sabine . . . 
San Augustine 
San Jacinto . 
San Patricio 
San Saba . . 
Schleicher . . 



Superintendent. Address. 
R. A. Lasater Guthrie 

B. A. Jones Bracketville . . . 

J. H. Milam Benjamin 

R. B. Binnion Paris 

M. M. White Lampasas . . . . 

C. C. Thomas Cotulla 

P. P. Guenther Halletsvllle . . . 

C. M. Bishop Giddings 

J. M. Henderson Centreville .... 

I. B. Simmons Liberty 

J. T. Cox Groesbeck 

P. B. Mills Lipscomb 

W. A. Hill Oakville 

A. H. Willbern Llano 

John R.McGee Lubbock 

T. M. Bartley Tahoka 

W. W. Sharp Madisonville . . 

R. W. Vinson Jefferson 

Bailey Anderson Stanton 

J. H. Jones Mason 

Jesse Matthews Bay City 

A. L. Wallace Eagle Pass. . . . 

C. A. Wright Brady 

W. J. Barcus Waco 

W. C. Wheeler Tilden 

A. B. Brucks Hondo 

J. W. Ainsworth Menardville . . . 

Charley Gibbs Midland 

W. G. Gillis Cameron 

L. E. Patterson Goldthwaite . . . 

W. B. Crockett Colorado 

W. L. Billingsby Montague 

N. E. Heam Conroe 

J. H. Phillips Dumas 

C. M. Henderson Daingerfield .. 

T. T. Bouldin Matador 

Edgar Thompson Nacogdoches . . 

J. T. Gladney Corsicana .... 

E. J. Newberry Newton 

John J. Ford Sweetwater . . . 

Nat Benton Corpus Christi . 

G. M. Perry Ochiltree 

E. A. McKlnnon Tascosa 

W. J. Wingate Orange 

H. T. Beckwortii Palo Pinto 

A. J. Holmes Carthage 

I. W. Johnston Weatherford . . 

W. L. Townsen Bovina 

Homer Powers Fort Stockton . 

Richard Jones Livingston . . . . 

S. R. Merrill Amarillo 

H. H. Kilpatrlck Marf a 

H. C. Clendenin Emory 

A. N. Henson Canyon 

Sam Cuthbirth Stiles 

J. M. Deaver Clarksville . . . 

T. J. Hefner Pecos 

W. L. Rea Refugio 

Woods Coffee Miami 

J. H. Lomax Franklin 

H. M. Wade Rockwell 

E. L. Hagan Balllnger 

E. J. Livsey Henderson . . . 

H. C. Maund Hemphill 

W. C. Ramsey San Augustine 

G. W. McKellar Cold Springs . 

P. A. Hunter Slnton 

G. W. Walters San Saba 

J. A. Whitten Eldorado 

C. R. Buchanan Snyder 

W. L. Morris Albany 

Pop. of 
. . . 490 
... 2,447 
. .. 2,322 
... 8,625 
... 2,303 
... 8,102 
. . . 790 
... 7.301 
... 293 
. ..10,754 
... 332 
... 5,573 
... 6,097 
... 4,066 
... 3,960 
... 1,024 
. . . 7,783 
... 2,011 
... 1.741 
... 7.851 
... 2.855 
... 209 
... 8,220 
... 1.257 
.. .24.663 
... 7.282 
... 2,611 
... 267 
... 349 
. . . 5,905 

. 2,360 
. 1,820 
. 3.673 
. 6.127 

. 1.847 
. 1,641 

. 8.531 
. 5.371 
. 6,394 
. 8,434 
. 2,372 
. 7,569 

. 4,158 
. r,461 



Pop. of 
County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Shelby R. F. Whiteside Center 20,462 

Sherman D. J. Wilson Stratford 104 

Smith A. W. Orr Tyler 37,370 

Somervell R. L. Bryan Glen Rose 3,498 

Starr J. R. Monroe Rio Grande City 11,469 

Stephens A. J. Power Breckenridge 6,406 

Sterling A. V. Patterson Sterling City 1,127 

Stonewall W. J. Arrington Aspermont 2,188 

Sutton L. J. Wardlaw Sonora 1,727 

Swisher W. P. Hale Tulla 1,227 

Tarrant Geo. D. Ramsey Fort Worth 52,876 

Taylor E. V. White Abilene 10.499 

Terrell Joe Kerr Sanderson 

Terry W. M. Copeland Brownfleld 48 

Throckmorton B. F. Reynolds Throckmorton 1,760 

Titus A. Z. Hays Mt. Pleasant 12,292 

Tom Green Milton Mays San Angelo 6,804 

Travis Carl Hartman Austin 47.386 

Trinity J. W. Bright Groveton 10.976 

Tyler Sam L. Mann Woodville 11,899 

Upshur A. F. Sheppard Gilmer 16,266 

Uvalde W. D. Love Uvalde 4,649 

Val Verde Henry I Moore Del Rio 6,263 

Van Zandt H. P. Davis Canton 25,481 

Victoria L T. Steele Victoria 13,678 

Walker S. C. Wilson Huntsville 15,818 

Waller T. A. Kelly Hempstead 14.246 

Ward J. A. Stewart Barstow 1.461 

Washington C. Klaener Brenham 32.931 

Webb B. Richardson Laredo 21,851 

Wharton Oswald Garrett Wharton 16.942 

Wheeler W. M. Durham Mobeetie 686 

Wichita M. F. Yeager Wichita Falls 5.806 

Wilbarger J. A. Nabers Vernon 5.759 

Williamson W. W Jenkins Georgetown 38.072 

Wilson J. E. Swift Floresvllle 13.961 

Wise Ben Short Decatur 27.116 

Wood J. W. Searcy Quitman 21.048 

Young Geo. H. McLaren Graham 6.540 

Zapata A. P. Sphon Zapata 4,760 

Zavala O. A. Mills Batesville 792 


ABILENE, Taylor Co.. pop. 3.411. 
Simmons College: coll.; co-wl.; Bapt.; est. 
1«)1; O. II. Coopor. LL. D., Pres. 
ALBANY, Shackelford Co.. poii. 090. 
Reynolds Presbyterian Academy; prop.: Co- 
<h1.: Presb.: H. II. Brltan, Ph. D., Prin. 
Anson Business College; bus. and ston.: W. D. 
KnlRht. Prin. 
ARLINGTON. Tarrant Co.. pop. 1.070. 
Carlisle Military Academy; bo.vH* mil.; uon- 
soct.: oM. 1001; J. M. Carlisle. A. M.. 
LL. D... Snpt. 
ATHENS. Henderson Co., pop. 1,285. 
Bruce Academy; prep.; co-od.; non-sect.; W. 
11. Bruce. Prin. 
AUSTIN, Travis Co.. pop. 22.258. 

Bicklcr Academy; prep.; eo-ed. : non-sect.: 
Jneo!) Biekler. Prin. 

St. Edwards College; coll.: men: R. C: ent. 
1885; Rev. John T. Boland. C. S. C. 

St. Mary's Academy: Rlrls* boarding; R. C.; 
Sister Superior, Prin. 

Samuel Houston College; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.: 
R. S. Lovingood, A. M., Prin. 

School for Defectives; children and adults: 
non-sect.: Mrs. E. M. Bhrrett. M. A.. 

School's announcement. — For the mentally 
deficient and physically defective. Kin- 
dergarten mctho<1s. manual and Indns- 
trial training. The object of tile Kbool 
is to instruct, while caring for, treating 
and training, those childn>n and adolts. 
wli(». becaus«» of their defective senneft. 
fjM'Mf'ness of mind or body are not aWe 
tn att«'nd tlie ordinary school or state 

Draughon's Practical Business College: Inis. | institution. Location a nataral health 

jin<i sten.; J. V. DranglKMi. I'res. ' resort. 

OrifAtt's College of Commerce: l)us. and sten.; i State School for the Deaf and Blind (colored*: 

I). A. GrlUitts. Pres. ' state; W. II. Holland. Supt. 





. BtaU Beb(M>t for the S«mf and Dttmb; itmte; 

N. A. Cravens, Siii^t. 
Bt«tc laitltuU f&T the Blinds «ttate^ Al. H. 

Bra«ticn Supt. 
TillDtion Cullo^A irolffiHilM prepr t (*o-e'i1., p.: c?t. 18S1; Arthur W- l*artcli. A, 

B., Pfiwldeut. 
UMv^nltr of Texo: iinlv.; bIiiIc; t'OeiJ.; est. 

ifisa: D. r aoii^ton, m. a., ll, d.. I'r***, 

UDlT«Tvttr of TexMi, 1,1 w Boi^«rtiii«fit ; \nw: 
m^^L' f^r. 18i33; Yaneoj Low Is, rMin. 
BELTOH, B*n C*.* pop, 3,700. 

Bftylor Femkle OoU«iftt; fflrli' bo&rdln;; Biii»t.: 
est. la^fi; Rev, Willi Jim A. Wllioii, A. 
M.. a D., Pres. 
BONHAM, Fiumln Co., [>op. 0,542. 

\Sfl7: fharli^ft enrltou. Pjvn. 

Blinn Memori*! Collera; prop.; rotrtl.; %t. l-^i 

esr. 18S5; Jtitm f'lncsiru'lip, n. B., H^ P., 

ETKii^allcAl I.utliet'Eti CoHofo; pr«ii. ; cpciLl 

Kv. Luth.: iTiif r. ZkniintTinNDU. Pr»'?«., 
BBOWNBTILLE, Caineron Co., I^^- 0.305. 

Inc&rnnte Word Aoademr; sl^lt* bOATtllng; H. 

i\; «otIii;?r StjiFilttttiis. Prln. 
Stn Joieph^a Collera; boy ft' thiiiTfllniri R. C. ; 

K, J. OOolJuKbaii, Q, M. I* FHn. 
BROwifwOOD^ Bi«wii Co.t pop. S.peTi, 

H(?wud FiTUO C^Uort; coll.; co-f*rt. ; Biipt.; 

cml. miO: J. II. Grove. A. M,, Prei. 
CAUFSEII,, Hunt Cft., jMip. 000. 

£ai«rioii C«lI«io: prf-p.; c*o-tsI.: tifvti'fi«rt. ■ vmi. 

CHAPfELL HILL, WuklortoD €&., Li'»p S13. 
Cli«pp«ll BUI Temile CoUeses i^irln:^ honrdln^ 
and dnyt M. K. So.^ <■*(. 1&52; J«iu*>si E. 
Wmis, A. M. 
CHIC^. Wlsfl COh> pop, 042, 

IftJe and Fflmu^ IiLit£tiit«T pfop- ' co-ed-; utn]' 
pocn.: (7*t. IflfKV U W. Shn^nee, Vrun. 
CLEBUBZfE, JohtMOD Co,, p^ip. 7,4(«fl. 

dflbufDa Aculemr: |>r^p. ^ f<n»d.; non 8*H't : 

COLLEGE BTATIOH, BrMOi Co., i>f>p. ^40. 
A»rlettlt(ir*l mad Mechmfeml Coltfif? of Tei«E 
H li r I . ti ml m ih^Ii . u rr r ; m m : uon f^'ct. . j t' n I , 
1S70: H. II. UnrrJngton. LL. a. Pr<s 

COMANCHE. Commclio Co., pop. 2.070, 

DomtLiicb« CoUcBo; prf?p.: <.-chh1.; iioti jw-rl.: 
W. F, KosLFm, Vh. a. A. M., Prtm 
COMMEBCE, Haat Co., pap 1,800. 

Eut ToiCAi Monnil CdUvvb: norniMl und pn"!*. ; 
private; cood.; <?ftt, 1&80; W. L. Mnjo, 
A- B., Ptpi, 
COBStCAlTA, lia?»iTO Co., i>oi». fi,313, 

Millor"! Boaiiii&rf, Mnr, pr^ ; capd,i outi 
sf-ci,; Mm. R. T. Mtllei-. priq, 
CBOCKETT, Houiton Co., pop, 2,012. 

liaiy Allei) Serainfcry; girlii* bonrdiiiji: Pre^h^; 
J«lin It. SiuHb, r», rn, Prliu 
CEO WELL, Foafd Co.. \mi^. 278. 

Cfow«U Col)«tG'; prt'p. : <?u*?iL: nini-Bect.; II, 
A, Mftjirs. Prla. 
CtnCBY, Hopkiaii Co., pop. 4(Sn 

iDdependent Hoi^ftl Oollfrftt; ncmaal; private; 

copd.' It. L, TuyJoft Prnfl. 
DALLAS. B»JU» Cot, pep. 43,e3«. 

B&met Bchool of Antioinir, iu.lti.77 SdflUc* 

& Embalmiiiffi rHi-,.a,; *^*r. 1800; Carl L- 

riiirtHN. M U., LL- 1>,, Pftif. 
Biylor UnliTonity, ColU^o of M»diolao; mod.: 

r*^K' ■'o-"d.; fut. l^MJl; Ivlnjml H. Oiry^ 

M. n.. Dt'an, 
CollefR tif Fhyifcluii mad Surfoojii^ uied.; 

r<'B ; I'ttiHj.i €st 1001; Arthur C. BHK 

A. M.. M. D,, Pli. €., n&un. 
DmlUi ComrtioTcial Collef«; hits, aiul nt^^n.;, 

(J. A. I tn mi 01 1, Pi-c», 
DftUu MadlciJ CoUfiEe; ituni,: rvKJ mtn; if«t, 

Dallm T*sl*friph GoUei«; Wl,', rofd,: vvl. 

1SX7: li. (\ l^ihln*on. Prr^, 
Druutben'ft FrAeticml Btiiiueki Collvfe; but 

iini! Mfi'Ti.; j; P, Itrnii^ticru. Pn'sp, 
LmudOD ComervLtory; mils.: t'Ht. IRPd; Cbiirlcft 

W. r.bitdMn. D I fee I or* 
Ifetropolttmu Busin^ia Collofe; b^ie. iiird nlvn,* 

A Ftii)it[iinL Prf«. 
Phyifo Hodicm) CoUoj^ of To^ma; i^hysla toed. ^ 

fiVfd,; eRL UHll; R, L SpiilmH M. U., 

Boutliwoatfero Uolnrtitf ICodioftl Oalieco, 

MrdlCfll Ufpt. 
SQUthwoatftm IFitlvfiTil^; m^.; ivg,; ccv«d.; 

fst, ltKI,t; John O. McR<?jiioldi. M, D., 

LL. p.. iR-iiti. 
Unalino Apad«mr^; Hirls' bnardluK: R. 0^: eat. 

1»74; Motbor M. llvnnj^PUflt, Prlori^tia, 
llnivermlty of Dull mi, Hapmrtment of Fhvr- 

ttitkcjt phiir. ; tiion; vst. 1001; E. G. Eh 

eric, JDeati. 
UniTQ^ity of Pmllu, Kedical Doj^utmeat; 

rawl,; rcR.; nifii ; est, 1000; Cbiiftea M, 

KoHflf^r, xM, D., Dean, 
DEHISOH, GrajTBon Co., pop. ll.SOT, 

Draufhon'a BracticaJ Butinoei GoUaK«! tiua, 

ntid ttV'n.; J, I\ rinuiKhon, Pnii. 
Harahaw'a AnjitdBmr} prop.; eo-wl.i uonawt.; 

GfiK L. riarshnw, Prin. 
DEHTON, Denton Co.. pop. 4,117. 

CdUbKe of Industrial Arti; Itiduat.; womon: 

<'st, UWl. ; Cref T, Wnrk. Prvaldent, 
Horth Teiai State Kormal CoU«rfr^ normal: 

^tyto; f'^rrt; cat, IPftl; W* tl. Bnice, 

DETROIT, Bed Blnr Co., pop. 1,060, 

Dotroit ITorttial Bcbooli nonoa]; stmc'; i'o^i-d.; 

J. llny\ Pri's. 
DITBLIH, Erath Co., iwp. 2,(370 

Abraham t' Fr&ctical Baainoaa CDllero; bim, 

u{)4 fft^'^ii.; E. W. AbTJihanas. I'rlu, 
EDDT, McLannin Oi^., t><>0 472. 

Eddj Lftararj and Bcfentific Inatttut«£ pn-p.; 

CD (M. : mmsfit.; J. M. Iledb!k«1(, Prln. 
Intam^tianal Buaiineaa CoUbe^; bii#. imi^tBten.; 

thi. TiSrt*; J, P, M nil In. Prea. 

EL FABO, El F«o Co.t f">p. t5.90«. 

Braugrbon'm Practical Builnvu CoUefft; hun. 

ami «leti.; J. R l>raU|{bot!. Pi-hjs. 
Intarnatiaiiii BoMneu Colloffo; but. ami i^ltn.; 
t^at. 1J>(X^ J. P. Mnlllo, Prea. 




WfL fumv tf k 

9 JjidliMj- ryjMT VwsiLii^ 

nantf. ssa^ c*,. s^u^, >*«« 

Araa^teirt PxaictMal BmImw OaE3c0B: Vd» 

»*<,; f*ir-- '^'>-^ : -art- 1**: W. K. 

T^lfUtf.^niU CtitU§*', '*Ht..; <3*^s*l-; M- E. So.. 
*^*. W^Jr B^, H, A: 1io*T, M. A.. D. D.. 

ft. IfB«tiu A< ; aiiiM y ; ir rlx' VAr4:n«: K. C: 

aAiVEsmxE. cmIm c*.. i^p. %.ioo. 

tfalamrfllo B—la i n C«lkc«; bos. and st<!ii. : 
*^t, 1<«^: %. B. Sflbltb. Prin. 

I>rMMrb4ra'0 Fr«ciieal BasiacM C*n«c«; bas. 

fi« JoMfk's CosT«flrt; prfp.: e<Mh<i.; B. C: 

Mf<t4v M«fT. Pfin, 
Mi. UMTy'% VsiTcrsitr; «<^/I]>: m««; B. C; est. 

IWJi; B*y. A, finrot. Pnw. 
VslTcrtitj of Texas, M»dic«3 Departneat; 
rri'-d,: r»^-: co-<^.; *«t. JS&l; William S- 
Cart^r, M. D., D*an. 
UniT«r*it7 of Traaa. School of Phannacy; 
pbar: rv,^#^.: «it- J«»3: Dr. W. «. Car- 
ter. iMao. 
Ursttlioo CoDTOBt; ftrlR' ty^nlins; B. C : 
Moth ft Mt. Afn««. Prio. 
OEOROZTOWM, WUliamaoii Co., p^. 2,790. 
fotithwostom Vnlwnltj; coll.: o-ed.: M. E. 
K^i.; «'»t. 1873; lU^ti^rt Stfrwart Hycr, A. 
M.. LL. v., Rf!K*iDt. 
ORAPEYIMZ. Tarrant Co., pop. 7d2. 
OhrapoirlDO CoUofo; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.;' 
a. T. Jtltidworth. Prln. 
OREEmriLLZ, Hunt Co., \^,p. 
Burloaon CoUoffo; coll.; co-ed.: Bapt.; est. 

lWi3: J, K, Jobnnon. Ph. D.. Pres. 
Oronnvill* Bnsiness College: bus. and sten. ; 
t-nt. 1002; If. O. NIblo. A. B., A. M.. 
GREENWOOD. Wise Co.. pop. 400. 
Greenwood Male and Female College; prep.: 
ro «•<!,; uonncct.', H. B. Oatls. Prln, 
KENDERBOV. Rusk Co.. pop. l.QTi.l. 
Henderson Normal School: nor.: ro-cd.: est. 
IHM; Thoiniis IliiHmJl ]tny. A. B.. J'rin. 
HILLSBORO. Hill Co.. pop. r,.(]fiH. 
CulbertKon Select School; pn'i». : i-ooil.: non- 
ni'ft.: W. A. CiillnTtKun. Prln. 
HONEY GROVE, Fannin Co.. pop. 2.H<K). 
Wall School; »»•>«* bonnlliiK: .S. V. Wall. 
HOUSTON. Harris Co.. pop. U.Ki'.i. 

JA CmBOB f m g. Cfctrahr* O^. i^v. 1..SCL 
niiaain CtSit^aam T— nli a lr : vcv«l: cv^Md.: 
II. E. »?.: B«-r. w. K. S=<Kkcr. M. A. 
JABPEJL Jaiprr (3^. prp. 473. 

B—tlawt Tcxaa OaQcc*; ;re^: e«»eA.: w»- 
•ert-: J. H. Srtwict. Prix. 
LAMFASAB. Laxyaaaa O^. 7«f^ * 247. 

Bt. Hewiaii'a TZla: f'.rb^ boaMJ^: B. C: 
-•t. 3>'».: MoKh^ H. Pavlise. 
T.AWCASTEB. Dallaa Os.. iwf^ 1.3S^ 
TjwrasTrr Hilitaiy At aihwj: *Mqrs: m-«ect.: 

LA POBTE. Harris O*.. jwf^. C37. 

Tezaa MOitazy laatitstc: bcmed. 
LAREDO. Wehh Ce.. t<^. 1S.429. 

Laredo Semiaaxy: r<*?-: <*»-«d.: II. E. So.: 
evt. 1SS2: M:s N. E. Holdi^. Pria. 
McEAMMKT. Collm Go., pop. -LMSL 
Jeaes Acadewy: {H^ep.: co-^4.: Boa-sert.: 
PrankJin G. Jones. A. B.. Pm fSoccovor 
to HawtLom^^ AcadeaiyK 
MARSHALL, Harrisoa Ce.. pop. 7.855. 
Biabop CoUece 'colored^: coll.: co-«d.: Bapt.: 
est. 1681: C. H. Maxsoa. B. S.. B. D.. 
Masonic Institute; irirls* tMardin^: noa-sect.: 

W. C. Parham. Prin. 

Waey TTniversity (colored^: coll.: co-e«d.: M. 
E.: est. 1S73: Rer. M. W. Dogan, Pb. D-, 
MHTDEN. Rusk Co.. pop. 227. 

Rock Hill Institute; prep.: co-ed.; 
est. 1883. 
MOTTVT SYLYAV, Smith Co.. pop. 181. 
Rosedale Academy: prep.: co-ed.; 
'J. W. Adamson. Prin. 
OMEH, Smith Co.. pop. 368. 
Summer Hill Business College; bus. and stea.. 

Rev. N. Smylte. Pres. 
Sununer Hill School; prep.; co-«d.: noa-sect.: 
A. W. Orr. Prln. 
PARIS. Lamar Co.. pop. 9,368. 
Mary Connor College; girls* boarding: non 
sect.: Townes R. Leigh, A. B., Pres. 

Texas Holiness University: prep.: co-ed.: non 
sect.: A. M. Hills, Pres. 
PITTSBURG. Camp Co., pop. 1,783. 
Jeff Davis College; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.: 
cat. 18S5: S. K. Watson. President. 

PRAIRIE VIEW. Waller Co., pop. 100. 

Prairie Viow State Normal and Industrial 
College (colored^; normal: state: co-«d. : 
K. L. r.lnrlcshear. B. A.. Pres. 





RUSK, Cherokea Co., pop. 846. 
Eut Texu B&ptlAt iDitituto; nt^t^.i co-^.i 

Bspt.; cat. lS04r B. W. Vliiiflff. Ph. B. 
Rufik Masonic iQJtitute: prep,; ro-vd.: tut. 

1S71: C. F, Gibson, I'rtd. 
SALABO, Bdl Ca.» pop. 47 L 

Tbomm» Arnold High School ; pr**p/: co-*il.^ 

noTj-spct. ; S. J. Jones nnrt T* J* Witt- 
&AK ANTONIO, B«m Co., potn 5?[.:i21. 
Ai^adem; of Our Ludj i>f the L«ke; sflrJa' 

bOJiMliijETi R- C: \jQth<Jr M. FJorcnce, 
Ala^oiD City Gozncn«rci&l CoUesa; bus, anO. 

a ten.; Sljnfi-r & Downiry, Prests, 
HmrriMOn Scbool, Tha; bofi' boanllDf; cat, 

IDO'ii J. H. nod .T. E. HirrlBora, Prlnctpalii. 
Mv^rriider'a School; bn>V boa tiling; Qon-Hect^; 

J, n MQ^rrufinr, Pfin, 
Peacock'* School for Boy At tj^ys* boarding; 

military; ncw-iwct.: W?nUy tVaetJdk, Prip. 
St. Louii Gollefffi; boys' bonnlliii^; R. C; 

t'St. 1R04: Brothpr John Wolf. ^rea. 
St. Mmiy** HUI: ttlrl«' boardluic; l\ %.; %e^. 

Wiiilare CarnnhrtPir Prln. 
S^n Antonio Acftdemy: prcj't. : co-^,: non- 
Bet- £.; W. B. Soik'jr, Ph. D,. Prln* 
Sui AntfrtUD F«maJg CoUert; eMm^ tumrfliiix: 

M. E, go.: pst. 1S04t R<?r. J. B. HorrU 

ii©n. A, R.. Pfi-B. 
1Tritdin« Acmdemyt ^\tIr' bomrdtng; R. O.i 

Motln>r M. Au!i?iiHtiTH\ Siipi'tlor. 
WMt Telia HUittry Academy; boys' hoird- 

Ing; P. K.', (>«t, 18S3; Rb?v, A. W. S. 

C^irdt'ti, RertMT. 
SAN K ABC OS. H&7« Co., pop. 2.2&2. 

Coronal Institute; t^rcp.; co-ed.; M. 10. So.; 

U*'v, ir^tcThnti I'Miiber. Pre*. 
Lone Star BvBineEs Collefo; bun. and sten.; 

eat. 3SKT; M, C. MeC(?e. Prei. 
Southwest TexAs Nortnal Sohotiil; Df^r.; stnte; 

ro-ed.p T,'*i. jinrrlR, Fdn* 
SIOUIN, OuLdfLlupE! Co., p>p. 3,421. 

St» Joioph Acudemy^ prt^^.' coed.; R. C, ; 

SlRtt?r6 of lb«f Iiicitmntc Word. 
SKE&WAN, QtkyBun Co., pop. 10,2i3, 

Attilin Colloge: full.; men: Pri"»b.; CBt. ISfiOi 

Rev, TlionifiK S. Clye^. A, B.. DD,. PrcB. 
ITdrth TexLi Female ColleffB; glrla^ linATd- 

lOij; Mi'th.; Mrs, Lucy Kidd Key. PrUi. 
Bh«rmaii Ptivite School: boj?i" HMUPdlog: non- 

ftc-rt.T J, H. Le Telllef, Prln. 
STEFHENTILLE. Erath Co,, pop. l.?H>2. 

Jo^hfl Tarleton College: prup,; co-ijd,; don 

Meet.; Ei. E. BnniilPttts A. M,< Prtn, 
T£XAB£ANA, Bowie Co., pop. 6,256. 

0«tft Cttr Modical CoUot*; mtd.-, rcf. : co-piI.l 

est, Ifton: j. W. I*e<?kGr. M. LK. Deaa. 
Mona School of Telagnphyi tel,: co-t*d-; c*Ht. 

1P(W; J. JL Bhidkf^j, President. 

TYLER, Smith COm pop. n,fm. 

DimtiKhoii'fl FrKcticml fiuilnaei CoUeEa;; bUA, 

and slcn. ; J. F. rtrniiKlion. Prpff, 
Tyler CommfiTciU Colleffo; lni», and «lPn, ; 
est ; IfJOtk; ]J, E. Byrno, Presi. 

