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The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company. 



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Descendants of Henry Kingsbury 



Copyright by 

Frederick John Kingsbury 






Family Name in England, .... 

Extracts from Parish Registers, 

English Kingsbury Wills, .... 

Notes from Chancery Proceedings, . 

Notes from the Lay Subsidy Rolls, 

Henry Kingsbury the Elder, 

John Kingsbury of Dedham, 

Joseph Kingsbury of Dedham, 

Henry Kingsbury of Ipswich and Haverhill, 

John Kingsbury of Newbury, 

James Kingsbury of Plainfield, . 

Samuel Kingsbury of Haverhill, 

Joseph Kingsbury of Norwich West Farms, 


John Kingsbury of Newbury (Supplemental), 

Other Descendants of Henry Kingsbury (Supplemental), 

Inventory of Henry Kingsbury's Estate, 16S7, 

Will and Inventory of Captain Joseph Kingsbury, 1757, 

Descendants of Henry Kingsbury who Served in the 


Kingsburys in Maryland 

Jonathan Kingsbury of Deerfield, Mass., and Ohio, 
Documents from the Public Record Office, London, 
English Addenda, . 
Old Family Letters, 
Addenda et Corrigenda, 
Index of the Kingsbury Name, 
Index of Other Names, 
Index of Places, 
















Hon. Frederick John Kingsbury, LL.D., Frontispiece. 

Map of Suffolk, Drawn from Ancient Maps, . . . . i6 

Kingsbury Coat of Arms, belonging to Hon. Andrew Kingsbury, 17 

Kingsbury Coat of Arms, Dr. Thomas Kingsbury from Co. 

Dorset 21 

Modern Railway Map of A Portion of Suffolk, . . . 22- 

On the Road to Boxford, 23 

South View of St. Mary's Church, Boxford, Suffolk, . . 24. 

North View of St. Mary's Church, Boxford, Suffolk, . . 25 

South Porch of St. Mary's Church, Boxford, Suffolk, . . 26 

Stoke-by-Nayland Church, Suffolk, 27 

Kingsbury Coat of Arms, Usher, 28 

Kingsbury Coat of Arms, Ireland, 28 

St. Edmund's Church, Assington, where Henry Kingsbury and 

Margaret Alabaster were Married in 1621, ... 32 
St. Andrew's Church, Great Cornard, Suffolk, where the 

Early Kingsburys were Buried 42 

Chart of the Suffolk Kingsburys, 44 

Chart of Kingsbury from Suffolk Wills, 48 

Kingsbury Autographs, 85 ■ 

Bradford and Haverhill, Massachusetts, 86 

John Ward Dean, Boston, Mass., 105 

Captain Henry Kingsbury, OF Salisbury, Mass., .... loi 

House Built by Jeduthan Kingsbury in Plainfield, N. H., . 122 
Tombstones of Deacon Joseph Kingsbury, the Elder, and Love, 

his Wife, Franklin, Conn., 202 

Tombstones of Deacon Joseph Kingsbury, his Wife, Ruth, and 

Son, Ephraim, Franklin, Conn., 203 

Captain Nathaniel Kingsbury's Commission from Gov. Talcott, 206 

Rev. Alvan Hyde, D.D., Lee, Mass 211 ^ 

Rev. Lavius Hyde, Bolton and Vernon, Conn., .... 211 < 
Tombstones of Nathaniel Kingsbury, his Wife, Sarah, and 

his Son, Col. Jacob, Franklin, 222 

House built by Ephraim Kingsbury, Coventry, Conn., . . 239 

Squire Ephraim Kingsbury, Coventry, Conn 239 

Judge Sanford Kingsbury, Claremont, N. H., ... . . 242 

Col. Jacob Kingsbury, U. S. A . . 251 

House in Franklin, Conn., built by Col. Kingsbury, 1814, . 250 

Col. Kingsbury's Certificate of Membership in the Cincinnati, 253 


House built for Judge John Kingsbury, Waterbury, Conn., 
Hon. Eugene Hale, U. S. Senator from Maine, . 
House built by Nathaniel Kingsbury, 1781, Andover, Conn., 
Lemuel Kingsbury of Andover, Conn., and Cazenovia, N. Y. 

and Lois Hutchinson, his Wife, 

Judge James Kingsbury, Cleveland, Ohio, .... 

Hon. Andrew Kingsbury, Hartford, Conn., 

Hon. Andrew Kingsbury, Miss Laura Kingsbury, and Mrs 

Harriet Kingsbury Talcott, Hartford, Conn., . 
Hon. Ebenezer Kingsbury, Honesdale, Pa., 
Captain James Wilkinson Kingsbury, U. S. A., and of St 

Louis, Missouri, 

Armand Louis Robert, Comte de Giverville, Normandy 


Hon. Charles Denison Kingsbury, Waterbury, Conn., 
Charles D. Kingsbury's Home, Waterbury, Conn., 

Major Julius J. B. Kingsbury, U. S. A 

Colonel Joseph Kingsbury, Sheshequin, Pa., 

Hon. Addison Hills, Cleveland, Ohio, 

Mrs. Sophia Kingsbury Hatch, Hillsborough, N. H., 
Oliver Kingsbury, Hartford, Conn., and Penfield, N. Y., 
Russell Goodrich Talcott, Hartford, Conn., . 

Nelson Kingsbury, Hartford, Conn 

Oliver Richmond Kingsbury, New York City, 

Edward Payson Kingsbury, Scranton, Pa., 

Brigadier General Charles Peeble Kingsbury, U. S. A., . 

Theodore Bryant Kingsbury, Wilmington, N. C, 

Col. Henry Walter Kingsbury, Eleventh Connecticut In 


Rev. John Dennison Kingsbury, D.D., Bradford, Mass., . 

Addison Kingsbury, South Coventry, Conn., 

Mrs. Jessie Kingsbury Sanderson, Denver, Colorado, 

Lieut. -Col. Henry Peeble Kingsbury, U. S. A., . 

Dr. Joseph Thomas Kingsbury, President of the University of 


Captain Frederick William Kingsbury, U. S. A., 
William Barrell of " Barrell's Grove," York, Maine, 
Kingsbury House, Kennebunk, Maine, .... 

Guy Marion Kingsbury, Dunkirk, Ohio 

James Dewitt Andrews, New York City 

George Nelson Kingsbury, Providence, R. I., . 
Monument ok Rev. Alvan Hyde, D.D., at Lee, Mass., 
Francis Coat of Arms, 













It was while I was in college — 1842-1846 — and I think in 
1843, that I first began to think seriously of attempting to 
compile a Kingsbury genealogy. I had a few names, ob- 
tained from my grandfather, Judge John Kingsbury, but 
they were mostly without dates. TI entered into a corre- 
spondence with Russell G. Talcott, of Hartford, the father 
of Miss Mary K. Talcott, editor of this volume, and "we 
exchanged lists of names and added a few. Mr. Talcott 
was a grandson of Hon. Andrew Kingsbury, No. 845, in this 
book, and was at that time residing with his grandmother in 
Hartford. I also had some correspondence with Miss 
Harriet N. Kingsbury, of Francestown, N. H., but I found 
that she belonged to the Dedham branch. 

After a while I got Mr. J. W. Dean's brief article, in Vol. 
X of the Genealogical Register, and I obtained some names 
and dates from my father's cousin. Col. T. H. C. Kingsbury, 
and from my second cousin, the Countess de Giverville, who 
was very much interested in the work and had considerable 
correspondence with various persons of the name. 

All this work was desultory and with long interruptions. 
My first very decided assistance was obtained when the 
Rev. Lavius Hyde, then of Andover, Conn., sent me his 
compilations, which were far beyond anything I had yet 
seen, and contained several hundred names. The posses- 
sion of this stimulated me to take up the work afresh, and 
I pursued it with such leisure as I could command until I 
had collected about eight hundred names. I then became 
convinced that I should never find time to complete the 
work, and I turned over my material to Miss Talcott, who 
is an experienced genealogist as well as a Kingsbury by 
descent. She has now been at work on it a good many 
years. I have from time to time contributed such things as 
fell in my way, but have taken no very active part in the 


The Rev. Dr. Addison Kingsbury, of Putnam, Ohio, 
made quite extensive collections. We corresponded and 
exchanged lists, and he visited me twice so that we might 
more conveniently compare notes. 

His son, Mr. J. A. Kingsbury of Pittsburg, Penn., getting 
impatient at the long delay, or what seemed such, of our 
work, printed a small edition of his father's papers with 
some additions of his own, in quite an elegant volume, 
which he calls "The Pendulous Book." I am sorry on the 
whole that he did this, and tried in vain to dissuade him. 
His father evidently had not intended to print his papers, 
as the earliest part of the work contains serious errors 
which I am almost sure Dr. Kingsbury had the material to 
correct in his possession and would have corrected before 
printing. The time of publication comes so near that of 
this book, and so much of the material is necessarily the 
same, that it is a pity to call on the members of the family 
to purchase two books covering so much of the same 
ground. However, Mr. J. A. Kingsbury has added an ac- 
count of rather recent Irish settlers in Ohio of the name, 
which otherwise we should not have had. 

I have said these few words not with the idea of finding 
any fault, but rather for the sake of apologizing to the 
members of the family that two books should be put out so 
nearly at the same time. 

In the course of inquiry we have obtained a good deal of 
information relative to the Dedham branch, or the descend- 
ants of Joseph Kingsbury, who with his brother John were 
among the first settlers of that town. Miss Mabel Hope 
Kingsbury, of Braintree, Mass., is compiling a genealogy of 
Joseph's descendants, and material relating to them has 
been passed over to her. 

Mr. Hyde gives Jonathan Kingsbury, Batavia, N. Y., as 
son of Jonathan of Hampton, Conn. Inquiry elicited the 
fact that Jonathan Kingsbury (a lawyer, I think), died at 
Barre, formerly a part of Batavia, about 1825. His widow, 
Sophia, married Calvin Field in 1826. It was thought that 
Jonathan had a brother, Hiram, but it was not known where 
they came from. They were not of the Hampton family, 
and I do not know how Dr. Hyde heard of them. 


The Maryland family I got trace of from a little book of 
travels by Thomas Twining-, an intelligent Englishman who 
came here about 1800, and who, in his journeyings from 
Philadelphia to Baltimore, speaks of " Kingsbury " or 
" Kingsbury's " as a stopping-place. I found a record of 
large land holdings for several generations, but the name 
seems now to have disappeared. They appear to have come 
from England to Maryland in the 17 th century. 

In investigating the family history the Kingsburys appear 
to have been an eminently respectable people, occupying a 
prominent and often a leading place in the communities 
where they dwelt: conservative, of sound sense and judg- 
ment, and having a keen sense of humor ; peacemakers and 
peace lovers; not litigious, preferring rather to suffer wrong 
than to do wrong ; good advisers, relied on by their neigh- 
bors, dependable in all things; not ambitious, never striving 
to lead, but not shirking responsibility when put upon them; 
not often reaching very conspicuous positions in church or 
state, but frequently filling offices of much responsibility 
and usefulness ; in short, most excellent citizens. There 
seems to have been a strong military tendency in the fam- 
ily, and in this profession it has won its greatest distinction; 
but in theology, medicine, and law it has a good record. Of 
course, to all these characteristics there have been excep- 
tions, but the record is creditable. May it long continue. 


In adding another to the large number of family geneal- 
ogies already in existence, the compiler feels that she is 
increasing the stock of material now being stored up for the 
use of future historians. All such human documents are 
footnotes to history, and will surely aid materially the 
searcher into the past, who one hundred years from now 
may be drawing philosophical and physiological deductions 
from the chronicles he unearths of the restless, energetic 
race now occupying the territory covered by the United 
States of America. What results may come from the 
mingling of all peoples and races on this broad continent it 
is not the province of this chronicler to consider, but she 
has endeavored to make this history something that may 
be useful for future historians. The "directory" plan has 
not been considered as the fitting or proper one in deal- 
ing with the careers of so many individuals who lived in 
such important eras of this country's history, its settle- 
ment, colonization, War for Independence, and the occupa- 
tion of the West. The account of these individuals' services 
in war, their exertions in clearing the forests and settling a 
new territory, their activity and interest in agriculture, com- 
merce, and the industrial enterprises incident in building 
new commonwealths, are all illustrative of this country's 
growth, and the cumulative work of human beings. Each 
individual life has its personal interest, but that cannot be 
dwelt upon — 

"A sleep, a dream, a story, 
.By strangers quickly told." 

But each has his or her place in summing up the family 
characteristics. And not only in the family, but in the 
nation. George Eliot says : " That things are not so ill 
with you and me as they might have been is half owing to 



the number who have lived faithfully a hidden life and rest 
in unvisited tombs." Among the Kingsburys honesty and 
probity of character appear as marked features, and the 
trust and confidence inspired by those traits have led to 
long-continued terms of office in both church and state, 
especially in the church, for there have been many Deacon 
Kingsburys. Many have held official positions, and were 
evidently trusted by their neighbors, as they remained in 
office for long terms. Others perhaps less conspicuous 
before the public have done faithful service in their day and 
generation, discharging their duties " in the various stations 
to which it pleased God to call them." 

The Kingsburys have been represented in every war in 
which the country has been concerned. Many fought in the 
French and Indian wars, fifty of Henry's descendants of the 
name fought in the Revolution ; and since then Kingsburys 
have figured in all the wars in which the United States has 
been engaged, and they were in the Civil War on both sides. 
There is a solid, substantial quality in the Kingsburys, con- 
ducing to trust, and there is also a good deal of conserv- 
atism, perhaps an accompanying trait, which is exemplified 
in the good old Connecticut Deacon, Joseph Kingsbury, of 
Enfield, whose epitaph states that he " was a strict supporter 
of the good old ways of Puritans in their most early days." 
Pluck and perseverance are marked qualities too, and they 
were displayed to the fullest extent in the career of James 
Kingsbury, the first white settler of Cleveland, Ohio, who 
with his family endured almost unexampled privations. 

One of the greatest orators this country has ever pro- 
duced, Hon. Daniel Webster, was descended from Henry 
Kingsbury, through his mother, Abigail Eastman, and the 
wife of our only living ex-President, Mrs. Frances Folsom 
Cleveland, is also descended from this same Kingsbury- 
Eastman line. Senator Eugene Hale of Maine, a promi- 
nent statesman of our day, has Kingsbury blood in his 
veins. During the civil war Gen. Charles P. Kingsbury 
won distinction by his valuable services as an artillery offi- 
cer, and the brave young Col. Henry W. Kingsbury was 
killed at the head of his regiment, the Eleventh Connecti- 
cut, at the battle of Antietam. Col. Jacob Kingsbury, of 


Franklin, Conn., served his country for forty years as a 
soldier, enlisting in 1775 i^ ^^^ Revolutionary army, and 
continuing in the service after that war was over; he was 
engaged for thirty years in the Indian wars on the west- 
ern frontier. His cousin and cotemporary Hon. Andrew 
Kingsbury, of Hartford, Conn., also served through the 
Revolutionary War ; then entered the Comptroller's office 
in Hartford, became Comptroller and Treasurer of the 
State, holding the latter office twenty-four years ; and he 
was also Treasurer of the School Fund, having much to do 
with the sale of lands in the Western Reserve of Ohio. 
Col. Sanford Kingsbury, of Windham, Conn., and Clare- 
mont, N. H., was a distinguished Revolutionary officer, 
serving on Gen. Sullivan's staff, and afterwards a Judge and 
Councillor in New Hampshire. The Rev. Charles Backus, 
D.D., of Somers, Conn., a very distinguished divine in his day, 
and his nephew. Rev. Azel Backus, D.D., first President of 
Hamilton College, New York, were also descendants. 

One of the earliest and most distinguished genealogists in 
New England, Mr. John Ward Dean, for a long time editor of 
the Historic-Genealogical Register, Boston, was the son of a 
Kingsbury mother. He published the first genealogical ac- 
count of the family, two brief articles in the Register, but he 
was not the first who collected material for the family history. 
This honor belongs to Hon. F. J. Kingsbury of Waterbury, 
Conn., and the Rev. Lavius Hyde of Bolton, Conn., as is de- 
scribed by Mr. Kingsbury in his Introduction. Finally, Mr. 
Kingsbury, feeling himself unable to complete the work on 
account of lack of time, put his materials in the hands of 
the present compiler, with authority to conduct researches 
in England. These latter, although not as successful as 
we could wish in finding the actual place of baptism of 
Henry Kingsbury, the first settler, have given us much 
valuable information about the Kingsbury family in Suf- 
folk, to which he undoubtedly belonged. Very careful 
researches were made in England, at first by an English 
genealogist, and later by the compiler, in two separate 
visits to the mother country. The registers were ex- 
amined in most of the parishes in Babergh Hundred, and 


also in the neighboring Hundred of Cosford ; the wills were 
examined, not only at Somerset House, London, the great 
repository for the whole Kingdom, but also the local reg- 
istries at Bury St. Edmunds and Ipswich. The Subsidy 
Rolls for Suffolk and Essex, the Feet of Fines, and other 
documents in the Public Record Office in London, were 
searched, and also the Chancery Proceedings. The Davy 
manuscript collection of materials for a history of the 
County of Suffolk, deposited in the British Museum, com- 
prising over one hundred volumes, containing heraldry, ped- 
igrees, descriptions of churches, monumental inscriptions, an 
almost inexhaustless store, was looked over, and also many 
other manuscripts and books in that world-famous library. 
The Court Rolls for the ancient manors in Boxford are not 
extant for the period between 1590 and 1650, and that loss, 
together with the disappearance of several parish registers 
in that neighborhood about those dates will probably make 
it impossible for us to discover the baptism of Henry Kings- 
bury of Ipswich and Haverhill. 

The compiler has added much to the material collected by 
Mr. Kingsbury and she also verified his records, examining 
town records and registries of probate in eastern Connecticut, 
and also in Massachusetts and Maine, and visiting many old 
graveyards. Then, also, so many genealogies and town 
histories have been printed since Mr. Kingsbury began his 
collections, that much additional material was derived from 
those sources. As the compiler was unable to devote her 
whole time to this work there has been considerable delay, 
and the work has been prolonged over more years than was 
anticipated. Delay was also caused by the difficulty of 
obtaining information from descendants, many letters of 
inquiry never being answered at all. 

The compiler particularly wishes to call the attention of 
readers of this volume to the Addenda, which contains much 
material which was not received in time for insertion in the 
proper place, and also corrections. It is often impossible to 
decide between conflicting statements furnished by different 
members of the same family, or by the family and the town 
records. Gravestones are another fertile source of variation 
in dates, and the puzzled genealogist can do nothing but note 


down the figures, and leave the question open. Authorities 
have been given for military services, and when not cited for 
family records it will be understood that they are obtained 
from town and church records, and from the family them- 
selves. It has been impossible to complete all records, but 
in many cases that has been due to the failure to answer 
letters of inquiry. The difficulties of compiling a gene- 
alogy can only be realized by one who has been through 
the experience. And there are also pleasures to one who 
loves to trace the history of the past, and delights in the 
yellowed pages of old folios, and the quaint script of the 
old records. It is a delight, too, to pounce upon some 
isolated record, supplying a long-missing birth or marriage, 
and identifying some long-lost member of the race, or to 
find a lonely gravestone bearing an inscription which reveals 
the last resting-place of some wanderer from the parent 
stem. The compiler has traversed the region east of the 
Connecticut river, and the greater part of Tolland and Wind- 
ham Counties, in search of records and gravestones, as that 
district and the northern part of New London County were 
where the sons and grandsons of Henry Kingsbury settled, 
excepting one whose descendants went mostly to Maine. 
From Connecticut they went to New Hampshire, Vermont, 
New York, and Pennsylvania, and from there to Ohio, Mich- 
igan, Indiana, Illinois, and the Northwest, and on to the 
Pacific coast; and there are also several branches of the 
family living in the Southern States, more especially North 
Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, and Texas. 

From what has already been said it will probably be 
understood that this work has been carried on at the 
expense of the Hon. Frederick J. Kingsbury, of Waterbury, 
Conn., to whose generous munificence the family owes this 
volume. The cost of the English investigations has been 
all borne by him, and the numerous charges necessary for 
traveling expenses, postage, and all the preparatory work 
necessary before printing, have been most generously de- 
frayed by him. The compiler wishes also to acknowledge 
gratefully the assistance of the late John Ward Dean, of 
Boston, whose never-failing interest was always shown most 
cordially. Thanks are also due to Dr. J. J. Muskett, 56, 


Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, Mr. Andrew Kingsbury and 
the late Mrs. Mary J. K. Gilbert, both of Coventry, Conn., 
Rev. Otis O. Wright, Sandy Hook, Conn., Mr. Henry W. 
Kingsbury, Scranton, Pa., Mr. Frank B. Kingsbury, Fitch- 
burg, Mass., Mr. Lester L. Kingsbury, Baltimore, Md., Mr. 
William Ward Wight, Milwaukee, Wis., Mr. Guy M. Kings- 
bury, Dunkirk, Ohio, Mr. Sanford T. Kingsbury, Valdosta, 
Ga., Mr. Theodore Bryant Kingsbury, Wilmington, N. C, 
Miss Frances Amelia Clark, Syracuse, N. Y., the Comtesse 
de Giverville, 12, Rue Cimarosa, Paris, France, Mrs. H. E. 
Foster, Derby Line, Vt., Mr. Frank W. Kingsbury, Law- 
rence, Kansas, Mr. Thomas E. Sterne, Worcester, Mass., 
Mr. John T. Kingsbury, Georgetown, Wash., Miss Ellen M. 
Dennett, York Village, Maine, the late Benjamin F. Ellis, 
Hartford, and to many others who have also given assist- 
ance in the long and toilsome task. 

Perhaps something should be said about the differences 
in the spelling of the name, as one very important branch 
of the family use the e instead of u in the second syllable. 
As far as can be judged from an examination of old records 
and gravestones in eastern Connecticut the <? was generally 
used by Joseph Kingsbury, who came from Haverhill, and 
all his immediate descendants, but correct spelling was a 
matter of such little moment in those days it is difficult to con- 
clude whether this mode was intentionally adopted. There is 
a tradition that there was a quarrel between two brothers, 
presumably Joseph and Nathaniel, sons of Joseph", and in 
consequence one of them would not spell his name the way 
his brother did, but as I have found the e indifferently used 
in both lines I doubt the correctness of the legend. The 
English records show even a greater variety of spelling than 
those in New England, — " burie, borough, bary, bearey, 
borrowe," etc. Cotton Mather states that a certain Rev. 
Eleazer Kingsbury lopped off the first syllable and changed 
his name to Bury, and removed 'to Cape May, perhaps to 
get away from his aggrieved kinsmen. 



Before reciting- the family annals in this country we must 
turn our attention to our English progenitors. The name is 
an ancient one, and takes us back to the days of the Saxon 
Kings — that is, as the name of a place. There were four 
places of the name in England, one in the County of Mid- 
dlesex, about eight miles from London, one in Hertford- 
shire, one in Warwickshire, and Kingsbury East in Kings- 
bury Hundred, in Somersetshire on the river Parrott. Its 
ancient name was Kingsbury Episcopii,* and the manor 
was held by the Bishop of Bath and Wells. Kingsbury in 
Warwickshire belonged to the famous Countess Godiva, and 
in the Domesday book is called " Chinesburie." Leofric, 
Earl of Mercia, her husband, was descended from the Saxon 
Kings of Mercia, and inherited their ancient seat. Leofric's 
granddaughter married Turchil de Arden, one of the Con- 
queror's Norman Knights, and their granddaughter married 
Peter de Bracebridge, in whose family the lordship of 
Kingsbury remained until the time of Queen Elizabeth. A 
daughter of this race married Sir John Arden, of Arden, 
who was either the grandfather or great-uncle of Mary 
Arden, Shakespeare's mother. At all events, Shakespeare 
was descended from the Ardens, and doubtless had that fact 
in mind when he wrote the lines — 

" When nightingales in Arden sit and sing 
Among the daintie dew-empearled flowers," 

and not the forest of Ardennes in Flanders, as has been 
claimed by commentators. The Bracebridges lived at 
Kingsbury Hall, and in the church in Kingsbury their arms 

*The marriages at Kingsbury Episcopii, from 1577 to 1812, copied from the 
parish registers, have been printed in Somerset Parish Registers, Vot. V., edited by 
W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., but the family name of Kingsbury does not 
appear in them at all. 




may be seen impaled with those of the family of Francis, 
and curiously enough the arms of Francis are: a "chevron 
argent, between three eagles displayed gules."* These 
charges are nearly the same as those of the old Kingsbury 
coat of arms owned by Hon. Andrew Kingsbury of Hartford, 
nearly one hundred years ago, but in those azure is substituted 
for gules. It is not known where Mr. Kingsbury obtained 
these arms, but this coincidence is certainly curious. Kings- 

i S.^ ^.y^3 fy^ ^^/5L^> 

Argent, a fess azure between three eagles displayed of the same. 

Facsimile of a drawing of Kingsbury coat of arms, owned by Andrew Kingsbury, Esq. 
of Hartford about 1800. 

bury Hall is described as "a house of Henry VH's time, built 
with its great manor-court chamber within a fortress, of 
which the curtain wall and the octagonal towers remain, 
probably of the time of King John." 

The Manor of Kingsbury in the Hundred of Caishoe, Co. 
Herts, " was so termed from the Saxon Kings, who were 
the ancient possessors thereof, and often resided and kept 

* Hugh Francis was of Gifford's Hall, in Wickhambrook, near Boxford, 6 Hen. 
VI. Arms : Gules, a chevron engy-ailed, ertnine, s eagles displayed, argejit. His gr. 
dau and co-heiress, Margaret, mar. Thomas Peyton of Peyton Hall, ob. 8 Hen. VII. 
Her sister, Isabel, mar. Thomas Higham. Davy's Suffolk Collectiotis, British Mu- 
seum. It will be remembered that James K. of Boxford, mar. Anne flrancis in 1584. 


their Court there, among whom Bertulph, King- of the 
Mercians, celebrated a Parliamentary Council there on Fri- 
day after Easter, in the year of Christ 851. . . . There 
was a stately Pallace that belonged to the Castle of Kings- 
bury, scituated at the west end of the Town of St. Albans, 
where the Saxon Kings delighted much, and their Nobles and 
Officers so often resorted thither that they became a great 
Burden and Charge to the Abbot and Monks of St. Albans, 
which induced them to purchase it ; and after they had made 
many Addresses to the King for it, Alfric, who had been 
Chancellor to King Etheldred, whilst he was a Secular, pre- 
vailed with the King to sell to them all the royal Manner of 
Kingsbury, with the Parks and Woods belonging to it, ex- 
cepting one small Fortress near the Monastery, which the 
King would not suffer to be demolisht, that the Marks of 
his Royal House might not be forgotten ; and the Abbot 
and Monks bought and enjoyed it till the time of the Disso- 
lution, when it returned to the Crown." Through various 
hands it passed to Sir Francis Bacon, Viscount Verulam, 
Keeper of the Great Seal (the great Lord Bacon), but 
when the Seal was taken from him, and he retired from 
the Court, he sold it. — Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire, 
by Sir Henry Chauncy, Kt., II. J14. 

Camden speaks of Kingsbury Castle at St. Albans, in his 
Britannia, II. yj. 

{Dugdale's Mojiasticon, ed. Caley and Ellis, Vol. 11, p. J20.) 

Ethelbright, rex sepultus apud Winburne, et hie fuit ter- 
tius fundator Vilodunensis monasterii. 

Wulstanus comes Vilodunensis contra Ethelmundum re- 
gem merciorum pugnans, vicit ; gravissimis tamen vulner- 
ibus acceptis, ex quibus ante annum periit. Hie quandam 
antiquam ecclesiam S. Mariae Viloduni reparavit, antea per 
Danos tantum non destructam : instituitque in ea collegium 
sacerdotum qui preces, et pro Alquimundo patre suo, cru- 
deliter ab Ethelmundo Merciorum rege interfecto, et pro se 
assidue funderent. 

Mortuo postea Wulstano comite, uxor ejus Alburga, soror 
Ecberti regis Visi-Saxonum, obtinuit a fratre, ut monaste- 
rium ibidem fieret sacrarum virginum, cujus primus fun- 


dator idem Ecbertus dictus. Prope hoc monasterium erant 
Wulstani comitis aedes, regiaque civitas in qua monasterium 
conJitcum fuit. Kingo^esbyri dicebatur, quod nomen vel 
hodie servat. Fundatum verb fuit monasterium anno Dom- 
ini DCCC. errantque duodecim sacrae virgines praeter 

King Ethelbert was buried at Winburne, and he was the 
third founder of the monastery of Wilton. Wulstan, Earl of 
Wilton, fought against Ethelmund, King of the Mercians, 
and conquered, but received very severe wounds of which 
he died within a year. He rebuilt an ancient church of St. 
Mary of Wilton, which had been almost destroyed by the 
Danes, and established in it a college of priests to offer up 
continual prayers both for his father, Alchmund, who had 
been cruelly put to death by Ethelmund, King of the Mer- 
cians, and for himself. After the death of Earl Wulstan, 
his wife Alburga, sister of Egbert, King of the West Saxons, 
persuaded her brother to make it a monastery of nuns, and 
of this Egbert is called the first founder. Near this mon- 
astery was the residence of Earl Wulstan, and the royal 
city in which the monastery was established was called 
Kingsbur)'', and preserves this name down to the present 
day. This monastery was founded A. D. 800, and there 
were twelve nuns besides the abbess. 

Domesday Book, Vol. i, 2^0. 
" Warwicsire XV. Terra Comitissas Godevae, In Coleshelle, 
Ipsa Countessa tenuit, T. R. E., Chinesberie, 
Ibi sunt — vi, Hidae," etc. 
Translation. — The Countess held Chinesburie (Kings- 
burye). There are 6 hides. The arable employs 7 ploughs, 
2 are in the demesne, and i bondman. There are 2)Z villiens, 
and 3 borders, with 2 priests ; they have 16 ploughs. A mill 
pays 9s and 4d. and there are 12 acres of meadow. Wood i 
mile long and the same broad. In King Edward's time it 
was worth 6 pounds, and afterwards 7 pounds, now 13 pounds 
by weight. 

Dugdale says : " King Edward the Confessor gave to 
Westminster Abbey a third of the forest growing in his 


wood at Kyngsbury. It lies in the Hundred of Goare, about 
6 miles N. W. of London. 

" Ching-esberie, Hundred of Helstone, Middlesex, tenet 
Ernulf de Hesdings." — Domesday Book. 

The first individual of the name that is known to us is 
Gilbert de King'sbury, who was the incumbent of St. Peter's 
Church, Kingsbury, Warwickshire, about 1300. He prob- 
ably derived his surname from the place. In 1368 we find 
a William de Kingsbury mentioned in the will of Gervase 
de Wyllesford, Rector of Barnak, in Northamptonshire. 
There are quite a number of ecclesiastics of the name. 
David Kynnesbury {alias ap Simon), was Vicar of Cheshunt, 
Herts, appointed April 12, 1480, died 1503. Thomas Kings- 
bury was Archdeacon of St. Albans, 1517, and it was appar- 
ently another Thomas Kingsbury who was Archdeacon in 
1531, and was removed at the dissolution of the monasteries.* 
A Rev. Thomas Kingsbury was Rector of a Parish in Suffolk, 
temp. Jac. I. — Suffolk Traveller. At Halford, Kineton Hun- 
dred, Warwickshire, on the river Stone, in the southern 
part of the county, is a gravestone near the door of the 
church bearing this inscription: " Hie jacet Magister, Hen- 
ricus Kyngesberie quondam Rector estius ecclesiae, qui obiit 
I die mensis Marcii An. D. MCCCCLXXXVII — Cujus 
Animae proprietur Deus Amen." Then in the list of the 
incumbents is the following : " Henr. Kynnesbury, qui obiit 
I die mensis Marcii A. D. 1487." 

But these ecclesiastics simply show us that the name 
appears in different places and that the family must have 
been of some consequence, especially as several of them 
were Benedictines, who were called " the gentlemanly 
monks," and were the most learned order in Europe, re- 
cruited mostly from the higher classes of society. The 
Abbot of St. Albans had a seat in the House of Lords, and 
took precedence of all other Abbots in England. The first 
one of the name of real importance to us is William de 
Kyngesbury, whose name appears on the roll of Caxton's 
Manor, in Little Cornard, in Suffolk, as early as 1369, in the 
reign of Edward III, and continues until 1412, in the time 
of Henry IV, when he held Wattyscroft in the Manor of 

* See Appendix, p. 594. 



Little Cornard, the Lordship of Thomas de Grey.* In 1414 
appears the name of John de Kingesbury. Perhaps they 
were father and son, or perhaps brothers. Whether they 
came from Kingsbury Hall, in Warwickshire, or from 
Kingsbury Episcopii in Somerset, or from Kingsbury in 
Middlesex, or were an offshoot from a Kingsbury family 
in Dorset, we shall probably never know, but they were 
undoubtedly the ancestors of the family in Suffolk from 

Confirmed by Hawkins, Ulster King at Arms, 1742, to Dr. Thomas Kingsbury, 
Fellow of the King and Queen's College of Physicians, Ireland, son of Thomas 
Kingsbury, Esq., descended from County Dorset. 

Azure, a chevron or between two doves in chief, proper, and a serpent in base, 
nowed of the last. Crest a wyvern vert. Motto: Prudens et innocens. 

— Burke's General Armoury, ec/., 1S7S. 

which our ancestor, Henry Kingsbury, came, and 500 years 
is a very respectable antiquity for a family name. 

There was a family named Kingsbury in County Dorset, 
who bore for a coat of arms, "Azure, a chevron or between 
two doves in chief proper, and a serpent in base of the last. 
Crest, a wyvern vert." Motto, "Prudens et innocens," 

* Court Rolls I Henry V. Suffolk Archceological Collections, VI, 20. 


perhaps referring to the juxtaposition of the doves and 
serpent. This may be the original stock, and John de 
Kingesbury may have come from them. 

Among the wills in the probate registry at Bury St. 
Edmunds, in Suffolk, is that of John Kyngesbury, the elder, 
of Cornard Magna, dated August lo, 1539. He was prob- 
ably a descendant of the man of the same name who was 
living in Little Cornard rather more than one hundred 
years before. He bequeaths his soul to Almighty God and 
to " our Lady Saynte Mary, and to all the blessed Saints in 
Glorye," and desires his body to be buried in the church- 
yard of St. Andrewes of Cornard. He mentions his wife, 
Elyn, several daughters, and two sons, John the elder and 
John the younger. In 1542, three years later, we find in 
the Lay Subsidy Rolls the names of two John Kyngesburys, 
one in Cornard Magna, and one in Cornard Parva, probably 
the same two Johns, and in 1544 one of them was in New- 
ton, an adjoining parish. It therefore seems probable that 
one of these Johns was the John Kingsbury who in 1578 
was living in Edwardstone, another adjacent parish, and 
had two sons, James and Roger. They had litigation about 
their father's property at that time, and it is stated that he 
was an aged man. 

This James Kingsbury died in Boxford, another near by 
parish, in 1590, leaving a wife, Agnes, and several sons. The 
oldest was James, who married Ann Francis in 1584, and had 
eight children, five sons and three daughters. Only two of 
them, James and Sarah, were baptized at Boxford, but 
James' will gives the names of all. The sons were : James, 
Henry, John, Joseph, and Thomas. Here we have the 
names of the three brothers who came to New England, 
Henry, John, and Joseph, and Thomas, another brother, 
undoubtedly the Thomas Kingsbury who, according to Gov. 
Winthrop, agreed to come, but never fulfilled his promise. 
As we know that John and Joseph of Dedham were 
brothers, and as John of Dedham names his kinsman, 
Henry Kingsbury of Haverhill, an equal devisee with the 
children of his brother Joseph, it would seem as if our 
Henry, of Ipswich and Haverhill, was a son of one of the 
other brothers, and a grandson of James Kingsbury of Box- 

Modern map of the southeastern pait of the County of Suffolk, the home of the Kingsburys. 



ford, who died in 1622. What more likely than that he 
should have been the son of Thomas, who never came, but 
sent his son in his stead? Look at the names of our 
Henry's sons, John, Ephraim, James, Samuel, Thomas, 
Joseph, four of the Christian names repeated that appear 
in the will of James of Boxford, and he himself bore the 
fifth name. Although none of them are uncommon names, 
it would appear that this repeated juxtaposition could 
hardly be accidental. 

Another point in identifying these relationships is that 
the wife of John Kingsbury of Dedham was named Mar- 
garet, and on the Assington parish register is recorded the 
marriage of John Kingsbury and Margaret Whisson in 
1618. Also on the same register is the marriage of Henry 
Kingsbury and Margaret Alabaster in 162 1, and Henry K., 
who came with Winthrop, had a wife named Margaret, and 
two children, James and Sarah, were baptized at Assington, 
probably the two children who were sick with the measles 
on board the " Talbot " in the harbor of Cowes. So every- 
thing seems to fit in properly. 

Margaret Alabaster was undoubtedly the widow of 
Thomas Alabaster, who died in Assington in 1620. He had 
married, July 8, 16 18, Margaret Blyth, and was the son of 
Roger Alabaster of Hadleigh, Suffolk, and Bridget Win- 
throp, his wife, daughter of Adam Winthrop, Esq., of 
Groton, and aunt of Gov. John Winthrop. Thus, Henry 
Kingsbury, the elder, married the widow of a first cousin 
of Gov, Winthrop, and this makes it very natural that he 
should be trusted, as he evidently was by Winthrop, with 
very important matters of business. 

A man holding a very responsible position, as a steward, 
or agent, might be called in those days a "servant," but 
that did not mean that he performed the duties of a menial. 
The word is often met with in old letters and records, but 
with a very different meaning from its present usage. Fre- 
quently younger sons and relatives of a family were em- 
ployed by the head of the house, or lived in his household^ 
and were called "servants," but they were not the hirelings 
of the present day. 

The Alabaster family held a very high position in Suffolk, 


and it is hardly likely that the widow of one of them would 
marry a man of mean extraction or position.* A letter in 
the Winthrop Papers written by Rev. Henry Jacie, the 
minister at Assington, speaks of Henry Kingsburie's com- 
mission to obtain several books of theology, books that 
would only be read by a man of some education, and in 
those days a man who could read such books would have to 
be a man of learning. 

In considering these things it is necessary to remember 
the standards of those days, and that the conditions of life 
in the England of Elizabeth and James I were very different 
from those in either the England or the United States of 
the present day. It is evident from the wills of the Suffolk 
Kingsburys that they possessed considerable land, and were 
well supplied with household goods, and that they were 
yeomen, the class next to the gentry, and frequently de- 
scended from the gentry, younger sons, etc. There is 
plenty of evidence that in the same family one branch 
would be in the Herald's Visitation as gentry and another 
would be yeomen. They were the bowmen and spearmen 
who won Agincourt for Henry V, and fought the battles of 
the English Kings in France for generations, the backbone 
of the nation. 

" A Knight of Cales, a Gentleman of Wales, and a Laird of the 

North Countree, 
A Yeoman of Kent, with his yearly rent, will buy them out 

all three." 

So says an old English ballad, and this shows the estima- 
tion in which the yeoman was held ; a class that has now 
disappeared, and is mourned by many English writers of 
the Victorian age. 

*Ann Alabaster, first cousin of Thomas Alabaster, married Dr. John Still, Bishop 
of Bath and Wells, and at one time Rector of Hadleigh, Suffolk. He was the author 
of the first true English play, "Gammer Gurton's Needle," represented in Christ's 
College, Cambridge, about 1565, with its well-known drinking-song : 
" 1 love no rost, but a nut-brown teste 
And a crab laid in the fyre. 
A little bread shall do me stead. 

Much bread I not desyre ; 
No froste nor snow nor winde, I trow. 

Can hurte me if it wolde, 
I am so wrapt and throwly lapt 
Of jolly good ale and olde." 






r- i 






As the Kingsburys were so closely connected with Suf- 
folk, some description of that region may be interesting. 
In order to visit Assington, Boxford, Groton, and Edward- 
stone, one goes from London to Sudbury, a distance of about 
fifty miles by rail across Essex, and then obtains a convey- 
ance at the " Rose and Crown Inn," to drive through Great 
Cornard, on the river Stour, and then through Newton to 
Boxford. Edwardstone is at the further end of Boxford 
street, Assington is just beyond, and Polstead and Stoke- 
next-Nayland lie on the Essex border. The country is 
gently rolling, fertile, and well cultivated, and the landscape 
is very pleasing. The frequent windmills remind one of 
Holland and Nantucket. Gainsborough, a native of Sudbury 
in this County, has painted these hamlets and forests in some 
of his most beautiful pictures, and Suffolk was a favorite 
sketching-ground for the early English water-colorists. Box- 
ford is a typical English village with two closely built, wind- 
ing streets (like the Boston "cow-paths"), old red brick build- 
ings with thatched roofs, not a few of them probably of seven- 
teenth century date. There is also a free grammar school, 
founded by Queen Elizabeth, for twenty boys. Opposite the 
" Fleece Inn " at the upper end of the village, and reached by 
a foot bridge over the little river Box, is the pleasant old 
house occupied by Mr. Kingsbury, a house builder in Box- 
ford, with flower-garden and lawn. The compiler met two 
or three members of the Kingsbury family, now living in 
Boxford, who received her with old-fashioned hospitality, 
and they stated that they were descended from one Roger 
Kingsbury, probably Roger, brother of the first James 
K. of Boxford. The great flint church, St. Mary's, is the 
most imposing object in Boxford, a spacious edifice of the 
Early Third Pointed period. This excellent and skillful 
masonry of cut flint is a marked characteristic of Suffolk 
churches, " There is much variety of tracery in the many 
windows of the church, and here and there suggestions of 
flamboyant motifs. It includes a clerestoried nave, choir, 
aisles prolonged to the east end of the choir, north and south 
porches, the former of oak, with groinings of the same ma- 
terial, and two bays, with open sides traceried, the other of 
stone elaborately paneled, with seven niches over the 


entrance with a number of inscriptions nearly obliterated, 
and at the west end an embattled tower containing a 
clock and eight bells, and surmounted by a slender spire or 
fieche. With the exception of the north porch the whole build- 
ing was restored in 1888. There is a carved oak door in the 
tower, and a small door in the south choir aisle, in addition 
to the entrances from the porches."* Floods of light stream 
through the great windows, but the interior of the church 
is quite plain, with few monuments. Probably the Puritans 
visited the church in Cromwell's time, and destroyed the 
stained glass and ancient monuments, as they did in so 
many Suffolk churches. There is a mural tablet with a 

singular epitaph : 

In memory of 

Elizabeth Hyam 

of this Parish, for the 

fourth time a Widow; 

who by a Fall, that 

brought on a mortification 

was at last 

hastened to her End 

on the 4th May, 1748, 

in her 113th Year. 

Our name occurs frequently in the Parish Register, and 
James Kingsbury, the father of Henry and John and Joseph, 
left a sum of money to be distributed to the poor of the 
parish at his funeral, and he and his parents left directions 
in their wills that they should be buried in the churchyard. 

About a mile from the village, situated in the parishes of 
Boxford, Stoke, and Assington, is Peyton Hall, now a farm- 
house, an estate granted by William the Conqueror to Rob- 
ert Malet, the progenitor of the ancient family of Peyton, 
by whom the manor was long possessed. The widow Annis 
Kingsbury of Boxford, in her will, dated 1602, gives to her 
son Henry, "my Indenture of Lease which I hold under Sir 
John Peyton, of Iselham in the County of Cambridge, 
Knight. "f 

Assington, which is also a place of interest for the Kings- 
burys, lies close by Boxford, but it is a much smaller village, 
and the old Hall, a fine Jacobean building, where the Gur- 

* Essex Antiquarian, VI, ro^-j. 

+ Sir Roger de Peyton of Peyton Hall, who died 35th Edward III (1351), married 
the lady Christiana de Apleton, who was heir to land in Boxford and Haxwell, and 
who died 19th of Edward II, and was buried at Stoke Neyland with great pomp. 




dons lived in Henry Kingsbury's time, and still live, and the 
closely adjoining beautiful little church of St. Edmund, both 
stand in the park, some distance from the hamlet, and on the 
site of the field of the last battle fought between the Saxons 
and the Danes, in 10 16, and known as Assandun. Groton, the 
home of the Winthrops, is only half a mile from Boxford, 
and Edwardstone the same distance in another direction. At 
Edwardstone the church and " great house " are also close 
together in a beautiful park. It was formerly a village of 
considerable note on account of the Montchensy family, who 
once resided there, and there was also a religious house, a 
cell to the monastery at Abingdon, near Oxford. The parish 
registers are unfortunately lost before 1645, and that is 
probably the reason why we cannot find the baptisms of 
more of the particular Kingsbury family that we want. 
Stoke-next-Nayland, where there were many Kingsburys 
about 1600, lies two or three miles south of Boxford. The 
church tower, one of the finest in the County, deserves special 
notice. The west doorway is very rich, and the paneling 
of plinth and battlement very fine. In one of the chan- 
cel chapels, enclosed by screenwork, are monuments for the 
two wives of John Howard, Duke of Norfolk, who fell at 
Bosworth. Constable, writing co?i amore of his native valley, 
thus describes this place : " Stoke Nayland, though by no 
means one of the largest, certainly ranks with the great 

churches of the Eastern Counties, with its majestic 

tower, which, from its commanding height, may be said to 
impart a portion of its own dignity to the surrounding 
country." Between Stoke-by-Nayland and Shelly stands 
Gifford's Hall,* a fine residence of the age of Henry VIII 
(1538), although some parts are much older. It will readily 
be seen how closely connected geographically all those 
places are, and what close relationships there must have 
been among the settlers who joined Governor Winthrop's 

Various particulars have been gathered relating to the 
name of Kingsbury in England, and some of the individuals 
evidently are connected with the Suffolk family, while 
others belong to the family in the south of England. Wil- 
liam Kingsbury, Gent., of Bungay, Suffolk, was buried in 

* See page 17, n. 



Marylebone Church, London, October 12, 1788 (see page 67). 
In 1607 John Kingsbury gave xviij* to the " Coullecsyon " for 
Cornarde Parva. About 1610 the name of Richard Kinges- 
berie occurs. Rev. William Kingsbury, a dissenting minister, 
born Julv 12, 1744, Bishopsgate street, London, was a son of 
Thomas Kingsbury, who died in 1753. Remarried, in 1768, 
a daughter of Rev. Mordecai Andrews, of London. He 
resided in Southampton, and was a strong supporter of the 
movement that developed into the London Missionary So- 
ciety. He published in 1798 a volume entitled "An Apology 
for Village Preaching." His son, Thomas, was the father of 
the Rev. Thomas Lack Kingsbury, born 1822, became a 
clergyman of the Church of England and Canon of Sarum, 
residence Coombe Bisset Vicarage, Salisbury ; died in 1899. 

Gules, a chevron or, between -? crescents arpent. Kingsbury, Ireland, Gules, two boars' heads erased 
A knight's helmet borne in chief of the second. in chief, argent. Crest, a snail issuing from its 
Crest, a demi-lion rampant or.— Usher. shell, proper.— Burie's General Armory. 


Lamarsh, Co. Essex. 
^556. Agnes Kingsbury buried April id"". 
1557. Johannes Kingsbery & Marion Upcher married Oct 

1558. Agnes'^K. daughter of John Kingsbery baptized Jan: 

1558. Hugo Kingsbury & Christian Whitlock married Sept 

1559. Christian wife of Hugo Kingsbery buried lo"' Feb'' & 

children of the said H & C. K buried in the same 
month & year. 
1559. John son of Hugonis Kingsbery & his twin Johanna 
were baptized at home 20'*^ Feb''. 

1561. Agnes daughter of John Kingsbery buried 17*'' of 


1562. William son of Johannes Kingsbery baptized 2d Feb''. 

1563. Gresell daughter Hugo Kingsbery baptized April 4'^'^, 

1564. Elizabeth daughter of Hugo Kingsbery baptized 29**^ 

i564(<?)Elizabeth daughter of Hugo Kingsbery buried Jan: 

i564(<?)Elizabeth daughter of Hugo Kingsbery baptized 29*^ 


1565. Alicia daughter of Hugo Kingsbery baptized 25*'' 


1566. Maria daughter of John Kingsbery baptized 11*'' of 

1566. Hugo Kingsbery buried 20*"^ of June. 

1569. Elizabeth daughter of Johannes Kingsbery baptized 

Sept 8t\ 

1570. Johannes Kingsbery buried 9"" Jan^. 
1640. John Kingsberrie buried Oct 26'''^, 




Great Bromley, Co. Essex. 

1635. James son of Henry Kingsbury baptized April ^^^. 
1640. James son of Henry Kingsbury baptized July 5^^. 

Newton-next-Sudbury, Co. Suffolk. 

161 2. Maria filia Johannis Kingsbury et Anna uxoris eius, 

baptizata fuit Septimo die ffebruarij. 
1614. Dorcas, filia Johannis Kingsberie et Anna uxoris eius, 

baptizata fuit 18° die Septemb^ 
1616. Johannes filius Johis Kingsberie et Anna uxor eius, 

baptizatus fuit decimo quarto die Aprilis. 
1619. Richardus filius Richardi Kingsberie et ffrancesuxor 

eius, baptizatus fuit vicesimo octavo die Novem^^ 

162 1, Robertus filius Richardi Kingsbury et Frances uxor 

eius, baptizatus fuit Aprilis octavo. 

1623. Thomas filius Richardi Kingsbury et Frances uxoris 

eius, baptizatus fuit Aprilis vicesimo secundo. 

. Robertus filius Johannis Kingsbury et Anna^ uxoris 

eius, baptizatus fuit Jiilij decimo Septimo. 

1624. Anna filia Richardi Kingsbury et Frances uxoris eius, 

baptisata Februarij vicesimo Septimo. 
1628. Johannes filius Richardi Kingsbury et Frances uxoris 
eius, baptisatus Maij quinto. 

1610. Henricus Kingsberie sepultus erat code die (sc. 14 

die Aug :) Anno ^Etat, 29°. 
1633. Richardus Kingsberie sepultus Junij ultimo. 
. Francisca videra relicta Richardi Kingsburie sepulta 

Julij decimo quinto. 

AssiNGTON, Co. Suffolk. 

1622. James Kingsberie the sonne of Henerie Kingsberie 

and Margaret his wife, the first of September. 
1624. Sarah Kingsbury the daughter of henry Kingsbury & 
Margrett his wife the i of August. 



1635. Dorothy Kingsbury daughter of Kingsbury 

and Dorathy his wife, July 19. 
1637. Sara Kingsbury the daughter of Edward Kingsbury 

and Dorothy his wife ffebruary 4. 

1641, Edward Kingsbury the son of Edward Kingsbury 

and Dorithy his Wife July 11. 
1644. John Kingsbury the sonn of Edward Kingsbury and 

dorathy his wife October 20. 
1647. Mary Kingsbery the daughter of edward kingsbery 

and dorathy his wife July 4. 

16 1 8. John Kingsbery and Margaret Whisson the S'*" of 

162 1. Henerie Kingsberie and Margaret Alabaster the iS**" 

of May. 

1630. Mr Thomas Chamber, the late faithful] Minister of 
this Church, of w'-h he had the oversight the space 
of 32 years, where during all that space (by him- 
self e or by supply of some other Reverend preacher 
for him) he never once omitted to have two sermons 
every lord's day, besides sermons, or expositions 
every time of Baptisme, and preparations to the 
lord's supper, and often alsoe on other occasions, his 
lips fed many publickly, and from house to house, 
his LOVE and GOOD WORKS abounded, releeve- 
ing the poore and visitting the sick, to his utmost 
power, and was willing beyond his power; his life 
was a patterne to his flock, walking before GOD 
and before man blameles; he slept in the Lord June 
8 Anno aetat 76. [This is given as relating to one 
who had immense influence over the puritans of his 
neighborhood, including therein many early settlers 
of New England ; he was also remembered in the 
Will of James Kingsbury, the testator of 1622.] 

1642. Edward Kingsbery the sonn of Edward Kingsbery 

and dorathy his wife, July 21. 



BoxFORD, Co. Suffolk. 

Register begins 1557. 


1558. Thomas Kingsbury the third of mche. 

1562. James Kingsbury sonne of James Kingsbury the 

sixte of September. 
1565. Rachell Kingsburye daughter of James Kingsburye 

the ix"" of September. 
1567. Abrahih Kingsburye sonne of James Kingsburye & 

Agnes his wyffe the ix**" of ffebruarye. 
1570. Tho : Kingsburye sonne of Roger Kingsburye & 

Ciselye his wyffe the xxiiij"^ of September. 
1572. John Kingsburye sonne of Rog'' Kingsburye & Cise- 
lye his wyffe the xxiiij*^ of September. 

1575. Hen: Kingsburye Sonne of Ja: Kingsburye & Agnes 

his wyffe the xxij^*" of June. 

1576. Hen: Kingsburye Sonne of Roger Kingsburye & Cis- 

elye his wyff the xix*'' of Auguste. 
1579. Thomas Kingsburye sonne of Roger Kingsburye & 

Cicely his wyffe the xij''' of Aprell. 
1583. Samuell Kingsburye son of Roger Kingsbury & Cis- 

eley his wyffe the ix*'^ of June. 
1595. Jo : Kingsburye Sonne of James Kingsburye & Anna 

his wyffe the xxv**" of Maye. 
1597. Sarra Kingsburye daughf of James Kingsburye & 

Anne his wyffe the v*^ of Maye. 
1600. John Kinsbery sonne of Henery Kinsbery and Eliz- 
abeth his wife y® 26*^ of October. 
1602. Henrie Kinsbery the sonne of Henry Kinsbery the 

xxix*^ of June. 
. Rachell Kinsbury the daughter of Henry Kinsbery 

the v^*^ of September. 

1604. Susanna Kinsburye the daughter of Henry Kinsbery 

the xxviij^^ of October. 

. Anne Kinsberye the daughter of Abraham Kinsbery 

the xx"" of November. 

1605. Anne Kinsbery the daughter of James Kinsbery the 

xxi*'' of October. 

1606. James Kinsbery the sonne of Henry Kinsbery the 

first of Aprill. 




. Cicelye Kinsbery the daughter of Abraham Kins- 

bery the xix"' of Januarye. 
1607. John Kinsbery the sonne of Henry Kinsbery the 

viij'^ of Julye, 
1609. Susanna Kinsbery the daughter of Abraham Kinsbery 

the first of ffebruary. 
(There are no entries of any kind for 1610 ; a space of 
two and a half pages is left blank.) 
161 1. Samuel Kinsbery the sonne of Henry Kinsbery the 

xxiij*^ of Maye. 
. Agnes Kinsbery the daughter of Abraham Kinsbery 

the xxv*'^ of Julye. 
1615. Anne Kinsberye the daughter of James Kinsberye 

the seconde of ffebruary. 
16 1 7. Samuel Kinsbery the sonne of Henry Kinsbery and 

Rachell his wife the xvi"' of November. 
1 6 19. Elizabeth Kinsbery the daughter of Timothie Kins- 
bery and Margaret his wife the iiij**^ of Aprill. 
. Agnes Kingsbery the daughter of Henry Kingsbery 

and Rachell his wife the xxiij*^ of Januarye. 
1622. Margarite Kingsberry the daughter of Timothye 

Kingsberry and Margarite his wife was baptized the 

10"' of April. 
1632. Rowland Kingsbury sonne of Margaret Kingsbury 

spurious was baptized the i September. 

1640. Henry Kingsbery, sonne of Henry Kingsbery & Mar- 
garet his wife September 6"\ 

1641. Rob^ Kingsbury sonn of Henry Kingsbury and Mar- 
garett his wife y*^ 13 of January. 

1648. Marthew Kingsbury daughf of Beniamin and 
Mathewe y^ 21: of March. 


1557- Willm Stowe the sonne of John Stowe & Margarett 
Kingsburye the daughter of John Kingsburye were 
married the xxvi*'' of Aprill. ( The first marriage 

1583. Thomas Kingsburye & Suzan Clampyn the xvij*'' 
of Januarye. 

1584. James Kingsburye & Anne ffrauncis the xxij** of 



1590. John Carpenter & Rachell Kingsburye the xxi'* of 

1593. Abrahfh Kingsburye & Katyn Offwoode the first of 

1600. John Kingsbery and Susanna Skarlett the ix''' of 

1607. Rob'. Chubbe and Mary Kingsbery the xvi''' of 

1 6 14. James Kingsbery and Joane Hogge the viij'^ of 

16 18. Timothie Kingsbery and Margaret Woode the 

xxv''' of Maye. 
1622. George Sheldrake & Elizabeth Kingsbury were mar- 
ried the 29 of September. 
1624. Henry Goymer & Margarite Kingsbury y^ i of 

1636. William Pollard & Anne Kingsbury 25 of Aprill. 
. Robert Rowland & Margaret Kingsbury the 12'^ of 



1590. James Kingsburye was buried the xv"' of Aprell. 
1596. Samuell Kingsburye Sonne of Roger Kingsburye the 

xiiij^"^ of Maye. 
1600. Anne Kingsbery the daughter of Abraham Kingsbery 

the viij"" of Februarye. 
1602. Widdowe Kingsbery the xxx"' of Decemb^ 
1616. Cicelye Kinsbery the xx"' of August. 
16 1 8. Elizabeth Kinsbery the wife of Rob\ Kinsburye the 

v"" of ffebruary. 

. Robert Kinsbery the xij'*' of ffebruary. 

1622. William Kingsbury was buried the 26th of ffebruary, 

. James Kingsbury was buried the 26 of April. 

1624. The widdow Kingsbury was buryed the 13 of April. 
1627. Henry Kingsbury buried the 17"' of January. 

1630. Timothie Kingsbury was buried the 29"^ of August. 

1631. Elizabeth Kingesbury was buried the 20"' of ffebru- 


Groton, Co. Suffolk. 

Register begins 1562. 


1604. Margret Kingsbury the daughter of Robert Kings- 
burye & of his wife was baptized the 8 of June. 

1620. Judith Kingsbery the daughter of James Kingsberye, 
was baptized the vij"' day of Apriell 1620. 

. James Kingsberie was baptized the 18. of Aprill. 

1622. Thomas Kingsberie was baptized y® 9"^ of June. 

1624, James Kingsberie was baptized y^ 22'' of Januar. 

1626. Margaret Kingsberie was baptized y'^ 9*^' of May. 

1629. Elizabeth the daughter of James Kingsberie and 
Elizabeth his wife March the 21'^. 



i6i6. Susana Kingsbury was buried the second day of 

1624. James Kingsberie his wife and hir childe were buried 
the 20*^ of Januarie. 

1625. James Kingsberie was buried y® third of Novemb"". 
1635. James Kingsbury. .. .buryed. 

Great Cornard, or Cornard Magna, Co. Suffolk. 

1543. Bapti. erat Alicia Kingsbury Decimo Nono die Aprilis. 
1545. Bapti. erat Thomas Kingsbury Ultimo Die ffebruary. 
1547. Bapti. erat Johannes Kingsbury Sexto Die Martii. 
1596. Johannes Kingsbury filius Rich. Kingsbury bapt. erat 

vicessimo Sexto die Dec^ 
1598 Bapt. Robertus Kingsbury filius Edwardi Quarto Die 


1602. Thomas Kingsbury filius Johes Kingsbury, vicessimo 
secundo die ffebruary. 

1603. Bapt. Johannes Kingsbury, filius Johes Kingsbury, 
vicessimo quinto die Septembris. 


1603. Bapt. Maria Kingsbury filia Johes Kingsbury, vicessi- 

mo septimo die Janu^ 
1606. Bapt. Elizabeth Kingsbury filia Johes Kingsbury Deci- 

mo quarto die Septembris. 
16 13. Bapt. Willmus Kingsbury filius Johes Kingsbury quinto 

die Junii. 
1597. Henricus Kingsbury and Margareta Warren married 

Vicessimo primo die Novembris. 
1599. Johannes Kingsbury and Johanna Cooke m" Quinto 

die Junii. 

Sepultus erat Johannes Kingsbury senior sexto die Januy 


Sepultus erat Josephus Kingsbury vicessimo Septimo 

Die Novembris 16 19. 

John Kingsbury was buried the 6*'' day of April 1631. 

James Kingsbury was buried, the 31*'' day of August, 


John Kingsbury and James Kingsbury sons of John and 

Mary his wife were baptized April 28, 1633. 

Little Cornard, Co. Suffolk. 

Register begins 1565. 

1598. John Kingsberye was baptis. the i of October. 

1600. Marie Kingsberye was baptized the 24 daye of febru- 

1609. George Kingsberry the sonne of Richard Kingsberry 
was baptised the eleventh day of June 1609. 

1613. Barnaby Kingsberry the sonne of Richard Kings- 
berry was baptised the firste daie of Auguste, 16 13. 

1623. Mary Kingsberye the daughter of John Kingsberye 
was baptised the xxv"' day of January Anno dn 1623. 

1625. Johan Kingsberye the daughter of John Kingsbery 
was baptized the one and twenteth day of Auguste 1625. 

1636. Richard Kingsberye the Sonne of George Kingsberye 
& Susan his wife was baptised June the 5"'. 



1623. John Kingsberry and Alice Wixe were marled the 
twenteth and fourth day of June 1623. 

1633. George Kingsbery & Susan Sheircroft were married 
the 14*'' day of January 1633. 

1637. Richard Kingsbery & Anna Deekes were married the 
4*'' of September 1637. 


1565. Ann Kingsburye was buryed the 12 of februarye. 

1615. Richard Kingsberry was buried the 28"' daie of Au- 
gust Ao Dni 1615. 

1632. John Kingsbery was buried the 17'*" day of ffebruary 
Annoq. dom. 1632. 

1634. An Kingsbery widow was buried the 18*'' of ffebru- 
ary 1634. 

1639. George Kingsbery the Sonne of George Kingsbery 
was buried the two & twenty of July: 1639. 

1667. Alice Kingsbery, Septemb 13, -I ^ . I aiio 

{ oetatis [ 

1681. John Kingsbery, buried the 14*^ day of August. 

Stoke by Neyland, Co. Suffolk. 
1586 July 17, Rachell daughter of Thomas Kingesburie 

1589 April I, Jeames sonne of Thomas Kingesburie 

1590 August 9, the of Jeames Kingsburie 
1603 Dec. II, John sonne of John Kingesburie 
1607 Aug. 30, Saray daughter of John Kingsburie 
1608/9 Jan. 30, Robard sonn of John Kingsberie 
1609 Dec, 4, sonne of John Kingesbery 
1610/11 Feb, 24, Jane daught. of John Kingsbery 

1 61 2 Dec. 15, Jacob sonne of John Kingsbury 
16 15 April 23, Robte sonne of John Kingesburie 
161 7 June 8, Rebecca daughter of John Kingesburie 
1618/19 Jan. 12, Isacke sonne of John Kingsburye 
1620/21 Jan. 21, James sonn John Kingsberry 
1623 March 25, Jonas sonne of John Kingsburye 



1637/38 Feb. 25, John sonne of John Kingsbury of Leaven- 

1640 May 3, John sonne of John Kingsbury. 

1642 April 24, Martha daughter of John Kingsbury. 
1643/44 Jan. 6 the sonne of John Kingsbury. 

1613 Dec. 5, Henery Kingsberry & Jane Waryn. 
1636 Sept. 8, John Kingsbury of Boxford single and Anne 

Hunt of this parish single. 
1638/39 Jan. 31, Jacob Kingsbury and Rebeckah Shad. 

1559 April I, Thorns ye son of Kingesburie. 
1559 Oct. II, Marie Kingesburie servant to Williii Massom. 
1590 March 25, Thomas Kingesburie set. 36. 
1607 Dec. 4, Saray daughter of John Kingesburie. 
i6o8/9Feb. 6, Robard sonn of John Kingsberie. 
16 10 April 29, Willm sonne of John Kingsbury. 
1624/25 Jan. 17, William Kingsberye of Waldenfelde from 

Giffords Hall. 
1636 July 6, Susan daughter of John Kingsbury but wife 

to Edward Hazell. 
1638 Aug. 24, John Kingsbury. 

1641 vSept. 5, Rebeckah wyfe of Jacob Kyngsburye. 

Great Waldingfield, Co. Suffolk. 


Henry, son of William Kingsbury, baptized Aug. 18, 1549. 
John and Alice, childre of William Kingsbury, baptized 15 

June, 1551. 
Edmond, son of William Kingsbury, baptized 9"' October, 

Robert, son of William Kingsbury, baptized 15 March, 1555. 
Nicholas, son of William Kingsbury, baptized . . . 1557. 
[no names], the children of William Kingsbury, baptized 

• • • 1559- 
Benjamin, son of Peter Kingsbury, baptized 4*^'' Nov., 1582. 
Peter, son of Peter Kingsbury, baptized November, 1588. 
3'''^ day of November, 1587, John, son of William & Margaret 

Kingsbury was baptised. 


Mary Kingsbury, daughter of William Kingsbury, baptized 

26 October, 1589. 
John, son of Peter Kingsbury, baptized January 16, 1591. 
Timothy, son of William Kingsbury, sen"", baptized July 25, 

William, son of William Kingsbury, sen'", baptized May 27, 

Elizabeth, daughter of William Kingsbury, baptized Sep*. 

25. 1594. 
Jane, daughter of Peter Kingsbury, baptized Dec. 6, 1594. 
Henry, son of William Kingsbury, baptized January 22, 1594. 
Hannah, daughter of William Kingsbury, baptized 10 Oct., 

Joseph, son of William Kingsbury, baptized 28 April, 1613. 


Robert Kingsbury and Agnes Braybrooke, married 20 
April, 1550. 

William Kingsbury and Margaret, his wife, were married 
September, 1586. 

John Kingsbury and Margery Conham, widow, were mar- 
ried June 2, 1623. 


Alice Kingsbury buried 20 August, 155 1. 
Edmund Kingsbury buried 16 March, 1553. 
Nicholas Kingsbury buried 12 December, 1558. 
John Kingsbury buried 12 August, 1559. 
Harry Kingsbury buried 19 September, 1566. 
Roger Kingsbury buried 4'^ March, 1576. 
John Kingsbury buried 15 November, 1588. 
William Kingsbury buried March, 1598. 

Kersey, Co. Suffolk. 

Annable Kingsberrye the 4 of January, 1595. 

ffrancis Kingsburie fil. henerici Kingsburie bapt. 12 
Decembris 16 17. 
1 61 8. Jacobus Kingsburie fil. Jacobi Kingsburie 27° die 



1620. Bridgett Kingsburie the daughter of Willia Kings- 
burie the 18"" of March. 

1624. ffranceis Kingsburie daughter of James Kingsburie 
September 12. 

1627. Nathaniell Kingsburie the sonne of James Kings- 
burie the 9"" of September. 

1629. Joseph Kingsburie the sonne of James Kingsburie 
the 28 of October. 


1628. Nathaniell Kingsbury e the 26 of September. 

Chelsworth, Suffolk. 


161 2. Susan Kingsbury y^ Daughter of Joh. Kingsbury 
was Baptized Mar. 6th. 

1 6 15. John Kingsburie sonn to John Kingsburie baptz. the 
9'^' of Septemb''. 

1644. John Kingsbury y'' son of John Kingsbury was Bap- 
tized y*^ 16^'' of Septemb^ 


161 2. John Kingsbery and Susan Carter were married the 
first day of November. 

162 1. John Reade and Elizabeth Kingsbury married Oc- 
tob' i8*'>. 

Bradfield, Co. Essex. 



I. Sam: Kingsberry son of Samuel & Elizab: Kingsberry 

was baptised y'^ [sic). 
7. James Kingsberry son of Franck & Mary Kingsberry 

was baptised 3 of July. 


ffrances kengsberry Daughter of James Kingesbarey 
and Mercy his wife Was baptised the sextene day 
of September 1649. 



ffrances kengesbearey daughter of Samuel kengesbearey 
and Elsebeath his wife was Baptised f ebueruy the 1 1 
day 1655. 



Henry Kingsbury Wid"" &: Priscilla Ayers wid: marryed 
Feb: 2. 


James Kingsbury sonne of Henry Kingsbury & Elizab. 
I July. 


Henry Kingsberry was buryed the 8 day of May 1648. 
(There is no entry of the burial of the Henry Kingsbury 
who died before i8th May, 1636.) 

Belchamp S. Paul, Co. Essex. 


John Kingsburie was buried the viij"^ day of March 1601. 
An the wife of John Kingsburie was buried the xij*'' day 

of March 1601. 
165 1. Eliz. Kingsbury widow of John Kingsbury was buried 

May 9. 

Alton, Hampshire. 
1670. Bridget Kingsbery was buried April 16. 



Hn C)ci noic Hmen be ^t fmowne unto aii men that up- 

pon the X daye of the monythe of august in the yere of owe'' 
lorde god MCCCCCXXXIX and in the yere of ou'' sofren 
lorde kynge henry the viij^'' the xxxj I John Kyngsbury of 
Cornarde Magna the elder beynge hole of mynde & of good 
memorye I make my testament & last wyll in thys man"" of 
wyse fyrste I bequethe my sowle unto allmyghtye god and 
to ower Lady Saynte Mary & to all the blessed saynts in 
Glorye, and my body for to be buryed in the churche yarde 
of Saynt Andrewes of Cornarthe aforesayd. Itm I bequethe 
onto the heyghe aulter of the sayd churche for my tythes 
and oblacyones forgitten xijs. Itm I geve and bequethe 
to Elyn my wyefe she for to be a goode gyde and helper unto 
John my sone x marks and the second bedde. Itm I give 
and bequethe to John my younger sone the tenement of 
fenors in maryott. Also I bequethe unto Ysbell my 
dowghter one seme* of barley one shepe & a lambe. Also I 
give & bequethe unto Alys my doughter one seme barley 
one shepe & a lambe. Itm I bequethe Crystyan my doughf 
one seme of barley one shepe and a lambe. The residue of 
all my goods unbequetheyde I give and bequethe them unto 
John my elder sone whome I chose and & make my full ex- 
ecvitor. In wytnes hereof S'' Thomas legatt vycar of the 
sayde town the whyche dyd wryght this p'"sent testament, 
Aug. lo, 1539. Proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Sud- 
bury 20*'' Dec^ 1539. {Poopc 42) 

ITn Dei umeBmen. Ube jiij &ai> of September 1558. i 

John Kyngesbury of Newton, husbandman next Sudbury in 
the County of Suffolk being sick in body but of good and 

* Seme or seam : A load for a pack-horse —specifically eight bushels of grain, 
or malt. "I shall assoile Ihee my-selue for aseme of vvhete." Piers Plowman, (B.) 
Ill, 40. — Century Dictionary. 



perfect remembrance. First and before all things I com- 
mend my soul to Almighty God to our blessed Lady Saint 
Mary and to all the holy and blessed company of heaven 
and my body to Christian burial where as it shall please God. 
Item I will that Alice my wife and William my eldest son 
whom I make and ordain executors and they to have the 
occupying of all my moveable goods with the lands free and 
bond upon condition that they see the bringing up of my 
children till my executors shall provide good and honest 
masters and governors for them. Item I will that if my son 
William do marry and his mother and he cannot well agree 
then I will that he trim up Parkers and dwell there till 
Charles my son comes to the age of xxij and that he to have 
Parkers Canams so called and Billyngs to be joined to Par- 
kers to give and sell to any of his brothers if they will buy 
it. Item I will that no parcel of land be sold from the head 
house in any manner of wise. Item I give to Richard my 
son xx^ and one calf at 21. Item I give to John my son xx^ 
Item I give to Nycholasmy son xx^ Item to Robert my 
son xx^ Item to Thomas my son xx^ And if any of these 
my children shall depart this world before any of them come 
to the years of xxj then I will that these shall have the 
others part. Item I will that Alice my wife hath the head 
house with all the corn and profits to the same belonging. 
Item I will that William my son hath the occupying of my 
head house so long as my wife live and after her decease 
that William my son hath the whole and he to discharge the 
residue of all the legacies that be unpaid after the decease 
of my wife and if it chance that William my son depart this 
world before his mother without male issue then I will that 
Richard my son have it and his heirs male and so to descend 
in the male issue. Item I will that my cofeofees of any par- 
cel of my ground shall deliver a state whensoever they shall 
be thereunto required by my executors to the performance 
of this my will. Item I will that Thomas Smythe of New- 
ton be supervisor of this my will and he to have for his 
labour and pains vj« viij^ The residue of all my goods and 
chattels not given I put it to the discretion and wisdom of 
mine executors they to pay my debts and to bring me hon- 
estly to the earth. Witnesses, Edmunde fifanne, Curate of 



the same town, Thomas Smythe with other as John Harck- 

Proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury i8 April, 
1559- {Sparroivc 88?) 

3oF3ii Ikinosbur^e tbe el^er of /IDucbe Cornertb in the 

County of Suffolk yeoman, and in the diocese of Norwich 
May 14, 1588. Sick in body and whole of mind. To be 
buried within the Christian burial ground of Much Cornarde 
aforesaid. Item to the poor people of Much Cornard two 
bushels of mustlyn* to be delivered unto them on Saint 
Thomas daye before Christmas yearly so long time as Alice 
my wife do live. Item to Alice my wife my houses where I 
now dwell and have in use called the Motte, with the appur- 
tenances, and one piece of copyhold pasture, called Red Acre, 
in Much Cornard, containing three acres, and one tenement 
called Monies, in Cornard aforesaid, for term of her life, and 
after her decease to my son Edward, paying unto his three 
sisters, Alice, Elizabeth and Mary xx'^ to be equally divided 
one year after his mother's death. Item to my son Edward 
my tenement called Abbotts in Much Cornard, to enter upon 
it presently after my decease. Item to my three daughters, 
Alice, Elizabeth and Mary xx'' to be paid and equally 
divided one year after my decease. Residue unto Alice my 
wife whom I nominate and appoint to be my sole executrix, 
and I do appoint Richard Holborough, the elder, to be super- 
visor, these being witnesses, Henry Tanner and Richard 
Holborough the younger. Proved in the Archdeaconry 
Court of Sudbury, July 10, i^'iZ.— {Goddard 32) 

IFu tbe name ot (3oD Bmen, tbe ^welf tb &a^ of April. 

in the year of our Lord 1590, in the two and thirty year of the 
reign of our most gracious Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth, 
&c., I James Kyngsburie, of Boxford, in the County of 
Suffolk, and in the Diocese of Norwich, husbandman. Sick 
in body and in good and perfect remembrance (I praise God) 
make ordain .and dispose this my present testament contain- 

* Mu.stlyn consisted of wheat flour and rye flour in equal quantities. Bread 
thus composed is said to have been in use in Suffolk at the beginning of this 
century (1900). 

=JOHN, "my younger son," 
of Edwardstone, living in 

Agnes James Kingsbury 
ob. 1602. of Boxford, ob. 1590. 

Abraham^ Katyn, 
bap. 1567 j Oflfwoode. 

1 bap. 1575, 
I ob. 1627. 

ip. 1609. 

bap. 1611, 

bap. 1600. 

bap. 1602. 

bap. 1606. 
bap. 1607. 
bap. 1611. 




bap. 1597, 

m. Mili- 

m. Jno. 





Henry Kingsbury=Susanna 
of Haverhill, Mass. I 

of Assington, 
engaged to 
come to N. E., 
but never 
came ; perhaps 
father of 
Henry of Ips- 
wich and 









Little Cornard, circa 1369-1414, temp. Edw. Ill — Henry IV. 


Little Cornard, Suffolk. 

Elvn=John Kingi 

Cornard Magna, ob. 1539, 

my younger son,' 

William _ 

of Newton, 

rteld, 1553. 

bap. Great 



Robert, Thomas, Charles. 

bap. Great perhaps the 
Waldingfield, 'I'homas 
1555. who died at 

Stoke by 



Little Cornard. 

Little Cornard. 


„jAMES Kingsbury, 

bap. 1567 [ Offwoode. 


mentioned ii 
his father's 
will ; eldest s 


Hogg I of Carsey, 
ob. 1655. 

Henkie Margaret. 
of Assing- Alabaster, of 
ton. came Assington. 

Joh.v —Margarei. 
bap. 1595, Whisson, m. 
came to at Assington. 
N. E. 163s, 

bap. 1597, 

bap. 1607. 
bap. 161 1. 

Richard Tipi.ocke=Anne, bap. 1615. 

Bridget, d. single, 
1671. Alton, Hamp- 


bap. 1634. 




ing herein my last will. First I commend my soul unto 
Almighty God my Creator Redeemer and Saviour, and my 
body to be buried in the church yard of my parish church 
of Boxford. Also I give and bequeath unto Agnes my wife 
all that my houses and lands which I hold by Indenture of 
Lease of the worshipful M^ Robert Peyton, of Isleham, 
esquire, with all and singular the appurtenances to them be- 
longing situate in the parish of Boxford, To hold to her and 
her assigns all the years that be yet to come, specified in the 
said Indenture of Lease. Also I give and bequeath unto 
John Dyxon my son-in-law x^ to be paid unto him by my 
executrix within one year after my decease. Item I give 
and bequeath unto James Kingsburie my sonne x^ to be paid 
him as is aforesaid within two years after my decease. Also 
I give and bequeath to Abraham Kingsburrie my sonne x^ to 
be paid him as is aforesaid within two years after my de- 
cease Also I give and bequeath unto Rachel Kingsburie 
my daughter x^ to be paid to her as above said within four 
years after my decease. Also I give and bequeath unto 
Henrie Kingsburie my sonne x^ to be paid him as above said 
at the age of xxi years. Also I give and bequeath unto the 
said Henrie my sonne foure sheep ymediately after my said 
wife's decease. Item I give and bequeath unto James Kings- 
burie my sonne Thomas Kingsburie his sonne x^ to be paid 
as above said at the age of xxi years. The residue of my 
goods moveable and unmoveable, corn, cattle, debts, or 
whatsoever else is unbequeathed, my debts and funerals 
honestly discharged, I give and bequeath unto the said Agnes 
my wife, whom I make and ordain to be my sole executrix 
to see this my last will and testament performed And I 
ordain my brother Roger Kingsburie my Supervisor of this 
my last will and testament giving him for his paines ij shil- 
lings and vi*^. These witnesses Peter Bettes, Roger Kings- 
burie, and Peter Clarke, with others. Proved in the Arch- 
deaconry Court of Sudbury June 8, 1590. {Goddard j^j.) 

Aprilis 1590. 

XrbOma£} HviUGSbUr^ dum vixit de Stokenailand defunct' 
ab intestat' nup decessit xxij" die mens' et Anno Dni supra- 


diet' Em' Lre Admininistracois honor' dci defuncti direct' 
Susanna eius reliete de bene de Jurat: &c. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury — Admin, and Marriage Licence 
Book No. /, fo. i2g. 

5obn 1kino5lnir\?, ot o^eate Cornar& in the County of 

Suffolk, bequeathes to son Richard ^40, and all his land at 
Quikslade in greate Cornard; to son Henry Kingsburie ^30; 
to Rose his wife, ^40; and to son, Henrie Kingsburye all his 
lands in Sudburie in the s"^ county of Suffolk. The rest of 
his lands and tenements to John Kingsburye, eldest son, who 
is also appointed executor, and Henry Dyneley, of Aston, 
his brother-in-law, supervisor. Dated Sept. 20, 1597. Wit- 
nesses, Edward Kingsbury, Henry Dyneley. Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury. {Lewyn 41.) 

Milliam 1k\?nOCSt>eri^e OX IHeWtOll in the County of Suf- 
ffolk, yeoman, March 12, 1590. Sick in body, but of good and 
perfect remembrance. My body to be buried within the 
Christian burial ground of Newton aforesaid. Item to Eliza- 
beth my wife my messuages or tenements both free or copy 
which I now dwell in, all lying within the town and parish 
of Newton and now in the occupation of me the said Wil- 
liam Kyngesberye, during the term of her natural life. And 
after the decease of the said Elizabeth I will that all the 
said messuages and tenements remain unto my son Henry and 
to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten. And for default 
of such issue, unto my daughters then living, to be equally 
parted between them upon condition that the said Elizabeth 
my wife shall content and pay unto John Potter of Assing- 
ton, yeoman, yearly during the term of 12 years the sum of 
^^6.13.4, to the use of my said children hereunder named, 
namely to Rest my daughter ^20 to be paid at 21. To Eliz- 
abeth my daughter ^20 at 21. To Susan my daughter ;^2o 
at 21, To ]\Iary my daughter ^20 at 21. In case of death 
the money of him or her so departed shall be equally divided 
amongst my children then living. And if my wife refuse to 
pay the said four score pounds or if she die before the said 
12 years be expired Then I will that the said John Potter 
shall enter upon the said messuages tenements and land and 


hold them until the said 12 years be expired he paying and 
performing- all and every such gifts bequests and legacies as 
in this my last will contained. Provided nevertheless and 
my will is that the said John Potter before he shall receive 
any part of my said legacies and bequests in form aforesaid 
given to my said children or enter upon any of my said lands 
shall become bound to each of my children in several obli- 
gations of ^30 for the payment of ^20 at such times as in 
this my will is contained. Item to Henry my son ^10 to 
be paid at 21. All the whole residue of my goods and chat- 
tels I give unto Elizabeth my wife whom I ordain and ap- 
point to be my executrix and I do nominate and appoint 
Robert Plampyn and George Winterflood of the same town 
to be my supervisors. In the presence of us Henry Hedd 
and Samuel Ware. Proved in the Archdeaconry Court of 
Sudbury 15*^ April, 1591. {Baco?i3j.) 

]Et)war& IfUnosburie ot Great Corneart) in the County 

of Suffolk, yeoman. Sick in body but of good and perfect re- 
membrance. To be buried in the church or churchyard of 
Great Cornard. To wife Elizabeth the messuage wherein I 
now dwell, called by the name of the Moore, with all lands 
and tenements thereto belonging, as well freehold as copy- 
hold, in the parishes of Great Cornard, and Little Cornard and 
Assington, in the said county of Suffolk, or in any other par- 
ish near there unto adjoining, and now in the occupation of 
me the said Edward Kingsburie. To hold (From and after 
the decease of Alice Kingsburie widow the mother of me 
the said Edward Kingsburie) for her life. To the said Eliz- 
abeth my two tenements called Abbots, and Monks in Great 
Cornard and after her decease unto Robert Kingsburie my 
youngest son his heirs and assigns forever. To Robert also 
certain copyhold land in Great Corneard after the decease 
of Elizabeth my wife. To every of my daughters namely 
Elizabeth, Alice, Agnes, Susan, Mary and Johan Kingsburie 
five pounds apiece at 21. The residue to my wife Elizabeth 
who is sole executrix. Witness Thomas Plampin, Stephen 
Angood, Edward Newman. The hand and seal of Edward 
Kingsburie, the testator. 

Proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury, April 2, 
1600. {Coppinge I.) 


■ffn tbC IRame of (30& amen, in the fowre and Fortith 
yeare of the Raigne of o'. Soveraigne Ladye Elizabeth by 
the grace of God of England, France and Ireland Queene 
defender of the faith, &c. I John Kingesberrye of Belcham 
S^ Paule in the Countie of Essex husbandman beinge 
sicke in bodye but of good and perfecte Remembrance 
thancks be given unto Almightie God doe make and ordaine 
this second daye of Marche this my last Will and Testament 
in manner and forme Following. First I comend my soule 
into the handes of Almightie God my Creator and maker, 
and unto the handes of Jhesus Christ my onelye Redeemer, 
and my bodye to be buried in the Church yard of Belchame 
S* Paule. Item I give and bequeath unto Rose Kinges- 
berrye daughter unto Richard Kingesberrye, my Brother, 
sixe pounds thirteene shillings and fowre pence att and 
upon the feast of S*^ Margarett w'^^' shall be in the yeare of 
o"'. Lord one Thousand sixe hundred and fowre, in the meane 
tyme, to remaine in the handes of Robert Rewse, of Oving- 
tone, in the Countie of Essex, yeoman, the saide Robert giv- 
ing her use for the same. Item I give and bequeath unto 
John Kingesberrye, the Sonne of Richard Kingesberrye my 
Brother, Three pounds sixe shillingesand eight pence w^'' in 
one Yeare after my decease, to be paide by myne Executor. 
All the rest of my goods Chattells and Moveables what- 
soever I give and bequeath unto Anne my wife except one 
Twentie shillinges w'^'' William Kingesberrye my Brother 
Richards sonne oweth unto me, the w''' I give unto the 
daughter of the saide William. Also I ordaine and make 
Anne my wyfe my sole and onelye Executor to see this my 
last will performed and to bring my bodye decentlye to the 
earth. Signu Johannis Kingesberrye. Thes being wit- 
nesses. Robert Rewse ; the marke of John Holmes, Rich- 
ard Hamonde 

Martij 1601. 

This annexed to the Will. 

Item I give to Thomas Cooke my sisters sonne one black 
pyded bullock. Item I give to the poore two seame Malte 
two bushells wheate. And whereas Ann my saide wyfe 
lyeth nowe verye sicke and weake my mynde and desyer is 
and I doe intreat my saide wyfe : that yf she dye uppon this 


Sickness that then all my goods, and Chattells except the 
gyfte to the poore and the legacie to Thomas Cooke my 
debts paide, and fuherall Charges answered, may be equal- 
lye devyded amongest two of my kynn and two of my said 
wyfes kynn. That is to say John Kingesberrye and Rose 
Kingsbury two of my Brothers Children : and unto Daniell 
Ilger, my wyfes father in lawe, and unto Alice Cooke, my 
wyfes sister. Thes being then present. Thomas Elton 
Daniell Ilger, Alice Cooke, Hamonde, and others. 

Vicesimo octavo die mensis July Anno Dni Millesimo sex- 
centesimo secundo per Altrum Johannem Amye legum doc- 

torem Sufr &c concessa fuit adi" cu hmoj Testa'" annex 
bonoru dci def (eo q** relca ac hmoj testa'' executrix mor- 
tem obijt antequam onus eiusd in se accipiebat) Johanni 
Kingsbery nepoti ex fre dci def ad administrand bona &c 
juxta tenorem dci testa*' &c primitus de bene &c rite jurat 
salno Jure &c et ex' Inven'" ad statim sume cix'' xviij*^. 
Peculiar Court of the Dean and Chapter of S. Paul's. (C. 

UmXXS IkinOSburie in JBO.tfOr& in the County of Suffolk 
widow,* "in the year of our Lord God 1600." Proved Jan- 
uary 5, 1602 [3]. To be buried in the churchyard of Box- 
ford. To James Kingsburie my son vij'' which he oweth 
unto me, and two whole yeares Rent of the Tenem' which 
he holdeth of me, wherein John Hollon now dwells, "also 
half a dozen pewter dishes of a large sorte and three lesse, 
and a lattenf candlestick." To An, his wife, two curcheffs,]; 
one of hollon** and one of Lokram.ff To Abraham Kings- 
burie my son forty shillings, and certain garments and effects. 
To Rachel Carpenter wife of John five pounds ; also to the 
said Rachfel my daughter certain furniture, willing my son 
Henry to bind " ij coffers and one greate one without a 

•Of James, of Boxford ; see p. 43. 

t Brass, or a mixed metal, made of copper and zinc, and not practically distin- 
guished from brass. — Centu>y Dictionary. 

$Curch, or curcheff, a covering for the head, worn by women ; an inner linen cap. 
—Century Dictionary. 

** Holland, fine linen. 

ttLockram, a kind of unbleached linen, so called from the place where it was 
made, Locrenan, in Brittany. — Century Dictionary. 




binde, willing my son Henrie to bind it for her." Rachell, 
daughter of John Carpenter. To James Kingsburie, ser- 
vant with Thomas Miller, five pounds at 21. Certain rent to 
be bestowed in the bringing up of my son Abraham his child 
which is now at William Clarke's the shoemaker. To Henry 
Kingsburie, my son, my Indenture of Lease which I hold 
under vSir John Peyton of Iselham in the county of Cam- 
bridge, Knight, and all the residue of my goods to my son, 
Henry, who is sole executor, appointing M'. Thomas Cham- 
ber of Assington to be mine overseer, giving him for his 
pains ten shillings. And for a plain explication of this my 
will I have hereunto put my hand and seal, these being 
witnesses, John ffirmen, John Kingsburie and Peter Bettes. 
The mark and seal of the testatrix. To M''. Sands preacher 
at Boxford x'. Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury. Proved 
January 5, 1602. {Coppiuge 17 S.) 

IROOCr IfUnOSbUr^ of .160.ttO^^ in the County of Suffolk, 
mason, and in the Diocese of Norwich, made January 4, 
1601 [2] and proved May 16, 1608, in the Archdeaconry 
Court of Sudbury. Weak in body yet nevertheless in per- 
fect memory. To be buried in the churchyard of Boxford. 
To William Kingsbury my son x^ To John Kingsbury 
my son x^ To Henry Kingsbury my son x^ To Thomas 
Kingsbury my son twenty shillings. To Cicilly my wife my 
mesuage in the parish of Edwardstone for life, and then to 
be sold at the uttermost price that any man will give for it, 
by the said Henry and Thomas my sons, and the money to 
be ecjually divided among my three sons, John, Henry, and 
Thomas, except twenty shillings, to be paid to William, my 
son. The residue to Cicilly my wife, who is sole executrix. 
John ffirmin to be supervisor, these being witnesses, Simon 
Smith, Henry Kingsbury, John ffirmin and Peter Betts. 
Simon Smith his sig., John ffirmin his sig., Robert Kings- 
bury his sig. {Strutt 172.) 

Blice IFUUtltSbCr^? of Xittle CorncarD, widow, made June 
2 2, 1602, and proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury, 
August 6, 1602. To be buried in the church or church yard 
of Great Cornard. To the poor of Little and Great Cornard 



xP. To Alice Till, my daughter, the wife of Richard ^13. 
6.8. To Elizabeth Wade, my daughter, wife of John Wade, 
of Redghell* in the county of Essex, the like sum. To Marie 
Augers, my daughter, wife of Thomas Augers, the like sum. 
Refers to bequest to Alice, Elizabeth and Marie by the will 
of John Kingisbery, their father, deceased, dated 14^'* May 
in the 30''' Elizabeth. f To Elizabeth, my daughter-in-law, 
wife of Edward Phillipes of Great Cornard aforesaid. To 
my grand children, the children of Edward KingisberyJ my 
son, deceased, namely, Elizabeth, Alice, Ann, Susan, Marie, 
and Johan Kingisbery ^20, that is ^£3.6.8. to each, to be 
paid to Elizabeth within a year, and to the others at 21, by 
John Kingisbery, my grandchild, son of the said Edward. 
To John Kingisbury certain land containing eight acres. 
To Robert Kingisbery, my grandchild, my interest in a cer- 
tain lease. To Marie Augers, my grandchild, daughter of 
Thomas Augers, ten shillings at 21, and certain furniture. 
All the residue to Thomas Augers my son-in-law, who is 
sole executor. Witness Robert Bossall, John Wilkin, George 
Augers and Edward Newman. The mark and seal of the 
testatrix. {Coppinge 143.) 

■ffDende IFangSbene of IReWtOn** near Sudbury, in the 
County of Suffolk, yeoman, to be buried in the churchyard of 
Newton, in Christian and decent order. To Anne my wife the 
messuage or tenement in Newton wherein I now dwell for 
her life, and after her decease to my daughter, Anne. My 
copyhold land in Newton to Anne my wife for the bringing 
up of my daughter until 16, my wife to pay my mother three 
pounds yearly for the freehold lands bequeathed to her. If 
my daughter Anne die without issue, the freehold to be di- 
vided between my wife's Kindred and my Kindred. Sue, 
Marie and Elizabeth, they three shall pay ten pounds unto 
Henry Nott, the son of George Nott, William, John and 
Blanche and Dorcas, and Suzan. My child shall have the 
copyhold at 16 years of age if my mother die before that time, 
my meaning is, my sisters do not pay the ten pounds to Harrie 
Nott then he shall his part with them of the freehold {sic). 

* i. e. Ridgewell. 

t See page 44. 

X See page 47. 

••• See will of William Kyngesberye, of Newton, page 46. 



If my child shall be not brought up in manner aforesaid then 
she shall pay unto my said daughter the rent of that copy- 
hold land for her education where it shall be appointed by 
the executor or supervisor. To my own mother the red 
cow with a white star in the forehead and five sheep. To 
my own sisters, Suzan, Marie, and Elsabeth, three sheep. 
To my own mother the sorrel colt. To my mother-in-law 
Knape. To the poor of the parish of Newton forty shillings 
to be distributed at the discretion of the minister, and my 
executor. All the rest of my goods unbequeathed to my 
father-in-law Knap, whom I make sole executor. To my 
servant, Katharine Serman, five shillings. To Joan Under- 
wood a coat of five shillings. To my three sisters before 
mentioned forty shillings apiece two years after my decease. 
To my daughter Anne such money as is in the cofifer stand- 
ing in the bed chamber. Witnesses, Harry Kyngsbery, 
William Garnham ; John Knap. Proved in the Archdea- 
conry Court of Sudbury, October 2, 16 10. {Rogen 2j6.) 

3ameS IFdlUlSberie OtBoa:tOr&* in the County of Suffolk, 
yeoman, and in the Diocese of Norwich, made April 9, 1622. 
And proved May 3, 1622, in the Archdeaconry Court of Sud- 
bury. Weakly in body yet in good and perfect remem- 
brance. To be buried in the pishe Churchyard of Boxford. 
To Sonne James Kingsberie some cattle, and also some corn. 
To James Kingsberie, my grandchild, two ewes, and to Anne 
the daughter of my sonne James, one ewe, and to Bridget, 
daughter of the said James, my said son, one ewe. To Henrie 
Kingsberie, my sonne, one bullock of a year old, one mare and 
colt of five years of age, and eight bushels of barley, being 
now in his hands. To Henrie Kingsberie, my grandchild, a 
one year old Bullock. To John Kingsberie, my son, one 
grey mare with her colt by her side, a two year old colt, and 
six ewes, and four bushels of malt. To Sara Kingsbery, my 
daughter, the wife of John ffrench, some cattle and a livery 
bed-covering, and blankets, one latten candlestick, two pieces 
of pewter, and other articles. To James French, my grand- 
child, two ewes, and to my above said daughter, Sara, certain 
malt. To Elizabeth Kingsberie, my daughter, cattle, corn 

• See pages 44-5. 



and furniture. If Elizabeth die unmarried then what is 
given to her to be equally divided among all my children 
then living. To Joseph Kingsberie, my son, certain furniture 
and other things. To Thomas Kingsberie, my sonne, ^5 at 
21, or within three months next after. To the said Thomas 
two ewes and various specific articles. My sons, James, 
Henry, and John, to have what is by this my will given to 
them within a month after my death. As to Sarah, my 
daughter, and Alyce, my daughter, my meaning is that if 
Anne my wife keep house, and have use for my cart and 
tumbrel, and such things as do belong to husbandry, she 
shall keep them to her proper use, but if not, to be divided 
between John and Joseph, my sons. To William Chubb, 
my god-child. To Euestis Gryme, my god-child. To Abra- 
ham Kingsberie, my brother, five shillings. To Henry 
Kingsberie, and James Kingsberie, my godchildren, my 
brothers' sonnes and my god-children, five shillings apiece. 
To Rachel Cooper god-child, five shillings. These to be 
paid to my godchildren William Chubb, Euestis Gryme, 
Henry Kingsberie and James Kingsberie my brother's sons, 
and Rachel Cooper, within three months. To M^ Joseph 
Byrd, of Boxford, twenty shillings, with condition that he 
shall preach a Sermon at my buryall. To the poore people 
of the parish of Boxford twenty shillings to be distributed at 
the discretion of M^ Joseph Byrd, and the Churchwardens, 
at my funerall. To the Curate that now is, M'. Peecke, vi^ 
viij**. To M''. Thomas Chamber, of Assington, ten shillings, 
and to the poore people of Assington, ten shillings. All the 
residue of my moveables to Anne my wife for life, and on 
her death, to be divided among all my children then living. 
My wife to dispose of all my linen between my two daugh- 
ters, Sarah and Elizabeth. If she marry again all goods to 
her herein given shalbe taken from her, and equally peel'' 
among all my children. Wife sole executrix. Witnesses, 
Peter Betts, the Elder, and Peter Betts the yonger. The 
mark of James Kingsberie. [Harrold joo.) 

3-Obn Coe Ot Xittle Corn'' in the County of Suffolk, men- 
tions : wife Margaret; Alice Neale my syster; John ffysher; 
John Clarke of great Corn''; to M^ George Coe, of Great 



Maplested, land called Norton's, in Essex — the s'' land 
charged with payments to Alice Smyth and Alice Neale; to 
the children of John Wallies, of Wethersfield, in Essex Io^ 
each; to every of the children of Rob' Lansell, sonne of 
Rob* Lansell, of Bures St. Mary, in Suffolk; to James Kings- 
bury of Assington,* in the said County of Suffolk, the some 
of xxx^ And to Ann, the wife of the said James Kingsbury, 
the like some of xxx\ And to every of the children of the 
said James and Anne his wife, which shalbe livinge at the 
tyme of my decease xx^apiece; to William Clarke of little 
Corn"*, and to Margery, his wife, xx^ a piece, and to Margery 
and the grandchildren of the s** William Clarke x^ a piece; 
to Elizabeth one of the dau" of Thomas Cooke, of Bures, 
Tenn pounds; to the other children of Thomas Cooke x^ 
apiece, and to the said Thomas and his wife xx^ apiece; to 
John Wilkin x^, to Elizabeth Wilkin, his dau'', and every other 
of the children of the s'' John Wilkin x^ a piece; to Charles 
Sarr of Sudbury x^; to the children of John Heckford of 
Wethersfield xx^ to be equally parted among them; to my 
Godchild, the sonne of Henry Kingsbery, the sume of xx^; 
and to John ft'okes wyffe v^, and to her dau''^ x**. a piece, — 
the Executors to lay out in meat and drink to be expended 
in the day of my funerall the sume of seven pounds; to the 
poore people of Little Cornde the sume of twelve shillings; 
to the poore people of Bures St. Marie in the Countie of 
Suffolk, the sum of Tenne shillings; to some godly Minister 
who shall preach at the Church in this parish as I shalbe 
buried in the day of my funerall, the sume of x^; to the 
poore people who shall be at my burial my executors shall 
give and dispose amongst them the sume of xx^ All the 
residue and remainder of his estate given to William Clarke 
of Little Corn'', and John Wilkin; and they are also appointed 
Executors. April i, 1616, the nine and fortieth year of the 
reign of our Lord James, &c. Prerogative Court of Can- 
terbury. {Cope 4g.) 

3obu Ikinosburie of Cornaartb /fDaona dated 14 Feb. 

i63o-[i], and proved 15 April 1631, in the Archdeaconry 
Court of Sudbury. Sick in body but whole in mind. To be 

• Probably James who died in 1622 ; see pp. 52-3. 


buried in the churchyard of Cornerth Magna. To John 
Kingsberie, my eldest son, the house he now dwelleth in, and 
all other my copyhold houses and lands, and a piece of free- 
hold land called Cloggs Hall, as they are in the town of Cor- 
nerth Magna, and to his heirs and assigns, and he to pay to 
either of my daughters, Joan and Alice ^40 apiece; to Joan 
at day of marriage, and to Alice within one year after my de- 
cease. My second son, Robert Kingsberie, a parcel of land, 
called Crow meadow, and a croft, called Dickman's Croft, in 
Cornerth Magna. Also certain other land in Brooke 
Field. Also the lease of the house and land which I have 
of M^ Danyell, and certain cattle, corn, and household stuff 
upon the ground, except one cow, and one horse, called Dick, 
which I give to John Kingsberie, my aforesaid son. To my 
son, William, certain furniture. To my daughter, Alice, 
various small articles. To my third son, William Kings- 
berie, a piece of land in Brooke Field, and other land and a 
meadow in Shawford. Robert Kingsberie to give to my 
daughters, Joan and Alice, at their days of marriage, "not 
further lymittinge." Residue of goods unbequeathed to 
Robert, my son, who is sole executor. To the poor of Cor- 
nerth twenty shillings. " In the presence of us Henrie 
Tanner, and of me Robte Kingsberie, the mke of Robert 
Kingsberie." The mark of John Kingsberie the elder. 

Feb. 17, 1634. Hnne Ikincisburie, wi&o\v ot Gornetb 

parva, did give to the nominated parties, hereunder writ- 
ten in the presence of us, John Crispe and Robert Holbor- 
owe. To Anne Kingsberie, her daughter, all her linen. 
To Edward Kingsberie, her son, five pounds. To George 
Kingsberie, her son, five pounds. To Barnabe Kingsberie, 
her son, five pounds. To two of her grandchildren Marie 
and Joane, daughters of John Kingsberie, deceased, twenty 
shillings apiece. aIi the rest of her goods she gave to 
Richard Kingsberie, her eldest son, whom she made execu- 
tor. In witness we that are the witnesses have put our 
hand: the marke of Robert Holborowe, John Crispe. 

Proved March 24, 1624 [5], in the Archdeaconry Court of 

*The Will is registered in Lib. Colman, which begins in 1631 and ends in 1635 ; the 
date of probate should therefore be i634[5]. See Parish Register, Little Cornard, 
PP- 36, 37- 


3obn Ikinosbur^, Sww. ot (Breat Cornar^ in the County 

of Suffolk, yeoman, 28 January 1680. Though weak in body, 
yet of perfect mind and memory. My body to be decently 
buried at the discretion of my executor. To John Deekes, 
son of Edward Deekes, of Great Cornard, all that my mes- 
suage or tenement in Cornard, commonly called, the Cloggs,* 
and all the lands and premises to the same belonging, and 
unto his heirs and assigns for ever after my decease, upon 
condition that he shall pay unto John Meistner ;^io within a 
year after my decease, to be paid by him unto John Kings- 
bury at the Moores, as he hath need. And if the said John 
Kingsbury shall die before he hath received the whole sum 
then I will that the remainder continue in the hands of the 
said John Meistner. Also I will that the said John Deekes 
shall pay unto Daniel Kingsbury ^20 within 18 months 
after my decease. Also to John Kingsbury, the son of James 
Kingsbury at the Moores, ;^2o when he shall have attained 
the age of 21 years and if he die before that age then to 
James Kingsbury, his elder brother. Also I will that the 
said John Deekes shall pay unto Joseph Chayne, of Sudbury, 
^20 within 18 months after my decease. Also I will that 
the said John Deekes shall pay unto Alice Genery ^10 
within 18 months after my decease. Also unto Henry Jones 
^5 for my funeral sermon. Also unto the poor of the 
parish of Great Cornard forty shillings, to be distributed by 
the Minister and Churchwardens. To John Deekes all my 
ready moneys, goods, chattels and moveables within doors 
and without, except the bed and bedstead in the parlour as 
they now stand, one small Kettle, two bullocks, one hutch, f 
and one box in the parlour, which I give unto Francis Butcher, 
my servant. Also I give unto Francis Butcher one messuage 
or tenement and one acre and a half of land, called Trusses, 
for his life, and afterwards to Daniel Kingsbury at the 
Moores, and his heirs for ever. My will is that John Deekes 
shall pay all fines and whatever other charges shall be upon 
the aforesaid messuage, called Trusses, that the said Francis 
Butcher may without any charge be possessed of it. Also I 
will that the said John Deekes shall pay all my funeral 

* See will of his father, page 54. 

+ Hutch; this name was formerly applied to chests into which smaller receptacles, 
called hanapers, etc., were packed. — Century Dictionary. 



charges and whatever other debts I shall owe. Also I will 
that the said John Deekes shall satisfy John Meistner, my 
executor, for all charge and trouble he shall be at in seeing 
this my last will and testament fulfilled. And in case the 
said John Deekes shall fail to discharge any of the fore- 
mentioned legacies and payments, then my will is that John 
Meistner, my executor, shall have full power to sell all or 
any part of that my messuage wherein I now dwell, called 
the Cloggs, with the land and appurtenances thereto belong- 
ing, and to discharge and pay the said debts and legacies. 
Lastly I appoint John Meistner sole executor, in confidence 
of his care and faithfulness in discharging the trust I have 
committed unto him. The marke of John Kingsbury. In 
the presence of us, the mark of John Davee, John Barker, 
the mark of Susan Thurston. 

22°*^ September, 1686. Administration committed to 
Susan Deekes, widow, mother, and curatrix assigned to John 
Deekes, a minor, and next of kin of the deceased. 

Archdeaconrj^ Court of Sudbury. {254 Goodwyn. Part I.) 

5obn Ikinosbr^ of (Ioriiar& maQua in the County of 

Suffolk, husbandman, February 9, 1681, 33 Charles II. To 
Daniel Kingsbry, my Brother, all and singular my personal 
Estates in any kind whatsoever, either in moneys, or writings, 
or Houses, or Lands. Provided that he shall pay out such 
legacies as I shall hereafter name. To James Kingsbry, my 
Brother, one shilling to be paid by my executor within one 
month after my decease. To John Kingsbry, my cousin, of 
Cornard magna, dwelling at the Cloggs, in the Town aforesaid, 
^5 within one year after my decease. And I give my body 
to be decently buried in Christian burial by my executors. 
And I appoint Daniel Kingsbry, my brother, of Cornard 
magna, sole executor. The marke of John Kingsbry. 
Witnesses, — John Davy his marke, Thomas Deekes his 
marke, John Barker. 

Proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury April 19, 
1683. (27 Chambers.) 

5obn Ikingsbixr^ ot" Great (Iornar^ in the County of 

Suffolk, yeoman, April 26, 1696. To Anne, my wife, one 
bedstead with all the bed or beds, bolsters, pillows, sheets, 


pillowberes, blankets, coverlid, curtains, and all other 
things thereto belonging-, and therewith used when lodged 
in, and she shall choose which of my beds she thinks fit. My 
wife shall have liberty of dwelling in my now dwelling 
house in Great Cornard, either to board herself apart, (or to 
board with Edward Kingsbury my son, if shall choose so to 
do), and during her natural life she shall have convenient 
house room, and sufficient fire boot* laid in at my said house, 
free from charge, and also during the term of her natural 
life. She shall have free liberty of using in my said house as 
she shall see needful, any of my household stuff and furni- 
ture of rooms. To my said wife ^^8 per annum, during her 
life, in four equal quarterly payments. To Edward Kings- 
bury, my son, all and singular my goods chattels, credits 
and personal estate, not otherwise hereby willed, charged as 
hereinafter is expressed. To the said Edward Kingsbury, 
and to his heirs and assigns forever, all that my messuage or 
tenement, called the Mott, wherein I now dwell, in Great 
Cornard, and all and singular my lands thereto belonging, or 
therewith by me now enjoyed, and all other my lands, tene- 
ments, hereditaments, whatsoever, or wheresoever. I do will 
that the whole of my estate, that is to say, all my goods, 
chattels, and personal estate, and all my messuages, lands, 
tenements, and hereditaments, whatsoever, shall be charged 
as well with all the payments and benefit hereby willed to 
the said Anne, my wife, as also with the payment of my 
debts, funeral charges, and other things, touching the per- 
formance of this my Will. And I give twenty shillings to 
be distributed amongst the poor people of Great Cornard, at 
the discretion of my executor, and I make the said Edward 
Kingsbury, my son, sole executor. But before the sealing I 
do hereby give to my said wife two broad pieces of old gold, 
one silver spoon, and my silver cup, and to my grandchildren, 
Edward, and Mary Kingsbury, each of them, two broad 
pieces of old gold, and one silver spoon — Signed John 
Kingsbury. — Witnesses, Samuel Hill his mark, John Wool- 
laston his mark, Joseph Wyatt. 

Proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury, 14 May 
1696. (j2 Coe.) 

• An allowance of fuel which a tenant of land is entitled to take from it. — Cen- 
tury Dictionary. 


Sobn IF^iUCjSbUr^ of XamaarSb, in the County of Essex, 
yeoman, October 23,9 Charles I., 1633. Unto John Kingsberry, 
my son, and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, all 
those my freehold lands, with the houses, yards, barns, sta- 
bles, gardens, orchards and edifices, to every of them belong- 
ing, lying in Great Cornehearth, Little Cornehearth, Assing- 
ton, or in any other place whatsoever. To Robert Kingsberry, 
my son, I give all those my lease lands in Great Cornehearth, 
called by the names of Perryfield, and the Croft. To Marie 
Kingsberry, my daughter, ^5, to be paid to her within one 
year after my decease, and to Dorcas Kingsberry, my daugh- 
ter, ^5. All the rest of my goods, chattels, household stuff, 
and implements whatsoever, I give to Anne Kingsberry, my 
well-beloved wife, she paying my debts, and discharging my 
funeral expenses, and I appoint the said Anne and my loving 
|3rother-in-law, John Knopp, of Middleton, my executors. I 
appoint my brother, Robert Kingsberry, supervisor of this 
my will. Witnesses, Edward Glover, James Washe. 

Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, January 9, 
^^33j t)y Anne Kingsberry alone. {4 Seagcr.) 

5ameS IFUnOSbUrV Ot J6ra^tiel^, Co. Essex, adnV on 
estate of Henry Kingsbury, of Bradfield, brought in his ac- 
counts that s'^ Henry's estate did not amount to ^40. 1636. 
Archeaconry of Essex. 

James If^inOSbUriC ot Bra^f iel& in the County of Essex, 
singleman, June 14, 1635. Sick and weak of body, but praised 
be God, of good and perfect memory. My body to the earth 
to be buried in Christ/^// burial. To Henry Kingsburie, my 
brother of Much Bromley, in the said county, one cow, not let 
unto Edward Andrewes, of Wix, until Michaelmas next, with 
the profit for the same then due, and thirty five shillings in 
money, to be paid within one half year after my decease. To 
Samuel Kingsburie, my brother, one bay mare colt of the age 
of three years, to be delivered imto him immediately after my 
decease, and twenty shillings in money, to be paid within half 
a year. To Francis Kingsburie, my brother. Five pounds, to 
be paid by my executor when he shall accomplish the age of 
one and twenty years. To my mother-in-law, Priscilla 


Kingsburie, twenty shillings, to be paid within one half year. 
To Priscilla Ayers ten shillings, to be paid within one half 
year. All the residue of my goods unbequeathed I give and 
bequeath to my dear and loving father, Henry Kingsburie, 
to discharge these my legacies, and debts, and funeral rites. 
James Kingsburie his mark. Sealed, Signed, published and 
declared, in the presence of John Vincent, Henry Lounte, 
Rob' Whall, his mark. Administration, with the Will an- 
nexed, granted to Henry Kingsburie, the father, July 24, 
1635, by the Commissary Court of Essex and Herts. {Orig- 
inal Will No. 42.) 

5obn Ikinosburi^ of Steal? Bci't 1Re\?lan^ in the Cgunty 

of vSuffolk, the elder, clothier, dated August 13, 1638, and 
proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury, September 18, 
1638. Sick of body. Wife Susan. Daughter Rebecca. John 
Kingsbury, my eldest son. Robert Kingsbury, my son. John 
Ardley, Thomas Ardley, and ffrancis Ardley, my grandchil- 
dren. Jacob Kingsbury, my son. Isaac Kingsbury, and 
James Kingsbury, my sons. Jonas Kingsbury, my youngest 
son. Mentions that one Robert Scarlet, deceased, by his Will, 
devised to the said Jacob, Robert, James and Isaac, my sons, 
and Rebecca, my daughter, or the some of them, £,^ apiece. 
To sons, James, and Isaac, ^4 a year, at the expiration of 
their apprenticeship, out of personal estate. John Kings- 
bury, my eldest son, my sole executor, hoping that he will 
duly and truly perform my Will in every respect as my trust 
is in him. The mark of John Kingsbury. In the presence 
of John Spencer, John Pobbey. Archdeaconry Court of 

Barnes HunOSbur^ of CajS^ in the County of Suffolk, 
husbai^dman, mentions son, Joseph, gives him his wearing 
clothes — to Richard Tiplocke, who married his daughter, 
Anne, 3o^— daughter Frances ^10. — daughter Bridgett 
biggest chest— and to both Frances, and Bridgett, bedding, 
linen, &c. — John Nightingale, gent, of Carsy, Executor, to 
have 4o^ — remainder of estate to son, Joseph, and three 
daughters, Anne, Frances and Bridgett. Signed with a mark. 


Tho^ Goad, Bridget Sampson, and Simeon Sampson, wit- 
nesses, Sept. ir, 1655. Proved in London, Nov. 15, 1655. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury. {Aylett 471.) 

Jacob Ikinasbur^ ot little Bromley in the County of 

Essex, mentions wife, Elizabeth, son, Jacob, not yet 24, 
younger son, William, and Elizabeth, daughter; mentions 
holdings in Little Bentley. Feb. 10, 1659. 

IRobert IkinsborOVV ot IRactOn, in the County of Suf- 
folk, gives to loving wife, Susan, "my Copiehold lands and 
tenements in Nacton, holden of the manor of Nacton, alias 
lower hall, for and towards the bringing up of my three 
children, which I have by the said Susan. April 23, 1666. 
Registry of Wills at Ipswich. [File No. 171.) 

IRobert Hunosburi^ of tbe parlsb of Stanawa^ in the 

county of Essex, yeoman, bequeathes his messuage and tene- 
ment in Stanaway aforesaid, to his kinsmen, John and Peter 
Kingsbury, which is in all, five pounds a year, to be divided 
between them, part and part alike, and after the decease of 
each respectively, to go to their children; to sister Anne ^3, 
and to her dau"" Sarah Barber, 4o^; to two kinsmen, Thomas 
and Henry Barber, 20^ a piece; to kinswoman, Mary Gaily, 
4o^; to kinswoman, Elizabeth Day, 4o^; to kinswoman, Anne 
ffookes, 4o^; to Suzanna ffookes, 40^.; kinswoman, Alice 
ffookes, 40^.; to Sarah fifookes, 4o^; to Robert ffookes, 2o^; 
Brother Jeremiah ffookes, all my wearing clothes; to kins- 
man, John Ballard, 2o^; to Servant, Mary Duson, ^10 and 
one bullock; to Mary Tunbridge, ^^3. friends John Clears, 
and Thomas Cleare, the younger, of Stanaway, yeomen, ex- 
ecutors. June I, 1666. Proved Dec. 12, 1666. Commissary 
Court of Essex and Herts. 

/IDar^ Ikinosbur^ tbe wife of 5obn Ifdnosbur^ of 

Lexden, in the Corporation of Colchester, Webster, in Essex, 
5 July 18 Charles IL 1666. I bequeath to my husband, John 
Kingsbury, all my freehold houses and buildings with all the 
lands thereunto belonging, in Heany (?), in the county of Es- 
sex, now in the occupation of William French, or his assigns, 


called the House of the Stoone, and to the heirs and assigfns 
of the said John Kingsbury, for ever. Witnesses, Ann Ellis, 
her mark, George Howton, his mark, Eliz. French, her mark. 

I, John Kingsbury Legatee universal, in the above said 
Will nominated due acknowledge that I have received the 
original Will out of the office, and do promise to return it 
again upon demand. Commissary Court of Essex and Herts. 

JfrauCiS IkillOSburp Ot 36raMiel& in the County of 
Essex, June 26,1667. To Frances Kingsbury, my daughter, 
one bed, brass pot, and ^40. If Mary, my wife, marry before 
my said daughter attain the age of 21, then the money and 
goods aforesaid, to be paid to my daughter the day before 
the marriage of my said wife. If the said Frances die un- 
married, then I give ^20 to Mary King (s/c) and Samuell 
Kingsbury, and Francis Kingsbury, the children of Samuell 
Kingsbury, my brother. The said Frances to have all the 
rest of my goods upon the decease of Mary my wife, whom 
I ordain my sole executrix. Witnesses, George Barrill, 
James Mallin. 

Proved in the Commissary Court of Essex and Herts 
November 8, 1667. {Fis/! ijs^'-) 

JBvi^CiCt IktUOSbur^ ot" HltOn in the county of Southamp- 
ton, spinster, 13"' January, 20'.'' Charles II. Annoque Domini 
1668. Unto my brother, Joseph Kingsburye, ten pounds. 
To my sister, Anne Tiplockes* two daughters, all my wearing 
apparel, and my two trunks, and a box. Unto Henry But- 
ler, Vicar of Alton, ten shillings to preach my funeral ser- 
mon. Unto Elizabeth Gates, the daughter of Joane Gates, 
widow, ten shillings. Unto the said joane Gates, my land- 
lady, my new "surge Jumper." All my money which shall 
be remaining shall be equally divided between my said sis- 
ter, Anne Tiplocks two daughters. I appoint my very good 
freind William Wake, of Alton, sole executor. The mark of 
Bridgett Kingsbury, spinster. Signed, sealed and published, 
in the presence of Thomas Pincke, Laurence Gates. Proved 
in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury July 7, 1670. 
(^Penn gi.) 

♦See will of James Kingsbury, of Carsy, p. 60; also p. 41. 



IRobert 1[<ino6burp of /llM&Mcton ir^all in Middieton, 

in the county of Essex, yeoman, 6 March, 21 Charles II. 1668. 
To my son Robert Kingsbury and his heirs, all these my lands, 
both freehold and copyhold, with the appurtenances, now in 
the occupation of Jonathan Heyward, or his assigns, lying 
and being in Great Cornard, in the county of Suffolk. To 
my loving wife, Alice Kingsbury, all these my three mes- 
suages or tenements in Great Cornard aforesaid, in a certain 
street there, called Broomestreet, now or late in the tenure of 
James Payne, the widow Campin, and the widow Barnes, also 
all that my messuage with the appurtenances, lying in Mid- 
dieton aforesaid, now in the occupation of the widow Kitson 
or her assigns. To hold to the said Alice for the term of 
her natural life. After her decease I give the two mes- 
suages in the occupation of the widows Campin and Barnes 
to my said son Robert, and his heirs, for ever. The tene- 
ment in the occupation of James Payne I give to my son 
Thomas Kingsbury, and his heirs, for ever, and the other 
tenement in the occupation of the widow Kitson, to my 
daughter, Alice, the wife of Robert Andrews, during her 
natural life. After her decease to Robert Andrews, son of 
the said Robert Andrews, and the heirs of his body, for 
want of such issue to Sarah Andrews, daughter of the said 
Robert Andrews the father, and the heirs of her body. For 
want of such issue, to the heirs of the body of the said Alice 
Andrews, and for want of such issue, to the right heirs of 
the said Alice Andrews for ever. All my goods, chattels, 
household stuff, and all other my estate whatsoever I give 
to the said Alice, m}^ wife, and I leave it wholly to her dis- 
cretion to dispose thereof to my children, or to such of my 
children, as she shall think most deserving. I also make 
her my sole executrix. Witnesses Philip Robinson, Ber- 
nard Carter, John Catesby. Proved in the Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury November 24, 1669. {14J Coke.) 

50bn IRiUGSbur^ of MCSt BercjbOlt in the County of 
Essex, husbandman, October 19, 1679,31 Charles II. To my 
son, John Kingsbury, five shillings. To my son-in-law, 
George Tapley, one shilling. I ordain Martha Kingsbury, 
my wife, my sole executrix, and I give her all my moveable 
goods and chattels, upon condition that she allow my son. 


Thomas Kingsbury, "if he shall break his sickness that now 
he have," half of the said goods for his legacy. 

Witnesses, Gilbte Richardson, John Lorkin, John Goymer. 

Proved in the Commissary Court of Essex and Herts, 
February 20, 1679. {jq6 Heydo/i.) 

IRObert IkinOSbur^ Ot UpSWiCb* in the County of Suf- 
folk, fishmonger, April 22, 1679. To my brother, John Kings- 
bury, ;^io if living at my death. To my cousin, John Kings- 
bury, my said brother's son ^10. To my cousin, Jacob Kings- 
bury ^10. To my cousin, James Kingsbury ^10. To my 
cousin, Richard Kingsbury ;^io. To my cousin John Kings- 
bury, son of my brother, Jonas Kingsbury ^10. Unto fifran- 
cis Ardley, the son of ffrancis Ardley of Essex, yeoman, 
^5. To my cousin, Elizabeth Layton ^10. To my cousin, 
Susan Layton, sister of the said Elizabeth £,10. Unto M^ 
Becke, minister of Saint Margaret's, in Ipswich, ;£\o. To Eliz- 
abeth Harstead of Bury Saint Edmonds, widow, jQ$. To her 
daughter, Elizabeth Harstead, ^5. To John Harstead, son 
of the said Elizabeth, ^5. To my God daughter, Sarah Webb, 
the daughter of Philip Webb, ^3. To my maid servant that 
shall live with me at the time of my decease ^3. To James 
Page, the son of James Page, of Ipswich draper, twenty shil- 
lings. All the aforesaid legacies to be paid within three 
months after my decease. To M'' John Daynes, Clerk, M' 
Thomas Daynes, his brother, M^ James Page, John Smyth, 
Merchant Taylor, M"" Joseph Palmer, M"" John Smyth, the 
Apothecary, and his wife, M" Mary Daynes, the daughter of 
M^ Robert Daynes, to my landlord, M'' Lawrance Stistead, his 
wife, his son, Lawrance Stistead, M""' Anne Burrowes, and M"" 
Thomas Thurston, and every one of them a gold ring of ten 
shillings, to be purchased by my Executors within two days 
next after my decease. To my loving friends, Samuel Hum- 
fry and Richard King, jQio a piece. Any surplus remaining 
I give to my said cousin, John Kingsbury, the son of my said 
brother, John Kingsbury, and my said cousin, James Kings- 
bury, equally to be divided. The executors are Samuel 
Humfry, and Richard King. Robert Kingsbury. Signed 
Sealed, and published, in the presence of John Gulson, the 

'See will of John Kinj^sbury, of Stoke ne.xt Neyland, p. 60. 



marke of Dorothy Todd, Thomas Thurston. Proved in the 
Archdeaconry Court of Suffolk, June 16, 1679. {162 Edgar.) 

UbOmaS IkinCjSbur^ Ot MCStletOn, yeoman, in the 
County of Suffolk, to Martha Boore, the wife of James Boore, 
my daughter, one shilling, other two daughters, Mary, and 
Sarah, all my goods and chattells whatsoever to be divided 
between them — to John White, of Sheberton, 30''; John 
White, and daughter, Mary, Executors. Nov. 9, 1680. {Reg- 
ister s Book, A"o. II, 426.) Registry of Wills at Ipswich. 

/IDartba iranosbur\: of Colcbcster, ^^n^^., * bequeathes 

one half part of all her money, goods and chattels to grand- 
child, John Tapley, and the other half to grandchildren, John 
Kingsbury, and Sarah Kingsbury, ch. of son Thomas Kings- 
bury. John Milbanck of Colchester, Gent., Ex". June 30, 
1690. Archdeaconry of Essex. {ColtinjSi.) 

HnOUStine IfdnCISburp of Xon&On gives his wife, and 
his son, William, his lands in Hampshire, wh. he bought of 
various individuals ; to dau. Mary ^500 ; to three daus Eliz- 
abeth, Sarah and Ann, ;^2ooo apiece ; son-in-law Collins, and 
his wife, two houses in Shew Lane, and Harp Alley, for their 
life, and after their decease to their son, Austin. To dau^* 
Elizabeth, and Sarah, my house on Ludgate Hill — to dau. 
Ann my house in Coleman Street, to all my sisters children 
^^50 apiece. All the rest of his estate to his wife. Proved 
18 March, 169 1/2. Prerogative Court of Canterbury. 
{Fa fie 40.) 

/IDar^ IF^iuGsbur^ of tbc precinct of BriDewell, Lon- 
don, widow and relict of Austin Kingsbury, late of the same 
precinct, Woodmonger, and also residuary devisee and lega- 
tee of all his real and personal estate, March 14, 1698/9. To 
my daughters Elizabeth Kingsbury, and Sarah Kingsbury, as 
tenants in common, two equal parts, (the whole to be divided 
into four equal parts,) of my lands and tenements, which 
were bought of M''. Wall, and M"'. Young, in the county of 
Southampton, and the other two parts I give unto John 

* See will of John Kingsbury, of West Bergholt, p. 63. 


Duppa, of the Parish of S'. Andrew, Holburn, gentleman, 
and Charles Breame, of the precinct of Bridewell, wood- 
monger, and their heirs, in trust as to one moiety thereof for 
such person, or persons, as my daughter, Mary Collins, shall 
appoint, and as to the other moiety for the benefit of my 
daughter Anne Ashby. I bequeath my freehold tenement 
which my husband bought of M"". Phelps, in Chandois Street 
in Bedfordbury (London), unto my four (sic) daughters, Mary 
Collins, Elizabeth Kingsbury, and Anne Ashby, for ever. I 
bequeath unto my grandson, Austin Collins, after the de- 
cease of my son-in-law, Thomas Collins, and my daughter 
Mary, his wife, the reversion of my two houses, one in Shoe 
Lane, in the possession of M^ Legross, and the other in Harp 
Alley, in the possession of the said M'. Legross, which were 
bought of M"". Hippsley. I bequeath the reversion of the 
house in Coleman Street, which was bought of M''. Lucas, 
after the death of my daughter, Anne Ashby, to her and 
her heirs for ever. I give unto my daughter, Elizabeth 
Kingsbury, the three houses which I hold by lease from the 
Governor of Bridewell, and my two houses in Kirby Street 
(and other property). I give unto my daughter, Sarah, 
my two houses in Leather Lane, and my two houses in Bolt 
Court, and also my four houses in Water Street, in Bridewell 
precinct. I give my said daughter Elizabeth, my four in Blackfriars, and my two houses in Aldersgate, and 
also my hoiise in Bolt Court in Fleet Street. To my cousin 
Katherine Crate ten pounds. To my cousin William Gibbs, 
and to his sister Mary, five pounds apiece. To my cousin 
Mary Mainwaireing, and to James Somes, five pounds apiece. 
I give two thirds of my plate, linen, household goods, and all 
the rest of my estate, unto my daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah, 
the other third part thereof I give unto my said daughter, 
Elizabeth, in trust for my said daughter, Anne Ashby. I 
appoint my said daughter, Elizabeth, sole executrix. Wit- 
nesses, Theo. Armitt, Anne Armitt, Thomas Whitehead. 

Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, August 
24, 1699. {Fe// ijj.) 

30\m 1FvilU35bUr\> Ot JBunoa^ in the County of Suffold, 
maulster, — to Elizabeth, his loving wife, all his messuagse. 



and lands, and tenements, during her natural life, provided 
she keeps herself sole and Unmarried — after her decease, 
or marriage, the same to go to Eldest Sonn, John Kingsbury, 
— gives messuage in bungay, now in the use and possession 
of John Dyke, to Richard, second sonn — and other tene- 
ments to William,* my youngest son — all personal estate to 
two daughters, Mary and Sarah, equally. John Dallnig 
(Bailing?) of Bungay, Apothecary, and John Downing of 
same town. Executors, Jan-' 24, 1709, proved Feb. 22, 1710. 
{Raymond ijo.) 

50Sepb IkinOSbUr^ Ot Bast H)OUplaU&, in the County 
of Essex, Gent'., bequeathes two houses or cottages in the 
parish of East Donyland to William Slinger, parson of the s^ 
parish, and all other succeeding parsons of the parish, for 
the use of the poor people of the s'' parish, for almshouses 
to be inhabited by such of the poor people of the said parish 
as shall be approved of by the Parson, and Church Wardens; 
to loving friend, M"" John Dines, of Wivenhoe, his messuage 
or tenement, situate in ffingringhoe ; also two oyster layings, 
lying in Brightlingsea Creek ; to John Potter, Esq'', of Col- 
chester, the messuage or tenement called the White Lyon, in 
East Donyland ; to kinswoman, Alice Whitwick, (late Alice 
Tillsf) two cottages in East Donyland ; to kinswoman. Amy 
Todd, cottages in East Donyland ; to Anna Mayhew, dau. of 
Tho. Mayhew, Gent'., a house in East Donyland ; and all 
ye Oyster pitts lying upon ye Marsh in East Donyland ; to 
kinswoman, Abigail Tills, his messuage or ten^ in East 
Donyland, now in his own occupation, on condition that she 
pay out of ye s'' farm the sum of ;!{^ioo to " my God Son, 
Joseph Kingsbury, and ^20 to my kinswoman, Ann Todd ; " 
bequeathes ^20 to be paid out by the Ex''* for the cloath- 
ing such poor people in the parish of East Donylands 
as they shall see fit. M"" John Dines, M' Jn'' Potter, M"^ 
Tho: Mayhew, M'' John Beale, M' Tim Cooke, and D' Dobie, 
his paul bearers, each to have a Ring of 20* in value 
and hatt-bands, and gloves ; such Inhabitants of the pish 
of East Donylands as shall come to my funeral to have 

• See page 28. 
t See page 51. 


gloves, and my seat in East Donyland church to be hung in 
mourning. All the residue of his estate to be given to 
Abigail Tills, Ann Todd, Ann Mayhew and John Dines, J'. ; 
to Mary Pointer, his maid servant ^,s,. Oct. i8, 17 14. John 
Potter, Esq' and. John Dines, Executors. Proved Dec. 15, 
1 7 14. {CourtDian 266?) 


MtlUam t>C If^^mjeSbur^ is mentioned in the will of 
Gervase de Wyllesford, rector of Barnack and Castre, North- 
amptonshire, dated at Barnak, on the Feast of S. Thomas 
the Apostle, 1368, This will is the more interesting because 
it is not recorded in any Probate Registry, but is registered 
in the Episcopal Registry of the Bishop of Lincoln {Buck- 
ingham, fo. 7j), before whom it was proved at Lidyngton, 
Rutland), 18 June, 1369. 

Bicbolas If^inosbur^ of Bintr^e in the countie of 

Norff : myller. I geve vnto Johanne Brese my syster xx^' : 
Vnto evry one of hir children ffyve pounds a pece as they 
shall come to their sevrall ages of xvi yeres. Vnto Nicho- 
las Woods my nephew vj'' viij^ iiij''. Vnto John Spark e, my 
brother in lawe, and to his heires my howsse and lands in 
ffolshin, and the winde mylle for ever. All the rest of my 
goods vnto John Sparke my brother in lawe whom I make 
sole executor. The xxiiij"" daye of Aprell, 1587. Probatum 
tertio die Mali 1587. Et comissa Adm" Executori. Norwich 
Consistory, Book 86, Homes, go. 

IRatfe Ikinsbar^e of tbe parisb of Xemister, in the 

county of Devon, mentions dau. Joane, brother Gylles, broth- 
er William, dau. Edithe, wife Elizabeth. 1568. 

50bn IkinOSbur^ of JEaStWeU'S within the parish of S' 
Ciithberd's in the Countie of Somerset, mentions dau'■^ Mary 
and Elizabeth, son Robert; Sept. 4, 1607. Proved 1623. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury. {Swan iii.) 


]Eli3abetb IFdnSbUr^, \Vi^O^^^ alias Rodner, of Chesel- 
don, in the County of Dorset, mentions son Thomas, son John, 
and to his son John, daughter Mary, the wife of Thomas 
Vivian, or Hoggard, son Peter, son Adam, and to his son 
John, son Richard, ten pounds, and goods, to be equally di- 
vided between him and his brother, Henry, — signed Eliza- 
beth Kingsbury, her mark, Oct. 27, 1658. 

Henry Kingsbury, alias Rodner, and Richard Kingsbury, 
alias Rodner, administrators. 

IRobert Ifanosbur^? ot Briobtlinosea in the County 

of Essex, iTarmer, bequeathes all his Lands and Tenements, 
holden of the Manor of Brightlingsea, to his daughters, 
Mary Kingsbury and Sarah Kingsbury, but if the s'' Daugh- 
ters depart this life before reaching the age of twenty-one 
years, he bequeathes the s'^ Lands, &c., to his Nephew, 
Thomas Kingsbury of Brightlingsea, yeoman. To said 
nephew, Thomas, ^80. To nephew, John Kingsbury of Col- 
chester, ^20 ; To niece, Frances Kingsbury of Colchester, 
spinster, ^10. To niece, Mary Kingsbury, ^20. To Brother- 
in-Law, Benjamin Cook of ffrailing, in Essex. All the resi- 
due of estate to the two Daughters. In case of their death 
before reaching the age of twenty-one, the estate to go to 
the nephews and nieces, Thomas, John, Frances, and Mary. 
Thomas Kingsbury and Benjamin Cook, Ex"', Nov. 18, 1737. 
Proved Oct. 14, 1738. {Original Will in possession of Miss M. 
K. Talcott). 


Bills and Answers. 

Raines Ikinocsbur^e* of Boxt"or^, pitf., Boxford, states 

that John Kingesburie, late of Edvvardestone, in the County 
of Suffolk, deceased, the father of y'' s'' Orator, was lawfully 
and rightfully seized of one Tenem', or Cottage, in Edwarde- 
stone aforesayde, and that about one yeare nowe laste paste 
the s^ John Kingesburye, for the fatherly love and affec- 
tion that he the s"^ John dyd beare to y*^ say'' Orator, 
beynge his Sonne, and also in consideration of the Summe 
of tene pounds, whereof ^6. 4^ iiii"^ was payd in hand to s** 
John, and the residue was to be payde at other severall 
days betweene them, the s'' John did promyse andgraunt 
to yo"" say'' orator to conveye and assure the s^ Tenem' 
or Cottage to you'' say*^ Orator, &c, after w''' tyme one 
Roger Kingsburye persuaded the said John to convey to 
him the cottage in question, &c. &c. " The said John beynge 
a man growen, in some symplycy tye by reason of his age — 
yett because the one was his father, and thother his 
brother, he dyd forbeare hit, butt by all gentle means 
sought to have his promise pformed, w''' the sayd Roger 
refused," &c. &c., and the said Orato'' requests the Court to 
graunt to the sayd Orator the Queue's Maj*"^* Wryte of 
subpena, to be dyrected to the sayd Roger Kingesburye, 
commanding him to appeare before your lordshippe in the 
Queue's high Courte of Chauncerye, &c. S"" Nicholas Bacon, 
Knight, lord Keeper of the greate Courte of Englande. 

Roger Kingsburye replies. 1578. Series II. Bills and 

IRobert UdnOSburie QX McUS, in the county of Somer- 
set, baker, Richard Clarke of Wells, grocer, and Elizabeth his 
wife, complain as follows : about five years since, their 

* Probably James, whose will is given on pages 44, 45. 



father John King-sburie, of Eastwell's, within the parish of 
S'. Cuthbert, in Wells, yeoman, made his will, and thereby 
gave and bequeathed unto complainants : Robert, and Eliza- 
beth, and to Marie, one other of his daughters, all his goods, 
leases, chattels, and other property, provided that Joan his 
wife should enjoy the use thereof so long as she should live 
unmarried. If the said Joan should marry then the said 
goods and property should be to the said Marie, and the 
complainants, equally. The testator appointed the said 
Joan his executrix, and shortly afterwards died, being at his 
death possessed of divers feather beds, flock beds, and 
other goods, and ready money, and also of his house in East- 
wells, and many years in the lease thereof then to come, as 
also of divers other small leases, the house at Eastwells be- 
ing of the yearly value of 20 marks. Joan did not prove 
the Will, but notwithstanding possessed herself of the said 
goods, leases, and estate, complainants then being under 21. 
The said Joan, complainant's mother-in-law, made over the 
property to one Thomas Wills, now deceased, and shortly 
afterwards took to husband and married one Richard Nor- 
cotte, of Cheddar, in the county aforesaid, yeoman. After 
her marriage complainants requested her to prove the Will, 
but hitherto both Norcotte and his wife had refused. Com- 
plainants are now above 21. 8 Feb. 16 12. Bills and Anstvers, 
Bundle K. 27. N'\ J Tj. 

Sarab IkinO^bUi*^, the daughter of Roger Kingsbury, 
late of Middleton, in the County of Essex, prayeth that her 
said late father, being seized in fee of several Messuages, 
Lands, Tenements, and Tythes, being in the Citty of London, 
the said County of Essex, and elsewhere in the Kingdom of 
England, particularly of a farme at Asthen, in the Co. of 
Essex, which he purchased of Richard Peppys, Esq' ., and that 
he made his will June 4, 1697, and that he gave to his son, 
Robert, the said farme, on condition that he should pay out 
of the said farme ^200 to his dau''". Sarah, and Alice, that 
is ^100 to each, when they should arrive at the age of two 
and twenty years, and the Testator made his brother, Rob- 
ert Kingsbury, late of Brunden Hall, in the County afores'*, 
and Richard Scott, of Braintree, his brother-in-law, Execu- 



tors, and soon after dyed, and his will was duly proved by 
the s'' Robert Kingsbury, in the proper Ecclesiasticall 
Court, and not long, afterwards he dyed also, leaving a will, 
and therefore one W™ Kingsbury, of Ballington, in the 
said County of Essex, Executor of the will of the s'' Rob- 
ert Kingsbury, became the Executor of the will of your 
Orator's father, and the said W" Kingsbury, and Robert 
Kingsbury, your Orator's brother, have refused to pay the 
;£ioo due to your Orator ; says that the said William Kings- 
bury is a near relation of your Orator, and that it is said that 
he hath lent a sum of money to her brother, Robert Kings- 
bury, who has therefore allowed him to take possession* of 
the rents of the s'^ farme, &c. Bills and Answers. Whiting- 
ton., No. I. 



The following Notes ai*e from a paper on " The de Greys 
of Little Cornard," communicated by the Rev''. George 
Crabb, which is printed in " Proceedings of the Suffolk Insti- 
tute of Archaeology," vol. vi, pp. 13-39. Mr. Crabb states that 
he derived his materials chiefly from documents in the mu- 
niment room at Merton Hall, which is the seat of Lord Wal- 
singham, the head of that branch of the family of de Grey. 
' Minor Notes and Names from the Court Rolls and Books 
of Caxton's Manor in Little Cornard. 23 Edw. III. (1369) to 
2 Henry V (1414), in Book C. C. F. A. 

John de Kingesbury. 

Some Names and Notes from the Court Records of Little 
Cornard Manor. 

141 2. William Kyngesbery. 


" The principal value of these is genealogical. The rolls 
containing the names of the persons assessed are extremely 
valuable, as establishing links in pedigrees, which \vithout 
these rolls would be missing. The rolls from which mate- 
rial of this nature is chiefly to be derived are the grants of 
23 Edw. I., and i and 6 Edw. III. and the Pole taxes of 51 
Edw. III., and 2 aitd 4 Ric. II. Then, with but trifling ex- 
ceptions, the rolls supply no names until 14 Hen. VIII., from 
which time to Charles II. lists of persons and the sums 
assessed on them are to be found." Report of the Deputy 
Keeper of the Public Records. 

