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E. A. HOTCHKI:S. Editor & Pioprietor. 


Terms— $1.60— Invatiably in Advance 

VOL. 4. 


NO. 27. 


Otiioo on Main ;!trii't noxt .loor A'orth of tb. 
Winnebngo Ciiy Hotel. 

ti:km.- Or iiji].sciurrioN. 

One e'>pv ";i*.'.voa! - - *'•'" 

f.>f ;ni> ttirai lo5i luiin o .uoth?, 5 ccots a w«cv. 


So. in. M ^-i |_2^r I 4jq IJcol. I 4^'ol. 11 i;"l 

l*T^.'t l.'»<» 1.i"| ^.•'>"" ^•^^" •'»••''" ''*•'"* 
IrnTth 2.-.0 4.00, r..00| 7.00 12.00 20.0ii 

^ f't^ ' :i.>M .s.ooj 8.0H lo.oo 

< .n't'i* j.on ^.O'Vii.oOi 1.7.00 

J 2.00 

^ -a'ths s,o) l«».oo 20,00 :'.o.on 

\ voir. ,10.0 J n.OO -iO.lKi 25,00 i 40,00 
Ten lines or ioi^s inukc one .•quH»*e. 


Ailrcrtigoinents uot mjirkcl foi .» spcclfioii time 
will bec«»ntinue-l. snd chxrijeti for acfonliiij:'}-. 

Ye:»rly a lvert"Hcr< will be b.>M .«triotly to .iil 
▼erti««ment!» pei mining to their busini-r? All 
• th.-r n iticcs will be ohu.iCPf'. at tbc regular nitc? 

Kxce!«s .>f alvertisements in.ivucil will be charg- 
9 I prorxrlioaaic'.y to tbc number of squarca bar 
gaiiie-l for. 

Legal iuht.rtijcm<»nts in..ft-tc(l at tbc the ex 
ntiitt of the attorney ordering tbeui. a?nl not .le- 

LAKE llorSE, 

Watervillc. Lc Sueur Co.. Minnesota, 

J. M GRAY. Prop 

Terms ReasonabIe.--Team^tcrs over night 
One iloliiir anil ;ii|uurter. 

(Jeneriil sta-e ofEee. Uooil Stabling, anil reason- 
able ebarges. 47v:{yl 

Evans & Fall, Proprietors 

T\v^ lIoti!«c is Now, Connnoilious, 
rii>:i!<;imly LooaleJ, anil has boon Now 
Iv ranijshoil tliroiiujijout. Tht- voiy 
liest Mi'oonnnodiilioiis guaijuileod to 
IriiVt^lor.s and boarders. 

Good Stable Koom for Toani!*. 
n4ur>vl Gatdca City Minn. 

For the Free Homestead. 

Harness Sliop. 

The unilersigne.! takes thin method of inforra- 
n-' t*ie i-eoplo i.f Winiiebiigo City an.l vi« inity, 
L*l he ba*' just ui ened a new harno.-^* ^!l<•I> in 


Uropiirelto .lo iiH kind:.- "f work in 

»Vib!ofor leg..lpr.-occlings, but must be paid ,n,l i. now I to '""I" ^;";'; •,' \''7 ^' 
f ' ^1 . liis liot'. >•»• loirness nia-Ie to (-ntir. ani an 

. ,• „ 1 Ki.idi' of rcpaiiin- done on .-L.Tt i...ii.e. .";>boi. 

.,p .«t:iirs. ne.\i doorsLU.h of Itiehard-s.-n A Key 
njido' (jroitiy 

BY KATK B. S -. 

Spriiig 19 coming! don't you hear It. 

In the bretzcs sift and low. 
Ki.^sing the glad bright sun.xhine, 

A'" it uiilt-s away the anow ? 
Feel it. as it fans the fcteied check ? 

All things feci its soothing ii>flucnco, 
From the prlnetly ball and palace, 

To the loncl>- cotltga uiock. 
Spring i.< c ! don't you see it, 

In tho flowers around your way, 
Filling earth with sweetest fragraiicc, 

Crowning woods .and fields so gay ? 
Mature revels in such splendor, 

Turn whichever "ay you will. 
All is fie.-'h, and glad, and radient, 

E'en the gently murmuring rill. 
Spiing, so young, so fair and blooming, 

Thou art welcome back to-day ; 
Thou do>t bring the gladdest bird-song. 

And tha happy, happy M;iy. 
Thou dost chuhcr uwuy the sorrow, 

From the carc-worr., achii'.'^ brow, 
M:i5di.geaeb .vid heart to gladden 
At thy .«milingnod and bow. 

A. 'I'. Sleu art's New Maiudoiu 

The Caine of Ycwker. 


The mignificent and splendid new ^^^.^ .^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^,^^ j^ ^^^^^ 
building now being ercclcd in ^'^'^ 07 years old. 
avcnuo and corner of Thirty-fourth ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ di^kovered by the deck 
Btrcet, whioh ^vill be the futtiro rest- ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ j,^.^ .toamboat, and 

dcncc of Ale.v. T. Stewart bs l.To^ress. ^-^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^.^^.^^^ .„ 
in^' most sati.sfaotordy to all those lead- 


Tea and CoHee— What we Think w« 
Drink and What we Drink. 

int; men interested iu its construetion. 
1 he noble structure is a pattern of 
ehastoness and elegance, ar.d the 
builders are doinj,' their part in a very 
creditable and prai.soworthy nvjnn(?r. It 
is viewed and Lokcd .«it by thousands 
of the elite of our city, who traverse 
the Fifth avenue night, noon and i.ioru- 

awl its juvenile buty. 

It is generally played b} 4 person?, 
and owes much of its absorbingness 
lew the fakt that yu can talk, and drink. 

From tte New VorK fiun. 

A case now before the Court of Ap- 
peals has developed some curious facts 
in regard to what the public commonly 
suppose to be coffee. The dispute 
aiiscs from the failure of a certain ma- 
chine to do what the inventor claimed 
for it. The beauty of this mr.clmJG was 


lU delivery of tue afn Livit. 

N'o'.iees in^cited iu the readinc colnnin. dou- 
ebla rates E. A. 110TCnKI~.<. 

Kdit-r .t Pr-prietor. 


Winrobjzo City. .May 2:.. ISrtC. 32tf 

It is estimated that when completed, 
it will cost .ibout ^2,000,000. The 
arcltitecturul, ornament;d and chaste de- 
signings are all purely Corintliian. Tor 
elegance and beauty, so far as it has 
progre.^^sed, it stmds unrivalled. In 
fact there is no buildin- to compete 
with it in the city of New York, it be- 
ing constructed of the })ure8t and finest 
AVe yesterd -y announced the mar- \ maible. .Some estimate n.ny be form- 
riai^e of one Dr. W'ght to a Miss ^j ^f the cost when it is kn<.\vn that it 

A (tuci-r t'asf. 

From the New Albuny (Ind ) Ledger. 

a peculiar and miraculous power of re- 
and chaw, and cheat, while the game , ^^^^.^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^jj^^ ^^ 

is advancin. ^ I j|.^jn.,„(.j coffee, much of its original 

1 have seen it played on the nuo..on ^ ^^.^^j^ ^.^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^.^^ „ .^j.^ . machine, 
UU.y railroad, in the car, with , ^^^^^^^^ ^,,^p,,,y ^^ed,' would, it is al- 
more immaculate skill than anywhere ; ,^^j^,^^^^^ ,,y,.^ ^^^^ oOO bags of coffee a 
t'lie. I jj^y jt ^vould be interesting to know 

If yu play th.ere, yu will often bold j^j.g^ij,^.|y ^,],r^^ ra^ mtte.ual was used 
ahatid that will yu. .piite oft .^^ ^^^.^ ambiiruous sort of mill, but 
en 1 queens and a 10 spot, which will | ^q^i^j,,^ j^ menlivnicJ beyond b'ajklea 1, 
inflame you to bet 7 or ^^ dollars that | ^^^^^^ ^^^^j soapstone. Those are nice 
it iz a good hand tu play poker with ; i„gredicnts for the brc.kfast table, but 
but yu will be more astonished when | ^^^^^ ^^|y ^^^^j^^ -^ giving weight and 
you see the other feller's hand, which j ^.^|^j. ^^ ^^^^ wretched compounds which 
invariably consists of 4 kings and a 1 \ 3^^.!^ machines 'turn oui' under the 
spot. ' name and disguise "f coffee. If the 

Yewker i/. a molatto gamo, and don't p^^jjc knew one half the trash ea- 
compare tow old pledge in majesty, en- ; 1^,.^ into the composition of what b» 

3a3iae3s Directory. 

(J. S. hf\^ «' '^ » • *^'^' 

Wiuneb.v'o Citv Di>ti'lct. 

r.^Ei *-■ 

■JD ACCFl'TKn M.\.-0NS, W 



\ H. Rll-l.t*. Utpi»ttT. 
n. \V. 11 H.uKV. Utceiver. 

».0»teO'nc^b'^'U«l''"'^'n > .V.'.l »r. M. 
Wui.iebiioCuy.Vi:i:i.. Jet. ^ti; Is r*. 


NO '11. . ,r L 

, M<.<t kinds of country produce wanted f-r w-nk 
I Cutting done on short Lotice, anU warranted to 

a lloiiular CVmrnunu-ntions avo fa if prV'i'.v ^^<^' ^l' 

'^%r he!;l on the first r.nd third TucsJaVi of 
Sr\ each Mont!) 


T ni-ni^'Y w M cr.o A, wnn. F. P. 

B M\I>150\ J. W. A K W|(•Kn\^^.T^l•;r. 

C. k. .MOILTON, Tre;.^. E. 11. ULICIHN?, !?>c y^ 


U. D. 

rr^t \ND ACCLrTKP ma^on?, blue e.vrtii 

■ ■ ClTV, MIN.N. 

F..a-LAlir,mmuMi..t;on. are ''^•'^.^^';;^ j jj J-^ HK 1 H g 1 I O WS. 

n P CONSTAN?, P. n 


Black^miihing, Shoein^Uepairing, S:c. 

The undtr^^igncd still o.-cupios the shop near 
the • lc:im Mill, and would respectfully announce 
that bu i» row prcj-ared to manufacture r.oth 



in the case. 

Wiolit, however, determined to mar 
ry bis^swift wilnessChambeilain, again i i^,.^ r^y^ erected purposely ior supporting 
sou'dit a divorce, the court hearing but I ^^^^ ^^^^^,.^ 

plnced on either side as cheeks for the ^.^^ .^^.^^^. 

d stoop. In the entrance iron pil- I ^ ^.^^'^^^ ^,^^^^^^ ^^^. ^^.^ ^^^^.^ .^^ .^^ 

RF.tJri.AU ''MDnumi.ations are iit-id on the 
Fir«i «nd Third Wedi.e.-d«ys oJ each 'n"^tl»- 
H I' VOCNO, W. M , 

W.M .J'v AY. ii-. • GEO. l^ KlN.;:=i.'.:Y. Sec. 

I. 0- of a T 


H-JvlngJ.cnrid the rcrvices of FIR-T CliASS 
workmen. I am able to of^er the be.«t .(uality of 
wf.rk, both .M»nufaeturing and Repainn-, .lol>- 
bing, Horse A 0.x Shoeing, ic in the be.^t tnnn- 
ner. Tl.aiiklul for pan favor?. I would soaeit 
a t<.ntinuauce of the public patronage. 
v4nl9tr J. M. WHEKI.ER. 

■) r(UL\n mceiing ev«ry Friday c\eLirg. at 

V Mo.,,,.,.-. H.n. ^ „„„,,,,,,.. e. ,. ■^viIOLESALE & RETAIL 

T. L. RICE, W. U. 3. 


A..iuor_r. w. c.nv. "'rr^.v-i;^ b. joi^n 

Coroner— ^^-M. A. WAY. Com.-I)l. LA \ LU.Nt. 

County C"in. 1st Di-t — A R. MORE, 
.. ' '• -.'d • - 11 J. NV.AL. 

«. !j,j •• —JOHN H. Sl!«SON, 
• • •• 4rti " -JAMK.' » HAYS'. 

<• <• 5ii, " _J.>ii;i'i; C iOGKTT. 

— DiitrlcrC-.ari -.fthi* Divnct meelsai iJlue EarO. 
Ci;y ou tbe tJr»i MonJiiy in June- ^^ 

Crockery Store 

ALBEllT S. ^VlHTE, Proprietor. 


one side <'f the testimony— that given 
bv the Moman Chamberlain. Having 
hi.s divorce in his pocket, Wight and 
tlie wr>man Chamberlain were married 


NVi'ht's first wife v:as a hopeless in- 
valid. Wight married his first wife 
when she was young, beautiful and in 
good he.alih. She is yet possessed of 
good looks', notwithstanding tlic afllic- 
Tlons which have hovered over her.— 
She IS a lady ot rare accomplishments. 
She was of good family and rejiuted 
wealthy at the time of her marriage, 
liut after serving Wight for thirteen 
years she was put away by divorce,be- 
cause she was an invalid. 

At the wedding yesterday this divorc- 
ed wife stood beside the woman tliat 

Such is also the case in the 
basement, as well as in the fir«t, second, 
third and attic stories These are 
chaste and beunliful, fully capped in 
the newest Corintliian style. 

The first floor contains parlor, 24 by 
40 leet long; reception room, 10 by 32 
feet; dimn- room, 19 by :'.2 ; with 
breakfast room and butler's apartments. 
The m.Vin hall, leading Irom the princi- 
pal entrance to the picture gallery, will 
be 10 feet wide and 50 feet in longtli. 
There will also be a hall 

gredients of adulteration. Beyond these 
the public had better not prosecute 
natiff fierceness. tlieir inquiries, at least until they havo 

But I won't play cnny game, if I | resolved to give up the use of all such 
know my charakter, whore a jack will | eoffee. An analysis of the vile cora- 
tako an ace, and a 10 spot won't count , puunds called coffee would bring some 
for game. ! strange facts to light. The ingredients 

I won't play no such kind of game, j ^ggd fy^ such mixtures may be divided 
out ov respekt tew old Connektikut, | mto two classes— the innocent and tho 

poisonous. The former are for tho 
mon part disgusting alike to the fancy 
and the palate, such as the second 
hand refuse of other people's coffee 
pots, and various roots and grains. — 

mi natiff State. 

N. p. Willis. 

In a letter (o a literary friend in 

1854, the l?te N. P. Willis thus ad- 

V( rt^l to the old age of lit or, ry men : 1 ^-' ^^^^ ^^'poisonous classfis small- 

er in bulk, but the materials are select- 
ed from the drug store with reference 

"But there comes a time whtn the 


full (U)rintbian caps. The picture gal j npon- which necessity still calls for bril- 

comcs what 

Cro.kpiv. Glass-ware. Grr^ccrie?. Ac, foi sale 
br whoUsule or retail. Country stores supplied 
reiironrtblc term'^. lloonu on Main fclreet 





Calli by flay ornight p«omptly attended to. 
WinaeUgo City. Aug. li. 1S6G. 

Dr. J. P. Humes, 

Physician & Surgeon, 

Offi-eover the Ilnrdwar.^ Store, Main St., Win- 
neb.igo City. Minneiota. 

>-. U.-Office .pen for calls at all hour* of the 
diy and night 


Atto. aey and Couust-Uor at Law 

,2^- Will uttend to professional business 
broughout the .^tate. 
Winnebago City, Minn. 

WlbL.aiD & BAKNKY. | 

Attorneys <fc Coir^«^i*>r^ at Law. 

-ii. vt.....i promptly and f»Uhfuily to all bu.ine-.sln- 
aaeil to their care- 
Htvolorsaleat all tiraev l"'?«n"ant>"" «M 
Trust Lands, and other raluable 

nearly o{)p»jsilP Lradley ifc llro. 

P. K WIS E K, 
Practical Watcli-Make.T, 


Mankato, - - - Minu. 

i»t:ALER IN 
Watches, clocks, .Jewelry tt silver waic 

Uepairing neatly exteutcd and warra» 'iid. 


Mmufa'-turcr and Deakrin 

of every variety. 
Gill Moiiiaings Kept On Haiul 

noss. If bhe stood there voluntarily, 
wo see in her an e.vample of woman's 
devotion such as we never before heard 
of. If she stood there through com- 
pulsion, the curse and blight of the Ab 
»iii;;hty will follow tho husband and his 
new made wife, (formerly his divorced 
wife's nurse,) to avenge the wrongs of 
ihe wretched woman. 

\ Wonderful Old Man. 

aUothc drawing-room, pirlor and re- j immortality. The world which is to 

' honor them when dea<l, neglects them 
cention roonis, j 

The basement story will be appropri- wlicn old. Willing gold for your mon 
•ited to the uses and apartments of the ument, but reluctant pennies to keep 
servants. These will be nicely finished, you from starving on your way to it 1' 

1 will be ten feet six inches in ceil All the Year Round says: 
^"'' , i The ''oldon thread of genius was ; dedly the age of paper. Taper postal 

ing higbt. 

sickness and distress are caused by the 






realized by this class of adulterations. 

For tea, a great variety of native leaves 

are so ingeniously substituted as almost 

to defy detection. 

The Agk of I'ai'er, — This is deci- 

idly the age of paper. Paper postal 

ilip.^s will be is', nixed in the warp and woof of Mr, j currency and greenbacks flood the coun- 


ten feet between the beams 

Farming lands. 


,A. ^»LLARi>. . . 21./ 1 ^^ 


Bine Earth City, 

Thw hou«c having been ren^Ored nnd newly fur- 
!,';:« I thr.uV-t, is now open for the rccrp.,oa 

of gllCSfi 


Opjiosite CMil'ton House, 
^la'^'kato, Minnesota. 

Q,,,. M« '.-• tir'i nnwhnd nro of the best uial.o 
Good cigars and lifiuors at the bar. 40yl 

r,r,';f.,:,':Mr:,rJ.'";,.a;":.i-'...i-»..'- '.-^ 

v,.r^buu with a^.-:.Il. p^..-^ KUSE. rronrietor. 

^.J.U TON liOL'SK. 

Fr-.stJlr*tt,i.ea.'btr Lc-^'^. 
„ ,^ MINNESOOa. 

M- T. U. FJLOWKR^ Proprietor. 

Oen-ral -'«,;,;;.'^, ^j.,, attentive OMle-. I9yl 





F A I U B A N K S S C A L E S ! 

Capt. Frederick Luhrburt, formerly 
of the Si-vtcenth British Kitb », 
entertained at a breukiast on tho 9th 
ult , given by General De Pey.«ter.- 
Generals Warren, Butterfield, Shaler 
and Crawford and Admiral Farragut 
were a.nong those present. Tl-e occa- 
sion was tho celebration of the 101st 
anniversary of Captain Lohrburts 
birth. He entered the British army in 
ITSU and fought throu-h the war in the 

Netherlu.ds; the i'eninsular earn- '''" -.,V'^,,^, ^f f,,,Htire, and will ,ido of Mr. Willis, 
puigns and Caflee war. He was also mo t ^^^^l^^^^. ',"„^,..,,fieent and e.-st 
one of Napoleon'8 guards at St. Hele- be '^f:^2r^,^^,,,^xonc. will 
old out in ISIS, and has since !ly chandebcis. 

bands, while tho ladies, uot to be be- 
hindhand in the matter, wear various 

A ScKNE IN School.— Quite an 



«cnau.u.n .—,"..- " - , . .,,.,, «„,,i,cd The sofas, .-^mu^i"^' J'>1^^ ^^''-^M^^rpetratcd upon 

nnts ol- the world. He also be siaula. y hn^led. 

lived in many ] 

4« V..W York in 1^4^ with his 
came to .^ew ioik m 

tables chairs, &c., of the dining. 

draw- i t^i" l:^^b' te.tcher of an object teaching 




C.rner of Holley A Main Street.. Winnebago Ci^y 

D. S LAW Proprietor. 

stage!" leave this House for all Points. 
There is also a pood liver, conuected witMhe 

' ' LTTki^dTTrJob Work done t« order at this 






had too much taste, and too little carn- 

Tho porticoes, corridors, cupolas and ! cstness for political life iu America. -- 

•i- ,r^ will far ex el those of any other \\^ ^ social, sentimental, convivial, articles of paper manufacture, the last, 
^^* '"^ evercoastructed iu the city Taste and culture made him what his | but by no means the least of which, are 
'Tncnv York, whil^ the outside rail- | countrymen called an aristocrat lie | p.aper pauta'cttes, the latest invention 
•^ ,r\uroundiii«' tlie mansion will bcjijved artistic achievement, therefore | and deservedly popular among the fair 
mass o . 1 ...,.,. -, 1,1, •■•"nal ! se\-. It is now reported that shirts and 

of the same ma- 
such low prices 
f all classes. If 
this be true, then tie occupation of the 
washer-woman will be greatly oacruach- 
ed upon, .as these garments form a 
considerable item in the weekly family 
washings— What next will paper bo 


thev havo breakfasted to-ethcr for sev- 
eral years. Capt. L. looks Oieman^of 

^^"" -^ki^ds of Juttir^'9 Blank: 

1 ;.„, ,1,0 childish brain associated with tho name 
A Kdv iilavful V condemning tlie «-'"» - 

A la<l} , rm>iu y „^„p.^,i,^., of Washington. 'Because,' he ex- 

inTurUibly set iny f^ce against. ■■ l.«= -ever wH « I.e. 

who painted that man all black so?' — 
'God did, my son,' replied the fttherw 
'Well,' said the little one, still looking 
after the negro, 'I shouldn't a thought 
he'd a held stUb' 







»i «■ » > ■ ■ » » 


-J — S-- 




MAY 1, 1867. 

li. A. iiCTCHKlS^ Ka.ror. 

S;'li«K»l CiiVorniuciit. 

»Y J. k/bLIIHU3. 

A^ many young hihI inrxjteiiencotl 
liinc-liors arc oiii|>]oyeJ in a ik-w coun- 
try and ni'W (list; ids, and as we have 
\\'> spooial place ntar lor ihe liainmi:; ol 
trachfis, no insiitutcd or normal clnss 
esi yet or^ai;iz«'(l on vw\ fnmlu'r, I tu 
c\>so liert' a few linos on School Gov- 
tnunf nt : 

Did you ever know a tlisorjorlv 
tcchor tu liavo an onltily fii-huol ? J)iil 
you rvor know a noisy ifatlior to have 
a Ktiil svliuol M)v)t's ihe toatlKT wlm 
threatens (witliout exetuitinu) or 
wl»ip nio.-^t liavo the most obediint 
seh lars V DoiS tlie puront who threat 
ens'with loud oaths :ui«l teals his chi'- 
»lieii uninoicirully, si-nJ the luost obe- 

f;oort Nous «*or the Dcstilute. 

From th« Miink«t<t Uofoid of April 27. 

Wc arc ^rnntica to state ihat tlie 
ifelieloiMMiUiUee al this place reeeived 
h h'ttc^r t>M>m ('n]>t Win. F. Diivids n, 
ueo»»j'\\uir ilie oonna ilee's proposition 
l*> Sell grain on time, taking county 
Becuritv for payuionl atier liarvest, with 
twelve per e«'nt. 

Til M pr->po.s;uon was svHt to Captain 
I'avidsui Several weeks ago, hut ow- 
ing lo his al'Senei!, it was not rceeivi-il 
liuiil the fir.^l oJ tile pro-oni week, when 
he pr-mpMy replied. He .-ays: 

"Yi'iir ■•."inmitlcc projH).<io ti>i>>«f timrkft price 
for wheut f.-r :'t'<><l for ."iioh <>t' V'lui cidiiiu a* 
Are in nec-ii. .tint >;ive ymir c >iiiity •'nlur^< m av- 
»uri.). with ivvol vo |»cr rcr.t. iiiten-ii until pai'l. 
I am ro.'uly to accept y"ur |>ro[i'>>iiti>iii. .'Mtlioti^li 
I woulil pii-Ivr ilio tui'iicy. t lUi wiling to do ii:» 
ji> ir c»!n iii;ioo *u;;>jcti. .\ll I wiii't. iiu«kr lh«- 

ciroiituiiai.ier, i* to I'o wi'll rv.urcti, iniKs« voii r ... . , . 

■h .ui.i neei ni -re tiiHn I ha.i ^ui.posoJ y'uu ^ uutiivaiiee, ana li ei>rreelion need be 
cuitiiiy w>.'uUi iieeil. Mr. II. U. Valcatino will bv 
U}> in ;i tV>» .liiy.-», .th'I will Iihvo my vieivi t'ull\ 
in the mntu-r. tl.ipiu;^ tiint ilio nccily ni;iy be 
T ii«Ted '>j yonr •iTort"'. .iJi'l the country benctiicil 
Ihrougli the [>laii »u>r.:c«tc I. I mn 
Yours, truiv, 

W.n V.'l)\\lT)>Oy." 

V/e uu'le- Stand t"r»Mn a reli.ihle e ti- 
£cnof our town that Captain PavifNiti: 
is -.villiiig to extend his jin^'osilion to 
M.irt'u. Jacks tn and Watonwan eoun 
lit'"*, upon the .-^ame f»Tms. 

Ot' it is iinde. stool tliat this 

Special correspondence from Duldin 
and Thurlcs iudieateH very plaiuly that 
another and more e.xtensive Fenian ri- 
sing 18 e.vpected in Ireland, and the 
British C'ommaMdei-inCiiief is forced 
to keep fully prepared for active c.xer 
tion at any moment. 

Attorney (ilencr:d Stanherry is said 
to liave recently remarked to the Dis 
tiict Attorney ot V'ir-iinia, that Jelf. 
Uavis must be disposed of durinj!; the 
coming term of the C/ircuit Court of 
the Tiiited States, which meets at Ivieh 
iiu)nd ne.xt Monday. 

Two Cincinnati merchants, who had 
purcliased goods in JJo.'^ton f(U' years, 
cut its aLt|uaintanee entirely the other 
day, untl countermanded a ^100,000 
order because they ciuild not tiiid a 


d »nt eliildroii to .^eliool ? i /.,•,,• , 

. , , . . , 1.11 '-jla^s of ale with which to seal their bar 

Ami what was the mode adoj led l»y 

the bi'St teacher within }our knowledge ' 

Wa- there not gener.dly a htwile on his 

laee. a l-Iow of enthusiasui on his 

made, a fnui at»d ileeidid tone, never 
thrciltiuni; more than ho wouhl e.xe- 
cute 'f -viul never Iciving u by hall 
whipped iusl enough l.. make him ugly. 
Hal .1 ter the ihiiil ii tloroutrhiv sub 
dued, Ileal him kindly Show him you 
take an i;:t.'iesl in jiis we I'are. Ii a 
t' aeher loves, iespi-e!«, aiol speaks 
poliu ly to his scholars, tlu-y will d<» the 

proposiuuti IS iM;.iiiieo D apjdy only to I sjjiue towards iiini an 1 to eaiii other. 
iKMX'iis ill actual iiee«i, aiid w1m» are VVe may persuade, in\itc and win, at 
v»lioily unable to procure seed npt»n|jj,,^. {i,.^.^ ^^|,^.„ ^l^^, d.,cirine of subo 
tlieiriudividiia' responsibility. It is ! , " , .-. ... i... .i 

aNo expected that the cinnmissioneis 

|dmation is not in ipiestion by the pu- 

will impure closuly into all application- \ l>il, oi after he lias been- subdued, may 
made to them, atid caretully «j;uard : alluro him ly kind treatment ai.d 
against abuse and imposition. The re am-^.-able manners. Hut kindness can 

lief bjiu-; intendevl only tor sub as' ^ .• .i . 

, '^ , •. ; I 1 not suitplv the place ot authority, nor 

have no other recourse, it \* fiopeil j i i . i . > 

Doue otlnr- will apjdy. If this under- ! g':i»»'""l^* that of bubmission. The 

titauding i.s carried out in good faith, teacher's auihori'y must be recognized 

but a compar.ative.y sm.dl amount will ^^ju-st and unconditional. He should 

be reouired to meet the demand, and at , . i ■ i i . .• .. 

, » n . 1 a- • Hoverii not lor his own sake but lor the 

llie same lime all a-Uial sutlcnnir ; =* 

■ voided. 

Many inquiries relative to the propo 

goo 1 of the school. The murderer is 
not bun^ for his own good, but for the 

Billon of Capt Davidson have been good of the public 

mule at this Oiliee, and it is with 
pleasure we pubi'.-:! the above article. 

It Wiuild be i"! y in the extreme to 
act by rule in the di-iijhne of a school. 

'wish to avail themselves of his liberal 

lor the information of those who may : That physician is a piack who pre- 
scribes the *ftnifi rcmeily for every dis- 
ease. So the teacher must sudy the 
disposition, and learn the nature of the 
offence before he can prescribe a rvuie- 
dy that will euro. 

H«.ddint5 weiLjhts in extended hands. 


Aq^t.n. — President Johosoii lias ac- 
cepted an invitation from the citizens 
of Ilaleigh to be present at thai jdace 
about the middle of May, to attend the 
laying of the corner stone of the mon 
ument in honor of the President's fath- 
er. He will be accompanied by Sew- 
ard and one or two others ot the (*ab- 
iaet. and may extend hi» trip further 


A Taris correspondent siys: Epicu- 
rean luxury has lound a new n.-^e for 
flowers. A'iolets are eaten with cream 
and nugar. Recently, at an Apician 
dinner, given by a merchant prince, 
they were forthcoming. 'Jhey were 
very nice ; the violets taste uu they 

In liicbmond, on the 2od of April, 
a iie;:ro insi-tcd upon riding upon a 
street car. The conductor put him off, 
when seveial humlred neiirocs gather- 
ed and iiis-ieted lliat the man should 
ride, A strong force of p^dice 
up, and the man wis arrested. Much 
excitement existed ;it the time. 

The St. Uaul J'rcs.t states that the 
Commissioner of the (iencral Land Of- 
fice has tran.^mitted to the office at St. 
Peter, Minnesota, for examination. with 
the view of bringing the same into 
market, a preliminary list of lands ap- 
pearing vacant and lying within the 
limiis o( the late Lake Pepin Sioux 
Half-Hreed Ueserve, on the Mississip- 
pi river. The list embraces 22,500 

I anrnrm rcrcfrlng tbo 

l.cargest and Most Cumjjlete 

stock of 

Dry Goods, 



Ilats^ Caps, ifec. 

Ever Hrougbt to tlie Minnesota 

and have coiuin<:nceJ 

AVAUoNlIKill riJfCES, 

ofnl.icL fact all mjr old cu.--t()iuvr!i and tiic i>ub- 
lie gene tally 

Will be satisfied by callin;:; and Exam- 
ining Uiy (toods. and hearing 
my i rices. * 

«Ti;r bc«.iiig in luind uij motto of 

Seiiiiii!: :Morvi: (JooJs for one 

liOLLAU thati ANV ill the \'alley. 

Isaac Marks. 

Mankato, Minn., Nov. 26, ISGG ly 

ijipoktant decision. 

Aftprcir-fnl invcati;;aiion by comfietent jwil;;e« 
it h fi liter, fully atid fairly decided tLat Ibo beat 
jilace to |jnrel> 

DllY (iOODS, 



und in fact any kind of Good", \s nt tbo Store of 

R. M. Wilsoij 

Next door 10 RICH.ARDFON?, 



The fact is too manifest to be denied 
and too important to be disregarded, 
that the Republican party is rapidly 
e:?teQding its ramifications throughout 
the Southern States. In all of these 
States initial movements, more or less 
formidable, arc on foot for forming a 
compact party to cooperate with that 

U, S. Land OJItce. 

^\in'lf1..^g.> City, Miun, April 23, 1^67. 
To IJii ijte' KliiH : 

Ji'liii r Pmills bus tbi« day n)i|iticd for tlie 
Houtii e:i«t qiijirtcr of 'vctioii 2-1, town.>bi|i 11)2 
nortb, ian;;;3 ,'U wont | it being tbo land you filod 
<»n. You arc hert'by notifu'd to be jiud nppoar nt 
thiii office on Sntunliiy ibe 2ith dny of June, ISfiT, 
at I o'clock p in, fii tbc pur|>o?c of giving tbe 

sitting upon nothillL', bendillir forward i *^'"'«= mmtcr ;4 lair m.d i.nprtrtiiil invc.^tigal•on. 
" ^ ' = A. n. ItULMS. U.i4istir. 

with t)»e arm extended to the tloor, till ' "• '^^- hollev, Ktctiver. 

blows about the liead^ and ad violem 

shakiuLT of children bv the shonMers, 
endangering,' their health, f-liould be 
avioded. The t- acher who resorts to 
sucli punishment, must be wanting in 
2ood common sen^e. 

U. S. Land Ol^ce. 

Wisncbago Ciiy, Minn., April 25, ISC7. 

To L.ijfiiyetto W Snow : 

lloriu'c .\ raiuifj b.i!< thi^ d.'>y .Tpplicl for the 
e i 11 w 'ir of n w ^r n w ijr .uid lo. iio 1 section 
S, iowi;»Lip lOj nortb, rangu 2S tve.«t . it l>eiiig 
the la.ul joti filed on. Yoii ure lurot.y noiitied 
to be and r,p|'»«.ir at tbi»- ofliec on Monday tbc 
lOtb dav of, ISfi", at 12 o'clock ui, for the 

If the teacher asks kind of , j,,,,.^,^^.^-^^ ^,i,.i„^' .^^ ;,,.^,^ „,,(j„^ ^ ^^j^ ^„j 

nun'-lhment ^ball be ilillicted, moral impartial invc*l:gaiion. 

' A. n. nfM.IS. Rfgirter, 

suasion or the ro \ I answer one <r 
both as circumstaaccs require. 


The trial of John II. Surratt i.s ex 
pcctrd to take place next June. 

II. W. HOLLEY, Uccclvcr. 

U. S. Laud Ofiice. 

An unofficial letter to the department in K )mo. 

of Suite, dated Pari.i April 8th, from a 
prominent American, says there is no 
liope of averting a coUi&ion between 
France and Prussia. All mtdiating 

AVinncbago City, iMiun, April 23, 1SC7. 
To I>:in'cl W Sqiiiro : 

Chri.s'iHn Jobnion ha.'' this day .ipplied for 

tSc «..iitb went quarler .'octLm 22, to»u-bip 101 

nortb, range 2"* we.-il: it being the land yon filed 

on. You are bcroby notilied to bu and appear At 

. £^. , , _, 1 !• • tbii! offi c on .Mond:;y tbe 27 day of May, isr)7, 

Ihe Widow Ol Sir John rranklin is ^ 12 oVIock lu, for lbcpnrpo:ic of giving tbe 

whole ui.ttter a fair and iinparnul inveciigatiou. 
A. n. lUM.lS, U.p.Mfr, 
II, W. nOLl.KV, Kocelvor. 

Garibaldi is writing his memoirs, to 
be published posthum(jUely. 

One (.'bippewa Chief was fatally stab- 
bed by aiKjther I hief at La Crosse, re- 

congrcsses vr'iW prove a.^ fuMlo as the i ceutly. 

©no which met to avert war between 
Prui«sia and Aiis'ria 

Vera Cruz letters cm firm the cnp 
ture of PupVla by the Liberals by as 

The annual rejiort of the Methodist 
Hook Concern .-shows a profit of over 

The peojde of Fa'ibnult ."re taking 

sault, on tbe 2d iiist. Dii/ lost about i steps to build a new school house this 

2 COO killed and wounded. Tbe Im Summer, to «2r>,000. 

pcrialists lost 1,000 No quarter | ,^,,^^ eommon school fund of Indiana 

vas given. Diaz sent a force agiiust I j^ ^,.,.j^i^.,. i|,.^„ .^r^i ^.f .i„y other Steite, 

Vera Cruz, and expected it would ca j^^;^,,^ s7,0U0,O00. 

p>tii1ate. The Inr.erlalists an | ,^.,"^, ^^^^^^^.^ ^^ j^^.j,^ ,.j.^j,^^ .^^ ^^^^ 

Dissolutiun of Co- Partnership. 

The firm of UoiInU & De.nrborn i.« this day 
di.'<.«olv«.d by mutual con»ent. The >aid M. Dear- 
born will pay all deiiiandy and collect all account* 
due sniii firm. 

Winnebago Cily, April KWh. l,sr>7. 
\. 1! - IJuj-iness will hereufler bo curried on at 
the ol<i stand by M. Dcurburu. u26w;S 

other sor'ie from Queictora, and were 

count y, are e\cite<l over a discovery of 
saline water, in sinking a well tluTJ. 
Tbe ('«»iniuirt>ionor of the (Tcncral y^^^, Paragtnjan war continues, and 
Land Ottiee transmitted to local , Qj,,..,j,.,i(y ],.j^ j-i^od a second bombard- 
olhces at VVinneba^o Cit> and St. l'eter» jj^^.^^ ^j^. ^j^, iJ.aziliau.s. 

Minnesota, lists of land approved to 
tn* Slate by the Secretary of the In- 
terior, as jnnving thereto under act of 
Sept. i, 1841, gran ling r>00,000 acres 
to each Stare for wo:•k^»■ of internal im 
provement. These lists emhr.ic c in the 
a;.'gfegate 25-,0'j->,0} acres. 

A colored in.lividual named Ash w .» 
elected one of the commissioners of 
Plymouth X. C, at an election held 
iheie recently. He is considered one 
ol ihfl best selections that ciHiId have 
been u\.\*\", Jind as a part of liis p(dicy, 
he hits iteolaryd that he will opjio^e the 
nrining of thy \,Giir<j*'» ^•J'' ^^'•^** ^''^'Y 
uiiLihi shoui u negiO ttmduutally, in 
Blcad of a white 

An <5.\ped.iion is Lein- oigaijl/.id % 
tlio State Department tu txolore L'ust 
8ian .\merieo, and acquaint our peopo 
wih the value of their recent acquisi 
tion. It 'v'lil sta-t about the first of • m. 

.1* I two hemispheres 

the i ioeynt month. nwoncuii 

The New York Methodists ar>k tbe 
worM to discoura^^c the practice of 
" playing ihost; «;amcs which do not 
tend tofiodliness." 

A Washington letter .says it is believed 
the Supremo Court will decide prompf- 
)y to dismis:; the Georgia and Mississippi 

Aj l)iications for baiikruj)t positions 
;ire coming so thick that Chief Justice 
('base will not be able to complete the 
labor of fielection for two nK)nths. 

A long time ago, a little boy twelve 
years old" on his way to Vermont, stop 
ped at a country tuvern and paid for 
his lodgings and breakfast by sawing 
wood instead of asking' it as a gift. Fif- 
ty years later the s laie boy pased the 
same little inn as (Jeorge Peabody, the 
banker, ^^'Uo^e pamc is the synonym of 

a-niticent charities -the honored of 



We .-^re now in operation and arc i>rc]inrcd to 
take wool lo niciuifucture by tbe yard or on 
."bares, into ('j.ssiiiiore.<, Twi.eds, Flan.iel.-i, Dlnn- 
kets and Stockini: Yarn. We aI:'o bavo m largo 
asjortmpiiit of Doulilo and Twiclcil Ca.ssiinercs, be- 
sides lb)! above mentioned goodn to exchange for 
Wool on 


Wo are ready to ?jdn and card U<dl<, ]<'ull and 
Pre.-.-' Clotb, iiroinplly and in goo<l Fbapf. For 
particiilar.-^, ."ee eircnla'S. cunliilcul we 
can suit yon, pb n.-e give un a call. 
Your.-', truly, 


rro.'ton, April 13th, 1867. 

P. .'^. — The n>(Ovc (5ood.-s will be kept sn band 
at John 15. I'Mwanln', two uiilivs wc.-'t of Winnv- 
lago City, lu exchange for wool or *ell on reas- 
onable terms and at Fm't'try pri<•e^^. Pcr.?onij 
wi.'-bin)( wool manufactured, rpinniiif;, Carding 
Ol Cloib Dre.-'hin;^ done, will save cxpcnsa by 
Xeigbbora collecting their wo<d to;;ether and 
1' ndin>; one p«r.«on with it, and to will attend to 
it Us well a» if you brought it yo»rsulve:«, 


U, S. Land Office. 

Winneha;^o City, Minn., April 22, 18o7. 
To William M. Kniglit • 

Forsteii Lar-'ifMi bar! this day applied for tbe 
pouth ea^<t quart«r of section 22 township 103 
north, range 2.j ; it being the land you filed 
f)n. You are hereby notified to be and ftpi»car 
at tbi.<i otlice on Salurda"^, the 26 day of May, 
IM)7, at ten o'clock A. M., fortlie of giv- 
ing tho whole matter a fair and impariial iures- 
ti';atiou. • 

A. n. Bin.LL«? Rcjji.sttr, 
Jl. W liOLLEY. Rocoivcr 


njm M a»EHA^f & co. pros. 

Ojipositc (.Tifton House, 

Ma."kat.o, Miuuesota. 

Our tablc.H nro nf^wand aro t»f tbe LcbI make 
Cooii cig.irs uud liquors at the bar. 4'Jyl 

Vegetable Sicilian 



As the name indicate?, not only rexews 
lh<^ growth of the hair when thin .lud fnlliu^ 
off, buV positively rtntica the color to y^« 
origin.'il ^tado when it is turning g'^y or 
white, wLe^^r caused by Uiscaac, J^icf or 
jlJ agp. 

It will ccrtaiflL7 do what is cilfrrncd for it, 
a fact to which Vmdrods, B^ thousands, 
who have used it, ^o reaJy and willing to 
testify. "Where oneT^t^^is fairly u.-^ed, in 
any community, itsj^eputation "spreads 
like wild fire," ai^T iXthe best advertise- 
ment and recom^cndaVin wo des'ire. In 
the Ea.«!tern StyCs, whcreVie "REXEWEK" 
originatod, Jme young laXea u^e it as a 
hair dre.^j^g ; it ia foun\on the toilet 
tables oC^ung men, (also tt;\ioir barbers), 
while^Idcr men and womenVbo desire a 
Renmbtr and Res(oratii>e for thci\grpy locks 
an/a bald heads will not be w-^out this 
•riiclc, waich givc« in every iust^^e, en- 
lifc BCtisfaction. 


T>oi/t ift nny <lI■ll^;|.;i^t or il<-il'>r urpe ni>rin roit a 
tlifTcreiit •rti<'l<», iw thora i.< no jirej^r.-itititi In tlir wt:rIJ 
Uko tliis, liuwtiru uf any article |jur|iortuiK to L» Ui» 

Try IIAr.I/.SlI.VIU KE.NKWEK acccnllng to I)ir«- 
ti'Mit, lui'l y<>n It ill uiM iv) cither. 

If i> >t aol.l Kl druf;i;MU iu yi-'ir t<>T*n. a trial t^'ltla 
will ho p«-nt T<>« t>y (>x(>r«>M, ujxii r»>c«'ijit ofitn' linUsr 
%j nukU, tlitM cIvinK V'^u an i>|>|><«tiuiily at t/ture of 
l«»tini;t1M »xrrTl<>!it qi'Mintl.-«i. 

Orderi: fot trui l<udtt uktist b« Af\anamA ^ 

C A. COOK, tutca^o. 

fl«nT A^jwiT for Northwisstarn State*, 
R. P. It ALL A CO.. Ampii^'ru. Niuflinft. N. H. 
Bold at T> nOI.KSALK, In tfllm/^, by FULLKR, fl^CTI 
H.MITII, sunn A DWYER, J. II. EKED k 00.. 
PCOVTL, \f . D. Q AKRIS ft 00, TOST ft BADBAT7, aa4 
kgr drusgiita aad d«ftlen (onorony. 

where more Goods can be had for o"o dollar than 
any other 

in Faribault County. 

v4n21tf pr N. W. Saugext. 

April .'ith, 1867. 

EHS, CLEKGVAIEN, to take orders for 
our new woik, 

Edited by 

Author of "Jiife of Lincoln," 'Tiin)thy Tit- 
coinb'i Lcttet.s" "JJittcrt=\vfct," etc, 

Agents alroaily in the field me taking from 
fifty lo one hundred order.? per v.-ek. No other 
bo((k now jmhli.-bed .«'j11.< so r:4. .'y. Largc.-t 
couiuii.«sion given to Agents?, lor tcnnrs und 
territory apply to C II AKLE.-; BILL, Chicago. 
III. ' v4nlS 

U. S. Land Office. 

a, -,. Winnebago City, Minn, ilarch 28 18CT 
To ThouiaH II Dredge : 

Edgar Trompcr bu.i this day applied for tho 
.s e qr no (jr und n e qr s o qr sea 10 township 
10;, north raugo 29, it being the land you 
^'A'i"°'..:^"V° ^"■'"^^y notified to be and ap 

P^".*VcrV' "Pr" ""^ Hatnrday the 27 day of 
April, 1. 07, at 1 p m. for tbo purpose of giving 
the whole mattu a fuir and impartial iuvcstiea 

A II Uiilli.s, Rcgistor 
" V; lloUey, Rcccir( 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Miun, April 2d 1867 
To James Toner : 

David M .l.:(;k.-on has thi.s ilay rpplicdfor tbe 
n w (jracc '.M iov/n.'hi|) 102 north range 2'J west 
it being tho land yon filed on. Y'ou aro hereby 
notified to be and at thi.? office on Friday 
the 3 J day of May, 1^07, at J 2 ui, for the pur- 
jpo.'c of g'vinjr tlie whole matter a fair and im- 
partial iuve: tigaiioQ, 

A. 11. BULLI.S, Ro-i8i*r. 
II. W.HOLLLY, Ueceiver. 

U S Land Office, Winnebago City. Minn.,Marfh 
r.l, 18C7. To Hugo WallinuUcr.^ii D Urown has 
ibis day applied for the s w (jr of sec 14 town 101 
range 2^5, it being the land you filed on You ar^j 
hereby notifiee to appear at t.M.^ office on .Satur- 
day the20lh day of April 1S67 at 12 m, for tho 
purpose of giving the wholo matter a fair and 
iui[)artial invejtigation. 

a h buUis- register h w Lolley receiver 

U 6 land office winnebago city minn March 19th 
IS<37 To Oriii L Tread well— ii D lirown ha.'this 
day ajiplied for the s w fjr of ace 20 town iOi 
north ran'.,'e T.\ weist, it beiug the land you filed on 
You are hereby notified to be and appear at this 
ofl'ico on Saturday tho 20th day of April next at 
12 m, for tbe jiiirpose of giving tlio whole mat- 
ter a fair and impartial inveetigation. 

^2j -A II Bullis Register 

II W Hollcy Reccciver 

Livery Sta!>le ! 


Would rospectf dly inform tbe public that they 
hnveopcnod » first class" Livery Stable in Winno^ 
bago t'iiy, where good 'est.iblisbinents" can be 
ha<l at all tiiuc.«, d ly or night. I'a.^.'-engcrs ar- 
riving by stage carricii to any ptdiit desired. 

Stable and Office just back of tha Kew Labtist 

Winnebago Gj'y, Jan. 10, LSC7. 

" \\i Xis' E jTa u o ~1ji t V ~ 




Patent Medicines, Paint?^, Oils, 
and Dvc-StiiHV, Kerosene Oil, 
Lamps, Pertuniery and Fancy 

U. S. Land Office. 

ATinncbago City, Minn., April 22, 1S67. 
To Patrick J lirady : 

John 1*. Hird ha» tbi.< day npplied for the 
north westfjunrtcr occfion 21, township 102 north 
rango 31 west: it being Ihe land you filed on. — 
Y'ou aro hereby notified to be and ai>(icnr at thi.s 
office on Saturday, the26tli daj'of May, lsr)7, at 
I p. in .for tbo jiurpoJ?© of giving tbe whole mat 
tcr £ fair und impartial investig.Tlion, 

A. II. niLM.**. ItcKistcr, 
H. W. HOLLKV, Ueccivcr. 

L. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, Apiil 9tb, 1367. 
To Philip Rurchit : 

George Nnit bai> tbisi day applied for tbe 
douth qr-seo 2S tuivnibip 102 north, ra*)ge 29 
we.«t ; it being tbo land you filed on. You are 
hereby notified to bu and npp.^r at this ofifico on 
.Mond.iy the l.'Ub day of May iSfir .it 1 p m for 
the purpose of giving the whole matter a fair and 
impartial invc:<tigation. 

.\. IT HT-T.LI" r-iTiBter, 
H. W. ilOLLiSV.UeceUcr. 


Tlic Woi-ld^'Astonished 


Made by tlie (jieat Astrologist, 

She reveals ."i^crcts no mortal ever knew. She restores 
In hnpitincK lliose wlin, from (lolcfiil events, ciLtstro- 
l<litii, croKs in love, loss of rel.ations and friends, loss of 
miiiii'v, .Cc, have hecnine despondent. She hrinps '«- 
Kcthcr long scj'arated, gives Information coiicern- 
\ui: ahseiit friends or lovers, reslorts lost urslcden prop, 
eriy, tells you the Uusiness vjo are best i|ii:ililied to pur- 
sue and in what you will be most slice >S8fiii,ci'U'<i's ."jpce- 
dy nurriu^'et< and tells ynii the very day you w ill ir.arry, 
K'ivcs you the iniiiie, likciie.ssjintl cliaracterletics of the 
person. Slic reads your very tliouu-bts, and by hir Jil- 
inost snpernalnral powers unveils the dar": and hidden 
mysteries of t.lie future. From the st.-iis wc si-e in the 
firmament— the mab-lie slar-ithif overcome or )>redonii- 
natein Ihe coiifiKUratiou— from theatpecis and positions 
of the planets and Ihe fixed .stars in the time of birth, 
4he deduces the fiilufe destiny of man. Fiiil not to con- 
snH the jrreal est Astcolo^'ist on .->;irt,h. It e.>.sts you but 
a tritle, und yo» may uiver af;»in have s*> favoroUe an 
npp .rtunity. fonsulialion free, with likeness and ,ill 
desire.l information, One Dollar. l',-.rtles livinjr at a <lis 
lance can consult the Madaiii by mail with ecpial snfity 
and (iaiisfaelion lo thems.lves, as if in person. A fuil 
and explicit chart, w.-itlen out, w'f't all in(]niri. s an- 
swered und likeness enclosed, sent bv inaiV on leeeipt of 
iniee abov,- m.nti.iiied. The utriclest seciesv will be 
maiiit.ain 'd. and all ccirreN-^)ndeiwe rcturne<l ..r di [.troy 
cd. References .if Ihe hi^'hest order fiirnishhed those 
dcoiringlUem. Write plainly liie day of tbe month and 
year in woU.h yon were born, enclo.sinfi a small lock of 
hair. AdvArKS, 

v4nlSf1 p. 0. DrawarJH:!, Buffalo, N. T. 

Pure Liquors. 

TunAcco and Cigaus, 

School Books and Stationery. 

Blank Books, Diaries, ^lemo- 
I'anda Books, Letter, Cap, and 
Note Papers, Pens, Pencils, Su- 
perior Ldv, anJ otlier articles 
kept by Druggists Generally. 

Winnebago Cily, 

C. J. FAr.LKY. 


U .« land office winnebago ••ity ininn March ]9fb 
1S()7 To George II Porter: II I> I5ro\vn ha.s lhi.« 
day applied for the sw (jr .=cc 12 town.'hip 101 
n<irth, range 21! west, it being tbe land j-ou filed 
on. Y'ou are hereby notilied lo bo and appear at 
this olPce on t^aturday tho 20th day of .\pril 1SG7 
at 12 .M for tbe purpo.-e of giving the whole mat- 
ter a fair and impariial investigation. 

a h biillis register h w hidlcy raceivcr 

IT SLandOflTico, Winnebago Oily. Minn, Mar, 
22, isr)7. To Wm. P. Mason:— Geo M Potter 
ba.s this day applied ♦'or the .«outh we.«t quarter 
of section thirty lour township one b.unircd ami 
four rango 150 it being tke land you filed on. Y'ou 
are hereby notified lo be and ajipear at thi? office 
on Patarday the 2llth dsy of Ajtril 1807, nt 
2 o'clock p in, for tbf purpostj of giving she whole 
matter a fair and iinpurtial investigation 

A. II. Rullas Kegittcr. II. W. Ilolley Register. 

U. S. Land Officx^. 

AVinnebago Cily, Minn., April 11, 1SC7. 
To Wm V Stone . 

hila«! Piieb:ird?.on has tbi? d .y .Tppljed lor the 
north west ((u.arter. section 20 t( ■ -isliip 101 north, 
range 29 west; it lu-ing tho i: "d you filed on. 
You aro hereby notified to be .mil ajipear at this 
office on Saturilay tho 11 ih day of .day, 1807, ai 
10 o'clock a tn, for the pur))oso of giving the 
whole matter a fair and impartial iiivcsti;;ation. 

A. 11. lULMS, Ke^,'i^ter, 
II. \V. 1101,1, KY, lieceiver. 


GEOROE E. NELfsoN, Proprictf.r. 

'])!cj,lJUU «t«'"«^^il '1'^ 

made by nny one with 
oobi No experience 

nelsesury. The l*ro*-ident.s, Ga«bier.'», <ind Trens- 

u^cri of ■"nbiiiks irdorso tie circular. Pent frc? 

with .«:.!npb s. Adilre.=<: the Atneviean Ptenoit 

Tool w»rk8,'Springfiold, Vcriuoht; 

Litpiors of all kinds. Cream 

. Ale and Lager Uecr, constantly on hand. 

Oysters, Lobsters, Peacltes, 

P.lackberrics, Kaspberrics, and Caxnec Fnun.« 
of all kinds. 

l^lain and Fancy Candies, and 

Xnts fjom every clime. 

Winnoba-o City, Feb. 27, ISCr. vlnlStf 

U SLandOificc, Winpebago City Minn. Mareb 
19, 1806 • To Joseph More : — John L Richard- 
.son baa this day .npplied for the n i sw i and a i 
n w quarter of section 20 town.'hip 102 north 
range 29 wt.'t. It being tbc land you filed on. 
You are h'ireby notified to be and aj'pear at tbi.i 
office on Satnnlsjy th^ 20ih day of April, 1S67, 
at 12 M for the purjiose of giving tbe whole mat- 
ter a fdi"" and iniijartial investigation. 

A II iJuUis, Register II W Ilolley Receiver 

U S Land Olfice Winnebago City .Minn. March 
lith 1867. To Marcelln? P.. Gardiner :— John 
D Maxwell has this day abplied for the cast half 
of the north west ipjarter and th • nortb half of 
the north cast fpiarter of section ten, township 
101 rangtr2j it being the land yc.u filed on Y'ou 
are hereby notified to be and appear at this ofifico 
oil Mijiiday the l.'>th day of April 1867 at one- 
o'clock p m for the purjio.-e of giving the whole 
matter tt fair and itrpariial investigation 

A 11 liullis Megisler H W Ilolley Receiver, 

™U S Land Office Winnebago City Minn. March 
16lb, lHe7. To Fug<,ne R. Burnett :—Mi.-*s Elbt 
R. Nickcrson has tlii? day applied for tbe south 
e.n.<t quarter se<'tion lour, township 10.} North, 
Range T), it lioing the land you filed on. Y'ou 
aro hereby notified to be and appear at fhi.? f-fTico 
on Wednesday tbel7tli day of April next, at 1? 
o'clo'.k a m for tiio piirp'sc of giving the wholb- 
mattera fair and impartial investigation 
A II Dulli<= Register, H W Ilolley Receiver. 

U S Land Ofiice, Winnebago City. Minn., Mar. 
i:Uh, 1S07. To J(din H Code:— II. S. Manning 
had this day applied for the south west fjunrter 
of section 22 town 101 range twenty- three, 
it being the lanil you Clod on. Y'ou are hereby 
notified to be an-i ajipoaral this office on Saturday 
the 22d day of April 1867, at 12 o'clock 
m., for tbe i)urposc of giving the whole matter 
a fair and impartial investigation. 
A 11 Rullis, Rcgi.-ter. II W Ho'dey, Receiver. 

U S Land Ofiice. Winnebago^ €Iity. BTinn., 
March loth. 1806. To Emire Eliendson :— Will 
iam Case} has thi.s way appli" 1 fo: the south 
east riuarler north east fjnartcr and north east 
(|uarter of south west -juartr.r of -pr-tifu six. 
township KUl range 9, it being tbe bind you ai*(f 
on. You are herel>y notified to be and appear at 
ihi- oihee on Monday the 22d day of .April. 
1807 at 10 o'clock a m. for the purpost* of giv 
ing tbe whole matter a fair and impartial iuvexii 
.•\ n Ridli*. Rejisfcr. IT W llo'ley. Recei\er 

U, S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, April 1st, 1S67. 
To Harvey iC Landers: 

Silas'lson liastiris day applied for the 
II w qr sec S township 102 north, range 29 west, 
it beinj the land yon filed on. Y'ou aro hereby 
notilied to bo and ppi'tar nt tnis oflSce on Mon- 
day tue Cih di-.y of May. 1807. at 12u*clAkm. 
' f r the pur; o>e of giving tbc w^oie mnttei a. 
fair and impartial investigation 

A II Buliis, Register 
11 W Ilolley, Receiver 

U. S. Land Ofiice, Winnel'Stro Cily, Minn., Mar. 
22, 1866. To Chns. M Fessend-n ;' Hogr. Gaulr 
has this day applied for the wr.<i l.Hif ..t lo: t'l 
east quarter and eus' half o! north wesi quariei 
sec»i •. .'.ii, township one hundred and lour 
range 20, west, it being the land you filed on. 
You aro hereby notified to be and appear at ihl.«; 
ofiice on V'edncsda}', tlie 2oth day of April 
1867, at one o'clock P. M. for tbe purpose oi 
givinc: the whole matter a fair and imp.Tr;if.l in- 
A. II. Rullis. Register, IT. W. Ilolley . F«^cciver, 

U. S. LnvA Office. 

Winnebago t'iiy, Minn., April 6th, 1867. 

To S.-.muel McCUy : 

Albert H. Parker has tb-s day applied for the 
n i nw or sec 12 and s i sw qr sec 1 township 101 
north. r.inge 27 west; it being the land 
y u filed on. a on arc hereby notified to be and 
appear at this ofRce on Wednes iny. the Sth day 
of May. 1807, at 11 o'clock a m, for the i)uipo»e 
of giving the whole matter a fair i^nd impar;ial 

A. II. RrLbIS, Register, 
II. W. UOLLEY, Ueceiver. 

U S Land '^fTlcc. Vinnobagr* City, Minn.. Feb 
2r.tb, 1807. To Erastus Bowen.— Mr OrisD. 
French, ba« this day applied for the south east 
(piarter section 24 township lO.i range tbirfy-tne 
we?t, it being the land you filed oi.. Y'ou are 
iicreby notified to be and apjn.arat this office on 
Wednesday the 27thday of March. 1867, at ten 
o'clock a in. for the jiurpose of giving the whidc 
matter a fair and impartial investigation 
AH Rullis, Register, Ii W Ilolley, Receiver, 

r S Olnc". Winnebago City M':in., March 
1st 1867. To r!,iirles H. Francisco. — Myron W. 
Howe has thie day .ipjilied for the north west 
(p>arte.5 oX section 20 township 102 range twenty- 
three we.«t, it being tbe land you filed on. Youare 
hereby notined to be and ai)per at this ofDce on 
Wednesday the ?" day of April, 1867, at ten 
o'clock a m, for the purpose of givrng the Aihole 
matter a fair and investigation. 
A 11 Rullis, Register, h W Ilolley, Receiver. 


Winnebago City, Minn., April J?,, 1S67. 
To WiUiiin R iMinn :' 

James L. Cook ba.-« this day .ipplio i for the 
south i south east i .secli'Mi ji- ;i: 1 south % south 
west i section 20 town.^iiip 101 north, range 2i 
west ; it being the laml you filed on. You are here- 
hv notified lo be and appear at this office on Frir 
d;iy tho 17 day of .May. 1807 nt 9 o'clock a m. for 
tho purpose of giving the whole mattcra fair and 
Impartial investigation. 

A. II. r.rLT.lS, Register, 
II. W. IIOLLKY, Receiver. 

U. S. Laud Office. 

Winneb.igo City, Winn, April 3d, 1SC7. 
To Mnry A Cornish : 

Jonathan Shejiard has this day app1t»«d for tbe 
n e qr n w qr and nw qr n cqr sec 6 township 101 
range 29 and s w qr s e qr and 8 e qr s w qr sea 
XI townslii() Ili2 north, range 29 west; it being 
the liMul yon fiied on. Y'ou aro hereby notified 
to be and appear at this ofiice on Saturd^^y tho 
Iltn day of May 1 807 at 1 o'clock p m. for the 
purpose of giving the whole mutter a fair and '\m 

partial invtisligatlon. 

A, n. Iiri.LIS. Rcg!«t«r, 
H. rt. UOLLLY, Heceisei. 










WiNNEBAQo City, May 1, 18G7. 


Oongrerational -"^erviren every S»'>l)atli in 
the hpw tjcho )1 House, at 11 o'duck A.M., and 
7 o'clock P. M. 

Rer. B. W. MEUIULL, P«stor. 

Baptlst--Sor\ ici ' every allernatc S.ahhAth in 
the baptist Church, at 11 o'clock A. M., and three 
Sundays in each month nt 7 I*. M. 

Rov. E. STILLMAN, P.-i?tor. 

NoTii-K. — Ail thojc induhteil to me, are herehy 
notified that tboy luust call iintnediatoly and set- 
tle, either hy cssh or n<itr, ns I eimnot carry on 
my husincss unless scttlomonti' are made more 
freqiently. C. J. PAULEY. 

26 w 2 

Mathodiat— Services Kvory alternate SnM>nth 
in the liitotist Church, at 11 o'clock A M., and 
ono Suaday in each month at 7 o'clock 1'. M. 
lUv. A. S.riiriUUCK, Pastor. 

The Ferry »t Uuiiliam'b ford is all 

The groat secret ot success in buFi- 
ncs9^ is to get "the rin.£j of the tnu 
97ittal -Priyiter's Zinc." 

Considerable wheat has been so^-n^ 
but the ground is not so seedy :ie it will 
bj in a week hence. 

The ftr.><t number of tlie first P^Iucu- 
tional Journal of Minnesota is to be 
issued during the |)re8ent mouth. It 
will be edited by Wni. W. I'ayne, Ks<)., 
Supcriiiteiuk'Jit ot schools in Dodge 
county, and entitled the ^J/inficsota 
Teacher." The terms of the Ttuchcr 
will bo one dollar and lifly cents fur the 
year, and the addtcssot VIr. Tayne will 
be Mantorville. 

A monthly journal doyotod exclu- 
sively to the interests of popular edut-a 
tion, isjust the thing needed in this 
State, and we predict for it a marked 
Through a mistake of our own, last ^^,,,.,, .^j,,. enterprise leecives t'ne 
week, Mr. Carpenter was mentioned as ' honrty commendation of the State Su- 

"Now dance the lights ou lawn aud lea." 

The prairie fires at uight, ligliting 
the border of our seeming Pioleraaic 
world, present a magnificent appearance. 

Burbank's Stage Company have ngain 
resumed their coaches on the lines 
running into Winnebago, and the reign 
•of mud is nearly over. 

Mark H. Dunnell, Ksq , entered up 
on his duties asSupeiintendeut of I'ub- 
lio Instruction in .Minnesota en the *-d 
ult., bringing to his otlico a lar;;e expe- 
rience acquired in a position of a like 
cliaracter eUewhere. Mr. Dunnell will 
devote his entire time to the discharge 
of his duties, and will organize Teach- 
er's Institutes in ev«ry (bounty where 
it shall bo found practicable. 

The School Commissioner of Fari- 
bault County is on the look out, and it 
is quite probable that we sh:ill have an 
Institute during the coming autumn 

^/// that wo have in our midst one of 
tho siij>portiuj: pillars of our political 
ff.bric. It i- the «U'«ign of the Trus- 
tees to m.ike this scIidoI such as will 
afford superior inducements and advan- 
tages to siudentB from abro d. 

Tliu attention of <.ur readers \* called to Iho 
Adverii^eineuts in another colmaii of Mcr'srs. 
Heryer, Shutts k Co.,!>, Troy, N'. Y. — 
Tluy arc iiianufactiiirri of. and a>:cnt<! for. some 
of t'>o most »aiu:ihlo T diet |>rep:ira(ioDri in use. 
I5y tlicir une all m;iy lusiipss a ciciir, Jiinooili skin, 
or a hcnltliy and luxuriant growth of ba<r upon 
the head oi race. Tho^'e of our readers having; 
UHc for an^'thiiit; uf the kind, would do well to 

patrouizu theiu. 

. -J. 

Messrs. ('lark <t Co., Chcinists, r^raciiso, N. 
Y., would call ntfeiiti'>n to their advertisements 
in anotlirr C"hiiiin, hi-adcd "Rviiarator Cajiilli," 
"Cri^'l•cr Coma," and "Circassian Balm." These, 
undoulitcdly, are the most perfect and eflicaciouH 
articles of the kind ever offered the American 
public. To nnhclievcrs, wo wculd sny, "try 
them an<i ho convinced.'' 



Wonderful but True. \ SPECIAL NOTICES. 


Warranty Deeds, 

^t.An.'M l!K ir.imV'.N. the worl 1 reimwii..! A^fml 
f^i"! ai/il t^iiii.iiiiiilii :»!;<• <lniiv<.i»ut, '.,1 ilc in a 
M>y:in( »t>if.-, iMt!ii;ii..r<|lir v<i\ feiit..n.' ..f the ji. r.^/i 
.Villi i:n- l„ ini.iry, an. I l>y lli.-;4i.l ..fiui ii.51 nin:e!il of in 
•iii.-n J.' W(•r.l<n<.^v•■ IS IM.- I'sy.l.oiiiotri.!,.-. km ii-iiitr.-.- 
fo proiliice )k |M!, rot and i.filikc |ii< tort- of ti.e lumn 
Jiti 'l:ni vl or wif<' ort)i<- ;)i.;jlic.iii t, Willi ilnie of m«rrii»Kf. 
occuiiiitioii , Ic.'uliiiff tliiils «f cliarac'cr, Ac. Thin is in 
iiiil>n'iti'in, as Ifsliiiiniiial!" nlHi'.nt ninnlitT c^iii iiHsirt. 
Ily .'t«tii:i,' i>l:.rf of biitli, «!;■•, ili>j)'(^itiiiii, color of yyvj", 
hair, nml eiiclconiiif? fift.T rents, aii'l Kfaiiijii-il i-Tivi-io;,.' 
ad'Iri'sccd to your^c!'", .voii will pr.-ivf l!i«- pictiiri- h^ 
return innll, tOKi-tIi<T with dcjirt'l inforniHilon. 

A.l.lrciis in CiifKl, I..V, M AllA.M Cl.KTIMDI 

UKMINJiTON, I'. O. I);).l Two liUii-iicti ami MsKty 
Bcvi-ii, W.-^t Troy, N, V. vli.lsyl 

Mortgage Deeds, 

J^5^A YoiJXO Ladv roturnintr t^ 

nrr country )iom<', nftcr a soj.,urn of a few uionllis in tin 
city, w.>s i'lar.lly noojjniie.l \<y Iter friends. In |>la<t 
of a cour-^, rti-lic, l!inln;<l fact-, .'lie Ji^d a ^oft rtihy coin- 
pl-xion of almost niarljlc sinootliiicss, and instead <■'. 
Iw' iitv-tlirto fhe rrally apiK'aaoJ bui tiirlitt>*n. U|)rii 
inouiry a»t<i tin; ciu'i of so i,'riat a <|ianf.'<.-, ^lle ))laiiil> 
to!d tliom OiHt (die had usfd tin- «;ir<'H«^loil Itullll 
and coiisiddi-d it an invrliidu- aiiiuisition to any Lady: 
toilet. I(y its u^e any lady or ^'tIllI(•IIlan cm imi.r.ivi 
lliftr iicrsonai hpix-.aranc- an linndr<-d f<dd. It is xiinpl. 
in its ^oinlmiat'on, a-s Nature li<i-s> If is .simple, yet unsm i 

IK. I ' 

being a Route Agent of the American 

perintendeiit of I'tiblic Instructiun, and 

Express Co. It should have been ^.^ ^^^^ ^.gg^.^ed that amoncr the lovers 


of education in Faribault county, a 
large list of subscribers \yill be lound 
ready, and more than willing to i>ay 

Bailey Madison is hard at work on 
Bullis' new house, which is to cost 
about #1,500, «nd will be situated on ! ^^'O subscription price of this journal 
one of the five acre lots just south of i** adcancCy not only to encoura^ie the 
the town. . unaertaking, but to keep themselves 
advised p<irticularly of the education- 

The first day of M.ay brings us iis al advancement in the North Star 

blessing in the shape of a Drayman's 
oart. Hereafter the Kuf.e 
Office will be lound on Cleveland St , 
one door west of Richardson's store. 

A Mr. "Wright of .Austiw was killed 
by an accident on the McGregor and 
Western Railroad, April ITlIu Mr 
Wright was only twenty-live years old, 
a *iigfiiy respected citizen, and leaves a 
iamily to mourn his loss. 

State. Subscriptions left ot this ofhce 
will be forwarded immediately, rr we 
will fmnish one copy of the Fuee and ^Jlhutvsofu Tcncht r* 
one year, f -r two dollars and fifty cent.s 

Mr. Pelsey, tlie School Commissiun- 
•er, informs us that the examinations of 
Teachers were po-^tponcd on account ' 
of the bad roads, which rendered it ah- ! 
solutely impossible f r him to meet his ' 

WiNSKBAGo CiTV, April 29, 1S67. 

The winter term of the Wiiinebniro 
City school, imdcr the su[)erinten<k'nce 
ot S. D. Potter, assisted by Mi.<s Kinma 
Richardson, has just closed its session. 
I he upjx^r room only of the new .school 
house ha** been occupied the past win- 
ter, consequently great inconvenience 
has been experienced from the nocessi- 
I ty of having two recitations going on 

, rr. • I at the same time; an inconveiiieiice 

engagements. The appointments as thev L, , .„ , , . ., , 

„,„ „. 1 .,, , . J , , .- ; that will liereatter be avoided, .-is llio 

now stand will be found elsewhere in ' , , .^ • , , , 

.,. , otiier rooms are 10 be tmished and made 

this column. , ^ , . 

ready tor use during tbe spriii;; vaca- 

For two weeks past the weather has ! "^"' 
been as independent an.l saucv as a '^^'^ f^chools, like other portions of 
yankee boy, just before he is to' take a j "'''' communities, a little time 
whipping with a new pair ot pantaloons | ^^ ^^ ";='^''' homogc-nious, and this as- 

similating process impo cs an additional 


■"Dip down upon the noithern <<hore, 
sweet new year, del.iyin^; long ; 
Thou doest expectant naiHre wrong, 
Delaying loop; delay no more." 

tax Upon ilie teachers j)atience and 
la'oor. All things considered, !Mr. 
Putter is worthy of great credit for the 
successful manner in which he has 
eonducted the school in this village; 

D. W. Fuller, who was recently po- 
litely escorted to jail by Richardson, | \,u wan conntenanco bears evidence to 
very ungenerously turned the cold the truthfulness of his own statements 

shoulder on his friends who were board 
mg hira free of charge, and without th^ 
•lightest intimation to his 'Miost" of his 
intentions, dropped through the back 
door, and emerged into a cold hearted 
world, whore it became necessary for 
him to shirk for him.self. IIo has sue 
cecded so well in doin/j this, that the 
authorities have no knowledge of his 

The Zady^s Friend ^or May has a 
very prettv and pleasant Steel Enj^rav- 
ing entitled "The Recognition," Music, 
''Isn't it Provoking ?" Steel Fashion 
Plate, Toilet for the Opera. Ball Dre.«8, 
Evening Dress, Catalane Bonnet, Little 
Boy's Pantaloon.'', Girl's Jackets, tfco. 

A beautiful Steel Engraving, called 
"One of Life's Happy Hours," will be 
Bent gratis to every single $2,50 sub- 
Bcriber, and to every person sending a 

The public examination of Teachers 
for Commissioner Districts three, four 
and five will be hebi as follows, to wit : 

District No. 3, Comprising the towns 
of Walnut Lake, Brnsh Creek, Foster 
and Seeley, at the Walnut Lake School 
House, Wednesday, May 8 th. 

District No. 4. Comprising the towns 
of Winnebago City, Verona and 
Guthrie at Winnebago City, Saturday, 
May 4th. 

District Xo. 5. Comprising the towns 
of Barber, Lura and Minnesota Lake, at 
the Claggett School House, in Lura, on 
Tuesday, May 7th. 

The examination wi41 be conducted 
by written and oral questions and an- 

Couafj -SuperiutoudeDt of Coaiu»ou J?claool«. 

of his exhausting labors. 

There have been eii'htv-sevcn schol- 
ars in attendance the past winter, one 
class in analapys, one in rhetoric, one in 
natural philcsopliy, three in grammar, 
four in written arithmetic, and two in 
mental, f<»ur classes in geograjdiy, in- 
cluditig map drawing, seven in read- 
ing, six in spelling ; thirty-eight pupils 
have attended to jiennianship, and 
weekly rhetorical exercises have been 
given thcrn during the term. 

Too rutle interest is takrn in onr 
common schools, resulting, probably 
from the inadequate ideas the people 
generally have of their importance.— 
Notwithstandiufr our numerous well 
endowed colleges, seminaries and hi^h 
schools, our common schools, including 
those graded, are tJui sohools ol the 
country ; here the ina.«8 of our citizens, 
are educated ; these are tlie mints in 
which the grand circulating, intelcctu 
al medium of the nation is coined for 
common use. All oth-r instil utions 
must, of course, rest on these as their 

'J he citizens of Winnebago City have 
demonstrated their appreciation of the 
value of common school education by 
the erection of so expensive and com- 
modious a building for tl.'C benefit of 
the rising generation. If their plan for 
a graded school is correspondingly car- 
ried out, as it probably will be, South 
ern Minnessota will not contain a supe- 
rior institution. The building alone 
would be an ornament and an honor to 
any town in the State. 

It is hoped that its bell will soon be 
sending its cheering tones over the vil- 
lage, summoning the youth to its crowd- 
ed halls, and reminding us more audi- 

lixid III, C.rlijirah- «/ Her. It. T. Flunlin. 

To Du. IlosTKTTKtt : 

/hiir Sir : — Tlii.i I? to certify that I wa.s taken 
with ilio dy.tprpjia a year ago last Mar h, and, 
for a period of eighc months, was ouo of the moat 
tuiserahlc creature.s you over behiM, not being 
ahle either to eat, drii;k or sleep, and Wa.S com- 
pelled to walk the floor ince.isantly. I was ncArly 
deprired of my rea-'on, and hope had entirely 
left me, all the eflortu made for my recovery hav- 
ing provc'l fruitless. 

iJy the first of Novenihcr, tS65, I had become 
so wciik and feeble that I coiiid f<c!ircoIy utand 
alone, and, to .all appearance, would poon die. — 
At this time (having; r"ad your advcrliuemetit,) 
wj wife prevailcil u\iou mo to try your JJitters, 
A. bottle was procure 1, and, i«^c fo .say, I soon 
c iinincnced recovering. I have taken four bot- 
tles, and am enjoying as giod health now as 
could bo expected for one of my .•i;^o (about sixty 
yoars.j I have no doubt that it wasyoar Hiuera 
alone, under Uiviue Trovidenc", that effected '.hi? 
wonilerful euro. R. T. FLrAM."*. 

Hudson, .Michi>cnn, August 30, ISCfi. 

<sumnu»n8 for Grand and P<'tit Jurors, for June 
ioim of the District Court, A. 1). 1807. 

lAKlUAl I.T COUNiV. j 

Tu Ok Sheriff </ F'U ihanU t'oitnttj : 

tiuKKTiMi : — In the name of tiie State of Min- 
nesotn, you are hereby commanded and reijuiiod 
to *timuion t.'ic followiig named persons to ficr\e 
as <irand Juior.< for die ens-uiug term of tbe Dis- 
trict Court, ttir the Countv a^tresuitl, to bo and 
ajipear befire tlie s .id C >urt at Blue Earth City, 
in said County aforesaid, at the Court lloui<o. iu 
said town, at or before tiiu hour ot eleven o'clock 
a. m , of thetir.>it day of the term of jaiil Court, 
to wit: The lirxt T'iesoay lu Juno, A. I). IStJT, 
the Siujo being the 4lh day of June, A. D, IS67: 


1 David Trcvbri l^i», 

'2 A Shu!ti!<, 

;> \\ ni H lkli.-<i>, 

4 .^amittl ."^chuler, 

5 ISarun A Stow, 

6 J amen ISarbvr, 

7 D II .McDowell, 
.s I. C 1 'v'-'""* 

y D.isid I'ralt, 

10 Ldwanl D iJrooks, 

1 1 An-on liartlett, 

12 Thomas Wil.'on, 
lo (icorjre Taylor, 

14 WD r.uiaiiig, 

16 August lla<i.-«e, 

k; Daniel V Carpenter, 

1 7 Arthur loj»Mvt.ii, 

15 (.icorgo llar-ics, 
1 y A K M Kc, 

I'O Kbcnezer Kaymoud, 

21 1? J Armstrong, 

22 C i^ Peas, 

'I.i William WaMru.T, 

And you ore <urlher commanded and required 
to fumiiion the following named persotis to b« 
and api'car before tlio afore^^aid Court at the time 
aud place bpeciticd hereiu; to servo us Detil 
Jurortt : 


1 J G Woo Iruff, 

2 A P Launton, 

3 Wiu B HaiQiuood, 

4 iliifus Jobnton, 
A J Rose, 

6 J a UK'.-' llr.rdee, 

7 11 T Stod lard, 

8 Samuel liinlcall, 

9 Charle:? (Jetdul, 
lO L w Brown, 

'1 John N Miller, 
l2 Silas Mills, 
'•'i John Woolery, 
1 [ Peter Pace. 
'.'> John Ilowland, 
Ifi Henry llamarar, 

17 Samuel Yettcr^ 
Is SiUs Uoger.>», 
ly H M Temple, 
2) J: T Park, 

^1 C M Hlv, 
•-'2 Wm A Way, 
'^'4 J A l.fttim, 
i!4 L S Kugg,or 

GiTcn'nnder my hand and seal of the District 
Court, at Blue Karth City, in said County, thi* 
2ith day ot April. A. D."lsr,7. 


Clerk Diriirict Court. 

Winnebago City Market. 

Correcled weekly by Moulton & Dcudon. 

Wheat, "priBg, No. 



" ' No. 







Flour, p«i 100, 


Coru Meal, 












Day, per ton. 


Wood per cord; 




Pork, salt, per pou 



Pork, frenh, per cwi 



Doef, fresh, per pound. 






For Removing- Sapcrflonia IZair. 

To the ladies ospccinlJy, this ioraluabln depil 
atory r«commend.s itself os being an almost indii 
pcnsible article to female beauty, is easily appli- 
ed, does not burn or injure the skin, bnt acts di 
rectly on Iho roots. It is wartanlcd to reraova 
suporduous hair from low. forcboids, or from any 
part of the body, completely, totally and radical 
ly exterpatiiig tbe same leaving the skin soft, 
sinootho and natural. This is the only article 
used by the French, and is the only rc»l cfTeotua' 
depilatory iM existence, Price 75 centii per pack 
tifcc, Kent post paid, to any addrcsi on receipt of 
an order by 

vtolfl/l 2^5 Rmr St., Troy, N. Y. 

Quit Claim Deeds, 

Cliiittle M()rt;C'Ti:r<^'s, 

Mai'riage Certificntc'^, 

and ALL kinds of 


arc Printed and for Sale, wholesale or ritai'., at 
the Otficcof the 


X ilJLi h 

.vet uiisu 
pa.-:s«,<l in it.s ttl'u'ai-y in drriwinv imiaiiilii-n fioiu, a 
III aliii^'. diansini; ami •I'-autihint-'tlK' skin aii<l ooinpl.x- 
ion it'v il> <lii<-tt action on tlie cut c'.i- it tlr:;ws from it 
all imi)irritie><, kiiollv lieaitnR the s»iii«-. ami loavioj,' tli.- 
hurfa-c ah Xalui-- iiiicudcl it s'lioiiM be, cichr, soft. 
suioodi and l.eamlful. P'ice •^"'- I>"lliir, sent by mali 
cr express, on rccii|.f of an i"';'. ♦•>; 

\\.\. CI,.\!!K A CO.,Cheml(*ts, 
\o. 8, West Ki!.v.-»(.- St., Syraci-c, N. V. 
The only Amtrican .\gcuts for the md-; of the tame. 

There comcth ghid tiding of joy to all, 

To young and to old, to great and to email, 

The beauty 'vbii:!! once war- ho precious and ran . 

Is free to all, and all may be fair. 

B7 the Cio of 


WSsilc Liquid 

E N A M E L! 

For Inj^rovinifand Be«ot!ry>iig the iJompIexicn. 
The most valuable and pcrfrct piepHrr.tion in 
u«c, for y'w'U^f, tb'- skin a nea-ittf'ul )><arl liki 
tint, that i.'^oi.iy und in To-th. It ijui'-kly r<- 
movc.^ lau, Freckles PlD-jd'-', I»!ot"bcf=, Moth 
Patches, :-'aUowne.<s, F.ruptiona .\i;d r'l itr.jiuri 
tics of the skin, kindly healing tbe sane, having 
the .skin white ai;d chirr a« ftl-iltt-t*-. Its u.-e 
can not be d .'c.'te.l i-y the rtoFt.-t Kf^ri'.tiuy, and 
being t vcj ■ tr.ble prepara«i'>a ia pcr.''e<-t'y barin- 
le3.-. It is the on'y art ■<-'.# vt the kind u^-»d l<y 
the FrcP'b, and ipVonp-ilere.^ hy thv i'ar.-^ian a.-^ 
in('.cspon.-:ihlc to a p'T^e-* tJiht. Unwards of 
30,1100 bottles were HoKl lio'ing tno f.n.'-t year, a 
.-ufTicieut guarrantcc of ''If if^-i^j Pri'-c 
7a '-ats. sent by mail, on rrceipt of »n order, by 

BEILGKH, SDUTTS t CO., Cticmists, 
v4nl.Syl 2S5 llifer Pt., Troy, N. Y 


y\y.. JiALLANDR 

Would rc.«pccfi:lly inf^'-!') the public tha Jnftof 
iiaviiig bar! a week Co-rn'tnt-rship with Poet 
lobii Burrii.*;, >s Hjiiin dointr '--^.-uncs.s in lii^ owa 
"^lob. K.\p.rif:i<-i. and lor the tfrsi lime Laving 
I g-,.,d Ftock (d" 

Well Seasniicd Lniuhcr oh hcivA 

ilsoau .nlaii'od shop, thinls fo«rtti;fv all oil 
■u.-'toinr.r.^. and n<!w ones too. A'A kind's i.f fftr- 
•litiire on liar.d, orinide to ord<r promjitlj'. 

Xew oii.stoiner.s nec'd not nr-k for 

my rooms', as I Lave, tlie 

om]v UFA) m'llAy- 

LV(;S ill tlie City. 

According 10 airrcemenf made between ."\rr. 
rri s .•\nd my.-Tif. iia;<-d Dec. I j;li, l^liG. c-ich 

inob.i' to ])ay l-is own d'.bt.-*. Orders .'igurd \>y 
file 1 will j(.iv. 

Wiiinobn^ro City, Jan. G, 1S(>T. 

MOFFAT'S Life Tills 


Tbo Jlost Successful Medicincg 
in tho World. 

Established in 1835 by one of 
onr Most Eminent riiy^;idans, and 
now wscd tliroughont North and 
Sonth America, with more pleasing 
resalt.s than any other Medicine in 
cases of diseased Liver, Eiood or 
Skin, Indigestion, Costiveness, 
Bilious Complaints, Rheumatism 
and Fever and Ague. 

ThousJinds of certificates are in 
our possession, giving detailed 
acconnls of perfect Cures effected 
by these invaluable Medicines, 
They regulate the System and put 
all the functions of the body 
iu a healtliy condition. 

S dd ly all Dru^^-ists. VLlto & Ilowland, rrnpri- 

Suffer »o Mor«! 


Don't fail to buy all your BLANKS at thia 


and yoti will alw.iys ho lati.-'fled. 

Bill Heads 

Letter Heads, 





When by thei'.scof DK..IOINVn,Lr:\< ELIX 
IK you can be cured permawcutly, ai.d at a tri- 
fling cost. 

Tlic n'^tonighing success which hn.« attended 
this invaiualile medicine for lMiy>ic:!l ami Nerv 
ous weakness, (Jeneral Debility ami Pro.-^iration, 
Loss of .Mufccular Fiicrgy, Impoti.iicy, or any of 
the consetpicnces of youthful indiscretion, ren- 
ders it the most valuable preparation ever diicov 

It will remove all nervnup afTcctions. depress 
ion, excitement, incapacity to study or bu.»iness, 
loFJ! of E'.iviory, cont'us^ion, th.-uglits of self-dc 
.'Iru' tioii, fcai s of insanity, Ac. It will ret^tore 
tbo appilite. renew tbe hoAltb of those who have 
dc-'troycd it by .^ensual e.\cc*s or evil practice?. 

Young men. l>e humbugged no more by •Qu.ick 
Doctors"' and ignorant jiractioner.-'. but send 
without delay for the Llixir, and beat oncc re- 
stored to health and happiic.-<s. A nerlct-t cure 
is Gaar-mtecd in every lUfctHTicc. Price, $1, or 
four bottles to one a<l.lress. .?.'{. 

One bottle is sufRciout to effect a euro in ah 
ordinary ciscs. 

for thespcoly and permrticiit cure of (lonorxhea 
Gleet. I'rethrul Di?cliar„'es, (jravel Stricture and 
all affc-ticns of tin: Kidneys and Bladder. Cure* 
effected in from oi'.e to five day)--. They arc jtrc 
pared from veger.-i'olc extracts that a'c harinelc->-- 
on tho .oystcm, ami never iiausoato the .«tonia<-l. 
or imjire.gnate the hrcaJi. No chani:e of diet i« 
neces-'-ary while u.-^ing Ihem. pordocs th'-ir action 
iu any manner interfere with business pur.-!uits. 
l'''-ice >Jl 1"*''" box. 

Either of the above mentioned article? will b< 
sent to any address, closely sealeil, ami po..Jt pai<l 
by mall or express, on receipt of price. Addre^^ 
all ordi-r.-' to 

BEIUJKK, .'^IH'TTS i Co., Chcndsts. 
»4»il,S>-l N«. 2S5 lliver Street, Troy, N Y 


ctors, 6u:cessor3 to l)r, 
2Couat, Hev Ycrlk. 

Jolui iloffat and Dr. W. B. 


Auburn, Golden, Flaxen, & 
tilken Curls, 

1)'lOI)rci:D by th* upcf Prof. Ttr. Pvni x* 
FilE-1! LK CFI EVEIX. On.; aj.i]V&. 
tiou W AliKANTKD to r.irl tbo 

Know Thy Destiny. 





Madame K. F. Tliointon, llie great En^liirh Aslrnlo- 
plut, ('laiivo.vat.t and, wlio 'ma ttf- 
tonlrtlifd tlie KContifn- Clas.-:i »■ of trie OliI World, lias now 
located lijrs<'lf at Hudson, N". Y. Mada; ic Thon.tcn 
posst-s.s 5ucli wondi rf..I |ii>wci-s of second sifrM, i.s to 
enable licr to Ui.o« Uiltrt (T t'lf {.T-ca'cst inii or- 
lancu to the sinj;lc <ii- iiiavrit'd of citlicr sex. Wliili- in 
a-'ifale of tr.-iiicc. slii- dt liiit-atcs tlie vcr.v fciturcJ <{ iho 
person v<'a arc to iii.irr.v, atid l>.v llie aid of an instrn 
incnl ofiritcns" jiow")-, knuwn as t'n" Paycli.irio'ropc, 
pnarantcos to produce a Iif|.-likc iiictmc of the fiilurn 
liusb-md or wife of tl'c applicii.t, t.';-'c!t'tr •itii^ (f 
niArria.i;'', position in life, Icadinp traits of clrtracter, 
Sic. Tliis i' no lnniiliii;/, as iliocsjtnds of tf■^t!l:lc.Ili.■ll^■ 
can assert. .She will send, nJu-n desired, a ceitifJcd 
certificate, cr wrilton .voiarantcc, 'hat the pictnt-e is wl;;it 
it ptnport.s to 'le. !>> enclosii^' a small lock of hair, vi)i\ 
st.'Win ? place of hii-tii, a.i?:', di^i.'si'.ion and complexion, 
and encloninir M cents and .stninptd envelope artdrcsscti 
to yourself, yon w;ll rei-eive the iiicliirc and desiroi) in- 
formation liy return mall. AH comini.nit aliens s.-icred- 
ly cnnfi.leMi-.!. Addrt-fs, in confid<ncc, M.\!>A.Mi: 
K. F. 'niOltNTOX, I'. 0. Box 22.3, Hudson N. Y. 





Throw away your false frizzes, yuur switches, your 

Dcstnu-tive of comfort , not worth a flj;: 
Tonic aped, conic youthful, conic ucly and (xh. 
And rejoice in your own luxtuiant hair. 