VAN ALSTYNE, Grayton Co., po(j, 1,1*40, 

CalnmbU CoUefe; pri»p.; eo-rd.; iion-itK!t.; W- 
B. Pi lean. Prln. 

VIOTORIA, VictorU Co., pop, 4,010, 

KaKareth Academy; R-Jrin' bou relink; R. C; 
S^iisttr Mary Asnos, Pr(n, 

WACO, MijIieEnaa Co,, ptip. 20.CttlI. 
Baylor TTnlTeTilty^ coIKt co-ed.; fi»t. t&45; S, 

P. Brooks, A. M., LL. 1).. Prra, 
Central Tea as Academy: nor. And pr^p,: eo 

fd.: est. It>n2: John W. SlronR. t). B. 
The BoufliB Scbulcr Schopl: prep.; c<»-gnI.e 

Tiiini-Ki(M'L : H. A. Doiijilas, TVIti, 
Hill's NMioniJ BusineM CoUeie; liu»,. tften. 

iind 1(4.^ •«*, ISST; R, IT, Fini. Prc^a, 
Paul Qtuinn CoUe^a j^roUirfdl: coll,: to-ed,; 

A, M, E.; *■**. 1S81; William J. Lawn, 

R n.. PriwIdfrK 
Tezai ChrlitlftD Rniforaltf ; poll.; co-ect; 

ChrlsL: mi. 1S73; Clinton Loffkhart. A. 

M., Pli. D., Prew. 
Tohy'i Fractl«!al Bu tines ■ Golleg'e: 1m», aud 

ati'n.: J'^dTn^iinl Toby, Frew. 
Waco CouseiratoTy of ICutlc: miiF, and elo.:^ 

est JSfld: W, B, SrUhnmelpfninii^, Dl- 


WAJCAHACHIE. Ellii Co., pop. 4. 2 U^. 
Trinitr UaiTenity^ POlL; ro-erL; PrenU,. U^ 8^ 
A.; mt. ISOn; 13. L. Hornbpck, Pb. D.. 

WEATHEHTCBP* Parker Co,, pop. 4 Jim. 

Huffbajr and furner School; prup.: eo-cnl.: 
non ^icet.' A. H. riughry ami J, P, Tur- 
ner. PrJns. 

Texai Female Seialniry; t^irU" ImnvfUnR. 
Cmnb. Prpftb.^ esL l^KXJ: U M. Jjogen. 

Weathfjrford CoUOfffl:: pr»qK; eo-iMl.; M, E, 
Sa: BiATid S. RwlUer. Prln. 

WESTMIN&^EE, Collin Co,, pup. 3,1, 
WeitminiAtsr Coll eft; pri-p.; eoi^d.r W. E.l 

i\ O. Slulshs. Prln. 
Westminater Imstftute; tirep. ; Mi-)*d.i Bapt: 

lilt. IfwVi; Ctiiirli's TtiompBOn, A. B., Prln. 

WHITEWBJOHT. Grayson Cft., pop. 1.804. 
Grayion Collefre ; prr-p.; vf}p^,i non-HL%t.; 

r^M, \^<\: IL s, rarsons, Pr^Klilent. 
Urvulintf Acudemyi pri'p. ; p<xh1.; R. C, ; 

Mijllior Sfnry I'rf'idfl. Prln. 
Weit TexAi Vllitarr Academy s mimary; P. 

Er. Joliii F. HowafisK Sut*t. 


Population, 276,749. School census, 98,660. School age, 6-18. 

Utah is the forty-third state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 276,749 inhabitants, of whom 272,465, or 98.5 per cent, are white. Of this num- 
ber 52,804, or 19.1 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 3.1 per cent, the state ranking fifth in this respect. The educa- 
tional system of the state is as follows : 


A. C. Nelson, State Superintendent Public Instruction Salt Lake City 

A. L. Larsen, Chief Clerk Salt Lake City 

Chloe Nelson Miller, Assistant Clerk Salt Lake City 


A. C. Nelson, State Superintendent, Cfuiirman Salt Lake City 

J. T. Kingsbury, Secretary Salt Lake City 

J. A. WiDTsoE Logan 

D. H. Christensen Salt Lake City 

VVm. Allison Ogden 


JoH N C. Cutler, Governor Salt Lake City 

A. C. Nelson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Salt Lake City 

J. A. Edwards, State Auditor Sah Lake Citv 

W. J. Lynch VV. H. Thain '. 

T. C. Callister H.N. Hayes 

VV. I). Candland 


Dr. G. H. Thomas. President lA)gan 

J. H. Paul. First Vice-President Salt Lake City 

Frank Fishburx. Second ]' ice-President Rrigham City 


.\. C. Nelso.v, State Superintendent Public Instruction Salt Lake City 

W. M. Stewart. Principal State Normal Salt Lake City 

And the County Superintendents of Schools of tlie respective counties. 





The State Board of Education constitutes the State Reading Circle Board. 


No. of 
County. Superintendent's Name. Address. Schools. 

Beaver Fred R. Pryor Minersville 18 

Box Elder A. E. Jensen Brlgham City 50 

Cache J. L. McCarrey Lpgran 52 

Carbon , C. R. Marcusen Price 21 

Davis E. M. Whitesldes Layton 80 

Emery G. A. Wegrgreland Perron 26 

Oarfleld O. G. Anderson CannonviUe 19 

Grand Ida M. Wells Castleton 5 

Iron E. B. Dalley Cedar City 16 

Juab T. W. Vickers NephI 20 

Kane D. A. Smith Glendale 11 

Millard Jos. FInlinson Oak City 32 

Morgran Rachel C. Farley Morgran 16 

Piute Emily Bertlesen Marysvale 16 

Rich W. D. Johnson Laketown 10 

Salt Lake. Granite Dist B. W. Ashton 1900 S. State St., Salt 

Lake City. 
Salt Lake, Jordan Dist J. W. Smith Sandy 127 

Sanpete A. U. Miner Falrview 


Sevier P. D. Jensen Monroe 34 

Summit W. M. Boyden Coalville 33 

Tooele A. O. Bates Tooele City 18 

Uintah J. P. Rudy Vernal 30 

Utah L. E. Egrgrertsen Provo 58 

Wasatch Orson Ryan Heber City 21 

Wasiiington E. H. Snow St. Georg-e 38 

Wayne Joseph Eckersley Loa 24 

Weber Thos. McKay Ogrden 23 

San Juan A. R. Lyman Grayson 4 


BEATER, Fremont Co. 

B«aver Branch Briffham Toang ITnivenity; 
prep.; co-ed.; L. D. S.: est. 1808; An- 
drew B. Anderson, B. Pd.; D. B.. Pres. 

CASTLE DALE, Emery Co., pop. 650. 

Emery State Academy; prep.; co-ed.: L. D. 
S.: est. 1890; Silas A. Harris, Prin. 

CEDAR CITY, Iron Co.. pop. 1.425. 

Southern Branch of the State Normal School; 
normal: state; co-ed.: George Docker, Pd. 
B., Prin. 

COALVILLE, Summit Co., pop. 024. 

Summit Stake Academy; prep.; co-ed.; L. D. 
Saints; est. 1880; Wra. Z. Terry. Prin. 

EFHRAIM, Sanpete Co., pop. 2,086. 

Snow Academy; prep.: co-ed.; L. D. S. ; ost. 
1888: Newton E. Noyes, Prfn. 

LOOAH, Cache Co., pop. 5.451. 

A^cultural College of Utah; ngrl.; state; 

co-ed.; est. 1889; John A. WIdtsol. A. M.. 

Ph. D.. Pres. 
Brlfham Young College; coll.: co-ed.: Ti. D. 

Saints; est. 1878; James H. Llnfonl. B. 

S., B. 1).. Pres. 
Hew Jersey Academy: prep.; co-ed.; Presb. ; 

est. 1878; John M. Cathcart. A. B., Prin. 

State School for the Deaf and Dumb and the 
Blind; state; est. 1884; Frank M. Driggs. 
MOUNT PLEASANT. Sanpete Co., pop. 2,372. 

Wasatch Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 
1875: E. M. Patterson, A. M., Prin. 
OODEN, Weber Co., pop. 161,313. 

Intermountain Business College; bus. and 
sten.: est. 1891; James A. Smith, A. M., 
M. S., I»re8. 

Weber Stake Academy; prep.; co-ed.; L. D. 
S.: est. 1888; David 0. McKay, prin. 
PROVO, Utah Co., pop. 6.185. 

Brigham Young University; coll.: co-ed.; Lat- 
ter Day Saints: est. 1875; George n. 
Brluihall Pres. 

School's announcement, — A College. A 
Normal School (h^ For grade teachers; 
(h^ For kinder^nrton teachers. A Com- 
mercial Sfhool. A High School. A 
School of Mnsie. A School of Arts and 
industries. A i'roparatory School. 

Proctor Academy: i)r('p. : eo-ed.: Cong.; est. 
iSSS; Rov. S. n. Goodwin. Prin. 
SALT LAKE CITY, Salt Lake Co., pop. 53,531. 

All Hallows College; boys' boarding; R. C: 
est. 1886; Rev. I. I. Gnlnan. S. M., Pr«»s. 





Gordon Academy; pn'p. ; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 

1878; B. M. Hagen, I'rln. 
Inter Mountain School of Correspondence; cor- 

resp. : co-ed.; est. 1002; Mosiab Hall, B. 

S.. Director. 
Latter*Day Saints' University; coll.; co-ed.; 

est. 1886; L. D. S.; J. H. Paul, Pres. 
McSee's Business College; bus. and sten. ; J. 

B. McEee, Pres. 
Pierpont School of Oratory and Physical Cul- 
ture; elo. and or.; est. 1002; Miss Bur- 

kella Pierce, Prin. 
Rowland Hall; girls' boarding; P. E.; est. 

1880; Miss Clara I. Colbume, A. B., Prln. 
Salt Lake Business College; bus. and sten.; 

Benjamin Goddard, Prln. 
Salt Lake Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 

Prcsb.; est. 1875: George B. Sweazey. 

M. A., Prin. 
State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 

Wm. M. Stewart, Pres. 

University of Utah; aniv.; state; co-e<l. : rst. 
1850: Dr. Jos. T. KIngsbnry, Ph. D.. D. 
Sc. Pres. 

University of Utah Department of Medicine 
(Two years of medical course) ; med. ; 
reg. : co-ed.; est. 1006; Ralph V. Cham- 
berlain. Ph. D., Dean. 

Utah State Norm3d Kindergarten Training 
School; kind, training; co-ed.; state; est. 
1808; Marj- C. May, Director. 

Utah State School of Mines, University of 
Utah; tech.; men; state; est. 1805; Jo- 
seph F. Merrill, B. S., Ph. D.. Director. 

SPRIKOVILLE Utah Co., pop. 3,422. 
Hungerford Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; 
Charles F. Romig, A. B.. Prin. 

VERNAL, Uinta Co., pop. (K;4. 

Uintah Stake Academy; prep.: co-ed.; L. D. 
S.; est. 1801; Raymond Partridge, Prln. 


Population, 343,641. School census, 78,251. School age, 5-18. 

Vermont is the fortieth state of the Union is point of population, having a total 
of 343,641 inhabitants, of whom 342,771, or 99.7 per cent, are white. Of this number, 
44,694, or 13 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire 
population is 5.8 per cent, the state ranking twenty-second in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows: 


Mason S. Stone, Superintendent of Education Montpelier 


Vermont has no School Text-Book Commission officially recognized as a sepa- 
rate board. Free text-books are required to be furnished to public school pupils. 


Prin. p. R. Leavenworth, President Castleton 

SuPT. E. M. RoscoE, Vice-President Springfield 

SuPT. F. J. Brownscombe, Secretary-Treasurer Montpelier 


Prin. Isaac Thomas Burlington 

SuPT. B. E. Merriam Bellows Falls 

Prin. E. G. Ham Randolph 


SuPT. O. D. Mathewson Barre 

Prin. H. J. Stannard Barton 

Prin. W. A. Beebe Morrisvillc 

VERMONT schoolmasters' CLUB. 

Prin. A. E. Tuttle, President Bellows Falls 

Prin. C. P. Howland, Vice-President St. Johnsbury 

Prin. J. C. Colburn, Secretary-Treasurer Manchester 

executive committee. 

Prin. E. D. Collins Johnson 

Prjn. G. E. Speare Bradford 





Prin. a. M. Jones No. Bennington 

While Vermont has the town, and not the county, system of schools, the 
examiners of teachers perform m?iny of the functions of county superintendents 
of other states. Aside from the examination and certification of teachers, their 
legal duties in connection with summer schools and institutes, appeals from 
school patrons, reports to the State Superintendent's office, records of teach- 
ers, their giving information and advice frequently sought by teachers and 
school officers, and their influential position combine to make them in effect 
county superintendents rather than examiners. 


County. Examiner. Address. 

Addison County Bradley C. Rodgers Vergrennes. 

Benningrton County Albert W. Varney Benning-ton. 

Caledonia County Clarence H. Dempsey St. Johnsbury. 

Chittenden County John E. Allen Westford. 

Essex County Mrs. Alida F. Enright Lunenburg". 

Franklin County Merritt D. Chittenden Fairfax. 

Grand Isle County Miss Mary Montgomery. . . .Isle La Motte. 

Lamoille County WiUiam A. Beebe Morrlsvllle. 

Orange County John M. Comstock Chelsea. 

Orleans County Harry J. Stannard Barton. 

Rutland County Winthrop P. Abbott Proctor. 

Washington County Ozias D. Mathewson Barre. 

Windham County Herbert D. Ryder Bellows Falls. 

Windsor County Nelson J. Whitehill White River Jet. 


BAKEBSFIELD. Tranklin Co.. pop. 1.158. 
Brigrh&m Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1877; Donald T. Parker, A. B.. Prln. 
BARBE, Waihington Co., pop. 8.448. 

Ooddard Seminary; prep.; co-ed.: Univ.; est. 
1870: Orlando K. Ilollister. A. M.. LItt. 
D.. Prln. 
BENNINOTON, Bennington Co., pop. 0.080. 
Henry Roderich Grant, Private Tutoring for 
Boys; prpp. : non-sect.; Ilenrj' R. Grant, 
B. A. 
BUBLINOTON. Chittenden Co.. pop. 18.640. 
Burlinrton Business College; bus. and stcn.: 

est. 1878: E. G. P:van8. Pres. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.: co-ed.: R. i\: 

Sisters of Mercy. Prlns. 
University of Vermont and State Agricultural 
College; univ. : state: co-ed.: est. 180(»; 
Mathew 11. Buekham. I). D., LL. I).. 
University of Vermont, College of Medicine; 
med.: rej?.: men: est. 1X2.3; H. C. Tlnk- 
ham. M. I).. Dean. 
CASTLETON, Rutland Co.. poi*. 2.080. 

State Normal School; normal: state: co-ed.: 
ost. 1807: Philip R. Leavenworth. A. B.. 
CONCORD. Essex Co. 

Essex County Grammar School: prop.: eo-ed.: 
Julius V. Stiirtevant, I'rln. 
DANVILLE. Caledonia Co.. pop. 1.02S. 

Phillips Academy; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.: 
(St. 1842: Harvey Biirbank, Prln. 

DERBY, Orleans Co., pop. 207. 

Derby Academy; prep.: co-od.: non-sect.: est. 
1840; Ell Edgecomb. A. M., Prln. 
ESSEX, Chittenden Co., pop. 2,203. 

Essex Classical Institute; prep.: co-ed.; non 
sect.; est. 1854; James H. Kales. Prln. 
ORAFTON, Windham Co., pop. 024. 

Grafton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Charles H. 
Cambridge. Prin. 
JOHNSON, Lamoille Co.. pop. 687. 

State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.: 
est. 1800: Edward Day Colling, A. B.. Pb. 
D.. Prln. 
LUDLOW. Windsor Co., pop. 1.454. 

Black River Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non- 
sect.: est. 18,15: Edwin A. Shaw, B. S.. 
LYNDON CENTER, CaledonU Co., pop. 232. 

Lyndon Institute; prep.: co-(^.: non-aert.: 
Cardinal L. Goodwin, Prln. 
MANCHESTER. Remington Co., pop. 1.955. 
Burr and Burton Seminary; prep.: co-ed.: n«>n 
soot.: .Tohn E. Colbum. Prin. 
McINDOE FALLS. Caledonia Co., pt>p. 325. 
Mclndoe Academy; pn^p. : co-od.: noo-nect.: 
Carlton D. Howe. A. B.. Prin. 
MIDDLEBURY. Addison Co., pop. 1.897. 
Middlebury College: coll.: co-e<l. ; non-sect.: 
est. 1S<»<>: John M. Thomas. D. D.. Pre*. 
MONTPELIER. Washington Co., pop. 6.2GA. 
Montpelier Semniary; prep.: co-ed.; If. E.: 
Rev. E. A. Bishop. A. M.. D. D.. Prin. 





NEW HAYEV, Addison Go., pop. 1.107. 
Beenuui Academy; prep.: co-cd. ; nou-scct. ; 
Lather A. Brown, Prin. 
NORTH CEAFTSBITRT, Orleans Co., pop. 450. 
Cntftibury Academy; prep.; co-ed.; nou-sect. ; 
L. E. Tapper, Prln. 
NORTHFZELD, Washington Co., pop. 1,508. 
Norwich ITniTersity; coll.; mil.; men: state; 
est. 1834; Charles 11. Spooner, LL. D., 
FEACHAM, Caledonia Co., pop. 650. 

Caledonia County Orammar School: prep.: 
co-ed.: est. 1797; Martin W. Chaffee, A. 
B., Prin. 
POTTLTNET. Rutland Co., pop. .3.108. 

Troy Conference Academy; prop.; co-ed.: M. 
E. : Charles H. Dunton, Prin. 
RANDOLPH CENTER, Orange Co., pop. KtO. 
Randolph State Normal School; normal: state; 
co-ed.; Charles H. Morrill, A. B., Prin. 
RITTLAND, Rutland Co., pop. 11.400. 
Miss Snowlson's School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; day: Miss J. E. Knowlson. Prin. 
Mt. St. Joseph's Convent; girls' boarding; R. 

C; Mother St. Charles, Prln. 
Rutland Business College; bus. and sten. ; est. 
1880; L. J. Egelston, Pres. 
ST. ALBANS, Franklin Co., pop. G.23». 
Jordan Hall; mllitar>'; non-sect.; C. L. Jor- 
dan, A. B., Prln. 

St. Mary's School; prep.; co-cd.; R. C; Sis- 
ter Eugenia, I»rln. 
Villa Barlow Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
est. 1860; Sister Mary Magdelen, Supe- 
ST. JOHNSBTJRT, Caledonia Co., pop. 6,666. 
St. Johnsbury Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: est. 1843: Clark Phelps Rowland, 
A. M., Prln. 
BAXTON'S RIVER, Windham Co., pop. 650. 
Vermont Academy; prep.; co-ed.: Bapt. ; est. 
1876; John L. Alger. A. M., Prin. 
SOUTH HERO, Orand Isle Co.; pop. 017. 
Maple Lawn Academy; prep.: co-ed.; est. 
1843: Mrs. Fannie A, Stevens, Principal. 
THETFORD, Orange Co.. pop. 1,249. 

Thetford Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1819: Charles A. Gnlld. Prln. 
TOWNSHEND, Windham Co., pop. 833. 
Leland and Gray Seminary; prep.; co-ed.. 
Bapt.; est. 18.32; Harris Ward Lewis. A. 
B.. Prln. 

VERGENNES, Addison Co., pop. 2.000. 

Vermont State Industrial School; indust.; 
state; co-ed.; J. N. Barss, Prin. 

WEST BRATTLEBORO. Suburb of Brattleboro. 
Brattleboro Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Wesley E. Nlms, Principal. 


Population, 1,854,184. School census, 595,470. School age, 7-20. 

Virginia is the seventeenth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 1,854,184 inhabitants, of whom 1,192,855, or 64.3 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 19,063, or 1 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 22.9 per cent, the state ranking forty-second in this re- 
spect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Joseph Dupuy Eggleston, Jr., Superintendent of Public Instruction Richmond 


Joseph Dupuy Eggleston, Jr., Superintendent of Public Instruction Richmond 

Claude A. Swanson, Governor Richmond 

William A. Anderson, Attorney General Richmond 

J. L. Jarman, President of the State Female Normal School , Farmervillc 

N. B. Tucker, Professor of Geology and Mineralogy Virginia Military In- 
stitute Lexington 

S. R. McChesney, Superintendent of Bristol City Schools Bristol 

M. M. Lynch, Superintendent of Norfolk County Schools Norfolk 

R. C. Stearnes, Secretary to the Board Richmond 


E. H. Russell, First Circuit Richmond 

Willis A. Jenkins, Second Circuit Newport News 

James S. Thomas, Third Circuit Lynchbtirg 

Harris Hart, Fourth Circuit Roanoke 

Charles G. Mapiiis, Fifth Circuit Charlottesville 


On Readers and Spellers West, Bowles and Glass 

On Grammars and Language Kent, Tyler and Southall 

On Arithmetics Glass, West and Bowles 

On (jeographies Bowles, Anderson and Kent 

On Civil Government Anderson, Montague and Tyler 

On Manual Training, Drawing and Writing Montague, Glass and West 

On History Tyler, Anderson, Kent, Montague and SouthaD 

On Physiology and Hygiene Dr. Sonthall 




Pop. of 
County. Superintendent. Address. County. 

Accomac G. Goodwyn Joynes Orancock 28,473 

Albemarle Joseph W. Everett Keswick 6.430 

Alexandria James E. Clements 1406 G St., N. W.. 

Washington, D. C 76.630 

Alleghany F. W. King Clifton Forge 32.570 

Amelia Lewis H. Irving Amelia 903 

Amherst C. L. Scott Amherst 17,864 

Appomattox J. K. Hannah Evergreen 9.662 

Augusta E. O. Peale Waynesboro 32,370 

Bath William C. White Warm Springs 5.595 

Bedford Wm. R. Abbott Bedford City 30,356 

Bland D. H. Munsey Bland 5,497 

Botetourt Cary Breckinridge Fincastle 17.161 

Bristol (City) S. R. McChesney Bristol 4,579 

Brunswick W. B. Valentine Lawrenceville 18.217 

Buchanan Thompson Belclier Big Rock 9.692 

Buckingham John A. Twyman Wily 15.286 

Buena Vista (City) J. P. McCluer Buena Vista 

Campbell W. L. Garbee LAwyers 23.256 

Caroline John Wasliington Milford 16,709 

Carroll Elbert McN. Cooley Woodlawn 19.303 

Charles City E. C. Harrison Westover 5,040 

Charlotte Charles C. Paris Randolph 15.343 

Charlottesville (City) J. W. Lane Charlottesville 6.449 

Chesterfield Chas. M. Hazen Bon Air 18.804 

Clarke C. G. Massey White Post 7.927 

Craig W. O. Martin Newcastle 4,293 

Culpeper James M. Beckham Culpeper 14,123 

Cumberland Chas. W. Dickinson Cartersville 8.996 

Danville (City) Wm. H. Davis Danville 16,520 

Dickenson W. A. Dyer Stratton 7,747 

Dinwiddle E. C. Powell McKinney 15.374 

Elizabeth City .Tohn M. Willis Hampton 19.460 

Essex Ed. R. Baird Occupacia 9.701 

Fairfax M. D. Hall Burke 18.580 

Fauquier Wm. C. Marshall Warrenton 2b. 374 

Floyd Peter F. Shelton Basham 15.388 

Fluvanna Thos. H. Shepherd Wilmington 9,050 

Franklin H. Dalton Dillard Rocky Mount 25.953 

Frederick M. M. Lynch Winchester 13,239 

Fredericksburg City Benj. P. Willis Fredericksburg 

Giles Chas. A. Hardwick Newport 10.793 

Gloucester R. A. Folkes Gloucester 12.832 

Goochland C. W. Dickinson Cartersville 9,519 

Grayson J. K. Fulton Carsonvllle 16.853 

Greene George B. Jennings RuckersviUe 6,214 

Greenesvllle Henry Maclin Helfiold 9,758 

Halifax Thos. E. Barksdalc Sutherlin (R.D.No.2). .37,197 

Hanover H. C. Redd Beaver Dam 17,618 

Henrico Jackson Davis Richmond 30.062 

Henry J. R. Gregory Martinsville 19.265 

Highland Jared L. Jones McDowell 5.647 

Isle of Wight Gavin Rawls Carrsvllle 13,102 

James City Peter T. Cowles Diascund 3,688 

King and Queen J. M. Garnett Indian Neck 9.265 

King George .Tames Ashby Musselman 6.918 

King William Richard W. Fox Duane 8.380 

I^ncaster Frank W. Lewis Whealton 8.949 

Lee Wm. M. Davidson Jonesville 19,866 

Loudoun L. M. Shumate Leesburg 21.948 

Louisa Frank T. West Trevilian 16,517 

Lunenburg l. T. Wilkinson Neblctts 11,705 

Lynchburg (City) e. C. Glass Lynchburg 18.891 

Madison Tliomas N. Berry Crigersville 10.216 

Manchester (City) D. L. PuUlam Manchester 9.715 

Mathews Thomas B. Lane port Haywood 8.289 

Mecklenburg Samuel L. Graham Woodworth, N. C 26,551 

Middlesex W. S. Christian Urbanna 8.220 





Pop. of 
County. Superrntendent. Address. County. 