Exchequer, Lay Subsidies, Suftolk. 
35 Henry VIII. (A. D. 1542.) if|.* 

^ Cornard pva. 

John Kyngesbury in goodes xx^ 

Cornard Magna. 
John Kyngsbury goodes vj lb. Subs. xij^'. 

• These figures refer to the membranes, or skins, on which the rolls were kept. 


Assessment of the second payment of the Subsidy granted 
37 Hen. VIII. (A. D. 1544) upon the Inhabitants within the 
Hundred of Babbergh. ^|^. 

John Kyngesbury in goodes iiij ft), subs. iij''. 

Exchequer, Lay Subsidies, Suffolk. ^|§. 
Assessment for the second payment of the Subsidy granted 
8 Elizabeth (A. D. 1566) on the Inhabitants within the en- 
tire county. 

James Kyngsbury iij'' ij^ vj''. 

Cornerd Magna. 
John Kyngsbury, the elder, viij'' vj^ viij^.* 
John Kyngsbury, the younger, iij'' v^ vj'^ 

Exchequer, Lay Subsidies, Suffolk, ^f^. 
Assessment 18 Elizabeth, (A. D. 1575/6). 

Cornard Magna. 
In goods. 
John Kinsburye the elder viij" xiij^ iiij''. 
John Kinsburye the younger v" viij^ iiij''. 

Exchequer, Lay Subsidies, Suffolk, ^f f. 
Certificate dated 20 September, 24 Elizabeth. (A. D. 1582.) 

Cornerthe Magna. 
John Kyngesburie the younger, in p•oodes-c^ v^ 
John Kyngesburie the elder, in goodes, ix" ix^ 

Exchequer, Lay Subsidies, Suffolk. i|f . 
Assessment of the hundreds of Baberghe and Cosford, 39 
Elizabeth (A. D. 1596/7). 

Cornerd Magna. 
Edward Kingsburie. ^/^x. viij^ 
John Kingsburie ;^x. viij". 
Delivered into the Court 31 October, 40 Elizabeth (A. D. 

X598). ___^ ^__ 

* John Kingsbury, in 1561, bought lands of Robert Salmon, in Cornard Magna. 
Suffolk Feet of Fines. Communicated by Dr. J. J. Muskett. 


Exchequer, Lay Subsidies, Suffolk. ;^f f . 
Assessment 43 Elizabeth (A. D. 1600/1). 

Cornerd Magna. 
John Kingesburie ;;^x. v^ 

Exchequer, Lay Subsidies, Suffolk. :^f§. 
Assessment 8 James L (A. D. 1610-1611.) 
Cornerd Magna. 
John Kingesburie ^x. iij". 

8 Jas. L Exchequer, Lay Subsidies, Assessment, iff. 
Cornerd magna. 
John Kingesburie. xP. iij''. 

Assington & Boxford, so obliterated as to be undeciph- 

Stoke juxta Neyland. 
John Kingesbury. xx^ iiij''. 

John Coe, gent, xx^ iiij*'. 

Exchequer, Lay Subsidies, Suffolk. :^||. 
Assessment of the Hundred of Baberghe, i Charles L 
(A. D. 1625/6.) 

John Kingesbury xP. viij^ 

Exchequer, Lay Subsidies, Suffolk. ^Il- 
Assessrnent of the himdreds of Babergh and Cosford, third 
subsidy granted, 3 and 4 Car. L (A. D. 1627/8.) 

Cornard Magna. 
John Kingsbury £^\. 00 00. 

Stoke, temp. Car. L \W. 
John Kingesburie xx^ 

Cornerd Magn. Car. L 
John Kingesburie xP. 


The first Kingsbury in New England was Henry Kings- 
bury, who came in the Talbot, one of the ships in Governor 
Winthrop's fleet, in 1630. He lived near Winthrop in Eng- 
land, at Assington, the next parish to Groton, and there are 
references to him in the Winthrop Papers, published by the 
Massachusetts Historical Society, which show that he was 
employed in some way by Winthrop, perhaps as a messen- 
ger, or sheriff's officer, of Winthrop's manorial court, and 
they also indicate a somewhat intimate connection between 
the two men. The subjoined letters from the Rev. Henry 
Jacie to the Winthrops sustain this supposition. Mr. Jacie 
was a chaplain in the family of Brampton Gurdon, Esq., 
of Assington, and quite a prominent Puritan divine. There 
are several other references to Kingsbury in the Winthrop 
Papers. Governor Winthrop writes to his wife, " From 
aboard the Arbeila, riding at the Cowes, March 28, 1630," 
just before the departure from England, *' Henry Kings- 
bury hath a child or two in the Talbot sick with the measles, 
but like to do well." * After his arrival, in writing to his 
son, John Winthrop, Jun'', July 23, 1630, from Charles- 
town, he again mentions him, saying that " Henry Kings- 
bury hath appointed money to be paid to you by [ ]." f 

John Winthrop the younger, in a letter to his father in 
Massachusetts, dated Dec. 9, 1630, in speaking of a document 
to be executed, evidently an indenture, or lease, conveying 
lands, says : " M'. Gurdon desireth that M''. Ludlow J and 
goodman Kingsbury of Assington be 2 of the witnesses to 

♦ Winthrop's New England, I, 369. 
t Ibid., I, 375. 

X Roger Ludlow, afterwards Deputy-Governor of Massachusetts, and later of 


it."* Thomas Kingsbury, perhaps a brother of Henry, 
agreed to embark with him, but apparently never came.f 
In the addenda to Winthrop's History of New England the 
Governor gives an account of cows and other animals that 
he had, and also says that he had one of Kingsbury's cows. 
Ephraim Child, of Roxbury, writing to Governor Winthrop, 
letter undated, says : " The last night, late, goodman 
Pease sent yo'" servant, Henry Kingsbury, for a payre of 
bullocks." \ 

In the Parish Register at Assington are two entries, 
among the marriages, of the name of Kingsbury : 

1618, John Kingsbery and Margaret Whisson, the 8"' of 

162 1, Henerie Kingsberie and Margaret Alabaster, the 
iS^" of May. 

These are, perhaps, the two men referred to in the Win- 
throp Papers, and presumably the same Henry and John 
Kingsbury who were in the Massachusetts Colony at an early 
date : Henry in Boston in 1630, and John at Watertown in 
1635, afterwards of Dedham. Henry Kingsbury and Mar- 
garet his wife were admitted to the First Church, Boston, 
and are numbered 25 and 26 on the list. Savage says in his 
Genealogical Dictionary, III, 28 : "Against her name being- 
written ' dead since ' ; that means, I presume, to refer to 
original MS. Xo^X. 2JL\.Q.x the third or fourth year." There is 
no further record of either of them, and it is supposed that 
the children who were sick on the Talbot in March, 1630, 
must have died then, or at a subsequent time. It is possible 
that Henry Kingsbury returned to England. Indeed that 
seems the most probable reason that we can find no record 
of his death, or administration on his property. On the 
Parish Register at Assington are recorded the baptisms of 
two children of Henry and Margaret : 

1622, James Kingsberie the sonne of Henrie Kingsberie 
and Margaret his wife, the first of September. 

1624, Sarah Kingsbury the daughter of Henry Kingsbury 
and Margrett his wife, the first of August. ^ 

• Winthrop Papers, M. H. S. C, Fifth Series, VIII, 27. 
t Winthrop's New England, II, 340. 

X In 1639, John Winthrop made a draft of a will, not then completed, in which 
he mentions " my three oxen in Eph. Child's keeping." 



The Register at Assington also records the marriage of 
Thomas Alabaster, and Margaret Blyth, the S^^ of July, 1618, 
and the burial of Thomas Alabaster, the 18"' of September, 
1620. It seems very probable that this widow Margaret 
Alabaster was the Margaret Alabaster who married Henry 
Kingsbury the following year. Thomas Alabaster was the 
son of Roger Alabaster, of Hadleigh, and Bridget Winthrop, 
his wife, daughter of Adam Winthrop, Esq^, of Groton, and 
aunt of Governor John Winthrop. 

This shows a connection between Henry Kingsbury's 
wife and the Winthrops, and makes it very natural that he 
should be employed by them in looking after their affairs. 
It may be remarked that the word "servant" in those days 
did not possess the entirely servile meaning given it now, 
and a man holding a very responsible position, such as stew- 
ard, or agent, might be called a "servant," not meaning 
thereby that he performed menial duties. The Alabaster 
family was a prominent one at Hadleigh, in Suffolk,* where 
there are memorial brasses in the church, one of Thomas 
Alabaster, 1592, an uncle of Thomas Alabaster, of Assmg- 
ton. A daughter of this Thomas Alabaster married John 
Still, D.D., Bishop of Bath and Wells, a once famous divine, 
and author of "Gammer Gurton's Needle," the earliest 
English comedy. William Alabaster, son of Roger and 
Bsjdget (Winthrop) Alabaster, and brother of Thomas of 
Assington, was a clergyman and a poet, celebrated in his 
day for the depth of his erudition, and the beauty of his 
Latin verses. He was born in Hadleigh in 1568, and re- 
ceived his early education in the Grammar School of his 
native town, an A.B. of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1587, 
and A.M. 1591. In 1592 he was incorporated of the Uni- 
versity of Oxford, and Wood in his "Athenae Oxonienses " 
speaks of him as " the rarest poet and Grecian that any day, 
age or nation ever produced." He held the rectory of Thor- 
field, in Hertfordshire, and was made a Prebendary of St. 
Paul's, and in 1614 a D.D. He died in 1640, after a life spent 
in literary and philosophical pursuits. Another brother, 
John Alabaster, was baptized in Groton in 1580, and "was 
killed in warre in the lowe countries," according to the 
Parish Register. 

• See Dr. J. J. Muskett's ^'Suffolk Manorial Families," 49-55. 


Rev. Henry Jacie to John Winthrop.* 

To the Right Worshipfull J/'. Winthrop in London these be dd. 

Worthy sir. — 'W. Giirdon riding toward Dedham this morning (not 
to return this day) cal'd at the house of our honest neighbor Goodman 
Kingsbury and then percieving how ill he was, he being in bed there, he 
wished them there to send for me to come thither to see and here how it 
was with him, that I might write to your worship to certify you thereof: 
for he had writ to you but knew not so well how this party was. 

Now these are therefor to inform your Worship according to his and 
his wifes relation (of whose truth I dare not doubt) that he is of great 
weakenes, and more within this fortnight than of late, insomuch that 
one Physitian tells him he is in danger of his life, another saith he is so 
dangerously sick he dare not advise him to purge, it would kill him, nor 
to let him blood he is so weak, and that he is in danger of a consump- 
tion, the state of his body being changed to worse, so that now he is not 
able to go about his ordinary work. He endeavored of late to have done 
somewhat, easily, but hath been the worse ever since, so thaj he hath 
been glad to keep his bed til noon or thereabout every day this sennight. 
Altogether unable to travel. 

Whereas he had a warrent of your Worship to attach the bodies of his 
assaulters to appear at the Assize, one that was the Constables deputy 
(as he said) left word at his house from Sir Robert (Crane), that they 
were brought before him, and he had bound them over to the Sessions. 
Now he fearing lest things should not be rightly carried, (not being able 
to go thither if he should live so long) desires your Worships direction 
what course might be thought best to be taken, and your furtherance 
therein for having the case brought to the Size if it may be and you 
think good. 

As to himself he is noways able to go to London for my Lords as- 
sistance to take his oath, &c. But if need be his brother would be will- 
ing to go for him. I need not use any motives to one that so knows the 
cause & whose heart the Lord hath set for him & his & to be with the Lord 
to help against the mighty. The Lord enable your Worship still to pro- 
ceed in so doing. Yea while you are for Him he will be for you, he will 
not leave you nor forsake you. To whose Grace which is sufficient I 
desire humbly to command you & so I take my leave resting 
Your Worships to be commanded in him 
Henry Jacie 
From his home in Assington May. 5. 1629. 


mark. Since the writing of the rest M^ Brampton Gurdon newly 

returned from Dedham from my father, further certifies me that it is 

•Mass. IJist. Soc. Coll., 4th series, VI, 452. 


his mind I should write to your Worship in behalf of this our neighbor ; 
but now I perceive not that himself hath written to you ; whereby I fear 
lest they mistook part of his words But I know he proposed to certify 
you of it to further the procurement of the Lord Chief Justice's help to 
bring the matter to the Assizes, notwithstanding his binding over to the 
sessions, which his worship thought might possibly be procured by the 
coming up of this our neighbors brother for him if himself were not 
able, if you send down word accordmgly that he may be directed what 
to do. 
May it please you therefore to write to M'' Gurdon about it. 

Rev. Henry Jacie to John Winthrop, Jr., 1630-31.* 

Addressed to him at York. 

Deare Sir, — How much am I endebted to you for your great pains & 
love, w'^''. hath endeared you yet more tinto me ; If I sh**. heare it turnes 
to yo^ hurt any way, I must needs sympathize w"". you. 

One or 2 Questions came not to my mind, w'^''. I would entreat by you 
to be resolved in. viz'. Seing such a company of Christians have fore 
intended such a one to be their minister, & he to accept it. Whether in 
their fast they desire Gods directing in y". choise (when they have no 
other fit to be chosen) or its only for Gods blessing his pains, etc. Also, 
Whether they use imposition of hands, or by whom, & when. And 
whether any imposition on the Elder, & by whom, or on the Deacon. 

Now, S^, since yo''. going to York, I have found H Kingsburies L\ 
(w'''. I could not light on), the bookes he desired me to procure him were 
these 3. I. A Treatise of Faith. (I suppose The Doctrine of faith by 
M^ Jo. Rogers would be as useful to him, & about the same price.) 2. 
Perkins Principles. 3. The Sweet Posie for Gods S". (2d a peece, y*'. 
I. ab'. 8'*). He writ I would pay for them. We shal be further indebted 
to you if you can procure y". Map, y". Pattents Copie, y^ Model of Char- 
ity (also what Oath is taken), M'. Higginsons Lv, & the Petition to our 
Ministers for praying for them, made at their going, w"^*". is in print. 
W'"''. of these you can best, w"'. y°^ L^, give to M^ Overton, Stationer 
in Popes head Alley, my good friend, & receive money of him for them 
by or for writing (giving him this note,) that he may send them by York 
Carrier either to y" now L. Maiors, or to M^ John Penrose, Attorney, 
for me. But I pray you resolve me those ques. now, (for I suppose you 
ar not gone fro York.) 

Remember my kind respect & love to M^ Downing, M^ Rob Gurdon 
w"'. M''». Gurdon & M^ Edward Gurdon, and to M^ Huison at London 
Stone, if you see him, (fro whom I have had L". though I have not seen 
him.) Also in Essex & Suffolk. I am now posted : The good Lord be 
w"'. you. Yor*. in him. 

Hen : Jacie. 

•Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc, XVIII, 300. 


JoHM KiNGSBURV, Watertown, 1635 ; freeman March 3, 
1635/6 ; removed that year to Dedham. He was one of the 
signers — the 6"' in order — to the petition to the Massachu- 
setts General Court, Sept. 6, 1636, for the incorporation of 
Dedham. " John Kingsbury & his wife who were members of 
y church of watertowne giving very good testimonj' of y® 
grace of god & being dismissed unto us from y' # were re- 
ceived y^ 20 of y*^ 8 month." [1639.] Dedham Church Rec- 
ords, 22. He was a proprietor of Dedham, held town offices, 
was one of the Seven Men chosen to order the Town's 
affairs, May 17, 1639, and Representative to the General 
Court in 1647. "John Kingsbury after a long weakness 
of 3 years and upward departed this life y*^ 7'" 1660." 
Church Records, 37. His will is in the Suffolk Registry 
of Wills, Lib. /, 350 ; dated 1659, second day of tenth 
month ; to John Allen, pastor, 40''' ; to Bro : Josiph one 
booke — D"' Preston's work, " paules repentance," one other 
book, "the Deceatfulnes of the hart," — Dykes' work — 
one of M''. Conyers work upon Rom: y*^ 8 ; to John Kings- 
ber}^, the son of my Brother aforesayd my bible and 
my psalme book ; to wife Margarett the use of Estate Real 
and Personal during Life — ^4 of whole estate to her «& her 
heirs forever ; all that she does not have occasion to use, at 
her decease to be divided \ to her heirs ; of the other 1, Fif- 
teen Pounds to John afores'^ when 21 years old ; five pounds 
to Thomas Cooper of Seacangue, my Kinsman ; remainder 
to kinsman Henry Kingsbery, of Ipswich, and to each of the 
children of my brother, Joseph. My friends & kinsmen, 
Thomas P'uller, of Dedham, & Thomas Cooper, of Seacunge 
[Seekonk], overseers. Witnesses Eliezur Lusher, John 
Howard. Sworn to and proved 16 8 mo, 1660. 

The will of Mrs. Margaret Kingsbury, of Dedham, is dated 
9^'' of 11^'' mo called January, 1660. She mentions Sarah, 
wife of Robert Crosseman, of Taunton, and gives her jQ% ; 
to kinsman, Tho'' Fuller, ^20. Remainder to Tho* Fuller 
and his wife, Hannah, " my neare kinswoman's " children, to 
be paid when the sons are 21 years, the daughters 18 years of 
age. Tho' Fuller to be sole Executor. Witnesses, Samuel 
May, Eleazar Lusher. Sworn to, and proved, 20, (3), 1662. 
Thomas Fuller's wife was Hannah I'lower, m'^ Nov. 22, 1643. 


She was probably the Hanna — -"ye kinswoman of our br: 
Kingsbury," who was received into tlie church at Dedham, 
March 11, 164 1. Thomas Fuller mentions in his will, Sept. 
24, 1690, property received by his children from their aunt, 
Margaret Kingsbury, and Thomas' children call her "our 
great aunt" in a division of land, Feb. 15, 1703. Suffolk 
Registry of Deeds, XVI. 11 8. See also N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg- 
ister, LII. -241, showing that Thomas Fuller was a son of 
Ralph Fuller, of Wortwell, Norfolk. 

The brother Joseph mentioned in John Kingsbury's will 
was Joseph Kingsbury, of Dedham, freeman, June 2, 
1 64 1. He was there earlier, for at the formation of 
the church in 1638 he was thought "too much addicted to 
the world," but on the 9*^'' of the 2" m: 1641 "y'' church was 
so well p'suaded of his repentance and faith as y* he was re- 
ceived into y'^ fellowship of y'' church." According to the 
following record his wife was admitted before he was. Be- 
tween Nov., 1638, and April 24, 1639, "y*" Wife of Joseph 
Kingsbury who appeared to y*^ church a tender hearted soule 
full of feares and temptations, but truly breathing after 
Christ." Dedham Church Records, 2j. He died in 1676. Will 
dated May 3, 1675, probated June i, 1676 ; he bequeathes 
to sons Joseph, John, Eliezer, and Nathaniel, wife Milicent, 
daughter Sarah Grossman, son-in-law Thomas Cooper, sons- 
in-law Robert Crossman, and Nathaniel Brewer ; refers to 
deceased brother, }ohn Kingsbury. 


Sarah, married May 25, 1652, Robert 

Crossman of Dedham, 1642, afterwards (1654) of Taun- 
ton, " The Drum Maker of New England " ; he fitted 
out with guns and drums the soldiers from Taunton for 
the Canada Expedition under Sir William Phips, in 1690; 
he died 1692 ; administration of his estate was granted 
to John Crossman and John Thrasher. 11 children. 

Mary, born in Dedham, Sept. i, 1637 ; married Thomas 
Cooper, of Rehoboth. 

Elizabeth, born in Dedham, Sept. 14, 1638 ; married Nathan- 
iel Brewer, of Roxbury ; she died June 25, 1661, leaving 
one daughter, Elizabeth. 

Joseph, born in Dedham, February 17, 1640/41 ; married (i) 
Mary , who died July 31, 1680 ; (2) in Wren- 


tham, vSept. 7, 1681, Mary Donier; he removed to Wren- 
tham before 1670, but the settlement was broken up by 
King Philip's War, and abandoned. In January, 1677, 
a number of the proprietors petitioned the General As- 
sembly, asking permission to return to the plantation. 
Joseph Kingsbury's name appears among the signers. 
" He died in an awful and dreadfull way at Wrentham," 
Dec. 16, 1688. N. E. Hist.- Gen. Register. Deaths in 
IVrent/ia/n. He had 8 children : (i.) Joseph, born in Ded- 
ham, Aug. 28, 1665. (2.) John, born in Dedham, Dec. 
24, 1667. (3.) Elizabeth, born in Wrentham, May 14, 
1670. (4.) Eleazer, born in W., May 12, 1673. (5.) 
Hannah, b. in W., July 26, 1675. (6-) iMercy, b. in W., 
Nov. 10, 1677. (7.) Mary, b. in W., July 19, 1680. (8.) 
Sarah, b. in W., July 19, 1680. 

John, born in Dedham, Aug. 15, 1643 ; married Nov. 29, 1666, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Flower) 
Fuller, of Dedham ; he died May 30, 1669. His widow 
married (2) Sept. 19, 1672, Michael Metcalf of Dedham ; 
she died Oct 24,. 1732. John Kingsbury had one child, 
Elizabeth, born Nov. 23, 1668 ; m'' Dec. 12, 1686, Joseph 

Eleazer, born in Dedham, May 17, 1645 ; married Oct. 30, 
1676, Esther, daughter of Samuel Judson, "of Horton, 
Bradforddale, County of York, in England, but since of 
Dedham." He bought a farm on Dedham Plains in 
1 70 2,' afterwards Walpole ; he died February 2, 1722/23. 
Mrs. Esther Kingsbury died May 6, 1717 ; in her will 
she leaves to her daughter, Mary, " ^ y* Lands of my 
Father, Samuel Judson in Horton." They had five chil- 
dren : (i.) Josiah, b. in Dedham, Dec. 26, 1677. (2.) 
Mary, b. in D., April 6, 1680. (3) Eleazer, b. in D., May 
10, 1683. (4.) Samuel, b. in D., Nov. 4, 1690. (5.) Noah, 
b. in D., Sept. 16, 1694. 

Nathaniel, born in Dedham, March 26, 1650 ; married Oct. 14, 
1673, Mary Bacon; he died in Dedham, Oct. 14, 1694. 
He had six children : (1.) Nathaniel, b. in Dedham, Sept. 
14, 1674. (2.) James, b. in D., Sept. 22, 1678. (3) Tim- 
othy, b. in D., Oct. 15, 1680. (4.) John, b. in D., Aug, 
17, 1686. (5.) Daniel, b. in D., Nov. 11, 1688. (6.) Milli- 
cent, b. in D., March 30, 1693. 

William Kingsbury, Dedham, appointed by the General 
Court, 6 (7), 1638, to report about unlicensed new-comers. 
Sarah, (his wife ?) admitted to the church, 18 (10), 1643, died 
24(21), 1645. -'^- ^- Historic Genealogical Register, XVI, Jjy. 
Nothing more is known of him. 



[born 1615, d. 1687, Haverliil', Mass. 

(The lowest one not an autograph signature.) 




[b 1656, d. 1741. in Norwich West Farms. 1 

'7 3 


|b. 16S2, d. 1757, in Norwich West Farms. 

~U?y /t/^(/U i^ /Q_^ 


(yY'^^.J^Uiiy^ -4:ioW/:X^i^>-^ 

[b. 1684, d. 176.S. Coventry. 

QjirwrL "'^KjnhQs^'^j 


[b. 1715, d. 1799, Kllington.] 

[b. 1711, d. 1796, Tolland.] 


Op^ Haverhill, Mass., and his Descendants. 

Henry Kingsbury was at Ipswich in 1638, according to 
Felt's History. The Hammatt Papers do not give his resi- 
dence so early, but state that he was a commoner in Ipswich 
in 1641. He subscribed 2^ to the Major Denison fund, Dec. 
19, 1648. The same year, 1648, Feb. 8, he sold his farm in 
Ipswich, 32 acres, for ^5 to Thomas Safford, but this does 
not mean that he left Ipswich then, for the same year he 
bought of Daniel Ladd, of Haverhill, " house and land on 
High St. in Ipswich,"* and twelve years later, Aug. 30, 1660, 
Henry Kingsbury and Susan his wife, of Ipswich, sold to 
Robert Lord their House and Land on High Street for two 
Oxen in hand — _;^5 to be paid Robert Paine and 40' to 
Edmund Bridges. The same year Henry Kingsbury, Row- 

*The present writing witnesseth that Daniel Ladd, of Haverhill, in 
the County of Norfolk, husbandman, for and in consideration of ten 
pounds to him in hand paid, have bargayned and sould and by these 
presents doth confirm that his bargayne and sale unto Henry Kings- 
bury, of Ipswich, in the County of Essex, husbandman, all that his 
house wherein the said Henry now dwelleth ; situate and being in Ips- 
wich aforesaid, in the street called High Street, having the orchard and 
garden of William Payne on the Northwest, a lane towards the South- 
east ; one end abutting on the said street ; butting at the other end on 
the land of Thomas Safford. To have and to hold the said house with 
the land about it, and all the appurtenances and privilidges thereto be- 
longing, unto the aforesaid Henry Kingsbury and his heirs forever. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, 31 of 
March, 164S. 

S the mark of Daniel Ladd. 
Sealed and delivered in the presence 
of Samuel Symonds 
James Chewte 

Essex Re£-islry of Deeds, /, j8. 


ley, late of Ipswich, and Susan his wife, sold six acres to 
Reinold Foster. Henry Kingsbury was one of the inhabi- 
tants of Ipswich who signed a petition, May 17, 1658, stating 
that they have all taken the oath of fidelity, but are not 
freemen. They claim the right to vote in town affairs, 
which had been questioned in town meeting. Mass. Ar- 
chives, 112, fol. 104. In 1 66 1-2-3 he was overseer "for 
Pentucket side," for fences and highways in Rowley. His 
farm was on the Merrimack in that part of Rowley after- 
wards Bradford. March 3, 1667/68, "it was voted and 
granted that Henry Kingsbury shall have ten acres of 
land which is to be laid out unto him, adjoining to M'' 
Ward's farm, to the west of Hawke's meadow path, not 
prejudicing any other man." Haverhill Records. In 1669 
he gave a deposition in court, and stated that he was 54 
years old, therefore born in 1615. This shows that he could 
not have been a son of the elder Henry and Margaret Ala- 
baster, who were married in 1621, although the elder Henry 
may have had a previous wife. A Henry Kingsbury w^as 
married to Jane Waryn, Dec. 5, 1613, at Stoke by Neyland, 
County Suffolk, and it is quite possible that they were the 
parents of Henry of Ipswich and Haverhill, and it may be 
the same Henry who later married Margaret Alabaster, and 
came to New England. Still, there is no evidence to show 
that the younger Henry was a son of the elder. =*" As Ipswich 
was settled under the leadership of the younger John Win- 
throp, the fact that Henry Kingsbury was an early settler 
there would seem to indicate that the connection between 
the Winthrops and the Kingsburys, before spoken of, lasted 
for another generation in this country. It may also be re- 
marked that at Haverhill, where Henry Kingsbury finally 
settled, the Saltonstalls owned much land, and they mar- 
ried with a family from the same Suffolk neighborhood, 
the Gurdons of Assington. The Rev. John Ward, the first 
minister of Haverhill, was born in Haverhill, in Suffolk, 
and his first service in the ministry was at Iladleigh, in 
Suffolk, only a few miles from Boxford and Assington. 

* As stated before, John Kingsbury of Dedham, called Henry, of Haverhill, his 
kinsman, and made him an equal divisee with the children of his brother Joseph. 

1 1 





















































There was some relationship between Henry Kingsbury 
and John Gage, who was a neighbor of Kingsbury at Ips- 
wich, and afterwards at Rowley, as the following deposi- 
tions show: 

' The Deposicon of henry kingsbury aged about 54 
who sayeth upon his oath that before Indian harvest in the yeare 65 
hee sawe a company of S" Gages his hoggs in a pcell of Indian corne of 
M' Bradstreetes about 12 or 14 which his man Alexd'' was then driveing 
out & that a hogg of the sd Gages y' was newly cutt (!) did often keepe 
in the sd corne alone and furth'' sayeth not. this was in a feild called 
the plaine about 3 myles from the Towne of Andover 

Henry kingsbury 
taken upon oath 26"' 1.69 
before me Simon Bradstreete 

' The testimony of Alexander Sessions aged twenty-foure : 
I doe testify that I went downe to my m'' Bradstreets playne after much 
of y« dammag was done, and before it was priz'd, or the fence viewed, 
to mend the sd fence and working there til about noone, & then having 
occasion to goe after some young Cattle of my masters, coming back to 
y corne-feild, the doggs that were with mee runnd into ye Corne and 

fell upon a parcel of hoggs that were ye feild and I 

catched one to obserue what y" Earemark was, Sz it was Slit of ye neare 
Bare half way downe, or thereabout, I spake to m'' Faulkner of it & he 
sayd it was his hog, and he owned the marke to be his Earemark & 
Sayd moreover that ye doggs had bit ye hog : this damage was done in 
the yeere sixty six. 
taken upon oath the 27"' I. 69, before me Simon Bradstreet. 

The sd deponent further witnesseth that in ye yeere sixty fiue he saw a 
parcel of Swine by y river side, & making haste downe to y'" & making 
a noyse he Saw two or three Skip out of the feild, <!<: Goodman Kings- 
boroughs Sonne sayd thev were his unkle Gage's hoggs, and Daniel 
Gage vpon his descriptio sayd he thought they were theirs, further the 
• deponent testifys that in ye yeere Sixty six he judged the fence suffi- 
cient agaynst orderly Cattle when he left it att the Spring, 
taken vpon the same oath y" same da}'. S. Bradstreet. 

Essex Co. Court Papers, Vol. XIV, pp. 46, 47. * 

Savage states that John (rage came from County Suffolk 
in the fleet with Winthrop. He, too, went witli the younger 
Winthrop to Ipswich, and then removed about 1662 to that 
part of Rowley afterwards Bradford, and was again a 

* N. E. Historic Genealogical Register, LIV, 260. 


neighbor of Kingsbury.* Gage deposed in 1662 that he 
was aged about 58, therefore a somewhat older man than 
Kingsbury. His first wife was Amee, who died in June, 
1658. Either she was Kingsbury's sister, or Kingsbury 
married Gage's sister.f Gage died March 24, 1672/3 ; his will 
mentions wife Sarah, five sons and one grandson. Henry 
Kingsbury was one of the appraisers of John Gage's estate, 
March 26, 1673, ^^^ S'lso of Jonathan Gage's estate, March 
15, 1674/5. 

Susanna, wife of Henry Kingsbury, died in Haverhill, 
February 21, 1678/9. He died in Haverhill, October i, 1687. 

The inventory was taken Oct. 10, 1687, by Josiah Gage 
and Jonathan Haynes, amounting to ^40. 19^ 6^. Returned 
by Joseph Kingsbur}'', who was appointed administrator. 
Essex Co. Probate Records. 

Tho. Kinsbery, Joseph Kinsbery, James Kinsbery, and 
Sam' Kinsber}^ took the oath of allegiance in Haverhill, 
November 28, 1677. 

* IPSWICH RECORDS. (Deposited in the Registry of Deeds at 
Salem), Vol. 2, page 217 (399). 

The bounds of the lands of John Carlton, sould to Corporal John 
Gage as it was laid out by John Tod and Ezekiel Northend, who was 
appointed to do it by the Honored Court at Ipswich, houlden the 29th 
of September last in the year 1663. 

Imprimis : For the bounds betwixt the land and the farm that 
Corporal Gage rents that belongs to Patience Jewett it begins at a black 
ash marked in the end of a swamp standing upon the river from thence 
upon a straight line to a white oak marked in the end of another swamp; 
from thence upon a straight line to a white ash in a swamp; from thence 
upon a straight line to a white oak at the end of a swamp; from thence 
to a forked white oak by the highway; from thence it runs as ye fence 
goes that is betwixt Philip Nelson's farm that Henry Kingsui ry rents 
to the river; from thence along with the river to a black ash that was 
first marked, and also it is agreed that Corporal Gage shall have a high- 
way allowed him from his land to the country highway. 

Ezekiel Northend 
John Todd 

This was by Ezekiel Northend and John Tod did into Court at 
Ipswich the 27th of September 1664 

Attest Robert Lord Clerk 

t Crage married in Nov., 1658, a second wife, Sarah, widow of Robert 
Keyes of Watertown, and it is possil)le that she was related to tlic 


Ch.: II. John.— > 

III. EpHRAiM killed by the Indians, May 2, 1676. He is 

believed to have been the first person in 
Haverhill slain by the savages in King 
Philip's war.* 

IV. James &?-?- 

V. Samuel, b. 1649. '^^^— ^ 
VI. Thomas 
VII. Joseph, b. 1656. ■,:- - > 
VIII, Susanna married, Jan. 29, 1661/2, Joseph Pike, of 

Neyvbury, b. 1638, son of Capt. John and 
Mary Pike. He vs^as Representative, and 
Deputy Sheriff ; killed by the Indians, Sept. 

4, 1694, in Amesbury, on the way to Haver- 
hill. His widow, Susanna, was living when 
the estate was distributed in 1699. Ch ; i. 
Sarah, b. Oct. 12, 1666; nr' Feb. 4, 16S5/6, 
at Newbury, Anthony Morse, son of An- 
thony and Elizabeth (Knight) Morse, of 
Salisbury. 2. John, b. Sept. i, 1668; died 
Sept. 29, 1668. 3. Mary, b. April 17 or 30, 
1670; unm. in 1705. 4.. John, b. Dec. 28, 
1671; prob. m'l March 18, 1694/5, Lydia, 
widow of Moses Little, and dau. of Tristram 

/ Coffin; admitted to Newbury Church, 1697. 

5. Joseph, b. April 17, 1674; m'^ Dec , 1695, 
Hannah Smith; his son. Rev. James Pike, 
b. March i, 1703, Harvard Coll. , 1725, was 
the first minister of Somersworth, N. H.; 
m. Aug. 26, 1730, Sarah, dau. of Nicholas 
Gilman, of Exeter; died there, March ig, 
1792. His son, Nicholas Pike, published in 
178S a New and Complete System of Arith- 
mctick, composed for the use of the citizens 
of the United States. 6. Benjamin, b. 
Sept. 21, 1676; living, 1699. 7. Hannah, b. 
March 24, 1678/9; prob. ni'', 1701, Joseph 
Ilsley, J'. 8. Thomas, b. Aug. 4, 1681; 
living 1699. 

* It is not known that Epliraim Kingsbury was married, but the Haverhill Rec- 
ords give the marriage of Eunice Kingsbury, of Amesbury, to James White, April 
16, 1678. Perhaps widow of Ephraim, as she is not otherwise accounted for. 


II John' Kingsbury {He/in'), of Haverhill, married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Matthias Ru-tton, of Ipswich and 
Haverhill. Eliz^ Button, y" wife of Matthias Button of Hav- 
erhill, conveys to her son-in-law, John Kingsbury, land in 
H., "being part of y'' land given me b}" my husband, Mat- 
thias Button, Dec. 28, 1670." Essex Registry 0/ Deeds, xxx/i'i, 
22g. The Button Genealogy, a pamphlet printed in 1889, 
by A. Button, of Grand Rapids, Mich., states that Elizabeth, 
daughter of Matthias Button and Lettyce his wife, born in 
Ipswich, 1645, married in 1666, John Kingsbury, of Haver- 
hill. He died Jan. 23, 1670/71. "Inventory of y' estate of 
John Kingsberry, who died y'' 23'' da}' of y"" 11"' m", 1670, in 
Haverhill. Elizabeth Kingsbery attested upon oath to y"' 
truth of this inventorie, at a Court held at Salisbury y'' 11 
2^* m". 167 1." Old Norfolk County Records, //, 285. He w^as 
probably a weaver, as the inventory mentions "three Reeds 
with other things belonging to a weaving tread," also "A 
hous with an acker of land to it ^24" — and "40 Ackers of 
Wilderness Land, ^12." The widow married (2) Dec. 11, 
1672, Peter Green, of Haverhill ; she died Dec. 20, 1677. 

9 John, born at Rowley, July 2S, 1667. — »- 

10 Ei.iZADRrii, born in Haverhill, Aug. 14, i6b9 Probably the Eliza- 
beth Kingsbury who m. June 9, 1687, Ephraim Davis, of 
Newbury, son of John Davis, b. Sept. 29, 1655; d. 171S. His 
will was proved July 6, 1718, bequeathing to his wife, Eliza- 
beth. Ch. : John Ei)hraini, b ]\Iarch 20, 1697, m. May 5, 1726, 
Lydia Emery; Nathaniel; Samuel; Enoch; I-21izabeth, m. 
• Rogers ; Mary, m. Rogers. 

9 John' Kingsbury ( Joh)i\ Henry'), of Xewbury, mar- 
ried Hannah ; she was admitted to the church in 

Newbury, Feb. 10, 1699/ 1700. He was probably the John 
Kingsbtiry who served under the command of Serg' James 


Jackman, July 15, 1707, in the regiment of Lieut.-Col. 
Thomas Noyes, raised in Newbury, Amesbury, and Brad- 


11 John, born at Newbury; April 8, 1689; died young. 

12 John, born at Newbury, Oct. 16, 1690. s; > 

13 Hannah, bapt. at Newbury, April 6, 1700. Ambrose Berry and 

Hannah Kingsbury married Jan. 10, 1716/17. JSewbury 
Town Records. 

14 Elizabeth, bapt. at Newbury April 6, 1700. Samuel Greenleaf, 

born in Newbury, April, 1697, son of John and Elizabeth 
(Hill) Greenleaf, married Elizabeth Kingsbury. 

15 Henry, born at Newbury, Oct. 23, 1695. s > 

16 Joseph, s; > 

12 John' Kingsbury {John\ /ohn\ Henry^), of York, 
Maine, married at Newbury, Dec. 29, 17 15, Mary, daughter 
of John and Mary (Poor) Stickney, born in Newbury, July 
I, 1691; he settled in York;* he died there March 2, 1723. 
Inventory taken Sept. 30; Widow Mary administratrix. 


17 Maky, born at Newbury, Dec. 6, 1716. 

18 Hannah, born at Newbury, July 19, 1719; published at York, Sept. 

20, 1740, to John Bane. (?) 

19 Sarah,, born at Newbury, Dec. 8, 1720; married at York, Jan. 17, 

1740, Benjamin Donnell. 

20 Abigail, born at Newbury, July 4, 1722. 

15 Henry" Kingsbury {John^, John'', Henry^), of New- 
bury, married (i) March 14, 1716/17, Rebecca, daughter of 
John and Rebecca (Somerby) Kent of Newbury. He was 
a Mariner, and it seems probable that his title of Captain 
was derived from his being commander of a vessel. He 
married (2) July 29, 1754, Elizabeth Greenough. His will is 
dated June 13, 1748; proved Nov. 18, 1754; mentions wife 
Rebeckah, sons John and Benjamin, dau. Elizabeth Tit- 
comb, dau. Emma; he gives his wife "the westerly end of 
my new dwellinghouse, and half my Cellar, during her na- 
tural life" — gives son Benjamin half his dwellinghouse 
and half his cellar — to have the whole after his wife's de- 

* John More, of York, conveyed land to John Kingsbury, of York, blacksmith, 
on the northeast side of York River, March 12, 1715/16. York Deeds, IX, 46. 


cease — gives dau. Emma half his household goods, and also 
the liberty of a room in the Westerly end of his house till 
marriage — dau. Elizabeth ^lo. Essex Registry of Wills, 
JJ2, 426. John Kingsbury was appointed guardian of Emma 
Kingsbury, a minor, 14 years of age, April 14, 1755. 

Here lies Buried Here lies Buried 

The body of Mr' The body of M'' 

Rebekah V" wife Henry Kingsbury 

OF M'' Henry Who departed this 

Kingsbury who Life November Y" 7"" 

Died Nov 18 1753 1754 in the 60*'' 

IN the 50"" Year Year of His Age. 

OF her Age. 

Here Ij^es y« Body of 

M" Elizabeth Kingsbury 

Widow of Cap^ 

Henry Kingsbury 

who departed this Life 

June the 30''' 1765 in y« 

63'! Year of her Age. 

From gravestones on old Burying Hill, Newburyport. 
These remains and graves were removed to Salisbury Point 
by Henry Kingsbury, Esq^, of Salisbury Point, great-great- 
grandson of Capt. Henry. 


21 John, born at Newbury, Feb. 3, 1717/18. s-»- 

22 Benjamin, born at Newbury, in 1728; said to have removed to 

the Coos settlement in New Hampshire. He was 2d Lieut, 
in his brother's regiment, Feb. 18, 1756, to Nov. 27. Benja- 
min Kingsbury of Newbury, and Eunice Rowell of Almsbury, 
intend marriage, April 14, 1753. — Ne^ubury Records. 

23 Elizabeth, s ■ > 

24 Emma, b. 1741. 

16 Joseph' Kingsbury ( /^//w', John^, Henry'), of York, 
Maine, married, in 1722, Patience, daughter of Samuel 
Came, of York. He was probably the Joseph Kingsbury who 
was Sergeant in Capt. Wright's company, 1755. 

He died in 1762; in his will, dated April 14, proved May 
18,. 1762, he mentions sons, John, Eliphalet, Joseph, and 
Samuel; daughters, Tabitha, Lucy, Mary, Hepzibah, wife 


of Joshua Linscot ; Elizabeth, wife of James Jenkins ; Han- 
nah, wife of Samuel Paul. York Wills, xi, 8. 


25 Tahitha, born at York, June 19, 1722. 

26 John, born at York, Dec. 26, 1724. -;-: > 

27 Hepzibah, born at York, Oct. 4, 1727; married Joshua Linscott. 

28 Elizaheth, born at York, Feb. 13, 1729/30; married James Jenkins. 

29 Joseph, born at York, Dec. 7, 1732 ; married at York, Dec. 2, 1756, 

Elizabeth Mulberry ; she died and he m. (2) March 13, 1766, 
at York, Sarah Mulberry. He was taxed in the North Parish 
of Kittery, 1783. 

30 Samuel*, born at York, April 9, 1735. 

31 Hannah, born at York, July 9, 1737; married Samuel Paul. 

32 Lucy, born at York, Nov. 13, 1739. Jan. 20, 1763, Jo. Minter and 

Lucy Kingsbury were m<' in York. \^John Bradbury s Diary. 
Maine Hist. Soc. Coll. 2 Series, i, SJ/.'\ 

33 Mary, born at York, April 13, 1742 ; died Feb. 7, 1743. 

34 Eliphalet, born at York, Feb. 6, 1745 ; the inventory of Eliphalet 

Kingsbury is given in York Wills, xiii, 3j6; dated I775. 

35 Mary, ; living in 1762. 

21 Colonel John' Kingsbury {Henyy\ Johu\ John'', 
Henry^) was a merchant and ship-owner at Newburyport, 
but a few years before his death he removed to Maine, and 
was one of the founders of Pownalborough. He married at 
Newbury, June 5, 1739, Patience Tappan, born in Newbury 
April 20, 1720, daughter of Abraham Tappan and his wife, 
Esther, daughter of Rev. Michael Wigglesworth, author of 
the " Day of Doom." Colonel Kingsbury's military services 
were distinguished, especially in the winter campaigns at 
Lake George, in 1755-6 and 1756-7. Previously he had 
been a captain in the regiment of Col. John Greenleaf. 
Early in the season of 1755 the erection of a fort at 
George was authorized. The French and the Indians were 
continually making inroads and devastations upon the set- 
tlers up and down the lakes, thus causing them to be a high- 
way for the destruction of the English people. Colonel 
Moses Titcomb of Newbury led his Essex County regiment 
to that region, to join the army under the command of Lord 

* 1766, Sept. 6.' Intentions of Marriage in Kittery. Rebecca Haley to Samuel 
Kingsbury. Saco Valley Settlements, -joy. Perhaps this Samuel. Died in York, 
March 9, 1826, Rebecca, relict of Samuel Kingsbury, ast. 81 ; on March 10, Mary Mc- 
Intire, her granddaughter, aet. ai. {Newspaper). Elisha Kingbury, of York, mar- 
ried Oct. 6, 1770, Molly Gowen, of Berwick. 



Amherst. In an engag-ement, September 8, 1755, Colonel 
Titcomb was killed. During the summer it was known that 
warlike operations were imminent, and in August, 1755, a 
reinforcement was summoned, men lieing wanted who 
should not only render full military duty, l)ut who could 
also construct vessels and storehouses. To this summons 
John Kingsbury and picked men from various military bod- 
ies of Essex county responded. These soldiers were also 
ship-carpenters. John Kingsbury is styled in the muster- 
rolls, Lieutenant-Colonel and Captain, aged thirty-eight 
years, and a resident in the town of his birth — Newbury. 
His service began Sept. 9, 1755, and continued until the fol- 
lowing February, though some of his men were relieved a 
few weeks earlier. His company was attached to the regi- 
ment of Colonel Ichabod Plaisted. In one of the muster- 
rolls* he is styled " Colonel," with " a Company of Carpen- 
ters at Lake George," "Building vessels at the Lakes, store- 
houses, &c." His first term of service comprised " 23 weeks 
and 5 days," and he was allowed " 15 days travel from Al- 
bany." His company of carpenters was made up largely of 
Newbury, Ipswich, and Salisbury men. The flotilla which 
they assisted in constructing became famous in the annals 
of the French and Indian War. The two winter seasons at 
the lakes, doing nominal military duty, since the lakes were 
frozen, and active military operations well-nigh impossible, 
was a service which called for men skilled as well as patri- 
otic. The " Reduction of Canada " was largely due to the 
splendid service of this " flotilla," which was constructed by 
men who were well informed both about military matters 
and ship-building. After his campaigns were over. Colonel 
Kingsbury returned to an active business life in Newbury, 
and also resumed his place in the Newbury train-band. In 
1762 he removed to Pownalborough, where he became a ver}» 
prominent citizen. At a special town meeting, held July 24, 
1764, it was " voted to raise the sum of One Hundred Pounds 
L. M. to build a Town House, or a House for the Publick 
Worship of God & that a Committee be Chose for the Man- 

* Muster-Roils of the Campaigns of 1755-6. and 7, Fo/s. 9./ andg^^ 
Mass. State Archives. 



agement of said Sum & that Job Avrill, John Decker & John 
Kingsbury Esq"", be y^ Committee." He built the first two- 
storied house in that part of Pownalborough (now Wiscas- 
set) where he lived. He died in Boston Aug. 22, 1764, where 
he had gone on business connected with building the meet- 
ing-house at Pownalborough. The following account of his 
death is from the Massachusetts Gazette, Thursday, Aug. 23, 
1764: "Monday last arrived here Capt. Robert Hodge 
from Pownalborough at the Eastward, with whom came 
passenger John Kingsbury, Esq"", who the same night was 
seiz'd with a Fit of Apoplexy and continued in a stupid 
frame till Yesterday Afternoon when he expir'd, being in the 
47*'' Year of his Age. He was lately a Colonel in the Pro- 
vincial Service to the Westward, and one of his Majesty's 
Justices of the Peace for the County of Lincoln ; both of 
which Trusts he executed to the honor of himself and Ben- 
efit of the Community. His remains are to be interred This 
Afternoon, from Mrs. Maverick's at the North End." Mrs. 
Maverick lived in Union street, on the corner of Salt Lane 
nearest Dock Square.* His estate was administered upon 
Sept. 7, 1764, by his widow Patience. Inventory taken Nov. 
21, 1764, by Benjamin Woodbridge of Newcastle, Michael 
Sevey and Jonathan Williamson, both of Pownalborough : 
jQgdd : 16 : 10. Mrs. Patience Kingsbur}^ survived her hus- 
band man}' years, dying about 1792 at the residence of her 
son-in-law, Thomas Rice, Esq., in Wiscasset. She was bur- 
ied in the Federal Street burying-ground, Wiscasset. 


36 Hannah, born in Newbury, April 22, 1740 ; married there, March 

24, 1757, Timothy Pike, Jr. ^;^^^- 

37 Mary, b. in Newbury Dec. 20, 1741; married Major John Hues, is-*- 

38 Emma, ; married Isaac Waite of Falmouth, April 12, 

1763; no children. 

39 Betsey, ; married Samuel Barnett of Newburyport; had 

2 children. 

40 Rebecca, born in Newbury Dec. 16, 1746: married Hon. Thomas 

Rice, r" > 

41 John, born in Newbury July 3, 1749. ss-^ 

N. E. Hist. -Gen. Register, xxxii, 239. 


42 Ann, ; married July i, 1776, Rev. Thomas Moore (Har- 
vard College, 1769); minister at Pownalborough; ch.: i. Sally, 
m. Capt. Babbage, ship-master, of Wiscasset. 2. Mary, d. 
young. 3. Harriet, d. young. 4. Thomas, said to have settled 
at Nassau, New Providence. 5. Peter, died young. She 
married (2) Dal ton. 

23 Elizabeth' Kingsbury {Ifniry\ Jo/in*, JoJin\ Henry'), 
married, Sept. 2, 1740, Samuel Titcomb, of Newbury, born 
Aug-. 12, 1 7 15, son of John and Lydia (Morse) Titcomb. 


1 John, b. Feb. i, 1746 ; m. Elizabeth Pierson, of Newburyport. 

2 Moses. 

3 Sarah, ; m. Benjamin Bradford. 

4 William. 

5 Samuel. 

6 Rehecca, ; m. Capt. John Buntin, of Newburyport. 

26 }6\\Vi' YiXn^shMXy {Joseph\ John'', John-, Henry'). He 
married at York, Maine, April 22, 1750, Sarah, daughter of 
Lieutenant John Carlisle. John Kingsbury of Old York 
was Sergeant of the company commanded by Capt. Samuel 
Darby in Col. Scamman's regiment from May to Aug., 1775. 
Maine Hist. Mag. II J loS. Probably this John, or possibly 
his son. He was taxed in the North Parish of Kittery, 1783. 


43 Tahitha, born Oct. 25, 1750, in York, Maine. 

44 John, born Jan. 17, 1753, in York, Maine, had a son, Henry, who 

was living in Kennebunk, Me., in 1854, and his son, George 
H., was in 1859 a lawyer in Boston. Samuel and Mary, chil- 
dren of John and Mary Kingsbury, were baptized at York, 
Oct. 28, 1796. 

45 Patience, born Jan. 15, 1755, in York, Maine. 

46 Benjamin, born April 12, 1757, in York, Maine. 

47 Sahah, born April 27, 1759, in York, Maine. 

48 Joseph,* born July, 1762, in York, Maine. 

49 Mahy, born Dec. 31, 1764, in York, Maine. 

50 Hannah, born Sept. 13, 1766, in York, Maine. 

51 Akigail, born Dec. 9, 1768, in York, Maine. 

52 Timothy, born July 12, 1771, in York, Maine. 

* Capt. Joseph Kin.tfsbury and Hannali Miller were married at Kennebunkport, 
Oct. 25, 17Q2. 

Capt. Joseph Kingsbury and Sally Derborne of North Hampton were published 
at Kennebunkport, Feb. 4, 17^7. Perhaps Joseph, son of John and Sarah. 



36 Hannah" Kingsbury {/o/i//\ Henry\ Jo/in\ JoJm^, 
Henry^), married in Newbury, March 24, 1757, Captain Tim- 
othy Pike, Jr., a descendant of Joseph and Susanna (Kings- 
bury) Pike. He was called captain because in early life he 
commanded a tender, a vessel which carried supplies to the 
army in the old French war, and it is the tradition that he 
was attached to that part of the army in which Col. Kings- 
bury was an officer. He became a manufacturer of scythes 
and other edged tools, and removed from Newbury to Fal- 
mouth (now Portland). In JVillis's History of Portland^ 336, 
it is stated that Mr. Pike was one of the sufferers from the 
burning of Falmouth by the British Oct. 18, 1775, and he was 
one of a committee who signed an address to the people of 
Ireland on that subject. Mrs. Hannah (Kingsbury) Pike 
died May 22, 1774, in Portland, and Mr. Pike married Oct. 
18, 1774, a second wife, Elizabeth Jones, by whom he had 
several children. In 1785 he was one of the signers of a 
petition for the incorporation of the town of Portland. A 
few years before his death he removed to Sacarappa village, 
within the limits of ancient Falmouth, now Westbrook, and 
there he died. 


1 Hope, m. a Mr. Darling ; died in Westbrook about 

1835, s.p. 

2 Sally, married Cobb, and had several children ; 

died before 1834. 

37 Mary' Kingsbury {John\ Hen)y\ Jo/in\ /o/i>i\ Henry^), 
married Oct. 25, 1763, Major John Hues of Pownalborough, 
Me. He was a ship carpenter, and afterwards a merchant 
in Wiscasset. He marrie"d (2) Dec, 1778, Jemima Elwell, 
from Cape Ann. He died Dec. 15, 1805, aged 65. Mrs. 
Jemima Hues died Sept. 16, 1823, aged 82. 


1 Polly, married May 24, 1785, Major Seth Tinkham 

of Wiscasset as his second wife ; she left one child, who died 
young. He died Sept. 29, 182S, aged 68. 

2 Betsey, married Capt. Peter Brayson, or Bryson (pub. 

Aug. 2, 17S6); he was a native of Scotland, and a merchant in 
Wiscasset ; she died s.p. 
• 7 


3 Sally, married (i) Dec. 30, 178S, Capt. Joseph Hol- 

brook, shipmaster, of Wiscasset, and had several children ;' 
(2) Col. Ezekiel Cutter, sail-maker, who died Jan. 29, 1850, 
aged 86, in Wiscasset. 

4 Nancy, married April 4, 1786, (i) William Thaxter, 

goldsmith, of Wiscasset, by whom she had three children ; (2) 
Thomas Dow, caulker and graver, by whom she had five 
children ; (3) Capt. John Decker, shipmaster. 

5 Hannah, married Capt. Daniel Baker, shipmaster, of 

Wiscasset (pub. June 27, 1795) ; had seven children. 

6 John, married Elizabeth Clough (pub. Oct. 31, 1795); 

had one child, who died young. He died Sept. 14, 1796, aged 
23, in Wiscasset. 

40 Rebecca Kingsbury" { John', Henry\ Jo/in\ John\ 
Hcfiry^), married Jan. 15, 1767, Dr. Thomas Rice, born in 
Westboro', Mass., 1737.* son of Noah and Hannah (Warren) 
Rice; Harvard College, 1756 ; he studied medicine with Dr. 
Oliver Prescott, of Groton, Mass., and settled in the practice 
of his profession at Pownalboro', 1 760-1. He was the second 
regular physician who settled east of the Kennebec River. 
Dr. Rice was eminent in his profession and had a large and 
successful practice. He was the first Representative to the 
General Court east of Kennebec River, 1774. He was Judge 
of the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Lincoln, 
forty years. Register of Deeds, Senator, 1780-3, one of the 
early trustees of Bowdoin College, and a member of the 
State Convention that, on the part of Massachusetts, adopted 
the Constitution of the United States, and voted for it. He 
died April 21, 181 2, aged 74 years and 4 months. His 
widow, Rebecca, died Aug. 19, 1816. 


I Thomas, born March 30, 1768, Wiscasset ; Harvard College, 1791 ; 
studied law with Timothy Bigelow, and settled at Winslow, 
Me., April, 1795 ; married 1806, Sarah, daughter of Hon. 
William and Mercy (Porter) Swan, of Gardiner, Me., b. in 
1777, in Groton, Mass.; she died 1840, s.p. ; (2) Susannah 
Green, who died Dec. i, 1879. He was member of Con- 
gress, 1815-1819. He died Aug. 25, 1854. He had one son, 
Thomas Green, a soldier in the Civil War ; died at V'andalia, 
La., Oct. 4, 1865. 

* Nov. 27, 1734. Rice Genealogy. 


2 Rebecca, born March 4, 1770, Wiscasset ; died Sept. 25, 1772. 

3 John, born August 24, 1771, Wiscasset ; died Oct. 7, 1772. 

4 Rebecca, born May 6, 1772, Wiscasset; d. May 13, 1773. 

5 William, born Jan. 7, 1776, Wiscasset ; settled in Bangor, a mer- 

chant, and ship-builder ; died unmarried, Dec. 13, 1S42. 

6 Charles, born Aug. 14, 1779, Wiscasset ; settled in Bangor about 

1800, as a merchant ; removed to Brewer. Postmaster there 
1 8 19 to 1827, when he went back to Bangor. He was Regis- 
ter of Deeds, and held other official positions. He married 
July 31, 1814, Miranda, daughter of Capt. William Hammond, 
Sen\ of Bangor. She died Dec. 4, 1834. He died Dec. 25, 
1836. They had 10 children. 

7 Rebecca, born March 9, 1781; married, 1S04, Rev. Freeman Parker, 

born in Barnstable, Mass., July 13, 1776; Harvard College, 
1797; ordained minister at Dresden, Me., Sept. 2, 1801 ; re- 
signed his charge at Dresden in 1826, and removed to Wis- 
casset, where he died April 24, 1854. She died before 1847. 
They had 5 children. 

8 Warren, born Jan. 18, 1783; married (i) Jan. 27, 1807, Jane Wood ; 

she died in Wiscasset, March 4, 181S; (2) June i, 1819, Mrs. 
Mary (Webster) Merrill. He was a magistrate, and for more 
than 20 years Register of Deeds for the county of Lincoln. 
He died Dec. 13, 1851. His wife died May i, 1854. He had 
6 children by his ist wife. 

9 Hannah, born Jan, 8, 17S6; married, 1821, William Hovey of Box- 

ford, afterwards of Warren, Me., as his second wife. 

10 Sophia, born March 2, 1789 ; married, Sept. 12, 1821, Jonathan 

Thayer, born 1779, son of Elijah and Sarah (Robinson) Thayer, 
of Milford, Mass. ; Brown University, 1803. He was a lawyer; 
admitted to practice in 1808; in 1811 settled in Camden, Me.; 
he was State senator, member of the Executive Council, and 
Judge of Probate seven years for Waldo County; he died at 
Camden, Sept. 20, 1853. They had 2 children. 

41 John Kingsbury" {Jo/in\ Henry \ /o/in\ John^, 
Henry ^), a ship-carpenter and farmer at Wiscasset ; married 
1768, published July 10, 1768, Miriam, daughter of Samuel 
and Mary (Rhodes) Place, of Pownalborough ; born Sept., 
1747. He learned the ship-carpenter's trade of his brother- 
in-law, John Hues ; about the time of the Revolutionary War 
his business became depressed, and he sold his house and land 
on the shore, ^and removed inland a few miles from the vil- 
lage of Wiscasset. He died there, April 9, 1798. She died 
Sept. 9, 1822. 



53 Betsey, born Sept. 1769, Pownalborough, married March, 1797, 

Charles Elder, of Windham, Me., born June 29, 1767, son of 
William and Mary (Akers) E.; she died Dec, 1797, leaving 
twin sons, Charles, born Nov. 23, 1797 ; died young ; John, 
born, Nov. 23, 1797 ; brought up by his grandmother Kings- 
bury in Wiscasset ; living in Portland in 1824. 

54 Emma, born Aug., 1770, Pownalborough ; married, 1798, John Wil- 

lard, of Wiscasset ; children : 'Betsey, died young ; "Mary, b. 
Dec. 27, 1800 ; married James Tewksbury, of Chelsea, Mass., 
who died Oct., 1840 ; she died Dec. 28, 1849 ; ^Margaret, born 
1803; married Thomas Pratt, of Boston ; had two children. 

55 John, born July 31, 1772, Pownalborough. 7—^ 

56 William, born Dec, 1774, Pownalborough; seaman He entered 

the U. S. Navy about the time of the War of 1812, and was in 
1825 stationed in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Said to have 
died there. 

57 Samuel, ; died young. 

58 Patience, born Nov. 16, 1779, Wiscasset. :.;: > 

59 Samuel, born March 4, 1782, Wiscasset. -r~>- 

60 Henry, born Feb., 17S5, Wiscasset; went to sea, and was never 

heard of again ; probably died abroad. 

61 Rhodes, born Feb., 1787, Wiscasset. ~i—>- 

62 Edward, born fall of 1788, Wiscasset ; died fall of 1793. 

63 Tryphena, born July, 1790, Wiscasset ; died fall of 1793. 

64 Mary, born spring of 1793, Wiscasset ; died spring of 1793. 

52 Timothy Kingsbury" {John'', /oseph\ /ohn\ John'', 

Henry^), of York, Maine, married Ruth , who died 

in York, March 29, 181 3. 


65 Sarah Carlisle, born June 12, 1806, York. 

66 John, born April 30, 1809, York. 

67 Joseph, born March 17, 1811. 

55 John Kingsbury' {Jo/i/2\Johii\.JIenry\Jo/i/i\/ohtr, 
Jlenry^), of Wiscasset, married at Baltimore, Md., July 28, 
1800, Margaret Killigreed ; he was a sailor for many years, 
and when he returned to Wiscasset was a rigger by trade, 
and carried on that business there. 


68 John, born Nov. 2, 1801 ; died Sept. 1, 1802, at Boston. 

69 Edward, born Nov. 2, 1803 ; went to sea when he was 21, and was 

never heard of again. 

^-^^^-^U^ '^^'a^^^vC /)~Cj^.<^ 


70 John, born Jan. 15, 1806, at New York, ^i^^ 

71 William Henry, born Feb. 10, 1810 ; died June 22, 18 11. 

72 William, b. Nov. 11, 1812 ; died Nov. 16, 1813. 

73 Margaret Mary, b. Sept. 6, 1814. ir^-> 

58 Patience'' Kingsbury {John\ John\ Henry*, John\ 
John'', Henry'), married at Wiscasset, Oct., 1805, Charles Dean, 
born at Exeter, N. H., Oct. 9, 1779, son of John and Sarah 
(Bridges) Dean ; he was a saddler and carried on that busi- 
ness in Wiscasset until 18 17, then in Mount Vernon, and in 
1823 settled in Portland, Maine. He died in Portland, Jan. 
I, 1829 ; his widow died in Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 27, 1869. 


1 Sarah Bridges, born in Wiscasset, July 22, 1806; died unmarried, 

in Boston, May 18, 1892. For more than fifty years a member 
of the First Baptist Church, Boston. 

2 Mary Moses, born in Wiscasset, Nov. 5, 1807; died unmarried, in 

Boston, March 13, 1876. 

3 Charles, born in Wiscasset, April 4, 1809; died there April 26, 1810. 

4 Charles, born in Wiscasset, Oct. 26, 181 1 ; he was a printer in New 

York ; married Sept. 7, 1843, Jane Maria Wright; he died in 
New York, June 23, 1848; 2 ch. : i Emma Jane, born in Bos- 
ton, May 6, 1845; died in New York, Oct. 23, 1848; 2 Charles 
John, born in New York, July 11, 1847; resides in Lunenburg, 
Mass. (1892). 

5 John Ward, born in Wiscasset, March 13, 1815; married in Boston, 

June 29, 1853, Lydia, dau. of John Scottow and Abigail (Em- 
erson) Dean, born in Woburn, Mass., Sept. 5, 1826; they have 
no-ch. Mr. Dean's schooling began in the district school of 
the village of Mount Vernon, when he was five years old, 
where he attended a man's school in winter and a woman's 
school in summer, as was then customary in small villages. 
His schooling ended with four months in the Portland High 
School. Then he learned the bookbinder's trade. In his boy- 
hood Mr. Dean was very fond of reading, but he had very 
little opportunity for selection ; he read Rogers' " Pleasures 
of Memory," Young's " Night-Thoughts," Thomson's "Sea- 
sons," and during his apprenticeship he purchased Aiken's 
" British Poets." After he went into the bookbinding trade 
he had books enough to read, and soon began to collect a 
library. In pursuit of his trade he came to Boston in 1835, 
and subsequently was in the employ of bookbinders in Provi- 
dence, New York, and Philadelphia. In 1841 he went into 
the bookbinding business for himself in Providence, and sub- 
sequently in Boston. After a few years he confined his busi- 


ness to stamping and gilding, an enterprise which he success- 
fully conducted until 1872. But the life of John Ward Dean 
has centered about the New England Historic Genealogical 
Society. To it he has given his best thought and his unwea- 
ried service. He has been a member since 1850, and a life- 
member since 1859 ; from 1855 to 1857 he was treasurer ; from 
1857 to 185S, recording secretary; from 1859 to 1862, corre- 
sponding secretary; director from 1855 to 1889; member of 
the council from 1892 until the present time ; on the commit- 
tee of publication since 1854 ; librarian from 1872 to 1889 ; the 
latter year he gave up his position and devoted himself to 
editing the Register, but was reappointed in 1S92, and still 
holds the office ; he has been editor of the New England 
Historic Genealogical Register since 1876, and before that 
date he was associate editor for several years, and from 1864 
to 1876 a member of the club pledged to support the maga- 
zine. The value of his labors in connection with the Regis- 
ter cannot be overestimated. To him, more than to any one 
else, is due its success. The Register has stimulated re- 
search in fields which would otherwise have remained unin- 
vestigated, and has made invaluable contributions to the his- 
tory and genealogy of New England. The positions which 
he has held in the N. E. Historic Genealogical Society, and 
his intense interest in historical matters, have combined, with 
an accurate memory, to give Mr. Dean the vast fund of de- 
tailed historical knowledge which he has at easy command, 
and has been ready to share, in his modest and kindly way, 
with all who have sought his assistance Indeed, he has 
often suggested the writing of a book which has proved a val- 
uable addition to historical literature. All efforts to render 
the early history of our country more accessible to the gen- 
eral reader have enlisted Mr. Dean's heartiest support. He 
was one of the charter members of the Prince Society, organ- 
ized in 1858, whose object was the publication of rare works 
in print or manuscript, relating to America, and he was also 
president for ten j^ears. Space does not permit the mention 
of all the historical societies of which Mr. Dean is a member. 
More than twenty-five societies, not all confined to the United 
States, have placed his name on their rolls. In 1869 Dart- 
mouth College recognized Mr. Dean's attainments, and hon- 
ored him with the degree of A.M. Mr. Dean's writings have 
been mainly confined to .short biographical sketches and some 
genealogical work. The sketch of " Henry Kingsbury and 
his Descendants," published by him in the Register of 1859, 
was the first attempt to print any account of the Kingsbury 
family. He wrote Memoirs of his ancestors. Rev. Nathaniel 
Ward, author of the " Simple Cobbler of Agawam," in 1868, 


and of Rev. Michael Wigglesworth , in 1871. Among his an- 
cestors were also Governor Thomas Dudley, Henry Sewall, 
Mayor of Coventry, in England, and Rev. John Woodbridge, 
of Andover and Newbury. To sum up, it may fairly be said 
that Mr. Dean has done more to awaken an interest in care- 
ful research into the early history of New England than al- 
most any other man. [Condensed from a sketch of Mr. Dean, 
by Ruth Wood Hoag, A.B. , in the Genealogical Advertiser, 
Dec, 1899, H., 97-104.] 
6 Jeremiah, born Oct. 6, 1S16, Wiscasset ; married Sept. 16, 1852, 
Martha Ann Nelson ; he learned the bookbinder's trade of 
George Coleman of Portland, and carried on business in Bos- 
ton ; he died in Charlestown, Mass., June 4, 1882, leaving one 
son, Henry Kingsbury, born July 6, 1866. 

59 Samuer Kingsbury {Johif\ John", Henry", John^, 
John^, ffenry^), of Bath and Biddeford, Me.; married, (pub- 
lished July 22, 1812,) (i) Miriam, daughter of Dominicus 
and Miriam (Tarbox) Gilpatrick, born in Biddeford, Sept. 
14, 1784 ; she died Oct. 4, 1829 ; married (2) at Bath, Mrs. 
Lydia (Rideout) Todd. He was a rigger by trade. He 
died in Bath, June 22, 1852. 


74 Hannah, born May, 1806 (?) ; died Aug. 5, 1877, unmarried. 

75 Henry, born May 4, 18 14, Wiscasset. £==—>- 

76 Harriet, born June 18, 1816, Bath ; m. Feb. g, 1837, Joseph Ham- 

mond Curtis ; she died May 5, 1856. 

77 Mary Elizabeth, born Feb. 13, 1819, Bath. ir. > 

78 Geor(;e, born Feb. 10, 1821, Bath, Me.; married May 7, 1851, Susan 

Chute Abbott, born in South Windham, Maine, Oct. 7, 1819, 
dau. of William and Mary Abbott ; he was a mechanic in 
Portland, but removed, before his death, to Bolsters Mills, 
Me., where he died June 28, 1S92. His wife died April g, 1889. 

79 Dominicus Gilpatrick, born June 28, 1824, Biddeford ; name 

changed to Leonard by law. r.: > 

80 Isabella, born April 13, 1S27, Biddeford. ;;■; > 

61 R hodes' Kingsbury {John\ John\ Henry\ John\ John'', 
Henry^), of Bath, Maine, married, in Bath, Sept. 19, 1813, 
Betsey Gould. 

He was a rigger, and carried on the business in Bath and 
Wiscasset. He invented and patented, about 1824, an ap- 
paratus for steering vessels. He died in Bath, June 27, 
1866, se. 77 years and 5 months. His widow, Betsey, died in 
February, 1888. 



8i William, born Oct. i, 1814, Bath, Me. He went away from home 
when about 21, and never returned. In 1846 he was Uving in 
Mobile, Ala. 

82 James Henry, born July 28, 1816, Bath ; married Sarah Dunham of 

Bath; lost at sea, April 2, 1848. 3 Ch. : i. William Henry, 
b. June 9, 1842. 2. Mary Eliza. 3. Sarah Adelaide. 

83 Betsey, born Oct. 14, 1818, Bath ; see No. 73. 

84 Joanna, born May, 1820, Bath ; married in Boston, Jan., 1847, 

James McConologue. Ch.: i. James Sheridan, b. 1847; died 
many years ago. 

85 Charles Dean, born May 10, 1S21, Bath; died Dec, 1S50, at Bath, 


86 Sarah Jane, born April 10, 1825, Bath; died Aug. 11, 1S26, 

87 Sarah Jane, born July 17, 1826, Bath; died Feb. 4, 1S51, at Bath, 


88 John Rhodes, born June 20, 1828, Bath; died in 1844, at Wiscasset. 

89 Susan Ella, born Oct. 27, 1829, Bath; married (i) Oct. 20, 1851, 

Fred Hyman Hall; (2) in Milan, Italy, Jan. 6, 1872, Signer 
Ernesto Baldanza ; he died in New York, April 4, 1900; she 
lives in New York city, 5 East 14th street. 

90 Margaret Mary, born Sept. 5, 1834, Bath. 

91 John Gould, born 1842, Wiscasset; married . He died May 

20, 1891, at Hudson, Mass.; s. p. 

70 John' Kingsbury {John\ John\ John", Henry\ fo/i/i', 
John^^ Hen?y^), of Wiscasset, married, in New York, Katharine 

; he was first a sailor, then a merchant in Wiscasset, 

where he died, March 4, 1853 ; his widow married Orrin S. 
Alley, master mariner; she died Feb. 26, 1878, je. 66. 


92 El^WARD. 

93 John Henry, born 1835; he served in the Civil War as a member of 

the vSecond Maine Cavalry; died at Pensacola, Fla , Oct. 24, 
1864, ic. 29. 

94 Sarah. 

95 WiLMOT Cutter, born Feb., 1S40; died Aug. 18, 1841. 

96 Sidney C, born 1848; served in the Civil War as a member of the 

Second Maine Cavalry; died at Pensacola, Fla., Sept. 27, 
1864, se. 16. 

73 Margaret' Mary Kingsbury {John\ John\ John\ 
Henry\ Joint', John\ Henry'), married at Wiscasset John R. 
C. Stimson, blacksmith. She died there, Aug. 13, 1839, 
se. 24. He married (2) Betsey Kingsbury, his wife's cousin, 





daughter of Rhodes Kingsbury (see No. 83). He died in 
Bath, Sept. 17, 1875. 


1 Edward, born June, 1837, Wiscasset. 

2 Margaret Mary, born Aug., 1839, Wiscasset; died Aug. 30, 1839. 


3 Frederick, married; in 1875 residing in vSpringfield, Mass. 

4 Jennie Salome, born Oct., 1845, Wiscasset; married and lives in 


5 William, married; in 1875, residing in Springfield, Mass. 

6 Charles ; residing, in 1875, in Bath, Me. 

75 Captain Henry' Kingsbury {Sami/eP, Jo/i?f, John\ 
Henry\ Jo/in^, John\ Henry^), of Bath, Maine, married, Nov. 
14, 1838, Nancy Pike, daughter of Benjamin W. and Martha 
(Pike) Lowell, born in Salisbury, Mass., March 28, 1817. 
When about eleven years old he was placed in the care of 
Captain Reuben Osgood of Salisbury Point, while running 
a vessel between Salisbury and the coast of Maine. From 
a cabin boy he advanced to second and first mate of several 
ships, all the while studying thoroughly the system of navi- 
gation, and fitting himself for the position he sought, that of 
captain of a merchant vessel. He was finally placed in 
charge of a ship belonging to Caleb Cushing, and sailed out 
of Newburyport on several voyages to foreign parts, see- 
ing service on the ocean for twenty-four years. In 1846 he 
entered the West India goods trade at Salisbury Point, in 
company with Robert Fowler. The firm continued for 
several years, when Captain Kingsbury purchased Fowler's 
interest at Salisbury Point, and largely increased the busi- 
ness, adding coal supply, purchasing coal by the ship load. 
He constructed coal sheds and was the pioneer in this 
branch of trade, and at one time he was one of the wealth- 
iest men of the town, and active in advancing its interests ; 
but reverses of fortune followed to some extent, and he re- 
tired from active business life. Captain Kingsbury was the 
oldest member of the Powow River Lodge of Odd Fellows 
at the time of his death. His wife died Sept. 3, 1888. He 
died in Salisbury Point, Amesbury, Aug. 6, 1890. 



97 Henry Lowell, b. June 6, 1840, Salisbury Point, ss-^- 

98 Charles Benjamin, b. June 4, 1S46, Salisbury Point. f..=-^ 

99 Annie KiN(;siiUKY, b. Sept. S, 1853 (see No. 77); m., July 28, 1874, 

Rev. Otis Olney Wright, a clergyman of the Protestant Epis- 
copal Church; formerly of Riverside, R. I., now of Sandy 
Hook, Conn. 

Ch.: (i) Henry Kingsbury, b. Sept. 7, 1S75; d. Feb. 21, 
1893. (2) Lucy, b. Dec. 9, 1876; grad. Wellesley Col- 
lege, 1900. (3) Selah Howell, b. Jan. 21, 1882. (4) 
Cecil, b. March 4, i836. 

76 Harriet" Kingsbury {Sa»iitcP, Jo}uf\ /o//?r\ II(/iry\ 
John^, Jo/in^, Heurf), married, Feb. 9, 1837, Captain Joseph 
Hammond Curtis, born in Biddeford, Me., Feb. 5, 1811. She 
died in Kennebunkport, Me., May 5, 1856. He died Jan. 
25, 1879. 


1 Mary Elizabeth, b. June 17, 183S; m., Sept. 29, 1861, John F. 

Drown of Boston. 

2 Albert, b. July 23, 1843; d. July 5, 1850. 

77 Mary Elizabeth' Kingsbury {Samuel\ Jo/ifi\ Jo/tfi\ 
IIe!}ry\ Jo/in^, Jo/i/r, Hciiiy), married. May 23, 1841, C3'renius 
Foss, born in Scarboro, Me., Jan. 29, 18 16, son of Ezekiel 
and Hannah (Edgecomb) Foss.- He was for many years a 
successful teacher, and a man of ability and influence. She 
died in Hollis, Me., Dec. 30, 1857. He died Nov. 23, 1889. 


1 John Fairfield, b. Dec. 5, 1842; m., June 29, 1S66, Augusta N. Per- 

ham; resides Tewksbury, Mass. 

2 Enos Lord, b. July 28, 1844; m., July 28, 1864, Susan A. Johnson; 

resides in Greenville, N. H. 

3 Mary Frances, b. Aug. 18, 1846; lives in Taunton, Mass. ; unmarried. 

4 Emma Anna, b. Dec. 30, 1848; m., Jan. 12, 1871, James P. Johnson; 

resides in Stoneham, Mass. 

5 Miriam Elizabeth, b. Sept. 10, 1851; m., Feb. 3, 1S76. John C. A. 

Robinson; resides in Charlestown , Mass. 

6 Nancy Kingsbury*, b. Sept. 8, 1853. 

• Nancy Kingsbury Foss was adopted by her tmcle, Captain Henry Kingsbury, 
of Salisbury Point, in 1858, and was afterwards known as Annie Kingsbury. 


7 Henry Cyrenius, b. Oct. 31, 1S55; m., Feb. 20, 1881, Martha M. 

Smith; resides in HoUis, Me. 

8 Samuel Elroy, b. Sept., 1857; d. Oct. 5. 1880. 

79 Leonard" Kingsbury {Sa/nuel\ John\ Jo/i/i\ Henry*, 
JoJin^, JoJiir, Heiirf), " spent my early life on the rivers in 
Maine, the best of my life in the Wisconsin woods ;" he 
lived for a time in Alfred, Me., then removed to Wisconsin. 
He married (i) Dec. 25, 1850, Mary Small, daughter of Benja- 
min Loring- Dunwell Lane, and Lucinda Leavett, his wife. 
She was horn in Buxton, Maine, March 16, 1828, died May 
25, 1882, in Minneapolis, Minn. He married (2) Oct. 20, 
1886, Lucy J. McMillan, widow of William A. Hall, and 
daughter of Dr. Andrew and Effie D. (Wheeler) McMillan, 
of Clarksfield, O., born Jul}^ 22, 1834, in Clarksfield. He set- 
tled in Minneapolis, engaged in the real estate business, and 
died there Oct. 5, 1895. 


100 Frederick Bailey, b. Oct. 27, 1S51, Barr Mills, Buxton, ss— >- 
loi Anna Belle, b. Feb. 12, 1856, Mosinee, Wis.; nr' Jan. g, 18S3, 
Charles Herbert Howes, of Omaha, Neb , b. May 12, 1854, 
son of Charles Howes, of Essex, Mass ; County Surveyor of 
Douglas Co. They now reside in Jamaica Plain, Mass. , where 
he is employed in the engineering department of the Metro- 
politan Park Commission. 

Ch.: (j) Charles Edward, b. June 17, 1884. (2) Mildred 
Kingsbury, b. Sept. 8, i88g. 

102 John Lane, b. Feb. 9, 1858; died July 16, 1865. 

103 Lucinda, b. Sept. 30, i860; m. Jan. 7, 1890, Nathan J. Harrison, 

b. Aug. 6, 1858, in Chicago, 111., son of Nathan B. and Ella 
(Ives) Harrison ; resides in Denver, Colorado. 

Ch. : (i) Clara Natalie, b. June 4, 1892; d. Dec. 30, 1S92. 

104 George Henry, b. Sept. 27, 1866; died Nov. 25, 1866. 

105 Miriam Blanche, b. Oct. 18, 1870; unm. ; living in Denver, Colo- 


80 Isabella" Kingsbury {Samuer, John\ /ohn\ Henry\ 
/ohn\ Jo/ifi^, Henry^), married May 21, 1844, Lorenzo Dow 
Evans, born May i, 1824, in Wakefield, N. H., son of Na- 
thaniel and Mary (Dow) Evans. They removed to Wey- 
mouth, Mass., in May, 1850, and in 1866 to Boston. He died 
Feb. 18, 1867. Mr. Evans' grandfather, Benjamin Evans, 
served seven years in the Revolutionary War. She died 
March 31, 1899, in Dorchester, Mass. 



1 Lorenzo, b. Oct. lo, 1845, Dedham; died Sept. 20, 1846. 

2 Lafayette, b. March 14, 1850, Biddeford ; died Oct. 25, i86g, in 


3 Malvina F., b. June 14, 1853, Weymouth; m'' Dec. 2, 1873, in 

Boston, WiUiam D. Gillpatrick, her cousin, a descendant of 
Dominicus Gillpatrick, of Biddeford; now resides in Dorches- 
ter; has 3 ch. : i. Fred Byron, b. July 9, 1877 ; 2. Isabella 
May, b. Aug. 12, 18S3; 3. Clifton Grey, b. April 9, 1886. 

4 BvRON H., b. May 29, 1856, Weymouth; m. in Providence, Sept. 

1876, Emogene Moraty; resides in Thompson, Conn.; has 2 
ch.: I. John Harry, b. June 15, 1877; 2. Lafayette E., b. June 
4, 1880. 

97 Henry° Lowell Kingsbury (Capt. Henry\ Samuel\ 
JoJuf^ Jo/i!i'\ Hcnry\ John\ JoJiii'^, Henry'), of Amesbury, 
Mass.; married May 24, 1863, Caroline Marcella Carr, born 
in Newbury port, Mass., March 3, 1844, daughter of Levi and 
Mary J. (Ireland) Carr. He was a merchant in Amesbury ; 
died there, Oct. 24, 1893. 


106 Charles Fabius, b. May 7, 1865 ; in 1892 engaged in the flour and 

produce business in Boston ; m. June 20, 1895, Fannie L. 

107 Edward Sargent, b. July 13, 1869. 

108 Emma Gray, b. Aug. 27, 1875. 

98 Charles" Benjamin Kingsbury (Capt. He>ny^, Sam- 
uel\ Jo/in^, John", Henry'', JoJin'^, JoJur, Henrf), of Ames- 
bury; married, Nov. 5, 1869, Ph(X'be Ann Powell, born vSept. 
28, 1852, in Gloucester, Mass., daughter of James and Mar- 
tha (Reed) Powell. 


109 Mattie Dean, b. May 22, 1871; m. Aug. 26, 1S88, Frank H. Tux- 

bury, of Amesbury, b. in South Hampton, N. H., Sept. 25, 
1865; she died April 30, 1898. 
no George Frank, b. July 16, 1873. 

111 Arthur, b. May 6, 1876, in Boston; dead. 

112 J. — Herbert, b. May 28, 1878. 

113 Chester Plummer, b. Feb. i, 1885. 

114 Perry Kingsbury, b. July 8, 1888. 



100 Frederick' Bailey Kingsbury {Leonard\ Samud\ 
John\ John\ Hcnry\ John'', Jo/in'', Henry'), of Maiden, Mass.; 
in business ; graduated from the Putnam school, Newbury- 
port, Mass.; married, March 8, 1873, Emma Frances Bagley, 
born Sept. i, 1849, at Georgetown, Mass., daughter of 
Hiram A. and Mary E. (Boardman) Bagley. He removed 
from Maiden to Worcester, where he now lives. 


115 Mary Adele, b. Feb. 22, 1874; m. Sept. 26, 1900, John Olin 

McDavitt, of 19 Norway St., Boston. 

116 William Henry Smiley, b. April 9, 1879. 

117 Fred Bailey, Jr., b. Dec. 25, 1880. 


IV James' Kingsbury {Heurf), married, at Haverhill, 
January 6, 1673, Sarah, daughter of Matthias and Lettyce 
Button, of Haverhill, born in 1650, sister of his brother 
John's wife. He removed before 1699 to Plainfield, Conn. 
This tract of land was bought by Governor John Winthrop, 
Jun''., of Allumps, the Indian Sachem, and the purchase was 
confirmed by Charles II., so apparently James Kingsbury 
was still keeping to the family tradition in going where 
the Winthrops went. But the land was also claimed by 
Owaneco, Sachem of IMohegan, and he made grants, and 
sold portions of it to various individuals, notably Major 
Fitch, and the Gallups. After the election of Fitz John 
Winthrop as Governor of Connecticut in 1698, his request 
for the confirmation of his Quinebaug lands received due 
consideration from the General Assembly. In May, 1699, 
the inhabitants east and west of Quinebaug river presented 
to the General Court a petition that their settlement be 
made a township, and that the land be laid out in accord- 
ance "with our Honorable Governor's claim," and that the 
Assembly would appoint Captain Wetherell, Mr. Pitkin, and 
Mr. Ely, to inquire into the legal proceedings, "and inform 
the weak and feeble that they may have a more speedy and 
peaceable settlement, so that we may have the worship of 
God among us." James Kingsbury was one of the peti- 
tioners. He also signed a petition, Nov. 13, 1699, that the 
town might be incorporated, and that they might have "an 
able, faithful, orthodox gospel minister, so that the sure 
worship of God may be at all times upheld and maintained 
amongst us."* In Oct., 1700, the General Assembly author- 
ized Fitz John Winthrop to name the new plantation at 
Quinebaug. James Kingsbury's land was in the fourth 
division, abutting north on Moosup river, and he was one 
of the patentees named in the Plainfield patent, Dec. 17, 
1706, granted by the Colony of Connecticut. James Kings- 
bury conveyed to Ephraim Kingsbury, of Plainfield, all his 

• Miss Larned's History of Windliam County, Conn., I. loj-ij. 


right, title, and interest in y*^ Common and undivided lands, 
lying in Plainfield," Dec. 4, 1730. The date of his death is 


118 Susannah, b. April 18, 1675, in Haverhill. 

119 Sarah, b. Aug. 13, 1677, in Haverhill, as-*- 

120 Mary, b. Aug. 18, 1679, in Haverhill, ss-^ 

121 Ephraim, b. April 13, 1681, in Haverhill, s-^ 

122 Abigail, b. Feb. 26, 1686, in Haverhill. ^^-*- 

123 Samuel, b. July iS, 1690, in Haverhill, s-^ 

120 Mary' Kingsbury {fames', Henry'), married Jan- 
uary 2, 1693, Samuel Cole, of Hartford, son of Samuel and 
Mary Cole, born in 1672, in Hartford. He was admitted to 
the Second Church, Hartford, March 15, 1712/13. He re- 
moved to Norvvalk before 1746, when he is called of Nor- 
walk in a deed of land in Hartford. Jonathan Cole and 
John Cole were appointed administrators on the estate of 
Samuel Cole, deceased, of Norwalk, Dec. 22, 1760; inven- 
tory taken Dec. 24, 1760, by Daniel Belden and Nathaniel 
Hubble, Jr. — Fairfield Probate Records. 


1 Jonathan, bap. June 11, 1693, i*' Church, Hartford. 

2 Jabez, born in Hartford, Feb. 9, 1698. 

3 Nathaniel, born in Hartford, Aug. 18, 1701. 

4 C.\LEB, born in Hartford, Feb. 8, 1703; m. (1) Rebecca, daughter of 

Daniel and Ann (Seeley) Beardsley, bap. Sept 7, 1707, in 
Stratford ; she died before 1753. (2) Anna St. John. He set- 
tled in Cornwall, Conn.; ch. : David, firstborn, bap. Aug. 15, 
173T, Stratfield ; Anne, bap. do,, March 4, 1732/3; Samuel, 
bap. do., Sept. 8, 1734 ; Joseph, bap. do., July 13, 1735. 

5 Sarah, born in Hartford, Feb., 1705 ; died Sept., '96, qu. '06. (T.R.) 

6 Abigail, born in Hartford, Sept. 18, 1706; bap. 2'' Church, Hartford, 

Sept. 22, 1706. 

7 Mary, born in Hartford, July 10, 1707. 

8 Samuel, born in Hartford, Feb. 7, 1710/11 ; bap. i"' Church, Hart- 

ford, Feb. II, 1710/11. Graduated from Yale College, 1731; he 
appears to have resided, soon after leaving college, at North- 
bury, then part of Waterbury, Conn. Soon after 1740 he con- 
formed to the Church of England, and for a number of j^ears 
he officiated as a lay reader to the Episcopalians in Litchfield, 
entertaining until at least as late as 1747 a design of crossing 
the Atlantic to obtain holy orders ; his fear of the dangers of 
the sea, however, prevented the accomplishment of this pur- 


pose. He seems to have spent his life mainl}- as a school- 
teacher. About 1767 he was one of the prominent settlers of 
Claremont, N. H.; justice of the peace; town clerk, 1771, 1772, 
1773 ; in 1769 he received, from the Venerable Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel, the appointment of Catechist and 
Schoolmaster at that place, with an annual stipend of ^^15. 
He conducted the services of the Church of England there 
until the arrival of an ordained clergyman in 1773. At the 
outbreak of the Revolution his sympathies were with the Brit- 
ish. He died in Claremont, Oct. 19, 1777, in his 67th year. 
He married Mary Dean, at Stratford, Conn., April 6, 1753. 
She was probably Mary Brown, the widow of Rev. Barzilla 
Dean (Y. C. 1737). Mr. Cole had two daughters. Dexter' s 
Yale Biographies, pp. 42J-6. Ch.: i, Mary, married, in 
1777, Asa Cossitt, b. Granby, Conn.; 2, Ann, m. Ambrose 
Cossitt, b. Granby, Conn. ; Town Clerk and Treasurer, Clare- 
mont ; d. July 13, 1809, aged 74. She died May 18, 1828, aged 

9 IcHABOD, born March, 1712 ; bap. 2'' Church, Hartford, March 15, 

10 Dorothy, born Nov. 27, 1714; bap. 2'' Church, Hartford, Nov. 28, 


11 Sarah, bap. May 27, 1716, Stratfield. 

12 Timothy, bap. Jan. 12, 1717/18, Stratfield. 

13 Hannah, bap. May, 1719, Stratfield. 

121 Ensign Ephraim' Kingsbury {James'', He?iry'), of 
Plainfield, married Phoebe, daughter of Ezekiel Main, of 
Stonington* ; he had leave to vote for town officers in 1709 ; 
he represented Plainfield in the General Assembly, 1720, '21, 
'27, '28, '31, '32, '2,Z, '34, "35, '36, '38, '41 ; appointed Ensign of 
the trainband in Plainfield, May, 1725. He was appointed 
on a committee of the General Assembly in May, 1733, to 
select a place for a meeting-house in the new Society formed 
from Canterbury, Pomfret, and Mortlake. 

His will is dated March 5, 1756 ; exhibited in court Oct. 
8, 1756. He says : "Being advanced to old age," and men- 
tions wife Phebe — leaves her all his property, with a pro- 
vision that after her death the estate is to be divided 
between "my two daughters, viz.: Phebe Cady and Rachel 
Lawrence," the heirs of sons Ephraim and John to be 
"content with what he gave the s** Ephraim and John by 
Deed of gift" ; constitutes William Cady, jun"", " my Grand- 
son," executor. 


124 Ephraim, b. Oct. 15, 1702. z: > 

125 Phcebe, b. Jan. 8, 1703/4. =-> 

126 Rachel, b. April 16 (14, T. R.), 1705. s-^- 

127 John, b. June 19, 1713. " - > 

* Ezekiel Main mentions in his will, dated 1714, his daughter, Phebe Kingsbury, 
and there was no other Phebe K. at that time. 



122 Abigail' Kingsbury {fames', Hetir/), married Elea- 
zar Spaulding, of Plainfield, Nov. 14, 1712 (according to 
Plainfield record ;* the Spaulding Memorial has it Nov. 17). 
He was born in Chelmsford, Mass., Aug. 13, 1690, son of 
John and Ann (Ballard) Spaulding, afterwards of Plainfield. 
Sam" Kingsbury conveyed to Elezer Spaulding land and a 
dwelling-house thereon, " at y** north-easterly corner of s^ 
Plainfield," "on a brook known by y'^ name of snake medow 
brook," April 2, 1725. 

The wife of Elezer Spaulding died Sept. 9, 1758. [^Ch. 


1 Dorcas, b. Feb. 8, 1713; m., May 12, 1730, Samuel Kingsbury. 

2 Eunice, b. Dec. 22, 1723 ; died Jan. 10, 1737/8. 

3 Anna, b. May 7, 1717; m. Nathaniel Maine, of Stonington, who set- 

tled in Plainfield; she died April 19, 1738. 

4 Hezekiah, b. June 7, 1719; died July 10, 1719. 

5 Penuel, b. June 20, 1720; died July 5, 1720. 

6 Eleazar, b. July 3, 1721; m. Lois Spalding, daughter of his uncle, 

Jonathan Spalding; removed to Windsor, Vt., where he died 
Sept. 17, 1805; his wife died at Windsor, Jan. 8, 1790, ae. 68; 

7 Timothy, b. Jan. 14, 1725; died Dec. 15, 1737. 

8 David, b. Dec. 23, 1728, letter of Enos Spalding (Dec. 25, 1731, 

Plainfield Records); m. Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and 
Lydia Barrett, born Oct. 28, 1736; he died Aug. 23, 1803, 
aged 71; 8 ch. 

123 Samuer Kingsbury {James\ Henry''), married Nov. 
26, 1 7 14, Hannah, daughter of Joshua and Mary Kibbe. 

Samuel Kingsbury, in 1735, living on the "mile " of land, 
s-o-called, adjoining the additional grant to Voluntown, asks 
to purchase two pieces of land of 50 or 60 acres from the 
Colony on such terms as they should fix — to be surveyed 
at his expense ; this was done, and the land sold him for 
^22 I4^ 3^. "Samuel Kingsbury, formerly of Plainfield, 
now lyving on y'^ mile of land fo-called in y® Colony of Con- 
necticut," conveys land in Plainfield to Benjamin Wheeler, 
Sept. 13, 1739, and Mch. 23, 1743, he conveys land on the 
north side Moosup river to loving son, Ebenezer Kingsbury. 

* It is twice recorded in Plainfield Town Records, once as Nov. 14, and again Nov. 
17, 1712. 



Letter of adm°° granted on the estate 5f M^ Samuel Kings- 
bury, late of Plainfield, dec*^, unto Cap*. James How,* April 
i6, 1777. June 3, 1777, a distribution was ordered to Han- 
nah, Widow of the dec<^ — to James, the Eldest son — to 
Ebenezer, Second son — to the Heirs of David Dec*^, the 
third Son — to the Heirs of Oliver, the fourth Son — to Mary, 
eldest Dau'' — -to Abigail, second Dau'' — to Heirs of Sarah, 
now Dec*^ — to Patience." 

Widow Kingsbury, Relict of Sam' Kingsbury, died Oct. 
24, 1779. [C/i. Rcc.^ 


128 James, b. April 27, 1716. :;: > 

129 Ebenezer, b. Feb. 28, 1717/18 (Feb. 25, 1717/18). .:, > 

130 Mary, b. Feb. 29, 1719/20; m. James Welch, son of James and 

Mary (Sabin) Welch, of Plainfield; living in Bolton in 1768. 
She died in North Bolton, May 21, 1794, aged 74. 

131 Abigail, b. March 3, 1721/22; m. Daniel Hulet, of Killingly. ::.: > 

132 Nehemiah, b. June 2, 1724; died Jan. (June, T. R.) 3, 1725. 

133 Sarah, b. Aug. 5, 1726 ; married . 

134 Nathaniel, b. Feb. i, 1728; died Oct. 26, 1758; unmarried (?) ; let- 

ters of administration granted on his estate to Mr. James 
Kingsbury, of Plainfield, Jan. 9, 1759. 

135 David, b. May 29, 1731; died Oct. 22, 1753, in Plainfield. Supposed 

to have married, from the above reference in his father's will. 

136 Oliver, b. Sept. 2, 1732 (1733, T. R.). s^7-»- 

137 Patience, b. Aug. 25, 1736 (1737, T. R.) ; m. John Robison or 

Robeson, of Killingly, afterwards of Dutchess Co., N. Y.f 
John, son to John Robison, was bapt. Oct. 20, 1760. [^South 
Killingly Ch. Hec] 

On the Plainfield books is recorded the birth of Frederick, 
son of Samuel and Hannah Kingsbury, b. May 17, 17 16. 

124 Ephraim^ Kingsbury {Ji/Ziraim^/ames", Henry'), oi 
Plainfield, Conn. ; married Lydia J. 

His father conveyed to him land "on y*" north side of 
Moosup River," Aug. 11, 1724. He was Selectman in 1749. 

He died in Plainfield, April 14, 175 1. Letters of adminis- 

* Jonathan How and Kezia, his wife, convey to Ebenezer Kingsbury land in 
Plainfield, which is a lot that Mr. Samuel Kingsbury died seized of, Feb. 28, 1778. 

t John Robeson and Patience, his wife, as heirs to some part of the estate of 
Nathaniel Kingsbury of Plainfield, Dec*, give a quitclaim deed to Ebenezer Kings- 
bury, Feb. 22, 1768. Plainfield Land Records. 

J Perhaps Peirce; see No. 138. 


tration granted unto Mrs. Lydia Kingsbury, April 23, 1751, 
on his estate. Mrs. Lydia Kingsbury was appointed guar- 
dian of Jeduthan, Dec. II, 1752. 


138 Asa, b. March 29, 1722. s; > 

139 Ruth, b. Jan. 15, 1723/24. s: > 

140 Jeremiah, b. Feb. 4, 1729. 

141 Phcebe, ) , ,^ , m., Dec. 28, 1750, D, Parkhurst. s-^>- 
r> >o. March 29, 1731; t^t „ t t. t-> 1 

142 Rachel, \ m., Nov. 28, 1752, John Delop. 

143 Lydia, b. April 7, 1736; m., March 8, 1758, Josiah Russel. s^-*- 

144 Jeduthan, b. , 1743. =: > 

125 Phoebe* Kingsbury {£j>/iraim\ /awes-, Henry'), 
married William Cady, Nov. n, 1729, of Plainfield; he died 
before 1747. 


William, b. June 8, 1729 {sic. Plainfield records). 

Jeremiah, b. Oct. 17, 1731; m., Jan. 8, 1755, Abigail Lawrence, dau. 

of Thomas. 
Phebe, b. Sept. 30, 1733; m., March 3, 1757, David Shepard. 

William Cady, a minor, son to William Cady of Plainfield, 
dec*', made choice of Abijah Cady of Plainfield to be his 
guardian. May 9, 1747. He was executor of the will of his 
grandfather, Ephraim Kingsbury, in 1756. 

126 Racher Kingsbury {Ephraim^, James"", Henry'), 
married in Plainfield, May 31, 1725, Daniel Lawrence, Jr., of 
Plainfield. Daniel Lawrence was born in Groton, Mass., 
April 22, 1702, son of Capt. Daniel and Sarah Lawrence, 
of Groton, afterwards of Plainfield. He removed to Canaan, 
Conn., in 1738. Daniel Lawrence died Jan. 27, 1790, in Shef- 
field, Mass. Mrs. Rachel Lawrence died March 3, 1767, in 


1 Rachel, b. in Plainfield, April 6, 1726; d. Sept. 8, 1729. 

2 SiBEL, b. in Plainfield, Sept. 6, 1729. 

3 Gideon, b. in Plainfield, Nov. 21, 1727; m., Oct. 12, 1749, Jerusha 

Richards of Norfolk. 

4 Sarah, b. in Plainfield, April 15, 1731; m., May 3, 1750, Thomas 

Fellows, of Canaan. 


5 Nathaniel, b. in Plainfield, June 21, 1733. 

6 RuFus, b. in Plainfield, Aug. 3, 1735. 

7 Esther, b. about 1738 or 1739; m., May 6, 1756, Capt. Samuel 

Ransom of Canaan, afterwards of Norfolk, removed to Wyom- 
ing. Samuel Love conveyed to Samuel Ransom, "late of Nor- 
folk, now being of Susquehanna," Nov. 5, 1773, land in the south 
part of the present town of Plymouth, Pennsylvania. March 2, 
1774, he was chosen a Selectman of Westmoreland, and Sur- 
veyor of Highways. Aug. 26, 1776, Congress commissioned 
Samuel Ransom to be Captain of a company raised for the 
defense of Westmoreland. This was known as the Second 
Independent Company for the Revolutionary service, and was 
attached to the Connecticut line. They joined the Continental 
army at Morristown, N. J., in January, 1777, and were engaged 
in the battles of Millstone, Brandy wine, Germantown, Bound 
Brook, and Mud Fort, and in other lesser engagements. In 
June, 1778, Captain Ransom resigned to go to his home and de- 
fend it against the British and Indians under Col. John Butler. 
He reached Forty Fort on the morning of the massacre, July 3, 
1778, and reported to Col. Zebulon Butler, the American com- 
mander, as a volunteer aide. He fully sustained his reputation 
as a cool and fearless soldier, and was killed in the heat of the 
fight. His house was burned, and his family fled down the 
valley with the other refugees. After the advance of Sullivan's 
army the family returned and occupied their land, only to be- 
come involved in the troubles growing out of the struggle for 
the ownership of the valley between the Connecticut and Penn- 
sylvania authorities. In Nov. 1783, Mrs. Ransom and her 
daughters were, in the most inhuman manner, turned out of 
their house in a cold and bitter storm to seek shelter as best 
they might, by the Pennsylvanians. Mrs. Esther Ransom m. 
(2) Captain James Bidlack, Sen', who moved from Windham 
County to Wyoming in 1777. They returned to Norfolk, Conn., 
where she died in Aug., 1794. A Genealogical Record of 
Captain Samuel Ransotn of the Cotitinental Army. By 
Captain Clinton B. Sears. 

8 Stephen, b. in Canaan, February y 21^', 1740/41, 

9 Lois, b. in Canaan, April 12, 1743; m., April 10, 1760, Oliver Strong, 

of Canaan. 
10 Daniel, b. in Canaan, Aug. 30, 1748. 

127 John' Kingsbury {Ephraim^, Javies', Henry'), of 
Plainfield; married Esther, daughter of David and Elizabeth 
(Warren) Whitney, b. in Plainfield, May i, 17 14.* 

•Esther, dau. of David and Elizabeth (Warren) Whitney, m'' Kingsbury, 

and died before 1769, leaving heirs who were mentioned in her father's will. Whit- 
ney Genealogy, 3b. 



She d. April 5, 1752, in Plainfield. He d. in Plainfield, 
April 18, 1753. {^Church Record?^ Will exhibited in Court, 
May 8, 1753, Benjamin Wheeler, executor, dated April 13, 


Stephen, Lemuel, Willard, and Andrew Kingsbury, convey 
to John Pierce, land in Plainfield, "known by y* name of 
Dumplin Hill," " being one Half of the land that fell to us 
and our sister, Elizabeth, by the Death of our Brother, 
Jacob Kingsbury," Jan. 14, 1769. 


145 Stephen, b. Dec. 7, 1735. ;;::: > 

146 Elizabeth, b. May 15, i737.r;-> 

147 Jacob, b. Feb. 26, 1740; d. in the army, at Lake George, July 16, 


148 Lemuel, b. April 14, 1743.:,.: ■ > 

149 Andrew, b. Jan. 12, 1745. :;": > 

150 Willard, b. Aug. 26, 1747.1'.: > 

151 Lois, b. Jan. 15, 1749; d. Jan. 14, 1751. 

152 Infant, d. March 30, 1752. 

128 James^ Kingsbury {SamueP, James', Henry'), of 
Plainfield, married Dorcas, widow of his second cousin, 
Samuel Kingsbury of Plainfield, and daughter of Eleazar 
and Abigail (Kingsbury) Spalding of Plainfield. 

James Kingsbury and Darkhurst Kingsbury, his wife, 
both of Plainfield, give a quit-claim deed to Thomas Kings- 
bury, of all the right, title, and interest s'^ Darkhurst 
Kingsbury had in the estate of her first husband, Sam" 
Kingsbury, dec*^, March 6, 1753. 

A child of James Kingsbury died Sept. 6, 1754. 

Robert Willson conveys to James Kingsbury of Plainfield, 
land in Plainfield "joining land that Samuel Kingsbury 
now lives on," Feb. 9, 1762. 

He appears as one of the petitioners to form a new 
Ecclesiastical Society in 1760. These memorialists state 
that they have soberly differed from the articles of discipline 
of the established church in said town, and have gathered 
into church state agreeable to Cambridge Platform, built a 
meeting-house and settled a minister accordingly, and that 
the memorialists have mutually and unanimously agreed to 


to be two distinct societies, and they ask that one third part 
of their rateable estate be exempted from being rated for 
the support of the said established church, and that the 
brethren differing as aforesaid have the benefit of the said 
one third part of their rateable estate for the support of the 
worship of God among them annually. \Colonial Records, 
XI. 461.'] 

James Kingsbury and Dorcas, his wife, of Plainfield, con- 
vey to Benjamin Fuller "in consideration for our mainten- 
ance during life," land in Plainfield, Feb. 28, 1794. 

"Rachel, wife of Benjamin Fuller, died June i, 1796, in 
the 39th year of her age." Tombstone in Moosup burying 

129 Ebenezer' Kingsbury {SamueP, Janus', Hetiry'), of 
Plainfield, married, in Plainfield, Feb. 23, 1743-44, Ex- 
perience Hulet, baptized in Killingly, May 18, 1721, daugh- 
ter of Michael Hulet, or Hewlett. 

He also was one of the petitioners to form a new ecclesi- 
astical society in 1760. 

Oliver Kingsbury, Dec'', owned certain land in Plainfield 
under encumbrance of Samuel Kingsbury, and his wife 
bought out by Ebenezer Kingsbmy, April 12, 1761. 

Oliver Hulet and Seth Hulet, as heirs to some part of the 
estateof Nathaniel Kingsbury of Plainfield, dec'', give a quit- 
claim deed to Ebenezer Kingsbur)^ of Plainfield, May 11, 
1767. Daniel Hewlet and Abigail, his wife, give a similar 
deed of land joining south on James Kingsbury's land, "M^ 
Sam" Kingsbury now lives on," May 25, 1767. Ebenezer's 
will is dated January 13, 1796 ; exh, in Court March i, 1796; 
mentions Wife Experience — Sam' Kingsbury, " son to my 
Brother, Oliver Kingsbury" — "friend Marcy Bassett, of 
Killingly" — Jonathan Hammett, of Plainfield, Executor. 
The will of his widow, Experience, is dated June 7, 1797; 
exh. in Court, Dec. 6, 1803; mentions eldest Brother, Josiah 
Hulet, of Killingly, second brother, Oliver Hulet, of Kil- 
lingly — also several friends. 

131 Abigail' Kingsbury {Sa>niui\ fames', Henty), mar- 
ried Daniel Hulet, of Killingly,* son of Michael Hulet, bap- 

* See No. 1J9. 


tized June 12, 1715, in Killing-ly. He died in 1789; will 
presented in court, July 7, 1789, dated June 9, 1782; he men- 
tions daughter Saborah Basset, nephew David Hulet; to his 
grand-daughter, Mercy Basset^ he gave " one chest and one 
table, that was my honored father-in-laws, Sam" Kings- 
bury's." The distribution was made to Saborah Basset, the 
only child and daughter of the said deceased,* \_Plainfield 
Probate Records. '\ 


Saborah or Sabarah; m. Basset. 

136 Oliver" Kingsbury {Sa/nueP, fames'^, Henry'), of 
Plainfield, married Sept. 17, 1754, Hannah Cory, born Jan. 
29, 1736, daughter of Joseph and Jerusha Cory, of Plainfield, 
He was a soldier in the last French and Indian war, and 
died in the West Division, Hartford, Conn., buried Nov. 28, 
1760, on his way home from the army. [JVest Hartford 
Church Record^ \ 

"Oliver Kingsbury Departed this Life November y^ 27*^^ 
Day, A. D. 1760, Returning Home from y" Campaign in 
1760," \^Plainfield Toivn Records.'] 


153 Oliver, b. Aug. 28, 1755; made choice of Mr, James Fairmon, 

of Killingly, to be his "Gardien," Nov. 7, 1769. He is 
called "of Killingly," Mch. 5, 1778, when he conveyed land 
in Plainfield to James How, Jr. — " y" Old Field formerly be- 
longing to Samuel Kingsbury, late of Plainfield, Dec<*." ^:^-^- 

154 Samuel, b. May 10 (30, T. R.), 1758; made choice of Benajah 

Spaulding, of Killingly, to be his guardian, 'Sept. 20, 1773. r: -- > 

155 Joseph, b. Aug. 5, 1760. w"> 

138 Asa^ Kingsbury [Ephraim^, Ephraim^, James^^ 
Henry^), of Plainfield, married, Sept. 5, 1748, Elizabeth 
Pierce. J 

Edward Spaulding, jr., conveyed to Asa Kingsbury land 
in Plainfield, "lying on y* north side of Moosup river." 
Mch, 15, 1751. 

♦ See No. 129. 

t " Oliver Kingsbury, a soldier of Plainfield— malignant fever — 30." 

t Thomas Pierce, of Plainfield, who died in 1762, left "to each of my cousin Asa 

Kingsbury's children one Ewe and lamb out of those sheep that is now in s* Asa's 

custody." Fierce Genealogy, 50 ; F. B. Pierce, Worcester, 1882. 


Asa Kingsbury was one of the Sectaries, or Separates, 
He was living in Killingly at the time of his death; will 
dated January i6, 1795; exh. in Court, July 7, 1795; mentions 
his wife — Tilly, Eldest Son — Charles, second son — eldest 
dau"", Betty Parkhurst — the heirs of Zipporah Grover, our 
eldest Dau"" Dec*^ — third dau', Lydia Boid." \^PIainfield 
Probate Records?^ 


156 Zipporah, b. May 6, 1749; m. Stephen Grover. =;^-^ 

157 Jeremiah, b. June 18, 1751. Perhaps this Jeremiah Kingsbury was 

the one who was a private in Capt. David Down's Co., Col. 
Burrall's Regt., Conn, troops, taken prisoners at the Cedars, 
Canada, May 19, 1776. This regiment was raised in Canaan, 
SaUsbury, and Norfolk. \Conn. Men in the Revolution, ii2.'\ 

158 Nathan, b. May 15, 1753.* 

159 RosEL, ; died March 14, 1754. A child of Asa Kings- 

bury died Mch. 18, 1754. SjCh. Rec.} 

160 One record has William, also, b. Mch. 16, 1752. "William Kings- 

bury, son to Asa Kingsbury, Departed this Life May y" 15"", 
I755-" "yPlainfield Town Records.^ 

161 Tilly, or Tilley. ^^^-^ 

162 Charles. Charles K., of Plainfield, millwright, and Anna, his 

wife, convey land in Plainfield to Samuel Pierce, of Provi- 
dence, March 12, 1796. S^Plainfield Records l\ 

163 Elizaisetii, b. 1764; m. Jonathan Parkhurst, son of David and 

Phebe (Kingsburj') Parkhurst. (See No. 141.) 

164 Lydia, ; m. Robert Boj'd. 

165 " A child of Asa Kingsbury died Nov. 8, 1754." \Ch. Reel 

"Asa Kingsbury's son was killed at Fort Mifflin, nigh 
Philadelphia, 1777." Old Church RecordyV\QX\\'iv€\.6.. [Nathan 
or Jeremiah (?) ] 

139 Ruth' Kingsbury {Ephrai/n\ Ephraim\ James'', 
Henry'), married, July 9, 1744, Edward Spalding, born in 
Plainfield, Aug. 18, 1722, son of Isaac and Elizabeth 
(Haynes) Spalding; died Aug. 23, 1750, in Plainfield. 


1 EzARAH, son to Edward Spalding, b. April 17 (25, T. R.), 1745. 

2 Sarah, b. April 7, 1748. 

* Nathan Kingsbury killed at Wyoming, Nov. 2, 1778. Kulfs Wyoming, Vol. 
III. Perhaps this Nathan. 


141 Phebe' Kingsbury {Ephraim\ Ephraiui^^ James', 
Henry"), married in Plainfield, Dec. 28, 1750, David Park- 
hurst. He was bapt. in Killingly, March 31, 1728, son of 
Timothy Parkhurst and Elizabeth Cady, his wife. He was 
one of the signers of the memorial for a separate ecclesiasti- 
cal society in Plainfield, where he lived. 

He died, Oct. 29, 1794, in the 67"^ year of his age; buried 
in the Moosup burying-ground. Mrs. Phebe, wife of Mr. 
David Parkhurst, died Nov. 23, 1797, in the 68'^ year of her 
age; buried beside her husband. Agreement between Da- 
vid Parkhurst's heirs, viz.: sons Jonathan, Jeduthan, James 
Miller and Lois, his wife, dau"" to the s** Dec*^ — Phebe Park- 
hurst, widow to M'' David Parkhurst, Nov. 5, 1794. Plain- 
field Prob. Pec. 


1 Lois, born in Plainfield, June 14, 1753; married James Miller. 

2 Jonathan, born in Plainfield, March 13, 1757; married Elizabeth, 

daughter of Asa and Elizabeth (Pierce) Kingsbury, of Plain- 
field; he died in Moosup, Dec. 27, 1812; she died March 30, 
1857, *in the qs"* year of her age. 

3 Jeduthan. 

143 Lydia' Kingsbury {Ephyaim\ Ephraim^, James^, 
Henry"), married in Plainfield, March 8, 1758, Josiah Rtissel, 
of Plainfield. He removed to Plainfield, N. H.; Captain of 
a company of Rangers in the Revolutionary War. 

I Josiah, born in Plainfield, March 19, 1759. 

144 Jeduthan' Kingsbury {Ephraim\ EphraM, James", 
Henry"), of Plainfield and Coventry, married, Nov. 14, 1764, 
Susanna Woodward, born in Plainfield, April 17, 1740, 
daughter of Jonathan and Margaret Woodward. They re- 
moved to Sharon, N. Y.,f and then to Plainfield, N. H., 
where he had relatives living. Afterwards, about 1790, they 

* See No. 163. 

t Nathaniel Adams, of Westbury, in the County of Worcester, Province of 
Mass. Bay, conveys to Duthan Kingsbury, of Sharon, in the Province of New 
York, land in Plainfield in the Province of New Hampshire, Sept. 24, 1770. Cheshire 
Registry of Deeds. 

Abel Gates, of Plainfield, conveys to Duthan Kingsbury, of Plainfield, in the 
County of Cheshire, N. H., land in Plainfield, Feb. 15, 1772. Cheshire Registry of 


returned to Connecticut, and settled in Coventry, where 
they spent the remainder of their lives. She died June 2, 
1812, aged 72.* He m. (2.) Mary Curtis, b. 1757; d. Sept. 
28, 1816. (3.) January 20, 1818, Anna Greenleaf, born in 
Lancaster, Mass., June 12, 1771, daughter of David and 
Mary (Johnson) Greenleaf. He died in Coventry, July 9, 
1822, aged 79. He served in the Revolutionary war, in 
Capt. Russell's company, of Plainfield, N. H., from May 3 
to June 13, 1777. N. H. State Papers, XIII, 200. He enlisted, 
June 16, 1777, as a private in Col. Chase's Regiment, New 
Hampshire troops, which reinforced the Northern Conti- 
nental Army at Ticonderoga. Ibid., XV, 15. 

Duthan's will mentions wife Anna, dau" Ruth Stafford 
and Susannah Cady, son John ; dated May 13, 181 8. Distri- 
bution to John Kingsbury, to Duthan Kingsbury, to Asa 
Kingsbury, to Ruth Stafford, to Susannah Cady, January 
6, 1824. 


166 Ruth, b. July 8, 1766, in Plainfield; m. ^ *- ' "" Stafford, of Vermont. 

167 John, b. Feb. 13, 1767/8. (Feb. 11, 1767, Plainfield T. R.) s-s- 

168 Ezra, b. Feb. 18, 1770; d. June 23, 1790. 

169 Asa, b. Feb. 25, 1772. t^^- 

170 Duthan f or Jeduthan, b. May 20, 1775. 

171 Susannah, b. May 22, 1777; m. Cady, in Rhode Island (?). 

172 Lydia, b. Jan. 9, 1779; d. Aug. 5, 1783. 

145 Stephen' Kingsbury {Jo/in\ Ephraim'', James", 
Henry^), married Dec. 10, 1755, Sarah vSpalding, daughter 
of Nathaniel Spalding, of Plainfield; lived in Plainfield; 
appointed on the school committee there in 1766; selectman, 
1 77 1. {Miss LartiecVs Hist. Windham Co., Vol. II, p. y^.) 
Elisha Baker and Elizabeth Baker, of Canaan, convey to 
Stephen Kingsbury, of Plainfield — " they being proper 
heirs to Jacob Kingsbury, Late of Plainfield, now De''* — 
the one-fifth part of the farm s*^ Stephen now lives on," 
Feb. 2, 1763. He removed to Norfolk, Conn., in 1783, and 
died there in 1799. Rev. Thomas Robbins mentions in his 

* Her grave is in the burying-ground at South Coventry, " in her 74"' year." 
t Duthan Kingsbury of Plainfield, and Miranda Knights, married in Claremont, 
N. H., July 10, 1794. (Probably this Duthan.) 


diary, under date of Feb. 22, 1798: "At evening saw S. 
Kingsbury from Norfolk."* He was then at Torringford. 

Stephen Kingsbury and Sarah, his wife, convey to Joseph 
Kinne, land in Plainfield, " Set out to y^ s^ Sarah in y* Distri- 
bution of y* Estate of Nathan' Spalding, Dec'*, bounded by 
land set out to Merriam, dau"' of s'* NathanV Jan. 23, 1772. 

He bought of Jonathan and Miriam Smith, of Bolton, 
land in the settlement part of Plainfield, nigh y^ dwelling- 
house of s'* Kingsbury, "part of the tract known as the 
Whitney lot," Oct. 25, 1774. 

Stephen Kingsbury bought land in Norfolk of Eleazar 
and Elizabeth Aspinwall, Dec. 25, 1783. 

Feb. 15, 1786, Stephen Kingsbury, with four others from 
Norfolk, met at Ezekiel Willcock's, in New Marlborough, 
Mass., to organize an Episcopal "Society". In 1792 he de- 
clared his preference for what he called the " Separate 
method," under the Rev. Mr. Jos. Marshall, of Canaan, in a 
certificate entered upon the town book. 

It is said that there is a tract of land in Norfolk, in the 
north part of the town, not far from the State line, still 
called the "Kingsbury Lot." His widow died in 1802, in 
Orwell, Vt. 


173 John, b. July 3, 1757; enlisted at the age of 18 in the Revolutionary- 

war; taken prisoner at the battle of Long Island; kept on 
the prison ship at New York, and died in 1777. f "John 
' Kingsbury's clothes were sent home to his friends, and in 

one of his pockets was found a description of his food and 
sufferings, written in poetry. I have heard my father repeat 
some of the lines." Letter of George D. Kingsbury, of 
Stockholm, N. Y., Feb.s, 1883. 

174 Tarbel, b. Feb. 10, 1759; d. Feb. 29, 1760, in Plainfield. 

175 J.A.C0B, b. Jan. 21, 1761, in Plainfield. --. : > 

176 Stephen, b. March 25, 1763, in Plainfield. r: ■> 

177 Molly, b. Nov. 5, 1765, in Plainfield. :..: > 

178 JosEi'H, b. March 20, 1768, in Plainfield. ^-*- 

•Vol. I, p. SI. 

t " Ace' of men Killed and Died in the army and navy after April, 1775, belong- 
ing to Plainfield. 

"John Kingsbury, New Yorkward, a prisoner early in 1777. 

" Sam" Cole, New Yorkward, 1776. 

" Asa Kingsbury's Son Killed at Fort Mifflin, nigh Philadelphia." Church Record. 



179 Almira, b. ; m. Samuel Cravath, of Norfolk, who joined 

the church in 1784, and was dismissed to Homer, N. Y.; she 
joined the church, 1797, and was also dismissed to Homer. 
She had a daughter, Mrs. Blodgett. 

180 Sarah, b. Dec, 1770; m. (i.) 1792, Morris Holt, of Norfolk and 

Canaan; he was born in East Haven, April 13, 1763; died in 
Norfolk, Mch. 19, 1815. (2.) a man from Green River, N. Y. 
Said to have had 9 children by Holt, viz.: Horace, Isaac, 
Sally, Stephen, lived in Canaan; Betsey, m. Marcene How- 
land; Mary, Ann, and perhaps two others. She died in 
Austerlitz, N. Y., April 9, 1835. 

181 WiLLARD, born 1778. r: - > 

146 Elizabeth' Kingsbury {fohft\ Ephraim\ fames'', 
Hcnrf), m. before 1761, Dr. Elisha Baker of Canaan, Conn. 
He was admitted to the First church in Canaan from North- 
ampton; was one of the members dismissed to form the 
Second Society in Canaan (now East Canaan), Dec. 5, 1769. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Baker d. Sept. 5, 1769. He married again, 
and died in East Canaan, July 24, 1807, aged 80. 


1 Sereno, b. April 4, 1761, in Canaan. 

2 Esther, b. in Canaan, Nov. 28, 1763 ; bap. Jan. 5, 1764. 

3 Rebeckah, b. July 14 ; bap. in Canaan, July 23, 1765. 

4 Elisha, b. in Canaan, March 13, 1767 ; bap. May 6, 1767. 

5 William, b. in Canaan, Dec. 5, 1768 ; bap. Dec. 18, 1768. 

148 Captain Lemuel' Kingsbury {/ohn\ Ephraitn\ 
James'', Henry'), of Canaan, Conn, (now East Canaan), after- 
wards of Poultney, Vt.; m. in Canaan, May 7, 1767, Mary, 
dau. of Joshua and Ann (Blodgett) Whitney, of Canaan, b. 
January 7, 1743. Joshua Whitney was a lawyer, a prominent 
man in Canaan, and one of the first settlers there, like 
the Kingsburys, and many other Plainfield people. Lemuel 
Kingsbury was a Cornet in Sheldon's Light Dragoons, a 
dashing troop of cavalry, in 1776, and later.* April 13, 
1780, he liberated his negro servant. Cuff. Although he 
removed to Poultney, he appeared to have returned to East 
Canaan, for he died there on Kov. 24, 1804. Is called "of 
Poltney " in a deed to WilHam Kingsbury, of land in Nor- 

• Connecticut Men in the Revolution, 444. 


folk, Feb. 23, 1803. His widow, Mary, d. Nov. 22, 1817, in 
East Canaan. 

Captain Lemuel Kingsbury was representative from Ca- 
naan, in the General Assembly, 1784. 


182 Joshua, b. Feb. 13, 1768. m-^>- 

183 George, b. Jan. 23, 1770. :s: > 

184 Abigail, b. Feb. 24, 1772 ; d. Aug. 12, 1776. 

185 William, b. Jan. 16, 1774. s-^ 

186 Amy, b. Aug. 4, 1776 ; d. 1787. 

187 Lucy, b. Dec. 4, 1778 ; d. Jan. 23, 1786. 

188 Esther, b. Feb. 2, 1784; d. June 16, 1786. 

189 Mary, b. Nov. 12, 1785 ; d. Sept., 1786. 
All these born in Canaan. 

149 Andrew^ Kingsbury {/o/iu\ Ephraim'', /ames\ 
Henry'), of Canaan, Conn.; m. Prisilla . 


190 Elizabeth, b. in Canaan, Jan. 31, 1777. 

191 John, b. in Canaan, Nov. 24, 1779. 55-2>- 

150 Willard' Kingsbury {John\ Ephraim^, James", 
Henry''), m. Hannah,' dau. of Isaac and Lydia (Hewitt) 
Lawrence, of Canaan, Conn., b. May 25, 1750; settled in 
Canaan, and afterwards in Western New York. Deeded 
land in Norfolk in 1770, and called "of Canaan". Said to 
have died in 1817, in Wayne, N. Y., "near the Crooked 
Lake". His wife d. in Monroe Co., N. Y,, with her son 


192 John, b. Feb. 18, 1769. ^5=^-*- 

193 Josiah, b. in Canaan, Conn., Sept. 23, 1771 ; had a son, Andrew, 

who was living in 1892, in Warren, Michigan ; he had a son, 
Jesse, who was living a few years ago in Columbiaville, Mich. 

194 Lydia, b. in Canaan, Feb. 1, 1775 ; never married ; died in Rush, 

N. Y. 

195 Isaac,* b. in Canaan, May 30, 1777. 

196 Ardon, b. in Canaan, Oct. 9, 1779 ; lived in Elmira, N. Y. 

197 Hannah, b. in Canaan, Oct. 4, 1781, s>-^ 

198 Philo, b. in Canaan, April 22, 1784 ; lived in Owego, Tioga Co., 

N. Y. 

199 Andrew, b. in Canaan, Conn., Jan. io,f 1788. r» 

♦Mrs. Theresa B. Holmes Brown, of Belknap, Young Co., Tex., in a letter writ- 
ten in 1883, speaks of her grandfather, Isaac Kingsbury, 
t January 9, 1768 [Mrs. Angeline E. Brown]. 


153 Oliver' Kingsbury {Oliver", Samuel\ James'', Henry"), 
of Plainfield, served in the Lexington alarm, at that time 
residing in Killingly, Conn. In May, 1775, he joined the 
company commanded by Capt. Joseph Elliott in Col. Israel 
Putnam's regiment, for the siege of Boston, and was in the 
fight at Bunker Hill. In Sept., 1781, he "turned out," under 
Capt. Silas Hotchkiss and Col. Howe, at the time the British 
troops burnt New London. He m. January i, 1777, at Scit- 
uate, Providence Co., R. I., Sally Baker, and the next day, 
going to Killingly, they commenced housekeeping in the 
house of his relative, Oliver Hatch. About 1782, he settled 
in Plainfield, N. H., where he continued to live until his 
death, Oct. i, 1839. His widow died there, June 26, 1856, 
and her age was reported to be 104 years, but taking the 
statement in her pension papers, it was between loi and 102 


200 Waty, b. Dec. 3, 1777. 

201 Phebe, b. March 17, 1780 ; d. May 2, 1798. 

202 Sally, b. July 14, 1782 ; d. March 3, 1833. 

203 Oliver, b. Oct. 8, 1784,111 Plainfield, N. H. 

204 Hannah, b. Dec. 14, 1786, in Plainfield, N. H. 

205 Joseph, b. Jan. 15, 1790, in Plainfield, N. H. 

206 Milly, b. Dec. 3, 1791, in Plainfield, N. H. ; d. April 10, 1837. 

207 John, b. April 4, 1796, in Plainfield, N. H. £3->- 
20S Phebe, b. Aug. 13, 1798, in Plainfield, N. H. 

154 Samuer Kingsbury {piiver\ Samuel^, James', Henry'), 
of Windham and Killingly, Conn.; m. Phoebe Ginnings, 
Feb. 10, 1778. He enlisted March 25, 1776, in Capt. James 
Osgood's company, in Col. Bedel's regiment of New Hamp- 
shire troops, and served 10 months. The regiment marched 
to join the Northern army ; he was taken prisoner at the 
battle of the " Cedars," on the St. Lawrence river, Canada, 
May 19, 1776, and after being exchanged, he was discharged 
at Ticonderoga, January, 1777. N. H. State Papers, XIV, 
2^8. It is stated that he was 19 years of age. He enlisted 
again June 17, 1780, under Capt. John Palsgrave W5'llys, in 
Col. S. B. Webb's regiment, Connecticut troops ; discharged 
December, 1780; engaged in several skirmishes. Records 


U. S. Pension Office. Record of Contiecticut Men in the Revolu- 
tion, 6js- 

He is called "of Plainfield " in a deed from his uncle, 
Ebenezer Kingsbury, of land in Plainfield, and also in 
another deed from him to Stephen Rude, of the same land, 
March 22, 1783. Samuel Kingsbury, of Plainfield, conveys 
land in Plainfield to Stephen Rude, " beginning at a White 
Oak tree which was formerly called the Old Town Corner," 
&c. Samuel Kingsbury, of Plainfield, conveys to James 
How, Jr., of Plainfield, land in a place called "y® Old Field, 
which belonged to Samuel Kingsbury, late of s"^ Plainfield, 
dece^, and is one-third part of the Six Acres so-called, which 
was Set off to y® Heirs of Oliver Kingsbury, de", beginning 
at an Heap of Stones, which was on the S. W. Corner 
of Mr. Davis' Land on the West Side of the Highway, 
thence Southerly by s'^ Highway to Spalding and Bliss' 
land, and Winthrop's Land, to an heap of Stones, which is a 
Corner of Land formerly set off to Kezia, the wife of Jona- 
than How," &c. April 6, 1780. He was a Revolutionary 
pensioner, and when he applied for a pension, April 9, 181 8, 
he was a resident of Killingly, age 65. 

Mrs. Phebe Kingsbury, wife of Mr. Samuel Kingsbury, 
died at Windham, aged 58. Conn. Couratit, March 8, 181 2. 


209 Sarah, b. Aug. 20, 177S.* 

210 Eunice, b. Nov. 19, 1782.! 

211 Mason, b. June 18, 1788 ; served as private under Captain Charles 

Palmer, at New London, from June 7, 1813, to July 14, 1813; 
settled in Ohio. 

212 Sanford, b. Nov. 7, 1791. r:: > 

155 Joseph' Kingsbury ((9/mr*, Sanmel\ James'', Henry'), 
lived in Plainfield. He enlisted in March, 1776, aged 16, in 
Capt. James Osgood's company, Col. Bedel's regiment, New 
Hampshire troops, with his brother, Samuel, and was also 
taken prisoner at the battle of the Cedars. 


213 Simeon, oldest son. Went west, and had a large family. He went 

first to New York State, and then to Michigan ; had a son, 

•Daniel Robinson and Sarah Kingsbury married Nov. 24, 1803. IVmdhatn 
Church Rec07-d. Probably this Sarah. 

t Barzillai Reed and Eunice Kingsbury married Nov. 26, i8io, in Windham. 
Weaver's MSS., in possession of Conn. Historical Society. Probably this Eunice. 


Ezra P. Kingsbury, who was living in Harbor Springs, 
Emmet Co., Mich., in 1885, and had a dau. , Elfie E., aged 19 
at that time. Simeon had other children, five more sons and 
one daughter, all living in the southern part of Michigan. 

214 Oliver, b. 17S7. s^^-^ 

215 Joseph, b. m. RuthCady of Brooklyn ; went to Penn- 

sylvania ; had two children, George and ^lary. 

156 Zipporah" Kingsbury {Asa\ Ephraim\ Ephraim^, 
James", Ilenrf), married Stephen Grover, of Killingly, son of 
Jonathan and Melicent Grover, baptized 1747, in Killingly. 
She was "baptized on her own account," in the South Kill- 
ingly Church, April 29, 1765. She died before 1795. 


1 Abilene, 1 ^^^ -j^^^ ^^^ ^^^g ^q^i)^ Killingly Church Record. 

2 Hannah, \ 

3 Betty, bap. July 17, 17S9, South Killingly. 

161 Tilley'^ Kingsbury {Asa^, Ephraim^, Epkraiift\ James^, 
He/iry^), of Voluntown, Conn. ; m. in March, 1779, Anne 
Clark, of Nantucket ; he served in the Revolutionary War, 
enlisting from Plainfield, N. H., as a private in Captain 
Watkins's company, Colonel Patterson's regiment, with the 
8 months army at Boston in 1775.* 

He lived for a time at Voluntown, then removed to Nan- 
tucket for a time ; then returned to Voluntown, where they 
lived for a number of years ; then removed to Broadalbin, 
Montgomery Co., N. Y., and from there to Northampton, 
Fulton Co., N. Y. He d. in Sept., 1802, and his widow m. at 
Northampton, March 14, 1818, Henry King, who d. May 27, 
1824; then she m. at Mayfield, N. Y., Sept. 12, 1824, David 
Seymour. He d. Dec. i, 1833. She d. at Northampton, 
N. Y., June 14, 1844. She was said to have been a consist- 
ent member of the Baptist Church at Northampton for 
thirty years. 


216 Jabez. 

217 Clark. 

218 Asa. 

219 Lovey. 

220 Jonathan. 

•Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls. 


221 Uriah. 

222 Hiram. 

223 Marvin, ,who in 1845 gave his age as 42, and must have 

been a posthumous child. At the time of his mother's death, 
he was her only living child ; residence, Northampton, N. Y. 

167 John" Kingsbury ( Jediithan^, Ephrahti"^ Ephraim^, 
fames'^ J Henry^), of Killingly, afterwards of South Coventry, 
m. (i.) Dorothy Leavens, January 15, 1792, in KilHngly ; 
Dorothy Leavens was daughter of Benjamin Leavens of 
Killingly, and his wife Dorothy Perrin, born January 21, 1765. 
[i 766, Mrs. Hoag.] John Kingsbury, Jun'', admitted to church 
in Coventry, 1816. Wife of John Kingsbury admitted to 
church in Coventry, 1828 ; she died Dec. 25, 1820, se. 55 ; he 
m. (2.) Widow Edith Ticknor, of Columbia, Conn. He died 
in South Coventry, Aug. 12, 1841, aged 73. [April, Mrs. 
Hoag.] John Kingsbury, of Coventry, in his will mentions 
wife Edith, dau" Lydia White and Dorothy Hosmer — son 
John, son Ezra — son Ezra and James White, executors — 
dated July 18, 1839 — exhibited in Court, Sept. i, 1841. An- 
dover Frob. Rec. 


224 Lydia, b. Dec. 27, 1792,* Killingly Records, s: > 

225 Laura, b. Nov. 22, 1795 ; died young. 

226 Dorothy Leavens, b. Dec. 9, 1799. s ■ > 

227 John, b. May 26, 1801. :i: > 

228 Ezra, b. Jan. 26, 1804. ej->- 

169 Asa° Kingsbury {/eduthan", Ephraim\ Ephraim^, 
James", Henry'), removed from Plainfield, Conn., when about 
fifteen 5^ears of age, went to New Hampshire, learned the 
carpenter's and joiner's trade, and settled in Plainfield, 
N. H. He m. Sarah P, Swan, b. 1773; died July 21, 1843, 
He died March 27, 1851. 


229 TiRZAH, b. Jan. (June)f 25, 1796 ; m. Moses Bryant, r; > 

230 Caleb, b. Dec. 24, 1798 ; d. Jan. 11, 1809. 

231 Mahala, b. Jan. 7, 1800 ; m. Jan. 9, 1825, Bushrod W. Russell, isr^- 

232 Sarah, b. Sept. 17, 1801 ; d. July, 1802. 

•Dec. 25, 1793, letter of Mrs. James Stanley, Aug. 25, 1894. 
t Letter of C. F. Gallup, Sept. 24, 1879. 


233 Sarah, b. Sept. 25, 1S04 ; m. Ai Reed, 1824, born in Amherst, 

Mass.; one daughter, Sarah, b. June 6, 1830 ; d. Dec. 6, 1830. 
She died July 24, 1830, in Plainfield. 

234 Louisa, b. Oct. i, 1S06 ; d. April 18, 1852. 

235 Asa D., b. Aug. 11, 1808. ^:-»- 

236 Caleb Swan, b. May i, 181 1. - : > 

237 Philinda, b. Nov. 22, 1813. s-*- 

238 Amanda Maria, b. July 6, 1816. ^-^- 

175 Dr. Jacob' Kingsbury {Stcp/u'n\ Johti\ Ephrainv', 
Janus'^, He/iry'), settled in Pawlet, Yt., as a physician ; m. 

. Josiah Brewer, of Tyringham, conveys to Jacob 

Kingsbury, physician, of Tyringham, land in T., Dec. 20, 
1787, and he was living there in 1793. 


239 Sally. 


176 Stephen' Kingsbury {Sfep/ien'', Jo/in\ Ep/iraim^, 
James", Henrv^), m. in Canaan, Aug. 20, 1784, Susanna Fel- 
lows ; he went from Canaan, Conn., to Huntington, Luzerne 
Co., Penn., about 1790, as appears from deeds on the Canaan 


242 Elizabeth, born in Canaan, Feb. 3, 17S7; m. John Fuller; died 1886. 

243 Nancy, born in Canaan, Aug. 11, 1789 ; m. Almond Stevens ; died 

Dec. 10, 1S57. 

244 Amelia, b. ; m. Alvin Seward. 

245 Andrew, born in Huntington, July 19, 1792. ?:^-^ 

246 Henry, born in Huntington, Oct. 5, 1793. -"?->► 

247 LrcY, b. ; m. James McBeth; died Feb. 10, 1858. 

248 Sarah, b. ; m. (i) James Calender; (2) Robert 

McLadie; died Sept. i, 1358. 

177 Molly" Kingsbury [Step/ien^, Jo/m*, Ephraim^, James', 
IPtnry'), m. Dr. Luman Pettibone, born in Norfolk, Conn., 
July 10, 1766, son of Lieut. Samuel and Martha (Phelps) 
Pettibone ; he studied medicine with Dr. Ephraim Guiteau, 
of Norfolk, and after two or three years' practice there he 
went to Orwell, Vt. After ten years in Orwell he removed 
to Stockholm, N. Y. At that time (1S02) Stockholm was a 


frontier settlement. The nearest white neighbors on the 
east were at Malone, S3 miles away, and on the west at 
Canton, 20 miles awa}*.* Dr. Pettibone took 320 acres of 
land, and built two log houses, about 20 x 30, w-ith a 
" space " of 6 or 8 feet between them, which was roofed 
over. In these houses not a board was used. The floors 
were made of split bass-wood, and the doors were of rived 
cedar shingles, hung upon wooden hinges, with a wooden 
latch and a leather string. The family raised flax and hemp 
and their own wool, to be made into cloth upon the loom in 
the west building, or kitchen. In summer time the boys 
wore only tow frocks and trousers, going barefoot, and 
generally bareheaded. They made their entire supply of 
sugar from the maple sap, and raised for breadstuff all the 
wheat, rye, and com that was used. At first the grain was 
pounded in a hollow stump, with a primitive pestle attached 
to a bent sapling. The ^earest grist mill was fort}' miles 
away. In the earliest days they " slashed " the trees, and 
burned over pieces of land, then took a hoe and buried the 
seed com, and the crop was not again touched until harvest 
time. In 1806 or 7 Dr. Pettibone built the first frame 
building in the town, and in this structure the first church 
in Stockholm was organized, (Congregational,) with seven 
members, by Rev. Amos Pettengill, a missionary sent out 
by the Connecticut Missionary' Society. The first school in 

* It is stated that "Lezzor" Tarbell, an Indian chief, and other Tarbells, fre- 
quently came to the home of Dr. Pettibone to see his wife, their " cousin," and that 
they were related to the Kingsburys. Lezzor was accnstomed to sleep on the kitchen 
floor, and could not be induced to get into a bed. He was a son of one of the three 
Tarbell children wJio were carried off June 20, 1707, by the Indians from Groton, 
Mass., while picking cherries one evening' — so tradition says — being captured 
before they had time to get down from the trees. They were taken to Canada, 
and the boys remained with their captors at Caughnawaga. They were children of 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Blood) Tarbell, and were probably related to the Kingsburys 
through the Whitneys. (See p. 116.) Governor Hutchinson met them near Albany 
in 1744, when they had become important men and chiefs. With their families, and 
others of the tribe, they established the village of St. Regis on the St. Lawrence. 
Their descendants were also chiefs, and one of them was a scholar in Wheelock's 
Charity School, at Hanover, N. H. Ira Pettibone once came to Albany with horses 
and sleigh to bring the St. Regis headmen to receive their Government annuity, 
and with them also came Jacob Peter Tarbel, a student in the Foreign Mission 
School at Cornwall, Conn., in 1S23. See Hough's History of St. LanTence and 
Franklin Counties, X. Y. : L^ossing s Pictorial Fiild Book of the War of 1S12 ; Mrs. 
Sigourney' s pcem, " The Bell of St. Regis": Historical Address delivered at Groton, 
Feb. 20, 1880, by Dr. Samuel A. Green, 42, et sequitur. 



the town was also taught in this building by Miss Almira 
Pettibone. During the war of 1812, by vote of the town, 
a stockade of pickets, 15 feet high, was built around Dr. 
Pettibone's house, (inclosing the well also,) as a safeguard 
against attacks by the Indians. One son of the family vol- 
unteered in a company going to Ogdensburg, and another 
was drafted into the service for a short time. — Letter of 
Mr. Benj. W. Pettibone. Dr. Pettibone's wife died Feb. 8, 
1813, aged 48. He m. (2.) his cousin, widow Sarah Bingham 
Guiteau, widow of Philo Guiteau. He died Feb. 3, 1823. 
His widow, Sarah, died in Waterbury, Conn., aged 83, Nov. 
13, i860. 