For restoring iiair upon bald heads (from whatever 
c lu-e i! may have fallen oat) and forcing a giowth of 
Imir upon the, it has no equAl. It. will force the 
heard to grow u]>iin th' smoothest face in from five to 
eight weeks, or hair upon hald heads in from two to 
three i,!"nt!is. A few Ignorant practioners have assert- 
ed that there ij nothing that will force or hasten the 
growth <if fh<- hair or heard. Their assertions arc false, 
as thousand." of Hvin? witnesses (troni their own experi- 
ence) can hear witnesi. Jiut many will say, how are we 
to dislinj'uish the genuine from th« spurious? It certain 
ly is dlOicuit, a"! ninetrnths of the different preparations 
advertised f<>r the hair .-iiid beard arc entirely worthless, 
>»nd you may have already thrown away large amounts 
inllulr pnrcliasc. To such we would say, try the Itepar 
ator Cappilli ; it will cost you notliiir.r unless it conits 
up to (111- representations. 1fv-i:;- Pinggist does not 
T ^ ^ ' '^'V' '*• **■''"' "^ '""^ dollar and we will forward it, post- 
JjaUcl'^ I paid, toijether with a recuipt for the ni'incy, which will 
■^ > be rct'inicd you on application, providing entire satis- 
faction is not given. Address, 

W. I,. CI. AUK & CO.. Chemists, 
vlnl?yl No. ;i West Fayjjte street, t^yracuse, N. Y. 

Ui )st straigiii ai:ii .^lub lion Lair ofeiihcr rex iii- 
to wavy riii;;lets or h'*'-'y mnssiv-o cirls. lias 
be/u u.^ed by the fn,Kl:ionar.'is rf P?ris .nnd Lon- 
don, wi!b the most gratify lag re .ills. D cs no 
injur}' to the hair. Price by Tnail s^nlep and 
postjiaid, $1. Descriptive circulars sent fn e. 
A l.lre^s liKRoELi, i^iri-^TS i CQ., The u iis, 
Xo, 2.-'.5 Kivor .St., Troy N. V. 0/)?9 a-^pts fyr 
Ih.j I'nit.vl Slates. T-iulSyl 

OuU. Ihe be»t of the Aloutblies — devoted 

to LITEUATUllE and FA^IllON. $-'.00 a 
year. We give WHEELER & WILSON'.-.; cele- 
brated $oJ Sewing Machines on tno following 
terms : — 

Twenty copies and tbe Sewing Machines. $T(^. 
Thirty coj.ics " " " " f-^:;. 
Forty copies " " " " $1('0 

Sen 1 15 cents for a sample cojy to DEACON 
* PETERSON, :<19 Walnut Street. Pbiladelphia 

*" Z' brTschenck's T 

This creat medicine cm-ed Dr. -T. 11. Scur.N-'-n, the 
Proprietor, olPa;^.l.^rary Ccin'.r::p*ion, wtien i' Iiad 
assumed its most lonuidable aspect, and when "leedy 
death apiwared to be inevitabe. Hi? phyaiciane pro- 
nounce J his eoise incurabJe when he couniiu-uood 
the Uflc ol this gimp's but po^\ crtiil remedy. His 
health was restored in a very eiiort time, and no 
return of the diseafo has tx'en app^c^on'!cd, lor all 
the symptoiivs quickly disappeaied, and liis present 
weight le moi-e than two hundred pouudt-. 
I S'.uco his recover.-.-, lie hm devoted hi* citentioa 
e.xc!aa:vel.v- to tlie cure oi Consiv.iipHoti and ilio 
dire.i3cs wh-'ch are usually wih it, an-l 
the cure; olt'ccted by his niedJc-Tio.= ha%'c lieei vciT 
numeroos and truly vronderiul. Dr. ScnF.x.^K 
makes profteMioniil visits to several of the larger c'tias 
weekly, where he haa a lari-e co-icour^e of pat-enls, 
audit is truly a-touishing to see poor congunipiivo.* 
that have to be lifieJ out ot their c»rr:a7r», and in 
a few months heaithv-, robust persona. Hiu 
TONIC, aud MANOKAKE PILLS a:v te.ierft'Jj' 
all reiu^red iu curiug Conimupiiou. Tuli direc- 
tions accompaay each, so tl'.at aav ore can tak-^ them 
without sccinj Dr. Soue.nok, bi'.t wha.i it is ccn- 
veulent it is best to so? him. He give? alvicc ireo, 
but for a thorotigh examination with h* Bcipircmeter 
his fee la throe doUari, 

P e?.£c ol>serve, when pnrchasintr, th.V. the two 
likc-icstes o;' the Docior— one when in the Iait8ia.;e 
of Coiiaumption, aad the other a.' he now is, ia 
perfect health— arc ou the Government 

Sold by all Dra;Tgigt« and Dealers. Price i . 
per iwitle, or $7.50 ihe ha^f dozen. Le.ters lor 
advice should be directed to i'r, Sciicack'i 
PiflBfipa! OiVicc, 1.1 North lith S*., PhllaJo.p■a.l^ Pa. 
General Wholesale .A..centF: Demas Barues & Co., 
N. Y. , S. 8. Ha'ice, Ualfiuiorc, Md. ; Jolia I). 
Park, Cincinnati, Ohio; ^V;^l!cer >.fe Ta\-lor, Chicago, 
IlL : Collin* Bro<<.. £i.. Louis, Mo. iM w. ea. ■.'•o. I yr. 

Law Cases aud Points, 

Froe to Etrcrybody! 

A large pp. Circular, giving informntion of 
tbe greatest importencc to the young of both 

It loaches how the homely may become heauti 

PrinC'd to ordor, on short Notice, r.nd at reason- J '^ ^'"^ desp'ecd respected, and the fors^.tkcr 
able rates. l)\ed. 

No yonnp lady or pentleman should fail te 

scud their address, and rCeoive a copy post paid, 

by roturu mail. 
All Orders hy 3IaU Promptly Attended to. Addrcso V. 0. Drawer, 21, 

v4nl8iufi Troy, N. Y. 


Bourbon i5?iters 

A JleaVhy Tonic. Orvfh> SfimvJrnt^ 

and Unenualed Morninij Appetizer, 

Vrepared in Kipe 


Free from (jraiu Oil, Wiiii Flowci-s, 

Duds and Parks of tic Highest 

Medical Virtue. 

l>y incrcnsin;j the appetite, aj'sistinj;; diirestion, 
re.i^nlatin^ the bowels, an.l givitij; ;.;,ic to the svt 
tcin, tliey iin]»art strcn.irth an>l vi^or to ihc bodf, 
j>nd cliccrrulncss to ihe mind. 

^prST" If y ur <ir;iL"_'I<t)j <t tr,ldc?iit:ir 1-nr not 
<^ot TllKSK RlTlEilS. have bim sehd for iheia 

'''^^ l!onu-inber tlu- ti.?u>o. n;iu ta!:e no oihcr. 

For sale bv druggists aud Grocers eveiywhcro. SWAIN, «'i-..pri--'tor. 

Sf '^ontb Wntcsst., ChiragOv 

At Whnlc?a?o in fit. Paul, by 

BENZ&CO. v8H2lyl 


Wiuncbago City, April :4lh, 133r. 

A new lot of Warj-anfj/ Deeds ^ nut 
prii'tcd nn'l f r s:'.!e ;it this office^ ^ll- 
io all kiB«l8 of JuMtic^'s Bltmh*. 

Lfind Office, VVinnel>n<:o City, Mimu 

March 2oih U-iJ5^ 

To Tabor A Sherman : L-lwi* i^ TLu^cIicr- 
has thi:J day app'.ic! for the so^jfT, huH of ?(^'ith 
onst quarter aud east baifer s«mlh west oHuricr 
sec 2-4 town lO.i raii^^e- :jy, it being the luu.iyua 
tiled on You are h<.'reby notified to be n.: d' ap 
near at ibis ofTu^ oh Wetfnesday ths! ls> d.-iir of 
May ISfiT at 10 o'd'tck a lu, for tho purpose 
of i^iviujj the whole matter a fair and impartial 

A. H. Bitllls Register. H. W. Holley Receiver 


LTi kinds of Joi> Work done to ori'.er itttbi* 










idl»*aMi^'-M< B 

. k>». 

..CllAniXC; orM." I Cii,„>Inj,_iIor.cs. 

TTe don't .now. noT^IiT we hnag^n.. a more \ A yrar OF two ago, whoi, haiulsome 



.eustinjr .m.ccUoIc tb«n I'^at ot an otbervvue ,^^^yj,^. colurod, faWn-Colofcd, aud Other 
n 1 ii>£ laiy working lirr jaws m the | 

»"e*<b an-J riii-niii's tiidcu...r to re.huc to ; peculiarly tinted hoi'scs appeared ill the 

;z"i:;;;lc'h!w''uL;;;';"'i;f^^^ « g'^«'*i j^^i ^«' ^"'i^'^i^/ >^a« 

in'ti.i« t.M.ii.-h and m.oanry hu»..t. f^""*' '^•"^' I ,o;u)ile9ti'd to kilow wlierc thuy Came 

Kuui ar.- ..t that rhi'* • f whi.h tbe' ^'a:' do.'^.nb- , tj-om. ll US HOW gOllcrally kllOWn that 



1( lil* o ■ ' ■ ■ 

X'» aw' iinkommon cbjoi-ts 

That akrau^ luy viihin knm, 
the ^lril^c:■fil!»n^i ;uaintrst 

la tUal^ui a -h^wiui; j;uin. 

IJer .larlin ipouth onki-miiil 

A ralKi look ill wad, 
S'.;u> le»8 lb;m Pud-ly MHip>>y 
Mile ka rv in bis Loil. 

TUem m«)«binj she w.\- 'H ikin — 

I coodt-nl k:iu' cv.\ ch.wi! 9, 
Tbfv waii't MP' f :iY rvUttd 

To that crc jort o" Jew ins. 

r.,r tun-, .iii-llii.?. and grinders, 

A Intlici ui.«'. :i yaw, 
111' work iliiv w«z performin 

Kuo.l hw no nau>u but cliavr. 

'Tv^v-c^n Virr^'inchin. winkir.. gi.^^'liHi 

An! t,MW>iT:n fill ?:iil. 
Ilur watvrfall krvt wi^^jlin 

Ju«l like a Uicrmaid'a tail. 

Hiir jiunty knp and rooster i>lewm 

DinKt g"i'y in tbe breoz ; 
I wundercd ef sbe'd \«oi iu-r gum 

Provided ibtj sbood knccr. 

llor parrysaui was biJtcd up, 

Awlmosl »ix incbei IrauJ; 
I ?r.)«e 'iwa* ^i-rciiJ to kcop the- Jun 

From mcUin wbiU sbc ob.iwcd. 

Hut sb' jwuns'. l'"r curl* sbe bobbed, 

Aud wbon ihutrifd to si;-vke, 
That bully masticated hunk 

Maid bulges 111 bur cbeke. 

I wundtrcd-shood tb-it bill uv burn 

Wun htv a kissiu >)b — 
11j»» jhe'd e'er Ji-pose uv 

TLnit saUy, uuksbus g.>L.S. 

I h'.pc aim cbap '11 marry hot 

As Tew:'>ii wmiimn well, 
An i kwps a tu buss grosfri. 

With lots uv guin tu sell. 
If he don't give bi r ;rab and kloie 

Ar.d bosses for tu ride, 
And awl the ruiu sbe wants to cbaw, 

1 hops she'll chaw hisb de. 

FurUT awl heirinaa geenusei 

That o-ir mi path w a fcudd, 
The mnastest intere» 

Is bur as chaws bur kudd. 

the peculiar appearance of these horses 
iiiowini; to the liair boint; clipptd, or 
isliearcd olf, astci'd appo.'iriug (juite of 
I auv)lh»'r color wlu-n his hair has been 
IcU^sely si. eared Most people suppose j 
' ih:it operation to be a fanciful one mcrc- 
I ly, but such, it appears is not the case 
' IJesides adJini; to the beauty of a horse, 
the clippinijj if asserted to be comlueivo 
/a hoallh, and it is saitl a clipped horse 
1 eais less and can t;o further and faster 
I than the same horse nut clij-pcd. Uc- 
I »ides, it is not one half the work to 
i lake care of an anim.d when not cover- 
Ud with long hair, aud the prnetice of 
clippin- is thus a ])»pular one with j 
irro..n»>*. Of course greater care must' 
' be taken to keep a blanket on tb.e short- 
• haired horse in the stable, and M blank 
I et hini wlioneyer a stop is nia»le. 'Vith 
j the>e precautions the animal is cous-.d 
I ered to be more comfortable than with 
I bis coat left the entire Icn-th, for he 
t perspires less, t.nJ quickly dries etV on | 
being put mto the stall. Clipping: has 
been practised In Kngland f.-r many 
years, and is beeomini: more popular 
every year. The pi.aclice is also bo 
coming more and more popular here, 
and lU'V' r were so many fhort haired 
horses seen m our citif^s as the present 
season. The practice is almost con- 
fined however, to driving hor.-cs, as 
team horses are necessarily obliged to 
stand much in the cohJ. Most horses to like the process of shearing, 
which is earrif d to great perfection, 
and without any dan-er of piercing the 
skin. IJoston particularly ailects shear- 
ed Iiorses, and the lioston Tnivchr 
estimates that at least two thousand 
Irorses have been put under the shears 
in that ci'v this winter. In the viein- 

! ity of l^owdoin square there are no lessj D,.y Good^ Will warrant geilC 
' than nine clipping establishments, and 


DR. WIIITTIER 18 regularly 
educated and Icgitimntcly riual- 
ifiod, and has experience in all 
forms of di.'-eaKe, a knowledge 
luilc indispensible in the treat- ' 
incntof the vcneral diteape In 
all it." varied an.l complicated 
form.s, ard li:" !' r years mads 



Better opportunity is now offered to any 


»be tivunncnt of private diseaM-.« his businei's an 

nil xncricncc, the bo«t of teachcrH, ba.s en- 
abl d'hWn to perf.c't remedies at once Buflicient 

uritbout bindrnnc to busniet-c. 
"' Pa'rtLular attention given to old "tand-^--' 
«,«,-h as were con.'idcred incurable. ^JP^ '''»!'" 
7x l^rm« ; (ionorrhca. «Ieet. Stricture^ Orcbjte. 

Moore's Rural New-Yorker, 

For Both Town and Coontry. 

Tnr.TltiRAL ia the standard In its •pbc<-« of 
.J.jiiiiiaiifUi. beiiiK ine iar^jesi circuiaimg Papef. 
of its Class in tb»> worli — V>c?t evidence of /»♦- 
trintic Merit and SufjfriorHy. In variety of pritc- 
tioal, u.^fii.l, ciit'jiJ.iltii:;^ "nd timely Heading i( 
has n" equal, its ample pages compiisinji Da- 
p;i;!uieut8 devoted to or treating upon 

Woman, or child, wishing to purchase anything in thejine of Faluy Dross 
(Jo..ds, French and English Me.inos, Mpaccas, Scotch Plahls, Dolalns, Woolens 
Flannels, Striped Poplins, lialmoral Skbts, Ladies Cloaks, Cloak Cloths, Do- 
mestics, prints, shawls, hoop Skirts, Shirt., <lraw.-s, wrappois, liosiory, Notions 
No. 1 ^Voolen Dlankets, Doots, Shoes, Hats, and Caps, and Fur goods of uyery 

description, than has everb cfore been 

;;;;;' Pkie nitration of. he vital pow^ 
crTlLofmimory, ringing in (he car., can be 
fully restored to bealtb. 

A'II letters, wi'h slampp, answered. 

Arts, bciencet, 
General Newt. 
Market Eeportt- 

Sheep Husbandry, 
Domestic Economy 

Willi illu«fratlon«, Tales, Skotchea, Po* 
etPf , Wiialc, KebnueJi.Knlginaa, *<• . *€. 

Thf KtRAL i.s ably Edited, neatly Printed, 
well Illustrated, and udnj,tcd to the tchoU (ouu^ 

In Farib..ult County. High iniccs are now 

cure gn!ir.inteed. 

iJr.Wbitticr cures the very woratkind of rup- 
ture in a few week.". 1. .• „ 

l>„.t OITue IJox 229 1. OfTicc and Con.oultation 
lUom« 101 South Clark f(r«t; Cbxa-o. \ou 
can seethe Doctor every day from 9 A. M. to 5 p. M 

rT waite, 


Tins, and will keep constantly on hand, for sale : 


Jewelry and Silverware, 

And will attend promptly to .ill kind? of Rcpalr- 
injrof (Jlock.s, Watches, and Jew'.'lry, and 
iMuee perfect fati.-faetion to ail who patronize 
him. Room opposite I'nion Hotel. SOyl 

llluc Earth City, May 17, ISCC. 

try It employs the beft Talent. For exampl-, 
its Department of Shiei, Jln^indry is }^dircd by 
Hon. II. S. KANnAM., LL. D., Author oi t^«- 

And tlie new mo 

de of trading— late decline 

Foundry db Ma- 
chine Shop. 

.State Ag. Societv, now of Maryland. Man/ 
other able and talented writers are regular con- 
tributor.s and the whole paper U under jj^ Edi- 
torial .Manigement of its originator, ^•^■^* 
.MooHK. TuK Ki RAL is the best Journal for «*• 
Farmer, tbe Horticulturist, the Stock anil Wool 
Grower, .xnd the Family Circle now obrainable. 
KememboT, also that it is not a Mo»t/i/y, bat a 
Large and IJcautiful Wkeki.y. 

Examine a number, and see if, next to your 
local paper, the Rural is not the one for your 

VOLUME XVm, FOR 1867, 

In Supefior 8tyle,-ncw C.pper Faced Type, 
Good Paper anrt many Fine Eograviogs. bach 
of its Fifcy-two No's (not 12, like a month y.) 
will corapriie Eight Double Quarto Pages. An 
Index Ac, at close of the volume. 

TERMS, in Advance- Only $3 a jear ; Five 
Copies for $4 ; Seven fur $!« ; Ten for f 26. and 
any grcdt«>r number at sam-^ rate,— only ?A5W 
per copy. Club pap«r;! rent to difjerent Po«t Of- 
fices. As wc pay American postage, $2,« is tbo 
lowci-l Club rnto to Canada— fli.^O to Europe. 


Ci.iBS. Premiums. Free Copies, Ic., to Club 
Agents, and we want at least one agent in ts<^ry 
town in the T'nion. Specimens, Show Bills, !■- 

The Mankato Fonndry and Machine shop >'' , ducemen^ts.Jcc^.^^ent free. Address^^ 
now in operation, and we are prepared to 


of every description. Steam engines, Tbresbing 
Ma.-bincs, Reapers Farming Implements, Ac. 

We also make all kinds of iron and brais cast- 
ingH. Rabbilt metal always on hand. Orders 
soUcilcd and promptly attended to. 

Old Iron, Brass and Copper 

wanted, for which the highest price will be paid 
C. W. BARNEY, k Co. 

D. D. T.MOORE, Rochester, New York. 




. • Mixx. 


•ral satisfaction to persons coming to 

Uailroad Car. ; 

horses have been sheared. 

C'ulti\atioii of Hops. 

in three of them an air;;regate of 700 
A Day Dav.u View ot a Uailroad l ar. 

>,'i^ht passeii^^ers will appreciate the 
followinsr adm-rable sketch of the in- 
terior of a car at day break : ! Hops will grow on any soil pro. 

Long before we hear the roar of ■ Juccs yood cifps of wheat and corn; 
wheele we see the gVimnur of a glowing i but reqnirc heavy manuiing with barn 
li.'ht. r.riuhter and broader it opens, ; yard aung. First spread it plentifully 
like the Cvclopean nnwinking eye it ^ and i)low it in, and then a top dressing 
is, the head light ot the train. Then ! will answer every ihivvl year, covered 
the steady jar, then the mingled «-lank ; r^^^ worked in by a cultivator. Put a 
as of a thousand shaken ch.ains and the ; forkfnll on each hill in the fall, as a 
cars are here. 'AH aboard.' :.nd 'all , winter protection. 

To lay in 


their winter's snpr.l.v, if they .vill only call at 


riMu' follow each other "m quick sue- 

Set the vines from six to seven feet 

eessi^m, and we are b.eathing the close apart, in r .ws both ways, so as to ciil- 
nnd heivy air of a crowded d^.rntilory. | tivate each way, and when this is done 
The car lamps hove i;one out disgusted, i early in the season, and ^cell done, it is 
the little wakefulness of the slteps has ' not much labor to keep the vines free 
subsbled, .M.a 11. c dim snoring outline from weeds. 

of cloaks and shawls, and frightened j Pules should be used for the hops to 
looking heads, flocked here an<l there run on, as the short stake and corn sys- 
likc a irnub'ed Pe:i, with white, com-' t^.„, is not a good one, as the vines do 
pose th*« landicnpe ; while over all, like ; „oi produce as larj^e crops on this sys- 
pcnduiums, swing ph-thnric carpet bnirs ■ tern as when they run nj. jioles. But 
pl<)«]y to and fi(s and little satchels, , the pules are expensive, froui -$15 tu e^o 
brisk aa clock<, and bonnets ; .^ li„„dre'l, fifteen feet long, at leasi, 
made of no'hinu, dance up and down | .j,„i j,.oni eight hundred to nine hun- 
like blossoms in a laiu ; all timed to tlieiaied are required for an acre. The 
mntion of the train. \ hop growers of Central New York use 

Hut the dim jry tutus to an old eyed 'g,|.,,. j,(,U.s wholly. In the fall th<'y 
white, and the breall.iii: bundles begin i .^j.^, ,..,-,j,^./l when the hops are picked, 

to stir; ««nt <»f au ej.:--b:'I'e'l p '^'-^-V*' ; J;^^^;l;,.^"^ up \\\ ;i w<»rkinan-liko manner, 
U hachel a w>nvtn. with locks di>he\- ! ^^^,jj^j ih'.ny "-r b-rty in a .stack, with 
eled, Ike Venus fr-'in the sea. A throe , ^^^^^ gj.^,.^.,,.,^ upper einls so interlocked 
or t '», ami a rougher Imin emerjes ■ ^^^.^^ ^^^ winds cup blow them down, 
from clo.ak and sh iwl and shakes itselt ; 'phcrc is a science in staekin;^ hop poles 


— 0— 


Manufactureri of Photographic Materials, 

Wholesale and Retail, 


In addition to our main bu-incss of Photo- 




grapluc.Matenaljwo are Uea(.iiU; '^^ '^S y,,^i„„i„,.„^ i„j„ecd by Self Abus-3 ; l.ivoluntar.. 
1ohoi»ini:, VIZ : ^ ^ Emission-, Iiupotency, Ncrvou.'? Ocbilit.v, anc 

Stereoscopes tt Stereoscopic Views 

American and Foreign cities and Landscapes, 
tiroup«, Statuary, etc. 

Sterco-scopic Views of the W ar. 

From negatives m.ide in the various cam- 
paij;iis and forming a complete I'bolograpQic 
bi5l'<»ry of tlio great con'e'^t. 

Stereocscopic Views on Glass. 

Adapted for cither the Magic Lantern or tbv 
.s;ifr<!i.-ii-ope. Our Ca'.nlugue will be *cut to 
anyaddrcrts on receipt of .olainii. 

Photographic Albums. 

Wc inanuf.fto.rc more largely than any i-.iu i 
bo", H-, jilxtut '-''•'> \aii<Mes .rom 61) ei nl.-< t..i^.>l' 
each.' Our ALIU'MS have tbe repiitati..n of be- 
ing superior iu beauty and durability to anv 

Card Photographs of C.enerals, States- 
men, Actors, etc., etc. 
Our catalx^ue embrac<;.s over FIVE THOl'S 

m Clo:iiv :>'"• "Ml... ; mere is :i ox *'./«(. t m oi..»v.n....„ ..<.j. j,.,.vo Oir catalx-'ue eml.rac<;.s over ri> i' jiiw« .-i- 

V,:... A s1,»pclc- '"•^- •"•■'■■' »'" I Urn. ,K. mm cu, .n.ster at first «igl'<-l «^';,;-™:-^,™,''i^:r;^^;';';:^^^^^^ 

ill bear.led like a par<l. A pair of U t^kes three years to get a hop I <;(,^,„t^,, „j^.. tutulogucs sent on receipt ot 

Just pulUshcd in a sealed cnveloi»o. Price 

Six Cents. 
A Lecture on the Nature, Treatment 

ind rrdieal Cnrv, of Seminal weaknes.-*, or Pper- 

potency, i>crvou.'! i/eoim.v, and 
Impcdin-cnts (o marriage gOiierally ; Con.«uuip- 
tijp, Kitilcpsy and YWi' : Mcntnl and Physical 
Incapacity. Ac— 15y HOU. J. OULVrRWELL, 
M. ]>., Author 01 the "(ireen I5'>ok" Ac. 

Tiie world renowned .lutbor of this a Imirablc 
Ledme, clearly pro\es his own cxpevitnee 
that tbe aw'nl co:ise<iucnces of self abuse may be 
iffectually removed wilhov.* mciieii-.c, . nrl nitb- 
out dangerous surgical oiarntion.", bougies, instru 
mc.nis, rings, or cordials, poititing out a mode of 
cure at once certain and etfeetual, by which ev- 
ery sulTcrcr, tio matter bis condition mny l>c 
may cure liimsf'f c'coaidv, jirivntelvj and radical 

iv. TL> LK'.rniii-: will pkovk a boon 


Sent under seal, to any addrc^s. in a plain seal 
cd tnveloi>c, on tbo receipt of six cents, or two 
stamp-. Also Dr. Cuivcrwcirs "iMarriage (Ju'uc" 
price I'o cents. Address tbe PubV^-hcrs. 

CHAS. J. ( .KINE A CO., 
127 BOWERY, N«w York. 

Post Office Box 4586 


Winiieba?{o Mill 

Havin" inad« Homo chafig.'M concerning the 
businc--* 'transaction:' oi tbo "Winnebago City 
Mills *' we wish to nnaounce to itie public that 
we aie now prepared to do all kinds of work in 
our line of bnsiness. for ready pay. Logs, wood, 
wheat, or even Money taken in payment fur 
work. Our terms for sawing arc : One half, or 
$r-; per thou.^and. Flour. Dran, and shorts con 
sLitttly on hand, and for sale rbcnp. 

Lumber ^io-OO per Thousand. 

Winnebago City, March I7th. ISf.G.^ 


Goods well bonglit, aie half sold. 

A. B. BALC03I 




ha.« on bana tbe large?t and best selected stocfi 
of Hardware. Stoves and Agricultural Imple- 
ments in tbe M-nnesota valley. My stock of 
Agricultural Implements is very large and coai- 
plcte, consisting of the following machines ; 

55 Buckeye's. 

GO J. H. Manny's, 

Self tfc Hand Bakes, 

20 Kirby,8 

Excelsior Droppers, 

and Caugia Cbiet, 
6 Sweepstakes TLresbers, 

G J. .1 Case's Threshers, 
6 Velrator Threshers, 

]Ma?sellon MacLinea, 
6 Buffalo Sulkey Iv kes, 

35 Bevolving, Lorse rakea, 

and all the sro.iller implements in s* * 

My stock of Euilders llardwax ha« been (• 
lecfcd with care, nnd is very large. Buildcrf 
will always find a full supply of 









boofs thrust ot'.t like a bow-jirit, goes ' p|.^„t:^ii„n in full beariir^; but there is 

out of siMit as the owner comes in view, ^w^v^ nionf y ma<le in that than in any 
(inei« soothing an irritated hat with other farm cr p. Farmers who grow 
gpuile tnu(rhos"of his f Ibow ; another j hops ate getting to be wealthy very 
>mirrr>ir at his wilted T>isonh>r- fast, the net profits l^/jng $-'(.»0 to ^;{U0 
catres:*es a-e sn.oothe.l with hasty | per acre in most cases,- /^am/ .Lmr- 
touches of the hnn<l, »""! crumpletl lean, 
Rloi've»- nersnuflc'l into shnpc. One la 

lMi<.tographcr3 and others ordering goods C. 
0. D., wi'l please remit 2:. per cent ol tiic 
amount of their ■)ri'cr. 

-V^ ibc prices and quulit- of our goods^can 
not fail to satisfy. v4n2lyi 




Etc., Etc., Etc. 

at prices that 



Latches. ci'c. <tc. 

Prices Exceedinly Low for 

All persons desiring to purch.ase Reap »n(l 
Threshers, would do well to givt me a call oefor» 
pnr'basii'j; n? tv stook is \erf large and I will 
'•Viirrant all maciiines to give .-rit:-*.".y:tion, and 
my prices imJ term-' «»«nnot fail to suit. 




,lv linslearneJ her lesson from (Irimsil 
ki. anil makes her toilet precisely like 

a ent. 

The cold, elenr light of early morn- S.ikkp-— The most ay-prov- 
ed form in a .sheep is general roun<lness 

nf shnne and fineness of bone. The 1 one dollar each. The pri/,e>< 
OI S.iape aiiJ I , , ., ,, and lot on ild street, $1,200; 

chest should be broad, the ribs well 
arched, the back and h4"S, broad, flat 

ing is always trying to human beauty ; j^^,] straight ; the limbs should be short 

in proportion to the b-xly, the head 
mall, the ears thin, the skin soft and 

tlierc are no tints to be borrowed, no 
softening- shaden to bo worn ; a plain, 
cold stare that lo^ks one cut of coun- 
tenance. B'lt in a railro'id train the 
ordeal is appalling. If a fiico ever 
looks faded it is then ; if the hair has 
any gray in it it is sure to 'show,' 
wriiiklen are re;id, like a sijcn^-^'^J^r^l. afar 
oft*. If there bo discontent in the heart, 
it comes into tlie month, and everybody 
lorvV- like people after a masquerade, or 
Kichufd after liobrcamc 'himself again.' 

It' men would confine their talk to 
wliat they undeistaDd. every sixty min- 
utes would witne'is " silence f.»r tiie 
spaoo of balfan nour.'* 

Sp«aV kindly to tho «gc^ 

elastic, the wool soft to the touch, 
thick, and coming well forward to the 
face, but not covering it. The face 
nnd should be clothed with 
short hair, and the eyes shomld have 
a lively expression. 

A cotemporary gives the following 
receipt, and pronounces it a good thing. 
'♦ Fill the lamp half full of common salt, 
then fill up with oil. It burns with a 
clearer flame, and is a saving of more 
than twenty-five ])er cent in oil." 

Gift Concert. 

Russell A (;o., of Sh.akopce, will give a Grand 
(jift Concert at Kndreh's Hall, Shakopee, Minn,, 
on Wednesday evening, May \< ISfw. One 
chan-*- in eiglit Five tbousand dollars worth oi 
valuable pr..j*irly and money to bo distributed 
to ticket bolder.-*. No postpoiieuicnt. Tickets 

consist of a bouBC 
.1 lot "II 2d istre.'t 
at :?2(M) : a bouKc and lot on HmIuio^ street at 
S'.iJO; four lots finely located $100 ; one piano; 
one priite in greenb;keks $100; one horse, one 
top buggy ; thrco<iilk dress patterns, one sowinj: 
machine: <.ne gold lever watch ; one American 
watch. Albams, napkin rings, Ac, in all 542 
prizes. The ol>j<;ct of tbe coneert i.s to dispose of 
the property advertised, and not for a spoculn- 
tion. Address by mail (with price of ticket en- 
Ho.sed) M. C. Kussell, P. 0. Box 270, Shakope* 

♦^ Lt ' ^ Ihiil lniiiii'li'il'.^«-».'<»' to rcliliiih II. .\i>ui 
^T &^•:'=^ «> vt. Ill, (ii,(ij;itriii;4 your iMcraii'l I'l'ly. 

Tobacco is a native of Virginia, the 
onion originated in Egypt, and the 
cucumber cime from the East Indies. 1 Blu«Ear» Citf, M^ T, »«. 




Office opposite " Union ITovse " Bhtc 
Earth Clii/, Minnesota. 

Will do a General Banking and Rer.l Estate 

(, \' ;, 

\_^^/ is til 1 iiti! V I'lij-.-ici-in, .na i« Sfc; inli'.t 

Ct'T g^^^- ii„\v ia v"li;(i»(rii <iin lie cnlirelj 

'*■'*'■ icli.iil i!|>!.n. do T'' mM.iiliil lift filf.'-l 

V3 thi.ll 

1. i|i-.stro\ n:;; y"iir liii|>piiiisK aiiH 
liiliiii' jit •■-111- ■(» III lilM. Ill- hm iiiii'li- 

. 4Bv<?''W riov.MK iiisK.\?K.< iin.i .M;;nuis 

V._ BSp^ DK.illl.llY liis slii.iy fir 111.- |>:u*t 

Ui,."" r^.f A IxM iitv V'tl ;. iiii'l i.s tii.iclon. ilw iirr 

•^'tA Vim f''^ ^,,„ „;,„„.. ;,:i alUirl-.l .slii.iil.l . .insult 

Si oil" I'Vi r lii-;iril ''I' a ji;iticiit <it lof imt I'ciiin rum; 

•iiiw li.> li:i.s liccii in tliis <ily. IIik npiitati.n Inn 

vourli.-rs ill all tli'> city jmi'dH. Iiii i.ati.iil)) ami tin- 

(il'-iliral |>r.'fi"<:iioii. Imtll lii'ie !i!>'l atif.ia.l. as ln-iii;: l!i- 

iiKi^f HUilli'l sp.'ii.ilist ll" r '. kikI a tlc.i<>ii:.:li iii.ihti-r ol 

ll! Hcxiiat«. If nil ollicrs tail, .li-nt ilcsiiair 

<iv<? liiiTi a call. It i.-J "iilv a roinninn i.cciiriiMii •■ with 

'liin to ciii-.j «iirli rascH. lli.s ni.iiiis arc .s-iiarafo Im 

lad.'H an.l -.•nllcnicii. aiil tlic must c.iiii|ilct.' in tln'nty 

Vui'Ni Mr.v, TvKK P'.KiK ui.Mi N'liicK.— > r.ii;.- 

ow ■ nitiih of liis tiiiif< t.' llic Ir.-atiiM-iit of tlios.- 

•i.- •< cans.-(I l.v a m- i-t lialill, wliirli Ml ii-. l-oth l"'(l^ 

ui.i iiKiLl. iiiilil tin- II..- .11.1". I.uiat- ii!.li» i.liial for -illi.-r 

.„«;.>.-s.s .ir «oci.-tv. Tl.r >a.l clf.-.t .,1 111 •.-- .-afly Lain h, 

.rib cxc-.<«of ii|.cr is t.. «....k.-T. an.l .l-Lili 

•al« l!..- < .!. -Iio.v tli.- |.h>.sical nn-1 iiu-iitn 

.'...wee .Iii.i;;i-li an.l cnl.-clii.. t!..- n..i.iial f(-lini;.-<. an.l 

■.xl.anyHlii- *it;.l rRirH ..f nianl.oo.l ; th<- I-l.-a-niw. 

.nir,.ai- niarr-.l. tbo ol.J''^< .'f Il>i>^■'»^r frii>t.alrd. 
in.l .-xist.-ncu its.-lf r.-n.l.-r. .1 a term .-f iinc.-.-i«Mi« iiiwerv 
.11.1 rrnr.-t. S.ui. l..T«.ns. csp-cially Oi-"' cnt.-in 
.1 .tiiiu iii-.rri.iK.-. Klioiil'l lose no liiii.- in making iiiiiii'- 
', Mi I>r. r... I'y bi-i tx-w tn-atm-.-nt, >» 

.nntil.-.l to in.-'ii-'-- :i N ''.v '""' I'"'".' ', !'*:'"'*'•„ i-g 

f.inM.iltatioi.H fr.-.- *...l c..iil..l.-nlial till.-.-. No.l.S) 

•l.intii Clark H!r.-ot. ,<.M.m- ..f .Monroe, l.all a l; fmrn 
•(,.. IViKt Oili.-.'. !'-*« Olli..- H-x li>4, thic-igo, III. 

>iric« bo.irs from 9 .\ .M to K p. M. 
Seii.l for hM -'Uiii.lo to jrouitii," pnblUbcd muntblv, 

rei- of rhafK-. .... , , r i. 

N B -l.a<li<'H, Hcu.l for a dcs.:np»iT«« circular of !'«♦ 
nMe ileiuclic, thf Ih-hI provcntivo -.f cnc-iitioa 
Mwn. S«oi to auy a.l.lrewi free of cli- r^e. 

3f<irrla[/e and Ctlihacy. 

AN Essay of Warning- and Inatmc 
tion to Touvgr Men. Also, Discsaes 
and abuses which prematuroly Piostrate the vi 
tal Powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free 
of ('barge, iu .sealed letter envelopes. Address, 
l*r. J. SKIIiLAN IlOl^GHTON, Howard Amo 
•intion, Pbiladalpbiiu P&. T3n21yl 


Butter & Cheese 

wanted at all times at the market price. 

I never was, N('ver can, aud 
Never will be 


Give me an early call, and see 
for yourselves. 


Blue Earth City, May 14, ISGG. 3n30yl 




FORCED to grow upon the smoothest face in 
from ethre to five weeks, bv using Dr. SEV- 
most wonderful discovery in modern scieuce act 
ing upon the Beard and Hair in an almost mi- 
raculous manner. 

It has been used by the elite of Paris 
and London with the most flattering success. 

Advice and Prescriptions for Sick or 
Injured Horses given Free. 

The Editor of Wilkes' Stimt of tup TiTiEi 
desires to inform the owners of Horses tbr - sh- 
out tbe United States, that he ha.: .^gulariy en- 
gaged upon his paj er, one of the ablest and mosi 
experienced professional veteriuananB in the IJ. 
S., whose special duty it shall be to answer, grali* 
all questions relative' to siok or injured horsei 
which may be addressed to the Spirit, u-hcthtr 
hi/ Kiihscrilcrs or not. These answers will in alt 
cases contnin a prescription for the injury de- 
scribed, aTi.l Till be printed h^ connection with 
the qt^o-tion askcl; iu the following r^niber of 
the Spirit, ^o answers, however, will be given 
bv mail, it being a part of the object of tJe edi- 
tor to submit the ability of the professor who baa 
assumed this department of the Spirit to tho 
keenest criticism of the general public. By ad- 
ding this useful department to tbe Spirit, th« 
editor contribute? to those of his readers and 
subscribers who own horses, a horse doctor free, 
and not only to bis subscribers, but to every 
horse owner in the United Stater who may chooee 
to direct an inquiry to the Spirit by mail. The 
subscription! price of the Spirit is $5 a ye.«r ; but 
single copies may be bought from news agents 
from week to week by those who desire U^ use ki 
t<jnipor.\rily only, for veterinarian questions, at 
filteen cents per copy. 'ii.o Spirit of t»» 
TiMKS is a high toned gentleman's paper which, 
(with tbe old Spirit, whose businesn and title it 
inherit?) is of forty years' standing, and ia de- 
voted to tluuiiig. Fishing, RacMig, Field SBerta-,. 
Literature and the St<tge. Georgk Wilkbs. 

Editor and Proprietor, 
201 William St., New I'ork. 

ne..i r-Maie AAA A TEAR made by any one with 

Business, pay Taxes for nonresidents, make cp^^jV/Uv/ $15— stencil tools. No experience 

Collections, Ac, Ac., ' necewsary. The Presidents, Cashiers, and Treas 

„..,_-„.„ e p piTTT n urer.s of 3 Banks endorse the circular. Sent free 

U.D.BALDWIN, - - - &. » . i.uii.i^. ^j,,, g^^j^.j^,. Addres.s tbo Am.Tic»n Stencil 

aOyl Tool Works, Sprinjfricld, Vermont. 42yl 


Oh ! sbe was beautiful and fair, 
With starrj' eyes, and radlent hair. 
Whose curling tendrils soft entwined. 
Enchained tbe very heart and mind. 


For Cuilinfj; the Hair of either Sex into 

Wavy and Glos.^y RingleU or 
Heav) Masslqe Curls. 

By lulnfr tbU article Ladies and Gentlemen can beau* 
tify 'hemeelves a thousand fold. It Is the only article tn 
„ ,, . ... , • . J 1 -r the world that will curl straight hair, and at the ume 

Names of all pcrchasers wi.l be registered and if time give ita beautiful, glossy appearance. The Crtipcr 
entire satisftvction is not given in every instance | Coma not only curls the hair, but Invigorates, beautlfle* 

and cle.ansea it ; is highly and dell(chlfully perftimed» 
and Is the most complete article of the kind ever offered 
to the American public. The Crisper Coma will l>t seLt 
to any address, settled and postpaid for one dollar. 
Address all orders to 

W. h. CLARK k CO., CheBiiali, 
v4nl97l No. S West rayttte Strast, S/r»«w^ K. T. 

the money will bo cheerfully refunded. Price 
by mail, sealed and ]iostpaid, $1. Descriptive 
circulars and testimonials mailed free. Address 
nKRGER, SIIUTTS A CO., Chtmists, No. 825 River 
Street, Troy, K. X. BuU agents for th« United StatM. 


- /•• 


1! ^ 

- r - > ■ . Ill »i « 

















1 ! 










- -- ". ■ : : : — 



■■ - ■ . * ■ - ■ 1 " ' — ■ • ' ■ ■ 

— . '■■ — ■ " 

— ■>- — ■ r -- ■ - 

I., I, i^*^—- 

■ I 

E- A. HOTCHIIiS, Editor & Piuprietor. 


Terms— $1.50 — Invariably in Advance 

VjL. 4. 

AV1NN1!:BAG0 city, MINN. WEDNI^SDAY, may 8, 18G7. 

>s 0. ^8. 

t mivm. Mf..^viiiMJ- a»-n. j~ iigA.i i rtJi-ij g ji -jc 

TIIF ITOATiXTi' \T) ! i^^^k;e iiolsk, 

LLLL-' J^l^-ijj:- ;r;i^ | il-M .^- Walcrvillo. Lc Sucnr Co . IHinnc«t=, 

Oaic« till .Mam direct uext door iN'urtli of the I J. M- GRAY. Pl'Op- 

U iiiin.-L:tj;<» City lloiv'. I Tcrms Reasonable — r>..imstcr5^ i-vir ni;^l.t 

■ ■■ - ■ > OiM- tl.iilar ami :i 1)11:11 Irr. 

f>ii! c^nv iinti vear 

$i.r.o i ._-^ 

ul'If iliitT;;c«. 



I'or .i!i> roru \vm tnan o .Aitth!». 5 ecuts a wecu 

s.;:in.M.,i^,l -.^,Tc.jrr;;^XTT;^ Evans & Fall, Proprietors- 

• v • J t 

I. •» I. » •, -'.•.<! f 

{.no o..S(i 
n It 1 1 J. -^i ».o 1' r,.(»'>! 7. on i.'.nn 

» f {< I ?.'. • .S.'M' 
> lo'r 14 

j. » • "^.nO I 

J . . 'J'liis llcMiso is Xi'W. (■i»mM\<Mli-.iis. 

s.«(t lo.o.i i-..i>.) 2;..ort l>I,.MSintI>- LocMtcJ.nn.l I.MS I..-, h Nfw 
•,'.i»>, l.'>.tn> 'j4.o,i ;i.».oo 1.1/ . • •, 

^ u 'H •<. <» ll.Ot K, u!i' 2ii.(».) .Ui.tlO ;.().(ii> 

ly F.inii>li»'«l lluou^lmiit. Tin- viiv 

I yji'. I » M 1 1.. I .»o.ii,i i.).<»(t I 40,00 70,00 l>«'Sl .•u-conmiodjitioiis j:u. raiiicctl to 
Ten lines or .v«s iu:ike one .oiiui^.-v. . triiV<MTs ;iml bo.'ll iK'IS 

(Jood i^lablc Il'iotn fur T«':nn<. 
n4uf.yl Garden City DCinn. 

\ Ivcrti.^cinent.v jot icirkc-l f<>. .. spofifietl tiiuo 
vi'l lice >'<tin:n; I. ..n-l olrtru^oi fi.r ai'ooriliii^ly. 

Tji- y i hort'-t^Ts will lu* h.'!.: strirfly to ml- 

*e.-tM.»!no'if* pciuiiiiii):^ to thoir biisnuT? All 

ill ir I .iiir.'."« will be c!i...<ei! nt the rejrular rates 

Kve.'.'ij if 1 l.'erti:ieiucnt.t in!<v.iicil will be charg- 

• I p" »■> rti » la.t'.y to tlie numl'er of squares l);\r • 

: ail) el f>>r. a<lt ir(i.4em''nt9 in^ci'tcil at tbc the ox- 
n-i i«« 'f tlie ittorripv orJ»"ring tbeiu, ami not -\e 

Tbc umlcrsigncl take? tbi« nu'tbixl of iiir<>rin- ■ 
nj; tlic |»<n«le of \Viiiiiel'a;r'> i'ny mi'l \iiiiiity, ! 
\x-Al ho ha" jii>t ii>(.iuii a ikw I aii.i-.-!= .-!.< p In 


.vi'»L- fir le?.il pr.coe rmg.", hut Uiust bo paitl ! »'"' is now iirepan-.l to .l.i nil Kiii.l^of work in 
... ■ at , ■ i»is line. Ni-w li.iriu>.>i mailo to i.rtltr. ami all 
. l-;!ivery ..t tiiC affi.lavit. ; , -..i, ,.,• „..,:.;„., .1,., 1,,.^, „..ii.-... SI...11 

I' I 111 >-• 

kiiiil>' of repsiriii;^ (ImiL! on .'Imrt iioiii-c. i-^lii'ii 
insjittJ i« the rca'ling coluiun. dou- ap si.iiis. ncvt doorstuili of I'.idiaiJjon A lUy 
r \ lIOTrilK'T'S.'? 1 nv»lds' lirucery. 

I:,''.^;w...... i E. II. IIUTCIIINS. 

■ : ■= Winnebago City, May 2 J, lii'.ri. I'lMf 

3i3ia33s Directory. 

• ♦ . N . H *Xl\ A i ' » I * t VI A 1 . 

iViuiUib.i-^o Citv ni>tr'iCt. 

V 1: \\ w Y, 

T A I L <1D H ! 

A u.iui.u?. R.pMer. ' NV'imiobago City .Minnesota, 

,, , , c^M.-i.i. Nf Ma-. hefniMol In Fellows' Now Block. Or- 

r;::l:!:i:^*iina !it:^;oV.!,ii- ''■ \ pos^tc Cctt.en & D.arbcn « Wcw store. 

;r TV 

~ at 111! tiiney. vn-iiared to ih> all w-hU intru.-^te"! to 
^1 '*.- ....... 

-— — at 111! tiiney. ]ir«'iiareii 10 no an wuh iiiiru.-icii ii» 

!«: KA'.ITH V.XLLHY LOIXIE ' the l.itc t New York Fa:,hioi..s or to suit 

.\'0 27 


hi I ustomer 

♦'■■*• "-^ CITV MINS rmtii.!: done on m...ii ..<.tice, au.i warranted to 

,,' - „ : lit if propelly made lip. "? •* 

A li li'iliir < oiiuiiuiiicntiDus are 

•*.'J^ he I Mil th^ Cr.'t and third Tuesdays of 

— OFilCF.i;?— 
I. t>''nLKY. VT. M. <U:0 A, WKIR, P. D. 

n Mvi»'si)\. J »v. ., - 

•i K M.n Lro.N, Tre«s. K. II. lUl CHINS. | 


m'- > i-KvShi.s: "i. p. ' IJlaclssmitInn-, Shuci.i^,!^. pairncj, kc. 

A y. wirkii \m, T»i<-r. j 

r.. 11. miClllNS. I 

- , - ,^ — i The iv)dc'rsi<;ncd •li'.l ncrrpjrt t)ie .'hop near 

Ifi.l'K KAIM'H CI lY JiwDCih l the - team .M:;!. and «. uld ri-.-|<<l"i!.v«nii..unce 

.1 .1 _ - -_ 1 . f iK 

U. D 

TT.rr. AND ACCKI'Tin MV '»\>5, r.LUK EAUTII 
CM \, .Ml^.^ tie 1* i:ow prip.:red In in iiiiifa 'Uiie i.uth 


Tin: HIV 1:11 PATH. 

EV. J. <:. WllirTIEK. 

N.I bird sonc fl'>and down the bill, 
Tiie tangled bank bclo v was still, 

I'oraplle from t'lu birchen stem, 
>.. ri] p!e luin llcwatei's I.»in. 

Tlip dn^k of twilt-!it r-'iind u< grew, 
We felt the fallins of the dew. 

Tor from v, e'er Ihf day was done, 
The wooded hilla »luit out tbc sun. 

Tut on t!^c -ivr'-' f;trihf>.-"t ."idc 
V- e s.iw till- bill- tops jjloviticd — 

A irlnw. ..xrcdinL' fair, 
A divam .'t day without il:s {;larc. 

Willi n- the d » lip. the ••hill, the -;looui, 
With iheuj the sunset's ro.-'y bloom ; 

Willi" dirk ihr >u;;li willowy vistas seen 
The r"» r rolled in sbado bttwecn. 

From out ihr ilarkncss where we I rod. 
We j;«/ed up'<u those b lis of (Jod. 

Wlio'c li;;Iit s-nned not of moon or sun, 
We spake imt. luU our thuii{;ht was one. 

We pan.-ed. as if from that brif;ht ^bo^c 
Deekoiied oiir licar ones gone before ; 

And stay«d our hcatinst hearts tobear 
The voit•l^ lo.stto mortal enri 
f nddm on- pathway tiirntd from night, 
The hills .swim;,' opm to Ihe light; 

Thro'ihiir j;rien {rait-: the .«ur.Fhiiio «li( wed 
A h.iig, -1.1. it >pliiid r downward flowe 1. 

r>i.w!i }:hide and glen and bank it rolleJ, 
Itl»rilg«.d ihe .Nhadtd stream with gold; 

.\nd home on jiiers of mist allied 
The yuaiiosNV with the sunlit side ! 

"So," said we. "when our feet draw neat 
The liver dark, with mortal fear, 

And tho night cometh ehiil with dew, 
TatUrl let tliy light shine through!"' 

So Jef the hills of doubt divid'', 

.'•o bri' g-< with faith the suultss tide! 

.?o let the eye.s that full en earth 
On thy eternal hills look rorlh ; 

And in thj beekoninp angels know 
The dear ono-^ wh< m wc love b-'low! 

lie \\'m\ g«no oil ll.iis from morning 
till Ill-lit («'Xt'q)t wlien ho was engaged 

The .Modern )^Ir Isaac. 

The Troy Tunes tells us how Ifaa- 
at hi.i nuals) for about a month, when | Xewton became coiiimissiotitr of .n-ri 
the kill- he-:in to be rather tired with culture: 
his locu.sts, aiul iuterrupteJ his story 

with : . - ^ 

" \V\11, well, wc have heard enough | i,e ever got office, and such au ofilee a.« 
of the locuBts: we will suppoo they | l,© long occupied wiihout fillinj.', was a 
helped ihimsclvcs to all the corn they wonder to all his friends, and a woi.dei 

Mr. Newton was not Lorn to oflico. 
nor was oflice thrust upon him. 'I ha' 

1. . CC. 1 1. .... ^fl:,.,. o- 

wanted. Tell us what happened after 

to himself. Fully sixty winters passed 
over bis head, and Sir Isaac had never 

'Jo whieh the storyteller answsred : sliaken official (lust from his shoes, noi 

deliherately : dreamed of such a thinj;. Fur many 

'*ir it please your majesty, it is iin- ^ ycais he sold ice cream and fresh pies 

posi-ible to tdl what ha['pened a^ter i to railroad passengers between I'hila 

ward before I tell you what happened delphia, Babimore and Washington.— 

In the early day.'? of Mr. Lincoln's ad 

ministration, liis interest in the country 

:itid the advantage.^* offivrcd in the 

Washington market, took l-im more 

and more to tbc capital of iiis nffiic:ed 

carried on- anoil^ of corn, and country. It is stated that one day in . ^ 

then another locust went in and carried ; the goodness of his heart, he scut Mrs | «^dInoss at a sermon proverb a.. Nt 

oil another grain of coin." | '--o.nsix quarts ot eatly, Ycry eaily :Kean to the Mu.g o^/ ;»>-, -" 

The king r^Itci.ed with uncon,uera. peas. They were accepted by the la- i'^at i,et. oen Davi< and Golnih or th. 

-. • 1 1 \ A„ ,>r ib« wi/ifr. H,,n«o witli iniuv story ot tlie prodigal Son or ol L in*l ."< 

bleralieiioe tor S!.\ monthii more, when dy ot tho \\ 11. use v\un man} j i '"^ 

. . 11- 1 tUniilo Viito.l Mt 1n«5 siicco«s he very "tnuncialions ot the henbes ans rn r- 

l.e a<'ain interrupted bun with : thanks. jjatMi ai ins sucu . s ne ^lij , 

-O'l • 'rien-^ ' I am we-^ry of vour soon repeated the kindness by sending | «secs, or to recite one ot Chabne.s ser- 
locusts.' How .oon do you tbiuklheyj Mrs. Lincoln a crock of the very finest jnons, and you wi.l s e pe.ple who h d 
^i„ p.vedoneV" j l>"tUT. '1 banks a.ain-tbanks ^om begun to a-ju^t themselves m tne c<.r- 

T.> the storvleller u.ade an- the White House-again overwhelmed mr.s ol li.e.r .<eat. lor the.r accustomed" 

And lie wont on : 

"And then another locust went in 
and carried off another grain of corn, 
and then another locust went in and 

The Stage and the Tu'-iit. 

Fancy, says the Uiasirlow (Sct.t'an.i) 
JLr<dd the thiiiling eflectol theScrip- 
lures it' read as Keaii reads S.iakc.i- 
jtcaic <d' recites Macauley ! And wly 
-IiMiild we not have it so? Is it rigia 
iid I roper tint every hook f(;r piibiic 
ie;iding .vhould have justice diiie to it 
e.veept the ? Aii<l that, wh le ev- 
ery iher i.s allowed tho advautage.'* of 
I natural and iuipressive deliveiy, re- 
leligii.Ji is denied tbcni by all ? The 
Miunstrous la!Ia<y with whieh well but ouiuse people have beguil- 
ed ibemselves, is such readin^xand 
iceiting would be; theatrical,' and ilat 
(lieatrit al e.vhibititnis are not leeoininj^ 
in the jiouse of (rod. To llis hollow 
and lidicUloui fillatiy m.iy be traced 
most of the o.vecrable pnljit reading 
and do'ivery that rub the ScripiUies if 
half their power, and bavt; often mado 

swer ; "(;, King I v.ho can tell ? At 
the time to which my story bus coi'^c, 
the locu.ns have cleared a smod place ; 
it may be a cubit each way round thf 

iheoldman. Rare squashes, HiormouS|'^'»^oze, sit up and listen to biiii very 
pumpkins, delicious inelon.s, strings of^l'^«-' "'U' ^-K^'^- ^'}^'^ and l^aied b.e::rh. 
onions, crisp le.tuce, plump cahb.:ges And all this simply Keau 
followed, not in unseendy frequency. ^>»'»i^l ^^ ll>^' piece ju-^tiee, that is, rnad 

if nnv t)o .T. cubit each wav rour.u lU'' : -vii -.!■>.", ..v.-v, j i * ■» . i- i • i . . i i 

I T n r^i is till dirk With lo- I "or ,n large quantities, the gilt of Isaac, U naluraby and as u ought to be r. :ul 

i\f>le and the air is :?tlll tlaiK. >>iLn lo o i > <=• /\ i . i i i -.t .. , 

llUlt, tHiM Hiv^ »»•• -^ . ,. . , ■■ .'.1 ^ T» I i: . (Ill \V IMf. I1;l>sl'dl> oiVt Mil I'lllt'T lit 

l>''';lI.Ai: •-.mmnni.-ati.ns are held on the | B^ ,'rt* * 5 P^ G i V-? J" ji'^ J O ^^' f- • 
I V I' •« — "d ilird W..;i.e .1 ysote:Hh m^nth. -"US' ^ <- ^ » *• •" »■ ■ "» -^ -^ 

The Story WI'h«!Ut an i:i:d. 

It ;• V »LNr,. W M , 
L w. .1.: »\v\\ s. w 

K »V. J. W. 
W i. A. WAV, Tri.*.. 

Tin re was niue :i eertaiu King, who, 
H^vings.mrd li.e ..IV... t ol / iU«T (.'I.A.'^.'^ Iiki- iiiaiiy Kastcrii Kin;:'', was very 

n !• covsrAN,-5. s. 1) 

A K. K \<I.MAN, J l». „ . - 

J I!. i;!ArM.»Nr. '^ler. ; wrkinen. I a'n a'.le oi •lit-' tin- be.-l ipiainy ol 
GKO. II. KIN-Sl.KY. S.e. 

I of G T 

|> '■('. I l.Ai: meeting t-vtry l-'r; lay everirg, at 

I t .MnollMoV IMI. 

r :- \\\iz, w. u s. e. u lurcniNS, w. c. T. 

»F>'i -tALS ).* Fv::iaAri.T corsTY. 
\«i:s"r— F. w. r\nv. r-.-s"r-i:. r.. jounsun 

^•,i«trr- K. L»M . »l.i'l;--< K.CIIAi'M.. 

Ato.'iev— J. II. >lM:<»rT AMOS- I'KKsToX, 
Cjro..«r— W .M. A. W.\V Cot...- UK LA VKKO.NE. 

...._..- . ,. ,^ . •. ., ||., f lif.irlni; H*<»ries tohl. To this 

wi.rk, h<itU .M«niila.-timii^ a'ol Sn-painng. .J.'i> --^ 

hjng, ll.Tie k Oi .^h.-tii.;.'. Ac in ihi- b.-.-t nan- ;iiiiiisemelil he gave U[) all his tilnO, but 

nir, Tliaiiktiil t..r pa>t lav.f. I wonhl so ieil 1 " • n i ri-i .,; ..^ 

Ho.ntinuaneeot the puhii-,M.. lu- was never satislled. Hic e.\ei tions 

vin!'Jtf .1. M. WIM.KI Ki;. i.T bs e.'tnt ievs were all in vain. He 

\i7uMr^~\7'r"i iM^T~\~n -'^ '=''' niMi-a pmclamation ihatifany 
VVH0L;-SALL .». LLIAIL^^ tell him a s'ory that slmuld 

I 1 ,:isr |or.'\ .r, he would certainly make 
d'OCkCS*y S^tOE'C! ' l.i .. W^ lu-ir and .Jve him the pinee.^s 

C'Minfy Com. ^*\ D sr.-.A. V. MOHK, 

'.I •• —II. .1. .NKAl,. 

•• '• .HI •• — .) mIV li. SIS.SON, 

•• •• 4 li " - JAV.KS rCAVS. 

•• " .'.111 •• — J (.-Ki'll IJ \<,'ib,rT. 

— Dittricf C 'tir* ifrtiis Di^'iict iiieets;if U!u«' Kanli 
City o 1 tilt t!ijl .Momhiv in Juot. 

c. j.~FAii77i?Y\ 

rn FN/c I A X A yi) s un g eox 

< TFK I-: AT Tin: DiJi <i stokl:. 

Ca'.U by day ornigbi i» omptly attended lo. 
Winnebago City, .Aug. 1 J, 18GC. 


A!d5i:UT S Wli.TK, IVopiiitor. 

Dr. J. 1*. IIuQics, 

Physician & Surgeon, 

OTi e '.ver ihi- il ir Iwan^ .Store, Main St., Win- 
n.hi.i'1 riiv. .Minii'ry.ta. 

N. li — 0.1ie « i>eu for ealls at all boura of the 
d ijf .III I nighl 

AN'l^'.i::W C. DL.SN, 

.Vttoi iiev .'^nil C;n.nscll<)r at Law 

^<y- Will rtte^d to profjssional busines* 
I'jr ii^h >ut the .*tate. 
lV'i.jiiebago City, Minn. 

Croekory. (Jlas-'-w ire. Cr^ eeric.«. Ac, foi sab- 
by wholesale "r titiil. t'luntry st.ut— nioplii-'t 
«in; t«riii-i U'l-'iii- on Aiuiii Jrlrccl 
ncui'ly oppositn L'radit-y .% IJ o. 

1*. K. 'VLSKi:, 
Pi ac'lical ^\'atc•!l-^L'^kc\T, 

A N I> 

J ij w I : L i: 11 , 

Mankato. - - - Minn. 

i»i:ai.i:'i is 

W.itfdicP, clucks. .1. wiliy ct silver vritu- 

U'jpairin<2 neatly cxeeu'ed and wai ranted. 

CHAS. Hi:iL! ()!;.V. 

M itiil':i'-!iir>r Mill l»i-atei ill 

w^ILL.illD & liAltSKY. 
Att xneys Sz Couiis'jlors at Law. 

.\I\n:{\Tv>. ui.LK EAItlll COLNIV.MINN. 

— h. I »<...! prinptly and fVilhruily to all buiincr.iin- 
uitt^il to their c.ire- 

llive(..rstU-at all times, l..i go quantities of 
\Vi;i.iL-!.iro Tijst Lands, and other raluable 
F.irining lands. 
.A. W.i^LAai/. - - 2I7I -_ ^ .F S nAltXf.Y 


Blue Earth City, 

This bouse having been repaire.l and newly fnr- 
„isbe.l throughout, is now open for the reeeplion 

^'^Thrilroprietor respcc fuliy .olioits the patron- 
,.e of the traveling vublio, and is .^eterm.nrd 
that none sha'l go away dissatisfied who may la 

Tor Iiiiu with fi eall. ^„ „ • . _ 

47y <;. ^. CONVKUSE. Proprietor. 

his d.m''httr, in niarriago. but if any 
one s'niiulil preieiid he had sueba^tMiy 
;.nd shou'd iail— thd i."*. if the story did 
e >;ne to ;in einlr- he was to have Ids 
b • d eut oJV. 

For .Mndi a pr'.cc as n bcauiilul piiii 

iM'ss :ii d :i kiiig«lom many candiilalcs 

appeared, a"d dieadfu! b^iii; stories 

s.iiie »'{' them told. Some lasted a week, 

collie a n.onih, and some y\x months. 

, oor lellows, ihey all sp.m them out as 

I. Il"' :is they possibly cnuld, but all in 

vain. Sooner or later they all came t.t 

<n end. ono afier anolh.>r, and the un- 

; linky story tellers h id their heads 

ilioiioed ifl'. At last came a man who 

s.ii«l that he had a story that would last 

.oicvir, it h:s majesty would be j.leas- 

u I to i^iv.; him a niah He was warned 

u!' h.s d.nger; they t«dd him how many 

h ol tiud and lost their heads, but be 

of cverv variety. 

'' III »■• - » 

Gilt^MoilltFlMirs K(*V)t On Hand U:, d that he wa- n.d afiaid ; and so he 
^ * ... 1 ... .1 1 :.... II.. ,.... 



D^N .MaliKIIA'd ti. CO. FR33. 

Opptisito t'littoii Hoiifc, 

^In^'Uat'), Mlliiitftot'i. 

Our tabU's are iin«( «fid ar.; of the bvsi .nnke 
Good eigars ahd liiiuori. at the bar. 4'J\ I 

UlAFTON HOUSE. 'Jtrett, ueavthe Lc «e. 

M- T. U. SLOWER, Proprietor. 

Cen»r»» Stasvf Ofticefor all Point:. . .tti* State. OooJ 
' St»Mln|{ with attentive Osllr'«^ 19yl 


Corner of Wolie.V A Main Streets. Winnebago Ci»y 

D. S. LAW Proprietor. 

Blades leave this ll.iuno for all Points. 

There is aU'. a g^^J "very '=°»''«'=*''^^ J^;Jo*.|;; 

LL kind! of Jwi) Work dooo to order »t tbie 






ST. VAVh. 


's.MIlll ct HUMPIIUEV, 

Devi era in 



e^Parlieular attention p aid to Music Ord ers 

~A n'cv7bito~f"lFarr«nf.v Deeds yi^l 
nriuted and b.r sale at tlrs office. Al- 
to »U kiads of Juaiicc's BlanJu, 

.v:;s brought beii it" the kiii<:. He w a 
.1 man of a very composed ami denh- 
ra «: way ol speaking, and after mak- 
in- a'l iiecis.>ary sti|)ulatioiis for his 
r:,t ng, drinking and sleeping, be thus 

began : 

' ()li kin.' I tbore once a king 
.vh.» was a great tyrant; and desinng 
10 ioerease his riches, he seized upon 
tiie corn in liis kin-don, and put it in 
an imineiise granary which was built 
on purpose, as high as a mountain.— 
This lie did for several yet^vs, until the 
.^Mana.y was quite fuU to the top. He 
riieii stopped the doms and windows on 
.,11 sides. 15ut the brieklayers had by 
aeci lent, left a small hole near the top 
of tbeerai.ary, t'ud there came a flight 
of locusts, and tried to get at tl-e corn, 
hut the hole was so small that only one 
locust could pass through at a time.— 
So one locust went in and cariicd off 
one grain of corn, and then anotlier 
locust went in and carried off another 
-riiii of corn, and then another locust 
went in and carried off another grain 
of corn, and then another locust went 
in and carried off auotbcr gram of 

cu^s on all sides. 15ut let the king 
have |iaticncc. and no doubt wo f-hall 
have coiuu to the end oi them in time." 

Thus encouraged the king listened 
on for another fu.lyear, the story-teller 
nfoin'Min still as bet\)re : 

••And another locust went in and 
carried oil' anolher grain of corn, and 
then another locust came and carried 
off another grain of corn and then an- 
other locust went in and carried off 
another grain of corn, and then another 
l(!cust went in and carried ofT another 
ovaiu of corn, and then another locust 
wen! in and carried olV another grain of 

corn "' 

At last the jto^rk'n.' could stand it 

no loii'^er, and he eii* <i out : 

'*0h I man. that is enough ! Take 
my dau'.:hterl take my kingdom I take 
anything, every tiling ; only let me hear 
no more of* the ahominalde hcusts." 

And so the story teller was married 
to the kingV daughter, and was declar- 
td hcM- to the throne, and nobody ever 
expressed a wish to hear the rest of the 
story, for ho said it was impossible to 
come «o the other part of it till he had 
done with the locu.-ts. 

It IS stated ihat after the groat sue 
ee^^s of ''Ihe Ideas of Madame Aubray,' 
tl;e late.-t play of the younger Dumas, 
M. Dumas, ;><?rt', wrote to his son as 

I'd lows : 

Slit: Your writings are charmini:. 
I should like to write something con- 
jointly with you. I refer you to my 
published \\ork.s 'Monte Cristo,' 'Les 
Trois Mousquei aires,' 'Yingt ans oprc-V 
etc , for my tetitimonials, and I am, 
Aht-XANDKE Dlmas. 

To this the author of 'Les Dames aux 
(;amelias' rep ied as follows: 

Sill : HI bad not read your works, 
the very high ojiinion which my father 
has t.f you Would have forced me to 
acc\i>tyoU'.- proposal. I am, abo, 
Allxandre Dumas. 

to the first lady of the Republic j On what p..-iMe groiid, either of 

Mrs. Lincoln had a kind, good heart, common sense or good t;iSte, can ob 
and one day she said U Abrah.m,'\Vhy j-cinn.s be taken lo the iiaiund deiivu-y 
ea.rt I.<aae Newton have an office r'- "f =1^ !^'='^l ^''^^ .^erm.n ? Il Garri- k 
'Certainly he can have an office,' said ^'^"ii ^' t even the soldier, 
the President, 'Fll make bun a briga- j was on d.ity :it ihe roi.' r. f \w s re. t. 
dier,' 'No, now I am in earnest; cair blubl ering a ciiild ; amJ ii Mrs. 
Isaac Newton have an office?' 'Yes, Suldons c«miM ovcipow.r li.e io. mi t 
I'll make him gaidener to tho While , ira-e.iian Vuung thai he co od not re 
House.' 'That is not an office; it is liain Ironi .-obbing. al.>ud, ihoiii;h he 
onlvaplace; I mean a good oir.ce.''— was hnnsell on the stage act sig li e 
Old Abe saw the way to peace in hisjvnlain ot :h-.' piece— and ;il this while 
domicile in ^ivinu' Isaac an (dliccj merely ulu iinglhe w or.l.- ul a li.t; i..u^ 
and the happy thought stiuck hnn or.chaiaLicr w overwludmnig iffi-.i.s 
makini; him CoM.missioner of Agi'cul lintheway of awakening Mn..ers and 
turc. Isaac was diimb!ouiided b U j j.ies.-ing Innue ihe mess .g.- ».! ihe (ios 
happy, and continued in that singul.r pel, migi.t not be introduced by mm 

The excavations now being made in 
Syria have resulted in the discover}, 
at Nadir Sarapc, of a Hebrew house, 
dating from about the second century 
before Christ. Some of the rooms are 
in perfect preservation, and contain a 
number of Hebro.w books, including 
the books of Moses and the Realms. 

A^youiig iMethodiit clergyman his 
preach'jd from the steps of his church, 
in Salisbury, N. IL, all through the 

ciiidiCum frotii the day of his appoint 
ment until he was rulhksdy deoajVi 
tatcd on Tuesday last.. Tho-e who 
were in the habit (d* seeing hini in h s 
office know that he 'admiiii>^tr."ted' w ilh 
vi"or. 'ihebu-sin the slu»w ca-< s 
were always kept in or<K'r The gaiden 
seeds had their pr 'j er libels. 'ibi- 
(lowers were aira' god in tin; highest 
style of art. No coutify seed sor- 
was never more inviting nr in'eretiii:^ 
than wa* Newton's dejtaitinent. '! in 
most difficult du'ies of his offi.-e weie 
devolved uj) n a well-appuinte.l and 
experienced set of subordn ites ; Isaac 
superiir ended affairs in general, and 
'showed up the visitors.' He was 
especially at home on early Ftraw ber- 
ries and 'garden sts*.'' 'Ihe knowledge 
he dispensed on these sidjects to vis 
itors was cheap as dirt at 31,000 [)er 
year, his salary. 

Ml SIC AT Home.- Every w man 
who has an appetite for music or sing- 
i„.jr,*<hould bless God for the gift, and 
cultivate it with diligence— not that 
ohe may dazzle s' rangers, or win ap 
plausc from a crowd, but that she may 
brint' 'dadness to her ovru fireside.— 
The influence of mu<ic in strengthen 
ing the affections is far from being p t 
ceived by many of its admirers ; a sweet 
melody binds all hearts together, as it 
were with a golden cord ; it makes the 
pulses beat in unison, and the bean 
thrill with sympathy. Rut the music 
of the fireside must be simple and un 
pretending; it does not require bril- 
liancy of execution, but tenderue-s of 
feeling— a meny tune for the young - 
a more subdued s.rain for the aged, 
but none of the noisy claptrap which 
is so popular in public. It is a mist >kc 
to suppose that to enjoy music re- 

whu arc giving utterance, in iln-ir owu 
character, to ihciiiosi subiiiiie ami ?jul 

sliiriii'j; tm lis. 

winter, the house having been closed 

a'l-aiust him soon after ho was scut there, quires great cultivaticm. The degie< 



No one comes to hear him, but storm 
or shine, lie takes his position with un- 
covered bend, and e.Mhorls and prays^ 
and no expostulation or entreaty can 
turn him from wdiat he deems his duty. 

'Good blood will always show itself,' 
as tho old lady said when she was 
struck by tho reduesa of her ooie. 

of enjoymeut wi>l of course, vary with 
our power of appreciation, but lik. 
all other influences, it is ab'.e to 
attack even the ignorant And thi< is 
what the poets taught when they m . h 
Orpheus and his brethren the civilizt-rs 
of the earth. 
Manner is a great raattcr. 

♦'liuw aro Yuii, Bill i" 

Yes'erdav allemoon, tin ing llic re- 
ci'ss ol ilio t. onvenii'in, wc l.iol: a.>tr !i 
up .Main street, widi ou ohag iiouh 
and i;ool lo iking youii:: iVieml, .Ju igo 
Will T. H.nly, of Mount Su- ling. — 
Our obji'clive point was l.scolt.s :::..|.c« 
ry, wheie we intended to dazz'e his 
eyes, bewi'dcr h.s b .an and captivi.le 
his fancy, by introdu.-in^ h m to the 
ma.-ter w.)iks of the painters g. .lin^;. 
.) ii.'^l alter pa>sing F.niith .-Irt-ct we 
W(!:e conside.ably astonishe ', an i oi^r 
iricnd— who, wiihout excepiiou is \U^ 
mo.-t modest umii ii Kentu ky- iiil^en 
'all .aback, by .a youn^ and lovdy la y 
rii<hini' out of ;i store and I'urA; inj: :i 
pair of the whitest, roundest and 
piumiicst anus about the .Ju.lge's m ek 
Warm, earnest and lieavenlv ksses 
lell uj»on bis own, tVom lips w.-iild 
tempt a bee lo search lor luniey. He 
twceii the jiauses of ihe kisses &hc ex- 
claimed : 

'Why, Dili, how are yon?* (Ki-s.) 
'When did you get back':* (Kss.) — 
U here have you been a 1 this lioiu/^^ 
Why have you not been to see n-, yoa 
queer olJ duck, you ? (, kiss. ) 

'.\la-a-a ' ^Ivis-, ki>s, kiss) 

•Theio. there, you darlii-g- (kiss) Fm 
not going to scold you?' (Ki-s, Ui.s , 
kb^-', ki.«s,) 

Oar friend's (ace turned as red as a 
boiled lobster. His eyes s:o^d out lVo:u* 
h 8 hea I !i!»e the horns of a ^-ea ling 
c.ilf. I'er-piiatioii jioured down his 
cheeks in drt»ps as lar-e a-^ paitridgo 
e::i:s, and sudic eiit quautity t«> ihor- 
ou"'hlv w.'ish his shiit. At las;, by 
oncenlratiog ail his streiigili f.»r u 

singe (b'csive ifFo;*. the 
wrenched hnnself Ir.-in 'he Indy's em- 
brace cxcl "iminir a^ he did s». 

*.Madam, ilieie's .s.-m.- mi^ hi-n- 1' 

'(4<»od (io i 1 ei-.e<l the la!y, when 

i»he diseoV'trt'd s'e had been wa-tiiig 

ur sweiiiiess on a straairer. *>'ool 

■iod! I lli"Ug!if it w:i>; Hill Dvis! .. • 

.-V'ld in an in taut a visioa i»!' criuoiino 

ind a < alrVe diappc;irii!g lhi« ugli :» 

neiiibbtuing <b»<!- w s all ihal w !« nim 

Ible of the ch^iriuing ycuii^ cie-turc 

v,-.^ ♦•.:4. 

»* - »- 


.^- -v.V*.. * 

v; •• 

i^ »•. . ..•«j- 


I 1 









■ ■■ — - p - — - 

- I 

J »-^ — 

. . f -I II ■ . •- >.— 


lllli liOMESTEAD 

MAY 8. 1867. 

£. A. HOTCHl-liSS, Editor. 

A corrcf<|ioiu]tMit ot the St, Paul Pi- 
OMcer^ wriling from Furibaiilt, Miuu., 
uiuUt ilalo of M:\y 1st, S!^y^ 


Minncap'ilis is full of lueagles. 
Tiiiins on the S. M K. II. have corn 
like t'x;inmi;ition ot Allirrt Ilovt •=» ^ 

•;iti ixalluT it \i< Mi follows : 

Ilitvt's cMlllo have hccu tlilvcn hy 
liiui sevornl liuies into StamrcrJ's on 
•^»^ulv, iiiul on yestc'i\l;iy I'.ioruinuj 
Iloyl sent two of his cluUlrcM l'> diivii 
lliciii into it aiiain, wliou S^'iiulorJ Jruvc 
;lu in out aiii till? c-hi:»lri'n home. 

lloyt imme.liatoly took d(»\vii 1h.s nx 

iiul s;iiil lie would «,'<) :u:il s.-itle the 

(iiatter wilh Ktain'onl, and s'.arloil lor 

tamfoitrtj lu>, incLtin^ hi in, as it 

I'riiitlot; rivpcr. 

A Into tolournm Uom Now Y«)'k con 
tTiimthc f"llowiii>; infonnalion concern 
iui; ihc \t\'uv o! ))riiUiM«4 ] apiT : 

I'mlor llto iiitliu'ooo of lOioiit iinj'Or 
tatiot'^ ot I'viuiiu-' j apoi Irom Muh'I'O, 
juul the jiruhahUily (»f furllu'r i>r(.krs 
lifMls^ :^on'. (vut, llu' I r c-o i»f I'-.r.:, ji.liU 
h:i!^ .u'vllmMl to 1')! an.] lt» enits jui 
pou'id. Straw aii'l r.o^' nrxo 1 raiii;c.s 
irnoi i;>j 'o !.'> vcws as por quality. — 
Tliv' j.uMislu'is hoii' :irc <K'l».'iiiiiiui] uoi 

10 .-iilniit any li^iijor to 'hc' e.xtoriionat'- 
jMiri'!« i:tij»"S'(l Uj>. II ll.rm 1' r a yo.ii 
I. vt. (J, .1(1 juiiit |>it'«r, suh as tlu- 
ji;HM-rrt now uso, cao bo jiurel.a-od iii 
JkMc-.'.vm for I'i.^iii to luiu' ei'uts \ri 
|.oan.l in u'Mil, ami c.ui bo lalJ J->wii 
iiiMT iu^'ii'liiij tlie tluty, frci-ht, iusi:r- 
:':ioi', (•■>i:inii<>i«''.., Jc*- , at about six 
tri'ii c 'nt> ; :nt(l niMi\' than tint |»rici' 
ihi- No«v Y'>ik ih.ilifs havf r«.s .Ivetl 
ii >l t> pay liio JiHiK'Sfio v.v nulitclurer-. 

Thi- Now Voik Tri^'itiiH h.-s for :. 
loui; t-iuf buujit ail *.f its j>:iui paju'i 
in Im l«;!Uin. 

TIm' j>aj«M' up n which il.«' IIoMK 
Pir.AO i.s p.iiitL'v]. il> livi'iL'il liore., c 'Sls 
a triiL- m .r»- tli.ari t^vo ly ioir conts a 
j.ouii i, :)r..l iu-re'of'r'j has bv'on nr.sor- 
a'»'.- .-!iii", >^fir.-oly ih.s^'rvin:^ the nanu' 
of p*p- r, aii.l m.a:!uf:u-;uro I .it Mlrno 
np.»li.s. 'i Jiis week I'Ur .^ubsrr.bors wili 
no'i««' wi> aro usiuu; a bot'er quality, 
whie'n wo izot fr.»:ii >\"u^con>iu. Tho 
MlmuMpolis papf r-ui;ikoi.s de^^orve r.' 
lavroiiuge S(.> 1 ui: as th'.'V c-iitlnuo to 
press a C'tumoa sized silraw stack au'i 

11 p.uiid of r.ijis int.' out* bundle td* pa 
por; bat, wo will aLTi-ie to ol 
l!i< m whou ihoy loo ihc uiark.prefonin- 
Ij dod ^^ ith home manuraelurors. 

There is u<» uond roasi>u why pub 
lishcrs sh u! I lo compelled to pay such 
exorbitant 'prices for paper stock, and 

it uilv rc(.uiics a i.ttlc pluck at iCdiio uas an old man, leaves a luri;e family 
nul Convcnlious, to ovor ride ihe^wli do 

'dj;u<jf<d with Uie murder <d dosiah 
Stomtord, In the town of Hritli^owater, 
in this county, i.s now in p.n»iiie.«*.s ho- 
'ore Justice iVrkins. in I!enri< li's IlaH- 
Tl.c dov"l' pmonts of the ca.<o up to 
this houi .^-tamp tho affair as one of the 
:nosl atrocious muidcis *m reciud. The 
iii-^lory if the ca.'-e antceodcnt to tin- 
poipetration of the crime so far as I rcecnt fre.>het in Iow:i. 

Tiio ears on t!ie Pacific Railroad aie 
MOW running .'U).") niiles west of Omaha. 

Secretary S'anton is c«.-n fined to liift 
house by severe indisposition. 

Tiic annual producti.>n of diamondri 
is estimated at ^ I, lUt.) OUO. 

Tiiirty lives have been lost by the 

U. S. Ldiul OJ/f're. 

WiniK tliapo City, Miun., Maj 21, 18(57. 
To .Tutnc." Mo'irii-y : 

Jiliii Sullivan lins tlii.s (Iny applicfi for t!in 
norili wist .in.irtcr of ."trtion 24, t.iwn.'liip 102 
noilii, r-AVj^L 2'J west ; it t.ciiip tb) lanil you Olcd 
oil. Ymi arc In n1»3' iiotilii-'i lo brt iiii'l apjicar .'it 
tills otfiii; oil M.iii<l-iy. Ilio -«1 <li*y of Juii«, iSii?, 
nil <i'»-li»i-k ji III, for tlio iiurpo.'-o of K'vin;; llu'. 
wiiulo uialti-r a fair aii«l inin:irti:i! iiivo.«tit;uti«u. 
A. il. lUM.IS, lUi?l-tLr, 
II. W. IIOI.I-KV, Uccfivcr, 

place to purchase 


John S. Johns, tele^^rajh operator :il 
Gtisport, Ind., was mur<K'rod in hi.s of- 
fice last \Vedne.~-dav ni<'ht. 

40,0'"* bu-hels of wheat have recent- 
ly been shipped from New Voik lo 

Judi^e Pay, postmaster of Ilochestcr, 
-Miun., died ol" .mii.ill pox on h'riday 
mi'rniii!.;. Tlie Union says the citizen!* 
of that titv wi'h oneaecord are in favor 

r. S. Land OHice. 

Wiiincl.axo City, Minn. Aluy tth, 1367. 
To .riTrtiniiih Ciiiiiiioy : 

Kie^iiif Saliivau iias l!ii^ (lay api'lidl for tlio 
norlli wtst <i'i:.rt< r .*<e('tion 12, to\vii.'iiij> I02iiorlli 
ran^o L".l wost ; it lioinjj the lainl you lil(>l on. — 
Yon aiili'TLl.y imlilitil to lie iiint .'iiipiarat tiiis 
■(.I^Cl; oil .N.i'ur'liiy tlio St||.l:iy ol' Jinn-, l^C.?, a» 
12 o'll^.ck M, liir the |nirpii.iu oT ;;iviii;^ llic wliolc 
matter a lair and iuip^irtial invi!>ii;.':itioii. 

A. II. Ill I.I.IS. Uigl-Nr, 
II. W. IKU.LKV, K>cciMr. 

U. 8. Laiitl Ollice. 

Wiiiiif1ia;ro City, Mill!), May, 7, 1S(57. 
T I Cl!:lrU•.^ S Kiiiiliai' : 

Willis ii I'l rriii lia.< t!ii.^ day n^iplic'l ''or tlio 
iMiilli wi'.-l <iMarli'r of .•■c'clioii iw<», to>irii.'<liiii one 
hull IrLiI a'.nl lour iiorlii, range lwriity-niii<! w<'.''' ; 
il id ill;; iHi; lainl yon likil oil. You nro ln^nliy 
ii'iiiiicd tohu ami appear al ihlti oflicu on iSalanlay 
(he .S(ii iJ.^y of tJiim-, lcf'i7, at 1 oVlixk p in, lor 
ihr piufio-c o! <;iviii!; >!io whole lualtir n fair aii'l 
i nip art 1.1 1 in v.; a ligation. 

A. H. Isll.M.s, n.-j<i^(-r. 

u^ w. nuia.i.v, iu,ciiv*.r. 

U. S. Land Oilice. 

Winncla;^o City, Minn., May lih, 1SC7, 
To (.'oriK-liiio C. Car . : 

Ira .M. lllkfr has iLis day apjilii-tl for Oie 
iswint'l Iw'iseiAsei.'jelp.c in, lowiifhip 
101 iH.rMi, raii^j 2j west; it bciiijj tUc Inii-l 
yiiM filf'l on. You aro hfri:'>> rmlilii-ii to h'j and 
Hiip'Mr ul (hi.< ifllicu on Friday, the 7lh day 
oj Juno. 1S()7, at 1 o'l Idck p in. lur iho purpoee 
</f ;;iviu;; l!io whoic inatlcr a lair i%iid impartial 

A. II. lUi.l.I.s, Itiv-'^i*", 
n. W. lloia.l-.VK-.o'.ivcr. 

WARCOxMMENC'D.I ™portant decision. 

After car<-ful invPHtlgation by competent judge* 
It h»g been fully and fairly decided that tli« Lege 
place to purchase 

I am now rectiTing the 

l^iirgest and Most C(>ni])lete 

stock of 

Dry Goods, 

-lam OKI s iiouse, incci'.ui' hiiu, as u i ,. . . , , r «i ^ v...„, ,.« i 

/ ... 'd the appouitmcnt ol tlic nereavcil 

iPI'ears, .abiiut forty from Ids' ., r » i v , , i :^ .-...., o . .. 

'1 ' willow 01 Judge ray :is his successor 

\xvx\^c, ill the road, when a'ter a few | j^ ^j^^, ^^jjj^.^,_ 

.vurds ii»^ struck at l.ini wiih l.'i3 a.\, ' , . t ^ . / 

,..,,, , . ' liu-s;a proposes t'» take a ileet ol 

.•atliii'4 h:s riiiiu haiu! marly 11! two.— I \ ,,-.,,. 

/ , , " , , , , uen ciad.s Irom the I nited btatc-j in 

.^t:•.m^'Jd ilm; turned to run, when , . » • 

... . ..• I • I r. T'l^V'ncut lor Kns-ian America. 

licvl sinick him au^•lln cuttnii^ his iott * -^ 

liandcntirelv oil and buryii- h-s a.v ^'-^'•'''•^^ McCJrath, the la.^t of th. 

bit in St.« and fJlin- | ^''^"^"•^^•^^ IV.dans, l:as been .sentenced 

him to the -round, Ilovt ;i!Urwards , l^» ^^' '''"';-^' «>» ^''^' ^^^''^^ J^«^'' ^^ '^^''■ 

-t.ikl.o^ th. lodv and he* ,d -f Stamlbrd | »-^"t«. ^'- ^^'- '^^^'^ '^"^^^^ ^^''^ ^"^ ^^'^'^ 

nine -r ten blow .s nculy severing the ^'-i'i?^'^i "> r=»«" tl''^« sentence, but did 

iiead from llie body. Ilovt then wci;t , i»>t Mipposc it would be carried uut. 

liome .-Old told his wile that ho had ; There are now forty-seven new pa- old Slamh-rd, and thtt he would pcis published ia .Minne.'iot.i— a Sfitu 

mnygo and finish splitting rails. I>ut ; ,j^^t yet ttn ye rs old --live of which 

in>teal he proceeded to Stamford's , .^,.(; j.^i]y_ On an averat^e these papern 

house and u-t. inptcd to kill his wi!e, ' ..^^.td in typograpliical ai>pcarance and 

who called her two s .ns, a-ed 17 i-nd ; f, life rial ability the newsp-.ipeis of many 

JO, to her a^>istance, aiul together they j „{ ^^^^^, ^;^^^^^ States. The number of 

bound him nnd took him to Ihmdus find ! j,.^^^.,.^ jj,,^^, published recalls to mind 

d.-i;\ered him to a constable, by whom . ^j.^. ^\,\ auecdoles in regard to Frauk 

ho was b.ought to Faribault. ^ j u,-, .nother-in law, who oljected to J^^r'^ri^'; ^ultn'lt' U'^arried on at 

Iloyt has a tan ily. composed ot a wile , |j^.j. dau-hter marryiio' a luinter be- ' i""*; *">^' «tand liy M. Dearborn. n26wo 

and seven chiidieii. Stamford, who cause two newspapers were published Li A "3" ^\^W^t • 

IS an old man, leaves a lurge family, m this country, and she did not sje R^mM^^^Oi^ ! 

Th<} conduL-t of the accii.^ed is most I j,^^^y lu-pjauiin was to n:ake a hving. 
indilTijrent and n<mch'(l'?nt. 



Mat^j Caps, t&c. 

Ever Brouglit to the Minnesota 
\' alley, 

and have ccmmenccd 


of which fji'.-t all my oil customers and the pub- 
lic generally 

Will be satisfied by callino; and Exam- 

iiiing my (Joods, and hearing 

my 1- nces. 

ever bearing in mind rnj' motto of 

r. ,S'. L,n,({ iijjirf. l.:i;^o Ci'y, Minn., .May Cib, 1SC7. 
i' l.,ii;i.-iiy Uiiico: 

Olc Uk'.-»iin Floe h.^.s thi:' ilay applied fur tl;'- 
IK rth east ((iiaittr jf .xci-rion 22, t-'Wii-hip lOl 
ncilli, ranee 2a wc.-t ; it b-inp the land you lili- 1 
on. You aro hcnby Oi appear at ti!i> ufiue 
on ."Saturday tlif ""t'l dtiy of June, I'('i7. at I p. 
m, for thu purpose of j^ivin;; tho wlulo mutter 
.1 lair and iaip^irtiul inxestiL'.iiion. 

A. n. lUI.IJS, Rrtjiffrr, 
11. W. lloI.l.bY, Kectivcr. 

Dissolution of t'o-Parluer.sliip. 

The lirm of l/onnll 4 Dearli'irn i.< this day 
''.i:«.«oUt'd l>y n^utuai c-ous'tnt. The .=nid M. I) 
b'trn will jiayuil demands und collect u!l nccouun 
due said !irm. 

M. l»KAKl>OKN. 
"VVintiebrt^o ("iiy, .\pril lOih, l"f).'. 

Sellin^,^ :\[ORE Goods for ONE 

House in the \'alley. 

Ih^aae Marks, 



and in fact any kind of Goods, i? at tlie Store o} 

B. M. Wilson, 

Next door to KICUARDFONP, 

whera more Goodi can bo had for ot>o dollar tbi 
any other 

in Faribault County. 

v4n21tf pr N, AV. Sargkxt, 

April 3th, 18C7. 

VMf-, CLElltiYMEX, to take orders for 
oar new woik, 


Edited by 


Author of "Life of Lincoln," "Timothy Tit- 

coinb'p Lcttets," "Littcrswcet," etc, 

Agent!" already in the field arc taking from 
fifty to one hundred orders jor week. No other 
book now published eells s-o rajddfy. Largest 
,^ co!nmi>!'ioD given to Arr'nti. F<.r term* and 

MankatO, Minn., Nov. 20, 1><jO ly ; teirif.ry apply to GHARLEs DILL, Chicago, 


Livery Stable ! 

l-^'Uii St. Paul Pioneer ol May 
Gd , in .pi 'tiuLj an {article from the New 
York World relating to the pictuics m 
ILiiper's Weelily, .-ays: 

<>ur Ac(|ui>i(iuiis. 

Au Ktigll h paper in the Annus Mi- 
rab'.lis ISGo, gives a note cf r;iiii fall 


L"". S. Land Office. 

\Tinneb.ago City, Mien., April 22, 1S67. 
To Patrii-k .J ilrady : 

John 1'. Rird ba.« this day applied for the 
nor'h we.-it quarter seetifin 2L lon-iir-nip 102 north 

■^^y*/ \ '■'■ ... V-' "\ -5 rang..- CI we>t ; it I.ein^'the land y.iu filed on. — 

/S^>r^i - ^••— . ' '^\ "5 j You are hereby notified to be and appear at ths 

.' V v- -' - - ■' ;-• ^ I ..«iec on *aturdav, thc2.^th dnvof.May. 1>B7, at 

I.'., .it. .1 N^i. -• . '■,' B.a^J*.'^ 


At tJio rate we are goinoj on, the old of the year. In January, .<"ixfeen da} 

lli^ure of speecli, ":hat the whelc buund- I i;iiu ; February, firtcen ; March, nine- 

ItfS-? continent is ours/' will soon be teen; Aj ril, nineteen ; ^May, ten (less 

A few days a'u'> We de=cribed sonv h^'^'''^^ ^^' l'-^'" '"^"^^ ^"^"'' '''^^^- ^'''''■•■' i1»^=" i>'^' ;n<«-'i,H';; J">^e, fourteen, uith 
ot the villa'inous ]>ictures with whicli Uhe Constitution \va.s adopted, we have j plfpty (,f cloud-i; July, eleven diiys, and 

II ..'. \\'..„t.i.. I.... 1...,-. 11 i.-Qi'ltiiiirl T.i,rn - :..:.: «.,»■•,... • i i ».. .. .. _ri.... o. 

Would rc«peotf illy inform the public that they 
have opened »■ first ela=> Livery ."^tablc in Winne- 
ba;^o t,'ity, where g^iod '•e.<t;ii«ii.'-hincn's" ean be 
had at ail tiine.'<, d.iy or night. Pas.-engers ar- 
rivi:!g by stagn ravried to any point de.-ir'.-d. 

.<ta'b!eand Ofiiee ja^t back ol tL« New liabtist 
Chtir'. !i. 

Winnebago Ci*y, Jan. 10, ISC7. 

