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E. A. HoTcHKiss, Editor and Proprietor. 

Liberty, Literature and Land. 

Terms : $2:00 a Year in Advance. 

VOL. VII. NO. (i. 


WHOLE NO. 318. 




No rtrtmui from iU sources 
Flows ouwaiil, Uow lonrly soever its course. 
But what some land is giadden'd. No stareTer 

ADd Sft, witbc'Ut iuflnence somewhere. Who knows 
What t-nrtU lu-i ds from wuth's lowest creatures ? 

No life. 
Can hv pare iQ it" pnrpos-es, and strong In its 

And all .'itv not be purer and slronper thereby. 
The spirits nf just men madeperfeet ou hi«h. 
The army ot martyrs who sfauia by the Throne 
And sja^e into the lace that makes glorious their 

Knows Ibis surely, at last. Honest lore, honest 

Honest work for the day, honest hope for the mor- 
Are theMtt worth nothing 

The hSIrt ^they have saddeuM. the Ufa they leave 

dreary V 
Huah ! the wvenfold heavens to 

Echo : He that 


I ' A Secretary of State In an Kmbarratf- 

I The Corpse af Mrs. AVIIIIs Cowlln« af- mg Sitnatlon. 

ter Fifteen Yearjj' Interment- The a „ Flvria (Ohio) paper tells tbe following: 
Petrifaction of C«pt. Cady. au ii.iyTit% (\ju'^ i f y ^, . , . ., 

To the Editor of the Sua: : A capital joke has just leaked out on the 

' Sir The receut afflrmatiou of Professor good-natured and afljible Kentlemau. Oen 
!h a. Ward, of the Rochester (N. Y.) : I. R. Sherwood. Secretary of State. During 
! University, '-that ther.^ id no eingle in- the late canvass this prince of good lellows, 
i stance ou record of fossil or petrified ' who. by the way, enjoys a good jok.\ even 
' flesh •• is strangely subversive of the truth I »» hi.s own expense, had occasion to stop at 
in many well authenticated caseB. recorded Oberlin. He was provided with a comfort- 

more than the baud they 

o Ufa they leave 

the voice of tbo 

<>vr.-.>ru. th sh^ll all t1ilD>-'B inheril. 

Cenrral ^utaimcnct. 



The True Sto. y of How the Medical 
"tttdenfs Hooted I he Ladles, from 
an Kye-Wltness. 

Philadelphia (Nov. 9) Correspondence New York 
The lecture room ot the old Teunsylyania 
Hospital was the scene of a novel exhibition 
on Saturday morning last. The managers, 
having opened the doors for the ndmi-ssion 
of te.uale medical students to the clinical 
lectures delivi-red bad the pleasure 
of seeing, for the firrt time m ihe history 
of the institulio.i. alK-nt thuty students 
from the Wom.ns Medical College seated 
in the little theatre where the 'vliuica are 
held, fhrio or tour liun(ire«l male stu 
dents trom the other mt 
the city were likewise present, as it wrs 
the n gular lecture morning. From one of 
the upper benches I observed that the cir- 
cular form of the apartment and thr, rising 
tiers of seats placed tbo woruen m iull 
vie.v as they sat in a body ou one .side. 
Two or three of the managers, members 
of the Society of Fri.nds, w^re seated on 
the little stage availing the en- 
trance of the lecturer. They woro"weighty 
Friends, a sort of moiul Done column, 
with solidity of ix-rson, and a mild ma«sive- 
uess of conuteuunco which bet*>keued that 
they were not to be diverted from a pur- 
pose by trifles. Tht-y 

iu the newspaper presses, and well remem- 
bered to this day by hundreds of the most 
intelligent and lopiitable citizens resident 
where the discovery of these pUeuomena 
took place. 

The instance recently furnished yon from 
Caiiestotjv N. V., ot the petrifaction of the 
body of Capt. Cady. "an old and well 
known resident of the town of Sullivan," 
revives and reolothes with all the freshness 
and vi^or of a yesterday's incident, the ex- [ astonishment, 
humation of the body ot Mrs. Willis Cowl- 
ing tor re-interment iu the new cemeU-r}- 
jnst erected and completed in the city of 
Richmond, Va., thirty-tivt* years ago. 

The deceased lady, the wife of one of the 
large.'»t manufacturers of that city, was 
buried in the grounds attached to the 
Methodist Episcopal Church. After the 

able room at the "hotel, and immediately 

i .set about the task of doffing his ap|)arel 

: and cladding himself with an entire change 

of dress. After removing from his per- 

!son every stitch of clothing, even to 

' the shirt (the General is always very neat 

and t<istv in his dress), he stepped forward 

and opened a door, as he 8uppos«'d, ot a 

closet, for the purpose of placing therein 

' the dolled garments. But behold his 

t, when, instead ot opening 

the wnv to a closet, he opened a door K-ad- 
uiK into a comiuotHous sitting room, which 
was occupied bv a numl>er of ladies. .\ 
fnlldtveloped manhood, as barren of cloth- 
ing as in th.' moment he made his debut 
in th.' world, standing nnobscured before 
the ladies, and the illustnitiou of the mod- 
est Gon. ral at the mistake ho ha.l made, 
consternation among the parties 

lap^e of several ytars M' Cowling, in the i caused a i » , 

interim having marri.^d again and the sec- , that can more easily be judged than n-Uitea. 
ond wife dying, detertiii nod to bury both The General, however, notwithstanding 
wives in the new ceu.. icry. and had the his shocked modesty, retreated in good 
botly of the first wife exhnnied. The unn- order, and soon reinvested himselt with 
' snal weight of the coffin, exacting the lorce that of which he had been divested, Imt 
an«i powlr of several nun to remove it, and fuUy convinced of the fact that all doors 
the extraordinary preservation of the wood opening out of reoms do not lead the way 
of which it was manufactured, induced the to clothes closets 

iricuds pi. sent to investigate the astound- 
ius phenomena, and with that sole object 
in view, opened the coflin. when, to the 
utter amazement of every beholder, the 
tx)dy was found to be petrified in it entirety 
'r ""i .^^'nlL^'lJi daguerreotyping not only the general con- 
dical colleges 01 ^ ^^K^ ^ . jj^X^^^^t lining each individual 

Tlit^ .Hound Rnildprn. 

The Chicago Times of the 9lh contains 
the following: 

Prof. William Stimson. connected 
the Chicago Academy of Science, 



a short 


ieaturo with such perfect "accuracy as to be time since while passing 
" ^ ...•'. farm, just beyond the town of Harlem, and 

adjoining Haas' Park, discovered hillocks 

which he suspected might belon;,' to th 

easily and distinctly recognizable by every 
Iriend present, notwithstanding thd inter- 
vention of fifteen years between the burial 
of the bo dy and its exhumation. 

Incidcuts iu the Overflow of the Nile. 

A correspondent of the London Times 


On the night ot the 10th of October, . gother with Charles Kennicott. made a per- 
owiuR to the extraordinarily sudden rise in yonal examination of the premises, (in.l un- 

mound-building period, and might contain 
valuable mcmentoej of a past age. A few 
days alterward ho obtained permission ot 
the owner of the farm to make an examina- 
tion of the mounds, and last week hf, to- dre.ssfd in 

the Nile, an inundation occurred, which, 
for the celerity with which it rose, is, per- 
haps, without parallel. On this night I 
happened to be staying in one of the 

t)lack, and wore their broad-briuimed hats, j jooJued villages. I had therefore opportu- 
aud iu the few impatient minnte-i before the ^jj^-^^ which rately fall to the lot of an 
lecture attracted more attention than the garopean of witnessing intimately the im- 

es themselves. Presently the cry of - 

was raised bv a few students. 


'•hat, hat, - . 

and soon a hundred voices took it up. They 
decidedly wished the elderly pentletnen to 
be uncovered; but it is known thatlii^nds 
decline to remove Ihj ir hats in a public as- 
sembly unless their comfort demands it. - 
This hariuitss custom, originating iu an 
hour of democratic purity and re.byions 
protest, has the sanction 

ical and 

of t\V( 

a: all ev.nts. is histo 
iuii'ht have pa>^sed over had these young 
jBjfcU been better read or bei.ter bred. But 
they kept up the cry while solemnly 
iently the managers sat, notjn ih.^ l^-i 
concerted by the clamor. ' 

them arose, and was about to pass through 
a do.)r opening from lh.J i^latlorm to an in- 
ner apartm.nt. The shouts were renewed ; 
and, as though patience were no longer a 
virtue, the Manag.'r turned and faced the 
assembly. There wa.'^ nothing brow-beat- 
ing in his look, uothiut.' cLol.-ric m his 
"fisage, nothing fiery in h:s glance. It w»w 
a calm, reproving eyo with which this disci- 
ple of Penn rcfjiirded the Mtudent.-<. but it 
was not crowne.l with the success that at- 
tended his ^:reat exemplar. They would 
not smok.> the pipe of peace, but still 
screamed "Hat, hal." The entrance of the 
lecturer at this point diverted utt'-ntion and 
impose.! silence During the first hour 
medical cases were Icctnr.-d upon solely, 
and the interest of tae subject made the so- 
cial iiue8tit»n .piite subordinate. Malans, 
Bun-strok» and droi.>>y. illustrated V)y thoir 
victims, claimed the -'uerahiir. Then fol- 
lowed the surgeon'.-; nour, in which he had 
to do with til.- bruin f a murdered man. 
With skilitul alacrity, the dissection was 
compltt.'.l. showing by the clot of blood, 
and the lack of disease, that death had 
been by violence. The lady students were 
then edifi.'d by a sight of the pineal gland. 
the alleged .seat of the soul ! The remains 
of the cerebral organ being disuii.s.-if^d. the 
assistants brought forward ft man with a 
broken thigh. Tbis wa.^ a particularly in- 
teresting and melancholy; for th.' frac- 
tured bone had r.Mused to unite. The poor 
fellow was placed recumbent on the revolv- 
ing conch, and the young d.a-tors proceed- 
ed to pull oft" his boots. At this, a -luii-k, 
low staniliuk,', likoagrowl of dus.sent, ran 
round the benches. Rut "Off, oft, ye lend- 
ings, ■ was the rnl.\ and sn.vdily the tutu- 
ral, unsartorial man lay before us. The 
doctor had, how»-v^r, prepared a hlanket 
lor the nonce, with which the patient was 
draped. But in this chamber the surgeon 
means business; and, at times, the decor- 
otia conventions must shrivel up before the 
needs of srionco and humanity. In this 
case. whiU' ineasurinf; the fractured limb, 
lh«re was a momentary exposure, which 
proved the signal for an explo- 
sion among the students mock applause, 
cUppine. stamping, and shouts ol laugh- 
ter. miuRled wuh hisses and jeers, in one 
wild uproar. The eyes of half the audience 
were on the Wly students, who sat 

mediate effect of the calamity on the poor 
villai<ers, and I am induced to send you 
this brief account of what came under my 
own experience and cbservation as a tribute 
to the remarkable patience and fortitude of 
the Arabs under very trying and perilous 

About 2 o'clock in the morning our Be- 
douin servant awoke us, saying that the 
water was rising rapidly. Every inhabi- 
tant of the village- man, woman or child 
-was working with an energy seldom wit- 
nessed here, making banks to stem the en- 
croaching water, or cirrying their bread 
and winter supply of ^rain to spots which 

and .si- 1 
rtst dis- 
PrcsouUy one of jj^^j hitherto proved suflBciently high for 
safety. But it was of no avail. The banks 
vere washed down and the brca.l floated 
away. Now, indoe.l, the scene began to 
get dismal enough— the darkness, the un- 
certainty, the wailing of the Arab women ; 
and then came the fall of the first house. 

covered the earth to the depth of about I 
three feet. They had dug but a short time. ! 
when human bones were discovered, which, i 
upon examination, proved to be of a race 
at i)resent extinct upon the continent of | 
North America. Persevering efforts of sev- | 
cral days were rowitfded with the finding of j 
several" other fiimilar mounds, and the re- j 
mains of twenty huma» beings. Two en- j 
tire skeletons wero found, with the excep- 
tion that one of them lacked two cervical 
bon«8, and the other a few of the bones of 
the bands and feet. The boneslhemselves 
were very friable, and required the most 
careful handling to prevent their falling in- 
to dust again. 

The boiif-s whi< h mark the peculiar char- 
acters of the beings who once possessed 
them are those of the cranium. It is w« 11 
known that the heads of Europeans and all 
descendents of the Caucasian race are 
usually much greater in length and liroadth. 
They "have what is technically called the 
diilii'ho-rephnUr skull which the Iroquois 
Indians who inhabited America at the 
landing of Columbus, possessed sriuare 
heads, or skulls which archtoologists call 
f/rachy-rejjh'ilic. The skulls found at 
Thatcher's farm are of the hrnchtj-cephalic 

rhi.i was an occasion for univer.sal shriek- type, and this fact stamps them as being at ' 
ing and lamentation, but the water Koon least as old as the first discovery of Amer- \ 
had it all its own way, monopolizing even ica. It is said that the influences of civili- j 

rersoiml Items. 

— Piesseps is a cousin of Eugenie 
— Reverdy Johnson celeb nit es his golden 
wedding next week. 

- "Sut Loveugood," a scmthern humor- 
ist, has married. 

Wilkes Collins is to speud the winter in 

Duke Ernst, of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, is 
coming to the United States next spring. 

- De Cordova has been o.'fered $5.0t>0 to 
deliver six lecture? at San Francisco. 

Sam. Hililebrand has named his young- 
est son George Washington. 

Laura Keene has taken Wall's Opera 
House, In Washington, for the winter. 

Father Hyacinthe attended a spiritual- 
ist meeting iu New Yt,. n, tht. other evening, 

— I^ti'jce Thacker.<<.y and Toolsidas 
Jfcttjt-c. i>*'o Hindoo meirhants, are in 

- Mrs. General Custar goes with her hns- 
ban.l on Indian campaigis, and is a good 
shot with the rifl.i. 

— Casftiua M. Clay has' returned from 
Europe and will establish himself in busi- 
ness in New York. 

— There is a .'»7-year-old-f;irmer in New 
Hampshire who owns a laro;e orchard, but 
has never tasted a raw appiw. 

- Col. Sam Hatch, of St. Louis, has con- 
tracted with Louisiana to build 1,000 miles 
of Lovee the Mississii pi river. 

--Nelaton, the famous Fr.'uch physiciau, 
lately chargi^-d the Mayor of Paris JGOy for a 
single visit. 

—Mr. S. A. Hitchcock, of Broonifield, 
Mass.. has given S4l),000 to endow a Heb- 
rew Professorship at Andov.jr. 

—John Swanson, .i Swede, has bought 
twelve thousand acres of lan.l in Missouri, 
intending to found a cotton raising colony. 

— Charles lleade, novelist and dramatist, 
contemplates building a theatre on ids own 
land, in Sloaue streel, Belgiavia. 

— Th<; Spanish General P -im, it is affi-rin- 
ed, sleeps in a ditterent place every night, 
to avoid the i)ossibility of iissassi nation. 

-The N.nv York Mail says: ".\ real, live, 
two-legged, t.^n finf:^cred Dr ke is residing 
at an nj)-town hotel. Mate hmaking mam- 
mas will regret to learn that he is mar- 

- A Norfolk man his prercnted Gen. Lee 
with a cane made ol a piece of the Merri- 
mac, and inscribed: "To Robert K., 
from a profound aduiiitr of his character. 
October, 180U." 

— A Paris ]>apcr announces thearrival of 
Madame llistori at Nic.?!, wlicn^ she is to 
civo some ropipson'ations with Signor 
Rossi. Madame Riston Wi;s hist reported 
at Buenos Ayres. 

King George, of Greec, ia devote.l to 
the velocipede, and spends more tiiueou it 
than iu attendinc; to the ufrairs of his na- 
tion. Imagine an ancient • Ireek .lashing 
around the Acropoliu on a 1 icycle ! 

-The Prince Inqierial of Franco is to re- 
ceive the title of Duke of ('orsica, accord 
ing to tho piccedent establiiihed by the first 
Napoleou, who calle.l hi i son King of 

Young Iturbide of the Montezuma dy- 
nasty lives in Georgetown, D. C, with hi« 
wife, ntf Green au.l with tho child that 
was for sometime a.loptcil by the late Max- 


The A%'lfe wrho wras not ll|arrled« and 
Who Was JDeelarcd Head, Still a 

In tho suit of Mary Durand against 
Joseph Durand. in which Mrs. Durand al- 
leges that she went to live with him as his 
wife sixteen years ago, on bis promise to 
marry her; that they cohabited until a year 
ago, she bearing him five children, .and he 
recognizing her as his wife until about a 
year ago, when he treated her cruelly and 
sent her to France, afterwards publishing 
notices of her death, Judge Fithian yester- 
day granted the motion made on behalf of 
Joseph Durand to vacate tho order 
of his arrest His Honor holds that 
tho facts set forth by Mrs. Duranil 
.■onstitutes several causes ot action in 
whieli an order of arrest might be granted; 
but the difficulty was that upon her show- 
ing Mr. Durand was her husband, and 
neither hubbaud nor wife could maintain a 
personal action al law aRainst the wther for 
damages lor personal injury from either. - 
The only remedy was a suit for separation, 
or a crimiwal prosecution. Though acconl- 
ing to Mrs. Durand's statement there was 
never a formal ceremony of marriage, eith- 
er religious or civil, yet there was a proiu- 
i-o of marriage, consummriti'd by living 
and cohabiting together as husband and 
wife for sixteen years. This Judge Fithian 
holds to be, according to all the authorities, 
sufficient to constitute the couple husband 
and wife, and both are estopped as against 
each other and all the world from denying 
the relationship. Though Mr. Durand had 
repudiated the contract of marriage, yet 
she could n<»t t*ike him at his word, and 
rescind it on her part, because marital ties 
could not be annulled by mutual consent. 
-A', r. Sun. 

riic story of a Boy >?hu vfos Lost fur 
Seven Years- 

The following appears in the St. Louis 
Republican : 

About seven years ago Henry MuUer, a 
fanner of Madison county, III., who lives 
only three miles from St. Louis, returned 
home from the, when he was inform- 
ed that his s. n a boj' of scarcely eight 
years, could not bo fownd about tho premi- 
ses. Ml'. Muller made diligent researches 
for the discovery of his lost boy. but they 
were in vain His house biding on the road, 
he fancied that movers from the intcvior 
had stolen the boy and trtk--ii biiu across 
the river, perhaps to a great distance from 
his home. 

<' lan'I 


I'oji Have Those 
C haii»red r' 

[Prom the San Franclseo Call, Nov. 2.] 
Two young ladies, of genteel app«arance 
richly and yet tastefully dressed, entered 
the health office yesterday afternoon, and 
inquired for the health officer. "He is ab- 
sent at present," answered the urbane 
clerk. Dr. Wilson, to whom they had ad- 
dressed themselves; "but if you wish to 
see him ou busine.'iS connected with the of- 
fice. I shall be happj' to give you any in- 
formation you may desir.'." "Doctor, "said 
one of tho visitors, "I suppose you are 
aware that cleanlin.'ss is essential to health; 
and, therefore, when I explain, you will no 
doubt appreciate the situation iu which I 
am placed. You see, about three weeki 
ago, I rented a finely furnishcc 
room in a house in the vicin 
ity of North Beach, and paid thirty 
dollars for one mouth's rent, iu advance. 
Since I have been in that r.^ora the land- 
lady Ims failed to change the linen on the 
bed. I have asked, legg d, commanded 
her to change it, or give me back jmrt of 
my rent money; but she has positively re- 
fused to do cither. Now, what I want to 
know is. can't you have those sheets 
changed? Please send some one to the 
house to make the landlady change them. 
This somewhat singular request had the 
effect to stagger the doctor for a moment, 
and when he recovered he informed the la- 
dies that he was unable to act in the mat- 
ter, but he would advise her to go to the 
nearest ilry goods store, purchase a few 

Read the Pollowlns Letter. 

[TVom one of the oldest and most reUable aroceiy mer 
chanta in ths city of DsTenport-j 

FaiEND Wai.ton: Agreeable to my prom- 
ittfi to you when here, I write you (for pnba- 
cationif vou see proper,) a true statement of 
tlie good"tfleeta of Roback's Htonoach Bitters 
upon myself. I had been troubled with indi- 
gestion for a lou;; time, attended with severe 
headache, particularly after eating, when, 
fortunately, an old soldier friend came into 
the f tore and re.'ommeiided me to use Ro- 
batik'aBitte.fl. I did so by taking a small 
wine glass full juet before each meal, and to 
my great joy I was relieved at once, and am 
now weU by their use. I would not be with- 
out them at any price. I h-ve n.»t taken any 
other medicine since I commenced Ut*ing the 
Bitters. And I can say with a clear con- 
sci.nce, try Roback's Biltors— they will do »" 
they are recommouded to do— if taken ac- 
cording to directions. V.jurs truly, 

Frank H. Milleb, 
Of tho firm of Beiderbeck & MiUer, wholesale 

grocers. Davenport, Iowa. 

The Re.'ukt of Beauty lies in the uea of 
Hagan'd Magnolia Balm for the Complexion. 

RoughneBB, Redness, Blotches, Sunburn, 
FreckJcs and Tan disappear where it is ap- 
plift], and a beautiful Complexion ot pure, 
satin-hko t. xturc is obtained. The plainest 
features are made to glow with Heaithfal 
Bloom and Youthful Bi^auty. 

R.^m.-mber, Hagun'o Mngnolia Balm is tho. 
thing that produces thec>o effects, and any 
Lady can secure it for 75 cents at any of our 

To Preserve and Dress the Hair, use Lyon's 


.Severe liiiRenng coughs are cured by the 
use of Dr. Pierce's Alterative Extract or 

yards of cotton, and make a couple of new i Golden Medical Dincoverv in less than one- 
sheets. The ladv cave it as her opinion >a!f the tim<^ncc(>^ary to cure th.'m with any 
• - - — I other medicnie. For hfiarseness, laryngitis, 

I or ministers' sore throat, bronchitis, and the 
i ( arly stages of consumption, it snrraascs ev- 
erything before disco vcrud " ■' '- ^ 

that it was the same the wcrld over— offi 
cers never would assist unfortunate women 
in trouble -and turning on her heel, left the 

.SI J by drug- 
quiiit. r dollars to' 

t three 

] A 8.;enf. on the Arkansas river is describ- 
ed by a correspondent as follows: 

Still farther back, and there rises to a 
height that seems to almost pierce the clonds 
a majestic niounfain. known far and wide as 

the greatest of all curiosities upon the Ar- ^^ .,.,,„„ .„„ .,„„„ „„.„^ ^ 

kansas. Immediat«ly upon its river front i Jho "nerve'tLsue.^^and" " the^'Caiisaya s^^ 

gists, or send three and a 

Dr. R. V. Pioice, Buflklo. ^^\., andg 

bottles froeof express charges. 

The Best A^^ Oeioisal Tootc of Iron 
Phosphorus and Cahsaya, known as Casweii 
Mack A Co.'s Ferro Phosphoratod Ehxir of 
Calieaya Bark. The Iron restores color to 
the blood the Phosphorue renews waste of 

it presents the appearance of a monRtrous 
sugar-loaf, the almost perfect proportions 
of which, aside from all other attractions, 
form a wonderful curiosity of itself. It is 
from an up-river view, however, that this 
mountain takes on the wonderful appear- 
aii'ie from which it derives its name. Look- 
ing down stream from a standpoint a few 
Diiles above, and tho foriuer appearance of 
a silgar-loaf is found to have disappeared. 
What before seemed to be but one crown- 

a natural healthful tone to the difr;retive sr- 
gans therobv curing Dyspenaia in i-ts various 
forms, Wakefulncs-d, General Dcbihty, and 
Depression of Spirits, Manufactniad only by 
C.VSWELL, ILAZARD k CO., euceessors to 
Caswell, iiack & Co., New York. Sold by ad 

The Yofth's C.iMPANios.— This is one of 

the moat promising and readable youth's 

publications with which we are acquainted. 

It is issued from Boston, is moat j iidii?iously 

, . , • 1 ti I conducted, and has amocg its contributors 

Day before yo.iterday, more than seven ing peak is found divided lu twain, and the | g^.i, writers as Mrs. Htowe, Rev. Mr. H»lo, 

years after the child was lost, he found ! appropriateness of the name "Maumelle," | Elizabeth Stuart PI 

him, now fifteen years old, in good health [(Woman's Breasts) is ackuowltdg.;d at a 

and in excellent spirits, at, the Orphan.s' j^lance. Strange as it may seem the re- 

Uome, on Eleventh street, between Mon- i semblance is perfectly wouderfwl. Not a 

roe and Market streets, in St. Louis, and | line seemingly is wanting to make up the 

was iK-rmitted by t'le patronesses of i graceful centour, the symmetrical propor- 

tho institution to take hini home. ai1er tious and the matchless beauty of the per- 

having proved to their satisfaction that he j feet physical woman. So perfectly wou- 

was the boy's father. A former neighbor I derful is the resemblancft that we can but 

of Muller. a farmer by the name of A. B. j continue to gaz«,in i-pell bound admiration 

Evans, who now lives six miles south of [ until the increasing dititance and the grow- 

(Jolumbia. had discovered him. He passed i ing darkness caused by a waning moon 

about three years ago by the Orphans' j slowly hides the seemingly cloud capped 

'helpd, au'l others equally 
acceptable to the young people. Its an- 
uonoct^nunts fm- 1870 are than ordina- 

rilv attractive. 

— ■^— — ^^— -^M^^^"^^— ^ ^"^ 

Specinl flotices. 

Mark Twain say.n 

"It is a darling 

Havti. Board two 

hundred and elev.'u thousan.l dollars a 

month in tho best hotels, and ice cream 

three hundred dollars a saucer." 

—Andrew Miller died in Knoxville, Adair 
it'isWth.- podtion in which they ' ''ounty. Mo., on the bsth ult., at the ad- 
. Prof. Stimson was obliged to yance.l ago of y<» years ant five monUis 

He had been blind for nearly '2;> years, but 
just bi.'fore he died be exclaimed: "I shall 
soon see ! I shall toon s. e ! " For ('>5 years 
he had been a niPiuber of the Mehodist 
Episcopal Church. 

When General W.iol "vas seized with 
illness ho remarked that tl is woul.l be his 
last sickness. "Oh. no. General," ex- 
claimed one of hi-» utt.>n(lants. "you w-ill 
recover and be with us many years yet." 
"No," Paid the (ieneral, ' this is the last 
flickering of a lamp that has long been 

the noise, and nothing was now heard but zation have tmtirely changed the shape of I country to live in that 

house after house surging and coming " ' 

down with a dull into the water. i 

Our house being higher and stronger 

than the others, we Went to the top and be- 
gan to construct a raft ther.^, intending to 

launch it from the roof. We were soon 

compelleil to relinquish our task, and were 

scarcely clear when the walls gave way, at 

water level and the whole came .lown. .\ll 

made their way. with the water breast hiRh, 

to the highest spot, fortunately 'till several 

feet above the water level. Hero was .'-oon 

collected every inhabitant of the village. 

but how changed ! the wotucn no longer 

wailing, and the nun no longer diticontent- 

ed. for the last was gone: it was no 

longer possible to save anything, and the 

water was still rising. There was, therefore 

nothing for them but to await their destiny 
which they set about doing with every ap- 
pearance (d" contentment, the village beau- 
ties (never seen except at such a time) even 
seeming, as it seemed to me, to enjoy the 

state ol things as a relief to the monotony 
of their existence. 

It now became necessary to think of our 
raft again, so. after making sevenl excur- 
sions from our oresent comfortable stand- 
ing place to the site of our late residence, 
we ha.l collecte.l sufficient wood for the 
purpose; over this we placed dried corn- 
stalks and bound tho whole together with 
ropfes from tho camel-packs. So quickly 
did the water still rise that our raft, com- 
menced on dry land, was finished floating 
on over a foot of water. We now join.-.l 
the villagers on tiie littl** mound and await- 
etl tho sunrise. .\ c.niHpi.uous tif^nie was 
the dignifi.-d old "sheikh ' 

the Indians" skull, so that tho present 
tribes, no matter how much isolated from 
the white man, present no cases of the an- 
tique Indian head. 

Another evidence of the antiquity of 
these remai 

were foun;l 

remove a large tree which trrew on one of 
the mounds to reach the skeletons. A cross 
section of tree disclosed M7 rings, and 
since botanists claim that the evidences of 
the first 15 years' giowth of old frees has 
been obliterated, it f.)llows that this tree 
was at least 100 years' old. 

The mounds were about two feet above 
the surface of the prairie, were oval iu 
shape, and were aVioat f.uir or five f.'Ct 
wide, and from 10 to 20 feet in b ngth. 
Thev were each snrrounde.l by a well de 

Home, when he saw amon^ the children 
playing on the street a boy whom he recog- 
nized at once as MuUer's son. Evans had 
left bis old place sometinle before the 
child was missing, and thought that Muller 
himself might have brought him to the asy- 
Inm. Accordingly time passed on without 
his advising his friend. Ijast. week, how- 
ever, three years after he had first discov 
ered little Henry, he met the father here in 
the city, where both farmers had eonie to 
sell their products. 

Evans desired to know overj thing that 
had happened since his removal from 
Madison county, and when Muller told 
him that his boy was stolen, Evans ex- 
pressed his belief that he knew where the 
child was. They went together to the asy- j 

tips of "Maumelle " from view. 

An ExcEfXENT Medhtne. - The leading 
paper of the Northwest, the Wlscoxsin, 
Milwaukee, gets oft* some very good things, 
among the latest of which we extract the 
following : 

One of the most popular medicines of the 
day U Hoofland's German Bitters, which is 
designe.l to keep the stomach aurt liver in 
a healthy couditi.m. Tho Bitters is pre- 
pared witnout Ihe use of intoxicating Li- 
(juors, an.l if a person desires to drink liquor 

ItchZ Itoh!! Itch!! I 

Wheaton'a Olntmeat 

In from 10 to 48 houn 

Cures The Itch. 

CurosHalt Ubeam. 

Cures Tetter. 

Cures Barbers' It«h. 

(Jures Old Sores. 

Curat rrery kind uf \Hmar liUt 


Price, &Uc. a boi ; by mail, 6De 

Addrem WREK.S <t POTTER, 170 Waahincton St,'^ 
For sale by all Dmsgiaia. Boston, MaM 

^i ITCB * 


Salt Rheun 


The AdverUber, bacing been restored to health in a 
few weeks, by a verj simplA remedy, after having suffer- 
ed several years with a severe lung affection, and that 
under the fashionable name of Bitters", he j dread disease. Consumption, is anxious to make known 
had best apply for Homething else than | i*'»'"f«""" «•»«"«"• «»>'"n^'""'°f'="" 
Hooflands. Druggists tell us that the sale 

fine.1 trench. Before reaching the remains | burning. 


he passe.l from one family group to another, 
evidently imparling confidence to all. To 
him wo proposed to take off with us as 
many women and children as our raft woxld 
bear, but he replied that 'Allah was great 

was His 

- . , and would send boats in lime if it 

and unruflled nn.ler this brutal treatment, ^-^j ^^ ^^^.^ jjjg people; that our bark was 
their looks riveted on the 1. cturer, as it ^^^j^ ^^^ j^^ short, and the current 

utterly oblivious of aught else that was 
transpiring. Alter this shameful evi.lence 
^f low breeding on the part ot the students, 
^ - not snrpri.sing that when the classes 
j.« 'is^ed a number of them were 

cartway as thev crossed tHe nospiiai 
Krounds. and were unsparing in their jeers 
and derisive applause. Whether mixed 
elaaweat clinical lectures are ilesirable may 
be questioned, they may be embarrassing 
to the lecturer an.t impair his thorough- 
new but this doabtis no mitigatini of tho 
discraceful and unmanly conduct of the 
• students, which thoroughly desei-se?. 



DinituiiT His rt>fflu 


A Uyiiiff .Han m a iiiiu.niij 
Too Small. 

[From the Honolulu .'.az-tte, S^pt. i9 ] 

A certain native living m K-olan 

been sick, and, aiq>reh.^nding that his end 

v,»a uear at hand, ^ent into t.iwn f.^r a col- 

80 that his friends might be prepwred 

In line time 


to give him proi>er burial. ^^^ u. »v.c^..-.. v».v. .....v. 

the coffin arrived, upon seeing whi<-li grave ^ ^^^^ .^ ^jj^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 
doubU ivr.«e iu the sick mans min.l as to ^ charge of the boat. .Mr. R, 

whether it would fit No means to 
decide the question appearing so 
conclusive to him as a -personal 
test." he tried himself and couM 
in the thing was too narrov.' 


soundly berated his mes's.'nger for his stn- 
pidity in not getting a coffin suitable for the 
purpose, an.l lost no time iu saving the cap- 
r»iU inyested. so far as possible. Knowing 
of another man sick like himself, who ahio 
expecte.1 to die. he entered into negotia- 
tions with hini at once, and succeeded in 
disposing of the n.^eU.* ^to him> article, at 
ft loss of only four ilollara. 

strong, and if any weat with us he wa.shed 
his hands of any rssponsibility." His ar- 
guments weru backed by the isight of a sail 
in the distance, so we had to put off by 
ourselves to the base of the hills between 
two atd three miles distant. .\rrived 
there, we sent the raft back by two 
Bedouins, and made our way to where 
some boats were employed in carr>'ing 
stone. One of these we procured for the 
assistance of our late neighbors, and we 
had tho satisfaction before leaving of see- 
ing them all encampe.l under the hills." 


miles below Toledo, Ohio, last week. 
There has been a skiff-ferry running be- 
tween Manhattan and the iron works on 
the opp»-)8ite si.le of the river. \t about 1 
o'clock en Monday afternoon four women, 
three num and a boy started from Manhat- 
tan, across the river. The boat also con- 
tained meat, flour, and groceries. It was 
loaded down to withiu a few inches of tho 
.lipping point, yet it was not deeiue.l un- 
aale. When the boat reached the east chan- 
nel of the river, the waves were running 

The man 
having charge of the boat, .Mr. R, Tennant, 
of Manhattan, Ellen L. Nims and Jean- 
neatte .\llen. of Toletlo, were ilrowned. 
Mr. C. W. Allen, the uncle of Jeannette, 
was stauiling on the shore, about !.■> nxls 
distant, when the boat swamped, an.l Ten- 
nant shouted to him for aissuitance. Jean- 
ne;te clung to Mr. Tennant. and Mr. Allen 
heard him tell her to let go and he could 
save her, but in her fright she would not 
let go her grasp, and the two went down 

a layer of hard blue clay was penetrated, 
an.l the bones were found reposing in abed 
of gravel. The remains were found three 
feet below the surface. 

The tombs ot the "mound buil.lers," as 
they are called are supposed to have been 
constructed by the ancestors of the ancient 
Azte«s, or by the .\ztec8 themselves. The 
remains are usually found arranged in reg- 
ular order, and accompanied with tools, 
wpa{)ons, and implements, by which their 
great antiquity is inferred and, to soni. ex- 
tent, measured. The mounds discov. vd 
last week by Prof Stimson contained no 
tools or weapons, or atleivst nane have yet 
been discovered, altt.ough, as the research- 
es have not terminated, it is iin|K>i-.sible 
that these objects may yet be found. The 
of the village, as remains were apparently thrown together 
promiscuoualy. as if the rites of sepulture 
had been hurrieil -perhaps at the of 
of a battle. ' 

From all the circumstances, it is believed 
that when the beings were buried there, 
the place was the margin of the lake, and 
thus the phenomena are closely connected 
with another interesting series of questions 
relating to the lake and its physical . ondi- 
tion and boundaries bef.3ro the shores were 
discovered by Europeans. i 

On yesterday, another mound was dis- ; 
covered, circular in its form, and larger 
and higher than the others. It has not yet , 
been investigated so as to determine what 
is the character of its contents. 

The subject will belaid before the Acade- 
my of Sciences this evening, when, it may 
be expected, some new light will be thrown 
upon the matter. i 

» - A New York paper p iblishes a bio- 
graphy of Jim Fisk, in whii h, among other 
things, it is said that when, years ago. the 
inchoate Prince of Eri»i hiied his father at 
a salary of $3,000, he said lo him, "I want 
you to diBtinctly understaiid that you are 
my clerk, and I don't wunt you to put on 
any of your d -d airs," and that the afore- 
said father is now in an iuianc asylum. 

- The h.ind of one of the richest Amer- 
ican heiresses in Paris, ^yhose wealth is 
valued at ten million fran-s, has been ask- 
ed by a Spanish Count, on "ondition of her 
disposing of her property in excess f»f his 
own, which amounts to l,.''>iHJ,000 francs, in 
favor of th.' poor; but at last accounts the 
American beauty declined to see the mat- 
ter iu that light. 

Foreffirii rspeiks. 

—At Amsterdam cutting is a 
speciality, and gives employment to 10,000 

- A hat-makers' journal has recr-nlly 
been established in Berlin, and is publish- 
ed by G. Hasse. 

--The Great Eastern is getting ready in 
' Englan.l to take out and lay a cable be- 
i tween Bombay, India, a ad .Aden on the 

Red Sea. 
' — .Vftcr forty years' la'jor the Japanese 

novelist, Klong d"e Bakin, has furnished a 

novel consisting of 100 volumes. 

- The barbarions old-fashioned uniform 
of the British army, it his just been dis- 
covered, has induced fatal heart disease in 
thousands of soldiers. 

—It is proposed in France to procure the 
passage of a law classing debts contracle' 
at a bar or drinking room 

lum. All the children were called into the 
parlor, and tho father at once recognized 
the boy by his gnat rcMeniblance to his 
mother, who had died. The boy, however, 
did not recognize his father, though he 
showtid great satisfaction at finding that he 
was not an orphan. His father described 
the .size and lo.tation of a mole on the boy's 
body, which, together with a comparison .if 
t he dates, and especialy the unmistakable 
parental sentiment of Evans, completely 
convinced the ladies of his chiims. The 
child, it appears, was brought to t'lo 
asylum by an oM woman, who f.^nnd liim 
in the street, sometime in 1800, and he was 
recorded in the books as Heniy Wisten. 

Though the boy is not very advanced in 
literary studies, he received a simple but 
! good inoral educaliou, and was regarded 
as one of the most honest, faithful and Ith 
borious boys in the asylum. 

To all who desire it, he will send a copy of the pre- 

. , . ,-11 scription u.ied if roe ol charge), with tbo directions for 

: Of this article is larg.', r.nil is continually • preparing and using the same, which they wiU find a 

! on the increase, - that all who use it are I }jj,„p(jj.^j,p£,n(j^^,^f,pj,p-r,jj|_ astum.\, BRONCHrns, 

pleased with its excellimttpllliliea. an.l that | e,<.. The obiect of the advertiser in snndingthe pre- 

thi'y cotllil not think of k.;eping store with- | gcripUou is to benefit Ihe afflicted, and Hpruad informa- 

OUt it. In case of debility or prostration of | Uon which he conceives U> be invaluable : and he hopes 

Iho. system. Hoi'fland's tTerma'n Bitters will 
be found an excellent article, as well as for 
; Dvspejisia. 

I 'Hoofland's German Tonic is a combiua- 
t tion of all the ingredients of the Bitters, 
with puri' Santa Cruz Rum, orange, anise, 
i Ac. It is used for tho same diseases as the 
I Hitters, in cases where an .Alcoholic Stimn- 
j lant is reqiiind. It is a preparathm of rare 
medical value, and most agreeable to the 


j Maoic; ! Ma<»i<; ! ! Maoic ! ! ! -There is 
' uoUiing like Magic OH for all aclie^ and 
pains. It never fails to give immediate re- 
lief. (.»ue trial will convince any person 
fiuflcriiig from iheuniatism, neuralgia, 
toothache, sore throat, or any pain, wheth- 
er external or internal, that Pratt & Butch- 
er's Magic Oil IS the medicine in the 

every sufferer will try his remedy, as it will cost th .ax 
nothlnft, and may prove a bleesing. 
Parties wishing the prescription will please addreae 
W iUlamson, Kings County, New York. 


or THK ACiK. 


ray consider this a sort of spread eagle 
mean every word of it. 1 have been 

world for the complaints it is intended to 
cure. Price only fifty cents, l^ty it. Sold 
by all druggists^ 

TIiP Hidr to tlii^ iraiian TliroiiP. 

Prince Hunib<-rt, who will succeed Victor 
Emmanuel as King of Italy, is » young 
man of about twenty- four years of age. He 
had tbo misfortune to lose his mother dnr 
ing his early childhood, and has since been 

j brought up' by the ladies of King Victor's ^ 

barciu. .\s might have been pxpf^cted, he ^^^''^{jg i/'g^t^t^or ?'' added 
has shown in his conduct, s-ince his amvid ..probably," said the 
at years of indiscreli.m, the influence of his ■ 

"Silt," said a guest to his host at dinner 
this is a cajdial .-^iiloiu, please tell me 
what is the name of your purveyor '" 

'Addison," was the reply 

in the same cat- 

Thiui,i.ino Inttdknt. — During the late 
flood two men near Long Eddy, took a rope 
and went upon some low land near the Del- 
aware river to fasten a stack of hay, and ti- i i*„ 
before they couM make it fa.^t and return, . ^Rory a^ gambling debts, 
the sudden rise of the water cut off their ' --There is an estiddisliment in Bristol, 
communication with the high lands They ' England, where a butt of sL.rry wine can 
were compelle.l to seek refuge on the stack. ' i,e manufacture 1 from tho raw material in 

half an hour without using a .Irop of .sherry 

— Victor Hugo's .log wears a collar on 

whi.'h is in.scribed: "I wish some one 

would send me home. My sUte":' D.>g. 

Huge. Mf name? Senat." 

Our reailers pntation 

A Favorablb Notorhtt.— The good re- 
and extended use of '-Brovms 
-inTnoreciate the above when we state that 'Bronchial Troches' for Coughs, Colds., and 
this urovident .-entleman is the h. norable Throat Diseasee has caused the Troches to 
this Pro^.^'j^^ Ki-^oUu. who in years past has be extensively imitated. Obtain only the 
mirth on account ot his ec- gfnnine "Brown's Bronchial Trochep, 

causetl no little 

an.l .k-spite ropes and ties it soon floated 

off. In a moment more they were floating 

down the i-aging tide. No help for them, 

and no paddle or pole to guide their ten.ier 

and tottering craft. Down, down the over- , „ 

flowing and surging torrent, they floated ; ^^ master , . , 

and ro led along. No l>oat could reach \ _A French photograplicr claims to pro- 

them. for th« water was too rough and rap- ; duce pictures in color by a new method, of 

id. Soon they passed Callicoon, twelve which he only <le8crib*;8 the general meth- 

miles ilistant, and in a short time was ap- od. which is to illnniiua;« the object snc- 

proaching the Cochecton bridge, five miUs , cessively with the different parts ot the 

further down. Three miles mora ami the 

Falls wonld shake their hay raft to atoms 

an.l their hopes en.Ie.l. Near Milanville 

they were discovered far up the river, and 

a boat was made retwly in time to reach 

them before they floated by. Just in time, 

oniy a short distance above the rapi.l^ they 

were rescued and safely lan.led on shore, 

after a most fearful ride of twenty miles 

upon a stack of hay. Many thanks to the 

brave and skillfiil men whQ snatched them, 

as it were, from a watery gn,y.—Kingfton 


.arly associates and of his father's peculiar 
t xample. Since his marriage, which took 
pliwe not many months ago, he has been 
somewhat more discreet in the pursuit of 
his pleasures, but he is by no means a ni.e 
young man. Ind'-ed, were it not for the fact 
that he has proved his courage on the field of 
battle, be might be truthfully called an 
Italian Albert Edward. Like his faher, he 
has never shoAvn aay indication of talent, 
and, unlike him, ho does no! appear to 
possess tho bliitt", soldieriy honesty tlnit 
won for the King bis once popular sobri- 
auet of tho He GaUivtunmn. Tho Itidian 
peoplt? wid iK.t find it to keep alive 
the fiction of admiration and respect for so 
worthless a prince as Hnml>ert is under- 
stood to be; an.l the Mazzinians will doubt- en.leavor to make the monarchy sbar»- 
the unpopnlarity of the monarch. There 
is, however, a peculiar feature in the rela- 
tions of Priffco Humbert with the Italtan 
ra<lical, which may not be^ without its 
influence upon his future as King of Italy. 
In common with his yor.nger brother. 
Prince Amadeo, he has always professed a 
warm personal affection for Garibaldi. If 
his relations with the great democratic sol- 
dier still remain as cordial as they formerly 
were, Garibaldi may be able to rally his 
followers to the support of the monarchy. 
The fate of King Humbert may yet be de- 
cided by the rUenmatic and feeble old 
guerrilla captain. 

A Famhy Puzzlb. — Alluding to there- 
port that M. Ije.8«ep9 and bis son— who are 
referred to as "MM. X. pere et fils" 

seen steel by his side.' 

.\iiy relation 

the gentleman. 

other; "1 have often 

Reader, so 
S, bu. 
When your system is racked with 


I p:i<n, and you cannot oven tiirnToursolf in bed, or sitting 
I in a chair, you must sit and suffer, in the morning wish- 
ing It was night, and at night wishing it was morning: 
I \\lien you have 

when every nerve in your being is like the sting ot a 
wa!<p, oircnlating the mo^^t venomous and hot poisoa 
around your heart, and driving you to the very verge ot 
madness: When you have the 


; (that I have just (rot through with.) that most awfol, 
most heart^withenng, mnnt strength (testrojing, ao*t 
spirit-breaking and mind-weakeningof all disease* tliat 
can afflict our poor human nature. V^*hen you have the 



I aliont to marry two sisters, the Rappel 
I snggests the following complications as 
i liReTy to arise from these double es^Xiusals: 
, To begin with, X., the son; will be the 
I brother in-law of his father, and the wife 
will become the sister-in-law of her own 
sister. If M. X. senior has a son, and M. 
X. junior n daughter, and they shonl.l 

— The .Spanish gunboats have been seiz- 
ed, and are now in the custody of the U. S. : 
authorities, awaiting the action rf the ^ 
court. The monitions or writs are retnm- 
able on the 14lh of December in the United 
States District Court, before Judge Blatch- 
lord, but it is considered probable that the 
."tses will bo opened immediately. 

Wisis AND Liquors. - H. G. Kuhlman, 

Importer and Dealer in Foreign and Do 

inestic Win. s and Liquors, Old Brandies, 

Gins, Bourbons, Ac , 87 Dearborn street, 

! Masonic Templa, Chicago. Ill..haRon hand, 

I .ind is ( .>ii»tautly receiving, th.> largest stock 

; (o be f .uud in the Northwest. The pro- 

i prietor is a gentleman who thoroughly tjn- 

i ilerstands the wants of his cuetomf rs, and 

I Lhos^ ibialing with him will find first-class 

! goods and low p ricep. 

i To THOSE who are aflflicted with Chills and 
Fever, Dumb Chills, or Malarious diseases 
of any kind, we would recommend Dr. F. j 
i Wilholt'rt "Anti-periodic, or Fever and Ague 
i Tonic," wtiich is sold under a f,'Uftrftntee. It 
' has never yet failed, in a single instance, to | 
1 effect a speedy and permanent cure. Made j 
i in New Orleans i y Wheelock, Finlay^ Co. 
Sold at wholesale by Fuller, Finch & Fuller, 

; Appi.eton's Journal, which has only 

been in existence a few months, htis attain- 

I ed a circulation which is unprecedented in 

I the annals of journalism. It only exem- 1 

plifies the fact that extreordinary liberality ' 

are j of expenditure will always meet with sue 

lying and writhing in agony and pain, uni 


able to turn 
... rveiT movement wil" 
enrt Hko a knife : now tell me, if roHef and cure of aaj 

ourself in bcd^ and rveiy movement will go to roar 

re of aaj 

of these diseases in a few days is not the 
Medical Blessing of tho Age. tell us wfait is ! 

.\nstralia consnmes twelve pounds of , marry, the daughter of X. junior will be- 
tea per person per yea-; England tkree ; come the sister-in-law of her lather: and 
and a hal*" pounds 


— Frenchmen can not pronounce "ship. 

a bea.l iu a twelve- 
month; Ame"rica one pcund to each indi- 
' vidual of some kind of leaves iii which 
there is niulerstood to l>e an atlraixture of 

i —When the military fired upon the 
riotous striking miners of Aubin, France, 
a woman, who ha<^her .^hild in her anns, 

'turned to 8y, pressing the 

tbreaet; the child-^as srnck 

the son of X. senior will be the son-in-law 
of his brother and of his sister-in-law. If 
there should be a child of this second mar- 
riage, it will have two grandfathers, MM. 
X. senior and junior, whence it follows 
that X. senior will become the brother ol 
his own son. More than that, if a boy, 
he will be the brother of bia own motjier, 
his mother are alike grand- 
senior; anda8*a ijioiker'fl 

in her anns, ; ne »"» "« »"« . 
baby to her f «»<« he &na ^* 
I by several ; children of X. 

. ^.. _ ^ „K« „,av« -rreueuuieue^uuo.H'"""""'^^'^ »"•!'- bnlleis 111 fhe ht^(l, and the fnri.uw moth^ ^t)rother isjin tmcle, be Will be^^ 

centncities. We .sincerely hope that the jo not be influenced by t^ose^ who make ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ -sheep" in their mouths, t,, 'tumimc bacE and meeting an offin^r. ^ alogs^posi tion of being hw omp oflcle. 
venerable and eccentric gontftman't feara more profit by selling worthless iimtaiiona. .g^-^ ^ iton-clad, one sai4 to a boy. "Iz , Marled her ohild in hifl.lace. exclaimuig: - 

will not be 
stead. long 

-nrxmo ♦inie« 

nd eccentric gontftman't feara more profit by selling worthless imtationa. -Seeing aa iton-clad. one sai4 loa 
realiV.l, but that he tnay. in- r^mnrar* uno&a l«h«fc-J4>«*a *" eheep?" "No," answt 

liy.and makens all l8«c?h many ^ Sss "The Little vX)rporar "°<*8/r?'^]5^ ^Hiit.ijum." - -. ^ ^ 

answered the 



•Takeit,rnfaA! "Xpn want onr tdood>? 
Tdteit, then^OniflfrifcJ' • ' -_ - 

PfcBMSs i»-wai^^ TiiiMaa.'SmMrtHiiAaM«Ml Washington 

<^.8W?^.I-^!1?*«J»jrK:*.:5. Tork to^narraSftt 

cess, f ifiod literature is the crying need 

of the day. and the Appletons know how 

to furnish iL See advertisedient m anotb- | 

[ er column. : 

i Wii,i> Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hate 

i Rr.vEWER change gray hair to its original , 

j color and not dye the skin ? It wHl ! and 

is a preparation of acknowledged superior 


i Good men iosore in the Wa«hi[i,7tou Life, 

! Besj.\mi5 Fe.vhklis, 1769.- It is time our 
' per.ple understood and practiced more gen- 
erally Life Assurance. Many a widow and 
'• ori'lian have had great reason to be grateful 
I that the advantage of Life Assurance was 
• un<ler-*tOJd and embraced by the husband and 
' father. A large amount has been paid by 
Liffr Assurance 'Cotppanies 'to widows and 
orphans when it fo<^iaea almost theironly re- 


Edwabd F. Joses, 1869.-1 havs made snffi- 
cieut examinatiop of the condtttoftof tttflL 
" "sTnsirraticeCoi 

t -' 'Si 

DIRE«mONS TO rHK.-You wiU take a tableq>ooa- 
ful and three spoonfuls nf wator three timee a day. Had 
in a few days every particle nf rheumatic and nenralgio 
pain will be dissolved and pass off by the kidneya. 

Manufaotnred by i)<»NAL.U KBNNBDY, 

BoxtHirTt mmm. 

Wholesale Aoemtk. -Fuller, Finch A Foiler, Leed 
A Smith, F. P. DwyoT A Co.. Bumhams A Van Scluaek. 
Hurlburt A. Edsall, Tolnian A King, Chicago; Or«Mi A 
Button, Rice A Rising, Bosworth A Son, Dohman A 
Kchmidt, Milwaukee: McCulloch A McCord, t«CtxM«e 
Noyes Bros., St. Paul; Collins Bros, Z. F. WetZei' 
Meyers Bros., Hi. Louis; Moore A Tart>ot, ZtrnkermaB i 
Haaa, Dubuque 

At retail by all dmggista. Priee C1.60. 

Notes for December^ aildrefMed to the Feeble 
and Debilitated. 

This is a trying eeaaon for invalids, indeed for all who 
are not bleaaed with robust constitutions and iron framoa. 

Cold has come npon ns suddenly, sealing np the op«a 
pores, and traiing in a« it were, any teoda of ilinam that 
may have been lurking in the system, but which resuia- 
ed nndevelopod so long as the waate matter of the bedy 
and all acid and nnwholosome humors were freely die- 
charged by evaporation from the surface and tbroagfi 
tho bowels. 

A tonic, aperient and alterative medicine is now 
needed to Invigorate the vital powers, dopraaaed by » 
low temperature to stimulate and purify the secrettaia, 
and to fit the body to endure, without InoonvaoieBoc, 
pain or danger, the sadden cUmatic change wliieh 
luhers in the winter. 

The only preparation which will fully meet this almnrt 
oaivenal need, and which will thoronghly and seMy 
perform the important work, is the leading tonio and 
alterative of the age. HOSTinTFR'.S STOMACH 

This popular specific improves the appetite, tnvigo 
rates the digestive organs, regulates the flow of bOe 
enriches the blood, calms the nerves, relierea con etlya - 
tion, ptxnBotes superficial circulation and eraporatioa, 
and being composed slowly of wholcv>roe vegetafela 
elements, with a pure stimnlant as their diffuai v« vehicle, 
may be taken by the weakeot without fear. Tba flaeee 
is agreeable, for althuogh the BITTEILS are a potent 
medicine, they contain no nauseating element. 

■ fe''"^: 



'' '. M 


% •■ ■.'♦ 




A OENTLFMAN whosn«er»d for years from NerroM 
Debility Prcmaturo Dway, and all ihe H*e<-t8 of yoath- 
ful indifieretion, will, tor the sake of mflaring hiuaaal^, 
send free tii aU wfEo need it. the receipt and direet^at 
for making the simple remedy by which he was cnnd. 
Sufferers wishing to profit by the advertiaer'sazpeciaSM^ 
can do so by addreMing. in perfect coDfideaea, 
No 42 Cedar alreat. New TeMT ' 


DAY madAt 

rSamples MBttrae, 
H. ■' 


HOIelHAT JOmMfili 


tj|ii^Ni«aid : 

90ivMijr4f V< 

ipe in 








TtiL-: FRh:^: homkmead. 










FRliC FOR liMO. 

5>Utf "Free Humesteitd*' will Cost You 


If the magazine or paper you wUh to receivt 
d.>«'s not appear in the following list, we c»n pro- 
C'.iri* for you, at rtduetd ratet, any book, maga 
sine or newspaper in the world. 

••You pays your money and yoti tikes your 

The Fkek IIoMtSTEAD — $2.00 — and either of 
the following publications 

fear for the price marked at the right band of 
t'ur; column. 

Harper'* Weekly ($4) $i Or 

llftrper'i Monthly " ^ i Of 

llarper'j Bazar " 5 Ol' 

A'.lantie Monthly 5 J.', 

tfodey's Lady's Book 4 25 

Lady's Frieiid 

1 tiilou'« Maji^azine ($2) 

STATb: k:Lt:cTioN. 

Auttiu'8 Majority 2,155 

The following returai are official and complete, 
every county which held an election being in- 
cluded in the table: 



I LlKl'T.Oo>Ea.N0K. 

Ulue Earth 
• '•r»er 

Crow Wiug 


ill be furnished one \ ^""t'". 








Jack ton 




3 25'''' Sutfur 

! Lvon 
3 00 ; Manomlu 

Ch;ldren's Hour 2 75 

(>cOi5 a month 3 25 

Hearth and Hume 5 25 

Prairie Farmer (i2) 

'»Vhitney*s Mu.'ioal Quest 

I'eier's Musn-al Muiithly (.13) 

Packard's Monthly 

Liuie Corporal 

/rtnur's Home Magazine 

I'hrecolo^jital Juurual 

V'estern Rural 

Rive.^iJf Matjazine 

I't'.erfOu'i Magazine 

Aaieruan Agrioulturiat 

Tulf-io Weetkly Blade 

•Saturday Evening Po^'t 

I'bicagu Weekly Post 

K. Y. Icdi'j.cnieai 

l?ch'jolday Visitor 

Bci«i:tino American 

llit'.'hoook's Mu^iical Monihiy 

LiitcM's Living Age (»S.. 9 00 

Applctou's Juurnal _.._— i 00 

bubi^cribe for periodicals and order books, 
pa'nplikts. and pictures, through the ofilcc of the 

FbSE lIuMESTE.\n. 

Mule I.act 
3 50 ; McPlmll 

■ Morrison 

: Olmitrd 
(Hter Tall 

I R:iiiitcy 

, Rt-nviUe 

i Rice 

' Sherburne 

I S'eHTD* 
j Stevens 
I Steele 
', St LaaiS 



2-29 2ii7 

1.4 137 

1146 102S 

204 4.'>« 

6» loi3 

8i7 55 

6 5. 

151 91 

594 1SS7 

&S3 8*3 

6*2 lit' 

739 .S75 

1720 lOil? 

652 24ri 

1172 640 


1S18 1S24 

12sS SS5 

272 86: 

158 25 

144 4 

18 1 

568 1012. 

47 285 -.'(W 

1(1 115 136 

5« 1157 1044 

2 624 1.^9 

_ 6:<i »91 

6 5; 

151 «i 

S6S 1646 

W.S 415 

f42 121 

1758 loo7 

0.'j4 241 

144 12W 615 

_ 26 — ' 

207 15S9 VfcW 

29 1294 874 
_ 270 
_ 102 

T F. YTlNblllP. 



























7 J 
























4 i'O 



























287 ir'.t9 

217 fit: 
612 14Si' 

r2 --' 





















18i — 











A full Aisertatent ef 

= Dress Goods! 

I WU.S cured uf Dentiiess and Catarrh by a 
aimpU ruwcdy, and wMl aend the ruceipt fre«t. 
316.4w Uobokvu. N. J. 

• % — 


Wo will send a liandKoino pro>-peitn» of our 


aii\ book a}fent. fr.e of eliargi . Addre>» NA- 

1 TIONAL ITIiLI.^III.NU CO., PhiUdelphiii, 

Pa., Chinag'-, III., or St. Louig, Mo.. ai6 4w 


A K">lleman who iiffered for y^ars from Nervous De- 
bility, 1'r.^uiHlurt l»ec«y. anil all the effiitd of youthful 
Inilihcrrtion. will, for the sake of ^ulTerinr hunmrlty, 
*eD<1 free to mU who n.-ed It the receipt %nd directions 
forraakiiid the »iniple remedy hy which he w»» cured. 
SutTerera wl»hin(f u, p -oflt hy the adverllHei '• » xperience 
can do so hy addres»i')K. with jierfect ton&dunce, JOHN 
B. OODKN, No. 42 Oi:d»r Ht , New York. 31S-ly 


The ad»ertl#er, ha<in(5 lH.en restored to heal'h in a 
few Weeks, by a very rimjile remedy, after having suf- 
fered several jearf »llh a severe lung sffrction, and 
that dread disease, ( on!<»ini|>iion, is anxious to make 
kuowD to his fellow- -rjflrrers li.e means of cure. 

T> allwhodetiheh he will send » copy of lhe|>re»crip- 
tlon Oiied, (free ofch.irpe), with the directions for pre- 
parinijand u»inKll>e san:e, which ihey will find a « 
cure for Uiinsumptlon, Astltoin, Bronchtlls, etc. The 
object of the advertisi-r in (tending the Prescription is to 
l)en. til the afflicted, »nd spread Information which he 
conceives to be invalnafcle ; and he ho'>e« every sufferer 
wintry hig remedy, iis it will cost nothinp. and may 
pr«v«ai)lesiuii{;. I'lrties wishing the jjrencriptlon wSl 
pleiigeaddirss Vev. KDWARD A WILSON, Williams- 
burg Kings County, New Yerk. 31S-ly 


J- ^ 3B .^^ XJ" Jtii i-«L c3C <^ -"-^ - f 

A1m» General Aceiiis for 

VTi^. :k: isT JL B E3 & 

oi4fl otli<-r First 4 ltts:t 












361 ■ 



































































' 6 








1 88 


5. '9 



Conaisting ef 

Delaines, Poplini, 

Tycoon Reps, 

\lcaeas, MerisM, ike. 

Together with a full Line «>/ 

tiiogbauis, Prints, 

Tickings, SLeetinga, 
Woeleni, Jeani, 

hatinettes, Cassimcros, 



Bbdimd thk 



By Olire Logan. She lets things oat, exhibit- 
ing in vivid ei lorn the Sl'ow World, as secnlroaa 
within *nd withojt. From Puppet tfhows to 
• irand Opera; Alounfebsn' s to Menageries;! 
Learned Pigs lo Lecturers. Rich, racy and high : is the gri'at sensation, and all want it. i 

Cont.ins C50p«j:fs, paper. P«""''o*c- ! shows how to double the profits of the farm, 

E. P. Kecdham Ac Son uad B. Suoninger & Oo/s 
Mnnufdcturers nnd Tinporters of 


AS:i K'-:fV ii'sr ii'T r>N (>r 

^.^.n. ■» J > f*?0 WaaliluKton Ste., 

650 Broadway, I -r- - . ^. . , - - -^-^ <r'-? " CHICAGO* 


Keeps Com (anil; on tlbud 


Presk and bait Meats. 


i Sjaokkg and Chewing Fchccv 
' and; 


Ha win pay the biggest atarket prica t«r 

OxATS & 


Winntbage City, May M, 18«. Siltf 


27o2<) 33365; 1761 296^9,236131 1426 

The majority for tie rest of the State ticket 
was about the sniiif r.s Yale's. 



ly illustrsted wit 1 spirited engravings. Sells 
beyond all other ^)ookB. Sample copy rnd nro 
spcctUH to agents free. For i-irculars explain 
in.', add, ess PAUMELEli A CO., 


Cincinnati, Ohio. 

jllsg a Large isupply of 

PtRjiBT — The .W/ii» suys that W. W. WiJ. 
Hams has been trying to poll a ballot when he , 

bad no right to vote, an,l was pieventcd perjury j Qj^A SS WARE, CROCKERY, 
Vtoe Hiuff. by show of cold steel. Probably the story origi- 

nated in the report that a gold sleeve button bad 

The four rropositions laid down in our issue' , , , . '. ii- i f,i,„ into a m in <;» 
■'""''' I been found in the rubbish of the late nre in oi. 

cf the 10th were all true and su.^ccptiult of proof, ^^^^ markol -W. W. \V." Circuiur'taiiiial evi- 

tll of which the Po,t disposes of in its ujual so- , ^^^^ .^ ^^^^^ ^, f^^,^ 

phii'tical way. a habit ]>eculiar to that ia^titu- | — — , ' ^ t 

tion. We -said that no one in V, innebago City j AlV>ert D. Richardson, the well known corres- I 

took any stock in the People's Convention called ; pondwu of th< New York Trihuw, was shot, and ! 

tore, by Blue Earth peopla and influence, and j »t ii thought fatally wounded, last Thursday eve- 

that it wa« diCioult for them to get a room where- ' ning. by Pat McFarland, a lawyer, between whom 

in to concoct their bantlings. Me either told { there has long cxirted a bitter hatred, caused by 

a truth or a lie. and if the latter, it is easy to ' an alleged intimacy of Richardson with .McFar- j 

prove it, Mr. /W, and wc recommend you to try ; lands wife. The condition of the wounded man j 

Vlanbootl : How Lost, How Re- 

and how farmer's and tboir sons can e««h tnuke 
$iet) per month in winter. 10 000 copiea will 
be mailed free to farmers. Rend tiatw, and ad 
dress to ZEIGLEtt, McCURDY A CO., 
316. 4w • Chicago, 111. 

.MoflSE'slNPiAN Root PiLi.8.-We have lately 

been *iio»n the formula from which thete Pi'ls 

are prepared, and from this and our experience 

Just publisheil. a new edition of Br. i j^ (jjg us^. <,f them, can bonei?tly pronouiue ihcm 

CUilverwrli-a rel.l.rated K*«ay ^^^^ ^^^ ,„j reliable medu-ne. B. ing en- 

of S-PEUM.\T0I!K11(£A, or ?cmtaal trrely Iree from i.11 poisonous ingredients they 

Minnesota Valley RAiLRuAb 

On and after Tuesday, March 30 traina wil' 
run as follows-. 

Mankato and Le Sueur Trains. 


7:45 a m Mankato 4:30 pm 

'< . 3:40 pm Lc Sueur 8:30 p ro 

Mankato 1»:<)0 a m St. Paul 5:00 p m 

Le St»e«r « 45 a m 


at. P»i«l 

,11:4^ a til 



' Boots, Shoes. Crokcry an 


I Prints, DeLaiues, Bleached an «■ 
j Vnbkached Cotton, ^ 

I * 


j Hat* and Caps, Cletli«, __ 


i Also, Sugar. Tea. CoflFee. Syrup, Molasses. K'f 
i sen« and Machine Oil, »\ beat, Oais. t lour, Ar 





Retknesi, Involuntary Seminal Losses, Impolency, 
Alei>l«l and Physical IiicapHCity, Irapediraetits fn Mar- 
riage, etc. ; also Ciiiisuniption, Kpilrpgy, and Fits, in- 
doeed hy selMndulijeiice or sexual extravagance. 

,^(r I'rice, in a s«raled enveloi>e,only six cents. 

The r-elebrated author, in thi? admiraiilc esiiay, clear- 
ly demonstrMtes frcm a thirty years' successful practice, 
that the alHiiiilnK consequences of self-rbuse may he 
radically cured will out the danKeious use of inteni'^l 
medicine or the apiilicition <if the knife; pobitinft '>ut a 
mode of cure at once fiiii|ile, certain and effectual, by 
meanaof wli ch everv sufferer, no matter what hig con- 
dition raav he, may cure himself cheaply, privately, and 

This Lecture choild he in the hands of erery youth 
and every uii-.n in tie tand. 

Sent, undi-rseal, ir a plain envelope, to a* y address, 
P'.»tp«id, O.U raceipt f.f 8;x cents, or two post stamps. 
Also, Br. •Culvrnveil's -'Slarrisge Guide," price -Jicts. 

Address the Publ shers, 

127 Bowery, ^ew York, P. U. Bo\ 4,586. 


Eastern Express. 

Leave St. riiul7:46am. Ar. Pt. Caul 7:10 p m. ! QyQgJjg^y • Cniif* and S.tHCtTS, Phtte 

can be safely «*ed while performing the ac.ive i OwatOUm f «»'^«C« ^T"***"*;" \ Mcut Kwcrs autl li.MU.. W* would advise all to use them; I Leave St. Paul :i::iOp«. Ar. bt. Paul 1 U4o a m. 

and by n fair trial you can see at once the bene | Trains on this road nsake^lose conn-ecttons j Glass Lamps and Chimneys, Comet fcunLuine^ 

fit derived from them. Use Mortic's I"'*'*" ' ^jenj„t;i „iih trtiins on Milwaukee and St. Paul j and Cbimneyi, 

hoot Pills in all cases of BilliousnefS, yeadache. I j.^jl^^^^ J J jj Mmneapoli-, Owniouna, Uinona j r^ ■, , 

•female Irregularities, Liver C<>mplatuts, *«•! .^,„j ,ii points South and East, and ut St Peter j LayitemS, 7 umbleri, Golifl.'i, 

Siold by all Dealers. \i\\\i MinnesotB Stage Company's line of S<age^ ' 

for New llm, and at Mankato all points W«sl LQQKING GLASSK^^, <JjC 

anu Southwest. j 

Tickets can be procured at the Union Ticket ; 

Office, corner I'hird and Jackson streets, and at ; 

In nutubers there if safety, it was upon this 
principle that the I'jriuula of Judson s M"untdin 

Jlerb Pills was preoiirciL It was nM -tie result 

ot one man's kii'iwledgo. I^r. Judsun intending [ jj,^ depot, West St. Paul. 

^J!«^BU<lTS and SHOES made to order a 

f * ^ ^ I 


i: or shut I'.p. 

'i he liouc^t /'f.«( says that said convention was 
got up by the land office clique. That old cry of 
••land office cHiiue" has lost its ciiarm. There 
s»af R time when the charge of any emanation? 
irom the land office here was syuuuymuua with 
ri'id d-.ff or »«ia// pox, but blue Earih City fur- 
i,i.<ibcd Inains and carcass for that peculiar plase, 
the former officers have become respectable by 
c>m]>arii>on. You will be obliged to get up a new 
tlodgo to ebouldcr tho sins oi your own luachina- 
tious. J.ihd Oj^ce is tlale. 

On reading the /'osf article sajing that "no 

IS very precarious 


state NewB. 

Five hundred men are at work on the Superior 

Henry Woodruff, local editor of the St. Pau 
I'lttM, will furnish the poem for the nest Minne- 
sota Editorial As-^ociation. 

Two ?1 00,000 churches will be built in St 
Paul another season — one Catholic and one Bap- 

Absinthe, the popular drink of New York and 
nine Earth j.eople of respectability had anything Paris just now, has reached .St. Paul on it? inarch 
to do with that convention," sonic one remarked | ol death. 

that there were ninety-one in liluc Karth not re- The New York Sun says : "The progiesi of 
ipfctablc. Just compare the vote, Mr. /'<.»f, and Minnc^'ota in the production of wheal is among 
sea who got up the bolt; and were it not for the the agricultural m8rve!5 of the age. It i-i csli- 
ir.ost positive assurance that -Mr. Earber was « in:vtt.d thai the suiplus wheat of that State the 
ricaway, Seeley would not have bad tnaeb en- present year will V>e fully filtetn million.", while 
Cjur«,;<'tncnt in this town. You will le obliged but little of the great grain plateau embraced 
t.- ai-knowled^'e on that subject. j nilbin its limits has yet been brought under cul- 

\ou fay Latimer is perfectly at liberty to to- ! tivation. One farmer, the pa>t year, harvested 
Uovc points, foi all Riue Earth cares, etc.. etc . i one tiiou.-and acres, with an average jicid of 
fcjj i: was only county seat you jk'dged him up I forty bu.»hels to the acre This section, while 
on. That is a filly, transpaicut story. Tba , niuch of it is too far north for growing corn, will 
ous'y seat tiuestion is a new bantling trumped evidently become the Odessa of America in the 
U(. tj use t.ow that you have lost all power in the j roduction of wi. 
cM point question, after delaying the .'■"•uthern ^mmmmim^^^^i^t 
>iiunesotB Fiallroa-i for two years by an iiuholy 
and unjust kgiolation emanating (Voui Llue Earth 
City. You are now willing to let go points and 
tike to county teat, hoping to elect .V««/ and j 

r'."m'er/.M;i uj'On that issue. It won't win next | 
t.a:e, .Mr. l\iii. There is enough righteous indij- 
r*!ion amsng the people, at the results of Rlue 
Eirth lead, the past three years, to clean out that 
contract as smooth as a mirror, clique and all. 

As to the unpopularity of .\. C. I»unn, there is j 
•till a &lm over your understanding. If your 
atsertionsare true, as to his unpopularity, why 
*!• it necessary to get up those R. R. libels to 
•■:atter along the line of ^our railroad, the day be- 
f «re election And why was it Ec«»sary for the tuen of Blue Earth tn promi'-e I>unn lba> ' 

t jey would carry certain towns around Blue 

Kaiih, as-: rUue Earth jt*;if, aui at the same I 

<;iiit Lai the tranor in their bsart^ and dare not ; 

f bon it for fear of the effect of a fair and honest j 

cj position. It is all over. Mr. y'i>*f,and through 1 

trea.hcry, false prefen«es, bribery and p'.edgfs, : 

yoa Lave succeeded. Rut that success will be j 

the cause of putting Andrew C. I'unu into the] 

l.ex: Congress, replace the laud office where it | 

should be, and oust the rottcnest clique that aver j 

Lad control of it. i 

TO THE WOKKINt; CLASS.— We are now 
prepared to Inrnish ii.l clashes with ceni'taiit ym- 
|il"ynient ai Iioilc. tliu wli.'ie ot the time or for 
the ("pare n;onierils. .susines:- new. light and 
I profitable. l'er»ons ol either sex ea'iij earn 
And .11 other Goods necessary to make up a full fr-n. 50c to«J p.r e etiii.g. and a proportional 
and complete, aseoriment (or town and 

to spend a »otlunc in adverti.<iing his Pills, con i 
sulied the most intelligent ai.d learned physi- 
cians ot the age. and the result was tlie produc- 
tion of a simple iiut efficaciuus medicine tl c Jud. 
soil's Mountain Herb I'ill.-. fbche pills cure 
Ciiliousness. Di.*pe,>sia, Liver Complaint, Intii- 
gestion, Female Irregularity, Ac. They havo 
now been used many > ears by the publii-, and 
thousands of testimonials bear witness to their 
vir'ucs. As a family medicine thcj nre unri»al- 
ed. IJive the Mountain Herb Pills atrial. Bold 
by all dealers. 



C. tfornat Oenernl Ticket Ajenl 283tf 

' epairing neatly done. 






country t<ada. 
WincebiLgo Crty. f=ef>t. 28, 1369. 


' *mti .t*i^ 


Aftere*r»f«'I investigation by ompetcni judges 
; it h-s been fully and fairly dcciJed mat thv best 
■ place to purchase 




ind in fac» any kind of Goods, is at tha Store 

R. M. Wilson, 

First door North of Post Office, 

whare more 6ood«caa be bad for o'** dollar fbau 
any other 


suiM bv devoting: their wboie time to the bui-i- 
1 neis. Hoys ami girls earn nemly as much us 
nitii. That ul! who see thia not'ce may send i 
thuir aildiC??. «iil lest the b.isiiies-.*. wo make 
this unparalleled offer r l o suidi as are not well 
satisfied we will sind .?! to pay lor the trouble 
nt wiilinp. Full p'lrtii-ulars, a valuable s-ample, 
which will do to c.pmmence work on. and a copy 
t)i the Pfj't''" t.itrniri/ t'oni/iauioii — one of In- 
largest and bestfaiiiily new->i>:iper.s puldished — 
iill .-ent free hy mail. Render, if you want 
p»-iin!»ticnt, profi^.ifbJe w"«rk. «d«lfess K. C. A L- 
LE.N <t CO., Augusta, Maiue. 3I6-13w 




'is the only perfected and 
scientifically prei)ared 
;prej)aration of its kind 

IlLolUltlio and has no competitor 


Leaves Winnebago Citv every Fri by at 3 o'eior^ 

lllCIlKiAN SOUTH tRN R. R.j l^,;'^:;!^'^''"''^'^' '''';'"''■''' 

Leaves Jftckson every Monday at 6 o'ldock a in. 
find arrives at Winiiebajro L'iiy at 8 o'cloek «" 
in. every Tuesday, making eiose crnueciu.. 
with the Mankato sta^e. 

I'hSsen?or>l«y this r»;:te pass tbronirb V«'»»er 
The only line ranning THROUlili TRAINS j ly, Horrtcun. .Vay, and Walnal gro-. e, and r.j. 
' • - only \« t^e day-nme. 

W.fil ANT I'ropritt r 
Winnebago City, July 14!h. UK. i •»; 







'Winnebago City and Wasccs 


CICYclynd. Eric, Dunkirk, linffulv' L^ve, A-:nnebago.everyd.yeicep.Sa.url»,. 

Making this t'no most CouiT-irtabV, Exnediliout 
and Only l>'r'Xt Route t-j 

C POR Sl.J't I 

The best readin;:. Attractive, Entertaining' [ 

Amasing. No .Mtgaziue lor Young j 

Peopbi has attained so wide 

and well deserved a 

repiitation »% 


! The author of tlio«e popular booki, "Ragged I 
I Dick," "Pameand Fortune." Ac, 


Commences 8 Nrw Siory in theJannar> nuoiber ' 
Forward your siibKcriplions at once. The Oet»- I 
i ber, Ncvember iind iiumhers will b. , 
! kcut free to all iv'io remit *^160 for 1870 before 
i Dtcenilier 1 Jlh. A ti'ie phutogrupb of .Mr. AI- 
i ger will bo (jresenicd to everv suOKcriber for 1 
I ISTi. JOSEPH H. ALLE.V. P.iblisb.r, 

! 31if.4w Boston. Mass. 










The S .M. i:. K. l^Ulrl«^t Stop at >VelU. 

31ankato, 31iiiii., 

D R U G S, 

M*E D 1 C I N E S, 


Faribanli County. 


v4n'2Uf pr N, W. Sa.u«knt 

April 5ih, 18«7. 

iVew Caoods. 



In one larg* O'tavo Volume— Nearly 800 pages 
I — Printed in Engli.'h and (jcriuan. :{3 Ele- 
gant Full I'age Engravings. 

It embraces f-rty ytnr's recolkcfions of hia 
; busy lif", it" ii iner<diaiif, u auager. bunker, ec- 
Lturer, and sbot iniiii. No book published so ac 
j ci-p able lohli ( Iii^-es. E\ery one ants it 
i .Agents averajts from .')l> to U>0 suhKcrihers a 

w»^k. We "ffer extra terms and pay frieght 

West. II u.^tritpd Catalogue and Terms to 

Agent sent Irec 

J. B. BURR 4 00., Pub's, 
31« ?w li-iribir'l. Con . 



The enemies of Winnebago fity, no longer 
daring to deny that the Southern Minnesota 

Railroad will be built to this thriving village, do . s;^^j^> J. alwaVS full, and CUStom- 
r >t even presume to assert that it will be to , ^^.^ ^^^^ ^^ ^Jj ^-^^^^ j^^, luiTllsht-d 
Iflue E.niu Citv. Nevertheless, baffled wire-; . i iv r 

jullers continu; to vent their disaffection in j WltU rtUVthing lU the DlUg llUe. 
-spcior.- newspaper paragraphs, and seek to im- , ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^ j ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ .^^ .^ 
J -egnate thC7tiblic mind with the idea that \\ in- iii'.pSia 

tebajo City is necessarily a dead town, railroad | ' ^ iliuMP60>'. 

or no railroad. The hopeless imbecility of this I Y_} 
j'y by J 'ay has been and is, so apparent to men ! 

» ho have really studied the situation, that any j ^^^ ■ ^-^ • 

endeavors on the part of so-called Winnebago J^QQ^ ^ clIKl ^ilOtfS 
r.icL to refute statements detrimental to the con 
l.uned^p -o'porl'y of this plac, have .-ecincd non- 
scnsicab Put a "we under.tand* paragraph, 
enanating from Blue E.*rth City, having latc'y 
r ine the rounds of the State press, to the effect that i 
Mr. Thotnpsou. the g«»eral minager of the road, \ 
Lad given assuranoes that the road would stop at 
Vi'ells two or three years, it seems eminently 
proper, in ju'tiec to Mr. Thompson, who owns 
the'town of Weili, »nd who is the agent of capi- 
talists, to say that we heard bim declara that the 
ro.vl woulJ 'n..t Stop at WeUs longer than the 
winter.!: money could be obtained to push it 
a't«» i. This as.'ertion should suffice ; but for the j 
benefit of those who are blinded by a -burning j 
bilod-sho: blindwM of the heart." an 1 fail to see j 
V.-ianebago City, though catching glorious] 
g-impsesoiall surrounding towns, we will say, 
thtt Mr Th -mpson says "tb. road will be pu.«h- 
e i abead to V-.nnebago City." ^Uh ten. of 
lliousaudi of dollars promised as a free gift, if 
the r..alrc».bes*ce next year, is u hkely 
that there will be a delay of two or three year.^ , 
Ko: andtheK.<Ar men .ccar. lot. her. and 
prepare to buil 

WELCH AND WALLACK. ^l<^ '|' [{ J ]>, [j '[ J. ^J }^ 

|D«al«rs ia 






Go to ThoiBpson'i for /our Boots. 



«r*rar« to build the woMf w;U they reap the! ai TUoaaps n's, •pp'>iUe tka Collioi Uo«m, 
P ' I Vrin»«k*f* City, MioB. 

Stoves. Tin 




SASH, GLA>^ «sd PUTT\ 

anufaclu.ers of 


Cash Gifts to the Amount of 

jin merit. By its use 
GRAY HAIR is soon 
iiestored to its original 
'youthful color and bril- 
liancv, which is so much 

ORIGINAL ;t"'t'''^f- ^77' 

i\v*oee*n!ir 18 thin or tailing 

LULUn, 'out wil3, by tike use of our 

PROMOTES Rt-'newer,800ii<<eeitfl good 

ima itfTccts, as, by "its /ow/caud 

^ stiiuuhiting i»ro|>ertic'3 the 

ItKuW in. hair y:land9 will be incited 

^|{J) !and the liair grow thick 

rn * [andstrongagain. Incases 

I,^ 'of .ffa/f/««5 it will create 

blLbrlUlU a new growth unless the 

DRESSING, follicles are de.stroyed. It 

TRY i'* cooling, and allays all 

0|T p [itching and irritation of 
"^ [the scalp. It does not stain 
BOTTLE Itlw; skin as do dyes, but 
A|rn 'makes the scalp white and 

llliULLli it js tjje i^jjt and most 

tfP jeconoraieal prepuraticni in 

fPIip the world, as its effects 

TUTU l=i8t so much longer. Send 

illlrl fyr o„r Treatise on the 

LOCKS! hair, tree to all, by mail. 

Sa'.d by alt Druggists and Dealars in Medicine. 


Gea'l Ageats for North- Western States, 

i A.V'.I AM. lOlNTS IM 


^^"A'l the prinLi}>Hl llBliwiiv.'' "f iIk- Norih 
Wf«t and So Uliwctt dniiiert <il i'hiriiyo with tbe 
FourUuily Kxpre^s Truii]i«, leaving Cjic»){" ^^^'^ 
A. M., 1 l::<0 A. M., b:\h V. .M.. am 9:00 1*. .M. 

Elesaul Drawiu;: Itooiti Comrbes 

OnI>ay Txpreys Train* between Chicago, Tole- 
il(i fnd iJiiffalo. 


And has Palace Sleeping Coaches Attached, 

Tli'« rout*- li.n ihr.'U.;h ^^ ll.TOV, MINNITS'.T. 
I..\KK, (illAl'KI.AND, and BA?.^ I.AKK. 

r.-iiiy-iiRt-rf tv II. is luw auU pipulKr r^ •lit-- will 'px . 
T\Vf,NTV MILK.S of fravH, nn.l ui"i.'> . «f"l »ii; re. 
only in Uie dav -tiine, »ti>;n^ thminrli in OS K 'U» 

IHO-MA:; (iKOKOt. Pro^H.-;-- 

Winn«ba£0 City. Nov. IKth. IfCi). "J^lif 


1 \\7K have opened a sLop on Blue F.d.tli A». 

\ W niie, for all kinds of w*. • 
rcjairing, Ac, and will bo found ro:i*:;inliy • 
baud and ready to accoramodale our ou»'.ottj'-- 

1 Attention is called to tbe following price*: 

j Hori<o shoeing, per span, • - - - • $» <i 
New Shoe, ......... .^ 

Rimn'g Through to New York sctt'ng Shoe, - - - - - - . - - ? 

" *-' \\ e guarantee entire satisfaction to all a ho M:a 

patroniious. CLOS.STCK AS.MITli. 

WiiiDebago City, June 23d. XM'i. 


Passeneert fur Detroit, und all pf.iiils in Cona 
da, and thog«' for Ohio, J'enuiifh'auia, A'tic Vorl, 
and y*w 'EuyhDid. ulmiild purctiBse tickels vim 
Lnhe Short and Mirhiyitii Southern Jiailirti}/, 
which «reon »r.le ,«! aJi,itr4iK;i|»il Kailway Ticket 
OEcef, and at the Computiv'e Office, 

No. 56, Clark Street, Chlca^^o. 

F. E. MOR.SE, Gef«'U'aM. Agt., 
OTIS KIMBALL. Gcn'l Sup't. Chicago. 

271 vl rieve'-nd. 0. 



"E^, & H. T. ANTHONY & CO, 


f- 0.000. 


Are prepared to tlora 


On roasonsble t«ini<. 

Apply at Hi^^in's store buildinjr. Front »trt>e», 

Mankato. Tboy alio keep theftl>t' 


317 tf 


Uvil« lh« att»titti •( th« Tiki* t* lh»ir »it«rs>vt aM«rttB*iil af 
■ K«««. •f tka.r Min p«W:««<i»», WMii/arta'* *m4 iM^vriafMit- 
Wr MtoUak —m Favr Tk^mf^d a«^j««U af ftitfraMvay.a Tiaw* 

Maffimatli Cava, 
C*Blra1 rarli, 
Tfaut'>r> r«.ia, 
Or»t W«at, 



C O O P E 11 A G K, 

Wa«fa H|t*«, 



a aw «r*Kft4k. 
lit- latM, 

Oar Imported Tlawfl •inbra** m larf« • 
•kwimt priMltirttesa •< Win Kufflanil, O. 
•lh»r amkiiviit j,li»tof rapbara. •••AMliKf af 


■k >.•. 











•I Ciai 

artmaat. iaelarftac *lM 
•'. Witaaa, Leaf, »t4 

c»» aa'iaai 

In V.'in!'eb8goCity,ei»k»"f .•11 ^i/.ca will i>* ''.vn. 
c>■n^t<ntl> on haii<L REJ'A 11'. I.N<J A»ur m 
«hori notice. Cech pmd tor •tavei' miM \f •" 
fi'ilea. (yooper '^bop')n the b«c!> pun uf t!i« ' ' 
Log Tavera. 4a 

F n. VEfl; 
Winnebaga-Oity. Not. 10. If'Ca. :;U-i; , 

«■••-! ts:.. NOW" opisi^; 

& Cash flu. each 
2»0 " " 


cao(»fto I 
ifi.uoo ' 

5,00«> ! 

1,000 I 
6UU j 


S'.i Elegant Rti^ewooii Piano^.-aafh-$300 to 700 I 
75 " " Meludeuna " I'J to 100 : 

6U to 176 
7 j to :<0o I 
val. nt »1, 000.000 | 

and all kind* of 


A Gat •esortment af 

I 350 M .rhines, 

jOO tiold Wat. hes 

tash frires, « ilverWHre. <A-.. .-..-. -., , 

A rhnuce i" ilraw iny ol the above prixes J«r 

2J ceiils. Ticket* de»<ril.iii;; p-ize* are scaleit 
j in envel"|>es .uid well mind. On .rirctjpt of | 
I 25c ascaltd ti. kei i- ilr.twii, without cli.)ic«,and | 
: *eni by mail t > «ny »<i.lrc»!'. ib« priie n>iuie<l 
i upon it will be delivered lo t-e ticktt holder on 

riceipl ol One Dollar. I'tiic* are iuitn-diately 

•ent to any *ildr«»8 by cxpre«.i it return mail. | 
YtMi will k:i -w w'jat y-'ur prize i- before you 

pay for i». .Any prize elch-n'.M-d for another of 

.be fame vain..' No blanks. Our painna ran 

repeiid on fail .It-ahig. 

RariiHF.'" E'- — ^^^ »i-lccl tiie following from 
' nianv who ha-elntcly drawn valuable prize*. 
; and kin.lly perniitied uh to publish them : An- 
} drew J. Bun.*. Chicago, f 10.000; Mi»* CKira 
, _ , , ,, ^1 . S. M'alker ILltimore. riano, $S00 : J.imcs M. 

lablt and Pocket tutiery. , M.ithtw.. Dctr-.ii.ta.oon; john t. A«dr««*. 

i ^»va^n«h JJOt.O: Mi?» Agnes '"iniiaon*, 
^Gharlcfion., $600. We publirh no na^iei- 
wittii>-il pei«an<ii»i"n 

Oi'iwio.^s ot '6K P«BM. Tbe firm I* reliable, 
and deaerre their iitcceSf.— Uret/y 7yi6aMe, 
M(tm 8. We know iLe.u lo be a fair dealing ' 
firm.— A >' tferoW J/ay 2S. A friend of our* 
drew a$5<H) pme, which w.i« pioiuplly received. 
Daily »%'««■•. June &■ 

Send (or Crrular. Liberal iiidu-^mem* to 
Agent*. Satvjfacti.jn guaranteed. Every pv-k- ' 
ageoftealed envelope* cot laine ONE CAoH 
GIFT. Six ticket* for $1 ; 13for|2: 35for*o; , 
I to for $15. All letter* .h.. old be add-e»*adto 

$]§ 12w I9b Broadway, Kew York, 





4&C.. &iU 

Cat to order from 
.•'.t«er Italian or 
A M e R>!'C A .N marble, 
and »et up in good 
.U«te Atr. J. M. Sul- 
livan in OUT prac'ic-nl 'k- 
fi^rnt-r. und all order* nre 
filled acc<>r<*icg to speciti 
atii ni". I', however, tbe 
' tasfeof Mr. .Sulliv in i»-«oa- 
«ulted. the de«igng j.ik ganT- 
aiit.'ed to be urii<;iie. The 
work reciiinnieii'l* ii^elt Or- 
dcFti from a ti»»t,irii-<' promptly 
atcndc'l t'.. 

TIsImt (i Siill'van. 

JureOtb, 1S69. 283 


4«»«a»< taUsaalf tiiitraatlac larlaa. AIm, niasiaaia^ aa4 Tra»a»»> 
raal Vi«wa. in great variaty W» ara ala* airlaaiv* At*aU ia *«ar ra 
*ar '-rkllBIKR-a aL«BA VIKW«," af whi*h «c ka«a a af.aRdiA 
^••rtmrut AVPnia far Fr tii'a aariva af $ I 4 i • ]-) la th9\mgfphH 
^iv )■ •witafriaad, Ika Bii>««. K«g(a*«4. ••allaad, Waiaa, *a. 

•TrscotrorKt. - W« maaafa^ivr* vary Urgvly, %m4 h%wm • Uapi 
■jtatfc at u« km aiytaa ai ik» /«iaacf rmim. 

PHOTOOKirflKJ ALBt'MS Ovr Maaafattara af AlkaMa ta waU 
.feaawa ik£*«fka«i tfta canuirr aa auM^'*' >■ l^^l'^y ^** kaaai7 *• ftU 

All «• aatl ar* na4« (a *■*■ aw* Fa^tarf %n4 Mr atvlaa ara tflfrraal 
^re iha*« »t atiy ailicr oiafeaf ftajata akamM aai fail M aaa a«ff 
-MMk baian — fciag ikair ywcliaaaa. 




Tkaaa Saaallfal plrMraa. Uat a«.aa« U tuHmrwttktt fMm Ma 
J aij l Oii Fmmlmrw a! aaa taatll thvir aval, w. i*»pan larfatf Irtm 
rana, Laa<aa. taOia. Viaaaa aa4 KaB*. tmt •mpflt U. ttaAa U .k* 
l»«aa< raMa 

E. ft H. T. AHTHOHT & CO., 

691 Broadwat, N Y., 
taporten aad UaauTu •! rjiotVtfiariiM Matarial^ 


158 Stale sCthkago,I!L 

IiKA.\( H OF 


136 Feda rfcl St .. Boston. 



Grind-Stones and llangiu^p, 

Srtaldnf aai Crossing 


fence- Wire, Jtc, Jte, 

3- H. W«lch,Win.W«llaee, Cha*. Wallace. 
WiitDcbago City, MuaS. 
AprU 7tb, ISM. 



TIIK .Subscriber wi,«biagt<j :<{oi.ito ih« Wool- 
en Lcrii.e«s. offer* bis fatai of 225aeres for »»le. 
There i« a <oim1 Uouih;. triaMe, Shed* end Gran- 
ary, and a never fciimg cprinu or wATeH,Bufi» 
cieni fur hi>*i«buld purpoBe* aud «o water ona 
huii-'red »««J of carile. betaten 25 and 30 .craa 
ot THnWr. The hi.u«e in surrounded with l-vge ^^^ j^^t. 
Siiiuie Tree*, be^ide« a Garden, coriiaiiiin^ about 
300 FRL'I I Tl- EE.-^. large and small, 

I will «el' the above rea«<inabi'<!. Inquire on 
tbe prrmir«e«. 2 mile* direct we,.t from Winoeba* 
eu Citv, or at the Woolen Mill Mt^kaio. 

Hort'es to let a' all b'.ur-*, day or night. 
lior<e». to sell or ex<-lMib|;e. 
Tian paid for Oat*. Corn and Hay. 
Uiiy, oati, c rn and itabling at rea»onabl« j 
rate*. . ■ 

Office in Wi nebago City lloiel, and Stable in I 

Wft>nab«r«City. Jaly 21. »Wt». 27?.U 



Aui;o»' 17, 14A8. 

• 2'A 




Ck«ft{> ftri »atb 

! A desirable fwrm in tba towa of Prasc.ti, R«e- 
tion 18. i* offered fur .Ble or rent. It will b« 
rent»d foraithtr one. two, or thr»e years, or sold 
for$SOO dowa, and tbe balanoa on Ionic time. 

> Tor fu.ther partieular* iuq'iire ©: or address tbe 


1 ghelbTTiUa, llina., Kev. *U, lie». »14n»$ 

)K>eu «<tHl'li«ii<Ml for the purfiwe ot giv;n|( om ^^ra^.i 
tlif a'lvHtitAi^e of llie larK*:ly rrducuu e»|>re«e i;iai.i(c>t 
•ii'l tli«t they may receive tlieir kuihU ui tb* •ti.'.i«<">" 
poMiole tiiue. 

I'rrtrmt who hire '<<'« ncting ai Aj/'ntt/'/r t'f />"/> 
I.Alt H'lCSKf r.f tlif hint wi<7 M1K t\inf iitKl m»n/» 
art'l/nd it t/> th'.ir advantage im t^Ao r, i/ t... 'c c/r* 
directly Willi 


The 4ii»Itlyofoiir ;:o'iJ««ie fully wimU.iU'i "Uf t.'li" 
to '.HfLf* nro iiot-e.xifcll.'a hj- any re^j>>tuit,l'. ii«i.>» i-- 
our li!o" ''f (•ii«iH''«*. 

AOKXTM IfVAJTTEO lu er.ry tcwn ai... v;. 
!».:• Ill tti« Wo.ieiu Hi«l«. _ 

CerlTAcaiea, gir-of a «-ompte> de«rript.o;. ■.; 
arlicle* tluit wi!l ••• toU for<*u« Dollar i^ach wil o- 
•'.!■! .: the r»le of t^-n roi.tH .«. h ; l»n for i: : ft^^-iP; 
(wilU c..uiiiii««ioii(f«r fc, tJiirty {viUi<>-tu-:i^ii— .(•■ 
tix'y 'aii'l i"inini»iion^ lorJC; one iiULdteii ,«iti. i.uu. 
Tu*9nunt ) for f 10. 

Anv penoD neiiditig foracltih.'f t««a»t> r«Dh«'« -• 
coHiiMiMiuu. oue of the f"H<»winga''.t'' l»* 1 ¥*■•'■••'■ 
.^i..»;l4UK, lo" Picture fhMtt.grairt. Al'ioni >■ | . ••• 

Honey C.nil. Q'litt. L4»4,viiM»v<» •*"'*•■■ •*•'■* 
rh<>ii'« of noutAioiM utUtrAfWlM, (or aic ve 'u. .<«... 
» 1 iHi circutar. 

For skCI«b •f TMrty, ornsof th- f.iU.»i..»- 
.rturlfl*: IJ vii.i* HiwwtiiiK; 1 (iir Hon*} '. -i.; H- - 
Ih'** .--tKln^ fri>m Kx' h«iif:« I.Mt. Ac, Ai:. 

For « Clskte-*f S»«tjr— Oa» |«!r of ^inrur •■ 
Q'lilta; i'i >«.rita o! Slt^etinif; p».r <>! >* «. 1 hUi.. • - 
V»el»«ur'« N.tiofiai Pi't' rial UicMonnry. witli 1 ' 
tut;:^.;^ OOJcuisratiu^'i sia .: tidos fr jbi >.&<.i.....^a 
L.t k<'.. 

Otor a Club of Oar Hsiadrrd— .^^crets:- -'t a 
j«H« MiUftriK,'lr* lf»ni Kx< 'ii<ii^« !<!•». <' 

a^'^D'l Mon«y III all iJUUm by krt(«l<o«.4i.e..e. o. 
'I'o.i OflJi e Money Or-t^r. 

««-SKKD FOR CIRCt'iaAR.-%L« 
aV-We taW« pl«>Miir« in retMrtug th •»• »- • -« 
■•>«r hiul dualiiig wab n>. tu the tniv'-^t r..- 1 >• 
(^iiopauy in th* l-'niled B:ii'»«— Ttie W^i V- - 
ciiaut* liv.oii K«i»i«fc. Coiur«>*>- *• '"' *" ^»*bii.» r 
Bt., Bo«ion. M««- . and ttuou^h thpu-ii' li-/" f ♦jf •** 
tiuouKhoul th« t/o.tnrry 

S. C. TKOMPSiiMI * «0.. 

IM Stat* Stcwel, Cat*a»a. Ui.. or 
ire I f ctirl f iF'.tl. » cttti , Msa« 


iB*^ ~ *- 




1 1 1 Tj r IXlLlLi llUMllfO i lliiV I-'. U ,)fl^c^ ^i I,,, re»ideiice, curorr oX Welch .nd Oleve- 
, UdJ ^*lreeU, Wiunebago City, M^un. "■"'"' 


n. A. itorciiK.iS!!i, EoiioH. 


9jK9«li] r>«>tlc«* tn r^adtnu colrnin*. t«n o-ntt t ^ "''n* 
xrttwftr* Inwnion.ana fly« caiui pf ^'0'= '^"^ »=*"* 
.i'x-11'lciit in-ertiiin. . 

Ailvcrilstmtnuo'ciipy'.ntt on* Inch of tpncf, \o»enta 
»• week for oue JolUr. 0;i.? column, otir jr<:»r, eist^ti 
>IUr». Other adTcftlsementf In propcrflon. 


AN'} «1TI1EH 
linki, neatly priuted, and for »*!« »t th 
Honi«8teHd UtBoe. 



A NUIlf.W C. OL.VN, 

\ttnrnc.T and CnuDJolor at Law in WinneWRO 
City, .Minn., will attend to professional bn^i- 
noxs throughout the Slate. 174tf 

KLih, CrackerijiinJ Jjrslore, at Kiotiardiou'i). 

Grka^t Distribution. — The Metropolitan Gifi 
Company h%re made extensive arrangemetits for 
their third Great Annual Dlstribut'.on, and their 
list numbers ca«h and other {{'fts to tbs amount 


The comtnn'lli'f.s brirW ilwelllnt of O. P. Chui'b. tn 
IBankatO. Piinuont ha-i *>ern np»ne-l t4. the Iravelinir public, and 

%mple accoiiiinoJutioa* are imiw offered to all who may 

^ .. wj.«-.iiiv— f.w- norvn uv t *i4»i to avail :h«ro*rl»es of iU hospitalities. 


^ • io\T dhaabuu, 

Uaiikato, Mtnneeota. 


Wl.lesal* and Retail. 
^7jl JIankato. MlnnMoia. 



J.E. Monlton. WinnebAfO City, Minn. 

:l\ S SMirn, nooKSKLl.K't AND aTATIONEU. 
Oif <luur aoaih o( Riiviaw oSee, 
•I97j\ Mankatii. Minnesota. 

— ^ ' 


^- Dealer in Crockery a.; J Olassware. Front 3'.. , 

anka'o, Minn. ^Is-lf ( 

For The American Buiton Hole. Over-3een>lnf knd 
^ewiiiK MHil.tne The ar»t and only M»k- ; K,t«bliahniant 
•UK and 3ewln» Maolilne combined. In the world. It MWDUSDment 
toes Duoru work than any other toacliinc evtr Invented 

Church Directory. 

MsTnoDiBT.— Services erery Sabbath morning, In the 
BapUst ChurLh, at 10:30 o'clock. 

Re<. J. 0. QOWRAN, Pastor. 

Co'ccaFCATioN\LisT.—ServI'e» every Sabbath morn- of nearly a million of dollars, among them art 

Ing, in the Ht(fh School buildlnc at Ut;:<0(.'cio.k. . , i . i . „-mI. »if». ,.«»;,,» 

" ° Kev. J. 0. TOUl), Pastor. five buudrea and seventy cash gift, ranging 

Uxtos.— Prayer Meeting, Wcdne»day evenings, In the from one hundred to twenty thousand dollars 

B«pti»t 01 ur.h, at- o'clock. each, also, Pianoo, Melodoons, Petring Ma- 

Sabbath School every Sunday morning, immedlat^Jy •"'^"i » , , . i a-i 

after preachliiif. chines, Knitting .Machines, Gold and Silvw 

Watches, Silver Ware, Jewelry, Ac, A<i. Every 

ticket draws a prite. and uo blanks aie issued. 

The tickets are each placed in envelop^is, which, 

' after being sealed are mixed and when drawn 

indiscriminately, so that the Company are not 

aware of the contents of any envelope until the 

ticket <s retuined to them. These tokits are 

so'd fur twenty-five cants each, or ait for one 


Wo have for sole, at a great bargain, four 
hundred pounds of Long Primer, One half of it 
is almost new, and the balance is good for years. 
For particular?, address the Fubk Homestkad. 




Bod and Mould-Board 



19 !■■ 


AN a 



Pr«pftr«d by Dr. C. M. JAC^lOl^' 

PH/LADBl-rJilA, FA. 


•r taa 

The firm of Kincaid A Co. has dis.solved, Mr. 
Truman Uobart now owning the entire Livery | dol'ar, thirteen for two dollars ; thirty-five for 

five -lollars ; one hundred and ten for llfteen doU 


* fectioiicry, 


k.N THE ARRIVAi- OK THE CARS, we shall be pre 
pared to upt n a Mock of 

FlRMTURi:, «tc., &r.. 

Mankatn >nnnesota. 

n r.rRKF, DK \LER in OHOCERIE.^ FROVIS- i VVholes4le and Retail Dealer In Furnliure. n«^'l'li;'«. *C- 
.L'.Cr^k'ery.GlAS. and Wooden Ware. ^ AUo, Lnertakers. »J=M Austin, .Mlnu. 


ttankato, Minnesota. 

StAbliug connected. i , „. 

•29;yl Mankato, Minnesota, t vTinnelago City, 


'- BlacksmilUog, 

>37yl Mink^lo. Minnesota. 

Urs. As soon a>- you receive a ticket you eu- 
1 rAnELF-MSESS.— Last Saturday afternoon John j ^,^^^ jj ^jjj, ^P, dollar to the comj)any, and 

I Hobart left a horse unhitched, and the animal j ^ta^cver the ticket calls for ik immediatel? for- 

I went to the barn alone, lea/ing the cutter to j warded to you. The company are aware that 

; which Le was attached, in different places along j their success wholly depends upon their dealing 

Vt Wells, to supply the dcraxu.l, both wholesale and i (he road. Hitching straps cost less than new j honorably with thoir customers, and Laving this 
retail. Retpcclfully. I , . , » I . . . , n i. <■ 

HOPKIN.S * FF.RNVLP. i sleighs. fact in view they strirp to please all '»ho favor 

. ' them with their patronage. Circular? contain- 
presents. ] '""'" ^ 

ing references and highly favorable notices of 

the press are sent free to all. Leiteni should be 
plainly addressed. Metropolitan Gift Company, 
Nos. 193 and 196 Broadway, New York. 
317 4m 

Wheat mdvancing and Goods Belling 
Wm l, • ^ ^ Til ^ — r*., ' tel"w cost, for casb. at the Winnebago 

llreaking Plows CUy Drug store. Call and examiue 

I priees before going elsewhere. 




•■• lary Pablie. , , „, 

Mankote, Minn. 


E. G. A A. P. COLLIN'S, Propiietors. 

Excellent accommodati-jns, a 'd charge* mi J- 

Stages leave tfcis House for all poia's. 237tf 

Christmas is coming, and so are the 
C. J. Farley will have on hand, ready for exhibi- 
tion, by the the 10th, a full assortment of Toys, | 
Toy Candies, small Books for children, and larg- | 
er ones for adultn. Diaries for 1870, besides other 
articles suitable for Christmas presents. 


— ^ 


of I'igarsaad Tobacco. 

ManV»to, Minn. 


er in Dry Goods. 

Mankato, Mian. 

'' ing Agent and Notary Public, 
o99if Manksto, Mmn. 


W. V, Bs M«ore. Prepriet»r. 
.'DStf Front dt., Mankato, Jlinn. 

A-ttomey & Counselor at Law, 

Notary Public and Conveyancer. 

Particular attention paid to the CoUcc- 

tioil or' Debit and l\tt/mf>it "/ luxe*. 
Winnebago City, Minn., Aug. 30, 1863 



C. B. KIB.\LL, Pkophhtor. 

RiXAWAV. — A spirited pair of horses, attached 
to a new lumber wagon, were hitched in front of 
the Post Office this morning, when they were 
frightened by the arrival of the stage, broke 
away and ran. Winahip caught them, and Kin- 
caid is doubtless thankful that the damage 
amounted to only a few cents. 

TraiiBfers of Real Estate In Faribault 

County for the Week Elndliig 
Oct. «3d, I860. 

Jesse Harry and wife to Eli F. Park, aw qr see 
25, town 104, range 23. Warranty deed filed 
Oct. ISth. Consideration $100. 
James McCollum and wife to Charles Held, wh 
lot 2. blk 9, in nc qr sec 36, town 103, range 
28. Warranty deed filed Oct ISth. Considera- 

. .» . i tion $16. 

., , „ , ,-„ ... . , ,, „„ . Alvin M. White to Wellington Whit.-, nwqraeo 

"Merry', .Vt..e..m for 18.0 will be fully up to • ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ,5. Warranty Deed filed 

the excellent standard, and it will be our aim to j q^^ jsth. Consideration $1,000. 
make the new volume superior to any that have R. D. Warren and wife to Elizabeth Dewing, lot 
. . ^ . , ,. . 1 • . »• 12 blk 1 villaire of Minnesota Lake. war- 

been published. Bnght. lively, and instruct.vo, ! ;;;;; i;J'S Oct 2l8t. Consideration $200. 
in families where more than one magazine for the j„ii^ ^ Convers to tleorgiana Fremati, lot 6. blk 
youn-? is taken, Mtrry'i Muitcumi? the favorite." (i.i. Blue Earth City. Quitclaim deed filed Dot 

Crossing Plows, 

ATarrantedto scour in anj kind of soil, and 
hardened by a process known only to ourieive*. 


Manufactured entirely of iron aod iteel. 


Hoofland^s German Bitters 

.r.e.«P-^ .f th* p..,.j«ice.(»r«.th.y».;.~«^ 
aiaally t«rni«d, Ma mmf ^mt *'•**' "' j;-,„ra. 

Mms, hlflily eoocro 
fru /rim Ale»lu>'M 

Carbon Oil, Elephant Oil. Linseed HQCFLAND'S GERMAN TONIO 

Oil and Oil Paints. White Lead, Red 
Lead, Colored Paints, &;e. 


I, a .o-Wnatlm of .11 Ih. iafr**'*"** "L^l*^^^^. 
i;,V.k. pn..r. ,a;.li.y -T ^^J^' ^J^.XX: 
•M , Bskiuc oti» of the niMt )>l»M«nl aM B»r.^ 

r^OM pr.fcni»s aM.4i.Ue h.. fr»«s«IW 
a4aitxtur., will n». •* 

Hoofland's Gefrman Bitters. 


In t* -T- ef ••rvous iw^tmikVK, wh.» •••• ' 

School Rooks, Rlank Books, Station- Mbaaia. u i..e.»<*ry, «,«„Tn 



Mmn. Karniiure and CarpelinK. ull Otoths and 
irtain« TaWe Cloth* and Mirror-i, Window ."^hadesand 
»Ur<s<ei. Picture Frames <ind Mats, Cord aixJ Ta'se's. 
Ajtuta for the Cnnvalled Washer. 

The terms of the .Vufciim are $1.50 a year, 
specimen number free, antf the pabli.«her is Ilor- 



• Ji-weler. Dealer :n Watches, Clocks, JeW«*ry and 


.M).,tf Mankate, Mmo. 

Repairing neatly executed and warrantr*!. 


Stages leave this Hotel Mondays and Thurs- 
day* for the nearest RailioMd station, and Tues- 
days and Saturdays for the We.<t. I _,_,,, , , T> «• IJ o. > n^o.^r, 

K good L.v.ry is connected with the Hotel, ; ace B. Fuller, 14, Broomfield Street, Boston. 

and there are ample accommodations for team 
sters. 2l2tf 


Mli^S ADDIi: L. .\CKLEY 

Kc.p* constantly on hand a complete aswrlmrnt of 


And hundreds of dollar's worth of worsteds, being the 

Lectures have written to Rev. Mr. Cobb, the re- 


"•lor lUriiiif refurnUhed throughout the afcove well .._ . 

.own hou.e, .he proprietor aski a c .ntir»auce of i flr« full line of Zei.hyr Worsted ever brouslu into | ^^^^^ ^^^^^jj^j^ j.^^ q^^^^.^^ requesting him to [lalronait. Oood stable ^c<;omraod«tloii» are Winnebago dty. 

■jn-iectel with the home. Chargts ra>derate. JS^tf jJew and Faihionahie Goods received by express every 

w.ek. 3ior. on .Main St., ne»rly opposite the Co'.lins 


2l8t. Consideration $1. 
A. Sorter and wife to (Jeorgiana Tnimain, lots 
1 and 2, blk 65, Blue Earth City. Warranty 
deed filed Oct 2lEt. Consideration $400. 
A. E. Wickhatn and wife to Humes, Hotihkiss, 
Bullis and Ware, i .t A parts of s 42 ft lot 1, blk 
, 5, Easton's addn to Winnebago City. Warranty 
go City Temperance Society will be held at the j^ed filed Oct 21st. Consideration $400. 
Baptist Church, next Monday evening. A gen- j R. P. Sergent to A. E. Wickham, lot 1, blk 5, 
eral attendance is particulaHy solicited, and a Easton'sadd'n to Winnebago City^ «"''«•*'» 

*^ ^ I deed filed Oct 21st. Consideration $500. 

lecture may be expected The Committee on 


Of the most approved pattern. Also 


ery, Memoranda Books, &c. 


Patent Medicines of all kinds. To 

The regular monthly meeting of the Winneba- 



• '• received his complete stock of A»*efcs* ai* Im- j 

.ort<d Watehe.. Clocks and Jowtlry. \\<-pMmt war- | 
,nied as represented. Front Street, opposite the thf- 
.a House. "W'tf .Mankaio. Minn, 

^ W. MCRPHT k CO., 

Dealers la 



Particular attention paid to Muiic Orders. 

• Will attend U> ciUs promptly, in Winn.bago City 
' and surroundinncnuntry. Dr. N. has had twenty years 
■ experic .cein loc»l, general, and hospital practice, and 
I lately liad cha'(t» of a Hygienic Institute for the treat 
j .rnt of ctironic dmeases. Ue U therefore prepared to 
I treat t'atjrrh. Bronchitis, .''crofdla. Rheumatism, Pro- 
1 lapsus I'terl, N«uralt:la, Sick Headache, l.iver Com 
! plaint, Piphtheria, Cold HattJs and teet, Nervous De 
I bililv, Ca.vcsrs, Fbvkr SoRK.*, and all Blood and Skin 
! Diseases, with a success far in advance of the ordinary 
I phTKictan who has Lever made a speciality- of this class 
j .f <1iiea*es. 

All co-nmunications confidential. ConsultaHon free. 
Office at Dr. Farley's Diug.-^tore. Resideiice at Kim- 
\ bal's. Office day«[ Friday, of each week. 3o6 

deliver an address before the Society sometime 
during the present month, and his answer may 
be expected to be read before the meeting next 
.Monday evening. 

Hawley Crist and wife to Wm. Walls^e Criat, 24 

acres in se qr se qr sec 15. town 104, range 28. 

Consideration $.^00. 
S. Mickleson and wife to Trustees of Evangelical 

Lutheran Church a church buildin ; in .w qr , ^^„^^^j„^,j f,„^ k„i„„ ii„ber. 

of the ne qr sec 2.J, town 102, rango 26. « ar- 

ranty deed filed Oct. 22d. Consideration $265. 



n'u)'i-.<;»le and retail dealers in 




Still Ahead. — "That Star Spangled Hauncr 
which for seven years has "waved" to the great 
satisfaction of its many thousand readers, and to 
the dissalisifaotion of all ."windlers and rascals 
generally, is even more wide awake than ever. 
It has at an imense expense, secured the services 
of an eminent artist, and the result is that it pro- 
poses to giveaway a splendid engraving entitled | Corn Meal.. 
EvANGELi.NE, to every subscriber for 1870. This , f'tn'oes 
superb work of art is one and one-half by two . „ 
fuct in size, and is equal to the best $3 engraving [j.-ans 



Corrected weekly by Moullon A Deudea. 

Wheat, spring. No. I 

" " No. 2 



Flour. ^ cwt 

• •••• ••••••••••»••• 

*""''^" """""'■" ^ ^ RVTTP PORK" oiul MUTTON everoffered. The /in.mer is a large eight page, Onions l" 

i O O i S, O H U li» O. ■ ; f-'>- «">"'"'» f-*r"' -erflowmg with ..plendid , ll^Jj^^^^.^j :;;.;. , 4 

Hh»«ii kers' Tools e*c ■ are now fVit sale at Peirce's market in Winnebago reading of all kinds, and costs only 7o cents a ,jjjpg,g 2 

Leather tma.ngs, . • .» , - • | ,;,t^, „a^ ^oor eaU of the Poit UtH.-e. and will 1 year, which is very cheap for the paper alone,! Pork, salt. ^ pound 1 

Frt>iil ^^t^ccl, 

Opposite the Post Office, Mankato, M^lsn. 


"^orner of Se.otil nud Cherry AY'w., | 

L.Q BMIOTT, - proprietor. 

he s<^d at very low prices. Customers in ano 
out of town siupplied litlow flgi.t s. 

Winnebaio City: .Minn., >. 3.1868. 



but the publishers propose giving every subscri- 
ber a copy of their elegant engraving gratis. 
The publishers arc reliable and it will pay to seud 
lor specimens to the Star Spanglnl lianne •, Hins- 
dale, X. H., or they cau be seen at this ofllice. 





2 CO i 

2 00 1 


25 • 

.... 20 ! 
..1 50 ; 

Onions 1 00 


3 I 

fre!-li, ^ cwt 7(gt8 j 

Reof fresh. '0 pound 10. 

Kerosero Oil 60 



Winnebago Oity, Minn., Feb. ITth, 1869. 


Winter Gcotls ! 

■li.Bid b. ^^^»^ 

TU. Bitlw. or th. TotiU ar. >».•- •V^^T »•«* *** 

a»ialu ih. »itt. in.4i«iaal virluM. ,, 

•^'i^^'^.k. fro- .^ri^.f^a^^'*^^;^. 

T' "J'"^!^".-^ m>.JP 

bacco and Clears. Lamp Chimneys and i^, paii.nt •»ff«r. aiVJl^- 

Wicks^ Fancy Articles usually kept in ^^^^^^ r,..tuJ.noe. luward PU-r 

City Drug Stores. - ^Sia.M of biooU to iho Heafl^ A«idi- 


317-tf C. J. FARLEY. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 19. 1869. 

Dollar Store 

We hnve in ?t>^' k .tihI »re linily iiirpn- 
.iij; i» Ipcttev qualf.v nn<\ '.'leHtoi- a'~>rlii«>«f of ail kinds 
•l)r«"l». th-.m «as e\er -(fe e.i 'm- n> Tv-r ONc DOLLAR 
£ CH "ii: '.cm* io .\irf iit« aio very lilmral. and not 
»()iinile.l i'V any o[i««r house in the tfadf. To prov. 
:lii« to von- cMti-e Bj,ii>:n'i on. 

'or our n>"V r-.M a:'l Wi'.-,i<<r Clri ttUr wUi fiill v.artlc- 
.ars and Si'-.i.,! Trrmi t» A'j"-!'. AiT.xT" WAsrro 
■W.-nTwiirrf.. FARK *, CO. 

I'S^ t>rart>orn St.. C'.iUaKO, III 



Kerosero Oil ot; , _. . ^1 J ■ 

S -^r.'.-.-.v.-.v;.:::.v.v.v:::.v.;;;::::;;:;;:;:i5: \ ff.argest Stock 

Dried apples. 


15 to 20 


■^ilE above house, jusl romp'tte-l .inl furnish i 

•PoMrar. — Ha! Scipio drink ? 

.SciPtO. — Idu.'t. ' kirhnrd III. 

V'\:.\ new tbrouKbr.Mt, is openod to the publtc. j s » , » y TTTVF.'Nr A TfJl V 
.•commodatiot.s unsarr«.--d by any pub .' | Jl fi.l h) V I i iN fA JL U lA 

.use in the .-..nnly. and terms reasonable. , Rettanrntxt Cind Saloon. 

armers will always find * '^•'"'';;'»»;'' ^^"^ j Opposite the COLLINS IIOISE, Wlnneba.?o City, 
lenty of good focd, and the best of care tor their » ►- 

Tr.«s. 257tf j \ViDe?, Liquors and Cn-nrs. 

i C'.m:;cn, C'.d, ar.d Ilal-tr.n. 

Fresh Oytors served in every style, and for 
I «ale b\ the Can or keg. 

Genthmrn, I keep good Liquors. 
I Winnebago City. Dec. 9. 1H63. 267tf 

I — — 

I p r. HARLOW, 

instjranle agent. 

i D«aler in 

\ Real Eslale & Und Warrant . 


Town and Cointy Orders. 

Pay Tazci, Ezimine Titles, &c. 

Is also .\(JENT for the 


^^AIl\lfn'-»ur»r .ind Dealerln 


of ev<:ry vanety. 
lilt Moiil.Vings Kept On Hand 


McMabill & Beebe, 

Dealers in 



Dimension!'. Si.linc. Fh^oring, Lath, 

and Shingles. I 


re make a-OivCotltv ..f PA.<n. nrtOR? and MOI'LO- i 
NO-* al.« WOODKN EaVF. orTTKR? at Vw fljrtre. 
Offl.'e on Van Brunt's Addltioa, Sooth end of Front 
tr»«». ' 

M.inkato, Minn. 

"FitTT two" vs. Twelve. — The H'ei^rM /iu- 
I ra/ is not a monthly, but a largo and beautiful 
I weekly. Its cost is but a trifle more than a 
; monthly — only $2.00 per year (the same singly 
I as in clubs), and you receive fift>j-tiro numbers 
' in a year instead of only ttcelrt- ; besides, by sub- 
I scribing early, the remaining numbers of the ' 
\ present year I Every per'on should sub.ieribe 
for the Wctttrn Rural who is interested in any 
branch of rural aETairs — in farming, gardening, 
orchanling, floriculture, stock-raising, wool- 
growing, dairying, cranberry culture, bees, poul- 
li-y, rural improvemuuts, useful inventions, agri- 
cultural news, rondition and prospc-cts of mar- 
kets, etc., etc. It li worth more than its price 
for its interesting original and selected stories I 
and sketches — its great variety of Miscellaneous i 
reading — for its department of domestic eoono- j 
my and household recipes, and for its stories, en- 
igmas, riddles, puzzles, problems, etc , for the ' 
"young folks." The women and children are de- j 
l.ghted with it. 


Ever brought into Faribault county ii now in 
the store of 


• Maker. Shop next doorto Ricliardsnn's. 

Partiruiar atteiition paid to repairing c ocks 

The Latest Style of 

Paisley Shawls, 
AND REPAIRED j Large-lino Double Shawls and Cloaks 
Gassimere Delains, 

Belgian Delaius, 

Rep Delains, 

EVENING POST, India Cloth, 


* at the shop of 


On niae Earth Avenue. Satisfaction guaranteed 

'I lU 


y:R 1870 


Radical and Progressive : Ron*Bt In its Policy, BnlJ in i 
iu Tone; Candid in its Dlsrusaions, Spicy In | 

its Manner ; Fresh in its News ; 
Full and Heliable in its 

.Markets; * 

j Treating all public topic switliout jiartisaii prejudice, but 

The Tl «t.rn y?„r,i/ has justly won its great ! ^"'''/•.fr'"" '**« P**"""" "'»""•"•"*' *"'*'*'"" '""'''"'■ 
_ , . _ ^ ^ J .^ * i Uc Probity. 

FnGeniX InSUranCO LOmpaDy, popularity, as it is a thoroughly praotlcal jour- i 


nal. Forward S2.00 for 1^70, or write for speci- 
men numbers and particulars concerning the 
very liberal Li:-t of Premiums offered to those 
who form clubs. .\dt.'rj«8 H. F. N. Lewis, Pub- 
lisher, Chicago. 111. 


Bi«* Eartk City 

i^KfT HOR.^RS AFD FARM I10R3KS »hod In splen 
1^ dl.1 .tvie hv Rot^rt Llnle. fin* door sooth "' »;;.'' • 
toiel. nir,. F.arth Citv Refe-ences. _--. Lewi, ^al- 
.at Lak.. and P C. Seelev, Woe Earth City. aUvl 




i AND 


I of St. Paul. Minn. 

Also Xotary Public <t Convnjauccr. 

I I No. 8 rook-:toves furnished complete for $29, 

I OFFICE— in the rear jf the Post Office build- j at the Hardware ^ttore in Winnebago City. 

I in*. HP stairs. ! ■ ♦ ■ — — — 

I4»tf Wiaaebago City, Minn. j Mosey to Loax.— I have some moniy to 

, I loan on first-class real estate security. Come 

early, aod you can be accommodated. 


WALTER W. AVEBB tfe CO., l Wmnebago Ci.y. Minn. 



Single copy, one year, 
'• " six monihi, 
" " lUrte " 

tlO 00 
5 00 
8 50 

DR. SCil£IfCK'S 


A Substitute for Calomel, 

These Pills are comp'^od of various roots, hannj 
the power to rJilax the >-«rretions of the liver as 
proniptlr and effectuaUr as blue pill or inercufy, 
and wlUiout producior any of .'bose di«agTeeab;e or 
dangerous effecu which otten toUow the us«i of the 

In all bilious disorders iheso F'Us maybe nsed with 
eonfldonce, as they promote the disobarge of vitiated 
bile, and remove those obstructions from tLe !|vor 
and biliary ducta, which are the C^aa el" bilious 
affections in general. 

Ueadache. and all disorders oithe Liver, indicated b/ 
iallow skin, coated tongue, coetivenoss, drowsiue«, 
and a general feeling ot weariness and lassitude, 
ahowiug that the liver is in a torpid or obstructed 

In short, tbcso Pills may be used with advan. 
tago in all ca.-)es when a purgative or alterative 
medicine is rciuired. 

P:ea«: ask tor -'Dr. Schenck's Mandralo) PUU," 
and observe that the two likeooues ol the Doctor 
are on the Government ttamp — ouo when in the last 
staiio of Coneunipiion. and the other in his pnwent 

Sold by all DruggiaU and dealers. Price 25 cents 
per box. f rinc pal Office, Mo. 15 North 6lh Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

(ieneraj Wholesale Agents: Demas Barnes ft Co., 
Jl Park Row New York ; 8. S. Uiuce, 108 Balti" 
more St., BaUiiiorf. Md. • John D. Park, N. E. 
eor. ot Fourth and Walnut St.. Cincinnati, Ohio; 
Walker & Taylor. I.'U atid n« Wacash Avcnuo. 
Chica«;o, IIU ; OoUins Brothers, southwest comcl 
•I Second and Vine 8U., St. Lox's, Mo. 

['ttb JiSlh w. ea. mo. 1 7T. 

ty of th. Btomaeh, Naaaea, Heart- 
burn. Dt.«a.t for the iW, 
jTiloeaa or WBrght in the 
Stomaoh, Sntx* Wructa- 

or Difflouli i:''«»i^'»"*:'«:^*l*.in/5eii- 
ib» Heart. Chokiog o^ »«^ca^in«^'i 

aationa when i.i a ^^.""f^^^ib™' 

Dimneaa of Vialv a, JJOta ** .r'T"" 

befor.^he SuH'. Dull ^-^^"^ 

Forepu-atiori. TeiloiW- . 
neea of _r ft. the Bkia . 

Bide. Bick, l^B^ ^ ,? d d I'm 
Fluetiea of Heat. B'lrniBg in the Ti*^. 
Conetatit ImaaiuipM «/ *TV/. * 
Ureat Dspreaeioa of Bpiriis. 

r««. rswi^io. will .tfw>«^:r, ""■«./«!; Itiarrlima. IfJ.ase «f »»»_5' ,j!L 
aad ail Dtwanes ari»ing fi<>«» a Ui>.4>ier«a Wtm, 
Sumach, ar liit««tiiio«. 