1 Ai.MiRA, b. in Norfolk, Dec. 24, 17S9 ; m. Jul}'^ 20, 1808, Alba Wood- 

ward, in Stockholm. Theirs was the first marriage in Stock- 
holm, and the ceremony was performed by her father as Jus- 
tice of the Peace. He died between 1850 and 1855. Shed, 
at Stockholm, N. Y., March 22, 1875. They had 8 sons and 3 

2 LuMAN, b. Oct. 20, 1791, at Orwell, Vt. ; m. July 25, 1813, Almira 

Rudd ; he was a pioneer settler in Northern Illinois, at Rock- 
ton ; his wife and daughter were the first white women in 
that region ; was Deacon of the Congregational church ; his 
wife died at Rockton, Sept. 18, 1864, ae. 67. They had four 
daughters, who married and had ch. ; he died at Rockton, 
April 2, 1S80. 

3 RoswELL, b. Aug. 26, 1794, at Orwell, Vt. ; grad. Middlebury College, 

1S20 ; entered the ministry ; m. his step-sister, Deha Guiteau, 
Nov. 15, 1821 ; he died Aug. 13, 1863, at Dannemora, N. Y., 
while chaplain of the Clinton Co. prison, which post he had 
held for ten years ; his widow died at Rockford, 111., Dec. 18, 
1876, se. 79. He was also settled in Hopkinton, Leroy, and 
Canton, all in N. Y. ; 4 ch. : Roswell G., grad. Union College, 
1848; m. Delia Barnes of Canton, N.Y. ; for twenty years Post- 
master at Ogdensburg, N. Y. ; elder in the Presbyterian 
church, and superintendent of its Sunday-school ; later he 
removed to Tacoma, Wash. ; where he was ordained to the 
ministry of the Presbyterian church, and was the successful 
pastor of the churches at Tenino and Hoquiam in Washing- 
ton ; he died in Utica, N. Y., April 17, 1899 ; Luman P., of 
Rockford, 111., and 2 daughters. 
Sylvester, b. June, 1796, at Orwell, Vt. ; died at Stockholm, N. Y., 
March 31, 1813. 


5 DoRUS, b. June 18, 1798, at Orwell, Vt.; m., 1822, Eliza Anne Petti- 

bone; he was Deacon and Postmaster at Stockholm; removed 
to Rockton, 111., about 1B50 ; his wife died there. March i, 
1862, ae. 59 ; he died Aug, 27, 1865 ; had three ch., one son, 
Rev. Ira F. Pettibone, b. March 24, 1824, grad. Union College, 
1849, missionary A. B. C. F M. at Constantinople ; in 1864-5 
chaplain of the 74th Illinois Regt., U. S. Vols. ; returned 
again to Turkey, and remained there until 1893, when he 
came back to this country ; died at Rockton, 111., March 21, 
1898; unm.; and 2 daughters. 

6 Ira, b. Sept. 7, 1801, at Orwell, Vt., grad. Middlebury College, 1828 ; 

m. Oct. 4, 1830, Louisa P., dau. of Dr. Benjamin Welch, of 
Norfolk, Conn.; a clergyman. His wife died April 8, 1865, 
ae. 64, at Winchester, Conn. ; he was settled in Whitesboro, 
and New York Mills, Oneida Co., N. Y., and in Winsted, 
Winchester, and West Stafford, Conn. ; he also taught 
many years, and was a successful educator; died 1889; had 
four ch., 3 sons and one daughter ; his son, Ira W., grad. 
Yale College, 1854, Colonel loth Conn. Vols., Professor at 
Beloit College, and teacher in Chicago ; Asa G., banker in 
Chicago, now resides New York Mills, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; 
and Benjamin W., Amherst College, i860, resides in Win- 
chester, Conn. 

178 Joseph' Kingsbury (^Stephen ', John ", Ephraim \ 
James^^ Henry''), lived in Norfolk and Canaan for a time, 
married in Canaan, March 4, 1791, Elizabeth Hollenbeck. 
He removed to Pennsylvania, and settled on the Susque- 
hanna River. He is called " of Huntington, in the county 
of Luzerne, State of Pennsylvania," in a deed from his 
father, dated May 18, 1795, of land in Norfolk. Lemuel 
Kingsbury of Poultney, Vermont, conveys to Joseph Kings- 
bury, of Norfolk, land in N. " lately owned & occupied by 
Stephen Kingsbury, dec''. Feb. 6, 1801." Norfolk Land 
Records. He removed from Pennsylvania to Hudson, Ohio. 


249 Sarah, ; m. Willis Butler, of Stow ; lived there many 

years ; moved to Peoria, 111., where they both died. 

250 Betsey, ; m. Capt. Henry W. Butler, of Stow, Ohio ; 

lived and died there, r: > 

251 Lot, ; lived many years in Hudson, O. " Lott Kingsbury, 

of Hudson, Ohio, married to Polyphemia Cook, Nov. 27, 
1814." East Cajiaan Ch. Record. Removed to Iowa, and 
died there, leaving two sons, William and Edward, who 
went to California. 



252 Harlow, ; drowned, aged about 14. 

253 Cynthia,* ; m. Chester Cobb. 

254 Lavinia, ; m. Aaron Foals (?) . 

255 John, b. Dec. 28, 1814, at Hudson, s-*" 

181 Willard' Kingsbury {Stephen\ John\ Ep/iraitn\ 
/anies*, Henry'), of Stockholm, N. Y., married there the 
" Widow Bisbee," maiden name Marg^aret Gray, from Ver- 
mont. Land deeded to him by his father May 18, 1795 ; liv- 
ing in Norfolk in 1795, removed to Stockholm about 1805 or 
6. His wife died in March, 1827, aged 54, in Stockholm. 
He died in Sept. 1831, aged 53. 


256 WnxARD, born June 20, 1808 ; m. Amanda Blowers. 5,=-^- 

257 Jacob, born 1810, died in Stockholm in 1890 ; unm. 

258 Stephen, bom 1812. s-*- 

259 Amanda, born 1814 ; m. (i) Martel Hillyard ; (2) Joseph Gray, of 

Brasher, N. Y. , 4 ch. by her first husband, and 3 by her second. 
She d. in Brasher in 1898. 

260 Morris, born 1816. -'^-^ 

182 Joshua" Kingsbury {Leifiuer, John\ Ephraim\ 
Ja77ies\ Henry'), of Canaan, Conn., m. Susanna IMarsh ; died 
at Canaan, January 23, 1814; his widow died March 27, 1818. 
According to the East Canaan Church Record she was ad- 
mitted to that church, Feb. 23, 1818, and died Feb. 28, 1818, 
^g^^ 53- He lived in East Canaan (at that time called 
North Canaan), near the Norfolk line. "An infant child of 
Joshua Kingsbury died June 9, i8o4."f 


261 Amy, b. Sept., 1790 ; d. July2, 1815. 

262 Lucy, b. Sept., 1793 ; d. Sept. 16, 1816. 

263 Abigail, b. July 13, 1795 ; died April 24 (Feb. 26, Mrs. Stevens' 

Record). 1821. 

264 Lemuel, b. Feb. 13, 1798 ; died April 23, 1816 (Feb. 13 or 16, Mrs. 

Stevens' Record and Ch. Record). 

265 Warren, b. Dec. 9, 1801 ; died June 25, 1824. 

266 William, b. Nov. i, 1807; m. Lydia J. Hier. s->- 

♦ Isaac Hollister, Jr., and Cynthia Kingsbury, married, Feb. 10, 1812. Salisbury 
Church Record. 

t Mrs. Henry Stevens' Record. 


183 George" Kingsbury {Lemuel", John\ Ephrat>n\ 
fames'^, ffenry^), was for a time in Winsted, Conn., a lawyer ; 
settled later in Poultney, Vt. ; m. Betsey Goddard ; died in 
Poultney, April 30, 1803. 


267 Blodgett G. ,b. March 13, 1800. r:; > 

268 Mary, b. June 12, 1802. s-^ 

185 William" Kingsbury {Lemuer, /oh/i\ Ephraim^, 
/ames\ ffe/iry^), of Canaan; m. July 22, i8or, Sally Abigail 
Marsh, born January 11, 1778, in Canaan, daughter of Rufus 
and Sarah (Way) Marsh. He lived in East Canaan, near 
the Norfolk line. About 1826 he left Canaan; called of 
Salem, Columbiana Co., Ohio, in a deed given by him and 
his sons, Guy, John, and Charles. In 1853 he removed to 
Alliance, Clark Co., Ohio, where he died January 14, 1859. 
His widow died January 17, 1861. In 1812 he served in the 
U. S. Army, was wounded at the battle of Williamsburgh, 
Upper Canada, Nov. 11, 18 13; the ball remained in his head 
sixty-five days before it was extracted, and was in the pos- 
session of his son, John A. K., of Alliance, in 1880. He re- 
mained in Burlington hospital until the close of the war, 
and was honorably discharged. He is said to have been a 
Quaker, but I should judge that was a mistake, as he would 
hardly have served in the army if that had been the case. 
His wife was a decided Quaker, and dressed accordingly. 


269 Guy Marsh, b. Aug. 18, 1809. ss-»- 

270 John Arthur, b. Nov. 30, 1811. :, : > 

271 Charles William, b. Aug. 25,^ 

" William Kingsbury's child died March 11, 1820," in East Canaan. 
(Mrs. Henry Stevens' Record.) 

191 John" Kingsbury {Andre7v\ John\ Ephraim\ James", 

Henry^ married Bathsheba , born in Pawlet, Vt., 

April 29, 1774. He lived in Vermont, and in New York 




272 Horace, born in Poultney, Vt., Oct. 17, 1805; d. Aug. 10, 1837. 

273 Anna, born in Enosburg, Vt., Sept. 8, 1807; d. June i, 1881. 

274 Andrew, born in Enosburg, Vt., Dec. 26, 1809; d. Apr. iS, 1864. 

275 Mary, born in Enosburg, Vt., March i, 1812; d. July 31, 1864. 

276 John, born in Westfield, Vt., July 27, 1814; d. May i, 1858. 

277 Abiram, born in Antwerp, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1817; d. June 11, 1837. 

278 Augusta, born in Lisbon, N. Y., March 25, 1821. 

279 Charlotte, born in Ogdensburg, N. Y,, April 24, 1824; died Jan. 

9, 1869. 

192 John" Kingsbury {WillanP, John\ Ephrai//i\ James'', 
Hc/iry^), of Granby, Conn., married May 8, 1794, Rebeccah 
Griswold. He removed later to Bloomfield, Conn., where 
he died January 19, 1841 [aged 74, T. S.]. Mrs. Rebeccah 
Kingsbury died in Bloomfield, April 9, 1833 [T. S.]. 


280 Rebeccah, b. in Granby, Jan. i, 1795; died March 21, 1799. 

281 John, b. in Granby, May 14, 1796. s->- 

282 Harlow, b. in Granby, April 22, 1798 ; died in Augusta, Georgia, 

Aug. 22, 1822. 

283 Lyman, b. in Granby, Apr. 14, 1800; m. Feb. 4, 1835, Almira Brown. 

284 Eliza, b. in Granby, Feb. 14, 1802 ; died May 19, 1807. 

285 Caroline, b. in Granby, Jan. 5, 1804 ; m. at St. Andrew's church, 

Simsbury, Nov. 18, 1822, Charles Palmer, of Mansfield; 3ch.: 
I. EHzaS.; 2. ChaunceyH.; 3. Caroline D. 

286 Willard L., b. in Granby, Feb. 3, 1808 ; m. Elvira ; died 

in Bloomfield, March 7, 1842, aged 36, [T. S.] s. p. George 
G. Peck appointed adm' on his estate, 1S42 ; widow's dower 
set out to Elvira Kingsbury, 1842. Distribution made to John 
Kingsbury, brother of the dec**; to Lyman Kingsbury, brother 
of the dec*; to Hannah Kingsbury; to Mary Hoskins, wife of 
Harrison, sisters of the dec'' ; to Eliza S., Chauncey H., and 
Caroline D. Palmer, ch. of Caroline Palmer, dec^ ; April 21. 
1843. Simsbury Probate Records, XI W /Q4-204. 

287 Hannah, b. n Granby, May 27, 1812; m. Amos P. Buckley of Mass. 

288 Mary, b. in Granby, April 14, 1815; m. May 8, 1841, Harrison Hos- 

kins of Simsbury. 

289 Sophia, b. in Granby, Aug. 11, 1817; died Oct. 3, 1818. 

197 Hannah A.' Kingsbury ( IVillanP, John\ Ephraim\ 
fames', Henry^), married April 25, 1802, Hezekiah Goodwin, 
of Bloomfield, Conn., born Dec. 12, 1779, son of Joseph and 



Rosanna (Gillett) Goodwin. She died in Bloomfield, June 
14, 1813, aged 31. He married (2) Aug. 3, 1815, Widow 
Percy (Humphrey) Cadwell, and died Aug. 30, 1818. 


1 Hezekiah Freeman, born Nov. 23, 1803; m. April 3, 1821, Pamelia 

A. Edgerton; d. in New Brunswick, N. J., Oct. 15, 1867. His 
wife d. July 7, 1870, aged 63 ; 6 ch. 

2 Mary Anna, b. July 25, 1805; ni. David Lemon ; removed to Illinois, 

where she d. Aug. 23, 1877 ; 6 ch. 

3 Philo Ashley, born May 8, 1807 ; m. Nov. 29, 1832, LaviniaH. Har- 

vey, of South wick, Mass. She died July i, 1855, and he m. 
(2) Nov. 19, 1855, Elizabeth H. (Barlow) Eastland, b. June 27, 
1824, in Bethany, N. Y. He studied law, and was admitted 
to the bar in Hartford, where he resided many years ; about 
1845 he removed to Quincy, 111., where he was elected a Judge. 
He died in Quincy, June 12, 1873 ; 3 ch. 

4 Lavinia, born May 11, 1809; m. Aug. 9, 1827, Edward Miller, b. Dec. 

18, 1802, son of Elijah and Chloe (Ailing) Miller, of Avon, 
Conn. She d. in Avon, Sept. 29, 1865 ; 14 ch. 

5 Olive, born April 15, 1811; m. May 4, 1831, Benajah Humphrey, b. 

Dec. 4, 1805, son of Dositheus and Louisa (Terry) Humphrey, 
of Simsbury. He d. March 20, 1882. She was living in 1890 ; 
5 ch. 

6 Andrew, born April 11, 1813; m. July 15, 1839, Clarissa Ann Sweet- 

land, of Farmington, who d. January 16, 1856. He d. in 
Simsbury, June 18, 1887; i ch. 

199 Dr. Andrew" Kingsbury ( Willard^ John\ Ephraivi\ 
Jaities^, Henry^), of Wayne, Steuben Co., N. Y.; he was a 
Surgeon's Mate in the war of 181 2, in Col. McBurney's regi- 
ment, N. Y. Militia; married (i) Dec. 11, 1814, Sally Silsbe, 
borji Dec. 12, 1798, in Muncy, Pa., daughter of Enos and 
Margaret Silsbe. She died Sept. 11, 1846; (2) April 15, 1847, 
Lavina Price, born Aug. 12, 181 2, in Rush, N, Y. He died 
Dec. 10, i860, in Rush. His widow died Dec. 5, 1894, 


290 Horace, born April 25, 1816. r", > 

291 Harriet, born Jan. 15, 1820, at Wayne, N.Y. -~., > 

292 Mary, born June 23, 1825 ; died Dec. 29, 1828. 

293 Cyrus, born Oct. 17, 1827 ; died Jan. 11, 1829. 

294 Maria, born July 4, 1830 ; died May 3, 1836. 


295 Eliza, born June 15, 1S33; married Dec. 15, 1852, Anson Davis. 

Rush, N. Y.; died April 29, 1S96. 

296 Albert, born April 6, 1840. ^^-^ 

297 Addison, born Feb. 13, 1850, at Rush, N. Y. =s-»- 

298 Franklin, born Dec. 31, 1851, Rush, N. Y s?-*- 

207 John" B. Kingsbury {Oliver^, Oliver'', SamueP, James'\ 
Henry'), of Goshen Gore, now Stannard, Vermont ; mar- 
ried (i) Phebe Johnson, born Sept. 14, 1802 ; died July 2, 
1832 ; (2) in 1833, Eliza Batchelder, widow of Luke Burn- 
ham ; * died in Stannard about 1866. 


299 LoDEMA, ; m. (i) Joseph Bean of Wheelock, 

Vt. ; (2) William Folsom. of Wheelock. 

300 Harvey Nicholas, born May 23, 1830, in Goshen Gore. ^ ^-s- 

301 Amanda. 


302 Sarah P., ; m. (i) Fernando V. Lowe ; (2) S. K. 


303 Norman Joseph, ; died in the Civil War, in a Southern 

prison, from the effects of a bullet wound. He was shot 
through the body, taken prisoner, and carried two hundred 
miles inside the Confederate lines ; lived two weeks. 

304 Saloma E., ; m. Samuel King of Stannard, Vt. 

305 Carlos John, ; m. Augusta Beckwith; lives in 

South Washington, Vt. He served in the Cavalry during the 
Civil War. 

212 Sanford' Kingsbury {Samuel'', Olivcr\ Samnrr, 
James'-, Henry'), of Tolland ; m. Cynthia Baxter, of Tolland, 
born Dec. 9, 1793. He died June [July 2, Dr. D. K.J, 1856; 
his wife died January 30, 1883. 

Sanford Kingsbury went to sea when 14 years old; after- 
wards lived for a while in New York State, then in Hartford, 
and finally settled in Tolland, where he died. 


306 Simeon, b. 1813; d. 1853, in Tolland; married and had one child, 

who died young. 

• Her son, Alonzo Luke Burnham, chose to be called by the name of his step- 
father ; he went to California at the time of the gold discovery ; now living at Santa 
Rosa, Gal., on a fruit ranch ; married, but has no children. 


307 John M., b. 1819; of Mansfield, Conn.; died in Mansfield, Jan. 

22, 188S. His widow died in Willington, Dec. 9, 1888; no 

308 Daniel, b. Jan. 22, 1828, in Hartford, s^t-*- 

309 Henry W., b. 1829; lost at sea 1857, aged 28. 

310 Cynthia, b. in Hartford; d. aged 10 months. 

214 Oliver" Kingsbury [Joseph ", Oliver\ SamueP, James" ^ 
Henry^), of ICillingly; married Lucy Phillips, who was born 
in Sterling in 1788. He served in the War of 181 2 at New 
London, under Captain Samuel West, from January 7, 1813, 
to July 14, 1814 ; married not long before. 

He died Oct. 13, 1862, aged 75; buried in Hewlet Town, 
Killingly. Lucy, his wife, died April i, 1878, aged 89 years 
and 7 months. 


311 Hannah, married Nathan Wilcox; died Dec. 29, 1892, aged 76; 

had a daughter who married Baker, of South Killingly. 

312 Abby, married Alden Burgess, Brooklyn, Conn.; died July 3, 1899, 

aged 80 ; her son, Ira, was a member of Co. D, ist Conn. 
Heavy Artillery, and was killed at Piedmont, Va. 

313 Jane, m. Archibald Morse, of Greene, R. I.; died May 26, 1868 ; 

8 ch. 

314 Mary A., born July 12, 1824, in Killingly; married (i) Cyrus W. 

Brewer, who died Aug. 22, 1846, ae. 25; (2) George R. Bishop 
of Killingly, who died Aug. 10, 1888, se. 70. She died Feb. 
II, 1901. 

315 Fanny, m. Willard Sanford Eddy, of Cranston, R. I.; died Feb. 

14, 1899, aged 73. 

316 Olive, born March 12, 1830 ; married Edwin A. Battey, of Kill- 

ingly ; died April 2, 1862. 

224 Lydia' Kingsbury {John\ Jeduthan\ Ephraim\ Eph- 
raim^, James^, Henry^), married May 6, 18 19, Col. James 
White, of Coventry, born Feb. 4, 1777, son of Abner and 
Jerusha White. He died July 16, 1861, aged 83. She died 
Dec. 7, 1870, aged 78. 


I Almira Cady, born in Coventry, May 8, 1820; married May 17, 
1843, James Stanley, of Coventry, born in Cairo, N. Y., March 
24, 1818, son of Ashbel and Sarah (Griggs) Stanley; died June 
10, 1858. She left 4 ch. : (i) Charlotte E., born in 1S44; married 


in 1871, F. C. Spaulding, of Coventry; 2 ch. ; (2) James W., b. 
in 1849; married in 1870, Mary A. Bowen; died in Providence 
in 1874; 2 ch.; (3) Frederick W., b. in 1852; lives in Coventry; 
(4) Norman W., b. in 1855; married in 1891, Mary A. Stanley; 
lives in Coventry. 

2 Elizabeth, born in Coventry, 1823; died in 1837. 

3 Charlotte, born in Coventry, 1825; died in 1830. 

4 jAiMES, born in Coventry, 1827; died in 1830 

5 Charlotte, born in Coventry June 22, 1830; married (i) 1853, S. P. 

Rindge, of Rockville, who died in 1857; (2) July 3, 1859, James 
Stanley, of Coventry, whose first wife was her sister; he died 
January, 1895 ; 4ch.; (i) George Clinton, b. 1862; married 1891, 
Fanny C. Lathrop; 2 ch.; (2) Sarah E., b. 1S64; married, 1884, 
Rev. F. E. Jenkiqs, of Palmer, Mass.; i ch.; (3) Grace W., 
b. 1867; a teacher ; lives in Coventry; (4) Alice L., b. 1874; 
lived with her mother in Coventry. Mrs. Stanley died in 
Hartford, in Aug.. 1901. 

226 Dorothy' Leavens Kingsbury {/ohn\ Jedut/ian\ 
Ephraim'^, Ephraim^, Ja/ncs", Hoirf), m. January 19, 1826, 
James Downer Hosmer, of Coventry, Conn., afterwards of 
Willimantic. He was born Sept. 26, 1796. She died in 1880. 


1 John Kingsbury, b. Nov. 14, 1826;* married in Hartford, April 2, 

1850, Maria Luthera, dau. of Daniel and Hannah (Harris) 
Hovey of Greenfield, Mass., born April 6, 1828, Lyme, N. H. 
He was living in Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1S90 ; died, 1896. 

2 Frederick Norton, b. Jan. 11, 1828; married Minerva Keith; lives 

in Ware, Mass. 

3 Harriet E , b Oct. 29, 1829; m. George D. Watrous, of Coventry, 

April 2, 1S50; ch. (i) Belle, married J. L Baker, of New York; 
(2) Frederick, living in Boston, 1894. She died in Coventry 
in 1899. 

4 Stei'Hen E., b. March 31, 1831; died May 27, 1842. 

227 John' Kingsbury {John\ Jeduthan^, Ephraim\ Eph- 
raiin^, James', Henry'), grad. from Brown University, 1826; 
ra. Aug. 19, 1834, Mary iMackie Burgess, born in Providence, 
Oct. TO, 1813, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Mackie) Bur- 
gess. She died in Providence, Feb. 28, 1872. He died, 
Dec. 24, 1874. While yet a student within a few weeks 

* According to another account, Nov. 30, 1825. 


of his graduation, having already fixed upon teaching as 
his chosen profession, he became associated with Mr. G. 
A. Devvitt, in the instruction and management of the 
Providence High School. At the end of two years he 
commenced the " Young Ladies' High School," at the 
solicitation of many leading citizens of Providence, who 
had long felt the need of such an establishment for the 
education of their daughters. The new school, both in its 
instruction and in all its appointments, was of a higher 
grade than had been before known in Providence. This 
school he maintained with unexampled prosperity for thirty 
years, during which time he superintended the education of 
two generations of a large proportion of the foremost women 
of Providence, and of many from abroad. He retired from his 
long and successful work in 1858. At that time he received 
from the Governor the appointment of State Commissioner 
of Public Schools ; but he held this position but a single 
year, not finding its duties, as then arranged, compatible 
with his health. He resigned in 1859, and was immediately 
made President of the Washington Insurance Company, an 
office which he continued to hold until his death. This 
record embraces but a small part of the work which Mr. 
Kingsbury performed for the benefit of the community. 
Though the founder and instructor of a private school on 
which he depended for his living, he was, from the begin- 
ning, one of the most earnest and active friends and pro- 
moters of public education. He aided largely in bringing 
public opinion to sanction and demand the legislation by 
which the present common schools of Rhode Island were 
created. He was the most active founder and long the 
President of the " Rhode Island Institute of Instruction," 
which did so much to sustain the labors of Mr. Barnard, the 
first Commissioner of the Rhode Island State schools, and 
in a great variety of ways he rendered services which, pos- 
sibly, no other man among us at that time would have been 
able to render. In the promotion of the general cause of 
education he also assisted in founding the '* American Insti- 
tute of Instruction," that national association of teachers, 
which has contributed so largely to the elevation of the pro- 


fession throughout the country. He was the President of 
this organization for two years, and for more than twenty 
years one of its councillors and managers. 

With the social interests and many of the philanthropic 
and religious institutions of Providence Mr. Kingsbury was 
closely identified. In the early scientific pursuits of the 
"Franklin Society" he took a leading part, and was for sev- 
eral years President. He was for many years at the head of 
the "Young Men's Bible Society"; and he was also for 
twenty years one of the trustees of the " Butler Hospital 
for the Insane." In 1844 he was chosen a member of the 
Board of Trustees of Brown University, and in this capacity 
he rendered most useful services to his Alma Mater. In 
1853 he was raised to the Board of Fellows, and at the same 
time was chosen Secretary of the Corporation, an office 
which he continued to hold to the close of his life. In 
recognition of his various and eminent services in the cause 
of education, the University, in 1856, conferred on him the 
honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. 

He was one of the founders of the Central Congregational 
Church, in 185 1, having previously belonged to the Rich- 
mond vStreet Congregational Church, and in connection 
with both of these churches he maintained Bible classes, 
which embraced not only large numbers of young men of 
the city, but first and last, upwards of two hundred stu- 
dents of the University. This record is condensed from an 
account which appeared in the Providence Journal^ of Dec. 
25, 1874, written by Professor Gammell, of Brown Univer- 
sity. He says finally : " It is services such as these, gener- 
ously and quietly rendered to so many of the most important 
social and religious interests of the community, that have 
ennobled the career which we have thus imperfectly 
sketched. . . . Mr. Kingsbury has furnished an illus- 
trious example of ho\y much even the busiest among us 
may do in a most unostentatious way to make others 
wiser and better, and to render the community a more 
desirable home for the generations which are to come 
after them." 


317 Mary Burgess, b. June 13, 1835. s->- 

318 Thomas Burgess, b. Jan. 7, 1837; died May 27, 1842. 


319 Sarah, b. Oct. i, 1838; died Sept. 26, 1848. 

320 Elizabeth Helen, b. June 19, 1840. :,:: > 

321 John, b. July i, 1842; died Oct. 11, 1843. 

322 Alice, b. July 21, 1844. s; > 

323 Anna, b. April 5, 1847; died January 4, 1871, unmarried. 

324 Henry James, b. Jan. 30, 1851; died March 19, 1863. 

325 Emily Rebecca, b. April 15, 1853; unmarried; living in Providence. 

228 Ezra' Kingsbury ( John \ Jediithan \ Ephraim \ 
Ephraif/i^, James"^, Henry^), of South Coventry; m. Eunice 
Hovey Griggs, of Tolland, born April 27, 1802. He died 
March 5, 1861 ; she died June 26,* 1874, aged 73. 


326 Dorothy Jane, b. Dec. 7, 1827 ; m. F. Amidon ; lives in Newton- 

ville, Mass. 

327 John Watson, b. June 11, 1830, in South Coventry ; m. Mary Ann 

Hyde, in Hartford ; living in Oakland, Cal. ; no ch. 

328 Ezra Wolcott, b. June 11, 1830, in South Coventry. e; - > 

329 Mary Susan, b. July 4, 1836. s-^ 

330 James W., b. Jan. 29, 1838 ; lived in Colorado, 1894 ;f unm. 

229 Tirzah' Kingsbury {Asa", Jeduthaii^, Ephraim", 
Ephraiiit^, James^, Heiiry^), married, January 31, 1816, Moses 
Bryant, born May 21, 1786, in Cornish, N. H., son of Sylva- 
nus and Judith (Chase) Bryant. 

They lived in Plainfield, N. H., where she died, Oct. 14, 
1854. Mr. Bryant died May 14, 1881. 


1 Edwin K. , born Sept. 26, 1S17 ; resides in Plainfield, N. H. 

2 Emily, born July 11, 1819 ; m. July, 1840, Francis Daniels, of Plain- 

field ; died Nov. 22, 1840. 

3 Horace, born Sept. 21, 1821 ; died in Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. i, 1846. 

4 George S. , born Nov. 10, 1824 ; m. (i) July 16, 1856, Mary F. Ken- 

dall ; (2) Aug. 27, 1872, Amy L. Sawyer ; resides in Newton 
Highlands, Mass. ; in business in Boston. 

5 Alfred, born Feb. 18, 1827 ; resides in Chicago, 111. 

6 Moses, born July 21, 1837 ; resides in Chicago, 111. 

231 Mahala' Kingsbury {Asa\ Jeduthan^, Ephrai7n\ 
Ephriam^, James^, Henry^), married, January 9,J 1825, Bush- 

* June 24, letter of Mrs. Mary S. K. Sanborn, April 29, 1901. 
t California ; letter of Mrs. Stanley, Aug. 26, 1894. 
X July 7th. C. F.Gallup, letter, Aug. 19, 1889. 



rod Washington Russell, born Sept. 2, 1800; died Aug. 23, 
1848. They lived in Johnson, Vt., and Nashua, N. H. She 
died Sept. 26, j866, in Plainfield, N. H. 


1 Infant, born April 16, 1S26 ; died April 18. 

2 George Russell, born May 24 or 28, 1827 ; m. Mary Edwards, of Sa- 

lem, Mass., Nov., 1847 ; died before 1879 ; 2 ch., Annie and 

3 Ellen, born Feb. 15 or 16, 1829 ; m. Oct. 9, 1851, Nathan B. Clark, of 

Cambridge, Mass. ; died before 1879, i° Colorado; 2 ch., 
Charles and Arthur. 

4 Sarah Louisa, born March 22, 1831 ; m. Aug. 5 or 7, 1854, John E. 

Gallagher, of Boston ; no ch. ; she died before 1879, in Wau- 
kesha, Wisconsin. 

5 Charles, born Aug. 10, 1835 ; died Feb. 10, 1836. 

235 Asa ' D. Kingsbury (Asa ", Jeduthan *, Ephraim \ 
Ep/irai/>i^, fames'^, Henry'), of Plainfield, N. H. ; m. Sept. 17, 
1835, Laura Wardner, daughter of Dr. James and Hannah 
(Hammond) Wardner, b. in Plainfield, Dec. 8, 1818. He 
died in Plainfield. Nov. 6, 1848.* 


331 An Infant, d. May 17, 1839. 

332 Laura A., ; died Aug. 28, 1841. 

236 Caleb' Swan Kingsbury {Asa*, Jeduthafv', Ephraim*, 
Ephrait)P, James', Henry'), of Plainfield, N. H., m. Nov. 21, 
1830, Caroline Rebecca Gallup, born in Plainfield, May 25, 
1812, daughter of Thomas and Sally (Cutler) Gallup; she 
died July 4, 1844 ; he died in Bethel, Vt., January 12, 1889. 
He was a farmer in Plainfield. 


333 George Henry, b. Oct. 11, 1833 ; died July 12, 1S76, in Boston, 


334 Benjamin Cutler, b. July 3, 1835. Went West in 1856; settled in 

Butte City, Montana, in 1S66 ; engaged in the mining busi- 
ness ; now resides in Spokane, Washington ; never married. 

335 Sarah Maria, b. Feb. 15, 1837. ?i;-»- 

336 BvRON Francis, b March 3, 1839. s > 

• Letter of C. F. Gallup, Aug. iq, 1889. 



337 Charles Gallup, b. Aug. 23, 1840 ; m. Oct. 15, 1867, Laura Shad- 
dinger, in Cincinnati, O. ; daughter of Joseph and Charlotte 
(Duport) Shaddinger, born Nov. 5, 1843. He went from 
Plainfield to Indianapolis in 1S59 ; removed to Cincinnati in 
1862 ; to Toledo in 1873 ; to Cleveland in 1875 ; to Cincinnati 
1885 ; superintendent of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Division 
of the American Express Company in 1890. 

237 Philinda' Kingsbury {Asa\ Jeduthaiv', Ephraim*, 
Ephrat?n^, James', Heiiry^), married January 24, 1836, Moses 
Kimball Stickney, born in Plainfield, Feb. 28, 1810, son of 
Duty and Sarah (Kimball) Stickney. They removed June 
12, 1844, to Dodge Co., Wisconsin, and then a few years later 
to Otsego, Allegan Co., Michigan. Aug. 5, 1890, they re- 
moved to Minneapolis, Minn., where they were living in 


1 Elizabeth Martin, b. Oct. 5, 1836 ; m. Jan. i, 1856, Jacob Breyer ; 

living in 1891, at 631 East i6th St., Minneapolis. 

2 Kimball, b. May 9, 1838 ; died April 24, 1840. 

3 William K., b. Aug. 24, 1840 ; died Sept. 7, 1840. 

4 Asa Kingsbury, b. Sept. 24, 1841 ; m. Dec. 24, 1867, Sarah A. 

Vernold ; living (1891) in Gillett, Oconto Co., Wisconsin. 

238 Amanda Maria' Kingsbury {Asa\ Jeduthati'', 
Ephraim\ Ephyaim\ fames'^, Henry^), m. April 20, 1839, 
Charles Frederick Gallup, of Plainfield, N. H., son of Thomas 
and Sally (Cutler) Gallup, born in Plainfield, Ma}^ 23, 1814. 
She died in Plainfield, Oct. i, 1888. 


1 Emily D., b. Oct. 31, 1840 ; m. Jan. i, 1862, William Henry Case, of 

Plainfield, N. H. ; died May 5, 1874 ; ch. (i) Nellie Amanda, b. 
Nov. 19, 1863 ; (2) William Francis, b. Feb. 17, 1865 ; (3) Rob- 
ert Anderson, b. Aug. 2, 1868 ; (4) Stella Emily, b. Nov. 2, 

2 An Infant, b. March 31, 1842 ; died same day. 

3 Francis Daniels, b. Aug. 10, 1843 ; m. 1873, Maria I. Reding ; resi- 

dence Waltham, Mass. (1889) ; ch.,(i) George Walter, b. Oct. 
I, 1873 ; (2) Maria, b. 1874 ; (3) Carl Edward, b. 1877 ; died 
June 26, 1883. 


4 Amanda, b. Feb. 28, 1846 ; m. Dec. 24, 1866, William Hall, of Plain- 

field, N. H. ; ch., (i) William Israel, b. April 14, 1868 ; (2) 
Hattie Elizabeth, b. April 7, 1872 ; (3) Charles Gallup, b. Jan. 
9, 1880. 

5 Charles Henry, b. Oct. 23, 1848 ; died Oct. 28, 1850. 

6 Stella Hatch, b. Dec. 8, 1850; m. Nov. 11, 1869, Norman E. Wil- 

liams, of Plainfield, N. H. ; ch., Walter C, b. Nov. 26, 1870. 

7 Charles F. , Jr., b. June 4, 1853 ; res. Boston ; m. Sept., 1S83, Ab- 

bie J. Smith, of Mansfield, IMass. ; ch., (i) Ahce May, b. Maj' 
9, 1884 ; (2) Charles Albert, b. Jan. 28, 1888. 

8 Benjamin Kingsbury, b. Feb. 3, 1856 ; m. Tamah Howe, of Clinton, 

Mass., June, 1878 ; lives in Lancaster, Mass. (1889). 

9 George Russell, b. July 18, i860 ; m. July 8, 1889, Helen Maria 

Truell ; residence Northboro, Mass. 

245 Andrew' Kingsbury {Stephen\ Stephen\ John\ Eph- 
raim^, Jat/ies", Henry^), of Huntington, Pa., married in 1809, 
Rebeckah, daughter of David and Betsey (Tubbs) Woodard, 
born in Huntington, Pa., Dec. 27, 1793. He was a farmer. 
He died in Huntington, February 26, 1852. His wife died 
April 28, 1875. 


338 Elizabeth, b. July 10, 1813 ; m. Gilbert McQuene, of Shick- 

shinney. Pa.; died Oct. 10, 1876. 

339 Stephen J., b. Aug. 29, 181 6. s-^ 

340 David Woodard, b. Aug. 15, 1820. r: > 

341 Susannah, b. April 4, 1826 ; died July 14, 1828. 

342 Daniel H., b. Oct. 15, 1830. = > 

343 Anderson Dana, b. March 9, 1832 ; died Sept. 19, 1852. 

246 Henry' Kingsbury {Stephen\ Stephen", John\ Eph- 
raif/i*, James"^, Ilenry^), of Huntington, Pa.; a farmer ; mar- 
ried, May 10, 1819, Amanda, daughter of Lyman and 

(Blanchard) Culver, of Huntington, born May 6, 1800. He 
died in Huntington, March 17, 1870. She died February 
17, 1880. 


344 Hannah, b. July i, 1820 ; m. Daniel Fulmer of Bloomsburg, Pa.; 

had 3 ch. Chnton, the oldest son, was in the U. S. army, 
died in Andersonville prison, in 1862. 

345 Bertow, b. Aug. 16, 1823 ; died young. 

346 Lyman, b. July 24, 1824; died young. 



347 Mary, b. May 2S, 1826 ; m. Dr. John W. Fulmer, of Fishing 

Creek, Pa.; died May 7, 1857. 

348 Nancy, b. March 20, 1828; m., in 1859, Dr. John W. Fulmer; 

removed to Illinois. 

349 Eliza, b. Dec. 6, 183 1 ; died young. 

350 Charles, b. Dec. 21, 1829. ss-^- 

351 MiLFORD, b. Oct. 8, 1833. TZ > 

352 Stephen J., b. Oct. 5, 1835 ; m. Catharine Barney; lives in East 

Liberty, Ohio, ch. : i, Joseph ; 2, Mary ; 3, Lorenzo ; 4, 
Amanda ; all living in the West. 

353 Susan, b. Nov. i, 1837 ; died Sept. 1, 1858 ; unm. 

354 Minerva, b. April 5, 1840 ; m. Jackson Labour, of Shickshinney, 

Pa ; died Aug. 29, 1898. 

250 Betsey' Kingsbury {Joseph\ Stephen'', John\Ephraim*, 
fames', ffenry^), married Capt. Henry W. Butler, of Stow, 


I Julia, b. in Stow, July 12, 1830; married Dec. 16, 1846, Josiah 
Starr, of Stow, son of Josiah and Mary (Cannon) Starr, born 
March 7, 1821. 

255 John' Kingsbury {Joseph', Stephen^ John\ Eph- 
raim^, James\ Henry^), of Ravenna, O., married (i) June 9, 
1836, Ang-eline Bishop, of Charlestown, O.; she died Feb. 
14, 1877 ; he married (2) Feb. 8, 1880, Mrs. Jane Nash, of 
Streetsborough, O. 


355 David B., b. in Hudson, O., Oct. 8, 1837. 

356 Otis D., b. in Hudson, Aug. 12, 1839. 

357 John H., b. in Hudson, Aug. 7, 1841. 

358 Son, b. in Pa'rkman, O., Dec. 16, 1843; d. same day. 

359 Leander, b. in Parkman, April 10, 1845. 

360 Eugene E., b. in Parkman, July 15, 1849. 

361 Bradford E., b. in Ravenna, January 8, 1851 ; living in 1880 

in Kingston, Tusceola Co., Mich. 

256 Willard' Kingsbury {lVillard\ Stephen', John\ 
Ephraim^, Jatnes', Henry"), of Stockholm, N. Y., married Oct. 
I, 1836, Amanda Blowers, of Brasher, N. Y., daughter of 

David and (Kelsey) Blowers, born in 1816, in Brasher. 

He died Feb. 27, 1879, on the farm where he was born ; his 
wife died May 28, 1876; both in Stockholm. 



362 Polly, b. in Stockholm, June 4, 1837 ; married George Flint, of 

Erie, Pa., where she died Dec. 14, 1881 ; no ch. 

363 LovisA, b. in Stockholm, Oct. 27, 1838 ; married John Flint, of 

Erie, Pa. ; no ch. 

364 George D., b. in Stockholm, Feb. ig, 1844. s->- 

365 Sidney, b. in 1846, in Stockholm ; died in 1S48. 

258 Stephen' Kingsbury ( Willard\ Stephen\ John\ 
Ephraitn^, fames'', Henry^), married Clarissa Jackson from 
Ohio. He "went west"; made a claim of land near Janes- 
ville, Wisconsin, afterwards went to La Porte, Indiana, 
where he died about i<S5o. 


366 Stephen. 

367 Dudley. 

368 Delbert. 

260 Morris' Kingsbury {Willard\ Stephen^ John \ 
Ephraim', James"', Henry'), of Stockholm ; married Samantha 
Emerson. He died April 14, 1880. 


369 Arden, ; living in Winthrop, N.Y., in 1900; unm. 

370 Lenman, ; died before 1883. 

266 William' Kingsbury {Jos/iua\ LemueP, John'', Eph- 
raim^, James', Henry'), lived in Ohio; m. April 30, 1846, Lydia 
J. Hier, of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., O. 


371 Letitia, b. at Royalton, O., May 18, 1848; m. April 3, 1867, Edwin 

; has 3 sons and 2 daughters; P. O. Berea, O. 

372 Blandford W., b. at Royalton, April 11, 1850; m. Nov. 28, 1872, 

Lydia A. Stevenson, Mansfield, O. 

373 Susanna V., b. at Royalton, March 26, 1852; m. Sept. 14, 1871, 

William Deming; 2 sons, i dau. 

374 Lemuel M., b. Dover, O.; lived with his father. 

267 Blodgett G.' Kingsbury {George\ Lemuel', John\ 
Ephraim^, James"", Henry'), m. Sarah Smith; lived at Vineland, 
N. J. (1880). 



375 Squire, b. Nov. 23, 1823; d. Dec. 10, 1823. 

376 Pamelia, b. Nov. 21, 1824; m. John Groger; lived in Illinois; onech.: 

John T., b. Maj' 29, 1848. 

377 Polly, b. March 31, 1826; m. George Tower; lived in Minnesota. 

She d. May 7, 1864; ch.: (i) Clayton; (2) Alice P.; (3) Clar- 
ence; (4) Carlos. 

378 John Allen, b. Oct. 6, 1831; m. Emily Groger; ch. (i) Cora M., b. 

June 21, 1857. He is a clergyman of the M. E. Church in 
New Jersey; residence. White House, N. J. 

379 LoRA S., b. Sept. 28, 1836; m. Rev. D. F. Hallock, of Long Island; 

ch. (i) Lora, b. April 18, 1862; she d. Nov. 10, 1868. 

380 WiLLARD F., b. Jan. 4, 1843; d. May 20, 1849. 

268 Mary' Kingsbury {George^, Lemuel", John\ Ephraim^, 
J allies'^, Henry ^),m. — —- Ormsbee; settled in Ogle County, 
Illinois, where she died 1876 or '77. 


1 Carlton S., b. May 16, 1828, Ogle Co., Illinois. 

2 Myron Dennis, b. June 11, 1831; lived in California. 

3 Charles Clark, b. Dec. 2, 1835, Ogle Co., Illinois. 

269 Guy Marsh' Kingsbury {William^, Lemuer, John\ 
Ephraim^, Jatnes^, Henry^), married, May 13, 1836, Lydia Ann 
Webb; residence. Alliance, O. He died in Alliance, August 
31, 1846. 


381 William W., b. March 27, 1841; was editor of the Newark, O., 

Advertiser; d. at the Hot Springs, Ark., whither he had 
gone for his health. 

382 Charles, b. Oct. 18, 1842; residence, Springfield, O. (1880). 

383 Horace G., b. Oct. 3, 1844; m.; residence, Newark, O. (1880). 

270 John Arthur' Kingsbury {William\ Lemuer, Jo/m\ 
Ep/iraim\ fames', Henry^), of Alliance, O.; m. (i) Dec, 1834, 
Elizabeth Gates; (2) Sept. 19, 1839, Lucretia Elbertson. 
(3), ; died in Alliance, May 31, 1889. 


384 Irene L., b. at Alliance, March 27, 1835; married January 19, 1857, 

Ephraim Transler, carpenter and farmer; removed from 
Alliance, Ohio, to Saranac, Michigan; died December 9, 1887; 
ch.: Nora A., born November 5, 1857. 



385 George W., b. July 16, 1840; m. Aug., i860, E. E. Woods; lived 

in Alliance; died ; a railroad engineer; 3 oh.: i Frank, m. 

Minnie Transler; lives in Alliance; ch.: i Ferris; 2 Sue, m. 
Lyman Beardsley, of Alliance; 2 ch., Daisy and Roy; 3 
Maude, m. Jack Taylor; lives in Canton, Stark Co., O. 

386 Charles E., b. Oct. 6, 1S45; d. Sept. 5, 1863. 

387 Sai.lie E., b. Feb. 23, 1847; m. Aug. 15, 1869, John B. Day, of Alli- 

ance; she died Dec. 7, 1891; one daughter, OUie, m. Samuel 
Godfrey Gallup, son of General George Shelden Gallup; 
employed Columbia National Bank, Pittsburgh, Pa.; lives in 
Pittsburgh, Pa.; ch.: Sadie Marie, b. May 10, 1893. 

388 Samuel W., b. in Ravenna, Nov. 13, 1848. 

271 Charles William' Kingsbury {Williajn^, LemueP, 
John\ Ephrainr, Ja/iies", Henry^), graduated from a medical 
college in Stark Co., Ohio, in the late '30s, and began the 
practice of medicine in Rushsylvania, O. ; he married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Jacob and Susanna (Porter) Neibarger; 

he died November 15, 1841 ; his widow married (2) 

Sutton ; (3) Terry ; resided at Anderson, Ind., but now 

lives in Kenton, Ohio (1903). 


389 WiLLL^M Jacob, born Julj^ 25, 1841, in Rushsylvania, O. 

281 John' Kingsbury (/^///A Willard^ John\ Ephraim\ 
James^, Henry^), married, Feb. 9, 1820, Fanny Fox, daugh- 
ter of Chrisbus and Susan (Griswold) Fox, born in Granby, 
Conn., May 14, 1799. He removed to Chili, N. Y., in Octo- 
ber, 1839. He died Dec. 3, 1877. She died Sept. 8, 1886. 


392 Ro.xY SopHRONiA, b. Aug. 30, 1820, in Granby; married October i, 

1845, Charles A. Palmer, in Riga, N. Y.; died May 3, 1847. 

393 Harlow C, b. May 3, 1822, in Bloomfield; married, Dec. 2, 1849, 

Elizabeth Henderson; died Nov. 29, 1864, in Chili, N. Y. 

394 Harriet C, b. Oct. 27, 1S29, in Bloomfield; married July 10, 1848, 

Charles A. Palmer; died March 15, 1852, in Riga, N. Y.; one 
son, Jerome Palmer, born Aug. 18, 1849; died April 7, 1901, 
at his home, one mile east of Churchville, N. Y. 

395 Adaline M., b. July 22, 1832, in Bloomfield; died in Chili, N. Y. , 

July 2, 1848. 

396 An'geline. Eliza, b. July 22, 1832, in Bloomfield. ss-^- 

290 Horace' Kingsbury {Br. Andrew", Willard'', John\ 
Ephraitn'', Jamcs\ Jlenry^), married. May 24, 1849, Eliza 
Brace, born in Pompey, Onondaga Co., N. Y., June 27, 1814, 


daughter of Asa and Eunice Brace ; she died in Lockport, 
N. Y., Dec. 13, 1894. His business is that of a gardener in 


397 Isabel, b. Sept. 16, 1852, in Lockport ; lives in Lockport ; unm. 

291 Harriet' Kingsbury {Dr. Andrew\ Willard\ John*, 
Ephraim^^ J allies'^ ^ Heiiry^), married, February 22, 1844, Fran- 
cis Granger, of Toledo, Ohio, son of John Granger, born at 
Parma, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1819 ; he died Oct. 6, 1885 ; she died 
January 6,* 1901, in Toledo. 


1 Miranda, b. Dec. 26, 1844; m. William Van Wormer, of Toledo. 

2 Julia Harriet, b. July 30, 1847; m. Horace Green. 

3 Eliza Almira, b. April 3, 1850 ; m. William Rotherick ; died, aged 

about 40. 

4 Clara Alice, b. July 16, 1852. 

5 Eli Henry, b. May 2, 1S56. 

6 Susan, b. Nov. 15, 1858. 

7 Florence, b. Sept. 7, 1868 ; m. George Lewis of Toledo. 

296 Albert' Kingsbury {Dr. Andreiv\ Willard\ John\ 
Ephraini^, Ja/nes"^, Henry'), of Leroy, N. Y., married, July 3, 
1865, Emily A. Chapel. He died July 2, 1878. His widow 
resides in Rochester, N. Y. 


393 Alice Emily, b. March i3, 1868 ; m. Oct. S, 1890, Chester A. Tut- 
tle, of Atlantis, Iowa ; now lives in Rochester, N. Y. 

399 Ernest A., b. Jan. 30, 1875 ; resides in Rochester, N. Y. , with his 

297 Addison' Kingsbury {Dr. Andre'w\ Willard", John\ 
Ephraim\ James^, Henry'), of Mumford, N. Y.; married June 
30, 1897, Emma L., daughter of Ambrose and Hannah 
(Crimin) Rathbun, born Sept. 4, 1859, in Avon, N. Y. He is 
a gardener at the N. Y. wState Fish Hatchery, Caledonia, 
N. Y. 

* January s, another authority. 



400 Burton Addison, b. January 5, 1899. 

401 Marian Lavinia, b. Oct. 25, 1900. 

298 Franklin' Kingsbury {Dr. Andrew\ Willard\John\ 
Ephrai>n\ James", Henrf), of Wheatland Center, N. Y., mar- 
ried, October 29, 1884, Ella R., daughter of Jacob and Eliza- 
beth (Robertson) vShoudler, born in Scottsville, N. Y., vSept. 
23, 1856. He is a farmer at Garbutts, in Wheatland. 


402 Herisert Willard, b. Oct. 27, 1886. 

403 Deane, b. July 3, 188S. 

300 Harvey Nicholas' Kingsbury {John'' B., Oliver", 
Oliver\ Sa/nueP, James', Henry^), of Walden, Vermont, mar- 
ried April 3, 1854, Polly N. Lowe, born Aug. 20, 1834, in 
Warren, N. H., daughter of Daniel P. and Mary L. (Brown) 
Lowe. He is a farmer, and lived in Hardwick, Vt., from 
1854 to 187 1 ; in Danville, Vt., 187 1 to 1880; in Barnet, Vt., 
from 1880 to 1890; now resides in Walden. 


404 Georcje Harvey, b. July 26, 1855. j^t->- 

405 Otis D., b. Aug. 27, 1859; m. March 5, 1881, Mattie J. Gillis, 

resides East Hardwick, Vt. 

406 Newell J., b. January 12, 1862. :c -> 

407 Frederick V. b. Sept. 14, 1870. z" ■> 

408 Jessie May, b. January 6, 1875 ; m. July ig, 1900, Herbert Gib- 

son of Ryegate, Vt. 

308 Dr. Daniel' Kingsbury {Sanford\ Samuel'", Oliver\ 
SamueP, James'', Henry'), of Glastonbury, Conn. ; m. Oct. 
9, 1853, Caroline, b. March 13, 1835, daughter of Elmer 
and Cynthia (Davis) Loomis, of Tolland. He has practiced 
medicine since 1852 in Glastonbury, Conn. Mrs. Caroline 
Kingsbury d. Aug. 10, 1859, and he m. (2) Lucy Melissa, 
daughter of Erastus and Lucy B. (Beebe) Cone, b. in East 
Haddam, Conn., Aug. 22, 1829. 



409 Frances Estelle, b. in Glastonbury, April 13, 1856; m., Dec. 30, 

1880, Rev. Thomas H. Gordon, of Chews, N. J,; no ch. 

410 Carrie Alice, b. in Glastonbury, March 4, 1858. 

411 Mary Aurelia, b. in Glastonbury, July 3, 1865. 

412 William Sanford, b. in Glastonbury, Sept. 17, 1867; grad. Trinity 

College, 1 891; Yale Medical School, 1896; practiced for a time 
in Lowell, Mass.; a physician in Glastonbury; m. Sept. 28, 
1898, Mary L. Raymond. 

413 Lucie Eveline, b. in Glastonbury, July 4, 1S69. 

414 Daniel Arthur, b. in Glastonbury, April 22, 1872; d. Sept. 16, 1872. 

317 Mary Burgess^ Kingsbury {JoJin\ John\ Jedu- 
thaii', Ephraiin\ Ephraini^^ Jaiiu's"', Henf}'^), m., Dec. 13, 1855, 
Edward Phillips Burgess, b. June 28, 1827; grad. Amherst 
Coll., 1852; resides in Dedham, Mass. 


1 William Phillips, b. May 13, 1857; d. March 8, 1883. 

2 Sarah Kingsbury, b. Jan. 29, i860. 

3 John Kingsbury, b. Jan. 20, 1863; m. April 24, 1889, Antoinette C. 

Starkweather; resides in New York. 

4 Edward Phillips, b. March 19, 1868. 

320 Elizabeth Helen' Kingsbury {John\ John\ Jedu- 
thafr", Ephraini^, Ephraiiii^, James\ Henry^), m., April 19, 
1865, Hon. Edward Lillie Pierce, b. in Stoughton, Mass., 
May 29, 1829, son of Col. Jesse and Elizabeth S. (Lillie) 
Pierce; Brown University, 1850; LL.D. 1882; Harvard 
Law vSchool, 1852; from the Law School he went to Cin- 
cinnati, and entered the law office of the Hon. Salmon P. 
Chase, and he became the private secretary of Mr. Chase at 
Washington; later, he returned to Boston and began the 
practice of law. Mr. Pierce was active and influential in 
the formation of the Free Soil party, which afterwards be- 
came merged into the Republican party. In i860 he was a 
member of the Republican presidential convention which 
nominated Abraham Lincoln, and he took an active part in 
the canvass which followed. In the very first week of the 
war he enlisted as a private in Co. L, Third Massachusetts 
Regiment, and at Fortress Monroe he had charge of the 


contrabands under General Butler. In 1862 Mr. Pierce was 
appointed by Secretary Chase to take charge of the freed- 
men and the plantations of the Sea Islands of South Carolina. 
In August, 1863, while on duty at Morris Island, he was 
appointed Collector of Internal Revenue for the Third 
Massachusetts District, and District Attorney for the same 
District. In 1869 he was appointed Secretary of the Board 
of vState Charities, and held that position until 1874, when 
he resigned. He was a member of the National Republican 
Conventions of 1876 and 1884. He was elected a member of 
the Massachusetts Legislature, House of Representatives, in 
1875 ^^^ 1876, and again in 1896, and held the office at the 
time of his death, Sept. 7, 1897, in Paris, France. During all 
his life, even while he was in college, Mr. Pierce did much 
literary work, frequently contributing to the Atlajitic Monthly. 
He published in 1857 a book on "American Railroad Law," 
which is still the standard authority on the subject. But 
his most important work was the " Memoir of Charles Sum- 
ner," in four volumes, 1877-1896. He also compiled a 
"Genealogy of the Pierce Family." His wife died March 
30, 1880, and he married a second time. 


1 Edward, b. March 28, 1866 ; grad. Mass. Institute of Tech- 

nology, 1886; resides in Syracuse, N. Y. ; m. July 3, 1901, 
Mary Hortense Nelson. 

2 Mary Mackie, b. Nov. 14, 1869 ; m. April 24, 1895, Rev. Franklin 

E. E. Hamilton, of Newton, Mass. 

3 George Burgess, b. Jan. 21, 1872 ; Harvard University, 1893 ; Har- 

vard Medical School, 1898 ; Harvard Law School, class of 

4 Charles Sumner, b. Sept. 5, 1874 ; Harvard University, 1895 ; Har- 

vard Law School, 1900. 

5 Arthur Joh.nson, b. July 15, 1876. 

6 Reginald Kingsburv, b. July 20, 1878. 

322 Alice^ Kingsbury {John\ John", JeduthatV', Ephraim*, 
Ephraini', James', Hetiry^), m., June i, 187 1, Rev. Leonard 
Kip Storrs, b. Nov. 4, 1842, in Yonkers, N. Y., son of Rev- 
Henry Lemuel and Elizabeth (Kip) Storrs ; rector of St. 
Stephen's Church, Pittsfield, Mass., 1870 to 1875. vShe died 
Dec. 7, 1874, in Pittsfield. 



1 Anna Elizabeth, b. May 29, 1873. 

2 Henry Ranijoli-h, b. Nov. 29, 1874. 

328 Ezra Wolcott' Kingsbury {Ezra\ John", Jedu- 
thafi", Ephraim\ Ephrai)n\ James', Henry^), of Chicago, Ills., 
married March 3, 1857, Celia Ann, daughter of Edmund and 
Cinthy (Stewart) Scott, born Nov. 9, 1841, in Genesee Co., N. 
Y. The following is taken from the " Military Order of the 
Loyal Legion of the United vStates." " In memoriam, Cap- 
tain Ezra Wolcott Kingsbury, died at Chicago, Illinois, Feb- 
ruary 9, 1900." " In May, 1862, he was appointed by the Gov- 
enor of Colorado to assist in organizing and recruiting the 
Third Colorado Infantry. In October of that year he was 
commissioned First Lieutenant, and subsequently Captain. 
Thereafter the regiment was consolidated with the Second 
Colorado Infantry, and became the Second Colorado Cav- 
alry, in October, 1863. Our companion was commissioned 
as Captain of Company I, vSecond Cavalry, and was mus- 
tered in January 12, 1863. He was mustered out of the serv- 
ice, August, 1865. He served in Missouri and Arkansas, 
and participated in the campaign which resulted in the 
defeat and capture of Jeff Thompson, and in the battle of 
Prairie Grove, as volunteer aide on General Blunt's staff, 
when he was wounded. Subsequently he participated in 
actions at Little Blue, Washport, Mine Creek, and New- 
tonia, where he was again wounded. Then he was sent to 
Fort Riley, Kansas, for Indian service, where he remained 
until mustered out. Our honored companion came out 
with wounds and shattered health, but no price counted in 
dollars would have bought from him his scars. He was a 
genial gentleman, a welcome and honored companion in our 
Order, sociable, unobtrusive, helpful to those who needed 
help. He was as good a member of our Order as he was a 
soldier, and nothing more could be said." He held in Chi- 
cago the position of General Storekeeper for the U. S. Gov- 


415 Celia A., b. May 6, 1863 ; m. Oct. 16, 1900, F. H. Post, of 


416 Walter S., b. May 16, 1866 ; died in Kansas City. 

417 John L., b. Sept. 30, 1868; died in Kansas City. 

418 Ezra W., b. July 3, 1870; living in Chicago. 

419 John W , b. May 29, 1372 ; m. March 26, 1894, Ruth Cohn ; living 

in Chicago. 

329 Mary Susan' Kingsbury {Ezra\ /oh/i\ Jcduthajv', 
Ephrahn*, Ephraim^, James'', Henry^), married Sept. 12, 1861, 
John Crockett Sanborn, of Lawrence, Mass.; born Aug. 26, 
1832, in vSanbornton, N. H., son of Jonathan C. and Polly 
(Rowe) Sanborn; grad. Bowdoin College, 1857 ; a lawyer in 
Lawrence, Mass.; a member of the Massachusetts Legisla- 
ture, 1876-77; head of the firm of Sanborn & Sanborn, 


1 Kingsbury, b. Dec. 10, 1863; grad. Boston University 1886; is a civil 

engineer at Riverside, California; m. in 1892, Delia Patten. 

2 JoH.N Crockett, b. Dec. i, 1868; grad. Dartmouth College, 1891, and 

Boston Law School, 1896 ; practicing law with his father in 

3 Paul Rowe, b. March 11, 1870; died Feb. 21, 1897. 

4 Mary Kingsbury, b May 16, 1872. 

5 Everett WoLCOTT, b. Dec. 22, 1875; graduated Nautical Training 

School, 1896; lives in East Tilton, N. H.; ra. Sept. 28, 1898, 
Florence Gerald. 

335 Sarah Maria' King'sbury {Caleb Swa7i\ Asa'', Jedu- 
t/ian^, Epkraim*, Ephraim\ James', Henry^), m., February 9, 
1863, Joel Gilson, of Queechee, Vt., b. August 20, 1837, in 
Hartland, Vt., son of Leonard and Fannie (Spaulding) Gil- 
son. He died Sept. 17, 1872. Mrs. Gilson resides at 313 
Maple street, Holyoke, Mass. 


1 Caroline Rebecca, b. in Bethel, Vt., August 10, 1S64; died Sept. 10, 


2 Minnie Emma, b. in Bethel, Vt., Aug. 18, 1867 ; m. Dec. 13, 1892, 

Ernest C. Maynard, of Granville, Vt. 

3 Bennie Kingsbury, b. in Bethel, Vt., Oct. 25, 1869; d. Aug. 14, 1872. 

336 Byron Francis' Kingsbury (Caleb S.\ Asa\ JeJu- 
thait", Ephraim\ Ephraim^ , James'', Henry'), of Taunton, 


Mass.; m. (i) Dec. 25, 1867, Caroline McDuffee Clark, b. 
Dec. 3, 1829, in Dover, N. H., daughter of Jacob and 
Caroline (McDuffee) Clark. She d. Dec. 10, 1885. He 
m. (2) March 9, 1887, Edna Augusta Wales, b. Aug. 26, 
i860, in Taunton, • Mass., daughter of Benjamin Bolton 
and Sarah Robinson (Oilman) Wales; she d. Oct. 30, 1893, 
and he m. (3) Dec. 25, 1894, Millie M. Burt. He is a rail- 
road agent in Taunton. 


420 Helen Frances, b. Dec. 8, 1887. 


421 Byron Cutler, b. Nov. 6, 1895. 

422 Charles Mason, b. Dec. 30, iSqS. 

339 Stephen J." Kingsbury {Andrew', Stephen'^, Stephetf, 
John\ Ephraim'^, James', Henry'), of Huntington, Pa. ; mar- 
ried Oct. II, 1838, Elizabeth Emeline, daughter of John and 
Phebe (Tubbs) Chapin, born Aug. 25, 181 1, in Huntington, 
Pa. He was a farmer and stone-mason in Huntington, and 
died there Nov. 15, 1898. His wife died Nov. 12, 1897. He 
was a trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 


423 John Willard, b. March 11, 1840; m. (i) Millie Sutliff; she died 

Jan. 24, 1899 ; (2^/ Feb. 7, 1900, Lottie Douglas; res. Hunting- 
ton Mills, Pa.; one dau., b. Nov. 20, 1879. 

424 Anderson Chapin, born Sept. 13, 1844. ™ > 

425 Amy Oliva, b. May 6, 1851 ; m. Aug. 12, 1875, (i) Ross Sut- 

liff, of Huntington, Pa. ; (2) Aug. 2, 1891, Binley Franklin ; 
res. Huntington, Pa. ; one ch., Dana Stephen Sutliff, born 
May 23, 1878. 

340 David Woodard' Kingsbury {Andreiv\ Stephen'', 
Stephen", John\ Ephraim^, James" , Henry'), of Huntington and 
Montaudon, Pa., where he was in business, as a cabinet 
maker and undertaker. He married (i) November 30, 1840, 
Oliva King; she died January 14, 185 1, in Townhill, Pa.; 
(2) October 20, 1853, Henrietta, daughter of John and Eliz- 
abeth Ann (Robins) Andrews, born in Asbury, Pa., Sept. 
6, 1830; died Sept. 10, 1867; (3) January 17, 1870, Sarah 


Jane, daughter of William and Hannah Rose (Irwin) Cum- 
mings, bom Chiliaquaque, Pa., Aug. 11, 1S39. He was a 
trustee for many years in the Methodist Episcopal Church. 
He died in Montaudon, Pa., Nov. 16, 18S4. 


426 Julius Octavcs, b. Jnly 23. 1S46; died Aag. 18. 1S49. 

427 Lester Leonia, b. Oct. 25, 1857, Townbill, Pa. s-»- 

428 Elizabeth Andrews, b. April 26. i860; died July 10, 1864. 

429 Arthur Welllngtox. b. Xov. 29, 1S71. = > 

341 Daniel H.' Kingsbury (^Andrew', Stephen*, StepJuti', 
Jo/ui\ Ephraini", Janus'^, Henry^), of Huntington, Pa., mar- 
ried Oct. 2, 185 1, Esther, daughter of Ammi and Mary 
(Blish) Chapin, born in Huntington, May 3, 1832. He is a 
farmer in Huntington, and has been a trustee for many 
years of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 


430 Dan.\ William, b. Jul)" 12, 1852. s > 

431 Gilbert Ch.\pin, b. April 20. 1854 :: > 

432 Ezra Alilask.\, b. Jan. i, 1S57. z: > 

433 Andrew Bovd, b. Dec. 22, 1859; m. Feb. 17, i554, Susie Kline; 

lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan ; no children. 

434 M.\RY LuELLA, b. July 22. 1862. s->- 

435 Rebecc.\ Dor-a, b Oct. 2, 1S65. c > 

436 Sarah J.ane, b. Feb. 24, iS63. = > 

437 Ev.A. Burnett-v b. Oct. 19, 1870. g > 

438 Clara G., b. Nov. 2, 1873. = > 

439 Adelbert Raymond, b. Dec. 22, 1873 ; unmarried ; lives in Mil- 

ton, Pa. 

350 Charles' Kingsbury {Henry, Stephen*, Stephen'', 
John'', Ephraifrr, Jaines', Henry), of Huntington. Pa., mar- 
ried Sarah Jane Sanders, of Huntington. 


440 Elizabeth, b. July 11. 1S53; m. Robert Boody, of Wilkes-Barre. 

Pa.; died ; ch.: i, Edith; Harriet; Elizabeth; 

Eva ; Howard. 

441 WiLLi.wi H., b. May 22, 1855. ms-^*- 


442 Ida p.. b. April 8, 1S57; m. Tille L. Rum-an, of Fishing Creek, 

Pa.; ch. : i, Calvin; 2, Dana; 3, Robert. 

443 John, b. Jan. 18, 1859. ~ > 

444 Frank A., b. Jan. 7, 1861. ~ > 

445 H.^NN.A^H, b. Aug. 12, 1S63 ; m. William A. France of Wilkes- 

Barre, Pa.; cb.: i, Lena, b. June 20. iS36. 

446 Adelbert C, b. Jan. 24, 1S67; died in 1S70. 

447 George F., b. Jan. 24, 1S70. r- > 

351 Milford' Kingsbury {Henry', Stepheyf, Stepheti'', 
John*, Ephraim\ Jamcr, Henry^), of Shickshinny, Pa., mar- 
ried March 10, 1855, Susan Kocher, of Huntington, Pa. 


44 S W.\LTER E., b. May 18, 1S56. B > 

449 H.VRRY, b. Aug. 25, 1859; m. Hannah Jones; res. Huntington, 

Pa. ; no ch. 

450 L.4UR.\, b. Feb. 17, i56i ; m. Bowman Cartwright of Shickshinny, 

Pa.; ch. Laurance, b. Feb. 10, iSSi. 

451 Chester, b. April 4, 1863; m. Alice Fedder ; res. Wheeling, W. 

Va. ; ch. Eva. 

452 D.4XA. b. Oct. 29, 1867. r; > 

453 Jesse Yocum, b. April 4, 1S70. ~ > 

454 Eva, b. April 12, 1S72. 

364 George D.' Kingsbury {Willard\ ]Vinard\ Stephetf, 
John'', E/hrainr, Jatnes', Henry'), of Stockholm, N. Y.; married 
Fanny [Marsh, of Stockholm, who was born May 26, 1853. 
He is living in Winthrop, X. Y. (1901). 


456 WiLL-VRD, b. Oct. 20, 1873, i° Stockholm. 

457 George, b. Jan. 7. 1S75. in Stockholm. 

388. Samuel W." Kingsbury (/^/^«',^r///«/-', William\ 
Samuel', Johji", Ephraim', James', Henry^), of Alliance, O., m. 
Oct. 5, 187 1, Rebecca, daughter of Peter and Eva (Bates) 
Weikert, b. in Leetonia, Col. Co., Ohio, July 11, 1854. He 
came to Alliance with his father, about 1853, and has lived 
there since; an employe of the Pennsylvania Railroad Com- 



458 Dora, b. Aug. 16, 1872 ; d. March 4, 1896. 

459 J., b. Jan. 26, 1874 ; m. June 22, 1S99, Florence E. Day ; 

lives in Alliance. 

396 Angeline Eliza' Kingsbury [Jo/in\ John\ Willard^, 
Johii\ Ephraii)i^, James' ^ Henry^), married April 9, 1856, An- 
drew C. Brown, born in Chili, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1826, son of 
Truman Brown. Residence, Chili, N. Y. 


1 Addie Augu.sta, b. Dec. S, 185S, m. April 26, 1883, to Emmanuel 

Caudle, of Gates, N. Y. Ch. : Dora Augusta, b. in Gates, 
Nov. 4, 1884. 2. Charlotte Irene, b. in Rochester, June 1, 1890. 

2 Clifkord Kingsbury, b. Sept. 24, 1872; m. Aug. i, 1894, Grace 

Cook; lives in Rochester. Ch. : i. Evelyn Hilda, b. May 28, 
1895. 2. Hilda Angeline, b. Aug. 8, 1897. 3. Donald Cook, 
b. June II, 1899; d. Dec. i, 1899. 

404 George Harvey' Kingsbury {Harvey N.\ John B.\ 
Oliver^, OIire>\ Sanii/eP, Jaincs\ Jle/uy'), of Danville, Ver- 
mont; married February 7, 1877, Florence Mary, daughter 
of Archibald L. and Martha ( Jones) Gillis, born in Danville, 
Vt., June 19, 1857. He is proprietor of a saw and grist mill. 


460 Ei.wiN Harvey, b. July 26, 1880. 

461 Lvle Julian, b. Sept. 15, 1898. 

406 Newell J/ {Harvey N:, John B.\ Oliver', Oliver', 
Sa7/iueP, Ja/nes'^, Hcnry^), of Walden, Vermont ; married 
March 11, 1884, Jennie L., daughter of William and Lucinda 
(King) Robertson, of Trout Brook, Province of Quebec. 


462 Inez L , b. Feb. 23, 1886. 

407 Frederick V." Kingsbury {Harvey AL\ John B.\ 
Oliver', Oliver^, Samiici\ James^, Henrf^, of East Barnet, Vt., 
married March 12, 1894, Rosa L. Cox, of Walden, Vt., born 
Nov. 23, 1871. 



463 Charley H., b. Dec. 31, 1898, in Walden. 

424 Anderson Chapin" Kingsbury {Stephen J.\ Andrew', 
Stephen^, Stephen^, John\ EpJiraini^, James'', Henry^), of Fair- 
mount, Pa.; married Dulcie Fulmer; died August 30, 1879. 


464 John Willard, b. Jan. 25, 1878. 

465 Jennie. 

427 Lester Leonia' Kingsbury {David IV.\ Andrew', 
Stephen", Stephen\ John\ Ephraini^, James', Henry^), of Balti- 
more, Md., married, Oct. 20, 1880, in Sunbury, Pa., Clara 
Elizabeth, daughter of Wesley and Anna Catharine (Cum- 
mings) Auten, born in Chiliaquaque, Pa., Dec. 6, i860. He 
removed from Montaudon, Pa., to Baltimore in 1886, where 
he is an electrical engineer and contractor, and agent for the 
Eddy Electric Mfg. Co.'s dynamos and motors for Maryland, 
Delaware, and the District of Columbia. He is Captain and 
Regimental Commissary in the Fourth Infantry, Maryland 
National Guard, and on the staff of Col. Willard Howard, 
commissioned Sept. 25, 1899. 


466 Wesley Auten, b. Dec. 12, 1S81 ; died in Baltimore, June 17, 


429 Arthur Wellington' Kingsbury {David W.\ An- 
drew'', Stephen^, Stephen^, John'^, Ephraim^, James'', HcTiry^), of 
Baltimore, Md., married, September 2, 1890, Mary Ellen Sha- 
fer, of Lewisburg, Pa. 


467 Russell Lester, b. August 13, 1892. 

430 Doctor Dana William' Kingsbury {Daniel H.", 
Andrew', Stephen^, Stephen^, John\ Ephraim^, James', Henry^), of 
Nanticoke, Pa., married, Dec. 31, 1882, Emma Sharpless, of 
Orangeville, Pa. 



468 Oscar J., b. July 17, 18S4. 

469* Eben p., b. Feb. 16, 1886. 

470 Erma v., b. May 20, 1889. 

471 Russell. 

472 Arthur. 

473 Marjorie, b. Feb. 24, 1894. 

431 Gilbert Chapin' Kingsbury {Daniel H\ Andrew\ 
Stephen^ ^ Stephen^ ^ John*, Ep/irai??i'^, James", ffenry^), of 
Huntington, Pa., married. May 3, 1877, Grace Dodson, of 


474 Maud G., b. Nov. 3, 1878. 

475 Ethel, b. July 31, 1S86. 

476 Almond D., b. June 13, 1895. 

432 Ezra Adlaska' Kingsbury {Daniel H.\ A?idre7v\ 
Stephen'', Stephen^, John", Ephrainr", Javies^, Henry^), of Wilkes- 
barre, Pa.; married (i) Etta Gearhart; (2) July 7, 1894, 
Emma Witt, of Wilkesbarre. 


477 Harold G., b. April 20, 1895. 

478 Harriet, b. Nov. 27, 1898. 

434 Mary Luella" Kingsbury {Daniel H.\ Andrew', 
Stephen", Stephen^, John*, Ephraim^, James'', Henry^\ married, 
July 22, 1886, Montrose F. Williams, of Huntington, Pa. 


1 Nellie S., b. April 18, 1892. 

2 Archie, b. Feb. 10, 1895. 

3 Frederick, b. April 19, 1898. 

435 Rebecca Dora' Kingsbury {Daniel H.\ Andrew', 
Stephen'', Stephen^', John'', Ephraim^, James'', Henry^), married, 
April 6, 1892, Archie C. Hoag, of Nestipeak, Pa. 


1 Martha, b. Feb. 14, 1893. 


2 Norma, b. July 12, 1895. 

3 Esther, b. Jan. 27, 1898. 

4 William A., b. April 14, 1900. 

436 Sarah Jane" Kingsbury {Daniel ZT.', Andrew', Ste- 
phen\ Stephen", Jo]in\ Ephraiin\ /antes'^, Hefiry^), married, Sept. 
6, 1888, Henry E. Walton, of Huntington Mills, Pa. 


1 Frederick M., b. June 18, 1889. 

2 EuDORA E., b. Aug. 24, 1891. 

3 George W., b. Oct. 9, 1892. 

4 Daniel Kingsbury, b. Feb. 15, 1895. 

5 Lena E., b. May 28, 1897. 

6 Caroline, b. Sept. 26, 1899. 

437 Eva Burnetta' Kingsbury {Daniel H.*, Andrew', 
Stephen^, Stephen", John^, Ephraim^, James^, Henry^\ married, 
Dec. 4, 1890, Ernest B. Koons, of Shickshinny, Pa. 


1 Esther R., b. March 5, 1892. 

2 Caroline, b. Dec. 30, 1893. 

3 James S., b. Nov. 26, 1895. 

4 Elizabeth H., b. May 26, 1897. 

438 Clara G.^ Kingsbury {Daniel II.\ Andretv', Stephen\ 
Stephen", John*', Ephraim^, fames'^, Henry'), married, Nov. 4, 1896, 
John T. Ridall, of Huntington, Pa. 


1 Beatrice, b. Sept. 19, 1897. 

2 Frank, b. Jan. 10, 1900. 

441 William H." Kingsbury {Charles\ Henrf, Stephen', 
Stephen^, John*, Ephrainr', fames'^, Hetiry^), of Huntington, Pa.; 
married, May 9, 1877, Ida Doty, of Huntington. 


479 Harry, b. Oct. 30, 1883. 

480 Ettie, b. Sept. 10, 1886. 

481 Lloyd, b. June 21, 1892. 


443 John" Kingsbury {Charles\ Henry\ Stephen\ Stephen", 
/o/in\ Ephraim\ James" , Henry^), of Huntington, Pa.; married, 
May 2, 1877, Adelia Z . He died July 29, 1882. 


482 Verna, b. Dec. 9, 1878. 

444 Frank A.' Kingsbury {Charles^, Henry\ Stephen'', 
Stephen'', John\ Ephrai/u\ James', Henry^), of Hobbie, Pa.; 
married, July 4, 1885, Mira Swank. 


483 Edward, b. April 13, 1886. 

447 George F.° Kingsbury {Charles", HenrJ, Stephen", 
Stephe)v', John\ Ephraim'', James"^, Ilenry^), of Huntington, Pa.; 
married, Nov. 20, 1886 (?), Tillie Chapin. 


484 Gardner, b. Feb. 17, 1896. 

448 Walter E." Kingsbury {Milford\ Henrf, Stephen', 
Stephen^, John\ Ephraim^, Janus'", Henry'), Professor of Music 
in Harrisburg, Pa. ; married. May 18, 1881, Mary Patterson. 


485 Bertha B., b. July 23, 1882. 

486 George M., b. Sept. i, 1883. 

487 Myrtle A., b. May 6, 1887. 

488 Frank E., b. July 12, 1890. 

489 Laura E., b. March 12, 1891. 

490 Harry H., b. Aug. 26, 1894. 

491 Vera H., b. Aug. 13, 1897. 

452 Dana" Kingsbury {Milford\ Henrf, Stephen"", Stephen\ 
John*, Ephrai>n\ James\ Henry'), of Scranton, Pa.; married 
Lennie Sober. 


492 Sober. 

493 MiLKORD. 


454 Jesse Yocum' Kingsbury {Milford\ Hetiry\ Ste- 
phen^^ Stephen'', Joh)i\ Ephraim^, James^, Henry'), of Shick- 
shinny, Pa.; married Jennie Kelley. 

494 Paul, b. April 15, 1900. 


V. Samuel' Kingsbury {Henry'), married, Nov. 5, 1679, 
Huldah, daughter of George and Joanna (Davis) Corliss, b. 
Nov. 18, 1661, at Haverhill. He testified that he wa§ aged 
40, on the 25 I m", 1689/90. — Essex Court Records. He died 
in Haverhill, Sept. 26, 1698. Huldah Kingsbury, of Haver- 
hill, " widow and Rellixe of Samuel Kingsbury, Dec'*," gives a 
quitclaim deed to her son, Thomas Kingsbury, Dec. 27, 1704; 
Josiah Gage, Samuel Hutchins, and Lucy Merrill, witnesses. 
— Essex County Registry of Wills. The widow Huldah Kings- 
bury married, Dec. 27, 1704, in Haverhill, Abraham Whitta- 
ker, son of Abraham and Hannah (Beane) Whitaker, born 
May 20, 1683. 


495 Huldah, b. Aug. 16, 1680, in Haverhill ; m. John Eastman, Jun', 

of Salisbury, Mass. John Eastman, Jun'', of Salisbury, and 
Huldah Eastman, his wife, dau' to Sam" Kingsbury, late of 
Haverhill, Dec'S give a quitclaim deed to their Brother, Tho' 
Kingsbury, for her share of her father's estate, May 9, 1722. 
— Essex County Registry of Wills, jij, 4J4. s > 

496 Thomas, b. Oct. 29, 168 1, in Haverhill, r.:: > 

495 Huldah' Kingsbury (^(/w«^/', Henry^), married, July 
21, 1697, John Eastman, Jun"", born Aug. 24, 1675, son of John 
and Mary (Boynton) Eastman, of Salisbury, Mass. 


1 Hannah, b. May 26, 1698; m. Jan. 28, 1722, Samuel George, of 


2 Mary, b. Jan. 19, 1700; m. Dec. 29, 1726, John Hoyt. 

3 John, b. Dec. 27, 1701; m. April i, 1727, Martha, dau. of Richard 

Fitz, or Fitts, of Salisbury. 

4 Samukl, b. Aug. 18, 1705; died young. 



5 Roger, b. May 29, 1707; m. Jan. 25, 1730, Jerusha, dau. of Richard 

Fitz. He had 4 ch.: Ezekiel, b. 1731; Daniel, b. 1733; Sarah, 
b. 1735, m. William Walton; Abigail, b. Sept. 27, 1739, d. 
April 14, 1816, m'' Ebenezer Webster, Oct. 13, 1774, and was the 
mother of the Hon. Daniel Webster, the great " Expounder 
of the Constitution." 

6 Elizabeth, b. March 3, 1709; m. Daniel Flanders. 

7 Mehitabel, b. July 25, 1711; died Oct. 16, 1721. 

8 HuLUAH, b. Oct. 7, 1714; m. Aug. 17, 1742, Daniel Folsom, of Exe- 

ter, N. H.; 6 ch. One son, Abraham, had a son, Asa, m. 
Fanny Bennet ; d. 1813, leaving 3 sons. The 3d, John B. 
Folsom, of Folsomdale, Wyoming Co., N. Y., m., 1811, Cla- 
rinda Harndon ; died 1886 ; their son, Oscar, m. Emma Har- 
mon, died 1875 ; and their only ch. was Frances, born July 
21, 1864, in Buffalo, N. Y. ; m. in the Blue Room of the Ex- 
ecutive Mansion, Washington, D. C, June 2, 1886, to the Hon. 
Grover Cleveland, President of the United States ; now resides 
in Princeton, N. J. 

9 Daniel, b. June 11, 1720; m. Aug. 17, 1742, Susannah Flanders. 
10 Tabitha, b. 1722; died young. 

496 Thomas' Kingsbury {SamueP, Hefiry^), removed 
from Haverhill, Mass., to Windham, Conn., that part of 
Windham now Hampton. He married in Haverhill, Nov. 25, 
1706, Margaret Haynes, born (ace. to record) March 3, 1686/7, 
daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Moulton) Haynes, of Ha- 
verhill. His name is among those of the signers of a peti- 
tion to the General Court of Massachusetts from the inhab- 
itants of Essex Co., for the settlement of Pennacook, May 
31, 1 721. He died in Hampton, April 20, 1751, in the 70th 
year of his age; his widow, Margaret, died Feb. 10, 1753, 
aged 71.* 

Here Lies y® Body Here Lies y" Body of M" Mar- 

of MRThomas Kingsbery y« gret Kingsbery late deceased 

Husband of M" Margeret Kings- who Departed this life Feb'^ 

bery, who died April y« 20"" 1751 y® io"= AD 1753, in y^ 71"' year 

in y 70"' year of his age. of her Age. 

♦James and Mary Utley, of Windham, quitclaim to Jonathan Kingsbury their 
right in land in W. belonging to Thomas Kingsbury, Dec*, also James and Sarah 
Halkins of Coventry, and Thomas Kingsbury, May i, 1757. Windham Latid 



497 Samuel, b. Oct. 20, 1707. s-^- 

498 Sarah, b. March 7, 1708/9. ?=^^-^ 

499 Jonathan, b. Jan. 9, 1711/12. ~- ■> 

500 Elizabeth, b. May 22, 1714. s-»- 

501 Thomas, b. April 2, 1717. :;.:: > 

502 Mary, b. , 1721. 

497 Samuer Kingsbury {TJumias', SamueP, Henry"), re- 
moved from Windham to Plainfield, Conn. He married, May 
12, 1730, Dorcas, daughter of Eleazer and Abigail (Kings- 
bury) Spalding, of Plainfield, born Feb. 8, 1713.* Sam" 
Kingsbury of Windham, and Darkhas, his wife, acknowledge 
that they have rec'^ their full portion of "our Honerd Father 
Elezer Spaulding's Estate," Nov. 15, 1738. — Plainfield Land 
Records. He died Aug. 21, 1739. His will, dated July 24, 
1739, names wife, Dorcas, only son, Thomas, daughters Sarah 
and Eunice; brother Jonathan to have the use and improve- 
ment of his lands until his son be of age ; Hon*^ Father, 
Thomas Kingsbury ; witnesses, Thomas White and Nathan- 
iel Kingsbury, of Bolton, also Jabez Kingsbury. 

Here Lyeth 

the body of 

M'' Samuel Kingsbery 

of Windham Village 

son of Thomas and 


Remainder illegible ; South Coventry graveyard. 


503 Thomas, b. Nov. 4, 1730, in Plainfield. fc=-^- 

504 Sarah, b. Feb. 23, 1732, in Plainfield. s-»- 

505 Eunice, b. March 5, 1735, in Plainfield. is=-»- 

498 Sarah' Kingsbury {T/iomas^, Sami/er, Henry'), mar- 
ried, July 6, 1728, James Hawkins, of Coventry. He died in 
Coventry, January 28, 1776, in y* 71'' year of his age. Sarah, 
his "Realick," died in Coventry, vSept. 3, 1777, in ye 69''' year 
of her age. Both buried in South Coventry. 

• See pp. 113, 117. 



1 Joseph, b. in Coventry, Feb. 6, 1730/31; m. March 8, 1752, Sarah 

Southworth ; 7 ch. She died in Coventry, Feb. 25, 1778, in 
y" 43'^ year of her age. [Tombstone, South Coventry ] 

2 James, b. in Coventry, Nov. 24, 1733; m. May 12, 1757, Phebe 

Dimock ; he died in Coventry, Sept. 3, 1773, set. 40; 6 ch. 

499 Jonathan' Kingsbury {Thomas^, SamueP, Henry'), of 
Hampton, in Windham; married, (i) Dec. 3, 1736, Abigail, 
daughter of Paul and Abigail Holt, b. Aug. 21, 17 15; she 
d. Nov. 3, 1749, aged 34. Weaver's Notes. — Mr. F. J. K. says 
Nov. 23, and MS. authority says March 17, 1749. Letter of 
H. Tweedy, Oct. 22, 1880, says Nov. 23, 1749, — apparently 
from tombstone, Nov. 23, [T. S.] He m. (2) January 9, 1751, 
Hannah, daughter of Deacon John and Ruth (Haskell) Clark, 
b. Dec. 14, 1727 ; d. May 6, 1760, aged 32; May 6, 1759, ac- 
cording to H. Tweedy. He m. (3) January 14, 1761, widow 
Sarah Ballard. 

He was Ensign of the trainband, 1751 ; Lieutenant, 1755 ; 
Captain, 1764, of the 6th company, 5th regiment, Connecti- 
cut militia. He was member of a committee appointed Dec. 
7, 1767, to discourage the use of foreign fabrics and manu- 

He died Dec. 28, 1770. His will, dated Oct. 12, 1770, men- 
tions wife, Sarah; son, Jonathan; daughter, Abigail Abbot; 
daughter, Hannah Kingsbury; daughter, Elizabeth Kings- 
bury; daughter, Mary Kingsbury; daughter, Esther Kings- 
bury; grandson, John Goold; grandson, Jonathan Goold. 
Inv. ;^i755.6.4. His widow, Sarah, died June 21, 177 1 ; an in- 
ventory of her estate was exhibited in court, and the executor 
of the estate, Mr. Sherebiah Ballard, of Monson, Mass., was 
ordered to make a division to the heirs, Sherebiah, Israel, 
Sarah, John, Daniel, Lydia, and Joel Ballard, and Esther 
Kingsbury, children and heirs of the deceased. 

In Memory of 
Cap* Jonathan 
Kingsbery, who 
died dec''"' 28"' 1770, 
in y« 69"" Year 
of his age. 



506 Abigail, b. March 17, 1742; b. March 6, according to letter of M. L. 

Roberts, Nov. 11, 1889. r: > 

507 Jonathan, b. April 25, 1745; bap. April 28. 5^->- 


508 Hannah, b. Dec. 22, 1751; bap. Jan. 26, 1752; d. Nov. 6(i,T. S.), 1754. 

509 Daniel, b. April 3/14, 1753; bap. April 22; d. Oct. 3, 1753. 

510 Hannah, b. Sept. 29, 1755; bap. Oct. 5. Weaver's MS. says that 

Hannah m, Joel Greenslit. Miss Tweedy says one of Jona- 
than's daughters married Joel Greenslit. 

512 Elizabeth, b. March 14, 1757/8; bap. March 26. s5->- 

513 Mary, b. April 24, 1760; bap. April 30. s:^^-^- 


514 Daniel, b. Nov. 23, 1761; bap. Jan. 21, 1762; d. Aug. 4, 1767, aged 

5 years — T. S. 

515 Esther, b. April 4, bap. April 8, 1764; m. Joel GreensHt (?) and 

lived in the State of New York. 

500 Elizabeth' Kingsbury (T/io///as\ Samuer, Henrf), 
married, Sept. 26, 1734,111 Hampton, by Rev. Samuel Moseley, 
Jonathan Haynes, of Haverhill, Mass., b. April 25, 17 12, son 
of Thomas and Hannah (Harriman) Haynes. She died 
Sept. 17, 1 741; he died April 28, 1786, in Bennington, Vt., 
having- married a second wife, Ruth Page, April, 1743. 


1 Thomas, b. July 23, 1735. 

2 Margret, b. Dec. 4, 1737. 

3 Elizabeth, b. June 12, 1740. 

501 Thomas^ Kingsbury {T/iomas\ SamueP, Henry^), of 
Coventry. He married, July 30, 1749, Anne 

He died in Coventry, July 15, 1754. His widow died May 
10, 1755, in the 26th year of her age ; both buried in an old 
graveyard in Coventry, near the Skungamug river, on the 
road to Andover and Bolton. His will, dated May 29, 1754, 
•mentions son Samuel, daughter Ann " when she shall reach 
the age of 19," "Child that is yet unborn," wife Ann; 
Brother James Hawkins, executor. Administration on the 
widow's estate was granted to James Hawkins, of Coventry, 
June 27, 1755. 


In Memory of Mr* 

Anne Kingsbury 

Cons* to M'' 

Thomas Kingsbury 

who died May y" 

lo"' 1755 in y" 

25th Year of her Age. 

Thomas Kingsbury's stone has fallen over, but the foot- 
stone is standing, marked " M'' Thomas Kingsbury." 


516 Samuel, b. Feb. 5 (15, Mrs. Williams), 1745/6, in Coventry, s > 

517 Hannah, b. Aug. 30, 1748 ; d. Sept. 15, 1748. 

518 Sarah, b. April 5, 1752 ; d. May 9, 1753. 

519 Thomas, b. Sept. i, 1754. March 28, 1777, Thomas Kingsbury gives 

a discharge to his guardian, James Hawkins, of Coventry.s-^ 

520 Ann, b. Sept. 29, 1749 > mentioned in her father's will. April 6, 

1767, Samuel Kingsbury, of Coventry, claims from the will of 
his father, Mr. Thos. Kingsbury, deceased, land, etc., out of 
which he is to pay to his sister, Ann, a portion, etc. Nov. 4, 
1769, Samuel Kingsbury and Anne Kingsbury sign a receipt 
in full to James Hawkins, executor of the estate of Thomas 
and Anne Kingsbury. 

502 Mary^ Kingsbury (T/iomas\ SamiieP, Henry^), mar- 
ried, by Rev. Samuel Moseley, in Hampton, Aug. 10, 1742, 
to James Utley, of Hampton. He died in Hampton, Sept. 
22, 1774, aged 54. She died in Hampton, Dec. 31, 1797, in 
the 76th year of her age. 

In Memory of Mrs. Mary In Memory of M'' 

Utley, Relict of Mr. James James Utley, He 

Utley, who died December Departed this life 

31"' 1797, in the 76"' Sep'. 22, 1772, in 

Year of her Age. y* 54"^ Year of his Age. 


1 Mary, b. in Windham (Hampton), Oct. 30, 1747 ; d. Nov. 8, 1747. 

2 Mary, b. in Windham (Hampton), June 29, 1749 ; d- Oct. 20, 1754. 

3 James, b. in Windham (Hampton), Dec. 11, 1751 ; d. Oct. 16, 1754. 

4 Thomas, b. in Windham (Hampton), April 20, 1754. 

5 Anna, d. Oct. 19, 1754. 

6 James, b. in Windham (Hampton), Aug. 15, 1755. 

7 Samuel, b. in Windham (Hampton), Nov. 8, 1758. 



503 Thomas' Kingsbury {Samuel*, Thomas^, SajnueP, 
He/ny), of Windham ; married (i), Nov. 4, 1749, Sarah Pres- 
ton ; (2), March i, 1759, Content Neff. He died Nov. 13, 
1767. His widow, Content, married, Sept. 18, 1768, John 
Wig-htman, of Norwich.* [Windham T. R.] 


521 Samuel, b. April i, 1750. 

522 Thomas, b. April 24, 1752. s— >- 

504 Sarah' Kingsbury {Sainuel*, Thomas\ SamueP, Henry^), 
married in Windham (Hampton), by Rev. Samuel Moseley, 
January 10, 1749/50, to John Ginnings, Jr., of Windham. 
[The wife of John Ginnings died Aug., 1778. Weaver MSSJ] 

I Joseph, b. in Windham, Oct. 4, 1750. 

505 Eunice' Kingsbury {Sanii/el\ Thomas^, SamueT^ 
Henry^), married in Windham, January 3 [T. R.] 2 [^Mansfield 
Ch. Rec\ 1755, Josiah Read, of Windham. 

" The above Josiah Read. 

"He was killed by Indians in the year 1756 in his march 
from Fort Edward to with Lieut. Grant «& party." 

Windham Town Records. 


I Hannah, b. Sept. 27, 1755. 

506 Abigail' Kingsbury {Jonathan'' , Thomas^, Sa??iueP, 
Henry^), married, Nov. 13, 1759, John Gould, of Windham, 
son of Henry and Rebecca (Cole) Gould, born March 23, 
1 731. He died Oct. 28, 1765, and she married (2), before 
Oct. 12, 1770, John Abbot, of Ashford. 


1 Abigail, b. in Windham, Feb. 14, 1760. 

2 John, b. in Windham, Aug. 12, 1761. 

3 Jonathan, b, in Windham, April 28, 1763. 

4 Sally, b. in Windham, July 8, 1765. 

*The Windham Church Record has it: "John ]Vight of Norwich, married 
Sept. 18, 1768, Content Kingsbury." 



507 Jonathan^ Kingsbury {Jonathan", Thomas^, SamueP, 
Hen/y^), of Hampton, Conn., graduated from Yale College, 
1767 ; was a farmer on a large scale ; owned about five hun- 
dred acres of land, kept sixty head of cattle and ten or twelve 
riding horses.* He was married (i), by Rev. Samuel Moseley, 
January 14, 1768, to Anne Geer, of Hampton. She was bap- 
tized Dec. 16, 1770 ; died Oct. 23, 1773, aged 28. (2), June 21, 
1775, Lodemia (or Lodema) Ransom, of Kent. He died 
September 25, 1802, aged 57, in Hampton. His widow died 
March 24, 1814, aged 63.! 

CHILDREN (From family Bible at Hampton). 

523 Anne, b. " Monday, Nov. 21, 1768" ; bap. Dec. 16, 1770. ss-*- 

524 LoRA, b. " Sunday, Sept. 8, 1771 " ; bap. Oct. 6, 1771. s->- 

525 Mercy, b. "Saturday, Oct. 9, 1773"; bap. Oct. 25; d. May 12, 


526 Artemisia, b. " Saturday, June 15, 1776 " ; bap. July 7. s->- 

527 Rhoda, b. " Tuesday, March 31, 1778 " ; bap. May 24. s-^ 

528 Lodemia, or Lodema, b. "Thursday, Feb. 24, 1780" ; bap. May 7 ; 

m. Nettleton ; he went to Kentucky on some business 

and died there ; his widow went, after his death, to settle his 
affairs, going on horseback from Connecticut to Kentucky ; 
she was taken ill, on her return, and died somewhere in West 
Virginia, on the Ohio River. 

529 Amy, b. "Tuesday, Aug. 13, 1782." s; > 

530 Lewis, b. " Saturday, March 5, 1785 ";d., unm., in Coldwater, Mich. 

531 Lester, b. " Monday, May 28, 1787." s=3->- 

532 Ransom, b. " Monday, March 10, 1789." s-*- 

533 Jonathan, b. " Sunday, April 15, 1792." s->- 

512 Elizabeth'' Kingsbury {Jonathafi* , Thomas^, SainueP, 
Ilenry^), married, Dec. 11, 1777, Capt. Nathaniel Root, of 
Coventry, son of Capt. Ebenezer and Phebe (Hawkins) 
Root, born March 25, 1757. When the news of the battle of 
Lexington arrived, Capt. Root was laboring in the field, but 
left his plough without delay and departed for the field of 
conflict. He continued in the army until March, 1777, taking 
part in the battles of Long Island, Trenton, and Princeton. 
He was called to various offices of trust and responsibility 

•Letter of H. Tweedy, May i, 1880. 

t Died at Hampton, Widow Lodema Kingsbury, aged 67. Conn. Courant, April 
IQ, 1S14. 


in his native town, and several times represented Coventry 
in the General Assembly. In 1781 he and his wife united 
with the Congregational Church. She died Aug. 3, 1790, 
aged 32, and he married (2), May 26, 1791, Candace Ham- 
mond, of Bolton, Conn. He died Sept. 21, 1840, aged 83. 
His second wife died January i, 1835, aged 71. 


1 Elizabeth, b. Nov. 14. 1778 ; m. (i), Amariah Avery ; (2), Abel Case; 

d. Nov. 23, 1840 ; 5 ch. 

2 Clarissa, b. Aug. 20, 1780; m. Abel Case ; d. July 2, 180S ; 2 ch. 

3 Ebenezer, b. Nov. 26, 1782 ; m. Nov. 27, 1806, Anna Grant, b. Aug. 

7, 1782 ; she died Jan. 15, 1841 ; i ch. 

4 Nathaniel, b. Feb. i, 1785 ; m. Nov. 29, 1809, Almaria Page, sis- 

ter of Harlan Page, b. Sept. 30, 1789 ; lived in North Coven- 
try, where he died in 1880. His wife was then living. Their 
son, Kingsbury Root, was living in Chicago in i88g. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth T. Lillie, who died in Chicago, Feb. 3, 1888. 

5 LoRA, b. Sept. 17, 1787 ; m. Nov. 18, 1807, Francis Grant, b. Dec. 6, 

1777 ; d. Feb. 11, 1856 ; she died Nov. 25, 1809, in Vernon ; i 
ch., Harlow, died in Vernon, Sept., 1854. 

6 Daniel, b. July 22, 1790 ; died the same day. 

513. Mary^ Kingsbury {Jonathan'', Thomas^, SamueP, 
Henry^), m. Josiah Brown, of Coventry. He marched with 
Major Thomas Brown's company from Coventry in " the 
Lexington Alarm." He served later in Captain Paul Brig- 
ham's company, in Col. Chandler's regiment, for 8 months 
from April 28, 1778. Connecticut Men in the Revolution, 7, 2j2. 
She died in 1802. Josiah Brown died in Coventry, March 
18, 1830, aged 73. 


1 Hannah, b. July 19, 1781 ; m. April 4, 1806, Duthan Avery, of 

Coventry, b. Feb. 15, 1780; ch. (i) infant, b. Feb. 5, 1808 ; d. 
Feb. 6, 1808 ; (2) Lydia M., b. Oct. 18, 1810 ; d. Dec. 14, 1836 ; 
(3) Josiah B., b. May 6, 1813 ; d. Nov. 3, 1S80; (4) Anna E., b. 
April 9, 1816. She died Nov. i, 1862. He died Dec. 16, 1S63, 

2 Abigail, b. Nov. 20, 1782 ; d. Dec. 25, 1782. 

3 Selah, b. Dec. 11, 1784 ; m. Betsey Dunham ; ch. (i) Mary Kings- 

bury, b. Jan. 23, 1805 ; d. Feb. 1817 ; (2) Selah Ashley, b. 
April 8, 1807 ; (3) Eliza, b. Feb. 23, 1809 ; (4) Mary, b. June 22, 
1811 ; (5) Lewis Dunham, b. April 10, 1814; (6) Andrew 


Kingsbury, b. April 6, 1816; (7) Sylvester, b. Feb. 22, i8i8' 
(8) Oliver Wolcott, b. June 20, 1820; d. young; (9) Oliver, b. 
Feb. 26,1822; (10) Cyrus Bicknell, b. May 6, 1824; (11) Charles 
Austin, b. Sept. 19, 1827; (12) Caroline, b. June 6, 1830. He 
died Jan. 22, 1867. 

4 Jonathan Clark, b. Oct. 18, 1786; m. Oct. 8, 1807, Sophia, dau. of 

Ithamar and Hannah (Button) Bingham, of Ellington; d. 
Aug. 21, 1821; eh. (i) Jonathan Clark; (2) Sophia Bingham, 
b. June 8, 1810 ; m. Eli Barnes; d. Aug. 26, 1890 ; (3) 
Melissa, b. March 21, 1812 ; m. Almon Lewis, d. Nov. 5, 
1889, 7 ch.; (4) Cyrus, b. Nov. 21, 1814; d. Nov. 14, 1823; 

(5) Josiah, b. Dec. 2, 1816; m. Mary Waters ; d. 1899, 2 ch. ; 

(6) Hannah Harriet, b. April 10, 1818; m. (i) Chauncey 
Pomeroyand had 3 ch.; (2) Edwin Olmsted Goodwin, and had 
4 ch., one of whom is Mrs. John M. Holcombe, Regent of 
Ruth Wyllys Chapter, D. A. R., Hartford, Conn.; (7) Anson, 
b. Aug. 28, 1820; m. Mary ; no ch. 

5 JosiAH, b. June 26, 1790; m. Sally Wales; married late "after a 

courtship of 30 years"; no children. 

6 Zalvah, b. Feb. 11, 1788; ra. Dec. 14, 1S14, Mary White ; d. Jan. 27, 

i868; ch. (i) Mary Kingsbury, b. Sept. 15, 1815; (2) George 
Oliver, b. Aug. 7, 1819; killed at Conn. State Prison, Nov. 
16, 1849; (3) Emeline Francis, b. May 7, 1823; (4) Catherine 
Porter, b. July 22, 1824; (5) Walter Clark, b. Oct. 11, 1830; 
all born in Coventry. 

7 Oliver, b. Sept. 11, 1792; d. January 10, 1795. 

8 Polly, b. July 31, 1794 ; d. January 22, 1795. 

516 SamueF Kingsbury {Thomas\ Thomas^, SamueP, 
He/iry'), of Coventry, m., January 6, 1771, Olive Scribner, b. 
in Norwalk, March 7, 1749. He owned a paper mill in 
Andover. His will is dated Nov. 9, 1793, mentions wife 
Olive, sons Josiah and Ira, daughter Olive. Inventory of 
his estate taken Feb. 10, 1794. Daniel White and Olive 
Kingsbury executors. He died January 6, 1794, in the 48th 
year of his age. Tombstone in old burying ground at Cov- 
entry, on the road to Andover and Bolton. His widow re- 
moved to Paris Hill, N. Y., soon after his death, about 1795, 
in a wagon, with her children, and nine hundred dollars in 
silver in their feather bed.* Mrs. Olive Kingsbury married 
in Sangersfield, N. Y., June 20, 1798, Captain Nathan Daniels. 
She died in Paris, N. Y., March 15, 1806. 

* Josiah Kingsbury, of Sangersfield, in the County of Chenango, and State of 
New York, appoints Ira Kingsbury, of said Sangersfield, to be his " true and lawful 
attorney," Jan. 29, ijm.— Coventry Land Records. 



534 JosiAH, b. Sept. 7, 1772. r;— >- 

535 Olive, b. Dec. 22 or 24, 1775. s->- 

536 Ira, b. May 31, 1777. ???-^ 

519 Thomas' Kingsbury {T/iomas\ TJiomas", SamueP, 
Henry^). He enlisted in Capt. Elias Buell's company, Cov- 
entry, in " the Lexington Alarm." In January, 1776, he en- 
listed in Coventry for three months with Capt. James Sted- 
man, in Col. Douglas' regiment, going to Cambridge, Mass., 
with quarters in the College, for about two months; then was 
ordered with part of the regiment to Dorchester Heights, to 
strengthen the fortifications. He was drafted in April, 1777, 
for two months to go to Fort Griswold, in Groton, under 
Capt. Amaziah Rust, in Col. Ephraim Storrs' regiment, to 
assist in building the fort, under the superintendence of Col. 
Ledyard. In July, 1777, he enlisted for six months with Capt. 
James Dana, in Col. John Ely's regiment, stationed at Fort 
Trumbull until early in the Fall, when he marched to Rhode 
Island, to be stationed on the coast, at the time Gen. Spencer 
was in command. Later Col. Ely's regiment was sent to Long 
Island. Was again in service at Fort Griswold in Aug.- 
Oct., 1778, and in July -Sept., 1779, and again in 1780. 

At the close of the Revolution he was residing at Benning- 
ton, Vt.; from thence he moved to Dorset, Vt.; married in 
Pawlet, Vt, Feb. 9, 1786, Esther Baker. He removed in 1802 
to Canton, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., where he purchased a 
farm of 300 acres. He died in Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., March 7, 1839. His widow, Esther, died in Canton, 
N. Y., July 22, 1842. 


537 Lathrop, b. in Dorset, Oct. 20, 1786. r: > 

538 Polly, b. in Dorset, Feb. 22, 1788 ; m. Jonathan Harvey, of Can- 

ton, N. Y. 

539 Ezra, b. in Dorset, Jan. 6, 1790; m. Candace Dimmock; d. in Can- 

ton, N. Y., in 1827. 

540 Anna, b. in Dorset, Oct. 20, 1791; m. Joseph Chandler, of Canton, 

N. Y. 

541 Lydia, b. in Dorset, Nov. 14, 1793 ; m. Kneeland Abbot; d. Oct 

20, 1842, in Norfolk, N. Y. 

542 Esther, b. in Dorset, Feb. 26, 1796. 

543 Olive, b. in Dorset, July 24, 1797. 



544 Lois, b. in Canton, N. Y. ; m. David Raymond, of Canton, N. Y. 

545 Thomas, born in Canton, N. Y., 1S04; m. Olive Simpson; d. in 

Norfolk, N. Y., in 1842. 

546 SoPHRONiA (12th and youngest child), b. in 1809 ; m. Hiram Baker, 

of Canton, N. Y., in 1846. Removed to Elgin, 111., where she 

522 Thomas* Kingsbury ( T/iomas^, Sami/el\ Thomas'^, Sam- 
ueP, He/ir/), of Windham, m. April 12 [2, WindJiam Ch. Rec^, 
1778, Patience Stoell. He enlisted in the Lexington Alarm 
from Windham, and served 28 days. Connecticut Men in the 
-Revolution, 26. He enlisted at Windham, in January, 1776, 
for one year, with Capt. Nathan Hale, in Col. Charles Webb's 
regiment, and was in the battles at White Plains, and at 
Trenton. The next year he enlisted with his team for six 
months. Removed to Cortland Co., N. Y. In 1818 he was 
residing in Virgil, Cortland Co., N. Y. In Sept., 1820, he 
stated his age as 68 years, and his wife, Patience, was 67.* 


547 Phila, b. in Windham, Dec. 29, 1778 ; d. March 2, 1779. 

548 Phila, b. in Windham, April 5, 1780. 5;3-^ 

549 Royal, b. in Windham, Nov. 24, 1781. 

550 Lucy, b. in Windham, Feb. 2 {Pension Office Records), 12 (F. J. K.), 

1784 ; d. March 13 (F. J. K.), 17 {Pension Office Records), 1798, 
in Windham. (Child of Capt. Thomas Kingsbury died Mch. 
13, 1798, aged 13. Weaver's MSS.) 

551 Hannah, b. July 8, 1785, in Windham. 

552 Fanny, b. April 28, 1790. 

553 Lury, b. Nov. 28, 1797. 

554 Uriel, b. 1782 (aged 38 in 1820). 

555 A Daughter, b. i779. (aged 21 in 1820). 

523 Anne" Kingsbury {Jonathan\ Jonathan\ T/ionias\ 
Samuel^, Henry^), m. Thomas Rindge, a farmer in Hampton, 
afterwards removed to Bolton, but returned to Hampton, 
where he died Oct. 5, 1821, aged 54 (58, T. S.j. She died 
May 16 (15, T. S.), 1857, aged 88. 


1 Thomas, b. about 1787 ; bapt. in Bolton, June i, 1794 ; m. (i) 

Betsey Howard ; (2) Lora Spencer ; he lived in Chaplin ; d. 
about 1868, aged 81 ; no ch, 

2 Anna, bapt. in Bolton, June i, 1794 ; m. John Kingsley, of Scotland. 

♦Pension Office Rolls. 



3 LoRA, bapt. in Bolton, Jan. i, 1794 ; married Holmes, of Web- 

ster, Mass.; no ch. 

4 Jonathan Kingshury, bapt. in Bolton, Jan. 10, 1796 ; married Joanna 

D. Griggs, of Ashford ; died in Hampton, April 19, 1876, aged 
81. His wife, Joanna, died Feb. 14, 1894, aged 91 years, 6 
mos. ; 8 ch. The oldest son, Samuel D., b. Nov. 11, 1826, m. 
Nov. 23, 1856, Maria Polk, of Willington ; living in Willimantic 
in 1880. 

5 LoDEMA, bapt. in Bolton, Oct. 14, 179S ; married Jonathan Logan, of 

Webster, Mass. ; 6 ch. 

6 Mary, bapt. in Bolton, Nov. 7, 1802, died about 1S63, aged 61, unm. 

7 Julius, bapt. in Bolton, June 2, 1805, lived in Oxford, Mass.; had 

two sons, both died in the army, in the Civil War. 

524 Lora' Kingsbury {/o>iathan\Jonathan\ Thomas^, Sa/n- 
uel'\ Hefijy^), m. Nov. 16, 1797, Lemuel Hammond, of Bol- 
ton, son of Nathaniel and Dorothy (Tucker) Hammond, 
grandson of Elijah and Mary (Kingsbury) Hammond, bapt. 
in Bolton, Nov. 9, 1766. He died October 31, 1803, aged 39. 
She died in Vernon, January 17, 1810 ; both buried in Bolton. 


I LoRA Emilia, born Oct. g, 1799 ; m. Nov. 21, 1816, Dr. Jabez Loomis 
White, of Bolton, b. June 18, 1792 ; d. Aug. 4, 1S44 ; their 
dau., Lora Corneha Kingsbury White, b. 1817, m. 1835, 
Henry C. Woodbridge, of Manchester ; d. Sept. 7, 1S49 ; her 
husband d. Jan. 23, 1853, aged 40. Col. Jabez Loomis Wood- 
bridge, b. March 10, 1839, is their son. 

526 Artemisia" Kingsbury [Jonathan^, Jonathan^, 

T/ioDias^, SiDiii/el'^, He/iiy')^ m. Wallis, of Ellington ; 

removed from Hampton to Scipio, N. Y., and later to Mich- 
igan, near, or at, Ann Arbor; d. Dec. 9, 1835. 


I Kingsbury, Sheriff of Lenawee County, Michigan. 

And seven others. (See page 173.) 

527 Rhoda' Kingsbury {Jonathan\ JonatJian\ TJwmas', 
Samuel'', He?iry^), married, Oct. 20, 1801, John Tweedy, of 
Danbury. They resided in Hampton, Conn. She died 
June 6, 1852. 


1 PiiiLO Kingsbury, born Jan. 29, 1803 ; died Sept. 5, 1S74 ; unm. 

2 Edwin Augustus, born Feb. 3, 1805 ; m. (i) Nov. 24, 1831, Sarah G. 

Fox, of Hampton ; she died at Norwich, Feb. 15, 1835, aj. 23. 


(2) July 3, 1838, Harriet N. Mott, of Norwich. He studied 
medicine with Dr. Brewster, in his native place ; grad. Yale 
Medical School, 1831. He practiced his profession in Tolland 
for three years, but in the fall of 1834 he removed to Norwich 
to engage in the dry goods trade. In 1850 he went to New 
York City, and continued in the same business there till Jan- 
uary, 1879, when he retired with an ample fortune. He died 
in Norwich, Feb. 23, 1881, leaving one son, John Augustus, 
born Nov. 20, 1834 ; he is a member of the firm of Lee, 
Tweedy & Co., wholesale dry goods house. Canal St., New 
York City; resides in Brooklyn; m. Dec. 27, 1866, Anna T. 
Richards, of North Attleboro', Mass. i son, John Edmund, 
b. Jan. 2, i86g. 

3 John Ransom, born April 12, 1810; m. (i) Oct. 20, 1846, Cornelia 

Smith, of Hampton ; she died Oct. 29, 1850, ae. 26 ; (2) Sept. 
14, 1863, Delia J. Fuller, of Hampton. Has one son, Dwight 
Smith, born Aug. 5, 1850; an engineer in Norwich (1S99). 

4 Henrietta, born Sept. 11, 1815; unm. ; resides with her brother, 

John R. Tweedy, in Hampton (1899). 

529 Amy" Kingsbury {Jonathan^ , JouatJian^ ^ T/nvnas^, Sam- 
ueP, Hoirf), married Sept. 12, 1805, at Hampton, Robert Dur- 
kee, born Feb. 23, 1779, in Hampton, son of Andrew and 
Mary (Benjamin) Dtirkee ; they removed to Scipio, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y., now Ledyard, after their marriage, and remained 
there until 1853, when they removed to Perry, N. Y. She 
died in Perry, Dec. 13, 1861. Robert Durkee died in Perry, 
February, 1867. 


1 DiMis, born in Scipio, June 23, 1806 ; m. at Ledyard, N. Y., Feb. 26, 

1826, Ely Lockwood. Ch.; (i) Norman; (2) Henrietta, m. 

about 1846 or '47, Merritt ; living at Venice, Cayuga 

Co., N. Y., P. O., Smith's Corners (18S3). Mrs. Dimis Lock- 
wood died on a visit in Massachusetts, Sept. 26, 1846. 

2 Julia, born in Scipio, June 14, 1808 ; m. at Ledyard, Sept. 18, 1823, 

William Hillaker ; in 1883, living at New London, Ohio. Ch. : 
(i) EveUne ; (2) George ; (3) Horace ; (4) Martin ; (5) Robert ; 
(6) Clarinda. 

3 Norman, born in Scipio, Nov. 15, 1811; killed by the cars near St. 

John, Mich., May 20, 1877. 

4 Emily, born in Scipio, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1817 ; m. at Ledyard, April 8, 

1836, Jedediah Macomber ; moved to Perry, N. Y. , in 1840; 
he died Nov. 26, 1S71. Ch.: (i) Norman, b. Feb. 27, 1842; 
m. in 1867, Mary Cleveland Perry ; now lives in Irving- 


ton, N. Y.; has 4 ch. ; (2) Mary D., b. July 4, 1842 ; m. in 
1866, Rev. Benjamin Bennett, Universalist minister at Perry, 
at that time ; now living in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; (3) Arostena, b. 
Sept. 6, 1856; unm.; (4) Jennie A., b. June 27, 1859; unra. 
Mrs. Macomber now lives with her daughters in Perry. 
5 Clorinda, born Oct. 25, 1S25 ; died in infancy. 

531 Lester" Kingsbury {/onat/ia/i^, Jo?iat/ian\ T/iomas^, 
Sami/eP, Henry^), of Hampton ; removed to Livonia, N. Y., 
in 1813, engaged in mercantile business ; later to Dansville, 
N. Y., where he was a hotel keeper in the winter of 181 7. 
He married, 1814, according to letter of Heman W. Kings- 
bury, Anne Spencer, born in 1796, in I^itchfield, Conn., dau. 
of Samuel W. and Lucretia (Parsons) Spencer. He died in 
Dansville, N. Y., March 31, 1836. His widow died in Rock- 
ford, 111., Feb. 14, 1877. 


556 Mary Ann, born Nov. (j, 1S17 ; lived in Rockford, 111.; died unm., 

March, 1S99. 

557 Heman W., born April 20, 1820, in Geneseo, N. Y. ;^=-^ 

558 Henry Lee, born May 11, 1825. r: > 

559 Edwin Spencer, born Dec. 12, 1827 ; died Dec. 14, 1859 ; unm. 

532 Ransom" Kingsbury {Jo/njf/ia>i\ JonatJiaii\ T/wi/ias^, 
Sa/iiiu-f- , Hc/iry^), of Hampton ; married, in Mansfield, April 
28, 1 813, Maria Francis, of Canterbury. He was chosen 
Deacon of the church in Hampton ; April i, 1824, he removed 
from the old Kingsbury Homestead in Hampton to Willing- 
ton, Conn., where he carried on a saw and grist-mill. His 
wife, Maria, died in Willington, May 24, 1834, ae. 40. He 
married (2) in Willington, Nov. 3, 1835, Hannah Crocker; 
removed, in April, 1837, to Pomfret, that part now Abington. 
He represented Pomfret in the Legislature. 

He died in Abington, Aug. 19, 1869. His widow, Hannah, 
died at Fillmore, N. Y., March, 1881, aged 87. 


560 George Ransom, born in Hampton, June 13, 1S14; died in Louisi- 

ana, Oct. 16, 1852, of climatory fever. 

561 Wasiungton Francis, born in Hampton, Dec. 16, 1S15. :;:-> 

562 Mariah, born in Hampton, Jan. 14, 1S17 ; died Aug. 25, 1820. 

563 William Lee, born in Hampton, June 9, 1819; died July 15, 1823. 

564 Jonathan Lee, born in Hampton, Dec. 27, 1823. s-*- 

565 Philo Tweedy, born in Willington, July 31, 1826. si-»- 


533 Jonathan' Kingsbury {Jonathan'' ,Jo7iatJian\ Thomas^, 
Saniitel", Henry^), removed to Brooklyn, Conn., to learn the 
cabinet-maker's trade of Deacon Moses Clark, about 1810. 
He married, March, 18 15, Artemisia, daughter of Deacon 
Moses Clark, and removed to Livonia, N. Y., where he 
engaged in the cabinet-making business, until he gave it up 
for farming about 1825. He was a temperance man from the 
first temperance lecture he ever heard. He never voted 
for President until, in 1844, he voted for James G. Birney. 
He was an abolitionist of the most pronounced type, and 
his motto was, " No Compromise." He was Deacon in the 
Presbyterian Church at Livonia Center. He sold his farm 
in Conesus, and from that time to his death was not engaged 
in business. He died in Livonia, in November, 1869. 


566 Lewis Clark, born Dec. 31, 1815, in Livonia, r; > 

567 Emily, born in Livonia, May g, 1819 ; died March 25, 1844. 

568 Paulina, born Aug. 20, 1824, in Livonia ; died May 4, 1858. 

569 Jonathan, born July 2, 1827, in Livonia ; died March 25, 1828. 

570 Henry D., \ born in Livonia, May 24, J830; lives in Livonia Sta- 

tion, N. Y. s^-^ 

571 Henrietta, ; born in Livonia, May 24, 1830 ; died May 5, 1851. 

572 Amelia B., born in Livonia, Feb. 26, 1832 ; died March 18, 1832. 

534 Josiah" Kingsbury {SanmeP, Thomas", Thomas^, 
Sanii/er, Henry'), of Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y.; married, April 

I, 1798, Susannah, daughter of Samuel Miller, born in 1770, 
in Sangersfield, N. Y. After his father's death he removed 
from Coventry with his mother, brother, and sister, to San- 
gersfield, and afterwards to Paris, N. Y., where he became a 
farmer. He was drafted for three months in the War of 
181 2. He died in Paris, N. Y., May 29, 1858. 


573 Olive, born Oct. 2, 1799, in Sangersfield, N. Y. ; never married; 

died Oct. 2, 1S63, in Berwick, 111. 

574 Zeriah, born 1801, in Paris, N. Y. s->- 

575 Ira, born June 8, 1803, in Paris. s->- 

576 Amanda, born Nov. 13, 1804, in Paris, s; > 

577 Almira, born 1806, in Paris, i^s-^ 

578 JosiAH, born Feb. 20, 1808, in Paris. s->- 

579 Thomas, born Aug. 19, 1810, in Paris, s-^ 


535 Olive" Kingsbury {Samuel^, Thomas^, T/ionias^, SawurP, 
He/iry'), married, Aug. 31, 1798, Capt. David Norton. 


1 David Luman, born Dec. 19, 1799 ; married Polly Holbridge ; he 

died Jan. 31, 1859 ; she died Sept. 2, 1874. Ch. : (i) Olive S., 
b. May 7, 1820; d. June 8, 1841 ; (2) Mary, b. Sept. 16, 1822 ; 
d. Aug. 4, 1823 ; (3) George S., b. April 2, 1824 ; d. 1S90 ; (4) 
William S., b. Dec. 2, 1825 ; (5) Philo M., b. May 13, 1829 ; d. 
Nov. 26, 1852 ; (6) David A., b. Aug. 12, 1832 ; (7) Erdley S., 
b. Dec. 21, 1834; (8) John D.. b. June 18, 1836. 

2 Olive, born March 30, 1809; married, June 11, 1828, William Wol- 

cott, b. May 27, 1804 ; died April 21, 1869. Ch. : (i) Sarah W., 
b. July 26, 1829; m. March 17, 1852, James Cavana (Kava- 
naugh?); d. April 8, 1S83 ; 2 ch. ; (2) James, b. Dec. 27, 1831; 
m. Jan. 20, 1857, Henrietta Roberts ; (3) Marietta H., b. May 
12, 1834 ; m. June 12, i860, James Moulton ; 2 ch.; (4) Norton, 
b. Oct. 20, 1837 ; m. June 17, 1876, Harriet M. B. Mcintosh ; 
d. April 7, 1884 ; (5) William Wallace, b. Aug. 29, 1840 ; died 
March 6, 1861; (6) Henry B., b. July 19, 1842 ; a member of 
Co. I, 8ist Regiment, N. Y. S. V.; died in hospital at Point 
Lookout, Md., July 25, 1864 ; (7) Melvin A., b. Sept 23, 1844 ; 
m. Dec. 3, 1873, Mary Wing; died Dec. 25, 187S ; he was a 
Methodist clergyman ; (8) Olive Elizabeth, b. June 28, 1849 ; 
d. April 25, 1S88 ; (g) Frances Ellen, b. ; d. ; 

(10) David Clinton, b. Oct. 27, 1854 ; m. Jan. 19, 1887, Marian 
Benedict ; a lawyer ; 2 ch. 

536 Ira" Kingsbury [Sai/ii/el^, Thomas,'^ Thomas^, SaniueP^ 
Henry^), removed to Sangersfield, N. Y., with his mother; 
he was a miller; married, January 16, 1806, Therzia Rich- 
mond, of Herkimer, N. Y. ; he removed to Sheffield, Ashta- 
bula Co., Ohio, where he died June 2, 1838. His wife died 
November 18, 1843. 


580 Samuel Daniel, born March 7, 1807, in Herkimer, N. Y. f^>->- 

581 Nathaniel, born July 11, 1813, in Herkimer, N. Y.; owned a mill 

with his brother, at Floyd, N. Y.; married (1) in Floyd, N. Y., 
Dec. 31, 1829, Mary Jepherson ; removed to Ashtabula Co., 
Ohio; divorced May 28, 1836, in Jefferson, Ohio; m. (2) in 
Sheffield, Sept. 18, 1836, Lucinda Dewey ; he had a number 
of children by his second wife. 

582 Pierce H., born Feb. 7, 1823, in Herkimer, N. Y. ;,->- 


537 Lathrop° Kingsbury {T/w)/ias\ Thomas\ Thomas^, 
Sainuer, Henry') ^ of Canton and Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., where he removed in 180 1 from Connecticut with his 
father; he was a farmer and millwright; married Samantha, 
daughter of Philo Dimmock. He died in Norfolk, N. Y., 
March 21, 1842, aged 55 years. 


583 Harriet, born Jan. 10, 1817. s: > 

584 Albert Gallatin, born April 27, 1818. z: > 

585 Olive, born April 18, 1820. s: > 

586 Ira, born April 28, 1822. r: > 

587 Candace, born May 10, 1824, z" ■> 
58S Darius, born Oct. 26, 1826. r: > 

589 Christopher Columbus, born Feb. 11, 1828. r: > 

5go Laura, born Dec. 11, 1830. z: ■> 

591 Luthera, born Dec. 10, 1834. =; > 

592 Lathrop, born . s > . 

593 Emily, born June 10, 1837. :s > 

548 Phila' Kingsbury {Thomas^, TJiomas^^ Sa7nuel*, 
T/io/uas^, SaiiiueP, Henry'), married, January r, 1799, Erastus 
Bibbins, of Windham, bap. April 18, 1773, son of William 
and Louisa (Simons) Bibbins. She died February 3, 1804. 


1 Stowell, born in Windham, April 26, iSco ; killed by the explosion 

of a powder mill at Manchester, Conn., aged about 30. 

2 Phila, born in Windham, Aug. 25, 1803 ; married Royal Lincoln. 

557 Heman W." Kingsbury {Lestcr\ Jonathan'', J onatJian\ 
T/wtnas\ Sanmel', Henry'), of Rockford, 111.; married (i) 
March 12, 1847, Elizabeth Hammond, born Feb. 8, 1821, in 
Elkland, Pa., daughter of David Hammond; she died in 
Rockford, Dec. 17, 1864; (2) Nov. 16, 1865, Sarah Shuttle- 
worth Rugg, daughter of Henry S. and Sarah (Facon) 
Shuttleworth, born Dec. 27, 1836, in London, England; (3) 
not long before his death, Mrs. Hannah Conklin, of Rock- 
ford. He died Aug., 1897, in Rockford. He left an adopted 
daughter, Anna, born in Rockford, April 14, 1867; married 

558 Henry Lee' Kingsbury {Lester\ Jonathan", Jona- 
than\ Thomas', SaniueP, Henry'), of Rochester, N. Y., where 
he was a harness-maker ; married, September i, 1847, Julia 


L. Foote, born May 8, 1826, in Dansville, N. Y., daughter of 
William and Clarissa (Whitney) Foote ; she died February 
13, 1870. He died in Dansville, N. Y., January 15, 1864. 


594 Mary L., born July 7, 1849; unm.; has lived in New York City, 

but is now matron at Rockford College, Rockford, 111. 

561 Washington Francis' Kingsbury {Ratiso!ii\ Jona- 
than^, Jonat/ia/i.\ Thomas^, Saini/d", Henry^),oi Warsaw, N. Y., 
married, March 6, 1845, at Perry, Wyoming Co., N. Y., Mary 
A. Brown, born May 15, 1826, in Sutton, England. He was 
engaged in the oil business, and owned oil lands in Pennsyl- 
vania. He lived in Warren, Pa., from 1850 to 1867; then 
removed to Warsaw, N. Y., and in 1890 to Erie, Pa., where 
he died November 19, 1891. 


595 Charles Ransom, born Aug. 15, 1846, at Perry, N. Y. r.*: > 

596 William Thomas, born Oct. 31, 1848, at Buffalo, N. Y. •„- ■> 

564 Jonathan Lee' Kingsbury {Ransoni\ Jonathan", Jon- 
athan"^, Thomas', Samuel \ Henry ^), of Titusville, Pa., married 
February, 1866, at Titusville, Julia Green. No ch. 

565 " Philo Tweedy' Kingsbury {Ransom", Jonathan\ Jon- 
athan'^, Thomas', Samuel', Henry''), of Willington and of Abing- 
ton, Conn., married November 29, 1849, Lucretia T. Fay, at 
Pomfret, Conn. He lives on his father's old farm at Abing- 
ton. Conn.; they have no children. (1890.) 

566 Lewis Clark' Kingsbury {Jonathan\ Jonathan", Jona- 
thaii\ Thomas'^, Samuel", He/iry^), of Corning, N. Y. As a boy 
and a young man he worked on his father's farm in Livonia, 
and also taught the district school two winters. In 1842 he 
became a clerk in a store in Livonia Center, and the next 
spring he purchased the business. He married, Aug. 22, 
1843, Eliza Ann, daughter of Henry and Louisa (Rice) Dix- 
son, of Livonia, born April 3, 1825, in Livonia. The next 
spring he removed his mercantile business to Conesus, and 
continued in trade for nine years. In 1853 he became con- 
nected with the Coshocton R. R., afterwards absorbed in 
the Erie R. R., and removed to Corning in 1854. He held 
the position of passenger conductor on this railroad for fif- 



teen years. Then he became partner in a firm carryino- on 
a carriage factory in Corning. In 1879 he purchased a farm 
in conjunction with his son, Frank D. Kingsbury, and became 
prominent as a scientific and successful farmer. He held a 
number of local offices, was president of the Corning Gas 
Works, and trustee in the Presbyterian Church. He was a 
popular citizen, and general confidence was felt in his fidel- 
'ity and good judgment. He died in Corning, Sept. 5, 1889. 
His widow survived him. 


597 Frank Dixson, born Feb. 26, 1847, in Conesus, N. Y., resides in 

Corning, N. Y. ; director and treasurer of the Corning Gas 
Co. ; president of the Corning Co-operative Savings and Loan 
Association, and also in the insurance business, and some- 
thing of a farmer. 

598 Frederick Stewart, born May 5, 1853, in Conesus, N. Y. = > 

570 Henry D.' Kingsbury {/oi/af/ian\ Jonathan"^ Jona- 
thans^ Thoinas^^ Samuel", Hc/iry'), of Livonia Station, N. Y., 
married, Nov. 15, 1855, to Marietta Stedman, of Livonia. 
He was from 1855 to 1858, station agent for the Erie R. R,, 
in Livonia, then became a produce and commission dealer, 
1858-1868. Then removed to Rochester, when he was en- 
gaged in the Turkish bath business ; returned to Livonia, 
where he is now living. Mrs. Marietta Kingsbury died 
January 31, 1891. 


599 Bell I., born , i860 ; m. 1891, Prof. Julius E. Meyer, of 

Brooklyn, N. Y. ; he was born in Allenburg, Germany, was 
a pupil of the great Mendelssohn, and was for several years 
first violinist of his orchestra in Leipsic. He followed his 
profession as a voice-builder over thirty years in New York 
and Brooklyn, until his death in September, 1899. 

600 Ida, born , 1865 ; is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins 

Training School for Nurses ; resides in Baltimore. 

574 Zeriah^ Kingsbury {/osiah,^ Samuel^, T/iomas%T/iom- 
as\ SamiieP, Henry'), married in 1820, Rev. Washington Kings- 
ley, a Baptist minister of Rutland, Vt. She died in 1856. 


1 Victor, born ; for some time at McGrawville, then connected 

with N. Y. Central R. R.; resides (1894) at Fayetteville, N. Y. 


575 Ira' Kingsbury {/osiah^, Samuer, Thomas*, Thomas^, 
Samuel', Henry^), of Zumbrota, Minnesota, married, October 
28, 1827, Sally Parks, daughter of Ephraim and Ruth (Bush) 
Parks, born August 10, 18 10, in Hamilton, N. Y. He was a 
carpenter and builder. He removed from Hamilton, N. Y., 
to Zumbrota, Minn., in 1857, and in 1878 to Appleton, Minn. 
He died November i, i88r, at Akron, Big Stone county, 
Minn. His wife died September i, 1896. 


601 Orrin Parks, born Nov. 19, 1828. 'r: ■ > 

602 EvANDER L., born June 13, 1831. s-^ 

603 RosiNA Janett, born July 30, 1833. r: > 

604 BiANCA Jane, born Nov. 10, 1834. s->- 

605 Sarah M., born Aug., 1846; m. (i) May, 1861, Christopher East- 

man, of Minneapolis, Minn.; (2) A. Gerson. 

606 Mary A., born July 8, 1850; d. 1851. 

576 Amanda' Kingsbury {Josia/i\ Samuel'', T/iomas\ 
T/iomas^, Samuer, Henry'), married, March 12, 1827, Surrial 
Williams, of Holland Patent, N. Y.; she died January 18, 1869. 


1 Albert. 

2 James B., , living at Holland Patent ; married Susannah M. 

Kingsbury, daughter of his uncle, Thomas Kingsbury. (See 
No. 612.) 

3 Mary. 

577 ^VoXvdJ Yi\r\.^^\iMXy {J osialf' , Samuer , Thomas\ T/iomas^, 
SamueP, Hr/i/y'), married James Brown, of Holland Patent; 
died 1849. 


1 Josiah Kingsbury, born Sept. 14, 1833 ; he studied law in the same 

class with Grover Cleveland at Albany; became a lawyer, 
and was appointed by Cleveland State Dairy Commissioner, 
which office he held for two years; he married Sarah Mc- 
intosh, of Steuben, N. Y ; died at Holland Patent in 1896. 

2 Sherman W., born Oct 5, 1S34; in 1S56 went to Chicago, and was in 

the employ of the Galena & Chicago R. R. ; m. Sophia Galli- 
ger; had one son; now living in Holland Patent. 


578 Josiah' Kingsbury {/osia/i\ Safiiuel\ T/io?>ias\ 
TJwmas^, SamiicP, Henry'), of Zumbrota, Minn., married (i) 
Oct. 7, 1829, Fannie Metcalf, daiighter of David and Ma- 
belle (Ball) Metcalf, born in Montague, Mass., August 23, 
1808; she died April 16, 1833; (2) January 21, 1834, Julia 
Ann Wilcox, born in Oxford, Greene Co., N.Y., February 20, 
1844, daughter of Ebenezer and Lucinda (Plumb) Wilcox. 
He was a farmer for many years in Paris, N. Y., but remov- 
ed in 1867 to Zumbrota, Minn. He died January 15, 1873. 
vShe died December 11, 1892. 


607 Marshall, born Oct. 28, 1834, in Paris, N. Y. s^-*- 

608 Milton, born May i, 1836; died Jan. 19, 1841. 

609 MiLON W., born June 22, 1838. iz ■> 

610 Julia Maria, born Jan. 12, 1844. sn-v 

579 Thomas' Kingsbury {/osia/i", SamueP, Thomas\ 
TJwmas^, Samuel". Henry'), married, Feb. 24, 1834, Eusebia 
Baldwin, born in Lowville, N. Y., Nov. 24, 181 8, daughter of 
William and Lucinda (Ladd) Baldwin. He lived for many 
years in Paris, N. Y., on the farm his father purchased on 
his coming from Connecticut. In 1859 he removed to Port- 
age, Ohio, and in i860 to Berwick, Illinois, where he died 
April 18, 1886. He was a man of sterling character, honest, 
upright, a good neighbor, a kind father; many years a mem- 
ber of the Baptist church. His widow, Mrs. Eusebia Kings- 
bury, died in Berwick, January 31, (January 22, another 
account), 1899. 


611 Sarah Ann, born Aug. 16, 1837, Paris, N. Y.; d. Nov. 22, 1S58, unm. 

612 Susannah Miller, born June 28, 1839, Paris, N. Y. :„;: > 

613 Sophia Lucinda, born January i, 1845, Paris, N. Y. ; m. January i, 

i860, Albert Bay of Monmout;h, 111.; d. July i, 1871. 

614 Henry Milton, born Sept. 2, 1847, Paris, N. Y. ; d. Sept 2, 1850. 

615 Herman Baldwin, born Feb. 14, 1850, Paris, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 7, 1868. 

616 Hubert Milton, born Dec. 14, 1854, Paris, N. Y. ; living in East 

Oakland, Cal. ; m. January 15, 1882, Marietta Augusta, dau. 
of Josiah Bacon and Martha Ann (Cutter) Hancock, b. in 
Boston, Mass.; no cli. 

617 Henry William, born March 29, 1856, Paris, N. Y. s-^- 


6i8 Alfred Thomas, born Oct. 21, 1858, Paris, N. Y. ; went to Berwick, 
111., with his father; attended Knox College, but did not 
graduate; removed to Akron, O., at 21 years of age; is a 
dealer in Fine Art Goods and Antiques, in Akron; member of 
the Board of Education, and Sunday-school Superintendent ; 
m. Oct. II, 18S8, Viola Mary, daughter of George W. ,and 
Mary (Coon) Weeks, b. in Copley, Ohio, Aug. 4, 1862. No ch. 

619 Chauncey Lincoln, born Feb. 17, 1864, Berwick, Warner Co., 111. ; a 

farmer in Ontario, 111.; m. May 5, 1899, Martha E., daughter 
of Joseph and Mary Ann (Smith) Kershner, born in Henry 
Co., Ohio, Feb. 13, 1862. No ch. 

580 Samuel Danier Kingsbury (/ra% Samt/e/", Thomas'^, 
Thomas', Sai/iueP, He/iry^), removed in 1835 to Sheffield, Ash- 
tabula Co., Ohio; married, February 3, 1824, Clarissa Stone. 
He, like his father, was a miller; he was a class leader in the 
Methodist church, trustee and steward ; his grandson, G. G. 
Kingsbury, writes " My grandfather was a deeply religious 
man, and made an impression for good on the community 
that has not passed away to this day. His funeral was the 
largest I have ever seen in Kingsville." His wife died 
October 21, 1871. He died July 8, 1873. 


620 MuNSON Ira, born May 25, 1827, Floyd, N. Y. t. > 

621 Almira Evaline, born July 28, 1831; m. Aug. 7, 1850, Allen Terrill; 

residence. Union City, Pa.; died Feb., 1899. 

622 Mary Jane, born June 17, 1840; m. March 5, 1879, Anthony Whipple 

of Camden, N. J. 

623 Melville Baxter, born May 15, 1S42 ; m. 1870, Adelia Miller ; Hves 

in Kingsville, O. 

624 Clarissa Ellen, born April ig, 1S45 ; m. May 6, 1866, Joseph Mul- 

lett ; residence, Madison, O. 