Montgromery J. H. Stephens Cambria 15,851 

Nansemond I^ee Britt Suffolk 23.078 

Nelson Henry T. Harris L#ovIngrston 16.075 

•New Kent Geo. E. Fisher Quinton 4.865 

Newport News (City) W. C. Norton Newport News 19.636 

Norfolk (City') R. A. Dobie Norfolk 46.624 

Norfolk John T. West Norfolk (Box 185) 50,780 

Northampton I^ L. Nottingham Chesapeake 13,770 

Northumberland Giles F. Eubank Heathsville 9.846 

Nottoway Thomas E. Royall Burkevllle 12,366 

Orange Edmund W. Scott Somersett 12.571 

Page Charles E. Graves Marksville 13.794 

Patrick "reorge W. Via Wool wine 15.438 

Petersburg (City) Duncan M. Brown Petersburg 

Portsmouth (City) John C. Ashton Portsmouth 17.427 

Pittsylvania K. B. Watson Chatham 46,894 

Powhatan Wm. U. Kennon Subletts 6.824 

Prince Edward John H. Davis Farmville 15.046 

Prince George Benjamin Fenner Prince George 7.752 

Princess Anne Oswald B. Mears Norfolk, R. F.D. No. 2. 11,192 

Prince William H. M. Clarkson Haymarket 11.112 

Pulaski David S. Pollock Pulaski 14,609 

Radford (City) L. W. Irwin Radford 3.334 

Rappahannock CTharles Green Washington 8.843 

Richmond Joseph W. Chinn, Sr Warsaw 7,088 

Richmond (City)... Wm. F. Fox Richmond 85.060 

Roanoke R. E. Cook Salem 15,837 

Roanoke (City) Bushrod Rust Roanoke 21.496 

Rockbridge Geo. W. Efflnger Lexington 21.799 

Rockingham George H. Hulvey Harrisonburg 33.527 

Russell H. W. Fugate Fugate's Hill 18,031 

Scott W. D. Smith Gate City 22.694 

ShenandoaJi J. R. McInturflC Strasburg 20.25J 

Smvth H. E. Copenhaver Marion 17,121 

Southampton Wm. W. White Silverton 22,848 

Spotsylvania T. Welch Dew Youngs 9.2SJ 

StalTord Tames Ash by Musselman 8.097 

Staunton (City) Francis H. Smith. Jr Staunton 

Surry L. M. Savedge Alliance 8,4«J 

Sussex W. W. Edwards Burts 12,082 

Tazewell P. H. Williams Tazewell 23.384 

Warren Gibson E. Roy Front Royal 8.837 

Warwick Jos. H. Ham Morrison 4.888 

Washington Wm. J. Edmonson Lodi 28.99J 

Westmoreland Thomas Brown The Hague. 9.241 

Williamsburg (City) H. N. Phillips Williamsburg 2.044 

Winchester (City) M. M. I^ynch Winchester 5,l«i 

Wise Raleigh D. Baker Bigstone Gap 19.653 

Wythe George R. Huffard Wytheville 20.437 

York Jas. S. Phillips Poquoson 7.**- 


ABBYVILLE. Mecklenburg Co., pop. 78. 
Bluestone Mission School; pri>p. : co-od.; Tnited 
Pn'Hb.: ost. 1S80: C. H. Wilson. A. B.. 
ABINGDON, Washington Co.. pop. l..ino. 
Academy of the Visitation: jflrls' bonnllnp; 
It. r. ; Sist(*r Marj* Ajjno.s Broujriiton. 
Martha Washington College: jrirls' 
M. K. So.; vHt. IKOO: Hcv. W. 
A. M.. Pros. 
Stonewall Jackson Institute: pirls' 
I»rosl). : ost. ISfiS; Miss Knto M 
«.. Pres. 
ALEXANDRIA, Alexandria Co., pop. 14..'>2S. 

M. Dyer. 

Hunt. A. 

Episcopal Schools; l)oy8' boardinf:; P. B-* 

M. Rlnckfonl. M. A.. Prin. ^. 

Potomac Academy: iKjys* boanling; noii-»** 
est. 1S(K»: John S. Blackburn. Prin. ^ 

Protestant Episcopal Theoloffical Semia^^^*^: 
Virginia: thool.: men: P. E.: est. ^^iTZg 
R.'v. Sanniol A. Wallis, D. D.. A<^*' 

ASHLAND. Hanover Co.. pop. 1.147. 

Randolph-Macon Colleg«; coll.: men: V* 
So.: (St. 1S.J2: R. E. Blackwell. A- 
LL. I).. Prcs. 
BEDFORD CITY. Bedford Co.. pop. 2.416. 
Belmont Seminary: Kirlf*' boanliog: non-''' 
.St. 1S.S2. I). W. Road. M. A.. Pre*. 





Co-Operative School; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1898: 0. G. Rucker. A. M., 
Handolpli>Macon Academy; boys' boarding; 
M. E.; est. 1800; E. Sumter Smith, Prln. 
BELLEVITE, Bedford Co., pop. 27. 
Bellevue High School; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 186G; William R. Abbott, Prln. 
BETHEL ACADEMY, Fauquier Co., pop. 78. 
Bethel Military Academy; military; non-sect.; 
est. 18G6; William M. Kemper, A. B., 
BLACKSBTTRO, Montgomery Co., pop. 708. 
Virginia Polytechnic Institute: tecli.; men.; 
state: est. 1872; P. B. Barringpr. M. D., 
LL. D.. Pres. 
BLACKSTOKE, Nottoway Co., pop. 585. 
Blackstone Female Institute; girls' board- 
ing: Meth.; James Cannon. Jr., A. M.. 
Hoge Memorial Military Academy; military: 
Pppsb.; est. 1803; Col. Edward B. Fish- 
burno. B. S., Pli. B., Prin. 
BLACK WALNUT, Halifax Co., pop. 48. 

Cluster Springs Academy; boyK' boarding: 
Prcsb. ; est. 1805; Hampden Wilson, Head 
BON AIR, Chesterfield Co.. pop. 54. 

Bon Air School; girls' boarding: Meth.; Wil- 
liam Day Smith, Prin. 
BOWLING GREEN, Carroll Co.. pop. 458. 

Bowling Green Female Seminary; girls' 
boarding: M. E. So.; est. 1807; T. H. 
Phelps, A. M., Prin. 
BRIDGEWATER, Ro9kingham Co., r>op- 3S4. 
Bridge water College; coll.: co-ed.: Ger. Bapt. ; 
est. 1884: W. B. Yount, Pres. 
BRISTOL, Washington Co., pop. 4.570. 

Sullins College: girls' boarding: M. E. So.; 
est. 1800: W. E. Martin. M. A.. Ph. D.. 
Virginia Institute: girls' boarding; Bapt.; est. 
1884; J. T. Henderson. A. M.. Pres. 
BRUINGTON, Xing and Queen Co., i)op. 13. 
Bruington Academy; prrp. ; ro-ed. ; non-sect.: 
Alex. Flett, Prin. 
BTJENA VISTA, Rockbridge Co., pop. 2.:iS8. 
Southern Seminary; girls' boarding: Meth.; 
est. 1807: Rev. E. II. Rowe. Prin. 
BURKEVILLE, Nottoway Co., pop. 5.104. 
Ingleside Seminary (colored): girts' board- 
ing: Prcsb.: est. 1802; Rev. Graham C. 
Campbell, M. A., Prin. 

CAPPAHOSIC, Gloucester Co. 

Gloucester Agricultural and Industrial School 
(colon»d): agrl. and Indust.; non-sect.; 
William G. Price, President. 

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Albemarle Co., pop. 

Brown's University School: pn'p.: luou: non- 

H«»<?t. : est. 1SJ)7: J. Tlioinpsoii Brown. Jr., 

Dinwiddle's University School: hoys: iinii- 

wct.: K. E. Din>vid<lic, I'rln. 
Rawlings Institute; girls' l>oar(linK: Bapt.: 

est. 1850; Rev. H. W. Tribble, B. A., 

D. D., Pres. 
University of Virginia; univ. ; state; men: 

est. 1825; Edwin A. Alderman, D. C. L.. 

LL. D., Pres. 
University of Virginia, Department of Medi- 
cine; med.; reg. ; men; eat. 1825; Dr. R. 

H. Whitehead. M. D., r.ean. 
University of Virginia, L«iw School; law; 

men; est. 1820; W. M. Lile, Dean. 
University School; bovs' boarding; non-sect.; 

Horace W. Jones, Pria. 
CHASE CITY, Mecklenburg Co., pop. 542. 
South Side Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 

Edward C. James, Prin. 
CHATHAM, Pittsylvania Co., pop. 1,100. 
Chatham Episcopal Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 

P. E.; Mrs. E. Elizabeth May Willis, 

CHURCHLAND, Norfolk Co., pop. 250. 
Churchland Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Charles T. Wortham. Prln. 
CLAREMONT, Surry Co., pop. 0.500. 

Temperance Industrial and Collegiate Inati- 

tute (colored): prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1802; John J. Smallwood. D. D., 

CLIFTON FORGE, Alleghany Co., pop. 3.580. 
Clifton Forge Seminary; girls' boarding and 

day; non-sect,; Miss Dora L. Br>'ant, 

DANVILLE, Pittsylvania Co., pop. 10,520. 
Danville Commercial College; bus. and sten. ; 

est. 1803: J. W. Coolf and C, S, Wheat- 
ley, Props. 
Danville Military Institute; military: non- 
sect,; Campbell and Lyndnor, Prins. 
Randolph-Macon Institute; girls' boarding; 

M. E, So.: est. 1808: Charles G. Evans, 

A. M,. Pres, 
Roanoke Female College; girls' boarding: 

Bapt,: est. 1850: Robert Edwin Hatton, 

A. M.. Ph. D.. Pres. 
DAYTON, Rockingham Co., pop, 425, 

Shenandoah Collegiate Institute and School 

of Music; prep,; co-ed,: U, B. : est, 1870: 

Rev. E, IT, Iloensliel, D, I)., Prln. 
EMORY, Washington Co., pop. 184. 

Emory and Henry College; coll,; men: M, E, 

So,: est. 1S;J8; Rev. U, G. Waterhouse, 

D. D., Pres, 

FARMVILLE, Prince Edward Co., pop. 2.471, 
State Female Normal School; normal; stato: 
woinrn; est, 1884; J, L. Jarman, B, A.. 

FARNHAM. Richmond Co., pop, 58. 

Famham Academy; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
E. Williamson. Prln. 

FLOYD, Floyd Co., pop. 402, 

Oxford Academy; pn'p. : «*o-od.: I'rrsi). ; John 
K. Harris. I'rln. 

FORT DEFIANCE, Augusta Co., pop. 4:t. 

Augusta Military Academy; luilitar.v; ikmi- 
.s.'ct.: Charles S. Roller, A, M,, Prln. 





FR4.NKLIH, Boutbftnsptan Co.« pop- Mi3> 
Euphrttdiaia Imititotei fJt^p.; e&-^.; ncm-sect,: 

mt. IJMn): Fnmiy L. Wtbb, Prin. 
FrADkliii FsihaJb Seminbr^r; filtls' bciftrdln;;; 

uciu-Bsicr. 1 Pint. ISnS; Joliti B. Brewer^ A. 

M.. Pk». 
FranUin ltllit&i7 AcKd«my^ boyii' boardius: 

nonscct.i est. 1S£Hj; O, W- Andertoa. A, 

FEEDEEICKaBTJEO^ Spottaylvania Co,, ijwp. 

Frederfcksburg Ci»ll«ffQ; coll,; co-e^L; Pr«b.: 
piit, ISftKii Upt. JoUii R, RoBfbrci, A, B., 
Ai'tlUR rv^M. 
FRONT ROYAL, Wwnso Co., pop. 1,005, 

FAAteTii CoUoffl; coll.; oo-f^J.' noa-a^i^t,; p«t, 

GATE CITY, Scott Co., pnp. 6CM). 

Bbo&maket Colloere; l^Vf^K: co-r'd.; nitia-^t!ttr, 

h\ li. ritziniTrkM. rr(.*s. 
Rgrndplph-MacoD Acftdemy^ U^ys' bnurdlitg: M. 
tJ, Si>.^ e^l. 181S2; Cbrtflea L, Mi.*ltop. Pria, 
GiaUCESTER, Warren Co., [Hip, *65. 

Olouceater Academy; boyH' buat^lLiig; uuti- 
sirHt,; Jijhii Tiilfli , M. Se.. Prefl. 
&0RDOKiVlLtE, OranffB Co., jiap. 003. 
Wtiodiawa Sommniy *pd Vovioal Institute; 
jjlrlft' liKirdlnK; naustH-t,^ tst. IMOl; Ed- 
ji^jir SdiTson, B, S,, U. Su., Prin* 
HAMPDEK-SIDNET, Prloee Edwwd Co,, pttp. 

Hampden-Bldney Collfl^e: co!l.j infti; Pre»b^: 
(tit. 1770; Bt'V. J. GTuy Mf A Ulster, D> IK. 

HAHPTOir. Elixibeth Dlty Co., ttoi), Z7U. 
Hsmpion CollB^e; i^trl!}' bonrdliig; non-HC-ct.; 

\U»yi U(^t*te L. FltcliKt, Prld. 
Hampton Kormtl ■.nd A^tmltural Infltltuta 
teokiroai; manuul jiiid hiduul.; 8ttit<^ 
['O^'d,; rst. ISitSi: Itpv. IIollls B. Fr1st?t'll. 
I). P., LU D,, Prlp. 
SpillBr A<;&d4Eny; prep,: I'ot'd.: BopL; G. 
Kdward Read, Prills 
HIERNDON, FMtrfu Go,, pop, 092. 

Herndon Semimry; ba:ri' boniMlag; V* IS.: 
Ml^srrt (nstUmini, PridB. 
HOLLADAY> Bpattsylvftnik Co,, |(0p. QD, 

Froipect HUl Uom? Scta^ol ; girls' boirding: 
Pfiwh.^ I'Ht, ino;i; Mitta X, E, Si^on, Prlu. 
HOLLINS, Rosneko Co,> pftp. 5". 

f^atr ]i^i-2; JJtirj^ L. Cock*;. Pivb. 
lEVIlfGTOH, LincsBtei' Co., pop. 1,W1. 

Ches&peiikf^ Academy; pn^p. ; eo-^-d.; [imi-s(*f(. ; 
► St. tSsJi; D. tt Amk^r&op, M. A., Prtn. 
LAWREKCEVILLE. Brum wick Co,, pop. 700, 
St, Paul HoTinfcl jmd Indiutri*! Bckflol; imt- 
iiial; itiduat.t ii^*h1,; P. U.^ tit. IHS85 Rin, 
J^inu'ii S. RxJSM'H, Prln. 
LEBAHOK. Rutmell Cn., jjop. ^25. 

Ru»«U CoUeiB, Tbe; |»rfp. ; co-i'd,; afln-ajct. ; 
R. M. ('(>p<?nbnver. Pfla, 
LEWI8T0K, Spotttylvania Co.. iwp. 27. 

Bel'Air &ehool; iinj.: *;"cM'd.i PT(*»b.; est, 
IWt; N, !■:, Sh'mM, l*rtn. 
LEXINGTON, Rockbridge Oo,t l»'p. 3,a<»:i 
Vlr^niji. MilitJiry Institute', titil,; noiisett. : 

est. 1830; C<jL Etlnnrd W, NicbfltH, Api. 

Waabisg^oii sjad Lee Uai^entty; tititv ;^ itten. 

inm-st'Ct.: f'Pt, I74|t|; llc<jrgc H. PttD*?, 

r,L, 15., J*r™, 
Wa.ahinrton and Leip ITuiTeiriity. L«« Be:kf«t: 

low; racnt est. ISflO- W. R. Vauct*. rii 

LOCtrST DAXE, Maditoc Ca., pop. 5®. 
Locuat Dide Acidamy; mllittiry: nwiawt 

«?flt. ISr.S; W, W. BHpRs. a E., Prltt, 
LDDI, W&ibmrtoi3 Co., pop. 10. 
Liberty Hail Honie Bckooli f*H'p,: ^o-**! , 

Presb,; c?st. ISOO; Allen Jtrtn?i, Jr., B. 1», 

LTNCilRnRG. Cinipbftll C&.» |)op. tS.SOL 
PiBdiziopt Businosi Colle^o; bus. ttuH steo- 

(Rt. 1S«7; J. W. Giles, Pfea. 
SmjtliVft BuEipoBi Colltife; hn». tipd atrB,, T 

I'lU-k^^r Sniitb. Prpe. 
RandoIpJi'Micop WnnLau't CoUtCB^ w<i«ti: 

M. E. Ho,; (>Bt, ISKl; Win. W. ShHTIl 

A. M.. IX, n,. Free. 
Yinfinii. BapUit SomiiuiT Kolorc'dil: v^'p ^ 

covf^t Biipt,; UtM^rge HnyeR, Prln. 
Vitigii^ia' Cbri«ti*ft C»UftS«; prep : e<>-iMl,: D«» 

r-lpliji; vnt. 1P03; JuBCpbus HopWAOil, JL 

M., Pt<=«. 
Tirsinia Tbeoloffical BemiELaiy and GoIl«c«: 

coll.: ]ind theol.; Cf>cd. ■ Ititpt. ; ilirgarr 

W. JlaTcs. A, M.. PreB. 
IC AH ASS AS, PriPiie Wmiam Co.. pop. ftlT. 
HauAiAKA Xnititntia^ pn?p.; ci^wl,: iimi-«n 

ICASIOir, Bmyitb Co., pop. 2.tHo. 
Marlon Female CoUece; ffrts* boaMiii^; Uttk^ 

est. 1S71; Rl-v. J. J. Sctertr. A. li.. 

KAEKHAM, Fnnqniar Co., ftop. 150, 

ClfiTeland Hi^h School t prtp.; (?0-ed.; P. 

.tsicms J. Msm>tiiiU, Priu. 
lENDOTA. -WuhiDgton C«,, fwp. 161. 
Haiti 11 ton Hifb BchnoU prt-'p.; co-ed.: 

tictt, ; Wui, C. Pit (ton. Prin, 

MILLER SCHOOL P, 0., A!beizL«rle Oa,» E«f»- » 
KiU«T Hanumt Soko^l of Alb^maii^: t«ek«: <^ 
ed.; ncn-sect.: c«t, ISTS; StoncWiiU T^iftrM 
kkpj». M. M. C. gopc. I 

ACILLWOOB. Glarko Co.. pop. 40u. 
Cla,y Hill Acadamy; l^oyis^' tsoardln^; lUMiHW^t. , 
Wtlltiini II Whiting, Jf„ Prla. 
MOUHT CLIKTON, RiKjkiniiitm Co*, ii«»t., S& 
Wost Central Academy; (imp.: ro-M . mtm 
Mt?t.; i.-&t, Ifetil; D, t. Sut*r, IMa- 
MOtTKT CRAWFORD, RockibcliuD Co.. t^ 
Roctkip^hom HUitary Imtitiite; uti|J|af7, 
ntin-*?<*t,; F. A. Hyirrly. Prio.. 

Woodbnry Foreat flckool; tmyr^* hfmtHHn^i 
Meet.; c6t, IsetK J, Carter Wslk^. Be 

NORFOLK. Horfolk Co., v^k 4(1,024. 

Leacbe-Wood Semjutitf; firU' lN>af«liiij:. 
«*-<'L; t»ni. IS* J; Mlm AmMS I»- W« 




\ IRQ IN i A 

Maifelk Acndnmr; boys' bQaftJiltig; u^ii-se^t. : 

KoTfoIk ItiBBion OolleK^; pfct^.; <!oed.; CJ. 

Philllpi And WMt School for 0irli, Tlio; glrlH' 
IjoitnUtii;' noiiwt't,; Sllssfs rial nips jinul 

Bt. MaJi^r^i Male AGAdsmy^ txi^'^' bounlltiis: H. 

C. : Bcrtther RK^moiiil. Prln. 
Southern Sberth&nd nad BtnLneti Ualvertltsr : 
fjiifl. unci Httn.: J. M, Rt'waler. Pros. 
OHOKCOCK, AqcoBflmc Ooi. pop, 03S, 

MJLTgiLret AcftdBcny; t:|oaPtL 
PETEHSBUEG, Peteraburgr City Co.» pop. 21," 

Bontlifini remilo Ci^Ue^e: firla* tiDtrditiff; omu- 
Bcct.; t«t. 1^4; Artbuf Kyk^ DavU, A. 
M.. Frrs, 

VlrfinliL NoimAl i.od laduBtri&l lABtltute; 
(CoIorcMln noniiiil nnd Intliir^t.; sX;\tf- 
i'i>-*>d, ; c*t. isHT!; J, H- JotitiBtou, t»b, I>-. 

POHTSMOTJTH. iTorfolk Cto., pop. t7.42fT; 
PortBmauth Academy; prt'i^.; f?o-f>d.; non-s£ct.: 

W. H. Stoke*. Prin. 
St. JoBeph'B Acmdamy; grirlit; bdnriltn^; R. C; 

Bt* Pauri J(*1b Acadflay; prep^ boys: R. C, ; 
(Rt, lS.r^r;; Rrf>tlic^r -Timttn. G. X. B.. PHn, 

BABFOED, Montgomery Co.* pop. S,S44. 

St. Albfciis Scbonal; prt'fi.; boy 34; D<Mi-»ect.; nut. 
mir2i J. L. Eldstelti. A. B.. Oead Mafttf-t. 

RELIANCE, WBrron Co.( rH>iK Til. 

SbeaandoiLb Colleffe; uolL; c-oed.; nan-scpt. i^ 
e»t. ISSW; W. It. Kline. It. 3,. Pftt. 
BchooPe ADnouncenieiLt. — FueilttLdti n.e 
tiOoA tkw Clin be bna f^r (he inonpy. Rdte^ 
pxreedlnfflj low, Unnr^L tuition, booka. 
laiindiy. in fact, all iKi'<'ssary oTtptuiws 
frofli |I50 to $225 tMJf wiiKloii f^C 40 wtH"kH. 
A aeJL-ct pri Villi- ntbtiol ofTcringr All tli« 
advaDtugc'B Qf n liii^'h priced Sflhiol. 
ConnBe iiicUi<lt"^ Mutlu'iiiMtlfa, NfitiiruU 
Mental, and Mi>rul *'4cfi'TiiM'; Luttn. tJrock. 
Frenctir Garmitii. MpnnUh, notl li^ngllih; 
Gofnmerclm! Brnnebt**. Wimto ii RpcHjInlty 
— Vociil and InfttniRMMttfil Incrludlni? Ph 
lujo, Or^an, VEolln, Guitar. Nfandrilln, 
;ijid Btamk BBUd. Mniiy SpunlRb si>PMk- 
Ins HtudentB hti\^ bt^oii Utis^bt to speak 
En^tf^li LntEltlgiintly hi 11 or 4 moatbu. 
miCHMOHU. Henrico Co., pop^ Sri,<KJi>. 

AcKd«tay of the VtBitatiou; fflrla' bojitdluf?: 
R. t:.; SIsttT M- .TiifltliiEi PrfVQBt, Prln. 
Bclioort AnDOuni:em«nt.' — Acnflpmy of tbo 
ViBltnlioti, Motitp SlurJu. tSrwce StreiJt* 
Iwtwen 22iid and 23rtl Strf*et». U\rh- 
fno&d. Va. Pa rents and gromrdlans wbo 
wiRb trt seciiro for yuang ladies. In 11 
flrpt-fU** boni-rtmg sfhcKjl, tlio b^.'^nptlif! of 
n solid MTnl r^flnf'd cMiticnlion, witb um- 
tprnol siariprvlftl'*n o^'pr tbeir bunttli^ 
iTiinralB and majanerB. wUl bnve no n^naon 
trt rfgret their ^-hnlrt' mt tht^ SimnJt^ 
Mdrl4i Aeadi'my, On tlic po tired ntid 
luiiltb.v hi-l^hts of Rb-limtrndn in biillil 
I UK* inihiritrfl t» ndtnit rKldlHonrtl nitp\[- 
t-Mitla, the pqpIlK enjoy iimple i^fonmU. 
plfturcMiue Tlews. and i>vory fflt'lllly iiu- 
dflr »n ftpprovi'd s^y attain and aa efflclent 

rorpa of t('aii>liprs, for thtir conteiilnn*Qt 

rti>d progrDEi. 
Davti^a acbool, Mi is; pre p.: co-ed.; nun-sei^i. ; 

tst. I8&0; Miss MJvy P. DaTtff, Prin. 
Hartaham Memorial OoUeve (coUwud) : ci»ll. 

jnd nornt iDrtiist*; women; Bnptt eat^ 

las.^: Rov, Lymnn B. Tefft, A. M., D. D., 

MoGFuire'i TJalTenity Bchooh prop,; haym 

non-ecrt.; i*st. 18(15; Johp Peyton Me- 

Gulpe. .Tr. ; Prin. 
Medical OolleffB af Virginia; metl.: rep,: m**n; 

I'Sf. lB3.**r Chrlst.tpbcr Tompliliiii. M. D-. 

DiNin^ Oollcffi.' .ind .Mnrahall Sts. 
KolIay'B Scboal for Boys; bo;r«' boarillns; 

non-prrt.i T*. M, NoJU^jr. Prin. 
Riobmond Buaineit College; bn». Rn<1 Btcn. : 

rfi(. tixvj; J. E. Ormes, B. A.. Prin. 
RjE^limond College; lOlL; mtn: Rupt.; mt. 

1R.J2; F vr. BoatwrlKbt LU a. Pttb. 
Ekhmond Collefd, Law School; Inw: men; mt. 

1S70; r, W- Boatwi-lgbt, LL, D,, Deiin. 
Rtcrhmotid. CanBeTratoi^ of Maiio^ fnuMle; t!<i- 

pd.^ fSt. Ifl04; Frank Eiipone Cathy, fit 

Bt. Hafy'a Benedictine Inntttute; eirl«* brtanl- 

Stijr: 11 Or. est. ISTO; Slstpr M. GertrinlP. 

PI n^ trees, 
Btn Ffiter'8 Catbsdnl Scbdoli bo^Bt n, C: 

BrnthfT Mftrcellim, Prin. 
Smitbdeali Btiilnefts GoUokb; bus, and nWn.i 

CM. 1S(J7: G. M. .^^mltbdcal, HI. Ai^ctu,. 

TTnien Tbeolorical Seminary in Tif^lnia: 

thpfiLr mem Prr-eh.; eet 1812; Walter W. 

AltHjm, n. p.. LL. D., Pres. 
ITniTeriity Oollflffe ef Medicine; ine4.; ri"ff.? 

im^n; osi, rwi3; E*atilua A. Irvlnf, Ht, H., 

UniTCTaity Collefe of Medicine* Dental De- 
partment; deuLi men: eat, 1833; -T, AV 

]\^tm Hnil!cr<?Ji, Dean. 
UniTfitaity Collefo of Kedlolno. Dftpartment 

of Fbarniflcy; phur. ■ co-&a,; eit 180515 

Btnai-t Mi'Onlrp^ Pn?s, 
Vtia^iaia Mocbanic'i Inititutet tech.*. mc^n: 

n<jii*ccl.: oat 1884; Frank W. tiijkp. R, 

A.< Snpt 
YtrvlflfA Schoel of Bentiatry, MedioitI College 

of Virginia; detit.t men; est, 1S07; Ohrlslo 

piifr ToQipkinN. Dean. 
Virginia School of Pharmjtcy, Medical Oollaffo 

of VitfiaiAi; pliat". : men; eat, 1807; Chrit- 

tnpbtT Tj imp kin a. Dean^ 
VlrciaiB Union TTni^orsity tfO'lored): coll. and 

thcoL; men: Bapt; eet. 1800; d'orgit R. 

TI**if*.v, Tl, D , Proa. 
Weatmintter SchooU fflrln' boarding ^ Pr<'Pl>.: 

pst, 1001; Mls» Carrie Lee CamptHdl. 

Wo man' a Cetlef«;^ firlrla* boa nit pg; Biipt.; 

.T Jim PS NiJlstJn, Prin. 
RIBGEWAY. Henry Co.i pop. 333. 

EidrQW'ay Inititute; pi-ep.t <!fl-Pd.; noD-Bnct-; 

rst. IWtri; Thins. C. Nnnn, Prin. 
B OAK ORE, Ro4noie Co.. \un>. 2L405. 
AlUfbeny Academyi rlijBpt?, 
Ifational Builneti College: bu». tiiid u\*'nr, 

1:. M PcMiltijr, Prea. 
TiririAia Co]l«fe^ ait'U* buarditii^; non-aeiit.; 

Mattir* P. fTarrlB, Prin. 