Hamper's Weekly has been insullinij | „i^,]j^ ii,(. fjH^^wmg actpiisitions of ter- ■ jjim-Ji cIoipI ; Au,mi-t, eighteen; Sep 
the pn>titute and .-utreriii- •*5^u^'». ""^^ I Htory : ' * Jenihrr, niiii, with only 

d(dn«' itx utr.iosT t. I'lolonuf our pre,'*- , - -t • i' .. i <" r i i /^ . 

eiit di>un;on and kindle ai.ew the tires 1- -j "'^' I"ncha.o of Louisiana and ^ one hue d.y Iree Ireni elondi; Oct> 

ol s ctional is'.rife. '^'9 Mi^.s:^.s;pJ)i Valley, in iJr'oo, IVoui j Ler, ."si-'ven ; Nmeuiber, fiileen, with 

What a pi-y it is that tho jvoitilute < France, for ^^lo.OOO.UUO, j much f':^: rnd damp ; ai;d December, 

South Bhould be in.Milted \v:lh "e/V.w//.- -• The of Florida, n\ ISIO, ; twenty-two. The total neaily 2'JO d;iys 
ou/' ploturoi. AU I nude^l Se 1 from Sprdn, for >!3,()00,t»0i». L.^ of otio. 

cei^siu. ^- The anuesati.n of Texas, in lS4.y | .^j^ ^.^.^^^ j-^_^,^.,.,^ :. ,,,,^ ,;-^^,p, ^,^ 

, ■*■ '^'•'^^ rureluve of Cahforni., .New \ ^^^ ,^.^. .^ ^^^^j sj ecidation* this lime.- 

:^^A Wa.hingt.u di-p.irch says ^Mexico and [ i.n. from ^lexico, f\.r .,^ ^ charterers expended -tl40,000 
that it is alter ull a matter of doubt as ; sl5,U0.V)U(h in isds. ! sterhu'^ t. relit the ves.el -for p.sseu 

M whether Jad.^eLndervvoodwales.savj 5. The pnrcha.HW)r Aiizona from ' .,,.j. tiailie, ba.sin- uM-eat exiiecUitions 

GKOUGE E. NKI>ON, Proprietor. 
Liquors of all kinds. Cream 

Ale and Lajcr Deer, eousianily on nand. 

Oystt^rs, Lolbsters, IVaclies, j "'Yy'Y^^lNEBAGoTrrY ~ 

niaeklierries, Kaspberries, and Cansep 1"i:i n!" } 
ol' all kinds. i 

n.'iin and 1-ancy Candies, and ' DRFG ^TC^ISE. 

Nuts Ijcni every climo. I 

Winnebago City, Feb. 27, lS«r. T4nl.1tf 

I p. m .for the purpose of giving the whole mat 
iiT a fair and impartial inve.-ti_-a:ion. 

A. H. P.n.MP. l**ji-ter, 
H. W. noLLEY, Receiver. 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winneba.,'o City, Jlinn, Apiil 8th, ISCT. 
To Philip I'ur.Lit : 

George Nntt ha" this day upplied for tbr 
-oath ea.«t qrsec 2S toirnship lii2in,rth, T.i-^ge 2?- 
vve.-t ; it being the land you filed on. Y'ou are 
hi rcby not'tied lo be and app- -«r at this ofTice on 
.Monday the l.lih day of May l>^ti7 at 1 p ni for 
the purpose of giving ibe whole malter a fair and 

ioipaitiai iuvealiziition. 

.\. H. Uri.LI.^. Hepster, 
H. W. HOLLfcY, Uec*i*er. 


Tlie AVorlil As<-oni.^lied 


Made by tlie Gretit Astrologist, 


U. .S. La}ul Ofice. 

Winnebago Ci:y, Minn, April 25, 1SC7. 
To Ea trer Elia? : 

John I' Daiiills has this day apjiiied for the 
, sriiiih e«.-t rjuarttr of section 24. township 102 
north. langj ."1 west; it being the lai:d you filed 
on. Y<^u are lieriby notified to be and uppvur at 
tt.i3 ofiiceon Saturday the 2jih day of Jur.o. 1M>7, 
at I o'eljck p m, f'>i ibe purpo5e of giyir;g the 
whole inattei a lair and import i:i! invefflisration. 
A. H nUI.LIS. Ke?if!(r. 
H. W. HOLLEV, Ucciver. 

Ljer tiaiiie, basini; great exjiectiitions 
! uioii the (ireal Kxp- sit'on. They pay 

ihe trial of Jelfei>on Duvis at the May ^[t.xico, for ^?lO,00(.),(XMJ, in 1no4. 

' ' ' ' s ii|uii me Ml eat i'.i.\j>' nii uii. x >"-'y p*') 

term of the L^iitcd Stutci district court- 1 (). The purchase of the i"»nense j ^-i ^.o,j ^^^.,.,i.,^, j,^,. mouth. be.s:de.s, ol 
If the term be adjourned wiihout such \ \\x^s.\:^x^ r sses.^ions, runnin- down on ; ^.^,„,^.^ .jj ,,,,"„;„j. expenses and port 
trial, the 1're.^iient h.a.i daermined to ^ Ui- Pacific coast from the Xorlh l'',le ' ^.j^.^,.,,^ j, r^^^^ \.^ char-es at New 

■'•■••> '"^ • •"- — ' I - - "•• - -^ ■ c;i:ir^( s. 'idie jn'it chari^es at New 

at once relea^e Jef!. from confinement |,o fifty fnur f.rfy north l-''ituu^>, at | y,.,,,:"^,,^!^ j.^^^. ^1,;^^ ,,.,., ./^(^ :-,; (^^^^^^ 

at Fortress Monroe, on nominal bail, j vrhieh line it strdces the i' j,o..scs ,,,,,-,.i,.^ ,„^, bi-.t, c.mmi.s.sions. ndver 

The Fre.<id.'nt has in his p>..s.-e>siun a|i,ior,q. 

letter, sii^iud by lead ng Republicans, j These extrusive flights of the Anicr 

asking tl^t Mr. Duvls be released ; aW. I ican eagb, iVom the --"^l' 1 ^,.. ,,„„,i,i j„,e eighty or one bun. 

a propo>iti m fmm Il-race Greeley, of- ^duwn ahm .t to the r, lu ^^^ . ^^^ ^^^^^^^^ dollar^to'pay cpouccs. 

feriii- to be one of Mr. Pavii' bond- «u''"y J^<'ntl', :i!^' '>» Ji <haracler to 1 

convince the world th.d notliin;:;; >-liort 

ti-ing, etc., and the entire proceed.s td 
the vovape were only sJO,Gl'S. Each 


^^^IjT'AboMt \> o'cliK k p. Ul. on 


nesday thu -ith, u'lt.,. an earth<pnke 
was full with more or le>s severity near 
ly all over Kansas, Mhsr^ouri, and from Fapc F'lattery, the cxtronio we 

of the whole We.-tern Conlim-nt will 
content "the universal Vunkce "Xoti'iu." 
The new region just acquired 1 y tin- 
Pussian treaty extends our western Fine 



Iliiiiois. Three very di.-tinet .shock.s 
were Telt. .Uri. k buildiii'^H'the founda- 
tions of which we:e deejily laid, expe- 
rienced more fully tiian frauie build'.ngi-: 
the etfect of the shock. Tiie vibrations 
of su'.di were generar.y from three to 
five in.hes f.oia cast to The 
carthfpiake was the ni->»t violent of any 
recorded oince the tireiit one of Fil2, 
■jvliiidi shook the wliole Mlsi-ifsippi \'al 
ley, fr.>in center to ciicnmrtrence, and 
Uiterly destroyed Xew Madrid. 

Kittori api-earcd in Xevv Orlean.^j, in 
Myrra and An-elo, in the TyiMut of 
^'Mdua. Ilor receipts for Fcvcnleen 
ni-lits were 6i7,o0(j- In Clixago for 
four iji.i.'hty and a she received 
§:iO,8Ud. Fo'iT ijij-dits in Cincinnati, 
$13,<Jt»'', and in St. Louia fi)r the Burnt 
niLJiber of pei Jormancei?, td(;,000.— 
She will .sail for Europe ou the 18ih d 
M y. 

r:;;9-.Scnor Komcro, Mexican ailu.s- 
ter at Washington, r-ccived on the fiat,,t!ic folIo'.viMi,' telegram from the 
Mexican coii>nl ut New ( bleats :^^ 

Xicw OftLEA.vs, April 30.— 7b M 
jinntro, W<i>ihln'jton, I) r.-M.ramo, 
is dead; the Imperial force.<* are d.s- 
Landed ; Mur.pie.>» is completely defeat. 
,.1; (^aeiat:*ro taken, imd Maximiliai 
Ind hll 

tern point of \VaKh:n;,'ton Territory, 
just under the outer coast of \'ancou- 
ver's Ish.nd, in longitude VIS. ." 4 de- 
crees west, to VS.y degrees west (or 
rather to 1*17 de;;reos east) longitude. 
This extension is e<|nal in thnift from 
Cape I'latte-y to four liours and thirty- 
three minutes; so that the lull measure 

ST.\TE or MIN.\::S<)T.\. 1 ,, 
(•ol.NTV OF KA111I5AI I.T. j ' 

To the Shu-if or a»y ConsUtblc of 
said Conntij : 

1.1 thf name of tho State rf Minnc«ol.i, you 
are b'nby e<..iinini 'K-d W aOn h th-t (Jood:^ and 
th;i' il.-. '.Moneys Lireel.s and fndits of \W.'t 
wo )d Tolivtr, or *o inueli there. I as .<;i:ill lie .-ul 
licei t to .'•ati-'ty tho suiu of forty-tight d.dlar.s 
and lorry eeiit*, witli iiiletedt and co»t.-< of suit, in 
nbi..<-e.«of\<r b.ii.ds or po5.v!.-<Hioi. the fame may 
bi: found, in yourCoJiily. an J -k. piovi'le that the 
t;...i.i.s and ('li.ilti-l.s .-o ultaelied may be -iibji-.l to 
fvriher j.roeeeding.-i thereon, iivtbo l.nv rt'iuire.-; 
and al»o to .-uuiuion the said W estwood 'I'olivcr 


and CiciAi:.-;, 

,*:ii» revc.'.l.'' «<-cn t<i no mortal fver 1:nf'r. She r'-«lf<r»'S ^ 

to Irijioiiufcs i!:<is«- ulio, from iv U-fi I t-viits, raiastiD- _/xl't IL 'It-'S. 
jiiitM. eross ill loTf, l>>^:t of rtliilion.^j and fio nil«, 1 •*•* of 

iiioiicy, .tc, have liteoinc iU«|ioii'l.i.t. S!.e lirin;;* •«>- I 

pi-ilicr til' .-■(• Ions Mparutiil, jr'v«s mfortfi'iioii ooiiCiTii- 
i;ii{ al'->i lit fiifirl-i or l.ivirs, rerlori-r' lo.^f i rstolni prop- 
fiiy, tfll« \oii tlie l'ii-iii<-s.< vvi) me In <t ((iKilltifii to pur- 
sue and in wliiit you will !'<■ m.j>l suoe •.s>riii,ci!U..S'S ciii-e- 
(iy iiiarriiiLO .•■ ami tilN \. ii tlu- \( ly liny you ttiil m.ary, 
i:ivi-.i ,\ou ill*' ii:iii;«', Iikci!>.')i<auil etiar-elcrictk-s' of tin- 
jterj-on. t^hp r<;icl« your vi :-y iIk ii^Iil^. and b.v Iirr al- 
r.i'^-l -iijuriialmal |i i« ITS uavii:.** tlu' darl: ilid liiddea 
m\>-tfrics of ilie fiiiurc. rvmii the stars we s^'- in tin- 
fli'mititi.-iil— llie m:il(lio st:ir.« that ovti come or jircdoiiii- ^ . , T> .1--, mi/l ""i-f o f h-knnvx'- 

nMt,. !n tlu- oonr._'iu..ti..u-fr..iii MuaMuv'- and posiiions Jii-cnooi books and kMaiioneiy. 

of 111!' I>t;iii(ti« niiil 111'.- (i.M-d rt;ir- ill tin- tiuu' of liirtli, 

jlii" di-'iil-i-' the flit. :f'- "i'-sliiiy ol iiiaii. I';,!! not |(>«om- ■ ~~^ 

Miil 'Ik- K'i-:it.'st .\>tc<-loi;i>t on •Mitli. it .•...-l.i yu I'ut 1>1„, 1 !> I,.. T"k:.,,.wi, Afuliir* 

a trill.-, nii.i y>n m;.y n- v.-r .n-i.hi l.ave .-. aa 15IanK ljt>C>KS, inUl 1C\-', l>i^ HIO- 

..(.IMitiiiiilv." foiisiiliatlon (lie, wiia liU«in--s and all -i -r-. i t aa r^ 1 

d.Mr.dinr.Mmnfion. Oml)..IIar. P. rli s livii;: ul .i .lis foi|(^|a l-JoOlvS, J..ettCr, LUD, and 

taii<-e ean consult ll.t Madam ly i lail xvi;!i eijual saft ty ' . , 

ami sati-sfaoiioii lo tlieni-ilvis. as if ill l"isoii. .\fiill ■\r .^ ^ Pm-kr»r»! T*('tl«? Vplirils Su- 

anl eNiiiird, wsiUi-n out. with all im,-Jiii. > an- A OtC i apCI >, 1 (_ IJ??, l^:^llen^, k. U 

Kwired',i-iussri.el<'S.'d, sc-iit l.y mail oil ric-iipt of . T 1 «• 1 .+1.^,.^l/:io 

,„w aiMvim ..iion.d. The .-t.iit. .-t' sy wiii lie lienor Ink, and other aiticie^ 

maiiitainrd. and ;ill corri-:-p>nden(<- rttunif.l or ilistioy j 1 i t\ • < r^ 11 

cd. U.f.riiicesof thi- lii,-l.tst ord.-r funii-lilnd U "><: I p,.f l.y jJl'UO-0'li;i:S UCnCrallV. 
.K-'ini.Kllicm. Write plainlv the d.iy of llio month an-l l^'- | »- ^J cD ' •^ 

Patent Medicines, Painl-s Oils, 
and Dve-Stuiis, Kerosene Oil, 

T r,,.,-.-. . l*..T-fiiniMTT' on<l P-nipv To LavfHVette H Sn >vr 

Lanip>, iellumCl} and i c1LC\ „^race'A Faune-b..sihi.^d..y applied for tb» 

U. t!^. LandOftice. 

Winneb.igo City, Minn., A^ril 25, IS67, 

yt-ar in v. Iiii li you were born, eiicto-inri a small K'Ck of 
iiair. Address, 

ji.vDAMA H. A. rruiuoo, 

v4nlSfl P. O. Drawsr'J'.'.i, Uaffulo, N. T. 

Know Thy Destiny. 

M.'idanie E. F. Tlminton, Ibe prrat Kn^lisli A^^fro.o- 
eil Cl.iirvov.-'i I aii.l I'svcluiiK i.ii iaii. wlio h.-i" as- 
lunish(-dtlM- M-. iitifii- elass,^oft!n■ Old Wor.d. lias iio\r 
loeitc-.l h -rs.lf at llml-nn, N. V. .Madui le Thon.O.n 
|.,,s-.'s, s .such w.i!:d.rf. I pi Wisof fiCoimI si!.!t,..s lo 
oiiul.k- h. r to iaii-art k.-ow it dj.'c rd I'l.- pni.»i ; t im, or- 
l!iii'-et> t!i;-(iii{;le or .iiaiiicd of dllit-r s-'X. \\\\A>- in 
II slate. 'ftraiic", sin- ihlim-atis tlu- very f.-alur. s .f the 

Winnebago City, 



Vegetable Sicilian 



. ,. ., . , , I ,1 ii.heb.iiiid, to be nnd appear at inv olbeo in 

oft-.ino trom tlie .New Ijruniwick to I ^; j ,.^„„(y „„ ,.„. j^d, ,iay oi.June, .A. D. isc.T. 
the Atlantic line of our territory will be I "t one n-ei.cU aUcrno.n. ';;^"-r,*,;;, '';'';;;''' J;- 

Law, Ki a Livil lidion. to his (Kiiua^'o uiic Hun- 
dred dollar.* or uuder. 

(Jiveii under n-.V bund.thw Titb d:,y of Miiy, A. 
1). ist;7. ' 11. B. .<1'1« Kl'.il.M \N. 

i,2swl Jubtieo of iho 1*0300. 

over €l(jht hours and a h^({f\ or one 
hundred a'ld sixty dei^iee-s of loiiiritude. 
Whor. the sun m.-irks noon at F^astport, 
it will be fjuite •':->0 in the mornin^x nt 
.\tlnn L^land ; or, beiniij noon at tho 

, Winieba:,'o City, Minn, May 5Mb, 1867 

said Island, it will be tl iittle more than t„ Wiiiia.rt ireiami: 

U. S. Land Oilice. 

8:30 in the cvenino; at the Main bound- 

The larii^eHt paper mill in the wdld 
is about to j^o into operation at Green- 
vill, Conn. It will turn out thirty five 
Ihouiiand pounds of p iniing paper per 
day, and is expected to produce a de- 
cline in price. 

]}y act of the last Leoislature, the 
saleries of the State oiEcers and Judg 
esof Minnesota are as follows, Gov- 
ernor i5!3,Ul>0; Sccrctaiy of State and 
.Superintendent of Tublic rrinling -*!- 
SOO; Auditor $2,000: the dud^es of the 

Kniid Tcderson has this day njpli. d fi'r the 
II e ([r see, 14 lownKhip lUl north, ranj;e ?<"> west, 
it b. iiK' the l.iiid you lilt-.l on. Vou uro hereby 
notilicd to be au'l ;>ppear nt tnis (illiee on ."falnr 
day Itie Sih dny of June, l.'-()7, at 1 o'eloi k p, in, 
for till- purpose of >:i» inj^ tho whole mailer a 
fair and .nipnrllal in vcbli^^atiun 

A II r.iiHis, I{e;:;ist<)r 
n W Jlolley, lU-e-.iver 

U. S. Land^fiic^ 

Winnebago City, .Minn, May Stb, ISllT. 
To John Haley : 

Peter Larson bai? tbi.s dav ; ipH. d for the 
s e i|rsee H lovvn.ship 101 north ran-o 10 west : 
it belli)? the land you tiled on. You arc ben-by 
notllied 10 beandappf*«ratlbi»c.ftii-eon S.4lurda\ 
the Sih dav of June, IS()7, al i p m, lor the pur- 
pose of givinj; the whole matter a fa'.r and ini 

parlial !Uvc.-tii;utioi'.. ..,,,- „ ,. 

' K II. Ill 1,1, I>, It.'-i-^t-r. 

)1. W.JlOiibKV, Ki-ceiver. 

Aa Ibe name indicates, not only rekews 
the growth of the hair when thin and fallin^ij 

;::s::;;v,:u an:\o^man:;::ad;";he*' i^ir^^ I oir, bu^ positively rcnc. v. cdor to^s 

iM.iit ofiiiuns.- i..)w.-r, kaouii ..s fie I'sycli.m.aiope, Qricinal ^ado whcn it \A turning grj0 or 
.'iiir-mt.'."? t.i nroi'.H-e a life like jiictnre oflhc future » "V j , i- ^\^fr., 

lol'nilml or wd'. ol the apidicaoi, toj.. n cr «iti. date of white, whciVr causcd by discasc^ief or 

,n..riia:.'c. position in life, ha.linK traits of character, ^j^j ^se. \ X 

.tc Thisis ii.< htmih"-', ■•>'< of tcstiiimmals " & ,\, , , .. y^ A f^^ U 

ciiiftss.rt. S-he will send, wh.n d -ind, a crtitied It Will CCftaiO^ tlo What IS d^imcd lor It, 

,.;.,,ir.c.le;or written ^marautee, Ihattl.e i iel.i.e is «hal | ^ ^^ Vindreds. «^ thousands, 

i, piiri.oitsto'ie. l:y .-iicloMii;.' a small lock of hair, iiid ; • i'*^'' '■^ ^ ,. \ Jt a -ir„ *^ 

s'l'iiini'i'O-eofi.irih, a},'.', di-i-osi'lmi an I coiniikxion, , yf\^Q havc used it, Vo rcod^ and Willing 10 
,nd ci:eiosi.i^'.M< cents and stamiied ei,veio|.e amiiYsed j .... 'Where oneVtl^ is fairly used, in 

to voiir-^elf vou Will receive the iMClure and d.sired ill- V08UI}. m ut,it uiio *^^^ j . 

f..riiiatioii lie return mail. All cmmiimcatiois ^;o-r. .!- a,jy community, itfljfreputation "SprcadS 

i^ ^"tiloKMONi'l'^o^'lJox^SS^^^^ l^k« ^il^ fire,"y^\hc best advertise- 

mcnt and rcconmiendaVin wo dessire. In 
the Eastern St^^, whereVie "RENEWEU" 
originated, mQ young la\o3 use it as a 
hair dres^rog; it ia foun\on the toilet 
tables o^^ung men, (also atVieir barbers), 
while^fildcr men and women Vho desire a 
Renmbcr and Restorative for tliei\?:;rey locks 
aivi bald hcada will not bo w^^out this 
»riicle, which gives in every instiJS^e, en- 

\ InlSvl 

)l n w .|r of n w qr n w qr and lo. uo 1 seeiiou 
S, 'township 101 north, ran^'c 2S we.^t , it being 
the land you filed on. You are hereby notified 
I,, he and" appear at this offiee on .Monday tl'e 
lOlh dav of June, 1667, al 12 oVlock ni. for tho 
purpo.ieorgiviuj,' the who!« matter a fair auii 

impartial invest ij'ation. ,, „ . . 

A. n. P.lhLI:*. r.e?i?t£r, 
11. W. noLLEY, Ueceiver. 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebapo City, Minn, April 25, 1S67. 
To Pati-el V»' !*.;uiie: 

f^hri.siiap John.ion has thi' day applied for 
the souih .juarer St ctix.n 22. lonusbip 101 
norlh, raUj^e US west: it b. itiiribe laud you filed 
on. Vou are herd y uoiilied to be and appear at 
this of!i -e ou .AJr^nday the 27 day ot May, 1S«7, 
at 12 o'eb.ek ui. for ihe^iurpose of giving tho 
whole matter a fair and inipirinl iuvesti;.'alion. 
A. IT. IULLIS, Ket;;ster, 
H, W. ilOLLEY, Keceivtr. 

U. S, Land Office. 

Winneb.Tgo City, Miun., April II, lS6r. 
To VVm V Stone . 

Fila?: Riebardson has this day applied loi-^o 
north west ijuarter ^^eetion 20 township 104 n*lh, 
ran-^e 211 we.*t : it bcin;:: tbo land you filed on. 
Vou are hereby notilied to be and appear at this 
ofiiee on S.iturday the 11 ih day of day, 1867, at 
10 .;"cl.i-U a ui, for the purpose of giv'iag the 
whole matter a lair and ini]»artial invi sii':ation. 

A. n. lU'M,!?. U-uister, 
II. W. liObLEY, Ueceiver. 

Dit. isWAlN'S 

lloJirbo2i 2?sltcrs 

. I Jlrdlth'f To>ii<\ Gentle ^Sdnnfirnt, 
and rn((jn<(/<d Mornhtf/ Appttizir. 

Trepare.l in llipe 


Tree from <!raiii Oil, Willi Floweri, and Harks of the Highest 

Medieal Virtue. 

IT, S. Land Office. 

Winntla-o City. Minn., Apr<l 22, 1867. 
T" V.'iliiiiiu M. Knight - 

For-^ten Larson has this day applied for the 
r-^nith east quarter of se'-tion 22 t< wn»bip lO.'} 
!io-ih. r:«.n^e 2.) west ; it be.iig the land y«u filed 
■ m. You aro hereby notilie.i to be and ai ; lar 
it thi.s oftiee on Satu-da-, the 26 da* o .May, 
iMir. at ten o'eloek A. M.. forthe puri.os? of giv- 
ing the wIjoIo uiattcr a lair auJ imparsial inves- 

A. II. r.ULLT^ Regi.^ter, 
H. W HOLLl-JY. Receiver, 



r V^I'^NV DAI."^,!"'^'':-. trict ('..ui-1' ^•.' ."»'">. 

A no;v hit of Tr'/nv/;/^/ 7)^^(75 just 
Minromc Court ii^o.OOn, nii-l tl'« I)i»<- - nriiiK-.l aiw] f- r s:t!o .Tt t].i.« offioo. A'- 

.f>rs%\\ kinWs r^f Ju4^/» hUms* 

tiro sctisf&clion. 


Don't let any drugpst or de-iler urpce tjpon ynn a 
different articla, m there is no jirejviratioii In the world 
like this, Beware of any aiticle puri^rtiuf; to b« the 

•*'a8- .. ■.^. 

Try lIAbL'f5 HAin RKMKWEIl according to Direo- 

tioiu, nnd vou will use no other. 

If not sold at druiTRista iu your tov::. a trial Ixittle 

will ho sent voa i>y ox;irei«, U|>on receipt of one dv.lUr 

by mail, tlina giving yon an opiiortuuity »t once ol 

Hv inercnsing tho appetite, a»sl«:liiig digestion, 
regiiliiting the bowels, and giving tone to the sys 
teni. they impart .■*tieng»h and vigor to the body, 
iMid ebeerrniii's-s lo ihe mind. „_, ,.._ _ , p, ., _ 

/TAf If v'liir .IruL'gi.^ts or trivdescian has not j tentini^us exrotlent qualities, 
got Tin-:si: KITTF.US. have him send for them I- Orde« foi ijxii t<.W« mu-t bo ajdrowed »^ 

i*^.. lleineinb. r the name, and take no other. ! C. 1. COOlt, ITIlCag^O. 

Fer sale by druggixt." and (iroeers everywhere I 6enT h^um for Northwustam Statoij 

C. 11. SWAIN. Proprietor. I ^. p. haLL * CO., fropjl^tors. Noann.a. N. II. 

gold at %nOLKSALK, in tnteago, by FULLER, tVS(m 

U. 8. Land Office. 

Winneb.Tgo City, Minn., April 1.3, 1S(J7. 
To Williiin H Dunn :" 

James 1>. Cook has this day applio 1 for tho 
.<outh 2 south eat<t j section ly and t-outh * south 
west ^ seetion 20 township 104 north, range 23 
ivef I ; it b ,ing the land you filed on. You :ire here- 
liv notified to be aiol apjicar at this office on Fri- 
day Ibe 17 day of May, 1867 at 9 o'eloek a oi. for 
Ihe purpose of giving tiic whole matiar a fair and 
iuipaviial iiivcjiigatioB. 

A. n. rri.LI?. Rrplntcr. 
11. \\', llOLLKY, Hecelver. 

31 south Wales it., Chieago. 
At AVholesaio in St. Paul, by 





.Q .>i .1 ' (COVII., W. D. HARRIS * Or>, POST A BAPBaTT, Ml* 

U. S. Land Office. 

WitUicbugo Oily, Minn, April 3d, ISCT. 
To A <;.»rni.-;h : 

Jonathan Shcpard has this day appli"d for th» 
n e (jr n w qr and u-rf qr n eqrste 6 township 101 
rang-j 21) and s w qr s »• or and s e qr sw qr *C3 
:;l township 102 north ra 'g'i 29 west; it being 
the laud you fii'.-d on. Y .u are hereby notified 
to bo and apjiear at this oHico on SaturJ»y tb* 
lltn day of May 1807 at 1 o'clock p ni. for tf.c- 
purposo of giving the wlfble matter a fair and iia 

partial invattisatlon. 

i. H. BULLIS. Rejlit»r. 
U. .» HOI, LET. Ui-cel^wr. 



t ■ ,.■ i^ 1. 

. ■«■ 1 1 ■ 

- /• 








WiNNKBAOO City, May S, 18GT 

Cianicn City Items. 


Reported for the Free Homestead. 
I. O. OF O. T. 
Grinlcn Citv Lodcjc No. 16, of the 
n Indopcndont OrvlcV of Gone! Tomplnrs, 

T..;;^.::;"f,;M.,.r.c.w;a.«au,.c.,.[T^|7!Ti^^ BAUER & CO 

•Waiting fur «he Voidic-l', l.y Mrs. Ilo'.ecra 1 
Harlin/? Davis; 'Opiiu'i and it.-t Vidims,' fcy 
Al.)ii/rt rulkiiis; 'AnolIitT vi.>w i»»' M:i«l;iiiio Uc- 

taiuicr.' hy C C.irk ; •IViri^'i.iu iMiirli^-U,' by 

^. , . . CM ,K .„ imi«-l"iiv*v..v V. , , (!.,uM r..<num ;'!».« l>r.-:.m Child; hy M. 1^ I 

th. new ;.lu,ol llousr, at lU.VK.k A.M., and ig ju a VCrV VTO-VCVOXU ConaHlon. Pur- -Now \..rK an I Us IVoj.!., l.y L . J. Oit«r.-c,n . 
r o'clock r M I . -i . T « •MiiuoiuoijilU-,' »>» S. 1'.' ; 'A IJird a 

ilov. E. W. MEUUILL. P.Mor. | i.ig tl.o past <iuartor, | ^ ^^^ . ^^^ ^, ^^ ^^,^^ .,,,.,,;,.,„, „.• vi..v.l. 

Bapti.t.-s7r;;^::;;7;;7y~ahc:;;;;:roTab.a.h i; ' ^^^^ severe com WCUlher an.l l.a.l maas, ^ ,^ ,. ,, crau..h ; -Sleven,. V.-.-nan,' hy 

iho r.aptist Church, at 1 1 D'ch-.-k A. M.,iind ihioo i^s nicniborship has Stcaillly increased, j Mrs. i:dward.«; 'Words a.idthoir U.c.s,'by Ki.-h- 

Sundavi in each month at 7 1'. >«. j •, ,,.,1 ,i,,.„ nn\no ' T1h» oiVu'Crrt ^oT 1 •rd (.Sraut White; 'Uusiian Aiii"rica,' byJJ. K . 

Kov. K. STILLMAN, I'a^^tor. ] «»>«■» MIU UK } t oiiu . ( 

the present quarter were installed by 


Methodist-S.rvi.o. --y i;;;-;;^ ^^';;;^^ | n. W. C T. Deputy t^iso, on the even- 

in thf IJaiUist Chur>.-h, at 11 

oue Sundav in eai-h muitli at 7 i>"« link I*. M. 

' llcv. A.."^.CliriUUt'K, I'astor. 

[Lines sugiccsted by the perusal of tUo Pueui by 
KateE. S— .j 

Is it true that sprinj: if> ooming, 

When old Dorcas reigns abroad, 
JTrcezin^ t-'cn ones very titals, 
With biscoM and ehihing rod? 

1? it true that March batu left us, 
Ilumujini^ still her winter lay ? 

April too, with storm winds t;rcct us, 
Louding still her r^be to May ? 

"Who with Janu;iry's m.Tntl«\ 

Xow romcs dan.ini^ on her wav, 

Whito keks now with brown arc mingled ; 
Golden locks with silver gray. 

One would ibiuk the two together, 

Kow in pea<'e would spend their days, 

Freezing all mankind forever, 
By their cold and chiU'ng w;^rs. 

Absent arc the pretty blossom?. 

That once dtiked her fair y<>u:ig bruw, 
Blackened arc the gloc>niv praiiics, 

Clouds obscure the vision now. 

Freezing fingers, writing p .ems, 

Testily to sad neglect. 
On the pari of Mother Nature, 

For our past undue rc?pect. 

Katie S— is surely living 

In a latitude m.rc mild. 
Else by wealth orfoitunc fay-'rod, 

•She must be fond nature's child. 


\na; of the 4th inst., us r<»lU)\vs : 
W C T :Merrill M ClaTk, 
W V T Miss A K C'larlc, 
W S Cli.arlos O Kaee, 
W A S Mrs ("liarlcs O Raeo, 
\VT Wm ITeurv Burnett, 
W F S Mias Florence Evona, 
W i\r Jatncs 11 M uvin, 
W 1) M Miss E J Folsom, 
W J G Mi^s Katie- Marstcn, 
W O G nen] liersie, 
W C Uev A rase, 
W It II S Mrs S M Hark, 
"W S II S Mi^R .TiMinic Marion, 
11 W C T Henry i: (Jerry. 


i'ou.l : 'Nebulae,' iiy tlio Ivlilor. 

Tiu- price of iht? fin/.i • ,/ in ;iO ccnl.-< X nuaiher 
Su scri[tti.«n price fit. J') a year , invariably in j 
,\auri>. Two copies will bo smU Tm' $•> ; live • \\r 


f\m mn m ilooeon 



copies for Si 1 ; Ic i lor SJ.i ; twuufy for ?.V>. au I 
onu t'> iho gjttcrup ol tin* club; eacli additioinl 
copy $2,ji). .'subscriptions fbiKild bo ad Ire^su I 
ly W. •'. A- F. 1'. CUarch, VTo. ;i'J I'ark iiow. Now 

WariT.ntv l)ced.s, 

Moiti^acre DccjI^, 


Tnr. ATi.ANric M...ntiii,v. — For May contiins 
The (luurdiau Ang.l, Fart V, by Oliv.-r Wendoi' 
lloluici; !Ilit..ry «>r tbo Shewing M.i-hinc. A 

skt»lih o' the invc'.iti'Ki of ."lowing Ma-bines, •''".>. 'i /'I. * "H » 1 
th« .i;ili"ullios and d. -lay 1 i-i securing their iiitro- V^Ull l^laUll IJCea.S, 

duc'.ion to use. aad ol the changes efl'ecte I by 
them, by JaiM.vs Fartnn ; ll'«art a:i 1 Hearth, a 
F-oeuj by Thomas Uu.'hana.i Kei I . The tieu!u< 
of l»i'ki«n!«, a critical es ay by F. F. Whipple ; 
(ieriuaiiy 111 New York, by Charles Dawson 
.-^hanly : Katharin-i M.ruo, I'arl VIl, I y the 
autlior of 'Heraiafi;' S )rrow, a Focui ; Th« 
Flaintin Nonsuited; .Soin-J Uuapprueiat.-d Ciiar- 

K 31 1» O li I TJ 3r. 


* Crosby's Opera House' 


(New York Warerooms, 050 Broadway.) me 1 will pay 
\\U, 1<-skI.' A^'.-iith for thf U. .«. f«.r 



Gold Medal Piano Fortes. 



Wuiild rp«rpctfnllv inform the public dn (af'er 
havMiL'ha.l a week" C Fi.rtl.t^^hip with Fo*-t 
John L^lr^u.^ is^jrain bnsincsa in M? «w,i 
ni^rnc. Kxpcric.iee and iorllie Qrsi time huving 
a (;oo(l stock of 

Well Seasoned Liimlx r on l]aii<l 

, also an • u!.ii i'.-(l 6ho|., thinks to tatiefy all "bt 
cti.stiiiiKr.,, :,ii<l now <.M>-d loo. All kill'i^^ '-f l-ur- 
niluic (ill haml. -.r made to order promptly. 

Now customer.^ nipfd not ask f<jF 
lii\' Fooni^', as I liav(^ llie 


I A'^r'iTi'.'pg 10 ngrecnient in ah- t.-rwcfn Mr. 
I Furri » «r..J m vvif. d.ilcd Die. iJb, I^Ofi. rf>fii 
i one has to pay I'i* own debti. Orders sigaud \j 

Winnchrgo City, 0, 1^07. 

Cliatllc Mort;^'agcs, 

" '• iictcrs. A humorous sf.temrnt of the posjible, . ^, ,.+ •/•. 4-,.^ 

I j ,1 '1 j'ri'i'^c V, t^rtlllC'*tC^, 

llio river durin:; the but j.ot popularly erjiit-.l virtues of »u.h per- - ' 'o' ♦ 

- 1 * *«•„!„ iw.; ,l.t lilt sonages as b'domon s blu^'gtrd, the O. I M in of 

cur nn- fieshets attamctl a neiLilit uti- " 

r'"-^ ' 1 the Sea,Xantiiippe, Bluu Ue-ird, (J illii), and Cal- 

kllOWll to the oKles.t inliahitants ot tuts .^^^^^ ^^ ^, ^ ii.,,.ewell ; O; Iport iu Winter, by 
section. Moiul ly aftovnoan, April l.')lh, l 'j\ »v, Uigginson : M.irbio tiuarrie.-!, a F..eai,by 
the ieo Showoa si-ns of breakin- up, ^ «J mk 11. F. rSargcut; The Custom of Furial with 
ami on Tues.lav moruiu^ it ,vas all | tl- "-^ toward .1^. Fast, by K.r. N. I. Fro.h- 
•"' ' - -^ .. ! iii.Miam ; IKroes of AtVica, by W. >\ in- 

movint? ilown stiva.n, the water iisaipr ^^;;^^^^ j.,^^,,^ j^ and Literary \otic,'^. 

md .\IiL kiiius of 


i rapidlv anil ovcrth)wiug the banks. At ^ tickxoh &. Fn:i.D.s, Fubiisiiers, Uoston. 
I one time daring the forenoon on Tucs- 1 ^, ^ ^ .^^^ (•^!{,i,„t^ ../ /,Vr. /.«. r. Ff- ,/,•/.. 
j.lay an ice Jan. was formed about three- , ^^ ^^^^ n.,sTi:Trnn : 

1 quarters of a mile ahovC Ilarritlirton Sz , /;,,„. ,sV,.:_This is to crtify that T wa^ taken ; 

I I OVeland's mills Previous to the v.iib the .lyspej.sij a ye:'r ago last Mar.h, and, are Frintcdnnd fjr S;;Ic, whoUsa'e or 

1/ , ! " ,. .,' . . , ^..^ .,.„' fur:. i..ri..dol eiL'ht month.', one of Iho most the Office u/ tho 

breakm--' ui^ c the ice lam above, tbe ' "^ •' ' -' , , ,, . 1 • „l 

■■" ' . • i miserable creatures you beheld, not bung 

new hrid.Lie. at tins place — leccMitly .^,^j^ ^.^,^^.^ ^^^ ^.^,^ ^j^j^,^ ^^ ,,^.,.,,^ .,„.i „.,^., ^.o,.,. 

completed at a cost of nearly !?:l,000— ' j.elled to walk the lb«.r incessantly. I was noar'y j 

MOFFAT'S Life riiia 


TIio Most Successful Medicines 
in tho IVorld. 

EstaMished in 1S35 \,7 oj^-e oi 
our 310^1 Eminent i'liysicians, and 
now used tiiroughoiit North and 
Souili America, wltli more plcasini? 
results than any other Medicine in 
cases of diseased Liver, Blood or 
Skin, Indigestion, Costlveness, 
Eilious Complaints, Rheumatism 
and Fever Jind Ague. 

Thousands of certificates are in 
our possession, giving detailed 
accounts of perfect CUBES effected 
])y tliese invaluahlo Medicines. 

hoy regulate tho System and put 

Ah (.. til" n-1r.!iv<- jii«-iits '.f tli'.-<! I'lANO."?, WO would 
r.f.-r I.. It ,• Ciiiii' - ..r cxoil-i'"- ill o'lr V'-^'f'"''"' 
fi....i 'J- H M. n K R ii, ti O T •»' « (■ II A L. K, 
STI<M-4)-< II, <;. SATTKU, II. VIKUX- 
Ti<::»li'S,l.<>( ISSTAAUhiiIK.-^II ZIO, Mu- 
fcir.Tl l>ii.-. !.,/ ,(■ I},.. Ii!i!iui *>)..M.i, iif, ill-, ti.iii 
of 111.. II... I .Ii! ri.ilcHK. r.i luxl Aiii;it<-iir« ill 
lite couli!i>. All \ii!*[iu:itt'U\a ffiuu united J (/)'/. Lt yiurx, 

ALSO, ACI'.MH r la 

A. H. GME 8t CO. & EMPIRE 

Asn oTiiKii Fui.ST Class IManos. 

W« Jmvo til" I,AK«ii:ST »i;<l ni>T A.^J.-OHTED 
STOCK OK I'lANOS IN TIIK CITY, whid: S.r I'. w..r 
an.l .«w.-.-t:..-s ■ f Tjii-, Ka-y »:..' A^^ro. hIiU Touch, itii.l 
li. ii.l.v ol finish, have, l.y JiKlg'-, h'-tu prouomiCKa 

4iiJ" i'aiti<iiliir ntlfiilioii {.;ii 1 1<> tlio RPlr^llon of In- 
stiiiiii'-nl^ (..r (lift. lilt oiiI.Th iiti'l.i |.rivil«(:<; ol ixcliaiipe 
pr.ilitiil Ht :iii> liiii" witliiii fix li;. lUlii-, if tlio Iiislru- 
uieiit should i.'ot jirovfi ii:ir ly saii.-::. t. ry. A lihervl 
dif"iitit to tkTtryiuiii, Tciich»-.» auJ Koliouln. Tt-rmi 

lll.C'hl. ... 

W M<»1.K.''AI.K DK \I.KH« will fii .1 it to th<ir nrlvnii- 
i tape t.. ;{ivc II- ii <!'ll. ii< l.y;r.:itly iii. r.-.iscii lacilitii-a 
we are <-!i.*l.i' li t.> lili oii'..iH will: ii.-ii.|. li „ _ , , -i 

PlANO«ill.l. will to cuH I. ■!..■.• l""xlK«>.iiiiel=twliei«» •iil l-l« lilULllUllS Ul lilC M"t*J 

♦.♦ in a healthy condition. ♦ 

WHOLIISALK A^JKNT.S rOU | Soil by all Druggists. VHilto & Howlan^, Prcpri- 

ctQ:-3, S'iccetjsord to L>r. Jolin il^ll-t and Dr. W. B. 


rwtai", Ht 

United St:Ues Senator Henderson | ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ,,^ ,^^,.^^ ^-^^^^ ^^ j,, ,,.,„w., ,, n.y roas...., and h,-,; htd entireiy 

lias our tuauks fur pubhc ^1"^"'"^"^^ , |^^^,,,-„,^ tl^i^-^fro.n under tlie b.. u.-, all the cHorts made for my recovery hav- 

received " , i '"'" I'^-'^'d fruitu.-:^. 

resting on them. The Stono work at j-.y i!,e lii.<t of Ntvember, l't'3, I had become 

y-y l!ie lii.-t of Ntvembir, 1''('3, I had become 
SI veak and feeble that I couid .-icarccly ?taiid 
a'.'.!;.', iin-l, to all apjicaranee, wtuld ?ooii die.— 
At thi^ time (having p-ad your advertii-oment.J 
mv wile i.revaikd up -n me to try your liitlcr.-. 
A b ,;tle wa.< iirocured, and, str tnge to s»y, I soon 
c piumciKid recoveritig. 1 have taken (our lot- 

rcsting on them. The stono work at 

A good round [irico will be i>aid ior ^ ^\^q ^.^^^j;^ end was des'rojcd. The cast 
a few early potatoes. Iii<iulre at this | ^.j^j^j^ ^j- t],p i^ridge, (oO feet) is the on- 
office. Iw"^ , ly partion remainiii.g. A large amount 

Hon. Alexander LamTev has favored ' of thotimher, phink and iron earricd 
us wiih uumeruus and valuable doeu j away, will, no douht. be reeovercd. 

,„.„», a,„o„s whij, .,: the - K. ,...\ At one ti,„c .i.iio .i,o vivor w.s ., ^-;;;,; ^ :^;/;:;„::,«:^,,;;r;i::L^ 

upon the Mineral Kecourees of the ^ its bei.^ht, tho water was at least t.^v<"» ,^.^,.,r.. , i have no tloubt .hat it lUtter.-* 

United States," by Spceial Coiiimis- j feet above tho piers and {d)ntments of aion.M.tider Uivine Providence, that effected this 

siouers J. lirown, andJ.mes W. the brid-e. This is the seeond brid.-c wonderful euro. li. 't. Fi.r.vL.N. 

built at this place, used but a short ii-.d-on. Michigan, :'.-.M^ 

time nn.l destroyed by the rairinp; ele- " 
mcnl". On We Inesday th.e wat,er be- 
can to fall, and is novr, (May Gth,) and 
ha« been U'-'arly a week, low enouah to 

I » yi m n ¥ 1 

J. Jl I JLi « i 

Carliart, JNTeGclham & Co.'s 


&£d£utt, Kew York. 

AND ORGANS.* ami Iiiiiiortor? rf 

B E A U T 1 ! 

Auburn, Golden, Fiexen, & 
Silken CuiIg. 

MUSIC A.L IITSTEUHEITTS ■ x^noprcKD b.tb. .i.^r i>-,.f. d. -.„,. 

* 1 lUK.SI! LE CH KVEiX. Onc«r.o):r«- 

i Strings, Accordcons, 

i Violins, Clarionots, 

11 IM i: S T E A D. 


Taylor. These Jieports are most com- 
plete, and are rca ly a very valuable ac- 
quisition to the library. 

Don't fail to buy all your LL\NK.=? at this 


And other Llurlcai Ivlcrcnardise. 

The S:i v;;r anh lir.vs 1% ii i mf.nth of lur miiiefir- 
ttin- ;.«•! iiii|..Mta;i..n. an- us.«l l-y uDst ail of lli.) Ixst 
liariih in 'hf Vxiixl Stiit.x. iii..l wlicin-v.-r < xi.ilii-<l have 
»lNv;iVsr..<.civ.-.l th.-(J..hl M.-l.tW iin.l I!ir.III>1 I'R'M'.IMS. 

♦i» n:^vin^- roiiiiictioii villi Vaniifutiiiiuc, n.-urx-s 

In n.-ilin, L.-iini<. Di.mI.i.. I...i..i.i.. »'"' i';".':-.V.';.\','' 
i,n i.ii. li t..fiinii-h IiKAI.KliS. inNlitaml INUnDU- 
AI.S. Willi ivriy Ml tick- iu this Ijiic, at tliu luVtst 'uan- 
uf.iiturei'a 5)1 i.s. 

tjon WAKK ANTED to curl ibo 

most ftrj-ia'i! u;.d siub Ii<«'-1 t»ir of cither rex in- 

_. ^„-^„„_ t> wavv ringlets or hoaj Dmesiv* cMrls. Uj;" 

in>uras, i^au.iis, 1 ,^^^^^ ^^-^^j ,^^. ^.^^,j,.R,,vjf a I'.^ris fiuJ I.on. 

don, with the ni'ot gritifriajj results. D- cs no 
ii'jiTV to the hiiir, Tri'-e by nuM eoaley, and 
j'.'stpaii, !?1. 1) !«orir,rive sent free. 
Address ni:R<3EH, .-!! 'J-^T-S 4 CO., rhe-u «ip, 
N'>. 2^^.'. Rivtr .-t., Troj' K. V. L^o^e .^p-n•t I'.t 
the Unite! Statct. ' T4nl^yl 

Hereafter the two fortnightly nuni 

bers of the Ga'axy will be eonsolidated 

into one, ti-.e Magazine bein:; enlarged 

and iiublished monthlv. The next , .,....,. » ^ „ , * 

/ . , ., , ' .,,1 .. proiiortv m th:sv:ein:ty i.i not ?e -real 
Tuimber i-sued, theieLre, will bo t^jrl' ' - . , •' 

Winnel^aiio Citv .Markt-t. 

Crrcclcd weekly by Moult >n A L'oudon. 

allow fordin;: with te ims. Tiio dnm- 
acje done to mills, d mi", and other 

June, and it will appear on the 20th of 
Blay. The price for eiugle copies will 

as was .^ntieipatcd. 

Harrington A' Loveland's dam wns 

". on . n\ 1 ,'..,.;, not entirely washed out, although bad- 

rema-.n 20 cenl8. Ihe ve:n !v suuscnp- •' 

.,, , 1 ' 1 *. d.o - » ly damaL'od. 'Ihe necessary rejjairs 

t:on price will r>!.' redu.'^e.l to b'> of, \ -^ ,,..., 

.,, t.r ,, f ,, ,, ,., , V have been made, and their miiis are 

Aldresi \V . C. Cc 1- . 1. (.huieh, No- - « t^ • v 

i^O Turk Row, New York. 

The other dav, and a dav or two be- 
fore tliat dav, and several succcsiive 
days previous to that day, 

•' The wind blew as 'tuad blawu it* last." 

Tlie wlieat is mostly s^vi;. but little 

no V in operation. Qnayle Sc Friend's 
mill dam slightly damaged. 150 
dollars will probably cover all repairs of 
dama^'o done bv the fieshet. Work- 
men arc very busily ongao;ed in putting 
things to rights, and in a nii:ht or so, 
we exj)cct to have our 'dreams' slight- ' 

Wlicct, Ririwg. No. 1, 
No. 2, 

ri.u'.r, par ICO, 



Hay. per t.>n, 

'Wood per eortl, 

l'h< c.-u, 

r.irii, salt, per p.-iund, 

I'orij. fr-^h, per <-v»t.. 

l*cef, frcih, per pound. 

iiid you will alwajt ba latiiCod. 








2.. -.11 

111. CO 






l*XRK?!F,MCr:ii TilK PLACE, 


69 Wusbington Street, 


New York Warerooms, 650 Broadway. 

Bill Heads, 

Letter Heads, 

i:xcEL.siou: EXCEbSiou: i 



who have never swunr; the birchen rod, BUsTsr.^^S. 

are doubtless lo.king forward ^ilh j j^j,,;,,^^ ;„ r,^\ branches o 

high to the pleasures (?) of some ,j^.^.^^. Farmers an.l mechanics are, aR 

1 -I .1 t • 4l , A.„..,« ,..^.1- .-.r tliji pen.-'ible articl.* to Jemnle beauty, ii eaMly appli 

Laot Saturd.ay, School Commissioner I damaged, tint is, tho fiame v. oi k ot the y, _j ^^ ^^ ^^ , ,,^.,, ,,^ ,„.„^^ .,.,. ^^..^ ,^„^ ,,,, ,„ 

_. , . \ 1 1 ♦ 1 ♦ 1 I mill btlildin"- The niT-liincrV was Sav- rcctiv on the r.MtH. It i^* rtar'antcl to n-m .v„ 

rdsey was m town, and distributed n^l" ""•"^'".-- -l '" "" miii^.> M.porfloo.M h;.ir Irom b-w f..rehei.:.'.. onVo:n n-y 

<rht or ten Teacher'.s Certificates to as ' cd and the dam is reported as being all ,.,r, of the eom,detc iv. t.-taiiy .nd rsdi.-ai 

a I . , ' Iv cxt.riiating tlie .«uino leaving tno sxin .»oit, 

any la<Jy applicants. of them , I'Ight. /moothe ai.-l natural. This i.-« the only article 

, , „.i... i:..„i 1 ^^ used by toe I'-e. oh, and i- tlic only real (fli it-.ial 

(J,.pil:itoiy iv cxi-tence. Price T.'i ecnts per yacL 
,. a"e .>.iMif 1'oj.t iiaid, to any adJret.< on receipt of 

ontinu'*.s •■'-•••' ', „ ' 

an order hy 
•s are as j jiF.iic.EU, SHrTTrJ A Co.. rhemi.sts. 
rural distrfct, wbere the summer hours ; „^^^,^ ^^^^,^^,, ^,^^, ^^.^^^^^ ,^.^:,, ;;„ | vini.yi 2s. Uiver St ., rro,.N. Y. 
will glide away amid the quiet hum of ; ^^^^.1,^^,^,^ j^ ^^^p^pi, i,,cir Bharo ofj riEPArvATOR QWUAA. 
the school room. ! public patronage. | 

'•Jlifihte leatned is ye pedagogn<!, Phv«iciins ind Wwvcr^ FOCm tO be ' "''''" ''^''^' ^""'" ^'^^ ''"'"''"• ' '"■ '*'"^''"> ^""^ 

FuUe apt to rcade and spello ; J H} SlCians aiUl law } ei .^ nc.n lo oc | ^.^,_ 

An.1 eke to teach ye part- of ...eecho, soaping thoharvost early in thc season, K:":;,i:r:on:";';::;^Mnb"o^^^^^^ 

And .trap ye t^eht.. .e... I , ^^^^ ^^ ^^,^^ ,^.^ ^^^,.: ,., >o^. o.i, U...iio, hah. 

method Prof Peisey has a.b)pted ' .' • r,- it c i Hi.;i»AieATOu r.ii'ii.M. 

, . boCOining quite laslHOnahlO. Several; por roslnrini.' hair anon l>«Iil h.-a.l-< firom whn'ever 

examinations will rectinuieiiil it • . ' cms.-it miv i.a\e faii^nout) ati.i ioitIh^' « kiowHi of 

buildings are in course of erection—, i,,.,ir upon til. i,.-., it Ikhii.. .-ri-b it win the 




in his 

Bclf to every ono, by it.s perfect impM- , . . . . i.,..iiito -n.w ii|..mi m.-.-niorMa.-i. ....c ... ..■-... - 

■; ' •; I . ■ , • : EiniGrt'^nts arc arriving, an'.l every thing ..-.^.i.t vv,.,ks „r imir m.on hea.u in n-om ttx.. to 

tialily ; and we believe be is Ilgllt l'> :,,,,.. «, U T l llue.Miiotitlin. a r.n- i^Mi.naiit i.iaeM.nerHhave hv-.H- 

' ' ?' \ bids fair for an unusually lively tsCaSOn. ci thai ih.-rc U noth-n-,' that win force ..r hasten the 

h.'.ril to ;.'iiiv» ii|>.mi tin- .«lilonl!i.-L-l f«rc fn from Ove to 

growth of flic !i:iir or !>• -inl. Th> ir a.-^ertioiis aiv fals.-, 

a»thi)U>-aiMls of livii.;; wiltit-ssfs (from their own exin-ri 

I one-) cjii witii.-s-t. Itiil i.iaii.v will say, how :im' we 

Tho.c o{ our readers who lacl: a growth of bair "> :"^^'"^'";:'' ""• r--'^'";; I^''^;, 'I'" *:•:!!;;;::;. .!!.^:;;k:;;; 

" ly \i (liSriCuIt, as iii:iftrlith!< ofthe i.iMfi elil pi ' )>ai.iiions 

Baying that thc true teacher has no 
need to strike a blow. Stu ly the dis- 
positions of your pupils, and win them 

\ .,r» :«• .,««,! 1./. ir. i-i.iir C-ivor ' upon tho face, or those who.-;?, hair is falling out,;s. .1 fo'r ili.. haii and Ix ai<l are ei,iii-.-l.v w.>ril.hs», 

one by one it neeU be, to >OUr KIV01.^"I' „ . . , y. nn.l no,, hkiv have thrown i.w;..v lar;,'.Hn...UMts 

- — j or h.ave bocomo bald, would do well to t;y "Dr. j,|„,-ir ,„„.,.'i,a,i.. t.. siieli we wouhl nay, try the 

Of the many Cjtmeties and Toilet Article.'- ! ^..^ ji^.sTAt;iiATKi:R CAPiiXAiitE." This ttfor Ca,.pilii; it ^'i'' ';•''' >"'iV'''''''''l7 .."'^'T.i'l.rn,'!? 

, , np to ou>- ninesentalioiis. H > our lirn^{i{i>i iiois not 

now advertised, but few prove t:) bo what tney ] j. ^.^p^^^jj^j^^^ ^j^i^ been u«c 1 by thoasands in this k. » p it, s-eml us aollar .and w.; will h.i ward it, ih)!-!- 

are represented. Me.^r.. BK'tGi;.:, S.n;Tr. . Co., i ^^^^^^ .^ ^„,, ;., i..,r„po. with the mo.t ^rnli!Ving H'b '"f^'-'!-'- *^'"' '"-'l-^'l'l ^"^ "'^.':';:"7'..'!l'.;:;'i::i''' 

Chemidt.i, of Troy, N. V., arc advertising exten- 
sively several artiole.s that have proved them- 
e.''vo8Just as represented, for which tliey are 
ACtin " as agents. \Ve believe theoa to be perfect - 
]j trustworthy, and that p.'trti;.>s Uiinglheir prep- 
arations will find them iully up to the reco-i- 
ni3ud« given. Soa taeir advortiioaient i-a another 
« jlumn of this paper. 

Thk Black Crook tiik Pkmo.-« Dancers. 

count.-y an.l m r/irop.'. wun ...e m .,t -iia, i.yu.^ j _ ,.,-„„-,^.,, ^„„ .,„„,,piication, providrnK eniiie sAiis 

rcsuUs. Testimonials of thc molt Ibittoring faction is not civcn. A<i<lri.i, 

. ,, ., , ,1 W. 1,.CI.AUK i C0„ Chctni^ts, 

character have been rcceifcd frcm the most weal- j v4nlSyl "So. 'i West Fayejte ^;lreet, Syracuse, N. Y. 

thy and inlluenti-tl citizens of tho country, and ' ; 

will be sent to any one, on application, by Messrs IjIj^,.CIvfeMI 111 oHOL. 

Bkugfiu, .^iii-TTS 1 Co., ChciniHt*, of Troy, N. j 

Y.. tho only agent, in America for the .«ale of Iho j i}i,^.^sn,;il,-„,j. ShoeInj,Repairing, ctc. 
same. Read ".heir advertisement in this paper. ' 

Beadle's Bass Ball Tlayer, i-i a work just pub- 

Tbe undnr»iigncd ffill oecujiies tne shop near 
the fsteatn iMill, and wonhl lesi-ectfully announco 

,. ,. r.. p I . ^ . 1 /. .v * ,. I that be i* iM.w piipiiredlo iniuiufacture lioth 

— Justout. The startling hutory of tb« famous ii,i,ed^ containing the 'proceedings of tho tenth -i)^.!^ Ami n l^O \ l*n 

B.C., with all its Magnificence, Mystery and I j,j,„ujji jj^ss Ball Convention, together with tho | ItOH CC 31U1j1>'-1>Ux11\U 

"Immortality"— beautitully Iliustratad in many I a^paded rules a<loptcd. rules f -r the r.rniation |j»^ 1. J || O' JPJ d^ WC 

brllliani colors. The gorgooui scenery, Spirits J of club.s, and the constitution and by-laws oftheTtPl C Ct l.kl J ft ,^ JS. S ^ ▼? 0« 




YZonderfulbut True. 

MAT>AM rF.MTMr.TON. the t.-.-tM tCTi.^Trr.ail AylrM- 
nirim and .'^.iinnaiiiluili<t!<- Clairvoyant, r.hil.. in a clair- 
vovanl 'late, dt leliiat-s thp very fi-at..r(.s < f th.- jitix^n 1 
you «:« to luany, aii-l by th'- aid of an i;i«trutiie;it of in- ; 
j leiisc jiow-.-r, known a- the l'<yelioni.)tr'Ji)», ;>aarant.res 
I f..|.rn.lijce a veih'Cl and lif.iike i^i'ture ..f the future; 
! hul.-ai;'! or wifi- of tin- :i]>y!i ut, \\\'M date .jf !, , 
t.c.-iipation .leadiRi; traits tf chiirs'C'i-r, .le. This is no ; 
ini;>osiii. II, as testimonials without nuMihor cm »~sert. ; 
»> <t iii!.'-- iilaci- of birth, ap', lii-p .>i;!..n,'r of t- vis, , 
liiilr. (t:id t-ndcsinj' liftr c-nt-, ;in'l ftainped enveh pe , 
addrt-si-ed to yours- If, yon will r' ciivL- the picture hy , 
ri.-iuiii re.til, toi'.-thir wit!i d'sire'l infornrition. 

V.!,ir.>sin C .mi.l.i..n-, MADAM (i KllTntDK 

RKMIN'iTON, P. O. li.'X Two liuuJreJ aul Ninery- , 
«ev.-n, U>st Tri.y, N, Y. v4iiKyl j 

I'-t^f" \ Young Lapy rttuminii to: 

ncr c. uiitrx home, aOt-r a soj, urn of a f*w ni..nlli!« in tlie 
<:iiy, washanlU r.-.-..>;i.iz«il l.y h, r frit-nds. n. place ^ 
of i i-o:n>e, runic, l!ii-1icd fa -i-, sin- had a si.fl lu'.y iMiii- ' 
plx!:)n.>i alnio.-i mai hlr .siiioo»iin.-<«, and iiisteail of 
iw-niv-thret* Ml..- really ai>)'<"ii' '^ bin. eightt-cn. I'pon : 
in'i"''"*' as to \}.\:- CIU-- of -.. s-'o-at a i haii-e. Mie plainly ; 
,,.1,1 llieiii >he h i-l U-. ilh ■< ir«-;'.<« itUl Ettlltll. ' 
and coiisldL-rvd it an iiivaln.ihl.- aciiui-it'.on t.. uuv l.a.iys 
to.lct. 15y its as • any Udy ..r ^rcoileniiu c m .nipr.ive 
iht'tr v'^i'^'iial ,.r).val"jncf an h-jn<!rtd foltl. It is siinfle ; 
i„p»...nil.iiiaii.n, as Naturf li. is.lf issiiii.h-. Vct unsui- ; 
pa'^^rd in i s lli "ny in drawl.',' fr au. an I . 
he*lhiL'. chan.'injiand i..«n!i!yin^. lli<- skni and ooiiijl-'X- 
ion IU itn oirt et action on 'lit- cutieie it iroiiMt : 
All inijnirilifs, Uindlv lieaitnr the sani". and leaving the . 
(jiiifa-i- a^ Nitii;.- liiteinicd it siioi'ld be, clear, sott. I 
ii.4ioo<li Hiiil heaiit'ful. I'riCf One Dollar, se^.t by mail j 
cr exnress, on rec ipi of an oi.l.-. i y . 

W. I, C!..\ltK •\: CO.,ChfitiiM-, | 

No. ."., \\.'»t Taytie St.,, .S. Y. 
Tho on!y Ainerieau Ageuls for the »ak ut i!itS.iiue. 

Ttlll\\l " j 

'"TFFUC'I^RO! i 
Sull'ei' no More! 

1 QT*'^ Tlin LADY'S FlUEND— 

ioUi). liie be.T of the Montbiies— devoted 

to LlTKItATURK and FASIIIOX. i^.M a. 

•ear. Wcgive WlIEELEll <t WILSON'.S ccle- 

briitcd $jj bcwii.g Machines on tue following 

tcruia :— 

Twenty copies aud the .dewing Macbinc?. $70, 
Thirty copies " " " " J"^i. 
Forty copies " ' " " J5«0 

Send 15 cents for a sample coiy to DEAVOy 
* PETERi^ON, :!19 Walnut .Street. Phil.idelphia 





^ DR. SCHENCK'3 ^ 


Th'S frreat medicine nired Dr. J. II, Scuent, th« 
Prcprietor, of Pulmonary Consumpriou, whea i had 
asjuraed 'l« ruopt lorniidah'c a?p'"ct, and when ^-needy 
deaih f,:>peircd to be iuevitab e. Ilisp'a..«.c.an8pro* 
nounoei li^s cac incurable wiiea be tommenced 
tiie Uiee of this siinp'.e but powerhil reniedy. His 
health WR« restored in a vtr- short time, and no 
return of the disease ha? been apprehended, ;or ail 
the sytnp'oni? qu'cljly disappeared, and his present 
wcipht is more than tT^'o buiidrcd poaudi. 
I Since h*B recovcrr, he ha^ devoted his attent'on 
e'^e'uiirely to the cure ot Consumption and .he 
disca/>eB which are u.^-.ially coinpiica.ed w iili ii, an 1 
the cure3 effec'cd by his medicines have been toit 
numerous and truly wonder.u!. l>r. Si;ui:>""K 
makes prceMional visits to several of thc larjrer cities 
wecklv, where he liaj a lar^e co'icour.e ol patieata, 
and it IS truly aitonishinp to fee pjor con=uiiip!;vo« 
t'latbaveto be iliteJ out ol tbeir carria^ics ftiid '.a 
a fe^ months heallh:.-, ro'o-j.'t pcrions. Da, 
TONIC, a:id MANDKAKE PILLS are te^eraily 
all required iu curing Consair.p'.ioa. Full direc- 
tion? ai-coir.p:iay each, so that any one can take ihem 
Vvithout Eceing Dr, gfjiiENOK, bat whoa it is coa- 
vcaieut il iii to see him. He t.'ives ad'.-ice ireo, 
but ibr a thorough cxaiuiuatioa wiib hia ll.."pi;-omcicr 
his :ee is ilirec dollars, 

P cose ob.?Gi\e, when piirchasln?:, that t!ie two 
Ukc:ic.-«s» o:' the Doctor — aiie tviiL-u i!i lue last slants 
of Gonsnnip?ioa. and the ether as he now is, ia 
perfect— are oa ihe Gove/mueat ctainp. 

Sold by all Drucr^ists and Dealers. Price * , 
per liottle, or $7.50 the half do^cn. Loiters lor 
advice ehould ahva/B be directed to I<r. Schcnck's 
PriiielpalOliice. 15 North fith St., PUi'.adelph a. Pa. 

Geueral V/hoiCrale .Vi^cnui: Dema? Baruert L Co., 
N. Y, . S. 8. llance, Baltimore, Md. ; John i>. 
Park, Cincinnati, O'.uo; 'NVaii^.er &. Tayior, Chicago, 
IU. : ColUas Bros., SU Louis, lio. Li^d w. ea. uio. t /r. 

E N A M E L! 



La^" Case.^ ami Puiiit.^, 

rrinted to ordorj on short Notice, and at reason - 
able rates. 

rierponts. Skeletons, tbe Crook, Ac,. e.Kactly rep- 

reseutbdas performed in Now York and Phila 
delphia. with the exciting Dances and Positions 
of th« beautiful Parisian Ballot (Jirli correctly 

National Association,* Ac. Every bans ball 

When hy tbensoof D11..I0INV1LLE-S ELTX 1 

III you call be cured permuucully, and at a oi- j - — ^ 

'^'Tl.ra'ftonisbing success which bns attended Tbere coraelb gUd ti Firg of jot to all. 

this invaluable medieine for Physical and New To young and tc old, to great and to fraa'l, 

ous weakiie.-s (jeneial Debility and Prostration, ci,e luauly which on<«e was so pi'eeious audrarr, 
L >s.s ofMiiscular l:iier2v, Iinpoti ncv, or any of , ,• i ., . r • 

, r ,1 ( 1 \\u. ,- „ . .. Is free to all. and ail may be fatr. 

the coiL^ctjU' i:e«!S of youlblnl^cretum. leu- •' 

dcrs it thc most valuable preparation ever dijcov By the Use of 

It will remove all nervous afTections, depress | ( , j | A S I T ; I . I - A H Si 

ion,cxcifiinent, incapaeirv to Mndy or business, i V. J. J.xl ^J i XJ_LUJlXl t kJ 

loss of Ee-aoi-y. contusion, thoughts of self-. le "K-kt l •j 
struction, fears of insanity. Ac, It will re-tore | ^f llllG 
tbe appetite, renew the bo.ilth of those who have 
desii 've'.! it by ."CTSual c.\ce.«8 or evil jiractii-e?. | 

Young men, be humbugged no more by 'tiuack 

Doctors ' aii'l ignorant pi::etiouers, but send ' 

without iie'iay lor tho Elixir, and be at once re- [ For Tirrrovinp ttr.d I>rt^:3tf'j-\ugt'i« C!.>mplex''>Ti. 

fTored to healt'i and ha]. pit ess. A perfect cure j The, luos-t vn'uaMe j»<i<! •^««r»,ipt iuef'-iatitn ia 

18 tjHarauteed in every in»tHiiec. Price, $1, or | u^p, frr giving the ttkia a «)emjtl'ul pearl like 

four bottles to one a.l.lrcss, $;i, i ti-.u, (hat isoniv f- nnd ':» yo'th. It <(Uie'dv ra 

One botile is suflieieut to eQ'ect a cure in all moves Ian, Freckles, Plrptafi, Piot'ht-^, Moth 

ordinary cases, i Patches, Sa'lowne. a, F.ruptJora *cd a'l impiirt. 

AE.-<0 DM. JOiNVrLI/.^ SPECIFIC PII.I.S, | tics of the skin, Lindly bcH'i'.j Ihe s«'<ie, l^avin^ 

I for thespeedy and pernirnent cure of xJonoVThea I the skir» wbi'e and cloar at a?a'"a'»r'r. Its nso 

j IJleet. rretiual Discliar^es. (travel .'<tri<tur« and i ran not be detected by tbt, ck'S«>!»t fccruilny, aiiil 

I all uffc'-lions of the Kittneyi and Bla Idcr. Cures being a vojetabie preparatij?* {■'. foriceilyharin- 

I elTeeted in from ono lo five days. They are pre less. It is tb«» enly !»r*;rl«> :»» tbe kiti.f u.«cd by 

j pared from vcgettible extracts that ate harmeless the iV-nch, ar.i i? coifjddr^i! by ths Ptrsian s» 

I on tlio system, and never nauseite the stotuaeh j indt spcnsihio to a f.trf«*-* to)'«t. V'^wards ot 

' or itupregnate tho brea li. No ehanz'J of diet is ?0,Oo'} Wotti«.s wero soM 4.' tite year, » 

necessary while usin>; them, nordoes their action fcufEt-ie-t gnarrau'ee ;.*" 'tf f'^''-n.<rj. Pr-^a only 

in any manner interfere with busiucsa pursuits, i 75 '.^niii. scut by ih.*;!. or rpceipt of »ii ordfr. by 

Pi-iee'Sl per box, ; P.KKJi:)?., biJUTT^ A lO.,, 

Kilher of the above menlioncd nrhcles will be v4nl«yl >e5 lll-rer .-t., Trov, N. Y 

Sent to aiiv adilress, closely scaled, and post paid \ [ 

hyn.allorexpro.s, onr.ceiptofp.iee. Address | A "X * T • ^ TYTi^Ti^^y^ 

all orders lo JLl t V 1 V l-^ I JL I I M I 1 i 1 

DEKGER. S1UJTT.S A Co.. Cbrrrists, I '-« ^^ * * »-J •- *- v^ J_ A.* >..( , 

t^ulSy I Ko. 285 River Street, Troy, N T Corner of Iloliey A Main Str^iets. Wiuuebafjo Ciy 

player sbould ba.'o a copy. 

Roadie's Dimo Dialogues a netr collection of ' workmen, I am aldo to offer the best .iu.alit.y of 
, f „i„„i. „„,..„ J work, both a:- i.ufacturing and Repairing, Job- 
Minor Dramas, Purees, Ac, for schools, pallors , ^ .^^_^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ .Shoeing, Ac. in the best man- 

engravud. Complete edition saut by mail post j and Festivals. Much amusement may bo got 1 n^.^." Thankful for past favor.", I would so'icit 

free on receipt of iO cect«. Address plainly TH E j o.t of this little book. Pent^ to Rcadle A Co. 1 !3 j a continu^neH of tl!M'"»'lic,.ationaKe. 

J;I ACK ••KooK, Roi ll'«a. PhiUd.Mphis. Pa. 1 William si. . New \ orK. an 1 ^rt a ^ tt. ivinl'.nf .f . V. W I! EEEEi:. 

Having suur'jd tho services of FIRST CLAS.S All Orders by Mail Promptly Atleiidcd lo. 


■\Vir.n.b.^go «i'y. .\pnl 2<lh, i^CT. 


Watcrville, Le Sucnr C«., Minnesota, 

J. M GRAY. Prop 

D- S LAW Proprietor. 

Stages Ica^e this »iou«e for all Poinrt. 

There is «!*<» a good liv^ery coauccted with rlio 
Terms RcasonalnlQ.— Teamsters over Digtt j ^^""'^^- OciUii'tfi 

'.liu' doll.'ir and ayii.'ii ?>«'r. j — ~ .-- 

(icnera! .-sta;.© t »!ii.a. tli.-.J rt.-.bling, and i»n«..-^ii. ; a '.1, kin \t ->.'' J->H W rk d-'-.i* f.-. ir '-r »• t'ai 
fliilr rliargps. 47v;'._\ I ^\ Ofti<». 

». .1. i-m. 














I" i 

Wonaerfulbut True. 

M M>\M UF\inn.T<»N. ibc worl.l renowned A«trM- 

Tovl.l -laU- ,!.r very l.:U.r... , f U,- ikT.-.m 
V ,U i e .' .un^. an.l l-y U,. a..» ..f hu inn.un.on, of ...^ 

..-.ii'. vf cluiriicli r, .VI'. mi* li ho 

occupation . lea'! uv l' 

rithi'Ut m«iiil>ii *-■•»" »»»t'>t. 

i;v««lir,j place of l.i.ih, atf-, ai«p..«ni"«. cnUr of .•>e». 
hilr ami ■".olcoilMg fiftr c.t.. awi s.ampc.l envelope 
mnrV*"eU":o vou Jlf. -« wiUncu.c the picture by 
return mail, together witl. •«'^*»'%\>!V;';-'"''V';'uTPrDF 
R'fMlN'iTl»N I'. O. li •* Two lluaJioa an.l Ninety- 
«e%'en."\\>*t rr-.y, N, Y. v^ul^y^ 

^ii^f" A \oLNU L\l>Y v«turjriii:: to*ciuitrv Ji'Miie. »fter a sojcurn cfafew moiulis in the 
t-itv. wish-mllv r.v..<uiiel by he- fneioli in p.... c 
r«e rusiic, tlusievi t.ue, she had a sof; ml > com- 
o( almost marble amonthiuss. iina :nr.n.a;l of 

of I coarse. 

pi -xion ol „ . , • . „ 

iw'!iiv-U.rev she rcallv ai-p. a;u .1 but e-.giitien. 
iM,,.rr.- as t ^ tt-.- .-iv.-e of >•• v:.e,.t a et.a..^;.-. ^''^- - , 

»Ti.i Jons .liTc i il aiiiiiva^i .'• e aoi>ii*it.oi. t. 




ri >u- «; > 

.411V l.i.lyj 

n'fal. I'ric 

One UolUr, seiil by iu*\i 


fi.iL'Kih an J I'c 111 

ti- exiM-eM, on reci ipi of a-i ov.ic 

' W. L CI,\UK A O'r.ChoinistJ. 

No. S. \V.-!<t Kayctte St . ?yi;o.ase. N. \ 
The only American Agiuts (oi ihe tal- "f ;hcsame. 

Thcrv- cuiuetb j;la» t;.iii.g of j.y to all, 

To youuj; :i:iJ tv. i.l I. to great aiul to .imail, 

llie beauty xv'niob o«cc wa* so precious and rare, j 

Jf f.oe Mall, ami .ill maj W fair. 

B/ tie Ua3 of 


WSutc I.jqjsid 
E N A :M E E ! 

Tot Ir-rrovinw' huJ U.v«uiMy'«« tl.* tN.mplcxion. j 

«'*. for j;iv.nK lht.:.><in » bev.tfVl pearl Iikc, 
iTt th.t .....av .• -Mi.l in '»'>-tb It .,nu-k!v re 
Ian Fmk;c.<. ">^J--. B'.o'-ne.. Molb ; 
V.rjfT'.>t2i .it^. 1 <:'[ iiiii'iin 



It i^ .t >:'■<' «« ml^tiUo niafleby H>-n<<ofoin UVitcrn 

runny i,.m1i.:ii« liial ihey can :-ii> ;;''«>'l' lo 'h- wi- 

• Iviiiit.iie i:i .N«*» V'Mk linn in thi< ■•;;'■ I' !■. • 1 •■l.i«-l 

■'lit 11 .N<\% Ytik tlli-ll' i^ Sietlci < i; 111 r I'. -eliV 

> 1 >T, th It pi K-'*« •»!•• fiiiiii'ih I •«'«•! to !ii lU- I li'i'Vi'-n e 

-f ftvi' T.'. c-nt . ihit it 1 p'.itinly ••• pr.-i.<- ihf 

.»ii-«t siyl'*- i> t'lr b«>jttr in Ne»v V.nU ih"i • iiy 
.thT pi'nt U'."!. tijuM are the I'tiiw.pAl i»a>oii3 lu 
fiv «r .if N'W V.vk. 

r,-,tli o'>-i«:v.Ui»n nniJ f\X.t-r'.rr\re havj. »iM(:,-i n* 
that tie li.-il \^ ui!-)U'»l. 'liie t'lii..i^o diy v>->i< -u tv- 
Ket U i*i^yi ail'., i: if New \ ..1. .naii.v-.iii miImii 
r,f llie vi; .in <t » V* ill >ill- r.-ua! V -t .:.•■.. -v... f 
w'lich ure f. > ii .^«'w Y ).k « 1 1 -oih- fioiii ( !ii i^ . uill 
r ,•• f i,ni'*:'s »'««' »ii » I loU-i lino I, ■. .1 ■• ■ . I- 
• .» b.'f n» h IV n- will It'll yon t'.nt -.It • i in 
,{ot a* i;'>» Hi.vloi )f llie ileilcr w'a > b ly-i it Cliu uk 
««of U.:n »;») b)..<i:i Nev Y.»:\. As to t.i- >« •: -i I 
rea-n;i. we vei'urnt* vern.k thit »>• ih« ikt •.••it. 
ni'ite r.r lei« U mjie thn oilei u;. in t!»o ex-w- i-e-i i .\ 
tilp.<f l.o<) :irl.»» l.>.i jff.on fv^tj I lur uivW li n.v 
•»T I n.ii'oli'.-nl f:eii'.»t. In f.t. I. W" feel siif.- in »t.MiU 
tint O.e aittere'.i e in pvi- ^r ,f (too.!-' 14 niel -ip I . : o 
over by th'-ie e\pi'-i im. It miy be ^•ti.! tin: I'l" f <^.':it 
fi-oift Ne.v Y.>rk to O'jiduo mist be p-iM; w'ly . : •-< 
well piy if T) t'>e ii .in-p>rt.i: io.; cii";i i iiiiiM i f i lI: « 
Ch^ t.: i)>'v!-:' Wo iiapaen Id k'l).v lint ih- t'lii-az > 
i^bter. «'r-)r> v: in lluin ,if .1 >'.i i;s' \v)ii!i •! ■;:'-U 
every -ei- 1 1. h i. « Ivintairfi jver the -• vntry .leil.v. 
wh ' Viijp* but tjviMnil*. lait !e iv • i ui i/.:i i >f f.'> u 
»j| yr ■■<■.;< \o "j -.ler (0:11. .;l f'Vi. .if -li-.i '» »■:• i u 
tl.'.iJ in»-"i ii ai m'.v;'! I m tne fi ni.-;- ' i". VlieJ 'b- 
t.«r. an ev.-iy' »ei:'l>'.e III in cm u:i le <• i i 1 " H lil-i*" 
^ I >• p rif. iiy to »" ;> of ke;- rn • hi •>* i '? '^e'; u > in 
the Itte-t ?ty!e< )f s^i*. Tn*} t'h c »z> j »'"*.' '' 
se- t'.t f. in .l.iuii y t) .Tmuirvln Now Y •:■;. I'l.n 
aii.l I. .1 Joa t.y bu . iT^. wb > u-i le-"' vi 1 l-n' nii kc-ti 
!«>. U-- t-'uniry iptiilercm Thee reine^oT ativei a:o 
rev\v t) taUe h.Iv i:»T.ii;t- of every Hi tiiirin in tho 
milk -f. r!!'i.:e in tb" -ityle atv! tlie like tonhip T^^Xs 
\S\-h'.. an i I « i,i bef i.e the coiinry iiieti b rit r«ali ;;et 
!br>.i.:h I iiUin, .'Ve. ihe -r.uj i ! ml ite \>'.'.u-z -vh il to 
l.iiv. liiesanse •. better »tyle-'fL"» iNim" in :be nwims 
.if !l.e rjii>M>;o f.iii). ready f r tlu- i-miiitry tiale. If 
thi- .• llr-i.i be, h:iI we !.i '\» Ibiv .inii* !•• 
ftr..'!. no nietvhiiit we-t of Ciifi--" <i!i iITii.l l.> 
fiitli.^r ei-t .o'.iy in hN ■>!<«k of ^<k.kIs. II ■< "Wu 
inteie t •.vil! >eiiJ hini t.t niii"!;:'^. 
jA:n n -tlie'.e. iiiU »bo>'a!eh »u«e< in Ciiioaizo r.ri« 
si-»:i.l h ,;::'. ibiH t'le ,,1.1 e<;aMi-^!i.' 1 b >iwe of P-.'-'i-V 
I! .;ilr:r.-« l.ik'-t:et A: :l re. fV vi.:: we t • k r'.re 
t.i I..!; i.vei- ili-ir establi'h:ni-it ant ctiniiiif iheir 
k .f ilrv .;i>l-< It « .III 1 •«• lii.n.nll to fin.i even 
Y.iik a-i v II! Ifte a: .!•^l;• : S' i: e <» tiii-. >» .»h 
r-ier^V Ile-e ;b:cO b'..!U.".» l.a>e I.»»ie<i to 




Better ()j)j)(>rtiuuty i.s uuw offered to any 


DR. Win rXIKIl i8re>,'ularlj 
cduciiled luitl li;;iitiiii;Uflv <|iiiii- 
ificil, and lia.-i e.\l'(.rici;tu in .-Il 
iorui* of iii.'<cafii;, a kiii>wlcd;{e 
juiie iiulifpurii^ibie in the trout- 
^y, iiicnt of tlic vciicral «li.-ca.s« in 
W.^ all It-* varied an. I coinplic-atcd 
^^-^T^ l„ri»H, unil lia.s for vearo iiiadf 
the trcaimt^t of |.riv«tc di.<eaM•^ hi.-* hu.«inc.-s and 
slirlr. K.xpcriei.^-e. be l..->t of teacher.-. I.a.s en- 
abled him to i.eriVei remedic.H at once .Mini-unl. 
.-■afe.iiermanent, and in nio.^t <.i.-c.s can 
without bindranc to busincf.'- 



Jo il,.\vMc>;.< 

tliat -il >i;l.l rvil tin: or ibe 
So well h ive tl.ev «(|Ci it 


II •iio 

Ki !il- 

i.,de<.u.n.-=-.S;e to a o"*'-' »^''*«- ' '•^'^rd* .r 
^0 0. ■» bi-Mle- vp^re -..i-l l—'nij tttfl p""'' venr. s 
roin-iert ^'.M'r.ntee ..' 'tP ^'f"—7- Vt\>'c only \ 
7^ ..-,'« sent bv mad. "r --r-ipt of *n «.r.ler. oy i 
v.HKGKR. <U»rr^ i CO.. ('l.....u>Mi=. 


SuHVt ih> More! 

\Vi;en l.y theojoof Ull.-IOINVILLE'S ELIX 
lli y.iu cj-i bo cured pcrniancnll;.-, and at iv iri- 

fl n-e"»t. , , , . ■, , 

Tli« H«fni'bi'tS 5UCCC.-5 win- ii attcn.iea 
this iMViUialdr- niv-'d-eino for l^iivsii-al and Nerv 
«u.- »»e:iki.e-f. tJeneral L»,-liiliiy an.l Prostration. 
»,.♦.« ..f Mns-'ulir I- jierRv. liii,.o:< ncr. or anj o' 
iif Miiithtul ill li.''ireti..n. nn- 

..t i.-t. 

Ill Ne^-v 

ii-r.l I a w'l .b'-iile ti.i'U' 
lieivie^t .-i-te.n tlr'H*. 

thii t»-liy tiiey lie iiii>ii:pi-.-i-.l by 'l>y ft- :i 
cii:iti\ i:i a'libty lo nieet tb- «:>iil< if tlie : 
*e..te n tr.ile. tber xib" f .r 1^ >* hiv i..; l.-ah'-il the 
e!i.i:a>.:-'-ii-n jf>'">»> » ■ »• ^Viili . : | i: »l f.;i;li. ient to 
;> f'.ieir '•to k .inl.T the ni.wt .!<pte^.ii;: »tiie of 
l;iev ate [i:tpiri~i to b.ll ro-hI. b.i'.h in ij'iilty 
to ih" ciantry ib-ile.'s on fun.litiont ihit 
ik Ifc'tlor trila !'fi<l fiirer piotit than can be 
:tay .l.'ibr, who .-p.-nUa inonMi to vi^ii 
Ne-* Y >.k. The.;- fK-ilitiei fir t i.iii-iv.rli.t io* are Kiicb 
thi: tliey < ifi ar^.rlto sell on the in«r-:n »o in i-le, 
fjiis suvia^ti llicir cu.-itouei-s the niTey nnl time 
exjeiil iaa trip Ki-t. In the city <■: (hit a-o iLey 
■\;e un 'ir.ii- e.l in any ii-pe t. e.pialle.1 in f.w. In 
till-. p.i.ti. ii'ir Mviloii they are e-p.-. ially jjaii in- in 
f.iv >r. a;! I it ii n^ tel that the blirew.lest country de.i 
ei^ aie ^iiviii;; |o\i.N Ur.nriir.P.s the prefeien.e. Ta 
:h xc >f.ur reiii.':> e!iirH'.;e.l in the »!ry gn»ls, 
re'.iieiiieii.l .i .•an fill e\-iniiii:itio!i "f tho 
,,;! pri-ei at tUii utilise, be fjiu layiu; ia lUo 

Woman, or cLiM, wishing to i)urchf\He anything in tlio hne of Ftilicy Prcs-s 
Gooils, FrcMich iiiul Eiiglibh Mciinus, Alpacca-^, Scolcli VU'uh, Dtl.^ina, Woolens 
Flannels', Slni)ea Toplins, llalmoral Skiits, Ladici Cloaks, Cloak Cloths, Do- 
mestics, piiut.«, shawls, hooi) Skirt.*:, .Sliirl.v, drawovs, wrappers, Hosier}, Xotiou.s 
No. 1 AV^oolcn Elankols, IJov^ls, Shoo.s, Hats, and C;\ps, aud Fur gooas of every 

dcfcripticn, than has cverbcfure been 

x\its ^cicncc«, 

Jt UlIC iioc, 
Ginci-tl Kcws. 
iViriLct ...cjcits. 

Moorj's Rural New Yor^rer, 

t:if. most populau naticx/.l 
AOlilCCLTii:A/., UT/:i:M:y a.xd fam- 
ily WllLKLY, 
For Both Torn nnd C'oundy. 

bo ii-ied I Tmk UrrtAi. i.s tiitf staiid.irl in wn .»phrrj of 
.Jmirrnili.-^^m. beinj^ toe lat;;c.-l eiuulaliiin I'ap'f 
l"arIicul'arattcnlionjiiven toolilstdtidiiKcaPCf!, I of its Cla.-!- in th<- worl — be-t ivi.,<iMc ..t /„- 
surh as were considered inrur;ible. Sypbiilis, in j trinnic Merit and Supcrioriiy. l- (,| j,u.c. 
all forms; Gonorrhoea, (ikct. .Strictures, Orcbites ! tical, Useful, entbrtuinin;^ «nd liuiely it 
D'abetof,' bladder and Urinary Diseases. Also, j has no equal, its amplt; pujjes c..Uipri«iDj l>e- 
theeflects of .solitary habit*, both ruinous to body j parlnicnis devoted to or tifcat;D;j upon 

Saccp HnsbanCry, 
Domestic t.concroy 

Willi Ellns'ratlon*. 'I ale. Msci« hen. Po- 
etry, Illuxlr, IXfcbii*»c«*.I'-iiI:iina.*<,4c., Lv. 

'in;. JlcrAi. is ubly L<:iu ... i eaiiy J', 
well Illur'iraitii, Jind (nh jttd lu li.a tr/,«(e Conn- 
Iry. it cnl|'l^ly^ the l,i.-i l.-iiii'. f-r s.X.'i' }.!-•, 
II:? Dejiarttner.t o! Shfiip JJi:nl-i.>dri/ iy liiiiie" l.j 
il-n. II. S. IlA>.iAii.. LL. I» . ; ..t ;i<- 
•■J'idcttetif Sli'plitid," ".^iitcp llutuuiiilry in the 
South," fic, &.V, I lie berl :.i..ii« iil.\ < ti H e ri bji 1 1 
in — while ili« Soutlicu Corn ctipotiii luff 
Z7ii'.'o/- ;.- lion. ']'. (\ P» ler.-, une I j. r i .\ 'i . 
suite A'.'. t^oL-iety, m.w <i Aljiiy'M.I. Mi.iy 
otiier abb and t.ikniei' »rinT.» me ie,£ul).r «i,n- 
iril>iit'>r.«, and the .«h< le paptr i- ui.<J«r -U- IMt- 
t.-iial Man ii;einent of iis '•n;;iiiei. r, 1>. if. T. 
Moon--: TiiK Ulrat. i." tlin b.-i Jiuriiaif-T the 
Fanner, the Iiur!i( nitlni^f. tie tt.ik iii.-' V. , ..t 
_ tirower. and the Family (.'itelc n-w "b'ni 
7 Itimcn ber. fti.-o that it i.< n'>- m ...o..i.'.' 
L:ir5:e iii-'i i'>ei.u!iiul \V:<i:.i.V. 

H,< inline a nuii:'. r. Hi;d .-er i 
Ujcal paper, ibc iU I'.^i- u n Ji tL 

and min-l. aid which produces Foinc of tho fol- 
l.iwinf,'elTect.-: iJlotebe.s, IJod ly WeaWnef-M, Con- 
stipation, Aver.^ion and Ui.'ea.-inc^s in Feii.alc 
Society, Uninanlines.-'. Dread of Futnie Kveiits, 
fmally a ooirid(^pr<>stration of the vital pow 
er.<. lo.<.« of nieiuWy, ringing in the ear**, can be 
fully restored to health. 

All leiler.-, ■\vi*h ^l•l!llf..>', nn.swtrtd. 

Dr. W. i.s ti;e iiubli.dier •)! a n< w work, cntitl 
cd "Nip the Evil in the l]ud." which will be B"nt 
10 all on receipt of 10 cent.= to pre-pay po«ta;fe. 

Con.'-ultation free. Charges moderate, and 
cure {guaranteed. 

Dr.Wbiitier cures the very worst kind of rup- 
ture in a few weeks. 

I' Ofiic; Box 2201. Office and Coi.suUatioi 
Ilooins ICl South Clark ?lrret,. Chcaio. Yoi- 
can see Ibc Doctor every day Iroio 'J A. M.fo5 I'.v 


aail iri •• 
will iii-il e 
i ■<e<. lire '• ■>} 

III rarlbault Counly. 


prices arc now 




lias, and will keep constantly on hand, for sale : 

Jewelry and Silverware, 

And will nttond prom] ily to all kind?- of Repair 
in;; of <;loek.«, Watcbe.«. and .Jewl\v, and ^niar 
HUtee icrfict satisifaclbin to all who palroni-^' 
biin. iiooin opposite Vnioti Hotel. «Oyl 

r.lue Earth City, May 17, 18CG. 



next to yur 
one for your 

voLUSiE xvi^r, roH iee7, 

fn .'^ 

11] Cisor 

And tlie new 

mode of trading— late decline 




•ai ll.fl 


Mil ^X..<V*. 

the c ■••>e.cieiice-> 



sj V iluable prcparat. 

•n ever di jco\ 

Dry Goods will warrant general satisfaction to pcrsjons coming to 

il r in >vo all nervous alTecti.ins. dcj>res.' 
iicipaii y to .«tiidy or bii-ine'S. 
cli-u.rut.'* of .'•ei!' •!» 
ft will n-yt'.'i ' 

• i.r* !! 
1: » 

i I'l, r ■{••i.CMlCllf 

I .-< .1 E-r-iory. .•oofii.-i.m. 

i'Tii II. .n. fcir" •: in^.uiity. 1 

rli^ ..pii.tiie. renew the h-ilth of ibosi; wli • have 

dc I -ve I it by >e v; e.xce«« or evil pr.etiee.'. 