582 Pierce N.' Kingsbury {Ira\ Samuel', Thomas\ 
Thomas^, SamiieP, Henry^) married, in Sheffield, Ohio, May 
28, 1839, Mary Ann Mack. He died in Athens, Michigan, 
December, 1833. His widow is living in Athens (1902). 

625 Rexford L. , born April 11, 1842, in SheflSeld, O. ; died in Sheffield, 
Dec. 17, 1850. 


583 Harriet' Kingsbury {Lathrop\ Thomas\ Thomas*, 
T/io//ias\ Sa/iiiiei", Henry'), married (i) Alexander Rogers; (2) 
in 1839, William Rogers, both of Norfolk, N. Y. She died 
in Norfolk, N. Y., in 1897. 


1 Eleanor. 

2 James, residence, Norfolk, N. Y. 

3 Darius, residence, Stockholm, N. Y. 

4 Elizabeth, m. Wilcox; resides in Madrid, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. 

5 Wesley, residence, Norfolk, N. Y. 

584 Albert Gallatin'' Kingsbury {Lathrop\ Thomas", 
Thomas', Thomas', SamueP, Henry'), of Brasher and Stock- 
holm, N. Y.; married, October 4, 1842, Elvira, daughter of 
Captain Guy Carleton and Rhoda (Richardson) Nichols, of 
Stockholm; she was born in Agawam, Mass., May 13, 1819. 
He removed to Stockholm in 1867, where he now resides. 


626 RosELTHA E., born Feb. 16, 1844. s ■ > 

627 Hiram A., born Aug. 6, 1849, in Brasher, N. Y. sh>- 

628 Herbert Nichols, born Oct. 28, 1853, in Brasher, N. Y. s-^ 

585 Olive' Kingsbury {Lathrop'^, Thomas^', Thomas", 
Thomas', SamueP, Henry'), married, in 1839, Leonard Hay- 
wood, of Norfolk, N. Y.; she died in 1901. 


1 Henry, born in Norfolk, N. Y. ; residence, Potsdam, N. Y. 

2 Harriet, born in Norfolk, N. Y. ; resides there. 

3 Emerenza, born in Norfolk, N. Y. ; died in Norfolk, N. Y. 

4 ViLLETTA, born Norfolk, N. Y.; resides there. 

5 Laura, born Norfolk, N. Y. ; resides there. 

586 Ira' Kingsbury {Lathrop'', Thomas'", Thomas*, Thomas^, 
SamueP, Henry'), oi Norfolk, N. Y., married Eliza King; he 
was in the Union army, and was wounded at the battle of 
Fair Oaks, Virginia, in June, 1862; returned home to Nor- 
folk, and died there the same year. His widow is still living 
somewhere in the West. 



629 Nathaniel, resides in Nebraska. 

630 Darius, resides in Nebraska. 

631 Walter, resides in Nebraska. 

632 A Daughter. 

587 Candace' Kingsbury {Lathrop\ Thomas", Thomas\ 
Thomas', SainueP, Henry'), married Robert Seaver, of Stock- 
holm, N. Y. She died in 1872 in Stockholm. 


1 Maria, born about 1S52, in Stockholm, N. Y. ; m. A. C. Munson, of 

Winthrop, N. Y. 

2 Chalon, resides in Chicago, 111. 

3 Emily, m. and living in Stockholm, N. Y. 

4 Linden, . resides in Stockholm. 

5 Ada, resides in Gouverneur, N. Y. 

6 Alma, resides in Gouverneur, N. Y. 

588 Darius' Kingsbury {Lathrop'^, Tho?nas", Thomas*, 
Thomas', Sami/eP, Henry'), of Norfolk, N. Y., married Sarah 


633 Mary, resides in Stockholm, N. Y. 

634 Wealthy, d. Oct., 1900. 

635 Jessie, d. 1900. 

589 Christopher Columbus' Kingsbury {Lathrop'', 
Thomas^, 77iomas* Thomas'^, Samiie/', Henry'), of Norfolk, N. 
Y., married Rhoda Henegan. 


636 jMartha, in. Darius Rogers, of Stockholm, N. Y. 

637 Charles, residence Lawrence, N. Y. 

638 William, died in Norfolk, N.-Y. 

639 Ethel, residence Stockholm, N. Y. 

590 Laura' Kingsbury {Lathrop\ Thomas\ Thomas*, 
Thomas^, Samuel^ Henry'), married (i) James Fitch; (2) Par- 
ker Rose, of Stockholm. She died in Stockholm. 


1 George. 

2 Marietta. 

3 Flora. 



4 Myron, resides in Stockholm. 

5 Bert, resides in New Hampshire. 

6 Parker, resides in Lawrence, N. Y. 

591 Luthera' Kingsbury {Lathrop^, Thomas'', Thomas\ 
Thomas^, SamueP, Hefiry'), married John McCIennan, of 
Stockholm, afterwards of Pentwater, Michigan. 


1 Della, born in Norfolk; m. Ira Munson, of Pentwater. 

2 Bert, born in Stockholm; resides in Pentwater. 

3 Harriet, born in Stockholm. 

592 Lathrop' Kingsbury {Lat/irop^, T/wmas", Thomas\ 

Thomas^, Sainuel', Henry^), of Muskegon, Mich., married 

Smith, daughter of Marvin Smith, of Stockholm, N. Y. 


640 Lathrop, born Sept. 7, 1871; resides in Muskegon. 

593 Emily' Kingsbury {Lathrop'', Thomas^, Thomas*, 
Thomas^, SamiieP, Henry'), married Martin Reed, of Norfolk, 
N. Y. 


1 Ada, born in Norfolk, N. Y. 

2 Nelson, born in Norfolk, N. Y. 

594 Charles Ransom* Kingsbury {Washington F.\ Ran- 
sonf', Jonathan^, Jonathan'^, Thomas\ SamiieP, Henry^), of Erie, 
Pa., married, Nov. 6, 1868, Ida Johnsog, at Erie. He was 
connected with the Standard Oil Co. in Erie, Pa., in 1883; 
now engaged with the United States Sugar Refinery in 
Waukegan, Illinois. 


641 Frank Newton, born at Erie, Pa., June 6, 1877. 

642 Charles Brown, born Dec. 17, 18S5. 

595 William Thomas* Kingsbury {Washington F.\ Ran- 
som^', Jonathan'', Jo)iathan\ Thomas^, SamueP, Henry^), of Dun- 
kirk, N. Y., married, February 14, 1877, Margaret M. Hen- 
essy, at Dunkirk. He was employed by the Standard Oil 



Co. He died in Dunkirk, March 25, 1880 ; buried in Warsaw. 
His widow lives in Dunkirk. 


643 Charles W., born at Dunkirk, April 23, 1878 ; resides in Livington, 

598 Frederick Stewart' Kingsbury [Leiuis C.\ Jonathan'', 
Jonathan^, Jonathan'^, Thomas^, Sai/iiic/'^, Henry^), of Corning', 
N. Y., where he was an accountant and bookkeeper ; mar- 
ried, November 21, 1877, Carrie Louise, dau. of Edward H., 
and Ellen (Bronson) Smith, of Painted Post, N. Y., born Dec. 3, 
1854, in Chester, Warren Co., N. Y. He died May 20, 1883, 
in Corning. She died January 31, 1887, at Painted Post. 


644 Ella, born May i, 1881, in Painted Post, N. Y. 

601 Orrin Parks' Kingsbury {lra\ Josiah", Samuel'\ 
T/ioinas\ Thomas'^, Sawi/r/'-, I/cnry), of Ganges, Michigan, 
married Lucinda, daughter of Isaac and Hannah (Smith) 
Skinner, of Allegan, Mich., born in Hamilton, Madison Co., 
N. Y., October 18, 1827; he was a farmer and carpenter, in 
Ganges; he served in the Civil War, enlisting in the Thir- 
teenth Michigan Regiment; he died April 19, 1862, of typhoid 
fever, in Nashville, Tenn. His widow married (2) Septem- 
ber II, 1870, Smith, of Ganges. 


645 Albro C, born Dec. 25, 1S56, in Ganges; m. Dec. 25, 18S4, Lucy 

Staring ; lives in Ganges. 

646 LiLLA A., born Dec. 13, 1858, in Ganges; m. March 19, iSgg, Glen 

O'Brien ; resides in Warnego, Kansas ; teaching school. 

647 Elmer E. , born June 24, 1S61, in Ganges. :.:: ->- 

602 Evander L.' Kingsbury {/ra'', /osia/i", SamueP, 
Thomas^, Thomas\ Samuel', Henry^), of Appleton, Minnesota; 
married, June 13, 1855, Elsie Ann Curtis, born in Gainesville, 
N. Y., Nov. 12, 1832, daughter of Henry M. and Mary 


(Holmes) Curtis. He settled in Armada, Michigan, in 1854; 
removed to Minnesota in 1856. He followed the occupation 
of a general builder for thirty years; has been a farmer 
since 1878. 

64S Hattie F., born Aug. 23, 1859; m. Dec, 1876, Fred C. Hill, of 

Ortonville, Minn.; ch.: i Harry A., b. June i, 1878; 2 Grace 

E., b. April 16, 1880. 
649 Orrin a., born Sept. 12, 1865; lives in Appleton, Minn. 

603 Rosina Janett' Kingsbury {Ira\ Josiah\ Samiiel\ 
Thomas*, TJiomas^, Siunuer', Henry^), married, November 17, 
1853, William H. Crowell, born in 1830, in Hamilton, Madison 
Co., N. Y., son of Joseph and Maria (Peck) Crowell; they 
removed in 1857 to Zumbrota, Goodhue Co., Minnesota, 
where he pursued the business of farming; they lived there 
38 years, then removed to Monticello, Michigan, where they 
now live. (1902.) 


1 William H., born July 31, 1855 ; died, 1855. 

2 Edward Payson, born June 15, 1857; m. Nov. 24, 1897, Eunice 

Minerva Sumner ; residence in Monticello. 

3 Alice Marie, born July 14, 1859 ; m. (i) Sept. 28, 1887, Lucius Bab- 

cock Maxson of Monticello ; (2) Oct. 10, 1896, Truman Walter 
Herrick of St. Paul, Minn. 

4 Albert Eugene, born Oct. 16, 1867 ; m. Aug. 2, 1S94, Jettia Lillian 

Tilton ; residence, St. Paul, Minn. 

5 Howard Milton, born July 17, 1872 ; died Sept. 7, 1872. 

604 Bianca Jane' Kingsbury {Ira\ /osiak\ SavmeP, 
ThoDias*, Thomas^, Sai/ii/el", JIenry^),YaSii'r\ed, October 4, 1861, 
William D. Hubbs, of Appleton, Minn., born in 1831, near 
Boston, N. Y., son of William and Mary (Hemstreat) Hubbs. 
He served in the Civil War in the First Minnesota Infantry, 
Co. F; mustered into service, April, 1861, discharged in June 
on account of sickness. He died November 21, 1884. 


1 Mary Eliz.\beth, born June 17, 1862 ; m. Aug. 23, 1878, Holmes 

Congdon of Eagle Bend, Todd Co., Minn. 

2 Nellie Artalisa, born Feb. 29, 1864 ; m. Sept. 3, 18S6, Albert Vre- 

land of Appleton, Minn. 

3 Martha Louisa, born March 23, 1866; m. Dec. 8, 18S2, Ross 

Atkens of Milbanks, South Dakota. 



607 Marshall' Kingsbury {/osia/i\ Josiah\ Sami/el\ 
Thomas\ Thomas', Sai/iiecP, Heniy^), of Winchester, Virginia; 
married May 4, 1865, Aiireha Ogden, born May 8, 1842, in 
Winchester, Va., daughter of Thomas C. and Mary (Whis- 
son) Ogden. He was a soldier in the Civil War, serving as 
private in Co. H, nth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, from April 
19 to July 19, 1861. 


650 William M., born Feb. 12, 1866; d. Nov. 25, 18S3. 

651 Edward M., born Aug. 15, 1867; d. April 21, 1884. 

609 Milon W/ Kingsbury {Jos!a/i\ Josia/i\ Samuel^, 
Thomas'^, Thomas^, Sa//inel\ Ilefirv^), of Monticello, Minn.; a 
retired farmer; married, September 25, 1861, Adelia Valentia, 
daughter of George Riley and Angeline (Maxon) Loomis, 
of Cassville, N. Y., born November 9, 1839 ; lived in Pompey 
Hill, N. Y.; removed to Minnesota. 


652 Milton J., born April 7, 1863, in Pompey Hill, N. Y. s->- 

653 Jennie M., boi-n Nov. 26, 1866; d. January 16, 1868. 

654 Clara A., born Oct. 28, 1S74. 

655 Victor H., born Sept. 25, 1878; d. Aug. 5, 1S79. 

656 Harry E. , born Sept. 8, 18S0; d. May 23, 1890. 

610 Julia Maria" Kingsbury {/osia/i~\ Josiah\ Sami/cr, 
Thojnas*, Thomas^, SamueP, Henry^), married February 13, 
1867, Hiram Bennet Carpenter, of Cassville, Oneida Co., N. 
Y. They now live in Plainvievv, Wabasha Co., Minn. 


1 Mary Emma, born Feb. 16, 1869, at Zumbrota, Minn.; m. William 

Francis Roche. 

2 Ella Amelia, born June 25, 1874. 

3 Helen Althea, born June 23, 1885 ; d. July i, 1886. 

612 Susannah M." Kingsbury {TJwmas\ /osia/i\ Sam- 
ueP, T/ioi/ias\ T/ioinas^, Sii>/iULi'\ He/uy^), married (i) January 
17, 1 86 1, Squire M. Osborn, of Rome, N. Y. He was born 
Dec. I, 1835, i^ Floyd, Oneida Co., N. Y.; died February 
9, 1885.* She married (2) May 31, 1889, James B. Williams, 

* February i8, 1884, another letter. 


son of vSurrial and Amanda (Kingsbury) Williams. He was 
living in New York City, but removed to Holland Patent, 
N. Y., where they now reside. 


(By First Husband.) 

1 Carrie Olive, bern Dec. 28, 1862, in Galesburg, 111. ; m. John Lind- 

berg, of Mt. Ayr, Iowa. 

2 Everett Kingsbury, born Sept. 10, 1866 ; m. and lives in Holland 


617 Henry William' Kingsbury {Thomas\ /ostah\ 
Sanwer, Thomas', Thomas^, Samuel"^, He/iry^), of Berwick, Illi- 
nois; removed with his parents from Paris, N. Y., to Ohio, 
in 1859, and thence to Berwick, Illinois, in i860, where he 
is a farmer; married, October 16, 1890, Edla Catherine Ryd- 
gren, born August 4, 1870, in Bersbo, Sweden, daughter of 
Carl Nicholas and Helena C. (Swarson) Rydgren. 


657 Clarence Rydgren, born May 30, 1894. 

658 Viola Eusebia, born Jan. 7, iSgg. 

620 Munson Ira' Kingsbury {Sa?nuel D.\ Ira^, SamueP, 
Thomas\ Thomas'', SamueP, Heiir/), of Kings ville, Ohio; re- 
moved with his father to Sheffield, Ohio; settled in Kings- 
ville as a miller; married (i) May, 1853, Hulda Almira, 
daughter of Silas and Betsey (Taft) Davis, born in Kings- 
ville, August, 1834; died February 26, 1867; (2) December, 
1869, Sarah M. King; she died June, 1876, and he married 
(3) April, 1886, Clarissa Fidelia Peck. 


659 Harriet Elizabeth, born Sept. 7, 1854 ; m. Oscar De Groodt ; 

resides Excelsior, Minn. 

660 Charlotte Betsey, born July 9, 1856 ; m. Henry Jones ; resides 

Conneaut, O. 

661 Mary Luella, born Jan. 2, 1859 I ni. Nov. 13, 1886, Burton Matson ; 

residence, Kingsville. 

662 Guilford Gage, born June 22, 1S61. s -> 

663 Clarissa Paulina, born Dec. 10, 1863. 

626 Roseltha E.' Kingsbury {Albert G.\ Lathrop\ Thomas\ 
Thomas^ Thomas^, SamueP, Henry^), married, November, 1859, 
Elisha Jones, of Stockholm, N. Y. 



1 Henrietta, born about 1862; died young. 

2 Charles H., born about 1863; m. Electa Taylor; living at Mooer's 

Forks, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 

3 Hiram A., resides in Denver, Col. 

4 Leslie, resides in Kirkwood, Neb. 

5 Adelbert G. , resides in Springfield, Mass. ; 

m. (i) Annie M. Dye ; (2) 
Katharine . 

6 Henrietta E., ) , • resides in Rochester, N. Y. 

7 Edwin G., ) ' resides in Westfield, Mass. 

8 William, | . • resides in Rochester, N. Y. 

- twins, ' 

9 Warren, ) resides in Rochester, N. Y. 

10 Effie, born in 1S84, at Stockholm; resides Winthrop, N. Y. 

627 Hiram A.' Kingsbury {Albert G.\ Lathrof, Thomas , 
T/io//ias\ Thomas'^, SamueP^ Jlenry^), of Chelsea, Vt., married, 
July 29, 1875, Salina Smith, born in Hopkinton, N. Y., 
daughter of John C. and Catherine (Winnie) Smith. He 
lived in Cambridge, Alass., for a number of years, but has 
been since February, 1893, a farmer in Chelsea. 


664 Herbert J., born Jan. 13, 1S77, in Stockholm, N. Y.; m. Oct. 10, 

1897, Eva Thompson. He lives in Chelsea, and they have 
one child. Homer Adelbert, b. Oct. i, 1898. 

665 Emily Cornelia, born Jan. 23, 1879, "i Stockholm; resides in 


628 Herbert Nichols' Kingsbury {Albert G.\ Lathrop\ 
Thomas^, T/ioifias\ T/iomas^, Samuel'', Henr/), of Westfield, 
Mass., was educated in the public schools at Brasher, and 
at the Lawrence ville Academy; he came to Springfield, 
Mass., in 1 871, and after a time became a clerk for the Amer- 
ican Express Company, and afterwards was secretary of the 
American Cigar Company. He married, January 17, 1877, 
Jane EUina, daughter of Silas C. and Zeruah (Holcomb) 
Avery, of Westfield; born July 31, 1855, in Westfield. In 
April, 1887, he organized the Fraternal Accident Association, 
and became secretary and treasurer. This Association is 
confined in its operations to members of the Order of Odd 
Fellows," and with agents in every state and in Canada, has, 
under the skillful management of Mr. Kingsbury, built up a 


large and still increasing business. Mr. Kingsbury is one of 
the Directors of the Hampden National Bank of Westfield, 
and of the Westfield Athenaeum, one of the trustees of the 
Worortoco Savings Bank, President of the Berkshire Health 
and Accident Association, and Treasurer of the Interna- 
tional Association of Accident Underwriters, composed of 
all the leading accident companies in the United States 
and Canada. 


666 Harold Avery, born Aug. 27, 1882. 

647 Elmer E,' Kingsbury {Orrin F.^, Ira\ Josiah\ 
Saini/eP, T/iovias*, T/io//ias^, Sa/uiiel', Ilefiry^), of Ganges, Mich- 
igan, married, March 20, 1889, Lottie, daughter of Freeman 
and Alida (Teckenerby) Robinson, born in Ganges, May 
21, 1867. 


667 Ruby, born Dec. 25, 1895 ; died Oct. 9, 1896. 

668 Merrill E., boru April 16, 1897. 

669 Fae C, born Aug. 21, 1900. 

652 Milton J." Kingsbury {Milan IV.\ Josiah\ Josiah\ 
SamneP, Thomas*, Thomas^, SamiieP, Menry^), a merchant in 
Paynesville, Minnesota; married Oct. 17, 1883, Lucy A. Wells, 
born Nov. 8, 1862, in Pompey Hill, N. Y., daughter of Henry 
A. and Susan M. (Geary) Wells. 


670 Victor N. , born Jan. 30, 1885. 

671 Verne W., born Oct. 30, 1886; d. May 17, 1S89. 

672 Vesta M., born Sept. 10, i8gi. 

673 Hazel A., born March 4, 1893. 

674 JiMMiE M., born Sept. 10, 1894; d. July 29, 1895. 

675 Clara Ada, born May 18, 1896. 

676 Ethel, born Dec. 11, 1898. 

662 Guilford Gage' Kingsbury {Munson /.', Samuel D.\ 
Ira\ Samuel^, Thomas'^, Thomas^, SaniueP, Henry^), of Kings- 
ville, Ohio; married, June 18, 1880, Frankie L., daughter of 
William and Sophronia (Jarvis) Shepard, born February 7, 
1861, in Denmark, Ohio. He is a miller in Kingsville; elec- 



ted Superintendent of the Sunday-school at 19 years of age; 
held the position nine years. 


678 Lelia Iva, born March 14, 1881; died Oct. 3, 1S87. 

679 Paul Shepard, born Nov. 23, 1885 ; a senior in the Kingsville High 

School ; chosen to represent the School in the Ashtabula Co. 
Oratorical Contest May, 1902. 

680 Guilford Gage, born July 13, 1891. 


VI. Thomas" Kingsbury {Hemy), of Haverhill, mar- 
ried (i) June 29, 1691, Deborah, daughter of George and 
Joanna (Davis) Corliss, born June 6, 1655, widow of Thomas 
Eastman, who died April 29, 1688 ; (2) January 19, 1702/3, 
Sarah, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Moulton) Haynes, 
of Haverhill. He served in King Philip's War in 1676, in 
Lieut Benjamin Sweet's company, and in other Indian wars, 
aud received land on the Saco River, probably as a bounty. 
After the massacre of 1696/7 both Joseph Kingsbury and 
Thomas Kingsbury were in the garrison commanded by 
Thomas Dustin in his brick house. Deacon Joseph Kings- 
bury was one of the claimants of land in Narragansett, 
Township No. i, now Buxton, Me., on account of serv- 
ices of Thomas Kingsbury. He appears by the Haver- 
hill records to have been one of the committee to seat the 
meeting-houle in 1 699-1 700, and to have received six shil- 
lings for compensation. In 1698 he promised to cut and 
carry to Mr. Rolfe, the minister, two quarters of a cord of 
wood ; he affixed his name, with others, to an agreement 
promising to attend meeting in a certain new house of 
worship, when the glass should be put in. His children 
were killed in the Indian attack on Haverhill in 1697, and 
at a later period he appears to have been taken captive and 
carried away by the Indians, and kept by them for a long 
time. According to Pike's Journal, Sergeant Kingsbury 
was killed or taken by the Indians July 3, 1706. Probably 
this Thomas. After his return he appears in Plainfield, 
Connecticut, where a tract of land was given him by the 
proprietors. The dee^ is as follows : 

Whereas thro' the Goodnes of God Thomas Kingsbury is returned 
from a Long Captivity, and is now providentially Cast amongst us, and 
where as that he hath Lost most w''^ he had by the enemies, we the 
subscribers Look upon it our Duty to extend an act of Charity to him 
and that he maye have wherewith all to Live comfortably amongst us 



— we being the Lawfull proprietors of the Land within the Township of 
Plainfield — Be it known to all that maye be any way concerned that we 
the Subscribers do hereby give, grant, alloonate, and confirme unto the 
s'^ Thomas Kingsbury To his heirs and assigns for ever a certaine Tract 
or percell of Land To the quantity of Twenty acres Lying on the North 
Side of the River Moosup Bounded west on Land that is to be Laid out 
to James Kingsbury, the above Twenty acres is to be Laid out in Som 
sutable form bye persons appointed by the proprietors and the s'' Kings- 
bury is to setle upon s'' Land and upon these termes we do freelye give 
it to the above s'' Kingsbury — to his heirs and assigns for ever to have 
and to hold the same as his own proper inheritance in fee simple with 
out mollestation from us our executors and Administrators, in witness 
hereunto that it is our own proper act and Deed we have hereunto set 
our hands for our selves, Oct. 7, 1708.* 

He died in Plainfield, June 11, 1720, leaving a will which 
is on the IVindham Probate Records, dated June 29 {sic), 1720, 
proved Aug. 5, 1720. He makes bequests to his wife, to 
" beloved Cozen, Thomas Kingsbury, my Brother Thomas 
[Thomas should be vSamuel] Kingsbury's son of Haveril, 
Mass., all the land and buildings where I now dwell " ; 
"cousin Bartholomew Heath, who lives with me, and to 
continue to live with my wife." Hannah, daughter of 
Jonathan Haynes, married Dec. 16, 1697, John Heath, of 
Haverhill, afterwards of Norwich. Their son, Bartholo- 
mew, was born April i, 1709, in Haverhill. The widow, 
Sarah Kingsbury, married William Corbett, of Lebanon, 


681 Thomas, born January 30, 1691/2, Haverhill, ^ both killed by the In- 

682 Mehitable, born June 9, 1696, Haverhill, f dians, Mar. 15, 1697. 

* The names of James and Ephraim Kingsbury, his brother and nephew, are 
among the proprietors. 

t Sami IngersoU, of Salem, conveys to Thomas Haynes, of Haverhill, Jon* 
Haynes, Joseph Haynes, now att Canada, Will™ Corbet, of Lebanon and Sarah, his 
Wife, John Heath, of Norwich and Hannah his Wife, Thomas Kingsbury, of Wind- 
ham and Margaret his Wife, John Preston, of Windham, and Mary, his Wife, John 
Corlis, of Haverhill, and Ruth his Wife, and to the heirs of Jacob Warren and Abi- 
gail, his Wife, and to Isaac Spalden and Elizabeth his Wife, of Plainfield, all Breth- 
ren and Sisters of Thomas Haynes, and Tenants in common of land situated in 
Salem, &c., Sept. 17, 1731. Salem Registry of Deeds^ LJX, jg. 



VII. Lieutenant Joseph' Kingsbury {Henrf), of 
Haverhill, took the oath of allegiance, Nov. 28, 1677 ; mar- 
ried, April 2, 1679, Love, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth 
(Hutchins) Ayer, of Haverhill, born April 15, 1663. March 
2, 1702/3, wSergeant Joseph Kingsbury was chosen constable 
for the west part of Haverhill, Richard Whittier for the east 
part; tithing-man, March 4, 1700/01; selectman, March, 
1697/98; 1699/1700; 1701/2 ; 1705/6; viewer of fences from 
the Mill brook westward to the Westbridge river, and north- 
ward. He appears to have been a surveyor, as September 
17, 1685, he testifies that he and William Neff were desired 
by Thomas Woodbery and Josiah Beason to measure "a 
certayne parcell of upland and meadow " in Ipswich, for them, 
and "y*^ measure or work above named wee did according 
to o'' best skill and judgment." May 12, 1702, the Town by 
vote made choice of Serg*^ Joseph Kingsbury to appear at 
the next inferior court, to be holden at Salem on the last 
Tuesday of June next, on the behalf of the Town of Haver- 
hill, to answer the said Town's presentment for not being 
provided with a school master according to law. He was 
bookkeeper for Capt. Simon Wainwright, a merchant in 
Haverhill, when Capt. W. was killed by the Indians, and 
his house burned, in 1708. This event seems to have made 
Kingsbury feel that a place more distant from Indian at- 
tacks would be more desirable as a residence, and later in 
the year he removed with his family to Norwich, Conn., 
leaving Haverhill June 14, 1708. He settled in that part of 
Norwich then called the West Farms, now Franklin, and 
erected his dwelling upon Middle or Center Hill, a domain 
that continued in the name of Kingsbury until 1870, when 
it was bought by John G. Cooley, of New York, for his son, 
who had married a daughter of Col. Thomas H. C. Kings- 
bury. Joseph Kingsbury was chairman of the meeting at 



which the ecclesiastical society of the West Farms was or- 
ganized, in 1 716, and one of the eight pillars of the Church 
He and his son Joseph were among the eight men who 
drew up the covenant of the Church, in 17 18. He and his 
wife, Mrs. Love Kingsbury, were admitted to the Church 
by letter, January 4, 17 18, and he was one of the first two 
Deacons of the Church, chosen October 8, 17 18. He was 
appointed Ensign of the trainband in the West Society in 
Norwich, in 17 19, and Lieutenant in October, 1727. His 
wife died April 24, 1735. He died April 9, 1741.* 








— Franklin Burying Ground. 


683 Joseph, born June 22, 1682, Haverhill. ?=-^- 

684 Nathaniel, born Aug. 23, 1684, Haverhill, zs. > 

685 Elizaukth, born May 10, 1686, Haverhill ; died May 24, 1686. 

686 Mary, born Oct. ig, 1687, Haverhill; m. in Lebanon, Dec. 14, 1712, 

Stephen Bingham, b. April 30, i6go, son of Thomas and Mary 
(Rudd) Bingham, of Windham. She died (s. p.) Dec. 6, 1714, 
and he m. (2) Nov. 30, 1715, Rebecca Bishop, of Lebanon. 
He died March 23, 1770, in Andover. 

687 Elizabeth, born Oct. 16, 1693, Haverhill. c: -> 

688 Susanna, born Sept. 24, 1695, Haverhill, ^r— >- 

683 Captain Joseph' Kingsbury ( Joseph^, Henry'), of 
Haverhill and Norwich West Farms, married February 5, 
1705/6, Ruth, daughter of John and Ruth (Ayer) Denison, 
of Ipswich, Mass., born June 7, 1686. He came in June, 
1708, with his father, to Norwich West Farms ; he was ad- 
mitted by letter to the Church in the West Farms, January 

* Note.— Dec. 21, i6gg, M' Benj. Woodbridge empowered Joseph Kingsbury, of 
Haverhill, and others, " to go upon his farm at Haverhill to Deliver possession of 
s'' Farme by Turfe and Twigg, or otherwise, to Andrew Mitchell"; and Joseph 
Kingsbury and Philip Atwood sign a statement that they delivered s'' farm by 
Turfe and Twigg in name and behalf of M'' Benjamin Woodbridge, JanJ i, 1700, to 
Andrew Mitchell. Iissex Rcgistrv of Dceds^ XV, 13. This is one of the very few 
instances to be found in New England of the observance of the ancient Saxon cus- 
tom of the delivery of land by turf and twig, instead of a deed. 

J- 4 "^ '^ Zy Q rr^ 



„ ^ - . : ;•■ 

- - 

z - : .. 'r-z)) 



" "- ^ -i t '^ ^ 

-^ Q n /TJ 

n ri :— -c 









f^^ _ 















: ) 









1 — 1 














4, 1718; Mrs. Ruth Kingsbury was admitted by profession 
of faith, March 22, 1719; Joseph Kingsbury, Jun"", was ap- 
pointed Deacon, February 20, 1735 ; he was one of the eight 
pillars of the Church. He was appointed Ensign of the 
trainband in 1721 ; Lieutenant in 1729; Captain in 1748. 
He was selectman of Norwich in 1723, and a deputy to the 
General Assembly 1731, 1734, 1738, 1739, ^742- He was one 
of a committee appointed by the General Assembly in May, 
1739, "to repair to the society on the east side of the great 
river in Hartford, and to affix a place for the building a new 
meeting-house on."* He died December i, 1757. His widow 
Ruth died May 6, 1779. 

This monument Sacred Here Lies y* Body of 

to the Memory of Dea'=: M''^ Ruth Kingsbury 

Joseph Kingsbery who Wife to Deacon Joseph 

Departed this Life Kingsbury, she Departed 

December y" 2^ Annoq: this Life May 6"= 1779 

Domini 1757 in the 76*'" year of ^T. 93. 

his Age. She left five Children, 61 

Grand Children, 152 Great- 
Grand Children, 15 Great 
Gran Gran Children. 
, — Franklt7i Burying Ground. 

In his will Deacon Joseph Kingsbury mentions : " Loving 
and faithfuU wife, Ruth," son Ephraim, to have thirteen acres 
of "my thirty-acre lot in Coventry, which is adjoyning to my 
son Ebenezer's land;" son Joseph to have half of his land in 
Bolton ; also gives him jQ'] 10^ if "he brings his son Sanford 
up to Learning, so farr as that his said Son takes his first 
Degree " ; son Ebenezer to have the remainder of the Cov- 
entry land ; son Nathaniel to have his Dwelling House, 
Barn, &c., in Norwich ; son Daniel, land in Norwich ; four 
daughters, viz.: Hannah Hide, Love Backus, Ruth Edgar- 
ton, and Tallathy Waldow, "five Good Milld Dollars to each 
Daughter." Grandchildren, children of Daughter, Eunice, 
dec"^, viz.: Jabez, Joshua, Eunice, Ruth, and Charles, to them 
a Note due to me from my Son, Jabez Backus; "^16 13* to 
be placed in the hands of the West wSociety Clerk in s'' Nor- 
wich, the interest to be used to pay y*" Minister's Rates of y^ 
Poor and needy so long as Mr. John Ellis shall continue 

♦ Colonial Records, VIII, 232. 



Minister of s'^ Society," then to be divided among his chil- 
dren ; dated February 3, 1757. Norwich Probate Records, II, 
261. Joseph Kingsbury owned at least two slaves, Cuff and 
Phillis, and he bequeathed them to his wife, Ruth. She 
gave them their freedom in Dec, 1773. The two ex-slaves 
removed to Tolland, and after about twenty years they 
were reduced to want, and the Town of Tolland brought a 
suit against Ebenezer Kingsbury, his mother's executor, to 
to make him support them, under the statute requiring all 
masters, or owners, who set slaves at liberty to provide for 
their support if they should come to want. (See Kingsbury 
V. Tolland, Connecticut Reports, 2 Root, JSS-) The Town won 
the suit, but some one remarked that the Kingsburys were 
as numerous as the sands of the sea, and it would be impos- 
sible to recover from the executor. It is stated in the testi- 
mony that Ruth left a clear estate of the value of ^500 
lawful money. 


689 Ei'HRAiM, born Jan. 4, 1706/7, in Haverhill. ->^- 

690 Ha.nnah, born March 6, 1708/9, in the West Farms. i^-^ 

691 Love, born Feb. 23, 1710/11, in the West Farms. s5—>- 

692 Ruth, born Feb. 24, 1712/13, in the West Farms. S5-^ 

693 Joseph, born Feb. 27, 1714/15, in the West Farms. f^>- 

694 EiiENEZER, born Feb. 11, 1716/17, in the West Farms. ->-^ 

695 Eleazak, born Feb. 7, 1718/19. in the West Farms, a;^- 

696 Eunice, born 1720, in the West Farms. =^^^ 

697 Grace, born Oct. 4, 1722, in the West Farms ; died unm. 
69S Daniel, born Dec. 14, 1724, in the West Farms, r — >- 

699 Talitha, born Oct 7, 1726, in the West Farms. ^ — >- 

700 Irene, born March 13, 1729, in the West Farms ; died unm. 

701 Nathaniel, born Feb. 7, 1730/31, in the West Farms. ^^>- 

As a different ancestry has been given for Ruth and Han- 
nah Denison, the wives of Joseph and Nathaniel Kingsbury, 
I give the following abstracts of wills and deeds from the 
Essex Co. Registries of Wills and Deeds, showing the correct 
line of descent. 

I. John Denison, of Ipswich, was a weaver by trade, a 
subscriber to the Major Denison fund, 1648, commoner, 1664, 
voter in town affairs, 1679; ^^^ ^^^^ six acres of marsh next 
Goodman How, granted Feb. 7, 1647. He died in. 1683, leav- 
ing a widow, Priscilla, who died Feb. 15, 1692, a son John, 


and daughters, Ruth, Sarah, wife of Tobijah Perkins, Pris- 
cilla, wife of Thomas Persons, and a grandchild, Sary Pritch- 
ett, daughter of John Pritchett. 

II. John Denison, of Ipswich, married Ruth, daughter 
of Cornet Peter and Hannah (Allen) Ayer, of Haverhill; 
he received the covenant of the church, January 25, 1673-4. 
His wife, Ruth, died February 2, 1694-5, and he married 
a second wife, Elizabeth. His will is dated July 24, 1725, 
proved January 22, 1726-7. He mentions wife Elizabeth, 
son John, son George, son Daniel, daughters Ruth Kings- 
bury and Hannah Kingsbury, aged sister Smith, to be sup- 
ported with a comfortable subsistence during her natural 
life, and a " Deacent buriall at her Death, out of my estate." 
Sale?n Registry of JVills. His children were: i. Ruth, born 
Aug. 9, 1684; died Aug. 15, 1685. 2. Ruth, born June 7, 1685; 
married Joseph Kingsbury. 3. John, died July 30, 1688. 
4, Hannah, born 1689 ; married Nathaniel Kingsbury. 5. 
George, of Ipswich. 6. Daniel, removed to Windham, Conn. 
7. John, born April 28, 1692. 8. Priscilla, born January 14, 
1694-5; died January 30, 1694-5. John Denison, of Ipswich, 
(the 3d), weaver, mentions in his will, niece Rebeckah Man- 
ning, " who lives with me," also her sisters, Elizabeth, Mary, 
and Anna, — "my sister, Ruth Kingsbury," of Norwich — 
"all my land at Harwich that arrived to me by my Grand 
Father Ayer to my two cousins, Daniel Kingsbury and Den- 
nison Kingsbury in equal halfs " — all the residue of the 
estate "to my two sisters, Ruth Kingsbury and Hannah 
Kingsbury, and my cousin, Daniel Dennison " — Cousin 
John Perkins, of Topsfield, — cousin Eliz^ Fitts — Joseph 
Kingsbury, of Norwich, and Nath^' Kingsbury, of Coventry, 
Executors; dated January 18, 1754; proved June i, 1761. 
Administration granted to Ephraim Kingsbury, of Norwich, 
and Nath^ Kingsbury, of Tollon, in Connecticut. — Salem 
Registry of Wills. 

John Denison, of Ipswich, Junr, weaver, and Joseph Kings- 
bury and Ruth Kingsbury, and Nathaniel Kingsbury, and 
Hannah Kingsbury, of Norwich, in Connecticut, convey to 
Samuel Ayer, of Haverhill, land in Haverhill, known by the 
name of World's End land, which was formerly Peter Ayer's 
land; Oct. 30, 17 14. — Salem Registry of Deeds. 


Nathaniel King'sbury and Hannah, his wife, of Coventry, 
in Connecticut, convey to son Nathaniel Kingsbury of Tol- 
lon, in Connecticut, the third part of several pieces of land 
which came to us by the will of our Brother, John Denison, 
late of Ipswich, dec'', all in Ipswich. Sept. 13, 1761. Ibid. 

Ruth Kingsbury, of Norwich, widow and relict of M"' 
Joseph Kingsbury, late of s'' Norwich, conveys to son 
Ephraim Kingsbury, of Norwich, her right in land in Ips- 
wich, which came to her by virtue of the will of " my 
Brother, John Denison, of Ipswich, dec**." Sept. 10, 1761. 

Daniel Denison, of Windham, in Connecticut, conveys to 
Ephraim Kingsbury, of Norwich, all his right in land in 
Ipswich, which came to him by virtue of the last will of 
"my uncle, John Denison, of Ipswich, dec''." vSept. 28, 1761. 

684 Captain Nathanier Kingsbury {Joseph^, Henry'), 
married in 1709, Hannah, daughter of John Denison, of Ips- 
wich, sister of his brother Joseph's wife, born in 1689. "Nath" 
Kingsbury, Norage, published to Hannah Denison, Ipsw'', 
April 2, 1709." — Ipswich Town Records. He came to the West 
Farms with Joseph Kingsbury in 1 708. He settled in that part 
of Windham now Hampton. April 29, 17 17, he was empow- 
ered by the inhabitants of the northeast part of W^indham 
to deliver a petition to the General Court, asking that their 
part of the town be made an Ecclesiastical Society. Octo- 
ber 2, 172 1, he was one of a committee appointed by the 
General Assembly to receive a tax imposed upon the north- 
east parish of Windham, and dispose of it for the use of the 
parish ; admitted member of the Hampton Church at its 
formation, Junes, ^23; his wife Hannah admitted Nov. 17, 
1723 ; appointed Lieutenant, 1725, of the northeast com- 
pany or .trainband in Windham, and Captain in Oct., 1730 ; 
removed to that part of Coventry now Andover, about 
1733, when he petitioned the General Assembly to be re- 
lieved from the Coventry taxes, as he with his family at- 
tended divine service in Bolton. He and his wife, Hannah, 
and three children, John, Nathaniel, and Mary, were admit- 
ted to the church in Bolton, April 30, 1732. When the Sec- 
ond Ecclesiastical Society in Coventry was organized in 





C r; 

o „ 

"3 -E 




c: ts o 

= <c 

o > 

J3 •-' >^ c 

^ G-) C 

■ 6 ;:: 
O o 

c •/> ., 
*-> rj '-' o _ •- 

t^-C 3 U >^ "J .2 "^ '^ 

C •- 


c,S c 


c cx, c 

^ V3 li 

-= o i: .5 



n-» <- O '^ ^ ■ U bO ^. V5 

-^ ^ "g 2 §.-^ w ?i O '^ 

1 *^.__J^i4--^ 


1737, he was chosen one member of the Committee of 
Three. He died in, Andover, September 18, 1763; his 
widow died May 14, 1772, "in y« 83'' year of her age." 
— T.S. 

In Memory of Here Lyes y" Body of 

Cap' Nathanael M" Hannah Kingsbery 

Kingsbery who Consort to Cap* Nath" 

died Sep' ye 18"" Kingsbery. she Depart 

1763 in ye 80* ed this Life May 14*'^ K) 

Year of his Age. 1772 in y" 83'^ year 

of her Age. 
— Andover Buryztig Ground. 


702 John, born in Norwich, April 25, 1710. c ■> 

703 Nathaniel, born in Norwich, Sept. 8, 1711. s: > 

704 Mary, born in Norwich, Nov. 5, 1713. r: > 

705 Simon, born in Hampton, July 25, 171 5. ^z, > 

706 Jabez, born in Hampton, June 21, 1717; bapt. in Canterbury, Oct. 

9, 1717. s-^ 

707 Hannah, born in Hampton, Jan. 23, 171S/19. ;::; > 

708 Priscilla, born in Hampton, March 22, 1720. ::;; > 

709 Joseph, born in Hampton, March or May 27, 1721. s-^ 

710 Denison, born in Hampton, June 7, 1723 ; bapt. June 9. v:: ■> 

711 Lemuel, born in Hampton, Aug. 23, 1725 ; bapt. Aug. 29. ^^^ 

712 Jeremiah, born in Hampton, Dec. 2, 1726 ; bapt. Dec. ii-; died in 

infancy, Mch. 9, 1727. 

713 Sarah, born in Hampton, Jan. 13/14, 1728 ; bapt. Jan. 14. ::r > 

714 Phineas, born in Hampton, May 9, 1731 ; bapt. May 23. ^;s->- 

715 Ruth, born in Coventry, May 26, 1737; bapt. in Bolton, May 29, 

1737 ; died aged 15, May 24, 1752. 

Will of Nathaniel Kingsbury, dated May 24, 1753; proved 
April 27, 1764, — mentions wife Hannah; eh.: John, Nathan- 
iel, Simon, Jabez, Joseph, Dennison, Lemuel, Phineas, Mary, 
Hannah, Priscilla, and Sarah. — Andover Probate Records. 

The heirs to the estate of the Widow Hannah Kingsbury, 
of Coventry, met together at the dwelling house of the Widow 
Mary Kingsbury, where the s'' dec'' did dwell when alive, 
viz.: Elijah Hammond, Mary Hammond, John Chapman, 
Hannah Chapman, Ebenez'' Kingsbury, Priscilla Kingsbury, 
John Crocker, Sarah Crocker; June 16, 1772. — Andover Pro- 
bate Records. 

687 Elizabeth' Kingsbury {Joseph'', Henry^), married 
at Lebanon, Aug. 19, 17 17, wSamuel Ashley, of Windham, 
afterwards Hampton; he was a man of substance, and 


evidently one of the leading men in the section of the town 
in which he lived. She died Aug. 21, 1751 (1750, AsJilcy Gene- 
alogy); he died Feb. 12, 177 1, aged 82; he was a son of Jon- 
athan and Sarah (Wadsworth) Ashley, of Springfield, after- 
wards of Hartford ; bapt. in Hartford, Feb. 26, 1687/8. 
He settled first in Canterbury, it is said, and his first pur- 
chase in Windham was made in April, 17 17, when he bought 
of John Fitch 200 acres in the northeast part of Windham, 
for which he paid ^180. This homestead farm has re- 
mained in possession of his descendants ever since (1864). 
His father left him by will, in 1705, fourscore acres of land 
in Plainfield. He was appointed Ensign of the North East 
Company in Windham, Oct. 8, 1730. One of the original 
members of the church in Hampton. 


1 Elizabeth, born, perhaps, in Canterburj-, before the parents settled 

in Windham ; m. James Bemis. 

2 Samuel, born in Windham, Nov. 27, 1720 ; m. Nov. 23, 1746, Ruth 

Cresey ; lived and died in Hampton ; no ch. 

3 Abner, born in Windham, May 10, 1722 ; m. March 5, 1745/6, Mary 

Cresey, of Hampton ; died Feb. 14, iSoi ; 9 ch. 

4 Susannah, born in Windham, June 5, 1724 ; m. John Hovey. 

5 Joseph, born in Windham, June i, 172S; lived in Hampton until late 

in life when he removed to Pomfret. He married (i) Sarah 
Cresey, Nov. 5, 1751 ; she died Sept. 11, 1762; he m. (2) Zer- 
viah Lyon, of Ashford, April 25, 1764 ; she died May 5, 1731 ; 
m. (3) Rachel Allen, of Pomfret, April 10, 17S3, who survived 
him ; he died in Pomfret, 1787, leaving 8 ch. 

6 Love, born in Windham, July 19, 1731; probably died young. 

7 Jonathan, born in Windham, Aug. 4, 1737 ; died June 23, 1740. 

688 Susannah' Kingsbury {Joseph', Henry'), married, 
December 28(23, Tolland To7i.<n Records), 17 13, Jonathan Ladd, 
of Norwich West Farms, afterwards of Tolland. He was son 
of Samuel and Martha (Corliss) Ladd, and was born, April 
13, 1682, at Haverhill, Mass. He removed from Haverhill to 
Norwich West Farms, and from there to Tolland about 1720, 
and from there late in life to East Windsor. His will is in 
the Stafford Probate Records, dated April 26, year illegible. 
Inventory taken March 30, 1774. Will presented in court 
April 4, 1774; he mentions Ezekiel, eldest son; Jonathan, 
second son ; children of eldest daughter, Elizabeth, dec'' ; 



second daughter, Mary Grant ; third daughter, Susannah 
Nash ; fourth daughter, Abigail Ladd ; fifth daughter, Zer- 
viah Nash ; third son, Jesse Ladd, who was executor. 


1 EzEKiEL, born Jan. 31, 1715 ; m. in Tolland, Nov. 3, 1740, Hannah 

Bigelow of Tolland. His father conveyed land in Tolland to 
him, Nov. 10, 1740. Tolland Rec, III, 244. 

2 Elizabeth, born Mar. 14, 1716; married, but died before her father; 

her children mentioned in his will. 

3 Jonathan, born Mar. 5, 1718; (m. June 27, 1751, Anna Fyler (Taylor 

according to Warren Ladd.) Fyler, I'ollajid Town Rec. He 
died Aug. 27, iSio; she died Aug. 19, 1803. aged 76. They 
had 9 ch. ; lived in Tolland; buried in No. burying-ground. 

4 Mary, born Feb. 6, 1720; m. July 9, 1741, Jonathan Grant, born in 

Windsor, about 1714; he died probably May 27, 181 1, at 

5 Susannah, born Feb. 17, 1722 ; m. Phineas Nash, Feb. 27, 1755; he 

was born in Ellington, Oct. 17, 1724, son of Timothy and Pru- 
dence (Smith) Nash. 

6 Ephraim, born Jan. 30, 1725; died Dec. 13, 1726. 

7 Abigail, born March 26, 1728 ; probably unm. 

8 ZuKviAH, born March 30, 1730; m. Joel Nash of Tolland, June 11, 

1754 ; he was born in Ellington, June 19, 1731, son of Timothy 
and Prudence (Smith) Nash. 

9 Jesse, born April 10, 1732; m. Rachel Taylor; lived in Tolland. 
10 Samuel, born March 29, 1734 ; died Dec. 24, 1736. 

689 Captain Ephraim" Kingsbury {Joseph^, Joseph'', 
Henry'), of Norwich West Farms; married July 3, 1728, 
Martha Smith, daughter of Captain Obadiah and Martha 
(Abell) Smith, born in Norwich, November 26, 17 10. He 
was appointed Ensign of the 3d Company, or Trainband, in 
Norwich, October, 1737; Lieutenant, May, 1746; Captain, 
October, 1749. Admitted to the church in the West Farms, 
with his wife Martha, July 19, 1741. Deacon of the church 
in the West Farms, 17 70-1 7 7 2. His wife died October 24, 
1771. He died November 17, 1772. 

In his will he mentions : son Joshua (if he be now alive), 
and also says : " that he has been, and is now absent from 
me, and hath so been for a Considerable time, and alto- 
gether Unknown to me whether he be living, or not," "if 
he be not living his share to be divided among my other 
seven children" — viz: Asa, Absalom, Obadiah, Ephraim, 


Martha Rockwell, Talitha Rust, and Anna Kingsbury, and 
my grandson, Amos Avery; my grandson, Jasper, son of my 
Dau* Anna Kingsbury, when he shall come to the age of 21, 
which will be on the 19"" day of September, 1784 ; grand- 
daughter Nancy, daughter of my daughter Anna, when she 
shall be 21, which will be on the 13''' January, 1788; dated 
October 20, 1772. — N'ortvich Prob. Rec, JV. 440. 

Distribution of Captain Ephraim Kingsbury's estate : to 
Asa, eldest son; Absalom, 2'' son; Obadiah, 3'' son; Ephraim, 
4th son; Martha Rockwell, wife of Amariah Rockwell, eldest 
dau'; Talitha Rust, wife of Joseph Rust, 2^ dau' ; Joshua, 
youngest son ; Anne, youngest dau' ; Amos Avery, grand- 
son ; Jasper, grandson, and son of Anna. June 29, 1774. 
— Norzvich Probate Records. 

Here Lies y* Body 

of Dea; Ephraim 

Kingsbury he De 

parted this Life 

Nov'' y" i;"", 1772, 

in y" 66"' year of 

his age. — Frankliti Burying Ground. 


716 Asa, born in the West Farms April 7, 1729. := -> 

717 Absalom, born in the West Farms, Feb. 13, 1730. Sr->- 

718 Martha, born in the West Farms, Aug. 15, 1733. ::~ ■> 

719 Obadiah, born in the West Farms, Aug. 2, 1735. s-*- 

720 Irene, born in the West Farms, Dec. 15, 1737; bapt. Dec. 18. s^->- 

721 Ephraim, born in the West Farms, March 13, 1739/40; bapt. March 

722 Talitha, born in the West Farms, Oct. 15, 1742; bapt. Oct. 17. -^^ 

723 Anna, born in the West Farms, Nov. 17, 1746. Anna Kingsbury, 

singlewoman, of Norwich, leaves her estate to her only child 
and son, Jasper; appoints Uncle Nathaniel Kingsbury, execu- 
tor, July I, 1777.* Her daughter, Nancy, had apparently 
died. (See above.) This would seem to point to an 
unfortunate marriage and divorce, and the assuming of 
her maiden name, as an illegitimate connection would hardly 
have been spread on the record so fully. 

724 Joshua, born in the West Farms, Dec. 26, 1749 ; died at sea. 

690 Hannah' Kingsbury {Joseph^, JosepW, Henry"), mar- 
ried, October 11, 1727,! Captain Jacob Hyde, born January 
20, 1703, son of Thomas and Mary (Backus) Hyde, of the 
West Farms. He was a farmer in Norwich West Farms, 

* Norwich Probate Records. t West Farms Church Records. 

'^^;::i.^^r^E,-z^ <" /^^^.^ */yc^ ^c 



She died March 16, 1770, in Bennington, Vt., while on a visit 
to her children living there. , He died in Norwich West 
Farms, January 22, 1782. 


1 Jacob, born Aug. 1, 1730; m. July 5, 1753, Hannah, dau. of Thomas 

and Sarah (Ayers) Hazen, b. in Norwich, April 20, 1729 ; they 
settled in the West Farms, but afterwards removed to Ben- 
nington, Vt. , and from there to Grand Isle. He was by 
trade a mason, and a man of great wit and humor. His 
wife d. June 28, 1809, at Georgia, Vt. He died Feb. i, 1815, 
at North Hero, Vt. ; 7 children. 

2 Ephraim, born April 23, .1734; m. Martha Giddings of the West 

Farms, and settled at Stafford, Conn. 

3 Joseph, born June i, 1736; m. (i) March 5, 1765, Abigail, dau. of Ben- 

jamin and Abigail (Gild) Abell, b. July 9, 1746, at Norwdch ; 
she died in the West Farms, Nov. 7, 1774. (2) Jan. 11, 1784, 
Julitta, dau. of Simon and Parnal (Willis) Abell, b. April 24, 
1763. He d. Aug. II, 1802, in Franklin. vShe d. Feb. g, 1839. 
His oldest son by his first wife was the Rev. Alvan Hyde, b. 
Feb. 2, 1768 ; grad. Dartmouth College, 1788 ; studied theol- 
ogy with the Rev. Charles Backus, D.D., and was in June, 
1792, ordained as minister of the Congregational Church at 
Lee, Mass., where he continued until his death, Dec. 4, 1833. 
He m. April 25, 1793, Lucy, dau. of Benjamin Fessenden, b. 
at Sandwich, Mass., Nov. 16, 1770. He was a trustee of 
Williams College for more than thirty years, and Vice-Presi- 
dent for twenty years. A memoir of him was written by his 
brother, Lavius Hyde, third son of Joseph, by his 2d wife, b. 
Jan. 29, 1789 ; grad. Williams College, 1813 ; studied theology 
at Andover, and was a Congregational clergyman. He m., 
Sept. 28, 1818, Abigail, dau. of Asahel and Abigail (Rogers) 
Bradley, b. in Stockbridge, Mass., Sept. 20, 1799. He was 
ordained pastor of the church in Salisbury, Conn., in 18 18, 
and was afterwards in Bolton, Conn. , Wayland and Becket, 
Mass., and was subsequently settled a second time at 
Bolton. When 70 years of age he retired from the pas- 
toral office, and became a resident of Vernon, where he 
died, April 3, 1865. Besides the memoir of his brother, 
published in 1835, he edited the hymn-book called Village 
Hymns, edition of 1850, and his wife composed several of 
the hymns contained in that collection, a noted one in 
its day. Mr. Hyde was the first person who attempted 
a genealogy of the Kingsbury family, and his manuscript 
record is in the hands of the compiler of this book, 
and is really the foundation of this work. He must have 
begun his record about 1S50. He had 8 children. The oldest, 
Thomas Colton Parmale, b. in Bolton, Oct. 28, 1825, m. Char- 


lotte E. Burnap, dau. of Daniel and Mary (Kingsbury) Bur- 
nap, of Andover, Conn. (See page 326.) 

4 Mary, born March 24, 1732; m., Aug. 2, 1748, Rev. Peabody Moseley, 

born Aug. 19, 1724, son of Increase and Mary Mosely, of the 
West Farms. He was a Baptist clergyman ; resided at Nor- 
wich, Mansfield, andGranby, Conn. In 1779 he and his wife 
and several of his children joined the Society of Shakers at 
New Lebanon, N. Y., where he died Sept., 1791. His wife 
survived him about 25 years, and died with the Shakers at 
New Lebanon. 9 children. 

5 Hannah, born Mar. 8, 1738; m., Jan. 13, 1757, Samuel Ladd, b. June 

7, 1730, son of David and Mary (Waters) Ladd, of the West 
Farms. She died in the West Farms, Feb. 11, 1775. 5 ch. 

6 Jonathan, born Jan. 4, 1742 ; d. Oct. '22, 1743. 

7 Ruth, born Jan. 26, 1740; m., Jan. 18, 1759, Ezekiel Ladd, b. Aug. 6, 

1731, at the West Farms, son of David and Mary (Waters) 
Ladd. They lived in the West Farms, where he was killed in 
raising a barn, July 21, 1803. She d. in 1821. 10 children. 

8 SiLENCK, born April 13, 1744; m., Jan. 16, 1763, Joseph Ladd, born 

April 20, 1733, in the West Farms, son of David and Mary 
(Waters) Ladd. They lived in Franklin, where she d. May 8, 
1793. He d. Feb. 25, 1815. 6 children. 

9 Rekecca, born Dec. 11, 1745; m. Oct. 23, 1765, Lebbeus Armstrong, 

born Sept. 13, 1738, son of Hopestill and Rebecca (Durkee) 
Armstrong of the West Farms. They settled in Franklin, but 
removed to Bennington, Vt., where he d. Oct. 17, 1789. She 
d. in Bennington, April, 1790. 9 ch. 
10 Phkhe, born Oct. 7, 1750; d. in Bennington, Vt., Jan. 28, 1771; unm. 

691 Love' Kingsbury {Joseph^, Joseph'', Henry'), married, 
Nov^ 3, 1732,'" Josiali Backus, of West Farms, son of Nathan- 
iel and Elizabeth (Tracy) Backus, of Norwich West Farms, 
born October 10, 17 10. She died December 29, 1778, in Boz- 
rah. He died June 18, 1779, in Bozrah. 


1 Irene, born Oct. 23, 1734; m. Jan. 15. 1753, Obadiah Smith, of Frank- 

lin, born May 27, 1728, son of Joshua and Edna (Ilazeu) Smith. 
He was Deacon of the church ; d. April 15, 1797. 

2 Rachel, born May 3, 1737; m., Nov. 12, 1755, James Ford, son of 

James and Elizabeth Ford. 

3 OziAs, born March 27, 1739 ; m.. May i, 1760, Lydia, dau. of Elisha 

and Sarah (Hackley) Waterman, b. March 12, 1740/41. He 
d. in Bozrah, Feb. 25, 1764 His widow m. (2), 1765, Jesse 
Birchard; d. Oct. 8, 1779. 

•In the date the Franklin or West Farms Church Record is followed. 


4 Lebbeus, born March 22, 1741 ; m., Nov. 24, 1762, Hannah, dau. of 

James and Elizabeth Ford, b. Feb. 22, 1743. He removed to 
Pittsfield, Mass. 

5 Ebenezer, born Jan. 10, 1743/4; m., Oct. 14, 1766, Elizabeth, dau. of 

John and Abigail (Culverhouse) Waterman; she d. Oct. 8, 
1776; (2) May 28, 1778, Phebe, dau. of William and Mary 
(Prentice) Calkins, of Bozrah, b. June 23, 1751 ; d. Sept. 19, 
1785. (3) Dec. 30, 1787, Elizabeth Crocker. (?) 

6 Absalom, born June 4, 1747 ; d. March 27, 1760. 

7 Anne, born May 21, 1750; d. Nov. 6, 1750. 

8 Simeon, born Feb. 14, 1752; m., Oct. 28, 1772, Eunice Waterman, dau. 

of Elisha and Sarah (Hackley) Waterman, b. Dec. 15, 1753. 
He died in Bozrah, Jan. 7, 1782. His widow m., (2) 1792, 
Elisha Hartshorn. 

692 Ruth' Kingsbury {Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry'), married, 
January 28, 1734/5 {Fra?iklin Church Records), Joshua Edger- 
ton, of West Farms (June 28, 1734, Norwich T. jR.). Mrs. 
Ruth Edgerton died in West Farms, Nov. 13, 1769. Mr. 
Joshua Edgerton died in West Farms, March 6, 1779, in 
the 71st year of his age. 


1 Ruth, born at West Farms, Nov. 12, 1735. [Ruth, dau. of Mr. Joshua 

and Mrs. Ruth Edgerton, d. Oct. 8, 1762, in 19th year. T. S.] 

2 Joshua, born at West Farms, Oct. 24, 1737. 

3 Sims, born at West Farms, Feb. 14, 1739/40. 

4 Samuel, born at West Farms, May 9, 1742. 

5 Deliverance, born at West Farms, May 18, 1744 ; d. Oct. j8, 1762. 

(Oct. 8, Norivich T. R.) 

6 Margaret, born at West Farms, May 14, 1746 ; d. Jan. 14, 1763. 

7 Eleazer, born at West Farms, Aug. 8, 1748; m. Sarah, daughter of 

Jacob Hyde. 

8 Anne, born at West Farms, Nov. 28, 1750. 

9 Andrew, bora at West Farms, Jan. 18, 1753 ; d. May 30, 1768. 

10 Ali'HEUS, born at West Farms, March 3, 1755 ; d. May 13, 1776. 

11 Uriah, born at West Farms, July 12, 1757. 

12 Joseph Kingsbury, born at West Farms, Aug. 4, 1759. He served 

in Capt. Joshua Huntington's Company, in Colonel Selden's 
Regiment, in Wadsworth's Brigade, in the campaign around 
New York in 1776; also on board the schooner " Spy," a pri- 
vateer, in 1777. He died in Lebanon, July 16 (3 T. S ), 1819, 
aged 60. \^Franklin Ch. Rec.'\ His wife, Irena, d. in Frank- 
lin, June 23, 1819, aged 55. [Il)id.'\ Both buriedin Frankhn. 


693 Captain Joseph* Kingsbury {Joscph\Joseph\Henry^), 
of Pomfret, Conn.; married, at West Farms, March 28, 1738 
Deliverance wSquire. Admitted to the church in the West 
Farms with wife, Deliverance, February 21, 1742. He was 
Deputy to the General Court from Windham, 1756. He is 
said to have removed to New Hampshire, but if so, he 
returned to Pomfret, where he died October 27, 1788, aged 
74. His wife died October 31, 1782, aged 66. 


725 Ebenezek, born May 5, 1739, in West Farms ; bapt. July 15. s: > 

726 CiiLOE, born Jan. 13, 1740, in West Farms; bapt. Feb. 22, i74i. r; > 

727 Sanford, born in West Farms, April 7, 1743 ; bapt. April 10. -■: > 

728 Ruth, born March 25, 1745, in West Farms ; bapt. May 5. 

729 Abigail, born in West Farms, Jan. 30, 1746; bapt. Mar. 15, 1747. 1:: > 

730 Joseph, born Feb. 14, 1748/9, in West Farms; bapt. March 26, 1749; 

d. Jan. 12, 1759. 

731 Jerusha, born April 3, 1751, in Windham. 

732 Eunice, born April 27, 1753, in Windham ; d. Oct. 28, 1766. 

733 Deliverance, born Aug. 12. 1755, in Windham. ->->- 

734 Irena, born Feb. 24, 1758, in Windham. 

735 Anna, born 1760; d. Dec. 19, 1775, aged 15; gravestone in Pomfret 


694 Captain Ebenezer' Kingsbury {/osep/i\ Joseph'', 
Henry^), of Coventry, Conn.; married, November 28, 1743, 
Priscilla, daughter of his uncle, Nathaniel Kingsbury. (She is 
said to have read the Bible through before marrying, to see 
if there was anything to forbid marrying a cousin.) He 
was admitted to the Church in Bolton, November 24, 1739. 
He was a Deacon in the Church, and a much valued citizen; 
representative to the General Assembly, 1754-55-58-59-64- 
66-67-69-71-72-73-74-75-76-77-78-79-80 ; Lieutenant of the 
Ninth Company or Trainband in the Fifth Regiment of the 
Colony, May, 1753; Captain, October, 1756. He was chosen 
a member of the Committee of Correspondence in Coventry, 
September 15, 1774. The story is told that during a critical 
period of the Revolution he returned from the session of 
the General Assembly one Saturday to work for the 
soldiers. His daughter, Priscilla, moulded bullets from the 
lead clock weights, and his son, Joseph, made and baked 
biscuits — both on the Sabbath. Sand bags were substituted 
for lead in the family clock, and on Monday he returned to 


his post of duty, his saddle bags balanced on the one side 
with food for the soldiers, and on the other with bullets to be 
used against their enemies.* Deacon Ebenezer Kingsbury 
died in Coventry, September 6, 1800, in the 84th year of his 
age [T. S.]. Priscilla, his wife, died January 31, 1805, aged 82. 
[Mrs. Priscilla, consort of Deacon Ebenezer Kingsbury, died 
January 31, 1805, in the 83d year of her age, T. S., Coventry]. 

Sacred to the memory of 
Deacon Ebenezer Kingsbury 
Who departed this life Sept 6"' 
AD 1800, in the 84"' Year of 
his age, having by the will of 
God served his generation 

Blessed are the dead which die 
in the Lord. 

— North Burying-ground , Coventry. 


736 EiJENEZER, born Aug. 28, 1744 ; d. Sept. 4, 1744. 

737 Mary, born March 31, 1746 ; d. Nov. 20, 1761. 

In Memory of 
M" Mary Kings 
bery, Daughter 
to Capt Ebenezer 
and Mr« Priscilla 
Kingsbery who 
Died Nov'' y« 
20"' 1 761 in 
— In old buryitig-grou7id by the Skitnganiug 
River, on road to Andover. 

738 Ebenezer, born Jan. 27, 1749 ; d. in infancy. 

739 Priscilla, born Dec. 26, 1751 ; d. Jan. 5, 175 1/2. 

740 Joseph, born April 17, 1753. ss-^ 

741 Priscilla, born Jan. 21, 1756. =: > 

742 Martha Egerton, born July 16, 1758 ; d. unm. April, 1823. f 

743 Ebenezer, born Aug. 30, 1762. s?-»- 

744 Mary, born Nov. 26, 1754 ; d. young. 

* Rev. Marvin Root's Reminiscences. 

t If Martha Kingsbury was beloved by Nathan Hale, the " Martyr Spy," as is 
asserted, the hero must have been a fickle sweetheart, for it is well known that he 
was betrothed at the time of his death to Alice Adams of Canterbury, widow of 
Elijah Ripley, her mother having married Hale's father as his second wife. Alice and 
Hale were in love with each other when she was very young, but the match was 


695 Eleazar' Kingsbury {Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry'), of 
Coventry* and Tolland; married, July 20, 1742, Freelove Rust, 
daughter of Captain Samuel and Sarah (Hawkins) Rust, of 
Coventry, born May 25, 1724. He was admitted to the 
Church in Bolton, September 6, 1741. He removed about 
1757 to Tolland. f She died December 15(5, Tollatid Rcc), 
1757. He married (2) May 6, 1762, Mrs. Elizabeth Russell of 
Ellington. Rev. L. Hyde's MS. says he married a sister of 
Deacon Hunt's second wife. He died October 6, 1785, in 
Tolland. In his will he mentions: Elizabeth, his dearly be- 
loved wife, gives to son Eleazer all his lands in Chesterfield 
in the State of Newhampshire, dau"" Ann Redington, dau'' 
Sarah Carlton, Grandaughter freelove Stanley, Son Sam" 
Rust Kingsbury; dated January 6. 1779 ; Jabez Kingsbury, 
Sarah Kingsbury, witnesses. Stafford Probate Records. 

In memory of 

M"" Eleazar Kingsbery 

who died Oct. 6"' 

1785, in the 66"' 

Year of his Age 

Death is a debt to nature due 

Which I have paid & so must 

you — North Burying-i^rojittdy Tolland. 


745 Freelove, born April 22, 1743, in Coventry ; bapt. at Bolton, by 

the Rev. T. White, April 24, 1743. E-t^- 

746 Anna, born May 10, 1745, in Coventry; bapt. at Bolton, May 19, 1745; 

m. Oct. 22, 1 761, Eliphalet Redington of Tolland, son of Jacob 
Redington. Ch.: (i) Nathan, b. Oct. 18, 1762. (2) Anna, b. 
Sept. 24, 1764. (3) Mary, b. Sept. 23, 1766 — all born in Tolland. 

disapproved of, and her mother persuaded her to marry Mr. Ripley Feb. 8, 1773. After 
his death, Dec. 26, 1774, her enjjagement with Hale was renewed. Some time after 
Hale's death, she married Nov. 27, 1782, William Lawrence of Hartford, and died in 
Hartford, Sept. 4, 1845. Hale's powder-horn, camp-book, and other relics were in 
the possession of her family. His powder-horn was iiresented to the Connecticut 
Historical Society by her grandson, William Roderick 'L&.virQnce.— Stuart's Life of 
Nathan Hale, pp. s6, 223. Johnston's Biography and Memorials of Aathan //ale, 

J2, 20l. 

• Joseph Kingsbury, Juner, of Norwich, conveys to his loving son, Eleazer Kings- 
bury, 50 acres of land in Coventry, " which I bought of Squire Ozias Pitkin, David 
Hills and Ann Hills," March ig, 1739/140. Coventry /.and Records, ///, 132. 

+ Lemuel Kingsbury, of Tolland, conveyed to Eleazer Kingsbury, of Coventry, 
100 acres of land in Tolland, bounded on Nath' Kingsbury's land, Feb. 15, 1757, 
Tolland Land Records, \', 232. Jacob Redington, Jun', of Tolland, conveyed to 
Eleazer K. of Coventry, 86 acres in Tolland, June 8, 1757. /bid., V, 228. 


747 Sarah, born Feb. i, 1746-7, in Coventry; m. Carlton. 

748 Eleazar, born Feb. 14, 1749-50, in Coventry. r:-> 

749 Zebulon, born about 1752. 

750 Samuel Rust, born Feb. 27, 1754, in Coventry. s-> 

696 Eunice' Kingsbury {Joseph'', Joscph'\ Hetiry'), mar- 
ried February 17, 1740/41, Jabez Backus, born August, 1712, 
son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Tracy) Backus. He remained 
on the paternal homestead at West Farms. She died De- 
cember 7, 1 75 1. After her death Jabez Backus married Es- 
ther (Clark), widow of Ezra Lothrop. After Backus's death 
she married Ebenezer Baldwin, grandfather of Gov. Roger 
S. Baldwin. Jabez Backus died July 15, 1761, in Bozrah. 


1 Jabez, born Jan. 23, 1741/2; m. April 4, 1764, Deborah Fanning; died 

Feb. 20, 1770, in Bozrah. The Rev. Azel Backus, D.D., first 
President of Hamilton College, was his son. He was born at 
West Farms, Oct. 13, 1765 ; grad. Yale College, 1787 ; was 
for twenty years pastor of the Church at Bethlehem, Conn. 
Soon after his settlement there he opened a school with 
special reference to preparing young men for college. This 
school was very successful, and many of his pupils became 
distinguished in both Church and State; elected in Sept., 1812, 
first President of Hamilton College, at Clinton, N. Y. His 
long experience in the instruction of youth was of great assist- 
ance to him as head of the infant college, and under his wise 
supervision the institution prospered greatly; while yet in the 
full vigor of his powers he died there Dec. 9, 1817 ; m. Feb. 
7, 1 791, Melicent, dau. of Josiah Doming, of Wethersfield, 
Conn., bapt. Jan. 19, 1766. She died Oct. 23, 1853. A 
number of Dr. Backus's sermons were published.* He was 
a man of an original cast of thought, distinguished by sus- 
ceptibility and ardor of feeling; was possessed, withal, of 
brilliant talents. Duyckinck remarks that "his biography 
remains to be written in a manner worthy of the part which 
he sustained in caring for the wants of a college among the 

2 Joshua, born Oct. 12, 1743 ; m. Nov. 19, 1778, Hannah Calkins, born 

Nov. 16, 1755, daughter of WiUiam and Mary (Prentice) Cal- 
kins. (Went to Ohio ?) 

3 Eunice, born May 23, 1745 ; iJ. Dec. 7, 1751. 

• See sketch of his life in Sprague's Annals of the American Pulpit (Trinitarian 
Congregational), II, 281-7. 


4 Ruth, born Aug. i6, 1747 ; m. Sept. 13, 1764, Ichabod Ford, son of 

James and Elizabeth Ford ; she died June 25, 1766. 

5 Charles, born Oct. 25, 1749; grad. Yale College, 1769. He was in- 

structed in theology by the Rev. Dr. Hart, of Preston. He 
was ordained pastor of the Church in Somers, Aug. 10, 1774 ; 

besides discharging with remarkable fidehty the duties of a 
parish minister, he received many young men into his family 
for the purpose of preparing them for college and for the 
ministry. Nearly fifty enjoyed the benefit of his instructions. 
Among them were Dr. Leonard Woods, of Andover, Mass. , Dr. 
Hyde, of Lee, Dr. Cooley, of Granville, Dr. Snell, of Brook- 
field, President Moore, of Amherst College, President Davis, 
of Hamilton College, his nephew, Dr. Azel Backus, and many 
others who attained distinction. His high reputation as a 
theologian procured for him invitations to occupy the Chair of 
Theology in two Colleges — Dartmouth and Yale, but in both 
cases he declined, partly because he could not persuade him- 
self that he possessed the requisite qualifications, and partly 
because he was too far advanced in life to wish to make so 
great a change. Dr. Timothy Dwight, President of Yale 
College, and one of his classmates, renders a most affectionate 
tribute to the memory of Dr. Backus, in his Travels in New 
England a?id New York, II., 274-8, and says that as a 
preacher " he was calm, affectionate, solemn, interesting, and 
persuasive. His style and elocution were artless, manly, and 
pleasing, and his reputation placed him in the first class of 
divines." In 1801 he received the degree of D.D. from Wil- 
liams College. He married, 1775. at Franklin, Bethiah, dau. 
of Jacob and Sarah (Palmer) Hill, of Cambridge, Mass., bapt. 
Oct. 14, 1744; died May 25, 1835. He died in Somers, Dec. 
30, 1803. Many of his sermons were published.* His only 
child, Jabez, died suddenly, while a student at Yale College, 
March 16, 1794, in his 17th year. 

6 Eunice, born 1751 ; m. May 14, 1767, Capt. James Hyde, son of Capt. 

Matthew and EHzabeth (Huntington) Hyde, of Franklin ; she 
died March 9, 1778. 

• See sketch of his life in Sprague's Annals of the American Pulpit (Trinitarian 
Congregational), II, 61-8. 


698 Danier Kingsbury {Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry^), of Nor- 
wich; married January 19, 1747,* Abigail (Bushnell) Barstow, 
of Franklin, daughter of Jonathan and Abigail Barstow, born 
February 16, 1726-7. At the organization of the Chelsea 
Society, of Norwich, Nov. 29, 1751, Daniel Kingsbury was 
chosen Society clerk. f He was a Selectman in Norwich, 
and held other town offices. He died Sept. 17, 1760. His 
widow married (2) January 27, 1767, David Longbottom, of 
Norwich, in Franklin. | 

Here Lyes y" Body of M"^ 
Daniel Kingsbury Who 
Departed this hfe Sept"" 17* 
1760, in y^ 36"^ year of his 
age. He was one of a Rar" 
Genius & Posesed of all 
those amiable virtues Wh 
ich unite in y« true Christ 
ian, Best Husband, Tender 
Parent, Sure Friend & Ki 
ndest Neighbor. His E 
vidences for Heaven in 
His Last Sickness Ware 
Rational Clear, & Truely 
Evangelical. Help Lord 
For y« Godly Man Ceaseth. 

— Franklm Burying Ground. 


751 Abigail, born Nov. 13, 1748; m. July 16, 1767, Abner Pride, born 

December 3, 1744, son of Micajah and Esther (Richards) 
Pride, of Norwich, grandson of Capt. William and Hannah 
(Thorndyke) Pride ; son Joseph, b. Aug. 2, 1768. They were 
living in Norwich in 1776, later removed to Vermont. 

752 Daniel, born Aug. 10, 1750. s: > ♦ 

753 Mary, born Dec. 19, 1756 ; m. May 30, 1782, Asa Palmer, Lisbon, 


754 Lucretia, born Aug. 28, 1754 ; m. Benjamin Seabury; removed to 

Brookfield, Vermont. 

755 Joseph, born Feb. 17, 1760; d. May 19, 1764. 

699 Talitha* Kingsbury [Joseph^, /osep/i\ Henry^), mar- 
ried, at Lebanon, February 3, 1746-7, Zaccheus Waldo, of 
Windham, born July 19, 1725, son of Edward and Thankful 
(Dimock) Waldo. She died in Windham, January 18, 1789, 
aged 62. § He was a farmer in Scotland, living on the old 

* January 7, 1748, Lebanon Church Records, as given in Bailey's Second Book 
of Connecticut Marriages, p. 43. January 19, 1747-8, Norwich T. R. 
+ Caulkins' Norwich, p. 46Q. 
X See Norwich Land Records, XXI, 202. 
§ See Waldo Genealogy, published igo2, for full account of her descendants. 


homestead, Waldo Place. He was a Separatist, like his 
father and brothers. He married (2) Catharine, widow of 
Moses Graves. He died September 10, 18 10, at Scotland. 


1 Cyprian, born Nov. 13, 1747; m. Hannah Ripley, of Sharon. 

2 Ruth, born Nov. 28, 1748; m. Capt. Ebenezer Bass, of Scotland, 

Conn., Dec. 13, 1769. He was born Oct. 26, 1746, son of 
Henry and Elizabeth (Church) Bass, of Scotland. He was a 
farmer and a respected citizen of Windham; he d. March 6, 
1814; shed. December, 1834; 10 ch. 

3 John, born April 22, 1750; m. Aug. ig, 1773, Lucy, dau. of Dr. Elijah 

and Esther (Clark) Lyman, of Coventry, b. July 16, 1756. He 
was a surgeon, and served as such in the Revolution, in 1775 
and 1776; 5 ch. born in Coventry. 

4 Eunice, born Feb. 12, 1753. m. Dec. 23, 1771, William Rudd, of 

Scotland, Conn. He died Aug. 21, 1835. 

5 Elizabeth, born October 11, 1754; m. Thaddeus Elmore, of New 

Canaan, Conn. 

6 Zaccheus, born Nov. 20, 1756 ; m. April 12, 1781, Esther Stevens of 

Scotland. She died Aug. 22, 1825. He served in the Fourth 
Connecticut Regiment, April 22, 1777, to Jan. 6, 1778. He 
was a farmer and miller in Scotland (Windham), and the 
house he built is still standing. He was a delegate to the 
Constitutional Convention of 1818. His daughter Talitha, b. 
March 10, 1789 ; m. Feb. i, 1809, Moses Cleveland Abbe, at 
Waldo Place, Windham. They lived in Windham, and had 6 
ch.:(i) Susan Brown, b. April 15, 1810; m. Andrew Frink, Jr. , 
of Windham. (2) George Waldo, b. Oct. 26, 181 1. (3) EHza 
Taintor, b. Sept. 23, 1814; m. Henry S. Walcott, of Windham. 
(4) Mariette, b. Aug. 24, 1816; m. Charles Smith, a prominent 
manufacturer in South Windham ; one of their daughters is 
the wife of P. H. Woodward, Esq., of Hartford. (5) Joshua 
Grosvenor, b. June 26, 1827; lived in New York City; m. 
Sarah E. Fuller. (6) John Randolph, b. July 12, 1833; lived in 
Providence; m. (i) Lucy Avery; (2) Josephine L. Robbins. 

7 Josei'H, born Oct. 5, 1758 ; m. July 15, 1788, Nancy Bliss, dau. of 

Luke and Mary (Bliss) Bliss, of Springfield ; was a private in 
the Fourth Conn. Battalion from June, 1776, to Dec. 25, 1776, 
and again enlisted July 5, 1780; discharged Nov. 20, 1780; 
rem. to Berkshire, N. Y., where he died Feb. 13, 1840. 

8 Talitha, born Aug. 5, 1760; m. John Bingham, Hanover. 

9 Daniel, born Sept. 10, 1762. In 1778 he was drafted for a month's 

service at New London . Later he was drafted into the Con- 
tinental army, captured at the battle of Horseneck, taken to 


New York and imprisoned in the Sugar House ; exchanged 
after a confinement of two months. At the age of 20 he de- 
termined to fit himself for the ministry, and after studying 
with his cousin, Rev. Dr. Charles Backus of Somers, he en- 
tered Yale College in 1784; graduated 17S8; studied theology 
with Dr. Levi Hart of Preston and also with Rev. Dr. 
Perkins, of West Hartford. Ordained pastor of the Con- 
gregational church in West Suffield, May 24, 1792; this charge 
he resigned in 1809, removing to Cambridgeport, Mass., for 
two years; then, in 181 1, to Rhode Island under the patronage 
of the Evangelical Missionary Society; afterwards to Harvard, 
Mass., and finally to Exeter, Conn., where he remained from 
1823 to 1834. He married in 1791 Nancy Hanchett of Suffield, 
Conn., and had five sons. After 1836 he was never settled as a 
pastor, but he continued to preach, chiefly in the State of New 
York, until almost the close of his life, and did much mis- 
sionary work in the new country. His home was at Geddes 
from 1846 to 1856, and subsequently at Syracuse. One of 
the most noteworthy events of his life was his election as 
Chaplain of Congress, December 12, 1856, and again in 1857 
when he was 94 and 95 years old. His faculties were unim- 
paired throughout his long life, and his last sermon was 
preached after he entered on his io2d year. He died in Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., July 30, 1864, aged loi yrs. 10 mos. 20 days. He 
was of about medium height, rather broad-shouldered and 
square built, with an almost youthful elasticity and sprightli- 
ness. He was a very social and genial-tempered man, full of 
anecdote and quite mirthful. 

10 A daughter, born Dec, 1765, died soon. 

11 Ebenezer, born Aug. 15, 1766; m. Eunice Devotion, Scotland; lived 

and died in the old homestead. 

12 Ozi AS, born April 21, 1768; m. Nancy Ripley, born June 20, 1770, 

dau. of Ebenezer and Mehitabel (Burbank) Ripley, of Wind- 
ham. He d. Oct. 31, 1807, and the widow m. Jerome Clark, of 
Cherry Valley, N. Y. ; d. March 10, 1862. 

701 Nathaniel Kingsbury {Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry'), oi 
the West Farms, now Franklin, Conn.; married September 4, 
1755, vSarah, daughter of Jacob and Susanna (Hancock)* Hill, 
of Cambridge, Mass., baptized August 25, 1734. He died 
December 15, 1784, in Franklin; his widow died October (21 
T. S.), (23, Ch. Rec), (23, T.R.), 1789, in the 55th year of her 

"The following traits in his character were too visible to 
escape the notice of his acquaintance. He had a soul which 

* See Paige's History of Cambridge, 573. 


was above the low arts of dissimulation; he was steady in 
his principles; upright in his dealings; a feeling, a decided, 
and a generous friend to the needy, the helpless, and the 
afflicted. These qualities, united with a large share of 
sprightliness and humor, rendered him beloved as a com- 
panion and highly esteemed as a member of society. He 
was the youngest son and child of Deacon Joseph Kings- 
bury, whose grandfather came out of England, and was one 
of the first settlers of the Town of Ipswich. He removed 
with his family from Haverhill, in the Province (now Com- 
monwealth) of Massachusetts, near the beginning of the 
present century, and settled in the west part of Norwich, 
lately incorporated into a town, by the name of Franklin. 
Haverhill was at that time a frontier town and was fre- 
quently harrassed by incursions of the Eastern and Northern 
tribes of Indians, which occasioned Deacon Kingsbury's re- 
moval. He had a large family, six sons and five daughters, 
who lived to marry and have children. 

" Mr. Kingsbury and his wife, with five of their Children, 
died of a Consumption. More than forty of his relatives 
died of the same disorder, within thirty-eight years from the 
last date. The curious will find it difficult to investigate 
the causes, in a family remarkable for their attachment to 
the agricultural life, from their first settlement in America, 
and who have lived in the common temperate style of New 
England farmers." — Remarks by the Rev. Charles Backus^ D.D., 
in a note to the Funeral Sermon for Bethiah Kingsbury.^ 


756 Jacoh, born in Franklin, July 6, 1756. :. : ■■> 

757 Sarah, born in Franklin, Aug. 12, 1758. s— >- 

758 Nathaniel, born in Franklin, April 17, 1760; died unmarried, Dec. 

8, 1784, in Franklin. He is probably the Nathaniel Kingsbury 
of Norwich, who served in Colonel Canfield's Militia Regi- 
ment at West Point in September, 1781. — Connecticut Men 
in the Revolution^ j<Sb. 

•Rev. Lavius Hyde slates that the famous Rev. Dr. Charles Backus, of Somers, 
was brought up in this family. Rev. Dr. Backus himself says in the same sermon: 
" Related to him as nephew, and educated in the same house in which he lived, I 
should be unnatural not to take part in the mourning caused by his death. But 
there were much stronger ties than these circumstances afford, to engage my 
affections to him. Being left an orphan in my childhood, I was taken under his 
guardianship, and by his generous exertions received a public education. His 
paternal care was continued to me during his life." 



■^-~ = 5 j; "5 


' ^ 1 •% V -^ 



- "^ - -^j 



1 2 1 --. 2 ^ 


!l 1 


^ '' 


759 John, born in Franklin, Dec. 30, 1761. :::: '> 

760 Joseph, born in Franklin, Jan. 5, 1764; died Dec. 24, 1783. 

761 Charles, born in Franklin, Feb. 7, 1767 ; died Jan. 22, 1789 (T. S., 

June 22, 1787) ; " member of Junior Class in Yale College." 

762 Tabitha Hill, born in Franklin, April 2, 1770; died Feb. r, 1787. 

763 Bethiah Hill, born in Franklin, March 8, 1772 ; died at the house of 

Dr. Charles Backus, in Somers, Feb. 24, 1790; he preached a 
sermon on her death, which was published. Discourse | 
Delivered at Somers | Lord's Day, February 28, 1790. | Oc- 
casioned by the Late Death of | Miss Bethiah Kingsbury, | of 
Franklin, in Connecticut, | Who with three Brothers and a 
Sister, all in their Youth, to | gether with her Parents were 
removed from the World in a few | Years | Printed at Spring- 
field, Massachusetts. | by James R. Hutchins, | MDCCXCIII. 

764 William Howe, born in Franklin, Feb. 16, 1775; died Feb. 26, 1777, 

in Franklin. 

702 John' Kingsbury {NatkauieP, Joseph'', Henry^), re- 
moved from Hampton to that part of Coventry now An- 
dover; married (i) October 21, 1730, Deborah Spaulding; 
she died in Coventry March 12, 1744/5, aged 38 years, 
I month, 29 (23) days;* he married (2) August 13, 1746, 
Abigail, daughter of Joseph and Abigail (Bissell) Phelps, 
born in Windsor, November 18, 1709. He was one of 
the signers of a petition to the General Assembly in 
May, 1736, from the inhabitants of that part of Coventry, 
now Andover, that they might belong to the Bolton ^Society. 
He is called " of Enfield " in a deed in the Windsor Land 
Records, dated June 13, 1758, given by him and his wife to 
"our Brothers," Daniel Phelps and Jerijah Phelps, of Wind- 
sor, quitclaiming their right to the estate of " our brother 
Jonathan Phelps." He died October 20, 1780, drowned in 
the Connecticut River f while attempting to cross in a boat. 
In Memory of In Memory of 

M"' John Kingsbe- M" Abigail 

ry he was drown- Wife of M"' 

ed Oct'"' 2o"> 1780, John Kingsbury 

in y« 71't year Who died 

of his age. June 27, 1782 

{Enfield Btiryiiig Grottnd.) in the 73 year of her age. 

{Enfield Burying Ground.) 

* Probably Deborali, daughter of Edward and Dorothy (Barker; Spalding-, born 
in Plainfield, Conn., Jan. 17, ibqy.—Spaldinff Genealogy, 66, ed. iSg/. 
tWeaver's MSS. 


In Memory of M" 

Deborah Kingsbury 

Wife of M'' John Kingsbe'^J' 

who died March y" 12 1744/5 

being 38 years one month and 23 Days old. 

{Bolton Burying Ground.) 


765 Irena, born in Hampton, July 24, 1731 ; bap. July 24, in Hamp- 

ton, ss-^- 

766 Eunice, born Feb. 17, 1733/4; bap. in Bolton, Feb. 24, 1734. s-^ 

767 Lydia, born Oct. 10, 1737; bap. in Bolton, Oct. 16, 1737. 5v->- 

768 John, born Sept. 28, 1740; bap. in Bolton, Oct. 12, 1740. s->- 

769 Uriah, born Aug. 7, 1743, in Bolton ; bap. in Bolton, Aug. 7, 1743 ; 

d. June I, 1744. 


770 Joseph, born May 26, bap. June 7, 1747, in Bolton ; d. Jan. 11, 1749. 

771 Daniel, born Sept. 20, 1749, in Bolton; bap. Sept. 24. r: > 

772 Ar.iGAiL, born Jan. 19, 1752, in Bolton; bap. Jan. 26. '-.—>- 

703 Nathanier Kingsbury {N'atJianiel'\ Joseph^, Henry''), 
married, March 16, 1737, Sarah, daughter of Captain Sam- 
uel and Hannah (Strong) Chapman of Tolland, born in 1721. 
He settled in Tolland on land given him by his wife's father, 
on which his posterity still reside ; * he was Deacon of the 
Church in Tolland many years. He died June 23, 1796. 

Sarah, the wife of Deacon Nathaniel Kingsbury, died July 
14, 1794. — 2'olland Town Rec. 

Sacred to the In Memory of 

Memory of De" Mrs Sarah, wife D" 

Nathaniel Kingsbery Nath" Kingsbery, who 

who departed this Departed this life 

life June 3'"'' 1796 July 14"', 1794, in the 

in the 85"' year of 73"' Year of her Age 

his Age in hopes of 
a blessed Immortality 
Life is uncertain death 
is sure Sin is the bane 

Christ the cure — Tolland, North Burying Ground. 

*Ephraim Grant of Tollon, conveyed to Nathaniel Kingsbury of ToUon, 20 acres 
of land in Tolland, and one of the bounds was land owned by said Kingsbury, 
March 27, 1736. Tolland Records, III, 72. 

Nath'i Kingsberry of Tolland, in consideration of one hundred and thirty-two 
acres and three-quarters of land in Tt)lland, conveyed unto him by his Hon'J Father, 
Cap' Sam" Chapman, of Tolland, conveys unto the sii Sam" one Certain Messuage 
or farm of Land in Tolland containing one hundred & Ninety Acres, &c. June 30 
1737. — Ibid., Ill, loS. 



773 Hannah, born in Tolland, Jan. 25, 1738. ;;: > 

774 Sarah, born in Tolland, Feb. 15, 1739; m. Dr. Obadiah Kings- 


775 Nathaniel, born in Tolland, Aug. 28, 1742; d. Dec. 2, 1749. 

776 Jabez, born in Tolland, Feb. 23, 1745; d. Nov. 22, 1749. 

777 Ruth, born in Tolland, Aug. 18, 1748; d. Dec. 2, 1749. 

778 Ruth, born in Tolland, Oct. 7, 1750. r: > 

779 Nathaniel, born in Tolland, May 5, 1753. = ■> 

780 Jabez, born in Tolland, March 10, 1756. ;r > 

781 Samuel, born in Tolland, Feb. 2, 1763. = ■ > 

704 Mary* Kingsbury {Nathaniel\ Joseph'\ Hetiry^), 
married Elijah Hammond of Coventry, in Bolton, October 12, 
1732; he vv^asborn October 7, 17 n, son of Isaac and Ann (Ken- 
drick) Hammond of Newton, Mass. " He was a man of 
more than ordinary powers of mind which guided by stern 
integrity gave him an influence largely felt wherever he 
went. He was a joiner and left a monument of his skill 
in the old meeting house in Bolton, that my readers will re- 
member as the last in the galaxy of stars of the church 
architecture of three quarters of a century ago." — Rev. 
Marvin Root's Reminiscences, zvritten in 1S44. She joined the 
Church in Hampton, February 18, 1728, and the Church in 
Bolton, April 30, 1732. Mr. Hammond removed to Bolton 
about 1752. Mrs. Hammond died in Bolton, December 15, 
1776, aged 64, of apoplexy. He died May 3 (5, T. S.), 1800, 
aged 89. He married a 2d wife in Eastbury, Conn., Janu- 
^■ry I, 1778, Abigail Terry, who died March 19, 1796, aged 65. 

In Memory of 

M" Mary Wife 

to M' Elijah 

Hammond, She 

Departed this Life 

Decem*"^ 15"' 1776 

in y» 64''' year 

of her Age — Bolton Btirytng Ground. 

I Nathaniel, bapt. Sept. 16, 1733, in Bolton ; m. (i) Dorothy, daughter 
of Ephraim and Jane Tucker; bapt. in Bolton, Oct. 4, 1740; 
lived in Bolton; shed. Dec. 21, 1775, in the 35th year of her age; 
he m. (2) Mrs. Eleanor (Olmsted) Burr, about 1777, born June 
26, 1748, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Pitkin) Olmsted of 
* See page 238. 


East Hartford, who d. June 8, 1822, aged 74. He d. in Bolton, 
Dec. 10, 1817. 

2 Hannah, bapt. Apr. 11, 1736, in Bolton; m. Sept. 13 {Rev, L. Hyde); 

(30, Bolton Town Records), 1762, Joseph Tucker of Bolton, 
son of Ephraim and Jane Tucker, b. Oct. 18, 1735. 

3 Priscilla, bapt. August 9, 1741, in Bolton; m. , March 24,-1763, Capt. 

Jonathan Birge of Bolton, son of Cornelius and Sarah (Loomis) 
Birge, born Aug. 10, 1734. He was killed in the battle of 
White Plains, at the head of his company, Oct. 28, 1776; she 
had six children by him ; m. (2) Feb. 6, 1783, Deacon Amasa 
Loomis of Windsor, son of Sergeant Gershom and Mary 
(Grant) Loomis, b. Feb. 19, 1737. She d. Feb. 28, 1816. He 
d. July I, 1793. 

4 Elijah, bapt. Aug. 19, 1753; m. in Bolton, Oct. 4, 1787, Martha, 

daughter of Judah and Martha (Alvord) Strong, b. Oct. 4, 
1767; she d. Nov. 26, 1835; he d. Oct. 4, 1836; 7 ch. 

705 Simon' Kingsbury {A^athanicl\ Joseph'', Hetiry'), of 
Bolton, Tolland,* and later of Ellington; removed to the lat- 
ter place in 1756; called "of Windsor," in a deed dated May 
17, 1756. He married Deliverance Cady of Tolland, in Bol- 
ton, March 4, 1739/40. She was the daughter of John and 
Elizabeth Cady, of Groton, Mass., Canterbury, Tolland, Wil- 
lington, Coventry, and East Windsor. He died in Ellington, 
April 18, 1799. 

In memory of In memory of 

Mr Simon Mrs Deliverance 

Kingf bery who wife of M' Simon 

died April 18"^ Kingfbery, who 

AD 1799 in y died Nov"' 27''' 

84"" year of his AD 1779 in y« 58"' 

Age. Year of her Age 

— Ellington Burying Ground. 


782 Elizabeth, born Nov. 14, 1740, in Bolton, s-^ 

783 Deliverance, born in Coventry, Nov. 18, 1742; (birth recorded on 

Bolton Town Records,) bapt. in Bolton, Nov. 21, 1742; m. 
Thomas Tyrril, of Andover. Their dau. Betsey was bapt. in 
Bolton, Dec. 22, 1782. She was admitted to the church in 
Bolton from Andover, Oct. 5, 1783. Tyrril served as First 
Lieutenant, loth company, 8th Regiment, July, 1775, and as 
Ensign in Captain Eleazer Hutchinson's company, Colonel 
Hosford's Regiment, State Militia, in 1776. 

784 Simon, born April 4, 1745, in Bolton;m. Mehitabel Cross of Ellington, 

Nov. 19, 1767, in Stafford. He served in the Lexington Alarm 
in the company raised in East Windsor. He died in Ellington, 

•Daniel Brown of Tolland, conveyed to Simon Kingsbury, of Bolton 80 acres of 
land in T., May 15, 1747. Tolland Land Rec, IV, 152. 


April 27, 1776, withoutissue. The distribution of hisestate, re- 
corded . in the Stafford Probate Records, mentions widow 
Mehitabel, and the brothers and sisters of the dec' — Elijah 
Hammond Kingsbury, Joseph Kingsbury, Elizabeth Dewey, 
Deliverance Tyrril, Lucy Kingsbury, Hannah Cady, Esther 
Lomis, and Sarah Kingsbury. 

Here Lies the Body of 

M'' Simon Kingsbery 

Jn"^ Who Departed this 

Life April y' 27"" / 

AD 1776 in y' 33'^ 

year of his Age. 

— Ellington Burying Ground. 

785 Hannah, born March 21, in Tolland; bapt. March 22, 1747, in Bol- 

ton ; d. Nov. 10, 1749. 

786 Lucy, born Oct. 17", 1749, in Tolland; d. unm. in Ellington in 1836. 

787 Hannah, born April 5, 1752, in Tolland. ::.:: > 

788 Joseph, born Nov. 30, 1756, in Ellington. :,..:, - > 

789 Elijah Hammond, born in Tolland, March 10, 1754, living in 1777, 

but not mentioned in his father's will. He is probably the 
Elijah Kingsbury who was a private in Capt. James Fitch's 
company in the Nineteenth Regiment which served in the 
New York campaign August, 1776, and he was probably the 
Corporal in Capt. Roswell Grant's company in Col. Roger 
Enos' regiment which served on the Hudson in 1778. Con- 
necticut iMen in the Revolution, J40. 

790 Louisa, m. Deacon Collins of Ellington ; d. before 1798; one daugh- 

ter, Esther.* 

791 Esther. ;:: > 

792 Sarah, born 1766. ;r > 

706 Jabez^ Kingsbury {NathatzieP, Joseph'^, Henry ^), of 
that part of Coventry, now Andover; married September 13, 
1749, Mary, daughter of Joseph and Abigail (Bissell) Phelps, 
born in Windsor, March 19, 1719, sister of his brother John's 
wife. Jabez Kingsbury was chosen Deacon in the Columbia 
Church, 1768. He died October 18, 1769; his widow died April 
10, (April 19, Tombstone,) 1809, i^ ^^^ goXh year, in Coventry. 
Here Lies Inter"^ In Memory of Mrs Mary 

ye Body of Deco"* Relict of Deac. Jabez 

Jabez Kingsbe Kingsbury who departed 

ry Consort to this life April 19"' 1809 

Mr' Mary Kin in the 90''' year of her 

gsbery who age. 

Died October y« 
18"' 1769 in y« 
53'''' year of his age. — Old Andover Burying Ground. 

• Letter of Mrs. John G. Baird. 



793 Nathaniel, born Oct. 4, 1751. r: > 

794 Ruth, born May 27, 1753; m. David Patten from Billerica, Mass.; 

he lived in Coventry near the Bolton line, " made cider brandy 
and merchandised"; son Pliny, who went to Virginia. 

795 Joseph, born Feb. 23, 1755. s-^ 

796 Jeremiah, born March 5, 1757; d. Dec. 10, 1761. 

797 Jakez, born May 20, 1758; he is probably the Jabez Kingsbury who 

served in Captain Jonathan Parker's company, Col. Sage's 
Regiment, in Wadsworth's Brigade, which served in the cam- 
paign around New York in 1776; d. at the South. [Probably 
in North Carolina, 1788 or '89.] 

798 Mary, born Oct. 20, 1760. s > 

799 Amelia, born Jan. 16, 1764; m. Silas Crowell of Andover; died 

Feb. 20, 1850, in Norwich. He died May 22, 1835, aged 74. 

800 Anna, born April 20, 1766; m. (i) Daniel Roberts of Granville, 

Washington Co., N. Y.; removed to Middlebury, Vt. ; he was 
one of the founders of Middlebury College; (2) Ethan Andrus 
of Middlebury, Vt.; had a dau\ Delia Roberts, who m. Wil- 
cox, of Farmington, Conn. 

707 Hannah' Kingsbury (A^af//auie/\ JosepV, Henry'), 
married, October 10, 1738, in Bolton, John Chapman of North 
Bolton, born September 9, 17 14, son of John and Sarah 
(Brown) Chapman, of North Stonington, Conn.; they were 
original members of the Church in North Bolton, now Ver- 
non, recommended from the Church in Bolton, October, 1762. 
He was the first Deacon of the Church in North Bolton. He 
died February 14, 1774, aged 59. She died August 28, 1795. 

Here lies the Remains 

of Mrs. Hannah Relict 

©f Deacon John Chap 

man, who departed 

this life, August pS"" 

1795, Iny« 

77"' Year 

of her Age. — Vernon Biiryhig Ground. 


1 Lemuel, born March 20, bapt. March 29, 1741. 

2 John, born June 15, 1742. 

3 Jeremiah, born Aug. 21, 1743, in Bolton; bap. Sept. 11 (i); m. Azubah 

Martin, who joined the Church in North Bolton, Sept. 17, 1775; 
he is said to have died in 1S09, and his nephews said (1849 or 
'50), that he lived in Sandisfield or Tyringham, Mass., or 
Sharon, Conn. 


4 Phineas, born Aug. 13, 1747, in Bolton, bapt. Sept. 20; m. Oct. 16, 

1783 (April 30, 1780 — Chapman Gen.), Elizabeth Johns of 
Bolton; he d. in Vernon, Oct. 26, 1823; she d. Apr. i, 1812, 
aged 59; 6 oh. 

5 Marv, born July 10, 1750 {Bolton Town Rec), bap. July 19, 1750; 

m. Dec, 28, 1775, Gurdon Fowler, as his 2d wife. He d. Nov. 
II, 1809, aged 70, at Towanda, Pa.; she d. July 26, 1832, at 
Monroe, Pa. 

6 Hannah, born April 2, 1753 {Bolton Toivn Rec); bapt. April i, (?) 

1753 ; m. April 21, 1774, Abel West, of North Bolton; re- 
moved to Washington, Mass., ab. 1792; joined Church in Mid- 
dlefield, Mass., from Church in North Bolton, in 1793; she 
died in Washington, Mass., April 28, 1814 ; he died in Pitts- 
field, Mass., Jan. 12, 1836, aged 88. 

7 Lois, born Jan. 28, 1756 ; m. July 14, 1774, Ephraim Ladd of North 

Bolton; removed to Williamstown, Mass., 1784, but returned 
to North Bolton, 1794; later removed to Pennsylvania; she 
died. May 2, 1836, at Beaver Meadow, Northampton Co., Pa. 
He died. May 4, 1839, aged 89: 11: 18, at Beaver Meadow. 

8 Eunice, born Nov. 5, 1758. 

9 James, perhaps ; he m. Susan Tucker; lived in Bolton; 9 ch. 

709 Deacon Joseph* Kingsbury {Nathaniel, Joseph'', 
Henry^), of Tolland* and Enfield, Conn.; married, March 5, 
1745, Mary, daughter of Sergeant Thomas and Sarah Loomis, 
of Bolton ; they removed from Tolland to Enfield, April 7, 
1757. He purchased five hundred acres on the east side of 
the main road, extending from Fresh Water Brook to the 
Longmeadow line.f His house was on the main road, north 
of Fresh Water, and very near it. He was a Deacon in the 
church (chosen January 4, 1798), rigid in his religious princi- 
ples, and of utter Calvinistic belief. He was a delegate from 
Enfield to the convention held to ratify the Constitution of 
the United States, 1788. fje died in Enfield, June 8, 1806, 
(June 6, ace. to B. F. Ellis.) His wife died December i, 

* Simon Kingsbury, of Tolland, conveyed to Joseph Kingsbury, of Tolland, a 
Sawmill with a convenient logway — "the said Joseph to keep a way open by or 
through the s* Sawmill to pass corn bags to a certain Gristmill Lying near said 
Sawmill upon the same Stream and belonging to y s^ Kingsbury." Dec. 22, 1753 
Tolland T. J?., IV, 522. The same day Simon K. deeded land to Joseph K. 

+ Mr. B. F. Ellis says "This tract comprised a large area of primitive forest, 
abounding with wild game. Deer, Black Bears, Catamounts, etc. The little saline 
springs flowing into the brook made it a resort for deer, and it had been the hunting 
ground for the Indians, as numerous stone spikes with which they pointed their 
arrows were found in the soil." 


1800, aged 75. The following inscription, from his tomb- 
stone, is given in Barber s Coufiecticut Historical Collections: 

Sacred to the memory of 
Dea. Joseph Kingsbury 
who died June 8, 1S06, aged 85 years and 2 months. 
Here lies a man, no one prized Rehgion more, 
The same our fathers brought from Europe's Shore. 
A strict supporter of the good old ways 
Of Puritans in their most early days. 


801 Prudence, born Jan. ii.bapt. 12, 1745/6, in Bolton. ^-^ 

802 Lemuel, born Nov. 13,* 1752, in Bolton ; bapt. Nov. 19, 1752. s-»- 

710 Denison* Kingsbury {Nathaniel'', Joseph'\ Henry^), 
of Hebron, Conn. Denison ^Kingsbury admitted to the 
Church in Bolton, November 16, 1740. Caleb Swetland and 
Mary Swetland, of Hebron, convey to Denison Kingsbury, 
of Coventry, land in Hebron in the Society or Parish of 
Andover, June 25, 1747. Hebron Land Records. Married, 
February 7, 1751 \Gilead Church Records^, in Hebron, Lydia 
Jones, daughter of Isaac and Hannah (Wells) Jones, of Bol- 
ton, born November 13, 1725; died November 14, 1807. He 
died in 1793. 

His will is dated February 15, 1793, exhibited in Court, 
December i, 1795, by his son, Lemuel, Executor. 

He makes this provision with regard to his daughter, 
Lydia : " vShe is to have thirty-three pounds to be paid by 
my ExecutoV at such time and in such pay as she shall 
want for her subsistence to be on interest from my decease, 
and if the whole is not expended before her death, it is to 
belong to Lemuel." His widow Lydia's will is dated Sep- 
tember 5, 1807, exhibited in Court, May 2, 1809, by Nathan- 
iel Hubbard, Executor. She gave all her estate to her 
loving daughter, Lydia, " what part she may die possessed 
of to be her brother Lemuel's." 

Sacred to the Memory of 
Mr Denifon Kingf bury 
who died November 28, 1795, 
in the 73"' year of his age. 
Thy force alone, religion, death disarms. 
Breaks all his darts and every viper charms ; 
Softly by the grisly forms appear 
No more the horrid objects of our fear. 

•Sept. 14, 1752, according to B. F. Ellis ; in Tolland, Terry Genealogy. 


We undismayed his awful power obey, 
That guides us through the safe tho' 
Gloomy way which leads to life. 
In Memory of 
Mrs. Lydia, wife 
of Mr. Denison Kingsbury, 
who departed this life 
December the 2'', 1808, in the 84"' year 
of her age. 
(Pld Graveyard in the south part of Andover.) 

803 Sibyl, born March 19,* 1752, in Andover Society, fe^-?- (See pp. 


804 Lydia, born Oct. 4, 1753 ; died unm. 

805 Eunice, born April 30, 1755. r.:: > 

806 Hannah, born Dec. 11, 1756. vz > 

807 Jerusha, born Feb. 7, 1759; d. Jan. 11, 1849; m. Capt. Stephen 

Payne, son of the Rev. Stephen and Jerusha Payne, born in 
Stafford, Conn., June 30, 1745; buried in old graveyard in 
the south part of Andover. 

Jerusha Payne 

Wife of 

Stephen Payne 

Daughter of 

Denison & Lydia Kingsbury 

Died Jan. 11, 1849, 

Aged 90. 

808 Deliverance, born Feb. 14, 1761; m. Daniel Burnap; died Jan. 

8, 1822, Andover, Conn.; no ch. (See page 326.) 

809 John Denison, born April 23, 1763, in Andover. ■;:•; > 

810 Sarah, born Aug. 20, 1765. ss > 

811 Lemuel, born Dec. 4, 1768. z: > 

711 Lemuer Kingsbury {NathanicP, Joseph", Henry'), 
of Tolland, f afterwards of East Hartford. Lemuel Kings- 
bury was admitted to the Church in Bolton, March 15, 1741. 

Elemuel Kingsbury & Elizabeth Loomis married May 
19, 1749" ;J she died October 11, 1751 ; (2) June 30, 1756, 
Dorothy, daughter of Benjamin and Dorothy (Pitkin) Rob- 

*Mch. 9, Hebron Toivn Records. All these, except Sarah and Lemuel, recorded 
at Hebron. 

t Christopher West, of Tolland, conveyed to Lemuel Kingsbury, of Coventry, 
a farm of land in Tolland, 103 acres, March 23, 1750. Tolland Land Records, IF, 324. 

John West, of Tolland, conveyed land in T., 235 acres, to Lemuel Kingsbury, of 
Bolton, Dec. j8, 1753. Tolland Land Records, IV,siq. 

Lemuel Kingsbury, " Late of Tolland, now Resident in Hartford," conveys to 
Jabez Kingsbury, of Coventry, land in T., May 22, (?) \js&.—Tolla}td Land Records, 
V, 285. 

X Coventry Town Records. 


erts, of East Hartford. Dorothy Kingsbury was admitted 
to the Church in East Hartford, July 3, 1759. Lemuel's 
tombstone in the old Andover burying ground, gives the 
date of his death, May 6, 1758. 

The will of Lemuel Kingsbury, in the Hartford Probate 
Records, is dated March 14, 1759; exhibited in court May 28, 
1759 ; executor, Joseph Kingsbury of Enfield, witnesses, 
Nathaniel, Jeber ( Jabez ?), and Simon Kingsbury. He men- 
tions wife Dorothy ; two dau", Dorothy and Elizabeth. 
His widow Dorothy's will is dated May 28, 1763; appoints 
her sister, Susannah Roberts, executor, bequeaths her estate 
equally to Dorothy and Elizabeth, when they are 18. Octo- 
ber 13, 1770, Dorothy, aged 13 years, and Elizabeth, aged 12 
years, chose Joseph Kingsbury, of Enfield, guardian, and 
they were brought up in his family. 

In Memory of Mr. 
Lemuel Kingsbury 
son of Cap* Nath" 
Kingsbury & M" Han 
nah his Wife & Confort 
of M" Dorothy Kings 
bery who Died May 6 
1758 in y« 41 
year of his Age. 

— Andover Burying Ground. 


812 Lemuel, born in Tolland, Sept. 20, 1750; d. Oct. 23, 1751. 

In Memory of • 
Lemuel y" 
son of M'' Le 
muel & Mr' 
Elizabeth King" 
bery he Died 
Ocf 23"* 1751 
in y" 2 Year 
of his Age. 
— Bolton Burying Ground. 


813 Dorothy, born in Tolland, March 28, 1757. is->- 

814 Elizabeth, baptized in East Hartford, Oct. 12, 1758. s-^^ 


713 Sarah^ Kingsbury {Nathantel\ Joseph'', Henry\ 
married, January 18, 1745/6, Theophilus Baldwin, of Coven- 
try, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Long-bottom) Baldwin, 
born April 10, 1725, baptized in Newent Society, Norwich. 

"In memory of M"" Theophilus Baldwin, son of M'' Ben- 
jamin, died with y'^ fall of a limb of a tree January y'' 3'' Day, 
A.D. 1 750/1, aged 26." [Z". S^ Andover Burying Gfoiind. 

She married (2) May 30, 175 1, Doctor John Crocker, of 
that part of Coventry now Andover. August 15, 1774, he 
was chosen one of a committee "to receive the subscriptions 
that shall be made by the inhabitants of Coventry for the 
poor in the towns of Boston and Charlestown." They after- 
wards removed to Richmond, Mass. Dr. John Crocker died 
in Richmond, Mass., May i, 1815, £e. 93. Towfi Records aiid 
Tombstone. Sarah Crocker, wife of Dr. John Crocker, died 
Jan. 17, 1817, ae. 89, in Richmond, Mass. Totvn Records. 


1 Irene, born in Coventry, Oct. 8, 1746 ; bapt. in Bolton, Dec. 14, 

1746 ; m. Christopher Bennett, of Westmoreland, N. Y. 

2 Elemuel, born in Coventry, Nov. 7, 1748 ; d. April 10, 1751 ; buried 

in Andover. 


3 John, M.D., born in Coventry, Feb. 20, 1753; of Boston; died in 

Cuba. Abigail Shaw, dau. of Francis Shaw, of Boston, died 
in Washington, D. C, Oct. 12, 1797, aged 40, wife of Dr. John 

4 Sally, born May 20, 1757, in Coventry ; m. Simon (or Simeon) 

Pomeroy, of Northampton, Mass.; three sons and one dau. 

5 Mary, born Sept 24, 1757* ; in. Simon House, of Andover, son of 

John House of Hebron ; had a son John, who had a son 
Samuel, who was a missionary of the A. B. C. F. M. in Siam; 

dau", Mary, m. — Adams, lived in Bristol, Conn., with 

her son, John ; Sarah, m. Hathaway, of Waterford, 

N. v.; Nancy, unm., lived in Waterford, N. Y.f 

6 Ruth, born Feb. 20, 1760; m. Dec. 11, 1780, Col. Benjamin 

Prescott, son of Ebenezer and Jerusha (Matthews) Prescott, 
born in Lancaster, Mass., Oct. 3, 1755; an officer of engineers, 
U. S. army ; he surveyed Niagara Falls, 1796 ; brought water 
into Albany in 1803 ; he was for ten years, from 1805 to 1S15, 
in command of the U. S. Armory at Springfield ; he went to 

* See Coventry Records, printed by Susan Whitney Dimock, iSgy, p. 31. 

t The mother of John Adams, Bristol, Conn., was a House, sister of John House, 

who went to Waterford, N. Y., and was a son of Kingsbury (Family J?ecord). 

John House, the elder, of Hebron, mentions in his will, dated Aug. 5, 1797, " Heirs 
of son, Simon, dec*., viz : his son, John, & dau" Polly, Sarah and Nancy, and son 
Simon's widow, Mary." — Andover Prob. Rec. 


Cohoes, N. v., about 1816 ; in 1825 he superintended the 
building of the stone dam between Troy and Waterford, N. Y. 
Mrs. Ruth Prescott died in Waterford, N. Y., 182 1 ; 5 ch. 

7 William Doddridge, M.D., , Charleston, S. C. ; m. Eliza 

Hichborn ; no ch. 

8 Sabrina, born Aug. 9, 1762 ; m. Sept. 29, 1788, as his 2d wife, Col. 

Elijah Boardman, born at Preston, Conn., Sept. 25, 1753 ; he 
removed to Bennington, Vt., and thence to Whitesborough, 
N. Y.; Mrs. Sabrina Boardman died in Wethersfield, Conn., 
Aug. 6, 1840. One of their daughters, Eliza Crocker Board- 
man, born Aug. 22, 1792, married May 3, 1819, Laurent Clerc, 
one of the founders and teachers of the Deaf and Dumb 
Asylum at Hartford. She d. in May, 1880, in Hartford. He 
d. in 1869. Ch.: (i) Elizabeth, b March 25, 1820; married 
George W. Beers, son of Hon. Seth P. Beers, of Litchfield ; 
her son, Henry Augustin Beers, born Buffalo, N. Y., July 2, 
1848, Yale, 1S69, married July 7, 1873, Mary Heaton, of Cov- 
ington, Ky.;Prof. English Literature, Yale, since 1880; author 
of Initial Studies in American Letters, Life of N. P. IVillis, 
A Snburban Pastoral and Other Tales, The Ways of Yale, 
A History of English Romanticism in the Eighteenth 
Century; (2) Helen, died young; (3) Francis J., b. April 18, 
J823 ; Trinity Coll., 1843; married Jerusha Strong Perry; 
Rector of St. Paul's Church, Phillipsburg, Pa.; (4) Charles, 
b. Jan. 13, 1826; died unm.; (5) John, died in 1830, aged 2 ; 
(6) Sarah, married in 1850 Hon. Henry C. Deming, of Hart- 
ford, b. Colchester, Conn., May 28, 1815 ; Mayor of Hartford, 
1854-8 ; in 1861, appointed Colonel of Twelfth Conn. Volun- 
teers ; Maj'or of the captured city of New Orleans 1862-63 ; 
Member of Congress from Conn. 1864-68. He died in Hart- 
ford, Oct. 9, 1872. He was a forcible and finished orator, and 
a man of brilliant social and intellectual gifts, best known by 
his numerous public addresses, lectures, and Congressional 
speeches ; 3 sons. 
9 Clarkssa, born • ; lived in Waterford, N. Y. ; unm. 

10 Lemuel Baldwin Crocker, born 1766 ; d. March 19, 1776 ; 

buried in the old Andover burying ground. 

714 Deacon Phineas' Kingsbury ( Nathaniel'\ Joseph^, 
Henry^), of Bolton, afterwards of Hartland ; married in Bol- 
ton, January 9, 1755, Hannah Hutchinson, born in Lebanon, 
February 8, 1736/7, daughter of Captain Eleazer and Jemima 
(Wright) Hutchinson, of Lebanon, afterwards of Hebron. 
He bought land in Enfield from his brother Joseph, and 
others, 1 761-1765 ; sold in 1767, when he removed to Hart- 

of Initial Studies in American Letters, Life of N. P. Willis, 
A Suburban Pastoral and Other Tales, The Ways of Yale, 
A History of English Romanticism in the Eighteenth Century ; 


land. Phineas Kingsbury of Enfield, 1760, sells land in 
Bolton. Simon Baxter, of Hartland, conveys land in H. to 
Phinehas Kingsbury, of Enfield, January 13, 1768. He was 
an early settler of Hartland. Hannah, wife of Phinehas 
Kingsbury, was admitted to the Church in Hartland, July 
23, 1769. Phinehas Kingsbury signed the covenant May 
I, 1768, made Deacon March 8, 1769. Represented the town 
in the General Assembly in three sessions in 1776. Deacon 
Phinehas Kingsbury and wife, from Hartland, were admitted 
to the Church in Sandisfield, June 28, 1778; his wife died 
in vSandisfield, May 3, 1793. He died in Sandisfield, Febru- 
ary 4, 1799. 


815 Phineas, born Nov. 4, 1755.* s:: > 

816 Hannah, born Nov. 16, 1757, in Bolton; bapt. Nov. 20, 1757 ; ad- 

mitted to the Church in Hartland, Jan. 7, 1776. ss-s- 

817 Lemuel, born Dec. 7, 1759, in Bolton; bapt. Dec. 9, 1759 ss > 

818 Joseph,! son of Phineas and Hannah Kingsbury, born in Enfield, 

Dec. 27, 1761. ss— >- 

819 Nathaniel, son of Phineas and Hannah Kingsbury, born in En- 

field, Oct. 10, 1763. s->- 

820 Jemima, daughter of Phineas and Hannah Kingsbury, born in En- 

field, April 4, 1766. 

821 Ruth, daughter of Phineas and Hannah Kingsbury, baptized in 

Hartland, Feb. 12, 1769 ; m. Judge William Granger, of Tal- 
madge, O., then of Mansfield, O., then of Chicago, 111. 

822 Denison, son of Phineas and Hannah Kingsbury; baptized in Hart- 

land, June 26, 1774. 

823 Sarah, daughter to Phineas and Hannah, bapt. in Hartland, Aug. 

II, 1776 ; m. Jan. 8, 1797, James Sheldon. :}: 

824 Eleazur, born in Sandisfield, Nov. 26, 1778. 

825 Ebenezer. 

826 Jabez. tz ■ > 

716 Captain Asa' Kingsbury {£/>/iraim*, JosepJv", Joseph^, 
Henry'), of the West Farms; married. May 12, 1756, Sarah, 

* Bolton Records say Nov. 14, 1755 ; bapt. Nov. 16, 1755, Bolt07i Ch. Rec. 

tThis Joseph is said to have had brothers : Lemuel, who went South, and 
Jabez, who died in Brunswick, O. ; sisters : Sarah m. Sheldon, Salisbury, Conn. 
Ruth m. Granger, Talmadge, Ohio. 

X " These may certify that we, the Subscribers, were present at the House of 
Joseph Kingsbury, in Bethlehem on the 8"' evening of January last past & heard the 
Revi Mr. Avery Join James Sheldon & Sarah Kingsbury irt Wedlock Bonds. 

Jabez Kingsbury, 
Denison Kingsbury. 
Salisbury, 28* April, 1797."— Salisbury Toivn Records. 

Bethlehem is Bethlehem District, now Otis, in Massachusetts. 


daughter of Christopher and Abigail (Abell) Huntington, 
born April 27, 1730. He was appointed Ensign of the 
Trainband in the West Farms, in May, 1772 ; Lieutenant in 
October, 1774; and he was Lieutenant in command of a 
company raised in Norwich at the Lexington alarm. He 
was commissioned July 6, 1775, Captain of a company in 
Colonel Jedediah Huntington's Regiment. He was a prom- 
inent man in the West Farms. He died September 5, 1775. 
" In memory of Lieut. Asa Kingsbury, who died at Pom- 
fret in the 47th year of his age; who was on the march to 
Roxbury to join the American Army, and was brought here 
by his friends and interred with that respect due from the 
public to such characters." Pomfret Burying Ground. 


827 Asa, born March 12, 1757. s->- 

828 Sarah, born April 8, 1761. r: > 

829 Eunice, born Nov. 9, 1767; m. Josiah Griswold, Oct. 31, 17S9. 

{Franklin Church Record.) 

830 Lucy, born June 20, 1771; m. Clark, of Columbia. 

717 Absalom'* Kingsbury {Ephraim\ Joseph^, JosepW, 
Henry'), settled in Coventry, Conn.; married (r) February 19, 
1752, Rebecca Rust, daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah 
(Hatch) Rust, born in Coventry, July 28, 1733. In 1771 he 
went to Alstead, N. H., and the following year took his fam- 
ily there, and spent the remainder of his life in that town. 
Absalom Kingsbury served as private in Capt. Amos Shep- 
ard's company, Col. Benjamin Bellows' Regiment of New 
Hampshire Militia, when the Regiment reinforced the gar- 
rison at Ticonderoga, when besieged by the enemy in June, 
1777. He served again as a private in Capt. Canfield's com- 
pany in the same Regiment, when it was sent to reinforce 
the Northern Continental Army at Saratoga, under the com- 
mand of Gen. Gates, September 21 to October 29, 1777. {New 
Hampshire State Papers, Vol. XV, 2g, J(^p.) He was a prominent 
man in the town and church; Selectman 1775-76; appointed 
Justice of the Peace for Cheshire County, 1 782-84; Town Clerk 
and Treasurer; Representative in the Legislature, 1782. *A 

* Absalom Kingsbury, and his sons, Ephraim, Elisha, and James, remonstrated 
a,i;ainst setting oflf a Parish from Alstead, May 31, 1793. — Tozvn Papers, iV. H. State 
Papers, XL 


sketch of the family is given in a sermon preached by Rev. 
Mr. Arnold of Alstead. The following is extracted from the 
notice of Absalom Kingsbury : " A remarkable providence 
occurred about the year 1772, by which, his barn was nearly 
divided into two parts. While two men were unloading grain, 
a violent wind prostrating much timber, brought one large 
tree directly across the top of the barn near the center, and 
breaking away the timbers before it with a tremendous crash, 
the top fell in not far from the men at work, but neither 
they nor the oxen were injured, although the barn was almost 
ruined." His wife died August 14, 1777, in the 45th year 
of her age ; and he married (2) Mrs. Abigail Wilson, born 
Holbrook, of East Alstead. {Alstead Town Records.) He died 
April 30, 1805. His widow lived in East Alstead after his 
death, and died there. 


831 Asa, born Oct. 10, 1752, in Coventry. :^ ■»■ 

832 Ebenezer, born March 2, 1755, in Coventry; d. at New London, 

Conn., of smallpox, March, 1785. He was, perhaps, the 
Ebenezer Kingsbury who served in Capt. Amos Shepard's 
Company in Col. Benjamin Bellows' Regt., New Hampshire 
troops, in 1777. 

833 Ephraim, born Sept. 2, 1759, m. in Coventry. -;..:: > 

834 Margaret, born June 13, 1761, in Coventry; m. John Carlton, 

of Tolland. 

835 Obadiah, born May 3, 1763, in Coventry. '.::; > 

836 Rebeckah, born May 27, 1765. x:, > 

837 James, born Dec. 29, 1767. s > 

838 Elisha, born Feb. 2, 1770, in Coventry. :z > 

839 Joshua, born April 2, 1772; d. Aug. 14, 1777. 

840 Amariah, born Nov. 16, 1775; d. Aug. 25, 1777. 

718 Martha' Kingsbury {Ephraiin\ Joseph, Joseph^, 
Henry^), married, March 21, 1753, Amariah Rockwell, born 
October 29, 1728, son of Daniel and Talitha (Hartshorn) 
Rockwell, of Norwich; they Jived in Coventry. 


1 Daniel, born July 27, 1753; d. young. 

2 Martha, born Aug. 8, 1755. 

3 Irenah Kingsbury, born July 2, 1758. 

4 Jabez, born June 4, 1760, m. Oct. 2, 1783, Irene Porter, born in 

Coventry, March 6, 1765, dau. Jonathan, Jr., and Lois (Rich- 
ardson) Porter; he was a cooper in Warehouse Point; he d. 
July rg, 1825; she d. July 16, 1837; they had thirteen children; 



the oldest, Oren, born April 25, 1784, joined the Mormons and 
became one of the "Avenging Angels"; he d. in Salt Lake City. 

5 Amariah, born Nov. 22, 1762; d. young. 

6 Amariah, born June 10, 1765. 

7 Daniel, born March*8, 1768; d. May 2, 1777. 

8 Talitha, born Nov. 6, 1771. 

719 Doctor Obadiah' Kingsbury {Ephraim\ Joseph^, Jo- 
sepJi', He/iry'), of the West Farms ; he studied with Dr. John 
Barker, of the West Farms, first President of the Connecticut 
Medical Society, and he became a successful physician in 
his native parish; he married, February 19, 1760, Sarah 
Kingsbury, daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah (Chapman) 
Kingsbury of Tolland ; * he was Deacon of the church 
in the West Farms; he died May 23, 1776, in the West 
Farms. Ephraim Kingsbury, of Coventry, and Sarah Kings- 
bury, of Tolland, administrators on the estate of Obadiah 
Kingsbury, late of Norwich, convey to Nathan Edgerton, 
of Norwich [West Farms] land and a house in Norwich [West 
Farms], July 10, 1778. — Norwich Land Records, XXIV, 443.] 
The widow, Sarah Kingsbury, departed this life July, loth 
day, 1785. — Tolland Records. 

In Memory of Mrs 
Sarah Kingsbery, daugh- 
ter of Deac" Nath" & 
Mrs Sarah Kingsbery 
& Consort of Docf 
Obadiah Kingsbery 
dec' who departed 
this life July y" 10"' 
1785 In y 46"' Year 
of her Age. 
The Righteous rest in 

— Tolland, North Bury/ni^ Ground. 


841 David, born in the West Farms, June 3, 1764 ; d. March 30, 1768. 

842 Daniel, t born in the West Farms, Oct. 14, 1766. 

843 Hannah, born in the West Farms, Jan. 8, 1769. 

844 Ruth, born in the West Farms, June 20, 1771. s->- 

* See p. 224. 

t See also State Records, I, 500. 

X Mr. Lavius Hyde says that Daniel above served with Gen. St. Clair, and that 
he left three daughters. 


^^<f* 9 y^^^-^'^^^^i^-T^ 



720 Irene^ Kingsbury {Ephraim\ /oseph\ Joseph'', Hetirf), 
married November 2, 1756, Amos Avery, of Lebanon, after- 
ward of Coventry, born 1735, son of John and Lydia (Smith) 
Avery. She died , and he married a second wife, 
Anna Edgerton. He came to Coventry with his brother-in- 
law, Ephraim Kingsbury, and it is said that they lived in the 
same house together four years, and in that time Mr. Avery, 
who was a joiner and builder, built the house occupied by 
Ephraim Kingsbury and his descendants until 1893, and one 
for himself, half a mile farther south. Lieut. Amos Avery 
died in Coventry, August 11, 1823, aged 87. Mrs. Anna 
Avery died March 31, 1833, aged 94. 

I Amos, m., Oct. 24, 1782, Abigail, daughter of Dan- 

iel and Mary (Sprague) Loomis, of Lebanon and Coventry, 
born May 17, 1761. They lived in Coventry; removed to 
Richmond, N. Y., where Mrs. Avery died in 1849. He died 
Sept. 5, 1836. Ch. , all born in Coventry: i Amos, b. April 
30, 1783. 2 Irena, b. Feb 22, 1787; m. Feb. 3, 1808, Ward 
Kingsbury, of Coventry, and Pittsfield, O. 3 Nabby, b. Dec. 
19, 1788. 4 Polly, b. March 3, 1791. 5 Lora, b. Oct. 28, 1793. 
6 Harriet, b. Aug. 3, 1797. 7 Ephraim Kingsbury, b. Dec. 
18, 1779. 8 Louise, b. Feb. 22, 1802. 

721 Ephraim' Kingsbury {Ephraim*, Joseph"", Joseph"", 
Henrf^, married, April 3, 1758, at the West Farms, Phebe, 
daughter of Major John and Phebe (Hyde) French, born at 
West Farms, October 5, 1741 ;* removed to Coventry about 
1761.1 He bought land of Peter Scott, in the west part of 
the town, on what is now the road to Rockville, and in the 
house built by him he lived sixty-five years, and it was 
occupied by his descendants until September, 1893. The 

• Phebe, dau. of John French, baptized Oct. 11, 1741, in Newent Society, Norwich. 

Major French was son of John French and Elizabeth, his wife, of Norwich, 
formerly of Topsfield, Mass. Phebe Hyde was daughter of Thomas and Mary 
(Backus) Hyde, granddaughter of Samuel and Jane (Lee) Hyde, and great grand- 
daughter of William Hyde, of Hartford and Norwich, and of Thomas and Phebe Lee. 

Ephraim & Phebe Kingsbury, of Coventry, convey to Solomon Stoddard, of 
Franklin, land in F., on the Hill called Great Hill, formerly belonging to M^ John 
French, Dec^., belonging to Mrs. Phebe as left her by her father, M'' John French, 
Dec*, Nov. 19, 1790. — Franklin Town Records. 

i Ephraim Kingsbury, Esq., once told Deacon Jonathan Porter in my hearing, 
that when he was a young lad, say about 17, his father had a patch of potatoes by 
the side of the road — a small yard,— and two travelers were one day passing, 
when he overheard one of them say to the other, "These people must be Irish, they 
raise so many potatoes."— Rev. Marvin Root. 



house was in process of erection when the news came of the 
battle of Lexington; the floor was being laid in the kitchen, 
but the boards were dropped, and Ephraim Kingsbury and 
his workmen joined in the march to Boston. The next year 
the house was completed, and the figures, 1776, can still 
be seen on a brick on the front of the chimney. He 
served in the Lexington alarm, in Capt. Elias Buell's com- 
pany from Coventry, for ten days. Connecticut Men in the Rev- 
olution, 7. And also as Ensign in the Third Battalion of 
Connecticut troops, Col. Roger Enos, raised for service in 
this State, and in Rhode Island in 1776-77. Ibid, 424. 
"Grandfather Ephraim Kingsbury was at Boston when the 
British evacuated the city, and remained in the city awhile^ 
and held some minor office below Captain — Lieutenant, I 
think. He was well acquainted with General Putnam." — 
Letter of Erastus Kingsbury, July 2p, iSSp. He was deputy to 
the General Court from Coventry, 17S0, '81, '82, '83, '84, '85, 
'86, '87, '88, '90, '96, '97, '98. He died March 10, 1826, in 
Coventry; his widow died in Coventry, May 25, 1828, aged 
86 years and 7 months. His will was dated January 26, 
1799; eldest son, Andrew Kingsbury, son William, son Jabez, 
son Ephraim; only daughter, Phebe Porter; sons Andrew, 
William, and Jabez, Executors. — Andover Probate Records, 

X, JO. 

Ephraim Kingsbury Mrs Phebe, wife of 

Esq"" died March 10*'' Ephraim Kingsbury, Esq"' 

1826 aged 86 Years. Died May 25"" 1828 

aged 86 Years 
& 7 months. 
— North Burying Ground, Coventry. 


845 Andrew, born April 24, 1759, ^t the West Farms, sii-*- 

S46 Oliver, born June 16, 1761, in Coventry; d. in the army at 

Yorktown in 17S1, of smallpox, at the time of the capture 

of Lord Cornwallis.* 

847 William, born in Coventry, Feb. 9, 1764. l> ^ 

848 Phcebe, born in Coventry, March 22, 1766. r: > 

849 Jahez, born in Coventry, Oct. 22, 1769. s-^ 

850 Ephraim, born in Coventry, June 18, 1775. s-*- 

722 Talitha' Kingsbury {Ephraim*, Joseph^, Joseph", 
Henry'), married September i, 1763, Joseph Rust, of Coven- 

* Letter of Andrew Kingsbury, Aug. 15, 1837. 


try, son of Nathaniel and Hannah (Hatch) Rust, born in 
Coventry, March 26, 1737. He removed to Tolland, and 
then to Williamston, Vt. He died in 1817. 


r Nathaniel, born May 13, 1765, in Coventry; d. April 2, 1776. 

2 Joseph, born Nov. 10, 1766, in Coventry; d. March 30, 1776. 

3 Elijah, born Dec. 15, 1769, in Tolland ; m. in Williamston, Vt., Mar- 

garet ; she d. March g, 1832 ; he d. in 1846 ; no children. 

4 Martha, born Dec. 23, 1770, in Tolland; d. Jan. 3, 1777. 

5 Ephraim, born Feb. 6, 1773, in Tolland; d. March 21, 1773. 

6 Talitha, born Feb. 4, 1774 ; m. Williams, of Williamston, 

Vt., died in 1856. 

725 Ebenezer' Kingsbury {Joseph*, Joseph\ /oscph\ 
Ifenry^), of Pomfret ; married, May 24, 1761, Margaret Par- 

• ish; he was a prominent man in Pomfret; Justice of the 
Peace, and held other town offices; his wife died in Pomfret; 
November 22, 1804, aged 69 ; he died there (January, 1825, 
Family Record) March 22, 1825, aged 85. [7". S.'\ 


851 Margaret, born in Pomfret, Jan. 3, 1763 ; m. June 30, 1785, 

David Williams of Pomfret, born Sept. 13, 1761, son of David 
and Elizabeth Williams. 

852 Alfred (or Olfred), born in Pomfret, Jan. 7, 1765. = ■ > 

853 Eunice, born Sept. 5, 1767, in Pomfret ; m. Williams of 

Richmond, Mass.* 

854 Joseph, born Sept. 5, 1767, in Pomfret. f 

855 Lucy, born Jan. 3, 1774. s-^ 

726 Chloe' Kingsbury {Josep/i\ Joseph", Joseph'', Heniy), 
married Ebenezer Fitch, May 4, 1760, in Windham. He was 
a son of Captain John and Alice (Fitch) Fitch of Windham, 
born November 30, 1736. "The above named Ebenezer 
Fitch died in vSalisbury." — Windham Town Records. 


1 Cynthia, born Nov. 19, 1761 ; m. Vaniah Palmer. 

2 Elijah, born Dec. 10, 1763. 

♦ E. F. Kingsbury, son of Olfred, says that his father had two sisters ; one married 
John Holbrook, of Pomfret, and the other married a Williams, of Mass. 

Joseph Kingsbury, of Ashford, John Holbrook & Lucy Holbrook, his wife, 
William Newell, of Pomfret, & Eunice Williams, of Richmond, Mass., convey & 
quitclaim to Eleazer Hammond, of Webster, Mass., all their right to a piece of land 
in Pomfret, called the Still Lot. formerly occupied by Ebenezer Fitch ; April g, 1803. 




727 Judge Sanford' Kingsbury {/oscp/i\ Joseph^, Joseph'', 
Henry^), grad. Yale College, 1763; A. M., Dartmouth Coll. 
1801. He married January 9, 1766, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Captain John and Alice (Fitch) Fitch, of Windham, born 
October 4, 1743. After his marriage he settled in that 
part of Windham called Scotland. He removed to Clare- 
mont, N. H., about 1780. He was appointed Second Lieu- 
tenant by the General Assembly in 1776 ; appointed Captain 
in the Third Battalion of vState Troops, November, 1776 ; 
was on the staff first of General Spencer, then of General 
Sullivan, and Lieutenant-Colonel. He was author of the 
Muster Roll, adopted by Congress; subsequently he was 
appointed Muster Master for the Connecticut troops; also 
Major of the Fort at Ticonderoga imtil the war was over. 
In the summer of 1781 he served on the northern frontier, 
under command of General Enos. The regiment was en- 
gaged in scouting on the west side of the Connecticut. 
The English Government had granted 100,000 acres of land 
on the Island of Cape Breton to 100 citizens of Claremont 
(presumably for services in the Old French War). He was 
appointed an agent for the others to go to Cape Breton and 
survey and divide the land among its grantees. He accord- 
ingly went, and laid out the city of Mira, at the head of navi- 
gation on Mira river. About the time he completed this 
survey he and his men were arrested and imprisoned, in 
order to make them swear allegiance to the King of England. 
Though his men took the oath, he refused, and was kept 
still longer in prison, but, remaining obdurate, was finally 

Sanford Kingsbury held the offices of Justice of the Peace, 
State Senator, Councillor, Representative to Convention for 
forming a State Constitution, and was prominent in town 
affairs. Also Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas 
for the County of Cheshire, 1783. He was made a trustee 
of Charlestown Academy in 1791. He died in Claremont, 
November 12, 1833, aged 90. 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Fitch) Kingsbury died in Claremont, Jan- 
uary 14, 1832, aged 89. 


856 Alice, born in Windham, April 24, 1767. ^s-^ 

g57 Olive, born in Windham, July 27, 1770; d. Nov. 21, 1772. 


858 Charles, born in Windham, April 19, 1773. s ■■ > 

859 Olive, born in Windham, Nov. 2 (22), 1775; m. (i) Theophilus Clark, 

by whom she had 10 ch. ; (2) [Nov. 2 1 Jewett ; Letter of Mrs. 

Thomas Jewett, Feb. 19, 1883] ; d. Feb. i, 1862, in Dexter, 


860 Betsy, born in Windham, Oct. 18, 1779. c: > 

861 Sanford, born in Claremont, July 31, 1782. iz > 

729 Abigail' Kingsbury ( Joseph\Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry\ 
married, August 12, 1773, Captain James Carey, of Scotland 
Societ}', Windham, son of Lieut. Benajah and Deborah (Per- 
kins) Carey, born November 27, 1750. He was Corporal in 
the company commanded by Captain John Kingsley, which 
marched from Windham in the Lexington Alarm. She died 
December 18, 1807, and he married (2) Anna, widow of Rev. 
William Bradford, of Canterbury. He died February 28, 
1827, aged 76. 