Kesnltlng frem i»ny <. •»!««• w!s«i»«¥«r I 

r»oi.riiATni?f «r tmkbtjtjs*. j 

liidneeil by »c*cr* l.nteor, M«r«- 

•rk.»r« is i'.>i!Hliciii««it"'" »l»'l tnth»f»r»im»*»e 
<.as3«kc«sM. At.>u««!ii vi- ,1- i. impart.J to the 

.ligMls promytlr, Jt" th. Wl.od is ptini«t 

Ik. eo»>l.lo«i.» W* ""^ •"T'.'j'",""^ ^t 

health T. th* valluw tiosi u at.*!**!** fro'Ji tk# 
»TM. a bl»!« i> fcH«a to lW« ch«ck., aad tha waa* 
*ncl atrrMJ b»>«uio« a aad hoJUlJiy 

Ag4 fW»Ung tU* K*'"! "^ ''•"• »•<«*'•« '•••v'-'j "f^ 
ibaat. wUh nU H* atl«iil«iit ilU, will «ad la tha a».« 
^\\sn* Birr*«». 01 the TON 10, aa elUlr that will 
lastlU n«w lir« ioio tbetr »«i!ts, r»«lor» la a maasmja 
tk* energy xwi siv.T rf mors T..ulkful days, balli 
up tUair »l!riti.!i»n fifm*. aHd gtvekealtk aaJ kaffip 
JIMS la ikatr reui-iiuiig ^citrs, 


It '« M i»«ll ••»h»W ftul that f^IIy •■•-kalf rf 
„• ;-m.U tK>.'ion «f VgMe oar popnlatlrm e»t 

'«lw,ll.' Th.;«.e l.i.g»id.J.v<rf4.faa 

-u.rgy «xtr.».Hy r.jvoo*. and »»""-:;?-Vr .i.- 
T, 11,1. cl«. tr K"-"'" "'• »!"»*. •» »k« 
r.)MC,iup t»iii>cci*i!» roevrtumearfaJ. 


\! • utrctg Uy tfca aM of ailhar of thaae raas^ 
.*!•■ Th.j •ill ««»• ave.-y ••»• o' MARASMUS 
*ith»at fail. , , . 

Th ussBi^t of ceillflsataa bars a«e«nialat»<t lathe 
,x\kiM af ib« v" I': '•"»'. k"t »?»•• »^''l ail'^w af the 
"•BhH«a«i»n U hat a f»w. Thosa. It will b* ahMrvU. 
if w«a al act* iuiil of curb staudinj that thay »«at 
lit katiavad. 

Excellent fiour at Richardson'i. 


.>*ingle copies, • • • 

Five eopies, ... 

Ten copies. 
Twenty copies, or more. 

Direct orders to 

POST rRiNTnra co.. 

Ohicaffo, HI 

r a. PPROiT, 

,4;tf Blue Berth City, Minn. 

Wholesale Denlers in 

avt EARTH CItT, 



•.il'.urd tablee are connected with the house, and 
there is good stabling on the premiice. 

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i.^iff Juttiei uf V,t Suprtmt Chuil •/ /V., wrilM: 
rf,^t<i,lp>tia, Miinh le. Iter. 

N "T flud Iloofl-and's jf^ ti.rwan Blttara'to 
* <.)od totiie, ii«. fi.l JaMJ^ '" <"•««»•• •' ^* 
Hicollva oiiraiK. aii'i ^ ^^H >'' r**' kansit \m 
.n.aa of <lt bilitv. and raut U narveaa 

.uitiou in tha ay.taui. Yuan trulr, 

Il<»'. JAMKM TII«MP»«3r, 

JuiSfft •/ Uit Sujfrrmt fhwt e/' /Vtti*yJ»«at«. 

I'/.iludtlpfiia, April 2), 1M«, 
-T r.if.«i,1er •»— rati-lt Ccr:aaa Bltlan" a vaituiM 
.frdwine in ca»< •)( attackn of In-iljaaiioa 3T Dyapaf. 
i». 1 call certif)- lhi« from my expeiiatiCS ef it. 
Yours, altli raapaat, 

rrom Rev. JOPJ. n. UBNNARD, I». »., 

ni.rfei '/ "i« tvh/zi Buf>iiit rtiurth, nondtiitM*. 

/v. ./n<;.'.«>M--I>e;»r tii' : 1 bare boea frequently re* 
i«o«te<i tn coiiiirrt my irtiiia mill laeantmandallame 
f 4i(roraiit kliila i.f° me licinri, t.iit ragarding Ik* 
;->.<lic« "0 'Mt '•( mv if^K ^B* a;';iropriata ayhat*. 
' l,»va It. all <»s«'s '1"'^ 1 de.lln»d ; bat with 
« tUar (Tui-f in vnri -i"^U "" '"•'*"••• •"* 
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»,.r oiiea from my iisunl cour»». to ^irau my fall 
■onvirtioH lliat./"r ymeroj debitUy o/frf fyfi«m, an4 
.^ttcialty fnr I.itir < htnpUiivl. Una t»ft and raiumU* 
ftrrftur.Jion. In sonia ca»u« it iiity fail ; bnt asaally, 
I iloabt uot, it will be very t»eiieM«<al to these wIm 
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.4-j(M(«fi( Kditnr (^rittian t^irmntit, rhUadtipM*. 
I liava Joriv»it 4o<:i-ie<l bcnirnt fr»ai tha aaa ef 
tl-M.flan'l'a (li-rniau llittars. and feal It Mj prtvllage 
'. > :i.«»ruineiid lliani lu a uiuat valiiabia loala, t« all 
Mh'i ma sr.reiin< fioui K'neiai dabillty ar tram U^ 
.ir.«.!a ariaiag from deraiiganient nt tha livar. 
Yonia traly. 

e. u. rsHSAU. 

'.» 0<) 

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amith. Blacksmiths, m Winnebago City, | lease by independence and breadth of view. They are tiie ex 


SU»e of Minnesota, County of Faribault. 
The State of Minnesota, to C. P. Hinds, Defendant. 

You are hereby summoned to be and appear before 
the uud'-rslgiied.oiie of ih ■ JuslIc«:!<ot the I'mco iu and 
for said county, on the '.ii'ih day ot Ducrmtx'r, A. D. 
l•^•■.», Kt 10o'c:ock A. M.. lit my ofTue, in Winnebago 
Ciiy, in sold c unty, to aniwer to Ileman Hoii, in a civ- 
il action. Should yi,u fail to app<*' r. at the time Mid 
place aforesaid, judfmentwill be rendereil aKiiinrt you, 
n,ion the evidence Kddnced by said Meman Uoit, for 
such sum as he shall show himseirentitled to. 

Given under my hand this291h day of November, A. 
D. 1S«9. E. H. HCTCHINS, 

316-3W Justice of the Peace. 





.laa con«tantly onha^d Clocks. Wa'ches. Jewel- 
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ST. PAUL, - - - - MINN. 







No. Iu7 Third Street, 


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ISfit. executed by H^-nry Laque and Ellen Laque his 
wife, of Faribault County, i<tite of .Minnesfjlii, parties of 
"lie Brsi P'rt. to Divid P Wasjatl. of Hancock County. 
State 01 .Ma'ue, party of the second part, hy the failure 
of said mortpMirors or either of them to pay th« fuin of 
two hundred ami sixteen <lollars and thirty-three cnls. 
(|216.*<>, wtilcti amount is claimed to bt duetht-reoii for 


H<>ofl.-<M<rs dnninn Ratasdiea are ae«Bterfsit«4. 
•*»c thnl t'-,» aiaiiAt '<a^'*m|^ *"'* o' C- ^' JACK- 
iN ia on t!ie wr.ip 'B ^B par of aaah b*ltla. 
Ill utb.i» UK •otri Wm 49 larfeit. 
I'liiioipHl (ilti « and Maaahctary 

the (1*1 man Ma-liciut Staia, No. fSl ARCil BUeet,!)-liia. 

iiai mH3 I I tiggiat, Prupriater, 

r^raierly (.'. U. JAeaae* A Oe. 

1=3^ TOES. 

oflaitd'i CicnMMt U.tlafs. )>cr lif>tlla $| M 

half d.>aac % e« 

•'•flanW'iCtKinanTonii'. pHt tip ia quart butllea, 1 M 
|>er l~»li!v. or a l..<lf doaeu for T •♦ 

ft^r- l>" n-'t f <iK*l '.•! rit.iiuiiia wall the artUJa y*« 
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/•r n^Ie Ity »1I Dritsglitta %mA D•«^l• 
1 Mf !l|««tirlnwi. 


and it must com" from our debtors. 
Yours truly, 


r,06 tf 

Walnut Lake, Minn. 

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The co-p«rti»er«hTX> heretofore existing between 
tie un lerfigned, oader the firm name of .Mr.ul- 
ton A DewtJec. is this day dissolved by mutual 
consent, F. Deudeo withdrawing therefrom. 

Ail liabilities of the late firm are assumed by 
G. K. Moulton, who will continue the Mercantile 



Tliii presd iD'-diclne cured Tff.i. H. 8ch«wk, tb« 

principaland interest at the date of tbis lotice. beside Proprietor, of Pulmonvy Coiuumptlou, wlaen i had 
ilie furOer som of twenly-tlve dollars, (t25i, stipulated ■asnmcd ita most tannidab!e arpect, aod when »ii tH| y 
as attorney's 'ee, to t.e p^id in c ise o: foreclosure, dMth appeared le te ineritabe. Hla^a>e.anspro- 
a hlch said mortgage was recorded on the 12th day of ^^ ^., joeurable when be cwimeoce* 

September, A U. l*<,n, at .'> o clock p. m , In the olfic^ - _,.._•._■. , ,_. ^ VT 

of the Keirl'terofD.eds, In said FarilaiaU County, in : the uae e< tkis aimple bat powerful remedy. Hie 
book I, of Mortgages, on page .'>-%S, ami no action or ! heattb waa restored in a very short time, and no 
proceeding at law has been ins'ituted to recover the debt \ ntoni «f the disease hes been aiiprebeaded, lor all 
secnr-rd bv said morigag •. or any part thereof; now, j y^ .ymptoma oulckly d'jupeared. aad his preaent 
therefore. In pursuance and by virtue of the power of _ ..v,, u ™^«. .h^. ._^« \...^»y^^ _»._.«. 
sale contained in said mortgage, rnd of the statutes la "•«'«'>*«• "oo" ">« »''• hundred pounda. 
such ctiae made and provided, notice is hereby piveii, \ I Since Ms recovery, he has devoted hie ettentlda 
that the 'aid mortgage will bi- foreclosed, and iliv land ; exc'tulveiy to the cure of Consumptioa aod Ji« 
and premises therein descrilM-d, via : All Uiat tract or | diseaace Which are nsually eemplkated with It, and 

oarc^-l of Und lying and bring in 'he'r^»"'>, ,"''''•''• i the cures eflected by hie medidiMs have beaa very 

bault, and Stale of Minnesota, describ.-d as follows, to- ■ ' ' 

wit : The weal half of the sootliwea* <|uart«r of section 

number one ^1 ), In townsr.ip numtiwr one hundred a d 

three I lil») norMi, ot r !•.,'•,- ii'imber iwriity-»ei*n (27) 

west, coniainii.g eiglily ("*ii) kcrt-s. aCC<irdiog to to\ern- 

inent furviy, together with all the hereditaturnt.4 and 

appurtenances iherrunio Ix-ionglr.g or in any wl«<> ap- 

Iiertainiiiif. wi I be f>"lrt »t nubile fmI--, to the highc»t 

bidder, for cash, to satisfy snd pay the said del* aijd 

iner<ii and 

andtliecoslaano niai.nrfeintnraa.i'.weo oy law. ai ine ; ^, rB„„i„^ »„ rr^\.^ Onsnmption r«U dirw 

nameroos and truly wendenol. Dr. Bomewck 
makes pr o f essional viaita tosereral af the larger eiiiei 
weekly, where be has a large eeneoene at fatleaCi, 
■od It la truly astonishinf to tee poor raanmptivoa 
that have t« be Ufled out ot tbeir tai ii^f . ax.d ia 
a few HMmtha baalthy. roboet f^^ ■ el l a Da. 

the twenty hvedoliar»(fi';)atiomey8fe-.; TONIC, aad liAMDHAKB P1LL8 are cKieraU/ 
, and dirt.ui^^eiotnisail. wed by law at the | ^, required lu euring Cwunmption r«U dirZ 

front door of the Post Office, in the villa},'e of Winneba 
go City, County of Faribault, and ."?tate of Miunetota. 
on ThtB-sday. the l-Sih day , f January, A. D. l?7'J, at 
10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. 

Dated, Winntbifo City. .Minn . l>ee. 1, ISW. 


81S-T* Mortgagee. 


"^r Pa-\ Minr.nrota. ' 

grown, 50 cents per doxen. $4.00 per hundred, — , , 

$25. 00 per thousand. Good strong, new planL-, a year, which mu: I be paid at the subscnber s bosiaeM at the old »land, 

careinliy packed in moss, with full direction! bow post otficc. Address ( 

t«» »iant ani nltiriJo ;fce«. | IIARPIB 4 BKOTnER.',^ \ 





Whereas, ray wife Jane Breltford. has left my 
'>ed and board without just cause or provoca 
L'on, all pertains are hereby notified not to true; 
• •r hfirbnr her on my a<.'toant, as I wiii pay q,, 
•ebts of her cnniraciinr. 


I'rcjcat, ^'Qv. 6ib, iSo». • 


tieni aoeompaiir each, eo that any one oaa talca them 
witbosa aeeinf Dr. Someaok, Imt wbaa ti ia con. 
veaient It is beat to see blai. He fivae advlee iree, 
bat for a '.beroogb examineetea witb bie l«iViroiiM(«r 
I tija tee is three dollars. 

Pease observe, when parebadn«, tboi thk two 
llkenef«et of the Doctor— oce when In tba iMtatage 
of Coocumption, and tttc other as he oow la, la 
perfert beatth— are on the Gevemmeai Maiapi. 

Bold by aU Druggists and Dealen. Priee t . ft 
per DotUe. er ^tJA tbe half deaao. Letter* far 
advice should always he directed t« Dr. SeheBok'a 
Prtncpal OJice, U Vortb <Ui W., Pbtladet|ibA Pa. 
Uena.-ai Wholesale .igeoii: Oamaa BarwH A Uo.,^ 
jr. Y.. ^ S. Ha&ce, BalUmeca, Md,; J4»ha U« 
Pvk, Uiadnoyli, Oh>o : Waikrr tt layUct Cbtca«av 
U. : GdlUi Bra; ^ iMi^M&CK « «^ sA I >-E. 




i I 

I I 


k'TrntU stranger than Fiction." 

In Siiu Franciflco, ou the north side ol 
Folsom street, overlookius; Mission Bay, 
stzindH a palatial residence. 

The interior of this house is even wore 
beautiinl thaa its exterior, every apartment 
being in its way a gem of magnificence and 

The library especially realizes the most 
p€Tfe«*t ideal of an elegant and cultured 

And yet, at the moment we look in upon 
him oue afttmoou, as he occu- 
pied his library— the proprietor of all this 
wealth appeared of all men the most mis- 

Ho wfis Mr. Morton Preble, for many 
years a Itadiug banker of San Francisco. 

It was in that the broad bay-window 
at the ^^>^lth end of tho room had been op- 
ened. Rivinp; iugreHH to the sunshine and 
fmRTauce of rare flowers- in vain that the 
walls were lined -jriih richly carved book 
cases, aud paintiui^s-in vain that the 
conches and luxurious chairs had been 
gathered around him. 
He wiv» wretcht'd. 

He lay on a sofa, in the depths of the 
bay-window, the wnck of a once powerful 
man. His tigure a\>s thiu and gannt: his 
face white as marbie; his eyes having an 
expression o1 woful apprehension ; of har- 
rowing anxietv. of dreadful expectancy. 

It was evident at a glance that no merely 
physical ailment made him what he was. 

Bv what withering secret, by what des- 
troViii'' uftliction, had he been thus agon- 
ized V thus haunted ? thus haunted ? he so 
noblo and gooil ! he so wealthy and distin- 
ffuishcd ! , . , • 

As he moved restlessly upon his luxuri 
ons cushions the pretty clock on the man- 
tel-piece struck five, every stroke seeming 
to fall like a hammer upon the heart of the 
nervous invalid. He aroused himself. 
Btruggling ft-ebly to a sitting postnre. 

'•Ul will this fatal day never, never pass.-' 
he murmured : "nor bring us relief Y' 

Koli--ing with a nervous start, that he alone, ho touched a boll upon a table 
before him, and called: 

"Helen, Helen! where are yon' 
r.elore the echoes of hiu voice had died 
out, a step was heard, and his wife entered 
his prisouce. . ,, » 

"I left you only for a niomcut. Morton, 
she said atlvancing to the bankers side. 
"Yon were dozing I think. I wished to 
send for the doctor. 

.She was a beautiful woman, of some six 
and thirty years, graceful, with broad 
white brows, and loving eyes, in which 
the brightness and sweetness of a sun- 
shin v nature were still perceptible, under 
„ t-riif no less poignant than thtt evinced 
by her hnsLaiid. 

""The doctor?" he echoed, halt n- 
proachfuUy. , , 

"Yes, dear." she said in a calm and 
cheerful voice, as she drew a chair to the 
side of the sofa, and sat down, stroking 
the corrugftteti forehead of the invalid with 
a magnetic touch. "He will be here im- 
mediately. Your las* nervous crisis alarm- 
ed me. Y'on may become seriously ill." 

Mr. Preble bestowed an aflfectionate 
look upon his wife, but said despondingly: 
'"The doctor ! II'" cannot 'minister to a 
mind deceased !' Oh, if these long hours 
would only pass ! If I only knew what the 
dav has yet in store for us !" 

"Lookup, Morton." enjoined Mrs. Pre 
ble, with a reverently trustful glance up- 
ward through the open window at the blue 
skv, and as if looking beyond the azure 
clouds therein. "Let us appeal from the 
injustice and wickedness ol earth to tne 
pooduesfl and mercy of Heaven !" 
" The banker gave alow, sobbing sigh. 

"I cannot look up, Helen," he answered, 
with a passionate tremor in his voice - 
"only down. down, at the grave that is 
oneniucc before me?" 

^"Look up, Morton, always took up! she 
a^ain enjoined upon the invahd. "During 
ail these fourteen years of agony I have not 
once doubted either the goodness or the 
justice of Heaven. 'Blessed are they that 
mourn, for they shall be comforted. I be- 
lieve that we shall yet rejoice more keenly 
th m wo have mourned, and that we shall 
come to a t^lorions day beyond all this long 
nif'ht of sorrow!' ,,.,,, ,. 

The face of Uio invalid lighted up with 
an answering glow, and he murnmred : 

"Oiorions f.nth ! My wife, you are indeed 
ft bl. ssed comforter ! Perhaps yen ar^ ngLt 

after all ! ' , , , . ,, . 

A knock resounded on a side door at this 
luncture. and the next moment Dr. Hutton. [ 
the family physician, for whom Mrs. Pre- 1 
ble had sfent. entered the room. I 

Ho was an old man, portly in figure, with | 
white hair and beard, but with a fresh and , 
ruddy complexion, a pair of shrewd blue 
eves and with an exuberant boyishness of 
manner that sat well upon him. He had a 
kin.l h^art and a clear head He approach- 1 
ed the «f.fa, after Kroeting the husband and 
wilo and lifted the thin, restless hand ol 
the invalid, feeling his pulse. 

"Onitea high fever." he said, after a 
brief pause. "Worrryin? again, eh Mr. 
Preble '^ Yon are wearing yourself out. 
Medicine will do you no good so long aj 
yonr mind is in its present condition. I 

must oive yon an opiate ■ , , , , 

"Not now. doctor. ' interposed the bank- 
er "I cannot— must not sleep to-day ! 
I need to be broad )r I cannot 
tall at any moment what the next may 
bring forth. I am looking for the culmina- 
ion of allmyvears of anguish ^for the 
crwning'agonVof the whole Perhaps. 
Ah. what was that f 

wildly, and then, as the 

"I can make nothing of this," he de- 
clared. "It is merely a date, with the 
name of your lost daughter. It tells me 

"Nor did it us, at first," said Mr. Preble. 
"Then that name and that date, with the 
demon laugh connecting them, set us to 
thinking. A whole year we agonized over 
the dreadful problem, and then we received 
another message, which you shall see." 

He thrust a second slip of paper, identi- 
cal in shape and appearance with the first, 
befoie the gaze of Dr. Hutton. who read it 


"Auguat 9, 1856. rour Jtut ttill Iwet. 

The physician started, as if electrified. 

"Ah! this is something definite— some- 
thing decisive." he muttered. "It con- 
vinced you that your daughter was still 

'•Yes, doctor," said Mr. Preble, "and 
every anniversary of that day has brought 
us some message. The disappearance ol 
the child, mysterious as it is, does not 
seem to me half so strange as that the vil- 
lian who took her away could contrive to 
communicate with us every year since, and 
always on a pfirticular day- the anuiver- 
aaryof that on which she was stolen- 
wilhout our being able to discover who he 
is Aud a still greater wonder to me is 
what can be his motive. It seems incred 
iblo. H it was stated in a novel many peo- 
ple would not believe it. But "truth is 
stranger than fiction !" 

Mr!». Preble drew from her huabanl s 
breast pooket his note-book, opened it to 
the proper page; and presented it to the 
physician. , . , 

Dr. Hutton adjusted his spectacles, 
glanced over the page, and then slowly 
read tho group of entries aloud. The en- 
try the first year was as follows: 

"Auguat 9, 1855. Jtstie,ha,Ka! Jttsit r 

And the n< xt year it Is— 
>>Augnttt 9, ItiSe. 

And tho uoxt — 


Thin lino was as follows: 

••August 9. 18C8. At fix Ivnll eall." 
A shock of wonder and horror Hnook the 

three simultaneously. 

"Will call !" cried Mr. Preble, starting to 

his feet and glaring wildly aronnd. 

"Is coming here?" cried Mrs. Preble, 

also arising. 

It seems so," said Dr 

his eyes 
•He will 

100,000 Subscribers 


Appletons' Journal 


Your JatU tHU Kw'. 

"August O, 

And tb.) next— 

S»e i* in gtod handt!" 

J saw herye*lerday ■'" 
ahf't ffyyovnng rapidly I" 
She continue* to do well:" 
I've ieen her again !" 






even now- 

Ile started up . . , 

sound that disturbed him was not repeated 
he sa.k a.„^ain upon his cushions, pallid 

'^Th^'docTor looked at Mrs. Preble with 
an anxious inquiring glance. ...... 

"It is the anniversary." she replied to his 
unspokru question -"the anmversary ol 

°"''ACye«." 8ai«l the doctor. "I remem- 
ber " 

•Ye.-*, it's another of those terrible days." 
«ftid the banker, in aho low whi..per. -.Sit 
down, .loctor. and I will tell, you 
story I can't think of an> to-day 
and'aiu almost wild with apprehension and 
anxiety. Sit down. . 

Dr. Hutton drew up a ohair and 
himself, his {\ce expresping the double 
itudo of a friend and physician, 

••You knew iw fourteen years ago, 
tor." said Mr. Preble. "We lived 
where we do how, in a cottage on the site 
of this great mansion. There were but 
taree of us -Helen and I.and our three-year 
old Tessie. -Vnd U wa.N lunrteen years ago 
to-day that our little Jessie was stolen from 


"I remember it," said the doctor, softly. 
"Y'et she miqht not have been lost, Mr. 
Preble "^ She went out to play in the gar- 
den if I remember rightly, and was never 
seen by you again. She might have stray- 

•So "we thought for a whole year, doe- , 
tor. • intermpted the banker. "We never 
dreamed that she had been stolen. W e 
searched everywhere for her. and offered 
immense rew.aids for her recovery. 1 em- 
ployed detectives, but all to no purpose. 
When our little .Jessie ran down the steps 
into that flower-ftardeu," and he pointed to 
the front of the house, "as if the earth had 
opened aud swiUlowed her up. we never 
saw herauain." . . , j 

"She must have found the gate open and 
wandered out," suggesUd Dr. Hutton. 
"She might have strolled down to the 
waters and been drowned." | 

The banker fixed his burning eyes open | 
the phvsician's face, and whispered: , 

"I said we never saw the poor chila 
a^^in. I did not say we had not heard of 
li^r. She was lost on the 0th of August, 
IS", t For a year we tnousht her dead. 
But on the" anniversary of our loss we 
rec-ived a written message concerning 
her ' 

"A imwMC' •" ^""^ ^'- Hutton, start- 

'•\ mere scrawl— a -single line in a hand 
evidently disguised," said the banker. 

•Here it i-*." . ^ , 

H^ produced a dingy scrap of paper from 
a drawer in the table, and held it np to 
the view of the phjsician, who read as fol- 

^"Angfrt 0. IW. Jrsse. »«, ha ' J^^se.- 

Dr Hutton looked, with a puzzled air. 
from the scrap of pap^T, which he 
, ver and over, to the conntcLance 

••AngUMt 9, 181S, 

And the next — 

•Angnat 9, 18J9, 

And the next— 

••Auguat 9, 1860. 

And tl.r next— 
••Auguat 9, 1801. 

And the next— 

"Auguat 9, 186'^. 

Aud the next— ,™.« m» 

-Auguat 9,1853. She'i becovitng a woman ! 

And the next— ..... .. . j _ » .• 

••Auguat 9, 1864. Your chtld u thirteen I 

*" Augu-V~9, 1 865. She'* lovelier than ever .'" 

And the next— „ ^ ,„ 

••Auguat 9. I b66. Shf's really eharmtng ^ 

And the next— . . , . , ,„ 

••Auguat 9, 1867. My reward is at hand ! 

And what .shall we get to-day '! 

The physician looked up and fixed his 
thoughtful gaze upon the bereaved hus- 
band and wife. 

"How did these messages come to yon t 
he demanded. 

"Invariably by post," rephed Mr. 
ble. "Usually to the hou*e. but sometimes 

"And you have never seen their author.' 


'•The last of them is dated. I see. a year 

ago to day." 

"Y'es, yes." faltered the banker, "and the 
time has come for another message, 
is the 9th of August, 1868." 

'•I see," said Dr. Hutton. "And this 
the secret of your terrible excitement ! You 
are expccling'to receive to-day another of strange messages." 

Theri was a brief silence. Mrs. Preble s 
hand fluttered in its, and her face 
grww VL-rv pale. The banker breathed 
gaspingly.' The physician regarded them 
both in friendly sympathy. 

"We shall hear of her again to-day. 
said Mr. Preble; "and what will the mess- 
age be ?" 

The mother averted her face. Her brave 
heart faltered as the question echoed in 

I her soul. 

"The writer of these letters is unques- 
tionably the abductor of your child !" said 
Dr. Hutton. "Have you any Fuspieiou as 
to his identity ?" 

"Not the slightest," said Mr. Preble. 
"We have puzzled over the problem for 
many vears, but we cannot guess who he is. i 

"Think."said the doctor. "Have you 
no enemy ? I do not mean people with I 
whom you are not friendly- every stirring 
man has plenty of these- but a downright 
enemy ! Is there no man whom you knew 
in the East who hated you ? No one against 
whom you were called upon to testify no 
one whom you possibly injured ?" 

The banker shook his head. He had 
isked himself all these questions repeat- 

"I have no such an enemy, doctor," he 
answered, with sincerity of voice and man- 

"And Mrs. Preble V" suggested the doc- 
tor, turning to her. "Have you no reject- 
ed suitor who might be revengeful enough 
to desolate your home?" 

"No," said the lady. "I was married 
early. Morton was my first lover." 

"This IS strange— verj- strange ! ' mutter- 
ed the doctor. "You are not conscious ol | 
having an enemy in the world, and yet you 
have an enemv— a hidden foe— a tioud ir. 
human form— who is working out igaiast 
you a fearful hatred ! And you have not i 
the slightest suspicion as to whom he is?" 
'•Not the slightest." declared the banker. | 
"Not the slightest," echoed Mrs. Preble. 
"My husband had a step-brother who j 
might have been capable of this infamy- j 
but ho is dead !" 

"The handwriting is not familiar ?" 
"No. It is merely a rude scrawl, as jou 
see," said the banker. "It sujjgests noth- 
ing—except that it is evidently disguised 1' 
Again there was a profound silence. ^^ i 
"Our child is seventeen years old now," I 
at length murmured Mrs. Preble, her voice 
trembUng. "She is in tiie threshold of 
womanhood. No doubt. d«ring all these 
years, she has yearned for us, wherever she 
may be, as we have yearned for her!" 

•'But where is she?" asked the physician 
— and now his voice was broken by his 
ler. ".Sit ^ sympathy with the agonized parents, 
the wholt. ..y^j^ere can she be." 

"Heaven only knows" answered the 
mother. "Perhaps in San Francisco— per- 
haps in some rude hut in the interior, with 
some obscure farmer, and under a name 
that is not hers! I think her abductor 
would have carried her to some lonely re- 
gion of the interior, amonc the valleys and 
mountains. Yet I never see a young girl 
in the streets without turning to look at her. 
I never hear a girlish voice without listen- 
iDg eagerly, half fancying that it may prove 
the voice of my lost .Jessie!" 

"Oh. pitying heaven !" sighed Dr. Hut- i 
ton. d ishing a flood of tears from his 
eyes; 'will this long agony never be over? ' 

"We hope so, and even believe so," an- \ 
swered Mrs. Preble, with the firmness of | 
an unfaltering trust in Grod's mercy. "The \ 
last message we received from our ene- j 
my seems tc point to some kind of a ^ 

'True." assented Dr. Hutton, looking at 
the message in question. "It is unlike the 
others. It says that his 'reward is at hand.' 
He means either that he intends to marry ; 
yonr daughter, or that he intends to de- 
mand money of you for bringing her back 
— or both." ; 

"We shall soon know," said Mrs. Preble. , 
I with forced ealmnnss. "To-day we shall : 
have anoth«r message, no doubt. What j 
will it be?" 

The banker turned restlessly on his sofa, 
; and his face grew even paler. j 

! "Whatever it is. let it come," he mur- 
I mured. "Anything can be borne better 
' than this suspense. Let it come. ' 

.\3 if his impatient words had precipi- 
tated a crisis, a step was heard on the walk 
at this moment, and a ring at the front dooi 

"Another message !" breithed the bank- 

A. servant soon entejed. bearing a letter, 
which he extended to Mr. Preble: 
"The be-irer is ii the hall." 
With an eager, anxious gaze, the banker 
glanced at the superscription of the mis- 

It is from him," he faltered. 
He tore the envelope open. 
It contained a slip of paper, of well- 
known shape and appearance, upon which 
was scrawled a single line, in an equally 
well-known haad-writing. which the 
banker exhibited to his wife an i the phy- 

aoain reverting to the message. ' 
he here at six o'clock, and see ! it is six al- 
ready ! " , 

Even as he spoke, the clock on the man- 
tel-piece commenced striking the appointed 
hour, and at that instant heavy footsteps 
resounded in the haU. approaching the li- 
brary. , . . 
"It is he!" cried the doctor, also anting. 
As the last stroke of the hour resounded, 
the door leading from the hall again opened. 
Ou • long and horrified glance cast the 
bankir and his wife in that direction, and 
then she fell heavily to the floor. 

H r senses had left her. The above we 
publish as a specimen chapter: but the 
continuation of this story will be found 
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Each issue conUin. from EIGHT to TKN STOBIKS 
an7sKKTCHES,und HALF A I>021:N «>»•■«« '» 
AUDITION to th.. SIX SKRIAL STOR1K8 and the 
\ The T«mii« to Subscriborn: 

' . , ._ Three DcUara. 

I (Jne Year -single copy ^ ""'' nniu™. 

Four copie. (*a.SO each) Ten Dol am. 

; •■ Kightcpie. Twenty Dollars. 

I Those sending «5U for a club of Eight, » ' «^°» «» °"J 
time, will be entiaed to a eopy FUKE <'«^'«^"»'°' 
club, can afterwarl. add single copies at *-2.5« each. 
STLKKT 4 SMITH. Hropnetors, 

No. 55 Fulton Street -Now Yorlt. 

Pine Tree Tar Cordial. 

Preservative as well as Curative. 

It is not only for their absolutely curative, but for their 
preservalivo properties, that Dr. U Q WlSllAKI » 
mediciueij are so widely 

Celebrated ail ( ver the Union. 

THK PlNl". TREE TAR CORDIAL not only restores 
tho sick to the bloom of hoalth, but it fortiliestJie system 
against subsequent attaclcs of i 

Malignant Affections. 

Tlie array of diseases of tho lungs and throat yields to 
the balsamic and tonic properties of Dr. \\ ishart s 

Pine Tree Tar Cordial 

As the summer f.ig disappears before the fresh evening 
breeze Its constituent properties, though simple, are 
powerful. I- rom the very lirst the debilitated victim ot 
noxious dnigs realizes that he bus found a triciid. 

A glow of warmth liegins to pasa through his chilled 
circulation. The pulse becomes natural and regular, 
and a buoyancy of spirits— the consequence of an a-ssur- 
ance of rt'turning health comes upon thw patient. I he 
fell disease, i;ou»umption, while the luup retain any 
tiling of strength upon which to liuild, i.s dispellod by 
the FI.N'E TREK TAR CORDIAL, in a manner to 
which thousands of grateful patients have felt it a duty, 
as well as a pleasure, to testily. 

How many, who have died, and left their children 
orvhans, mignt have been living in blooming health huO 
Uiey but availed themselves of Dr. Wihhaut's simple 
remudieb instoad of the nowous poisons to which 

Their Constitutions have Yielded. 

Tar from the pine tree forest, as prepared by Dr. 
WlbHAllT, is a panacea. 

"The IVodufI of lUe Trc*- in for tUi" IleuliiiK 
of the NatloiiH." 

The hardy bacliwoodaman, breathing the aroina of the 



It is purely vegetable, contains no alcohol, sulphur. 

leader mineral ingredient; is clean, highly perfume* 

and dilTercnt from any other article. Everybody wil 

useit Prirp.onlv50ct8. 50(MKX> bottles sold annually 


I CHICAGO, Wholesale Agents. Sold by all druggists 


mWAI>.4.1Il': LA KlKcanproduco, bymeausof the 
ITl Horost-ope, a true picture of your future husband 
or wife, witli name, occupation, i«>cuni«ry cirtunv 
slances, date of marriage, and felicity of married life, 
lurthermoro. she will give lou the V. »->. addretm. so that 
you can correspond ; also the age and full description, 
ami tell you how, when and wht^re you will become 
acquainted, how often you will marry, your destined 
Buocess in life, and everj-thing relating to your future. 
State your age, color of eyes and hair, inclosing aO cents, 
and you will receive the picture, with a written desljuy, 
by return mail. Address, in contidenco, M. L*. KUK, 
Drawtr .'iNWt* t'hieago, 111. _ 

Building Paper 



Dr. Roback's 
Blood Pills are 
unsurpassed b}f 
any Pill manu- 
faetured for a 
Xsimilar purp%se. 
^ii^H^^M^^J One trial inva- 
riably estaiUshcs them as favorites 
with all who use them. 

The reasons why Dr. Roback' s 
Blood Pills should be kept in ev- 
ery family are: Because they can 
be employed in all cases where a 
'■'■family physic" is required, and 
are perfectly safe iii their admin- 
istration at all times; Because 
tJtey are made 
both with and 
ivithout sugar- 
eoaling, thus 
adapting them to 
the use of every- 
body ; Because 


they can be pur 
chased at any 
drug store at the 
extremely low 
price of twenty- 
five cents per 
For Sale by nruggisU 

and nealers in Patent 

M etl ic in ea every- where. 



For the year 1870 wc have made a rcducUou In 
the price of single subaciiption.s of a3 p^r cent., 
enabling' all persona to get the paper at tl.oO per 
year, ami clubs at reduced rates. 

We hive made anangementa to pnbUsli several 
serial stories during the year, commencing with 
th<; oritjlnal story of 




tificut!. in Packard & «;« -/"i: ':^J, "J, i 

butior:, conMst.nj/ "I ':'»"''V21. 1?^' ^ ..' 

I iiuU 1 nd Silver W«tcheH, J''"'^^"^^ * :• 

1 u< in . uu ^" vvf-rV'irlli'k"t" O'- di."- 

value.lut $75,000. *•*«'; «ifK> olin iiud 


*' "— iPACKARD&CO. 

69WPSt Fourth Street, 
Cinoinn ati, Oh ig. 

GOMMilN SENSE ! ! ! 

«r»VTl.Jl AI.KNl'S *2.3ll per mor"'' 
l"v\l i Y SKwi!J(: MACHINR. ITI 
tireat inducemenis to ApnU. Th'» '«" 
Sewing Machine . f the dav makes the f 
T^ l^titch" -wii; d.. anv t.nd of work 

mreading branches, are as exempt from that full, 
(foiuiumption. as the natives ot .Soulhem I- ranee and 
Italy A« prepared by Dr. Wishakp, the ( ordial acts 
I at Slice ITie tirst bottle enhibits to you grateful fore 
1 tastes of returning health. You are racked by no more 
cough nor bathed with debilitating night sweats. 

Thousands of people »ill you Uiat in the entire 
range ot nature's curatives, there is no combination so 
haoLiy. so elticacious, and so harmless as WisBakts 

(JhPuiistJ* agree in saying that the pn^rM o.f'li'lii'ation 
by which this Cordial is yielded, is so philoaMjhical as to 
be unsu.Kceptible of further improv.-iuent. I he generic 
taste of tho Ur is neutralized, and the idea of medicine 
becomes loet in the quality of a palaUbl« luxury. 

Dr, Wishart's Medicines 

Are sold by all respectable apothecaries, and supplied 

^ the trade at Dr. Wishart's (iroat tamily Medicine 


No. 'iS'i North M«H!ond .Street, llilladelphla. 

A medica lexpert, holding honorable collogiat/? diplo_ 
mas. devotes his entire time to the ejamination ot 
patienta. at tho office parlors. As.*>ciated with him. are 
two con.sulting physicians, ot acknowledged ominonco, 

, whose services are given to the pubhc l-iiKK oj cUAWiK. 

i This opportunity is otft-red by no other mstituUon lu 

l.etters from any pirt of the country, asking advice, 
I wiU be promptly antl grutuitousb' responded to. Where 
I convenient, remitUnces should Uke the shape of drafts 

' "'^e ofw?:& Pine Tree Tar Cordial, $1.5U per 
liottle, or #11 per dozen. Sent by express 

All '^o">'"""''-»'*"- ^5°;f ^fsVii^rjll. D.. 

No. Za N. Second street, Philadelphia. 


J. R. Lawrence & Co.'s 



To be followed by others duricg the year, any one 
of which would cost more in book form than our 
price of subscription. While the>siN will 
conUnue its devotion to Republican priuciples. the 
publishtrs do not intend it to be a partisan Journal ; 
bnt rather a Famii-t N*.wspapeii. full 
reading for the fathers, mothers and 
every honeehold in the Northwest. 

of welcome 
chilurcn of 

Terms of 

tlie Wisconsin. 

Wifcif ONailN 


1 copy oni- year, . . - 

.5copi«-« " . . - - 

llcopii"" " - - - - 
'iOco|ile«t " " - " " 

Additional copies at rate of the Club. 

I copy oue year, - - • 

3 copien ■■ . . • - 

lOoopiea »• - ... 

sell the 
MACHINK. I'rlpe oiil> WIS. 

This is the most popular 
famous Klasti* 

'-"^^^''^iihin-e'' foaoi'." r. r.<C Ih'fd'ima'nVC- 
^d"dle!*;'8gmM Ir* C<5.rB2;;i,n." M^ass., PitUn'r^: 
Pa. or St. Ixiuis, .Wo. ^ 


ilie I iiaer.\rorld ot the <.;reat 

■n.e Bin.s of every class of society c v 

Ar;,.l 'lie /.'..i'' -'■"" rnaK Slgnalsot 

pages; 4.1 illustrations Price, »'»{^":k 
Agei;i»>\anlea. Address N. Y. BOOK. 
CO., l-ii Nassau street. N. Y. 

Allilfl How I .Made ll In Six .MonthH. 
W I I4U '=>»'^^''^* "'"^ ""'' sample mailed free.^ 

A. J. KUL.LAM. N. Y. 



I Those hiving friends afflicted are earnestly solicit^ 
to send for a ClRCri.AR l.KTTKR OK RKI-KR- 



Or in place ot 


lucosf is so trilling that an ordinarj- house can be 
covered on all sides for less than 


Send for circnlurs and samples to 




To Sell Sights and Secrets of 

T/ie National 


K.VCKS and f KS'rVM«>Ni A"l,.S,'whi'ch will convince the 

moat skepucal of the «JURA»*/HVrjBf.Ii>*A*^n*^^'*''" 
Address VAN BURKN I-UCK R«JW , M., D. 

3rt (ireat ,Iones St., N. 

I. i»., 
V. City. 




the whole of the Hme or for the spare moments.. Busi 
nens new. light and pronUble. Person 

To such 


of either sex 
and a propor 


BV Si;.M»IN«i ;W i'KNTS, with age. height, 
color of eyes and hair, you will rec<"ive by icturn 
mail, a correct picture of your future husband or wife, 
with name and date of marriage. 

i Address , Y'-^*}^'^- ^ .. 

I P. O. Drawer No. 8, I ultonville. New York. 

« 10.00 

EVENIN<J \Vi«*C"ONsilN. 

I copy one year, by uiaJI, 

1 copy three iiioiithii " - - 

All letter* should bo carefully addressed to 
HUtiaakee. Wi«. 

V^ys a id gi;'uT,n ea?n uTarly as much as men. TM 
ail who sel this notice may send their addrwa. apd^w 
we make this unparak- JoJ oJJer 10 lut 
,U aiuiied, we will send «1 to pay for Uie 
"wt Full parUcaUr,, a valuabfe sample 
V.r ...minence work on. and a copy of The 

Ihe "business, we make this unnarhk-UcHl offer 
■■ .itiatied, we v 
l(. Full parti 
which will do to commence work on 

50 Cents 




as are not well 

trouble of wn 

7-^:;tr /Ivt".^. ?e";«r"-"one" olih-e largest and beat 

f^^^l^ ne;^^.rs f ubhahed^ -all -f f , ♦'J^.^'la^ 


A(;KVTS WAN'TKD everywhere to sell the A.MK.RI 
i CAN KNirfl.V-^ MAt;lllJ?l;Uhe..nlyH.raC..oa^^am^ 
1 Knitting Machine ever invented ^^"il- ^r}^. .s KNIT- 

1 .,k M-.tTHKW llALK Smith's Nkw Bc«>g. 

Sunshine and Shadow in New York. 

a Wnrt of Abfcirbing IncidenU, Replete with Anec- 

^ do^ .lid hiSdSu of Ufe in t£e l^reat City, 

Being a Mirror of New York, ReftecUng 

tnth SUrtUng Accuracy the Secreu 

of the tireat .Metropolia 

^ .^^1 i. lliwrlfarti told W in ome day; o»« Aaen' 


No Book PBbUrted that SelU m Uapldly. 

Von wiih to know how Fortunes are made aiid 
i2tiri dw; how Shrewd Men are ruined in 
«^li Street how "tountrymen- are swindled 
^VihaiS^ how Minister, and MerelunU ar« 
», -, -fii . w,« Dane* Halls and CoDOWt Saloooa.are 


! The KxrelHlor Farkn«e, suitable for everv city or 
country home. Contains several useful articles that 

'ever} one wants, male or female, mamod or single. A 
handsome Oroide gold present will be sent to e.-ieh pur 

I chaser with the t^ickage Ihe proeenl is worth more 

I than the price asked for the package. All sent free to 
any address for 50 cents. 

AFHAR 4 CO., lu» Orand St , N. V. City. 


J!^ THK I- ARM, and bow farmer* and their sons can 

each make 


' in Winter. Io.cjOu copies will l>e mailed free to fanners. 
Send name and sdrfresH to „ .. .., 

ZKIULKR. M. CURDY * CO., Chicago, 111- 

A work descriptive of Washington City : Inside and 

OuUide Lnraasked and Kxfiosed. Phe spiciest, roost 

thrilling. nu»t enterUining, instructive, and suruing 

tjook ol tho day. ZJTSend for Circulars, with terms, 4c. 

JO.NES, JINKIN & CO.. I'ubllMlien., 


mjEKvors AMI iiiiKi:- 

1^ matic Butferfrs from eiirly 
indiscretions slionld not fail to 
consult, confidentially, Dr Mc- 
Naiiiars, st 'M and W Mason St , 
Mihviiiike.'. Ho has remedies 
»iih the aid ot electricity; that 
will slop those nightly emisaions ; 
build up the nervous system, ro- 
(.tore Uie sexual {.Hiwers to thoir 
full vigor, and tho mind to 
its ordinary cheerfulness and 
strength. The D<ictor"B skill (in 
Venereal Diseases i cannot bo ex- 
I ell.itl in (lie healing art. Special 
attention paid to iliseaw?* of Wo'>fT:N. ^el^'y 

tiove! Love! 


Ayer's Sarsaparilla, 

FOR rrBlF»'lJf<w XME BE4M»I». 

The rc|)Utatiou Uii^e.^- 
celleiit medicine uixfoyn, 
i.s derived Irom its <.;i t.. 
many nf wliich are t<'uly 
luaiveUuiis. iDveterate 
caae.s of ^sc^olillone dl«- 
t>ase, where the oTHlem 
t-eemetl baliirateif wiUt 
corruption, have beeu 
wurifled and cure*' by it. 
.Scrofulous affections ani 
tUiiordein.whit h were hr- 
£rravate<l by the Bcro<\i- 
luiM roiitaiiiinatiou m>t'' 
thev were painftiDy afflictitifr, have been radically 
cured in such K'eat number- in :ilino«t every sec- 
tion of the country, that the iniblic scarcely ueeU 
to be Infonucd of its virtue.^ or uses, 

iscrofuloiis iKiison is one ol the most destruo- 
tive enemies of our race? Often, thi.s unseen and 
unfeR ten.-inl of the organiism iiiiilemiines Uie con. 
siitiition, and invites the attack of enfeebling or l»t 
tal diseuMis, without exciting a butpicion of \^ 
nresencc. Again, it seems to breed lnf*^^tlon 
throughout the bodv, and then, on some f':»or»ble 
occasion, rapidly develop into one or '^thar of ila 
hideous forms, either on the surfaw or among Ui« 
vitals. In tlie latter, ttibevclefc »:,ay l>c suddenly 
deposited in tiie lunjr-' f>r heft'^i, or tumors formed 
in the liver, or it shows ita ',»resenr4» by ernptiona 
on the skin, or foul uleei-aUoiis on some part of 
the body. Hence U»e Occasional use of a bottle 
i)f tills SarsiijuiHllfi i» advisable, even when no 
active symptoma of disease appear. Persons af- 
flicted wi*.h the followiuif comjilnliits generally 
(bid iir.mediate ii;lifr, hhiI, at length, ciii-e, by the 
UM- of this SAItS.41'AUIJ.1,A: M. Antho. 
ni/'« rirr, Itt^r or Ertinlpela*, Tetter, Salt 
lihrum, Sealit lltad, Jtin^irorm, Sore Eyr; 
i Sure JCarit, and other eniptions or visible forma 
of SrrotiitouH <li>eafte. Also ill the more con- 
I cejilcil form", as Jtynnepnia , Itroj*»y, Heart 
JUHvnuf, J ita, Ejiilennff, Setirnfffia, and 
the various Vlrrroun atfeclions of Uie niiutculai 
and nervon.* pystem.s. 

tiyphiliit or rniereat and Mermrial ZMv^ 
eagen are cured bv it, thoujfh a long tin*» ij» r«- 
quired for subduing tlle^e obstinate jnaladiw by 
any me<lichio. Hut long-continue<l use trf Uiis 
medicine will cure the complaint^ J>i<r*rrJMra 
I or M'hittK, I'trrlne Ulceration*, and Eenial^ 
' JMneanrit, are commonly soon relievetl and ulU- 
mately cured by its puiifving ami invigortitlng 
effect. Minute uirections for <yich -itae ai-e foun.. 
ill our Abiian.Tc, snpplie'l gratis. Jtheiimaliam 
t and Ooul. when caused by n<MumulHtionf of ,'X- 
traneous matters in Ihe blood, yield (piickly i.'. <t 
asalso J>if*Tr'«iii7>/»if»if». TorpUHty, Coti'/i- 
flofi nr luflanimtitton <if the #<i>«-r, and .Juan ■ 
I dire, when arising, as they olten do, Iron. Uie 
rankling poisons in the blood. This MAItf>A- 
VAKILi-'A i-agi-eat rcstoter forOie stiei.glb 
and vigor of the system. Tlio-e who ui-e l.nn- 
niiiil and TAntleim, t*eitpentd*ent , SleepleMt, 
and troubled wiUi fierroiia Ajtjirelientiinit ot 
f>rtr/». oranv of the afTectJons symptonia'-ic of 
ll r»ktunii>. will find immwUate it-lief and con- 
vincing tvidente of its rebl4iiative power upo.j 

A ny p jmon c 
Ql'IS.W.and win 

an maf< the grcatart of VKNT K "'0' 
lying love M the 
Sent by mail for I Oe. 

fair sex in | 

ing love < 
Or. Addrofw , 
Box 274;i, St l/oow Mo 




.\<ii:>TS FOK 





the BonndiewK Weal and Kunny ^tontb. 

ow. why and where to find them. All atjout the won 
derfnl progreas aud great rorources of the country 
New. fresh interesting and popalar. Onorolnme. 1-ir- 
illustrations. Price low. A rare chance to make moo* 
Ke^ for circuUr PKOPf.K'S PUBUSHING 
1«4 Sute street. Chicago. 111. 


On the i2d of December we shall commence the 
pubUcation, in Uie Wkkklt WiiC0Ssi5. of a aerial 
story eiiliUed i blea Burst, rtao '^-'o',/";^,! "<i,ii;ins"Bioiraphical 




the und, 
one hour 

J. K. ,IA(i(.KltS4(;o. 


Wratlo A: l>riiiniitr<' L<*v»'l, I'n'co only %\n. 

I'very Farmer needs one. Kvery Schof.l should have 
ono No Kngineer required to lay out roa^ls, w'slks or 
WHter rouriK-s Will establish levels for fuundatious, 
walls bridges, made ground, 4c. It i«eitrcm«ly siniph- 
and beantiful. Sent lo any address on receipt of pmn- 
Descriptive circulars, with cuts, free. 

IIAMILTO.N K TOWLK, Civil Kngmecr, 

and Special Enrapean Patent Solicitor, 

iBaoAbWAT, Nkw Vork. 

rn F. v A R K n by 

Dr. 9. C. AYER * CO., 1-owell, KliMa., 

PraetUal and Analytical ChmUatB. 


Wc will «enil a handsome prospectus of our >K\V 
n.l-r>TKATEI> FA.niLV BJKJbK {« "y 'ioo" 
agent, free of charge. Addre« NATlONAI, PUB 
DsHING fX)., Chicago, HI , or St. Ixiuis, Mo. 


A story of Eist and Wost ; ulustrating the perils of 
the yet tinoiriliied West ; portraying love in the 
Kocky Mountains, and the whole embodjing the 
capUrating Bomance of a Beantiful Yonne Heire.B'. 

Any perssu sending ns 50 cents will rcceiTe the 
Wi»coJ»8iM fonr months and all the nnmbers con- 
taiaing the thrilUngly interesting story of '-Oteb 
THE Piaiss." Back anmbers sent to all who 
reuoest It aftrr the commenctment of the story. 

Addreaa carefnlly, 



Hartford, (t. 



PRICE t3«. 

Ivery 1 amily la the country need.^ °°*Ki.„L.t 
U^^ti?tSellinea.aK,wing macb.ue. by band 

oTths 'Skl.s and Bl>ooD. Internal and e»t«rnal one 
Entirely vegetable. I'sed in the H.«pit*Uof tbe Old 
and New World. 1 n case of failure. I authorize all deal 
ers to refund the money ""> chaijeit back «" rae Nc 
failures for over U-n yeant Prepared by H. DH.> W i>K 
Cbemixt, Boston, Mass, f 1 a Ixjtue, 
Send for Circulars free. 

bjrH-D FOWLI-:. 
Hold everywhere. 

TIIE MAGIC CO.>lBwUl change any wJored 
hair or beard Uj a permanent^lwk or Brown^ 
One Comb sent by mail for *1. lor sale by Merchants 
^ DrnggurtajEener^^ Addr«._ ^p^„^^,^_ ^^ 

"bSt^e aeedle, and is the perfection 

ct t>8«nty 

CHrcnuS^ ^'^^TS.d full P^'^'^?!!^^^-'""^ 
AgenU ^^.SVir^^^Ol^AT^T^ 
176 Broadway, New Y< 

llilwaokee. Wisconsin. 


of the 

$75? $200 


p«r Vcmlh i-rtid In Jtf hI-, salary 
ar commission, to sell iiui I ve-i 

^alhet tit*- ALircf HuJtuH liirr H <r^ 

M. «.. S. r., CUcafo, Ridimtmd vr JItmfMf. I iOIJi ASSOOAT WSJ 


-^nS? SL^ !?'?^^"anI''Sfly^1?a^' 
'*?*•■!' .'^^f^-jL,,- ...a nnfr.rtunate Sent in 

'"'fj-il^ SU^Tr^i"ch^r"?5drJr 


I Druggists gi 


<u » L..j.^ ' WILL EECKIVE. on /rr-^-v 
apphcation, descriptive 
cut* and prices of coos- 
ulete (iriKdivg and BtU-\ 

7.,y yl'.ur Mill', Mill .SttW»«»' 

and C/ri, Mill; Smmt and 
... Separating .Vaekintt. 


Zi KlCHMi>NI<. IS». 

Dealers, in heavy grades ot Ueonins fruTCH AJtCHOB 
BoLxmo Ci>oaH *e. 

ifont. free of 



Wells' Every Man His Own Lawyer 
and Business Form Book. 

^A complete and reliable gnide in all matters of law 
and buainese transactions for every .Sute in the tnion. 
The pTofeiionsI man, the farmer, the merimnic. the 
mercuant, the manofactnrer, each require a convenient, 
coinprehenaive and reliable work, which will enable 
hira to draw up any instniment that may lie rf^iiuired, 
anJ that will furnish him witb socfa information as is 
luoally called for in all his bastneas relatiims of life-- 
a l<ook that eveo'hody can understand, and that will 
ena)>le every one to be thf ir own counsel. The e.-itire 
leading press of the Orfintry nnyuaUtiedly enrtfirse the 
work Price only <2.i). Sent w»«t paid Agent-i want- 
ed everywhere Addres- J< JH .V « i. WKI.Lfi, Pubhsher, 
No. «S Broome street, NewJ^oric. ^m 

^ O.M trr 1 1 1 NG in <*< .<ilar for Etrnmbod,!. Star in 
^ t'b*- \\>»*i two. An 6 page Unireraahtt family 
weekly giving current secular n«^s Kdit«l by Hev. 
Dr Wli.u.vMs^JN and J S. Castwku. iift) p«r year 

»n advance fren.ium I'l nrir tatt'eriljtr-. .Send lor 

wecTmen. Addres. WILLIAMSON 4 CAN. WrLL, 
Ciuciaoati. Oluo. 





Wo do not wish to inform you. lesder. that Dr Won- 
derful, or any other man, has iii-rov<Tn<l a remedy that 
euros (>)n*u«iption. when the lungs are lijll oiusunn-'i, 
in short, will cure all disea»<« wln-tiiei of mind. 1)0<^ / <jr 
or estate, make aien live f r>rever. and l<-ave death Vc pisjr 
for want o* work, and i«design<)d toniali»our«'di,|ai,u« 
upbere a blissful tiaradise, Xn which Heaven ItaeU ahsfi 
be bnt a side stiow. Yon have heard onoogh of ttiat 
kind of hombugr-ry. and »<-do not woiidor iLatyou haie 
>iy this time become disguHKed with it But when I t«L 
y<ia that Ur. H««e8 Catarrh Eemedy «•<'/ p'i'iuretu ru,t 
Ihe trorti etv^t rf Caiarrh, I only aMert that which thous- 
ands can testify to. Try it aad you wUl be ooaviocM 
I will pay t.Vuu RgWAnn for a case of Catarrh that I 
cannot cure. 

far !»ale Uy unmt DnuwVtta Krrrrwktre. 

PKKT. fiNI.Y aUt'FVTK. f^nl fc./ Mall, f^mt paid fvr 
.s.Vv Cenit; lour Packages for ^a.m , or one dozen for 
t-Vim. Send a two cent stamp for Di. Sage's pamphlet, 

onCaUrrh. **>'- '^^ »^°«iF^^iR,;K. M. a, 

BfKFAU), N. Y. 


»yj| \Va.trhor i^tf-wlnc .Marliinr Krt-i' 

■ ■-• and profitable, 


mt DSing 
• I-GA 

CromweU, Conn 


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Liberty, Literature Jind Land. 

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VOL. VII. NO. 7. 


WHOLE NO. 319. 




Nostrtam from its 8onrce« 
Flows ouw»rJ, how loofly soever its course. 
But what some land U kI»<1<1«ii'^- ^'f> "t** ^'^^ 

AnU »et, without influence somewhere. ^Tio knows 
What tarth nenis from earth'* lowest creatnres ? 

So life. 
Can be pnre la its purposes, and strung in its 

And all !ifc not l>e purer and alroDger thereby. 
The spirits of just men made perfect on hi«h. 
Ihe army or niart'vrs who atdna by tiif Throne 
And guze into iho' face that makes glorious their 

Knows this surely, at last. Honest loTe. h«>neat 

WJi row, ^ ,, 

Honest work for the .lay. holiest hope for the mor- 

Are th^'worth nothing more than Ihe hand they 

Tho heart they b*»e sadden'd. the life they leave 

Hoab I th^venfold heavens to the vole* of th* 

^He'that orercometh shall ill things Inherit. 



third <lay 

A prlut«r and his wife 

Without domegll>; strife. 

In wedded X T C ; 
"Dear Ell!," tbe printer said — 

TbfU paused, and mmed bis I. 
goatched up a '•slice" of bread, 

Aud -cltared sw y" some "pKo); 
•Thou art a Kuardinx • 

*iM "P ^^ [spsc- 1 tor me ; 
1 lof^ you b«-ller far 

Thau T." (capital black tea). 
Then o-er bia "Iwltered form" 

She bent her sweet -Sc .tch face. 
Aud -'pulled" a proof k Is* warm. 

The whilst tb.-y Lt*o -uibi»<v 

Selected iHi6c eilann» 


For thirty years I Lave made my home 
on Uio plaius and among the fastnesH of 
the Rocky ilonntaiuH, also spending a por- 
tion of my time in the (ioldeu SUte of the 
Pacific In ISIO I started with a party to 
croBs tiie plains in hopes of making my 
fortune a-diRRinK for the hhininK dust that 
pM)ple said was to be had tor picking up. 
There waH a dozen of ns, all first rate, jo- 
vial feliowB. all of them having had m.)re 
or less experience in roughing it out on the 
prairies of the Wtst. 

We had no womeukind among ua to hin- 
der our progregs, so we got over the ground 
pretty la«l, auil reached Salt Lake several 
days before we hud expected when we sst 
out. We were all well and hearty, and m 
tbe best spirit; aud after spending three 
days with the Saints end getting a view of 
some of the lailies claimed by Bngham 
and his Elders, who didn't seem at all 
averse to our c inpany, we turned our backs 
upon them and set our faces toward the 
Bottiug sun. 

The plains were no longer before us ; but 
a country filled with ileep valleys aud 
steep rugged mountains. I 
after entering upon this region, we 
camped for the kight on the bank of a wild 
torrent that was swollen almost to the size 
of a river by tl;e recent rains. It had b..'eu 
with great diffioulty we got safely 
across; and although it wa.s but the mid- 
dle ot the afternoou, we resolved not to 
go any further that night as one of the 
party complained of not teeling well. 

Alter the arrantjeiueuts for iram^-ing had 
been well nigh completed, aud as the suu 
was still two hours high, and not feeling 
very much fatp^'ued, I threw my ritle over 
my shoulder, and told my comrades that I 
was goinipTb take an hour's tramp up the 
stream where a dark gorge opened among 
the mountains in hopes to get a chance 
shot at Honiethiug that would serve to help 
us make up a supper. Noue ot the boys , 
offered to at-compauy me; .uid alter receiv- 
iae a e;intioi* not to wauder too fur, and to 
return to camp before nightfall, I set out. 

The way was rwugher than I expected, 
and more than o»ce I had half a miud to 
turn back; but I persevered, and tor half 
an hour picked my way np the rough alley, 
which was hemiuAl iu by rugged moun- 
tains, or. rather i.y high chftH, that, owing 
to some eonvul-^iuu of nature, had cast 
huge masses, from their sides, almost block- 
ing np the narrow space that existed be- 
tween their base aud the banks of the ra- 
vine, iiud iu some places partially tilling , 
the bed of the stream, over which tho 
water rushed with a noise almost deafen- 

I had lost sight of the smoke that arose 
firom our camp-tire, owing to the course cf 
the stream that conformed itself to th'i val- 
ley: aud all this time I had steu nothiag 
that I would deign to waste powder and 
bullet upon, so that I began to think I 
should be obliged to return to the camp aa. 
empty handed tis when I .set out 

I toiled on, perhaps tifty yards farther, 
clambering over ti e jagged rock>i that 
blocked np my way, and at last, discour- 
aged at my want vl success, I was on the 
point of turning Lack, when I espied but a 
abort distance before me, close to where a 
few bushes grew out of the cliff, a small 
creature, though from the glimpse I got of 
It I couiil not dutiugui.>.h what it was. Glad 
of the chance for a shot, I serambledalonp 
over the rocks to a position that I coveted; 
but before it v.iis rtHch» d, the creature, 
whatever it was, had disappeared, and no 
traces of it could I tind alter searching for 
it several minutes where I was sure that I 
had seen it 

Disappointed. I was on the point of turn- 
ing back, when a loud clap of thunder re- 
sounded through tht; sky and the next mo- 
ment large drops of rain began to fall. 
Startled at the sudden approach of the 
storm that I had be« u all unmindful of, I 
glancevl upward and saw that a dense black 
cloud was rising above the cliffs, and had 

raging of the tempest without, the fury of 
which I do not remember ever having seen 

Half an hour pas.ied; and the Storm, iu- 

I stead of abating, seemed to increase in 

intensity, aud I began to think that I 

should have to pass the night where I was. 

I knew, by the thundering of the water in 

the ravine", that it was fast rising. From 

where I sat indeed, I could see the tor- 

rauts in miniature cataracts ilashing down 

1 the face of the clifts on the opposite side of 

' the stream. It seemed, I fan.^ied, almost 

as the tiood must have appeared at its 


I had begun to feci secure in my place 
of refuge, and the fact of the huge bould. r 
being above my head no longer troubled 
me, when suddenly, to my unspeakable ter- 
ror, I saw a huge rock washed from its 
sandy base and go plunging down into the 
I ravine. Horrors, what if the one before 
! me should f:vll and block me up ? I seized 
my rifle and sprang toward th3 outlet. The 
storm was preferable to my place of shelter. 
"Heaven have mercy !" I cried, as I felt 
, the movements of the cliff above me; and 
' then, to my horror and despair, the great 
} boulder, loosened by the torrents of rain, 
slipped from its resting place, and ere I 
I could escapo hemmed me in in perfect dark- 
i ness. 
I 1 was entombed alive ! 

The horror of my situation came upon 

j me with such fi)rce that I did what I never 

did before nor since — I fainted away. 

I How long I remained insensible I know 

I not; but wiien at last I came to myself 

' again 1 thought it was a terrible dream. 

But the iUu-iion soon wore off. and the stern 

reality was before me, and I began calmly 

' to think of what chance I had of escaping 

from my living tomb. 

Very little iudei d was there to hope in 
; the prospect before me. No prison bars 
I were as strong as those that held me back 
from the outer world, that 1 had never 
, prized so highly as I now began to do. — 
There seemed no possible hope; for man, 
with his unaided strength, could never 
move the huge rock that sealed up the en- 
trance to my sepulchre. 

A faint ray ot light came in one side of 
my prison door, and through the crevice 
came the sound of tho roaring water, 
swollen to doubte its usual volume, down in 
the bed of the ravine. The crevice would 
give me air, and would tell me when night 
would come and go, so long as life miRht 
remain to me. My companions would 
doubtless search long for me, and could I 
not make myself heard should they chance 
to pass near? This gave m« a ray of hope 
that I hugged to my heart as drowning 
men will, they say, clutch at stiaws; but 
my heart again sank within me as the roar 
of the torrent filled my ears. No human 
voice could be heard above the terrible 
sound, which was increasing iu violence 
every moment 

I threw myself on the bottom of the cave 
and gave up to the despair that lay ujion 
me, crushing me, as it were, into the 
earth. Many were the hours of danger 
' that I had passed through; times wLea it 
, seemed that there was no possible chance 
of escape; yet hope had never completely 
forsaken me as it had now. 

The ray of light faded away and all was 
darkness" Night had come to me iu my 
tomb, as dark and terrible as though I was 
surrounded by scores of mouldering dead. 
As time must seem to the spirits of the 
lost, so that night seemed to me. Morning 
came at last and again a little hope return- 
ed with the my of light that fouud its way 
in to me. as if to say that I was not entire- 
ly cut off from the outer world. 

The roar ot the torrent still sounded in 
my ears, but not so loud as it had done. 
If my comrades should ccme up to neek 
me, it might be possible that I might make 
myself heard. But how was I to know 
when they had come';- Try as I would, I 
could not gain a position where I could get 
a glimpse of the world without. My only 
chance was to call aloud at the top of mj 
voice, and, hour after hour, I did so, until 
I was so hoarse that I couhi hardly speak ; 
but I heard nothing come from without to 
repay me for the exertion I had ma.l.'. The 
forenoon wore away, and 1 began to feel the 
pangs ol hunger and thirst, and ti.en, and 
not till then, did I fuljy realize all tho hor- 
rors «}f my situation. My despair was ter- 
rible, an I, in my agony, I threw myself on 
my face upon the floor of tho caveru, and, 



Soolctr Around Lake Superior-Out- 
look of tbe Future. 

"Carleton" writes to the Boston Journal 

tbe following interesting facts relative to 

the iron-miners of the Northwest: 


The miners are a hardy set of men, 
rough, uncouth, but enterprisiug, Ihey 
live in small cottages, make excellent 
wages, drink whisky, and rear large fami- 
lies. How happens it that in all new com- 
munities there is such an abundance ol 
children'? Nearly evi ry woman has a child 
in her arms. We cannot expect to see the 
refinemeuts and luxuries of old communi- 
ties in a country where the stumps have 
not yet been cleared from the streets, and 
where the spruces aud hemlockM are still 
waving about the little cottages of the set- 

But here are the elements of society. 
These hard-handed men are developing this 
region, earning a livelihood for themselves | 
aud enriching those who employ them, j 
Towns are springing into existence. We | 
find Ishpemiug a thriving town rising out I 
i'f a swamp. Imagine if yon can a spruce ', 
forest standing in a bog where thetreesare | 
so thiek that there is hardly room enough 


It PInnsea Ills Famllr lnti» Rutu. 

New York Correspondence Philadeli hU Press. 

Through the guilty the innocent must 
suffer, and never was the fact more dis- 
tressingly illustrated than in the late ar- 
rest of aNew York counterfeiter 

One of the best engravers in the coun- 
try', if not in the world, was arrested at his 
oflice, where everything went to prove and 
where he unreservedly confessitl his guilt 
- too compltttely broken, amazed and con- 
fused to atteiupt a denial. He was a fine, 
gentlemanly looking man, though of late 
somewhat dissipated, owing, probably, to 
the wretched bu.siness iu whi.jh he was 
employed. He had woikod for Tiffany A: 
Co., and for the American Bank Note Co.. 
as a skillful, honest engraver; md so, up 
to within two weeks ago, thought his fami- 
ly. Notwithstanding his dissipation, aLd 
the great crime of which he is surely guil- 
ty, he has been a kind father aud husband, 
aud never carried his sin into his home ; 
neither is he what may be termed a bad 
man, if we can reconcdo these incongrui- 
ties with the fact that he was arrested for 
the worst crime that an individual can 
practice against the government 

Bad men tempted him withlaige profits, 

! for the lumbermen to swing their axes, the | ^^^ ^^^^ eenius was invaluable to the regular 
swamp being a stagnant pool of dark-color- , counterfeiters; profits, however, that he 

ed water covered with green slime. 

An enterprising town-builder purchased 
this swamp for a song, and has laid out a 
city. Here it is -dwelling houses aud 
storesstindiug on posts tlriven into the mud, 
or resting on stumps. He has filled up 
streets with debris from the mints. Frog 
croak beneath the dwellings, or sun them- 
selves on the sills. The town is not thus 
growing from the swamp because there is 
no solid land, but because solid upland has 
eihaustless beds of iron ore beneath, too 
valuable to be devoted to building pur- 


The ore is generally found in hills rang- 
ing from one hundred to five hundred feet 
above the level of the surrounding conn- 
try. The elevations can hardly be called 
mountains; they are knolls rather, and 
each one is composed of ore. They are 
iron warts on Dame Nature's face. They are 
partially covered with earth, the slow form- 
ing deposits of the alluvial period. You 
would not think, to look at the surface, that 
the dense forests crowning these hills rested 
on an iron foundation, but Prof, Pierce 
will walk with you over the ground and in- 
form you where the veins commence, and 
where they leave off, by observing the dip- 
pings of bis magnetized needle. Land sur- 
veyors are put to their wit's end iu making 
surveys iu this section, the iron being 
strongly magnetic. 

never realized, for once in their employ and 
power he must remain so, and take his 
chances of immense gains alon^ with pos- 
sible discovery, conviction, and the State 

After his arrest, iu company with the 
chief of the secret servii^e and two subor- 
dinates, he was escorted to bin home a 
ruined, disgraced, guilty wretch, and the 
scene that ensued was indeed heartrending. 
Accustomed as were the officers to painful 
family griets brought abcut by Lbeir sum- 
mary arrests, the usual sequencse of home 
innocence and tears was nothing new or 
unlooked for; but this family's despair 
touched even them, and they did not care 
to meet the gaze of the affrighted Wt man 
who met them at the door. 

A beautiful daughter of IG lifted a white 
horrified lace beyond her mother's; anoth- 
er of 10 shrank p.gainst the wall ; a bright, 
intelligent boy of G stood transfiiced in won- 
der, and a smiling infant confronted the 
miserable father aud husband. 

The officers needed not to search tbe 
house for traces of his evil deeds. Wife 
and children were innocent, and the long- 
practiced officers knew it at a gleuce. 

The unhappy wife sank into a chair. 
Clasping her shaking hand-s 0)ie over the 
other, aud swaying to and fro, she moaned 
the pitiful cry to heaven, "O Gvyd ! O God ! 
Why can't I die now?" Her wet face was 
livid beneath its tears, and s drunk and 


Tbe Propcnalti' to Steal Inlkereitt. 

We have been made acquainted with one 
of tbe most singular cases of kleptomania 
of which we have ever heard, the person 
subject to the strange malady being the 
wife of a well-known wealthy business man. 
The tendency for shop-lifting, and other 
stealing, was first noticed about a year 
since, when she was detected in secreting 
under the ample folds of her velvet cloak a 
bolt of costly silk, Tbe goods were re- 
turned, and an agreement to not prosecute 
on her promising to refrain from any act of 
tbe kind iu tbe future. For some time she 
kept her promise, but, after awhile the old 
habit came back and she was caught in tbe 
act of stealing a fine ring in one of our 
jewelry stores. Owing to the respect for 
tbe husband and tbe fact that he settled for 
tbe jewelry the matter was dropped, as has 
been the case iu more than a dozen in- 
stances since. 

Another phase of her staaMng is to ac> 
cept iuvitations to parties, where she will 
watch her opportunity and take furs, 
cloaks, bonnets, or anything else in her 

Her hnsband has time and time again re- 
monstrated with her for her conduct, pic- 
turing tbe certain rain to come, all of 
which she acknowledges, but also claiming 
that she can not withstand the tempta- 

There is not tbe least cause for her light- 
fingered propensities, as her own jewelry 
and clothing is of a great deal more costly 
character than any she has stolen, and one 
of the singular features of her case is that 
she has never been known to wear any ar- 
ticle that she has stolen. The husband 
has consulted the family physician, one of 
the most eminent in the city, who gives 
tbe opinion that the strange conduct is the 
result of disea <e and not to be attributed 
to a natural willingness to steal. — Cincin- 
nati Times. 

Coughs and Colds abb often oveklook- 
ED.— A coBtiunance for any length of time 
causes irritation of the Lungs or some 
chronic Throat Disease. "Brown's Bron- 
chial Troebes" are offered with the fullest 
confidence in their efficacy, giving almost 
invariably sure and immediate relief. 

Ow:ug to the good reputation and popu- 
larity of tbe Troches, many worthless and 
cheap imitations are offered, which are 
good for nothing. Be sure to obtain the 
true "Brown's Bronchial Troches," Sold 

Mauic Oil. — For all the paius by nature 
sent, none can excel this linii2ent, for all 
ills caused by pain or toil, try Pratt & 
Butchers Magic Oil, tho most effectual pain 
killing remedy of the age. Warranted in all 
cases of rheumatism, neuralgia, lame back, 
dysentry, cramp colic, and all external and 
internal aches and pains.- Sold at the 
Drug Stores. 

Reader, are you ojt of employment? Do 
yon wish to make money fast and eafilj? 
Then read the advertisement of the old and 
well-known firm of J. H. Weaton 4 Co., iu 
another column, and profit by it. They 
mean business, and have laid the fouuda- 
tion of many solid fortunes. 

No. 28. 

Nervous debility, with its gloomy attcnd- 
aute, low spirits, depression, involuntary 
emissions, loss of seoaen, spermatorrhtea, 
loss of power, dizzy head, loss of memory 
aud thrfca'eued impotence and imbecility, 
find a sovereign cure in Humphreys' Homeo- 
pathic Wpecifiy No, twenty-eight. Composed 
of the most valuable, mild aud potent Cura- 
tives, they strike at onco at the root of thu 
matter, tone up the system, arrest the dis- 
charges, and impart vigor and energy, hfe 
and vitality to the entire man. They have 
cured thousands of cases. Price $5 yer pack- 
age of five boxes and a large vial of powder, 
which is very important iu obstinate or old 
oasei<, or$l per single box. Sold by all drug- 
({istd, and sent by mail on receipts of price. 
Address Humphreys' Hpeoific H->meophatic 
Medicine Co., 5G2 Broadway, New York. 




Reader, too may consider this a tort of spread aM'f 
bat I mean 

haadins, bat I mean over; word of it. 
there, nlien your system is racked with 


have been 

There are five varieties of ore. The most sharpened visibly, lik« a face lh:it is dying. 
valuable is what is called tho "specular i Tear after tear "fell from her staring eyes. 

hematite," which chemically is known as a 
pure anhydrous sesqui-oxide. If your read- 
ers know what that means, I shall rejoice 
that they are well-informed, but it is Greek i 
to mo This ore yields about 65 per cent, 
of pure iron. It is sometimes found in con- 
junction with red quartz, and is then known 
as mixed ore. 

The next in importance is a soft hematite, 
resembling the ores of Pennsylvania and 
Connecticut. It is quite porous, is more 
easily' reduced than any other variety, and 
yields about 50 per cent, of pure iron. 

The magnetic ores are found further west 
than those already described. Tbe Micbi- 
I gan, Washington, Champion and Edwards 
mines are all magnetic. Sometimes the 
magnetic and specular lie side by side, and 
it is a puzzle to geologists and chemists 
alike to account for the difference hetwoon 
the ore!<. As yet we are not able to under- 
stand by what subtle alchymy the cbauge 
has been produced. 

Another variety is callad the silicious he- 
manife, which is more diffiult of reduction 
than the others 
there is an unlimited supply. 

The filth variety is a silicious hemanite 
mixed with manganese, which, when mixed 

and lolled down her pallid cheeks to her 
lap Never once putting her hands to wipe 
them away, they lay idle and helpless on 
her knees, and the look she turned on them 
was utterly broken-hearted. The young 
daughter sobbed frantically, 
father 1 what have yon done?' 
ing to the chief, "Oh don't believe it sir; 
my father could not do it" The little girl 
cluuif to the officer's knee in childish en- 
treaty. "Don't take my father to prison; 
phase, please don't !" The boy hid under 
the bed, and the baby crawled at the moth- 
er's feet, whimpering in its fright unheeded. 
The father looked upon the rain he bad 
wrought, the griel he had broufiht upon bis 
loved on«s, an<l sob after sob broke from 
I his bosom. Dashing down hiti graver, he 
I cried: "God cursed me iu my genius, and 
' I'll never lift it again!" He covered his 
j face, and in hi.i tears those who loved him 
1 bushed their pitiful cries. 

The poor wife found her strength and 
piteous sight, and came and 

voice at the 

put her hand gently on his shoulder. "My 
It varies in richuess, and j poor, poor husband ! How could you; how 
~" '" could you bring us such ^orrov^ and your- 
self such dreadful misery? It is Saturday 
night, and there is neither food nor fire; 
they will take yon to to - avay from us. 

with other ores, produces an excellent _ _ __ 

<iuahty of iron. Very little of this ore has | and oli ! what shalll do for tho "children? 
been rained as yet, and its relative value is 
not ascertained. 

The Bread Frait Tree. 
Did you ever hear of a tree bearing glue 
and towels and cloth and tinder and bread? 
There is jast such a wonder. It is fonnd 
on the Pacific Islands and is called the 
Bread Fruit tree. 

It is about forty feet in height, or as 
high as an ordinary three story dwelling 
house; its trunk grows to be nearly one 
foot in diameter or thickness, and the 
branches come out straight from the tree, 
like dozens of outstretched arms, long at i 
first, but getting shorter and shorter as 
they near the top. These are furnished | 
with beautiful dark-green leaves, nearly | 
two feet long, and deeply gashed at the I 
edges; while half hidden among them, 
is the fruit growing like apples, on short 
stems, but larger and with a thick, tough 
yellow rind. 

This fruit is like bread, or, as some de- 
scribe it, like penny-rolls; and as it is in 
season during eight months of tbe year; 
tbe natives during that time have no other 
kind of bread. They gather it while it is 
green, as soon as it attains its full size, and 
•Oh father! ' bake it just as it is, in an oven. Scraping 
Then turn- 1 off it« outer blackened crust they come to 
the loaf, which has no bard seed or stone 
inside, but is very likely pure, white 
wheatcu bread. The only trouble is, they 
must eat it soon after tbe baking, because, 
in a tew hours, it grows harsh and choky, 
and loses its pleat^aut taste. But just 
think how pleaf<ant it must be to be able 
during eight months of tbe year, to gather 
one's loaves from the tree already for bak- 
ing ! 

As for the glue, that is a kind of sticky 
fluid, which oozes from the trunk, and is 
found very useful for many purposes, tbe 
leaves make excellent towels for the use of 
tbe natives who care to wash their hands 
and faces; aud from the inner bark a kind 
ot coarse cloth is made which makes capi- 
tal every day garments. Beside.^ this, tbe 
dried blossoms are used for tinder,in light- 
ing fires, aud the wood of the tree is in 
great demand for building huts aud boats 
aud rough bridges. 

So you see no part of the bread-frnit 
grows iu vam. Perhaps this could be said 


From One of tbe Oldest I'rinteni ia the tiuue 
of Illinoia. 

Office of the Wmo and Repuducan, > 
Qdimcy, Illinois, Aa^ust 8S. IS66. ) 

Messrs. Prince, Walton A Co., Cincinnati, 
Ohio- (fettls : I find your Iloback's Bitters, 
after using two boxes in my family, to he a 
" good egg." Send me another dozen by 
United States Express, and if you don't wau'l 
local notices to the amount, charge it to us 
on advertising account, Kei^ards to Mr. Wal- 
ton. Yours in hast?, James .T, Lanodon. 

Great men insure in the Washington Lift 
of New New York. 

The excellence of ttie Washington Life Ins. 
Co,, < f New York, cannot be too warmly ac 
knowiedged. Its story is the story of a no- 
ble success — of a wise and generous design, 
prudently aud thoroughly accompliahud. It 
was organized on a principle of novel and pe- 
culiar liberality. It proposed to give all pro- 
tits to the insured, paying ouly Ic^al interest 
on its capital; and it has accomplished itc 
purpose. In a career of progress altogeth- 
er sati!<factory it has eetablisiied itself upon 
a foundation as ol adamant. 

Manufactured by 

pain, and you cannot even turn youraalf in bod. or siUiiw 
in a chair, you must sit and sutler, in the morning vuD- 
inf it was nisht, and at niKbt «uhin« it was mormnK- 
l^en you have 


when every nerve in your being is like the sting of 
wasp, ciroulttting the mo«t venomous and hot poison 
around your heart, and driving you to the very verge ot 
madness: When you have the 


(that I have just got through with.) thst most aivfol, 
most hsart^withenng. most strength destrnyiae. «J*o« 
spirit-breaking and mind-wcakeniug of all disoaaes tiisi 
can afflict our poor human nature. When you have tne 


lying and writhing in agony and piun. unable to turn 
youmelf in bed, and every' movement will go to your 
heart like a knife ; now tell me. if relief and cure of any 
ot these diseaaes in a few djiyH is not tile (>re&t«st 
Medical Blessing of (he Age, tell us what is ! 

DIRECTIONS TO USE. You wUl Uke a tablespoon- 
ful and three spoonfuls of Water three times a day, and 
in a few days every particle of rheumatic and neuralgic 
pain wiU l>e dissolved and paaa off by the kidneys. 

lloxbnry. Mi 

with the action, anew hopo np^ung up m; --v^"--- ;^j -•;."■■ 
my heart | 

For the first time since my imprisonment i 
the thought came to me that a poss.bility ! 
of escape lay at the back of the cave. If I I 
could but remove the obstructions that , 
blocked up tbe passage, ho that I could ■ 
piSs through, it might possibly lead to i 
daylight in some direction. Caves often ' 


The best iron cannot be manufactured 
from one variety of ore, but by mixing ores 
strength and ductility is obtained. Eng- 
land sends to Russia and Sweden for mag- 

those produced iu 
Lancashire, for the manufacture of steel 
The fires of .Sheffield would soon go out if 
the manufacturers of steel in that town 
were dependent on English ore alone The 
ironmasters there could qot make steel good 
enough for a l>lacksmith's use, to nay noth- 
ing of that needed for cutlery, if they were 

Who will pity or help UK after this?" "I, I ' in some sense, of every kind of tree- 
expected some money to-night," said the though really there was not many that ac- 
criminal, taking from his pocket a torn half | complisb as much as this. 

dollar; 'this is all I have; takt it and get 

a little bread for them to-night ' He put it : There is no medicine pkepabed that has 
in her hand, but the trembling fiu^-ers , a reputation for excellence superior to that 
dropped it unnoticed. "Mv husband in I ol Hoofland's German Bitters. This arti- 
jail, my children starving ! 'O God ! what , cle ^ looked upon by those who are not ac 
have I done that I must sntfer so?" 

■ ^. ., » . 1 I cut off from foreign magnetic ores, 

have more than one outlet or entrance, and I „ _„ „, j, ^^.^ '^ ., 

Here, at Lake Superior, the ores neces- 

such might be the case with this one. 

Faint as this hope wa.s. I clung to it. and 
went to work with a will. The rocks I 
found that I could not move easily, aud the 
sand I scraped away with my hands, and 
soon I had a plat^e large enough to force 
my way through. Encouraged by this, I 
did so and after crawling along for some 
fifteen or twenty feet I found myself in a 
large apartment of a height that would 
ndmit of standing erect Another passage 
led off to the right from this, and 
I at once entered it, although it 
was so dark that I bad to feel my way 
along. Tho way was crooked, turning 
sharp angles and long curves, and I could 
form no idea of the direction iu which I 
was going. It seemed almost interminable; 
but at last to my great joy, I saw light, 
ahead, and in a few moments I stood in tbe 
bright sunshine that I had never expected 
to have seen again. 

You can imagine the state of my feelings 
as I made my way down the banks of the 
stream, aft^r casting one look up to where 

I sary for the production of the best of steel 
' lie side by side. A mixture of the bema- 
[ tite and magnetite ores gives a metal snpe- 
' rior iu every respect, to any that Kugland 
1 can produce. 

This one tact settles the questiou of the 
I future of this region. It is to become one 
I of the great iron marts of the world. It is 
I to give, by and by, the supremacy to 
! America in the production of steel. 

It is already settled, by trial, that every 
; grade of iron now in use, in' arts and mau- 
I ufactures, can be produced here at Lake 
1 Superior by mixing the various ores. 


I It is possible that this meager descrip- 
tion of this region may not interest your 
readers, but as for myself 1 can say that I 

; have seen few localities eo full of promise 
for the future— not this one little spot in 
the vicinity of Marquette, but the metalic 

' region between Lake Superior aud Lake 
Look at the locality - midway the Atlan- 

Here the chief stepped forward, "Y'ou 
shall not suffer; I'll see, madt>m, that you ' 
and your children are made comfortable." 
She lifted her streaming eyeti, "I am so 
I full of trouble I don't know how to thank ; 
you; be is guilty, guilty, but— my bus-' 
! baud." I 

' "Y^es," burst out the prisoner, "I am } 
j guilty; yon have ibepresses, plates— every- 1 
I thing, and know it, but before Almighty i 
I God they are innocent; they knew nothing ' 
' of it." "I am perfectly well aware of it," 
> said the chief, and as it was painful to all, 
! they departed with the prisoner, leaving 
the" desolate home to its tears and anguish. 
If ever mortal grief was written on a wo- 
; man's face it was stamped on the ghastly 
j features of this counterleiter'ii wife, when 
she looked around on her weeping children 
j —no reproach; only "How co ild you, how 
could yon?" I have seen tho law forced 
. into many loving homes where its head by 
its recent crimes brought sud ien woe, but 
never did I witness so harrowing a scene as 
at this miserable engraver's d'velling. She 
' kept twi.sting her fingers together, and 
sobbing and moaning "to-morrow is Suu- 
. day; oh what a Sabbath for me, my child- 
I ren, my husband !" 

She was a lady of education, birth and 
association, and this blow B:mck her to 
the earth. She could endnie and conceal 

up my tomb. It was larger than I had 
thought, and the strength of our whole par- 
ty could not have moved it. 
' There was great joy at the camp over my 
return. My companions had spent the 
night, and all tbe day thus far, iu looking 
for me, and had come to the conclusion 
that I must have fallen into the ravine and | 
been washed away, and in a half hour more ' 
would have been on their way, leaviag me ! 
to my fate. 

the -outhem, Superior the northern shore 
— with water carriage to the Atlantic One ' 
hundred and fifty miles of rail from Bay- 
field will give connection with tbe naviga- 1 
ble waters of the Mississippi. Through 
this peninsula will yet lie the shortest ' 
route between the Atlantic and the Pacific, 

the world mast know, and the horrible 
grief and shame was hers to bear as best 
she might The state prison surely awaits 
the father, and death the mother, if the 
face she carried to tbe cell that Sabbath 
morning was an index to tbe suffering 
within. And the bright eyed boy, the crawl- 

Westward are the wheat fields of the con- ! ing baby, and the beautiful girls — what will 

tinent to be peopled by an industrious and 
thriving community. There is no point on 

) tbe continent more central than this tor 

j easy transportation. 

I Gold has 

been discovered in Lapland. 
! Two men who formerly worked in tbe Call- , 

fomia mines wandered last summer over a I SaUBs of Books at the WiaT. -- ihe en- 
part of Lapland, and it is said fouud gold ! »>" book trade of Chicago, i icluding that 
in large quantities. One nugget aj large ; tmUl portion of the sUtioner? trade which 

PaorEssoB Dana, of Y"ale College, has re- 
cently Wen making a critical examination 
of the Qninnipiac salt meadows, just out- 
side of the city of New Haven, and as the i 
result of his labors he reports that this re- | 
giou was once the broad and deep inner ' - . , 

harbor oi New Haven bav. He says that it | "^ "^^ ^*'?^* '*°*^*^. P'^-<^^' 
the sea sbouM set back over tbe land it ! govemment of the 
would make a harbor whose depth would ! 
be nearly forty feet at high tide; for the 
tides at the present time rise six feet at | 
North Haven, which is six miles north of 
the present mouth of tbe Qninnipiac. and 
extend at two miles further north. In 
making the track for tbe Air Line Railroad, 
which was for nearly a mile and a half 

across these meadow flats, tbe piles were , . ,- . . - 

driven in some instances forty feet before i Australia, they are now petitioning the gov- 

becomo" of them ? The late counterfeit up- 
I rooting tore a guiltless woman's heart asun- 
der, and let it be a warning to other tempt- 
: ed men who have a fine devoted family to 
' peril in their disgrace aad min. 

been the means of my not perceiving its ihe great boulder was lying that had sealed ' *''^ ^^^ t^® Pacific— Lake Michigan having ! hunger and poverty, but this prison crime 

I know full well that one of those sadden 
storms was no slight thing to encounter, 
aud that unless I could find sume place of 
shelter among the rocks. I must experience 
a thorough drenching. i\s it would be im- 
possible for me to reach the camp belore it 
would break with all its fnr>'. 

It suddenly occurred to me that a short 
distatH-e l)ack I had seen what appeared to 
b« the entrance to a cavern. I had noticed 
it particularly from the fact that a large 
rock htmg above the entrance, which Kx>k- 
ed to me as if tbe faintest jar would dis- 
place It and send it crashing down over 
the aperture. 

I hastily retreated to this spot; but upon 
reaching it 1 hesitated about entering. The 
great boulder hung upon a mass of cium- 
bling rock, and lui iked even more threat- 
ening than when I had passed it Then I 
thought that I was childiah in my fears, as 
the rock had doubtk-ss remained for ages 
in the same posit'.on that it now occupied. 
Another dap oi thunder auil a deluge of 
rain decided mv, and I passed into the cave 
on aU fours, but not until I had tried the 
boulder with all my strength, though then 
I could not help thlukins how foolish it 
was in me to think of moving it Appa- 
rently I mlgbt as well have attempted t*i 
shake the entire cliff, as far as effecting any 
result was concernetl. 

I found the eave to be about ten feet in 
length, half as many in breadth, and per- 
haps four in height. It was Ughted to its 
farthest extent and there was a narrow 
passage extending from thence further in- 
to the mountain, though so obstructed by 
sand and large rocks that the aperture left 
woatd hardly have admitted of the passage 

is done by the book houses, nearly reaches 
$3,000,000 per year. Of th.j unabridged 
dictionaries, Griggs & Co. sell annually, 
1000 copies of Webster, and about 25 ot 
Worcester.- C/iicago Post, Oct. 19, 1869. 

was pure. The 
district in which the 
discovery was made bought this piece for 
ninety-three marks, and then forwarded it 
to Helsingfors. The men endured many 
privations during tbe four weeks emploved I 

in traversing an uninhabited region, and I ^^ "^^^ whole Materia Medica there is 
they were finally compelled to di.scontinne ' certainly no remedy that is as reliable a 
their search by 'scarcity of provisions. In ] Specific for oar Malerial Fevers, viz: Chills 
conjunction with a third person, who has j '^'^'^ ^^*^.'.. Cortgestive and L'ilioiLs Fevfri, 
earlier been engaged in gold-washing in '^ ^''• 

reaching solid bottom. 

—When Bamum was piaving bankrupt a 
dozen years ago, Thackeray, with enthti&i- 
astio friendship, called on him in England, 
offering to gel help tor him. Barnum 
.<«miled apon Thackeray and bade him be of 
good cheer, for Mrs. Bamnm was worth 
over $200.000. 

— Hailstones as large as tea-caps, and 
weighing a pound and upward, fell at .Aus- 
tin, Texas, a f<iw days ago, with soch force 

emment for permiaaion to search for gold 
in Lapland. The resnlts of the sninmer s 
work of the two men were satisfactory, f r j 
they obtained sixty ounces of gold', for i 
which they received six thousand marks. 

WUhoft's And- Peril idir, or /^i-erand 
Agiu Tonic made m New Orleans by Whee- 
lock, Fmley Jt Co. Sold at wholesale by 
Fuller, Finch <!: Fuller, Chica)^. 

quainted with it as most patent medicines 
are, a mere clap-trap to catch the simple. 
It is not in reality a Patent Medicine, but a j 
genuine article, prepared by men who have 
an intimate acquaintance with Medicine, 
and the requirements ot tbe system when 
laboring under disease. For Dyspepsia, 
Liver Complaint Nervons lability, «kc., it 
has no equal. We know ot a number of 
persons who suffered for years with these 
complaints, until they were relieved by 
a trial of this remedy, and 
one person in pariicular, who suffered from 
Dyspepsia for ten years, desires us to state 
for the information of tbe public, that be 
has been entirely relieved and rehtored. 
he believes, by the use of this article alone. 

The above is taken from the editorial col- 
umns of tbe "Dispatch," Erie, Pa., and 
speaks volumes. " Hoofiand's German 
Bitters " is entirely free from all Alcoholic 

Hoofland's Qerman Tonic is a combina- 
tion of all the ingredients of the Bitters, 
with pure Santa Cruz Rum, orange, anise, | 
<fcc. It is used for tbe same diseases as tbe 
Bitters, in cases where au Alcoholic Stim- 
ulent is required. It is a preparation ol 
rare medical value, and most agreeable to 
the palate. 

A Sewing Machine which is sold fob 
only Five Dollars. — For tbe benefit of our 
lady readers, we copy from our files the 
following suggestive extracts: 

"A Sewing Machine has become an ab- 
solute necessity in every well regulated 
family. The 'Fairy' will work a complete 
revolution in an article of so much utility, 
and commends itself wherever used." — N. 
T. HeraLL 

"Those who depend on their needle for 
a living will give the "Fairy" a hearty wel- 
come."— Z/«irj/ Ward Beechtr. 

"Possesses every requisite for family use. 

i - A'. Y, Observer. 

j On receipt of P. O. Order for tbe amount 
of $5, tbe Company that has this valuable 
invention will ship by Express a Sewing 
Machine, perfectly adjastcd, that they war- 
rant will do equally as good work as the 

' higher priced ones —or it can be sent C. O. 

: D., by addressing the Fairv Sewing Ma- 
chine Co., 85 and 87 Dearborn St, P. O. 

, Drawer 5787, Chicago. 

The Laboest Fubkitubz Housk in the 
' northwest is that of Messrs. A. L. Hale k 
Bro., Nos. 10, 12, 14 and 16, Canal street, 
Chicago. This house have on hand the 
largest and most complete stock we ever 
witnessed. They manufacture their own 

The Best and Orioimal Tonic of Iron 
Phosphorus and Calisava, known as GasweU 
Mack <t Co.'s Ferro Phosphorated Elixir ol 
Calisaya Bark. The Iron restores color to 
the blood the Phosphorus renews waste ot 
tho nerve tinsue. aud the Calisaya givcb 
a natural healthful tone to the digestive er* 
K&ns thereh}' curing Dyspepsia in its varioue 
fiirnis, Wakefulnoes, deneral Debility, aud 
Depression of Spirits. Manufactured only by 
CAMWELL, IIAZAHD .t CO., successors to 
Caswell, Mack & Co., New York. Sold by all 

Among THE Indians.— Lioui. Herndon tells 
us that no Iribea of aboriginees aie found in 
tho deeoest forests of South America, from 
I ho Andes to tbe Atlantic coast, that do not 
have and use Doct. Ayer's mi d cincs an J 
Lowell cottons. "Tbemont," "Sdffi)LK," 
"fooTT," are s^en stamped in large red and 
blue letters upon their f^arments, while Ayer's 
I'llls and Cherrv Pcctorial are amcmg the 
trca.-nre8 of their i abitations. Their native 
soil Inrnish s them all their food and moetol 
their remevh^s, bnt tin y t-ufiVr from eome 
HfllictioiiH which nin«>t hive ilic interposition 
ot higher skill. — Seiit>ii<-1, Lihetiy, \'a. 

Tde Seobet of Bevitty lies in the US'* ol 
EIai;an's Magnolia Balm for tho Complexion. 

Ilou;,'hne8H, Il<!dnesH, Blotches, Sunburn, 
Freckles and Tan disappear where it is ap- 
plied, and a beautiful Complexion ot pure, 
satin-like t<.xture is obtained. The plainest 
features are made to glow with Healtbliij 
Bloom and Youthful Beauty. 

Rem mter, Hagau's M;*gno1ia Balm is the 
thing that produces thei?e effects, and any 
Lady can secure it for 75 cents at any of our 

To Preserve and Drees the Hair, use Lyon's 

WHOI.ESALF. Ar.ENTS. Fuller, Hnch A Fuller, Lord 
A Smith, K. P. Dwyer 4 (k>.. Burnbams A Van SjdJaacit, 
Hurlburt 4 EdsaU, I'olman t Kin«, C hica«o ; tireen * 
Button, Rice A Itisinc, BosWi>rth A ^on. r>ohmen « 
Schmidt, Milwaukee; .Mc< ulloch A .McCord, Lat'row; 
Noyoa Bros., .St. Taul. l^oUins Bros., Z. V. Uetze^ 
Meyers Bros.. St. Louis; Moore A Tarbet. Zunkerman A 
Ha&H, UubUQue. 

At retail by all druiocista. Price 81.S0. 


WiU all thoae afflicted willi C'ousb or f onsnmpriou 
read the toUowint;, and learn the valud ut 

Allen's Lung Balsam. 


Amos Woolly, M. D., of Kosc-iu.sco County. Ind.. says 
"tor three years past 1 have used Alixn'm Lcno B*i. 
SAM extensively in my practice, and 1 ainsatished tbur 
IS no better medicine for lunn diseases in ums. 

Isaac R. Ltoran, M. U., of Logan i ounty. Ohio, says 
"AlUlN's l.c.Nii B.\l.sxM not only wjlU rapidly, but ni\e 
perfect sausfaclion in evor}- case withiu lui knowlc-ilKe 
Having oonndence in it. and knowing that it i>os»psse 
valoaUe mcdiciiuU pmiiorties, I ircely u** it in my dail 
practice, and with uul>o«nJcd ^.ul•^:^•s^. As au c po 
torant, it ia most certainly tar ahead of any preparatio 
I have evor yet known." 

Nathaniel ilams, M. D., of .Viddlebury, \t.. aajra: 
"I have no doubt it will soon bec.uie a cl.issical remedia 
scent for the cure of all diseiises of thu 1 hroat, Uron- 
cfaial Tubes and thu Lungs." 

Dr. IJoyd, of Ohio, surceon in the array dunng tb» 
war, from exposure contracted » on^umpUon. He says: 
"1 have no hesitancy iu saying that it was by the <ise o 
yonr Ijung Balaam that I am now alive and enjoyin 

Dr. Fletcher, of Miasouri. says: "1 recommend ,votu 
Balaam in preference to any other medi>-ine tor (Jou^hs, 
and it gives satisfaction." 

Allf.n's LtiNG R.^LSAM is the remedy to cure all Lane 
and Throat ditticulties. It should be thoroughly it-»e<l 
before using any other Balsam. It wiU cur^ w^en nil 
others fail. Directions accompany each iKito'i . 

J. N. HARRIS 4 1 'I ) , Sole Proprietors, ' 'i: ndunatl. 
Ohio. For s ale by all Dmggiata. 

Bowel Comitlaiiit aud JVvor and Ague 

Can lie cured with 




Great Family Medicine of the Acre. 

We ask tho attention of the trade and tUc> nublio to 
this long and unrivalled FAMILY MKDKUNi:. For 
the cure of (.'olds. Coughs, Weak Stomach iind t.enend 
Debility. Indigestion, Cramp »ind Pain in I'lo Sloiuach, 
Bowel (Complaint, «J<ilic. Diarrhrea, Cholern. Ac, and lor 
FKVICK AND AC UK there is nothing better. Ithaa 
been favorably known for more than seventy live years 
to be the O.MiY SCKK SPK« IFK: for the many disciises 
incident to the human family. Internally and Kxter- 
nally it works equally sure. 


Has been tested in every variety of climate, and by 
almost every nation known to Americans. It is the 
almost constant companion and inestimnble friend of 
the missionary and tho traveler, on sea aud land, aud no 
one should travel on our lakks or liivnis without it. 

Be sure that you call for it and gel the genuine Pain 
Killer, as many wortblcas nostmiiis are attempted to be 
sold on the groat reputation of this valuable medicine. 
i V" Directions aecomp.iny each bottle. 
Sold liy dealers everywhere. 
Price i\ cents and $1 per bottle. 

Proprietors for tbe WestArn and Southern States, 

(Jinciniuti. Ohio. ^ 

SsrFF OB DUST OF ANY KiNU, and, etronp;, 
caustic or poiuouous solutions aggravate 
Catarrh and drive it to the lungs. Dr. Sage's 
Catarrh Uemedy cures Catarrh ly its mild, 
siothinp, cleansing and Jvealinij properties. 
Each package prepares one I'inf of^ihc Reme- 
dy ready for use, and costs only fifty cents. 
Sold by druggists, or semi hixtv cents to R. 
V. Pierce, M. D., Buffalo, N. Y.,and get it by 
return mail. 

See AnvnitTiBKMh.NT of Dr, liMtts' Dispen- 
sarv, head«d Book for tho million— MAR- 
RIAGE GUIDE-in another column. It 
should be read hv all. 

Infants.— Much suffering to these tender 
little buds of the human famly might be al- 
iased by using Mrs. Whitiomb's Syrup. See 
advertisement in another column. 

Sold at Hilwaokee by H. Busworth A Sons, Greene A 
Button, Rice A Rising, Drake Bros , Dohmen, Ikohiuidt 
A Co., and all Milwaukee Druggists. 

Itch I It&hl! Itch!!! 

IVheatoia's Ointment 

In from 10 to 48 hoar* 

Cares Tbe Itch. 
Cures Halt KbeHBI. 
Cares Tetrer. 
Cures Barbeni' Itch. 
Cures Old !Sorea. 

Curf» rvery kind r\f \umor XOa 

Price, SOc. a box ; by mail. Wo 

Address WEEKS A POTTKB, 170 Washingtoa St, ' 
For sale by all Drosffista Boston, T' 

No. 9. 



•xperiMiM, an .Mtira .mumu : Staple— 

PKB.tONS in want of Trusse<t, .Supporters, Artificial 
Ijmbs, or Surgical lustniments, can be supplied at 
maker's prices, bv addressing I. N. MORTON, Drnggist, 
next to Oiutom House. Milwaukee. fablfilr 

PnivATE medical aid. 

Read Dr. Wbittier'a 

Special Notices. 


A (IKNTLEMAN who sufTered for years from Naryoos 
Debility Premature Decay, and all tbe effects of youth- 
ful indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffering humanity, 
send free to all who need it, the receipt and directions 
for making tho simple remedy by which be was cured. 
Sufferers wishing to proht by the sdvertiser's exiMrience. 
can do so by addressing, id perfect oonbdence, 
Na 43 Cedar street. New Tork' 

PrepKimtery Medi cmt l— . 

The haman system, the most delicate and sansiUve 
«U created things, shotUd bo duly prepared to meet the 
shock occasioned by a sudden change in the tamtwra- 
ture of the air. Even the solid metals contract and 
expand under cold and heat -so that if man was com- 
posed of iron, instead of frail tissues and tibres. circu- 
lating fluids and brittle osseous matter, bis frame would 
not be proof against the \ ianMaitudes of cUmate. As it 
is, it t>ehooves every one, especially the feeble, to fortify 
the frail tenement of mortality against the inclemency 
af the present season. A wholesome, strength sopply- 
Ing vegetable tonic and alterative is the preparatory 
medicine reqnired, and among medicinal agents of this 
•taiui tupremt. In a successful career of nearly a quar- 
ter of a eeotnry. the preparation has never been eqoaU 
ad or approached, and its sales are now larger than 
those of any half dozen articles, purporting to ^clo^k 
to the sams class, that has ever been advertise., ,,. «iia 
coantiy. As a remedy and preventive of Drst-rFstA. 
and all its complications, it may be said to hav) //r* i 
dotm ecmpftiiion, and to be the standard st>eetlir f>< the 
Western Hemisphere. A coarse of this genial restora- 
tive at the commencement of Winter is the snrest *afe^ 

Prompt— Sffldaat and RaliabI*. Tb«y are' tb* 
only Hadleiiiea ptrflBetlT ad^ited to popular om. 
— Milmplo thai mlatflikM cannot m nude ia 
vaiag them ; to hmnlMg M to be ft«e fhnn dan- 
ger, and M effldcBt m to be alwsye reliable. 
Thfljr have ralaed the hlfbeet commendation bvm. 
all, and will alwajrt render MUlalbction. 

Hoe. Cental 

1, CnrM F«¥«n, qoMMtlOB, Trtmm>tloB».as 
*• Z ^>?»yi"«i worm Ferer, Worm CoUcas 
S. ** Crylnc-OoUeorTeetbucoflnfltnts^s 
4, ^ PterrneeaefChlldfen orAdnlts. .K 










amnntmry, Orlplnc nilon* CvUc.2.5 
ol«ni-H*rkiM, Vomitliis 25 

Ooas^u, Colda, Bronefaltia as 

MnanOCte, Tootluiebe, Faceache 

Dyapavala, BiUona Stoiucb % 

Sappr«M«d, or PalnfUrPerioda...25 

IMrMtan, too proftaM Period* as 

Cro», Coogh Difficalt 
Salt Bla««na,SrTtipelaa,EmpUuag35 
RlteBmiatl«M,lU>enmaUc peine, atl 
F«T«r 4e Afpf, Chill Fever, AgneaSO 

Piles, blinder bleeding TjO 

Opthalaiy, and aore or week Eyenso 
CatarrtuMte or chranic,InflnenHiM 


Anubaut, oppreaaed Breathing so 

Bar IMa«harcea,impairedhearlDeriO 
SeronJa,enlarKed glanda,a wel II Dk s.^) 
I>roM7, and icanty SecreUona.. ..oo 




goods and are thereby enabled to offer to i coard sgamst ail the coii<plajnts which are caused or 

the trade goods at cost until January Ist, ' »«[ravated by exposore to ooid. 

1870. Their retail department contaiDB all 
the latest and most elegant styles erer i 
offered, and to those wnLshing first-clnss ; 
goods and the lowest priceii, we would any ' 
give them % calL ' 

—The raw fur trade of Micnipan amounts 
to nearly $1.U(X), 000 annually, the greattr 
portion of which is transacted in L'etroit 
Tbe principeJ skins taken ar« mink, 
tin, tisher, lynx bear, beaver, otter, 
gray, silver. aJid cross fox, mtukrat^ 
cat, raccoonand vol£. ■ .•..' , 

-Barton Johnson has b4!en arrested, 

having in his possfisaiou two one thousand 

dollar United States bonds identified as a 

portion of the upwards of $100,(100 m stock 

certidcates smd United SUtes bonds stolen 

„.». from Messrs. Morrison <t Hatchinson, in 

mar-J November, last year. He says^ he got them -daCiDg quantities they greatly eicel all 

red^l from a man li^ng in New Htfiapehire. ' other xraneties. yielding at leaat klyee times 

'*- more than the ordioan kinds. In feeding. 

An Also AoEiiltF skead . of au 

To Fabxzbs.— We call the especial atten« \ 
tion of every Farmer who reads this paper j 
to tbe Norway Oats, which are something { 
that have astonished the world. In pro- : 

t» wild- \ _. ~ :" *"*■■ r-g*- . more than 

, - yJ^ -fiaixa Ve5jejLabiii..Jd»«dian.jair*«^wet,Q,jayfe 


The Advertxaer, having been restored to health in a 
few weeks, by a very simple remedy, after havmg su tar- 
ed several years with a severe lang affection, and t bat 
dread disease. (Jonsuraption. is aozious to make known 
to bis fallow sufferers, the means of care. 

To ail who desire it, ha will send a eapj ot the pre- 
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prapamc an4 using the same, which they will iiud a 
StTKB CiTXS roii Ck>X8Tnn>no;(. Asthma. BBONCRiTn. 
etc Tha obieet o< the adiuilisai in sendiBg tbe pre- 
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tate sbich ha eoocaivas to be lOTmlaabie ; and he hopes 
jreqt.aoflvar will tzr bia lemady, aa it will east th .« 


Ickne— .alrlfaeaa lh>m ridloefio 

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Herwoas DebUlty Semtlnal; 
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CUBcK^S, , •••• ••"• •• •••••■••••••••X W 

84»re Hoath, Canker so 

Vrlnarr ureakneaaLwetUncbedSO 
Palmml Period*, with apeama. .so 

•■flToriaca at change of life. i oo 

BpUoMjr,Spaama,SLVitaa'Dancel 00 
Mphfliarta, lUoenUadaoretbroat.M 


CM- 8S «• 70 laic* wlala. ; 
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a ■peeUle for •'wvrf oi 

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Bora Wj9m, BlaadlBjKOf Um Lnnaa, 
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jr Tbase Benedies, except PQIIC'9 EI- 
rRACT, br tbe caa* or alnfle box, are sent ta 
my part of tbe coontry, bj mall er azpnaa, ftaa 
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Addraaa Hmnphr«7iC Speoifio '" "^ *'* 

Homeopattaio MeoioiiM Oompoij', 

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peraonallyor by lattw, as above, tat all 



laeoMaHeddaUyatbta oMok 

r I 




i -1 


4J ; 


THE FUEh Hu>lr.cMi:..iL;. 



Extract fri>ni (he Speech ot lion. Mat. 

Carpeuter, attli*: Wlscuuitiu State 


•r*t cnowTU or 


J1050P0tT M 

The pecuniary intereit of oar people in this 
nahject, great tw* it is, is unfortunately not their 
only nor thoir greatest interest. Tlic people of 
Wij<ounsin are a portion of the people of the i 
United States, and as suoh are jointly interested ; 
in and jointly responsible with the people of ■ 
•ther States, for the perpetuity of our froo insti- 
ution^. I 

It was for many years Seliered by car wisest \ 
ind purest statesmen, that our iustiturious were \ 
,n danger from slavery. Hut It is my hone»t be- 
lief, that they are to-day in far greater danger ! 
from the combinations of capital, the oon.«olida- ' 
tion of monopolies — the great trinity of power, 
railroad, express and telegraph companies, which 
are struggling to control the destinies of this 
country than they ever were from slavery. 
Slavery wa.« spread over a va.«t territory but 
eould only act through political ajeucies so that 
it* plottin^s and proceedings were seen of all 
men. It wa« a sin .to damning, nu I a curse so 
heavy, that the mural sentiments of the people 
and the syinjiftthies of the world were ngniustit: 
altogether and under all cireum-'tau -cs : ia 
ileia.l and in general. It was cirmmsoribed 
by geographic limits, and the niitneri majori- 
ty of our people who watched it with je:i!ousy 
and hatred, always had the jtuctr. if not thof'eA- 
i.i<a/ fiuiliutioHnl riyht, to suppress it at any 
timo; aud it was always certain that whenever 
it should ..peiily assail the exl-lence of tree in*ti- 
tutions. the people, who believe that constitu- 
tion.' are ma le ior men and not men are 
ma do for constituiions, would find a way '.o put 
it down. And "o it finally irai e.vtin^iiiih- 
cd. (.applause.) 

Uui railf'ad, expre« and to'eg:n«]>h companies, 
untcr proper regulations and with:u whole.'ouie 
re«tri(tirtu<, are not only harmless but absolutely 
a necessity of our modern eivili/.»fion. They 
mav proudly ancl truthfully j^int to the immense 
service they have rendore.l to the people in facil- | 
itatiiij? e'lmmerce an«l brin;;'ng the comforts of ! 
life to every man's door. Tno d.ingers to the 
public arise not from thr u«e, but fi dui the abuH' 
of the powers which have l>e»n gianted to these 1 
corporations. Lnmised evil is aiwiiys coudeiiiii- 
ed and aroided. and i"« therefore harmless. It is j 
evil that comes in »h>uiuj mi n-nt, with sedu.'tive 1 
manner, with much that is really pleasant and | 
g . > I, that wins its way into fho puni lie of pop- 1 
ular appr >b:ition. The'e is no eonrtict between | 
labor aoi the legitimate profits of capital But j 
the great pojsoa in this country is the love of 
Wi-alth- Au 1 as life is short, au.l every man im- I 
patient of results, and the great tendency is the | 
consolidation of a;^encies to atcomplirh vast re- I 
suits speedily. So that whenever competition bc- 
pins, piinsolidation results. A short time since, | 
the Merchant's Express Company wa- organized ' 
with an immense capital, in the intercuts of the 
people, a* it was said, to break down the monop- 
oly of the then existing company. Competition 
Went on, until both companies came to the not 
unnatural conclusion, that it would be more prof- 
iiable to unite and plunder the people for their 
joint benefit, than it was to carry merchandize 
for too low a rate to amount to compensation. J-o 
tbey consolidated; and now have everything 
their own way. Various telegraph companies 
have passe 1 through the same experience and 
reached the same result. Railroad companies 
»re not behind in the wi.'dom of this generation, 
and are now bending all their energies to a con- 
nolidation, which will prevent competition and 
deliver the people bound hand and foot into 
their lender keeping. For all practical purposes 
wc have but one telegraph com))any in the Uni- 
te 1 Stales, and but one express company. If 
nothing is done to check the present tendencies, 
it will not be lon^ until wo shall have but ono 
railroad company in the United .■^tates;and 
then it is by no means improbable that three 
monster monopolies may, "in order t . form a 
more perfect union," "insure rl„m>-^tirtniii>iiiilitif,' 
provide for their '-coinm >n defence" and pro- 
mote their "general 

Supreme Court, the State of Iowa has abdicated 
its sovereignty over the great highways of the 
State, and transformed ibem from trust properly, 
held by the corporations for public use, into ab- 
solute estate in individual and private right. 
This declaration is not less important and start- 
ling than the Dred Scott deoision ; and exhioits 
the dangerous tendenciea I have been considering 
If two railroads in our State, with their rolling 
stock, buildings, fixturos and other property per- 
taining to them, are private property owued, op- 
erated and used by the rc-'pecti^e companies "/or 
the tJcU*irt lewjU and adauntnije oj the H(c!t- 
kiAdert" of the respective companies, then they 
may, as ca.^ily and as legally, bo consolidated, 
a» two larms owned by two individuals may be 
changed from individual to joint ownership. As 
soon as a railroad is declared to be i,riv,tU j>i<,j>- 
«rtv, all the con.sequcnocs of private property at- 
tach to it, and it may be operated or abandon- 
ed, kept or eold, at the option of its owners In ; 
other words the public have no control over it. | 
and the owners have a right to operate it with- , 
out the slightest regard to the interests of the ; 
public: which thev will be certain to do. Con- 
solidation will destroy competition: and then 
the capitalist can e.\aci just what he pleases for , 
transportation of commodities, which, of course, 

must be paid by the producer. 
I It is cvi.lent, that any rate of tolls above a fair 
profit upon the amount of capital octuuHif »« y.^V '■ 
ed iu railroods, is an unjust exaction which 1 
' should be restrained by law, if any power exists 
I to restrain it. It is further e\ideut that if the 
; doctrine be conceded that our railroads are mere ^ 
' private proporlv, and legislatures powerless to 1 
control them, the grosse,->t abuses and apprehen- , 
! sions will follow. .Most civilized countries reg- 
ulate th* rate of interest, by I'cnal laws; visit- 
! ing severe penalties njion the capitalists who . 
takes advantage of the nc3es»ities of the borrow- ; 
! cr. But there is infinitely more need of legisla- 
tion here. Loining money is a thing within the 
power of anv private c'.ti/;cn having money ; he 
needs and obtains no legislative franchi.-'e, ot 
' monopoly of the loaning business. Competition , 
. is therefore eerUiu to exist; and this, ot itself, is 
thought by many, to be sufficient protection 
aga usl the ext.rtion of lenders. But how does 
. it stand with capital invested in railroads, lu 
i the lirst place the company has a monopoly — 
i The state has clothed it with corporate powers 
' aud immunities. The farmer must export his 
produce over the railroad, because tA«re i»iu< one. 
Every man docs not owu a railroad; every man 
coubi not operate it, exacting toll." from the pub- 
lic, if he did own one. That requires legislative 
sanction. The producer is therefore iu the power 
of tlic capita!ist.s, as to trau.-portafion : aud un- 
less the law eau restrain or limit his demands. 
oppl•e5^ion may and will be practi.-ed. and. un- 
til within t«o or three years, the power o» the 
legislature to control railroads, a.-i public high- 
wiivs. has universally been conceded. Bnt the 
new doctr.ue now eoutcnded for, that a railro:id 
is private and not public property, strikes a death 
blow at all legislative control, and leaves the 
people at the mercy of our corj). rations, ro tar as 
the Sta'e governiiunt is eomcrued. The State 
can control the management of public property : 
but has no right to control the use of mrre/jrii-u/e 

and all other materials required could bo pro 
cured by contract, as the government gets ua- 
tenuls lor harbors and other public .mprove- 
Bienls. f he only thing needed lor 
whioh would cost iheg«.veroniont what it wouio 
ould be the iron. In every 
ould have an ad- 


pro; if he employs laborers, and buys 
;< horses to carry on his farm, ho will tei 

p, onrrty. 

If the state of thing* now existing 


defeuce" aud 
" "ordain and 



tablish a constitution," which shall combine 
three in one; and it will be owing to the mer.y 
of Heaven, or the vigilance of our people, if they I 
do not so far extend their schemes as to ur'/uin a 
n^ir constitution /or th» pcopU 0/ iftt L'nited :!>t,iltt. 


This fearful conisolidation lends to withdraw 
corporate action from public observation. Slave- 
holders coul.l plot in secret ; but to execute their 
s.'hcmes they had to publish their plattbrms and 
■"70 to thr rooiitrif" for a trial. The people v.ere 
th IS informed of what was intended, and it was 
lh i- own fault if they did UDt take care of tlieni- 
se Vj-«. But the railroadi. express and telegraph 
buMuess of the United Statej oinbrHcing u;itold 
millions of capital, reaching into every State. 
Territory, couutv, town, village and farm of the 
countrv,' may all be managed by a board of fil 
tcon di'rcotors. sitting with closed doo-s, by .an- 
dle li"ht, in Wall street. What they determined 
upon,"thoy need not submit to public examina- 
tion nor to thj contingency of a general ele-jtion 
bv the people; and thus a power more formida- 
ble than the p jwers of this gigantic national Gov- 
because more clo-ely touching 

is an evil, 
and the tendency is to an aggravation of that 
evil, it is interesting, to eonsider whether any 
and what remedy can be invoked. 

It l< evident that a corporation which owns a 
railroad through half a dozen State.*, cannot be 
oontroled bv any one State, and if every State 
should enle'r upon the task, it is certain that 
each would have a theory of its own, and noth- 
ing but confusion would result. A regulation to 
be of any avail must be uniiorm ; there can be 
no uniformity where thirty sovereiguties are ut- 
tering their voices and enforcing their wills upon 
the same subjc-t This consideration led to the 
adoption, in the eonstitution of the 1 uited States 
of the provision that Congn-.-s should have power 
"To r,./,i(atr loniincrce with foreign nations, 
am<»,(j'the ititrni Stuff, and with the 
tribes." Art. 1, sec. 7. 

Commerce in the general sense is defined to 
"an inter change or mutual change, of good.-, 
wares, procluct;ons, orjiroperty of any kind, 
tween nation', or individuals, 
or by jiurchaso aud sale;" 
iransp.. rial ion of jic.-ons as 
di>e. Every railroad company emi.loyod iu uiov 
ing mercbaiidise or transporting jicrsons 
one State to another, or fiom one State through 
one or more States, is engaged iu commeree 
"among the several States." as much as the 
..wner and uiastt r of a suip suiiing Iroiu iN«w 
York to Liverpool, is cngiiged in tereign 
I in 

I -H 

1 rcgulati"!. by Congress 
I lime regulate the running of trains, 
! iff of rates, and in every respect re-ulate unn 
I control the proccedinj< of any railroad company 
' in rci-rd cosuch couimtrcc. A cooipany wi.o.-'* 
j road'issitUHled wholly within t(.e limits 01 a 
' pariicular State, as to all produce wLuh is dcs- 
1 tincd for a distant St;ito. is aUo engaged u. com- 
t mer.e among the States. And ev-n those cases. 
I wberc the charter ot the company aiuoun s to 
i a contract which would prevent 'be interfwrcnce 
are nevertheless witliin the power 
because n-i ?tatu can exonerate 
from the duty ot 

a private party, 

other regpectibe govt rnmenl w 

vantage. What has made the building ot our 

railroads soexpensive. has been the poverty ol 

thecorapauivs The company bts usually been 

eomi>elled to mortgage its r-ud it wa:, 

completed; sell i's bonds at a feaiful diM-eutu : 

ijivo coniructc in which directors were interest 

ed. agreeing to pay i«iie what the work w.i.- 

wortb. But the objector will say, the stealing 

from the governmciit would be mucii gr«.i'ter. 1 

do net beliove tbis. I have heard no c.mplaint.- 

Idtdy that tUe money which has beoi. appropii- 

ated to build Post Oflices and i ourt Houses i.n.i 

improve our rivers and harbors, bus not been 

honestly applied. If the government cannot 

liwd among our peopla honest incu enough to 

administer its affairs, men who will disburse us 

funds without stealing ihem. it should stop, an.i 

prono: nee free institutions and government by 

the people, a failure and nn impossibility. 

(3) It will also be said that the g..reriimeni 
is alr-ady burdened with a heavy debt, that 11 
would be uiadaess to en'er into so gigantic a 
scheme of internal imj-rovcment in our preaeui 
"•on'iition. . 

This depends upon a more question 0. pront 
or in regard to the particular transaction. 
It a farmer who was heavily in J'jbt should, lor 
(bat reason hold his bunds i" tbo t-pring, i.nd re 
\ fuse to buy seed wheat on credit, and so let his 
: farm go to waste, his wisdom would not hi ap- 
ed If he buys wheat and corn to sow ana 

• ' oxen 


rarilv increase bis'indebtedness; but in no olh- 
er way can he realize the rich crops of aulum;: 
which may not reap tho expensi.s of the year, 
bjt go far towards li(iuida<iiig uis indebtedness. 
So if the government coul.l build a railroa.l 
from Chicag ^ to New York in three years, up- 
on which it should levy «uch tolls as w,.nld have 
thwefTect to reduce the cost of transporting mer- 
chandize one-half and still pay for its own e n- 
struetion in twenty years, after which tho tolls 
eould be atill farther reduced down to tho actua 
cost of keeping th« road in repair, then it would 
not be an extravagance but an act of prudence 
to do it ; because the government would by this 
proceeding lose nothing and the pcoplo would 
begrctlyeuriehod. And it is to be borne in 
mind thut the people have got to pav this nation- 
al debt. The government couid not redeem a 
postage st.imp without thepco[do, and whatever 
enriches the people, develops tho resources 
country and increases its property, tends lo 
cr,.HSC thec.tpa.ity of the people to pay the delt 
Congress has heretofore grunted aid »o rail 
roa.l companies in the form of grants ol lands 
and bonds. The government «ets nothing back 
for tlio lands granted, and the people get no 
benefit, if she companies are to band together to 
plunder the commerce of the country. As a 
' mere investmcMt, it would be better for the gov 
eriiment t.' build and hold a railroad until it 

■ should be re cmburscd lor the expenses of its 

■ construction, an 1 in the samu time save thepco- 
ph as much ui're, than to grant "o irrcsponsi- 

' ble parties land or mon>y from whi?b no return 

. will ever be realized either by tho goveinmoiit 

I or the people. 

i Now, follow citizens, I have made »hcse re- 

nards, simply, if I eould. to direct tho public 

mind to aconsidernticn o a maitsr worthy of a 

nicb will, 1 beliove b. fi>re many 


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riiialii^n which h<? | 

to he invaluable": ai.d he ho^es every sufferer ] 

it will cost nothint:. and may , 

(( ti fi 

either by barter, 
ami incluikv* the 
well as of mereban- 
oyod iu 


.leep thought, wnicb will, I heliove l>. many 
yearigrow to great practical importame. 1 
iiavenot sought to advocate any scheme, not 
even to recommen<l any particular proceeding. 
It is for tho people of Wisconsin to determine 
what tbey want done, and for their servants ip 

>ey w 
Congress to 

execute their judgment. [Hearty 

State News. 

L'jdge has been established 


ork to Liiverpool, l:< ciigageu lu .... .j,.- 

ler.e ; and, as to .-u.-h busine.-i, i^ 
qually subject to the coiistiluti-nal power ol 

Congrei«8 may ut 
fix the 


A Masonic 

Thj .Martin County -4'^"' "ays that Waller 
i.aiby. of Fairmont, was fcverely injur-d in a 
threshing machine, week l.ef'.re last. He lort 
two fin-ers and the nseof a third. 

The f.»use j aper states that .Vr A. I. Fois has 
ncnriy secured the rec|ui«>ite in r of »ub- 
ieribers to bis Democratic uewspai-er, which be 
expects lo issue in January. The new paper 
will be printed on the Att<f press. 

Geo. C, Chamberlain will soon commence tb" 
publication of a Republican newspaper at Jack 
sou, iu JaeksoB County. 

The Albert Lea .'iVoiK/az-d says that "front the 
l9ih of October, when the first business of the 
' Souibcrn Minuesotn wbs transacted at 
.Vlbert Lea. up lo aiul including the ."0th 
vember, there were shipped from that 
05.2tl buibels of whwl, 22. 02Cr pounds 

Slate con! 


will uorae to 






rights aud pockets of the people 
exercised bv a few men who:<e interc-ts in 
things are directly opposed to tho latercsls 
the people, without tho con.Hent or even 
knowledge of the people. Tiie power of .-uch an 
organiration upon our popular elect.o;!-, with 
their paid agents in every school J><riet the of their employees and olhcers. 
men of influence and intoPi^ence. al 
being directed by telegraphic coiiimunici 
» eeniral head in Mall street, and the i 


capable of 
ation by 

secretly a' 

capital capable of being poured out secretly a 
anv point their power to build up or destroy 
towns andc.tie. by discrim nay n,' tariffs and to 
c-eate or dc.tror the fortunes of individuals. 



cannot be over estimated 

But some good, soul, who never 
till he is hit, may think this is trembling at 
a„'inary eviU, or rallying to com 

imt .-ha lows. 1 
hope so. But certainly it is wi^cr to apprehend 
a little too much danger and guar I against i.. 
than to apprehen 1 too little and be destroy .,d by 
i,. .od anr candid man who ook. ba.k fitt> 
years and"considers from « hat feeble be_<.nnings 
the^e tremendous monopdies h.ivc attained their 
pro-ent power and greatness may see rea<ion -o 
fear thai they may still farther advan,re their 
view:* and their consummations. 