Y.iiiii^ ine-i. t-e huuibi::r;:ed n-; tn.-rc by 'Quack 
D . \.,rS' an I i.;o'i'iiif pra.-ti..iiers but .send 
wii'i.iut 'i-lav f.-r th.- Elixir, aii'l be at re- 
jf..r-.l to health an.l happit eJs. A p-rtct cure 
W li lii'-aiifecl ill every iiisttnce. I'ricc. $1, oi 
fo ir b.ttl*;:' to ODC .id Ire.s.J. $;!. 

,).)e b..t!lo i* snCieieiU to elTw-ct .1 euro :t al. 
•ir Ii ri'"v c ii<e^. 

.■vi>.) i.ii. .lOiNvrr.r.s .=;i'i:cirrc rn.L.-=. 

'•■r t!i;sii.:,> ly and p;ruirneiit cure ..f t:oii<>rrliea 
(;•.■.••. I' [)i-.--o ir^es. ^ 

, el Stiieiure and 

M I a.r -JK.Ms .if lb.; Kidneys an. I 'Jlabler. Cure< 

•el in fr.-in one**! fu c .la>!«. They are pre 

il.L- extraci.s that r.'o h irinel--'- 


pared from ve.:etabi.j 

the «yst€-in. and ncv. r nauseite the 5i..ii-a.- 

;at.- t':e brea b. No change of -liet i» 

while ii.'^in..: ibe.n. r .r -Iocs th<^':r actii-n 

•11 tiin.'r inrcrlere with busincii parssuiis. 

on me "V 

or i'lip'-e-.; 

lie -e-.-iry 

in <!i V 

I'l-.f?! p.r box. ., , ' 

S'lbT • f t'o» above inenti ine.l ariulc« wni i. • 
...nV ri.unv :,.b»re«.--. eloiieiy seale.l. .nnd post jui'l 
1.. ii...'.l ..r".r'^!'re«5, on receipt of prie(». Ad Ircy.^ 

;4li ..f b-r* ri, 

i:i:r.i:r.i! ^^inrTs a, to., Cbtnii*fs. 

l:iver -^ r-et. Tf'V. N 


T!u« iiieJieinc. m'.CTied by Pr. J. II. Scuei^ok, 
o. l*tr.!alo p'.i a, ia iii:e.iJfil to dissolve the food and 
i.ivUcit lU'.ocb in?, thclir.'t pr.iccn o: d'-.'eetioa. fly 
cei::son ll'.e sioniat!i w '.i!i Sh-nc.** Miidrake 
rills, the T.ia c eaan rctorci the ap;>ctile, and tood 
thi: o.ild n^t be ea.cj Ic.or;; luiuj .t w.l! be easily 
diiCifVcJ. y t. 

Cj:i?ump on cr.Tiot b? cursl l»r Sih-'niVj P-.:l 
inon.c S r.'p uale.'s the etomac'li and li%cr is male 
l.ciiliy tii t!:2 r.^.T.'l'.c r. sort 1, heuco the Toa"c 
aad P.l!9 «u"c rem roi in pcar'.y crcr/ca'O ol coa- 
iua.p I, •. A le.l.' Uoz.»a bjtfcj o. the S.-'-AWKK') 
T JNI'.- a.iU iLrco or :oar bjx^j ol tho M.VNi'U MCi" 
PILLS «;:i c.ire t.i.- o:'.I' cx'y of dy j p'ia. 

1>.". '£..:.\cu-:i.'ici j.-j r-..'o;iSl t>"Is i.i N -W 
Yjr«. lix-ton. 8Ti a; lii< p.iuc'p\' 0;V:ce In J'ii'.'ais!- 
r'l'a c.'?r.' v.e .'i:. Gee Ca 1; p:;io.-.. o. c'.-b p arc. or 
li.:< i>a.iipli e. ou cojisuuip loa lur h s «Ia.'« i;,r vi.'ila- 
Ii >a. 

J* ea-c cb»"r-e. Trh;n p-jrcliaJiinf;, thv t!ir« trro 'l'.;e- 
uf.a^to: ill: j>jc;or, o..c ivle-ii in \\i: tkl tXIs cl 
<'jn.'jii.-p 1, ai-i the o;licr a. Ii • now i;i, in po.'.ect 
k -ilih, n..'..'o:i ib3 tivU'eruii e;u Fta.i.p. 

Si'db/ ai". l>rur,^«ti» a-id Meaeri, ji-'cs !jl."iri p?r 
Lo f.e. or jfT.'itl tl:o In'. - >>/.,->n. .Ml ;ea.Tj or a;!.- co 
■hju'd le alJrcJcJ Id I'r. K •.ii-:M.'..'a P.- a.* n. 
O.i.c N ). r. N >i-.:i kIi S.rc.-:, i' i n le ni a Pi. 

(ieaera: V.'aj ea c A 'eat^ : li.-o-i; Kir.ifv .\t I'o., 
X. Y. ; i*. S. Ila::f3 lii t.nivj.c •: !.: .1 >'in I).;ti'. ClnC'Diari. ()'i;o; Wa ;;••.• k ra.ior, Cii- 
cai;o, lil. ; (;o..i:n i'.:iii., Si 1.j.» i- .Mi. f 

ri': kv. '.'s. 1-}. I JT. 

The Mankafc Foundry nnd shop i 
ni'W in o[>eralion. ami we are pn par.d to 


of every descripti.m. i-U-am engines, Tbre.^bin;- 
Mai-hines, Hea.ier:', F-nniii^ lini.lenicnts, Ac 

We also inaVe all kindti o» iion ami brasi.e cas:- 
in#:s. lial.bilt i... '::'. ■.lv,:iys m; loiiid. Order, 
sol'eiied and promptly atiendci i". 

Old Iron, Brass andCoppej 

wanuil, ivr wlWL ti;<; 1 :i;-hf-^t pri-e will l-e piii. 
v3n7yl C W. 1^.\1;XEY, Jt to. 

,tyle,— new fpi'i Faced Typp, 
(io.i.l 1', -per ami nany Fit.e K .;.■■ av it -«. l.a'b 
.f it.s Fifiy-fwo NuV fiioi li.'. like a :i.oiiih y ) 
.rill.M.uipiise E ^:;t Dou' 1- (^:..i>'j r.-.-r An 
li.dex Ac. nt tU*^- ot ti' vhi'- e. 

'iEKMJ^. il Adranee- Only $:;ajo.i.-: Fi^e 
L'opie.s f<T ? 4; S veil Jor.^rF.'j l'- n «<.i tZ:>.y^'\ 

• •ny ;;ri'..f-r no'i.ber ai Fair.o ra'c. — onl.v . - -'' 
.'••r c'py. einb |,ap*rs HM.t m 'iit'efi.t I'o'i "f- 

ice.x. A." we pny .'.;- .r");r: p .s a-e. $-,7b i-* I "O 

• iwe.'t Club rate l- CaliaHa— C^:'-.--" I" Kiiri:ln-. 
Z'T-'Sovi !s Tiir, TiMf. To Si H-ciup-: a.m» Foer-r 

LIES. I'reniiuin-, Free < •p:ey, i* «•.. to t inb 
\^oi)t.-', -.n-i we w.iiit a; lea I one aj/r; in m ry 
•iwii in the liiion. S|ii;Mi<*i>. Siiuw Uiils. i- 
lucel^l.l.t^, ik •.. '-ent !ite. .id.iiefS 

D. D. T..MOOUE. F.o.d:..sui, New Y< tk. 


NKW < i\i\y\rK 

» »K 


To lay in their winters supply, 


they will only call at 

Mou!lo3i 4fe DetuloBi s 



— 0— 

E. A n.T. ANTiiONY A Co., 

Manufacturers ..f rhoio;.r.ipbic Malcriala, 

Wholesale and Uetail, 

-irTrr-t. THE GREjiT cause 




WliH6»-i»a!ir<» i*MaE 

llavinj; tnai\e some >>!i:iiii''"< t-.n-i"!)..,^- j! 
•Mtsines^s iraiisaetio-'s ••' ilie* W intirDa^o CIt' 
DfiiUs.' we wi.-ii «•• iit.ii .ooe-; ••• ilie ;m.i.1i.- ii.. 
A..- aie iriiw pri)>are<l to O" all k;i..Is .iI vs..ri\ t 
airline of busim ss. for realy i<...v. L. •■.!>•. wo.. 
wheat, or even Money laKeu m (•;!%. uent T 
kV'rk. Our term.< for »a\viii;r «:e : One half... 
?r", oer thou-au'l. Floir. liran. and sborii c. 
stantly on haud. an. 1 for .-ale •ln.a]i. 

J^umber §25-00 per Thoiisa'i.E 

F. ll!IODE<. 
Winnebago City. March iVtb. Ifctifi. 


(lOod.'^ well lioimlit.xiie half sold 

A. B, 1IALC031 




.is on !:;i!).i liie Iar;?e-I a!': b.'st s -iccie-. sifK-« 

: ilar.lwa'e. S.'.v. s an. I Av'ri'-iiiiurai li-. :• 
lent.s 11 tie M:t i.esnta Vidiey. My frioek «".t 
\^rii.s.'i.iai I'lip'tii-cn*.!* is very liir;ri: and com- 

pete. CMniiolin 

<\ the <■ il.iv.ii 

1111:1 (.ille^ 





11. ^.laiiF.y'.^. 

•eir <t lljuid Uakes, 

*20 KiiLv.o 

OxCl']si<!F ])Ff-p]H-lS. 

jjii<{ Cjiii;: i • c L''/r. 

• Swcep-{;iivt'S '>Li is. 

(i J. .[ Ciis.^s Tlir.-sliers, 
. \\]iatuiTliie;ii«is. 

?d:isst lU)ii r-Iacl.r.i''. 




'y.) ll.-volviiu'-, lit Fsikes, 

>iit ill; the f mailer itni'letnen!:^ in 
>ly stock ot I'.ui iler!! U irdw u 
"led •.\ H li ca'"e. ii'' 1 i- vciy 


!.;•* Inn Ft 
:.-. EuilJers 

: W !i ■- " 

u a 



ire Jljai. (piaricrs lor the 

V J 1 ' N i 

•>< ■ 


e;c-:i i:t.h? b3 
.?o;!.v> i^ ' 

- C L i :i AX! C L I H A X ! ! 


tK'-: co:;3L«?iio.N'. '..le 

o lu xt ihe '..iTn will h J»'. T-J 

1 vrr nn 1 ntona b miin nr..' be cta.-'.-J aii 

- el or food r. ho'c^omc ooi, wU eh, 

:.c^ niei.c;a'i vill be d^ prtp-riv. aoJ 

\ ' \ Mil'-: tba> ba .'iia.: i.:» lae 

oTi. 8c.i-:N::.rd mvn!)i:ai;i:pillj 

»,-.r.'r.acho:a'lb;i;oai or in-acju.! acc.iniu- 

1 1 

1 1 1-.OS te ^rc 


CST : u 

L^^^"*nib7u. .IT th. S2a^Veed Tonic l:i ca- 
re- rn Ui-trnet 'f ■."re'tcre.l. 

a we ,.,nc Vc-naV c-ia. b.- ua-n:.- llie fare, r.n.e.l c., 
... .„..-. c. ere expycl from the .. rem. a id 
'ool wbolc'ome bo>l ma'^c, ivill rep.l al 
- "SO. 1 '.•xf.eit.^^iMl.V-.ellin'c nlClliem•^-llC.?o^u- 
i^ .0 u rc.nio:iJ. Cjti.'a.i.p ion ver.- ;r.- iue-itly in 
■a,l B n. e • e-.'-' rcvlib.- loilier n:;t:o i. "i \\t the 
|.-oa re iiicnt: -. to e caTi?e lhi> liveraid i-tonisch. It 
Ci - '10.' o lo-.'T ibA b-ca to th'.- b3wew ar^ not coa- 
tee tbe • are» r.-inire.!, ior .n:...etiii.e. in .1 ar.- 
laa ;hi- . a-.-e t.cce..^"»r.-. The .ton^wh i.iu.'t I c l:< p. 
l'„i I, e.,r\ »:i a;..i ;e cr.-.-l to r.r.ow '.ht- VS- 
c S rv-y f> •»- OT he roTirator. or.-n:j- pr. p rly 
'.ato-j. Taeaaiitbalisreraimlto 
»n c-.ri* >, to p-cvent ta'iinT 
^.xc-r FO aiout -.he rjom' a.» tnucli a' po-ni". --, 
.h ! r cbf Ft oo«'— at iiicft*. tai'^e, a'id. in c : 
r.n.-.^n-.tli- r.ppr;t:ic c.-nvoa : but be p-.rtieu ar a id 
i.ujr. cr..p V n"'. 



^i--- or 

Ci » : 1 U 

1.1 • rr 
H p-?.* a*"!'' 


P.ic:e*:i Climax Salvo, a Fan!!ly 
blt'ssini? for '35 conts. 

It heals \vitiioiit a scar. No 
iamiiy slioiild lie vritlicmt It. 

Wv v.arrant it to cart* Scrorrila 
Korrs, Salt llheinn, Cliilhlaiiis, j 
Tetter, rimple.s, iivA vM*; 
! oi' (he Skin. For Sore l^ cr 

Nipples, Cuts, Sprains, Braises,; 
i F,ii:-::s, Scalds, Clmpprd Hands, 
I A:c., it ma!:es a periVit cure. 
I \i \v.v.\ been useil over (irtoon 
' yeiirs, willnut one lailare. 
I II ha 4 no paralle'— Mavhii; per- 

fi'clly enidicated disease and 

lii-iled alter all otiier remedies had 
; tailed. It is a compannd of Arnica I <i 'i-- m-^t e 
!^vllh many other Fxtraets and I ^;:;;;:^- ^'" 
; H.ilsams, a:'.(l put n;) in larger 

boxes Tor the i.ame price than any 

olher Ointmeul. 

Ji:it published in a scaled envelope, 

Siz Cents. 
A r.octure on the Nature, Ticattnciii 

an. I Cure of Seininal weakm-fr', .>r Spcr 
mat.iMho.a. in^tiiced l.y .-^elf Abuse : Invluntars 
i-hni.-.-iuii-. Imiiolency, NerNou.s Debility, auel 
Impe.liinentK to marriage pe.! era Iiy ; eoiir-Uiiii. 

I I.- ..„:, .w.iti..«iii..l 1 nidseaie^ 1 'ion, Epilepsy and Fits ; Mental and IMiy-ii a! 
Auitncanandt..rcij;n ^-''-''^ »"•' ^'"'^'='''^l"=''' I r, ,.,:,..,,'i,y;.tf.._i;^ p.,iij. j. ,;r PVI- UU LI.L, 

M. D.. Anibor ' t'l.j "Ureeii Hook" A<-. 

Tlie world renowned author >if this a hnirablc 
Lecture, eleaily ji roves f.oni bbs own e\peri< nci 
that MiC aw'iil eons-iiuenee-^ 'jf^ielf may bt 
vfleeually removed without Miedb-ine, and witli- 
.'iit dauLM rous .'<ur;;ical ojicration.-, bougie*, in.sii n 
ineiM.-', riin;.-:,<'r, pointing oui a mode ol 
.lire nt once oeriiiin nnd eiiectual, by which cv 



Throw siway your fdw frizref, y-ur iwitchei, your 

win — 
Po(itrue;ive of comfort . *.mI noi worth a fl^' : 
roiiiH aced.toine youlbfal, .omeUily -m'l >'"'. 
Ao.l rejoice in your own lii'^uri.iut Uair. 

I$KPAR.\TOK <.%PII^l.». 
Forrcst'.ri.iK'bair o;..oi b»bl b-a.l.s .fr..-.n w'latever 
C.nsi-il ni.ybaie fallen out) aii.l l\-ieiii^' a Krow.h of 
h.iru.onilief.e,it ha* no -.,....1 U «* I lore 
l,...r.rto ^.ow Uiion the si:ino!b. M face in from i 
eiirh'weeK*. upon b ibl in fn-iu two to 
tiu-e ,.,.M:tlis. A fen- i-tioiaiit i.r.ieti.. tiers have 
e.l that It '•■■e 1* 11^ iha'. will f.-.rc. 
ff ..w:li .f ill- hair or b-ir.l. Th. ir ass,rti..iis ar of livii.^. v,r.,ne.« Iber -Mvn expe 
cue. )C lib ar^ss. Hut ..laiiy will niy, !i.w 4ie «t 
til .lisli i.ui-l. ibe v'eliui le Ir .rn lb* sinrio' n 
vi» ililb'-uii. il" Mii..-t.-!itbs«>f:l.e iliff.- < lit ! . 
adveit-.-il for il:e hair ami b -ar.l ar.- w.-rHile--.. 
:,n.| vouiiiav have aire .ly lhr..wii aw .y lar«H aii.'-iins 
iti tli;.ir piircba-e. To .-urli we w.uM .-oty. try the b. p ir 
:»l..r CMpiiilli ; .'■ will cost y..u iL.tbii./ uabHil it eoiii^i 
u-.b. ..a- II >..ur |iru-<i>t does le.t 
ke.p it v-ii'l U-. dollar ai..l w- will it, '>«^^- 
fiall t.>-itb.-r wiib f..r the ii...liey, wbicli will 

b- rrlu.ii...: . i..pi.;ica:i..ii, provi.liiiK tniin; lutls- 

facti'.n it not (riven. A'*^, 

W. L. Cl.AKK A t'O,. rheini^ffi. 

No. 3 AV.jit Kayeile .^tr. .-I, ^'yracasl^, N. Y. 

^O I bv D.ii'j'ists fveryr, !ici 

o'i.itr '; llowluiul, 

ECl,ErCAL\V/Y. K. Y. 

In ad.liti..n lo our main business of Fluto- 
^rraphi.- Materiali wo 
1. llowing. vi/. : 

Sfereo.<^c<)pes & Slcreo.«copic Views 

(iroiip*. Mainat^ . etc, 

S;ereo.-c<H'ic Views oi' the \\ ;ir. 

From ne;;nlives in id'j in 'ho vaiious -.-iiin- 
pai-ii.-' and '"forming a complete I'holo-rapbi.' 
history "f the ;;reat eon test. 

Store jeseopio Views on (^la^s. 

A lajled f..r either the Ma^rie Lantern or the 
jstoreoseope. Our fatalonue will bo tent to on rcceii.t of stamp. 

Fliol()gr:iphic AlLuins. \ 

W'c manui'acturc more lar;,'el? than any othci 
ho; ^e, about LMP« variiiies .roiii .'»0 eeiits I.. $jl 
each. Oiir AM*.1'.>«S liiive the repiilalion -.f be 
in;j si'.ierjjr in beauty and durability to an.\ 

Card rhotogr.iphs of (leneral.*. Stutc.'< 
men. Actors, etc., etc. 

Our ratalo;:uc riiibract;^ over F'VE TIIOF.S 
A.N'l* ilill'erent .^ubjcet.s. inelmlini.' reiirodiierioii>. 
ost eelebr.ite.l En;,'rav injjs, l'aiiuiiig>. 
«'.italo;;ues sent on receipt o: 


l'liolo;;rapher.-' and other.'' ordering cood? C 
0. !>.. wi'l nlcasc remit 2J per cent ot tin 
amount ol their jn'er. 

>\,tlt. Ibe prices and (jualif of our goods eat 
not fail to .-'iiiisfy. \4i:2l\ : 

cry siilTcrcr, no matte. wli;«t hi.s condition imy be 
may cute If cheaply, privately^ and ra. Ileal 
iv. 'ilSFECTrKE nil. I, PlloVE A liOOX 

Sent under seal, to any address, in a plain sea' 
ed envelope, on the receipt of six cenis, or two 
n imp--. Also Dr. <'i:lverwiirs ••Marria;ie Gu'ue" 
p. ice 25 ecntJ. A.ldrcsS the Publishers. 
CHAS..T. ('. U\SE .V CO., 

127 BOWERV, Kayrr York. 

Post Office Box 4586 




rioprietoi.s l-l L.berry «ireet, .s. w i ork. 


..!• bait, n tie.- 

Dll. SClliliCirG 


A Su'fsfifHff for ('<iloni<f. 

Thev PiUa are coinpi.clol var.ou' rjotn, liinn-? 
the piwer to re ax ll.o c:n of 11..' liver uj 
p-ou ?'!v ml f ■ '."ur.'iy m bao p II cr :Tior'r,ir , 
and v.-i'lioat proilacia-T a.ii' o ihoic dVf. TCcab!c or 
d3-i;.'prou3 e3i:c.s wbicIi ollc.i Icllow the use o! tho 

In all bilious disorders lhr'<! Tills maybe urc.i with 

Gift Concert. 


confi Icncc. oi th3y proiiio!o : 


O! vilic'.'d 

Il C Ot,-\iil 
e;> .i-AtioilH 


Free to Everybody! 

A Inr^'c C i.p. Circular, giTing inpirniation of 
the grcKttsi importance io the youi.g of both 

It teaches bow the homely may beeooic beauti- 
jul. ihe de.-p=sed rcfpccted, and the forsaken 

Xo young lady or gentleman sboubl fail ta 
iend ibeir address, aud receive a cooy post paid, 
by returu mail. 

AdUicsi P. 0. Drawer, 21, 
tlulSiufi T'oy* N. Y. 

bi'e, and r.?nnve Iha^c oiwlr^clioas troin ih-j liver 
and biliary daots, wUicli arc tie caaee ol bilioua 
tHeclion.i i;i rcac.-a!. 

i:caila:;he, anda'l dirordcrjo. Ih? Liver, indicated b/ 
callow ikin, co".'el tonsuo, co-tiveaetB, drowBinc.»«, 
tad a pnsi-al belin? ot wei'iae^ii aud la-iitHdo, 
tliowian; that tlij li-v^er ii in a torpid or obeirutted 

In short, lhc:!0 Pills mar ba u^oJ with advan- 
izrc in all cax's when a parc'alivo cr ailerative 
lucdiciue is ro paired. 

P ea?o ask lor •' Dr. Schene'..'d Mandrake PIIIb," 
and observe that the two likensssea ol the Loclor 
arc on the (iovcrnnicnl ftamp— o:io when in the last 
tta-re of Ccaiuu.p.ion, and the ether .n hie prcrt-ut 

Sold by all DrngfTisU a id deaVra. Price 25 cents 
p:;r box. J'rinc pal Olbco, No. b'> Norih (kb Slreat, 
Phiiaieiplia, Px 

(iei:era. Wboii-iwc Accnte: P'lna^ Barnes k Co., 
:i Park \inv7 Ncv. York. B. 8. ll.iiice, IW Halti- 
r.iore St.. Haiti i or . Md. • John U. Paik. N. E. 
cor. ot I'ouTili and Walnut 8., Ciuc^nuati, Ohio; 
IN'aker & Ta/ior, 1*1 and Jr,.1 Waiivsh Avenue, 
Chicago, 111. ; Collin* Uroihors, southwest tornti 
•i Hc<:0ud and Viuc Ste.. St. Louie, Uo. 

iitix &ab w. e*. mo. 1 yt' 

Fiussell A (Jo., of .Shakopee. will ;,'ivc a fJran.' 
(Jift Concert at Endr-h'.-^ nail, Shakoj eo. .Minn, 
oil wediiCaiday evening, .May l^t l.Sl»7. <)n' 
elian'e in ei;;lit Fivi; thon.sand dollar.* worth !'• 
vah'able j.ropcrly and money to be .rutribntei 
|.i lii-l:et liol.L's. No jioftpiiiu-nient. Ticket 
OIK! dollar ea'h The prizes con.sisl of .i nou.s 
•.-ml lot on 2;l -ftrci't. !?1.'J(I0; a b-t on Id Hire.- 
:..t ?2(>0 : il boUse and lot on ll.. lines ?trett r 
i.i.ib : four lots liii'-ly i.ica e • •: !(''! ; one piano 
one prize in );ni-iibi.el<b :^I00 ; ooc bor.-e. o'l. 
i.'P b.i'.'oy ; tbreesilk >lrc--' i>at terns, om; win; 
iiia.'line: one ;;d'l b-vur w.ileli ; one America- 
kvileb. Albums, in.p'-'ii rin^s, Ac, in all i'll. 
jiri/.es. The object ol th" eoueert i-* to (H.«po-e o 
ttierroprrty iKlveitij^ed, ami n-it for ii s),ccula» 
lion". Address by mail (with prion of ticket en 
elo.sed) M. C. Kus^ell. V. 0. Box 270, Sha';opc« 




tl,(. Physii/ai\ n» a Spi. lali'l 
now lj Chicsico that .-an be . iitin-lv 
I ( h'-ri i;i'..n. «i'' t.> him. an. I not i«iille! 
IliHl houil.b- li.-.-as'i t.' 1. iii'iii !'• yu' 
->,"listiKii'i'''^ .^■' '" ta'"':oi.l^ 
I.'.-s:l..f l!v^tr.'\l:ln v. no lr,ii.i'! 
• .:ii,.- |.r. -p-'s .1 .;i. . lb- I.I.- i-.i..l.- 
I'r.l\ A lli PI.^KA^LS aii'l NK".\UL'I' 
pKilll.rrV bi< sti.ily f..r the pant 
t«.-nt-. y'-ai!.. and i.s llierolore ilu- |i.'r 
It:, II vsii.iri :ai h'.H. I.-I sli,.i^! 1 cuisnlt 
.plot n -...ilieiil "I III* !'.it l.i-iii;; oire.l 
,iucc h.. hi.K b..en 11. tiii.'* <i)- .»>"' •■•pnt-" •■• «"" 
v...;.h.rsin all tb.-'Mv pap.:s. his pi.ti-iilh aiol he 
,ii,.!ir4l i.i..f-s<i,.ii. bull h.-i.- :.ii-l Hbr..a.l. as l.eiii^ III.- .skili. ll -p<'i'.b.t her.-, tli..r..i!.^h niast.-r ..! 
.xiial .l..s.;u,e^ Jf all others .l.-" I .!.-8pair 
ilv a .-"ininon ..■•cuiieiic- vvitri 

N.i one over be: 


j;lve liiai ic.iil. II l.soil.v a. to cure Ml>b .;u.e.<. Ills l...iai. are sepaniti> l..i 

lidii-saii.l '.iilb-ii."., ai!.l-i..' in..-.t.-..ini.l.-I.Jii lliecitj 

Yi NO .M_.i T*KK P i:-i 1 ; «!•. .NoilOK.— K>ct..r P.i}:« 

' .v» .IcT.l'-'.i" 1' '■' '''■* "'■"" '" ''"■ "■'•-'"-"■"' "' """"• 
;»»..s . 1 -si.l by a i^i -r. t habit, will. Il ril lis I...II1 I «i\\ 
tn.I mill l.ii"litti!.:-' ibl- uiil.>iiii..'t''i'i.ui li-reiih.-r 
i!r n eii'lj. Th' >ad .-tb-ct ol 11) -sc e; 

to Wi'.ik.'U i.iid i ''ib 

i,e,s .,r «<■■'•■- ■" — '> hai'lt... 

•r tl;<- i-xc-si* ...... , , . , , ,1 

lit" III- .-on tllnli.n. d-stro> i!ie ph,\.''irnl ,.11. 1 menial 
. , %M-i-, ,liii.iai.-h and enf-eblo the l.i-linirs. .md 
(•xhaiMl tie- vit.ii eie .(fi'-* .'f t'ialih<>od ; th.- .il.-nsiire« 
nf !if.- :ir.- laarr.-.l. !'i- o'O 't ..I aiarri.igo trii-tru'ed. 
\\\\ --xist. iK.--is.irt.!i.l.i-<ilft rniof •incasiaj; inisorv 
tn.l iTKirt. bu.b jH-rsoiis, .-|..-iii-:i.v lii..fe cooteni!iL' iivirrfaK'-. sb"il.l lose 11. 1 lini" in inikiiiL' itiinii- 
ii.'ite up.Ii.'.-t > a, ;iJi i;r. T. . by his new tr.aliiieiit, ik 
.•iiivMe^l'lo insure u speeily 11 •' pcrin.iii.-iit cure. 

r..i!«iilt.iti"n'* b''.- mi'l conlbUiilial. Olhce. No. 179 
S.iiith eiark Street , .■•>»-r..f .Monroe, b:iUa block from 
-.'.•• Post i^'Tir;.. P>*« Om.e H.ix I'l-I, Chicag.., 111. 
!)iti..- 0.1.1. fi'.iii '^ A.M |.' s f 'V 

Send for lii.-i "Liiiidc to Jle.4lth," published rauutblv, 
free ..f rharj'- 

N. u'-s, ix'nd for a descrlptir* circular of Poa- 
arie Reuiedie, tb-^ best previ-ntivo -if conception 

Uuwn "cut to .-Uiy a.l.lresH Ireo of clr r^e. 



Etc., Etc., Etc. 

at prices that 

DEFY co.ArrETrnoN. 



A'c. cV:c 


^ocl:?, Latches. 

Prices Lew for 
C A S K I 

.Ai! persons le-nivir t" I' Keii< .--t •! 

hresbeis, wiubl d.i v<liT.. ..;« ' :• a <jillr<l. re 
iir< basini;. as iiiv .si..< k is i.* iaryi .^•..•\. 1 wii 

.Vj.rrant a-I mac.-iiiic.s i. j.'-''' .-• i■•^'•a■ ;on. ai .. 
ly prie.-s and Ici'- - -'•t > ' •'• i' '•■ •'*•■' 

^^;;v| JOii.N" F. .\:EAt;ilKU. 


Ml'OiiTA.M' 10 OWM-iiS OF 



UHltcr & Cheese 

wanted at all times at the market price. 

never was, Never can, and 
N(iver will be 


Uh'lcc and J\\si)'ijt(!o)f.<ij'vr SlcL' or 
Jrjni\d Ho."!'! .< (jiceii I'rci . 

The EbiTon of Wu.k.-:.'' c' .i' 1':^-. Tiue» 

■ esires to iniorin lie . wners «>( Meifes ii.rci'j.-h- 

ut the Ihiiied .'^lii. s. II. at \ *■> lias re};'ili.i.\ rn- 

.;i;re.l upon his pi er. one ol ibealdot ami 

.\perienee.i>':"nal »etci Liana' S il. 'A \ V. 

^.. •-b.ise specia ihily it.sliiill be t" answer, «.-iati* 

ill queMiouf reNiive lo ^il.k '.r i-.iu.i(t ii;-.« 

.vhich may be ..ddie.ssid lo Ibe ^^l■ll•!T. ir/, •:.'/. cr 

'iff siil)>(cr!l'rrg of iitit. 'lice iii.swti.-« wniiu nil 

ases eoniiiin 11 i lesci ipli. n b-r the» do- 

oribc'l. and will be prince. I. in i-..iu-ve'i<-n ■^:'.h 

be (Hieslioii ,->s5<.- I. M! the. fjiiowiii" i.-uiiiiier of 

he .SpiuiT. X" un'<w-is. howi ver, wi.: b« f;uea 

y man. it b< ing a V'-rl <>l the objeet of ibe «di— 

i-r III submit the iibi;iiy of ibe pr>-fesfi..r who ha» 

• (■snnieil lb |oiii >iici.t of ibe Si-iniT to the 

uei-tst iri.iii.-iu ol iLe gemri-l | nbiie. Fy ud- 

lii.g this nsclul ileiuirtu.ent lo lie ''iiRiT. tha 

•lilt T co» iribi.ic.- to iloK- < f ' is re.'ocr'! »r.d 

sub.strincrs who r.wn bursts, a h'irse do<-t.'r lr»*C, 


ml ii-.l only lo liis piib.-ciibevs lu.t to ^v\:\f 
lo'sc owner in the F i.iicd ."-tati-s w l.o ioh* ebo-'kd 
.1 direei, u- iii.|M'.r;, t.i tin: *PiriT by mail, 
libber' i'l;.' 1 piiiA. ol liie ^iti;.! ji ?j .. \c i 

Ojfirc opposite ''Union ILna^x " JUuc 
Kai'th CiUi, Minnesota. 

Will do a General Hanking and Ileal Estate 
Husine^'s, pay Taxes for non-residents, u.akc 
Collect. ons, Ae.. Ac, 
a. D. BALDWIN, - - - S. !>. Cnil.D. 

]\[(irri'(je and Cdib((cy. 

A 14 Essay of V^arningr and Initruc I 
1\. tion to Youz/g* Ulen. Also, Di 

Giivo me a:i early c.nll, and see 
"^ for yourselves. 

A. B. BALC0:\I. 

Blue Earth Cit^', May 14, ISfiO. 3»3f'yl 



fro I 

OUCllD to grow upon the smoothest face ir 
_ m eilire u 'i ■ w.vl;.^. by -.i-inL' Dr. SKV 

KJXE'S KEST.MJKATK'll CAPll.lilbE. tlo 
isesaes j luost wor.ibrfiil discovery in modern .-eiemo a., 
urn! -ibuss whi i prematurely I'lostrate the vil ing upon the Deard and Fair in an alui'St ini 
tal Powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free! racubnn manner, 
of Charge, in sealed letter onvf>lopes. Address, fl l^ has been used by Ibo elite of Pari- 

Dr. J. SKILFAN HOUlinXOX, Howard Assr 
eintioi*, I'hiladelphin. Pa. v.3n21yl 

nnd L.imlon with the most oaltering siieee.-s 
Name.sof all perchasers will be re-:is-!ered an I i. 
entir." satisfaction is not jiiven in every inriuu. 
A YEAR made by any one with the money will be ebeerlullv lefnn.b-.l. Pii.' 

S'-rfii-i* ( 
urers of il Banks endorse tho circular. Sent free j PEUfiKU, SIMJTTS A CO., Chemi-is. No. ^IT, River 
h i: .am pies. Addrerfs tho A tncrican Slonoil | Street, Troy, N. V. S.d* ageuu for the United Siatei 

CO AAA ^ YEAR made by any one with the money will be ebeerlullv lefnn.b-. 
^^(0}vJUU $1;')— stencil tools. No experienco j by m."»il,' seale-l ami poslpiiid. ."?l. D 
neee-sary. The Presidents, Cashiers, and Tr.;as circnlurs- an. I testimonials mailcl f.'o. 


Blue. Ear» Citf, Maf T. 0*. 

»Oyl Tool VTorki, Springfield, Verraonl. 




iujr e eopic!' iiii'v be boufht f.-om 1 e»s at'entJ 
ton! Week t" W'-ek by Ih-se wli.. tie.sil., I - ii.«« it 
> mji. only. Pi \t-tev-rnii.-n i.ii. -ti. r.s, Rk 
iii'.en cents pel coi y. lie Simiit ok tbb. 
1 IMKS i- .i Ligb tone.; yntU man's |.'.|er vyliich 
With ine oM wi.<se I nsii'< f' •" d tiileit 
ti.iiriis) is of r.niv y. ai.s' stamling. and is de- 
voted to numi ..u.'f'i.-! i"^'. li.'fi'-;^. J- '• 1^' f'ports, 
Liteiat..rc and the Si,,-."-. G>-...i.<.k W 11 kk*. 

E'lii"'- a-.d j'n pnetor, 
201 W iViiam .-t. New York. 


(Ml ! she was biiut ful and fi'lr, 
Willi starry eyes, lailieiit hair. 
Whose cui Hi. g ten. 'rils Soft .niniiH-.I. 
Ei.cliaincd tbt very leart Hndniinit. 


I'or Cr.rlini: liie Hair ol* eit'ev Sex iuto 

Wiivy ami (llis-y lUngleis or 

ITo;v\ M.psiqf» CimI>-. 

Hy Hjlnp tills article l.ndi. s and Cei tUmT c»r h«»rtt- 
iify 'I.l iiisii ivi s a tli.aisai il '..Id. It i- Ii,., only i«r'irle ill 
ilie wold thai wilt carl straiiibt hab , si.d i-l the s: 11 *• 
lime ( ive ll a bi-miiful. abisS\ iipi)ea.ei.e. . il- tii-|«r 
I'.in.a, n.ii oii'y coiH the 1 ;,ir, I nt 1- v p. r:;!.* bfi ulifea 
m.l ll ; ij highly and deliil.l'nlly p-ruu »rt, 
.111(1 i- th - II. "St c Uiide'e Hr-,ic:e nt ibe kii.d iv»r ul.treil 
10 tilt- Antrican p>;b'ie. Tli.- Ciispei Coma willbv vt\,% 
III iuiv addriKS, ^. bd aud p. f»r one dollar. 

Addrets ait crib rs lo 

W. L. CLARK .t CO , CbtmliU, 
tiolS/l Kw. % Wttit ¥W»M« §uct:t. S.-. rMWt. V. 1 . 



-^ 0" I HMI I I I ■ll' 






■f ^1 











— I 

— ^^— ^^^— ^— ^— ^' ■ - — 

- a — I ■ ■ I ■ *— ■*— 



E. A. HOTCHKISS, Editor & Proprietor. 


Terms— $1.5C — Invariably in Advance- 

VOL. 4. 



I.IJtU.I IWWF. M ' HU. ' Al ia 


Office on North Fruut Street, one door west of 
KithiUilsonV ?t«re. 


One C'">py one year - - - $1 .."iO 

Vor anv tcrai less (uan o aioths, 5 cents a week. 


l.AKE llorSK, 

Watcrvillc. Le Sncnr Co.. IVlinncsota. 

J. M GRAY. Prop. 

Terms Reasonable. — Tcumstutf ovi-r ni;;l>t 
Ohc iioll;;r aiiJ aiiiiitrt r. 

GcniTal ,<t;vne ofBoe. Good ^tabling, ami rrnsf^n- 
uMe ohargps. ^Tvii^l 

Evans & Fall, Proprietors- 

Thl.s House 'h Xew, roTuino(1ir>u.«?. 

K.y in. I I'sq'l 2 g. | I 4^.-^q I i col. | ) c<A. \ 1 col 

I \n\l\i 2.><> 4.<U»; ft.OOJ 7.00 12.00 20,00 . , . 

6 w'k^ 3..»n ."i.on! s.oo 10.00 ir,.no ■ 2.'>.t>0 I*l(>r\«Jiiitlv f.oc.iti" 1. niitl lias Ixh n 

^ .u-t'i. 5.00 ^.00 r:.oo, 1.-..00 im.oo , .••.^.o(. u- i.\„ ll.n.u-hout. Tlu- vny 

9 iu'!';'< : s.o) 11.00 itVd'.iI LM.oo ;:o.iio ' i.o.oo / , . • . 1 ,\ 

1 V3.,r. io.i),vu.oo20.i.j' 2...O0; 10.00 ' 70,00 ,t»^st, afc*)mnuHl:.t ions guarantcea to 

Ten ILnes or .o.-s make one .« iuh.c I l^'VokTs :in.l boanUMS. 

„ , I Gooil Stable liooni for Teams. 

Advertisements not marked for a j;)C(Mn.>.l fime I „ ,„«^, Garden City Wliaa. 

will becoiilinueJ. anl chirj^eufor aocorilinjily. | 
Yearly adverti-'ors will be ln'M strii'tly to ail- I 
Tertisetaents pettaiuing to tholr bii?;iur!' All j 
•>ther notices will be o!'.».;;«il :it tin- n-irularratis 
Excess of advertisements in.ivi led will bo e'.iur^- 
• 1 prop«^rtionalely to the number of squares bar- 
gained for. 

I.e.iial a l\crti«emont.« iuoOftcd at the tbe ex- 
pense of the attorney or.I.M'in;;; tliom. and nc-t .le- 
ayable for pri>eeediiig.«, but iniist be paid 
on delivery of the affiilavit. 

Notices iuscilt-d ill the readinj eolumn, dou- 
«bl» ratc« E. A. IlOTrllKI-S, 

i: ii: .r .V Tr piiftor. 


Business Directory. 
Wiiineb:iLro Cltv District. 

A. H. Rfl.l.l.-s. R»-ist-?r, 
H. \V. U.»Ul,f V. Ktcciver. 

f^p-0 flee h->ur5 from ^ .\. M.iiH 4 P. M. 
Wiaaebiiso City, Miiui.. Jcl. :io; 1?6''. 

Hariie^s ^hoiK 

The unilt r.'iirncd t.nUfs tliis uielliod of irT-Tm- 
!.•,' the I'eopio of Winiiebapo City and vicinity, 
h'ftt be ha« just opened a luw harness shop in 


anj is now prepared to do all kind>' of work m 
ills iiiir. Ntw !:.;rt:e»s iicnlf to order, and all 
kind* of rej'airinjt done mi .•■hurt noii-c. Shop 
:ip :*iairs, nixt door sciuti of Uichard?" u A Ley- 
;,.M.«" (jrocirv. 

>:. II. IIHTClIiNS. 

Winneb.igo City. May 2J. ]^M. 

V i: U R Y, 




Tin: M.i\. 

Is a mnn a the belter 
For bis rii he? and his jrnitis ? 
For "i- acres and his piilace — 
If hi* inioost heart is c:il!ou^^ 

Is H man a whit the better 7 

And if a nian'd no whit ibe better 
For his cuirnrs .ind his mines, 
For bis pnrpU- and fine '.nen, 
For his vineyards and hi.'« vines, 
Why do thous.inds bend the knee, 
And cringain mean .servility, 

If H uan's no whit the better ? 

Is a man a whit the worse 
For a lowly diess of rai;* ? 
Thouuh ho owns no lordly rental, 
If hi.< heart is kird ;\nd gentle, 

Is a man the whit the wor.«e? 

And if H man's no wl it thb worso 
For a poor and lowlj- stand. 
For an empty, even pocket, 
And a brawny, woiking hand, 
Why do thousands pass him by, 
With a coM and scornful eye, 

If H man's no whit rbo wr.-e ? 

iiov» in: roi xi> tsii:m uir. 

The AdvcnUircs oltho <;ri-t'<lj IJenhat^saiu 

A word spoken :it laiiJotn lias often 
|irove(l of more utility llian tlio best 
conceite<t plans ; hence it ha|)pen8 that 
fools often pro.sijor where men of talent 

H)h,' fisiti the culprit, ^behold the 
ling but hide our shame, and you shall 
ni ver want good faro again.' 

•lie silent!' exclainu'd the astonished 
l!i nhasran, who little thought that what 
he had s;n.ken of hi-i meals could have 
made the plunderers betray themselves. 
•He silenH I have it.' 

Some " were feediut' befuro the 

General Cirant and Art. 

1 he rhicairo Trioune has the follow- 
ing rather amusing gosbip abjut Geo. 

♦'IJ. S. G. is a j^ood judge of a ci^ar 
He knows Havana from cabbage leaf, 
and knows it cnsy. lie is a {jjood juclgr 
of a game of billiards, and can makt 

.-- -^ - ., , shots around the table as ea.sily as 1 

window ; ho went out, and having seiz- | ^j.„ 'scratch.' lie is a good ju<l-;c ol 

cd the largeirt, forced the ring 
down i;.s {i;ullet; then declared thutthc 
hn-f>e8t had swallowed the jewel. The 
goose was kille«l, the diamond found, 
lu liie meantime, the ivory merchant 
returnftd, and was incredulous. 

*Somo crafty knave, O, wile,' K.iid he, 
'either the thief himself, or his aleitor, 
has, witii a well-concert«d scheme, 
wrought on yttur enry faith, liutl'll 
soon try his powers of divination. I'll 
provi<lc liim witli a meal Mkeway.' 

No sooner said than done ; between 
two dishes the my. teiious fare was hid- 
den. The false conjurer was told to 
declare what was the c-nceahd cheer, 
on j>ain of being well beaten hhould ho 

'Alas,' lie muttered out, 'iJeidiassen, 

fail. Here is an illusiration : U'"'» a»'^ a ].ig ; thou art di ad,' refer. 

A poor, simple peasant, of ilien.-unc- n = 'K to himH.'lf, and callin,' hiuiS.K 

NO. 29. 

The IJiLle. 

WMlluVbaLTO City :vlinm-s<>ta, of Uetd.assan, hein- heartily of ''ii''^C'-- . 

' » -^ 1 • 1 1 <• c \ i..,,i ..,,1 'He s riiih , tlie merchant cried. — 

_ ,. .„ «, , #> his dai V hire ot brown broad an-l i.«v.r.i'o") 

Mayb.r.nn.i InPchowB-N^wriock Ct»- " -* - w 1 Give him a Durse of «'-uld ; 1 honor 

positc Cittt ell iDoarboas New Store, ; water, resolvc'l, whatever might be ^"M- " ''> '^ I'^*'-*- ^'»'^; 

NO. 27. 


A ItHirular ('••mmnnieationR nre 

"V^f h»'l'i "n file first and thiid iut-iayi oi" 
^r\ each Month. 

— OFFICrn.*:- 

L DT-PLKV. W. M. tiKO. \. WKTR. P. P. 

D Wt 1 : -t W .M. >. l!I.VN(»|,nS. J. D. 

B.' MADISON. J. W. A. K. WtrUli \M. TvKr. 

a. K. MOLLTON, Treas. F- H. ULITUINS, Sh:^^ 

"blue EAufll CITY LuIKH': 
U. D. 

ni.*. prtpar.d to d- :iii wi.rk intru I' d to I ^j^^ consec.uences, to Jirocurc to himself 

I him. in the late t New York Fa.-hions or to suit j _ ^ ^ i ^ ' ^^ ^ ^^ 

be iusi>«u:er 



crrv, Mi.N.N. 

r> Kiil'LAR C>inmutMcati..ns nre htMontbo 
\i Fir«i and Third W eut. ".-:-.;. s ..( ea.-h ni.nth. 

M"-!t kitids of conntry pr-ducc wanted f-r work 
Cuttiiii: do.e nn ihorl notiie, anil nurranled lo 
lit if propetly made up. n?v4 

by hook or by cr ok, even at the ex 
pense of a bndcen he.'id, three sumptu 

tale!its sm.h as his.' 

It. was pork in the dlsii. Tiiu.s our 
gutton, by tlirce random Kpeeche 

horse flesh, never makes a mi.-.take ii 
his betting bonk, and will tell you to a 
quarter second what time Dexter wili 
niakc in the coming race with lady 
Thornc, and he can plan and fi^^ht a 
battle to the perfect satisiaclion of his 
opponent-. But when U. S. G indulges 
in high ait he is apt top'it his foot in it 

The New Y'orkAlbiou has cDntaincJ 
among its advert i&ementf;, for some 
weeks pa.-t, a conspicuous notice of a 
volume of steel cngravin::'s from the 
celebrated 'Cartoons of lltphael.' The 
notii:e is accompanied by a d.'/.in testi- 
monlal-s to their vjiUie, at l!»e head of 
which is the following : 

'TIk-v seem to me to be verv fii;c, J^^^d 
a de.-:irable collectitoi. f r iho-e who do 
not possess the original.-^; ( I I ) to hayc. 
— I'. *S. (Jruiit.^ 

Now that's an opinion as is an o})in 
ion. As the originals are the property 
^f Victoria and safely housed at Hamp- 
ton court, and as neilhr-r I'. S, <i., nor 
Pere-rrine, nor any one else will ever 


IJlacksmithing, ShoeingJlepairMig, Sec. 
The undersigned still necii].ics the siiop near 

nense oi a oroutii iilmo, huc-u nuiuMiit . , , , , i 

^ , ,. • . 1 .1- ^ ua' '<-*^l thrc-e heartv meals, a heavy 

ous mcal.s. Ilavm;; lakeu this courage- » ;. ^ 

H P Yorsfi, w. M., 

L W. RHiWN, ."i. W. 
R W. TKKTKlt. J. W. 
WM. A. WAY, Treai. 

ous and noble resolution, the next thing 
was to devise a plan to put it into ex- 
eculi .n ; and here Ids good f iitune be- 
friended him. The wife of a rich ivory 
mereliant in the nc ighborbood of his 
cotta;;ehid, during the absence of her 
hushami, lost a valuable diamond ring; 
she oftVred m-eat rewards to any person 

ElrC^cll*^ Jll^^'PiOW»^« ^■^''* ^^'""''^ recover it, or give any ti- 

* 5*^„ din;:s of the jewel. IJut no one was 

II;^vin^'s.cur"d the .'ervices of Sltl >T CI..\s.s , iij,;elv to do ciilicr; fur t.iiree eunuchs, 

r,l Al M'»\T, ;">Ifr. j w„rki»i.-ii. 1 am able to otler the hv^X .c'.adty of, ,. ', ,. , , . i i _ i ...» .i. - 11 

the -team .Mill, aoil woiild re-pie 


ii>n ounce 

that Iif is now firep-artd to ni-'iiiiractiire i>«.th 


II. p. roN.-iTANS, S. 
A. K. K.\.-iMAN, .1. 1>. 
J. I . 

jnu'se, comfort for riie> .-ind a bril- 
liant repnt:iti.>n as a cunning man. 

^akiiijif a Dislike. 

An ill-natured fellow quarrelled with 
his flweet heart on the day tl^i-y were 

S<<me wj'tergivei. tlic following acaly- 
-is of tl;at bo-k of ho-ks, tlio IJiblo. 

It is a book of Jaws, it shows tlie 
lif-dit and wrong. 

It is a book of wisdom, ihoi makes 
the foolish wise. 

It is a book of truth, which detects 
all hum;in < rrors. 

It is the ho<»k of life, and bIiows how 
lo avoid evei lasting dtath. 

It is the most autiientic and entcr- 
laiiting history ever publish'.'d. 

It contains the most remote ar;t:qui- 
iles, the must remarkable events and 
vi'onderful occunences. 

It is a code of laws. 

It is a perfect body of divinity. 

It is an unequakd narrative. 

It is a book of biography. 

It is a bovik of travels. 

It is a book of voyages. 

It is a book of the best covenant ever 
u.ade— tlie be.=-t deed ever written. 

It i.- ihe best will ever execiiled, the 
best testament ever si<_'ned. 

It i.s the young niaifs bcstfcmpanion. 

It is the school boy's instructor. 

It is the learned man's ma-terpiece. 

It is tiie ignorant man's dictionarj, 
Tiud every m:;n's directory. 

Senator Sanlsbury was saved from 
: expulsion .by the appeals of h's wife, 
who promised to him home — and 

1 I . u «t «.., ;*;olchedid it. Ihe appeal could not be 

have money enough to buy them, It 18 ^ , , , /. 

,., , , , .., I' w: i' ,.,. ix.,.„ resi.-^ted. nor cannot be thought ot 
not likely that either L. h O. or ieic-, 

, 1 , .,, Iwiihout emotion. T hough overmaster- 

crine, or any body el>e will ever pos-i ^ . , ^, o i t 

, . . , , ^; „ r „^..i 'ed bv dnnk, Mr. Saul bury is a man 

sess the on':inalf, unless -Mrs. Joseph; - ',,,.,.. "^ „ , 

, ,,. ,., .. , , -, , of very maiked abiiities--one of tno 

wh'm she shuliies oil this mortal coil, ' -, ,^ • i 

,,- ., . 1 ., .1 . _abe>t, most cogent and effective ppeak- 

shou'd dec deto btque:ith them tome! , ^, „^ 

as a testimonial of esteem 

,. , , T tv6 ot the feeiiaie, oi fine per-^ouai ap- 

, .... n.earaccj. t;.ll, erect, da»k conipluxioned, 

,.p,.e regret to say,! ht re arc no indiralions; ^ . ,, , i-.n t 

, T, ., ,, ' i„i .,.., i„! wit • piercing black eyes and jet black 

iiid at present. It the benerat had made i f -^ .''.,. 

to be married. Afler theccrcm 'Uj, and he was ask.d, 'Do you take i^'O re... arks about pictures of Niagara 

.1,. 1 t i-o. 11". 


I- of G T 


EC t'l.AU mettir.g every FriJuy evei:lrg, at 
Mi-ultiyii's Hi.Il. 

Ct. M. POTTER, W. K. 8. 

wf.rk. » o'l, .Mwu'.if.i -inrin:; and H; pairing. Job 
biiig, Horso fi 0.\ .•^i.ieiii;:. .1'-. i:i tbi- best u:r.ii- 
ner. Tliaiktul l-.r pa>t lavors. 1 would solicit 
u c ■itinuani.e of the public patrona.:^e. 
v!n!y.f J. M. WnEliLER. 


of whose lidelc'ty she had not th.r»niftll 
est doubt, ha 1 st-deu it. The loss soou 
reached our glutton's ears. 

Til go,' ones he ; 'III say I am a 
conjuror, and that I will di.-cover where 

tliis womjin to be your M'edded w;!e 
ifcc.,' he replied, 'No:' 

'Whj.i's your reason?' a^-ked the 

'I've taken adi>iike to lur, aird that'.« 
en<righ, wa3 the surly reply. 

The p'lrties retiied— ihe bri.le in tears 
— ^and, after much persuasion, the 
groom wan iu.»ue<d to hav«* the m^r- 

Falls, or jdiotooraph of Saturn and his 
ring.<, the originals of \\hich are oith 
cidt to possess, it would have been quiie 
as mild ae his a!:tonl^hing ann.ounce- 
i:u nt in ri*ga''d t(» the cartoons <»f Ka- 
piiael I am afraid that U. S. G knows 
more about pontoons and rebels than 
cartoons and lvaj)haels. 


Auditor-F. W. rvnr, Tr.-s'.'-R. B. JOHNSON 

R^:ist«rr-F. LENT, J^lK-riff-C E. CHAl'KI. . 

S>unu-y-i. n .-I'P.orT Ju-'.-e-A MOr- IMU.sroN, 

Coroner— WM. A. WAY. Com. -DE LA \EUC.NE. 

County Com. 1st Dist.— \. R. MoR", 
•' '• od '• — H .1. SEAL. 

•• " 8(1 '• — J-UIN (t. SI^SON, 

•« •' 4!li " --JAMK.-; I KA Y.s, 

'• *' :a\\ " — JO.iElMl CiOOETT. 

— District Court nf this District meetsat Blue Earth 
tiiy ou the first Monday in Juue. 

the i;em is hidden, on coiidiiion of first | rjage pioc< e 1. It wa.s ivw the lady's 

CI |.,, „-^ ^^^,,^f ; receiving three sph-ndid meals, I .-hall | im„^ j,j,d when tlm minister tisked her 

1 Oi^iiVt I J ^lOfe t.. j..^j,^ .^,g ^^.^^^ vVhat then ? I sh.all be | ,i,c all-imj. mutant .juestion, 'N.. I' said 

treated as an impostor ; my bick and i y],c, rtn-joluiely, -I've taken a dislike to 

C. J. FMH.EY, 

P7Z1>7C TA X A XJJ -S L'Ji (rlJOX 


CalU by day or night piotnptly attended to. 
Winnebago City, Aug. 15, 1SC6. 

ALlJEJl'f S. WHITE, rroprietor. 

Cr^ikfrv. f;i:t>s-ware. Gnccrie;), clc, for sale 
by wbclcsa!e or retail. Country atore- supplied 
on reasonable terms. Itoonis on Alain .tlixot 
nearly cpp-i.-ite Ilrad!' '. A Bro. 

sides may siy, 'How d'ye do?' to the 
bastinado, but my hung.y stomach will 
bo tilled !' 

To concoct his scheme and put it in 


Dr. J. P. Iluuics, 

Physician & Surgeon, 

OfiSceover the H.irJware Store, Main St., Win- 
lu'b.i'^o Ciiv, Minnesota. 

j;. li.l-OlH'e (pen for caPs at all hours of the 
day and night- 

Attoi uey aii<l Counsellor at Law 

^^- Will attend to professional busiuesa 
broughout tbo .■Stale. 
Winnebago City, Minn. 


Practical AVatcli-Mnke.r, 

A N D 

J E W j: L E \\ , 

Llankato, - - - Minn. 

liiiALCR IN 
Watches, clocks, Jewdlry *fc silver vraio 

Ilepairinfj neatly e.TCcutcd and warranted. 


Tb.e gro m admirin.u horspuuk, uiude 
the matter up with her as iSoon as pos- 
; sible, and a third Ihcy prt-.-entod 
practice was but the work of momonta. L|^^.,^j^yi^.^,g i^elore the minisier, wh.. 
The lady, anxious ftir the recovery of |j^.g„„ ii,^. t-crcmony by asking the 
her rill;:, accepted the offered terms.— | „j,„a! question';, which were >ati.-fac- 

Attorneys tfe Counselors at Law. EARlll COUNTY MINN. 

Will aUcd promptly and f»ithfuily to all bu^lne-^ic- 
nst'^d to their care- 
Have for saloat all time,-!, l.tRe r,uantitie). of 
Winneba-o Trust Lands, and other valuable 
Farming lands. 


CHAS. ih:ili;okn. 

M-inufuHiirer nnrt Di-aler in 

of every vanety. 
GiltMotiMings Kept On Hand 


A sumptuous dinner was propan-d ; the 
table was covered with rich viands; ex- 
Ijiensivo pbttes of every sort were plac- 
1 ed upon llie side board. Allah ! how 
I he at'j I An att^ntve footman, one of 
; the socret tliieves, filed him sheibetJ 
our coi.juror, gorged, exclaimed : 
' 'Tis well : I liave tlio first !' 
The servant trembled at the ambig- 
uous words, and laoto hi,-* comp.iuions. 
'lie has found us out, dear friends/ 
he cried. *Ho is a cunniuf? man. He 

torilv answered (his time. Tut to the 
a-Jtonishmentoflhc party, hi.s n vcrcuce 
continued : iVreU, I'm glad to 
that you are willing to take each other 
for husband and wife, for it's a good 
thing to le of fo giving temper;!. You 
can now go and get married whore you 
will — I II not tic the knot, for I've 
takeu adi.>»like to both of you.' 

A Pl' — We find the following 

ptiZ7,!o in an exchange, aud would be 

.,, ,,,... Ml . ',, ^"' i very much obliged if our delinqu nt 
said he hid the h; St. What could ho -^ ^. , , / . 

moan but me?' 

♦It looks like it,' replied tho second 




Bine Earth C.ty, 

-This house having been rofaircil i.nd newly fiir- 
cished throughout, is now opeu for the reception 

'°^The proprietor respcc fully solicits the patron- 
age of the traveling rublie, and is determined 
that none shHl! g-o away dissatished who may lu 

»or htiu with a call. 

47y G. S.CONVEll.^E. Pr opnetor. 


Front Street, near the Le/ee. 

M- T. C. FLOWER, Proprietor. 

General;e Ofiic for all I'oiiiU. i . th^ State. Cood 
.SlaliliiiK with a'tenUve Ostle". J-'^j 


CAN MaUKHA:.^ &. CO. PT!OS. 

Ojqxjsite Clifton ILniPn, 

MfJ^'kato, ^Minnesota. 

Our tablcif aio iihw and are of tho best make 
flood cigars and liquors at the bar. 4yyl 


Corner of Ibdley k Main Streets. Winnebago Cify 

D. S- LAW Proprietor. 

stages leave this IIou.«c for all Points. 

There is also a good livery conuccteJ with tho 
-, OeloO ()0 



LL kindi of Job Work don«*to ord^r at this 






thi'f 'I'll wa t on him to night ; ns 
yet you may have mis.akcn hii mean- 
m^. Shonhl he sijcak in the same strain, 
wo must decamp * 

At night a suj)per tit f(»r the caliph 
was set before the Ki*e««^y Henhassan, 
who filled until he could eat no more, 
fho second footman watched him all 
the while. When satisfied, ho rose^ 
exclaiming : 

•The .«econd'« in my sack, and cannot 

escape me.' 
Away fL*w the afrighted robber. 
'We are h.'Stl' he cried. 'Our heels 

alone can save us ! 

subscribers would send us a solution ot 
the game. Try it and sec if it won't 
make you feel and rest easier. 'The j Inmter pours some water on the crea- 

The Spirometer- nier.suring the re 
tual buik of respired air in any individ 
u I ptir ot lun;^s— has shown tli^t this 
measure, as might be suppuscd, is a 
very good general index of tlie state 
of bcalih and vigor in all resjiects, cwcu 
when tho variation is not very perct-M» 
tible in o'her ways. A medical reviev.- 
er in a late jmblication testifies thtit 'in 
e.vamiiiing for insurance persons appa- 
leutly robust, v.e have found that none 
of those who habitually drink spirit> 
between me?ls, even iu such modi ra 
tiou as to be considered strict'}' tem 
perjte, can blow up the s['iromelcr tn 
their duo figure. And in several in- 
stanco.-; of really intemperate persons, 
this mode of operation has led to tiie 
d. tection of their secret. 

How IhsSlAN SaULKS AllKC-'AUOllr.- • 

Provided with a small pitcher ot water, 
tho hunter stations himself iu a tree 
over the hole leading to the habitation 
of the animal, aud when the latter 
C'";mes out, and stands looking about, the 

h:iir, courtly and inmressive in his 
manner, and of noble and generous 
itr.pulses. The case of Senator Mc- 
Dougall, whose term has just closed, 
is a simi'ar one. A man of clear intel- 
lect, finished culuire and fascinating 
manners, but cursed with the >ame af- 
fi'ction, he was to'.e. ated in the Senate 
only from a similar motive. One of the 
most touching sights to be seen i:i 
Washington during tlie se?5i>>n, was 
the presence in the pallery, of his wife 
:«nd dauiihter. waiting ni^ht after nigh.t, 
o ten till long past mi.inight, anxious 
and ilistressed, for him lo accompany 
them to their liome. It may be said to 
!iis credit, that, whatever he m.iy havo 
been to the res^t of tiie world, he w;-.8 
fjcver anything but rtspectful, obedi- 
ent and tender to them. 


answer to the folIoNving little pnz/.le 
contains a fine moral. Peciphtr it if 
you can.* 




















The UNinviDED Ciiuucii.— Take a 

ture's tail, wdiicli almost instantly he 
comes frozen to the ground. The hnn 
tcr then descends, and with his knife 
slashes the sable's face. Tho frighiencii 
animal struggles to get away, and final 
ly escapes through the opening made 
in his countenance by the hunterV 
knife, leaving its skin in the pobscssion 
of the hunter, while it returns to its 
hole to await the growtli ot a new skin. 

Sehvkd Him Right.— In an English 
railway car, a short time since, an indi 
vidual wdio persisted m smoking a ci- 
gar after he had been requested not to 
do so, was summarily ejected by the 

The acrgrav.Tfcd 

A lady siys the first time she was 
kissed, she felt like a tub of lOses 
swimiuing in hjuoy, cologne, uuimegs 
and crauberrics, She felt also f^s if 
something was runnir.g through- her 
nerves on feet of diamonds, escorted 
Itv several httle cupids in chariots 
drawn by angels, shaded by lioney- 
sucklcR, and tho whole S[-read with 
melted rainbows. 

A practical friend of ours says the 
iir:t infl he ever kised didn't feel Lko 
that: she felt like a stick of candy. 

Constancy.— Let our love be fiim, 
constant, and inseperable ; not coming 
and re-nrning like the tide, but de- 
eou.Iing like a never failing river, ever 
ru;iiiing into the ocean of divine ex- 
cellency, passing on in the chai.iiels of 
daty and a constant obedience, and 
never ceasing to be what it is till it 
comes to be what it desires to be ; still 
bein.ii a river till it be turned into sen, 
aud vastness, even the immensity of a 
blessed eternity.— e/t^>wy Tayloi'i 





235- Particular attention paid to Music Order 8 

~A n^'^vk)*'"^ ir«/;-/'/y'/.V nrr<h]\\^t 
printed and for sale at this ofhce. .11- 
io all kind* oiJustic€i' 

'Nut so,' answered the third. 'If we ! u.nss of quicksilver, let it fall to the 
fly and are cught, we lose our heads. \ floor, and it will split .t<ell into a va.t , ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ .,,,en^ers 
ril tend bun at to morrow's meal, and ! mimber of distinct globules. OaUiev | ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ,,^^ ^,.^.^^, ^, ,„, ,f ,,;, 
should he thenspt.ak as before, TIL tliem tip and put them together ajzam, | ^^^^^.^^^^^^^ and charu'od him with as 
own the theft to him, and oHer some . -'1 they will coalesce into one body as-j ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^^^^^^ -,,, ^.^i.^rate reward to screen us from punish- | l>e'--« ^ >'- ^-;^ ^ f ^'^ .'^ '^^^^ "^^ i,,roi.e whom tne cse was tried, decid 
*^ , , , 11- .1 • ,. ' Rometimes cvumpU'd and distinguished 

ment, and that he may deliver the jew- .R^^"'^""'- « ,„ 

' into various parties, thou-h they are m 

el to the lady without betr.-ivinf,' us.' , , .. i .k^ cnnP 

They all agreed, (in the morrow , fact, members ot one and the s tme 

Cenhassan's appetite was still the ' mystic body. Hat when t.ken up fn n 

al At last, qu te full, he exclaimed : ^ the world and put together in heaven 

[«aiii«3 XI L I.* ,1 » _ . . ' , n -.-.:...♦«.».... rv.^iious undivid- 

'My task is done ; the third, thank 
Allah, U hei-c T 

they will constitute one glorious undivid 

cd Ckurch for ever and ever.- Toplaibj. V^^ ^ l^^^^' 

cd that the smoker had given sutfi 

cleat provoeation for the assault, and 

\\^ was doubtlul if he would not be com 

polled to lock him up for assault and 

battery for puffing smoke ia other peo- 

j{.--^^.s!^ .\ o-roat excite uent has been 

eaused among tho .Jews at Bonib.y by 
the issue hy their pontilr, H. 1>. Koyn, 
who has la'cly arived from Jerusalem, 
of a pamphlet entitled, 'The Voice of 
the Vigilant,' the object of which is to 
pei-Miade the Jews that it is useless 
waiting long.r f^r (he promised Mes.^i- 
di, as this ii Jesus Christ IdtLSclf, 
'whose doctrines have been spread all 
t.ver the world without sword or force 
('ompare.' says the poiriiV. -th-- Old 
,i.d New Te&tanuuts, and the truth will 
be seei'.' 


T.uo religion V>e«j[ins in prayer, and 
in prayer more than anylhing else is 
e vOrcisod. — Knox. 

• y 



. ^ -■ - - - - M. 






mn I I . — - ■ — ■ 

■^ ■ ■■ • ■ i ■ ■ ■■ 







1 1 



.1 ^^ - 

[ 1 

r 1 

r 1 



MAT 16, 1867. 

E. A. HCTCHKISS. Editor. 

Kc-AiTcst of l*rl!<oucrs» 

Mk. liiTTi.K id iho jiijeMt siMit out bv 
tlie rolicrcotiiinUteo tf Miiiikato, to ns- 
ciMtain di'tiiiiti'ly the coiulition of afftirs 
iu ^Jarl"^^ aiul J:tckson rnunties. llo 
reports :i nuinltcr of cases of ilt'stitulion 

[From tb« Maukato Ri-conl.] 

C]»ps. Julinson confined in cur conn 
tyjail on cliarge ot obtaining goods 
under false pretenses, and w!io made 
\m escape about two weeks ago, war 
rearrested at St. Paul Last week, and 
has since been brought back to his place 
ol abode by tSheritV Walbridge. 

Fuller, oi Faribault county, who es- 
caped at the same time, lias not been 
recovered, but it is feared lie was 

\ A.V • \ ■ c -1 diowtiid. It appeals that both left 

Hii<' Nutb'nrg re^uhnikt from sukncss ^ il'-"'^ ^"•*'' '^"'" '«-'i 

, ,, 1 11 ' i> . .1 I 'it^i'o together iu a small skill*, goiiin: 

an 1 other unavoidable causei*. i.ut th" ' » o 

le causei*. i»uc iiu^ 
trea'er am nint of want, he attributes 
loini'maiiMgemont, or lazincs'^, or both 
lis field of labor seems cnlculated to 
p!pa<e as well ns pain the clo^e observ- 
er of hnrn:i!i nature, and we were con- 
pid lahly amused the t)ther evening at 
hi» d»'stripTion of some who seemed to 
la 'k the pr >por nerve power ol mau- 


One wa"* co»ictrn?nga man who had 
a large htmily. and nui a uutitthful ot 
food in the house. lie came ^v\■agger- 
ing up to Mr. Little with a request, or 
nther deuvoid for fifteen pounds of flour. 
Poing refused, he inquired the.'reason. 

b;' would not work. 

down the ri\er. A few miles below 
town, the skilf upset, and both men 
were thrown into the water, but clnng 
to the sides of the boat. .lohnson let 
go and swam ashore, and at the same 
time cried to Fuller to follow his example, 
but the lattei did not do it. Alter 
reaching shore, Johnson continued t(» 
call to Fuller, but receiving no answer, 
concluded that the latter was drowned- 
Making his way to a farm hoUBO in 
Xicollet county, Johnsou woke the 
fandly and told the above story, reqnost- 
in<' the farmer to «cnd word to Man 
kato. He made this rc<piest, because 
as he .«aid, he feared that he might be 

His ap 

and was informed that it was because, 

II--. 1 «;.. ^i' charged With killing Fuller 

A\ ith an air ot i =^ = 

,,,..,,, , ... ,„ !•- i pearanee gave every indication that his 

II suited dig>:tv he iMrueiJ ujion Ins.' = •' 

, , , ■ .1 .1 ,1 „, i.„ i storv w.'is correct, and the larmcr keiit 

heel, rcmnrku'g with an oath, that lie - ' * 

was not to be bamboozled by any man, j 

him until morning, wlien he resumed 

,, , - , . .1 1*1 his ituirney towards 1:^1. l*;»iil. Since 

He had gone about three rods, when, . •' "^ 

, , , " , . 1 • . • his re-inest, liowever, Johnson claims 

iirobabjv remembering his starving i ,,,,,., -, ,- 

' ., .' Ill r 1 11, that r ulkr did not 1:0 with him, but 

lamilv. he .^'uddenlv returned, arul b»'g- ^ 

says that betook a dtlcrent tlircction. 
Wiiich of Ids stories are correct is dif- 

gt'd the flour, f;iithfully promising tt) 

M'ork, The flour was weii^hcd out to , 

,. 1 1-1 1 1 . 11 ♦. i ticuU to determine, but the i>robabilitics 

hm, he did work, and "all went merry : , , ' ^ 

1 I, ri " I are in fnvor of th« fir.^t. 

as a marriage bell. . 

But for his children, he m'ght have j ;^Mi..fferson I >avis arrived at Kich- 
been .as obstiimto as the man who, being ' ^,,,jj fj.^,,^ Fortress Monroe, last Satur- 

too lazy to work, and on the verge of 
starvation, was made the Mibjoct of a 
consultation (m the part of his neigh 

day afternoon, on the steamer Juhn 

Sylvester. Long before his arrival, 

! military arraniijements had been made 
1 • '^ 

{by (Vn Schofit'ld. As the steamer 
liim alive. As they were tearing him 1 1 ' 

to the grave, a good Quaker, leaning 

bor'. They finally decided to bury 

over his gate, inquired : 

"Friends, where do thee go with that 
man :"' 

•'lie is too lazy to work, and mc are 
going to bury him," they replied. 

•'Thee need not do so hard a thing 
RS th-ut,'' replied tho Quaker. Let him 
be idle if he will not work.'' 

"Hut he is starving." 

* Then I will send him some corn 
from my granary." 

in sight with tho national flag fly- 
ing, the most intense anxiety was ex- 
hibited by the crowd to get closer, but 
tiiere was no demonstration, no cheer- 
ing, nor hissing. He occupies the same 
rooms at the Spottswood Hotel, that 
he did inl>iGl. 

A handsome suit of men's clothes 
costs, in England, from ^lo to *25. — 
A silk drebs costs %5 to 1^15 Tho same 

would cost in this country at least 
three times <ts inurh. 

In a tract distributed by the ^^lormon 
l)reaeher, the ftdlowing question and 
t'nswer occurs : "What shail be the re 
ward of those who have forsaken their 
wives for righteousness sake ? A hun- 
dredfold of wives here and hereafter.* 

A. T. Stewart's stoic on Broadway 
New York, is to bo enlarged durin*' 
the summer to six times its present 
si/e, when it will cover an acre and a 
quarter of ground. 

There is an Italian member of a cir- 
cus in Havana who performs beautiful 
melodies on an instrument nailed the 
copsologo, being thirty four ordinary 
j^lass tumblers half full of water. 

.\ new riding vchieic in Taris is mount 
ed on very large wheels, with the horse 
between them, liio driver's seat over 
the centre of tho horse, and the latter 
fi:irly under the body of the carriaire. 
Prince Henry the XXII, of Heuss- 
(Jreiz, having attained his majoriiy, aseended the thrcne. His territo- 
ry is seven miles sxuare. We bow the 

In New York, on the morning of 
.Mayod, ihero wa.s suf^ieient snow to 
cover the ground, and ice formed to 
the thickness of three quarters of .an 
inch, at Cleveland, O., the same day. 

The body of Louis Fox, the billiard 
player who myst.riou.sly disappeared 
in December, was found, on the 10th 
inst., floating in the tJeucsee river at 
Charlotte, seven miles from liochester 
N. Y. 

During a scvoro gale oiv the British 
coast a 8team.<hip lust one of her pad- 
dle wheels, and, in order to make the 
other work, the stock of coals running 
^liort, four hundred j)ios were burned 
to keep up the fires. 

Kggs with iron shells will be a fact at 
the Paris Exposition. A lierlin chem- 
ist caused his hens to [n'od'ico them by 
feeding them on a pieparation in which 


U. S. Land Office. 

Wiune^aRo City, Minn, May 13, 1887. 
To Fraruis M Weld: 

K.hvnrd J Dowling hai thi« day «ppli»d for tho 
south weal qnartcr .-icctioii 2, tovvimhii) 101 
north, TiWgo :',2 wcat ; itl.i-inp; the laud you filed 
on. You arc herchy nolilitU to be and api.ear 
at Ihis ofTioo on Friday tho Ulh day of Juno, 
ISfiT, at tt o'clock A M, lor Inc purposo of giving 
Ihr whole luatlcr a lair and imi'arlial iuvesli- 

;'ation. „ . _ 

" A, n. RfM.IP. RogiKttr, 

H. »V. HOLLKY, liecdvif. 

U. S. Land Oliice. 

Winn.;lmgo City, Minn., May 9ib, 1867. 
To Silas Town: 

KliJHh Ileldin has this dny applied lor the 
north ea-l i|uartcr section IS town.sliip 101 north, 
range 'Id we.«l ; it Ix-ing Iho hin.l you filed on. 
You are hercKy notified to be and ai)pe!ir at this 
office on Saturday the K(h day of June, lSf)7, at 
12 o'cliiek I., for tho purp(.s« of giving the 
whole matter a fair and impartial inv«-sligation. 

A. II. lULMS. K.-KiMer, 
11. W. IIOI.I.KV. Ucceivtr. 

U. S. Land Office. 

■Winnebago City, Minn., May 2d, lSr)7. 
To .Tames Mooney : 

John Sullivan has this dsiy apj)!ied for the 
north west (iu:irlcr of section '24, townthip 102 
north, range 2'J west; it Iteiiig tho land you filed 
on. You are hereby notified to b'i i«nd appear at 
Ihis office on Mond->y, the .'Id day of June, ISC.7, 
at I o'clock i> m, for tho purjio-^c of giving the 
wholu matter a fair and iinu:nti>il invc.-^tigation. 
A. II. mi, MS, Uepistcr, 
II. W. llOLbKV.Ktcelvcr. 


II. S. Land Office. 

AVinnobago City, Minn. May Uh, 1.^67. 
To .Tereniiah Courney ; 

Kugene Sullivan has Ihis day api)lit:d for the 
north wo.'^t ((Ui.rtir section 12, townf-hij) 102 north 
range 2'.l we.<t : it being the land you filed on.— 
You are hereby notified to bo and ajpcar at this 
JolTice on Salurdjiy the Sthdiiy of June, l^(■>7, a' 
12 o' M, for the purpo.-e of giving the whole 
matter a fair niid impartial investigation. 

A. H. Uri.MS, K.glstiT, 
il. iV. llOl-LKV, I'.'.ceher. 

The X. V. Tones' Richmond si)eeial ! '"'f^'^ ^^as made to take the place of 

gays it !^eein9 impossible to ascertain 

lime. The eggs may do very well for 

positiycly whether Jt-ff. will be tried or transportation, but how about the 

chickens ? 

A few days ago Pierson Scott, an 


Judire Underwood says if he is 

fponthiHiberal offer ll,cre seemed !"°''" ""' ^'' ^'"''""' ""; ••^"™'7^ ol.l citizen of Flej-J county, I,„li.,„a. 
to be no resort but to let the umn live, i •■"■' »"' ''"''^ '"^ .'"'"'r^ ' "':'.! "•'^•iJi"l »t his re3i,lence, three o.ile. from 
vhen he, turning to _the Quaker, in 
Cjuired : 

♦Ik it shelled ? 

•No,' replied tho Quaker. 

♦Will you shell it for nie?* 


Others were described as coming in 
to town with one, two, or half a d -zen 
rat skins under their arms, the pro- 
ceeds of which procured them tobacco The number oflndians in the United 
enough for the day or week, when they ! States at present is 586,774. 
would seat themselves in some favora- Ti,e latest New York idea 13 akitch- 
ble position for observation, light their en in the f^arret 

pipes, and with jack knives endeavor The Good Templars in Wiscon.sin 
to make the little end of a stick the ,,^^^1^^,. 07 000. 
larger; a phicidity of countenance 
meanwhile indicating an under current 
of content, an-l entire res:gnation to 
the will of the gods, such as must have 

characterizt'd the pilgrims to the Del. 
phic oracle in old Thocis. 

This scruboak indolence was well 
rebuked by Mr. Little, who osyiircd ! the Northwestern Itoad for the l*acific 
a!l such tliat they would look in ya'io Railway. 

200,000 frcedinen have learned to 
road during the past year. 

A noted courtesan in St. Louis sub- 
scribed f 10,000 to rebuilding of the 
Lindell House. 

Three trains of iron a day i)ass over 

for help in case of a second necessity. 
r»ut these are only individual ir..«!tan- 
CC8. It is estimated that §X 000 will bo 
required to subsist the poor of the bor- 
der counties until harvest. Last week 
Captain Kennedy of llou>ton Co , ap- 
p >inted by Gov. Marshal to disrtribute 
flour, seed grain and money in these 
counties, arrived at Fairmont. The 
Mankato relief committee h.a.s sent over 
3,000 pounds of Hour to Martin Co. 
One huiitlred and eighteen budiels of 
Beed corn is being imported there, and 
everything that can bo done, will be 
done to relieve the present want, and 
giye the sufferoM a new start. 

Salt Lake City covers an area of 
about nine s<piare miles — that is. tlirec 
miles each way. It is one of the most 
boanlifurv laid out cities in the world. 
The Ftreets are very wide, with water! ,„of,j]y ingured. 

running through nearly every one of j^,,jq jj (;4Q^^^|, ^^^^ ^^ first tempor- 
Ihem. Every block is surrounded with ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ j„ Uochester, on the 4tli ol 
beautiful shade trees; and almost eve- jujy^ ]y43_ si„ce that lime he has 

ry house has its neat little orchard of 
apple, poach, apricot and cherry trees. 
In fact, the whole nine square miles is 
almost one continuous orchard. 

Court is ready and that Chase will pre- Jeflor.sonville, of dropsy. Up to liie 
side. It is asserted that the govern- time of his death ho had been tapped 
ment does not desire a trial, but wish- 1 sixty-one times, aixl one hundred and 
es Davis to be released from military ' fifty two gallons of fluid were taken 
custody, and the responsibility of his! from his system. 






and chamber maid, has proved a very 

eflective man with the shovel and the 

drill. What he lacks in strength he 

makes up in patient perseverance. 

A prize fight between Elliott and 
Davis, took place at 10; 57 A. M. last 
Friday, on Point au Pelee Island, 57 
miles from Cleveland, O. The fight 
lasted ten and one-half minutes. On 
the eighth round Elliott was declared 
winner, Davia having put in a blow 
which was ruled foul. 'I he crowd was 
quiet' and very few bets taken. 

A split railroad spike has been inven- 
ted which, when driven into the slsep- 
cr, tho two prongs will diverge into 
opposite directions, the chisel edge 
cutting the way lor each prong, and 
the level e 'go throwing it outward. It 
requires three times the power to draw 
this spike that is uecessary to remove 
the straight one. 

Maximilian is still in the field. Ad- 
vices from San Luis Potosi of the 27th 
ult. says that on tho 23d, Ma.vimilian 
made a sortie with (1,000 men. The fight 
lasted all day. The liberals weredrivr 
en back, but were subsequently repul.« 
ed. The Imperialists held a portion of 
of the city for a few hours and retired 
to their old position. It is believed 
that the place has succumbed. Provis- 
ions and water were scarce. The death 
of iMiramon is confirmed. 

The Western Union Telegraph Co. 
have entered into an arrangement for 
the transmission of private messages 
after evening business hours, which will 
greatly reduce the rates. Messages 
left at the oflices during tho day may 
be sent any time during the night at 
the following rate : A mcssago of sixty 
words from Chicago to New York, will 
cost ii4 10 by the new arrangement, 
v^fiereas, in ro«nlar busi'.icsfl hours it 

Senator Doolittlo lias authorit} to 
treat with Denmark for the purchase 
of the iEland of St. 'Ihomas. 

On Saturdr.y, the Orand Jury found 
a true bill against Mosos A. ilawks, for 
murder in the first degree. 

New York has green peas from 
Cliarlcslon, for ^1') a barrel, and aspar- 
agus from New Jersey at SI for a small 

The Perbv DTsrali Ileform Bill has 
l)asted the House of €omin 11s by a 
large majority. 

An organ is being constructed in 
Salt Lake City , for the Mormon Tab- 
ernacle, which will consume 20,000 feet 
of lumber in its construction. 

Two destructive fires occirred in 
Winona on Thursday last, burning elev- 
en buildings. Loss over 20,0t0 dollars ; 

delivered 4,800 speeches and lectures. 

Martin F. Tupper has been excited to 
a ♦ poem" on Confederation, iu which 
he Ptates that ♦'O I this will jiladden 

U. S. Land OlHce. 

Winnehano City, Minn, May, 7, ISCT. 
Tj Charle.-^.S Kiiulial'. : 

Willi.s li I'errin has thiii day applied ♦'or the 
south west ({iiarter of section two, township one 
hun.ireil antl four nortii, range twenty-nine wt.-t; 
il lieing the land yon filed on. Yon are hcrehy 
notified to he anil appear at thic oliice on .Satarday 
the Sth d.iy of June, lNt)7, at 1 o'clock p ni, for 
the purpose ol giving she whole matter a fair and 
itunartial inveiligation. 

A. II. RI'LMS, n«Kl>t<^r. 

11. W. IKHJ.KY, U-.celwr. 

U. S. Land Office. 

AVinnehago City, Minn., ilay 7th, 1^67, 
To Cornel iu.*! C. Car . : 

Ira M. Hiker has this day npplicd for »he 
s w { n e } A w i s e i A s e .J •■? e i s»c ll>, lownshij) 
lOl north, range '2J west: ii being the laud 
yon filed ou. You are hcrehy notified to he and 
iijipear at thid office on Friday, tbo 7th day 
of June, 1S67, at 1 o'elock p in. for the purpose 
of giving the whoio matter a fair »nd impartial 


A. II. lU'M.IS. Uejiister, 
II. W. UUM>1^Y, lUct-iver. 

I am now receiving the 

Largest and Most Complete 

stock of 

Dry Goods, 



Hats, Caps, «&c. 

Ever Brought to the Minnesota 

and have commenced 


of wbich fact all mj old cuftomvrs and the pub- 
lic generally 

Will be satisfied by callinj; and Exam- 
ining^ uiy Goods, and hearing 
my r rices. 

ever bearing in mind my motto of 

Selling :^rORE (loods for ONE 


House in tlie \'allev. 

Isaac Ularks. 

Mankato, Minn., Nov. 20, 18GG ly 

Livery Stable ! 


After carnful investigation by competent jadgei 
It hsi been fully and fairlj decided tbat the beat 
place to purchaeo 




and in facf any kind of Goods, is at tbe Store oj 

R. M. Wilson, 

Next door to RICHAEDFOKP, 

where more Goods can be bad for one dollar than 
any other 

in Faribault County. 

v4n21tf pr N. W. Sargent. 

April 5tb, 1RC7. 


7h the ^Sheriff or a»y Constdhle of 

said CoKvttj : 

In 1b(> name of the State of Minnc:?ota, yon 
arc hereby coinnmndeil t(> attai'b the Uoodi? and 
Chattel.^, Moneys, Etleet^ and Credits of \\ nut- 
wood Tuliver, or so miivh thereof a." .«tiall he ?nf- 
ficent to ;-atis'y the sum of forty-eijjht dullars 
and forty cents, with interest and eoit:^ of .<uit, in 
wi)o.<^esi(ever hands or possesi'ion tho .•an)c may 
Itfli^und, in your I'ouuty. an J *>! prtnidethat the 
Good* and C'hatltl.< so iiitached may be»ultjo>,l to 
I'irthcr pro(.'eediii;^.s thereon, as the I;iw re(^iiirc«; 
and aK-^o to j^uuuuon the said W'e.-twood 'Idliver. 
if to be found, to he and appear at mv oliitc in 
.said county, on the I2th day of June, A. D. ISOT, 
at one o'<doeli afternoon, to nn.^wer to Uaviii S. 
Law, ill a civil ai-tion. to hi.s damage one hun- 
dred dollars or under. 

(liven under my hand,thi>i <'iih d:iv of May, A. 
D. ist)7. II. B. Sl'JCKEH.MAN, 

n2.Sw4 Jusliic of the I'cacc. 


Would rcfpcetf iJly inform the public that they 
have opened k first das'? Livcrj- Stable in Winnc^ 
bago CJt3', where good 'establishments" can be 
had at all times, dny or night. Passengers ar- 
riving by stage carried to any )ioint desired. 

Stable and Oflice just back of tb« New Dabtist 

Winnebago Ci'y, Jan. 10, 1867. 


I)is8olutiuii of Co-Partners]ii|>. 

The firm of (Jottrell &, Dearborn is this day 
dissolved by mutual consent. The .'■aid M. Dear- 
born will iiay all demands and collect all accounts 
due said lirm. 

Winnebago City, April lOtli, 1807. 
N. 15 -■ Uii.'^iness will hereafter be earrieil on at 
the old ."tand by M. Dearborn. n20\v;} 


GEORGE E. NELSON, Proprietor. 

Liquor.s of all kinds^ Cream 

Ale und Lagur Leer, constantly on hand. 

Oysters, Lobsters, Peaches^ 

Biackherrie.s, Kaspbcrrics, and CASXEn Fians 
of all kinds. 

Plain and Faiicy Candies, and 

Nuts fiom every clime. 

Winnebago City, Feb. 27. 1867. T4nI8tf 


The World Astonished 


Made by the Great Astrologist, 



Patent Medicines, Paints, Oils, 
and Dye-St lifts. Kerosene Oil, 
Lanii)s, Perfumery and Fancy 

ERS, CLERGYMEN, to take order* for 
our new woik, 


Edited by 


Author of "Life of Lincoln," "Timothy Ttl« 

comb'g Lcttets," "Bittersweet," etc, 

Agents already in the field are takirg from 
fifty to one hundred orders per week. No other 
book now published sells so rapidly. Largest 
commission given to Agents. For terms and 
territory apply to CHARLES BILL, Chicago, 
IU. v4d18 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, May 8lb, 1867. 
To William Ireland: 

Knud Pcdcr.-on has t>iis day apyjlitd for th« 
II e qr sec, 14 township 1(»1 north, range 26 we»-t, 
it beinc the land you tiled on. You are hereby 
notified to be nnd npT'Car f»t fnis office on Satur- 
day tne Hlh day of June, 1867, at 1 o'clock p, m, 
for the purfiOfO of giving the whole matter ■ 
fair and impartial investigation 

A H Bullis, Regiitcr 
n W Hoiley, Rt-ctiver 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, May Sth, IS67. 
To John Haley : 

Peter Larson bag thi.s day i pplicd for tb« 
s e qrsec 14 township 101 north range 26 west f 
il being the land you filed on. You are her»-by 
notified to be and appear at this office on Sj*turday 
the Sth day of June, 18^7. at 1 p m, forth.; pur- 
pose of giving the whole matter a fair and im- 
partial iuvettigation, 

A. n. r.LT.TJS, R«Tl»t?r. 
H. W.liOLLEY, Receiver, 

Pure Liquors. 

Tobacco and Cigaks, 

School Books and Stationery. 

Blank Books, Diaries, Memo- 
randa Books, Letter, Cap, and 
Note Papers, Pens, Pencils, Su- 
perior Ink, and other articles 
kept by Druggists Generally. 

Winnebago City, 



The Llrerj^^'o!^/tOn,non. Canada; O' tiii^ will raise bor much." \\o\iU\ cost^^' Or». 

She reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. She restores 
to hiij>j>iin'.«<« those wlio, from doleftl events, calastro- 
l>lics, cross hi love, loss of relations and friends, of 
money, .tc, have become despondent. She hrinpsfo- 
(jetlier those lonp separated, ^nves loformiaion coiicern- 
iiitt absent friends or lovers, restores lost or stolen prop- 
erty, tells yon the business vyo are best cinulilied to |)!;r- 
sue jmd in wl«t you will be most suce 'ssfui, causes spee- 
ch' niarrlHfres and tells yuu the very d.iy you will n:arry, 
KWesyonthe name, likemessand cfiaracterietu-s of the 
jterson. She rea<ls your very thoughts, and by her al- 
most snpcrimtninl powers luiv dl3 the »Wirk and hidden 
mysteries of the future. From the stars we set- in the 
firmament — the maleOe stars t hat overconie or predomi- 
nate in the conlij^uratiou— from the aspects and positions 
of the planets and the fixed stars in th«> time of birth, 
.she deduces the futufe destiny of man. Fail not to ton- 
suit the ftrealest Astcologist on .iarth. It costs you but 
a trifle, and you may never a^ain have so fi»\oroble an 
opportuniliy. t'onsiUtatiiin free, with likeness! and all 
desired inforiiiation, One Dollar. I'^rties living at a dis 
tance ean consult tht Madam by mail with C(|ual safety 
and satisfaction to themselves, as if in p«rso«. A fuil 
and explicit chart, w.sjiten out. with all in(|uiries an- 
swered and likeness enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of 
l>rice above montioneil. The strictest secrcsy will be 
maintained, and all corresixi'xlenee returned or destroy 
cd. Uefereneesof the highest order furnishhetl those 
de.>i!rii,j: ihoni. Write i>lainly the day of the month and 
year in which you were born, enciosuifi a small lock of 
ti^r. Addreeti, 

v-fnlSyl P. O. Drawer 23:i, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Freo to Everybody! 

A large 6 pp. Circnlar, giting information of 
the greatcbt importance to the young of both 

It teachas how tho homely may become beauti- 
ful, the dcsp'scd respected, and tbe forsaken 

No young lady or gentleman should fail t« 
•end tiieir address, and receive a copy post paid, 
by return mail, 
j .Address P. 0. Drawer. 21, 


Bourbon Bitters 

.1 Healthy Tonic, Gentle /Stimiilent, 
and Unequated Jforninf/ Ajypttizcr. 

Treparcd in Ripe 


Free from Grain Oil, With Flowers, 

13uds and Barks of tbe Iligfiest 

Mcdieal Virtue. 

Ty increasing tho appetite, a?sisting digestion, 
regulating tho bowels, and giving tone to the sys 
tcni, they impart strength and vigor to tho body, 
j«nd cheerfulness to the mind. 