1 Abigail, born Jan. 28, 1775; m. Oct. 6, 1798, Parker Morse, of 


2 James, born Dec. 9, 1777; ra. Oct. 25, 1804, Phebe, dau. William 

Howard, of Hampton; settled in Canterbury; twice repre- 
sented Canterbury in the Legislature, and filled many offices 
of trust in the town. His wife d. March 9, 1847. He d. 
Aug. 14, 1861; 3 ch. 

3 Benajah, born Jan. 4, 1780; d. Aug. 24, 1808, unm. 

4 Anna, born Feb. 21, 1782; d. March 3, 1790. 

5 Sanford, born July 14, 1784; lived in Scotland; m. May 16, 1811, 

Caroline, dau. of Jabez Tracy, of Scotland; he d. May 2, 
1852; his widow d. May 3, 1861, aged 74; 4 ch. 

6 Sally, born Sept. 7, 1786; m. Dr. Thomas Morse, of Woodstock, 

Conn.; d. January, 1820; 3 ch. 

733 Deliverance' Kingsbury ( Joseph", Joseph^, Joseph^, 
Iletiry^), married, March 24, 1780, Joseph Scarborough, of 
Pomfret, born June 17, 1756, son of Jeremiah and Mary 
(Holbrook) Scarborough. She died August 25, 1823, in West 
Hartford, Conn., aged 68. Joseph Scarborough died August 
22, 1829, in Pomfret. 


I Jared, born Jan. {P. T. Rec. Feb.) 26, 1781; settled in Hartford; 
m. (i) Margaret Caldwell, daughter of Major John and Mar- 


garet (Collier) Caldwell; she d. March 23, 1808, aged 21; (2) 
Mary Ann Woolsey, of New Haven. He d. in Hartford, Nov. 
25. 1816. [T. S. Old North Burying Ground, Hartford.] 

2 Delia, born May 10. 1782; m. May 18, 1804, in Brooklyn, Conn., 

Perrin May, of Boston, as his second wife; ch.: i, Frederick; 
2, Mar}^ Perrin, b. Jan. i, 1815. 

3 Joel, born Sept. 28, 1784. 

4 Luther, born May 12, 1787; settled in W. Hartford, as a farmer; 

d. there April 17, 1820 [April 16, IV. Hartford Ch. Rec,\ 

5 Jeremiah, born Nov. 27, 1788. 

6 Joseph Kingsbury, born Jan. 18, 1792; d. in Hartford, Jan. 9, 1S23. 

7 Emelia, born Aug. 12, 1793. 

8 Albigence, born April i, 1796; married Electa , and lived in 

West Hartford. 

740 Lieutenant Joseph' Kingsbury {Ebengzer\ Joseph'', 
Joseph'^, Henry^), of Coventry, married February 21, 1780, 
Lois, daughter of Jonathan and Lois (Richardson) Porter, 
born in Coventry, April 14, 1759. Soon after the commence- 
ment of the war of the Revolution he enlisted in a company of 
which Joseph Talcott was Captain, himself Lieutenant, and 
Squire Ephraim Kingsbury was Commissary. The company 
was stationed for a time at Groton, Conn.; from there they 
were ordered to the States of New York and New Jersey, 
and were often employed as scouts.* " He was a man of 
quick discernment, and prompt in action. An instance of 
this latter trait occurred one day at Ellington. While await- 
ing, at the house of Rev. Mr. Brockway, the return of that 
gentleman, a servant entered the room exclaiming, 'Jack is 
in the well ! ' Mr. Kingsbury arose, threw off his coat, ran 
to the well, turned aside the curb, and let himself down the 
well, reaching the water just as the boy was sinking for the 
last time. Catching him by the hand, he sustained him till 
he could be reached by those who had gathered around the 
mouth of the well, and lifted out. ' Jack ' lived to become 
a prominent lawyer of Connecticut." (From Rev. A Kings- 
bury.) His wife, Lois, died May 20 f, 1814, aged 55, and he 
married (2) March 18, 1816, Sarah Wood, of Scotland Parish, 
Conn., born in 1774. He died April 13, 1828; his widow 
died December 17, 1843, in Scotland Parish. 

* A Joseph Kingsbury served as private in Captain Paul Brigham's company, 
from Coventry, in Col. John Chandler's Regiment, from March 6, 1777, to March 16, 
1780. Conti. Men in the Revolution, sig, 231. 

1 14, ace. to letter of Rev. A. K., April 13, 1887 ; 20 in another communication. 


Distribution of estate of Joseph Kingsbury, to widow 
Sarah, to dau. Eunice Porter, dau. Persis Lillie, dau. Electa 
Sweetland, to Polly Page, to Addison Kingsbury, to Rox- 
anna Wight, to Oliver Kingsbury's heirs, to Ruth Tracy, 
to Emeline Kingsbury, to Ward Kingsbury, April 24, 1829. 
Andover Prob. Rec. 


862 Lois, born in Coventry, Jan. 14, 1781 ; m. Nov. 3, 1805, Ira Lillie, 

of Coventry ; she d. childless, Nov. 20, 1811. 

863 Oliver, born in Coventry, June 24, 1782. s > 

864 Eunice Backus, born in Coventry, Nov. 14, 1784. :;z ->- 
S65 Ward, born in Coventry, Jan. 10, 1787. ss-*- 

866 Persis, born in Coventry, Dec. 10, 1789. =; > 

'867 Electa, born in Coventry, June 9, 1791. r;: > 

• 868 Mary, born in Coventry, Oct. 3, 1793. s > 

869 Roxana, born in Coventry, Aug. 5, 1796. r;; - > 

870 Ruth, bom in Coventry, April 4, 1798. s > 

871 Addison, born in Coventry, July 5, 1800. :,z ■ > 

872 Emeline, born in Coventry, March 12, 1803 ; m. Sept. 18, ]826, 

Alvin Kingsbury, son of Jabez and Freelove (Utley) Kings- 
bury. (See No. 1065.) 

741 Priscilla' Kingsbury {Ebeiiezer\ Joseph \ Joseph \ 
Ifenry^), married, Nov. 24, 1786, Eleazer Pomeroy, of Coven- 
try, son of Daniel and Naomi (Kibbe) Pomeroy, born in 
Lebanon, Conn., October 24, 1752. His first wife was Sibyl, 
daughter of Denison Kingsbury, whom he married December 
17, 1772 ; she died May i, 1785. — T. S. (See page 231.) 
His house is still standing in Coventry, on a road to An- 
dover, running south from the road to South Coventry. 
Eleazer Pomeroy died in Coventry, June 16, 1811. Widow 
Priscilla Pomeroy died March 19, 1841, aged 85. 
In memory of Mrs 
Sibyl, Wife of Mr Elea 
zer Pomroy, w^ho died 
^May i^' 1785 in the 
33"^ Year of her Age. 
Let not the dead forgotten lie 
Lest you forget that you must die. 
Afeiv burying grojind, Coventry, stone moved from the old one. 


I Clara or Clarissa, born in Coventry, Dec. 19, 1773 ; m. (i) (June 10, 
1800, Daniel Jones, of Farmington ; (2) John Ripley ; d. 
Feb. 10, 1809 ; one ch. 



2 Sybil, born Nov. 26, 1775 ; d. Nov. 26, 1775. 

3 Eleazer, born in Coventry, Oct. 4, 1776; m. Sept. 24, iSoo, Ruth 

Hunt, born July 2, 1779. He d. in Coventry, July 28, 1867, 
aged 91. His wife d. March 31, 1843 ; 7 ch. Eleazer, Jr., b. 
Jan. 6, 1817; m. Mary E. Jones; d. in Coventry, Dec. 4, 1865; 
his wife d. in Hartford, Aug. 16, 1887. 

4 Wealthy, born in Coventry, Oct. 14, 1778; m. Jan. i, 1799, Dr. Sam- 

uel White, born in Andover, Feb. 23, 1777, son of Capt. 
Daniel and Sarah (Hale) White. He was a physician and sur- 
geon of great eminence in Hudson, N. Y. , Professor of Sur- 
gery in the Berkshire Medical College at Pittsfield, Mass. ; 
President of the New York State Medical Society ; several 
times chosen Mayor of Hudson, and an Elder in the Presby- 
terian Church. He d. in Hudson, Feb. 10, 1845. She d. 
Oct. 31, 1854. 10 ch. 

5 Daniel Sterling, born in Coventry, Feb. 18, 1781 ; m. Lucy Dim- 

ock, of Coventry ; removed to Manlius, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 26, 

6 Adotia or Eudocia, born in Coventry, Jan. 10, 1783 ; m. Dr. Na- 

thaniel Aspinwall, b. Sept. 15, 1778, in Lebanon, Conn.; he 
commenced the practice of medicine in Genoa, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y. ; subsequently removed to Elmira, N. Y., where he 
died in 1861 ; she d. March 9, 1852. Ch.: (i )Nathaniel Pome- 
eroy, b. March 22, 1805 ; (2) Edson, b. April 11, iSii ; (3) Au- 
gustus; (4) Sarah. 


7 Polly, born in Coventry, April 13, 1787 ; m. Oct. 10, 180S, William 

Talcott, of Coventry, born Dec. 30, 1786, son of Dea. Joseph, 
and Rebecca (Porter) Talcott. She d. April 18, 1846 ; they 
had one son, Eleazer Pomeroy, b. Dec. 12, 1809; Yale Col- 
lege, 1832 ; d. Nov. 14, 1832. He d. July 28, 1858. 

8 Sybil, born in Coventry, March 2, 1789 ; m. Sept. 19, 1809, Dr. 

Eleazar Hunt, of Coventry, born Dec. 28, 1786. He d. March 
14, 1867, aged 80. Mrs. Sybil (Pomeroy) Hunt d. in Coventry, 
Feb. 10, 1876, aged 86 ; 3 ch. Dr. Ebenezer Kingsbury Hunt, 
of Hartford, was their son, b. Aug. 26, 1810 ; d. May 2, 1889, 
aged 78 ; Yale, 1833 ; studied medicine in the Jefferson Medical 
College, Philadelphia; M.D., 1838; a prominent physician in 
Hartford ; President of the State Medical Society in 1S64 and 
1865; director and medical visitor of the Retreat for the 
Insane, and physician to the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb; 
m. June 13, 1848, Mary A., dau. of Daniel P. Crosby of Hart- 
ford ; two daughters; (i) Louise, m. J. Benjamin Dimmick, 
of Scranton, Pa.; (2) Jeannette, m. George Goodwin Williams, 
of Hartford. 

9 Isaac Newton, born March 28, 1791 ; m. (i) Dec. 8, 1813, in Coventry, 

Anna Olmsted Kingsbury. (See No. 966.) She d. in Troy, 


Pa., Dec. 5, 1831; (2) March 17, 1832, Maria Ann Merrick, dau. 
of Quartus Merrick, of Springfield, Pa., b. Oct. 9, 1805, at 
Walton, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 27, 1839 ; (3) Oct. 9, 1839, Lucinda 
Williston Merrick, sister of 2d wife, b. Oct. 28, 1810 ; living in 
1889. He lived in Troy, Pa., and in Springfield, Bradford 
Co., Pa. He d. May 30, 1861 ; 12 ch. 

10 Ebenezer, born Jan. 17, 1794; m. June 18, i8i3, Laura Brewster, 

dau. of Shubael and Asenath (Porter) Brewster, born Nov. 29, 
1795; d. Feb. 26, 1866 (Feb. 3, 1866, according to another 
authority), at Troy, Pa. ; 10 ch. 

11 Elizabeth, born March 22, 1796; m. (i) John Hosmer of Hudson, 

N. Y. ; (2) F. J. Barnard, of Albany ; she d. Aug. 28, 1839 ; 
3 ch. by second marriage 

12 Chauncey, born Dec. 6, 1799 ; m. Mary Ives, of New Haven ; went 

South, but afterwards lived in New York. 

743 Rev. Ebenezer' Kingsbury {Ebcnezer\ Joseph^^ 
Joseph"^, Henry^), graduated from Yale College, 1783 ; stud- 
ied theology with Dr. Charles Backus, of Somers, settled 
first at Jericho, Vt., 1 791-1808, as a missionary from the 
Connecticut Home Missionary Society. In 1799, he was the 
only settled minister north of Cornwall, Vt. A home mis- 
sionary of the Connecticut Missionary Society many years. 
He was installed at Harford, vSusquehanna County, Pa., in 
August, 1810, and labored there for seventeen years. He 
traveled over a large part of the counties of Susquehanna, 
Bradford, and Wayne on horseback, by marked trees and 
bridle paths, preaching in log cabins, barns, and school- 
houses, and assisted in the formation of nearly all the 

-fi^^ ^^y-^^' 

churches in that region.* He married (i) February u, 
1792, Mary, daughter of Dr. M. D. Reynolds, of Long- 
meadow, Mass., born January 19, 1765 ; she died the same 
year, December, 1792, in Jericho ; an infant son buried with 
her.t He married (2), February 8, 1794, Hannah, J daughter 

*Kulp's Families of the Wyoming Valley, II, 882. 

t A letter from Rev. Ebenezer Kingsbury, dated Dec. 21, 1792, to Andrew Kings- 
bury, Esq., Hartford, communicates the news of the death of his wife. 

X Her sister Sarah was the wife of the Rev. Dr. Richard Salter Storrs, of Long- 
meadow, and mother of the late Rev. Richard Salter Storrs, D.D., of Brooklyn, N. Y. 


of Rev. Noah and Hannah (Payson) Williston, of West 
Haven, Conn., born December 16, 1770. He died March 
22, 1842, at Harford, Pa. His widow died at Harford, Pa., 
March 23, 1859. 


873 Mary Reynolds, born Dec. 29, 1794, Jericho, Vt. £>^- 

874 Hannah, born Sept. 19, 1796, Jericho ; d. Aug. 18, 1818, unm. 

875 Noah Williston, born Oct. 10, 1798, Jericho ; d. Sept. 8, 1822, 


876 Samuel Ely, | born March 14, 1801, Jericho; he d. Feb. 12, 

877 Sarah Storrs, ) 1832. s3->- 

878 Ebenezer, born June 18, 1804, in Jericho, Vt. s-*- 

879 Payson, born Oct. 5, 1806, Jericho ; d. Nov. 23, 1S07. 

880 Payson, bom Oct. 7, 1808, Jericho. =: > 

881 John Denison, born Oct. 12, 1813, Harford ; d. Jan. 4, 1816. 

745 Freelove' Kingsbury {Eleaza>-\ Joseph\ Joseph'', 
Henry), married Benjamin Stanle}', of Tolland ; she died 
December 29, 1762, in Tolland; he died September 10, 
1793, aged 60. Both buried in the North burying ground, 

I Freelove, born Oct. 5, 1761. 

748 Eleazar' Kingsbury {Eleazar\ Joseph\ Joseph'', 
Henry'), married, June 17, 1779, Abigail Hill, of Tolland, 
born at Windham, March 21 (March 2, letter T. B. Kings- 
bury), 1753. He died at Winchester, N. H. (perhaps while 
on a visit), February 6, 1812. His widow, Abigail, died at 
Warehouse Point, Conn., April 22, 1848. 


882 Sanford, born Feb. 22, 1780. s-*- 

883 Eleazar, born Feb. 6, 1782; d. at West Suffield, Conn., Feb. 10, 


884 Horatio Gates, born March 9, 17S5. ■^:i->- 

885 John Clark, born March 28, 1789, at Brattleboro, Vt s-^ 

886 Russell, born Oct. 12, 1792, at Warehouse Point, Conn. :" -> 

750 Ensign Samuel Rust' Kingsbury {Eleazar\ Joseph \ 
Joseph^, Henry"), of Tolland, married, August 13 (15, Tolland 
Kec), 1779 (August 13, 1777, according to MS. letter), Ruth, 
daughter of Captain Stephen and Hannah (Chapman) Steele, 
and granddaughter of the Rev. Stephen Steele, of Tolland, 


born April 29 (19, Steele Genealogy), 1762. He was appointed 
Ensign, 1788. She died March 16, 1823. He died Decem- 
ber 9, 1839, 


88 7 Perez, born Nov. 3, 1779 (according to MS. letter Perez was b. Oct. 

12, 1778. s^^ 

888 Samuel, born Sept. 26, 1781. T. R. 1782, MS. letter.s-^ 

889 Polly, born June 7, 1786. :z > 

890 Betsey, born Feb. 23, 1788; d. April 9, 1816, unmarried. 

891 Ruth, born July 7, 1790. r: > 

In memory of Samuel R. Kingsbury 

MISS BETSEY, daugh died 

ter of Mr Samuel R. Dec. 21, 1839, 

& Mrs Ruth Kingsbery ^.85. 

who died April 9 
1816, in the 28 year 
of her age. 

Youth and life how soon 

they'r ended. 
Here my friends have 

plac'd my urn. 
You who wept and me 

Soon must take a soUemn 


Tolland, North Burying Ground. 

752 Captain DanieP Kingsbury {Danid\ Joseph \ 
Joseph", Henry^), of the West Farms, married, December 
10, 1778, Martha Adams, born in Canterbiiry, June 23, 1760, 
daughter of Captain Thomas and Susanna (Peck) Adams. 
He was appointed Sergeant in Captain Ebenezer Lothrop's 
company of Col. John Ely's regiment, December 3, 1776, 
and served at Providence in the winter and spring of 

1777, and was one of Deputy Governor Matthew Griswold's 
guard later in the same year, and a minnte man from 

1778, until the close of the war. He removed from the 
West Farms in 1785 to Brookfield, Vt.,* where he died 
July 29, 1817. His wife died in Brookfield, December 26, 

* Daniel Kingsbury, of Brookfield, in the State of Vermont, conveys to Zebe- 
diali Hartsbdrn, of Franklin, land in F , lyin.a: on the westerly side of the mountain, 
so-called, lately belonging to Daniel Kingsbury, deceased, Feb. 15, 1790. Franklin 
Land Records. 



1846. She was blind for seventeen years before her death. 
He was a member of the convention held for the purpose 
of adopting the Constitution of the United vStates, in Ben- 
nington, January 10, 17 91. 


892 Thomas, born Sept. 14, 1779. s > 

893 Bela, born Dec. 5, 1781. s: > 

894 Nathaniel, born May 8,. 1785 ; lived in Brookfield, Vt. ; m. Aptha 

Woodbury ; had no ch. ; he d. in Brookfield, Feb. i, 1864 ; she 
d. Oct. 24, 1883, aged 77. 

895 Daniel, born Dec. 3, 1792, in Brookfield. r-: > 

756 Colonel Jacob' Kingsbury {Naihamel\ Joseph", 
Joseph-, Henry^); he entered the Continental army imder his 
cousin. Captain Asa Kingsbury, July ri, 1775, was Corporal, 
after September 29, went to Roxbury, to the camp at Bos- 
ton. — Conn. Men in the Revolution, 8§. He was Sergeant in 
Capt. Huntington's company, which served at New York in 
August-September, 1776, and was in the retreat after the 
battle of Long Island. Ibid., 404. Afterwards he joined 
the regiment of Col. Huntington, as a private soldier at 
Camp Connecticut on the Hudson, having procured the 
money to buy an outfit by going on a privateering expedi- 
tion from New London in the schooner " Spy," from May 8 
to September 26, 1777.* He carried a gun only a few weeks 
when Col. Huntington appointed him an orderly. He was 
a man who apparently never thought much of what he had 
done, for although he lived an eventful life, during a long 
and important period, after it was over very few records of his 
life in detail had been preserved. He was commissioned En- 
sign April 26, 1780, and marched to Virginia with the picked 
body of men chosen by the Marquis de Lafayette for the 
southern campaign. At the close of the war he was pro- 
moted to a Lieutenantcy, and assigned to the western 
army, where he continued uninterruptedly for fourteen 
years. During the last nine years of this period, to use 
his own words, he was " not absent from military duty 
one hour." This frontier service in those days of ambus- 

* See Revolutionary Rolls, published by the Connecticut Historical Society, 
p. 240. 

; X 















■— ' 


























cade and massacres, when the posts were weak and widely- 
separated, but the foe numerous and ever on the alert, was 
one of the greatest toil and danger. He here received the 
well earned promotion of Captain and Major. He distin- 
guished himself by defending Fort Harmar with a small 
number of men against a large body of Indians. An 
account of this exploit is to be found in the history of 
Ohio.* The following General Order bears witness to the 
soldierly qualities of Lieut. Kingsbury, and well illustrates 
the exigencies of the early border service : 

Fort Washington, 14th January, 1791. 
Extract from General Orders : 

The General is highly pleased with the cool and spirited conduct dis- 
played by Lieut. Kingsbury in repulsing a body of about 300 savages, 
who surrounded Dunlap's station on Monday morning last and besieged 
it, endeavoring to set it on five with their arrows, and keeping up a 
heavy fire against his small party for the space of twenty-five hours. 
. . . This spirited defence made by Lieut. Kingsbury, with so small 
a force as 35 men total, old and young, sick and well, and in such bad 
works, reflects the greatest credit upon him and his party. The General 
returns his thanks to him, and directs that the Adjutant transmit him a 
copy of these orders by the first conveyance. 

Jos. Harmar, Brig.-General. 

There is a letter extant which he wrote to his brother 
from Cincinnati, saying that he knew he ought to go East 
to attend to some of his business affairs connected with his 
father's estate, but that he could only get six months leave 
of absence, which would only give him time to go and 
return without having any time for business. His route 
home was via New Orleans; and this was not far from 1800, 

In 1799, he returned to Connecticut upon a furlough, 
where he spent the two following years in the recruiting 
service. He married Novetnber 24, 1799, Sarah Palmer, 
daughter of Dr. Benjamin and Rosanna (Thayer) Ellis, of 
Franklin, born June 17, 1774 (1778, T. S). Miss Ellis was a 
person of intelligence, refinement, force, and dignity, all of 
which characteristics were called in requisition by her sub- 
sequent experience. In 1802, he was again ordered to the 
frontier, and stationed among the Creek Indians in Georgia. 
Towards the close of the following year he was appointed. 

* Howe'.s Historical Collections of Ohio, 210. 


Lieutenant-Colonel, and transferred to the Western army, 
and stationed at Mackinaw, whence he was shortly transferred 
to the southwest, where he remained for several years, living 
at Bellefontaine at the mouth of the Missouri river, and at 
Fort Adams on the Mississippi, and in 1809 became Colonel 
of the First Infantry. His services in the southwest cov- 
ered the years in which Aaron Burr figured largely in that 
section. Burr called several times at the headquarters of 
Col. Kingsbury, and was evidently anxious to enlist his sym- 
pathies. But the two never met. Col. Kingsbury regarded 
him with suspicion, and was unwilling to compromise his own 
honor by intercourse with him. During the time of Burr's 
scheme for getting possession of Louisiana. Major Kings- 
bury was in command at New Orleans. He had occasion to 
visit some of the posts on the river above. He knew some- 
thing of what was going on, and he did not know whom he 
could trust. He laid the whole scheme before his wife, and 
virtually put her in command of the fort. Of course the next 
officer must be left in nominal command, but his wife was 
to watch, and at all hazards, in case of an uprising, to pre- 
vent the conspirators from getting possession of the fort. 
Fortunately there was no necessity for action, but she kept 
his counsel and was ready for any emergency. Very early 
in the war of 181 2, Col. Kingsbury was stationed at Detroit, 
and, as he once stated to the writer, was offered the com- 
mand at that post which subsequently devolved upon Gen. 
Hull, but an attack of illness, and his own distrust of the 
plans of the administration, gave him an excuse for declin- 
ing. He always said that no man could have avoided sur- 
render under the circumstances, and that Hull was made a 
scapegoat of to shield a weak war administration. At one 
time he conducted an expedition or transfer of troops from 
Detroit to the Mississippi, going through Lakes Huron and 
Michigan to the Chicago river, up that as far as practicable, 
then making a carry of a few miles to the Desplaines, one of 
the tributaries of the Illinois, and so on to the Mississippi. In 
a letter speaking of this trip he says the position of Chicago 
is a commanding one, and time will see here a great cit}'. 
During the latter part of the war of 18 12 he had charge of 
the forts at New London and Newport, and was appointed 

/ ) <■ r " > '^■^'^ ST?"^ ^^ — z'") A 

/<> fy'//i/nc//trrr/fy'Mi'rrf/f^ TriY/t/ /i'/z^r/t y</t'r-^ y7<t/t-^ir.n//rftrr //• V ^"r f^K 






I .•!U:ii/i^txi'y/.nt m I'fU C atUfirfiia/ ,^-llJ?i 


//'/// //<"// ./.,/./ 


V ///. 

'^/trH/t /Aj- Cp^t^fi^i 



Inspector- General of the Eastern Division of the Army, in 
which capacity he served till the close of the war, when 
he retired, having been forty years in commission in the 
military service of his country. 

At the close of the war he was retired and spent the 
remainder of his life at his home in Franklin, where he had 
an estate of about 400 acres that had been in the family 
since 1707, when Joseph Kingsbury went there from 

He was a man of most genial, kindly nature, with a lib- 
eral heart and an open hand, and was held in high esteem 
by all his neighbors. The writer remembers his visits as a 
boy to the old place, Kingsbury Hill. The free hospitality 
of the house, the retainers that seemed to be about the 
kitchen, barn, or yard, ready to hold horses, run of errands, 
or do nothing ; and apparently equally well pleased with 
either. It was an ideal place for a boy. 

Col. Kingsbury was a man of unswerving honor and 
integrity, and followed unflinchingly the path of duty. 
These qualities were strikingly exemplified throughout the 
nearly fifty years of his military life, and won for him uni- 
versal respect and esteem. In the Senate of the United 
States, in January, 1828, Gen. William H. Harrison, subse- 
quently president, said, " The first captain under whom I 
served. Col. Kingsbury of Connecticut, than whom wSparta 
nor Rome never produced a better soldier, informed me 
that he joined General Washington's army with a portman- 
teau filled with clothing, which becoming the common 
property of his brother officers, the stock was soon so re- 
duced that the portmanteau was dispensed with, and the 
remains of his wardrobe carried in the knapsack of a 
soldier." He was a member of the Order of the Cincinnati. 
He died in Franklin, July i, 1837. His wife died December 
16, 1857. [F. J. Kingsbury. '\ 

Jacob Kingsbtiry 

" To the memory of Jacob Kingsbury. 

An honest man. 

"After 40 years faithful service in every grade from a private soldier 

" to a Colonel of a Regiment and Inspector General — without fear and 

" without reproach, participating in the battles & privations of the war 



" that gave to his country independence and the Indian wars whose 
" result gave civilization to the West." Died July ist 1837. Aged Si 

Sally Painter Ellis Kingsbury 
"In memory of Sally Palmer relict of Col. Jacob Kingsbury. Born 
"June 17th 1778 Died Dec. i6th 1857." 

Sarah Hill Kingsbury 
" In memory of Sarah Hill daughter of Gen. J. & S. P. Kingsbury who 
"died Feb. loth 1840 Aged 24 years." 


896 Eliza Rosanna [Franklin CJi. Reel Thayer, born Sept. 28, 1800; 

died Nov. 3, 1800. 

897 James Wilkinson, born Sept. 28, 1801, in New Orleans, ss-*- 

898 Julia Anne Ellis, born Nov. 2, 1804, at Mackinaw, s-^ 

899 Thomas Humphrey Gushing, born at New Orleans, Dec. 23, 1806. 

900 William Eustis, born at Detroit, Nov. i, 1809. rz > 

qoi Benjamin Ellis, born Sept. 25, 1812 ; died March 29, 1813. 

go2 Sarah Hill, born July 20, 1815 ; died Feb. 10, 1840. 

903 Charles Ellis, born July 12, 1818 ; had a citizen's appointment 
(that is, an appointment without previous militar}* education) 
in the Second Regiment, United States Dragoons, at the time 
that regiment was authorized by Congress during General 
Jackson's administration, in 1836. He was but 18 years old 
and had never been twenty miles away from home. He soon, 
however, developed into a soldier, and was a favorite with 
the officers and men. After a short term of recruiting service 
at Warrenton, Va., he joined his regiment in Florida during 
the Seminole war, and after seeing some service in the Ever- 
glades, he died the following year, June 9, 1837, of fever, at 
Fort Mellen, Florida. A camp in Florida was named in his 
honor, and for some years the locality retained the name. 
News of his death reached home in Franklin some days 
before the death of his father, which took place July i, 1837; 
but his father was then quite feeble and he was not told of 
the event and died without the knowledge that his son had 
preceded him. [F. J. A'.] 

757 Sarah"' Kingsbury {Nathaniel'', Joseph \ Joseph \ 
//enry'), married Dr. Benjamin Ellis, of Franklin, October 4, 
1788, as his second wife. Her brother, Jacob, afterwards 
married a daughter of Dr. Ellis by a former marriage. He 
was a son of Rev. John and Bethiah Ellis, born at West 
Farms, in 1752. He died October 29, 1825. She died De- 
cember lo, 1831. Both buried in Franklin. 



A/rv',/ /faii'h'v, . Ircliilect and lUiihler. 



1 Kingsbury, born in Franklin, June {T. R.) 5, 1789 ; settled 

in Warren, near Paines Hollow, O. ; died there about 1815. 

2 Joseph Cheney, born in Franklin, Dec. 11, 1790; died July 13, 1795. 

3 Benjamin Grant, born in Franklin, Dec. 9, 1792; a physician, in 

Clinton, Lenawa Co., Mich.; m. May 29, 181 7, Abigail Loomis. 
She died Nov. 29, i860; he died Jan. 25, 1S69. 

4 Beihia Hill, born in Franklin, Dec. 29, 1794; m. Oct., 1832, Simon 

Loomis, of German Flats, now Ilion, N. Y. He died Aug. 20, 

1869 ; they had 3 ch. 

5 Taritha How, born in Franklin, May 3, 1797 ; m. Sept. 30, 1822, 

Chester Loomis, of German Flats, N. Y. He died Oct. 11, 

1870 ; they had 3 ch 

6 Daniel Denison, born in Franklin, Nov. 5, 1799 ; m. (i) Swift ; 

(2) Locke. 

759 Judge John' Kingsbury {Nathanid\ /oseph\ Joseph'', 
Henry ',) of Waterbury, Conn., was graduated from Yale Col- 
lege, 1786 ; during his college course, while the institution 
was temporarily broken up and the course of instruction 
interfered with by the war, he went on two privateering 
voyages from New London with his brother Jacob. After 
graduation he went to Waterbury to teach. Then studied 
at the Litchfield Law School; graduated 1790; and com- 
menced practice in Waterbury. He married November 6, 
1794, Marcia, daughter of Deacon Stephen and Sarah 
(Humaston) Bronson, born in Waterbury December 17, 
1764 ; a descendant of John Bronson, one of the first settlers 
of Hartford and Farmington, and a soldier in the Pequot 
War. He was appointed Judge of the County Court, 
1801, and held the office for many years ; presiding Judge 
until 1820 ; Judge of Probate until 1834 ; and represented 
the town many times in the Legislature, being elected sev- 
enteen times between 1796 and 1813. His wife died March 
21, 1813. He died August 26, 1844. 


904 Charles Denison, born Nov. 7, 1795, in Waterbury. i,:^-*- 

905 Julius Jesse Bronson, born Oct. 18, 1797, in Waterbury. r: -> 

906 John Southmayd, born Nov. 18, 1801, in Waterbury. ss— v 

907 Sarah Susannah, born Nov. 6, 1807, in Waterbury. ir;i->- 

765 Irena' Kingsbury {John\ Nathaniel \ Joseph'', 
Henry^), married, November 6, 1771, Jonathan Drake, of 


East Windsor,* born vSeptember 28, 17 19, son of Jere- 
miah and Hannah (Burnham) Drake. She was a second 
wife. Mrs. Irene Drake (formerly Kingsbury) brought a 
letter of recommendation from the Church in Enfield, 
February 28, 1772, to the Church in East Windsor, signed 
by the Rev. Elam Potter, stating that she was admitted 
into full communion in the former church. Mr. Drake died 
October 21, 1776, and she was appointed administratrix on 
his estate, February 14, 1777. September 13, 1782, the es- 
tate of Jonathan Drake, of East Windsor, Dec'', was distrib- 
uted to Irena, the Widow, " who hath for a valuable consid- 
eration relinquished to the Heirs her Right of Dower," — to 
Nathan Drake, Eldest Son, to Abel, Odiah, Eli (born 1770), 
Jerusha, and Anna, the other children. Hartford Probate 
Records, XXIII, 8y. Daniel Kingsbury, of Sandisfield, in 
the county of Berkshire, and Abigail Kingsbury, and Irene 
Drake, and Asahel Parsons, and Abigail his wife, of Windsor, 
and Abial Holt and Eunice his wife, and Nathan Holt, of 
Willington, all in the State of Connecticut, convey to John 
Kingsbury, of Enfield, land in E., 70 acres, October 24, 1780. 
— Enfield Land Records. She died in North Bolton (Vernon), 
February 13, 1803, in her 71st year [7". S. J2, ace. to Ch. Rec?[. 

766 Eunice' Kingsbury {John\ Nathaniei\ JosepJi" , 
Henry^), married, March 21, 1754, John Marshall, of Bolton ; 
he died May 21, 1759, aged 31, and lies buried in the Quarry- 
ville (Bolton) yard. He was born August 13, 1728, in Bolton, 
son of John and Damaris (Eglestone) Marshall. She mar- 
ried (2) April 8, 1767, as his second wife, Abiel Holt, of Will- 
ington. {IVillington Town Records?) He was born in Wind- 
ham, February i, 1727, son of Abiel and Hannah (Abbot) 
Holt, of Andover, Mass., and Windham. She died in Bolton, 
now Vernon, June 2, 1784. Deacon Abiel Holt died in Wil- 
lington, where he lived, October 2, 1785. She is buried in 


In Memory of 

M" Eunice Holt, 

wife of Deac" 

Abiel Holt she 

died June 2, 17S4 

in y 51" year 

of her age. 

— Willington Burying Ground. 

*"NoV6'i' A.D. 1771, then Jonathan Drake of East Windsor and Irena Kings- 
bury of said Enfield were joyned togather in marriage by me Ephr™ Terry, Justice 
of the Peace."— //i.y/'t'rj of Enjield^ II, lyqt. 



1 Deborah, born in Bolton, June 26, 1755 ; bapt. Aug. 10, 1755. 

2 John, born in Bolton, June 12, 1757 ; bapt. July 17, 1757. 


3 Andrew, born in Willington, May 3, 1768 ; married Hannah, dau. of 

Joseph and Nancy Smith, who died at Hadley, Mass., July 
28, 1855 ; he died at Hadley, Sept. 21, 1853, aged 84. He was 
a peddler. 

4 Abel, born in Willington, Dec. 29, 1779 ; m. (i) Kerchevel ; (2) 

Ruth King, of Wilbraham, Mass. 

5 Eunice, born in Willington, May 13, 1773. 

767 Lydia'' Kingsbury {Jo/m\ Naf/mfiieP, JosepJi\ Henry'), 
married, June 6, 1770, Nathan Holt, of Willington, son of 
Abiel and Hannah (A»bbot) Holt, of Andover, Mass., and 
Windham, Conn., born in Windham, April 18, 1733. She 
was his third wife, as he married (i) January 19, 1758, Abigail 
Merrick ; (2) November 26, 1766, Bathsheba Williams. Mrs. 
Lydia Holt died in Willington, March 22, 1776. Nathan 
Holt died in Willington, May 31, 1800. 

In Memory of M""" 

Lydia Holt, wife 

to M'- Nathan Holt 

& Daughter to M"' 

John Kingsbury 

of Infield, she 

died March 22'' 

1776, in y« 39"' 

year of her age. 

— Willington Burying Ground. 


1 Bathsheba, born in Willington, Jan. 11, 1772; d. in W., Jan. 20, 1790. 

2 John, born in Willington, April 11, 1774 ; died March 11, 1776. 

768 John' Kingsbury {John'', NathanieP, /oseph\ Henry'), 
of Enfield and Hartland, married in Enfield, December 
1 5) 1763, Desire, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Meach- 
am, born in Enfield, September 15, 1743. He removed to 
Hartland about 1773. He was admitted to the Church in Hart- 
land, February 4, 1776. John Kingsbury, jun^, of Hartland, 
"•in consideration of a piece of land that I have of my Hon'' 



Father, lying in Enfield, by a Deed of Equal Date, and Re- 
ceived to my Full Satisfaction as by way of Swap of Daniel 
Kingsbury, of Enfield, &c."; he mentions land that " I bought 
of my uncle, Phinehas Kingsbury." January 8, 1776. — Hart- 
land Land Records^ /, 4g8. 

Benjamin Graves, of East Haddam, conveys to John 
Kingsbury and Aaron Buck, of Hartland, land in Hartland, 
April I, i-jTT^.— Ibid., 1,372. 

He returned to Enfield, as he had a son born there in 
1785, and a daughter in 1788. Removed from Enfield to 
Halifax, Vermont, where he died. 

Daniel Kings*bury, of Sandisfield, conveys land in S. to 
John Kingsbury, of Enfield, March 7, 1787. — Berkshire Co. 
Registry of Deeds. 

John Kingsbury, of Enfield, conveys to Nathaniel Terry, 
" the lot of land on which I now dwell," January 2, 1790. 
— Efifield Land Records. 


908 Uriah, born in Enfield, Oct. 6, 1764. s: > 

909 Mary, born in Enfield, June 30, 1766. 

910 Desire, born in Enfield, Nov. 19, 1768 ; m. in Enfield, June 18 

(17, Ch. Rec), 17S8, Caleb Wright; one ch. Eunice, b. July 9, 

911 Joseph, born in Enfield, May 20, 1771. ^s^-^ 

912 John, born in Hartland, bapt. in Hartland, Sept. 24, 1775. 

913 Jeremiah, born in Enfield, July 25, 1778. 

914 Abner, born Aug. 28, 1781. 

915 RosEL, born in Enfield, Oct. 6, 17S5. 

916 Lydia, born in Enfield, March 12, 178S. 

771 Ensign DanieP Kingsbury {John\ Auit/ianier, Jo- 
seph'', Henry'), of Enfield, Hartland, and Sandisfield, married, 
February 7, 1771, Rose Pease, daughter of Benjamin and 
Abigail (Rose) Pease, of Enfield. He lived in Enfield, on 
land given him by his father; he was Sergeant of the com- 
pany raised in Enfield for the Lexington Alarm, under Ma- 
jor Nathaniel Terry. — Connecticut Men in the Revolution, 10. 
He was appointed Ensign in the Second Battalion of State 
troops, November, 1776, and served in Rhode Island under 
General Wooster, the following year. — Ibid., 424. He lived 
in Hartland for a time,* and was appointed Collector of State 

• Daniel Kingsbury, of HarUand, conveys to Uriel Holmes, of H., land in H., 
lying on the Hast Mountain, May lo, 1776. Hartland Land Records, 1, 521. 


taxes for that town in December, 1778; Daniel Kingsbury 
and wife admitted to the Church in Hartland, June 30, 1776; 
removed to Sandisfield in 1779. Mrs. Rose Kingsbury died 
in Sandisfield, April i, 1789, in the 38th year of her age. He 
settled later in Cherry Valley, N. Y. 


917 Lucy, born in Enfield, July 14, 1772. 

918 George, born in Enfield, June 28, 1775. 

919 Isaac, son of Daniel Kingsbury, bapt. in Hartland, July 6, 1777. 

920 Benjamin, born in Sandisfield, July i, 1779. 

921 John, born in Sandisfield, Dec. 17, 1782. 

922 Abigail, born in Sandisfield, March 13, 1785. 

923 Eunice, born in Sandisfield, Sept. i, 1786. 

924 William, born in Sandisfield, July 2, 1788; died in Sandisfield, June 

8, 1789. 

772 Abigail' Kingsbury {/o/in\ NathanieP, Joseph'', 
Nenry^), married, in Enfield, November 11, 1773, Asahel 
Parsons, of Enfield, born December 11, 1747, son of 
Christopher, Junr, and Mary Parsons, of Enfield. vShe died 
in Enfield, May 3, 1802, aged 50* [T. S.'] He married (2) 
January 26, 1803, Hannah Sexton. He died in Enfield, May 
31, 1816. His widow, Hannah, died March 25, 1837, aged 89. 


1 Abigail, born Nov. 27, 1775; d. Nov. 28, 1775. 

2 Asahel, born June 29, 1778 ; d. June 11, 1857; m. May 16, 1811, Christ- 

ian, dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah (Hurlburt) Terry, b. in Enfield, 
January 4, 1782. Ch. i, Jabez, b. March 10, 1S12; m. in Elling- 
ton, October 17, 1833, Mary Harriet, dau. of Chester andPolly 
(Buckland) Allen, born in ElHngton, May 17, 1811; he was a 
farmer, and is still living in Enfield : 3 ch. 2, Amelia Terry, 
b. February 7, 1816; m. May 17, 1832, Loren Buckland of 
Ellington; res. South Hadley; d. December 8, 1874. 3, Christ- 
ian Lucinda, b. February i, 1819; m. September 15, 1841, 
Sylvester Viets, of Russell, Mass.; d. September 20, 1890. 4, 
John Winthrop, b. March 16, 1822; m. and had ch. ; d. January 
13, 1893. 

* A Record of Deaths in Enfield from 1785 to 1849, selected from a Record Book in 
possession of Mr. Jabez Parsons, b. 1812, who kindly lent the book for this purpose, 
's given in the History of Enfield, Vol. Ill, p. 2615. " The first eighteen years of this 
record were written up by his grandmother Abigail (Kingsbury) Parsons, who died 
in 1802. After her death it was continued by her son, Asahel Parsons, and when his 
hand failed his son, Jabez Parsons, kept up the record until 1883. This record is 
quite full and valuable." History of Enfield, HI, i^id. 


3 Jabez, b. October 8, 1782; m. January 29, 1801, Mabel Parsons; he d. 
March 25, 1807. Ch. i Abigail, b. October 8, iSoi: d. Decem- 
ber 31, 1815. 2 Anson Kingsbury, b. April 14, 1805; m. vSept. 
27, 1827, Caroline Reynolds; he d. March 25, 1891. 

773 Hannah^ Kingsbury {Nathaniel"^ Nathaniel ^, Joseph^, 
Iien>y), married, as his second wife, December 12, 1769, 
Captain Ichabod Hinkley, of Tolland, born in Willington, 
October 13, 1735. He was son of Benjamin Hinkley, and 
grandson of Ichabod Hinkley, who removed from Barn- 
stable, Mass., to Tolland. Ichabod was Adjutant of the 
company which marched from Tolland in the Lexington 
Alarm ; Lieutenant of the Sixth Company, Third Battalion, 
Wadsworth's Brigade, June-December, 1776 ; Captain in the 
Second Connecticut Line from January i, 1777, to January 
I, 1 781 ; twice a member of the General Assembly, and 
fourteen years Selectman of Tolland. He died February 
23, 1807, aged 72.* She died March 8, 1823, aged 85. 
Distribution of her estate, September 13, 1824 : to Polly 
Griggs, wife of Samuel Griggs ; Hannah Farley, wife of 
Benjamin Farley; Sarah Hinkley; all daughters of the 
deceased. — Stafford Probate Records. 


1 Mary, ; married, Feb. 16, 1792, Samuel Griggs, of Tol- 

land ; he died Oct. 20, 1833, aged 65. 

2 Hannah, ; married Benjamin Farley, son of Benjamin 

and Jean Farley, bapt. in Willington, June, 1773. 

3 Sarah, ; unmarried in 1824. 

4 Deborah, ; married Lamart ? Harvey. 

778 Ruth' Kingsbury {Nathanier, Nathaniel, Joseph^, 
i/(?«r)''), married, February 8, 1776, Reuben Porter of Elling- 
ton. She died in Ellington, March 26, 1783. 


1 Ruth, born Dec. 14, 1776, in Ellington. 

2 Eunice, born Nov. 26, 1778, in Ellington. 

3 David, born Sept. 6, 17S0, in Ellington. 

776 Nathaniel' Kingsbury {Nat/taniel*, Nat/ianiel', Jo- 
seph^, Henry^), of Tolland, married, June 6, 1782, Sarah, 

• Ichabod Hinkley mentions in his will : wife Hannah, dau" Sarah, Anna, wife 
of George Hubbard ; Bethiah, wife of Zoeth Eldridge ; Mary, wife of Samuel 
Griggs; Hannah, wife of Benjamin Farley ; Deborah, wife of Lamart (?) Harvey ; 
only son, Ichabod Hinkley, Jr.; March 29, i%o6.—Stafford Probate Records. 


daughter of David and Eunice Dorchester, of Bolton, born 
in Somers, November 7, 1759. . He resisted payment of tax 
for steeple. Nathaniel Kingsbury, Sen"", of Tolland, con- 
veyed land in the Northeasterly part of s*^ town, on the 
west side of the Willimantic river, to his son Nathaniel, 
February 8, 1796. — Tolland Land Records, IX, lyj. His wife 
died May 5, 1819, aged 60. He died September 23, 1834. 


925 Clarissa, born in Tolland, June 4, 1783. s-*- 

926 Sarah, born in Tolland, Nov. 27 (21 T. R.), 1787. r; > 

780 Deacon Jabez' Kingsbury {Nathanier, NathanieP , 
Joseph"^, Hejiry^), of Tolland, married, March 15, 1776, 
Anna Hatch, of Tolland, born September 18, 1759, daugh- 
ter of Joseph and Mary (Clark) Hatch. He served in 
the Revolution. About August, 1778, he was enrolled 
in the cavalry, and was drafted as a musician under 
Captain James Chamberlain, marched to Rhode Island, 
and joined General Sullivan, on the Island of Rhode 
Island, and was in the battle at Quaker's and Butts Hills, 
August 29, 1778. The next day the Americans retreated to 
the mainland, and he with his company escorted General 
Sullivan to Providence, and was discharged.* He was 
Deacon of the Congregational church many years ; Justice 
of the Peace twelve years, 1806-17, Selectman six years; 
member of the General Assembly three sessions, October 
1807-09; discharging his various public and private duties 
with unusual ability. His wife died June 12, 1842, aged 
83. He died December 25, 1844. He carried on an exten- 
sive farming business with great success, and without noise, 
hurry, or confusion. — History of Tolland, p. 66. 


927 Sarah, born in Tolland, Dec. 18, 1776. s-^- 

928 Mary, born in Tolland, Jan. i, 1778 ; died Feb. 7, 1778. 

929 Sabrina, born in Tolland, 1779 ; m. Nov. 10, 1803, Moseley Talcott, 

of Marlborough, Conn., born in Hebron, July 31, 1779, son of 
Gad and Abigail (Root) Talcott ; she died childless, Sept. 8, 
1822, in Marlborough; buried in the Talcott vault. He m. (2) 
April 6, 1825, Harriet (Sweetland), widow of Elisha Cook, of 
Manchester, and had 4 ch. He d. in Glastonbury, April 22, 

• U. S. Pension Office Rolls ; Connecticut Men in the Revolution, 656, 665. 


930 John, born in Tolland, Oct. 28, 1782. zz > 

931 Hannah. 5: > 

781 Samuer Kingsbury {Nathanid"^ Natkaniel\ Joseph'', 
ffe/iry^), of Tolland, married, June 3, 1789, Mary Benton, who 
was born Sept. 18, 1772 ; she died June 19, 1841. He re- 
moved to Langdon, N. H., and later to Amherst, Mass., where 
he died September 27, 185 1; he mentions in his will, dated 
April 12, 1845, daughters Hannah and Mary, "who have 
taken kind care of me," "to have the house and land where 
I live," remainder of property to be divided among other 
children ; admitted to probate February 3, 1852, Hannah 
Kingsbury, Executrix. — HampsJiire County Registry of Wills, 
XLIX, 42. 


932 Hannah, born March 17, 1790 ; died unmarried Sept. 5, 1871. 

933 Betsey, born Aug. 14, 1791 ; married Solomon Gilbert; died July 

31, 1 841 ; no ch. 

934 Candace, born Jan. 31, 1794; m. Mellen ; died July 4, 1840; 

descendants live in Maine. 

935 Nathaniel, born April 9, 1796. a: ■ > 

936 Samuel, born May 24, 1798. Ss-»- 

937 Enoch, born April 21, 1800, in Langdon, N. H. s-»- 

938 Ira, born Sept. 20, 1802 ; died May 17, 1803. 

939 Mary, born April 3, 1804; died unmarried, Nov. 7, 1856. 

940 Benjamin, Nov. 28, 1806 ; died June 2, 1806. 

941 Caroline, born Feb. 11, 1808 ; died April 12, 18 10. 

942 Lyman, born Nov. 25, 1810, in Langdon, N. H. s->- 

943 Anna Maria, born May 14, 1813, in Amherst, Mass. 

782 Elizabeth' Kingsbury {Simon\ NathanieP, Joseph'', 
Henry'), married, in 1774, as his fourth wife, Abraham 
Dewey, of Lebanon, Conn. She died April 4, 1798. 


I Lavinia, born July 25, 1776. 

785 Hannah^ Kingsbury {Simon*, Nathaniel^, Joseph"", 
Henry'), married, July 16, 1771, Amos Cady, of Tolland, after- 
wards of Vernon, Conn., son of John Cady, of Tolland. vShe 
died November 7, 1786. Her husband married secondly, 
October, 1790, Esther, daughter of Rev. Moses and Martha 
(Edwards) Tuthill, of Granville, Mass., and Southold, L. I. 
He died in Vernon, August 3, 1843, aged 96 years and 11 



1 Sarah, born in Tolland, Jan. 16, 1772; m. in North Bolton, June 16, 

1796, Samuel Lyman, b. Feb. 1772, son of James Lyman, of 
Bolton; she died June 4, 1797, s. p. 

2 John, born in Tolland, Oct. 12, 1773. 

3 Simon, born in Tolland, March 21, 1776 ; died May 24, 1776. 

4 Russell, born in Tolland, June 12, 1777; living in Vernon, in 1S50, on 

the old family farm ; he m. Nov. 26, 1810, Betsey Chapman, 
of Vernon. [Betsey, wife of Russell Cady, died Sept. 23, 1830, 
aged 48. Gravestone in old Andover Burying Ground.] He d. 
in Vernon, Dec. 20, 1861, aged 84. [Sophia H.,wife of Russel 
Cady, d. June 16, 1883, aged 92. Vernon Burying Ground.] 
Amos, born in Tolland, May 11, 1779; m. in Amherst, Mass., Aug. 6, 
1807, Hannah Kellogg, of Amherst ; he died in Guilford, Sept. 
3, 1826. His wife died in New London, Feb. 14, 1S39 ; 5 ch. 
Amos Cady lived in Bolton, East Windsor, and Andover, Mass. 

6 Dele,* born in Tolland, June 5, 1781; died March 27, 1801, in Vernon. 

7 Simon, born in Tolland, June 27, 1783. 

788 Doctor Joseph^ Kingsbury {S/j//on\ JVafAa?n'e/^, /o- 

seph"^, Henry'), of Ellington. " He was the son of a farmer, 
and in^his latter years often described the habits of society 
in the days of his youth. Though residing more than a 
mile from the meeting-house, he used in summer, until 
more than a dozen years old, to attend service without hat 
or coat, and with breeches that left the legs bare below the 
knees — a simplicity of dress that was common to boys of his 
age in Ellington at that day. He wrote an elegant hand 
which he had acquired mostly by writing on birch bark, 
then in general use among school boys as a substitute for 
paper." — Stiles' History of Ancient Windsor, /, Sjj. At the 
age of twenty-one he enlisted in Washington's army for three 
years as a fifer, in which capacity he participated in the 
battles of Monmouth and Germantown, and various other 
minor engagements. His service in the Revolution is de- 
scribed as follows in the U. S. Pension Office Rolls : " He 
enlisted, March, 1777, for three years under Capt. Paul Brig- 
ham, in the regiment commanded by CoP^ John Chandler, 
Giles Russell, and Isaac Sherman, as a Fifer, and was in the 
battles of Germantown, October 4, 1777, and Monmouth, 
June 28, 1778. The regiment was at the historic camp of 
Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-8." He was also in the 
company raised for the Lexington Alarm in East Windsor 
and in the State troops as a Sergeant. In early life he had 
intended to be a physician, and while in the service as a 

* or Dilla, 


musician he enjoyed some leisure during which he sought 
improvement by observation and otherwise in the hospitals, 
and some of the surgeons readily gave him such instruction 
as might at the moment be practicable. Possessing a re- 
markable aptitude for gathering medical information, and 
for arranging it into some system of ideas peculiar to him- 
self, he quitted the army with a good stock of professional 
knowledge, and after studying awhile with Dr. Joseph B. 
Wadsworth, he commenced practice in Ellington. He mar- 
ried, February 26, 1788, Roxana Allyn, widow of Dr. Wads- 
worth, and daughter of Lieut. Josiah and Ann (Allyn) Allyn. 
She inherited a large fortune, and his health failing, the 
result of the hardships endured in his campaigns, he gradu- 
ally relinquished practice. He was in most cases partial to 
botanic and simple remedies ; his ideas on medical science 
were original ; his success often indicated a peculiar skill ; 
he enjoyed a high rank in his profession ; health and pov- 
erty only were needed to urge him to exertions that must 
greatly have extended his reputation. He was a gentleman 
of the old school and adhered to the costume of the Revolu- 
tionary age. He was Deacon in the church twenty-five 
years.* His wife, who was born April 20, 1753, died March 
5, 1820. He died in Ellington, August 29, 1822, aged 66. 

Dr. Wadsworth, in his will, gives to Doctor Joseph Kings- 
bury "one-third part of what he oweth me for his Instruc- 
tion in Physick, and a book called Ouinzy Dispensatory," 
February 21, 1784. An "old Herbelist " mentioned in Dr. 
Wadsworth's inventory. 


944 Sophia, born in Ellington. Feb. 13, 1789. zz > 

945 Josiah Allyn, born in Ellington, Jan. 9, 1791. z: > 

791 Esther' Kingsbury {Si»wn\ Nathaniel\ Joseph'', 

Hetiry'), married (i) Loomis, (2) Deacon Rufus Collins, 

of Ellington ; after his death he married Submit ; he 

died before Feb. 26, 1810, when his estate was distributed to 
the following children : Thomas Collins, Jemima Potwine, 
George P. Collins, Clarissa Collins, Jabez Collins, Chester 

•Dr. Kingsbury's granddaughter, Mrs. Baird, wrote, March 27, 1883, "I have 
heard Rev. Dr. Brockway say (he was pastor of the church while Dr. K. was dea- 
con), that no minister could have a more valuable adviser than Dr. K. was to him. 
He was literally his ' right hand man,' and was ready at all times with sympathy, 
counsel and aid." 


Collins, Anson Collins, Esther Collins, Philura Collins, Nancy- 
Collins, Joseph Collins, and Charlotte Collins; East Windsor 
Probate Records^ ^l^^i 116. 


1 Anson, born Jan. 15, 1789, in Ellington ; living in Ellington in 1812, 

when he sold to David D. Wadsworth a house and land in 
Ellington, set out to him from the estate of iMrs. Esther Col- 
lins, dec'^ ; removed to Ohio, and died early ; unmarried. 

2 Esther, born Oct. 3, 1792 ; died in Ellington, unmarried ; she also 

sold to David D. Wadsworth land in Ell,, April 12, 1814 ; May 
8, 1823, she conveyed to Submit Morton, of Ell., her rights 
in the estate of Rufus Collins, dec'. 

792 Sarah' Kingsbury {Simon*, NathanieP, Joseph^, 
Henry^), married in Ellington, October 5, 1794, David Hale, 
born March 22, 1772, son of Benjamin and Mary (Taylor) 
Hale, of Harvard, Mass.; settled first in Rutland, Mass.; 
later removed to Turner, Oxford Co., Maine, where he died 
February 6, 1846, aged 74 years ; she died in Turner, May 7, 
1847, aged 81 years. Hon. Eugene Hale, U. S. Senator, says 
in a letter, Nov. 10, 1900, "My sister, Mrs. Dr. Cushing, of 
Turner, writes to me, recalling the bright intelligence and 
refinement of our grandmother, Sarah Kingsbury Hale." 


1 Sophia, born in Rutland. Nov. 17, 1795 ; married Jacob Dresser, of 

Albany, Me.; died Dec, 1880, s. p. 

2 Marinda, born in Turner, April 2, 1797 ; married Elias Whiting, of 

Winthrop, Me.; died Oct. 18, 1861. 3 ch. 

3 Sally, born in Turner, Nov. 22, 1798 ; died Feb. 19, 1799. 

4 David, born in Turner, Jan. 22, 1800; m. (i) Asenath Lane; (2) 

Esther Eustis ; he was a physician, living at different times in 
Albion, St. Albans, Fayette, and last in Livermore, Me., 
where he died Sept. i, 1868. 

5 Sarah Kingsbury, born in Turner, Aug. 26, 1801 ; married William 

Loring ; died, 1869. 

6 RoswELL,born in Turner, Oct. 28, 1803 ; died Dec. 6, 1803. 

7 James Sullivan, born in Turner, Dec. 13, 1806; married Feb. 11, 

1S35, Betsey Staples; died in Turner, Dec. 17, 1880; had 5 
ch. His son, Hon. Eugene Hale, U. S. Senator from Maine, 
was born in Turner, June 9, 1836 ; received an academic edu- 
cation ; studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1857, and 
commenced practice at the age of 20 ; was for nine successive 
years county attorney for Hancock County ; was a member of 
the Legislature of Maine in 1867, 1868, and 1880; was elected 
to the Forty-first, Forty-second, and Forty-Third Congresses; 
was appointed Postmaster-General by President Grant in 1874, 


but declined; was reelected to the Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth 
Congresses ; was tendered a Cabinet appointment as Secre- 
tary of the Navy, by President Hayes, and declined ; was 
chairman of the Republican Congressional committee for the 
Forty-fifth Congress ; received the degree of LL.D. from 
Bates College, from Colby University, and from Bowdoin Col- 
lege ; was a delegate to the Cincinnati Convention in 1876, 
and the Chicago Conventions in 1868 and 1880 ; was elected to 
the United States Senate as a Republican to succeed Hanni- 
bal Hamlin, and took his seat March 4, 1881 ; was reelected in 
1887, 1893, and 1S99. His term will expire March 4, 1905. He 
was married Dec. 20, 187 1, to Mary Douglass, only daughter 
of Zachariah Chandler, U. S. Senator from Michigan. 

793 Nathanier Kingsbury {/abez\ Nathamel\ Joseph^, 
Henry). He served in the Lexington Alarm in Captain 
Buell's Company, raised in Coventry. — Cotiuecticut Men in the 
Revolution, S. He was very possibly the Nathaniel Kingsbury 
who was Sergeant in Captain James Clark's company, Col. 
Sage's Regiment, Wadsworth's Brigade, in the New York 
campaign, 1776. — Ibid. He married, March 5, 1778, Asenath 
Daggett, born January 25, 1755, daughter of Samuel and 
Anne (Bushnell) Daggett, of Coventry. He lived in that 
part of Coventry now Andover. The house built by him in 
1781 was pulled down in 1897, and a new one built very near 
its site by his grand-nephew, Mr. William B. Kingsbury. 
He was Representative from Coventry to the General As- 
sembly, 1806, 1810, 1812. His wife died September 6, 1823, 
in Cazenovia, N. Y., in the 69th year of her age, while visit- 
ing her children. He died February 5, 1829, in Andover. 
His will is dated June 9, 1826 — called of Coventry, mentions 
son Allen, of Cazenovia — dau' Wealthy Cone, of Hebron, 
"to her my great Bible called Cary's Bible," son Jabez, 
"Scott's Bible," "all my Library I give to my three children 
to be equally Divided between them, after taking out the 
two Bibles." Son Jabez and son-in-law, Zachariah Cone, 
Executors. — Andover Prob. Rec, X^ 426. 


946 Allen, born in Andover, Feb. 9, 1779- = ■■> 

947 Wealthy, born in Andover, Oct. 24, 1783. =: > 

948 Asenath. born in Andover, Oct. 17, 1785 ; died, aged 20. "Miss 

Asenath, Daughter of M^ Nath' & M" Asenath Kingsbury 
Departed this life June 12, 1808, in the 23"^'' year of her age." 
— 7". 5'., Andover Burying Ground. 

949 Jabez, born in Andover, Oct. 9, 1788. r: > 


795 Captain Joseph' Kingsbury {Jabez\ NathanieP, 
Joseph^, Hejiry^), of Andover. He served as Corporal in 
Captain Eleazar Hutchinson's Company, in Colonel Hos- 
ford's Regiment of State Militia, in 1776.* He married, 1783, 
Ruth Benton, of Tolland (perhaps daughter 0/ William 
Benton). She died October 10, 1813, in the 57th year of her 
age. He died September 7, 1835. In his will he mentions 
children, Sophia Hutchinson, Mary Burnap, William Kings- 
bury, Joseph Kingsbury, Jun'', Harvey Kingsbury, Royal 
Kingsbury ; dated September 26, 1834. — Andover Prob. Rec. 


950 Sophia, born July 27, 1784, in Andover. s > 

951 Betsey, born Feb. 16, 1786 ; died June 3, 1794, in Andover. 

952 Mary, born Nov. 16, 1787, in Andover. s: > 

953 William, Aug. 13, 1789, in Andover. a > 

954 Joseph, born July 19, 1791, in Andover. :z: > 

955 Harvey, born Dec. 17, 1794, in Andover. s; - > 

956 Royal, born July 4, 1798, in Andover. — ■ > 

798 Mary^ Kingsbury {Jabez\ Nathaniel'', Joseph'', 
Henry"), married, June i, 1785, John Townsend, of Andover, 
born December 22, 1758. They removed from Andover to 
Benton, Yates Co., N. Y. She died July 30, 1825. He died 
April 9, 1841. 


1 Mary, born April 24, 1786 ; married in 1803, D. Silvester. 

2 John, born Feb. 17, 1791 ; married in 1812, Parnel Bishop. 

3 Amelia, born March 27, 1795; married in 1819, William Williams ; 

died Feb. 24, 1843. 

801 Prudence^ Kingsbury (/<?J<?//2\ NathanieP, Joseph'', 
Henry^), married, December 2, 1767, as his second wife. Cap- 
tain Allyn Stillman, of Wethersfield, born March 20, 173 1/2, 
son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Allyn) Stillman. " He was a 
sea-captain in the employ of Congress or the State in 1777, 
and was despatched to the West Indies for a large cargo of 
salt; afterwards removed to Enfield, where he has descen- 
dants still living." — Hi7iman, p. 241. She died August 28, 
1788. Captain Stillman died July 20, 1803, aged 71. 

• Revolutionary Rolls, published by the Connecticut Historical Society, p. 161. 



1 Mary, born Oct. 19, 1768; died unmarried, in Enfield, March 23, 


2 Samuel Allyn, born Aug. i, 1778 ; m. Jan. 19, 1813, in Enfield, 

Mabel Terry, born March 14, 1778, daughter of Joseph and 
Li5cy (Treat) Terry, of Enfield. The wife of Samuel A. Still- 
man died April iS, 1833, aged 55, buried in Enfield. He was 
a Representative from Enfield to the Connecticut Legislature, 
in 1849. It is said that he moved West with his family about 
1S50 : 5 ch. 

3 Prudence, born May 29, 1782; died unmarried, in Enfield, Feb. 

26, 1842. 

802 Lemuer Kingsbury {Joseph\ Nathaniel'\ Joseph"",, 
Henry"), of Enfield ; married, December 23, 1773, Alice, 
daughter of Samuel and Mary (Kellogg) Terry, of Enfield, 
born June 26, 1752. He served as a private in the company 
raised in Enfield for the Lexington Alarm, under Major Na- 
thaniel Terry. — Contiecticut Men in the Revolution, 10. His wife 
died March 22, 1830. He died in Enfield, September 14, 1846. 
He lived at first in a house about a half mile east of the main 
road, on his father's property, but after his father's death 
occupied the family mansion, and became the wealthiest 
man in Enfield. He often filled offices in town and state, 
and was an earnest politician. He delighted in his old age 
to tell how he once stood alone in Town meeting, and voted 
for Thomas Jefferson, the first (so-called) Democratic Presi- 
dent of the United States. He was a strong pedestrian. On 
his eightieth birthday he performed the journey from Glas- 
tonbury to Enfield on foot, a distance of 25 miles. 


957 Joseph, born May 19, 1774. 

958 Alice, born Nov. 3, 1775. s-»- 

959 Lemuel, born Sept. 3, 1777. e > 

960 Mary, born June 18, 1779. r:-> 

961 Henry, born Aug. 8, 1781 ; died unmarried, Dec. 9 (8), 1841. He 

was a farmer, merchant, and public man in Enfield. 

962 Horace, born Dec. 23, 1783 ; died in Enfield, Aug. 27, 1830, unm. 

963 Solomon, born Jan. 4, 1787. ~ > 

964 Prudence, born Jan. 6, 1789. s > 

965 Nancy, born May 14, 1792. s > 

966 Betsey, born March 8 (7), 1795 ; died unmarried, Oct. 20, 1811, in 



803 SibyP Kingsbury {Denison\ NathanieP, Joseph^, 
Henry^), married December 17, 1772, Eleazer Pomeroy, of 
Coventry ; she died May i, 1785, in the 33d year of her age, 
and her husband married secondly, Priscilla, daughter of 
Ebenezer Kingsbury. [See No. 735.] 

805 Eunice^ Kingsbury (Z)^/^/^-^'^', NathanieP, Joseph'', 
Henty), married, November 30, 1784, Nathaniel Olmsted, 
of East Hartford, born July 19, 1751, son of Nathaniel and 
Sarah (Pitkin) Olmsted. She was his second wife, his first 
having been Thankful Huntington, who died November 24, 
1782. He died June 9, 1792, and she married (2), January i, 
1800, Ephraim Webster, of East Hartford and Farmington, 
son of Ebenezer and Rebecca Webster, born November 26, 
1747. He died in Farmington, May 17, 1833 ; she died there 
December 6, 1846, aged 91. 


1 Nathaniel, born Dec. 31, 1785, in East Hartford; was a goldsmith 

and clock-maker in Farmington. "Here for twenty years 
were made the tall clocks bearing his name, which still cor- 
rectly measure time with their solemn beat. He removed 
to New Haven, to be near his brother, Professor Denison 
Olmsted, and there died in i860, most genial and lovable of 
men. His funeral discourse was from the words, ' Behold an 
Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile." "* Married, June 
18, 1810, Phidelia, daughter of Abner and Sarah (Bingham) 
Burnap, and niece of Daniel Burnap, the famous clock-maker 
of East Windsor, with whom Nathaniel Olmsted served his 
apprenticeship; she was born March 3, 1787, d. Feb. 13, 1870. 
Ch.: (i) Harriet T., b. March 29, 1815 ; m. Oct. 18, 1842, Rev. 
FrederickT. Perkins (Y. C, 1839); died at Tilton, N. H., Sept. 
9, 1859. (2) George, b. May 2, 1817 ; m. Nov. 4, 1845, Mary 
North; a jeweler in New Haven; died in Rochester, N. Y., 
Jan. 16, 1886. (3) Cornelia, b. June 6, 1819; d. unm., July 8, 
1862. (4) Eliza, b. May 10, 1821; m. Oct. 2, i860. Rev. F. T. 
Perkins, as second wife, d. April 22, 1881. (5) Henry, b. April 
7, 1823; m. April 7,* 1852, Catherine M. Hyde, b. Oct. 10, 1833; 
a jeweler in New York city; living in New Canaan, Conn., 1886; 
4 ch. (6) Mary Phidelia, b Dec. 3, 1830; d. unm. Jan. 17, 1885. 

2 Thankful, b. Oct. 8, 1787 ; died unm.. May 18, 1810. 

3 Sarah, born Sept. 15, 1789 ; m. Russell Richards, of Farmington and 

Bristol, Conn., born May 6, 1786, son of William and Sarah 
(Shepard) Richards; she d. Dec. 19, 1856 ; he d. April 19, 1859. 

* Old Houses in Farmington, by Julius Gay, 18. 



4 Demson, born June 18, 1791, in East Hartford; grad. Yale College, 
18 13; at once given charge of the Union School in New 
London. In 1815 he returned to Yale as tutor, and began the 
study of theology, with a \new to the ministry, but in 1S17 he 
was called to the chair of chemistry, mineralogy, and geology 
in the University of North Carolina. Here he proposed and 
executed the first geological survey ever attempted in the 
United States, publishing reports of his work in 1824 and 1825. 
He was appointed in 1825 professor of mathematics and natu- 
ral philosophy at Yale, which chair he retained until 1836, 
when it was divnded at his request, and the department of 
mathematics given to another professor. He devoted much 
time to the study of physical science, 'and he published an 
elaborate theory of hailstones in 1830 which caused much dis- 
cussion, but finally received the general approbation of me- 
teorologists. Prof. Olmsted and his associate. Prof. Loomis, 
were in 1835 the first American investigators to obser\^e the 
Halley comet. He was a member of various scientific socie- 
ties, and his more technical papers may be found in their 
transactions. He also contributed largely to reviews and to 
other periodical literature, especially in the direction of biog- 
raphy. He published a number of text-books on natural phi- 
losophy and astronomy, of which more than 200,000 copies 
were sold. — Appleton's Encyclopedia 0/ American Biogra- 
phy, IV,£Tj. He m. (1) Eliza Allyn ; she died June 9, 1829. 

(2) Julia Mason; ch. (i) Francis Allyn, b. July 14, 1819; grad. 
Yale College, 1839 ; died July 19, 1844. (2) John Howard, b. 
Sept. 8, 1S20 ; grad. Yale College, 1845 ; died Jan. 17, 1S46. 

(3) Cornelia, b. 1821 ; m. Aug. 30, 1S44, Melancthon H. 
Seymour; died in Montreal, Can., Dec. 24. i369 (4) Alex- 
ander Fisher.b. Dec. 20, 1822 ; grad. Yale College, 1844 ; died 
May 5, 1853. (5) Denison, b. Feb. 16, 1S24 ; grad. Yale Col- 
lege, 1844; died Aug. 15, 1846. (6) Eliza, born June, 1825 ; 
died Oct. 16, 1826. (7) Lucius Duncan, b. 182S; m. (i) Jessie, 
daughter of Thaddeus Sherman of New Haven; she died Feb. 
14, 1857 ; (2) Hannah L. Merriam, of Springfield, Mass ; he 
died in Springfield, Mass., March 13, 1862. (8) Julia Mason, 
b. Aug. 15, 1832. Prof. Olmsted died in New Haven, May 
13, 1859. 

806 Hannah' Kingsbury {Denison\ Nathaniel*, Joseph'', 
Nenry^) married Captain Adonijah White, of Hebron, June 
i7> 1777. ill Gilead, Conn. Adonijah White born in Hebron, 
October 22, 1752, son of James and Rachel (Chapwell) White. 
He served as Corporal in Captain Eleazar Hutchinson's com- 


pany, Colonel Hosford's Regiment, State Militia, 1776.* He 
died in that part of Hebron now Andover, October 29, 1827. 
Mrs. Hannah (Kingsbury) White died in Andover, August 
23, 185 1, aged 95. In an old burying-ground in the south 
part of Andover is a monumental shaft in memory of Adon- 
ijah White, his wife Hannah, and Adonijah, Jr., Sarah, 
George, Augustus K., and Nancy, their children. His will 
is dated August 20, 1825, exhibited in Court November 6, 
1827; he mentions wife Hannah, daughter Nancy White, son 
Gardner White, of Watertown, N. Y., daughter Sybil White, 
son Augustus K. White. 


1 Lydia, born in Hebron, Feb. 4, 1778. 

2 Nancy Ann (Anna), born in Hebron, Jan. 19, 1780 ; d. unm. in 

Andover, March 6, 1865, aged 85. 

3 Sarah, born in Hebron, Nov. 29, 1782 ; m. in 1800, Roswell Birge, 

of Hebron, son of Jonathan and Rachel (Strong) Birge, born 
April 8, 1777, he d. in 1812 ; his widow m. in 1817, Zenas 
Loomis, of Coventry, and d. Jan. 25, 1834. Her only child, 
Alonzo White Birge, of Andover, b. Nov. 26, 1801, m. (i) Dec. 
1826, Mrs. Eliza, widow of Major John Ensworth, daughter 
of Major John Kennedy, of East Hartford ; she d. Dec. 4, 
1843, and he m. (2) Oct. 23, 1849, Hetty, dau. of Thomas 
Belden, of Hartford. Mr. Birge was a Representative to the 
General Assembly from Coventry in 1833, State Senator, 1837, 
one of the Presidential Electors from Connecticut in 1840, 
Judge of Probate, 1842-3, and later, Treasurer of the State of 
Connecticut in 1847. 

4 Gardner, born in Hebron, Feb. 13, 1785 ; settled in Watertown, 

N. Y. 

5 Lemuel, born in Hebron, June 19, 1787 ; lived in Wisconsin. 

6 George, born in Hebron, Aug. lo, 1789 ; a physician in Lansing- 

burgh, N. Y., where he died Oct. 13, 1812, aged 24. 

7 Sybil, born in Hebron, Feb. 11, 1791. 

8 Adonijah, ; died in infancy. 

9 Adonijah, born 1794 ; a physician in that part of Hebron now 

Andover ; died June 8, 1853, aged 59. 
10 Augustus K., born 1797 ; died at Van Buren, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1835, 
aged 38. 

809 John Denison' Kingsbury {Denison\ Nathaniel'', 
Joseph'\ Hcnrf), of Andover, Conn., and Hanover, N. H., 
married May 19, 1787, in East Hartford, Anna, daughter of 
Thaddeus and Hannah (Pitkin) Olmsted, born April 6, 1768, 

♦Revolutionary Rolls, published by the Connecticut Historical Society, 161. 


in East Hartford, bapt. July lo. He removed to Hanover, N. 
H., about 1790. He died there, March 23, 1854; his wife 
died April 19, 1851. His granddaughter, Mrs. Bosworth, 
states that he served in the Revolution, but no record has 
been found. 

Rev. J. D. Kingsbury, of Bradford, Mass., a grandson, 
says that his grandfather, John Denison K., was tall, well- 
proportioned, genteel, cultured, a sterling Christian, firm in 
faith, earnest in piety, unyielding in principle, a rare man. 

" When he died he asked that they would write on his 
tombstone, * Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.' 

" On the white stone in East Hanover, in the little green 
valley where he lies, the passer-by reads these words — and 
they have meaning, for his life was in accord." 


967 H.^RRY, born in Andover, Conn., March 26, 178S ; died in Lebanon, 

N. H., Jan. 18, 1874 ; unm. 

968 An Infant, born in Andover, Conn., April 16, 1789 ; died young. 

969 Sally, born in Hanover, N. H., Sept. 16, 1790; died at Hanover, 

Feb., 1843 ; m. Nathan Ross, of Hanover. 

970 Anna Olmsted, born in Hanover, N. H., July 29, 1792. ::^ > 

971 Polly, born in Hanover, March 2 (21 T. R. Hanover) 1795 ; m. 

James Woodward, of Hopkinton, N. ¥., July 4, 1822; she died 
in Lebanon, N. H. April i, 1877. 

972 John, born in Hanover, Dec. 12, 1796. s: > 

973 Dennison, born in Hanover, Jan. 24, 1799. t^-*- 

974 JosErii, born in Hanover, Jan 26, iSoi.* z: > 

810 Sarah' Kingsbury {De/iiso/i\ A^at/ta/iier, Joseph'', 
Henry'), married, March 22, 1802, Deacon Nathaniel Hub- 
bard, of Bolton, born in April, 1758, son of Captain David 
Hubbard, of Glastonbury. She died in Bolton, August 4, 
1809, in the 44th year of her age. Deacon Nathaniel Hubbard 
died in Bolton, August 11, i8-:|4, aged 86. He married four 
wives: i Flora Hubbard, 2 Eimice Alvord, 3 Sarah Kings- 
bury, 4 Ruth Hale. Deacon Nathaniel Hubbard mentions, 
in his will, children of son Josiah Hubbard, gives to them 
the farm on which said son, Josiah, now lives in the town of 
Berlin, State of Vermont, son Nathaniel Hubbard, son Deni- 
son Hubbard, Clarissa Ann and Harriet Hubbard, daughters 

♦Jan. 21, \%oo.— Hanover Town Records. 


of son Elijah, son Edwin, daughters unnamed. Dated No- 
vember 1, 1836; proved October 10, 1844. — Aridover Prob. Rec. 


1 Denison, born in Bolton; bapt. Oct. 30, 1803 ; died Nov. 22, 1805, 

in the 3d year of his age. 

2 Denison Hale, born Sept. i, 1805; bapt. in Bolton, Nov. 23, 1805; 

Yale Medical School, 1825; settled first in Glastonbury, Conn., 
then, in 1832, in Bloomfield, Conn., until 1844; then he removed 
to Clinton, Conn., where he died Aug. 12, 1S74. At the time 
of his death he was President of the Middlesex County Medi- 
cal Society; m. Pame'lia Hubbard; ch.: Charles, of Essex, 
Conn., Agnes, Edward. 

811 Lemuer Kingsbury {^Denison'', NathanieP^ Joseph^, 
Heuf-y^), of Andover. He married Lois Hutchinson in An- 
dover, August 14, 1796. She was born June 24, 1772. He 
removed, in 1798, to Franklin, Delaware Co., N. Y., then to 
Cazenovia, then to Sangersfield, Oneida Co., where he was 
living in 1801; then returned to Cazenovia, but he died in 
Waterville, N. Y., December i, 1845. His widow, Lois, died 
August 4, 1866, in Cazenovia. He was a hotel-keeper; kept 
the Inn at Cazenovia. He was Captain of a troop in the 
First Squadron of Cavalry in the Fifth Division of the N. Y. 
State Militia, and had been Ensign in the Connecticut Mili- 
tia before removing to Cazenovia. He was a Trustee in the 
First Presbyterian Church; a pioneer of the town, and promi- 
nent in social and political life. He was Deputy Sheriff of 
Madison Co. 


975 Denison, b. Dec. 13, 1803; d. Feb. i, 1815. 

977 Frances, b. Oct. 17, 1797. ss > 

978 Harriet, b. Sept. 26, 1799. s: > 

979 Mary, b. Jan. 29, 1807; never married; d. Dec. i, 1829. 

980 Electra, b. Oct. 24, 1 801. !,:: > 

813 Dorothy' Kingsbury {Letniiel\ NathanieP, Joseph^, 
Henry'), married in Enfield, December 12, 1776, Hon. Joseph 
Allen, of Leicester, Mass., who was born in Boston, Sep- 
tember 2, 1749, son of James Allen, whose wife was a sister 
of Samuel Adams, the Revolutionary patriot. In 1771 he 
entered into business in Leicester, and in the preliminary 
movements of the Revolution was a firm and ardent whig. 
He removed to Worcester in 1776, becoming Clerk of the 
Courts, an office which he held for thirty- three years. He was 
chosen a member of the Eleventh Congress to fill the vacancy 
occasioned by the death of Hon. Jabez Upham, declining at 
the same time a nomination to the Twelfth Congress. He 


was a member of the Convention to frame the Convention 
of Massachusetts, in 1779-80, and one of the secretaries of 
that body. A member of the Executive Council, 1815-1816, 
and twice a member of the Electoral College of Massachu- 
setts. One of the founders of the Leicester Academy. Mrs. 
Dorothy Allen died May, 1802. Hon. Joseph Allen died 
September 2, 1827, aged 78 years. 


I George Allen, born Feb, i, 1702, in Worcester; Yale College, 1813; 
studied theology with the Rev. Dr. Andrew Yates, of Sche- 
nectady, N. Y., and spent some months in missionary work in 
the new settlements of western New York; ordained pastor 
at Shrewsbury, Mass., Nov. 19, 1823, and remained there until 
1839; for nearly twenty years chaplain at the State Lunatic 
Hospital, in Worcester; he m. July 13, 1815, his cousin EHz- 
abeth, daughter of Elisha and Elizabeth (Kingsbury) Pitkin, 
b. Dec. 25, 1687; d. March 14, 1S43; be d. in Worcester, March 
31, 1883; 3 ch. 

814 Elizabeth' Kingsbury {Lemuel*, NathanieP, Joseph^, 
Henry^), married, May 30, 1780, in Somers, Elisha Pitkin, born 
March 17, 1758, son of Elisha and Hanna (Pitkin) Pitkin, of 
East Hartford. He was repeatedly a Representative to the 
Connecticut General Assembly; removed to Hudson, N. Y.; 
was Recorder of that city for several years; died in Hudson, 
May 4, 1802. She married, secondly, as his second wife, 
March 6, 1803, Colonel Amos Alden, of Enfield, son of Jona- 
than and Experience (Hayward) Alden, born in Stafford, 
Conn., May i, 1745. His first wife was Hannah, daughter of 
Joshua and Experience (French) Bush, born in Enfield, Sep- 
tember 14, 1744; died October 10, 1801. Colonel Alden died 
in Enfield, March 2, 1826. 


1 Mervin Pitkin, born Feb. 23, 1781; m. Maria, daughter of Dr. 

John Budd, of Great Harrington, Mass.; died at Greenbush, 
N. Y., in 1814. 

2 Henry, born Sept. 28, 1784; went to sea, and was never again 

heard from. 

3 Elizabeth, born Dec. 25, 1787; m. Rev. George Allen (see No. 

S13); died March 17, 1843. 

4 Elisha, born Oct. 3, 1790; of Enfield; m. April 21, 1811. Betsey 

Smith of Enfield, daughter of Comfort and Lucy Smith, born 
in West Springfield, April 2, 1792; removed South; had one 



815 Phinehas* Kingsbury {Phinehas\ NathanieP, Joseph^, 
Henry'), of Sandisfield, Mass., married, September 25, 1777, 
Martha Hays, born November 27, 1754, daughter of Ashel 
Hays, of Granb3\ Phinehas Kingsbury served in the Rev- 
olution in Col. Elmore's Regiment, Capt. Theodore Wood- 
bridge's Co., in 1776, "enlisted upon Gen" Wooster's Order 
Given in Canada."* A Phinehas Kingsbury, probably this 
one, was a member of the church formed in Bethlehem 
(now a part of Otis, Mass.), September 14, 1795. Phinehas 
Kingsbury, of Granby, conveys land in Salisbury to Jacob 
Everest, April 1 1, 1798. He was of Salisbury the next year. 


,981 Delight, born in Sandisfield, Nov. 26, 1778. 

982 Phinehas, born in Sandisfield, July 6, 1780 ; died Oct. 19, 1780. 

983 Phinehas, born in Sandisfield, Aug. 3, 1781 ; died July 13, 1782. 

984 Hannah, born in Sandisfield, April 17, 1783. 

985 Henry Lawrens, born in Sandisfield, May 4, 1785. 

986 Horatio Sullivan, born in Sandisfield, Aug. 10, 1787 ; died April 

18, 1788. 

987 Sophia, born in Sandisfield, Sept. 2, 1789. 

988 Lucinda, born in Sandisfield, April 16, 1792. 

816 Hannah' Kingsbury {Phinehas\ NathanieP, Joseph'', 
Henry'), married, Phinehas Brown, of Sandisfield. She died 
in Sandisfield, December 21, 1791. 


I Mary, born in Sandisfield, Dec. 21, 1782. 

817 Lemuel' Kingsbury {Phinehas', Nathaniel \ Joseph"", 
Henry'), of Sandisfield, and afterward of Tunbridge, Ver- 
mont, married Lucy . Lemuel Kingsbury served in 

the 1 8th Connecticut Militia Regiment, Captain Benjamin 
Hutchins' Company, in the New York campign, 1776. — Con- 
necticut Men in the Revolution, 472. Lucy, wife of Lemuel 
Kingsbury, died in Sandisfield, May 21, 1803. He married 
(2) August, 1806, Mrs. Louisa (Hutchins) Smith, daughter 
of Colonel Benjamin Hutchins, of Connecticut. He removed 
to Ohio, where he died. 


989 Lucy, born in Sandisfield, April 6, 1789 ; m. Lemuel Tilden. 

* Revolutionary Rolls, published by Connecticut Historical Society, p. 43. 


990 Lauka, born in Tunbridge, Vt., Sept. 22, 1794 ; m. Stillman Tilden. 


991 Lemuel H., born Sept. 24, 1S07, in Otis, Mass. ■;.; > 

992 Caroline, born 1809. » 

993 Charles B., born 181 1, m. and had 7 ch., one son, named Selden ; 

d. Oct., 1865. 
993rt Henry L. , born Feb. 20, 1815 ; m. and had 3 ch. 

818 Joseph' Kingsbury {Phinehas\ Nathaniel^, Joseph^ 
Hen?}''), lived in Sandisfield and Otis, Mass. Married Martha, 
daughter of Capt. wSolomon and Eunice (Harmon) Deming, of 
Sandisfield. He served in the Revolutionary War ; first in 
August, 1779, for five weeks at New Haven, Conn. ; in May, 
1780, he enlisted under Capt. Noah Allen in a Massachusetts 
regiment, commanded by Col. Calvin Smith, going to West 
Point and New Jersey ; discharged January i, 1781. During 
this service he helped build Fort Putnam, and was also one 
of the guard placed over Major Andre when he was ex- 
ecuted (October 2, 1780). From the spring of 1783, he 
served about ten months in the Second Massachusetts 
Regiment, Col. Ebenezer Sprout.* He and his wife Martha 
were admitted to the church in Sandisfield, September 
19, 1789; Martha, his wife, was, baptized at Sandisfield, 
September 19, 1790. He bought land in Otis in 1790, 
and lived in that part of it called Bethlehem in 1795 ! mem- 
ber of the church there, and later of the church in Otis. He 
removed to Ohio about 1820. Captain Joseph Kingsbury and 
his wife were dismissed from the church in Otis to Welling- 
ton, Ohio, in 1821. He applied for a pension in August, 
1832, aged 71, from Brighton, Lorain Co., Ohio. One of his 
descendants says he kept the vSabbath from sun to sun. 
After removal to Ohio he lost a leg and made himself a 
wooden one, with which he was able to do all his farm work 
on 200 acres, including plowing. His wife died in Elyria, 
Ohio, November 12, 1825. He died in August, 1850. 


994 Sophia or SoriiiRA, bapt. at Sandisfield, Oct. 17, 1790. Sr-^ 

995 LovicA, bapt. at Sandisfield, April 13. 1791 ; m. Calvin Rice ; res. 

Brighton, Lorain Co.; she d. May, 1865 ; ch., i, Boughton, 
res. Clarksfield, Huron Co. ,0.; 2, Eunice, m. Riley Barrows, 
Avon, Lorain Co. , O.; 3, Sarah, m. E. S. Kimball, d. Oct., 1855. 

* U. S. Pension Office Rolls. 


996 Harmon, b > 

997 Austin. s->- 

998 Statira, ; m. Loring Wadsworth : b. in Becket, Mass., 

1800; son of Benjamin and Polly (Ames) Wadsworth; res. 
Wellington, Ohio; d. 1871 ; ch., i, Benjamin, 2, Olive E., m. 
Thomas Kinney, of Oberlin, O. ; 3, Charlotte H., m. William 
H. Gann, of Wellington, Lorain Co., O. ; 4, Martha D., unm., 
res. Wellington; 5, Celia L., m. William Warner, of Cleve- 
land, O. ; 6, Homer N., m. Annie Blanchard, res. Welling- 
ton, O. 
999 Solomon, ; died aged 2 years, 2 months. 

1000 Solomon, ; m. Lucinda . 

looi Honor Martha, born Aug, 25, 1807, in Otis, s-^ 

819 NathanieT Kingsbury {F/u'rieas\ NathanieP, Joseph'', 
Hetiry\) of Tunbridge, Vt., where he was a successful and 
enterprising farmer ; married ;diedini849, 

aged 86. 


1002 Dennis, born Nov. 9, 1791, in Tunbridge. ~ > 

1003 Ira, moved to Ohio. 

1004 Morris, m., no ch. ; died in Rochester, N. Y., about 1863. 

1005 AcHSA, m. Woodward, of Royalton, Vt. 

1006 Caroline, m. CuUen, of White Co., Ind. 

1007 Emily, m. Farrer ; went to California. 

1008 Cynthia, m. Noyes, of Tunbridge, Vt. 

1009 Diana, m. Lovejoy ; 2 ch. : i, Halsey ; 2, John. Resided 

in Des Moines, Iowa. 

826 Jabez" Kingsbury {Fhineas*, Nat/ianieP, Joseph^, 
Henry^), of Otis, Mass. Married Persis, daughter of Simeon 
and Abigail (Dudley) Granger, of Sandisfield, Mass., born in 
1773. He bought land in Bethlehem, in 1796 ; lived for a 
time in the District of Bethlehem, now a part of the town of 
Otis, Mass. Jabez Kingsbury and Persis, his wifa, were 
members of the church in Bethlehem, afterwards united 
with the church in London to form the Otis church in 1810. 
Jabez Kingsbury sold his farm in Otis to Israel Jones, of 
Sandisfield, April 10, 1816, and his wife, Persis, relinquished 
her right of dower in the same. He appears to have been 
still living in Otis in 1818. He died, according to one au- 
thority, in Brunswick, O., according to another in Strongs- 
ville, Medina Co., Ohio, about 1850 or '51, aged about 80. 



loio Phineas, born Dec. 2, 1809, in Otis, z: > 

loii Milton Granger, baptized Lord's Day, Aug. 27, 1S15, at Otis. 

1012 Alva, 

1013 Denison, ; died unmarried. 

1014 William, ; died in Toledo, O. 

1015 Persis. 

[Henry, son of Alva K., lives in Maumee, O. (1891), Wil- 
liam Jabez, s. of Phineas, lives in Brunswick, O. Mrs. Lang- 
don, gr. dau. of Alva, lives on Buchtel Ave., Akron, has a 
sister, Mrs. Phillips, also in Akron. 

A family of K's in Lorin Co., cousins of Phineas ; Mrs. 
Conn, dau. of Phineas, and wife of Dr. Conn, lives 1104 S. 
Main Street, Akron, O. 

Emily K., dau. of Alva, of Brunswick, O., m. ist, R. Allen, 
2d, Harris. Mrs. E. A. Harris, wife of Prof. R. A. Harris, 
Wheaton, 111., dau. of Alva. She has lived in Henrietta, 
O., and Oberlin, O. 

Harvey K. lived in Oberlin, Ohio (1891).] 

827 Asa" Kingsbury {Asa\ Ephraun\ Joseph", Joseph^, 
Henry^), of Franklin, married, January 30, 1783, Lurena 
Hartshorn, in Franklin. He enlisted at Norwich in Novem- 
ber or December, 1776, for three months under Captain 
Ebenezer Lothrop, in Colonel John Ely's regiment, marched 
to, and was most of the time in and near Providence, R. L 
In the spring of 1778 or '9, he enlisted as Sergeant for six 
months under Captain Palmer, of Stonington, and patrolled 
along the seacoast at New London, Saybrook, and other 
places. He also served on two other short tours of duty. 
He was a millwright. He afterwards lived in Lebanon, 
Conn., and later removed to Turin, now Boonville, Oneida 
Co., N. Y. He died there March 13, 1839. [U. S. Pension 
Office Records.'] Lurena, his wife, died June 2, 1835, aged 
73 ; both were buried at Paines Hollow, N. Y., about five 
miles south of Mohawk. 


1016 Clara, born December 2, 1783, in Franklin ; died March 9, 1790. 

1017 Joseph, born May 8, 1785, in Franklin. 

1018 Hezekiah, living in Hebron, Conn., in 1809; served in the War 

of 1812, at New London, as a private in Capt. Samuel West's 
company, from June 7, 1813, to July 14, 1813 ; removed to 
Delta, N. Y. ; ch.- Hezekiah, John, Elizabeth, Martha, Lurena. 



1019 Asa. s-»- 

1020 Flavel Clark, born 1790, in Hartford, Conn. Sr->- 

102 1 LuRENA, m. Lemuel Swift, of Paines Hollow, N. Y. 

1022 John, born May 11, 1799, had a son, Andrew, residing in Chicago, 

and a grandson, Edward L., in Hamilton, N. Y. ; m. Ruhama 
Barnes, s > 

1023 Charles Backus, born Sept. 30, 1802, in Norwich (Franklin), ss-^ 

1024 William, ; m. (i) Eliza Barnes ; (2) Mary Evans. 

828 Sarah" Kingsbury (Asa\ Ephraiin\ Joseph^, Joseph^, 
Ifenry^), married, November 3, 1783 [Ch. Rec), (1784, Town 
Rec), Dudley Tracy, of Franklin, son of Lieutenant Heze- 
kiah and Elizabeth (Pettis) Tracy, born September 28, 1760, 
in Norwich ; he was a member of the Legislature from 
Franklin. He died in Franklin, March 18, 1839. His wife 
Sarah died in Franklin, February 1, 1842. 


1 Dudley, born in Franklin, Jan. 8, 1786 ; m. Emma Ellis, April 17, 


2 Chandler, born in Franklin, June 9, 1788. 

3 Elizabeth, born in Franklin, Aug. 29, 1790; died at Carthage, 

Oneida Co., N. Y., Nov. 27, 1838, aged 47. {Franklin Town 

4 Uriah, born in Franklin, Nov. i, 1792. 

5 Asahel, born in Franklin, July 7, 1795. 

6 Sarah, born in Franklin, Aug. 6, 1797 ; died 1820, unm. 

7 Horatio, born in Franklin, March 27, 1800 ; unm. in 1857. 

8 Lucy C, born in Franklin, Dec. 22, 1802 ; died 1838, unm. 

9 Asa Kingsbury, born in Franklin, Feb. 6, 1804; died Aug. i, 1819, 

in Franklin. 
10 Caroline Augusta, born in Franklin, Jan. 24, 1808 ; died 1857, unm. 

831 Doctor Asa' Kingsbury {Absaloiii\ Ephraim\ Joseph^, 
Joseph^, Henry'), was a physician at Alstead, N. H., having 
studied medicine with Dr. Frink, of Keene, N. H. He mar- 
ried Olive Carpenter. He was a Surgeon in the Revolu- 
tionary army, and died of fever in New York, August 19, 


1025 Olive, born Sept. 8, 1776. :z: > 

833 Lieut. Ephraim" Kingsbury {Absalom", Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph", Henry'), of Alstead, married, (i) August, 
1784, Keziah Richardson, of Wrentham, Mass. ; she died 


March 28, 1790, aged 30 ; he married, (2) January 22, 1792, 
Hannah, daughter of Joseph and Ruth (White*) Leonard, of 
Wareham, Mass. He served in the Revolutionary War in 
Capt. Ephraim Stone's Co., in 1 780-1 {Neiv Hampshire State 
Papers, XVIII). He died February 26, 1826, aged 66, having 
always lived on his father's farm at Alstead. Hannah Kings- 
bury, widow, was appointed administrator of the estate of 
Ephraim Kingsbury, late of Alstead, dec'', March 11, 1826. 
The following heirs sign an acquittance to Mrs. Hannah 
Kingsbviry, admrx. ; Joseph Kingsbury, Keziah Kingsbury, 
Dan Hatch, Elmira Hatch, Allen Slade, Nanc}^ vSlade, Elisha 
Hatch, Sophia Hatch, Lucina Kingsbury, Hannah S. Kings- 
bury. — Cheshire County Registry of Wills. Mrs. Hannah 
(Leonard) Kingsbury died May 29, 1850, aged 83. 


1026 Ehenezer, born May 17, 1785 ; died Aug. 18, 1788. 

1027 Lucy, born April 25, 1787 ; died July 3, 1788. 


1028 Keziah, born Nov. 13, 1792. tz - > 

1029 Elmira, born May 9, 1795. r: > 

1030 Nancy, born Aug. 11, 1798 ; m. Allen Slade, of Alstead; they had a 

daughter, Henrietta Louisa, b. June i (Aug. 11), 1S33, m. Sept. 
28, 1856, Andrew Jackson Chandler, of Alstead, b. Oct. 20, 1832. 

1031 Leonard, born April 22, 1800; died Aug. 15, 1S02. 

1032 Sophia, born July 6, 1802 ; m. Dr. Elisha Hatch, of Hillsborough, 

N. H. ; living in Medford, Mass., in. 1S83 ; 2 ch., Emily P. ; 
Frank E., of Medford, Mass. s-^ 

1033 Lucina, born July 6, 1802; died unm., April 22, 1831, aged 28. 

Lucina Kingsbury, of Alstead, mentions mother Hannah 
Kingsbury, sister Keziah Kingsbury, sister Elmira Hatch, 
Sister Mary Slade, Sister Sophia Hatch, sister Hannah Fay, 
Sophia Lucina Slade, daughter of sister Nancy Slade ; Azel 
Hatch, Executor ; dated April 22, 1831, admitted to probate. 
May, 1831. Cheshire Co. Registry of Wills. 

1034 Hannah S., born July 14, 1805 ; m. Dr. Allen C. Fay, of Alstead, 

died April 27, 1842, aged 37. 

1035 Clarissa, born Aug. 5, 1S07, died Aug. 5, 1811. 

835 Obadiah" Kingsbury {Absalom\ Ephraim\ Joseph^, 
Joseph"^, Ilenry^), of Alstead ; he was in the Continental 
service; see return dated April 29, 1782. — New Hampshire 
State Papers, XVIII. He married, (i) December 21, 1789, 

• Fourth in descent from Peregrine White of the Mayflower. 


Eunice Crane, of Alstead; (2) May 29, 1792, Alice White, of 
Alstead. He was a millwright, and a paper manufacturer 
at Alstead ; removed to Athens, Ohio. It is said that he 
married a third wife. 


1036 LuciNDA, ; married John Lamb, of Langdon, N. H. 

(three of her children were living in 1890). 

1037 Nancy, ; never married ; died at the age of 80. 

1038 Theodosia, ; married Barney, of Washington, 

N. H. 

1039 Obadiah, ; removed to the West, probably Ohio ; said to 

have been an under sheriff at Cincinnati. 

836 Rebeckah" Kingsbury {Absalom'', Ephraim\ Joseph', 
Joseph'', Hefiry'), married, September 23, 1784, Dr. Daniel 
Perrin, of Alstead, born in Woodstock, Conn., son of 
Timothy Perrin. He was Town Clerk at the time of his 
death, January 18, 1800, in his 43d year. She married (2) 
Joseph Willard, of Langdon, N. H. 


1 Elisha, born July 20, 1785 ; died Sept. 12, 1785. 

2 Rebecca, born Sept. 19, 1786. * 

3 Polly, born March 2, 1789 ; died in infancy. 

4 Polly, born March 31, 1791 ; died Dec. 6, 1798. 

5 Lydia, born March 12, 1793. 

6 Theda, born March 29, 1795. 

7 Mekinda, born Jan. 19, 1797. 

8 LuRETTA, born Feb. 17, 1799. 


9 Betsey, ; married Royal Shumway, of Langdon, N. H. ; 

died about 1850. 

10 Susan, ; married Starr, of Unity, N. H. 

11 Perrin, ; "went West." 

837 Judge James" Kingsbury {Absalom^, Ephrai7n\ Jo- 
seph^, JoscpH\ Hetuy^) of Alstead, N. H., married there, Oc- 
tober 5, 1788, Eunice Waldo, of Alstead.* 

The Waldo Genealogy says that James Kingsbury mar- 
ried Hannah, daughter of Daniel and Hannah (Carlton) 

* Rev. Lavius Hyde, and also extract from the Town Records of Alstead, 
copied by the Town Clerk. " James Kingsbury and Eunice Waldo was married 
Oct. 5th, 1788, Jacob Mann, Minister. Recorded Dec. 10, 1789, Isaac Temple, Town 
Clerk." Perhaps a daughter of Shubael and Abigail (Allen) Waldo, who removed 
from Mansfield, Conn., to Alstead about 1768. 


Waldo, born in Chesterfield, N. H., October 8, 1782, but this 
must be a mistake. Mrs. Parton, Mr. Kingsburj^'s grand- 
daughter, says her grandmother's name was Eunice. 

In the early spring of 1796, he set out with his wife and 
three children to find a home in what was then the far dis- 
tant West. His outfit was a stout farm wagon, drawn by a 
yoke of oxen, and laden with household goods and provis- 
ions ; a horse to carry his wife, and two younger children ; 
a cow to supply milk during the journey ; and for defense a 
rusty Queen's-arm musket, with which an older brother had 
in 1777 done effective service at Bennington. His first 
destination was Oswego, and after leaving Albany his route 
lay through a wild forest, where the road was merely a bri- 
dle-path blazed through the woods. The little company 
were forced to camp out among the trees, the woman and 
children sleeping in the wagon, while the man and the boy 
(his wife's brother), took turns in watching the fire, which 
had to be kept in a constant blaze to frighten away the 
wolves and panthers with which the forest was infested. At 
Oswego, Kingsbury embarked in an open flat-bottomed boat, 
rigged with a single sail, capable of carrying his family and 
household goods, while the young lad mounted upon the 
horse made his way through the woods along the shore, 
with the cow and the oxen. At night the boat would be 
drawn up on the beach, and the camping out experiences 
repeated. In this slow and toilsome way he journeyed thirty 
days, when he arrived at Fort Niagara. Here the order of 
proceeding was reversed. The boat which had carried the 
wagon was now to be carried by that vehicle over the thirty 
miles of portage to Lake Erie. Here too, Kingsbury met 
General Moses Cleveland, agent and director of the Connect- 
icut Land Company, which had recently bought of that State 
the Western Reserve. Cleveland was traveling in the 
wake of a surveying party, who had gone forward to lay 
out this immense tract into townships and cities, and he in- 
duced Kingsbury to become the first white settler in north- 
ern Ohio. Kingsbury selected a piece of ground at Con- 
neaut, near the Pennsylvania line, erected a cabin, and then 
broke up the soil, and planted a few acres. Soon after the 
surveyors left Conneaut, Kingsbury was called by important 

The first white settler in Cleveland, Ohio 


business to return to his former home in New Hampshire. 
Going on horseback by the shortest route — overland from 
Buffalo to Albany — he expected to return by the first of 
December ; but that time came without him, or any tidings 
of him, for no mails as yet traveled west of Fort Stanwix, 
near Utica. The winter set in early with great severity. 
Snow fell deep late in November, and well nigh blockaded 
the lonely cabin, and soon the little family ran short of provi- 
sions, and the cattle of fodder. Till the snow came the In- 
dians had brought the family game ; but with the first cold 
weather they had fled, with the birds, southward. To add to 
the mother's trials another child was then born into the 
household, the first white child born on the Western 
Reserve. She ministered to herself as well as she could, 
and at the end of a fortnight managed to drag herself about 
the cabin; and during this time another furious storm broke 
over the little cabin, lasting, without intermission, twenty- 
one days, and piling still higher the heavy drifts that every- 
where covered the forests. It was Christmas Eve when the 
storm cleared away, and a gleam of sunshine broke at last 
through the long overhanging clouds. She went to the 
window to watch the welcome light, and there she caught 
sight of her husband struggling painfully through the drifts, 
on foot, with an Indian guide. The reason of his long delay 
was soon made known to the overjoyed woman. He had 
been stricken down with a fever at his old home, the seeds 
of which he had carried from the malarial swamps at Con- 
neaut. As soon as he was sufficiently recovered and able to 
mount his horse he set out to return, but his progress was 
impeded by the heavy snows. At Buffalo he obtained an 
Indian guide, for the snow had obliterated the trail, and 
none but a native could find the way through the forest. He 
had been exposed day and night, for three long weeks, to 
the fury of the storm. The drifts in many places had been 
higher than his horse's head ; in one of them the animal 
had perished, and he would have shared its fate, but for the 
fidelity of the faithful Indian. 

Mrs. Kingsbury was now prostrated by fever, and unable 
to give her child its natural nourishment. The life of the 
infant then hung upon that of the half-starved cow, whose 


sole subsistence was the small twigs of the lime, elm, and 
beach, which had been gathered for the winter's fodder. 
The stock of provisions had now become all but exhausted, 
and no supply could be obtained nearer than Erie, twenty- 
five miles distant. The intense frost which had succeeded 
the storm had thickly encrusted the snow, and over it on 
foot and alone, Kingsbury dragged a hand-sled laden with 
the precious eatables. Flour could not be procured, and 
only a bushel of wheat ; but on this, cracked and boiled, 
they managed to keep their souls and bodies together. But 
a great calamity soon befell them. Among the browse for 
the cattle, the young lad had gathered some twigs of the 
oak, not knowing that they were poison to dumb creatures. 
Of these the cow had eaten and died ; and thus the little 
child was doomed to starvation. 

Such was the first winter of the first white settler in 
Northern Ohio. It is not strange that when the surveyors, 
coming to complete their work in the spring, told him that 
some of them intended to locate at the new city they had 
laid out at the westward, he should have decided to leave 
that desolate wilderness. He did so, and thus became in 
June, 1797, the first permanent settler of Cleveland, Ohio. 
He lived fifst in a deserted cabin left by some Indian 
traders, who are supposed to have been there in 1786. This 
he occupied till he could build a cabin of his own, which he 
soon did, on a spot directly east of the public square, and 
not far from the present site of the Post-office. On the 
ground near by — now occupied by the City Hall and Cath- 
olic Cathedral — he planted a crop of corn, and thus pro- 
vided against a repetition of the experiences of the previous 
winter, and he was the first who thrust a sickle into the first 
wheat field planted in the soil of the Reserve. 

In 1800, Governor St. Clair appointed Mr. Kingsbury 
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Session 
of the County. The first session is said to have been held in 
the open air, between two corn-cribs, Judge Kingsbury occu- 
pying a rude bench beneath a tree, the jurors sitting about 
on the grass, and the prisoners looking on from between the 
slats of the corn-cribs. 

A brook running into the Cuyahoga, is called Kingsbury 


Run, and is the only memorial which has been dedicated to 
the first settler. At the mouth of Kingsbury Run are the 
works of the Standard Oil Company. 

Just before the battle of Lake Erie, Perry's fleet lay to off 
Cleveland, and was boarded by Judge Kingsbury, who had 
been engaged to furnish it supplies. Having told him that 
he was in hourly expectation of encountering the enemy. 
Perry added, "What would you do, Judge, if he should 
heave in sight before you leave the ship ? " " Do, sir ? " an- 
swered the Judge, already venerable for his gray hairs, " I 
would fight. I can do it as well as the best of you." 

Judge Kingsbury died in Cleveland, December 12, 1847. 
His wife died December 7, 1842. 


1040 Nabby, born Jan. 7, 1792, in Alstead, N. H.; m. Jan. 4, 1808, Dyer 

Sherman. She died March 15, 1865. 2 ch. 

1041 Amos, born July 13, 1793, in Alstead, N. H. r: > 

1042 Almon or Almond, born Jan. 27, 1795, in Alstead, N. H. z;; > 

1043 A vSoN, born Dec. , 1796, in Conneaut, O. ; died of starvation. 

1044 Nancy, born Sept. 4, 1798, in Cleveland. :::: > 

1045 Calista, born Sept. 20, 1800, in Cleveland, a; > 

1046 Elmina, born Aug. 20, 1802, in Cleveland. = > 

1047 Diana, born May i, 1804, in Cleveland ; m. Buckley Stedman of 

Cleveland ; d. there Oct. 12, 1880. 

1048 Albert, born July 20, 1806, in Cleveland. =: > 

1049 Alfred, 1808; died aged 9 months. 

1050 Silvester, born Feb. i, 1810, in Cleveland ; died April 18, 1813. 

1051 James Waldo, born April 23 (13, Mrs. E. K. Parton), 1813, in 

Cleveland, z: > 

838 Major Elisha" Kingsbury {Absalo?n\ Ep/irawi\Jo- 
sep/t^, Joseph", Henry^), of Alstead, N. H., married January ro, 
1790, Phcebe Beckwith, of Alstead; died in Alstead before 

An oil mill was built by Major Elisha and Lieut. Ephraim 
Kingsbury in 1792. The first paper mill in Alstead was built 
on Cold River in 1793, by Major Elisha iCingsbury. 

Richard Beckwith was appointed guardian to Ebenezer 
Kingsbury, George Kingsbury, Charles Kingsbury, Henry 
Kingsbury, and Elisha Kingsbury, minors, under the age of 
21, children of Major Elisha Kingsbury, late of Alstead, 
Dec'', Jan>' 22, 1807. Another document mentions also 
Joshua Kingsbury, Phila Pierce, also minor children of 
Elisha Kingsbury, Dec"^. 



1052 Ebenezer, born in Alstead, Aug. 27, 1791. 

1053 Charles, born 1795. -.;^->- 

1054 George. 

1055 Phila Pierce Philetta, born Feb. 22, 1800. :r ■> 

1056 Henry, born June 5, 1802. 

1057 Elisha, born Sept. 28, 1804 (Sept. 22, 1805, ace. to Fa7nily 

Record), r: ■ > 

1058 Joshua, died in childhood. 

1059 Amariah, died in childhood. 

844 Ruth" Kingsbury {Obadiah\ EpJiraiin\ Joseph\ Jo- 
seph''.^ Henry\) married in Franklin, December 8, 1790, Oliver 
Scott, of Tolland ; she was admitted to the Church in Vernon 
in 1814. Mrs. Ruth vScott died May i, 1841, in Tolland. 


1 Sarah, born Feb. 17, 1791, in Tolland. 

2 Pamelia, born Jan. 22, 1793, in Tolland. 

3 William, born May 18, 1795, i" Tolland. 

4 Polly, born Oct. 30, 1797, in Tolland. 

5 Minerva, born Aug. 24, 1800, in Tolland. 

6 George, born Feb. 13, 1803, in Tolland. 

845 Hon. Andrew' Kingsbury {Eplnaim\ Ephraim\ 
JoscpJv', Josep/i"^, Henry^), of Hartford; he removed from 
Franklin to Coventry, Conn., with his parents in April, 1761; 
"he enlisted as a private soldier, in June, 1776, in Col. 
John Chester's Regiment of Connecticut Troops, was in the 
action with the British troops at Flatbush in Long Island, 
Aug. 27th, and in the rear guard of General Washington's 
Army in their retreat from Long Island to New York, Aug. 
30, 1776, and in the action at White Plains, Oct. 28, 1776; 
discharged with the Regiment at Salisbury, in Pennsylvania, 
Dec. 25, 1776 ; went home, and entered the service again in 
April, 1777,* when he joined Col. John Chandler's Regiment 
of Continental Troops, at Danbury, and in May was trans- 
ferred to the General Hospital Department, where he served 
as Clerk, until Dec. 15, 1778, when he received the appoint- 
ment of Storekeeper, and served in that capacity until March 
13, 1781; in Maj', 1781, became first Clerk in the office of 
Ralph Pomeroy, Esq^, Deputy Quartermaster-General, at 
Hartford, where he continued until September, 1783."! 

* April 28, 1777, in Captain Paul Brigham's Com'pa.-nK .—Connecticut Men in the 
Revolution, 235. See also Ibid., 143. 

+ The above is copied from Mr. Kingsbury's manuscript account of his services. 

VFrom portrait in oils, painted by Philip Heivins, Hart/ord, iSj^.^ 


The Rev. Marvin Root, in his manuscript Reminiscences of 
Coventry, says: " Captain Paul Brigham, afterwards Lieuten- 
ant-Governor of Vermont for many years, raised a company 
of men mostly from this town. While marching through 
Hartford Colonel Wadsworth enquired for a Commissary 
Clerk from his company. Captain B. recommended Andrew 
Kingsbury, of Coventry, who was afterwards Treasurer of 
the vState 25 years from 1793 to 1818." 

He married, in Danbury, January 14, 1783, Mary, daughter 
of Abner and Mercy ( Pettit) Osborn, born in Stamford, Conn., 
October 3, 1761, and a descendant of Captain Richard Osborn, 
who served in the Pequot war, 1637, and settled in Fair- 
field. "In May, 1784, he entered the Pay Table Office 
of Connecticut as a Clerk, in which, and in the Comptrol- 
ler's Office, he served until May, 1791; was then by the Gen- 
eral Assembly appointed Comptroller of Public Accounts, 
in which office he continued until May, 1793; was then 
elected by the freemen of the State, and re-elected annu- 
ally, as Treasurer of the State of Connecticut till May, 181 8 
(a period of twenty-five years), and annually appointed as 
one of the Managers and Treasurer of the vSchool Fund cre- 
ated by the sale of the Connecticut Western Reserve lands 
in Ohio,* till said May, 181 8, and as accountant and book- 
keeper in the office of the Commissioners of said Fund till 
October 31, 1827."! He also held the office of Treasurer 
to the Connecticut Missionary Society, from May, 1799; 
that of Treasurer to the Hartford Grammar School from 
May, 1806 ; and that of Treasurer to the Ministers' Annuity 
Society from May, 181 1, until his death. He held many 
other offices of trust, and was often called upon to serve the 
Town and City of Hartford, on committees, and in other 

•The claim of Connecticut to the territory granted by the Royal Charter of 
1662 was considered as satisfied by the grant from Congress of 3,300,000 acres in that 
part of the Northwest Territory, now Northern Ohio, known as "The Connecticut 
Western Reserve." In 1792 some five hundred thousand acres in the western part 
of the Reserve were devoted to the relief of those persons who had been burned out 
and plundered by the English raids on the Connecticut shore of Long Island Sound. 
The rest was sold under the direction of a legislative committee, and the proceeds 
were devoted to the school fund of the commonwealth. Other lands belonging to 
the State, within its borders, and also in Berkshire Co., Mass., were sold for the 
same purpose. Mr. Kingsbury's signature is found on the records in many parts of 
the State and in Berkshire Co , attached to conveyances of these lands. 

+ From Mr. Kingsbury's manuscript account. 


ways, and he was considered one of the ablest financiers 
of his day. He died in Hartford, October 6, 1837. His 
widow died in Hartford, April 14, 1848. He and his wife 
became members of the First Church in February, 1815, and 
the Rev. Dr. Hawes, his pastor, describing men of the old 
Puritan stamp, said : "That impersonation of honesty, old 
Andrew Kingsbury, of strong nerve, of lofty character, of 
stern mould." 

He was much interested in horticulture and floriculture, 
and the large and beautiful garden of his residence on the 
corner of Temple and Market streets displayed his favor- 
ite tastes. Rare seeds and grafts were sent to him, 
and he was one of the promoters of the Hartford County 
Agricultural Society, and its annual fairs. He was also 
more interested in genealogy than most people of that time 
were, and his great granddaughter. Miss Talcott, has in her 
possession a chart which he made out, going back to his an- 
cestor, Joseph Kingsbury, who came from Haverhill to 
Norwich, giving the descendants as far as he knew them. 


1060 EuzABETH, born Oct. 18, 1783, in Coventry. '^: > 

1061 Oliver, born April 4, 1785, in Hartford, 'j: > 

1062 Maria, born July 5, 1789, in Hartford. :z > 

1063 Harriet, born Dec. 23, 1792, in Hartford. :z > 

1064 Laura, born Sept. 7, 1795, in Hartford ; after a long and useful life 

in Hartford, she died single, June 17, 1861, at the house of 
her nephew, Russell G. Talcott, in whose familj^ she had lived 
' for many years. 

847 William" Kingsbury {Epluaim\ Ephi\xi)n\ Joseph''^ 
Joseph^, Henry'), married, in 1788, Abigail Richardson, of 
Coventry, born March 11, 1770, daughter of Stephen and 
Mabel (Marsh) Richardson ; died March i, 1826, aged 
56. He removed in 1830 to Homer, N. Y., where he died, 
March 10, 1849. ^^ was a tanner and shoemaker. 


1065 Eleazer, born Nov. 25, 1788. 

1066 William, born Aug. 27, 1790. s-*- 

1067 Erastus, born Dec. 23, 1792 ; died Sept. 22, 18 10. 

1068 Augustus, born Oct. 12, 1796. g > 

1069 Charles, born March 20, 1802. s: > 





848 Phoebe' Kingsbury {Ephraini", Ephraiin\ Joseph^, 
Joseph"^, Hetvy), married, January i, 1784, William Porter, 
of Lyme, N. H., son of William and Esther (Carpenter) Por- 
ter, of Coventry. She died July 18, 1800, in Lyme. He 
died in 1847. 


1 Clarissa, born 1785 ; married Otis Converse and had 7 ch. 

2 William, born 1787 ; married Keziah Washburn and had 4 ch. 

3 Oliver Kingsbury, born 1789 ; married Elizabeth Franklin and had 

8 ch. 

4 Mary, born 1791 ; married Theron Converse and had 4 ch. 

5 Eleazer, born 1794 ; married Anna Mann ; died before 1835. 

6 Ephraim, born 1796 ; married Converse ; died before 1835. 

7 Phcebe, born 1798 ; married Joshua Turner and had 4 ch. 

849 Jabez' Kingsbury {Ephraim^, Ephraim*, Josep/f, Jo- 
seph'^, Hen>y), of Coventry, married (i) December 10, 1789, 
Freelove Utley, of Mansfield; she died May 20, 1823, aged 
52; (2) February 4, 1824, Chloe, daughter of John and Sarah 
(Stimson) Talcott, of Bolton. He lived all his life in the 
house built by his father. 

The Rev. Marvin Root, in his Reminiscences, gives a list 
of Revolutionary soldiers from Coventry, prepared by Jabez 
Kingsbury, Esq., " who was one of the most exact and cor- 
rect men in the town of Coventry," and he also calls him an 
"exact antiquarian." He gives the names of four Kings- 
burys who served : Joseph, Ephraim, Andrew, and Oliver. 

He died in Coventry, October 15, 1854; his widow died 
May 24, 1857. 


1070 Anna, born in Coventry, July 12, 1790. :::: > 

1071 Elisha, born in Coventry, Oct. 12, 1793. r: ■ > 

1072 Amariah, born in Coventry, March 10, 1796. z;-> 

1073 Ephraim, born in Coventry, Jufy 20, 1799. s > 

1074 Alvin, born in Coventry, March 9, 1803. s:-> 

1075 Backus, born in Coventry, Sept. 25, 1805 ; died in Coventry, June 

5, 1831; killed by an explosion in the Bolton quarries. 

1076 Nelson, born in Coventry, April 3, 1808. ;s > * 

1077 Phcebe, born in Coventry, June 9, 1810. s ■> 

1078 Erastus, born in Coventry, April 29, 1812. r,: > ■ 


1079 Harriet Newell, born in Coventry, May 21, 1825. ;s -> 

1080 Jabez Hyde, born in Coventry, Nov. 2, 1827. ^^h^ 




850 Ephraim' Kingsbury {Ej)hraim\ Ephraim\ Joseph^, 
Joseph'', Henry'), was graduated from Dartmouth College, 
1797 ; settled in Hanover, afterwards in Haverhill, N. H. 
Ephraim Kingsbury, of Haverhill, N. H., was appointed 
agent for the Hartford Fire Insurance Co., in June, 1814, "to 
insure houses, furniture, stores, merchandise, and barns 
only," in the infancy of the company. He removed to New 
York City about 1835 ; a lawyer ; assistant clerk, U. S. Dis- 
trict Court in New York City; died March 28, 1855, ^^^ '^e^^ 

He married Margaret Pratt, of Salem, Mass., at Orford, 
N. H., August 28, 1807 ; she died in New York, October 12, 


[Ephraim Kingsbury, called " Squire Kingsbury," was a 
man of importance in the town. He held numerous public 
positions, being town clerk and treasurer for a number of 
years, and was also selectman. He was a member of the 
board of trustees of Haverhill Academy, and at one time 
principal of the school. He graduated from Dartmouth 
College in 1797, and afterwards read law, but it does not ap- 
pear that he was in active practice while living in Haver- 
hill. He moved from town about 1834, and went to Con- 
necticut, and thence to New York, where he died in 1855. 
He was a man of much ability, but somewhat eccentric, and 
was noted for extravagant speech and conduct. Once while 
the Methodists were holding tent-meetings in the park, and 
were more than usually demonstrative, Kingsbury went to 
the tent door and read to the meeting the riot act. At an- 
other time, when a piece of road on the Oliverian, which had 
some stone wall in its construction, was to be accepted by 
the town authorities, he said, in describing the character of 
the stone used in the wall : " I can put any three stone in 
it in my eye and wink with perfect ease." — History of Ha- 
verhill, by Rev. J. Q. Bittinger, 11^. 


108 1 Harriet, born April 15, 1813 ; d. unm. 

1082 Hen-ry, born July 16, 1814 ; died in Haverhill in Oct., 1815. 

1083 Oliver, born Dec. 15, 1815 ; died unmarried, in New York, Oct. 

4. 1845- 



852 Alfred (or Olfred") Kingsbury {Ebeneze7-\ Joseph\ 
Joseph^, Joseph^, Jlenry^), of Pomfret, Conn., married (i), 
April 6, 1790, Anna Holbrook, daughter of Deacon John and 
Rebecca (Choate) Holbrook ; she died September 20, 1807; 
(2) April 17, 1816, Nancy Field, daughter of Jeremiah and 
Lydia(Colwell) Field of Pomfret, born October 8, 1776, mar- 
ried April 17, i8i6, in Cranston, R. I. (See Field Genealogy.) 
She died May, 1839, aged 66. He died December 12, 1834. 


1084 Polly, b. Jan. 9, 1791; m. Ralph James, of Pomfret, son of Free- 

man and Joanna (Williams) James, born in Pomfret, July 28, 
1790; d. Oct. I, 1837; she died in 1870 ; one son, (i) Free- 
man, and two daughters; (2) Harriet Lippitt, m. Dr. Palmer, 
of Ashford, Conn.; no ch. (3) Abigail Williams, all bapt. 
July 2, 1824, in Pomfret, m. ; living in Pomfret Landing, 
1890; no ch. 

1085 Mary Ann, b. Feb. 28, 1794 ; m. April 25, 1823, Danforth Newell, 

of Killingly ; no ch. 

1086 Rebekah C, b. in Pomfret, Oct. 22, 1800; d. unmarried, in Kil- 

lingly, Dec. 24, 1867, aged 66 years, 2 mos., 2 days. [7". /?.] 

1087 Lucy, b. ; m. Jan. 23, 1822, William Newell of Pomfret; 6 

ch., two sons and four daughters: (i) Lucy; (2) Abby; (3) Har- 
riet ; (4) Elizabeth; (5) Daniel; (6) William. 

1088 Ebenezer Field, b. July 20, 1817. A blacksmith in Thompson, 

Conn.; m. (i) Martha Pearson ; she d. in 1856 ; (2) Isabella 
Marion Hislop, of Alburgh, Vt., daughter of WiUiam and 
Margaret Hislop; 2 sons, both dead, no ch. living ; he died 
Feb. 8, 1899 ; buried in Pomfret. 

853 Eunice' Kingsbury {Ebenezer^, Joseph\ Joseph^, 
Joseph^., Henry^), married February 21, 1788, Nehemiah Wil- 
liams, born January 15, 1766, in Pomfret, Conn., son of 
Colonel Ebenezer and Jerusha (Porter) Williams, and grand- 
son of Rev. Ebenezer and Penelope (Chester) Williams, 
of Pomfret. They removed to Richmond, Mass., where he 
died in 1802. The widow, Eunice, was appointed adminis- 
tratrix Aug. 30, 1802. June 7, 1803, Eunice Williams was 
appointed guardian to her children, all under age. The 
administratrix's account includes money received from 
Ebenezer Kingsbury for a debt due the deceased. Mrs. 
Eunice Williams died in 1841; will dated August 20, 1838, 
proved Octobers, 1841. — Berkshire County, Registry of Wills. 



1 Margaret, born Dec. i, 1788, in Pomfret. 

2 Ebenezer Kingsbury, born April 26, 1791, in Pomfret; lived in 


3 Chester, born Feb. 8, 1793, in Pomfret; d. in Richmond, May 26, 

1835, leaving widow, Fanny, and ch. : Eunice Ann, over 14, 
Mary Eliza, Caroline W., Harriet, William Henry, Sarah 
Adaline, Elisha, and Eleazer Chester. 

4 Eleazer, born in Richmond; m. in Pomfret, Feb. 7, 183S, Rebecca 

Holbrook, born Nov. 27, 1795, in Pomfret; lived in Richmond. 

854 Joseph' Kingsbury {Ebenezer'', Joseph\ Joseph^, 
JosepJi^, Hefiry^), of Pomfret; married May 7, 1795, Hannah 
Scarborough. She died March 23, 1806. He sold his 
dwelling house and eighty-nine acres of land to Olfred 
Kingsbury March 28, 181 1, removed to Ashford, and was 
living there in 1833. 

He died February 19, 1847, aged 79. 


1089 Maria, b. Dec. 11, 1797. 

1090 Betsey, b. July 5, 1799. 

1091 George, b. April 12, 1802, in Pomfret; m. Jan. i, 1830, Hannah 

Maria, daughter of Jeremiah Field, of Pomfret ; he d. in Kil- 
lingly, April 12, 1877, aged 75 years, 12 days ; widow, daugh- 
ter Mrs. C. Frank Marsh, and granddaughter, Grace K. 
Marsh, living in Norwich, Conn. (1890). 

1092 Ekenezer, b. Dec. 25, 1805, in Pomfret; lived in Danielson ; d. 

there Nov. 23, 1881, aged 76; left 2 or 3 sons. 

855 Lucy" Kingsbury {Ebenezer\ Joseph*, Joseph^, Jo- 
seph^, Henry^), married in Pomfret September 15, 1799, 
John Holbrook, of Pomfret, born in Pomfret, March 10, 
1768 {Pomfret T. P.), son of John and Rebecca (Choate) 
Holbrook {Choate Genealogy). She died April 24, 1862. 


1 Margaret, b. Dec. 16, 1799, in Pomfret ; m. Davison. 

2 John Kingsbury, b. March 21, 1804, in Pomfret; m. (i) in Pomfret, 

Sept. 27, 1830, Mary M. Adams, of Woodstock; (2) Jan. 31, 
i860, Caroline Field, of Killingly; b. in 1815. 

3 Lucy Kingsbury, b. Sept. 9, 1809, in Pomfret; m. Feb. 7, 1838, 

Charles Osgood, of Pomfret. 

4 Rebecca Choate, b. July 4, 181 1, in Pomfret ; m. Eleazar Williams, 

of Richmond, Mass., her cousin. 


856 Alice' Kingsbury {Sanford\ Joseph', Joseph', Joseph^, 
Hefiry^), married, October 7, 1787, Major Moody Dustin, of 
Claremont, N. H. an officer in the Revolutionary War, serv- 
ing three years in the First New Hampshire Regiment ; 
she died in Claremont, April 16, 1822, aged 55. Moody Dustin, 
Esq., died August 11, 1810, aged 68, in Claremont. 


1 Nancy Melinda, b. in Claremont, Dec. 15, 1788 ; m. June 16, 1806, 

William Grannis of Claremont, and removed to Stanstead, 
Canada. Ch.: i. Sarah Melinda, b. March 2, 1808 ; m. Feb. 

3, 1824, Dr. Rotus Parmelee of Waterloo, Eastern Township, 
Canada ; she died February 3, 1S34, of consumption, and left 
one son, William Grannis Parmelee of Ottawa, present Min- 
ister of Trade and Commerce in the Canadian Cabinet ; 2. 
Alice Jane, b. Jan. 21, iSii, died Nov. 12, 1831; 3, Harriet 
Dustin, b. Dec. 28, 1813 ; m. Sept. 29, 1833, Sidney P. Red- 
field, a druggist at Montpelier, Vt.; ch.: (i) Sarah Jane; (2) 
William Perrin ; (3) Helen Fletcher; 4. Helen W., b. Feb. 6, 
1818 ; m. Hon. Timothy P. Redfield of Montpelier, Judge of 
the Supreme Court of Vermont ; she is now living in Mont- 
pelier ; ch : (i) Frederick H.; (2) Ahce Melinda, m. Prof. 
Phillips, has one son in the Harvard Law School ; (3) Charles 
Dustin ; (4) Sidney Grannis (twins) who died September 3, 
1858, aged 4 months ; 5. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 19, 1822, m. Jan. 

4, 1843, Dr. John Meigs of Stanstead, P. Q. ; d. May 18, 1900 ; 
left two children, Alice Lydia, and Elizabeth Sumner, wife of 
Robert James Meekren, of Stanstead, Canada ; 6. William 
Charles Dustin, b. Mch. 30, 1826 ; lived in Chicago ; m. Jun© 
8, [850, (i) Lucia L. Baldwin, (2) Feb. 19, 1868, Clara J. 
Brown. He d. Aug. 3, 1898 ; left two daughters, Mrs. Hollis 
and Mrs. Howland, and one son, a senior at Princeton (1903). 

2 Harriet, b. June 24, 1791, m. Henry Thorndike, Esquire, a lawyer 

in Maine; removed to Ohio, where she died Dec. 28, 1824, 
aged 32, s. p. 

3 Charles Moody, b. July 4, 1793 ; studied, law, and practiced in 

Gardiner, Maine ; died there, unmarried. May 20, 1S24, aged 

858 Charles' Kingsbury {Sanford\ Joseph\ Joseph\ Jo- 
seph^, Henry^), of Derby, Vt. He was one of the pioneer 
settlers of Derby, and during the first year or two he 
worked on his "clearing," living in a bark shanty through 
the summer months, and returning to Claremont in the 
winter, although the journey was long and tedious. The 
monotony of his labors was somewhat enlivened by frequent 
visits from the bears and wolves, who took much interest in 
the small crop of turnips raised by the settlers for summer 


consumption, and also in the few sheep and cattle imported 
into the country. His only solace in his exile was his violin, 
probably the only article of luxury he took from the pa- 
ternal home. He would play the old tunes of his boyhood 
to a small and select audience frequently consisting of him- 
self and " old Ide Indian," who often visited him while his 
wigwam was on the shore of " Salem Pond." Mr. Kings- 
bury became early identified with the growing interests 
of his chosen home. About 1797 his first deed of land 
is dated ; it was situated about half way between the 
center of the town and the Canada line, and about 
eighty yards east of the present traveled road. Here he 
had the first apple orchard in the town, and made the first 
cider. The Kingsbury orchard is still yielding fruit. He 
married, September 17, i860, Persis Stewart, daughter of 
General Stewart, of Brattleboro, Vt., born October 26, 1777. 
In 181 2 he moved to a place about half a mile out 
of the village of Derby Center, and in 1820 removed 
again to the house opposite the Congregational Church, 
known as "the Kingsbur}'' Plaice." He was the first Rep- 
resentative sent from the town to the General Assem- 
bly, holding the office four years, and again in 1828, 
'29, '38, '39. He was Town Treasurer from 1812 to 1833; 
Justice of the Peace for thirty years; Lister from 1816 
to 1826, and Overseer of the Poor for three years. 
" It was said (by the Rev. Charles Backus, of Somers) 
that the Kingsbury family were remarkable for their 
attachment to agricultural pursuits from their first settle- 
ment in America ; that they lived in the common, temper- 
ate style of the New England farmer ; that they were a 
noble-hearted, intelligent, industrious race of the strictest 
integrity, disdaining the low arts of dissimulation, shunning 
the ways of vice, and walking in the paths of virtue and 
piety, and Escf . Kingsbury never brought shame or dis- 
credit upon the good name of his ancestry. From his clear 
perception of right and wrong, his services were often 
solicited in behalf of the widow and fatherless, in set- 
tling estates, and carrying out the wishes and provisions 
of the departed. Although he served the town faithfully 
and well in almost every capacity, yet he could not be 
called a public man. It was in his private circle that his 


character shone the brightest ; in home loves and friend- 
ships the innate goodness of his nature was displayed 
undimmed and untarnished." 

He died in Derby May 5, 1843, aged 69 years, 5 months, 
and 13 days, and his wife died January 28, 1843. 


1093 Mary Ann, born Sept. 11, 1801. =:■> 

1094 George, born Jan. 5, 1804. :z > 

1095 Sanford, born June 24, 1805. :s > 

1096 Lucius, born March 24, 1807 ; m. Sept. 16, 1833, Jane Elizabeth, 

dau. of William and Anne (Hinman) Drakeley, b. June 21, 
1813; died May 10, 1875. He lived in Derby and died there 
April 6, 1892. s. p. 

1097 Eliza, born May 19, 1809 ; m. May 20, 1847, Samuel Wilson, who 

lived near CarroUton, Georgia ; 2 ch., one, a daughter, Eliza- 
beth, m. Johnson. 

1098 Charles, born March 12, 1812. 5^-^ 

1099 Persis, born Oct. 8, 1813 ; m. March 30, 1S36, Lewis Patch, of 

Derby, Vt; died April 17, 1902; s. p. 
iioo Emera, born April 25, 1815. r~ > 
iioi Henry, born Aug. 24, 18 16. s^-s- 

860 Betsy" Kingsbury {Sa?iford\Joseph\ Joseph^, Joseph^, 
Henry^), married, February 26, 1797, Joseph Scarboro Sterne, 
son of Dr. Thomas and Sarah Sterne, of Watertown, Mass., 
born December 23, 1771. They removed to Windsor, Vt., 
where she died May 10, 181 8, aged 39. 


1 George, died at Claremont, Oct. 18, 1801, aged 14 months. 

2 George F., died at Windsor, Vt., May i, 1817, aged 16. 

3 Helen, died at Claremont, Dec. 22, 1803, aged 10 days. 

861 Sanford® Kingsbury {Sanford", Joseph\ Josep/i', 
Joseph^, Henry^), graduated from Dartmouth College, 1801 ; 
read law at Litchfield, Conn.; he settled in Gardiner, Me.; 
married Hannah, dau. of Thomas and Hannah (Nye) Agry, 
of Pittston, now Gardiner, born September 26, 1784; he 
practiced law, and was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, 
in Maine ; afterwards became a banker ; he was one of the 
incorporators of the Maine Historical Society in 1822 ; he 
founded a town in Maine called Kingsbury ; died suddenly 
March i, 1849, aged 69, in Gardiner. He was buried from 
the church in Gardiner, where he had long been a commu- 
nicant, Bishop Burgess preaching the funeral sermon, and 


he was followed to the grave by hundreds who seemed to 
feel that each had lost a personal friend. 


1102 Sanford a., born Jan. 19, 1809, in Gardiner, s-*- 

1103 Caroline H., born Dec. 31, 1811 ; d. Jan. 12, 1813. 

1 104 George H., born Oct. 6, 1817, in Gardiner. s->- 

863 Oliver' Kingsbury {Joseph^, Ebenezer*, Joseph^, Jo- 
sep/i^, Henrf), married, April 28, 1803 (April 29, 1805, accord- 
ing to Stiles' History of Windsor), Cynthia, daughter of Moses 
and Hannah (Denslow) Wing, of Windsor, who was born 
November 22, 1782. He settled in Worcester, Mass., where 
he was a schoolmaster, and highly esteemed as a man, a 
Christian, and a teacher of youth. He died in Worcester, of 
hemorrhage of the lungs, November 12, 1809. His widow 
married (2) Shubael Brewster, of Coventry; died March 21, 
[27, T. 5.] 1856. Mr. Brewster died January 17, 1892, aged 92. 

Administration granted on the estate of Oliver Kingsbury, 
late of Worcester, Dec^, in the County of Worcester, and 
State of Massachusetts, to Cynthia Kingsbury, of s^ Cov- 
entry, s'' Oliver having at the time of his death goods, chat- 
tels, and estate in this District, March 5, 181 1. The Court 
appoints Ephraim Kingsbury, Esq"", Titus Baker, and Noah 
Porter, to set out and distribute to Cynthia Kingsbury, 
widow and relict of s*^ Oliver, her dower. Same date — Cyn- 
thia Kingsbury appointed guardian to Maria Kingsbury and 
Oliver R. Kingsbury, minors^ of Coventry. — Andover Pro- 
bate Records. 

Shubael Brewster, of Coventry, appointed guardian to the 
persons and estates of Maria and Oliver R. Kingsbury, both 
minors, in the room of Cynthia Brewster, late Cynthia Kings- 
bury, June 28, 1823. — Andover Prob. Records. 


1 105 Maria, born in Worcester, May 12, 1806. ■ " -> 

1106 Oliver Richmond, born in Worcester, March 15, 1809. St-*- 

864 Eunice" Backus Kingsbury {Joseph\ Ebenezer\Jo- 
seph^^ Joseph^, Henry"), married, November 24, 1802, Ebenezer 
Porter, of Coventry, son of Noah and Submit (Cook) Porter, 
born April 9, 1780. He died July 3, 1831 ; she died January 
6, 1833. 



1 SopHRONiA, born in Coventry, September 26, 1803 ; m., in Troy, May 

r, 1833, Daniel Wight, born June 14, 1793, wbo died suddenly 
in New York City, October 13, 1864 (see page 300); she died 
in Somerville, N. J., Nov. 10, 1892 ; 2 ch.: i, Edwin Mather, 
b. Oct. 31, 1836, Troy, N. Y. ; Williams College, 1857 ; m. 
Feb. 9, 1869, Mary Virginia Ball, dau. of John WiUiam and 
Anna Maria (Gilchrist) Ball, of Baltimore; a lawyer in New 
York City ; his wife d. Nov. 2, 1890, in Somerville, N. J. ; ch. 
Mary Ball, b. Dec. 18, 1883 ; 2, Alice Aloa, b. March 21, 1849, 
Troy, N. Y.; m., June 17, 1874, Robert Crossley Trenbath of 
Somerville, N. J., born Oct. 18, 1850, son of Robert Wright 
and Emily (Crossley) Trenbath, of Bowden, Manchester, 

2 RoxANNA, born April 12, 1806 ; died, 1828. 

3 Monroe H., born August, 1812 ; died September 5, 1818. 

4 Alga, born April 28, 1814; ni. in 1837, Hon. John Cotton Mather, of 

Troy and New York, son of Dr. Thaddeus and Sarah (Par- 
ker) Mather, b. in Deposit, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1813 ; she died in 
Troy, January 31, 1846; ch. : i. Emma Aloa, bapt. Aug. 21, 
1839; m. April 20, 1864, Edward Beebe; 2, Sarah A., b. Sept. 
22, 1840; m., 1864, Gen. H. C. Rogers; d. 1867; 3. Sophronia, 
b. Oct. I, 1842; m., Dec. i, 1864, John Willis Sanderson. 

865 Ward' Kingsbury {Joseph\ Ebenezer\ Joseph'', Jo- 
seph'', Henry^), settled in Pittsfield, Ohio ; he married, Feb- 
ruary 3, 1808, Irene Avery, born February 22, 1787, daughter 
of Amos and Abigail (Loomis) Avery, and granddaughter 
of Amos and Irene (Kingsbury) Avery. He was killed by a 
log rolling over him, February 6, 1844. His widow died 
February 10, 1856. 


1 107 Louisa, born in Coventry, July 24, 1811; m. January 10, 1833, Eb- 

enezer Parsons ; died January i, 1852. 