SALEM, Roanoke Co., pop. 3,412. 
Roanoke Collose; coll.; moi: Lath.; est. 1853; 
John A. Morehead. A. M.. D. D., Pres. 
BCHUTLER, Nelion Co., pop. 13. 
KleinboTiT High School; girls' boarding; 
Presb.; Missefl Wailes. Prln. 
SC0TT8BTJR0, Halifax Co., pop. 207. 
Scottaburg Normal School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; C. R. Hairfleld, Prin. 
SOUTH BOSTON, Halifax Co., pop. 1.851. 
Sonth Boston Female Institute; girls* boaiti- 
Ing; non-sect.; J. P. Smead, Prln. 
SPOTTSWOOD, Augusta Co., pop. 37. 
Valley High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
James M. Ma8<Mi, Prln. 
STAXTNTON, Augusta Co., pop. 7.289. 
Dunsmore Business College; bus. and sten.; 

J. G. Dunsmore, Pres. 
Staunton Military Academy; military; non- 
sect.; est. 1872: Wm. H. Kable. Supt. 
Mary Baldwin Institute, The; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; Miss E. C. Weimar. Prln. 
Stuart Hall (formerly Virginia Female Insti- 
tute): girls' boarding; P. E.: est. 184.3: 
Miss Maria Pendleton Duval. Prln. 
8TRASBT7RO, Shenandoah Co., pop. 000. 

Strasburg Institute; closed. 
STUART, Patrick Co., pop. 371. 
Stuart Normal College; normal; private; co- 
ed.; I. A. Brlggs, Pres. 
SXTFFOLK, Nansemond Co., pop. 3,827. 
Nansemond Seminary; girls' boarding: P. E.; 

Mrs. Lucy H. Qulmby, Prln. 
St. Paul's Universalist Mission; prep.; eo-ed. ; 

Univ.; T. E. Wise, Prin. 
Suffolk College; girls' boarding: Mcth.: Sally 
A. Flnuey. Prin. 

Sweet Briar College; glrln* boarding; non- 
sect.: est. 1006; Dr. Mary K. Benedict, 
Ph. D., A. B., Pres. 

TAZEWELL, Tasewell Co., pop. 1.090. 
Dodge's Business College; bus. and sten.: oHt. 

1808: J. H. Dodge, Pres. 
Tasewell College; prep.: co-ed.: non-sect.; C. 

D. M. Showalter. Prln. 

URSUS, Grayson Co., pop. 30. 
Elk Creek Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
M L. Roark. Prln. 

WARRENTON. Fauquier Co., pop. 1.027. 

Fauquier Institute; girls* boarding; non-sect.: 
George G. Butler. A. M. Prln. 
WAYNESBORO, Augusta Co., pop. 856. 

Fishbume Military School; military; non-sect.: 
est. 1879; James A. Fishbume, A. B.. 

School's Announcement. — ^Teachers: able, 
experienced, faithful. Pnplls: only truth- 
ful, pure, manly boys wanted. Number 
limited. Location: "VaUey of Virginia." 
elevated, healthful, accessible, at Junc- 
tion two leading railroads. Health and 
comfort of pupils carefully looked after. 
Pupils from New Tf||c. Michigan, etc.. to 
Texas; write for Catalogue. 
WEST POINT, King William Co., pop. 1.307. 

West Point Seminary and Normal Inatitnte: 
girls' boarding; non-sect.: J. T. Bethel, 
M. A., B. D., Prin. 

WILLIAMSBURG, James City Co., pop. 2.044. 
College of William and Mary; coll.: state: 
men: est. 1093; L. G. Tyler, D. D.. LL. 
D.. Prin. 

WINCHESTER, Frederick Co., pop. 5.161. 
Episcopal Female College; girls' boarding: 

P. E.; est. 1874; A. M. Smith, A. M.. 

Fairfax College; closed. 
Shenandoah Valley Academy; boys' boarding; 

non-sect.; J. B. Lovett. Prln. 
Valley Female College; girls' boarding; M. E. 

So.; est. 1874; Rev. John P. Hyde. D. D.. 

LL. D., Pres. 

WISE, Wise Co., pop. 511. 

Oladeville College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
R. J. Davis, Prin. 

WOODLAWN, Carroll Co.. pop. 76. 
Woodlawn Normal Institute; nor.: co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1887; E. E. Worrell, Prin. 

WOODSTOCK, Shenandoah Co., pop. 1,069. 

Massanutten Acodemy; prep.: co-ed.; Re- 
formed; est. 1809.; Howard J. Benchoff. 
A. M.. Pres. 

Suffolk Institute; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 
A. P. Kelly, Prln. 

WYTHEVILLE, Wythe Co., pop. 3,360. 

Academy of the Visitation; girls' boarding - 
R. C; Sister M. Agnes. Prin. 


Population, 1,200,000. School census, 235,061. School age, 5-21. 

Washington is the thirty-third state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 800,000 inhabitants, of whom 496,304, or 95.8 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 102,125, or 19.7 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 3.1 per cent, the state ranking fourth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Henry B. Dewey, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Olympia 

J. M. Layhue, Assistant Superintendent Olympia 

W. W. Montgomery, Deputy : Olympia 


R. B. Bryan, Ex-Officio President Olympia 

J. W. Shepherd, Secretary Walla Walla 

P. A. Wn^LiAMS Aberdeen 

T. A. Stiger Everett 

J. A. ToRMEY : Spokane 


The school funds, school lands, etc., are handled by the State Land Commission. 
E. W. Ross, State Land Commissioner, State Tax Commissioner and Fire 

Warden Olympia 


Washington has no School Text-Book 'Commission. In 1901 the law requiring 
state adoption of text-books was repealed, to take eflFect in 1905. Prior to that time 
text-books had been adopted by the State Board of Education. 


A- H. YoDER, President Tacoma 

O. C. Whitney, Secretary. Tacoma 


No. of 
County. SuDerintendent'.s Name. Address. Districts. 

Adams W. J. Lansing Rltzville - 73 

Asotin Mrs. TJllian C. Merchant . . . Asotin 26 

Benton W. T. Walton Montesano 70 





County. Superintendent. 

Chehalis E. Riste 

Chelan Harlin E. Rlsley 

Clallam J. W. Gilkey 

Clarke Milton Prlchard . . . . 

Columbia Mrs. Nellie G. Fair. 

Cowlitz BL A. Taylor 

Douglas E. F. Elliott 

Ferry Marie Stack 

Franklin Mrs. B. C. Nagrle. . . . 

Garfield Elizabeth McCoy . 

.Wenatchee . . 
.Port Angreles 

. Prosser 

.Vancouver .. 

. Dayton 


.Waterville .. 


. Pasco 

. Pomeroy 

No. of 



Island Miss Clare Corastock Coupeville 

Jefferson John D. Phillips. Port Townsend 

Kingr Thomas P. Storey Seattle 

Kitsap C. E. Beach Port Orchard . . 

Kittitas Hoyt F. Blair Ellensburg 

Klickitat Miss Erama T. Clan ton Goldendale 

Lewis R. E. Bennett Chehalis 

Lincoln Miss Margraret Craig Davenport 

Mason Mrs. Fannie Champlin Shelton 

Okanogan W. E. Gramble Conconully 

Pacific Miss Josie H. Bush South Bend 

Pierce L. L. Benbow Tacoma 

San Juan Miss Nellie Sweeney Friday Harbor 

Skagit J. Guy Lowraan Mount Vernon . 

Skamania A. C. Sly Stevenson 

Snohomish Thomas F. Stiger Everett 

Spokane M. B. Watkins Spokane 

Stevens F. Leo Grinstead Colville 

Thurston Fred J. Brown Olyrapia 

Wahkiakum Miss Maude Kimball Cathlamet 

Walla Walla Grant S. Bond Walla Walla . . 

Whatcom Richard J. Schusman Whatcom 

Whitman N. D. Showalter Colfax 

Yakima Jacob A Jacobson North Yakima . 

. 78 
. 51 
. 67 
. 96 
. 13 
. 21 
. 37 
. 18 
. 20 
. 49 
. 37 
. 69 
. 42 
. 48 
. 47 
. 99 

; 77 
. 16 
. 87 
. 69 
. 22 
. 69 
. 78 
. 68 


ANACOHTES. Skagit Co.. pop. 1.890. 

Anacortes Business College; bus. and stcn. 
BELLINOHAM. Whatcom Co. 

Bellingham Business Institute; bus. and stcn. 
Northwestern Business College; bus. and sten. 
State Normal School; nor.: state: co-ed.; est. 
1809- Edward T. Mathes. IMi. D., Prln. 
BURTON. King Co.. pop. 7G. 
Vashon College and Academy; coll.: co-ed.: 
non-sect,: est. 1892; Rev, John M, Fos- 
ter, D. D., Pres. 

CHEHALIS. Lewis Co.. pop, 2.000. 

Holy Rosary Academy; girls' boarding and 

day; R. C: Sister Ambrose. Superior. 
State Training School; state: C. S. Reed. Supt. 

CHENEY. Spokane Co.. pop. 781. 

State Normal School; nor.: state; co-ed,; est. 
1890; Hiram C, Sampson, A. B., Prin. 

COLFAX. Whitman Co.. pop. 2.800. 
English Collegiate School; prep,: co-ed. 

COLFAX PLACE. Walla Walla Co.. pop. 79. 
Walla Walla College; prep.: co-ed.: Seventh 
D. Adv.: est. 1892; J. L, Kay, Pres. 

ELLENSBURG, KittUas Co.. pop. 1,7.J7. 

Washington State Normal School; normal: 
stjit«': (M-tMl.: W. K. Wilson. A. M.. Prrs. 

EVERETT. Snohomish Co,, pop. 7.S3S. 

NORTH YAKIMA. Yakima Co., pop. 3.154. 
Woodcock Academy; prep.: co-ed.; Cong.: R. 
M. Edwards, Prin. 
OLYMFIA, Thurston Co., pop. .t.863. 
Providence Academy; prep.: co-od. ; R. C: 
Sister M, Wilfrid, Prin. 
PARKLAND. Pierce Co., pop. 150. 
Pacific Lutheran Academy; pr«p.: co-«4.: 
Luth.: est. 1891; N. J. Hong, A. B.. Prin. 
PULLMAN. Whitman Co.. pop. 1.308. 
Washington State College; agrl. and tvch.: 
state: co-ed.; est. 1892; Enoch A. Bryan. 
A. M., LL. D.. Pres. 
Washington State College, School of Phar- 
macy; phar.: co-ed.: est. 1906; George H. 
Watt. Dean. 
Washington State College. School of TeUri* 
. nary Science; vet.; men: est. 1899; S. B. 
Nelson. Dean. 
ROSS. King Co., pop. 220. 

Seattle Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Free Moth.: 
C. N. BertelB. Prin. 
SEATTLE. King Co., pop. 80.671. 

Academy of the Holy Name; girls* l>oartling 

R. C: Sister M. Leootlne. Superior. 
Acme Business College; bus. and sten.: «>Kt. 

1888; F. R. Mcl^ren. Pres. 
Leo's Business College: bus. and sten.: t>st. 
1892: Ernest Iao. Pres. 





Sacred Hemrt School; prep. 

Se&ttle Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Free Meth. : 
Clark W. Sbay. Prln. 

University of Washington; iinlv. ; state.; co- 
ed.: est. 1861; Thomas F. Kane, Ph. D., 

University of Washin^on, Law School; law: 
co-ed.; est. 1899: John T. Condon. Dean. 
. University of Washington, School of Phar- 
macy; phar. ; co-ed.; est. 1894; Charles 
W. Johnson. Ph. C, Ph. D., Dean. 

Wilson's Modem Business College; bus. and 
sten. ; Jndson P. Wilson, Pres. 

Y. M. C. A. Institute; prep.; boys: evening; 
non-sect.; est. 1899; Harold A. Woodcock, 
SNOHOMISH. Snohomish Co., pop. 2,101. 

Fuget Sound Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; 
est. 1886; Wm. Worthlngton, A. B., B. D.. 
SOUTH PABK, Xing Co., pop. 560. 

College of Our Lady of Lourdes; boys' board- 
ing: R. C; Brother Calllxtus, Prin. 
SPOKANE, Spokane Co., pop. 36.848. 

Academy of Holy Names; girls' boarding; 
R. C: Sister Mary Alodia, Prin. 

Blair Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1897; H. C. Blair. A. B., Prin. 

Brunot Hall; girls' boarding; Epls. ; Julia 
P. Bailey, Prln. 

Engelhom Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Herman T. Engelhom, Pres. 

Oanzaga College: coll.: men; R. C. ; est. 
1887; F. C. Dillon, S. J., Pres. 

Lyon Boarding School for Bojrs; boys' board- 
ing; non-sect.; est. 1898; James Lyon, 

Northwestern Business College; bus. and sten.: 
est. 1899; M. M. Hlgley, M. Accts., 

Payne's Mandolin and Guitar School; music; 
co-ed.; est. 1899; Lester Payne, Prln. 

Walton College of Expression; elo. and or.; 
masic; co-ed.; est. 1902; Leo Walton, Di- 
TACOXA, Pierce Co., pop. .37.714. 

State Business College; bus. and sten. 

Tacoma Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

A. P. Powelson, Prln. 
Annie Wright Seminary; girls' boarding: P. 

E.; est. 1884; Miss Cora L. Fitch, Prln. 
Beutel Business College; bus. and sten. 
Tacoma Business College; bus. and sten.; 

W. K. Shoemaker, Pres. 
University of Puget Sound; coll.; co-ed.: M. 

B.; est. 1903; L. L. Benbow. A. B.. Pres. 
Washington Academy and Business College; 

bus. and sten.; est. 1004; D. M. Knauf, 

Whitworth College; coll.: co-ed.; Presb. : est. 

1890: Rev. Barend H. Kroeze, A. B.. A. 

M., Pres. 
TEXOA, Whitman Co., pop. 1,500. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed. 
VANCOUYEIl, Clarke Co., pop. 3.126. 

Providence Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

est. 1872; Sister M. Melanle, Prln. 
St. James' College; coll.; men; R. C. ; est. 

18.*i6: Rev. Brother Florlnus, Pres. 
State School for Defective Youth; state; co- 
ed.: Thomas P. Clark, Supt. 
WAITSBUSO, Walla Walla Co., pop. 1,011. 
Waitsburg Academy; prep.; co-od.: II. Presb.; 

est. 1886; Frank Carroll Chalfant, A. B., 


WALLA WALLA, Walla Walla Co., pop. 10.- 

De La Salle Institute; boys' boarding; R. C; 

Brother Jasper, Prln. 
Empire Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1888; Wm. P. Underwood, Pres. 
Walla Walla College; coll.; Seventh Day 

Adv.; co-ed.; est. 1892; M. B. Cady, A. 

B., Pres. 
Whitman College; coll.: co-ed.; Cong.; est. 

1806; Rev. Stephens B. L. Penrose, D. D., 



St. Francis Begis School; boys' boarding; R. 
C. ; A. van der Velden, Prin. 

WHATCOM, Whatcom Co., pop. 6.834. 

State Normal School; normal: state: co-ed.; 
est. 1899; E. T. Mathes. Ph. D.. Prin. 


Population, 1,021,106. School census, 351,256. School age, 6-21. 
West Virginia is the twenty-eighth state of the Union in point of population, 
having a total of 1,021,106 inhabitants, of whom 915,233, or 95.5 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 22,379, or 2.4 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 11.4 per cent, the state ranking thirty-third in 
this respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Thos. C. Miller, State Superintendent of Free Schools Charleston 

L. L. Friend, Chief Clerk Charleston 

D. E. Miller, Assistant Clerk Charleston 

John W. Cook, Statistical Clerk Charleston 


Thomas C. Miller, State Superintendent, President Charleston 

U. S. Fleming, First District, Secretary Fairmont 

J. N. Deahl, Second District Morgantown 

Geo. S. Laidley, Third District Charleston 

J. D. Garrison, Fourth District Sistersvillc 

C R. Murray, Fifth District Williamson 


Wm. M. O. Dawson, ex officio Charleston 

Thos. C. Miller, State Superintendent of Schools Charleston* 

A. C. Scherr, State Auditor Charlesto** 

NewtOxN Ogdin, State Treasurer Charleston 


There is no state supervision over the adoption of text-books. Authority "i^ 
vested in the local boards or the voters of the respective counties, being option-^ ' 
with them. 


The State Superintendent of Schools, Charleston. 


JosKiMi Reks. President Fairmont I^'rank 1>. Trotter. ]' ice-President ' 

A. J. WiKiNsoN. Secretary Grafton H. F. I-'leshman. Vice-President - ' 

M. P. Shawkey, rrr(75Mr<'r. .Charleston L. J. Corhi.y. J ' ice-President. . ^^ - 




No. of 
County. Superintendent. Address. Schools. 

Barbour A. R Shroyer PhlllppI 129 

Berkeley W. F. Evans Martlnsburgr 115 

Boone W. W. Hall Madison 80 

Braxton M. W. Skidmore Newville 175 

Brooke Gteo. W. Hogg Colliers 57 

Cabell Ira F. Hatfield Huntington 220 

Calhoun C. J. Gainer Arnoldsburg 93 

Clay B. F. Murphy Clay 76 

Doddridge H. M. Gaskins West Union 125 

Fayette A. G. Sevy Oak Hill 360 

Gilmer Worthy Davis Cedarville 112 

Grant Elmer H. Fry Lahmansville 78 

Greenbrier W.F.Richardson Blue Sul. Springs 219 

Hampshire E. W. Noland Levels 121 

Hancock T. M. Cochran New Cumberland 55 

Hardy L. S. Halterman Lost River 95 

Harrison C. E. Webb Bridgeport 270 

Jackson I. S. Rhodes Ripley 185 

Jefferson E. D. Turner Halltown 81 

Kanawha M. P. Shawkey Charleston 375 

Lewis L. G. Losh Weston 164 

Lincoln J. W. Pauley Sod 120 

Logan Albert Dingess Halcyon 77 

Marion Carter L. Faust Fairmount 251 

Marshall Albert S. Winter Moundsville 188 

Mason C. A. Green Ashton 190 

Mercer J. H. Gadd Camp Creek 232 

Mineral Geo. S. Arnold Burlington 1 07 

Mingo Lindsay Baker Kermit 112 

Monongalia Jesse Henry Morgantown 153 

Monroe Chas. A. Keadle Pickaway 130 

Morgan P. W. McCoy Berkeley Springs 56 

McDowell W. A. Lee Welch 169 

Nicholas Harrison Groves Summersville 147 

Ohio J. V. Griflln Elm Grove 81 

Pendleton Flick Warner Franklin 101 

Pleasants A. L. Baker Arvilla 64 

Pocahontas J. B. Grimes Lobelia 125 

Preston A. W. Carrico Rowlesburg 212 

Putnam H. A. Stover Culloden 144 

Raleigh W. O. McGinnls Ghent 178 

Randolph W. J. Long Valley Bend 194 

Ritchie L. H. Hayhurst Pullman 168 

Roane N. L. Chancey Tieedy 165 

Summers J. E. Keadle Warford 165 

Taylor Dellet Newlon Grafton 110 

Tucker H. S. Shafer Parsons 108 

Tyler A. E. Doak Deep Valley 141 

LTnshur J. H. Ashworth Buckhannon 139 

Wayne L. G. Sansom East Lynn 182 

Webster Geo. R. Morton T>ane's Bottom 113 

Wetzel S: L. Long Littleton 198 

Wirt J. F. Haverty Elizabeth 81 

Wood C. L. McVey Parkersburg 250 

Wyoming W. G. Sparks Pineville 88 


ALDERSON, Vonroe Co., pop. 518. 

Allegh&ny CoUegriate Institute; prop.: co-ed.: 

M. E.: Rov. E. H. Rowo. Pn^s. 
Alderton Academy, The; pn»p. : co-ed.; est. 
inOl: Miss Emma Alderson. Prin. 
ATHENS. Mercer Co., pop. 1.39. 

Concord State Normal School; normnl: stnto: 
co-ed. : Charles L. Bemlx. PrIn. 

BARBOURSVILLE. Cabell Co., pop. 420. 

Morris Harvey College; coll.: co-ed.: M. E. ; 
So.: est. 1SS8: I). W. Shaw. A. M.. Pros 

BECKLEY. Raleigh Co.. pop. 342. 

Beckley Seminary: pn-p: co-ed.: non-sect.: 
Rern.inl II. White, Prln. 

BETHANY. Brooke Co., pop. 24.'>. 





Mttkmmj CtSltfe: f^KL.-. co-«d.: Christ.: *^x. 
IMl: T- E. CnBbl«-t. LL. D.. Prw. 
BLVflTELD, Mcsecr Cm., pop. 4.<M4. 

W»mr§Hi CbUred lastitirte 'cotand-: normal: 
stAt^: f*>*^: R. P. Siflu. Prls. 
BVCKHAiniOV. ViMfaff C«.. fwf». 1.59. 

SoBiaazy IcWri cf BMtae«; biu. and itea.: 
G«<>. W. Broyles. Pf»*. 

•clM^rs !■■■■■! wiBt, — il)«rb^^ fndc | 
boiiiMM irliool ia the Sooth. Competent 
and efficient teaeben. Three rear comae > 
in «^>mi0erre. Special coones in book- 
keeping, stenographj. uid penmanship. ' 
Tuition per term of 14 weeks. $16. 

Wealajraa VniTersitj af West Tiifjain: nnir.; 
eo-ed-: M. E.: *^- 1«»0: Ber. Cari Grepj: 
Doner. M. A.. LL. B.. Ph. D.. Pre«. ' 

SVKVSmXE. Braxton Co.. pop. 318. 

BanuTille Academy; pn-p.: co-^.: noo-sert.: 
O, F. Qu<><.n. Prin. 
CHABLESTOV. Kanawha Co., pop. 11.<X>9. 

Capital City Commercial College; ba«. an*! 
•ten.: W. B. Elliott. Pre*. 

Olds Fhysio-Vodical Collece; pfarsio-med. : co- 
ed.; Dr. C. Conrad. Pre*. 
CHABLE8T0WV, Jefferson Co.. pop. 2.392. 

Powhatan College; girls' boarding: non-sect.: 
est. IdOO; 8. P. Hatton. A. M., LL. D.. 

Stephenson Seminary: prfp.: co-ed.: non-sect.: 
«i»t. 1882: Mrs. C. X. Campbell. Prin. 
CLARKSBTIBO. Harrison Co., pop. 4.050. 

droaddiu Classical and Scientific Instttnte; 
prifp. ; Cf>-*^.: Bapt.: est. 1894; Bev. 
Elkanab Uallf>7. A. M.. Prin. 

West Virginia Business College; bns. an<l 
nti'n.: Mit. 1»02; G. C. FInley. Pres. 
ELIZABETH, Wirt Co., p^>i>. 057. 

Seminary and Business School; prep.; co-ed.: 
non-sect.; A. S. Lee. Prln. 
ELKIVS, Randolph Co., pop. 2.01G. 

DaTis-Elkins College; bo.vH' prep.: Presb.: 
est. 1904; Marshall C. Allaben, A. B.. 
FAIRMONT. Marion Co., pop. 5.G55. 

Elliott Commercial School; bus. and sten.: 
Walter M. Evans. Pres. 

Fairmont State Normal School; normal; statfs 
co-e<l.; est. 1807; C. J. C. Bennett. A. M.. 
Ph. D., Prln. 
FAYETTEVILLE, Fayette Co., pop. 41.3. 

FayetteTille Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect. ; II. C. Robertson, Prin. 
OLENYILLE, Gilmer Co., pop. 398. 

GlenTille State Normal Ekhool; normal; state: 
ro-ed.: est. 1872; John C. Shaw. M. S.. 
HARPER'S FERRY, Jefferson Co., pop. 896. 

Storer College: normal; private; co-ed.; Bapt.: 
iHt. 1W;7: Henry T. McDonald, A. M.. 
Ph. B.. I'reH. 
HUNTINGTON, Cabell Co.. pop. 11. {♦23. 

Marthxll Business College; bus. and sten. ; 
L. J. Corbly. A. B.. A. M.. Prin. 

Marshall CoUge State Normal School; nor- 
mal; state; oo-e<l.; est. 1S:{7; L. J. Cor- 
lly. I»rln. 

USmUli., Kanawkm Oa.. p«fL 25. 
Wast TiiBVua Oalarsd iMUft n icoloredf: 
normal: state: c<ved.: J. MeH. Jottr«. 

XET8ER, Mmenl Oa.. pop. 2.S8D. 

FraparatMy Bnach Waat Tiisnia Vrntmr- 
aity: prpp.: co-ed.: est. 190(2: T. W. 
Hanght. A. B.. Prin. 
LEWIKBURG. Gveeahxiar On., pop. S72. 

Graenhnar Prashytnial Schaal: boys* board- 
ing: Prtsb.: est. ]9n2: H. B. Mooct*. A. 
M.. Prin. ' 

Lewiahnrg Foaale lastitnta: girls* boarding: 
Prwb.; «st. 1ST6: R, L. TrifonL Pres. 
MONTGOMERY. Fayctta Ca.. pop. 1.800. 

Preparatory Branch West Tiisiaia Vnivar- 
sity: prep.: co-ed.: est. 1896: Geo. W. 
Cooley. Prin. 
MORGANTOWV. Monongalia Go., pop. 1.89r». 

West Virginia Unirersity: aniv. : state: c«>- 
ed.: est. 18C^: I>aniel B. Porintoo. Ph. D.. 
LL. D.. Pres. 

West Virginia VniTonity. Colleen of Agri- 
culture: agri.: state: Thomas Clark Atke- 
son M. S.. Ph. D.. Dean. 

West Virginia VniTersity. Oollecn of Law: 
law: men: est. 1878: St. George T. 
Brooke. LL. D.. Dean. 

West Virginia VniTersity. CoUeco of Modi- 
cine; med.: reg.: est. 1902: J. N. Simp- 
son. M. D., Dean. 
FARKERSBTJRG. Wood Co.. pop. 11.703. 

Academy of the Visitation; girls* boarding: 
R. C: Sister M. Xavier Reilly. Prin. 

PRINCETON. Mercer Co.. pop. 523. 
Princeton Collegiate Institute; pn^p.: co-ed.: 
M. E.; est. 1883: WlUiam S. Cox. A. B,. 


ROMNEY, Hampshire Co.. pop. 580. 
Potomac Seminary: prep.: co-ed.: Presb.: J. 

C. Hodgson. Prin. 
School for Deaf and Blind; state; J. T. 

Rucker, Prin. 

SALEM, Harrison Co.. pop. 746. 
Industrial School for Girls; giris* Indost.: 

Hilda M. Dnngan. Prin. 
Salem College; prep.: co-ed.: Serenth D. 
Bapt.: Theo. L. Gardiner. D- D.. Prin. 

SHEPERDSTOWN, Jefferson Co., pop. 1.184. 
Shepherd College State Normal School: nor- 
mal: state; co-ed.: est. 1872; J. G. 
Knutti, A.. M.. Prin. 

SXTMMERSVILLS, Nicholas Co., pop. 22S. 
SummersTille Normal School: normal; private: 
co-ed. ; W. G. Brown, pres. 

WAYNE, Wayne Co., pop. 600. 
Oakriew Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
T. B. McClun». Prin. 

WEST LIBERTY. Ohio Co., pop. 293. 
West Liberty State Normal School; normal: 
state: co-ed.; est. 1870: Lorain Fortner. 
Ph. I).. LL. B.. Prin. 

WHEELING. Ohio Co., pop. 38,878. 

Elliott Commercial School (branch schools in 
Charleston and Clarksburg>; bus. and 
sten.: W. B. Elliott, Pres. 