_^Sigf If vour druggists or tradesman has not 
got TIIKSE UliTERS, have him send for them 

^S^jS- Kcinember the name, and take no other. 

For sale by druggists and Grocers everywhere 
C. 11. SWAIN. Proprietor. 

34 south Watcs St., Chicago. 

At Wholesale in St. Paul, bv 


V. S. LanH Ojfi'': 
Winnebago City, Minn., .May 6tL, 1S67. 
fo Lindsey White: 

CMc Oleson Fioe has this day applied for ther 
north cast quarter of secfion 22. fwnship 101 
uurth, range I'J west: it being the latid you fiiect 
on. You are hereby notified to appear at this office 
on Saturday the Sth day of Juno, 1^67. at 1 p. 
m, for the purpose of giving tbe whulo mail"er 
a fair and impvrtial iuvestitration. 

A. II. HULLIS, Register, 
H. W. IIOLLEY, UeceiTcr. 

U. S, Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn., April 22, 1S67. 
To Patrick J Urady : 

John P. Bird has this day applied for tbe 
north west quarter section 24, township 102 nortb 
range 31 west : it being tbe land you filed on. — 
You are hereby notified to be and apjiear at th » 
office on Saturday, the25th day of May, lb67, at 
I p. m.for the purpose of giving the whole mat 
ter a fair and impartial investigation, 

A. n. Bl LLIS. Iteffister, 
H. W. liOLLKY, Recelrer, 

U, S. Land Office. 

Winnebago Cily, Minn, April 26, I86r. 
To Balger Elias : 

John F Danilis has this cky applied for the- 
south east quarter of section 24, township 102 
north. Tang3 31 west ; it b^ng tbe land you filed' 
on. You are hereby notified to be and appear at 
tbisofl^ceon Saturday tbe 2oth day of June, 1S67, 
at I o'clock p m, for the purpose of giving the 
whole matter a tail and impnrtiRl investigation. 
A. H.15ULLIS, Register. 
H. W. UOLLEY, k«*:eiver. 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago Q'lty, Minn., April 25, 1867. 

To Layfayctfe \T Snow: 

Horace A Faunce has this dny applied for thr 
e J n w qr of n w qr n w qr and lot no 1 sectioa 
8, township 101 north, range 2S west, it being 
the land you filed on. Yoh are hereby notified 
to be and appear at this office on MontJoy the 
10th day of June, 1S67, at 12* o'clock m, for the 
purpose of giving the whole matter a fair and- 
impartial investigation. 

A. n. BULLISi. Register, 
H. W. UOLLEY, Receiver. 



Enow Thy Destiny. 

Madame E. F, Thornton, fhe preaf En,«IIsh Astrolo- 
gist, Clairvoyant and l'8ychom'*t.ician, who has as- 
tonished the scientific classes of the Old World, has now 
located herself at llud.^on, N. Y. Ularfarje Thornton 
poswscs such wonderfvil powers of second sifilit. ua to 
enable her to impart kno« kdge of the greatest impor- 
tance to thi- single or married of either sex. While in 
a state of trance, she delineates the very features of the 
person you are to marry, and by the aid of an instru- 
ment ofintense power, known as the Psyclioniotroi)e, 
guarantees to produce a life-like picture of the future 
husband or wife of the applicant, together with date of 
marriage, position in life, leading traits of character, 
^-e. This is no humbug, as thousands of testimonials 
can assert, hfie win send, when desired, a certified 
certificate, or written guarantee, tKatthe picture is what 
it purports to 'k?. I5y enclosfng a small lock of hair, end 
stating place of birth, &;'A, disposition and complexion, 
and enclosing .50 cents and stamped envelope addressed 
to yourself, you will receive the picture and desired in- 
formation by return mail. All comuiunicallons sacred- 
ly confidentiiil. Address, in confidence, MAl>.\ME 
K. F. TUOltNTON, I'. 0. Box 3-.>3, Hudson N. V. 


U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, April 25, 1887. 
To Dan'el W Squire : 

Christian Johnson has this day applied for 
tbe south west quarter sectivin 22, township 1(U 
nortb, range 23 west: it being the land you fil<fl 
on. You are hereby notifled to bo and appear aC 
this offi 'e on Monday tbe 27 ilay of May, I8r>7, 
at 12 o'clock m, for T.kcpurpose of giving th» 
whole matter a fair and impar-inl investigation. 
A. n. nCLI.IS, Register, 
II, W. HOLLEY, ReceiTcr. 

U, S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn., April 22, 1861. 
To William M, Knight- 

Forsten Larson has this day applied for tb« 
south east quarter of section 22 townihip 103 
nor-th, range 25 west ; it being the land you filed 
on. You are hereby i>cHified to be and appear 
at this office on Saturday, the 25 da/ of May, 
1S67, at ten o'clock A. M., forthe purpose of giv- 
ing the whole matter a fair and impartial iurea- 


A. n. BULLIS Refisttr, 
H. W. HOLLEY. Receiver, 

U. S, Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn,, April 13, 1S67» 
To William B Dunn : 

James L. Cook bas this day applid I for tli* 
south i south »ast \ section 19 anli south ^ south 
west i section 20 township 104 nort^ range 2$ 
west; it being the land you filed on. You are here- 
by notified to be and appear at this office on Fri- 
day tbe 17 day of May, 1867 nt 9 o'elock a ro, for 
the purpose of giving tho whole matter a fair and 
impHrtial inreKtigation. 

A. n. Bt'LLIfi. IUg<t»w. 
II. W. lli>LI.K.i, M<««.(.<T. 


« Il ■ > ■ 1 1 ^ « 









I * 


- ■ . — ■— ■ » 




^ I 

- ' 

— I ■ -—— 

— — - ■ ■ — r— 

■ < •>— 

* ► I * 

ft p ^ *ji ' •natmit^'W^tm0 

Mil iiliili 


AuvKRTisiNO.-Hanmmsnyfi he nev- 

zrr:zr=^ r— .— , | er pationizcs the men that don't aJver 

WiNNEBAOO City, May 15,1867. j tise, 'for the rca!«on that I iuvariably 

^- — r=r^ :-- ": : ad choaicd if I (lo. The bctiUrious 

DIVINE SERVICES. i • • , ., * ♦ c 

\ principle that prevents a man from 

?,:T/??hJ??L!r.'u'. :":^w A^M^'-ij keeping 1>« business boforc the publi., 

7 o'clock P. M 

Rev. E. W. MERIlTIsL, Pastor. 

Henry War.l.Beccher's ^tory, entitled, "Nor- 
wood, or Vjlliigc 1 ifo in New Kngland," ha." just 
hctMi cinniiifucod in tho ^few York L<tf<i>r. Ili.i 
said to Ic £rai)bic, p^llhclic. Wily, Lumorousi 
aiid lifu VxUi. 

Tin: RiKru "T PlkasimiR: — TTndor (liis title, 
the |)ubli.iUcr of Frank Aluorf':* llistoricnl Wnrkn 




Bap*ilt--Scrv\co« erery Altertnlo Sabbath in , . if . . ., i^„o «« 1,.m./^c* 

ti.e Church, at 11 o'cio.-k A. M., and ibroo advcvtiso. It ;x man docs an honest 
Sundays iu each month atTT. M. ! business he nccd Hot foar to havo it 

Rev. E. STILI.MAN, Pastor, / , , , ,• • i 

>, made known that the pubhc may judgo 

Wcthoditt-Sorviccs ..very ahernate Sabbath \ ^ -^ ]Josi»les, in tljis a^e of ne\VSl)a- 
In the l?a.> Church, at U oclock A M., and "' ' ^ ^ 

wne &>aada.y in caih month at 7 o'clock P. M. per?, people expect the ditVorCut canui 
Rev. A. S.CIIUHIUCK. Pastor. , . ^ ' , • » ^ ♦ . „..,l-o l-nnix-n 

- dales for their patr(»nagc to nuike know n 

Reaitha Adyerti-someut of Messr,. R„rKor. ! tboir chlimS tO it. If thosO chlims are 

Bhntti A Co., in another column, headed, '-Af- j real, publication oaniiot help but bo an 

Aided, suffer no more." 

^ill prevent him from selling cheap.' 1 ha« issued a most (aoinating story of Cnpid and 
II is certainly SafeRl to buy of men who Psyche, or the LcRcnd of Lovo— SHch lovo as the 

Spri'ikling pots and portable garden 
engines arc useless here. Capsize a 
pail of water to windward of a ten acre 
breaking, and the wind will complete 
llic w^rk. 

advantage to them. 

Mrs. E. Lewis has just received her 
large stock of spring and summer 
Millinery Goods, cmbracim: the pret- 
tiest and most fashionable styles ol 
llntP, Ih.nncts, Kibbons. FloWens and 
Trinim:ngs,forLa^cs,Misse3 and Chil 
In Minnesota there are seventy con. ^^^^^ ^^^^ fashionable novelties 

gregational Churches, one ^""^^'-^^^ , ^^adies' weal'. Bonnets arc warranted 
Baptist, and about as many Methodut. i ^^^^^^^^^^ ^y^^ ^^^^^ fastidious hu-.baiul, 
Presbyterians and Episcopal Churches , ^^^^^ t|,^,,^.f^re cannot fail to give entire 
are found at mos^ important points. | g^j|^,j^^.,i^,„ ^^ ^,^0 wife. rai»as' will be 
ili-gin's Musical Review for May is ' pleased that their daughters have such 
a gemln its way. Tennyson's lovely hats, and 'crowns will not be un- 

*^Break, break, break easHv Worn' that are made or rei)aired 

^ -.u thy cold gray stone.. Oh .oa!" ^^^ the MiUincrv in Wiuiiebago City. 

IS beaaUfuUy «et to music by i^liss _,..,. ',, , ,, , ..„,.. „„,i 
r .,,,;. 4 , , .Ar • I r>on t fail to cidl and see the new and 

Jennie Halawin. Address, '.Musical ,, „ , 

,, . ,,!-„ ,,, . ' ni- beaulilul vanties ot faticy roods 

Keview, 11 < Randolph street, Chicago. 

Only 73 cents a year. 

Rats in Cleveland oliiub up and down 
tbo lamp posts.— Z.'.C(."A«/<ye. 

pnri'.-<t l)Oi<(im might confess. people have 
had some esii'-rionco of the "dclicinus miirdtr" 
of the poets, and this charming bo^k will tell 
(hem how it ci«imo about. !^«nio obj«ct to the 
."iiibjict of Lovo, tlmt it is the cnmnion favorite 
with all readers. Ilavin'^ every oilier charm, it 
can aflord to dispense 'Ailh that of novelty. 

This little vol'inie ii beautifully prinleil on 
tinted paper, iu the same siz.o and style as Whit- 
tier's Tent on the n«a«h, and is illustrated with 
burtoloz/.i's renowned vignette. It is sold by 
all bookseller.^ and newsmen at tho unusually 
low price of One Dollar, or it will be sent free by 
mail to any one .^sending that amount to the Pub- 
lisher, J.VMK.^, (loncral Agent, 15 IJible 
House, New Y'ork. 


Frui'.k Moore's »*Woincn of llie 'War."* 

This be.'t iif iho booKscI the warytl published, 
is now oflercd to the public by the canvassers 
We feel sure it will bo found to be a work of real 
merit. It !<cek5 no ephemeral popularity from 
highly ciilored and Munchau.scnish stories of im- 
possible adventures by doubtful females figuring 
as dashing couriers in our armies, or * spies" in 
the Confederate camps. lUit it.-" records arc the 
truthful histories of more noble lives. No char- 
actoi is here introduced t'lut was not known to be 
pure. Here re have the experiences of women 
who forsook the '.'jnlforts of elegant homes, fjr 
the wild scenes, the miseries and the dangers of 
army life, actuated solely by tiie desir* to minis- 
ter to tho fiutforiug soluier^. And what 8"cne6 
they encountered! Sj"ii;times in the thick of 

The Minneapolis Reporter of the ^t j^^^j,^^^ ^^_. j^^^ p!ungii,g shot and buriting shells. 

Paul 7*/'c5.>" breaks out in the following , y,n-,.oringthe fallen soMier,rcgar<'.lesji of tueirown 

Wiirraiiiy Deeds, 

Mortgage Deeds, 

(Juii C'lftim DcedM, 

Cliattlo iMortirair* 


A Ckowd.— As I write, a thick set, I 

peril ; oficner seeu at the hospital coc, bathing the 
l.r »w of the sulferer, attei«dingto his wounds, and 

Muj'i'iaf'e Certific-Htes, 

PilNO FOIiT[ m 

K 31 1» <> 111 tJ M. 


'Crosby's Opera H6use^ 


(New York Warerooms, C50 Broadway.) 

Wholt KHJB Agoirts for the U. S. for 



Gdd Medal Piano Fortes. 

As to ttie relative moiits of Hkhc I'l.WOS, wo would 
refiT ti> the C'crtili'at"'H of cxcclh-iKc in our f>oHBM(HioQ 
from Til A I..nER<i, <;OTT:sCII ALK, 
TKMPS, I.Ol IS .ST AAB aul K. Ml ZIO, Mu- 
■ical DIr.i i(.i ,,t tli« Italian Op<rii, as ul^o fr./Mi some 
of tho most ilislincuislieil ProfiHsiTS Hud Amateurs In 
the country. All Imtruuieula guaranCeed/(nJice yean, 



Would r«spectfully inform the puMid tha after 
having had a week Co-PartnerBhip with Poet 
J.(hn Burrus. is again doing bu.sintss in Li^ >>w u 
name, txperieucc and lor the first time bavin g 
a go.'id stock of 

Weil S easoned Lumber on hand 

also an .nlaitrad shop, thinki to satisfy all vld 
eustoifiprs, and new oiios too. All kinds "f Fur- 
niture on hand, oi ulade to order promptly. 

New custonlers need not ask for 
my rooms', as I liave the 
only KKD BUILD- 
INGS in tl.^ (Jity. 

Aecordiug to agreetnent ma«ie between Mr. 
Burns and mybt-lf, dated Dee. 15th, 1860. ^nrh 
one has to pay his own debts. Orders Signed bj 

mel will pay. 


Winnebago City, Jan. G, 1867. 

MoFFAl^^S Life Pills 


Tlio Most 8accc5Sful Medicines 
in the World. 

Established in 1835 by one ot 
our Most Eminent Physician?^ and 


now nscd throughout North and 

A U RAIP Ri Pn ib FMPIRF South America, with more pleasing 

^' DiAin nnoTt^n results than any other Medicine in 

r\hm hUnlt UU. i ^^^^^ ^f diseaspd Liver, Blood or 

AND OTHER FIRST CLASS piANos. j., . IndiiTestioii, CostlTeuess, 

W« hiivn tho LAROKST ami KE,«T A.S=0nTED ^^ ' ,"...' -r^, ^.__-- 

•ud ALL kinds of 



Well, what of U?- SY. Paul Phj-\ ^ , • i i . • c o.. fot ,„^„ „. I cheering him in hi« h.neliues, and agony with 

' lang haireil, hrassy soap lat man, oi \^^^^ ^,^^.^^^_^ cklie:u-y, that ouly the thoughtful 

rattier a fal soap man, is perehcd on a , heart and rca-ly hand ot woman ever bring*. How 

K OK PIANOS IN THE CITY, which for Puw«r Bllious Complaints, uneumdusm 

weitiiesw of Ton<-, Kany and AKreealile Touch, and - . 

:y of finiah, have, by judges, been pronouuctHl jJUd k eVOr ViW^ ilgUC. 

Thousands of certificates are in 


Igg' Partionlar nttpniion paid to tho seleftion of lU' 

•trumeDtHf..idi«tHntoiders. and u privilege of exchiing* ^-,,^r,oS«« n\rr\n€r fl^ilnJIpd 

our possession, giving aeiaueu 

granted at anytime viiliin ni\ monthK.if the luHtni- , -^ — 

taent Bhouldnot provtMiitir lysRtiMfact.iry. A liUrvl ^A -. ^-P ,^/v-Mft»n+ r'TTDTT'C ^iffpr'tpfl 

dwcM/til to Clergymen, Teachers and Schools. Termt aCCOUUtS 01 perleCt LLKL^ euetieU 


WIWLESALE DEALERS will find it to their advan- 
tago to give us a call, m by ;:r(atly inc roawed facilities 
we arc enabled to till orders with defjiatrlj 

4a- I'erKoiiM in w.uitofa KEALl.Y HU.'T CLAPS 
PIANO will do well to call bifoiu purch:*<iiug elucwbera 


Carliart, Needliam & Co.'s 

»hat des-rvo to live. Ouly hy reading the faets of 
their lives in the army — faets ofteutimes more 

Mr. S. 1>. Potter left town Mon«lay ' caused by apple stealing when AJam 
evening, lie is bound fur Oiuadi, Ne- 1 was a youni^ man. Ihcti he draws an 

« 1 1 It 1 .1 ...1 .:.i 11 i.^i.r «.^...^c<;< tVin <^'>f trilt ind fciii-ra j thrilling than any »'o?aaupe — e;:n we be led to 

braska, where he has a brother, wlio is old bow across tne cat guT, ana .uij^sj ,.=',, ,,,..- . , 

in I realize the beauty and nobility o' wouian s soul, or 

Secretary to the Indian Aj^ent station- , what he cills a song— ^ ^ | ^^^^ ^^^^ beroi.-m, and the un=iolfi*h. faithful devo 

cd at that place. Nebraska may be 
a fine place, but it will Iwive to acquire 
llie superlative Jhitst, before it can 

compete with Faiibauli County in pe- 
cuniary .advantages offered to young 
men. Potter's friends pre<]ict tlmt 
D^ijht will be back in less than two 
months. So mote it be. 

The oldest rcaideiits of this County 
sav that ten years ago the weather in 

•' fair. fair, with trulden h«iir i . , , . , i , o'l • • .i 

,.,•,'.,, =, . , ,;„,•• tion of whnh women are ••!'i...b!e. Ihis is the 

I uder the willow .>ihe i . , . , 

^. ,, , , ,• 1 1 „„ true field f»r material for an mterestingb'iok; and 

Of a do orou.s, woelul, woe be^ione, .,,,,• . u t. i . 

vyi .m vt^iv , , « 7 . ^^^ tuthi.r ha« done his j'art well. flioiL-andc ol 

wailing laments, this long haired seed's ; ^ur soldier^-, who will seothis book, will take it 

•Fair fair with iroldfll hair,' boars the eagerly to their hearts and homes, for the grateful 
1 and und\ins memories with whieh its characters 

paiin. • " 

. ! are associated iu their owu breasts. 

Below we give a list of the oiliccrs \ The work is fj.leudiUly iiublished. Nothing 

of Winnebil^O City Lodge No. 11, I. (). i comi-arabic with it ineUganeeaudbe.utyhasbe. 

■^ in AV /' I fore been brought out, of all the books devioted to 

ul II. T, installed by Deputy (j. U. t^. ^ , ^.^ „ar literature. The rorfraits of those women, 

T.-A. F. J^eLaVei;jne, on the od inst., , o„ ^^^,^.\^ _i,.e in the very highest and oojilie.^t 

j .-•vie of tho art. We hear it i 
AV. f. T. E'^'-'i'l '^'' ^* dcsenes iti 

w.'v.'t" 1 

arc Printed and for ."^ ale, wholrtn'e or rotai", nt 
the t>fficcof tho 


by these invaluable Medicines^ 
They regulate the System and put 
all the functious of tho body 
in a healthy condition. ' 

SAl by all Druggists. Wliiio & IIowlaE'l, Propri- 
etors, Successors to Dr. John M(.S&t and I>r. "W. & 
MoHtit, If«w York. 






»? I 

Don't fail to buy all your BLANKS at this 



Maniifactiirerd and Injpoiters cf 


Strings, Accordeons, 

Violins, Glarioncts, 

iDruras, Guitars^ 


And other Musical Mercliandise. 

The Silver and Brass Instrimk.nts of our mannfnc- 
tnre and imj.'Htalion, are used by m<>!'t all of tbp but 
Bandt in tlf Vnite<l s'taUs. aii<I wli. i.evor fxhibitel have 
always received theOold .Modal* and umuest primilmS. 

4^- Havini? connection with Mimufncturins Houbps 
in Berlin, L.-ipKic. ProHd.-n. London. «'><1 !'«[?«• ^.^, ."J.® 
prepared to fui nish UKALKRS, HANDS and INDU IDU- 
ALS, with every article iu this line, at the lowebt man- 
nfccturer's iirices. 

B E A U T Y ! 

Auburn, Golden, riaxen, & 
Silken Curls* 

PIOTdTCED hv tr>- usof Prof. Pr TrKvx* 
I'KE.^iH LE CH KVEUX. On« ipvlici- 
tinn WARUAN'rED to eurl tha 

most straii;ht and stub bori fciir of cither sex in- 
to wavy ringlets or hwy roassivo curls. Hal 
been used br the fasbionab'os of Paris rnrl Lon- 
don, with the m'lft gratif^ina; results. D es no 
injury to the Lair. Price by nail seniti- and 
postpaid, $1. Descriptive circiilars sent free. 
Address 1515RGER, J^Ul^'^TS A CO.. Cheui sii. 
No. 2<:':> Uiver St., troy W. T. Go'» ar-r»s f^r 
the United otates. T4nl8yl 

at the Good Templar's IlaH 

lueettii'' Witu n 

W. ?. 

W. A. P 

W. T. 

V.'.F. S. 

W. M 

W. A. M. 

W. I. (J. 

W. O. 0. 

W. C. 

"W. K. H. F. 

W. L. II. .«=. 

April anJ May similar to tlm pres- |j. k. Caliwcil 

, , , , -i • 1 „:..„, • .Mis.« Emma J. Itichardson 

ent;-cold, clomly and wmdy- since . ;,;.,,^^^ .^, j..,^,.^ 

which time it -has "been remarkably fine Miss Armenia rumner 

., , . ' .Miss liannuh Lewi? 

^luring the Sprmcj months, nntil tins ; s. d. I'-tter 

3-car. >ii>.raue we.ihcv will Jo very \ '^^:^:;^:::::::::::::::::z 

well once in ton years for Minnesota; .Mss Delia Kiehardson 

, Danud Faf^an 

but from all account.', ve -hAve Letter, a. i». .<herman 

weather even now, than a majority of jj- ^Jj;;:;:;::;;::::::::::;::::: 

the States^ ^ ,^y^^ Lodge at present numbers over ! 

II A. Kimball, ol tho Northfield Re- \ one hundred, and is in a most flourish 
corder, deserves the wannest iKanVs of , ing and prosperous condition . j 

his townsmen, for the enterprise he has | ^^,^ ^^^^^^^ from"u.7 Mankato Peconl j 
.hown in the publication of his r^^P^r, ; ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^.^..^^^^^ j,,,;.^^ ^.^^^^^ j,,^i, 1 
.tnJ in the quick and practical response ^.^^^^.^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ P^jj^,^. j 

he h.s given, by the enlargement of „^„r„i'„„^ ^.^.^ milesbelmv Mankato, .and ' 
<he AV^a/ct, to the liberal V^^^'^^'^^'i^ ■,,,,,,,,.,Yxxx\.i:\y sank. She is fiity feet, 
of the business men of Xorthfield.— | ^^,^^^ the eastern bank of the river, and ' 

* "Women of the War :" t>.eir Heroisin and 
Felf-Sai-rifii-e : by Frank Moore, author oi the 
"liebi-llioii Ufcord," "Di.sry of the .\iucriean 
Kivolufifu," etc. lllustratod with Steel En- 
gr.i.iu(.^s. ^-old only by salHirii>ti>in. Agents 
wanted! Ctiieago : U. C. Treat, I'ublisber. 

»Du you will always bo satisfic-'. 

Bill Heads 



69 Washington Street, 


Sew York Waierooms, 650 Broadvaj. 

2^^ A VoLNU L.viiV returninji to 

n^r ootinfrv home, alter a >ej urn of a few uionihs in the 


loUU. 1 he best of the .Mouihlies— devoted 

to LITERATURE and FASHION. $2.50 a 
year. We give WHEELER k WILSON'S cele- 
brated $55 Sewing Machines on tne following 
terms : — 

Twenty copies and the Sewing Macbince. $70. 
Thirty copies " " " " tS5. 
Forty copies " " " " $100 

Send 15 cents for a sample copy to DEACON 

^[r. Kimball is an able editor, and his 

lies on her larboard side, with the up- 

subscription list must steadily increase. ^^^, g„ards and cabin out of water.— ', 
Wo have never seen his face, but think ; jj^.^. twelve or fifteen p.ajstngers were I 
\ve should know him in the dark as m ^.^f^.iy ia„jed in small boats. The Ju- 

the liirht. 

lia was one of the best boats on the 

The Ninth Annual Convention of the ' Minnesota River, had passed a credit- 
Miiwcsota State Sabbath-School Asso- 1 able inspection at St. Paul only the 
riation will meet at tho Presbyterian day previous, cost ft:]0,000 dollars two 
Church in Ilochestcr, on Tuesday, June , or three years ago, and was not insured, 
l^th 18G7, at 2 o'clock V. M., and con- ' We notice she had on board goods 
tinuo in Session during Wednesday lor Abbott *.t Welch, of this place ; T. 
and Thursday. Half fare has been ; N. IJoynton, A. A Thomi)son, and 
arranged ov«- all the principal lines of, Hay, Williams &, Bros', of (iarden Ci- 
travel in the Stkto- the various com- j ty ; Thur.sion &, Young, uf Vernon Cen- 
panies having consented to return dul- Iter; T. II. Golf, of Fairmont; L. S 
egates without charge, on the certifi- ' Meeker, and George B. Kingsley, ol 
cate of the officers of the Convention Blue Earth City. 

that they have paid full fare over their 
lines in traveling thereto. 

A friend of ours, who has not a lit- 

The extent of the damage has not 
been ascertained. 

Rend the Certificate of lice. It. T. Flunlin. 

D I E D. 

In Winnebtgo City, M.ty 7ih, 1*^075 FLOUA 
ELLA, infant daughter of Henry J. a«id Farah j 
\. Davliu, aged 1 year, l> montiis, and 24 days, i 

The palo moonlight will softly lay 

Upon a little grave to-night, 
When eyes that bcamol with gentle ray 

Arc closed in death's long cmlless night; 
No more the infant voice will hear, 

And cold the brow so fair in life ; 
She hears not sifjh nor bitter tear — 

A hush is on her heart to night.J 

Her eyes are closed, her heart is slill-, 

Th^j white hands clasped upon the breast, 
That heart no more with love may thrill ; 

For little Flora .'•ioeps in death. 
Thuugh friends may Miourn he.- early doom, 

And weej) above her place of rest. 
They know tier spirit brightly blooms 

In brighter realms of ppoceful rest. 

The holy stars their watch will keep, 

Above the (luict slumbering form, 
Anil angels, when tho night dew weepi, 

Will guard tho sacred spot from harm. 
Tho night winds softly sighiug near, 

Seem whispering oi her home on high; 
Oh I check the bitter rising tear, 

And hush the sorrow-laden sigh. 

And though tbo spot i* faraway, 

In o'er that grave 1 weep, 
^Vhere lies the fair and lovely clay, 

Forever wrapt in dreamless sleep. 
We know tho spirit pure and fair 

lias left us for a brighter home. 
Where there's no sorrow, grief nor caro, 

Where pride nor col luoiis may not como. 

E. P. 

Letter llead.s, 



cty, was hnrdly lerouni/.e-l I y )i. r friends. In place J ^ PETERSON, C19 Walnut Street. Philadelphia 
of a roarse, rustir. Hushed far;-, she had a soft luliy cte.- , 

i)l''xiou of almost marble sinootlme-is, .-okI in-teail of ; . _ . 

U-nlv -three .-he rcalh a^.taaed hot eijrhteen. Upon | 

inr.uu'y as to ti.e caufe of k. creat a ehanjie, she J.lainly , -0170 \ 1? A '^^OT? P A PIT T T 
to'd them that shehad u«. d the « lrcai»».loii Halm, i iitii Ai\AiC/tv V^-Ai iljJL.i. 
andvbnsWi'n-'d it an invalu.ihle ac'iuisition to any Lady* I 

toilet, llv its use any la<iy -r jreiiileinan c.n improve ^ 

ihetr personal ;.ppearaire an huiKlred fold. I> i*-" '=""l'le , fhrow away your false friites, tout switches, your 

in it^ e-onil.i:mti..ii. as Nature herself is simple, yet unsur i ^.j^_ 

passed in its enivney iu dri^w!n^' iinpuri'.us '""'^i'- »•"' Hestruciive of comfort, aad not worth a fl;-' 

healin;.', cleansinjr an.! >» au!i:\ii;}.'ll.e ^k\y aiio .-..lupiex- ^.^^^^^^ ajred.conie voutMul, eo 

Ion My its ilin et nct'M n en the viUJcle u drr.Vv* from U 

allimpai'"'*^'. I<'"'l'v heaitnR the same, and !tuviii{r the 

^■u^fa'•e as Nature inleiuNd it -lio'ild be, v+^ar, soft. 

PBioofh and heauriful. I'rioc One IKllar, seul hy ujaU 

er e.\preN>, on reeeipt of an ordi , • v 

\\.\. CL.VKK * C').,t'hcniists. 
Xo. S, WestFayetie St.. Syracuse, N. V. 
The "nlv American Agents for the sale of the same. 

' AFIlTC'i^ED! 
Suffer no More ! 

. outfiml, eoine uyly and fsir, 
.\ud rejoice iu your own Iirxurliat ha'r. 

«EP.%R.\T«R C.%PILLi. 

For restoring hair upon bald heads (from whatever it may have fallen out) and forcing a growti' of 
hair upon the face, it has no equal. It will force the 
heard lo irrow upon the siaoothcst face Iu from five to 
e'vLrht weeks, or hair upon bald heads in from two to 
three luontliS. A few ipnorant practiouers have assert- 
cd Ilia! there is nothing that will force or hasten the 
growth ot fhe hair or beard. Th>^ir assertions are false, 
ii-th -usaiids of living witnesses (from their own experi- 
ence i can bear witness. Hut uiauy will say, ln'W are we 
to dislin;ruish the genuine from th« spurious? It certain 
.y is dilHcuJt, as ninetenths oft he diffetent prepai-ations 
advertised for the hair and beard are eiilirely worthless, 
Hfi<l you may have already thrown away large amounts 
i It. their purchase. To such we would say, try the Uepar 


tie drollery iti his composition, Was re- : To Dr. IIostetter : 

^'*' ^ ^ * , ' />,,„• ,SV,- :— This is to certify that I was taken 

<..ently a passenger oa a westward , ^.^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^.^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ,^,^^^j^^ 

bound train. One of tlie passengers, j.,^^ ^ period of eight month.s, was one of the most 
tirin" of the conversation, which turn-, miserable creatures you ever beheld, not being 
<jd entirely upon the west and its re. able either to eat, drink or sleep, and was com- 
1 111 tV p polled to walk tho floor incessantly. I was nearly 

sources, petulantly asked, Wliere ine , ^j^^^.^^^ ^,f ^^.^ reason, and hope had entirely 

west was ? Our friend replied that some ; ^^.^^ ^^^ ,ji ^X\k. efforts made for my recovery hav- 

r>eoi.le considered themselves west ing proved fmitlesa. 

* ' , . Tif •« ^.. VA';o-r»n i iJy tho first of November, 18r>5, I had becom. 

■when they were in II inois Or V> iscon- "^ ., ^ , ., , . 

wneii iii^j vvciv j^^^ J p^^^jj scarcely stan. 

em. 'Well, whore do they go west 

from there?' inquired the petulant 

man. 'To Minnesota,' was tho reply. 

*Where then V *To Montana or Idaho ' 

»And from there?' Perhaps to Oregon 

or California.' The passengers were 

emiling, and evidently wondering what i years.; I have no doubt that it "^^^l^^^l^^^^^^^^ 

would be the next answer. 

alone, and, to all appearance, would soon die.— 
At this time (having read your advertisement,) 
my wife prcvatlod upon me to try your liitters. 
A bottlo was procured, and, strange to say, I soon 
commcnc 1 recovering. I have taken four bot- 
tics, and am enjoying as gjod health now as 
could be expected for one of my age (about si.xty 





Winnebago City Market. 

Corrccled weekly by iMoulton A Dcudon. 

Wheat, spring, No. 1, 
'J No. -i, 

Flour, per 100, 
Corn Meal, 




Jlay, per ton, 

Wood per cord, 


Pork, salt, per pound, 

Pork, fresh, per cwi.. 

Beef, fresh, per pound. 















12 6*^ 





Law Cases and Points, 

When bv the "FPof DH..10INVlLLr'.> KLL\ ator CappilU; it will cost you nothing unless it cornea 
IU voucaii be cured permanently, and at a tri- "P » • oar representations. If your nrugeia does not, 
luyoueaii uv i j, , iM-ep 1^ send u= one dollar and we Will forward It, post- 

Hinc cost. ,■ 1 1 »♦ ' ^ I'aid, ti'gether with a recuijn for the money, which will 

U — _-. -- I'll i^ y A l''*''*i i"f;ciiit» • 

The astonishing success wliuli hns attoiuiert ,,^ ,.,.,„r„^,,i you on application, providing entire satis- 
ihis if valuable medieinc for Physical and Nerv faciiouisnot given. .\<)dress, 
ous weakness. (General Dcbiiitv and Pro.«tration, W. L.CL.\KK i CO., Chemists. 

Loss of Museular F nergy. liniOtttVcV , or any of vlnlsyl No. 6 W est iaye,te Mreet, Syracuse, N. Y. 
the c<in.-e<iuetice.s of youthful indiscretion, ren- 
ders it the !uost valuable preparation ever dijCov 

Wonderful but True. 

,. f ■ , . :.., f.„ 1. ,,.:ii >.<>«torn I voyaut state, deieniat<.'s the very feat>ires of 

siruction, lears of r.isa nty .tc It « ill lt^tore j ^.^-^ .,^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^.^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^.^.j ^^^^^ .^^^^^^ 

tho ni>pctitc. renew the lio.ilth of llioso wuo ua\e ,^.„^^. power, known as the I'sychomotiope, ^ 

It W'.U rctroVC all nervous affections, depress 

ion, c.\''i(ciuent. incapacitv to study or business, MADAM REMIMGTON, the world renowned Astml- 

lose of Kemory confasi(m, th-u'»bls of self-de '■ "pi^ and Souinaiubuliiitic Clairvoyaut, while in a clair- 
■' > f- ... ..._., .1. 1. .„:...,.. ., , .. -es of the iierson 

ustruuient of iu- 

jpe, guarantees 

destroyed it by scisiial e\ or e\il {irscticcs. I fo produce a perlect aud lifeiike picture of the future 

Vouu" men. lio huiubu^'ged no more by 'Quack ; hu-band or wife of the apylieart, with date of marriage, 
Doetorv" and i-rnorant i.racti<.ners, but send | P'-'<-"Pation, leading traits cf character, ic. This is no 

. , , ,. " ,, ,.,.' . , I i,„„. „ .„., _,. imp jsition, as testimonials without iiumber can assert, 

without aelay b-r tho Lh.\ir, and bo at once re- j ,j^. ^^,^^'^^^^^ of birth, age, disposition, color ofi-yes. 
stored to bealtli and happii esis. A l>erle't cure ; j,.^;j. j^,_,| ^.^^gjp^gjjjg fifty cents. 4nd stamped envelope 
IS tJuaviinfecd in every instance. Price, $1, or | adtressed to yourself, y'ou wil! receive the picture by 
iniir l.o»il<>R to one ad Iress ?:». '■ return maik together with desUed information. 

T I Mio irnm.i.nt o Hfc'-t a curcia all"' --Addrl^ln Oonf\,teivce. M.U)AM OEUTRUDE 

One bottle is sufficient to olltct a cure la an hkmiN<*T0N, P. O. Uox Twi Uondrcd and Ninety- 
ordinary cascj?v I seVeji. West troy. ;.'. Y. v4ulsyt 


for the speedy and pcrinrncnt cure of (lonorThea j 

(licet. Trethral Di.»cliarges, Gravel Stricture and 

all atVctious of the Kidneys aud Bladder. Cures Ihcre cometh glad tiding of joy to all, 

cITected iu from oiic to five days. They are pr-^ j -p^ .^^^ ^^ ^^ ^o great and to small, 

pared from vefctAble extracts that arc harmeb'!!t< „ , ,. , 

on llie syMem,' and never nauseate the st>>u.aeh I '-^^ beauty which once was so precious andrarf, 

or impregnate the breath. No change of diet if j Ls free to all, and ail may be fair, 
necessary while using them. ro\- does their action j g ^i^^ jj^^ ^^ 

White Liquid 


in any niantier interfere with btisincss pursuits. 
Price $1 )>er bo.T. 

Kither of the above mentioned articles will be 
sotit to any ad<^res?, closely sealed, and post paid 
by mall or express, on receipt of prieo. Address 
all orders to 

PEllOEH. SllUTTS k Co., Chemists, 
v4nlSyl K«. 285 River Street, Troy, N. \ 

It came. ' alone, un.ler Divine Providonc", that eflccted this 

wonderful cure. 

•And where then, sir ?' 'From Califor- ^^^^^^^ Michigan, Augttst 30, 1S60. 

R. T. Fluali.-*. 

nil and Oregon, my dear sir, many 
people go west to hell.' A roar of 
bucjhter filled the car, and the dyspop- 

Attenlion is called to the auvertisoment in an. 
other column of Madame H. A. Pcrkioo, of Buf- 
falo, New York, tho great Astro logist and Clair- 

tic individual, faintly smiling, fank i ^'q^]j„j_ Madame P. can be cousultod by letter. 

brtck iulo hi.1 ^eat. ' on ail afTair*ef life p.t?^ .ITcsent aud fulur*.. 


Dealers in 



^5©- Particular attention paid to Mu?!"? 9rderf 

PHnted to order) on short Notice, and at reason- 
able rates i 

All Orders by Mail Promptly Attended to, 


Winaebago City, .April ;4th, ISfiT. 




For Removing* Saperflouis H%sr. 

To the la''ies espfcially, this inv.ihiublc depil 
itory recommends itself as being an almost in lis 
oensiblc article to Icmale beauty, i« ea.xily appli- 
ed, does not burn or injure th»j skin, but acts ili- 
reetlv on the roots. It is warranted +o remove 
suporfluous hair from low foreheads, or from any 
part of the body, completely, totally and radical 
ly cvterpatiu"; the same leaving the skin soft, 
<mooihc and natural. TJiis is the only artk'k 
ised by the French, and is the only re»l etfectua' 
lepilatory is existence. Price ".i cents per pack 
ige, sent post paid, to any addresi on receipt cff 
m order by 

BEUGER, SUUTTS A Co., Chemist*. 

For Imt<rov!ng itad Beaotifyiiig tke Complexion. 
Tho moBt valuable and perfect preparation in 
use, for giving the ukin a beautiful pearl-likft 
tint, that is only f^und in yonth. It quieklj ro 
moves Tan, Freckles, PlmplM, Blotches^ Moth 
Patches, Sallowness, Eruptions and aU impuri- 
ties of the skin, kindly healing tha same, leaving 
the skin white and clear as alabast**. Its Use 
can not be detected by the closest scrutiny, and 
being a vegetable preparatioB is perfectly harm- 
less. It is the only article of tho kind used !ry 
the French, and is considerel by the Parsian as 
indespensible to a perfect toilet. Upwards of 
30,000 bottles were sold during the past year, a 
sufficient guarrantec of Mt efficacy. Price x)uly 
75 viQts, sent by mail) on receipt of an order, by 

BERaBR, SHUTTS 4 CO., Chemists, 
v4nl8yl 285 River St., Troy, N. Y 


Fr ont Street, n ear tbe Leree. 

4nlSyl 285 River St., Troy, N.Y.'MA^'K^TO. MIXXESOOA. 

r-,7'r.;'w""r7 — . — ;rl*i- t. c.klower. Proprietor. 

4 i\, kin<l< ot ^nn Work a«.«ne to orH.r at (his 
ii 0(ht». 

n*ner8' ?'«t«'' nflfii-<^.fnr nil Potntdl.ifh^ ?(i|i.« Ro*>(< 
SUbling with »"entive 0*tlM«-fc. I^tI 












, ' 








.•■ - 


Tlic HwoclcHl woi'il in our Ifinguage 
is lovo. Tho noblest word in our lon- 
guage is GoJ. Tho \vo*J cxproa.-in^' 
the shortest time is now. The tluoe 
niuke the sweetest duty man can j)ur- 

niwin^ Potatoes I'lider Straw. 

. corn-spordont says: Havinf]j fic- 

ntly seen r(>|>c>rls of extraoruinary 

(•cess in raisini^ potytoes by covering 

( ui wiih straw, 1 was imluced to try 

up m a sjiiall sctile. 

A ph-U in my garden, about fifty feet |i.j,,« ^.],^, j^ ^ iuil-c of morals a^ well 
quare, of wolLmanured clayey l^nm, I .,j, ,nouev. savs that 'boiuir ilen«br to 

. , 1 - -..- nnodei- man's wile is not a legal ili'tider, 

ni'il smooth. It was then marked out j ,|,^ n\oyii as bicl.led beets is KtuikiMut, 

in shallow drills, two feet an<l a bait ' ,,.. iq„i f 

ajiart, and ])ofatoes (of the |>ink-eve 

vnnetv^ planted whole, two feet apa'rt, I Wh.-.t is iho earliest menfon of a 

in drills, and barely covered with e-.rt!.. ' b^'Mkio- (r;u. ^aeln>n ? >\ hen 1 haraoh 

in » I * 1 .1 . ^^^ ifiM'ivetl a check (eh.enuo) ou the Ibink 

J he whole p:itcn was then (•(.■» . re.i 'teii>«.«« .i^« \ / ,, 

\vith dry wlieat straw, ."^jn-e.-Kl lightly 

and evenly witli a pitchf rk. to tie depth 

of :\\u'\n two |\ot. Sivcrid j-lnnvcrs 

oeenr'cd soon alter the pi>tate.ea were j ,^v^.„ty.nii!e ilioiisand four hundred 

]>:anti(b which sttth-d the stra>.v v(ry 

co!isidera»'ly, nu.l in *Iue time the vines | yonr. ...ily seventeen had the ti.isfurtuiie 

Ciime up throuj^'h the sir- w, :mi.1 soon | i,» full en llio tl.>o'/' 

covered tlie entire suii'»ee with the i |],.„< (,| ;iil kinds sit -I days; dueks. 

r.nnki St vt uTtnti.-n. i jv^ ,i;,v.^ ; .jocse, *1" t >.'!•'» days ; u^uinea 

Nolhini: more was dor'> to the pii'ch ' ,.^^.^.,^ '.js y,, UU] .vs; turkeys, iN days ; 

ti:l the vin.-8 wvre killrd Ly frrsi "' ' „^.^^*j^'.^j,, ;;o d;n s. ' 

1 * • 


of the lu d ;^ea, which was cro:s.~ed by 

Moses :ind Aar. n. 

An eitilr.eut ^tatisitioau says, *'uf the 


Uetter o])p('rt unity is now cfrorod to any 


DR. VViirrTIRIl isro-ularly 
cJucalt'l aiKntgitiniJitolj' qual- 
ified, tiiid liiis <-.xiicrii.'ii(e in j,]] 
ortin! of di>eai'<!, « knowledfro 
((iiiif !inli.-[ir;ii'^il))(.- in tlic trtiit- 
iiiciit (<f tli(! vcncDfl «ii.-X'»)<o in 
all its Viirif'il anJ ooui]jlicatc(l 


Moore's Rural New-Yorker, 


'<Ji^^ii^^ forms, aixl liusfor ycura iiumIo ^-^'^'^i^C'ULTUnAL, LITLHAltY AND FAM- 
tho ir iiiiiKJiit of iiriviitc(li?<aso?his1.u.'-incss aii'l //, >' WKIJh'LY, 

!<tii'lv. i;x|ieri«i)<'<. ilje iK'rt of l<;)ii;!u'rs, liiiK en- w^_ •» .. „, 

al.l.w'l hi.ii 10 \M'\ri rtnu.lios at o.i.-c Miffi- un», * ^^ ****** T«M^n a^tad ConnUj. 

safe, perninnont, and in motU "ukl-h can be used TiiirniiiM •■» ti,.. «. > j . -. ^ # 

■ I 1-1 .1 1 JiK UMtAL IS tno standard in its sntipr* of 

Woman, or child, wishing to purehasc anything in tho hue of Faluy I)rcf^f5 
(Jooils, Frt-nch and l-n-lish .Moiiu'S, Alpaecas, .Soeteh I'laids, Dclains, Woolens 
Flannels, Slrii>ed Foi»lins', I'alnioral Skills, Ladie* C'loidxS, Cloak Ciuths, Do- 

and <. iuht ymig ladies who l.iinte.l last | meslie«i, prints, shawlf., hoo{) Skirts, Shirts", drawers, wrappers. Hosiery, Xotions 

No. I >\'o/len Illankets,, Shoes, Ilats, and ('aps, and Fur goud.s of wvery 

dcMrii»tit,n, than has cverb cfure been 


N »t a vi ed :»; p aed 

iiniitnu' W :iiil su\s. •jbi^haiii Ymni; 

tluMii. At die us' t::;i jl uiv:.ui; <.: 

.ot to., the dea 1 y l.u-s wore all pul'e.l ' ha-^ l^- wives- h. Fve> bot w,<elv, but 

t'.\o hundred well.' The pretty girls 
ill I'lah ir.ostlv uiarrv Vi.nng.' 


anil reaiovcd ; th'.n with a potato foik, 
the lavor ^.f.^i'aw — wh.ich was ])ivify 
well rotted, and tu.t more tl'aii h'ur or 
fivr iurhi's in tiiiikness- was ean-fuHy | 
rem »ve.l To n;y -r.-.t Mu-prise, ther'| 
lay the p 'tators .-n f 'e surl'nce, liti r iliv 
ooverini: ihi' : !i>ii!i>]. ai. 1 almost a^* . 
clean :is it (Ik-v h ; 1 liofn v.t.sluil. - I 
Thev were pi ke.l wy a'ld ni.>:isured, but : 
the iiu 'Utitv I tl ' U't reniendtr, 'V\\\> \ 
niUL-h, bo\vt'\er. I v».'ll vico'Iect, that 1[ 
never raised so g'^d a er«>p by any \ 
olhi r nu-ile of eutu'-e. Tli"y wore of' 
vevv U'.iiurnr si/.e ■.\\\ of U'>'il 'i'lriUy, j 

Mliiyiv'ta a J'ro'.ilie ^>tate. 

AVe can b<'at the worM in the raisin? 

of thir'y or fitrty bu>i.e!s ol wheat ti» 

tlie a-'Tf, nverauiitg tw.ity fi\e an<i 
th'rtv buslul-, the Sue (»ver, Si-ine 

year:?. Wo e;ir. taru or.t die nnst ia:- 
TJienso (it'ps of oiiii'us, ruta bngas.puutp 
kins and p'.t^itoes, the lu':ii(hit.>t h-gs 
and eattle, nn-re wo<;>l to the sluep and 
more twiii hnnbs \o the ewe than any 
State iri the b';iion. Jbit we have nev- 
er h.eard of anvthiitg to e\eel a case ui 
ptock breeding of which v>e have ju^l 
been informed. 

An Irish farmer in Seolt county, be j 
tween Lakevilh; and New Dublin, h.nd j 
a eow whi( h had five calves at one! 

birth, in Jriinarv. A vear befjre she ' 


bad three at one birdi, and the year I 
before th;it, twins — makiug ten Cidves 
in two years. 

This is an af.tual Atct, well known in 
aM the lo-'ghborhnod arouna, and y>\v> \ 
information is direct frritn ninnbers o! 
wirness^es in Sett and D.kota counties t 

There are numerous instances in the j 
State of twin calves, but we iia\e | 
er heaid of any thins to equal this^ eith- 
er in Minnesota or else v» hero. 

lowin;rt'trrct.'-: lil..irlics, I'.od l_v Weakncs", Con- 
sfi;-:ition, Av«!rsion and l.'ii';:i,-iii(- ^ i;i l*'c;u.:i!u 
Socioty, t'ninaitlineFK. iJrcad of I'liinrt Kvent.-;, 
tiiially jicoundtto iir-'.-trulion of ilif vital \.>m 
pf. of nmriory, ringing in chc earn, can be 
fully riistorod l<» liiMith. 

,M1 litiiTt;, wl'li ; titnip.-', anpwcnd. 

l»r. W. i.-i llie )»i' liidicr of a n<'W worlt. ontifl- 
I'd "Nin tilt; livil i:i tin; i*.U"i," wliich willhe scut 
(o fill on rceiii)) of 10 rcntf to propny posta:;e. 

('(jUi-iiltation free, tliarjrcs juodtrutt, .'tnd 
cnr'' v'"''r''"'''"d. 

Itr.Wliioicr liiriis the v«'ry worstkind orrnj)- 
liir*- ill a t<'W wri-k? 

Fi»-l (tfii.c; V,u\ 22JI1. OnTiceand Consultation 
I'ooins 1 Ci ( •"'^oiiili Clark str^'t Chfa-.o. You 
c:iM i-cctlic Lioctor cvfty djiv hotn 'J A. M. to 5 p. » 

Alts. feCifncc«, 
r ducatioa, 
Gcner.'ii PCcws. 

In l\iril);iult Count v. 


I>ricL'.-5 are now 


TO CIRK CONlU Ml'Tn)N, the <• -'i'-.i iniH! »h< 
Iir. i-.rpa fo lb It the lna-« vvUI b.^»!. To ncconiv'.iHli 
fciii'. -. 10 l.TiT *n>l !'tor.ia-li i.iiiit first Iv rlcu-jsivl aTid 
fia^nc'tf ( r>'aiO'l lor «'ocd w Iiolc-oinc loo.!, \\ lixii, | 
l>,- ilie«o t.if.lirinw vi'i lie dicejted prcucriy, and . 
foci lie-'. Iiv I'ooJ 1,1* !o; l!iu* liu'.'ihf v.\\ Uie I 
cou't.tut.on. SeiUKNi K'3 MANORVKK TILLS j 
elcin^otli.-'.'toir.achot all Mliois or muwiH ctruiou- 
Lit o'.i«; and. b. ni-'nu tlio Soa Weed Tonic iu cou- 
l,<><'i r.n. tlu- f.riV'fU' '\* rtftor.-d. 
S« nr.NCK P IM'LMOMC SYRl'F \t nutripinm , 

a" wi'U r.r ni' 'if^nal. and. t» luii'.i: tlu- l!ire<? n nied'os, | 

all inrn-.f.i* are rx,- -lo.! troiu tlio c npui, and 1, uboU-'^^iu' blc-'l viVi.f^Q, nh'.ch will rcpM all 

diswwe. It p\tl("at« will '.ako th«ut> inedicin<*ac«'ord- i 

Inc to u'reclicn!". Coi!i=a'np:ion very Iro iii«ntly in j 

Ite K-t cii-f > 'e'lda leadii.v to ib^lr a-tio:i. TctvO the 

p'.r.* .re ii'cne.-. to o'ev.i'o t'v H-craud V.jnia- h. It 

do. 8 not :o;ioTv tba? b;M*aa»c tls«? !»owe!* ».v not cos- 
tive tlx'vB.-e nin re-iTiired, for ifom<»tiT.ea in diarr- 

h.vii th.'v aip neciHiiarv. The ?foniafh iuu«t be kfpi 

lit-alihv, Ri.l an a.ipnito cr^atodto aliow thi- Pol* 

mo:\c Svrup to nctoa 'lu- rci>p;n. r r/ cr»r*r.- i>r.:^Tly 

au.l ai; -.v an • irritation. Then all that ii»ro.iii!icd to 

P'r or:u a p.-niianent cure is, to pre'-«"it taking 

co'.iL TvxiTci.v alout !'■.<• rooTn? a» niucii a.< poiwib'o, 

catant!.orch.ptroo,'-at ireat, Fa.Me,an.l,in lacl. ; vn ^ GooJs W 111 WlUTant ^Olieral SatijffuCtioil tO 1 iCTbOlLS tu 

an\tb'i'.i.'lhf appetite craves; but N> partioilar and j *'» > ^- '^ ^' O ^ '-> 

Auil the new mode of trading— lato 




J E W E ]L E R J 

Has, au J will kc^p conflantly on band, for sale : 

Jewelry and Silver v/are, 

.*nd will nttcn-l jirofnjitlr to all kind?- of Reyiair- 
injj of (Jlo«d<h-, Waroho.i, and .Jcwol'v. and jruar- 
aiitfi! J crffct .'■ati^facli'in to all who iialroni/.e 
liiiii. Itooin opposite I'nion Hotel. 'I'yl 

ISlue Earth City, May 17, IsOG. 


Enccp Hubbnnilry, 



Doiuc&tic liconcmy Market Kcrottg. 

Willi illiiM'ratiunN, lale**, SketcheH. Po- 
<'lr>, .'?luHic, UebuK<>M>,l<:ui»iiiuR, Ac, tc. 

'liiK 1{ii:ai. is i.tly Iviittd, i.c:..:y I'riiittd, 
well lllu-traud, and mhiyUil t„ t},,: i,Uulf. Ct„i),» 
till, it f inploy.- tlic l;t.-t TaliMi'. I'l r examplw, 
iif Depart inci.t at Slierj, IhixfjiniJiyxs, EditcU by 
11. !i. II. S. I{a.v.>am,, 1,L. D.. [Author of lie 
'•/'i-'ictk'iif Sii»/ili>rf','-'Sli"j, ll,i>il.i(n<l,y in the 
Si'iilli," Ac, ki', the lj(?st aiiiln-rity on the .'iil'jcct 
ill Amu. i<-a, — \* hil.; it^ Sontluru Ci.ncifpoudliuj 
/M/i/or is lion. T. <'.. JVters, late ties't ^', 1. 
.Stale A<i. hcicty, i,.,\v of Maryland. Many 
ollitr aide and tak-ntcd iviiit,- arc lu^rnlar f on- 
iriliiito! s and fli<; nlmlc fiaper i- undtir ili*- E<li- 
t<Tial MaDigcii!fi,t of itu origini.t..r, D. h. T. 
M'.oitK. Titi; Ki i{,\L IS the hcrt jMurnal for the 
Farmer, the liorticullnri.'t. the .Stock am' Vool 
(I'roHir, and the tuuiily Circle now (dj'aiiiahle. 
li'.iiK M.h<-r. al.-o that it i- not a ii'iUthJij,\i\il t, 
Laifje and lieauliinl Wk^ki-V. 

K.< amine a iiurnhcr. atid t-i^e if, next to y'ur 
lo'ral pai'cr, the KLu.^L is not tho one f^r youf 

Foj3S5dry ife Ma- 

VOLUME XVIil, FOa 1867, 

In SujCiif-r stylo, — new C<.pi/cr Faced TyjiOj 
(i'l'id I'.iper arm uiatiy Fii.e IJiij^'avirfr.'^. Ka'-h 
of It- rilsy-twi No's fnot 12, lik«; a nionlL y.) 
will <:otnT»ri!.-6 Eight Douhlt- Quarto Pages, Aa 
Index ^c, atclufCbf tue voluf e. 

TERMS, in Advance— Only .*3 a year: Five 
Copies for ? 4; S-;Vcn for JI'J; Ten for ."r2J. -nd 
any ;,'reaf»-r niiir.her at same rate. — only !?2 50 
per cjpy. dull (lapiffs ?c.nt to aif*eren' I'o-t <if- 
ticc". A.« ne jiay Ain"iican p'i.»'a<re. i2,7l> i^' the 
!ow('.»t Cluh rate fo Canada — ?.''■. .JO to Euri pe. 
Ji'':i-^i)VI IS THB TlMK TO St Br^rniBf: am> Foi-M 
( r.iBS. I'reu.iams, Free Co;»ie.s, I v., to Club 
Ajreiil.-, sud we want ft lea-t one ap-i nt in every 
Inwii in ill'; Inioii. i-'|itciuieni. Show l>ilig, Ik- 
duecmenl.-;, ic, .'■(.nt free. Addre."? 

I). D. T. MOOIIE, Roehester, New York. 

r.ia><t.cate we'd. 

C^d w. ea. luo. 1 yr. 


Thai incU'cine, inv<>Ti;i(l by l»r. .J. II. S ■iiki^ok, 
ct riiiiE.'l(.>:p'i'a, is inicuded to dUaoIve tho food aud 
make it into thyuie, the I'.riit procciu of difreet iuo. By 
c'faaginj the ttonio-h with 8<.-hcnc"t'8 Mandrake 
I*JIU, tho Tonic Mou re.'tore* the appctit'), and tood | 
tli<i* coa>.J Q^t ho ta'.ea L«l'jrc u:<iug ii irill be easily 
d>t;cMc-d. /^ %^ 

Co.:=unip;'on cannot b.7 cr.rel by Schenr-k'g Pal 
monic Syn.p niilcta it-u stonacb and liver is made 
healtiiy and the tppnt'.te rcatorcd, licnce the Tonie ' 
aud Pilla are reiuired ia nearly every ca-e ot con* 
»a':ip!io:i. A hah dozen boitles of tl.o SK WVEliD 
TONIC c:.:l Jireo or four Iwx.m of the M ANDKAKB 
PII.L.S wij! ciiro any ordinary caic of d\-p p'ia. 

I»r. jiciiiiNrij tuakoi pi-o'.V-'pional ▼'sit* in New 
York, I'.o ton, cud at >ii<'pri'ic;pii 0;ViPC in Philadel- 
phia every wcoii. Hoc dady pijern of each plr.ce, or 
hu paii!ph!el ou coneaniplioa for h:t Ua^'^ Icr vi^ita* 

Pl'-a'c cl rr n-^ when purchasing, tl at th<' tivo like- 
nesses ot ih ) doctor, oua wlu-n iu the laH Ftaie ot 
Con.mnsplion, and the cihcr a' ho now i«, in porfccl 
heali^ii, an; on liieOoVframent .^iarnp. 

Sold oy all |)rurf,'Iit» and Hca'cr^, price ^l.T. por 
lio.tle, or !i".."'< tho haIl-tlo::cn. AI! leUcra lor aiiv.ce 
ehouid Ikj adarc^cd to Or. Sihenck'o Principal 
Olli;-c Nj. 1.'> N-jrthiiih Streef, P!ii »^.>iph;a, Pa. 

Gen ral Wholesale A^'ent.H: iVno." Uarnes t Co., 
N. Y.; S. S. llai -.0. I5,iUiuiorc, Md.; .Jolm I>. 
Park", Ci'i-'nnali, Otiio; V.'aiker ii Ta/ior, Chi- 
cago, 111. ; Co.hns ii.'od,, gi Loui«. Mo. f 

■^ [lit w. oa. ino. 1 rr. 

^X^ r <-•>' ^-> -* < 

T^-*?, "-rtK 


The Mftukntri Foiin.lry and Macl.ii'.o shop is 
now in <i[>eratioii, a?id we are ]i.c)>!ir< d to 

MAICK & UE.'AIll MACIIINKKY^ ^ ^ 1-1 A f ¥ 

of every description. Steam eiisincs. Threshing X_ ^ JL M. jLii^ JA JLi M-i • 

Mi'.chiiie?, Ui;api;r.s, Fnrniiiij: Iinpitiuenti', «tc. 

Wo al. ■• make all kiuii.-' of iron and hra*.- in.-t- 
inps, lia'.hitt laetal ulwa},.s on hai.d. Orders 

S'dxiled and pro!n]M'iy atfelidttl t". 

Old Iron, Brass and Copper 

wa;lcl, for «Li<-h tii'; Ll-hc.-t price will l,e paid 
C. >V. liAIiNEY, A Co. 



To lay in thc-ir .\-iuter's .suppl)-, if Hioy ^viU ouly ciill at 

>3WP1E VJ ' .M-! g « ' J III ■ ■I M I ' I 


— 0- 

E. J: II. T. .\NTIiONY 1 Co., 

>!anufactui(.rs of I'hotographic iUlcri^lSj 

Wh'j'.eshle and Uetail, 

Ill additioi! to our main hu.*i:i«'u.-' <d Fhoto- 
^rrajil. If .Materials wo aic il^a' ^uaiiiTS for tLe 
1> ilowiKg, vi/ : 

Sfcri'08co|)es &, Steroofcopic Views 

EfiGS Foil SftTTl.NO. — K"^;.'?' will oTlen r* T T ""T I V f T! T T M I X * * ' ^ American and F(>rc:.«;n eitifs an ! LKiid»cai>et, 

ntcli sifter bi'in^j friin-pf»rro I limiilrf'<!.« i -., , >.,,. ,, , -.^ .i 

..nn;lo< l>y rail ; r.t other l.Mus •., ^-^ \u,s^,:j,^ f,,^ ^:^ ,^^i^. 


Miles of u-aoon .^r rnilro.T] travel T^■i!! j li i^..,!^^ v. ilhoilt a scar. 
ruij. tlieru. No reii.-.nce cnn 1.- i-la-.d j family shoilli l;o wIll:oi!t ii. 
on ei,'u'< trur.s|,(,rtcMl far, uiiK-S!< ihcy he Wo V.Vi7* U 10 CKH' ScPof!!].'! 
Carrie, I in tlic 1. ;ii(ls, nn'l i)acke<rwlil, ^"i'^^'S ^^'^^ JUiVlUA, ('Ini)»lr.iHs, 
-;cat care at th.^r. T^'ltiT, Tiinirics, Jiaii id! Enjj:*i<.iis 

O!* <ho Skin. Tor S,;r(' liroiist or 

Newpokt Cakk.<5. — Three ei7'j?, one 
quart ot t'lOur two tihlesj>->onftihs niell- 
t<l hutter, three ol" .'-ULfar, one cup ol j 

Nipples, (ills. Sprains, Ilruisos, 
Hurr;s, S-a'uls, (happpd Hands, 
A;*'., it nia'ii'ri a porrcit cnrc. 

CoicN Ml FFiNS —One and a half pint ! fci'tlv ( ralicat^Ml disease and 
of oorntneal, a hull pit.t of whtMt tl nr. i hi^dUH al'-rall oMior remedies had 

• . 4- ,11 11 4 • . tailed. It isa compoundor Arnica 

one pint ol s ur «d- t!n'k milk, two j.uit.s *'^'" "• ^*'»-»««'*" i 

of s^'oot milk, two cizirs, u small tea- 
spoonful of Salt, do. of baking ho'Ij.. — 

Sfereoscopic Vitiw.-s of the War. 

Fmin n<';rative.« t<: ule in the vari".'« vnxn- 
pai!il)^ and foniiin'r a cniplcto PhuKy^jraiitiic 
iii.sioiy of ih'-' ;;reai eoiiU'it. 

Slcrejcseopic Viiws on Cihi«s, 

Adapted for eitlicr tho Maf;if Lantern or tl.' 
.*^!i'roo.-rf>pc. i.Hir Ca'.ah'/iio will ho fiiit t< 
iiuyaLldrivs on r«;<'i.ipt id ."tainp. 

l*lH)to"r:ii)hic Albums. ^ 

We man u fact n re more larjrely than any othi i 
hoi <!•, alioiit ?»'* v;irictii's .roiij oO f-iiis t-. ?^v>l 
. ach. Oar AMU' MS have the reputation ol Iji- 
in;; tuperiur in he.inly ami durabiliiy lo aii\ 
• liicrs. 


•n i> 'i • 1 t- ' / . It li''>^ hi'i'ii used over nnoon |\''"'V iM,ntf.(ri..n.ii>; of (-ltM»oril« FtatL 

milk. l>:ike m a loni; tm i>.in aii'l cut .,, . « ., i.:u«l i iiorotjji.ipti» oi vicin.i.ii>, k.i,ji^ 

• r o ..»« 1 . -.1 1 4 i yours, wilhoni one f:Mluie. men. Actors, elc, etc 
in -Slices ; cateu hot with butter. i .« i.,,.. ..^ «„,...n,.i i..>v;iia> nav> 

' ! Is. Iia.4 HO parallel — na\ini^ pei- Ooreatalo.rneno1.raee.s over FrVi: THOV 

Lake twenty niinnte.s in a t./.erably hot 0[||(.|> Oiillmenl. 

with muijy other Kxlracls and 
IJalsanis, and put up in larirer 
boxes V'}v the same price than any 

oven. To be nride up j ..^t before lak- 
in;r, and must be well betiteiL Ifpre- 
ft?rred, n-e all sweet milk, nnd rais'.i 
wi^h a tablespnonful ofyrp.'-t, 

A portion of raw union cnten j;jst bt;- 
fure retiring to rest w ill insure relVesh- 
inf s'eep to por-ons sulleriiii; with Iiitifrs 
overbur<k'neil with o]»iire.«sivc and ir- 
rita;inir in;<tter. 

f^ol by i>r!)(;;;ist:i everywhere. 'Vrhito & 1 lowland. 
Proprietors, lil Liberty Street, >'ew York, 

A orcat many t f oiir readers l;ave 
eior;:huia syru}) that tin y v. ill find fer 
nientinui unless care in used as warm 
woatficr come.s on. Fill np your bar 
re's tnng tight and keej) in a cool cel- 
lar. So 8ay«? Brother Clough, of the 
/Sor^/hran JournaK 

To prsTRov r>it:s ^fake a quarter 
of a pound of oil of turpentine, and 
>\iih a bruah rub the be<l.s, walls, or any , 
places itifested witii them; if they aro j 
in any great numbers, brush the places 
over several times, wliich will not only 
destroy the bugs, but also thtir eg^s. 
Althni-h the smell of tu pentine is 
ptrong, yet it is not uidicalthy, and g^ e.** 
of! lu a .^hort time. 



A Sith.sfiiitte for Cafonwl, 

Thee PIllB are computed ol' varloa'? rootH, having 
the pj'.viT to relax ihe Becnitions ot the livtr aa 
proiiipflv arid effi-clua'Iy aa blue pill or mercury, 
and vviih'jul prodaciii;; any of llioi'c dica.'-'reeahie or 
daitKeroufl effects which otlen toliow the uee of tUo 

In all bilious diaoruerx these Pills may be used with 
con(iili;:ii-c. m they proiaoto the UiiH;harRe ol vitiati-d 
bi!e, and remove tlioFC oiMtructiona frori the liver 
and biliary dacta, which aro tho cause of biliotu 
affections iu general. 

8Clir..\CK :i MANDRAKE PILLS cure Blck 
Headache, and all diKoriieraoilhc Liver, indir.-ited by 
■allow fkin, coviied ton!.-ue, coclivoneFi, drowBtiicBa, 
and a general fi-cliug ot wearincsii aud laseitude, 
thowiaf; that tho liver la la a torpid or obKtructed 

In ehort, tlicse Pilla may bo u«>d with aivan- 
tSi^o in ail ctttes wheu a purgative or alterative 
mcdicius Ih reiiiired. 

Piea>'C ask lor -'Or. Schenck's Mandrake Pills," 
and ol>!itrvo that the two likeueiii!e3 ol the Doctor 
are ou the (joveranient etarnp — one when in the last 
Bta^c of Ccuituuiption, aud the other in hie present 

Sold by all Drupgiate &nd dealer'. Price 2.'> cents 
perliox. Princ pal Onioe, No. la North 6th Street, 
riiiiadciphia, Pa, 

• itnerai Wiiolesale Ajter^fe: Demas Banien & Co., 
21 Park. Row, New York; 8. 8. Ilanco, 1(W Balti- 
more St., Haiti, noie, Md. ; John 1>. Park, N. E. 
eor. of Fourth and Walnut St., Cincinnati, Ohio; 
WalktT & Taylor, IM and inO Wabash Aveniiei, 
Chiai;.., Ill, ; Collins Brotlie.*^', oouthwcek cornel 
»i S<X;«ud and Vine Sta., St. Lou's, Mo. 

" ' [4tii & &(b w. Ob oo> 1 n< 

\N1> diiVi-roiu nili.i' rt.-;. incliidiiiy rfi>rodiii"ion> 
id llie ino.-t eelelira'id llnjrravinjfs, I'aintinf;* 
Statnfes, etc. ''.italo^'uc! ociit on receipt o 

IMi.di^ijraphcr.-' and other!" or'erlng "roods <" 
0. !>., wi'l ideaso remit 2.> per cent ol IIk 
amount of liu-ir ir'^r 

.C%|, ihe prill .• and gualif of our good.< ean 
not fail to sati.«fy. v4n2iy i 

jr'^iyr^ THE Gits AT CAUSE 

^j^,r£^ OF 


Just puldisheil in a ."sculi-d envcloie. Trice 

Six CcntB. 
A Leetnie on the Natuic, Treatment 

and radi'.-iil Cure of weaUne.*!', or .Sj ir- 
Uiat' rrha-a, jndiued Viy rielf Ahut"; in v<'liiiitary 
Kiiii.->ii n*. Iinpoteticy, Nervous Del/ility, and 
iiiil cdiiuenlfi to uiarria<re ,i;ei!erully ; Con.-mno- 
tijii, LpiKpsv ami Fit> ; Meiil.-<! and I'liv^-i. .il 
InraMariiy, a'.— l.y IK'tl. J. ti I'lA' KliWKLL, 
M. I)., Anilior oi iLo ••(.Jrecii IJ.ok" Ac. 

Tiie wmld renowned author td" this alniiralde 
Lcetvire, clearly pro>t8 f.iia Li.< own expevitiiee 
that the aw'iil eonseniienecs of s'. If alnsi-. may he 
(.nVetiially i< uiovid willio;;! 'iiedieire, and wiiii- 
nut daiiLM roiii!Cur;;ieal oijcraiioii.-', bougies. iii;.tru 
uieiiti', rin,u-, or crdiab, jiiiintin^ out a mode of 
cure nl once et'fiain and effeftiial, l»y whirh ev- 
ery sufferer, no niatlor wh.»t his condition tmy lie 
may i-iirt' liiiii.-tll ih'apiv. pi ivalelv' and rjidi'Ml 

iv. Ti.< i.Kci rui; n"i!,L eiuiVi: a liOoN' 


Sent under f^eal, ti» auy addre.^^. in a plain Feal 
«d cnvLlojie. on sli,? reieijit of <\x eonJa, or two 
• tcimpH. AI.<o Dr. <'ulverwLir.s ".Marria;;o Ciu'de" 
price 'I'j cent*. Addre*.^ the Pnl>lii;!u r.-*. 

CJiA;^. .T. C. MNE A CO., 
127 EOWrnV, Un^rT y.?rk. 

Post Omce Box 45S6 

AT t:if. 

Having inadi* Hocie ohan;;»'s ef»nt*ernuv flic 
l.iisiiH-^ transaetionn ol tlin'WiTinr.has^O City 
DUills,'' we wi. Ij t" anil. tunc! «o iiie putili.. ili.u 
we a-e iiiiw pripau'd to do all yinus* of work in 
our line of l.uKit!es>. for ready i><iy. Lo;5^•. woo<l, 
wheat, or even Money tai;eu la paynioii* for 
work. Onr terms for aawin;,' ore : One half, or 
$1", per thoa'and. Flour, liran, and shorts Cjii 
stantly on hand, ami for sale ;l)tap. 

Lumber ^25.00 per Tiiousand. 

K. nilODF.S. 
Winncljago City, March 17lh. ISCC. 


Goods well bo;ia;lit, are Laif sold. 

A. B. BALl'03a 

Mankato, . • • 

lia.e on hand the lar;rett and Lest eeleeted ^•tnell 
of Hanlwa'e, StoV'-s and Afrriciiltural imple- 
mm:-- >ii tie M'.i.iie.-ota valley. My s:<.>k of 
Ajrriciiliurai Imi)k'inente is very l.irj^e and com- 
pleie, eon-siatiuj; of the foliowiug iuai.biiies : 

.55 Buckeye'^, 

GO J. II. Manny's, 
Self ct Hand Eakes, 

20 Kirl>y,s 
Excelsior ])ro[>perF, 

and Caugia CLier, 
G Swecp.stake:-! Thre.^her.^, 

(S ^. .1 Case's TLrcsliers, 
^'elFator Threshers, 

jlassellon ^vlacliines, 
(^ Biiltalo Sulkey K key, 

35 Revolving, horse rakes^ 

and all the imi-leraents in «* it 

My ?(ock of i;ui!d«r« Hardwai In: ' f^^n se 
IcfeiJ with care, and i.s v. ry largo, P.uilderf 
will always find a full supply of 









Locks, Latches. 

c, czc. 

. Prices Ezceedinly Low for 


i /* ^ *?">, 




Gift Concert. 

r.iis'-ell ,t (ill., of SliaI.i«iU'<'. will <;ivc R 'I ram! 
(lift ComTrt at Eiidreh's'ilall, Slialifipc-, .Minn., 
on v.e Ine-ilay eveiini;,'. May 1-t l.MiT. l»n' 
eha'i'-e in ei;;lit Five tlioiisand dollar.* worth o 
valiiahle jiropcrty and money to Im disiriliutf 
to tiik< t hoM( r.-*. No poKti.oiiemeiit. Tteke: 
»>ne dollar ea< h The ](ri/,«« eimfist of a non^ 
•ml I'.t on 2:1 ^•tre(•t, i;l,-'iMi; n lot on 2d Hire ■ 
ill ?'JM(I ; a iioiisc and I'li on ll.»lme.- ftrei t a 
.*!iji); four lots- fiiitdy !• ■•at'd i?Hl(l ; one piano: 
one prize in f;reetil>ii' ' $10(1; one horte, oi«< 
top l)tiL".ry ; Ihreesilii dresj" j.atiem.s, one sewin; 
(uai'I.ine: one ;i;ol 1 Icvt r •.v.itch : one Anuriiai 
wateli. .AlhiiiiH. n»ipkin rini:.'. «te, in all alL' 
pri/.e.-<. The oldwt ot tiie eoiuert i.s to di.'po-'e c' 
the I ropi-rty adverti.-" d, flml for a spccni.i- 
tion. A<ldrc<:< by mail (with irii« of ticket en 
< lo.'-od) M. C. i;a^>ell. I*. Box liTO, Sha'topec 

Istlrionlv l'lir-i<i:iii, «« a fj-eriuMvl 

t- — ^^-' '•'•?'7;r 11' ■>■ i.i I'hii^Ro til it 'iiii '"■ ••otirely 

' \ '. • vHi '1 s'l 111. (i'l r 1 iiiM. Jtml iii't "I'.tTf! 

♦ ? I t iHt ho: I iMo il'r« ««!• to ri'iTiaiii ii. yoar 

^^ i. -i 1 ..^^l. III. ill.- Ii^'mini; Viiur ;;!<■?• ail. I li.ily 

L'v-^j t;,-i,;(:. il. li 'Mii;; yi.,11- li;;|.iu:.. -Mirl 

^r-" \ flit an- ]l^.l^|•<•l•t^ of lil«. lie Iikm iii:i'Ic 

5'' "J l'';!\ ,\Tr. hl.~i:.ASK.^nn'l Mv'.VOl'."^ 

v._*j"' . .^ IdililMTV lii> stiiily fiT the I'usl 

k-r. ^ r'Ll^ twiiitv vciir.t, a:iil i.s tii<Ti!ti>ni iln- p«T- 

"^fA VI I/. [••'-' J ,„ ;^i,,;;„ „i; :.itli.i.v| ...liimll lOllSllIt 

DRY G..^ 



Etc., Etc., Etc. 

at prices that 



k\\ person? de.'-iring to pnrHia?e Heap arid«, would do well to j^ivt n-e a call nef- re 
iiutohjifintr. r-^ mv ftoeU is ve--^ larpe and 1 wi'l 
Wnrrait ail luaeiiine? to ;rive saliK;:i' lion, aiiJ 
my prices and terr"- «'!'nno( fai: t- .■^nir. 
31v3yl JOHN" F- MEAfJMtK. 


iMro{?T.L\T'lO CnV.XECS CF 

Adcicc and Pn:sci'*j>t ions for Sic^- or 
Jnjiirtd Jhh't^tii glceu J-rte. 



N ) one ev.r honnl ol b iiatitlit of his 'int li<>imr ( uiPii 
«iu<-e hi' !i:«s b-i-ii ia iliii li!). UIh r.'i.uiati iii lj:ui 
»..ui-liiT-i in :>!1 tlK- ' ily Ii.o.'i'i.-i, liis inli. iits ;t.i1 the 
itii-ilj. .il piif'-H-ii a, t.iilli h-icHiiil al.niii'l. U'H liciiiK tli- 
iiiiist .■^killi 1 -i.TiiJint 111':--. !»ii'! ■•< tli'.:iiu.t;li iu:i-lii- "1 
ill nrxnal .liwiiMcs. If "il viIIuth tail, flout il:-»piiir 
.;ivi- lijia II r;ill. It i.f i.':.ij a I'nia'i.ia ici-iirt' ai--- willi 
iiiin t.> (lire f^neh cn^"'!. Hit* m .i:ih :in' n-pr-rutp f i 
uiiliuh «li.l /.! ll-ia.s.. iiivllli'' iimst ■•. ai;.l. !.■ in l!i<'.i|y 

Vocxii Mt.v, T\SK pAKTi' ; p.-... .Nil. Hi; - to.t.r Hi.u'i-- 
M.w d«v.4<'n laiich ol hiii tiiut* to the trcat'iii'iit of llioof 
Mi-s .M:isf<! l.v .1 s iTi't, wiiii'li re as lii'lhl.-ilj 
undiioii i.ualiilii.^'tli ■in.'iitiiiiat.ia.Uii'liial liTiilher 
•iii«::i,''s ors icii'ly. J !ii« ^ad •I'liit of tli •si'oarly haiiit<, 
.,r thr vxc>->-* of rlpi-r .vimih. is t.i and .i-liii- 
U!c tli'T iiistiliili'iii, d.•^<tnl.v the -i<"id aiifl nuntnl 
,.„w..i,. .!iiiii;'i:!i .la-l i-hUm-M.- tin- ai.tnral f.-liiK'-'. and 
rulioist lh<« vit;il i-iinpe* of nianli.iod : tlif pl.-:isiire« 
r.f lif-a.-i' niari-'il. the ..l-.i<-tl i-l :iia!iiai;.- fiii>tiated, 
iiid ••.xi .I. Ill o ii.^i'lf nMnl<-ri'd a tr: in of iiiiri'ii.-ii:^^ iiiisory 
uid rf'>:rrt Su. li [ir- ms, .■u!"'<-i:ill.v Diimi contcni- 
pliitiai: Til II ri<);.\ sIimuM 1'- i'" tino' i" nmkiii'.; iinuu.- 
ILitoapiilirMimi, li* I'r. 11. hv lii.s m-w tiviituiiait, id 
•iial.l.Mi t.i iiisiii-o a sp l.v uml piiiii.iii<-iit lerc. ^ 

('oimiiitatimisfr..- i'ld oonliilmtial. Otlic.. No. 1,9 
■South ClaiU .«tr(vt, .ori...r..f M..miu'. h«If u lili)i.k from 
ilia t'i)"t (Mfiif. I'tt '-"'i' • ""^ l'"'*. Chicago, 111. 
;ltlic« liiiinn fioiii 9 A.M to »> 1'. .M. 

Senrl fur liis "Uaiaa to Hoalih," puhlUhed monthlr, 
fr«»e of «l>!ir.L'-. . 

N. U. -I.iiilloR, Ki'nd for a deseriptiT* circulfir of Po*. 
«rie Beiiiiviir, Hip he>.t prcTfiitive ^f cmiceptioB 
aowB- Beat to any adJros* flee of cb* r^e. 

Oj/lce ojipoftiie " Union Jfoiise " JUuc 
E<irth City, Minnesota. 

Will do .a General IJankinj; and Real Est.ato 
„ . rt' e -1 . 1 Oi'\ j"»AA A TEAR made hy any i 

Business, pay la.xcsfor nou-resident,, make c>!^,OUU .*li -.(eneil tool... ^\o ex 

J\fan'i<t(/< (tnd (\lihacy. 

AN Ess-y of Warning' and Inatruc 
tioa to Yoatg' Men. Also, Ui-e.-^ae.- 
and nhn.xe.s wir.i'.i pn iiiaturi-ly Pi o.istratc the v'i 
tal powers. Willi .'<itre mean.s ofriHcf. Sent free 
of Ciiariiie, in ."ealcd Icier cnvolopts. Addie..»h, 
l>r. J. i^KILLAN llOltlUTON, Howard Assi 
•ititeon, Pbtladbiphiai, P&. v3ii21y1 


BsittcF & Cheese 

•wanted at all times at ibo market price. 

I never was, Xcver can, 
Never win be 

The EniTon of' Srir.iT of thk Timf.b 
desires to iiilonu the owners id Ilor.-'e* tl:r. ujih- 
cut the Iniieu .^t ites. luat he ha.-- repi.larly . r- 
;;aired upon hi.< p.i er. one of tlie:iMe>t and most 
e.xpirieiK. d pr.le.-fi'mal v'etci i.iana-i.s ii. tl.< U. 
S., •'ho.sf gpeeiiiduty it shall he to an.- wer. yiaiis 
ail question!! rel^iive to fiwk or i: jured h<'r.>.c> 
whiib uiiiy he ..ddres.-t ! to the JSfhiit. irAfr/.»r 
hif ittiiwriilfiK or ):i>t. JL«-e nnswus will in i,U 
eastf toiiiain a pre.-cripimn tor the ii jnr* do- 
serilied, and will lejirinted. in eonm-c iioii -^ith 
the t|iie;tion a.-ktd, in the foUowinp i. umber of 
the Si'iKtT. Ko answers, however, wili ba jjuea 
by mail, il bring a part of the oVij<>ct ol t'.ie i di— 
tor to fcubmil the aidlity of the pnde.-Ki'i wtio hai 
a.-.-uiind this (iipaitoutit of ihc M-iuiT to tl-.e 
keent.-t ot the gtiieril imhlie. J'v ad- 
diiij; this uselnl ilepailu;ei.t to the ^riui i. tlm 
editor eoi Iribotes to tl.ise of his readers ai;d 
subseril)ers who own horj-es, a horse doctor free, 
and n>t only to hi;* suhfei ilier.-* hut to every 
1 i bo'sr owiiir ill fill- Viiiteil Satef-wlio may elio..?© 
tiufl I t„ a": iin(uiiy to the "^pihit by mail. The 
tuhfceriplioM pi ue of the SpufiT is $j a ye -r : but 
.sinpie eopiis mav he boii;;bt f;.»ni news apents 
from wi-ok topeik by tliose who desirf to u.-^eit 


(jiive me ai early call, and see 
for yourselves. 


Dluo Farth City. May 14, l^CG. 3n:Uiyl 



Collcetions, <tc., Ae., 
21. D. U.U.DWIN, 

Blue Ear* Citf , M»f r. 

A TEAR Qiade by any one with 

iioce>!iary. Tho Pre.dtlculs, Cashiers, and Treas 
- - S. P. CHILD, urers of :< Barks .-mlorse the eircular. Sent free 

wi h samtdes. Addre='s the American Stencil 
•*• '^y' Tool MToiki, Hprinjneld, V«rmonK 42yl 

FOllCKD to prow upon the smoothest face in 
frmn ethrc to fiv<; weeks, by usiiii; Dr. SEV- 
most wocdi rfnl dis"overy in modern Feieiue act 
ing upon Ihe Beard and I'air in au almost mi- 
raculous manner. 

It has been used by the elite of Paris 
and London with ttit- most flattering: sueee.-s. 
Names of all pereba»ers will he ref;istered andil 
entire satisfaction is not jL;ivfn in every inittanee 
tho money will be eheerlully refunded. Pric 
by mail, sealrd and postpaid, $1. Descriptive 
circulars juhI tcstiinoni;ils mailed free. Addres." 
nKlKUiK, 8ULTTS A CO., Chemists, No. S-.Ti Hirer 
Street, Troy, N. Y, SvU ageutt fur tht United gtalM. 

t. mporan'.y only, frr vitevinaiian iiUe>^tioiis. at 
liltien ei-nis per copy. The t^PiniT of tiir 
Ti.VKs is a high toned ■;entku;an's paper which 
(with the old Simiiit, whose fcu.<ints^ and title it 
iniierits) i,< of foity years' stnndinp. end i^ de- 
voted to ilunti If;. Fi.-l.inj;, P.atinj;, Fiild .^ports^ 
Literature and the Strtge. (ilLonoK Wii kks. 

Editor n.jt\ Propiietor, 
201 William St.. New York. 


Oh ; che was beautiful and fair. 
With starry eyes, and radiunt hair. 
■NVlioue curling tendrils soft «-ntwined. 
Enchained the very heart and mind. 

CRISPi.R com A, 

For Culling the Ilair ol" either Sex into 

Wavy and Glossy Ringlets or 

Ilcav} Massiqe Curls. 

It.v u-!!:fr this article l.adies and Gentlemen ean bean- 
tif.v Ma ill selves a thcuisand Md. It it- the only article in 
iIio world that will curl straight hair, and at the si.ine 
time live it a beaulilul, glossy appearance. Thf Crisper 
Coma nut only curls Ihe hair, but invipor.ites. beautifies 
and cleanses it ; is highly and deli(;hi<ully perfumed, 
and is the most coni]dete article of the Vin«l t» er olVeied 
to the American pubhc. The Crisper Coma will be sert 
to ary address, se-aled and postpaid for one dtdlar. 

AddrekS all orders to 

W. L. CLARK & CO., Chcaieta, 
TiDlS/t N«. 8 Wtit Fayette Strtet, Byitvon, K. *x 




1 \f 











• . 


E. A. HOTCHKISS, Editor Sr. Proprietor. 


Terms— $1.50— Invariably in Advance- 

VOL. 4. 


NO. 30. 


Office on North Front Street, one door west of 
Kicliar Json's Store. 


?l ..V.1 

One copy one year 

tor any term less than ft aiotbs, 5 cents a v.ccli. 

lT7c-k i,oo: i.:)o'f 2..=)0.' 3.00 ; 5..)() ; n>."«^ 

1 mu'th 2,J0! 4.00 

6 w*k3 i 
3 m'ths 

ti.OOj 7.00 
S.OO 10.00 

12.00; i:«.0(> 


S,50; 5.00 

5.001 !«.00 
fl tu'th* S.OO ll.OO'lfi.OOj 20.00 
1 year. ,10,00'u.00.20.00' 26,00 1 4D,00 
T#n lines or lei« make one siiuavc 



LAKE norsi:, 

Watcrvillo. Lc Sueur Co., Minnesota, 

J. M GRAY, Prop 

Terms Reasonable— Teauistcrs ovor4.Bi;;ht 
One il.'ll.ii- uiul ii'tn.'irtor 
Ueneml ^la.l;e ofiiee 
ulile eliargcs. 

(.Jooil stiibling, anilreason- 

AJvcrtisemeDts not niarkcl for a spcrilieil time 
will bcoontinucd, and ohiir>?edfor aoeor.linjil.^'* 

Yearly aivcrliscr? will bo bold strictly to ad- 
Vertlfemonts pertaining to their bu?iners All 
other notices will bo charged at the rei,'ular rate.' 

Excess of advcrtisemcuti insci ted will be chaio'- 
el prof crtionatcly to the number of siiuare.-< bar- 
gained for. 

Legal advertisements in.'Cftcd at the the cx- 

ponse of the attorney ordering them, and not de- 
jyablo for lo.i^al proceediiig?, but mnst be paid 
pu delivery of the affid.\vit. 

Notices insetted in the reading column, dou- 
ebl9 rates E. A. IIOXrllKlSS, 

F. lit r A I'r' jTi. ••■r. 

Evans & Fall, Proprietors 

Tills ITotisc is Now, CommoHions, 

, Pk'iisimtlv LoralcJ, aiul lias hccu New 

Si'.oo :'.:.,oo 1 ly l.\;n,ishca tln\>u<j:liout. The vciy 

•!M!!! ' tVl ! best accoinnuKlations gum-antocJ to 

travelers and boartlers. 

CooaKStable Koom for Teams. 
n4nr.vl Gtvdcn City Minn. 

«urtoiis :»!tMlley. 

Harocss Shop. 

The nnder>ii;ned talre.^ thii method orinforni- 
vr the poople^of Wini!vba._'0 Vuy an.l vunnty. 
h^t he has just opened a new haruc^'S shop lu 

AviNXEr»A(;o crrv, 

an lis now prepared to d )"all kindf of work in 
l>is- liui-. ^e-.v liarne^.; ni.idc to order, and ail 
kinds of npairiai,' douo on short noti.e. ^^n..p 
up .-t.iirs, next door j<,u>h of Hiehard;.'n A Kiy- 
noldi' roccry. , r r . a - -. 


■VVinnelago City, May 2:., 1S66. 32tf 

Business Directory. 

(J. S. Ii 

Wiuiiebago City Di>trxet. 


A H. nrM-l.-*. Uc?i>tfr. 
11. \V. UOld-!:V, Ktcciver. 

e^ OOlce hoursfrom S A.^Mtljl 4 P. M. 

Wiaiiebaso City. Minn., 

NO. -7. 

^"""^ CITY, MINN. 

a, llcc'ular Conimunications are 

>^^f held'^.n the first and third Tuesday, of 
/>r\ each Month. 

T DUnLFY W M. GF.O. A. ^VF.1U. ?. D. 

H M VI)1<0\ J W A. K. AVirKUAM, T\l;r. 

U. D. 

p i: 11 R Y, 

T A 1 1. O il ! 

NViiiiicbago City ^Miiiuo.sota, 

^I ,v bv f-nud In Fellows' New Clocli. C?- 
posiic^CotticH & Dcarbon s New Store. 

at all times, prepared to do all work iutruitod to 
hlm."in the l;.te-.t New York Faclii.r.s, or to aut 

Most kinds of country produce v.anted for w-.ik 
Cutting done on short police, uud warraiited It- 
fit if propctly made up. ^<^» 



Py the lake where drooped the willow, 

How, vassal-, row ; 
I want U> be an angel, 

And jump Jim Crow. 

An ubi crow sat on a hickory limb, 
None knew him but to praiso ; 

Lot me kiss blm for his mothei, 
For ho eawlU of Schweitzer kaso. 

The nilustrel to the wur has gone. 

AVilh his banjo on bis knee} 
lie awoke to hear the shriek, 

There's a light in the window for thee. 

A frog he would a wooing go, 

IIi!^ hair was curled to kill ; 
lie used to wear an old gray coat, 

And the sword of Bunker Hill. 

Oft in the stilly night. 

Make way for liberty ! he cried; 
1 w>n't go home till morning, 

W iih Peggy by my tide. 

I anidvinn-, Egypt, lying, 

.':f'isannah, don't you cry ; 
Know how sublime a thing it is 

To hru.-h away Iho blue-tailed fly. 

Tlieboy stood on tu« bu'ninj, deck. 
With hi*£a;;o ehecked for Troy; 

Ono of tho low iuui'.orUil name'. 
It is na'.ao wa^ Pat Malloj. 

Mary bad a little lamb, 

llo couM a tale unfold ; 
ile had no teeth to eat a hoo-cako; 

As lii.-' spectacles wore gold. 

Lay on, lay on, MaedutT, 

Man wants but littlo here beloW, 
And I'm to bo (jueon of May, 

So kiri mc tjuiek and go. 