R.Vilroad companies first sought fran.-hise.« 
from tho State upon the g'ound lliat 
were public highways, and as much the 
control of the legislative po ver as any other ^ 
hi-hway. It was upon this ground, and this on- 
lyrthat the court* upheld the e.xf-rci.e of the 
r'ight of eminent domain in favor ot railroadcom 
panics, which euabled the company, a.- th.- agent , 
of the S;» c. to take any mau'.s laud lor the nse , 
of the road, in fa.-e of a eonstitution which tor- i 
bids the taking of private property, yr^/.t /or a 
y„Ui. u.t. Then, too, the inaucn lal and weal- 
thy men of a community boeame sto.-kholdcrs , 
of" the companies and controlled the roads in the 
interest of the etmuinnities along the .lie. uut 
all this is changed. I venture to say that not 
five men. and the Chan -es are that not one man 
in Madison, owns a dollar of stock in any rail- ^ 
road runnio* to or through this town. And as 
thechanu-ter of the stockholde-s has changid. 
thev have cra.sod to be the leading business men 
of the commuttities interested in the manngemcnf • 
of the roads, and come to oe a few immense cap 
italists residing abroad. So. too, the theory up- 
on which the roads were originally constructed, j 
is changing: »ii<l th" Supreme Court of W i.-con- , 
•in and the Supreme Court of Iowa, two most i 

intelligent and upright courts, have recently de- 
eidcl that a railroad company is a r«<r< pnratf 
aud that the legislature has no more 

of ths St.iie, 
of Congress ; 

any person or corporation 

obedience to all coustitutioual regulations ol 
commoicc by the general government, lliefe- 
lora the laiiroads ot Iowa and W ii^coi.siii, a.- 
b wholly exempt, by recent .ioeisious. from 
I, mav nevtrlheie.«s be kept within 
just limits by the' exercise of congreMional aj- 

, An-dher course is worth considering 
may be insuperaide ..bjeitions to il ; or it may 
become a nece.v-ity in iho future. 

The.power to regulate commerce, include.- the 
oower'to facilitate CMinmerce : if not, liieu ever) 
li.' on the .a llrntic coast is «heii.iing an 
iincoustitoti..nal light upon the midnight marin- 
^T.—l Laughter.] It is impo.«>ible. 1 tbiak, ' 
distinguish between the power, in congress 
der lIic Constitution, to build a lighthouse 
its power to buiid a eami or a railroad, 
pra-iieal corsirudim which the Constitution 
lias received, is, thai Congress may lej:islate in 
aid of commerce. It may build harbors, im 
prove lakes and rivers an.l d.i whatever else 
may render commerce easy, safe and profitable. 
The cHconnujtuifxt as well as tho prutcction Ol 
I eommeree was o c of the chief m^dives which 
' led t.> the adoption of the constiutiou ; and in i 
' ibis light the constitution has been regarded by i 
; .,11 our M.itesmcn. rh« United .-tales might , 

build roads bclwcen such prominent points as 
I the general irt< rests of coiniuercc re<|Uire. and 
' in*ke them common highways, '.vtr which any 
i me'cbant or farmer i..igbt run a tra.n of cars, 
' on coMf.rming to luch regulations as should be 

! prescfilcd. ^ > 1 1 

To illustrate. JiippoSe the government fhonld 
build a railroad wiih two or four tracks from 
' Cliica 'o to New York ; and thro.» it open to the 
' pub!ii"nsc. under certain regulations as to use. rales of toll to be paid by any ; 
ner.on running a tra^n upon the road. Il would i 
thus be iu the p.wer of the government to r^gu- i 
late the carrying business which is ."so important 
nn element in domestic c'.m'nerce, so as fully to 
protect the people. The power to do tnis is un- , 
questionable. If«ny man doubts ibe power as 
aregulation of commerce, there is no doubt as 
to the power of Congress to build a r.nlno,-,, road 
with four iron track, from Chicago to New 
York; ind when not actually re.,uired for the 
transhipment of troops or mi'itary suprlies, to 
anlhorizp its u«o »t certain rates of toil by pri 
rate individua'i. Our navy is employed not 
ly in protecting our foreign commerce 
suc-oring merchant TCSicl* in distress; 
doubt might bo employed, when njt needed 
national defense, in any way to prom-te nation- 
al prosperity. But, conceding the power, it wir 
be SHid there are many objecii-ns tobeur^ed 
against it. Undoubienly : but the questio.i x<. 
whether there are blessings to be expected 
than dangers to be apprehended. 
(I.) It may be said that if would 

0' No- 
of but- 
ter, 4,4 10 pounds of hides, l,4ti0 peunds of wool, 
Kud 11, ISO pounds of raiaoell ineeus freight. 
During the i-ame time thoie were received 674,- 
f.-et of lumber, 447 barrels of pall, and 429,- 



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Winnebago City, Minn. 



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ihe i>rescr'.i)r.on will 
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5:15 p. M. TRAIJi Rl NS DAILY 

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I Runn*g Through to New Yor 


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III numbers there if ?iifety, it whs upon 

il« of Judson's .M-'untiiiii 
be result 

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gestion, Femiile Irregulaiitic, Ac. J l.«-y 
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Leaves Ja;kson every Monday at 6 o doen no 
jiiid arrives at Winncbayo City at '.I o'clork 
in. every Tue.-tday, making eiose couuecli- 
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Pnssengers by ti.i^ r..-.;le pass through V nv. 

ly. Ilorric in. May. and Walnut grove, and rl 

1,'nly ill the day-time. 

W. G P ANT. Proprietor 

Wir.ucl ago City, July Hth, lSf.9. 2y 



f ^ ^ 


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The publisher of the HVsfer.i Ilitrnl is unro 
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the West better acquainted with the wants 
inlcrcits of sheeji and wool growers. 

The subject of raising sheep, the bcU 
for the West, an.l kindred questions, t 
only be discussed, but the wool an.l i 
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times and mo.lcs of selling wool— will also receive 
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f "^ ? 

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St»te (f Minnesota, County of Faribault. 
The Stau; of Minnesota, to C. P. Hinds, Defendant. 

You are tiereby summoned to l>e and appear before 
the un.r^rslr'od.'one „f ...• Justice, of . lie IV ace in sort 
fur said c..mitv...n tbe •.'...!. day of, A I>. 
V.e-rHtlOocrocW A. M.,al.ny nffiee, in Winnebago 
Cirv' in sai.l c unlv. to antwer to Henian, in a civ- 
il action Should %cu fail to appe r. .1 the time and 

('"• Uce aforesaid. ju.lK.u'-»l»,illl"^^ "^',"' H^'n.!^' Ho t.' fo^r 
0«1- . „ -,n the .vi.lence »a.mce.l l-y -""-^. "^""'" »''"' '"' 
but in furh sum *s he Shan SI...W himself crHltledU. 

(jiv^undermy land tb>'''-'»'V"l'urrJtn.^.:' 
"•gj^'lg. Justice of the Peace. 


will pay thehiiih«t market price for 




Winn-bagoCity, May 2C, 1869. 





or affairs 'than it has 
a bank, a manufacturing company. 


power over its property 
over those of 

or even a grist mill. 1 hey are public corjiora- 
tions when they want to take your land without 
Tour consent ; they are private corporations at 
'soon as thev get your land. and. of course, entire- 
Iv exempt from legislative e^-ntrol. 
■ The Supremo Court of Iowa, in 

the paironage of the general government w iicU 
is already very great. Ad mil it : would not the 
.nme re. son abolish the Posioffice Department .' 

a nyent case. 

savs tbe objeclor. the PostofSce is a neeessi- 

p'reciselv, and tue question IS whether the 

railroad, also, will not soon became a ne*'*';"^- 

C ) It may be said that the expense of such 

, work would he much greater if executed by the 

government than by private individuals. This 

dmit : nor do I believe it. 

be compelled oy ttn 



I ao n< 


Default liavingbcen made in the conditions of a cer- 
tain mortpace dated .be Tib <lay "' •^^.P'*"^';;;;' ^^J ^^ 
1«.;* executed bv Henry La.,ae and Kllen I^a.pie lus 
«ife "f Kar;b..ull CounlV. PLUe of Minnesola, parUee ef 
tbe brst p^rt, 10 D»vid P \Va».:alt. of Hancock < ourily . 
<U.eo, Mane, oarly ..f the second part, by the failure 
of said morti.-..«'.rs or either of them to pay tb« sum of 
,,^1 undred ana sixteen .lobars and thlrly-lhree cents. 
♦ 'S Which .mount U claimed to »>. due tb.r^n for 
/nncipal and latere*, at 'be date of this ..olice bpblc 
te fanner sum of twenty-lire .lobars, iti... 
1^ J?or„.V. fee, to be paid In C....e ot f'-reclosure 
.,.,. -.!j_, „..-...-. ™-.. r.-e.irded on the luh day •>! 









316 12w 

mMch said nioitpa>.e was recorded on 

\ U 1-«1-' at :> orlock p. m.. in the o(Bc- 
■ idDrtds. in said Karii auU Comity, in 
'!>..■>. and t.o action 

oflhe Re^ ter of 


i-<-ute. But they are org 
money f'>r stockholders, and 
-o morr p„irfr 

the U limlntuTf hare 

„, iktir o'ontrtu and riuht$ th'in ' poor man cannot, to be econ 
W A„. orcr ,h, like pn>per,y naJ r.yAf* oj 

tr».».» ft other corpora: U'.'t. 

the entire the- 

i 1 

-Thus, hj one hold d'«i-'.»ration. . . .„ , 

;vo?!;r/o.-»te right, and obligation* .. chang- 

and the railronds of that ^^'^^'^ ^^ll'li^vZ'- 
.d from public highways '»'; -^X *o PmJre 
erlT. The railroad company i» "f^**" " ., 
.dd-.gations to consult the 'nt-.'-J '■^^P':,^;;,^ 
,ha« yoa are to ask 'b*_pablicj.^h^.lber^ ? ^^^ ^^^ 

raise 'wneat or corn upon vo»r own 


atur.^ ha. no more right to control taHf^ or 
regulate the management of a r»i 

land; and 
Iroari. than it 

and having suflBeienl capital couKt al 

inical. Let us see. 
Suppose Cnnerc.-s should create a departupeni to 
be called -The Department of Internal t om- 
merre.'' with a .<ecrvt*ry. assistants and clerKs. 
as the Inferior Dcp.irtm»nt is now oreauuedj 
and should then pro. eed with tbva work, a.s it 
d.ies thr "U'ih the I teri.T Dtpariment in 
iug Court Houses and Post Offices. There 
plenty of officers in the Engineer Cnrys of the 
army who could be spared from doing nothing 
in the eastern cities, to do something 

sale contained 

such case made and l»ro\i.«^'l 

that the said m. rtg»K* •»'" .^ . . . „ ,1,-, ..-- or 

*„.l premiM^ therein desoritK-d, VII : .Al hit tract or 

p»rce:ofUndIyinK»od »"°S 'V '"* '''=""•'' 
bsult. and State of Minnesola 

Loiic is hvel>y giveu, 
f.irrcUsed, and Ihe land 
; tr«( 
of Far!- 
describ.-il as (uliows, to- 

Shoes, t rokery 

iJeLxiiifs, Bhavhetl a>'t^ j Vlaubood : 
InbUnched Cotton, 

Hsiti auid Cap«. Cloth*. 

A chance to draw .tny of the above prizes for 
2: cents. Tickets describing p' are sealed 
in envelopes and well mixed. Un receipt 0/ \ 
I 2Jc a scaled ti.Kel \- dr.iwn, without cboiccan- 
sent by mail to any ad.lre*s. Tbe prize named 
I ur.on it will be delivered to the lichetholoer on 
i r.eeipt of Une Dolh.r. Pri/.es .iro immediately 
i sent to aay a Idress by express ot reiurn mail. 
I You will know what your prize is bcf.-re you 
i pay for it. Any prize exeb.m^ed for aii..ibcr of 
I the same value. N.. blanks. Uur patrons can 
I det.<;nd on fair dealing. 

I IUfkukmks.—Wi select tbe folp.w-ng from 

! mrnv wh.. have lately drawn valuable jritcK, 

' and kindlv permitted us to puolisb tlum : An- 

! drew J. Burns. Chicago. $10.1.011; .Ml..s C!..ra 

S Walker IJiltimore., ScSOO : James 31. 

Matthews., fi.n"0; J -hn T. An-lrcws, 

>uvai-nab ?.0.O.O; Miss Agnes immons, 

; (TharlcMon. Piano, $.",00. We pubii.,h no 

wtthoTl permission „. . . ,. .. 

Opisiois or niK Phes.". The firm isreliable, 
and deserve their SBcccss.- UVr/./// T.>l.,n,e, 
Wtv 8. Wc know tbe.u 10 be a fair dc.lirg 
«rm.-A' y Herafd }f.<!f 2?i. A fri< .d of ..nrs 
drew a«500 pr'ze, which Was pi ompily rc-ened. 

Diiilu yeirf, June 8. 

fJe'id lor lircular. Liberal irdncemen.I to 
Agents. fJatisfa-ti..n8UHran.eed. Every pi»cic- 
n.'eofscaltd e..velo|-es coi taios f>NL tAfll 
ticket.s for $1 ; ntorfZ | .3o for *•>; 
AH leMers «!]■ uM be a-ld'efae"! to 

HAR»-ER. W1L>0N * • <»., 
IV5 Broad w:iy. New York, 





The co-pmrtncrshii. hcrefofore existing between 
the un.ler.iigned. under the firm name '>f M;-"'- 
ton A Deudon. is tbisday dir:soived by mutual 


consent, F. Dcudon withdrawing therefrom. 

All liabilities of the late firm arc '^";";;";' 
G K. Moulton, who will coutmue the Mercantile 
business at the old stand. ^ ^ moI'LTON, 


Winnebago City, Minn., Nov. 19, Ihi'J. 






In VTinnelago City,casksof nil sizes will be 'oi 
c.nst-ntly on hand. REPAIHINti done 
short notice. Cash paid for staves an.l t- ■ 
poles. Cooper Shop in the back pari of tbe ■ . 



Log Tavern. ^ ^ 

Winnebago City, Nov. 10, 18C». 

iiito llie WocI 

:»Heres for sale. 

.'^heds and fiian- 

ary. and a 

cient for houseli" 

THE gubscnbor wishing to g' 
en lurii.ess. offi-rs bis farm of 22 
There is a good House. .Stable, 

never failing slMiiNf; of wATnt.^ufi. 
M purposes ai.d »o waier oi.r 
bun." red \. ead of cattle. Between 2:> and :'.« »ere. 
o, i,.,ber. Tbe house is surrounded with large 
.^badc a Garden, eonta-ni.^ about 
.-JUO FKUI I T' EE.->. Urge and sma.l. 

I will sell tbe above rea-onab'e. I-MU're "" 
•I miles we.t fr-.m « inntba. 
Wool.nViil Mr"ik«to. 



E. &c H. T. ANTHONY & CO 

the premises. 

go Ciiv. or at the 

rtl.k —r r»r TUml—d .«i*r»«« 

til FT. ."^ix 
no for f l.'i. 

Au-ust 17, ISf.R. 

cut. lis, 


Wliii* MraaMlab 



«Mt r>i>i. 

Mstnm.ili ram, 
<:»«ir»i r«r«. 

Tr»»l". r.Oa, 
Or.^) W~t. 

0.r Xmf^^ Ti— ';':'7..'l..V^0 W 
IkarMi prW.-tj.». •' w» r.»fl».<!. » w. 

•r af««MM*y.« Vi<- 
If.w Orr««4«. 

V.t.'flu.l., ^ 


iu.(ia>d. ac , a. 

raicat, tft'-la^.ar 

W.lMa. Uu.;. . 

llow Lost, How Re- 
st on -d. 


. Ker.i 

Also.Cugar. Tea. Coffee. Syrup. 

. bine OiL '^ beat, Oa-s, Flour, Ac. 

sene an 

Il Ml 


Crockery: < tu-!* »nd SaiKejc, 

Meat l>i^l>l.•^•, Kwtrn ami Busiup. 




fc»; to fix the compensation yo« -'ball P-^ /«*" 
iaho^rs. or the price fer which ?"« Z^^;'' f" 
l^tmr wbUt. In a sing'* »eiitenc*, 'pokea bj iti 

country ; to survey, locate and snpcnntenf' the 
building of such a road. Fifty th usand China- ' 
men eruld be wMploye*! foi three or ten years lo \ 
grade the road, at one third what the grudinz of | 
tor Other road tn the oountry ha* cott. Tkr, 

lueiit survey. l..if.-lher wi 

afouiteuances It.ertuiilobeiorigii i: - ..^_., 

^rtiininr. wll be sold at ,.ah!ic '•'•;• '?,^^,;f,;*^ 
bidder, f..r c»..b, to satisfy and pa.v <h* •""^_<^V* f.^. 

roCilT County of Faribault, an^ ?tale of Himiesota.i 
^Tom«»-.r..hel:3'hd,y.fJana.ry,A. 1.. U.«. - 
!•> ocluek hi rtie fnrenoon of day 
Det^d. WU.neb.5oC«.v.Mu,„^^Dec.LJ^9^^^^ 

(ilasi Lamp! 

,nd Chimneys. Sun Buiners 
and Cbiisneya, 

Just publialK-d. a new cdithn of Hr. 
tiilverwell'- r«l 1 rated h.'-ay 

onth- ra^liri'l r-t'f (wUtKOt !. c-U..i:.- ,> 

of sil'tUMATDRKlKEA. or feiamal 

tVeeWo.-^, Involuntaiy !-.►*. S ^^^^^^^J' 

T^ .^elebrit-d amhor. in ibis u.linir«i.le e*.ay, rlesr- 
,/dea;otr;:.Ves\r"m a iMny years' s^ces^.i pr»c-^ 

L\.luiie orif,e-p,..icancn of m. knife, p...n^^^^ 

mode of cure at oi.ce 

niearif ol wtcrh rv-r* 

ditioo mav »><■, may cure 


dn.tde. certain .ud effectaa). by 
.urfrr.r. n" matter wl ai ha con- 
hiiwelf clieaply. privately, and 

Lanterns, Tumbiert, Goblets, 

P'^tpaid, on recipl 'f • « '■;"*•■ 
LOOKlrSG llLArjCr-i. , Ol\J., AddreM«t.ePuMi»».ers,^^^ ^ 

This iVeliuVe should W in tbe hands of every youtb 
„d ev.r, la-njn t.,* larM..^ ^^^^^^^^ ,^ ,. ^^ 

nts. or two pti stRroi-s. 
Guide," jirice ^ «». 

BuOT.« and SHOES made to otA^tM 
•pairing M«t!y do»«. ^'" 

127 3owcrj, >«* 

iuik, P. 0. Uoi 4,586. 






Cat to order from 

either It AI. tA* rr 

American mar'ol«. 

itrid »et up in go.Ml 

tis:e Mr. J. »». f^"l- is our praeiical le- 

»iener. and all ' rders »re 

filled ace.'.rlinc '<• speeil 
.tins. l*". h.iwever. the 
la-leoi Mr. Suliiv n is con- 
sulted, tbe designa »i« miar- 
anteed to be unique. The 
work r<-.c..wm<»nds iisel? Or- 
ders fr-'TO prompllj 
afcn.ied t". 

Fish'T S, J>Hllivan. 

JuEeVlh, H«». 

S« ft*rla«4. 
f vr.a#aa. 
Far .. 






aft .a. 


•I i.^'9^, 




IVaraalaraa' t 

« ...• ' 

V,n>a'll.l. f«. I- 

a>E.«, a*.. 1 

« - 




.».. l.W«»'r ..r«a.O»f .«i.a. *l.a. IH.»<..1.< a..' T'...| 

r..«a.».r» «L»«« »irw..' r'""."." :"rr'-':. 
_....n>.>t «>.al. r»r f tih'. •»'.'• af • I « ■ • 1 ' ■.■ ri" '.a'-. 

•TrBBoecorea. -w. ■••••'»«■" »«ff iais>ir. •■•< *•»• • '• 

•Mrk •( 14. MM <>*«• al Ut ! «■■■» '*— 

raOTOUatrUIC »l.»C«l» - O^f »«.««.. >.• 
tacwa larMfkW t»a€a«»««T aa »%ft>*> '» ««al.l» a»« l-»»i. 

All m a.11 aramaa. -, m, — r**.r,. •TV"';'''- *" *Ii" 
tfm l».aa af a. f «i».r «..»« ••fart a fc awll ••< U.i l» "• . 
•Mat ka<*n aaau* ika < r*t..ka«a« ,~ 




Tk«a Wa«.^ll i*.far.a. ll-.t mw.< W tmfrwUUlf^ 
>a< l»eOi thH» aa.l. -. . ' K rl •••••' ' 

ft H. T. AFTHONY ft 

591 Broadwat, N. Y., 




TIIK FREl-: HOMESTKxVl). ])«'•• h-m^^ ''i^^hivn an.. .lu.iM.N. 



yp'.oljil rioli'-es in ifxdUif, culViiitis, tc'i cc:il5 por lin<r 
f'Ttiic nrA ittsertiiin, anJ dw cciUs |>.'i' I^iie fur vucb 
•ub<p<)U.-Tit liiiertiou. ^'.'rti»i!iit.'iiUo?cupyiiir on* !reh i-f «;>;icc. iiiser.uH 
aou Week f'>r one >ljllar. t^uc ruiiiiiiii, .•n>* r.-ar, eighty 
doiiar*. Uther a.iverU«<;iUL>aU in propurttoD. 

OllJi-e ill Nil. ■-', New JUuoU, up nuira. Ile<i<lence 
corner of Uclch «iid t'leTeliiiiil Strict*. Wiun^tmijo City, 
.M.iin. !>i7 chIU aUeuilcU frum Ibe oliica. ^Niglit calU 
from hi« r<-»iilrnce. 
Ofll^e «!»)!? 'J9'jtf 

nKKI).-*. MonTQVfJr*', AND OTIIKU 
l>Uiik<<. iiL-iitlj {■tiat'cd. and Tur salu -it tk 




Church Directory. 

MeTUoorHT. — Service* every Sabb&th rtcrnlng, In the 
Hjpllst Church, at 10:*i o'clock. 

Ref. J. 0. GOWKAN, Pastor. 

CosoMKOATlosALHT. — StTvicei every SabNaUi mora- 
liiB, la the Hitch l>cliool buiiiling, at l(i:8(' o'clook. 

Ucv. J. D. TOUl), Pjiatct. 

A NDiiKW c. orxy, 

Attorney «n«l ConnktF.r f.l Law in Wintifcl>«Kii afU-'r^preachiiiL' 
City, Minn., will nt'r^ml to prorc^^sioDiii l>u>".- ^^u^^^h^^ 
ii'j»s rlirtiuchnu*. flic Statu. " •-■.»,,s. —Prayer Sleeliiijr, WednetUay evenings, lii the 
Baptist Churc)i" at 7 o'clock. 
.*'»bi>a»li .-^ch.iDl every Suuday morning, Immediately 



IIL'UB\5 norfv 

Nl'l\(':i, LUMIir.a Mr.RCUA.Nt, 0.>'V. UuOit BE- | .. The cw*»-iMloi!« firick .Iwt'Uiie of O. P. Cliuhb. in 
* low dhaubuls, ; Viiinnont, hn.< Iwen opt-in -I in rlie travtliu); pul lie, and 

•it'yl jiacka'o, -Minneiota. ainplt- acc.>uiui»ilii( <>as arc mow otTrn-d to alt who lanj 

— wisfelojiviul thcuijtlVe* i«rit»ho#pitali!i««. 


*^ \V 


I Wo Lave for toIo, at a great bargftin, four 
hundred pouuds uf Luug I'riuier. One half of it 
is iilinnst new, ifnd tlie balance is good for years, 
t'or particular.x', address tho Frkk Homestkad. 

The MiitncHota Teacher for December, oontiiiiis 
ffuggefltioni to yuung teairberH ; The Education 
ofthenej^ro; Moral Lestoni; <tc., Ac. Every 
teaeber in the Stato sbou d have it. 

Daohelorio exclamation— " alasg l " Maiden- 
ly exclamation —' ameni" 


I'hleaale and Betail. 

.Mankato, Minneaota. 


'TOS'f.rRFfT. 1-?:^ EATION. 

head the new card of Dr. J. P. Humes. 

TRK 9. SMITH. iun)K.-*EULB!» A.ND ."TATlONEH, Q.K. Moult n. Winncbagr© City, Mint)., 

•*■ One door joulh of RfcHKw olBce, 
■M;yl -MHiikaU), Minnesota. A^;eM T'tll KARIUAILT COIXTY, 

Kor Thu AniPiffati Hurtc.n Hole. Over-.-^femiof and 

^ W SE\KLE.-<. WIIOLKS.ILK AND RKTAlf. ••'cwinj.- Mw-hii.e The (Srst and nnly Button Hole Mak- 

^>. IValdr in Crockery a.-a UI^Bware. front <'.., in« «.>d .>«ew1n.,' M.cWn- in the world U 
SI*uka:o Minn. 115 IT i do«» Oiore •ork thia any i«her machine ever Invented. 

Mended ways —repaired strrets. 

Sleighing and wheeling are equally good. 



1) fe, 


Mankato, Minneteta. 

i\S THE AKKIVAb OK THE CARS, we sliall be pre 
'"'% pared lo opm a ?«li t-k of 

|«XKM'IXKI';, «fcc., &e., [ 9ior^ 

T B. Bl-RKK, RKAI-KR IN OIOCKRIK?, FROVIS- .^t .opplv ilu- deman.l. both wholesale and ' 
•'• i.>n«, Crockery, Ulass a«d Wooilrn \\ :irr, retail. " Kospei-tfiilly, 

' it a.s ."landing fuirly ou iLe highest ground yot 
A .uit Af cloches (new) for sale oheap, at this '. reached l.y religious journal, in America." Dr. 
-Heraember the Christmas toys at the Drug ! g,j •> n i* an unsectariaci. wide-awake, aggres 

Corrected weekly by ]\JouUon^ i Dcudvn. 

Wheat, *prirg. No. \ ^5 

>i " ifo. 2 4* 

Corn 4» 

. Oats * 25 

Fi.NK O.'CK.v.— We saw a t.pleudid looking yoke ! ^\^,^f^ ^ ewt.." 2 CO 

of oxen in the street last week, and upon in- ; Coru fieal 2 00 

(luiring. UariK-d that tbej were the property of | Potatoes.............. 50 

Mr, Henry McKeuonder, ot Bass Lake, and that |,' •- ^ -^ ^0 

they had performed all tbe tentu work during Beans ..(»;..:'.!. ..'..1 '.".....-. 160 

the past fcason, for raisi!i,{ 829 hushelsof wheat, Cniuns ,,i,n. .'.'..,,. 1 00 

588 bushels of oats, COO baskols of ejrs of corn, 1^'^,^^^'""^^,'; _" !.'.".' ."!!.!."..'.'.'.'.'.'.'."."".".'. 4 00 

and mowed aufiiciont hay for the wintering of cheeso ...• 20 

22 head of horned cattle. Vorily, an ox team ! Pork, jalt, ^ pouj^d... 15 

is bettor than no team- } „ ". f/^^''- "^ '='''•■■•, ' ^(j^ J 

^ , Beef frosh, ^ jiound i" 

Koroserc Oil <....(ip 

Tub AiivAScr. — Uev. Henry Ward Bcccbcr gait, ^ bbl '.'.'. 6 50 

is a good judge of newspiiperi, and he says of Lard ^ ft 2D 

,,.,,.„,. ,, J Dried apulos 16 to 20 

The Advance, published in Chicago, "I regard *" * •^ 

Horace Btidhnell adds the opinion that "it it the 
! ablest, best and most outtpokcn paper publish- Wheat per bushel, No. 1 


CrGssiiig Plows, 

' sive, and rcailable Fumilj- Journal, Laving for (i^^^^ 
special contributors fuch writers as Uev. Henry Potatoes 


Mankato, Minnesota 

WAsnisOTttJf uorsB 


Mankato, Minnesota. 

" $<!al>llng coan< 

Ill.ick'.mithins, Win 

lli)l'KIN'.<i k FERSALP 

WholeMie and Retail Dealer in Kurniiuie. KeddiiiK, Ac. at this office 

GOOD Al»«, Unerlaken, aO'-if Austin, .Miuu. 

No. 2 48 

........."....!. 45 Warranted to sqour in anj l^jnd of soil, and 

"................. 70 I hardened by a process known only to ourselves, 

Wastkd.-A man to cut cord wood. Inquire ^|^^^^ ncecher. Scnnlor Wil.^on, of Massaehu- ! I'ork ^ pound, fre.h, 6i to 8 

,„ ... ,, . u ! Lard «^ pouud • .15 

_^. tts, "(hace (ireenwood,' Alice Cary, etc. By j^,^^^^ l^^ J.^^^^ ^.^.^j, ......;.......;..2 25 to 5 5i) 

: Look out for a dnnee at Winnebago City on ; special arrangetnent with the pnbli.hers we are , Coru meul g hundred, retail.... ...2 OQ „ ^ -p, , ^ T. F r^ ATTn 

I ehabled to club TiiK Ai vance with the Ft-ee Buckwheat Hour, .£? cwt 5 00 f^llDXT T)r/\\\/W 

' ChrMtmas. „ . . .._ Butter, '0 pound....;..:: 20 1 LU-tliN X IjU VV O, 

i',T.,u "ja .!.>» ,•• ' *>* I ' 


Mankato, Mlunesola. 

"*r n. wn.i.ARD, attorxey at law and .\A 

■^'•■' lary Publie. 
•WTyl Mankato, Mlnrt. 

^ of 

nebago City, Minnesota, j yf^ are Vcady to cou'.ract for teu cords of sea- 

E. CI. Jt A. P. COLLINS, Proprietors. ! aonod iiody wood. 

ExcelUnt accoiamodations, a "d charge* laDd- 

HoinctteiKl at $3.50 per ytar. 

Egg!j ^ doz i'.:... 

Tallow t^ lb... 


Whtat, white beans, corn, oats, Ac, received 

When a maiden get? married she end., a Miss ^ Beans ^ bushbl 
I spent life. 

120 Manufactured entirely of iron and Btoel, 

2 00 ■■ 

Staj^es leare this Honse for all jioin's. 237 tf , en account, at thij ofiBce. 

'ClgarsauJ Tobaoro. 

Ma4k.lo.M%t«. ^^IIER^PAN i. ABBOTT, 

Wheat No. 1. 
do 2, 


Mankato, Minn. 

CAML. iftDDf X.W 

*^ erin Dry Gccds. 

'' in; Agratand .Votary Public, 

DoSATio.H Vi.MT.- The Congregationalist 
Church i-ocietjr of this [lace propo-oe to give 
j The poetry entitled, "Influence Somewhere," tbuir pastor, Uev. J. D. Todd, a donation visit 
is republished this wesk, not by request, ] ^^ Tuesday, the 1 ttb insi.. afternoon and even- ! Oats 

AttOiney & Counselor at Law, •-— - l .^^ ^^ ^-^^^ residence of Deacon C. B. Miner, j com 

Notnrv and Con veyanoer. The President'.. Message was read ,n Congress ^^ ^^^ ^^^^.^^^^ .^^.^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^.^_ | 

Particular attention paid to the Collcc l-"' ^'^".''"v. and give, a farorablc report of the ^^^ ,, j„„,,,g„ o^y, Dec.S 1869. | JoiT.DimeuVion 




Maakote, Stinft. 

W. V, B. Muore, Proprietor. 

Ail BtsiXESF pp.f^ypTLV attexded to. 

Wiuueba^c City, Minn., Aug. 30, 1S(S8. 

ytate of the country. 

A.i will be seen by the ibove. a donation visit Flooring 

] Siding 



21 00 

22 00 
27 00 to .'i7 00 


rraot:*t., Mankato, Minn. 

Minn. Earniiare auil Carpeting, O'.l Cloths and 
«'iirtain«, TaJ>1e Ootlw .•nd Mirrors, \\ind.>w ."ihadeaar.A 
MAttreues. I'iitute Tniuei and Mats, Cord and Ta«sfl« 
Agents for the Lnnvalled Washer. fjikf 

■*- • Jeweler. Pca'cr :n Watches, Clocks, Jewelry lind 

•ja-af Mankattr, Mi'tn. 

Repairing neatly ereorted aod warrantiyf . 


V: S. K IB ALL, Phophietob, 

,- , „ ,f T 1 1 » T oiuinir ..<. 22 00 to 28 00 

Three dead, well dressed, fatturkeys were le't ^ ig to be given to the Lev. Mr. Todd next rues- ^ pj^^jj^j^^, ;jy .jq t^ 3p OQ 

, k 00 


4 0Q 

5 (*n 

ID our sane 

turn last week. We hope the donors ' day evening, and a very [deasnnt time may be , £,^,1^ 


Of the most approved pattern. Also 


rill return late to heaven. 

anticipated. The house of Deacon Miner is Shiugle No. 1.... 





MWKATi) HOlEr, (iRaVKU C. Ill ttT. I'f.Or Rlfc- 
t..r. llaviiiifrefarnWuil tliroiigli.;Ut the above well- 
known home, the \>r-fpr<vtiir a»k« a <• jntii.raace of 
FuM c pair-jnage- tiood .itiible fccouimodatious are 
connected with the house. Chargts m»derate. i»Mt 

three- fourths of a mile south oftown.but sleighs 
P. T. Barnum's new book is better than a nov- • ^.jj ^^^ provided free of cL argc, to convey all who 
j el, and more c.Tciting. For parlirulars, Addrct^s , ^^.^j^ ^^ attend. The supper will be of the picnic 
Stages leave this Hotel Mondays aaJ Thurs- J. P. Burr. & C •., Hartford, Conn. , ^^^^^^ ^„j ^ij^ more good eatables you take, tho 

day» for the nearest Uailtond statiou, and Tiies- ■ • ' | ... -n u-. tv.. K<>air<>» innoTi Yanr i 

davs.^nd.Suturxlays forth* Wc^t. , The blinds on the house, and the fence sur- ; "Jort inviting wiH be tho basket iuncu. » ^u"- , jj SXYDER, GUNSMITH .\ND WAGON 

.\ good Livery t.^ conijectod with tb« ""'•'» ,_„„d;n„ the adioiuin.' grounds of M r P Mc- '^'tcndauce is heartily desired, but if you cannot , VT. Maker, .-^liop ucxi doorto Uichardson's. 
and there arc ample accominodttlions for team- y°""^ " ' ." *= . ba r resent send a presant, rcmemborin- that if I'anicuiar attention paid to repaiiing clocks. 

,,,.., ^ 2l2tf Kinstry, are very noticeable it-nproreinents. be prceeni. sonu a prtsw ,.,.,; ^i7-if 

__^- ' , ^ , I y,.u hare no ready monev, anything which IS of I 



Ke«p<i constantly on baud a complete assortment of 
I And liundreds of ilollar'i worth of worsteds, beiii* the 

The Truth can bo had three moalhs, on trial, u e in the TiflrrMy, or food for the lea?*, will be ^^^ ^qoXS AND SLKIGDS MADE AND KKPAIEED 

for ten cents. Address, Truth Association. ' nost acceptable, and tha iikfully received. 

Hammoiidton, N. J. ! ■^■■■'^""^"''^"^'^^^^^^^^^^ 


1 '• received hi. c..iB,.lete^t<«;k of Ameri-- m aid Iru- .^.^^ ,n';i Ka,'hionabie 

The lumber for Robertson's furniture rooms 
on .Main St. is mc-tly on the ground, and H. B. 


ftr* full lifK- st.iTk lif Zrphyr Wursted ever brought into 

ew an.i »a, Go« receive^l l.y express every gpiokerman has contracted to have the building ■ 

Exoulleut flour at Ilicl ardson's. 

porW Watches. CI .cks and J.w,lry. Ur^ liri, - »ar- ^ .^^ Store ou .Maiu St., nearly opposite tiie Collins 

rnnied a. repr-er.tcd. front .-^treet. opposite the Llir- „^^^^ <•»• .„^.,, cempleted in April, 1870. 

tua House. 


.Maukato Muiu, 

No. 8 cook-stoves furnished complete for $23, 
at the Hardware Store in Winnebago City. 

rf-i W. Ml'RPHT k CO., 

Dealers in 


POST Of'FICK HI ri.niNd, FltoNT.ST., 


Particaiar attention paid to .Muiic Orders. 

D NOTKMAXM.D. PHY.SICtAX.^XpsL-RGEON. I T. L. Rice has completed bis new residence 
I *^' Will attend to cills promptly, m W iiinebajfo City ^ '^ 

and sarroundiiiR country. Dr. .\. has had twenty years • and is now crfjoying the Comforts it nlTords. It *io 
! experie .ce in li>c-il, Keneral, and hospital pmctice, and ,__. ». , . . . . . .. ..i- . „„,« .,i,io loan ou tirst-class real t^tii'e .security 


at the shop of 


On Blue Karth Avenue. Satisfaction guaranteed. 



81»-tf At BICHARDSON'S. 

andsarroundii.Kcoun.rv. Dr. X. has had iwentv years . and is now cn-joying the Comfort, it nlTords. It MoSEV to LoAX.— I have some mon<?y to , .^xKM FOE SALE OR RtlXT 

■...,. . . . f. J .,1 lo loan ou tirst-class real t.*tiiie .^eeurUv. Lomo •». 

lately had charK-e ..f a Hygienic Institute for the treat '8 Situated in a p.easant part of town, and adds ^^^^^.^ ^^ ^ ^.^^ ^^^ ^^ dated 

iieiit of chronic <li!<e.iiK:s. He i< therefore prepared to ' \o the gOod looks of tftat 'juarter. 
r.-at Catarrh, Hronchiiis, Scrofula, RlieuinHlisiu, Pro- 

lupous fieri, .NdUral.L'ia, Sick Headache, Liver (^orn 
plaint. Diphtheria. Cold II:iad4 and Kcet, Nervous De 

The winter term of the high school opened i 

Winnebago City. Minn. 

A desirable farm of KiO acres, well ' watered, in the 
town of I'rescoH, Section in. Is utfercd for sale, or rent, 
for oiie, two. oi itirce years. Forty acres brok.*, twenty 
acres of tiniiier, two and one-half uiiles distant, will be 
sold with the farm, separately, or in lots to suit purchas- 

i,iliry,C*.N.KR.s.KKvi.:uSoui>, and all mood and •''kin ,.„t if,,njay, under tho charge of Prof. J. R. ' Riifus Chapni..n of Lib...rty, Maine, had a stiff era. Terms, ii. old, >f..oo.loHn, and tiie balance on long 

l»i.*eii>ej, wUhasuceesafarlnadvauceofthe ordinary ' « ^"""y. .-, t i:,nl,ore.l and strenethen'jd """=■ »or »mther particulars inquUB of or address itic 

phv^iciai. who has ..ever made a specialifv of (his cla/s Hawley, with an attendance of over seventy , '«« ' «"• «' 'ho knte, lunburcd and .^trengtnen.u ,^,,,,riber. 

»<di«a*es T, , ' by the useof Jo///Mon* -Inoif^ne Z,i)iiHie/(t. K14m:; GEO. MAgTKKS. 

Allcummanlcationseonndeiilial. ConsultaUon free, 'cholars. Fifteen or twenty more are o.tpected , Shelbyville Minn., November 8d, IbCy. 

Oflic- at Dr. Farley's Ding .■*lore. Residci.ce at Kim- toon, 
kal's. tItBce dayd, Friday, of each week. 80(5 ' 

The proprietors of John to n't Am-dynt Linniint, 


wholesale and retail dealers in 

X3 \J yj X O, Jo irX V/ Ij ^. ^ [ncworold. wLopaysusoueyeai in advance, in.itructivc pamphlet, which may ce had ireo at j 

Leather Findings, Shoeiu.»kers' Tools, etc. B Ji^ f^ P PORK ailtl MUTTOX *« '^ " »"^"*"' * *=* J'^ "^ *^° Amer!cnn Slock the stores. '£[[Q LcaiUllg AgriCUlUH'tll JOUrDul 

,''''' ' ""■ ^ Joijrn'// (price $1.00) for 1S70. Seethe adver- •-♦■• 


T k i. ► Ti r- „_ n ..-.^-.„ ' P.irto,,*- rnr.,„tivr riUi.inA Sheri'hin'H Caru/n/ A SPLBXDID CHANCE, AN. EXTRJIOBDINARY 

To any siibfcriber lo tho Fakb IIombsteap, ,,.,.•', , • ■ i i i . i ■ ' xi. ()«>. Uuii'tiieiav Semi »t om* 

■' . _ r.,ii</i<t'»ii /'«,-». have p ibiLrhcd lareadaliloaiid I uuer, uou i ueiay, Beau at o.n,e. 



Manufactured from Eastern timber. 


Winnebago Oily, Minn., Feb. ITth, 1SC9. 


Winter Goods ! 

Dress Goods! 

Consisting of 

Delaiues, Poplini, 

Tycoon Reps, 

Alnacas, Merinos, Ac. 

Together with a full Line of 

Gingham?, Priuts, 

Tickings, Sheetings, 
Woolens, Jeans, 

patinette«, Cassimcres^ 

Also a Large Sapply of 

Front .Strept, 
Opposite th«i Post Offii-o, Mankato; Minn. 

Wiunebago City; Minn., 

liAllOTT HorSK, 

Corner of Serowl and Cherrtf St^s.-, 

.M A .V K A TO. M I N N il.soTA. 
L.Q.8A:&OrT, - Proprietor. j 

rililK hoii.Jc.jii.1t completed .md furnish- i ^ , *■ ^'ICKHAM. 
L cd now throughout, is opened to the ptililic 

(price $1.00) 

*,-»,.- f .» 1 -. n - • I .• w V ti-cment. To Ai.L Co.mcekned.— Now, my good fellows, 

Ar^ now for S:ile at Peirce s market in Winii»>ha!,'o ii-<-uit."i. u »; • I'l „: i- a 

.,;,,. „ J . , ,-,i, I, . ,,M 1 Ml ^ al of you whoate owiug ihe hrm ( f tli.Sbiek <K 

•Jity, one door eu<t ni the I'o^t titfl'-e. and will ♦ ^, . ,■' ,,, , ... . ".,•• i /'•» . . i »..., 

be ..old at very low price... Customers in and Hopkins a-d Fernald. of Austin, are said to ^'.nith. blacksmiths, lu \- ini.ebago tit>, i lease 

out of town (Supplied at low flgui h. 




.3. iSttS. 


call and >etlie your aceuuiils ou or Ijel'oio tho 
' oe selling Household Furniture cheuper than io,h of Deceiuber. ISO'j, „„d you will khvc your- i 
other dealers in F.outbern Minnesoln. Tluywill «elve< much trouble. \Vc must have money,; 
' open an extensive wa-ehouse at Wells, ou thu and it must comf^rom our debtors. 

1 r .V . .L » 1 Yours truly, 

, arrival of the car.^ at that place. , CL'KSilCK A SMITH 


Largest Stock 






\ • ■ • • * 

And ail other Ooodi necessary to make up a full 

and complete asenrtmetit lor town and 

country trade. 


Winnobago City, Sept. 28, 1369. 

The American Stock Journal, Ever brought into Farlbault county ii now in 

the store of 



Acoiumodatioiis uiisarpaxsed by any putdi? 
Iiousa in tho county, and terms reasonable. 

Farmers will always find a eomfertal)le barn, 
jilenty of good feed, and tho best of care for their 

noraes. il57tf 


Mannfaelurer and' Dealer In 

-Poni-EV.— Ha ! Scipid d.tst drink ? 
Pjllio.— I dust. ' Itirkanl IIT. 

Containing H'i Hrtre double ciluran pages devote'' to | 
Fni'IT A.ND SlIAUK TitKES. — C. L. Smith, of I Funning and .Stock nre.'dint.', containin;; regular depart 


1 1 


of every vanety. 

j Restaurant and f^nlomi. 

j Opposite the COLLINS IIOU^E, Wir.ncSa,fo City 

I Wnio.»«, Lit^nors auJ Cii'iiiJi. 

\ C-aracoa, Old CcJ^^nac, arid Habana. 

Fresh Oysters served '.n every style, and for nonths. at least, in Hinnehngo City. They 
•ale by the (.'an or keg. 

I. 0. tJ. T.-— .All those interested in the or- 
ganization of a new Lodge of Good Templars in WalnuVLake, i.s otlcring lor sale. 1.>0,(IOO Soft i ■"«"'? f''V.''n>r.vticHlK,,„„er,Dair.vmar^ llreed- xhe Latest Style o 
this pLvoare requested to meet on Saturday M.p,,, .,r ,>ilve. leaved. a.,d 100.000 Whi.e Eiui i ^^i.^'ithrn^rr ,ln?K^^^^ 
ev5ning the llth. in tho .Masonic Hal'. The or- 'I ree.«, at Irom .'r^.i to if I<J per tboujand, .j to 20 : |,«ly tinted covers, tliirmtis will fiml this 


Paisley Shawls, 
Double Shawls nad Cloalcs 

g.^ni7.ation will be perfected at that meeting. '''"'T' '"^'J-, ''';'"I'' T"*"":;"^""" ^^"''''^" '^::^^JW^"'Ji^ t!'h«' Jepar. mcis of Lai'ge-line DoublC Shawls and Cbs 

s ' " Duchess ol Oldeuliuric, and other luu ly upple farminx and M c^ Deeding. It has a veterinary de- = 

*"*"* imes ■>■> cent., ea-h Evervbodv shou'd send for I'*'"'"^'""'"'';'' '•'« d'arire of one of th,e ablest Profes- j tt a nu- /lAnc f r^T AiVYTC 

Rev. E. Hotrhki.-s, of the East Gonesce(N. Y.) ."■^.l' Tf , ,.^ i .lir^.-Monrf r . lanti^^^^^ ' """ •" ""^ ''"''•^'* '"'"'• ^''"' '^"^^"•^''^'"'I'li tbe J"ur- IIAlti, (JAPS d' CL 2 IIS, 

• ^ ' price li.>t and directions fjr planting and care ol ^ „j,i,. free of char>:e, all .jiiestions relating to sick, injur- 

M. h. C'liferunce, and wife, arrived in town tree-. Address ed or diseased ll«rse^ cattle, .-heep, swine or poultry. fiQ„y:™p,,p T)plail1<4 

last Saturdav, and intend to remain a fOv 

306 tf 

Walnut Laic, Miuu, 

Grntleinen, I k' fp -^66(1 Li^Hors. 
Winn, bago City. Ut':. 5. 1S63. 267 tf 

(Vilt Art»iil(rnigs Kept On Hand y, '• "aklow. 

S'»8. MANKATO MINN. liy» 


McMaliill & Beebe, 

Dealers in 

PIVK A^'^ UAUD WOOD Town and County Ouhek.s. 


Dealer in 

Real Eslalo k Land Warrants. 


seera well plea:ed nith this section of the coun- ' , . ..r :■ 

I STHAwniEUBiBS A.ND Crkam. — Wno docs not 

"3^* love tiiem ? fcvury one should have a strawber- 

■♦' : ; ry bed. C. L. Smith, of VlTainut Lake .Nursery, 

Winnebago Ci'y sadly I ce.t.'. a lumber yard, will send by mail, prepaid, clioieoplants of Wil- 

I and several gentlemen here are arranging to son's Albany, Crimtoii Cane. (Jreat Austin, Shak- 

... , ., ., , ., ,, ' er, ill-., at 30 pent.* per doiien, or $2. 00 per hun- 

start one early in tho spring. Mi,aiiwhile, Mc- , , , . „■; „ \ ,■ . , 

' I o ' dred ; Leniiiug s \> hite, finest white strawberry 

Mahill A Beebe, of .Manka o, ere the men to grown, &0 cents pt?r dozen, $*.00 p«»r hundred, 

deal With for either lumber, or doors, sash and 825. 00 per thousand; GodJ strong, new plants, 

Li- J carofuhy packed in uio<s. vrith lull directions how 

I ' to plant and cultivate them. 

'^*" .'lOtJ-tf 

Efforts have been ma le. here within a few Fish, Crackers and Oyslers, at Richardson's. 


weeks tocrgniii7.c a Dancing School, under the 
Pay Taxes, Examine Titles. &c. \ tm^ship of Mr. W. H. Austin, of East Chain 

I.-" al.^o AiiK.VT for t!ic 

UriEAlT DiSTitiEiTioS. — The Metropolitan Gift 

Lakes, but the reouisite number of names not p„™„„_i u,_„ .j«„,i„„j,k. ,-:_„..„•„...„.„,. ,-„, 
' . Company tiavc fnadc citeiicive arrangements tor 

Dimonsion*. S-Hlino. Flooring, La(h. PhODnix Insurance Company, h-vlng been obtained, the project has l*"" ,,„i,tuirdGfe.t Annual ;:yi.tribu.:on, and their 
1 ci • t op abandone<L 
aiUX ollllliXica. I ^_^ list nutnbcrs cash and other g'hs to the am<^unt 

; , Cassimere Delains, 

Belgian Delaiua, 

Rep Delains. 

is a rare opportunity which the intelligent people ol our Tn/1'in f 1 of Tl 
section will no doubt appreciate. Hand in yonr sub- AUUlO, l^lUtUy 

Thu« every subncriber has a horse and cattle docto 

AVe aie now prepared to offer tlie American Stcck 
Journal as a FItKK tilFT for one year, to all new ■ 
subscribers (or renewals) to the Fhkk noMKsTK.U) who ^ 
shall subscribe imnicdhitely and pay in advance. This 

8crl|>tions at once and secure the Stock Journal free for 
one year. 

E. A. HOTCHKISS. ' xtt ^ -n^, V ,. 
Winnebago City, Minn., Dcc.Cth. Is09. »» OOl i OJilin, 


•^^ Instr action. 


Chinchilla Popiiilo, 
lluffle Skirts and Boulevard Skirts, 
may now be found at this store. 


Aftercar^ful investigation by competent judges 
it h9s been fully and fairly decided ttiat ihu best 
place to purchase 




and in fact any kind of Goods, is at the Store 

R. M. Wilsoii, 

First door North of Post Office, 

where more Goods can be had for one dollar thaa 
any other 


In addition to the above mentioned article! of 
A supplement, containing numerous full sized pat- the present most fa.«hional>le patterns, you will 
terns of uielol articles acooiiipiniet the paper every always find at the Faribault county 
fortnight, and occasionally an elegant Colored Fashion 

Harper's Bazar contains l<i folio pages of the size of 
Harper's M'eekly, piinled on NuperCue calendered pa- 
per, and is jittbllihad weekly. 



SPFCI\ITY ^TTXTT^t^ 1^ \ I »■ ta t ni »-^ t oi ' The Collins House has provided for cold of nearly a million of doll ir*", Among them are 

!.pcnalfv..fSASH.'DrtOR<.. .Ai,,1 Mon.P- U iS Dili K \\ RlllllRS, weather, by putting in double windows, which five hundrca and seventy cash gift., ranging 

r»i' \'r\v i-.^ijt.- Dot only prevent the frosting of the pan-^s, but , u i i . . . ..u i j n 

01- NEW \ORK, . ; .. . . , from one hundred to twtnty thousand dollars 

make the (r:ivcitr more cornf.>r!.al>le. One has , . . 

each, also. Pianos, Mclodcuns, Sewing Ma- 

We make a 

IMiS. also WOllDKN EWK C CTTKRS at l..w tlgltrei. 
OfTx-e on Van Uruat's Addition, riouth etjdol>ront 


Mankato, Minh. 


Bine Earth City. 

FHIE .t ^ilAKLVF:, 

of Sc, Paul, .Minn. 

only to stop once at this hotel, to ap,<rcciate its 
home cheer. 


chines, Knittrng ?lfacbines. Gold and Silver 
Watches, Silver Ware, Jevrelry, Ac, Ac. Every 

CniTiCAL NoTirEs op thk Press. 

Harper's contains, besides pictures, patterns, 
etc., a variety of matter of especial use and intor-st to 
the family ; article on health, dress, and housekeeping 
In all its branches - its editeriai matter is !')>ecially 
adapte<l to the circle it l.s intended to interest and in- 
struct; and, it has. besides, good Rtories and llerary 
matter of merit. It is not f-urjiiising, that the journaf, 
with such features, has achieved in a short tune an im, 
mense success ; for iomething of lis kind was drsiied |a 
thou-iands of families, and its publioher^ b;ire tilted tlio - 

_ ^- '^^'" '^'^''''-y ^*"*'^"'' 'f- ^''^nc^y^ucer. H^ahth X 1I„«. i, . glorious pnrer for every ' ticket draws . pr'ze. and no blank, are issued. i\-;-;!, BlSTnTalrea 'uLcX? tr^'Ve'-lNe^ 

'L'*AST IIORSF.S AFO FAilM H0RSE.4 shod In spint ' i^ircmr; :.. >i ^ .i n . /\n: i -i i fatnilv Ike Mnrrel throws his snni into it< i-i • • ' < . . . . . ... York Ereuiua Poat ' 

V d,.,.,y.o,vjU..rtLiule.nrs. door south „f Mead's ..5^^^^^-'" ^^^ '"" *^ '^^ ^"*' ^^"^ *'"'''^- .„._,,,.:. 1 .7 . 1..! _ . _. !! ' ^ ^' "'"''''"' ■*"* '^''^ P'"<=' '» ""velopes, which, | ' Th% Ua«. ?s e^ellent. Lkeallth. p^edicals which 

hotel. Bla* Eartn City. Rete-ences. — - Lewis. Wal- l^fi. «}P slaJfS 
kat Lake, and P. 0. Seeley. Blue Karth Citv. Sllyl 24^tf 

If ian«bago City. Minn. 



Blue Karth Citv. Minn. » 

pages, and Harriet Becehor Stowe, narms it 

with her genial pen. $4 oO! .i year, or •*2. 10 a 

>ear to a club o' five. Address, I'ettengill, indiscrimiuprely, so that t je Company are not 

Bates ± Co., 37 Park Row. N»w York. aware of the Contents of any env<;lope until the 

If..- . . . , J , , I the Harper'spublish, it isaVojost ideally Werieilitcd, and 

after being sealed are m.:ted and when drawn ,he class of readers for wt,cm it is intended-ih. mother. 

and daughters in avera;?" families— can rtot but profit 
by Its good sen-i* and gooa taote, which; we have no 



I. 3. ME VD, - rropriotor 

llilliard tables areoonnec'ed with the house, and 
there la ^•'od .•tabling on the promiits. 

/"'ONlTANtj UOl'SE. 


H. P. COXSTAN.>, pROPBiKrou. 

This pcpniar Hot^lis entirely new. and furnish- 
ed in excellfiit .«iyle. 
C>VEx.-elIont ae'>oaiiaodalidus fot- icaitis. 
*t2tf ! 

r> wtiTB, 



Has constantly on hand Clocks. Waichcs. .Jewel- j 
ly. Silver ware. Gold l'en.«. Musical Iii'iruments. ' 
Ae. Repairing d:>De with dispatcj and wnrrnn- 

^•d. 2S!j|f 1 

AVhoIes-ilo Pcalcrit in 

I ticket is retuined to tbem. These tickets are 
At last wp sre out of our little tifkeiltip 14x16 ■ 
ofRce. and are in our new and ploa^aot quarters ' *"'*'"'■ ''^"">'-fi''« "ots each, or .-ix for one 
; up t«»wn.— Jf(irfia Cuu„t}i Athit. | dol'ar, thirteen for two dollars ; thirly-Cve for 

j Gof>d ! Ool, we know how t > ^vinpathize with , «.... ,'„ii ,-. ..,„ i, i j j. r m.!-.. j i 
,_-._.-_. -^^.^ -^--ir.-^——-. " five 'ioiurs ; one hundred and ten for fifteen dol- 

Wl NJ 17^ T T/^T /^DC! .T«". fine* we find the new i/«»ic»«aJ office » 

>Vll.>il^O» JjiyL; UlVO mighty cure-all for the blue.. ' j>"- ^s soon a^ you receive a ticket, you en- 

; — •-. ' close it with one "o'tl-ir it the company, and 

O. C. Sargent, of this office, received a very whatever the ticket calls f/r u immediate)''' for- 


A well selected assortment of 


from the "Odessa Skirt Company," which ore 
UTSurpa''.''cd by uny other Hoop Skirt in use, a< 
regards Durability, Comfoit and Style. 

And also a large stock of 

Groceries, Pork, Hams, 


Lard, Wheat, Corfr, 



No. 03 Third Street. 
ST. PAUL. .... MINN. 

.301 Tl 

1 fine Eb Cornet, last Monday evening, from J. : ^„dcd to you. The company arc aware that 
I Kaeer A Co., 63 Wasbini^'on St., Chicapn, man- I 

; ufacturcrs and importers of Band Instruments, i l»'«'"''««»«« "'^'^^^'T depen,\t upon their dealiug 
I and every description of Musical Merchandise | honorably with their custoners, and having this 
I Thjs f!rin guatirtce entire satisfaction, in every ! fact in view they strive to please all who favor 
j insiance. Their advertisement appears in an- i ,jj 

other column. 

ing reft rences and highly favorable notices o 

We are pleased t > learn that Mr. J. B- Ed- 

im with their patronage. Circalars contain- 
; reft rences and highly favorable notices of 
the press are sent free to all. Letters should be 


Register of Dcod.s 



wards has leased for three years, the Mankato plainly ».idre«scd, Metropolitan Gift Company, 

Weelen Mills. Mr. Edwards thoroughly under- v^.. lo? ■ m- n , x- •.- . 

. ^, , * ; No.'. 193 ana 19o Broadway, New \ oris, 

gtanas the manuraclnrc of every description of 

317 4m 

wo«lcn cloth.', in ?11 its branches, and cloths of | 

i hi-i make may always be relied upon as being of 
Ihe qu::lity specified. His beautiful farm in this Traiirfere of Real Eetate iu Faribanlt 

township is now ofTere"! for sale, in prefeeenec to 

Real Estate Agent and Con- Vy iX];;]^ LIQUOliS Th.mana::er, of the Minora 4 St. Peter R. 

veyanoer. ^ ' ' Ron confer no greater favor on th«pnblie than 

_ J • ''^ discharging lome of the cmplovees at the 

Tnxrt P,u,l /or XonreifJtnt*, AND 


Ac. Ac. 

Blue Earth tfty, Minn. 


Wo. 1U7 Third Street, 
•"*'• St. Paul, Minuesot 


J. L. llowland to J. C. Fosi«r, Warranty Deed of 
2 acres in se qr ne qr sw ^r, S 3, T 101, K 28. 
C'on.-i fetation fso 

Jerome I»ane to Even Pay Etcr;W D of wi «ei 
and nei sci S 1 j, and n'wt swi S U, T IM B 
2«. $1,500 

j l-cen made her • that packages »ere opet:ed at i Winnebago City. j22o 

■ that place: and a p>art of their eontintsapprcpri ; '^"*'° rranklin to Wm Das^in, W D of nei S 3j, 

' atcd, but we thought little of tha matUr t:ntil ' ,,.^ l?^' ^ '^^r . ^ ^ ^^'^^" 

' "•""' I M m Dustin to .Tohn Fraakl Ji W D of si Bl'k yS. 

1 Blue Earth City. $s,()i! 

doubt are today making very many honres haj.pier OlliniK; Finn?' ATpaI ti^O t^O 
than they may have been before the vrom en began tak- vyUlUII^, ilUUl, IVAtaj, tluO., Oi,C 

iiig lessons in personal and household and social man- rw /\ 

agemtnt from this g"odnatured mentor. -[The Nation, i ALSO EVERY DESCRIPTION OF 

It has the nieilt of being lensilde, of conveying In- _ . ^>,, 

structlon, of giving excellent patterns in every depart- (yrOCkei'V, GlaSSWare, ' 
ment,anrt of being well socked with good reading mat- i *' 

ter.— [Watchman and Rellector. 



Harper's Bazar, one year $4 00 

Lampri, Lanterns, 

Machine and Kerosene 

An extra copy of cither the Magazine, Week- ^-.., r, ox. j 

ly. 01 Bazar, will be supplied gratis for every Ull, OUgttr BlCkctS anCl 
club of five subscribers at $4 00 each, in one re- 
mittance; or six copies for $20 00, without estra 

Subscriptions to Harper's Magazine, Weekly, 
and Bazar, to one address for cno year, $10 OtJ ; 
or, two of Harper's Periodicals, to one address 
for one year, $7 00. 

Back number." can besoppl?td at any time. 

Vols. I. aod II. of Hahpkk'.^ Ba/.ak, for the 



of all sizes, and many styl 

O. K. Moulton. of the firm of MOl'LTON. A 

years lJ,«8-9 elegantly bou,.d in green moroc- DEUDON, has fust retnr/.ed from NEW YCRK 

CO cloth, will be sent by express, freight pre- CtlY. where he took particular time to 7ind the 

paia, ter 5/ t u «acn. . best houses, and ro purchase at the bottom of 

The po lageon Harper s Weekly „ 20 cents ,■„„ „,,ket, an.. con.^Jently believes that be ha. 

JoToffi^e'^Ad'^i'"" '"' "' ''"' "''""'''' ^ secured the best ,ualU>es of goods, and at the 

^ HARPER A BROTHER.'^, niost re«onablo figure,, and 

New Yoik. fjiyi p:xtire STOCK 


SALE AND EXCHANGE STABLE "•t««ine for yoursel^s' 

Truly Yours, 

Is now offered at a 
sma >, advance on the original cost. Call and 

! we found onrself the loser of over thirty dollars 
#orth of goods, end Late every 



1 he co-partn-irsbip hfvptoforc "xii'tLng between 
the uii ier-igued. under the firm name of Mo«l- 
ton A De»iiJoij. is this day dissolved by mutual 
cjn.jent,"F. Deudon withdrawing tbcrefrcMD 

T T L_ ■ 1- L "v •»■ ,. T T» ^' i Horacitoiet alallboira. dav or ntitbt. 'llorset tc' '^'' liabilitie." of the late firu are auiuned bv 

reason to sup- , L Jttnenck by shenff to L J Huntington, Sher- ! ^n or ex-^hange. ^"^ '^">' '«'^*' »'<'"»« ^ , (i. k. Moaitoa, who will coatmue XhTn^zS, 

I pose that the depredation was made at Waseca '*'"' ^'«'''>fi'^a'e of Sale of Lo: 12, B'.'k 12 in : Ca^ iwlj for oa»s» <">m and bay. Cits, corn, bar ' business ai ihc'oil faaJ 

' The Company w..,atle.3t do wcli to post a .e- j J.rWelH^Vw^^^^^^^^^^ .i^^^:^^l ' ' ?• f • ^C 

cret detective »ttb.trcint. j Bl'i 50, u. Blue Earth tfy. f-H '^Inncb^g, O-y. Pe. ' •. Jljtf' ^ianeb,?. C!ty, Minn., Nov!^I 



^-^'. : 

•^- "" ^""^ 

« HI 

in Faribault County. 


v4n21tf pr N. W. Sargknt 

April 5th, 1887. 


New Gootis. 


|l>«alcrs ia 

Stoves. Tin 






anuf.icta.-en of 


•nd all kinds of 


A fiat assortBiieot af 

Table aa* Pocket Cutlery; 

Griu^J^oties and llanginiis' 

8rea!dn|' mad Crossia^' 


Feiicc-Wirc, Jte., Ac. 


J- H. Welch, Wm. Wallas*, ciui, WaHaca. 

April rtb,18«. ^^•^«?^'---. 






BkefCatti*— Fair to Prime $14 00 

HOiia— Live lo 75 

Sheki*— Fair to Prime 4 60 

COTToX— Middling 

Fi-OCB— Extni Wibtem 6 20 

Wheat— Xo. -2 Spriug 126 _ 

Conn— Western Mixed 112 @ 

UaT<— WeMem 64)»ri* 65^, 

KvK— Western 1 05 @ 1 07 

Bablkx 1 00 

Pi.uK— M»M 3160 

Lard 18 


Bir.vis— Choice $ 700 

Prime 6 UO 

F»ir anklea 6 00 

Midluin S25 

Stock Catile -Common 3 60 

Inferior 2 SO 

Hoo8— Live 9 00 

@17 00 
(%1l 73 

& 25Si 
«^ 6 25 
d 131 

(a) 1 06 
(f(,33 50 
(4 1^ 

(£l)icago |)usiiuss Pirectori). 

TluJ'oUmwtHg or* amomg tika pro mbuH t laading bunmtt 
hoatcj in CJMr tnwral d»panauiUa: 


^ NICKEHSON, 234 Lake street. Carpetiiifs, Oil 
!9* Cloths, and MattioKS, Wholasale and Retail 
Orders pr(>mt>tly tilled. 



6 (HI 
3 75 

>'HEEP— Live — Oood to Choice 

Hi: riEi: — Choice 

£«<.;»— yrfsh 

FUjcb— White W.nter Extra 

bprin>; tttra 

War.AT— Spriug, No. 1 


CoRX— So 2 

0.\TS— No. 2 

Kte— No. 2 

Babi KT— No. 2 . . 

t'ouK— Men*. New 

Lakd '. . . 


Beef Cattle % 3 00 

lliKi*— Live 10 00 

bUEi V— Live 2 50 

Fli •IB -family. 6 25 

WHt:AT— Ited 105 

Coas 9S 

Oats 60 

Kte— New 85 

roBK-M»*9 31 0« 

Lauii 17' 

8T. Lorw. 

Dxer Cattix— Choice f "> 30 

Uood to Prime.... 3 50 

HoG.t-Live u Ot) 

SHEK.p-Uood to Choice 4 im» 

FlVB -Spring XX 4 N» 

Whkat— So. 1 Red 97 

fl.KN ><i 

Oats 4 J 

Ktk '^> 

llAULKY-Choice Fall 118 

PuRK— Mf»s 2«» 50 


@ 7 60 
(d 650 
9 76 
@ 4 75 
@ 460 
® 300 
@10 60 
(d 4 6>) 

& a* 

@ 84 
® 7t>0 
(» 4 75 
89 S 
80 >, 
41 >, 
1 00 


FISK, D. B. & CO. 
dealers in 

. . F>3 and ,V> I.ake St., wholeaala 

Strnw Ijuods, .Millinery, White (•uo4>>, 

Hoaiery, (.-loves and Fancy Uuods, i>i and 55 Ijdie street, 


MAGAZINES for 1870. 

Now is the Time to Subscribe. Send for Specimon Copies before 
selecting yo nr periodicals for the new y <>ar. 

Monthly of Literatnre, Science and Bdacation. 
Yearly Snbsoription, $4.00. 



An Illustrated 

Radical Republican Orgau, and the 

Leading Newspaper of the West 

The Cheapest and Btst Family 

Newspaper in the Land. 



L.XFMN, lllTIJiK dc CO 

44 State titreut 

Stock. Ac. 

Dealers in 

Cash paid for Rags. 

42 and 

89 @ 

80 C<4 

41 Cot 

74 @ 

96 & 

28 00 M3100 


C" 1U>BK11T,1IIBBAK1>& ('0.,Manilla.Urred, 
W steel, and irm wire roix-. tar. pitch and oakum, 
tackle blocks, anchors and chaioii, 2u' S. Wutor at., t'hi. 



««.M^ weU maintain, iu hold upon the pul.lic "^^^J^::-^^X'^^\o?^t^.nX^i^^ '""^^""^ 


Rate* of ISubHrription for the Year 1870. 

Dail^, one copy, one year itH'i 

\ eekly • one copy . . 

copy, one year. 

' — CKarUtiou Courirr. Libaral arrannoiuonts 1 


C^II.BKUT, in ltBAUI» A 4 O, 
Jl twiner of nil kinds. 

cotton and flax 
wot>l sacks and )>urlaps, neta A 

seines, tents, c.nora and llujfs, JUT S. \Vat«r St., Chicago. 

niiliuiuikcc l»u5iuc55pircctori) 



BiKVKS-Choice $ 6 75 

Pnme 5 50 

Fair Grades 4 '-0 

MeJiuui 3 25 

Stock Cato.!:— C'ommou 3 00 

Inferior 2 <«i 

Hoo-i-Livo oco 

8HtE»«— Live— Qo.k1 to Choice .... 2 00 

r.LTTER— <-'hoio« 28 

Koii.*— Fn ah 28 

FloCB -Whit« Winter Extra 6 26 

tipriO){ Extra 4 75 

WHKAT-8priu«, No. 1 9HiW 

No. a SS'^i^ 

Tors— So. 2 83 i^ 

OAia So.2.. 41 & 

hVK-No.2 70 @ 

Baklet— Ctood 95 (to 

1'ui.ic-Mes.s— Sew . 28 50 


^ 6:!5 
(g,10 75 
@ 460 
@ 660 
(9 no 
& lixj 
9 52 
(Ji W 

»@ H 

(9 6 50 
^ 4 50 
^10 ) 
(d» 5 (4) 
(<i 4 80 
(nt 100 
(^ 91 
« 60 

@ ISO 
(« Z-J 00 

& n.s 

(3) 7 00 

(OS 6(0 

4 60 

4 75 


2 75 


4 00 



(0) 6 00 

& 5 23 


ThtfitU-xtiny art amtong the promittenl Uadin;/ bunnami 
house* in their terrral ilfpartmml*: 

A monthly of Becreation and^ Instruction. Profuiely 

Kdltcd hy TKomaa Oatbrlc, D. D. 

Yearly Subscription, $4.00. 

- •• * .^..^..1 nt •hi. irinvU nnmher c OcL ) will satisfy everyl>ody that this Is exactly thii sort of periodical, instruct- 
ive tn'd'^! bJi't' f'Jee' from'L^UW pStSi, t^ in..Sluc/into the family, parUc Oarly where there are young 

people."— /'Ai(ut<«(/</iu« />•«*. . 

Daily, one copy, one year "^iS'ltJ 

TTl-t\ eekly , one copy JrK} 

Weekly Kdltloii, single copy, one year. Z.IK 

Four < oiiieH \Veckl.v, one year, one address. 7.K 
i Teii( opifx W t'lklj, onoyear,toouoadarB«B.l.J.t 
I TM-enl V t'opies \\ eekly, 1 year, one add e8.ti.>.l 
I Fitly (opie* \\eekiy,oneyear, one address. ttO.l 
t On all clubs to the Weekly, in addition to a commis- 
I sionof Twenty percent., we offer for the ihirtrmi 
I larufi i\'rekly riul^ received on or before the 15ui day 
of January, 187U, the following 


For the 1 Ht Ur^ est Club. 


J9 sihool architectnre. 

Destgna for church and 

Established biscb 1856. 


^THK'KI.-ASn A <<»., Whol.'salo Dealers in 
»5> Books, Stntionerj-, School Books. Paper and hancy 
liood^ 3s;; Kaitt Wutcr street. .MiU:iukfe. 


_ Wholesale DoiUers in Boots mid .Shoes, 334 East 
Aler street, Milwankea 

AMoiithly.Haffa2iueorLiU'ialur.v Stience, Art andTraTel. frafusely Illustrated. 
Yearly Subscription only 92,75. 

lOooD WoBPfi Is in every respect a first-class monUily. iU <:»nt">>"«ons being from tlw^eM^am^^^^ 
writers of England, U is now by far tho most popular magazine issued in tliat country, ana w mnjaujr laYo w 
known here. - . 



Star Mills. 


A .1. <J. FLINT, Teas, (;round f;offeeB, 

Spices. Mii«t.ird, < 'rcim Tartar. Blacking, Ac, 

TPfrcet. Milwaukee. 



L\IR A PF.RSON!*, Crockery and f^utleryj 

i/v>king-(ilasse«, Ijimps, and Curtain Papers, Sob 

Water street. 


A Monthly Masazine for Yoang People. Profusely Illustrated. 
Yearly Subscription only S2.50. 

We pronounce it undeaitatingly the firrt of juvenile periodicalo. Wo have "tf" ""t^J"' ^J^^ ?^o^umbl°r 
compare with it in the beauty, variety, and good taste ot the jeading majter. nor thai, approactiea u in mo muiioo 
snd eicelloBce of iU illustaationa. " /*«''. Si m r mum. 

Tlie FOLTl M \(;AZINKH to one address, $10.25 per annum. Spkcimbh Numhbb o( any one o< the above 
nia.led on receipt of -.gcenuor^^^^^ and PREMIUM USTS mailed on appllcaUon. 

Addr!;.« .I.B. LIPPINCOTT A <O..Hublii»her«, , . . . 

AoaroHS ,«tii„„.i ttt IT. _i...r kiii-uxi. I'liiladeipliin* 

9 15 and 7 17 Market Mtrttet, 


For ProiiioUn? tlic (Jrowlh and Prescrying the l«eauty of 


There are thirteen prwnimna, and they will be mailed 
to the thirteen parties entitled to them lor dehvered to 
Uieir order) on the twenty-fourth day of .lanuary, 1».0. 
The adilresses of Uie successful parties will be given in 
our weekly is.sue of the '25th of .January, 1870, together 
with the sizes ot Uie winning clubs. Pereons making 
up clubs iu coinpliauce with iLb above terms wUl secure 
the 'Ji) per cent, commission any how, and, if their club 
is one of the tliirteou lar^o&t, will draw one or other of 
the above premiums. Specimen copies sent free. Send 
for one. Money by dratt, eipreas, money orders, or m 
registered letters, may lie sent at our risk. 


C'lilciMto, IIIiuoM. 

Agents Wanted ! 





Wharevcr uaed, theae nacUnea are pro- 
nounced in both Principle and Quality, 
auperlor to any la tke market. 

vritbout exception. 
All are dell«hted with them. 
They cut eaay, true, amooth and 
rapidly, and are atrouv iu every part. 


28 " Power 1 f **' 

32 " Lkvkb " .' «6 

33 " HandobPowkh " »... 860 

86 ** PowBK, (very heavy and •troog) 700 

Of the 28 Inch Lever Cutter the Pawtucket R, 1. 
Gazette says ; "Would not sell it for four time* iU coat" 
The N. H. Telegraph uy*: "The time aaved will 
more tlian pay for it in a year." 

We have very many endorsements of all the machinaa 
speaking of them with unqualified praise. 
ZW Send for Catalogues and Foil Deacriptiona. 

78 Dnane Street, N. T. 


Is it that Dr. Roback's Stom- 
ach Bitters increase in sale 
every year ? 


They are the best ecn-bina- 
tion ever made. 


Do the Druggists recom- 
mend Dr. Roback's Bitters 
to their customers? 


have been 


American Patent 

I'or Introducing and Negotiating Valuable Paienta. 
Omres \»i Lake Street. ITilcaao, HI. 

L. J. Fabwf.ll. E. a. KLX,8W0KTH. D. J. Powkiuj. 


fn.TESC'II A' CO., Wholf>fi:>le and Retail Man- 
• ufiicturinK and Anal.vtical Chemists. ICeep 
Photographic Stock . 15 .Spring atreet. 


@ 71 
6D 1 15 
(a*31 liO 
(gi 19 

— A Peoria, III., policeman, the other 
tlay. Doticing a person that looketl snspici- 
onsly corpulent, arrested him on suspicion 
of his having stolon gootls about Lim. Tell- 
ing hiiu to disrobe, the man complieil, and 
iu the next ten minntfcs pulled t £f lour 
coats, two vests, fonr pairs of paut.s. and 
fcltv.ii --birts. 

CI II. <'I..VKK1', Hour Brands, .Seals, Stencil 
• Dies and Tools. Key I heck Dies. <;old Pens re- 
pointcd. Send for circular to Boi IO(W, M ilwaukee. 


A B. BLANC'lIAUD & <"0., General Dealers 
>1L« and ("omraission Merchants, in Foreign and 
nome*«tie, tireen and Dried Fruits, Can Goods, Nuts, 
Ac. Wi F.ast Water street, Milwankee. 


\r \NliEK FrKNITCRK STORF.. Mntthew 
Rroa, .Manufsiturers and Dealer-sin Furniture and 
ITpholstered Goods, -I!" Water btreet 

knovving that when loss of hair occam. 't,i?^,°'^'{',^;Sdt'e ^t ^I^^^.'TA 

egeUble Oils as the baais of a medioa- 
meut to promote the growth and preserve the beautj of the Hair. 

The Inventors of Coro.\n.E „ .^ ; .. 

where the greatest heat ia neoeasarily genomted, and than animal faU by 
alleviate it turning their attention and phanuaceutal r,oienoe towarOs V 

The Oleum Coctis, or 

nossessinjf many properties peculiarly adapted fcr the purpose. By a »cientific 
Election Of other.ingi^^en.. th^Sv.^^^^ 

presented itself moat strongly as 
selection of other ingredients, tt 
together have produced a topical compound 

No Other Compound 

possesses the peculiar prope 


ED YARD & WOOD, fine Groceries. Wines 
Liquors, Cigars and Canned FmiU. Agents for 
ell's Ale and Royal Baking Powder, 




4U6 Milwaukee 


(aptnre, the Prison-Peu autithe Escape. 


Thia thrilling, aathentie, and pnpulir work, U a com- 
plato history of Southern Prison Life: principally at 
lUehmond, Danville, Macon, Savannah, Charleston, 
Colombia, Belle Isle, Milieu, Sahsbnry, and Anderson- 
ville Describing the 


of defenceless prisoners who came too near the J^i't/in',- 
portraying the arrival of prisoners, plans of cwape, with 
nuineroiu and varied incidents and anecdotes 

sale tirocers, ao A aoo East Water st, Slilwaokee. 

€ lOODRIC'H Sc TERRY, Wholeaale Grocers, 
f al4 A alo Fjist Water street, Milwaukee. 


RIIlNEY, Tmporter and Wholesale Dealer in 
• Shelf Haadware, Iron, Steel, Nails, Ac, 435 Fast 

Water street. .Milwaukee. 


prison life, embracing, also, tho adveuturei of the 
auttior's "rnpr from Columbia, South Carolina, his ra- 
(ii/>'i'r'. trial aa <^v. and final escape from Sylvania, 
Georgia, We want an agent in every town, county and 
village in the 


lerties which so exactly auit 

the various conditions of the human hair. 

It toflenK Ih" tktir icArii hitr^h Wil.drg. 

It tuuthes thm irritated seal/). 

It affuTiU tlte rirhtut luttrr. 

It rentaini longnt in rjfrri. 

It preveiitt »*« huir f rum falling off. 

llprtjnvitea ita hrullhi/, miyutuim yr»K>K 

H ii wit yn-amj ur ttirktj. 

It Itat— Hu diauj/reeabU udur. 


Boston, October 3u. 1869. 
Messrs Josbph Bpbnett A Co. : 

<;eniltrincii,—My worst complaint for several years has 
been Dandruff. Alter brushing my Ixair, ray coat collar 
would be covered with white scales. 

I have used less than a bottle of your Cocoaine. The 
dandrutf, and the irritation which caused it, have en- 
tirely' disappeared, and my hair was never before in bo 
good condition. Your obedient servant, 



CI H. PKEISMEIt A- BRO., Wholewde and 
• Retail Di-alcrs in Watches. Clocks, Materials, Ac. 
Kstabhuhed in Wll. 4:X i^asl Water street. 


\v7PEIia'E & CO., Wholesale and RetaU 
• Dealers in Lumber, lAth, .Shingles, Picketa, 
Timber, Cedar l'iwt». ,tc. Oflice U7 West Water street, 
corner Sycamore, .Mil«a'.ikoe. 


Boh ION. Novembers. 1859. 
Messrs. Joseph Bubnhtt A Co., Boston - 

Grnfh-mni,—l have been bald seven years. After asirig 
one Ixittle of your C'ocoaine, my bald pate is covered 
all over with young hair, about three-eights of an inch 
long, which appears strong and and healthy and detei^ 
mined to grow. 
Very truly your obliged and obedient servant. 

U. '1 MfcRWIN. 

Loss of Hair. 

Boston, July 19. 
MeesrsJoaKPHBcrHNEn ACo. .- - .,„,ii i 

tor many months my h iir has been falling off, untu l 
was feartul ot losing it on irely. TW Skin upon my head 
became gradually moeu null more intlamed. 

1 commenced u;a IBIiit jour i 'ocoaino the last week 
in Juno. nwWlC applic ation alUyed the itching and 
^ritafii.D ; in three or tour dajs the reduosa and tender- 
ness disappeared, the hair ceased to tall, and 1 have now 
a thick growth of new hair. 
Yours, very truly. 


Mr. George Ticknor Curtia' 

Life of Daniel Webster. 

In two volumes, fevo. 600 pages each. lUustrated with 
elegant Steel Portraits of Mr. Webster, and nne ^ood- 
cuts of DitTercnt Views at FrankUn and .Marshheld. 
The first volume is now ready. Second volume will be 
ready Dec. i'.th. This work will be sold by SuUrriyt imi 
oii/i/. Kxperienced and reliable agents can have exclu- 
sive territory, by appljing at once. Address 

MOSES WARREN, tien. A«ent, 

S9 Dearborn St, CHICAGO, ILL. 

./ Rtru, Rahe. Racy , full of Fact, !■ un and Fanc* ; 
mrr to please "all hands." Only 6U cenU a year; valu- 
able premiums to subscribers and agents. Specimens 
■ix oenta Say where you saw thia Addresa 

UNION BANNER. lUl/att, Maiti*. 







After years of 
and trial they 
proven to b« a sure cure 
for Dyspepsia and Indiges- 


l9 it that Physicians use 
and recommend Dr. Ro- 
back's Sugar-ooated Blood 


Is eveiTwhera pronounced by competent Judges 
" others for 




Hair JDressing. 

Th* follotcing urAt it /rem the ucU-lat(nm proprietor 
Frank LetiU't Illuttrat'd Aeuipaptrt and Magaanf. 
Niw ToBK, September 22, IcM). 

J. BiTHincTT, Esq. :— 
/>«ir .Sir -For some tine paat I have been using yo 

Cfxioaine. and think it far preferable to anything i ha 

ever used for tho hair. , ... 

If my indorsement is ol value, you are perlecuy at no 

erty to uae lU Uespectivlly youra. ^^^^^ LESLIE. 

BaNOOB, March 3, IHtiS. 
Joseph BrBXETT 4 Co ?— , ^ • . »i. 

««i/.'«mm.,- Your Cocaiine is the only dressing for tile 
hair usid ia my family fcr the Ust eight years. It stop- 
ped my wife's hair from coining out and increased its 
growth. r^ , 

1 am also under obligaiotu to this same Cocoaine for 
saving my own hair, wbich was very faat coming out | 
previous to using tliia va uable preparation. j 

Very truly yoort. J. C. MITCHKLO^ i 

( .rocar, Bangor, Ma. 

inor to 
owing reasons : 

It is made of the finest stock growa 

It has a mild and agreeable aroma. 

It is anti nervous in ita elfecta, aa 

It is free from drugs, the Nicotine 

Having also been extracted. 

It leaves no acrid, disagreeable aftertaste. 

Does not sting or burn the tongue. 

Leaves no offensive odor in the room. 

t)rder8 for Elegant Meerschaum Pipes 

Are daily packed in various bags. 

It is of a bright golden color. 

Being very light, one pound will laal 

Two or three times as long as others. 

But it, try it and convince yourself. 

If your dealer does not kee p it aa k him to get it 


Is also a very goo* article, and makes an excellent 
smoke. It is much lower in price and of heavier \ 
body than the former, and its sale, wherever intro- | 
duced, is not only permanent, but conHtantl} on the 
increase. Orders for elegant Meerschaum Pipes are 
also placed in the varioas bags of this brand daily. 

have now been in gen- 
eral use in the United 
States over UU years, 
and still acknowledged 


They know the insredients 
of which they are 



"the best" wherever used. 


Are Dr. Roback's Blood 
Purifier and Blood Pills 
tho best remedies taken to- 
oether for the cure of all 
diseases of the blood ? 



L,ORIlJ.ARD'S I Thia brand of 

^^^pm^k/mwmm^m'^^mgf Cut Chewing Tobacco I 

iSTs l%l "I'll W% X has no eQual or snpe- i 

*'*'*^ * ^^ ■** ^ nor anywhere. It is , 

Cliewlllg Tebacoo. | without doubt the beat | 

Chewing Tobacco in the oountiy. 

P. &OB.IZ.X.A&D. New "Tork ! 


or firstnclass new 7 Octave Pianos. 

Sent on trial U. S. Puno Co., New York ; 


j^ ^ Bale Wealer and .Manuiaclurer of aU kinds of 
Marble Work, < .runit« Hofiting Slate, Ac. 


to sell it this fall and winter. The volume contains 
between four and tivo hundred iiages, including an 
Appendix containing the name, rank, regiment, and 
uoetotticj addresta of the prisoner!! ; if is '"'Ju '■/•''•'/ •"■'«- 
iratr.i. and riryanllij boimif in extra cloth. Wo are pre- 
pared to 



HH. .II.VNVII.IJ?, Notions and White Goods. 
• 3*4 .Main streut. Milwaukee. 


Hs. IIROWN, I!' 
# photographs. lart: 
pilot ogniphic goods in Wi-^ 

in tho city, and best 
ir'raent of frames and 

^j Wisconsin atroct. 


Irritation of tlie Scalp. 

WATERvnxJ!, Me., September 1!5, 1869. 
Mesara Joseph Bctosk rr A Co. :— 

Hear aim,— I have derived much benefit from the use 
of your (,'oGoaine, 'i'wolve years ago I had the tv-phus 
fever ; after my recovery 1 found myself troubled with 
an irritation of the ccalp. 

I purcha.sed a bottle of the Cocoaine only for tho pur- 
pose of a hair dressing, but to my burpritte, it has en- 
tirely removed the irritation of so long standing. 1 have 
recemuiended it to several ot my frninds, who were 
atlUcted in the same way, and 
tHe disease. 

A Remarkable • ase. 

East MiDtLKBOBo', Mass.. June 0, 1861 
Meesra. Bhrnett A Co — , . • u 

My daughter has been afflicted vnth neuralgia m Her 
head for three years, ^iho has used during that Ume 
many powerful applicaliona. These, with the intense 
heat caused by the painii, burned her hair so badly that 
in (Jcfober. iHoI, It all cumootf. 

She was induced to trj your Cocoaine, and the resmi 
was astonishing. .She h id not used half the contenta of 
a bottle before her head was covered with tine young 
hair. In four months tl.e hair has grown several inches 
in length, very thick, suit and tine, and of a darker 

WM. 8. EDDY. 

my friends, who were . i„ length, very thick, suit and tin^ 

" h"^ ..*iu"},??¥*"V*^ color than f urmerly. W ith respect, 

ZV Tlio Companion la an eiKht-pase weeWy 

Paper, Practical in its character, \vid»- 

awalco and eutertalnins. 

It 0ive« a irreat rariety of reading, intereat- 

Ins alike to younc and old, and haj for 

coutributorii such \tTiter* a« 

Ktv. Edu-ard E.Hah, Harriet Betcher SUnot, 

Louiie CkdTuiler JloxUion. '•Sopki4 May," 

Eiitabeth Stuart Phelps, E»l*n C. Wttkt, 

Together with many other well known and popular 

Subscription prioa, 81.50. Sand for a specimen 

cAir BS cxmsD. 

sd are ear _ 

to send for a ClUCULAK LETTER OF REFER. 

Thoee having friends afflicted are eamwsUy solicited 
send for a ClUCULAK LETTER OF REI-liR. 
liNCES and TESTIMONIAIJsjVvhich will cqnviiice the 

moat skeptical of the CURABlLlTY of the DISEASE. 

86 Great Jones St, N. Y. City. 


The Blood Purifier is the 
only article in the market 
which contains the celebrated 
costly Drugs imported ex- 
pressly from Sweden ^or its 
manufacture, and the Pills 
contain the active principle 
of Podophyllum (Mandrake 
Root,) and is a substitute 
for Mercury. 

BrR.\ETrS rorOAI.\E it Ihf Bf:ST and CUKAI'KST Hair- Dr»»nng in tht lorll It prutnotM Ih* GROWTH OF 
TIIK HA lit, and ia rn'irflyj'rerfrum all irrilutiny mailer. The name and title thsrtof ie adapted ai a Trade- Mark to 
nerure the public and projtrietorr iv/aintt imftoiitiun h<i rhr introduction q/" apuriout art'.cle'. All nuoMlhur ixed *'e ^/ Ihia 
TraiU-ifark \tiH be prumplUj prosecuti d. 

the most Ufxrral terme to all who engage with us in the 
sale of this Book. Teachert, ladies, energetic young 
mnn. and ("specially returned and disabled olficers and 
lujldient, will tiud our work particularly adapted to tlu-ir 
condition. We employ no general a.!ents. but otter 
superior inducements to csnvass»'rM. i>'l <i;i'i-" itiH 
„f>,j-^c; !'•• thititrtn. t>ver l.»0,000 copies havo already 
been sold in the East. One scent sold :17 ci.ii*** >n one 
iJay. another 7.'i another has taken 1,(MHI "rd.>ri in 
tour weeks. S.impie copy forwarded, post pa i4, on re 
ceipl of ^-j.OO. tor full particulars, address 
K. H. FERIilSON & to.. 

Publishers, St Looia, Ma 

MTOON.\N & .^IcN.\K, Dealers in all kinds of 

1^ Papere. Cards, C.ird Boards, Straw Boards. Kags 
and Paper Stock, 1^.5 Wiaeon ain street ^_^ 



1,1 F. A I>A.>IS & ( «»., Manuf::ctiires and Whole 
M/ •sale Dealers in Tobacco, Snuff andCigirn, \,'i S,^ 


trc'jt, .Mil>niu',»ee. 


A DAY made at 


r\ gents. 


Daris by Sunlight 
■ and Gaslight 

A WORK descripUve of the .>! \ .•<ri:i{IE."*. 

VIRTIE.**, VIC £.«*,' SPLENDORS and 

1 RIMES ot the t'lTY OF PARIS. 

It tells how Paris has become the <Jayosf»nd ciost 
Boantiiul «ity in *ho world: how iU Beauty and splen- 
dor are purchased at a fearfnl cost of Misery and Suffer 
iiig . how visitors are dwindled by Professional Adven- 
tiirers how Virtue and Vice go arm- in arm in the 
Keauf iful < 'ity ; how the most Kearful Crimes are com 
mitltd and concealed ; how money is «in.>in(leri?<l m M^f- 
le<wliivury; .and contains over l.'iil tine I- ii({r:niiigs ot 
noted Places, Life and Scenes in Pans, taavajising 

iHNikssent free. Addrese ,„...«,„ ^.r^ 


Chicago, 111. or St. Louis, Ma 

/.inly new articles for 
."tamples sent free. Address 

H. B. SHAW, Alfred. Me 


.s..:.,iTWi:NTV FIVE CK.S I's/ •'._> l>.-- 
tincite in Fs.-k-inl .<; Co's i.rMi 1 l>i*tii- 
bmion,co!i>-i?tmi.'01 l'i:ir.os,.MiU;U(om., 
I Gold iind Silver \V:it.-hc.s. Jeweliy. «<' 
valiie<l at $7 J,t«iO. Ev.t> iu tr 


Manufacturers and Proprietors, - - No. 27 Central St., Boston, Mass. 





We offer a new prac- 
tical Work needed by 
all business men. 

Agonia have already 
realiZ'-d ovor i^.W l>er 
day. Booksellont and 
energetic p<-raons will 
receive sample and par- 
ticulars free by address 

Lie ATION < O., 

■y. Clark St.Chicago, 111. 



t(i l*edis 
l^VeTofonrhel>oV>iilar8l.<J«> I'lm. t"'! 
not to be paid for until you kii av what 

Certificates ftndfir- 

1^90 nnn nflll lAwrenceTownleTEstafcof 
dCl£0«UUUsUUU>England. According to the 
upinum ot the t>e«t lawyers. I am tho heir to this Kstato. 
I will s«ll a few shares at a sacrifice to obtain money to 
prosecute my cUim in Kngland. For p irticulars. ad- 


BEST SEWINiJ , „ ,. . 
only Sj^O,. Sample Machine t.i 


ly '., 

,\ wHlTNEY 
llaiupstod, N. U. 


Agents KREF. 

I pai'i 

1 vrin are to receive. 

liir-^ s^nt on receipt of ■-•^iociit.-', or hvj 


C5 ^'<nt F-.urth Street, 
Cincinnati, 0l\»O. 


cn.\9. A. DANA, Fmtijr. 
Th« rhsapest, »marte<t, a:id bf st New York rcwspsper. 
Evervbody likoi it. Thte e<liti'^ii»: Dailt, 90| ^,^'"- 
Wiiii.T,»'ii and Wi«KLT,»l ayear. ALLTBitNiiws 
at hslf-prir-. f-ull reports of market*, aencnltur^, fanner, 
and Fruit Orowem' Clubs, and a complete ?t..rv in every 
Wr»klv snl 9emi-Wp«kly number. A present of valuable 
phatx'anJ vinfs to every .ub«rihori Inducement. «o o«n- 
vsrtem .inTOrp««5«l. •!,«• Lift Iniumnccs, Omnd P»n™i. 
Mowin: Michinei^ Parlor Oncn«. Bcwinjs Machines. »c., 
amon* the premiums. Specimens and hsU free. Sena « 

Dollar and try it. „ ,.,. ^ o vr._ V...1. 

L W. ENGLAND. Publisher Son, New York. 

We do not wish to inform you, reader, that Dr. Won- 
dorfiil, or any other man, has discovered a remedy that 
cures Consumption, when the loni» .ire half consumed, 
in short, \rill cur««ll diseases whejh'-r of mind, body or 
or estate, make men liv.^ forever, »n<l l.'\v« death to play 
for want of work, and is desifrned tomakeonrsnbbinary 
sphere a blissful paradis<», to which ll<<avpn itself phall 
be but a side snow. Vou have hi>ard enough of that 
kind of humbiigery, and we do not wonder that yon have 
bv this time liecome disgusted with it. But when I teL 
you that Dr. Sages l?atarrh Remedy i'> 'I pnri.irrlii cure 
III' ir--ryi roj'fi or Cuinrrh, I only asseri that which thous- 
ands can testify to. Try it and yon will be convinced 
I will pay HSaUURE^AKD for a case of Catarrh that 1 
cannot cure. 

For Sale by mo«it DmsKistH Errry where. 

PHirK OSLT 6fl CEIJTS. ."^1' '■/ Wli', pn^ paid for 

HiThi Crni*: Four Packngea foT$2.iiii; oronodozeia for 
$.T.(X>. Send a two c»"Ut stamp for Dr. Sage's pamphlet 
on Catarrh. Address the Proprietor, 

■■ PEIRCE, M. D., 



A very superior regulating Tonic, imparting vigor and 
strength to the constitution— A thorough 


a regulator of nervous force, and a powerful sustainer 
uf health against the encroachiiionis of disease 

'I he invalid and the convalesi iug s-joking restoration, 
B0d yearning for tho healing virtuBS of soino mngic 
llalin, wiU tmd in those Bitters a hidden mysterious 
power which quietly re«tt<ire», yet rclusu.s to reveal 
to the senses an>thing but taste and color. 

It IS a pleasant Isittor, free from all nauseous proper- 
ties or odor, eutiroly vegetable, l>eing mainly grown at 
the base of the mountains from which they derive their 
uaiiio, and is particularly adapted to all inrius of 
manifesting themselves by the following symptoms: 
llradache, Nervousnese. Ixiss of .Memory, Ixiw bpirita, 
• .i.i.iinB«a. Dimness of night. Dullness ol Hearing and 
l-angiug .N'oises in the l--ars. Kructationa or Belchings 
of W ind. Tightness of Breathing, Weight and Opproa 
hion of the (best. Uneasy Feeling about the Heart, 



HAIfl.lcocO CREAM 

It is purely veftetable, contains no alcohol, iolphur 
lead or mineral ingredient; is clean, highly porfumec 
and dilTereut from an) other article. Everybody wil 
use it. Price. only 60 ct*. {,(X),iiO() bottles sold annually 

CUICAGt.*, WJioleeale Aiicnt*. Sold by all drugglsU 

ASTOl^riSHINa ! 

mVADA.lIE LA RlEcan produce, by meansof the 
if 1 Horoscope, a tru.» picture of your future husband 
or wife, with name, occupation, pecuniary circum- 
stances, date of marriiga, and felicity of married life, 
furthermore, she willitive you the P. O. address, so that 
you can correspond . a ;ho the age and tuU description, 
and tell yon how, when and where you will becoiiKi 
acquainted, how often you will marry, your destined 
success in life, and evorything relating to ^our future. 
State your age, color ol eyesaud hair, inclosing .'lU cents, 
and you will receive tha picture, with a written destiny, 
by return mail. Address, in coohdence, M. LK RUE, 
Drawer .5S9;i, Ch)ca«:o, IlL 


Five Dollars will buy the Fairy Be\rinK >I«chlnp, 

which is warrantt>d to io perfect sewing on the heaviest 
beaver or nuest cotton Why pay iJ.'A) or $101) when the 
"Fairy" will do ii^st as good worit for only i^. Send for 
Circular. The Machire vrill be sent by Express C. O. D. 

Address Fairy S«\viiij{ .^larhint* to., 

P. O Drawer 5787. Chicago, Ulinois. 


for Ijver Diseases.' Disorders of the Kidneys, 

Restlessness and lx>a.s of .Muscular Power, those Bitters 
will be foond almost a specitic. and aa a pietentivc ol 

or a restorer of the natural power of the system, when 
brolien down by continnod ague attacks it has no equal. 

Being stimulating ibut not intoxicating i they refresh 
and invigorate both mind and body, heighten the senai- 
bility, clear and sharpen the tacolties, and bestow 
alacrity and chuerfnlness ot spirit. 


This is an active Tonic, and such is its peculiar com- 
position that it acta directly upon the Liver, whether its 
aerangement is caused by the sudden paruiisms ot 
chills, ur by the heat and posiilent utmospuuro ot miss 
matic districts and seasons, or whether ii be the slow 
result of sedentary life, ar the sequel ui other diseases. 
In all cases this I ure stimulates th? sluggish action of 
the Ijvor, removes the bile and promoies a healthy 
natural secrotiou. Fjich bottle is accumpanied with one 
t>ox of I.austcy'a < atbiirtic I'ille, «1 a bottle. 


Building Paper 




J. R. La^^ence & Co.'s 

Publishers Youths' Companion, 

\h\ Washington Stre et. Boaton , Maea. 




TuE People's Favorite Journal. 
The Moat Intei*e»ting; Stories 

Are always to bo found in the 

New York "Weekly. 

At present there aro 


running through its Columns; and at least 

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subscribe for the 

New York Weekly- 
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New York Weekly 

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IT. v. IXTeekly Departments 

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The News Itemh give in tho fewest words the moat 
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The Gossip with Cohre81>ondekt8 contains answers 
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Each issue contains from EKiHT to TEN STORIPJ5 
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I. with age, height, 

color of eyes and^ hair, you will receive by return 

mail, a correct picture of yonr future husband or wife, ' 
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The I-;xrelMior Pacltane, suitable for evetTr city or ] 
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Are Dr. C. W. Roback's 
Stomach Bitters, Blood Pu- 
rifier and Blood Pilis the 
three greatest remedies 
world has ever known? 


any address tor 5u cents. 

APHAR i. CO., 

109 Grand St., N. Y. City. 


J9 THE FARM, and how fanners and their sons can 

each make 



In Winter. 10,0(W copies will be mailed free to farmers. 
Send name and address to „ , , , 

ZEKJLER. M.CURDY 4 CO . Chicago, la 


a<;ents for 


In the noniidleB* Went and Snnny South. 

How, why and whure to find them. All about the won- 
derful progress and groat resources of the conntt^'. 
.New, fresh interesting and popular. Onovolumo. tine 
ilhistratioos. Price low. A rare chance to make money. 
Send for circular PEOPLE'S PUBLISHING CO., 
ItM State atreet, Chicago, 111. 



THE only perfect cure for PILE.S of all kinda Also 
Lehiujhy, S*:hokula, Salt Rheum, and all diseases 
of fce Ski.s and Bumid. Internal and exterual use. 
I Kntiri'ly vegeUble. Used in the Hoepitals of the t)ld 
and New World. In case of failure, 1 nuthori/e all deal 
I era to refund the money and charge it back to mo. No 
I failures for over ten years. Prepared by H. D. FOV\ I.E. 
I Chemist, Boston, Masa. ill a bottle, bold eveiywbare. 
Send for Clreulart f re*. 


E :>IA«a<' <"0.">in wUl change any colored 

hair or beard to a permanent Black or Urtiwn 

One Comb sent by mail for *1. 1 or sale by MerchauU 
and Druggists generally. Address . ,, 

MAGIC COMB CO., Springfield, Mass. 

A Book for the Million* 

lyTf^ *^**Y^ "**■"■■ '"° t^the Mar- 

itlEU or those about 
\{.o marry, on tho 
.physiological mva- 
teries and revoUOons of the seinal system, with the 
latest discoveries in producing and preventing olTkpnng, 
how to preserve the ompleiion. 4c. 

This IS an interesting work of 224 psges, with numer- 
ous engravings, and contains valuable information for 


those who are married or contemplate marriage, still it 
not laid carelesly about the bouse. 

is a IxKik that shauld be kc; 

,it undi 


er luck and key, and 

Sent to any one ^free ot postage; for Fifty Onta._ 

N. W. comer Fifth 






Gradf^A IJnunatrt' Lf Vfl, Pi'iw only $1."». 

Evury farmer needs one. Every School should have 
one. No Engineer re-iuirt>d to lay out roads, walks or 
watercourses. Will e^tablij'h levels for foundations. 
walls, bridges, maile ground, 4c. It is extremely simple 
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DescripUve circulars, with cuts, fr<»». 

ltA.MU.TO.N K. TOWLI., t^ivil Fngiaeer, 

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.^Bki<\dway, New York. 


The >Iarri«Ml I.adipo' Privnto Companion con- 
tains tho desired information. Si>nt free for two stamps. 
Address .MRS. C HK.VHY, Uanover.Pa. 



PRICE 8.3G. 

f-'very Family in the country needs one. 
t knits ever> thing from a mitten to a blanket. 
\ child. 12 years old, can learn to work it lu an botir. 
tt isopemfHl theaameasa sewing machi..e. by band 

or r»s.'t. 
It u^es but nne needle, and is the perfection 1 1 ^■e%nty 

and usefolneea. 
Circulars with cntaand full particulars free to everybody. 
Agents wanted in every county, .vpply qmcaly. 
TOWLE 4 UARDI.NO, t;en'l Ag'ts, 

ITri Broadway, New \ ork. 

Goods shiopecl PROMPTLY, and at 
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Wekeepinatock SUPERIOR BRANDS 
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PRICE LIST containing valuable tables, 
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THE TRADE when requested. 

$10. WATCHES. $10. 


(Inooiveiated by the State) aeU Fine Gold and So^ 
^j£f^*Wat^ at fW each. KOUOEngravings. ftdlT 
deaeribing and Qluatrating all oar Watohea, are pneea 
io seakxTenvelopea. which are tboroaghly nuted. and 
wh«n orderf-l, are maileiL ppat-paid. at the following 
prices Single EngTBTtne.* ce»te: -Twelve, ^d rich 
prvmism. «?; Twenty live, and elecant Silver Hnnting 
W atch as premium, «10. BvwT^ engravrog enjtles the 
bolder ih.'ren: to a Watch wofi* from «» to «..») irre- 
mibUtj of value, for «10. Nothing can be loet by Una 
tiTeSmeBt. aa no article io our stock ia worth 1«» »han 
•aked. while the buyer may otnaia a Watch 
I CiivnhusfrM! •/« 
tmndwinh iK •■. AddrM* 
■«•(•• Broadway, 


or "Poor Man's Ooush Salsam." 

■A safe and reliable antidote for diseases of the Throat 
and Lungs; the most utTactual preparation in the world 
for Coughs, (olds, letluenza. t roup. Asthma Consump- 
tion of tno Lungs, .Spitting of Blood, Whfsjping Cough, 
Bronchitis, Tightness, Soreness, and all afiections ot 
the Throat and Langs, 35 cents a bottle. 


The Eocky Mountain Bit ers Company, 

•i07 Fulton ."street, N. V. 

;ySold by all Druggists and (irocera throughout the 


WANTED- AGENTS. gi.W per month to sell th^ 
Great inducements to Agenta This is the most popular 
Sewing Machine of the day makes the famous "Elastic 
Lock Stitch"— will do anykind of work that can be done 
on any Machine— 100,000 sold and the demand con- 
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The Terma to Subecribemi 

One Tear-aingle copy Three Dollar*. 

Fonr copioe ($2.80 each) Ten Dollara 

Eight copies Twenty Dollars. 

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STREET 4 SMITH. Proprietors. 

No. 55 Fulton Street New York. 

Address Dr. Butts' Dispensary, 
and .Market atreeta, St. Louia, Ma 
pf~. Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunate. 

,.^ „.-», ^w^.-..o X Before applying to the notorious (/tuvkt who advertise 

DOZEN rOF.MS, in ! jn public papers, or using any tjuark Remchri,poraiM 

Vt. Huttii' work, no matter what your disease is, or how 
deplorable your condition. 

Dr. Butts can be consulted, personally, or by mall, on 
the diseases mentioned in his works. Oaice N. W . cor. 
Fifth and Market streeta, (opposite tkmrt Houae,) St. 
Ivoai s. Mo. . . 





oat try us l>efore hastily 

V BSIV/EXCX^... 4 C O.| 

eoroer Faltoa Mrvet. New Yort- 

The celebrated imitation 



OOlUliS lS/LG>XEt\ 

The original and .'Nl.T hen riNE Oroide. 
Rnoting Watches. $ln. equal for time and appearanc* 
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J 91, equal to a *»« Gold Watch. Chains. $2 to t8. 
ewelry of every Und. as good as gold, at one-tenth the 
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<•. E. t OLMNS * CO., 
yo, 33-'> Broadway, New York. 


i.^ matic sufferers from early 
indiacretiaas sboold net fail to 
cooaolt, confldiBtianr. Dr. Me- 
Namaza. at M and W Mawa St. 
^'twankee. He kaa ramedies 
'h tbe aid at alectrieityi that 
. : :! stop those ni^tlr em^MMM ; 
)>aild op the nerto uB ^sten, re- 
store the aexaal powars to their 
frll vigor, and the mtaA to 
Its onfinaJnr chaatfalaaw and 
strength. 'The I>oeta(*a AQI lin 
Venerea D isea s e ! > cannot be ex- 
celled in the healing art. Special 
at -^ntion paid to tliiniii of WoJCXM. JaW-If 


or. the I'nder-world of the Cireat 
t'ity. The sins of every class of society ex- 
poeed. Ati.iith<RailroadiurMn. .Signalsoj 
danger are up. MoRC Money in I r ruu live 
AtitNts THAS AXY OTHEB BiKig. Takes 
t hree preasos all the time to print fast enoogh. 
<Jne AfrtI took 17J^ oriirra ia 10 'layi. '10 
pages, 4i illostrationa Price, 83.50.— 
Asrnto Haatcd. Addreas N. Y. BOOK 
Ci>., 146 Naaaao street, N. Y. 



9r la plaoa of 


Ita oost Is so trifUcg that an ordinary honse can be 
eoverad «n all aides fir leas than 


Send for olrealar* nad sample* to 



Cure* Collo and Griping in, 
the Bowels, and facilitates- 
the prooeas of Teething. ^ 

Subdues Convulsions and/ 
overcomes all diseases inci- 

TO THE WORKING CLA.S.M.-We are now prepaced 
to furnish all classes with ooaalaatenipkqrnient at home, 
tba whole of the time or for tha vara monsenta. Bnai- 
ness new. light and protitahla. Petaona of either sex 
eaailjr earn from SUc. tn $.'• per evening, and a propur 
tiooal sam b* devoting their whole time to the basinesa. 
Bctrs and gina can earn nearly as luuch as men. That 
all who see this notice may send their addresa, and t««t 
the bmiiisai. we make this unparalelled offer : To such 
as are nut well satislied. we will setid 41 to paj for the 
tronble of writing. Fnll particulars, a valaable sample 
which will do to commence work oo. and a copy of Thr 
rf-pir'i Literary Oompamian—oae of the la rg as i and beat 
family newipapaca pohUshed -all aenl nae bj mail. 
Reader, if yon want permanent, profitable work, address 
K C. aLLEN 4 CO., AuousTA, MaX-ve. 


AGFNTS WANTED everywhere to seU the AMKRI 
CAN KMTTI.Vti M.\CHI.NF. the oohr practical Family 
Knitting Machine ever invented. Price #25. Will knit 
MiWatitchea per minof. Addresa AMERICAN KNIT 


To Sell Sights and Secrets.of 

T/te National 

A work daawlyttveof Waahington City: Inside and 
Ontside Fninaaked and Exposed. The spiciest. m<^ist 
thriUing, most entfrtaining, instructive, and startling 
book of the day. pT'Send for Circulars, with terms, 4c. 

JONEU, JI7VKIN dc CO.. Pnbilaheni, 

167 Clark 8t.. CUcace, III. 



CO.. Boston, Mam. or St Louis, Ma 

WORDS OF \»7SnOM to Yoong .Men on the 
RtUing Passion in Tooth and K.arLy Manliood. 
with Self help far thaeningand un' 
- -' ' • " earalgaaaiJiM of cha: 
rxn. BmF. 

AXD AaaocuTxn, 




ap[>lication, descriptive 

cuts and prices of 

plete (rriiuUng ai*ri 

• ngri<mirMUU,Mai. 
_ an'f COrmMOte, 9mml 
\ SrTirattmt JfariHa s s . 
i .Address 


Richmond, Inb. 

Dealers in heavy (Tades of Genuine DtnCB Anchob 
BoLTnsoCUJTH 4!. 

^OMETHINCJ <• the Star for Mnrybndti. Htmr tm 
k*% the West, 1^7l>. An 9 page Universalist family 
weekly giving canent secnlar newa Edited by Rev. 
Dr WiLJXO*aON asd J S. Canxwell. 4ri-&i per year 
advance, f^ewtium to nete mfhxriiter-. HtuAtqr 


as diploma at office will show, has been longer 
■ engaged in the treatment of Venereal, Sexual and 
Private Diseaaas than any other physician io St. 
Louis. _ 

Syphilis, Gonorrhea. Gleet. Stricture, Orchitis. 
Hernia, and Rupture; all Urinary Diseases and 
.•Syphilitic or Mercurial Afflictions of the Throat, 
.Skin or Bones are treated withnnparalelled succesa 

Si>ermatorrhcea. Spiual Debility and Impotency. 
aa the result of self-abuae in youth, sexual excesw* 
in matureryears. or other causes, and which pr<xiucc 
some of the foUovring effecta. as nocturnal einmis 
sions, blotches, debility, diTir.iness, dimness of sight. 
eonfosiea of ideas, evil forebodings, aversion to 
society, of females, lose of memory and sexual power, 
and rendering marriage improper, are permanentl}- 

The Doctor's opportunities in hospital and private 
practice are unsurpassed in Kt. Louis or any other 
city, iiack files of .St. Ix)uis papers prove that he has 
been located there longer by years than any others 
advertising. 'The establishment, library, laborattjry 
and appointments are oarivalled in the West, unsur- 
(Hused anywhere. Age, with eipenence, cin be 
rehed open, and the doctor can refer tomany physi 
cians thronghotit th(> country-, in paat suooeas and 
present positioo he stands without a competitor. 

The WritincrN of a Ph.valrlan wlione repn^ 

latiou IH i'nion-w ide nhould be 

worth readlna. 

I>x-roR Whittiek poblishee a MEDICAL 
PAMPHLET relating to venereal diseases and the 
disastrous and varied consequences of self-abuse, 
tfast wiH be sent to any ad<ire<ia in a sealed envelope 
for two stamps. Many physicians introduce patienta 
to the doctor after reading his medical pamphlet. 
Ojmmnnication conhdential. A fnendlj talk will 
cost yon nothing. Office central, yet retired— Na 
en St. Cliarles street. St I»aia, Ma Hours 9 a. 
to 7 P. X. Siudavs 12 to 2 P. X. 

Mra. / 
Syrnp. * 
-Mra. / 
! Whilronib*a 

Wli'ilcomb'a Summer Complaint in Chil 
i Nyrnp. ^ dren ot all ages. 

It is the Great Infant's and Children's Soothing Rem 
edy in all disorders brought on by Teething or any other 
' cause. Prepared by the CIralton .Medicine Co., 
i St Ixiuia, Mo. 

Sold by dmggists and dealer* in medicine* everywDere. 

^ dent to Infants and Children 
Cures Diarrhea, I>ysenter}',, 


f entH. 




After eleven years' experi- 
ence and trial the sales have 
increased each and every 
year, and thousands of let- 
ters (unsolicited) of the re- 
markable cures they have 
pei^ormed bear witness. 
Read tho letters in Local 
Column of cures by tiiebe 
medicines. ^^^_^ 


Hair Vigor, 

For restoring Gray Hair to 
its natural Vitality and Color. 

A dressing wfakth 
13 at once agreeable, 
btallbj, and effsotual 
for preserving tbo 
Lair Faded or gray 
hair is soon restorai 
to id original color, 
with the gioit and 
freiftneu of youth 
Thin hair is thick- 
ened, falling hair checked, and bald, 
nea.. often, though not always, cured 
by its uso. Nothing can restore the 
hai. where tbo foUicles are destroyed, 
o: the glands atrophied and decayed. 
Bu such as remain oan be saved fur 
usefulness by this application. Instead 
of fouling the hair with a ijauty sedi- 
ment, it will keep it clean ana vigorous. 
Its occasional use will prevent the hail 
from turning gray or 
con,sequently prevent 
from those deleterious 
make some preparations 
: injurious to the hair, the Vigor cao 
i only benefit but not harm it. If wanted 
I merely for a 

falling off, and 

baldness. Free 

Bubt-;tances whioh 

dangerous, and 



£0 desirable, 
nor dye, it doea 


Possesses peculiar qualities ai an equalizer of the drcu 

hition and aa a support-a eort of extra skin -in all mua 

cnlar and oervoua paina, whether of the side, head , 

kidneys, or back ; and in sciatica they should be applied 

at once. They are now widely uaed in hospitals, both 

in America and Europe, and approved by all physician*. 

} They give immediate relief ia Lumbago, aa well as in I 

\ paiiu of the side aad back, whether they proceed from j 

: weakneaa, fatigue, or other cause*. ! 

f^aside House, Rockaway Beach. Sept 1, 18®. 
Meeare. AuxocK 4 Co., Sing Sing: 

GENTl.gMgJt -Your Plaster* have wonderful qualities, 
and every traveler should have them by him My guests 
give great accounts of their eflicacy. Soma cured of 
coughs . some of rheumatic paina ; soma of severe (>ain« 
in the breast, nde and back. In aciatia and kidney 
affections their appUcatioo ia equally sncceaaf nl. I my- 
self was attacked with a severe pain in my left kidney. 
I was in acony for twenty-foor hoora. At length I 
: applied one of yonr Plastera The pain soon began to 
abate, and in tha coarse of a few hoars was entirely 
' removed. I send you this that you may pubhah it if yoo 
I think well. 1 am yours, A. D. FAILING, 

I Proprietor of the Seaside llousa. 

nothing else can be found 
j Containing neither ctI 
I not soil white cambric, and vet lasts 

long on tho hair, giving it a rich, glossy 
I lustre and a graleiul perfuoie. 

Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., 

P&AOncAk AND Analytical Cusifi8ii» 



ranom $1.00. 


A first-cUas Magazine for l-TO. and a HUndud ^iUwt 
Engraving of on* of l^nflseert Painting* for ON K 
IXilJ.A K Addresa, at once, for free sample ocny auJ 
IIUMK tCI.ECTK,, Chicago, IU. 

A line set of Siberian Sqnirral 1 un 
can b» got in any vlUage or school 
district, fur a few hours service. 

full particulars. 


Addresa, for samp 


Addresa, for aample copy an-l terms, 

l.CLhj}TIC, Chicago, IM 


W* have a rare Premlnm 
Send yonr name* to 
l!X;L£eriC. Chicago, -ni. 




Nkw York. Angost 19, 
Thoxab Aixoock 4 Co., Sing Sing: 

For year* I have •oflered from inflammation of the 
kidneys, my phynaians gave me but UtUe rehef, and I 
moved aboot hke an old man, bent down by yean of 
aoflering. At length yonr Porous Plasters were rec^im- 
mended to me. I applied one to each kidney, and the 
relief was immediate ; I wore them for thirty daya, when 
my back and kidneys were perfectly well and I wa* 
onee more able to walk erect I think the half of the 

yiitoeaaf your Plasters yet remain to be told, hot should 

TTTQIPP' FOB. AT.Ta ' any one wiah to hear thereof, I shall be pleased to tall 
Vw %#^»** * %0^m ^^M*»Mm ^ ^y «xp«nenc* I am yoora, respectfully, 


• 236 East Thirty second sUeet 

Love ! Love! 


A Tiy p .rson can master the great art of ^'ENTRIIjO- 
QllSJI, and win 

the undying love of tbe fair (ex In 
bent by mad for IQKc. Addreas 
— Sori 

I hour, isent by 

: 2743, St Looi* Mo 


Wells* Every Man Ilia Owu Lnwyer 
and Basincss Form Book. 

A complete and reUable guide la all matter* of law 

and businevi transactions for every tStat* in the L nioa. 

i The profeesional man. the farmer, the mechanic, tha 

mercuant, the manufacturer, each require a coavaoisnt. 

oompreheiuiive and reliable worli, which will enabla 

him to draw up any inslruinenl that may be required. 

and that will furuiah him with such iaformatiOB sa ia 

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E. A. HoTrHKiss, Editor and Proprietor. 

Liberty, Literature 

VOL. vlhJVOS. 

Washejotcn, Dec. 6. 
To Oie en-iie an-l llo^is- of R^pre.wU'itives: 
In commR before you for ttie first time 
us Chief MuftiHtrale of this great natiou. U 
!^wUh grauruae to the Giv^r of all good 
for the manv beuefits wo enjoy, we are 
blessed with-pe..e at ^-^^ •^^\^;^',^^^^^; 
enUnRlinu' ivllian<^e.s t.) foreDoOe 
teouble wUh a territory uusurra^sed m fer- 
Suu of Tu area equal to the ubnndaut sup- 
of livo hanlrL'd millions of people, 
evwrv vnrietv ol use- 
ful miuen- ■" n.mutitv i^nfficient to 
supply the 



WHOLE NO. 320. 

itv Ws in good taith, no matter how nn 
pleasant the task. maJe bo by the snflenng 

our credit lue nest on .artu. .u'. a le«s the A-lministration to execute the neutral 

burden of taxation than the citizen has en- 

Jured for six vears past, the entue public 

debt could be" paid in ten years. But it is not we have 

S^'r^ble thVt people should not be taxed to faith towards 

pfy U in that time; year by year.the^abdity tions. 

to pay increasps in a rapid 


and abounding in 

mineral in quantity 

world lor generations, wUn 
Muberant crops uud with a variety 
oJcSe^dapfed to the production of 
eierv specie ot" earth's rich. s. and suited 
to the habits, tistes and r^quireraenta ot 
S-ery liviu- tbiu«; with a population of 
forty miUions of free people all speaking 
one'; with lacihties for every pior- 
Udto acquire an education; with institu- 
tions closing to none the aveuues to fame, 
or any blessing or fortune that may be cov- 
eted- with freedom of the pulpit, the press, 
and the school; with a rcvom.e flowing into 
the national trea^iry beyoud the 
requirements of Government sup- 
ply. Harmony la bei^K "pidly 
i^atored within our own borders. 
1: ctores hitherto unknown in our 
sre springing up mall directions, producing 
a degree ot national indepenaence une- 
qaaled bv t at of any other power. These 
blessings, and counUess others, are in- 
'^ and more for safe 

ratio, but the 
borden of'inTerest ought'to be reduced as 
rapidly as can be done without the viola- 
tion of contract. The public debt 18 rep- 
resented in great part by bonds havmglrom 
five to ten and from ten to forty years to 
run, bearing interest at the rate ot six per 
cent, and five per cent, respectively. It is 
optional with the Government to 
pay their bonds at any period af- 
ter the expiraUon of the least ' time 
mentioned upon their taco. The time has 
expired when a great part of them may U 
taken, and the time is rapidly approaching 
when all may be. It is believed that al 
which are now due maybe replaced b> 
bonds beating a rate of interest not ex- 
:etding four and a half per^cent 
as rapidly as th 
they may be 
To accomplish thi -- . 
sary tc authorize interest to be paid 
either of the three or four monKV centers 
of Europe, or by the Assistant fre^isurer 
of the United Stivtes, at 
of the holder of the 
suggest this subject for the 
of Congress; also, simultaneously with this, 
the propriety cf redeeming our currency 

and that 

endured '.rom lack of like good i 
na by other na- 
The UniUd States schoon- 
er Lizzie Major was arresten • 
OB the high seas by a Spanish frigate and , 
two oassengeis taken from it and carried | 
as prisoners to Cuba. Representations ot • 
these facts were made to the Spanish Gov- 
ernment, as soon as official intormat ion | 
of thtm reached Washington. The two pas- 
sengers were set at liberty and tue Spaui-sh 
Government .issured the United States that 
the cni.Uiu of the frigate in making the 
capluri had acted witho t law; that he had 
been reprimanded for the irres;ulanty ol 
Lis conduct, aud that the Spanish authon 
ties in Cuba would not sanction any — 
that could violate rights or trifle with 
sovereignty of this nation. 
The qnesticu of the ssizuro ot the brig 


toe United States would he lenefitted by 
iccij.rocity. Our internal taxation would 
r.rove a pjoteetion to the iBritish produce, 
almost ^qu .1 to the prottctiou which our 
manufacturers now receive from the tanfi. 
Some arraogemeut. h.nvever, for the regu- 
lation of commercial iuterconrse between 
the United States and the Dominion ot 
Canada may be desirable. 

The commission for adji.sting the claims 
fur tlio Hudson Bay and Puget's Sound 
ALn-icnUur.ll Company uron tii« United 
States has terminated its h.oois. Ihe award 
„f six hundred nnd fifty ^hon«a^d dollars 
has been made, and all rifjhtB ru-i tuKs o. 
the company on the terrtcry f trie United 
State's h.ive been extiuguisuel. the deeds 
for the property of the comp my have been 
received aud an approprialiou by Ci^ngress 
to meet this sum is a«ke<l. The comiuis- 
determining the northwestern 

establish better relations through og'n- 
cifc!=. A more enlightened policy tuan iias 
heretofore been pursued towards China is 
htfgcly due to the industry and efforts of 
one of our own distingushed ciliztus, and 
the world is about to commence largely in- 
creased relations with that populous and 
»iitherto txcilusive nation. As the United 
States have been the initiators in the new 
policy, so they should be the most earnest 
in showing their good faith in making it a 
success. In this connection I advise snoh 
legislation as will forever preclude the land- 
ing of Chinese upon onr soil under the 
name of Coolies, and also prevent Amer- 
ican vessels from engaging in transporta- 
tion of Coolies to any 

country tolerating 

Mar^-LowelUt one of the Bahama^and. | ^l^^^^^ ,,,,,,„ 

and the British poosessions 

the system. I a'so recommend that the 
mission to China be raised to one of first 
class. On mv assuming the responsibility of 
Chief Magistrate of the United Slates it 
was with the conviction that three things 
were essential to peace, prosperity, and 
fullest development. First among 

Philadelshia. New Orleans and San "^^«™J°^,, ^,„y .objects not alluded to « 

this message which might with propriety 
be introduced, but I abstain, telieving 
your patriotism and statesmanship wm 
sugeeBt the topics and legislation mort 
conducive to the interests of the whole 
people. On my part, I promise a rigia 
adherence to the laws aud their strict en- 
forcement. II S. GBAJTT^ 

the option 
bond I 

trusted to vour care, 
keeping for the brief period of onr tenure 
of office. In a t^hort time we must each of 
us return lo the ranks of the people, who 
have conferred upon us our hotiurs, 
account to them lor our 

Mann- as before suggested, at its market value, at 

counUv i the Ume a law goes into .fleet increasing 

■ the rate at which the currency will be 

bought and sold, from day to day, or week 

to v-ek. at the same rate of interest as the 

government pays upon its bonds. 

The subject of tariff and internal taxation 
will necessarily receive your a«teutiou 
The revenues of the country are 
greater than the requirements and 
may with -safety be reduced, but as the 
funding of the debt m a four or a four anda 

Thv ,u.HirB that neither you n( r 1 may I half per cent, would reduce the annual 

^eoniemred bva C aud enlightened I curreiit expense largely; thus after fund- 
^.uttencv no? by onr own con- 1 ing and justifying a greater reduction o 
^n„r Emer«U f^o^" » re- taxation than would be now expedient. I 
fnfnn' ot JmaX magnitude, aided ' gn^gest a postponement of this question 
Li?^ by the s>nTpatby and as- ; nuSi the next meeting of Congress when 
!r-t*nce oT nati.y *ithwhich We were at i u may be advisable to modify taxation and 
^.tence ot natuo^s j^ ot the Union were the tariff in instances where unjust or 
left without iHgal state | burdensome discriminations are made by 


stf^ward.^hip. I 

I may 

four years 


Kovemments; a debt had been contracted; ■ 
American commerce was almost driven 
from the; th« industry of onchalf I 
the country had been l.ikea from the con- 
trol of the f-apitalist and pliced where all 
labor rightfullv belongs, in th^ keeping of 
The work of restoring the 
lovul to the Union, 

the pre.sent laws, hut a general revision 
of the laws regulating the subject, I re- 
commend the postponement of tor the 
present. I also suggest the renewal of the 
tax on incomes, but at a reduced rate say 
Qt- 3 per cent. ; this tax to expiie m three 
ffears with the funding of the national debt 

as here suggested. I feel safe in saying the 

Britain. The Captain-General 
about ilay, issued a proclamation au- 
thorizing search to be made of vessels on 
the high seas. Immediate remonstrance 
WAS made against this, whereupon the 
Captain-General issued a new proclamatioii 
limiting the right of search of vessels ot 
the United States, so far as authorized un- 
der the tieaty of 1795. This proclamation 
wa.s however, immediately withdrawn. I 
have alwavs felt that the most intimate re- 
lations should be cultivated between the 
repubhc of the United States and all inde- 
pendent nations on this conUnent 
and it m.iy be well worth 
considering whether new treaties between 
the United States and them may not be 
profitably entered into, to secure more in- 
timate relaUons, friendly, commercial and 
otherwise. , . 