Lixuly Institute; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 

Blaine B. Dent, Prin. 
Mount de Chsntal Academy; girls' boarding; 

R. C; est. 1848; Sister M. Aquln Sheeley, 

St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding: R. C; 

est. 1865; Mother M. Liguori, Prin. 
Wheeling Business College; bus., sten. and 

tel.; est. 1860; A. M. Stevenson, Pres. 

School's announoement. — Complete courses 

in Business, Stenography. Telegraphy and 
Railroad Station Training. Modem equip- 
ment, including Railroad Billing machines 
of the latest model. Employs eleven able 
teachers in various departments. No va- 
cations. Course in Boolckeeping and 
Shorthand, $45.00; Telegraphy and Rail- 
road Station work, $60.00. Graduates as- 
sisted in securing positions. Write for 
catalogue. A. M. Stevenson, Pros. L. B. 
Edgar, Treas. 


Population, 2,069,042. School census, 623,910. School age. 4-20. 

Wisconsin is the thirteenth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 2,069,042 inhabitants, of whom 2,057,911, or 74.6 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 515,705, or 24.9 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 4.7 per cent, the state ranking fifteenth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


C. P. Gary, Superintendent Public Instruction Madison 

J. B. Borden, Assistant State Superintendent Madison 

Ch AS. L. Harper, Chief Clerk Madison 

Geo. H. Drewry, State School Inspector Madison 

Walter H. Hunt, State School Inspector Madison 

A. J. Winnie, Inspector of Schools for the Deaf Madison 

O. S. Rice, Library Clerk Madison 

Winona Merrick, Index and Filing Clerk Madisor* 

L. W. Wood, State Inspector Rural Schools Madisor^ 


The state exercises no supervision over text-book adoption, authority bein tf 
vested in the local boards or the voters of the respective counties, and being op^ 
tional with them. 


Wisconsin has no State Reading Circle Board, but makes generous provisicirs 
for the building up of school libraries, setting aside for district libraries ten cer»- 
for every pupil enrolled. 


H. C. Bi'KLL. Prcsidm t Janesvi"^ 

C. W. RiTTENnERG, Trciisurci' Whitcwat ** 

Kathkrine Williams. Secretary Milwaul^ "^ 


C. F. ViKHAH N Watcrto^**"^ 

W. A. Scott Madis^ 

A. H. Sage Oshkos'' 




No. of 
County. Superintendent. Address. Districts. 

Adams John P. Lewis. Friendship 86 

Ashland W. J. Cordy Mellen 42 

Barron T. H. Lage Barron 181 

Bayfield Jessie N. Smith Washburn 60 

Brown John B. Foumler Green Bay, R. 6 87 

Buffalo H. J. Niehaus Alma 90 

Burnett Mabel Ahlstrom Grantsburg 64 

Calumet Leo P. Fox Chilton 68 

Chippewa Albert Brunstad Chippewa Falls 188 

Clark A. O. Rhea Thorp 140 

Columbia S. C. Cushmar Portage 146 

Crawford Orville B. Porter Wauzeka 100 

Dane, 1st dist Sylvanus Ames Stoughton 126 

Dane, 2d dist Guy Ives Black Earth 128 

Dodge John Kelley Juneau 189 

Door Arthur J. Smith Sturgeon Bay 68 

Douglas A. N. Young Rockmount 20 

Dunn Jennie N. Brackett Menomonie 131 

E3au Claire Lura A. Burce Eau Claire 80 

Florence John Elmer Iron Mountain, Mich., 

R No. 1 18 

Fond du Lac Edward P. Crain Fond du Lac 168 

Forest H. A. Kamm Crandon 17 

Grant J. C. Brockert Lancaster 221 

Green J. Carl Penn Monroe 127 

Green Lake Geo. V. Kelley Princeton 62 

Iowa T. E. Bray Dodgevllle 129 

Iron Charles D. Lennon Hurley 17 

Jackson Norma J. Relyea. Taylor IDS 

Jefferson Arthur J. Thome Jefferson 129 

Juneau Mattie McMillan Mauston 113 

Kenosha John Kerwin Silver Lake 64 

Wewaunee V. J. Romden Algoma 57 

La Crosse B. F. Oltman West Salem 70 

Lafayette W. G. Mase Darlingrton 126 

Langlade A. M. Arveson Antigo 73 

Lincoln J. H. Hamlin Merrill 63 

Manitowoc W. E. Larson Manitowoc Ill 

Marathon W. J. Farrell Wausau 184 

Marinette R. C. Ramsay Peshtigo 68 

Marquette Jerome E. Wheelock Westfield 64 

Milwaukee Hugo A. Pauly Milwaukee 71 

Monroe M. M. Haney Glendale 148 

Oconto Marion A. Taylor Oconto 88 

Oneida M. V. Boyce Woodruff 66 

Outagamie A. G. Meating Appleton 124 

Ozaukee Richard F. Beger Fredonia 69 

Pepin Fannie Spooner Durand 40 

Pierce Geo. W. Weldon Ellsworth 112 

Polk L. F. Murphy St. Croix Falls 117 

Portage Andrew P. Een Amherst 116 

Price May McNely Phillips 79 

Racine Geo. J. Zimmerman Union Grove 76 

Richland R. O. Moon Richland Center 128 

Rock. 1st dist C. H. Hemingway Janesville 82 

Rock, 2d dist O. D. Antlsdel Af ton 86 

Rusk W. N. Mackin Ladysmith 64 

St. Croix H. A. Aune Baldwin 127 

Sauk G. W. Davies North FYeedom 164 

Sawyer Effle M. Harrington Hajrward 19 

Shawano L. D. Roberts Shawano 114 

Sheboygan Jos. N. Kennedy Plymouth 112 

Taylor A. J. Latton Medford 74 

Trempealeau Cornelia Campbell Osseo 116 

Vernon H. L. Gardner Viroqua 164 

Vilas Grant Cook Eagle River 21 

Walworth J. G. Voss Elkhorn 119 

Washburn Izzetta L. Sabeau Shell Lake 64 





No. of 
County. Superintendent. Address. Districts. 

Washington Frank Bucklln West Bend 98 

Waukesha G. H. Rhoads Waukesha 115 

Waupaca W. E. Swltzer Cllntonvllle 188 

Waushara Tosten Thompson Wautoma 137 

Winnebago H. B. Patch Eureka 116 

Wood Robert Morris Arpln 126 


ALBION, Dane Co., pop. 134. 
Lntheran Academy; prep.; co-od.: Lutheran; 
est. 1864; Rev. D. G. Ristad. Prln. 
APFLETOK, Outagamie Co., pop. 15.083. 

Appleton Buaineti College; bus. and 8ten.; 

o8t. 11)00; John T. Bnshey, Prln. 
Lawrence Vnivertity; coll.; co-ed.; M. K. ; est. 
1847; Rev. Samuel Plants, D. D., Pn>8. 
ASHLADD, Ashland Co., pop. 13,074. 

Gordon's Business College; bus. and sten.: 

E. D. Gordon, Pres. 
North Wisconsin Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 

Cong.; M. J. Fenengo, Prln, 
Northland College; prep.; co-ed.: non-sect.; 
M. J. Fenengo, B. A., Prln. 
BEAVER DAM, Dodge Co., pop. 5.128. 
Wayland Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt. ; est. 
1854: Edwin P. Brown. A. B.. I»rln. 
BELOIT, Rock Co., pop. 10,436. 

Beloit Business College; bus. and sten.; C. D. 

Williamson, Prln. 
Beloit College; coll.; co-ed.; non-soct.; est. 
1847; Rev. Edward D. Eaton, D. D., 
LL. D.. Pres. 
CHIPPEWA FALLS, Chippewa Co., pop. 8,004. 
Chippewa Falls Business College; bus. and 
stea. ; C. 11. Howieson, Pres. 
CORLISS, Racine Co., pop. 230. 

Holy Rosary Academy; Kirls; U. C. 
DELAFIELD, Waukesha Co., pop. 261. 

St. John's Military Academy; military; P. E.; 
est. 1880; Rev. Sidney T. Smytht', D. D.. 
S. T. D.. Ph. D.. Pres. 
ENDEAVOR, Marquette Co., pop. 128. 

Endeavor Academy; prop.; co-od.; Conj?. ; est. 
1K91; Walter .M. Ellis. A. B.. R. !>.. 
EVAN8VILLE, Rock Co., pop. 1.S04. 

EvanHville Seminary, The; pn-p. ; co-od. : Free 

Moth.; est. 185.1: Lynn B. Wobb. Prln. 

FOND DTJ LAC, Fond du Lac Co., pop. 15.110. 

Grafton Hall; girls' boanllnK: P. E. : est. 

1S8<J: Canon B. Talbot Rogors. M. A.. R. 

D.. Warden. 

Schoor» Announcement. - Acadomlc - 
rolli'gi.ito -Four Coiir8<>s. Music — Art - 
DouHstlc Srionor. Tho aim of tho 8Ch<.M»l 
is to provide a thonrngh training for plrls 
and the broadest fdtK'atioiial advantages 
for young ladif's. It proparos for higher 
institutions of h'aniiiig and provides a 
lllx-ral ediication in Mnslr. Art. and 
GALESVILLE, Trempealeau Co., pop. S(;j. 
Gale College; prop.; co-ed.: Lutb.; est. 1K54 
Lars M. (Jinimostnd, A. R.. Pres. 

GREEN BAY, Brown Co., pop. 18.684. 
Green Bay Business College; bus. and atcn.; 

est. 1868; E. F. Quintal, Pres. 
HILLSIDE, Iowa Co., pop. 28. 
Hillside Home School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 

est. 1887; Lloyd Jones Sisters, Prins. and 

Galahad School for Boys; prep.; non-sect. 
JANESVILLE, Rock Co.. pop. 13.185. 
Valentine's School of Telegraphy; bus. and 

sten.: Richard Valentine, Pres. 
Southern Wisconsin Business College: bus. 

and sten.; est. 1902; W. W. Dale, Pres. 
KENOSHA, Kenosha Co., pop. 11,606. 

Kemper Hall; girls' boarding; P. E.; Sister 

Superior, Prln. 
Kenosha College of Commerce; bus. and sten.: 

Otis L. Trenary. Pres. 
LA CROSSE. La Crosse Co.. pop. 28.896. 
Wisconsin Business University; bus. and sten.: 

F. .T. Toland. Pres. 
MADISON, Dane Co., pop. 19.164. 

Capital City Commercial College; bus. and 

sten.: est. 1856; C. B. Spohn, Pres. 
Sacred Heart Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

C; Mother Reginald, Prln. 
University of Wisconsin; unlv.; state; co-ed.; 

est. 1848: Charles R. Van HIse, Ph. D.. 

LL. D., Pres. 
University of Wisconsin, College of Law; law; 

co-ed.: est. 1808: Harn* S. Richards. LL. 

1).. Dean. 
University of Wisconsin, College of Medi- 
cine (freshman and sophomore years); 

med. : reg. : co-ed.: est. 1907; Charles R. 

Bardeen, M. D., Dean. 
University of Wisconsin, School of Phar- 
macy; phar. : co-ed.: est. 1883; Edward 

Kremers, Ph. O., Ph. D., Dean. 
Wisconsin Academy; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.: 

est. 1KSJ>: Charlotte E. Richmond. Prln. 
MANITOWOC, Manitowoc Co., pop. 12.600. 
Wisconsin Business College; bus. and sten.: 

est. 185K>: J. Albert Rook. B. S.. M. 

Aerts.. Manager. 
MARINETTE. Marinette Co., pop. 10,19.*>. 
Marinette Business Ccllege; bus. and sten.; 

T. R. Hutclilson. Pres. 
St. Mary's Academy; girls' t><>arding: R. C: 

Sister Marj' Gonzalva. Prln. 

MENOMONIE. Dunn Co.. pop. 5.655. 

Stout Training Schools: normal; co-ed.: non- 
sect.: est. lf)Ol: L. I). Harvey, Ph. D.. 
Supt. . 

MILTON. Rock Co.. pop. *)fCt. 
Milton College; coll.: eotd.; Seventh D. Bapt.; 

D. I>.. PfL'S. 

MXLWJLITKEE, UilWftukefl Co., j^jp. 2S5.^1G, 

\^hi. liiv. M J. r. Mbrt?cht» Prr^.. 
s?ltatQ St. 
CrcAiii City fiuiinfliB ColUEe: toq». sua sU»ii.; 
tt. A, Browu iioO W. W< Way* Pryis., 6tb 

Oermui-Enfliili Aoftdanij; prep-; co-wl.; uno- 

AoS BrOAdwtj. 

Ho^mAa^B MetropoUima BuAlaeu CoU«fft; bi!». 
iiutl ston.; uit, laKJ; O. A. HutrinniK 
t'lXfs.r MHmiK>litBii Blk. 

rut. im^; Sisti-P Aliiry Lu^'flllnn. PtUu 
Lueba lomtitviB 9f Ferme^Dtology: brt'Wlhif. 

Mrjii hy ci:>rrea|K>ii<lciie*! ctr In uliendmict* 
hi tJie ctJtTptijnL braiicbeti qf Lhfl fcf tnifUl n - 

in<pri?ial Analyar*. TofflJ Aiinlyfw>ii> Hj' 

tertolugr^' will bo gtven lo student a wbo 

ena (dijt;t lti« reiiiilrPEl iitiiiirlHnl of prp- 

Hmlnnii^ c«tltii!ntlo4i. Ptonin^ctiw »fnt uprr.i 

M^rquett* Oolkt«i C<ilJ.; »€ii.; R. C.; v%t. 

I?^t4; Iter, A. J. hartnwvn^ Pn-B., t«F. 

^iLjiti^ mill KHb StB. 
lfUwftiike« Ac»dflmy; bqjrs' bcwrcUug; tirni^ 

*iet't.i irflt. iSfjri: Jiillim How aril Prath 

Jr., Ph. D,, Prin. 
1fflwAuk««-Dflwti4r 09U4i«i tilrW boitrdln»e: 

I 'ring, aud Preftl>. ; p«t. ISOr*' Mill Elb-ii 

t'. .Sabiii, A, M., PrtfH,< HartfarU, cur. 

iiownpf Ati% 
KUwavkee Law School; law: nipu; Lyna !4. 

Poasi^ A. R, LI^. B., Preft., 120 Wis 

i->>iifilii S>' 
MUwaukee M«dkal ColUfD, ICantufitta VnU 

W. B. Hill. 3\r. B,, 31L R, PrWn, tui% 

iHh and Welli 8t. 
KUwmiikH Hfr^eal CoUeffl, D«iiiaJ Dftp&rt- 

mpiit: dent.: co-ed.; esl. IMH; H. L. 

BonKbdf, Doan. Cor. Wells and Otti Bt*i. 
MUvaukae Medical C^ll«ta; Departmant of 

Fbu-niacy; phar^ coed.; t-sr. MM»0: K. 

E. W. Sfminur. Diant <'i^r. Widlft mid mti 

KilwauJitifl Tel«rraph S^IudI; tri,; cited.: i<»t. 

1807; R J. Crnul. P^f/^., GprmADla Bid*. 
Nationil German-AmariciLa Teacbtirt' S«ml- 

nary; normal: iJrli'ftU'; oo-t?d.; cat. 1S7S; 

Mai Griet*cb, LJtre( N)r, v^yH Broadi*ci,v. 
NEirtliw«it«m Bcliool for Stammeren ; co-nl. : 

f^l. im^i Lee W>1Ib MLllnrtl. Prca. 
Ehfiiida*a Bi»iD«u Oolkfe and Braftmjr 

8«^bool? bBi*, 8tfn. and twb.; cet. JR8i»: 

Anton Rheuile, Prin,. 529 Cliwtnut Bt. 
Spflncerian Batineta C4llef«; Inifl. and itcu.. 

U. C, Spi^nL'rr, Pros,. Wfscnailn, n, v. 

ettT. Broad vrajr. 
Qt ^obn'« Cathedral School; k^lrlH^ boarding; 

n. t:. ; S]sti?r Birnadtne, anp(*r|or. 
State ITormal ficliinl ; normal; state; CQ-iNl>; 

€htis. McK)>nnijr, Prt^^ t'liV. Wfrllft mul 

l«th Bt». 
Wilmot Buainaai C^lbfe; bun. anrl fiteti.; oHt. 

ISSl; H. M. Wllni*tr, Prln., \m Maawn St. 
Wiillamt Bualnoia Callage; biiF. iind sten ; 

T. J, WLIliuum. Pne. 
Wia&analn Callai^a at PbysJiciana and SurEvosia; 

mod.: rt^iiff. ; ou-od.: est lW»:i: A. H. 

LpvlngJS, AL 1^., Dt'rtd. 
WiacDnsin Collflfa af Fbyaiclina and Surflra&oa* 

Dent^ DepjLrttnant; dt^tii.; eo-ed.; v*t. 

IROO; Lonf^ J, Stepban, R^an, eor. 4lU 

St, and RpBonoIr Arp. 
MOUNT CAX.VAET. Fond du Lao Co.* pop. 048. 
9t Lawronca Callaffa; Imy*; lM>ardlng: B, C: 

fHt. iSfVl: lif-^-. ni'nodlet Mui-lleT, O. M. 

Crip.. I'Tfflr 
KASHQTAH, Waukeaha Co.. poy. 81. 

^aahotab Hooie; tluuL: men; P. E,: vM^ 

1S42; Vori Bev. J, G, H. Barry, M. A.^ 

t*. l>.. Dean. 
OSHBOBH. Winnebiffo Ca,. {nvp^ 2i^,2S4. 

Bailway Tolegraj^h Inatttute; tfl. atiil R* B. 

t)HH. ^ n, P. lUirrifi, Mifn 
8t, Pater 'a School: prop,: oo-wl,; R. C.^ est* 

1«flS; Bk'v. F«rlN'r O'Malloy, Prin. 
fltata ITormtl School; nonunl: t^tittts c!o*ed.; 

oilL 1§71: Jithu A. n. Koltb. A. B.. A. 

M.. Prt'i, 
Williami Bnainaai Collage; bus. and Aten, : 

*Hiod.^ oHt t>i8S; t^biiB. Bohnnnod. Prin. 
PLATrEVIH,E, Grant Co,, pop. 3,;N0. 
PLattBTlUo Husln««a Collesar biia. aod aten.l 

J. Aleocfc. Pri'ji. 
State Konnal School; uoTTiial: »tato; PO-edt,; 

egt, LStsO: Prof, J. W. Uvlngsf*rti, Prin. 
PLYMOUTH; ShaboyraJi Co^, pojK 2.500. 

MiBtion MouBo; o41. uud prpp.; uica; Re- 
formed Cburoli; *sl. 1800; Henry A» 

Mtlor, 1>. D., la^iMiCrttjr. 
PORTAGE p Colniubia Ca^p pop, T^-lrja, 

Story' a CoUcffe of C^mnnarca and Hanaal 

Tra.ininr School; Ijilh. atid ftl^n.; est. 

\^i2. U A. Slory, Pn-s, 

POYIfETTE, Columbia Co., pot>. 033. 

Poynatte Pr^Bhyterlal Academy; prep; co-e<l.; 
Peejib.; eat. IftBE; Praab 1. Doiidaa. 

PRAIRIE Dir CHUH, Crawford Oo.p (jop. 

Collafa of tha Sacred Heart; buyn* bntirdJng:; 

R. v.: ofit. ISW: H(iv j->im Ulrln HelnsK 

a. J.p Prts. 
St. Mair'i Academy; wtrls' botirdlng; R. Cr 

SIstvT M, i^orapbla, Prin. 
EACllfL, Buino Co., p'>P 2t),lo2. 

Oranijnu School of Racine Colleff«i' 

tHiArdiuj?; P, la.; Henry D* Roblnsmii. 

Racine CffUofo; bayti" prpp.; EplBcopid; oBt. 

1S5S: Ri-v, William KninclB f^hrro, PU. 

n.. Warrlon. 
St. Catherlne'a Academy: Kivlf^' boartPng; R. 

C.^ Motbor M. tl>ru-lnthfl, PHn. 
WiBconain BualneBa CoUeire; btiH. and sten. ; 

r. r. Moore, Pn*». 
EtPOK, Fond du Laa Da,* iiop. 3,S1S. 

Ripon CDllagifi: roll.; Of>od.; nt»n'!>^i'Ol.; e«t. 







1651; Richard Cecil Hughes. A. M., D. 
D., Pres. 
BIVEB FALLS, Fierce Co., pop. 2,008. 
State Norm&l School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
est. 1875; Warren J. Brier. Pres. 
BOCHESTEB, Bacine Co., pop. 296. 
Bochetter Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Gong.; est. 
1878: Ernest O, Toan, B. A., Prin. 
ST. FBANCIS, HUwaukee Co., pop. 742. 
Catholic Normal School; nor.; men; R. C; 

est. 1870; Rev. M. J. Lochemes. Pres. 
St. Francis Seminary; boys' boarding; R. C. ; 
Joseph Rainer, Prin. 
SCAirDUrAYIA. Waupaca Co., pop. 320. 
Scandinavia Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Lath.; 
est. 1893; Peter Olai Ilollaml, B. S.. 

SHAWANO, Shawano Co., pop. 1,803. 
Sacred Heart Parochial School; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C; est. 1880; Rev. L. C. Becker, Pres. 

SHEBOYGAN, Sheboygan Co., pop. 22.962. 
Sheboygan Business College; bus. and sten. ; 

«8t. 1887; Marvin WiUard, Mgr. 
State Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1902; M. V. Milam, Pres. 
Wisconsin Business College; bus. and sten.; 

H. 0. Thompson, Sec. 

SINSINAWA, Grant Co.. i>op. 103. 
Saint Clara College and Academy; girls' 
boarding; R. C; est. 1854; Rev. Mother 
Samuel, Prin. 

STEVENS POINT, Portage Co., pop. 9,524. 
State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 

est. 1894; John F. Sims. Pres. 
Stevens Point Business College; bus. and 

sten.; F. Showers. Prin. 

STTPEBIOB, Douglas Co., pop. 31,091. 
New Era Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1899; John P. Simon. Pres. 
Parsons' Business Vniversily and Expert 

Shorthand School; bus. and sten.; est. 

1904; Abdtell C. Parsons, A. M., LL. D., 

State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.: 

est. 1896; V. C. McCasklU, Ph. D., Pres. 
TOMAH, Monroe Co., pop. 2.840. 
Tomah Indian Industrial Trainiav Bcliool; 

gov't, industrial school for Indians; co- 
ed.; est. 1892; Lindley M. Compton. Supt. 
WATEBTOWN, Jefferson Co., pop. 8.437. 
Northwestern University; coll.; men; Lnth.; 

est. 1865; Augtist E. Ernst. Ph. D.. 

Sacred Heart College; boys' boarding; R. C: 

Rev. D. P. O'Leary, C. S. C, Prin. 
Wisconsin Business College; bus. and sten.; 

ost. 1903; H. O. Thompson, Secy. 
WAUKESHA. Waukesha Co., pop. 7.419. 

Carroll College; coll.; co-cd.: Presb.; Rer. 

Wilbur O. Carrier. D. D., Pres. 
Waukesha Business College; closed. 
WAUPACA, Waupaca Co., pop. 3,180. 
Waupaca Business College and Academy; 

bus. and sten.; 0. M. Boyles, Prei. 
WAUSAU, Marathon Co., pop. 12.354. 
Marathon County Training School of Agri* 

culture and Domestic Economy; normal; 

state; co-ed.; est. 1902; O. A. Cnwtwalt. 

B. S., Prin. 

St. Mary's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C-; est. 

1883; Rev. P. S. Gasper. Pres. 
Wausau Business College; bus. and sten.: 

C. M. Boyles, Pres. 

Wausau Business University; bus. and sten.; 

R. F. Davis, Pres. 
WHITEWATER, Walworth Co.. pop. Z,i05. 
State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 

Albert Salisbury, Ph. D., Pres. 


Population, 92,531. School census, 22,000. School age, 6-21. 

Wyoming is the forty-ninth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 92,531 inhabitants, of whom 89,051, or 96.2 per cent, are white. Of this 
number, 16,582, or 17.9 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 4 per cent, the state ranking eighth in this respect. 


Archibald D. Cook, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cheyenne 

Margaret Knight, Deputy Cheyenne 


S. S. Stockwell, President Cheyenne 

F. E. Matheny, Secretary Casper 

Alice M. Sampson Cheyenne 


No. of 
County. Superintendent's Name. Address. Dlstrleta 

Albany Emma H. Knigrht Laramie 25 

Big Horn W. F. Brown Ralrden 29 

Carbon Frances Smith Rawlins 28 

Converse W. S. Youngr Manvllle 18 

Crook Maud Sims Sundance 14 

Fremont All ie Davis Shoshonl 20 

Johnson Alice M. Sampson Cheyenne 12 

Laramie Margaret Lothlan-Smlth . . Buffalo 12 

Natrona Effle C. Rogers Caspar 18 

Sheridan Edith S. Worthlngton Sheridan 26 

Sweetwater Hattle Hale-WIngre Red Springs 10 

Uinta Iva R. Thomas Evanston 27 

Weston Anna C. Miller Newcastle 8 


BIO HOBK, Sheridan Co., pop. 154. 

Wyoming Gk>llegiftte Inititute; closed. 
CHETEKNE, Laramie Co., pop. 14,087. 
Academy of the Holy Child Jesui; girls' 
boarding; R. C: Mother Mary Gonzaga. 

LARAMTE, Alhany Co., pop. 8,207. 

TTniveriity of Wyoming; unlv.: state; co-ed.; 

ost. 1887: Frederick M. Tisdel. Ph. D.. 

Wyoming State Normal School; normal: state. 

co-ed,: John Franklin Brown. Ph. D., 

SHEBIDAK, Sheridan Co., pop. 1.559. 
Sheridan College; cloned. 


Population, 5,371,051. Area, 3,456.3 Sq. Mi. 

Comprises seven provinces, as follows : Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New 
Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta and Sas- 


By the British North American act of 1867 the right to legislate on matters 
respecting education was left to the governments of the four provinces (Ontario, 
Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick), which were then united under the 
general name of Dominion of Canada. The same right has been assured also to the 
Provinces that have since entered the confederation (Prince Edward Island, Mani- 
toba, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan). 

The first system of public education organized in the provinces, that of Ontario, 
was distinctly a system under public or governmental control, and as such has 
been the model followed more or less closely by all the other Provinces excepting 

This system embodies features drawn from the school systems of New England 
and New York, but it differs from these especially by the larger provision for cen- 
tralized control. 

The educational systems of the respective provinces, and their colleges and 
other higher institutions of learning, are as follows : 


The educational affairs of this province are controlled by the Department of 
Education and for the administration of this department the Minister of Educa- 
tion, a member of the Executive Council, is directly responsible. The educational 
officers of the Province are as follows : 


Hon. Alex. C. Rutherford, LL. D., M. P. P., Minister of Education Edmonton 

D. S. Mackenzie, Esq., Deputy Minister of Education Edmonton 

Robert Fletcher, Supervisor of Schools among Foreigners Woodstock 


X. D. Beck, Esq., K. C James Short, Esq., K. C 

J. F. Fowler, Esq E. H. Rouleau, Esq., M. D 

James McCaig, Esq., M. A., LL. B 


George J. Bryan, B. A., Principal Calgary 

James McCaig, M. A., LL. B., Vice-Principal Calgary 


No. of 
Name of Inspector. Address. Schools. 