TliC r.oyiil l'ar.iil> of r.nslaiul— Illness 
ol" tlic rriiicess oi" VVali-s. 


'^" AND ACCFPTrU M A^^Os^ 

l:eld on the 

REGULAR Cjmmunications are 
1 irst and Third Wednc.^d:.ys of mouth. 

U F. VOLS*;. W. M., 

L. w. mtuWN, s. w. 

R. \V. TFKTKU. J. W. 
WU. A. WAV, Trcas. 

H 1' roNSTvN.-s, .«. r>. 

A. F. KASTMAN, .1. l>. 
J 15 lUAIMMNT, T>ler. 
(iLO. 1!. KlN>ul-LKV, .-CO. 

L 0. cf G T 


P:r,ULAR meeting every Friday cvcnirg, at 
Moulton's Hall. 

.1. v.. c^Ln^vELT., w. c. t. 

O. M. POTTEU, W. U. a. 


The under-i-ned still occupies the shop near 
the Steam Mil!, and wonld re.-pcetfully annouuee 
Ihit he i-- I'oTv prepart-d to i.ianutacturo 

UOD ifc ^fOLDlJGAlU) 

[London Correspondence {March 22.).^f the Cos- 
ton Journal.! 

All Lonaon is stirred to its lowest 
uetdhs at the 8icknes3 of the rrinccps 
of Wales. She 13 very sick— much 
moro «o than the press is allowed to 
.Slate. There ia groat superstition 
about the Princess otAVales. Eniiland 
lias not had one since the death of 
ffincess Charktte, whoso c:nly death 
the nation bo deeply mourned. It is 
the faith of tlic nation that it is a fatal 
position, and many liavo i>redicted that 

Having sc.ured tlic services of FIR.5T CLASS 
workmen'. I am able to ofier the best quality ol 
work, both .Manufaeturing und Ri-pm'"''"^' '^'^ '- - . ,, , i • , i .1 •.: 

bin ' Ho-o ;. Ox Shoeing. Ac. in the bo>t man- Alexandria ^vould not hold the position 

ner."' Thankful for past favors, I would sohcit 
a continuance of the public patronage, 
^tniytf J.M.WHEELER. 

Auditor-F.W.CADY. "rr.^r-U. 1^. ;'.1IN?-;N 

Coroner- W.M. A. WAY. Com.-DL LA \ bl.OM-. 

County Com. 1st Dist.-A. U. MORE. 

„ ti 3,1 •• —JdllN K. Sl-^SON, 

♦♦ •• 4th " — I.^MKS CU\V.<. 

I. 41 j,t}, " —JOSKl'l*. C.AOtlETT. 

_ District Court of this DLstriCi mectsat 15lue Earth 
City on llie first Monday in June. ^ 


Crockery Stofe! 


ALBERT S. WHITE, Troprictor. 

C. J. FAULL\, 

PHYSICIAN AX Jj suuiiJ'^oy 


Calls by day or night promptly attended to. 
Winnebago City, Aug. 15, 1?CG. 

Crorkrrv, Glass-ware. Groceries, Ac, for .«alc 
l.y wholesale or rctaiL Country stores supplied 
uli reasonable terms. Rooms on iWam fctrect 
nearly oppodito Urudley i Rro. 

Dr. J. P« 11 lines. 

Physician & Surgeon, 

Office over the Hardware Store, Main St., Win- 
nebago City, Minnesota. 

5! B.-Office cpcn for calls at all hours of the 
day and night. , 


Attorney and Counsellor at Law 

^l^f- \\\\\ attend to professional busincsj 

hroughout thu State. 
Winnobago City, Minn. 

P. K. WLSEll, 
Practical WatcL-:Make.i, 


J E W E L E U , 
Mankato, - - - Minn. 

Watches, clocks, Jev.'clry &, silver waic 
llepairin;i neatly executed and warranted. 


Manufacturer and Dealer In 


of every variety. 

Ion'-, and now, it i.s feared that her 
sichness i.s unto death* 

The rilncess has a wide-r-prcad pop- 
ularity. Except Cliarlotte, no one has 
ever been so popular. SIic is very 
handsomo and amiable. She has now 
thrto liltlo children, and eiuiilates her 
royal motlier-in-law in her derotion to 
her household, She al;iO a warm 
heart. Her name is a house-hold word 
in the homes of the lowly. The insti- 
tution for ''Sick Children" is under her 
especial charge. When well, she vis- 
ited it constantly, and filled the house 
widi toys and tokens of her care and 

good will. 

She came to Enc^land in a time that 
awakened the euthusiiism of the n.ation. 
The (>uecn had been long in seclusion. 
She would nut, and will not live in the 
palace at London. On tho death of 
the Prince Consort t^he had liueking- 
ham Palaco dismantled, and so it re- 
mains to this day, all c.KCtpt the pri- 
vate rooms. The Queen will not drive 
throui'h the royal c^atcway of the pal- 

WILLAllD & liAl^\E\^ 
Attorneys <fe Counselors at Law. 


Win aucnd promptly and to all busine.sln- 

mted to their care- . 

Have for sale at all times, l-5«/i"aa0t'C3 ot 

Winnebago Trust Lands, and other valu.ibio 

Farming lands. 

.A. WILLAP.D. - • "^^JLl -^1— — 


Blue Earth City, 

•ThU house having been repaired and newly fur- 
Ji^sheS throughout, is now open for the 

"X proprietor respectfully .olieii. ^V^^ 
\.f ♦t,r, ir-ivclin" pubic, and IS detotmuicu 
St noicVh'an go""a/ay dissatisii.d who may ta 
,,or h^tm with ajaU. ^^,.^.^,^,5^. Proprietor. 

ace, nor has she since her husband 
Gilt Mouldings Kept On Hand | jie,i. si.o will not ride through the 
WAuc-iiooMS CORNER OF HicivORY L SECOND royal cntranco to tho House of Lords, 
STS. MANK \T0 MINX. 2iyi ^^^^ ^^^^ j„ through tlio Pcor's eiitranco. 

She will not wear the royal robes, and 
when she opens i'arliament in person, 
the rubes are throv.-n over tho back of 
the throne, which is a gilded chair 
fiurmoimted with a gilt crown, and sits 
on them. Sho comes to London when 


The ladies say that each night the 
drchsing-gown and slippers aro put in 
their accustomed place. The Queen's 
confidential attendant is a Highlander 
by the name of IJrown. He takes all 
the orders from the C)uecn— and lare- 
logj'od messengers come from the 
"Queen's Apartments" at Windsor 
when her Majesty is to bo serveJ.— 
This Erown has been tl.>c occasion of 
a world of tiplk. He is about fifty- 
tall and squarc-with great assurance, 
and attends the ()neen to and from 
London, (irent attcmi-ts have been 
made to dislodge him, but all in vuiu 
The (>ueen has a will of her own.— 
Ihown was the Trincc Consort's Ui-h- 
land servant, and was held by him in 
all honor. While Victoria rules Eng- 
land, Brown will ride the royal house- 

Tlic attempt to compel tho Qucon to 
dwell in London and make a show cf 
Pvuyalty has about been abandoned. 
The coming of the FriucGSs was hailed 
with r.ipture— so young, so amiable, so 
elegant, so gracelul and courtly— wi;h- 
all tho daughter of a King. She met 
with a warm welcome, and seemed to 
promise a revival of the snleudors of 
Koy.alty. Her sickness is lamented— 
ho/der'th would bo greatly deplored, 
llelusing to play the (^leen, her 
Majesty has never forgot to play the 
woman. Her visit to lialnioral and 
Osboruo is a benediction to the poor. 
Sho will allow no unseemly iiouors.— 
She drives lier own pony wag-on.— 
Dally she goes her round with her car- 
riage mied with little gifts for the sick, 
tho'inihm, the poor. The.'^o she dis- 
tributes with her own hanJ. By tiie 
bedside of the aged and neglected, the 
Queen kneels and prays to the Sover- 
e'ign of all. To one sho daily reads, to 
atrothershe presents tome needed com- 
fort; and sho is especially tender to 
littlo ones who are in sorrow and want. 
All tlirough the highlands she is re- 
garded as an anj^ol of mercy. 

Her favorite room at Windsor over- 
looks tho tomb at Frogmore, where 
Prince Albert lies. He was a benefac- 
tor of tho poor, and the work he began, 
Rhe secins resolved to finish. The 
night ho died the Queen called in a 
yo'img widow who was in her house- 
hold, to sit with her; and when all was 
over the Queen said: " Now no one 
lives that can call me Victoria." 

Neglecting no dui> wliich the nation 
has a°ridit to ajik at lier liand, the 
Qneon has taken a public leave of mere 
display and laid aside the mere baubles 
of rovalty. To good acts and deeds of 
mercy she seems to have consecrated 
her time and fortune. Her benefac- 
tions are princely, but mainly among 
the poor, and to institutions caleuhted 
to bless poor aud neglected children. 
Mr Pcabody's donation in London 
touched tho Queen's neart, because it 
carried out a work to which Prince Al- 
bert devoted the closing hours of his 
llfe-thc attempt to mako comfortable 
the homes of the industrious toilers in 
tho land. 

Itotti'cfiiltl ana Waterloo. 
Uoth«child'« greatest achievement il 
over-reaching distance and his fellow 
gpcculators was in IHlf). Ho was near 
(he Chateau do Hougoumont on the 
18th of June, watching, as eagerly af^ 
the leader.^ Bonaparte and Wellington 
themselves, tlic progrc.v: of the batik- 
of Waterloo. All day long he follow- 
ed tho fighting with strained eyes, 
knowing that on its issue depended his 
welfare as well as Europe's. At ain^et 
he saw that the victoiy was with Wei 
lington aud the AUie?. without 
a moment's del.iy lie mount'^d a horse 
that had been kept in readiness for 
him, and hurried homewards. Every- 
where on his road fresh horses or car- 
riages were in waiting to help him over 
tho ground. 

liiding or driving all ni-ht,hc reach- 
ed Cstend at daybreak, to find the sea 
BO stormy that the boatmen refused to 
trust themselves to it. At last he pre 
vailed upon a fisherman to make the 
venture for a reward of l>^). In that 
way he managed to reached Dover. - 
At Dover, and at tho iutermediatr 
stages on tho ioad to London, oiher 
lioi^es were in waiting, Mid he was in 
London before mianight. Ne.vt morn- 
ing, the morning of the 20th of June, 
he^was one of the Cr..t to enter the 
Stock Exchange. Li gloomy whi.n>erH 
he told those who, as usu:d, crowded 
round him for news, that Elucher and 
his Prussians bud been routed by Napo- 
leon before Wellington had been able 


\^'hiIo we are grtnving very sensible 
indeed, in the matter of dres.«, f<o far as 
boots, balmoral skirts, warm st'ckiigs, 
and high necks, we arc degenerating 
in some other matters quite as impor- 
tant. The conset is not a nccesbary 
p;irt of a woman's wardrobe; and, 
al;is I when i. woman does eon.mcnco 
to wear corsets she will wear them tro 
sm.ill, and will tu^; at the lace strings 
until her breath becomes short, and sho 
feels it neces.sary to refrain from any 
thing like u coiiifortablc meal. Vi'c 
iay notliing about a well .shaped corsef, 
worn loosely, but there lies the dliTicul- 
ty. A loose cors-et injures tlie appear- 
ance instead of impruvirg it, and iieo- 
ple wear corsela that they may have 
small waists, but you aio cAposing 
yourselves to a dozen nusfortunco which 
are as bad as a large Waist. 

Pit lit, you'll surely have dyspepsia 
.Mid grow yellovv, ami cross and unhap- 
py ; secondly, your hands v.ill grow 
red; thirdly, your nose; fourthly, you 
V, ill bo unable to walk a mile at once ; 
lifthly, dinner will be a Liisery ; eixtuly, 
your shoulder blades will iticreaso in 
sh'.e and latitude ; seventhly, your eyes 
will grow weak ; eighthly, you will 
break down at thirty oi thereabouts, 
and be a i^iL•kly old wom;vn from that 
time forth. If these truths do not 
frighten women Ifom tight corsets, 
[)erhaps tlie information that gentle- 
men do not ad:niro what'kers 

call a 'pretty figure' so much as a uat- 
to reach the Ueld ; that by himself he jural one, may have some influence. 


30uld not possibly suecocJ, aud, ihere- 
forc, tho cause of England and her allies 

w'as lost. 

The funds fell, as they were meant 
to fall. Kvovy one was anxious to sell, 
and Rothschild and his accredited 
agents scoffed at all who brought them 
«crip for purcdiase. Hut scoic.-^ cf un- 
known agents were at work all that 
day and^U the next. Before the Stock 
Exchange closed on the afternoon of 
the second day, when Nathan Roths- 
child's strong boxes were full of pa- 
per, ho anncmiced, on hour or so before 
the news came through other channels, 
the real issuo of the contest. Very 
soon the funds were higher than they 
had been during many previous weeks; 
and P.othsehild found that he had 
made something like a uilHicn pounds 
by his quick traveling and clever mis- 
representation. Other millions were 
collected, rather more slowly, by other 
transactions of a like nature.— A''(^^Aa/? 
M^ycr Kothschiia-Iij U. B. Fox 
Bourne. — 

A Western Woiuler. 

A Trutli J?iran£:or than Fiction. 



Opposite Clifton House, 
Ma^'kato, Minnesota. 

Our tables aro now and aro of tho bc?t iU»l:o 
Good c);;:irs and buiuors at tho bar. ^^'yl 






Front street, near the Lc/ce. 

M T. C. FLOWER, rropr.etor. 

Oeneral Staee Offic-for all Points lothe State. Good 
General -^^^^jj^^ ^.j,^ ^i^^i^,^ osUariu lOj^ 


Corner of Holky A M;xin Streets. Winnebago City 

D. S. LAW Proprietor- 

stages leave this House for all Points. 
There is alao a good livery conuecte J w^jh Jhc 
House. ^^ 


LL kinds of Job Work done to ora.r u 



duty calls, seldom passes a nig 
her capital, and has pas.sod less than a 
dozen in four years. She remains in 
quiet at Windsor or Ohb rne. She 
lias no company but what her oflicial 
position imposes on her. The state 
apartments at Windsor are all disman- , 
, ■;: V^.. ' K r A L E S ' tied and aro unused- a plain silver ser- 

pony and a low wheeled carriage the 
Queen uses for lier private rides at 
Windsor, and seldom, unless duty calls 
her to London, goes beyond the private 
park of tho Castle. The ono hundred 
fine horses that fill the Windsor mews 
aro seldom used, and tho eight creams 
for state occasions aro not driven twice 

F A I R B 




Dealers in 



j:ir-rartieular attention paid to Music Orders 

A new 

a Y*^^""' 

The room in which the Prince Con- 
lot of Wdrrcmhj Dcf<U just ^^^.^ breaUicd his last is kept with ecru- 

'^^'1 nulous care just as the Princo left it. 

What lady is good to eat ? Sal Ladd. 

What lady is good to eat with her? 
Olive Oil. 

What lady is fond of debate ? Tolly 

What lady paints portraits? ^Minny 


What lady is foud of giving? Jni- 

nie Rosity. 

What lady is much talked of? Amc- 

lia Ration. . 

What lady paints comic portraits . 

Carrie K. Tare. 

What lady is made to carry bur- 
idons? EUaFant. 

What lady preaches in the pulpit?— 
Minnie Stir. 

W^'hut lady docs everybody desire ? 
AnnU. Ity. 

What lady is acquainted with sur- 
gery ? Ann Atomy. 

What lady lived in Noah's time ?— 
Aunty Diluvian. 

Hancring in Moutana is styled 'climb- 
ing the" pino limb; aud iu Nevada, 

Tho greatest wonder iu the State o. 
Iowa, and pcrliaps any other State, is 
what they call the 'Walled Lake,' in 
Wright County, twelve miles north ol 
the Dubuque aud Pacific railway, and 
rbout 150 miles west cf Dubu(iuc city. 
Tho lake is from two to three feet high- 
er the earth's suriaco.. In most 
places the wall is ten feet high, width 
at the bottom 15 feet, and at tiie top 5. 
Another fact is the size of tho stone in 
construction; the whole varying in 
weight from three tons down to one 
hundred pounds. There is an abund- 
ance of stone iu Wright county; but 
surrounding tho l.'.kc_to the extent of 
five or ten miles there are none. 

No one can form an idea as to the 
means employed to bring them to the 

An IiKlianapolia letter-writer says: 
VvHiile passing through tho L'^niou 
Depot a few days ago, I was accosted 
by a one armed man in faded army blue. 
His apparent familiarity eurprieed me 
at first, but I soon recognized him a3 
an old acquaintance. This is not tho 
place for a biography, but the history 
of this man is suf^.iciently exceptional 
and iuteresting to deserve at leait a 
passing notice. 

Fourteen years ago I first saw him 
working at a windlass in tho gold dig- 
gings of Australia. He and his three 
l)artncrs lioisted by that windlass, from 
a single shaft, moro than eight hun- 
dred thousand dollars. A few months 
Liter I bade him farewell as he sailed 
from Melbourne for New ITork with two 
hundred thousand in bills of exchange 
in his pocket. I next saw him a wound- 
ed rebel soldier lying on tho battlefield 
at Antietam. A little moro than a 
year later I saw him as a Union sol- 
dier, lymg in a hospital in Tennessee. 
To-dsy he is a lielpless wanderer, de- 
pendent on charity for a dinner. 

Here is the latest pen-and-ink pot- 
iruit of M. do Lamartine : ''That old 
man you see sitting in an arm chair, 
sad and silent, is he. So recently as 
ton years since, when he walked about 
the streets of Paris straigh.t, thin and 
buovant, be looked, with his ihreadb.uo 
clothes, like a nobleiilan on whom for- 
tune had not smik^d, and who shielded 
himself by cstremo cleanliness from 
the results of poverty. Now age has 
marked him distinctly ; every feature, 
every sinuosity of liis epidermis bears 
a'^'c's claws. If the head retains the 
Grecian sraallncss which was once ad- 
mired, it is no longer ia harmonious 
proportion with the faco. The cheek 

«nnt or who constructed it. Around bones and itiws haye increased; tho 

the entire lake is a belt of w^oodland 
half a milo in width, composed of oak ; 
with this exception, the country is a 
rolling prairie. The trees, therefore, 
must have been placed there at the 
time of building the wall. 

In the spring cf 1H55 there was a 
great storm and the ice on the lake 
broke the wall in several places, and 
the farmers in the vicinity were obliged 
to repair the damages to prevent inun- 
dation. The lake occupies a ground 

eyes have lost their luster, and that 
eloquent mouth, which calmed storms, 
and pacified an^ry mobs, has lost some 
of its teeth, and undergone age's de- 
forraitv. He speaks with bo much 
difiiculty ho commonly keeps silent" 

Among the guests at a crowded 
hotel iu a neighboring country town, 
during court times, was a burly,, 
rude follow named Z. The dinner bell 
rang, and tlie guests rushed in to the 
table with the haste common to such 
j times and places, leaving Z. cheericss. 

faco of 2,S00 acres, depth of water Lj^j crowded out of a place at the ta 

ur-mted and for sale at thjs oihcc. 

•early nbin|. 

to ascertain where the water comes j.^g„e,j^ ^nd calling them all a 'drovo 
from and where it cjoes, yet it always of hungry hogs;' whereat a quick wit- 
remains clear and f^-esh. ted young lawyer ro.e and rhymed htm 
^^'^^ down as follows : 

Ho to the ant thou sluggard ; consider ..ju jroves ofhn-g, my friend, you'll RlwarsCnd 
'^•^'■^ , . °° I Tlie biu'i;cst hog •jfitUthcdroTe behind." 

her ways and be wi^c. 




W ,11 





\ I 









• •; 






t < 



_rf> .k- 



1*UK8C0TT, May 20, ISG7. 

Mil. Ei>iToii, l>car Sir :- It lius not 
been from tbrgetfiiliiess, nor I'jv want 
ol inclination that I liavo not commu- 
nicated to the Fuse IIomkstead for 
the p:ist few weeks; but every clay 
bus brou-ht with it now and viuious 
^ ^^^ities t.) cnga-e my time an I atten 

^^ ■ , .lion. 1 ii;ivo tnea to nersuadc stjvcral 

moiid. new^i<;n>.T conesrondonts assort, I ,.,.«, ,i..,.,^ ,^f «i •. . .i . .i i i i 
.. ' ' \ ' '♦^'^t'lLMits ot this town lliat they shuoUl, 

MAY 22, iser. 

Judae liulerwaod was fully dctermin 
od ilat be w*4uld not b.'ul JciY. Dav's, 

and ou-bt in duty to themsolvcs and 
tauiilios sulisonbo btr and hel[> support 

und as late at* the evoniu- before tbe j Uu«ir county paper. I ubt.ined tbo 
release be lutlmaled very Htvoui^ly that ^ proujise from at b-ast eight. How 
lie shoukl have condortable apartments well the promise is fuUiiler vour list 
li.t.d up in Lbl.y Prison for Mr Havis" of„^,,y s.bscribers will tvl!. 'a viitu 

occupation. After an hours talk, with _,,^ „„ i ,,. i ,i ♦ i i 

^ j oils ami au eniii^htened people can 

<!rc'«.U'V bis mind was cluuiireJ. With ' „« • .r i. . .... -i -.- > i m .. „ -i 

•^ nc.t.1 bk» ensi.rveil. Jlanuers easily 

The lollowin^:; from the I'uisbmi^'h 
Gazette, is a sk-jtch of a business 
house in tb»t city, illust ratine- our 
views relative to tbe benefits of adver- 
tising exactly. There is no <pie.slion 
whatever about Ihjs matter of beiuii 
benefitej by a liberal yet judicious use 
of printer's ink ; 

In a brief interview with (uic of our 
most liberal patrons, a few d.>y.s since, 
we imjuired his experience uf the poli 
cy of advertisini;. We regard bis an- 
swer as nok'wordjy, and commend it 
to the consideration of others. 11 siiiil 

Fort Ilid^ley is to be abandoned us 
a military post. 

Mr. John Stoker, near Oakland Mills, 
Nicholas county, Ky., has a three year 
old virgin Ijeifjj^- that is giving two gal- 
lons of milk per day. Ilio calf was 
raised in the yard, and was braught up 
to milk by being continually fondled 
by the cliildren,at first giving but a small 
<piantity, which gradually increased till 
she now gires three gallons per day. 

Harvard University has taken h s^.cp 

IS engaged has been carried on at the 
same stan«l for ten years by one, aii'l 
neirly ten years by an Jthci predcce.ssdr. 
Tiiat ihe.-e two men gave dilligeut at- 
tention to their busiiies«i. 'ib-jy weri' 

the result we have seen. Wha'ever au 1 rapidly mature into morals, and il J"^^ ^i^'lc- to eko out a living. That he 
can U said of the greater part ot Crce- 1 ,,^ ,^.^^,^,^i ,,^^^^ ^^ ,,^^^,.^^, ^,„„„,,„,it^^ ,,^ ^^^'^^^ '"'t tlu) concern ten years ago. 

k'\ .■> career, bis rei Old regarding soces 1.1 .., i , , t -.i i 

/ . o ci 1 sIjouM supply ourselves with good 

>ion has been entirelv consistent, lie;,. . k. , » , •, i, i ? 

u-aamg. As liiiluhood ailvances to 

commenced hy advocating the right of | „^^^„,^^,„., j,,^. transition from bad man- 
seces.^ion the war was m.augu I „^ ,.^ ^^, ^^^^j ,j^,^,..^,^ j^ .,,„„.^, inipercep- 
ri edyand after it is ov.r he takes a j ^j,,,,.^ ^:,^,,^^ ,,,^. prevalent state of the 
leaning part in screeiimg from ad hope ^ j„i„,| ^^.^i,,^,, proceed, as wattr rises 
i.rpu.ii.hment the chief criminal whom ,ro,n a fountain. Heiue, what now is 

^^^^^ "^''^ ' ^""'""•"^ a word or a phase, bocom.>s a tliou-ht, 

Ciy^'It ij,.>uiua that the iebelcro.\d, find is embedsbed by the imagination 
in wailing daring ibe -ceremonv" of --i^'nud into a vicious (k-iio, gains 
Jor I avis' re.e;r»e, broke forlli' into ^ '-^'"l-^^J' =«''l boldness bv being always 

The Supreme Court has denied the 

motion nf the Mis.sissippi pelitiuner<, 

, ,.,•.. 1 ' .» 1 . .. . I welconi", until at last under some ur- ! nuil ilisnd?.>ed the petition for an iu- 

t\\o successive and c mciirrent cheers ' !. . ' . 

,1 , . . 1 . .„ 1 -1 I ueitt leiiiittalioii il dares, l".>r onee, to 'junction. It has also decided that 

on the mock uiaitj>r s release oa ban, ; ^ >■ ' ' i 

[lut Ml the visible form oi action. It j treasury notes are a legal tender for 
is wlien veuturetl upon again ami again, the p.»yment of debts. 

2ii^^ ^V serious riot occured last 

»3 folio AS 

••Hurrah for .l«rt. I»avi.- ; 
ll'air.ill i'"V llor;i.\- iJluoI-V." 

the kind of husin^-ss in which he!'" ^^"^ '"'f''^ direction. Instead ot a 

four year's course in JjaVm and (Ireek, 
when the student emerges froyi the 
verdancy of a fry-,lrman to llie astute- 
ness of a sophomore, ho is no longer 
comjtclled to grub up dreek roots and 
ccmstiue blind Latin sentences, but is 
allowed to forsake them foi' the live 
languages and sciences. 

JNlrs, Gen. CJaiiir-s, the persevering 
and successful litigant, is having built 
what will be the residence 
in New York, Its location is near the 
Central Park. Its area is 114 by 100 
feet. Sp'acious balls, grand staircase?, 
reception room, drasviug room, parlor, 
boudoir, library, dining rooni,chambers, 
dressing room, picture gallery, theatre, 
ball room, billiard room, bath rooms, 
kitchens, wine cellar, and everything 
else are complete in modern variety and 
luxurious aj iiointment. 

aiiu debtcr for tin; \vb.)le »'Stab 
lislinieiit. He f,;ll poor, and only ex- 
pended fifty dollars per annum in each 
'd* ihe business papers tiie lirstyear; 
that subse([uen»ly lie increased his ex 
penees to several thousand dcdlars an- 
nually for adverti.sing, and the result 
has demo^istrated its marvelous utility, 
as he is lo-«lay worth !;? 170,000, and 
ids niniual pioiita are couistantly in- 




t am now receiving lh» 

Largest and Most Com})lete 

more I'lV'fieirJy aa I less v/ari'.y, until 
We have heard each before, hut n.-t ,-1.^,^.1,;^;^,,, forges the ehiin .>f hibit ; and 
both together. For eonvenience's .sake ' ^|,^.,j ,,,.ot-mo languag', imagin ition, 
we weu'.d lecommend a fornnlu in a.-. j^.,:j.^/.^.,j j,.^^-,t^ lij;„j Hj^.^j. ^.t^.^.^, i„ 
cordance with tb.e latter iiHlividu-al's j|^^. j,,.-,^,,, ,,^^j^^, vl iy\i\. In this way 
usage, which would po.ssess the advant- !^ ^r,,, ^^ ,,,,,, ,.,,, u,, ^ever- '■ ^^^^^''"''^ j*" ^ '" ^'''\ «^ ^''^, /'^'^^'^ '^^ 

age of being at one. corcise and eu- : „.,, ,;,, ^-.^^ ,,,,,,1 ,.,i J,,|,, ,,a , j ^^ »- '^^^^^ "P tl'^ speaking. 
],hunious, and in which wuuld not , ^i,-,i,i ^^.j^^ |,^,j, i,^,^,,^ allowed to follow, '^~ 

week at Mobile, during Jud'^e Kellv's 

speech. Three rrren are known to have 

Ibten kiMel. The riot trrew out of an 

only be rhyme but reason 

-HiirraL tor J. D., 
llurrdh lor H. ti.' 


and m<M'k and hoot at au intemperate 

man in the slr.>ets is fur more likely 'i''''- il'^"llliter of Henry W. Shaw 

to become intemperate himself, than it | ( J<jsh. iJiilings.) was married recently, 

r-^"The "nmts has au ariiele on ; j,^ j^.j.^ ^,^.,j accustonxed to regard him | bi Poughkeepgie, to a Peruvian. 

Jeff. Davis' release umler the title ot ,.!th lot v -is -i t'lllen bfixljcr ap I with m"! • i» i 1 .1 

A\un [Miv .IS .1 i.iiit-M oi.^inei, .0. I \>iLo ^^^^ steam ram Dandeiburg, tbe 

sacred abhore.jce, as one sell brutitied 1 ^j^gf p,^^^.^.,.|-,ji ^.^y^\^^^. ^f naval war- 



rntlKSoutli Wc.<t (iiurtor l?.cu<ni of Town 
± 111.!, Itiei-o li7, in I'rcv-c-uU Town.-liii,, aiiu 2 
luil'S lioiii Wiiiiitl.a;:(. Tity, l-'ariltjiult County, 
i> ollV-TfJ lor sal«, tiicuii tor, or on tlurt 

Tills is nn ok-'ant Quarter Section of m.ij'low 
ni:«l il^v rollinj; i.r.iirio. l-'^r lerta.s, upi-ly at Of- 
liio of llo.MKsi t.^ii. or to flio 8ul).-iTil>(.T. at Miui- 
kiUo. u. It. CLLVEL.VND. 

Miiy 10, 1SC7. ii;!OwG 

U. S. Land Office. 

■\Vinneliii';o City, Minn., May 13, ISC". 
l^oSiimutl 11 Fri.-bio : 

William Kin<;.sh;y lias thi.< Jay ajiplij 1 fior the 
.south i north wust i iiection 2«) and V north 
east i section 27 townshiii lli;! nortli, ranj^c 2*) 

, west; it hiin;,' ihc'lamJ you tiled on. You are here- 

by notified to be and upjiear at this otliceon .S.itur- [ have .»penca'*u lirst elass Livcrv .Stable in Winne''- 
<iay the !.■> day of .June, lSti7 at I o'clock p m, tor l,a;;o City, where ;,'Ooa ••establishments" can be 
llie piirpotfo otgiviuK the whole matter a fair and had at ail tiiMts, d,tv or ni^'h*. Pa sscn filers ar- 

etuek of 



ll^is^ Caps, c^c. 

Ever IJrouglit to tlie ]\Iiii!iesota 

an.'l have commciicci . 

WAR ox HIGH rrjcES, 

of which fact all my old euptomsrs and tho pab- 
Ik g'eueiilly 

Will be satisfied by ctillin;!; and E.^rara- 

iuiiii^ my (xoods, and hearing 

my I- rices. 

ever bearing in rmnd my motto of 

Sellin- ?kIORH (loods for ONE 


II0U6C in the \'alley. 

Isaac Marks. 

Mankato, Minn., Nov. 2G, 18(jG ly 

Livery Stai>le ! 


After oar»>ful investigation by competent judges 
It has been luUy and fairly decided tbat the U«» 
place to purchase 




and ia feict any kind of Oood.^, is at tbe Store oj 

K. JH. Wilson, 

Xext door to RlCHARDFOX?, 

where more Goods can br) h«d for owe dollar thaa 
any other 


in Faribault County. 


v4n21tf pr N. W. Sakgext/ 

April 5th, 1867. 


EIJ.S, CLEUGVMEN, to take orders for 
our new woik, 


Editcd By 


Author of "Life of Lincoln," «'Timothy Tit- 
comb's Lcttets," "Littersweet," etc. 

Agents silready in the field are taking from 
fifty to one hundred orders per week. Xo other 
book now pviblishc'l sells so rapidly. Largest 
commissiou given to Agents. For terms and 
territory al*ply to GHARLES BILL, Chicago, 
111. v4nlS 

-.- , , ', ,1,. 1 .' 1 -1 .- i I think as the (xraiui Jurv are already .,.,,..„,..♦, r ..,., .^. 

:Nubody should hud iauk \Yilh a poetic i , ,.,• „ , ^,./ p-iyment of wnges. 

justice '.vhioh ends an extravaganza in \ 
the same stvle in which it was boirun. 

buiuinoned to meet at IJlue ICarth City 
iu a few 'livs, they ha«l bjtter return 
the wool and subscribe fur the FiitE ! 

Would rcsperlf illy inform the p.iblic thtf tliej' 

impartial invcsii{;atiou. 

A. ir. 1:11. 1, l.« H.^'isttT, 
11. W. U0»,LE7, Kciclver. 

U. 8. Land OiHce. 

^37° The Jctl". l):ivis 'furce' being , 1Io>ilsteal>. Ue.Ni)ecttuIly V.niis, 
*euded,' it is clearly entitled to a title. 
Fortunately it has been too character- 
istic, lias preserved the unities too 

Tbe statement of the .'^ecretarv of 


fa.thtuUy from beginning t<. end to ^1,, Xrexsurv, nt.ade on the 1st ot May 
justify us iu naming it 'No Name.' Il ^^^^^^. ^j^^^^ [.^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^,^^ ^^^^^^^^ 

a title be borrowed, we suggest .^^d unfunded debt of the L'nited Stato.^^ 
ODC approptute both to tho eircum. ; ,^^^^ j^^^.^.^.^^^^^ ,^^^^^^ ^.^.^^ ^,^j,.j^^,^^ ^^^^^._ 

ing the month ef April ; but deduct- 

Btances under whicli the moc-k hero 
was apj-rebeuded ar.d discharged : • Tlie 
ret of the I'tttlcoats. 

Ihe la'ly who Claims tobetbc WiJo\V -». . .,. „. ,, , ,,_ 

•' , I TTinnebago tity, Mmn, May 17th, lSo7. 

Ot Dr. Kane, lormerly Miss lo.\, of i To .John M 

iil>-.^.l./^ 4 ... T.'.. I.: 1' 1 • V 4 I - Edwin M Foster has this dav anblied for th« 

Koche^ter Kuockmgs lame, is about j „„,ii, ,.^,„ ,;, .^^ .<ee:L'to.n.<hip liu north,].) 

west: il beir'.g the land you tiled on. You are 

licreby notified to bo and .'i!i)i'.<(r f»t this olTiee oi% 

AVitliani Lloyd Garri.son, who has Tuesday the tSth day of .Innc loO? at l j. m for 

llie piirposoof giviii;; the whole mutter u fair and 
iiii[i;irtial invcslig.itioji. 

A. H. IU l.l.iS. U.L'i>t.r, 
H. W. l>(iLhKV,R.-c-:Tcr. 

JINNEISHE.-QUA. ^^ aj.pear again as a medium. 
TlJC :»;.bnc Debt. 


^^"The following tdegrar. was 
received by Judge Underwood in the 
court room, a short time bet'oro be ad- 
juitted JclT. Davis to bail : 

"Washington, May V>, 
"To Judge Underwood : 

"IJeware of Greclev, Ilcmendjer 

iug the cash in tbe Treasury, there is 
a decease of $2,041, '.>7 I in iho total 
a;_'gi\g:i;e We c.iii har<ily look for as 
rapid dimiautiou vt' the public debt to 
take place wilhiu the present fiscal 

ju.>t, st'iled tur Murope, was presented 
bi.fore his departure with §30,000 by 
his frieiuls a*. Boston, as a testimoniijl 
to his services in the unti slavery cause. 

The Lorillard tobacco factory in 
New York is the largest in the world. 
It j'tiys more than !?l,U00,Oi.'U per year 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winneba;io City, Minn, May 13, ISO/. 
T.) Francis M Weld: 

Ed".>ard J Dowling has thii: dri^- aiijdi'-d fur the 
.^■.lutli wpat <iii:«rler ^-ction L*. tovvn-ihip l'>! 
north, range u2 wmr. : it beiii:r the land y..u fiici 

riving by .efago ciiriied to any |ioint desired 
Stable aud Office just back of lh« New Babtist 

Chur( il. 

Winnebago Gi'.y, Jan. 10, ISC7. 


m. C. J. rAllLEY, 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, May 8th, 1867. 
To William Ireland: 

Ivnud I'cderson has this day applied for the 
II e ijr see, It township 1(11 north, range 26 west, 
it beine tlje hind 3'ou tiled on. You are hereby 
notifieil to be and ;»i'pear at tnis office on Satur- 
day tlie Sth day of Jmie, i^67, at t o'clock p, m, 
for the purjiose of jiiving the whole matter a 
fitir and ia*partial investigation 

A H 15ullis, ilcgister 
M W Ilollcy, Receiver 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, May 8tb, 1S67. 
To .Tobn ILiley : 

Peter Lar^on has this day rpplied for tho 
s e firsee 11 township 101 north range 26 west ; 
it being the land you tiled on. You are hereby 
notified to be and a]> at this office on S<«turday 
the Sih day of Juno, iS67, at I p m, for the pur- of giving the whole matter » fair and im- 
partial i2rvejligution, 

A. H. UVir.IS, Resistor. 
11. W.H01.LKV, Rt'.civer. 


Patent ^Ft'diclnesi, Paiut^^, Oils, 

J . ... \ , on. \on ;,ro hereby uoti!iedto..o und upi.ear jnu^l Dve-StullSi, KerOSClie Oil,; 

in taxes to tho (lOVernmeut, and SJiCntis ; al this othee on Knday the 14ih day of June, '' ^ ^ 'i 

vi 001) n.rM.m.ti. f.^r .uMroiM.r i-.i.,.'- j I Hw, at It oviock .V .«. f.r purpohc of giving Lamiis, PerfuniLTv and Taney 

•Nlj'Jt'U per moUtU lor plintUig iaOCiS. the whole matter a fair and impartial iuvcsli- -^ ' ^ ^ 

Tho distance from Xcw York, by 
rail, to Salt Luke, is o,12'.> miles, of 


.«., II. IM t.ldS. IteKister, 
11. »\. lIUbLKY, Kcocivcr. 

year as in tho h).-t, for several ruasons. which l,"^^! miles have been completed 
Iu the Hist place, owing to stagnation and are in successful operation, leaviug 


in business and a fulling olTin imports, 

there will be a consitlerable decrease 

Libby Prison. Ander.sonville and lielle ; j^^ ^.^.-^^.^ jvceipls. In tho item of 
Islau'i. rttv milli«'ns :ue luoking on | . ^ ,. , , 

and expect y-u to do your duty, while j i'evenue fiotn in..,mes, waich last year 
three buudrJd th u^au I patiiots' gravtS : amounted to a very largo sum, it is es- 

t;m:itcd tlii-t there will bo a diminutiou 
of nearly li:ty per cent. iVuliaps this 

crv aloud for reveirj'' 


VoUlt UlllKM*." 

State Loan. -The Htatc Treasurer lJo'>ir^' i^ ^^'J birge, lut it 1% well known 
has advertised, in pursuance of law, ' ^-^'-^^ "^•'^"V <'^' '^^»'' I'^avicst merchants, 
lor a loan of >; 100,000, tbe proceeds to who returned incomes last year of bun- 
be applied to defraying the building ; dreds ot thousmds of dollar.s, will this 
•expense., cf certain State iu.^titutions. ' y^':i»' be unable to return any tiling but 
The bonds will be issued in sums ,d"'| "'^'"i"'il i"^^'"^''') ^"^'^'J'^ «<>»'C will feel 
one thousand dollars eadi, and n\ ill ' theiii.<elves fortunate if their halance- 
iear 7 i»er cent, inlerest-the liighcsl ■^beets do nut show con.siderable losses, 
proposals above pur to be accepted by i '^'be same is true of the mercliants of 
the Siate. other cities and the country at large. 

Another stMirce of revenue which the 

r*:^* A case has just coinc to light . Government has hitheito been able to 
where an othcer, cashiered for treach- j ivaU it.s-elf of will presently le l(— 
cry and cowardice, and sentence ap- j "••inudy, the proceeds ot auctu.ui sales 
proved from the commanding general | of vessels, scrap-iron, stores, and non- 
np to 1're.jident Lincoln, and not yet I J^'sciipt pr-j.erfy remaining on hand 
set a.-.ide, is now a c.-nadential aiient ! •^^'^^'^' l''<' ^^ar closed. These have now 
in Olio of tbu departiueitts ut, Wash- j "-■'•'y :i'' ^>^-^'" ^H''>^^^ ''^' ^t "ced 

1 U'li be dotibted, liowever, that tho (iov- 

ernnicnt will find means to provide I'ub 


^-^The l'ic8i<]cnt is exceedingly 
jubilant over the release of Jeff. Davis, 
and will eudeavor to hold the Ilepub- 

ly in the future for its current expenses 
and payments of interest. Several 
scbcmes liuvc already been devised to 

licans responsible for his non-trial, he I ^^^^^^^ ^^^^, po.ssiblo contingent- y, some 
claiming that, as a i).rty, they art^ re j ^^^^ ^j. „.|,i^.i,^ y,. .,t least one equally 
.sponsible lof Greeley's and Cerrit 
Smith's couduct. 

suittille, is likely to be adopted when 

rc<juired. Thus far the debt has been 

f --^The first name signed to the liq'iiJnted with a raphlity beyond pro- 

baif l^nd after that of Jefierson Davis, cedent in the history of national finance. 

IK IJoraco Greeley ; then ScIk-'H, of New 
York, and A. Jackinan, of I'hiladel- 
phia. A little lower down is the name 
of John Minor liotts, of Virginia. 

Z'-^f^ Mr. Greeley looked quite as 

— Harper''^ ^Welhj. 

Advices from lierlin bring intelU- 
ganco of the death of the Hon. Joseph 
A. Wright, Uuitcd States Minister to 
Trussii. Mr. Wright, a native of 
Pennsylvauia, v/as at the timo of his 

Inppy an any of the late Confederates i ^ ^•""^^^'^^^"'='' ^' "^ ^^ ^"" "'"" "^ '"" 
when tho court announced tli.t it would | ^^^^^^'^ al^uts^xty-two years of age. 

accept bad, and tho greetin;j; he gave It is said that Greece huy.s seven mon 
Mr i)avis was very uordial. itora of the I'liiled i:'alce. 

butl,2o2 miles to be built. 

General L IL IZosseau has been 
■jrdcrcd to Portland, Orei/on, where lie 
will a"<stimo command ot a new depart 
ment to be created out of Oregon, 
Washincrton and Yankee iCussia. 

.V newspaper correspondent says 
that Chicago employs J,000 trade 
drummeis, IJoston .'5,000 and Xew 
York 0,001 >. Other cities are suj)poscd 
to make up a round -0,000. Ihirty 
years ago the system was unknowu. 

To be a poor stranger with a sick 
wife and three childien in America, 
Partoii says, is to be in purgatory that 
is provided Vv ith a practicable door into 
paradise. Ihit to Le such a person in 
Loudon, is to bo in a bell without visi- 
ble ouUtt. 

A Doinocr.atic paper forcibly illus- 
trates the change which has recently 
(jome over tlio Democratic party as ful- 
lows : "lie.'ore the war the d — d nig 
ger wa.s,a slave ; after the war the ig- 
norant nigger was free; at the present 
timo our intelligent colored fellow-citi- 
zen is a voter. 

During the masquerade ball at the 
AlVaires Kntrangeres, at Paris, where 
the Emperor and h^mi)ress were lud 
den among the maskers by closely fit 
ting doiniijocs, which, as soon as dis 
covered, wcro changed, great amuse 
ment was allorded bv a young English 
girl, who on passing hefore the Ewpe- 
ror, was heard to say to her partner: 
" Thai gentleimm has changed his dom 
ino three times, for I have watched 
I asked his name and they tell me it i> 
the Conite do Ham. Is he so i;rcat Ji 
man that he must not be recognized V 
His 3Iajesty lauglied outright, and 
wlicii the young lady passed back 
again, bowed lorn, tj her great aiuaze 
meet and cenfu.-.iou. 

U. S. Land Of^ce. 

"\Viiin«;bMgo City, Minn., May 9ih, 1867. 
To Siiai! Town : 

Elij;sh IJeldin lias this day apjilied tor tlie 
north ea^t ijuartersection IS towiifihiji 101 north, 
ran^e liti we.<t : it being the land you liled on. 
i ■111 are hereby notiiicd to he ami appear at tliis 
othee on ."^.iturday the sdi day of .lune, 1S07, at 
12 o'elock II, for the purjio-e of giving the 
whole matter a fair and in)i):irtial investi«:ation. 

.\. If. lUM.IS. Ui-.-i.-tor, 
II. W. lIOLLtV, Uecelver. 


l\ S. Laud Office. 

Winni bago City, :,!inn., May 2d, ISC". 
To James .Mooney : 

John ftiiUivau ha."* i\\U day applied for the 
north west <|uarter of ?eetion 24, townthip HI2 
north, range 2'.» ; Mt being thj land you filed 
oil. You are hereby notified to bo and ajijiear at 
lhi.<< ofiiee on Monday, tho ;;d day of June, 1S(>7, 
at! <i'eloek )> in, for the iiurpoi^c of giving the 
whol'j matter a fair and imivirtial investigation. 

A. n. K.-nist<T, 

ir. W. IIOLLEV, Kcceivcr. 

L". S. Land OfHce. 

"Winnebago City, Minn, May Ith, 1S07. 
To Jeremiah Cournev ; 

Kugeno Snllivan lias \h\* day applic'l f'T the 
north west quiirter .section 12, town.-hiii 102 north 
range 'I'J wt^st ; it being the hind you filed on. — 
You are hereby notiiied to i)e and appear at this 
'olfiee on Saturday the sth day of June, ls'i7, at 
12 <i'eb'ilv M, fir tho piirp(<se of giving the whole 
matter u fair aud impartial investijration. 

A. II. lill.l.l.-:. Kfjiister, 
11. W. 110LIJ;V, Keecixer. 

U. 8. Land (Jilice. 

Winnebago City, 3Iiuu, May, 7, 1S07. 
I',) Charles .S hiiubal': 

Willi.1 li I'errin has this day applied for tho 
south we.-t ((uarter of fettion two, town.sliip one 
hundred and four north, range twenty-nine wes'. : 
it lieing theland you liled on. You are hereby 
notiiied tolte and appear at thi.'< olhee on Saturday 
Ibe Sth ilay of June, lst'i7. at 1 o'eloek p in, for 
the imrjioso o! giving she whole matter a fair and 
impartial investigation. 

A. If. IM'I.LIS, Uegisttr. 

1!. \V. UOLIiKY, lUoeiviT. 

Pure Liquors. 

ToiiAcco and C re ails, 

Scliool Books aud !Stationer}\ 

Blank Books. Diarie.s, Memo- 
randa Books, Letter, Cap, and 

Note Papers, Pens, Pencils, Su- uiis olliee on .-Saturday the 20th day of June, 1S67, 

at I o'el.ek p ui, for the purpojc of giving the 
whole matter a lair and impartial investigation. 
A. 1I.15ULLIS, Register. 
U. W. UOLLEY, Keceivcr. 

r.'.y. /,.<«(/ Ofur. 

Winnebago City, Minn., May 6tl , 1S67. 
io Liudsey White: 

Ole Oieson l-b-e has this day applied for the 
north east quarter of scerion 22, township 101 
north, range 25 west: it being the land \ou filel 
on. You arc hereby notified to ajipear at this < ILSi 
on Saturday' the Sth day of Jur>€, 16(57. at 1 p. 
in, for the purpose of giving the whole matter 
a fair aud isiphrtial Inxe-tiiraiion. 

A. II. UULLIS, Rffcisfer, 
It. W. UOLLKY, lUceirer. 

L^. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn., April 22, 1667. 
To Patrick J lirady : 

John P. Uird has this day applied for the 
north westcjuarter Feetion 24. t<>wnship 102 north 
range ^il west ; it the land 30U filed on. — 
You arc hereby notiiied to be and appear at th's 
otliee on Saturday, the25th day of May, 1S67, at 
1 J), in. for the j'urpose of giving the whjlc mat 
ter a fair atnl impartial investitraiion. 

A. II. BILMS. Rppistcr, 
II. W. lie-LLEY, Receiver. 

r. S. Land Officf. 

Winnebago City, Minn, April 25, 1867". 
To Ha Iger : 

John F Danills has this dTiy applied for thd 
south quarter of section 21, township 102 
north, rang'i 31 west; it being tho land you filed 
on. You arc hereby notiCed to be and appear at 

perior Lik, and other articles 
kept Ly Druggists Generally. 

Winnebago City, 






To the Site r [If or at>tj Vonstahle of 
said Connty : 

\n the name of the State of Minnesota, yon 
iro hereby eommanded te attai h tho (}ood.s and 
Chattels, Moneys, Klieeis and Credits (d' Vv u.'t- 
wood Toliver, or so niueh thereof as sliall be .*uf- 
fieeiil to satisty the sum of forty-tight dollars 
iiid forty cent:', with interest and costs of suit, in 
who.'<e3oevcr hands or possession tho same may 
l)e found, in your County, and >io provide that the 
;i.!ods and Chattels so attached may befulijei.t lo 
lurther proceedings thereon, as the law reijuires; 
md also to suinnum the said ^\'cttwood Toliver 
f to bo found, to be and appear at uiv oRico in 
aid county, on the 12th d.iy of June, A. D. 1SG7, 
it one o'clock afternoon, to answer t;< David S, 
I. aw, in a civil action, to his damage one huu- 
iroildollars or under. 

(liven uadcf my hand, thii Oth day of May, A. 
i). IS67. n. li. SPICKKltMAN, 

jijbrfl Juctii-c ot tbu I'eacu. 


Bourbon Hitters 

A Jlidlthif T(»t')i\ Gtuile ISthiiiihnt, 

(Old Lnciinahd Mornuaj ^t/>pttiztr. 

Prepared in Ripo 


Free from (Jrain Oil, With Flowers, 

Ends and P>arks of the Highest 

iMedical Virtue. 

By increasing tbo api»ctite, JUs-ijtin* digestion, 
regulating the bowtls^ and giving tone to the .-ys 
teiii. they impart str'Ugih and vigor to the body, 
and cheert'iiliiess to the mind. 

;^'»!t* If your ilin'rirists or tradesman has not 
got TllESi: UITTKRS. have him .«end for them 

^^S^i., Remember the name, and take no other. 

Fcr sale by druggists and Urocers everywhere 
C. n. SWAIN. Proprietor. 

o\ south Wates St., Chicago. 

At Wholesale in St. Paul, bv 



U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn., April 25, 1867. 

To Layfayctle W Snow : 

Horace A Fauncu has this day applied for tho 
e i II w (jf of n w qr n w (jr and lot tio 1 secti<jn 
8, township 101 north, range 2S west , it being 
the land you filed on. Y'ou are hereby notified 
to be and ajiper.r at this ofiieo on Monday tho 
loth day of June, 1S07, at 12 o'elock m, for tho 
puriioseof giving tho whole matter a fair and 
impartial investigation. 

A. IT. BULLI?. Register, 
H. W. UOLLEY, Receiver. 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, April 25, 1867. 
To Daniel W Squire : 

Christian Johnson has this day applied for 
the south west (juarter ."ecti.m 22, township 101 
north, range 28 west: it being the land you filed 
on. You are hereby notified to be and appear at 
thisoCi-e on Monday the 27 day of May, IS«)7, 
at 12 o'elock ni, for thepurpose of giving the 
whole matter a fair and impartial invesftiga4:ioD. 
A. II. liCLLlS, Register, 
II, W. IIOLLLY, Receiver. 

iu:xz & CO. 

Know Thy Destiny. 

Madawie K. K, T!>ornlon, the {rrcrt English Astrolo- 
gist, ("lairvo.vai.t and l's.vclioin»'t. ician, wlio liaa .Hs- 
tonislu'dtlie scientitic classes oftlie Old World, tias now 
located lnMSelf at Hudson, N. Y. M.idarie TJiornton 
possi siS sucli wonderfi.l powers of second s)};lit, J..S to 
eiial)le her to impart kr.owlcilpe of the !,'I■eaU■^:f iin|,or- 
laueeto tin- single or mairieil of either sex. Wliih- in 
a state of trance, slie ih-lineates the very features of tlie 
person j'ou are to marry, ami by tlie aiil of an instru- 
ment of intense power, known as t'le Psyehomotroiie, 
puarantees to produce a life-liko picture of the future 
hust)an(l or wife ofthe aiiiilicuiil, toi,'efh«'r with date of 
ni.trri.:!;e, position in life, lea'linfr traits of character, 
&c. Tliis is no huiuliug, as ttiou.sands of testimonials 
can assert, hhe will send, when desired, a certified 
eertiticate, or written ^ruarantce, thattlie picture is what 
it purports to '>e. Hy eiiclosin(;a small lock uf hair, and 
statin},' place of Idrth, a^'c, disposition and complexion, 
and enclosiii;; TjO cents and stamped envelope addressed 
to yourself, you will receive the picture and desired in- 
foruiationliy return mail. All conniiunicalions sacred- 
ly contideiitial. Address, in coiilidence, MAPA.ME 
E. Y. TIIOUMON, i*. 0. Bo:; J-'o, UuU,on N. Y. 


U, S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn., Ajjfil 22, 1867. 
To William M. Knight; 

Forsten Larson has this day applied for tho 
south east quarter of section 22 township 103 
north, range 25 west ,• it being tho land you filed 
on, Y'oa are heroby notified to be and appear 
at this office on Saturdav, the 25 day of May, 
lStJ7, at ten o'clock A. M., fortho purpose of giv- 
ing the whole matter a fair and impartial inves- 

A.II. BULLIS Register, 
II. W. HOLLEY^, Receiver, 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn., May 7th, 1S67,. 
To Cornelius C. Car^ : 

Ira M. Hiker has this day applied for the 
swineJ&wisei&seJseiseclO, township 
101 north, range 2J west; iw being tbe laud 
you filed on. You are hereby notified to be and 
appear at this office on Friday, the 7th day 
of June. 1867, at 1 o'clock p m, for the puipoko 
of giving the whole matter a fair ^nd impartiai 

A. II. BULLI.«. ReifWc, 
il, W. 11 JLLEY UwCtivcP. 




















ViNNEiiAdo City, May 22, 1S67, 

Pl^M.— r>. 11. Morup, of Vorona, offers for 
_ snlo !i tiiio lot of rli.'stcr Whito ;iu«i .Suffolk Pi;;*, 
ou rciisonal>lo terms. ii30w4 

Supitose a canal brat heads west, 

'divine SERVICE3. ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ f^j.^i^^ j^orse's tail, aud has 

Ctmffroffational -Services every SaM.ath m \ ^^^^ ^.'^^^i abcani, witli a flaw coiuiug 

tv,.. u. w Sihool House, at II o'clock A. M,, Miu . . , % -i .^ . • 

7 o'clock P. M. i "P »" t''C sotith ; wouia the cai.laui, ac- 

Rcv. K. W^IEIIRTLL, Pa>.tor. j ^.,„.,],„„ ^^ luaiitiuic law, 1)0 justiliod ill 

"ItoplUt-Services cTorr ftltornate Siibbath in j taking a rcet in tlio ^tuvo l)il>iS without 

the Hu,,t..t Church, at U o'cl-j-k A. M., a«.l three ^^^^^ ., 

buQilays in each mouth ht < I . M. " * ca ^ 

Wiunobago City Market. |1EMSMBSII 


Corrector weekly by MouUou 1 Dcudon. 

Rev, K. t^TIliliMAN, Pastor. 

Wlicn Messrs. Ticknor X' FieUU 

Wethodist-Sorvioos ^vory filternatc 5nhhath ] -^^^^^..j ^^^^ j-^.^^ voUlUlO ofUu'ir cliainond 
iu tlu-«ist Church, at U o clock A , , .. , , .1.. ♦1.,.., 

cue Sunday iu each mouth at T o'clock I". M 
Rev. A.S.Clll'lUU'CK. Past..r. 

series ol Oliaries Dickeus' works they 
resolved to make the aulhor a sharer 

Wheat, ctirin^. No, I, 



Flour. )»-'r 100, 
(^oru Meal, 


iiay. r^T •*'"> 

Wotul jior, 


Pork. salt. r<r i>oinul, 

I'orK, troll, |.(rc\»'t.. 

I*..f!'. rr."li. IHT i.oini'l. 











1 5.00 


1st. .20 




Warrant V Deeds, 

■Se„.to. Ka,usey ..Wca >"">•!'-• iti':^^.;'^'^^^™''" -^'^ '' 

The AVt.rltl Asninislied 

on the loth. 

The weather is uneasy. A 
hail fell to-day for amusemci^t 

him over two hiuulred pounds steilin;^ 
^''•^^^ last moMlh on account of his interest 

in the reprint. We have seen a pn- 

MADAM II. A I'KUiaciO. | ^^^^.^ ^,,^,;,^, -,)^^,j^_ 

- III tiiv; » v^ i'l i"i. ■' - - » 1/' fAfl'-f 

Mostoftho gocds purehased this vate letter of Mr. l>iekens to a f.ii'nd :^Ijule by the lireilt Astrologi>5T, 

sc^non by the merchants of Winnebago in America, expressiuj^ jrreat satistac- 

arc lying at Maukato and Owatonna, tion in the transaction. In it ho saysj 

awaiting good roads. '• 1 think you know how high and be- 

^ , 77^ IT 1 v.-.n.l lli.^ monov'a worth I Ci^tcetn this In'';^;^ '.rp/,''h\n','l.'.c..m.- .l.Hp'.n.l.-i.i. S!..- liiin.-sfo 

The Grand Lod-e of Coed Templats V»^l ^hc nione> s wonn "!:;;;,;•„,.,-,: i.,,,;; s.,.a.atc.j,,'u.. inf....r„..ion 

„,.. . • .. 1„. .'act of inailhood. do ll^lCy a!ul honor. .i^,,,^,,,..,,,f,;,.,,.i,.,r Inst orst..l.-..|'r''l' 

of Mmncsota was in session three days a^t «' i.i^um^^ . » ■ ^,|,,,,, ,.,.... u... i.u-uussvv.. :...),.-.t., n.i.i...i lo ,..,.r- 

^, ,„,, „ -if i\ Ir'vc never vieriveit ere .t^M- pleasure; :,;.,„,,,,, ,.,,,,vil^M■n^,Msll.•c•*sru^c.,>..•s^,. 

last week, at NorthGcU. H-.n. 31 C. • i'..\t i.t\ci uii . g ^ y,,,„^^Zrr\.^'^^^^'^^'-^\^y'^^'^''^-'^y:^^''y'".''l^'''T'!r 
' • • 1 from ll.o rtcc i>t of luoney lu all my %. "i ;,,nh.- uam.. nk.n.<<;u.a d.aract. ruiu. ..i ,i,.. 
AVilkinson was ouu ot the i)rincipal ""'" ^'^ - *■*'' ^ 

Mv^rtgago Di'eds, 


Sl.f reveals scents no m-rtal .-vr kn.w. Sli." rrslor.-s 
,., h-.ri.iu.-s* t! xvlso, fi..... .InKf.l .v.M.ts, .a'a^lro. 

.l.cs cp-s in 1..V,-, l..^s of ■.lal'or.s al.,l fil.n.N. l-s of 
m.i .'v .<c t.av,- 1..COIU.- il.Hp'.n.l.i.i. M..- Imiit-s <o- 
ir.-llM-r'tli.'.-.' I..I1;; s.i.aiatc.l, vrui!. lnf..rir.iiri..i. one. ru- 

Chuttle Mortgnges, 


E 31 1* O li 1 XJ 31. 


* Crosby's Opera House' 



(New York Warerooms, G50 Broadway.) '"*^ ^ will pay. 
Whnl.-Ral.f AxoiifH f.>r tlio V. S. for 



Gold Modal Piano Tortes. 



Would rcfpcr.tfullv ir.forai the pullic tha nftt? 
havin ' l.-ul a w.-<k Co-Partnerf=hil> with 1 0"t 
.T.,hu Hurrus, »SHp.«lu doiuR hu.sino33 m tiii- -'^ • 
lia a-!. Kxi..!rivii';« an-i l"r tl^« iif'^t lime baviu-j 
a ;^o.>il alock <^f 

.Well Seasoned LuiuWr on huvA 

alsoan.nlai.''-l fchop, thinks to satisfy »ll "'-t 
cu.sliMi't-r!;, ttu'l ucw f.ue? too. All kinds ..( tui- 
iiiturc ori baud, of lua'le i6 yrUhr iiromi.ily. 

New customers need not ask for 
' my room's as 1 liave the 
! "only 1M:I> lUJlLD- 
' INGS in the City. 

Accordin" lo atcrpcment made between Mr. 

i Bdrrrs and''u.y5.^1f, dated Dec. 15th, JW.. e;u II 

oueha.s to pay bia «*vu debts. Orders -*igi<ri h* 


Wi;inebag^ Cityj Jan. G, 18'i7. 


life.'"— ( 'Idea JO J\'Kf. 

i.iTsou Sl.T.als v..«r v.rv ll...»i:Jit3, au.l »..\ li. r al 
mo^t suucrnaiural |.o«er> unv.ils tl,c .larU M.-l lu.l.l. n 
nu-tiii.soflhef.ilur.-. rrou. II.- >tars wc >. -• In tlw 
t^rni nn.-!it- tl.f stars thai ..vt-r.ouic or pmL-ini 

■ « T ir. ^ltii|» ,_..».._... r I.'.tlii/iftjtt'iri. 

term of this School will commence May ^ new reporter on trial ye.terd.y. He , ^;;;;;W>-;^-'-;;;^-r>:^-^^ '^:[::;^;::Z 

29th, and continue ten week.. I went out to hunt items, and allet bemg ! . .h.;... a.n. ^^r;^, --;:;"f::;'';=;:'.;::.:;':r:::r ilu 

For particulars, address, F. A. Tik., [ away all day rotnrnei with the lV>llow- , dU. u.Ki...^^ ,;;;;^'i:^l::.:;;^.n;:tS 

''•"'J"""'-' . , , 1, in.-c. an consult th. Ma.lam l.y mauvwt I.. ■.|u:.!sa,.,v 

ing, which he said was the best that »^c , ,,. , s,.ufac;ion ,. ,...n.s..u-c. >! •;; .;;-;;:;,,^!;;;i 

rrinoipal, Rochester, Mmn. ing, wnien ni; s.uu » a. .. -v , ;;;;-;; :;::^i''■;:,;,;•t:;:i...■u .n.., wi.h^ii i .iri.-u.- 

- - ., rotlld d.) • 'YeSterJaV wo saw a slight ' ,,v,.rc.i ana lik.n-ss. uclo>.<l. s-nt^v n.ail ..n r..-.iH..f 

,;... says ho has nusplacod or lost .he ^^ ^ ^,^^,_ ,,,^,^^ ^^^^^^ »t S..^ lEl,;' ^J^i^SrurSS-;; S.^S 

and ALL kiudii uf 

lencin:; • • l viar.n win.n v 

e top of hi. head, , » >-^4''^l P'^^^'' ^'''"^'^ Very near running j j,^... .vaarc.s, 

••.V'idheV>hdn't any wool ou thv .^f, - , ^ - , 

In the place where do woal ought to gr-.w. , ^y^.i. ^ nurse and tWO chlKiri'M. 1 tlClC ^ >4iM->l 

and naively asks the 2\-lbuiu man to ' ^y^^^ij i,;ivo been one of the most heart 

bend him a copy. Ireudlng catastrophies evjr rccorilod, 

C \ C\itUdlTf the laTe firm of had n.t the nurse, with wurh-iful turc- 

,,* . \\ ,' 1 «Mt .r . 1 into thju-ht, U'ft the oliildivn at Lome belore 

CottreUt Dearborn, has cnteied into »• » > • , .• ,, f i 

• T t./Mv ShM-man of «liJ went out,and providentially stepped 

itnershiP with 3li. biioiman oi^ ...,., .i . i •■ 

M\i>AM.\ 11. V. rr.»:iti<;o, 

V. O. Drawer '.!'ja, Uuflalo, N. \ . 



Ah to Ih.- r.'lativo uiorils of tb'so PIANOS, v.. woiiM 
rcf.r to tl..' C.rtiticat.-s ot i-xr-ll.-in'- in oiir possespion 
from T H \ I.. H K R <i, »J <> T T S f II A I.. Kj 
TKMI'S, I.Ol I.S STAABai. i K. Ml ZIO, Mn- 
iical l>ir.-( l.)i •.! tlo- Italian «Ji)<ra, qh ulso IVuin boiiio 
of lli» (iislinu'iiislK.'il IVofcHs. .r» ami Amateurs ia 
tlie.coauliy. All im\.TMtui:aU guaranltcd for five ycart, 



And other First class Pianos. 

We liavp 11,0 T,AItOi;?T au-l BE.^T APPOr.TED 
BTOCK OF I'lAN'OS IN Tllk; CITY, wliich l,.r Puw^r 
anJ Hwe'tncss of Tone. Knsy and A;:n^'alile Touch, and 
Ueuuty of fiuinh, have, by ju.lgcs, betu j.ronouucwl 

J^g- Particular attention pai.l to tli" pol'-'Cf ion of In- 
■trunipnts fordiHtant orders, undii privilege of»xcliaug« 
grautid at any tiiiHi witl,iii six nioiitlis, if the IiiBtru- 
nient fihould not prove eutir ly 8ati>facti)ry. A Uhenl 
ditcouvt to Clergymen, Teachers and ScLoula. Teruii 

lil)cral. , 

WliOI.KS.M.E DE\T.KU? will find it to their ndv.-in- 

tapo to Kivc us H call, .xs l.y firf-atly in. r. asej facililiea 

we arc ••naldt-.l t(. till ord. is wiili .tfsp;il.h 

4^- P<.rs..nn inwant.f a KtALl.V HUST CLASS 

P1A>0 will do well to cull before purch:*«iug el.)ewlier9 


i B E A tJ T Y ! 

Auburn, Golden, Tlaxcn, & 
Silken Curls. 

IinODlJCED hT tb»» 'i.-»e)f Prof. Dk Tv.rxk 
FKK.^I! LS CM EVKl'X. Ono .ipplict - 
ti.Mi WAitllAN"''!,!) t.» eurl tho 

most straight and Hiubborn L»ir «.f titner sex in- 
to wavy ri'n;;let!s OT b'-'-vy c-irh 11. is 
■o.-eu used b/ tb« fjusM'.nHb'of of Paris ^ud Lon- 
don, wi-b '.be; m.-l ^'r.Miirl-i!^ rei-ults. 0"e» n<» 
injury to the b«ir. i'f!*ebT rOo», -e.nlej. nnd 

i postt.'aid, $1. lii^seripthc oireuiars sent tree. 

! Address IJKlHi 1-:'^, .^in^-T^ A CO.. (b.a sts. 
No, 2^5 River .st., Troy N. V. Bolo Hrr,n'« t«r 
tue t:uited State^■. v4ul-yl 

are Priui'dnu-l for .-^al.', wh ilcsa'o or rctji', a! 
the tjUiceof ibo 

iGi:OIl(.iK i:. NKI>ON, Tiopriet-jr 

T^artnCrMiiP witn ->ir- oiioiin;iii »-'i — ' ' i « 

Wahnn Lake, and establish.a a scuov into a dru.c- store just bcr,„o tho h:»-» j . . , ^.,f ^i, ,,i,„ls Cretun 

'^^' ' , ,, , .,, MrrasseJ. Tl,cn, too, the haokman,,)'.,st'^,^„„/i,.,.,, ;.,„.,. ,„„M.„iiyouhan.i. 

*'or;?:S"^U -;;,' r V/,,,. befo.-o .aci... ... ero..s,n,,.h..u,hto, j ^^^^^^ j^„,,,,^,,,, p,,,„„, 

2.,., who. L «m be tnost of the , ^ou^lMn, that ho had o..oUe,. a,.d^ ^ ,^^, ..,,.„., , c... . „.„. 



tinning about, drove in the opposite ^ ^^i^i'i ^^i"''- 


Had it no' been for this l>lain and Fancy Candies, and 


Carliartj Needliam & Co.'s 





lOU'). the best ofiho Moutblies— devote-l 

to Lm-HATtUl-: aud FASillOX. it2.H) * 

y. ar. Wc -ivc W liKE LEU &. W 1 L5^0N'S eek - 

brutcd S55 fcewii-g Machines oa tuo following 

terin-s : — 

Tweniy copic5 and the Sewing Machines. $70. 

1 Tb = rty eupic.* " " "' " t^'>'* " " ^' " ?!"'» 

' Send 15 cent."? for a sample c^i y to 13 E \0OX 

i PKTE1'>0N, aia Walnut Street. I^hllidelphi* 


We are suipvi>elto ^ee c-h'hlreii 1 ^^,^^^^.j^^^,^.^^, ^^^^^.^^^.^.^.j^^.^. ^,f ^.^^.^.^^^ Nut. u.ui every dimu. 

wearlns shoes with ragged holes ^\^^^^^^^,^ ^ ^^Wu^ fathe.s a lovit.g hvi.imdu.,o Ci^ 


the toci— wasting their parents' money j ^^^^j.^^^^.^ .jj,j ;i;Vcctionatc brothers and , 
and endangering their health, when tor ^ ^j^^^,.,^ would have beon plunged into 
a trifle more, shoes with Copper Tips, ;^,^^ deepest woe aul most unutterable 
or the new and beautiful silver Tips i fu^t^yal' Tlic new reporter 
can be had whii;h never weaf out at ' ^-jj |^^ potaiued." 
tho toes, thus preventing 

these two 

Frank Moore's »»Uomcu of tlic War.'* 

Manufacturers and Iinporffra of 


j Strings, Accordeons, 

Violins, Clarionets, 
I Drums, Guitars, 


And other Musical Merchandise. 

ibu wild scones, the nii.»eiio£; and the d;ui.;;iri of 
army life, actuated solely by tho desire to luiniii- 
ter to tho suft'ering soldiers. And what s.^enes 
they encountered! So"ictiuies in the thicU td 
battle, amidst plunging shot and bursting shells. 

serious evils- -^ • ^ <^_ -__ ^ ^^.^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ .^^^^_ ^^ ^.^^ ^^.^^ ^^^ pui.ii.^i.ed. 

Godetfs L'lrljS Hnuk- for -^'Jl C j^ jj,^^ j,y^.^.j ^^ jlt public by tl.c can va.*. era. 
closes the S':i'enVjio\\\\.\\ ^'olumt* of ' Wo feel sure it will bo n und to be a work of real 

, 1 . ir v:... , ..ri ,.li«.il lM,r|iucr:t. It .seeks no ephcmcrnl popularity from , 
that r»f»lobrated la;4 iion periouic o. lui . ., , , . . ■ 

inai ceiturju-a la ^ 1 , r, bigblv col. .red and Munchausiuish stones ol iin- 

thh-ty SCOm years it h:»S been Hie ta- j^,[^. .j ,^ alventu'es by doubtlul ftmab r f>g-Jriug I 
VOrite in the boudoir, and CaCh sue- .j,, .hashing courier^; iu our j.nnics, or ' .-^pics" in 1 
'Ceedin- vear has merited increased j the Confederate eumps. Uut hi records are the ; 
=■ - , ^._„,.,- ,5' truthful histories of more noble lives. No char- 

praise. The present numbei^ ^ con. ain. | ^^^^^^ .^ ^^^^^ introduced t'.at was not known to bo 
■a subject picture, entitled, 'T here 8 no , ^^^^^^ ^^^,^^ ^.^^ ^^^^^.^ j,^^ crperionecB of women 
"place like h jliie,' an I all the usual va- who forsook tho comrorts of elegant home*, for 
riety which characterizes its pages. 

It is made the duty of th-i State Su- 
perintendent of Public lusiruetiou to 
meet the County Supeiiuiendeu^s of 
tjach judicial di.^trict, or of two or more 
combined, at such time and place as be 

shall appoint. 

The Superiutendent of Faribault and 

Martin counties will meet with Mr. 

DunnoU cither at Mankato on June 

14th, or at Owatonaa, Juue llth, as 

they may prefer. 

— " '~~i~, r 1 1 n'l- r,v ami tnanj 

What lady would wear lal-^c nair 01 j ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^.^.^ ^^^,^ ,^^. ^^^^y^^^.^ ,,^^ f,,.,, „,• 

curls, when, by an outlay of One Dol- ; ^j^^j^ jj^.^^ •,„ ^j^.j army— facts oftentimes moro 
lar she can procure an article that will thrilling than any romanrc— can wo lo If I to 
Kjause her hair to curl in wavy ringlets, reaU/.othcbeauty and nobility ofwoman'ssouLor 


OJh-e opi'ositc " Vn'ion I/ousc " Jilut 

Will do a ( P.auking and Real Estate 
Uusincis, pay Ta.xcs for non-residents, make 
(."..llect^'.iis, .t'"., •^'' , 
U. D. PALDWIN, - - - S. P. CHILD. 

LlueEar* City, May 7. CC. S")' 


— 0- 

E. & U. T. ANTii'JNY A Co., 

Manufueturers of Pbt.tographio Materials,. 

WlioI.-s-ale and RetaU, 

501.CECAEWAV. N. Y. 

, , ^ ^ . In ad.liti..n to our main business of Photo- 
succoring the fallen soldicr,regardlC3S of their own frrapbic .Materials wo are Ueai.iuarters lor tbe 
peril: ofteaers..;cu at the hoij.ital cot, bathing the j lol lowing, viz: 

br .w of tbe sufferer, aitcndirgto bis wounds, and Stcrcoscopes & Stereoscopic N lews 

Dou't fail to buy all your BLANKS at this 

The PiLVEU AND Brass Isstrimf.nts of our in>»nnfnc- 
ture an.l importation, are us.d by nio^t all ' '■ tlie '"Jt 
Hands m Ihe. I'luttd States, and wlieiK-v.r exhibitc.l have 
always rfc.ivcd tlieOold M.'dal*ai,d hiohest primiums 

Jt%^ Havinpronn'Ttion with Manufrtcturinc liousei 
In D.rlm, Loipsic. Drcsdwi. I,..n.i,,ri, «'''! }*'".':• V^^^^J.^ 
propand tofurnisli 11EXI.EH3, HANDSand INDU IDU- 
ALS. with every article iu this Hue, ct the lon-cst man- 
ufacturer's prices. 


Throw away yCur fabse fr'.zze?, your s^iteb-.s, your 

wiK — 
Dcstruciive ofcomfort, aud not worth a Pl'; 
foil!.' air.d,(.'.nie, come ualy aud fi'r. 
And rej.i.e in your own levurbiTit hair. _ 

F..r re-t..rina hah- upon bald li.'adMfrom ".K.trcvcr 
cans.- it ni:iv i.ave fall'.nout) a-: 1 forcinjj a crotrtb ..f 
hair upon till- face, it has 110 e jUal. ii will force ti.n 
!)■ .trd t.) jrrow noon the smoothest faci- in fr.-in fi\e !•• 
.■i;;lil w.^flis, or hair upon l.ald heads in from two to 
Kmi'O nionfiis. A f'W i;rn"r,int pracfioners have a-s.T' • 
fd that there 1« n< th'u;: that will force or hasifii the 
i.'r.iwtli of fhc hair or ln-inl. Tin ir as*.-rlioni! ar." falR'_, 
a^iiioii^aiol.* of liviii-; witnessed f from tln.-:r own ox;>i-ri. 
.•liC M i-tui h ar witness, luit many .vill say. how ire ws 
(o .ii.»li;i.-ui'h llw f-'ennin.- from thv spurious? tt cTtain 
vis .tiili.-iill, as iiin.'t.-tiths of the difTcfciit pppaniiions 

^m\ you will alwiiys be satisfied. 

liiil llead^, 

Letter Heads, 

tKuvii rfi^.-iciHt tlieOohl M>*dal*aiit! HIOHEST I' .., .^ ............ .. - ■ ■ 

^ Havii^ r,,nn -rt on will, Mauufacturinc U..usei. a lv.rl.*d for the hair ami b.-ai .1 arc cMir|-ly wor.hlcs^, 
*»-HaMnp: ronruriion 'won .. _ ^ ^j. ^^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ aire ol.v thr.wn aw ly lar;o amot:nts 

In 'icir piii-.Uase. To such we would say, tr\ th • K. par 
.t .• C;ii>pil. • it will cost you iiotliiii^' unl< ss it <;om.>3 
up to o.i>- representations. If your l>rl!J.'»fi^t doe< not. 
ke. p i'.. send il-= '>u.> d.dlaf and Wi- will forward it. nnst- 
pa;.i, t- -• ther wiih a ucuip: for the m>>ney, which w. 1 
b.' -.tiii-ncd y lu on ap; lila;ion , proviUing entire i*i.s- 
f .c^iun is not /iven. Ad<^r' ss. 

\*. K ClXHK i CO , Chemists, 
v4al-yl N->. 'i We«l Fayeite Street, t=\ racuse, N. V. 

JloFFAT's Life Pills 


Tlio Most Successful Medicines 
in Ibo World. 

Estal)lished in 1835 by one o5 
our Most Eminent Physicians, and 
now used throughout North and 
South America, m itJi more pleasing 
results than any other Medicine iu 
cases of diseased Liyer, Blood or 



69 Washington Street, 


Sew York Warerocms, 650 Broadway,. 

cheering him iu bis lonelincs'i and a^ony with 
some savin;; delicacy, that only the tbo'ijibflul 
heart and rr-ady bund of woman ever bring-, llow 
many owe th-ir lives to-d.iy to the mini.«^tiations 
of these sclf-sacrifjeing women ? Maif;atet Brcek- 
enridje, Mrs. fanny IlicKcts, Mrs. Mary I'rady, 
Mrs. Lello Reynolds, Mrs. Mary Morris Husband, 
and many more in this noblo list— they are n.Tnics 


or heavv, ma«sivc curls ? 

the true heroism, and the un-'-elfMh, faithful devo- 

tion of which womt-n arc ciip tbic. Tliii is the 

It does not injure the hair, but on i ^^^^ j^ j_j j.^j^j^,^^,,^;.j, j-.jj.,„ i„(j.restingbook; and 

the contrarv, renders it soft, glossy arid j the author has done his part well. Thousands of 

healthful- 'iti^C.p^'lj elflCiicioUS in j our sobiierr-, who will see this book, will take it 

,,..., ••, ,.,,„ ea-erly to their hearts and homes, f'.r the grateful 

curling the huir ot the opposite sc.v. ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^_^^.^^ ^^.^^^ ^^^.^^^ .^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ 

Messrs. lierger, ShUttS k Co., Cheni- ^^^ ^-ssociated in their own breasts. 

istS of Troy, New York, arc agents Xho work is splendidly published. Nothing 

f ♦! • mn comparable with it in elegance and bciuity has be 

See their Card in another column. 

•That IJlessed Baby' is in the Zadi/s 
Friend for Juno, and many other iu- 
tereating hterary articles. A chmning 
.domestic scene called 'Home Tieas- , ...,„._„. 

. , ■ . r *i r..^ <5f«rd I ?elf-^a'rilice; by Irank Moore, author o. the 

lireS,' is tnO subject ot tho imc r^ltCl , ..j^^.,,^,,^^,,, Uecord," -DiJiry of tho Ameiican 

Pl-fn m front The colored Fashions, UcyoUuion,- etc illustrated with steel Ku- 

1 latO inilOUL. x'"- ^ : grafiugs. hold onlv by sub.;cnption. A^icnl^ 

present a croup of b:iHiant and graphic „^n.^.d. ctiicago; K. 0. Treat, l»ublisb?r 

O American and Forei-n .-".ties and Landscapes 
(iroups, Sialiiary.etc. 

Stereoscopic Views of the War. 

Froia ne.-utlves m.ido in tho various -nni- 
paigusand forming a complete Photographic 
bist">ry of ihe great contest. 

Stereocsc(»pic VicwS on (-la^s. 

Adai.ted for either the Magic Lantern ..r the 
.-;ivreosc.,pe. Our Catab-.-iuc v;iU be ielit to 
ttnyaddress on receipt of stniiip. 

Photographic Albums. ' 

We manut-actaro more largely than any othei- ; r^ -i 
1,„. ... ..l.out '-MIO varietiv.^ .rom 60 e-uts t...-r,.l) V.tlU. , 

each ' Oar ALIU'MS have tbe reputation <.f be- 
ing sunerior in beauty and durability to any 



2^^" A Yoi'.va La^y n tuniini: lo 

ti.-r country home, after n sojourn of a few tnonths in the 

citv washar.llv reeocnize.l by her friesols. In jilacc 

of a'coarse, rustic, tlusbcd face, she had a .-ofi rul y eom- 

,)l-\ionof almost marble snio(.thn.-'--, and iiistiad of 

tw'.uivthice :he lealh api-caaed but ei-.'nte, n. 

infi'.irv .IS to the c.n.e of so iireat a .•Iwnie, sl..^ plainly 

toM lllem that she had used th.' C'lr<'H*i«*!t»ii Haltll. 

•iti.l roi'^id.i^-d it an invahi.\bic acc'isitiou t.. auy La.lys 

t„ile> liv its us.,- auy or >:.nil. -.n.Mi c.oi .mpr.ive 

Ihetr pcr-'oiial ..ppiaraiic an hiunlre.l f"ld. It I^ sii.ipl- 

i„ itse-.nibinati-u, as N:itiire hers.lf is si.nplc. yet ui.-^ur 

i,a=sed in >>s efflcaey if. iio, uritu-s fr.>m, and 

i.'uli'iK. Cean.^in^' and iK.ani-u-> i^iy the ^•^al and owini 1. x^ 

i..u 15v its diiVct action. .n the eut.-le it -■ 

all imp-iri.ies, kin.ilv hc.u-rjK .tbe s-.tiw. and bHV'o.Mhe gj^j x IndigOStiOn, COStlVCneSS, 

<iiif-.-."as \aijire iuleu.led it slu.jihl be, clear, soit, i^ivi", -^""-^O , , . ' t»i .i* 

slliomh and bcaut-lul. Pric- One D.iUr, sent by mau J^JJio^is COmplaiutS, RhCUmatlSm 
rre\Tire-«< (.n r< c-'ipt of an, i..\ \ • ■ 

• ' ■ ' w. L fbAiiK \ CO Chemist., j^jj^j Pevcr aud Ague. 

No :} \Ve«t FaV tie St , >yracuse, N. I . »"« -^ -^ >- i»n j • 

The enl V v'meriJiUi Agenis for the s;.lc of the .:une. ThOUSaudS Of CCrtlflCateS arC IU 

_'::■' oiu- possession, giving detailed 

A F 1^' 1 J I C r L] D ! accounts of perfect Cures effected 

«^< /"• -.,^ 7^ar..,*.n. f hv these invaluable Medicines* 

{^ II 11 an* I i O M til e : r^rj^^^y regulate tho System aud put 

all the functions of the body 

wbco by t^c uscof i.u. .loiNviLLK'r^ KLix .^ ^ hcalihy coudltion. ^ »• 

111 you can be curd i.ruKi.,etit,y, an<l at a tn- ^^^^ ^^^^^^ Druggists. Wliite & Howlacd, Propri- 
'''Thra<tonishin.' success wbicli has attended ctors. Successors to I^r. J.lm itwllat aad Dr. W. ».. 

ibis invaluable me.licine for Ph ysi al at.d Nerv Moilat, ^*ew York. ^ „____ 

.,HS weakness. tJceral Debility an-l Prostrati-n. .^^_^^^ eometh glad tiding of j- y to all, 
l.ossofMu , .'.ar Kiorgy. Iinpotcu'-y. orany ot , ,. -i . !♦.. n 

the eonsetiuences of voutbful b.discre.b.n. reu- j lo young and to oid, to gre.i aud to »m;ill. 
der.- it the most valuable irci>aratiou tver diocov j I'lje Ufauly which once was so t^rel-ious sud rarf, 

Car«l I'hotographs of Generals, States- 
men, Actors, etc., etc. 

Our catalo;:uc embraces over FIVK TliOl ."s- 
\NI) ditferent subject.s. i... lu.linu'reproducti..ns. 
of'tbemost celebrated Kngraxings, Paintings, 
Statutes, otc. Citaloguea sent on receipt o. 

stamp. , . 1. r 

IMioto-'rnphcr.^ and others ordering goods L. 
0. 1>.. wi'l plenso remit 2;-^ per cent ol the 

lore been brought out, of all tbe books d'jvjled to '^"\'^'!^.. 1,^. prb-es .lud uualif^ of our goods can 


our war literature, xbo portrait^ of these women, 
on steel, are in tho very highest and cosiliest 
stylo of tho art. We hear it i.s mtetiug with a 
great sale. It deserves it. 

•» "AVomen of the V.'ar :" their Heroism and 

not fail to satisfy. 


figures, attired in the latest modes.— 
jiCmong the numerous Wood Cuts aro 
a handsome Bridal Dress, Traveling 

ll'.H'J th<: Cvrtijh-'utv <>/ Ji<:r. li. T. FIhiiUh. 

To Dr. IIosTETi'i:!! ; 
a iianci.^v^ii.v^ *' ' - 7>,<o- ,SVi:— This is to certify that I was taken 

.■arid Visitini^ t-ilettes, new Paletots and | v^uu the dyspepsia a ye.-r ago l. • M:irch, and, i 

" for a period of eight month.-, was one of tho most j 

miserable creatures you evor bebcM, not being 
able either to cat, drink or sleep, aud was com- 
pelled to walk the lloor incessantly. I was nearly 
deprived td' my reason, and hope had entirely 
left mo, all tbe efforts made fur my recovery hav- 


Practical Watcli-Make.i, 

a n I) 

J E W E L i: 11 , 

Mankato, - - - Minu. 


Wattdies, clocks, Jewelry & si!\tr tyuic 
llepairina neatly executed and warranted. 




Irllc Ldquid 
E N A M E L! 


lionnets, iUustiutions of Wax Flower 
Work,, t^'c. 


Manufa'-t'.irer ;ind 1). abr In 



ercd, I Is free to all, and ail may bs fair. 

it will remove all nervous affccti.Mis. d-p'-"!"* 
ion, excitement, incapacity to study or business, , B'/ tue USC 01 
loss of Ec'uorv, couftisbiii, thoughts ol .-cll-'-u j 
.<lruction. fear.s of insanity, A-c. It wilt restore! 
the appc:ite. renew tbe hojlth oftbose who bare j'l it by .seisual excess or evil pruMtcCF. j 
Voting men", be bunil'U.ggcl n.> inoru b.y -'.luack , 
Doctors' and ignorant pr:ictioi:cr:s but sen.! , 
without Ucbiy for the Elixir, and boat o.icc rj- 
stored to health and hai.riress. A pcrfcet cure 

IS CHarntUeed in every insUnco. Pncc, Itl, or | ^^ ■ ^,,_i ro*utirv,«g*be Complexion, 

four bottles to one address, :-.{. • „ i ,,. , , . . . • • 

One boti'.e i* suffieieul to eilect a care la all The dost valuable and pcrfeot prep:\rat;ou m 

ordinrf-y c.atie.=. use, for giving the ?kin » beautiful ) earl IU • 

ALSO DU. JOiNVILL'S SPECIFrC PILLS, , tint, that is'^nly f nnd m y^'ii- Is uuickly • 

for the speedy an.l periurnent cure of tJouorrhcv , moves Ian. Freckles, Pli^plv, Plotr-hcs. ftlotu 

ijlcct, rrctliral Discbarge?. Gravel. Stricture and Patches, SnUownew.?. F^mptiotn aP<t oU impuri- 

all allV'tions of tbe Kidneys and Bla blvr. Cures , ties of the skin, kindly healing ths aanio, leavin* 

effected in from 01. o to five .lays. Tl'cy arc pre the skic white aiot clear as aUba»t«»-. Its nso 

pared from vegetable extracts that arc barmeb-ss (-on not be defected by ihe rio.'^'t eorutiny, and 

on the system, and never nauseate the siowjacb j being a vegetable pfeparauDn v perfectly barm- 

or impregnate the breath. No change of diet ii ] les?. It is the only art'r'ji of (ho kind u.sed by 

,ic! issarv while using tiicm. iM)rdoe; ibeir action the Frencb, ard J8 v«onFulerol by tbe Parsian as 

iu any luauncr ititerfcro \\iih busiu'ss pursuits. | indespeusible to a perfe/"* toiSt. Vvward? ot 

Price SI per box. 30.000 b.ttlcs were soil d'.i'-.r.g tba past year, a 

Either of tiio above mentioned article? will bo ! sufRcicnt gnarrantce of 'tfi e*Pei..ry. Pri'-e only 

sent to any adi'rcsS, closely scab d, and post paid 7a ««nls, sent bv mail, op receipt of *n or.ier. ty 

by nnll orcNprtss, ou receipt of price. Address BEllUER, SUL'TTS Jt CO., OiiemistF. 

all or-icr.* tfJ ' rlnlSyl .'JS5 Kivor Pt., Troy, N. Y 

liEUdKTt. PUUTTS A Cc., Chemists. 
v4ul3yl Is'o. 2S5 llivcr S'.rect, Troy, N. Y 


Wonderful but True. 

ly the first of Noverabor, 18C.'>, I had become 
so vcak and feeble that I could scarcely stand 

of every variety. 
Gilt Mouldings Kept On Hand 


Those of our readers who need any- 
•thin^' in the way of Cosmetics or Toi- 
let Articles, would do well to patronize '^^J^^^H^'^^^ 
thefirmofiiei-er, Shutts, &Co,Troy, ^^ ^.^^^^ ^„j f,.,,,ic ._ 

New York. Tliey aro the only Agents , j^j^^^.^ ^nd, to all appearauje, would aoon die.— 
in America for many of the most val- Atthi.s time (having r^.ad your advertisement,) 

. ., , 1 I' I- 1 'V 1.* A,.«; I mv wife prevailed uponmo to try your Hitters , ^ _ 

Uable French and English ioilet ^'^'^'' ll^'^J^l.^^^^^,^^^^^^ ,ho grcaest'i'mportaneo to the young of both 

elf 8 and Prei)aration8 that are used by ^,,,^„,^„ecd recovering. I have tak^n four bot- j '^'^^'';^^^,,^^ j,,,^ „,„ H„,„,,y „,,y become heauti- 
the Beauties of tho old W^orld, to tics, and am enjoying us g.od health now as 1 j^,^ ^j^^ desp'scd respected, and the forsaken 

leautify and .uako aura.tivo ii.cir -'^trr::::^'::::.^":"/;^:^:::?;! '"'^-.v... .».>, <>, .c.„e,„.„ ....... r...,. 


Law Cases and Points, nRMIMOTON the w.>rld renowned .^str.-l- 
01,'isr an.l SoninainlOlis*ic riairvo\ai'.t, while in a rb l.-- 
voyant state, lUleiiiHtes th'' very feature!" <f the person 
voli ere to marry, cud l>y theaid of an instrument of In- 
tense power, known as the P.syehoni..tropc, jruar.intees 
fo pvoduee a pertecl and I'if.iike picture of the future 
'msliaint o.' '.Vifc of Ihe :ip(»licar-t, with date of marriage, 
oe.- ipali'n ,lead!nfr trait.-( cf charac'er, &c. This is no 
iiiiposilt.m, as testimonials without nuinl)er can as.!crt, 
Hy statinj.' place of birth, acre, disposition, color of eyes. 

Free ta Everybody! 

A largo 6 pp. Circular, giving inbjrmalion of 

See their advertisement ill auolher wonderful en 

alone, under Pivino Pfoviacuee, that eirected »hi3 


K. T. FLLAtl.i. 


Hudson, iMichiijan, Au-iiat 30, 18CL'. 


scud tiu'ir.i"l dress, aud receive a copy post i-aid, 

by rjturu msil. 