1108 Diana, born January 22, 1813. ss-^- 

1 109 Ebenezer, born July 6, 1821. x > 

866 Persis" Kingsbury {Joseph\ Ebenezer\ Joseph\ Jo- 
seph"", Hemy), married, May 2, 1813, Ira Lillie, whose first 
wife was her sister Lois (No. 862). He was born June, 1782,* 
son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Terry) Lillie, of Coventry. 
He died November 30, 1823, in Coventry. Mrs. Persis Lillie 
died October 31, 1854, aged 64. 

* July I, 1781, according to Coventry Town Records. 



1 Marcus, born March 3, 1814 ; m. (i) May 24, 1836, Eunice Porter; she 

died March 28, 1857; (2) April 8, 1868 -Ruth, daughter of Alvin 
and EmeHne (Kingsbury) Kingsbury; she now resides in Baltic, 
Conn. The following sketch is taken from the History of Tol- 
la7id County : "The common school and a brief period at a 
select school afforded all the opportunities for education he en- 
joyed, after which for several winters he engaged in teaching. 
The farm, however, absorbed most of his time, and its cultiva- 
tion has been the labor of his life, though the property did not 
come into his possession until the death of his grandfather. 
He also devoted time to public interests, and served in the 
House of Representatives for two years and in the State 
Senate for one year, being a Republican. He was for six 
months State Prison Director, and held various local offices. 
Since 1849 a director in the Tolland Co. Insurance Co. In 
all these public trusts Mr. Lillie united sound judgment with 
fidelity to duty. He was for twenty-eight years Deacon in 
the Congregational church in Coventry, and an active and 
useful member of the Sabbath-school, teaching therein until 
the spring before he died." He had two ch. by his first wife: 
I, George A., b. in Coventry, September 19, 1837 ; m. No- 
vember 3, 1858, Julia C. Gleason ; he d. November 9, 1S66 ; 
s.p.; 2, Frederic A., b. July 15, 1846; m. August 18, 1S70, 
Laura Louisa Kellogg; 3 ch. Mr. Lillie had no children by 
his second wife. He died June 3, 1897. 

2 Elizabeth T., born November 26, 1817 ; m. September 15, 1S35, 

Nathaniel Kingsbury Root, of Chicago, 111., son of Nathaniel 
and Almaria (Page) Root, of Coventry, and grandson of 
Capt. Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Kingsbury) Root, of Coven- 
try (see pp. 173-4); she died in Chicago, Feb. 3, 1888. Ch.: 
Williston Kingsbury, b. December 8, 1845 ; d. March 5, 1846. 

3 Anna, bapt. January 2, 1820. 

4 Janet, born May 31, 1821 [1822, A.K.\, m. May 4, 1869, A. J. Battin; 

died June 13, 1875; s.p. 

867 Electa" Kingsbury {Joseph'', Ebenezer'^, Joseph^, Jo- 
seph'', Henry'), married, March 8, 18 10, Levi Sweetland, Jun"", 
of Coventry, son of Levi and Ruth (Richardson) Sweetland, 
born June 2, 1789 ; died (suicide) May 9, 1851. She died De- 
cember 6, 1848. He married a second wife, Sophronia Ed- 
gerton, who died in Coventry, December 27, 1875, aged 65. 


I Mary Ann, born July iS, 181 1 ; m. December 29, 1835, George Nel- 
son Loomis, born in Coventry, Conn., July 6, 181 1, son of Ele- 


azer and Tirzah (Porter) Loomis ; he died in Portsmouth, N. 
H., January 12, 1874; ch. : i, William Lorenzo, b. September 
23, 1836; m. 1870, Mary Porter ; 2, Oliver Sweetland, Jd. March 
16, 1838 ; m. M. Louise Smith ; 3, Mary Elizabeth, b. May 3, 
1841 ; m. (i) January 14, 1866, Frank Buckland ; he d. March 
10, 1874 ; (2) May 18, 1876, Frank Henry Whiton. 

2 Oliver Wolcott, born June 12, 1817 ; died unm. April 27, 1838. 

3 Henry Kirke White, born May 18, 1821 ; m. May 9, 1850, Elizabeth 

J., dau. of Timothy Mann, of Troy, N. Y. ; died June 19, 1852, 
in Troy; j. p.; lived in Coventry and Troy; he was a fine mu- 
sician, and composed and published " The Ploughboy " and 
other sheet music. 

4 Harriet Elizabeth, born February 24, 1824; m. 1844, George Pom- 

eroy, son of Eleazer and Ruth (Hunt) Pomeroy, of Coventry, 
born March 3, 1819 ; she died May 14, 1853, in Coventry; ch.: 

1, George Henry, b. May 31, 1845; d. October 7, 1846; 

2, Georgiana, b. April 21, 1846; 3, Alice, b. March 17, 1849; 
d. October 27, 1852 ; 4, Daniel, b. ; d. Sept. 11, 1865. 

5 Levi Parsons, born April 25, 1827; died unm., July 24, 1854, in New- 

York ; buried in Coventry; he had great musical genius. 

868 Mary' Kingsbury {Joseph'', Ebenezer^, Joseph'', Joseph"", 
Henry^\ married, May, 18 13, Harlan Page, born in Coventry, 
July 28, 1 791, son of Gad and Abigail (Loomis) Page. He 
learned the trade of a house-joiner, but his health being 
delicate he turned his attention to more sedentary pursuits, 
and having a taste for drawing engaged in engraving, and 
was employed for a time by the American Tract Society 
then existing in Boston. In 1825 he was appointed agent 
of the General Depository of the Tract Society formed at 
New York, and gave his life entirely to Christian work, 
also making drawings and engravings for books published 
by the Society. He died in New York, September 23, 1834, 
and his memoir was written by the Rev. William A. Hal- 
lock, and published by the Tract Society, as an eminent 
Christian, and a man who devoted his life to the missionary 
work of saving souls. His widow died July 23 (26, W. W. 
W. ; 23, T. S), 1838, in New York. They are buried in 


I Erwin, born in Coventry, August 11, 1815 ; Marietta College, 1841; 
Lane Theological Seminary, 1844; licensed to preach, but 
never ordained; died unm. August 8, 1864* [1865, aged 50, 
T. 5.], in Cincinnati Insane Asylum; buried in Coventry. 

* W. W. Wight. 



2 Electa Maria, born October 22, 1817, in Coventry ; m. July 18, 1843, 

Rev. John Lewis, of Walpole, N. H., born July 19, 1817 ; 
graduated Union Theological Seminary ; home missionary at 
Platteville, Wis.; he died September 2, i860; she was living 
in Baraboo, Wisconsin, a few years ago; no ch. 

3 Cyrus Kingsuury, born in Coventry, May 15, 1822; m., 1842, Sophrone 

Davenport ; died March 30, 1843, in Coventry. 

4 Harlan Marius, born in New York, January 1, 1833 (1834, IV. IV. 

IF.) ; grad. Beloit College ; city editor Madison State Journal, 
at Madison, Wis., and also a reporter of the Legislature; m., 
January i, 1866, Sarah Eliza Turner, born at Utica, N. Y., 
■ May 20, 1846; 2ch. : i, Josie Electa, b. September 11, 1868, in 
Madison, Wis. ; 2, Harlan Kingsbury, b. Jan. 16, 1874. He 
died June 15, 1886, in Baraboo, Wis. Mrs. Page and her 
daughter are both talented musicians. 

869 Roxana' Kingsbury {/osf/>/i\ Ebenezer\ Joseph\ Jo- 
seph^, Ilenry^), married vSeptember 20, 1S15, Daniel Wight, of 
Coventry, son of Daniel and Molly (Puffer) Wight, of Med- 
way, and Brimfield, Mass., born June 14, 1793. Mrs. Wight 
had been a pupil of the Rev. Mr. Woodruff, of Coventry, 
and was a woman of strong literary taste, and of unusual 
observation and intelligence. He was superintendent and 
part owner of a factory in Coventry. After his marriage 
he resided in Lebanon, Conn., and then removed to Gris- 
wold. The names of Daniel and Roxana Wight occur in 
the list of organizing members of the Second Ecclesiastical 
Society of Griswold, April 14, 1825, which Society they 
joined by letter from the First Church in Griswold. Mrs. 
Wight died July 21, 1828, in Jewett City, Conn. After his 
wife's death he left Connecticut and settled in Albia, now 
a part of Troy, N. Y., where he had charge of a large 
woolen factory. Every morning at nine o'clock he sum- 
moned the factory employes to prayers by the sound of a 
bell — an incident which gives a glimpse of his character, 
and is an evidence how differently things used to be done. 
On May i, 1832, he moved into Troy, where he lived 
for twenty-two years, being engaged in the wool commis- 
sion business, in partnership with his son, William. He 
married (2) in Troy, May i, 1833, his first wife's niece, 
Sophronia, daughter of Ebenezer and Eunice Backus (Kings- 
bury) Porter. In May, 1856, he removed to Sand Lake, 


Rensselaer Co., N. Y., where he engaged in the manu- 
facture of satinet warps, stockings, etc., and in a grist mill 
and store. He retired from active business and returned to 
Troy, when his house was burnt in 1862. In 1863 he re- 
moved with his wife and daughter to Bloomfield, N. J. He 
died suddenly in New York City, October 19, 1864, and was 
buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Troy. While living in Troy 
he was, in 1841, school commissioner, and one of the school 
trustees of the Second W.ard, and in 1843 alderman. He is 
still gratefully remembered by " The Ecclesiastical Society 
of North Coventry," as its members are summoned to their 
public worship by the tones of the bell which he caused to 
be placed in the church tower in November, 1847.* His 
widow died in Somerville, N. J., November 10, 1892. For 
her children see page 296. 


1 Sereno Edwin, born September 28, 1816, in Coventry ; died at Troy, 

April 20, 1833, in his freshman year at Amherst College. 

2 Cornelia, born October 6, 1818, in Lebanon, Conn. ; died September 

24, 1829, in Troy. 

3 William Ward, born in Jewett City, Conn., February 4, 1821 ; m. in 

Hudson, Mich., Lydia Ann Potwine Van Aiken, July 10, 1844, 
daughter of Simeon and Lydia (Potwine) Van Aiken, and a 
descendant of the Rev. Thomas Potwine, of East Windsor, 
Conn., born August 7, 1824 ; Deacon in Second Presb. Church 
from 1848 until his death. Clerk of Canal Contracting Board, 
Albany, and manufacturer of collars and cuffs, Troy. He 
died in Troy, N. Y., April 20, 1868. His widow, Lydia, 
d. in Troy, April 18, 1893. Ch.: i, Daniel Porter, b. August 
16, 1846; m. March 12, 1884, at Baraboo, Wis., Sarah L., 
daughter of Charles and Margery (McLaughlin) Greenwood; 
resides in Chicago. 2, William Ward, b. July 14, 1849 ; 
Williams College, 1S69; taught the ancient languages at 
the Delaware Literary Institute, Franklin, N. Y., for two 
years; graduated at the law department of Union Uni- 
versity, Albany, 1873; opened a law office in Milwaukee, 
Wis., in 1875, where he has since practiced; Chairman and 
Secretary of Board of Fire and Police Commissioners ; Libra- 
rian of Milwaukee Law Library; Trustee of Milwaukee Col- 
lege ; author of the Genealogy of the Wight Family, 1890 ; 
Annals of Milwaukee College, 1891; Lord Mansfield's Un- 

* This account of Mr. Wight is taken from the Wight Genealogy, compiled by- 
William Ward Wight, of Milwaukee, Wis. 


decided Case, 1893 ; The Old White Church, 1894; Eleazer 
Williams, His Foreruftners, Himself, 1895; m. (i) June 29, 
1876, Sarah Emily, daughter of Samuel Chamberlain and Al- 
mira Louisa (Kent) West, of Milwaukee, b. January 30, 1846 ; 
d. February i, 1877 ; (2) June 16, 1884, Mary Olivia, b. Jan. 4, 
1858; daughter of Edward P. and Susan Maria (McKnight) 
Brockway; she d. in Wawatosa, Wis., July 24, 1885; ch. (i) 
Edward Brockway, b. July 8, 1885 ; m. (3) March 21, 1893, 
Susan Elizabeth, daughter of Israel Hugh and Susanna Eliza- 
beth (Slemmons) Lowry, b. in Milwaukee, Dec. 18, 1865; ch. 
(2) Ehzabeth von Benscoten, b. Aug. 21, 1894, in Milwaukee. 

3, Clara Elizabeth, b. October 19, 1852 ; graduated at Mrs. 
Willard's Seminary, Troy, in 1870 ; resides in Troy, N. Y. 

4, Arthur Merriam, b. April 20, i860 ; m. Dec. i, 1886, Hattie, 
daughter of Chauncey B. and Charlotte Elizabeth (Crapo) 
Slocum, b. March 7, 1861 ; he is a manufacturer in Troy, N. Y. 

4 Joseph Kingsbury, born in Jewett City, February g, 1824 ; Williams 
Coll., 1843 ; Princeton Theo. Sem., 1848 ; m. Elizabeth Neil 
Van Dyke, b. Oct. 14, 1827, daughter of William James and 
Margaret (Nevins) Van Dyke, of Princeton, August 16, 1848 ; 
missionary to China, 1848-1857 ; minister at Sand Lake, 
N. Y., 1857-59, and New Hamburgh, N. Y., 1859 to 1890. His 
wife died at New Hamburgh, January 22, 1882. Mr. Wight 
has published many articles on theology and Oriental 
literature, displaying much research and erudition. He 
spends his winters in Florida, and lives in New Ham- 
burgh in summer. Ch. : i, Lizzie Lockwood, b. Ningpo, 
China, August 4, 1849 ; m. May 7, 18S4, at Crescent City, 
Florida, William Chester Norton, of that place, b. Nov. 24, 
1S56, in Michigan ; 3 ch.: 2, Fannie Electa, b. Shanghai, Sep- 
tember 3, 1850 ; missionary of Presbyterian Board for thir- 
teen years at Chefoo, Shantung Province, China ; she d. at 
Chinan-fu, China, April 26, 1898 ; 3, Alice Malcolm, b, Shang- 
hai, October 8, 1851 ; d. November 8, 1861, at New Ham- 
burgh ; 4, Emma, b. Shanghai, November 11, 1852; unm.; 
res. with her father at New Hamburgh, N. Y. , and Green 
Cove Springs, Fla. ; 5, Anna Isabelle, b. Shanghai, October 
13. 1853 ; d. May 1, 1868, while at school in Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y.; 6, Cora Coulter, b. Sand Lake, N. Y. , June 11, 1855 ; d. 
November 16, i86j, at New Hamburgh ; 7, Joseph Addison, 
b. Sand Lake, June 17, 1858; d. July 11, 1858; 8, Joseph 
Addison, b. New Hamburgh, N. Y., June 10, 1859; killed by 
the cars in a tunnel near New Hamburgh, July 17, 1880 ; 9, 
James Ellesdie, 'b. New Hamburgh, August 2, i860; m. 
June 4, 1890, Delia A. Foote ; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 10 and 
II, Luther and Calvin, twins, b. New Hamburgh, September 
8, 1861 ; Luther res. in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; is a clerk in a drug 
store ; unm. ; Calvin grad. from Princeton, 1892 ; went 
in 1895 3.S a missionary to China under the Presbyter- 


ian Board, in Shantung Province; m. Dec. 7, 1897, Ida 
Jean Emerick, at Chefoo ; d. at Cliinan-fu, China, July 

13, 1S99 ; his widow is a missionary at Tung Chow, 
China ; one child ; 12, Margaret Van Dyke, born New Ham- 
burgh, November 22, 1862, a teacher in the Felix Adler School, 
New York City; 13, Mary Rankin, b. New Hamburgh, April 

2, 1865 ; d. August 7, 1865 ; 14, Mary Sheaf, b. New Ham- 
burgh, June 24, 1866 ; m. May 16, 1864, Edward H. Williams, 
of New York City; one ch. ; 15, Jessie Kingsbury, b. New 
Hamburgh, November 12, 1867 ; res. in Colorado ; 16, Edward 
Van Dyke, b. New Hamburgh, May 13, 1869, Princeton, 1892 ; 
pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Hastings, Neb., and 
President of Hastings College, at the same place ; m. August 
28, 1895, Kate Wilkerson, of Mount Ayr, Iowa; 2 ch. ; 17, 
Julia Crosby, b. New Hamburgh, Feb. 14, 1872 ; a trained 
nurse at Wellesley College. 

5 George Washington, born July i, 1828, at Jewett City, and there d, 
July 23, 1828. 

870 Ruth' Kingsbury {Joseph'', £benezer\ Joseph^, Jo- 
seph^, Henry^'), married November 20 (26 W. W. JV., 21 Leba- 
non T. R., 20 A. K.\ 1 8 18, Simon Tracy, of Lebanon, after- 
wards a merchant in Vernon and Rockville, born May 3, 
1796, son of Peter and Abigail (Hartshorn) Tracy, of Frank- 
lin. She died October 27, 1831, and he married (2) Frances 
M. Adams ; he died March 11, 1854, in Rockville, Conn. 


I. Addison Leander, born October 25, 1819, in Lebanon ; m. (i) Jan. 

14, 1845, Laura P. Hunt, of Ellington ; she died in Rockville, 
August 3, 1846; (2) April 8, 1848, at Ellington, Ann Lovice 
Chester ; removed to Elmwood, 111. ; 5 ch.: i, Theodore H., 
b. May 16, 1846; m. March 10, 1868, Jennie Pierce; 4 ch. 2. 
Mary R., b. Jan. 20, 1849; d. at Rockville, 111., Nov. 19, 1851. 

3, Frederick B., b. Sept. 3, 1852, at Ellington. 4, Daniel C, 
b. April 8, 1857, at Elmwood, 111. 5, Sarah, b. Aug. 8, 1858; 
d. Aug. 7, i860. 

2 Lois Abby, born July 2 (21, Lebano7i T. R.), 1822, at Lebanon ; m. 

August 17, 1842, Eli Gifford, of Vernon ; 5 ch. 

3 Simon Kingsbury, born October 23, 183 1, at Norwich ; died Novem- 

ber 3, 1864, in Hartford, Conn. 

871 Rev. Addison' Kingsbury, D.D. {Joseph\ Ebeuezer\ 
Joseph^, JosepJf, Henry^), a student at Amherst College but did 
not graduate; Andover Theological Seminary, 1828; married 
(i) April 27,1830, Emma Little, born May 4, i8c8, daughter of 



Jesse and Martha (Gerrish) Little, of Webster, N.H.; died Au- 
gust II, 1830, at Belpre, O.; (2) Mary Farrar Price, August 
20, 1832, daughter of Rev. Ebenezer and Lucy (Farrar) Price, 
of Boscawen, N.H., and niece of Hon. Timothy Farrar, LL.D., 
Chief Justice of New Hampshire; died in Marietta, O., 
January 17, 1888. He was licensed to preach in April, 1828, 
at Wilmington, Mass.; ordained at Newburyport, September 
24, 1828, as an evangelist by the Presbytery of Newbury- 
port; came under a commission of the American Home Mis- 
sionary Society to Ohio ; stationed at Marietta for one year 
as a home missionary in Washington Co. In the autumn 
of 1829 he was installed Pastor of the Churches of Belpre 
and Warren, where he labored ten years, then accepted a 
call from the Presbyterian Church of Putnam, now 9th Ward 
of Zanesville, Ohio. He remained there until April, 1878, 
when he resigned, having completed half a centu^^y of labor 
in the ministry, and was constituted Pastor Emeritus of that 
Church at their desire. After that time he lived in Mari- 
etta, Ohio, and died there, January 25, 1892, aged 91. 

He was a member of the New England Historic-Genea- 
logical Society of Boston, a trustee for thirty-one years of 
Lane Theological Seminary, and for fifty-three years of 
Marietta College. He received his degree of Doctor of 
Divinity from that institution in 1854. He was a close stu- 
dent, a good writer, and a forcible speaker. He published 
historical sketches of his Church at Putnam, and of the 
Synod of Ohio, and also did much work on the Kingsbury 


iiio Harlan Pace, born in West Boscawen, N. H., August 12, 1836. — > - 
mi JosEi'H Addison, born in Putnam, O., September 26, 1840. xz ■> 
II 12 Frederick William, born in Putnam, O., October 4, 1843 ; died 
January i, 1849. 

873 Mary Reynolds' Kingsbury {Ebenezer'', Ebenezer^^ 
Joseph'', Josep/i\J/e)ijy^),\r\a.vr\tidc\s his second wife, f Novem- 

• He wrote to Mr. F. J. K., under date of Jan. 3, 1880 : " I trust you have been 
able to prosecute your work of revision successfully, and your list of names will 
ere long be complete. Would I could do more to help you, but my correspondents 
are dilatory, and when they do write, their letters contain little beside a list of their 
own families, leaving me without any clue to their pedigrees." 

t His first wife, who died Dec. 31, 1820, was Harriet, dau. of Epaphras and Clara 
(Catlin) Wadsworth, of Litchfield, Conn. 


ber 3, 1823, Jabez Tyler, who was born at Attleboro, Mass., 
March 13, 1787, son of John and Mercy (Thacher) Tyler. 
He came with his parents to Harford in 1794; removed to 
Ararat, Pa., in 1810. He was a farmer, and Deacon of the 
Congregational Church in Ararat from 1839 until his death. 
He was descended on his mother's side from Rev. Peter 
Thacher, of Salisbury, England, through Rev. Thomas 
Thacher, first Pastor of the Old vSouth Church, Boston, Rev. 
Peter Thacher, of Milton, Mass., Rev. Peter Thacher, of 
Middleboro, Mass., Rev. Peter Thacher, of Attleboro, who 
was the father of Mercy. He died at Ararat, Pa., April 9, 
1864. Mrs. Tyler died at Ararat, Pa., November 4, 1889. 


1 WiLLiSTON Kingsbury, born at Ararat, October 11, 1825 ; m. October 

18, 1854, Jane Harris, of Jackson, Susquehanna Co., Pa., b. 
June 14, 1833, daughter of Reuben and Olive (Wells) Harris; 
he was a farmer in Ararat. When the war broke out he joined 
the Construction Corps, a body of mechanics who worked on 
bridges, forts, etc,; died at Louisville, Ky., October 15, 1864; 
s. p. His widow m. Frank Pecor, of Portland, Chautauqua 
County, N. Y. 

2 EnENEZER Denison, bom at Ararat, February 6, 182S ; m. May 12, 

1868, Lucy Ladd, of Liberty, Susquehanna Co., Pa., dau. of 
Henry and Lydia Abel (Caswell) Ladd, born January 10, 1843, 
in Forest Lake, Pa.; he is a carpenter in Scranton, Pa. ; he 
enlisted at Erie, Pa., August 28, 1861, in Co. K, 83d Regi- 
ment, Penn. Vols., was wounded and taken prisoner at the 
battle of Gaines' Mill, Va., June 27, 1862; confined in Libby 
Prison about 24 days and then exchanged, and mustered out 
at Baltimore Aug. 29, 1862. He re-enlisted July 8, 1863, in 
he 47th Regiment, Penn. Vols.; mustered out At:g. 13, 1863; 
afterwards served several times with the Construction Corps; 
ch.: I, Mary Ellen, born Feb. 26, 1869; married, 1889, Fred 
Reynolds; 4 ch. : Helen, born Feb. 14, 1892; Lillian Morriss, 
b. Dec. 17. 1896 ; Henry, b. Sept. 5, 189S ; Willie, b. June 
27, 1900. 2, Harriet Eva, b. Jan. 9, 1871. 

3 Julius, born at Ararat, October 23, 1832 ; m. May 17, 1865, Ellen 

Clarissa Fletcher, of Pleasant Mount, Pa., born April i8, 1843, 
daughter of Charles C. and Matilda (Squire) Fletcher; in 1856 
he went to Illinois, and spent a winter teaching, then went to 
Pawnee Co. , Nebraska Ter. ; was Clerk of that County for two 
years; in 1S60 was in the Pike's Peak region, now Colorado; 
in 1861 returned to Pennsylvania and enlisted in July, 1863, in 
Co. G, 47th Penn. Vols.; mustered out Aug. 15, 1863; he has 


been Constable of the township of Ararat two years, As- 
sessor two years, and Town Clerk and Justice of the Peace; 
in 1902 a farmer in Susquehanna Co., Pa.; P. O. address, 
Thompson; s. p. 

877 Sarah Storrs^ Kingsbury {Ebenczer\ Ebenezer*, Jo- 
seph'^, Josep/i\ Henry^), maxvied, as his second wife, November 
21, 1838, Rev. Lyman Richardson, born at Attleboro, Mass., 
]\Iarch 20, 1790, son of Deacon Caleb and Huldah (Hatch) 
Richardson ; he was teacher of a select school at Harford, 
and studied theology with Rev. Ard Hoyt and Rev. Eben- 
ezer Kingsbury ; licensed by the Susquehanna Presbytery 
in 1820 ; he preached at Wysox and Mount Pleasant, Pa., 
Windsor, N. Y., and other places ; in 1840 he returned from 
Windsor, N. Y., to Harford, to take charge of the Academy, 
and continued Principal twenty- five years ; died October i, 
1867. She died at Harford, June 5, 1883. 


1 EuwARD Kingsbury, born at Windsor, N. Y., March 16, 1840; m. 

February 13, 1867, Mary Addis Smith, born October 5, 1846, 
in Oxford, N. J., daughter of Aaron and Rachel (Dunberger) 
Smith ; began teaching at the age of 18 in Harford Academy, 
then taught at Oxford, N. J., three years ; was bookkeeper 
for the Oxford Iron Co. two years, then in the employ of the 
D., L. & W. R. R. for a time ; afterwards taught at New Mil- 
ford and Great Bend, Pa., and Hackettstown and Stanhope, 
N. J.; in January, 1S8S, Principal of the Public School at 
South Stanhope, N, J. He died in 1900, in Berwick, Pa ; 
4 ch. ; I, Franklin Howard, b. Oxford, N. J., December 14, 
1867; 2, Frederick Warren, b. Oxford, N. J., December 14, 
1867 (twins) ; 3, Eugene McCoy, b. New Milford, Pa., October 
25, 1868 ; 4, Nellie, b. New Milford, Pa., October 11, 1873. 

2 George Lee, born at Harford, Pa., September 17, 1841 ; died Octo- 

ber 9, 1859. 

3 Lyman Ely, born at Harford, Pa., November 13, 1S44 ; died January 

2, 1870, unm.: he taught for a few years; at the time of his 
death was engaged in manufacturing. 

878 Hon. Ebenezer" Kingsbury {Ebenezer", Ebenezcr\ 
/osep/i^, Joscpli^, Henry'), of Honesdale, Pa., married Novem- 
ber 24, 1829, Elizabeth Harlow Fuller, born January i, 1805, 
in Norwich, Conn., daughter of Edward and Plannah (West) 
Fuller, a descendant of Edward Fuller, of the Mayflower. 

(j^^^r^^u^z,-.--/)i(^^o^ ''^^ /*~^ 


He was a lawyer of prominence ; Deputy Attorney-General 
of the State, 1830; from 1833 to 1840, editor and proprietor 
of the " Wayne County Herald," a weekly paper published 
at Honesdale ; member of the State Senate, 1837-1841, rep- 
resenting- the counties of Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, and Wayne, 
and for some time President of the Senate ; Elder in the 
Presbyterian Church ; Superintendent of Sunday School, 
and promoter of temperance and godliness in all the walks 
of life; he died at Honesdale, April 15, 1844. "A man 
righteous before God in all the relations of life." His widow 
died June 13, 1871. 


1 1 13 Henry Augustus, born December 10, 1830, in Montrose, Pa. r: > 

1114 Edward Payson, born April 12, 1832, in Carbondale, Pa. ; died 

July 31, 1833. 

1115 Edward Payson, born April 19, 1834, in Honesdale. :::: > 

1116 Mary Elizabeth, born June 6, 1836, in Honesdale. 

11 17 Emeline Chapman, born July i, 1838, in Honesdale; d. unm. at 

Cohoes, N. Y., January 19, i860. 

1118 Caroline Neal, born May 19, 1843, in Honesdale. s: > 

880 Payson" Kingsbury (£l>e;iezer\ Ebenezer\ Joseph^, 
Joseph", Henry'), of Harford, Pa , married September 21, 1837, 
Nancy Morgan Kingsley, born October 4, 181 8, in Harford, 
Pa., daughter of John and Edith Rockwell (Case) Kingsley. 
He was a merchant in Harford, and a devout and active 
Christian, a Deacon in the Church, and Superintendent of 
the Sunday School, and fulfilled with rare fidelity his re- 
sponsibilities in the various relations and offices he sustained. 
He was a man of literary tastes and cultivation, and also a 
musician and poet. He died at Harford, Pa., October 20, 
1843. His widow married (2) October 18, 1844, Charles Tor- 
rey, of Bethany, Wayne Co., Pa., who died August 14, 1858. 
She died December 13, 1885, at Fort Dodge, Iowa. 


1119 Mary, born June 24, 1839, in Harford ; died at Harford, Novem- 

ber 25, 1843. 

1 120 Ellen, born December 2, 1841, in Harford; m. September 10, 

1867, Beth Vincent, son of Cornelius Hazard and Lucinda 
(Strong) Vincent, of Fort Dodge, Iowa ; lives at Fort Dodge. 


882 Sanford" Kingsbury [E/cazer'', Eleazer\ Joseph", Jo- 
sep/r, Henry'), married (i) October 5, 1802, Abigail Osborn, 
of East Windsor, Conn.; she died February 18, 1805 ; (2) 
Nancy Heath, of East Windsor, January 23, 1806 ; she died 
April 6, 1824; (3) January 29, 1825, Mrs. Betsey (Gleason) 
Parsons, widow of Horace Parsons, of Enfield ; she died 
April 23, 1857. He died in Hartford, February 28, 1869, 
aged 89. 


1121 Sanford, born November 20, 1S03 ; died June 7, 1819; accident- 

ally shot by a young companion. 


1 122 AniGAii, Harriet, born December 7, 1804. rs ■ > 

1123 Henry Heath, born August 25, 1806. •:.:: > 

1 124 RoswELL, born August 28, 1807; died unm. at Warehouse Point, 

March 16, 1869. 


1125 Nancy Jane, born January 22, 1829. rj:: > 

884 Horatio Gates" Kingsbury {Rleazer\ EIcazer\ Jo- 
seph', Joseph, Henry'), of Clyde, N. Y.; married December 29, 
1810, near Albany, N. Y., Sophia Peeble ; she died at Clyde, 
N. Y., February 27, 1850. 


1126 Eliza S., born January 2, 1812 ; m. October 17, 1836, Rev. Joseph 

James Ridley, D.D., born at O.xford, N. C, June 28, 1810 ; a 
clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal Church. He died 
March 10, 1878, at Somerville, Tenn.; she died at Somer- 
ville, August 2, 1893; s. p. 

1127 Russell H., born April 27, 1814. s-^ 

112S Charles Peehle, born March 11, 1816, in Clyde, N. Y. r:-v 

1 1 29 Frederick H.,born February 19, 1818 ; unm.; living at Clyde, N. 

Y., 1889. 

1130 Caroline, born August 26, 1824; m. (i) May 11, 1S54, James H, 

Case ; (2) H. H. Hawkins, of Florida, March 13, 1876. 

1 131 Cornelia, born August 26, 1824 ; m. July 9, 1844, Rev. Dr. Beebe, 

a distinguished Presbyterian divine ; died at Brunswick, 
Missouri,* July 23, 1851. 

885 John Clark' Kingsbury {Eleazer\ Eleazer\ Joseph, 
Joseph, Henry'), of Lyons, N. Y.; married (i) December, 

* At St. Louis, Mo., according to another authority. 


1818, Susan Goodrich, of Lyons, N. Y.; she died June 26, 
1830 ; (2) May 30, 1848, Mrs. Mary Ely, of Clyde, N. Y. He 
died at Lyons, April 7, 1849. 


1 132 Barton Price, born at Lyons, December 5, 1819. ss-^ 

1 133 Susan, born March 30, 1822 ; died August 27, 1847, unm. 

1134 Giles Jackson, born 1825; unm.; became insane, and was taken 

in 1849 to the asylum at Utica; living there in 1880. 

1 135 Anna, born June 4, 1830; died at Chillicothe, Ohio, December 9, 

1864, unm. 

886 Russell' Kingsbury {Eleazer\ Eleazer\ Joseph'', Jo- 
seph"^, Hetuy), of Oxford, North Carolina; married (i) Octo- 
ber 29, 1827, Mary Sumner Bryant, of vScotland Neck, Hali- 
fax Co., N. C, widow of Dr. John Barron Osborn, of New- 
bern, N. C. ; she was born in 1802; she died in Oxford, N. C, 
October 15, 1836 ; (2) October 30, 1837, Lucy R. Pickett, 
of Elizabeth City, N. C, born October 6, 1814 ; died in 
Oxford, December 14, 1886, He died in Oxford, N. C, 
August 5, 1856. He went to New York at 16 years of 
age, where he remained several years, then went to Rich- 
mond, Va., where he lived for a time, and finally, after 
traveling for awhile on account of his health, settled at 
Tarboro', N. C, in 181 9, where he became a merchant. He 
also lived in Halifax, N. C, for a few years, before going to 
Oxford. He was for more than twenty years a vestryman 
of St. vStephen's Church, Oxford. The following obituary 
notice appeared after his death : " Died at his residence 
in Oxford, on Tuesday morning the 5'^ inst., at one 
o'clock, Russell Kingsbury, Esq"", in the 54"" year of his age. 
The deceased was a native of Connecticut, but for the last 
thirty years resided in North Carolina, where, by a life of 
patient industry and strict integrity, he secured the respect 
and esteem of a large cifcle of friends and acquaintances. 
The same energy that made him a successful man of busi- 
ness he carried into the Church. For more than twenty 
years he was an active, zealous, energetic, and liberal mem- 
ber of the vestry, and for the last thirteen years of his life a 
regular and consistent communicant." 




1136 Theodore Bryant, born in Raleigh, N. C, August 29, 1828. = > 

1 137 Martha Pamelia, born in Oxford, November 18, 1830 ; died Au- 

gust 2, 1833. 

1138 Horace Frederick, born in Oxford, January 29, 1832 ; d. Decem- 

ber 14, 1832. 

1 139 Delia, born January 24, 1834, in Oxford, r:: > 


1140 Charles Frederick, b. August 26, 1838, in Oxford, r; > 

1 141 Florence, b. February 15, 1848, Oxford. :c > 

1 142 Caroline Pickett, b. March 27, 1854, Oxford; died Aug. i, 1856. 

887 Perez" Kingsbury {Sa/nnel Jvi/st\ Eleazer\ Joseph', 
Joseph', Henry'), of Tolland ; married (i) November 11, 1806, 
Sophia Field of Longmeadow, Mass., born December 24, 
1784, daughter of Dr. Aaron and Flavia (Burt) Field; died 
in Tolland, April i, 1808 ; (2) Mrs. Anna (Bidwell) Grover, 
of Canton, Conn., March 17, 1816, born June 29, 1789. He 
died at Fiskdale, Mass., August 19, 1849 ; she died August 
II, 1874. 

In. memory of 

Mrs Sophia, wife of 

Mr Perez Kingsbury 

who departed this 

Life April i^' 1808, in 

the 24"' year of her 


My sleeping dust beneath 

this tomb 
Proclaims where too all 

flesh must come 
And in this glass you 

plainly see 
You soon must mingle 

dust with me. 

— North Burying Gronnd, Tolland. 


1143 Aaron Field, born September 24 [Oct. 2],* 1807, in Tolland. =r->- 


1144 Elisha Grover, born December 11, 1816, in Tolland, r:— ^ 

1 145 Norman Bu)well Field, born February 24, 1S18; killed by faUing 

from a wagon, in Tolland, November 3, 1836, aged 18. 

1146 Sophia Field, born December 19 [16],* 1S19, in Tolland. 5s->- 
♦According to MS. letter. 


1147 Samuel Rust, born December 5 [6],* 1S21, in Tolland, ss-^ 

1 148 Daniei, Steele, born June 25 [23],* 1823, in Tolland, s-^ 

1 149 George Oliver, born May 16, 1825, in Tolland. :z > 

1 150 Phalla Hill, born August 25, 1827, in Tolland, s-^- 

1 15 1 Jasper Bidwell, born October 7 [5],* 1830, in Tolland, s^^- 

888 Doctor Samuer Kingsbury {Samuel Rust", Elea- 
zer\ Joseph^, JosepJi", Henry'), of Springfield, Mass.; a physi- 
cian of note ; he married November, 1808, Jemima Chapin, 
daughter of Abel Chapin, of Chicopee, Mass., and widow of 
Dr. Charles Pynchon Lyman, who was born 1782, died 1804. 
She was born October 7, 1783; he died June 18, 1826; his 
widow died January 20, 1846. 

Died June 18, 1826, aged 46. 


His Wife, died Jan. 20, 1846 

M 62. 


their son, died March 23, 1843, 

^ 34 t 


1152 Charles Lyman, born July 3, 1809 ; died March 23, 1843. 

1153 Margaret Howard, born April ir, 1811, in Springfield, ss-^- 

1 1 54 Elizabeth, born August 14, 1813. g; > 

1155 Hannah Worthington, born April i, 1816, in Springfield, z; ■> 

1156 Abel Chapin, born June 30, 1818; followed the sea and made many 

voyages from New York to China and European ports ; retir- 
ing from the sea, he became an engineer on the Boston & Al- 
bany R. R. for several years, residing at Greenbush, N. Y. 
He died in New York City, November 19, 1881. 

1157 Thomas Dwight, born May 23, 1821 ; lived for many years in 

Oxford, N. C; m. (i) Mary, dau. of William T. Bryant, of 
Oxford ; (2) her sister, Laura Bryant ; he removed to Arka- 
delphia, Ark., andd. there Oct. i, 1875; his wife survived him. 

1158 George S., born August 27, 1823. si-> 

889 Polly" Kingsbury {Samuel Rust\ Eleazar\ Joseph\ 
Josepli^, He/iry'), married (i) January 14, 1809, in Tolland, 
Ozias Benton, Jr., son of Ozias and Sarah (Day) Benton, 
born in 1781; died in Tolland, March 26, 1816, in the 35th 
year of his age; (2) September, 1818, as his second wife, Al- 

♦According to MS. letter. t Bridgman's Epitaphs, 124. 



pheus Billings, born February 19, 1780, in Somers, Conn., 
son of John Billings; died September i, 1852, aged 66. Mr. 
Billings died in 1832. 


1 Rachel Camilla Benton, born in Tolland, November 22, 1S09; 

died September 23, 181 6. ^ 

2 Edwin Kingsbury Benton, born in Tolland, August 18, 1811 ; died 

1878, in Warehouse Point, Conn. 

3 George Ozias Benton, born in Tolland, March 25, 1S15 ; died in 

Tolland, October 4, 1S16. 

4 Jane Benton, born ob. infans. 


5 Randolph Billings, b. June 26, 1819; d. Dec. 27, 1831, aged 12 yrs. 
5i Alpheus Billings. 

6 George Sieel Billings, b. Jan. 2, 1821 ; m., Dec. 30, 1841, Amelia 

Field ; died 1865 ; 3 eh. 

7 Mary Ahigail Billings, born May 17, 1823 ; died Sept. 24, 1824. 

8 James Martin Billings, born April 30, 1825, in Somers; m. 1846, in 

Feeding Hills, Mass. , Julia Root, daughter of David and So- 
phronia (Root) Holmes, b. April 10, 1827 ; d. Jan. 7, 1899 ; he 
died April 14, 1869. in New York City; 7 ch. One, Jeanne 
Frances, b. 1863, in Philadelphia; m. 1888, Juhus Hubbell 
Seymour, of New York, son of Henry Seymour, of St. Albans, 
Vt., b. 1856; one daughter, Susan Hubbell Seymour, b. March 
12, 1889, in New York City. 

9 Mary Billings, born 1827 ; died Feb. 22, 1829. 

10 Frances Billings, born 1828 ; died Oct. 26, 1829. 

11 Jane Frances, born August, 1831 ; m. 1S54, Theodore M. Gowdy, of 

Somersville, Conn. ; resides there. 

891 Ruth" Kingsbury {Samuel Rust\ Eleazar", Joseph^, 
Joseph'', Jleiiry'), married in Tolland, March 24, 181 2, Alvin 
Benton, of Tolland, son of Ozias and Sarah (Day) Benton, 
born May 21, 1786. He died in Tolland, August 24, 1850. 


1 Charles Day, born in Tolland, July 9, 1815 ; died January 29, 18 — . 

2 Elizaheth CA^^LLA, born in Tolland, November 13, 1S17. 

3 Charles Orval, born in Tolland, August 29, 1820. 

4 Nelson Kingsbury, born in Tolland, April 30, 1S24 ; m. Ellen Deni- 

son Steele ; died 186- ; 2 ch. 

5 Betsey, ; died 187-. 

892 Thomas" Kingsbury {DanieP, Daniel\ Joseph^, Jo- 
seph^, Ilenrf), of Brookfield, Vt; married Fidelia Smith, who 


died January 20, 1852, aged 67. He died in Brookfield, 
October 15, 1845. 


1159 Martha A., born February 4, 1809, :z > 

1160 Horace, born November 17, 1810; died in Brookfield, December 

15, j866, aged 55; he m. Etinice Kent, who died May 21, 
iSgo aged 75 ; 7 ch. ; among them Russell, who lived at one 
time in Bethel, Vt. ; Amelia, m. Frank Trask, of Randolph, 

Vt. ; Anna, m. Crane, of Providence, R. I.; Augusta m. 

Edwin Smith, resides Barre, Vt. ; Edward lives in Berlin 
near Montpelier, Vt. 

1161 Clarissa, born Dec. 31, 1812 ; m. Washington Warriner ; no ch. 

1 162 Andrew, born February 11, 1818 ; died young. 

1 163 Sanford, born April 6, 1820 ; died young. 

1164 Charlotte, born 1S24 ; m. Joseph Barker, of Raymond, la. 

1 165 Frederick, born October 28, 1829 ; was a soldier in the Civil War, 

and died, leaving a widow but no ch. 

893 Bela° Kingsbury {-Dafu'eP, Dam'e/\ Joseph^, Joseph"^, 
ffenry^), of Brookfield, Vt. ; married (i) in 1810, Abigail, 
daughter of Joseph and Betsey (Cutler) Bottome ; she died 
September 3, 1818, aged 26 ; (2) Sarah Shew, who survived 
him many years, and died in Brookfield, March 17, 1848, 
aged 62,. He died in Brookfield, March 11, 1822. 


1 166 Betsey C, ; m. Abel Bigelow, son of Zelotes and Deborah 

(Foote) Bigelow, born April 5, 1S04, and died not long after. 

1167 Mary, born November 3, 1813 ; died February 8, 1891 ; m. in 1835, 

as his second wife, Abel Bigelow, son of Zelotes and Debo- 
rah (Foote) Bigelow, of Brookfield, born April 5, 1804 ; he 
died in i860 ; (2) in 1867, Isaac Nichols ; he died in 1881. 
Mrs. Nichols resided on Main street, Randolph Center, Or- 
ange Co., Vt. History of Orange Co., Vt., jgs. She had 9 
ch. by Mr. Bigelow. Her daughter, Mary K. Bigelow, d. 
October 24, 1869, aged 13. Martha K. Bigelow m. J. J. 
Washburn, of Batavia, N. Y. 

1168 Joseph Bottome, born July, 1815 ; resided in Brookfield; died 

there, February, 1901 ; he m. (i) Em.eline House, who died 
May 21, 1856, aged 39 ; (2) Louisa Bean, who died about 1896, 
but left no ch. His son, George Kingsbury, d. June 19, 1872, 
aged 29 , m. but had no ch. All lie buried in the old ceme- 
tery in Brookfield, Vt. 

1 169 Another daughter. 



895 Daniel" Kingsbury {Daniel\ Daniel\ Joseph^, Joseph'', 
Henry'), of Brookfield, Vt. ; married (i) Catherine Morton ; 
she died March 18, 1826 ; (2) June 19, 1827, Lorenda Smalley; 
he died in Brookfield, October 16, 1850 ; she died November 
18, 1870, aged 70. 


1 170 Susan, born June 4, 1822 ; died August 26, 1824. 

1171 Catharine, born March 24, 1828 ; m. (i) 1879, George W. Tucker- 

man, of Boston ; he died April 12, 1882 ; (2) Henry Tucker- 
man, of Ashburnham, Mass. ; he died April 20, 1899 ; she now 
lives in Montpelier, Vt. ; no ch. 

1172 Susan Lorenda, born July 14, 1S31 ; m. J. De F. Barker, of St. 

Albans ; one son, George Forest, b. July 5, 1S69 ; m. Lillian 
Lyon ; residence, St. Albans, Vt. 

1 1 73 George Washington, born September 14, 1833. ■•-•'' > 

897 Captain James" Wilkinson Kingsbury, U. S. A. 

{/aiob\ A^athaniel\ Joseph'', Joseph^, HouJ), was graduated 
from West Point, 1823 ; he served with distinction in the 
army, and especially in the Black Hawk war, when he com- 


manded the steamer Warrior, and with a small company he 
attacked a large body of Sioux, and prevented their cross- 
ing the river and making a junction with a force on the 
other side ; then Black Hawk was captured, and this action 
practically ended the war. But he resigned after his wife's 
death, in 1836, and became keeper of U. S. military stores 
in St. Louis; he married at St. Louis, May 25, 1830, Julia 
Antoinette, daughter of John Pierre and Julia (Gratiot) 
Cabanne, born July 18, 1809 ; died March 15, 1836. Mr. 
Cabanne was a native of Paris, France, and engaged in the 
fur trade, as a partner of John Jacob Astor ; his wife was 
a sister of General Charles Gratiot, U. S. A. Captain Kings- 
bury had charge of the supplies for the forts in the north 
and west of St. Louis, and for the exploring and fighting 

^E'-y. 6y £7. ^. (*«fe,^ aBr^.J'/ry^ 

;apt jak«2s Wo csoMcssisy kit. 

TTSe- £i,a.1isri /Vsftrr-a Co 



parties sent out from time to time. This involved long and 
sometimes hazardous expeditions through the Indian country, 
but his headquarters and home were in St. Louis with his 
children. After a few years he resigned, and spent the 
last years of his life quietly in his home in St. Louis look- 
ing after his large landed estate. He died June 25, 1853, in 
St. Louis. He was a man of quick mind, but great gentle- 
ness of manner and kindness o^ heart, and he had the family 
sense of humor. 


1 174 Sarah Mary Virginia, born at Prairie du Chien, November 3, 

1S32 ; m. October 25, 1865, Armand Frangois Robert, Count 
de Giverville, of Giverville, Department Eure, Normandy, 
France. He was born January 23, 1823 ; died in St. Louis, 
April 3, 1889. In early life he was in the French navy, but 
after the death of an elder brother inherited the paternal es- 
tates. During the Franco-Prussian war he served with dis- 
tinction as sergeant in a French cavalry corps composed 
entirely of gentlemen. On one occasion he was on his horse 
for twenty-three successive hours. He was very fond of this 
country, and after his marriage spent much of his time here. 
She resides in France ; address in Paris, 56 Rue Malakoflf ; 

1 175 Adele Louise, born April 2, 1834, ^^ the steamer Black Warrior, 

near Cassville, 111., during the battle which terminated the 
career of Black Hawk. r:>> 

1 176 JuLE Cabanne, born August i, 1835 ; killed by lightning, May 20, 

1867, at St. Louis ; unm. 

898 Julia Anne Ellis" Kingsbury {Jacob'', Nathaniel\ 
Joseph\Josep}i\ Henry^), married by Rev. Samuel Nott, Janu- 
ary 4, 1826, to Asa Hartshorn, son of Eli and Elizabeth 
(Sumner) Hartshorn, born in Franklin, Conn., July 13, 1800. 
Immediately after their marriage they removed to Lenox, 
Ashtabula County, Ohio, where they were among the early 
settlers of the town, and Mr. Hartshorn became a merchant. 
He always took great interest in the preservation of the 
early histoiy of Ashtabula County, and was one of the Vice- 
Presi ents of the Pioneer Association Mrs. Hartshorn died 
in Lenox, October 4, 1861. He died in Lenox, July 15, 1884. 


I Sarah Elizabeth, born in Franklin, December 9, 1826 ; died Septem- 
ber 9, 1828, in Lenox, O. 


2 Jacob Kingsbury, born March i, 1830, in Lenox, O.; died Sept. 14, 


3 Julia Kingsbury, born in Lenox, O., December 2, 1833 ; m. July 25, 

1857, Benjamin F. Wade, Jr. ; he died on the 28th day of the 
same month, and she m. (2) May 22, 1867, John Fox. 3 ch. : i, 
Nellie Wade Fox, b. March 7, 1868 ; 2, Rudolph Asa Fox, b. 
September 14, 1869; 3, Julia Fox, b. April 5, 1875. 

899 Thomas Humphrey Gushing' Kingsbury {Jacob\ 
Nathaniel\ Joseph^, Joseph'', Henry'), entered the U. S. Mili- 
tary Academy at West Point, but left on account of trouble 
with his eyes ; he lived for several years in Ashtabula Co., 
Ohio, engaged in agriculture and public business ; married 
May 4, 1834, at Lenox, Ohio, Caroline Prudence Ray, widow 
of John Stanton, of Shef^eld, Mass., and daughter of James 
and Caroline D. Ray, of Great Barrington, Mass., born Sep- 
tember 28, 1810 ; he returned to Franklin, Conn., before his 
father's death and lived on the old family homestead, though 
he continued to have Western interests, and at times spent 
many months in the West. He served in the army during 
the Civil War as Lieutenant-Colonel of the Fifth Connecticut 
Vols., and later Colonel of the Eleventh Connecticut Vols., and 
saw some service at Roanoke Island, but his health failing, he 
resigned ; he was a member of the Legislature from Frank- 
lin in 1869, 1872, 1873 ; he died in Franklin, August 7 [8, T. 
S\ 1 880. His wife died November 24, 1 87 2, while on a visit at 
Duluth, Minn., but is buried in Franklin. 


1177 Henrietta Eliza, born June 24, 1836, in Franklin ; m. September 

, 16, 1863, at Franklin, James Arthur Mumford ; died Decem- 
ber 17, 1891, in MinneapoHs, Minn.; ch.: Bernon Kingsbury, 
b. September, 1865. 

1178 Sarah Hill, born August 31, 1839. in Lenox, O. s->- 

1179 Jacob, born November 9, 1841, in Lenox, O. ; died unm. 

1180 Julia Ann Ellis, born March 25, 1845, in Jefferson, O. s-»- 

118 1 James Ray, born March 6, 1848, in Jefferson, O.; died. May 24, 

1869, in Franklin. 

1 182 Caroline Ray, born December 27, 1850, in Franklin ; died unm. 

August 25, 1893, in Norwich. 

900 William Eustis" Kingsbury {Jacoh\ Nathamel\ 
Joseph^, Josep/i\ Henry'), of Erie, Pa.; was an ambitious, en- 
ergetic young man of fine address ; was collector of the port 


of Presque Isle, Erie, Pa. ; married there, April 23, 1835, 
Jane A. C. Moore. He died in Erie, November 25, 1835. 
His widow married (2) Hayward, of Illinois. 


1183 William Eustis, born February 15, 1836, at Erie; brought up by his 
uncle, T. H. C. Kingsbury, of Franklin ; he entered the U. S. 
Military Academy, but was dismissed for insubordination; was 
for several years clerk in a drug store in Norwich, Conn.; he 
subsequently enlisted in the regular army, and was promoted 
from the ranks, attaining the position of Captain in the Elev- 
enth U. S. Infantry ; he experienced much active service in 
the war between the States, and in Indian warfare on the 
frontier, his latest post being on the Little Big Horn River, 
Montana. He was wounded in the Civil War, and at one 
time shot through with poisoned Indian arrows. By severe 
exposure his health was undermined, and in 1885 he was 
placed on the retired list. He was held in high esteem by 
army comrades, and often complimented by the War Depart- 
ment for his prompt and thorough official reports. Capt. 
Kingsbury inherited the medal of the Cincinnati, as the last 
male descendant of his grandfather. Col. Jacob Kingsbury. 
He died in Norwich, Conn., Oct. 4, 1887, unm.; buried in 

[William Eustis Kingsbury, the posthumous son of William 
Eustis Kingsbury, entered West Point, but did not gradu- 
ate. He said he came very near being at the head of his 
class, and if a proposed plan had been carried out he would 
have been. Being asked what the plan was, he said, " to 
change ends with the class." On one occasion, being sta- 
tioned next the man who had charge of the morning gun, 
some time in the night the gun went off, and William, being 
asked about it, said the gun looked to him as if it was liable 
to go off, and he meant to have spoken to the man who had 
charge of it, but it slipped his mind. From these incidents 
it will be seen why West Point and he did not agree. The 
truth is that, while he had ability, and was once or twice re- 
instated after being dropped for outrageous pranks, he was 
too full of mischief to hold in. 

After leaving he tried various kinds of business without 
success, and finally enlisted as a private soldier in the U. S. 
Army, and at the breaking out of the war was in Texas in 
Gen. Twiggs' command. On the surrender by that officer 


of the U. S. property to the State of Texas, Kingsbury came 
North and obtained a commission in a regiment of volun- 
teers ; he was soon promoted to a captaincy and was retained 
as a Captain on the peace establishment after the war of the 

After seeing considerable service at the West, and having 
served in the Modoc War, he was retired and returned to 
Norwich, Conn., where he died October 4, 1887. He was a 
popular man among his friends, of great good nature, and an 
inexhaustible fund of humor. He never married. [F. J. A'.] 

904 Charles Denison" Kingsbury {/o/in\ N'athauiel\ 
Joseph\/oscp/r, Henry'), merchant and landed proprietor at 
Waterbury, Conn.; married (i) March 5, 1821, Eliza, daugh- 
ter of Dr. Frederick and Fanny (Johnson) Leavenworth,* 
born in Waterbury, December 17, 1798 ; she died November 
16, 1852; he married (2) Rebecca, daughter of Deacon Eli- 
jah Hotchkiss, of Waterbury, November 24, 1859 ; she died 
December, 1873. He died January 16, 1890. 

[Charles D. Kingsbury was educated in the schools of the 
town and in the Rev. Daniel Parker's school at Ellsworth, 
in Sharon. When 17 years of age he began mercantile life 
as a clerk in Waterbury, In 18 14 he had a serious affection 
of the lungs, but recovered from it, and made a journey on 
horseback to New London, riding all day in sight of Hardy's 
fleet, which was then lying in the Sound, and which after- 
wards attacked Stonington. About this time he studied 
medicine with Dr. Edward Field, and thus acquired the title 
of Doctor, which, among his early acquaintances, he retained 
through life. In the fall of this year (1814) he entered the 
employ of Burton & Leavenworth, and during the winter 
following traveled with Mr, Leavenworth through the 
Southern States selling clocks. After their return he dis- 
solved partnership with Mr. Leavenworth, and spent one 
year in Richmond and the vicinity, selling books for the pub- 
lishing house of Mitchell, Ames & White of Philadelphia, 

* Dr. Frederick Leavenworth was a son of Col. Jesse Leavenworth, of Water- 
bury and New Haven, an officer in the Revolution, and an early settler in Vermont, 
son of Rev. Mark Leavenworth, of Waterbury, Chaplain in Col. Nathan Whiting's 
Regiment in the Old French War, son of Thomas Leavenworth, of Ripton Parish, 
in Stratford, son of Thomas Leavenworth, of Woodbury, who died in 1683. 






mostly law books and medical works. He visited the lawyers 
and physicians at the county-seats and at their homes, and 
was everywhere kindly received, frequently spending several 
days at one place. He always referred to his experience at 
that time as extremely pleasant and profitable. He became 
a member of the First Congregational Church in 181 6, and 
remained in full communion therewith throughout his life. 
In the spring of 182 1 he leased and subsequently purchased 
the store where he had formerly been employed, and here 
he carried on a mercantile business for nearly twenty years, 
He also employed men in the manufacture of shoes and 
harnesses, and had a pearl button factory and a sawmill on 
Mad River. In 1838 Mr. Kingsbury's health being impaired, 
he gave up his mercantile business, and thereafter devoted 
himself to the care and cultivation of his land, carrying on 
farming for several years on an extensive scale, and later, 
building and selling houses and selling land. His father 
and' his grandfather were large landholders, and for that 
reason, and because he took an interest in the subject, he 
probably possessed, after the death of his uncle. Judge Bron- 
son, more information in regard to early land lines, bounds, 
and titles, than any other inhabitant of Waterbury. At dif- 
ferent times he held various offices in the town, borough, 
and school organizations. He was, at the time of his death, 
the oldest member of the First Church, and the oldest native- 
born resident of the town. Notwithstanding his great age 
and a naturally delicate organization, he retained his facul- 
ties to a remarkable degree, and kept his elastic step, and he 
kept his accounts regularly, making daily entries until five 
days before his death. He died January 16, 1890, in a house 
on North Main street which he had occupied for nearly sixty 
years, and which was built by his great great-grandfather, 
Thomas Bronson. — History of Waterbury, II, 240-2.] 

" He fulfilled with great fidelity, during his many years, 
the various duties of a citizen, a church member, a house- 
holder, and a neighbor, but did it in a way so unostentatious 
and so simple, that the impression he made upon the com- 
munity did not serve as a measure of his ability and breadth. 
Not alone in his Puritan simplicity, but in his clear-headed- 
ness and intellectual strength, he was a fine representative 
of the older generations of New England men. While in- 



different to many of the modern novelties and notions, he 
had a clear apprehension of what was really valuable in our 
modern life, and was prompt to place himself in sympathy 
with it. He did not produce upon those who talked with 
him the impression that he was being left behind in the 
movements of events; he was a man of the times. At the 
same time he delighted in the memories of the past. His 
memory was good and his conversational gifts were of a 
high order; so that it was a real pleasure to sit beside him 
and look upon his vivid word pictures of the days that are 
no more. 

"The lessons of such a life cannot be measured off and 
numbered, and they are of a kind which would gain but 
little heed from this busy world of ours. But we cannot but 
regret that there are so few today who covet that life of 
simplicity and quiet peace which Mr. Kingsbury through 
all these years has so beautifully exemplified." — Obituary 
notice in Waterbury American. 


1 1 84 Frederick John, born January i, 1823. s-^ 

1185 Sarah Leavenworth, born April i, 1840. s-^ 

905 Julius Jesse Bronson" Kingsbury {JoJui', A^at/ian- 
iel*, Joseph^, Joseph'', Henry'), graduated from U. S. Military 
Academy, West Point, 1823 ; married at Fort Brady, Michi- 
gan, June 19, 1825, Jane Creed Stebbins, born in New York, 
March 13, 18 10, daughter of Henry Stebbins, Esq. 

[Julius Jesse Bronson Kingsbury, the second son of Judge 
John Kingsbury, was born October 18, 1797. As there was 
no school in Waterbury of a higher grade than a district 
school, he was sent away from home to pursue his studies. 
In 1819 he obtained, through the influence of David Daggett, 
then a Member of Congress, an appointment as cadet at the 
U. S. Military Academy at West Point. He left West Point 
in regular course in 1823; was attached as Lieutenant to the 
Second Regiment of Infantry, and ordered with a detachment 
of troops to Sault Ste. Marie at the outlet of Lake Superior, 
to assist in building Fort Brady. Here he remained three 
or four years under Major (afterward Col.) Cutler, during 
which time he married Jane C. Stebbins of New York, sis- 


ter-in-law of Captain Walter Bicker, also of the Second Regi- 
ment. Next he was ordered with a detachment, by sea to 
New Orleans and Nacogdoches. Afterwards he was sta- 
tioned for a time at Mackinaw and Fort Gratiot. During 
the Black Hawk war in 1832 he was in Chicago, attached to 
the commissary department, and saw much hard and dan- 
gerous service. While there — Chicago being then in its in- 
fancy—he purchased, for $700, about thirty-six acres of land 
on the north branch of the Chicago river, near its junction 
with the south branch, and about two acres on the south side 
of the main river, the latter tract in the heart of the present 
city, and the former but a little distant. The land is still in 
the possession of the family, and is of great value. He was 
afterward at Fort Niagara. Still later, during the disturb- 
ances on the northeastern frontier, he was stationed at Han- 
cock barracks, Holton, Me. Thence, after the breaking out 
of the Seminole war, he was ordered with his command to 
Tampa Bay, Fla. There he remained three years (with the 
exception of a short interval), and his constitution was so 
broken up by the combined influence of climate, exposure, 
and fatigue, that he never recovered. On his return to the 
North, he was stationed at Sackett's Harbor, and afterward 
a second time, at Fort Brady. He left this last post early in 
1847 to join General Scott before Vera Cruz. He assisted in 
the capture of that place, and was more or less engaged in 
all the battles which occurred on the march to the City of 
Mexico. For his good conduct in one of the engagements 
near the city, he was brevetted. Throughout the campaign 
he acted as Lieutenant-Colonel of his regiment, though he 
was at that time only a Captain. 

While in Mexico, Captain Kingsbury was attacked by a se- 
vere brain fever, which seriously threatened his life. When 
he had recovered sufficient strength, General Scott sent him 
home on sick leave. In December, 1848, having partially 
regained his health, he was ordered, with a part of his regi- 
ment, to California, and remained there nearly two years. 
While there he was promoted and transferred to the Sixth 
Regiment. He returned home in the summer of 1850, but 
too much out of health to be fit for duty. He spent the next 
two years in Washington and with friends at the East, on 



sick leave. He then started to join his regiment at St. 
Louis, but was detained at Detroit by illness, and was com- 
pelled to spend the winter there (1852-3). While there, 
owing- to some misunderstanding with the War Department, 
not involving his integrity or honor, his name was stricken 
from the army roll. Conceiving himself to have been un- 
fairly treated, he declined to make any explanation, or ,to 
hold any communication with the Department. Before his 
death, however, he settled all his accounts with the Govern- 
ment and received a balance which was found due him. 

He died in Washington, when on the point of leaving for 
the East, on June 26, 1856. His remains were brought to 
Waterbury, and he was buried here, according to his ex- 
pressed wish, in the old burying-ground by the side of his 

Major Kingsbury was a brave and skillful officer, always 
equal to the duties imposed upon him. He was for nearly 
thirty years connected with the army, and though some- 
times charged with indolence and procrastination in matters 
of detail and routine service, he was active and efhcient in 
the field, and was ever distinguished by honorable conduct. 
He lost his health and ruined his constitution in the public 
service. He left a widow, who died January 16, 1892 ; a 
daughter Mary (since dead), who married Capt. Simon B. 
Buckner, of the United States army, afterward General in 
the Confederate service and Governor of Kentucky ; and a 
son, Henry W., who was killed at Antietam while in com- 
mand of the Eleventh Connecticut Volunteers. His eldest 
son, Julius, died in California in 1850. — History of Waterbury. 
His widow lived for many years in Black Hall, Old Lyme, 
Conn. For thirty years she had accompanied her husband 
in his military life, residing at Mackinaw, Fort Gratiot, 
Detroit, Chicago, Niagara, Sackett's Harbor, and other fron- 
tier posts, in the early days of the West. During his absence 
on active service in Florida, Mexico, and elsewhere, she lived 
with friends in Lyme, and spent the last twenty years of 
her life there. She was a woman of wide social experience, 
interesting in conversation, and graceful in person and 



1 186 Julius Hamilton, born June 17, 1826 ; died unm., in California 

December 28, 1850. 

1187 Henry Bicker, born September i, 1828 ; died November 28 iS-x^ 

1188 Mary Jane, born February 24, 1831. s-s- ' 

1189 Walter, born August 25, 1834 ; died October 29, 1835. 

1 190 Henry Walter, born December 25, 1836. = > 

1 191 Adeline, born February 28, 1845 ; died January 21, 1846 

1192 Christopher, born December 19, 1846 ; died June 17, 1847. 

906 John Southmayd^ Kingsbury (/o/m\ Nathaniel 
Joseph, Joseph\ Henry), of Waterbury, Conn.; married Janu- 
ary 25, 1827, Abby Hewes, daughter of Daniel and Abig-ail 
(Shepard) Hayden, of Waterbury, born November ^7 1804 • 
after hvmg many years in Waterbury, as a farmer and 
manufacturer, he removed to East Bloomfield N Y where 
he died June 10, 1888 ; his wife died November 5, 1898. 


11 93 James Daniel, born November 27, 1827 ; died May 7 1831 

1 194 George Bronson, born September 6, 1829. s-^ 

1195 Marcia a., born May i, 1832.= >- 

1 1 96 Sylvia E., born September 7, 1834. s-s^ 

1197 James Daniel, born September 7. 1836 ; died January 19 1837 

1198 Harriet A., born June 15, 1839; m. Jan. 8. 1876, Charles Sherman 

rhelps ; he d. Dec. 27, 1891; she is living in East Bloomfield 
N. Y.; no ch. 

1199 Abby S., born June 20. 1842; unm.; res. in East Bloomfield 

1200 John D.. born July 27, 1845; res. in East Bloomfield ; unmarried- 

907 Sarah Susanna" Kingsbury {John\ Nathaniel' Jo- 
seph', Joseph', Henrf), married December 17, 1828 William 
Brown, of Waterbury, born June 16, 1804, son of Deacon 
James and Lavinia (Welton) Brown. She died May 28 184 1 ' 
Her husband married (2) Rachel Vienna Fenn, March 25 
1844 ; she was born January 21, 1825. William Brown died 
March 3, 1881. 

At eighteen he became clerk for Charles D. Kingsbury and 
m 1827 partner. In 1830 removed to Pleasant Valley S C 
where he remained two years; returned to Waterbury and 
started a mercantile business in partnership with his younger 
brother Augustus, and later turned his attention to manu- 
f acturmg and ultimately to real estate. Was director in many 
corporations, member of the board of agents of the Bronson 



Library, and filled various responsible places in affairs of 
City, Town, and State ; member of State Senate in 1870 and 
1880, and House of Representatives in 1872, 1874, and 1875. 
He was a safe counsellor, patient, wary, thorough,' never 
losing sight of the end in view. A good neighbor, loyal 
friend, and useful citizen. (Condensed from History of 


1 Marcia Bronson, born July 31, 1832 ; died at Petersburg, Va., De- 

cember 14, 1851. 

2 RoHERT Kingsbury, born December 6, 1833; m. January 22, 1856, 

Elizabeth Nichols Middlebrook, of Bridgeport, daughter of 
Stiles Munson and Elizabeth (Nash) Middlebrook, born Jan- 
uary 17, 1835 ; no ch. ; resides in Waterbury. 

3 Eliza Jane, born April i, 1836 ; m. October 14, 1858, Guernsey 

Smith Parsons, born in Durham, December 4, 1834, son of 
Clement and Phebe (Smith) Parsons. One ch. : Sarah Kings- 
bury, b. November 30, 1S64 ; m. November 17, 1886, Wm. 
Buckingham Merriman, of Waterbury, son of Charles Buck- 
ingham and Charlotte (Field) Merriman, born June 11, 1853; 
ch. : I, Buckingham Parsons, b. August 18, 1887 ; 2, William 
Buckingham, b. May 13, 1898. Guernsey S. Parsons was 
Mayor of Waterbury, Judge of Probate, aid to Gov. Hubbard, 
and held sundry minor offices. He died October 11, 1898. 

4 and 5 Twins, born May i, 1840 ; died May 20 and 21. 

908 Uriah'' Kingsbury {Jo/in\John\ NathanieP, Joseph'', 
Henry), of Fairfax, Vermont; married, April 17, 1800, 
Alice Hall, daughter of John and Alice (Bush) Hall, of 
Halifax, Vermont. They settled in Fletcher, Vermont, 
where she died in 181 2. 


1201 Almira, born January 18, 1802, in Fairfax ; never m. 

1202 Lyuia, born February 9, 1804, in Fairfax ; died August 19, 1870, 

in North Adams, Mass. ; unm. 

1203 RuKus, born January 13, 1806, in Fairfax. i z->- 

1204 Eunice, born May 2, 1808, in Fairfax; married, December 8, 1S42. 

Anson Warner of Greenfield, Mass. 

1205 Mary, born January 28, 1810, in Fairfax; m. August 14, 1831, 

Reuben Clark ; died October 28, 1862 ; 8 ch. 

1206 Miranda, born November 23, 1811, in Fairfax; ra. Daniel Allen; 

she died in 1845. 

911 Joseph' Kingsbury {Joh/i\ John\ Nathanier, Jo- 
seph^, Henry"), of Fairfax, Vermont, married Mary, daughter 


of Jedediah and Martha (Lucas) Merrill. He was a farmer 
in Fairfax and took the freeman's oath in 1797. He served 
m the War of 1812, and was engaged in the battle of Platts- 
burgh. His wife died in Fairfax in 1822, aged 48. He was 
a Representative to the Legislature from Fairfax in 1830. 
He died in Fairfax, February 14, 1863. " He was able to be 
about and quite smart at the age of go."— Vermo;if Gazetteer. 


1207 -AsENATH, born in Fairfax, ; m. Shaw. 

1208 Irene, born in Fairfax, ; m. February 12, 1818, David 

Chase, of Whitingham, Vt., son of Abraham and Betsy 
(Rich) Chase, born in Whitingham, December 12, 1796. 

1209 Aluna, born in Fairfax, ; m. John Whittemore, of St. 

Albans, Vt. 

1210 John, born in Fairfax, ; hved in Fairfax; m. (i) Huldah 

Mason ; (2) her sister, Sarah Mason. 

121 1 Lucas, born in Fairfax, rs > 

1212 Demas, born in Fairfax, ; died in infancy. 

1213 Cynthia, born in Fairfax, ; m. (i) William Lawrence ; (2) 

Peter Olmsted, of Beloit, Wis. 

1214 Henrietta, born in Fairfax, ; m. Samuel Basford, of Shel- 

burne, Vt. 

1215 Joseph, born in Fairfax, ; m. Carohne Wickware ; res. 


1 216 Paulina, born in Fairfax. =; > 

912 John" Kingsbury {John\ Johu\ NatJianiel\ loseph\ 
Henrf\ of Whitingham, Vermont, married, March 17, 1807,' 
Lovisa, daughter of John and Alice (Bush) Hall, of Halifax,' 
Vt. He died in 184-. 


1217 Lyman, " ; m. Polly Clark. 

1218 Alice, . ^-^ Austin Sumner. 

1219 Desire, . m. jgaac Allard. 

1220 Lovisa, ; m. Jacob King. 

1221 Ephraim. 

1222 John. 

1223 Amos. 

913^ Jeremiah" Kingsbury (^John\ John\ Nathaniel\ 
Joseph\ Henry^), of Halifax and Whitingham, Vermont, mar- 
ried April 14, 1803, Mary, daughter of Azariah and Keturah 
(Pease) Hall, of Halifax, Vt. He died in 1853. 



1224 Mary, ; m. Elliott Brown. 

1225 Harriet, ; m. Chase. 

1226 Fanny, ; m. George Porter of Whitingham, Vt. 

915 Rosel or Roswell" Kingsbury {John", John*, Na- 
thanieP, JosepJi\ Henry^) of Halifax, Vt. ; married, December 
3, 1812, Cylinda Allen of Halifax, born August 8, 1791, 
daughter of Elijah and Eunice (Smead) Allen. He died in 
March, 1854, in Halifax. Mrs. Cylinda Kingsbury died Feb- 
ruary 2, 18S5. 


1227 Elizabeth, born April 22, 1815; married Charles Blanchard ; res. 

Vineland, N. J.; d. March 4, 1895; s. p. 

1228 Sarah C, born Feb. 2, 1817 ; married William Phillips; she d. 

Dec. 26, 1901 ; ch., Abbey; unmarried. 

1229 Rosanna, born Feb. 19, 1819; married Dr. Charles Fish of Beloit, 

Wis., and Vineland, N. J.; d. July 12, 1896; s. p. 

1230 Luke, born March 4, 1821. s-*- 

1231 Minerva, born Nov. 23, 1823 ; married Lucius Graham ; he d. in 

prison in Andersonville during the Civil War ; she lived in 
Lenora, Minn.; d. November 22, 1883; ch.: i, Nellie, mar- 
ried Frank H. Holmes ; died January 12, 1894; ch. : (i) Inez, 
(2) Winnie, both school teachers in Nevada, Iowa, (3) Amy, 
trained nurse, Winona, Minn.; 2, Oscar, res. Beatrice, Neb.; 
3, daughter, married Thomas Prout; lives in Montana. 

1232 Horace, born February 22, 1826. ss-^- 

1233 Elvira, born March 11, 1828. s-»- 

1234 Elijah Smead, born May 12, 1831. t. -> 

917a Danier Kingsbury {Daniel'', John\ Nathaniel, 
Joseph'^, Henry^), settled in Rome, N. Y.; removed from there 
to Brighton, Canada; returned from there to Rushford, N. 
Y., but died in Arkansas in 1835.* He was a clothier by 
trade. He married Dorothy Otis, born June 30, 1783, died 
i860, in Rushford, N. Y. 


1235 Almeda, born March 8, 1800; m. Rev. Bishop. 

1236 Pamela, born July 28, 1803; m. Spencer, of Brighton, Canada. 

1237 Dorothy, born September 2, 1805; m. Bettes, in Canada. 

1238 Lucy, born March i, 1809; m. Eben Lyon, of Rushford; died 

February i, 1890. 

1239 Soi'hrona, born October 16, 181 1. 

1240 William Otis, born May i, 1815. ^~*" 

♦ According to another authority, he died in 1833. Tt is said also that his father, 
Daniel K., removed from Cherry Valley to Rushford and died there. 


1241 Daniel Pease, born November 19, 1819. 

1242 John Nelson, born October 23, 1823, in Brighton, Canada. ---^ 

1243 Laura, born September 28, 1826; died 1838. 

920 Benjamin" Kingsbury {Daniel\ /o/m\ Nathanicl\ Jo- 
seph', Henry'), of Cherry Valley and Rushford, N. Y., married 
in Cherry Valley, N. Y., October 5, 1815, Joanna Jennings, 
born December 30, 1792 ; he removed to Rushford, Allegany 
County, in 1830, where he died November 13, 1850. He^'was 
a house carpenter and cabinet maker He served in the 
war of 1 8 1 2, going from Cherry Valley to Fort Niagara. His 
widow, Joanna, died March 30, 1872, at New Hudson, N. Y. 


1244 William Walker, born August 15, 1818, Cherry Valle}'. r: > 

1245 Adelia Ann, born February 7, 1819, Cherry Valley; died in Rush- 

ford, N. Y., December 15, 1897. 

1246 Daniel, born January 12, 1821 ; m. September 27, 184S, Mary Jane 

Lobdell; lived in Clarksville. N. Y. ; died May i, 1819. 

1247 Hannah Maria, born August 14, 1822 ; m. August 20, 1845, 

Thomas Barnes; died in Oklahoma, February 12, 1901. 

1248 Benjamin, born August 14, 1826; m. September 12, 1852, Mariette 

Rice; he served in a New York Regiment through the Civil 
War ; died in Bradford, Pa., July 19, 1889. 

1249 Alvin, born February 25, 1828. =: > 

1250 Edward, born November 4, 1829; married, May, 1863, Cynthia 

Crouch of West Springfield, Pa. He served in the 23d Wis- 
consin Volunteers during a good part of the war ; res., Owa- 
tonna, Minn.; died April 10, 1889. 

1251 Julia Ann, born August 20, 1832; m. April 18, 1854, Westley 

Sayres; res.. New Hudson, N. Y. ; he died March' 29, 1876, 
and his widow is now living in Wellsville, N. Y. , with her 

1252 Sophia, born April 30, 1839; m. William Dodson; res., Champaien 

City, IlHnois. ^ 

925 Clarissa" Kingsbury {NathanieP, Nathaniel\ Na- 
thaniel\ Joseph'; Henrf), married Jonathan Sibley, Jr., son 
of Jonathan and Patty (Brooks) Sibley, born in Willington 
September 24, 1779. He died in Willington, August 21, 
1820, aged 40 ; buried in Moose Meadow burying ground' 
Willington, near his father ; called of Willington in Stafford 
Probate Records, August 28, 1820, when Joseph Sibley was 
appointed guardian to Jonathan K. Sibley, minor son of 
Jonathan. Mrs. Clarissa Sibley died May 26, 1827; buried 
m the North Burying Ground, Tolland. 



1 Jonathan K., born in Tolland, April 20, 1816. 

2 John Austin, born in Tolland, September 23 (1816?). 

926 Sarah" Kingsbury {Nathaniel", Nathaniel\ Nathan- 
ieP, Joseph^, Henry'), married in Tolland, Wyllys Gilbert, of 
Tolland, March 5, 1816. After he retired from business he 
removed in 1850 to Ellington. He died in Ellington in 
1853. His widow died in 1876. 


1 John Wyllys, born in Tolland, November 24, 1816; m. Harriet, dau. of 

Joseph Alden; d. in Ellington in 1849; one ch., Joseph W., a 
merchant in Norwich, Conn. 

2 Sarah Kingsbury, born in Tolland, March 25, 1819 ; residence, El- 

hngton. Conn.; she died there, August 17, 1896. 

927 Sarah" Kingsbury {Jabez\ Nathaniel\ Nat/ianiel\ 
Joseph", Henry'), married September 3, 1795, Ebenezer Read, 
of Bolton. 


I Harriet, born November 29, 1796, in Bolton. 
In Memory of 
Haraet daughter 
of Mr Ebenezer 
& Mrs Sarah Read 
who died July 20 
1797. aged 6 Months 
& 27 days 

— North Bolton Bzirying Ground. 

930 Colonel John" Kingsbury {/abez\ Nathaniel*, Na- 
thatiieP, Joseph", Henry'), of Tolland, Conn. ; married (i) 
November i, 1804, Sally Dymock ; she died December 11, 
1819, aged 37 ; (2) November i, 1821, Sally Edgerton ; she 
died April 20, 1824, aged 42 ; (3) September 2, 1825, in Cov- 
entry, Mary Brigham, born in Coventry, February 12, 1794, 
daughter of Don Carlos and Mary (Greenleaf) Brigham; he 
died March 2, 1861, aged 78 ; his widow died November 19, 
187 1, aged 77. 

1253 Sally Mariah, born in Tolland, June 10, 1807 ; died Aug. 24, 1808. 



1254 John Brigham, born October i, 1826. zz > 

1255 George Henry, born November 22, 1828. s-^ 

931 Hannah" Kingsbury (/al?es\ Nathaniel\ NathanieP, 
Joseph'', Hemy'), married August 29, 1811, vStephen Ladd,* of 
Tolland, born November 8, 1784, son of Eliab and Susalla 
(Lathrop) Ladd, grandson of Jonathan and Anna (Tyler) 
Ladd, and great grandson of Jonathan and Susanna (Kings- 
bury) Ladd. (See No. 688.) She died September 7, 1829, 
in Tolland. He married for his second wife Mrs. Susan 
(Sessions) Bradley, March 31, 1830. 


1 Sally Ann, born in Tolland, June 23, 1812 ; died June 24, 1812. 

2 Ann Mariah, born in Tolland, October 19, 1814 ; died Jan. 13, 18 16. 

3 Otis Kingsbury, born in Tolland, October 13, 1816 ; m. May 30, 1865, 

Hannah Warner ; residence, North Adams, Mass. 

4 Anna Calista, born in Tolland, May 16, 1818 ; m. Enoch Giles 


5 Sally, born in Tolland, July 17, 1820 ; m. Chauncy Hillard or Hib- 


6 Sabrina Talcott, born in Tolland, August 4, 1822 ; m. Gilbert 

Stacy ; died May 20, 1869. 

7 John Mosely, born in Tolland, Oct. 17, 1824 ; m. Rebecca Kennedy. 

8 Samuel William, born in Tolland, September 2, 1826 ; m. Amanda 


9 Mary Amelia, born in Tolland, Nov. 4, 1828 ; m. Chauncy Hillard or 

Hibbard; died June 7, 1852. 

935 Rev. Nathanier' Kingsbury {Satniict, Nathaniel\ 
Nathaniel, Joseph^, Henry^), of Mt. Vernon, N. H. ; married 
February 9, 1825, Eunice Dow, of Coventry.f He was or- 
dained pastor at Mt. Vernon, N. H., November 8, 1823 ; dis- 
missed April 8, 1836. He died in Prairieville, Wisconsin, 
July 12, 1843, aged 47. In the family Bible of his father. 
Deacon Samuel Kingsbury, is recorded the death of "Eu- 
nice Kingsbery, July 22, 1840." This was probably either 
Nathaniel's wife or a child.| 

* Professor George Trumbull Ladd, S. T. D., of Yale University, is a descendant 

of Step!-.en Ladd. 

1 Mr. Warren Ladd wrote to M. K.T. in 1889 that a memorandum had been given 
to him that " Hezekiah Dane (Dow?) from Coventry, Conn., lived in Camillus, N. 
Y., was a half brother of Eliphalet Ladd, and his sister, Eunice, living in Mt. Vernon, 
N. H., m. Rev. Mr. Kingsbury, a minister of that place." 

% The death of Mary B. Kingsbery, June 19, 1841, is also recorded. Perhaps a 
daughter of Nathaniel. 



1256 Henry Preston, ; died July, 1843. 
Rev. L. Hyde says there were four ch. 

936 Samuel" Kingsbury {Samuel", Nathaniel'^, Nathaniel, 
Joseph^, Henry''), married Mary Nutting ; a farmer in North 
East, Pa. He died March 5, 1866. His widow lived in 
Geneva, Ohio, with a daughter, Madela Ladd, and died 
there in 1887. 


1257 Samuel B., born April 24, 1824 ; died in Moorheadville, Pa., June 

26, 1894. 
125S Caroline, born September 20, 1S31 ; died December 23, 1833. 

1259 Casper Merrick, born June 20, 1838 ; killed May 3, 1863, in the 

battle of Chancellorsville. 

1260 Madela, born Aug. 23, 1840 ; m. Ladd, of Geneva, O. ; d. 18S2. 

937 Rev. Enoch" Kingsbury {Samuel\ Nathaniel \ Na- 
thatiicP, Joseph^, Henry'), graduated from Amherst College, 
1827 ; studied theology at Auburn, N. Y., and Hampden- 
Sidney College, Va.; was a pioneer Presbyterian home mis- 
sionary; ordained evangelist, 1830 ; pastor of the Church in 
Danville, Illinois, 1830- 185 7 ; and had charge of several 
Churches in the eastern part of the State ; assisted in es- 
tablishing Union Seminary (111.) ; preacher and teacher 
among the freedmen in Alabama, 1865-6 ; married in Wind- 
sor, Conn., November i, 1830, Fanny Ro^anna Goodwin, 
born June 25, 1804, daughter of James and Candace (Bird) 
Goodwin, of Bloomfield. He died October 26 1 18, Gen. Reg., 
XVII, idp], 1 868. 


1261 James Goodwin, born January 8,* 1832, at Eugene, Ind. 

1262 Samuel Lyman, born January 31, 1833, at Eugene, Ind. ; died Feb- 

ruary 28, 1837. 

1263 Helen Maria, born March 20, 1835, at Eugene, Ind.; died Novem- 

ber 15, 1836. 

1264 Edward Beecher, born October 26, 1836, at Eugene, Ind.; died 

August 18, 1864. 

1265 Nathan, born November 11, 1838, at Danville, 111.; died February 

10, 1841. 

* 18, another authority. 


1266 Martha Anna, born May 25, 1841, at Danville, 111.; died Septem- 

ber 23, 1864. 

1267 Mary Candace, born December 27, 1842, at Danville, 111.; m. Jan- 

uary I, 1868, James H. Risk, of Danville, 111.; no ch. 

1268 Samuel Davies, born July 5, 1846, at Danville, 111. s-^- 

942 Lyman' Kingsbury {Samuel'', Nathaniel^, NathanieP., 
Joseph^, Henry'), married (i) May 12, 1835, Roxana Pease, of 
Somers, Conn., born December 5, 1808 ; died May 11, 1845 ; 
(2) May 12, 1846, Eliza Treadway ; lived near North East, 
Pa.; died at Harbor Creek, Erie Co., Pa., December 4, 1874. 


1269 Charles, born January i, 1837 ; died January 4, 1837. 

1270 Maria, ), ^ „ died January 25, 1841. 

1271 Sophia, \ ^«™ ^^^^^^ ^' '^^^ ' died January 26. 1B42. 


1272 DwiGHT L., born February 10, 1848, in Vermilion, 111.; married, 

March, 1874, Elvira Tate; lives at Moorheads, Erie Co., Pa.; 
ch. : I, Charles, born May 16, 1876 ; 2, Carrie, born Dec. 19, 
1878 ; 3, Ben. 

1273 Caroline, born July 10, 1851, in Harbor Creek, Pa.; m. August 

20, 1872, Francis H. Bryant ; lives at Atchison, Kansas; 2 ch.: 
1, Bertha Paulina, born 1874; m. Herbert D. Hall, of Atchi- 
son ; ch.: I, Hazel Ellen ; 2, Ellen Lucile, born 1876; m. Oct. 
15, 1902, Dr. E. F. Larkin, of Franklin, Ind. 

943 Anna Maria' Kingsbury {Samue/\ Natha7iiel\ Na- 
thaniel, Joseph"^, Henry'), married September, 1837, Guy Mer- 
rill, son of Evan and Anna M. (Haynes) Merrill. He was a 
merchant. County Surveyor, and Probate Judge. She died 
November 10, 1855. He died October 9, 1867, in Danville, 


I Alice Carleton, born December 13, 1843 ; m. George Bush Yeo- 
mans, of Danville, 111., born August 24, 1836, in Hinsdale, 
Mass. He died January 16, 1897, in Danville ; 5 ch. 

944 Sophia' Kingsbury {Joseph'', Simon'^, NathanieP , Jo- 
seph^, Henry'), married June 5, 1808, Judge John Hall, of El- 
lington, Conn. He was born February 26, 1783, son of John 
and Eunice (Dorchester) Hall, of Ellington; graduated from 


Yale College, 1802 ; tutor at Yale three years ; established a 
school at Ellington, which became very well known, and was 
Principal from 1830 to 1840 ; he was also Judge of the County 
Coiirt of Tolland as early as 181 2. He was appointed Post- 
master in 1841. Mrs. Hall died May 19, 1829; he died October 
2, 1847, having married (2) September 5, 1830, Harriet S., 
daughter of Dr. Elijah F. Reed, of East Windsor. 


1 Edward, born August 10, 1809 ; for many years he conducted a suc- 

cessful family school at Ellington, relinquishing it only when 
his health failed a year or two previous to his death ; he m . 
(i) Mary A. Dolbeare, of Montville, Conn., March 20, 1840; she 
died April 25, 1852 ; (2) April 24, 1862, Mrs. Abbie B. F. Si- 
monds, of Shelburne, Vt. ; he died August 19, 1875 ; 3 ch.: i, 
Mary, b. Aug. 20, 1847 ; d. Sept. 25, 1849 ; 2, Sophia, b. Aug. 
19, 1851 ; m. Feb. 25, 1880, John McKnight, of Ellington ; 3, 
Grace, b. May 17, 1866 ; m. Oct. 30, 1889, Charles Cyrus Farn- 
ham, son of Gov. Roswell Farnham, of Vermont, a lawyer in 
Buffalo, N. Y. ; 3 ch.: i, Roswell, b. Aug. 13, 1890; 2, Frances 
Hall, b. Sept. 24, 1895; 3, Edward Hall, b. Dec. 4, 1900. 

2 Junius, born June 8, 181 1 ; Yale, 1831 ; studied law and commenced 

practice in Alton, 111., in 1836; from there he went to St. Louis 
for a few years, but finally located in Boston in 1846 ; m. in 
Boston, Emily E. M. Baldwin, November i, 1849; elected a 
member of the Mass. legislature in 1850; he died August 
14, 1851 ; his widow died May, i860 ; s. p. 

3 John, born August 22, 1813 ; a clerk in Philadelphia for two years, 

then commenced business as a bookseller in New York ; died 
October 19, 1836. 

4 Sophia, born July 4, 1815 ; m. Oct. 21, 1839, William A. Delano, of 

St. Louis, Mo.; removed to Ironton, Mo., where he died 
November, 1876 ; 8 ch. 

5 Eliza, born February 16, 1817 ; m. June 15, 1859, Rev. John G. 

Baird, b. in Milford, Conn., November 27, 1826; Yale, 1852; 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1857 ; pastor of the Church 
at Centerbrook, Conn., June 2, 1857, to November i, 1865 ; 
acted as assistant to the Secretary of the State Board of 
Education from 1867 to 1883, residing in Hartford; in 1884 they 
removed to Ellington, where he d. December 22, 1891. Mrs. 
Baird died in Ellington, February i, 1903 ; s. p. 

6 Levi Wells, born December 25, 1818 ; a lawyer in Syracuse, N. Y. ; 

m. (i) April 18, 1843, Antoinette Bangs, of Springfield, Mass.; 
she died January 29, 1848 ; (2) January, 1S51, Mary Elizabeth 
Clark, of Syracuse, who died Nov. 14, 1S90 ; he died April 19, 
1S81 ; I son. 

7 Maria, born February 15, 1821 ; died October 21, 1848. 


8 Francis, born October 27, 1822 ; commenced business as a book- 

seller in Elmira, N. Y. ; m. October 20, 1846, Sarah H. Covell, 
of Elmira; she died August 5, 1848 ; in 1858 he was elected 
Mayor of the City; in 1859 he went to China, thence to Japan, 
where he was for several years of the firm of Walsh, Hall & 
Co., tea merchants ; he returned to this country in 1866 ; then 
traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico, South 
America, and in various parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, 
but his home continued to be in Elmira, where he d. Aug. 26, 
1902; s. p. Before his death he commenced the building of a 
public Hbrary for Ellington as a memorial to his father 
and his brother Edward. 

9 William Maxwell, born October 7, 1824 ; he lived in Syracuse and 

Elmira, but died while on a visit at his father's house in El- 
lington, August 8, 1847. 

10 FREnERiCK, born September 5, 1827 ; a bookseller in Elmira, N. Y.; 

m. Jan. 19, 1861, Caroline Andrus Herrick, of Ithaca, N.Y. ; j./. 

11 Arthur, born May 7, 1829 ; died March 23, 1830. 

945 Josiah Allyn" Kingsbury {Joseph\ Simon\ Nathan- 
ier, Joseph^, Henry), lived for a few years in Maine, where 
he married January 27, 1813, Elizabeth Ryan, of Bath, 
Maine ; he soon afterwards returned to Ellington, where he 
spent the remainder of his life ; his wife died May 7 [Dr. 
Baird's letter] [May 8, T. S\ 1849, aged 59 ; he died 
August I, 1853; they are buried in Ellington. 


1274 Joseph W. , born November 13, 1813. s-^ 

1275 Henry Allyn, born January 11, 1816 ; m. July 7, 1837, Lavinia 

Holmes, of Stafford ; died January 18, 1849, aged 33 ; buried 
in Ellington ; one son died in infancy. 

1276 Elizabeth, born ; died when about 5 years old. 

1277 George Clark, born August i, 1821 ; died March 19, 1863. 

1278 A twin brother of George died in infancy. 

946 Allen" Kingsbury {Nathaniel\ Jabez\ Nathaniel\ Jo- 
seph-, Henry'), married December 26, 1802, Betsey Coleman ; 
removed to Cazenovia, N. Y.; died there, February 12, 1853; 
his wife, Betsey, died July 27, 1864. 


1279 Mary, born October 3, 1804 ; married November 10, 1826, Henry 

H. Ayer; d. at Sheridan, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., Sept. 27, 1831. 

1280 Helen Sophronia, born September 29, 1806 ; m. (i) Alvin E. Cole- 

man ; (2) Erastus Woodward of Cazenovia; d. Oct. 25, 1891 ; 
one dau. 



1281 Delia, born April 17, 1811, living in Cleveland, O., unm., (1903,) 

aged 92. 

1282 William Irvin, born March 27, 1813 ; m. in 1842, Elizabeth A. Mc- 

Kee ; died 1846, at Taylorsville, 111.; his widow lived in Pay- 
son, 111.; s. p. 

1283 AsENATH, born May 3, 1815. s->- 

1284 John Flavel, born May 27, 1817. ib - > 

1285 Harriet Newell, born July 30. 1820 ; m. February 8, 1841, Edwin 

D. Loomis, of Cleveland, O., born November 15, 1820, son of 
Hezekiah and Eunice (Haines) Loomis, of Cazenovia ; living 
in Cleveland with her sister ; s. p. 

947 Wealthy' {Nathaniel", Jabez\ Nathaniel, Joseph'', 
Henr/), married Zachariah Cone, of Hebron, in 1826, after- 
wards of Cazenovia, N. Y., born May 8, 1774, in Hebron. 
Later he resided in Batavia, N. Y., where she died July 25, 
1843 ; ^^ clied July 14, 1854. 


1 Mary Ann, born March 10, 1805 ; m. Reuben Rowley, and died soon 

after marriage. 

2 Walter, born August 7, 1807; died March 24, 1808. 

3 HuBiiELL B. , born February 15, 1809; was a pioneer settler of Chi- 

cago ; became a wealthy and highly respected citizen; died at 
the time of the great fire in 1871 ; had 8 ch.; one dau. m. M. 
W. Kimball, music dealer. 

4 Alhert G., born June 2, 181 1 ; unm.; went to Arizona. 

5 Nathaniel Kingsbury, born July 14, 1813 ; m. November 9, 1848, in 

East Hartford, Adaline Brewer ; he went West in an open 
buggy with his yovmg bride, and settled on the farm at Beth- 
any, N. v., which he owned until his death. He had studied 
surveying, and assisted the Surveyor-General of Connecticut 
in making a survey of that State. He engaged in the mer- 
cantile business in Wetunka, Ala., where he remained seven 
years, but, not being successful, he returned to Genesee Co., 
N. Y., and took up again the practice of surveying. He died 
in Bethany, February 7, 1880; 2 ch.; his son, Hobart Brewer 
Cone, graduated Hobart College, 1869 ; is an attorney in Bata- 
via, N. Y. 

6 Salmon G., born May 6, 1815 ; lived in Unadilla, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

7 Harriet M., born June 5, 1818 ; m. January 7, 1840, William Red- 

field Phelps, of Hebron, Conn.; resides in Phila. , Pa.; 3 ch. 

949 Jabez" Kingsbury {N'athanieP, Jabcz\ Nathaniel\ 
Joseph^, Henry'), married, February 15, 1815, Fanny Daven- 
port ; lived in that part of Coventry now Andover, Conn.; 
died February i, 185 1 ; his widow died February 11, i860. 



1286 Samuel Newell, born December 12, 1815; died [Nov. 30, 1817, 7'. 

S.] April 8. 1818. 

1287 Henry Dwight, born March 20, 1818 [Oct.18, 1817, K f.K. ]; never 

married ; living in 1887 in Trinity Co., California. 

1288 Samuel Newell, born [Oct. 8, 1819, F. J. K.] October 15, i82o.s>- >- 

1289 Asenath Cornelia, born January 12, 1824. s- 

950 Sophia" Kingsbury {Joseph'', Jabez\ NathanieP, Jo- 
seph^, Henry^), married, January 16, 181 1 [January 17, H. W. 
Hutchinson, June 16, T.Ji.], Deacon Willard Hutchinson, of 
Coventry, son of Eleazer and Huldah (Jones) Hutchinson, 
born in Andover, Conn., February 16, 1785 ; died in Coven- 
try, March 15, 1849; she died in Coventry, September 8, 1863. 


1 Caroline Sophia, born August 9, 1812; m. [May 8, Root Genealogy\ 

May II, 1850, Elijah Hammond Root, of Coventry, son of 
Nathaniel and Candace (Hammond) Root, and a descendant 
of Elijah and Mary (Kingsbury) Hammond, of Bolton (see pp. 
174 and 225); he was born September 16, 1800; she died in 
Coventry, April 5, 1861 ; s. p. 

2 JosEi'H Willard, born November 11, 1814 ; died December 17, 1S14. 

3 Ruth Eliza, born October 7, 1816; m., as his second wife, June 7, 

1871, Albemarle Loomis, of Coventry, born October 28, 1808, 
son of Medad and Mary (Moseley) Loomis ; he was killed by 
lightning May 24, 1873, in Coventry; she died in Coventry, 
August 24, 1885, having been a member of the Congregational 
Church for more than fifty years. 

4 Henky Willard, born October 6, 1819; m. September i, 1846, Ehza 

Ann Boardman, born in Hartford, May 5, 1820, daughter of 
Lewis Cathn and Sophronia (Woodruff) Boardman ; he was, 
at the time of his marriage. Principal of the North School in 
Hartford ; afterwards a bookseller ; then he occupied a posi- 
tion in the office of the Hartford Water Board, and later be- 
came one of the City Registrars. He died March 21, 1886; ch. : 
I, Ella Sophia, b. June 9, 1847; a teacher in the Brown School, 
Hartford, for a number of years ; d. in North Conway, N. H., 
Sept. 2, 1874: 2, Henry Willard, b. Feb. 19, 1851 ; m. Nov. 
13, 1872, Ida Birdsall, of Newark, N. J.; he died some years 
ago in Hartford, where he was connected with the Phoenix 
Life Ins. Co. ; his widow and two children live in Oakland, Cal. ; 
3, Louis Harvey, b. Oct." 16, 1862 ; m. Annie Mather, of Hart- 
ford ; he is a clerk in the office of the Phoenix Life Ins. Co., 
of Hartford ; no ch. 

5 Mary Kingsbury, born May 26, 1826 ; died unm., in Coventry, Octo- 

ber 21, 1887. 


952 Mary" Kingsbury {Joseph\ Jabez\ NathanieP, Jo- 
sepli\ Ilen/y), married May 28, 1823, Daniel Burnap, of An- 
dover, son of Captain Abraham and Susan (Wright) Burnap, 
born November 1, 1759; his first wife was Deliverance, 
daughter of Denison and- Lydia (Jones) Kingsbury. (See 
page 231.) He was for many years a clockmaker in East 
Windsor, and numerous tall, old-fashioned clocks are still 
seen with his name on them. In the Connecticut Courant of 
the date March 14, 1791, he advertises that he makes brass- 
wheeled clocks in East Windsor. He afterwards removed 
to Andover, where he died September 26, 1838, aged 78. 
Daniel Burnap mentions in his will, wife Mary, son Daniel 
K., daughter Mary Delia, daughter Charlotte Elizabeth; 
gives to Milton Burnap, to Martha Burnap, a daughter of 
Milton Burnap — dated September 22, 1838 — exhibited in 
Court October 17, 1838. — Andover Prob. Rec. Mrs. Mary 
Burnap died in Andover, November 21, 1873, aged 86. 


1 Daniel Kingsuury, born June 29, 1824; died at Andover, July 11, 

1844, being then a member of the class of 1846, Yale College. 

2 Maky Delia, born October 22, 1827 ; m. October 9, 1862, Elliot P. 

Skinner, of Andover, where she lives in the house built by 
her father, Daniel Burnap ; no. ch. 

3 Charlotte Elizabeth, born August 9, 1830 ; m. March 4, 1857, 

Thomas C. P. Hyde, son of Rev. Lavius Hyde, and a de- 
scendant of Capt. Jacob Hyde and Hannah Kingsbury; he 
was born in Bolton, October 28, 1825 ; he was educated at 
Laurel Hill Academy, Stockbridge, Mass., and Phillips 
Academy, Andover, and graduated from Williams College, 
1847 : he was at Andover Theological Seminary for a while, 
but graduated from the Theological Seminary at East Wind- 
sor Hill, to which his father was one of the early liberal 
givers. In 1856 Mr. Hyde went with a party to Kansas for 
the purpose of saving that State as a free State, and was 
there at the time of the stirring scenes at Ossawatomie, giv- 
ing aid to John Brown after his losses in that famous raid. 
In 1859 he settled in Andover, and resided there during the 
remainder of his life. He was ardent in religious matters, a 
close student of the Bible_, and Deacon in the Church. He ^ 
was a well-informed man on all subjects, the extent and 
accuracy of his knowledge being a constant marvel even to 
those who knew him best. He died in Andover, Oct. 26, 
1900. \H artf or d Daily Couran/.] Three ch.: i, Erskine D. 
B., b. Jan. 9, 1861 ; m. Sept. 11, 1884, Nellie A. Rose, of An- 


dover ; 2, Emily Hollister, b. July 20, 1862 ; killed by being 
thrown from a carriage, Dec. i, 1887 ; 3, Mary Elizabeth, b. 
July I, 1868. 

953 William" Kingsbury {JoscpJi\ Jabez\ NathankP, 
Joseph^ ^ Henry^), married vSusan Reynolds of Andover, in 
East Hartford, December 5, 1816. He occupied the farm 
purchased by Captain Nathaniel Kingsbury, his great- 
g-randfather, in 1730. The house built by Nathaniel in 1735 
was demolished in 1848. He died in Andover, January 6, 
1853, aged 6t^. S^Tombstoiie^ His widow, Susan, died October 
II, 1869, aged 81. 


1290 William Benton, born October 4, 1817; has lived all his life on 

the old homestead in Andover; he was a member of the Leg- 
islature from Andover in 1864 ; unmarried. 

1291 Charles Reynolds, born January 26, 1819. 

1292 Horace Pa,rsons, born September 29, 1820; he enlisted August 

25, 1862, in Company G, Captain Charles H. Talcott, Twenty- 
Fifth Regirpent, Connecticut Volunteers, Col. G. P. Bissell, 
and served with the regiment in Louisiana and the South- 
west until his discharge, August 26, 1863. He lived in Glas- 
tonbury^ Conn. , from 1852, entering the employ of the J. B. 
Williams Manufacturing Co. soon after they started business, 
until his death, July 27, 1902, unmarried. Mr. Kingsbury 
was a man of strong character and of pleasing address. He 
nutnbered among his friends both old and young, and was 
justly entitled to the esteem and respect in which he was held. 
He was so closely associated with the work at the Williams 
factory that he was generally regarded as a part of the es- 
tablishment, and it is only a few years since he gave up the 
position in the mill which he had held for nearly half a 
century. — Hartford Daily Coitrant. 

1293 Henry Martyn, born September 29, 1820. -^^-^ 

1294 Anne Eliza, born August 27, 1826; died August 6, 1850; 

unmarried. / 

1295 Emily Maria, born October 23, 1827; died September 21, 1867, 


1296 Ruth Sophia, born December 25, 1832; now living with her 

brother in Andover; unmarried. 

1297 Mary Jane, born May 14, 1836; married, as his 3d wife, Freder- 

ick Hart Root of Meriden, Conn., born July 4, 1827, son of 
Henry and Sarah Sage (Hart) Root. She died in Meriden, 
July 27, 1874; one child, Willie Kingsbury, died in infancy 


954 Joseph" Kingsbury {Joseph'', Jabez\ Nai/ianiel\ 
Joseph\ Heniy), of Andover, Conn.; married (i), December 
4, 1827, in East Hartford, Amelia Reynolds, born in East 
Hartford, November, 1795 ; she died July 9, 1848; (2) April 
2, 1854, Mrs. Sarah Reynolds Vorra, born May 5, 1800. He 
died in Andover, March 17, 1865, aged 72. {Tombsiofie.^ Mrs. 
Sarah A. Kingsbury died in Andover, July 25, 1895. 


1298 Lucius, born September 20, 1828. z:. > 

1299 Edgar James, born April 3, 1831. ::„-: > 

1300 Walter Reynolds, born December 25, 1832. :.x > 

1301 Hannah A., born December, 1834; died March 9, 1S35, aged 11 


1302 Hannah E., born October, 1S37; died January 25, 1838 (F^eb. 25, 

1837, Tojnbstofie),a.geA 12 weeks. 

955 Harvey" Kingsbury {Joseph\ Jabez\ Nathamer, 
Joseph\ Henrf), of Coventry, Conn.; married in Coventry, 
April 7, 1824, Polly Wright, daughter of Roswell Wright of 
Coventry, born June 3, 1787; she died November 25 [24, 
Tombstone'], 1871; he died May 22, 1874, in Coventry. He 
was drafted in the war of 181 2, and served for forty days at 
New London. His health being frail, he was unable to pur- 
sue the business of agriculture, and consequently he moved 
to Farmington to learn the trade of a jeweler. He changed 
his plans, however, and gave special attention to study, with 
a view to teaching, reciting for a time to Rev. Mr. Woodruff, 
of Coventry. He taught for ten successive winters, and gave 
satisfaction to his employers. After his marriage he removed 
to Coventry, and became a successful and enterprising 
farmer in that town. He served as Selectman, and was for 
more than twenty years a member of the Ecclesiastical 
Society committee, and of the School Board for the same 
period. He was for many years director of the Rockville 
Bank, and one of the incorporators of the Savings Bank of 
Rockville. Mr. Kingsbury possessed a firm character and 
religious principles. He was a puritan indeed in his integ- 
rity, careful observance of the Sabbath, and diligent attend- 
ance on the worship of God in the sanctuary and the weekly 




meetings. He was also greatly interested in the Sabbath 
School, and always came forward generously when help was 
needed for the church, and for missionary work. [History 
of Tolland County, 40^.] 


1303 Elizabeth Wright, born December 31, 1824. :z > • 

1304 Mary Jeffries, born December 31, 1826; married June 27, 1866, 

Henry E. H. Gilbert, as his second wife (see No. 1303), her 
brother-in-law; she died in Coventry, May 31, 1902, aged 75. 
Her interest in the work of preparing the Kingsbury Gene- 
alogy was great, and the compiler is greatly indebted to her 
for assistance and sympathy. 

956 Doctor Royar Kingsbury ( /^i'^^/^', Jabez\ N'athanier, 
Joseph'', Henry^), a physician in Marlborough, Conn , married, 
April, 1828, Emily Foote, born April 25, 1805, daughter of 
Joel and Rachel (Lord) Foote of Marlborough. He died 
November 21, 1836, in Marlborough, Conn.; his widow mar- 
ried (2) September 7, 1839, Jedediah Post of Glastonbury, 
and died there March 13, 1859. 


1305 Emily Lord, born February 25, 1831; married (i) as his second 

wife, in Glastonbury, April 12, 1855, Shelton HoUister, of 
Glastonbury, born September 30, 1825, son of Benjamin and 
Prudence Hollister ; Yale College 1848 ; he died in St. An- 
thony's Falls, Minn., April 29, 1855.* She married (2) Nov. 28, 
1865, Thomas Blish Cheney of Hartford, son of Halsey and 
Adeline Pamelia (Blish) Cheney, of Manchester, Conn.; two 
children: Thomas Shelton, b. Feb. 14, 1867, d. Feb 8, 1898, in 
Hartford; Frances Emily, b. October 22, 1868; a teacher in 
Springfield, Mass., where her mother also lives. 

957 Colonel Joseph' Kingsbury {Lemuel", Joseph\ Na- 
thaniel, JosepH\ Henry'). His grandfather, Joseph Kings- 
bury, offered to send him to Yale College if he would pre- 
pare for the ministry, but the offer, tempting as it was, had 
too many conditions attached for the young man, who looked 
upon a minister, as most people did then, as a little less than 
a demigod, and felt that he was not of the material of which 
gods were made, and the offer was declined. In 1795, at the 
age of nineteen, he left the friends of his youth, and with a 

* Hollister Genealogy. 


horse, a small sum of money, and a compass, he turned his 
face towards the Susquehanna to find a home and employ- 
ment. He arrived at Sheshequin in the spring of 1795, and 
on the very day he was nineteen years old. He engaged at 
once with General vSimon vSpaulding as a surveyor, and be- 
gan a career that resulted in his appointment as agent for 
the vast landed estates of Vincent Le Ray de Chaumont, 
known as the Le Ray lands, Count de Chastellux, AIcEwen 
and Davidson, the Bank of North America, and others. 
From an early period to his death he was a member of and 
a generous contributor to the religious denomination of the 
Universalists. He was for many years a Colonel of Militia 
and Postmaster of the town, and President of the Towanda 
Bank. — Kulp's Wyoming Families. He married, February i, 
1797, Anna Spaulding, daughter of General Simon and Ruth 
(Shepherd) Spaulding, born April 21, 1779, in Sheshequin, 
Pa.; died Sept. 18, 1864, aged 85 years and 5 months. He 
died January 22, 1849, in Sheshequin, and was buried in the 
churchyard there. 


1306 Mary, born August 11, 1798. zz > 

1307 Almira, born 1801. s: - > 

1308 Byron, born March 26, 1803. ;r, > 

1309 Burton, born March 30, 1S05. z: > 

1310 Ann Eliza, born August 20, i8o8. rz > 

1311 Henry, born February 3, 1810. a: > 

1312 Joseph, born July 2, 1813. s-^- 

1313 Marion Braidfoot Wallace, born September 30, 1815.^-^ 

1314 Helen Mar, born 1816; married October, i83n, Mahlon C. 

Mercur; died 1841; one child, Mahlon Mar, born March, 1841. 
Mahlon Mar Mercur served in the U. S. navy and in the 
army during the Civil War, remaining in the service for twenty 
years; afterwards in business in Towanda; died in Dranes- 
ville, Va., of consumption, Jan. 10, 189-. 

1315 Lemuel Spaldinu, born September 14, 1823. =: > 

958 Alice" Kingsbury {Lemuel^, Joseph*, NathanieP, Jo- 
seph^, Henry^), married, May 13, 1798, Benjamin Baker Ellis 
of Glastonbury, Conn., born in Sturbridge, Mass., June 28, 
1773, son of Benjamin and Eunice (Baker) Ellis. He was a 


ship builder, and built ships for the West India trade, and 
privateers for the War of 1812; he had shipyards in Hart- 
ford, Glastonbury, and Middle Haddam. He died July 5, 
1839, aged 66, in Glastonbury. His widow died May 29, 
1862, in Enfield. 


1 LuciNDA, born September 3, 1800; died September 23, 1802. 

2 Emeune, born June 7, 1803; married, December 28, 1822, Capt. Har- 

mon Terry, born in Enfield, March 17, 1800, son of Solomon 
and Hannah (Pease) Terry; he died in Enfield, August 12, 
1855; she died March 27, 1885; 8 ch. i, Amanda Emeline, 
born 1823; married, 1850, James H. Hoskins; he died 1854; 
she died October 14, 1859; 2 ch. 2, Julia M., born May 22, 
1824; married S. W. Lee of Coventry; 2 ch. 3, Caroline 
Ellis, born December 6, 1826; married James Abbe of Spring- 
field. 4, Edwin H., born October 22, 1832; married Emma 
Allen of Enfield; she died in Springfield, Mass., in 1887; he 
died in Springfield, August 6, 1893, aged 61; 4 ch. 5, Louisa 
Loomis, born July 6, 1835; married (i), April 20, 1863, in Iowa 
City, la., Roswell Sage Price, Jr.; he died in Williamsburg, 
la., October 31, 1864; (2) Spencer Lee Flower of Hartford, 
Conn. 6, Mary Ellen, born March 18, 1838; married John 
Howe, son of Dennis Howe of North Brookfield, Mass.; she 
died June 8, 1862. 7, Rollin Ethelbert, born July 27, 1841; 
res. Springfield, Mass.; married Kate McKmney of Thomp- 
sonville; 7 ch. 8, Frederick Eugene, born April 19, 1844; 
died 1845. 

3 LuciNDA, born April 5, 1805; died February 10, 1821. 

4 Caroline, born April 28, 1807; died October 6, 1830, aged 23. 

5 Mary Ann, born January 23, 1810; died January 4, 1886. 

6 Henry Kingsbury, born April 12, 1812; died July 8, 1817. 

7 Benjamin Franklin, born November 3, 1814; married, November 19. 

1840, Rulina, daughter of John and Sally (Belcher) Perry of 
Wales, Mass.; he settled in Hartford, Conn., in 1837, and was 
a house builder and contractor for many years; retired from 
business in 1880; he died in Hartford, April 8, 1902; ch. i, 
George, born September 27, 1843; Assistant Engineer, 
U. S. Navy, 1862-1 866; over two years in railroad work 
in Wisconsin and Minnesota; from 1868 to 1871, clerk of the 
Street Department of the City of Hartford ; actuary of the 
Travelers Insurance Co., Hartford, from 1874 to 1897; chosen 
Secretary of the Company, January, 1897; he was Warden of 
Christ Church ; Police Commissioner; died in Hartford, June 
25, 1898; he married. May 13, 1868, Janet S , dau. of John and 
Agnes McEwan, of Albany, N. Y. ; she was born in Glasgow, 



Scotla..d, August i, 1847; died in Hartford, December 4, 
1896; ch. I, George William, born in Alban}-, December 6, 
1870; Trinity College, 1894; in journalistic work on the Spring- 
field Republican 1894 to 1896; entered the office of the Trav- 
elers Insurance Co., 1896; married, June 9, 1897, Annie Free- 
land Corson, in Hartford; i son, George Corson, b. November 
24, 1899. 2, Alfred Lander, b. April 21, 1877. 3, Jessie Isa- 
bel, b. Feb. 27, 1880; died August 7, 1880. 4, John McEwen, 
b. November 13, 1881. 
8 Horace Kingsbury, born March 19, 1819; died May 28, 1878; married 
Mary Jane Lord of Enfield; ch. i, Jane Eliza, b. June 23, 1846; 
married, 1870, Theodore Isaac Pease of Enfield; res., Spring- 
field, Mass.; ch. i, Jennie Estella, b. Jan. 15, 1874. 2, Henry 
Hyde, b. March 30, 1848; married, Jan. 28, 1871. Mary Kent 
Bates of Enfield; 5 ch. 3, Charles Kingsbury, b. 1S53; died 
March 18, 1854. 4, Mary Elizabeth, born July 22, 1S56; mar- 
ried, 1879, Mervin B. Parsons of Enfield; res. in 1896, West 
Burke, Vt. ; i ch. 

959 LemueF Kingsbury {Lemuel\ Joseph*, NathanicP, 
Joseph^, Henry'), a farmer in Enfield ; married in East Wind- 
sor, November 2, 1801, Huldah, daughter of Samuel and 
Huldah (Burnham) Terry, of East Windsor, born May 4, 1778; 
died September 11, 1831. He died June 26, 1866. 


1316 "Almira Miranda, born November 5, 1802; died in Enfield, un- 

married, August 5, 1890. 

1317 Lucy Anne, born September 17, 1804 ; died in Enfield, unmarried, 

March 11, 1891. 

1318 Alice Terry, born March 13, 1807. ^^"^"^ 

1319 Huldah Burnham, born May 3, 1809 ; died in Enfield, unmarried. 

May 12, 1875. 

1320 Alfred, born April 13, 18 11 ^s-^- 

1321 Amelia Clarissa, born April 11, 1S13 ; married (i), April 25, 1855, 

John Barrows, of Rockville, who was born in Mansfield in 
1800 ; died April 9, 1858 ; (2) in 1864, Wait Hale, of East Glas- 
tonbury. He died February 24, 1870 No children by either 
marriage. She is now living in the Old People's Home, Hart- 

1322 Memnon, born April 15, i8i5.s-»- 

1323 Catharine, born August i, 1820; died in Thompsonville, unmar- 

ried, December 5, 1902. 

1324 Harriet, born June 5, 1822; married, February 9, 1S45, Henry 

Martin Field, son of John and Anna (Gowdy) Field, of Somers, 
b. July 18, 1820. vShe died February 24, 1858 ; s. p. 

<^r^ ^^ n^'^/h&i 


960 Mary' Kingsbury {Lemucl\ Joseph*, Nathaniel^, 
Joseph'', Henry'), married April 4. 1806 (according to B. F. 
Ellis; April 2, 1806, according to Enfield Church Records), Jede- 
diah Hills, of Enfield, Conn.; removed in 1814 to Painesville, 
Ohio, passing through Buffalo just after it had been burned 
by the British troops ; he was Justice of the Peace and Post- 
master in the early days of Painesville ; he was a druggist 
by occupation. She died in Painesville June 24, 1866. He 
was born in Enfield, January 21, 1777 ; died in Painesville, 
Ohio, January 12, 1859. 


I Addison, born in Enfield, April 6, 1807^; married in Painesville, O., 
(i) August 3, 1828, Emily Tracy ; she died in Cleveland, 
March 6, 1835; (2) June 6, 1836, Prudence Tracy, who died 
February, 1892. He began life as a clerk in his father's drug 
store, but soon entered into railroad work, and at the time of 
his death he was probably the oldest railroad man in active 
service in the United States. He was general freight agent 
on the Erie road from 1853 to 1855, removing in the latter 
year to Cleveland, where for forty- three years he served the 
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad through its 
varied changes, promoting its growth from many small lines 
into one perfected system. From 1855 to 1881 he was its Gen- 
eral Freight Agent, and few men know that he was the orig- 
inator of many improvements in freight service, especially of 
the through system of fast freight lines in the sixties. From 
1 88 1 to 1886 he was assistant general manager, and then he 
was appointed assistant to the President, performing the 
duties of his office with fidelity and efficiency to the end. His 
ability was known and recognized, not only by the officials of 
that road, but throughout the country, and he was regarded 
as an undisputed authority in traffic matters. Even at his 
great age he was frequently consulted by the younger officers 
of the railroad, so clear was his mind, so excellent the preser- 
vation of his faculties. He was the first Recorder of Paines- 
ville, when the town was incorporated in 1832. He was one 
of the incorporators of the Parish of St. James in Painesville, 
Protestant Episcopal, February 26, 1835, and he was elected 
vestryman April 4, 1836. He presented the church with a 
fine organ, and in later years assisted largely in removing a 
heavy debt on the new church building. ' ' He was a man of 
the purest integrity, of rare ability, of spotless reputation, 
far-reaching in his judgment. God-fearing, honored, loved, 
and mourned by the wide circle of friends his beautiful life 
had influenced, with its great responsibilities faithfully per- 



formed. He was a remarkable ma^ ia many ways ; with a 
brave, patient spirit, ever caring for others, retaining his life- 
long vigor, his springing step, his mental faculties to the end ; 
and antil his last five days of suffering, he was regularly at 
his ofiBce, attending to business promptly as for years. His 
tall, stately figure, his gentle courtesy of the old school, his 
face of quiet benignity-, will be no more seen, for he walks in 
the gardens of Paradise." [C/turcAman.] He died in Cleve- 
land. May 7. 159S. Children : i, Lucien, bom July 13. 1S30 ; 
married September 15,1357, Mary Andrews : he was for many 
years General Freight Agent of the C, C. C. & St. L. R R.; 
he received injuries in an accident from which he never recov- 
ered, and died in Cleveland, November 24. 1894; ch. : (i) George 
Henry, bom November 15, 1S5S; died August 5, 1867. (2) 
Kate, bom September iS, 1864: died November 17. i366. (3) 
Mary Lucia, bom March 21, 1869 ; res. Cleveland. (4) Fannie 
T., bom September 12, 1571; died September 20. 1095. 2, Em- 
ily Malvina, bom October i, 1S32, now living in Rome, Italy. 

3, Eliza Tracy, bom May 19, 1837 ; died February- 15. 1S78. 

4, Albert Erastus, bom July 5. 1845 : <iied February 28. 1872. 

2 Jedediah Myron, bom in Enfield, February 2*. 1809 ; died October 

5, 1811. 

3 LuciES, bom in Enfield, December 22, 1810 ; died. December i, 1840 ; 


4 Mary E\-ei.ina. bom in Enfield, February 4, 1S13 ; died in Paines- 

ville, Augiist 7, 1838 ; married in Painesi-ille, October 8, i?35. 
Silas T. Ladd ; ch. : Jesse Brewster, born April S, 1538 ; died 
August, 1838. 

5 Jl"i,ia, bom in Painesville, July 5, 18 16; died in Painesville, 

September 25, 1883 ; married August 21. 1844, in Painesville, 
Henry Cumings. Hedied August, i8')3. Children : fi) Henrj- 
Howard, bom Aug^t 7, 1845 ; is a farmer in Painesville, O. 
(2) Mary Kingsbury, bom December 26, 1.548 ; died August i, 
iS32. (3) Alice Julia, bom February- 14, 1851; resides with 
her brother in the old homestead. (4) Evelyn Miranda, bom 
February 5, 1853 ; resides with her brother. (5) Stella Lou- 
isa, bom October 5. 1855 : unmarried in 1896, 

963 Solomon' Kingsbury (LemueP, Joseph\ NathanieP, 
Joseph", Henry ), of Enneld ; married (i) October, 1807 [B. 
F. Ellis ; November 19, 1807, Ch. Rec\ Bashua Amanda 
Pease, of Enfield. He removed to Painesville, Ohio, in 
181 1 ; his wife and four children followed in 18 13. She died 
in Painesville, March 22, 1814. He married (2) December 
25, 1 82 1, in Painesville, O., Caroline Fobes. He died there, 
September 21, 1831 [1832, B F Ellis]. 



1325 Malvina, born in Enfield in iSoS ; married Piatt Card, of Paines- 

ville ; died in 1832, leaving one son, Thomas, born in Wil- 
loughby, O., June 26, 1S27, who resides in Toledo; married, in 
1853, Harriet E., daughter of Charles Burr, of Madison, O. 
Children : (i) George Piatt, bom in Toledo : died, aged 17. 
(2) Edward Burr, born in Toledo ; died, aged 36. (3) Harry 
Burton ; married Edith May McDonald, born in Toledo ; resi- 
dence, Manville, Wyoming. (4') Julia Malvina, born in 
Toledo ; married Horace Bidwell, of Cleveland. (5) Ida Al- 
mira, born in Toledo ; married August H. Brown, of Denver, 
Col.; I child. 

1326 Gau's Pease, bom in Enfield, January 10, iSio; graduated U. S. 

Militarj' Academy, West Point, 1S32 ; Brevet Second Lieu- 
tenant Mounted Rangers, July i, 1S32 ; transferred to First 
Dragoons, August 15, 1S33 ; Second Lieutenant, First Dra- 
goons, Maj' 31, 1835 ; Fii-st Lieutenant. First Dragoons, July 
4, 1S36 ; resigned October 15. 1S36 ; he was appointed by 
President Jackson Commissioner to^the Choctaw Nation. He 
married a daughter of Gov. Dodge, of Wisconsin. He died 
in Arkansas in 1S3S, .n\ /. 

1327 Solomon Oscar, \ s-^- 

o T , „ o^ ^, ^., f „ born in Enfield. May 2, 1S12. 



1329 Henry Dklos, born March 15, 1823.3-^- 

1330 Cornelia, bom March 8, 1S24; died in Painesville, March 11, 1S4S. 

1331 D0UGL.A.S, born December 17, 1S25 ; died March 28, 1S2S. 

1332 Stuart, born March 27, 1S2S ; died in Salt Lake City, Utah, Oc- 

tober 29, 1SS6 [1S66, B. F. E///s]. 

1333 Wai.bridge, born March 14, 1831; died in Salt Lake City. Utah, 

December, 1876. 

964 Prudence' Kingsbury {/.c-niuc-/\ Joseph*, yat/ianitl^, 
/oiY///\ J/e//n'), married, April 27, 1S09, Alpheiis Pease, 
of Enfield, removed to Pike Township, Bradford Co., Pa.; 
she died in LeRaysville, Pa , December 24, 1856 ; he died 
in 1S62. 


I Prupknce Paulina, born November 10. iSio; married, April 3, 1830, 
Myron C. Drinkwater; they lived in Kansas; ch. : i. Marietta 
Elizabeth, born September 26, 1S31; died October, 1S92. un- 
married. 2, EmeranzaCalista, born March 24, 1S33; married, 
November 9, 1S55, John Cowes of Keene, Coshocton Co., O. ; 
removed to Kansas in 1S56; res. Grand Haven, Shawnee 


• Co.; no ch. 3, Orlo Hine, born September i. 1835; mar- 

ried (i) Sarah A. Banbitts of Baltimore, Md. ; she died 
April 24, 1874; (2) July 28, 1875, Ida J. Weaver; 11 ch. He 
was with the Free State party in Kansas, 1855-58; was a 
member of the Topeka Legislature which was dispersed by 
U. S. Troops, 1856; was a Captain in the Union Army, 1S61-2; 
member of Kansas Legislature, 1868; res. Cedar Point, Chase 
Co., Kansas; his dau. Lucy S., born April 10, 1867, is Princi- 
pal of graded school at Plymouth. Lyon Co., Kan. 4, DeLoss 
F., born September 15, 1837; held a clerkship in the Agricul- 
tural Department at Washington; was correspondent for sev- 
eral newspapers, and Secretary of the United Press Associa- 
tion of Washington, D. C, at the time of his death, June 2, 
1867, in Cottageville, W. Va. ; unmarried. 5, John L., born 
September 9, 1840; died in Cedar Point, Kan., October 19, 
1862. 6, Caroline Adelaide, born January 26, 1843; died in 
Topeka, 1855. 7, Augusta Josephine, born July 6, 1845; 
married John C. Dunlap of Los Angeles, Cal. ; he died before 
1896; no ch. 8, Frederick Lawrence, born February 4, 1848; 
married Cynthia A. Pyles; res. Bay street, St. Louis, Mo.; 4 
ch. 9, Amanda Viola, born February 2, 1850; married March 
18, 1871, Samuel Fogwell of Grand Haven, Kan.; 8 ch. 10, 
Henry Edgar, born October 2, 185 1; died June 24, 1876, in 
Cedar Point, Kan. 

2 Alpheus Ossian, born January 28, 1812; died January 22. 1878. 

3 Betsey Kingsbury, born March 26, 1814; died in 1864. 

4 Camsta M., born June 23, 1816; married, in 1843, Oscar Elliott; she 

died in 1876; ch.: i, Ethalina Maria, born July 23, 1844; mar- 
ried Pepper of Smithboro, N. Y. 2, Priscilla Aurilla, 

born 1844; died 1853. 3, Oscar Othello, born September 30, 
1846; married (i), August 16, 1868, Aurilla Drake; (2) Mary 
Ella Drake; (3) Henrietta Ella Drake; res. Simsbury, Mich.; 
4 ch. 4, Prudence Aurilla, born August 26, 1849; res. Vaw- 
ter, Bradford Co., Pa.; unmarried. 5, Mahlon Erskine, born 
July 19, 1855; died February 19, 1891. 6, Emma Elizabeth, 
born July 31, 1857; married, September 9, 1879, Albert John- 
son of Litchfield, Bradford Co., Pa ; res. Vawter, Pa.; 4 ch. 
7, Stella Ledorna, born January 12, 1863; died January 26, 
1871. 8, Lorenzo Decatur, born 1864; married, July 29, 1882, 
Betsey Cotton; res. Athens, Pa.; i ch. 

5 Lemuel Kingshury, born January 16, 1819; died September 27, 1887. 

6 Joseph, born December 25, 1821 ; married. May 18, 1S61, 

2 ch.; res. Chaffee Corners, Bradford Co.. Pa. (1896.) 

965 Nancy" Kingsbury {LemueP, Joseph*, Nat/ianieP, 
Josepli", Henry'), married January i, 181 2, Moses Allen of 
Enfield, l^orn September 24, 1790, son of Major Moses and 



Esther (Chapin) Allen. He died in Enfield, January 28, 
1816. A few months after this event she, with her little 
son, accompanied her brother Solomon to the then wilds of 
Ohio; after a year she returned to Connecticut, but in a 
few months was sent for to take charge of her brother's 
motherless family, and after a time she married (2), Febru- 
ary 8, 1820, Jonathan Sanborn of Painesville, Ohio. He died 
February 26 (February 2, Terry Gen.), 1828. She died De- 
cember 26, 1879, in Grand Rapids, Mich., where she went to 
live with her son, George W. Allen, in 1856. 


1 George Washington, born in Enfield, September 17, 1813; married 

(i), in Painesville, O., June 8, 1837, Jennett, dau. of Philo and 
Anna (Lockwood) Noble, born in New Milford, Conn., De- 
cember 24, i8t6, died in Grand Rapids, Mich., May 28, 1859. 
He married (2), January 6, 1864, Mrs. Elizabeth Bradford, 
widow of Capt. Benjamin B. Church, and dau. of Charles 
Fales of Bristol, R. I.; res. in Grand Rapids, Mich. He died 
in Grand Rapids, Jan. 12, 1898. Ch. by ist wife : i, Jennett 
Noble, born January 11, 1839; married, October 20, 1863, 
David Luke Keeler of Grand Rapids, Mich.; 5 ch. 2, Esther 
Chapin, born October 26, 1842; died April 24, 1862. 3, 
George Roderick, born November i, 1844; married, in 1-875, 
Viola Miller; 2 ch. 4, Stanley Noble, born April 13, 184J; 
married, November 2, 1870, Ada Rindge ; 2 ch. 5, Arthur 
Kingsbury, born November 6, 1849; married, November 14, 
1876, Caroline Elizabeth, dau. of Henry DeLos Kingsbury 
(see No. 1650). 6, Henry Gilbert; born July 12, 1852; married 
Hattie Bell; res. New York City; member of the firm of 
Henry G. Allen & Co., pubHshers, 150 Fifth Avenue, i ch. 
Daisy Bell. 


2 Nancy Lovina, born December 23, 1820; married P. C. Cook of Mad- 

ison, Ohio; noch. 

3 Origen Orlando, born in Madison, Ohio, December 17, 1822; mar- 

ried Anna Grandluff in 1847; died August 6, 1867, in Tiffin, 
Ohio; I ch. , Elvira, born January 16, 1848. in New Haven, 
Fluron Co., Ohio; married, March i, 1S71, Ethelbert S. Wil- 
cox of Madison, Ohio; res. Ashtabula, Ohio; 3 ch. 

4 Jonathan, born in Concord, Ohio, August 26 [27, B. F. ElHs], 1826; 

married in 1859, in New Orleans, La.; he died there Febru- 
ary 4, 1874; ch.: I, George Allen, born September 17, i860, in 
New Orleans; drowned in the Mississippi River, December, 
1S82. 2, Lemuel, born March 4, 1863, in New Orleans, 


living there in 1884, but died before 1890. 3, Elvira Ella, 
born Jul)' 17, 1866, in New Orleans, res. and living there in 
1890. 4, Jonathan, born March 21, 1871, in New Orleans, 
living there 1890; married, and has a son. 
5 Orphia Elvira, born September iS, 1828; married, September 11, 
1849, James Belknap. He died in Grand Rapids, October 21, 
i860, eh.: I, Nettie Levina, born November 10, 1856; married 
October 2, 1878, Timothy Moseley; i ch. 2, Carrie Elvira, 
born August 26, 1859. 

970 Anna Olmsted" Kingsbury {John Demsfln\ Deiiison\ 
NathanieP, Joseph" , Henry'), married in Coventry, December 
8, 1 8 13, Isaac Newton Pomeroy of Coventry, born March 
28, 1 791, son of Eleazar and Priscilla (Kingsbury) Pomeroy 
of Coventry (see No. 741); he removed to Troy, Pa., and 
afterwards to Springfield, Bradford Co., Pa. She died in 
Troy, December 5, 1831, and her husband married (2) Maria 
Ann Merrick, and (3) Lucinda Williston Merrick. 


1 Syiul Kingshurv, born in Coventry, September 28, 1S14; died Au- 

gust 29, 1832. 

2 Daniel P., born in Coventry, Feb. 27, 1816; married, March 17, 

1841, Jane Tyler, born in Athens, Bradford Co., Pa., July 11, 
1818; he died in Troy, Pa., June 11, 1S81. 

3 Eleazer, born in Geneva, N. Y., January 2, 1818; married in Troy, 

October 3, 1843, Rhoda Leonard, born in Springfield, Mass., 
May 25, 1818. 

4 Horace, born in Troy, Pa., July 22, 1819; married in Smithfield, 

April I, 1846, Emma Rhoda Peirce, born in Smithfield, June 
9, 1824. 

5 Laura Ann, born in Troy, Pa., June 19, 1824; married, June i, 

1843, Amos Pierce, born in Smithfield, October 12, 1820. 

972 John" Kingsbury {John D(nison\ Dcnison\ A^athaniel\ 
Joseph', Henry), of Lebanon, N. H., married, July 4, 1822, by 
John Durkee, Esq., in Hanover, Lora, daughter of Andrew 
and Eunice (Smith) Tenney, born in Hanover, February i, 
1798. He died in Lebanon, April i, 1877. His wife died 
January i, 1873. 


1334 A son, born April 20, 1823; died April 24, 1823. 

1335 Fanny Tknney, born in Lebanon, August 23, 1824; married, De- 

cember 28, 1845, Danial Burdick Emerson, born in Haverhill, 
Mass., July 31, 1821; a teacher in Plainfield, N. H., and in 


Vermont; afterwards resided in Hanover and Lebanon, N. 
H. He was an extensive wool buyer and a shipper of pro- 
duce to Boston, New York, and New Orleans; County Com- 
missioner in i88g; a charter member of the Savings Bank, and 
also a trustee at the close of his life in iSgo. She died in 
Lebanon, July, 1898; ch.: (i) Ellen F., born April g, 1848; 
married, December 28, 1873, Carlos D. Smith; (2) John Frank- 
lin, born January 13, 1850; died July 14, 1863; (3) Fanny T., 
born February 12, 1856; married, December 28, 1S80, George 
D. Emerson. 

1336 Harriet, born in Lebanon, October 30, 1S26; died in Hanover, 

June, 1857, unmarried 

1337 George F., born September 15, 1830; died April 30, 1832. 

1338 LoKA Tenney, born in Lebanon, July 10, 1832; married (i), De- 

cember 28, 1862, Nathan C. Lovett; (2), June 21, 1875, Jon- 
athan E. Bosworthof Lebanon; now living in Lebanon (1901). 

1339 George F., born in Lebanon, June 30, 1835; died November 30, 

1866, in Oakland, Cal. 

973 Denisun" Kingsbury {JoJui Denison\ Denison\ Na- 
thanier,Josepii\ Hairf), of Hanover, N. H.; married Mehit- 
abel Hale; died suddenly in the hay field, July 14, 1825. 


1340 Anuria Milton, born in Hanover. April 18, 1820. s-^ 

1341 Gilbert Denison,* born March 2, 1825, in Hanover. :;:: > 

974 Joseph" Kingsbury {JoJm Deinso/i\ Denison\ Na- 
thaniel^ Joseph'', Henry'), of Braintree, Jericho, and Norwich, 
Vermont; married June 17, 1830, Eliza Sophia, daughter of 
Robert and Mary Ann (McCoy) Whitcomb, born September 
13, 1806, in Richmond, Vt. He was a merchant, and after- 
wards a farmer and dealer in real estate, and he held the 
office of Justice of the Peace. He removed from Brain- 
tree to Jericho in 1840, and to Norwich, Vt., in 1868. He 
died in Norwich, April 17, 1886. His wife died July 28, 


1342 John Dennison, born April 19, 1831. r: > 
•343 Joseph Byron, born July 29, 1S35. ;r > 

1344 Ellen Eliza, born May ig, 1844. ;r: > 

1345 Frederick Lucas, born March 10, 1850, in Jericho, Vt.s-*- 

• John Denison Gilbert Kingsbury, Hanover Town Records. 


977 Frances" Kingsbury {Lemiu-r, Denison\ NathanieP, 
Joseph'', He/uy), married April 17, 1816, Stanton Park, of 
Waterville, N. Y., born in Northampton, Montgomery Co., 
N. Y., March 27, 1792, son of Asahel and Prudence (vStanton) 
Park and a descendant of Robert Park of Roxbury, 1630, 
Wethersfield, and New London, and of Thomas Stanton of 
Hartford, 1639, and Stonington. He removed when very 
young to vSteuben ; was a pupil in the first academy at Clin- 
ton ; was a clerk in Albany and Waterville, where he became 
a farmer and distiller, and sent large droves of cattle 
through to Albany and Troy.* He was Justice of the Peace 
and Clerk of the First Baptist Church in Waterville. He 
died May 13, 1864. She died March 25, 1871. 


1 James Stanton, born April 13, 1817 ; died November 23, 1850. 

2 Alfred, born January 19, 1819 ; died June 7, 1 821 (drowned). 

3 William, born March 26, 1820; died August 17, 1825. 

4 Edward A., born October 29, i8'22 ; married, November 21, 1848, 

Clara A. Vickery ; resides in Detroit. 

5 h: nry M., born October 17, 1824; married, August 26, 1851, Mary 

E. Barker, at Oriskany Falls, N. Y.; res. Detroit; ch.: i, 
Henry Clay, born June 28, 1852 ; married, June 28, 1875, 
Carrie Olive Teedrick ; res. St. Louis, Mo. 2, Harriet Clark, 
born July 29, 1854; res. Detroit, unmarried. 3, Clara Amelia, 
born August 26, 1858 ; died June 19, 1884. 4, James Stanton, 
born Nov. 25, i860; married his cousin, Harriet E. Clark; 
res. in Detroit ; a writer and poet, author of Io71l\ <' /'ale of 
Ephesus. 5, Frances Jeannette, born Sept. 26, iSuj ; res. in 

6 Mary E., born December 31, 1826; married, October 21, 1846, Sher- 

man Willard Bartholomew, of Sangerfield, Oneida County, N. 
Y. i ■ son, James Hull Sherman Bartholomew, editor and 
publisher of the Weekly X-Rays, Guerneville, Sonoma 
County, California (1893). 

•He built in 1839 a very handsome house in Waterville, now occupied by 
Senator Coggeshall, sending to New York for solid mahogany planks, which were 
fashioned by hand for the newel post and banisters for the hall stairs, and'he also 
sent for black and African marble for the mantels and tables There was an im- 
mense lantern in the hall, and girandoles with cut glass prisms in the parlors. 
The house was of wood, painted yellow, with large white pillars in front, sur- 
mounted with Ionic capitals. The rooms down stairs were warmed by fireplaces, 
those upstairs by stoves. At that time there were not many such houses in western 
New York. 


7 Richard A., born May 7, 1829 ; married, October 26, 1864, Anna 

Osborn ; res. Atchison, Kan; died May 2, 1902. 

8 Frances M., born December 13, 1832 ; died February 27, 1834. 

9 Stanton, born July 21, 1836 ; married, September 10, 1868, Adelaide 

C. Button of Atchison, Kansas ; res. Leavenworth, Kan. 

978 Harriet' Kingsbury {Lemitel\ Denison^, NathanieP, 
Joseph"^, Beniy^), married, March 11, 1824, Benjamin Tarbox 
Clark of Cazenovia, N. Y., born February 22, 1797, in Mid- 
dletown, Conn., son of Joseph Colville and Elizabeth 
(Clark) Clark. He served in the War of 181 2, and partici- 
pated in the defense of Sackett's Harbor ; afterwards a 
prominent business man in Cazenovia, Postmaster, and Jus- 
tice of the Peace. He died August 14, 1875. She died 
August 25, 1879. 


1 Samuel Dknnison, born December 10, 1824 ; married, June 3, 1846, 

Catherine Ehle ; died in Cazenovia, August 10, 1891. 