The (subject of an inter-oceanic canal to 
connect the Atlantic aud Pacific 
through the Isthmus ot Darieu la 
which commerce is greatly intereHted. In- 
.structions have been given to our Minister 
to the Republic of the United States ot 
Colombia to endeavor t» obtain authority 
for a survey by this government in order to 
determine the practicability ot such an un- 
dertaking, and a charter for the right 
way to build bv private enterprise 
work, if the survey proves it to be pratic- | 
able. In order to comply with the agreement i 
of the United States as to a mixed com j 
missifinat Lima for the adjustment ol 
claims, it became necessary to hend a com- 
missioner and secretary to Lima m August I 
last. No appropriation having been made j 
bv Congress for this purpose, it is now 
asked th-it one be made covering the past j 

_ these 

tl'" Uiiilt"rStrte8 ; 18 strict Integnty in fulfilling all our obli- 
under the gations. Second, to secure protecUon to 
treitv of lS5<rha'^e completed their labors, j the person and property of the citizons ol 
and the c.uiimis8ioudiR8ol\ed in conformity —- 

with the recommendation of (Congress. 

A proposition was early made to the 
British Government to abolish the mixed 
courts created under the treaty ot April 7, 
1862 for the suppression ot the slave trade. 
The'subicct is still under negotiatiou. 

It having come to my knowledge that a uucoi 
corporate company, organized under Biit- First 

our common country wherever he may 
choose to move without reference to origi- 
nal nationality, religion, color, or politics, 
demanding of him only obedience U) the 
laws and proper respect for the rights of 
others. Third. Union of all of the States 
with equal rights indestructable by any 
unconstitutional means lo secure, 
of these Congress has 

uu.px..- -r- -^ - " ^ shores I taken two essential steps— c^ie by declaring 

ish laws, proposed to land l^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^ { ^^^^ ^^^ p^^Hc debt should bo paid.prin- 

and to 

a concession cipal and interest, in com; second by pro- 
Emperor of vidmg means for paying; providing the 
exclusive i means, however, could not secure the ob- 
of telegraphic i ject debir^^d with a proper administration of 
bet reen the shores of ; the laws for the collection of reveiiues and 

an economical disbursement ot them. 


York, . . - , . 

Francisco, if for no other, is concurrf;d m. 
I also call special attention to the recom- 
mendation of the G neral commanding 
the miiitarv division of the Pacific for the 
sale of the' Seal Inlands of St Paul and St 
George. Alaska Tetiitory, aud suggest that 
it either be complied with, or that 
legislation be had for the protec- 
tion of the seal fisheries, from 
which a revenue should be derived. 

The reoort of the Secretary of War con- 
tains a synopsis of the heads ot bureaus, of 
commanders of military-divisions and of 
the districts ol Virginia, M-jwissippi and 
Texas. The report of the General cl the 
Army in full, and the recommendations 
therein contained, have been well consid- 
ered and are submitted for your action. I, 
however, call special attention to the re- 
commendation of the Chief of Ordnance for 
the sale of arsenals and lands no longer of 
use to the Government; also t» the recom- 
mendation of the Secretary ot War that the 
act of 3d of March, 18G9, prohibiting pro- 
motiomi aud appintments in staff corps of 
the army, be repealed. The extent of 
country to be garrisoned, aud the number 
of military posts to be occupied is the 
same with a reduced army as with a large 
one; the number of staft' officers required 
is more dependant upon the latter than 
the former condition. The report of the 
Secretary of the Navy accompanying 
this shows the condition of the 
navy when this administration came 
into office, and ehanges made since 

Strenuous efforts are being made to place 

as many veesela in commission or render 

Ihem fit for service, if required, as soon as 

and substituting the ^ail for 

•Special Jlotice^, 

of the United States, 
A submarine cable, 
from His Majesty, the 
the French, ot an 
right for twenty years ^.. --•j-JiSi/'pS.'; SITS ^«'. ™-- . 

likelv to follow for any hesitation in sus- 
taining efficient oiSciala afjainst remon 
strunces wholly political. It may ba well 
to mention here the embarrasKmcnt possi- 
ble to arise from allowing on the statute 








{^ with Lung difficulty, oae uaimaim 

LLKN'S LUNO BAl^A^ ^^^ ^^^ ^..^ 

UNO BALSAM (ALL^;8)^ ^^ ^ ^^^^ 


8 the moBt BUocesBf 111 remedj for OoMampaoo- 

Oompliinto thould u«e Allen's Lumo BaL«aM 


cures when other reme«ie« na. 

J^UNG BALSAM (AI^S, ^^^^ ^^^^tioo. 

IJSE ALLEN'S LU^O^LgAM^^ ^^^^^^ 

EVER DESPAra OF A CrUE - ^„ r^.c^ 
tiU you h»ve tried AiXES's LCUO BALSAJt. 


the introduction of u .iaii» 




AUen" Lung B»lsam U eonlidently nooBOomad^d. 

oceans ( made acquamtc 

one in I of Congress on the subject as ^ ^ . 

by the bill which passed the Senate m ; 
March last. This drew fio'Ji Uie repressn- 
tativcs of the Comnany an anreement to 
accept as the basis ot their operations 
the provisions of the bill or of such other 
i^nt of the subject as might be pasa- 

such a 

nSS^t^ ^ S; ^e::^^ ^ '^- • b^^^s r^e so-caUed tenur^ of office aot.and , 
aiisal^o to n^se their irflaence to .ocare . to earnestly recommend their total r.p.^al 
fmmtheSench government a modification ' It cor.l I not have been the intention of the 

lKSf.l7cnhTS^',rSror %'Zns^/'S^tJ.. that ..» Ut.« 

The report of the postmaster general fur- 
nishes a clear and comprehensive 
exliibit of the operations of the 
po.stal service and of the financial 
condition of this part of the Post-office 
Department. The ordinary postal reve- 

the laborer. 

"^n^otKnT'Sn? '.st^ng rronabor"'a"nd , uxTs'Vnd "^^venue'from imports may be 

nroCdrng u^eans for pa^ ih^ interest on the reduced safely from GO to 80 millions per an- 

Sc dfbl has recdample atten-ioufrom ; „„„, ^t once and still further reduction from --^ expenses of the commission. 

Congress;^h your .ffort; Lavo not j y».arto y«ar as the resources of the country ana^^ ^^^^ v^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^.^^^ y^^^^^. ^^ 

««a» vi>li the Kuccess. in all p*rticulars. that | ^^u developed. hrinu aVionta neace between Spain and the ; Lie, -.- . - - --- >■ , 

.f^hThave be^n desired, vit on the whole ; The report of the secretary of the treas- ^^'^^^^'^'^Lmr" publics, with which she meeting of Congress. ^/^f «* J«,f;7, »^f^ 

"«^' ^'^^^'mniore successful than could nry shows the receipts of the K';'«;"!J"'J^ f.'^^^^^^^^^^^^ by Spain, there has been no '^^^''^,^''';;;";,T;^;;"i 

• Seven !fo/ the fiscal year ending June 30. 1%9. to 1^ at wai^.naK^^^^^F ^ invi- 1 the company's cjncessiou, nor, so tar as 1 


they have .. 

have been reasonably anticipated. 


estah • 

In considen- 

^^^^ directed the 

wTtlidravi-ai of all opp;>si'tion by the United 

States authorities to the Imding of the ca- 

aud to the working ot 

anv SUte in the Union, 
on' their part not oppos the 
lishment of any such cable, 
tion of thi.s agreement, I 

r^hould have the power to r tarn m office 
persons placed there by federal appoint- 
ments^,t the will of the President. 

it until the 

I^tes Which pushed ordinancesof secession ! i,e ^70.943.347 dollars and the expenditures 
havrbeeBfulvr.stor-dto their places in including interest, bounties, f ^^ -/o^J^ 
fhe Union the c ijihth, Georgia, h«ld an 321.490,597 dollars. The estimates for the 
Iw-doi at which she ..itiaed her con<5ti- ^ „«„!„« year are more favorable to he Go v- 
tSn mmSmin torxxi. elected a gov- ernme^.t. and will, nod-ubt >,howa largede- 
l^r'nuS « ''f Congress, a state legi.- cr.aseol the public debt The receipt, in the 
uTnre and" U other offi.';r8 required. The Treasury beyond expenditures h«ve "ceed- 
aoJerno" wis dully in.stalled and tlio legis- ^.i the amount necessary to bo placed to the 
Siuro me? and performed all the acts \ eredit of the sinking fund^ aa provided b) 
therein required of them by the^w. T 

St on wS they had just ratified, as 1 to cripple trade and seriously affect the 
!^n?e decide y the Supreme Court of th. ! pro.sperity of the country. Under these 
-t^fe thev u'lsJated tVo' colored members Circumstances, the Secretary of the Treas 
ot the Si iturc, and admitted to seats Q^y and myself heartily concurred lu th^ 
ot the l^ni^j'^'^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ disqual.ued b- the i propriety of uning all the surplus currency 
the I'urtc.uth amendment j ^q t^e Treasury in the parchase of Gov. 

ted to be held in Washington during the 
present winter. 

can learh, have they -attempted to secure 

on their the txclusion ot the 

T^mnVhas been given to Europeans of I capital and citizens ot the United States 

an ^e™clusive rLhf of ove ■ ! from cr.mpetition upon the shores of France^ 

Z '^tiSZy ^.f Nicaragua 1. 1 ^ I rcc.uiimena legi^jUoa^to, pijte^^ 

sovereignity of the 

! ricrhts of citi-cnn ol 

territory- of Nicaragua 
which Codta Rica has given its assent^ . 

which it i^ alleged conflicts with vested ! well .^s the tUguity aad 
ri'^-hts of citiz.cs of the United StatP*. — 

A the«''^'^\'?S''^f;' "*i^^ u^^^^^^^ The department of state has now this ..ub- 

urlicle which 


some mem 
third clause of 
to the constitutiou. 
themselves had contribul. d to ratitv 
der th-'ie circumstanc-s. I would submit to 
' you whether it would not be without 
delay to enact a law authorizing the gover- 
«er of Georgia to convene the members 
ekctfd, requiring each 

eminent bonds, thus reducing the inteiest- 
bearing debt of the country, and of sub- 
mitting to Congress the question of the 
disposition to be u.ade of the bonds so 
purchased. The bonds now held by the 
Treasury amount to about $7o,0<W,0UO 
oriBinally el,.ctfU, requ;r.uK --v^ , -including those belonging to the sinking 

member to take the oath prescribed by the ftind. I recommend that the whole be 
S^rnstnicti-.u art. and uo..« to be admitted , placed to the credit of the sinking fund, 
who are ineligible under th- third cUuse of 
the fourteenth anu-ndmeu: fne freedmen 
under the protection vhn i th.-y h.iye re 
ceived are making nipid progress m leara- 
inff and no complaiutti are heard tor lack 
of industry on their part, when they re- 
ceive fair remuneration f<ir their labor. 
The means provided f.»r paying tho m- 
tho public debt with all other 
of the Government are 


there was a stat« of war between Pern and 
Spain, and that Spain was constructing in 
and near New York thirty gunboats, which 
might be used by Spain in such a way as to 
relieve the naval foice at Cuba, so as to op- 
erate agaiu«it Peru, orders were given to 
prevent tL. ir departure. No further steps 
haviug been taken by the representative ol 

' the Peruvian government to prevent the 
departure of these vessels, and I not feeling 
authorized to detain the property "' " 
nation with which we are at peace 
mere Executive order, the rqatter has been 
referred to the courls to decide. 
The conduct of the war between the 

' lUlies and the republic of Paraguay has 
ade tne intercourse with that country so 

nation, against such aD.umption. i uhau 
alho endeavor to secure, by negotiation, an 
abandonment of the principle of monopo- 
lies in octan teh-graphing cables. Copies j by 
of this correspondence are herewith fur- 


The unsettkti political condition 
of other countries, less fortunate 
than cur own. sometimes induces 
their citizens to come tf the United States 
far the sole purpose of becoming natural- 
ized Having se.-ured '.his they return to 
their native country and reside there with- 
out disclodug their change cf allegiance. 
They accept official positions of 

trust or 
hfld bv citizens 


Your attention is respecttuUy invited to the 

recommendations ot the ^^.^'^^jy"'^^^^^ dimcult 'that it has been advisable to with- 

Treasuryfor ^^l^^^^^^l^^^^^^ j^^e^u^f i di.w our represenUtiye frotn there, 

tereat on 

expcnstfS „. , , 

more than ample. The los.s of our com- 
merce is the only result of the late rebel- 
lion which has not received sufficient at- 
tention from vou. To this subject I call 


for the increase ot salary to certain 
ficials, and the subsUtution of increased 
National Bank citculation, to replace the 
outstanding i per cent, certificate?, and 
most especially to his recommendation tor 
the repeal of the laws allowing shares of 
tines, penalties, forfeitures, &c., to officers 
of the government, or to infwrmera. 

The office ut Commissioner of Internal 
Revenue is one of the most arduous aud 
" ' it falls 


To wards the ch)se of the last administra- 
tion a convention was signed at London for 
the settlement of all outstanding claim.s be- 
tween Great Britain and the United States, 

of a , , 

on a honor which can only be -; . . j »,..^ ♦»,« 

of their native land; taey journey under undone, and the 
passports describing them assuch citizens, we now fiud it. 
and It is only when civil discord, alter, per- 
haps, years of quiet, threatens them or 
threatens their pc^rsons or their property, or 
when their native stales drait into its 
militaiy service. That the fact ot their 
.•hange of allegiance IS made known; that 

they 'reside permanently from the United 
States; that ihey contribute nothing to ita 
resourcea; that they avoid duUes ot its cit- 

The law is in consistent with the faithful i 
and efficient administration of the govern- ! 
ment. What faith can an executive put in ^ 
officials ferced upon him. and these, too, 
whom he has subpended for good reason f 
How will such officials be likely to serve 
an administration which they know does | 
trust them for a secondV It is requis- ^ 
ite to our growth and prosperity. Time, ; 
aud a Arm but humane admiuutration o. , 
existing laws, amended from time to time, , 
as 'Lf \ may prove ineflf ctual and unneces- ; 
sary, 'is probably all that ate requir- 
ed ILo third cannot be attain- 
ed bv special legislation, but 
hut must be regarded as lixed by th« con- 
stitution i self, and gradually acquiesced m 
by force of public opinion. Irom the 
foundation of the government to the pres- 
ent the mauagement of the original luhab- 
itants of this continent, the Indians, has 
been a subject of embarraasmeot and ex- 
pense, and has been attended with con- 
tinuous robberies, murders and wars. 
From my own experience upon 
the frontiers aud in the Indian countries, 
I do not hold either legislation or the con- 
duct of tho whites who come most in con- 
tact with the Indians blameless for these 
The past, however, cannot be 
question must be met as 
I have attempted a now , 
policy toward these wards of the nation, i 
and they cannot be regarded in any other ] 
hcht than as wards, with fair results so far 
as tried, and which I hope will be attended ; 
ultimately with great success. The Society 
of Friends is well known as having succeed- 
ed in living at peace with the Indians in 

uues lor the year ending the 30th of June, 
1869, amount to $18,445,510, and the ex- 
penditures to $23,089,131, showing an ex- 
cess of expenditurss over receipts of $5,- 
353,620. The excess ot expenditures over 
the'receipts for the previous year amounted 
to $6,437,992. The of revenues 
for 1669 over those of 1868 was $2,051 909, 
aiid the increase of expenditures was $967,- 
8907,538. The increased revenue 
in 1S69 exceeded the increased revenue 
in 1868 by $996,330. and the in- 
creased expenditures in 1869 was 
was $2,527,5701688 than the increased ex- 
penditures in 1867, showing, by comp»n- 
l^,. n,i« (-mtifviuff feature ot improve- 

B _ 

^RE .ou t«.u^,T^th^AST2«r^ ^ ^^, ,^ 



UNG BAI^A^M < AIJ^S)^ i„ ^ of If fonn.. 

TOP THAT COUGH^ j^^^ ^^^ ^ ^ ,, 

LLRN-S LUNG BA^AM ^^^^ ^^ ^._ 

OTHERS »hould keep „ 

ALt£N'8 Lung Balsam 

»t h»nd for UM in <>»•• of Croup. 

Sold by All Medicine I>ealer». 

Soli at Milwaukee by XL Boswobth 4 SOMS, G^»«: 
A BtnrxoN; Ric"* RlftLvo. Drake Bbo8^1)ohmis. 
Schmidt i Co.. and aU Milwaukee Drooista. 

son, this gratifying feature ot improve 
ment. that while the increase of e^P^"^*^: 
tures over the increase of receipts in 1868 
was $2,439,536, the increase of receipts 
over the iucrease of expenditures in 1868, 
was $1,081,371. 

Your at I -nti on is respectfully caliea 
r. commendations made by the Postmaster 



Genend,7or'authority to change the rate ot b^~^n«^.b»t i^^e^^e^ -J^^ ^, 


Canker and Salt Rhenm Syrupi 

For the Cure of Canker, Salt Rheum. EryaipeUa, S^u 

louB Diseaees, Cutaneous Kruptiona, and everT 

kind of I>ii«a»e arwina frran an 

impure state of the blood. 

Tht mot) EffeeHvt Blood Purifitr qf tht KbuttmA Omiunf 

tsr SoJd bj all Medicine Etealere. 

^d by URE ENE A BcTios, Milwaukee. 




miy oomsider this a iort of «>rw^ •«>• 

Reader, you 


compensation to the main tnink 
i lines for their services m Carrying the 
mails; for having postroute maps executed. 
' for re-organizing aud increasing the ethcien- 
t cy of the special agency service, for increase 
I of the mail service on the Pacific and for 
! establishing a mail service under the flag 
' of the Union on the Atlantic, and moates- 
; pecially da I call your attention to his re- 
i commendation for a total abohtion of the 
' franking privilege. This is an abuse from 
which no one receives a commensurate ad 
vantage. It reduces the receipts lor postal 
service from twenty -five to thirty per cent, 
and largely increases the service tc be per- 
formed. The method by which posUge 
should be paid upon publie matter is set 
for*h fully in the report of the Postmaster 
General. , ^, ^ ,^ 

The report of the Secretary of the Inte- 
rior shows that the quantity of public 
lands disposed of during the year ending 
30ih of June, 1869, was 7,666.152 acres, ex- 
ceeding that of the previous je" bJ l.' 
010,409 acres. Of this amount 2,899,o44 
sold for cash, and 2,737,365 



conr earnest attention. I will not now sug- 1 responsible under the Government; 
seat plans by whi. h this object may be of- i i^^t ijttle if any short of a Cabinet position 
fected. but wi'l. if necessary, I' it the 
ial message during the 


subject of a spec 
session of C«>iigrrsi. 
At the Mar.-h term 
resolution, authorized the ex.-cutive to or- , 
der an election in the states of V irginia. 
Mississippi and Tex.-.^ to submit to them 
the constitutions which f.ich had previous- . 

Win convention framed and submitted, ^.^„^._ _._^ , ,, - - * i » 

tie Censtitutiou, either entire or in separate ^ling for liberty and self-government; but 
imrts to be voted upon, at the discretion „iiilc so sympiUbizing. it is due to our 
of the Executive. Under this authority, 1 h^nor that we sLjuld abstain from enforc- 
elections were- called. In Virginia the elec- | jng our views upon unwilling nations, and 
Son took place on the 6th of July, 1869. from taking an interested pari, without in- 
The Governor and Lieutenant Governor 1 vitation, in the quarrels between diflerent 

Us citizens 
United States 

bv reason of the course 

in its importance and responsibilitieH. l 
would ask for it, therefore, such legislation 

which failed to receive the advice and con- 1 izenship, and tiwy only mal^ themselves 
rent of the Senate to its ratihcation. The , known by a clain. of l?'"^- ;°°- ^^ J^^^f 
ume and the circumstances attending , directed diplomatic and consular oftcerao 
fh^ iiefl^otiAtion of the treat v wert, the United SUtes to scrutinize carelully all 
• V .rH«'^n its acceoUnce by the such claims o\ protection of the citizens of 
Se of t^e Unite7sK and'^s pro- ! the United States, -^-he, native or a^^^^^^^ 
visions were wholly inadequate for the set- , ed, who discharges his duty to l»i« <^o"?"y 
tlemeut of the grave wrongs that had been is entitled to its comple .e protection While 
usuTnedbv IMS government, as well as by ' I have a voice in the direction o affiur 
■ The injuries resulting to the I shall not cons'ent to imprint 

the earljr settlement of rennBylvauia while . acres J^e^« j- j^, ^^^ homestead laws.- 
their white neighbors of oth r sects in , ^^^'^ ^^"f ™^'p, ^^^ wanted to aid in the 
other sections were constant y «'°»''-o.^/«^- J„^' ^^^^^ of internal im- 


ijiin and you oannot eTen turn youraelf in bed. or ""jn 
^ a cbSfr.^^^^yt and auffer. in tb-^l^o^^^SS* 
ln« it wiii ni«ht, and at ni«ht wiahin* it waa mocBin«» 
viWyouhay. j^g^RAMHA, 

when every nerve in your being i« lite the •^n* f' 
wasD circnlatins the most venomoun and hot poiaoa 
M^id your heaJt. and drivin« you to the very verse ot 
madneu : When yon have the 


(U»at I have iurt (tot through »ri«ii-> ^»* "'Sf* 'Ti;*^ 
Sit heart.v,ithen''n«, moet •t"'>«^„i^?^J22£i^ 
sDirit-breakin* and mind-weakenina of aU dieeaaee tttai 
oib afflirtoMpoor human nature.^Vhen you have tlM 


Wn* and writhing in agony and pain, unable to tam 
MuJLlfinbedTaid evSnr movement wiD go to /our 
fiSiTuke a kni/e; now tolf me. if r-^ef »nd cum o^ajj, 
of theM disease* in a few days "_5pt .«»• O'"*** 
M^^ Blessing of Uie Age. tSl u* what i> ! 

DIRECTIONS TO USE. -You wiU tdke a tablespooD. 
ftU ^d thrwi spoonfuls of wat« three tun^a day. "d 
iTa f ew days ew pwtlcJe of rheumaUo »^ •aoralgio 
pain wUl be dissolved and pass off by the kidneys. 

Manufactured by DONALD KENJTKDY, 

RoxbUTi MaM. 

k SiStb. E. P. Dwyer * Co., Bumbams A Van SebMci^ 
HuribSt 4 Edsau; Tolman 4 King, Chioa«OiGreen* 

Schmidt, Milwaukee .Tl«Cnlloch*Mo{^j^LaCros*e. 
iVnvaa Bros.. St. Paul; CoUins Bros.. Z. r. WsCsel, 
Meyers B^. St, Louis; Moore 4 Tarbet, Zunkei»a57t 
Haaa, Dubuque. _ . ., i„ 

At retaU by aU druKKiata. Pnce tl.SO- 

throw th« burden of the selection of agents 


the sacred right by conferring it upon 

upon hctitous^nd iriudulent claimants __„ , ^ T„,ii„n 

On the accession of the present admin.s- , perintendents ">« f '^*" 

■ Minister for reservations, o&cers ol tlie army 

— for this 


During' the last fiscal year 23,106 names 
u I. »^ if.*.lf The result has were added to the pension rolls, and 4.87b 
upon the Society itself. f /^^ f J^'fJ^ ■ dropped therefrom, leaving at Us close 
proven most satislactory. it will De louna ^v amount paid to pensioners, 

Lore fully set forth in *;« '^f ^* °*/,^^ S\^^^^^^ to diKbur^iag 

Commissioner of Indian Affairs. For BU^ in.^^^^^^^^ $2'8,422,884, an increase 

''^^''^^•°;ere'otS441,192on that of the previous year. 
The munificence of Congress has been con 

pVopie sympathize with all peoples strug- commerce 
I .. f^ . • ...^ . _5 ™.,«». i>,it- crease find 

elected have been iustalled. The Legisla- 
ture met and did all required by this reso 
lution and by all the reconstruction acts of 
Congiess, aud abstained from all doubtful 
authority. I recommend that her Senators 
and Represent;itives be recognized, and 
that the state be tul'y restored to it* place 
in the famil v of states. Elections were called 
In ilississippi and Texiv*. to comraenc 

nations or between governments aud their 
subjects. Our course should always bo m 
conformity with strict justice and law, in- 
ternational and lo;al. Such has been the 
policy of the admiuiatration in dealing 
with "those questions for more than a year. 
A valuable province of Spain, and a near 
neighbor of ours, in whom all our veople 
cannot but feel a deep interest, has been 

a . 

on the ;uV.h"of N'ovember. 1069. and to last ^^g jing for indepence and freedom. The 
twodavsiu Mississippi aud four days m , peoole and government of the L nited States 
Texas ' The elections have taken place, but ■ entertain the same warm tKelings 

the result i-< n'->t known. It is to be hope<l 
that the .icts ot the Legislatures of these 
states, wheu th- y meet, will be buch as to 
receive your approvi-.l. an. I thus close the 
work of reconstruction. 

Among the evils growing or.t of the re- j 
bellion, and not yet reterrcd to. is tL.U of 
an irredeemable currency. It is an evil 
which. I hope, will receive your moat ; 
ejtfuest attpntton. It is a duty, and one of 
the highest duties, of the tT.>vemment to I 
the citizens a medium ot \ 

_ _ warm 

and -vmpathies for the people of Cuba in 
I their rendirg strr.ggle that they manifest- 
I eil thror.-hout the previous struggles be- 
! twee" Spain and the former colonies in be- 
I half of the latter, but the contest at no 
; time assumed the conditions which 
' amount to a war in the sense of mternation- 
al law or which would show the existence 
of a de facto political organization of the 

justify a recogni 

insurgent- » , • . ■ • 

tion of beUigerency. The principle 
maintained that this nat on 


the war and 

treasure, and 

could not be 

nary commercial ,-..,, tk^ 

arise between commercial nations, and yet , .sells, ine 

the convention treated thrm simply as such \ and Stockholm 

ordinary claims, from which they differ j 

more widely in the gravity of their charac- 
ter than iu the magnitude of their amount. 

Great, even, as is that difference, not a word 

was found in the treaty, and not an infer- - 

euce could be drrwn from it, to remove the 

sense of the unfriendliness of tho course of j 

Great Britain in our struggle for existence, I 
which had universally impressed itself 
upon the people of this country. Believiug 
that the convention thus misconceived in 
its scope and made quite Uberal in its pro- 
visions would not have produced the Hear- 
ty »ud cordial settlement of pending ques- 
tions which alone is consistent with the 
relations which I desire to have establish- 
ed between the United States and Great 
Britain, I .regarded the action ol the Sen- 
ate iu the 'rejection of the treaty to have 
been wisely taken in the interest of peace 

Hague, Copengagen 
to order their representa- 
tives at Washington to simultaneously en 
ter into negotiations and coincide with ♦be 
United Slates conventions, identical iu 
form, making uniform regulations as to the 
-•oustructlon of the parts of vessels to be 
devoted to the use of emigrant passengers 
as to quality and quantity of food, as to 
the medical treatment of the sick, and as 
to the rules to be obst rved during the voy- 
age in order to securo ventilation, to pro- 
mote health, to prevent intrusion 

and to 

The former is personally interested 
ii^K in harmony with the Indians, and in 
the establishment of a i>ermanent peace, to 
the end that some portion of hia life my i 
be spent within the civilized section. Fhe , 
latter has no such personal interest And ; 
there is an economic one, and still anothei 
hoi ' which the government has upcn a life 
officer, to secure a faithful discharge of du- 
ties in carrying out a given policy. Ihe 
building of railroads, and the access there- 
by given to all agricultural and mineral 
■' : t ,1.^4,. />> raoidlv bringiut' 

regions of their country. is rapidly bringing 
;;Vo;;^;^-r(emal^s and providing ^the , j^^civih^ sett^aients ^^ -^ -^ 

sufficient tojnstity .« "- -: • ^„-^- ^ — ,^y „ep in the direction 

csiablishment ot tribunal's in the several 
countries, for enforcing such regilatious 
bv summary process. „ , ^ 

'Your attention is respectfully called to 
the law regarding the tariff on Prussirvn 
hemp, and to the q.iestion whether to fax 
the chaTi,'C8 on Russian hemp higher than 
they arc fixed up-u Manilla is not a viola- 
; lion of our treaty with Russia placing her 

ouo-ht to be the relations between sue a 
set'tlements and aborigines, the 
f-ct is they do not harmonize 
well and one or the other has to give way. 

extend its provisions to cases 
falling within its original scope. 
The large outhiy which is thus occasioned 
is further increased by the more liberal al- 
lowance bestowed since that!|date upon 
those who, in the hue of duty, were wholly 
or permanently disabled. Public opinion 
has given an enM»hatic sanction to these 
measures of ConV^. and it wiU be con- 
ceded that no part of our public burden i» 
more cheerfully borne than that which is 
imposed by this branch of the service. It 
necessitates for the next fiscal year, 
in addition to the amjont just chargeable to 
' the naval pension fund, an appropnaUon 
, of thirty million dollars. 

During the year ending the 30th of Sep- 
tember, 18G9, the Patent Office W8u^d 13 - 
and its receipts were $G83,289, 

Keep the Circnlatian Accive. 

A free and regular circulation of the blood is essential 
to health. It places the whole s}item in a state of active 
defence against all anwholenome influences, and is an 
especial safeguard against the inimical effect of sudden 
changes of temperature, and of damp and cold. 

If proper attention wore paid to this important fact, 
there would not only be a great decrease in the number 
of cases of stomach, bowel and renal complaints, but 
»l90 in the number of deaths by consumptinn and other 
pulmonary diseases. 

At this period of the year, when the dividing line 

which separates a genial from an inclement season has 

just been passed, a course of HOSTETTER'8 STOM- 

ACH BITTERS will be found of invaluable service In 

improving the condition of the vital fluid and gently 

stimulating its flow. Violent coughs and oolda. like 

Intermittent fever, are tho frequent cffecU of a chiUy 

atmosphere upon a debilitated organization. Diseases 

of the kidneys often proceed from the same source 

How essential is it. therefore, for persons of feeble eon 

stitntion. to invigorate the vital organization at the 

commencement of Winter. Fortified by warm olothins 

without, and HOSTETTER'.S BITTER8 within, the 

frail and delicate may brave with impunity an amount 

of exposure and hardship which, under other olrcnm- 

■tanoes, would prostrate them on a bed of sickness. 

qet them eoo sidT this and hw wise in ^me. 


A GENTLEMAH «>iio*aflered for years from Nerrooa 

Debility Premature Decay, and all the HTects of yonth- 
ful indiscretien. will, for the sake of suffering humanity, 
send free to all who need it, the receipt and direottou 
ior making the simpis reoiedy by which he was evred. 
Sufferers wishing to profit by the advertiser's experience 
can do so by addisesing, m perfect confidence. 
Ho. 41 Cedwsttwt, Hew Torii- | 

I^8;'stem which looks to the exterminatioii , Jf^ P'^gl s! 926 more than the expenditures 

or to independent 
nations at war with each other. The Unit- 

to her 
Spain and 

sSjcie basi- and no substitute for it can 1 to free themselves from a government they 
bidevi^ed ' It lihould be commenc d now, beUeveto be oppressive 
An<i reached at the ear", ".^t prH.tioable mo i nations at war with eacfc 
menrconlurt witha tJr recard to the ed SUte. have no disposition to interfere 
Interest of the debtor class. Immediate re- j with the existing relaticns of ^pain 
.umptiou. if practicable. w:»ul I uDt be de- colonial posses ions on this 
Sle It would compel the debb.r olas^ \ They believe that m due ime 
J^y bevonu their contracts the premium other European powers will bnf^to their 
^- - at thp '^Ate ..f their nurchase. and interest to terminate those rektions andes 
•* ' 'tablish their present dependendencies as 

independent powers, members of the 
familv of nations. These dependencies are 
no longer regarded as subject to trant-fer 
from one European power to anetber. When 
the present relations of the colonies cease 

of a race is too horrible for » nation to adopt ^^ '-; 'T j"' r-gpectfuUy call yotir attention 
vrithout entailing upon itself the wrath of , ^j^^'J^^^^'J^daiion of the Secretory of 
all Christendom and engendering m ae [^^^'i^^^^^'^^^r Jutting the duties of super- 

of ' the two countries. A sensitive people, c.n- ; l|.lJlf-J/^•-^,°:f "J.^h .ondertul 1 See no substitute tyr such a system, ex- ^^f^^^t/otEdaSl If TistUe desire 

ongicss^ make the census which 
e taken during the year 1870 more 

AVith theimtjrovemeiits 

It un- i factures are increaang 
d.ragr-at wrong wholly nnatoued than j rapidity under the .>ncoura-ement 
under r"«trHint of a settlement whii.-h satis- i they now receive. «• , j „„ i cfiii 

I see no substitute for such a system 
fppt in pUcipg all the Indians on large res- , 
ervations as rapidly a.H can be don« and ^ 
iriviT>g them absolute protection there. A.s 
^on as they are fitted for it they shomd be 

of C 

Itch! Zt&hl! Itch 1 11 

"W^eatma'a 01ataa«at 


Cnres Malt llliMni. 

of gold - . 

would briu^i bankruptcy and rnin 
to thousanis. Fluctuations, however. 
in the paper value of the measure 
of all values, gold, is d^"triu'rntal to the in- 
terests of trade: it makes a man of busi- 
ness an involuntary gambler, for 

the value 

ual return to specie pavments, and put an 
immediate stop tc ilactuaii.>ns in the value 
of currency. The m'ethLxis to secure these 
rMolta are' as numerous a^ the speculations 
on pclitical econocv. To secure the 
loitAP r. MM but jxx^A wav. and that id. 

both sides, which I thought 
favorable to an immediate at- nately 
tempt at renewed negotiAtion. ! fined to a 

I accordingly so instructed the Minister of ! it is to be 
the United States to Great Britain. ■" 

not ! largely A ilhin a very few rorrn- 

too many manufactures are not con- 

few localities, as formerly, and 

hoped that they will become 

and i more and more diffused, making the inter 

soon ».. — ,- . . , . - ,, _»„ 

induced to take their lands i»i ^«^^''5^;^^/*J^ 


. mprete and ptrfect than heretofore, I 

would sneeest early «Ction upon any plan j f^^ weeks, by a very simpie noMdr. nftw havtag snaw 



Addnes WEEKS A POTTKB, 170 Wi 
Tor sate br>a PwH«<s>i 


The Advcntiser, haring l>eea rertorad to hMlth In a 


and in the interest 
of A neighWring people, proposed 
their good "offices to bring the existing 
contest to a terminaUon. The offer not 
being accepted by Spain, on a basis which 
v,e beleived could b • reoerred by L^ba.waa 

found that my views in this regard 
shared by Hsr Majesty's ministers, 
that the time may eoon arrive when 
two governments wan approach the 
tion cf this m. mentous question with an 

to the rights, dig- 
and with the de- 
remove the causes 
past, but to lay the 
principle of public 
law which will prevent future differences, 
and tend to a firm and 
continued peace and friendship. 
This is now the only grave question which 
the United Slates have with any foreign na- 

h:^ 1 ^d thus Sve e^mTloT-nl «;V;:upport ^ \ l^f.^Z ending the 30th of J-e^ 18^' 
n tb^ Wdre-1^ of thou^nds of people at home, . v.e $80,644,042. of which $23 b82,310 
e°.oS 5 allium with us .he m.arf hioh other- i disburse* in the payment of debis 

that may be agreed upon. As Congress at 
the last seshioik appointed a committee to 
take into consideration such measures as 
might be deemed proper in reference to 
the coming census, and to report a plan, I 
desi*t from saying inore. 
I recommend to your favorable coBSider- 
the claims of the Agricultural 

tinn For full details on this subject 
cill yo'ir special attention to the reports 
of the Secretary of the interior and 
Commi'-noner of Indian Afi'airs. The 
port ot the Secretary of War shows 
e";ri;7h"em a' geneiai one m all sections, ! expenditures of the War Department for , ^^^^ 

~ ^^*^'^ "^""""'^ras I Bureau for liberal appropriation m a 

con- country so diversified in climate and soil as 
, u.o„-..- - _ . . »^v,„,„o^ nnrs and with a population so largely de- 

;i;e"would be shipi^ed abroad. The ex- tracted during tbe w«%^d is not charge- o -^^^^ agriculture, the benefito that 

tension of railroads iu Europe and the able to current army «^P^f«;«- _^^^^^ '^f ^^ be conferred by properly foBtenng thi. 
the ^ tft is brineiEg into competi- mate of $34,531,031 tor tne expensta ui 
^« '"* agricultural products j iLe army tor the next fiscal year is 

jf other countries. ; as low as it « belie __ _ _ 

SeU-mterest if not .elf-preservatioa. there- , be- reUed on. The ^^J^»^ rmtanSd ! numb^r<i th^ffloetimpartant offioem of 
fore, dictates caution against disturtnug oiScert Oiave been <^^Uy ^^^^^ [^i, ^ove^1be£l In thia ilieMage 1 wUl 
anv iadustri 1 interests of the co-.ntry. It wherever it has been deemed P"''^''^;^ : ^^^ Numerate them, but wiU specify orfy 
the neces-itv of looking to '■ if, however, tlie condition oMbe^^eount^ ^ n^^ ^^^^.^^ ^^ ^^ Suprwne Coort No 

made in their salaries for 
Within that time the 


with our 

.can _ _ 

, bureat^ are incalcnhkble, 

od serenJ years with a severe tnng affection, aad lh«t 
dr«Ml dissese, Coosnmptkm. U asxiona to make knows 
to his fellow suff e t e r s, the m— « ■ tt eon. 

To all who desire it, he will aead a copy ot the ijre- 
seription used ( free of charge), with the directloos fur 
preparing and osing the same, which they wtU ttn4 a 


0U. The obiect of the advertiaeria sndtegtlM pi« 
■cripticn k to benefit the aflUcted, aad spread iatofaa- 
tion»«ohlie conceives to be iaralMble; aad h«kir«a 
every saff'^rer will tzy his remedy. •■ It wm oeak th .a 
QOthing, ;.nd may prove a blseilac. 
Parties wishing the prseetipMaa will ylasM sMmm 
RXV. KDWABO ▲. wnaoH, 
WiHia^MB. KiwiiGaaati. Xa« T«f«r. 

•ctX'J^?SdSS!l.'iSSSr..CUIH0U8 HOW STIIMpEf 

" The 3Un*e« .!*««< 




h— JortieDi 

MB& 0. HKniT. r 

-- •- •- 4 

teaches us a' so 

leacnes us a su mo ucv^o-«, ^. — —o - r., ^^^^-—j — Atteal year as to ! tUe Justices oi u 
0Cher markets for the sale of our sarpius. - . should be such by »^« ^"^ "^ of trooos ehange has been 
^ Our neighbors south of us. and China and admit of a greater cen ration of trw^^^ g^^^^ ,^^^^_ 

-i,Tag||y|ggjdrecei^eOTXsgfeci^a^ ftppiojgytigy asked for^wui not oe ,^[^^^^^t the ^ort ^^t'^^S^^'^*^ 


Undt & VndBSfe Lei^ Prim •■■T 91^ 



E. A. HoTCHKiss, Editor and Proprietor. 

Liberty, Literature and Laud 

Terms : 82:00 a Year in Advance. 

VOL. VII. NO. 8. 


WHOLE NO. 3-20. 


mmm message. 

Wa-shtn'otcn. Dec. 6. 

To ihe enale and lions- of Ripre^ientritlves: 
In coramg before vou for tde first tim« 
«8 Chief Ma!4i'*tr:Ue of this great natjou. it 
is with Kratitatk. to the GLver of all good 
for the manv benefits wo enjoy. >^f a""^ 
bleBsed with'per..-e ut home.andare witiioat 
enUnf^lin- .Uliance.. abroad to forebode 
trouble, with a t-rritory uiihurpa^sed m fer- 
tility, of ftu area equal to the abundant sup 

port of liv.! Luuilred millions ot " 

and abounding in every \anftv 
fnl mineral in qiiftutity 
idv the world lor 


of use- 
nlficient to 
j/eneratlouj, wlin 


exuberant crops iiud with ft 
Of ci.uiate adapted to the production of 
Siery sp^vie of earth's nch. s. and suited 
to the habits, tastes and r.q'iirements of 
Tvery livi.i^ thin-, with a population of 
forty millions of free people all speaking 
onelanguaK-; with facilities for every pior- 
Sto acuuirean education; with institu- 
tions clusiny to none the aveuues to fame. 
or any blessin- or fortune that may be cov- 
eted- with freedom of th..' pulpit the press, 
and ihe school; with a rovonne flowing in o 
The natiooal trea-ury beyond the 
requirements of Government sup- 
pi^. Harmony is being rapidy 
restored within our own borders, ilann- 
t c ur«s hitherto unknown in our country 
are soriunintj up in all directions, producing 
adegr-"" ot^ national independence une- 
qnaled bv t at of any other power. These 
blessings, and countless others, are in- 
trusted to vour care, and more for sate 
keeping for'the biief period of onr tenure 
of office. In a -■'hort time we must each ot 

onr credit tue best on earth, witii a less the Administration to execute the ncotral- 

bnrden of taxation than the citizen has en- ity in good laith, no matter how nn- 

duJedforsSvearspast. the entire public pleasant the task, made so by the snfierirg 

debrconld^^idmtenyear8.Butiti*not we have endured :rom lack of like good 

de.sirable that people should not be taxed to faith toj^-"'i« .»« ^^ 

pavitinthat time; year by year. the ability tious. The Umt«a 

to pay increases in a rapid ratio, bat the 
harden of interest ought to be reduced as 
rapidly as can be done without the viola- 
tion of contract. The public debt is rep 
resented in great part by bonds having liom 
five to ten and from ten to forty years to 
run, bearing interest at the rate of six per 
cent, and five per cent, respectively. It is 
optional with the Government to 
pay their bonds at any period af- 
ter the expiration of the lea^^t ' time 
mentioned upon their face. The time has 
expired when a great pait of them may b* 
taken, and the time is rapidly approaching 
when all may be. It is believed that all 
which are now due may be replaced by 
bonds bearing a rate of interest not ex- 
letiling four and a half per cent . and that 
as rapidlv as the remainder become due 
they may be replaced in some way. 
To accomplish thi-i it may become neces- 
sary tv authorize interest to be paid at 
either of the three or four mon-y centers 
of Europe, or by the Assistant Treasurer 
of the United Stivtas, at the option 
of the holder of the bond I 
suggest this subject for the consideration 
ot Congress; also, simultaneously with this, 
the propriety cf redeeming our currency, 
as before suggested, at its market value, at 
the time a law goes into c fleet increasing 
the rate at which the currency will be 
bought and sold, from day to day, or week 
to w-'ek, at the same rate of interest as the 
government pays upon its bonds. 

The subject of tarilf and inlt-rnal taxation 
will necesMarily receive your attention. 
The revenues of the country are 
than the requirements, and 

wholly in favor of the British producer, ex- 
cept -os.Hibiv a few tnga,;ed in ttie trade 
between tne two 8e<;iioUfi. No citizen of 
tb© Guitcd States would be tenefitted by 
rccir.rocity. Oar iuternol taxation would 
prove a pjoteciiou to th** Britl.h produce, 
almost <:qu 1 to the proiectiou which our 
manufacturers now receive from the tariff. 
Some arrangement, h.nvever, for the regu- 
lation of commercial iuttrconrse between 
the United States and the Dominion of 
Canada may be desirable 

other Tia- 
Siates schoon- j 
er Lizzie Major was arrested; 
OB the high seas by a Spanish frigate and 
two uassengeis taken from it and carried 1 
as prisoners to Cuba. Kepresentations of j 
these facts were made to the Spanish Gov- 
ernment, as soon as official information | 
of them reached Washington. The iwo pas- , 
sen'-ers were set at liberty, and tiie Spanish 
Government assured the United States that 
the CM. tain of the frigate in making the 
capture had act-d witho t law; that he had 
been reprimanded fur the in> -sulanty of 
his conduct, aud that the Spanieh authon- 
ties in Cn'oa would not sanction any act 
that could violate rights or trifle with the 
sovereignty of this nation. ., , , . 

The qnesticn of the seizure of the brig 
Marv Lowell at one of the Bahama Islands j sioners tor 
bv The ^ian^h aathoiities. is now the '■ Und bo.indaiy between tL 
subject of^ co^resuondenee between thi. , and the British po»sesuons 
ent #nd those of Spain and Great 

establish better relations through ng' r; 
cien. A more enlightened policy tuan Has 
heretofore been pursued towards China is 
hugely due to the industry and eftorts of 
one of our own distingushed citizens, and 
the world is about to commence largely in- 
creased relations with that populous and 
'litherto txilusive nation. As the United 
States have been the initiators in the new 
policy, so they should be the most earnest 
in showing their good faith in making it a | it either 

pended. The recommendation of the Gener- 1 bers, and the duty which it owes to ano^er 
al of tie Army that appropriations be made I department of the government deserves. 

^^_, success. In this connection I advise such 

The commission foTadjusting the claims I legislation as wril forever preclude the land- 
Bay and Puget's Sound ing of Chinese upon our soil under the 
" Hame of Coolies, and also prevent 


for the Hudson . - ,, ■ , Company upon tii» United • - • ^ 

States has terminated its :aoois. The award | ican vessels from engaging in transporta 

of six hundred and fifty thor!■'H^d dollars ^-- 

has been made, aud i;li right* fu-.i luks ul 

the company on the tt '.rtory t liie United 

tion of Coolies 
the system. I 

uq return to the rank.s of the people, who greater ._ .„„»,... 

have conferred upon us our honors, and ^ay with safety be reduced, but as the 
Mcounf to then, for our steward.^h.p. I , funding of the debt m a four or a four and a 
^JnS y desire that neither yon mr I may, half per cent, would reduce the annual 
Sc^Smned bva free and enU^htened ! current expense krgely: thus after fund- 
constituency, nor by our own con-, 
" from 

science. Emerging 
bellion of giganti«; 
fM it w;is by the 
•iatance ot 

own con 
a re- 
raaguitude, aided 
sjnipatby and as- 
nati'"^us viithwhich we wtre at 
peace, eleven St^^tes of the Uaion were 
Four vears ago left without bgal state 
eoveniments; a -lebt had been contracted; 
American commerce was almost driven 
from the s.-as; tho industry of one-half 
the country hud been taken from the coii- 
trol of the capitalist and pi iced where all 
labor rightiullv belongs i" tu. keeping of 
the laborer. The work of icstormg 
state governments loyal t'^ , . , 

of protecting and f..sCeriag free labor and 
orovding means lor paving interest on the 
*^ -■ ..-.-- reed ampl'' atten' ion from 


ing and justifying a greater reduction of 
taxation than would be now expedient, I 
suggest a postDonement of this question 
until the next "meeting of Congress when 
It may be advisable to modify taxation and 
the tarifl" in instances where unjust or 
burdensome discriminations are made by 
the present laws, but a general revision 
of the laws regulating the subject, I re- 
commend the postponement of lor ttie 
present. I also snggest the renewal of the 
tax on incomes, but at a reduced rate, say 
3 per cent. ; this tax to expiie in three 
ars with the funding of the national debt 
as here suggested. I feel safe in saying the 
taxes and revenue from imports may be 
reduced safely from GO to 8U millions per an- 
num at once and still further reduction from 

" the country 

Governm^... . ,. , , . 

Britain. The Captain-General ot » uba. 
about ilay last, i-ssued a proclamation au- 
thorizing search to be made of vessels on 
the high seas. Immediate remonstrance 
was made against this, whereupon the 
Captain-General issued a new proclamation 
limiting the right of search of vessels ot 
the United States, so far as authorized un- 
der the tieatv of 1795. This proclamation 
wan, howcT^r, immediately withdrawn. I 
have alwavs felt that the most intimate re- 
lations should be cultivated between the 
republic of the United States and all inde- 
pendent nations on this continent, 
and it may be well worth 
considering whether new treaties between 
the United States and them may not be 
profitably entered into, to secure more in- 
timate relations, friendly, commercial and 

The hubjtct of an inter-oceanic canal to 
connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans 
through the lalhmus of Darien is one in 
which commerce is greatly intere«tcd. In- 
.struclions have been given to our Minister 
to the Republic of iha United Stales of 

States have been extiugniih.-l. 
for the property of the coan« my have been 
received aud an appropriiitioa by Congress 
to meet this sum is asked. The comims- ; 
determining the northwestern ; 
United States; 
and the British poasesuons under the , 
treaty of ISjii have completed their labors, 
and the fommissiou dissolved in conformity 
with the recommendation of Congress. i 

A proposition was early made to the | 
British Government to abolish the mixed , 
courts created under the treaty of April 7. 
1862, for the suppression of the slave trade. ; 

to any country tolerating 
a'so recommend tbrit the 
mission to China be raised to one of first 
The deeds 1 class. On my assuming theresponsibiUty of 
Chief Magistrate of the United SUtes it 
was with the conviction that three things 
were es'iential to peace, prosperity, and 
fullest development. First among these 
IS strict integrity in fulfilling all our obli- 
gations. Second, to sacure protection to 
the person and property of the citizens of ! 
our common country wherever he may 
choose to move without reference to origi- 
nal nationality, religion, color, or pobtics, 
demanding of him only obedience to the 
laws and proper respect for the rights of 
others. Third, Union of all of the Slates 

The subject is stdl under negotiation. 

It having come to my knowledge that a uucoi 
rr^.,r«t,^ comDauv. orgftuized under Brit- First 

with equal rights 

means to 

corporate company, orga 

by any 

of these Congress 
is"k'iaws7p'ro'posed to land upon the shores | taken two essential steps-oiie by declaiing | Secretary 

a submarine 

from His Majesty, 

the French, of an 

right for twenty years of _ 

communication betveen the shores of 

France with th' very obj<'ctionable featuro 

of subjecting all messagen conve3-ed there- 

bv to the sovereignly and control of the 

F'rench Government, 1 caused the French 

and British Legations at Washington to bo 

made acquainted with th? probable policy 

of Congress on the subject as fort shadowed 

Uy the bill which passed the Senate in 

March last. This drew from the repressn- 

tative.=3 of the Company aa agreement to 

for the forts at Boston, Portland, Naw 
York, Philadelsbia. New Orleans and San 
Francisco, if for no other, is coucnrr*^d in. 
I also call special attention to the recom- 
mendation of the G neral commanding 
the miiitarv division of the Pacific for the 
sale of the Seal Islands of St. Paul and St. 
George, Ala.ska Territory, aud suggest that 
be complied with, or that 
legislation be had for tbe protec- 
tion of the seal fisheries, from 
which a revenue should be derived. 

The reoort of the Secretary of War con- 
tains a synopsis of the heads oi bureaus, of 
commanders of military •divisions and of 
tb* districts oi Virginia, Mississippi and 
Texas. The report of the General cf the 
Army in fall, and the reoommf-ndations 
therein contained, have been well consid- 
ered and are submitted for your action. I, 
however, call special attention to the re- 
commendation of the Chief of Ordnance for 
the sale of arsenals and lands no longer of 
use to the Government; also t« the recom- 
mendation of the Secretary of War that the 
act of 3d of March, 18G9, prohibiting pro- 
motions aud appintments in stafl" corps of 
the army, be repealed. The extent of 
country \o be garrisoned, and the number 
of military posts to be occupied is the 
same with a reduced army as with a large 
one; the number of statt' oflicers required 
is mor» dependant upon the latter than 
the former condition. The report of the 
of the Navy accompanying 
shows the condition of the 
when this administration came 
into office, and changes made since 

Strenuous efforts are being made to place 
as many vessels in commission or render 
them fit for service, if required, as soon as 
possible, and substituting the Fail for 
steam while cruising, thus materially re- 

and will undoubtedly receive, its due con- 
sideration. . 

There are many subjects not alluded to lA 
this me88at?e which might with propriety 
be introdoced. but I abstain, believing 
your patriotism and statesmanship will 
suggest the topics and legislation most 
conducive to the interests of the whole 
people. Oo my part, I promise a rigid 
adherence to the laws and their strict en- 
forcement. U. S. GBAirr. 

Special Soticw. 

Colombia-to endeavor t, obtain, authority } accept^s. the l^sh. of ^ th^^ opj^^ions 

enactment of the subject as might be pass- 
ed during the approachinfi pension of Con- 

tor a survey by this government in order to i 
determine the practicability ot such an un- 
dertoking. and a charter for the right ot 
way to build by private enterprise such a 
work, if the survey proves it to be pr.itic- 
able. In order to comply with the agreement 
of the United States as to a mixed com 
missiSn at Lima for the 
claims, it became necessary to send a com- 
missioner and secretary to Lima in August 
last. No appropriation having been ma le 
bv Congress for this purpose, it is now 
asked that one be made covering the past 
and future expenses of the commission. 
The good offices of the United State-, to 
^- bring about a peace between Spain and the 
'^t South American republics, with which sht 

of the United States, and to operate there i that the public debt should bo paid, prin- j this 
of tbe Uniua o^a^^ , ^^^^^^ ^i ^^^^^^^.^^ ^.j^^^, ^^^^ interest, in coin; second, by pro- ! navy 

the Emperor of vidmg means for paying; providing the 

exclusive means, however, could not secure the 'ob- 

tclegraphic ject desiT-d with a proper administration of 

the laws for the collection of revenues and 

an economical disbursement ot them. To 

this subject the administration has most --- - - 
earnestlv addressed itself, with results, I ducing the expenses of the navy ^^f^f 
believe, 'satisfactory to the country. There ; ding greatly^ to its eflicieucy. l^ooking to 
has been no hesitation in changing officials 
in order to secure effieieut execution of the 
laws sometimes, too, wherein a mere party 
view an indescribable political result were 
likelv to follow for any hesitation in sus- 
taining efficient officials a(.'ainst remon 
strances wholly political. It may ba well 
to mention here the embarrasKment possi- 
ble to arise from allowing on the statute 
books the so-called tenure of office act, ami 

gress; nb-^o, to usetlieirTifliience to ficcure . to earnestly recommend their total rep-al. 

from the French government a modification 

of tluir concessions, so as 
landing upon French sod 

public dr;bt has - - • ,. , . , e 

Congress; alth';v.;h your tllort-; havo not ; year to y«ar as the resources ot 

met wi-h'the success, in all p^rliculars, that i ^ro developed. 

miffht have been desired, vet on the whole The report of the secretary of the treas 

they have be«n more sncc-essful than could jnry shows the receipts of the K»vernmen^ iVatwar having been accepted by Spain. 

have been reasoiiabiy anlicipated. Seven j for the fiscal year ending June 30. 1%9. to is at war. nav ing i> t-u . cc p y f . 

states which passed ord.nancesof .secession ' jje 370,943,347 dollars, and the expenditures 
havobeeafully r-^stored to their piac^-s m | including interest, bounties, Ao . to be 
the Union The r iiihth. Georgia, held an | 321,490,597 dollars. The estimates for the 
election at which she! i;iti3ed her consti- ; ^usaiHgj year are more favorable to the Gov- 
tntion reimblican in form, elected a gov- grumeat, and will, nod-.ubt.showa largede- 
ernor 'mtmbeis nf Congress, a state legis- crease ot the public debt. Thereceipt.sin the 
lature aud all other oflicers re<piired. The Treasury beyond expenditures have excesd- 
lully in.-talled and tlie legis- ^d the ainount necessary to be placed to the 
' " '" -^~ ' credit of the sinking fund as provided by 
law. To lock up the surplus in the Treas- 

- -- ....*. -__!*! I .1 J c*Jt ULH-4CA \j*^LAa».' «V.l Mbit- 

Peru having m.*»!e representations 
to cripple trade and seriously affect the there was a stats of war between Peru and 

governor was (luny 111 
laturo met an.l performed all 
therein req.ured of thfxn 
r«constrncti.)n acU of Caugress, 
quentlv, however, in violation of 
•titutioa Which ihey hud just ratified, as 

the acts . 

by the 


tho COH- 

an exclusive right of transit 
the territory of Nicaragua to 
which Costa Rica has given its assent, 
which it i- alleged conflicts with vested 
rights of citizens of the United StatfJ. — 
The depi rtmeut of statehas now this sub- 

ary and withhold it from'circulation. would ject under consvleration. The minister of 
"'J'. . i. ^L - P..i-,i litiwin./ m.i.!« renresen tat ions tiiat 

to permit the 

^^^ _ f any cable be- 

adjustment of I longing to any company incorporated by 
the authority cf the United States, or of 
any SUte in the Union, and 
on' their pait not ofp's the estab- 
lishment of any such caLle. In considera- 
tion of this a'grecment, I directed the , 
withdrawal of all oppfi.sition by the United 
States authorities to the landing of the ca- i 
I le, aud to the working ot it until the! 
meeliag of Congress. I rpgret to say that j 
there has been no niodilicatiouH made in 
the company's cjncessiou, nor, so far as I 
can learn, havo they -att ;mpted to secure 
on their concession the exclusion ot the j 
given to Europeans of I capital and citizens ot the United States ; 

It co^.ld not have been the intention of the 
framers of the constitution, when 
providing that appointments made 
by tho Prtaident should receive the 
consent of the Senate, that the latter 
should have the jwwer to r tain in ofSce 

our future, I recommend a liberal, though 
pot extravagant, policy towards this branch 
of pubkc service. 

The report of the postmaster general fur- 
nishes a clear and comprehensive 
exhibit of tho operations of the 
postal service and of the financial 
cimdition of this part of the Post-office 
Department. The ordinary postal reve- 
nues lor the year ending the 30th of June, 
1869, amount to $18,445,510, and the ex- 
penditures to $23,G89,131, showing an ex- 
cess of expenditurss over receipts of $5,- 
353,620. The excess of expenditures over 
the receipts for the previous year amounted 
to SG,437 992. The increase of revenues 
for 1809 over those of 1868 was S2, 051, 909, 

r.laoed there by federal appoint- ; ar.d the increase of expenditures was $967,- 
S ,n?t ti! will of the President i S967,538. The ncreased revenue 

ments ag ■./.,• 

The law is inconsistent with the faithful iiu _^.^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ 

creased expenditures in 1869 

Peru aud Chili, a congreps has been invi- 
ted to be held in Washington during the 
present winter. 
A grant has been 

ove; I from competition upon the shores of France. 

I recommend legislation to protect the 

rights of citizens of the United Stat s, ivs 

lead to such contraction of the cuiTency as 

decided by the Supreme Court ot tho \ pro.-<perity of the country. Under these 

aince i.--^.— - -j — . . . , 

state, they unseated t'..«' colored members 
of the legislature, and admitted to K«'ats 
some members who are disqualmed b- the 
third clause of the fourteenth amendment 
to the consiitutinu, .iu urlicle which they 
themselves had contribul. d to ratify. Un 
. der these circumstances. I would submit to 
you whether it would not be without 
delay to enact a law authorizing the gover- 

«er of ( reorgia to coaveno the 

requiring each 

circumstances, the Secretary of the Treas 
ury and myself heartily concurred in th»" 
j propriety of using all the surplus currency 
I in the Treasury in the purchase of Gov- 
ernment bonds, thus reducing the inteiest- 
I bearing debt of the country, and of snb- 
' mitting to Congress the question of the 
i disposition to be u^ade of the bonds so 
I purchased. The bonds now held by the 
I Treasury amount to about $7o,0<jO,0<Ji> 
I —including those belonging to the sinking 
' fund. I recommend that the whole be 
. placed to the credit of the sinking fund. , 
i Your attention is respectfully invited to tho 
I recommendations of the Secretary ot the 
i Treasury for the creation of the offi 'e of 
' Commissioner of Customs and Revenue, 
' for the increase ot salary to certain of- 
ficials, and the substitution of increased 
National Bank ciiculatiou, to replace the 
ontstanding -^ p^r cent, certificates, and 
most especially to his recommendation for 
the repeal of the laws allowing shares of 
fines, penalties, forfeitures, &c., to officers 
of the govemmeui, or to infwrmers. 

The office of Commissioner of Internal 
Revenue is one of the most arduous and 

well '.s the dignity aud sovereignty of the ed. 
nation, against such a-;»ump?ior. I uhab ed 
also endeavor to sei'ure, by negotiation, an 
abandonment of the priaciple of monopo- 
lies in octan telegraphing cables. Copies 
of this correspondence are herewith fur- 
ni -bed. 

The unsettleil political condition 
of other countries, less fortunate 
than cur own. sometimes induces 
their citizens to come to the United States 
f jr tho sole purpose of becoming natural- 
ized HaviiiK secured this they return to | the 
their native country and reside there with- ■ ' "■ 
out disclo.iing their change cf allegiance. 
They accept official po«;,tions of trust or 

lb69 exceeded the increased revenue 

ami efficient administration of the govern- 
ment. What faith can an executive put in 
officials ferced upon him, and these, too, 
whom he has suspended for good reason ? 
How will such officials be hkely to serve 
an administration which they know does 
trust them for a second V It is requis- 
ite to our growth and prosperity. Time, 
aud a fhm but humane administration ol 
existing laws, amended from time to time, 
as the > may prove inefl" ctual and unneces- 
'iH probably all that are reqnir- 
ihtt third cannot be attain- 
by special legislation, but 
but must be regarded as fixed by th"* con- 
stitution i . _ , 

ent the management of the original inhab- 
itants of this continent, the Indians, has 






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was $2,527,570 less than the increased ex- 
penditures in ieC7, showing, by compari- 
son, this gratifying feature of improve- 
ment, that while the increase of expendi- 
tures over the increase of receipts in 1868 
was $2,439,530), the increase of receipts 
over the increase of expenditures in 1868, 
was 51,084,371. 

Your att-ntionis respectfnlly eallod to 
rocommendalions made by the Postmaster- 
General, for authority to change the rate ol 
(rompensation to the main trunk railroad 
lines for their services in Carrying the 

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Reader, vou may oonaider this 
out I mean 

originally elect-d. . Y,„»t, 

member to take the oath prescribed by the 
reconstrncliou art, and Tion^to be admitted 
who are ineligible under tl.. third of 
the fourteenth amendmeu Tue freedmen 
under tho proteelion whi< i they have re 
ceivod are m.kking rapid progress m learn- 
ing, and no complaint'* are lieard lor lack 
of industry on their part, when they re- 
ceive fair remuneration for their labor. 

The means provided for paying the in- 
terest on tho public debt with all other 
expens*-s of the Goveinment are 
more than ample. The loss of our com- 
merce is tho-ouiy result of the late rebel- 
lion which has not received sufheient at- 
tention from vou. To this subject I call 

your earnost aituution. I will not now sug- 1 responsible under the Government; it falls 
gest plans by whi< h this obje.-t may be ef- |j„t ijttle if any short of a Cabinet position 
fected, but wi'l, if necessary, niike it the ,p ^^ importance and responsibilities. I 
subject of a speeial message tluriug the ^rould ask for it, therefore, such legislation 
session of Congresj. ; as in your judgment will place the office on 

.\t the Man-h t'-rm Congress, by jdnt j ^ foo^ng of dignity commensurate with its 

resolution, authorized the executive to or- 
der an elci-tion in the states of Virginia, 
Mississippi and Tex'.!», to submit to them 
the const It I'.t ions whieh each had previous- 
ly in ccnveutinn framed and submitted, 
the Censtitution, either entire or in separate 
parts, to be voted upon, at the discretion 
of the Executive. Under this authority. 

importance and with a character and quali- 
tieations of the class of men required to fill 
it properly. As the United States is the 
freest of all nations, so too its 
people sympathize with all peoples strug- 
gling for liberty and self-government; but 
while so sympi'.tbizing, it is due to our 
honor that we should abstain from enforc- 

of the mail service on the Pacific and for 
rtpain, and that Spain was constructing in ni-netl. ^,"'' r"^7Trirrr>THn«\,t~the Indians has I establishing a mail service under the flag 

and n^ar New York thirty gunboats, which The unsettled political condition . itants of this ^^J^^Xrra.s^eu^*^^'/^^^^^ ; of the Union on the Atlantic, and mostes- 
might be used by Spain in such a way as to of other couattles, less fortunate been a «"^J/':\f t;^,^''"^;^^^^^^^^ , peciallv de I call your attention to his re- 

relieve the navai foice at Cuba, so astoop- i than cur own. «°»^.t"^r"f.i"i.te« f,'J!^ '^riberiesuurdeTs arc! wars. ■ Commendation for a total abohtion of the 
erateagaiu^ Peni, orders were given to ' th.dr eitiz.ns to come to the United Sates ^ tinu^^^^ '?v ow5 exnerience „pon ' franking privilege. This is an abuse from 
prevent tL. ir departure. No further steps 1 f.r tho sole purpose o aecommg natural- From my own , f f ^"^^^^^^Qtries, which no one receives a commensurate ad 
having been taken by the representative of ized Hav».« secured this they return to j the ^•^'^^'^ ^V '" ^^ /'^^^^^^^ vantage. It reduces the receipts lor postal 

' the Peruvian "feovernment to prevent the tLeir native country and reside there with- V^''/' o?"'i tifwKme^^^^^^^ con- service from twenty-five to thirty per cent. 

dep..rture of these vessels, and I not feeling ! out .bsclo^ng their change cf allegiance, dnct "f ^'^^/'^/t'^'*. ^^'^i,^^,^^" ^^^^ and largely increases the service tc be per- 

au horized to detain the property of a , They accept official po«:,ti.)nB of ^^""^^ °^ ^ ^-^VTuies The S h^^^^^^^^ eaLot be formed^ The method by which postage 
nation with which we are at p«ace on a honor which can only be h. d by ^^'^'^fJll^'^f^'l'^l,)^^^ publie matter is set 

mere Executive order, the matter has been of their native land; they J»«™%"°J" ""^^J^"^' ^,^f, ^* rhavratTmptsdrnew . for^h fully in the^rt of the Postmaster 
referred to the courls to decide. passports describing the oi as such citizens, ^« fow fiud it. I have a^^^^^^ ^^^^^, , ., , , 

The conduct of the war between the and it is only when civd liscord, alter, per- P«W ^^« ""^J.^^^^^ The report of the Secretary of the In e- 

.llies and the republic of Paraguay ha. haps, years of quiet, threatens them or ""-il "^ ^^^^^^^^^ wUh fair resalts so far ' rior shows that the quanUty of public 

• made tne intercourse with that country so threatens their persons c rtheirproperty, or hght ^^''^"ff J";?fv7.^^^^^^ lands disposed of during the year ending 

dimenlt that it has been advisable to with- when their native states dralt into is »« t;"*^^ • ^^^JT^'^^^^^^ ^^^J^'^' The Society 30th of June, 1869, was 7,666,152 acres, ex- 

: driw our rcpresenUtive from there. . militeiy service. That the fact ot their "lli^^.'^^y *'*'' f, ut?"'!? ^^^^^ ceeding that of the previous year by 1,- 

Srrdst^hecloseof tho lastadministra-l change <.fallegianee IS made known; '^'^^ ofF„endsnswellknown^^^^^^ S?0,4S;? acres. Of this amount 2.899.544 

tionaconventionwassignedatLondonfor permanently from the \"»^,^ ^^ in living at peace ^w^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ 2,737,36o 

the settlement of all outstanding claims be- , Stales; that Hicy oontrilHite nothing to its ^^^.^^^l^.^f ^l^^^;."^ °/^ of StJ r sect« " i ««^''« ^"^^''^'^ ""^^"^ *^' homestead laws - 
tween Great Britain and the United Stabs, resonrce^i that they aycid duties ot its cit- their ^^^ f^.^^i^J^^^^^^t^X embroiled. ' The remainder was granted to aid m tbe 
^hich failed to receive the advice and con- jizenship. and t»«y only ma« them.elves J^t'^^^^ j^;f^^?"\^'„;Vfor T^^ oppoSion i construction of the work of internal im- 
pent of the Senate to Its ratification. The ! known by a claim of F/"t^'''\^°- J ^^"' V »^^'^^ Ti.t'*?^, r^ee a^ approved to the states nB and the circum.stances attendmg , directed diplomatic and consular officers o »« a I stnte violence a^^^ lands, and located warrants and 

the negotiation of the treaty were the Unite.l States to scr itinize carelclly all entllv noted lor ^^"^ J'^^^J^Ji^^'S^^ ^" . [ scrip! The cash receipts from all sources 

S:^of IL i!:itJiKan^s;;::itSeVi=^rSt^^^^^ ''- ^' "^ 

LiSns were wholly inadequate fbr theLt- j ed. who -^-:^r^^^.^^^^^ , ^:T^1^^^ ^i^X IS^d^^^^^:^!^^^^^ 

I a voice in the direction of affairs ' npon the Society itself [he J«««» ^^^"J ■ J^'oi^p^d t2eT° from^ leaving at its close 

I shall not consent to ;^°^P"°M l^'^''^"? T"' f V h*^ ?7\b6 rTnirt of t^^ 

the sacred right by conferring it upon ! more fully set forth "'^^/J^ T^P"'^* °' '^ ino uding the compensation to disbur^iag 

■' l^°'?J^.'!^i°?ff"„l^T"Lt^^^^^^^ $28,422,884. an increase 

... ^-..,--♦2 on that of the previous year. 
The munificence of Congress has been con- 
Hpicuonsly manifested in its legislation for 
the soldiers and sailors who suflfered in the 
and the 

tlement of the gravo wrongs that had been ; isentitled to its complete protecUon. While ; throw ^tii« buroen oi^t^ne ----" — ^^^'^ were" added to the pension rolls, and 4,876 
sustained by this government, as well as by 
its citizens " The injuries resulting to the 
United States by reason of the course 
adopted by Great Britain during our late 
civil war. In increased rates of insurance, in 
the diminution of exports and imports, and 
other obstructions to domestic industry 
and production, in its effect upon the for- 
commeree of the country, in the de- 


crease and transfer to Great Britain of our 

subjects. Our course should always be in 
conformity with strict justice and law, in- 
ternational and lo3al. Such has been the 
policy of the administration in dealing 
with those questions for more than a year. 
A valuable province of Spain, and a near 
neighbor of ours, in whom all our laople 
cannot but feel a deep interest, has been 
struggling for indepence and freedom. The 

elections were called. In Virginia the elec- j ^ng our views upon unwilling nations, and 
tion took place on the 6th of July, 1869. fj^m taking an interested purt, without in- 
The Governor aud Lieutenant Governor 
elected have been installed. The Legisla- 
ture met and did all required by this reso | 
lotion and bv all the rccon«truetion acts of • 
Congiess, and abstained from all donbtful | 
authority. I recommend that her Senators 
»nd Representatives be recognizwd, and I 
that the state be tnl'y restored to ltd place 
in the familv of states. Elections were called I 
in Mississippi and Texas, to comraenc | 
on the :iOth of Ni>veraber. 106v». and to last 

two davs in Mississippi and four days in 

Texas." The elections have taken place, but 

the result is not known. It is to be hoped 

that the acts ot the Lt gislntnr-s of these 

states, when th- y meet, will be t.ueh as to 

receive your approv 'l, and thus close the 

work of" reconstruction. 

Among the rvils growing out of the re- 
bellion, and not yet referred to. is ot 

an irredeemable currency. It is an evil 

which. I hope, will receive your most 

earnest attention. It is a duty, and one of 

the highest duties, "f the (rovemment to 

secure to tho citizens a medium of 

exchange of fixed. unvarying val- 
ue. This implies a ntnrn to a 

specie ba^is. and no substitute for it can 

b« devi«ed It should be commenced now. 

and reaohe«l at the enrl-.^t practicable mo- 
ment, consistent with a lair record to the 

commercial marine, in the prolongation of : eluded that to be elTt ctual, all the mart 
the war and increased cost both in trea.sure ; time powers engaged m the trade should 
treasure, and in lives, of its suppression. 

the report of 
npon fictit oi^s jind lr8.udulent claimants, j Commissioner of Indian Affairs For 
On the accession of the present adminis- ! perintendents ^d I^^^V^" ."^S^^^ "^^ °^ ! ofj^ij r, 
t ration it was found that the Minister for reservations, oflicers of the army were . oi*«i,i. 
North Germany ha 1 made propositions for elected. The feasona for this are 
negotia;ious for a convention for the pro- numerous. When I"*^'*'^. "K^°7 "^ 
tectbm of emigrant passengers, to which sent there, or near there, troops 
no response had been p:iven. It was con 

orders from 

could not be adjusted and satisfied as ordi- 
narv commercial claims, which continually 

vitation, in the (uiarrels between different . - , ■ , . 

nations or between governments aud their , arise between commercial nations, and yet 

the convention treated them simply as such \ 
ordinary claims, from which they differ | 
more widely in the gravity of their charac- 
ter than in the magnitude of their amount. 
Great, eveu,as is that difference, not a word 
was found in the treaty, and not an infer- - 
ence could be drrwn from it, to remove the 
sense of the unfriendliness of tho course of 
Great Britain in our struggle for existence. 

must be sent also. The agent 
commanders of troops are independent ol 

,„ „ each other, and are subject to 

join in .such a mea^uro Invitations have different departments of the government, 
l.een extended to the cubinits of London, The army officer holds a Po^i]*^^^;^'!'*;' 
Paris, Florence, Beriin, Brus- the agent one at the will of the President, 

sells Tho Hague, Copengagen, The former is personally interested m "v- 
and Stockholm to order their representa- ing in harmony with the Indians ana in 
tives at Washington to simultaneously en Uie establishment of a ijermanent peace, lo 
and coincide with ♦he the end that some portion ot his lile my 
in be spent within the civilized section. Ihe 

TCOpfe and government ofthe United States which had universally impressed itself 
entertain the same warm feelings upon the people of this country. Believing 
and vympathies for the people of Cuba in 

ter into negotiations 
United Slates conventions, identical 
form, making uniform regulations as to the 
construction of the parts of vessels to be 
.levoted to the use of emigrant passengers 
as to quality and quantity of food, as to 
the meilical treatment of the sick, and as 
to the rules to be obseived during the voy 

thoir pendirg struggle that they manifest- 
ed throughout tho previous struggle*" be- 
twee" Spain and the former colonies in be- 
half of the latter, but the contest at no 
time assumed the conditions which 
amount to a war in the sense of internation- 
al law, or which would show the existence 
of a de facto political organization of the 
insurgents sufficient to justify a recogni 
tion of belligerency. The principle 

this nat on 

age in order to secure 
that the convention thus misconceived in mote heailh, to prevt- 
its scope aud made quite liberal in its pro- , protect tbe feniales and providing lor tne 
-' t have produced the hear- esiablishment of tribunals m the several 

latter has no such personal interest. And 
there is an economic one, and still another 
hoi ' which the government has upon a life 
officer, to secure a faithful discharge of du- 
ties in carrying out a given policy. The 
building of railroads, and the access there- 
• ~o ..r>ri.^<iUnra1 and mineral 

visions would not 

ty "nd cordial settlement of pending ques- 
tions which alone is consistent with the 
relations which I desire to have establish- ; 
ed between the United States and Great 
Britain. I ^regarded the action ol the Sen- 
ate in the Ejection of the treaty to have 
been wisely taken in the interest of peace, 
is ( and a necessary step in the 

5 ventilation, to pro- i by given to all agricultural and mineral 
■,it intrusion and to regions of their country, is rapidly bringing 

the civilized settlements into contact with ■. 
all the tribes cff Indians. No matter what ; 
for enforcing such regilatious ought to be the relations between sncu 

settlements and aborigines, the 
fuct is they do not harmonize 
well and one or the other has to give way. 
\ Bvstem which looks to the extermination 
of a" race is too horrible for a nation to adopt 
without entailing upon itself the wrath of , 


bv summary process. 
"Your attention is ruspectfully called to 
the law regarding the tariff on Prussian 
hemp, and to the qaestion whether to fix 
the char'^'cs on Russian hemp higher than 
they arc fixed up.-n Manilla is not a viola- 

direction i u"n of "ourtreaty with Russia placing her . «)! Christendom »'^'i. *^°S*'*'^",j.°« ^f Ihe 

. I of a perfect andcordi^ friendship between ; ^^-J^^^^Z^^^t'^^ i JJ-^I^S ^I^^J^^^^'S ^i^. 

with wonderlul j I see no substitute for such a system, ex- -——--^Tv^^^^aon. U it is tne desire 

... ,„„ Ka /i/.r» -"-» ' '.»• I '"no. f Ks tf> make the censes which 

ervations as rapidly a.s can be done 

tablish their present dependendencies as 
independent power*, members of the 
family of nations. These dependencies are 
no longer regarded as subject to trant^fer 
from one European power to another. When | that the time may 

interest of the debtor class. Immediate re- | with the existing relaticns of Spain to 
•umpticn. if practicable, won! 1 ujt be de- ' ' - - .- ».- 

cirable. It would compel the debtor class 
to pay beyond their contracts the premium 
of gold at the d*te «>f their purcU^^se. and 
vould briu^ bankruptcy and mm 
to Fluctuations, however, 
in the paper value of the measure 
of all mlufg. gold, is d-^tri-uental to the in- 
terests of trade: i? raakL-s a man of busi- 
ness an mvolnn'ary gambler, for in all 
■ales when future payment is to be mad*, 
both parties specula;.- a.- to what will be 
the value of the curren. y ;o be paid and 
receird. I earnestly recommend to you. 
then, such legislation as will insure a grad- 
ual return to specie payments, and put an 
imnieduite stop to fluctuati.^ns in the value 
of currency. The m'ethods to secure these 
rectiltd are as numerous as the speculations 
on pcliiioal econon: . To secure the 

maintained that ^ . , .. - . 

its own judge when to accord the riijht of the two countries. A sensitive people 
belligerency, either to a people struggling , scions of their power, are more at un- 
to free themselves from a government thev ibr a cr-^at wrong wholly unatoued tjan 
bebeveto be oppressive, or lo independent ' under restraint of a settlement which satis- i 
nations at war with each other. The Unit- ' fies neither their ideas of justice nor their , m macoinery 
ed Sutes have no disposition to interfere • v-rave sense cf the grievance th.y have ! increatiug. 

frtctures are mcrea.siQ 

rapidity under the eiicounv^'ement 

thev now receive 

the soldie 

recent struggle to maintain that unity of 
government which makes us one people. 
The additions to the pension rolls of each 
succeeding year since tho conclusion of 
hostililies''re8ult in a great degree from the 
repeated amendments of the act of 
the 14th ot July, 1862, which would 
extend its provisions to cases not 
filling within its original scope. 
The large outlay which is thus occasioned 
is fuither increased by the more liberal al- 
lowance bestowed since thatS|date upon 
those who, in the Une of duty, were wholly 
or i)ermaueutly disabled. Public opinion 
has given an emphatic sanction to these 
measures of Congress, and it will be con- 
ceded that no part of our public burden is 
more cheerfully borne than that which is 
imposed by this branch of the service. It 
necessitates for the next fiscal year, 
• in addition to the amount just chargeable to 
' the naval pension fund, an appropriation 
of thirty million dollars. 

During the year ending the 30th of Sep- 
tember, 1869, the Patent Office 13,- 
762 patents, and its receipts were $683,289, 
b. ic^' 5213,926 more than the expenditures 

iMiould respectfully call your attention 
to tlie recommendation of the SecreUry of 
the Interior for uniting the duties of super- 
vihiug the education of the freedmen with 
the other duties devolving npon the Com 

a !.ort of spread eact» 
tioadin*. but I mean every word of jt I have beea 
there. WTien your system is racked witH 


pain, and you cannot even turn yourself in bed, or sitlin 
ma chair, you must sit and suffer, in the mormns wlaa 
injf it was nisht, amd at ni«ht wiahlnc It w»a mornliiC* 
wT..n you have j,^,;^,^^,^. 

when every nerve in your being is like the »tin« of 
wasp circulatinc the most venomous and hot poiac« 
around your heart, and driving you to the very verge ot 
madness When yon have the 


(that 1 have just got through with.) that most awfui. 
most heart withering, most strength dwrttoying, mow 
spirit breaking and nund-weakeningof all dis e ases that 
can afiliot our poor human nature. ^Rien you have tA« 


lying and writhing in agony and pain, unable to turn 
yourself in bed, and eve™ movement WlU go to your 
heart like a knife , now tell me, if rohef and car» of any 
of these diseases in a few days is not the Ur«at«et 
Medical Blessing of the Age, tell us what is ! 

DIRF.CTION8 TO USE. -Yon will take atableepooc- 
fol and three spoonfuls of water thme times a day, and 
in a few days every particle of rheumatic and nenralgio 
pain will be dissolved and pass ofi by the kidneys. 

Manufaotui»d by DONALD KENNEDY, 

RttxbuT, Mmm, 

Wholeralf. ArtENTH.-KuUer, pnch i Fallgr. Lord 
A Smith, E. P. Dwyer 4 Co., Bumhams t Van Schaacl^ 
Hurlburt A Edsall, Tolmaa A King. Chioago; Green A 
Button, Rice ARlina, Bowrorth 4 Son. Dohmen^ 
SciiraiJt, M.lwsukeeTMeCnjtoch 4 MoC^. L«gro*». 
*oy«s BroH., St. Paul; CoUins Bro^, Z. F WetB«L 
Meyers Bros.. St IxjuU; Moore 4 Tartoet, Zunket»an 4 
Haas, Dubuque. „ . », ,„ 

At retaU by all dmggiata. Pnce tl-M- 

Ke«|i the C'ircnIatioD Active. 

A free and regular circulation of the blood isesaeBtial 
to health. Itplacosthewholes}-steminastat«of aotiv* 
defence against all unwholesome influences, and is an 
especial safeguard against the inimical effect »f sudden 
changes of temperature, and of damp and cold. 

If proper attention were paid to this important fact, 
there would not only be a great decrease in the number 
of cases of stomach, bowel and renal complainta, but 
also in ik» number of deaths by consnmptinn and other 
pulmonary diseisee 

At this period of the year, when the dividing lin« 
which separates a genial from an inclerasnt eeaaon has 
just been parsed, a course of HO.STKTTF.R'S STOM- 
ACH BITTERS will be found of invaluable service in 
improving the condition of the vital fluid and gently 
stimulating its flow. Violent coughs and colds, like 
intermittent fever, are the frequent effects of a chilly 
atmosphere uposi a debilitated organization. Diaaaa** 
of the kidneys often proceed from the same aoorce 
How essential is it, therefore, for persons of feeble eon 
stitution. to invigorate tbe vital organization at the 
commencement of Winter. FortitiKd by warm olothinc 
without, and HOSTETTRR'8 BITTERN within, the 
frail and delicate may brave with impunity an amount 
of exposure and hardship which, under other drcwn- 
stanoes, would prostrate them on a bed of sickneM. 
let them oooKlder this and h» wise in time. 


A GENTLEMAN wtiosaffered for year* from Narvoos 
Debthty Premature Decay, and all the effects of yoath- 
ful indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffering hamanity, 
send free to all who need it, the receipt and directions 
tor making the simple remedy by which he waa •ni«d. 
Sufferers wishing to prottt by the advertiser's experience 
can do so by addreasing. m perfect oonhdence, 
No. H Cedar street. New Yorf | 

which 1 ,f.r>f in nUcio" all the Indians on large le. _ , ti „ 

With the miprovements';;Plu,mVr^^^^^^^^^ can _be done and ; of Congics to make the 

Bl'eaily effected and sUll t {riving them absolute protectioa there. A..s 

sin- machin-.-ry to take ^oon as th«v are fitted for it they shouid be 

" to a large extent, ird-iced to btke their lands tti severaby orto 

skilled labo: 

of the ^ . I 
her sustained. The r»^jection ol the treaty wast the place ^. =» - "» , „ ^a\—- . ^»„^.iw frr their own rrotec- 

»,b; powe«.iU M it ,o .heir t>v.r.b,e to .1^.„ -»«*1^,,, «- 1 ^.^ ^/rrTK ,°°f i°s7o'^^^^^^^^ 
intore^t to terminate those relations and e« 

mustletakt^n during 
cmplete and perfect 

Itch! Itohl! Itch III 

lVlkcat«tt*a Olataaaat 


CtiTM The Itch. 
CorM Halt lUMiui. 
CnoM Tetter. 

Caiw OU 8«rcs. 


Prioe,SOe.aboz; bri 

Addrees WEEKS 4 POTTKB. 170 Wi 
for mJ« tor all Drogsiala. 

both sides, which 

favorable to an -— — , . . - , 

tempt at renewed necoliAtion. ! fined to ?. few localities, as formerly 

I a^'cordinglv so instructed tbe Minister of 1 it is to be hoped tbat they will become 
the United' Stittee to Great Britain, and I more and more diflfn-,ed, making the icter- 
found that my views in this regard were ', est in them a general one la all secliocs, 
shared by Hsr ilajestys ministers. I hope 

soon arrive when the 
approach the solrf^ 

the present relation? of the colonies cease : two governments «an approacu tbe soio*. 

thev are to become indepentent powers, ex- i tion cf this m.^mentous qaestion with an 

erci'sing the right of choice and of self- ' assmruuce ol what is due to the nghts, dig- 

control in the determination of their future . nity and honor of each, and 

condition and relation* with other powers. 

The United States, in order to put a stop to 

bloodshed in iJaba and in the interest 

of a neighMring people, proposed 

their good offices to bring the existing 

contest to a termination. The oSer not 

being accepted by Spain, on a basis which 

with the de- 
termination not only to remove the causes 
of complaint in the past, but to lay the 
ft lundation of a broad principle of public 
law which w'U prevent future differences, 
and tend to a firm and 
continued peace and friend-ship. 
This is now the only grave question which 

cill yonr special attention to the reports 
of the Secretary of the Interior and the I 
Commissioner of Indian Affairs. The re- , 
port ol the Secretary of War shows the 
_ _ expenditures of the War Department for ' 

and thuV give emp!o>ment and support to ', the vear ending the 30th of June. 1869, to , 
hundreds of thousands of people at home, . he $80.64-i,042, of which *2J,»«2,310 was 
and retain with us the mia.n9 which other- '■ disburse* in the payment of debts cou- 
' wise would be shipptd abroad. The ex- tracted duhng the war. find is not charge- 
tension of railri»d» in Europe and the ! able to curret-t army expenses. The e<i- 
'the r^ist is bringing into comptti- i mate of $34,531,031 for the expenses of 
, tion with our sigricoltaral products | the amy lor the next ^al year 

like tiroducta of oth«r counttie^. ', as low as it i^» "*:* 
ielf-mterestifnot.elf-preserv.tioa, there-, be -T«Ued on. The estimates of bureau j ox congress^ we ju^^^^ 
fore, dictates cauticn againsfc disturbing t oficert -have been carefuUy '«^'^^''°ff^ | f^^J^^g^f '"'i^^Sir^ 

^g_apgi02T»iiQ^«»^ . _ ^,^^i„,^^^ 1^ ' i^bors of the Coort hare largely increaBed, j ^^. 

■■i^HHBi^iBMSBdiaifa^^^^b--'^ " r'' — *~ -* ^AApt, 


the year 1870 more 
than heretofore, I 
would suggest early action 
that may be agreed upon. As CJongress at 
tbe laet'ses^ioiv appwinted a committee to 
take into consideration such measures as 
might be deemed proper in reference to 
the coming censu-s, and to report a plan, I 
desist from saying more. 

I recommend to your favorable consider- 
ation the claims of the Agricoltoral 
Bureau for liberal appropriation in a 
coai-try so diversified in cUmate and soil as 
oors, and with a population so largely da- 
pendent upon agriculture, the benefit* that 
_. , can be conferred by properly fostering thia 
is ; bnreHlL, are incalculable. 

I desire, re8pectfully,to oall the attention 


The Advertiser, having bam rMtorad to hanlUt in a 

upon any plan f^ weeka. by a vOTy iiBipla remwlr, aftar havtog sn j«r' 

ed several years with a severe Inng affection, and that 

dread disease. Consumption, is aniiooa to make knowa 

to liis (eUow suff e r ers, the nwn e o< ear*. 

To all who desire it, he wiU send a copy of the pre- 
scription need (free of charge), with the direclioot for 
preparing and using the same, which they wUl liud a 
SUKK Clue kob CosstmKnoji, Ajmnt a, BaoMcamr, 
etc. The obiect of the advertjaer in sending the pre 
scripticn i; «o benefit the afllictwl. and spmj iafctMa. 
tion «Moh he conceives to be invaloable ; and ^ 
every soS'rer will try his remedy, aa It wlU eoat th i 
nothing, :-nd may prove a bl e sii n g 
Parties wishing tbe p ies criptt oe will pleaac ■<! flues 
I WiHiaaMon. Kino Connty. New Toric. 



' ether markets for the sal 

; Our neighbors south of us, and China and 

; shputd receive out specia attention. 

The Married LaAe^PrlroteCwiL _ 

will ; taaSs"**^"'*''^^. ansg.^&sserj 

U»i.r T sa. l.nt. on. war nndthat i^ ! v.e be leived coul d b- receJTed by Co^a. was t hejnited State, have with any foreign na- 


*7o ^igittMr leqeiredjto^ier ^oat 




Ormde k Undnafe Lerel, Priee •sly $16. 



Fiom lUe St. Paul Pioueer. 

Miiiuesuta Kailro&ds. 

State News. 

Waseoa ba? a bra«s band. 
The carti now run to Crystal Lak«. 
A man in St. Paul was thrown front a iragon 
Ia«kt TlmrsiUv, and killed. 

The *trtte lands of the St. Louis river are said 
to V>« the largest in the world. 

Th« new ston* dual in the Root rtrer, at 
Lanesboro, is c«u>p1eted at a coat of $15,000. 

The Northficld Entfrprint says that the Mason- 
ic fraternify of that place, ar« to have a Calico 
Bull, on the 27th inst. 

A niovement is on foot for the union of all 
the German suctetiei and aasooiations of St. 
Paul into one grand organization. 

One Uiokey, was mu;ilcrcd at Owatonna la.'t 
Funday night, by Murray. The as«a«lt wa- 
provoked by a goose transaction, which occurred 
three months ago. 

Two Norwegians, who lived about 11 miles 
from New U'ln, got into a disjmto about some 
traps, and mu^krats. a few days since, which re- 
su^ttjd iu the death uf one of the party, named 

St. Paul and PAciAo, branch line^ from St. 
I Paul to ^auk Ilapids, 81 miled. 

St. Paul and Pacific, main line, from St. An- 
thony to Crjw river, 42 milva. 

bt. Paul and Sioux City, trum St. Paul to 
Mankalo, 90 mileii. 

Milwaukee and St. Paul, Minnesota Diviuion, 
from St. Paul to the State Line, 131 milef. 

Lake superior and Mississippi, from St. Paul 
to Wyoming, 30 miles. 

Winona and St. Peter, from Winona to Wase- 
ca, IOC miles. 

Southern Minnesota, from La Crescent to 
Lanesboro, .'>0 miles. 

Husiini^s and Dakota, irom Hastings to Farm- 
ingtoii, 20 miles. 

As the leasou for active operations in extend- 
ing these difi'crent lines of road is about closing, 
it may be of inlorust to learn what . progre:-s has 
been made in railroad builaiug in Minnesota 
during the year. The year 181)9 will long be one peculiarly unfavorable for 
railroad work. The spring was backward, and 
the greater portion of the summer. Yet, not- 
withstanding all the difficulties that contractors 
had to meet with, the season's work shows, in 
the aggregate, that 244 miles of road have been 
built and put in operation, divided among the 
d'ffcrent roads as follows: 

Si. Paul and Pacific (Main line), to Chippewa 
river, ninety miles west of Crow river; total, 
171 miles from St. Paul. The grading will be 
continued beyond Chippewa river until the 
weather compel? a suspension of work. 

As soon as orarticable the work will be resum- 
ed next spring, and the r<*d completed to its 







Stock always full, and custvmi- 
ers can at all times be furnished 


g,9.jj At RICUARDSON'a. 


A desirable farm of tCO acres, welt watered, hi -I.. 
town ofPicKotl, Seciion 18, Is . iTere^i fur laW, or re 
for one, two. o. ihrce years. Forty MresbiokJ, tfen 
acres of timber, two and one-lialf niUet dUunt, will b. 
gold wlllitlie farm, aepuralel.v, oi in lol« to suit purchas- 
ers Terms, if soM, ■?•••'" d"»n. «'"' '•>« balance ou HciiK 
lime. For lurUici parlit ularb iu lUirn of or address ih> 

-Ij^m'"' OFO. MASTERS. 

Shelby viUe Minn., November 8d, 609. 

Also Geneiml AfMita tor ^^ 

-vriA.. :E:3srA.BE<sc oo' 

and otiun- First CIom 

Ob and «ft»r Tncwiay, Manh 30 train. w = 
ran «a follows; 

Mankato and Le Sueur Trains 

m:avc. annivn. 
Bh Paul T:15 a m Mnnkato 4:30 p 

terminu-" at tho western boundary of the State 
, k ,.• • c Tt y L \ ; some 75 miles) early in the season. i ^-^ / . -i -i-v t ' 

A youneman fr«m Austin, tn St. Paul, met a j ^ ^^^^ ^apcrilr and Mississippi Road forty- ^^^h aQVtlling in tlie DlUg ImC. , 
diningroom girl. Thty were acr(uainted one seven miles have been completed and put in run- •' ° i 

h-ur. fell In lore in two hours, engaged in ibree ning order during the year, making a total of - -•- »..„- t>„ j,,flR..» 

... • 1 J soventy-sevcn milea from St. Paul toward Du- 

hi>ur«, and in MX h«iir3 were married and on "-'^"ij o" 

i '"'b. 
their mjy to Austin. i n ;< expected that the road will bo completed 

MonsK'slNniAS ItooT Pi .i.s.-- We have lati I 

been shown the formula frciu whith the.-e PiM.- 

are prepared, ami from this and our cxpcricno 

in the use of llitm, can honestly proiu.uiuc then 

a good, fafo and rclial.h! medicine. P.elng .n 

tlrely tree from all poison >us ingredients •he> 

can be safely used while pL-rformiog the activ. 

duties of life. We would advi-^c all lo use them : 

and by a fair trial you can see at once the bene 

fit derived from them. Use Mor.-u's India- 

Knot PillsHn all cases of Riliiousness, Headacln- 

Female Irregularities, Liver Complaints, Ac 

I Said by all Dealers^ 



In Winnebago City.casks* f all siics will be found 
constantly on hand. REPAIRINfl dene at 
short notice. Cash paid lor staves and b«'«»- 
poles. Cooper Shop in the back paft of tho »id 
Log Tavern. p. H. WERE. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 10, 1869. 2M-tf 

Le Sntur.... 

:'',:40 p m 
9:00 a m 
6:45 a m 

l.e Sueur.. 
St. Paul... 

8;;;o p 
&•<« p 

1] :> :4 . 

Front Stieet, 2d deor above Record office. 


A . ^.A„ ,« »».« \r;n«.,.„.':, Rn«r,i thrunjih to the like and trains running regularly 

A report was madn to the Board ^^^^^^^^ ^^,^^^^^ ^^^^^^ .^ ^.^^ ^^ ^^^.^ j^e nest 

of Trade, the other diy, on the survey of the pro- harvest of wheat. 

posed line of ra5!r,.ad from that p1ai-c to the Icwa | St. Paul and Sioux City Road have exfcntied 
I ^ , M u 1I7-; J ill . thuk lino of ro;id from Mankato to Crystal Lake, 

line, by wayofMiakopce, W iiton, and ^^^^^^ ,^^g^.J,„ce of fidccQ miles, and in conjunction 
Lea. The report was highly favorable, and wc ,v-ih the Milwaukee and St. Paul road have 
believe the road will be built. ■ completed the new line across the Missouri riv- 

i cr and bronght the cars from the westorn and 
Tho Mower connty Trantvript says that on j„uthern portions of the Slate directly into the 
the 1st iust., the bands on the Ced:.r Va'ley city, thus giving St, Paul an all rail Eastern 
Ka.lroad, U.ween Austin and tho State ^ne/^ connection. ^^^ ^^.^ built their 

were "hauleil off" and discharged. They were j-^^^ 1^^.^^^ |,.jmjgy„ p„i„t of junction with the 
within four miles of the lice, and would have Milwaukee and St. Paul road, to Wells, a dis- 
completed the work this week ready for the cars. \ tunceof forty miles, on which freight and pas 

It is nadersfoid that the lnwa part of the :inc 
liis been purchased by the Illinois Central I'-jlLI 
roud Ooiupany. 

icngcr trains are now running regularly 

IKi/tort.i aud Si. /'rtsr Jload. —This company 

have added twenty a ilea to their road during 

' the present season, leaving only fifteen or cigh- 

i toeu more of road to build lo complete the entire 

The Mankato Un'on says that on tha 2Sib clt, , Hue to St. Petei. 

•s Mr. Wm. GiliSllan, who live, in the t. wu of i St. I'nul u„.l Ch!...go /?oa.7.--This new road 

■ . .. V , , ,• J ,• I has sprung into exis;encc only during the pres- 

Lerey.was leading a strange horse beb.nd his ^^j y^^,^ ^^j i^^s not made so much progress 

as the other railroads in Minnesota. The xrad- 


Boots and Shoes 



Go to Thompson's for your Beots. 

Winnebago City and Waseca j 



Leaves Winnebago, everj' day except Saturdays, j 
Leaves Waseca, every dav except Mondaya. 

This routs lies through WILTON, MI>NLSOTA 

fas!.ence.s by this new and T-P"'"'- '•""'','■ V,''^^! I 
TWKNTY .MILK.S of travel, and money, and win riue 

only in the aay-iime.potn!.' throiiv'b i" Sl^'';,''''-^'i ,„, 
THOMAS GKOUtiK, I'loprietor. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 18th, 18CS, 261if 

E. P Ncedham & Son and B. Shoninger & Oo.'s 
Manufacturera and Importers of 


650 Broadwftjr*., } •V7--A.:R:BS<003^S { 


69 "WoaliiiiRton Sir., 

V. .\EGAR — How made in 10 hours 
DrugK. For circulars, addres, L 
Vfnegar works, Cromwell, Conn. 

wiUiout (&1AAA *»^^''", '^^K'^^k^X.'bu^ine!: 
>AGE <^1UM Agents, male and <i=«^"7;, ';,""'!,'';. 
permanent. Enclose 3c stamp. Van Allen A Co, 

320 w 4 

rnilE MAGIC COMB will chance any colored 
i hair or beared to a permanent black or brown 
It contains NO POISON. Any one can use it. 
One .sent by mail for $1.00. Address MAGIC 
COMB CO., Springfield, M..s.s. 320m3 

j 171 Broadway, N. Y. 


own, into the subU. tue latter ktckad at the | 
•tranga horse, missed him and hit tho man »n 
th" loft cheek, breaking in the cheek bone, the 
upper jaw, the lower jaw, and the bridge of the . 
Bosa. The whole side of the face, including the i 
temple bone, was crushed in fiat. One of the 
oorks male a cavity in tho cheek, into which 
the Doctor thrust bra instrument and lifted the 
bonea to their place. Mr. Gilfillan was uncon- 
acioas for some time but is now rational. 

The Owatonna Journal gives a favorable ac- 
count of the experiment of manufacturing cheese 
recently began in the town. Last Spring 
Messrs. n:«rtou A Case built a factory and pur- 
chased three hundred cows, from the milk of 
whicn they mauulactured 2j,000 pounds of 
cheese. The proceeds of tho sale of which at 
20 cents per pound, foot up the nice little sum 
of ^j, 100. In addition to this the proprietoT^ 
have fattened fifty hog? which at $12 each woulj 
Df-t :?600. The proprietors also have the ma- 
chinery for grindicg feed and savring wood, a 
business which they will follow during the win- 

lag has been dune and tho iron nearly laid <rom 
St. PuI to Ilasting.H. Thut portion of the road 
mnv be running in Dcceml^cr. 

Hutihi'jx "lid iJiikutit i:»iid in another new 
road. During this sea<on it has been extended 
from Farmington, where it crosses the Milwaukee 
and St. Paul road, to Lakeville, a distance of 
ten miles, and Ihb cars are running regularly to 

that point. , . ^i. 

This gives :!>l miles of completed road in the 
State, Divided among the different companies as 
follows : 

St. Paul and Pacific (main and branch lines) 21.^ 
Milwaukee and St. Paul (Minn. Division). ...i:"l 

Lake Superior and Mississippi 77 

St. Paal and Sionx City 107 

Wioona and St. Peter '26 

Southern Minnesota '*^ 

Hastings and Dakota •^" 

St. Paul and Chicago ~ 20 



At Thompson's, opposite the Collins House 
Winnebago City, Minn. 


WE have opened a shop on Blue Earth Ave- 
nue, for all kin.l.^ ..f blfM-ksmithing. wagon 
repairing, Ac, and will be found constantly on 
hand and readv to aeommodate our customers. 
Attention is called to the fellowing prices: 

Horse shoeing, per .-pan , ^* *!j! 

New Shoo, f 

Setting Shoe, 

We guarantee entire sntisfaction t«y (til who may 
patronize us. CLOSSICK A SMITH. 

Winnebago City, Juno 23d, 1S69. 

^Lips. &c., cured at once by the use of Hege- 
man'a camphor Ice with Glycerine, keeps the 
hands soft in the colJesi wet^thrr. ."-ee that you 
get tho Genuine. Sold by Drii-rgisls. Price, 
25 cts per box ; sent hy mail for 30 cents. 

HEGEMAN A Co, N Y. P. 0. Box 222S. 



TO THE AVORKING CLASS.— We nro now ' T"^ 
prepared lo furnish all classes with censtantem- I 
ployment at home, the whole of the time or for 
the spare morucnts. business new, 'light and 

AGENTS WANTED. Newest (ind greatest 
invention out-tbe New Self- ad justing 
Guides, for cutting perfectfiiling Panls,nound- 
abouts, dnd Ladies' Dresses. J''^'^;-;?*"^,'!^'*'. '" 
! every household. Address lUVl^i;^ ^ ^^oJ , 
I Pittsburg, Pu. 


' Shows how to doulde the profits of the farm. 
'' and how farmer's and their sons can each make 
I $190 per month iu wintur. 10.000 copies will 
' be maiUd frfte to farmers. Send name and ad 
' drc«s to ZElGLEl'v, McCUUDV A CO., 
1 ■ili'tw Chicago, 111. 



LiTTET.i.'.'" Livixo Ar.K, being published in 
weekly numbers of sixty-four large pages each, 
making more than three thoiis.ind page.-* .>r read- t 

Winnebago City <fe Jackson j 


Leaves Winnebago City every Friday at 3 o'clock 
p.m., and arrives at Jackson at 6 o'clock p.m. 
every Saturday. „ . , i 

Leaves Jackson every 5Ionday at 6 o clock a.m., 
and arrives at Winnebago City at 9 o'clock a. 
m. every Tuesday, laaking close connection 
with the Mankato stage. 
Passengers by this n ute pass through Wavcr- 

ly, Horrieon, May, and Walnut grove, and ride 

only in the day-time, j- 

VAGRANT. Proprietor 

Winnebago City, Julyd4th, 1869. 2J»8tf 



Are prepared to store 



the spare moments. Business new, "light and ! ^_ __.__.„, ^.y .^ ^i r a / i tt T XT 1? 
profitable. Persons of either sex ca«ily earn ' KNITH ^ G MAO U 1 iN li- 

frnm 50c to $5 per evening, and a proportional I 

Is presented to the public as the most 


Knitting Machine ever Invented. 



sum by devoting tbeir whole time to the bufi 
ness. Boys an.l girls earn nearly as nuicli us 
men. That all who .see this notice may send 
their address, and lest the busine.■^«, wo make 
this unpara!lele<l offer : To such as are not well 
satisfied, we will send SI to pi*y for the trouble 
of writing. Full j)articulars, a Valuable sample, 
which will do to comm«M«i work on, and a eojiy 
oi tho Ptojfk'ii Litfiiify^mjjiiiiiu, I — one of he 
largest anjM> family newspaper-; publibhcd — 
all sent free l)y mail. Reader, if you want 
permanent, profi'uble work, address B. C AL- 
LEN A CO., Augusta, MainOi .SlC-lCw 

Eastern Express 

i..-aveSt Paul7:45am. Ar. f^t. P:- 
Owatannr & Batttiair* Accomic 

eaveSt. P«tUS:30pin. Ar. St.Pau. i ; 
Trains on this road make close com 
Mendota with trrtins on Milwaukte 8- d 
Kailroad lor Minneapoli-, Owhcoi.h. 
artd iU point* SoXlh and Ka»». and at - I' 
with Minnesota Stage Com. any's line oi -i*„ 
tor Sew Ulm, and at Mankato all point* M est 
ana Southwest. _,. , 

Tickets can be procured at the Union Ticket 
Office, corner Third and Jackson streeu. «u<l bt 
the depot, We&t St. Paul. 

I Supci I'i "-ndenr, 

i J. C. BoYDE«i Ocneral Tiok ei A>.fi't 2f<c^'^ 




The only line running THROUGH TRAINS 



Making this tha most Comfortable, Expeditious 
, and Only Diroct Route to 

Cleveland, Eric, Dunkirk, Bufial^ 



_^:^All the principal Railways of tlia North- 
west and Southwest connect «t Ckirnfjo wi:h ibe 
Four Daily Express Trains, leaving (';)ic«;:o 7:)<.' 
A. M., 11:30 A. .M., 5:15 P. M.. aoc V:00 P. M- 

Elccnnt Draw-lng ICoom Coachea 

OnDay F-sprcss Trains between Chicago, T-.lo 
do and Putiaio. 


.And has Palace Sloeping Coaches Attached, 

Runn'g Through to New YorK 


P'a^senfrcrs for 2)i(/oiV, and all points in Cu'c 
iht. und those t'wr Ohio, J'(.iiut;/liiiuio, .Wic ) t.; . 
and AVir L^i^/'m.m/, should purchase ticU.•t^ « 
Lnlc .S'A^/•e und Mirhiijun S'Hilfnrn Ri'iii-<. 
which areon sale at all principal Railway T.^l.-' 
Offices, auJ at the Ci.mpai.v's Chcc, 




Ifewa Itema. 

Minnie Warren is very ill. 

Gen. Banks is in Pari-'. 

Gen. Burnsido has gone to Europe. 

Harriet Beecher Stowe is in a water-cure. 

There are 2,SU lighthouses in the world 

There aro $71,000,000 in the U. S. Treasury. 

A Congre«9 of Deists has assembled at Naples. 

Mexico is sending its surplus wbcat to Texas. 

A new church in Boston has a 'reporter's pew.' 

It cost 4J per cent to collect the revenue last 

Andy Johnson will spend the winter in Wash- 

The fPf'timen'ral Council a.<sembled at Romo 
la«t Wcd'ie.-<lay 


nod weeklies, wilh a thoroughly satisfactory 
completeness, as well as froshnes.-!, and at a sma 1 The ablest living writers in all depart- 
ment." are constantlr represented in its pages, 
and all who deyire'^a thorough conpendium of 
Ell that is admirable and noteworthy in Hie lit- 
erary world.'" to keep pace with tho scientific or 

political progress of the age, or to culiivate in ; QU anil Oil Paints, 
himself, or his family a taste for the best litera- j - .... i 
ture, cannot well dispense with TItt Lht'.ir/ A;ie. j 
Consiilering tho fiuantity of rcad'ng mnit<»r j 
furnished, the subscription price (SH.OO a year) i 

I is cheap; but for those who desire the cream of 

j both home and foreign literature, a still ciieaper , 

I offer is made, of which the lovers of the best 

I literature will avail themsclve.i in great numbers ; 

I vir... for $10.00 remitted to the publisher of "The 

1 Living Ag«." they will send that magarine wcek- 

j ly, and either one of the following, for a year : 

I "Harper's Monthlv." "Weekly," or "Ba^^ar," 

! "The Atlantic Monthlv." "The Galaxy," '-Put- 
nam's Monthlv." "I.ippincotf's Monthly." or i 


Wheat advancing antl selling i 
lo " ■ 

On rea.'onable terms. 

^i:^:':J!l^; '^:^:::i:'^:S::s:^^ ' beluw ^^.t, for ca.h, .t the ^yinnebago j ^^^, ,,,,,,..« sto. bunding, rmnt .tree,, 
luerTlure of the European c,a;.rtor;.es.monthrtsi City DrugStorc. Call and examine Mankalo. j he 

pricea before going elsewhere 


Carbon Oil. Elephant Oil, Lin.seed 
jlandOil Paints, Whita Lead, Red 
Lead, Colored Paints, &c. 


School Books, Blank Books, Station- 
ery, Memoranda Books, &c. 


ay hUo kocp the cele- 




„ ,, „ Patent Medicines of all kinds. To- | 

"ATi:..S'J,'',.:.r 'r^X" ' "7,rji .-. ' baoco a„d Cigar. Lamp Cbimnep and 
" ••• , .^. - T. . _ ._-„-_.i..a.i,- i>:_ 'Wicks. Fancy Articles usually kept in 

City Drug Stores. j 

they will send "The Living Age" and "The Riv- 
ersiilo Magazine" for a year. 

"Tho Living Atrc" is pronounced by high crit- 
ical nnthority to be "the best of all our eclectic 
, publications :" and we can do our rea.lers no 

(owe'. Byron atory will soon bcpublish- 1 better service by calling »»'.'• 7[^''^«f^;';V»«»- 
ii.wr .1 ujtwu oiw J 1 ^.^^ ^^ j^^ Prospectus, which will be published 

in this paper next week. 

A Bi:At;TIFl)Ii 1 


THE Subi<criber wishing to gointo the Vi col- 
on business, offtrs his farm of 220aercs for sale. ; 
There is a good Uonst:, Stable, Sheds and Gran- ; 
ary, and a never-failing spring ok watkh, suG- 
cieni for household jurposes and to water one [ 
hundred head of eatllo. Between 25 and 30 acres j 
of Timber. The bon.-e is surrounded with large | 
Shade Trees, besides a Garden, containing about 
300 FRUIT TPEES, large and small. 

I will sell the abo\ o reasonable. Inquire on 
the premises, 2 miles direct we.-tt from Winneba 
CO City, or at the Woolen Mill .Mankato. 

August 17, 1968. 251 

This Machine will run either backward or 
forward with c-.iUHl fa<;rily. 

Xut far superior in every respecl. 

Will Kuil 20.000 Stilclirs a Minnie 

L.-iaving ever) k;;ot -in the lu-ide of tlic work. 
It v.iil koit apa.r of stocl.iugs (any tl'v) iu less 
than hal. an hour. It »«ill knit Closk on 
OiTN. 1'i.a:?j ok Rii;.i :f, wil.'i any Kind ol 
c<>:irse or fine w.jolen yarn, «.r oo' ioii, r-ilK or li'.i- 
Ti'-n. It will knit stoikih'rs with d..ublu heel 
ar.<l '00, utitwetlB, hooiU, t:.ek3. .snud.i;ig caps, 
tomforts, purees, iiiiilfs, rr'vgc. .ifgntns, i.iibin*. 
"tfiderslcovcs. roittip?, K!;n;:rgeans, bmiji wi-lis 
map.'', cprd. uudi:r-.Lir!s, >l-;uvls, j.iel.ct.-, <rMdIr 
bl:ii.l:et,S leggiii-S sn.-ii(;:;.i.r«!. wristi-r.-, li-Jifx. 
j tlnnets, tufted wovW.jind in fa -t no oiidlese varit- 
ty|f artitlca in evciyiloy use, as well a- foi ohin- 

' FP.OM $i TO iriO Pini DAY 

No. 50, Clark Street, Chicago. 

F. E. MORSE, Gen'lPasj. Agt., 
OTIS KIMI5ALL, tJen'l Sup't, Chicago. 

271 vl ClevclHud, 0. 

>t I.OWKST pr.'.CKS. 
That the Mason & Mamlio Cabinet and Met- 
! ropolitan Organs are the best in iIjo world i-* 
proved by the almost unaniinwus opinion .of pro 
fessiona! muhicians, by the award to theui of 
; seveniy-live gold and silver mudiils or oibor 
i highest premiums, at principal com- 
petitions within a few year.s including the mcd- 
i 31 at tho Pj'.is E.\po.siiioii, and hy a .'•ale very 

much i;rtater than thai if any tiuiiljir in-^tru-n 
I ment." This Company luaiiufaeture only fir^t• 
' class iaftrumenis, and wlil not nial.c "ebcap 
organs" at any prieo. or suffer an inferior inttru- 
mcnttobc;ir their name. Hiving greatly iii- 
orcased their r.iei!iau3 for uiaunrartwrc, by the 
introdnciion of dc'v nKu.hineiy and otherwise, 
they are now u^a'nng belter organs than ever be- 
forJ, at increai-d ccciiomy in cast, which, in 

aceordnnreNfith their fixed policy of selling a!- . ,„„_.,,. „.:,i, ,i,e American 

««vs at lei't remmwrative profit, tliey are now ' Can fc» laiido by any one »illi the American 
IPJvz a?nri^ ofLorior work. Four octa.e | K.iitifc M.ieUii.e, ';n,, ie.. wh.l. 
,tZ PU n \?sin«t, §:.0. Tivt oc i c.M.crlfperator.^ can even mnl e mo,v kniuing 

S }^^;^:si:^:ri,?:;i;r»^s.^s i ^;:' r^;: t„ p; .-f r^. f ^ 




lis tlic only perfccteil an«l 


Circulars, with full particulars, including ac- 
curate drawings of the different ytyles ol organ* 
»nd murh information which will be of service 
to every parcha.fer of an orgnn will be sent free 
and poitagepaid, to any one dc'^^iring them. 
154 Tremout St. iJoiton; iOC D'dway, N. Y. 
320w4 • 





cd in book form. 

Virginia negroe<t are emigrating in large num- 
bers to L.Hii'iana. 

A decided majority In both Ilon-cs of Congrc?' 
fkror a prolecilon tariff. 

All tho waite's and nshera at the White House 
wear swallow-tailed coats. 

Six hundred men are employed in tha mann- 
fiK-ture of g'a=s iu th's country. 

There n-e nincfy-s'T different kinds of street 
pavement;:) in use in this country. 

Secretary P.ontwell does not favor the imme- 
d ate re^nniption of spe<io payment. 

Pen. Wood rccen'ly "p..l-e'ed" 5160,000 ont of ^ — ~~ 

John Morr;?soy in two or three "seftnee.*." State of •"**^P"^2tni,_ Faribatilt Caunty 

Tho Post Office Department ha» completed 5t« 
solcction of de.-igns for the new series of stamp*. 
Tf is said that 5uspen.<'on brido^c- hnve been 


State of Minnesota, Connty of Faril>aiilt. 
Tlie State of Minnesota, to C. P. llinrts, Defendant. 

You are berchy summoned to be and appear before 
0>e ur<(l»-rs!(:ne'li one of ihv Jo-ticpsof llie Peace in ami 
for «-.iil coiirify, on the imh rt»v of Decenilter. A. U. 
Jsr.'.), Ht 10 o'clock A. M., at uiy oIlEee, iu Winoebaso 
Oitv' in sa'd coiin'y, to sni.ver to lloit. In a civ- 
il action. tShon'il vo'i fail to «p'>'>-r. nt the lime anil 
piai-e a''>rc-«ai«l, jiiripir-r.t wi'l be rend-rcil a:iainrt you, 
i n.ion ilietviilenc"' aiiduceil by siiid "eman lloit, for 
' Kiii-b sum lis he AvM sfmw liimself entitled to. 

tliveii under my liand this ■-"Mb day of Novetnl)cr, A. i:. H. IHTCHINS. 

'ai>"'w Ju.stice of the Peace, 

Iu Probate Court, 

[!»peiial Sessirn.] 
In the matter of the Estate of \V ILLI AM F. AT-DRICH. 
hkte of said county, deceased. C. J. FARLEY. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 19^1SG9. 

known iu China lor ihepa^t two thousand years. \ (y^^^^-^^i^^^'^^^^^I^Zy. Ahl^" .^a»J^f 
Love is sed to be blind, bnt i kno lot< of phcl- ] '^^i^^';^;] ^^ p^i?^.:i!l*'^"'of 
lows in love who can so. twlc. as much in their , -;!^:^'^-J,^^ ---;:^>S;™ 1. ^1^;!^!;: 

galls as i kan. 

A ste.imboa' st-n.-k the rnil-oad bridge at Par- 
korsvillc.Va., last Tue.^day night, and immcdi- 
ato'v sunk : a nniabcr of lives were lost. 

und r.e.<'(fe W. Aldrieh. ,v .u i j - ' 

II U cnlewJ, lliai • id petition be heard by the Judge 

of the Ccui!, on the I'th day of January, A. D. ;«T0, nt 

1 1 o'oi«ck In Ihe-irtriioon of said day. at |ii.< offlce In 

Bill- K.irlh C' V. :n .*»id Conrty, nt whleh time aud place 

as».«.i'o'.i of .<a!d >-ourt nili be helil. 

. » Ordered further herein, tliiU notice of the time and 

TheT i»J there is a spot on the Erie railway ^^^pj ,i,id h..rin; be pivu lo the heirs of said decets- 

, ..1 Tj ;„ rpff^rd- ' ed and all others it.ter«»ted, by advsrUiingtbti order 

where no sma-h-up ever oeonrred. It is regara *_^"^- ""J^*^ ^^^^ snreesaivelv. prior »o the day of hc.nng, 

i-d 3* a irreat curio.'ity br tho inhabirants. i„ ,he "Kkkk il..Mf.>TKAi.,' a w-ewiy newsp.»per, pub- 

ta 3^ a grrai, cur.v j . , ^,^^^^ .^ w;nneh»iCo Ci\v, in said county. 

p.itea Dec. loth, 1-^9. 


Keeps r.aostantly on Ilaud 


Frosh and Salt Meats, 

Smoking and Chewing Tobacco, 


He will pay tho highest market price far 








P. T. 


Can sell their wool at only forty to ^fty cents 
I per pound; but by getting the wool made int.: 
yarn ut a small e^pen>;e, nnd knitting it iisto , 
sochf, two or three dollars per pound ran be re- : 
allied. I 

Ou receipt of $25 we will forward a machine , 
as ordered. . ' 

We w'<;h ttJ proctlre active AfjENTS in every 
section of the United Stales and Canadns to 
whom the most liberal indoconents will be offer- 
ed. Address American Knitting Machine Co. 
lioston, Mas.= ., or St. Loais M*/ 

, scicMilificaliy j»roj»areil 
1/ jvej.. trail 311 of its k:ii«I 

lujijlUliria ;xnd b:i3 no comjiethor 
in merit. l^y its t'.sc 
GUAY HAilt is hoou 
restored to its origiiifti 
youtUlijl color nn«l brii- 
lianev, which is so much 

luLuK, 'out will, by the use of our 

PROMOTES, l^cncw<^'''«^'*" see its <;oo.l 
T.Tiq lofFoct?', ns, by its ionic ajui 

nDnwfrni '^•'"'**^'''^''"^ proiuMiies tho 

trnUW in. hair glnnds will be iucileJ 



llorsctlolct atallhoars, day or niijlit. Horses to 
8^11 or exchange. „ . . v. , 

Cash paid for oats, corn and hay. Oats, corn, hay 
and ^•;lb lip at rer»^on8b!e rates. , „. ., , ,l„ 

oraoe in Wi.i.iebigo Cliy Hotel, and Stable In the 

"^"vilnoebago City. Dec. S. 1SC9. 819-tf 




A pen'lcman rvho sulTered for years from Nfrvoiu< Pe- 

l);iity rreniatureDocav, anil all the eir.-<"< of youlliful 

IndifcVelion. will, for Ihe sake of aitrerinK hiMianity, 

In one Inrpe Octavo Volume— Nearly 800 pages .end free to all who need it, the re<-ei.l and direclioris 

- .... 1... formaKlDKllieeluipk' remedy by iihich he was cured. 

SuffU'-rs wiibin^' to profit by Uie .".d'.enisci '.•< espenenc^ 
pan do 80 bv addresst:i7, withperfect so.ifideiite, .TOIIN 
B. OUDE.N, No, 4-.' Ced»r St., New Vcrk. Ul^-ly 


Winnebago City, May 26, 1869. 


Oars Perry and Hancock express the opinion 
thattheon'y way to prevent ont-a,!;e- and mnr- 
dors. and to preserve i>eace in Georgia, is to re- 
auuia military control over it for the time being. 


Judge Proba;e Court. 

Vlcissitudea of Fortune. 

The New York S^ of the 2d says : 'Yester- 
day, at 1 14 Forty-recond street, MrJ. Wm. H. 
Di.browdied. Onlya few years ago she aa-s 
tho higheat and most brilliant on the li-^t of New 
Yorkbelloa. Yesterday she died in tne rear 
room of the fifth story of oue of the most mag- fn.niihed and bnilt houses in the city- 
and thoJfh she owned the furniture, many thou- 



Default havinc t)een made In Oie conditions of a cer- 
U'n mortgage Jate.l the Tth day of ^^eptember, A. D. 
IxtiN e-cecutVd by H»nry l,a.|ue and Kllen Laf,ue h* 
wife' f f Kar.hau't Count v. .^tjie of Minnesota, parties of 
the »rst pirt. to David P. Was^att of lUueock County. 
State or Mane, piny of the second part, by the failure 
of said morii.-ng..r* or eUber of 'I'""'."? .?*>' ♦J'« """L ,f 
two hundred and sixteen dollars and «hirty4hree cents 
,«•>!« ;■>■•!) whi.-h :.n-ount is claimed to be due thereon for 
principal and interest at the da • of this no, ice. beside 
"he fur-nersum of twenty-five dollars. y% ), stipulated 
as attorneys fee, to be paid in case of foreciowre 
«h!.h ssid mort?»ee was rei-orded on the 1-1h oa/ or 
September. A. D. !-«-. at .-i o'clock p. m.. In the oOice 
ofthelteirfster of Deeds, in said Faribault Cconty. in 
book L of Mortjapes, on page .V-- and no »c'Ioa or 





Boots, Shoes, Crokery and 

Prints, ' DtLalnes, Bleached and 
Unbleached Cotton, 


, .„ ,i.v "tend her at the ex- twefore in nurrwDce and by of the i»ower or , 
becama us owu.-rs. to day sena ne .„ .. I '^arcon'<^in»..d u.orts««..nd of the statute, in poAlNSAC^KS NOTIONS. &C. 

peas, of the city of New York to a home in the *^l;co^^ -'•'« »-^ P'-tl'^-'r '', '•::SVri^d ^^^^^^ ^ALlVa, JSyjXlKJ. ^. «vc 
Jott.r's Field. She waa the wife. '^^f^^^.^p^^^^r^XX^^T\^^^K^^^^ 

Utely deceased Wn.. «• J^^^^-^ ;;-^^;j;; j ^^i;-^^?^^^^, l^^^l^Ui^- t '"« '"^ ^^'-^'";'"' ^ ^"^ '*'" "'^ "^^ 
known proprietor of Disbrow 8 riding academy. ] ~ , ^^^ ^^„hsifoft;.e somhwest qa.rter of sicjon CrockcrV I ^"I^* *"^ Sancers, Plates, 
ner mother discarded h.r when she tnarned I nmnVr o« m. in -wn^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^wers antl Basin*, 

airairat her will. So. deserted by b" motner , ^^ ,^^,^^.^^^.g,jy^^,^^„,., ,^.^^rdi„g to.ove a- 

* , , . u _„!,„„- her body is to be i Bientsurvev. tnenber with all the hereiKtamsnu am. (ji„j Lanjpj ,nd Chimneys, Comet Sun Buinera 
and robbed in her own nome. uc j , ^ .„„,„, ^j„njjrjoT,n any wi»e ap- " »' ry.'^„. 

■ A tn d.v to tha Potttr'a Field. She was •^ffin*, wi-.l be sold .. pabiic sale, to "J* bighest and Chimneys, 

carried to-day ta tM ro ^.^ectable ' bidder. f.W caoh, to «tWy and pay the «id deb. .nd 

29 Tears old, was beautiful, alwaya respeccaoie, ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ twenty five dollar, t#i.V>attornr> » fees 
. . ■ , . ,„, v. affo her then fair form fmd the co<ts and disbur-ements allowed by law at the 
andonlyeighteenmonthaagoneri J^nt door of the Post OfBce. In the TilUpe of Winneba- , ^,,„^ r , 

wora $15,000 worth of diamond.. k ^''''•''"""^rtrr^^'Vj'Jn'L^V D^'l"w' LOOKING GLASSES, <feO., 

" * ' _____^ «n Thursday, the i;Uh day uf January, A. D. l>iU, a .»-iv^v^-» ^ ^ j i 

- I 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. I 

J,..h Billings says : 'If I was in the habit of j Dated. Winne^o City, Minn Dec. L^l;^^^ 

pwaarinf. I wouldu'lll^iuU U> cu.* a W^ug ^_^ 
cixUi to bis.face.' I 

Lanterns^ Tuml/ler$, Giblets, 

j(«-BOOTS and SHOES Bade to order apa 

[ epairing iwatly doae. '••*' 

New Goods. 


, Dealer* in 

St OTCs. Tin 





anofacturers of 


and all kinds of 


A fine assortment of 

Table and Pocket Cutlery. 
Grind-Stoie^ and Hangincrs, 

BreaklAff and Crossittff 


Fence- Wire^ it*-. <te. 

J- H. Welch, yTm. Wallace, Chas. Wallace 
Wiftaebage City, Miu. 

AprU 7tb, 18S8. 