Aldic5i P. O.I'rawcr, 21, 
vlulSoi'^ Troy, S. Y. 

Printed to order, oa short Notice, and at reasoa- 
able rates. 

All Orders by 3Sail rromptly Atieiidod t*. 


Wiaucb.1-0 Citr, :4tb, 1807. 




ForRcmoviaff Supcrflouis Si.ixv. ,., ^ ,._ .^ , 

rr I 1 J- . ».. .,.:..lli,- il,i« inviluable depiL haif, an.l ciiclcosin^' fifty cents. au<l stamped envelope 
To ihc la-'ics especially, this inv.UUaDie nej u ,^, j.^;^.^^^.^, ,^, j.,H,rself, vou will receive the picture by 
atorv rccomincmls itscU as being an almost .i-'n» ; y^,,,,.,^ „,.,;, tO;;ether with desired iuformation. 

uen-"iblo article to ioiuale beauty, i* easily ajmli- j .\ddress iu Conli.xuce, MXD.VM tlEKTRUUK 

'•d, does not burn or injure the skin, but acts .li • ' ii!.:MiN(iTON, I', o. n».v Tw^ Hwidred and Ninety- 
rcctlv on tbe roots. It is «artaiited ro rtmovo aovcu. \U&i. Ir^.y, N, Y, vluliyl 

supoVfluou:; bnir fi;om low b.reheids, or from any 

n.,rt of tliC, cou>plete',y. tolaMv and radical .. ~~^ " 

i;'exteip..ting-.hcsa,ue leaving tbo sKin .of-f, CONVERSE HOUSE, 

smootho and natural. '1 bis is the only article .^^ «-... 

nse-l by tno F'e.o b, und is tiie real | BlUC EartU City, 

depilatory iv e\i<^enpe. Price 7a cents per juick »pj^-g ij^^up^ bavin* been repaired and m^wH fnr- 
ige, sent post paid, to any addrcsi ou receipt of jij^hej tbroXighout, is now open tor the' reception 

of guc.«ts. 

Tbo proprietr»r rcspecfiiMy >olicits the patron- 
age of the traveling public, and is ''eteruiincT 
that none sbaU go away dissatisfied vilxa may lal 

an onfer by 

lJEiUJi:il,SUrTT-^ k Co.. chemists, 
v4n^■^vl 2S5 Uiver St., Troy, N. Y. 


'^L kinds ul Jou VV..fK ao..L lu onS.r at Ibii V"i- htm with a call. 




a. H. 00^'VER^:l:, Pro^rietot, 






■ ■ — '■■■•■• 


■ ll ■ 

i m II ■ I*. .1 



. 1 







. — ^ .-11-. — F-- — 

. ■ 


Wonderful but True. 

Vegetable Sicilian 



As the name imlicates, not only i«F.N' 
the growth of tlie hair when thin and fulling 
off, buV pojiitivcly rt •;<■•<•* the color to y\s 
original ^tfilo when it id turiiin< p'^y or 
w'.iite, whc^^r cavued by ditcasc,j|^lcf or 
old age. 

It will corti\ii\y do what ig cl^incd for it, 
a fact to which ^mdrcds, jfny thousands, 
who have U3cd it, ^o roaJy and willing to 
testify.. ^Yhc^e oucT^tt^is fairly U3cd, in 
any community, itsl^eputation •'syrcada 
like wild fire," a!w^i\the best advoriiso- 
nicnt and recoTn^cnd:\\>n we de.-irc. In 
the Ka^tern Sty?^, wheroVio "IIKNEWEU" 
originated, ^o young laXoa use it as a 
hair drep^ff^ ; it is foun\on th.e toilet 
taMc3 o^lfoung incn, (also aiVicir b:irliors), 
while Jeidor men and women Vho desire a 
E'-n^T and liCstcraUi'e for thcrVcroy locks 
aivi bald heads will not bo ^^^^out this 
Kriide, whioh givo3 in every iu^i.^'C, en- 
tire sctisfaction. \ 

«!-:Ti'riin ai tiflo, fLs ij ii>) i'rf;'iin\ti.'H in flu- wil i 
llko ihH, Uowiiru i.'t auy nrtitlo imriicrtiii^; U< bo tho 

Try 11 AT.I/S ITATR RKNKWEU acccnlin^ l.> Tirpc- 
ti .i«. aJil V. n will \i-'<' iv> o<l:fr. 

If i\ a !vV. I .it Jiunti>t* ia y nr tiw^n, a UHl l'"tMo 
• ili K> Mi»t y.ia W oxj rjvts, ujk'u tiN. ipt if< ::e il. ll:tr 
by iiiAiV, thiU ttivirii; y a an >i'iv>«tti.i.iy at I'liC'e i>l 
|«v"Tiriiins o.T'rTl.'nr ijiiiilitio^. 

f. A. CO as, iliUaiTo. 

\Se.Tl Airont for Nort'-.vkMswrn Str.'.: J, 

g. : ! It ■« nMTK^AI.K, !•. f ".i.a.'X 1 y yTTI.KR, rrVt'T! 
A KVUKi;. lJ.:^t^!lA^l:« .% VAN .-■• :IAA( K. I.>>i!I> 4 

EMiTii, .>JMiTri A lAVin;. J. u. iiy.i.'j .t co. 
en AX. 0. ?M!rfT. riin:'.5~ir. n.-H-Ki * tv., ii 

Bt-.^VIL, Vr. p. II AltUIS 1 OOl, l'^:JX & 1}.\.I>I:a1C, a:ii 
Igr Jriig^'.-sti auJ dixili-rs g'-aoiully. 

\^\BiNi:T siior. 

■\VoiiM re-5^ootfu'.ly ir,f'.r:r. tlu' yihl-c tha artf. 
haviM^ had a wctk" C>-r;iitncrsliii» wi:h Ton 
Ju!in Ttiirrii^. •? rt^Min il.iin-.' 1 ii.-'incs in nis I'wit 
na-n-. Kxpjri' UvC unl 1-irlUo iL-.-t liuio baviiii; 
a g.> id stock of 

"We'll Seasniictl Liniil)or«)U luiud 

nl^'i an • nl:u/''<l .>'.>"p. Uilnks to s.-.ii.-fy yll •■! ' 
cn.'foiii*"-?. ail ! !:i.w ..noi too. A'A k;n<l^••■i Fur- 
Kituff "U hjiiid. 'Uiirilc to ordor i romiitlj-. 

Xt'W oiistoiiiers lU'od not ask for 
inv rooms, ns I ]u\\<' the 
\,nlv in:i) BUILD- 
INGS in tlit'Citv. 

A'"i' rli!!-.; I" R^rooni-nt isailo If twoi n Mr- 
lUirr- s nn.l iiiy.-olf. dntod I>tc. lf>tli, Hf-C, e;icb 
one h i.< tfi I'uy bis own debt:". Orders Jip:ucd by 

Eti'.' I will I'.lV. 

WM. liM.bANDE. 

"\VinDtl).igo City, Jan. G, l''«i7. 


"MAliAM lll.MIMOTOX. tlif world nnowncl Aslrol 
•iirist ;>ii<l ."^omiKunl'Ulistii- I'ltirvoyiiiit, wliUo in .i cl:»ir- 
vi'y:nif Ktati', ilfli-niatcs the vitj' foaturcs ff tlic |ii'r>-i/!i 
\nu lire ti> marry, an-l liy t!ii' ui<i of an instruinciii nf iii- 
\'u.<o jiiwor, kno'.vii as tJio rsyt-hoiiiotroiie, giiavaiitcc-i 
r.> l>r<MltK'(.' a ix-rlfot aiitl lirTiki- \iictur»' of thi> niturc 
Kn-liaml v>r wifo of t)it> !n>i»li<:irt, wiUi date of iiiarri;\;:e', 
.n<-!il>atii>ii , li-adin^ Iraltd I f cliarnc'.iT, &c. Tlils is iii> 
iiupo^itioti, us tostiiiioiiiaH willuml nuinJior i';\ii assert, 
liy st.itinj.' j(!ai:i' of liirtli, a>:i , ilLspusiiion, culir of lyeH, 
liair, ti'i.I eriolcoshi)' City I'fiits. ;iiiJ !<(aiiiiiL'il i'nvi'lo|iL- 
,il Irissfd to your"! If, yu will ri<.i\ c tlie i>I^-tuie I'y 
r< turn ni:iil, to'iftl:cr witli ilc.-ir».l iiif.>n'ir\tii'ii.'ss in f .n:i.l. r.rc, MADAM CKUTIMDK 
!U:MlN<il(»N, I', t). loxTwo Humlreil un.l Nin.fy- 
so\«ii, West Troy, N, Y. vinlsj 1 


l>ctlcr o])])ortunity is now (.(il-red to any 


Auburn, Golden, 



Flaxen, & 

Silken Curls, 

I3Tl'">DrCED bT tbe nse^f Tr f. De TaErx' 
iUE.^II LS CH EVi:UX. Oiio Aijiips- 
ti.u W.\bl!ANTbl» to .'url tho 

ui '.st 5triu-;ht ar.d Btub bora hAir of citlicr fcx in- 
t ) TTiivy ringlet?^ or baa^y ujn*!>:vn einls. Ilai 
been u-eJ \<f lUe fash ion -ibl-js ct I'arii »r..t 1. i!* 
doD, with the nv.-t gratifjinrc rc'i'ts. I» ••-•.■' no 
injury to the hair. Pri' o by nail, se.iKp }<nJ 
lo'ti'ii'l, $1. DcsciiptW-e ciriubirs tti.t free. 
A.I.irf^-i rKiiriKH. ."-MiUTTS A CO.. Th-.u sts. 
K », 2^:> Kivtr ft., Trry it. Y. t3«'o j^pr-.n'^s i-x 

tho United State; 



ioUO. TLti b.-.i -jifll.o M .ntL'/us— Jcvotcd 

to LITKllAlUr.I-: and FA-SllION. $2.:.0 a 
year. We give WlIEELEll i WILSON'S cele- 
brated J-jo Scwit-ii Muchir.cS uii inc fjllowin^ 
tcims : — 

Twenty copi.s uiid llic Sewing Machines. STO. 
Thirty C',y\i:s " " '" " ?^-^- 

Ihcro cMnclh glad tivlin< of joy to all, 
I'o yomic; and to obi, to great and to small, 
t'hc bcawty whioh o.\ec was .«o prcoiuu.^: «uil rnrf , 
Ts fr;n^ to a!l, an>l ail may bo fair. 

Dy the Use of 


Willie Liquid 
E N A U E L! 

F^.r Improving itnd IbivuffTitiKth* IJompkxion. 
Ihc Uio^t valuaMe !>.u I p-rfcct rf'-rar«lior. in 
n-o. for i-ivinj: the skm a bcAutllul jH-nrl-likc 
li:»t. t!int isonlv f"ind mi yo'th. It «iiiickly ro 
uv-.M-s Im. Fi«'<kh-f>. INivpW, Fdo^-ho.s Jlolh 
P;it<ln.-f, Sii'l 'V^Iu•<.^. Rrsipti -OB .ird «!1 inr|>nii- 
ticis of the i^yin, kin<My bi-a'.inic tho .s««no. IcRvin,!,' 
the sl.j!» w'.iifc ai;d elanf a« uliil a't<><'. lt!< »>»• 
can nf..' >;c dcfccte 1 by th» r!«>.»i?t ECTutiiiy, nii.l 
t.ciiii; «. vofctii^le vr<'pavaii ■>» i' pfrfcit'.y harm- 
less. It i.-; the cnly uitifl* of l^o kind n.M'd l<y 
ll.e Frcn.h. ard isicrcns-derpl by the Far^iiR as 
iiu'i--; ':nsi!>1o to a p^rfe-t* t)i'ot. ^ipwards of 
:i(t.t'iv! Settle.^ were sudd inr-r!? tho past yenr. » 
follicient piarriMitec of 't* sfTioioy. Price only 
7J ««nt8. ftnt hv ijiad. or rpecipt of ♦n order, by 

>a:uGErw, sm'tts % co., (Jhcmi-i?. 

vlnlSyl 'sS'j Ki7er St., Troy, N. Y 

"consumption curable by 
dr. schenck-s medicines. 

TO CIKK CON;5l Mi'TIO-N, the s; .,te:!i niaH lio 
pr. i»fire>l .o that tho hiiu-. ivill boil. To u.-eo. iipli^h 
V.-.'^. tho Uver and Moie.vh must first be e li Hiinel a-id 
an a->p9'.'t? cTv^'atcd lornood w holcwmo lood, v.bith, 
by tV.o c melieiues will l^<3 dit-Ofted prcKrly, a:jd 
pood healthy l«k.od male: tlrj- I'Uii'linu' up tlm 
coa-t.tu'lon. SCIIKNCK'S MA.NDKAKK I'lLLS 
clctinscihostoniocholall bilioo/* or mucouJ accumu- 
lation!); and, by usim; the gca Wood Tonic in c-ju- 
uoction. the apT^'tUe i* re-tored. 

bCIltSCK'S ri LMONIC SYRUP is nntricicuj 
a- vrcli af? medicinal, r.:itl, l>y uj-intr the three reiiicdc-s 
all imparities are cxpol'.cd from tho tystcm, and 
pood, Mood made, which will rci»rl all 
discfv^c. 1 1 pr : icntfl will lake these medicii.cH accord- 
in!.' to daection.'. Coi.iu;nplion very Ire.juentlv in 
It^ la t «taj? .vields readily to their action. Take tho 
pills irciucntly. to cleinrO the liver and stomach. It 
dxs not :ollo«- that bcciiiwo the bowels are not cos- 
tive the-.' arc r.ot rc-pjired, for sometin.c-i in diarr- 
haa th'y arc nccc.^-ary. Tlie stomach rii:n bo kept 
bea'thy. a:id an appCcitc cri-ateJ to allow th- Pul- 
monic Scrup to act on the rc/piratory orf.- ma pn.p. rly 
and allay aa:.- irritation. Then all tiiat Ls ro juired to 
p^r oral a permanent cure is, to prevent taking' 
cold. Exercise alioat the rooms a? much as pos.nb!o, 
cat all ihe richct tood— 'at meat, pame, and, in tact, 
anything the appoiile cravca ; bul hf particular and 
masticate well. l'-^^ w. ca. mo. 1 yr. 


This medicine, invciitcJ by Pr. J. II. 8>'Ui;-"<CK, 
oi Philadelphia, is iiitej'.kd to dis-ioivc the food and 
m:UkO it into cbyuie, the tirst proces3 oi'diiK'Cstion. By 
Cleansing tho stcmtuih with Sehcnck's Mandrake 
Piila, the Tonic soon rci<torcd the appctilu, and food 
that could not bo calcu before vu'w^ it will bo casil/ 
d<i;eeftcd. ^ Q^ 

Contu'.r.ption cannot bo cnrcd by Schenck's Pul 
tnonic Syrup unlcaa tho stomach and liver is mado 
h(»Hliy and the appetite restored, hence tho Tcuic 
and Plllfl are required in nearly erery ca»c of con- 
enuiption. A half dozen bottles of the SKAWEKU 
TON I C and three or four lio.toa of tho M AN'DRAK IJ 
PILLS v.iU cure any ordinary ca^io of dyf-pcinia. 

l)r. S.'.'iLNCK uiakea proftssional vij-itd in New 
York, Boston, and at hi.ipiiiicipal Oillcc in Philadel- 
phia over/ week. See daily papers oi each place, or 
bi^ paui'hlot ou coasumption for bis days lor viBita- 
tiin. -^^^ 

Plca'c o'~>?ervc, when purcLaaiu?, that liic- two likc- 
ue.Si«cii 01 tiie Doctor, one when in the last i<tago ot 
Consumption, and the other ai he now u, in perlcct 
bciltli, are on the Oovornincut etamp. 

Sold by all Prucpiati and Ucalers, prico $1.50 pT 
bottle, or ^■"..'jo tho haU-dozcn. All lett< rs for advice 
ehould t)C adlrc.»-ed to Dr. S>iiENt;K*!j Principal 
OlVice, No. 1") North tith Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

General Wholeeaie Aeent* : Demas Uarnci» <Sj Co., 
N. Y.: B. a. Uixncc, Baltimore, Md.; John I). 
Parke, Cincinnati, Ohio; Walker & Taylor, Chi- 
m^o. III. ; Cuiiiiu iitOd., St Louii-, Mo. p 
; ^ [1st w. ea. mo. IjT. 


Woman, or dilM, wisliing to i-iirclifise anytliing in tlic line of Fality Dress 
Cotxls, FiiMich antl En-lisli ^[o.inos, Alpacca.s, Scotch IMaids, Dchiins, Woolens 
Flannels, Slrii-ctl lVi)rnis, llalmurul Skirts, Laaiea Cloaks, Cloak Clutlis, Do- 
mestics, jniDts, sliawls, hoop Skirls, Shirts drawovs, wrajipcrs, Hosiery, Xotions 
No. 1 >V'o>k'n r.lankt'ts, IJoots, Shoes, Hats, and Caps, and Eur goods of w very 

description, than has cvcrb cfore bocn 

Forty copi* 5 


S»snd IJ cents for a sample eof y to DEACON 
4 PETEaS0X,31'J Wdnut Street, rhiiadelphia 

KErAllATOll CArilJ.I. 

Tlirow a\r,-»y your fiUe !r'.ii-:i, your switclies, your 

wij( — 
Destnietive of cotnfort. a.ol nf>i woi-*h a fi„'; 
«'ome :!jt€<l,rr)m» y.,iithfil. cnne u.'ly and f.-iir. 
And rejoice i;i your <r.^ti Pixuvi ,i.t i,;i'r. 

KEl'AKATOil C'.lPiLI.I. 

For restoring hair upon bald heals (fpT.i uhatovcr 
CJiuse it may fallen oul> and forcin.^' a pn.vrlh of 
bair upon thf foe, it has no Vi<tn\. It will fur.;.,- th» 
beard to /rov.' up. '11 the sLiootiit.-,t f.ce in from five to 
ticht w.-ek-, or h;;ir upon baid ].-:'U in f.oin two to 
three meiithi. A f'-w Ign.-raiit ori'riif.ners have a-sert- 
fil that tlere Is nothMi'4 tliat will force or tia*en tht 
powth ol fhe hitii- or heard. Th- ir ««*?.. rti.i.s are false, 
as of livlg^' \viiiM«se.s(rrf.m th-ir o.vii < vp- ri 
ti'cci can bear witness. I!iU many will say, how ar.- wi 
to <li-tirii.oiish the ^'eiinine Irom th< sMuiMC.-..- II c rtaii; 
Jyis (liliieult, u.s nintff-riths "fthe .IiffLfei.t prciiaraiions 
a.lveriised for the hair and b:ai<l .'>n' .-i.Jir.-ly w.irihl' t^s, 
ami von mav h.ive r.Iif dy IhroH-n away l;t;-.-e ani' 
It. their pur.'ha«e. T- sii li we wr.uld '^k^ , try the Kcpui 
Htor Cai.pilii; it will c,st you i, .thin/ m.l.s- it co.-,,, . 
up to oar rtpresentations. If y.ur I>iTe."f.-» does not 
ke<p it, send U" one d-llar and we will forwar<l it, pu-'t- 
i.ail to>."-th"r nitii a r. '-cipt for Ihe m'.tiey, which will 
».e returned you on spplicr.tioii, proviaing tnliresah.s 
l.;ctioni3nut uiven. A-I-lrcss, 

W. b CI. VI:K * CO., Chemists, 
vlnlSyl No. -i West Fayeile Street, Syracuse, N. Y. 

^ DR. SCHENCK'3 »,. 


Th^H iTcat medicine cured Or. J. IL Sciikn:k, the 
rropr-etor, of Pulmonary Ccnsamptiun, when i*. had 
a^-umfid its iiio«t Ic-midablc a 'p<ct, and when ppeedy 
death aj>r>f;and to be inevitable. Ilii phygiciaas pro- 
nounced hi.^ inrurahle won ho comnK-acdd 
tlie u-0 of thid fimplo but powcrlul remedy. Hid 
health was restored in a very ehort time, and no 
return of the discace ha? been ripprehcndcd, for all 
the Kymptoi.13 qaickl/ digappeareJ, and his present 
woiyht J3 more than two hundred pounds 
f Since his recovery, be hai devoted his attention 
cxciuislvely to the car© ol Consamiition and ti;o 
diicascs wliich arc usually compiicafcd v.-ith it, and 
the cures effected by hia medicines Lave been very 
numerous and truly wonden'ul. Dr. Si iit.N<K 
makes profc<wioi;al visits to several of the lar-cr citiej 
wcokl;-, where he ha-" a iar>.'e concouree of patients, 
pud it is truly astonishiii!-'; to fco poor consuriipt:vos 
that hive to Ijc lilted out of their cax-riafrc', a;!d in 
a few month'" health;*, rol.uHt pcrpoua. Da. 
TONIC, and M.4NI)UAKE PILLsJ are pcacrally 
all rwjuircd in curium' ('onsumpUon. Pu!! direc- 
tion8 accompany each, ho that auy one can t'lke them 
v.ithout liCi i:is Dr. S<'nEN<;!:, but wheu it ia con- 
venient it ia best to HCe him. lie ?ivcs advice free, 
but lor athoroaeh ^.-jramiuallon with hij? Kewirometer 
b s fee in three dollar.?. 

p.eaee oljserve, t,-hen purchas'n^, that the two 
likcne.' of the Doctor— one v,' hen in the lastataj^o 
Ol' Consumption, and the ether ad he now is, in 
I>.il< et btalth— are on the (jovcrument etnmp. 

Sold by all Drn^'Ki.sls and Dealers. Price .$ . 
per bottl"^. or $7.50 tha half dozen, heiten for 
ndvic'j ehould always bo directed to Dr. Scheack's 
rrincipal Oniice, 15 North Cth St., I'liiladelphla, Pa. 

General V.'iiolet-alc .\geuts: Deii.a' Barnes 4: Co., 
N. Y. , S. S. lianec, Baitiinorc, ML; Joim D. 
F<rk. Cincinnati. Olilo; Walker <«.• Taylor, Chlctjio, 
III. ; Collin liro4., .jt. Loui-, Hv.l-A a, e* tCy.: 1 yr. 

C L I :,l A X ! CLIMAX!! 

Fa'-ro's Climax Salvo, a FjiiHily 
l;Ipssiii2: lor Co ( OJits. 

H lif'-ils without .1 sear. No 
family Niioultl ]w v.iihoril if. 

\<i}, ^.iirrant it io u'.iro Scrofula 
Soivs, Suit Filicr.n}, ChilhLnns, 
TpUpf, I'liiipli's, aiitl 111! Kr»|/i!oi!s 
of the S-'.in. For Sore Ercast cr 
Nipijlts, Cuts, Sprains, Uruisps 
IJuriis, St'iilds, Chapped Haiuls, 
i^'c, it niaACS ai perfect cure. 

It Iiaii boea used over fiitecu, without one lailure. 

It isas no parallel — haviii'? per- 
fectly eradicated disease and 
hoaU d after ail other remedies liad 
iVtiied. It is a compound of Arnica 
with many other Extracis and 
IJalsanis, and put up in larjirer 
boxes for tlie same price than any 
other Oliitment. 

Sold by Dniprs,-i.st3 everywhere. Wlutc & HowlanJ, 
rroprictors, 121 Liberty Street, New York. 



A Substitute for Calomel, 

These Pills arc compoaed of varloiu' rootf, havini? 
the power to relax tho secretions of tho liver aa 
prciiiptly and effrctually as bhie pill or mercury, 
and wiihout produciuR any of thoi^c dica-rrecaLlc or 
danterous ellects which oilcn follow the use of tho 

In all bllions di.»order.! these Pills maybe u.°ed with 
confidence, as they promote Uic dlBchargo of vitiated 
bile, and remove those obstructions from the liver 
and biliary ducts, ^.-hich aro the cause oi' bilious 
ftlTcctiona in f.'eueral. 

Ilep.Iache, and all disorders of the Livor, indicated by 
fallow skin, coated ton^uo, costiveness, drowsincea, 
end a general feeling ot wearinesH and lassitude, 
BhowiiiK that tiio liver is ia a torpid or obstructed 

In short, tlicso Pills may bo usod with advan- 
tn?c in all cases when a purgative or alterative 
medlcino ia required. 

Plcaae a3k for "Dr. Schcnck's Mandrake Pills," 
and oljserve the two likeneseea ot the Doctor 
ere on the Governmeat stamp— one when in the last 
etajrc of Consumption, and the other in his prcfieot 

Sold by all Dmpgietfl and dealers. Price 25 cents 
per box. Princ'pal Office, No. 10 North 6th Street, 
I'liiladc'phia, Pa. 

Ceueral Wliolesalc Apent.i: Denial Dames A Co., 
21 Park Kow, New York; S. 8. llunce, l()-( Balti- 
more St., Baltimore, Md. ; John D. Park, N. E. 
cor. of Fourth and Walnut St., Cincinnati, Ohio ; 
Walker 4 Taylor, IC^l and ICO Wnhnsli Avenue, 
thitafO, 111.; Collins DiOllieri>, southwest cornel 
^ Bctoud aud Vine St?., St. Louis, Mo. 

''** L4ih ii jti* w. ca. mo. 1 n. 

DM. VVJlirXIER isrej^ularly 
cducalc<I ntnl le;;itiiniitc!y (;ual- 
ilied, and has experience in all 
forms of disease, a knuwlc(l;;o 
,|uito inJi.Bjicnsibie in the trtiU- 
iiicnt of the veneral disease in 
all il.s varied sml complicated 
form", and lias for years made 
tho liraTiiient of private ilisoapes his busincHS and 
stilly. Kxperiencc, tbe best of teachers, ha.son-'i him to perfect roincdiea at once suflicicnt, 
.mile, perm an ei:t, and in most sases can bo u«ed 
without liiixlranc to bii.iinc«s. 

Particular attention Riven to obi standi i^ case.", 
Hiicli as were oonsidcrcd incurable. Syjdiillifi, iu 
all form.s; (Jonorrboa, (ileet, Strictures, Orcbites 
D:al,etes, iJbubler and Urinary lJi.-ca.<c.«. Al."o, 
Ihoefl'ect." of solitary habit«,both ruinou.s to body 
nndtniii'l, and which produces Rome of tlio fol- 
lowing; eirccta: iJlolclies, Weaknchi", Con- 
.stij.alion, Aver.-ion and Uneasiness in Feiuale 
Society, Unn)anline.«s, Dread of Future Uvent.s, 
finally a ooniplctc prostration of tho vital pow 
cr.«. lo.^s of memory, rin^jing in the ear.s, can be 
fully restored to health. 

All letter.-^, wi'h "tamps, answered. 
Dr, W. is the publisher of a new work, entitl- 
ed "Niji the Uvil in the jJud," wliich will ho sent 
10 ail on recciptof 10 cents to pre-pay po^ta;,'e. 
CoiLsnltation free. Cbartres moderate, and 
cure ffu.'iriintoed. 

Ilr.Whittier cures the very wor.^tkind ofrup- 
l;irfi in a few weeks. Office iJo.x 220 1. Office and Consultation 
Rooms 101 South Clark f-trfet; ChU-aJio. Yuu 
cm seethe Doctor every diiy from 'J A. w. to 5 v. M 


J E W E L E 


III !\iiib;uilt County. 

Hi'j;li prieos arc now 

Au'l tlie now 

m(»'lc of tratling— latvi JecUnc 


Uv) (ioods will warrant general satisfaction to persons coniing to 

iiiieliii^^® City 

To lay 


their winter's supply, if tlu^y v.ill only call at 



F. X II. T. ANTHONY i Co., 

MiiBufiietur-MS of rboto;,'roi>bic Jlaterials, 

Wholesale and Itettiil, 

scixncz-cv/Ay. N. Y. 

In addition to our main ,,f i'lioto- 
.lirni'hic .Materials wo aro ileaciiuariers ion the 
It llowinj;, viz : 

Stereoscopes *.^J Stereoscopic Views 

O American ard ForciLm cities and Landscapes, 
(jirouj'.-', Statuary, etc, 

Siereoscopic Viows of the "War. 

I'r'iii no^ratives m;tde iu tl.e various cnni- 
pai.uMi!- an l'~l'ormii>.^' a complete PhotOi^rnphic 
h!.>iory of thu i;ro:it contest. 

Stercocscopic Viows on Glass, 

Ad.qled lor either the Ma-ic Lnntern or the 
St<r-o<copc. Our C.iti»!o;,'uc will he £cnt te on receipt of stamp. 

IMiotogniphic Albums. I 

We tnanufai-t.urc more largely than any other 
ho; se, about 2()'» varieties Iroin 60 cents L. .rJO 
.•a. h. Our AjMJU.MS have the reputation of be- 
in„' fupcrior in beauty and durability to any 


Card rhoto.!:,'ra].hs of (lenorals, SUtcs- 
mcn. Actors, etc., etc. 

Our oataloi;ue embraces over FIVE TIIOUS- 
\.N1) ditVerent .-uhjeets. includinff reproductions. 
.,1 tin: most celebrated Kii;,'ra vine's, Pniiitings. 
.-;tatute«.ctc. Cutaloguos scut on receipt ot 

Ph-.tograj.hcr.' and others ordering goods t. 
0. 1)., "will pleaso remit 2J per cent ol the 
.imount of their ort'cr. 

>.CO>'thc prices and yualit^- of our gof>d.« cai_ 
not fail to satisfy. 


^P OF 


Ju::t 1 ublijihcd ill a seal-. d envelope. Trice 

Six Cents. 

A Lecture on the Nature, Treatmcut 
and radical Cure of Seminal weakness, or Sper- 
I matorrhtea, induced by Self Abuse; Involuntary 
) Fmi.s.-ions. Impotency. Kervous Delilil^', and 
i Impediments' to marriage generally ; Consump- 
tion, Fi ilcpsy and Fit- ; .Mental and Physi.'ul 
huai-aeity, Ac— liy 11015. J. (j ULVFllWliLL, 
M. !>.. Author ci the '•Green IJook" itc. 

The world renowned author of this iiJmirahle 
Lecture, clearly pnvcs fioiu hi? own e\i>erience 
that the aw-'u! eoiiseiiueii.'es of .-elf abuse may Vie 
tfrectnally removed without medicine, and with- 
out dangerous surgical ojieratioiii?, bougies, tnstru 
ineiits, rings, or cordials, pointing out a modo of 
euro lit once cerfain and olUclual, by which ev- 
ery suirercr, no matter what his condition may be 
may cure him.-elf cheaply, privatclv* and radical 

Sent under seal, to any addrc?.«, in a plain Fcal 
o,d envelope, on tho receipt of .-i\ cents, or two 
stamp.s. Also Dr. Cuherweirs "Marriage Uu'dc" 
price 2o cents. Address tlie I'uLlisLcrs'. 

CHAS. J. C. KlNE A CO., 
127 BOWERV, Nctfr York, 

Post Office Box 4586 


Gift Concert. 

Rus-ell A Oo., of Shakopeo. will give a Crand 
(Jill Concert at Kndreh':; Hall, Shakoieo, Jlinn,, 
on we Incjilay <;vening, May 1st ISf»7. One 
chaiiee in eiglit Five thousand dollar? worth oi 
valualdo jiropertj' and money to bo di>itrihutc<l 
to ticket holders. No postponement. Ticket!- 
(»no di liar each The jiri/es consist of a bouse 
and l:>t on 2 1 street, .'?1,2!U) ; u lot on 2d street 
at.'^2i)i>; a hou^e and lot on ILdmcs street at 
5li.»0; four lots linely located #100; one piano: 
one prize in greenbacks SUHI; one horte, one 
top buggy; throosiik dress patterns, one sewing 
maeldiiej one gold lev i- watch ; one American 
watid). Albums, napkin rings, Ac, in all J12 
prize.s. Tho object of the coucerl is to di.^iioso ol 
the rropcrty adverti.scd, and not for a pjtocula- 
lion. Addrc--B l»y mail (with pri'-o of ticket en- 
closed) M. C. llufscll, P. 0. liox 270, bhu.'.opec 

S;;:;: .;^. :ii:M^m: .« vr. v.., ..y bis new treatment, i. 
e,.Hl.l.-.! to insure a speedy and permanent cure. 

Cousiiitatlousfn-e and conlid.-utial. Ottiec, No. 1.3 
9outh Clark Street, et-rintr of Iloiiroe, half a Mock from 
tliM Post Oin<-e. Vnt Oflico li..x 154, Chicago, III. 
Ollice hours from 9 A.M to S 1'. M. _, , , 

.«euil for his "Guide to lloalth," published monthly, 

free of ch^iri:^''. , . ^. . , , „ 

N B. -badi'S, send for a deScriptiTP circular of Vf*- 
\*rio ilemodio, tho I'cst preventive of concoptioM 
"aown. Sent to any address iVeo of ch- rge. 

M((rria(fe <incl Cdibacy. 

AN Essny of Warning and Instruc 
tXOn to Youpg rtlcn. Also, Dijcsacs 
and abu.-'Oti which i>iemaliiruiy Pi Of trate the vi 
till Powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free 
of Charge, in sealed Ictlor envelopes. Address, 
Dr. J. SKILLAN HOUGHTON, How.ard Asso 
elation, Pluladulphia, Pa. v3u21yl 

Will do a (Jeneral Ibvnking and Ileal Estate ^. ^x ^ ,^ ^"i"VEAR^;;iri7Tiny on^ with 
nusinci?, pay Ta.tes for non-resideut?, niako c7> /0,UUv/ $15- st-ncil tools. No experience 
Collections, Ac., Ac,, 
H.D. IL\LDVvlN, - - - S. P. CHILD 

L'luc L'ar« City, May 1, CO. 




<>JJi<'C oppoiiite "Union Iloitsc " JJliic 
Karlli Cltij, Minnesota. 


i..i tho orilv I'ltysi<-i.tii, ns a epcculint 
II -v.- ia Chicajro that can tie entirely 
relii-'d iii>'ii. <>|> T'l HIM, and not «iiflei 
that h.iriil ledi.-ease to n-main ii. your 
«-,>,«li.'<ligui-iiia your larpuin! hody, 
li^•^illes deKtroviii;; your h;U'piii''.-s.iiid 
futrr.« pri'^i'i'i Is of lifi«. He h-.iN mads 
l.KblblTV bis t^tiuiy for the p:u-,t 
\L.,^r \,-r\ tweiitv vcars. aii.l ir- tlieiefor.Mhc per- 
"^lAVilM*"^ g,.„ wiioiii nil !itlUileil should eonselt. 
Nj oi:;< over b.nrd of a patient of his Tmt biit.;; cured 

..aeh.rsiu all the city p.-ip. i-x Im-j patu-.its ana t no 
II. dieiil profe.-.sioii, h -th h.-re and abroad, as hemj!; fh« 
iiost -kill<-d .«,t here, and a thol■o^.^ll neihti-r ol 
II »..v.ial diseases. If nil olh-r^ f;Ml, don t .K.-.p*iir 

,iuo^ h. has b..-n in this city. His i-.-putali>.n bu 
vaehrrsiu all the city p.-if.i-s, Im-< patu-.its and tho 


^i^o'''him'a .'all."" l"t is'oiily a common o.-eurrenr.' with 
l.iin to euro such cases. His ro..ins nr.' s-p.uiit.- f.-r 
ladies and u.-nll.-iii"n. and the nio^t cmpUte in thocity 

YotS'J MtN, TVKt PAUTICIL.MI NolICi;. -Joelol- )!uu- 

mw d -r. t.-s imu h of his tihic to tho tr.-;.tment o thojo 
-aM.s.-.-oi-.-.l hv a H.-.-r.-t h.-MI. whi-h ruo..- hoth h.-dy 
,nd iniu.l. imliiti!!;.; the u.if-rtiiimte m. i. idual "r ••i.e-r 
.H,.i.i..s.s or so,-i,-ty. The sad ol e:..rly hahi s. 
„|- th- excess of riper y.-ais, is to weaken and .hhili- 
tat.-thecoiefitution. d.-sl.roy tho iihy.sical and monta 
,,„w..r.s, dimildsh and enfeellv th- imfural f-e.m-s. and 

'xhanst Ih^ vital en.Tgic of m,-o:h I: the flexam-s 

onif.Mire man-.d. tho oljeet ot marnag<^ fiustrat.-d, 
,nd existence a term of. me.-asnif; misery 
A'l 1 reirrct. SiKh persou.s, cspe< i-illy thoso coiitem- 
.0 should lose no time iu making iiimH- 

T ecoa-sary. The Presidents, Casliiers, and Treas 
I rors of 3 Hanks the circular. Sent free 
with samples. Address tho .\mcrioftn Stencil 
SOyl Tool Work?, 8prIasQeb.l, Vauiout. 42yl 



Moore's Rural New-Yorker, 


iLY wi:i:kly. 

For IJoll* Town and Country. 

TheRiral is tbe standard in its sphcra of 
Journalism, being the laraest circulating Paper 
of its Class in tho worM — bent evidence of lix- 
In'iixi'- M' ill oii'l Si'jii ri'iriiij. In variety of prac- 
tical, u.seful, enterlMiuing and timely Ittading it 
has no e(jua!, its amiilc pagc.i comprising De- 
partments devoted to or treating upon 


Sheep Husbandry, 
Domestic Economy 

Arts, Sciences, 
General News, 
Market Rcportg. 

Has, and will keep constantly on hand, for sale : 


Jewelry and Silverware, 

.\nd will attend promptly to all kinds of Repair- 
ing of Clocks, Watehe.«, and Jewdry, and guar- 
antee perfect satiifaelion to all who patronize 
him. lloom opposite Union Hotel. SOyl 

Blue Furtb City, May 17, IS6G. 

cliiaie Shop. 

The ^L•l.l:k;■to Foundry and JlacLine .'bop is 
n^'W in oljeration, and wo arc pre]'arcd to 


of ci-ery description. Steam engine", Threshing 
5IaehiiH,«, I'aaper.=, Fanning Implements, &e. 

We al?o make all kinds ol iion and Lraii? ca.?t- 
inps. Dabbitt metal always on Iniud. Orders 
=ol'cited and promjitlj' attended t i. 

Old Iron, Brass and Copper 

wanted, for which the Li,'hc-t price will be puid 
v3n7yl C. W. BARNEY, & Co. 


AT TUi: 

AVilli IlIUKtrntlouH, Tales, SketthcH, Pc 
dry, .lIUNlc, Ucbuscs.Knigmas, &c., &c. 

TiiK KtnAi- is ably Edited, neatly Printed, 
well Illustrated, and <i'foj,ffi/ to the whole Co iw 
irif. It employs the best Talent. ForexaHiple, 
its Department i)t Slmft llnKhi'ii'/ri/ in Kdited by 
Hon. 11. S. llANDAi.L, LL. D., Author of the 
"/',-(Ktir<i/ .Slujjh'jid," ''Shxjj JliiHUindrij in th« 
S'.i'th," Ac., <fce, the best authority on the fubject 
in Amc.ioi, — while its S'-uil'm (.''.n-tx^ioicHnff 
/;-/-Vo,- is Hon. T. C. Peters, late Pres't N. \. 
State Ag. Society, now of Maryland. Many 
other able atid talented writers aro regular con- 
tributor.=, and the whole pajtcr is under the Edi- 
torial Management of its originator, D. D. T. 
MooiiE. Tifl^; IlriiAL is tho best Journal for tho 
Farmer, the Horticulturist, the Stock anil Woo! 
Grower, and the Family Circle now obtainable. 
Remember, also, that it is not a monlli/j, but ei 
Large and Reautiful Wukkly. 

Examine a number, and see if, next to your 
local paper, the Ri u.vl is not tho one for your 

VOLUME XVm, FOR 1867, 

In Sujicrior style,— new Copper Faced Type, 
Good Pdjier and many Fine Engravings. Each 
of its Fifty-two No's (not 12, like a monthly,) 
will comprise Eight Double Quarto Pages. An 
Index ic., at close of the volume. 

TERMS, in Advance- Only $3 a year : Five 
Copies for ?.14 ; Sovea for Sl'J; Ton for $25, and 
any grcate^r number at same rate, — only ?2,50 
per copy. Club papers sent to different Post Of- 
fices. As we pay American postage, ?2,70 is the 
lowe«t Club rate to Canada— $3,50 to Europe. 
JiS'-Now IS Ti!E Tnti: to Svbscrief, and Form 
Cllus. Premiums, Free Copies, Ac., to Club 
Agent=, and wc want at least one agent in every 
town in the Union. Specimens, Show Rills, la- 
ducements, <tc., sent free. Address 

D. D, T. MOORE, Roche.=ter, New York- 


Having madii Bome chnngef e'-ncernhig the 
l.iisii)e^-s traiis;;c;ions of the 'Wlnnebag-o City 
Mills,' wc wish to announce lo ttie ptililic that 
we aic now prepared to do all kinds of work in 
our lino of buiiuess. for ready jiay. Logs-, wood, 
wheat, or even Money m |.ayment for 
work. Our terms for rawing arc : One half, or 
■?r.';per ihou.-'uid. Flour, P.ran, .and shorts con 
ttanily ou hand, .and for sale ;''.ieap. 

Lumber >«25.00 per Thonsanil. 

Winnebago City, March (Vth. U'ztlO. 


Goods Avell 1)011 alit, aie half sold. 







Etc., Etc., Etc. 

at prices that 






Kiitter & Cheese 

wanted at all times at the market price. 

I never wa^, Never can, and 
N<;vcr will be 


Give nie an early call, and see 
for yourselves. 


Blue E.arth City, May 14, 1SC6. 3n30yl 


ha« on hand tbe largest and best selected 5tocC 
of Hardware, Stovos and Agricultural Imple- 
ments in the Minnesota valley. My stock of 
Agricultural Iniplement.s is very largo and com- 
plete, coni-ietiiig of tho following niaehiiics : 

r>5 Buckeye's. 

CO J. H. Manny's, 
Self ct Hand Hakes, 

20 Kirby,fi 
Excelsior Droppers, 

and Caugia Cliief, 
G Sweepstakes Tliresiiers, 

J. .1 Case's Tliresliers, 
G Volrator Threshers, 

Massellon Macliines, 
G Buffalo Sulkey Iv kes, 

35 Bevolving, liorse rakes, 

and all the smaller implement? in a* K 

My stock of Builders llardwar has been se- 
lected with care, and is very large. Builders 
will alwa^'s find a full supply of 

Nails, (Hass, Sash, 

Doors, Blinds, 

Locks, Latches. S-c. &c. 

Prices Esceedinly Low for 

All persons desiring to purchase Reap ' »nd 
Threshers, would do well to give me a call ocfore 
j.urchasing, as my stock is very large and 1 will 
Warrant all maeiiines to give satisfaction, and 
my prices and tcria= cannot fail to suit. 






1]10UCED to grow upon the smoothest face in 
. from othre to five weeks, by using Dr. SEV- 
most Wonderful discovery in modern science act 
ing upon tho Beard and Hair iu an almost mi- 
raculous manner. 

It has bocn used by tho elite of Paris 
and London with the most flattering success. 
Names of all perehaicrs will bo registered and if 
entire satisfaction is not given in every inst-ince 
tho money will bo cheerfully refunded. Price 
by mail, scaled and postpaid, $1. De^criptii/e 
circulars and testimonials mailed free. Address 
P.KKGER, SIUTTTS & CO., Chemists, No. 825 liiver 
Street. Troy, N. V. Sole »ij<-iittf for the United States. 

Advice and Pr€sc7'iption$ for Sick or 
Injured Horses given Free,. 

The Editor of Wii.ices' Spirit of thb Timb» 
desires to inform tho owners of Horses through- 
out the United States, that he has regularly en- 
gaged upon bis paper, one of the ablest and most 
experienced professional xeteriuarians in the IT. 
S., whose special duty it shall be to answer, gratia 
all quettious relative to siek or injured horses 
which may be addressed to the SriaiT, trluthrr 
III niibncriUrs or not. Theso answers will in all 
cases contain a ]>rescription for the injury de- 
scribed, and will be printed, in connection with 
the tiueslion asked, in the following number of 
the Spirit. No answers, however, will bo given 
by mail, it being a part of the object of the edi- 
tor to ?ubmit the abilitj' of the professor who has 
assumed this department of the Spirit to the 
keenest criticism of the general public. By ad- 
ding this useful department to tho Spirit, the 
editor contributes to those of his readers and 
subscribers who own horses, ahorse doctor free, 
and not only to his subscribers, but to every 
hors* owner iu tbe United States who may choose 
to direct an inquiry to the Spirit by mail. Tho 
eubsoriptiovi price of the SriuiT is $5 a year ; but 
single copies may bo bought from news agents 
from week to week by those who desire to use it 
temporarily only, for veterinarian quoiitions, at 
fifteen cents per copy. Tho SriRif or tdh 
Times is a high toned gentleman's paper which 
(with the old Spiuit, whoso business and title i^ 
inherits) is of forty years' standing, and is de- 
voted to Hunti ig. Fishing, Racing, Field Sports^ 
Literature and the Stage. George Wilkes. 

Editor aAd Proprietor, 
201 William St., Now York. 


Oh ! she was beautiful and fair, 
With starry eyes, and radient hair. 
■Whose curling tendrils soft entwined. 
Enchained the very heart and mind. 


For Curling the Hair of either Sex into. 

Wavy and Glossy Ringlets or 

Heav> Massiqe Curls. 

By uflng this article Ladies and Gentltmen can bean- 
tify ♦hemselves a tliousand fold. It is the onlv article In 
the w rid that will curl straight hair, and &\. the same 
time iiive it a beautiful, glossy appearance. The Crisper 
Coma not only curls the hair, hut invigorates, beautifies 
and cleanses It ; is higtily and delightfully perfumed, 
and is the most complete article of the kind ever oflTered 
to the American public. The Crisper Coma will be ml^ 
to any address, sealed and postpaid for one dollar. 

Address all orders to 

W. L. CLAUK * CO., ChemlrtB. 
TlulSyl Fo. B Wtkt Fayette gtt»»e», Syr««ue, N. -^ 

■ I fc. 



























' ^ ! , - ■ - T 

r , 1 


r 1 

E. A. KOTCHKISS, Editor & Proprietor. 


Term^— $1.50 — Invariably in Advance 

VOL. 4. • 


KO. 31. 



1 1 LIj i IV / JL iiO 1 li^V J./i j ^atcrville. Lc Sueur Co.. Minnesota, 

J. M GRAi, Prop 

i;oiM< lio^li:. 

^\'I;cro aro y«.a gt'Ui;? fo fasl, old uian ? 
Whore arc ycu !;'>iiig*a<) fast? 

Office on North Front Street, one door vest of ! J* J^" trlt^i- ■*• ' •* ^^P" Theri:'a a vullcy to iro^-s «iil a river lo ford 

Hu-h.rd.on'. Store. , Terms over n.gLt ^ ^_^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^, ^ ^^^^^^j^^ , 

Hu-hard.-on's Store. , 7',, , , .. 

_ ,_ , I One ilullar aii.l ii .|U:nti'r. 

^ ■ ^ ^^^^ — I (lenoral sta^o ofliee. Hood tital.ling, .nnd reasiMi- 

TEUM.-J OP SiriiSClUPTION. 1 M^lLvf./^. 47x3, 1 

One copy one year - - - ^l.TiO — 

For any term leja (iian h ajoth.-:, 5 cents a week- 


Ko. in. p sq \jl^ I 4 fi<\\^} c „\. \ 5 e ol. |J i'«'i 
1 mVti 2.-.(> 4.00 r..lU) T.liO ' 12.00 i 20.00 i lll> 110l»?0 lb .>C\S^ j 

6 w'k^ ;{,:.'» 5,i>o' S.O.I lo.oo lu.oo 2;..oo Pk-nsautlv LocatcJ, and has- bi-on .>«-.w 

3 m'tiis :>.oo ,'*.rto r.\ot> i.%.iHi 21.00 . ;'.:..oo ly PavnishcJ llirouu'liout. The vciy 

\ ^1^: 1^:23 115 ^S;;;;'":". :;i;;i ! ?S;;:, Wst accotnn; .unvatuoca to 
Ten line, or Io«s make one .»-.... I travelers and hotin\cVf^ 

Evans & Tall, Proprietors 

inU.ixst it wouKl 1)0 to eonstruo it oth- 
er\vi>o if they cou!<l. An Aincrioan 

Co!-t of a %c'.vsi»ai)cr. 

Kiistori "J)*)!!*;." 


Good Stable Koom for Teams, 
nlnf.vl Garden City Kinn. 

Advertisomcnts not marked for a specified time 
irill beeontiuucd. .-iad ohir^?rifi>r acL'urdii'.ijly. 

Yearly advertisers will l>e held strietly to ad- ; 
Tcrlisoinents pcrtaiuin;; to their businers All 
other notice? will be cb:..j:ed at the rotrnlar rates 

Excess of advcrtiiciaeuts iu-'0(ed will bo ohar^- 
«1 propcrtionatcly to the number of s-iuares bar- | 
gained for. I 

Legal advtrtisement.' in.'erted at the the ex- 

Tiense of the attorn^-y ordoriug them, and i?ot do- : i , , i /..n \,\n,U of « ork in 

* • .,lanJisnow i roparei to Jo iiU Kimi> oi woriv lu 

ayable for legal proecediugN but mu.n o'j i-aul ,,j,. j;„^._ j^'e^^ l.ariicss nia.l.! to or.Ur, lUid al! 

on delivery of the alTi.lavit. i Idnds of rci.airin;; done on short notice. .Sliop 

Notices'in.orted ia the rcadinr column, doit- ' up >lairs. next door scu.b of lluhards.n X If-'y- 

.,, ' nold." Oroctrv. .^^ 

.Uo ra.c3 E.A. UOTCIUCIf.-, i E. JT. I Ii;T( '1 11 N S. 

Hariiesis 81iop. 

The nndcr.-isne 1 take? this method of inforra- 
n;; the poplc <>f Winnebago City and vicinity, 
bnl he has just opened a new harness shop in 


i:. A. IIOTCHKIS.-^, 

V. lit r /c rroi.rietor. 

Winnebago City, May 2.'», 1M>6, 


There's a clasp of the hand and a parting wovd 
An 1 a tremulous sigh foi the past, old man ; 
The beautiful vanishoJ past. 

The road has been fugged androv h, old man, 
To your feet lis rng-od and roui;h ; 
llut you see a dear being, with gentle oyfcS, 
lias shared your labor and sacrifice. 

Ah ! taat has been sunshiuo enough, old man ; 
i'or you and me sunshine euo ;h. 

How long siucc you passed o'er tho hill, eld 

Of life ? o'e< the top of the hill ? 
Were there beautifi-l valleys on tho other side? 
Were there flowers aud trees, with their branehes 
To shut off the heat of the sun, old man : 
The heat of the fei v\d fuu ' 

I And how did you cr-ss the waves, old man, 

I Of sorrow — the fearful waves? 

' Did you lay your dear treasures by, one by one, 

I With an aching heart aud ••Uod's will be do ne, ' 

i Under the wayside dust, old mat. ? 

' In the grave 'ncath tho way^ide dust ? 

i There is sorrow and labor for all, old man; 

, Alas I there is sorrow (or all ; 

And you, old m; n, have hid your share, 
For Jighty long wintershave whitened your hair. 

enviso if they could. An Aincnc-an , Some idea of tho vast expense at- j The McntreaU/c/.c^. ent.c c;ave to 
c-itixcn appli<.s to a Liberal ofVlccr for a | tending the publicatio.i of a first-class Canada and to man, the following rhap» 
sale conduct through Mexico, which is j daily paper ntay be inferred front the sody on liustori's Ehzabefh: 

"She was the running streamlet in 
the green and flowery summer, high 

saie couaucL iniuu_u,ii j.>n-.v.w»^, .. "^♦•v r-i •' 

readily granted, but it turns out to be annual statement made by the ^ew 

an ordor to hang bint when be should York TriOvm: Association '. , - • ., n i t 

get far enough in tno interior for the j Ihe gross receipts from .tibserip and away in the woodla^ds^ lu peace 
LuherousTtet to be perfor.ned with I tions, sales and advertising, in 1806, ul .scenes lur royal mutnhcence was 
inn.unity. As eorrorborative evidence amounted to 8000,417. The expenses ; beauttful, full, beneficent worthy of a 
that sul was the meat.i.g of the eu- were ?.^S5,1 58, showing a net profit of great queen, a.s the lakes, tnei. 
circled 'him ' it was reported by Liber- but *24,2;VJ to bo divided amom; the grandeur from the itiyrtads of running 
.1 ollicers th'at the bearer of the pas..- ! stockholders. | streamlets, give character and general 

port h-id been hung by robbers. The! /^,m.s-Tbe printing p^per cost , utility to thi.s magmficont couutry.- 
n-ime of the ofliccr who gave and sign- $tlS,lim. Pressmen and compositors, | Anon the current of passion, subvert- 
ed the ivissp ,rt was Col. I'cdro Varrios. ?13:j,000. Ld.torial expences, 081,775. | hr^ the higher conscience, down, 
acti..- ""j'-r orders of Gen. ^Liriano Correspondence, 40,a00. Mailing, and still down, carrying the roy.-d at- 


Business Directory. 

Kscobedo. Americans, beware of l/ib 
oral passports; there may be a loop in 
them and a hole through }0U. 

i:!cvated Railways in New York City. 

Duting tho last hours of the session 
of the Xew York Legislature a bill 
was passed providing for the construe 
tion of three lines of elevated railway 
m Nev/ York city. 

\^orrer>j)uu<.icin;v, -i./,uvv/. i-^- -^i - ^ . ^^ ^ 

counting and packing papers, s^35,U0O. \ tributes with it, until there was swifl 
Taxes on advertising, ^10,OS2, besides ! descent, a rapid, many rapids, a rag* 
many other expenses of Ices magni- ; ing torrent, a Niagara ! Then arose 
tude,' but which help to eat up the groans out of the deep, distracted s'jul J 
profits of the publishers. In l'^<i5 the ' the currents of life heaving, eddying, 
receipts were ?<«lG,5:i7, expenditures, , ^yhirling round and round in the c»ta- 
^G4r),l07, showing a profit of ^170,- . fact that has no bottom, or if a bottom, 
430. The combined circuiation of the none knowu to living mortal. Y^et 
various editions of the Tribune, daily, amid all that wreck of mind, tumult, 

weeklv and semi-weekly, probably ex- i tempest, the combined dignities of 
_ *' . . * I 1 1 , „.„„ c«r.,ii., ..», ♦v.a 

.S.LAXT^ Fries 

\Viiinel)a':;o City Dl^tl^ct. 

A 11. r.\!.l.tS. U.-i:.!fr. 
11. \V. HOI.I.KV, ittctfivcr. 

•OTScehour^froni S .\. M.t'.'.MP. M. 
Wi:-.:ie'-.i-.- C.ty.Mhii..'Jct.-26; l>t;^. 

NO. -7. 

FRtE j..<r» .X'^crrTv::^ maaON?, avinneb.vco 

til V. Mi>.». 


Tiesjular Communuatioiis are 

be: i'^oa '-^-^ Cra and third Tuesdays of 
e.uh Jlonth. 

— orncr.i'.s- 

P? ! '••, W. M. ••HO. A. wriK. ?. r» i 

J, S. P E 11 11 Y, 

T A 1 L O M ! 

\Viiinel)ago City IMiniifSuta, 

Mr/ be f .rod In Fellows' New Block. Op- 
positc.Cotticll fit Drarbon s New Store, 

at al' liiocs. d L- do idl work intrusted to 
him. in the late I >'ew York Fashions, or to suit 
he customer 

Most kinds of country produce wanted for work 
Cutting d.^ne on fhoi t nulico, aud rarrautod to 
tit if prlpcily made ui). "-^^"^ 

\nv York citv weeKiy ana slmiii-wv;uki.> , i'.^"""j -- pv....^.^..-, -— - o 

"^ .,*,,. ^'„ eeeds that ot any other general news- 1 woman and (pieen arose fitfully on the 

.r eighty long wintershave whUenea your na.r. The bill provides for tho lOCOl poia- , • _^^ ^^^^^J^ | ^^^^^^^^^ ^.^^^ ^ ^^ .^^^^.^^^^ of summer SUU- 

And they've whitened your heart as well, old tioQ (^f l]iree companies, named tllC 1^1 

NVest Side and Yonkers, IJroadway and . -— ^ 

man . 
Thank God, your heart as well. 

You're row at the foot of tho hill, ol I man ; 
At last at the foot of the hill. 
The sun hy.s gone down iu golden glow, 
And the Heavenly City lies just below. 
Uoon through the pearly gate, old man.— 
j The beautiful pearly gate. 


B MVl'lS 'N' .' ^V. . .. 

O. K. yi*,lL1vS. 'rreas^ K. H^ HlTt UIX>, 


'^,'■'1 i>iv^S.5;'l^. P. i IJlncksmithing, Shoeing,Kepairlng, S:c. 

'x' i- '.> •.'•\H\M.T.l r. i 


I'LUI-fEAliTIl CITV i.= ^I)GJ-: 

T\. under:i^ned .-till occnpics the shop near 
1^. f •.:.:o V;!«. i.nd wr;iidr'-pectfully announce 
liial l.c is iijw pjci-ared to uianufactnre t.oth 

rr.FE AND ACCl !'iK'> M.U-"N- 
1. 1 1 1 , M 1 .» •> . 



REr.ri.Ar.;uuieations are i-.eld on the , Kre Uli I H ill^l O WS. 
First ai, i Third Wclnesdiivs of m .nth. i ----' ^ 

H P. YOfS"''. ^V. M., 

1. vv. i;k-»'.vs, ■;. w. 

il. W. TKlVrr'.i:. .». N\*. 
W:;. ■.. C W. licas. 

11 V (KNsrANs, s. n. 

\ V. K A ST MAN,.'. I>. 
.] 1!. UK \' M''^- r. '^:''' 

(.;:■». 1!. Ki.NotL.KV, So. 

I. of G- T 

■^i:r,rT Alt inet-Ting cvciv Friday tvei/irg, nt 
V y.oulioii's iii^ii. 

llnviu'^Sv cur-id the rorvice? of FIRST CI.ASS^ 
workmen"'. 1 am able to ».tler tb.e best u'UJli'y of 
'vf.r!-. b'iMi .M^nufaeMrioj: a»id K'-'iMirmir. -i- '>- , 
Ma-'. Ilorso .v <• . .-Hocui'^-. Ac. iu tiie best n.nii- 
nor. T!>...':\'til f.r i-ist favor.--, I w-.til I so.u-it ^ 

; i:!;ua;j;.e.; ol ihe pubiie j itrona^c. 

vlnl'Jtf J. M. WHEELER. 

After the shower, the tranquil sun ; 
After the snow, the emerald leaves ; 
Silver stars when the day is done ; 
Alter the harvest, golden sheaves. 

After the clouds, the violet sky ; 
After tho tempest, the lull ef waves ; 
yuiet woods when the wind? go by ; 
After Ihe battle, peaceful graves. 

After the ki.ell. the wedding bells , 
After the bud, the radiant rose : 
Joyful greetings from sad farewells j 
After our weeping, sw.-et repose. 

After tho burd.-n, the b!is.-ful meed ) 
After the light, the downy neot ; 
After the furrow, the waking ."ced; 
After tie 'hadowy ri'. i Y-—r-:'i '■ 

How a Man may Cany :iis Own Death 

'-. CA; i>V»LI.'., V.-. ('. T. 



1 The Brownsville A''i/?.'/<'ro publishes 
the following sketch of Mexican life 

r.. M p.-»TTF.::."'v. ,. s. I . the following sketch ol Aiexicau 

' oFFicivLsoi' F.vuin.xn.T coi-N-TY. C^^OC^l^CFy StOf^! rtud love fur Ameri-an> : 

, vtor_r w rM.v "T.-..s'r-n. p.. Jon::^-os i *" I A citizen of Texas, but off and 

iieihter-r Uni . ' ,^ ^]:)^:!-:<.b:'l:^^<To:<. ! .' .vi: A-0 AiTNN. ' trndin- ill Mcxico, albeit a n.erclK 

c'n:^er-W>K A- WAY_rou..- LK LA VKU.^NL. 

Countv Cm. 1st Dist.-A U. MORF, 
41 ■ .. '/J " _l|. .1. NKAb. 
.. >i S.l '• — ">UN U. MSSON, 

.1 4th " — .1AM1..- CHAYS, 

.. -,h " -.lo.-r.i'U rM.n.i-.TT. 

— Dlsitrlct Coml of this Di.'irict meetsat Ulue CarU. ^^^^]^. opposite Bradley & Bro. 

XANKATO. MINX, \ trading in Mexico, albeit a merchant, 
ALliiaiT S. ^VHlTE, I'roprietor. I ^yas anxious to look after some inter- 
! ests in tho City of Mexico. He had 

rrockrry, niaP?-warc. ftrocerieP, Ac., for sale I ^ • ^j- various Gov- Country stores supplied ll\ cU UnUtr iue « 
on reasonable terms. Rooms on iMam btreet ^.rnmcuts 1« McXlCO, UUcl last, 11 noi 

City oa the liist Monday in June 



Calls by day or uight piouir.tly aite;idLd to. 
Winnebago City, Aug. \o, K^oo. 

Dr. J. P. 5'i:i!«e>. 

Physician & Surgeon, 

Ofii'--o over the Hardware Store, -Main .-t., Win- 
nebago Ci!v, Minnesota. - _ 
x! I.r_-Otfi:.c cpcn for calls at all hours of the | 

»lny and night. ^ j 

^"^^ ANliRKW C. DVNN, j 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law i 

.-£;- Will attend to prof visional busiuesi 
hroughout the .*tatc. 
Winnebago City, Minn. 

P. K. ^VI8KH, 
Practical AVatcL-IMake.i, 

A N D 

J E AV E L E R , 
Mankato, - - - Minn. 

l>t-;ALLK IN 

^yal(dles, clocks, Jewelry & silver Tvaic 

Repairing neatly executed and warranted. 

cnAS. iii:iLr.oKN, 

Manufn'-lnrer anil Dcahr in 

least of them, under the Empire. He 
i had reason to believe that the Liberals 
were inimical to him, especially so as 
he had money on deposit and other 
property in Mnntcrey. This, be argu- 
ed was oiVenso enough to secure his 
assassination. IV-'iorc leaving Monte- 
rey for the capital, be applied and ob- 
tained a passport for safe conduct 
tlirough tho Liberal lines-g.iarantee- 
iiv him assi>tance and safety at tho 
hands of all Liberal troops. He started 
out and made a portion of the trip, but 
became alarmed at what he saw and 
heard, and beat a hasty retreat. He 

■ aTTOTTiuT&bauney. 

Attorneys & Counselors at Law. 

MANlt.vT0.b..Ui: F.AlllH COUNTY MINN. 

rii:aHcn.l promptly and f^iUhfuily to all bu,ine..sln- 
nsteJ to their care- _ . 

Have for all timc3, l^r?«,^»'^"^'V?.'n! 
Winnebago Trust Laud.-, and other valuable 
Farming lands. 

A. W1LL.VRD. - ^21,1 - - .F S BARNEY 

"""converse HOUSE, 

Blue Earth City, 

Thie house having been '^^I'-^'^i^;;^!!^;^ 
nished throughout, is now open for the rtccpii 



voMum with .^U ^QyyERSE ^oprietor. 


Front aireet.neartheLcee.^^^^^^^^^ 

M- T. 0. yLOWJiR, Proprietor. 

r.fRr..for -.11 Pointi lithe State. Good 
««'^"^' ^l^r^lirwiU^attentive Ostle^., l^yl 




Opposite Clifton House, 

]\Ia."Vato, lyiinnesota. 

Our tables are new and are of the best make 
Good cigars and liciuors at the bar. 4ayJ^ 






of everv vitnetv. 

^ • "^ heard, ana uu'iii, .1 " j 

GiltMuuiaings Kept On Haiulhjad not had occosiou to exhibit his 

' passport ; fo. tunately so, as its exhibi- 
tion would have cost him his life. He 
was not aware of this, however, untd 

some time afterwards, r.y mere acci- 

dent, only a few days since, the pass- 
port in question, which he had kept m 
Lis pocketbook, come under the eye ol 
a liberal ofVicermMatatuoras, where,., 
the no little astonishment of the bearer, 

he was informed that it was an onler 
fur his execution. '1 he document has 
been shown us, and is a plainly writ- 
ten, straightforward passport. But a 
detective or accomplice might see 
something in it to arouse suspicion.- 
, Where the passport states that no ob 
ctacles will be thrown iu the way of the 
bearer passing through to the point ot 
his destination, occurs the word, tm- 
pomlran. From the letter p is drawn 

Yonkers, and Last Side and New 
Kocbelle. The route of the first nam- 
ed compnny shall begin at the corner 
of (Jreenwich street and the IJattery, 
running north on that street to Ninth 
avenue to a convenient poirJ, and 
thence to diverge by the most eligible 
route to King's Bri -gc, and to the vil 
lage of Yonkors. Li the upper portion 
of the city it may run through the 
center of blocks of vacant lots by a 
purchase of the right of way in the 
usual manner. The second named 
company is formed to construct a sin- 
gle track railway on a similar plan on 
liroadway, commencing at the Battery 
and extending to G4tli street, and hence 
to Y^onker.?, parallel to the AVest Side 
line. The route of the third named 
company to commence as the otliers, at 
the Battery and to proceed thence 
through Pearl street, the Now IJowery 
and the Bowery to Third avenue, and 
thence on between Third and Second 
avenues to the Harlem Bridge, and 
thence to the village of New liochelle. 
The structure is to be placed over 
the curb slone on each side of the 
.street, supported by wrought iron col- 
umns. The columns are to be attach- 
eJ to solid foundation piers, or masonry 
placed below the surface. The track 
is to be composed of steel, and calcu- 
lated to bear five times the utmost 
weight ot loaded passenger cars placed 

u[ton it. 

Stations for the reception and deliv- 
ery of v.asscugers are to be placed at 
regular intervals of from 1,500 to 2,- 
500 feet apart. Booms will be hired iu 
the second story of buildings for that 
purpose. The stairways arc to be Avith- 
in the buildings. 

The cars are lobe moved by a series 
of wire ropes. 

It is estimated that the road will co«t. 
from 8^00,000 to 8500,000 a mile.- 
About eight depots will bo rc(iuired in 

each mile. 

The law provides that the company 
shall construct the first half mile lor 
the purpose of testing the plan. 

It is uudcrstcod that the bill requires 
the company to pay live per cent, of 
the earnings into the city treasury. 

~~ , ,, I shine with black, scoriating thunder 

AnvKRTisiNO.— An exchange tells ___ 

the fuUowing story of a boy who was 

The Dauohtrk's rosTCKiPX.— 'I 
sent to town one day last summer, with Jovc to look upon a young man. There 
a bafT of green corn to sell : ' is a hidden potency concealed within 

The boy was gone all day and return- ^ his breast which charms and pains me.* 
ed with the bag^ unopened, which he j The daughter of a clergyman hap- 
dumped on t]ie°floor, sa)in;j', 'There is pening to fi.ul the above 8e«iteuce at the 

I your'corn, go and sell it yourself. I 


'Sold jxny?' 

'No,' said the boy, 'I've been all over 
town with it, and nobody said anything 
about green corn. Two or three fel 
lows asked me what I\l got in my bag, 
and I told them t'was none of their bu- 


The boy reminds us of business men 
that arc to be found in every commu- 
nity, who do n6t, or will not recognize 
the benefits of adverti.^ing. 

The following is said to be the pri- 
vate recii)e of a Washoe editor : 'Take 
one pint of whisky, stir it well with 
one spoonful of whisky, then take an- 
other pint of whisky, beat carefully 
with a spoon, and keep pouring in 
whi.=;kv. Fill a large bowl with wa- 
ter, and make the servants set it out of 
yoiir reach. Take a small tumbler, pour 

close of her father's manuscript iXi ho 
had left it in his study, sat down and 

added : 

'Them's my sentiments exactly, pa« 
pa. excepting the 'pains.' ' 

The new style of short dresses are 
'nvghty deceivin'.' A benevolent old 
gentleman, a little nearsighted, came 
near getting into trouble a few days 
since, for reinaikiag iamiliarly, 'Well, 
sis, are your ears cold this morning V 
Ihc i>arty addressed turned on the old 
fellow fiercely, with 'insolent puppy,* 
'brute,' 'old villain,' etc, and he found 
that he had addressed a lady iu the 
full bloom of womanhood. 

At a fancy dress ball in Paris, recent- 
ly, a lady was seen In a very low bodice 
dress, while f.oatiug and waving around 
her was an abundance of green gauze. 

She was politelv asked by a gentleman 
voiirreacU. i aivc a rMium luuiu.v.., i.^--- >■ • 

^ <• 1 , r • i.our out wIkU she personated. The sea, Mon- 
intwo spooniu of Nvatci pom ^^^\^._^ c ,\ ,,,, tide. then. Madame.' 
the water, and fill up with NNhibk>, aud 
add to the above. Flavor with whisky 
to your taste. A dose : three 'lingers' 
every lialf hour.' 




William H. Birnoy was arrested last 
week for imposing upon the good peo- 
ple of New Haven. He entered Yale 
College professedly to fit himself for 
tho ministry, and soon became actively 
interested in Sunday-school matters, 
taking particular interest in one of our 
niissim schools, in whose behalf he col- 
lected money. He had the confidence 
of the public at first. The Bev. Br. 
I>l,elp8 gave him a letter ot recom- 
mendation, lie is now in the New Ha- 
ven jail awaiting trial, and at last ac- 
counts was playing draw p ker with a 

In a jovial company, each one asked 
a fpiesLion. If it was answered he paid 
a forfeit ; or, if he could not answer 
it himself he paid a forfeit. An Irish- 
man's question was: ^How does the 
little ground h-g make his hole witli- 
out showing any dirt about the en- 
trance?' When they all gave it up, he 
said, 'Sure, don't you see, he begins 
at the other cud of the hole.' 0:;c of 
the rest exclaimed : 'l^ut how does he 
get there V 'Ah !' said Pat. that's your 
<lucstion-can you answer iM'OurseU V 

Imagine to yourself a man setting 
hlmsc^'in opposition to the will of 
God, How weak, how bhnd j when 
compared with the majesty ho would 
oppose— the might of God 1 

Oceans aro to him but drops of wa- 
ter, and this world and all the multi- 
tude ot worlds, 'wheeling in space,' 
serve, but as a balance wheel to the 
mighty machinery of creation. 

LAW'S ii-^JA^'J'- 

M.KJ X iJJ- 

Coroer of^Hoirey .Main Streets. Winnebago Ci^y 

D. S LAW Proprietor. 

f:t.go« leave lhi« House for all roincs. 
There is also a good livery couuectea^^J 

V OS.e. 


The priming offices and editorial 
rooms of the principal newspapers in 
Lima are inclosed within a 'lovelv gar- 
den of flowers, sparkling fountains and 
gold fish, and tame, gaudily-plumed 
sweetly-whistling birds, who never 
desert their little eden spot, where con- 
tentment grows for them like the very 
flowers, whose honey they love to sip. 





^4&-l>arlicular attention paid to Music Orde_M 

a loop passmg around the pi"ecccding|^^jj^^^, prisoner, and 
/. :.^ o ir,nn or noose, . , ^ 

swearing over a 

letters ha, forming a loop or noose 
and might be construed to resemble tho 
nooseofahangnuan'swhip. Whatever 
it may mean, there it is, distinct and 
specially made, and undoubtedly for 
some specific purpose. The bearer has 


roST OFFICE RLILDINO, FRONT .1., ^^,, i^ !«, dlstlllCt aQU ^-. » -. «^»^^ - _ 

MANKATO, WINN. '' ^nTmade and undoubtedly for The answer was, 'I haNC thiee. 

^l.!^ticular attention paid to Music Orders ^P^^'^^'^^' ;,;;!. a ho bearer has they each have five sisters. '- 

-^1 some specific purpose. ■"' ^.nliod the interro<^ator, 'ex a 

""a' new lot of Warranty JkcJs ust ^^^, ^^.^t it meant 'hang bim ! So, replied the inte. ro, , 
I ,,l!raud'for sale at th£ office. >*1- .^^J ,,ate several .entleiucu whoea [yc maun have. 


A father of three sons and five daugh- 
ters was asked what family he had.- 
The answer was, 'I have three sons, ami 
they each have five sisters.' '^lercy . 

■ - fainily 

He who betravs another's secret be. 
cause he has quarreled with him was 
never worthy the sacred name of friend. 
A breach of kindness on one sidt» will 
not justify a breach of trust on the 

1 other. 

j The best throw ut dice U to Ibrow 
I thorn away. 

'At low tide, then. Madame.' 
The lady blushed, and the gentleman 

An honest, blulf, country farmer, 
meeting the parson of the parish in a 
byJauc, aud not giving him the way so 
readily as ho expected, the parson, with 
an erect cre^t, told him be Mas belter 
fed than tau-jht. 'Very true, indeed, 
sir,' replied the farmer, 'ibr you teach 
me, and I feed myself.' 

A spread eay;le orator of New Y^ork 
State wanted the wing of a bird to fly 
to every town and country, to every 
village and hamlet iu the broad land; 
but he wilted when a naughty boj in 
the crowd sang out, 'Dry up you old 
fool ; you'd be shot for a goose before 
you ilew a mile.' _ 

Smith spent two whole days and 
ni'dits in considering an answer to the 
eonumdrum, 'Why is an egg underdone 
like au egg overdone ?' He v.ould suf- 
fer no one to tell him, and at last hit 
upon the solution- -because both are 
hai\Vy done. 

A gentleman, in the spring time ot 
life, when walking wuli a lady, stum- 
bled aud fell. On bis resuming his 
perpendicular, the lady remarked, 'She 
was sorry for hl.s unfortunate f.(ux 
pas: 'I didn't hurt my fore paws/ 
said he, '1 only barked my knee.' 

A very modest young lady who was 
a passenger on board a packet ship, it 
is said, sprang out of her berth aud 
jumped overboard on hearing the cap- 
tain, ''uring a slorm, order the mate to 
"haul down the sheets " 

Teach a child that there is harm in 
everything, havv ever innocent, and as 
sooQ as it discovei-s the cheat it wont 
see sin in any thing. That's tho 
reason deacon's soqb seldom turn out 
well, aud preaeber's daughters are mar- 
ried through a window. 





■^ ■ . ■ ^ 



MAY 29, 1867. 

UuotiiS Diary. 

Judgi* Holt sav« : 
The diary purports to be on^ for 18G4, 
and the loaves cut or lorn Trom it prob- 

X.;wYo:«K, May 21, ISOT. 

Juds^H Advocate General Holt cor- 

tities that the followin;; isa co^ry ol' the , ably contaired entricH ofthnt yenr, and 

wntin<T in pencil, found in the diarv I '^^'•'e thus destroyed by Hootli hiinsoir. 

taken frtmi ibe body ot* Hooth : ^' *'' absolutcdy certain that the diary 

KXTUACT8 FkoM Tilt; DiAUV ''^ '" ^'' rcspi'c'ts as it was when it came 

.T-.». . a...:j io li T-, .1 into my bands, and Colonel ron<jer, 

IkaM^^, April lo It— liidav, tlie ' . •' \ =* 

who was prominent in the pursuit and 

J^f* PostniaMtfr Gc!H?ral Uundall 
lias recently pn-bibited our foreign 

mails from e.o>sln- tbe ocean in Am^^r- I ...i^v -Ur.til today notbincr ^vas eycr ! ...>..,• 

icnn Fi'i.r Tliis w^^ dtnio in .iii«s\ver .- i. r -n • " , i Capture ot booth after haviu'' careful 

lean M.ii:. J Mif» Nva!^ <iont. m an.>\\ei tnoupbt of saonficMn-]; to our conntrv s : , . ,. . 

,, . ' , - . I'y examine i it in mv pr scnce, on yes 

wroMiis. lu)r SIX inontbs we bad work-1 , , , ..'*,.. "^ , 

,^ , . , terday, dechired its condition to be 

eU to capture, but our cause bem^ al 

to a petiti'-n ofNow York City French, 
German and Britisb merchants. No 
mails are hereafter to be made up for 
Anie! ican s^teauuTS, and every letter 
that crosseB tbe ocean must be under 
ibe protection ot foreign flags. 

Tl\e ( hlruL'o Post says tbat tbe real 
p'»int in is-ue i^, tbat "in the opinion of 
resident forei^, an 1 non resident 
au'ocrais and aristocrats, American 
commerce' :-.nd sbips have no business 
on tbe ocean, and ibis A«lministration 
is doin<; all it conveniently can to de- 
stroy the former, by diiving away the 

K.iiid:»ll U also, to u-se a Fignifua' t 
pbnse, -a * dead btal" on printers. — 
He Im'* lately issued ordeis to pi^sst 
n»a"jfer» t- furnish the letter list to any 
newspaper which will publish it i^ratu- 
itously. Hud adds, ibat as soon as such 
pfiblioation is begun, the oHiciitl publi 
cation will be abandoned. The oricr- 
iiiftl price }>aid for advertising the 
was one cent a namu. 

Sucb actions need no comment, and 
Kandall is on tbe bigb road to popu- 

.'^lij'^Tho public lands in Mimiesota 
can bo recapitulated in tbis way : 

1. Section IG and oO in eacli/ and 
every townsbip for tbe use of Scnools. 

2. ScNenty two sections for the use 
and su]>p rt of a State University. 

3. Ten entire sectiors for tbe pur- 
pose of erecting State buildings. 

4. All tbe shIi sj)rings in tbe State, 
not exceeding twelvp in number, with 
8!X section? of land adjoining, or as 
contiijuous as may be, tor tbe use of 
the State, as the Legislature may di 


5. The whole of those swamp and 
oveifl'jwed lands made unfit thereby 
for cultivation, of which there are 721,- 
204 acres. 

most lost, something di'cisive and j^reat ' 
must be done ; but its failure was o" mi^ 
to others who did not strike for their 
country with a heart. I struck boldly, 
and not as the papers say. I walked 
irith a boM step through a thou.sand ot 
his friends and only stoj^ped once. A 
Colonel was at his .side. I shoutetl Sic 
,^nnpri' before I fired. In jumping 1 
broke my log. I passed all hispicket-J, 
rode sixty miles that night with the 
bone of my leg tearing the tlcsh at t very 

1 c:ui never repent it, thougli we 
I'.ated tD kill. Our country ow'd all 
her trouldes to him, and (iod .simply 
made mo the instrument of bis punish- 
ment. The country is not, in April, 
1>G"», whatit was. This forced union | 
is not what T have loved. I car*' not 
what becomes of me 1 have no desire <. 
to outlive my cuntry. 

This night, before the deed, f wrote 
a long article, and meant it for one of 
the editors of the National Intelli<ren- 

I precisely the same as when he took it 
from Booth's body, when he was shot, 
the writing being the same, and all in 
it which it then contained. 

Coiijier was examined before the 
Judiciary committee ot tbe House to- 

(Signed) J. HOLT., 

Jud'jre Advooato General. 

A Miniicsotlan In .'Vlontaiia. 

J. C. (loodnow, writing fromlSfon- 
tana, under a late date, to his friends 
in this City, says : 

One of the Efrcatest strikes ever made 
in a mining country was made here a 
few days a;,'0 by L. W. Ibowii, Ksq., 
of Shakopee, Minn., wherein ho made 
the i)urchase of the enormous amount 
of sixty three thousand five hundred 
feet of valuable qu.irtz property, at a 
small figure, and only because he un- 
derstood the kinks of the law, whereby 
he h;is made Inmsclf indejiendently 
rich. I understand it is liis intention 
to return to the State this summer for 

Eight business buildings were de- 
stroyed by fire in St. Paul lust Thurs- 
d:iy. Loss, ^20,000. 

Thccity of Jiondon has voted five 
hundred pounds towaros the erection 
of a statue to George I'eabody. 

Gen. Sickles has been breveted Ma 
jor General in the regular army for gal- 
lant ami meritorious service at Gettys 

Loban Heath, with the permission 
and by the aulhoiity of the Treasury 
Department, has issued a new Counter- 
feit Detector, in which the cuts and 
dies of the IJeparlment are used to il- 
lustrate tbe work. It is considered of 
great value to the banking and com- 
mercial interests. 

The Memphis tournament, on tbe 
22d iiist., was a success, 10,000 people 
being present. Ii is not stated how 
much money was raised for the sulTer- 
in;; people of she South. Several bun 
drcd thon-sand dollars were wasted for 
finery and luxuries for the day which 
might have been better employed buy- 
ing corn for the starving. 

A butcher in New York hai been 
arrested for cutting olT the fore legs of 
an ox at the joints, for the purpose of 
prewnting the animal from Ptraying 
away until the 'killer' should be ready 
to slaughter bira. The groans and 
stnurgles of tbe [)Oor animal as he hob- 
bled about on the stumps of his legs, 
were agonizing in the extreme. 


Th-i advert'S«r, having be«n restored :o heaUh 
in a fow weeks by a "ery eitiip'e remedy, affr 
having Mifforod fjr gci<.Tal yenfs tvi b a severe 
iunj!; Hffection, and that <lroad dineaRO Conauinp- 
'iuri-is anxious to mnke Unown tu his fclluw-sut- 
rcrcr»tlte uioai'i of cure. 

To ail who dej^ire it. he will send a copy of the 
pre.'cripiion u«ed, (free of charge), with the di- 
rections for preparing and using tlic gaiDe,|wbicb 
ihey will find a .sure eure lor (Jo.nsumi-th>n, Asth- 
ma. Hii.'.NCJiiTis, Coi oils. Colds, and all Throat 
and liung Afleclions. The only object of the 
iidverli»ier in sending the Pcrscription is to bene 
fit 'he afflicted, and .spread informat-on which he 
conceive!? to be inrdluabie, and he hopes cv ry 
sufferer will try his remedy, as it will cost them 
nothing, and may provo a blessing. Parties 
wifhing the perscnpiion fuek, by return mail, 
will plcuHO address* 

Williauisburg, Kings Co. Ilew York. 

cer, in which I fully sot fdlh our i ^1,^. purpose of purchasing machiiury 

reasons for our proceeding.-^. 

to erect upon his property, and wlu n 

fr^Sccretarv Stanton has refused 
to permit the Wilkfs Booth Diary tc 
be published, though the President 
ana the Jndgc- Advocate-General are 
anxious it should be given to the press. 
Stanton may be an honest man for 
aucht we know, but it would be very 
jdeasant to peruke tbe pages of tbe 
Diary in search of proofs of his loyalty. 
The astute Secretary has evidently dis- 
covered a large something in the treas- 
ured pages, and is unwilling to share 
his knowledge. His political head on 
a charj;er, for the Diary in calf, would 
be a welcome exchange. 

J57"Staoton, it seems, lias been dis- 
appointed; for tbe Booth Diary has 
been published, and the Secretary said 
it sh )uld not be made public if he could 
help it. It appeared one day after the 
above wan in tj pe, and its develop- 
ment? are not of a character one would 
Fuppose the Secretary ?o particular to 
keep within a limited circle. But there 
is no accouniini]; tor tastes, and it i.« 
really too bad that the feelings of a 
man in his manhood should bo so sadly 

Good Templaus.— The report of the 
Grand Worthy Secretary exhibits tbe 
following st::tistics relative to the Or- 
der, in this St!ite : 

No. oil od;;ea this year 1<*5 

Ko. ofLo-iyes lafctycur J'^> 

Incr:;<iae ^'^ 

No. of members H is ycai 9,7\C} 

No. of uiombers last year 4,443 

wife ; during his absence his mother, 
who is very od and feeble, remon.-^trat- 
ed with the wife on her conduct, where- 
upon, the 'beautiful and accomplished' 

and beat her nearly to death. Only 

old bdy'8 injuries. 

Cinchmati 0'a~ 

IncrcaBe 5,27.3 

No. of initiations during the year 4.88S 

No, of full dt-proe meuubers 2,880 

In 1802 there were eight lodges, with 
ft membership of 'iOO. 

In 18(>3 there were Cve lodges, with 
a membership of 284. 

In ISoi there were nine lodges, with 
■ membership of 509. 

In ly^'ib there were sixteen lodges, 
with a membcr'^hip of 1,087. 

Taxks — We have Bcveral times 
heard it sr'id that taxeg were higher; 
on the contrary, the taxes arc very low 
in this city, compared with other cities. 

Here in a comparative statement: 

Nhw York, per capilum 
U'..-".n, do 

gt. I'.iul do 

1 his '}" very favorable showing. — 4*?^ 
J*</ttl Pioneer. 

J22 75 

40 00 

4 6j 

Andy J(»hnson has just become spon 
•or to a ■ ivcnth boy, born in uninter- 
rupted sucecision. in the family of Fur- 
f'( II Thccde, ?. G'Tra^n farmer, in N<»w 
Holxloin, Wii. 

FK1T..VY, 21st— After being hunted „„^.p ^i^^,^^, cannot help but yield to 
like a do- thr..ugfi swamps and woods, j h„„ countless thousands of d.)llars.— 
and last night being chased by a gun- | You can hardly call him a lucky miner, 
boat till I was forced to return wet and j |^„^ ,^j^,^j g-,^.^, ^,,.^^p,t ^^ |^,s ehrowdncss 
starving, with every man's I'iiinl | j„ j,;g ^^,.^^^..,^,1^,,^ 
against me, 1 am here in dcspnir, and 
why ? for doing what Brutus was hon- 
ored for, and what made Tell kill a ty- 
rant. \et I, for striking;: down a great- 
er tyrant than they ever knew, am 
looked upon as a common cut throat 
My act was ]turcr than theirs. One 
hoped to be great, the oVhcr had not 
only his country's, but his own wrongs 
to avenge. I hoped for no gain. I 
struck for my ct untry and tbat at once 
— a country that groaned beneiith the 
'yranny and prayed f »r this end. and 
vet now behold the cold hand they ex- 
tend to me. God cannot pardon me it 
I have done wrong, yet .1 cannot see 
any wrong except in serving a degen- 
erated people. The little, the very 
little I left behind to clear my name, the 
-government will not allow printed. So 
ends all for my country. I have given 
up all that makes life sweet and holy, 
brought misery upon my family, and 
am sure there is no pardon in heaven 
for me since man condemns me so, I 
have only heard what has been done ex- 
cept what I did my.«c!f, and it filU me 
with sorrow. God try and forgive mo 
and bless my mother. To niglit I will 
once more try the river, though I have 
a greater desire to return to Washing 
ton, and, in a measure, clear my name, 

is I think I can do. I do not repent 
the blow. I think 1 have done well, 
though I am abandoned, with the curse 
of Cain upon my brow, when, if the 
world knew my heart, that one blow 

would have made me great, though 1 

did desire no greatness, To-n'ght I 

try to ( scape the blood hounds once 

more, Who can read bis fate? God's 

will be done. I have too great a heart 

to die like a criminal. May ho spare mc 

that and let mo die bravely, I bless 

the entire world ; have never hated or 

wronged any otte. This last was not a 

wrong unless God judges it so. and it 

is with Him to damn or save mc. Hard 

fon this brave boy with mc, who often 

pravs — yes, before and since this — with 

a true heart. Was it crime in him ? — 

If HO, why can be pray ? I do not wish 

to shed a drop of blood, but must 

fi dit the course, 'tis all that's left." 
Upon a piece of paper found iu the 

diarv, and supposed to have been torn 

from it. was wiitten the A.liowing: 
Dea— : (piece torn out.) Forgive me, 

but I have some little pride. I cannot 

blame you for want of hospitality.— 

You know your own affairs. 1 was 

sick, tired, with a broken limb, and in 

need of medical assistance. I would 

not have turned a dog away from my 

door in such a plight. However, you 

were kind enough to give us something 

to eat, for which I not only thank you ; 

not for the rebuke and manner in which 

(0_.(piece torn out) It is not the 

substance but the way in which kind 

ness is extended that makes one happy 

in the acceptance theieof The sauce 

to meat is ceremony. Meeting were 

bare without it. Bo kind enough to 

accept the inclosed five dollars, al- 

though hard to spare, for what wo 
i hd>e h:>d.' 



A pentlnman who suffered for years from Ner-. 
vou.x Debility. Premature Decay, and all the et- 
feeLs of youthful indiscretitn, will, for the sakp 
of. suffering humanity, send Irce to ,ill who need 
It, the recipe and diri-otions for making toe sim- 
ple remedy by which he was cured; sufferer." 
(yithing ti> profit br the advertiser'a experience, 
ouci do CO by addresiting 


T4D31yl 42 Cedar street, New York. 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn., May 9ih, 1867. 
To Silas Town: 

Elijah Deldin has this day applied lor the 
north east quarter section IS town.sliip 101 north, 
range 20 ivest ; it being the land you filed on. 
Vou are hereby notified to be and ajipear at this 
offii'e on Saturday »he Sth day of June, 1SG7, at 
12 o'clock ii, lor the purpose of giving the 
wuole matter a fair and iiii]iiirtial invcslii.'ation. 

A. 1! lUbUS. Keffister, 
H. W. IIOLLKV, Ktceiver. 

U. S. Land Office. City, Minn., May 2d, 1SC7. 
To Jamc3 Muoncy ; 

John f+a!livan has this duj' applied for tbe 
north west quarter of section 21, townrhip 102 
north. ran;5e 29 west; it being the land you filed 
«»n. You are hereby notified to be and appear at 
this office on Mond-iy.tbe '.'A day of Juiie, ISO", 
at 1 o'clock p m, for the j)urp'j3e of giving the 
whole matter a fair and imtiartinl investigation. 
A. H. lUT.LI.', Rtpistor, 
i!. W. noLI.KY, lieceive?. 


After carofol investigation by competent ja<ige« 
it h-.i been fully and fairly decided tbat tliw bell 
place to purchase 




and in fact any kind of Goods, ia at the Store oj 

R. M. Wilson, 

Next door to RICHARDFONP, 

where more Goods can be had for owe dollar tha» 
any other 


in Faribault County. 

v4n21tf pr N, W. Sargeitt. 

April Sth, 1867. 


Manufacturers of and dealers in Furniture, em- 
l>raeing l!ureau«, Table.-;, Matra??es, Dcdstead?, 
Lunnge!!, .Mirror.'^. Flag C'lairs, an! In f'ict 
every article of I'Mrlor, T.edroom or Kitchen 
Furniture. Front Street, two Doors North of 
Shoemaker** Hall, Mankato, Minnesota. 

One of the wealthiest and ahle&t 
lawyers in Ne.v York has instifuted 
suit ft)r divorce from his wife, who is 
one of the inosl noted women, for beau- 
ty and acct'inplishments, in the city. — 
The suit is bu.scd on 'inl.nman conduct' 
to the gcntlcinan'3 niother. It seems 
(hat the hnsLand left his residence on 

,. • -u 4i„ „ . ,r i:o r-iD-CEr.\RKFlL TOBUYOXLY Til,: GKXUINE. 

discovering fi,n\\i on the part ot his >-^ v4niiYi 





220 .1- 22S Lnh- St. Chuaffo, 

2oS> Mitrht St., St. Lnutn, 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebagi) City, Minn, May 4tb, 1SG7. 
To Jeremiah (Journey ; 

Kujxene .Sullivan has this day applied f"r tbe 
north wc.^t <)u;.rlcr .'Section 12. tt>wn>hij) 102 north 
range 2'J we.-t ; it being the land ynu filed on.— 
You are hereby notified to be jwnd appeur at this 
"otFce on .Saturday the Hth d;iy of Jun«, 1SC7, a' 
12 o'clock M, fur the purpose of giving the whole 
matter a fair and impartial invesiii^.iti'.n. 