G. E. Ellis, B. A Edmonton 147 

John Ross, B. A Strathcona 152 

P. H. Thibaudeau, B. A Lacombe .' 147 

J. F. Boyce, B. A Red Deer 149 

J. A. Smith, B. A Calgary 148 

J. W. Brown, B. A Medicine Hat 144 

J. E. Loucks, B. A Vegreville 


The public schools of British Columbia are free and conducted on strictly sec 
ular and non-sectarian principles. The Government provides that school buildings 
shall be paid for from the Public School fund; but the salaries of teachers shall 
be paid in part, from an appropriation set aside by the Provincial Treasury, and 
the remainder to be paid from District Assessment. The members of the Execu- 
tive Council shall constitute a Council of Public Instruction; the chief officer of 
education and ex-officio secretary of the council is the superintendent, appointed by 
the lieutenant-governor with the concurrence of the council. The educational offi- 
cers of the Province are as follows: 


Alexander Robinson, B. A., Superintendent of Education Victoria 


Hon. Richard McBride, Premier and Minister of Mines Victoria 

Hon. F. J. Fulton, Chief Commissioner of Land and Books Victoria 

Hon. Henry Esson Young, Provincial Secretary and Minister of Education 


Hon. F. Carter- Cotton, President Executive Council Victoria 

Hon. R. G. Tatlow Victoria 


NEW WEBTMINSTEB. pop. 6.499. 
Colnmbian Hethoditt CoUeire; prep. ; co-ed.; 
M. E.: est. 1892; Rev. Wilford J. Sip- 
prell, B. A., B. D., Prin. 
VANCOUyEB, New Wettminister Diitrict, pop. 
Bprott-Shaw Bntineti Institute; bas. andsten.; 

est. 1904; B. J. Sprott. B. A., Prln. 
Vancouver Businesi College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1903; D. H. Elliott, Pres. 
Vancouver College and High School; affiliated 

with McGlll University (second year). 
VICTORIA, Esquimault BUtrict, pop. 20.816. 
Sprott-Shaw Business University; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1897; R. J. Sprott, B. A.. Prin. 
Victoria CJolIege and High School; affiliated 

with McGlll University (first year). 


The present school system of Manitoba was preceded by a system of separate 
schools for Roman Catholic and for Protestant children, the general administra- 
tion of the schools being instrusted (law of 1871) to a board of education composed 
of an equal number of Protestant and of Catholic members. 

Elementary and intermediate and high schools are maintained, and the latter 
may be developed into collegiate institutions preparing students for matriculation 
at the university. 

The provincial university (University of Manitoba), incorporated in 1879, com- 
pletes the educational system of the Province. The university was constituted as an 
examining body on the model of the old London University. But certain teach- 
ing institutions are affiliated to the university and have a representation in its council. 

The educational officers of the province are as follows: 


Hon. George R. Caldwell, K. C, Minister of Education Winnipeg 

R. Fletcher, B. A., Deputy Minister of Education Winnipeg 

Miss M. C. KiLLAM, Accountant Winnipeg 

Miss B. E. YouNGHUSBAND, Clerk of Records Winnipeg 


Elected by the Teachers of the Province: 

D. J. Wright Deloraine 

Daniel McIntyre, M. A., Superintendent of City Schools Winnipeg 

Appointed by the Department of Education : 
The Most Rev. Samuel P. Matheson, Archbishop of Rupert's Land, Chair- 
man Winnipeg 

Rev. Thomas Hart, M. A., B. D Winnipeg 

Hon. W. H. Montague, M. D Winnipeg 

Rev. A. A. Cherrier Winnipeg 

Prof. R. R. Cochrane, B. A., University of Manitoba Winnipeg 

J. R. Jones, M. D Winnipeg 

A. W. Hooper Brandon 

A. E. Garratt, B. a Winnipeg 


Inspector's Name. Address. Division. 

E. E. Best Winnipeg North-Eastern Inspectoral Division 

T. M. Maguirc Portage la Prairie North-Central Inspectoral Division 

A. L. Young Winnipeg South-Eastern Inspectoral Division 





R. Goulet St. Boniface South-Eastem Inspectoral Division 

A. W. Hooper Brandon Brandon Inspectoral Division 

W. J. Parr Killarney Southern Inspectoral Division 

EL H. Walker Dauphin North- Western Inspectoral Division 

Charles K. Newcombe. . Virden Western Inspectoral Divisioff 

A. C. Campbell Morden South-Central Inspectoral Division 

A. B. Fallis Shoal Lake North-Westem Inspectoral Division 

D. J. Wright Deloraine South- Western Inspectoral Division 

J. M. Friesen Altona Mennonite Inspectoral Division 


BBAVDOV. Bnutdon IHstrict, pop. 5.380. 
BnuidoB CoU«g«; co-ed.: Bapt.; est. 1809; 

n*^r. A. P. McDIannld. M. A.. D. D., 

O'Sollivaii't Business College; bos. and sten. ; 

est. 1902: William n. O'SoUIvan. M. A., 

ST. BOVIFACE. Winnipeg District, pop. 42.886. 
St. Boniface College: a college of the Univer- 
sity of Manitoba: men: R. C: est. 1818; 

Rev. James Dngas, S. J., RectOT. 
WmriFEO, Winnipeg District, pop. 42,336. 
Central Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1903; Wood and Hawkins. Prins. 
Manitoba Agricultural College, University of 

Manitoba; agri.: men; W. J. Black, B. S. 

A.. Prin. 
Manitoba College; coll.; Presb.: Rev. William 

Patrick. M. A., D. D.. Prin. 
Manitoba College of Pharmacy, University of 

Manitoba; phar. : co-ed.: W. D. Mac- 

Dougall. Registrar. 

Presbyterian College; coll.: Presb.: est. 1870. 

Manitoba Medical College, UniTerslty of Ibii- 
toba; med.: reg.; E. H. Popham. M. A.. 
M. D., Registrar. 

University of Manitoba; unlv.: est. 1877; D. M. 
Duncan. M. A.. Registrar: composed «f 
the following affiliated coUegee: Maaltoks 
Ck)Uege. Winnipeg: Wesley College. Wte- 
ntpeg. St. John's College, Winnipeg; Med- 
ical College. Winnipeg: College of Pbtf^ 
macy, Winnipeg; College of niglneerlBS* 
Winnipeg: College of Law. Winnipeg: St 
Boniface College, St. Boniface. 

St. John's College; coll.; men: P. E.: M^ 
Rev. Archbishop Matheson. Warden. 

Wesley College; coll.: M. B.; co-ed.; est. 188S< 
Rev. J. W. Sparling. M. A.. D. D.. PHn- 

Winnipeg Business College; bus. and stes- 
cat. 1882; O. W. Donald, Sec'y. 

Winnipeg College of Musio; music: co-c^* 
non-sect.: est. 1903: Frank Hotchkiss ^ 
lK>m, Director. 


The central control of public education in New Brunswick is vested in a 
board of education comprising the lieutenant-governor, the members of the execu- 
tive council, the president of the University of New Brunswick, and the chief 
superintendent of education. The last named is the secretary and chief execu- 
tive officer of the board. 


James R. Inch, M. A., LL. D., Chief Superintendent of Education Fredericton 

R. B. Wallace, Chief Clerk Fredericton 

Mary M. Thompson, Clerk Fredericton 


Hon. Lemuel John Tweedie, LL. D., Lieutenant-Governor, C/wtVman .. Fredericton 

James R. Inch, Chief Supt. of Education, Secretary Fredericton 

Hon. J. D. Hazen, Premier and Attorney General Fredericton 

Hon. J. K. Fleming, Provincial Secretary Fredericton 

Hon. W. C. H. Grimmer, Surveyor General Fredericton 

Hon. D. V. Landley, M. D., Commissioner of Agriculture Fredericton 

Hon. John Morrisey, Chief Commissioner of Public Works Fredericton 

Hon. Harry F. McLeod, Solicitor General Fredericton 

Cecil C. Jones, M. A., LL. D., Chancellor University of New Brunswick.. 


Hon. Robert Maxwell Fredericton 


Inspector's Name. Address. District. 

George W. Mcrsereau, M. A. . Doaktown Inspectoral District No. 1 

J. Flavien Doucet Bathiirst Inspectoral District No. 2 

Charles Herbert, M. A Shcdiac Inspectoral District No. 3 

Amos O'Blencs Moncton Inspectoral District No: 4 

Ruf us P. Stevens, M. A Sussex Inspectoral District No. 5 

W. S. Carter, M. A St. John Inspectoral District No. 6 

N. W. Brown, B. A Middle Southampton Inspectoral District No. 7 

F. B. Meagher, M. A Woodstock Inspectoral District No. 8 






FREDEBICTON, York District, pop. 7.117. 

Frederioton Biuiiieis College; bos. and sten.; 
W. J. Osborne, Prin. 

ProTlnoial Nonn&l and Hodel School; normal; 
provincial; H. V. B. Bridges, M. A., Prin. 

University of New Bmnswiok; unlv.; pro v.; 
co-ed.; est. 1800; Cecil C. Jones, M. A., 
LL. D., Chancellor. 
MEMRAMCOOK, Westmoreland District, .pop 

ITniversity of 8t. Joseph's College; coll.; men; 
est. 1864; Rev. Loais Qaertin, Ph. D., 
D. D., Pres. 
aACXVnXE. Cumberland District, pop. 1,444. 

Mount Allison Ladies' College, HasseyTribble 
School of Household Science; domestic sci- 
ence; Byron Crane Borden, Prin. 

Honnt Allison Academy; coll. and prep.: an; 

Meth.; est. 1848: Jas. M. Palmer. M. A^ 

Mount Allison Ladies' College; girls' boaidtag; 

M. B.; est. 1854; Byron Crane Becdni, 

D. D., Pres. 
Owen's Museum of Fine Arts; art; Prof. Jsli 

Hammond, R. C. A., Director. 
University of Mt. Allison OoU«ff«; mitv.; es- 

ed. ; M. B. ; est. 1862; David Alllaoii, M. A., 

LL. D., Pres. 
ST. JOHN, St. John District, pop. 40.711. 
Curry's Business College; bos. and aten.; J. B. 

Curry, Prin. 
New Brunswick School for fkb Deaf; pror.: 

co-ed.; J. W. Hansell, Prin. 
St. John Business College; boa. and sten.; cat 

1867; S. Kerr. Prin. 



Prior to the passage of the school law of 1864, which provided for a uniform 
system of public schools in Nova Scotia, private and parochial schools existed in 
Halifax and in the more settled portions of the Province and were fostered by 
grants from the public treasury. This law recognized the need of and provided 
for a strong central power unifying and stimulating the work of the public and 
private schools. The educational officers of the Province are as follows : 


A. H. MacKay, LL. D., F. R. S. C, Superintendent of Education and Sec- 
retary of Council of Public Instruction Halifax 

George W. T. Irving, Chief Clerk Halifax 

Frederic H. Sexton, S. B., Director of Technical Education Halifax 


Hon. G. H. Murray, K. C, LL. D., Premier and Provincial Secretary Halifax 

Hon. W. T. Pipes, K C, M. P. P., Attorney-General Halifax 

Hon. C. P. Chisholm, M. P. P., Commissioner of Public Works and Mines. Halifax 

Hon. David McPherson, M. P. P Halifax 

Hon. B. F. Pearson, M. P. P Halifax 

Hon. Jason M. Mack. M. L. C Halifax 

Hon. O. T. Daniels, K. C, M. P. P Halifax 

Hon. James Macdonald, M. P. P Halifax 

Hon. H. S. LeBlanc, M. P. P Halifax 


Inspector's Name. Address. Division. 

Graham Creighton, B. A Halifax Div. No. 1, City and County of Halifax 

H. H. Macintosh Lunenburg. . Div. No. 2, Counties of Lunenburg and 


C. Stanley Bruce Shelburne. . Div. No. 3, Counties of Shelburne and 


Leander S. Morse, A. M .Digby. .Div. No. 4, Counties of Digby and Annapolis. 

Colin W. Roscoe, A. M Wolfville. .Div. No. 5, Counties of Kings and Hants. 

A. G. Macdonald, A. M Antigonish. .Div. No. 6, Counties of Antigonish and 

M. J. T. MacNeil, B. A River Bourgeois, C. B..Div. No. 7, County of Rich- 
mond and District of 
South Inverness. 





James MacKinnon. Whycocomagh, C. B. . Div. No. 8, County of Victoria 

and District of North 

E. L. Armstrong Pictou Division No. 9, County of Pictou 

Inglis C. Craig, A. M Amherst Div. No. 10, County of Cumberland 

T. M. Phelan, A. M., LL. B... North Sydney.. Div. No. 11, County of Cape Breton. 
W. R. Campbell, M. A Truro Div. No. 12, County of Colchester 


AKNAFOLIB, Annapolis Co., pop. 1.019. 

St. Andrew's School; boys' boarding; Cb. of 
Eng; est. 1807; H. M. Bradford. M. A.. 
AITTIGONIBH, Antigonish Co., pop. 1.62G. 

TTniversity of St. Francis Xavier's College; 
coll.: co-od.; R. C; est. 1855; Rev. N. P. 
MacPherson. D. D., Pros. 
CHTTRCH POIirT. Digby Co., pop. 105. 

Ste. Anne College; coll.: men; R. C. ; est. 
1800; Rev. P. M. Dagnaud. Pres. 
HALIFAX, Halifax Co., pop. 40,8.32. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' Itoarding: 
R. C; Madame Reid, Prin. 

Dalhousie TTniversity; untv. ; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1818; faculties of Arts, Science. Medi- 
cine, Dentistry. Law, Mining; Rev, John 
Forrest. D. C. L., LL. D.. Pres. 

Dalhousie University, Faculty of Medicine; 
med.: reg. ; A. W. Lindsay, M. D., Sec'y. 

Halifax Consenratory of Music; music; Rev. 
Robert Laing, Dir. 

Halifax Ladies' College; girls' boarding: 
women; est. 1887: Miss L. M. Hendrle, 

Halifax Medical College; med.: reg.; L. M. 
Silver, M. D.. Registrar. 

Holy Heart Seminary; theol. ; est. 1895: Rev. 
P. Lecourtols. B. D.. Pres, 

Maritime Business College: bus. and stcn. : 
Kaulbach and Srhnrman. Props. 

Nova Scotia Technical College; tech.: prov.: 
Frederic II. Sexton. S. B.. Prin. 

Presbyterian College of Halifax: theol.: men; 
Presb.: est. 1821: Rev. Robert A. Fal- 
coner. D. Litt.. LL. D., Prin. 

St. Mary's College; roll.: men: Rov. C. E. 
.Mc.Manus. B. D., Prin. 

Victoria School of Art and Design; art: non- 
s«'ft: oo-<mI,: oat. 1887: Henry M. Rosen- 
burp. Pres. 

Acacia Villa School: prep.: co-ed.: A. Mc N. 
Patterson, M. A.. Prin. 

Our Lady of Lourdes School: pre[i. : co-ed.: 
K. ('.: Sr. M. Constance. Prin. 
NEW GLASGOW, Pictou Co., pop. 4.800. 

St. John Baptist Aoademy; prep.; 
R. C; Sr. St. Antoine. Prin. 


ROCKINGHAM, Halifax Co., pop. 200. 

Mt. St. Vincent Academy; girls* boarding: R. 
C. : Mother M. Berchmans, Prin. 
TRTTRO, Colchester Co., pop. 5,993. 

Empire Business College; bns. and sten.; e^ 
1I»01: O. L. Home. Prin. 

Nova Scotia Agricultural College; agri.; pcor.; 
co-ed.; est. 1S05; Melville Cumming. B. A.. 

Provincial Normal School: normal: pror.: est 
1854: David Soloan. LL. D.. Prin. 

College of Agriculture; agri.: hortL; noD-swt: 
co-ed.: est. 1905; M. Cumming. B. A. 
B. S. A., Pres. 
WINDSOR, Lunenburg Co., pop. 3.398. 

Church School for Oirla; girls' boarding; Mi« 
Gena Smith. Prin. 

Collegiate School; boys' prep.; F. T. Hud- 
somebodj'. Prin. 

King's College; coll.; co-e<l.: est. 1790: P. t-i 
Rev. C. .1. Boulden. M. A.. D. C. L.. Pw* 
WOLFVILLE, King's Co.. pop. 1,412. 

Acadia College; coll.; co-ed.: Bapt.: est. 18tf: 
Rev. Wm. B. Hutchinson M. A.. D. P- 

Acadia Ladies' Seminary; giris* bnardi^: 
Bapt.; est. 1879; Ilev. Henry Todd D« 
Wolfe. B. A., Prin. 

School's announcement. — Acadia Semiifff 
is a residential Christian school for I** 
and young women. OfTers six coursrt ** 
Diploma. Collegtftte, Pianoforte. ^•'* 
Art, Klocutlon. Violin. Three t'wrsW W^ 
Certificate: Typewriting and StenofWpW- 
Business, and Domestic Science. J^'^^'^J 
members on the teaching staff, grsdwtf* 
of leading Unlversltlea and ConserTstsrW*. 
Beautifully located in the heart rf ^ 
famou.^t Evangeline Land. Retoinf ■JJ 
Cliristlan influences are constantly tfc««^ 
around the pupil. Charges very niod*'*^' 
School y(?ar from September 1 to '■■'-^ 

Nova Scotia School of Horttcultwt: boft.; ^ 
ed.: F. E. Sears. Director. ^^. 

TTniversity of Acadia College: coll.: ^f^" 
Bapt.: est. 1838; Rev. T. Trotter. *>■ "" 


Ontario maintains a comprehensive system of education extending from the 
kindergartens (introduced into the system in 1882, now numbering 139 with an 
enrollment of 14,160 pupils) to the provincial university, which derives its income 
($340,662 in 1907) from the Province, and must report annually to the lieutenant- 
governor. The characteristic features of the system are the centralized control, 
securing uniformity of standards and school equipment throughout the Province: 
the very equitable regulations in regard to separate schools for Roman Catholic 
and for Protestant pupils, where desired; an excellant system of secondary educa- 
tion by means of the Collegiate Institutes, High and Continuation Schools; the 
provision for assuring the professional training of all teachers, and the close corre- 
lation of the several grades of schools by means of well-considered courses of study, 
uniform text-books, and examinations conducted by the central authority. 

The apex of the system is the University of Toronto, which comprises the Uni- 
versity College and ten other faculties and departments, namely, Law, Medicine, 
Arts, Agriculture, Pedagogy, Dentistry, Music, Pharmacy, Applied Science, and 
Engineering. The educational officers of the Province are as follows. 


R. A. Pyne, M. D., LL. D., M. P. P., Minister of Education Toronto 

A. H. U. CoLQUHOUN, B. A., LL. D., Deputy Minister of Education Toronto 

John Seath, B. A., LL. D., Superintendent of Education Toronto 


John Seath, LL. D., Superintendent of Education for Ontario Toronto 

Rev. R. a. Falconer, LL. D., President, University of Toronto Toronto 

Maurice Hutton, LL. D., Principal University College Toronto 

Rev. N. Burwash, LL. D., President, Victoria College Toronto 

Rev. T. C. S. Macklem, Provost, Trinity College Toronto 

A. P. Knight, M. A., M. D., Queen's University Kingston 

A. C. McKay, LL. D., Chancellor, McMastcr University Toronto 

Rev. W. J. Murphy, Rector, Otttawa University Ottawa 

N. C. James, Ph. D., Provost, Western University London 

Thos. a. Kirkconnell. B. A., Principal Coll. Institute Lindsay 

Stephen Martin, B. A., Principal, Collegiate Institute St. Mary's 

Harriette Johnston, Public School Teacher Toronto 

'Alex. Austin Jordan, Principal, Central School Kingston 

J. W. Plewes, Principal, Model School Chatham 

Thos. Agnew Reid, Principal, Model School Owen Sound 



John J. Rogers, Principal, Separate School Lindsay 

Wm. I. Chisholm, M. a., Inspector Public Schools Kincardine 

Rev. W. H. G. Colles, Inspector Public Schools Qiatham 

J. Ball Dow, School Trustee Whitby 

John H. Laughton, School Trustee Parkhill 


Inspector. Postofflce. Jurisdiction. 

Li. a. Green, B. A Sault Ste. Marie Algroma District. 

T. W. Standingr, B. A Brantford Brant County. 

John McCool, M. A Walkerton Bruce, Bast. 

W. I. Chisholm, M. A Kincardine Bruce, West. 

Thos. Jamieson, B. A Ottawa Carleton. 

Nathaniel Gordon Orangfeville Dufferin. 

Arthur Brown Morrisburg Dundas. 

W. E. Tilley, M. A.. Ph. D. .Bowmanville Durham and S. Monagrhan 


Welburn Atkin St. Thomas Elgrin. 

D. Chenay Windsor Essex, North (No. 1). 

D. A. Maxwell, B. A., LL. 

B., Ph. D Windsor Essex, South (No. 2). 

Wm. Spankie, M. D Kingston Frontenac. 

Don'd McDiarmid, M. D. . . .MaxviUe Glengarry. 

Samuel Huff, B. A Meaford Grey, East. 

H. H. Burgess, B. A Owen Sound Grey, West. 

N. W. Campbell Durham Grey, South. 

Clarke Moses Caledonia Haldimand. 

Sylvanus Phillips, B. A Minden Haliburton, So. Nipissing, 

East Parry Sound. 

J. S. Deacon Milton Holton. 

H. J. CMark, B. A Madoc Hastings, North. 

John Johnston Belleville Hastings, South. 

David Robb. B. A Brussels Huron, East. 

J. Elgin Tom Goderich Huron. West. 

Rev. W. H. G. Colles (Chatham Kent, East. 

J. H. Smith, M. A Chatham Kent. West. City of Chat'm. 

N. McDougall, B. A Petrolea Lambton, East (No. 2). 

John Voaden. M. A Sarnia Lambton, West (No. 1). 

F. L. Mitchell, M. A Perth Lanark. 

Wm. Johnston, M. A.. LL. B.Athens Leeds and Grenville, No. 1. 

Robert Kinney, M. D Brockville Leeds and Grenville, No. 2. 

T. A. Craig Kemptville Leeds and Grenville. No. 3. 

D. A. Nesbitt, M. A Newburgh Lennox and Addington. 

W. W. Ireland. B. A St. C^atharlnes Lincoln. 

John McLaughlin Gore Bay Manltoulin Island, etc. 

P. J. Tompson, B. A London , Middlesex, East. 

H. D. Johnson Strathroy Middlesex, West. 

H. R. Scovell, B. A Bracebridge Muskoka District. 

J. B. McDougall, B. A North Bay Niplssing District, etc. 

H. Frank Cook, B. A Simcoe Norfolk. 

Albert Odell Cobourg Northumberland. 

James McBrien Prince Albert Ontario, North. 

John Waugh. B. A., D. Peed. Whitby Ontario, South. 

William Carlyle Woodstock Oxford: City of Woodstock. 

Rev. Geo. Grant, B. A Orilla Parry Sound, West District. 

Allan Embury Brampton Peel: Town of Brampton. 

William Irwin, B. A Stratford Perth. 

J. Coyle Brown and Rich- 
ard Lees. M. A Peterborough Peterborough. 

W. J. Summerby Russell Prescott and Russell. 

G. D. Piatt, B. A Picton Prince Edward. 

E. T. White. B. A Pembroke Renfrew. 

G. K. Mills. B. A Collingwood Simcoe. North. 

Rev. Tho.s. McKee. B. A. . . . Barrie Simcoe, Southwest. 

I.saac Day, B. A Orilla Simcoe, East. 

Alexander McNaughton Cornwall Stormont. 



Inspector. Postofflce. Jurisdiction. 

John Ritchie Port Arthur Thunder Bay and Rainy 

River Districts; Cities of 
Fort William, Port Ar- 

J. H. Knight Lindsay Victoria, Bast. 

W. H. Stevens, B. A Lindsay Victoria. West, and South- 

East Muskoka. 

Thomas Pearce Berlin Waterloo, No. 1. 

F. W. Sheppard Berlin Waterloo, No. 2. 

J. W. Marshall, B. A Welland Wellandj City of Niagara 


Robt. Galbraith, B. A Mount Forest Wellington, North. 

J. J. Craig. B. A Fergus Wellington, South. 

J. H. Smith Hamilton Wentworth. 

C. W. Mulloy, B. A Aurora York, North. 

David Fotherlngham Toronto York, South. 

J. C. Morgan. M. A Belleville City of Belleville. 

J. P. Hoag, B. A Brantford City of Brantford. 

Wm. Tytler, B. A Guelph City of Guelph. 

W. H. Ballard. M. A Hamilton City of Hamilton. 

W. G. Kidd Kingston City of Kingston. 

C. B. Edwards, B. A London City of London. 

John C. Glashan, LL. D Ottawa City of Ottawa. 

A. Mowat, B. A Peterborough City of Peterborough. 

D. C. Hetherlngton St. Catharines City of St. Catharines. 

O. J. Stevenson, M. A St. Thomas City of St. Thomas. 

J. Russell Stuart Stratford City of Stratford. 

James L. Hughes Toronto Chief Inspector, City of 


W. F. Chapman. B. A Toronto City of Toronto. 

Robt. Meade, M. A Windsor City of Windsor and Town 

of Walkervllle. 

R. Kinney Brockville Town of Brockville. 

John Johnson Trenton Town of Trenton. 


J. F. Power, B. A Toronto Separate Schools. 

Michael O'Brien, B. A Peterborough Separate Schools. 

J. F. Sullivan London Separate Schools. 

Jas. E. Jones Mattawa Separate Schools. 

Telesphore Rochon. B. A... Ottawa, 63 St. Andrew St. .Bilingual Separate Schools, 

D. Chenay Windsor Bilingual Sep^vrate Schools, 

V. Hector Gaboury, B. A. .Plantagenet Bilingual Separate Schools. 

A. B. Belanger, B. A Ottawa Bilingual Separate Schools. 



John J. Tilley, Toronto Model County School Inspector. 

J. E. Wetherell, M. A., Toronto High School Inspector. 

H. B. Spotton, M. A., Toronto High School Inspector. 

J. A. Houston, B. A., Toronto High School Inspector. 

Albert H. Leake, Toronto, Inspector of Manual Training and Technical Schools. 
R. H. Cowley, B. A., Toronto Inspector of Continuation Classes. 


BELLEVILLE, Hastinffs District, pop. 0,117. 
Albert Ck>llege; coll.: M. E.: co-ed.; est. 1757; 

W. P. Dyer, M. A., D. D.. Pres. 
Ontario Institution for the Deaf and Dumb; 

prov. ; co-ed.. 
Ontario Businesi College; bus. and sten. ; est. 
1868; W. B. Robinson, J. W. Johnson, P. 
C. A.. Prlns. 
BEKLIN, Waterloo District, pop. 0.747. 

Berlin Busineis College; bas. and sten.; est. 

1890; W. D. Euler, Pres. 
St. Jerome's College; boys' boarding; R. C; 

est. 18G6: A. L. Zingen, M. A., Ph. M., 


BRANTFORD, Brant District, pop. 16,619. 