2 Frances Elizabeth, born November 6, 1827 ; died, unmarried, in 

Cazenovia, October 16, 1892. 

3 Augustus Aspinwall, died young. 

4 Augustus Pomerov, born July 23, 1835 ; grad. Union College 1855, 

with the degree of C. E. , later received the degree of A. M. 
in course ; he went to Wisconsin as a surveyor and returned 
East in i860; August 9, 1862, he enlisted in Company K, 
114th N. Y. v.; he was transferred to the Engineer Corps, 
and joined the Department of the Gulf and was made major 
of engineers ; various important works were constructed 
under his supervision, including the fort at Brazos Island, 
near the mouth of the Rio Grande, and the works at Port Hud- 
son, a completely bastioned fortress, and he was with General 
Banks on the Red River expedition. While in charge of the 
works at Mobile, Ala , he was taken ill in April, 1865, and was 
honorably discharged May 12, 1865. e was employed as a 
\ civil engineer on various railroads in the West, but in 1871 
returned to Cazenovia, and became one of the West Shore 
R. R. engineers, and was in charge of the construction at 
Little Falls, where an immense amount of rock cutting made 
the work extremely difficult ; he was a member of the military 
order of the Loyal Legion of the U. S., and an Elder in the 
Presbyterian Church ; married, September 4, 1866, Frances 
S., dau. of Henry and Sophia (Brightman) Graff; died in 
Cazenovia. August 25, 1901 ; ch. : i, Henry Benjamin, born 
June 4, 1S67 ; died October, 1868. 2, Harriet Elizabeth, born 


January lo, 1869 ; married, June 2g, 1897, her cousin, James 
Stanton Park of Detroit, Mich. 3, Theodore Paul, born 
January 14, 1871 ; married, August 12, 1896, Helen Lewis ; res. 
Cazenovia. 4, Sophia Brightman, born May 28, 1873. 5, 
Robert Augustus, born April 24, 1877 ; clerk in the State 
Savings Bank, Detroit ; died in St. Joseph's Hospital, Syra- 
cuse, N. \^., September 7, 1901. 

980 Electra" Kingsbury {LcmucP, Denison\ Nathanicr^ 
Joscpli", Henry'), married August 23, 182 1, Horace Selah 
Munson, of Clyde, N. Y., born December 20, 1799, son of 
Selah and Margery (Redfield) Munson, of Richmond, Mass. 
He was a fuller (thickener and cleanser of cloth). He died 
December 7, 1826, and she married (2) October 15, 1835, 
Philip Flint, of Fayetteville, N. Y., born December 22, 1798, 
in Amenia, N. Y., son of Jabez and Elizabeth (Paine) Flint. 
He was a farmer, an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, 
and a descendant of Elder Brewster of the Mayflower. He 
died July 31, 1872. She died in Fayetteville, January 8, 
1895, aged 93. 


1 Charles Denison, born November i, 1822; died July 20, 1851 ; mar- 

ried and left one son, Charles. 

2 James Selah, born March 3, 1824; married January i, 1861, Jennie 

Maxon, of Adams, N. Y. Sash and blind maker. He 
died March 6, 1901, in Adams. Ch.: Genevieve Maxon, born 
September 26, 1861 ; married Charles Chapin of Sp-ingfield, 

3 Horace K., born March i, 1827; married (i) August 29, 184S, Frances 

Rachel Preston, born in Waterloo, N. Y. ; she died April 12, 
1851 ; (2) September 8, 1857, Louise Prior Banks, born in 
Wilmington, N. C. He was a merchant in Wilmington. In 
a communication to the editor of the Munson Genealogy he 
states that he is " Presbyterian all over, and Democratic to 
the hub." He died in Wilmington, September 9, 1900. 


4 Edward, born Nov. 3, 1836 ; Hves in New York City. 

5 Francks R., born December 18, 1839; married, December 18, i860, 

Martin V. Stone of Fayetteville ; now resides in Elmira, N.Y. 

991 Lemuel H." Kingsbury {Lemuel^, Phinehas\ A^a- 
thaniel'', Joseph''^ Hcnrf), of Wakeman, Ohio, married February 



20, 1834, Jerusha M. Durbon; he died September 7, 1879; 
she died April 28, 1881. 


1346 Mary A., born June 8, 1835; married September 30, 1865, John 

McDonald; resides East Clarksfield, Ohio. 

1347 James Monroe, born May 21, 1837: went to Pennsylvania in the 

fall of i860, and enlisted in the army May 19, 1861. He was 
killed in battle before Petersburg, Va., June 17, 1864. 

1348 RoMAiNE J., born February 25, 1839, in Wakeman, Ohio. He 

enlisted in the army, June 3, 1861, and was killed at Port Re- 
public, June 9, 1862. 

1349 Daniel D., born February 14, 1841, in "Wakeman, Ohio; served 

in the 7th Ohio Infantry from September, 1861, for three 
years ; wounded in the battle of Winchester, Va. ; married, 
Mai-ch 14, 1867, Mary A. Fillmore, of Brighton, Mich., born 
in Warsaw, N. Y., April 21, 1848 ; now resides in Mason, 
Mich. ; 4 ch. 

1350 Martha A., born March 24, 1843; married May 29, 1865, James 

M. Durbon. 

1351 Sarah A., born September 18, 1845; married November 11, 1863, 

Theodore Ronk; resided in Michigan (18S2). 

1352 Ruth E., born March 18, 184S, in Wakeman; married June 30, 

1870, M. V Armstrong; hving in Wakeman (1882). 

1353 Lemuel Manning, born January 6, 1851, in Camden, Lorain Co., 

O.; married September i, 1881, Clara Fox. 

1354 John A., born December 30, 1853; married January 6, 1880, Ahce 


1355 Jane A., born December 30, 1853; died March 20, 1873. 

994 Sophia or Sophira' Kingsbury {Joseph^, Phinehas\ 
NathatiieP, Joseph^ ^ Henry^), married Enos Northrup, born in 
June, 1 78 1, in Tyringham, Mass., son of Amos and Hannah 
(Calkins) Northrup. He was a farmer in Tyringham, and 
died there, May i, 1850. She died May i, 1864, aged 74 


1 Gilbert Deming, born December 29, 1811, in Tyringham; farmer 

and mechanic there; married March 18, 1835, ^t Great Har- 
rington, Eliza B. Phillips, born November 5, 1813, and living, 
in 1887, at Pontiac, Mich. He died September 18, 1852, of 
fever contracted in California. Children : i, Mary Jane; 2, 
Angelina Eliza; 3, Henry Carlos; 4, Cassius Kingsbury; 5, 
Clarence Gilbert. 

2 Hannah Melvina, born July, 1813; married March 19, 1835, John 

Wilson of Tyringham; she died May 10, 1862. Children: i, 



, Harmony M., married Phillips; 2, Scot W., resides at 

Shelby, Iowa. 

3 Ashley Kingsburv, born 1815; married about 1858; lived at Deans- 

ville (now called Deansboro), Oneida County, N. Y. ; a lawyer 
for some years, but was in business in St. Louis, where he 
died, January 4, 1885. 

4 Homer C, born about 1817; married Harriet Marsh, of South Lee, 

Mass. ; had a son who died in the army during the Civil War, 
and a daughter, Florence, who married Rossman. 

996 Harmon" Kingsbury {Joseph", Fhtnehas\ Nathaniel^, 
Joseph", Henry^), married Mrs. Sarah Ann (Van Dorn) Pease, 
daughter of a German Reformed minister of Lexington, 
Kentucky. He was at one time a large owner of land in 
northern Ohio. He removed to New York, and at the time 
of his death was living in Westfield, Richmond County, 
Staten Island. He died in Perth Amboy, N. J., in 1868. 
His will is dated December 30, 1867; proved February 14, 
1868. He mentions wife, Sarah Ann, and the said Sarah 
Ann's daughter, Mary Pitkin Pease; gives all his books, and 
manuscripts, and the proceeds of all the books he had pub- 
lished, to endow a Biblical and Law Professorship in Oberlin 
College, at Oberlin, Ohio, under the direction of Professor 
Henry Cowles, of Oberlin; also leases property for the 
establishment of a Biblical, Law, and Government School 
in Westfield; executors, Elijah Bingham, of Cleveland, Ohio, 
Henry P. Fessenden, and W. Bradbury Hudson, of New 
York. (Surrogate's Office, New York City, Lib. lyj ami iSi.) 
The institution on Staten Island he intended to have 
founded on plans laid down in his book on "The Sabbath." 
[He wrote many books beside, one of which was entitled, 
" Woman, what she ought to be."] His trustees never car- 
ried out his plan, the will was broken, and the widow 
received a share of the property. No children. 

997 Austin" Kingsbury {Joseph'', Fhinehas\ Nathaniel'^ 
Joseph'^, Henry'), of Brighton, Ohio; married in Wellington, 
O., Altamira Adams, of Brighton. He was a farmer. He 
died in September, 1856. 

1356 Wu,LiAM Hakvev, born December 28, 1829; married August 20, 


1856, Mary Elizabeth Fry, in Brighton, Ohio; residence, 

1357 Louisa, born married Orrin Hall ; res. Brighton, O. 

1358 Sarah Jane, married George Hazel, in Brighton ; res. 

Wellington, O. 

1359 HuLDAH, married Joseph Snyder, Oberlin, O.; res. 

Glenn. Allegan Co., Mich. 

1360 SoPHRONiA D., married John Bell ; res. Brighton, O. 

1361 Sedgwick, died aged 14 years. 

Solomon^ Kingsbury {Joseph^, F/iinehas*, NathanieP, 
Joseph'', Henry^), of Wellington, O. ; married Lucinda Love- 
land. He died July u, 1876. 

1343^ Malinda, ; married Joseph Vosburgh ; res. Pompei, 

Gratiot Co., Mich. 
1344! Amelia L., ; married Milton P. Baker; res. Los Gatos, 

Santa Clara Co., Cal. 
i345i J- Henry, ; married Carrie Richards ; res. Wellington, 


lOOi Honor Martha" Kingsbury {/oseph\ Fhtneas\ 
Nathaniel'^, Joseph^, Henry'^), married, January 2, 1828, at 
Brighton, Ohio, Dr. Eber Ward Hubbard, born in Steuben, 
N. Y., October 8, 1797, son of Fairchild and Phebe (Ward) 
Hubbard. He was a graduate of the College of Physicians 
and Surgeons at Fairfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., and settled, 
in 1826, at Brighton, O.; in 1853 he removed to Tottenville, 
Staten Island, N. Y., where he died, May 7, 1872. His widow 
died in Tottenville, July 6, 1886. He was an Associate 
Judge, member of the Ohio Legislature, and afterwards of 
the New York Legislature. 


1 George C, } born September 21, 1828 ; died September 21, 1828. 

2 Delia D., ) born September 21, 1828 ; died November 5, 1829. 

3 George Canning, born June 8, 1S31; married February 25, 1867, Car- 

rie Louise Totten, of Tottenville ; graduated Delaware Col- 
lege, 1847 ; at New York Medical College, 1859 ; served 
through the Civil War ; Assistant Surgeon of 165th N. Y. Vols., 
afterwards Surgeon. He died in Tottenville, August 3, 1898. 

4 Delia Deming, born June 8, 1831; married January 30, 1856, DeWitt 

C. Clapp, of Pittsburg, Pa.; Yale College, 1855 ; New York 
Medical College, i860 ; entered the army, 1861, and served 





through the Civil War as Assistant Surgeon ; had charge of 
Carver Hospital, Philadelphia, for two years ; was with Gen. 
Sherman in his famous " March to the Sea" ; died at Fort 
McPherson, Atlanta, Ga., September 6, 1895. 

5 Van Buren, born May i, 1833 ; living in 1882 in Fort Stanton, New 

Mexico; died September, 1S95, unmarried. 

6 William Ward, born March 25, 1836 ; married August 27, i860, Belle 

Carman ; lives in New York. 

7 Edwin Kingsbury, born April 5, 1844; married April 26, 1876, Cor- 

nelia Sophia Arents ; died June 3, 1895, Tottenville. 

8 Alice Sophia, born June 27, 1846; married August 13, 1S67, David 

Jolines Pepper, of Tottenville. 

1002 Dennis' King-sbury {NathanieV', Fhtneas\ Na- 
thaiiier, Joseph', Henry^), of Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y.; 
married, November 14, 1814, Polly Buckland. He removed 
from Trowbridge early to Norfolk, and cleared a large farm. 
His wife died October, 1862, aged 6;^. He died July 16, 1873. 


1362 Olive, born April 3, 1816; married March 21, 1847, Nelson Riggs 

of Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. In December, 1S62, 
they removed to Maquoketa, Iowa, where she died in 1865; 
Ch.: 2 sons. 

1363 Harvey, born November 14, 1817; married January 21, 1841, Julia 

Small, of Norfolk ; removed to Michigan ; he died in Hart- 
ford, Michigan, October, 1869; 2 children. 

1364 Lucia, born June 24, 1819; married October 23, 1850, Charles 

Chamberlain. She was living in Maquoketa, Iowa, in 1881. 

1365 Celia A., born February 9, 1821; married (i) January 3, 1843, 

Sabin Wing; (2) Wilson; lived in St. Lawrence, N. Y. 

1366 Abigail B., born October 24, 1822 ; married September 30, 1847, 

George Skinner, of Norfolk, N. Y.; removed to Iowa; she 
was living in Colfax, Iowa, 1881 ; 2 children. 

1367 Albert, born December 5, 1824; married; died in Monticello, 

Ind., October 30, 1865; 5 children. 

1368 Ika S., born August 26, 1826 ; resides at Monticello, Ind. 

1369 Mild, born January 27, 1S30. 

1370 Lydia, born September 11, 1S32; married (i) March i, 1855, Ad- 

dison Wing; (2) Baldwin; lives in St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. 

1371 Helen Jane, born June i, 1835; died June 10, 1852. 

lOlO Phineas" Kingsbury {/abez\ Phinehas\ Nathaniel, 
Joseph"^, Henry), of Brunswick, Ohio ; married, January i, 
1839, Sallie J. Safford, of Brunswick, Medina Co., Ohio. He 


died in Brunswick, August 6, 1878. His widow is living in 
Akron, Ohio, with her daughter, Mrs. Conn. 


1372 Sarah, born November 16, 1839; married Dr. Conn, of Akron, O. 

1373 Mary C, born January 6, 1842 ; died September 6, 1870. 

1374 Helen A., born January 10, 1848. 

1375 Agnes P., born October 28, 1849. 

1376 William Jabez, born December 25, 1851. 

1019 Asa' Kingsbury (Asa\ Asa\ Ephiaim\ Joseph\ 
Joseph'', Henry^), married Polly Foster; lived in Turin, 
Lewis Co., N. Y. 


1377 Asa, born , in Turin ; married ; 

2 children: (i) James Hubert, resides Minneapolis, Minn.; (2) 
a daughter ; married E. M. Reed, residence, Butte, Montana. 

1020 Flavel Clark' Kingsbury {Asa\ Asa\ Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph^, Ilemy^), married, November, 1815, in Man- 
chester, Conn., Tryphena Holmes, born 1796, died 1873. He 
served in the war of 181 2, as a private in Captain Samuel 
West's company at New London, from June 7 to July 14, 
181 3. He was living in Coventry in 1817, but later settled 
in or near Utica, N. Y., where he was a carpenter and 
cabinet-maker. After his death his widow married, in 1853, 
Martin Barnes, of Turin, N. Y. 


1378 Albert Eason, born ; died in the Mexican War. 

1379 Imruna H., born about 1818 ; died September, 1891, in Rome, N. 

Y., aged about 73. 
13S0 Orson J., born , 1821. 

1381 Carlos M., born January 20, 1823, in Hartford, Conn. 

1382 William W., born ; married Lucina Miller; 2 

children, Jerome F. and William C. 

1383 Lurena, born , 1831. 

1384 Sarah Huntington, ; married Francis D. Per- 

kins, a farmer in Oneida, N. Y. ; no children. 

1385 Mary L., born , 1835. 

1025 Olive' Kingsbury {Asa\ Absalom\ Ephraim\ Jo- 
<:eph'', Joseph^, He/iry'), married at Alstead, January 10, 1796, 


Jonathan Farnsworth, of Alstead, N. H.; they removed from 
Alstead about 1825-30. 


1 Asa, born in Alstead, June i, 1797. 

2 Betsey, born in Alstead, November 15, 1798. 

3 Hannah, born in Alstead, February 3, 1801. 

4 Zelinda, born in Alstead, January 8, 1803, 

5 Nancy, born in Alstead, November 26, 1S04. 

6 Phelina Carpenter, born in Alstead, January 7, 1810. 

7 Elizabeth Davis, born in Alstead, March 22, 1812. 

8 Leonard Kingsbury, born in Alstead, November 20, 1814. 

9 John Bingham, born in Alstead, July 30, 1817. 
10 Mary Jane, born in Alstead, December 16, 1820. 

1028 Kezia' Kingsbury {Rp/traim\ Absalom", Ephraim\ 
Joseph'', Joseph'', Henry'), married April 9, 181 2, Joseph 
Kingsbury, born December 15, 1789, son of Colonel Cyrus and 
Phileta (Partridge) Kingsbury of Alstead, N. H., who went 
from Worcester, Mass., to Alstead in 1785, a descendant of 
Joseph Kingsbury of Dedham, Mass. Joseph was a half- 
brother of the Rev. Cyrus Kingsbury, the well-known mis- 
sionar)''^to the Cherokees and Choctaws. He lived in Alstead 
on the farm which had belonged to Lieut. Ephraim Kings- 
bury, and died there October 3, 1865, aged 75. Mrs. Kings- 
bury died in 1857, aged 65. 


1 Clarissa Addine, born October 16, 1812 ; married, February 28, 1836, 

in Brattleboro, Vt., William Howard of Alstead, N. H.,* son 
of Stephen and Rebecca (Drury) Howard, born September 4, 
1809, in Alstead. Ch. : Helen S. , born December 3, 1S36 ; 
married. May 16, 1861, Wilson D. Holt of Alstead; 2, Emily 
Kingsbury, born October 14, 1838 ; died, Japuary 29, 1865, in 
Alstead. 3, Edward Bancroft, born October 31, 1840 ; 
married, January 28, 1868, in Indianapolis, Ind., Clara, dau. 
of James C. and Clarissa (Francis) Ferguson, born October 
28, 1844. He is a member of the Produce Exchange, New 
York City, and also of a firm having branch houses in Chicago 
and other western cities, and in Liverpool (1895). 4, Frank 
Osmond, born March 28, 1854 or 52 ; married, February i, 
1882, Ida Crandall. 

2 Annis S., born June 12, 1814; living in 1S90 in Concord, N. H.; unm 

* He is called of Millbury, Worcester Co., Mass., on the Town Records 
Brattleboro, where the marriage apparently took place. 



3 Emily A., born July 10, 1816; married, June, 1843, Dr. Allen C. Fay 

of Milford, Mass., as his second wife, his first having been her 
aunt, Hannah S. Kingsbury (see No. 1034); died before 1890 ; 
one child, Allen, who married but died before 1890, s. p. 

4 Cyrus, born May 26, 1818; died in infancy. 

5 Harriet M., born July 13, 1820; married, May 14, 1845, Dr. O. L. 

Huntley of Fitchburg, Mass. ; (2) George Glackmeyer of New 
York. She is now a widow and lives in Fitchburg, Mass. 

6 Sophia P., born December 18, 1825; married, December 28, 1848, 

Timothy Tufts of Alstead; she died in April, 1900. Mr. Tufts 
died in December, 1901. 

1029 Elmira' Kingsbury {Ephratm\ Absalom^ Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Josep/i^, Henry^), married, Dan Hatch of Alstead, 
N. H., son of Phinehas and Keturah (Brown) Hatch, born in 
Alstead, July 18, 1792; died February 26, 1867. She died in 
Alstead, July 23, 1874. 


1 Leonard Kingsbury, born in Alstead, November 12, 1816; married, 

in 1843, Lorette Cook; died at Shelburne Falls, Mass., Sep- 
tember 3, 1853. 

2 Persis B., born in Alstead, February 26, iSi8; married, October 26, 

1837, Whitney Breed of Alstead Center, N. H.;died February 

21, 1900. Mr. Breed died June i, 1901; i eh., Ella, married 

Greene, who died March 17, 1900. She is now living at 63 
Hartford St., Roxbury, Mass. (1902.) 

3 Mary P., born in Alstead, January 23, 1821; died August, 1823. 

4 Cyrus P., born in Alstead, February 3, 1825; married, January i, 

1851, Susan A. Benton; died in Acworth, N. H., July 3, 1853. 

5 William C, born in Alstead, July 24, 182S; married (1), March, 1853, 

Mary F. Ashley; (2) Fannie Worthington; living in West 
Springfield, Mass., in 1890. 

1032 Sophia' Kingsbury {Ephraim\ Absalom", Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph\ Henry'), married in January, 1827, Dr. Elisha 
Hatch of Alstead and Hillsborough, N. H., born July 17, 
1796, in Alstead, son of Azel and Rhoda (Williams) Hatch. 
He was a graduate of the Dartmouth Medical College, 
and an able physician and surgeon. In 1835 he removed 
from Alstead to Hillsborough. He was a Representative in 
the Legislature, and held many town offices. He died in 
Hillsborough, November 13, 1863. Mrs. Sophia K. Hatch 
died September 12, 1886, in Medford, Mass. 



1 Sophia Kingsbury, born December ii, 1827 ; married, May, 1849, O. 

F. Nelson of Beverly, ]\Iass., later of Montreal and Hillsboro, 
N. H. ; died December 2, 1865, in Hillsboro; ch.: i, Emmie 
L., born March, 1857; married Dr. James B. Cleaves, Har- 
vard College and Harvard Medical School ; a physician in 
Medford, Mass.; ch. : Ruth, born May, 1886; Edwin Nelson 
and James H., twins, born January, i8go. 2, Arthur Hatch, 
born September, 1864; married Carrie E. Puffer; resides 
Medford, Mass.; ch.: (i) Harold A., born May, 1888; (2) 
Leslie L. , born July, 1897 ; (3) Ray Frank, born in 1S98 ; (4) 
Helen Puffer, born March, 1902. 

2 Harriet Lucina, born July 8, 1831 ; married, March 11, 1S52, Benja- 

min F. Dutton of Boston, of the firm of Houghton & l)utton ; 
died March 19, 1858 ; ch.: 1, Ellen, born 1853 ; married J. B. 
Claus, professor of music; resides Maiden, Mass., s. p. 2, 
Harry, born 1854 ; married Alice Houghton ; resides Med- 
ford, Mass.; 3 ch., Marion H., MarJ^ Alice. 3, Hattie, born 
1856; married Dr. W. D. Peaslee of Hillsboro, N. H., s.p. 

3 Emily Philena, born December 14, 1833 ; livingin Boston, unmarried, 

at 84 Huntington Ave. 

4 Mary Ellen, born August 6, 1835 J died March 30, 1844. 

5 Frank Elisha, born January 16, 1846 ; living in Boston, unmarried ; 

was a journalist, now in charge of the advertising department 
of the firm of Houghton & Dutton. 

1041 Amos' Kingsbury {James\ Absalom\ Ephraim*, Jo- 
seph^, JosepJi^, Henry^), married (i), January 4, 1815, Clarissa 
IngersoU, who died May 15, 1819; (2) January 9, 1820, Mary 
Shearman. He died January 19, 1858, in Hastings, Minnesota. 

children of first wife. 

1386 DyerS.^-*" 

1387 Clarissa. 

children of second wife. 

1388 Chester Taylor, born January 25, 1821, in Cleveland. ^^-^ 
13S9 Albert, died 1867. 

1042 Aim on or Almond' Kingsbury {/ames^, Absalom^, 
Fp/i)-aim\ Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry^), of Cleveland, married, 
August 6, 1820, Lucy Ann Cone, born 1805, in Peterboro, 
Madison Co., N. Y. He' died August 12, 1857, in Buffalo, 
N. Y. His widow lived with her daughter, Mrs. Lucy Sey- 
mour, in Buffalo, for many years; died there December 29, 



1390 James T., boru August 23, 1823.-^^^^"^ 

1391 George, res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

1392 Diana, married Samuel Hastings, of Boston. 

1393 Lucy A., born December 5, 1828, Cleveland. :»:::: > 

1394 Jane, married Erastus* Crocker, born in Cairo, N. 

Y., 1803; was a hotel keeper in Buffalo, 1838-58. 3 ch.: De 
Witt C, William, Mary Jane. 

1044 Nancy' Kingsbury {Jufnes^, Absalo/n\ Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph'', Henry ^), married, December 7, 1814, Caleb 
Baldwin, son of Philemon Baldwin, of Penn Yan, N. Y.; they 
lived in Warrensville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. She 
migrated with the Mormons to Nauvoo; was living in Utah 
in 1887. 


1 Nancy, married Gardner; residence Agency City, la. 

2 Caleb, was living in Missouri in Government employ. 

3 James, living in Utah in 1887. 

4 Waldo, living in Utah in 1887. 

5 Ellen, living in Utah in 1887. 

6 Diana, living in Utah in 1887. 

1045 Calista' Kingsbury {/a»ies\ Absalonv', Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph', He/ny^), married, December 7, 1814, Runa R. 
Baldwin of Cleveland, O., son of Philemon Baldwin, of Penn 
Yan, N. Y., and brother of Caleb Baldwin, who married her 
sister Nancy. He died January 4, 1834, in Cleveland. She 
died April 4, 1850, in Cleveland. 


1 Albert, went to California in 1849; a physician in San Fran- 


2 Sherman, a physician in San Francisco. 

3 Almond, of Royal Oak, Paulding County, Ohio. 

4 Sophronia, married Preston Burroughs, who, in 1887, was in 

the Post-office in Chicago. 

5 Martha, married Charles Lougee of Oakland, California. 

6 Lucy. 

7 Alfred. 

1046 Elmina' Kingsbury {James\ Absalonv', Ephraim\ 
Joseph'', Joseph"", Henry'), married, February 11, 1820, Per- 
ley Hosmer. She died May, 1870. 

* George, according to another account. 



1 James, residence, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. 

2 Harriet. 

3 Diana, residence, Chicago. 

4 Harvey. 

1048 Albert' Kingsbury {/a»ies\ Absalo»i\ Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, JosepJi^^ Henry^), married (i) January, 1827, Melinda 
Robinson ; (2) , Sophia Langdon ; (3) 

Sarah McCiilloch. He died in Hastings, Minnesota, January 
19, 1858. 


1395 RuFus, died in Ravenna, 1856. 

1396 Henry, residence, Allegan, Mich. 

1397 Harriet. 

1398 Ida May. 


1051 James Waldo' Kingsbury {James\ Absalovi\ 
Ep]iraii)i\ Joseph\ Joseph', Hetu-f), of Cleveland, Ohio ; 
married, October 3, 1849, Lucinda Ely, daughter of Andrew 
and Elizabeth (DeWolfe) Williams, born in Becket, Mass., 
February 14, 1825. His business was furnishing stone and 
brick for building purposes. He was a member of the First 
Presbyterian Church. His wife died September 28, 1875. 
He died October 29, 1881, in Cleveland. 

[James W. Kingsbury, w^hose death was announced in 
yesterday's issue, was, in the true sense of the term, one of 
the pioneers of this city, having been born in the present 
limits thereof in April, 1813. He was a son of Judge James 
Kingsbury, who, with his family, arrived in Cleveland at 
the early date of 1797, and soon after entered his log cabin 
at the point now known as Kinsman Street and Woodland 
Hills Avenue. He acquired the ownership of a farm em- 
bracing several hundred acres in extent, and died seized of 
the same, the ownership of which gave the name of Kings- 
bury Hill to the ridge upon which it was mainly situated- 
Mr. James W. Kingsbury was in every way a good man and 
citizen, a gentleman of the old school, frank, open-hearted, 


and generous, ever having the confidence and esteem of his 
neighbors and acquaintances. His memory was replete 
with incidents and reminiscences connected with the early 
settlement of the country and the early inhabitants thereof, 
now passed away. It was in the highest degree entertain- 
ing to listen to his recital of personal adventures of the 
hardy pioneers in this then pathless wilderness, the dangers 
encountered and overcome, the hardships endured and sur- 
vived. The decedent, up to the opening of the late civil 
war, adhered to the politics of his father, being a democrat 
of the Jacksonian type, and during the war he was an un- 
compromising war democrat. During the last few years of 
his life party lines were not strictly observed by him, as he 
voted rather for men and measures than for party. Thus 
has another of our most prominent and respected citizens 
departed for his long home. Obituary notice in the Cleve- 
land Leader^ 

His portrait hangs in the rooms of the Historical Society 
on Euclid Avenue, Cleveland. 


1399 Buckley Stedman, born January 27, 1851; died January 24, 1887, 


1400 Frank Pierce, born November 12, 1852 ; died February 11, 1893, 


1401 William Waldo, born May 20, 1853 ; died February 3, 1880, un- 


1402 Ellen Augusta, born May 13, i854. ::,:: > 

1403 Charles Lewis, born November 22, 1855 ; died June 17, 1879. 

1404 Fanny Lucinda, born April 28, 1858 ; married, September 29, 1S78, 

Louis Miller, of Cleveland; i ch. 

1405 Norman James, born April 13, 1861; married Mary Reniger ; lived 

in 1893 on a farm in Ashtabula Co.; now lives at 56 Kings- 
bury avenue, Cleveland ; 2 ch. 

1406 Hattie Diana, born March 12, 1865 ; died April 25, 1878. 

1407 Egbert Lee, born March 13, 1869 ; married, August 20, 1889, 

Mary E. Cooley; died August 25, 1891, s. p. His widow lives 
at 50 Kingsbury avenue, Cleveland. 

1408 Carrie Nina, born February 12, 187 1 ; married, November 13 

1889, Charles B. Easton, 12 14 Woodland Hills avenue, Cleve- 
land; I ch. 


1053 Charles'' Kingsbury {ElisJia\ Absalom^, Ephraim*, 
Joseph^, Joseph", Henry'), of Alstead, N. H.; married Ann 
Miller. He was, perhaps, the Charles Kingsbury who served 
as a private in a company which went from Walpole, N. H., 
to Portsmouth, in 1814. Settledin East Jaffrey, N. H., in 1845. 


1409 Laura L., born November 28, 1825. 

1410 Lucy Ann, born August 30, 1827. r: > 

141 1 Martha, born , 1829. 

1412 Amilla. 

1413 Harriet. 

1414 Louisa, born August 23, 1834. s->- 

1415 Elisha Austin, born August i, 1837. :z ■ > 

1416 Albert. 

1417 Abbie L, born April 7, 1850. is-^ 

1055 Philetta' Kingsbury {Elis/ia\ Absalom", Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry'), married, September 4, 1817, Samuel 
Howard, born January 6, 1795, i^ Langdon, N. H., son of 
Jeremiah and Sally (Humphrey) Howard. He died March 
8, 1877. She died June 30, 1882. 


1 Adaline, born February 27, 1818 ; married William "Witt. 

2 J ULAN A, born December 7, 1819 ; married Rockwood Holden. 

3 Emily, born May 22, 1822 ; died young. 

4 Mary Jane, born March 29, 1824 ; married Albert Jennison. 

5 Samuel, born July 16, 1826 ; died in infancy. 

6 James, born February 21, 1829 ; died in infancy. 

7 Emily, born March 13, 1831; married Jotham Rider. 

8 William, born November 21, 1833 ; married Ella Kent. 

9 Frances M., born May 16, 1836 ; died in infancy. 

10 Milton W., born December 23, 1838 ; died in infancy. 

11 Abbie E., born October 21, 1848 ; married George H. Anderson. 

1057 Elisha' Kingsbury [Elisha''', Absalom^, Ephraim^, 
Joseph^, Joseph^, Henrf), of Alstead, N. H., and Slippery Rock, 
Pa. He was named Cyrus and had his name changed after 
his father's death. He removed to Pennsylvania in 1834, 
lived in North Liberty, Mercer County, and in 1846 removed 
to Slippery Rock, where he established himself in business 
as a merchant. As a business man he was charcterized by 
strict honesty, integrity, and punctuality. He was an active 


and efficient worker in the Church and Sabbath School; 
during a period of fifteen years he was not absent a day from 
his post in the Sabbath School. He married (i) February 
14, 1832, at Alstead, Maria Grain, born October 31, 1810, 
in Alstead, daughter of vSamuel and Martha (Brown) Grain ; 
died June, 1856 ; (2) at Genterville, Pa., August 13, 1857, Mrs. 
Mary Grain, widow of the brother of his first wife, and 
daughter of Nehemiah and Abigail (Dustin) Ghandler, born 
in Langdon, N. H., August 6, 1806. He died May 8, 1865; 
his widow lived at Genterville, Butler Go., Pa., Slippery 
Rock P. O., died there May 8, 1890. 


1418 Cyrus Oswei.l, born January i, 1833, in Alstead, N. H. s > 

1419 Son, died young. 

1420 Martha A., born June i, 1844. = > 

1421 Milton S., ) born November 10, 1846 ; died April 15, 1872. 

1422 Mary, ) born November 10, 1846 ; died June, 1848. 

1423 Harriet A., born September 20, 1849. s: > 

1060 Elizabeth' Kingsbury {Andrezu^, Ej)hraim\ 
Ephraim*, Joseph^, Joseph\ Henry^), married, December 19, 
1 82 1, Normand Smith of Hartford, as his second wife. She 
died February 25, 1826. Mr. Smith married (3), April 12, 
1827, Lucy Morris of East Haven, Gonn. He died in Hart- 
ford, May 22 [Z. K.'s Jiecord], i860. Normand Smith was 
born in Hartford, November 4, 1772, son of William and 
Mary (Sloan) Smith. 


1 Andrew Kingsbury, born March 6, 1823; died February 20, 1824. 

2 Andrew Kingsbury, born February 9, 1826; member of class of 1847, 

Yale College, was there three years, but left without gradu- 
ating, and entered Williams College, where he graduated 
1847 ; he took a degree of medicine from the Jefferson Medi- 
cal College of Philadelphia, in 1849, and also got a degree 
from the Vermont Medical College, at Woodstock. He was 
for some months in the office of Dr. Ellsworth, of Hartford, 
and then obtained admittance on the Home Staff of the New 
York Emigrant Hospital, then on Ward's Island. July 25, 
1853, he was appointed Assistant Surgeon in the United 
States Army, and passed his first five years of service in 
Texas ; married (i) December 30, 1856, at Ringgold Barracks, 
Texas, Sarah Jane Sibley, dau. of Gen, Caleb C. Sibley, 


U. S. A., and his wife, Nancy Davenport, born in Mackinaw, 
Mich., Dec. 2, 1832. She died in Atlanta, Ga,, June 8, 186S. 
In 1858 he was promoted to be Captain and Assistant Sur- 
geon, and ordered to Pensacola, Florida, where he remained 
on duty two years. At the beginning of the Civil War Dr. 
Smith was Post Surgeon at Fort Abercrombie, Dakota, at 
that time the most northern of the Northwest Forts. He was 
then ordered to Headquarters, Army of the Potomac, and 
assisted in the organization of the Medical Department, doing 
Hospital field duty in all the battles of McClellan's Campaign 
against Richmond, most of the time acting as assistant to Dr. 
Tripler, who was McClellan's Chief Medical Officer. He 
received his promotion as Major and Surgeon June 11, 1862, 
and was engaged in the work of establishing hospitals at 
Philadelphia, Hagerstown, Chambersburg, and Harrisburg, 
until October, 1862. He served as Inspector of Hospitals and 
Medical Director of Transportation at Philadelphia until 
March, 1863. When the Army Medical Laboratory for War 
Supplies was established at Philadelphia, Dr. Smith was put 
in charge, and continued there until the end of the war. He 
was also Medical Director of the Department of the Carolinas 
until July, 1865. He was brevetted Lieutenant-Colonel 
March 13, 1865, for faithful and meritorious services, and re- 
ceived promotion to the full rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, July 
2, 1884. From 1865 until 1880 he was on duty at Fort Snell- 
ing, Minnesota ; Atlanta, Georgia ; in New Mexico as Medi- 
cal Director ; at Fort Hayes, Kansas, and various posts in 
New York Harbor ; he was Medical Director of the Depart- 
ment of Arizona, 1880 to 1882 ; Post Surgeon at Willet's 
Point to 18S3, and for several years Post Surgeon at the U. S. 
Military Academy at West Point. He was promoted Colonel 
July 10, 1889, and was retired from active service February 9, 
1890, having reached the limit of age for active service. 
After his retirement he resided in New York Cit3\ He mar- 
ried (2) February 25, 1871, Ellen M. Allison, born December 
5, 1842, in Somerville, N. J., dau. of Major T. S. Allison, 
U. S. A., and his wife, Margaret Gatzmer. He died sud- 
denly, at Cranston, West Point, N. Y., August 14, 1899. 
Ch. : Thomas Allison, born July i, 1872 ; received the degree 
of Doctor of Medicine from the College of Physicians and 
Surgeons, Columbia University, N. Y., in 1895. A physician 
in New York City. 

IO61 Oliver' Kingsbury {Andrew*, Ephraim", Ephraim\ 
Joseph^ , Joseph^ , Henry"), of Hartford; was employed as a clerk 
in the Treasurer's (his father's) office ; removed about 1810 


to Penfield, N. Y., where he engaged in business; married, 
December 24, 181 1, Charlotte, dau. of Daniel Penfield of 
Penfield; he died in Penfield, January 10, 1816. 

1424 Mary, born December 4, 1812; died December 10, 1812. 

1062 Maria" Kingsbury {Andrew'^, Ephraim"^ Ep/iraim\ 
Joseph'^, Joseph"^, Hen>y), of Hartford; married, November 
25, 1809, George Goodwin of Hartford, born April 23, 1786, 
son of George and Mary (Edwards) Goodwin, and adescend- 
of Ozias Goodwin, one of the first settlers of Hartford. He 
graduated from Yale College, 1806, and then went into busi- 
ness in Hartford. His father, the elder George Goodwin, 
was a member of the firm of Hudson & Goodwin, printers 
and publishers. In 1815, this firm was dissolved, and George 
Goodwin & Sons succeeded to the business of book-selling, 
printing, and publishing; the leading interest then being 
the "Connecticut Courant," which they retained until 1836, 
and for which and numerous other publications they made 
the paper at their mill in East Hartford. In order to give 
more attention to paper- making, which gradually became 
their leading business, Mr. Goodwin removed his residence 
to that part of East Hartford now Burnside, in 1821. Here 
he at once became a leading man in all that concerned the 
welfare of his town, taking strong ground in favor of tem- 
perance, morality, and religion. Three times he represented 
East Hartford in the legislature, but he had no taste for 
political life, and no desire for office. As a citizen he was 
foremost in every good work, always " devising liberal 
things"; as a neighbor kind and helpful, always giving and 
lending ; as a Christian humble and retiring, but utterly con- 
scientious, firm and faithful in duty. He had the delicacy 
and purity of a woman, and the strength and courage of a 
soldier. He loved nature and planted trees in every availa- 
ble spot. He loved good books, chief of all the Bible and 
Matthew Henry, and had the taste of a scholar in his read- 
ing. He loved his church, and gave liberally to build and 
sustain it; and he was for many years an honored officer in 
it, and in the Ecclesiastical Society. Mrs. Maria Goodwin 
died in Burnside, March 6, 185 1. Mr. George Goodwin died 
in Burnside, Februarys, 1878. [^The Goodivins of Hartford^ 
Connecticut^ 6^o-2.'\ 



1 Maria Kingsbury, born in Hartford, November i, 1810; married, 

June 29, 1837. Henry Pitkin of East Hartford, son of Capt. 
John and Olive (Forbes) Pitkin. He was a silversmith and 
watchmaker, and the inventor of the American lever watch, 
of which in connection with his brother, James F. Pitkin, he 
commenced the manufacture in East Hartford, in 1834. In 
1 84 1 he removed to New York City, where he died September 
18, 1846, aged 36. His widow died in Hartford, February 9, 
1887, aged 76. Ch. : (i) Maria Goodwin, b. April 25, 183S; now 
living in Hartford, unm. 

2 Elizabeth, born July, 1812; died August 9, 1815. 

3 Andrew Kingsbury, born November 28, 1815 ; engaged with his 

father and uncles in the paper business, in charge of the mill 
in Manchester, Conn. ; died, unmarried, in Fair Haven, 
Conn., June 16, 1880. 

4 Elizabeth, born August 28, 181 7; died in Burnside, unmarried, 

December 24, 1847. 

5 Ellen, born July 2, 1S19; married, October 7, 1846, Thomas Scott 

Williams of Boston, born January 20, 1S14, son of Solomon 
and Martha (Baker) Williams of Manchester, Conn., a grand- 
son of Rev. Solomon Williams, D.D., of Lebanon, Conn. He 
was a civil engineer, and afterwards engaged in the business 
of railroad supplies in Boston, firm of Williams .fc Page. 
He died at Somerville, Mass., December 29, 1874, aged 
62. She resided many years in Auburndale, Mass., but 
died at Stoneham, Mass., January 18, 1894. Ch. : i, Robert 
Edwards, born January 27, 1S49, in Newton, Mass.; Yale 
College, 1871; University of Michigan, 1874, degree of Civil 
Engineer; employed at the water-works in Lawrence and 
Newton, Mass.. 1875-76; married, April 26, 1877, Helen E., 
dau. of Hon. W. L. Seaton of Jackson, Mich.; was connected 
with the firm of Williams, Page & Co., manufacturers of 
railroad supplies, Boston, six years; then lived for a time in 
Hartford, Conn., being connected with the firm of J. B. Wil- 
liams & Co., Glastonbury ; then removed to Jackson, where 
he died May 16, 1SS7. 2 ch. : i, Annie Goodwin, born 1878, 
now living in Boston, engaged in kindergarten work ; 2, Rob- 
ert Seaton, born July, 18S0, in Hartford, Conn. ; grad. Insti- 
tute of Technology, Boston, 1902 ; now an instructor in the 
Institute. 2, Mary Goodwin, born March 26, 1851; died in 
Auburndale, November 5, 1864. 3, Mary Edwards, born 
January 22, 1853 ; living in Auburndale, unm. 4, Annie 
Huntington, b. August 3, 1S56 ; married, September 5, 18S3, 
Joseph F. Ryder of Auburndale ; ch. : i, Joseph Scott, born 
June 15, 1889; Robert Orne, born September 26, 1S91 ; 3, 
Stuart Williams, born July i, 1893. 5, Ellen Constance, born 
March 10, 1859; living in Auburndale, unm. 


6 Mary Edwards, born September 3, 1822; married May 23, 1855, 
William Stuart Williams, a manufacturer in Glastonbury, 
Conn., son of Solomon and Martha (Baker) Williams of Man- 
chester, and a descendant of the Rev. Solomon Williams, of 
Lebanon, Conn., and the Rev. John Robinson, of Leyden, 
born December 20, 1821, in Bozrah, Conn. She died in 
Hartford, November 17, 1888. He died in Glastonbury, 
November 12, 1894. Ch.: i, Emily Spencer, born March 23,' 
1856; married September 14, i88r, Frank Dvvight Glazier, of 
Hartford, a manufacturer in South Glastonbury, son of 
Franklin and Mary (Skinner) Glazier; 4 ch. : i, Franklin 
Williams, born August 31, 1882; a student at Yale University, 
Class of 1904; 2, William Stuart, born November 5, 18S3; a 
student at Yale, Class of 1906 ; 3, Philip Alden, born July 23, 
1885, preparing for the Sheffield Scientific School; 4, Mary 
Edwards, born November 6, 1887. 2, George Goodwin, 
born February 25, 1S58 ; Sheffield Scientific School, 1879, res! 
Hartford; a memberof the firm of J. B. Williams & Co., Glas- 
tonbury; married, March 3, 1890, Jeannette Crosby, dau. of 
Dr. Ebenezer Kingsbury and Mary (Crosby) Hunt of Hartford, 
a descendant of Priscilla Kingsbury, daughter of Deacon 
Ebenezer Kingsbury, who married Eleazer Pomeroy (see 
pp. 245-6). 3, Bernard Trumbull, born September 16, 1859; 
married October 27, 1S87, Frances Goodrich, dau. of Hon.' 
Henry K. W. and Susan Leavitt (Goodwin) Welch of Hartford; 
was a member of the firm of J. B. Williams & Co. ; died in 
Boston, Mass., February 4, 1898 ; ch. : i, Margaret Hunting- 
ton, born February 5, 1889; 2, EHzabeth Trumbull, born 
April 14, 1891 ; 3, Frances, born January 26, 1894. 4, Mary 
Stuart, born June 12, 1862 ; married in South Glastonbury, 
December 8, 1897, Lewis Sheldon Welch of New Haven, son of 
Hon. Henry K. W. and Susan Leavitt (Goodwin) Welch of 
Hartford; res. New Haven, editor of the 1 'ale AlicmniWeekly ; 
ch. : I, Emily Williams, born November 3, 1899; 2, Frances 
Goodwin, born September 13, igoi ; 3, Elizabeth Edwards, born 
July 18, 1903. 5, William Edwards, born July 16, 1863; Am- 
herst College, 1885; died in Santa Barbara, Cal., March 8, 1886. 
7 George Henry, born April 7, 1826; in the paper manufacturing busi- 
ness with his father until i860; he enlisted August 22, 1862, 
as a private in Co. A, 25th Regiment Conn. Volunteers; was 
promoted Jan. 16, 1863, to First Sergeant ; wounded at Irish 
Bend, Louisiana, April 14, 1863, and discharged with the Reg- 
iment, August, 1863. He was commissioned Feb. 9, 1864, 
First Lieutenant and Regimental Quartermaster of the 29th 
(colored) Regiment, Conn. Volunteers, mustered out of service 
October 24, 1865. He married (i), June 3, 1868, Mary Merrow, 
dau. of John Owen and Lucy (Merrow) Pitkin of Coventry, 


Conn., born in East Hartford, January 5, 1839; she died in 
Burnside, August 14, 1875. (2) October 18, 1876, Mary Deb- 
orah, dau. of Dwight T. and Sarah (Seymour) Skinner, born 
in East Granby, Conn., September 8, 1848. He was for many 
years in the office of the Travelers Insurance Co., Hartford; 
died in Burnside at his residence, December 17, 1893. Ch.: 
I, George, born August 25, 1878, a clerk in the oflfice of the 
.(Etna Life Insurance Co., Hartford. 2, Mary Edwards, born 
January 24, 1883. 3, William Henry, born December 29, 1885; 
valedictorian Hartford High School, 1903; student at Yale 
College, class of 1907. 

8 Susan Leavitt, born August 31, 1828; married, July 30, 1873, Henry 

Leavitt Goodwin, her cousin, son of Oliver Goodwin, of Litch- 
field, Conn., born November 25, 1821. She died in Burnside, 
April 4, 1874, very suddenly. 

9 Harriet Tai.cott, born January i, 1S32; living in Hartford, unm. 

1063 Harriet' Kingsbury {Andrew'^, Ephrai»i\ Ephraim\ 
Joseph'\ Joseph'', He/try'), married June 5, 1815, Russell Tal- 
cott, of Hartford, born September 26, 1788, son of George 
and Abigail (Goodrich) Talcott, of Glastonbury, Conn., and 
a descendant of " the Worshipful John Talcott," one of the 
first settlers of Hartford in 1636, and also of many others 
of the first settlers of Hartford and Wethersfield. 

Russell Talcott began mercantile life first as a clerk in 
his native town, and then in New York in 1806. He returned 
to Hartford about 18 10, where he engaged in the drygoods 
business, becoming a partner of Mr. Ward Woodbridge. 
For a year after his marriage he lived in Monson, Mass., 
where Mr. Talcott was superintendent of a cotton factory 
owned by the firm of Woodbridge & Talcott. He then re- 
turned to Hartford to take charge of the business there. 
He died in Hartford September 26, 181 8. She died in Hart- 
ford October 23, 1831. 



1 Mary Ki.ngsbury, born in Hartford, Sept. 23. 1816; died in Hartford. 

April 28, 1838, unmarried. 

2 Russell Goodrich, born in Hartford, Aug. 15, 1818. He began his bus- 

iness life as a clerk in the store of Hudson & Goodwin, book- 
sellers, entered the Hartford Bank as clerk in 1840. During the 
years 1844 and 1845 he traveled in Europe, and acquired a taste 
for art and literature which remained with him all his life. 
After his return he engaged in the iron business under the farm 
name of Ripleys & Talcott. This firm afterwards became E. 



G. Ripley & Co. He married October 28, 1S46, Mary Seymour 
daughter of Charles and Catharine (Perkins) Seymour born 
m Hartford, November r, 1820, and a descendant of Richard 
Seymour, a settler of Hartford in 1639, and also of other early 
settlers m Connecticut, among them Gov. John Haynes Gov 
George Wyllys. and Gov. John Webster. He held various 
offices of trust, first vice-president and then president of the 
Young Men's Institute; a director of the Hartford Bank; much 
mterested in the founding of the Pearl Street Church, now 
the Farmington Avenue Church, and held the position of 
Clerk of the Church and Society; one of the Board of Mana- 
gers and Secretary of the Retreat for the Insane. He died 
in Hartford March 3, 1863, and Mrs. Lydia H. Sigourney, 
who had known him all his life, wrote memorial stanzas for 
him, a portion of which are here given : 

" They'll miss him in the thronging mart, 
Where, with pure mind and upright heart, 

He held his quiet way; 
And those who trace the record through 

Of all his earthly time, 
Remember naught of wrong or blame,— 
Of folly that might cloud his name, 
Even in his boyhood's prime. 

■ . . . With ever gentle hand. 

Affection's links he won, 
And works of taste around him drew. 
And friendship of the chosen few, 
And plants that bloom above." 

His widow died in Hartford, April iS, 18S3. Children : i. 
Mary Kingsbury, born November 3, 1847; living in Hartford' 
unmarried. During her earlier life Miss Talcott was much 
mterested in art, but of late years has devoted herself to his- 
torical and genealogical work. She prepared five chapters in 
the " Memorial History of Hartford County, 1886;" edited two 
volumes of the " Talcott Papers," consisting of the correspon- 
dence of Gov. Joseph Talcott, for the Connecticut Historical 
Society; wrote the sketch of Hartford m " Historic Towns of 
New England," published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1898; the 
chapter on "Hartford in the Revolution " in " Hartford in His- 
tory," 1899; sketches of the Wyllys Family, the Ellery Family, 
and others, and has done much other work more strictly gen- 
ealogical. She has held the office of Registrar of the Ruth 
Wyllys Chapter, D. A. R., for ten years, and has been a mem- 
ber of the Board of Managers and Registrar of the Connecticut 
Society of Colonial Dames since 1894. She is Chairman for 
Connecticut of the Order of Descendants of Colonial Gover- 


nors ; is a member of the Society of Mayllower Descendants, 
the Connecticut Historical Society, the American Historical 
Association, aad the New England Historic Genealogical 
Society. She is the compiler of this History of the Kings- 
bury Family, the records collected by others having been 
placed in her hands, and she has also gathered much new 
material herself. 

1065 Eleazer' Kingsbury {\]'illiain\ Ep/iraim\ Ephraim\ 
Joseph^^ Joseph'', Hcnry^), removed to Homer, N. Y., in 1817 ; 
married March 4, 1819, Susan Kinne, born June 10, 1798, in 
Homer, N. Y. He died December 16, 1873, in Homer. His 
widow died May 12, 1875. He was a tanner, and also car- 
ried on farming. 


1425 Andrew Eleazer, born June 28, 1821. :,:: > 

1426 Louise Antoinette, born August 24, 1823; married May 7, 1850, 

Cyrenius Denman Spencer, of Butternuts, Otsego County, 
N. Y. ; afterwards of Binghamton. Child: Susie, born No- 
vember, 1859. 

1427 Harriet Maria, born May 3, 1S28; living, unmarried, in Homer, 


1428 Sarah Frances, born Sept. 4, 1S30; living, unmarried, in Homer, 


1066 William' Kingsbury {lVi//iam\ Fphraim\ Joseph'', 
Joseph'', Henry '), married January 18, 181 7, at Tolland, Hil- 
pah Winchell, born January 7, 1793, daughter of Oliver and 
Charity (Easton) Winchell, of Barkhamsted, Conn. He 
removed to Homer, Cortland County, N. Y., where he was 
a tanner and also carried on a farm. He died September r, 
1867. His widow died May, 1870. 


1429 Harriet Maria, born Aug. 10, 1S21; died Feb. 20, 1824. 

1430 AuousTis W., born November 30, 1824. r: > 

1431 Henry Clay, born November 6, 1S30. z.: > 

1068 Augustus' Kingsbury ( // 'illiam'\ Ephrai//i\ Ephiaim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph'\ Hc/iry'), of Coventry; married December, 
18 16, Mary, daughter of Daniel and Mary (Hubbard) Loomis, 
born in Coventry, June, 1798.* He was a farmer in Coventry, 

• August 22, 1799, Loomis Genealogy. 



but removed to Hartford before his death, which occurred 
October 26, 1872. His wife died at Rock Island, 111., October 
18, 1856. 


1432 Mary P., born Feb. 2, 1817; died, unmarried, in Hartford, April 

4, 1887, aged 71. 

1433 Harriet, born June 19, 1819. r: > 

1434 Erastus Augustus, born May 8, 1S21, married Dec. 24, 1849, 

Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen Buckland and Sarah 
Hunt (Goodman) Goodwin, of Wethersfield, born December 
21, 1824. He lived for a time in Lima, Indiana, but has re- 
sided abroad many years, first in Paris, where he was an 
agent for a large New York drygoods house, then in Wies 
baden, Germany; now in Viareggio, Province of Lucca, Italy. 
His wife died in Viarregio, July, 1899. No children. 

1069 Charles' Kingsbury (I F///iam\ Ephraim", Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph', Henry^), of Homer, N. Y. He studied with 
his pastor, Rev. Mr. Calhoun, and, about the year 1821, he 
was engaged as the preceptor of one of the public schools 
of Hartford, which position he filled for about eight years, 
and during that period he united with the Center Church in 
Hartford in 1823. He married in Coventry November 26, 
1829, Pamelia, daughter of Colonel Noah and Mary (Loomis) 
Porter, born October 11, 1806, in Coventry. In the spring 
of 1830 he removed to Homer, N. Y., where he purchased a 
farm, known as the Burnham farm, in the East River Valley, 
and on this farm he continued to reside until his death. He 
was chosen Elder in the Presbyterian Church at Cortland 
(a division of Homer), in 1855, and held the office until his 
death, January 4, 1887. His wife died August 18, 1873. 

About 1879 Mr. Kingsbury published in the Homer Repub- 
lican a series of articles entitled, " Reminiscences of the 
Early Settlers of Homer." 

"As a successful man of affairs, an upright and patriotic 
citizen, a kind neighbor and friend, and exemplary Christian, 
he leaves a record worthy of emulation. — Cortland Standard, 
January 20, i88y. 


1435 Emily Maria, born February 14, 1S32 ; died October 7, 1852 ; 


1436 Charles Porter, born July 8, 1833; married May 22, 1862, in 

Homer, Cleora Betinett; living in Homer, s. p. (1903). 



1437 Andrew Dvvight, born November 18, 1834. s->- 

1438 Albert George, born February 14, 1841. ™ * 

1439 Edwin (Sereno Edward, Looinis Gen.), born September 26, 1842; 

died March 13, 1874,' in Homer. 

1440 Frederick William, born July 22, 1850; married September 26, 

1876, in Cortland, Mary E. Schermerhorn; resides at 30 Grant 
St., Cortland, agent for several fire insurance companies; s.p. 

1070 Anna' Kingsbury {/abez'^, Ephrai»i\ Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry^), married, December 20, 181 5, Daniel 
Smith, of Coventry, born December 14, 1790, in Tolland, son 
of Deacon Recompence and Elizabeth (Romney) Smith. He 
removed to Stafford about 182 1. She died in Stafford, May 
28, 1849 [1848, according to family record and F. J. K.; 1849, 
according to Laura Kingsbury's contemporary record]. He 
died in Willington, February 13, 1869. 

Daniel wSmith was a clothier, and carried on this business 
in Stafford until there was no more work for the trade. At 
that time the woolen cloth used was made in households 
mostly, and the clothier took the cloth and colored and 
dressed it at so much per yard. When factories were built 
his trade was gone. — Letter of Erastus Kiiigsbi/ry, May //, 


1 Henry, born in Coventry^ October 26, i8i6 ; " went West"; married, 

and lived in Illinois, about 1S70 ; died in Grand Rapids, Mich. . 
April 30, 1880. 

2 Daniel Kingskury, born in Coventry, August 22, 181S ; married, 

November 4, 1841, Susan N. Cushman, of Stafford, born April 
10, 1817 ; living in Stafford, Conn., in 1889. Children: (i) 
Anna E., born at Stafford, October 28, 1845 ; married, De- 
cember 13, 1870, Erwin O. Dimock, of Stafford ; died at Staf- 
ford, April 23, 1871; (2) James G., born in Stafford, May 23, 
1848 ; died in Marietta, Pa., December i, 1877. 

3 William, born in Stafford, August 8, 1S21; married, June 5, 1845, 

Abigail Ellis, of Staft'ord, born August S, 1823 ; dealt in man- 
ufacturers' supplies ; died in Stafford, March i, 1S81. Chil- 
dren : (i) Helen, born May 24, 1846; married, January 31, 
1871, William Henry Cooley, of Stafford Springs, ch.: 1, 
Howard E., born in S.tafford, November 28, 1875. 2, Son, 
born in Stafford, November 18, 1878. (2) William Henry, born 
September 25, 1848 ; married, September 10, 1871, Estelle 
Wood; ch.: Robert W., born in Stafford, June 21, 1877. (3) 
Mary, born December 24, 1850 ; died in infancy. (4) Julia E., 



born August lo, 1S53 ; died in infancy. (5) Annie C, born 

October 3, 1855 ; married Butterfield, of Stafford. 

4 Chauncey, born April 16, 1824, in Stafford ; married, September 8, 
1847, Susan O. Thrall, of Stafford, born November 24, 1830 ; 
a farmer in Stafford ; died January 9, 1880. Children : (i) 
Nelson T., born September 22, 1848; married, February 9, 
1870, Nellie Carpenter, born March 10, 1849 ; resides in Rock- 
ville, Conn.; ch.: i, Bertie N., born in Stafford, September 6, 
1870 ; died December 5, 1872. 2, Mary E., born October 3, 
1873. 3, Maud S., born Novembers, 1875. (2) Clifton O., 
born November 24, 1850; married, June 28, 1871, Jennie Chase, 
of Harrisden, N. Y., born Jan. 29, 1851; resides Stafford; ch . : 
I, Nettie C. , born in Stafford, April 24, 1874. 2, Daisy B., born 
in Stafford, November 15, 1875. (3) Frank H., born October 
6, 1853 ; died March 9, 1875. (4) Edward C, born September 
I, 1858 ; married, July 19, 1877, Delia A. Carrington, of Delhi, 
N. Y., born June 5, 1858; resides Stafford; ch.: Olie C. , born 
in Stafford, February 11, 1878. (5) Frederic E., born December 
15, 1 86 1. (6) Henry B.,born April 3, 1863; died November 13, 
1863. (7) Charles T., born September 13, 1864. (8) Henry D. 
W., born April 21, 1869. (9) Mary E., born January 31, 1872; 
died December 12, 1872. 

1071 Elisha' Kingsbury {Jabez\ Ephraim\ Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph\ Henty), married, June 25, 1820, Betsey 
Chase, of Warehouse Point, born in 1800. He died in Somers, 
Conn., March 26, 1844; his widow died at Warehouse Point, 
August 20, 1867. 


1441 Jane E., born , 1821; married, January, 1844, Albert 

F. Kibbe, of Somers, Conn., born 1S16. She died at Somers, 
August 30, 1846. He died at Somers, September 18, 1846. 
They had one child, Ellen S., born at Somers in 1845 ; died 
at Warehouse Point, Conn., September 14, 1865. 

1442 Elisha, born ; married Sarah Pynchon Gates, of 

Somers, Conn., daughter of Daniel and Lydia (White) Gates, 
born October 8, 1822. He died in San Francisco, Cal., leav- 
ing no issue. 

1072 Amariah'' Kingsbury {Jabcz"^, Ephraim\ Ephraim\ 
Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry^), married, March 10, 1819, Emily 
Buckland, of East Windsor, Conn., daughter of Captain 
Erastus and Sarah (Heath) Buckland, born August 11, 1800. 
He established himse4f in business in New York as a painter. 


and took contracts for painting building's in the South. 
He died in Savannah, Ga. His widow married (2) October 

3, 1827, in East Windsor, Stephen Ames of Lunenburg, Vt., 
and removed to Vermont ; she died in Guildha]], Vt., March 

4, 1869. 


1443 Charles Andrew, born July 26, iSig. r- > 

1073 Ephraim' Kingsbury {/abez'', Ephraim", Ephraivi\ 
Joseph^ ^ Joseph'', Henry'), was a clothier, and settled in Chap- 
lin, Conn.; married, September 19, 1824, Clarissa Bingham, 
of Coventry, born January i, 1799, daughter of Eleazar and 
Anna (Moseley) Bingham. He died in Chaplin, August 21, 
1868. She died in Coventry, March 10, 1872. He was a 
Deacon in the Congregational Church in Chaplin for a long 
time, and represented Chaplin in the Legislature in 1856. 


1444 Charles Andrew, born in Chaplin, February 18, 1826.3^-*- 
X445 George Calhoun, born in Chaplin, February 24, 1827. Sr-»- 

1446 Eleazar Bingham, born in Chaplin, July 4, 1829. ss-*- 

1447 Eliza Lovinia, born in Chaplin, November i, 1S34. - ^^^ 

1074 Alvin' Kingsbury {Jabez\ Ephrai/n\ Ephraim\ 
Joseph'^, Josep/r, Henry'), married, September 18, 1826, Eme- 
line, daughter of Joseph and Lois (Porter) Kingsbury, of 
Coventry (see No. 872), born March 12, 1803. He died at 
Green Point, L. L, December 8, 1867. vShe died in Coventry, 
October 7, 1877. 


1445 Martha Roxanna. born in Coventry, August 20, 1S2S; married, 

May 16, 1847, Charles Andrew Kingsbury, born February 18, 
1826. (See No. 1444.) 

1449 Addison, born November 15, 1835, in Coventry. —. > 

1450 Joseph, born in Coventry, October 31, 1830 ; died August 3, 1S59, 

aged 28. 

1451 Andrew Backus, baptized in Coventry, January 2, 1838; died 

August 2, 1 841, aged 3 years and 9 months. 

1452 Ruth Maria, born November 8, 1832, in Coventry; married, 

April 8, 186S, Deacon Marcus Lillie, of Coventry (see p. 298), 
son of Ira and Persis (Kingsbury) Lillie. 


1076 Nelson' Kingsbury {Jabcz\ Ep/iraim\ Ephraiin\ 
Joseph'^, Joscph'\ Houy), married November 12, 1833, Nancy 
Thrall, of Vernon, Conn., daughter of Ira and Elizabeth 
(Strickland) Thrall, born October 11, 1809. About 1845 he 
started the manufacture of woolen goods on a small scale in 
Stafford, Conn., and continued in this business with success 
for a number of years. He then removed to Rockville, where 
he was manager of one of the largest mills in the town. He 
was appointed one of the commissioners from Connecticut to 
the International Exhibition in London, in 185 1, the first of 
the great Expositions, He removed to Hartford about 1857. 
Early in the war times he was the owner of at least a dozen 
woolen mills in the vicinity of Hartford, and supplied the 
United States government with thousands of army blankets. 
Later business reverses overtook him, and he saw the greater 
portion of his fortune swept away. In 1869 he removed to 
Philadelphia, where he became connected with the work of 
the American Sunday-school Union. He was appointed Sec- 
retary of the New England branch of the Sunday-school 
Union in 1875, and returned to Hartford, where he lived until 
his death, September 13, 1884. His widow died in Hartford 
May 20, 1893, aged 83. 


1453 Laura Anna, born August 13, 1S34; died unmarried in Coventrj-, 

Sept. 24, 1903. 

1454 Emily, born June 24, 1837, in Stafford Springs, Conn. ; married 

October 22, 1859, Edward Kellogg, of Hartford, afterwards 
of Philadelphia, son of George and Eliza (Noble) Kellogg, of 
Rockville, born September 15, 1838, died in New York, July 
12, 1898. Mrs. Kellogg resides in Hartford. Children; (i) 
Nellie Kingsbury, born in Hartford December 6, 1866; died 
in Hartford December 12, 1890. 

1455 Mary Eliza, born May 6, 1842; died in Brookline, Mass., July 

29, 1891. 

1077 Phebe' Kingsbury {Jabez\ Eph)aim\ Ephraim\ 
/oseph\ /oseph\ Henry'), married June 10, 1838, Ebenezer 
Peck, born December 5, 1804, in Coventry. He was a farmer 
in Vernon, Conn., where he died September 13, 1856. She re- 
moved to live with her daughter in Dunlap, Iowa, where she 
died December 31, 1882 [January 6, 1883, according to another 



1 Anna Elizaketh, born September 4, 1840, in South Coventry; 

married April 7, 1863, William Turner Preston, of Vernon, 
Conn., who was born August 30, 1840; removed to Dunlap, 
Iowa, where he is a farmer and cattle dealer. Children: (i) 
Nellie Amelia, born January 7, 1864, in Vernon ; married March 
20, 1890, to William F. Cook, of Dunlap, Iowa; ch.: i, Etta 
Geraldine Cook, born February 6, 1891, at Dunlap; 2, Roger 
Allen Cook, born December 13, 1894, at Des Moines, Iowa. 

(2) Herbert Lincoln, born October 23, 1867, in Holyoke, Mass., 
married March 10, 1887, Lou J. Jackson; ch.: i. Perry Jud; 
son, born December 20, 1889, at Dunlap ; 2, PhylHs Cora, 
born June 26, 1892, at Dunlap ; 3, Lorene Marguerite, born 
December 30, 1894, at Des Moines, Iowa; 4, Foster Kelsey, 
born September 14, 1897, at Des Moines, Iowa. 

2 Henry, born February 13, 1846, in South Coventry ; married Feb- 

ruary II, 1873, Ellen Augusta vSmith, born March 22, 1854; 
now resides in Syracuse, Neb. ; ch.: fi) Giles Henry, born 
July 26, 1873 ; (2) Phebe Kingsbury, born December 4, 1874 ; 

(3) Laura Augusta, born August 24, 1S77 ; (3) Jesse Mapes, 
born September 7, 1879 ; (4) Burton Randall, born March 17, 
i88i;died March 31, 1881 ; (5) Mildred Edna, born August 
15, 18^2 ; (6) Tracy Ellis, born August 8, 1886 ; (7) Merle 
Phenie, born December 11, 1890; died March 9, 1891 ; (8) 
Gilbert Chilson, born October i, 1896; died same day. He 
is a carpenter and joiner, and carries on a farm. 

1078 Deacon Erastus' Kingsbury {/abez^, Ephrainv", 
Ephraim\ Joseph^ ^ Joseph'\ Henry' )^ of Coventry; married 
at Wales, Mass., April 8, 1839, Hannah, daughter of Jasper 
and Hannah (Ag-ard) Needham, of Stafford, Conn., born Oc- 
tober 28, 1 8 19. He was all his life a farmer in Coventry, where 
he was a highly respected citizen. He represented Coventry 
in the Legislature, 1864-66, held the office of Deacon in the 
Congregational Church for many years, and celebrated his 
golden wedding April 8, 1889. He died March 19, 1895, in 
Coventry. His widow died in Coventry July i, 1902. 


1456 Hannah, born in Stafford, March 21, 1840 ; married May 25, 1876, 

Allyn Kellogg Talcott, a merchant in Rockville, Conn., born 
March 12, 1839, ^011 of Allyn and Martha G. (Robbins) Talcott 
of Rockville; no children. 

1457 Amelia, born in Stafford, September 16, 1842; died in Coventry, 

April 10, 1864. 


1458 Ellen, born in Coventry, April 5, 1S47; died in Coventry, April 

18, 1864. 

1459 Andrew, born in Rockville, April 8, 1849. r: > 

1079 Harriet' Newell Kingsbury {/abez^, Ephyaim\ 
Ep/irai»i\ Joseph'^, /oscph'\ Ile/iry^), married February 4, 1863, 
Adron Dart, of vSouth Windsor, Conn., born May 2, 1819. He 
was a farmer in South Windsor, and died there March 18, 
1886. wShe is now (1903) living in Rockville, Conn. 


1 Ellen A., born in South Windsor, June 9, 1864; living in Rockville. 

2 William Kingsbury, born in South Windsor, September 21, i366; 

died April 19, 1867. 

3 Grace K., born April 24, 1871; living in Manchester, Conn. 

1080 Jabez Hyde' Kingsbury {Jabez", Ephraim \ Eph- 
7'aim\ Joseph"^, Joseph"^, Henry ^), of Coventry; lived for many 
years on the old farm and in the old house where his father 
and grandfather lived. He married January 3, 1854, Ann 
Jeanette Preston, born in Vernon, Conn., October 30, 1834, 
daughter of Miner and Betsey (Thrall) Preston; now living 
near the Center in North Coventry. (1903.) 


1460 Arthur Preston, born in Coventry, October 2, 1854. =:; > 

1461 Oliver Backus, born in Coventry, June 18, 1S56; died in Coven- 

try, September 22, 1S60. 

1462 Ella Jane, born in Coventry, June 19, 1858. =: > 

1463 Fannie Jeannette, born in Coventry, February 19, 1865, living 

in Coventry, unm. ; is a teacher. 

1092 Ebenezer' Kingsbury {/oseph\ Ebenezer'', Joseph\ 
Joscph^^ Josep]i\ Ilenry')^ of Providence, R. I., and Danielson, 
Conn., married Sophia Caroline Boutell, or Boutwell, born 
in Ashford, Conn., daughter of Thomas Boutwell. He was 
a farmer in Danielson, where he died, November 25, 1881. 


1464 Dwight S., died 1833. 

1465 Joseph A., born October 15, 1S40 ; married Mary Young; lived in 

South Killingly, Conn., where he died December 15, 1890. 

1466 George Edward, born February 26, 1842. ;:::: > 


1093 Mary Ann' Kingsbery {Charles'', Sa/i/ord\ Joseph*, 
Joseph'', Joseph'', Henry'), married, February 22, 1823. Levi 
Bigelow Child, ?on of Zachariah and Lydia (Bigelow) Child, 
born in West Boylston, Mass., June 20, 1796. He removed 
to Derby, Vt., in December, 1818, where he became a manu- 
facturer of woolen cloth until 1840; after that year a farmer; 
he died June 20, 1882 ; she died November 23, 1842. 


1 Charles Bigelow, born April 15, 1824, in Derby, Vt.; was a civil 

engineer and contractor for 50 years upon railways, in the 
United States and Canada; retired ten years ago, and lives in 
Wyoming, O. ; married February 15, 1852, Ella ^linora 
Brackett, born May 13, 1830, in Braintree, Vt. ; celebrated 
their golden wedding in 1902 in Wyoming. Ch. : i, Ella Clara, 
born in Maysville, Ky. , July 19, 1854; married April 28, 1892, 
in Wyoming, Henry Hardie of Louisville, Ky. , Division 
Superintendent Louisville & Nashville R. R. ; s. p. 2, Mary 
Susan, born in Cleveland, O., December 16, 1S56; married 
December 11, 1879, in Cincinnati, Charles A. Fox of Cincinnati, 
marble engraver; she died June 8, 1892, in Wyoming; i child, 
Gladys, born September 22, 18S0. 3, Jane Elizabeth, born in 
Derby, Vt., October 11, 1859; married December 20, 18S2, in 
Cincinnati, Ricardo Banfi, musical composer; he died October 
25, 1 89 1, in Wyoming; i ch.: Alessandro, born September 10, 
1884, in Cleveland. 4, John Brackett, born in Derby, Vt., 
November 6, 1S64, attorney at law (specialty, railways); 
married June 30, 1892, in Wyoming, Jessamine Pollock; 2 ch.: 
1, John Pollock, born May 26, 1893, in Wyoming; 2, Robert 
Stewart, born January 10, 1899, in Wyoming. 

2 John Starke, born September i, 1825 ; married, (i) Asenath Lufkin, 

(2) E valine White ; went to California in 1S49; merchant and 
owner of stage and express lines in Nevada and California; 
was appointed by President Buchanan Probate Judge, and 
served several years; died October, 1SS9, at Genoa, Nevada; 

3 William Howe, born December 25, 1826, in Derby; married, 1856, 

(i) Emma J. Galegher; (2) Amanda M. Eason; a civil engineer 
and contractor for 15 years; for 40 years a planter in Sumter 
Co., Ala., residence, Gainesville, Ala. 

4 Susan Persis, born July 16, 1828, in Derby; married, 1S4S, James W. 

Kelsey, Manchester, Iowa; ch.; i, James; 2, Verda; 3, Julia, 
all married. 

5 Mary Ann, born October 18, 1S30 ; died February 15, 1S32. 

6 Ann Maria, born April 11, 1834, in Derby; married Rev. Charles T. 

White, D.D.; went to Madras, India, as missionaries of the 


American Board of Foreign Missions, remained 13 years, and 
were there during the Sepoy mutiny; returned to this country 
and she died in Cambridge, Ind., July 29, 1877; ch.: 1, Maria 
C, married John Peelle, of IndianapoHs; 4 eh. 2, Jennie C, 
married Curtis Branson of Oxford, Ind., 3 ch. 3, Charles C. 
lives in Chicago; 3 ch. 

7 Catharine Frances, born January 31, 1838, in Derby; went to San 

Francisco, as a school teacher under the auspices of Rev. 
Thomas Starr King, about 1858; married John H. Martin of 
Gardnersville, Nevada, merchant and State Senator; s. p. 

8 Ruth Mary, born August S, 1841, in Derby; married about 1858, 

Rev. John Fraser, D.D.; went to New Zealand and Austraha 
as missionaries of the American Board for several years; after 
their return, lived in Derby, Montreal, and vStanstead, P. Q.; 
died in Staustead Plains, December 5, 1901; s. p. 

1094 George' Kingsbery {Charles'', Sauford", Joseph*, 
Joseph'\ Joseph'^, Henry'), of Carrollton, Georgia ; married, 
May 2. 1827, Mary Spencer Bradford, born in Boston, De- 
cember I, 1804, daughter of Stephen and Charity (Nichols) 
Bradford. He removed in the winter of 1836-37 to Carrol- 
ton ; his wife died April 18, 1846, four miles north of Car- 
rolton ; he died January 15, 1864, in Little Rock, Arkansas. 


1467 Caroline Persis, born May 30, 1830, Derby, Vt.; married Thomas 

Ives of Little Rock, Arkansas; died March 15, 1864, in 
Little Rock. 2 ch.: Ada and John. 

1468 Charles B., born October 31, 1831, Derby, Vt. s: ■ > 

1469 Sanford S., born January i, 1834, Hatley, Canada. ::: > 

1470 Mary Bradford, born October 6, 1835, Hatley, Canada, s^-^ 

147 1 William Howe, born October 2, 1837, Carrollton, Ga. :r > - 

1472 Henry C, born November 22, 1839, Carrollton, Ga. s: > 

1473 George, born March 11, 1842, Carrollton, Ga. ; died, 1852. 

1474 Alonzo, born June 11, 1844, Carrollton, Ga.; died October 30, 1S52.* 

1475 Melissa Sarah, born April 18, 1846, Carrollton, Ga. ss-^- 

1095 Sanford' Kingsbery {Charles\ Sanford\ Joseph\ 
Joseph^, Joseph"^, Henry'), removed from Derby to McDonough, 
Ga., in 1827, from McDonough to Carrollton in 1830. He 
was a merchant and planter. He married in Morgan, Vt., 
September 23, 1834, Mary Ann Grow, of Orleans Co., Vt., 
born in Hartland, Vt., April 7, 1814. He died December 28, 
1869, in Carrollton. His widow died in April, 1874. 

* 1855, another account. 



1476 Georgia Persis Jerusha, born March, 1836. s^-»- 

1477 Sanford Theodore, born November 12, 1S37, at CarroUton, 


147S Joseph, born 1840. ::: > 

1479 Charles Samuel, born August 31, 1842. s-*- 

1480 Amelia F., born March 5, 1845; d. July 28, 1882, unm. 

1481 Edwin, born October 24, 1847, in Carroll County, Ga.ii^->^ 

1482 Mary Ann, born April 7, 1850, in Derby, Vt. r: > 

1483 Lucius, born 1852; died in 1S5S. 

1484 Paschal P., born November 14, 1854 s^-*- 

1485 Katherine, born December 2, iS59.*ss->- 

1098 Charles' Kingsbery {C/iarIcs\ San/ord\ Josep/i\ 
Joseph'', Joseph^, Heii/y), removed from Derby to CarroUton, 
Ga., in 1833; married, September 9, 1841, Sarah A. Williams 
of Newman, Ga., born March 12, 1818, in Rhea County, 
Tenn. He was a dry goods merchant. He died October 
21, 1867, in Sherman, Texas. His widow is still living in 
Jackson, Georgia (1903). 

i486 Emera Joseph, born October 26, 1S54; died unm. January i, 1S72, 
at , Georgia. 

1487 Margaret Persis, born January 7, 1845; m. B. F. Godfrey, of 

Atlanta, Ga. 

1488 Henry William, born February 24, 1847; m. (i) Kallie Lovel; (2) 

Cora Berry; res. Santa Anna, Texas. 

1489 Selina Stewart, born January 22, 1850; m M. C. Prichett; res. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

1490 Jane Candler, born September 11, 1S52; m. James P. Ramauer, 

of Rockmart, Ga. 

1491 Elmyra Grow, born March 18, 1855; m. Rev. B. O. England, 

now pastor of St. Paul M. E. Church, Atlanta, (1903). 

1492 Sarah Isabella, born July 4, 1857; m. C. H. Strickland, of Fair- 

mount, Ga. 

1493 Charles Thomas, born February 5, i860; unm.; formerly lived 

in Salt Lake City, Utah ; now resides in Texas. 

1 100 Emera' Kingsbery (Charles", San/o/-d\ Joseph*, 
Joseph', Joseph', Henry), of Derby, Vt.; he lived on the farm 
which had been his father's, originally a government grant 
to his grandfather, Sanford Kingsbery, for his services in the 
Revolutionary War; he married, July 6, 1841, Mary Hinman, 

* i860, another account. 


daughter of Sherman and Alice (Houghton) Forbes, born 
in Derby, Vt., January 15, 182 1. He was a Captain in the 
militia and held many offices of trust in the town. He died 
in Derby, August 5, 1899. His wife died April 3, 1890. 


1494 Persis Olivia, born May 2, 1842. ::-:: > 

1495 Charles Sherman, born July 17, 184S; died April, 1852. 

1496 William Forises, born May 21, 1854. j/;^-^ 

1101 Henry' Kingsbery {Charles^, SanforcP, Joseph*, 
Joseph^, Joseph'^, Neii/y'), removed about 1840 to Van Wert, 
Georgia; settled at Van Wert near Carrollton, where he was 
a merchant, and for many years Mayor; married, March 14, 
1844, Mary Parks Walton, born November 4, 1820, in 
Pitsylvania, Va., daughter of Jesse and Polly (Hutchings) 
Walton. She died December 24, 1858, and he married (2) 
June 18, i860, Julia L. Curtis, born October 23, 1833, still 
living in Carrollton. He died September 2, 1890, in Van 


1497 Charles Thomas, born December 7, 1S41; d. in infancy. 

1498 Charles Pleasant, born January 27, 1S47; d. in infancy. 

1499 Mary Persis, born July 24, 1848. s3-»- 

1500 Sarah Ann, born July 9, 1850. :^: > 

1501 Henry Wilson, born October 16, 1854, at Altoona, Ga. ss^ 

1502 Emera Carter, born November 29, 1856. = > 

1503 Joanna, born December 5, 1858; married, December 20, 1887, 

Joe Walke Cowen, res. Talladega, Ala.; ch.: i, 
Archibald, born September 30, 1888; died Novem- 
ber 22, 1888. 

1504 Josephine, d. in 1859. 

1 102 Rev. Sanford Agry' Kingsbery [Sanfcrtf, San- 
fonP, Joseph*, Joseph'^, Joseph"', Heiirf), was graduated from 
Bowdoin College, 1828 ; studied law, admitted to the bar in 
1831 and began practicing in Hallowell; married, September 
19, 1831, Sylvina K. Robinson, daughter of General Jesse 
Robinson, of Augusta, Me., born March 3, 1808. After a few 
years he removed to China, Me., and while there, having 
entered the Baptist Church, he decided to study theology; 
in 1845 he was ordained over the Baptist Church in Dama- 
riscotta, Me.; in 1855 he became pastor of a church in Gales- 



burg, 111., and at the opening of the war in 1861 he was com- 
missioned Chaplain of the Seventeenth Illinois Volunteers, 
and was in the field with them three years. He was then 
settled at Jacksonville, 111., Huntington, Ind., and later at 
Bath and Bowdoinham, Me., being at the latter place in 
1882; he returned to Illinois, and died in Upper Alton, in 

1504^ SANFORD.born January 9, 1840, in China, Maine. iv^T^- 

1505 Mary L., born November 18, 1842. £s-*- 

1104 George H.' Kingsbery {Sai!ford\ Saii/ord\/osej)h\ 
JosepJi^, Joseph'^, Ilenrf) ; in 1849 he went to California, re- 
mained there for five years, then returned to Maine and 
settled in Damariscotta ; about that time he served in the 
State Legislature of Maine. He married, August 27, 1856, 
Mary E. Barstow, born August 13, 1829, daughter of Ben- 
jamin and Mary Barstow, of Newcastle, Me. Shortly after 
their marriage they removed to Milwaukee and then to 
Galesburg, 111. He was a merchant in Galesburg for many 
years, and later in the insurance business. He died there 
November 21, 1895. He united with the First Baptist 
Church in 1867, soon after was elected Deacon, and held the 
office the rest of his life. 


1506 Clara B.aksiow, born August 22, 1859.5;=-^- 

1507 Sarah Alice, born February 6, 1861. ss->- 

1105 Maria' Kingsbury {piiver\ JosepJi\ Ebcfiezer\ 
Joseph^, Joseph'^ Henry'), married Alonzo Streeter, M.D., of 
Troy, N. Y., born May i, 1805. They lived in Albia, a sub- 
urb of Troy, where she died July 23, 1848. Dr. Streeter 
died July 6, 1856. 


1 Cynthia Maria, born May 7, 1832; in 1880 'unm., living in Insane 

Asylum, Binghamton, N. Y. 

2 Hklen Cornelia, born July 16, 1834; m. in Troy, October 22, 1856, 

James Sims, of Troy, who died in the army, August 10, 1862; 
ch.: I Frank; 2 Alice. Mrs. Sims and her ch. were living in 
Troy in 1880. 

3 Caroline, born 1838, m. March 13, 1S53, Edward Seymour; she died 

in New York, January 6, 1S56. 



4 Julia Augusta, born August 9, 1842; m. John A. Davis; lived near 

Buflfalo, N. Y., and in West Troy, N. Y.; she died in Troy, 
July 23, 1885. 

5 John Mason Good, born January 8, 1847; living in 1880; m. 

1 106 Oliver Richmond' Kingsbury {Oliver\ Joseph\ 
Ebetiezer", Joseph^, Joseph'', Henry'), of New York City, married, 
September 26, 1838, Susan, daughter of Alexander and Jane 
(Burras) Patterson of New York City, born November 17, 
1809. He was brought up in Coventry, in the family of his 
grandfather, and at the age of eighteen, in March or April, 
1827, moved to New York City, and lived there the rest of 
his life. He entered the service of the American Tract 
Society, where his uncle, Harlan Page, was engaged, from 
his first coming to New York, until the end of his days; he 
became Assistant Treasurer in 1834, and was Treasurer of 
the Society for many years before his retirement in 1887. 
He was connected with the Presbyterian Church for many 
years, successively Ruling Elder in the Sixth Street, Four- 
teenth Street, and Central Presbyterian Churches, and he 
was several times commissioner to the General Assembly. 
The following paragraph appeared in the American Mes- 
senger, relating to the action taken by the American Tract 
Society at the annual meeting in May, 1887, with regard 
to Mr. Kingsbury : 

"In accordance with the direction of the Executive Com- 
mittee, at a special meeting held May 9th, the following 
resolution is offered. As Mr. O. R. Kingsbury has stated 
that on account of increasing age he would decline a re-elec- 
tion as Treasurer, it was : 

" Resolved, That the society, now assembled in annual meeting, can- 
not consent to part with Mr. Kingsbury as Treasurer without placing on 
record its estimate of his long and faithfvil services. A youth of 17, he 
entered the service of the society in 1827 in a subordinate capacity. In 
1834 he was elected Assistant Secretary ; in 1835 was added the duty 
of Assistant Treasurer. He performed the duties of treasurership from 
that time until the present, having received the title of Treasurer in 
1870. He has been annually elected in this capacity for 53 years with 
no dissenting voice. During this period there passed through the treas- 
ury about $17,000,000, and so far as known not one dollar was ever lost 
in connection with his department. During these 60 years he has been 
out of the office from illness but once for any length of time, and only 




for three months then. Nor has he taken during these threescore years, 
on an average, one week's vacation per annum. Not a little of the un- 
tarnished reputation of the Society is due to his calm judgment, clear 
view of financial questions, incorruptible integrity, and high Christian 
character. Taking into view the multiplicity of interests involved, the 
amount of money handled in unnumbered small sums, the total absence 
of loss or failure in payment of notes, and the length of unbroken ser- 
vice, it will be difficult to find parallels in the religious or financial insti- 
tutions of the country." 

In connection with this resolution Rev. Dr. William 
Ormiston said that this was a most marvelous record. He 
wished for Mr. Kingsbury many years yet of useful life. 

Rev. William R. Eastman gave some personal reminis- 
cences of the old Tract House that existed in the days of 
his boyhood, when his father (Rev. O. Eastman, for fifty 
years one of the Secretaries of the Society) solicited the 
funds of which Mr. Kingsbury took charge. He said that it 
always seemed to him that the Treasurer was dealing with 
God's silver and gold, and he was glad to have this oppor- 
tunity of paying his personal tribute of respect. 

The resolution was then adopted unanimously by a rising 

Mr. Kingsbury was elected Treasurer emeritus. 

[Not a little of the untarnished reputation of the Tract 
Society is due to the calm judgment, clear view of financial 
questions, and incorruptible integrity of Mr. Kingsbury. 
In view of the varied interests involved, the amount of 
money handled in small sums, the absence of loss or failure 
in payment of notes, and the length of unbroken service, it 
will be difficult to find a parallel to his career in the relig- 
ious or financial institutions of the country. Mr. Kings- 
bury was distinguished by a practical bent of mind. 
He was a man of sound sense, a retiring disposition, a 
man of orderly ways, and quiet tastes. His office was to 
him almost as sacred as his church, and there the responsible 
duties of his earnest life were faithfully performed. Obitu- 
ary Notice in N. y. Times Dec. 12, iSSp.] He died in New 
York, Dec. 11, 1889. His wife died June 17, 1849. 

1508 Oi-ivKR Addison, born in New York August 20, 1839. x.:. > 


1509 Howard, born in New York February 3, 1842. zz - > 

1510 Angelica Patterson, born in New York August 14, 1844; died 

August 30, 1846. 

1511 Helen Louise, born in New York June 25, 1846 ; living unm. at 

239 West 54th street, N. Y., in 1903. 

1512 George Pomeroy, born in New York June 8, 1849 ; he is an insur- 

ance inspector in New York. 

1 108 Diana' Kingsbury {Ward\ /oseph\ Ebenezer\ Jo- 
seph^, Joseph', Ilenry^), married, April 19, 1838, Mathew Allyn 
of Wellington, Ohio. He died April 16, 1851. She died 
August 8, 1859. 


1 DwiGHT, born in Wellington, January 20, 1839 ; died August 30, 1859. 

2 Newton, born in Wellington, November 15, 1841 ; died September 

22, 1861. 

3 Milton, born in Wellington, December 19, 1843; killed September 

19, 1864, at the battle of Cabin Creek, Kansas; shot through 
the head by guerillas. 

4 Alice, born in Wellington, January 29, 1845; married, December 19, 

1865, John Thomas Ogden ; she died July 30, 1872. Ch.: i 
Alice Emma, born September 18, 1866; 2 Ella Ruth, born 
March 22, 1868; 3, Charles Robinson, born July 19, 1870. 

5 Diana, born in Wellington, May 23, 1847; married. May 31, 1869, 

Eugene Smith of Chicago. 

6 Ruth, born in Wellington, July 4, 1849; married, October 23, 1872, 

Hiram O. Tuttle of Topeka, Kansas. 

II09 Ebenezer' Kingsbury {lVard\ Joseph", Ebenezer*, 
Joseph^, Joseph, Henry^), of Pittsfield, Ohio, married, Novem- 
ber 26, 1846, Climena Hitchcock, born September 2, 1826, 
daughter of David and Sarah (Walter) Hitchcock. He was 
a gallant soldier, and fell at the battle of Lookout Moun- 
tain, November 23, 1863. 


1513 Sarah Climena. born December 9, 1847; married, December 10, 

1874, Isaac H. Ball, Kansas. Ch.: i Ada Climena, born 
September 6, 1875 ; 2 a daughter, born January 30, 1880. 

1514 George Gad, born October 24, 1849 ; living in Kansas, unm., 1880. 

1515 Ward Monroe, born January 25, 1852 ; married, July 6, 1874, 

Myra Norton ; resided in Pottersburg, Kansas. Ch.: Floyd 
George, born July 24, 1875. 

1516 Ralph Walter, born February 13, 1854 ; married, October 29, 

1876, Emma Warren ; resided at Yam Hill, Oregon ; removed 
to Dayton, Wash. Ch. : Ida Luenna, born February 10, 187S. 


1517 Lewis Frank, born Januarj' 19, 1856. 
15 iS Clarence Avery, born April 2, 1858. 

15 19 Newton Ebenezer, born July 25, 1S61. 

mo Harlan Page' Kingsbury {Addison\ Joseph\ Ehen- 
ezer\ Josef^Ji', Joseph", He/uy'), of Marietta, Ohio ; married, 
September 11, 1862, Mary Ellen Haver, born October 2, 

1835, daughter of Samuel Colwell and (Munch) 

Haver of Putnam, Ohio; he lived for some years in Cairo, 
but removed from there to Parkersburg, W. Va., in 1868, 
and from Parkersburg to Marietta in 1878 ; occupation, lit- 
erary and clerical. He died May 29, 1899, in Marietta. 


1520 Haver, born April 11, 1S65, in Cairo, 111.; unra., resides in Cincin- 

nati, O., bookkeeper for a large plumbing establishment. 

1521 Addison, born March 13, 1867, in Putnam, O.; grad. Marietta 

College, 1 888 ; is a dentist in Marietta. 

nil Joseph Addison' Kingsbury {Addiso/i\ Josep/i\ 
Ebenezer*, Joseph'', Joseph'', Henry ^), of Pittsburg, Pa.; gradu- 
ate Marietta College, 1861 — A.B. and A.M. in course; he 
was a member of the Ellsworth Zouaves and of Co. B 
Chicago Light Artillery during the Civil War, but saw no 
field service. He married, January r8, 1866, Sarah Eliza- 
beth, daughter of wSamuel and Lticina (Bingham) Shipman 
of Marietta, born September 29, 1839. 

At the time of his marriage he was living in Cairo, Mo.; 
removed from there to Marietta, then to Parkersburg, W. Va., 
thence to Cleveland; from there to Brooklyn, thence to 
Pittsburg, where he now resides ; Superintendent of the 
Keystone Live Stock Express Company. He published the 
" Pendulous Edition of Kingsbury Genealogy," Pittsburg, 
1 90 1 . 


1522 Nellie, born November 22, 1S66, in Marietta, O. "s^r-^*- ' 

1523 Lizzie May, born May 12, 1870, in Marietta, O. 

1524 Samuel Shipman, born September 12, 187 1, in Marietta, O.; grad. 

Marietta College 1896; A.B. 1S96. and A.M. 1898; Ph. D. Johns 
Hojokins, 1898; Profes.sor of Greek and French in Princeton 
Preparatory School, 1S99; in charge of the Department of 
(ireek in Fairmount College, Wichita, Kansas. 

1525 Grace Aduison, born June 15, 1880. 


1113 Henry Augustus' Kingsbury {Ebenezey\ Ebeiiezer\ 
El>eiiezer\ Joseph'', Joseph'', Henry'), of Oxford, N. J., and 
Scranton, Pa. ; married, October 6, 1 85 7, Sarah R., daughter of 
Nathaniel Britton and Rebecca (Kinney) Hutchinson, born 
in Washington, N. J., March 19, 1836. He was a merchant 
in Oxford, N. J., from 1857 to 1875, when he removed to 
vScranton, Pa., and became General vSuperintendent of the 
stores of the Lackawanna Iron and Coal Company. He was 
an Elder in the Presbyterian church in Oxford. He died in 
Scranton, March 18, 1902. 


1526 Ellen Scranton, born February 3, 1859, in Oxford, N. J. e > 

1527 Edward Fuluer, born July 10, 1861, in Oxford, N. J. a: >' 

1528 Frederick Hutchinson, born June 28, 1864, in Oxford, N. J. ::: > 

1529 Jane El^abeth, born November 29, 1866, in Oxford, N. J. :,- > 

1530 Henry WnGHCT^k , born October 19, 1869, in Oxford, N. J. 

1531 Mary, born May i, 1871, in Oxford, N. J. 

1532 Grace, born February 23, 1874, in Oxford, N. J. 

1114 Edward Payson' Kingsbury (-£'/'<f//<?5^r', ^-^^//^.s,?;-', 
Ebeiiezer], Joseph'^, Joseph ^, Henry'), a lawyer in Scranton, Pa.; 
married, February 13, 187 1, Anna L. Kressler. In 1880 he 
was Secretary and Treasurer of the Scranton Steel Company 
in Scranton; in 1889, Treasurer of the Lackawanna Iron and 
Coal Company in Scranton, and he had been Comptroller of 
the City of Scranton. Jj . / ^ I L 


1533 Henry Williston, born December 20, 1861, in Scranton. s^-^ 

1534 Emma, born May 28, 1863, in Scranton; died December 17, 1865. 

1535 Lizzie, born July 18, 1865, in Scranton; died January 21, 1868. 

1536 Charles Edward, born November 3, 1867, in Scranton; unm. 

1537 Anna Kressler, born October 12, 1869, in Scranton. 53-^- 

1538 William Payson, born December 14, 1871, in Scranton; a gradu- 

ate of Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y.; a physi- 
cian in New York City; married, April 30, 1900, Annie, 
daughter of Captain Charles Beardsley, U. S. A., and Eliza- 
beth Watkins, his wife, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., April 19, 1875. 

III8 Caroline Neal' Kingsbury {Ebenezer\ Ebenezer", 
Ebenezer", Joseph"", Joseph'', Henry'), married, January 24, 1865, 
Frederick Lyman Hitchcock, born in Waterbury, Conn., 



April i8, 1837, son of Daniel and Mary (Peck) Hitchcock. 
His mother was a g^randniece of Generial Artemas Ward, 
the predecessor of Washington in command of the American 
Army at Boston. He served in the Civil War, and was en- 
gaged in the battles of South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericks- 
burg, and Chancellorsville, and was in Florida. In 1862 he 
was Adjutant of the i32d Pennsylvania Volunteers; Major, 
May, 1863; twice wounded at Fredericksburg, December 13, 
1862; discharged as Major, June, 1863, at the expiration of 
term of service; commissioned as Lieutenant-Colonel 25th 
U. S. Colored Troops, December, 1863; Colonel, May, 1865; 
mustered out with regiment, December, 1865. Since the 
war, a lawyer in Scranton; Ruling Elder, Second Pres- 
byterian Church, Scranton, 1874; moved, in 1879, ^^ Green 
Ridge, another part of the same city, and elected to 
the same office, which he still holds. Mr. Hitchcock has 
always been active in church work; has been President of 
Missionary Society for more than twenty years, and all his 
life engaged in Sunday-school work. 


1 Edwin Sherman, born November 12, 1865; resides in Pittsburg, Pa. 

2 Frederick Kingsbury, born November 22, 1868; died February 13, 


3 Henry Payson, born January 24, 1871; married, December 7, 1897, 

Leonora Staples; resides in Scranton. 

4 Elizabeth Fuller, born May 19, 1873; resides in Scranton. 

5 John Partridge, born August 12, 1876; resides in Pittsburg. 

6 Mary Peck, born September 27, 1879; resides in Scranton. 

7 Carrie Guilford, born May 2, 1882; resides in Scranton. 

II22 Abigail Harriet' Kingsbury {Sanford\ Eleazer", 
Eleazer\ Joseph\ Joseph'', Heniy'), married, November 27, 
1828, John B. Abbe, of Warehouse Point; removed to Iowa. 
She died June 28, 1844. He died in 1878, in Lowell, Iowa. 


1 Sanford Kingsbury, died about 1875, in Colusa, California, leaving 

a wife and two daughters. 

2 Gilbert, died, unmarried, in California. 

3 Leander, died, leaving wife and four daughters, in Lowell, Iowa. 

4 Harriet, died young. 

5 Ann Eliza, married, and now (1880?) living in Colusa, Cal. 



1123 Henry Heath' Kingsbury {Sa?iford\ Eleazer\Ele- 
azer\ Joseph'', Joseph'^, Henr/), of Warehouse Point, Conn., 
where he was a farmer; married at Simsbury November 28, 
1833, Betsey McKinney, born in Tolland, Conn., February 18, 
1815, daughter of Alexander and Roxy (Talcott) McKinney, 
born in Tolland, Conn., January 22, 1817. He died January 
22, 1846. His widow died October i, 1866, in Jersey City. 


1539 Edward, born September 3, 1834; married, 1868, Linda Shultz; 

living in Montreal, Can., 1890; died in Johnstown, N. Y., 
November 14, 1896; son, Frederick, born September 4, 1875. 

1540 -Harriet E., born March 14, 1836; married, April 3, 1854, Albert 

R. Pease, of Enfield, Conn., born November, 1831; living in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; ch. : Esther H., born July 2, 1864; married, 
April 21, 1886, George F. Glitzier, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1541 William H., born July 22, 1839; married, 1S74, Josephine Keiser; 

lived in South Norwalk; died May 9, 1900; ch. : Bertha, born 
1875. His widow was living in Saugatuck, Conn., 1901. 

1 125 Nancy Jane' Kingsbury (^^/z/tr^', Eleazer^, Elea- 
zef\ Joseph^, Joseph'', Henjy^), married in St. John's Church, 
East Windsor, April 10, 1855, George B. Barnes, of Ware- 
house Point, Conn., son of I^evi and Orpha (Barker) Barnes, 
born in Southampton, Mass., December 16, 1829. They 
lived for many years in Hartford, but had been living in 
Warehouse Point for some time when she died there, April 
20, 1885. 


1 George Kingsbury, born September 15, 1856; died December 9, 1859. 

2 William Henry, born April 18, 1861; m., November 19, 1898, Alice B. 

Newins, b. April 13, 1865; ch.: i, Frances Newins, b. Sep- 
tember 24, 1900; res. Riverhead, L. I.; engaged in the busi- 
ness of cigar manufacturing. 

3 Frederick Joseph, born January 29, 1863; married, November 18, 

1885, Alice Morgan Johnson, born in Detroit, Mich., March 3, 
1863, daughter of Waldo M. and Jane E. (Heath) Johnson; 
resides in Warehouse Point, Conn. ; ch. : i Morgan Kingsbury, 
b. April 4, 1887; 2 Frederick Heath, b. September 4, 1888; 
3 William Bartlett, b. November 11, 1893; 4 George Kings- 
bury, b. September 16, 1895. 

4 Arthur Coggeswell, born September 11, 1868; unm.; res. New 

Brighton, Staten Island. 

5 Mary Kingsbury, born March 28, 1871 ; unm. 

1 127 Russell H.' Kingsbury {Horatio G.\ Eleazer", Elea- 
zer\ Joseph"", Joseph^, Henry'), of Oxford, N. C, where he set- 



tied about 1830 ; married, June 13, 1848, Elizabeth Giniam 
of Oxford, N. C. He moved to Waco, Texas, January, 1873 ; 
died there June 14, 1890. His widow lives in Waco (1902). 


1542 Henry Peeble, born April 25, 1850. :;r: > 

1543 William Gilliam, born January 7, 1852; lives at Waco, Texas; 

married Miss De Cordova. 

1544 Katherine Sophia, born August , 1854 ;^r^->- 

1545 Charles Peeble, born about 1856 ; died young. 

1546 Russell H. A., born January 7, 1859 '. is a lawyer in Waco, unm. 

1547 Frederick Hervey, born about 1S63 ; is a lawyer in Waco, unm. 

1548 Percy, born about 1865 ; died young. 

1549 Elizabeth, born 1871 ; died young, at Waco. 

1550 LiLLiE, born about 1861 ; died at the age of six years, at Oxford. 

1128 Brevet Brigadier-General Charles Peeble' 
Kingsbury {^Horatio Gates', FJcazei', Eleazet\ Joseph'^, 
Joseph"^, Hen/y), was appointed to West Point from North 
Carolina; graduated in 1840, second in a class which num- 
bered among its members the future Generals William 
Tecumseh Sherman and George H. Thomas. He was 
assigned by his own choice to the Ordnance Department. In 
August, 1845, he was directed to report to General Ta3dor, 
then commanding the army of occupation at Corpus Christi, 
Texas. At Buena Vista he rendered valuable service, and 
continued in Mexico during the war as ordnance officer. 
The first account of the battle -of Buena Vista received in 
this country, appeared in the New Orleans Delta, and was 
written by him. It was a remarkably brilliant descrip- 
tion, and was prepared the night after the battle, in his tent, 
with a powder keg for his table. His first promotion was 
for gallant and meritorious conduct at the battle of Buena 
Vista. He was promoted to Captain in 1854 for fourteen 
years' continuous service. The outbreak of the Civil War 
found him on duty at Richmond, Va., and he was soon 
after appointed principal assistant in the Ordnance Office. 
After the news was received that \"irginia had seceded, and 
that Governor Letcher was about to attempt the capture of 
the Harper's Ferry Armory, the Secretary of War, at the 
suggestion of General Scott, immediately ordered Captain 
Kingsbury to the command of the Armory. From the gen- 
eral feeling manifested by the operatives and citizens it soon 


became evident that any attempt to defend the post by the 
few regulars in garrison must necessarily fail, and to baffle 
the object of the enemy the destruction of the 15,000 mus- 
kets and rifles in the armory was the only alternative. This 
contingency was not contemplated at Washington when 
Captain Kingsbury received his instructions from General 
Scott, but there was no time for deliberation, and with a full 
sense of the responsibility he incurred, he determined, if pos- 
sible, to destroy the Armory and its contents. When the 
report came that Letcher's raiders were within three miles 
of the place the order was given to apply the match ; the 
shops and machinery fell into the hands of the enemy, but the 
arms, for which the expedition was principally undertaken, 
were destroyed. Captain Kingsbury, however, caine near 
losing his life at the hands of an infuriated mob, but the 
manly interposition of a prominent citizen saved him from 
becoming the first victim of the Civil War, and enabled him 
to escape from his captors. He was afterwards ordered to 
report to General McClellan, and he served as Chief of Ord- 
nance of the Army of the Potomac through the Peninsular 
Campaign ; in 1863 he was promoted to Major ; in 1865 he 
was made a Brevet Brigadier-General for gallant and meri- 
torious services in the Civil War. After the siege of York- 
town, and the Seven Days' Battles before Richmond, General 
Kingsbury's health broke down, and he was forced to retire 
from active service for a time. Later he was appointed 
to Rock Island Arsenal, and began the buildings there, and 
was transferred from them to the Watertown Arsenal near 
Boston, Here, his health failing, he was retired on his own 
application, and made Brooklyn, N. Y., his home. General 
Kingsbury was always a student and a writer. He was the 
author of an " Elementary Treatise on Artillery* and In- 
fantry," and was at one time a contributor to magazines 
and journals. An interesting incident of General Kings- 
bury's life is that he was the first nian to urge General 
Grant to re-enter the army at the breaking out of the war. 
After this conversation the two men did not meet again 
until General Grant visited the Watertown Arsenal as Presi- 
dent. His first greeting as he shook hands was : " Well, 
Kingsbury, you see I followed your advice." General 



Kingsbury died in Brooklyn, N. Y., December 25, 1878. 
Generals Hancock, Slocum, Casey, Newton, Mitchell, and 
McKeever acted as pall bearers, and the coffin was borne 
by eight private soldiers in uniform from the force stationed 
at Governor's Island. At the funeral services his pastor, 
the Rev. Dr. Cuyler, made the following remarks : 

He spoke of the character of the deceased, and alluded to 
the fact that for eight years he had been a member of that 
church, and had always been one of its most devoted mem- 
bers. The pastor alluded especially to the regularity with 
which General Kingsbury attended upon the services of the 
church. He was always present at the weekly prayer meet- 
ing when he was in the city, and, although his native mod- 
esty and diffidence did not permit him to speak, yet his 
conduct and character was a bright and shining example. 
In speaking of this phase of General Kingsbury's religious 
character, Dr. Cuyler alluded to the incident which occurred 
recently at one of the prayer meetings of the church, when 
in company with (leneral Kingsbury there were Generals 
Casey and Patrick, and all three occupied the same seat — 
three white-haired soldiers — who had been companions in 
arms in Mexico and elsewhere, and were likewise comrades 
in the service of Christ. All were West Point graduates, 
and it was not an uncommon sight to be seen in their prayer 
meetings. Both Generals Casey and Patrick spoke upon 
the occasion with force and power. 

The speaker also alluded to the hearty and aggressive 
loyalty of the deceased, and his firm adherence to the repub- 
lic in her hour of danger. Although his domestic ties were 
on the side of the South, and many of his best and earliest 
friends were in that region, it seemed only to have the effect 
of increasing his love for his country. The deceased was a 
man strong in his convictions upon every point, and this 
trait of his character shows with especial brilliancy in all 
matters connected with his religious life. He was firm and 
well grounded in his faith, and had a reason for it, the same 
as he did in everything else upon which he formed an 

Dr. Cuyler spoke at length upon the connection of the 
deceased with the church which he loved so well and where 
he was so constant an attendant. His life afforded a bright 


example and was worthy of all emulation by those whom 
he left behind. 

He married, June i, 1848, Mary McMillan of Fayette- 
ville, N. C; she died in Brooklyn, N. Y., April 23, 1888. 

1 132 Barton Price' Kingsbury {John Clark", Eleazer\ 
Eleazer*, Joseph\ Joseph''^ Henry^), married at Newark, N. Y., 
September, 1852, Cornelia N. Brown, as his second wife; 
she died in Chillicothe, O., May 3, 1858. He was cashier of 
the Ross County Branch State Bank of Ohio, and after- 
wards cashier in one of the national banks of Chillicothe, O. 
His health failed in 1875, ^^^ ^^ was living at the Good 
Samaritan HospitaJ, Cincinnati, O. (1880). 


1 55 1 Frank, born in Chillicothe, May 2, 1853 ; living in Tombstone, 
Arizona, at one time. 

1136 Theodore Bryant' Kingsbury {jRussell\ Eleazer\ 
Eleazer\Joseph\ Joseph'', Henry'), of Wilmington, N. C. He 
was educated at the Oxford Academy, the Bingham School, 
and was at the Lovejoy Military Academy, Raleigh, for 
two years before entering the University of North Carolina. 
He married, March, 1851, Sallie Jones Atkinson, born May 
5, 1832, daughter of General Roger Pryor Atkinson and 
Margaret M. Littlejohn, his wife, of Haywood county, Vir- 
ginia, a descendant of Richard Bland, and connected with the 
Lees, Randolphs, Pryors, Poytresses, and Mayos, and with 
the Littlejohns, Blounts, Cheshires, and Pettigrews of east- 
ern North Carolina. 

After leaving the University he entered his father's mer- 
cantile establishment and became his partner; but after his 
father's death, in 1856, he retired from business. In 1858 he 
founded and edited the Leisure Hour, a purely literary 
paper, published in Oxford. He has been connected with 
many North Carolina publications, dailies, weeklies, and 
monthlies ; among them the Raleigh Sentinel, the Raleigh 
Advocate, the North Carolina Educational Journal, and the 
Tarboro Southerner. He edited Our Living and Our Dead, a 
historical, literary, and educational magazine, the organ of 
the North Carolina Branch of the Southern Historical 


Society. After the first issue he became the editor and the 
principal contributor to the literary department. In 1876 he 
delivered a historical address at the request of the people 
of Oxford, on the 4th of July, upon Granville County. 
The manuscript, if written out in full, would make a volume 
of some 175 or 200 pages. The same year he was invited 
to the editorial chair of the Mommg Star, published at Wil- 
mington, which position he held until 1889. He then re- 
signed and accepted the same position on the Messenger, 
which he still holds, and as a journalist and literary critic, 
he has wielded much influence in his native state. In 1882 
he delivered the literary address before Wilson Female Col- 
lege in North Carolina. An address which he delivered in 
1883, at the request of the Methodists of North Carolina, on 
the Life and Character of Thomas G. Lowe, was published 
in a large edition, which was entirely exhausted. He 
received the degree of LL.D. from the University of North 
Carolina in 1888. "It is no secret to Dr. Kingsbury's 
friends that he could have long since held conspicuous 
public station if he had so willed. In 1876 he was widely 
besought to allow his name to be used before the Demo- 
cratic convention for the office of Superintendent of Pub- 
lic Instruction. Under Mr. Cleveland's administration, 
such was the potency of his editorials in the preceding- 
campaign, and so distinguished were his merits, that the 
entire North Carolina delegation in Congress proffered 
their cooperation to secure hirn a valuable appointment. 
This he declined. And time and again during the shift- 
ing fortunes of our State University he has been sug- 
gested and urged by the press to prominent professorships, 
and to the presidency of the institution. With all his edito- 
rial and literary labors Dr. Kingsbury also fills the office of 
class leader in the Methodist church. He is a close student 
of theology, and enjoys the keen investigation of theological 
questions. A sketch of Dr. Kingsbury, however short, 
would be incomplete without mention of that unerring criti- 
cal faculty which is his highest intellectual gift. Though 
by the force of circumstances, and not by the bent of his 
own talents as a political writer, his most passionate prefer- 
ence is for the discriminating faculty in reference to men 


and books. He has always been the true friend and ready 
helper of native talent and genuine merit, in whatever field 
of human achievement it reveals itself, and especially in the 
realm of literary pursuits. His work, his example, his words 
of comfort and encouragement have been a blessing and an 
inspiration to many of the younger journalists and literati 
of his beloved Carolina." 


1552 Cora, born January 31, 1852, at " Glenwood ", Warren County, 

N. C.s-^ 

1553 Mary Sumner, born January 9, 1S54, in Oxford, N. C. ; living in 

Wilmington, unm. ; has been Historian of the North Carolina 
Society of Colonial Dames. 

1554 Roger Atkinson, born January 25, 1856, in Oxfoi'd, N. C. s: > 

1555 Margaret Littlejohn, born June 24, 1858, in Oxford, N. C. ; 

living unm. in Wilmington. 

1556 Edward Thorne, born April 3/30, i860, in Halifax, N. C; died 

in Halifax, N. C, November 16, 1864. 

1557 Walter Russell, born June 15, 1862, in Leesburg, N. C.^j^f-^ 

1558 Theodore Bryant, born August 19, 1864, in Halifax, N. C; died 

in Halifax, N. C, November 4, 1864. 

1559 Alice Thorne, born August 5, 1S66, in Warrenton, N. C.^.s~^ 

1560 Maude Madeline, born September 24, 1S70, in Oxford, N. C. 

1 139 Delia' Kingsbury {Russell", Eleazer^, Eleazer^, Joseph'\ 
Joseph'', Henry'), married, January 12, 1854, Major Thomas 
Brown Venable, son of Hon. Abram Woodson and Isabella 
(Brown) Venable, of North Carolina, born December 9, 
1826, a lineal descendant of the Huguenots on his father's 
side and Scotch-Irish on his mother's; graduated at Hamp- 
den-Sidney College, Va., about 1843; studied law and settled 
in Oxford, N. C, to practice his profession. In 1867 he was 
made an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. He died June 
23, 1894, in Oxford. 


I Abram Watkins, born January 13, 1855, in Oxford; educated at the 
Horner School in Oxford, and at the Military Institute it 
Lexington, Va. At one time he edited the " Torchlight and 
News," at Oxford. In 1875 he was Professor in Horner and 
Graves' School, Hillsboro', N. C. For several years before 
his death he resided at South Boston, Iowa, where he was 
engaged in the insurance business. He died at his father's 
home in Oxford, May 5, 1890. 


2 Thomas Russell, born August 19, 1856. 

3 Mary Grace, born July 4, 1858; died February 25, 1S81. 

4 Martha, born August 5, i860; died April 22, 1866. 

5 Bessie Belle, born December 9, 1866; married, August, 1890, 

Thomas R. Southerland; 2 oh. ; i Grace Venable, 2 Thomas. 

1 140 Charles Frederick ' Kingsbury {Russell", Eleazer\ 
Eleazer ^ , Joseph^ , Joseph"^, Henry'), served in the Confederate 
army in the 12th North Carolina Regiment; wounded at 
Gaines' Mill in the Seven Days' Battle around Richmond. 
He married, February 14, 1884, Lelia Landon, daughter of 
Dr. William B. Pleasants, of Richmond, Va. She died May 
25, 1884, at Westwood, in Henrico County, Va., only three 
months after her marriage in St. James' Church, Richmond. 
He was living in Oxford in 1886; now (1903) residing in 
Baltimore, Md., with his sister, Mrs. Pugh. 

1 141 Florence' Kingsbury {Russeir, Eleazer\ Eleazer\ 
Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry"), married Dr. Thomas C. Pugh of 
Baltimore, Md., February 12, 1879. 


1 Lucy Pickett, born August 5, 1880, in Oxford, N. C. 

2 Thomas E., born September 5, 1882, in Oxford, N. C. 

3 Nettie, born 1885. 

1 143 Aaron Field' Kingsbury {Perez\ Samuel Rust\ 
Eleazer*, Joseph', Joseph^, Henry"), married, about 1831, Eliza 
Christiancy of Schenectady, N. Y. He died September 15, 
187 1, in Staten Island, N. Y. He had four children. 


1 561 Isaac, living on Staten Island when last heard from. 

1 144 Elisha Grover' Kingsbury {Perez'', Samuel Rusr, 
Eleazer^, Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry"), married (i), 1838, Elvira, 
Pfeiffer or Puffer of Brimfield, Mass.; (2), September 21, 
1864, Charlotte F. Kellam of New Haven, born in Bellows 
Falls, Vt., February 6, 1832 daughter of Benjamin S. and 
Charlotte (Bailey) Kellam. He died in Springfield, Mass., 
January 6, 1888. His widow now resides there (1903). 


1562 Edward Albert, born March 9, 1867; m. June ly, 1887, Mary 

Eliza Jones; res. Springfield; ch. Elliott Grover, b. Jan. 11, 


1563 Charles B., born April 4, 1869; m. (i) Aug. i, 1889, Jennie Mont- 

gomery ; she d. Nov. 2, 1896; (2) Dec. 7, 1898, Lizzie Lock- 
wood ; res. Springfield ; ch. Florence Charlotte, b. Dec. 15, 

1 146 Sophia Field" Kingsbury {Ferez\ Samuel Rust", 
Eleazer*, Joseph^, Joseph"^, Henry^), married in Sturbridge, 
Mass., September 11, 1844, Horace Hurlburt, of Somers, 
Conn. He died September 8, 185 1. She was living- in 
Amherst, Mass., in 1880. 


I DwiGHT K., born May 25, 1848. 

1 147 Samuel Rust' Kingsbury {Perez\ Samuel Rust\ 
Eleazar*, Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry^), married in Stockton, Cal., 
Mary Root. He died about 1866. Had one daughter. 

1 148 Daniel Steele' Kingsbury {Ferez\ Samuel Rust\ 
Eleazer'^, Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry^), of Providence, R. I., mar- 
ried (i), 1847, in Thompson, Conn., Elizabeth Bartholomew 
of Providence, R. I.; (2), i860, in Worcester, Mass., Caroline 
H. Orwell of Sutton, Mass. He died in Providence, Janu- 
ary 22, 1900. 


1564 Frank D., born November 28, 1863 ; a bookkeeper in Providence, 

R. I. 

1 149 George Oliver' Kingsbury {Ferez\ Samuel Rust\ 
Eleazer\ Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry'), of Springfield, Mass., mar- 
ried, (i) March 22, 1846, Catharine A. Ross; (2) August 12, 
185 1, Louisa G. Staples; (3) January 23, 1873, Emma Baker 
Davis, born February 26, 1846, in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, 
daughter of Isaac and Tryphena Searls (Chapman) Davis. 
Mr. Kingsbury was engaged in the real estate business in 
Springfield, an honest and honored business man, and very 
charitable. He died in Springfield, November 29, 1895. 
His widow now resides in Amherst, Mass. 


1565 Arthur N., born February 26, 1847 ; died 1861. 

1566 Norman, born August 28, 1848; lived only a few months. 


1567 George E., born July 3, 1853 ; A\e6. March 14, 1854. 



156S Harry Davis, horn April 20, 1S74; Yale, 1899; engaged on the 
Eve fling Sun, N. Y. City; a student of law; now manager of 
the Prudential Insurance Company of America, in Springfield. 

1569 George Oliver, born May 10, 1875; in business in Springfield; 

now carries on a music store in Pittsfield, Mass. 

1 150 Phalla Hiir Kingsbury {Ferez\ Samuel Rust\ Elea- 
zer\ Joseph^, Josep/r, Henry''), married in Sturbridge, Mass., 
in 1849, Olney O. Brown of Holland, Mass. Now living in 
Springfield, Mass. (1903). 

I Edward H., born November 28, 1850; living in New York City. 

1151 Jasper Bidweir Kingsbury {Perez"", Samuel Rust'', 
Eleazer*, Joseph"^, Joseph', Henry^), married, August 19, 1851, 
Helen Belden of East Douglas, Mass. He died November 
II, 187 1. His widow married again, and was living in 
Boston (1880). 


1570 Clarence. 

1571 Ida. 

II53 Margaret Howard' Kingsbury {Dr. Samuel\ Sam- 
uel Rust'% Eleazer\ /osep/i\ Josep/i'\ //<';/;;r'), married, May 11, 
1837, William Barron Calhoun, born in Boston, December 
29, 1795; Yale College, 1814 ; he studied law with Hon. 
George Bliss of Springfield, and for forty years was a prom- 
inent man there ; member of the Massachusetts Legislature, 
1825-35 ; Speaker, 1834-35 ; Member of Congress, 1835-43 ; 
President of the State Senate, 1846-47 ; Secretary of State 
of Massachusetts, 1848-51 ; Mayor of Springfield, 1859 '■> 
again member of the Massachusetts Legislature, 1861 ; died 
in Springfield, November 8, 1865. She died April 7, 1877. 


1 Martha Cha.mkerlai.n, born February 27, 183S : died January 16, 


2 William Andrew, born May 5, 1841. 

3 Charles Kingshury, born March 30, 1844. 


1 154 Elizabeth' Kingsbury {Dr. Samuel\ Samuel Rust% 
Eleazar\ J osep/t^, Joseph"^, Heiify), married, August 30, 1837, 
William Whitney Lee of Springfield, Mass.; living there in 


1 RoswELL, born in Springfield, June 16, 1840. 

2 Samuel Kingsbury, born in Springfield, July 2, 1842. 

1 155 Hannah Worthington' Kingsbury {Dr. Samuel", 
Samuel Rust^, Eleazar"^, Joseph^, Joseph"^, Henry^), married, Octo- 
ber 3, 1843, Charles Paine, born August 12, 1804, son of Hon. 
Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Chandler) Paine, of Worcester, 
Mass. She died leaving one child, March 27, 1847. Charles 
Paine died December 8, 1866. 

I Alice Peakody, born January 20, 1847. 

1158 George S.' Kingsbury {Dr. Sauiuel\ Samuel Rusf, 
Eleazar\ Josep/r, Josepli^, Henry''), of Arkadelphia and Little 
Rock, Arkansas; married (i) February 10, 1846, Harriet 
Rodgers Cabot, born September 14, 1826, daughter of Capt. 
Marston and Mary (Rodgers) Cabot, of Hartland, Vermont ; 
she died in Arkadelphia, August 24, 1858; (2) September 30, 
1859, Amelia Sophia Denison, of Sackett's Harbor, N. Y., 
born Jan. 25, 1828, daughter of Leonard and Phebe Augusta 
(Ely) Denison. He was a merchant in Arkadelphia, and a 
clerk in Little Rock. He died October 28, 1879, in Little 
Rock. His widow lived in Sackett's Harbor, N. Y. 


1572 Marston Cabot, born March 19, 1847, in Prophetstown, 111. ; 

living in Little Rock, Ark., 1880. 

1573 Mary Elizabeth, born August i, 1852, Arkadelphia. 

1574 Ellen Snell, born 1858, Arkadelphia. 


1575 Henry Lay, born Nov. 28, i860 ; died December 10, 1865. 

1 159 Martha Adams' Kingsbury {Thomas\ Dauiel\ Dan- 
iel\ Joseph^, Joseph'', Henry'), married William Kent, who was 
born in Warren, Vt., April 7, 1807. She died March 27, 1872. 





1 Carolink Eliza, born April g, 1835 : married Charles Hastings of 

Montpelier, Vt. 

2 Sanford Harrison, born November 11, 1S37 ; married Violetta 

Thayer ; resides in Northfield, Vt. 

3 Georce Henry, born June 8, 1839 ; tnarried Hannah Davenport. 

4 Mary Bigelow, born June 14, 1842 ; married, September 11, 1865, 

Dayton Perry Clarke ; res. Montpelier, Vt. 

1 173 George Washington' Kingsbury {Dafiier, Daniel^, 
Daniel*, JosepJi^, JosepJi^, Henry'), of Northfield and Mont- 
pelier, Vermont ; married, June 2, 1859, Emeline, daughter 
of Joseph J. and Adeline (Adams) Dennison, born in Hart- 
ford, Conn., December 17, 1840. He carries on a saw and 
grist mill in Montpelier. 


1576 Daniel, born in Brookfield, August 7, i860. 

1 175 Adele Louise' Kingsbury (James Wilkinson'', Ja- 
cob^, Nathaniel", Joseph^, Joseph", Heniy), married, May 24, 
1855, Alfred Morgan Waterman, born in Hartford, Conn., 
December 26, 1826, son of Henry and Lydia (Morgan) Wa- 
terman. He died in St. Louis, Mo., December 10, 1885. 
wShe died May 6, 1898. 


1 Julia Kingsbury, born April 15, 1856; living in St. Louis, unm. 

2 A daughter born August 20, 1857 ; died the same day. 

3 Alfred Morgan, born August i, 1858 ; died September 24, 1872. 

4 James Kingsbury, born May 12, i860 ; married, April 4, 1888, Julia 

Maffitt, dau. of Capt. Thomas Theodore Turner of the Con- 
federate Army, Aide-de-Camp to General F. S. Ewell. He 
was connected with one of the St. Louis street railroads ; after- 
wards went to South Africa, and became interested in trolley 
lines with Cecil Rhodes ; he died in South Africa, February 
I; 1S98 ; ch.: I Adele Kingsbury, born in St. Louis, January 
13, 1889 ; 2 Thomas Turner, born in St. Louis, May 4, 1891; 
died July, 1891 ; 3 Winifred, born in Denver, October 23, 
1892. Mrs. Waterman is living abroad. 

5 Eli/.a Caroline, born December 21, 1861 ; died February 4, 1863. 

6 Adele Louise, born March 28, 1863 ; died January 3. 1881. 

7 Grace Jocelyn, born December 29, 1864 ; entered a convent in 

Newark, N. J. 


8 Marie Amande, born May 14, 1866 ; died September 29, 1866. 

9 Clarence, born August 20, 1867; living in New York City. 

10 Mary Virginia, born January 25, 1870; m. Tompkins; res. St. 


1 178 Sarah Hill' Kingsbury {TJiomas H. C.\ Jacob\ Na- 
thaniel, Joseph^, Joseph", Henry"), married, in Franklin, No- 
vember 4, 1858, Charles A. Kingsley, born in Franklin, May 
6, 1828, son of Jason W. Kingsley. They resided in Yantic 
Village, Franklin. He died there, April 26, 1885. She died 
in Franklin, December 17, 189S. [Mrs. Kingsley was an 
invalid for eighteen years before her death. She was a 
member of the Franklin Congregational Church, and a 
woman of strong Christian character, who bore her long ill- 
ness with unflinching fortitude and patience, while she pos- 
sessed a singularly sweet disposition that greatly endeared 
her to many friends. Norwich Bulletin^\ 


1 Jason W. , born August 22, 1859 ; died May 9, i860. 

2 Katharine Ray, born March 16, 1861 ; died December 18,* 1862. 

3 Albert Edward, born October 31, 1863; married February 19, 1883, in 

Webster, Mass., Elizabeth Allen ; ch. : i Florence Belle, born 
June II, 1885; 2 Grace May, born March 5, 1887; res. in 
Yantic, Conn. 

4 Frederick Kingsbury, born July 26, 1865 ; married in Franklin, 

April 24, 1890, Julia M. Mullen ; ch. ; i May, born May i, 
1894; 2 Jason Henry, born May 27, 1896; 3 Frederick Wil- 
liam, born June 25, 1897 ; 4 Marjorie, born July 8, 1900 ; 
res. in Norwich Town, Conn. 

5 Mary Adele, born August 18, 1S68 ; now living in Norwich ; unm. 

6 Jules Cabanne, born October 26, 1871 ; died November 8, 1889, in 


1 180 Julia Ann Ellis' Kingsbury {Thomas H. C.\ Ja- 
cob", Nathaniel'', Joseph^, Joseplr, Henry'), married in Franklin, 
May 10, 1865, John G. Cooley, Jun''., son of John G. Cooley, 
of New York, born March 4, 1843. They lived for many 
years in the old Kingsbury place in Franklin. She died 
in Norwich October 1,, 1901. 


1 John Kingsbury, born May 4, 1866; died September 22, 1S66, in 


2 Son, born and died September 18, 1875. 

* 16, another account. 



I184 Frederick John' Kingsbury {Charles Venison^, 
Jo/i/i^, Nai/ia/nel\ Joseph'', Joseph", //(T///^' '), born at Water- 
bury, January I, 1823; married, April 29, 185 1, Alathea Ruth, 
daughter of William Henry and Eunice Ruth (Davies) 

Frederick John Kingsbury is the only son of Charles Deni- 
son and Eliza (Leavenworth) Kingsbury, and was born in 
Waterbury, January i, 1823. He was educated in the 
schools of the town, and also spent a year and a half, partly 
in study, with his maternal uncle, the Rev. Abner J. Leaven- 
worth, in Virginia. He completed his preparation for col- 
lege with the Rev. Seth Fuller, at that time Principal of the 
Waterbury Academy, and graduated at Yale College in the 
class of 1846. He studied law in the Yale Law School under 
Judge W. L. Storrs and Isaac H. Townsend, and with Hon. 
Charles G. Loring of Boston and the Hon. Thomas C. Per- 
kins of Hartford. He was admitted to the Bo^on bar in 

Mr. Kingsbury opened an office in Waterbury in 1849, but 
in 1853 he abandoned the law for the banking business, in 
which and in manufactures and other business enterprises 
he has been since engaged. 

In 1850 he represented the town in the Legislature. 
Having his attention directed to savings banks, and believ- 
ing that a savings bank would be a benefit to the people of 
Waterbury, he obtained a charter for one. He was appointed 
its treasurer, and has successfully administered its affairs 
since that time. In 1853, in connection with Abram Ives, 
he established the Citizens' Bank, of which he has been presi- 
dent for many years. He was a member, also, of the Legis- 
latures of 1858 and 1865, and was chairman of the Committee 
on Banks. In 1865 he was a member of the committee 
on a revision of the statutes of Connecticut. 

In January, 1858, he was made a director of the Scovill 
Manufacturing Company. He was secretary of that com- 
pany from March, 1862, to January, 1864, and treasurer from 
March, 1862, to January, 1866. In 1868 he succeeded S. W. 
Hall as president, and has held that office ever since. He is 
secretary of the Detroit and Lake Superior Copper Company, 
organized in 1867. He was for a number of years a director 


of the New York & New England Railroad, and is a director 
of the Naugatuck Railroad. 

Mr. Kingsbury has been treasurer of the Bronson Library 
fund since its reception by the city in 1868. He is a member 
of the Board of Agents of the library, and chairman of the 
Book Committee. He has been treasurer of the Protestant 
Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut since 1879. I^ ^^^^ ^^ 
was elected a member of theX^orporation of Yale College, 
and was reelected in 1887, and again in 1893. 

At the centennial celebration of Williams College, Octo- 
ber 10, 1893, he received the degree of LL.D., and the same 
degree from Yale in 1899. He was elected President of the 
American Social Science Association in 1893, 1894, and 1895. 
He is a member of the American Antiquarian Society, the 
American Historical Association, the Connecticut Academy 
of Arts and Sciences, the New Haven County Historical 
Society, the Society of Colonial Wars, and the University 
and Century Clubs. As all this would indicate, he is fond 
of historical and literary pursuits, and of late years he has 
given much attention to sociological questions. He has a 
strong taste for genealogical inquiries, and a remarkable 
memory for minute events and family relationships; so that 
he is a recognized authority in matters of local history. 
[Condensed from History of Waterbury^ 


1575 William Charles, born July, 1853; died March 2, 1864. 

1576 Mary Eunice, born June 9, 1856. = > 

1577 Alice Eliza, born May 4, 1858; living in Waterbury, unmarried. 

1578 Edith Davies, born February 6, i860; living in Waterbury,, un- 


1579 Frederick John, Jr., born July 7, 1863. :;.,: > 

1185 Sarah Leavenworth' Kingsbury {Charles Deni- 
son\ John\ Nathaniel', Joseph', Joseph'', Henry'), married 
February 24, 1863, Franklin Carter, the third son of Dea- 
con Preserve Wood and Ruth (Holmes) Carter, born in 
Waterbury September 30, 1837. In December, 1853, he 
entered Phillips Academy, Andover, and graduated from 
that school with the valedictory address in July, 1855. He 
entered Yale College in September of the same year, and 


in June, 1856, was the successful competitor for the Wool- 
sey scholarship. In April, 1857, his studies were interrupted 
by ill health, and he spent three years in travel in the 
Southern and Western States. When his strength was 
sufficiently reestablished he made the journey on horse- 
back to Williamstown, Mass., entered the Junior class at 
Williams College, and graduated there in 1862. 

On February 24, 1863, he married Sarah L., daughter of 
Charles D. Kingsbury. The same month he was elected to 
the professorship of Latin and French in his alma tnater, 
and immediately went abroad for travel and study. In 
January, 1865, he began his new work. In 1868 he was 
relieved of the task of instruction in French, but remained 
Professor of Latin until July, 1872, when he was elected to 
the professorship of German in Yale College. After an- 
other year spent in Europe he entered upon his duties in 
Yale, September, 1873. While there he wrote and published 
various articles on subjects connected with the German lan- 
guage and literature, and in 1879 published an edition of 
Goethe's " Iphigenie auf Tauris." He received the degree 
of Ph.D. from his al/na mater in 1877, and that of LL.D. 
from Union College, 1881. 

In February, 1881, Professor Carter was elected President 
of Williams College, and was inaugurated in July of the 
same year. His inaugural address excited general interest 
because of the emphasis it placed upon the study of Hebrew 
history and Jewish ideas of our colleges, and his suggestions 
on that subject have been widely adopted. Under his 
administration Williams College has gained in every direc- 
tion. Her teaching force has been greatly enlarged, and 
may be favorably compared with that of any of our colleges. 
Her friends have been multiplied, and her equipment in 
buildings and apparatus much improved. It has been the 
aim of President Carter to hold the institution faithful to 
the best traditions of the New England college; to keep 
prominent the element of personal guidance by the profes- 
sors, and at the same time to multiply and enrich the advan- 
tages offered to each student. He has been to a marked 
degree successful in realizing this ideal. 

President Carter is the author of the Life of Mark Hop- 


kins in the " American Religious Leaders " series : Boston, 
1892. [History of JVaterbiiry.^ 

He resigned the Presidency of Williams College in 1901, 
but continued acting-President in 1902. 


1 CiiARLKS Fredkrick, bom in Paris, August 10, 1864. 

2 Alice Ruth, born in Williamstown, September 17, 1S65; m. July 25, 

1903, Paul F. Ransom of Buffalo, N. Y. 

3 Edward Perkins, born in Williamstown, April 13, 1S70, fitted at 

Groton School and took a partial college course ; is a physi- 
cian in Cleveland, Ohio ; m. there, April 18, 1900, Sarah Rath- 
bone Sherman, i ch : Ruth Sherman, b. May, 1902. 

4 FkANKLiN, born in New Haven, September 20, 1878; Yale, igoo; 

admitted to the bar in Connecticut in 1903. 

1 188 Mary Jane' Kingsbury {Julius J. B.\ John\ Na- 
tJianiel\ Josep/i\ Joseph^, He/ny^), married, May 2, 1850, in 
Lyme, Conn.,* Captain vSimon Bolivar Buckner, U. vS. A., a 
classmate of her brother at West Point. He was born in 
Kentucky, in 1823, graduated U. S. Military Academy, 1844 ; 
Second Lieutenant, Second Infantry; Assistant Professor of 
Ethics at West Point from August, 1845, to May, 1846; served 
in the war with Mexico, and brevetted First Lieutenant for 
gallantry at Contreras and Cherubusco, and Captain for 
gallantry at Molino del Rey ; he was appointed assistant 
instructor of infantry tactics at West Point, August, 1848; 
resigned March 25, 1855. He was superintendent of con- 
struction of the Chicago Custom House in 1855, and Colonel 
of the volunteers raised in Illinois in that year for the Utah 
expedition, but not mustered into service. He then prac- 
ticed law in Kentucky, and after the civil war began he was 
made commander of the vState Guard of Kentucky, and Ad- 
jutant-General of the State. On vSeptember 12, 186 r, he issued 
from Russellville an address to the people of Kentucky, 

• Old residents who attended the ceremony say Lieutenant Buckner was a 
dashing-looking young fellow, and in his new uniform looked every inch a soldier. 
Just as the officiating clergyman pronounced the final words of the service there 
was an alarm of fire ; a neighbor's house was burning. The bridegroom threw off 
his coat, and with the minister and guests ran to extinguish the flames. Lieutenant 
Buckner rendered efficient aid, and bravely rescued an aged colored servant from 
the burning house. Then he returned, resumed his coat, kissed his bride, and 
received the congratulations of his friends. 


calling on them to take up arms against the usurpation of 
Abraham Lincoln, after which he occupied Bowling Green. 
He served as Brigadier-General at Forts Henry and Donel- 
son, and after the escape of General Pillow he surrendered 
to General Grant, with 16,000 prisoners and vast stores. He 
subsequently commanded the First Division of General 
Hardee's Corps in Bragg's army in Tennessee. Later he 
was made a Major-General, was in the battles of Murfrees- 
boro and Chickamauga, and surrendered with Kirby Smith's 
army at Baton Rouge, May 26, 1865. He was one of the 
pall-bearers at General Grant's funeral. He was Governor 
of Kentucky, 1887-1891. He was the candidate for Vice- 
President of the National (Gold) Democrats in 1896. He 
now lives in Rio, Ky. 

Mrs. Buckner died January 5, 1874, and he married (2) Vir- 
ginia Claiborne of Richmond, Va. 


1 Lily, born March 7, 1858; married June 14, 1883, Col. Morris Burke 

Belknap, born near Louisville, Ky. , June 7, 1856, son of 
William B. and Mary (Richardson) Belknap ; Republican 
candidate for Governor of Kentucky in 1903; she died Dec. 
29, 1893, in Louisville, Ky. , leaving 4 ch. : (i) Gertrude, b. 
June II, 1884; (2) Walter Kingsbury, b. Feb. 23, 1886; (3) 
Lily, b. July 3, 18S9 ; (4) Morris Burke, b. Jan. 30, 1893. 

2 Henry, born ; died, aged 11 months, during the Civil 


1 190 Colonel Henry Walter' Kingsbury {Julius J. B.\ 
John^, Nathaniel\ Joseph^, fosep/r, Henry'), lived at various 
stations with his parents until old enough to be sent to 
school. After which time he spent most of his vacations 
with his cousin, Frederick J. Kingsbury, in Waterbury, 
Conn. He was at Mr. Churchill's school at vSing Sing, and 
under the kindly care of Mr. and Mrs. Churchill he devel- 
oped most favorably from a boy into a man. He was a 
good scholar, and he formed a steadfast character with the 
highest principles, and the most exacting sense of duty. 
He had been fitted with special reference to West Point, 
and received his cadet appointment through the kindness of 
Hon. S. J. T. Stranahan of Brooklyn. At West Point he at 
once took a high position in his class, and in his last year 
was Adjutant of the Corps. He was much indebted for his 



ideals to the influence of his brother-in-law, General vSimon 
B. Biickner, with whom he spent a portion of the last year 
before going to West Point His class was graduated pre- 
maturely on account of the breaking out of the war, and he 
immediately reported fo^ duty, and fought with a battery 
of artillery in the first battle of Bull Run. He was trans- 
ferred to the staff of Major-General McDowell, and acted as 
his Chief aide de camp for some months. During the siege 
of Yorktown and the battles around Richmond he had a com- 
mand in Griffin's battery, and immediately after he took 
command as Colonel of the Eleventh Connecticut Infantry, 
then with Burnside in North Carolina. His predecessor in 
command of the Regiment was his father's cousin, Colonel 
Thomas H. C. Kingsbury, an elderly man. who was soon 
retired from physical disability. The similarity of names 
has led to some confusion in biographical sketches. He 
led his regiment with great bravery at Antietam in the 
famous attack on the stone bridge, was severely wounded, 
and again struck by a ball, while being carried to the rear. 
He died September 18, 1862. 