A. II. nri.M?. Rettistcr, 
H. W. IIOLLKV, ll».cei\er. 

LKS, CLEHGVMEN, to take orders for 
our new woik, 


Edited by 


Author of "Life of Lincoln," "Timothy Tlt- 

eomb's Lettct-s" "Bittersweet," etc, 

Agents already in the fielo are taking from 
fifty to one hnmircd orders per week. No other 
book now published seljs so rayud'y. Largest 
commi.-^sioD given to Alfcnt?. Fnr terms and 
t'iriiory apply to OIIAliLES BILL, Chicago, 
111. v4nl8 


rpiIE South Wc^t Quarter Section of Town 
J. lo;',, llinmc 27, in I'rc.'^cott Township, anu 2 

miles iVom Winnebago Cit3*, Faribiiult County, 
, , .11/. /• . • i^ otTercd for sale, "heap (or cash, or on^ ah<.rt 

flew at licr with the fury ot a tigress,,,;,,,,. 

Ttiis is an elegant Quarter Section of m^»dow 

I Hiid dry ruiling prairie. For term-, ajiply at Of- ^„ ^,., .,...„w .. ._^ w..».v, >. ....„, , ... 

the interference of the neighbor* SaV- [ ti<-o o( "iloMK«TE.\t». i-r to the suli.-i at Mnn- .,^0 hercbv couiinanded to ntta- h the Goods and 

U. iS. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, May, 7, 1SC7. 
To Charles S KimLil' : 

Willi.s L Pcrrin h:i.< thi.s day applied ♦"or the 
south west (piartcr of section two, township one 
hundred and four north, range twenty-nine wes". ; 
it being the land you filed on. You are hereby 
notified to be and a])pear at this office on Sat ardny 
the Sth dfly of June, lM'i7, at 1 o'clock p m, for 
tbe pur|)')se of giving she whole matter a fair and 
impartial investigation. 

A.n. BULUS, Ilc^ifter. 

1 1 . W. HOLt.EY, Itcceiver. 



To tlt'C JSficn'Jf' or axy Constable of 
ftaid CoinUy 

In the naree of the State of Minnescta, Tou 

U. S. Land Office. 

"Winnebago City, Minn, May 8lh. 18C7. 
To Williatn Irehmd: 

Knud Peder>ion has this diiy .npj ii' d for the 
!• e qr sv.c, 14 township 101 north, range 26 wc-^t.- 
it beinv tiie land you filed on. Y'>\\ arc hereby 
notified to be and j'ppear »t tnis office on Satur- 
day tne Sth day of June, 1867, at I o'crock p, in, 
for the purpose uf jiiving the whole matter a 
fair and impariiai invebtii:ii'ion 

A II fiullis, R<>gistcr 
Ii W Holky, Receiver 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, May 8tb, 1S67. 
To John llaliv : 

Peter Larson has this dav ippUud for th« 
s e qrsec 14 lownship 101 north range 1:5 west ; 
it being the land yiu filed on. You are hereby 
notified to be and appenr al this office on S-turday 
the Sth day o! June, 1S67, at J p m. fur the pur- 
pose of giving the whcls meiter a fair and im- 
partial iuvcttigation, 

A. n. riTLT.I.S, Ro-Lster, 
H. W HOLLEY, Receiver. 


May 16, IS 67. 



ed her from beinj; niuidercd. The as- 
sailant was arretted and confined in 

the loomhs to await the result of the 10 marry Or nOC 10 El any 5 ,vhose?. hands OTT-ossc^sior. the fame m:.y 

Chattel:', Moneys, Effects and Credi?s of U ».«t- 
wood Tolivcr, or so niu'?h thereof a? shall be suf- 
fuent to satisty the sum of forty-eight dollars 

Scno'is Reflections for Young Men, in Essays 

of the Howard Associntion, on the Physiological 

Errors, Abiise.^ and ''iseases iniiMccd by igno- 

Dnrin^ the p.Tit year a largo hotel ' runce of Ni.ture's Laws, in the first age of ina'i 

, 1 " I .u • I. . T\ r\ Sent in i-ealcd left, r envelop, s. free of cl.nrg'. 

has been hnilt in (jeorgctown, D. C, ! ^,,,,^0,,, j). J.j-KILLIN iioi (JiiTON. Ilow- 

Which is abont to be opened under the ' -r^ Association, Philadelphia. Pa. 

' ) v4n3iyl 

an.^piecs of no less noted a personage 
than liubort J. Walker. lie is to bo in this new bu-iness by a son 
and a son-in-law, and their intention 
is to make the house the mo.«»t quiet, 
comfortable and fashionable honie for 
tnmilics to be found in the district. — 
Fifty years ago the preat tavern which 
stood upou the site of the present edu 
6ce was frequented by John Ilandolph. 
who, with his numerous si-rvants in 
livery and horses and carriages, gave 
the i»lace a celebrity which will not 
soon be forgotten; today, an ex Sec- 
retary of the Treasury and c.\ S.nator 
ii about to prove to the world that 'he 
can keep a hotel.' 

U. S. Lend 0£ice. 
■Winnebago City, Minn., May 6tl^ 1867. 
To Lindsey White: 

Otc Ole.-on Floe has tbis day applied for the 
north east qtiaiter .>f sec'ion 22, township I"'! 
liorth, range l.'v> west : it being the land \ ov; file I 
on. You are hereby notified to appear at ibis ffio ) 

lie bund, in your County, snl «o profi'lethat the | on Saturday the Mb day of June, 1S67 at I p 
Go<'ds and Ciiattcl= so attached m:iy be Mii\ie«.t t< ' ,u, for the purpose of giving the whole matter 
further proceedings tlioicon. as the l.i w re'Hiires ; j a fair and impartial rnv» ^tiL'-ition. 

' An ex Confederate arinv ofliccr, 
l^rank JJ. Fisher, shot himscl[ in a 
bank. Cause- denii>raIizaiion by pl:<y 
ing cards. A card was found on him 
as follows: "I)ear Coroner— Please 
inform Norman Lodge No 538, of my 
un'odlv death, an i say I reotiest mv 
poor wicked body to be returned to the 
bosom < f my mother by tl em, and 
may Almighty God have mercy ou my 
poor soul, through Christ Jesus our 
Savior. Fleaso inform my ])Oor old 
Christiaii mother of my death, ]Mrs. 
Margaret E. Fisher, Iowa City, Iowa. 


Th^iP Infills are running day and night, and arc 
doing c.xcelicnt Work, giving entire sntii/action, 
to every parron. 

Grinding for one-Sixtli. 
Sawing, §10.00 per thousand, 
or one-lialf the Lumber. 

Flour, Pran and ."ihorts constantly on hand, 
and for sale. 

Lumber $25.00 per thousand. 

i:. RHODE.'?. 

AVinneba-o City, May 29, 1.SC7. v4nlStf 


.Manufacturer of all kinds of Furnituro, made out 
of well iSeasoncd Timber. 

No Poetrv Grinding, 

but work that will bear iuspectioc, and at low 
price's. Cumm.)a 


Bedsteads Irora $4,00 upward?, and everything 
else in proportion. 

WiM. balla:^ie. 

Winaebago City, May 26th, 1807. v4nI8tf 

and also to summon the sai 1 Wt-twood Toliver 
It ti» be fuuiul, to be niid appear sit mv office in 
said county, on the I2th day of June, A. \). 1M<7. 
at one o'cloi-U aftern ion, to answer to David S. 
Law, in a civil r.cti< .i. to his damage one hun- 
dred dollar* or under. 

tiiven under my ii nd, fhi« fitb ilnv of May, A. 
D. 1S(H. n B. SPirKKHMAX, 

r2Sw4 Justice of the feafe. 





Patent ^Medicines, Paints, Oils, 
and Dye-Stufts, Kerosene Oil, 
Lamps, Perfumery and Fancy 

Santa Anna, who i." livin* near New 
Ycrk, is now in his seventieth year, 
and has become somewhat garrulous in 
disposition. The accounts of h'\i pro- 
(liLrious wealth arc exacril^ratcd. His 
property, in real estate :»nd valu.ables, 
is estimated by those who know at less 
than one million of dollars. 

Dr. C. W. Roback, the well known 
patent medicine manufacturer, died 
very suddenly of heart disea?c. Hi 
was about sixty years old, and leaves n 
fortune of several hundred thousami 

The Great Eastern will not return. 
Cause, iion-paymeot of the expc^8e^ 
of the pnpsagc. Money paid fop future 

itlip^^^■i!l bo rofiindod. 

U, S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn., May 25, I3C7. 
V<* WilJiain M. Knight- 

Forsten Larson has this day applied for the 
•onthciist quarter of section 22 township 102 
HI- ih, range 25 west ; it being the land y<.n filed 
tn. You are hereby notilied ;<» be and appear 
it this office on Satuida*-, the 22 da/ of June, 
l^07, at ten o'clock A. .M., fortiie purpose of giv- 
ing the whole matter a fair and impartial inres- 


Pure Liquors. 

Tobacco and Cigars, 

School Books and Stationery. 

Blank Books, Diaries, jMemo- 
randa Books, Letter, Cap, and 
Note Papers, Pens, Pencils, Su- 
perior Ink, and other articles 
kept by Druggists Generally. 

>. 11. nt'bLIS. Register. 
H. W. HOLLLY, Ueceivtr. 

U, S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, April 25, l£o7.- 
To Ba Igor Elias : 

,Tohn F Dan ills has this day applied for th* 
south enst quarter of secti' n 24, township 102 
north, rang.' .31 west ; it Long the land you filed 
on. You are hereby n»>titicd ii> be and appear at 
this office on Saturday the 25th day of June, 1S67, 
at I o'clock p m, foi the purpo'e of giving the 
whole matter a lair and impnrti'l invcsfiiration. 

A. H.nUl,LI.«, Rtgister. 

U. W. IlOLLtY, iiectiver. 

U. S. Land Office. 

Wirncbr»go City, Minn., April 25, TSCr. 

To Layfayettc W Snow: 

Horace A Fiiunco hastirmdoy applied for tb» 
c i n w qr of n w qr n w qr an<l lo. no 1 section 
8, township 101 north, range 2S west, it being 
the land you fiied on. You are hereby notified 
to be and api)ear at this office on Monday tba 
10th d.ny of June, 18(57, at 12 o'cl l'.< m. lor the 
yinrpo.-Jeof giving the whole matter a fair and 
impartial investigation. 

A. II. RI'LLIS. Register, 
H. W. HOLLEY, Receiver. 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn., May 7th, 1867, 
To Cornelius C. Car .: 

Ira M. Riker has this dny applied fnr the 
sw^^nciAwiseiiseisci scw-Hl, township 
101 north, range 25 west; ii being the land 
you filed on. You are hereby notified to be and 
appear at this office on Fndav. the 7th day 
of June. 1S67, at 1 o'cIock p m. for the purpo^o 
of giving the whole matter a fair «.nd impartial 

A. n. RUT.LTS. Reifisier, 
H. W. UULLEY, Heoeiver. 


ago City, 



A. II. BULLIS Registtr, 
II. W HOLLEY. Receiver, 

U. S. Land Office. 

"Winnebago City, Minn, May 22, 1867. 
To John it' gi-rs : 

Agnstus J Davis has this day applied for th« 

west A south we.«t i cectiv-n IS, tonnship 105 

H..;h, range 25 west: it being tbq land yon filed 

>n. You are hereby notified to bo and appear at 

hirsoffi o on Saturday the 22 day of June, 1867, 

it 10 o'clock a m. for 'ho purpose of giving the 

ivhole mj,Uer a fair and inipar;ial investigation. 

A. H. nn-Ll?, UcKister, 

II, W. HOLLEY, Receiver. 


I,T, Vjndf f»f .lob Work Hone to orflwr »> tbi" 



Bourbon Bitters 

A Healthy Tonic. Gentle Sthntdent, 
and Unequaled Morning Appetizer. 

Vrepared in Kipo 


Free from Grain Oil, With Flowers, 

Buds and Bark.- of the Highest 

Medical Virtue. 

Hy increasing the appetite, assisting digestion, 
regulating the bowels, and giving tone to the sys 
teui. they impart strength and vigor to the body. 
II nd cheerfulness to the mind. 

7/^r- If your druggists or tradesman has not 
got THESE RITTEllS, have him send for them 

^^ Remember the name, and take no other. 

For sale by druggists and Grocers everywhere 
C. H. SWAIN, Proprietor. 

34 south Wates St., Chicago. 

At Wholesale in St. Paul, by 


IT. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn., M.ay 15, 1867. 
To Samuel H Frisbie : 

William Kingsley has this daj' applij 1 for th» 
south i north west \ section 26 and ea»t \ north 
east i section 27 township Io;i north, range 2t> 
west ; it being the land yon filed on. Y'ou are here- 
by notified to be and appear at this office on Satur- 
day the 15 day of June, 1867 tit 1 o'clock p m, for 
the purpose of giving the whole matter a fair and 
impartial investigation. 

A. n. Rl'LLIS, Register, 
H. W. IIOLLEY, Kecelvw. 

U. S. Land Office. 

Winnebago City, Minn, May I7tb, 1867. 
To .John M 01.1s : 

. Edwin M Foster ba? this day applied for the 
north east fit qr see;2 to:vnship 101 north, ra^geSO 
west ; it being the land you filed on. You are 
hereby notrfiei^ to bo and npp.-ar at tbis office on 
Tuesday the 18th day of June lS67 at 1 p m for 
the purpose of giving the whole matter a fair and 
impartial investigation. 

A. II. BULLI?. Register, 
H. W. HOLLEY, RecelTer. 



U. S. Laud Office. 

Winnebago City, Miun, May 13, 1867. 
To Francis M Weld: 

Edward J Dowling has this day applied for tho 
south west quarter action 2, townohip lOl 
north, range 32 west; it being the laud you fiied 
on. Y'oii are hereby notified to be and appear 
at this office on Friday the Hth day of Jun«, 
1867, at 9 o'clock A v, for ttie purpose of giving 
tbe whole matter h fair and impuriial inTesti- 

A. F. BrT,UF, Rfglrtfr. 

M. .♦. UOLI.tT. Ui«»lv»T. 














^ .-^ 




\—. \ 





Winnebago City, May 20, 1867. 


ConiprosratWnal -Services ©tery Pa^^Viath in 
the ufiw f^^bool House, at 1 1 o'clock A. M„ and 
7 o'clock P. M. 

Rev. K. W. MERRILL, Pastor. 

Winnebago City litl'd^^ a b:irl»er. 
Somoboilv to j<])av« the people. Wliitc 
or b!:ick, rich or poor, it is all one if 
The Commissioner of the General ', only lie tonchos li-'.Uly, usc^ clean, pe. - 

Plfl^fi(--t). H. Morse, of Verona, offers for 
sale a fine lot of CUuslur Wliiioiiud SuColk Pigs, 
on reasonable torms. n30w4 

Daptist— Services every alternate Sabbath in 
the Baptist 'Church, at 11 A. M., and three 
Sundays in each month at? P. M. 

Roy. E. STILLMAN. Pastor. 

Methodist— Services Kvcry alternate Snbbath 
in the Haotist Church, at 11 o'clock A M., «nd 
one tjunday in each month at V v'ilf>ek P. M. 
Rev. A.S.CIIUH131 TK. Pastor. 

Beal estate Trausfcrs iu;^Faribaitilt t'o. 

For the week ending May 25, iSfiT. 

John'C. 11 iwliind and wile, to Diiniel B. Thurs- , , , ,, . -^ i j •« r .. i\,.^ 

toa.inlS.imuelSchulor, Warranty Doc d. Lot 4 trutt'd tllO lollo\\in- Capital lut loi the 

Land Office has submitted to thfe Sec- 
retary of the Interior for his approval, 
a list of lands cbllt iniug r)4,!»54 acres 
felectcd for indemnity, and as iniirihg 
to the State ot Minnesota under the 
acts of Congress approved July 4 atid 
13, 18G7, to aid in the construction of 
the Southern Minnesota K ail road.— /S^?; 
Paul J'rcss. 

Immd napkins, and breaks ni't the 
handle of his razor. Oh I ye lineal de- 
scendants of a burbarous tribe, reincn.- 
bcr that the winter will soon h*i };<»ne, 
that tho peojile have loo lotit^ leeu 

SuffV's* iM> More ! 

When l,yi^.;,n)P.. iniNVlLLF'S KLIX 
Il'i you can be btlred ijcriiiancridj, and at ii Ui- 

Tlie asfonishiti); success whirli has attciulcd 
this invaliiahic r ■ lieiim f'-r IMly^i(•nl mid Nerv 
(HIS wcaluics!', (j<!ii'.-fal lU-liiilly and Prostratitm. 
L'.ss of iMusrular tiii'i'jry. Iiium.'i my, m- any ot 
tlu conseiiutnces of >initliful inili-ifrctioii, ren 

, , dcr.s it the luo^t valuuhio prcparanonevcr dijiuv 

bearded, and some one of your number ^.^^.,1 

•'Making a pod out of a raan. 

Tho true yodis .sigh U>r tho cost and pain." 

A correspoudent of Moore's Jiural 
Xeio Yor/ccr, sonlo years a^o perpe- 

\p. 15! vk 1 , Lots 2 and '.\ in Bl.<ck 7 ; and Lots 
2 and 3 iu P.lock 10 in Hlu<» Earth City— $lt)2i. 
Ii» Wi'.linm Ilalstead and wife, to Ansel A. Brock- 
et, Warranty Deed, b acr s in north part of aoc- 
tion 5, town 101, range 27 we.<t — $li'i>. 

Jatue;» Doha.'n and wife, t'^ William IIal«tead, 
M'arrantv Uw»«d, b atfL^tf <.iV l\ oi the avuuh end of 
th»> w,>»; Iiaii of tho lior'.L cast tiuavler of becliuu 
l'.». ti.wn 101, range 27— $;0t». 

Humphrey Mount, to (i Mir^e W. D:inn, Wur- 
tar-ty Dood, th« ea^-i halt of (he r»rih we^it nuar- 
tw ot" section 27. town 102, range 2S— ^^oOO. 

Tho bridge at Vernou i^ passable. 

A. D. Marion, formerly proprietor of 
the hotel at Vern<-»n, has purchased a 
tcsidence fet Mauknto. 

come to our fair city with a chair, and 
baud extended for dime .^hiii-plaijters. 

B LMg-MJL.JtJ g . ' M B 

A\'iiincbagi) City Market. 

Corrected weekly by Moulton i Dcudon. 

Head the advertisemeiit of G. K. 
Cleveland. lie offers an excellent 
ijuarter section of land for ealo cheap. 

Mr, Henry K. Gerry, of Garden 
Citv, is our anlhori/ed aL'eiit in that 
place and vicinity, for tho rKEE 


I\ M. Tieroe and L. J. Kmevick 
liave gone to Wisconsin. They iuteud 
to bring back a tliouj^aud ever^jreen 

benefit of that very large clas^ of would 
be rhymsters who, iu imagination, see 
their names inscribed with Sliakspeare 
and Danfe, and with varying hope 
wait the coming cf that glorious time 
when thewarld shall open its eyes and 
acknowlediro thc'r relationship to the 
sacred nine. 

l[ow very ah.'=urd is half the stuff 

Called • Poetry," now-a days I 
The "stanza?," wid "epics,"' and "odes" are j -r? 

To put every lover of ihviue in a huff. 
And e'en old hens with their "lay?." 

One asks Lut a "cave" in some "forest dell," 

'•Away fr»>m the cold world's strife:" 
Now the woods in iiie weather aro all very well, 
But give them a six weeks' "rainy -pell,"' 
And he'd su'>n "cave iu" in nis "forest dell," 

Aud bo sick enoHgh of tn« iifc. 
, Uno 1. vti (,/.'(-«) lijo i;litioi ill;: foam 

"And tho uiad waves' an^ry strife ;" 

Wheat, spring, Nc. 1, 


Ko. 2, 






ri..ur, p«r 100, 


Corn .Meal, 












liay, ]>er ton. 


Wood per cord, 




pork, salt, ]ior piniiid, 

ISl .'JO 

Pori<, fresh, per c\«t.. 


Beef, fresh, per pound, 



The AVorld Asn)ui.sli(^d 


>Ia<le by tlie (ireat Astrolugist, 

•veal- Hi^prct" tio mortal cvtrr linvw. She reptorcs 

It Will rt^inove till nervous alTi^clions, depros.* 
ioij, cxeitcui'Mit, liicaja' iiy to j-liidy or Imimix-ss, 
loss of Ee'oory, confusion, tli-ugliis of .-elf-dt- 
.•^Iruction, furs <>f inxanify, Ac. It will restore 
(lie a) pi'tiic, renew llie h.«,ilttt of those who have 
destioyc'l it i^y se isual excess or evil praclifcs. 

Voithg iiioii, III Imiiihug^jed m; niorc l>y 'linack 
Do' lorn ' and ignorant i^ractioners, but send 
without (iti'.ay for tlie Kli.\ir, and beat ouce re- 
siorod to hfallh and ba|.pii e.«s. A p«:rfc<:t cure 
IS tina<aiiie»d in eviry iii>titucc. Priie, $1, or 
foiir bottles to one adiress, ?;'.. 

Oiii- liotlle is .••uflicieiil to effect a cure in all 
or<linary «-a c". 

for tho speedy ami |ifiniriie(it ciire of (iiiiorilifa 
(Jlcet. Irctliral Di.-cliariio^. (Jravel Stii« Hire and 
all alfc'lii^ns oflln- Kidtioy-; ami Hliibkr. Cuie- 
ffTected ill fioiii one to live day.i. 'Ibey are pre 
pared from veg<taMe extracts that are harnitU'S>' 
on the syslcui, and never naiseale the stomach 
or iiuprogiintc t'ue briatli. No change of dicfii; 
oecessarv wliile u.-in^ tlie.u. i>or docs tb'-ir aciioo 
in any manner intertero willi busino^i pursuits. 
Price $! jier bttx. 

Hither of Hio .ibovp mentioneil arliclc.s will bf 
sent toiiiiy n<b'r(;iG, ciosuiy sealc.l, and post paid 
by mall orexpress, on receipt of price. Address 
all t>rdcrs to 

BERtiElt, SllUTT.S A Co., Chemists, 
\4nlSyl No. 2S5 River Sircet, Troy, N Y 



Warratty Deeds, 

Mortgage Deed: 

Quit Clainl Dticds, 

Cliattle ]\loitgagt s, 

Lavery Stable ! 


I to li:ii>i>'.iii >- till -^i »lio, from i|.i|i-fi,l cvi-iits, caliistro 
pli«« iTo<« in lovc, I'lss of rcl;iii.iiis aii<l fi icinN, loss of 

Bur take the-ycung ,eui.ts that wrote that 'pome.' , ^-i:^^,l::-;:::-;::^Zt^^^^^ 
"Where the billows dash and the sea birds roam," i in^r ai>-. i.t fiitinlsorlovcr*, icMorc. \>,m ..rMoi.n pr<.i.- 

fiiy, tells J .111 tin liaiiii'.s> \\\t ar»- licrt (|U.illtii'il to ji'.r- 
t^iicaiKl ili"«li:it .vii will 1m- iii.i.s| .■■ui-e •ssroi.CHUsc,-. <<|ii-f- 
tlv iiiaiii!i/< s ami tells \<<u llie very day you will n ;oiy, 

Prcw & l*ayue, of Mank to, man- 
-ufactHrers and <lealers in Furniture, 
present tlieir Card this week. Look 
for it en the -second page. 

Judijc Austia has aljourned l^e 
Df?>trict Court which was appointed 
to meet 'it Blue Earth City iicx-tTuci- 
dav, untd October. 

Mr. Kimball presented us with a fine 
fish a few days s'nce, which we enjoyed 
muchly, on account of its good qua.ity 
and outrageous cheapness. Thanks. 

Wm. Lowe is buuding a new house, 
lie has some fine trees growing on his 
lots, which a little care and fore, 
thought placed there a year or two 

G. E. Nelson knows how to keep a 
tip top saloon. He is soon to put in a 

And he'd gi\o all he had to he safe at home, 

Aud s:iiv there the rest of his life I ■• - ■ , ■, . .. , .,• 

(lives >DU 111!' ii:i '•', l!kciiis>aii'l ciianicttrictiis of ttie 

. /» .1 1 it f It ...: ,^ ' iiers.<n S'..c ri:i'ls v.'iir v-tv thou I.T.<, and !•. Iieriil- 

Apropos of the above, tha following ; j;;;',;';;,,,n;;n,,,i,;.wers uoVeils ti.ciark 

Qt'in/l^ /'Trf>Pl 1 VoltlmO of 'TranslatioUS in>«teiksot : .■ t.iicr... l-Vo..» the stirs wes,-i„ the 
stanzas, (^irom a \OiUUie Ol liailS.JllUU^ {i,,„.,,meiit— tlu- nrilclicstarsthatoveicoiiie cr i.rc.lonn- 
rwf •nt^omIvL P..oinc '^ vvlu<»1i inn^ir ;,i ' t.:itH in tlieeonfV-uratiou- fr-im tlie;isp.ctsiiii.l po^ili-as 

Ot bpani.>;ii I ueuis, ; nnuicii appeal in ^,f„„. ,,,.,„,,^„,„i,i,.. tix..i sta-sin thetimc or i.:itii, 

tlwi /^\»;/. ,.1/ f.^r Tnn.. -iro not to l,o i »he the fnl.if.' .lotiny of man. Inil not to i, „i- 

the t/ loi June, aie not to "^ g„„ „„. ^t,.,,,.^, A>t,oi..K:st ..n nurth. it c.sts you i.ut 

eClipSea m aOSUrUltS, UnitS'S Uy S*^"'^ ; ^,,,,.,r,u„itv. t-.l-Millationlne, «;:» likeness an.l ill! 
oi.o^imoiia nf nru'tio KtniilitK*- whieh ' <^'^'''"^'' '"''■'"'="'"""•""*' """'"■• »'-'l'is living ai a .lis 

Specimens oi poeiio biraiiiing «"><'" i ,^,,^.^ ,..,„,.,,,, ,,,i, ,|,. >ir,.iani i.y niaii with .•H"ai>^.>f<iy 

m-\v Li> tl.imd in tlifl bot'Oin r.f the I aii'« satisfaction t. tlicins.h.s. .-.s if in peis..ii A full 
ma} 00 Il'Una in ino UOUOm Vl l'"^ j a„,l explicit d.aM, «.-aitu out, ^iihall inMuiiicsan- 

UoMKSTEAD waste basket, and y^h\ch ^ ^J;:']^::!^^^!^;;:;;-^^^^^^^ 

we t\.rbear to illustrate. Enough, that '^r'i^Xr^::^:l:^Z'ii::u:::rZ^T^ 

u-^iur> fkt'flin ^//'J.JQ liQVP fllrplilv TI»nOfir. <lc.-:nnt:iheTn. Write pl.inly the .l.iy of ih.' i.i. nth an.l 
8OIU0 OI ine f/Cms IiR\C aireaU) appear- ^,.^^111 whl.h y.u were bum, euciosinii a small lock of 

ed in its columns out of compliment to ''^'"■- Address, ^^^j^^,^, ^ ,j ^ pKnuiro 
the authors. More of it we cannot. ''^'^'^y^ '*'• ^- ^'-'^"^ -'•'^=. "«"'''^' ^'- ^' 

I stand by siuiling Bacchus', 

Iu joy us wont to wrap he; 
Tho **iso, Do.-ila, lack us 

The knowledgo tj bohaff^. 

What tcatttrs it if tvcn 

In fair us diamond splendor 
The t-uu is fix'd in heuven ? 

Me li^ht he'i boru to r-nder. 


WonM rc.spoetf illy inform the public that they 
have opened » first class Livery .Stable in Winner 
liaj;.* Ciiy, where ;^ooil •■esfablisliincij*.-" can be 
h 1.1 at all times, il ly or ni>:lit. Passengers ar- 
il* iiij4 by .-trjL'e"-' \ ;o .'iv i;.>iiit-iio.-ire<l. 

Stable aud Ottice just back o: lb« Xew Labtlst 

Wiunebaso Ci'y, Jan. JO, 1SC7. 

Marriage Ceitific'r«tes, 

and ALL kiudt of 


The moon is, so me tell they, 
With li\iu;j beings swanuy 

"There moy be th'r^san«i.-<" — well they 
Can uover come to harm me. 


billiard table, when the lovers of the p.itient h?s submitted to a third read 

GEORGE E. NEL^^ON, Proprietor. 
Litiuor.-^ of all kinds, Cream j 

AKj and La^er Beer, constantly on hand. 

Oysters, Lob.stors, Teaclies, 

Blackberries, llaspberries, and F^Llis 
of all kiiiMS. 

_. .. , . r , 1 Plain and FaiiCy Candies^ aud 

The peculiar beauties of the above y^^, u.m every dime. 

are fully developed only when the j winnebauo City, Pcb. 27, 1S67. v4nl8tf 

Know Thy Destiny. 

Madame F. F. Thornton, the preat English Astrolo- 
u'ist, ('lairvo.\ai.l anil Psycli. Ill' l.ieiHn, who l:a« hs- 
t..nis!i. lithe <ru iitifl.- cla»st>ofthe Ohl Wornl, has .io« h'TS 'Itat, \. v. Ma'lHtie Thornton^.« such woiiilerf. 1, s of s« conri sipht, ..s to 
enahle her to imi'art k...i« 1« <l»f« rf the j^r. aU st iin, or- 
lane.' to th; si'i^le <ir .aarri.-il of ei'hiT »'X. \Viiile In 
a state of trance, she <lt liiu-ati-s tlie very features of the 
jicrson Vol! are to marry, ami hy the ahl <■( an instrn- 
ir.i-nt ofinien^e iiower, known .«s t'le l'«\ chitiiotrop'", 
>:airaiifees to iir.o'.'ice a life-like i»ieture .iftiic future 
Inisliao.l or ttil ol tl'c ; j.plicar.t. t..};<ll—r wiili dale .>f 
ai..;ria're, poktioti in lin'. h^aiOiiL' traits. .f eha'-:>ottr. 
,i.-. TH? is no hninl)ii,i, as th<iusainS of tesiiiiionials 
0:111 assert. ,*'<ie will *en.l, whi-n (le-ire.l, a c.riitii-'l 
I'ertiticite, or wn:'<li ;,'uarantee, '.hulthe picture is what 
it piiri'ortsto »>«>. lly eoelosinj.' a small lock of hair, ."ml 
starini; jihic:' of iililli, npe, ii|>t'.ir<l'lon anil .•«.m(il.xion, 
an<l encl.i«in;; ."ioci'iits aii.l t>laiiiin'il chV'-iu;.c a.l.liess. .1 
to yourself, you will receive the pi.-tur.- aiol ih-sire.l in- 
foriiia'ion hy return tom'iI. Mi eoir.mnnicaliops sa.T. il- 
ly roiih.hntial. A.Mress. iu .•onliiieiii-e, MAl'AMK 
K, i-'. TIIUIINTON,!'. 0. liox 'i^iU. llu.ison X. V. 


are Printed and for Sale, wholesa'u or retai', at 
the tjlliceof iLo 

i I y-i t-^ Y^ -fi 



'Crosby's Opera House* 



(New York "Warerooms, 650 Broadway.i 

\Thij!i-i-:alo Agents fur the U. S. for 



Gold Medal Piano Tortes. 

As to the reUtive merits ( f iyi';!-c PIANd.^, we would 
refer to the C^ertifnateK of excel ioiKii- »n otir j.o'csssion 
TKMl».S,l.,OLlS.STAAIlunJE.MlZIO, Mu- 
■ical l»in-i!or of t'lo Italian Upera, ati also fr.'iii .^oma 
of the most <lintiii^nislie<l I'r.jlchHaE hij.I Amateiirii la 
the couuliy. All luijlruuieutB^ttu/-«n/«ct//</rJti« yran, 



AND OTHER First Class Piakgs. 

BTOTK OF PIANOS ill TIJE CITV, which for Power 
and Sweetness <.f Tone, Ki'-hj- and Agrccuhle Toncli. and 
Beauty of Finish, Luve, by judges, beta proiiouu(»d 
unrivilM. .. ,t 

4a- Particular attention pan! to the selection of In- 
■tninienfs for distatit orderg. uiid a i-rivileee ot exchnni:* 
(tmnted at any time within six uioiithB. if the IiiStm- 
nieut dhouldijot prove mtir ly SHtisfart'.TV. A l'l'erv\ 
discount to Clergymen, Teacheisaud gLboula. TernH 

WIIOLESALK DFAbERS *i!l f.nd it to their advan- 
tage to give us a call, as liy jir-'ally in. rtased facilitiea 
ire are bOHbled to fill oiders with de«p itch 

j|a- Persoiis in want of a UKAI.l.V FIRST CI-As3 
tlAiNO will do Well to tall btfoie elsewhert 

— , «-•-• 


Carhart, Needham & Co.'s 




Manufacturers aud Iiuporters of 


Btrings, Accordeons, 

Violins, Clarionets, 

Drums, Guitars, 


Don't fail to buy all your BL.\NKS at this 

game liere will have a uood opporiuni- 
ty to play lor the thamjiion cue. 

"NVra. Ballando has a now advertise- 
ment this week. If you want strong, 
nicely finished bedsteads, extension 
tableH, kd., givo Ballandti a call, at the 
red buildinp;s. 

Moulton tfc Deudon will soon extend 
their store thirty feet. This will make 
the hall iu the second story much moio 
confonient for all purposes. Winnc- 
ba'T'rt 13 bound to make room fur all 
vho cou)«. 

C. S. Kimball u building a [Totel en 
the Wc t side of Main St., jubt South 
of tlie liaptist Church. It will bo 
about fifty by thirty feet, and two 
stories high. The frame work is nearly 
Of T"r-lc^c;l, and will bo raised text 

The two il«*nuh|iran pipors hi Rocli- 
c:,ter, t'.*c I'o6t and li'.publican^ have 
beOD united, aud will hereafter bo is 
sand as the Rochester Post. We have 
received tho initial number, and it is 
one of tbo bast edited and beat looking 
newspupers in the i>tatc. 

Abbott &: Welch are bui'ding an ex- 
tension to their store. Tho new part 
■will bo forty four feet long and two 
stories high, to conform to tho part they 
now occupy. This will make a totiil 
length of eighty four feet, and afloid 
thcni an excellent opportunity of dis- 
playing their extensive stock of hard 

There is but little doubt that the 
prisoner FuUer, who osoapod from our 
jail a month or six weeks ago, was 
drowned in attempting to descend the 
Minnesota river in a skiff. In a previ 
ous is-suo we gave the st itement of John- 
son, who was with him, as to tho upset- 
ting of the boat aud his losing sight 
of Fuller. Johnson has since confirm 
ed his statement as to these matters, 
and adds thai on his return to this place, 
while coming up the river on a boat, he 
saw Fuller's hat lodged iu some bush- 
C8 a short distance below where the 
boat u[)?«t.- M'lnlcato Itccord. 

ing, foi it is written in 

" ,a sort of style that's growu 

Extremely couneoa id Ibid nge, wLoso uietal, 
The devil muy decompose, luit nevtr Beltle." 

A friend of ours at the East got off 
the following Valentino twenty odd 
years ago, when playiii;.; school boy : 

1 love not Molliu merely, 

I al«o seek for kn<jwiedgc ; 
And though I love her dearly, 

1 first luuit go through college, 

I must tug and toil for famo. 

Must try and get an A IJ., 
Having thus im[iroved my name. 

I'll give it to her, may be. 

That May bee never made honey.— 

''Mollie" went her w.iy and 11 

went his, and the last we knew of him, 
the ambitious hardJing had been met- 
aniorphosed into a *'grave and rever- 
end" dominie, gray Eomewhat 
and prosy exceedingly, with an A. I*J. 
supplenicnting the eovetc i A. 13» 

l].Q ouijrht to have been twin broth- 
er to the western editor who jicrpe- 
trated the followinij durio;' a fit of hi-di 
poetic in.'Jpiration. 

I love to see ttie wavint^ g''a83, 

Before the mower mows it. 
I love to tec an old gray boss, 

I'or when h« go.!3, Le ^oes it. 

iJoth ot them must have been con- 
Hcioufl gennati to the youngster who 
presented the following 'l*rizc Tome' 
to a certain examining committee: 

Father a well-sweep. 
The wind blew it down, Sheep. 

Rtml the Ccrtijkute of llec. Ji. T. Flualin. 

To Dr. HosTKTTkft : 

Jhnr Sir : — This is to certify that I was taken 
with tlic dysjiepsij a year ago March, and, 
for a period of eight months, was one of tho most 
miserable creatures you over beheld, not being 
able cither to eat, drink or .ileep, and was com- 
pelled to walk the floor incessantly. I was ne.irly 
deprirod of my reason, and hope had entirely 
left me, all the efforts made for my recovery hav- 
ing proved fruitless. 

Sy the first of November, 1865, I had become 
80 vcak and feeble that I could scarcely stand 
alone, and, to all appearance, would soon die. — 
At this time (having r'^ad your advertisement,) 
my wife prevailed upon me to try your Bitters 
A bottle was procured, and, stfango to Say, I soon 
commenced recovering. I have taken four bot- 
tles, and am enjoying as g^od health now as 
could bo e-Kpectcd for oue of my age (about sixty 
years.) I have no doubt that it was your Bitters 
alone, under Piviue I'rovidenc«, thateflected thia 
wonderful cure. R. T. rLUALiM. 

lludsou, Mithi^an, Au^mt 30, IStit}. 



OJice opponte " Uuioi' House " Blue 

Earth C'dy^ MlnittsoUi. 

"Will d.i a General Banking and Real Estate 
Businei.', pay Ta.xcs for non-rtbidcnts, make 
CoUcct.ons. Ac, Ac, 
H.D. BALDWIN, - - - S. P. OIIILD. 

BlutEar^ City, May 7. C.l. Hi>yl 


And otier Musical Merchandise. 

The Silver and Brass Isstrvments of our monufae- 
tnre and inip.irtati.jn, are wA V'y l)lo^^t all r,f the hti'. 
Bands in the L'nited St.itfu. and wliencvr ixliibited liava 
always rc-eived tlieOold Med»lsaiid uiontST pR'Mh:m8. 

it^ Having conTiertion with Manufnrfiiriiii: Houses 
In Berlin. Leipsir. Drc.-'den. Tj<indnn. and P.-iii- . we are 
pret.ared to furnish DKAI.ERS, BANDS and I.VDIMDU- 

5lLS, witlj every .article in tUie liue, at the lowest maa- 
Ulactufer's pi ices. 


Throw away your f.ihe friezes, your switchis, your 

will — 
Postrueiivc of cinifort. a. id not worth a fiir; 
roiiie,coiue youthful. cin:\>- iii-ly aud fa*V, 
And rej'jice in your <nvii luwiri.iiit hiiir. 


For rcsioiinir h;\ir i-.pon bald head n (from whatever 
eau-ie it iniylijive f.iihnoiit) and reiciii>: a uiowMiof 
hiiir iii>oii tlie fai-f, it lia< no eqi'.,!. It will lurre the 
ln-ar.I to irruw iip'ii the MMontlicst f.t'-.; in fioni'iv"; to 
e'^ht wi'oks, «pr liair upon hal.l heads i»i from t..<i to 
three Mciitlis. A fe'v iirnoralit pi-aetio'.HTs have assert- 

• dll.;i'tl c is 111,1 hill;,' li^at will force or Imstt-n tlie 

Hiowlli o| fill.- Iiair cr In- ird. Ti;-:r ti-^s •liioniJ are f;ilM', 
as I liouiaiids of Ii vp witnesses ( tn in thi-ir i^wn t.xperi- 
enc'i <'»n liear wiine^s. But many will say, how are we 
to di.-tiiv.'iiish the v'eiiiiiiie frotn the !i;iiirioi!s? Il ceilaiii 
.yis dillicull, as ninetciiths of the dif:"' lent preparaiioija 
adveitisi'il for the hair and heard arc ei'lirfly worthless, 
and you iu;iy have !ilre..dy thrown awiiy Iar;rt- aiti"unt«< 
in their piireloi-e. To su^-'h we wouhi f«y, try the ltet>ar 
ator Cappilli ; it will cost yoi'. iniihin;.' unless it coma's 
up to oui- repress '..ations. If your l»ru>;ifisl does not 
kei']> it, f.f\u\ \.\< i-iie d</llar ami we «iil f.oward it, t>ost- 
I»aid, to-rcliu'r willi a re<;<.;;'t for the money, wliieli will 
l»; r.-ti'riied you on application , providing entire salis- 
f.ictiuu Id nut '.'iveii. A'Mrcss, 

W. I.. Cl.AKh' <t CO., CheniiM?, 
v4nlSyl No. 3 West Faycjto J?treel, Syracuse, N. V. 


and you will alwayi be satisfied.' 

Bill Ilead^, 

Letter IleaJs^ 



I am now receiving tho 

Largest aud Most Complete 

8tock of 

Dry Ooods, 



llats^ Caps, &c. 

Ever Brought to tlie Minnesota 

and have commcnccJ 


of which fact all my old eustompfs and tho pub- 
lic generally 

Will ho RatisGed hy calling: and Exam- 
ining my (Jooils, and hearing 
my 1 noes. 

ever be*.riug in mind my motto of 

gelling? MORE Goods for ONE 


House ill the Valley. 

Isaac ]llarks» 

Maukato, Miiia.>Nov. 2o, 1866 




For Removing- Supcrflouis Hair. 

To the la''ies e<ptc'tilly, (hi!< invalu:iblc dcjiil 
atoiy rcc(iminentl.s itself as being an aUnosl imiis 
pcn.sibl«; artiil'.! to female beauty-, m ca.xily ajipli 
"(•, doe.'* not burn or injure th«* .skin, but acts di 
rcitly on the roots. It is narlanlcd to remove 
sujiorlluoiis hair from low forelic i Is, or froiu any 
part of the hodr, completely, totallj' »nd ra^dical 
ly cxterpating the same leaving llie fkin joft, 
.•mootlie and natural. This is the onlv article 
used by (he Fren'h. and is the only real efiectaal 
depilatoVy is cxi.-ietice, Bnce 7 J cents per pack 
age, sent postpaid, to any addres* on receipt ol 
an order by 

BERGER, SllUTTG k Co., Chemists 
v4al8yl 2b j Kivcr St., Iroy, N. Y. 

'^P A YoTJNO L.\DY returninjr to 

n r country home, niter a sojourn of a few "months in the 
I'i'y, was hardly reeojrniz.ed hy h< r friends. In place 
of a coarse, riislie, llu.stu'd face, she had a soft ruhy eoin- 
pl xiuii of aliiuist iiiavhic smoothness, and instead ti 
tw 'oly-tliree she really ai'peaaed hut ei};liteen. I'pon 
inqu'ry as to llic cmii-e of i-o (;reat a elian;;^, she plainVy 
To'.d them that she hid used the <'lr«*n*<»loil BsiilU, 
and consldiTcd it aninvaliiahle aciiulsition to any Ladys 
toilet. Hy its any huly or t^eiateman Cm Imf.r ne 
llietr persoinl ..piiLaranci' an *iundreil foliK ft is sintple 
in its eomtiiiiation, as Naiiire herself is simple^ yet unsur 
passi-il in its eflii-acy in (lr:!Aiiir inipurilies from, and 
lioalinf;, rlnaicinK and heaulifyint; the skin and oomplex- 
ioii. By its direct ai;ttoii <in theirirticle ?t d:';'\',^ from il 
all impiiriliis, kiinlly heaitng the same, and leavinp the 
surface as Nature inleuded it should he, clear, soft, 
suioodi and heairiful. I'rice One Dollar, sent hy mail 
cr ex\»re*», on receipt of an or<le, i,y 

W. L. CT.AUK * CO., Chemists, 
No. 8, Uestbayclte JJit., Syracuse, N. Y. 
The only .\merican Aseuts for the sale of the surae. 

Free to Everybody! 

A large |>p. Circular, jr'ving information of 
tho greatest importance io tho young of both 

It teaches how tho homely may become beanti- 
tul, tho de^p'scd respected, aud tho fora&kett 

No Voting lady or gentleman should fail t* 
seild their addrcssf, aud receive a copy poSl ^uid, 
by r<3turu mnil. 

Address P. 0. Drawer, 21, 
v4nlSmC Troy, N. Y. 


Dealers in 









69 Washington Street, 

lew York Warerooms, 650 Broadway. 

MOFFAT'S Life Pill3 


The Most Successful Medichies 
in the World. 

Established in 1833 l>y one of 
car 3Iost Eminent Pliysicians, aud 
now used tlirougboiit North and 
South America, with Kiore plcasliis 
results than any other Medicine in 
cases of diseased Liver, Blood or 
Skin, Indiijcstion, Costiveness, 
Eiaous Complaints, Rheumatism 
and Fever and Ague. 

Thousands of certiflcates are in 
our possession, giving detailed 
accounts of perfect CURES eifected 
hy these invaluahle Medicines. 
They regulate the System and put 
ail Ihe^ functions of tho body 
in a healthy condition. 

Sold by ail Druggists. VThite & HowlanJ, rrcpri- 
ctors. Successors to Dr. Jolm Itoflat aud Dr. "W. B. 
'bLiiSuX, I^ew York. 


Auburn, Golden, Flaxen, & 
Silken Curls, 

PSODrCED bv tb" neeof Prof. Dp, Ttpcx' 
FllE'^H LE CH EVEUX. tJnrs .ipolict- 
tion WAll HANI' ED to c^rl * tho 

most fitrai<;ht and siub bom b»ir i»f cither sex in- 
to wavy ringlets or he<«vy. inMj«sivn csr.l*. lias 
>een used bf the fashionablo^ cf Pjiris no,) Lou-- 
Ion, with the most gr^.tifjiaij rostilft. D.ics no 
injury to the hair. Prrte by nail wcaVp tsnJ 
•lostpaid, $1. Descrif'ive circulars sent free. 
\ddress BEKGER. SHU'^TS A CO., Cbe u sib, 
N'o, 2S5 Kiver st., Troy K. V. i^o'c .a'-'»r»8 tor. 
'.hi United SlutCii. v4nl8yl 


1 ^nr* TnELADY'.S FRIEND- 



La'v Cases and Points, 

Printed to orde.', on short Nolioo, and at reason- 
able rates. 

AH Orders %y MaU Promptly Attended to, 



^yCrr»rtioul*f aUtuliou i^itlu it Musie Oj-'ie/b tViuubba;') City, April 24tb, iSAT. 


be*t of iho iionth'tics — devoted 

to LITERATURE and FASHION, ^'i.^') « 

year. We give WHEELER A WILSON'S cele- 

, brated $5j Suwiug Jluehines on lue fclicHiug 

• eruis:— 

Twenty copies and the Sewing Machines. ?70. 
Thirty copies '• " " " »S5. 
Forty copies " '' " " *100 

Send 15 cents for a sample coiy to DEACON' 
4 PETERSON, 313 Walnut Street. Philai'ijlphia 


Blue Saith City. 

This bouse having Vieen repaired and newly fnr- 
lished throughout, is iiii^ oyeti for the recepiiuu 
>f gue.«ts. 

The proprietor respec fully Aolicils the patron- 
ige of the tr;tyeVing ruhH/i, and i« ••cteriniiifd 
'hat noiio shaii go lirt'tty ul.s^a.tiaI^od wiiO may la 
.'or him with a call. 

47y t3. S. OONVKKJ^R. Proprietor. 


Fi oat [Street, uearthe Le/ee. 

]»I. T. C. FLOWKa, Pi-oprietoi; 

Cienera) 8»ftffe Offlrefor alt point. .»b«»*tp flood 
<»iftbliO|i with ai^«(iWv« UKilwtta ^^>^ 











. II • m 


- ■ ■ ■ ^ *^ 


Veo^cUble Sicilian 


— — — -♦«» 

As tlip nnmo indicate?, not only Tir.NKws 
tlie prowth of the hair when thin and fiillinj^ 
oft", bvi^ positively rennva the color to /is 
cripinnl ^^Jo when it ia turning p^^y or 
white, whc^T caused by disease, j^ief or 
old :ice. 

It will cortaii!^ do wlial is rMfTmcd for it, 
A fact to which \iindred3,*By thousands, 
who havp! used ii, ^c ready and willing to 
testify. >Vbere one j^y> is fairly u.^ed, in 
any co^nmuuity, itsJr-eputatica "siirciuls 
like wild fire," ai^r i\the best 
ncnt and rccoiyiendaV->n wo desire. In 
the Eastern Stj^. wheroYe '•UENEWEIl" 
oi iginaiod, ipo young la\o3 use it as a 
hair dres^mg ; it is fouu\on the toilet 
tables ojj^iung men, (also atVioir barbers), 
while^^der men and womcnVho desire a 
Rc\jmh'T and Hcstorativt for thciXeroy locks 
B'VJ bald hoadd will not be w\^llut this 
imiclc, which gives in every instj\:;c, en- 
tire sctisfaction, 

lV>T>'t l<>f ftvy Ui uirpist or lUvilcr urt;o npon yon ft 
diiT"iv!it artulo, ii.i Uiero is ji'> iircjiftnuivn In ;tu> \vi.irM 
\\\« tiiM, U«vv:ir>i uf auy aiticlu |>uri<orlu^ t<.' bo the 

Try nVU/SUATR RKNKWER nccording to Dire<^- 
tl-MK. »it<l y n Mill iiso rill oilior. 

If n. t soi'l it i'nictcista in your town, a triiil l«>ttle 
will Ik* s<»nt yi>a V>t exiirc*i, uj'>'ii rf'-lpt of one d'Uiir 
by m.uV. ilu'i <<iTioG; yoti an I'jiiK'ilmiiij fti ouce of 
•e»tlTi<tt» e^Tl>iit i|U:ilitio-«. 

Orvlei;* f ji (noi bUtUs UiUaC b« a>7iIroaacd i> 

<€. *. 1*00 S, iTHcai^'rt. 

tJenT AgwsT for Northwvsrwn Sbtes, 
Si.;,i at T\ ri' )l.i:>ALK, ii. t -Wr^px \y l-TI.I.KR. nSCU 

k yv:.i.i:k. urnyjiAM.'* k tan mhaack. lokd a 

tMlTlI. S^init Ik DWYrit, J. II. ttKKD i. CO. 

r!i\!«. o. FMiTa. riKT7«rir. lu-'^cst .t fc., ii 

FroVTL. \T. V. llAKIilS A CO, TOST i B.U)i:iir, :iuA 
bv dnifCin^its mn<] de&leifl gvnoratly. 

rhurc coinfth (jlnd tiding of j<iv to all, 
To younjr and to old, to groni and to tinall, 
!'h«' I'v'.uity which onoo wiiij .•'o jjriTlyr' aiiUrarr, 
[s fiTv to all. iiiiil .lil v\i\y bv" lair. 
B7 the Vis of 


Wiiilc LiqisUl 

E N A M E L! 

for Ir-'proving and I>»<«utifyi»ig'h«« iJoniplcxion. 
7hi> must Vk1u:i)tle and |»erfc?t pivfmration in 


fiT i^ivinr: 'f «' >'l<'n » l>c»Mtlt\il 

thit i.-- iinlv <"• "ud in yo-?*i. It qiiioldv 


■ lU'Vos! I'l'i, Fr»'ikl«<<, Vi'-jd'v, p.lof •h<-.<, M"lli 
J'aiclinr, SittltiWiii- ;.<. '<jr*t:>t*i>i!'! .ir<l r'l Wip'ii • 
•ics of tb*» 5kin. kii>i!ly hiM'i'np tbo 8.n»\r, IphnId;; 
rlu> skip whito nt <l clot^T 91 n'iln^t'". lis «-f 
'•■111 iii>t 'u- <l,:'«>rtel t'7 tlio ni»'«-t scrutiny, Binl 
'^oiiij; a v» I'l'toMo pr"pjrati >r( {■ pfrfo'lly hunn- 
'<>.■'?■. It is (he I u'y jirflrle !>f the kiixl u.<oil l-y 

In- Fronoh. nr»l ia foT^Mlorc K hy tbv P:lr^ian «•< 
iinK'sp <n.-iKIo to a por^V"* toi'jf. |I'nvar<l8 ol 

'O.ilO'J b. ftU-s Hcro H..M ibiriv:: tho past ye ir, 


Better ()])portnii*ity is now offered to any 

•ullicicnf ;;iiarr:int«'o o'" ^f- t<'p'" 

Pri'T (Milv 

7;> *-n'«. :'<'(it l.y mail, on r<»ccipt of »ii orlcr. ly 

in-IUilKR iJUVTTq I CO.. rhcmi^ls. 
V 1 1. 1 s V 1 riS5 U jver Pt., Troy, N. Y 

CxUUNET suor. 


M'.inM roapoctfiilly irforui il.o 1 uMiv tlia 
iavin_' h4<l a w.-ck Co-Partmi -L ji with 

havin_' h4<l a w.-ck L".>-Paitiiii''-L j' witti roci 
JviliP. IJurrus, >? .i>;ain iImhi: hiisiiu.o in tiis own 
naui'^ Ex]K'ri« ui-e aud tor the tli.-l timt; havini: 
a jco.jj stock of 

Well Seasniieil Lnniber on liand 

also an . nlaiiTod shop, thinks to satisfy all old 
cast )'i!»'r>. and new ones too. All kin>Is i-f I'ur- 
niture on haTil. '>r made to order pioiupt'.y. 

New custonieis need nut ask for 

luv rooms, as I have the 

onlv \U:D BL'ILD- 


According 10 airrocictit tnak' betirppn ^Tr 
BnrrfS nnd myst .., '.-.ii-u Ueo. l.')th. l>«Wi, 
o'-'ha- ..i p ly bis own ilebts. Orders signed by 
me I will pay. 


AVinnebni^o Cit-", Jan. G, l><t>7. 

Wonderful but True. 

madam i;i;MlMi;i'(>N. Ill'" w tIiI nnoiviuil Astrol 
>'i-f and Soiiniaiiit'Ulislu- riahv.>;. nut, wliilc in a flair 
\.i\aiit 'tatt . ilfleliialt> tin- vi-r> !V:'turiv- if Ilii' person 
,•.•11 ;:rL' t.. many. an. I l>y tli-ai.l of an iti>li luiittii of iii- 
fi'Si' pmviT, kn'>«n as the l'sviliiiiiu'tro|n'. ^'iiarantci-v 
iM p'-oilui-c a t>iM-li*el ami lifrlike picture i>f tlif fuinri' 
l.ii li;;iiil or wifi- gf tlif ajii^'iiart, willi ilatc of marria^'i-, 
i,-cn;iat'>!i .!•;!•' 'tiL' trail* < t ciiarae'i-r. \c. T!iis i> no 
■ini«i>ii ou, as ti-.-<tiniiinials withi'Ut nniii1>fr can assert. 
U.v ilat n;.; ;ilacc of liirtli, a-.'', ili.-p"fiiiiii, color of cvt-s, 
lia'r. ami t-iicUw^ine f.fty i-riit.-. aii'l .-tauipfil .nvcliin- 
i<l Ir. .-^scl to y.invM'ir. > on will nci-ivc l!u' picture by 
iHrtiin mall, io^-ftl'cr ivltli il.-ir.-l inr-.rmalii'n. 

\,v..i in t" .nll.l. hcf, MAI^A^I CKP.TIMHK 
;:i ^ll.M.ToN. P. O H,>\ I'wo un.l Miifty 
.fx.n, \V.>t Tr..\, N, Y. v4nl,-yl 


TO Cl'Rn CON^Jl'.MlTlON, the eyste-n must bo 
prtpared ro that I lie lun-M will heal. To aoconipIiBh 
l"i I.ver ami stomach nui.-l lirst be olran?<'J aud 
ftniipretite created Jor j;ood « holesonie lood, uhicli, 
b". tliO'C niedioiii.^s will \>c dii;estcd iiroix"rl.\-, and 
pood hea'ihy blood made; tlia^ l>u:ldiim' up the 
con^titntloii. SCllKSCK'S MAM»RAKi: I'lLLS 
cle'uiietl'.c stomach ot all biiious or mucous aceuniu- 
ln;ions. and, by usim: ihe Sea Weed Tonic iu con- 
nect-on. the apTx'tilc if restored. 

SCIIKSCK'S rri.MGNlC SYRUP ifl nii'ricious 
t,' we'.l ft" modieiiial. and. by usin? the three rcmedos, 
all r.iiparitied arc expelled troni the ^yetcin, and 
pootl, wholesome blood made, which will repel all 
disease. II p:-.tienl8 will take these medicines accord- 
ing to fiircciions. Consumption very tre.iuently in 
Its la«t stai'o yield* readily to their action. Take the 
pills ire luent':-. to cleanse the livorand stonitw-h. It 
does not lOllow that bt cause the bowel^ are not cos- 
tive they are not required, tor sometimes in diarr- 
h'lathcyare necessary. The stomach must be kept 
healthy, and an 8pp<nitc created to allow tb Pcl- 
inonic jsvTup to act ou the respiratory organs properly 
anil allay any irritation. Then all that ia reiuired to 
p-^r orin a permanent cure ip, to prevent taking 
cold. Erercife about the rooms as much a-? posKible, 
cat all the richest food— fat meat, panic, and, in tact, 
anjthin^'the appetite cravea ; but be particular and 
nuwUcate wclL [^d w. ea. nio. 1 yr. 

Woman, or chiltl, wishing to purcliase anytliiii^; in the hno cd' Fality Dress 
(^oodt^, French aiul Kngliah ^Iciinos, Alpacca?, Sctitch Thiids, Doluins, Woolens 
Flannels, Slili>eil IVtplinw, liahuoral Skirts, Ludics Cloaks, Cloak Cloths, Do- 
mestics, prints, shawls, lioop Skirts, Sliirt>', tlraweVR, wraj)pcrs. Hosier}', Notions 
\o. I "Woolen lilankets, lioots, Shoe.s, Hats, and Caps, aud Fur good.s of oyco' 

description, than liay cverbcfore been 

DR. win PTIER is regularly 
educated amJ legitimately qual- 
ified, and has experience in all 
foriua of disease, u knowledge 
<|uite indispensible in thir treat- ' 
uienl ()f the vcneral disease in 
all ilfl varied an.l complicated 
,4^ foriu.s, and.has for years made 
the trca^tincnt of private discaHcy his bu.iinesH and 
study. E.\pericnce, the best of teachers, has en- 
abled him to perftct remedies at once Huffieicnt, 
sare,i)ernianent, and in suscs can bo used 
without hindranc to business. 

Particular attention given to oldstandinq: cases, 

such as were considered incurable. Sypliillis, in 


Moore's Rural New-Yorker, 



JL Y Wi:h'hf. V, 

For Roth Town and Country. 

THKlltJUAL in the standard in its spherd of 
Journalism, being the largest circulating Paper 
of its Class in th« world — best evidenco of In- 
tiiiiiir Mfill atitl Siij,iri'iiit>/. In variety of pinc- 
all forms ;(»onorrh()(?a, (Jlect, Strictures' Orchitcs j tical, useful, entertaining and timely Utading U 
Dahctes, liladder aiMl I'rinar.v Diseases. Also, j has no equal, its ample pages comprising De- 
theetleets of solitary habitu, both ruinous to body | partments devoted to or treating upon 
and mind, aiid which produces some of tho fol- Agrricultnrc, | Litcrattlfe, 

In Favibaidt Coiiiiiy. 


prices are now 

lowin;;elfeets: iJlotches, Rodily Weakness, Con 
stipatioHj Avcr.-ion and Uneasiness in rcu.ale 
Society, Unmanliness. Dread of Future Events, 
finally a complete prostration of the vital pow 
ers. loss of memory, ringing in the earn, can be 
fully restored to health. 

All letters, wiMi stamps, answered. 

Dr, W. is the publisher of a new work, entitl- 
ed "Nip the Evil in the J5ud," which will bo sent 
10 all on receiptof 10 cents to pre-pay jioslage. 

Consultation free. Charges moderate, aud 
cure guaranteed. 

iJr.Whitticr cures the very worst kind of rup- 
ture in a lew week.s. 

Post Office Bo.v 22!tl. Office and Consultation 
Rooms IGl South Clark ftrtet, Ch.cajio. You 
can seethe Doctor every day from 9 A. u. to 6 r. n 



Has, aud will keep constantly on hand, for sale: 

Jewelry and Silver ware, 

And will attend promptly to all kinds of Repair- 
ing of (»loeks. Watches, and Jewd'-y, and guar- 
antee jerfcet satisfaction to all who jiatronize 
biin. Room opposite Union TI«»tel. SOyl 

IJluc Earth City, May 17, 1S66. 

Sheep Husbandry, 
Domestic Economy 

Arts, belences, 
General News. 
Market Reports. 

^Villi 111 u titrations, Talefi, SketclieM, Po- 
etry, Music, RebuMe«,I<:iiigma«, ic, Ac. 

TnK Rt UAL is ably Edited, neatly Printed, 
well Illustrated, and m/tiptu/ to the irfiofe ('oun» 
try. It employs the best Talent. For example, 
its Department ui Shnp I ftiHhnin/ri/ is Edited by 
Hon. H. S. Ranoai.l, LL. D., Author of the 
"l'i<iitiiii/Sli'j>h<i(l,"''Sli'ij, HituhdiKhy in the 
Simth," &.C., Ac, the best authority on the subject 
in AmCiica, — while its Southern ('onricponding 
i:ditur is Hon. T. C. Peters, late Fres't N. Y. 
State Ag. Society, now of Maryland. Many 
other able and talented writers are regular con- 
tributors, and the «»h(de paper \i under the Edi- 
torial Man-igement of its originator, D. D. T. 
Moor.E, Thk Ri nAi. is the best Journal for the 
Farmer, the Horticulturist, the Stock and Wool 
Grower, and the Family Circle Dow obtainable. 
Remember, also that it is not a Monthly, h\xi a 
Large and Reautiful Wkkklv. 

Examine a number, and see if, next to your 
local paper, the Klhal is not the one for youf 

B E A U T Y ! 

Auburn, Golden, Flaxen, & 
SiFiicn Curb, 

PIODrCIZr by th» nne-f P.-.f, Dei Pnscx' 
FKE-M "E «'fl EVEUX. One applica- 
tion WARRANTLD to cuil tho 
xaf'-* straight and ."inb born bair of citiicr sex in- 
to wavy ringlets or bo-'-y n'is-iv<» curls. Has 
beun used bf tho fi>2hionHb!os ol Puris rod Lon« 
don, with the most gr*tifTin«» results. I)'csnii 
injury 10 Ihj hair. J'ri< e by n'.iit Hcaler and 
postpaid, ?1. Dcsfr'')tiv.: clrc-.-.i^rs s.^jii frc( . 
Ad'Ir.s ^ V'M\\,(\ El'.. :/H'JTTS &. CO., eb.-u s;u. 
No. ?Sj River .-t., 'X^-y H. V. S'j'.o :.." »s ( -r 
thf,' Uiil: id Stater. vini-yi 

And tlie new ni< 

)de of tradinc?— late decline 

Dry Goods Avill warrant general satisfaction to persons coming to 

Foundry ife Ma 
chine Shop. 



-I a{*{^ 'I HE L ■ nV3 IKIEN'D— 
ioUU. Ihe be. t ofth? Monthlies— devoted 
Vi LlTEKATUU:: and UA-llI't.N'. f>J..>ij a 
y Br. V.'. ;.ave WliEEEEK i WILSONS ccle-!^mmt.\ 

bra'td $Jb Sewing 
tcruts : — 


oa Ilo f'-dlowing 

1 wenty copies and the Sewing Machines. $70. 
Thirty copies " " *• " $S5. 
F<uty copies " '' " " SI 00 

Send 15 ccnti for a sample coj y to DE Vt>ON 
k PETERSON, :il'J Walnut Street. Philadelphia 



Thi« medicine, invented by I>r. J. H. Somc.-toK, 
of Philadelphia, ia intended to dissolve the food and 
make it into chyme, tht tirijt process of digeation. By 
cleanainp the t-tomach with Sclicnck** Mandrake 
Pills, the Tonic eoon restores the appetite, and food 
that could not be eatca betbrc usiuj; it wlU be easily 
di^''vted. ^ %f 

Cotrumplion cannot bo cured by Schcnch's Pul 
nionic Syrup unlesa the etotnach and liver in made 
healthy and the appetite restored, hence the Tonic 
aud Pills arc required in nearly every case of cou- 
Buniption. A haU dozen bottles of the SKAWEEI) 
TONIC and three or four boxes of tho M ANDR AKB 
FILLS will cure any ordinary case of dyspep-iia. 

Dr. SciiENOK !uak<>3 professional visits in New 
York, I!o?ton. and at his priiiiip'il Oflico in rhilcJel- 
phia evoi/ >vc<. k. Sec daily pipciy of eich place, or 
1:'.' paiui<aict on consumption for his diys Ibr visita- 

Please observe, when purchcrinc, that the two like- 
ncised of tl'c- Doctor, one when in the last sta.L'o ot 
Coni'umption, and the other as ho now is, in perfect 
health, areou tho Govt^rnment stamp. 

Sold by all Dnssirists and Dealers, price iPl.-jO per 
bottle, or ijT.Vt the hall-dozen. All letters for advice 
ehonld bo addressed to Dr. S< iiENCt's Princii-al 
Onice. No. Ii North t;th Street, Philadf Iphia, Pa. 

G< ncrai Wholc.-ale Apeuts : Demas Baraes L. Co., 
N. v.; t». S. Il'ince. ll-Utimoie, Md.: .Jolm I). 
Parke, Cineinaali, Ohio; Walker k Tayl,/r, Chi- 
cago, 111. ; Culiius l}ro3., St Louis. Mo. p 

'^ [l9tw.ea.Ko.lrr, 

^ ^ ^ Stereoscopes it Stereoscopic 

V' Ij 1 .»i A .»'^ ! v-- Li 1 31 A JiL ! ! q American and Foreign cities audi 

Pairo's Climax Salvo, a Fjnnil.v 
l)loss!n.i? for 2o cents. 
It lipids without a scar. No 


To lav in tht-ir wiutor's supi''y> if tlioy ^vlll only call at 

Monlion 4fe Deiadon's. 



Tl.row a>vay your f-di-j frizzts, j'our switches, J'our 

wi^i — 
Dcstruc^iM.' of cuuifort. a:id not wi rth a ti/: 
INine ac 'l.c'iiii.- y^jutlif il, oonie u.;!y jitui f^ir, 
And rejoice in your own la\uri nit !:-iir. 


For re-toriii_' h.iir upnn l,;i!d ii"; (from whatever 
Cause it iii.iy liav«; fiU'.-nout) and toreinir a ^Towih of 
h -ir upon the fa'-e, it h:;s t.o ni'irtl. It will !or''<- tin- 
b'-»rd to Ki"''W u;' -11 I'u- *::io<ithest ri**!- in from fjvo to 
e>;,'ht we-l;-'. or h^ilr uimn b.ild Jit- i.fs In froM two to 
thr>;c riir»nt'.ia. A f'-w i'/norant i.-.i-ti.ners hrive as-sert- 
ed Miat ihere is nothini^ Iha*. will firrc or ha<ton tiie 
prowth ol f!ie hair or Ic-ird. 'I'liiir as-* ;rlion> arf false, I 
Hnthou^an U of livinj wiini-ss-.'- i ironi ti:'-;r r.-ni i-xp^ri- | 
eiice.i cm l» iir vvilo>?ss. liut i.iaiiy will -ay, liow are we 
to disti'i.'ii:-'i th<i (renuiiie from tli -[nuious.'' It ci-rtaiii ! 
i.\:= difVi.u'.i. as nin't niti* oftli'- I'll'icHMit pr'.-oar:»tiotis ' 
a Iveitis'.d fv'r liie hair anil h.-aril ari- entiniy wortlih. .-^, i 
» id you rn y have aln-" idy tliniwti awi-y l.-.r/f ainouiits | 
Inih'.ir pucliase. Tn aich we wouM sav, try llit- Itt'par , 
; t ir Cai>i).!li ; it will co-i you iiothin.i.' uiil'-^-' it coinios 
u|( to oar reprcsi'ntu'ion''. Ifyo'U- l»r'U';ti<t iloes not 1 
)<►■'•)) H, send j-* one d'dl'r and we will fiiward it, po-'- 
paiil, to,-eth -r with a rei-uijit fur tin- iiioiK.-y, wliirh will 
l>erttu-ued you on ai)idicaiion , jirovidinj; entire satis- 
faction is not -•iv»_-ii. A'3dri-ss, 

W. L. CLAKK fc CO., Chemists, 
v4nl>)yl No. H Wtst Fayejte .^treel, Syracuse, N. Y. 


family shoiil*] be^'wilhoiit it. 

V/e warrant it to cure S^*:*ofida 
Sores, Siilt Kheum, ('JiHhlaiiis, 
Tetier, I'imiiles, antl idl S-^i'njitioiis 
of t!ic Skin. Tor Sore iJreasl or 
Nil)l)les, C'd's, Sprains, IJniisos, 
ilurns, S aids, (iniiJiu'd Hands, 
tVc, it makes a pr-rfoct cure. 

It has been used over fiiteon 
I, wif hoiit one fjiilure. 

!t has no ]mrallel — haviin;? por- 
ersidicaled disease and 
heiiled after all other rehiedies liad 
failed. It is a compound of Arnica 
Avith many other Extracts and 
Balsams, aud put up in larjyer 
boxes for the same price thuu any 
other Ointment. 

PoM by I)ru{?jcists cverywh^ro. "Vniil-^ &i Howland, 
Proprietors, 121 Liberty ytrcet, Kew ^urk. 




For Rcmoviag' Sap;;raoais Hair. 

To ihii iii'ies e-i)i''e'ally, tins iiiv.ilu'iMe deidl 
atory r'-'eoimnenda itself as being an a!m"st indis 
pciisibic ar;i: I'j to jcinalc be:inry, i-. ea."»ily aj>pli 
f*, doi.-s not burn or injure th«* skin, but acts di- 
r Lily oti the roots. It is «aria!it«jd ro remove 
stiportliious hair from l«i»v foreheads, or from any 
part of tl.i; body, eomidetely, t<.>tally «iid radical 
]y e.xteri.atinj; the same leaving the skin foft, 
snio'itlic and natural. 'J his is the only article 
u>-'oi by too Fre.ich, ami i-' the only real elTcctual 
d'i>ilatory i\ exivteufe, Pruc 7J cents per jiaek 
a^-j, --ent loit jjaid, to any addresi ou receipt of 
an order I'y 

LERtiER, SHUTTS .1 Co., Chemists, 
vtnlSyl 2S0 River St., Troy, N. V. 

Z?,^^ \ VoUNO Lady roturnia;; to 

l>«*r roun'ry hiiiie, atter a sojf iirn of,T f.-w niiuitlir' in the 
<itv, WIS hardly iecr)j,'ni^od by lar Iriends. In pla;e 
(,f a'-oai>'-, rnVio. tlushcd fact.-, she had a -oft niliy roni- 
nl -xton of almost marble sinoolliness, and inslcad of 
iw -'y tine- -lit really appciiaeil b'lt ti/htcfii. Ujion 
]iir|<iirv as fo the c.iuri- ol .-o fjiaat a diaii^'-, >\i'- plainly 
Xo'd 'hem 'hat sin- had u-nd tlur <ir4-M*Hl«>ll ItalUI, 
and .•o.isldiTcd it an in\ alnable ac(|tii.-ilion to any I,ad\s 
I-oIhI. Hy its us- any lady or f;( ntl'inan cm iinpr-Ac 
tli.-lr per- iiiul .ipjit-ai iincf an lnunlrcil fold. It is fciruple 
ii) its eoinbiiiatioii, as Naiure Inis.lf is simplej yet unslir 
pa'--i. o bi i'> f»li;a -y in drawi'i^ impiiiil!<-8 from, und 
i»e;Min),'. chan iiiK and h. auiifi iii^ilhe skin and oomplex- 
l.,n. I5.< i's dir-i-l nciiiiU on the cuticli i» draws from it 
all iinior-iiie^, kitnlly 'itaiu-.g- l!ie same, and leaving the 
Kilif^'*" >" Naiare inieiKb'd it shoul.i he, clear, soft, 
Hk ooiti and '•' ; i',ice One Dollar, bent by mail 
cr fXitVi:^, on rereipt 0} an orde, cv 

*^ W. L. CLARK A CO., Clenilstti, 

No. ;'., \Ve,i fayetle .St., .»*> •aciise, N. V. 
Theo'^lv A(a«ricac AgtuU for the Mlt of iLctane. 



A Substitute for Calomel. 

The?>! Pills are conipofed of various root", having 
the power to re'.ax tho secretions of tho liver as 
promptly and cfTeclually as blue pill or mercury, 
and without producinK any of those disagreeable or 
danpcrouB effects which oltcn Ibllow tlic use of tho 

In all bilious disorders these Pills may be u?cd with 
confidence, as lliey proinoto the diacharpe ol vitiated 
bile, and remove those obstructions from tho liver 
and biliai-y ducU, which are tho cause of bilious 
affections iu ficueral. 

Headache, and all disorders of the Liver, indicated by 
•allow Ekin, coaled tongue, cor.tive:ic.-s, drowsiness, 
and a peneral feeling ot weariuess aud lassitude, 
ehov. infi that the liver is in a torpid or obstructed 

In short, these Pills may lio used with advan- 
ta^re in all canes when a porpativo or alterative 
medicine is ro^iuircd. 

P;ea»e a-^k lor "Dr. Schenck's Mandrak-; Pills," 
and otJBtTvc that the two likenesses ot the Doctor 
arc on the Oovemincnt stamp — one when in the last 
Bta\'e of Consuinplioa, and the other in his present 

Bold by all Druir^ist* and dealers. Price 25 cenfa 
per Iwx. Principal Othce, No. 1 J North 6ih Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

(icneral Wholesale Apenta: Demas Ii<im,-'B k Co., 
21 Park Kow, New York ; B. S. Ilance, 108 Ilalti- 
iDore St.. Daltiiiore, Md. ; John D. Park, N. E. 
cor. of Fourth and Walnut St., Ciuciunati, Ohio; 
Walker &, Taylor, l:H and 126 Wabash Avenue, 
Chicago, IIL ; Collins Itrothera, southwest comet 
S. Se^i-aa aud Vine Sts., B*. Louifc Mo. 

■^ lUU ij6th w. ca. no. 1 n. 

— 0- 

E. i H. T. ANTHONY 4 Co., 

^ilanufaetuivis of Photo-rrapliie Material.*, 

Wholesale aiid Retail, 


In addition to our main business of Photo- 
rniihii: .Materials we are llBatipiartcrs for the 
following, viz : 


Croups, Statuary, etc, 

Stereo.scopic Views of the War. 

From negatives made in the variou.s cam- 
pai.:,'ns and forming a complete Photographic 
liistory of the j^reat eonte<>t. 

Stcrcocscopic Views on Glass, 

Adapted for either the IMagie Lantern or the 
Stereoscojie. Our Catalogue will bo sent t<. 
uiiyaddns- on rc-oipt of stamp, 

l'hotogr;i[>liic Alijuins. ' 

We manufacture more largely than any other 
ho! so, about 20'> varieties irom 50 cents tc^JO 
each. Our ALIU'.MS have Ihe rci>utntion of be- 
in;,' superior iu beauty and durability to any 

Card IMiofographs of Generals, States- 
men, Actors, etc., etc. 

Our cfttalojrue embraces over FIVE TIIOI'S 
AND dillereut subjects, iiuludiuf reproductions, 
(dthemo.ot celebrated Engravin;rs, Paintings 
Statutes, etc. ^'.itulogues seat on receipt of 

Photographers and others ordering goods C. 
0. 1)., wi'l please remit 20 per ceut ol the 
amount of their irc'er. 

sC%,'{ he prices and ^ualif of our goods can 
not fail to satisfy. v-ln21yl 



Th's FTcat medicine rured Dr. J. H. Bcuf-nck, the 
Proprietor, ol Pulmonary Consumption, when it had 
as; umed its most fonnidalile aspect, aud when speedy 
death appeared to be inevitable. His physicians pro- 
nounced his case incurable when ho comtnenced 
the use of this simple but powerful remcd)'. Ilia 
health was restored in a very short time, and no 
return of the disease has been apprehended, for all 
the B}-inptomB quickly disappeared, and his present 
weight is more than two hundred pounds. 
) Since his recovery, ho has devoted his attention 
exclusively to the cure ol Consumption and the 
discasca which are usually complicated with it, and 
the cures eflecled by hia medicine.^ have lieen very 
numerous and truly wonderful. Dr. Souknik 
makes professional visits to several of the larger cities 
weekly, where he has a large concourEe of patients, 
and it is truly astonishing to see poor consumptives 
that have to be lifted out ol tlielr carrlage.% aud in 
a fcv monthri health)-, robust persons. Dr. 
TONIC, and MANDRAKE PILLS are generally 
all requln-d iu curing Consumption. Full diroc- 
tloiis accompany each, so that any one can take them 
without seeing Dr. Boiienok, but whou it is con- 
venient it is best to see hfni. lie gives advice tree, 
but lor a tho.-ouith examination with his Re.^piroineter 
his fee is three dollars. 

Picasc observe, when purchasing, that tho two 
likeneMSS of the Doctor— one when in the last stags 
of Consumption, and the other as he now is, in 
pert'ect health— are on tho Govenimcnl stamp. 

Sold by all Dru;--giBt« aud Dealers. Price $ . . 
per iiottle, or $7.50 the half dozen. Letters tor 
advice should always be directed to L>r. Schenck's 
Principal Oftice, 15 North 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

General Wholesale Agents: Deuias BaruoH ^ Co., 
N. Y., 8. 8. Hanoe, Italtimora, Md. ; John D. 
Park, Cincinnati, Ohio: Walker ii Taylor, ClUiago, 
iU. : Coiiios liroii., St. Luoit, Mv. L;>d w. 04. u^o. 1 /r. 

The Mankato Foundry and Machine shop is 
now in operation, and we :ire prepared to 


of every description. Steam en^^ioes. Threshing 
Ma' him s. Reapers, Farmiii;.' Implements, Ac. 

We also make all kinds of iron and brass cast- 
injrs. Pabbitt metal always on hand. Order? 
soPciicd and promptly attended to. 

Old Iron, Brass and Copper 

wanted, for which the hijihest jiticc will be paid 
vSn-yl C. W. BARNEY, A Co. 

N K W OKDKll 6^~rHT\G^ 


Having inad^ some chan;r>"' oonccrRing thr 
business transactions ot the 'WlnnebajJO City 

Mills,' we wish t<' announce lo me public that j 
we aie now prepared to do all kiiius of vork in 
our line of business, for read}' pitv. Lops. wood, 
wheat, or even Money taken in payii!','iit for 
work. Onr terms for rawing aie : One half, or 
$1'.!; ])tr lliou;j;nd. Floir, J]ran, and .shorts con 
itantiy on hand, and for sale .'heap. 

Lumber ^25.00 per Thonsaud. 

Winnebago City, March I7th. It^fiU. 

blue" EAirni city. 

(loods well boHiilit, aie half sold. 


In Sui)eiior style,— new d-pper Faced Type, 
(Jood Pajicr anci many Fine Engravings. Each 
of its Fifiy-two No's'fnot 12, like a monthly,) 
will eompriiic Eight Double Quarto Pages. An 
Index ic, aldose of the voluu'e. 

TERMS, in Advance- Only $3 a year : Five 
Copies for ? 4; Seven for Slit; Ten for $25, and 
any greater number at same rate, — only $2,ii0 
per cojy. Club paptrs sent to ditlerent Post Of- 
ficc5. As we pay American postage, $2,7t) is tbo 
lowest C]ub rate to Canada— $.'5,50 to Europe. 


Cj.cks. Premiums, Free Copies, Ac, to Club 
Agents, and we want at least one agent in every 
town in the Uuion. Si>ecimeus, Show Rills, Ih- 
ducements, Ac., sent free. Address 

D. D. T. MOORE, Rochester, New York. 


■ . • Mixx, 



Just published in a scaled envelope. Price 

Siz Cents. 
A Lecture on the Nature, Treatment 

and radical Cure of Seminal weakness, or Sper- 
matonluea, induied by Self Abuse: Involuntary 
Emi>sioii--, Impotency, Nervous Debility, and 
Im[icdiinentb' to mairiage jreiieraliy ; Consump- 
tion, Epilepsy and Fits ; Mental and Pliv.-ieal 
Incapacity, .te.— Py ROU. .1. C U EVER WELL, 
M. 1)., Aiiilior Ol t!ie '•tJrcen Uock" Ac. . 

Tnewoild renowned author of tliis a.lmiraldc 
Lecture, clearly proves his own experience 
that the aw'ul eon.sciiucuces of self abuse may be 
ctVectually removed witiiont medicine, und with- 
out dani^crous siir.L' ical operations, bou-^ics, instru 
ments, rings, or cordial.», jioiiitiiig out a mode of 
cure at once ccitaiii and ellectual, by which ev- 
ery .--uHercr, no luiittcr whnt his condition tuny be 
may cure liiinscif chea)>ly, jirivatelv* and railical 

.Sent under seal, to any address, iu a plain feal 
?m1 envelope, on the receij't of six cenis. or two 
-tamps. Also Dr. Culverweirs *'Marria;ie Gu'de" 
price 25 ccutd. Address the Publisihers. 

127 BOWERV, Nflor York, 

Post Office Box 4586 



has on hand the large.=t and best selected stocft 
of Hardware, Stoves and Agricultural imple' 
ments in the Minnesota valley. My stock of 
A^rricultural Implements is very large and com- 
plete, eousi.ting of the following machines J 

55 Buckeye'd, 

60 J. II. Manin-9,' 
Self Sz Hand Rake?, 

20 Kiiby,a 
Excelsior Droppers, 

and Caugia CLief, 
6 Sweepstakes Tlireshers, 

G J. .1 Case's* Tliresliers, 
6 Velrator Tliresliers, 

^tassellon ^EacLliies, 
G Buffalo Sulkey Iv kcs, 

o5 Bevolviiig, horse rakes^ 

ami all the smaller iinplcinonts in s* 5 
; My stock of Duilder? Ilardwai ha* been sc 
I Ic'-ted with care, aud is very largo. LuilJcrs 
j will always find a lull supply of 

A. B. BALC03I ^'^^Hn ^''"**' t.,- ^ ^•°'*''' 

Doors, Blmos, 

Locks, Latclies. 6rc. <fec. 

Prices Exceedinly Low for 





i-i lli'> only Phy.-icinn, .ts a !^pt•^•ia!ist 
now in C'hicapio that can bo cntirfly 
icHH i'.|fin. tio TO iiiM, and not snlTfll 
that lionil.lodisiiiso to r'-main ii. your 
s\ ratlin, disti^jniin;; your lacp and I'ody, 
iM.^idivs dcfitriivniK .vonr hiipi'in'-.-''iind 
fiitnri' pri'-pi-'M.H ol lir>'. lb- li^i nindo 
I'lM VATK Iil.-'K.\SK.'* and NKIIVUUS 
lH.lUldTY liis htii'ly for lli>' p:i.Ht 
. ,,j, twi'Titv vfiiis. iiii I is tiK-rctori'ihepcr- 
VlIA'"'^ Hon wiioiii all HtUiilod hlxaild consult. 
No oni' ever htard of a piiti<nt of bis m t biiii^ inr«d 
dure Ji!' liiiH bf-n in thi.i city. His r.piitation hiU 
von. hers in all th.' < ily pHpi-is. his p.itii-nlH and tho 
iui-di.:il i.rolV.ssioii, liotli h.T.-;iii.i itliioad, us L.-iiij? tlio 
most ^Uill.•d f^i.-ialist here, and a tlioroi. .;li m;i.l.r ol 
ill s.-xii.d disi'iisi-s. If all olln-rs tail. doii"t d^ spair 
• ivf liim a rail. It is only a common occnrri'ii'i- with 
Tiiio to niif sii'h «-.i'"S. 'lli-i rooms arc .s.'paiati-'ntlrm.ii.andtlR- most. ipl.-t.Mii th.iity 

YolNU ^fEN TXKK I'AUTI. lHa N.ITICE. -'joCtor ItljJO- 

low .lHTot<-« mii.h of his tim- to tlu. tr.-atnu-nt ..f those 
■11.S.-S .■aii-.(l l.v a s.Mict'it. wl.i.h ru;ns l.oth l.ody 
indmiis'l m.liitin- th-unf..rlnnHt.' individual lor i-iih.-r 
ous-n.sH or s,..irty. The sa-l .Ibxt of tb -s.- .-arly hal.its, 
.r tin- exc.-s of ripir y.ars, is to w.'ak.'U an.l .hhill- 
tot.- th- coiislil.itlon. d.stroy the plivsical m.ntal 
,H,w,rs. dimii.isli an.l enfc-.-Mo tl.e natural fe.limrH. and 
exhaust th.- vital .•n.'rgies ..f manhoo.l ; the pKaMir.^ 
of lifonn. m.n.Ml. the object ..I nnirriage hnstrated, 
in.l .xi.-t.-n..' its.df ixndcTi-d a t.rm of nncasmg misery 
*n.l ncrrt. p-rsons, .-p.-.-ially those contcm- 
nlitini: marriajr-N h'^i' n.. tnno in making unrn*. 
'iiat,- at.pli. alion. as Dr. It-, I'V bis lu-w tr.iitniuut, u 
,.„al.l.d t.. insure a sp^^^cly an.l prrmanent •;nre. 

Consultations fico and conti.h-ntiul Olhoe No 179 
^,.ii!li (M irk i^trcet. tonmrof .M.inroe, hall a block Irom 
"l." I'.'st Oth.'e. V^t Ortice U..X 104, Chicago, 111. 
OIHce hours from W A. 1*1 to S P M. 

Send for his "Ouido to lloalth," published monthlv, 

'' N "b -lladics, sf nd for a descnpUvA circular of Pea- 
Wio Remedie, tlie b.-st prev. ativo of concepUoB 
Sent to any H.l.hi'ss ft-ee of cb' r;;o. 





Etc., Etc. 

at prices that 



All persons desiring to purchase Reap and 
Threshers, would do well to ijivt me a call neforo 
purchasing, as 103' stock is very larpre and 1 will 
Warrant all maciiines to give satiRiaction, and 
my prices and teri»?"' fail t** suit. 

a4v;{yl JOHN' F. MEAGHER. 







Mai-riatj' <in<l (Wilxunj. 
Essay of WarniDgr and Instrnc 

x\. tion to' You^g■ Men. Ai.o, Disosaes 
an.l abuses which prematurely Pi ostrato the vi 
lal I'.iwcrs. with sure means of relief. Bentfree 
of Charge, in scald letter envelopes. Address, 
Dr. J..SK1LLAN HOUGHTON, Howard Asso 
ciation, Philadelphia, Pa. .v3n21yl 

^O A/IH ^ YEAR made by any one with 
\* I^Sj^^ $15— stencil tools. No experience 
ueces.sary. The Presidents, Cashiers, and Treas 
urers of 3 Banks ,-^ tho circular. Sent free 
wi h samples. the American Steieil 
Tool Works, 81 riugadJ, Vermont. 42yl 

Bntter & Cheese 

wanted at all times at the market price. 

I never was, Xever can, and 
Never will be 


Give me a:i early call, and see 
for yourselves. 


Blue Earth City, May 14, 1866. 3n?.0yl 

Adcicc and Prescriptions .for Sick or 
Injured Horses given Free. 

The EpiTon of AVilkks' SriniT of thk Times 
desires to inform the owners ot Horses through- 
' out the United States, that he has regularly en- 
gaged upon his pafcr, one of the ablest and most 
experienced professional \eteriiiarians in the U. 
S., vhosc special duty it shall be to answer, gratis 
all questions roldtive to siuk or injured horses 
which may be addressed to the Spirit, trhithcr 
bi/ »iil>srrili> i-s III- nut. These answers will in all 
cases contain a prescription for the injury de- 
scribed, and will he printed, in connection with 
the question asked, in the following number of 
the Spirit. No answers, however, will be given 
by mail, it being a part of the object of t be edi- 
tor to suUmit the abilitj' of the professor who has 
assumed this department of the Spirit to the 
keenest criticism of the general public. By ad- 
ding this useful department to the .Spirit, the 
editor contributes to those of his readers acd 
subscribers who own horses, ahorse doctor free, 
and not only to his subscribers, but to every 
horse owner in the United States who may choose 
to direct an inquiry to tho Spirit by mail. The- 
subt;cription price of the Spirit is $5 a yc^r ; but 
single copies may be bought from news agents 
from week to week by those wh.i desire to use it 
temporarily only, for veterinarian questions, at 
tiftccn cents per co)iy. The Spirit of thk 
TiMKs is a high toned gentleman's paper which 
(with the old .Spirit, whose business and title it 
inherits) is of forty years' standing, and is de- 
voted to llunti ig. Fishing, Racing, Field Sports,. 
Literature and the St..{ce. Gkokge Wii.kes. 

Editor and Proprietor^- 
201 William St., New York. 




IT^ORCED to grow upon the smoothest face in 
? from ethre to five weeks, by usin:^ Dr. SEV- 
most wonderful discovery in modern seieuee act 
ing upon the ^eard and Uair in au almost mi- 
raculous manner. 

It has been used by the elite of Paris 
and London with the most flattering success. 
Names of all pcrchasers will be registered and if 
entire satisfaction is not given in every instance 
the money will be cbeertully refunded. Price 
by mail, scaled and postpaid, $1. Descriptive 
circulars an.l testimonials mailed free. Address 
15EUGKR, SHUTTS A CO., Chemists, No. S25 River 
Street, Troy, N. Y. Sole ageule for the United States. 
vJnlSyl . 


Oh ! she was beautiful and fair, 
Witii starry eyes, and radient hair. 
Whose curling tendrils soft «-ntwined. 
Enchained the very heart and mind. 


For Curling the Hair of eitl'er Sex into 

Wavy and Glossy Ringlets or 

Heavy Massiqe Curls. 

Ry usinf; this article Ladles and Gentlemen can bean- 
tify »hem8flve,s a thousand fold. It is the only article in 
tJie world that will curl straight hair, and at the same 
time give it a beautiful, glossy appearauce. The Grisper 
Coma not only curls the hair, but invigorates, beautifies 
and cleanses it ; is highly and delightfully perfumed, 
and is the most o<~niplete article of the kind ever ofiTered- 
to the American public. The Crisper Coma will be mlIj 
to any address, staled and postpaid for ooq dollar. 

Address all orders to 

W. L. CLARK & CO., Cheniaia. 
t4u18/1 K«. 9 W%»t Ifajettfl Is.rvc;, Sjra<tu«, N. 'x 




1 ' 






...... k