— Printed in Ei^fflish and (icrman. USEle 
gum Full Page Entjravings. 
It embraces forty year's recollections of his 
busy life, as a merchant, manager, banker, lec- 
turer, and Biiov-nian. No book published so ac- 
ceptable to all cla es. Every one »>ant8 it. 

Agents average from jO to 100 subscribers a f^„ ^,,^,,.3^ „y » verv m,i 
week. We ofter extra terms and pay friegbt jg^ed hcveral years with 
West. Illustrated Catalogue aud Terms to dread disease, Con 
Agents sent free. ' known to his fellow-E.ilIc 

J. B. BURR* CO., Pub's, 
31g g^ Hartford, Conr. 





Cash Gifts to the Amount of 

The advertiser, hsvinj; been restored to health in a 

few w^-tka, by a vcrv fciaiide remedy, after having euf- 

"•'1 a severe lung affection, and 

,„„ „ „_ , . jsumption, 5s anxious to luake 

known to hisfellow-E'ilItrers the means of cure. 
I T3 all who desire it he will send acopy of tleprcicrlp- 
1 Hon u»ed, (free of charge), with the directions for pre- 
; paringand using the same, wljch tln-y will find a sure 
cure for Consumption, Asthma, Uronchilis, etc. The 
ol)je<t oftl;.; advertiser liii: ding the Prescription is to 
beii'-fit the anlicled, and spread loforinxtion which be 
conceives to be invaluable ; and heliopes every sulTerer 
will trv his remedy, as it will eort nnthin^'. and may 
i.iove'a blessing. rarlif:s ivM.inf; the I'^etcript un wul 
please addiess Kev. KDWAilD A. WILSON, Hilliaras- 
bU! g. KioKS County, New York. 8i->-iy 

and the Irair grow thick 
aiiiistroncraf'fiin. Inc.!.«Jt'!i 
of Baldness it will ci onto 
SrLhNDlU a new growth unless tVic'^^lliclcs arc destroycMl. It 
•JiDV is cooling, and aliay^s :;!! 
'flMT ^^'-■^""S ^"*1 irritation of 
^^" the scalp. Itdoe8notKt:iii) 
BOTTLE the 8kin as do dye., but 
A)J]] makes the ecalp wliitc an-' 
J;;" „clca„. AsaDltliSSlN-'o 
iniuIiliWit is the best and most 
UP economical preparation in 
ipin? the world, as its eflocts 
TUTW l-'^st so mtich Ioniser. Sen! 
InlW fyr our Treatise on the 
LOCKS '.hair, free to all, by mail. 
Sold by all Druofllsts and Dealers In Medicine. 


Gen'l Agents for North- Western Statei- 


5 Cash Gifts, each $20,000 

]0 « << lO.OOi) 

20 " " 5.000 

40 " •' J, 000 

200 '^' " 600 

30« " " »«« 

50 Elegant Rosewood Pianos, each J^.'IOO to 700 

75 " " Welodeons " 7."> to 100 

.130 SewnR Machines, CO to 175 

500 Gold NV'alches, 7 J to 'lOO 

Cash prices, Silverware, Ac., Val. at $1,060,000 

A chance to draw any of the above prizes for 
25 cents. Tickets describing p'i'.es are sealed 
in en. elopes and well mixed. On receipt of 
25c a sealed ticket i» drawn, with.jut choice, and 
Bent by mail to any aUdresa. Tho prize named 
upon it will be delivered to the ii<kct-bolder ou 
receipt of Ono Dollar. Pri/.es are iuimsdiateiy 
sent to any address by ex pies* or return mail. 

You will know what your prize is before you 
pay for it. Any prize exchanjird for another of • 
ihe Fame value. No blauks. Our patroas can 
depend on fair dealing. 

RBKKKE.N'Es.—Wt select the following from 
many who have lately drawn valuable prizes, 
and kindly permitted tiKto pubiich them : An- 
drew J. Burns, Chicago. ^lO.OOO: Miss Cbira 
8. Walker. Biltimore. Piano. *.S1!0 : James M. 
Matthews, Detroit, $5,000; T. Andrews, 
Savannah, $5,000: iliss .A;;nes Timmons, ^ 
Charleston. Piano, $600. We publish no namei 
withoQt per'oiosion. ] 

Opixio.ts OP TRB Press. The firm is reliable, j 
and deserve ibilr success.— H'cZ '.y Ti ihnne, \ 
May i. We krow theoi to be a fair dealing 
firm.— ..V. V. Herald M",, 23. A friend of ours ' 
drew a $500 priie, which was pi omptly received. 
Daily Xeict, June 8. 

Send for Circular. Liberal indnccmenti lo 
AgenU. Satisfaction guaranteed. Every pack- 
age of sealed envelopea eortains ONE CASH 
GIFT. Six tickets for $1 ; 13 for $2; 35 for $5; 
110 for $15. All letters should be add.-essed to 

$1$ 12v i9;i Broadway, Xew York, 

In number? there if .'afety. it was upon thin 
principle that the formula of Judson's .Mountain 
Herb Pills was prepared. It was not the result | 
of one man's knowledge. Dr. Judson intending ; 
to spend a fortune in advertising bis Pills, con- 
suhed the most intelligent aud Iturnjd physi- 
cians of the age. and the result was the pro<luc- 
tion of a simple but eCiu-acious medicine lie Jud- 
soi.'b Mountain Iltvb Pills. The^e pills cure 
Biliiousnei^s. Di.-pe,.fia, Liver Cumplaint, Indi 
gestion. Female Irrejjularities, Ac. They havo 
n..7v been used many J ears by the public-, and 
thousands of testimonials bear witness to their 
virtues. As a firaily niei^icioe they are unri»u! 
ed. Give the Mountain Herb Pills a trial. So! i 
by all dealers. 






E. & H. T. ANTHONY & 00.^ 

larlu i^« •tiwooB Kl it>t Ti»*« t« ili» r «■•«!». .•wrt-i.-t.. tt Orf 
■■>••«, »l Ut.r •"• ,«6*««l>»«. ««••/•«.•■♦• 4»< i-»r»"«i»«- 
Wr ptikU>k t*r rnt Tkmumd niuMU at tutt—ffit Vlr*« 
•■•IwliM : 


• lie*'*. 



Wtiu Moiatalat, 


Waal Foal, 

Matnmst^ Cava. 
C.Dira! Ciik, 
Trci.tnt. r«;;a, 
flra&t \Vi.t. 



jt«w Or#i.a4a. 


1 1 A utaa, 



k,(ia«<, *a . *a. 

Oar lmp«rta<! Tlrwa rmbra'* a laf|» Ia<la4ia| <M 
« |.r-l«.l.oa« at WiB. Foeiaai. O. W. Wilaaa, !.••». a»« 
Mkar rniaaat |.b«to(ra|>kara, af 





&C., JkC, 

Cut to order from 
either I t a ma 5 or 
A M E K If A .< marble, 
and set up in good 
t4iste .Mr. J. M. fcul- 
litaii is onr practica! 'ifc 
signer, and all ••rder* are 
filled according t<i spoeifi 
atii cs, K, however, the 
tafteof Mr. Sniliv .u is con* 
suited, the designs are iruar- 
anteed to he unique. The 
worl: recommend' iiseit Or- 
ders from udiftaiiee promptly 
pt'endeil t<ii 

FisliiT & Sullivan. 


Jumedth, 1SC9. 293 


■ kiaa. 












•t Claaa. 

Crraul faHii. 


I Haraaiaaav*. 

I F»..ta.u«alaa«. 

I T.r.M.IIaa, 


aaaara»4 ,r!.«..alr >t'r«- ar aarlaa. *!aa. Ii.a»^ ai,.i T -aaaav 
ra.i Vi»».. rar .ir W» are a i« ntl»>.<< »r'.." ■>• » ■»•' 'J 
fa- "f tl *I>»n OLafiii riKHn.' mt w»itk m, b... a •!'» « 
...arl-.rBi »c.a'. far ff.'u'a »»r.i-a af • I 4aS 1-5 a il'-ozi.yiM 
♦ ..»• .■ •wiiMriawl. Ika ali:i.a. b(la.>«. ■cMlaaa. WalM. *« 

««<Of E».-Wa maaa'ariart »wr l«'f«lS. a»* kaaa a lal(* 
#l*aa of fa. ^#M ff>.aa at U* l —mt rmm- 

rnoTXiK^ri.'IC »1,HV1« - O-u Maaafartart »f »H«»» '•"•■' 
k*a«a laraaiaoal Uc aoaaltr M «i.|.arMr U « aM l«««r «a an 

AJI wa aril arrawAa l« a*r ava Tv**^ •»< ••' •"■'?• "' *!^"Jl 
fr.n rt ..a af aay^kar r.a«.r anyw* at««.« Ml l».l 4a ••• •• 


TWaaa Wtellfal flu-vttw. Uat aaamat W ^«W«(«»»« *a« IM 
pmtji 0,1 ra.'a(ia/f. al aaa l»aO. •*'\r aaal. •• •• f"' l»'l» " ,* 
>arl.. L«n.l»a, Barlia, VtaaM aii^ KalM. aaA a.irU l»' «*»*• •' '"* 
l»«aal ra<a> 

E. ft H. T. AHTHOKY ft CO.. 
691 Beoaowat, N. v., 
ttavattm asd Uaairf^ of riiol*)(nphic Materiala. 





Cheap for pasb, *^^^ 

Whereas, my wife. Jane Brelsford, has left n y 
bed and board without Jual cau^c or prov 
tfon, all persons are hereby notified not lo ■ v- 
or harbor her on my aceoant, aa I wih pH n • 
debts of her ctinH-at ting- _ 


Pr«cott, SsT 6th. U0». ,^ 


_ f 




■ ■ «i i » i ' 

- IM W V J J 


nKl>NK-l>AV, l>Kt"KMi;KH 

.T . ^ - ■ - 


From the St. Paul Piouoer. 

Miiiue!<ota UailroadB. 

«»tate News. 

Wftseca ba? a brsjs band. 

The cars now run to Crystal Lake. 

A man in St. Paul wa3 thrown froia a nagon 
laat Thuri^ilav, and killed. 

The rtiiic lands of tho f^t. Louis river are faid 
to h* the largest lu the world. 

Tha new stona dam in tbe Root riTcr, at 
Laneiboro, is completed at a cost of $15,000. 

Tbe Northficld Kntrrprlte sayg that tba Mason- 
ic fraternity of that place, are to have a Calico 
Ball, on the 27th inst. 

A moyctnent is on foot for tbe union of all 
the German societies and associations of St. 
Paul into one grand organization. 

Oue llickey, wa? muvdcrcd at Owatonna la.»t 
Fuuday night, by Murray. The assault wa- 
provoVed by a goose tran.-action, which occurred 
three luouth^ ago. 

Two Norwegian!, who lived about 1 ! mile* 
frfim New U'm.gotintoa di^pntc about some 
traps, and muskrat*. a few day^ since, wh-ch re- 
su'ted lu tao death of one of the party, named 

A yi>unij man fr*m Austin, in Ft. Paul, met a 




Maiikato, Minii., 





recently began in the town. Last Spring 

Mei=r.'. n :>rtou A Ca«e built a factory and pur 
chased tlnee hundred cows, from tbe milk of 
wbicu they manufactured 2j,000 pounds of 
cheese. Tbe procveds oftho sale of which at 
I'O cents per pound, foot up the nice little sun. 
of^j.luO. In addition to this the proprietoTg 
have fattened fifty hogs which at $12 each woulj 
n'-t i^600. The proprietors also have the ma- 

ycar, milking a total of 
cventy-aevcn mTltw from St. Paul toward Du- [ 

luth. , , ; 

It i.< expected that the road will bo completed : 
thrcn^'h to the like and tr!nn.-« running regularly ' 
ciirlv in Ar.^nist next, in time to move the nest , 
harvc't of wheat. I 

St. Pjul and Sioux City Road have extended 
ihui^ line of ro:id froiu Mankato to Crystal Lake, 
a distance of fifteen miles and in conjunction 
iv-ih the Milwaukee and St. Paul road have 
completed tbe new line a'^ross tbe Missouri riv- 
er and brought the cars from tbe wcbtcrn and 
jouthorn portions of the State dircct'y into the 
< ity. thus giving St. Paul an all rail Eastern 
i couuection. 

7'he Sorlhvrn Mtmiegota Road have built tbcir 
line from R;:msey, a point of junction with the 
.Milwaukee and ^t. Paul road, to Wells, a dii- 
lance of forty miles, on whK-h freight and pas- 
.-on<'cr trains are low running regularly. 

Wiii',,,0 nud Si. l''t:,- Hood.—TK\i company 

have added twenty a ilea to their road during 

1 the present season, leaving only fifteen or cigh- 

1 toeu more of road to build to complete the entire 

line to St. Petei. 

St. I'ltul u,i'l Vhirago noad.—1h\i new road 
' has sprung' into esis:cncc only during the pres- 
ent yoar, and has not made so much progress 
an the other r.iilroads in Minresota. The grad- 
ing has been done and tbo iron nearly laid 'rom 
■^t. P-.;il to llasting.-i. Thai portion of the road 
uinv lie running in Jic.'*eui''cr. 
il-i»ih»j» "lid Ifiikuiit Uoiid is another new 
,^.-v....s .-w road. During this season it has been ex.tended 
One of the ' from Farmington, where it tros<c.- the Milwaukee 
and St. Paul road, to Lakevilie, a distance of 
ten miles, and Ihb cars are running regularly to 
that point. I 

This gives 7^1 miles of completed road in the | 
Ftate. Divided among the differeut companies as } 
follows : 

St. Paul and Pacific (main and branch lines) 21.. 
Milwaukee and St. Paul (Minn. Division).. ..LH 

Lake Superior and .Mississippi 77 

St. Paal and Sioux City l'>7 

Winona and St. Peter 126 

Southern Minnesota ^^ 

Hasiings and Dakota '" \ 

St. I'aulaud Chicago. ~ 20 

Front Stieet, 2d deor above Record office. 


St. Paul and Pacific, branch line, from St. 
Paul to ^'auk Rapids, 81 miles. 

St. Paul and I'acific, main line, from St. An- 
iLooy to Crow river, 42 miles. 

fct. Paul and Sioux City, Irom SL Paul to 
.Mankalo, 00 miles. 

Milwaukee and St. Paul, Minnesota Division, 
from St. Paul to tho State Line. KU miles. 

Lake Superior aud Mississippi, from St. Paul 
to Wyoming, 30 miles. 

Winona aud St. Peter, from Winona to Wase- ' 
ca, ll'C miles. 

Southern Minnesota, from La Crescent to 
Lanesboro, .'>0 miles. , 

Hasiini^s and Dakota, from Ilastingsto Farm- 
ingtoii, 20 miles. j 

As the seasou for active operations in extend- 
ing iheso dir^erent lines of road is about closing, 
it may be of interest to learu what . progress has 
been made in railroad builaiug in Miuneseta 
during tho year. Tbe year UiiO will long be 
remem!iere4,as oue peculiarly unfavorable for 
railroad work. The spring was backward, and 
the greater portion of the summer. Yet, not- 
withstanding all the difficulties contractors 
had to meet with, the feason's work shows, in 
the aggregate, that 244 miles of road have been 
built and put in operation, divided among the 
d'fferent roads as follows: 

Si. Paul and Pacific (Main line), to Chippewa 
river, ninety mile." west of Crow river: total, 
171 miles from St. Paul. The grading will be 
continued beyond Chippewa river until the 
weather compels a sospension of work. 
I As soon as nrarticftl.le the work willberesum- „,, --,,1 ^,,e4-.v,-n 

' ed next sprin:-. and the r*d completed to its StOCk alwayS tuil, RTlCl CUStOm- 
! terminu* at tb^ western boundary of the State || tllUeS bc furilislied 

P.„i „.,.; (some 75 miles) early in the season. ^ cin v.<*ii 'vi- • .i -rw V 

. aul. met a ; ^^^^ Superior aud Mississippi Road forty- i ^j^j^ linVtlimg 111 tllC JJlUg llUe. 
diningroom girl. They Were aci{uainted one geven miles have been completed and put in run- , •' 

b>ur. fell in loT«" in two h«)nrs. engaged in iLree ning order during the ™..i ..>., o ♦.,», n , _ -. , v t> 

hour*, and in ^'.x hours were married and on 
their may to Austin. 

A report was mad<^ to fbe Minneapolis Board 
of Trade, tbe other d iv, on the survey of the pro- 
pored iiae of ra'lroad from i bar place to tho Icwa 
line, by way of Sbakopee, Wiiron, and Albert 
Lea. Tile report was high'y favorable, and we 
believe the road will be built. 

Tbe Mower conrity Trutucn'j.t says that on 
the 1st iost., the hands on the Ced:ir Valley 
Railroad, Wfwcen Austin and tho State lice^ 
were "hiiuicd off" and discharged. Tiiey were 
wii.hin four miles of the lice, and aou'd have 
completed the work this week re3<Iy for the cars. 
It is na lersto>d that tbe Lwa part of the :inc 
ii^ii been purchased by the liliiiois Cculral l.aii 
rojd Company. 

The Mankato I'uon says that on tha 2>ib uU, 
as Mr. Wm. (iiiitil'an, who lives in the ti wu of 
Lerey, was kadi:ig a strange horse behind his 
ewn.isto the siiible. tuo latter kicked at the 
•trance horse, mi>sod blm and hit tho man <»n 
th"- loft cheek, breaking in the cheek bone, the 
upper jaw, tbe lower jaw, and tbe bridge of the 
x»>.j«. The whole side of tbe face, including tbe 
tempi*- l''ne. was crushed in fiat, 
oorks male a cavity in tho cheek, into which 
the Doctor thrust his iustrnmcnt and lifted tbe I 
booea to their place. Mr. (jilf.Ilan was uncon- 
Scioas for some time but is now rational. 

The Owatonna Journal gives a favorable ac- i 
count of the experiment of manufacturing cheese j 

8i9.if At RICHARDSON'S. 


A desirable farm of ItO acres, welt watered, hi •!.■ 
town ofPieiteotl, Section lb, is offereil for »aU-, or re 
for one, two. oi ihroe year*. Krriy acres biok.-, twen 
acres of limber, two and one-liaU n.llei ai»iant, will b. farui.sei.iiratel.v, orlulot« to suit purchas- 
rrs Terms, iffol.l, *..oii a..»n. mi'l the balance oiitkii^: 
lime. KoriuiUicii>ariiiular»iiiiiUii» of or address iti. 

'"^r' r.FO. MABTEU5 

SlielbyvHle Minn., November W, *C9. 

A1m> General Ag ente tor 

■W":M:. I^lsTJ^BEfic CO 

and otiicr First Class 

.MonsK'slNPiAN Poor Pii.i.s. - We have latil 

been shown the formula frciu whi(h thcje Pi'l.- 

areprci>arcd, nntl from thi; and our cxpericn>< 

in the use of them, can honestly jiroiiouiue ihen 

a good, safe and reliable medicine. P.elng <i' 

t\rely free from all poisonous ingredients •he> 

can be safely used while pcrforiiiinn the activ. 

duties of life. We would ndvi.-e all to use them : 

and by a fair trial you can see at once the bene 

fit derived from them. Use Mor.--'3 India.' 

Root Pills ill all cases of Rilliousness, Headache 

Female Irregiiiarities, L ver Complaints, Ac 

Seld by all Dealeri!. 



In Winnebago City,ca8ks..r all sites will be found } 
eonstantly on haml. REPAIRINtt dene at , 
short notice. Cash paid lor staves aiid b-*"- j 
poles. Cooper Shop in the back part of the oU 
Log Tavcia. ^ ^ ^^^^^ | 

Winnebago City, Nov. 10, 1SC9. SH-tf j 


Boots and Shoes 



Go to Thompson's for your Beots. 



! Winnebago City and Waseca 


Leaves Winnebago, every day except Saturdays. 
Leaves Waseca, every dav f-x-^ept Mondayf. 

Tbis roW! lies IhrouKh WILTON. MINM-SOTA 
LAKK. GUAt'KLANU.amlHASSLAliL. .,..„, 

I'assei.Ke.s by Ihis Uew and popular route will save 
TWKNTY .MILK.S of travel, and nioncv, ami win riue 
only Jn the day-time, irotii;: tl,ron-h in ON K day. 
' ^ T1IOMA8(JKOKC!K, Vioi>riaor. 

Winnebago City, Nov. ISth, 1803, 2Glif 

— I yillAl 


WE have opened a shop on Blue Earth Ave- 
nue, for all kind.^ .d blaek.-mithing. wagon 
repairing. Ac. and will '.e found coustantly on 
hand and readv to acc^iiiinodate our customers. 
Attention is called to thti f•llo^ving prices: 

llor.-'o shoeing, per .-pan, ^* ?*! 

NfwShoc, f 

Setting Shoe, •'" 

We guarantee entire Siitisfaction t«? ell who may 
patronize u.-. CLOSSICK A I^MITIL 

Winnebago City, Juno 23d, l!i6'.>. 

WixxEBAGO City <k Jackson 


Leaves Winnebago City every Friday at 3 o'clock 
p.m., and arrives at .lackson at o'clock p.m. 
every Saturday 

E. P Nccdham & Son and B. Shoninger & Co.'s 
Manufacturers and Importers oi 


650 Broadway, ] 

-W-A-I2-EI2,003yCS { CHICAGO. 

V.xEIjIAR — llow made ia 10 hours w 
Drugs. For circulars, addrcs, 
j Vhugar works, Cromwell, Conn. 


L. ^AGE 

320 w4 


rpilE MAGIC COMB will chance any colored 
A. hair or beared to a permanent black or brown 
It contains NO POIt'ON. Any one can u.»e it. 
1 One sent by mail for Sl-OO. Address MAGIC 
COMB CO., Springfield, 320m3 

.^Lips. ic, cured at once by tho use of liege- 
man's camphor Ice with Glycerine, kectis the 
hands soft in the coldest wewthcr. ."-ce that you 
get the Genuine. Sold by Drn'^glsls. Price, 
26 cts per bos ; sent by mail for 30 cents. 

HEGEMAN X Co, N Y. P. 0. Box 2228. 


$ ^ ^ % f 


A MONIH SALAliV P io ' • A^ 
Agents, male aud fcirtaV : bus.nes- 
^ormanent. Enclose 3c stamp. YanAllen * Co- 
lli Broadway, N. Y. ___"^_. 

AGENTS WANTED. Newest and greatest 
invauion out-the New Sell-a.^juslioi: 
Guides, for cutting perfectfiuing Pants, Round- 
abouts, .nd Ladies' Dresses. I '"^;:P«n^,' ';'«„,"' 
every household. Address RA \4St\ & ^CO AT 
I Pitt.-hur g, Pa. ff^^ 


Shows how to double tbe profits of the farm. 

and liow farmer's and their sons can each make 
1 $160 per month iu winner. 10 000 copies will 

be mnilfd free to farmers- Send name and ad 
. drc-s to ZEIGLEU, McCUUDV A CO., 
I 3I6-4W Chicago, liL 



; TO THE AVORKING CLA^S.— We nrc now 
; prepared to furuish all classes with censtaatcm- | 

ployment at home, the whole of the time or for | 
' the spare moments. Business new, "light and '^^^^^..,.^^^ -, , a / i T J T XT T? 
] profitable. Persons of either sex ca«ily earn KNITTING MA O U 1 JN Ei 
I from ."iOc to ?J per evening, and a proportional I 

sum by devoting their whole lime to the bus" 

' ness. Boys and girls earn nearly as much us 
I men. That all who see this notice may send 
! their addrcs.', and lest the businej!", we make 
i this unparalleled offer: To such as are not well 
! satisfied, we will send si to p!»y for «he iroisblo 

and arrives at Winnebago City at 9 o clock a 
m. every Tuesday, laaking close connection 

„ „. Tt ' with the Mankato stage. 

At Thompson's, opposite the Collins House; p^jcengers by this route pas.s through Wavcr- 

Winnebago City, Minn. I j^^ Horricon, -May, and Walnut grove, and ride 

' only in the day-time. '• 


oicij «-»i"."-j- . of writing. Full ])articulars, a valuable sample, 

Leaves Jackson every Monday at 6 o clock a.m., 

which will do to c'ommMfB work on, and a copy 
\ oi tho J'eo^lc'ii Llif^iiirgWmtjjaniuu — one of he 
1 largest family nowsp.ipcr-- publibbcd — 

all'sent free 'ly mail. Reader, if you want 
j permanent, profi'able work, address E. C. AL- 
1 LEN & CO., Augusta, Main** •Sl-0-13w 

Winnebago City, Julya4th, 186'J. 










LiTTEi.i.'s Livixo AfiE, being publ'sbed in ^ 
11- 1 COO", ioc ,M..,„.riu.o uisu ..a,c .;.« .xi»- wecV 1/ u umbcrs of sis ty-fou r large p3ges eacb, 

, . ,. , , , ,1 mik^n" more than three thoiig.-^nd najtcs . if read- t 

cbinerv for grindicg feed and sawing wood, a m.iK.n„ more in.n .uic ,„;,.'.,?,„ .u. i,-„f 

•■ " , . inc m-jtter vearly presents to Its readers the best 

business which they will follow duriMg the win- 1 p,t„aiuro oflhe Kuropean .laartorlies, monthlies 

' and weeklies, wish a thorouu'hly satis ■'aitory 


Ifewi Itemfl. 

Minnie Warren is very ill. 

Gen. Banks is in Paris. 

Gen. Burnside has gone to Europe. 

Harriet BeecherStowe is in a water-cure. 

There are 2,Slt lighthouses in the world 

There aro ?7 1,000,000 in tho U. S. Treasury. 

1 completeness, as well as freslines.-, and af a sma 1 
i The ablest living writers in all <lepart- 
' mentsare constantbr rcprescn^t-d in its pages. 
I and all who de.cire'a fborou^ih conpendium of 

all that is admirable and noteworihy in Hie lif- 
' erarv world.'' to keep pace with tho scientific or i ^"' ^""- .•;-•• -""'W-i •. i 1 IN.d 
i political progress of the age, or to cuhivate in j Qil anil Oil 1 aiutS, \\ lUtO L.eaa, iitu 
I himself, or his family a taste for the best litera- ' - " • — • - » 

I turc, cannot well dispense with Tlte Liri.i'/ A'je. 
\ Consiileritig tho fpiantity of rcadinsf mitt'T 
I furtiisbed, the subscription price ($S.OO a year) 

is cheap; but for those who desire ibc eream of 

both home and foreisrn literature, a slill ciieaper 



Wheat aavaiiciiig and fJoods soiling 
below cost, for ca^h, at the Wimichago 
City Trug Store. Call and examine 
prices before going elsewhere. 


Carbon Oil Elephant Oil, Linseed 
_il and Oil Paints, Whi 
Lead, Colored Paint;?, &c. 


Are prepared to store 

50,000 busiii:ls of grain 

On reasonable terms. 

Apply at Higgia's store building. Front str»*t, 
Mankato. They al jo kocp the cele- 




,,,.„, offer is made, of which the lovers of the best 

A Congress of Deists has assembled at >.-\ples. jijp^j,,^,^ ^-.u pvail themselves in great numbers ; 

Mexico is sending itr surplus wheat to Te.xai- 

\\7.., for $10.00 remitted to the juibli^her of "The 
Livin;r Asjb." they will .-"cnd that inaga7ine week- 

j^ivin;r A?", tocy win .■'cnii uiai iiia^a/iuc nuoi»- 
A new church in Boston has a 'reporter's pew.' j jy, and either one of the following, for a year : 

I "Harper's Monthly." "WeeVly," or "Bazar," 
It cost 4J per cent to collect the revenue last | uji,,, Atlantic .Mor.thly." "The Galaxy." "Put- 
! «nm'j Mnniblv." "I.iriTiineof t's Monthlv." or 


Andy Johnson will spend tbe winter in Wash- 

The fE'umen'cal Council assembled at Rom' 
la-t Wcd'ie.-day. 

Mr.a. fitowe's Byron story will soon be publish- 
ed in book form. 

Virginia nc^roos are emigrating in large nnm- 
>,(.)-j to L •iii-'iana. 

A dec'dod majority in both IIoo-cs of Consrc."' 
favor a protection tariff. 

All tho waiter and ushers at tbe White Ilon-'c 
wear 'wallow-tailed coats. 

School Books, Blank Books, Station- 
ery, Memoranda Books, &c. 


, „ - ^, „ , Patent Medicines of all kinils. To- 

they will .send "The Living Age" and "The Riv- 
ersiilo Maga/.inc" for a year. 

"Tho Living Age" is pronounced by high crit- 
icnl authority to be "the l>csl of all our clectic 
publications :" and we can do our re.aders no 
better service than by calling their careful atten- 
tion to its Prospectus, which will be published 
in this paper next week. 

Wicks. Fancy Articles usually kept in 
City Drug Stores. 


A Br.AM'irrii 


THE Subscrilier wi'^hing to goinio the V. ool- 
cn business, offers his farm of 22."iaeres for sale. 
There is a good Uons<', Stable, Sheds and Gran- 
ary, and a never-failing spring oi' w.\ti:u,suQ. 
cieni for household purposes and to water one 
hundred head of cattle. Between 25 and 30 acres 
of Timber. The bon.-o is burrouuded with large 
Shade Trees. besides a Garden, containiug about 
.300 FRUIT TPEES, large and sfuall. 

I will fcoU the abo^e reasonable. Inquire on 
the premises, 2 miles direct we.'t from Winneba 
Eo City, or at the W jolen Mill .Mavikato. 

August 17, 1«68. 251 

At i.owK> r it.tCeS. 
That the Mason i. }lamlin Cabinet and Mei- 
! ropolitan Organs are the bc-t in tuo world i-" 
! proved by the aliuost unanimous opinion of pro 
' feasiona! muiicians, by tbcawaid to them of 
. seventy-live gold aud silvtr medals or other 
j higliesi pvemiuius. at principal indastr'al com- 
i petitions within a few ycar.<, including the mcd- 
i a: at the Paris E.\i.o.-^iiioii, and iiv a .'■ale very 
' much ^rtatBi tbau thai <f any tiiuilar in.^tru-, 
j ment." This Company manulavtu'-e only fir.-t- 
1 class i;iftrument.<, and will not nial.c "tbcap 
I o'^ans" at any price, or .^ufTer an inferior inttru- 
mcnl to 'their name. H .ving greatly in- 
I creased their r.teiliUes for uiainilaf t-irc, by tbe 
^introduction of cc'v ma(biiier7 and otherwise, 
I they are now u'a'iing l.clter organs tlian ever be- 
fore!, at increacd economy in c«st, which, in 
' accordnnce with their fixed policy of seilicg a'- 
nays at least remnnerative profit, they ire now 
ofierini: at prices of Si crior work. Four octaie 
organs". Plan Walnut Cues. ^Jti. Fiv* oc- 
tave organs. Double Reod. Solid 'A'alnut Cases, 
carved an -1 nane'.cd, with five stops Vioia. Dia- 
pason, M»lodia> Fin'.c, Tiemulaut;, ::^l2i. Oth- 
er styles in proporl''>n. 

Circulars, with full parliculars, includ'ng ac- 
curate drawings of the different styles of or;;3n# 
and mu'b information which will bo of Ecivicc 
to every parctiaser of an organ will be font free 
and postairei.aid, to any one dc-iring them. 

154 Tremout St. iioilou ; iOO B'dway, N. Y. 
320w4 •_ 


Is presented to tbe public as tbe most 


Kuittiug Machine ever Invented. 


This M.icbinc will run either backward or 
i forward with Cijuil fa>:iity. 

But far superior in every re^ptcl. 

Will Kiiit 20.000 Stildirs a Minnie 

Minnesota Valley RAiLituAn 

On and after Taciday, March 30 train, w^ 
run •> follows*. 

Mankato and Le Sueur Trains 

i,.:avc. aniMTn. 

tjti Paul t-Ahtim. Mankato 4:30 p 

41 ^.I'tU p m l-e Sueur ^;.;" p 

Mankiito."."..'. 9:00 a m St. Paul .''•••" P 

Le Sueur fi:4a a m " »1 ' • 

Eastern Express 

I .-Bve St. Paul 7:45 am. Ar. f^t. P" 
Owatoun: & Bastings Accomn; 

eaveSt. PattlS:30p m. Ar.St.Pau. i . 
Trains on this road make close eoni 
Mendola with tniins on Milwaukee m- d 
Kailroad lor Minneapoli-. Owaio,,,,,,. 
ind ill point* So>«lh aud Ea»». and at -• f 
wiih Minuesola Stage Com. any's line oi -i*„ 
lor New Ulm, and at Mankato ail point*. M est 
ano Southwest. , 

Tickets can be procured it the Union TiCKoi 
Office, corner I'hird and J«i,k«on streets, aud st 
the depot, Weht St. Paul. 

I Supci lo'tl'd'TlT. 

J, C. BornEH General Ticke i A,*-! ' 1>?.'' 






The o-nly line running THRQVGH 'IRAINS 



Making tbis tbe most Comfortable, Espcdiliouf 
, and Only D»roct Route to 

ClcYeland; Erie, Dunkirk, l3ufiala 



_^fr'All the principal Railways of tlie N- rtb- 
west and Southwest i'tn»r.i:t t^l Chimrjo wi h 'i;^ 
Four Daily Express Trains, leaving rSir'*-'-. T: ;• 
A. M., ll:.30 A. M., 5:15 P. M.. act V:00 P. M. 

Elesnnt Brawins; Uoom Cosrhc* 

OnDay J'-sprcss Trainn between Chicago, Tole- 
do and Piitiaio. 

5:15 p. M. TRAIX KUXS DAH.Y 

And has Palace Sleeping Coache« Attatue.l, 

Runn'g Through to New YorV 


P'issenecrs Tot Pctroii, and all points in C''»'« 

da, and tt)os.e for OA.'o, J'tiiuK./lriiiiio, A'tir Yui >. 
and AVc- L'li'jl'ind. should purchase tiel;.ts v.- 
/.o/.-c Sh'Jre (iiid Mi'-hi'jan S''iillnru Jlfin,. 
which areon sale at all jirincipal Hallway Tl^i... 
Offices, aiiJ at tl.e Ct-mjanv's Cbce, 

Xo. 50, Clark Street, CJilcsigo. 

F. E. MORSE, Gen'l Pass. Agt., 
OTIS KIM PALL, Cen'l S'.:p't, ChicafeO. 

271 v1 Clevclaud, 0. 

Lsavin;^ c\er\ k-ot "n tbe ui-ide of the work. 
1 1 v.'ill ?:uit a pa-r of st.icl.iu,i,s {iniy ii'*-) iu less 
than hill, an hour. It v.ill knit Ci.omk on 
Ori-N, P(.A;?f ou Riu.s :f. wiCi any Kind ot 
Coarse woolen yain, or coUon.silK or liti- 
:i<'n. It will knit siockiuTs with ibublo heel 
an.t '00, urawefB, l.ooiU, .'•acks. huioling cap.s, 
comforts, purees, h. ■.:?«, fr'T-ge. .!fj;h ins, n^Ib!a^. 
^iiilersleovcs, mitti-ns, .^K-.niin;reaps, biniji wi'dvs 
map.=, cord. uud.r-LiriS. fl;iwls, j.icl ct.-^, ■■radle 
bl:ii.i:el.s leirgiiis. sii.;)u-ut< r«. wrist<-rs. lidic'^. 
ttf!i)els, tufted work.jind in f« t no eiidle-e varie- 
ty sf artitlco in cveiytlay use, as well a- foi olpn.i- 


FROM $5 TO ^"10 PiUl DAY 




State of Minnesota, Toiinty of Fariliault. 
Tlie Sta«e of Minnesota, to C. P. Hinds, Defen.lant. 

You are bcrebr summoneil ta be anil appear before 
tbe ur><l'is!;.-ne.K one I'f '.b/ .l-.i-tVesofthe Fface in and 
for '.ill cr»\i'itr, r^n ihe Jiiid .inv of I^ccember, A. 1). 
Six hund-ed mc? are emp'ovrd In tha manu- i j^r.o, »t looViocV; A. M.,at uiv orEce, in Winneba-o 
. ,. ■ I i'iiv bi sa'flcciin'v. to anj.rerto nennnllo't. in aciv- 

fiU-ture of g a * lu this country. 11 action. fShoii'd vo'i f.'.:! to s-i^—r. nt t tie lime and 

,.^ . !• J ,».»_«»' nl-i,-e a'ore-said, i-.iriri'"''t *'••! ^e rend-red aisinrt you. 
Tlie-cn-enincty-s'X diiTereiit kinds Of "«« ,};';„„ ,,.e fcvldenc a.Iduced bv said ".•man Hoit, for 

pavement, in u.e in this country. , -^1 -- l:^.:;;!^;;;:!''^^:;:';;;;;^;::;^'!:;^' ;^ve.„er. A. 

Secrrt:.ry Rouiwell doe. not favor the imme- | v.^^ 'i.^i " o/^^Ul^aie. 

d ate re-umption of specie payment. | 

Pen. Wood rccon'ly "p.deed" Slfif*,""" ont of | 
John Morrisspy in two or three "seances." j 

The Post OfT-.e Poparimcnf ba^ com].'eied it" j 
•oleotion of de.-igns Tor the new scries of stamps. | 

Tr i« said that snspen.-^'on brid;;?.- lr:re been ' 
known in China for the pa<t two thousand years. 

Love is sed to 1.e blind, but i kno loS- of pbcl- 
lows in Invo w'oo can sea twice as much in their 
galls as ikan. { 

A ste.imlM)at st-nck tbe rnil-oad bridge at Par- 

317-tf C. J. FARLEY. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 19^1 SCO. 

state of .>Ilnne«:o1a, l-'aribatiU Caunty— 
111 Probate Court. 

[."recUl Pesairn.] 
In the matter of tbe Estate of WlbblAMF. ALDRICR. 
late of said countv, deceased. 

ON r'-.idincand f!i:ii?the pcition o' I.oirsa A. .K\- ! 
drlch Tpp.' -ientpv^ tbat Wli.iam 1". Aldriih, late of , 
said o.ii:n*\, died int •--•;->•, leavi!- goods, charteUaiid 
estate within said eounf.v, and pr»>jnp thai !<;««"» of 
a.lminMrallor ;>f t)'e ei«»tc of said Wr.lUtn F. Aldricli, i 
decea-td. \>* granted fo tier, the said Louisa A. Aldrich, 
and (;e..fteSv. Aldrkh. ^v .u , j i 

It W erdfieJ, tl»t - .id petition be heard by the Judjfe I 
A sieara'rtia-- sirurtL lui: i.v >•■'"""• ■-. I of the C.ui: on t'le i''!h dnv of January, A. D. ;*T0, at i 

fc.,.r;ilo Yn U-tTue^dw niilbt. and immcdi- , i o'oWck In 'hear.raoon of said 'Iav. «• I''"> "^^^ i" 
MorsTilIc. > n., la.-t lue.^u-vv msoi. « ^,^^^ K.irthC' jaid Conntv. Htwh:-.h tijie aud place 

«to'v sunk: a number of live.^ were !o-t. ',«.»<;„« of »:i!d .onrt win be htM. , ,^ ,. . 

' «)rdrrfd fur!licrh.r<.io,tli,a notice of the iirae and 

pUr-of ^ald h- .r;n~ l.o pv.n to tl.e heirs of said dcrea*- 1 

ed and all others i.,rere>ited,by advera.'ngthisoriKr 

1 f„r three w--»kgfti'.ceeaeiTely. prior lo the day of hearnp, 

inthe"KKKK II. -tf^TK vi>.' a w:-ekly newspaper, puU 

' Tshed in W.nnchHito Ci'y, in taidcounty. 

P.uedDec. iah.1^9. j. 4. KItPTKR. 

g.,,,.P,^ Judge Pruba;e Court. 

ThcT S.1T there i' a spot on tbe Ene railway 
where no sma-b-up ever oconrre-l. It i^ regard- 
ed a' a great curiosity by tho inbabi rants. 

0«r» Perry and Hancock rNpres-' the opinion 
that theon'y way to p-event oni-a.«;es and ronr- 
dc-r>. and to preserve p^-ace in Georgia, is to re- 
lume military control over it for tha time being. 

VlcissiHidPfc of Fortune. 

The New York Son of the 2d says : '• Yei={er- 
dsy. at 1 14 Forty-yecond st-oet. Mr». Wm. n. 
Di.browdied. Only* few ye.irs npe she Has 
the highest and mo«t brilliant on the li.t of New 
York belle. Yesterday she died in tne rear 
room of the fifth story of oue of the most ma-- fu.niibcd and bnilt houses in the city, 
and thoJgh she owned the furniture, many tboa- 
,ands 0: doll -.T-s worth, these who by her death 
became iisowujrs, today send her at tbe ex- 
pense of the city of New York to a home in the 
Fott-r'sFie!L She was the wife, too, ot the 
lately dcce.a^ed Wm. H. 


Keeps Cttoetantly on Ilaud 


Frosh and Salt Moati, 

Smoking and Chewing Tobacco, 


n» will pay the highest markst price fer 






norths tout at all hours, day or nisin. Horses to 

sell or e%clinn?e. . 

Cash paid for oats, corn and hay. Osts, corn, hsy 
«nd^•;lb np at reri«onab'e lalPi. , „. ., , ,,,. 

OfBce in Wio.iehago CUy Motel, and Stable in the 

Wlnoehajfo City, Dec. ft, 1SC9. 819-lf 

New Goods. 


Winnebago City, Jlay 26, 1869. 





Default havioK been made in flie conditions of a cer- I 
U'n inortgaie .iated the Tth day of ^rptcmbe^, A. D. 
l^H-i. e-cecutedhvll-nry l.a.iue and Kllen La.,ue hw 
wife rf Kar.haa't Countv, Stjie of Minnesota, parties of 
the Brst pi't. to David P. Wasjfatt. of Haucock County, 
.-^late 01 Mane, piny of the secuud part, ov the failure 
of*3!dniori-:i!;or*ore;tl.erofthem to pay the pum of 

iwo hun.lred an,l siueen doliar. an.l 'hi"> 'Y"^ <••«" 1^ 

,«-'i(;:r,) w'd.-ha!roun'i<« claimed to »>« due thei-eon for 

, prrnclpal and interest at the da ■ of this no. ice, be» de 

ihe fur-tier sum of iw.«ty-flv. dollars, .# ). "i'?"^'"'' 

asattoroev-.- foe, to be paid '" case of foreclosure 

• hUh said morfiace was recorded on the IJJh day or 

' iJepteniher. A. D. l<ft-. at .^ o'clock p. m.. In the office 

< oftheUoeffterofDetds. in said Fanhailt County, in 

boot I. of Mortsa??!-. '^n page .''-, and no »C'ioa or 


s'car-d bv said mortsage. or any pari thereof; now. 

there'o-e in pu'sannce and by of the jwwer 01 

• wlecontkineUiHSiiamorts^ie.snd of the aatutes in 

su-h C13C made atid proviood. noiice is hereby piveii, 

- ' that U.e fjL''i mort^'ase wiil W foreclosed and the land 

. ,,: »n.lpreni-c» therein de«<-rit.ed,v;-..: .\Ilthattrar' c 

Pisbrow. once tbe well ( p^rcelof land Ivinit and being in the county of »an- 





Boots, Shoes. Crokery and 

Prints, ' DeZaims, Bleached and 
Unbleached Cotton, 


Bats and Caps, Clotlia, 

Also, Sugar. Tea, Coffee. Symp. Mola'ses, Kero- 
sene and Machine Oil, Wheat, Oats. Flour, Ac. 

lately dcce.a^ed Wm. H. I'lsorow. u..vv — , p^rceioTiana lyinit »■»• «^'"» ■•■ "Tj^j^ /..jfj^j i^. i 

known of Disbtow's riding »«adcmy. 1 ^uiK •■'d State^of Micn^^^^^^ CrOCkcrV : Cni»S and SaUCerS, PlatCS, 

T, ,«.., j;-...>r.lpd htr when she married i ^0,^^^ .^ne iti. in township number one hundred aid *'* ^. V„prs and HaSlDS 

Her mother d;.-C.%r<le«l r.«r ^ .v„ i three C.-'U north, of r»o:e naml>«r twenty -s-ven (i.) ; Meat iM>DeS, r^WCrb JIIU DJSluif 

60. deserted by 

l,»r n.ather ■ »h'-«'«'*f"^ north, of r*o?e n.iml.«r twenty-s^Ten (i.) 
airairst her will. So.dcscrtca oy her motnor ^^^^^^.^_^^ ^.p,.^.^,.,,^ ^^,,, g^.^.^^tling to»ove.a- 
. l. . • ;, .,.-« home, bet body is to be meat survey. ;«erib..r win. all the heretl.fam.-nts ao.. 
and robbed in her own nomr, j , j,,^„,^fjj . hereunto l^ionctrir oTin any wise ap- 

■ A ♦.. j.« ta tha Potttr's Field. She was , p^-ruininj. will be sold at public sal?, t© the higbert 
carried to-day t» ta« r ^^^ , p^^^^ f..r c«»h. to satisfy and pay the .aid debt and 

Intertsi and the twent v-tive dollar? tJi.,-! att'mry » fees 
' aud the costs and di»>'ar*emtnt-! allowed by law. at the 
i front door of the Port Office, In the Tillape of W :nneb« 

Glass Lamps and Chimneys, Comet Sun Bniners 
and Chimneys, 

rail lev* ^•'-"—j •- , , 

29 years Old. was beautiful, al'^ay. respectable, 
.Dd only eighteen months ago ber then fair form 
wore $li,000 worth of diamoodf. 

J,>,b BJlling. cars : 'If I was in tbe haldt of 
iwtarinjr, I wouldu'lkteiuU U> ciws a bod-bug 
ti(U to hif .faco.' 

Lanterns^ Tumblers, G^bleU, 

front door of the Port Office, In the Tillape or « :nneD«. ^^^^,,„^, __. .o,^-r^ci C.« 

'^i^r-.s-^^'r 'ofa""'v/;.;L^rA D i"w LOOKI^G glasses, <fec., 

en Tliursday, the IWh day cf January, A. U. l?.o, a -^v.^ 1 

111 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. 

I^ua;>u,o City, Minn^lj^c.^^^^^ 


.Dealers ia 

Stores. Tin 





SASH, glass and PUTTY 

anufacturers of 


and all kinds of 


A file assortment of 

Table and Pocket Cutlery, 
Griud-Stoie^ ant] Hangings, 

Breaking and Crossiftff 


Fence- Wire, Jt*., Ac 

1\T.BARN1131 E 


In one lart^e Octavo Volume— Nearly 800 pages 
Printed in Ei>slish and (Jcrinan. ;<3 Ele- 
gant Full Page En^jravings. 
It embraces forty year's recollections of his 
busy life, as a merchant, manager, banker, lee- j 
turcr, and No book pulilished so ac- | rpo 
cepable toall cla es. Every one vants it. 
Agents average from .JO to 100 subscriliers a 
week. We oiler extra terms and pay frieght 
West. Illustrated Catalogue aud Terms to 

Agents sent free. 
^ J. B. Bt'RR A CO.,PuVs, 

316 8w Hartford, Conn. 

! r\ HEAT 




Cash Gifts to the Amount of 

Made l.'V any Oiie wilb the Araericni. 1 

.Maehiuc, ';niltin,^ stji kjng.j, Ac, while 

fperal'^r.- can even in;;' e m'ir»-, klli•.lio^' 

f.ii'icy WorU, wir.ih always couiinands a iead\ 

! .^^ile. A person c:»n rcadi'y Unit from twelve t.. 

' fifteen pairs of'ng? I'cr day, the profit 

1 on tvhiih will be i.ot le.s than f'rrty cents per 


j Can sc'.I their wool at ooly forty to fifiy cents 
per pound; but l.y ijcllin- tl.c wuol made int.. 

j yjiru at a suisill expense, and l;iiitfiiig it itito 
toi:!:.--, two or Ibrca per pound ran be re- 
al. 7ed. 

Ou receipt of $25 we will forward a machine 

CI ordered. 

We w-';h to procttre active AOFNTS in every 
section of the rniled Stnlc."^ and Canadii.s ti> 
whom the most induce nents will he ofTcr- 
cd. Address American Knitiiug Macliine Go. 
Uoston, Mass., or St. Loais M*.- 

^'iinoas OF voiTU. 

A pcn'icmaunlio sulTercd for yrar« from NVrvoiu- De- 
))'iity I'lei.'.a.tureD.cav, and iill the eirc'.'o of jooWirul 
IndihCielion. will, for Ihe sate of mTeiinK hi'manity, 
send free to all wlio ii-.-ed it. the re.-i pt and direclions 
fortnaKing the simple remedy by he was cured. 
Suffci -rs wiihiiii.' to profit h\ ihe ."dveHifCi '■< c-.I-enf'ti''^ 
can do so »)v addresiin?, with perfect toiifldeiice, .TOItN 
B. OliDK.N, No. 42 Cedtr St., New Verk. 81i5-ly 


'' The advirt'.scr, hi'vlngl)ten restored to health in a 

f.w weeks, by a very ti.iiide reioedy, after liaviiig euf- 

fered several years with a severe lung alftction, and 

that dread dlBO.lse, Coi'susiiption, is aii.\ious to luake 

■ known to hisfcllow-E'uT'.rers Ur' means of cure. 

I T J .all who desire H he will send a copy of tleprescnp- 

\ Hon used, f free of ehaiTc), with the directions for pre- 

paringand usinu the same, wl.ich tiny will fii.d a si^re 

cure for Confuiijpticn, ABthina, lironchii:-'. etc. The 

, ol.icrl of ll:. a-lvirlivr in t din^ the I're»cri!.! ion 1? to 

♦ bcii-tit the altliclcd, and spread information which be 

conceives to be invaluable ; and he hopes every sullerer 

will trvhis remedy, as it will cost nnUiin;?. and may 

p.ove"a hicssing. Parli<-s vM.inx the rr-f^I'tljo « ■" 

please Rdde?:. Kcv. KDWAllD A. WILbON, HiMi.^nis- 

\M'i KioKs County, New Vork. ai->-.y 




lis tlio only potfecteil an.l 

.sci en I i fi ca 1 i y iiroiuircil 

I vi'p.iraii yn of its kini 

lUiOiUULii ;ind h:i3 no coinjieUlor 

GRAY '»'^ merit. lb' »»■•-* »'sc 

n i T Ti (J P. AY llAiU is soon 

n-n itestoreJ to its oiigiufti 

i'U youtUrul color nn.l brii- 

5 f S iliancy, wLicli is so much 

^-^IJj^^^i^ whose huii- is tl.h^ 
CULtjIl, 'out will, by the tisc of oui* 

PEOMOTESl^<^n<^^^^'">*^'^° see its i^oo-l 

T.Tin joffccts, as, by its tonic 'M\\ 

stimulating projK'Hii'S tho 

GROWTH! hair'glnnds will be ine-itcvl 

AND 1^"^ ^^® ''''"'" S''^^^' \\\v^\i 

TO I and strong again. Inc.^i'.-* 

J.^ J: 'of ^aW««i it will croato 

SlLbrlUlU a new growth unless tho 

I]RESSIHG.)*^"iclcs are destroye.l. It 

•JipY jis cooling, and aUay.^ ;;ll 

nyi-n itching and irritation of 

" " *^ the scalp. It does not ht: tit) 

BOTTLE 'the skin as do dyes, but 

A|JT] juiakes the Bcalp white an. I 

IDlUIiLliit 13 ilie best and must 

U? economical preparation in 

IJtrrp the world, as its efleit^ 

TUTW jbist so much longer. Hen i 

lulW Ifor our Treatise on the 

LOCKS! hair, free to all, by mail. 

Sold by all Druggisti and Dealers In Medki-ie. 


Gen'l Agents for North-Western StattJ. 




5 Cash Uifti 

10 " " 

20 " *• 

40 " •' 

200 " 

30« " " 

50 Elegant Rosewood Pianos, each 

75 " " Alelodeons " 

.150 Sew OR Machines, 
JOO Gold Watches, 







;.;on to 700 

1:, to 11»0 
CO to 17.'> 
7i to "UiO 

In number': there \f fafel.v. it was uyion thi« 
principle tliat the formula of Ju.l.«ons .Mountain 
Herb Pills wa" prepared. It was not tho r«>sult ; 
of one maTi'.= knowledge. Dr. .luds.m intending : 
to spend a fortune in advertising i.'g Piils, con- 
sulted the mo?t intelligent aod harn-d phvsi- 
1 cians of the n;;c. and Ihe result was the produc- 
' tion of a simple but eCicaciuus uie.lii iuc tl e Jud- 
' son's Mountain Herb \'\\\f. Thes-e pills cure 
Billiousness. lJi.-;pe,..«ia, Liver Complaint, Indi 
gcsiion. Female Irrcfjularities, Ac. 1 hey bavo 
now been used many J ears by the publb-. and 
tiioukacih of testimonials boar witnes.i to fheir 
vir'uei--. A.- » finiilj nit'-licine they are unri^al 
eJ. (jive the .Mountain Kerb Pills a trial. So! ' 
bj all dcalci.s. 





E. & H. T. ANTHONT & CO., 


UtIU i>i« •1i.»ih« of lh« Ti»4« M lh» r ••••ual*' ••«.«•,..,' tt *« 
W» pabiua **m Wnr T^muaU mwmu •! kwrMMtyic Vi€»« 


Wk.u M«««Ul«k 


WmI real. 

Mfttnoint^ rtvt, 
<>n!i>! rttk. 

»r»i.t-!. r».;«, 

Gtval *.V(«>, 


1 < A ««M. 

».,r.^I vr.>l.M.'.a. .f Wui fojl.i.^, O. W. WiMM. L.-7. •»« 
Mkrf •iii.a»l pli«ta(ra|>k>f», c*i.«i>»>t •' 

».-„..»., .1t«-B00T? and SHOES made to order apa 

Mon«M«e. [ epaixing ••ativ doat. 9%^ I 

J- H. Welch, ^?ni. Wallace, Cbas. Wallace. 

Wianebaga Citj, Miaa. 

AprU Ttb, 1»8. 

Cash pri*ee, Silverware, Ac, Val. at $1.000, OoO 

A chance to draw any of the above prizes foi 

2.j cents. Tickets describing p' are seated 

in envelopes and well mixed. On receipt of 

2.'>c a sealed ticket i» drawn, without choice, and 

sent by mail to any addre*^. Tlio prize named 

upon it wiil l«e delivered to the ti<kct-ii<lder on 

j receipt ol One Dollar. Pri/.cs are iiiimediateiy 

i sent to asy aildres.< by expuM or reiuro mail. 

I You will know whaty<-ur pri/ie is before you 

j pay for it. Any prize eichaujrcd for another of 1 

the Fame value. No biauks. Our patrons can 

deficnd on fair dealing. 

RKKKiir.N.Es.—Wt select tbe foilow'ng from 
maoy who have lately drawu vali;ab!e prizes, 
and kindly permitted ui* to pubii/>h them : -An- 
drew J. liurns, Chicago. %:i0.onO: Mi.«^ Clara 
S. Walker. Biltimore. Piano. *.Sli0 ; Jamea M- 
ilaltbtu 5, Detroit, $0,000 ; T. Andrews, 
."Savannah, $ J.OOO : Sliss A;:nes "^immon.*, 
Charleston. Piano, $000. W* poblieh no nawei 
witboat per'oission. 

Opin-ioss of tre Ppe.'S. The firm is reliable, 
and deserve thPr soccef^s.— H'c-Z'.y Tnhn»e,\ 
.Vny 8. M'e krow them to be a fair dealing ; 
firm.— >V. >'. lUndd M<:i 2S. A friend of ours j 
! drew a 1500 pnze, which was pi omptly received. , 
I Dail^ \etct, JnHf %. j 

Send for Circular. Liberal Indtjcements lo [ 
Agents. Satisfaction guaranteed. F; very pack- 
age of sealed envelojes cor tains 0Ni5 CASH 
GIFT. Six tickets for $1 ; 1-3 for $2 ; 35 for $5; 
110 for $15. All letters should be addressed to 
lie 12w Xt'-t Broadway, New York, 


01'. AV?-: STONK.S, 


&C., *kC., 

Cat to order from 
either I t a 1. 1 a k or 
A M E R t c A .f warble, 
and set op in good 
tajite .Mr. J. M. fcul- 
JiiAii is onr f-raciital dt 
signer, and al! .-rdcr* are 
filled acconiiug to spocifi 
atitns. K, however, \l<'i 
ta^'teof .Mr. iSiTiiiv .u is cons- 
suit*^, the 'iesigns are iruaf- 
anteed to be unique. The 
work recommend' itseit Or- 
ders from a distance promptly 
pfeii'led t'-i 

Fi>!i'T & Sullivan. 


JuneVth, 1SG9. 2'i?. 








Tu jrriM. 


Aaivtvi f'l.'f.r ■•'■•■'■ 1.1 "r r* »'•• li-«r ux-i «•- 1 ■•"•►v 
nr. V,»«. n f i««l ••> »>T W»»r» •.•! «<:»»». AftW 11. A^"*! '• 
l.'"H.( «I>li« OttlH VltWH." •! wtick «< ►..•» • •!" « 
«,.,.-t-^»oi .t»i.'«f.rrr.ii."i»»r:r. •«• I «.«l-5-. ll'i.'tn.u» 
Vrt»' .« •wiii'rimi.4, tk« akiM' t«.ti»--*. ecwlM.*. W«i... »« 

»Tr.«r,o«<TOPE».-W. m»<'>r<°r> wfr Ulft'f. >^ ^•" • '•'«• 

riroTKiK^ri.'a ali>c-<« - o^ M«»fkrti>ri «' »i-«»» " "* J 


IlI\ in w!I if- iriAA* ta aw am Tfft an! •«' •"••• •'• *'*"'l\ 

tt-n, II. •.» af a»r «Mlar r.ak.r aKTan afcM<4 tl- l».l l» ••• ••• 

•Mat kabn B*lia«4K.r yvlrkaar, 



T^aaa Wkatlfal fUrtmm. U»t •a>aa< U 4utnf\.ukt* '"« •*• 
fmt^ O.l rmittintt al aaa i»b;', -hrr a«H. •• -■v"' <•'«• ' , li 
rarl». Ur..iaa, BaiLa, ViaaM M« EaaM. acA *i,p\1 l*» «»••• •' "• 

""" E. &H. T. AKTHONY & CO., 

891 Broadway, N Y., 
to9«rt«it and Uanufta of Plu>t»i{r«i>hi': M&tariala. 






j Cheap for <rash. "^-tf 

Whereas, my wife. Jane Brels'crd, has left n y 
bed and hoard without junl cau^e or pr<'V 
tion. all persons are hereby noiilied n-f to •" 
or harbor her on my accoant, aa I will p- B • 
debts of her con irai tin R. ^„,. , ., 

3,7.4^ J».VES BPELSrOUD. 

Prescott, Nsv 6tb. Il'itt. ^ 





— • ■ ' ' 

>1 TTT^ T^l^r^r^ Tir^XCr^lTl? \ n riR. J P HUMES, PHYSICIAN AND 8Ltt01.0N 
1 HE FREE HOMEMr.Al^. J; omcelnSo 2. S.wB1«01c. up». B*^*!;"" 

. cirncr of Wilch and Cleteliuid Str»«u, Winn«h«»o City, 
U on. Day C»IU •tlendcd from the olBe*. NJ«bl e*lU 
. from hit re»li1ence. oiunf 

- I otilc* d»y»— SAiurdayt. *»'" 


b. A, HOTC'MKIMS. Kl>l TOR. 

AOVERTisirra ratbs 

fi.r'it.«flr»ln»rrtlon,ial Bv» ceuu i»ei Ua« for «i«ch , 

Arrival aad 0«partar« of Mails. 

8j«.-!»al nv.rlc«»'.n '•'••'V'* '^'''"™"?' ^'i "l?!!*','^!'.,.!!!! l) bUnkt. neatly priofed, and for lalo %t tha 

Uoincitead OiBee. 


AttornoT and Counselor *l Law in TTinnebajjo 
City. Minn., will attend to profoasional buai 
u-s^i throughout the Slate. 174tf 

•aKi«'ia«nt tnitrtloQ. 

AJT.TiU<-ajent»o-cui>)i!>J "na Inch nf ipac^, Ini-rtod 
«c« «cek t<*T on* dolUr One cilnmn, one year, et^htr 
a^'Ur*. Othar adTeriJ»em«uU In proportion. 

Hue Earth City, 

• ». V. 
8 A.M. 

Bt. ?AVh, Doc. 13, 1889. 
The Hfty thonMind copies of the 1 i«» iwue of 

"Minnesota: lU Advantage.-, to ad Hers." pab- 
liahed by the State, are exhttUi<ted. Application* 
now arriving will 



Blue Earth City, 


8 A.M. 

S P. M. 



Y risen, lcmber JueaciiANT, o.Vi: door be 




n-aa«ca— Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 
Albert Lea — Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 
TcolwHen— Monday, ITrlday, 
Jiickson— Tuaaday, 


ica— Monday. WedneiNlay, Fridar. 

7 P.M. 

7 P.M. 

7 P. M. 

11 A. M. 

one* restored by Uking Jut* tb«ft»wacb • te^ 
■poonnil otJ<*km—ii>9 Ana^sm Umimmtt, aiMd 
in a little •••id water, w«U twecUsed. 

Evnry farmtr who owbb • good atoeli of kflW- 
be furniiihed ivith the 1870 ! .i, .attle and sheep, arid intendj to keep lb«lB 
L- u T L 1 »,«.,! IT .n.l will through the wlnrer, should get at oaee a gtxia 

pamphlet, which I have nearly, and *'» „^,/„f ^^,„-^«„.. Ca^alrf Condition P.ud^r,. 

issuenextinonth, in compliance with the follow- y,,, j^Hur's worth will save at leait a haJl a 
ing sUlement contained in the prefious issues: ion of hay. 
"This pamphlet, published in January of each 
year, in designed to keep up with tfc« progress of 
the SUte, and present its status to date" 


|1.»«0 Cub. FOR 18T0. |1,&M Carb 


Tbis ipleadidJy illnitrBtcd weekly Jonrnal of 
popular i*eieDC«, Mechanics, luveation, Kngi- 
Deering, Obemiatry, Arobitejtvre, Agriculture, 
and the kindred arU. anteri iti tweaty fifth year 
en the first of January next, baring a eircala- 
tion far exceeding that of any liaiilar journal 
now published. 



The coram«dloui brick JweHhin of O. P. Chobb. In , Albert Lpe— Thursday, Saturday, 

Mankato, Mionnofa. 


; Palnnoi.t , hai bern op^ne-J »<• the traveling iiobllc. and 
I ample are iio» otTrrcd lo all who m.ty 

iriili l<»avail theuuelTeloflUlioi'pils' "«•*• _„ 

SIT tf O. P. CHIBB. 

7 A.M. 
7 A. M. 
« A. M. 
1 P. M. 

Whlesalc and Urtan. 

Mankato, Mlnneaota. 

TrnhaMen— Tuaaday, Saturday 
J acka«>— Friday, 

To Wioure mailing matter, It should be la the oflice half 
an hour l>eIor« drparture time. 

1 On. "duor j-uth uf Uariaw offlo., 
'jlffjl Mankato, M:nDVieta. 

^ w sB.»ivur.j. WHoLEsALR AND RETAIL 

•^^ Pcaldr !t Crackery t^i Olaaiware. front 3' , 
M\nkaio, Minn. 818-tf 



G.E.!IIoQltoii. Winnebaffo City, Minn., 

For The American Button- Hols. 0»er-S«rn.inf knd 
^r«in(f Mnchine The Brit aii.1 only Button-llole Mak- i 

Cbnrck Diroctorr. 

Orbat DisTRiBUTio.f.— The Metropolifan Gift 

Company h«Te made extenfire arrangements for j j^'^ editorial Department of the 6eientifi« 

^ . ui » . . ■ »^. •• . J .»,-:. ' American ii Terr ably rondneted, and some of 

It was my intention when the first pamphlet jheir third Oroat Annual Distribufon. and their ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^f^^^ .^ ^^.^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^ 

was issued, three years ago, to continue their jj.i numbers cash and other g-fts to the amount | Europe, are ooniriboiors. Srery nutrbcr baa 18 

.>.,v.ii,.iition for five vears, 80 as toembrace in the . ! imperial r-agef, embellished with fine Engrar- 
publication for five years, BO of nearly a million of dollars, among them •" ; j„ 7„, Miichincry, New Inrentions. Tools for 
last issue such facts as the census of rs70 »nd^ _ I '"»'_.' . . „■" . .. . _,^ «_ _: 

the then condition of Min — i 

With the aid of the Stale, I have for throe years, from one hundred to twenty thousand dollars 

enaeavored, in a focblc way, "to mike Minnesota ^^^^^ ^,g„^ Piano.«, Melodaons, Pewing Ma 

tovaat At 

MBTnowsT-ServIcs every Sabbath morning, !n the known every where." Ffty thousand copies have ,^i„ ^nming Machines, Gold and Silver 

BapustChurch, at 10:8ti o'clock ^,„„,„ ^^ 

R«r/. J. C. OOWRAX, Pkator 


been issued each vear and an extent of interest, 
Hervires every Sabhaih morn- | nquiry and publicity elicited, regard to our 

Watches, Silver \V aro, Jewelry, Ac, Ac. Every 

nVan-:. ^eWng Machine co.Hined. In the world, it \ tni;x^ii;^Hi^^,tooi '^l^}:''.''^'Zou"l,^^o. . 'i 8-*^ State, which augurs well for her future. I ticket draw, apri.e, and no blank, are issued 

<Ioes Hiore work than any other machine ever Invented 


Mankato, Minnesota. 

" • l-jos. Crockery, Olass and Wooden Ware. 


Mankato, Minnesota. 

J .Stablluj coanecud. 


Mankato, Minnesota. 

ON THE ARRIVAL OK THE CARS, we iiiali be pre 
pared lo opm a atnck of 


At Wei Is, to supply the drm»nJ, both wholesale and 
n-iail. Respectfully, 

WboleMle and Retail Dealer in Puruitute. Brd.ling, Ac. 
AUo, Cnertakcrs, JOS-tf Austin, Minn. 

Rev. J. D. TODD, Pastoi. 

CsioB.— Prayer Meelln?. Wednesday evenings, in the 
Baptist Church, at 7 o'clock. 

Sabuath School every Sunday morning, ImmedlaUly 
after preachlHg. 


The Best aud Cheapest Organs. 



M.iDkato, Minnesota. 


Winnebago City, Minnesota. 

^ E. Q. A A. P. COLLINS, Propiietors. 

MO. WIl.LARD, ATTOB.SEY AT LAW AND. SO- _ Exdient accommodations, a-4eharge« mod- 
• lary PobUs. 

We hare for sale, at a great barp»".n. f«ir 
hundred pounds of Long Primer. One half of it j 
is almost new, and the balance is good for years. | ^^ illustration of the advantaee' "f a large 
For particulars, address the Frkk Homistkad. I ^^^^^^j^^ ^j ,„j .^jeie, enablit g the manufae- 

, .n,.M.n.^«t five hundred and seventy cash gift-, ranging the Workshop, Farm and Househol^J, Engineer- 
inesota would .suggest, u "•»«•"• » .r • .^^^ Works, Uw.Uing Ilouseii, Publie Buildings, 

A joiirnal o( so ujch intrinsic value, at the 
low price of $S a year, ooght to have, in thii 
thriring country, a million readers. 

Whoever reads the Scientific American is en. 
tertained and iastrucled, witlioul being bothered 
with hard words or dry detail*. 

„ journal is of special value, as it contains a week- 

admit that greater efforts should have been made jhe tickets are each placed in envelopes, which, j^ ^port of all PatenU issued at Washington, 

toputMinne^otaproperly before. he world -;*; .^er being sealed are mixed and when drawn :^ ^^:\:!::i,^,!'' ^%;:^':i 

can only say that wha ever ** . indiscriminately, so that the Company are not the Soienti.fic Ameriean aro the most Extensive 

business the experience of the pa,t has given me, V " ,1. ! Patent Solicitors in the world, and have nn- 

-ill l,e devoted to the forthcoming pamphlet. I »ware of the contents of any envelope until the i^^^j^^ facilities for gathering a eomplela 

' ticket is retuined to them. These tickets are ki.owledge of the progre.. of Invention and 

Discovery throughout the w rid: and with a 
•o'd for twenty-five cents each, or six for one | view to mark the quarter of a century, during 


Cream Beer is txetlUnt. Many thanks. 

turer to avail him»elf of the aid of machinery 

and most complete division of Inbor, and so to ! close it with one dollar to the company, and 

Alden is a new MinncsoU town, situated be- j produce the best work at lowest cost, is afforded | whatever the ticket calls for ib immediately lor- 

, , , ,, .u; ,,. «„. f„, which this jeurnsl hat held the first place in 

dollar, thirteen for two dollars; thirty-five f»' | j.^^.'/^^jfi^ .^j mechanical Literature, the Pub. 

five lollars ; one hundred and ten for fifteen dol- j Hahars wlU issue on Janaaiy first, the large and 

. , ^ inlendid Steel Engraving, by John Ssrtain, sf 

lars. As soon as you receive a ticket, you en. , p'^ii^^eiphi., entiUed: 


The plate costing nearly $4,000 to engrave, aod 

Mankato, Minn. I urate 

Stages leave this House for all jjoio'S. 237tf 


WTyl ""*'"'' ^"'""''',Mlnn. gHERIDA.N J. ABBOTT, 


tween Albert Lea, and Wells. The cars are »1- j by what the MASON A HAMLIN ORQA N CO., I ^^^.^j^ ^^ ^^^ The company are aware that i contains nineteen likenesses of Illustrious Amer* 
ready there, and of course it must be a lively , ,^ „,, ^oiag It is well know, that the C.oi. | ^^^.^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^, ^^^^ ^^^^ ,^.,.„^ \ -- J^^-'^-^,^;;; -d"rnt:ar,';I ";; will 
place. i net Ogsns ot their manufacture have for some 

time enjoyed the reputation of being the best in 

To keep from stuttering, don't talk. 




▲ fill AfSortBsnt tS 

Dress Goods! 

CoBsiiting of 

Delainas, Poplins, 

Tycoon Reps, 

AlD»«*«. Merinos, *•• 
Togothtr with a full Lino of 

•rin Dry Ooods. 

Mankato, Minn. 

Notary Public and Conveyancer. 

J. P. Wall lee. Mankato, is sslling boat fro.«h 

Inj Agent and Notary public, 
jj^f " Mankato, Minn. 

CLirrON H0C31, 
W. V. B. Moore. Proprietor 

Particular attention paid te the Oollac- ^j^xnt at 6« cents per can, by the oaso of forty, 
n'ofi of Dehtt mid Paymfnt 0/ 7iir«». ^^p, j^\\ orders must bo accompanied with 

ALL BUSINESS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. e„h. Boy BOW, as oyStOTi will advance during 
Winnebago City, Minn., Aug. 30, 1868. 1 ^j,^ Holidays. 

25?.tr ! — •— 


/root St., Maokato, Minn. 

M an Eurnilure an.l Carpeting. Oil Cl<>lh» and 
Curtains, Table Cloths and Mirrors, window .Shadetaad 
Mattrtaact Piatarc Pramei %nd Mats, Cord and Taks^I*. 
Agenia for the CnrivaUed Waaber. ««tf 

• Jeweler. Dealer la WaUhaa, Clooka, Jewelry and 

Stiver- Wara. „ ^ . „,„„ 

^•)^f Mankato, MInu. 

Bepairlng neatly extcaled and warranted. 


C. 8. KIBALL, Pbopribtob. 

To gain time, steal a watch. 

Stages leave this Hotel Mondays and Thurs- 
dayafur the Railio-d station, and Tues- 
days and .Samrdajs for the West. 

A good Li»"«ry is connected with the Hotel, ^^^ matter will receive due consideration 

And there are ample accommodations for team- j ___ ■ »■ ■ 

.ters. S>2tf ' 

Those persons who are interested in the organ- 
iiation of a Brass Band in this village, are re- 
quested to meet at .Moulton's Store, on Saturday 
evening, Dec. 18th. at half past six o'clock, when 

the world ; and the demand for them from all 
countries has so increased that the Company 
have now occasion to produce o>. » hundrtd and 
fiftjl Organ* per week. 

This has enabled them to introduce a variety 
of ingenious machinery fjr the production of ; plainly addressed. Metropolitan Gift Company, 

honorably with their customers, and having this i l>« 8«>''l »» »« «»»»"•. b."' "J ""• •uJxcribing 
■^ for the Scientific American the paper will bo 

fa«t in view they strive to please all who favor: aent for one year, together with a copy of the 

.... r^^ 1 ,. ■ I cneravine, en receipt of ten dollars. The pie- 

them with their patronage. Circulars contain- ■"S'^"""*"'- - *^ ■ - 

ing references and highly favorable notices of 
the press are sent free to all. Letters should bo 

lor Having refurniihed throughout the above wall- 
known house, the pr.pririor a*k> a c.ntli.uauce of 
Public patronaga. G-wd stAfcle -cconim-Mlatioua are 
oaooceud wuti the hoasa. CXargts in >deraW. 




Keeps constantly on hand a complete ataortmettl ef 


To keep out of a fight, sUy by yourself. 

Prof. J. B. Carpenter is just organising a class 

in voca.1 culture in this place. All wishing to 

i eultirate, should not lose this opportunity. Miss, 

• raeeived his complete JtocW of Ainerlc^in a'lJ Im- 
pnrtad Watches, CI'K:lca and Jewelry. Kepiiring war- 
ranted aa repraaealcd. Front Street, opposite the CUf- 
tua House. »^' Mankato Minn, 

And hunrtreds of <1:.llar"t worth of wor«ed», bring tbe Florence P. Carpetiter, will open classes upon 

firH full line stock ofZephyr Worsted ever brought into o j \i i a •.- «lw»..t twn 

the Piano, Organ, and Melodeon, in about two 

weeks. Let our oitisens 6e rtady. 

Winnebago City. 

New and Kaihlonabie Qood* received by expresa every 
week. Store on MaUt St., nearly opyosUe the Collins 
House. "*■'' 

r^ W. MCKPUT A CO., 

Dealers In 

To avoid corpulence, quit eating. 



Parlicular altculion paid to Music Orders. 

• Will alten.l to calls promptly, in Wiiinahago City 
and jurrounding country. Dr. N. has had twenty year* 
czperie .cein locil. general, and hospital practice, and 
lately hail flia'ge of a Hygienic Ins:ilute for the treat 
ment of chronic di»e»ie». He M therefore prepared to 
treat Catarrh, Bronchliis. Scrofula, Rheuniati»m, Pro- 

lap-u< fieri N*uraU-ia, Sick H-adiciir, Liver Com- everything connected with such ; and would be 
plaim. Diphtheria. ColJ Hand, and Feet N.:rvoUi De . j^. gt^nj^^^ 321^! 

!>illty, Ca.scrr.h, Fkvbu SoKks, and all Blood and Skin n»PPy ^^ '»'""• •"* "'" i.""i"i""i 

Dineares, with a »ucce«s far in advance of the ordinary ^ , 

phynician who has i.ever made a speciality of this ciasa 

the various parts of the iastruuient, by which 
they got increased perfection in thtir work, and 
make » considerable saving in the cost. It is a 
partof their system to sell alw.iya at least re- 
munerative profit, depending on increased 
amount of business for a satisfiictory result to 
tbcmselvss. Accordingly, they have recently 
reduced prices, and it is said, are now selling 
their famous organs at even ^csii than it costs a 
small maker to produce inferior instrumentj. 
The public are thus the gaineni by getting the 
best artioile at less than, without such advantages 
they would have to pay for inferi<»r work. This 
Company will not make the sti-called "cheap" 
organs st any price. All their work is of tho 

Tory host. 

• m 

A Splesdid Prjxb for tbi; Ladies !— Tho 
finest, most pleasing, and cosily engraving ever 
published in America, to be preiiented as a pre- 
mium toeaoh subscriber to Dkvorbst's Month- 

tnre is also offered as a premium for clubs os suh- 

^i^'ll.SOO CASH PRIZES.'«( 

Inaddition to the above premium, the Pub- 
lishers will pay $1,500 in Oa.<h Prises for lisUof 
anbscribers seat in by February 19, 1870, Per- 
son* who want lo compete for theio prises, 
I siio'jld send at once for prospectus and blanks 
~ ' ~~ ~~~ I for names. 

fraiiafera of Real Estate in Faribault 1 Terms fcr Scientific American, one year fs.ov ; 
County. ' glx Hionthsfl.M; four months, $1.00. Toclubs 

j of ton and upwards, Urms $2.60 per annum. 

A. E. Nelson to J. C. Easton, Warranty Deed of Spocim»in oopios sent free. Address the publish- 

Nos. 1J>3 and 195 Broadway, New York. 
317 4m 

Ologbama, Prints, 

Tickings, Sheetings, 
Woolens, Jeans, 

naUnelUs, Cassimtras, 

Also a Larp Hupply •! 


wholesale and retail dealers in 

P, O O r S, S II O E S. 

Leather. Ptadiogs, Shoemakers' Tools, etc. 

Front Street, 
nppns'te tb« Poat Offico, Mawkato. Minn. 

To keep your doors from being broken open 

All co~imuni.-aiionseonfiJenilal. Consultatloa free, jjy burglars, don't close them. 

Offic at Ur. Kjiley's DiugS'or^. Reiidei.ce at Kim- 

bal's. Office days Friday, of each week. 



iSEEr, 1 (Jlvlv ana ML i lUJV p^rtunity to almost all classes to make money, 
i kreaow for sale.tPeircesmurket in WinnMiago' Particularly Farmers, who can get a groat doal 

EngelberttkAeiucr, would respectfully inform 
the people of Winnebago City and vicinity, that ; ^^ ^ Magaaine ef practical utility in the house- 
he has a Bakery opened now, and shall keep i ^^^^ ^ ^.^^^^ ^^ ^^^ fashions, and a literary 

conservator of surpassing interest and artistic 
excellence, acknowledged to bo the Model Parlor 
Magazine ol America. 

Ihe enjjraving, 23 by 35 in :he», is from tho 
original painting, entitled, " I'he Pic-Nic on 
THB 4th ok JlLV." 

Th« piiinting took a whole year, and is consid- 
ered the finest of the entire list of numerous pop- 
ular productions by Lilie M. Spencer. The en- 
graving was the labor of four years, by three 

I We would call the particular attention of our 
! readers to the advertisement of the American 

Knitting Machine Co. They offer a splendid op- 

wi nei and ei nwi S 6 T 102 R 25 
Conaideraliun, t^lb. 

B. Sherin to Ellen Smith W D of Lot 2 Block 

11 Blue Earth City. $7O0 
Lewis Newman to Frederick Schmidt Q C D of 

Lots 6 7 U 2U Blue Earth City, $50 
David Malory to Wm C. Chapln W D ofnwj 

swi S 20 T lOl R 27. $400 
Chas Everett to I) Noteman W D of swi S 13 A 

nwiS 14 T 103 R 27, $5000 \ 

C W Thompson to Fernald A Hopkins W D of 

Lot 13 Bl'k 12 Wells. $100. 
C W Thompson to Austin Smout A Co., W D of 

Lot 14 B 12 Wells, $100. 
C w Thompsou to James Truesdcll W D of Lot 

24 Bl'k 11, Wells. $150 

W D Patten to Elijah Gates, ei sej S 3 T 103 R 

27, $500 
C W Thompson to D M Koeler W D of Lot 19 

Bl'k 13, Wells, $150. 
Herman Priester to Rebecca Foster W D of nei 

S 18 T 102 K 26. $1500. 
Chs E Cook, to Edward A Rawley W D 75 acres ! 
in niof swi S 12T 101 R 27. $450. I 

David I. Russell to F. F. Harlow W D of nei S 

30 T 104 R 28. $400. 
Orrin S Cook to Bakkum W D wi swi S 6 

T 104 R 27. $600. 
L J Emerick to E J Huntington Q C D of Lot 12 
Bl'k 12 Eastou's Addition to Winnobago City, 
S L Foster to John H Glcason W D wi nei S 9 
T 103 R 28 and 10 acres in nei S » T 103 R 
21. $1350 


37 Park Row, New Yojlt. 
How TO Get Patewtp —A pamphbt of Pat- 
ent Laws and Instruction to Inventors sent fro*. 




Corner of Second and ClKrrij SCs. 

'lity, one door enstofthti dtfl'-e, and will more for their wool by having one of these Ma 
be sold lit very low price.'". Customers in and chines in the house, and knitting their wool into 
nut eftuwu supplied atlow fl^tii 1. 


.ttockings. Ac. 

Winnel.Bgo City; Minn., >. 3. ISCS. 

I L.QBAROTT. - Proprietor. | 

\ rpilF, abov, bowse, just comp'eie.l..n.l furnish ^\ K. WICKHAM. 
L ed new tbrouifb<.ct, is opened to the public. , ,.,.^^p^^ _|i, t 51 
Acfommodaiions unsarp.isfeil by aoy l"*''''"^ ' S.iPto.— I daft. ' 


To "raise the stamps," say a funny thing on 
the stage. 

. .• . i„i „»„„.,. I v,n and Edward C Fezlcr to Geo W Buswell WD nei 
emiocnt artist.s— John Rogers. John llnlpin and . ^^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^,^ 

.Samuel Hol'ycr ; the last named having been | j^^j^^ p^^^,^,-mj, ^,,,^^1 gj^^ur W D si Bl'k 98 
induced to come from Europe to America ex- Uiue Earth City, SI 00 

pressly to finish it. 'Ihe cng-avcrs have ably I'^^,''' -'•>'^'°* V^i ooTo-*''"^?,,^. "^ "''^ *°'^ ! 

r .L • . ni swi S 2.5 T 10.i 112., ifciooo. 1 

seconed the labors of Ihe painter. ^^^.^^^ H„dges to John Hodges W D si nei and * 

bouse in li»« county, and terms ro.tsonablc. 
f-armers will always find a comf-rtablo barn 
plenty of good foei, and tha best of care foribeir ' 

Scipio diist drink? 

nirhnrd III. 




Manufa'turer and Dealer In 



of evcrv variety. 


Rrstanntnt and SnlooH. 

Opposite llie COLLIN? IIOCPE, Winnebago City. 

V»'inei*, Lifjuors aud Ci»'iin». 

i Cartico-\, O'.J C:)g:.-jn, and Habnna. 

i Fre^h Oysters served in every style, and for 
I tale by the Can or k^g. 

j Gnitlenifn, I keep good Liquort. 

I Winnebago City. Dec. 9. 1868. 267tf 

BOOKS! BOOKS I — Our readers who desir* 
to send their orders to a reliable firm should ad- 
dress Hunter A Co., Ilinsdald, V. H. Fwr ten 
years this housj has led in the mail book trade. 
They have no equals iu prompt attention to or- 

Xone hut artists car. fully nppreciale the fkill 
Mill Kibor lavished on this engraving. The gen- 
eral eff-fat i." very fine and iuipr«s"<ive, and the 
delicate finish of the heads will bear the most 
minute inspection. The unicn of line und stip- 
ple is executed with unusual itbility, and their 
skillful combination has greatly contributed to 
the success of the engraver.^ iu this unsurpassed 

dars. They often receive from six lo seven bun 

dred letters daily, and load -lown thi- mails with proofoftheir arti^tical genius 

Gilt Mouldings Kept On Hand p f. harlow. 

books, Ac, sent to their cuitomers. If y>u de- 
sire to deal with a "f.tir aud square" concern, 
who will do "just as tbwy agree" in everything, 
be sure to avoid tho city swindlers, and addreas 
for Catalogue, Ac. HUNTER A Co., Puolish- 
ors, Hinsdale, N. H. 


McMabill & Beebe, 

Df alars la 



Dimensions, SttVing, Flooring, Lath, 
and Shingles. 


WamakeaSi>««ial»r of 9A9H. DOORS, and MOO.D- 
lNO«l also WOODEN BATE OCTTER.^ at low flgurea. 
Omce an Van Brunt's Addition, Sooth end of Front 

Mankato, Minn. 


Dealer in 

Real Estate & Land Warrants. 


To keep out of debt, acquire the reputation of 
a rascal, and no one will trust j lU. 


Winnebago City, Dec, Utff 1969. 
Tk« Bn<lersigned desire to express their un- 

Tho work on the engravinj; nlone cost over 
f>even thousand dollars, besides the cost of the 
copyright, and is acknowledjied by competent 
judges the most elaborately fi lisbed lar^e work 
of art ever engraved in America. 

Fia« copies of this magnilcent picture, on 
heavy plate paper, worth $10 each, are lobe 
given SB a Premium to each Subscriber to Dkm^ 
obkst's Mo!«tbi.v .Magaxii'b. Yearly Subscrip. 
tions only Three Dollars, and Ten (jent* (which 
is to be sent with the subscription), for the post- 
age on the engraving, (whieh will be uailed so- 

Eod and Mould-Board 

Breaking Plows 


Crossing Plows, 






And all other Goods necessary to make up a full 

and complete aseortment for town and 

country trade. 


Winnobago City, Sept. 28, 1369. 

Winter Gcotls ! 

Warranted to scour in anj kind of soil, and 
hardened by a process known only to ourselves. 


si njnci S 21 T 103 U 2a. $500, 
Wollliy J Adams to James Boylan W D ni nei 

S 34 T 103 R 26, $500. 

Ammund Peterson to Lena Brown W D of Lots 

7 8 9 and 10 Bl k 3 Young's Ad to Blue Earth 

City. $1265. 
.\mmund Peterson to John Landerson W D of 

ni Lot 4 Bl'k 3 in Young's Ad to Blue Earth 

Da^ui^lF a«*oTich to Alexander Anderson W D ' Manufactured entirely of iron and steel. 

of Lots 4 5 Bl'k 4U Blue Earth City. | 

E V Foster to Ester A Davis W D part of Lot 

6 in Bl'k 94 in Blue Earth City. $275. 
Alexander Anderson to E V Foster Certificate of 

Redemption. Part of lot 6 iu bl'k 94 Blue 

Earth City, $387. 


/' H. SNYDER, 

Maker. 8ii.>p next doorto Richardson's. 
Particular attention paid to repairing clocks. 

Por VTV ORnrws; <"««»«<» gratitude to each and all of those who °"«'y «>*>'»• "P «"* » "»"")• ,.^ , , 

^01 >T1 WKDLKS. , 6 » , This is certaialy the largest, most liberal and 

Pay Tax**, Examin* Titl«a, Ate 
Is al<K> AGENT forth* 

I Bartieipated in the joyous and generous Dona- ■ , l • 

! I- • -. «• 1 . u Tu I. . .„,: splendid premium over offered to single subscn- 

! tion visit of last week. Thanks to young and ; » "^ " 

bers by, any publisher, and aflords an easy and 

•Id for Iheir manifestations of cheorfulness and 

econumieal way for any one t} secure an elegant 

Fhceniz Insurance Company, sympathy, and their expressions of confidence „ , «. . u ■ 1 

•^ jj-uij-k .-..J., r-, ♦>.. work of art, a Parlor Picture that is only next 

(,r and good wishes. And much gratitude for the . . .^ » *-.: j 

I .».■,, u . J . .k _, „f «-ft 1 to a piano in the way of orns.mentation, and a 

I substantial favor bestowed to the amount of »«U •' ' 

* at the shop of 


On Blae Earth Avenue. Satisfaction guaranteed. 




The Lady's Friend am ounces the followTog 
Novelle.te for 1870: -Uid He Forget Uerr* 
by Louise Cbsndler Moultun ; *'Th« Casean 


Of the most approved pattera. Also 


Biaa Earth City 

ilM ity!.? hy RoHort Lltile, ftrst floor sodth of M>-ad's 

Haul Blia Earth CilV R«f«-«nce», L«wi«, W«l- 

•at lAk*. and P. 0. Sealay. Blue Earth City. 8Ilyl 


VTr)!? f \f AT? I've 1 so freely and cheerfully to our comfort and aid, 

ritxtj tX JlAKl^Ci, I to in abundant measure may the God of all grace 

of St. Paul. Minn. 1 bless and enlarge each in the best of spiritual 

AUo Notary Public <k Convfyancer. j good things. J. D. TODD. 

OFFICE— in the rear *f tho Post Office build- 


take every one by surprise, .nd we do not ren 
ture anything in saying that ;(10 will not procure 
another that combines so mush of interest aud 

Specimens of the Magazine, with Circulars. 

iBg. up stairs. 

Wiaaehago City. Mian. 

^ ! giving full particulars, will U sent to any givnn 

To boeome a competent book-keep-r. borrow ! *'»J'*"' P"*' f^«*' °» '*««'?» «' ^^ *=*!'^- /**'■ 

fall the books you can and never return them. 

J H. 8PR0CT. 

S4Stf Blue Earth City, Minn. 

•arBAD'S HOTtl,, 


I. S. US. \D, • Fr.-pr.etcr 
Dllllard tables aroeoaneeted with tho honso, and 
thotw Ic g^od subiiog on tho premises. 

/^0NITA58 HOCSI. j 


H. P. C0N8TANS, Propbibtob. j 

This popular Hotel is entirely new. and furnish- ; 
od io excellent style. 
jiVBxeolIent ae-oamodations f^r teams. 
242tf __^ - 

R. ^^'"' 


Has oonstantly onharid Clocks. Watches, Jewel- 
ry. Silver- ware. Gold Pens. Musical Inmrumpnts, 
Ac. Repairing done with dispatcj and warran- 
tetL 239tt 

Kegister of Deet!*, 

yeal Estate Agent and Con- 

Taxt* Paid /or Xon-rtridMntt, 


Ac. Ac. 

Blc« Eartli Oty, Minn. 


Wholesale Dealera in 



No. 93 Third Street. 

ST. PAUL, ... - MINN. 







No. 107 Third Street, 

Prof. Carpenter* 

dress, Dbhorest's 
New York. 

Mo-NTHLT, 836 Broadway 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now a resident 
I of this place." [Applause.] 


Excellent flour at Richer ison's. 

Prof. Carpenter, of Oshkosh. Wiseonyin, has 
purchased the property of Mr. Uendrick, in thi, 1 No. 8 eook-.toves furnishsd complete for $23, 
town, and will make Winnebago City his home. . *t tho Har dware Store in W mnebago City. 
Ho is warmly w.loom<^; and ae an earnest of j ^^„^ to Loa.n.-I.* haro some mon^y to 
the friendliness with which he is received, near- \ [^^ on fir«t-cl»>s real esta e security. Como 
ly fifty scholars this (^^dnesday) night Fubsorib- j oarly, and you can be accommodaied. 

•d for a course of music lessons under his tutor- | „ .. ANL'REW C. DUNN. 

Winnebago City. Minn. 

ship. Knowing that Mr. Carpenter has taught 1 
both vocal and instrumental music for twentyfive 1 

To AllComcbrsbo. — Noe', my good fellows. 

laJy wr-.ters. 

A finely executed Steel Engraving, a hand- 
some Uwuble page, finely colored fashion plate, 
and a large asscrtmunt of Woon Cuts, illustrat- 
ing the Fashions, Fancy Wirk. Ac, are given in 
every number 

it will ^ive a popular pieeo uf music in every 

THORS. — Tho Jmuary number will contain 
Portraits (engraved on steel) of Mrs. Henry 
Wood, Florence Percy, Louise Chandler Moul 
ton. Elizabeth Prescoit, Amanda M. Douglas, 
Mrs. Margaret Uosuur aud August Bell. 

NEW SUBSCRIBERS who send it. their 
names or 1S70 before the first ot November, shfcll 
receive the Novemuer and December numbers of 
iLir year in addii'on, making fourteen months 
in all! And new subscribers sending in their 
names by the first of December shall receive tbo 
magnificent December Holiday number, making 
thirteen months in all. 

TF.RMS.— $2.50 a y«>ar; two copies, 4 ; four 
copies, $6; five copies (and one gratis), $S. One 
copy cf the Lady's Friend and one of the Post, 

A copy of tho large and beautiful Premium 
Steol Engraving — "Taking the Measure oi too 

A«D V 


Manafaeiurod froa Baatora tiaibor. 



WtBu«%»so Oity, Minn., lob. ink, 1869. 
\ 277tf 


Aftorear"fol investigation by eompotoBtJadgos 
it hvs been fully and fairty docidod t&at thw boss 
place to purehaso .. 


yoars,woare prepared to fully appreciate the I all of you who are owing th« firm otClufsick * j Wedding Ring"-engrave4 in England at a cost 

, „ ,. , .. -, ,.v D . I Smith. Blacksuiiths, in Witinebtigo City, 1 lease J J200— will be sent to every lull ($2.50 i sub- 

following resolutions, from the files of tbePreston ,.11 .nd .^ti..! vi.ur «cp..uniii on or before the -Z "«" "" »«"i '" «^ «"J '« ' * 1 v 

o call ana seioe your accuuniii on or oeiore i"" j gcriber, and to every peison sending a slnb. 

R€pubtiean, which were unanimously adopted 1 16th of December. ISOa. and you will save your- jj,jj ^j, raving is a gem of art. 
by the class which was under the charge of the selves much trouble. We must have money, Address' DEACON A PETER.^OV, 

and it must com* from our cebtors. 
Yours truly, 


Prof at Preston, last July. 

Retolced, That we express our appreciation of 
Prof. Carpenter's untiring efforts to advance his 
class to the highest possible degree of proficiency. 


319 Walnut Street. Pailade'pbia. 
Specimen Copies sent for ten cents. 

Manhood : How Lost, How Re- 


^ ^ FRrrr A!VD Srarb TRess.— C. L. Smith, of 

iad heartily bw tisti'mony to his ' Ability and • ^ "'«• I'^J^-O'^O Soft I 

success, hoi as an instructor in the scientific Maple, or .<ilve,leaved. and lOO.OlO M,i.e Elm J MrW[g^,?*'^.^''''^^.-,\l\l,;^^^^^ 
principles of music, and as a trainer in those spe- Tn^s. at from $3 to $10 per thousand. 3 to 20 , ^Hp^„Vbe*nX" %^"* wU^ufte^^^^^ 
ciai qualities of style whieh constitute good sing- »a*^h^ '>»«^- "ulop, Traiiscendani, biberian, ^gg^^ „f sperm ATORRH<EA. or Seminal 
ing. ! Duchess ol Oldenburx, and other barJy apple nveknras, Involantary ?«mIoai L^>«s>'!<, Iropotency, 

Hetolctd That aa a commnnitr wo eordiall' : «»•«, 25 cents ea«b. Everybody ihoa'd send for McnuUaad Phys'cal Incap^ity, IrapedimcnU to Mar- 
invite Prof! Carpenter to make us a second visft pri« list and dirwetioni for pUsoting and care o , ^^.'f^j t"^ • »^»« Coosumptinn. EHlvp.y. and Fl..,ln. 

at a future time, and then to continue this course 
of instruction with which wo are so highly grati- ' 

fied. ! 

.^nd also the foBowing f^m the Albert Lea 
Standard of the 9th insC 

"The class of Mr. Carpenter was dismissed 

treo^. Address 


Walnut Lake, Minn. 

Stbawbbrbibs aud t.Re%ii. — Wno does not 
love them? Every one sbculd have a strawber- 
ry bod. C. L. Smith, of Walnut Lake Nursery, 
will send by mail, prepaid, choice plants of Wil- 
last evening, having closed the term of twelve »on's Albany, Crimson Cant. Great Austin, .*>hsk- 
BighU. It is due to this f««tlaaiaa to say that ; «,. Ac. at 30 cents per dox »b, or $2. 00 p«r bun- 
ko has taken greM interest in the progress of his dred ; l,en..inx's White. fineM white strawberry '"i.^I'^n JT,!^, »! . "...n ,„,, „„ ,„..r.dd,*« 
pipih: ha. given a number of extra hours more grown. 50 c*nL per A».cn. fl.OO p.r bundr.d. ^:!!;;li^:'^'^li!i'oV'^'V^::':rt^^ 
tbaa lae contract reouirH, and has been very j25. 00 per thojsand. Goo4 new plants. Alwi. Dr Culvrrw.R's .'Marriage Guide,' price ^ cts. 

daced by Mlfiatiil^t^ncp or nexuial extravagance. 

^^"Price, in a sealed envelope, only idx ernts. 

The relrbrated ailbor. Iu tUU adiniral>le essay, clear- . 
ly demonstrates fruni a thirty years' snccesafal practice, 
tha: the ala< ming conteqo^nccs of aeM-rtxue may be I 
radically cured wittnnt tUe dangcroiu a«e of internal | 
medicine or the ap-^ication of the knife; p«lritli>)» fut a i 
mode of care at onae rfrrplc, certain :in>l effectaal. bj j 
means ->f which everv sufVrer, n'' mailer wiiat bis cod- ) 
diiion may he, may cure hiuiBelfche«i>!y. privately, and > • 

"HCaLLY. I in FarioanU County 

bi« Lecture <]k>4M he in the hands of every youth 



and in fact any kind of Ooods. is at tho Storo 

R. j»l. Wilson, 

First door Korth ef Pest Ofloe, 

I where more Goods cbb be had for ovo dollar tkaa 
any other 


Largest Stock 

Ever brought into Faribault county is now in 
the store ot 


TLo Latest Style of 

Paisley Shawl.", 
Large-line Double Shawls and Cloaks 

Cassiinere Delains, 

Belgian Delains, 

Rep Delains, 

India Cloth, 


Wool Poplin, 

Chinchilla Popinlo, 

Uuffle Skirts and Boulevard Skirls, 

may now be found at this store. 

In addition to the above mentioned articles of 
the present most fashionable ratterni', you will 
always find at the Farilauli county 


A well selected assortment of 


from the "Odessa Skirt Company," which aro 
Oisurpassed by any other Hoop Skirt iu use, as 
regards Durability, Comfoit and Style. 

And also a large stock nf 

Groceries, Pork, llams, 


Lard, Wheat, Corn, 

Onions, Flour, Meal, <tc., <tc. 


Oockery, Glasswaie, 

^, Looking-glasse.'3, 

Lampd, Lanterns, 

Machine and Kerosene 

Oil', Sugar Buckets and 



of all sixes, and many styl . 

O. K. MoultOlu of the lira of MOULTOV A 
DKUDON. basjust returi.«d from NEW YCUK 
CiTY, where he took particular time to lind the 
best housos, snd to purehaso %t tbe bottom „f 
the mk^rket, an>> confidently believes tb^t lie hna 
secured the best qualities of goods, and at iLo 
most reasonable figures, and 



Is BOW offered at • 
ima i. advance ob tbe originil cost. Call stid 
examine f'^r yonr*«ivcs. 
Tru y Yours, 



faithfnlaod thorough in h=s iostrucUons. At carefully packa.1 in aosa, with full direotious how 
i the close of the school a musical assoeiatioD was : |o pUnt and eu'tirato tWab 

St. r« p1, MiDncy>ta\riT2!: ;^^^i^.J[iii^P«***^ ^'»«^.^'«*^__?wjf _ ^ 

.Aildreastbe Publii^ni, 




Tko oo-partaership heretofoira as* 
tbe oadenigQed, under tbe Aim 
toB A DcadoD, is this day dk 3">-o ^},^\. 

coneeat, F. Deadon r.itbdi* uame " '^^y^i 

All liabilities of th* la^ ^Wcd t>y " 

G. it. Moalton, wfco r' .tag t*'';*.';^;^ Vy 


127 Bowerft htw i.rk, P. 0. iJo^t 4,596 ,v4n21tf pT N. W. SaBGKKT 










HfWfUlSD's CiEUMAN BlTTERS.— There 18 

j.r»><>rtb y no disease to which "bntuan 
llfsh is ueir," that is more distrissiuf^ InitH 
.feti'ucts than that uf djs^Mipsia, uod kiudred 
discuses arisiug from disorders of the Liver 
Rud Digestive Organs, and it is this fact, 
probably, wuikh had .caused tho prepara- 
t oil of the Aoat'iicau lemedie s now before 
the pntiic. Am* ug thebe remedies are Dr. 
lloofflaiids Geiman IJitteis, whioh has 
been jnomiuently before the public for 
years, and which has received the 
highest testiraoniuls from thousands 
of oar citizens, who have tc&ted 
its effio.ency indiseas»s of the character 
rclerreU to. It haw also received the high- 
est commoiidation from phjbiciuns who 
have used it iu their practice with com- 
pK'tc success. The Hoofland's Bitters is a 
strictly medicinal preparation, and con- 
tiins no alc<»L A, rnai, or whis. y. 

Hooil uid's German Tonic is a comtina- 
ti >u of tuf in^reilieuls ct the bitters, with 
pare S.uita Cruz Ram. orange, nn-Be, A*. It 
is used lor the same diseasea as tho Uilters 
in cases wh»-re an Alcoholic Stimulant is 
n>'C' ssary. It is a preparation of rare medi- 
final value, anl m )jt agreeable to the pal- 
%U\~Vhromdf, I'Utsburyh, Pa. 

Why will YorscrriiRfrom Rheumatism, 
Neuralgia, Toothache, Av., when you can 
obtain almost iusiant reliel from the use ol 
Fratt A Butcher's ctlebrated Magic Oil 
Liniment. This medicine takes the lead 
of all pain remedies both tor exteinal and 
internal pains. Ii cures Diarrhiea, Dysen- 
terv, co'.ic, Jcc, and as a family midiciue, 
it canH-it be excelled. Pratt A Butcher's 
the only genuine. Observe the written 
siijuatiire oi Walker A Taylor on the wrap- 

Stn)nFN ruANGE-s OF wEAiHKE are pro- 
ductivt: of Throat Diseas s. foughs. Colds, 
Ac. There is no mora effcctna' relief in 
these diseases to be found than iu the 
timely use of "Uroicn's lirunrhi'il Trurhas.' 
They posisC*«s real merit and have proced 
their tCicacy by a testot many ytarn, hav- 
received 'thousands of testimonials 






y«jir, \.hoso name* anil mousy arosent in during 

leorld, and is bettor 

enabled to (ur- 



For Proniotinf? the (Jrowth and I'reserviufe' Ihc Hcuuty of 



tfHicrip n>u» }iit5is git tctori) COMMON SENSE ! ! ! 

The undorsiitop 1 oftore foe sale tb» iplevdid piaco of 
propert)' knoim ai. tba 


Tht/'oUiMtiiifl mra mmontl t%efm>iiti)itM 
hoitm-t IM their art n- a I •himrlmrnl': 

Uadimg bt»i' 


2-34 Lake sLrcet. Oarp^tln^.M 

Cirdors i.rciiup«(tj' tilled. 

»5I» Cloths, and .Matting^ mijlesttle and K«U1I 


know,nK .l^t. .hen lo..^of_hair occun. JV«^ 

The Inventors of CocOAWr -...-•--.. 5- .... ,h ,n 

wharo the greatert heat is nece»Kinl> Jf""'"'"''-"- ""'J,'?'" „^a 
alleviate it turning their attention P^^'-'j^'^* '''^' X? lUir 
ment to promute the growth and preserve the l-eauli ot Oio Uiir. 

*""towl*(fs ^egeUble Oi'u as the basis of a mediua- 

'I'ho Ulouiu L'ocoa, ur 

Bjr a Bcientiflc 

pre*.nted it«,U most strongb- M po^K,.^"* "n'^SX'^cJirb^i'e^ifthlK'ml ^hl^Tb^'if^^y^V^d, Vni-Xh.. 


from cuiineMt 

men who have nsed them. 

Most PAri:NT Medicines are "cure alle," 
while Di.F. WiLHorTs AsTi-rEUiomc orFi:- 
VEU AND \r.vr. Tonic pretends to cure none 
but snrh distases a.s are caused by malar- 
ial t'oixjuin'i of the blood One bottle is 
snthchutto tflfect » cure iu any cade.— 
Made in Xtw Orleans by Wheelock, Fin- 
lay it Co., and Bold at wholesale by Fuller, 
Fiiich & Fuller. Chicago. 

—The ti*h caught oft" Sandusky, Ohio, 
are now trozen soon after they are ciuight, 
into solid Innipe, cordtd into tiers, and 
thus p.vt into a safe condition lor trans- 
portati'U. Ice and salt are the freezing 
material n se<l. 

A WiDE-.\\VAKK Youth's Paper.- The 
Youth i Companion, of BostGn, annonnces 
neailv a Bcora of regular contributors for 
1870." Many of them are among onr best 
known and mopt brilliant writers. 

Or iiix. almost innumerable number of 
preparations iu the mark^^t for restoring 
gray hair to it« original color, we know of 
none which give so universal satisfaction 
as Riu'^'s Vegetable Ambrosia. We have 
tried It and found it to rthtore the color in 
a truly wonderful manner- as well as to re- 
move 'dandruff and all itching caused by 
Immors of the scalp. Try it and be sat- 
Jdlied. ^___ 

We iake ple.vscbe in recommending the 
use ot H.ili'rt Vegetable Sicilian Hair Ila- 
pewer e.s a safe and reliable preparation for 
e storing gray hair to its natural color, and 
promoting its growth. 

CojJTirBiAL, Fkucity.— Nothing temls more 
\a f«)nnnb'.:.i hr^ppiuosH, than cheerful and 
healthy iufantd and children. Mrs. WUit- 
comb'J S>rui'idthe great cnildren's st.M.>th- 
ing romftiy^ 

Sec 'rhe Little Corporal" among adver- 
tise lueuts. 


No Other Compound 

possesses the peculiar properties which so exacUy suit 
the Tarioue ctrnditiona of the human hair. 

// m'ffny Ikn hnir vheu hinh aiiJ Jry. 

II vj-./*?- 'A* irrilate<l uralf. 

/' nfiiT'l- Ifi' H'-he" iK'Irr. 

!• ' . ' in rfrrt. 

, r/r<iiii/a'lnigof. 

I ■ .,1'hi/, viijnrouBjfnjirtk. 

It 'm nut arrtiSit ur slirky. 
Jt lriiii> nu JinuyrttuMe oilor. 



B08T0K, October i), 
Mes^rsJosFPH Bi-RSErT4<;o. : 

OV«/frmrT., -My worst compUint for several years tjas 
been thuflr-lf. After brushing my hair, my coat collar 
would l>o covered with while scales. 

1 have used leis than a botUe ot your Cocoaine. 1 he 
d.indrufT. and the irriutiun which caused it, have en- 
tirely disappeared, and luy hair was never l>e!c>re in so 
goodcondiliou. Your obedient «ervant, j^.,igj. 


lJ.)»TO.N. November 2-», 1S8». 
Mesara. Josttph BtTR>.i:TT k Co., Boston : - 

O'-i'ilrnu,,, I have l>eoa bald seven years. Alterudini 

bald pate n coverer 

Loss of £ L ;' } . 

Boston, July l^^. 


For many months my hair has beoo fallinK off, until 1 
was fearful of losinx it entirely. Th© skin upon my head 
becajme graduallj' moco and more initamed. 

I oommeiicod uio iwe of your Cocoaine the last week 
ifl June. Ihff first apiilication allayeJ the itching and 
irrttttion ; in three or lour days the redness and tender- 
ness disappeared, the hair ceased to fall, and I huve now 
a thick growth ot new hair. „ nc » w i> d.-»di,- 

Yours, very truly, SU.SAN K. POPl- 

Hair Dressing. 

Tkeyollotring nnle is frinu ih- v.eU-ki,iniH ]iroprielor ^ 
Frank U»ii»'a Illuttrat'd yeu fjHiprrn and .Uayoiiii^s 
Nkw Yobk, September 22, VtA. 

J. BCK>KTT, F.8Q. - 

Vtiar .Sir;— y«r some time past I have been utaus JKiur 
Cocoaine. and think it far preferable to anytbia« T>uive 
ever used for the hair. 

If my indorsement is of value, you are ikeifectlr -at lib- 
..ty to use It Respectfully your., ^^^ ^^. ^^^^_ 

ST'ituatod in centre of 

a large 
at the 

<ri«nnkn population 

S. W. Cor. of Rosatti & Park Avenue. 

"■^I-siK. 11. 11. A: to., r^f and T^< T-ake s-t., wholesale 
Fdealt'rsWtfiw^ (..ids, MiU.nery V^T'ite Goodj. 
Hoeiery, lUovas and lanoy Goodi, ai and k> iJikesixeoi, 
Chicago^ ^^^_^_^,^__^_„____„^.«.™»— 

" " Bl'TLER & CO., Dealers in 
'Stock. 4c "^ 

41 hUte s jx«t, Chicago. 

Ij'^Prit IterVsVoSkTio-' Oaah paid for lUgs. 

4^ and 


iTiTj iEKT, IIIBBAKU &: CO., ManUU,taCTed. 
Lsi<J>nns«»< ^ ., .„^_ piteh and oakum, 

j7 S. Water st. CM. 

O"ste*e'l^an(i"ron*'';^re7ope, uir. piteh and oakum. 

tackle bVpcks, anc hors and chains, JJuT 


The Brewery is « two story brick eSilH ; lot is 1181176, 
14 large vaulu ca pable of holding over a million of gal- 
lons; largest Mall House in the city and best: fully 
supplied with casks, barrels, kegs, and an the appur- 
tenances of a first-class Brewery rwuly for making Beer. 

A good two storl brick bouse, sii rooms, gafi and water 
throughout, on tlte premises', a beer garden euclosed 
and roofed; brioL stable and cooper shop on the 
pr wil i es . 


M'" For the pai -ticuUrs, enquire of 


Nu. 4 City BuildlitKA. 

Ht. I^ouIh, .^lo*, 

'Ybolt^lo Peal*- in Tents, Wagon Covers, and Milital y 
Ctothuig. who bought this property at Bankrupt bale ut 


■yvhich enables him to give the same. 

C^ n RFUT. IILBllAKU &^ CO., cotton and flax 
lU.«»Kn f ',, vinds w»ol sacks and burlaps, nets & 
M tvrtnos o' «u^'^^5 fli^. 9U7 8. Water St., Chicago, 
scmas, tents, coT Wf" "'" m^g . *~^^^^^.^^_^_^.^__ 

^""^ THE 

Ciiptare, ihe Prison-Pen aud the Encaye. 


FiiWlY SKWINC, MACHINE ^ Price aaly • 18. 

Great indaoemento to AjrenU. this is Oie^wst popuUx 
Sewing Machine of the dtJ-rnakM the famons •'KUstlc 
Ixtck 6tit«h"-wiU do amTkiod of •ork tb"t can be doae t 
on«ny Machine-lQOiMOwWand the demand oon- 
auntly increasing. Now is the tame t« lain an A^enc^ 
Send for particuUrs. tST Beuxtre V « VT^'f' "• -^ 
Address SKCOMB 4 CO., Boston, Mass., Pittsburgh. 
P a. or St.. <.«»ui3, Mg 


•r. the iJuder-warld of the Great 

t'icv. The sins of every class of society ej- 
nosed A loid (hf Mailroad lo ruin. Signals of 
da^eraieup. MouE Money in it Foil Livt 
AoTmi* than a*'^^ othkb B'XiK. Takes 
three presses all the time to print fast enough- 
Uut Atnit ttKiJi L7S "r'irr^ i'i 10 d.':/^^ '" 

46 illustrations. Price 

pages, — — . 
AKenU Wanted 

t«.. 146Ni 

A ddress 

a street, N. Y. 

li. Y. BOOK 

TO THK WORKING 0LA88.-We are now prepr-'' 
to f arnish all classes with ootirtant einployment « fie 

Jhe whol^ ,7th"e tune or fur the spare moments, 
nes» new, light »ud prolitable. t « 

This tJirmhur. anthentie, and '^''f'^i'l '.v??. 

&mb."a'He?re°ure''M'?l?rftaUsblry. and Anderson- 
Tille. Describing the 


ome, I 
Busr I 

^,. .ersons of either sex , 

P«iih~earnlrora ul>e. to $.^ per evening, and a proper- | 
u!Sal turn byXvoUng their wbo'.e lime U> the busin««. ' 

Boys and girVcane^ "'""^^'Th'^r'^d^'and^t 
ill who see this notice may send their address, ana M>« 
S. b^i^SMTwe make iKs unparalelled o«fer To such 
« ar^T^eU saUshed, we will send «1 to pay for tho , 
tJ^tbleof *ritii^ FuU particulars, a valoabfo sunpU , 
lJh"ch«iU do to commence work on and a copy of Thr 
lw,th'Tli,era^., ro^t»««.-one of t\xe largest and best 
fVSdi- newsMPers pubUshed -aU sent free by mail, i 
RSder°iilT^ri permanent. P^ohuble work, addres. 
E. O. ALLEN ACO., ~" 

lioback's Sioiii- 
a-o^i Bitters, 
imiike cHi othvr 
Bittern in the 
viurket, possess 
intrinsui merit. 
Mod BUiers, so 
called, arc merely inshiwashy stuff", 
sold as a beotrage. Dr. Roback'i 
Bitters are tiot a beverage in any 
sense of the icord, but contain the 
most expensive drugs hiown to 
science for the radical cure of 
Indigestion and Dyspepsia, and 
f&r all cases vhere a tonic and 
stimulant are 
required. They 
restore the vital 
forces in a re- 
markable degree, 
and give tone to 
the system. 

A COUSTA. Mafuk. 


Knitting Blaohine e»er invented^ * v-MuJAN KNIT- 
AiKNiKtitckesuerminnte. Address AMl!.KH^A.« f^-t''' 
TiNOjiStNK CO.. Boston Massof^ 

new r Octave Pianos. 

U. S. Piano Co., New York; 

of defenroless prisoners who came too near the '''«''""'/ 
Sort^a^ng the arrival oi prisoners, plans ol escape, with 
Sum^M and varied incidents ancT anecdotes 



and doter- 

one bottle of your ( 'ocoaine. my . . 

aU over with yoong hair, about three-eights of an inch 
long, which appears strong and and healthy 

mined to grow. 

Very truly yonr obliged and obedient ^HJBjiwtN 

Irritation of tlie Scalp. 

, Septemh-^' ' 


Watkkvhxf. Me. 

Dntr Sirs, -I have derived much benetit from the use 
•f yonr Cocoaine, l-weWe voan; ago 1 had the typitoa 
fever ; after my recovery I found myself troul>led witft 
an irritation or the scalp. , , .. 

I purchased a bottle of the Cocoaine only for the pr ^ 
pose of a hair dressing, but to my surprise, it ha< g„. 
tirely removed the irritation of so long standing. ^^yg 
recommendeit it to several of my Irionda, wi- „ ^^^ 
altbcted in the 8<uno way, and it has »^oll*,»'.adicated 

JOSEPH r^iLL, Ju. 

BANiWR. Maro>. 3, IHfM. 
Joseph Buunett A Co. : - 

CrMr/rtnrn.— Your Cocoaine is the only dref jing for tho 
hair nsed in my fauils for the U»l oight vr ^rs. It stop- 
I>ed my wife's nair fruo* c,Mufiig uul aai^ increased its 

1 aiu also under obUdbtions to thii^ 'same Cocoaine for 
saving my own hair, which was very fast coming out 
previous to using this v<U>>.<kble Urep' iration. 

Very truly yuura. J. C. jdlT('HKLl>. 

t.rocer, Bangor. Me. 

A P^emarka'ble Case. 

K\sT M lUDLEBuao', Maiw., Juae 0, liyit. 
Messra. '■.rKNK-rr A Co:— . . • ,. 

My •' .uirhter has been aiflicted with neuralgia in her 
• three years. She has uM-d dunnit ihat tame 
- .. . __ These, with Uie iptonso 

tne disease^ 

^e.Tca•:;^'^tS"e^!a1?;^ Wnedher hair so badly that 
lu October, all came oft. 

She was induced to try jour Cocoaine, and the result 
was astonishing. She had not used half tho contents ot 
abotUo hef,.re her head was covered with tine young 
hair In four mouths the hair has grown several inches 
in length, very thiok, sott, ami hne. and ot a darker 
color than formerly. With respect, ^,^ ^ EDDY. 


Imiitriiiirr F.sprirJ • Fiillariai f'nm xskfit ' Higt dy im- 
portant lo lioth taxes, married and single, in heal' ch and 
disease! Or. l.aruioiilN, Pans Tondon am 1 New 
York. Medical A rtviser and .Marriage t -uido. 46V pages. 
IM Anatomical and Pathological plates 12 ina , cloth ; 
with Recipes and Certincates of his unpreo edented 
and painless curas of .S."' I' 'urf. Sfuininl IfraJine s.., Jmpo- 
trmru FiUiila, Fi Vo, Venirrat, Old L'leeri.. Jtuen m t,f the 
Kidf'r,,, li'wider. ibr. Price $1. -Mailed free . Offices 
for treatmeul, 212 Broadway. New Yofk. Dm ict letters 
Box H44. 



For first-ol»« 
Sent on trial. 


embracing, also, the adventures of the 

prison life. 

aC^Tal'^'^^want anl^ientin eVe.^ town, count, «d 
village in the 


A Book for the Mill ion* 


■J.U >1C 
• to mi 



tothe Mau- 
f those aliout 
rry, on the 
logical m; 


BURXKrrS COCOAISi: U tU BSS' ,„^ CHEAVESI Hair OretHnj tw Ihe world. It prnmo>eA Ihr ^"^^'J*,^/ 
THE HAIR, awi u fntirtln /r»4 froM ,Ji irrilalin'j nuUter. Tk* natM and tilU Ourmtf u adopted a» a Tr'^Mar'^Jo 
ternrx thtt publir aid pr»piri*l(wv ager „ ^f f„^pf^i„„ fry iA« iiUroJuctionoy fpurvMU ariiclt*. 
Tradt-Mark u ill b* />ruB»^(y prune ,, ^„^ 

All unrntOhori—d tuw ci/'thit 


Manutaeturera and Proprietors, - ■ No. 27 Central St., Boston, Mass. 

teries and revelations of the sexual sysl em. with the 
latest discoveries in producing and preven angoflspnng, 
how to preserve the couiple.uon, Ac. 

This is an int.;resfing work of 2;24 »«« » with numer- 
ous engravings, and contains valv»We i nfurmatu.n for 
those who are irarried or c^ntemnOiS* .'aiamage, still it 
is a book thatsaouldbe keptundw*. Jk and key, and 
not laid careleslyalwut the house. . 

Sent to am or e (free of postage) for 1 ifty Centa. 

Address Or. butts' Dispensary, N. . w. comer Uifth 
and Market Blns»t«, St Iajuis, Mo. 
:»^.\otice to the .\fllitiea and t nfortnnate. 

Before applying to the notorious ^i* icfcJ who advertise 
in public papeis. or using any ^uooA K«» •««.'". P«™*« 
Dr. ButU' work, no matter what you r disai i«e is, or now 
deplorable y<iur condition. t „„ 

t>T Butts can be consulted, porsoi »Uy. o» by roau, on 
the diseases mentioned in his works . Omo* N. W. cor. 
Fifth and .Marlet streeU. (oppoal* a Court Mouse.) »t. 
Louis. Mo. 

u^t4^, and tUyanthi bouud in eitra cleyi. « o are pre- 
paced to 


Address VAN "UHKN^LLCK^W.^^.^ 

A Musical Box for Two Dollars. 







all who engage with 

the most tibial 'rrvi' to all who engage wiin us in the 
1- JS this Book Teachers,, energetic young 

WiUon We employ no general '^R'',ff'^f„^'>l% 


fo^r'w^Vs S'lnplo copy forwarded, post paid, on re- 
ceipt of »-i.OO. for fvJlI particulars, address 
R. H. FERtasON & CO., 

Publishers. St. Lonis, Mo. _ 

select airs. Kminently adapted for ^e drawing- , 
room table. No. 1. 8 tunes, *"2 ; No. ■>.. U tunes, «W , r«o^4. , 
«tme «r, Sent by mail on receipt of price Orders , 
(i^e amount of %U hent C. O. 6; one doUsr must , 
to tne »mou^ ^^^■v^ ^ .^^^^^ ^^ . balance i4 ) to lie 

aid when goods are received. Send three-cent stamp , 


?,i*tew tuurt^Wd'^Uitogu'eT with list,of tunee. 


."SB Liberty street. New \ ork. 


BY SKNDl>i«i as CKNT!^. with age, height, 
colofof eyes and hair, yoti vrill receive by return 
mail a crrect picture of your future husband or wife, 
with name and date of marriage. ^ ^^^ 
Addreea ^ ^ drawer No. 8. FnltonviUe.' New Yorit 

It is note eleven 
years since Dr.\ 
Roback, the cel- 
ebrated Swedish 
physician, from 
StockJiolm, Swe- 
^^i^^^K^mmm^J den, came to this 
country and introduced the Scan- 
dinavian Blood Purifier; since 
which time tho\isand8 have been 
cured, by iis use, of Scrofula and 
other blood diseases. It contains, 
besides the Iodide of Potassa and 
Syrxip of Stilllngia, drugs im2)ort' 
ed from Su^en for its express 
manufacture, nnhnown and not 
kept by apothe- 
caries in this 
country. A 
single trial will 
convince tlie most 
skeptical of its 
wonderful value. 




Great nic n 1n«ure ia tho 
pf New New York. 

Waaliiugtoii Life. 

The ••xcellcnce oI the Wasbinpton Life las. 
Co., ol' New Yf«li, c^inuot be t'o wariulj ac- 
^iiowkilLrtd. Ita Htory iet the ator; of a' uo' 
V!f .-ui'i 'SS— f>t" a wit*e and gcntruuH d«."»»' 
^rulcuijy auil thoroughly ac-coiafi^li«- ' -^jj 
waM t»r;.'ttniat J r.u a priiK-ij.le <jl uoxf' ^- ^ 
c»jUar iibomliiv. It pr<){)os<;d to*-" »at»ilp<J- 
HU to the insured, p.iviuK t>ttl.v ' -^'^i® * I ^"^°', 
wu ltd cipilal; autj it btts ' 'egai '"'<;".*' 
p^rp(.^.■>. In a larcfT u» ...•.•ompliHh,-.! its 

• tuaii.i:tkit>aaau; '" atabli=.hed Ubelfupon 
^ -, . - .lUniant. 

m, of lIlinoiH. 

grmcr, Illinois. August 22, 1*60. S 
Mt3SB.s. Pbinck, W.xlton .V Co. Oindnnati. 
()>/./s.- I find your Itoback 8 
after usiut; two boxos in my 
'oo«i ei;:;." Stiiid mt< 


family, to bo a 

another dozi-n b\ 

PvMOVS io want erf Trtwaea. Supporters. Artificial 

Q« t to t^ustom House. Muw aoaee- ^ 

Vf. HrxBra^Vo do not wibh to iur.'rm 
^.m r"aM^r t"V-t Dr. Wondf rful or any other 
Sha" isLt.vert-da remedy tUt ctuos a 1 
diHca^e of mind, body or e^tat.? and is d- 
H .Tned to make our nublunary BPhere a b .-.- 
hd Daradi->, to which Heaven itself shall bo 
V t I 8ide .how, but ve <'o truth o mfot^n 

'/r,„nsauilt of cnas of cahtrrh in Vsiroist 
t;^^ . .i.«./«5«'^«^nd -the prorrietor w.U pav 
i.vT ,. „„ ..iihi- loatlisomo disease that 

a case oi t^n loathsome disease 

It may be procured by mail 
addressing K. ▼• P" r^e, 



It is purely vcjfetable, contains no alcohol, Hulpbur. 
lead or mineral ingredient; is clean, highly perfumof; 
and dilTereut from any other article. Kverybody wil. 
use it Priru.onlvfi'icts. 5ij0,ix» bottles sold aunually 

CHICAUO, Wholesale Agents. Sold by all druggists 


mVAII.V.Mi: L.V Kli:canpr<Kiuce.hynicansof the 
ITJi llorascopo, a true picture of your luture husband 
or wife, with name, occupation, pecuniary circiiiu- 
Htances. date of marriage, and felicity of married life. 
Kiirihormcro, she willgiveyou the P. O. address, S4iihat 
you can correspond ; also the age and lull description, 
and toll you how, when and where you will l>ecomo 
ac(4aainted, how often you will marry, your destined 
success in life, and everything relating Jo your 
Slate your age, color of eyes and h.n'. inclosing; .^': ceut.s 
and yon will recoive the picture, with a written destiny, 
by return mail. Address, in coohoeaoe, Al. Lt HV K, 
Drawer 5H93, Chicago, IlL 

.^Irs. I 
Mm. I 
It is tho fireat Infant's am 
edy in all disorders brought 

• ■>t Griping in/ Price 

^ faciUt*le8 '-io 
1 .'eething. ) Ceiitn. 

I pulsions and/ Prle" 

diseases inol- ■ '*o 
» and Children.) Cent*. 

, Dysenter^-.^ ^1*f* 

Summer O oplaint in Chil- ,*•* 
drenotall», {es. lent*. 

1 Children's Soothing Kem 
on by Teething or any otiier 

Cures ("olio ai 
the Bowels, a 
the process of ' 

Subdues Coi 
overcomes all 
dent to Infan' , 
^Jures Diarr " jea. 

Building Paper 



cause. Preparffd by the •« JraUuii Medicine lo., 
Soldlly dr ugi Lsta and 4e« 1 mn in msdioinea eveiywher*. 

rw-TUcOiil> Relia • »|« CuTP (or l>y»lMsP«'» 

in the Known A orld. 


and Pine Trki: Tar Cor jjuj. are a posii've and in/'""- 
ble cure for Dyspepsia 1 n its most aggravating lorm. 
and no matter uf bow lo ng Aamding. 

They penetn.te the 9 ecrfn abode of this terribl* dis- 
ease and c.i:terair,ate i I, radt and branch, forever. 

They alleviate more acnay and silent suffering than 
the tongue cat tell. 

Thoy are ncied fcr r airing the most desperate and 
h<)p<-!o'3 casts, when •»«:> known means lail to allora 

No form o* Ly^pef «ia«r Indigestion can resist their 
penetrating p(«er. 