" He had hardly been with his regiment two months at 
the time of his death, but during that short period he had 
given them great efficiency, and had inspired them with a 
confidence in their youthful leader little short of devotion. 
Before he had been in camp two weeks it was filled with 
little characteristic anecdotes of him, which formed the 
staple, of conversation of the men during their leisure 
hours. Such as, — how he visited the tents in the night to 
see that the men were properly cared for. How he super- 
intended the cook, and gave instruction for the preparation 
of the food. How he ordered solid breadfasts and light 
suppers, and instructed the cook in the use of rice. How 
he ordered the tenderloin steaks which were reserved for 
the officers to be given to the men, saying that his men 
must be fed as well as any of his officers. How he in- 
spected very minutely a sergeant who had accoutred him- 
self with much care, and finally detected one tarnished 
button on his cap, and so, under the guise of a reprimand, 
paid a compliment which went straight to the sergeant's 
heart. In short he had made himself the hero and the idol 



of his men — where he would lead they were ready to 
follow. Brave, generous, and affectionate, yet calm, cau- 
tious, and self-contained, enjoying the fullest confidence of 
his superiors as well as the devotion of his men, he com- 
bined talents which seemed peculiarly to fit him for high 
military command." [F. /. A'.] 

He married, December 4, 1861, Eva, daughter of General 
Joseph P. Taylor, and niece of President Zachary Tay- 
lor. She is now living in Belgium, having been married 
four times ; her second husband was Colonel Albert Gallatin 
Lawrence, of Newport ; the third, Amadee van den Nest, 
attache of the Belgian Legation in Washington, and after- 
wards of the Belgian Legation in Egypt ; the fourth, • 



1580 Hknky Walter, born December 16, 1862; partially educated at 
Oxford; married at the Am.erican Church in Paris, June 26, 
1884, Euterpe, daughter of Jean Antoniades, a Greek mer- 
chant and banker of Alexandria, Egj-pt. They lived for 
some time in England. He died in Baltimore, Md., July 6, 
1900. His widow is living in Alexandria, Egypt; one ch.: 
John McLean, born in 18S5, 

General Burnside's General Order announcing Colonel 
Kingsbury's death: 

Special Order No. 47 — 

Headquarters 9th Army Corps. 
Mouth of Antietam, Md., September 28, 1862. 
The Commanding General announces to the nth Regiment Conn. 
Volunteers the death of their late commander, Col. H. W. Kingsbury. 
By this sad calamity the army mourns one of the most accomplished of 
those young officers who in a few months have become veterans in their 
country's service. After serving with distinction through the cam- 
paign in the Peninsula, Col. Kingsbury was promoted to his late com- 
mand, and in that office, occupying positions of great responsibility, he 
invariably proved himself equal to the occasion, displaying always a 
gallantry and skill that gave high promise for his future. He received 
his death-wound while bravely leading his men at the battle of Antie- 
tam. As a near friend of Col. Kingsbury, the Commanding General 
wishes to add his testimony to his private worth, to the purity of his 
character, and to the possession of those high qualities of mind and 
heart that form the sterling man as well as the finished soldier. 
By command of 

Majok-Genekal Burnside. 


1194 George Bronson' Kingsbury ( /<?//« S.\John\ Na- 
thaniel, Joseph\ Joseph\ Henrf), of East Bloomfield, N. Y., 
married, October 9, 1870, Minnie, daughter of Chauncey and 
Jane (Davis) Parmalee ; she died February 5, 1872. He 
died in East Bloomfield, N. Y., March 12, 1898. 


1584 Minnie Parmalee, born January 27, 1872 ; living in East Bloom- 
field, N. Y., unm. 

1195 Marcia , Abigail' Kingsbury {John S.% John", 
Nathaniel^, Joseph'^, Joseph^, Henry'^), married. May i, 1856, at 
Waterbury, Reuben Newell Ware, of Needham, Mass., born 
in Needham, December 3, 1830, son of Reuben and Lydia 
(Pratt) Ware. He died vSeptember 22, 186 r. 

She married (2), Benjamin Drake Le Fevre, at New Ro- 
chelle, N. Y., April 21, 1874. He died Januarys, i879- Mrs. 
Le Fevre resides at New Rochelle, N. Y. 


1 Howard Reuben Ware, born December 25, 1856, in Needham; mar- 

ried at New Rochelle, January 24, 18S3, Ella Penina Disbrow, 
born in New Rochelle, June 2, 1859. 

2 Harry Newell Ware, born September i, i860 ; died June 3, 1861. 

3 Edith Le Fevre, born January i, 1875 ; married October 29, 1896, 

Hudson Banks Bouton, at New Rochelle, N. Y. 

1 196 Sylvia E/ Kingsbury {John S.\ John", Nathaniel', 
Joseph^, Joseph', Henry'), married Elizur D. Griggs, at Water- 
bury, May I, 1854. Elizur Drake Griggs was son of Charles 
and Frances Catherine (Drake) Griggs, and was. born in 
Tolland, but removed with his family to Waterbury when 
quite young. He lived in Waterbury for some years and 
afterwards had business in New York City, residing at New 
Rochelle. A merchant and manufacturer, and was a suc- 
cessful business man, and was connected at various times 
with a number of different corporations. He died Septem- 
ber 24, 1900, at New Rochelle, N. Y. 


I Sylvia Elizabeth, born May i, 1855 ; married, March i, 1892, A. 
Hamilton Pride ; died at New Rochelle, N. Y., September 24, 
1896 ; no eh. 


2 Jane Kingsbury, born December 5, 1865 ; married Arthur E. CoUey, 
September 25, 1890. 

1203 Rufus' Kingsbury {Uria/i\ /ohn\ John\ Nathan- 
iel', Joseph''^ He)i>y), of South Hadley Falls; married, May 
30, 1836, Celia, daughter of Leonard Smith, of West Spring-- 
field, Mass. He died March 14, 1881. 


1581 Melissa Ann, born June 15, 1837, in South Hadley Falls ; mar- 

ried, March 18, 1857, J. R. Buck, of Stafford, Conn.; ch.: i 
Clarence Everett, born April 30, 1865; died December 16, 1865; 
2 Mabel Celia, born December 20, 1872. 

1582 George Rufus, born May 9, 1839, in South Hadley Falls; res., 

Stafford, Conn. 

121 1 Lucas' Kingsbury {Joseph'', John", John'', Nathan- 
ieP, Joseph'^, JPenry'), of Fairfax, Vermont; married Lola, 
daughter of Elijah and Lola (Cook) Root, born June 25, 1804, 
in Georgia, Vermont ; he was a farmer and mechanic, and 
a Deacon in the Baptist Church, and a Representative in the 
Vermont Legislature, 1858 and 1859. 


1583 A.MOS Root; married Millie Buck ; removed to Illinois ; had a 

daughter, Mrs. Thomas Biggar, living in Xenia, Ohio. 

1584 Mary, ; married Isaac Story, of St. Albans, Vt. 

1585 Eveline, ; married Hiram Safford, of Fairfa.x, Vt. 

1586 Almaretta, ; married Webster. 

1587 Mohilva, ; married ; lived in Fairfax. 

1588 Elijah Root, ; unmarried; lived in Fairfax. 

1216 Paulina' Kingsbury {Joseph\ John\ John\ Nathan- 
ieP, Joseph"^, Henry^), married, January 13, 1830, E. Porter 
Danforth, of Fairfax, Vermont, born November 24, 1801, 
son of Colonel Jonathan and Abigail (Johnson) Danforth. 

She died, and he married (2), June 11, 1854, Frances L. 
Storey, of Fairfield, Vermont. He died September 9, 1881. 


1 Cornelia, born December 6, 1830; married, December 13, i860, Julius 

W. Dee, of St. Lawrence Co. , N. Y. 

2 Lucia, born August 13, 1833 ; died June 4, 1835. 

3 Lucia H., born December 2, 1835 ; died August 11, 1857. 


4 Adaline H.,born February 2, 1S38 ; married, in 1857, Solomon C. 

Bixby, of Fairfax, Vt. 

5 Sarah M., born May 29, 1840; married, May 12, 1S61, Benjamin S. 

Ballard, of Georgia, Vt. 

6 Laura C, born June 14, 1842; married, March 31, 1864, Ransom 

Merrill, of Fairfax. 

7 Mary S., born August 2, 1845 ; married, October 15, 186S, Henry S. 

Holmes, of North Fairfax, Vt. 

8 Clarissa P., born March 13, 1848 ; married, 1870, Edgar J. Pease, of 


9 Harriet L., born August 2, 1852 ; married, August 14, 1877, Harvey 

A. Story, of St. Albans, Vt. 

1223 Amos' Kingsbury {John\ John\ John\ Nathamel\ 
Joseph"^, Ben/y), of Clarksburg, Mass., married, August, 1839, 
Lucinda, daughter of Joel and Betsy (Alden) Jillson, born 
March i, 1816, in Whitingham, Vt. He was a farmer. His 
wife died January 10, 1859. 

1606 Joel N. 

1230 Luke' Kingsbury {Ros7i'e/l\ /o/in\ John\ Ahithan- 
ieP^JosepJi', Henry'), of Halifax, Vt., and St. Charles, Illinois ; 
married, (i) November 8, 1849, Orrel Reed, daughter of 
Jason and Catherine (Eames) Reed ; born in Whitingham, 
Vt., May 24, 1828 ; died, February 10, 1853 ; his great aunt, 
Lydia Kingsbury (No. 916), kept house for him until he mar- 
ried again, and she continued to live with him until her death; 
(2) July 4, 1855, Julia A., daughter of Calvin and Sally 
(Kellogg) Guild, of West Halifax, Vt., born September 13, 
1822; died March 23, 1889. He died March 19, 1878. 


1604 Irving Smead, born April 27, 1S56. •„•: ■ > 

1605 Frank Walton, born December 10, 1858. u; > 

1232 Horace' Kingsbury {J^(>s7C'e//\ /o/ih% John\ Na- 
thanieP, Joseph^ ^ Hefiry'), of Lenora, Minnesota; married, 
May 17, 1849, Mardelia R. Eames, born January 23, 1829. 
He went west in 1856 and took government land; was in 
the hotel business in early days in Iowa and Minnesota ; 


then became a farmer, but toward the end of his life he 
removed to Brattleboro, Vt., where he died, January 23, 
1894. His widow is living- in Brattleboro.* 


1589 Horace Edward, born December, 1850; died September 13, 1877 I 

married Florepce Plumteaux May 28, 1871 ; ch.: (i) Albert 
E., born December 25, 1874; died September 4, 1877 ; (2) M. 
Grace, born September 14, 1877 ; died September 30, 1877. 

1590 Delia Emma, born April 6, 1853 ; died December 5, 1861. 

1591 Stella Elvira, born August 28, 1855 ; died December 3, 1861. 

1592 Charles Herbert, born September 22, 1861 ; died September 20, 


1593 Willie Eugene, born May 6. 1863 ; died May 24, 1866. 

1594 Clara Belle, born February 25, 1S65 ; died October 5, 1877.1 

1595 Gertrude Blanche, born January 16, 1871 ; died September 18, 


1233 Elvira' Kingsbury {Ros7veir, Jo/in\ John\ Natltan- 
ier, Joseph", Henry'), married at Halifax, Vt., November 8, 
1849, John Alfred Andrews, of Shelburne Falls, Mass., born 
June 26, 1818, died March 15, 1894. She died November 
8, 1855- 


1 Georgiana, born August 21, 1851 ; died February 4, 1852. 

2 John Roswell, born April 25, 1853 ; died January 7, 1854. 

1234 Elijah Smead' Kingsbury {Roswell\ Jo/ifi\ John\ 
NathanicP, Joseph^, Houy), of Whitingham, Vt., married, 
January ii, 1855, Gratia Abigail, daughter of Rev. Amherst 
and Fanny (Giles) Lamb, born in Whitingham, Vt., May 15, 

He kept a general store in Lenora, Minn., in the early 
6o's, but later moved to Cresco, Iowa, and from there to the 
Black Hills, South Dakota, in search of gold, and was mak- 
ing arrangements to move his family when he died, Septem- 
ber 12, 1894, in Spearfish, S. D. 

♦She writes, March 15, 1903, "Father Kingsbury had three brothers and one 
sister that I knew; Abner, he had two sons, their names were Uriah and Elliot, and 
one daughter ; and then there were uncles, John and Jerry." 

t There were six deaths within five weeks of children and grandchildren, from 
diphtheria ; all buried in Fillmore Co., Minn. 



1596 Hattie Grace, born August i, 18 56 ■:;:- > 

1597 Arthur Smead, born May 12, 1858, in Mabel, Fillmore Co., 

Minn. ■ '^h^ 

1598 Infant daughter, born August, i860 ; died same year. 

1599 Jessie Elvira, born Aug. 25, 1861; d. April, 1862. 

1600 Frank Orson, born April 4, 1863; married Stella Erode; died in 

Salem, S. D., Feb. 3, iS^q; his widow and one child, Frank, 
live in DeKalb, Illinois. 

1601 Alfred Roswell, born in Mabel, Minn., Jan. 20, 1867; m. July 17, 

1897, Edith Sarah, dau. of Byron J. and Mary A. Conniff, 
born in Sioux City, Iowa, Sept. i, 1S72; he is a farmer in 
Smith Center, Kansas; s. p. 

1602 Ernest Tilden, born Nov. 3, 1869; unmarried, lives with his 


1603 Lucy Ann, born Aug. 8, 1872 ; married March 27, 1895, in Salem, 

South Dakota, Robert S. Tucker, Postmaster, Lake Benton, 
Minn. He was born in Decorah, Iowa, Nov. 30, 1872; .$•. p. 

1240 William Otis' Kingsbury {DatiieP, Daniel^, John\ 
NathanieP, Joseph", Henry'), of Rushford, N. Y. ; married, 
September 19, 1837, Mary Barr, born January 4, 1815. She 
died October i, 1888. He died in Rushford, vSeptember 26, 


1607 James H., born October 28, 1838. s: > 

1608 Otis, born March 23, 1840. ;:: > 

1609 Margaret, born December 20, 1841; died in infancy. 

1610 Percival, born November 23, 1842; served in Co. D, 64th Regi- 

ment, N. Y. Vols.; discharged for disability; reenlisted in 
June, 1863, in the 13th N. Y. Infantry; resides in Bath, N. Y., 
where he is a farmer; unmarried. 

1611 Maryette, born December 15, 1844.:..: > 

161 2 Charles F., born October 23, 1849; died in infancy. 

1613 Franklin, born October 19, 1852; died in 1S54. 

1614 Lucy Lowella, born December 29, 1855. c > 

1242 John Nelson" Kingsbury {Daniel\ Daniel^, John*, 
Nathaniel^, foseplr, Henry^), of Rushford, N. Y., married, 
March i, 1846, Emeline I.yon, born in Rushford, March 14, 
1827, daughter of Abram J. and Mary (Pratt) Lyon. He 
was a wagon maker in Rushford, and held the office of stew- 
ard in the Methodist Church. He died November 25, 1888 ; 
his wife died Februarj^ 8, 1889. 



1615 I.MOGENE, born July 4, 1848 ; married December 23, 1868, James 

G. Benjamin, of Rushford ; ch. : i John A , born July 4, 1877; 
married, November 10, 1902, Margaret Reese ; res. Rushford; 
2 George H., born May 4, 1880; 3 Abram P., born November 
4, 1885. 

1616 Lizzie N., born October 20, 1869 ; died January 14, 1872. 

1244 William Walker' Kingsbury {Be/jjamn\ I)am'e/\ 

/o/in\ NatJianier, Josep/r, Hen/y), of Rushford, N. Y., mar- 
ried, September, 1848, Elizabeth, daughter of John C. and 
Martha (St. John) Bassett, born February 23, 1828, in Inde- 
pendence, N. Y. He owned a large farm in Rushford, and 
was also a carpenter and joiner. He died December 17, 
1891 ; his widow is still living in Rushford. 


1617 Frank Deville, born September 29, 1849, in New Hudson, N. Y.; 

married, January i, 1880, Arlowine S. Smith; res. Franklin- 
ville, N. Y. ; he died April, 1902; ch.: i Harry E.; 2 William. 
161S Gi'OKGE H., born February 18, 1853. s^^-^ 

1619 William Chandler, born August 15, 1857, in Rushford. is-»- 

1249 Alvin' Kingsbury {Benjamirf, Daniel'', John*, N'a- 
thanier, Joseph', Hoir/), of Randolph, Cattaraugus Co., N. 
Y., married, September 3, 1855, at Friendship, N. Y., Sarah, 
daughter of William Cherry man, born in 1 831, in Monroe 
Co., N. Y. He enlisted in 1864 in Co. D, 179th Regiment, 
N. Y. Volunteers, and served eighteen months. He is a 
wagon maker in Randolph. 


1620 Clayton, born in 1858, in New Hudson, N. Y. 

162 1 Fremont, born in 1862, in Bradford, Pa. ?4— >- 

1254 John Brigham' Kingsbury {Col. JoJm\ Jabez\ 
NathaiiieP, Nathaniel^, Joseph^, Henry'), of Tolland, Conn., 
where he has been a farmer for many years ; married (i), 
January 23, 1850, Mary Ann, daughter of Horace and Mary 
(Nelson) Kellogg, of Tolland, born April 9, 1825; she died in 
Tolland, February 23, 1858 ; (2), April 17, 1861, Caroline Ann, 
daughter of Ariel and Judith (Towne) Rogers, born in Dana, 


Mass., April 15, 1829. He represented the town of Tolland 
in the State Legislature in 1889 and 1890. He is now living 
in Rockville. 


1622 Mary Brigham, born October 5, 1855, in Tolland; d. June 2, 1856. 

1255 George Henry' Kingsbury {Col. John\ Jabez\ Na- 
thaniel^, NathaiiieP, Joseph'', Henry^), of Tolland, Conn., where 
he was a farmer and surveyor ; he married, January 22, 
1852, Mary Ora, daughter of James and Ora (Howard) 
Crane, born in Tolland, July 11, 1829. He was a Represent- 
ative to the Legislature from Tolland, in 1869; Justice of 
the Peace a long time ; member of the Board of Education. 
He died in Tolland, December 26, 1893. His widow died in 
Rockville, January 2, 1894, of the same disease as her hus- 
band, pneumonia. 


1623 Adklaide Eliza, born Jan. 10, 1853, in Tolland ; resides in West 

Hartford, Conn., unm. 

1624 Jennie Ann, born March 18, 1S55; rn- Feb. 8, 1876, Halsey Lem- 

uel Allen, of Rockville, Conn. ; 2 ch. : i George Kingsbury, 
b. July 9, 1877 ; d. March 13, 18S4 ; 2 Charles Halsey, b. 
Aug. 22, 1879. 

1625 Lizzie Howard, b. Nov. 20, 1861 ; m. May 23, 1S93, Elmer Ells- 

worth Adams, of Rockville, Conn. 

1626 George LocKWOOD, born Feb. 3, 1866; died Aug. 11, 1876. 

1627 Mary Crane, born Dec. 15, 1869; m. Sept. 9, 1890, Frank Hop- 

kins Holton, of Ellington, Conn. ; 2 ch.: i Gertrude Kings- 
bury, b. Sept. II, 1896 ; 2 Jennie Crane, b. Apr. 24, 1898. 

1261 James Goodwin' Kingsbury {Rev. Enoch\ Sa/n- 
uer, Nathatuel\ WathanieP, Joseph', Henry'), of Irvington, 
Ind., was graduated from Wabash College, Ind., 1855 '■< set- 
tled in Indiana in 1865; is an Elder in the Presbyterian 
Church ; editor and publisher of the Indiana Farmer, of In- 
dianapolis, 34 East Market Street, since 1870 ; married (i) 
October 15, 1857, Mary E. Layman of Putnamville, Ind.; she 
died May 30, 1870 ; (2) January 17, 1872, Mary L.Taylor of 
Indianapolis ; she died August 5, 1888 ; (3) September 4, 
1889, Mrs. Kate M. Gunckel of Indianapolis ; he resides on 
a farm in a suburb of Indianapolis, five miles from the 




1628 Frances Makv, born Aug. 13, 185S ; died Aug. 2, 1866. 

1629 Jami-.s Layman, born Jan. 23, 1861, in Putnamville, Ind. =: > 

1630 Edward Dwight, born May 2, 1S67, in Putnamville, Ind. = > 


1631 Franklin Enoch, born March i, 1873. s^-»- 

1632 Charles Goodwin, born March 7, 1875; married June 6, 1900, 

Katharine Moore. 

1633 Nathan Howard, born Sept. 19, 187S. 

1634 John Fletcher, born Dec. 14, 1879. 

1635 Martha Louise, born Feb. 22, 18S3 ; died June 4, 1884. 

1636 Theodore M.arshall, born Nov. 17, 1S86. 

1268 Samuel Davies' Kingsbury {Rev. Enoch\ Sat/iite/\ 
Ahit/iafiiel*, NathanieP, Josep/r, Henry'), of Seattle, Washing- 
ton; married, July 16, 1873, Lucy Edna, daughter of James 
H. and Eliza J. (Cornelius) Brown, born in Covington, Ken- 
tucky, January 10, 1850. He enli.sted as a private May 13, 
1864, in Co. H, 135th Indiana Infantry, and remained in the 
service until September 28, 1864. He removed in 1870 to 
Indianapolis, Ind.; from there in October, 1884, to Urbana, 
111.; from there in March, 1890, to Seattle, where he is a 


1637 Samuel Brown, born Oct. 13, 1875 ; res. Seattle. 

163S Fanny Eliza, born Dec. 7, 1876; m. Dec. 20, 1898, Merton Barnes 
of Ventura, California. 

1639 Harry Holmes, born Nov. 27, 1879; res. Seattle. 

1640 Guy, born Aug. 9, 1883; res. Seattle. 

1274 Joseph W.' Kingsbury {Josia/i AIlyn\ Joseph\ 
Simon\ Nathaniel\ Joseph'' , //^;/;-y), married, September, 1836, 
Margaret Collins, of Ludlow, Mass. He died in Ellington, 
February 7, 1857. His widow married Mr. J. T. Pease, and 
died in Hartford, September 5, 1879. 


1641 Bkthuel, born, 1844; died in Ellington, Feb. 2. 1862, aged 18. 

1642 George, born, 1846; died in Ellington, May 8 [Mr. Baird's let- 

ter] 9 [7". S.\ 1849, aged 7 months. 

1280 Helena Sophronia' Kingsbury {Al/e/i\ Nathamel\ 
Jahez\ Xathaniel\ /osep/i\ Henry), married (i) April 30, 1827, 
Alvin Emulus Coleman, son of Asa Coleman, of Peter- 


borough, Madison Co., N. Y.; they removed to Oswego, N. 
Y., in 1 837, where he died January i, 1838; (2) Erastus Wood- 
worth; he died August 18, 1861; she died in Cazenovia, 
October 25, 1891. 


I Helen Melissa, born September 13, 1S34; married Joseph C. Wallace, 
who enlisted in the Union Army in 1862, and was killed in 
battle September 22, 1S64; she is now living in her grand- 
father's old homestead in Cazenovia; ch.: i, Emulus Franklin, 
married and living in Syracuse, has i son. 2, Harriet Newell 
married John F. Harrison, of Cleveland, O.* 3, Allen Emulus, 
drowned when six years old, April 22, 1S62. 

1283 Asenath' Kingsbury {Allen\ N'athaniel\ Jabez\ 
NathanieP, JosepJi\ Henry'), married, February 8, 1841, Hen- 
drick de Clercq, born in Cazenovia, N. Y., June 24, 181 3, son 
of Hendrick and Mary (Ledyard) de Clercq. Mary Ledyard 
was a daughter of Colonel William Ledyard, of Groton, 
Conn., who was killed at Fort Griswold, September 6, 1781. 
They removed to De Soto, Iowa, where he died December 4, 
1885. Mrs. Asenath de Clercq is still living in De Soto (1903). 


1 Harriet Elizabeth, born June 26, 1843; married, December i, 1863, 

Charles E. Bishop, of Cazenovia, N. Y. ; now living in De Soto. 

2 Allen Hendrick, born March 23, 1845; died May 25, 1854. 

3 William Emulus, born June 13, 1847; died in Andersonville Prison, 

September i, 1864. 

4 Edwin Loomis, born May 11, 1850; married December 25, 1891, 

Lydia L. Andrus; died June 2, 1895; res. De Ruyter, N. Y. 

5 John Franklin, born May 25, 1853; married, September 23, 1875, 

Amelia Rogers; res. Dexter, N. Y. 

6 Truman Coleman, born May 17, 1855; married July 4, 1876, Mary 

Wilson; res. De Soto, Iowa. 

♦Remarkable Family of Women Representing Five Generations. 

Cleveland, April 23 [1903]. 
They all live together under one roof, that is all but one of them. There 
are five generations : two great aunts, Miss Delia Kingsbury, who has just celebrated 
her gad birthday, and Mrs. Edwin D. Loomis, who will be 83 July 31; their grand- 
niece, Mrs. John F. Harrison, who has been with Mrs. Looinis since her fifth birth- 
day, and Mrs. Harrison'.s daughter, Mrs. T. W. Gould, and her child, Hattie May 
Goiild, just one and one-half years old. Mrs. Helen C. Wallace, the baby's great 
grandmother, lives in Cazenovia, in the old homestead. Were the great grand- 
mother a resident of the Harrison household. 184 Harkness Ave., five generations 
would be under one roof. Miss Delia Kingsbury came from Cazenovia, N. Y., 34 
years ago, and has since lived in Cleveland. She is active and energetic, and reads 
the papers and periodicals with keen enjoyment. — Boston Globe. 



1284 John Flaver Kingsbury {A lie n\ Nathaniel', /abez\ 
NathanUP , Joseph", Henry'), of Cazenovia, N. Y., married, 
May 25, 1843, Julia de Clercq, born October 11, i8i5,in Caze- 
novia, daughter of Hendrick and Mary (Ledyard) de Clercq. 
He and his wife now reside in Cazenovia, and are in good 
health and able to do everything for themselves. 


1643 M.\KY Louise, born March 14, 1846. r: > 

1644 Augustus Irvin, born April 17, 1848; resides in Chicago, 111. ; unm. 

1645 Gertrude, born January i, 1850. ~, > 

1288 Samuel NewelF Kingsbury {Jabez\ Nathaniel\ 
/al>ez\ Nathaniel', Joseph", Henry'), removed from Andover 
to Attica, N. Y., in 1847, to Hornellsville, N. Y., in 1854, to 
New York City in 1865, where he was for many years a 
wholesale merchant in hats, etc. He married. May 26, 1852, 
Caroline Walbridge, daughter of Jacob D. and Sophia (Col- 
lins) Chandler, of Hornellsville, N. Y. ; she was born De- 
cember 6, 1832, in Gaines, Orleans Co., N. Y. He removed 
his residence from New York Ciiy to Bound Brook, N. J., 
in 1869 ; died there, July 13, 1883. 


1646 Herbert Alan, born April i, 1856. s5->- 

1647 Nathaniel John William, born Jan. 5, 185S ; m. February, 1881, 

-Ida Newhouse ; a wholesale hat dealer ; residence, Scranton, 
Pa., where he died May 14, 1889. One ch.: Carrie Belle, b. 
Jan. I, 1882. 

1289 Asenath Cornelia' Kingsbury {Jabez", Nathan- 
iel^, Jal>ez\ A'athanier, Josep/r, Henry'), married, January 
18, 1849, Gilbert Bidwell, born in Manchester, Conn., Octo- 
ber 18, 1825, son of Frary and Nancy (Griswold) Bidwell. 
They removed in 1859 to Elmira, N. Y., where Mr. Bidwell 
was a cattle broker ; she is now living with her daughter, 
Mrs. Sanford, in Seneca Castle, N. Y. (1903). 


I Martha Layette, born Nov. 21, 1849 ; m. July 12, 1883, Rev. Sam- 
uel F. Sanford, of Mecklenburg, Schuyler Co., N. Y. ; now re- 
sides at Seneca Castle, Ontario Co., N. Y. 


2 IsABELLE Josephine, born June 22, 1852 ; m. Sept. 9, 1873, Jacob B. 

Hoffman, of Elmira, N. Y. 

3 Fanny Luella, born Sept. 17, 1863 ; m. Sept. 22, Jerome Eggleston, 

a lawyer in Gloversville, Fulton Co., N. Y. 

1293 Henry Martyn' Kingsbury {IVillianf, Joseph\ 
Jabez\ Nathaniel'^, Joseph", Heniy), of Andover, Conn., mar- 
ried, October 8, 1848, Emily Watrous, born January 4, 1829, 
in Bolton, Conn., daughter of Elijah Abel and Prudence 
(Scoville) Watrous. He removed to Coventry in 1859. In 
early life he taught school, later became a farmer. He held 
town offices, and was a man of sterling worth, imcompromis- 
ing and unserving in his principles; respected by all who 
knew him; a firm believer in total abstinence; a staunch 
Republican, and for many years a member of the Congrega- 
tional Church in Coventry. She died in South Coventry, 
December 26, 1890. He died in South Coventry, November 
20, 1901. 


1648 Nathaniel Henry, born August 7, 1849; married, September 18, 

1875, Helen Ashland Kean; res. Mayfield, Santa Clara Co., 
California; ch: i Winthrop Watrous, born Oct. 5, 1876; 2 Jennie 
Elizabeth, born Aug. 8, 1878; 3 Emily J., born Nov. 24, 1881; 
4 William H., born Dec. 5, 1886. 

1649 Mary Eliza, born February i, 185 1; married, March 16, 1876, 

George W. Burwell, of Boston, Mass.; no children; res. New 
Bedford, Mass. 

1650 William Henry; born February 8, 1S53; unmarried: res. Coventry. 

165 1 Annie Amelia, born September 26, 1855; married, October 20, 

1879, Sanford P. Weaver; one daughter; d. September 19. 188 1. 

1652 Charles Sumner, born November 30, 1857; married, January 28, 

1892, Annie G. Berry; resides in Coventry; ch : 1 Josie May, 
born Aug. 5, 1S96; 2 Frederick Berlin, born Jan. 29, 1903. 

1653 Jennie Watrous, born February 19, i860; married, February i, 

1888, Sanford P. Weaver, of Coventry. He died August 13, 

1893. She married (2) October i, 1896, Newell P. Daniels, of 
East Hartford. 

1654 Horace Lincoln, born June 10, 1863; married, July 31, 1903, 

Minnie M. Ruka; res. Somersville, Conn. 
J 65 5 Joseph Harvey, born October 2, 1868; died December 31, 1889. 

1298 Rev. Lucius' Kingsbury {Joseph', Joseph\ Jabez\ 
Nathaniel'', Joseph", Henry'), of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 
married, July 8, 1855, Lucy Ann Carpenter, born February 3, 
1833, daughter of Gilbert Carpenter, of Pawtucket, Mass. 



He attended the East Hartford English and Classical School 
and later the Monson Academ)-, in preparation for a college 
course, with a view of entering the ministry, but in 1850 
changed his plans, and entered the Normal School at 
Bridgewater, Mass., to prepare for teaching. At the close 
of his course in Bridgewater he commenced teaching at 
Hadley, Mass., but removed to St. Louis in 1852, where he 
taught in the Benton Grammar School, and the City High 
School, till all the City schools were closed by the outbreak 
of the Civil War. He then removed to Illinois, and was a 
teacher and superintendent in Springfield, Havana, and 
Lincoln, till 1878, when he went to Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
Territory. Not long after he was ordained in the Congre- 
gational Church in Canton, the first Church built in the 
Sioux valley, and installed pastor of that Church. In 1889 
he returned to Sioux Falls, and became pastor of the Liv- 
ingston Memorial Reformed Church, remaining there until 
1899, when he resigned the charge. 


1656 Fkedrkic Gilbert, born in St. Louis, Mo., February 26, 1858 ; 

drowned at Sioux Falls, So. Dak., July 14, 1879. 

1657 Marv Amelia, born in St. Louis, Oct. 4, i860 ; :„.: > 

1658 Howard Eliot, born in Springfield, 111., Jan. 16, 1865 ; ^>ed at 

Springfield, Feb. 15, 1868. 

1659 Alice Reynolds, born in Springfield, 111., Nov. 28, 1S67 ; grad. 

from Yankton College, iSgo, and is now Professor of French 
and German in the Congregational College at Yankton, South 
Dakota. Spent most of the years 1894 and 1895 studying 

1299 Edgar James' Kingsbury {Joseph^, Joseph", Jabez", 
N'athanieP, Joseph", HentJ), a farmer in Andover and Sioux 
Falls, South Dakota, married, December 25, 1867, Hannah 
Maria Reynolds, born June 3, 1832, in Illinois. He re- 
moved from Andover to Sioux Falls about 1880. Mrs. H. 
Maria Kingsbury died in Sioux Falls, December 18, 1899. 


1660 Amelia JosEPiUNE, born in Andover, Nov. 17, 1868. 

1661 Horace Reynolds, born in Andover, Jan. 20, 1873; a farmer in 

South Dakota. 


1300 Walter Reynolds' Kingsbury {Joseph\ Joseph^, 
Jabez^, NathanieP , Joseph'^, Henry"), of Sioux Falls, Dakota ; 
graduated Connecticut State Normal School, 1854 ; married, 
(i) August 23 (August 21, Lyman Genealogy), 1859, Corinthia 
J. Lyman, of Columbia, Conn., daughter of Chester and Cor- 
nelia (Porter) Lyman, born January 12, 1835, died February 
17, 1864, in Camp Point, Illinois; (2) April 20, 1865, Sarah 
Cornelia, daughter of Col. Richard William and Sarah R. 
(Benton) Starr, of Mendon, Illinois, born November 2, 1837- 
He went west in 1856 as a teacher, lived in Camp Point, Illi- 
nois, became a merchant at Chicago, and later removed to 
Sioux Falls ; is a member of the firm of Kingsbury & 
Beveridge, investment brokers. 


1662 Charles Sumner, born Dec. 20, 1S61; died July 23, 1862. 

1663 Elizabeth, born June 5, 1866; died July 21, 1866. 

1664 Walter Starr, born Nov. 18, 1869; died Aug. 6, 1S70. 

1665 Helen Louise, born May i, 1872; a teacher ; she has taught in 

city schools in South Dakota seven years. 

1666 Howard Lyman, born Aug. 11, 1874 ; graduated Carleton College, 

1899 ; Junior Secretary in Y. M. C. A., Troy, N. Y., 1900. 

1303 Elizabeth Wright' Kingsbury {Harvef, Joseph\ 
Jabez*; NatJianiel\ JosepJi\ Henty), married, September 24, 
1 85 1, Henry E. H. Gilbert, of Mansfield and Coventry, born 
in Mansfield, December 17, 1822, son of John and Anna 
(Hunt) Gilbert. She died in Coventry, November 29, 1862, 
and her husband married for his second wife, her sister, 
Mary Jeffries Kingsbury, June 27, 1866. He died in Coven- 
try, March 5, 1895. 


1 Mary Elizabeth, born July i, 1853 ; died August i, i86i. 

2 Annie Francis, born August 20, 1855 ; married June 27, 1882, Edgar 

F. Storrs, of Spring Hill, Mansfield, Conn ; ch.: i Ada May, 
born April 8, 1885 ; 2 Gilbert Holland, born April 19, 18S6 ; 
3 Raymond Homer, born at Spring Hill, July 7, 1890 ; died 
December 22, 1893. 

3 Henry Kingsbury, born August 6, 1858 ; died December 30, 1S59. 

4 Hattie Elizabeth, born November 16, i860; Hving, unmarried, in 

Coventry, (1903.) 



1306 Mary' Kingsbury {Joseph'', Lemuel'-' , Joseph', Na- 
thaniel, Joseph'^, Henry^), married, in 1818, James Allen Smith, 
of Unadilla, N. Y., born September 11, 1792; died March, 
1862. She died in Towanda, Pa., December 25, 1887. 


1 Joseph Kingshury, born April 10, 1S22; m. Elizabeth Walker; 1 ch.: 


2 Mary iNSi.EY.born May 17, 1S25 ; married, October 20, 1842, Chester 

Pierce Spalding, of Towanda, Pa.; she died December 10, 
1890 ; he died March 26, 1896; ch. : i Florence, born November 
18, 1844; died October 3, 1S84; 2 Henry Kingsbury, now dead; 
3 Rowena Kingsbury, born June 29, 1853; living unm. in 
Towanda (1903). 

3 Almira Antoinette, born November 12, 1832; married, at Rockford, 

111., October 18, 1854, Perry Peckhani Rogers, of Binghamton, 
N. Y. ; he died October «5, 1894; ch.: i Joseph Kingsbury, 
born in Buffalo, N. Y., September 2, 1855 ; died in Bingham- 
ton, August 19, 1879; 2 Harriet Kingsbury, born December 
3, 1S62 ; married, April 18, 188S, in Binghamton, Norwood 
Ailing James ; removed to Colorado ; j. ^. ; 3 Samuel Jabez, 
born in Unadilla, May 8, 1865; married, June 27, 1891, Frances 
Faxon Mills ; resides Avondale, Essex Co., N. J.; ch.: (i) An- 
toinette Faxon, born April 14, 1895. 

1307 Almira' Kingsbury {Joseph', Lemuer, Joseph\ Na- 
thaniel\ Joseph'^, Henry), married, November 30, 1820, Charles 
Comstock, of Towanda, Pa., born in Norwalk, Conn., Sep- 
tember 25, 1795, son of Enos and Deborah (Kellogg) Com- 
stock. He removed to Bradford Co., Pa., in 1818, and was a 
merchant in Towanda until 1821, or '22, when he settled in 
Litchfield, Bradford Co. From there he removed to Athens 
in the same County, and lived there until his death, Novem- 
ber 7, 1 87 1. Mrs. Almira Comstock died April 4, 1882. 


1 Henry Stanley, born July 27, 1823; m., about 1845, Clarissa Stephens, 

of Athens, N. Y. ; one son, Charles Kingsbury, b. 1S47; d. 
i88g, unm. ; the family removed to Eureka, California; he died 
March 3, 1890. 

2 Henrietta Louisa, born October 24, 1825 ; married. May 23, 1849, 

Capt. Stephen Hopkins, of Athens, Pa., born Sept. 17, 1820, 
son of Charles Lindsley and Amanda (Shepard) Hopkins ; 
she died February 12, 1888 ; he died in Buffalo, Jan. 3, 1897; 
ch.: I Henry Lindsley, born August 15, 1850; died June 
12, 1863 ; 2 Clara Kingsbury, born July 4, 1852 ; died July 
15, 1891, unmarried; 3 Stephen, born September 25, 1854; 
married. May i, 1888, Cornelia Carleton, of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 


ch., Helen, born April 20, 1889; resides 147 Hoyt St., Buffalo, 
N. Y. ; 4 George Lindsley, born April 15, 1857; died August 
4, 1857 ; 5 Charles Comstock, born January 22, i860; married. 
May 7, 1885, Eleanora Sherwood, of Woodhull, Steuben Co., 
N. Y. ; res. Rome, N. Y. ; member of the firm of Knight & 
Hopkins, civil engineers ; ch.: (i) Arthur Sherwood, born Au- 
gust 11, 1886; (2) Ruth, born December 25, 1889; (3) Henri- 
' etta, born March 18, 1890 ; (4) Rowena, born November 9, 
1891 ; (5) Clara, born January 11, 1894; (6) Anna Wesener, 
born October 6, 1861; married. May 8, 18S8, Robert Crosby 
Ruthoer, of Scranton, Pa.; now resides in Buffalo, N. Y. ; ch.: 
(i) Robert Stanley, born February 23, 1889; (2) Henrietta 
Cornelia, born 1890; (3) Helen Crosby, born 1891; died 1892. 

3 Anna Josephine, born February 11, 1828 ;'died December 27, 1831. 

4 Charles Matthias, born September 28, 1830 ; died young. 

5 Frank Kingsbury, born April 19, 1835 ; died September 3, 1835. 

6 Malcolm McGregor, born May 18, 1838 ; lived in Wichita, Kansas ; 

unmarried ; now in Denver, Colorado. 

7 Isaac Walter, born January 5, 1841 ; m. June 17, 1874, Louisa Ship- 

man Saltmarsh, of Athens, Pa.; lived in Mayfield, California, 
now in San Francisco ; child, Sarah, b. March 20, 1875. 

1308 Byron' Kingsbury {Joseph^, Lemuel \ Joseph", Na- 
thanieP, Joseph', Heiiry^), of Sheshequin (Towanda), Pa.; 
married, November 14, 1822, Welthy Ann, daughter of 
Avery and Lucy Gore, of Sheshequin, born March 3, 1803. 
In 1824 he removed to Towanda, Pa., where he was a farmer 
and lumberman. He died in Towanda, September 13, 1859. 
His widow died April 10, 1S84. 


1667 Guy Lawrence, born May 18, 1824 ; died August 19, 1824. 

1668 Oscar, born July 22, 1825 ; died in Towanda, Pa., Sept. 20, 1844. 

1669 William Wallace, born in Towanda, June 4, 182S ; removed to 

Minnesota, and settled at Endion ; was a member of the 
Territorial Legislature in 1855 and 1856 ; a delegate to the 
convention which framed the State Constitution ; was elected 
delegate from Minnesota Territory to the Thirty-fifth Con- 
gress as a Democrat, serving from December 7, 1857, to 
March 3, 1859. Later he returned to Towanda, spending his 
winters at Tarpon Springs, Fla.; died April 17, 1892. 

1670 Huston, born May 29, 1830 ; died September 30, 1830. 

1671 Adolph Henry, born October 23, 183 1. 5;^^^^- 

1672 Emma Nola, born March 3, 1833; married, in 185S, Henry Decker, 

who died in 1862 ; 2 ch.; a son, WiUiam Wallace Kingsbury, 
lives in Tarpon Springs, Fla. ; has one son and one dau. 

1673 Marion, born June, 1836 ; died June 30, 1836. 

1674 Mahlon M., born June 26, 1838 ; died September 10, 1840, in 



1675 Margaret Adelaidk, born August 17, 1840; married John Moray; 

lived in West Virginia ; one ch., George, who is a clerk in the 
U. S. Pension Office, Washington. 

1309 Burton' Kingsbury {Joseph'', Lemuel'', Joseph\ N^a- 
thaniel^, Joseph'', Henry^), of Towanda, Pa.; married, Septem- 
ber 25, 1829, Rowena Scott, of Towanda, daughter of H. 
Lawrence Scott, born April 23, 1807 ; he was a merchant, 
and later removed to Scranton. He died in Scranton, Janu- 
ary 15, 1871 ; his widow, Rowena, died June 24, 1893. 


1676 George Scott, born July 17, 1830, in Towanda; about 1S50 he 

removed to Scranton and became a partner of the Hon. 
George Sanderson in the banking business ; later the firm 
was merged with the Lackawanna Valley Bank ; he retired 
from business about 1880 ; died in Scranton, March 30, 1903 ; 

1677 Burton Le Ray, born April 7, 1832. ^^^-*- 

1678 Edward, born June 27, 1834 ; he was a Major on the staff of Gen. 

Nagly of the Union Army, and was killed in Kentucky, March 
2, 1862 ; unni. 

1679 Rowena, born Jan. 2, 1837. ssh^ 

1680 Anna, born Nov. 19, 1843 ; died unm. 

1310 Ann Eliza' Kingsbury {Joseph\ Lemuel", Joseph'', 
Nathaniel'', Joseph'', Henrf), married, in 1827, Ira Henry Ste- 
phens, of Towanda. 


1 Burton Kingsbury, born Feb. 24, 1828 ; m. Elizabeth Beaver ; set- 

tled in Hansonville, California, where he died in 1871 ; ch.: i 
Helen Mar, born Oct. 5, 1856 ; m. Dec. 18. 1873, Frederick 
Motley; she died at Clippus, Cal., Nov. 30, 1875 ; s. p.\ 2 Ira 
Eugene, born Sept. 21, 1858; died at Sulphur Creek, Cal., 
March 18, 1877 ; 3 Ann Eliza, born June 7, 1861; died July 15, 
1861; 4 William Henry, born Aug. 29, 1862; died July 31, 1865; 
5 Mary Elizabeth, born Dec. 4, 1864; 6 Cynthia Isabelle, born 
Aug. 10, 1867 ; 7 Sylvia Victoria, born Jan. 4, 1870. The res- 
idence of the family is in Orrville, Cal. 

2 George Henky, born June 11, 1830; m. Cynthia S. Clapp ; he died 

in 1868, in Orrville, Cal.; s. p. 

3 Ira Eugene, born Oct. 26, 1S34 ; m., in 1854, Mary Ann Gregg ; he 

resides in Towanda,* Pa.; ch.: i Ann EHza, born March 27, 
1855; m. J. E. Fessenden, of Waverly, N. Y.; ch , Darwin. 

* Washington's Field Glass. A Valuable Heirloom Presented to the Athens 
Historical Society by Ira E. Stephens. [From Athens Evening NeivsP[ 

The latest acquisition to the collection of the Historical Society is a field glass 
at one time owned by George Washington. At the close of the Revolutionary War 


born Jan. 6, 1879 ; 2 Ira Henry, born Dec. 18, 1856; m., in 
1882, Estelle Willson ; ch., Lou, born 1883 ; res. Towanda ; 3 
Harriet Elizabeth, born Dec. 17, 1858; m., Feb. 23* 1878, Dan- 
iel Miller Willcock, of Towanda; ch. : (i) James Vandyke, born 
June 30, 1880 ; (2) Frank, born June 30, 1880 ; 4 Marion Em- 
ily, born Feb. 18, 1861 ; 5 Eudora Dean, born Nov. 20, 1864 ; 
m. George Moore, of Hartford, Conn.; 6 Mary Aldine, born 

May 29, 1866 ; m. Bally, of Elmira, N. Y.; one ch., Louis 

Gladwin ; 7 Eva Zoe, born June 9, 1870 ; 8 Bessie, born Sept. 
6, 1876. 

4 John Franklin, born April 9, 1S37 ; m. Charlotte Smith Rutty, at 

Athens, Pa.; ch. : i George, born i860; 2 Georgiana, born 
i860 (twins); died June, i860; 3 Margaret Melissa, born March 
21, 1862 ; m. May 20, 1885, Franklin Pierce Wagner, of Phila- 
delphia, at Sayre, N. Y.; 2 ch. : (i) Ethel May, born March 10, 
1 886, in Philadelphia ; (2) Charlotte Marie, born Feb. 26, 1S89, 
in Philadelphia; 4 Frederick Kingsbury, born August 26, 1863; 
5 Charlotte Frances, born Nov. 2, 1865 ; m. Dec. 18, 1890, 
Walter Kinney, of North Rome, Pa.; 6 Kate Ehza, born Dec. 
3, 1867 ; m. Oct. I, 1889, Frederick D. Hevenes, of Elmira, N. 
Y. ; ch., Frank, born Dec. 31, 1891. 

5 Charles Mahlon, born Nov. 12, 1S42 ; m. Jan. 9, 1862, Arabella Ma- 

tilda Mace ; he removed, in 1886, from Towanda to Pueblo, 
Colorado, where he now resides; ch.: i Louisa Kingsbury, 
born Oct. 9, 1863; 2 Ruby Ann, born March 7, 1865; m. (Jeorge 
Gottelieber, at St. Paul, Minn.; ch.: (i) Edith, born June 6, 
1890; (2) Lillian, born Jan. 23, 1893 ; 3 Jessie Belle, born Nov. 
9, 1867; m. Harry F. Curtis; ch., Beatrice, born April 25, 1894; 
4 Burton Kingsbury, born Jan. 11, 1871 ; 5 Maud Elizabeth, 
born Oct. 24, 1874; m. Frank Means, at Towanda, Pa.; res. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; ch., William, born Sept. 17, 1894; 6 Grace 
Greenwood, born March 6, 1879. 

6 Ann Eliza, born March 3. 1846 ; died Aug. 21, 1849. 

131 1 Henry' Kingsbury {Joseph\ Lemuel\ Joseph\ Na- 
thanieP, JosepH\ He/iry'), of Sheshequin and Towanda, Pa., 
married, September 24, 1835, M-atilda, daughter of Jonathan 

General Washington presented it to Ira Stephens, who was a soldier in his army. 
From him it has descended through the various generations of the Stephens family 
to Ira E. Stephens, of Towanda, Pa. Mr. Stephens has presented this old heirloom 
to the Tioga Point Historical Society, upon the following conditions : Mr. Stephens 
reserves the right of control and possession during his life, should he ever desire to 
exercise it ; at his death the glass is to become the property of the Society to hold 
as long as the Society exists. Should the Society cease to exist, then the glass is to 
become the property of the eldest male heir of Mr. Stephens. This is a generous 
and graceful act on the part of Mr. Stephens, and one which is highly appreciated 
by the Historical Society. The Society is to be congratulated upon being the recip- 
ient of such an historic and valuable gift. At one time Judge Peters, of Philadel- 
phia, wishing to secure the glass for Independence Hall, offered Mr. Stephens $2,000 
for it. 


and Hannah (Gloss) Clizbe, born February i6, 1818, in Bath, 
Steuben Co., N. Y. He was a house carpenter. In 1873 he 
removed to Towanda, where he died June 28, 1887. His 
wife was living in 1890. They had no children. 

1312 Joseph' Kingsbury {/oscp/t\ Lemuel^, Joseph*, Na- 
thaniei\ Joseph", Henry'), of Towanda, Pa., married, Decem- 
ber 17, 1833, Matilda, daughter of Col. Hiram and Elizabeth 
(Martin) Mix, born August 14, 18 18, in Wysox, Pa.; removed 
to Towanda, 1826, and lived there until his death. Deputy 
Collector of Internal Revenue from 1862 to 1876; Secretary 
and Treasurer of the City 1873 to 1876; Secretary 1873-1890; 
City Clerk until the time of his death. He died May i, 1895. 
His widow died in Towanda, December 31, 1901. 


1681 Joseph, born Nov. 19, 1837. z: > 

1682 Anna, born March 12, 1840; died June 17, 1842. 

1683 Helen Mar, born Aug. 16, 1842 ; m. Francis E. Jayne, Towanda; 

died 1897; s. p. 

1684 Alice Terry, born Nov. 12, 1844. r: > 

1685 Louisa, born Dec. 27, 1846 ; d. Oct. 2, 1879, i" Towanda ; m. 

(i) N. Thatcher, (2) L. Robbins, but left no children. 

1686 Frederick, born Aug. 18, 1S50 ; died Jan. 17,1859. 

1687 Franklin Stuart, born May 19, 1853. r: > 

1688 Harry Mi.x, born March 19, 1855. •- ■ >" 

1313 Marion Braidfoot Wallace' Kingsbury ( Joseph\ 
Le/iiuer, Joseph\ NathanieP, Joseph'', Henry'), married, Sep- 
tember 29, 1835, George Sanderson, of Scranton, Pa., born 
at No. 5 Myrtle Street, Boston, February 25, 1810. He 
graduated from the Boston Latin School ; lived in New 
York State as a Universalist minister for a time ; settled in 
1835 i^ Towanda, Pa.; admitted to the bar of Bradford 
county in 1840 ; Deputy Attorney-General of Bradford Co. 
for some years, and during the years 185 1, 1852, and 1853 
represented Bradford, Susquehanna, and Wyoming Counties 
in the vState Senate. He removed to Scranton in 1855. He 
purchased a large tract of land, cut a road out through, the 
woods, built a corduroy road across the swamps, and amid 
the pine stumps built a handsome residence, laid out Sander- 
son Hill in building lots, opened streets, and donated ground 
for school and church purposes. In company with his 



brother-in-law, Burton Kingsbury, he went into the banking 
business in 1855 and was afterwards President of the Lacka- 
wanna Valley Bank. About 1864 he removed to Philadel- 
' phia, where he lived for three years ; then returned to 
Scranton, where he purchased a tract of land at Green Ridge, 
and by opening streets and building a street railroad he es- 
tablished a thriving and delightful suburb to Scranton. He 
died in Scranton, April i, 1886 ; Marion, his wife, died June 
23, 1886. She was a consistent member of the Episcopal 
Church, as was her husband, who was a vestryman in the 
Church of the Good Shepherd, and donated the land upon 
which the church was built. [Kulp's Families of the Wyo/ning 
Valley, III, i2(^p-po.] 


1 Emily, born in 1S36; died in Scranton, Pa., 1853. 

2 James Gardiner, born Feb. 5, 1840 ; m. July 17, i860, Elizabeth, 

daughter of George Phillips McBrair, of New York City; he 
grad. from the Van Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, 
N. Y. ; is a civil and mechanical engineer in Scranton, 
Pa. ; s. p. 

3 George, born Aug. 23, 1847; m. Nov., 1871, Lucy Reed, dau. of 

Charles Jackson of Boston ; he is an attorney-at-law in Scran- 
ton, director of the Lackawanna Trust and Safe Deposit Co., 
President of the Select Council, etc. Ch.: i Edward Spalding, 
b. Sept. 8, 1872 ; grad. from Cornell University, in the Depart- 
ment of Mechanical Engineering ; now (1903 occupies a re- 
sponsible position with the Illinois Steel Co., Joilet, 111. 2 
Charles Reed, b. June 2, 1874 ; grad. from Cornell University 
in the Department of Electrical Engineering; is now (1903) in 
charge of the Electrical Equipment of the New York cS: Scran- 
ton Coal Co. ; 3 James Gardiner, b. March 22, 1876 ; a lawyer 
in Chicago; 4 Horace Jackson, b. Jan. 9, 1879; d. Dec. 14, 1887; 
5 Helen Louisa, b. July 8, 1880 ; 6 Marion Kingsbury, b. 
Oct. 24, 1882; 7 William Furness, b. Dec. 9, 1885 ; d. Aug. 
23, 1886; 8 George, b. Nov. 8, 1S88. 

4 Anna Kingsbury; unm. ; living in Scranton. 

5 Marion, born June 28, 1853; m. Sept., 1873, Edward B. Sturges of 

Scranton, b. in Greenfield Hill, Conn., son of Rev. Thomas 
Benedict and Hannah W, (Barker) Sturges ; he is an attorney- 
atlaw and a prominent citizen of Scranton, engaged in many 
business enterprises. Ch.: i Clarence Baker, b. Feb. 9, 1874, 
grad. from Yale LTniversity, Sheflfield Scientific School, 1896, as 
a civil and mining engineer ; is engaged in engineering work in 
and about the mines of the New York & Scranton Coal Co. ; 2 


George Sanderson, b. Sept. 7, 1875 ; is in business with his 
father in Scranton; 3 Marion, b. Jan. 13, 1878; d. July 16, 
1878; 4 Anna Kingsbury, b. April 10, 1882. 

1315 Lemuel Spalding' Kingsbury {Joseph^, Lemuel', 
/osep/i\ Nathaniel^, Joseph^, Heniy), of Sheshequin, Pa., 
married, February 28, 1844, Sarah Osborn, born March i, 
1824, in Windham, Pa., daughter of William and Jane (My- 
ers) Osborn. He was a farmer in Sheshequin, living on the 
old family homestead, and he held the office of Trustee in 
the Universalist Church. He died May 9, 1902, and his 
widow is living in Sheshequin. 


1689 Alice O., b. March 7, 1845; m. October 20, 1867, O. D. Kenney, a 

lawyer in Minneapolis, Minn. ; she died Sept. 14, 1886, in 
Dakota ; s. p. 

1690 Myra, born Dec. 7, 1847; she was ordained as a minister of the 

Universalist Church in 1880 ; she spent several years with a 
parish at North Williston, Vt. ; then removed to Belfast, 
Me., where she remained until declining health compelled 
her to lighten her work. She then returned to her home in 
Sheshequin, where she preached, dividing her time with the 
parish at Athens. She died in Sheshequin in 1898. 

1691 (iRACE Greenwood, born Dec. 25, 1852; m , October 30, 1876, John 

W. Childs, of Sheshequin; died October, 1878; s. p. 

1318 Alice Terry' Kingsbury {Lemuel", Lemucl\ Joseph\ 
Nathaniel^ , Joseph', LLenry^), married, March 24, 183 1, Solo- 
mon Allen, of Enfield, born August 19, 1801, son of Captain 
Solomon and Lucy (Terry) Allen. He was a farmer in 
Enfield, where he died December 11, 1882. Mrs. Allen died 
February ti, 1894, aged 88. 


1 Catharine Kingsbury, born Jan. 15, 1832; died in Enfield, May 

29, 1844. 

2 Solomon Iu.lsworth, born October 18, 1832; living in Enfield, unm. 

3 Ei.LEN Maria, born August 12, 1835 ; rn- in Enfield, Dec. 4, 1856, 

Warren Button, son of Jonathan and Betsey (Terry) Button, of 
Enfield ; she died Nov. 8, 1872; he died July 14, 1903, in Enfield. 
Ch.: I Howard A.,b. Oct. 10, 1857; m. June, 1882, Sarah Henry; 
ch., 1 Harry Warren, b. June 18, 1884; 2 Willie Howard b. April 
4, 1887. (2) Ellen M., b. Dec. 7, 1858, m. Jan. 11, 1884, William 
Woods; she d. in Eebruar3% 1891; ch.; i E. Florence, b. Jan. 16, 
1885; 2 Anna H.,b. March i, 1886, d. 1886 ; 3 Bertha E.,b. Feb. 
15, iSgi. 3 Francis W., b. Sept. 18, i860, m. June 18, 1889, Mar- 
tha Steele, living in Thompsonville; ch. : i Charles F., b. Mar. 



15, 1890; 2 Elsie M., b. Nov. 4, 1893. 4 Alice B., b. Nov. 18, 
1864; m. Feb. 16, 1887, John Bostick; ch.: i Warren S., b. June 
22, 1888. 2 Arthur K., b. May 21, 1890. 3 Charles W.,b. 
March 20, 1892. 5 Charles F., b. Oct. 18, 1867 6 Bertha H., 
b. July 31, 1869; living in Thompsonville with her father ; 

4 Robert Terry, born Sept. 23, 1837; m. August i, 1870, Sarah A., 

daughter of William T. and EUinore (Booth) Tremere, b. in 
Kingston, Ontario, Sept. 24, 1851 ; lives in Hazardville. Ch.: i 
Harry K. , b. July 15, 1871 ; m. June 15, 1892, Jessie Goodsell; 
I ch. Grace, b. March 15, 1893 ; 2 Frank Terry, b. Jan. 22, 
1872. 3 Elenor Tremere, b. April 17, 1883. 

5 Infant, born and died Oct. 8, 1839. [12 B. F. Ellis.] 

6 Julia Alice, born April 13, 1841; died March 13, 1843, in Enfield. 

7 Alice Angeline, born August i, 1843 ; m. April 4, 1870, Richard 

Marsden Thompson of South Manchester, Conn., son of Rich- 
ard and Alice (Baldwin) Thompson. Ch. : i Alice M., b. April 
21, 1871; 2 Edith E., b. July 6, 1873; 3 Grace A., b. Dec. 3, 
1874; 4 Arthur A., b. Feb. 21, 18S0. 

8 JosKt'H, born Feb. 23, -1847; died Sept. 2, 1S47, in Enfield. 

9 Charles, b. Oct. 23, 1849; died Sept. 22, 1866, in Enfield. 

1320 Alfred' Kingsbury {Lei/mer, LemueP, Joseph\ Na- 
tJiaiiicP^ Joseph^, Henry^), of Enfield, married, January 29 [30, 
Enfield Town Records\ 1835, Lucinda Chandler, born May 
19, 18 18, daughter of Isaac and Jerusha (Terry) Chandler, 
of Enfield. He was a carpenter and joiner. He died in 
Enfield, March 30, 1893. His widow, Lucinda, died Feb- 
ruary 5, 1900. 


1692 Algernon Sidney, born July 5, 1836. s > 

1693 MiLO Gordon, b. April 25, 1839. r: > 

1694 Isoline, born Oct. 30, 1841; unm., living in Thompsonville, Conn. 

1695 Theodosia, born June 26, 1844; unm., living in Thompsonville, 


1696 Alonzo, born«August 8, 1847; died June8, 1872, in Illinois. 

1697 Ella Annie, born August 26, 1850; m. May 13, 1871, Louis Noble. 

According to the Chandler Gejiealogy, her husband was a 
Russian, who left her and returned to his own country. She 
had a son, Alonzo, b. in 1872; he is married, and had One 
ch.: Edith Kingsbury Noble. She m. (2) John McLean, of 
Stony Creek, Conn., where she died December 2, 1896. 

1322 Captain Memnon' Kingsbury {Lemiiel\ LemueP, 
Joseph\ NathanieP, Joseph^, Henry'), of Enfield, Conn., mar- 
ried, September 26, 1844, Lovisa Meacham, daughter of 
Alva/ and Lovisa (Meacham) Chapin, born in Enfield, Feb- 



ruary, 1826. She died June 7, 1845, and he married (2) June 
23, 1847, Eliza Ann, daughter of Thomas Hyde and Amy 
(Sanders) Lord, born in Columbia, Conn., April 30, 1825. 
He was a farmer and manufacturer in Enfield, and died 
there July 27, 1879 [June, T. 6".]. 


1698 Memnon C, born May 31, 1845; died June 18, 1S45. 


1699 Charles Memnon, born July 10, 1853; tlied Aug. 16, 1853. 

1700 Annie Liza, born Dec. 6, 1S54; m. June 9, 1875, William T. Lane, 

of Norwich, Conn. 

1 701 George Lord, born June 11, i860. :r > 

1702 Hattie, born Jan. 30, 1870 ; died Feb. 23, 1871. 

1327 Solomon Oscar' YLXn^stiMX^ {Solomon^ , Lemuel'' , Jo- 
seph', XathanieP, Joseph"", Henry'), of Grand Rapids, Mich. 
He married in Wickliff, Ohio, October 2, 1836, Malvina Bona, 
born in Castleton, Vt., October 2, 1813. He settled in Grand 
Rapids, in 1844, as a merchant. He was elected County 
Treasurer in 1848, and again in 1850, serving four years. In 
1858 he opened a real estate and insurance office, and con- 
tinued in that business during the remainder of his life. He 
was Representative from Kent Co. in 1867, and in the same 
year he was appointed Postmaster, and held the position 
two 5' ears. His wife died Aug. 3, 1879 ; he died May 16, 
1886 in Grand Rapids. 


1703 Bashua Amanda, born in Fairport, Ohio, June 23, 1838. r:--> 

1704 Gaius Pease, born in Fairport, Ohio, March 29, 1840. s-*^ 

1705 Geoiu'.e Allen, born in Painesville, Ohio, Jan. 23, 1843 ; died 

March 5, 1846. 

1328 Joseph Coroden' Kingsbury {Solomoii\ Lcmuer, 
Joseph*, Nathaniel', Joseph', Henry'), of Salt Lake City, Utah. 
He joined the Mormons, and was one of the first colony that 
settled in Utah ; an Elder in the Mormon Church ; married 
(i), February 3, 1836, Caroline Whitney, a relative of Bishop 
Whitney, born March 10, 1816; died October 16, 1842, in 
Nauvoo; (2), March 4, 1845, Dorcas Adelia Moore, born Janu- 
ary 22, 1829; (3), January 27, 1846, Loenza A. Pond, born 
February 15, 1830 ; (4), September 26, 1870, Eliza Partridge, 
born February, 1842. He died in Salt Lake City, October 
15, 1898. 


The following sketch of his career is condensed from 
Tullidge's History of Salt Lake City, published in 1886, by- 
authority of the City Council. 

[About 1830, when Joseph Coroden Kingsbury was a 
clerk in a store in Ashtabula, O., that neighborhood was 
greatly stirred with the news of the " golden bible " found 
by Joseph Smith. While Kingsbury was yet a lad he be- 
came acquainted with Newel K. Whitney, who was after- 
wards the presiding bishop of the Mormon Church, and in 
1831, when he removed to Kirtland, O., he came again under 
the influence of Whitney. After the labors of the day were 
over he would spend his evenings at the home of Elder 
Whitney, from whose lips and the inspired memory of 
" Mother Whitney " he heard related more fully the won- 
derful narrative of Joseph the Prophet. The following 
year young K. began his business relationship with the 
presiding bishop of the church. He belonged to a certain 
class of elders who were emplcty^ed in the temporal govern- 
ment of the Aaronic Priesthood. At the laying of the cor- 
ner-stone of the Kirtland Temple he was ordained an elder 
under the hands of the Prophet. Next he was ordained one 
of the high council of the Kirtland Stake, which signifies 
that he was one of the first high council in the church. He 
removed to Missouri in 1838, and remained there through 
all the wars and mobbings, until the Saints were expelled. 
He then went to Nauvoo, where he was in the Tithing 
Office under Bishop Whitney as his assistant. He was one 
of the Pioneer Band which started for the Rocky Mountains 
in 1847, and he is considered one of the founders of Salt 
Lake City. He was counsellor to Bishop Lowry, and July 
13, 185 1, he was ordained to the office of a bishop, and as 
bishop of the Second Ward he was one of the original bish- 
ops of Salt Lake City. In i860 began his long connection 
with the General Tithing Store of the church in Utah. In 
1867 he was appointed general superintendent of the Tith- 
ing Office under the direction of the late presiding bishop, 
Edward Hunter. It was a position of great trust, requiring 
much care, patience, and impartiality in dealing with the 
people and the public lands, that they might be satisfied. 




January 25, 1883, he was ordained a patriarch under the 
hands of Apostles Woodruff and Richards. He may prop- 
erly be considered as one of the representative men of the 
Mormon Church.] 


1706 Joseph Whitney, born Feb. 13, 1837 ; died August 13, 1S38, on 

the journey to Missouri. 

1707 Newel, born Oct. 16, 1842 ; died young. 


170S Bashua Dorcas, born Nov. 19, 1847 ; m., in 1867, Robert Fryer, 
of Salt Lake City ; ch.: i Bashua Amanda, b. July 13, 1868; 
m., in 1890, Jerome Chapman; 2 ch.; 2 Robert William, b. 
Oct. 10, 1870 ; 3 Joseph Thomas, b. Dec. 20, 1872 ; 4 Frank- 
lin George, b. April 15, 1875 ; 5 Rodney Hyram, b. July 16, 
1877 ; 6 Nellie Dorcas, b. Jan. 12, 1884. 

1709 Josephine Adelia, born Dec. 22, 1849 '< ni., in 1870, Joseph Fryer, 

of Salt Lake City; ch.: Josephine Dorcas Adelia, b. April 2, 
1871 ; d. Aug. 2, 1871 ; she died July 28, 1871. 

1710 Mary Ophelia, born Jan. 7, 1852; m., in 1874, Joseph R. Meservy, 

of Salt Lake City; ch. : i Oliver Kingsbury, b. Oct. 8, 1875 ; 2 
Dorcas Josephine, b. March 23, 1879 ; 3 Julia Henrietta, b. 
Nov. 22, 1880; 4 James Alonzo, b. Feb. 18, 1883; 5 Phebe 
Annie, b. April 16, 1885 ; 6 Jane Ophelia, b. Feb. 11, 1S88 ; 7 
David Coroden, b. April 9, 1890 ; d. Oct. 8, 1890 ; 8 Mary Ro- 
selle, b. April 9, 1892 ; 9 Salina Irene, b. Feb. 15, 1895. 

1711 Joseph Thomas, born Nov. 4, 1853. = > 

1712 Elizaheth Mahala, born Nov. 3, 1855; m., in iSSo, John A. 

Druce, of Salt Lake City; ch.: i Xenia Lovena, b. Oct. 12, 
1881 ; 2 Ethel Dorcas, b. March 24, 1883. 

1713 Annis Leah, born April 23, 1859. 

1714 Solomon Seth, born Jan. i, 1861. ^->- 

1715 David Pease, born Feb. 25, 1864. r: > 

1716 Malvina, born Oct. 27, 1866. 

1717 Ada, born Dec. 9, 1869. 


1718 ViLATE Elizabeth, born March 27, 1849; m., in 1867, Edward 

Snelgrave, of Salt Lake City; ch.: i Maria, born March 5, 
1868; 2 Edward Joseph, b. July 11, 1870; 3 Eddie Thomas, 
b. July 14, 1872 ; 4 William Kingsbury, b. Dec. 25, 1874 ; 5 
Joseph Coroden, b. May 12, 1877 ; 6 Owen Elmo, b. July 2, 
1880; 7 Loenza Alsena, b. July 27, 1883 ; d. May 10, 18S4. 

1719 Martha Ann, born Oct. 17, 1850; m., in 1870, William Crauford 

Lewis, of Salt Lake City ; ch. : i Abbie Lorenza, b. Nov. 30, 
1871 ; 2 Maria Lucinda, b. Dec. 14, 1873 ; d. July 18, 1874 ; 


3 Vilate Elizabeth, b. Dec. 14, 1875 ; 4 Sanford Bingham, b. 
July 8, 1878 ; d. Dec. 23, 1889 ; 5 Anna Frances, b. May 19, 
1882 ; d. Jan. g, 1890. 

1720 Maria Loenza, born Sept. 19, 1852 ; m., in 1867, M. W. Merrill, 

of Salt Lake Cit)-^ ; ch. : i Joseph Francis, b. Aug. 24, 1868 ; 
2 Willard Hyram, b. Jan. 29, 1870 ; m., in 1891, Bessie Cluff ; 
2 ch.; 3 Hattie Loenza, b. Feb. 24, 1873 ; 4 Laura Vilate, b. 
May 17, 1875 ; 5 Lucy Aleena, b. June 16, 1877 ; 6 Newell 
Alvin, b. Feb. i, 1880; d. April, 1880; 7 Ambrose Pond, b- 
March 15, 1882 ; 8 Melvin Clarence, b. April 6, 1S84; 9 Nellie 
Maria, b. Sept. 27, 1886 ; 10 Loenza Eveline, b. Feb. 6, 1892. 


1721 George William, born July 21, 1872. 

1722 Caroline Maud, born July 6, 1875. 

1723 Rhoda, born Aug. 6, 1877. 

1724 Roy, born Feb. 3, 1880. 

1329 Henry De Los' Kingsbury {Solomorf, Lemner, 
Joseph\ A^at/ia/iiel^, Joseph'', Henry^), of Grand Rapids, Mich- 
igan ; married, at Mentor, Ohio, August 25, 1846, Malvina 
Antoinette Corning, born in Mentor in 1827. He died 
March 31, 1901, in Munising, Michigan, 


1725 Frederick William, born Sept. 7, 1847, in Mentor, Lake County, 

Ohio. St-^ 

1726 Caroline Elizabeth, born March 20, 1854; m., Nov. 14, 1876, Ar- 

thur Kingsbury Allen, b. Nov. 6, 1849, son of George W. and 
Jennett (Noble) Allen, of Grand Rapids, and grandson of 
Moses and Nancy (Kingsbury) Allen (see p. 347) ; children: i 
Frederick Stanley, b. Sept. 28, 1877 ; 2 a child d. in infancy. 

1340 Andria Milton' Kingsbury {Denison\ John Deni- 
son^, Denisort, NathanieP, JosepJi^, Hcnry^), of Akron, Ohio ; 
married, December i, 1845, in Hanover, Laura Owen Tenney. 
of Hanover. He died in Akron, Ohio, September 6, 1893. 


1727 Gilbert, ; in 1894 living in Cincinnati, editing a mag 


1728 Maria Emily Tenney, ; m. Thomas Dean, of Indianapohs 

573 N. Tenn. St. 

1729 Anna Louisa, ; m. Thomas Orton of St. Paul, Minn., 

243 E. Tenth St. 

1730 Alma Lavina, ; died in infancy. 

1731 Laura Tenney, ; m. (i), George McDaniels ; (2), 

McRay, of Canon City, Colorado, Box 2756. 



1341 Gilbert Denison' Kingsbury {De>nso/i\ John Den- 
isotv', Denison\ Nathaiiier, Joseph^, Henrf), was graduated 
from the Ballston, N. Y., Law School, and admitted to the 
bar in New York, but never practiced ; removed to Florida 
in 1852 and taught school; to Brownsville, Texas, in 1854, 
where he kept a store and was Postmaster. He was a Union 
man and left Texas of necessity for that reason, in 1862 ; re- 
sided in Matamoras, Mexico, during the years 1863 and 1864; 
removed to Illinois in 1866, and returned to Texas in 1874. 
He was a teacher many years, lectured two years, and 
farmed several years. He married (i), Anna Underwood, 
in Florida ; she died in Brownsville, and all her four 
children ; (2), September 22, 1865, Emeline Douglas, daugh- 
ter of David and Emily (Owen) Tenney, born in Hanover, 
N. H., July 10, 1831. He died at Star Mills, Texas, March 
15, 1877. 


1732 Dora Emeline, born Sept. 6, 1866; m., Nov. 9, 1887, John Wes- 

ley Warren, of Hamilton, Hamilton Co., Texas; 2 ch.: i 
Ruth ; 2 Emily. 

1733 Ernest Gilbert, born Dec. 27, 1868, in Plainfield, 111.; a farmer 

and stock raiser in Hamilton Co., Texas, five miles east of 
Star Mills P. O. (1894.) 

1342 Rev. John Dennison' Kingsbury, D.D. {Joseph\ 
John Denisoii\ Denison^, NatliaideP, Joseph", Ilenry^), of Brad- 
ford, ]\Iass.; was graduated from the University of Vermont, 
1852; A.M., 1855 ; settled at Brandon, Vt., 1856; Winooski, 
Vt., i860; at Bradford, Mass., 1866. He married, February 
5, 1861, Charlotte Martha Field, born May 28, 1835, daughter 
of William Morton and Minerva Kimball (Davenport) Field, 
of Brandon, Vt. He received the degree of D.D. from his 
alma mater in 1876. He has written a number of books, in- 
cluding a History of Bradford. In 1900 Dr. Kingsbury cel- 
ebrated the anniversary of his settlement at Bradford, and 
the following graceful tribute appeared in the Haverhill 
Daily Bulletin : 

" But few, if any, clergymen in New England have had a 
more successful quarter of a century pastorate than Rev. J. 
D. Kingsbury, D.D., of Bradford. In fact, only a compara- 
tively few pastors in all New England can recount twenty- 




five years of labor in a single parish. Such cases are rare, 
and when one can be found in these days of changes, it is 
doubly worthy of mention. That of the Bradford pastor is 
as beautiful as it is rare. Beautiful, because so satisfactory 
to the people among whom he has labored to build up the 
Redeemer's kingdom. Rev. Dr. Kingsbury is a pastor in 
the broadest and deepest meaning of that term. In him are 
combined all those qualifications necessary for the momen- 
tous and sacred work devolving upon an ambassador of 
Christ. Very often we hear it said by people, in speaking 
of ministers, that such a one is an excellent speaker in the 
pulpit, but a poor pastor ; or, a good pastor, but a poor ser- 
monizer. But nothing of the kind can be applied to the 
Bradford man of God, who has so successfully presided over 
the Congregational Church in that town for a period of 
twenty-five years. It has also been said of him that he never 
preached a sermon without presenting thought worthy to be 
written in letters of gold, and that at times his eloquence in 
utterance reaches the highest point of finish. He is an im- 
pressive speaker, and always holds the close attention of his 
hearers from beginning to the end of his discourses. Dr. 
Kingsbury is a pastor in a broad and delightful sense, away 
from the pulpit, among his people. His genial and affable 
manners assure him a cordial welcome in every home. 
Especially is he welcomed at the bedside of the sick. As one 
who knows him intimately has said : ' He is a wonderful 
man in sickness ' ; and he is one of the few who know how 
to enter a sick room, and when to leave it. But besides 
being an excellent pastor Dr. Kingsbury is a good citizen. 
He possesses executive ability of a high order, and knows 
how things ought to be done. His judgment seems to be 
unerring in all the questions that come before him ; when 
convinced that a thing is right, he never hesitates to make 
it known. He possesses a wonderful faculty of adaptation 
and application. For twenty-five years no rumor of discon- 
tent has been heard in his parish, and nobody desires a 
change. Favored must be the pastor with such a society, 
and happy must be the people with such a pastor." 

January i, 1901, Dr. Kingsbury severed his connection 
with the Church in Bradford, although he retains the posi- 


tion of Pastor Emeritus, and he is now acting as Special 
Representative of the Executive Committee of the Congre- 
gational Home Missionary Society on the Missionary Field, 
and Superintendent of Southern Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, 
and Arizona, still retaining his home in Bradford. 


1734 John, born Dec. 3, 1861 ; died Jan. 18, 1873, iii Bradford. 

1735 Katherine, born July 11, 1863, in Winooski, Vt.; married, Octo- 

ber 3, 1888, John Herbert Davis, of Haverhill, Mass., born 
October 9, 1862, son of John and Susan Osborn (Balch) Davis. 
She died September 26, 1889, leaving one child, John Brad- 
ford, born in Bradford, September 26, 1889. 

1736 Martha, born June 23, 1865 ; m., Sept. 8, 1892, Frank Henry 

Colby, of Bradford; ch. : John Kingsbury, born October ig, 

1737 Charlotte, born Oct. 24, 1876 ; m., July 2, 1900, Chfford Poor, of 


1343 Doctor Joseph Byron' Kingsbury { Joseph", 
John Denison^, Denison", NathauieP, Joseph", Ne/iry^), of Hol- 
brook, Mass., was graduated from Dartmouth Medical Col- 
lege, 1871, and took post-graduate medical course at Har- 
vard; lived first in Jericho, Vt.; later settled in Holbrook; 
married, April 27, 1858, Julia Elizabeth, daughter of Amos 
and Julia Abigail (Cressey) Eastman, born November 26, 
1838, in Westford, Vt. He has been chairman of the Board 
of Health, and member of the vSchool Board in Holbrook for 
many years. He has had a long and honorable professional 
career, and has gained a considerable reputation as a con- 
sulting physician in his section of the State, and is a member 
of the Massachusetts Medical Society. 


738 Mary Euzaheth, born Oct, i, i860; m., Jan. 31, 1882, Frederick 

French Lincoln, of Boston. 

739 George Byron, born May 29, 1863, in Braintree, Vt. ; graduated 

Dartmouth College, 1889, A.B.; 1892, A.M.; taught in Wes- 
leyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass., in Brockton, Mass., and 
nas been Director of the Commercial Department, Hartford 
High School, since 1902 ; on Executive Board of Dartmouth 
Alumni Association; member of Kappa Kappa Kappa Frater- 
nity of Dartmouth College, and the Massachusetts High School 


Masters' Club; married July 30, 1896, Edith Hannah, dau. of 
Charles and Charlotte (Beal) Leonard, born November 6, 1876, 
in Brockton, Mass. s. p. 

1740 Albert Edward, born June 3, 1865, in Underhill, Vt. ::r. > 

1741 Ellen Eliza, born June 15, 1868; unm. 

1344 Ellen Eliza ' Kingsbury {Josep/i\ Jo/171 Denisofi ', 
Demson\ Nat/ia/iieP, Joseph" ^ Heiiry^), married, May 11, 1869, 
Rev. Eugene John Ranslow, born October 21, 1842, in 
Georgia, Vt., son of Rev. George Washington and Anna 
Mead (Parmelee) Ranslow. He enlisted, August, 1864, in 
the U. S. Navy; served on the Brooklyn, and was in the siege 
of Fort Fisher; discharged, March, 1865. He was graduated 
from Middlebury College, 1866; Auburn Theological Semi- 
nary, 1869. He is a Congregational minister, and has been 
settled at Norwich and Swanton, Vt. She died in Swanton, 
February 28, 1897. 


1 Bertha Eliza, born April 9, 1872; a teacher in Middlebury Academy, 


2 Anna Blanche, born February 28, 1876; m. Sept. 15, 1897, Benjamin 

Hatch Brown of East Alburgh, Vt. ; ch. : Carl Ranslow, b. 
January, 1899. 

3 George Herbert, born July 31, 1878; in business in Boston. 

4 Ellen Agnes, born August 25, 1884; res. in Swanton. 

1345 Doctor Frederick Lucas' Kingsbury {Joseph\ 
John Denison^, Denison\ NathanieP, Joseph"^, IPenry^), was 
graduated from Dartmouth College, 1875; M.D. University 
of Vermont, 1878; married, February 27, 1878, Luella Laugh- 
ton, daughter of Franklin Lyman and Lucy (Blood) Olds, 
born in Norwich, Vermont, October 19, 1848. He practiced 
in Burlington until September, 1880; then lived in Water- 
bury, Vt., until March 31, 188 1, when he went as a missionary 
physician to Samokov, Bulgaria, under the American Board 
of Commissioners for Foreign Missions; returned to this 
country in May, 1898, and now resides at Clifton Springs, 
N. Y., practicing electro-therapeutics. 


1742 Joseph Lyman, born July 4, 1880; a Junior in Dartmouth College. 

1743 Margaret Lucy, born Sept. 3, 1884; graduated at the Newton 

High School, Newton, Mass., 1903; a student at Mt. Holyoke 


1380 Orson J/ Kingsbury {Flavel C\ Asa', Asa\ Ephra- 
im\ Joseph^ , Joseph"^ , Henry^), married Sarah Davis. He died 
in 1899, aged 78. 


1744 George. 

1745 Fannie. 

1746 Inverna. 

1747 Hattie. 

1748 Josephine. 

1749 Frederic. 

1750 Nellie. 

1751 Carrie. 

1381 Carlos Martin" Kingsbury {Flavel C:, Asa\ Asa\ 
Ephraim\ Joseph^, J osepli", Ile/irf), married (i) Jane Davis, 
born June 12, 1832, in vStittville, N. Y., daughter of Joseph 
Davis ; died May 29, 1863. (2) October 20, 1864, Mary Ann 
Davies, born January 29, 1835, in England, daughter of 
Thomas and Anne (Jacks) Davies; died May 13, 1888. He 
was a carpenter, and lived in Utica, Turin, and Rome, N. Y. 
He died in Rome, June 23, 1873. 


1752 Orson James, born September 20, 1853, in Stittville, N. Y. ; mar- 

ried Emma Ayres, 1886 or '7, in Fort Worth, Texas. 

1753 Charles Henry, born February 2, 1857, in Stittville, N. Y. ; 

married, October 31, 1885, L. Mary Steers; resides Wayne, 

1754 Milton De Forest, born November 7, 1859 ; married, July 12, 

1883, Margaret Russell Hawkins, resides Syracuse, N. Y. 

1755 Mary Belle, born October i, 1855, in Stittville; died young. 

1756 William Eugene, born June 2, 1S62, in Cortland, N. Y.; died 

July "18, 1867. . 


1757 Thomas Delos, born October 3, 1865, in Rome, N. Y.; died July 

25, 1867. 

1758 Adelbert Richard, born May 25, 1S67, in Rome, N. Y.; married, 

December 23, 1890, Ella E. Todd ; resides Newcastle, Pa. 

1759 Nettie Estelle, born March 8, 1871, in Rome, N. Y.; married, 

June 16, 1897, Ward Jay Cagwin, of Rome, N. Y., born in 
Verona, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1873, son of Theodore and Ella H. 
(Beach) Cagwin. 


1383 Lurena' Kingsbury {Flavel C\ Asa\ Asa\ Ephra- 
im\ Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry'), married, February 12, 1852, in 
Utica, N. Y., Lansing DeForest, farmer ; removed to De 
Kalb, Illinois, in 1857; he died in DeKalb, July 5, 1898, aged 
66. She resides in DeKalb (1903). 


1 Mary Ella, born October 24, 1852 ; married, December 13, 1867, 

Ellis E. Ingham ; died September 4, 1902. 

2 Eugene Albert, born February 17, 1854; unmarried. 

3 Lizzie Antoinette, born December 25, 1855; married, December 13, 

1878, J. Charles Smith. 

4 Inverna Belle, born March 15, 185S; died July 20, 1867. 

5 Trvphena Sarah, born October 18, 1861; married, December 20, 

18S2, Ernest S. Chambers. 

6 Carrie Melvina, born January i, 1864; married, February 13, 1883, 

Grant E. Mosher. 

7 Lottie Eugenia, born July 3, 1870; married June 26, 1895, Seymour 

M. Hunt. 

1385 Mary Lyon ' Kingsbury {Flavel C:, Asa\ Asa\ 
Ephraim\ Joseph^^ Joseph^, Henry'), married, September 15, 
1851, William R. Williams, born March 26, 1828, in Trenton, 
N. Y., son of Robert Z. and Eliza (Guthrie) Williams, a con- 
tractor and builder in Rome, N. Y. She died in Oneida, N. 
Y., September 7, 1885, aged 51. 


1 Henry Judson, born April 12, 1853, in Rome ; married, March 22, 

1876, Alice J. Hemans; ch.: i M. Edith, born in Oneida, Au- 
gust 30, 1878 ; 2 Robert E., born in Oneida, August 5, 1880. 

2 George Steven, born August 24, 1855, iii Rome ; married, December 

24, 1895, Ida A. Hedrick; is a physician in Muskegon, Mich.; 
no children. 

3 Frank Perkins, born November 24, 1859, in Rome; married, Janu- 

ary 2, 1859, Minnie P. Farrington; residence. Hill City, South 
Dakota; ch. : Edward F., born January 28, 1883, in Spring- 
field, 111. 

4 Adella T., born February 14, 1866, in Rome; married, October 22, 

1890, Otto C. Pfaflf, M.D.; resides in Oneida, N. Y.; ch.: Sa- 
rah Maria, born November n, 1895; died March 11, 1896. 

1386 Dyer S.' Kingsbury {A>nos\ /anies\ Absalom", 
Ephraim*, J^seph^, Joseph'', Henry'), of Cleveland, Ohio; 
married, April 4, 1842, Clarissa, daughter of Willard and 



Sarah (Strong) Cleaveland, of Williamsburgh, Mass., War- 
ren, Ohio, and Plymouth, Ind.; born in Gorham, N. Y. She 
died in Cassopolis, Michigan, April 30, 1855. He was living 
in 1903 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. 


1760 Wii.LARD Cleaveland, b. March 19, 1855, in Cassopolis, Mieh. r: > 

1388 Rev. Chester Taylor" Kingsbury {A/z/os', James", 
Absalom'\ Ep/iraii/i\ Joseph'^, Jos€pJi\ Henry), of Alliance, 
Ohio; married, (i) September 6, 1846, Lucy F. Hart, born 
September, 1823, in Saratoga, N. Y.; died July 6, 1862, in 
Twinsburgh, Ohio; (2) May 12, 1863, Mary E., daughter of 
Noah Andrews Carter, born March 26, 1835, in Twinsburgh. 
In 1845 he began preaching in the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, and for forty years was an active minister. His 
first charge comprised a part of three counties in Ohio — 
Morgan, Muskingum, and Washington. 


1761 Adelaide F., born September 20, 1854; m. July 30, 1SS9, H. C. 

Wait, of Newark, N. J.; died in Alliance, July 21, 1900. 


1762 . Jennie May, born Aug. 22, 1869, in Chardon, Ohio; m., Oct. 7, 

1896, Arthur Wright, of AlHance, O. ; one ch., Helen, b. Nov. 
7. 1897. 

1390 James Trumble' Kingsbury {AlnwiuV, James\ 
Absalo)n^, J<lphniim\ JosepJi\ Josep/r , Henry), removed, about 
1846 or '47, to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and from there, in 1868, 
to Milwaukee. He was a manufacturer of tobacco. He mar- 
ried Philomela, daughter of Hon. Elijah Fox and Lucy Ann 
(Lane) Cook, born in Pontiac, Mich., October 31, 1833. He 
died September 17, 1883, on a steamer between Portland, 
Oregon, and San Francisco. His widow died April 25, 1885. 


1763 Seymour H., born May 19, 1853; res. Milwaukee; married; died 

May 17, 1902; s. p. 

1764 Lucy Kate, born March 16, 1855. iz ■> 

1765 Jennibel, born November i, 1858; married Walter S. Taintor, of 

Oak Park, 111. 

1766 Amanda Louise, born August 18, 18O1; unm.; res. Chicago. 

1767 James E., born November 29, 1863. s - > 

1768 Philo, born March 25, 1873. 


1393 Lucy A.° Kingsbury {Almond\ James^, Absalom\ 
Ep/iraim'^, Josejy/i^, Joseph"*, Henry'), m?ivv\ed,\n 1848, Cornelius 
Lansing Seymour, of Cleveland, Ohio, born in Utica, N. Y., 
December 12, 1826, son of Alexander and Hester (Lansing) 
Seymour. Hester Lansing was a daughter of the Patroon of 
Lansingburgh, Cornelius Lansing, and his wife, Hester Van- 
derheyden. Alexander Seymour, born in West Hartford, 
Conn., October 5, 1784, son of Norman and Mary (McNeil) 
Seymour,* was a merchant in Utica during its early days, and 
in 1834 removed to Cleveland as cashier of a bank. Corne- 
lius Lansing Seymour lived in Cleveland for a time after his 
marriage, but removed to Buffalo in 1850; died there April 
16, 1862. His widow, Lucy, died in Buffalo, May 24, 1877. 


1 Samuel Lansing, born Aug. 14, 1849, in Cleveland; m. Dec. 24, 1872, 

Henrietta I. Merrick, b. in Akron, O., Jan. i, 1851. He is 
engaged in railroad business, employed in the office of the 
Northern Central Railway Company; resides Pittsburg, Shady 
Side, 4715 Wallingford street; Elder in the Calvary Presbyte- 
rian Church; 2 ch.: i. Warren Ilsley, b. Aug. 27, 1873 ; mar- 
ried, June 27, 1901, Emily Sproul ; resides in Pittsburg; 2. 
Lansing Schermerhorn, b. Sept. i, 1876; married. May 30, 
1902, Loraine Tait ; ch. : i, Alexander; res. Philadelphia. 

2 Helen Lucy, born May g, 1851, in Buffalo, N. Y. ; married, April 18, 

1881, Samuel Worcester Andrew, Jr., son of Samuel Worces- 
ter and Fannie Augusta (Crafts) Andrew, of Woodbury, Conn. , 
born April 20, 1849; Yale College 1871; agent for the Stan- 
dard Oil Company in Boston; residence 4 Greenough Place, 
Jamaica Plain; children : i. William Charnley, born January 
23, 18S2; Williams College, 1903; 2. Seymour Lansing, born 
May 23, 1887. 

3 Kate Vanderheyden, born Oct. 18, 1853, in Buffalo; resides in Pitts- 

burg, Pa. ; unmarried. 

4 Emily Ketchum, born June 30, 1856, in Buffalo; a teacher in the 

Chicago University for Girls; res. 22 Lake Shore Drive. 

5 Charles Hurd, born Oct. 5, 1858, in Buffalo; in 1881, lived for some 

time in Colorado Springs, Col. ; now (1902) in Buffalo; married 
Feb. 7, 1883, S. Emma Dodge, born October 4, 1856; children: 
I. Cornelius Lansing, born November 14, 1885; 2. Richard 
Dodge, born January 20, 1892. 

1402 Ellen Augusta' Kin^shury {fames lValdo\ /ames\ 
Absalom", Ephraim'', J osepK\ JosepJi", Henry'), married. May 

• And a descendant of Richard Seymour, Hartford, 1639. 


26, 1885, William E. Parton, of Cleveland, Ohio, born Decem- 
ber 7, i860, in Newcastle, England, son of William and 
Fanny (Capper) Parton. He died in Cleveland, October 23, 
1 90 1. She resides 999 Kinsman Street, with her children. 


1 Harry Francis, born Feb. 9, 1886. 

2 Charles Eckert, born Jan. 8, 1888. 

3 Wii.HERT John, born May 6, 1890. 

14IO Lucy Ann' Kingsbury {C/iarles\ Elisha\ Absalom''; 
Ephraim\ Joseph^, Joseph^, Heiir/), married, September 19, 
1852, William W. Collins, of Uncasville, Conn.; removed 
soon after to Central Village, Conn., where they died and 
are buried. 


1 Lucy A., born October 26, 1854; died April 2, 1855. 

2 Eudora M., born December 7, 1S56. 

3 Wn.i.iAM F., born December 8, 1858. 

4 Hattie DeWole, born May 9, 1863; m. Crafts; res. Brockton, 


5 Adelbert, born January 2, 1866 ; died December 17, 1866. 

1414 Louisa' Kingsbury {Charles', Elisha\ Absalom', 
Ephraim\ Joseph\ /ostp/i\ Ifenrf), married, February 9, 1850, 
Levi L. Jaquith, of Fitchburg, Mass. 


1 Mary A., born April 13, 1853, in Swanzey, N. H.; married 

Stebbins, of Vernon, Vermont; now res. in Fitchburg. 

2 Frederic L.-, born September 15, 1856, in Fitchburg, Mass.; married 

Ellen Murphy, of Boston; one dau., born 187S. 

3 Frank H., born April 14, 1865. 

4 Harry F., born April 28, 1872. 

1415 Elisha Austin' Kingsbury {Charles', Elisha\ Absa- 
lom', Ephraim\ Joseph\ Joseph', lienrf), removed with his 
parents, in 1845, to East Jaffrey, N. H., where he continued 
to reside until he enlisted, October 9, 186 1, in Company E 
Sixth New Hampshire Regiment, for three years. He was 
in the battles of Camden, N. C, Second Bull Run, the Wilder- 
ness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg, where he 
was wounded, and was taken to the hospital at Fortress Mon- 
roe, where he was confined some time. On November 27 


1864, he was discharged near Pegram House, Virginia, at the 
expiration of his term of service. He then returned to East 
Jaffrey and became a boss weaver until, about 187 1, he 
removed to Fitchburg, Mass., and has lived there since as a 
chair-maker, and, since 1891, a machinist. His first wife, 
Harriet E. Stevens, was born in Greenfield, N. H., in 1834, 
from whom he obtained a divorce. He married (2) in Fitch- 
burg, July 8, 1886, Mrs. Jerusha Wyman (Kemp) Tower, 
daughter of Wyman Kemp, and widow of Waldo Tower, 
born in Groton, Mass., June 13, 1848. 


1769 Jennie, born in Fitchburg, December 3, 1858; employed by the 

Waltham Watch Company, Waltham, Mass. 

1417 Abbie S.' Kingsbury {Charles', EIisha\ Ahsalom\ 
Ephraim\ Josep/f, JosepJi^, Ifenry^), married, December 29, 
1871, Joseph Brophy, of Westport, Mass., born June 18, 1849, 
in Fall River, Mass. 


1 William Moore, born April 4, 1874; m. June 21, 1902, Mary E. 

Dennis; res. Fall River. 

2 Edna M., born October 19, 1875; a school teacher in Westport. 

3 EsTELLE Kingsbury, born November 25, 1877; a school teacher in 

Adamsville, R. I. 

4 Vivian DeWolf, born October 15, 1883. 

1418 Cyrus Orweir Kingsbury {Elisha\ Elisha\ Absa- 
lom^, Ephraim\ Joseph\ Joseph^, Henry^), of Slippery Rock, 
Pa., where he was a merchant ; he married, April 5, 1854, 
Clarissa, daughter of George and Leah (Kiester) Christley, 
born in Slippery Rock, Pa., December 6, 1835 ; he enlisted 
August 28, 1S62, and was First Lieutenant of Company F, 
Captain Pillow, 137th Reg., Pennsylvania Volunteers ; dis- 
charged June I, 1863. He held for many years the position 
of Trustee and Steward in the Methodist Episcopal Church 
at Slippery Rock. In 1894 he removed to New Brighton, 
Pa., where he died November 10, 1901. His widow is living 
in New Brighton. 


1770 Clarence E., born April 20, 1855 ; died in Slippery Rock, June 

23. 1873. 

1771 Emma J., born May 9, 1857; died in Slippery Rock, February 

18, 1875. 


1772 George E., born April 16, 1861 ; served in the Spanish War as a 

member of Co. B, Tenth Pennsylvania Regiment, Col. Haw- 
kins, enlisted June 16, 1898, discharged at the Presidio, San 
Francisco, August 22, 1899; was in service at Manila; now 
lives in New Brighton, Pa ; unmarried. 

1773 Henry Pillow, born March 27, 1863. ^;— >- 

1774 Leah M., born August 23, 1865. ™ > 

1775 Hattie May, born November 2, 1867. zz > 

1776 Frank E., born September 24, 1871 ; resides in New Brighton, Pa. 

1777 Love Eugene, born August 4, 1874; resides in New Brighton, Pa. 

1778 Epaphroditas C, born August 16, 1876; married. May 26, 1902, 

Bird May Albert of Youngstown, Ohio ; res. Pittsburg, Pa. 

1779 Flossie J., born June 18, 1882 ; resides New Brighton, Pa. 

1420 Martha A." Kingsbury {Elisha\ Elisha\ Absalom\ 
Ephraim\ Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry ^), married, May 28, 1863, 
Austin T. Bard, born in Mercer, Pa., January, 1842, son of 
John T. and Isabel (Cross) Bard. He was cashier of a bank 
in Centerville, Butler Co., Pa. He died November 15, 1881 ; 
she resides in Slippery Rock, Pa. (1903). 


1 Ina Isabel, born March 7, 1864 ; married, August 12, 1885, J. G. 

Moore ; resides Butler, Pa. 

2 Ella Violet, born December 16, 1874 ; resides New York City. 

3 Kate, born October 5, 1881 ; resides Slippery Rock, Pa. 

1423 Harriet A/ Kingsbury {ElisJia\ Elisha\ Absalo»t\ 
Ephratm\ Joseph\ Jostp/i\ Henry'), married. May 7, 1868, 
James S. Wilson, born July 31, 1841, in Butler, Pa. 


1 Ellen Mariah, born February i, 1870; married W. J. Patterson; 

2 ch.: I, Norman Vincent; 2, Lewis Clinton. 

2 Mary Adaline, born January 11, 1872 ; a school teacher. 

3 Emma Gertrude, born August 2, 1876 ; a school teacher. 

4 Clara Alice, born March 15, 1879 ; a student. 

5 James Garfield, born May 22, 1881 ; a school teacher. 

6 Ruth F., born December 3, 1883. 

7 Harriet Agnes, born April 12, 1S86. ' 

8 Sarah Bernice, born August 16, 1888. 

9 Harold Chester, born March 21, 1892. 

1425 Andrew Eleazer" Kingsbury {Eleazer\ ]ViUiam\ 
Ephraim\ Ephraim\ Joseph\ Joseph\ Henry'), of Homer, N. Y.; 
married, September 6, 1847, Cynthia Edgerton, born March 



25, 1825, in Coventry, daughter of Gurdon and Cynthia 
(Porter) Edgerton. He was a farmer in Homer, and died 
there February 28, 1898. Mrs. Cynthia Kingsbury died 
September 30, 1899. 


1780 Helen Frances, born July 18, 1849, in Homer; res. New York City. 

1781 Catharine, born March 23, 1851, in Homer ; married, April 1890, 

Roswell Fredericks, of Syracuse, N. Y.; s. p. 

1782 Edward Porter, born September 7, 1861, in Homer, s-*- 

1783 May Avena, born May 3, 1869, in Homer; married, April 18, 

1899, Francis White ; lives in New Jersey ; s. p. 

1430 Augustus W.' Kingsbury {William\ William\ 
Ephraim^, Ephraim*, Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry^), of Homer, N. 
Y.; married, January 28, 1851, Mary A. Fish, born October 
9, 1828, in Mecklenburg, Schuyler Co., N. Y., daughter of 
Henry and Mary (Colony) Fish. She died in Minnesota, 
December 30, 1866. He enlisted in the 157th Regiment, 
New York Volunteers, September, 1862 ; First Lieutenant 
and Regimental Quartermaster ; discharged at close of war, 
1865 ; Postmaster seven years under Grant; Justice of the 
Peace twelve years ; a farmer in Homer. 


1784 William Henry, born November 12, 1852 ; died May 2, 1S79. 

1785 Frances Josephine, born August 27, 1855 ; lives in Homer, unm. 

1431 Henry Clay' Kingsbury {William\ Winiam\ 
Ep/iraim^, Ephraiin\ Joseph^, Joseph", Henry'), of Sherman, 
N. Y.; Hamilton College, 1849, and A.M.; married, Septem- 
ber 3, 1855, Mercy Ann Le Due, born April 13, 1834. A 
lawyer in Westfield, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. He died in 
Westfield, May 3, 1902. 


1786 Carlton A., born December 24, 1856; is an attorney in New York 

City, but calls Westfield, N. Y., his residence; unmarried. 

1787 Edward Payson, born November 21, 1859. s-^ 

17S8 Clara LeDuc, born April 20, 1862; married, June 21, 1887, James 
L. Weeks, an attorney in Jamestown, N. Y.; died January 22. 
1903; s. p. 

1789 Julia Hilpah WiNCHELL, born January 13, 1866; Uves in West- 

field, unmarried. 

1790 Henry Clay, born March 2, 1872; attorney and counsellor-at-law 

in Westfield, N. Y.; unmarried. 


1433 Harriet' Kingsbury {.Augustus', William'', Ephraim'', 
Ephraim\ Joseph^, JosepJi", Henrf), married, December 27, 
1847, Welles Woodbridge, of Manchester, Conn., son of Deo- 
datus and Esther (Welles) Woodbridge, of Manchester, born 
December 16, 1788. He died July 26, 1864. Mrs. Wood- 
bridge died in New York City, January 13, 1884. 


1 Mary, born October 26, 1849, in Manchester ; resides in Saratoga, 

N. Y., unmarried. 

2 John Welles, born August 31, 1851, in Manchester ; he entered the 

First National Bank, Hartford; in 1873 he went to the State 
Bank, and was advanced to the position of teller, remaining 
there until 1887. He then went to New York in the employ 
of the E. N. Welch Manufacturing Company of Forestville ; 
dfter several years he returned to Hartford and occupied a 
position with the Travelers Insurance Company. He was for 
many years a popular church singer, having a very pleasing 
tenor voice, which won him more than a local reputation, and 
he sang for five years in the Park Church choir, and for 
eleven years in the old Pearl Street Church choir. He mar- 
ried, September 4, 1878, Annie Douglas Keith, of Sheldon, 
Vt. He died in Hartford, July 9, 1902 ; ch.: i Annie Louise, 
born in 1880; now a stenographer employed by the New York 
Underwriters' Association ; 2 Welles Keith, died in infancy. 
His widow lives in New York. 

3 Harriet, born May 29, 1853, in Manchester; died June 7, 1S53. 

1437 Andrew Dwight" Kingsbury {Cliarles\ \Villiam\ 
Fphraim^, F.phraim\ Joseph^, Joseph'', ffenty^), of Homer, Cort- 
land Co., N. Y., married, December 29, 1859, Emily Hawks ; 
resides in Cortland, N. Y. (1903). 


1791 Charles Dwight, born November 17, 1872; residence, Waverly, 
Tioga Co., N. Y. ; in the furniture and undertaking business; 

1438 Albert George" Kingsbury {Charles', lVilliam\ 
Ephraim", Ephraim*, Joseph'', Joseph", Henry'), of Des Moines, 
Iowa; admitted to the bar in Buffalo, N. Y., in 1870; settled 
as a lawyer in Des Moines, November 23, 1870; married, 
November 24, 1875, Frances E., daughter of Dr. William N. 
and Lois (Webster) Cline, of Cuba, Illinois, born July 24, 



1792 Louise C, born October g, 1876 ; has been a teacher for several 

years in Kalamazoo, Mich. (1903). 

1793 Florence E., born August 3, 1883 ; now in Riverside, California. 

1443 Doctor Charles Andrew' Kingsbury {Amariah\ 
Jabez\ Ephraiiiv', Ej)hratm\ Joseph'', Joseph'', Henry'), of Phila- 
delphia, married, January 31, 1841, Hannah Sinclair Bills, 
of Allentown, N. J.; she died January 5, 185 1, and he mar- 
ried (2), September 29, 1856, Annah Harris Stratton, of 
Mount Holly, N. J., daughter of Dr. Benjamin H. Stratton. 
He died in Philadelphia October 3, 1891. 

He was eight years old at the time of his mother's second 
marriage, and he lived on his stepfather's farm at Guildhall, 
Vt., until he was sixteen. He early developed a great love 
of books, and attended the Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, 
and Newbury Seminary, Vt., until at eighteen he was nearly 
fitted for college. During the winter of 1837-8, he taught 
school in East Windsor, Conn., and in 1838 he went to Tren- 
ton, N. J., intending to teach another year before entering 
college, and formed the acquaintance of Dr. Nath'l Brown, 
a dentist of that city. He became a student with Dr. Brown, 
at the same time teaching in Trenton, and in the spring of 
1839 he relinquished his engagement as a teacher and began 
the practice of dentistry. It is stated that he was probably 
the first dentist who successfully applied an electrical cur- 
rent to alleviate the pain of aching teeth. He opened an 
office in Bordentown, N. J., in 1841, and in the fall of the 
same year he removed to Philadelphia, where he soon ob- 
tained a fine practice. In 1842, yielding to a conviction of 
duty which had been steadily growing upon him since his 
conversion at the age of fifteen, he entered the Methodist 
ministry, and was assigned to Haddonfield, N. J. But 
malarial and bronchial troubles so completely shattered his 
system he was obliged to give up pulpit labor, and after 
three years at H. he removed to Mount Holly, N. J., where 
he resumed his dental practice, and also studied medicine, 
graduating from the Philadelphia College of Medicine. In 
1857 he removed to Philadelphia. In 1863 he was active in 
the founding of the Philadelphia Dental College, and he 



held the chair of dental physiology and operative dentistry 
for many years. He helped to organize the American Den- 
tal Association, the Odentographic Society of Pennsylvania, 
of which he was the first Vice-President, and its second 
President ; he was a member of the Pennsylvania Associa- 
tion of Surgeon Dentists, and of the Academy of Natural 
Sciences. In 1867 he took a long and leisurely tour in Eu- 
rope, and had many and strong inducements held out to 
him to remain and practice abroad. While in Damascus 
the famous Abd-el-Kader desired his services, but for want 
of dental instruments he was obliged to decline. He pub- 
lished many valuable essays in the line of his specialty, 
mostly contributed to Dental Cosmos. [^Stiles' History of 
Ancient Windsor, II, 426-'/.] 


1794 Daniel B., born November 30, 1841; died October 27, 1844. 

1795 Emily Buckland, born August 5, 1843; married, April 11, 1866, 

Harvey Rowland, Jr., of Philadelphia, Pa.; now living in 
Frankford, Philadelphia; s. />. 

1796 Mary B,, born January 20, 1845; died June 22, 1845. 

1797 Charles Andrew, born June 9, 1846. = > 

1798 Mary Sinclair, born August 8, 1847. s-^ 

1799 Howard, born September 8, 1849; is a dentist in Philadelphia; 


1444 Charles Andrew' Kingsbury {Ephraini\ /abez\ 
Ephraim'', Rphraim\ Joseph'', Joseph', Ilenry^), of Chaplin, 
where he was a manufacturer and builder ; married, May 
16, 1847, Martha Roxanna Kingsbury, daughter of Alvin 
and Emeline (Kingsbury) Kingsbury (see No. 1405); he died 
in Chaplin, April 11, 1896 ; his wife, Mrs. Martha Kingsbury, 
died while on a visit in Washington, D. C, January 24, 1900. 


1800 Andrew Backus, born in Chaplin, December 4, 1849. := > 

1801 Harlan Page, born in Chaplin, December 15, 185 1; died in Cov- 

entry, July 21, 1865. 

1802 Charles Wight, born in Chaplin, July 26, 1853. s->- 

1803 Kirk Ephraim, born in Chaplin, April 10, 1856; died May 26, 1857. 

1804 Henry Addison, born in Chaplin, April 19, 1858. ~ > 

1805 Lillie Maria, born in Chaplin, May 29, i860, z: ■ > 


1S06 Mary Emeline, born in Chaplin, March 23, 1862; married Sep- 
tember 18, 1884, Casper Isham, of Columbia; in 1889 of Stam- 
ford, Conn.; now res. in Dorchester, Mass. (1904). 

1807 Alice Amelia, born in Chaplin, March 15, 1864. =: > 

1808 Ruth Eliza, born in Chaplin, January 15, 1866. r: > 

1809 Mattie Ella, born in Chaplin, March 21, 1869 c: -> 
iSio Joseph, born in Chaplin, June 16, 1871. =; > 

1445 George Calhoun" Kingsbury [Ephraim\ Jabez\ 
EphrainC', Ephraim\ Josep/i\ Joseph"^, Heiiry^), of Chaplin, 
Conn., where he lives on the old place that was his father's ; 
married (i), June i, 1848, Martha M. Walbridge of Staf- 
ford; she died at Stafford, Conn., October 7, 1849; he 
married (2), November, 1850, Abby J. Lamphere, of Mans- 
field, Conn.; she died in Mansfield; September 21, 1855 ; (3), 
June 20, 1857, Jane Chaft'ee, of Stafford, Conn., born Octo- 
ber u, 1835. 


r8ii Georciana Martha, born March 26, 1849; married, March 26, 
1873, Dwight E. Pollard, of Mansfield, Conn. Has two chil- 
dren : Frank E., born January 3, 1874; died April, 1874. 
George H., born November 3, 1875. 

1812 EsTELLA, born July, 1851; died August 18, 1851. 

1813 Mary J., born January, 1854; died July 2, 1854. 

1446 Eleazer Bingham' Kingsbury {EphrainP, /(^bez\ 
Ephraiffv', Ephraim'^, JosepJi\ Joseph', Henry^), of South Cov- 
entry, married (i), June 2, 185 1, Mary Lamphere of Mans- 
field, Conn.; she died at Coventry, Conn., August 29, 1854; 
he married (2) Julia A. Carpenter of Coventry, September 
8, 1856; she was born August 30, 1826; died January 4, 1894, 
in Coventry. He is employed in the business of manufac- 
turing paper boxes with his cousin, Addison Kingsbury, 


1814 Clara, born in South Coventry, May 6, 1S58 ; died September 19, 

1889; unm. 

1815 William, born in South Coventry, March 26, 1861; married, Sep- 

tember 12, 1883, Charlotte A. Noble of Willimantic, born 
February 2, 1862 ; resides in New London, Conn.; s. p. 

1816 Agnes, born in South Coventry, July 21, 1864; married, (i) June 

28, 1888, Thomas H. Avery of Portland, Conn., born Sep- 
tember II, 1865 ; he died in South Coventry, November 13, 



1892 ; (2) April 2, 1898, William Armstrong of Northumber- 
land, Eng. ; resides in South Coventry ; no children living. 
1817 DeWitt, born in South Coventry, September 19, 1866; married, 
September 23, 1887, Elizabeth Bradbury, born in East Lyme, 
Conn., August 15, 1866. He has been for many years 
employed in the Kingsbury Box & Printing Company, South 
Coventry ; s. p. 

1447 Eliza Lovinia' Kingsbury {Ephraim\ Jabez", 
Ephraim*, Ep/irai>fi\ Joseph^, Joseph'^ Henry^), married, April 
6, 1853, Philo Dow Ash Preston, of Chaplin, Conn., after- 
wards of Willimantic, where they were living in 1902. 


1 Mary Rosella, born in Chaplin, September 7, 1854 ; married at 

Willimantic, May 23, 1877, Charles T. Randall, of Willimantic ; 
she died in Willimantic, May 29, 1879. 

2 James Edwin, born in Chaplin, July 26, 1859 ; in 1889 living in Iowa, 

employed on a railroad. 

3 Annie, born in Chaplin, January 7, 1864 ; died in Chaplin, August 

23, 1865. 

1449 Addison' Kingsbury {Alviii\ Jal7ez\ Ep/iraini\ 
Ephraim*, Joseph'', Josep/i'', Ilenry^), of South Coventry, 
Conn., married (i) October 26, 1858, Charlotte Elizabeth, 
daughter of Harry and Fanny Lillie, born August 22, 1838 ; 
died December 30, 1879. ^^ i^ 'i manufacturer in South 
Coventry, engaged extensively in making paper boxes, ship- 
ping tags, etc.; has factories in South Coventry, Rock ville, 
and Northampton, and another near Boston. He is a 
Deacon in the Congregational Church at South Coventry. 
He married (2) October 27, 1881, Sarah Melissa, daughter 
of Seymour and Mary (Reed) Scott, born May 28, 1843. 
Mrs. vSarah M. Kingsbury died in South Coventry, April 29, 
1900. Mr. Kingsbury married (3) in Bridgeport, Conn., 
January 23, 1901, Mrs. Ida M. Robertson, of Bridgeport. 

1 Addison Kingsbury is one of the most noted and success- 
ful paper box manufacturers in New England. The busi- 
ness includes the product from five factories, which are 
located in South Coventry, Rockville, New London, and 
Willimantic in this State, and at Northampton, Mass. Mr. 
Kingsbury is the inventor of the machine for cutting the 


blanks for the boxes. The industry was started at South 
Coventry in 1868 and rapidly developed, becoming in the 
course of a dozen years one of extensive proportions and 
standing. Millions of boxes are now turned out annually 
by aid of the machinery devised by Mr. Kingsbury. In 
1880, after having established an extensive plant at Rock- 
ville, the far-sighted manager of the industry located a 
factory at Northampton. In 1883 Arthur L. Kingsbury was 
admitted to the firm, and has since been an active partner 
in its interests and business. In 1885 Mr. Kingsbury in- 
vented a gluing machine which is still in use, and also the 
machine for cutting box blanks. These inventions have 
contributed materially to the firm's success. The combined 
production of the firm's factories amounts to upwards of 
two million boxes a year, giving employment to over 150 
hands and doing over $100,000 business annually. One of 
the specialties by which Messrs. Kingsbury achieved their 
success is the furnishing of printed labels with the boxes. 
The founder of the business is also interested in the Kings- 
bury & Davis Machine Company of Contocook, N. H., which 
turns out the machine he invented for cutting blanks, as well 
as other paper-box machinery. He has spent much of his 
time in New York and is a gentleman of wide business 
acquaintance. Mr. Kingsbury was born at South Coventry, 
November 15, 1835, and received a common and select 
school education. He began life as an accountant, but the 
most of his business career has been in connection with his 
paper-box industry and inventions. In politics he is a 
Republican. He is connected with the Congregational 
Church. — Illustrated Popular Biography of Connecticut, iSp/.] 


1818 Arthur Lillie, born January 2, 1861. = -» • 

1819 Lottie Gertrude, born June 8, 1865 ; died July 16, 1867. 

1820 Louis Addison, born February 11, 1869. = > 

1459 Andrew" Kingsbury {Erastus\ Jabez\ Ephraim", 
Ephraim\ Joseph'', Joseph'', Henry'), of Coventry, married, 
May 26, 1880, Mary Laura Hughes, born January 15, i860, 
at Williamsburg, L. I., daughter of John and Elizabeth 
(Jones) Hughes. A farmer in Coventry, and Deacon in the 
Congregational Church. 




1821 John Erastus, born May 11, 1881; living in Coventry. 

1822 Howard Andrew, born April 19, 1883 ; died in Rockville, Conn., 

May 30, 1900. 

1823 Hannah Elizabeth, born July 6, 1S87. 

1460 Arthur Preston* Kingsbury {Jahez Hyde', Jabez\ 
Ephraim \ Ephraim \ Joseph \ Joseph'\ Henry^), of Des Moines, 
Iowa, married (i) March 28, 1878, Emma R. Brown; she 
died January 20, 1879 ; (2) at Dunlap, Iowa, October 29, 
1880, Carrie L., daughter of Julius S. arfd Mary Ann (Holmes) 
Thrall, of Rockville, Conn., born in Rockville, vSeptember 
26, 1857. He is a house builder at Des Moines. 


1824 Clarence Thrall, born at Dunlap, Iowa, February 17, 1882. 

1825 Ernest Mills, born at Des Moines, Iowa, September 17, 1883. 

1826 Augustus Holmes, born at Des Moines, Iowa, March 4, 1885. 

1827 Miner Preston, born at Des Moines, Iowa, August 3, 1886 ; died 

March 16, 1888. 
i82'8 Bessie Preston, born at Des Moines, Iowa, October 22, 1887. 

1829 Ralph Carl, born at Des Moines, Iowa, September 16, 1890. 

1830 Julius DeWitt, born at Des Moines, Iowa, Feb. 27, 1892. 

1831 Frederick Dewey, born at Des Moines, Iowa, May 18, i£98. 

1832 Charles Henry, born at Des Moines, Iowa, June 27, 1900. 

1462 Ella Jane' Kingsbury {Jalyez Hyde', Jabez\ 
Ephraim", Ephraim*, Joseph'', Joseph", Henry'), married, No- 
vember 27, 1889, Dr. George Royal, of Coventry, born in 
Massachusetts, son of Ambrose Royal, of Coventry. He is 
a physician in Des Moines, Iowa, and Professor of Materia 
Medica, and Dean of his Department in the Iowa State 


1 Malcolm Allen, born in Coventry, March 5, 1S82. 

2 Howell Mason, born in Des Moines, October 6, 1S84 ; died October 

II, 1884. 

3 Wilmot Kingsbury, born in Des Moines, October 31, 1885. 

4 Harold Preston, born in Des Moines, October 10, 1S88 ; died De- 

cember 26, 1890. 

5 Paul Ambrose, born in Des Moines, January 17, 1891. 

6 Adelaide Jenette, born in Des Moines, April 15, 1894. 


1466 George Edward* Kingsbury {Ebenezer\ Joseph\ 
Ebenezer^, Joseph", Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry^), of North Brook- 
field, Mass., married, July 2, 1863, at Plainfield, Conn., 
Lucinda, daughter of Enoch Wight and Sophronia (Bing- 
ham) Waldo, born September 15, 1844, in Canterbury, 
Conn.; she died September 9, 1896, in North Brook field ; 
he now resides in North Brookfield (1903). 


1833 Elizabeth Frances, born April i, 1864, in Killingly. rr ■> 

1834 Cora Etta, born October 31, 1869; married, October 17, 1889, 

at North Brookfield, Frank, son of David Chittenden and 
Lucinda (Newton) Conger, born in North Brookfield, Febru- 
ary 16, 1869 ; she died November 22, 1896 ; s. p. 

1835 Waldo Everett, born May 11, 1877, resides in North Brookfield ; 


1468 Charles B.' Kingsbery {George\ Charles\ Sanford\ 
Joseph\ Joseph\ Joseph^-, H(fiiy'), of the Chickasaw Nation, 
Indian Territory, where he was a farmer and stockman ; he 
served five years in the United States Army, regular troops, 
and four years in the Confederate Army ; he married, in 
October, 1863, Minerva J. McCoy, born in January, 1845, in 
Red River, Choctaw Nation, daughter of James and 
Sibbie (Adams) McCoy ; he died in the Chickasaw Nation, 
June 6, 1886. 


1836 Charles E., born June, 1865 ; died October, 1865. 

1837 George H., born June, 1S67 ; married, in 1890, S. I. Slum (?); 

resides Tishomingo, Indian Territory. 

1838 William McCoy, born March, 1869; married, 1892, R. TurnbuU ; 

resides Tishomingo. 

1839 Minnie B., born May, 1875 ; married Green Thompson, a banker 

in Durant, Indian Territory. 

1840 May E., born April, 1879 ; died September, 1879. 

1841 Henry, born May, 1881 ; died October, 1881. 

1842 Douglass M., born January, 1883 ; died July, 1885. 

1469 Sanford S.' Kingsbery {George\ Charles\ Sanford\ 
Joseph', Joseph', Joseph\ Henry'), oi Dallas, Texas; served 
in the Confederate Army; married, November, 1872, Willie 
Clifton Davis, of Cartersville, Ga. ; he settled in Dallas, and 
died there, February 15, 1900. • 



1843 Florence, born May 4, 1879; married, August 14, 1897, Will J. 
Logan, of Fort Worth, Texas; ch.: Mildred, born July 31, 

1470 Mary Bradford' Kingsbery {George\ Charles', San- 
ford", Joseph^, Joseph^, Joseph'', Henry^), married, in 1855, James 
Osborn Page, of Benton, Ala., born in Jacksonville, Ala., 
son of William Page ; in 1857 they removed to Little Rock, 
Ark.; he enlisted in Smith's Arkansas Regiment in the Civil 
war ; later volunteered for gunboat service, and was made 
Lieutenant ; fought until the close of the war ; he died 
August, 1865; his wife died January 19, 1861. 


1 Ora Alice, born November 26, 1856 ; educated in Montreal ; in 

August, 1877, married Col. W. S. J. Adams, born in Bourbon 
Co., Ky. , a criminal lawyer of wide repute ; he died in Colo- 
rado, Texas, December 10, 1883 ; she now resides in Dallas, 
Texas, and is society editress of the Dallas News ; ch. : 
I, Frank Alexander, born in Comanche, Tex., September 
23, 1878, "engaged in railroading"; 2, Mary Page, born in 
Gallatin, Tenn., July 31, 1880, "engaged in journalism." 

2 George William, born 1859 ; died 1861. 

1471 William Howe' Kingsbery {George', Charles\ 
Sanford", Joseph*, Joseph', Joseph'', Heiiry^), of Los Angeles, 
California; he removed from Carrollton to Texas in 1854; 
Postmaster at Cara, Comanche Co., Texas, in 1860-61; served 
in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, in Co. G, 
30th Texas Cavalry, enlisting in 1862 ; he was shot through 
the foot at the battle of Poison vSprings, Arkansas, in March, 
1864, which permanently retired him from the army; he 
married, November 21, i860, Drusilla Elizabeth, daughter 
of Jesse and Mary Ann (James) Thomas, born in Boone ville, 
Mo., October 4, 1842 ; he lived for a number of years in 
Denver, Col.; removed in 1902 to Los Angeles; is a mer- 
chant and cattle dealer. 


1844 Laura Ella, born February 19, 1862 ; died July 13, 1863. 

1845 Mary Eva, born February 19, 1864; died August 14, 1869. 

1846 Mattie Louise, born February 10, 1866; married, April 19, 1893, 

Ladislaus Madarasz, of San Antonio, Texas ; his father was a 



Hungarian nobleman, and engaged in the struggle for inde- 
pendence under Kossuth ; he came to this country an exile 
with his father-in-law, Count Ladislaus Ujhazy, once one of 
the great land barons of Hungary, and governor of an impor- 
tant province. After the Magyar rebellion all his estates and 
titles were forfeited. He came to this country about 1849 as 
the accredited envoy and secret ambassador of the provisional 
Hungarian government, and was received with great cordial- 
ity by President Taylor and afterwards by President Fillmore, 
and hospitality was extended to him by Cass, Seward, and 
other distinguished men. He with his family settled in San 
Antonio, Texas, where he died in the early '70s. Ladislaus 
Madarasz, his grandson, died in Buenos Ayres, S. A., in 1900. 
His widow resides in Denver; ch.: i, Irma, b. 1895. 2, Jesse, 
b. 1897. 

1847 Jessie, born October 11, 1867 ; married (i) March 16, 188S, Henry 

Selden Ely, of El Paso, Tex.; b. in Chicago Sept. 23, 1858, 
son of James Thompson and Mary Emma (Lock) Ely; he died 
in the City of Mexico October 20, 1894; {2) May 12, 1899, 
George Scott vSanderson, of Denver, Col. 

1848 Ettie, born January 19, 1872 ; died July 29, 1872. 

1849 Effie, born January 19, 1872 ; died August 3, 1872. 

1850 Robert Sanford, born June 15, 1873 ; died March 9, 1874. 

1472 Henry C." Kingsbery {George\ Charles\ Sanford", 
Joseph\ Joseph^, Joseph'', Henry'), of Denver, Colorado, mar- 
ried, April 4, 1878, Angeline, daughter of Green and Nancy 
(Wood) Wood, born in Drew Co., Ark., August 2, 1854. He 
has lived in Derby, Vt., Boston, Mass., Texas, Iowa, Arkan- 
sas, Indian Territory, and Colorado, and has been a teacher 
for nearly thirty years. He served in Terry's Texas 
Rangers (8th Texas Cavalry) from September to December, 
1861 ; re-enlisted at Dallas, Texas, in April, 1862, in Haup's 
Cavalry, afterwards 32d Texas Dismounted Cavalry ; dis- 
charged May, 1865. 


1851 Eunice Bradford, born April 30, 1880. 

1475 Melissa Sarah' Kingsbery {George\ Charles\ 
Sanford\Joseph\ Joseph\ Joseph'', Henry'), married at Little 
Rock, Ark., February 15, 1864, John W. Edwards of Arling- 
ton Heights, 111.; now resides in Derby, Vt. 


I Mary Josephine, born Junes, 1866; married, June i, 1890, N. K. 
Clark, of Los Angeles, Cal. ; died September 13, 1891. 


1476 Georgia Persis Jerusha' Kingsbery {Sanford\ 
C/ia/ies\ Sa/i/ord^, Joseph\ JosepJi" , Joscph'\ Henry'), married, 
March 30, 1858, John M. Redwine. She died February 9, 


1 William Shuford, born Dec. 26, 185S ; now living in Dallas, Texas, 

where he is a bookkeeper ; unmarried. 

2 Mary Ella, born April 9, i860 ; unmarried ; lives at Roscoe. Ga. 

3 Amelia Catherine, born November 9, 1861 ; married, November 30. 

1886, B. M. Hill ; has one child. 

4 Lewis Shufokd, born January 29, 1863 ; died June 29, 1S64. 

5 John Kingsbery, born June 27, 1S65; is a bookkeeper in Carrollton, 


6 Charles Joseimi, born March 16, 1867 ; died June 26, 1868. 

1477 Captain Sanford Theodore" Kingsbery {S(in/ord\ 
Charles\ Sanfoid\Joseph\ Josep/i\ Joseph'', Henry'), of Valdosta, 
Ga., attorney at law ; he g-raduated from Carrollton Masonic 
Institute ; settled in Quitman, Brook Co., Ga., in March, 
1859; enlisted in Co. B., 26th Georgia Regiment, July 21, 
1 86 1, and was transferred to the loth Georgia Cavalry, 
where he attained the rank of Captain, and held that position 
at the close of the war, 1865; he removed to Valdosta ; h^ld 
the office of Sheriff of Brook Co., 1 870-1-2. He married, 
March 10, 1861, Janie Margaret Smith, born May 6, 1839, at 
Cusseta, Ala., daughter of John B. and Helen (Dews) Smith. 
Helen Dews was born in Smithfield, Va., and was a lineal 
descendant of "Light Horse Harry Lee." Mrs. Kingsbery 
died in Valdosta, August 11, 1900. 


1852 Jamks Lucius Sanforu, born August 7, 1867 ; resides in the 

Indian Territory. 

1853 Joseph Samuel, born November 6, 1868 ; died January 11, 1870. 

1854 Margaret Georgia, born September 24, 1870 ; died March 4, 1885. 

1855 Helen Ann Amelia, born February 5, 1873. 

1856 Edwin Pascal, born September 22, 1876 ; resides in the Indian 


1478 Captain Joseph' Kingsbery {San/ord\ Cliarles\ 
Sanford'-, Joseph', Joseph', Joseph', HenrJ), of "Oak Lawn 
Farm," Carrollton, Ga.; married, December 26, 1876, Lulu 
Jackson LaRoche, born January 8, 1848. 




1857 Lulu, born October 18, 1877. 

1858 Joseph, born March 18, 1881 ; in business in Fort Worth, Texas. 

1859 Olive, born July 8, 1886. 

1479 Charles Samuer Kingsbery {Sanford\ Charles^, 
Sa/iford\ Joseph*, Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry'), of Atlanta, Ga.; 
entered the Confederate army, September, 1862, as third 
sergeant in Co. E, First Georgia Cavalry ; was in the battles 
of Murfreesboro, or Stone River, Chickamauga, Mission 
Ridge, Resaca, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Bentonville, 
N. C, besides many skirmishes ; continued in the service 
until April, 1865, and attained rank of Brevet Lieutenant. 
He was wounded once severely, twice slightly. In 1866 he 
left Carrollton and went to Rome, Ga. ; from there he moved 
to Atlanta in 1872, where he is a merchant. Married, in 
Rome, Ga., June 7, 1875, Rosa Bowie, born December 9, 
1844, in Charleston, S. C, daughter of Langdon and Jane 
( Park ) Bowie. 


i860 Jeanie Park, born December 9, 1876 ; married, April 23, 1902, 
Dr. Robert Maxwell Harbin, of Rome, Ga. ; i ch.: Robert 
Maxwell, born February 16, 1903. 

1861 Mary Ann, born June 9, 1878. 

1862 Rosa Bowie, born October 13, 1880. 

1863 Charles Samuel, born July 31, 1883. 

1481 Edwin' Kingsbery {Sanford\ Charles\ Sanford", 
Joseph", Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry''); at the age of 21 he went 
to Newman, Ga., where he lived five years and then 
removed to Atlanta, Ga., and was salesman in the wholesale 
house of Monee, Marsh & Co., where he remained for ten 
years. In January, 1886, he was admitted a partner in the 
firm of Edwin Bates & Co., jobbers of clothing, boots and 
shoes. He married (i) Emily Sharpe (Semmes) Cleveland, 
of Wilkes Co., Ga., a graduate of Temple College, Newman, 
Ga , daughter of Aaron Augustus and Nancy Sharpe 
(Hemphill) Cleveland, born January 17, 1848; she died 
September 23, 1884; (2) October 12, 1886, Connie (?) F. 
Cowles, of Huntsville, Ala. 


1864 Edwin Cleveland, born August 30, 1883. 


1482 Mary Ann' Kingsbery {Sanford\ Charles^, San- 
ford", Joseph\ Josi'J>k\ Joseph"', Henry^), married, March 21, 
1878, Nicholas Fain, born April 8, 1840, in Rogersville, East 
Tennessee, son of Richard Gammon and Eliza Rhea (Ander- 
son) Fain. He served as Lieutenant in Co. K, Tennessee 
Volunteers, C. S. A., enlistino- April, i86r, and was with his 
Regiment at the time of Lee's surrender. In 1876 he re- 
moved to Carrollton, Ga., and became a cotton buyer 
there. He died in Carrollton, January 24, 1900 ; his widow 
now resides in Fort Worth, Texas (1903). 


1 Mary Kingsberv, born October 26, 1878 ; married, December 30, 

igo2, R. W. Fender, of Fort Worth, Texas. 

2 Rk'hakd King.sbery, born December 16, iSSo; died December 20, 


3 Katherine Anuerson, born December 8, 1882 ; living in Carrollton, 


1484 Paschal P." Kingsbery {San/ord\ Charles", San- 
ford", Joseph', Joseph"", Joseph\ Henry"), of Carrollton, Ga. 
He married, May 16, 1876, Alice Juhan, born vSeptember 15, 
1856, in Carrollton, Ga., daughter of Daniel B. and Mary 
(Pyrom) Juhan. He holds the office of Tax Collector for 
Carroll County. 


1865 Mary, born June 10, 1879; married, December 18, igoi, C. B. 

Lassetter, of Carrollton. 

1866 Harry L, born June 27, 1889. 

1485 Katherine" Kingsbery {Sanford\ Charles\ San- 
ford", Joseph*, Joseph\ Joseph"", Henry"), married, February 
26, 1884, Wesley Capers Stripling, born August 8, i860, in 
Carroll Co., Georgia, now a merchant in Fort Worth, Texas. 


1 Kate, born November 27, 1884. 

2 A.N'NE, born December 24, 1885. 

3 Eloise, born October 16, 1887. 

4 Willia.m Kingsbery, born September 26, 1S89. 

5 Lucy, born December 11, 1891. 

6 Pauline, born October 14, 1894. 

7 Wesley Capers, born December 8, 1900. 


1494 Persis Olivia' Kingsbery {Emeni, Charles", San- 
ford^, Joseph\ Joseph'^, /osep/r, Henry^), married, January 26, 
1875, Henry E. Foster, born December 18, 1839, in Waits- 
field, Vt., son of Elisha and Louisa (Thayer) Foster. She 
had been a teacher of music, studied in Boston and New 
York, taught in both cities, and sang in several churches. 
He was Captain of Co. C, Eighth Vermont Regiment, dur- 
ing the Civil War ; now proprietor of the Derby Line Hotel, 
Derby Line, Vermont (1903). 


1 Kingsbery, born September 23, 1S77; educated at Dean Academy, 

Franklin, Mass., and Tufts College, and studied one year at 
Harvard Law School. 

2 Hiram Elisha, born April 30, 1879; educated at Dean Academy, 

Franklin, Mass., and Tufts College, and studied one year in 
Boston University Law School ; now in the employ of the 
Boston & Maine R. R., in Boston. 

3 Mary Forbes, born March 23, 1881; died May 18, 1884. 

4 Henry Elliot, born May 12, 1883; 1 died October 7, 1883. 

5 Persis Olivia, born May 12, 1883; (died October 11, 1883. 

6 Patty Whitcomb, born September 29, 1885; a student at Dean Acad- 


1496 William Forbes" Kingsbery {Emera\ Charles\ 
San/ord\ Joseph', Joseph'', Josep/r, Henry'), oi Randolph, Mass.; 
married, October 3, 1876, Jennie Adelia, daughter of Leonard 
A. and Ruth Glidden (Lyford) Stearns, born in Lowell, 
Mass., February 23, 1857. He removed from Derby, Vt., in 
1894 to Randolph, Mass., where he is a manufacturer of 
medicated toilet specialties. 


1867 Charles Sherman, born October 3, 1877; died October 6, 1877. 

1868 Alice Ruth, born October 31, 1879. 

1869 MoLLiE Forbes, born December 25, 1881. 

1870 Emera Williams, born June 15, 1884. 

1871 Jennie Lyford, born December 3, 1886; died December 23, 1889. 

1872 Persis Stewart, born July 24, 1889. 

1873 Harriet, born April 7, 1893. 

1499 Mary Persis' Kingsbery {Henty\ Charles\ San- 
ford\ Joseph\ Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry^), married, March 14, 
187 1, Col. Batt Jones, of Van Wert, Ga., born in 1828, at 



Villa Reca, Ga., son of Judge John A. Jones. He was Colo- 
nel of a Georgia Regiment in the Confederate Army, and 
made a fine war record ; he was in Vicksburg during the 
siege, and was captured and taken to the prison at Johnson's 
Island, where he was held eight months, and his health suf- 
fered much in consequence. At the close of the war he 
commenced the practice of law at Van Wert. He lived in 
San Antonio, Texas, for a number of years. He died March 
4, 1884. Mrs. Mary P. K. Jones died October 10, 1893. 


1 Arthir, born February 2, 1S72 ; died January 20, 1889. 

2 Ernest, born March 29, 1875; he was an inspector in the employ- 

ment of the Southern Inspection Bureau, a well-known finan- 
cial concern ; he went from Atlanta to Augusta, Ga. , for the 
purpose of surveying and reporting on a large mill property 
there, and was accidentally shot, February 28, 1903 ; died 
March 7, 1903 ; unmarried. 

3 Howard, born January 3, 1878; an inspector in the employment of 

the Southern Inspection Bureau ; address. Hotel Bienville, 
Mobile, Ala. 

1500 Sarah Ann' Kingsbery {Hcinf, Charles\ San- 
ford\ Jos€ph\ Joseph\ Joseph', Henry'), married, October 19, 
1867, Hugh J. Jones, of Rockmart, Ga. Mrs. Jones now 
lives at 47 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. 


1 Hugh Kincsbery, born May 22, 1875. 

2 Stanley, born June 24, 1878. 

3 William Robert, born June 26, 1880. 

1501 Henry Wilson' Kingsbery [Hcnrf, Charles\ 
Sanford\ Joseph', Joseph', Joseph\ Henrf). He married, 
March 23, 1883, at Gainesville, Ala., Jennie Goodson, born 
in vSumter Co., Ala., April 15, 1859; now resides in Hatties- 
burg, Miss. 


1874 Emera W. , born November 20, 1884. 

1875 Persis M., born March 5, 1886. 

1876 A SON, born January i, 1888. 


1502 Emera Carter' Kingsbery {Hefirf, Charles", San- 
ford\ Joseph', Joseph\ Joseph', Henry'), of Rockmart, Polk 
Co., Ga.; married, October 4, 1881, Carrie E. Waits, born 
May 15, 1861, in Polk Co., Ga., daughter of John C. and 
Mary A. (Brown) Waits. He is a Road Superintendent, 
carries on farming ; was four years Tax Receiver of Polk 


1877 Emera Clyde, born October 11, 1882. 

1878 Hknry Virgil, born August 7, 1884 ; died October 26, 1885. 

1879 Walton Waits, born October 7, 1886. 

1880 Everett George, born April 9, 1889. 

1881 JosKPH Carl, born April 14, 1897. 

1504 K' Sanford' Kingsbery {Sanford A.\ Saiiford\ Sati- 
ford^, Joseph", Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry'), of Galesburg, 111., 
married (i) December i, i86r, Martha E. Delano, of Gales- 
burg, 111., born June 3, 1840, daughter of Isaac and Alice H. 
(Smith) Delano; she died April 18, 1874; (2) December i, 
1877, Selma Nicholson, of San Francisco. He removed to 
San Francisco, where he was a secretary to an officer of 
the Central Pacific Railway. He died in vSan Francisco, 
November 2, 1884. 


18S2 H.vrTiK Bkackett, born October i, 1865; m. Oct. 6, 1892, William 
Edison Boulter, born in Detroit, Mich., July 20, 1866, son of 
Edward and Emily J. (Marselas) Boulter; res. 2548 University 
Place, Washington, D. C. s. p. 

1883 Jessie Dana, born Aug. 15, 1868; m. March 17, 1900, Albert 

Lindsey Moore, b. Aug. 13, 1868, in Washington, D. C, son 
of Douglas and Elizabeth Ann (Kirk) Moore; res. Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

1884 Wirt Mowe, born March 19, 1874; resides in St. Louis, Mo.; m., 

has one ch., Cecile. 

1505 Mary Lord' Kingsbery {Sanford A.\ Sanford\ 
Sanford", Joseph", Joseph^, Joseph^, Henry'), married, July 18, 
1867, Prof. George Boardman Dodge, of Shurtleff College, 
Upper Alton, 111., son of Amos and Elizabeth (Stark- 
weather) Dodge, born in Jersey ville. 111., February 27, 1836. 
He graduated from Knox College, Galesburg, 111., 1855 ; was 


for nine years a teacher in the Deaf and Dumb School 
at Jacksonville, 111.; twelve years Principal of ShurtlefE 
Academy ; afterwards Master of the Wyman Institute, now 
Western Military Academy in Upper Alton; also Trustee 
and Treasurer of Shurtleff College; at the time of his death, 
February 7, 1 891, he had been for several years in the real 
estate business in St. Louis. He was instantly killed by 
an engine coming unexpectedly through a fog. He was 
pre-eminently successful in his dealings with young men in 
college classes, and in Sunday-school work, a man of marked 
ability and special purity of life and purpose. Mrs. Dodge 
has been Professor of English Literature at Shurtleff Col- 
lege, now Instructor in Elocution and Literature at Western 
Military Academy in Upper Alton, 111. (1903). 


1 Frank Sanford, born March 17, 1873 '• married, December, 1894, 

Jeannette James ; resides Alton, 111. 

2 Marv Elizabeth, born April 27, 1879; died January 11, 18S0.