Brantford Ladies' College; girls' boarding; 

est. 1874. Principal. 

Ontario Institution for the Education of the 





Blind; prov.; co-ed.: est. 1871; N. P. 
Gardiner, Prin. 
BBOCKVILLE, pop. 8,940. 
Brockyille Basinett College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1880; Charles W. Gay, PrIn. 
St. Alban's School; est. 1001: Rev. F. Graham 
Orchard. M. A.. Prin. 
CHATHAM, pop. 9,068. 
Canada Basinets College; bus. and sten.; est 
1876; Duncan McLachlan. Prcs. 
DEER PARK, York District, pop. 311. 
Upper Canada College; bo.vB' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1820; H. W. Anden. M. A., 
OALT, Wellington District, pop. 7.866. 
Oalt Business College; bu8. and sten.: est. 
1807: W. E. Brown, Prln. 
OXTELPH, WeUington District, pop. 11.496. 
Ontario Agricultural College; agri.; non-sect.: 
co-ed.; est. 1874: G. C. Creelmon. B. 8. 
A.. M. S., Pres. 
HAMrLTON. Wentworth District, pop. 52.634. 
Canada, Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1862; R. E. Gallagher. Prin. 
Wesleyan Ladies' College; girls* boarding; est. 
1860: Principal. 

KINGSTON, Frontenac District, pop. 17.961. 

Dominion Institute of Amalgamated Engineer- 
ing; tech.: men: Sir Sanford Fleming. 
Pres.: Prof. Carr Harris, Gen. Sec'y. 

Kingston Business College; bus., sten. and tel.; 
est. 1884: 11. F. Metcalfe. Pres. 

Kingston Conservatory of Music and School of 
Elocution and Lecture; music; co-ed.; non- 
sect.: est. 1802: O. F. Seljimnnn. Director 
of .Music: Aleda V. SolRmnnn. n. E.. Di- 
rector Elocution. 

Queen's College and University ; coll.: co-ed.; 
non-sect.: est. 1841; Daniel .M. Gordon, 
M. A.. D. D.. LL. D., Pres. 

Queen's University, Faculty of Medicine; Royal 
College of Physicians and Surgeons; med.: 
r«*K.: men: est. 1K54: J. C. Connell. M. D., 

School of Mining; tech.: men: est. 1893; 
Nathan F. Dupins. M. A.. Denn. 

University of Queen's College; univ.; coed.; 
est. 1841. 

LINDSAY, Victoria District, p^ip. 7.003. 

Federal Business College; bus. and sten.: est. 
1808: Geo. S. Houston, .M. A.. Pres. 
LONDON, Middlesex District, pop. 37.981. 

Forest Business and Shorthand College; bus. 
iind sten.; est. iKsr*: J. W. Westenelt 

Harding Hall. College and Central Conserva- 
tory; Kirls' boarding: nonsoct.: est. 1808: 
K«'v. .Tncrtb .lolinson Hnlcrr. M. A.. Pres. 

Huron College; «oll.: nun: Cli. of En^. : est. 
isa't: Rev. ('. raniiT.m Wnllor. M. A.. 

London Conservatory of Music; nnis. and elo. : 
«-si. 1K02: W. f'liven Harmn. prin. 

London Normal School; noriual: prov.; co-ed.- 
••St. VMtO: F. \V. .Mereliant. M. A.. Prin. 

Western University; roll.: cr>-c<l.: V. E. : est. 
I^^O.'-): N. (\ .Tames. M. A.. Ph. D.. Pro- 
vost . 

Western University. Medical Department; 

med.; reg. : co-ed.; W. H. Moorfaoase. 
M. D., Dean. 
OSHAWA, Ontario District, pop. 4.384. 
Demill Ladies' College; girls' boarding; est. 
OTTAWA, RusseU District, pop. 59,928. 
Canadian Conservatory of Music; music; est. 

1902; H. Puddlcombe, Director. 
Harmon Home and Day School; girls' board- 
lug; non-sect.; est. 1862; Abby Maria Har- 
mon, Prin. 
Ottawa Business College; bus. and sten., est. 

1860; H. G. W. Bralthwalte, Prln. 
Ottawa Ladies' College; girls' boarding: est. 

1872: Principal. 
University of Ottawa; univ.; men; R. C; 
est. 1848: Rev. W. J. Murphy, Rector. 
OWEN-SOUND, Grey District, pop. 8,776. 
Northern Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1881; C. A. Fleming. F. C. A., Prin. 
PERTH, Lanark District, pop. 3,558. 
Federal Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1808; Geo. S. Houston. M. A.. Pres. 
PORT HOPE. Durham District, pop. 4.188. 
Trinity College School; boys' boarding; An- 
glican: est. 1865; Rev. Oswald Rigby, M. 
A.. LL. D., Pres. 
RICHMOND, Carieton District, pop. 469. 

St. Francis College; coll.; est. 1854; R. C; 
ST. CATHERINES, York District, pop. 9.946. 
St. Catherines Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1882: E. Warner, Prin. 
St. Mary's Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Stephen Martin, B. A., Prln. 
ST. THOMAS, Elgin District, pop. 11,485. 
Alma College; girls' boarding; M. E.. est. 
1881; Rev. Rol>ert I. Warner. M. A., D. D., 
St. Thomas Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1S88: H. T. Gough. Prop. 
SANDWICH, Essex District, pop. 1.450. 
Assumption College; coll.: R. C: est. 1854; 
SARNIA, Lambton District, pop. 8,176. 

Samia Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
IS04: William S. Stapleton. Prin. 
SMITH'S FALLS, Lanark District, pop. 5.155. 
Feder^ Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1808: Geo. .S. Houston. M. A., Pres. 
TORONTO. York District, pop. 208,040. 
British-American Business College; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1S«(>: R. A. Farquharson. Prin. 
Bishop Strachan School, The; girls* boarding; 
Aiipllcan: est. ISfiT: The Right Rev. The 
liisbop of Toronto. 
British-Amencan Business College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1S«,(): T. M. Watson. Prln. 
Canadian Correspondence College; corresp. : 

«'st. lOOJ: Donald G. French. Prin. 
Canadian Eclectic Shorthand College; bus. and 

sten.: est. VMX); J. C. Clarke, Prin. 
Canadian School of Telegraphy; tel.; co-ed.: 

est. is;r2: W. II. Shaw. I»res. 
Conservatory School of Literature and Expres- 
sion; j;irlv' ttoanlinp: non-sect.: est. 1899; 
Mrs. Inez Nieliolson Cutter, Prin. 





Blnoz CroUafe; coll.; Prosb.; uivn; est. 1844; 

Wni. McLaren, D. D.. Prln. 
MoMftster XTnivartity ; univ.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 

eat. 1887; A. C. McKay. B. A.. LL. D., 

McMMter Univenity, Toronto Baptist College; 

theol.; Jones Hughes Farmer. B. A., 

LL. D.. Dean. 
Meisterschaft School of Languages and Natural 

Science; prep.: co-ed.: Evang. ; est. 1880; 

James Cusin, Prin. 
Metropolitan School of Music; music; est. 

1894; W. O. Forsyth. Director. 
Moulton College (Girls' Academic Department, 

McMaster XJniTersity) ; girls' boarding; 

Bapt.; est. 1888; K. A. Hardy, B. A., 

Ontario College of Pharmacy; phar.: co-e<l.; 

non-sect.: est. 1872; Charles F. Heebner, 

Boyal College of Dental Surgeons; dent.; co- 
wl.: est. 1875; J. Branston Wilmott. L. D. 

S.. M. D. S.. D. D. S., Dean. 
St. Andrew's College; boys* boarding: non- 
sect.: est. 1809; Rov. D. Bruce Macdonald, 

M. A.. LL. D.. Prin. 
St. Margaret's College; girls' boarding: non- 
sect.; eat. 1897; George Dickson, M. A., 

St. Michael's College; coll.; est. 1852; R. C; 

School of Practical Science. (See Faculty of 

Applied Science. University of Toronto.) 
Toronto College of Music; music: est. 1888; 

F. H. Torrington, Mus. Doc., Director. 
Toronto Consenratory of Music: music: est. 

188«: Edward Fisher. Mus. D<k-., Director. 
Toronto Presbjrterian Ladies' College; girls' 

boarding: Preab.: est. 1889: T. M. Mac- 

intyre, M. A.. LL. B.. Ph. D.. Pres. 

Toronto Normal School; normal; prov. ; co-ed.; 

est. 1847: Wm. Scott, B. A.. Prin. 
Toronto Veterinary College; vet.; men. 
Trinity College; coll.; men; Rev. T. 0. S. 

Maclclem, Provost. 
XJniTersity of Toronto; univ.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1827; Rev. R. A. Falconer, LL. D., 

XTniversity of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Sci- 
ence and Engineering: men; A. Y. Laing, 

University of Toronto, Faculty of Education; 

nor.; co-ed.: William Pakenham, M. A., 

Ph. D., Dean. 
University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine; 

iiied.: reg.: men: R. A. Reeve, B. A., 

.M. B.. LL. D.. Dean. 
University of Trinity College; univ.; co-ed.; 

Ch. of Kng.: est. 1851; Rev. T. C. Street 

Mackleni. M. A.. D. D., LL. D., Provost. 
Upper Canada College: boys' boarding: non- 
sect.; CHt. 182J): Henry W. Anden, M. A., 

Victoria University; univ.; co-ed.; est. 18.30; 

Rev. X. Bur wash. LL. D.. Pres. 
Wycliffe College: coll.: theol.: men: Ch. of 

Eng.: est. 1877; The Rev. Canon O'Meara. 

LL. B.. Pres. 
WHITBY, Ontario District, pop. 2,110. 
Ontario Ladies' College; coll.: women: Meth.; 

est. 1874; Rev. J. J. Hare, Ph. D.. Pres. 
WOODSTOCK, Oxford District, pop. 8,8.')3. 
Woodstock Eusiness College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1890: R. W. Nickerson, Prln. 
Woodstock College (Boys' Academic Depart- 

ment, McMaster University); Bapt.: est. 

1857: A. L. McCrlmmon. M. A., Pres. 
Woodstock Collegiate Institute; prep.: co-ed.: 

non-sect.: r«t. 18r»7; I. M. I^evan. B. A., 



Public education in this province is under the control of a board of education 
composed of the members of the executive council, the chief superintendent of edu- 
cation and the principal of the Prince of Wales College and Normal School. 

The educational officers of the province are as follows : 


Hon. F. L. Hazard, K. C. President Charlottetown 

The Chief Superintendent of Education, Secretary Charlottetown 

S. N. Robertson, A., LL. D., Principal Prince of Wales College and Normal 

School Charlottetown 

Hon. J. H. Cummiskey Charlottetown 

Hon. S. E. Reid Charlottetown 

Hon. Benjamin Gallant Charlottetown 

Hon. J. D. McInnis Charlottetown 

Hon. Peter MacNutt Charlottetown 

Hon. G. E. Hughes Charlottetown 

Hon. Matthew Smith Charlottetown 

Hon. J. M. Clark - Charlottetown 

The Board of Education has by statute of the Provincial Legislature the con- 
trol and management of the Prince of Wales College and Normal School. 


CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island. 
Prince of Walei College and Normal School; 
coll. and nor.; prov. : co-ed.; est. 1860; 
S. X. Robertson, M. A.. LL. D.. Prln. 

Provincial Normal School; consolidated Into 

the Prince of Wales College. 
St. Dunstan'ft College: coll.; men: R. C. ; Rev. 

Thomas Curran. D. I).. Ph. D., Rector. 


The public school system of Quebec had its origin in parochial schools, which 
were fostered from the earliest settlement of the colony and which were recog- 
nized as the basis of the public system of education by a law of 1846. Peculiar 
difficulties were experienced in the development of the system because of the relig- 
ious differences of the French and English populations. The former were adherents 
of the Roman Catholic Church and naturally resisted all efforts that threatened 
their relations with the religious schools of which they were staunch supporters. 
After a period of tentative efforts, a policy was adopted in 1875, which has proved 
satisfactory to the Roman Catholics, who form the vast majority of the population, 
while at the same time it affords protection for the rights of the Protestant 
minority. The system established provides for the separate control of Roman 
Catholic and Protestant schools without destroying their organic unity. The edu- 
cational officers of the Province are as follows: 


Hon. Boucher, de La Bruere, Superintendent of Public Instruction' Montreal 

Mr. Paul de Cazes, French Secretary of the Department Montreal 

Mr. Geo. W. Parmelee, English Secretary of the Department Montreal 

Mr. J. N. Miller, Special Officer and Assistant Secretary Montreal 

Mr. John Parker, Special Officer Montreal 

Mr. John Strang, Accountant Montreal 

Mr. F. X. CouiLLARD, Assistant Accountant and Clerk of Statistics Montreal 

Mr. Louis Joseph Pregen, Clerk of Records Montreal 

Mr. Moise Raymond, Librarian and Clerk of French Correspondence Montreal 

Mr. L'abbe V. A. Huard, Conservator of Museum Montreal 

Mr. Louis Lefebvre, Clerk of Accounts Montreal 

Mr. W. G. L. Paxman, Clerk of English Correspondence Montreal 

Mr. Antoine Dessane, Clerk of Correspondence relative to School Inspec- 
tion : Montreal 



Bale St. Paul, L. Bergeron. 
Bale St. Paul, A. H. SImard. 
Bale St. Paul, Charlevoix — Ths. Trem- 

Chlcoutlmi. J. E. Savard. 
House Harbour. De Paqmt. 
Jollette, A. Fontaine. 
L'Assomptlon, H. Pnid' Homme. 
Lauzon, G. S. Vien. 
L«yis, A. P. Roy. 

Liongueull, J. Herbert. 
Lotblniere, L. O. Page. 
Montreal, J. A. Cleroux. 
Montreal, M. J. Curot. 
Montreal, M. J. B. Demers. 
Montreal, B. Lippens. 
Montreal. J. G. McGown. 
Pointe Claire. C. Brault. 
Quebec. J. O. Goulet. 
Quebec, G. E. Marquis. 
Quebec, H. Nansot. 
Rimouski, D. Begin. 




Roxton Falls, L. N. Leveflque. 

Roxton Falls, A, Tangruay. 

Ste. Anne de la Pocatlere, J. Z. Dubeau. 

St. Anselme. J. M. Cote. 

St. Cesaire. J. T. Molleur. 

St. Cliarles, Bellechasse — P. J. Ruel. 

St. David de Levis, Ls. A. Guay. 

St. Eustache, J. B. Primeau. 

Ste. Famine, J. M. Turcotte. 

St. Francois du Sud, J. A. Chabot. 

St. Gervais, L P. Ooulet. 

St. Maurice, F. X. Guay. 

St. Michel. Bellechasse — A. M. Fllteau. 

Three Rivers, J. V. Beaumier. 

Victorlavllle, J. E. Genest-LaBarre. 



Coatlcook. W. Thompson. 

Cowansville, A. L. Gilman. 

Grindstone, Magdalen Islands. Quebec 
— J. Ballantyne. 

Knowlton. Rev. Ernest Taylor. 

Lachute. J. W. McOuat. 

Leeds Vlllagre, O. F. McCutcheon. 

Marble ton, Rev. J. N. Kerr. 

Montreal, J. Mabon. 

Pointe a la Garde, Rev. J. M. Suther- 

Richmond, R. J. Hewton. 

Quebec, John Parker. 


BEBTHIEBYILLE, Barthier Ck>., pop. 1.000. 
Saint Joseph's Commercial College; prep, und 
bus.; c«t. 1848; Rev. L. A. Ix»vaR«Pur, 
C. S. v.. Prin. 

School's announcement. — The principal 
matters taught comiioslng the programme 
of studies are: French and EngliRh lan- 
guages. History, Geography. Complete 
Arithmetic, Geometry. Algebra. Book- 
keeping. Commercial Law. BuHineKs Cor- 
respondence. Penmanship. Violin. Comet, 
etc. Any person of whatever UHtionality 
or religion Is admitted in the college. 
Board, tuition, etc.. $11 iM»r month: 
piano. $2 per month; violin or comet, 
IL.'iO per month. 

CHICOUTIMI, Chicoutimi District, pop. .3.820. 
Chicoutimi College; coll.; men: R. C: est. 
1873: Rev. Eng. Lapointe. I»h. D.. M. A., 

JOLIETTE. Joliette District, pop. 4.220. 
Joliette College; coll.: men: R. C. : o«t. 1840: 

L'ASSOMPTION, L'Assomption District, pop. 

L'Assomption College; roll.: uwn, R. C. : est. 

18.32: Principal. 
School of Agriculture; aurl.: rood.: Principal. 
LENNOXVILLE, Sherbrooke District, i>op. t.l20. 
Bishop's College; coll.: co-ed.: I*. K.: est. 

1S4.3: Rev. Edward J. Bidwcll. M. A.. 

Bishop's College School; prep.; Ixiys; P. K.: 

est. 1S42: Rev. E. J. BldwHl. M. A.. 

LEVIS. Levis District. |»op. 7.78.3. 

Levis College; coll.; uwu: R. C. ; cut. Is.'i.T; 


MONTREAL. Montreal District, pop. 207.7:{0. 

Congregational College of Canada; thcol. : men: 
('.: Rev. Edward .Munson Hill. M. A.. 
I>. !».. Prin. 

Jacques Cirtier Normal School; nor.; ro-cd.; 
Nap. DmIh.Isj. PrcH. 

Lavil University: terli.; inm. I'n»ress..r it.i 
Irtr. ninctor. 

Laval University. School of Medicine and Sur- 
gery: iii«tl.: n-i:. : .I^-im Pliilippe Uoftot. 
M. !>.. Dciin. 

Loyola College; cnll.: in«n; R. C. : est. I.<s07: 

McOill Conservatorium of Music: mus. ; est. 
1J>04: Dr. Chsrles A. E. Ilarriss, Director. 

McOill Normal School; mergeil with Macdon- 
ald College. Ste. Anne de Bellevue. 

McOill University; univ.; co-ed., non-sect.; 
est. 1821: William Peterson. M. A.. 
LL. n.. C. M. G.. Prin. 

McOill University, Faculty of Law; law: men: 
est. 1820; F. !». Walton. B. A.. LL. B.. 

McOill University. Faculty of Medicine; med.: 
n'g. : Thomas (J. Roddick. M. I).. Dean. 

Montreal College; coll.: men: R. C: est. 1707; 
Rev. Rene Labelle. D. D.. Pres. 

Montreal School of Elocution: elo. and or.: co- 
ed.: est. 1804: J. P. Stephen. Prin. 

Mount Royal Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1800: Anson W. Young. Prin. 

Presbyterian Theological College; theol. : men; 
Presby.: est. 1807: John Sorimger. D. D., 

Royal Victoria College for Women, Depart- 
ment for Women, McOill University; eoYl.; 
women: mni-sect.: est. 18JW): Ethel Hurl- 
bat t. M. .\.. Warden. 

St. Mary's College; coll.; men: R. C. ; est. 
1S4H; L. Lelande. S. .T.. Rector. 

St. Sulpice College; coll.: men: R. C. : est. 
1707: Principal. 

Wesleyan Theological College. McOill Uni- 
versity; theol.: men: M. E. : est. 1873: 
Rev. Will inm I. Sliaw. D. D.. LL. D.. 
1>. C. L.. Pres. 
NICOLET. Nicolet District, pop. 2.22^. 

Nicolet College; coll.: men: R. C. : est. ISCV?; 
Rev. M. (;. Protil. Pres. 
QUEBEC. Quebec District, |Mip. 08.840. 

Laval Normal School ; nor. : co-ed. 

Quebec Seminary; coll.: men: R. C. : est. 1065; 

Universite Laval; iinlv.: men: R. C: est. 
is,-i2: .MoiisiMUMieiir Olivier E. Mathleu. 
Ph. 1).. S. T. I)., Pres. 
RIOAUD. Vandreuil District. p<ip. 770. 

Rigand College: loll.: hhmi. R. C. ; est. 18R0; 

RIMOUSKI. Rimouski District, pop. 1.804. 

Rimouski Normal Si liool : nor.: women: est. 

i;mh;: r. I). Koss. Priist. Principal. 
Seminaire de Saint Germain de Rimouski; coll.; 
men: |{. C; .st. Is.V.: .1. A. D'Amours, 
S. T. !>.. Siipcrior. 






Maodonald Collage; axrl. and nor.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1007; James W. Robertson, 
IX. D., Dean of School of Agriculture; 
George n. Locko, M. A.. Dean of School 
for Teachers. 
District, pop. 900. 
Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere College; coll.; men; 

R. C; est. 1«20; Principal. 
School of Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere; agri.; 
est. 1850; Principal. 
ST. HTACINTHE, Bagot District, pop. 9,210. 
St. Hyacinthe College; coll.; men; R. C; est. 
1800; Rev. C. P. Cho<iuette. M. A.. Pres. 
ST. LAURENT, Jacques Cartier District, pop. 
St. Laurent College; coll.: men: R. 0.; est. 
1847; Alfred Crevlor. A. B.. C. S. C, Prin. 
STE. MARIE DE MONVOIR. RouviUe District, 
pop. 1.306. 
Ste. Marie Monnoir College; coll.: men; R. C; 
est. 1853; Principal. 

STE. THERESE, Terre Bonne District, 
Ste. Therese College; coll.; men; R. C; 
1825; M. L. Arthur Jasmin, J. G. D. 
SHERBROOKE, Sherbrooke District, pop. 11, 
Sherbrooke College; coll.: men; R. O.; 
1875; Principal. 
SOREL, Richelieu District, pop. 7,057. 
Mount St. Bernard's College; prep.; men 
C: est. 1807; Bro. Landry, Director. 
STANSTEAD, Stanstead District, pop. 618. 
Stanstead Wesleyan College; coll.; Meth.; 
1872; Principal. 
THREE RIVERS, St. Maurice District. 
Three Rivers College; coll.: men: R. C; 
18G0: Rev. Father Leon Arcand, D. 
VALLEYFIELD, Beauhamois District, 

11, av.. 

College of Valleyfleld; prep.: men: R. 0.; 
1893: A. P. Labonnle, Director. 







The system of public schools in this Province is under the control of a coun- 
cil of public instruction comprising four members of the executive committee, and 
four appointed members, of whom two must be Protestants and two Roman Cath- 
olics. The educational officers of the Province are as follows: 


J. A. Caloer, M. p. p., Commissioner of Education Regina 

D. P. McCoLL, Deputy Commissioner of Education Regina 


T. H. McGuiRE Prince Albert 

A. H. Smith Moosomin 

W. H. Sparling Battleford 

Rev. D. Gillies St. Andrew 

William Grayson Moose Jaw 


WiLUAM Roth WELL Regina 


J. F. Hutchison Prince Albert 

A. H. Ball Yorkton 

J. Hewgill Moosomin 

Charles Nivins Oxbow 



Aaker'i BiuJncss CoUtgp, Fa^t^a, N. D. 
Aaker'i BasJafeB Gollefrc'p Crand Fflrhe, N. TJ, 

Abbot AeadPDar. Audoven KJaan. 
Abbott Familj School, Farmtpj^to^t Me, 
Abbott's Bnxlnesa Sebool, New Vork, N. Y. 
AlMTflecQ Acadctuy, Aberdeen. K> C, 
Abln^aon FfEi^iicIf^' SchooU Ji'nklptowD, Vn. 
Abrabain'ii PmctJt^al BuiJapa? CoUe^p, DubHn, 

Abmhamsoo BmlDeaa College, Citciideci. N, J, 
Abr^biiinson Bnsinpss CoUeg(?» PbUndelphla. Pa. 
AM Muniln^ltiJ, GultAF fiDd HiiFp School, New 

yorJft >% Y, 
Acjd**nilcnt nod iDdustrinl InatUnte, Nortb 

WIJkcebRrre, N. G. 
Aearjt^mj of Arcbltectdre and IpiltiBtrlal Scl- 

eucp. St. Louli, Mo. 
Acfldt-niT of AiitDUiobhIc Engineering, Chjcngd, 
Aoadetay of Flue Atts^ rtiEt'sg^, 
Aetdeniy of HoLy Angt^Js, Trav<»rH« City- Mich. 
Acrt(l*emjr uf Holy CroBa, B?dforrt> N. Y. 
Aeoiaemy of Holy >fiinie8, Spolnine, Wash, 
Aejidetoy of St FfaneTB de Stiles, St* Genevieve, 

Acadc*iDy of St. Joseph, Brentwood, N. Y. 

AeadeniF ot Ihe Holy Ani^elBt Sainneapolls, Mlno. 

Academy of Idaho, Pocfltello, Idaho. 

ACadenjj of Monat St, Ursula, New York, N. Y. 

Aesdemy of Slount St. Vlocfent, New York, 

N. ¥, 

Aeadrmy of NoftbweBteTD Unlverattjf, ItanatOD, 

Aeademy i>f Kotre Dame, Redwood OUr. Cnllf. 
Ac»d*'iny of Notre Dame, Saota Clara. Calif, 
Aeadeioy of Notre Dtme, Putnam. Copn. 
Aeademj of the Notre Dame, Boaton, Mnas. 
Aenrtrtoj of Notre Dftme, Philadelphia. Pa, 
Aextlepij of Notre Dame of Pfovldence, New- 

pott, Ky, 
Aconprny of Onr Lady of Adgf>la, illmJni, K. Y. 
At^M^^my of our Lady of tbe Bleaaeil HacrameDt, 

New York, N. Y. 
Aead^mjr of Onr Ladj of the Lake, San Antonio, 

Aeadpniy Of Onr Lady of Lonrflt's, East Onk- 

land. Calif. 
Aeadeniy of Onr Lmly of riourdea^ Kocbrater, 

Academy of OtiP I^ady of Mi-ppj. Bed Bluff, 

Ae»demy of Our Ladf of Mv^J* I^olBTille, Ky, 

AcadPiiiy of Out I^iady of Mt^rej. JoplJn. Mo. 

Acaa4*piy of Onr Lady of Mercy > Oharleston^ 
S. C. 

Aeadt-my tuf Our Lady rf Peace, San Diego, 

Af^atlepiy of Onr l*iidy of Perpetual I4gbt, Al- 
bany, Ore. 

At-adppiy of Our I inly of the Sscrcd Beiirt, 
Ti-orla, 111. 

Arndpniy of Our Lady of the Sicrwl Snart, 
Sprkiigfleld, lU, 

Afadomy of Our l*ndy of Tlctory, Waterloo, la. 

Academy of Our Lady of Vlolory, Brooklyiii 
N. Y, 

Aeoderay of Ulcbmond County. Au^iita, Ga. 

Amdcmy of rhe Holy Pamtly, Baltic, Conn. 

Acadt^piy of the Holy ramlly. Alton, 111. 

Aeadfioy ff tbe Holy Kame, Sborb, CjiI. 

Academy uf the Holy Name, Albany, N, Y. 

.^eaflemy of ihe Holy Name, Seattle, Wii«b. 

Academy of the Holy Child Jeius, Cheyenne, 

Acadciuy of tbe Hoty Gbost, Dubutiue, la. 

Academy of the Holy Boaeiy. WooflUnd, GaL 

Acj^idemy of tbe Immaculate Conception, New- 
Iiort, Ky, 

.4i'ftdfn3y of tbe Imiuarulate Conception, Fer- 
dlrtctrid, Ind, 

Acodf^my of the Immaculate ConcepLlon. Olden- 
burg, Ind. 