It IS the viU r irinciple of the Pine Tree. obtAined by 
I the distiUaUon of the tar. by which 



A very superior regulating Tonic, imparting vigor and 

•Uength to thu constitution A thorough 


a regulator of nervous force, and a powerful sustainer 
of hMlth against the encroachn.ents of disease^ 

•^ invafid and the convalescing seeking restoration, 
and yearning for the healing virtues ot some magic 
Balm «^11 nnd in these Bitters a hidden mysterious 
p<^werw^.'h miietly reMoreH,y^t refuses to reveal 
Y., the senses anrthing but taste and color. 

It it a pSnt Bitu-r, free from all nauseous proper- 
ties or X?Tntirely vogetible, l>eiijg main y irrown at 
tlie bli^"> tl'" tnountaius trum which tlu^y derive their 
n^ue Tnd is pnrticularty adapted to all lorms of 

of V^ 1,'li^'hmessof Breathing, Weight and Oppros^ 
2on of the Chest. Uneasy Feeling about the Heart, 

*'ACf'or"uver*Uiseaaes. Oi^rdcrsof the Ridneys^ 
RMtl^ssne-wand 1a**o« MusciUar Power, these Bitters 
wiUbXilnd almost a specitic, and us a prevenUve of 

or a restorer of the natural power of the wstcm, when 
broVen down °y rontinued ague attacks it has no ecjual 
Befna stiraulaticg (but not intoxicating 1 they- refresh 
and^angorate bwthmind and b.xly, heigliU'n the sensr 
Wlit^? cfear and sharpen the faculties, and bestow 
alMrity and cheerfulness of spirit. 

plantationTacue cure. 

'/■his is an active Touiu. and such is its peculiar coni- 
^ia^.n thu if Lis din-clly upon Uie fiver, whether its 
S^Mement i; oansed by the sudden paroxisms of 
?hill?^Tr In the heal and pestilent atmosphere of miRS 
S?J.'riTsUio"" and seasons, or whether it bo the .low 


J^ THE FARM, and how farmers and their sous can 
each make 

moo rsB. naoNTH 

in Winter lO.oO-i copies wiU be mailed free to farmers. 
Send °»"^«,?g?LlK!^U RDY * CO.. Chicago. llk_ ! 


In the BoundleH* Wetrt »"«*. ,\*'"«"f .r^"*^* 

How why and when, to lind ibem. All about the w'on- 
derfil progress and great resources of the country- 
New, fresh interesting and poptdar One volume, tine 
UlLsirations. Price low. ^A™reo^ce to iruike money. 
Send for circular. PKOPLK'S PUBLISHINO l^U., 
MM St»te street, Chicago. HI. 



TH t only perfect cure for PILES of aU kind^ Also 
Ijfi . 'v; ScBOKUlJi, Salt RHEU.M, and aU diseases 
of the Skin and Bloou. Internal and external use 
"' "^ - •• •■ -■ in the Hospit.ils of the Old 

I authorize all deal 

kntirely vegetable. Us«l 

and New World, in case of failure 

era to refund the money and charge 't back to ">e. No 
failures for over ten years. Prepared by H. U. rOVV 1.*^. 
Cheimst, Boston, Mass. lisl a botUe, Sold everywhere. 
Send !iir Circulars free. 

Dr. Polaci:.^ 
Blood Pills are 
unsurpassed by 
any Pill 'manu- 
factured for a 
similar purpose. 
One trial inva- 
riably establishes them as favorites 
with all who use them. 

The reasons why Dr. Roback's 
Blood Pills should be kept in ev- 
ery family are: Because they can 
be employed in all cases where a 
^^ family physic" is required, and 
are perfectly safe in their admin- 
istration at all times; , Because 
they are made 
both with and 
without sugar- 
coating, thus 
adapting them to 
the nse of every- 
body ; Beciiuse 

ur Circulars free. 

MA(;ir C'0.>i"B will 

any colored 


R. Lawrence & Co.'s 



a peculiar prot o 
its highest medi 
rales the dlgiH 
It strengthens 
enriches the bl 
ruptiou which 
s«»fves the m* 
saijes of the I' j«gs 
irritauxl surf 
to eack dis 

p°eriS?It"» iit is'otfered to'uTe amict«-d with V^*^"^ 
Suniuance • .[i-.i power to cure the following diseases il 
tUe pation i b as not toe long deUyed a resort to the 
ia«ansofc gno: 

cinal properties are roUined. It invigo- 

rtjve organs and restores the appetite 

the debilitated system It purines and 

iiod and eipels from the system the cor- 

.Scrofula breeds on the luii^s. It dis 

leus or phlegm which stops the air pas 

^^ IU healing principle acts upon the 

of the Lungs and Throat, I>«'»',l'.'',^'n< 

4 part, relieving pain and subduing 

It is the result of years of study and ex- 

Ifered to the attlict ' "' 

a resort to 

iiian life, or llie sequel of other diseases. 
ds Cur*" btuniilatea the sluggish action ot 
moves tiie l.ile and promotes a healthy 

ruLnxoznc hbaszib'S'. 

or "Poor BZan's Cough Balsam." 

A safe and reliable antidote for diseases of the Throat 
^ ^.'.1"„ the most otiectnal preparation in the world 


for CoukI 

S.'.(J(> lor 

ho cauuot core. 

JS:t!-l^l"5rY:--For-«a.o by tuu.t 
drngKists everywhere^ 


lulhc >.c,rld iH Hazard .V Ca-.well 8, made oc 
th..*c8-» fr-m tre-h. aelectcd hv. «, b 
rA^WVLIi. IIAZAllD .t CO., New \.>rk. 
F. ibecditely V'^ »nd «r«*<. PatknlH who 
have oik! taktn it prefer it to all o hers 
Pbvtidan* have decided it supeimr to any 
fir the other •IL. in market. 8t)li by all drug- 




and olhf r (.i; af- 
»kin niadf soft aud 

. RoroH Skis, Tim 

FLE."?. ealt rhruxi. 

fectjons cured, and the 

Imooth hv nsing the Jump, r Tar hozv 

Sde l-^-"-"' Hazard ,V bo., N>-w Wk^ 

It id moitf ,w.nrenieiit aud easily anphed than 

other rem. Ji .*. avoidii.K the trouble of the 

greasy cfinjpjuud- now in a»«. sold by aii 


}*EE Advkrttwxent of Dr. Butts' Di*poij- 
narv, h.a.led Ilsok fi-r the imili..n-MAK- 
RI.\GE GUIDK— in another column. It 

,h 'iiM be read l>y all. 

wasBW ^^^^^" 



Or in place of 


Itscoet is so trifling thai an ocdinary hooae can be 
covered aa all sides for leae than 


Send for clrcnlars and s<»mp)es W) 



Con Kb. Sore 

CouHiinr iition of the I..unBa« 

Thn ^t and Brca»t, BroncUItU, Liver 
< ;ota plaint. Blind and Blecdina 
Pilea, Aathma, Wboopin* 
CoHsIi, DIptherIa, &o. 

Micsl expert, holding honorable collegiate diplo 

iOTotM bis enUre t"a« te the examination of 

"tl, at the office pari.ra. Associated with him, are 

coiisvlUng physicians.of acknowledged eminence. 

, Wlces 're given to the public fii>;k uF cHAKiif . 

is opp .rtnnity is oflerod by no other insUtuUon in 

soantrr . 

tters from any part of the country, asking advice. 

be^piouiptly and gratuitously "••Pgn'lfl »«• .^i^X 

renient. remittances should Uke the shape of drafts 

loat ortii e orders. 

rice of 'A'ishart-s American DyspepMa PiUs «1 a boi. 
it by msilon receipt of price. 
1 "rice of Wishart's Pine Tree Tar Cordial, «1.6U per 
Ix) ttle, or 4 11 per dozen. Sent by express. 
AU communication^^ould^^addrespeii^ ^ 

lio. 331 N. Second street, 

A m 
mas. < 
pa tier 


wU . 

«W 1 

or , 

and Lungs ; >,"?,'"",'■,,"""';. '( 'foup, Ast hma < 'onsuiiif) 
oTtlTeTLngS sSgof BlooS: Whooping Cougk 
Bronchitis, T?LtuniJ;s, Soreness, and all affections of 
th^TlmLtaDif Lungs, 26 cenU u bottle. 


The Rocky Momntain Bitterft Company, 

'ifTi Fulton Street, N. V. 

J»-Sold by all DruggisU and Grocers throughout the 


application, descriptive 
cuts and prices of com- 
plete (irirvliny and AjU; 

<ng yt'iiir Mil'', .Vill Sl'men 
\ ,,,.d r.rn Millf, Hinut and 
\ .S^j-^irtUin'i Maekinm. 

1 ^nSJlD'^K, MARMON »t:U, 
C . Rich- <rrD. I 
Dealers in heavy grades of Genuine DctcaA^c 
BoltikoCloth 4a 

We offer a 


The question 



Radical Kepnblican Organ, and the 

Leading Newspaper of the West. 

The Cheapest and Btst Family 

Newspaper in the Land. 

Kaira of Sabwription fw' •'»«' ^''•' l^'O- 

<\>ekl> E«rilloi 

ne copy, on.' year 

no copy 

on. single copy, one ye»r- ■ 
Koiir t ..|>ie« >\ rtklv.oiie year, one add 
t"" t ..pie. \N eeklv. ..n«->«»''**°°«»^'?'?:* 
Tm eul* 

, ( opies. U ,» addrMs ««.mi 

On all clubs to the WeAhr. in »<y«ii«f /'^ » '^»;^',; 
iToi T^ei.iy per rent., we offer for . he,.J- - 

U Attem aakad. "H'li/ m i>, that the 

other r' In reply we will say, 
lisL They have our 

Patent Flange Cog- Wheels 


"d The cogs'^a roll art -I rWortrWv Bk- 
TWTKSthlJy^ fh4 ott,*r mul^ th, 8.i^lrt r.H, virtually 
fonaing a 


and thereby neaiiy Joubliug the purchase. 

%i Each Gear has eight cogs, nuxking "'.r"'-'.^.'' ''"»''• 
wh^ch isa third more than is nsed kyany other « rin«er. 
Therefore thev have one-third «-. P""^^'!.;"''^*'^ 
lit rrirtio; than any other*, which makes '^J.''™ "»f 
sti^ng^. most durable, and easiest working \> nngers 
in nse. 

Th. onlv advantage gained in the use of r.Kxr.,.i,»A:* 
gMTS .W^ .^/ .S^ gears, is that they admit oSU^r 
fc^wh!cli allow a greater separation ef the roll, with 
out disconnecting the cog wheel* 

But all Wringers with d.^'* 9*»*ri on -^-'v f'T^ 
have their rtJl. pinned down > at »»••»<«*• •" "°°f^ 
idmit of their separating more than j«.-«y»<* of an 
.*nJh «*.>* f'firt^ d^Hruun all ihf ,,xni^< 'Kf tkf 
T^:i.^^r>, besides causing ,the W nnger to wc-k v«t 
hard and wring very unevenly , also causing an undue 
^tr^nSt" hf rolU at the eni where they are pinned 



tical work 

all business saea 

Agents hava 
realized o»*r ! 
day. KookseO* 
energetic pvrs 
receive sample 
ticnlars free bj 


d by 

s'A-eady 1 
* « per- 
I s and 
ns will 
tod par 

N CO.. 

97ChurkSt..C hicaao.m. 




Tni. pEoriJi's Favobite Joubnal. 

The Moat IntoreatiiiB Storiea 

Are alwaji to be found in the 

Yle^j Tork^ "WTeekly- 

At present there are 


running through its columns; and at least 

Oxke S tory is Bepxin Every Bffonth. 

Neweafcscnbers are thus sure of having the oomroence- 
meal of a aew continued story, no matter when they 
■nbscrl** for the 

New York^ Weekly. 

amber of the NEW YORK WEEKLY con 
Beautiful lUustraUens, Donble the 

Till' M\(;l<" CO.IlB will change . 
hair or beard to a permanent Black or B^wn- 
One <>onib sent by mail for *1 Kor sale by Merchant* 

and Dru^Kists^ejHj^^ A^d^e^springfield. Mass. 


Possesses peculiar qualilios as an eiiuali/er of the circu- 
lation and as a support a sort of extra skin in all mus- j 
cular and nervous pains, whether of the side, head 
kidneys, or back ; and in sciatica they should bo applied 
at once They aro now wideb' used iu hospitals, both , 
in America and Kutope, and approved by all pnjsicians. 
They give immediate relief in Lumbago, as weU as la 
pains of the side aad back, whether they proceed from , 
weakness, fatigue, or other causes. 

j Seaside House, Rockaway Beach, Sept. 1, 1869. j 

' Meears. Allcock 4 Co.. Sing Sing ; 

OE.VTLEMEN-Your PUstera have wonderful qualities, 
and every Uaveler should have them by him. My guesU 
give great aoooonU of their efficacy. Some cured 
coughs ; some of rheumaUc pains ; some of severe pains 
In the breast, side and back. In sciatia and kidney 
affections their apphcation is equally snccessfnl. I my- 
self was attacked with a severe pain in my left kidney. 
I was in agony for twenty four hours. At length I 
apphod one of your Plasters. The pain soon began to 
1 abate, and in the course of a few hours was enUrely 
removed. I send you this that you may pubhsh it if you 
think well. 1 am yours, A. I). FAILING. 

Proprietor ol the Seaside Uoase. 

New Vobk. Angnat 1», 1868. 
Thomas Alix^ock k. Co.. Sing Sing: 

For years I have suffered from inilammation of the 
kidae»«, my physician* gave me but litUe reUef, and I 
moved about Uke an old roan, bent down by years of 
suffering. At length your Porous PUsters were recom- 
mended to me. I applied one to each kidney, and the 
relief was immediaU ; 1 wore them for thirty days, when 
my back and kidneys were perfectly well and I was 
ooco more able to walk erect I think the half of the 
any one 
of mi e«i)orienoe. 1 am yoora. respectfuUy, 

236 East Thlrtyeeooud street. 



they can be pur- 
chased at any 
drug store al the 
extremely low 
price of twenty- 
jive cents per 
For Sale by I>ruggi8t8 

and IJealers in Patent 

Medicines every-where. 

Ayer*s Cathartic Pills, 

For all the purposes of a Laiativd 

Perhaps noone nie<li- 
cine l« so uin vursallf 
requirtMl by cvery- 
bod\ IIS .'i i-atliajtic, 
nor was i-Tcr any be- 
fore fiO uuiTt-rsally 
adopted into use, iu 
every country and 
ainoug all tl.'ibse.--, aa 
thw mild but ellicipnl 
purciitive fill. The 
obvious rcftson is, 
tlial it ii' a more relia- 
ble und fkr more ef- 
fectual remedy Uwiu any other. Those who have 
tried it, knowthat it cured them: those >* /;^ »'"*« 
noLknow that it cm f -^ theirneighliors iind mends , 
and all know that m .lat it <«"«- «»•>* ''I'^'i^- 
ways -that it never f..:is through n'"rf='«»V<", 't«; 
Klfct of its composition. Wc have lli >u-Hid- upon 
11 .»;° of ceitiilcaU", of tlieir re.i.uyl...l.l«- cure* 
of I he foUowini; complaint,, but bud. cureH aie 

ef your Phu«.rs yet remain to Ik, told, but -^oj^d O^ the 1 o^io. n^^ ,;^yi;;;;.hood7r;i.d ^ "*^- "»» 
e wish to hear thereof, I shall be pleased to teU ';' ^J);',, j^,,,,, ^,japte(1 to all np- and .ondlUons 

^' ■"■ In all cliniato.- ; .•.> "'^'1''^!;^;''"''!^ A"?:,?"^ 

deleterious drug, they may be Lakes «»i'' '■'''^ > 
by anvbo<ly. THeir siiKa.-coaMnK P"';;' ' "^ ■ " 
ever fte.'-h,.and make- Uiein plea^-aiit to l:;-e, while 
being purely vegetable, uo harm c*u aix-iC Jf/m 




tains se "eral , » i • 

amount of Reading Matter of any paper of lU class, 
and the Sketches. Short Stories, Poems, 4^. are 
the ables: writers of America and F.mrope. 



The cel.'brated imiUtioD 



The original and oxi-T OEJOT 
Hunting Watches. $15, equal for H 
to Gold onee costing «1S0. '^""- 
iao. equal to a $;2(W Gold 

cx Oroide. 


lOTreixT of every kind, as goed »• » n 
prie*. When 811 Watche»aa»<»< e 

■evMith one will be seryt free, 
for at eipreM office "H^^g ^^ 

D le and appearance 

o' ' extra tine finish 

Chains, «2 to *>). 

,'o Id, at one tenth the 

- .-ed at one time, the 

<>3 >> ids sent to l>epaid 

LINS & to... 
WMS, .N«"W Turk. 





of Jan 

(■'«' < receivedon or before the loth day 


'< re 
.ir>, 1«: '. the following 


for the I !»« largeet Club 





•• ;ja 

• Mb 



" $tk 
" tak 
•• lOlh 
•• lUh 
•• U 

" i:iti> 

There .-r thirteen premiums, and they will be mailed 
U> the 'hi'-^n parties entitled to the* or dehvered to 
XJ^UO' : :■" twenty-fonrth day of January. »* ■.''• 

the succeaafiU parties will l>e civen IB 
r the 3SUi of January. \<M. togettaw 
• winning ilubii. Per>>n* making 
■ «ith the al,ove term* will secure 
.,:. ,. .M.«K>n any how. and. if their club 
' thirteen larg.'St. will draw one or other ef 
. ominnis. S|>ecimen copies sent free. Send 
.Money bv draft, eap i i— , Bioney orders, or in 

hat not this objectioB and is the only wringer that has 

Co^ IXTbccls on Both Bads, 

which obviateathe nee««lty •» pimiing '1'^'" »',°"« 
I .„.l allows the Roils to eeBKate treeli; at either 


DarU '" S unlight 
* and C'aslight 

end. and 
end : tftmi th 

Ik* d^mhlt ilrar. 


ut> d' 
tt. ' 


for ><u 

regi!«t»ced ItUers. m. 



uoy De M 



TI».\>Y, . 
(o, Illinois. 


ecmn>.f alt ik* odtmHlag* <jJ 

Notwithatanding the roUacan separate freely at either 
erjTther^h^U CANNOT be tCown out of gesron 
V^fh end* of the Wringer at the same time unl^ the 
pressiirc IS taken entirely off. 

Thi» Wnnaer ha* but one pre«are W'rww. ThM 
sliaii iTiSIt aSTinalpres.ur.the -hole length of 

The NOTEl.TY is fa-Hened to a tub or box by a 
nl^fOrr.f '•',„;;-. which has an equal boinng on a 

a^ merely fs-t^^ed to a sUvy at eyb end. .in* are thus 
hTh^t^^nch the stave, from their proper pe»tion, 
and ruin the tub. 

Tht Co* wheels. Thnmb screw*. Ac. are nicely gal- 

Bny the NOTFl.TY, or at least take it on trUl with 
oifjlr o" others, and keep the Brat. 

ZT" Sold everywhere 
N B. PHELPS & CO.. Gen. Ag't«, 

A WORK descripUve of 

VlKTrF>, VICES. ? 

t RIME.-* of tho CI' 

It telU how Paris ha> beo» 
Beautiful t.'ity in the worfB : 
dor are porchaaed at a frart' 
ing ; how visiton are Swinr 
turers: how Virtue and 
Beautiful City . h'W the a 
mitted and c<^ncealed ; hov . 
Im. Iaxni7 : and eontaiiv - 
noted Plaeoa, Life and 
book, lent free Addrej 

tte MYSTEltlESt, 
ir%M3>mOK'i and 

/m» -the tias'st and tno«t 
hoir Jt« Beairt*- »nd Jsplen 
ol com of Miaery and Suffer 
(led b> Profewaotial .\dveii 
'lee ga arm-in-anm in ttie 
ImI I ear^al Crime, are etMm- 
^(iB-r IS squandered in oaa- 
O.CT ISiL' tuie Engravinga of 
acaee in Pane. Canvsaaag 

^leaxo, 111.^ St^l^»»-_MoL_ 

New York "Weekly 

does not oenfine iU nsefulne«i to '^'^•«^«°'?i^">P"J^ 
lishesaireatquanUtyof reallyInstmc«»Te Matter, m 

the most condensed form. The 

jg Y". Weekly Departments 

have atUJned a high repaUUon for their brevity, eicel- 
lence, and correctneM. 
, THE F JW.BANT Paragraphs are made up of the con- 
' eentrat*! wit and hnaior of many minda. 

Tht- K so^lbixsk &*>» m confined te useful informa- 
tion oa sU «•«■•'■''* "*'**•*• „« 
THK ? F,W8 Items give in the f»we.t word, the mort 

notable loings aU over the world. 
I THE GiifisiP WTTH COKMSPONDENTH conUins answer* 
' to inqnii^ upon all ima ginable subject*. 


II.', THE 
, Each ,«ue contain, from RIGHT to TE.S STORI>a 

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in the 

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Speru^iS^.iia. Se.ual Deb.litv and Impotencj-, 
a, tVe result of self abuse in youtt, seiual excels 
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the bo.\, iv.r Ow lolluwiiig coiui-lauit*. which these 

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nra., X^uor .ind l.oaa of Api**-! ife, ticy 
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acli au'l restore its Uealihv tone an'l ;i( iioii. 

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toiii >. Uiliooa lI..*aiM^li*, fclcU Uetul. 

loua Collt and Bllluu. F««»«t., Uu-y ..Jiould 
iKi iudicioubly taken for fiich cai.e. to forrect the 
dtS action or remove the obstmcUon^ trh-h 

For i>ya«ii»*ry or DIarrltflMM liut out 

mild do-.- is generally n-murc-.l. 
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ide Buck and Loin., thev stiould be rontiii- 
non'l'v tnken, as rpfpHred. to change th*" t<t«iensed 
action' of Uif hy-t^in. W ilb buch chanpt Ui'»»e 
complainth di^apiiear. ^,,,«_ 

For Bropwy and Dropaical •w«Illmr» 
they hhould be Uken in l:ir>;« .md f:e(ui«nt ao-» ■■< 
Vo produce the <fre<t of a drii-ti'- jii^iT'-- 

For l»npiir»>»alo» u laiKe dose ►houW !»• 
taken aij it i^rodu' es the detlred eUdl by sym- 

As a Dinttrr I'ill, lake oiip 
promote digestion and rtlif ■ 

An oc/^asTonnl <lo-'' i-tinml 

nr two 

IHttt I? V 

i<-li and 

to 7 

yi.u notning. wmco tcu"»y . 
St Charie. rtraet, !«. Lonu. Mo. Hours 1» a. 
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,b<;wel« into healfhy notion, .-^;, ,J- ^j;i;'::5: 

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a peculiar proc(«s in the distiUahon of the tar. by wliicn 

of iU 




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A child. Ii years old. j^ Vearw to work it lu an hoor- 

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"i^S% .n«ed tm,mAm^ perfects ,n . • r>esuty 


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U^rmucuror phlegm which f<^"'« '"■■ PX'i'rritited 
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CManmption of Ihe Lanin., roasb, f*or* 

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Complaint, Bliad and Bleeding 

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the digeauve apparutua. 

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LOWJELL. MA88,, V. 8. A. 







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E. A. HoTCHKiss. Editor and Proprietor. 

Liberty, Literature and Land. 

Terms : $2:00 a Year in Advance. 


VOL. VII. NO. 9. 


WHOLE NO. 321. 




yfh»i in»y w 

, • 'u' vist forerer? 

lint ' 

r Ions ecde*vor, 
. d ctown w« wore. 

N , 

: . W. 

IHiAt na *'" ^''»r bof ond tb* unknown portai* 

Oi alloir - life imuiortfcl 

No iiiii'f i v.caith remiiiia. 
Nor cilda. ui>r stains. 

NaJtrd f roiu 'ut tUut hr abyss bohiaJ U8 

We eatereJ htrt ; 
No word o»me with uur conung, to remi^id ua 

^viiat woudrcua w.irM \»»ii n* ar, 

Ko bope, no tsar. 

Into theailent. atarJeea night beiorf na. 

Natert wt? tli'le. 
No banJ ha« oiappfU tii- coustellatlons yar u», 
Kp rcmiado at nnr side, 
Xo hart, toguiae 

Yet fearlf s« toward that midni({ht.bla*.k and hollow 

r -re; 

Tbsbeot: .Mf'a band wd folio*— 

H.» .v.. - ..- .« there, 

So cnrie, iio care. 

-/Vu'rt 'hf Lib<ra! Chrittian. 

©ftteroi ^ntflUgcticf . 

part of the spectmm opposite 'sLicb one ot 
tLe prominence-iniagea exibts, he can then 
gee that image quite diatinctly, for the 
neighboring part of the solar spectrum is 
so redaccd in splendor that it no longer 
obliterates the prominence-figure. In this 
way, then, the obserrer selects one or oth- 
er ot the pictnrts of a prominence, either 
the red or the green picture, to examine. 
And strangely enough, it is by no means 
certain that the two pictures are alike.— 
Rather it is highly probable that they are 
different, though we have not space here 
either to indicate reasons for believinc this, 
or to explain the significance of tlie cir- 
cumstance should it eventually be estab- 

It seems to us that when we consider the 
real dimensions of the solar globe, we ap- 
preciate more fully the wonderful nature of 
those processes of action indicated by re- 
cent reaearches, than when we regard these 
without direct reference to the sun's mag- 
nitude. How many of as really appreciate 
the enormous volume of the un? We 
read certain figures in books of astronomy, 
but do we grasp their full significance ? 
There is, however, a Himple way of viewing 
the matter which at once opens our eyes 
to the vastness of the solar globe. 


Bridal toMumes a Century Ago. 

To begin with the lady: -Her locks were 
strained upward over f.u iiamense oushiou, 

I and sat like an incubu^ ou her head, and 

The .Marvel* of ilie Sun-Tbe Zoellner plastered over with pomatum, and then 
Plcturert-'ine Sun •'Fl«m«i»"-.Sol»r ^pnnkled over with a .shower of white 
Htoruis. ; po^(j^f The height of this tower was 

;?roni lUe London Spectat-jr. Not. 13.] i jj^^m^^-bat over a foot. One single white 

Aatroaomers have been revealing so many rosebud lay on its top, like an eagle on a 
wondtra in the vast globe which rules the ^ ij^ygtack. Over her neck and bosom was 
planetary sclicme, that we cannot yet hope i folded a lace handkerchief, fastened in 
to see the startling n.^ults ot their research- in fjont i,j a bo.som pin, rather larger 
€9 co-ordinated into a consistent whole — , jj^j^q g^ copper cent, containing her grand- 
On every huui new marvels are being i father's miniature set in virgin gold. Her 
brougLt to hght. At one time Mr. Lock- ^j^y form ^^s braced up in a satin dress, 
Ter faurprise.s H3 by exhibilin;^ th9 amazing ^jj^ sleeves as tight as the natural 
Velocities with which the solar atorm^jrage g^in of the arm, with a waist formed by 
across the bliizingsarface of our luminary. ^y,gjjce, worn outside, whence the skirt 
Jit another, the energetic astronomer who i flowed off and was distended at the top ot 
prfeHiJts over the Roman observatory tells i ^^^ ample hood. .Shoes of white kid, with 
luof water within the fi-^rce tumult of the pgajjej toes, and heels of two or three 
aolar npotd. The Kew observers track the ; inches elevation, enclosed her feet, and 
strange iuflaeacee r.f the planeta on the gijtttred with spangles, as her little pedal 
•olar atmosphere, watching not only the members peeped curiously out. Now for 
great tide of ?<pots whii-b sweeps in the ^^jg swain. His hair was sleeked back and 
ten-year period over the solar storm-zones. pigntituUv beflowered, while his queue pro- 
and tneu leavt ;s our sun-dear from speck j^oted like the handle of a skillet His 
or stain, but i» the ripples of spot forma- \ ^oat was a sky-llue silk, lined with yellow; 
tion which come in shcrier periods, and ' (jjg fo^g y^g^ ot white .satin embroidered 
eeem inextricably bl>ni(if-d to ordinary ob- ; ^jth gold lace; his breeches of the f^ame 
Bervera with the great periodic disturb- < mateiial. and tied at the knee with pink 
ances. Lastly, Lockyer, Hufj^ins, ZoUner, nbbon White silk stockings and pumps 
and Secchi dibctibo the masfic changes of ^jjij laces. and ties of the same hue, com- 
form which pass over tongues ot flame, pro- ! pieted the habiliments of his nether limbs. 
jectinR thousands of miles from the solar ' Lace ruffles clustered around his wrist, and 
sarface. We have b«'Ora us as we write a ^ porteutou.s frill, worked iu correspondence 

and bearing the miniature of his beloved. 

from the solar 
have bft'ora us as we write a 
serips of ooi-red prominence pictures ta- 
ken by Dr ZoUntr, the eminent photome- 
trician. It is impossible to contemplate 
these -^trango flgu, .s without a sense of the 
magnificence ofthd probkui whi_'h the sun 
present-* to astrouomfrs. H';re are vast en- 
tities— flat'ie?, if wfl will, but flamfrf nniike 
allth'>!;ew; . <t« are fauiilinr. And 

these vast . .'t fire misume forms 

which spe.-ik to ua at once of the action of 
forcfsof the utruost violence andint«<n.sity. 
The very aapeot of these objects at once 
teaches thi.s, V>ut it is the rap.d changes of 
place and of figure to which the spots are 
Bul.jtnted lOHt are most significant on tbis 
v:iHt lOne-Bhapt'il tlame. 

finished his genteel appearance. 

A Battle with Stage Robbers. 
(Jn Sunday a week ago, the Yuma, Cali- 
fornia, stai,'e coach, when between Yuma 
and San Diego, was attacked by stage rob- 
bers. The coach was in a narrow road, 
the on either sido being quite thick. 
The robbers ;ii>peared in the road, and 
called on the driver to halt and give up 
the treasure on board, one stepping into 
the road in front of them, and the other 
three surrounding the coach. The stage 
not halting promptly, the man in the road 
fired and killed the ofT wheeler. There 
i werebix passengers on board, and when 

point. Here is a 

with A mtishroora-Rbaped head olenormous 

proportions, tae whole oi.ject Htjmdmg lb,- ^^^^ hoiso"was shot, a man by the name of 

tm or 17,iH)0 mile.s frum the son s Hurface ^ ^y Richard, of the firm of Richard i Co.. 

In the coae .1 riro we see the uprush ot late- , ^^ ^.^^^^ Villages, fired a dhot-gnn load 

fy iuipnsonr.i fr-.iMS in the outspreading , ^j. i,nck-Bhot into the stomach of 

bead the Ntul.lea diiiiinntion ot pressure as, jjjg robber in front ot the team, 

these gases re.irh the rarer upper at mos- j ^j^^ ^^j^^^ ^^^ hands, ex- 

phere. B'it turn froui this obj^-ct to a series ] claiming, "My God, I am shot!" whereup- 

of six pictures placed beside it, add we see 
the solar forces in action. First, there is a 
vant flume, some 18,CXK) miles high, bowed 
toward.s th« ri${ht, as thongh some fierce 
wind were blowing upon it It extends in 
this «lirection some tour or five thousand 
mile5i. The ni xt picture represents the 
same object ten niuutes later. The tlgnre i j 
of the prominence hius wholly changed. It 
Id now a g obf-shaped mas.s, standing on a 
narrow stalk of light above a row of flame- 
nillocks. It irf bowr I towards the left, bo 
that in thosK »hort li mutes the whole mass 
of the nam<=>< has Bw^;>t tUonsanda of miles 
away from ics former position. Only two 
minults later, and a^aiu acoiupletechange 
of appearance. The Htalk and flame-hillocks 
havd vanished, and the globe-shaped ma^;B 
has become elongated. Three minutes la- 
ter, the shape of the prominence has ulter- 
ed BO completely that one can hardly re- 
coguiz- it for the same. The stalk is again 

on the fight commenced. The passengwrs 
were poorly armed ; theie were only three 
revolvers and a shot-gun aboard, but the 
owners used them in a lively manner - 
driving the robbers off, and grafting away 
with the treasure. One man on board the 
coach named Davis got a scratch on the 
eg. The coach received several shots. 
Alter the highwaymen were driven off, 
their coats and spurs were found hanging 
on the bushes. A horse was found next 
day tied to a tree, supposed to have b^en 
left by the party for the useof tko man who 
was shot, and who is believed to be hid 
away in the vicinity of the attack. A tuos- 
sage was sent back to Yuma for a party to 
go in search, and the Indians were put on 
the trait Their capture is nearly a cer- 


risible but the upper is bowed down 
on th> riMht so that the whole ti^nre re- 
semble** a R'.gantie A. without the cross 
bar, and with tte down-stroke abnormally 
thick. This great A is some 20.000 miles 
in height, the whole mass of our earth 
might bts bowled between its legs without 
touching them! Four minutes pass, and 
again t 'id hiiS changed. Tht> flame- 
hillocks re>«pppnr, the down-stroke of the 
A begins to raise itself from the sun's sur 
f*«e. Lvstly after yet another interval of | jjj'jg 
fom minutes, fUe figure of the prominence ' jrew 

baa l^Bt all retiemblauce to an .\, aud may 
now be likened to n cainel's head looking 
towards the right Tiie whole series ot 
changes hd" o:"npiid but 23 njinutes, yet 

Anecdote of D.4S'dt. — There still lives 
I [sic, and died,] among the Winnebagoes 
I an old Indian, mimed "Dandy," who was 
' a member ot the first delegation trom that 
' tribe that ever visited Washington city. 
j While en route to the National Capital the 
I party was detained at Galena, some time in 
waiting for a steamer to descend the Miss- 
issippi, and they were strolling about the 
town one day th*y came near a Methodist 
church, where service was being held dur- 
ing the season of a revival. Greatly aston- 
ished at the first glance at 
strange novelty they hastily 
np around the windows. 


Buatneas-Lower Prieea-The Wheat 
narlcet-The Secular and Uellgloua 
Pre«»-The Advance— Tl»e Clttle Cor- 
poral— Tlie -Weather- New City and 
County Officer*— Amuaementa. 

Chicago. Dec. 13, 1869.— The year i« draw- 
ing to a close, and business men are begiu- 
niug to estimate its profits and loaees. Tboic 
has been a larger amount of business douo 
duriBgtliepaatyear, than in any preceding 
year but it has been done at leea profit, ami 
in tl)0 case of wholesale dealers, whose goo.l^ 
are largely sold on trust, the balance sheet 
cannot be atruck till the collections are made, 
which, in the present acarcity of money in 
the conntrv, is a alow and difficult work. 
Monev is clbae at the banks, and none but the- 
best customers are accommodated with all 
the loans they require. 


obtain for almost all fancy goods, with a pro«- 
pect of their going etill lower, and our r» tan 
nftrchants are 8t.lBug off their stocks as fii^t 
as they can, at a great reduction on the priiut- 
of the early fall; a proof of th« want of mon- 
ey to meet maturing obligations, and of tin 
downward tendency ot prieea. Every oiu- 
know that there must bo a great shrinkage 
in nominal value before we can reach a spe- 
cie badia. . . , 

The general reduction in prices, and tne 
decline of gold— or rather the appreciation ot 
greenbacks— shows that we art» approxima- 
ting the specie ttandard. A few wueks wii, 
reveal the disposition Cong'-caa will make ol 
the tariff, taxes and finance. If these quoa- 
tiens are settled aatinfactorily, bueinees men 
and capitalists will have a now p -int of de 
parture. and feel that they have a stable 
baaia for the establiehment of new tnterpri- 
ca, and greater activity in old onf s. Iu the 
meantime, the leading business men are pre- 
paring for increased activity another veai-. 


is i!<active, receipts are light, ehirmenta by 
water have ceased, and pncea coutinu3 low. 
The dull season is fairly upon ua, as tar as 
trade is concerned. . . ,• r 

There is nothing new hero m the Jme ot 
lit-rature. The Agitator has bidden us fare- 
well and begins a new life in Boston with the 
opening vear. There is talk of a new woman'd 
paper lie're of a broader character than the 
Agitator, but nolhu g is yet matured. 


flouriah here is the greatest perfection, and 
are tvpes of western progress and enter 
1 rise.' The changed relations which busi- 
ueed, politics and religio.i have beeu made to 
Muat<tin to each oiher, within a single ge era- 
tion, is marvelous. In the early hiotory of 
secular journaUem in this country, relgioua 
topics were regarded as forpign to the secu- 
lar press, and the proceedings of religiou.n 
bodies, and the progress of religious reviv- 
als secured but a meagre notice, as matter of 
newa— often accompanied by an apilogy, as 
if the prees were treading on unusual, if not 
forbidden ground. Gradually, however, the 
secular journals attained to greater freedom, 
and broader views of their duties, till now 
nothing o#'humar interest escapes their no- 

The change in religious journala has been 
quite as marked. From being devoted solely 
to religious tonics, and thus giving a quat>i 
aauctiun to the practical hereaay that rehg- 
iou was rightfully divorced from businehs 
and politics, these papers, beside giving re- 
ligions news, disouHsing religious questions, 
and enforcing religions truth, now 
publish a summary of the cur- 
rent ufws, chroniclo all im- 
portant evcntf, give full commercial reports, 
and discuss, with marked ability, financial 
and political queetiona. Taking a lively in- 
terest in all that concerns human well-being, 
they hcek to mould the government and bua- 
inesa of the country, in its national aapecls 
as well as in the details of privafn lite, into 
harmony with the laws of God. The leading 
religious presses of the country not only 
command a large circulation and influence, 
but are sought for by bueinesa men and poli- 
ticians, as indices of the future and guidea 
of a healthy public sentiment, in relclion to 
trade and politics. The infusion of a healthy 
rnoril sentiment into channels of buainesn 
and politics is a public benclaction. In this 
connection I cannot forbear noticing a re- 
cent flagiant breach of good manners— not i 
to say good morula— in a widely circulated ] 
religious journal, with which I have been - 
famdiar from its origin— the New York lude- | 
pendent For the laxt lour years it has | 
watered its columns largely with commercial j 
advertising and wholesale puffing of railroad \ 
bondd and mortgages, lianka, Insurance com- 
Lanies.Ac.and prospered pecuniarily n so do , 
lUR. Independent of all religions organi/.ationa 
and representing only its editor and publish- 
er, it had a right to use its columns as it 
chose, subject only to the laws of morality, 
and to the courtesioa and amenities which are 
obacrvt d by all tiiS decent portion of the 
secular press. But iu ita ieeue of December 
2d, it has two cuts occupying half of the first 
and last pages of a triple sheet, reprenentiUK 
- the liiHt— tlie principles <f the Independ- 
ent, and what it claims to have acotimpHshrd. 
and— the l&f t— the Birthday Binqu't oT the 
Independent on attaining" its majority <.f 
tweutv-one years. In this last cut are repi o- 
aenteii the publisher, editor and contriDut<irB 
of I he Independent, at a feaat, whi!e in one 
corner the waiter is driving out a lean, 
hungry dog, on whose collar is printed, in 
capitala, the name of its Chicago C(;tempi»- 
isry, the "Advance." Its self-glorification 
is a* matter of aste, but its pictorial vilifica- 
tion of its neighbor is nnworihy of a Chrie- 
'.ian newspaper. What is the characttr of 
the cotemporarv which the Independent 
caricatures and contemns ? 


Senate— Dec. 9. — Several communica- 
tions and pcUliona relation to Oubiin iudept- uilence 
and remoTlDK disabiliiits trom piirticipanta in tlie 
rtbelliou, were prfBcuu-d— A pUiu.t ibsiung a map 
illuatrauve of tUc land resourceii of the coantry 
was diacuaaed.- Mr. Carprtit' r introduced a bill 
flxinRthe salary of tha Ltief Justice of the 8u 
preme Court at $12,00t), and Aa8o.;iate8 at tlO.OOO. 
relerred to JuJiL-iaiy Coincittee —By Mr. Sumner. 

and saw the house crowded with people, 
many of them, under the innut nee of th« 
preaching, becoming intensely excited, 
some clapping their hands.others stamping, 

the flame exceeded our earth in volumeten- 1 jamping, and making mysterious gestures 
fold at th'. least. But ilr. Lockyer has L^d comortJoQg of ijq 

recorded an ir«tance of a yet more-marvel- j ^^ ^j^g same time 

limbs and body, while 
the entire congregation 

Ions nature. A vast prominenc« extending i ^p^g shouting at the highest pitch of their 

70,000 or 80.0(»8 miles from the snn's sur- ' 

face vanished altogether in ten minutes. — 

The very way iu which Zollner's drawings 

were tak«>n eavors of the marvtllons. We 

have spoken of them as colored. They are 

rubv-red. and so the prominence appeared 

to tiie astroocmer. The real light of the 

prominences ia not ruby red, however, but 

rose-color-id, with laint indications of pink. 

or even tints, The fact is, that by 

the new method ^f observation the image 

ot a prominence is formed bv only a cer- 
tain part of iiH light. We may say that 

out of th*> several colored images of the 
tame prominence the astronomer selects 

one only for examination. The explana- 
tion oft hif is worth consideration, aa it 
involves the essence cf the method by 
which the prominences nro seen at all.— j 
Wbea we analyze light with a simple prism ' 
aa Newton did, we get instead of a round 1 
•potof white— that is, mixed light— a row 
cioverlapping spots of different color. It 1 
wa3 onlv wh*n, insti»".d of a round spot, a 
flna line of white li;;ht wrs acalyzeil, that ' 
one cenld detect tue absence of itaages of 
tbis line along certain piuts ot the rainbow 
colored streak— in oiber words, it was thus 
only tbat the dirk lines of the spectrum 
could be seen. And it was to see these 
lines more clep.rly that the slit of the spec- 
troscope WA.S made so narrow and the rain- 
bow-spectrnm made so long by gpectros- 
copists. Bat t lie observers ot the promin- 
ence* go back to the old method. If they 
used a narrow slit, a narrow strip of the 
prominence wjnid alone form its spectmm, 
whioh wculd Consist cf a few bright lines. 
But by having a wide t-Mi the whole promi- 
nence" form its spectrum, which consists of 
A few bright pietnws of the proiuinencea. 
There IS ft ^- * 't© corresponding to 

the bright 0. ■ 3 C3lle<t F. a red pic- 

ture corrospouiitriji t" the bright spectral 
line caiitd C, and so ci. It" tha whole set 

voices— all of which was perfectly incom- 
prehensibld to the Indians, wbo looked on 
Uie spectacle with wonder and amazement, 
and made various random conjectures as to 
the meaning of these unusual proceedings. 
Oue of them suggested that the "Big 
M^icine man," (the preacher) might be 
exerting his powers of incantation to exer- ' 
cise and drive away bad spirits which had I 
got possession of the people. Another one ' 
surmised that possibly this was a big pale- 
face war-danoe. And one e\ en went so far 
as to pronounce the whole company stark, 
raving mad. But none of their opinions 
seemed to meet the ooncirrence of the ma- 
jority of th« pnrty until Dandy, who had 
looked on with great it ttrest for some time, 
at length assumed an air of impon.ince, 
and exclaimed : 'I have it— I have it; I'll 
tell yon what's the matter!" Then point- 
ing bis finger to his head, he added: 
'''f\hiskfy too much: Whiskey too much.'" 
I And they all walked off in disgust, verily 
, believing that the good disciples of Wesley 
; were on a terrible spree. — n*. B. Marry, In 
I Harper's Magazine for Deciitber. 


is a religions family journal, published by 
the Advance Co., in Chicago, at 12.50 a y ir. 
It ha>* a very abh editorial crps, and a long 
arrav of cofitribntora, embracing the bent re- 
liRiouq and literary talent in the country, 
hev. Dr. Patton, its editor-in-chief, i" the 
peer in aoiUty. character, quahficatione, and 
III all the attriDutee of a Christian (gentleman, 
of any editor in the land. The Advance has 
all tlie excellencies wit out the egotism of th j 
Independent, never aells its opinions to cor- 
porations or individuals, diacuaeee pubUo 
questions ably and fearlessly, is free from 
bmotrv and sectarian controversy, actively 
promotes the cause of Sunday achool», tem- 
perance and every good work, and circulates 
widely among the members cf all religious 
denominatuna. The progressive Hrnry 
Ward Beecher says, "I regard It as ft-inding 

a bill puitmg medical pnu-titiouer.i on u footiui? of 
e .uallty in ttie Di.-iUict of t olumliia, without dia- 
tinctiou of color.— liy Sir. Trumb ill, a bill relative 
to the apiellato jurisdiction ol the Supreme C'lurt. 
by Mr. Mewart, a rosoluUon reolorlnu to private 
(>utry the lanl wiihdr.iwu for the benefit of the 8. 
P. K. It.- By Mr. iJnike, a bdl to eatabliah a uni- 
form time for hoMiuK el'cUoua for electors lor 
President and Vlco President of the United Statea 
a^^epreaentativcK iu Congress in all the states of 
S^uion.— By Jlr. 8iockt.^u, ex niptiug the proper- 
ty of cliaritab!«insti;ulioii» roin lax or duty. Re- 
ferred.— A bill removing dlHabilit lea from certain 
persons was passed. 

House- A pititiou was received asking 
arcp.^alof the tmou hld(s; aakin;; removal of du- 
ti>-sou coal; oy Mr. fllianls, a bill for the recon- 
struction of Georgia accoviuK to the pbn recom- 
mended by Pnii'ieut tJra:.f, bya::r. Steveuson. to 
place the foUcving articles on tlie free list: Tea, 
coffee, mol isjtes. syrup, Mulada, or cano juice, rice, 
sail, luii.bor. bides, ^tuius Ur piiming paper, and 
irou inpi«8. by .Mr. box. % rem lutiou creating a to enquire iuio tip leceul Wall street 
j'-iia panic; bv VanTrum'. WreaMutlon from the 
Ohio leKlslat'iirp rtsiieciliig the proposed 15lh 
amenameiit; by Mr. Longhrid^e, a bill toconUntie 
the tupp'.y of arUUcial limbs to ho.dlers. The cau- 
SUB bill was then Ukeu up and .sonaidered. Mr. 
Butler was in favor of bavinK the ceu>n8 taken by 
the officers of the liiterLal revenue.— Mr. Scofleld 
thought tbt) ola mode of Uklng It by U. 8. Mar- 
nhais was bjtter, as many had had . xperitnce.— Mr, 
Butler argued In favor oi the revenue officers; 
they had u plenty of trained clerks witii little to do. 
—Mr. Majuartl thought wtii of Butler's proposi- 
tion —Mr. Gurfleld said that the "tax gatherer" 
was odionB to the peeple, and ht said it would be 
neces8:iry also to appoiut hs mary m w awlatanU, 
as under the marshals. —Mr. Aliinon said it would 
serlousiy iDlorltre with the duties of the assessor 
for six mouths at least— Mr. Wood, of New York 
city, was at fir?t inclined to favor the Id^a of Mr. 
Butler, buthecousidefed tne cen«i8 work too im- 
portant to bo urpjndlced, as il would bf, by pitting 
It in the hands cf the revenue c Hectors,— Mr. 
Butler cl. sed the (1< bate with sharp rcferetce to 
the pecnllHrilies of New Vorkct.y. His proposi- 
tion was lost- only 22 favorieg. Mr. Lawrence in 
tr.duceda bill to puuish election frauas, and Mr 
Davis, a bill t j Imi-'Oae a tax on fldltious and ifatnb 
ling sales of gold. The House tbtin adjonrnsd. 

House— Dec. 10— Bills intioducedby Mr. 
Rog-T« to reoiove j:.o!i:loal '.IsablilUes from 
states lately In rebellion; by Strlckiaud, to extend 
lb- time lo' compltitlug military roadirom Copper 
Haibor, Michigan, to Green Bay, WUc n8iu;by 
L».«'reuce, to Hb'-'iish ceruia tees required of p«u- 
rioucra; bj Etay.torepe-l poiuu^hot theinteri;a! 
revenue law aa requires farmer! aud gardeners lo 
have a produce brokeia' iiceuso to sell their own 
products a; uiarfeet stalls or stands; by Coleman to 
provide for t'le saU- of coiu In the Treasury, lies • 
lutloLs were oflVn U by Mercnr, to retrench In the 
tuueral expen^^e* of Contresamen ; by Hoag, to en- 
quire into lUe expHdiency of recognizing Cuba; a 
bill by Ingercoll, in relation tc increase of the 
greenback issue The H: use ihea wentinto Com- 
mittee of the Whole to consider the census bill, 
which wasi discussed during the remainder of the 
sitting. Several amendments thereto were adopt- 
ed, one imposing a fine of $5,i)<xi on any corpora- 
tion refusiuu to kive any iuiormatiou requirc-dby 
the act. bthotield urg^d the siriliing outoi the en- 
actiiiK elausa of the bill which rtqulredamnltlpll- 
citioa of Federal officers— the aiueudineut was re- 
)"Cted. A petition from NfW York containing over 
7,0iK) names was presented for this independence of 
Cuba. AdJonrneUtill Monday. 

Senate— Dec. 13th. - Carpenter, from the 
Jndlcliry Committee, reported Morton's Georgia re- 
construction bill, with amsndmeLts.—Corbitt Intro- 
duced a bill to eBtablijh a aopartn.ent of Indian af- 
falis; nUo a bill to fund the matanng dwbt of the 
United St tea by a eelffun'lln^ bond. It jrovldes 
for the isETie of f l.i •;(',' Ofi.OOO in co'.spou registered 
bond.M, of $i ,1)01.1 em-.h. tobear Inte tst, the first three 
years at C per cent., the next three years atr>per 
cent, next do at 4>, pi r cent., and next tweuly years 
at 4 per cent. ; to be free from ail :ax, and to be us'd 
In red.e in/ the &-2n bond*.- Wilson Intro.luced a 
bill for iho regu aiion of immigration, declaring in- 
valid all contracts whertbyiwraitrjBis ulelge their 
labor liltir arrival, aud making it a miisdemeanor to 
extort tuch pledRt s— Couklin/. e bill to rep-nl the 
franklni! law. - Carpenter, a bill pn virting for the 
iL'hi^nati.jn of «uprem>3 Court .Judges when inca- 
pacitated from performing their duty, aud lor cou- 
tiuuiu;.' their salary for 1 I.-.— Hurlan. a bill for quar- 
terly pa^ni' nt of pensions. —.Scott, a bill to extend 
time for tiling p'l.siou claims, lleferred.— Carpen- 
tev ("ubmitted a rcfcolutinn that the MponlHh g:nn 
boats shottld not be permitted lo depart during the 
conliniiance of the Cuban rebell ou. Laid on tbe 
table.— The Se.iale took up the bill regulating and 
deflnln'i the powers of United St»tes courtJ", which 
prohli Ittany juilt:c orronrt constituted by Conxress 
rmm holding any act of Ounnresb Invalid because of 
a supposed reptignance between such act and the 
Constitution of the United Slaief . Drake supported 
his bid at length, which, after tUicuMlon, was re- 
ferred to the Judiciary Committe;>. 

lIoT-sE — .V largo number of bills wore iu- 
tro'lui«d and referred, among which were, to pro- 
vide lor the construction of the Uiapara ship canal; 
dividinic Wi' cousin into two dl^irlcts. and for 
withholding money frrm Indiais who held white 
captives.— Uutler off. red a bill tl at Virginia having 
complied with all reqniromenis was entitled to 
wprtaentatiun In (^jugress. Re erred to Commit- 
tee on Beconst ruction. —IVters offered a resointion 
drdarinc th» Hoiif'O tobein ccfrl with the Presi- 
dent on Canadian recipn city. Adopted.— A n so- 
Intloa for atljournment from Dee.aSdto Jan. Blh, 
Vint adopted.— Butler r^portt-d a rcHohnion iu- 
strucling Ways and Means Committee to prep-re a 
I bill taxing U. 8. bonds 5 p« r cent., to bo deducted 
1 from tbe irtenst; this witli oth< rresoiutiona belna 
I uuseconded went cT.r. — A resohilion was ailopted 
I aulhorixiuRihe CommiUieuL B inking to invesll- 
i g.te the«< of the recent gO'd pauie.— A pi ti- 
jUoufnrtho recoKni'lou of Cuban belligerency, 
I slgni d by 72,0 persous was rea^l aud referred to 
i ('ommlttoe on Foreign Affairs. Butler, from tbe 
; Ju'iitiary, reported tne bill lor irpeal of the tenure 
i of office act.wliicb WdS ordered printed. —The Sen- 
ate bill remov.ngdiaabllitlesfr'in certain persons 
WHS taken up, aud led to couBld'rahle discussion, 
and was Anally a<lopt€d.— A uutaber of other un- 
important bills were presented, after which the 
Hou«e proceeded to the conijideration of the Cen- 
sus bill. 

j SENATS-Dec. 14'h. -Trumbull offered a 

' resoiuitun looking to dispensing with land offices in 

; states where there was i opubUw land for sale. — By 

' Howard, a reeolutii n of enqnirj as to the propriety 

; of dl^u^ing with Certain penalties In the internal 

rev.-uiiPlbt —By Cole, to enquire icto the i xpi- 

' dieucy of ini-r.asiug the tax oi. distilled spirits to 

$1. L id on the ta()le —Bills ^.'cr.- intr duced, by 

[ frake, to incrrase tbe mail i-cr^lce with China and 

Japan; also to fix tlte termltiUa of the WeKteru Pa- 

ciac Railroad Compmy.— .M-nlll, of Maine, an- 

I nounced the death of Wm. Pitt Fessendeu. Eulo- 

1 gles were pronounced by Mr. Morrill and other 

1 ijeuatora.— Adjourned. 

; ilousE— A resolution was introduced by 
' the I ommlttee on Ways and Means tb inquire Into 
■ theexptuit-ncy of abolishing tl,« offices ot coUe' t- 
' ors, »ai«9sors and other agecta .t the Interna! Bev- 
' enne Depaniueot, and proporionlng the amount 

M u-of- War -Some Big Ships that are 
Itiiilaiiitr Tor J«hn4iull. 

The keel of one of the typical first-class 
Britiah war ships for the future has just 
been laid at Portsinonth. She bears the 
suggestive title of Devastation, and along 
with her consort, the Thunderer, to be 
shortly commenced, will take preaedence 
of all the existing grades in the Britiah 
navy. Her length is 285 feet, her extreme 
breadth G2i feet, mean draft 26 feet, and 
tons burden, 4.406, old measurement. She 
is to be worked by two engines of 800 horse 
power, and her estimated speed is set 
down at 12 i knots per hour. She will be 
able to carry 1,600 tons of coal. snfiOicient 
for a three weeks' cruise. 

She is to be constructed on the genuine 
turret principle, without any attempt to 
unite, by the addition of masts and sails, 
the characteristics of two distinct varieties 
of fighting ships. Being, then, neither 
adapted for a cruiser nor a guardship, she 
is simply a floating battery of enormous 
power. She will carry two turrets, and on 
each will be mounted two thirty-ton gnus, 
capable of throwing shot of six hundred 
pounds weight. Her sides are to bo cotu- 
posed of teak and iron of nearly three feet 
in thickneHH, constituting an armor plating 
which is intended to make her the moat 
impenetrable ship of any navy, while her 
armament is claimed as the heaviest yet 
attempted. Owing to the absence of any 
work aloft, a crew of two hundred and 
fifty men will, it is said, be sufficient to 
work her. She is to cost $1,450,000 in 

, , - - , , , , of tax required tat)* raised froiQ domesuc»our,.e«, 

fairly on the hlgheet gror.rd ypt reached by »mong tue a^veral states In proijorion to ihelr pop* 
reliKioua jiturnala in America," and the con- | ula'ion. Beferr.-d to tbe Comnittee on Ways and 
^-eivative Dr. Busbnell declares, "tho Ad Meana— .so cen-urlng the treitaipnt of American 
vance Is the abie?t, best and most out-spoken ' citizens held as prisjner* un.i -r the EnalUU kOv- 
reigioua jourcal nublirhtd." I am gladto ' ernmant. Rcfeirea to C.>mm:ttee on lorelgn Af 
learn that, since the publication of the Inde- '' - 

The statistics of immigration in this j 
country for the three months ending Sep 
tember 30 show the number of arrivals to 
be as follows: Whole number of persons 
arrived, 116,371. Of these there were 101,- 
343 permanent immigrants ; 11,990 retTim- 
ing United States citizens, and 3,039 tem- 
porary visitors. Of the immigiants 60,959 
were men. 40,383 women, and 23.291 under 
ifteen vears of age. There arrivtd at the 
port of" New York 70.986; 10.521 at Port 
I Huron; 10.238 at Boston; 5.393 at San 
j Francisco; 1,414 at Detroit. The remain- 
' ing arrivals were principally at Philadel- 
phia, Portland. New Orleans and Key West, 
: A m.^jority ot '.hese immigrants were Ger- 
mans. The Chinese arriving at San Fran- 
cises numbered 5,104, showing a slight 

A larger f>or- 
tion than usual of the immigrants is made 
up of protessional men. tradesmen aad 
skilled mechanics. 

faliB.— A bi.l b> Paine, looking to an esUblUhment 
of a syst'-m of nieteoroio^lcal eifiiaU fcr the pre- 
vention oi marine digesters.— By Shanks, for fnr- 
nlfbln/, fct cost to War Depaitmtnt, clothing to 
needy and indigent solaiera, satiors and marines in 
.•toluiera' Honiea.— Sctenck pn-sented a report from 
Aliska, relating to thedlspoaiUan of Seal II>l^nds.— 
Kelly pres»-nted a p»tMoii from Jfatioual 
Colored Labor Convention, pr.iying that 
ptibHc lands iu the Souihein States 

— ' '" acrea each. — 
approving a blU 
for the removal ol dUabi itie«.— TUe Hous« then 
tOOK up the Censn* btil. Oarfleld proposed to 
strike out the aecpon fixing th«' number of repre- 
fteiitatlves, which was agreed V)\ he alBO proposed 
addlngstitisiicsof Teleg-aph, and Life, Fire and 
In8nrai.ce Cos. A discukaloa ;'oUowed, In which 
Woodward characterlz.'d Lif e 1 asi^ratice a stupend- 
ous Iriud — An amendment was awiopurti rcqulrinij 
statistics from biLker-anitbnikera -Ccx tnought 
the bill was already ►o laden vrith lnqui»it<-*rial re- 
qniremena that it would delay the census for ten | 
years.— Cobb, of Wlsconain, olfcred an amendment 
requiring nutlstlcaof U. 3 Ivjids held by corpora- 
Uona andindi^iduals, In hopes the Ways and Means 
Committee woald devise a plan of taxing tha in- 
terest thereof. 

Of pictnr-s wer« -- y^ed ^t once ^e could , ,.^^^^ ^^ ^^^ . 

see none of then, fcr there would be aide i ,,__ .,v„ t ^«- ?k» .•„,, 

by side witii them the blazing solar spec- 
tram which vTi i;Mobiit(?rHte them altogeth- i 
or. jU8t as ;:: crJinary telescopic observa- j 
tion the bright ?un ight blots out tbe j 
prominences from the view. But if the 
observer uses such a battery of prisms that ; 
the solar spectrum would be very long in 
&ad ii h« adaut4 . to Tiew only t^ ' 

— A circular is issued from the Indian oflice 
forbidding visits of delegations ot Indians 
1 1 Washington for ;he purpose of transact- 
ngthe bnaiaees of their respecuvo trlbee 
before the Department. 

pendent's indecent cartoon, the mails from 

all parts of the country have brought hosts 

of subscribers who have quit tbe Independ- 
ent in disgust to take the Advance. Its able 

political, nnancial and commercial articles 

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statesmen, and its Agricultural, Scien- 
1 titic and Literarv departments, its full . . „ ^ , . , .„ 

market reporte and its admirable evnopais of I !^8"'^«° 2 »'f/«<^"'° '° ^"'=" "' *° 
I current n^a, give it the breadth and sc pe ' The President sent In a me.aa,;« api 

j o( a firet-class secular paper. Whoever 
I wishes a firat-claas reUgious journal, repre 

sauting the genius, spii it and enterprise ';f 

the Great West, shotild subscribe for The 



come ponrlng into the pnbhahera, Alfred L. 

1 Sewell A Cc, Chicago, bv thousand?, as those 

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I ary, get the November and December No.'a 

i fret. So excellent a Juvenile Magazine can- 
hot be found in the wide world, save this, for 
one dcUar. 


has been moderate for the pai>t w*'ek, with 

occaaiocal slight rain falls. Navigation is 

nearlv suspended, a few boats only ruiuiing 
j short distaucee. The new 

cm * coc^TT orncEBs 
I have been installed, and tbe people are look- 
; icg anxiously for thie promised retrenchment 
i and reform, and hopu to see it. I 


' Dominick Hurrav baa been the reigniEg i .,_„„ ,^u v;,„ ir'ha <-r.'f r,tr mv -*p«« 

t sUr, tor two weeks, at ilcVicker's, andluati- man, "you teU him if he i=at ofT my -ep« 
ifiea hU ygh reputation. Maggie MitcheJ la half a nnnuta, hell nave something to 
' begins an «-ngagement here nextTueeday. mike a note oi I ' 
! Emerson Jc Manning's minstrels at' the 
Dearborn draw ft:Ll tiouaee. 

The Lvdia Thomoeon troupe of blondes -i , 

finish their engagement at the Opera House i li^ cf respectable aged indigent vndows 
ihia wewk. Next week the Parepa-B*)ea con- | and sing e women," and a like 6uci to the 
cert troupe reappear for lour u'ghte and one 

At Aiken's Museum a new American com- 
edy, enutled "Bogus,'' draws a rg,il crowd. 
Que il* always sore of ent«rtainment at the 
Mtiaetim. b. 

Crime in the British abmt is increasing. 
The average number of effective soldiers ia 
set down at 186,508, and the number o 
convictions last year amounted to 25,612f 
or 13. 73 per cent The number of soldiera 
sent to military prisons at home — which 
was 5,470 in 1764, or 6.97 per cent, of the 
force— was gradually augmented in the in- 
teiTening years, until it reached 7,553, or 
8.88 per cent., in 1868; while the daily av- 
erage number of men in military prisons 
at h me had risen from 1.27 per cent, in 
1864, to 1,241, or 1 47 per cent, in 1868.— 
This increase is in a great measure due to 
the prevalence of drunkenness among the 
soldiers, and a considerable diminution in 
this ofleuce is anticipated from the new 
regulation whioh now punishes it by fines 
instead of imprisonment After drunken- 
ness, desertion stands prominent in the 
catalogue of military crimes, for which 1.- 
776, of the 7,553 sentences pa8f?ed in 18G8, 
wer« inflicted. 

Talk about cats — here's one that beats 
anything evier heard of before. His name 
is George? and his love of music is remark- 
able. Whenever any one plays on the piano, 
George takes position on a chair near by, 
iind at certain passages, that must be par. 
ticularly pleasing to him, does bis "me- 
ows" most enthusiastically by way of np- 
plttURo. Sometimes, when the parlor ia de- 
serted, and the piano left open, George will 
mount the Btool, and properly adjusting his 
haunches, pat the keys with his tore-paws 
and perform a numb»r of remarkable invol- 
untiiriert. Occaaionally he plants all-fours 
ou the keys, and, in an ecsticy ot delight, 
dauces up and down and makes music of a 
most original kind. Somebody ought to 
bring that cat out George is no flat in 

An Interviewer Snubbed.— Not long 
Ago a morning paper sent a reporter to 
Iliirlford, Conn., to interview Mrs. 
Stowe on the Bubjectof the Byron Rcandal. 
TLe gentleman saw only the young girl 
who opens the door of Mrs. Stowo's reni- 
dence when the bell is rung. He returned 
to New York. A few days ago the same 
reporter heard that Mrs. Stowe was in tho 
city and went in search of her a^ain, but 
was 80 unfortunate as to see only a relative 
of hers who did not know when she would 
be open to an interview on behalf of the 
presn. The reporter was disgusted, and 
straightway undertook to inteiview James 
Fisk, Jr. iu relation to his views about Ida 
Cowia. Mr. Fisk declined the honor. Im- 
agine the disgust of "interviewer !" 

RiTTTNO before his tent, in the glow of a 
camp fire, one evening. General Shermnn 
let his cigar go out to listen to an air that a 
distant bund was playing. The musicians 
ceased at last The General turned to one 
of his officers: "Send an orderly to ask 
that band to play that tsne again." A little 
while, aud the band received the word. 
ThH tune was "The Blue Juniata," 
with exquisite variations. The band played 
il again, even more beautifully than before. 
Again it ceased, and then, off to the right, 
nearly a quarter of a mile away, the voices 
of some soldiers took "it up, with words. 
The band, and still another band, played a 
low accompaniament. Camp after camp 
began singing, and the music of "The Blue 
Juniata" became for a f«w minutes the ora 
torio of half an army. 

Ths other day a panther entered the 
dwelling of Eli P. Whidden, of Manatee, 
Fill., and attacked a little daughter of Mr. 
Whidden. The father ru.shed to the res- 
cue of his child, whereupon the panther 
turned on him, and compelled him to re- 
treat The animal followed him into the 
yard, where Mr Whidden seized a foot- 
adze and, with one blow, killed the beast 
It is supposed that hunger urged the pan- 
ther to make the attack. The little girl 
was not seriously injured. 

A SswiNo Machine which is sold fob 
ONLY FrvE Dollars.— For the benefit of our 
lady readers, we copy from our files the 
following suggestive extracts: 

"A S-wing Machine has become an abso- 
lute necessity in every well regulated fami- 
Iv. The "Fairy" will work a complete rev- 
olution in an atticle of so much utility, 
and commends itself wherever need. — N. 
T. Herald. 

"Those who depend on their nerdle for 
a living will give the "Fairy" a hearty wel- 
come. —flimri/ TTardBeecA^r. 

'•BoBsepses every requisite for family 
use.— X Y. Obierver. 

On receipt of P. O. Order for amount $5, 
the Company that has this valuable inven- 
tion, will ship by Express, a Sewing Ma- 
chine, perfectly adjusted, that they war- 
rant will do equally as good work as the 
higher priced ones— or it can be sent C. O. 
D. by addressing the Fairy Sawing Ma- 
chine Co., 85 and 87 Dearborn Street, P.O. 
Drawer 5787, Chicago. 

The New Era, Atlanta, Ga., one of the 
leading papers in the South, thus endorses 
Hooffland's Bitters. "Hoofland's German 
Bitters is well known to the invalid. For 
many yea; a it has been in use, and its rep- 
utation is unimpaired. It is not claimed for 
it that it is competent to perform miracles, 
but there are diseases and disabili- 
ties whioh it can reach mor* readily than 
any other known remedy, and in all such 
cases it ia an excellent remedy. Dyspepsia 
and Diseases resulting from a disordered 
Liver, or a derangement of the digestive 
fiieultie.i, comes witbiu its scope, and per- 
sons suffering from such diseases have 
found great relief from a fair trial of this 
celebrated Bitters. This remedy is not al- 
coholic, contains no rum or whisky, and 
cannot make drunkards. Its reputation is 
backed up by testimonials from many emi- 
nent clergymen and others." 

Hoofland's German Tonic is a combina- 
tion of the ingredients of the bitters, with 
pure .Santa Cruz Rum, orange, anise, <fec. It 
is used for the same diseases a.s the Bitters 
iu cases where an Alcoholic Stimulant is 
necessary. It is a preparation of rare medi- 
cinal value, aud most agreeable to the pal- 

An Established Remedy. — "Brown's 
Bronchial Troches" are widely known as 
an established remedy for Oougha, (bids, 
Bronchitis, Hoarseness, and oiher troubles 
of the Throat and Lungs. Their good rep- 
utation and extensive use has brought out 
imitations, represented to be the same. 
Obtain only "Brown's Bronchial Troches. 

Magic Oil cures as if by magic, rheu- 
matism, ueuralzia, toothache, earache, 
sorethroat, colic and all external and in- 
ternal pains. This liniment has beon used 
with astonishing success by thousands oi 
sufl'erers during a period of fifteen years. 
A single trial will insure its permanent nse 
in the family, .isk for Pratt & Butchers' 
Magic Oil . ' Sold at all drug stor es. 

A Prime Article. — Johnson's baking 
powder is ihe purest and test article of its 
kind in the market One-half the house- 
keepers of Milwaukee will testify to its 
excellence. For sale by all grocers. 

OnR readers will find iu another column 
tlie announcement of the Hearth and Home, 
a weekly family journal of great excellence. 

From One of the Oldest Priuters in the State 
of Ulinois. 

Office or the Whiq aito REPUBUCAif , > 
ytnNCT„min»is, An«u»t ^, 196tt > 

Messrs. Prince, W.alxon & Co., Cincinnati, 
Ohio— OenU : I find your Eoback's Bittera, 
after ueing two boxes "iu my family, to be a 
" gwod egg." Send mo another dozen by 
United States Express, and if you don't want 
local notices to the amouut, charge it to us 
on advertiaing account. Regards to Mr. Wal- 
ton. Yours iu haste, J.iUEs L. Lanodon. 

Aghiccltdhal.— The New York Weekly 
Tribcne 18 a great Farniei's Paper, lia Ag- 
ricultural Department, valuxble always, con- 
tainiiif? as it doea FuU R^p' t''< of The Ameri- 
can Institute JTarmers' tlub, and aiticlee 
written for its celumna bj tbe moat eminent 
Agrieulturiata of America, la about to be en- 
riched by other attractive features in a Hor 
ticultnral Department, which will comprise 
Management of Small Farms, Fruit and Veg- 
etable Culture, and how to make them pay. 
Also, a Veterinary Departmeiit, for which 
Prof. .Iamks Law," Veterinary Surgeon in 
Co.iNiLL University, has been engaged to 
answer queHtions concerning diseases of Cat- 
tle, Horses, Sheep aud other domestic ani- 
mals, and prescribe roiuetlies through tbe 
columns of The Weekly Tribune. See ad- 
vcrti-^cmentiii another column. 

Itch I Itch 1 1 Iteh ! 1 1 

WheatouU OlntmaBt 

In from 10 to 48 boura 

Cures The IlcU. 

Care* Salt KbeilHI> 

Cores Tettur. , . 

Cures Bfuiier*' Itch. 

Cures Old 8orea> 

Cures einry kind <if humor Hk» 


Price.tSOaa l>oz; brBUtUdue 

Address WEEKS i. POTTER, 170 Waahin«taa 8t, 
Ffac sale by a U Drnggiste. Boeton, Masa 

UndeBued Ailment*. 

There are many ailments, tnring in their nature, bat 
the srmptomsof which arj not sufBcientljr specific to 
enable physicians to classify them under any particular 
head. As a general rule they arise from a generai 
debility of the whole orgnnizstion.bat their j rimary 
eause, in at least three cases out of five, ia a lack of brlak 
vital aotion in the stomach and liver. Stimulate and 
tone the relaxed digestive and secretive organs, and 
bodily ease, health and vigor will follow the treatment 
Among aU the medicines which have been recommended 
as conducive to this end, none has been administered 
with such uniform and entire success as HOSTET- 

Hs incredients are selected from the vegetable king- 
dom, originally with a view to the invigoratlon of the 
pfaysiiine and tho constitution, and also for their aoti- 
blliousand slightly laxative properties. Twenty odd 
years of experience has proved that these herbal restor- 
atives were wisely chosen and h:ive been Jodioloualy 
apportioned in this celebrated preparation. Not only 
as a specific for indigestion and all kindred complalnt«, 
but as a houfehoUl rrmeiiv for all 'ftf minor ailments 
incident to humanity, it has obtained a repn'atlon 
based on uuimpeaohab .'e testimony,which fairly eclipses 
that of any ot her proprietary or officinal med icine In nae, 


A. OENTLEM KM who ■oflered for yeara from Nerroo 
OebiUty, Prematnre Decay, and all tbe effects of yon< h 
fnlindisoretion. will, for the Bfcke of suffering hnmanicy 
tend free to all wbo need it, the receipt and directicitf 
tor makiiig the simple roraedy by which hewaaoorsd 
Sotleren wiahing to proflt by the KivBrticers export 
woe, can do so by addreeeing, fn t>t«rf act oonBdenef 
.JOHN B. 0<»DK1« 
d1 Wo. «S 0«idar BtTMt. Haw Tor* 




The On at Lung Remedy. 


Sold by aU Druggiste 

is the most suooeaaful remedy for Consumpuon. 

ComplainU should nse Aluen's Lxrsa BaI^aaii . 


cures when otiier remedies laii. 


with Lung difficulty, use 

Allen's Ltn«o BaiiiaM. 


Has given universal aatisfaotloa. 


for all Pulmonary AffectioDs 

See Advertisement of Dr. Butts' Dispen- 
sary, h aded Book for th(j million— MAR- 
RIAGE GUIDE— in another column. It 
bhould b ; read by all. 

A M0.ST perfect beuulatok of the whole 
bum in syatemiB found in Dr. Pierce's Altera- 
tive Extract, or Golden Medical Discovery. It 
curea Female Weakness, Weak Back, aud all 
irrcpnlarilies. It is a great lOotorative ton- 
ic, aiid nerve force generator, and hence in 
allcfves of Nervou.s or General Debihly.nnlh- 
ing can equal it. Bold by .Iruggiwta, or send 
thre' doUarn and twe"ty-rtvo cen's to Dr. R. 
V. Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y., and get three bot- 
tles, free o f express chargew. 

Thousands of men connected with the 
Washiugton Life InHurance Companv are, by 
tliii better way, laying up money. Manv of 
ttesu take out policies which are payable to 
thenu'clvcB on arriving at a specified age, 

Dr.LAVs are Danokrous.— Mothers as you 
love voiir offopring don't fail to use Mrs. Whit- 
conib'H yjrup, for soothing children. Road 
the iidvertiiement in another column. 



[^ Till you have tried Allen's LtJNO 

the introduction of _ 

Allen's Lung Balsah. 

AUen's Lung Balaam is confidently recommended. 

ARE you troubled with ASTHMA ? 
ALLKN'8 LUNO BAL3AM Will relieve you 

contains no Opium in any of ite fonaa 

^TOP THAT COUGH ! _.,, ^ ,♦ 

^ Allen's Lcno Baleam will do it. 


Directions accompaoj each botue. 

OTHERS should keep 

ALLEN'S Lr>» Balsam 

at hand for nse in case of Croup. 


Sold by All Medicine Dealers. 

Sold at Milwaukee by H. Boswobth A Sons, O. 
,1 BtiTToN. Rice 4 kirino, Dr.\kf Bbo.^.. Doi 
ScpMlDT A Co., and all Milwaukou Drucglsts 

Canker and Salt Rheam Syrup, 

For the Cure of Cankt-r, Salt Rheum, Ery'ipelas, Soiflfu- 

lous Diseases. Cutunejius hruptlons. and every 

every kind of Disease artslDH from an 

impure state of the Blood. 

The Most EffcUre Blood Purijur (j/" the Xinelefnth Cmturv 

ITB^ Sold by all Medicine Dealers. 

Sold by fjREENE A Button, M Uwaukee.^ 




The Br.sT and Ouioinal Tonic of Iron Phos- 
pboiua 8U(1 Caliaaya. kuown aaCaewell, Mack 
k Co.'ri FeiTO Phosphorated Elixir of Caliaaya 
Bark. The Iron restores color to tho blood, 
tho PhoaphorUH renews waste of tbe nerve 
ti t<ue and the Calisaya gives a natural health- 
tul tone to the digestive organs thereby cur- 
iuK DvHpepeiain iti various forma, Wakeful- 
neHP, ' General Debility and Depression of 
Spiiita. Manufactured only by CASWELL, 
HAZARD & CO., auccesaors to Caawell, Mack 
A Co., New York. 8old b ■ all Druggista. 



PnrvATE medical aid. 
artvi rtiseronnt 

Persons in 
I.imbs, or Sui Dr. Whittle r'e 



t of 

irgii _ 
niakir's prices, DT addressing I 
■a.\t to Custom Uonse, Milwankee, 

Supporters, Artiflcial 
ite, can l>e supplied at 
N. MORTON, Diufglst. 

The befit policy- 
Burprce luilicv. 

-The Waehington Life In- 

Special Notices. 




Rpader. yon mar oonaider thie a aort of cpread eagle 

■ * ■■ I h*ve l>e«ii 


For the year 1870 we have made a reduction In 
the price of elDgle snbacriptlonB of 26 per cent, 
enabling allpereonet) pet the pap<>r at f 1.60 per 
year, and cloba at reduced rates. 

We have made arrangements to publish several 
serial storiee during the ycat, oomment Ing with tbe 
original story of 



To be followed by others during the year, any one 
of which would cost more In book form than our 
price of subscription. While tlie Wigcoweuf will 
continue Its devotion to Republloan prtndplea, tbe 
pnbUshera do not intend it to be a partlaan Joomal. 
but rather a Familt Newbpapkb, full of welcome 
reading for the fathers, mothers and children of 
every household in the Northwest 


•>e»r''lD7;)>at I mean eveir word ef it. 
there, wnen roar system te racked with 


fain, and yon otawA «->»□ turn yonraelf in bed. or sit' 
titiK i= a chair, yon most sit and suffer, in tbe morninc 
;nst:!ng it waa nipbt, and at nicbt wishing It was mom 
i(jj: Whan you na*« 


>*ben eTery ne^re in your being is like the sting ot a 
•rsap, eircTilatiQg the most Tenomoiu and hot polaon 
aroc < d yuur heart, and driTing roQ tr> the veir verge of 
'us'-nefls: W)un yoa have the 


A fiT.xT TTVAv had j'lst taken his seat at 
the dinner-table the other day, when the 
servant reported a beggar at the door. 
Feehng iu his pocket far a "stamp," but 
findu:g none, he replied, '-TeU him I 
haven't a shilling with me," and resumed 
his duJier. Piescutly the- servant returned 
with, "Dlease sir, he sayi he cau change a 
a note.'* "Well," responded the gentle- 

— The late John A. Eoebling bequeathed 
$30,000 to the -'Trenton Socibiy for the re- 

■Uaiou Indigent Home iiseuciation fordtfr- 

— A vigilance committee called "Law and 

order Biegulators" 
i New York. 

has t>eeu organized is 

De Soto, when be visited the shore of 
America, sought long and arduously for 
tho "Spring of perpetual youth, "that those 
who bathed therein might never grow old 
in appearance. People of our day have in 
part discovered a substitute for this un- 
tound spring in Ring's Vegetable Ambro- 
sia, a I'ew applications of which gives to 
white or gray hair that dark, strong and 
glossy app^rance peculiar to youthful , 
beauty. It any of our readers doubt this, 
let them try a bottle, and be convinced of 
the truth of the assertion. 

QrctEix will break Chills and Fever, but 
the diseaiie will almost invariably return on 
the seventh, fourteenth and twenty-first 
days, whUe Dr. F. WILHOFT'S ANTI- 
TONIC, cures ihe disease, together with its 
peculiar tendency to return again. Made 
m New Orleans by Wheelock, Finlay * 
Co., and sold at wkoleaale by Fuller, Finch 
4 Fuller, Chicago, Dl. 

H-Ox's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Benewer. 
Hall's Vegetable Siciliam Hair Eenewer. 
Sold by all druggists. 

—Geo. W. Harris, known as "Sat Loven- 
good," the humoreiu writer, died near Koox- 
TiUe, Ky., on tbe IMh, of appoplexy. 

(tbar I bsTe uivt irM tbrotigh with.) that meet awfoL 
TKirt heart-witaering, meet s^vength deatmyliig. moat 
uniritrbreakiDg itnd miod-waakenipg q' all dlssasss that 
c M3 sfflict our poor human nature : Wbeo you bare tb 


lyinr and wrHbhig in sgonr and pain, onable to tm 
)-<;rHe'fln be^, and erefr morement wiU ao t« /our 
neart like a knii*; DOWtaU me.if relief aodctire (tf aaf 
of th-<« diaeaaes ta a f aw dare la aot tbe Orestert 
Me-iicalBlMiaiiwattbe Ag*,t«liiuwlts<|sl 


Dl aod t^ree siMMBtnls of water ttoM tiBM a day. Md 

leof rl 

I pass 

Maaufaatared br DOMAl 

fnl aod tiiree spooBfnls .. ___ .. ^_^ 

in a few da>s erery partiele of rfaeoawtte and aesnUgie 
pain wii, be d..«»lved ^S?f*{^^^^i!g^ ^ 

^* Bum. 

Terms of the Wisconsin. 


1 copy one year, ... tl.60 

6 copies " - ... 7.00 

U copies " - - - - 15.00 

20 copies " - ... 26.00 

Additional copiea at rate of tbe olub. 

1 copy one year, ... $8.00 
6 copies "... 18,50 

iOlaopies " • - - - 32.60 

1 copy one yMT, by mail, - - 910.00 
1 copy three montha " - . 2.60 

All letters abcmld be carefully addrewsd 

Milwaak— . Wu. 

50 C 




WaoLT^AAUE AaKxra— Foller, Fiseta A Fnller, Lord 
a «mito. K. P. Dwy«r A Co.. BumtaaBas A vaa BehaaelL 
Hurlbnrt * £da»lL Toimaa A Klnc. Otdcagti: Oteaa A 
BuUon. KiceA tUinitrBoMsardlA Spa. Oebaes A 
flcmidt. Milwaukee : Mo«nUoob A MeOord^Ii^MMae: 
RoTM Bros., Ht. Paul; OoUbts Bro a 2. F. WatMl. 
MMren Broe, St. Loais; Moore k Tarbat. Jaafcaraaa 
a Haas, Daboqne. _ 

At letail by all dratcists. Prie*. tLCO. 


THB AdTortisar, having been l ee toa eJ to baaltk ia a 
tew weeks, t/y avarj nmpte remady. after haniigKiSer> 
M) sa-rmnil r«ars wttb a aerere laag aSeotmn, and ttel 
iread iitxiaen. UonatnnptioD — is aaztefas U> awrke kiMtwu 
to hie taiiow sofferara. tbe means tt ma*. 

Tc ail WC.O dastre it. he wiU aend a oopy of the pi*- 

miivtioo need 'free erf obargs). wttb th* direetieas fcr 

prerartsg and neisit tbe same, wtlieb they will Had a 

j HTftK <Ji7Bx roM OoKnTicrnoi>, ArmcA. BaovcEi- 

{ na.ate. Tbe ebject n? the adreftiaar ia eeDdtng tbe 

! PTMcrtptioB Is tebaaeOtthe afflicted aad s pi ead in. ■ 

I fancBuon whieh be eoaoMvaa to b* iavataaMa; aad b« 

h7pM«T«rrntOT«<B tqhie anedr. aeHwiO 

them c3thJacMdaarpio*ea 






On tbe VjA of December we ahall ccmmence the 
pabUcatioB, In the Wezzlt Wiscoitbih. of a eeiial 
■tory entitled 



a story of East and West; illostratiag the perila of 
tbe yet unciTiUzed West; portraying lore In the 
Rocky MonntalDa; and tbe whole embodying tbe 
captlTatlng Ronanoe of » Beaotlfbl Toong Helreaa. 
Any person sending os GO cents wlU reoelTe the 
Wxecorax foor months and all tbe atimbera con- 
taiaing the tbrllUngiy interaating atory of "Ona 
Tss rxonra. Back nimibwa aaBt to all idio 
fafoeet U after tbe oomaMBeHMnt ofttie alocy. 
Addteea cantafly ^ 


' > 











\VE^DNE?l>AY. DECKMllKU 2J. IS69. 

Col. H. C. Rogers, whose term as Secretary of 
Plate will soon expire, haa received the appoint- 
meat of Pension Agent for Minnesota. 


Mr. Cragin. of New Hampshire, has jii^t intro- 
dti.'ed into the United Statea Senate a now hill 
for the supprejsion of PoWgamy among the Mor- 
jnous ia Utah Territory. 

Senator Ramsey introduced a bill last Friday, 
to abolish th« franking privilege, and provide 
po'fago itamps and stamped euvcK^pes for the 
piyment of postage on official correspondence 
aud public matter. 

LucT Sitone is ?oing to petition the next New 
Jci'^j Legislanir* for the risflit to rot(> ; to "e- 
et'.re to marr'ed women the right of wiliins; prop- 
erty as they pl-jasc ; to widows *hn whole of Iheir 
J.^<'?a-;ed hmbani's property, or cho make the 
in 'eresl of the survivor the s.ime in both eases: 
al«o, that tho cu«tody and guardianship of chil- 
dren shall belong e'lually to father and mother. 

State New«:. 

A mammoth de^r was killed near the foot of i 
l*:.e Albert Lea, last week. 

In tho list of real estate tran<fer« in th« Albert 
LflH .S'Miirforrf tf th« 16th inst.. is th" following : 

Vancy Southwell l>y waiTAu;y Jei.-d to Catha- 
rine W^hstcr, the s«-i »<••' 20, town 103, range 19. 
Cou$ideration, naf*r*l li>ve and $1. 

Back through the pact's bewildered dream, 
Through empty roars or tilled with pain. 

Through broken arehe?, gates that seem 
I'nhiugcd to let lue pa.-ts aguin — 

Mj- wandering thoughti< awhile to-day 
May ti'c>ad in sad retleetive mood, 

■Where once the tardy feet would stray. 
And loitur idly on the road. 

What iipot is this? The only green 

In the wide do^ert of the years. 
The only :'pof that love i-ould screen 

From the hot, blinding rain of tears. 

Ah I Chihlhood 1 for one sunny hour ! 

One hope, one drcau^hat tuudi; it bright, 
^re tiny hand.-* hud crushed the fl>jwer 

While yet unfolded to the light. 

Here — only here — the smile that knows 
N'jt the dull cares tlmt manhood seeks, 

Here life's bright spring-time molls il^' snOws 
That flow dowu April's blu.-hiug checks. 

■What are these shadows dark? — a ecoro 
t-T furrow* on life's features wan. 
Ah! these were hopes when seen before, 

But memories when looked back upon. 

And this ? — beneath the yew tree's care — 
j^cnipo from the stone the moss and mould. 

Ah ! ica I the ^addest siory there 

That would have been unguessed, untold. 

Oh! Christmas time — the snow that fbll 

A year ago — is whitf to-day; 
On brow and beard it lasts a- well 

A^ on the mountain tops in May. 

Fall deeper yet. It eannot freeze, 
Xor even chill the faithful heart. 

That in the cold of times like these 

Feels the warm life-blood through it start. 

Oh ! tardy feet linger still 
In dusty rooms and ciupty halls. 

As if in hope that memory will 

Build «traight again the c rumbling walls. 

"I wore better not. Through broken panes 
Of unbarred windows steal the light. 

And through the totterins; arches comes 
A Chri-'tmas day without a night. 

11. IT. 


State of Minnesota, County of Farll>auU. 

[Pioceedingi by Altaclimenl.] 

The State of Misineaota to David Q. llmstll, Defendant. 

You are t)cret.y guniiuoiieil tfl be and a|ipi-»r before 
the uiiilTi'ig' one ofili- Justices of ihe Prace in and 
fur s,ii(l coiuitv. on ttie 'J4ih duy of Jiiiiu<ii.v, A. D. 
l>To, lit lOo'cluCk A. M., Hi my nO'ice, in W iimelaKo 
Ciiy, in mUi c iinly, U> hn>wer in Wtldi k Witllace in a 
(;iv)l iicliun. .""lnoiUI vou fail to Hin)' ar. at ilutiiiie»nd 
jilaec aforesaiil, juiliniicnl will be reii<lrii«l a)::lill^l .vou, Itie •viilriice adilucert t>y said \\\-leli & Wiillacr for 
such sura a' lie ^ball »!!■•»• liinisrlf entitled to, and your 
prop.rtv s.'lii lo p»y Ihr diiiiniid. 

(liveiiuudtr my band this •-'■-'d <1ay of D.-cenit>er, A. 
D. l-<09 " 



E. H III TC'lliNS. 
Justice of Ibe Peace. 


A desirable farm of ItMl acres, well .watered, In the 
town of Pre?<-ott, Section is. Is ofli-red for sali-, or <fut, 
for oii«, two, (1. iliree yt-'ir i. Forty acres l>roli •, twenty 
acrcMof liinlier, twi. and o le-liall iiiiUs dis' lint, will be 
sold Willi Itie f,irm. nepHral jjy, or in lots to suit pur.bas- 
ers. Terms, irs(dd, ^i.'Hio ifT.wn, Bnd llie Utianee on lonn 
time. KoriurUierpariicul are Inquire of or addreit* Hie 

H14m:t GKO. MA8TKRS. 

glieli>>ville Minn.,Nov(ml>«r 8d, l^0». 

Also Oen«ral Amenta imt 


and other First Class 


NriNVF.soTA Valley Raiik- at 

On and after Ta«<da7, March 30 trai&a will 
mn ai follows; 

MankatoandLe Saeur Trains. 



DefaiiU having been msdeln the conditions of a cer- 
tain nioittiace, dfilcd Ihe (»tli day of July, A. l>. I-^IO, 
made and ■ x«cute<l by Silas J. Wincli anil bis wife Mar- 
tha I. Wiiieli, "f Kaiibnelt County, .>itale of Minuecoia, 
parlies of till- til St I ail, to Danifl N. Ware, ol th coun- 
ty and state aforesaid, party of (be second part, by the 
failure of .said uiorln»(!or« i>r either cf Ihem, to pay the 
ram of three hunilred and forty-two dollars and eighty- 
seven cents (♦•UJ >T). which amount Is claimed to b'.' 
duethereon for principalai.d iulereS', at the d»tr ofthis 
noiiee, besides the further sum of tweniy-fir* dollars i Koot Pills in all cases of Hilliousncss, Headache. 

Morsk's Indian Rix t Pii.i.s.-- We have latilv 
been shown (he foriniila Iroiu which llebe P 'i'' 
are prepared, and Irort this and our experi- >>'<■ 
in the use of them. chi. hoiiesily pronounce i 'lein 
a good, safe ami rclia de medic;ne. Beinn «n 
lirely Iree from all pcisonons incrcdienls they 
ean l>c safely used while performinK the nelive 
duties of life. We wo ild advis>- all to use iheni : 
and by n fair trial you can sec at once the bene 
fit derived from then. Use Morse's Indian 

(ifi'it. stipulated as attorney's fees, to b^ paid in rase of 
foreel'o«ur<', which said morlpajfe was recorded onihe , 
Itith day ol July, A. I>. l^f.W, al 11 o'clock A. M., in the j 
oflireofthe Registerof Deeds of Ihe county of Faribault | 
and State of Miiines ta, in book J of mortirH^-^'S, on pajre ; 
(i.''i ; and no action orproceenln. at law has been Insli- | 
tuled to recoverthe debt seeured liy said inortRape or any I 
part Iheriof • now, therefore, in pui>uaiice anil by vir- I 
tue of Ihe power of sale contained ins:iid mortga e, and 
of the statutes in such case made anil provided, notice is 
hertby givt-n, thai Said mortpaire will be foreclosed, and 
the laud and premises thtrtiii iltseriljed, lo-wit; the 
south half of Ihe northeast nuarfer of siclion number sev- 
enteen Oil, intowiislilp number one hundred aud three 
(l(i:j) north, of range number iwenty-seven (-'7) west, 
containini; ei;;hly cO) ncres of land, according tu tlov- 
ernment ju:vey,"logri her with all the lieredltamenls and 
appu lenancesthereunlobi-longingorinany wise iipi>er- 
taiuin;;, will »>e sold a' pi.blic sale, lo the highest bidder, 
for cash, to satisfy and pay the said debt ai.d interest 
and the Sidd iwenly-tive d'oll..r« (♦i"') attorney's fees 
and lh>- costs and disbursements allowed by law, aline 
front door of the Post OfBee, in Winnebago City, 
Faribault County, .Minnesnta, on Saturd.iy, the .Mb 
day of February', A. D. I"5i0, at 10 o'clock hi the 
forenoon of lliat day. 

Dated Wiiintbajio City, Minn., Dec. 22d, tx'iO. 


BiX-'w Morlpagee. 

Female Irregularitie.'.. 
Sold bv all Dealers. 

Liver Complaints, Ac. 



In Winnebago City, casks of all will befound 
constantly on hand. KKPAIUING done at 
short notice. Cash paid for staves and biy" 
poles. Cooper Shop in the back part of the^J 
Log Tavern. 

F. 11. WEHB. 
Winnebago Gity, Nov. 10, 1869. 314-lf 



St. Paul 

7:45 a m 


4:.?0 pm 


3:40 p m 

Le Sueur. 

8:30 p m 


9:00 a m 

St. Paul.. 

5:00 p m 

Le Suaur 

6:45 a m 


11:45 am 

News Iteitia. 

Typhoid fever is raging in I'tah. 
Fritures in New York City continue. 
The Mormons havel3,t^00 millitiamtn. 
Little Minnie W.tnren will soon be in heaven. 
RicoARDSos's brain weighed fifiy-fouronncet 

A'sassinations are of frequent occurrence in 

Small pox is causing considerable alarm in 


The editor of thcMantorvillei7.rpre«« goes in 
for " Free Love." 

McFarlaad. who raurdored A. D. RichaaJson, 
has been indicted. 

Step»nrc being taken Tvhich look to the wind- 
ing up of the franking privilcgo. 

A fire at ft. Charlca on the 19th in't, destroy- 
ed two hiiiid'Ugs valued at $4,000 each. 

An Engli^ proposes to prr«erTO £re*h 
meat for exportation by dipping it in fluid India 

Tbo government hn pr-id ont ^8,000,000 for 
racifio railroaJ survey.* in the last twenty-five 

Field*, the Pcnn»7lvania murderer, to ik a dose 
•f vincjrar and mola=«es to cure a sore throat 
half an hour before he was hanged. 

The EiquiinauT say : 'A man who lii^ three 
wives in this world is sure of heaven in thene^ct." 
Ho ought to find peace somewhere. 

Oen Orant will give several balls at the White 
House during the winter, in which Mr. Robeson 
is expected to take an aotive part. 

A Mi;3i3sippi steamboat clerk "stepped up 
town to g'tt a package," when the boat lou-hcd 
St some point to take on froight, and brought it 
back in the shape of a wife. 

The Sultan of T-irkey is the sen of a Circas'lan 
slave, once noted as t^ie most Plriking beauty of 
his father's harem. II:s mother, now an old wo- 
xoan, was visited by the Empress Eugenie on her 
late visit to ConiUattn^ple. 

"I wi?h yoa would not givo me such sliort 
weight for my money," said a customer to a gro- 
cer, who had an outstanding bill a^'ainst him. 
"And I wish you would not give lao such long 
scai't for mine," replied the grocer. 

A Pittsburg inventor ha? constructed a store 
for thee >n3umption of bituminous conl without 
producing smoke. The principle of the] inven- 
tion is to produce both an upward and a down- 
ward draft, mceiing in the lire and tauiing per- 
fect combustion. 

A coal mine at Stoeton, Pennsylvania, caved 
in last Saturday morning, filling the shaft with 
enorraou" masses of earth, carrying two large 
houses down with It and stopping the entrance t" 
tho mine. There wi>re several person? in the 
houses at the time, who were carried down in the 
falling ma'', and iuMantly killed. Efforts are 
beiug made to extricate tho bodies. The 
houses fell forty feet and were broken to frag- 

A farmer in Putnam county. Tnd., ha' kc].t a 

Merry Christmas. 

'•The time draws near the birth of Christ, 
Tbo inoou is hid, the nijtht is still, 
The Christmas bells from hill to hill, 
Auswcr each other in tbo mist. 

'•It was the winter wild 
AVbilc the heaven born child 

All lueanly wrajiped in the rude manger lies; 
Nature in awe to him 
lla^l dolled her gaudy trim 

With her great Master so to sympathize. 

Tlie eve of the great fes'al da,y of all Christen- 
dom is at iiand — the anniversar,v of the starry 
night when the angels sang the song of peace on 
earth and good will to men — and men again take 
nj> Ihe ;;train and send it o\cr the iiroad earth 
wherever Christianit.v is known. No depths of 
sea. no bights of mountains, no diversity of 
tongue or custom, no |>cculirtrity of sect or creed, 
separates the religious world in the celebration of 
tli»' da,v which, by common con--eiit, is fixed up- 
on as the birthday of the Foiiiiilerof the Christian 
relijr'on. In diffcreut way*, and different lan- 
gUMgc*. the great event is recalled, but the spirit 
which it brentbo.< is wnild-wide, nnd Christiniis 
Day is e\cr a day of joy aud kindly thoughts aii<l 
treneroui deed*. While its religious signification 
inaj- not alway* bo kept in mind, it* social men ii- 
iiig i? univers.illy rettiincd: and to all in Christian 
land? it come-. Viringing as<ociiitions which gath- 
er about no other jioiuf in the yearly round. The 
spirit of the day ii told in the words of the sing- 
er : 

"I l.curd the bell.' on Chri-tinas morn, 

Their old futniliar etirroJI tell, 
,\tid wild and sweet 
The words repeat 

Of pca.:e on earth, good will to men. 



None «o rich but thi»t they can find n 
?ome of their wealth in obtaining special 

ic for 

ries and tokens of remembrance to grace th 
None -o poor but that from their hardly carneil 
hoard they can procure soiiiethins, ifonly a joint 
of meat from the table, :i toy for the ctiild. or a 
bit of e.indy for the inraiit. to m.irk a ditl'crciicc 
between this and ot'iicr days, and to help make 
it a diiy of utiiver-ial rejoieitrg. 

In (lie oldconnfey the ol 1 yule log Mazes high. 
the- yew tree i^ decked with gil't-i, tlio wa-sa-l bowl 
passes 'round the gathering of families, tbc|i!uii!- 
piiddiug ba-i an honored ]>lace at tho table and 
ill the h'-avts and stomnhsof the fe:i-tcrs, and 
the Christmas season is given up lo mirth and fes- 
tivity. How it is done lot the old poet Wither 

^'*Lo ! now is come onr joy full'st feast; 

Let every man be joliy ; 
Each r-.oin with ivy teavcs is dressed, 

And every jm-t with hotly : 
Now al! our neigiibor-.' cliiinneys smoke, 

.\iid Cbii.-tiiias iilncks ate burning. 
Their oven they with smoked meats choke. 

And all their spits arc turning. 

Miihoiit the door let sorrow lie, 

And if. for cold, it hap to die. 

We'll bury it in Christmas pie. 
And over more be merry." 

In our own land, modified at first by Puritan 
I strictnc.--i. and binited too. by our more practical 
I and work-a-day habits, the season is not so en- 
tirely devoted to Icii^ting and "caroa-ing," but 
j in amore soherand I'crhaps not less enjoyable 
I va^'. it is a time when ol I friend-'hips are renew- 
t ed around a eotnuion tuiil". gills are given, 
churches are decked with evergreens and rewound 
with carol and the voice of praise, the poor are 
i remembered and mado happy, scattered families 
I are united, children arc rendered frantic with the 
joy of will-iilled .'lockings, business softens its 
roiir, even ncwsjiayicr men have a day to them- 
seltcs, and the cares of life are driven away as 
far a general dis)>osition to forget the sail and re- 
; member only the joyful ean .send them. Of the 
four nationill holidays this is tbo happiest and 
doc the most to jirouiote the generous thoughts 
and kindly deed'. How many a '•.Scrooge." 
whose miserly old heart is locked as tight as his 
money chest during the year, finds himself re- 
lenting towards his poor relations, anil astonish- 

Default having heen made In Ihe conditions of a cer- 
tain mortg;ige dated the "th day or ScptemlRT, A. D. 
Istis, executed by Henry l^miue and Kllen Lai|Ue his 
wife, of Faribauit County, ."<ljte of Minnesota, parlies of 
Ihe tiraJ part, to David 1'. Was;4atl, of Hancock County. 
State Ol Ma'ne, party of the second part, by the failure 
of said inortfagors or either of them lo pay the sum of 
two hundre<l and sixteen dollars and thirty-three Cents, 
(f •2ir>.:«), which amount is claimed to be due thereon for 
principal and interest at the ilate of this notice, beside 
the fiir!liersum of twenty-live dollars, (♦.;.■'), stipulated 
as Hitorney's fee, to be paid In case ol foreclosure, 
which saiii morlgape was recorded on the Vith day of 
September, \ D. IMV'', at 5 o'dotk p. m., in the oflice 
of Uie Kegi-'fer of Deeds, in said FarilAuU County, m 
book I, of Mortgages, on page .'>»■', and no action or 
proceeding al law has been i'ls'ituled to recover the deU 
secur-d bv said mortgage, or any pari thereof; now, 
therefore, in pursuance and by virtue of the jiower of 
Siile contained in siid mortgage, »nd of the statutes iu 
siic-h case made and proviiled. notice is hereby given, 
that the said mortgage will t>e foreclosed, and the land 
and premises therein described, viz.: All thai tract or 
parcel of land lying and being in the ciunty of Fari- 
bault, and State of Minnesota, described as follows, to- 
wit : The west half of the southwest iinarter of section 
number one ( 1 ), in township number one hundred ai d 
three I in:!) north, of ringe number twenty-seven {■I'i) 
west, containing eighty l">0) seres, aecording lo Kovern- 
menl survey, legether with all Ihe hertditamsnls and 
appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise ap- 
perlainiitg, will be sold at public sale, lo the highest 
bidder, for cash, lo satisfy and pay the said debt and 
iniertsi and the twenty five dollars (♦'i'l) attorney's fees 
and the costs and disbursements allowed l)y law, al the 
front door of the Post Ollice, in the village of Winnetja- 
go City, ("iiunty of Fariliault, and .-'late of Minnesota, 
on Tliiirs<l:iy. the l:itli day . f .lanuary, .\. D. IsTO, at 
Itl o'clock in Ihe forenoon of that day. 

Dated, Winnebago Cily, Minn.. Dec. 1, 1m'>9. 


Sl>-7w Mortgagee. 

DRI G!^ ! 

Winnebago City and Waseca 


Loaves JTinnebago, erery day except Saturdays. 
Leaves Waseca, every dav except Mondays. 

This route lies through WILTON, MIN.VESOTA 

Passengers by this Dtw aud popular route will save 
TAVKXTY .MILKS of triivel, and money, and will ride 
only in the day-time, going through in ONK day. 

THOMAS GKOROK, Proprietor. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 18th, 1868, 264lf 

E. P. Kecdham & Son and B. Shoninger & Co.'s 

Manufacturers and Importers of 


> — f69 Waddagton Str., 

} -WJ^iaEI&OO^^S 1 CHICAGO. 

Eastern Express. 

Leave 8t. Paul 7:45 am. Ar. 8t. Paul 7:10 p m. 
Owatonna & Hastinc* Accommadation. 

Leave St. Paul 3:30 pm, Ar. St. Paul lljloam. 

Trains on this road make close connections 
Mendota with trains on Milwaukee and St. Paul 
Railroad tor Minneapoli«, Owatonna, Winona 
and all points South and East, and at bt Puter 
with Minnesota Stage Company's line of t^tagen 
for Now Ulm, and at Mankato all points West 
and Southwest. 

Tickets can be procured at the Union Ticket 

OflBce, corner Third and Jackson streets, aud at 

the depot. West St. Paul. 



J. C. BoTOEf General Ticket Ajent. 2S3tf 



650 Broadway, 

VINEGAR— How made in 10 hours 
Drugs. For circulars, addres, L 
Vinegar works, Cromwell, Conn. 

320 w 4 


WE have opened a shop on Blue Earth Ave- 
nue, for all kinds of blacksmithing. wagon 
repairing, Ac, and will be found constantly on 
hand and ready to ac.ommodatc our customers. 
Attention is called to tho following prices: 
Horse shoeing, per span, ----- $4 00 

New Shoe, --------- 50 

Setting Shoe, -- - 20 

We guarantee entire .satisfaction to all who may 
patronize us. CLOSSICK 4 SMITH. 

Witnebago City, June 23d, 1869. 

Winnebago City <fe Jackson 


Leares Winnebago C ty every Fri Jay at 3 o'clock 

p.m., and arrives at Jackson at 6 o'clock p.m. 

every Saturday. 

I Leaves Jackson every Monday at 6 o'clock a.m., 

andarrives at Wiinebago City at ito'docka. 

1 m. every Tuesday making close conuection 

] with tlic Mankato stage- 

i Passengers by this route pass through Waver- 
ly, Horrieon, .May, and Walnut grove, aud ride 
only in the day-time. 

W. OP ANT. Proprietor 
Winnebago City, July 14th, 1SC9. 29Str 

rpHE MAGIC COMB will change any colored 
A. hair or beared to a permanent black or brown 
It contains NO POI^ ON. Any one can use it 
One sent by mail for $1.00. ddress MAGIC 
COMB CO., Springfield, .Mass. 320m3 

>/Lips. Ac, cured at once by the use of Hege- 
man'g camphor Ice with Glycerine, keeps the 
bands soft .n the coldest weather, ."-ee that you 
get the Genuine. Sold by Druggists. Price, 
25 cts per box ; sent by mail for 30 cents. 

HEGEMAN & Co, N Y. P. 0. Box 2228. 


01 AAA MONTH SAI,A .. . liJ tuK 
OlUU Agents, .nalo and lem..!e : bu»lnes^ 
permanent. Enclose So stamp. Van Allen 4 Co-. 
171 Broadway, N. Y. 3-^*4 


AGENTS W AIM liiu. Newest and gr'^ 
inv ntion out— the New Self-adjusti p 
Guides, for. filling Pan'S, Ro n-, - 
abouts. ^nd La dies Dresses. 
every household. Address KA ViStV 4 b^OTT 
Pittsburg, Pa. ^^°^ '' 

""Farmer's helper 


« f 1 ^ ^ f 

Shows how to douMe the profits of the farm 
and how farmer's and their sons can each mak 
flOO per month in winter. 10 000 copies wil 
be mailed free to farmers. Send nam.- and ad 
dress to ZEIQLER, McCURDY 4 CO., 
316 4w Chicago. Ill- 



prepared to furnish all classes with een*taat em- 
ployment at home, the whole of the time or for 

the spare moments. Business new. light and tt t x' t"" 

profitable. Persons ol either sex ea«ily earn K ^ J X T 1 N G MA C H I r^ L 
from 50c to $5 per evening, and a proportional i 
sum by devoting tbcir whole time to the busi 

uess. Boys and girls earn nearly as much us 
men. That all who see this not'ce may send 
their address, »i'd lest the business, we make 
this unparalleled offer : To such as are not well 
satisfied we will send $1 to pay for tho trouble 
of writing. Full particulars, a valuable sample, 
which wil! do to commence work on, and a copy 
of the I'eofjle's Literitry Companion — one of he 
largest and best family newspapers published — 
all sent free by mail. Reader, if you want 
permanent, profi'able work, address E. C. AL- 
LEN A CO., Augusta, Maine. 3lfi-13w 



t. *. 


3Iaiikato, 31iiiii., 




PAINTS, cfec 

Stock always full, and custom- 
ers can at all tinie.--^ be turni.slied 
with anything in the Drug line. 

Front Stieet, 2d deor above Record offi>e. 



Are pr€ pared to store 

.50,000 BUSHELS OF GPvAlN 

On reasonable terms. 

Apply at Higgin's store building, Front street, 
Mankato. They also keep the cele- 





Horics to let al all In urs, day or night. Horses to 
s>ll or excli»n(;e. 

Cash r*"'' for oati, corn and hay. Oals, corn, hay 
and .*t:itiliii); nt rensonable rales. 

Oflioe in Whincbigo City Hotel, and Stable In Ihe 

Winnebago City, Dec. S, 1SC9. 819-tf 


That the Mason 4 Hamlin Cabinet and Met- 
ropolitan Organs are the best in the world is 
proved by the almost unanimous opinion of pro ' 
fessional luufcicians, by the award to them of i 
seventy-live gold and silv.r medals or other ■ 
highest prewiuius. at principal industrial com- 
petitions within a few years, including the med- 
al at the Paris Exposition, and iiy a sale very 
much greater than that of any similar instru 
ment. This Company manulncture only first | 
class instruments, and will not make "cheap 
organs" at any priea. or suffer an inferior instru- 
ment to bear their name, ilaving greatly in- 
creased their facilities for uianuf'act ire, by the 
intnxiuetion of new machinery and otherwise, 
they arc now making better organs than ever be- 
fore, at increased economy in cost, which, in 
accordance with their fixed policy of .selling al- 
ways at least remunerative profit, they are now 
offering at prices of inferior work. Four oetave 
organs. Pla n Walnut Cases, $.50. Five oc- 
tave organs, Double Reod. Solid Valnut Cases, 
earned and paneled, with five stops (Viola. Dia- 
pason, Melodia, Flute, Tremulant), $125. Olh 
er styles in proportion. 

Circulars, with full particulars, including ac- 
curate drawings of the different styles ol organs 
and much .nformation which will be of service 
to every purcba.scr of an organ will be sent free 
aud postage paid, to any one desiring them. 

154 Tremont St. Boston; 596 B'dway, N, Y. 

Is presented to the public as the moat 


Kuiltiug Machine ever Invented. 


This .Machine will run cither backward or 
forward with ci^u^U facility. 


But far superior in every mspect. 

Will Kiiir^O.OOO Stitches JiMiimc 

Leaving cver> knot on the inside of ihc . 
It will knit a pair of stockings (any tlm) iu b .- 
than half an hour. It »*ill knii Ci.osk o> 
OiE.v, Plai.n ou RiBBku. with any kind o 
coarse or fine wnolcii yarn, or cotton, silk or li:- 
nen. It will knit srockings with double bo. 
and toe, drawers, hoods, .'-neks, smoking caps 
comforts, purses, muffs, f'ritige. ^fgb ns, nubi.i... 
undcrsleevcs. mittens, skating ejips, lump wieks 
maps, cord, undershirts, shawls, jackets, cradl. 
biKi.kets, leggins, suspenders, wristers, ti-iic- 
tippets, tufted worlf, and in fa.t an endless viirie- 
ty of articles in everyday use,a.s well as foi orua 


Can be made by any with the Amcriciit. 
Knitiing .Machine, '-.nitting st ickings, 4c.. whil. 
expert ('perators can even make morn, kniiiin).' 
faiic) wtirk. which always commands a rcad\ 
sale. A person can readi'y knit from t,vclve t. 
fifteen pairs of stockings per dsiv, the profii 
on which will be not less than forty cents pci 



p.tir of l>l.a.'k snakes in his barn several .v*ars, , ^^ j^j^^^'^^jj. ^jj,, jj^^jj^ j,y j^j^j^g ;„ ^^^■^J gatber- 
and all kinds of vermin have since entirely dis- 
appeared. Ilis cril>s and 'dn? are no more dis- 
turbed by rats and mice. They are a better pro- 
tection than a dozen cat^, and are entirely hariu- 
Kss towards chickens and domestic animals. 
The snakes employed for this are not 
th-' racers nor the --f.oftcd variety, but a short, 
thick species, of a jet black color. 

Admiral Farragut was attended duriag his ^ 
fickncss in Chicago, by Dr. Samuel S. Jonc-, Dr. ; 
Wm. C. Lyman, Dr. J. H. Rauch, Dr. Hayc, and I 
Asch, tho last of General Sheridan's staff. Since , 
bis arrival in N»w York, the Admiral has forward- 1 
•d to theoe gentlemen appropriate testimonials of 
his appreciation of their services : To Dr. Ly- I 
man, a valuable set of catheters, electro-plated i 
with goid, aud suitably inclosed and insoribcd ; i 
to Dr. Jones, a full set of test gla.-^scs for the eyes, 
and to the other physicians appropriate gifts, ac- 
companied in each case by a warm letter, and 
photographs of the Admiral and bis wife. 

A new Orleans reporter was being shown 
through the Insane Asylum the other day, when 
he eneouutercd a very pretty blue-eyed damsel, 
who at once rushed into his arms with the ex- 
clamation — "Oh! my dear hu;'oand!" The re- 
porter wished to sooth the agiUtcd feelings of the ^ 
little unfortunate, and stroked her hair caressing- 
ly, as he replied : -Why. my little dear, did 
you ihiuk I would stay away from you 7" "No," 
ehtf innocently replied, "yon always liked to kiss 
me." "But you know yon are insane, my dear." 
he said. "Yes : " she replied wearily, "tha:'s the 
reason I kiss yon !" 

A New Jersey Farmer lost his wife the other 
day. After the funeral one of bis old friends 
eame to take tea aui condole with him. The 
widower dilated upon the virtues of the deceased 
and exclaimed : "But wasn't it a beautiful fu- 
■ c«ral ?" "Yes." replied the friend, "very inter- 
esting indeed." "(Juite a crowded house, wasn't 
it, though?" asked the mourner. "Very, very ; 
quite a siiccess," groaned the friend. "Did you 
DGtica th« hymn ? wasn't it touching?" queried 
the wido»«r. "Very, very ; I jined into it with 
all my b*art," replied the guest ''Yea, and so 
did I," 8»id the bereaved man ; '•thec,;rj>«f j>ic4- 
td it out. She illere bred that bTmn." 


Keeps '"-OEtantly on Hand 


Freih and Salt DUeats. 






itigai'd his gift to their thinly hung Christmas 
tree ; how many an old feud is hea'ed under the 
genial influence of a Christmas dinner; how 
many a good resolution is fonnc<lainid the peal 
of a t'liri.-tinas Tt Vnini ; bow many an old fel- 
1..W beeomes yotirg as he hears the [>attcr of the 
children's f<ft in the early morning as they rise 
before the light lo wake the household with their 
"Merry Christmas," and to satisfy their burning j 
curiosity to know what has come for them from I 
the many whi-pered consultations of the elders 
and the mysterious packages whieli have been ; 
brought into the house and hid away from their i 
sight for the eventful morning. 1 

It" there is anybody so poor or friendless that 
the ilay docs not bring bini unusual jdeasure, be 
or the is poor indeed : if there is any one with a 
heart so shriveled ami small that he does not re- j 
joice at and <ympa!hi/.c with the spirit of the day . 
which be s.-c* all around him, he deserves to be I 
banished to the cold'^st iceberg in .Ahi-'ka and 
never more allowed to hiar of Ciiri-tmas again. | 
except in reading "Poor Robin'i-" tantalizing de- 
scription of the day. and bis somewhat indefinite 
maleiliction on such 'cnrmudgeims " as they — as 
is given in the verse written as far back as iVtyj : 

"Now thrice welcome, Christmas, which brings us 

good cheer. 
Mince pies anil plum porridge, good ale and 

strong l>«er. 
With pigs, goose and capon, the best that may 

So well doth the weather and stomachs agree. 
Observe how the ehiraneys do smoke all aboat. 
The cooks are providing for dinner, no doubt ; 
But as for curmudgeons who will not be free, 
I wish they may die on tho three-legged tree." 

— Chirai/n I'ott. 


State of .Minnesota, Faribault C'wuuty— 
In Probate Court. 

[i'prci*! S*»sii n.] 

in the matter of the Estate of WILLIAM F. ALDRICU. 
late of said county, deceased. 

ON reading and filing the petition of Louisa A. Al- 
drich, reprrsentiog that WIt.iani F. Aldrieh, late of 
•aid county, died :ntesi»te, learin,t eoods, chatiels and 
estate witfiin ■'aid county, and pravinjt that leUeri of 
adaiiaisiriiior of the estate of said WillUiu f. Aldrich, 
deceased. l)e granted to tier, the said Louisa A. Aldrich, 
and tlecTRe W. .Aldrich. 

It if ordetetJ. th»i s»icl petition be heard by the Jtidge 
of the Ccurt, on the l."iih day of January, .\. P. l^To, al 


He will pay the highest market price for 



Winnebago City, May 26, 1869. 291tf 






"Wheat advancing and Gf)od.s selling 
beldW cf>.st, fitr ca.*^!!. at the Winnebago 
City Drug Store. Call and examine 
prices before going eLsewhere. 


Carbon Oil, Elephant Oil, Linseed 
Oil and Oil Paints, White Lead, Red 
Lead, Colored Paints, &c. 


School Books, Rlank Books, Station- 
cr}', Meiuuranda Books, &c. 


I Patent Medicines of all kinds. To- 
I baeco and Cigars. Lamp Chimneys and 
j Wicks. Fancy Articles usually kept in 
City Drug Stores. 


317-tf C. J. FARLEY. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 19. 1^G9. 

Manhood : How Lost, How Re 

Jusl puhliihed. a new edition of Dr. 
,<'ulverwpil'a Celfhrated i''*><utf 
on the ni'IU:il mrf (witht-ut ii-eiiii-ine) 
of ,«H'ERMAT»»ltRII<KA, or Seminal 
Weeknrss, (nvolunl«ry S,-minal Losses, Impotency, 
j MenUlanil Phy»ieal Incapacity, Impediments to Mmr- 
I riaire.elc. ; also Consumption, Kpilepsy, am! Kiis, io- 
' dnced hy seir-indul}:ence or sexual fXtravapance. 
I C^^Hrice, in a sealed envelope, only six cents. 
' The -elebrated author, in this admi'»l>le essay, clear- . 
Iv demonstrates from a thirty years' successful praciic-, QrockerV ! ' tipS and SalJCPrJi, rlatCS, 

tSar the alai roinir consequences of self-rhuse may he ^* 7, , i .T / „ t'™^ „ -., 1 U..:no« 

, radically cored withont the dangerous use of internal j Meat l>l8bee, bWCrS aiUl naelDS- 

! medicine or the application of tt>e Wnife; pointing '^ul a | 
niotle of cure at once simple, certain and effectaal. by 

In one large Octavo Volume — Nearly 800 pages 
— Printed in English and (German. .13 Ele- 
gant Full Page Engravings. 
It embraces forty vear's recollections of his 
busy life, as n merchant, manager, banker, lec- 
turer, and 8bo».man. No book published so ac- 

Smoking and Chewing Tobacco, ' -p^„^^jv;eriU'r^^^^^ 

week. We offer extra terms and pay frieght 

West. Illustrated Catalogue and Terms to 
Agents sent free. 

J. B. BURR A 00., Pub'a, 
316 8w Hartford, Conr. 








Cash Gifts to the Amount 






h Cash Uifts, 






29 " 









300 " 



50 Elegant Rosewoc 

d Pianos 

each $300 to 700 




75 t(, 100 

Boots, Shoes, Crokery and 


Prints, DeLiines, Blencfied and 

Unbleached Cotton, 


Bats and Caps, Cloths, 


Also, Sugar, Tea. Coffee. Syrup, Molasses, Kero- 
sene and Machine Oil, «\ beat, Oa's, Flour, Ac. 

means of which everv sufferer, no matler what his con- 
1 ,i"cl.>ck In the aften.oiin of said day. at his office in ' jiti„n may be, mav cure himself cheaply, privately, and 
Blue tarth City, in said County, atwhith lime aud place RaIUCALLY.' 
aseasiun of said court will be held. I "xjjj. Lecture should be in the hands of every youth 

Ordered further herein, thai nv>tice of the time and | ^„,j pypry man in the land, 
place .'f said hearing be given lotht heir» of said deceas- gent, under sral, ir. a plain envelope, to aryaddrev, 
ed. and all oihen Inler-sted. by adTertt«ing this order ' p'^pai'd, on receipt of six cents, or two post stamps 
fi>r three we*ks «ucees»ively, prior to the day of hearing, \ ^y^ Dp' Culverwell's ''ilarriage Guide," price i5 cts, 
hi the "Free Homestfid." a weekly n-wspaper, pub- Address the Publishers, 
...,.-..._«.—.-„/..... ._..... CHAS. J.C.KLIXE ACO., 

127 Bowery, New York, P. 0. iJox 4,586 

Ushed in Winnebai^ Cii v, la said county. 
Dated Dec. 13ai,ls«9. 


»20-9w Ju Iff* Prcbat! Coar*. 


350 M;ichines, fio to 175 

500 Gold Watcbes, 75 to 300 

Casb priies, lilverware, Ac, val. at $1,000,000 

A chance lo draw any of the above prixes for 
25 cents. Tickets describing priies are sealed 
in envelopes and well mixed. On recei|»t of 
2oc a sealed ticket i> drawn, without choice, and 
sent by mail to any adilrcss. The prize named 
upon it will be delivered to the tickLt-bolder on 
rceeipt ol One Dollar. Prizes are immediately 
sent to any address by express or reiurn mail. 

You will know what your prize i» before you 
pay for it. Any prize exchan;;cd for another of 
ibe same value. No blanks. Our patrons ean 
depend on fair dealing. 

Refkrexes. — Wfe select the follow'ng from 
many who have lately drawn valuable prizes, 
and kindly permitted us to publish them : An- 
drew J. Burns, Chicago. $10,000; Miss CUra 
S. Walker Baltimore. Piano, tsOO ; James M. 
Matthews,, 15,000 ; John T. Andrews, 
Savannah t5.0«0: Miss Agnes "immons, 
Oharleston, Piano, fCOO. We publish no na>nes 
without permission. 

Opisio.-vs Of TBK Press. The firm is reliable, 
and deserve their success. — H'ee^'y Tribune, 
May 8. We know theoi to be a fair dealing 
firm.— ^'. Y. Herald May 28. A friend of oors 
drew aSoOO prize, which waa promptly received. 
Daily A'eic», June 8. 

Send for Circular. Liberal inducements to 
AgenU. Satisfaction guaranteed. Every pack- 
r r^riLTV/"^ r'T AQtiTSi Ark* age of sealed enveloj-es eortains ONE CASH 
LUUiVliNU IjLA&&±.&, <»,^m gift. Six ticket, for $1; 13 for $2; 35 for $5; 

i* 110 for f 15. Allletters should be add-esisedto 

.^ . lie-llw 195 Bwsdwsj, Ntw lark, 

Glass Lamps and Chimneys, Comet Sun Bnineri 
and Chimneys, 

Lanterns, Tumblers, Goblets, 




Can sell their wool at only forty to fifty cenlh 
per pound ; but I'y getting tlie wool made into 
yarn at a small eApeuse, and kni'ting it into 
socks, two or three dolUrs per pound can be re 

On receipt of |25 we will forward a machine 
as ordered. 

We wish to procure active AGENTS in every 
section of the United .States and Canadas to 
whom the most liberal induce nents will be offer- 
ed. Address American Knitting Machine Oo. 
Boston, Mass., or St. Lonls Wo. 


A j»entleman who suffered for years from Nervous De- 
bililv. Premature Decay, and all the elfects of youthful 
indi.^cretion. will, for the sake of gufferinif humanity, 
send free to all who need it. the reeeipt and directions 
for mas 'mg the simple remedy hy wliirh he was cured. 
Bufferers wishing to profii by Ihe advertisei '» experience 
ean ilo so by addressing, wltlii>erfecl MjnBdcnce, .lOUN 
a. OGDK.N, 5o. 42 Cedar 81., New Vcrk. 81S-ly 


The advertiser, having l)eco restored to health In a 
few Weeks, by a very simple remedy, afler having suf- 
fered several years with a severe lung aiFection, and 
that dread disease, ConstMnption, is anxious to make 
known lo his fellow-slfferers the means of cure. ^^ 

T 1 all who desire it he will send a copy of the prescrip- 
tion used, (free of charge), with the directions for pre- 
paringand using the same, which they will find a 
cure for Consumption, A8lt>ma, Bronchilis, etc. The 
object of the advertiser in sending the Prescription Is to 
ben'fif Ihe afflicled, and spread information which he 
conceives to be invaluable ; and lie hopes every stifferer 
will try his remedy, as it will cost nothing, and may 
prove a blessing. Parties wishing the pre>«ription will 
please address Rev. EDWAItD A. WILSON, Williarar- 
burg. Kings County, New York. 815-1/ 







THE Subscriber wishing to gointo the Wool- 
en business, offers his farm of 225aere8 for sale. 
There is a good House, Stable, Sheds and Gran- 
ary, and a never failing spriko or wATEn,8afi- 
cieni for household purposes and to water one 
hunfired Lead <if cattle. Between 25 and 30 acres 
of Timber. The house is surrounded with large 
.'ihade Trees, besides a Harden, containing about 
300 FRUIT TPEES, large and small. 

I will seP the above rea»onable. Inquire on 
the premises. 2 miles direct west from Winneba 
go City, or at the Woolen Mill Maikato. 


An?ust 17. l^fift. 2.M 

Sold by all Druggiits and Dealers in Medicine. 


Gen'l Agents for North-Western Statea, 



E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO., 


•fcvT«, of thmtt «*« f•*l;«•r■M^ m^mnjmtturt amd tm^wrimttrn 

3Hm ^Wlak 

r«v Tkt m tmi ••4)wu tt SuiMMa^.t Vl«»k 



Wkiu Mnslctai^ 
W«l r*la(. 

Maaiiaslli r<T*, 
r«fiir»J rark, 
Tr.Mlon F.tli. 
Orni Wnl. 




lb A1.MI, 


E^ui>4, a*., a*. 

Oar Ini^rtfd TItwt taikrau • Ur|< UMflM't, !»lad>r,f Ik* 
•kO'Ml »'•'•■'<'<><•• •' Wim EnfUnO, «. W. WilMa, Ltir;, Ka* 
•ia«r pH*u»grk^k«ra, ««t.«;at.ii| of 





CuKj., &\.i-. 

Cut to order from 
either I t a l i a k or 
A M E R I c a \ marble. 
and set op in goo<I 
taste Mr. J. M. 8ul- 
litan is our practical d«- 
figoer, and all orders are 
filled according lo specifi 
atirns. Y, however, the 
taste of Mr. Sulliv m is con- 
sulted, the designs are guar- 
anteed to be unir|ae. Tbe 
work recommends inelt Or- 
ders from a distance promptly 
at'ended to. 

FIsh'T & Sullivan. 

June Oth, 1869. 293 

• wItMTluS. 







Vr •.•Hl»a, 






The only line fanning THROUGH TRAINS 



Making this the most Comfortable, Expeditioui 
and Only Direct Route to 

Cleveland, Erie, Dankirk, Buffalo — 



p^kW the principal Railways of the North- 
west and Sonthwest conaect at Chicayo with tbo 
Four Daily Express Trains, leaving Chicago 7:40 
A. M., 11:30 A. M., 5:15 P. M.. anc 9:00 P. M. 

Blecuit Drawins Boom Coacbe« 

OnDay Express Trains between Chicago, Tole- 
do and Buffalo. 


And has Palace Sleeping Coaches Attached, 

Run n'g Through to New York — 


Passengers Tor Detroit, and all points in Cana ■ 
da, and those for Ohio, Penuiylvauia, Scto Yot k 
and iVeio England, should purchase tickets via 
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern liailicny, 
which are on sale at all principal Railwa}* Ticket 
0£Bces, and at tbe Company's Office, 

Ko. 60, Clark Street, Cliicago. 

F. E. MORSE, Gen'l Pass. Agt., 
OTIS KIMBALL. Gen'l Sup't, Chicago. 

271 -yl Cleveland, 0. 




Is the only perfected an<! 

K scienlifically |irej»arc I 

prepar.nlion of its kit. I 

I ever offeretl to the jmljlic, 

and Las no coiiiptlilot' 

I. ' 

jin merit. Dy il.-i u.->o 
GRAY ILMH is fouu 
restored to its ori;^iii;il 
youthful color and bril- 
liiancy, which is so mucli 

ORIGINAL'"'!""''';^ ^l "".• "^""T" 

nn I whose hair latlim orlmlmi^ 

uULUn, 'out will, by the use of our 

PROMOTES ltenewer,80on .see its good 

Tmq jeffects, as, by its tonic and 

stimulating propeiti(-'s llio 

hair gl.tnd.^ will be inciu-d 

and the hair grow thiilc 

andstrong.tgiiin. Incasci 

orLDniJUi a new growth unless llit? 

DRESSING. ■f"ll''«l<^8 are destroyed. It 

fTDy lis cooling, and allars all 

n W r jitcliing and irritation of 

^"" jthescalp. Itdoesnotstaiii 

the skin as do dyes, but 

makes the scalj) while and 

mnTn7Tiii^^e«n- AsaDUESSLNG 

InlULLn it is the best and most 

UP economical preparation in 

i|»Iir jthe world, aa its eflctls 

•PHIW jJ^t^"o™'*ch longer. Send 

^^^" Ifor our Treatise on tho 

LOCKS! hair, free to all, by mail. 




AMVlwIlaWaoIr lutmatlu xrlM. Alw. IKsBinMi >ii<f Txrrra. 
fwit Vi«w». I* fn%\ ••rl«<r W» •'• •!•• »f »l«»i»« Ar"!" i« « i"*' '• 

Ut -re»iir.«"» uLAiMi "irws." •f wkitk w« b»»i • .[ .i 4 

^••rtnMat AfvBI, for Frltli', 8»rir« Af S I 4 B S ) 3 li' ri.' 1'.(r»; • ;• 
VWv, Id ■vilvrlaM, lh« tA^mr. tuflanA. arMlu^, W>lr«, tt* 

•TF.BEOflCorKa. — W* »A*«fs«t«r* very Urf*!,. %m^ V\v\ • .» f, 
deck •i th* u*t Hfim At tW t amm l rmm. 

PROTOOKArHIC ALaraS.— 0«r Maaaf>rt«r< •< Albaai* '• "'l 
kaawa UfMfkaM tka caaauy •• aayariM !• ful'V *»* kaaaiT x •* 

AH f Mil an mnU la tm an r«««^. u4 —r ty%m ar. t^tkrmn 
#•■ lk>M af aaf alkrr na>«r Barara aka«lA aal (a.l u aaa •«* 
MMk k*(ai« ■*>!■( (kwr ^r<kaaaa. 

» ■ 


TWw kaaatIM sl<t*r>^ U>a< laaan t. MaManr'ak*' />.« ••• 

4mm 0,1 fmtmimn, al a*a l»alk o«i, wt -rpari '.a'f < '"-■ 
farta. U»to«. aartia, V.a*M sa« Eaa*. u4 aan>lr tk. Iran' ai ika 

"e. ft H. T. AVTHOKT ft CO., 
BOl Bboaowat, X. T., 
•■4 ICaBaTn ef Plwil08sa{ibio Xtaterials. 





Chaap far wah. 

1^ OTICF. 

Wb'erear, my wife Jane Brelsford. has left my 
bed and board witbont just cause or provnca 
tion, all peraona ara hereby notified not to trust 
or harbor bar oa my aceonnt, as I will pay ao 
debts of her contract! nf;. 


]ffM«»n, Xor. 6th, \U9. 







"PRP PRTTT TTrkVTTr'ilTF A Ti Tl^- J P hcmes. physician and suroj.on. 

**■■**-' C rVTj Ci Il'^.Yl EiO X r-jxXl^. X-r oaice in No. i. New Block, up i»air«. Re»i.tfnc« 

C A. H(>rCHKIS»>, toiroR. 

ADVERTisinra rates. 

Ap«c1 tl not*cc* In rea-Drg cMara'r^, •'•n cent* p»T lint 
L<r (h9 Ilrit IdmrIod, aad fit* ocnti per Uac for eiich 
M'><«<|«.nt Iiiserlloa. 

A'tv>>rtI<pro«otf ccupyljif one Snch of apace, Inserti'd 
one we-ik. foT one dollar .' On* column, one year, e'-ichly 
dolUra. Oilier aJvcrti^emcat) in prop .rtion. 


orner of Welch and Clf»eland Strrrti. WinDcbwi:" City, 
M:oD. Day call.i atttodrd fi'uiu Uie oUicc. Nij^bt calU 
from hl« fkiJencp. 

Offlca d;iy*— d*iunlar«. 2Mtf 


blank-*. ii.-n'Iy priuteJ, and for salo at the 
il >:uratenti Ot*ic<>. 


Arrival and Depart ar« of Mails. 

8 P. M. 

8 A. M. 

Attorop.v an. I Coiinselor kI Law in Winnebago 


Blue EaiUi Citjr, 

Mankato. - - - 8 A.M. 

Blue Earth City, • • - 8 P. M. 


7 P. M 
7 P. M. 


Waseca— Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 
nM*->l.rc.tit,'b,.!il the :Mate. ir4tf J»ekion— Tueaday, 



• Tfl 


. Waieca— Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 
AltH-rt Lea — Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 
Tenhaisen — Tuesday, Saturday. 
M.-ink-V-O, Nrnnesota. itrcplc are kow ofTered to all who may Jackion— Friday, 

"V fISClI. LCMBKRMyRCUAXt, 0X2 DOOR BE- The commodious brirk duelling of 0. P. Chubb. In 
•*-^ • low Shaubuia, ralrtnont, has been op»r.ed to the trarellnif public, and 

7 P. 
11 A. 


7 A. 
7 A. 

6 A. 


No. b cook-itoves furoished cmnpivto for $23, 
at the llardwaro Store in Winnvbagu City. 

Vox PoPi-M.i. — The voice tf the Penple is 
unanimoa8 in praine of one iL iig at iuast, that 
is Morse's Indian Root Pills, ;ind it is well de- 
served. The l»f«t reuieily in llio wurlJ for al- 
most all diseases that utUioC the bunian race, 
they act direutljr on the bio id, stoiuacli and 
bowels. Keep your blood puie by nn uccu^ion- 
al doge of these Pills and you ivill not bu sick. 
Tbe blood is thn life, keep it pure by using the medicine that will eoini letoly cleanro it, 
Morse's Indian Root Pillf. Uno the >lorse'8 
Pills in all casesof BiUontne.'<8, Liver Complaint, 
Keinale Irregularities, IleaJii.che, ladigosliuu, 
Ac. Sold by all dealcfii. 

— • , wi';)i to avail themselves ufltit ho»pitalitirs 


Whlesale and Retail. 

Stkawiiruuics iM> CiiKAM — Wno does not 
1 P. M. I love them? E»ery one shoulil have a strawbcr- 
To Insure mailing matter. It should be In the office half j ry bod. C. L. Smith, of Walnut Lake Nursery, 
an hour before departure time. | will toui\ by mail, prepaid, eh lice plants of WiU 


^-'' Maker. Shop next do .rto Kictutrdfon's. 

PHrlicuiar attiutiun paid tu repairing clocks. 


* at the shop or 


On Blur Earth .Vrenne. BatUfitctiou guaranteed. 

^*- finest, nioDt pirasing and costly Parlor Engravltig 
ever published in America presented as a prtuiiau to 
each subscriber. 



flTUEELfift RICE A C0>., 


Rod and Mould-Board 

Demonst's Illustrated Monthly. Breaking PIoWS 

T r. WINSillP. 




A Magaime of Practical Utility 


M.inkato, Minnesota. 1 lyoNDt.r.fUL INVENTION. 

Chnrch Directory. 

TRv 3. SMITH. BnoKsKLLKi .\ND ST.kTiONER, q,j^ Monlton. Winnebaffo City, .^inn 

■^ Oni: door south of Hevisir .jmce. "• 

a97Tl .Mankato, M'.nnesota. 

For The American Itutton-llole. Over-Seeming bnd 

*' „ ^"noDiST.— Services every Sabbath morning. In (he | grown. 50 ocnts per dozen, $-1.00 per hundred, 

Bapast Church, at lu:30 o^clock. ^ ^^ ^^^^ j ^^S. 00 per thousand. Good s |ron,, new plant., 

1" _ ^ , „ . .. .^ I earefullv packed 111 rao."S. with lull dircctiODJ how 

son's Albany, Criiufon t'anc, Great Austin, Shak- 1" 'he Household, a Mirror of the Fashions, and a Lite, 
er, <tc.. at 30 cents per doicn, or $2. 00 per bun- : "■*'> Conservaior oi Surpassing Inicrett and 
dred ; Loniiinv's Wliite, fine.«t white struwberry 

C W •»EvRLF:"' WHuLF3\LE and rFTAIL '*'«''''"« ^"chine The tlrst and only Button-Hole Mak- CoNOREfi.*TioxAi.fST.— .■Services every Sabbath morn- | 

^- Dealer in Crockery a^-d Glassware. Front St '"5 »"'' dewing .Machine cmhined, in the world. It big, in the Ulgh School building, at 10:W» o'clock. | 

Mankato, Minn. .SlS-tf ' does more workthau any otlier machine ever Invented. Ucv. J. D. TODD, Pastor. I 

- — - — ^ ' 26311 I U.Mos. — Prayer Meetin)f, Wednesday evenings, In the 

BROCKWaY BROS EATING HOUSE AND CON- ! — I Baptist Church] at 7 o'clock. ,. , 

f.-ctiouery, i QN 1'HE ARRIVAL OF THE CARS, we shall be pre I Sabbath School every Sunday morning, immediately I 

to plant and cultivate tbetu 

Artistic Excellence. 

"List to the echo, hall the sound, 

From eruiy ([Uarter, lo ! It comes : 
A Magaxinc of worth is found, 
Exaltiug both our taste and homes." 



M;-.akato, Minnesota. 

• Ims, C: 


rockery. Glass and Wooden W«re. 

Mankat", Minnesota. 


907 vl 

:>g connected. 


Mankato, Minnesota. 

pared to open a 5tock of 

FLRM'ILKIC, &c.,6ic., 

.Vt tVePs, to supply the dnu.iiid, lx)th wholesale and 
retail. Respectfully, 

Whole.^le and Retail Dealer in Furniture, ileibling, ke. 
Also, L'nertakcrs, Hot tf Austin, Miuu. 

after preaching. 



We have for sale, at a great bargain, four 

•^'*- Blacksmithing, 
397yl Mankato. Minnesota. 

•''■•• tiiry Public. 

Mankato, 5Iinn. 


Winnebago City, Minnesota. 

E. G. A A. P. COLLINS, Propiietors. 

hundred pounds of Long I 

is almost new, and the balance 

For particulars, address the Frkk IIomkstkai). 

THE USEFUL In Demorest's Monthly comprises the 
Fish, Crackers and Oyster*, nt Richardson's. Utilities of Faihioii<i in Ladies' and Children's daess, 

. Ineluding fnll size Fashionable Patterns, colored Stettl 
' : Plates, etc.; Gardening, t)oth useful and ornamental, 

M' l.Tu,W l.v P.VRVO. — There is contained in adapted to Ladies ; Model Cottages, with their surround- 
Dr. Morse's Pills the principle of health. We ing* ; »nd Home .Mailers in all their departments. i 

have many thousands of testimonials of their V\? ENTERTAINING coropiises Original StorUs ; 
niivin.' restored the sick tohfalth- which can »'"» 'oe"'» by the best authors. Spicy Items, Talks to ^„„tgj ,„ gpour in an} kind of iOll, and 
blTe; ITr oflScI^' Use";:.''Mors;.J?ndUn l^iXu^a^i?.ric\-;::he'^i':";L^^^^^^^ | ^-'lo-d b, » process knoit, only to onr.elve. 

RiM>t Pills and you will find them not only a! THE BEAUTIFUL lomprises numerous Hiustratlons, 
curative of disease but also a preventative. — In the highest style of art, printed on the finest calen 

Crossing Plows 

•rimer. One half of it I They should be used in all cases of Hiliousness, '}"'"^ paper, in the best manner got up in a style to 

,,-',, T- r> 1 • .„ !:;< i r i • form a splendid volums for binding at the end of the 

mce is good for year.-.. I Headache, Liver Complaints, ];eina!e Irrc«ulHri- y,^,_ ,„j .uogeth.r. a monthly visitor that no lady of 




^of^Cigars and Tobacco. M..nk,to. Minn. gHERIDAS J. ABBOTT, 


^-^ er in Dry Goods. . •' 

997yl Mankato, Minn. Notnry Public and Convojuncer. 

- — ■ • Particular attention paid to the CoUec- 

TV'M. L. COON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, COLLECT- . ^^ , , ' . _ 

* '' ing Agent aiid Notary Public, '"■"« ".' -t^ttts ami Payment of Inxet. 

"if*^^ Mankato, M.nn. ^^^^ BUSINESS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. 

I Winnebago City, Minn., Aug. 30, 1868. 

: 25:uf 

A bad debt — the owing of a grudge. 
' Ladies wear so rouob false hair with their own ! c* 
Excellent accommodations, a d charges m jd- ' j,,jjj ^ j^ difBcult to tell which is switoh.- i/osfon 

Stages leave this House for all j^oia's. 237 tf j i^<*^^<^'^'>- 
The night train on the Minnesota Central 

ties Ac. We make no secretoT the formula from taste or economical housewife can be without. 

whi'^h this medicine is prepared. Ask your! Yearly subscription, only ♦a. W), with the finest, larg- 

storekeeper for ihe Oioeta Almanac, read it «»». a"d most pleasing engraving ever finished In Amer- 

caref ullv. Use Morse's Pills. Sold by all deal- v'-.^'i'* 'f'j?,!^ "°V'' *'"' *"""*f '"^''^ ^^1'^'? °"ik *" . Manufactured entirely of iron and stctl. 
•^ •' , *ourih of July,"given as apremlum to eachsubscrlber, I 

'" and splendid preuilam^or c'Ubs. Address 



When sent by mail, the postage on ths engraving, tea 
cents, must be included. 
Specimen copies of the Magazine, wllh circulars, mall- 

Railroad has been discontinued during the win- 

GitEAT Distribution. — The Metropolitan Gift 
Company h«ve made extensiro arrangements for 
their third Great Annual Dist ribut-on.und their ' ed f."e, on receipt of fifteeucenis.' 

To conceal bad teeth, keep your mouth shnt. 

list numbers cash an<l other g^fts to the amount rpnE BEST IN THE WORLD. 

ofnearly a million of dollars, among them are | ^^^ gdEXTIFC AMERICAN. 

five hundred and seventy cash gift><, ranging ' 

A gentleman who ba.<i ju«t come over the line, , f^^^ ^^^ hundred to twenty thousand dollars 
of the .Southern Minnesota Railroad, says that 


^ W. V, B. Moore, Proprietor. 

the rails are being laid at the rate of a mile a doy. 


FrnntSt., Maukato, Minn. 

Minn. Earniiure and Carpeting. Oil Clolhs and 
Curtains, Tahls Cloths and Mirrors, li^indow Shiidesand 
>lattres<<es. PicMire Frames »nil Mat-, Cord and Ta«4els. 
Agints for the Unrivalled Washer. --WOtf 


^ ' Jeweler. DcaUr ;n Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and 

'i9^t Mankato, Minn. 

Kapairlog neatly executed and wurr.inird. 

ingrefarutsneil tiirouijhoui Ihe above well- 
known house, ih<: proprietor a.^Ls a omiii.nauce of 
Public patrona;:e. Good strtblr s-cfuiMnioibUioiis are 
Couuect«d with tbe hou^e. Cbari^n u. MUrate. '.Wsif 


C. S. KIBALL, PnoPuiETon. 

Stages leave this lintel Mondays and Thurs- 
ditysfor the nearest Railto»d station, and Tues- 
days and Saturdays for the West. 

A good Livery is connecte<l with the Hotel, 
anil there uru ample accommodations for team- 
sters. 2l2tf 

To preserve your eyes, pat them in a bottle 
filled with alcohol. 

A span of horses belonging to Mr. Seth 
Wright, ran away last Saturday. They were 
stopped and capsized by the liberty pule. 

each, also, Piano.', Melodcons, f^ewing Ma- 

$1,500 Cash. FOR 18TO, $1,500 Cash. 



Of tbo most approved pattern. Also 

after being sealed are mixed and when drawn 

indiscriminately, so that the Company are not 

To get rid of red hair, hold your head for a few aware of the contents of any envelope until the 
minutes in a strong blaze of gas. 

.. „ .... „ I- /> II 1 c-1 T'jis splendidly illustrated weekly journal of ' TTTMT^17,T} \V A TtO^S 

chines, Knitting Machines, Gold and Silver Popular Science, Mechanics, Invention, Engi- ! J-i U iU L) J_jit VV XiUV±>k:) 

Watches, Silver Ware, Jewelry, Ac, Ac. Every' neering, Chemistry, Archite.'ture, Agriculture, j 

I and the kindred art.». enters itt twenty-fifth j-ear i 
ticket draws a prize, and no blanks are issued. . «„ the first of January, having a circula- I 

The tickets are each placed in envelopes, which, I ■'"° fafexceeding that of any simitar journal 
' 1 > > ^o^ published. ' 

tor. Having refaruisheil tlirouijh 



Keeps constantly on hand a complete assortment of 


Rev. J. C. Gowun, Pastor of tbe M. E. Church, 
will preach next SabbaiL morning, to the chil- 
dren, on the '-Advent of Christ." This Christ- 
mas sermon will be very interesting, ,ind we 

And hundreds of dollars worth of worsteds, being the hope that every child of suitable age. who lives 

DiviMini k- wiTiMlM vKVlt A It'tVFl Kit HAH hr-«t full line stock of Zephyr Worsted ever brouglit into ... ^ ,. ,. . ,, , 

.VKHRLK, WATtHMAh.hK » Jt.', IIA3 winnvb^-oC'tv Within traveling distance, will be present. 

• received his complete ii.cV of .Xintric-.n a-id Ira- 1" "1 " -, i. , : *^ 

_» ^ m» . .. ... ... I 1 _ 1... u. «.:.;».. ».. New and ra'jiiii 

ported Watches, Cl"cks ami J -w-bv. K.-piiring war 
ranted as rcprcscutcd. Frjut Street. •>pii"si'.'- Ibe t.'lif- 
Sou House. 'if>Mf .Vlaukato Miun, 

rj W. MCKPHT A (O., 

D'aU-rs la 



Particular aiieuiiun |>aid t" .Mii'ic Or>ters. 

ionabn- Goods received by express every 
Week. Store on .Main St., ne Illy opposite the Collins 
House. 914-U ' 

The editorial Department of the Scientific ] 
American is very ably conducted, and some of 
the most popular writers in this country and 
Europe, are contributors. Every nuirberhasIC i 
imperial page-', embellished with fine Engrav- I 
ings of Machinery, New Inventions. Tools fori 
the Workshop, Farm and Household, Engineer- 
ing Work.", Dwelling liousc.o, public Buildings, 
A journal of so inach intrinsic value, at the 
- , ,, , J , , . . . low price of S3 a year, ought to have, in this i 

five dollars ; one hundred and ten for fifteen do)- thriving country, a million reader.' 

ticket is returned to them. These tickets are 
so'd for twenty-five cents each, or six for one 
doUar, thirteen for two dollarii'; thirty -five for 


r\ NOTKMAN.M.D . PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. | and other high places. 

*-^* Will aiteiiil lo cills promptly. In Winnebago City 
' and turrounilin-^counirv. Dr. N. has had twentv vears ,, _ 

ev|,erie .cein loctl. general, and liospiul practice! and .MARTl.t CoCMTr HAS Jlo PaPEK. — Col. LounS- 

^ lately bad cl.aj-ce of a Hygienic ln,:iiute for the treat ^ has recently concluded arrangements 

). nient of chronic diseas»;s. He is iherefore prepared to ■' " 

j treat Oat.irrh, iinmchiiis. ."*profu!H, Rheumatism, Pro- . whereby he will, in a few days, remove his Atla* 

I lapois fieri, .Vvuraliria, Sick Headache, Liver Com- ,. « . • tc i- /-. > . »ir ,. .. • 

I plaint, l)lpbiheiia,CuM Hands .ind Feet, Nervous De f"" Fairmont, Martin County, to Uells thi.. 

lars. As soon a» you receive a ticket, you en- 
close it with one dollar to tbe company, and 

To keep your name up, write it frequently on ''•»'^f«''" '1^« ''^^^ket calls for i.. immediatelv Jor- 
the dome of the oapitaI> the state-house steeple, i warded to you. Tbe company are aware that 

their success wholly depends upon their dealing 


GltlKP.KF. .t i;ii(>TIIh:i{. 

wljol--s:i!e and retail dealers in 


Lealilir, I'liitiiijj; , .•^li'n-iuak'jrs' f ool.«, etc. 

Froiil »*trect. 
Opposite tbf Po?t Office, M.iiikutn, .Minn. 

i.tlii>, Cam Kit:., Kkvkk S.iKfc.-, and all Blood and Skin county. This removal will be a severe disap- 

; Di.eares, with a success far In ad\ aiice of the ordinary 
physician who has i.evcruiadi a speciality of this class P Jin »uient to many Martin County men who 

. otdlsea«.s. «, . , ^ , ., , ' are i.roud ol their paper, but as it will doubtless ' plainly »<lJ'"essed, Metropolitun Gift Company, 

AH co-iniunli-ations eonflilentlal. Consnitatlon tree. i r > ^ » i- .> » 

Oinc- at Ur. K..rley's DiugS'ore. Residence at Kim- . be of financial advantage to tbe Col. to make I Nos, 193 and 195 Broadway, Xew York. 
; h«;V OIHcedavs, Friday, of each week. 306 '. . , i i .i . 

' the chinge. we cannot do else than congrata- >.. , 

- - — ^^ — .- — — . — . • ■ - — — . ** vlj -nOX 

ARKET. , late him on the change. i 

honorably with their customer?, and having this !!'"' •'^ficntific American are the most Extensive 

° I Patent .Solicitors in the world, and have un- 

fact in view they strive to pkuse all who fuvor I equaled facilities for gathering a complete 
^. ... ,, . . ,-,. , , . knowledge of the progress of In\ention and 

them with their patronage. <-Tcnlars contain- I i>i,eovery throughout the w .rld : and with a 
ing reft renoes and highly favorable notices o.' i ^ '»-■'''" """"k the <|uarter of a century, during 

which this journ* ha.<< held the first place in 
the press are sent free to all. Letters should be | Sclentitlc ard mechanical Literature, the Pub- 
lishers will issue on Januaiy first, the large and 

Whoever reads the Scientific American is en- j 
tertained and instructed, without being bothered Manufactured from Eastern timber, 
with hard words or dry detail.s. 

journ;»l is of special value, as it contains a week- 
ly report of all Potants issued at Washington, ' 

with copious notices of the leading American i ALL KINDS OF JOBBING DONE 
and European inventions. The j-ublii^hcrs of 

f>T«l'<f o/iTii" 1 nfT "''PT/N'v To produce a fair complection, go to sea in a Trail 

nLhr, rOKIv and ML iIOjs „,.',, » . ■ .k « , , » . ' 

' , crazy old boat, and the first gale you get into, 

splendid Steel Engraving, by John Sartain, of 
Philadelphia, entitled : 


The jilate costing nearly $4,000 to cn<irave. and 


Winnebago Oity, Minn., Feb. l?th, ISCP. 



Aftcroarofolinvestigntion by competent judges 
it h»s been fully and fairly decided that tho best 
place to purchase 


B.Mjorr irorsK, 

Comer of St loml •imi C/ttrr}j St\i 

M VNK i lo, .Mi.\Ni;.-<>r.\. 

L.QBAROrT. - Proprietor. 

/Iliii:! ai...\ •-• li..ii-.-, jii" coi:ij '-r'ed .i!id rorni«h 

1. ad new Ihrou/iiout. is opened to the public. , 
Ai'c.iiniiiodalions iiosarpas>ed by any pu'di^ 
lioiire iu Ibe county, aul ttrius reasouablaMl 
Variner? will xlwnys rtn.l a coinfirtaldo b»rn, < S* 
t'lenty of ^ fc<.d, aud the best of care for their : 

are now t'ors.ilcat Peirce's market in Winnebago 
Gity. one door ea-t ol' the I'ost dtH'-e. anil will 
be sold at very low prices. (^H.-itinucrs in and 
out of town supplied at low fl;;i.i .-. 

Winnebago City; Minn., i. 3. isos. 


your face will become white. 

'•."r.E Proverbs iii, 27, 23. — Such was the la- 



PoMPKV. — H.i! Scipio Jistdiink? 
.'^illMO. — Idu.^t." Uuhar.l III. 

bel on a recent number of tbe Concord (N. II.) 

liidfptndtHl D'initrrnt, which was addressed to 

one of tbe principal merchants of Winnebago S and 9 blk 4 Winnebago City. 

City whu happened to be in rrrears to that jour- Frank Deudon to (i K .Moulto i Q D of lot 

nal. The worthy man of cloth immediately bl'^l-' »> Easton's Ad to Winnebago City. 



Maiiul.i'-turer and Dealer in 


of every vanety. 

JH I ••» y V I :• \ A X L'Xi 

j lifitanrant tnul Sulooii. 

j OppoMte tJa; COLLINS HOUSE, Winnebago City. 

I Wioep, Li(|Qors aad Cii'urs. 

; C-.:-'.?^a. O'A C', and liabir.a. 

, Fresh Oysters served in »«wy style, and for 

I sale by tbe Can or keg. 

Gfntlrincv, I heep yoml Liqnort. 
Winnebago City. Dec. 'J. l>r.S. 26Ttf 

ti K Moulton to Frank Deudoii W D of lots C 7 


L>t J 
ii.|-i.>:.. r? A-» A .* 11-- , .... 

nal. The worthy man of cloth immediately 

made in.|nirios regarding the whereabouts of a \ J„hn" Franklin to L.vman B. Sch-velle, warran- 

bible, read with consternation the divine com- I ty deed of lots I ainl 2, Mock 9. Dow A Bow- 

mand,and immediately forwarded by P. 0, Or- ' """=* '"^'^'" '" '^'""-' ''"'^'*" ^''y- **^''- 

, ,, » f J 1 VtawV. Deiidon to (ieo. K. Mjulton, quitclaim 

der. Ihe amount of money due. .i „,i „r i .- ki,«i}^ u . • a j» . n-- 

.^j deed of lot.., block ;>, Lastoii s add n to W in- 

"* ' nebago City. $aO. 

To remove freckle, cut them out with a razor Ezra Bullard to Horace O. Ivt?, warranty deed 

and throw them away. Thev will never return. • "' "* 'f"*^'* i »*^- '^' town 103, range 26, 

j $1000. 

' Win. Walljce to Elizabeth J. Huntington, war- 
ranty deed of lot .'i, bl'k 3, Winnebago City, j 
Wm..McCullough to Hugh .McCullougb, warranty ! 

sfers of Real Estate Iu Faribault ''""'^'"^"'"'^''''"' ''''*^"^''**^'^ ""^ ^"'''^''■'""''■^'"^'■- 

Couiity. j ican Inventors. It is a Miperb work of art. , DRY GOODS 

Single ]iictiires, printed on heavy pa^er, will j ' . 

and CAPS, 

Lyman G Tracy to John Parris and Xe'son Bean I I?"'"''^'',' •'^° "'""""' ^"^ ""> ^°'-' 'ubscribing j 
W D n* .sw(|r S 25 T lo4 R 25. $1200 i ^"^ ^''® Scientific American the pajier will be 

Q K .Moui'ton to Frank Deudoii'Q C l/ of wj s«nt f'T o"c > car, together with a copy of the ^ 
nw.jrand neqr nwqr and nwor neqr S 20 T *'"8'">iving. < n receipt of ten dollars. The pic-; 
1114 H 21. *ls6y. \ '"'■'• '" "''"' offered as a pruOiium for clubs os sub- j jj- . rrtr\ 

•cribtrs. i 11 A I o 

/«~$l,50 CA.'-Il PRIZES.-fe^ 

In addition to tbe above premium, the Pub- j 
lishers will pay $1,500 iu Prizes for lists of | 




A ftill Afiorlaaat af 

Dress Goods! 

Cunaistinf of 

DaUiiiM, Poplloi, 

Tyeoon Bap*, 

Alpaeas, Merinoa, kt. 

Tojetbcrwith a full Lina *i 

QiDghams, Prints, 

Tickings, Sheetings, 
Woolens, Jeans, 

iiatinettci, Cassimerei, 

Alfw a Large ii apply of 






And all other Goods necc^.^ary to make up a full 

and complete ascnrtmcnt for town and 

country trade. 


Winnebago City, Sept. 28, 1369. 

Winter Goods ! 


Largest Stock 

(lilt Mouldings Kei>t On Hand y r. harlow. 



McMabiii & Beebe. | R^al Eslatc riLaiul AVarraiUs. 

Dealers In | WILL BUY AND .sELI. 

FIVE AXD HARD ^YOOD,To\vN a.vd Coimv Oi:deu=^ 

Pay Taxes, Examine Titles. &c. 

I I. O.orO. T. — At a meeting of .«onie of 
; the members f.f the Lodge, held in the Masonic 
IIsll, Thursday evening, a new organization was 
' eomptvted, by ekcting the following officers: 

W. C— J. C. CaldwelL 
i W. v.— Hannah Lawis. 
I R. S.— C. J. Farley. 

F. S.— Geo. Wicr. 

M — G. M. Potter. 

T. — Loretta Norton. j 

Skst. — II. C. Kincaid. 

Gr.\RD- -Julius Bailey. [ 

Tbe next meeting to be held Jan. 8th, 1870. 

BOOTS and SHOES I Ever brought into Faribault county is now in 
lisbers will pay fl,500 in Prizes for lists of the store of 

subscribers sent in by February I'J, 1870, Per- 1 

sons who want to compete for theje prizes, ; and id fact any kind of Goods, is at the Store 
should send at once for pro.sjiectus and blanks i 

for name? 

Terms fi r Scientific American, one year $.1.00 ; 
six months $1.5i» ; four mon'lis. ?;i.OO. Toclubs 
of ten and upwards, terms $2.50 per annum, , 
Specimen copies sent free. Address the publish- 


MljNN A CO., 
.'7 Park Row, New i'ojk. 
How TO Gr,T Patents: — A panipbL-t of Pat- 
ent Laws and Instruction to Inventors sent fre*. 

deed of n w i see 26, town l(i.'l, range 24, and 

nei sec, 27, town lOt, range 24, 5^1000. 
Chas. W. liorton to Eliza Dorton, warranty 

deed of wi uei sec 1.3, town 103, range 27, 

Lewis Huttoek to Jiihn Rakov, warranty deed of 

swi nw J .sec. 29, town 103, lanpe 2t), $200. 
Simeon 0. Cramploa to Pliiilclia While, warran 

ty deed of lot 14, block 26, Winnebago City, 

K. Lation to C. Nelson, warranty deed of 2 

acres in s« ^ se ^ sec. 27, town 102 range 27, 






R. M. Wilson, 

First door Korth of Post OfiSce, 

where more Goods can be had for one dollar then 
any other 


LUifBEU. j 

Diinunsions, Siiiing, Floorini^, Lath, 
anil Sliincxlcs. | 



W- mnke a •'pecialtr of SASH. DOOR."?, and MOtLD- 
lnr,^. aUa WOODEN EAVK CITTERS at b«w flpures. 

• •rtlra on Van Brunt's Addition, South end ot Front I 
•irf't. I 

M.ankattJ, Minn. 

I* AGENT for the 

Phoenix Insurance Company, 


To bring out a moustache, tie it to a stronj 
cord, twenty feet long, to the other end of which I 
attach a heavy smouthing-iron, and throw the '■ 
latter from a fourth storv window. 


Bine Earth City. 

*^ .lid Htjie hy R.->t>ert Liiile. tir-<t do.>r Moutb "f Mead'* 

Motel, nine Earth Cilv. Refe-pii<,-«, Lewis. Wal- 

■at L*k<-. and V. C. Seeley, Blue rarlh Citv. r.llvl 





of St. Paul, Minn. 

Also Nolart/ Public dr Coiivfi/anccr. e stre<t 

Corrected weekly by Moulton 4 Deudan. 

I Wheat, spring. No. 1 45 

I " •' No. 2 40 

Corn 40 


2 CO 

2 00 

' tft. and their residences in Washington: Potatoes iO 

! Daniel P. Norton. Senator, 187 H street, be- t'Utter>...2o 

i twecn 19lh and 20ih streets. | ^SS* • 

Alexander Kaniscy, Senator, National Hotel, i ^'■■'" 

Miiiiicsuta CoiigTessnieii. 

The following are the namrs of tho Senators Hi"* "'".: 

ID . .■ • r. r %. Flour, W cwt.... 

and Kepreseutatives in Contrrcfs from Miuneso- p f„ ^i^^| 

Eugene .M. Wilson, Representative. 456 North *^">'*"« 


>• ••■•••••• ••■••■••• •«••••••• (*>•«••■•••«••« A 4fV 

I 00 

Hay, 1? ton 5 00 

OFFICE-in the rear .f the Post Office build-: . '^T,';" ^T ^^ilk'^o". Representative, N»- ' ^y^l^ ""'*' *Z 

tional Hotel. v^neese jo 

— ♦— Pork, suit, %i pound 15 


}ag. up stairs 

AVlanebagi) City, Minn. 


S4:tf Blue Earth City. Minn. ^^ AL TER \\ . ^\ EBB tt CO., 

' "Mother, what did f.itherpray to General '", ^'■"^' "?/"'•••: ''3-3 

, . , , , Beef fresh, expound „ 10 

^ (.rant so much m church for, yesterday ?" asked Kcrosere Oil 60 

the bright little daughter of a ministeritl friend, Salt, ^ bbl 5 50 



DiHiar 1 i.^bics are connected with the bonse, aad 
there Li 2 od stabling on the premises. 
212. 1 



11. P. CONSTAXS. PKOPRierou. 

This popular Hotelis entirely new. and furnish- 
td in excellent style. 
ff^Etcellent ac'^ommodatiuna fjr team*. 

K. ^'^^'^"• 


KLUl EARTH CITT, MINNESOTA. constantly on hand Clocks. Watches. Jewel- 
rr. Sliver ware. tiold Pens, Mu>ic»l Instruments, 
.kc. Rejairiog done with dispatiij and warran- 
ted. 2;ictf 

Bftgister of Deeds. 

iUal Estate Agent and Con- 

Tnx*» Paid for yon-rfidtiH; 


APSTRACTs ri'Kyrsnrn, 

A-., le. 

Blae Earth City, Winn. 

Wholesuio De:iler« in • 



♦•I don't know that h". did. sis." 

"M'by. yes; don't you know 7 He was always 

i«ayii)^, 'Gr.tnt, we beseech tbce." 


Lard %^ tb 20 

Dried apples \i to 20 



No. 03 Third Street. 

ST. PAUL, - 

Wheat per ba.shel, No. 1 5.3 

No. 2.. 4S 

Otts " " SO 

Corn " " 45 

Potatoes „ 70 

Pork ^ pound, fro:h, ^ 8i to 8 

Lard ^ pauud 15 

Flour, >J rwt., retail 2 25 to 2 »0 

Corn meal, ^ hundred, retail 2 00 

Buckwheat Flour. ^ cwt 5 00 

If your horse is lame, sore or galled, you' Butter. ^ pound 30 

should use ./,iu«»n'« Auodyue Liuiment ; wash '^KK' V '^•* -2i 

the part with castiie soap and warm water, rub Tallow ^ lb , 12C 

dry, with a clean eloth, then apply thti Linimaot, ' B«ans ^ buib%l 2 00 

Excellent flour at Richarison's. 

■ ♦ ■ 

Mo5EV TO Loan. — I bare some mon<ty to 
han on first-class real estate security. Come 
early, aad yo4i can be atcomiaodated. 

Winii«b«go City. Minn. 

Tho Lady's Friend announces the folli-'rr'ng 
Novolle-.te lor 1370: "Did He Forget Her?" 
by Louise Chandler Moullon; "Tbe Ca.scan- 
oons' Aunt," by Elizabeth Prescott, author ef 
"uetween Two, Ac. ; "Solid Silver ; or, Chrisio 
Deane's Bridal Gifts," by Amanda M. Douglas, 
authorof "The Debarry Fortune," Ac, with nu- 
merous shorter stories by a brilliant galaxy cf 
laJy writers. 

A finely executed Steel Engraving, a hand- 
some double page, finely colored fashion platCi 
and a large assortment of Woon Cuts, illustrat- 
ing the Fashions, Fancy Wcrk, Ac, are given in 
every number. 

It will .4ive a popular piece of music in every 

THORS. — The January number will contain 
Portraits fengraved on steelj of Mrs. Henry 
Wood, Florence Percy, Louise Chandler Moul- 
ton. Eluabeth Prescott, Amanda .M. Douglas, 
Mrs. Margaret Hosmer and August Bell. 

NEW SUUSCRIBERS who send in their 
names or 1S70 before the first ol November, shull 
receive tbe November and December numbers of 

In Faribault County. 

v4n2Itf pr N, W. Sakgent 

April 5ih, 1867. 

New Goods. 

:n':,fr'*':ai!'i'::j?£f ;;:r; ,:",■;,'.';; j '^velch and Wallace, 

names by tbe first of December shall receive the 
magnificent December Holiday numlxir, making 
thirteen months in all. 

TEk.MS.— $2.50 a year; two copies, 4 ; four 
copies, $6; five copies (and one gratis;, $S. One 
copy of the Lady's Friend and one of tho Post, 

A copy of the large and beautiful Premium 
Steel Engraving — "Taking the Measure ol tue 
Wedding Ring'' — engraved in England at a cost 
ol $200— will be sent to every full ($2.50 \ sub- 
scriber, and to e-ery peison sending a club. 

This engraving is a gem of art. 


319 Walnut Street. Pailade!phia. 

Specimen Copies sent for ten cents. 

DeaUrs ia 


BflNN. '"'*'* '° "*" "''*' '^* hand. 




••••••«•• « 

I Hare the readers of the Fre* Humttt«ad ' 
I used any of Parwou't Pur.jattrt PilUf if not, why I 
i not? they are the best family physic, besides be- Wheat No. 1 

ing the greatest anti<biltous remedy there ii in j do 2 

! this country. , Oatf 

i * i Corn 

I To AllCo.icf.hxbd. — Now, my good fellows,' 
'; all of you who are owing the firm ol Clossick A , Common 
j Sinith. BUcksuiiths, in Winnebago City. | lease j^jji k DimensTon 
[ call and s«ti!e your accounts on or before tbe Flooring 
, 15tk of Deeember, lS6y, and you will save your- Siding 

selves KHch trouble. We unxH have money. Finishing ..'..'..'. 

aad ii iBU;»t com* froB our d«i»{or<. ' r .th 

lours trulv, 


• ••••• ■••< 








No. Iu7 Third Street, 

St. Pan], Minne«?ota* 

FariT 4.ND Shadk Treks. — C. L. Smith, of 
Walnut Lake, ia offering for sale, lU0,O9tf Soft ; 
Maple, or SilvetleaTed.and lOO.OOO While Elm ' 
Trees, at from 13 to $10 per thousand, 3 to 20 

Shingie No. 1. 
do X 

do XX. 

• ••••*«•■•••••»*«• 31 VV 

22 00 

....^. ^,. 27 00 to 37 00 

22 00 to 28 00 

......'.... 30 00 to 35 00 

2 75 

, 4 00 

5 00 


Boots and 8hoes 



G« to TboBpson's for your Baots. 



n''*'^^'^ HM " k'"^' '^'•"•"'"^•f • ?'*>*""' Whereas, my wife, Jane BreLford. has left my 
tri^s^'e^n^.rah^'F* v"'?"K*'"r 'f?" '»>«<' "^ board without just cause or prov.^a^ 
LTcl'lf.t I^J J 1 ;■ ^'f ^'^f -' '^•« ^ '"'1 f<"- «■<"•- •" P*r.ons are hereby notified not to tm.t 

t trees. Aiigeu debts of her contracting. 

..Mff w . h ^^L"' ' ^''-*'' JAMES lIBELSrORD. 

• "^ Waloef LaVe, M;nn. Preuott, Not. flii, 13S». 



StoTei. Tin 





anoractu^rs of 


and all kindi of 


A fia* assortment of 

Table and Pocket Cutlery, 

Grind-Stone% and Hanginira, 

BroaUaf mad Crosciaf- 


At TlompsoaV, opposifa the Collit* House 
Wioaebaja City, MiR»« 

Fence- Wir^t de., <tc. 
April ?di, \m 

J- H. Welch, WD>.WaJI»e«,Chai. Wallaco. 
WiMtbajc Citj, Mi&i. 


The Latest Style of t 

l*aislcy Shawls, 
Large-line Double Shawls and Cloaks 

Cassimere Delaius, 

Belgian Dclains, 

Rep Dcdaias, 
India Cloth, 


Wool Poplin, 

Cliinchiila Popinlo, 
lliiffle Skirts and Boulevard Skirtp, 

may now be found at this store. 

In addition to the above mentioned arlicles of 
t?ie present most fashionable patterns, you will 
ai trays find at the Farilault county 


A well selected assortment of 


from the "Odessa Skirt Company," which »*« 
msurpu«sed by any other Hoop Skirt in n.-r, ae 
rej{ards Durability, Cutnfoit and Style. 

And also a large stock of 

Groceries, Pork, J lams, 


Lard, Wheat, Corn, 


Onions, Flour, Meal, <fcc., <fcc. 


Oockery, Glassware, 

Lampti, Lanterns, 

Machine and Kerosene 

Oi], Sugar Buckets an4 




of all met. and many atyl . 

0. i:. Moulton. of the firm of MOTLTOy A 
DKUDON, has just returned from NEW YCRK 
CilY, where be took particular time to find tb« 
b«t houses, and to purchase at tbe bottom uf 
the mi.rket, an.! confidently belieres th^t be hM * 
secured the best qualities of good,, acd Ji V 
most rea»oa»h»e figures, and " ' 


Is now offered at a 
«ma J.adrance on the original co«L Call and 
exanjine for yourselves. ' 

??rttly Yours, 




The CO partaerahir heretofore exitting between 
the undersigned, under the (inn name of Moul- 
ton 4 Deudoi}, is this day dissolved by mutual 
consent, F. Deudon ivithdrawing therefrom. 

All liabilities of the late firm arc asrunicd by 
G. K. MQnltoD, who will continue the MercaniiU 
basiAMs at the old st^uid. 


^ 1' DEUDCfN. 

[ ^nrartai»)r;t7,Mi8B:,r«'T.l»,IW». 






Adjoining Plankinton House, 


Vffc wiU send a pair of KID QLOVIIS by maU to any address, on 
receipt of ON1D DOZiIiAR, and stating size and color desired. 
When you come to XMIilwaukce give us a call. 


i^>. •-■\l> M'2.00 and get for return sJ>n-k,s«mi>lo»and 
S^-tn*Uc;?rthSt will -t <Vi'-^U-AN "/llTvANA 
iTij d.^'ler or consumers AMKRU^ANA"^^^^-* 
LKiAK AND l-OBACOO CO.. Maquoit. Mass. 

a .f;ild. It is made to imitate the Song " ,f;«^^«'~{ 
the NfiKh of a Horse, the Bray of an Aw^ '"^^ '"""''"J 
a H.« Bird.*. Be<«ta and Nuakos are Kuchant^d and 


Fer Promoting 'the growth and Preserving the Beauty of 


'I'Ue iuTentors of Oocoaine 
where the greatest heat 
alleviate it - turned th 
nuul to promote the 

eneraUy from that part of the head 
, ..;«,r nature induce heat rat_herj.han 
eitetable Uils aa 
"coos, or 

f f 

(IHOOSK between* vigorous life or 
an untimely death. oVi ! how much 
misery and sickness would 1"?;« ».^.°^- 
«d had 1 bsit read Uiei>« books bctere. 
Just vubli!h.d. 1. The "JVhTse';."' 
Voutb." or the myHtenes ot the sexes, 
and how the diseased ortf»"S ^" .l'," 
restored. Founh edition ^^-^d. enlarged and Ulus 
fruted with 27 Anatomical plate'*. Price •*' V*^°™,a-it 
u"' J. Lubarsche, Practis.nK ''{^i;-';^" "^l^t^r h^ 
2 "Secret Hint* lolilrls «"«» |V riAt.Vd w\h li 

lli. or CUARLKS SONNE. 72 Lake St. Chicago, i" 



Rural, Literary, and Family Weekly, 



Assisted by an able Corps of Ai«)cUt«B iu all 

IIF-AKTH AND HOME meets the wants of all 
members of good families everywhere, and oouUins the 
best of everything for everybody In city, viUage end 
country. It gives pracUcal instmction, by the most ex- 
perienced writers upon aU Rural topics Fannlnn, 
Krull-tirowliiK* Flower-C'ultnre, Onianirnlal 
(iardeninir. Rural -^rclilieptiire, Couniry and 
(il> llomen, their Fnriili»hlii«aiid Adoriiiiienf, 
Donieaile Bconum'r, Ilounekeeplii* lUuls, 

1 Etc. 

It has Choice Sioriea. Hketche*, l-Jtuayw. 

' Poems. Mit and Iliiiiior, the New*, Jloney and 

' .Marltet ReportN, Hf autifui Pictarett by the best 

' artists, and in short, all the features of 

y.irzT I A First-Clasu Family Weekly. 

thelMisisof a medic*- 

presented itself most strongly &» l'0«sess 
' ction of other ingredients, those which 

ing many properties I>«^"»'»'»y^^f .»P«tfl h!fvo''beeu'^ove^r^*. ^Si^ti^ 
h will chem.. aUy , ."WJ V.'"l*'\l'.!la ^„ be the best that has yet appwei 




No Otlicr Ccmr^ound 

.oases th< pecaliar properties which so exactly suit 
various cunditiona vi the 


^e human b;iir, 
r ihf hair u-htn har'b a'"J 'iry. 
). ■ • ■ alp. 

I' prvmuttsa healll^y, tiyornut yroitlk. 

11 I' mtt grraty or tticky. 

V Ifatea tto tiiitagretible o>krr. 


BosroN. Octobor IW, 
Joseph Burnett 4 t-o. . ,„„.,.hM 

My worst complaint lor several yens has 
Alter brushing mv huir, my coal collitr 
.red with white scales. v' 

1 u.kvc ua«d leRS than a bottle oi your Cocoaine. lue 
dand^utf.^d the irntalion which c'-"*"'! '\'>-"« *" 
t.«lv d7«iPPeared. and my hair was never brforo in ao 
i'ri'cS^ Your obedient aervant^ FULLER. 

Loss of Hair. 

BOSTON. July 19. 

For many months my hair {^.If «? 't'^iTi'L" upoS'^i 
was teariul ot losing it e"t*f«'>, „' ^.^aiLi^ 
head became gradauily »""[.» ''"^j^^'^«,uTlaal week 

I (fbiumeuced the us« oi >yui ^,y^^^,t»/iu;hing and 
in June, l^he r.rst apphcaUon ^l»>^^,;^4 i^^d Sider 
.*'r.f;.Tr.,,,^» u, lall. and 1 have 

Book Agents wanted for | 


New iJook with 234 Engravings, 

Or, The New Pii«riin'« I»ro«rewj. 

The most reliable, enjoyable, laughable and popular 

irritation ; in threo or I , 

ness disappeared, the hair ceased 

now a thick growt^f now hair. gyvj^^ r. pOPE. 



wt ' . ' ■ 



Boston, November 34, iN'^t' 

Ianrs. Joseph Bcrneit A Co,, Boston : a.,., 

*""•"."... » , K.i/4 oAT-on vears. Alter 





ol an 

Jb; oue'bitle o^^ourrjioaTne, my bald Piy|«s 
^ J?i .TvBrwith young hair, about thie« ei^s .j. -.- 
:;?.h long! whi^ ap^ strong and U«ulthy and det« 

""wrVi^your obliged and -bediejit servan^^.^.. 

Iii-itation of tlie Scalp. 

Waxkuvu-LE, Me., September li, Hti»- 
-r,r .^rTha«v'i;S,^^ed*i^uch benont fro^^^ 
!i^raV^r-mV"Uret I M '^^^^t^^^^^^^^ 
•"."rh^i^d'onlS^tlfeof your Cocoaine onb for - U^ 
pu.poii otT hAir dres-sing. but to my "^'P"'^^;^' ''i 
e"..ra> removed the imUliou ot -^ '""^ *"°4,'°*., ' 
Siv J recommended it to several of my f"eBd8. who w r« 
!:Slict^ in the same way. and it h^ m:o 1 o-ltf ^-^u 1 
thcdiseasj. ju.-^i rii ix 


Tkr rMo.n»j, not* U JrofHlk* ««"•*"""" /,C:*i'f,f;, 
New YoKii, September ii, law. 

''•v.^i'^^f^i^ Ume past I have been uMng^jo« 
Cocoaine. Imd I think it far prolerable to anything 

'n?m7"rrtm^S"«'^- value y«i are perfectly at 
hberti to use it. lio»pecllully JO'^^^j^.^i- LESLIE. 

B.\N(K>B, March 8, 1868. 
•''i^^.^,".,,!!^- V^t o^'^oaine is the only dressing for the 


'''S^5'o1rwlfro'ma"e money faster than ever before 

vSl^i^ ^^^'"A folnteTrnn^l^d « 


*^ PRICE S.'i. I 

Makes the EUstie Lockstitch. Noiseless. Practical. | 
SeMlbte Full directions with each machine. .4 chi d ■• 
^t^xZtm it in ten minutes. Sews as strong and beuuti 
fSl a^^ U amr i^china» Makes an elegant present. I 
W t^ a^ par?^of the co,^tr>-. nicely and safely packed. , 
on receipTof pnco. A liberal discount to the trade. , 

Capture, the Prison- Pen and the Kscape. 


It contains so much rtom that every number has an 
abundant variety for Fathers, Mothers, Sons, 
Damrhters, down to the youngest child ! 

Kedured ltate>«ror lS»0-invariably in advance. 
SiDKle Copies, 84: Three Copies, ail at one 
lime, 89: Five Copies, 81* making HEARTH 
AND HOME, to a Cluh of Five or more subscribers at 
8'2. 10 each, the Cheapest as it i." the Most Com- 
plete Family Weekly Newspaper in Uie world. 
Subscribers before tho first of January next will get 
all numbers to that dat<' Free, and their year will end 
January 1, 1^71. Specimen numbers sent free. 

87 Park Row, New YorlC;_ 

Ayer's — . 

Hair Vigor, 

For restoring Gray Hair lo 
Us natural Vitality and Color. 

A dressing wbicb 
b at once agreeable, 
healtby, and effectual 
for preserving tbe 
hair Faded or gray 
hair is soon restored 
to its original color, 
with the gloss and 
freshness of youth. 
Thin bair is thick- 
ened, falling bair chocked, and bald. 
ne&; often, though not always, cured 
by its use. Nothing can restore the 
hai. where the follicles are destroyed, 
o: the glands atrophied and decayed. 
Bu' BUM as remain can be saved for 
usefulness by this application. Instead 



Great Fanners' Paper ! 

The Paper ot the People. 







Is it that Dr. Roback's tSttii..- 
ach Bitters increase in - n • 
every year ? 


They are the best conibi na- 
tion ever made. 


Do the Druggists recuiii- 
mend Dr. Roback's Bittcrd 
to their customers? 



A Remariiable Case. 

1A.ST MiDDLEBORO Mam.. June 9, l**. 

in tictober, l«»il. it all came oil 

She wa* induced to trj' }oi 
nas astonishini 

ti e young 

"i'lLJ^mihi'lig'I^Vh^arnoV n^lj^lf ^ 
a boule pore^ier head covered vvuha 
in lengt 

color t 

This ihrininf, authentic, and p'-pxtar work, i^ a fsom- 
Dlete history of Southern Prison Life, principally at 

Richmond Danville. MaWn, ^^''^'^'^'/'^ifJ^^^S' 
Columbia. Belle Isle, MiUen, Salisbury, and Anderson 
ville. Describing the 


Numerous and varied incidents and anecdotes | 





The Pbople'h Favoeite Joubnaii. 

The Most Interesting Stories 

Are always to be lound in tho 

New York TXTeekly- 

At piesent there are 

SIX gri:at stories 

fanning through ite columns ; and at least 

One Story is l\egnn Every BSontb. 

New subscribers art thus sure of having the com- 
mencement of a new .onUnued story, no matter when 
they subscribe for the 

New York "Weekly. 

the hair with a pasty sedl 
nient, it will keep it clean and vigorous, 
Its occasional use will prevent the 
from turning gray or falling off, 
consequently prevent 
from those deleterious 

fntrmonthruie hair has gro«-n several inches 
gth, very thick soft, and nne. and of a darltcr 

;iu ioroicrly. With respect. 


«t>.Arrr.vforo^/-^^i''*;,^^^':-':"^^*^^:'^</";i: ;v;y^«r^;i^;;:^a.;afr„j.,«a^ ,. 

Dris.jn IHe. embracing, also, the adventures of l^e 
auUlor's""^«Zf f rom (folumbia. South Carohns .his re- 
r"n7°r. tri^aa "pv, and tinal escape from ijylvania 
Uwl^ia. We want ail agent in every towu, county and 
Tillage iu the 


^-■.relhe p>i' 

^jJrJfu/i iciH b* promplt w profemttri. 


Manntaeturm aad Proprietors. - - No. 27 Central St., Boston, Ma£.. 



Kairv *<^winK Jliachlin'; 

rfoct -ewing on the heavi..»t 
'■' KJ when the 

,ii^S^?.^Kdo^riect^go„ ;. 

»,eaver or l.nest cott;.a ;J ''> P^'.* only $.^ Send !<»■ 

• ' --" ^"^ •^''-irdifne'^rill be K^^nM.y^^Press C. O. L, 


[ niry" 

c.vular TheiiachinewU^eK^-nt^. j^.^^^^ 

Addrtss t«iry ^-^«'Wlu« -"7., ,„„ lUinoLv 

P O. Drawer 'S:r, "'^ " 



"— "^ Wll.U RUCEIVF, on 
»l)i,licaticn. desoriptivf 
eats an 1 pricei of j' m 
plcte urindinj sni »»'«• Jv 
i-g Honr *<>""• „M,"' V 
^tone» and Ootn M.Ms, \ 
Smut aud Separatiog 


We offer a new prac- 
ticul work, needed by all 
husinosa men. 

Agents have already 
realized over $3U per 
day. BooWsellers and 
pnersetic persons will 
receive sample and par- 
ticulars free liy address- 


47 Clark St.,Chica«o, 111. 

to seU it this fall and winter. The volume TOotains 
l^tween four and five hundred pages, inclnding an 
ApTOndii conUining the name, rank, rcgin-ent, and 
SSToffice address of the prisoners ; ",".?"" rfl"ljl.n;r 
traled and elegantly bound in extra cloUi. We are pre 
pared to 


Each number of the VEW YORK WEEKLY contains 
Several Beautiful nicstrations. Double Uia Amount of 
Reading Matter of any paper of its class, &«"! the 
Sketches, Short Stori.«, Poems, etc.. are by the ablest 
writers of America ani Europe. The 

New York "Weekly 

does not confine iU uiwfulness to amusement, but pub- 
lishes a great quantit ? of reaUy Instructive Matter, in 
the most condensed form. The 

N. Y. Weeldy Departments 

have attained a high repuUUon for their brevity, excel 
lence and oerrectnesii. 

The Pleasant Pajiaoeaphs are made np of Uie con- 
centrated wit and hu mor of many minds. 

The Ksowxeboe Box U confined to useful informa- 
tion on all manner of subjects. 

The News Items jive in the fewest words the most 
noUble doings all ov jr the world. 
1 The gossip witb Cohbespondents contains an- 
I ewers to inquiries up>n aU imaginable subjecU 

baldness. Free 
substances which 
make some preparations dangerous, and 
injurious to the hair, the Vigor can 
only benefit but not harm it. If wanted 
merely for a 


nothing else can be found fo desirable. 
Containing neither oil nor dye. it does 
not soil white cambric, and yet lasl 
long on the hair, giving it a rich, glossy 
lustre and a grateful perfume. 

Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., 

Pjuoiical and Analytical Ouemibts, 


FfilOS $L00. 


as diploma at offlo».will Know. &»a I'M'" "".^K" 
.»nga«etl in the treatment of Venereal. 8«°»' '""'' 
PrivaU Diseases than any othor physician in 


Syphilis, Gonorrhea. --, .- „. „ .-^ 

Ueraia.^d Rupture, all tfriuary DisPases an(^ 

.^J■•pbilltir^ or Mercurial Atftictiona of tbe 1 .^I'-si. 


Uealere in heavy grades of Genume 


"^r^^niToiiirn^HableCare for Dyweiniia 

I'hey alleviate more agony and silent 


Building Paper 



the most liberai terms to aU who engage with us in 
{he sale of this book. Teactors. '«^ies, erjrgeticyouna 
men, and especially returned and disahlJd o*cers and 
soldiers «-ill Vind our work particularly adaptod to thoir 
condition. We employ no general agents, l'"'- "ffer 
suoerior inducements to cnnvawers y'.i n.7'" ' "^'" 
"3""/' <"... ii^n. Over 150,000 copies havoalrea«ly 
bS^n sold in the Kiu.t. «Jna agent sold U? y<'J^"'3 'n o"" 
day another 75; another has Ukmi 1,000 orders in 
four weeks. Sample copy forwarded. i>oBt paid, on 
receipt ot ^-i.OO. For lull particulars, addres.s 

Publishers. SL Ixiuis, Ma 

j\,r tirst class new 7 ^ctare VianvH. 

U.PWNO Co.. New York. 



Sent on trial. 


Those haTlnK friends afHote-l "• •^PA'.^'^-i?-*!*' 
to asnd for a OIROIII.AR LIOTTFR OF RF!--!- 
P-N'JK.S aac* TkaTLlIONIAlJJ, wticli wi-l oonvir<e 
Sftm^t skeptical cf the OUBASIUTY of tho U.'? 
RASK Addre-^ ^^^^^ LOOK BOW. MD^ 

80 Oreat .Jones 81.. N. Y. OUf 



New York "Weekly. 

Each issue contains from EIGHT to TEN STORIES 

The Term* to .Sutwcribew i 

One Tear-single copy Three DoUars. 

Four copiee ($.80) each Ten Dollars. 

Kightcopies Twenty Dollars. 

Those sendimg $au for a club of Eight, all sent at one 
time, will be entitle 1 to a copy free. (>etters-up 
clubs can afterward add single copies at $2.60 each. 
STllEET A SMITH, Proprietors, 

No. 55 Fulton street, N. Y. 

r- -.tarer years, or other c« iBeB, which P'?9'*<>f 
,., •; • thVfoUoVing eifcotz, as noctnrual «'>'^»?n»- 
uc . : f, debaity,di.izioe8B, dimness of Bighw, v^n 

tvlion of'ideli, evil fore'^, "f^'^'jj^^^'i''^' 
o. tenialee,loaB 0/ memon and senia! Pow"»t"»^f |° 

.:erii!g marriage improp-.c, *r<* >:"™*",*Pi;7f°'tl.. 
I , e Doctor's opportnm/.eeinhoBpitalandpr vale 

pracLic* are nnsarpaaeed in W. lotus or aayctcer 
^ity.'ifeck flU.s ot KU Louis pepers p»ve that be bw 
;.een locatAd there longer by y«»«. than ">» o"'^" 
ii.!v.rt s.r.K The esUbliahmeat. library, lii.xr6ior. 
Tot »: ;^ Stment«tte tuirivWle J \t> t-.c ^esl. .Y'sur- 
»L' W aaywhere. Age, witb o-X!*r,'.^n. ?, eta are- 
1I*: ^^Cdthldoctor can refer to many ptivs.c.anE 
f irvcxT-out tbeeonntry. In past cu.ui-rji-Rna .ree 
I, t -^iFition heet*ncl8 withont a coir p«t. tor. 
TJi* Writlnarsof a Phy Klein u « hone rrpu- 

taileii I» Unl9"'-wl*l« •'»«»**^ •*• 
vrorta rcarflnc. 

Uno-roK Warrxnw ^ubUsBes a "'^'^'9^^ 

P.J ^' l-iii.l' T reiatiu« toTsnerea) diseaws anala»• 
J.Kh6troM»nd yariid oocs«in«ncesof self aon^, 
tuiat wiU be s«nt to any artdrcM >o a eea.i-d envelope 

(or two stamps. V. any physiciaps '°t.'V^"';f. ^-'^V, ' Lt 
^lUc doctor after roading ,1"^ ."ledicsi piimpliW. 
.-!jix,mQrioftfloi» conCdential A friendly Ulk will 
Tbt yo.i nothing. UCioe cttutrel, yet reUrod i»c. 
,17 yt. C>iM)ft Btreot, St. l,onia Mo. 


J. R. Lawrence k Go.'s 



suffering than 


'^^Senevel^Tn'own means fail^ to 

ndigestion can resist their 

hopelese cases, when every I 

No form of Dyspepsia or 
penetrating power. 



,t IS the vital principle of ;hefJ-Treo.^obta.n^^^ 
. peculiar proce« in tWiUa^nf ,^ ,„^,^^ 

nv ^KNlllNt* 

tiii d.-i <;et«th, 

as and hair, yon will 

its highest medicinal P"'P«";i~-l'„;.I^,ho appetite. It 
rates the digestive oreanswdrertoreetno^^P^ ^^^ ^^ 


lungs. •««.'^«V'„"„y'rnd"^^^t%S^^^ to each 


r years of 
.Vo«e7ea to «h«,-tllo^"n^r.'if the-tKitient ha- 
*P®Ji ...-..«,# tn the means of c\ 

niption wnicu ■?\'"'"'-l,;h ,,„„,, he air paswiges oi wi" 
the mucus or phlegm '»j"^,^JV'P!,, „i^„ thTimtated 
lungs. Its healing P"°"«L%ff,p cnctrstiiig to each 
surrace of the Lungs »nf, T^'i^^XmgmiUnunation. 
disea^-d Pa-^,">>'«' ».°£^^ rtn<& and ex^riment. and it 
U 1, the result of yoa« of vJ^M^-Yr""!.'""^.!^ 


t.„.«-P.ion of .Ue I-HR., cough, sore 

Throat and Brea«t, Bronchlti«, Liver 

complaint. Blind and Bleedinu 

Pile*. A«thnia, .Whooping 

C'ouKh. IVipthcria, *.■«•• 



Or in place o( 


Its cost is so trifling that an ordinmry house can be 
covered on all sides for less tnan 


8«Bd tor oii«alara and samples to 


Beloit yXTis. 

with are. bei^tt' 
-^ color of eyes and hair, yon will receive by retarn 
oiail. a correct picture of your future husband or m;e, 
with name and d»»e of marriage. 

Address w. FOX, 
P. O. Drewer No n. Fulton vi Ha Ww V<»r>_ 

A Musical Box for Two Dollars. 


M. select airs. Eminently adapted for the drawing- 
ic«ni table. No. 1, 8 tnnee. <2 ; No. 3. 14 tunes. $.j ;_ No. 4, 
;M tvines, $.5. Sent by mail on receipt of price. Orders 
to the amount of *-'i sent C. O. D. ; one dollar most 
accompany the order to insure it ; the balance i !S4) ^J be 
paid when goods are received. Send threo-ccnl st&mp 
for now illustrated catalogue, witb list of tunes. 
Address RARKLKY A CO. I 

56 Liberty street. New York. 

CUAS. A. DANA. Fditor. 
Th*chMp*.t,.m>-t«9t, and best New York newspaper. 
Fvorvbodylikeiit. Three editioj..: D*"-T. »«l 8«»' 
WFEKir,8'.*« «TidWEE«LY.»l aycar. AlithsNkws 
at h^fi--pr'i«.*f ull r-jjorts of market.. ««n<-"Uure. Farmer, 
and Fruit Orowen.' Ouhs, and a f^'nPl'tf j!?"^,'" ,t,Vb^ 
•Wecklv an'l Seroi-''e*k y number. A present of valuable 
Kand vine* to „veryj>ubjcriber; '"''"^^^^nd Plani" 
U.^er. un.iirn».«ed. »1,W Life It"'"-"""^-^.™;." ™^- 
ito»-inc Machine-. Parior C»r(r.n., S*winR Machines to:, 
amnnz the premiunn. Specimen, and lUU free. Bena a 
Dollar and tr^ "j^^jlaNd. Publisher 8nii. Wew Yor k- _ 

odiyB li to i T. M. 

Uonre 9 a. M, 
deci!i 1 y 




»5 THE FAKM, and how faricers and their sons can 
each make 

$100 miL zmoNXB 

In Winter. lu,"i)Cicopi9S will be mailed fr*e to farmera 
8end naro* and addre'S t-» „ . . 

Zf lOLKR, McOURDY A CO,. Chijago, 1 1. 





A medical 
m.ia, devotes 

„.ert. boldin.honor.blc co'le^i^" ^^'f 
, hi^. entire time Wj°!, «.^'t™,h him are 


offered by no other institution in 

part of the country, j~~—. - 
-'l'l>«P-"P^i^.-i?I*?K'J:r.^VaL?{ha^pe of Drafts 

wheee services 
This opportunity is 

the country. _. , asking advice. 

convenient."S,n^iU^c;s"sho-uldUkeiha shape 

or Poet qmc. P^«'.?,^^„erican Dyspepsia Pills, $1 a box. 

letter, from any part o* |he ^.<«°!S;;, 


Tar Cordial, *L50 a 

Price of Wlshart' s i 

^^ 'oT'wurart'.'"plnrT^ 
b,iaror $ir ^? do.on Sent by expre^ 

. AU communication, "^o^l^^fif^drw^ 

No 332 North Second St., 

f/efore Ihthniblif' /on/^rioi/ffh fo 

best eiidenjt 

venting i 





In the Boandlr«« \Vc r nnd Hunny JJnnih. 

How. why and where t<. Bo 1 All atxmt the won 
derful j.ropreis an-t great resources of the co-jntry 
New, ^resh, interesting atd popular. One vclnm* 
i-in<s illustrations Price low. A rare ohstice to mate 
monev. Send for circular. PEOPlJt'* PUBLISHING 
Uo., \'A State street., Chicago, 111. 



d Beads it 



PRICE »30. 

Every Family «n 'b* ««'°o^'l°'"**** °°*, ,^„w.. 

it knits •veiylhing from a mitten to a blanHet. 

A 5h Id, UrJars oTd, can learn to work « •= »° ^''^:- . 
It isopwated the same as a sewing machine, by band 

It us^b^one needle, an i» the perfection of beanty 

Orcnl^vTh^Ki-d fan P»^»<^»',»"'"?,*.rkTr'^' 
A,reutaw4uted lo ev.-rv ^"""'rv.V ?- Jl A ^'fi. 

row l.K A II A 1 Dl^O, Gen '*«'*. 

^n fids or 


Jtimpartk tp e]ruJadod](induiri/ 
Bair tJi(d6^Jr7(d/idgiosskhppm77mce 


ITt! Broadway. New York. 
ERVOrs .\>D RHEi;- 

matic sufferers itoxa early 
mdisc ret ions should not fail to 
consult, coutidentialiy. Dr -Mc 
Namara,at <M and AiAIaeon St.. 
Milwaukee. Me ha^ remedies 
viuh the aid of electricity that 
will stop th.Me nightly emissions . 
bnild up the nervous system, re 
store the sexual powers to their 
lull vi/for. and the mmd to 
Its ordinary cheerfulness and 
strength The Doctor's skUl an 
Venereal Chsoasca^ cannot be c»_ 
celled in the heahng art. Special 
of WOMKN. lebw-lv 

C^iJitTTfiifn^o odurgrm 
^odi/wfijf^t li/ipn. 
MiBCommimded »po\ 




prtniExtrh^is itsodorMeltght/id. 


TESTiMONiALs n/inostiht/ioidnitTii 

Ifrmi fn^glippTi ifnpekskivbuttlui 

AMliHO^/yi is too uWlhioirnto 

attention peid to 


Grade Jc Draiiiajfe l.«vt 1, Ti itv only $1'). 

- very Farmer one. Every School should h»v^ 
rae }<o b-n«iueor requ red to iay out voids. w*lk«oi 
waterxourW. Will eltabhal. levels «er (oundwioo 
ZllU^^dgei ni*de ground, *c. It is eif^rasiy «ro 
pietkdtSifS^STl toaeyaddr** on rec*.pt of 
trice. Deecr ptive circulars, with cntt, free. 
MAMiLtON K TOWLK, Civ4 Fng-neer. 

Md Special Koropean Patent Sol.c-tor, 
*^ 17h BKOADW»y, N«w Yo»«. 


•\SOLD B , 




TUI'. only perfect core fc* PILES, of all kinls, Ala 
Li FBOBi, .SCHfiruLA, SALT IlHKCM, »nd all dis 
e*«esi,f the Sk'k and Bi/)od. iD'emul and externa: , 
nee. K.ntireiy vegetable. UsmI in tbe Uoepltala of the i 
Old and New World, in oaaeof failure, I aithorif* al , 
dealers to refund the mcnoy acd charge it back to rue. 
No f -ilnree for over ten years. Prepared by H. D 
FOWLH. fJhemist, Boston, Mass, ftl a bottle. Bolt* , 
eTe^yw^«^l•^ ! Snnd for l.'irjulars free. ' 

THE .^lAGIC « OiJIB will change any M>iored ' 
hair or r.earrt to a penraneot B.ack or Brown. ' 
One t-;omb sent 1 y mail for *1. For sale by Merohanto , 
and i>raRKists generally. Addrens MaOIC Lokb CO., ' 

Sprintfiel 1. Mass. \ 


Daris by Sunlight 
' and Gaslight 

A WORK descriptive of the >IY^sTER^E.S. ' 



It tells how Parishes become the Gayest and most 
Beautiful City in the world ; how its Beauty and Splen 
dor are purchased at a fearful cost of Misery and Suffer 
ing how visitors are Swindled by Adven 
torers' how Virtue and Vice go arm in arm in the 
Beautiful City . how the most Feart'ul Crimes are com 
mitted and concealed ; how money is squandered in use- [ 
lees luxury and contains over loO tine Engravings of 
noted Places. Life and Scenes iu Paris. Canvassing 
book, sent free.j^Addre^^^ PUBLLSHING CO., 

Chicago, 111 or St. Louis, Mo. 


Send TWENTY-FIVE CENT.S T r a Or- 1 
tificaie iQ Psckard A Cos Gran 1 Distvi- | 
bution, consistinefif ri6tiO-.,Molxlf«n^, 
Goli and Silver Watches JeweirT, Ac, 
valued at t76.000. Every nrtuletohedls- 
pos^^dof on the popular 81.'^ pl*n. 'V^'^ 
not to be paid for nr.til yon ktic.v vibat 
you are to receive. Certificates -nd or- | 
:ulars pent on receiptor i:5 cent , or Qve i 

. 41 no 


M We.5t Fourth Street, 

Cincinnati, Ohla 

ja'" The Companion in an eight-page weekly 
Paper, pra<!ilc«J in its character, wide- 
awake and cntertainins. 

It gives a grent variety of reading. Interest- 
ing alike tc yonng and old, and has Tor 
contributors such writers as 

Rn. Edward E. HaU, Harriet Beecher SUru.'f, 

Louue CKandltr MoulUm, "Sophie May," 

Elitaheth Sttart Phelpt. Hden C. Wttki, 

Together witb many other well known and popular 

Subscription jrice. 91.50. Send for a specimen 

We do not wish to inform you, reader, that Dr. W on- 
derful, or any other man, has discovered a remody that 
cures Consumption, when the lungs are half consumed, 
in fhort, will cure all diseases whethor of mind, bodj- or 
estate, make men live forever, and leave death to play 
for want of work, and isdesigned tornake our sublunary 
sphere a blissful paradise, to which Heaven itself shall 
be but a side show. \ ou have hoard enough of that 
kind of hunibugery, and we do not wonderthat you have 
by this time become disgu-sted with it. Biit when l 
teU you that Dr. .Sage's Catarrh Komedy ">'>r"""^'2 
nr/the irortt cafJ> of Cnlarrh. 1 only assert that which 
thousands can testify to Try it and you will be con^ 
vinoed. I will pa> $5(i0 P..e\vard (or a case of Catarrh 
that 1 cannot cure. 

For Sale by most Orngglnis Everywhere. 

PBICE ONLY 6U Cr.KTh. ikiii bu Maxl, poHpaiJ Jor 
Hixiy Crjilt- Four Packages for $2.U0 or 1 Dozen for 
$5 00 Send a two cent stamp for Dr. Sage's pamphlet 
on Catarrh. Address the yroj^r^.tor^^^^^ ^ 

Buffalo, N. Y. 




A ver)- superior rer^latinB Tonic, imparting vigor and 
strength to the constitution -a thorough 

a regulator of nervous force, and a powerful sustainer 
of health against thi- encroachments ot disease. 

The invafid and tho convalescing seeking restoration, 
and yearning for the healing virtues of some magic 
Balm will find in the^o Litters a hidden mysterious 
power which ciuictly rentiires. ycl refuses to reveal 
to the senses anything but taste and color 

It is a pleasant Bitter, free from all nausoous proper 

ties or odor, entirely vegetable, being mainly grown at 

the base of the mountains from which thoy derive their 

name and is particularU' adapted to all forms of 


manifesting themselves by the follovring symptoms : 
"■» . -^. . < i< Low bpints, 




The ITew Tork IXTeekly Tribune 

CoutaiuB all the important Editorials published in 
the DAILY TRIBUNE, except thoae of merely local 
interest: also Literary and Scleutiflclntelhgence; 
Reviews of the most interesting and important New 
Books; letters from onr large corps of Correspond- 
ents; latest news rfcelved by Telegraph from all 
parts of tbe world ; a summary of all important iu- 
lelligeuce in this city and elsewhere ; a Synopsis of 
the proceedings of Congress and State Legislature 
when In session; Foreign News received by every 
steamer; Exclusive Reports of the Proceedlnga of 
the Farmers' Club of the American Institute; Talks 
about Fruit; Stock, Financial, Cattle, Dry Goods, 
and Qeueral Market Reports. 

Tbe Full Reports of the American Institats Farm- 
ers' Club, and tLe various Agricultural Reports, in 
each number, are richly worth a year's subscription. 

Horticultural Department. 

To keep pace with the growing interest in practi- 
cal Hortlcnltnre, and to comply with frequent ap- 
peals from all parts of tbe country for information ot 
a practical character ou tbe subject, we have engaged 
the services of a ]»erson who is experienced in rural 
affairs to write iu a lucid style a series of articles 
on the Management of Small Farms, Fruit and 
Vegetable Culture, and bow to make tbem pay, giv- 
ing general and Specific directions from planting 
to the ultimate dis osal of tbe crops. 

Of late years there has been a lucrative business 
carrioa ou by uuprinclpled m«n, in selling worth- 
less and oiJ i.lauts under new names to tbe inex- 
perienced. THE TRIBUNE will be always ready 
to guard tbe farmer against any such imposition 
that comes within our knowledge. 

Veterinary Department. . 

To make THE TRIBUNE still more valuable to 
its agricultural reader?, we have engaeed Prof. 
Jamks Law, Veterinary Surgeon in Cornell Univer- 
sity to atiswer questions con:;ernlng diseases cf 
Cattle, Horses, Sheep, and other domestic animals, 
and to prescribe remedies. Answers and prescrip- 
tions will be given only through tbe columns of 
THE TRIBUNE. We are sure that this new feature 
Iu THE TRIBUNE will add largely to its readers, 
as all owners of animals are liable to need tbe infor- 
mation proffered. Inquiries should be made as 
brief as passible, that tbe questions, answers, and 
prescriptions may be published together. In short, 
we intend that THE TRIBUNE shall keep In tbe 
advance in all that concerns tbe Agricultural, 
Manufacturing, Mining, and other iuterests of tbe 
country, and that for variety and completeness, it 
sbn.ll remalu altogether the most valuable, Interest- 
icg, and Instructive NEWSPAPER published in (he 

It has beeu wrll observed that a careful reading 
and study of tbe Farmers' Club Reports in THE 
TRIBUNE aloue will save a farmer hundreds of 
dollars in bis crop. In addition to these reivirts, 
we shall continue to print the best things written 
( ;i the subject of agriculture by American and 
foreign writers, and shall increase these features 
from year to year. As it ia, no prudent farmer can 
do withont it. As a lesson to his workmen alone, 
every farmer should place THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE 
upon hia table every Saturday evening. 

THE TRIBUNE i* the bttt and cheapett paper in 
the rtuntry. This is not said in a spirit cf boastful- 
ueKs. It has fallen to New York to create tbe great- 
est newspapers of the country. Here concentrate 
tbe commerce, the manufactures, the mineral re. 
sources, tbe agricultural wealth of tbe Republic. 
Here all tbe news gathers, aud the patronage is so 
large that journalists can afford to print it. This is 
the strength of THE TRIBUNE. We print the 
cheapest, aud best edited weekly newspaper in the 
country. We have all tbe advantages around us. 
We have great Daily and Semi- Weekly editions. All 
tlie elaborate and intricate machinery of our estab- 
lishment—perhaps the most complete In America — 
la devoted to the purpose of making THE WEEKLY 
TRIBUNE tbe best and cheapest newspaper in the 
world. Tbe result is that we have so systematized 
and expanded our resources that every copy of 
THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE contains as much matter 
as a duodecimo volume. Think of it I For two 
dolUrs, tho subscriber to THE TRIBUNE for one 
year bu\/i as much reading tntiter at though he filled 
a thelf of hit library with fifty voluma, containing 
the greatett works in the language. The force of 
cheapness can no further go. 

THE '«T-EKLY TRIBUNE in tbe paper of the 
people. Here tbe eager student may learn tbe last 
lessons of science. Here the sebolar may read re- 
views of the best books. Here may be found cor- 
respondence from all parts of the world, tbe ob- 
servations of sincere and gifted men, who serve 
THE TRIBUNE in almost every country. 


After years of 

and trial they 

proven to be a 

for Dyspepsia and Indiges 



have been 

sure cure 


Is it that Physicians u>3e 
and recommend Dr. Ro- 
back's Sugar-coated 151«haI 


They know the ingredients 
of which they are made. 


Are Dr. Roback's Blood 
Purifier and Blood Pills 
the best remedies taken to- 
gether for the cure of :ill 
diseases of the bloods 


The Blood Purifier is the 
only article in the market 
which contains the celebrated 
costly Drugs imported ex- 
pressly from Sweden for its 
manufacture, and the Pills 
contain the active principle 
of Podophyllum (Mandrake 
Root,) and is a substitute 
for Mercury. 

' Why 

Are Dr. C. W. Roback's 
Stomach Bitters, Blood Pu- 
rifier and Blood Pills the 
three greatest remedies the 
woi.' has ever known? 


After eleven years' experi- 
ence and trial the sales have 
increased each and every 
year, and thousands of let- 
ters (unsolicited) of the re- 
markable cures they have 
performed bear witness. 
Read the letters in L<n-u 
Column of cures by thest 





indiio*iuent9 to Ap«nt*. 
= ne M.vrliinp c-i tlie t!a\ - 
3.r.„i, "—wiildo niiv kinil 't woik tli 

ixT »',-j::t,i to *(•-. 
SlO.N M.N->1^„_ 
PiliC only ^If*. Oreot 
TbiH 1. tl.i- 111' •: l> I'lilsr 9«» ■ 
roakeii till- f .lu.'t s " I.l:i-<ic I.-" W 
Sdtrh "-wiildoniiv kind .t woik tl. .1 c.ii l,p d.iicon ui..» 
Machino-lUO.OOO "old an 1 the dtui^ud '■'^^^^y 4- 
crex-i,.E. Nowf.thetbnetofak. >'^»-<.°cv. 8»nd l.TCJr 

L CO.. B^o nrM«"--. rt tt>2»mLh._K^ rn^6uJLo^jj;^^_ 

OMEN of New York; 

or, the Unrtcr-world of Ihc Greai 

City. Tlic ►ir.s <f iv<-y il^-. <1 ii"CiclyT:\ 
noted. Ai-<Ad 0* liMlroad io >u». Kv^j'* "' 

VleadacheiNervousnese, Ixies of Memory, ~~- -^ 

Giddiness. Dimness of .Sight, Dullness of Hearing an 

Ringing Noises in tho Fars. l-.ructations or Belching 

of Wind, Tightness of Breathing, Weight and Opprei 

sion of the Chest, Uneasy I eeling about the Heart, 

Palpitation, Ac, 4c. ^. , , ^. «..j 

Also for Liver Diseases. Disorders of the Kidneys, 
Restlessness and Loes of Aluscular Power, these Bitters 
will be found almost a specific, and as a preventive of 

or a restorer of the natural power of the system when 
broken down by continued ague attacks it has no equal. 

Being stimufaUng bat not intoxicating) ihev relresh 
and invigorate both mind and body, heighten the sensi- 
biUty, clear and sharpen the faculties, and bestow 
alacrity and cheerfulness of spirit, 


This is an active Tonic, and such is its peculiar com- 
position, that it acts directly upon the Liver, whether 
its derangement is caused by tbe sudden paroxisms ot 
chills, or by the heat and pestilent atmosphere of mias- 
matic districts and seasons, or 


danger are up. 

three pr«Ks all the t'me to pnnt fh«t cnougl. 
Om Ageia took 178 or-itrt in IQ <^nr' 
740 pa~«i-, « lllI"tiaticn^. Price, 
Ascntn Wanted. A.lJrew K- 
CO.. 115 y»t-. nu rtrcct,y . Y_. 

' "«•' « F w f, f 

Mors MoKEV i.t IT ro« LiLi. 




VnTHF WORKING CLASS.— WcBj enow rrcpsredti 
fum?.h ?.l ohuiV^wlUi ccnst^t empl. ymcntjit^homo. tb^ 


Publishers Youths' Companion, 

151 Washiiigton Street , Brtston , MaMU 



4 GENTS .>L4KrS« FOPTV^^ v.""*"* " 

Jk ,.7^ Flatin*, Soldenng, Washiug.Tishmg, Tri 
t^.. P^nt Soik Cement, and «5 other TReceipi 



plng. Paint, Soip. Cement, ana » omer iteeeipts. 

ManyofthsiniSrfcriiWewJh. We send aU of them. 

P<« to an, •«l|fB^Rf»^*'eo . Biddeford. Mc 



tJL^OT Wife, wS name, occnpatjon, Pf ",^fj«2 
cSSwt*ncee,d.'e of mamage. and '''if^Vi Sh^ 1 
Hfe rnrttaanMre. aae wUl five yen tbe P. O aOiinm. 

So t*arroS^wr»..pondrml«o the •»*"<» Wl '"•: 1 
SrU^tfoJTandun .oo^ow, whtn »n.1 whsre you wil. , 
N^me i»ca«uUnte.l. now often you will manr, yonr 
r«eome.«cqo»iB ^^^ eventbirg relating to 



Of the most approved construction, on tavorsble 
Send tor circular. 

c^ C.dkJ.COOPER&CO., 

84 Michigan St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

raited Si»tP^ nondsvJLiold 
elan and D; 

f.arcfaase ai 
y execBted 


and Dout«4tio Exchaiiiie 
arrhase and Mue by inaU ar t- xpr«M prompt 

SIlTpr, For- 
Ordc-re tor 


The Married Ladiee' Privar«- Companion con- 
.ug^^^d^infor^.^ I- f-/^^2^J- 

iS^fSS.S'^bUte>"ar ;*'V;"cok.rn-' eves an 1 rair. la 
SSB«lS>o«nte, »ni yon will receive the picture, with 

yon will 1-- - - 

bt return mail. Ad.Teee, in eonfl- 
'^ Drawer .■^SWr*. f>icag«v 'H 

2>. B. SZBXiST d^ CO., 


Special aUenUoc given to DRESSED HOGS 
IW^ Seuth Water Street. Cbira«o, Ol. 

REr»BLvcts-W. F. Coolbaagh, 

Sg Michi gan Avenue 




Is ei erywfc-ere pronounced hy competent judges 
to be superior to ottierg for tbe 
following resecus : 

It ia made of the finest stock ^rown. 

It has a mild and agreeable aroma. 

It is anti-rervooB in It B«ffects, as 

It is free lr>m drngs. tLe Mcoucs 

Bevinir alto been extracted. 

It lesves I o acrid, oiaagrt-eable aftertaste 

Does not i ting or burn the tongue. 

Leaves ro offensive r,aor io the ro^m. 

Ordeis f..i elegant Meerschaum Pipee 

Are dai y oaok»i in v&rioasbags. 

It is of a' I; right golden color. 

iieing vert light, one poand will laK 

Two orLLiee iiroes as long as nihara 

Buy It, tT It and convirce yourself 

If your detl nr does not kesp it ask bim to get it. 


Is also a very good article, and makes an excellent 

sm-ke 1 is much lower In price and of hea»i<r 

,bo » iban the former, and its sale, wherever in- 

I tnxfoced. n rot ooiy permaneDt, hut omstantly on 

tbe Increase. 3rders for eieganl Merrichanm Mpes 

are also place-i ia tne v arious bag i^- braiid daily 

fcckoowlodged "t he beet" wbereTer need. 

LORI~3.LARD'8 ^S^^^Si^*^* 

CENTURY Tt^Xor'^^f 

i Ohewin}; Tobacco. ^t^SS^bVtheTS 

' chewing tobaoM io tbe coontry. 


P. IiOaiLLAllD. Srew York. 


,u.i.^ «.=...-- - - whother it be tho sio'w 

result orsedontary life, or the sequel ol other diseases 
In all cases this Cure sUinulates the sluggish action of 
the Ijver, removes bad bile and promotes a healthy 
natural secretien. Each bottle is accompanied with 
one box of Lansley'* CaUiartic Pille, $1 a botile 

PHXiMCozarc rebsbdt, 

or 'Toor Man's Con;h Balsam," 

A safe and reliable antidote for diseases of tho Throat 
and Lnn«s . the most effectual preparauon in the world 
for Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Croup, Asthma, Consump- 
tion of the Lungs, Spitting of Blood, Whooping Cough, 
Bronchitis, Tightness, Soreness, and all affections of 
the Throat and Lungs. 25 cents a bottle 
manttactubeu oslt by 

Ihe Rocky Mountiin Bitters Companys 

-.207 Fulion Street, N. Y. 

^r* Sold by all Druggists and Grocers throofbout 
the country. 

A Book for tlie Million. 
m^Lciltl A.CarE'&Eix>B t^tne mab- 

fUDEi) or those about 
to marry, on the 


physiological mys- 
teries and revelations of the sexual system, with the 
latest discoveries in producing and prev*ntlng oflspnng, 
how to preserve the complexion, 4c 

This 18 an interesting work of 224 pages, with numer 
Otis engravings, and c^mtains valuable information for 
thoee who are married or contemplate marriaie, still it 
is a bc<ik that ought to be kept under lock and key, and 
not laid carelessb- about theh'/use. 
Sent to am one (free of postage/ for hifty Cants. 
Address Dr Butts' Dispensary, N. W. comer Fiftii 
and Market streets, St Louis, Mo. 
jy Notice to the Aflllcted nnd Unfortnuate. 
Before applying to the notorious Quark* who advertise 
In public papers, or using any Q-taek remodUt, peruse 
Dr E-Jtts' work, no matter what yotir disease is, or how 
deplorable your condition. 

Dr Butu can be consulted, personaUj or l»y mail, on 
the disease* metrtioned in hi", worki- Office N. W cor. 
Fifth and Market street, lopposite Court House,; ot. 
Lcwiis, Mo. 



THE TRIBUNE isttrvnghy reason of itt enarmmis 
circulation and great cheapness. It has long been 
conceded that THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE h»« *he 
largest circulation of any newspaper In the country. 
For years we have printed twice as many papers, 
perhaps, at all of the other weekly edltloat of the 
city dailies combined. This Is why we are enabled 
to do our work so thoroughly and cheaply. The 
larger our circulation, the better ptper we can make. 
What are the practical tvggutiont f Many. Let 
every subscriber renew hl.s subscription, and urge 
his neighbor to do the same. If a man cannot af- 
ford to pay two dollars, let him raise a cinb, by in- 
ducing his neighbors lo subscribe, and we shall 
•end him a copy gratit iot his trotible. No news- 
paper so large and complete as THE WEEKLY 
TRIBUNE was ever before offered at so low a price. 
Even when our currency was at par with gold, no 
such paper but THE TRIBUNE was offered at that 
price; and THE TRIBUNE then cost us far less 
thsn It now Joes. We have solved the problem of 
miking the beat and cheapest newspaper In America. 



One copy, one year, 52 issues $2 00 

6 copies, $9; 10 copies, to one addrest, $1,60 
each (and one extra copy); 10 ooplea, to ruimet 
of subtcribert, at one Pott-Office, $1,60 each and 
one extra copy); 20 oopes, to one addreu, $1,26 
each (and one extra copyi; 20 copies, to names 
of tuitcribert. at one Pott-Gffiet, $l,8Seacb (and 
one extra copy); 60 copies, to one address, $1 
each (and one extra copy) ; 60 copies, to nam«t 
0/ tubicrihert, aione Pott-OffUe, f 1,10 each (and 
OSS extra copy. ) 

The New-York Semi-Weekly Tnbune 

Ileodfr. if you 
r. C. AT.LrN 

■uit pe:-T/ian<-tit, p-ar:tnM« 
& CO., Afr,IFTA^?.!*I>-l 

poctant to both seies 
diesase! Dr 


.-.>- ri.v-.i'-f 

101) Anatomical and 

married and single, in health and 
Larinont'»> P^n?, fondon 

Mcii'-al Adviser and Marriage G«ideJ 
■ - ■ ■ • lates. 13 

with Recipes and Certihcatee_of his smiwecedented 


and New 
44i pages. 
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iafbS^'o^e ^'^'J-b«t-STATI0NrB- 
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Wells' Every Man His Own Lawyer 
anci Business Form Book. i 

A fompteto ani reliabie guide in aU matters of law I 
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E. A. HoTCHKiss, Editor and Proprietor. 

Liberty, Literature and Land. 

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VOL. Vn. NO. 10. 


WHOLE NO. 322. 

Selected IHiscellanQ. 


■T OBOKuK a. ii'TDtM. 

Rlugforthe b*aati(ul > ki.ol . 

A knell for tlie youDj? and f lir, 
Who starts to the soun.l ot her tnaniktie bell 

On aiifi--l"'>">' walk with (K-npair, 
8wliij{ ami itfs.' '" ymr belfry lugb. 
Llanior. O bel;», to the wnny Uy, 

But your voicea are knel'.s, 

Aii'l'the pean thai KWi'lla 
Uonty a mocking le ! 

Ye should Hios; of joy. bat in tonp« rao«t olaar 
Ye are shouting far to the iistenio*; etr, 
SkIiI ! f>ACl ! sola I 
Sold for a million of lU-gojt* n gold I 

A IbooMiidayMare agnpe to see 

The gUtlMtag ourtrg.' paae. 
But the eweet t^rldt- wjlketh wearily, 

And her eje* tiiey are ■luo, aUw I 
Hand, not heart. In the giit »he brlOKS, 
Daty. not love, iit thn etraln ah>> slug*. 

And her vl^iuna are traatiht. 

With bauk<^HiiKtUui))^kt 
And dir- fnl Ima*ri<'>nu3: 

Her hsart shouid be ught. bat its beat la alow, 
SobbluK and throbbinit. i«atl and low- 
So d! suldt soldi 
Sold for a mUllon of gil tertng gold I 

OratiKe flowers In aer sbiuiDx h ^Ir, 

H»lf concealed by gi.a-«amer boe; 
OU, she !a lovely boyi>'-:i < ompare, 

Frvsh ami sweet is h r iitnlsU face; 
Stariy Jr-wela nn h:iiid ami bre»i»t, 
Oema of the oriout, «old of the Weat, 

IngllKiuirrini; plu; 

Seein. iauxh-.nx. to ray 
•• Wt arr thi pru€ nj unrttt." 
I But tijeaongU 'Uiig anil the rite is rea>i 

The pageant ovtr: the vows are said — 
Sold! sold! 8o:dI 

Sold for a million of p« ri«hi g Kold t 

now another element haa been brought to j 
play. There is no doubt bat that th« Ecu- j 
meuical Council will take action on this 

Juestion, and that both in England and 11 
reland the "thunders of the Church" will 
be eroked against all parents who send 
their children to schools at which religion 
forma no part of the- teaching. At a large 
meeting of Roman Catholics, heldUnt week 
at Biroiiugham, the Earl of Denbigh, u 
leading man among the Catholics of this 
counuy, declared that he would rather see 
children sent to schools where Protestant- 
ism waa4aught than to schools where no 
religion at all was inculcated; and the meet- 
ing, of which the " ^ .. ■ • 
of the place was 
heartilv when he made this remark. 



DiTCKiNO AND Deaining. -These im- SENAXi-Dec 15th. -The bill relating to 
TV)rtant items in farm maiiHgement cannot , an Intemat onal Industrial Oonvendon was dla- 
U too frequently placed before the'.f arming cussed, aud laid over for the present -Kellogg of- 
commanity. Many are detetred from un- 
derdraining on account of the heavy ex- 

pense, although it may be safely affirmed 
that the entire expense of nnderd raining 
land is always returned to the farmer in 
the three following crops, and often in the 

Tiles are, of coarse, the best means with 

which to form the water way, but tiles are 

, ... so expensiTe that they are comparatively 

Roman Catholic bishop y^jg xxmA. Good sorviceuble drains can 

chairman, cheered him \ ^^ ^j^j^ either with lumber, sawed for the 

EDl'LAliO.N IN tX.LlND. 

Ignorance and Wretcbcdneaa In Lon- 
don— The Scliool Question. 

We clip iho lollowii>g piir,\gra|.h from a 
London Utter to rhe New York Htiald: 

"It ib needless to inform any .\merican 
who has Hepu our large towns iu England, 
how fcarlully we are behind you in the 
matter of education for the poor. Ii any 
American correspondent of an American 
Diper, or any .\uierio>in writer resident iu 
England, was to walk down or through a 
single di-strict of a score I could point out 
in London, and was to give his fellow- 
oountrj'men a simple but titithfal account 
of what he saw. £uf;lishmen would put 
down his words as btiug antiue, exagger- 
ated, unfair and the like. And yet I would 
defy him, or any one who was merely a 
word painter, and who nfiver colored his 
pictures, not to astoninh Lis readers with 
the drawing h« set before them, f rovided 
it was only true to the life. When I tell 
you that we have herf> in London upwards 
of 25.000 '-gntter children" who live in the 
streets who never hear the name of their 
Maker but iu a blasphemous oath, and 
who have no occupation but what they 
make for themselves, no leaching but that j 
which educates them for the prison, the I 
reformatory, tho thieves kitchen and for 
ultimate penal servitude; when I tell y.ja 
thi.s us a niuiple statistical fact you will 
hardly wonder if I 8<iy o<iaeation for the 
million is Komewbat needed m this land. 
But when I add also as a statistical fact 
that to these '25.000 wanderers there is an 
addition of 5,tXlO women of bad character 
under 15 years of age, and 5,000 professed 
theives of the same tender years, you will 
wonder now, with the immense wealth ot 
London, (iod docs not visit us for onr sins ; 
and that this huge overgrown Babylon ol ; 
bncks is not destroyed \>y llim as were the ! 
cities of the plainl U;t.s no effort been j 
made to redeem these children ? Has no | 
one, no set of men or women 
foot an undertaking to tducate them in 
some measjre, to teach them scnething of 
honesty uud of thvir relative duties to God 
and man ? 

Efforts have not been wanting, but we di- 
vide our forces, we will not act together, 
and so the evil goes on and is 
increasing. The established 
Church has many scliool.^ aud might have 
the funds at its disposal to have many 
more. The Baptists, tho Wesleyans, and 
the Roman Catholics have also their 
schools; the latter the m..rit energetic, and. 
for the limit»-d i umber of thrir commnni- 
ty, th« most eiB •'..JUt of all. But with the 

freat many of tiie well to-do classes in 
liiglaud tliere is a most naiiccountable ap- 
athy upon that all important subject. Our 
strength is divided; there is no law by 
which parents are obliged to swnd their off- 
spring to school, and "from the thieves, 
roughs, and fallen women one can only ex- 
pect that they should, as they do, greatly 
prefer that the children pick up here a lit- 
tle and there a little -by odd job<, by sell- 
ing matches, by thieveug. and by worse— 
which adds something, no matter how lit- 
tle, to the general liinds of the household. 

Plants iu Siecpiiii; R4><>ih8. 

Though the air is dependent for the re- 
newal of its oxygen on tne action of the 
I green leaves of plants, it must not be lor- 
I gotten that it is only in the presence and 
' under the stimulus of light that these 
: organisms decompose carbonic acid All 
j plants, irrespective of their kind of nature, 
; absorb oxygen aud enhale carbonic acid in 
1 the dark. The quantity of noxious gas 
I thus eliminated is, however, exceedingly 
' small when compared with the oxygen 
'thrown out during tho day. When they 
t are flowering, plants exhale carbonic acid 
' in considerable quantity, and at the same 
time evolvtt heat. In this condition, there- 
fore, they resemble animals as regards 
their relation to the air; and a number of 
plants placed in a room would, under these 
I circumstances, tend to vitiate the air. 
I While the phanerogamia. or flowering 
' plants, depend on the air almost entirely 
for their supply of carbon, and are busy 
during the day in restoring to it the oxy- 
gen that has been removed by animals, 

■ many of the inferior crypogramia, as the 
' fungi and parasitic plants, obtain their 

nourishment from material that has already 
I been organized. They do not absorb car- 
' honic acid, but on the contrary they act 
' like animals, absorbing oxygen and exhal- 
I iug carbonic acid at all limes. It is, there- 

■ fore evident that their presence in a room 
1 cannot be productive of good results. 

Aside from the highly deleterious action 
that plants may exert on the atmosphere of 
; a sleeping-room, by increasing the propor- 
I tiou of carbonic acid during the night, there 
' is another and more important objection to 
' be urged against their presence in such 
i "ipartments. Like animals, they exhale pe- 
I culiar volatile organic principles, which in 
many instances render the air unfit for the 
purposes of respiration. Even in the days 
of Andronicas this fact was recognized, for 
he says, in speaking of Arabia Fwlix, that 
"by reason of myrrh, fraukincense aud hot 
spices there growing, the air was so obnox 
ions to their brains, that the very inhabit- 
ants at some times cannot avoid its influ- 
ence." What the ihflaence on the brains 
j of the inhabitants may have been does not 
I at present interest hs: we have only quoted 
I thw statement to show that long ago the 
I emanations from plants wtre regarded as 
I having an influence on the condition of the 
I air; and, in view of our present ignorance, 
it wonld be wise to banish them from oru 
sleeping apartments, at lea»t until we ars 
better informed regarding their true prop- 
erties. — Dr. J. C Draper in January Gal- 
I axy. 

The radical party in England propose, as 
a remedy tor this, that an act of Parlia- 
ment should be brought forward by which 
rates i*houid be levied from all household- 
ers for the payment of common schools; 
that to these common school^it should be 
made imperative lor all person.^ who are too 

Kor to educate their ( hilJreu to send both 
ys and k^tU of their families; and that at 
th«se schools no religious leaching be 
either enforced or even allowed, so that up- ' 
on the score of diflerent creeds no objection i 
shouhl be raised. But to this there is the 
opposition of relitfious denominations. The 
Anglicans, the Wesleyans and the Cat ho- . 
lies say alike that education without relig- , 
ion is worse than no education at all. What | 
they demand is that the scheme, now prac- 1 
ticed on a comparatively ^mall scale, and j 
oalled the denominational system, should ; 
be greatly enlarged, and that to each relig- 
ious persuasiou a ^raut ot government 
money should, under ctrtain restrictions. ' 
b« given, with which to build schools, pay 
teachers and general work out, under gov- 
ernment inspection, a system of education 
upon a large scale. 

The Roman C-itholic Church in this 
country has, up to the pn^sent time, shown 
more energy, mora activity, and has been 
more successful iu its schools than any 
i/ther denomination. Aud the clergy as 
well as the laity of that church are. more 
than any others, dttcrmined to oppose 
anything like a system of secular educa- 
tion. They say, • increase the funds yon 
allow us; where you have one Catholic 
school eBJoviu« government assistance, we 
will Mtablish five or six. if you will only 
est«nd the help yon give us. Then, if you 
like, make ii compuUory upon all the 
children of onr taith to attend these 
fchotUs, and punish the parents who don't 
ob«y your order." 

The liberal press object to this. Thsv 
say that they >viil not pay any sect more 
than another. Thev don't want and will 

A Brain Atmosphere. 

A new theory is propounded to show why 
one happens to think of persons he has 
not seen for years just before meeting them. 
A similar phenomenon often happens when 
evex put on ; qq^ ^^^^ impressions of the death of friends 
who may be thousands of miles away, and 
subsequently learns that they died at that 
particular moment. A writer in the Lon- 
don Spectator thinks th&t there is a brain 
atmosphere extending through space, more 
subtle than the air or even than the elec- 
every year i j^^j. flmj, \g th« nndulatioas of the air 
Epiticopal I occasion sound, and the undulations of 
the ether give the impression «^f light, 
so the undulations of this brain 
atmosphere may convey impressions be- 
tween sympathetic minds. The theory is a 
very ingenious one, and there are certainly 
many facts which it will explain very satis- 
factorily, but these differed. t atmospheres 
must be curiously constituted, it su many 
different vibrations, moving from ho many 
directions, do not interfere with one auo h- 
tr. The theory of light, with its hun- 
dred of millions of ethereal vibrations every 
second, through the vast spice between the 
earth and sun, or between the earth and a 
distant nebulas, has always been a tough 
morsel for our mental digestion. The mas- 
ters of science lay down the law, and we 
submit, but our faith is weak. And now 
comes in a new atmosphere, with a new 
sense of motions. It is a little too much 

I for us, we confess, and looks "aw' a mud- 
: die," as tne world did to poor Stephen 
j Blackwell. With vibrations of air, vibia- 
, tious of ether, vibrations of brain almos- 
I phere, and vibrations of electricity, (we 
; suppose that must vibrate too), things will 
I get mixed up badly. 'Tis no wonder m- 
I sanity is increasing, for so many vibrations 
\ are enough to addle any weak brain, and 
make it difficult to distingHish one from 
i tother. We must beg our scientific friends 
! to hold up, and keep their discoveries of 
any more atmospheres to themselves. We 
shall be crushed under the load, if the num- 
I ber is increased. There is a limit to hu- 
man endurance. — Frovidence Journal. 

How Divorces are Obtained. 

A writer in the New York 1 elegram tells 
how divorces are obtained: 

.\ wife, for instance, unrestrained by any 
virtuous ccmpunctions, has a butband 
greatly her senior, in whom there is an ab- 
sence of congeniality, or perhaps imagin- 
ing she fancies some one else more, makes 
application to the ever complaisant "di- 
vorce lawyer. " He hears a statement of her 
grivances, and promises her speedy relief 
for a big fee. 

Regularly in his employment are a set of 
vile creatures whom, I beg the sex's par- 
don, I must call women. Possessed of 
some c*apital in the shape of personal at- 
tractions, but poorindeedin virtue, though 
comelv to the eye, they are patrepcent in 
their souls. They are eager performers in 
any act of turpitude. Instructed minutely 
as to the foibles and tollies of her 
intended victim, she familiarizes her- 
self with his favorite haunts, and gradoally 
insinuates herself into his acquaintance. 
Perhaps she begins with opening an appa- 
rent innocent flirtaticn. or by asking a 
question, proper in itself. An acquaint- 
ance formed, she then inaugurates a system 
of siren-like blandishments, artfnllv weav- 

puriK)se, into five or six inch widths, 
even with brush aud poles; in either, 
however, the expenses of the drains nro 
heavy, and what has its effects also, the 
work is hard aud disagreeable, and where 
the labor of a farm depends on tho farmer 
himbelf or on the members of his family, 
it is difficult to get work of that nature per- 
formed; then again, to dig drains properly 
is a trade, and requires considerable ex- 
perience and special tools, the farmer 
oftea loses ten times the value of them in 
a siu£,le season. 

Draining cannot be recommended too 
strongly, but where draining cannot be 
done, ditching can, and this is the second 
best thing. Pew farms require ditches of 
more than two feet deep from the adjoining 
level, aud where ditches are not deeper 
than that, the entire work can be done 
with the plow and the road scraper, thus 
putting the hard labor on the horses and 
not .in the men, and rendering the task an 
easy one. 

If water is got off tho land quickly in 
the spring when the snows melt, the land 
is never wet during the subsequtnt season; 
whereas, if the winter's rain and snow are 
allowed to lodge on the ground, and soak 
away, it puts the crop back for a considera- 
ble time, renders the land cold aud sour, 
and throws the earliest aud best sown fall 
wheat into the midge season. Where a 
field is wet or flat there ought to be a ditch 
all around it, the earth thrown out by the 
plow in forming it on one side being made 
up into a bank for the fence, and on the 
other, spread otit on the adjoining land as 
evenly as possible, and so as to prevent the 
water from forming a lodgment. For form- 
ing such ditches as these nothing can be 
better than the plow; nothing moves earth 
so fast or so cheaply, and by proper man- 
agement the greatest portion of the earth 
in the future ditch never requires touching 
with any other implement. When the 
earth can no longer be profitably heaved 
out of the ditch with the plow, that imple- 
ment should be used, without a mold-board 
to loosen tho soil, and the earth so moved 
carried out of the ditch on the adjoining 
land with the road scraper. No ditch ought 
to be of less width at the bottom th^n the 
ordinary road scraper; if it is, the poach- 
ing of cattle searching for water and tread- 
ing down the banks, soon fills it up.— Can- 
ada Farmer. 

Fabm Waom Must coub Down. — 
"The laborer is worthy of his hire," and 
we are decidedly in favor of paying all 
good, faithful workers the highest wages 
that can possibly be afforded. The farm 
cannot pay beyond a reasonable j)er cent- 
age of its products for workmen. The cost 
for freightage and other marketing expenses 
is about the same for wheat at 75c per 
bushel as for that sold at $1.50. But mak- 
ing ne allowance f.)r this, let us reckon the 
wages of laborers in wheat or other pro- 
duce which he must buy for bis family. 
Suppose we put the wages of good work 
men at four bushels of waeat per week 
with board, or five aud a half without 
board. This, with wheat at $1.50 per 
bushel, is $25.00 or $34.37 per month, if 
the employer sells his wheat and pays 
money. Is it just that be should piay the 
same money wages when his wheat brings 
only 75? The plain truth is ho cannot 
afford it He cannot give eight or eleven 
bushels of wheat for a wedtVl wark. 

If the laborer could feed his family two 
years ago on four bushels ot wheat per 
week, he can get along on less than double ! 
the quantity now, while the employer is j 
straiKhtwned for the means to pay interest, , 
purchase machinery or implemeais, stot^'k, ' 
etc. If laborers do not appreciate these • 
1 icts, aud moderate their demands ac- ; 
cordingly, farmers will, from absoluls ntces- 1 
sUy, be compelled to shorten sail, aud a ! 
large number of laborers will be thrown | 
out of employment. Evciy farmer will, ; 
of course, do the best he can to retain his ' 
well-tried men, and to keep some improve- ' 
ments going on. By the way, wa wonld 
like to receive from onr readers in differ- ' 
ent parts of ihe country, statements as to 
the number of bushels of wheat, and of ! 
com also, that have been equivalent to the 
average wages of farm Lands, with and 
without board, during each of the years 
1865, 18G7 and 1869; we refer to men em- , 
ployed by the month during the entire [ 
year. — American Acjriculturist. 

A Bushel o» Wheat fob a Pound of But* | 
TEB. — In some of the interior places of our i 
state we learn that wheat is down to forty- 1 
five cents per bushel, while in St. Paul a 
good article of butter sells readily at retail 
for the same price. After paying harvest 
hands from two to three dollars a day there 
is but little left tor the farmer who raises 
the great staple, after deducting price of 
seed, threshing. Ac. The expense of mar- 
keting is decidedly in lavor of dairy pro- 
ducts, since the forty-five cents' worth ol 
wheat weighs some sixty times as much as 
the batter. Here is another argument in 
favor of mixed husbandry, of tdl 
going into one kind of crop untu the mar- 
ket 13 completely over-stocked. If our 
farmers had raised only half as much wheat 
and a good oop of batter, cheese, pork, 
and beef, to say nothing of the great varie 
ty of little things that bring the cash, there 
would have been four times the money 
saved this year, as the wheat would h-ive 
brought double the price, with one-half the 
cosi.~St. Paul Presn. 

Beet SuoaR in WiscoNSi^f. — The Fond 
da Lac, Wis., Commonwealth gives a des- 
cription of the Beet Sugar Manufactory of 
Messrs. Bonesteel & Otto, in that city. It 
appears that Mr. Otto has been foreman of 

fered a resolution, which was aarced to, directing 
the CointcKteeoncommorce to inqul;'e Into the ex- 
pedieu.yof repealing tho Uws n latire to the d!a- 
tributioii of fines aiut penalties iiicuired under the 
ciiatoua lawfi; aud aJso for liu'roasiiiK the salaries 
of CO lectors, stirve>or» aud naval offlc>-rs at the 
prlLcipal p'.rta.— The Senate c ncturcd iu the House 
ri-Boliition to adjourn from the 22d Instant to the 
5th proximo.— Browiilow occupied i half hour in 
per^oual explanation of hi« course la the Tenues- 
Hue cauvaiis. Ue heartily suppurteO tho admiuis- 
tnitlon, aud was not iu lavor of Andrew Johnson 
for Senator. — C'arpenicr called up liis reaolutlon 
declaring that th - Spanish RUnboati should not 
be pirraltted to depart. He art^ued that their 
or 1 detention would bn the only couise consistent 
with our avowed neutrality. .Mr. Sumner (ok a 
conirriry view, aud thought h<j or th<i Senator from 
Wiscondin misaiprohciided the staiute on tbe sub- 
ject ■ Coiisiderable discasaion foil jwed on the 
question, pa. ticipated in by c'arp«i.Hr. Sumner. 
Howard aud 01 hers. >'o action was taken ou tlie 
resoluti.'n.— The joint resolution reiiuhiting hourii 
of labor by Kovemmeut employes W4S taken up. 
Morrill moved an amendment repe.iling the act 
making 8 hours a day's work, which ho snpported 
iu a long speech, doolniinj that as u'vn act ouly ap- 
plied to men .n the servico of tne goverumeut it 
was anU-republican, aud offensive to all laboring 

House— ProRser introduced ti bill to pro- 
vide for specie payments; Clarke, a leeolntion that 
public lands should be open to srttlompnt as soon 
as the Indian title was extinculshed ; Con;;er, one 
instructing the Committee on Comraerco in rela- 
tion to the establishment of a harbor of ri-fuije on 
the shore of Lakr) Hur.m, Between P 'int au 
Barques and Ihe St. Clair liver. Adopted. Djer 
iutroduct-dabillincreihiiig tax on National baulcs; 
HQge, ofr.-red a resolutiou looking t) inquiry luto 
•he vvondaie Mine diHastor. The House «h"n took 
up the Census bill. The amendment requiring the 
collection of sti isUcs on bonds held by corpora- 
tions and individuals was reJMttied, and the amend- 
ment of Garfluld adopted. Jei.ckes moved to i-trlke 
out the Agricultural schedule; rejeited. The bill 
was then reported to the House. Tho amendment 
for the coUeciion of social sutlatics ivas agreed to. 

Senate— Dec. 16th. — Wilson offered a 
resolution, which was adopted, looking to the pro- 
tection of public meetlnt^s In the District of Colum- 
bia.— Thurman, a resolution of Inciuiry as to the 
(lestgnn of the United States In tl e Terger case, 
wblch wentover.—Ccoper introduced a Joint reso- 
lution to the account of JoLn Vt'. Forney, late 
Secretary of the Senate, which wa« adopt d after 
explaiialloii by Cameron, in which he stid the ac- 
counts of Forney had bven fairly sdjust- d.— The 
Georgi.i reconetructioi. bill was taken up, and dis- 
cussed at length, witliov.t coniliig to any definite 
action. — .Sherman Introduced a bill to establish a 
Barean of Customs aud Revenue; Htimner, a bill 
proviiling that tho nets of the several depirtmenta 
shall not be called iu questloa by th« other depart- 
ments, and flxinjj the Uuiits of tho J idicial power: 
Kice, a bill to euconrage tho carrying of United 
States mails to foivi^n countries in American steam- I 
ships, and for the encouragement of emigration 
from Europe to the United States. 

House —Bills w<re introduced, to appor- j 
tion the Bepresentiition of the severed states for the | 
42ud Conj,'rcs8 ; to amend exls'.ing revenue Uws; to ! 
repeal tiie tax of t'U per cent on notes of state I 
bauks. — Siolleid preton'td Utters from Secretary of I 
Navy, asking a ahonty to enlist 1 , SOU more men j 
for the Navy. Some farther amenilments to tho 
Oeasu-i biil were disposed of ai.d th<i bill passed. — 
Allison introduced a bi:l to fix theuc.iuber of mem- 
bers iu th*j House of Rffpreseutaiivt 8. —Brooks re- 
pcrtei a bill to furmi>h,'at guveruuiiut { 
tlhi'ial liuibs aud othT supports, to honorably dis> | 
«.harg«-d soldit-rs duriujj tile. Ordered print(id. A | 
message w:is receive) from the Piesident declin- j 
ing to faruiab correspondenee on Cuban < 
affairs aa aaked by a resolution I 

of the House — House went Into Ccunmlttee of the 
Whole on tne Pre.-ident's message. &luu;{er, (Jem ,) 
ot Ohio, made a sp ech criticisitig tlie tluancial pol- 
icy of the govemment, and advo at ng repudiation 
of the debt He was followed by Brooks of New 
York, Kerr cf Indiana, Slocnm of > ew York, Kan- 
dall ot Pennsylvania, and others— tU democrats — 
In sharp rebaWc, d ciariug that thi naiioual debt 
never cau he, and uevwr will be, repuiiated. Gar- 
field theuofft:redare><olutioadeclarinKthutapropo- 
HlUon for repudiation, dire, t or indirect, was tlis- 
honoruble, aud that the House i-et.'< lis seal ot con- 
demnation upon It, without distil ictlou of party. 
The resolution w.ia passed by only one dlHseuti* g 
vote. — A message was received from tba President, 
announcing the ratification of the l.Sth amenduieut 
by Alabama. 

Senate— Dec. ITth.— The bill relitive to 
telegraphic communication with foreign coan- 
tiies was taken up. It prescribes the terms on 
which traus oceanic cables shall be permitted to 
laud in the United States. Some liscussiun to >k 
place as to tho constitutional lighi. of the general 
govfrument to supervise the queiitlon, la which 
Sumner and Sherman were the chiof disputants. — 
Bills were lutroduied, lo abolish tie franking priv- 
ilege, and to provide for a reducti n of army offi- 
cers. — The Georvia reconm ruction bill was taken np, 
widch o<cupi<dthe remainder of the afternoon and 
evening sei^sirn, the discussion turuln;^ chiefly ou 
Moitoii's amendment requirin:; the ratification of 
the IKtb ameuiimcut be!oru Senators aud Repre- 
seutatives are a<lmitti-d. At a late hour a vote was 
reached, and thr auieudment agreed to— yeis 3a, 
nays 15. An amendment, by Howard, was upreed 
to, by which persons who aided the rebellion would 
be excluded from s^ats In the Legtslature of Geor- 
gia, exrept suo-i as were forced into th- service. 
The bill was then pawed -yeas 4S, nays 9. — Ad- 
journed till Monday. 

Hoi;4X — Not in session. 

Senate— Dec. 20th. -Sohurz iutrodaccd 
a bill to reform the civil service, providing for a 
bo.ird to examine all applicants for office, and for a 
year of probation. Referred. — "'Vnmbull intro- 
duced a Joint resolnUon declarinK 'Virginia entitled 
to representation iu Congress : Pomeroy, to cliartsr 
i^n American an>t Holland cible company : Sumner, 
a reoolntion a«kiug the Preaiden; for Cuban cor- 
respontlence; also a 1>111 to provldtfor the adjust- 
ment of claims of American citiaeiis for spoliations 
pommittad by ttie French pri(jr to 1881 —Morton 
reported favorably on the bill repealing the duties 
on canned and preserved fish. 

Brief History of «Tat-8e-O.Kama," ' 
or the Ureat Wonder of tlte Ave. | 

When the troupe of Japanese Gymnasts ! 
visited Chicago in 1868, Mr. Campbell, who | 
has always an "eye to business," was 
struck with the peculiarly glossy appear- 
ance of their hair. One of the oldest 
members of the troupe, who, with a com- 
panion, was sauntering about town, 
chanced to drop into Mr. Campbell's store, 
and looking uloriely at his hair, Mr. Camp- 
bell became convinced that the Japanese 
knew something about the art of coloring 
heir. Consequently, on the day following 
he called on the Japanese interpreter, at 
the Tremont House," and stated his busi- 
ness, saying tha' if he was correct in his 
conjecture, he would willingly pay an ex- 
orbitant price for information that would 
be the means of driving the poisonous and 
filthy Hair Dyes from the American market. 
Tho interpreter informed him that one 
of the older members of the troupe had 
been iu former years chief hair-dresser to 
His Majesty the Tycoon, and that he whs 
in possessien of secrets in the art of color- 
ing hair, but that he w«is under obliga'.ions 
to his government not to reveal them. 
Through the kindness of the interpreter, 
Mr. Campbell was introduced to this per 
son, and made known his wishes. He was 
met by a refusal at once. Th\3 person, 
whose name, as many will remeinber, was 
O-wee geewee-nah, told Mr. Campbell 
that there were two kiuds of dyes made in 
Japan, one for coloring black aud the other 
for producing a brown effect; that the for- 
mer was in common use, while the latter 
was a "court aecret," and used only in the 
family of the Tycoon. 

Mr. Campbell determined to possess him- 
self ot this dye if possible, as nothing had 
ever been known in Europe or America 
ihat would color hair brown. He therefcie 
offered O-wee-gee-wee-nah a large sum of 
money for the secret, but he was ref ised. 
Shortly after this the left Chicago 
and went to New York, and Mr. Campbell 
followed them in a few days. He went im- 
mediately to the hotel where they were 
stopping, and set deliberately at work to 
accomplihh his purpose. He became inti- 
mately acquainted with every gymnast, at- 
tended their exhibitions nightly,iHtroduced 
them to his friends, drove them to the 
parks and places of public interest, and 
ingratiated himself thoroughly in their 

At length gaining their confidence he 
succeeded in obtaining a promise from O- 
wee-gee-wee-nah— that whenever they left 
the country he should have the secret, but 
only on condition that it should never be 
communicated to a third yjarty. The 
amount to be paid on surrender of the se- 
cret was fabulous. Mr. Campbell remain- 
ed in New York until the troupe was ready 
to sail. The hour was yet for communica- 
ting the desired information, and a bag, of 
twenty dollar gold pieces, was ready for de- 
li very when O-wee gee- wee nab was taken 
suddenly ill, and as he was like all his 
countrymen, superstitious, he regarded his 
I sickness as judgment on him for the act he 
I was about to commit, and here Mr. Camp 
I bell was foiled again. 

The troupe sailed for Europe, but Mr. 
Campbell was not to be deleatcd. His 
I agent started in the next steamer and over- 
hauled the gymnasts in London, uud fol- 
lowed them to Paris. Here their exhi- 
bitions were not as profitable, as they hud 
been, and here Mr. Campbell's agent bold- 
ly renewed his offer, increasing it by more 
than a thousand dollars in gold, and at 
last, in Paris, he was successful— he laid 
hands on the mighty secret and at once 
started on his return trip. 

Mr. Campball after thoroughly experi- 
menting with tho dye has put it upon the 
market. Persons have only to try it to be 
satisfied. The account here given reads 
more like fiction than truth, but a head of 
gray hair changed to the soft, glossy brown 
of youth, will convince the most skeptical 
that Mark Campbell in this, as in oth^r 
things, does no* humbog the people. This 
is the eighth wonder of the world. "Ja- 
panese Hair Dye" is prepared only at Mark 
Campbell's Hair Emporium, 81 South 
Clark St., Chioago, III , and is sold by all 
druggists everywhcTP. 

A Model Printing Ofllcc. 

In the Union Building is located one of the 
most attractive job printing establishments 
in the entire west, of which Messrs. P. L. 
Hansoom A Co. are the proprietors. Not 
least among those men who have sought 
and secured a hold upon the confidence and 
pivtrouage of tho buwne-s public, and 
achieved a success <n Chicago as merited as 
it is solid, is Mr. HauHcom. Some five 
years ago he opened a soiall office on Dear- 
born .Street, and, in a modest way. com- 
menced business, obtiining customers here 
aud there, steadily making friends. Hin 
plan of conductiug business was then, as 
it always has been, to give perfect satis- 
faction' and send out work unsurpassed in 
point of finish and workmanlike execution. 
The result was that fiiends and castomers 
multiplied, and tis business soon secessi- 
tatcd more room, as well as increased facil- 
ities, to keep pace with its demands. Far- 
well Hall Building was selected as a new 
base, and there he opened aud operated 
upon a much more extensive soale; when 
in the midnt of prosperity he lost his entire 
stock of materials and presses with 
the disastrous fire which oconrced 
to that building two years ago. It requir- 
ed, however, only a few hours to secare 
new quarters, and, with a new outfit, set 
tied down to business again — this time at 
Nos. 120 aud 130 LaSalle street An im- 
portant branch of hi-* business then, as 
now. was that of gummed and cut labels 
for druggists' use, and while at the last 
n;imed place he very largely extended his 
facilities for procuring business, soon suc- 
ceeding in obtaining cnstomers in all parts 
ot the country. The rapid growth of the 
business made it evident that still more 
room was needed for the prompt and 
efficient execution of his many orders. 
For this purpose he secured the mag- 
nificent h 11 over the Union National 
Bank, occupying 100 feet on Washington 
street and 60 feet on LaSalle. Seven steam 
presses are now kept constantly in use, and 
some forty of the best workmen to be ob- 
tained find steady employment. For the 
convenience of the public his counting- 
room (one of the finest offices in the build- 
ing), is located on the second floor, easily 
accessible from both Wa-ihing'on and La 
Salle streets. Here the energetic and ge- 
nial proprietor or his gentlemanly assistants 
mj^y always be found in readiness to supply 
the wants of customers, and when desired 
show them through the busy establish- 
ment. If there is a job printer in Chicag* 
who is deserving of widet^pread patronage 
it is Mr. Hanscom ; but tho fact that he 
has, from au humble start five years ago, 
succeeded in establishing one of the largest 
and finest job offices in the West, of itself 
speaks forcibly in his praise, and best illus- 
trates the character of himself aud his 

work. — Chicago Tribune. 

MoBE Testimony. —From the Times New 
Polzt, N. Y. "We take pleasure this week 
lu calling the attention of our readers to 
the advertisement of "HooJUind's German 
Bitlers." It is the only Tonic for the In- 
valid that commends itself. Our Druggist, 
E. Van Wagencn, in this village has sold 
two gross the past hIx mouths, and in every 
iustance it gave t^atisf;iction. Now is the 
time to use the Bitters. IfooJVand's Bitters 
i.i entirely free, from ulcuholii) odmixture." 

Ilooflund's German Tonic is a combina- 
tion of all the ingredients of the Bitters, 
with pure Santa Cruz Bum, orange, anise. 
Sec. It is Uhad for the same diseases as 
the Bitters, iu cases where au alcoholic 
stimulant is necessary. It is a prepara- 
tion of rare medicinal value, and most 
agreeable to the palate. 

Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Kenewer 
is becoming a universal favorite for re- 
storing eray hair to its original color, and 
mitkinf4 the hair grow out thick. 

No. 9. 



•xperlsBM, Ml eattra ioeesie: 0iBpl^— ' 
Prompt— BfldMt sad BtltaM*. Thsy are th* 
only fadlctees pertbettaradapudtopepalaraaa, 
— eo aimpto tkM alsttifces etanot M m«da tm 
osioctiMB; — hsrailws — f befrMftondaA* 
get, sad so afBdaat ■■ to ba ahnos teliabiau 
Thev have nlsed the I 

Wot . ^ 

t, ** 'Wor^M, Worm Tever, Worm CoUeJV 
8, •* Crftam^baUcorTrntUagtilutsafStt 











IMaRmMaofChUdna or Adnir*. 
Piaamtaijr Orlplag; BUioiu CoUc.aS 

Oaolara-Hiorkaa, Vomiting V 

Goaska, OoUs, BroodiltU » 

Naaimlcbi, Tootbacte, FMeeadie. .» 