Academy of tbe Immaculate Conceptloa, Charles 
GIty, la. 

Aexidemy of the Immaculate Coae«ptloii, DftveQ- 
port, la. 

Academy of the Immaculate CoaceplLon, Fair* 
bank, la. 

Academy of the I m maculate OoDCeptloa, GU- 

bcrtavllle. la. 
Aeadeniy of the ImmacaUte Conception, Op*- 

loUBoa,^ La. 
Ai'Rdemy of the ImmaciilAte Heart of Marjr* 

Sap Liils Obispo, Calif. 
Acfidemy of the LiidEea of the LoecttO, Sault 

Ste, Marte, Mich. 
Academy of tbe New Chufcb, Bijn Atbrn, P». 
Academy of the Sacred Hearty San Franelaco, 


AeHt1<'my of the aaerud HespL Chicago, m, 
Acftdeniy of the Sacred Henrt, LoulaTllle, Ky, 
Academy of the Saeml Henrt. Graad Cotenu, 

Aciidemy of the Sacred Hi-art, New Orleans, La. 
Academy of the Saere^ Heart, Detroit, Mich. 




Academy of the Sacred Heart, GroRne Point, 

Academy of the Sacred Heart, Owatonna, Minn. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart, Kansas City. Mo. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart. St. Charles, Mo. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart. St. Joseph, Mo. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Ix>aiB, Mo. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart, Omaha, Neb. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart. Hoboken. X. J. 
Academy of the Sacred HeArt. Albany. N. Y. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart. New York, N. Y. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart, Syracuse, N. Y- 
Academy of the Sacred Heart. Cincinnati. O. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart, Philadelphia. Pn. j 
Academy of the Sacred Heart, Providence, R. I. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart, Torresdale, Pa. 
Academy of the Sacrefl Heart of Mary, Wash- 

iOKton, D. C. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Sag 

Harbor, N. Y. 
Academy of tlio ViKitation. Mol»lle. Ala. 
Academy of the Visitation, WaHbin^ton. D. C. 
Acade.ny of the Visitation. Des Moines, la. 
Academy of the Visitation. Diibmiue. la. 
Academy of the Visitation. Baltimore, Md. 
Academy of the Visitation. St. Louis. Mo. 
Academy of the Visitation. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Academy of the Visitation. Abingdon. Va. 
Academy of the Visitation. Wytheville, Va. 
Academy of the Visitation. Richmond. Va. 
Academy of the Visitation. Parkersburg. W. Va. 
Ackworth Academy. Ackworth. la. 
Acme Business College, Seattle. Wash. 
Acme School of Drawing. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Actual Business College. Akron. O. 
Actual Business University, Fremont. O. 
Ada College of Law, Ohio Normal University. 

Ada. O. 
Adams Academy, Quinry, Mans. 
Adell»ert College. Cleveland, O. 
Adelphi College. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Adclphi College, Art Department, Brooklyn. 
Adelphia Academy. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Adirondack Summer Art Scliool. Sarannc Lake, 

N. Y. 
Adrian College. Adrian. Midi. 
Advance Academy. Advance, N. ('. 
Aflfordby School. Baltimore, M«l. 
AgasHiz Hall. Alta. Calif. 
Agnes Irwin's School. Phlladelphin. Pii. 
Agnes Scott College for Women. l>eeat»ir. Ca. 
Agricultural College of Utah. Logan. I'tah. 
Agricultural and Mechanical College (colored), 

Normal, Ala. 
Agricultural and Mechanical College for the 

Colored Ra<'e (colored). (Ireensboro. N. C. 
Agricultural and Mechanical College of Ken- 

ttKky, Lexington. Ky. 
.Agriculturiil and .Meclianlcal College of Texas, 

College .Station. Tex. 
.Vli«'le.v Hall for Girls. Grand Havrn. Mich. 
.VIa)>aina Baptist Colored T'niverslty (colored). 

Schna. Ala. 
.Vlaltanin Hrenau. The. Kufatda. Ala. 
.Vl.-itiania Conferenco Fi>tna1<> College. Tuskegee, 

Alal>«iii:i Girl;' Imlnstrial School. Montcvallo. 

Alal>nin:i Normal Co11«'K<'. Livinu'ston. Ala. 
.Vlaliani.'i pol.v(»Mlmic Instittite. Atii)urn. Ala. 
Alali.ima Pi>1.n (chnlc In-^tKutr. Department of 

rhiirm:if.v. Anlmrn. .Ma. 

Alabama Synodlcal College for Women. TUU- 

dega, Ala. 
Alamo City Commercial College, San Antooio. 

Albany Academy, The, Albany, N. Y. 
Albany Business College, Albany, N. Y. 
Albany College, Albany. Ore. 
Albany College of Pharmacy, Union UnlTereltJ. 

Albany, N. Y. 
Albany Female Academy. Albany, N. Y. 
Albany High School. Albany, Ky. 
Albany Hospital Training School for Nar«<^ 

The. Albany. N. Y. 
Albany Medical College. Albany, N. Y. 
Albany Law School, Union University, AlbanJ* 

N. Y. 
Albertl School of Expression. New York City. 
Albion Academy-State Normal School. PrankUB- 

ton, N. C. 
Albion College, Albion. Mich. 
Albright College. Myerstown. Pa. 
Albuquertiue Business College. Albuquerque. ^• 

Albuquenjue Indian School. Albnquerqoe, ^* 

Alcorn A. & M. College for Negroes. Alco«*» 

Alclun Preparatory School. New York City. 
Alderman's, Miss, Select School. WllmlBr*^*"* 

N. C. 
Alderson Academy, Alderson. W. Va. 
Alexander College, BurkesvUle, Ky. 
Alexander Collegiate Institute, Jacksoori*"*' 

Alfrwl Academy. Alfred. N. Y. 
Alfred Theological Seminar^'. Alfred. N. Y. 
Alfred University. Alfred. N. Y. 
Algler's School of Shorthand. New Orleans, ^'•" 
Alinda College Preparatory School. Plttab**^' 

All Hallows College. Salt Lake City. Utah. 
All Saints Academic School of Manhattan, N«^ 

York. N. Y. 
All Saints' School. Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Allan Manual Training School, Atutin, Tex. 
Allegliany Collegiate Institute, Alderson, W. '^*' 
.Vllegany County Academy. Cnmbeiiand. Md. 
.\lleglieny Preparatory. School. Pittsbnrg, P*- 
-Vllegliancy Tlieological Seminary. Pittsbarg. '*•' 
Allegheny University. Meadville. Pa. 
.Mien Normal and Industrial School, Tbo«l***' 

ville. Ga. 
Allen School. The. West Newton, Mass. 
.Mien Sch<x)l for Boys. New Y'ork City. 
.\llen T'niversity (colore<l). Columbia. S. C. 
.\llentown Business College. Allentown. Pa. 
•Mlentown College for Women. Allentown. P** 
.\ 11 en town Preparatory School. Allentown, ?•• 
.Mliance High School. Grantsboro. N. C. 
Allison School, Santa Fe. N. Mex. 
-\niboy Academy. Amboy. Ind. 
.Mnia College, Alma. Mich. 
.Mpena Business College, Alpena, Mich. 
Altooua Business College. Altoona, Pa. 
Altini Well .\cadcmy. Church Hill. Tenfl. Academy of Dramatic Arts. ^^ 

York City. ^^ 

Ameriiiin :in.l Itallin School of Music. BW*' 

\\i\. N. Y. 
American Business College, Pueblo. Colo. 
.\meri<an Business College. MlnneapoUl. mv* 




Auiorfcan C<rflege of Mecba no-Therapy. Chicago. 

American College of Muslciana. New York City. 

American College of Osteopathic Medicine and 
Surgery, Chicago. 111. 

American Commercial School, Allentown, Fa. 

American Conservatory of Music, Chicago, 111. 

American Institute of Phrencrfogy, New Yorlc 

American International College, Springfield, 

American Metlical College. St. Louis, Mo. 

American Medical Missionary College, Chicago, 

American School for the Deaf. Hartford, Conn. 

American School of Correspondence. Chicago. III. 

American Scbo(4 of Elocution. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

American School of Engraving. New York City. 

American School of Home EconomicM. Chicago, 

American School of Osteopathy. Kirksvillc, Mo. 

American University, Washington. I). C. 

American University of Harrlman. Ilarrlmon, 

American University of Ilarrimnn. Law Depart- 
ment. Harrlman. Tenn. 

American Violin School. Chicago. 111. 

Amherst Academy, Cora, N. C. 

Amherst College. Amherst. Mass. 

Amherst Colli»g»» Summer Library School. Am- 
herst. Mass. 

Amity College. College Spring**. la. 

Amity High School, Amity. Ark. 

Ammcndale .Normal Institute. Animrndali'. .Md. 

Anable's School, Miss. New Bniuswick. N. J. 

Anahle^H School 'for Yotmg Ladles. Miss. Piilla- 
delphia. Pa. 

Anacortes Business College. Anacortes. Wash. 

Anderson Acadenij*. Irvington, Calif. 

Andenton Business College. Anderson. Ind. 

Andersonville Institute. Andersonvlllo. Tenn. 

Andovor Theological Seminary. Andovor. Mans. 

Andrew Female College, CuthlKTt. (la. 

Andrew Small Academy. Darnestown. Md. 

Anna S. C. Blake .Manual Training School. Santa 
Barbara, Calif. 

Anna Dill Institute. Fort McPherHon. ^ln. 

Anna Oroff-Bryant Institute. The. ('lilcago. 

Anne Anmdel Academy. Miilersvillo. Md. 

Annie Wright Semlnarj-, Tacoma. Wash. 

Annunciation Academy. Pine BlufT. .\rk. 

Anson Academy, North Anson, Me. 

Anson Institute. Wadesboro, N. ('. 

Anthracite Business College. Scranton. Pa. 

Antioch Cdilege. Yellow Springs. O. 

Antwerp High School, Antwerp, N. V. 

Appleton Busim^s College. Appleton. Win. 

Appleton City Academy. Appleton City. Mo. 

Arcadia Academy. Midway. N. C. 

Arcadia College and Ursuline A<»«lemy. Ar- 
cadia. Mo. 

Archibald's Business College. Minneapolis. Minn. 

Arizona School of Mines, Tucson. Arlx. 

Arkansas Baptist College (colored). Little Rook, 

Arkansas College. Butesvllle. Ark. 

Arkansas Conference ('olle;;e. Silomi Sprlnjrs, 

Arkansas CunilMTlnnd Collejre. Cljirksville. Ark. 

Arkansas .Mllltnry AcMdi'iny. Lifde II. xk. Ark. 

Armagh Acudeniy. Arinngb. I'.-i. 

Armitage Preparatory School. Wnyiie. pji. 

Arms Academy, Shelburne Fnlls, .M.iss. 

Armour Institute of Technology, Chicago. III. 
Army & Navy Preparatory School, Washington. 

D. C. 
Aroostook State Normal. Presque Isle. Me. 
Art Academy, Chicago. 
Art Academy of Cincinnati. Cincinnati. O. 
Art C<»llege. La Porte, Ind. 
Art Craft Institute. Chicago, 111. 
Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago. 111. 
Art Students' League of New York. New V. ik 

Ascham Hall. Chicago, 111. 
Ashbury College, Wilmore. Ky. 
Ashe Art School, Memphis. Tenn. 
Ashland College. Ashland. Ky. 
Ashland College. Ashland. O. 
Ashland Commercial College. Ashland, Ore. 
Ashland Seminary. Versailles. Ky. 
Ashpole Institute, Ashpole, N. D. 
Ashevllle Business College. Ashevllle, N. C. 
Ashevllle Farm School. Farm School. N. C. 
Ashevllle School. Ashevllle, N. C. 
Ashevllle .SehtMd of Stenography and Typ<will 

ing, Aslievllle, N. C. 
Ashtahtila Business College. Ashtabula. O. 
Association Institute, Chicago. 111. 
Associatl<m Institute, Detroit. Mich. 
Association Institute, Y. .M. C. A., BufTale. 

N. Y. 
Assumption School, Top<'ka. Kan. 
Atchison Business College. Atchison, Kan. 
Atliens Female ('ollege. Athens. Ala. 
Atkinson Academy, Atkinson, N. H. 
Atkinson Literary and Industrial College fcil 

ored), .Madlsonville, Ky. 
Atkinson's Nevada Business Institute, Reno. 

Atkinson's Sacramento Business College. Sacra 

mento. Calif. 
Atlanta Baptist College. Atlanta. Oa. 
Atlanta Business College, Atlanta. Ga. 
Atlanta College of Pharmacy. Atlanta. Ga. 
Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons. 

Atlanta. Gn. 
Atlanta Commercial College. Atlanta. (Ja. 
Atlanta Dental College. Atlanta. Ga. 
Atlanta ScIkm^ of Medicine, Atlanta. Ga. 
.\tlanta Theological .Seminary. Atlanta, Ga. 
.Vtianta University (<'olored», Atlanta, Ga. 
.Vtlantle Acidi-niy, Atlantic, N. C. 
Atlantic Academy, ('risp, N. C. 
Atlantic Christian College. Wilson. N. C. 
Atlantic Collegiate Institute, Ellaabeth City. 

N. C. 
-Vtlantle Institute. Atlantic. N. C. 
Atlantic Medical College. Baltimore. Md. 
.Vtlantle Scliool of Osteopathy, Wilkesbarre. Pa. 
Athen's Female College. Athens. Ala. 
Auburn .School of Business. Auburn. -N. Y. 
Atibnrn Seminary. Auburn. Ky. 
Auburn Theolo^Mcal Seminary. Aulmrn, N. Y. 
-Vudltorium Dramatic Scliool, Kansas City, Mo. 
Audubon Sugar .School, New Orleans. La. 
.Vjigslmrg SiMulnary. Minneapolis, Minn. 
.Vugusta Co. Kdut'atlonal Institute. Augusta. Ga. 
.Vugusta .Military Academy. Fort Defiance, Va. 
Augustana College. Rmk Island. 111. 
.Vugustani! Colle^M'. Canton. S. C. 
.Vugtistinlan .Veadenjy. Tompkinsville. N. Y. 
Augnstlnlan Institute. Carthage. N. Y. 
.Vulander Ai'ademy. Aulander. N. C. 
Aiirora College. Aurora. 111. 




AumrB. High Schdol. EDg]<?ti>wo. N. C* 

AEirorft Nynrifll iind Flni^lncfl^ College , Aurora, 

Aurora Short hund Seliool. Aiiraffl, III. 
Aufttell Btgh acliool, Ausl**]!. Gm. 
AtiAtln Aeacletiiy, CenUr Strnrr&rd. N. H. 
AuttLn CciUete* EfBcfhiiai, III. 
Atistln CoUefife. Sherman, lex. 
Auetld CuUe^ffe of hAVf, Buutbem MfnneflDta 

Normal College. Austin, Minn. 
AtietiQ TrulnEng School, St(^TeI]^on, Aln. 
Automobile Schools of America. Chlcaeo. 111. 
AutomobUe Schools of America. Ni'vv York* N* Y. 
Arery Cqll^K?. Alleghpny* pn, 
ATpry OoKpsc Trofle S4?hooK ^IttBbttfg, Pa. 
Averj Norm si lofltHute. Cbarleittan, S. Q. 
Ajun' Buftlneas CQUe^c", San FtiiiiCtB<ro< Calif. 

Hackaer CoUtfge. Wt!chi?rv31Ie. Ark. 

Hacon Aceileniy. Woods town. N. J, 

Heck*« Acadetny. HtLun. Q. 

Bnckna Law SchoDl of WfSlem Reeene UdI- 
vettlty. Clert'land. O. 

Backua School for Girls. Mrs., St. rani. Minn. 

Bacone Unlverslly. Aluskugi-en Okl«. 

Balrd't School. M\m, Norwalk, Conn. 

Bak<*r City BiiMlueiitt Colleire. Baker Clt.v, Ore. 

Baker HImmel Sib<jol. Tlio. Knoxvllle. Tenn, 

Baktr UnUerslty, Baldwin. Kan. 

BAkrr'a School. Naahvllle. N. C. 

Baliitka ftfuslcal College. Chicago, 111. 

Hal d win KEndergrjirtcn Training School. YoongH 
town, O. 

Baldwin and Neldon'a ScbooU South Orange, 
N. J. 

Bsldwln Seminary. St. Pftul. Minn. 

Baldwin UnlveraUjr, Berta. O. 

Baldwin's School for Girls, Mia*. Brjn Mawr. 

Balfour Johtutone School. Chicago. IlL 

Ballard S<-hord. Mafon. Qa. 

BaljSol School. Iltlca. N. T. 

Ballon and Ilobignnd I'rrparatoTT Schaol. Bos- 
ton. Mass. 

Baltimore Art School. Baltlmon?. Md, 

BnUEmoi-e BnainDSB College. Balttmorc. Md, 

RaltEmor(? City College. Bait! m oft'. Md- 

BnJtlmoi-o College of l^ental aurgf^rjr, umu 
Tqcvro, Md. 

BoUlmorTP Law School. Baltimoro. Md+ 

Balttiaori" Mannal Labor ScbooL Arbutus, ifd. 

Brtltlinorp ^Irdtral Collpge, Baltimore!. Md, 

Baltimore Med teal Collegp. Dental Depart meat, 
BaUiniore, Md. 

BjiUlmori" Normal Sehwl (ijolored). Bftltlmore. 

Ballinwn? Polytcchnlr Imtltute, Baltimore. Md. 

Ba]tliuorf> Sebool of Garmvnt Ontting, BaltU 
more. Md. 

Baltimore School of Pemln Sbortliaiid, Baltl- 
more« Md. 

Baltimore UnWenltr, School of Law. Bald- 
more, Md. 

Baltimore ITnlveraity, Sc-hool of Medicine. Bal- 
timore. Md. 

Bincroft School, Sprlnif field, Mat«. 

Baticroft School. Worctster, Masa. 

Bancroft Cox Tratulng ScbooL Haddenflrld. K. J. 

Buigor Bnslneaa Collegi-. Bangor, He. 

Bangor Theological Seminar:;^. Bangor, Me, 

Bangor Training School, Bangor. Me. 

Bangs (Misa! and Whttoii's (Mias) School, Svt 

York City. 
Bank's Business College, Belfast, Me. 
Bank's Bnalness College. PhtladelphU. Pa. 
Baptist Collegiate Institute. Newton. AU. 
BaptlBt Female Cnlversttj-, Raleigh. N. C 
Baptist Coiveralty of Indiana, rndlanapollj. ^' 
Bartkour Hall. Nazareth P. O.. Mich. 
Barclay Hall School for Girla, Plttubarf, P»* 
Barclay*8 Bn^lnesg Inntltute. Geneva. N. T. 
Bard Hall, Cornwall en- nudson, N. Y, 
BaFdatown Baptist Inatftutt, BudBtown, Kp 
Barker Fn?q School, West Boi;fot4, Miii. 
Barker Memorial Semlnarj {colored), A»^ 

ton. Alii. 
Barker* a High Sehtiol. Lumberton. N. C. 
BarkeyTllte Acadcmj'. Barkeyvllle. Pi. 
Barlow School of Indnstrlnl Arts. Blnjili^W*' 

N. Y. 
Barnard Clasaea, Kew Ynrk City. 
Barnard Coliegef New York City. 
Bainanl Hti;h School, South riantptoD. N. H 
Barnard School for Qtrla, New York CU,v- 
Bj^mard School for Boys, New York City. 
Barnes Bu!ilmfa» College, St, Louis. M** 
Bnmea School of Anatomy, Sanitary Scli*t»o<' «■ 

Embalming. Chicago, DaB^s, New Ynfk 
Baron de Hirach A gr (cultural and iadWlT*^^ 

School. Wooclbiijc. N, J. 
Baron de If track Trado School. New York Cl^* 
Barrett College, Pet^ Dcf», N. C. 
Barrett In«tltnte of Shorthaod, Chtciirf*, lU 
Bars tow 'a School, Miaa. Kanftas City. Mo. 
Barter* Musical Oollcgc-, MftutJiii, r>. 
B«rtl30IomeW'Cllfton School, ClnciBD*tl. 0. 
Bartlett's Commirctal Cotiege. ClDclnnstt ^* 
Batea College, LewNlon, Me. 
Bath Iron Works School of Shipfatitldtiijr. 

Battle Creek Baatneis UnlTenltjr, Bittlir fw^" 

Battle Creek Colli^ge. Battle Creek, Mlck^ 
Bay City finstnesa CoBege, Bay Clly, Mtfl*. 
Bay Patho. Instltnte. Sprfimfii*ld, Ma*» 
BaylcBs Bnj9ln?«La College. Dubtiqije. It. 
Kavlor Female CoIlege^, Bet ton. Tet 
Baylor tTolveTBltx. Waco. Tex, 
Baylor Uotverslty, College of Medicine. JliU**' 

Raylor'a trnlvertlty School, CbittaiiAOia. t*^ 
Beacb iBslltnte. Savanuah. Oa. 
Beard*» Srbcw! for GIrla. MIw, Ormng#, ^^ h 
Bcaalcy School of Oratory mnA Tinm*^ ^ 

Grand II ft p Ids. Mich. 
Beaufort High School. Besaforl. K. C 
Beatimont College, Harrodnlraiig. K?. 
BnauToJr CoUege. Wilmar. Ark, 
BcftTtfr Brunch Brlgham Young tTsiw*"* 

Beaver, Utah. 
Bfavftr College. Beaver, Pa, 
Back's Academy. Fiqua, Q. 
Becker's Bnslness CoBp^p, Worce«tef. *!■■» 
Beckley Seminary. Buckley . W. Va. 
Bedford Acaifemy, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Bedford Institute, Brooklyn. X. Y. 
Bedford Institute, ShelbyTille. Tenii. 
Be«Iford Institute, SaTjnnnti Tr-nn 
Beechgrove Tralnlr>r Sehm f f'^ 

Beemsn Academy, Xaw r 
Beethovi>o Ootoaervatory ci ■- imi^ *** 




Beethoven School of Music, Meadville, Pa. 

Behnke-Walker Business College. Portland, Ore. 

Bel-Air School, Lewiston, Va. 

Belcourt Seminary, Washington, D. C. 

Belhaven College for Young Ladies, Jackson, 

Bell Medical College, Dallas, Tex. 

BeU School of Speech, New York City. 

Bellcross Academy, Bellcross, N. C. 

Bellefonte Academy, Bellefonte, Pa. 

Belleville Academy, Belleville, Ark. 

Belleville Commercial and Shorthand College, 
Belleville, HI. 

Bellevue College, Bellevue, Neb. 

Bellevue High School, Bellevue. Va. 

Belleville Normal College. Belleville, Ark. 

Bellingham Business Institute, Bellingham, 

Bellows Private School, Boston, Mass. 

Bellwood Seminary, Anchorage, Ky. 

Belmont College, Nashville, Tenn. 

Belmont School, Belmont, Calif. 

Belmont Seminary, Bedford City, Va. 

Belolt College, Beloit, Wis. 

Beloit Business College, Beloit. Wis. 

Belvlderei Academy. Belvidero, N. C. 

Belwood Institute, Belwood, N. C. 

Benedict College. Columbia, S. C. 

Benedict Memorial School, Samuel, Cedartown, 

Benedict School of Shorthnnd, Boston, Mass. 

Bennett Academy, Clarkson, Miss. 

Bennett College, Greensboro, N. C. 
Bennett College of Eclectic Medicine and Sur- 
gery. Chicago, 111. 
Bennett's School for Girls, Miss, Millbrook, 

N. Y. 
Benson School of Applied Design, New York 

Benton College of Law, St. Louis, Mo. 
Benton Harbor College. Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Benton Seminary, The. Camden, Tenn. 
Benton's Business School, New Bedford. Mass. 
Benzonia Academy, Benzonia, Mich. 
Berea College, Berea. Ky. 
Berean Normal Training and Industrial School, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bergey School, Chicago. III. 
Berkeley Academy for Boys, Tenafly, N. J. 
Berkeley Bible Seminary, Berkeley, Calif. 
Berkeley Divinity School, MIddletown, Conn. 
Berkeley Institute. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Berkeley Pacific Theological Seminary, Berkeley, 

Berkeley Preparatory School, Berkeley, Calif. 
Berkeley School, Washington. D. C. 
Berkeley School. New York City. 
Berkey and Dyke's Private Business School, 

Cleveland, O. 
Berkshire Business CoUege, PIttsfield, Mass. 
Berlitz School of Languages, Washington, D. C. 
Berlitz School of Languages. Ciilcago, 111. 
Berlitz School of Languages, Evanston. III. 
Berlitz School of Languages. St. Louis, Mo. 
Berlitz School of Languages. New York City. 
Berlitz School of Languages. Pittsburg. Pa. 
Berrysbnrg Academy, Berrysburg, I»n. 
Bertie Academy. Windsor, N. C. 
Berwick Academy, South Berwick. Me. 
Berwick Business College, Berwick, Pa. 
Bethanla Academy. Everett. Wash. 
Bethany College, Bethany, W. Va. 

Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kan. 

Bethany College, Art Department, Lindsborg, 

Bethany School, Gettysburg, Pa. 
Bethel College, Newton, Kan. 
Bethel College, Russellville, Ky. 
Bethel College, McKenzie, Tenn. 
Bethel Female College, HopklnsvIUe, Ky. 
Bethel Hill Institute. Bethel Hill, N. C. 
Bethel Male College, Cuthbcrt, Ga. 
Bethel Military Academy, Bethel Academy, Va. 
Bethesda College, Henderson. Neb. 
Bethlehem Academy, St. John, N. Y. 
Bethlehem Academy, Faribault, Minn. 
Bethlehem Preparatory School, West Bethlehem, 

Bett's Academy, Stamford, Conn. 
Bettic Stuart Institute, Springfield, 111. 
Bcutel Business College, Tacoma, Wash. 
Beverly Farm, Home and School for Nervous 

and Backward Children, Godfrey, 111. 
Bible College of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. 
Bible Teacljers' Training School, New York City. 
Bickler Academy, Austin. Tex. 
Big Pine School. Mars Hills. N. C. 
Biddle University (colored), Charlotte, N. C. 
Bigelow's School, Miss, Kansas City, Mo. 
Billing's School, Miss, Mobegan. N. Y. 
Biltmore Parish School, Blltmore, N. C. 
Biltmore School, Blltmore, N. C. 
Bingham School. The, Asheville, N. C. 
Bingham School. Mebane. N. C. 
Birmingham Conservatory of Music. Birmlng- 

N. Y. 
Bird's Bronx Business Institute. New York City. 
Birmingham Business College. Birmingham. Ala. 
Birmingham Conservatory of Music. Birming- 
ham. Ala. 
Birmingham Dental College. Birmingham. Ala. 
Rirmlngham Medical College. Birmingham. Ala. 
Birmingham School for Girls. Birmingham. Pa. 
Birmingham Seminary. Birmingham. Ala. 
Birmingham Shorthand and Typewriting School, 

Chicago, 111. 
Biscoe Academy. Blscoe, N. C. 
Bishop College (colored). Marshall. Tex. 
Bishop Robertson Hall. St. Louis. Mo. 
Bishop Scott Academy. Portland. Ore.