— , BUloes Stmiudi SB 

. _,orPatafUPcriodm, 

.too prettase Periods W 

OroMs OoochiPifficalt Breathlos..9B 
■alt i[baaBa,Br7«tp«liia,KmpUoiia9B 
BlaaanukClaaa, Btaenmatte pains. .S5 
Fewar Jc Agwio, GItiU Fever, AgaeeSO 

PUaa. bUaTW Ueedlag 50 

~ 1 sore or weak ByeaSO 




** CMan^fMBte or efaranlc,InflaenzaM 

** Aatluma, oppreMed Breathing 90 

** Bar lMachJUvea,impalredheariDg90 

M gcroftila.en Urged rijiQd%awelHng8ao 

** G«nerall>ebiUty,pbysicaIweakDeMGO 

** Dropsy, and aeanty Seeretiona .... SO 

** 8ea'Slcluieaa,8lckne«i ftom ridlngfiO 

M BLldaayPlaaaaa. Gravel SO 

** Nerrona Debility Saaalnali 
il BnalaalOBa, involontary Dis- - 

chaivM .........1 00 

M Sora Moath, Canker BO 

•• Urinary lire«kBaaa,wetUDgbedSO 

•* Palami Perloda, with spauns. .60 

** SnflkrlBss at chance of llfit. 100 

•* BplIa|My,Spums,sLVltiu'Daiicel 00 

** Dlpliimcrlii; lUceiatedsorethroat.eo 


Of 85 ta 70 laiv* ytmlm, mtorocea 
or roaawoad aaaa, coBtataslms 
a specllla tor OTory ordinary 
dlaeaaa a flaoally la anbJacK ta, 


Prom f 10 to $8S 
SmaDer FfUBlly sad TraTallnc cases, 

with 9b to W vials Irom $5 to $• 

Speddfli fbr sD PrlTata DiBeaaea,botb 
for €arla|K and for PreTentlve 
treatoient, la vials and pocket caaea, $3to9S 


Cn'taa Bnma, Bralsaa, Laaieneaa, 
8oreneaa,0ora lliroat.Spraliia.Tooth- 
aclie, Baraeha, Nenrmlelm, Bhenma- 
tlam, Lambago, Pllea, BoUa, Stinsa, 
8or« Byaa, waedlnc of tbe Luun, 
Noa«,StoBiaeta, orofPlleat Carna,tJl- 
ears, Old Saraa. PrIeaftOeta. to SI.TS 

jsr These Bemedles, exeqtt POND\<« EX- 
rRACT, hv the ceao or tingle box, are sent to 
my pert at tha eeantiy, by mall or ezpreea, firaa 
of efaarg*! «■ (*Mipt of the price. 

Address Humphreys' Speoillo ^ '' 

Homeop&thio Mediolne Company; 

Office and Depot, Ko. COSBboaowat, New York. 

Dr. H uMra a a is is consulted dally at his ofllee, 
Deraon^jor bj letter, ■• above, fbr all Cbrma or 



CmCAOO, III.— Bumlianis * V»n Schaack. 

St. Louis, Mo.— Brown, Weber A Graham. 

St. Paul, Mihm.— Jenki i tJordon. 

The Novelty Clothes Wkinoeb. — "Take 
it ou trial with any and all others and keep 
the best," is what the proprietors of the 
' "Novelty Clothes Ringer" say, as will be 
seen by reference to their advertisement 
in another column. Nothing but the ut- 
most confidence in their own good^ and a 
full knowledge of what they bad to com- 
pete with, would warrant any manufacturer 
iu adopting so broad a jjlatfonn. This 
company have from the commencement 
guaranteed their wringers perfectly satis- 
factory in all cases, which may to 
some extent acccount for their great buc- 
cess. We are informed that their Rales of the 
"Novelty" alone amount to over a qwir!er 
of a million doUitrs annually. It should not 
be forgotten that this wringer has a place 
in our Premium List. Cog-wheels on both 
_ ends of the rolls, so arranged as to give 

duced by UJnsham granting p«n«icn8 to aarvlvlng | them ona third more power than those hav- 

Special Jloticcs, 

HoDM— Bills and resolutioas were intro 

• oldiers and widows CI ths vrar of 1812; by WU- 

liama relative to the power of CooKregs to regnlate 

tariffti by rail on roads cztPnOinf ■ hrcuijti two or 

more statex; by Hay to di»tribnte tb« namber and 

r°nk of ^overnojtnt cmp'ovea amOTiK the Hfveral 

dimricta and territories. a!ai> 1 1 require aKricultn- 

ral Focintleii to take out fair licen en; by Burdett tj 

rttKU'»i' labor contracta w:tb imailgrant«; by 

Lou^hridg" to provide lor pay rr ent of bounties to 

*oldien who were discharged for iiicliceaa 

contracted in line of duty; by Tobb to srraiit cer- 
tain inlands to Wiscocaia a« swamp laU'ls; by Cox. 

a resolnUon settluK forth theoecesitity of an imme- 

diate return to specie payments; by Moore, as to 

further leslalation to suppress polygamy iu Utah; 

adopted: by Oets. lnatractin(( P. 6 comaiittee to 

Incorporate iu a bill for abol^ablog tbe 1 ranking 
j privl'eg« a provision allowing new-'pupers to'be 
I aent to aetuai sub c IWera free of p:jstage , by Wood- 
^ ard, sBkiug the Prtsldent If any cltiiens were in 
I military cuitxly, and asking information cuoceru- 
I tug them: Waalibam of Wis from committee on 
I Appropriations, reported a bill api>roprUti jg |2'iO,- 

000 for improving Des Mwlnes Raijids, on the Mis- 
I hisaippi River. Passed. — The Hoii^e refused, by a 
j vote of 106 to €3, to snapend rules to admit a | as Monseigneur." 
; Joint resolution declsrin!? Tirklnia entitled to repre- ' 
i •enialion. — The Oeorgla bill was taken up, and a 
I lengthy debat*^ followed, but no ^'ote was reached 
{ when, at 11 :3ii, the House adjoornid. 

: Senate— Dec. 2l3t.— Cragin reported an 

ameadment to xhn bill foreoforciiig the law agaiott 

polygamy. — Warntr introduced a bill for the more 

equal distribtitaon of national banting capital.— The 
' census bill was taken up, aud, a ^ter discassion. a 

joint resoluUon suspendlDg all eziiiting laws relauve 

ing cog-wheels on one end only, allowing 
the rolls to separate at either end— togeth- 
er with the patent curved clamp for fasten- 
ing the wringer to a tub, are a few of the 
noteworthy advantages of the "Novelty." 
Nothing can be more appropriate lor a hol- 
iday present to a wile or mother than one of 
those &««t of wringers. — Neva York Chruttiun 

— A young son of Prince Napoleon has 
just been placed at a public school. The 
chief of the institution waited upon the 
Prince to know how the youthful scholar — 
aged 7— should be addressed. "Ca'l him 
Victor," was the reply. "Bat in the list 
of prizes?" "Victor Napoleon, To his 
comrades he must be Victor only. He 
'unst take or give thrashings as her and he 
may, and in no case must be be addressed 





Roitdar. jon may consider this a sort of spread eaffU 
les'iingi^iot 1 ir.eiin orerx word of it. I liave b««o 
there. Wbeo your iirstem ii racked wiLb 


pain, and yno eanoot even turn ynnrsetf in bed, or sit- 
tioic iti a cbair, you moiit sit and stiller, in tbs mortiiDi 
wishinr it W48 rncbt, and at ni|;ht winhlnc It was atbn 
idk; Wben yea hare 


when every ne'va io yoar beina is like the ■tin'' of s 
WH»p, eironla'icK tlis moet Tsnuinna* and bot polaoo 
\zoa- d y^ar besrt, and drivinc too to tUs very verge of 
>Da>'ne<w: V^bu n yoa havs the 


(tbat I tinve ast rot thmiurb witb.)t'ist asoat awfo', 
atoft heart-withn'^nr, most Kirt-DxHi dMtrovind, mnst 
spini break ioir and tnmd-wiitkfiiiiQir o' all diasatea that 
oui afflict oar poor kumiiQ natar« : Waenyoa havetb 


lyiiur a->d writbinc in a«ony an'l pain, noabla to ton 
lonrMilf in be.1. and «»(Ty moTei) ent will n. toronr 
beiiri likn a knli' ; Dowt«'r| me. if reiitf aod care of any 
if tb»«.e dinenacs in a few da a is ''Ct l^is (Greatest 
^iedlO<ll B K-tinK of tbe Afte, t.«li tis wti'tjf^! 

DIUR' ; riONSTO U."*K — Yen wUl ;akii> tanlMpooo- 
fo* and three spooafala of w«ter three times a day, cnl 
ia a few (t&M everr particle of rbeamsuc and neuiaiic'e 
pain vtili Vt 1i-(vilvcd au ' nam '>(f "• tt>e kidneys. 

Maoufac'ared by OOM A1..D KKN NKU li , 

RozbarTi Miie*. 

WHOLSSiLU: AnKKrs— filler, Fmcb A Kalier, Lord 
a Hmitb, E. P. Dwyer ik On.. Btirchams ft Vaa Hahaaok. 
Horlt^iiri a Kdiia:i, T i\m%D A Kiu«, •Jbiua«o: Oreen A 
iitiiioii, Hice A ^lU'jR, B'ltiW'.rth ft Sou, Uotunen ft 
Homidt. M:iwaakb<i: MLVJnMoch ft HoUoril. IjiOroeee: 
NoytrB Bros , St. Fail: tJollins Hro f Z. V. WeUel. 
Mbyon Brm , 8i> Iji/nia: Moure ft Tarbet, Jonkarmao 
ft Haas. Dabaqac. 

At rataU by all .Inatrnts. Prioa. 91.80. 



L^ _ 

is tlie most aacoeaafol remedy for Consumption. 




IJ _ 


[\ Till yoa hare tried Allbn*8 Lwa BilJUM, 

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ALLBM'a Lncu Balsam. 


The Qri at Lung Remedy. 


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cures wkon other remedies faiL 


witb Luns ditticiUty, ui»o 

Allen's Lima Balaam; 


Has given onlversal satlsiaetlon. 


for all Pulmonary AneoUons 


AUen's Lone Balsam is eon&dontly recommooded. 

ARE you troubled with ASTHMA? 
ALLEN'S Lrjto Balsam will relieve > ua 




oontaina no Opium in any of ita forma. 


Allek B Linta Balsam will oo it 


Directions aceompany eaofa l>ottl« 

OTHERS shimld keep 

Aluui's LtTNe Balsam 

at band for use In case of Cioup. 

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Sold at MUwaukee by H. Bosworth 4 Soy g^ 

~ ■ KISINO. 

., .REESE 

ftBcTTOv Rice A Rising, Drake Uh'w , DuunEM, 
jwwi^iTTv r ft Co., and all Milwaukee DrugKuts, 

such factories in Europe for 20 years. In I totakitg the census nnUi Februiry 1st, I87(i, wae 

, . - ,. . J . ing her meshes, until htr victim is bound, 

not have rehgious teaching mixed up with h^j ^nd foot Few men care to resist 

•ecular education and as to -forciug ceil- temptation when it becomes in such be- 

drcB to be ta«ght Pc^-ery that would be Pitching form, and many take a pleasure 

against tbe rit;ht« of Eoelisbmen. 

"Very well." ■sny the Catholics, "at the 
next election, and even d.mcg the next 
Parliamt nt. we will hrlp the tory side on 
this question, and H yoa persut lu y-our 
bill, and it is made a government measnre. 
we will turn the poUticai tide by voting 
with the tcries." 

Mr. Gladstone is fully alive to the gravity 
of the position. Pfracually, he objects 
▼ery ir.'eed to education of the poor 
without reii^'ion, and wonld be inclined 
most decidedly to take part with the Angli- 
cans, Wesleyans and Catholics, by bring- 
ing in a mea«are which would allow each 
dtrnoKiination to educate their own poor, 
and auk'mcnting grtatly the govem- 
ment grants tor that ptirpose. Sut 
the Premier is. in a great meas- 
mv, helpless. He is surrounded by 
ministers who ore already pledged to the 
proposed measure, and who will be.<tr ol 
ii*Colng bat their £kTonte scheme. But 

thns in falling. About this time the laW' 
yerv?^ places a shadower in his employ on 
the track of the unsuspecting dupe, who is 
discovered entenng an aboile of gilded in- 
famy. The law presumes ths rest Tbe | 
wife then, through the lawyer, enters her j 
complaint, the proof of ihehustwuid's guilt 
is conclusive, and the wife, triumphant in \ 
her baseness, leaves the court with the air i 
of an injured woman. I 

— Samuel Hatchiuson, of the ship Son- 
ora, is incusttody in New York.charged with 
iahumamty to five of his seamen, whom 
he first drove to desertien, and then, hav- 
ing captored them, chained them up lor 
days in the hold, between 

1868 he hired a few acres of lant< near Fond 

du Lnc and from the '»e(ts rai-e . made 

some satisfactory experiments in beet su'^ar 

making, lu the Hpriag of 1869 Mr. Bohe- 

j 8te»l entered the firm. A farm was lented 

and SO acres planted to beets. Ten tons 

I per acre was the lowest product. All the 

I beets were secured, and receoty the pro 

cess of manufacture wascommenctd. The 

machinery is said to be of the best. The 

' factory has a capacity for making lUOO 

pounds of sUg'ar daily, and has material 

enough to keep it employed until April 

i next It is now run night and d>iy 24 per- 

I sons being employed. Next year "the pro- 

! prietors expect to plant ItM acres of beets, 

' and to enlarge their establishment. 

Cltaniso the CriXAEs.— Every cellar 
should at lea^t have a thorough cleaning 
oat. Everything movable in it should have 
its position changed with this view, and 
the liides and ceiling of the cellar shouid 
be carefully brushed down and one or two 
heavy eoats of whitewash applied. Early 
winter — we may say at thievery time when 
out-door labor is pretty much over— should 
be appointed for the first cleaning. The 
other shonld take place in April, when the 

paaeed.— After considerable discoMion on th« ocean 
telegrarb bill, it wag reKroaimltti'd to the Coninilt- 
te« on Forei,in Belatiocs.— A jolot reflOluUon was 
taken up. an 1 passed, reimbarslcf! ownirrt of steam- 
boats aud other vessels, in loyal stitrs, taken by the 
gaverument dorinif tbe war. TCi9 amount applied 
fur under the bill waa $378,000. 

House— Consideration of the Georgia 
bill was continued, and after u sharp debate Is 
which Bingham of Ohio, (rep j i^ke again.i< and 
Bniler in its lavor, the Mil paeatd— yeaa 121, nays I 
51. — Bingham and Famswonh (rspa.) voed in the i 
negative — A concurreut resoluton ext«ndlnK the 
roceas of Ccnjfrcss from tlie 6th t) lOth of January, 
was agreed to.— .\ resolnUon w»» p«Med after sonie 
opposition •uthorlziLi; the Presidpnt to maiie »uch 
preparations for the reception ol the retn<iins of 
tieorite Pesoody as his deeds mi rlted, and com- 
mem-nrate "ita th* Justice and :iiagnanimity of a 
great nation.— Logui .ffered a ju nt resolnUon do- 
nating cannon for i hi' erectioa of an eqoeatrian 
statne of broiue of Oen. Grant, to be placed on the 
south terrace of the Treasury. Pii»»ed.— Mnagan 
introdncM a rescluUok allowing re»ired army and 
navy oflkcers to hold civil offlcei. 

If AST of onr readers are prematurely 
gray, or are treabled with falling of the 
hair, dandruff, wr itching of the scalp, they 
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ture baldness, and in many cases restore* 
hair to bald heads. 

Ths GREATEST medlcAl di.«covery of the 
age— Prait <k Batcher's Magic Od, used iu 
families lor the past fifteen years with a»- 
toui.shing success— a certain, quick cure 
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Jto —price only 50 centa Sold bydrnegists. 
Faller, Finch & Poller wholeeale agents, 

The Oldest Youth's Pubucition. — Mr. 
Nathaniel Willis, father of N. P. Willis, 
started a Youth's paper in Boston in 1827, 
called the Youth's Companion. It has been 
published Miieekly from that year until the 
I present time (43 years), ajd is to day one 
I of the most vigorous and enterprising 
sheets in the country. 

The Great PietoriKi AnmuU. 

Hostetter's United SUtes Almanac for 1S70. foe 
distribution, gra'O, thronchout the United States and 
all oirilized countries of the Western liemiqibere, is 
now ready for distribution and all who wish to UBderstaad 
the true philosophy of health should read and ponder 
tlie raloable stiggeationa it eontaioa. In addition to an 
admirable medical treatise on the causes, prevention 
and cure of a great varietr of diseases, it embmoas a 
large amount of information intereatins to the m«ir 
chant, the mechanic, tbe miner, the farmer, ttie nlanter, 
and profeseional man : and ths calculations biv4 been 
made for such meridians and lattitudes aa are most 
suitable for a correct and eomprehenaivs Nationai 

The nature, uses, and extraordinary sanitary ejects 
of lIOSTETTKR-3 STOMACH BlTTKHa, the staple 
tonic and alteratire of more than half the Ctinslian 
world, are folly set forth in ita pages, which are also 
interspersed wiUi pictorial dlostrations, Taluable re- 
sipes for the household and farm, humorous anecdotes, 
and other instmctire and amusing reading matter, 
original and selected. Among tha Annuals api>earing 
with the ot>ening of the year, this is one of the moat 
oaeful, and may h* had/or th* diking. Tha proprietor*, 
Messrs. Hoetetter k Smith, on receipt of a two cent 
stamp, will forward a eopy by mail to any person who 
cannot proetrre one ia bis neighborhood. Tbe BIT- 
TERS are sold in eTaty town, city and Tillage, and ate 
artanslTaty need throughout tha antir* cirilicad world. 

DR. XirfiAVSB.'S 

Canker and Salt Rhejm Syrup, 

FW tbe Cure of Canker, Salt Rheum, Hrymipelaa, Sorofu- 

looa Diseases. Cutaneous Erupuons. and every 

aTetr kma of Disease aruing from an 

impure state of the Blood. 

t%t MoM Kf—Uv Blriod PurlJUr qf ih» AtiutMnA Omlury 

nr- Sold by aU Medicine Dealers. 

Bold br OsxBMB t BtrrroN, Milwankoe. 



It pMSiilsil to tke public aa tho most 

Simple, Curable, Compact and Cheap 

Knltdag Maahlaa ever invented. 


T^s Machine wtU ma oitber backward or forward 
with equal facility; 

Makes the same Stitch ns by Hand, 

Bat far nipotlor ia every rospoot 


AND DO PERFECT WORK, leaving every kaot on 
ths inside of the work. It will kait a pair of Stooklaga 
Csny site) la lass tlwa half aa boor. It will kait 

Cleee or Opea* Plain or Ribbed Werk, 

kind of eaarss or fine woolen yam^ or cotton. 

with any 

silk, or Ui 

. It will knit stoekings with donbleheal 

and toe, drawars. hoods, saeka, smoKlng o»p*. eomforta. 

puiaaa, mofla, fringe, atgbaaa. nnbiaa, vat 
mittena. skatiiig cape, lamp wlcka. mata, cord, nnder- 
shirts, shswls. jaeketo, c.adle blankets, laggina, sa^ 
peadera, wriatera, tidiaa, tlppats, tufted work, and ta 
fact aa andlaas variety of aitiela 
well aa for ornament. 

ielaa in avaiy day naa, as 


Oam &« mad* hy amy ome rii\ 
JfoeMiM, kaiUiag stoeklags. ic 
eaa avaa make more, knitting fancy work, wfajel 

CoBK ViKEOAB. — Boil a pint of com tmtil 
it i« a little soft; put it into ajar, add a 
pint of molasses and four C[aart8 of water; 
mix weU together, and set ne r the stoTe. 
In two dajs it will be good beer, and in 
two or three weeks it will tie good vinegar. 

The same com will do ibr six months. 

When the vinegar is made, pour it oflf and every one. 
add molaases and water to the com. In this ' 

ten days m tbe hold, between sacks of . . 

camphor. Three of the men are in the i '^««et*ble matter, and meat pickle impera 

hospital at Manilla; the other two are in lively require attention. ^^ ^^,„^^„ „^u. «.icx ui mr i«,ri, 

New York, prosecuting the captain. j \ bo»h cases the cleansing should be i ^,y you will have a constant sapplT. 

I thorough, and the cellar made to appear as vt^i- 

Sex "Little Corporal," among advertise- | clean and sweet as any room in the house, 
meots, i -^0tnnantown fdtgr-:q)h. 

Wx CALL the especial attention of all 
those of onr readers interested in the knit- 
ting of socks, stockings, drawers, hoods, 
shawls, under clothing, &,z., to the adver- 
tisement of the American Knitting Machine 
Co., of Boston; who have redaced the price 
ot their machines to $25, which places them 
in these cloae times, within the means of 


— George Alfred Town»e;id has a Tolume 
^ of poems in press. 

—A charge of "habitually sleeping at a 
hoQjM of ill-fame" has l>een preferred 
against a member of the Indiani4K>lis night 
poliM tonm. 


a OKtm.KMKS wbnsa(r*raH for yaars from Narroa 
<>eb>aty. Framatnre Dsoay, aad all tlie eflaetaof foota 
'a! induMiretioD. wliU for ine sake of snltariag *'"'"»-**y 
<«Q<t trae to a>i who oaed it, tha receipt aad directicnr I 
tot "'^^"g tha simple remedy t>y wbick ha waa oars d i 
SaSarars wiahing to profit by tha advartaaan aspori | 
saae, can do so t;y addraasfaig, ia paefaat emifldanar { 
dl We. m n»/1ar itfr— c Waw Vork 


TOK Ad*artia«r. haviag baaa raa t e r a4 i« baalth la a 
(•w waa k i, by a vary ampla remmtt, altar aavtegsaMM 
*d sevenu yean with a severe taag •flaetwa, asHl Itet 
iraad disnsse, < )oneamptioa— la siiiiiwia to mafca kaa w a 
ie his Ia;low sufferers, tbe meaas af oora. 

To all wiio &»mi% it, be srili aaad a copy cf tha pta 
seitptioa oaed (free of sharge). wtth tha fl ir a a t iuu a fas 
B i y a itu g and unnc tho same, which thag will ted % 
<i;mx OcKZ Fea OoBarmrnoii. Asmca, Bbomohv 
ru, aU. TTis sii'sfi nfths siliailiasi Imaaillin Uti 
PraecriptiOB to tobaDOttttba afl«U4 aad^taaiia. 
f rmAt'cia wtucfi ha ooaaanasto ba t8vataaMa:aa4tac 
h>paae*aryeaaararwfl] toyUa siaarly. aaHwIllaea 
than pothiag, aad aug pnaa a blaanw. 
Pacfrs wwhi^taa praaanpooa. ariO 

Wi m iMS I iii a . KisM Ogaatr. Mem fak. 

1h* Am^HroM Knitliitg 

while expert operators 

icn alwaya 

a ready aala A person can readily knit 

from twelve to ftftaea pairs of stockings per day, the 
praftt oa wUah will not DO less than forty eantt par pair. 


Caa eeU their wool at oaty forty to Mty aanU par pouud ; 
bat by gatilag tha wool made into yam at a small ax- 
peaaa, aad knitting it into socks, two or three dollars 
par poaad aaa ba r aa lli s d . 

Oa laaaipt of tXwa will forward a machine aa 

Wa wUh la protxtre artim* A^BXTSin rrern ttelicm q/ 
iKe Cidttd Male* and Canada* u, irhom iKt matt (Oero/ i„ 
mil b» ogei ed. Addreu 

Aasericaa Kaittiac afaeUae Ca., 

Bfaua^ or St. Laala, Ma. 

Itch! Ztchll Ztehlll 

fTkeatMi's Otataaamt 





PlteS^flDSb % DOS a D^l 

A POTTVB» lit Wa 





The Maukalo aud Fort Dutlge Kailroad. 



The Babrock lixtiiigulslier does Noble 
Work at Jacksouville, etc. 

Fiv9 niinuti-B to miduight ! And thoasands are 
With hearts ftlleil with hopos, and with memo- 
There was a delegation of Blue Earth P^opl" j "Wjih beartsTulf 

Fon EincATios or tiie"| 

\ND DutID, [ 

■ B. Ill, Deo. 1, 1869. j 


in ti'wu to-day. looking to the interest of the 
Mankato ami Fort Dodge Railroad. It is pret- 
tr well decided that aid will ba voted for such an 
enterprise by the following towns : Blue Earth 
Citr, four or five thousand dollars ; Pilot Grore 
and Joe Daviess, ten thousand dollars each ; El- 
more, fifteen thousand dollars ; Rome, five or aix 
thousand dollars : Emerald, ten thousand dollars: 
Verona, five or six thousand thousand dolliirs ; 
AVinneV>ago City, fifteen thousand dollars. Pay- 
ments in ten or twenty years after completion of 
the road lo certain i>oint«. 

The Legislature will be asked to allow twenty 
vears a^ain this winter, and as it will be a tangi- 
ble benefit to the people, it «flrHno< be/wMiWe that 
euoh extension will not be allowed. 

All parties arc very much interested in two 
road'iiuto this county, and with thife two roadi>. 
thi-i Blue Earth Valley will be a garden. 

Voters, don't be stingy with your own pockets. 

II. W. Holly, the efficient Chief Engineer of 
th'.- •■*. M. R. R., is stopping in town with his 
family, this week. It is some gratification to 
kn..w that hiin-elf and his co-workers, Thomp- 
son, s-toddard. Wykoffaud Mann, have sn«?ceed- 
ed "O Well against so much that seemed to hinder 
anddilay. The ""/'"'^""o'e Toiiif Law, giving 
asvav the swamp lands in this land district, in- 
totid.d to cripple this road, aud the elements — 
drouths, colds and floods— have been overcome 
bv DiTScvcraucc aud uuble duteiiniuation, inso- 
ic'i;h that in a few <lay3 Wells will be reached, 
a-vl we presume that track is being laid in Fari- 
bault fount t- to-day. 


divided 'twixt smiling aud weep- 
Their vigils to watch for the birth of the year! 

/"our minutes to midnight ! How many rcflec- 

Are crowded at once into moments of jipacc. 
Soft regre'.s nnavailiug, and fon I recollect ious 

Of many a dead aud d<.ai°ly loved face ! 

Three minutes to midnight ! And hushed are 
our Voices, 

And full are our bosoms and silent our tread ; 
Not an elder now weeps, not a younger lejok-e.^, 

'Tis a moment half poised between Life and 
the Dead. 

Tiro minutes to midnight ! The clock with its 
Alone breaks the silence that reigneth around ; 
And our minds and our souls are all tenderly 
The flowers of fancy an J hope at the sound. 

One minute to midnight ! Our hearts are quick 
How sad is the joy, yet how joyful the pain! 
Oue miuute to midnight! The moments arc 
Ah, whe can recall them to being again? 

Miiiniyht .' And the joy-bells peal forth each 
The jubilant chimes on the ear of the night : 
From the first in power to the least ot the people, 
May the Past be itill cherished, the Future blill 



Au Angel Visit. 

The Free HoMtstEAD and the A-n^rlrun St«fk 
Ji'u-mil one year to all new subscribers, for 


News Items. 

Red Wing had a $7,000 firo last Saturday. 

Lake City has shipped, this year, 523,60t>bush- 
ei- of wheat. 

Vessels drawing orer 16 feet of wat«r eannot 
pass the ?*uex caual. 

The Opera House, at Lafayette, lud., was 
burned last Friday. 

Curamin^« and Dcinporter, the Hamburg mur- 
derers, arc lu jail at Council Bluffs. 

(len. .*5ander» has been appoiirte«l as Oovemor 
of Washington Territory, and accepts tha posi- 

A young man named Frederick Peacock, com- 
uitted suicide, on Elk Kan, near Waterloo, Iowa, 
last week. 

Miss Kate Patnam, daughter of the proprietor 
of Putnam'i Maga^iue, has graduated iu medicine 
at Paris. 

Onocolorcil man was recently drawn upon the 
Gran.l ,Tury in Leo county, Iowa, and three upon 
the Petit Jury. 

F!a;;s are at hah" mast, in the greater portion 
of the I'uited States in honor of the memory of 
Uou. Edwin M. Stanton. 

A terrible family quarrel oceured at We-,t brook, 
Ohio, on the2Cth iust., resulting iu the 
of a wile aud the suicide of a father. 

A boiler in a steam mill at Brothel, Morgan 
county, 111., exploded last Friday, aud blew it- 
telf more than a quarter of a mile, but iujured 
uo one. 

The heaviest earthquake ever experienced in 
Ea-tein California and Nevada occurred last 
Monday. It was felt more or less severe in Sac- 
ramroto, Marysville Grass Valley, Nevada, Iowa 
Hill, Stockton, Chcco, Tuckce, and other neigh- 
boring towns. At Virginia City, Nevada, a fire 
wall was thrown down, door bells rung, clocks 
stopped, dogs howled, horses snorted, amid gen- 
eral consternation. The shock was felt severely 
in the lower levels of all the mines. It vibrated 
south, and lasted about teu seconds. At Keuo, 
the ihock, preceded by a low rumbling uDisc, 
lasted nearly two minutes, alarming the inhabit- 
ants. The express train was detained about an 
hour, between Wadsworth and Reno, by large 
rocks aud earth thrown upon the track by the 
cai'thquake. , 

On the evening of the Sl-^t of Deeciubcr, I had 

beeu cherishing the humiliating and -solemn re- 

; flections which are peculiarly suitable to the close 

] of the year, and endeavoring to bring my mind 

, to tiiat view of the pa.-t best calculated to iuflu- 

I tnce the future. 1 had atteiupted to recall the 

I prominent incidents of the twelve months which 

had elapsed: and, iu this cudeavor I was led 

Ire'iueiitly to i egret how little my memory could 

retain even of thai mo-t imi>oi!unt to be rcmera- 

I bered I coald not a.-oid. at such apcriod, look- 

!iug forward as M*ll as backward, and aniicipa- 
ting that fearful tribunal at which no occurrence ! 
shall be forgotteu : while my imagination j.enc- 
! trated into the distant destinies which shiill be 
dependent on its <leci^ious. At my usual hour; I 
reiircd to re-t, but the train of uuditatii>n I had 
pu'sued was so important and ajvpropriate, that 
i imasinaiion continued it after sense had 
' slunrbcie i. "In thought:- frotn the visions of tht 
{ night, when deep sleei« lulleth upon man," I was 
I mentally concerned in the following scene of in- 

' t'^re.-t : , , ,• , 

I I ima-iined myself still adding, link after link 
! to the chain of reflection, the progress of which 
I the time for repose had inteirupted and while 
I thus euu'ivgi'd, 1 was aware that there remained 
but a few 'moments to complete the day. 1 heard 
the clock a^ it tolled the knell of another year: 
and, as it lung .-lowly the appoiuted number, each 
noie was followed by a sting of conscience, bit- 
terly reproaching me for my neglect of j.recious 
time. The last stroke was ringing in my cars— 
paiufu! as the groan, announcing the departure 
of a valuable friend- when, notwithstanding the 
meditative jiosture in which I was sitting. I per- 
ceived that the dimness of the apartment becaiue 
brighter, and looking up, >aw the light emanated 
from the eounicnauce of an angel, bnt the most 
acute observation was indicated by his piercing 
eve, aud inexorable justice was imprinted on his 
majestic features. A glittenng phylacteiy en- 
circled head, ui>on which was written- as in let- 
ters of fire, •• yVie F-ilili/ul One." Under oue 
arm he bore two volumes ; in his hand he held a 
pen I instantly knew the lecording angel — the 
secretary of the terrible tribunal of heaven. 
AVith a" tremblitig which eouvul.-ed my frame, 
I heaid his unearthly accents. ''Alortal," he said 
••thou wast longing to recall the events of the 
past vear— thou ait permitted to gaze upon the 
murder i record of tho books of God. Peruse and be 
i wise." As ho spoke thus, he o}>eaed before me 
-' one of the volumes which he had brought. In 
fearful apprehension, I read iu it my ortu name, 
and rocoguizcd the history of my own life du- 
ring the past year, with all its minutest particu- 
lars. Buining words were tbo-e which that vol- 
ume contained ; all the action? and circumstanc- 
es of my life were registered under their rc>pec- 
tive hea<ls in that dreadful b..ok. I was first 

Illi.nois IvarnvTios Fon Edvc.atios 
Dbaf a 
F. IV. Fii'ii->-ll, Secrettirif \uit},icet>eni Fire Ex- 

tiiiijiilulier Cuiiijiany : 

My DEAuSin— Yuu may be interested to know 
that a few Unys ago a vessel td' oil took fireintiie 
cook room of 'Ai\> instiiuf.on, and tlireatoned the 
destruction of Ihu buildings, worth jsi'JO.OoO. I 
WHS immediately notified tlmt those in the kitch- 
en could not subdue it, and l')ok one of the four 
I'.abcock Extinguishers irocnred from- you, and 
l)rouglit it o bear on the flames, wh;ih it sup- 
I)re?sc<l instantaneously. Its operation caused 
the utmost unia/euient and admiration from all 
who had hastened to the sj.ot. None liiid ever 
seen the light disappear more suddenly tiom the 
burner when the gas had been shut otl' than this 
burning oil was extinguished. The flames were 
intense I nout;h to burn pr rt of tho j.lastering 
from tiie ceiling, though they started near vhe 

I do not know that without this machine our 
buildin;;s would have luen b st, nor ito I know 
that they would 1 do know, however, thut 
it averted the dan^'er in a shorier time than any 
other ueans could have been brought lo bear up- 
on it. T ■ L- r 

TI.e Hoard of Directors of the Institution fur 
Fe I le Minde. I Children desire two of these ex- 
tinguishers for their institution. 

Please ship them to Dr. C. T. Wilber, Jack- 
sonville, III. 

Very truly yours, 

Puii.ip G. GiLi-r.TT, Principal. 

From the Chieayo Tribune, Saturday, Dec. II, 

I 1869: 

I A Babcoek FiieExtinpuifher was the m«anB 

] of s«ving irom destruction the large foundry of. 

T. G. IJeoneit. of Jackson, Mich., which had 

cangbt fire from escaping gas. The tV/(ze;i says : 

i "Mr. Bennett himself was present at the time, 

; and, immediaiely bringing into retiuisiiion «>ne 

of the ISabcoek Firo Extinguishers, which he 

keeps ou tho premises, the tire was soon sub 

dned, with no other damasre than the breakage 

I of some of the sashes and the loss of the flask in 

i whieha cauldn* wasbcing ca.^t. Fifty dollars 

i will probably cover the entire loss." 




Also General Agents for 
and other First Class 






A full Assortment of 

Dress Cjootls! 

Cumdsting of 

Delaioee, Poplins, 

lycoon Reps, 

Aloaeas, Merinos, Ac. 

Together with a full Line of 

Ginghams, Prints, 

Tickings, Sheetings, 
Woolens, Jeans, 

oatinettes, Cassimeres, 

VINEGAR — How made in 10 bonrs without 
Dru"-K. For circulars. addre«, L. ^AGE 
Vinegar works, Cromwell, Conn. 320w4 

rpilE MAGIC COMB will change any colored 
X hair or beared to » permanent black or brown 
It contuii.k NO POISON. Any one can use it 
One sent by mail for$1.00. Address MAGIC 
CO.MB CO., Sprin^'field, Mass. 320m3 

A;ri Lts, male and fcmnle : business 
permanent. Enclote 3c Stamp- Van Allen A C.-, 
171 Broadway, N. Y. 820w4 

SI 00 



GENT?. WA.N'TED. Newest and greatest 
^^... rcntion out— »he New ffelf-adjnrtVoK 
tjuides, for cutiingperfeetfilting Panis, llonnd- 
abouts. jnd La dies Dreoses. Indi^penaibfe in 
every household. Address RA MSLY A SCOTT. 
Pittsburg, Pa. J^Ow* 


iak.mer'6 helper 

E. P. Keedham & Son and j->. . 

Manufacturers and Importers of 


shows how to douHe the profits of the farm, 
and how farmer's and their sons can each make 
*100 per month in winter. 10.000 copies will 
!.« inailfd free to farmers. Send name and ad 
dress to ZEIQLEK, McCUUDY A CO.. 
aiii-Jw Chiea;.o, III. 

V^Lips. Ac, cured at once by tho use of H.^:- 
luiin'h camphor Ice with Glycerine, keeps ;! • 
hands soft in the coldest weather. :ee that you 
tret the (Jenuine. Sold by Druggists. Price, 
2 J cts per box ; sent by mail for 30 cents. 

HEGE.MAN A Co, N Y. P. 0. Box 2228. 



•^ ? ^ M 

650 Broad-aray, I 

Also a Large Supply of 

State of Minnesota, Faiibault County— 
lu Probate Court. 

[Special Sessi.-n.] 

lathe matter of the Estate of WILUAMF. ALDRICH. 
late of said county, dcceaseJ. 

f\S reading and filins the petition of Louisa A. Al- 
'-' (frich, representing ttiat \Vli.i.ara K. Aiilrich, late of 
sai'I county, Oieil intestate, leaviii!.' |,">"Js, chattels aud 
e.^'tate within count V. and prHNlnj? tliat letters of 
a.lininislratlor of tlie estnte of said William F. A Jnch, 
deceased, he (.'ranted to tier, the said Louisa A. Aldncli, 
and Ocorge W. Aldrich. , t , 

ofi;,^c^ti:onr ;^r^oMj;:u!:;r'o>''r^!^ glassware, crockery, 

1 o'clock in the liflernoon of fiiiJ day. at Ills oflice in 
IJlue Karth City, in said County, at which time aud place 
a session of said court will be held. , ^ ,. . 

Ordered lurthcr herein. tliiU notice of the time and 
place of h.iid hearinir l>e pivea lo llic heir- of said deceas- 
ed and all others interested, by adrertt.-.inif this order 
for'thiee we»k» successively, prior to the day of hearing, 
inthe"Kiu:K II.)Mk>tkai>," a weekly newspaper, pub- 
lished in YVinnebiiiro City, In said county. 

D.tedDec. mh.l,OU. ^ ^ y,,r.,TV.n, 

/ti0-3w .ludge Probate Court. 



Are prepared to store 


On reasonable terms. 

Apply at Higgin's store building, Front street, 
Mankato. They also keep the cele- 

(B9 "W»«kln«ton Ste., 


gi9.4f At RICHARDSG.^'S. 









prepared to furnish all classes with cen*taiit i-m- 
ployment at home, the whole of the time or for 
the spare moments. Business new. light a^ •. 
profitable. Persons of either sex ea«ily ear-, 
from 50c to $5 per evening, and a proportional 
sum by devoting their whole lime to the busi- 
ness. Boys and girls earn nearly as much as 
men. That all who see this notice may send 
their address, aud test the busincft, we make 
this unparalleled offer : To such as are not well 
satisfied we will send $1 to pay for the trouble 
of writing. Full particulars, a valuable sample, 
which will do to commence work on, and a copy 
ot the People' g Literary Conipnuiou — one^f the 
largest and best family newspapers published — 
all sent free by mail. Reader, if you want 
permanent, profi'able work, address E. C. AL- 
LEN A CO., .Augusta, Maine. 3lC-13w 




In the matter of the guardianship of C-AnRY MAY 

(iLE.\S(»N, MAUY-A. OLKASON and l!l.\KLkS 

E. GLE.\<ON. minors and lieirs al law of Parker*. 

aiid Ellen M. IHeason, both deceased. 

On reading and filing the petition of James Saunders, 
guanliatiof said minors, piayinu for license to tell the | 

"uu^nh-rKnd"^^^^^^^^^^ th-.t the next of kin to said i And all other Good,, necessary to make up a full 

_ ... •^.. ...1 :-.„;. I <.otof<i nr.r^^'ir a n /I />i-v m T.luf a n innrt m PH t for town &na 



Keeps ^-nEtanlly on Hand 


Fresh and Salt Meats, 

Smoking and Chewing Tokcco, 

CONDIT & AUSTIN, j ID^agents wanted for 

1 orriTtfnm ■C'a AVnTPTT" 


minors and all jiersonsinlercaltd in said estate, app'-ar 
hcroielhe Judge of this Court, at the IVobate OBice in 
Ulue Earth Citv, iu tu'd county, on tlie IJlh day of Feh- 
ru.iiy, A. I). l>To, at lo o'cl )ck in ihe forenoon of .said 
day, tii'-n and iheie to stiow cause (if any there shall be) 
why a liccii-,e should not be grauled for tlie sale of said 

real c!-'.ale. 
Dated Dec. lo,lSC9. j. .,. kiK.^TER, 

3.2.>.4» Juilge of Prcihale. 

and complete n'cortment for town and 
CO in try trade. 


Winnebago City, Sept. 28, 1369. 



The New- Year's Mj;'»t *>f *" Uuhappy 

An «»ld man stood on a New Year's night al 
the window, and looked with the eye of lenjjthcn- 
iiig liapair ap to tlie immovable, eternal-bloom- 
ii.^ heaven, aud down upon the still,, 
buo* white earth, upon which now tiieie wis ao 
one so joyless and sleepless a.>^ he, for his grave 
was close by him ; it waa only concealed by the 
snow u.'ago, not by the green ot youth. He 
broa-ht with Lim nothing from the al>niid;ince 
«l lite but error, sii.s and sickness, a devastated 
L>.dy, a desolate sou!, abreast full of poison, and 
au a'-e full of repentance. His be.iuleous young 
d;!>s now returiiod a* spectres, and brought him 
back a/ain to that fair morniug on Tvbich his 
f.ithor.lor the lirM time, starting him ou the 
path of lite, which to the risjht leads upon the 
suu-path oi virtue iuto a wide and fiuiet land, 
full ot light and tiarvests, and full of .ingds, and 
whiihto the lett down into the laolu 
tracks of vice, into a dark cavern full of drip- 
ping poisons, full of serpents ready to dart upon 
their prey, and dismal with close exhalations. 

Ah! il.e serpent.s hung around his breast, and 
the poifon-drop upon his tongue, and he knew 
not where he wa.'. Distracted and unspeakably 
molancholy, he cried to the bc:ivens above: 
• Give me my youth again I Oh, father, put me 
upon the cross load again, that I may choose 

But his father and his youth were ^one long 
ai;o. He saw ihe i;/ii>i/i fitiinn Uance upon the 
m.Hir and (co out upon the graveyard, and he 
said : "They are my foidiah days." He saw a 
star .•hooting from the heavens ; he saw it glim- 
mer in its f.»!l and vanish upon tlio earth. 
'•That is m--," said his bleeding he.irt, and re 
nior-e. with its serpent fangs, deg deeper and 
deeper into his wounds. 

His glowing imagination pointed out to him 
the sleeping night waiter on the roof, and the 
wiud-mill rai.<ed its threatening arms to crush 
him. and a mask, which had been left in the 
charnel house, by degrees sssumed his own fea- 

Suddenly, in the midst of the conflict, the 
music for the New Tear flowed dowu from the 
tower as a distant anthem. He became less agi- 
tated : he looked around tise horizon, and over 
the! road earth, fathers of happy children, and 
l>.^ men,and hesaid: "Uh, I could .nlso 
hnire passed this first night in slumber, with dry 
eyes, as well as you, if I had wished to. Ah ! 
I miiiht have been happy. yebeloTed parents, it 
I h 1 1 'ulfilleJ your Now Year's wish and fach- 
ijgi.:» . 

Amid these fr rerish reeollentions ot "ii youth, 
it appeared tj him as if the mnsk with his own 
Itk.iKv:* rose up before him : at las* it w»s 
ch in^ed vthroiiirh the supcr.Mition which, on New 
Tear's night, soes ghosts and futurity,) into a 
living Touth. 

He could not look at it any more ; he corered 
his eye«. A thoasa id burning tears gushed 
forth' and vanished in the snow. Disconsolate 
and sorrowful, he sobbed in a low tone ; * Ob, 
come again, oaly come again 

■ struck by the titio *'.l/<r. ,V« JCtceirtJ." S 

were there the rcmembinncc of which I had re- 

'' tained — more which were recalled alter having 

' been forgotten— but the far gre.ifer had 

never been noticc-l at all. ! what a detail 'of 

p;cscrvat'ons, atid deliverances, aud invitations. 

aud w.iruiug?. aud i»rivilege>, and be.-towments ! 

. I remember that ••.-abbath'" stood out in very 

I proiuiucnt characters, as if they had been among 

• the grcate.-l beueht.->. Inobseiving the recapitu- 

la.ion, I could not but be struck with onecircum- 

' stance — it was, that many di.-^pen.-ation.", which 

i 1 had considered curse.-, were ennm.iated here 

i n blessings. Many a woe whi( h had riveu the 

' li^.;^rt — many a cuji who>e biiteruess seemed to 

] de-ignale it a:- poi-on. wa' there, verifying the 

language of the j.oct— ••E'en cros.-e.* from his 

SON ereigu hand, ate ble.-sings in di^^-ui^c." .\n- 

other catalogue was there — it was the ennmera- 

tioa of '•yV.r.i'.^;-f».io»<i ■' My hand trembles as 

I remember them ! What an immen.-e variety of 

' cias.-es ! iudiftercnce, though'.lcs<nes*. formality, 

: in<;r»titude. unbelief, fins agaiii.-t the worlu, 

againi-t the Father, against the .Savior, again.-t 

the Sanctitier, stoo.l at the head of their crowd- 

e.l battallious; as if for the of driving 

me to d 

— ncg'e'.-tcd 


' In the matter of the (fuardUnib'p of the minor heirs of 

JaiQcM C. Weir and John W. U'eir, l.olli deceased. 
I On readin? and niiii',' Ihe petition of J. A. Latimer, 
' KUiiidian of-<iiid in'nor.v for lionse to sell certain real 
' e.3lalcof said minors, for the maintenance and educa- ' 
' tion of h's said wa.dn, a» specifo d in gald petition ; 
I It iso.nlerfd, that thenext of k n to (.aid wards atul 
ail other persons iu:ere<t-d in said e»iat<-, appear before 
'he Jiid.-e olthi-< Couit.on the llh dny cf F.lo utirv, 
I A U i-70 at 10 o'clock \. M., at the I' Of- 
fice iu Blue Eaiih Cilv, in sa:d cnni.iy, then and 
I ihe,'ii..showc.iu-c(ilaiiv theresh.ll b.) why a license 
; shouM not be pranK d tor the sale of said real esUite, 

Hcordmi; tothe i)rayfrof said pdilii'ii. 
! \t,d il IS further ordered, liiat » cpy of this order 
' shiU be i.ublished for four tu^ceSMVC wci-Ws prior lo 
1 said day of hearinh', Ic the •'Fiitt iloMi-st. ad, a 
1 werklv newspaper, published nl Win!iel..i;;() t'H.v, Hi 
' t^uid c', the last pobhcalio . of ^\hicli shall b.- at 
' lea-t fi>urlee!i da\« bef.ire the Siiid day of hearini?. 
I Ordered fu llier, loreiu, that copies <f this order 
I shall be served uin.n Sarali A. Wtir and .« .pine K. 
: W'ir b.- deposilini? the same fort»i\vith in the Post 01- 
. flee, with pojtoge prepaid, dirccl-d to them respectively, 
a^ I'hcir places of resideoce, if known. 
l>atcd this i'Hh <!ay of Ueceiiiber, A. D. IM-O. 

8-i'i--tw Judi;e Frohate Court. 

Winter Goods! 




State of MlnnesoU, County of Faribault. 
[Pioceedings by Attachment.] 
The Slate of Minnesota to David Q. Russell, Oefciidant. 
You are hereby suminnued to t>c and appear before 
the undersi,<ned," one of tli ■ Justicesoflhe I'eace in aud 
for -"aid count V, on the •.i4ih day of January, A. D. 
l^Til, at looclock A. .M., at iiiy flliee, iu WinnebaK" 
Cliy ' In said c untv, to aiKWer lo Welch Jt Wallace in a 


Ever brought into Faribault county is now iu 
tbe ^ilore ot 


The Latest Style of 

Paif'ley Sliawl.^, 
LurL'C'-line DoUDle Shawls and Cloaks 

Cassimere Delains, 

Belgian Delains, 

Rep Delains, 

India Cloth, 


Wool Poplin, 

Chinchilla Popiulo, 


lie will pay the highest market price for 




Winnebago City, May 20, 1SC9. 




PAINTS, «fec 

Stock alwaj^s full, and custom- 
ers can at all times be furnished 
with anything in the Drug line. 

Front Sticet, 2d door above Record office. 




In one large Octavo Volume— Nearly SOO pases 
— Printed in English and German. 33 Ele- 
gant Full Page Engravings. 
It embracea forty year's recollections of his 
busy life, as a mercLaut, manager, banker, lec- 
turer, and slioivinan. No book published so ac- 
cep able to all classes. Every one wants il. 
Agents average from iO to 100 subscribers a 
week. We offer extra terms and pay fricght 
West. Illustrated Catalogue and Terms lo 
Agents sent free. 

J. B. BURR * 00., Pub's, 
316-Sw Hartford, Conr. 



291 tf 





Boots, Shoes, Crokery and 


Prints, BeLaines, Bleached and 

(Tnlleached Cotton, 


nats and Caps, Cloths, 

Also.Sugnr. Tea, Coffee, Syrup, Molasses, Kero- 
sene and Machine Oil, '<^ heat, Oatg, Flour, Ac. 

allious; as if for the purpo.^-e ot anving cJ'v, m said e- uniy, i., i.n«»ir lu .,r.i.. » ,>»..-vv... .• 

despair". Not one .in was forgotten thc.e ^^^^^l -;::;",;, ^f^^^^^^^ S^^^^, l{llffle SkiftS and Boulevard SkivtS, CfOCkery ! ^"]^,« ^"^ ^^\^%^^ .l^'^^^^^' 

eled -ald,ttths, ordinances misiin- P"*^,, ,. _. ., . .,.' ^ J^,.,up..,, ,,, .,,1.1 Uriel. A Wallace for . Mnot I »i«.hp.S. EworS and BuSlDP- 

^^ .^. .,.. aldittths, :ibii-ci ordiniiuce', misiin 

proved time, encouru^cd temptations, there they 
i >;ood, wiih no excuse, no ei.lenuation. There oue very long class I rcmeujber well — ".<//c 
«.„•</» i" atld then the passage flashed like light- 
ning across my mind— "For every idle word that 
men .-peak. thVy shall give aeeouut in the day of 
judgunat." My superoatural visitant here ad- 
die^-ed me — "Dost thou ob.*crve how small a pro- 
portion thy sins of e"niiui-sion bear to those of 
(emission?" As he .-j>ol,e. he pointed me to in- 
; stances in the page Ilk* the following : "I was 
, hun<;iy and thou g.ive.-t me no meat" — "I was 
'■■ ihi'-stv and thou gavest me no dank"— "I was 
. sioli find thou didst not vi-itme," I was con- 
science stri<.keu. Iu another j.artofthe record 
I read the tide ''Puiies Periormcd." Ala-- ! how 

place aforesxiil, judtmunt will be rendereil a^';iinrt you, Itie uvi.ltnee adilucel 1).\ said Wi Icli A Wallace for 
such sum as lie sliall sIdiv tiims..lf enUtled lo, and your 

I proprrtv »"jld to p.ij tlie dvinanrt. 

I Civeii under my liand this 'J-id ilav of Dpcenit*r, A. 

Id. I^..:». K. llllt TCIIINS, 

81>--'iw Justice of the Peace. 


I P-.rf;iuU havlnpbeen made in the conditions of a rer- 
i taliiniort'.'a!:p. d»lfd ilif (•fh day of .lul.v, \. D. 1~"'''.', 
I inadeano . xccuied l.y !*ila» .1. Whicli and liis wife Mar- 
tha I. W:nch, of FHiil>:n:lt County, fitale of .Minnetota, 
1 jiarties of the fust i art, to DaoK-l N. Ware, ui tli couu- 
! ty and state aforesaid, party of lh>: second part, l.y the 
fiiilure of said niorl};a(fr,is or either cf ttieni, to p*y the 
I KUOi of three hundred and forty-two dollars and eighty- I 
' sevrn cents (^'Hi ^TK which amount is rlairoed to b-j | 
I rpaif ttie Ittle "IMines leriDrajeo. nm- . ii<.'" I Uuetti^reon for priucipalai.d interest, at the ddte of this | 
):Tu was number! Humble as I had beet. | ^tl-^J::^:^:::^^-:^:^:^^^;^ ^^^ 

i Recuitomed to thiuk the e*timate of my g<)od 
KS, I was greatly disappointed to peiveive 

that many peiformanoes on which I bad looked 
b:iek Willi pride were omitted, "because," my 
visitor in foimed me, "the motive wa.* impure." 
It was, however, wiih feelings of the most affcol- 
ing gratitieation I read beneath this record, 
s-mall a? it was. the following passage : \yhoso- 
evcr shall give a cull of cold water only iu the 
name of a disciple, he shall in no wise lose his 
reward. ^ 

Whi!e I saird on many other similar records, 
such was the intense feeling ivhich seemed to be 
awakened within me that my brain grew dizzy, 
aud my eye became dim. I was awakened from 
this 5rutc'l>y the touch of my supernatural iu- 
structer, who po"urcd me to the volume in which 
I had read my own terrible history, now closed, 
and bearing a seal, on which, with sickening 
heart. I read the inscription, "Ke.-crved until the 
i>ay of Judgment." "Ami now." said the angel, 
"my commission is completed Thou hast been 
permitted what w..,s never granted to mau bcfote. | 
Wbiit thinkst thou of the record? Dost not just- I 
Iv tremble? How many a line is here, which.' 
'dying, you could wish to blot !' I see you al- I 
readv shuddering at the thought of the diselos- : 
ure of this volume at the day of judgment, when , 
an Rssomlded world shall listen to its contents. 
But if sueh be the record oi o»e year, what must 
be the ^"'"7 orv-vrr irAo e life"! t"eek, then, an 
interest in the bK>o.l of Chri>t, justified by which, 
you shall indeed hear the repoiition, but n<.t to 
condemnation. P.ay that, when the other books 
are opened your name may be found ia the book 
of life. And see the volume prepared for the 
historv of another year ; yet its page is unsul- 
lied. 'Time is before thee— seek to improve it : 
privilege.- are t>elore thee — mar they prove the 
gateof heaven: judgment is before thee — pre- 
pare to meet rhy «od." He turned to : 
and a« I seemed to hear the rustling which an- 
noun.'L-d his flight. I awoke — was it all a dream? 
Spirit and M(tnufr§ of the A<je. 

DOdCt:, l»r»m^3 »tlC i,.,>l.v. .:.- .. -•^- - — - 

(♦•i."'t. siipulatfd as attorney's fees, to be p^ui >c rase of 
forrelo'ure, wliieli said ujortKape was recorded on the 
: Iilrli dav of July, A. U. IM.',), at 11 o'clock A. M., in the 
ofliceofthe Register of Heeds of the county of Farihaull 
and State of Minnes ta, in book J of nioiiirtST'^s, "n pape 
<;-i-i ; aud no action or procf enin al law lias l>een Instl- 
1 tiit'ed to recover the debt secured t>y s«id nlo^tlf»^'ror any 
' part thereof- now, tlierefore, in jmrsuancc and by vir- 
' tue of the powerof sale contained in .^lid uiortgai e, and 
of the statutes insueli ca»e made and provided, notice Is 
hereliv tjivtn, that said mortgape will tx- foreclosed, and 
the land and premiaes thtrein described, lo-wil: the 
. south half of the northeast nuarter of section number sev- 
enteen (17>, intownihip number one tiuiidred aiid three 
ili»:>) north, of range numlier twenty-seven f-'T) west, 
' containing eii^lilv v^ii acres of land. acc<irilin;.' to Oov- 
I ernment su.vey,"logetlierwlth all tlie hereditaments and 
1 appu'tenanoeJthereunlobelo.igius'orinany wise apper- 
t*ininK, will l»e sold at public sale, lo the tii-hest Wilder, 
I for ca«h, to satisfy and pav the said debt aud interest 
: and the said t«e"nty five dollars (l-J.*!) attorney's fees 
I and the costs and distmrseinents allowd by law, at the 
front door of the I'nst Ofli.-e, in Winnebago City, 
Faribault Countv, MinnesoU, on tJalnrday, the tnh 
i day of February' A. U. l^To, at K> o'clock lu the 
' forenoon of that day. 

1 Dated Winntbago City, Minn., Dec. 2-2d, 1-69. 
j -^ .,, p^j^iKL N. WAKE, 

Sil-Tw .Morlgaisee. 

itf ORTO 


I come again, oaly come sgain I" , Sioux C 

■ And it came again, for he had only dreamed j^j^^, p^ 

P thu.« terribiv, on the New Year's night. He was ^ 

J still a voucg man— only his avil deeds were no *■ ' ' 

i /lr,an-.' ' "^ 1""' 

roucg man — only 

But he thanked 0»d that be yet in his youth 
e'^uld retrace his steps, and turu from the squal- 
id ! ath of rice to the sunny road which Icadi 
to tie (air laud of tbe just. 

Turn with him. young reader lest when thou 
•landest upon the path of sin. this frightful dream 
shall, iu the future, become thy judge : but when 
ihou, full of «ngMish. shalt cry out : "Couie a- , 
^in, oh, my youth V it lihoald aot «» 1»^« »*«»- | 
ler return «nt"» yoQ. • 

The train bound west ou the St. Paul and 
Sioux City Railroad on the 24th inst., struck a 
Pond's Crossing four miles east of Sha- 
badly injuring the owner, Frank Bryson, 
I and killing one horse asd demolishing the sleigh. 
Bryson will probably recover. 

Edwin M. Stantiu, who had just been appoint- 
ed as Justice of the Supreme Court of the United 
States, died suddenly, of congestion of the heart, 
last Friday morning, at Washington, aged 5t 
. I years. He was confined to the house for only a 

Default having been made in the conditions of a cer- 
tain inortcajfe dated the Tth day of Heptemlier, A. D. 
ls(W, t\e.--tedby Ilmry|iie ai^d Ellen Ijique his 
wife, of F.iribauit County, Stjte of .Minnesota, parties of 
the I'irst part, to David P. Wa«;att. of Hancock County . 
State oi .Maine, pany of the second part, by the failure 
of said mortgagors or either of them to pay the sum of 
two !iun.lre<l and si.Ttcen dollars aud thirty-three cents, 
(♦■.'l';.:«l, which am luni Is claimed to be due thereon for 
principal and interest at the date of this notice, beside 
the fur her sum of twtnty-tire dollars, (*•.:" ', stipulated 
as attoniev's fee, to tW p.ii-t In c ise of foreclosure, 
* hieh said mortiraBe was recoriled on the I'ith day of 
September, A D. l?*-'^, «t 5 o'clock p. m., in the office 
of tlie R-i-'i-terof D-tiU, in s%id Faribault County, m 
book l.of Mortp»j{e», on page >>, and no action or 
pr.eeed;nK at law hast>eenins'ituted lo rccoverthedeU 
»ecur-d bv said roorffrage. <ir any part thertof; now, 
tlierefore, iu pursuance and by virtue of the i»ower of 
gale contained in s»id niortpa,{C, »nd of the statutes In 
such case made and provided, notice is hereby given, 
that the said m irtKajre -vill lie foreclosed, and the land 
and prpiuls'silierefn described, vii.: Alltfiat tract or 
parcel of land lyini: and beiug in tJie ounty of F«n- 
bault, and State of .Minne*. ta. described as follows, to- 
wit : ' The we<<t hiiir of riie southwest i|uarter of section 
nuiul)er one ( 1 », in township u jmtwr on^ hnnlr'd at d 
three tl'.':J) no.-th, of r*n)re number twentr-teven r2T) 
west, contaiuinp figt.ty ino-) acres, according to sovern- 
meiit surrey, ti^eetticr with all Ihe hereUilaments and 
aipuiieusDces thereunto beiongir-ij or in any wi^e ap- 
perta'nin?, wi'l be sold »l public sale, to the highest 
bid.ler. for c«h, to satisfy and pay tli* said deW and 
interest aud the twenty five dollars t ♦•.t")| allomey's fees 
and tlie costs and ni.*bursemen;» allowed bylaw, at the 
.front d.K>r of the Post Office, in the vitlapf of Winnel>a- 
IM C^tr. Connty of Fanbanlt, and .•»»»€ of Minnesota, 
i'o Thur«Uy,tiie l*hday ,.f Jaanary, A. D. isiO, at 
111 o'clock in the f.iren>oM of that day. 

Dated, Winnebago City, .Minn., Dec. 1. 1 ■?-•)?. 


5isi-:w Morfpsce. 

may now be found at this store. 

In addition to the above mentioned articles of 
the jircsent most f I'hionable ra'tems, you will 
aiways find at the Faribault county 


A well selected assartment of 


from the "Odessa Skirt Company," which are 
msurpu'.sed by any other Hoop Skirt in use, ai 
regards Durability, Comfoit and Style. 

And alio a large stock of 

Grocerie;s Pork, Hams, 


Lard, Wheat, Cofd, 


Ouions, Flour, Meal, <fec., &c. 


Crockery, Glassware, 


Lampdj I^anterns, 

Machine and Kerosene 

Oil, Sugar Buckets and 



of nil sires, and many £tyl . 

G. K. .Moulton. of the firm of MOULTOK A 
DEl'DON. has jujt returned from NEW YORK 
X'n Y, where be tcok particular time to find tbe 
best houses, and to purchase at the bottom of 
the market, and c(in6dentlT believes that he has 
secured the best qualities of goods, and at the 
most reasonable fi rures, and 


Is now offered at a 
sma i. advance o« the original cost. Call and 
e.tamiDC for yourselves. 
Truly Yours, 

Vox PofMi.i.— The voice of the People is 
unnnimius in praise of one thing at least, that 
is Morse's Indian Root Pills, and it is well de- 
served. The best remedy in the world for al- 
most ali dise.tses that afflict the human race 
they act diret-tly on the blood, stomach and 
bowels. K'-ep your blood pure by an occasion- 
al dose of these Pil s and you will not be sick. 
The blond is the lite, keep it pure by using the mpdicine that will completely cleanse it, 
Morse's Indian Hoot Pill'^. Use the Morse's 
Piiis in all casesof Bilioosness. Liver Complaint, 
Fetnale Irregularities, Headache, Indigestiwi 
Ac. Bold bjr all d<«Ier«. 

Meat I'ibhes, Ewers and Busins- 

Glass Lamps and Chimneys, Comet Sun Burners 
and Chimneys, 

Lanterns^ Tumblers, Goblets, 


^^59-15UOTS and SHOES made to order apa 
epairing neatly done. 200tf 






The only lino r.inning THROUGH TRAINS 



Making this the most Comfortable, Expeditious 
and Only Direct Route to 

Clcvebiid, Erie, JlHiikirk, Buffalo 



^af\n the principal Railways of tbe North- 
west and Southwest vonuert nt Chicago with the 
Four Daily Express Trains, leaving Chicago 7:40 
A. M., 1 [M A. M., 5:lo P. M.. ani. 9:00 P. M. 

Eleeant Drawing Room Coacbcs 

OnDay Express Trains between Chicago, Tole- 
do and Buffalo. 


And has Palace Sleeping Coaches Attaf;hed, 

Eunn'g Through to New York 


Passenzers for Domit, and all points in Cina 
d'(, and thoiM- f<ir Ohio, Petnmylrauin, Aeic York 
and .Yew Enylfotd. should purchase tickets via 
LfiLe Shore tiud Mirhiynt Southern Rnilvoy, 
which are on sale at all principal Railway Ticket 
OflBces, and at the Company's OBBce, 

No. 56, Clark Street, Cbieago. 

F. E. MORSE, Gen'lPass. Agt., 
OTI.^? KIMBALL, Gen'l Sup't, Chicago. 

271 -yl CleveUnd, 0. 




"Wheat atlvancing and Goods scUitic 
beltiw cost, for cash, at the Witinehitgo 
City Drug Store. Call and examine 
prices before goitig elsewhere. 


Carbon Oil, Elephant Oil, Linseed 
Oil and Oil Paints, White Lead, Red 
Lead, Colored Paints, &c. 


School Books, Blank Books, Station- 
ery, Memoranda Books, &c. 


Patent Medicines of all kinds. To- 
bacco and Cigars. Lamp Chimneys and 
"Wicks. Fancy Articles usually kept in 
City Drug Stores. 


317-tf C. J. FARLEY. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 19. 18G9. 

AT LOWEST pnicrs. 

That the .Mason & Hamlin Cabinet and Met- 
ropolitan Organs are the best in the world is 
proved by tho almost unanimous opinion of pro- 
fessional raufcicians, by the award to them of 
seventy-five gold and silver medals or other 
highest premiums, nt principal industrial com- 
petitions within ft few years, including the med- 
al at tbe Paris E.xpositiou, and by a sale very 
much t'reater than that tf any similar instru- 
ment. This Company mannlaeturc owly firnt- 
class instruments, and will not make "'ehcap 
or"aiis" at any price, or snffei an inferior instru- 
ment to bear their name. H.irirg greatly in- 
creased their faeiliiicB for manufaitjre, by the 
introduction of new machinery and otherwise, 
they are now m.iking better organs than ever be- 
fore, at increased economy in cost, which, ia 
accordance with their fixed policy of selling al- 
ways at least remunerative profit, they ore new 
oJTcring at prices of inferior work. Four odavc 
organs. Plan Walnut Cares. j:>ft. Five oc- 
tave organs. Double Reed. Solid Valnnt Cases, 
car»cd and paneled, with five stops (Viola. Dia- 
pason. Melodia, Flute, Tremulant), $125. 0th 
er styles in proportion. 

Circulars, with full particnlr'rs. includinp ac- 
curate drawings of the different slyles of orpjins 
and much .nforination which will be of service 
to every purchaser of an organ will be scut Ireu 
and postage puid, to anv one dosirine fhcni. 

154 Tremont St. Sofcton ; JOC D'dway, N. Y. 







«fec., &c.. 

Cut to order from 
either Italian or 
American marble, 
and set up in good 
taste. Mr. J. M. Kul- 
livan is our practical de- 
signer, and all orders ara 
filled according to spccifi- 
aticns. F, however, tho 
taste of Mr. is con- 
sulted, the designs arc guar- 
anteed to be unique. The 
work recommends itsclt. Or- 
ders from a distance promptly 
at'.en<led to. 

Flshrr & Sullivan, 


Joneiltb, ISGd. 293 



Cash Gifts to the Amount 


5 Cash Gifts, each f 20,00» 

10 u « ]0,OOU 

20 '< « 5.t)(>l> 

40 " •' 1,0«<» 

200 " " S**"^ 

300 " " ^^^ 

60 Elegant Rosewood Pianos, eacli?300 to 700 

75 a " Mclodeons •' 70 to 100 

.3 JO Sewmg Machines, COtoK.'i 

600 Gold Watches, 76 to :;0(» 

Cash priies, Silverware, 4c., ral. at fl,OtiO.O(iO 

A chance lo draw .tny of the above prizes for 
25 cents. Ticltets describing p'ires are scaltrt 
in envelopes and well mixed. On receipt of 
2 jc a sealed ticket i^ drawn, without choice, an<l 
sent by mail to any address. The prize numcd 
upon it will be delivered to tbo ticktt-holder on 
receipt of One Dollar. Prizes ore immediately 
sent to any address by express or return mail. 

You will know what your prize is before you 
pay for it. Any prize exchanged for another of 
the same value. No blanks. Our patrons can 
depend on fair dealing. 

References.— We select the follow'ng from 
many who have lately drawn valuable prizes, 
and kindly permitted us to publish them : An- 
drew J. Hums. Chicago, «10,000; Miss Cl.ira 
6. Walker. Bjltitnore. Piano, $800 ; James M. 
Matthews, Detroit. $5,000 ; John T. Andrews, 
Savannah, $.1,000; Miss Agnes Simmons, 
Charleston, Pinno, $C00. We publish no names 
withoat permission. 

Oi'iKioss or the Prefs. The firm is reliable, 
and tioservo their success.— RV<<'y Trihune, 
May 8. We know tbe.o to be a fair dealing 
firni.— A'. Y- H'mld May 2S. A friend of oors 
drew a $500 prize, which was piomplly received. 
DnVy Xeir$, June 8. 

Send for Circular. Liberal inducements to 
Agents. Satisfaction guaranteed. Every pack, 
tgc of sealed envelopes cortainis ONE CASH 
GIFT. Six tickets for $1 ; 1 8 for $2; X5for$5; 
110 for $15. AM letters should be •dd.-es'sed to 

.^16 12w 195 Brosdway, New York. 




MiNNKSOTA Valley Railroad 

On and after Tuesday, March SO trains will 
run as follows; 

Mankato andLe Sueur Trains. 

Mankato 4:.30 p m 

Le Sueur f-^f* P "» 

Bt. Paul 5:('0 p m 

" 11:45 a m 




L« Sueur.... 

Horses to let at all hours, day or night. Horses to 
#►11 or exclianpe. 

Cash paid tor oats, com and hay. Oats, com, hay 
an'l stablini? ai re.TS'.oable rales. 

Oflice in Wlnnebigo City Hotel, and Statde In the 
rear. « _ . 

\Mnnebago City, Dee. 8. 1S6». 819-»f 

7:45 a m 
.3:40 p m 
i):00 a m 
6:45 a fi 




' I ChMp for «Mh. 

The co-partnership heretofore existing Letweem 
the unilersigned, under the firm name of Moul- 
ton 4 Deudon, ii* this day di^.-olvcd by mutual 
consent, F. Deudon withdrawing therefrom. 

AU liabilities of the late firm are assumed by 
G. K. Moulton, who will continue the Mercantile 
business at the old stand. 


WiHuabaf o City, Minn., Nov. 1», I»«». 

Eastetn Express. 

Leave St. Paal 7:4.-. a m- Ar. St. Paul 7:10 pm. 

Owatonna <b HattiBga Acceuunddation. 

Leave St. Paul 3:30 pm. Ar.St. P8ull]i45a m. 
Trains on this rond make dose connections 
Mendota with trains on Milwaukee sod St- Psul 
Railroad lor Minneapoli-,- Owatonna, ^^ '""»» 
and all poinU South and East, and at &t. 1 eter 
with MinnesoU Stage Company's line ." f "^'as" 
for New Ulm, and at Mankato all poinU West 

anu Southwest. . tt i t »i.„. 

Tickets can be procured at the Union Ticket 
Office, corner Third and Jacksoa streets, and at 
tbe depot. West St. Paoj.^^^^^^^^^^ 


J, C. Boro«» ««ieral Tiek«t AtwU 2Mrf 



J-JH ! li 

•TTTP Ti'P i?T? TirkMiT'CTl? \ T\ Ti^- J I* niMEs. physician and scrokon. 

X lllj r rwrj 11, llU:Vill.O l rj^V Lf. \J omce in No. -2, New Block, up sUirs. Kesldenc* 


corner of Welch and Cle»eliuiil Streets. Winnebago City, 
Minn. Day chIIs attended from the office. Night call* 
from his ret.iilenco. 

Office ilays— Salurday*. 'imt 


ap««lal notices In reading columns, ten «enl» per line 
for the t1r« insenlon, and Qrc cents per line for each 
•nbscijaeiit Insertion. 

Ailvertlseraenlinecuprli;jr on* inch of «p<»c9, insert*-!! ' 
otie W'^ek for one dolLir.' On? col'iran, one year, eifthty | 
dollars. Other aiivenisemenl.- in proportion. | 

Arrival and Departare of Mails. 


r\KED?!, MOUTU.\r.ES. AN-T I'THKR Blue lt«rth City, 


8 P. M. 

8 ▲. M. 

hUiiks. neutly priiiteJ, and for jiilo st the 
Homestead Office. M^nkMo, 

Blue Earth City, 


7 p. M. 

8 A. M. 
3 P. il. 




ttornevand Cniisclor at Law in Winnehago Waseca-Tuc»a.vv Thnrs<lay, Shturrtay, 

•,,. _:,i _,, 1 ,. r . 1 1 - .\lH;rt Lea— Monilay, Wednesday, Friday, 

City, Minn., trill (ittend to professional iMiM- rmh-^sen-Monday. Friday. - 

ne«s tbroUi;boiit the State 

l<'4tf Jackson— Tueiday, 



"V" Fiscn, LfMnER mkrchant, one door be- 

•^' • low Shaubuts, 


Miiikato, Minnesota. 


Waseca — Monday. WedncMlay, Friday, 
The commodloos brick dwelling of O. P. Chubb, in Allurt Lea— Tne<day, Thuis.i.iy, Saturday, 
P.iinnoiit . has been opi>ne'i tn the travellDti public, and Tenhiu«sen— Jnesday , Saturday . 
ample accomm,)d»tio.iit are now t'lTere'l tt. all who may Jacksim — Frid.-iy, 

7 P. M. 
7 P. .M. 

11 A. M. 

7 A. M. 
7 A. M. 
6 A. M. 
1 P. M. 

On Cbri.stmas dny our friend S. T. Mill prea- 
enieil us with a liberal >ainple c>f Minn*'Bi)tu ap- 
ples—grown in his own orchard near Uaidea 
City. Among them wore the Purry and tiolden 
Ru>>sett, Miunesota Pipin und tliree or four oth- 
er varictiea. Mr..Mill.'< has demonstrate<i thS 
practicability of (flowing applei in Uluo Earth, 
county and dcsiroub that other 'urmcrs may do 
the same thing he is jirepared to supply them 
with all tlie hardy varietio.s of frait trots adapt- 
ed to this climate. --,Viij.7.'('<> Hniiw. 



wUh to avail thcnuelvea uf itji hospitalities. 
317-tf O. P. CUrBB. 

>'!ilesa]« asJ Kct^l. 
iWTyl", Minnesota. 



TRA s SMITH. BOOK.SELLKi .\ND bT.vtioner, G.K. Moulton. Winnebag^o City, Minn., 

■*• One djor sonlhof RkWKw iitSce, ( 

WTyl .Mankato, Minnesota. I Af.KXT FOR FAlllItAlLT COl NTV, 

Tn insure raailinj; matter, it should be in the office half 
an hourbelore departure timt. 

Charch Directory. 

WHEELER— ROGERS.— Ill ({ithrie, Def. 23d, 
ISo'J, hy J. HiiHS K!*4 , Mr. Mm. H. WiikivLKU. 
of Uutbrie, toMi^a StfHiNA R.>acna, of Prea- 

N'o cards and no cake. 

The youthful couple have our sympathy, and 

may their cup of haj)pinc!'3 alwnys be full. 



*' Maker. Shop next doortu Richardson'l. 
Particular attention paid to repairing clock*. 

at the sho|» of 


On Blur Earth Avenue. Satisfaction guaranteed. 
ai7 If ■ 


A desirable farm of 16u acres, well watered, io the 

town of Preicott, Seclimi iS, U offend for sali', or rent, 
fur one, two, oi three yenr«. Forty acreb brok?, twenty 
acres of timher, two ami one-liulf milts disaot, will be 
sold with the f.irtn, separately, or in lots to suit purcbaa- 
eis. TenuM, ifsuld, i.'iOU dijHii, iiiid the ba'aiioe on long 
time. For lunlier particulars inquire of or address the 

314ma GKO. MASTERS. 

Sbclbyville Minn., Noveojber 3d, 1669. 





For The .American Itulton-llole. Ovcr-Seeining and 

W *EVRLE9 WHOLESALE AND hex \IL ^"'''"'•'' ^''***''"* The tirst an.l only Button-Hole Mak- 
D«al/r ir. Crockery a.:d oiaasware; Front S-., inn :inJ SewtnK' Machine comt.ined. in the world. It 


Maukato, Minn. 


dues uiore work than any other machine ever invented. 


f^.,.ti„nery, O^ ''""''■ •*'*KIVAi. OFTIIE CARS, we thall be pre 

^:vl ' Mankato, Minnesota. ^^ pared to optna <f 

J B BL'RKE, DFALER IN GIOCEKIES, PROVI3- At Wei's, to supply ^he dem»nl,*both wholesale and 

*»• ijns. Crockery^ Glaa* and Wooden Ware. retail. Respectfully, 

MKTnoDisT — Services every Sab>>ath morning, in the 
Baptist Churth, at 1030 o'clock. 

Re.. J. C. GOWAN, Pastor. 

CoxaajroATioxiLisr. — Servi'-es every Sabbath morn- 
lag, in the High School buihlin);. at Mk^) o'clock. 

Rev. J. D. TODD, Pastoi. 

Cvios. — Prnyer Meetinpr, Wednesday evenings. In the i . » ■ 

Baptist Churchi lU 7 o'clock. I 

Sahoath Pcliool every Sunday morning, immediately I Monkv To Loa.v.— I have some money to 
after preachii«(f. i loan on tirft-cluss real esta'e i-eeurily. Conio 

ExcelloDt flour at Richar.lsoi '«. 

— ♦-• 

No. S cook-loves furnished <!ompleto for $23 
at the Hardware Store in Winnebago City. 



Manl!at<i. Minnesota. 

" Sublingeeanected. 
M7yl Mankato, Minnesota. 

\roHii A Dvt:»KR. PLOW mancfactort, and 

■^'*- BlackamitMag, 

WTyl Mankato, Minneaota. 

^*- tiry PubUe. 
397yl Mankato, MIna. 

Wholesale and Retail Deai'^r in Furuituie. Bedding, Ac. 
.\lso, L'nertakcrs, S'.S-tf Austin, Minn. 


H'tnntsLago City, Minnesota. 

E. G. A A. P. COLLINS, Proptietors. 

Excellent accommodations, a'^d charge* m}d- 

Stages Icare this House for alt ^oia's. 237(f 


We have for ."ialc, at a great bargain, four ', 

early, and you can be acciiiiint'lated. 

Winnebago City. Minn. 

An Irishuii 




The Eclectic reprints aU the best articles, 
Historic, Literary and .Sucial, from the pr <ini- 
nout EiiKlish, French, and German Periodicals. 
In selections are cursiuUy made from over fifty 
different works, and with many coinpetitors iu 
the tiuld, it roiuuiiM the oldest und most reliable 


Bod and MouldBoard 

Breaking Plows 


A genJleman who suffered for years froca ""^''^..ful 
i.miy, Prewattire Decay, hud nil the effectJ Of,^_J^^|,',r 

hundred pounds of Lon. Primer. One half of tt ^ ,^;;;; ^ -" ^^2^"'''^" /J:'' lll^^^^. t.^'ii: -Poncnt of IWoign contemporary thought. 

is almost new. and the balance is good for years, i Rheumatism, the druggist asked him in what ' 
For particulars, address the Fhee HoMesTKAD. I purt of tho body it troubled hiu most, -Be me 

^ j sou', said ho, '"I have it in ivery houl and corner 

Lord's shooting match is still attracting er me " 


wY;;'**""*'' ^""^" Mank..o. >nnn^ J^HERIDAN J. ABBOTT, 

The Chri.-itinas ball was a succe??. Indeed, 
who ever knew a Winnebago enterprise to go by 
default ? 



It is believed that in this dep>rtment tho Ec- 
lectic is more ooutprehens'vc and complete than 

CAML IIIDDEN.WHOLESALEANDRETAILDEAL- AttOi nCV & COUllSelor 3 1 LaW, J"">-n"l One year to 
•^ erin Dry Goods. v i. i i- i ,. I «2 00 

a97yl Mankato, Mian. Notary Public and Conveyancer. , ♦■'•""• 

The Frek Homkstead and the Amertean Stork 
all new subscribers, for 

To All CoNCEHNBD. — Now, uiy £ood fellows, , • ■ .i ii . i • i 

,, , , ,„ ,, v., ,ni o,- I / <iny other raasfazine III the world not exclusively 

all ot you nil" are owiiijc tb«* firio ot Cli.gsick &,.,..,• '' 

■,■.,,,. ■ . iir- I r>.. 1 devoted to tuc suhjeot. 

.Smith. HIacksmiths, in Wiunel ago City, i lease v,vv.u iv vu o j 

call and seti e your accijunl.s on or before the I BIOORAPOT. 

1 jtb of December, IStiU, and you will save your- . 

selves much trouble. We mu-it have money, ' In this d.'parftnent will be found the life of 

Crossing Plows, 

.Varranted to scour in anj kind of soil, and ' 

hardened by a process known only to ourselves. CONSUMPTIVES. 


gentleman who suITere 

y, Preioattire Decay, huu «u uie ti.*~— -.-__„(,-. 
indlscreUojj. wlU, for the aake of suffering "•™'" 'Yii 
send free to all who need it, the receipt and '"'^'^'^, 
formajting the simple remedy by which be was _ • 
Sufferers wishing to profit by the advertlsei » "^*P j,^,jy 
can do so by addressing, with perfect tonfideace- •" ' 
B. OGDEN, No. 42 Cedar St., New York. *"'''_. 



In Winnebago City, casks of all siretwfllb^'oun'* 
con(.tantly on band. REPAIUINO ^o"* »* 
short notice. Cash paid tor staTCS «■* ko-"- 
pole*. Cooper Shop in the baok part »f tb« otJ 
Lee Tavera. _ ^ 

F. H. WEPB. 
Winnebago City, Nor. 10, 18C9. 3U-tf 

MuLTUM i» Parto.— There is contained in 
Dr. Morse's Pills the principle of health. We 
have many thousand* of testimonial* of their 
having restored tha sick to health ; which can 
bo seen at our office. Use Dr. .Morse's Indian fills ■nJ yfu '^i'l fi"«l tJ*"™ "°' ^'P'^ * 
curativoof disease but also a preventative.— 
They should be' used in all cases of Hiliousreti, 
Headache. Liver Complaiuts, Female Irregulari- 
ties dec. We make no secret of the formula frrm 
whioh this medicine is prepared. Ask jour for the Ometa Almanac, read it 
carefullv. Use Morse's Pills. Soldby all deal- 


Manufactured entirely of iron and steel. 

and it must com" from <'ur debtor:". 


in* Agent and Notary Public, 
299tf Mankato, Minn. 

W. V, B. Moore, Proprietor. 
2»9tf Front St., Mankato, Minn. 

>rrin. Eurniture and Cari>elin;{. Oil Cl'ith* and 
Curtains, Table Cloths and Mirrors. Window Shades and 
Mattresses. Picture Frames ^nd Mats, Curd and Ta'selj. 
Agents for the L'lirivalled Washer. lOM 

-'• • J-weler. Dealer la Watciies, Clocks, Jewelry and 
8:iv*r Ware. 

•i'i^if Mankato, yioa. 

Repairing neatly executed and warr.uite^. 

-''*• tor. Having refurnisheil tliroush"Ut the atx'Ve well- 
known house, the pr iprietor askn a c jntii.uauce of 
Public patron.iice. Good slahle vCL-oininodaiioiis are 
euonected with the hoaie. Charirts moderate. -J^ilt 

Particalar attentioa paid to the CoUec- 

//oil of D'-li/t (lu'i I'dijinent nf Tiixet. 

WiuncLiago City, .Minn., Aug. .■li>, MriS. 


C. S. KICALL, Prophietor. 

According to the Winona Ri publican, the po- 
lice of that town are not successful iu catching 
oyster theives. 

Vours trulv, 


Fer loss of cud. horn ail, red water in eows,lo»s 

every man who iu any waik of life hns lai<l hold 
' on i<'ame. 


Polite Literature in all its branchec is repre- 

Prof. Carpenter's singing school is pro.^pering 
finely. We hope the lovers of music here will 
immediately engage him for a seeoad term. 

.Stages leave this Hotel Mondays and Thurs- | Mr. C. L, Howell has retired from the firm of 
dayafor the nearest Railio«d station, and X*ies- . Chubb 4 Howell, of Fairmont, and the business 
days and .Saturdays for tho We<t. ... ... . , , , »• ^ t. ^l ■ . 

A iroo.l Livery is connected with the Hotel. ; "'" hereaft er be conducted by Mr. . P. Chubb. 

.md there are ample accommodations for team- | ♦^ 

sters. 2I2tf j There will be Episcopal st»rvice at the Baptist 

I Church, next Tuesday eveaing, by Prof. Geo. 


'• re'-eived his complete slock of .\merican a-id Im- 
ported Waffhes, Cl>cks and J.-Welry. Kepairin>r war- 
ranted as repraaentcd. Front Street, opposite the Clif- 
ton House. '29->tr >laukato Minn, 



Keeps cjnslautly on hand a complete assortment of 


.\nd of dollar's worth of worsteds, beinz the 
fir't full line Mtock of Zephyr Worsted ever l>rouglit into 
Winnebago l'!<ty. 

New and Fashionable G'lods received by express every 

Tanner, of Owatonna. Service to commence at 
7 o'clock. 

The Methodist festival, last Thursday evening 
was far ahead of anything in that line which we 

..» iippetite, rot, or murrain in si eep ; thick wind, sented by the best selections which can be glean- 

broken wind, and roaring, and for ail obstuct- '^^ fr"°i * wi''^ Sel'^- 

ions .if the kidneys in horses MtiSheriJan* Cav- fiction. 

airy Condition I'owdirs. •,..•, , , ^ » . 

" In this department the best Current Litcra- 

• tureofitscla s is found, comprising occasional 

Frcit A\D Shame Trees. — C. L. Smith, of serials by the best contemporary novelists, but 

Walnut l.ake. is <itreiin;; for sale. 1110,000 Soft chiefly tho short stories for which the English 

.Maple, or .^ilverleaved. and 100 000 White Elm Magazines are deservedly celebrated, 

Trees at from S.? to $1'> per tbi u.=and, 3 to 20 j general uteratcre. 

inches bmh. lli»loi>, Transceiidanf, .Siberian, 

Duchess ot OMuiiburL', and other harly apple 

trees, 25 cents each. shouM send for 

price list and directions for planting and Care o , .. ^ • i j n i-.- i 

' , , , ' ° says jpon Literary, !5ocial, and Political ques 


This depaitment, prob.ibly the most important 
of all, is represented by selections from the best 
Review.s, and contains the choicest current Es- 


Walnut Lake, Minn. 

will send by mail, prepaid, choic^e plants of IVil- 
have had hero for ycais. The net prjfits were j g^u's Albauy, Crimson Cane. Great Austin. Shak- 
ek. Stsreou .Main St., neirly opposite the Collins over one hundred dollar.'. | er, A-., at :'0 cents per dozen, oi $2. 00 per bun 



The Editorial Depiiriniants have been thor- 
oughly remodeled. Thereviews of current home 
SxRAwnEiiKiES A.ND CHEAM.--Wno docs not liieratuie are unusually full, and -irt at home | 
love them? Lv«ry one should have a strawber- i ,inj abroad receives the attention which the i 
ry bed. C. L.Smith, of Walnut Lake Nursery, growing public interest in the subject demands. 


Of the most approved pattern. Alto 

The advertiser, having been restored to health in a 
I few weelvs, by a very simple remedy, after having suf- 
fered several .veam with u severe lung aifection, and 
I that dread disease. Consumption, is anxious to make 
; known to liisfellow-snfferi-rs the means of cure. 
I Ti all who desire It he will send acopy of theprescnp. 
! tion u-ed, (free of charge), with the direction* for pre- 
paring and using the same, which they will find a Sj-r* 
cure for Consumption, AsthniH, Bronchitis, etc. The 
object of the advertiser in sending the Prescription Is lO 
benefit the afflicted, and spread information whic.i he 
conceives to be invaluable ; and be hooes every snfleref 
will try his remedy, as it will cost nothing, and may 
prove a blessing. Parties wishing the prescripti^Ti W.l 
plense Hddixss Kev. EDWARD A WILSON, rtilliama- 
. burg Kings County, New York. 81S"ly 



THE Subscriber wishing to goiiito the W co'.- 
en LuKiness. ofTtrs bis farm of SSoaeres for sale. 
--. -|--r-. r-r^Tl"n> TXT k /^ /^AT/^ There is a good House, Stable, Sheds andOran- 
I I I \'l W r H W A (-tI I \ ^ ' *'"y' ''"^ * never-failing spring or wATtn. suC« 
XJ vJ IVJ. UxiXt » V Xx \A\JLy kJ I cieni for h<iusehold purposes and to water one 

hundred Lead of eattie. Between 25 and :iO acre* 
of Timber. The house is surrounded with l.nrge 
Shade Trees, besides a Garden, confaiiiiug about 
300 FRL'IT TREES, large and small. 

I will sell the above reanonable. Inquire on 
the premises, 2 miles direct west from Winneba 
(TO City, oral the Woolen Mill Maikato. 

Augu.stir. ISfig. -5' 

Q Vr. MfBPHY A CO., 

Dealers la 



ParficuUr attention paid to Music Orders. 



Senator Wilkinson introduced a bill previous 



Manufactured from Eastern timber. 

r\ NOTEMAN.M.».,PHYSICI\NA\DsritOEON. , . ,. . .. ,, .. / ,. , i *25. 0« per thousand. Good stnm-, new plan ts, mifs 

i-'- Will attend .o .Mils promptly, in Winnebago City 'o the holiday adjournment, for the protection of '.^ ^^u, ,,^j ;„ „,^„ ^jUj ^^^^ ajrcctions how I best 

an. I ::«( cv.!.!! •i.lii.n A.r.i.n Set' fko V I. .a 1....1 t«*. .*.*.' t'^n^j .. .v-..^... .. <t > 


A very fine Steel E!i;;raviug on fome subject of 
drcd ; Leni.iiijc's Wl'iitc. finc.«t white strawberry ' Renoral interest, either Historic, Portr.iit, or t ^ t x-wtt-, 

grown, iO o*nls per dozen. $4.00 per hundred, i U"^!. P'nbellisbes each number. These engrav- ALL KINDS OF JOBBING DO^S E 

injirsuro executed in the best manner and by the 

and surrounding country. Dr. N. had twenty years j,,^ fettleri on the Fort Ridgelv reservation, and : to blaiit and cultivate them. 

experie .ce in locil. general, and iiiispital practice, and " - ' , •"»"»'"»">''-"»•■"""' luvm. 

I lately had change of a Hygienic Insriiuie for the treat will urge its immediate passage upon tho rc-as- 

; meat fifchrjoio diseases. He is Th-refore prepared to ... - ,, 

treat Catarrh, Bronchiris. .-ier.ifula. Rheumatism, Pro- 'enanl'Dg o' t^ongress. 

I lap.rus fferi, N»«rali;ia. Sick H'jad.-iche, Liver Com- ♦ 

plaint. Diphtheria, C.4d Hands and Keet, Nervous De Wallace, the popular groceryman of Mankato, 

! bihty, (;».voKK,-*, rr.vKR S.'KKS, and all Blood and Skin ' r i n j 

artists, und are of permanent value. 


wholesale aitd retail dealers in 

BOOT S, S H O E S. ' «' 

; Diseases, with a success far in advance of the ordinary .'?ent US a can of peculiarly largo oysters, just 
! phv"ician who haa i.eter mad: a speciality of this class 

I * 
bals. omce days; Frida.vfof each week. an6 '"" I'"'"-'* '° >-epeating the dose 

before Christmas. This is tho third time he has 

II cii-inmnicationsconfldeniial. Consultation free, done the same thing, and it is possible that ho 
c- at Dr. F.irleys Diiig Store. I'esideLCe at Kim- _•,. ,„.,•, - ^.,, „.:„.. ,i,„ ,i„„ 

Stlrt tf 
Fish, Crackers and Oysters, at Richardson's. 

Terms. — Single copies, 45 cents ; one copy, 
one year, $5; two copies, one >cur. i'J ; five 
copies, one year, $20, Clergymen und Teachers 
supplied at club rates. Agents wanted to get up 

GRE.iT DiSTRiBiTioN.— The Metropolitan Gift '■ clubs. Send for Specimen Copy, 45 cents 

_ , , . Address 

Company hive made estensivearrangements tor 


their third Great Annual Distribut'.on, and their 
list numbers cash and other g'fti to the amount 

of nearly u million of dollars, aiaong them are 

Horace Fpiekcraan is putting up a new build- i r _ i. i . j . u -r. 

' 1 " I 'J five buudreil and seventy cash gift*, ranging 

• ♦ 

E. R. PELTON, PtTBi.isHF.n, 

108 Eulton St., New Y<irk. 


Winuebago Oity, Minn., Feb. 17th, 1SG9. 



.. , .. , . », , ' ing for Mr. Robinson, just north of tli« millinery 

Leather I indmgs, .-iuoemaker* Tool*, etc. H V P'' P T>fM>V m-.,! AfT'TTV^X' ^ , ,■ /• «. w t r> . «, .. o i from one hundred to twenty thousand dollars 

iiyj£jr. r\Ji%.l\. aiKl AIL 1 iW.N buildmg of .Moulton A Deudon, 21x44 feet, two i "^ 

Fruat Street. - - • ■ - . -- 

Oppo*tt« the Post Office, Mankato, Minn. 


Corner of Second ami Cfwrry Si's.,; 


X..Q BAROrT. Proprietor. 

fllUR ab iv>' house, just coinp!eleil .«ii'i l"urni»h i 

A. ed n<5w throuirhii'it, is opened to the public, j 

Aecommodationt* unsurpassed by any pu'ili;i 

house in the county, iwiJ terms reasonable. | 

are now f-urealeai Peiree's market in Winnebairo 
'/ity, one door eait of the Post Otflce. and will 

1 be sold ai veiy low prices. Customers in and 

I out of town supplied at low figui s. 

! * F M. PEIRCE. 

' Winnebago City; Minn., >. 3. 186S. 

I 2i(kf 


"PoMPEV. — Ha ! Scipio drink ? 
Scti'io.— Idust.' liirhnid lit. 

Farmer* *i'l always find a coinfi-rtablo barn, | 
plenty of good feed, ani ike best of care for their | 
horse*. 257tf I 

CHAS. IIElLnOK.V.'ifaetiirer and Dealer In 


of every variety. 

Restanrant and Snloon. 

Opposite the C0LLIN3 liOLSE, Winneba^'O City. 

Wines, Litjuora aud Clears. 

C-.'.racoa, Old Co^, ar.d Habar.a. 

Frc><h Oy.sters served in every style, and for 
I sale by the Can or keg. 

; Gentlemen^ I kcp ijood Liquors. 

I Winnebago City. Dec. 9. l.«<68. 26rtf 

Gilt Mouldings Kept On Hand ^ f. harlow. 


McMaMlI & Beebe, 

Dealer* la 


Dealer in 

Heal Eslale k Land AVarrants. 


riVE AND HARD WOOD /^<^^^'^* -^-^'^ CorNXr OrDEK.S. pubUcan party are producing aU the mischief. 

stories liigh. It is a citeum-=fan.H>. for this lati- ' «■"*'»' *'*"' ?'»»"*". Melodcons, Rowing Ma- 
tilde, that in mid winter, carprntcr« arc working chines, Knitting Machines, Ojld and Silver 
oat of doors with their coats off, and the atinos- , Watches, Stiver Ware, Jewelry, 4c., Ac. Every 

phere milil and spring-like su coutinually. Verv i . , , , ,, . 

. , , , ■ ticket drnw* a prize, and uo blanks arc issued. 

Iikelv 1"«7" mav mtroilucc a new bill of fare, but , 

we f*el tiankful for the present. The past year ! '^^'^ '''='^'"« *"■« «»<^^ l'^^''^^ '" envelopes, which, 

has been a year uf varieties — chilly, cold «n4 wet- after beiag sealed are mixed and when drawn 

and DcM-eraber s«e»* to be trying to g.-t a good i„discrimi«alely, so that the Company are not 

w*rd for ls6i«. : 

aware ui the contents of any envelope until the 

i ♦ . I 

ticket is returned to them. These tickets are 

so'd for twenty-five cents each, or six for one 
dol'ar, thirteen for two dollars ; thirty-five for 
five dollars ; oae hundred and ten for fifteen dol- 
lars. A* «oon »» you receive a '.ieket, you en- 
close it with one dollar to the company, aud 
whatever the ticket calls for is ioimediatelv tor- 
warded to you. The company are aware that 
their snccess wholly depends upon their dealiug 
honorably with thrir customers, and having this 
fact in view they strive to please all who favor 
them with their patronage. Circulars contain- 
Times arc hard, money scarce; owing »ueh, j '"8 "^•"'^ce* and highly favorable notices of 
and little to p.-iy with. Some think Gen. (irant ' '^c press are sent free to all. Letters should be 
has .something to do with it, others that the Re- , plainly addressed. Metropolitan Cift Company, 

At the annual election of Blue Earth Valley 
Lodge, No. 27, A. F. and A. M.. held at their 
I Lodge Room in Wiuin-baijo City, Minn., Dfec. 2S, 
^ 1869, the following officers were elected for the 
; ensuing year: 
j W. M.— Andrew C. Dunn. 
. s. W.— T. L. Rice. 

J. W.— E. H.Hutchins. 
1 Trcas. — Ct. K. Moulton. 

Sec. — F. F. Hartow. 

S. D. -D. P. Weir. 

J. D.— J. M. Wheeler. 

Tyler— A. Lewis. 


pluco tu purchase 

Boots and Shoes dry goods, 

Winnebago City and Waseca 


Leaves «Yinnebago, every day except Pntiirdays. 
Le^i ves WasfCii. every liav ex'-ept .Mond^v: 

This route lies thrf^V-h W ILTON, MINNESOTA 

Piifiseriffers by this new aud |>n|iular route will save 
TWENTY MILKS of travel, and mon.y. and will ride 
oulv in the day-time, goinp tlirouph in ONE day. 

THOMAS GEORGE, Propri'tor. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 18lh, 18C8, 261tr 


WE have opened a shop on Blue Earth Ave- 
nue, for all kinds of blacksmithing. wagon 
' repairing, Ac, and will be found constantly on 
, hand and ready to accommodate our customers. 
; Attention is called to the following prices: 

• Horse Rhoeing. per span, .... - $4 00 

New Shoe, -......-- .'ift 

Setting Shoe, 20 

After ?ar«f<'l investigation by competent judges We guarantee entire satisfaction to .nil who may 
it h-8 been fully and fairly decided tuat thu best patronize u«. CLOSSIfK A SMITH. 

Winnebago City, June 2od, 1S69. 




Go to Thompson's for your Boots. 


Pay Taxes, Ezamiae Titles. &c. 
I* also AUENT for the 

and still others, that Wall Street, Vanderbilt, ; 

Fisk, Erie, or those little Eastern ■'^tates, are tak- 
, io^ all tiie virtue «ut of us. But we think the 
Dimensions, Si«lino, Flooring, Latfl, Phcenix Insurance CompanVj consumers and producer* are t«o far apart. 
ftnti Shingles. i "?■ i Just thlak «f it. that England sets the market 

I HARTFORD. CONN, I price of ail omr prgduets. Vcar after year, old 

England, our worst enemy aud our best friend, is 
saying to us just what we shall sell for. and just 
what we shall buv for. Will tho.e w ho Lve after 


We make a 5p*etalf T of ?A.'»H. RrtORS, and MOrT.D- 
tNC,.><. also WOODEN E.\TE Ol'TTERS at low rtcures. 

Oillce on Van Brunt** AddiUon, South end of Front 


M.inkatn, Minn. 


Nos. \'i'i and 195 Broadway, .^'ew York. 
317 4m 


Use Earth City 

•pAST HORSE.'* AFD FAItM HOR.SE." shod in sipl-n 
"^ did 'tvlt- by Robert Lifile. flrs« door so.ith nf Mead's 

ilotel, Bliie Earth Ciir. Rete-encf«. Lewis, Wal- 

«at L*k«\ and P C Set-lev, Bin,- Earth City. 8I1>I 


I42tf Blue E.4rth City. Minn. 

l^fiAnS HOIKL, 


I. 3. iiS VD, • Propnetor 

Bi'.Uard table* are connected with the house, a«d 
there is / oi stab'.ing on the premise*. 




Thl* popular Hotel is entirely new. and furaiih* 
ed in oscollent style. 
toff* Ex eel lent ao-ommodaiion* fjr teams. 

Corrccled weekly by Moulton A Deaden. 

Whc2t, spring. No. 1 45 

No. 2 40 

us ever be wire enough to see that New Y^ork Corn 40 

might say what these prices should be. as well as Oats 2o 

London, and that consumers and producers might ,, "'"■• C* ^'^ - 

*^ *• Corn .Meal 2 00 

just as well be friends aud near neighbors, kith P.>tiit<>e-> aO 

aad kin, as to be as now? Of course England and Butter 2b 

OFFICE— in thereax jf tie Fust Office build- I France would not like this power taken from ^^'^"* - j ?* 

jng. up stairs. them, bv so simple a proces.*. P. iris would like („;,.„/ " i nn 

WiHMifeagoiJity. Minu. , .,, . ' .... , ■ ,. , , .. : T. i> -no 

still to say what kind aud quality of clothes we Hay, ^ ion o 00 

shall wear, but she is losing that power, surely ' ^'""'^ "0 '^"''^ * ^Jl 

( hpp m 20 

And gradually, and we hope to see this dictation , p^^^ saVt^'i:*' poan'd.\\\\\".\\\\'."."..'.'!.'.'.".'.'.'.".'."."...15 

" fresh, f« cwt 7feS 

Beef fresh, "f* pound 10 

Kerosere Oi! 60 

Salt, -p bbl 5 50 

Lard -p lb 20 

Dried apples .„ 15 to 20 



of St.*Pa*1. Minn. 

Al9« Notary Public de Convtyaneer. 



>V »..».L< 1 iLiiX W . >\ il.i>15 (iu UL/.j 1 of prices moving west, in our day Home manu- 

factares aud home products are the remedies. 
Wholesale Dealers in 


The Free Homestead and the American Stock 
Journal one year to all new subscribers, for ; 




Ha* eonstantly onhaiil Clock*. Waiche*, Jewel- \ 
ry. Silver-ware. tiold Pons, Mu»ii-:»l Instrtimenis, 
.%e. Repairing duue with dispa<o j and warran- 
ted. 33SU 

Register ot Deed."*, 

Bt^al Estate Agent and Con- 

r&TM Paid for «Von-r mi J^jiitf, 


ke.. ka, 

Bla* Eartli City, Minn. 



No. 93 Third Street. 

ST. PAUL, - - - - MINN. 



On account of the illness of Rev. Mr. <>owan, Wheat per bu<^hcl. No. 1. 

the congrej^ations will unite in worship on c<ab- 



bath uiiroing, at ihtt cbur;;b, at the usual Lour. : r* *% " 

Rev. J. D. Todd will preach a New Year's ser- I Potatoe* 

mon on the ''Signs of the Times." | Pork p) pound, fre h 6i to 8 

Also, it IS arranged to unite in the observance i ^""^ '^ pou«d,.. .....15 

I Flonr, ^ rwt., retail 7 25 to 2 ai) 

Of the "week of prayer," wiiich observance will , o„rn meal. ~^ hundred, retail 2 OO 

begin on Sabbath evening next, at the school I Huckwhcit Flour. "^ cwr 5 00 



, 20 

week, at the &jLine plac*, exercises to consist uf Beans ^ bushtl ..2 00 

short addresi^s. prayer &(Ki conference. 

house, with preaching, followed by prayer. ' F""*'«^d„^''"°'*" 

Meeting.* will bo held each evening of th« Tallow --* !b.....'." 





Ko. 1U7 Third Street, 

St. Pao]i Minnesota 

Topics aj follows : 

Mona.ty — Personal, thanksgiving, confessi«a 
and consecration. 

Tuesday — Prajcrfor all in authority and for 
religious liberty. 

Wednesday — For pareois. children, homes. 


Wheat STu. I. 
j do 2. 

i Oats 
( Corn 


Joist k Dimension. 


schools and colleges. 

Thursday — Christian Union. It* increase. 

Friday— The Christian Church. Iu purity i f".''V""8 

*^ ' I Sidmg 

and aggresoive powers. Finishing 

Saturday — The worid. Spread «f the g«"pel ^*^ 

, „. . . ..... "^ * "^ ShtngleNo. 1 

ana Christian civilization. i ^ j 



21 00 

22 M 

27 00 to 37 00 

22 00 to 2S 00 ; 

3#«« to 35 eo 

3 00 i 

2 7.^: 



At Thompson's, opposite the Collins House 
Winnebago City, Minn. 


Mankato^ Minn., 





Stock al\va3^s full, and custom- 
ers cau at all times be iuruished 
with Hflything in the Drug line. 

Front Stieet, 2d door above Record offi>'e. 




Are prepared to store 


On resLSonabie terms. 

Apply at Higgin's store bniluiog, Front street, 
Mankato, They also kaep the cele- 





and in fac^ any kind of Goods, is at tho Store 

R. M. Wilson, 

First door North of Post Office, 

where more Goods can be had for onedoliar thau 
any other 


in FaribanIt County. 


v4n21tf pr N. W. Sargent 

April 5tb, 1867. 



Snoday — Sermons on 1 Cor, 13th ebapler. 

All the people are cordially invited to attend . 

these meetings, and devote the first week of the r)EEF AND PORK 

rear to ibeprivilcc* ofpraver. > -13 


J. P. TODD. 

! Cb««p for casb. 


The co-partnership heretofore existing between 
' '^* "udci^-igned, under the firm name of Mool- 

* 7? • ton 4 Deudon, is this <lay ditsolvci by rantaal 

* consent. F. Deudon withdrawing therefrom. 

All liabiiitiep of the late firm are as.:uwfcd by 

I G. K. MoulMn. who will continue tUe Mercantile 

business at the old stand. 

0. K. MOULIOy, 
3I3-tf WiBii»;l»»fn CtfT, Miaib, Kov. 10, IJW, 

New Goods. 


Dealers in 

Stoves, Tin 






anufacta.-ers «f 


and all kinds of 


A fiat assortn;e&t of 

Table and Pocket Cutlery. 

Grind-Stone% and Hangingp, 


Fence- Wire^ &e., «fec. 

I' H, Welch, Wm. Wallace, Chas. Wallace. 
April Tth, \W6. 

Winnebago City <fe Jack.son 


Leaves Winnebago City every Friday at.'! o'clock 

p.n:.. .ind arrives at Jackson at 6 o'clock p.m. 

every Saturday. 
Loaves Jncksun every Monday at 6 o'clock a.m., 

andarrivi'S at Winnebago City at Oo'eloi-k a. 

m. evL-ry Tuesday, making close conuec'ion 

with the Mankato stage. 

Passengors by this r');:te pass through Wavcr- 
ly, llorricon. May, and Walnut grove, aud ride 
only iu the day-time. 

W. GPANT, Proprietor 

Winnebago City, July 14th. 18M>. 29Stf 




Is presented to the public as the most 


Knitting Machine over Invented. 


This Machine will run either backward or 
forward with tqu'«l facility. 

But far superior in every ntspeut. 

Will Knit ^^0.000 Slilclu's a Miijuic 

Leaving every knot on tho inside of the wfrW, 
It will knit a pair of stockings (any dize) in le»s 
than half an hour. It >>ill kuit Close ok 
Ori:!i. Plais on Kibbrr, with any kini of 
coar.'e or fine woolen yarn, or cutt(>Q, silk or im. 
nin. It will knit siockit:g8 with dctuble heel 
aud toe, drawers, hoods, sucks, smoking caj «, 
comforts, ptirfes, mnffj. fring.-. j(^'h.*r.i', i.ul.i.-vs, 
undersleeves. tnittens, skating caps, lamp i»icks. 
maps, cord, tjndershirfs, shiiwls, jaektts, cradle 
blankets, leggins, in? jendpr«. wrisfirs. tiuui,. 
tijipets, luftud worV. and in fa.-t an eiidle.''« varie- 
ty of articles in evcrjday use, as veil as for orna- 


Can be made by any one with the Aaiorican 
Knitting .Machine, knitting st •ckings, <tc., while 
expert operators can even make luorr-, knittir.v 
fancy work, which always t^mniinds a ready 
sale. A person can readily knit fr<im twcive t(« 
fifteen puini of stockings per day, the profit 
on which will be not lejs than forty cents per 


Can sen their wool at ooly f..rfT to fifty cents 
per pound ; but by getting the wool made into 
yarn atanmall e*pen..e, and knitting it into 
sooks. two or thrae dt.lUrs per ponod can be ra- 

On receipt of $25 we will forward a machina 
as orderefl. 

We wish to prf^cnre ftctire AGENTS in every 
section of the United fttatcs and Canadas to 
whom the most !i'>eral induce-n«'nt« will be offer- 
ed. Address Atcetican Knitting Maciiino Oo. 
BuitbD, Mass., or St Luui. Mo, 

ivianbood : How Ijost, How Ro- 

.^rSTM^ Jn«t published, a rew e<)ii'-n iX i»r 
/^V'im ' "'' ' '" ' •^••'•'rated h.m%a* 



|^'~PriCc, iu a Mated envelope, only six cfctt 
Tti': re>Uated auwior, iu tliU udBJir»|,i.. p^ , 

ly a^tnonitrate* from a M.ijly jeiir»- »*irc^.s(r.l i,r",, ttrV 
that the alarniing consequences of sett ri,u»» m«v i."; 
railieally ear.-d wM.'^ the danferoit* use of Ii.iem.i 
medicine or the iipplittation of li^r knitt; pointJr? .-ui « 
n-.r.<ie '.rcu'f »t once (In.pie. ccrt..ln .in.i cir.claal bv 
mfiM of Which eveirv wfterer, no n!att..r ni,at hi* con 
RADICaYly' '°*^'"^ ^^"^^f '***'> • P^i^aiely. ard 

Ttiis Lectare siMNild be la tke insi4s of everr rentk 
and every man ia tite lamli 

Pent, under Sral, Ir. a plain erv«loj»», to a* y ^idmm 
p->«f paid , on rec<ript of "ix eenfs, ©r'.ao jw.jt ttaniiV 
Also, Dr. CuIv<-T»«-ll» ^'MarrUrr GnUe " price -5 eta 


CUAB. ^aitLlNT. i tu 
IW3vwery,l«.Ti<»rk, P. o;B«x*;jg^, 




i I 

i ( 




BlXT C^-mx—Ftlr to Prime $14 00 @18 00 

Boos— Lire 10 00 ^10 75 

8BXZP— Fftir to Prim* 4 60 @ 6 60 

CXyrrON— Middling 26\(a 26X 

@ 6 10 
O 125 
(H 115K 

^ 1 07 
(^ 1 05 
(^32 60 

Floc*— Extr* We«t*rn 4 90 

Whkat— No. 2 Vprlng 134 

Co&N— Western Mixed Ill 





Oats— Westt-m 

Ryk — Western 

XmLRI'K a •• •• •• ■••• •• •••• •••••• • 

Poax— MeM 



BEXvxa — Choice $ 7 CO 

Prime 6 00 

FairOrades 6 00 

Medium 3 25 

9iocK Cattue — C!ommon 3 60 

Inferior 2 50 

HooH-Llre 9 56 

SBF.tir— Live— Oood to Choice a 00 

BrTTEB— Choice 811 

£uu8— Freah 31 

Flocb— White Winter Extra 6 30 

8prinKEitr» 3 76 

86 l<$ 

Whiat— Spring, So. 1 


OOBM — No. 2 

Oaw— So. 8 

Rtb— So. 2 

Bablxt— So. a 

PoKK— MeM. Sew 



BxKrCATTUC $300 

Hoo*— Uve 10 00 

8HKEP— Uve 260 

FLOtm— F«mUy 625 

Whkat— Bed 106 

Co»s -Shelled, Old 90 

Oats 6"! 

RTV .....•.•...•.•...• ^' 

Pork— MeM 80 50 


EMor Cattu — Choice I 650 

Good to Prime S 60 

Hoo»— Lire 9 to 

Srkkp — Oood to Choice 4 00 

Fi^UR— Spring XX 4 76 

Whbat— No. 1 Bed 107 

n>i& 19S 

@ 760 
^5 76 
@ 4 75 
(^4 60 
(i| 300 
® 34 
& 33 
@ 623 
(9 4 25 




All new .ubscribers for THE LITri.K CORPORAL for the new yeir. whow n»m»i»nd money «re tent In durin* 
the present month, wiU receive tho .November and Uocembor number* (or IW KKKK 

TH K 1,1 n'l.K ( ORPOK Al, *n,i a laryrr cirrutali<m than any olhtr JuimiU Mmjox^h^ m Iht vorui, ana 
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circulation, we are enabled to fur- 


nacK numuers c«u »i»"iv}o "V •""•- ._ v« . .. • rtt_- _« Til 

ALFBJSD L. S£WELL ii CO., Pablishers, Chicago, 111. 


Fer Preiiiotlnj? the Urowth and I'reserving the Beautj of 



Oats . 


B.^uiJtT— Choice r»U 118 

Pom— MeM «» W 



KBVxa— Choice $ 6 75 

3 VU 
9 75 




5 25 

77 ^@ 

74 # 
85 A 
28 00 @3100 
17X@ 18X 

U 4 50 
<» 92 
& 64 
(d> 96 
17S® 18 )i 

@ 650 
(a 450 
(4)10 50 
^6 00 
#6 26 
@ 1 08 
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(d) 58 
® 80H 
@ 1 30 
9 18 

The inventors of CficOAlJJE— knowing 
where the Krcateat heat la neceasartly g 

alleviate it- turned their attention and . , u w • 

ment to promote the growth and preserve the l)eauty ol tne nair. 

\g thst. when Ices of hair ocoors, it U gen« 

generated, and that animal fats by their 

»" Ph.rniace.tal .':S'5S?f.«*'K.'f ?..\.^**r^ 

enerally from that i>art of the head 
r nature induce heat rather than 
ble tJila as the basis of a madioa- 
the Oleum Coooe, or 

presented it«,lf m«rt strongl, ^ poe«e«.ing '^rL'l^^u'co^i^t^ftiTM l^.^tZ'^^^^^^ld. 'and they 

No Other Ccmnound 

possesses the pecgiliar pro) 
the various conditions of t 

@ 700 

Prime 5 40 @ 6 OO 

PairOrsdes 4(0 (4 4 50 

>.9dium 3 26 (.il 4 75 

ockCattlk— Cemmon 3 oo (^3 50 

Inferior 2 00 ® 2 75 

Ho^B-LiYe 975 talll 00 

SHKiF^Live—Oooi to Choice 2 00 @ 4 00 

BrTTXK— Choice 25 (4 '-' 

Eaos-Fresh 28 @ 31 

FtotJii— White Winter Extra 6 25 © 6 00 

Spring extra 4 37fi<* 6 80 

Whcat— Spring, So. 1 85,'i'<* 86 

srties which so exaoUy suit 

e human hair. 
n Iff tens the hair vhen harth and dry. 
It »n/'tniM the irrilaleil tralp. 
II <^jfuriU the rirhetl luMre. 
II r*maint Umyejil in effect. 
Itprtv^ntt the hair from falling of- 
n promolet a healthy, rigurout j/r»wth. 
It it mot grmvy or tt irky. 
tl leant no dwtagratabU odor. 


BosTuS, October k), 1S6». 

J08KPH BlKSETT Jt t'O. . 
Gentlemen, My worst complaint for several jreais lias 
been Vandruff. Alter bruiihiiig mv hair, my coat oolUr 
would be covered with white scales. 

1 have used less than a bottle of your Cocoaine. ine 
dandrutf. and the irritation which caused it have en- 
tirely aisappeared, ami my hair was never before in so 
good condition. Y our obedient servant, _„,,,„„ 

A. X U lil.tfciti 

lAiSA of Hair. 

Boston, July 19. 

For many months my hair baa been Jailing off. unlil I 
was fearful of losing it entirely. Ihe skin upon my 
head became gradually more and more intlameO. 

1 commeuoeU the use of your ( ooaiuo the liuit week 
in June. The lirst application allayed '..le itching ana 
irritation ; in three or four days the rodno&s and tender- 
ness disappeared, the hair ceased 
now a thick growth of new hair. 
Yours, vary trtUy, 

to fall, and 1 have 

The qneetlon U often asked, "Why J. ii, that the 
Sovelt? Clotte. Wringer work, so moeb ea«er than 
any ether r" In replj' we wUl aajr, 

1st They have oui 

Patent FlfiBge Cog-Wlieels 


2d. The eogs on me end qf a roU an — r'}^*'>*\V 
BETWltKN (Am. m tK<otker eiid <^f the SAIfB roif, virtually 
forming a 


and thereby nearly doubling the purchase. 
3d. Raoh Gear hai eJ«»>V««»L;~^^V^/:^ wrin/e'r' 

which is a third mon. t»i»n» "•«<lo»"W°*Jt,*I,^^??frd 
Therefore they have one-third n..^^ pw. r.and "pe^t*"™ 
le^ rnrtUm than aiy others, which makes <he™ "j® 
strongest, moat dun hie and easiest working W.-lngers 
in use. 

The only advaatag , gained m the -^°f^^-^fl] 

Cr* The Qaly R«li*ble Cure f«r DTWiepelA 

the KnowB WorldT 

Db. Wishabt'h Obeat Americau Dtspkfsia Pni* 
and Pink. Tbek Tab C-obdial are a poaitlre and inlau^ 
ble cure for Dyspepsia in iU most aggravated form, ana 
no matter of how.long standing. 

Thay penetrate the secret abode of thla terrible die- 
eaae and exterminate it, root and branch, forever. 

They alleviate more agony and silent suffering than 
the tongne can telL 

They are noted for curing the most <l?fPf "t*_»°4 
hopeless oases, when every known means failed to anora 

No form of Dyspepsia or ndigestion can resist their 
pene&ating power. 



It Is the vital principle of the Pine Tree, obtained bjr 
a pecuUar process in the distillation of the tar, by wtucu 
its highest medicinal properties are retained. It invig^ 
rates the digestive organs and restores the appetite. It 
strengthens the debilitated system. It puriiies and en- 
riches the blood, and expels from the system the cor- 
ruption which Scrofula breeds on the lungs. It dissolves 
the mncus or phlegm which stops the air passages of the 
lungs. lu healing principle acts upon the irritated 
snrface of the Lungs and Throat, penetrating to each 
diseased part.relieving pain and subduing in fl a mma tion. 
It is the rosult of years of stndy and experiment, and it 
U offered to the affiirted with poeiUve assurance of lU 
power to cure the following diseases, if the oaUent has 
not too long delayed a resort to the means of onre. 

ConaBBptton of tke Lanes* Conch. Sore 

Throat and Breast, Bronchitis, L.lTer 

Complaint, Blind and Bleedins 

Pllee, Astbaia, ;V«liooplns 

Coach, Diptheria, See, 

A medical expori, holding honorable collegiate diplo- 
devotes his entire time to the examinstion of 



1 1U(« 


separation of the 

Great Farmen ' Paper ! 

Tbe Paper of the People. 





Roback's Sfoni- 
ac/i liittirs, 
unlike all other 
B ittcrs in the 
mavhdy posjiems 
iidrinsie merit. 
Most BiUers, so 
called, arc merely wishiicasJiy stuff, ^ 
sold as a beverage. Dr. lioback's 
BiUers are not a beverage in any 
sense of the word, but contain the 
most expensive diugs knoicn to 
science for the radical cure of 
Indigestion and iJyspepsia, and 
for all cases whem a tonic and 


file follotnng 

■ ilie 



COB!»— No. 9 

Oai-s— So. 2 

Ktk— No. 2 

Bablkt— Oood . . . 
PL.BJI— Mess— New. 

80 (^ 


29 00 

d Tl 

m 1 16 


18-.(§ 19 

Bi'STOS, November 24. 1869. 
Meaats. Joskph BrrRSfKTT k Co., iiosUm ; 

iieHil0men,-l have been bald seven years. After 
nsing one hot' le of your L.'ocoaine, my bald pate is oover- 
e<l all over with young hair, about three eights of an 
inch long, which appears strong and healthy and deter 
mined to grow. 
Very Uuly your obliged and obedient servant, 

D. T. MKlv"Ln. 

Irritation of the Scalp. 

, September 15, 1S60. 

Xo. 28. 

HcTvons debility with its gloomy attend- 
snt8, low spirits, depression, involuntary 
emisaiona, U'sa of eemen, apermattorrh oea, 
loBH of power, dizzy head, lose of memory, 
ami threatened impotence and imbecility, 
lin^ a sovereign care in Humphrey's Homeo- 
pathic Specific, No. twenty-eight. Composed 
of the moet valnable mild and potent cura- 
tives, they strike at once at the root of the 
matter, tone up the system, arrest the dis- 
charges, and impart vigor and energy, lile 
and vitality, to the entire man. They have 
cured thousands of cases. Price $5 per pack- 
age of five bottles and a large vial 
of powder, which is very important 
in obstinate and old caaee, or »i per 
single box. Sold by all druggists, and sent I 
by mail on receipt of price. Address Hnm- 1 
phrey'a Specific Homeopathic Medicine Com- 1 
pany', 562 Broadway. N. Y. 

From One of the Oldest Printers In the 8tate 
of lllinoia. 

OmcB or TBK Wmr. a-vd RrprsurAJf, » 
Qcn}icT„Ilhnais, .Augustus, 1^6. \ 

Mkssbs. Prisce, W.U.TON A Co., Cincinnati, 
Ohio—OeiUt : I find your Roback's Bittera, 
after usiMg two boxes in my family, to be a 
" geod egg." Send me another dozen by 
United States Express, and if you don't want 
local notices to the amount, charge it to us 
on adverliaing account. Regards to Mr. Wal- 
ton. Yours in haste, James L. L akodow. 

The amocst ot money which can be aaved 
yearly in everv family by buying Silver or 
Cooper Tipped" Shoes for children wiU sur- 
pnae any one who has not tried it. The rapid 
increase in the sale of first claea metal 
Tipped Boots and Shoes shows that parents 
hav« made up their minds to lessen their 
shoe billa,and at the same time avoid the dis- 
agreeable eight of ragged stockings and pro 
trading toes, always seen when aho-s are not 
protected by Metal Tipn.—JV. Y. P oM. 

A CKSJt or deafness of 14 vears stand ng 
fthe reault of Catarrh) cured by the use of 
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy.— L<-vi Springer, 
Esq., of Dnrbans Corners, Williama Co., O., 
writes, under date of January 6, 1869, that 
he haa been uaing Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, 
and aava it has cured him of deafness ot 
tonrteeii years standing. He was so deaf 
that he could not hear persona talk when 
seated bv their side, and can now hear the 
church "bells ring two miles distant. It is 
sold bv druggists, or aend aixty cents to Dr. 
B. V. fter c", Buffalo. N. Y. 

Cheapest and Best.- Mrs. WhitcomVa 
Bvrup for children is sold bv drugKists for 
twenty-five cents'a bottle, and is an admira- 
• ble preparation for in tantile disorders. 

Wateuville, Me. 
Messrs. Josei'H A t'o. ; 

near .str*, — 1 have derived much benefit from the use 
of your Cocoaine. Twelve years ago I bad the tiphiis 
fever ; after my recovery 1 found myself troubled with 
an irritation of the scalp. 

one bottle of your Cocoaine only for tho 

I purchased 
purpose of a hair dressing. 

_ bat to my nurpriso, it has 
entirely removed the irritation of solong standing. I 
have recommended it to several of my fneads, who were 
aftlicted in the same way, and it has wi.uUy eradicated 
the disease. dO.SKPH illiX, Jr. 


„ i,g note it friymHit u-ellknnun ftrnfirieior <\f 

Frmnk Letlie't llluitraled Xeunpaperi and .Magastnet. 
Saw YoBK, September iB, ISfiO. 


Dear .Sir, -For si)me time pas* I have been u.>ung your 
Cocoaine, and 1 thinit it far preferable to anything 1 
h&ve ever u»«d for the hair. , 

H my indorsement U of value yeu are perfectly ai 

hberty to use i». K«»P««"°^ ^""^^aNK LESLIIJ. 

Bakoor, March t, !*». 

hair used in my family for the last eight ye:irs. Itsiot^ 
ped my wife's hair irom ooming out and increased IM 

'T^also under obUgaUons to this same Cocoaine for 
savi^ ^ own hairTwhich was very fast coming eut 
previous to using thU valuable Pfcpiration. 
\ ery truly, yours. J. C^Ml '^^ "^^^^ ^^ 

A Remarkable Case. 

Fast MlnDL^BOBO MaoS., June», 1864. 

^Waui^h^hU^een afflicted with neuralirla in^^ 
kJ?A f-Tr Airoe vears. She has used during that time 

heat c^^ hy the i-ams, burned her hair so badly that 
in October, l**)!, it all came on. 
She was induced to try your Cocoaine. and the result 

r"??ebe^reTier head was covered with a n e young 
Lu? In four months the hair has grown ,«veral luchej 
iTlength, very thick, soft, and hne, and of a darker 
than formerly. With respect, EDDY 


color ( 

BfR.^ETrS COrOAISE it the BEST..nd CHEAl-EST Bair />-"«<'V<" '*« 'f^^^f" SdZTa^aTr'^a?Uul'rk% 
THE HAIR, and i, enterely free from all irritating matt^, ^ '^'y^Jyl'J^^ui' Afunauthorized u.t ^^ thit 
terure tht fnilie and proprietart againxt impontxon by the %Atroduetum OT ip>trt<»" arnctet. ^>< 
Trade-Mark tciU be prunptly prnteeulfl. 


Manulacturers and Proprietors, • - No. 27 Central St., Boston, Maas. 



W| AOAME I..A BUKoanpr-daoe. by moAni of 
Ifl the Horoscope, a true picture of your futare 
husbin'1 or wif«, with naino, oicupation.pecnniao ccr 
onmstanoes. dae of marriage, ana fohciiy of married 
Ufe Furtfcermore, she wUl giv^ you the P. O adJreas, 
so that you can correspond ; also the age and fall r e- 
soTiption, and toll }ou how, when and where youWiU 
become acquainted, now often you will marry, yoor 
destinol success in life, and everjtbing relating to 
your future. Ma'e your age, color of eyes an.1 nair. In- 
olosiig 60 canU, and yo« vnll receive the picture, wiih 
a written Qfcstioy. by return mtil. Ad.lress, in oonfi- 
Hfinoejjl ljK_ U.V F. t)raw,.r^^9 :?. Cuicago. Ul. 

bloomTngton, [ll. nursery. 

19th Year '. 300 Acres '. 10 Greenhouses : 


■We offer a new prac- 
tical work needed by