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1^. 1^ 













Vol. I. 


HARRISON & SONS, 59, Pall Mall, London, S.W. 

§.oflItsdlers lo %k ii^mw anb f.M.i. ^k f riiuf of Males. 



ST. martin's lank. 



" Bis dat qui cito dat." 

The Colonies form such an important portion of our Empire that a 
^history of the leading families, and their connection with the mother 

country, cannot fail to be of interest. 
^*< The preparation of this work has already been the means of bringing 
\ together kinsfolk from both sides of the globe, and I trust that the result 
of my labours may still further tend to promote that family love and 
unity which has always been the characteristic trait of our race. 
5' I have received, from every one of my correspondents, unvarying 
4 politeness and attention — from many, most important assistance — and to 
1 I now beg to return my best and sincerest acknowledgments. 
Many imperfections will be apparent, I fear, to the critic of these 
pages, but I may be permitted to say that the popularity of "Burke's 
Landed Gentry " was not lessened by the fact that faults were numerous 
in the first edition. The publication of this volume, by inviting public 
criticism, is the only way to draw forth more detailed and correct informa- 
tion on the subject, and I cordially ask all persons interested to put 
themselves into direct communication with me, so that any points they 
may raise could be dealt with in a subsequent edition. I need not say 
that it will afford me much pleasure to reply to any questions affecting 
the various memoirs. 


*#* All communications to be addressed to The Editor of " The Colonial 
Gentry," at Hakrison and Sons', 59, Pall Mall (S.W.), London. 

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A Beckett of Melbourne (arms facing p. 288; corrigenda, p 

AcLAND OF HoLNicOTE (arms facing p. 288) 

Adams of Hobaet 

AiKiNS OF Toronto and WrNNiPEG (corrigenda, p. xii) 

Alison of Nvngan 

Andrew op Ica 

Archer of Brickendon 

Archer of Panshanger . . 

Archibald of Halifax and Truro . . 

Arkwright of Overton (arms facing p. 288) . . 

Abmttage of Inglebt . . 

Atkinson of Sandhurst and' Terrick Terrick West . . 



Baillie of Hennington 

Baillib of Toorak and Hay (arms facing p 

Baker of Adelaide (arms facing jt. 176) 

Baker op Victoria and Cowichan 

Baldwin op Dunedtn . . 

Balls-Headlet of Melbourne . . 

Batles op Yar Orrong 

Beetham of Christchurch (arms facing p. 

Berry of Suva. . 

Bidwill of Pihautba 

Blaxland of Fordwich 


Bonython of Carclew 


Boucaut of Glenelg . . 

BowKER OP Ckaigieburn . . 

Boyd op Glenfeen (corri'/euda, p. xii) 

Brabant op St. John's 

Beaddon op Teeglith (arms facing p. 128) 

Bray op Adelaide (corrigenda, p. xii) . . 

Bridge of Fairfield . . 

Bright of Gawler and Willaston 

Broad op Nelson 

Browne op Guilford Lodge 

Bundey op North Adelaide . . 




























Calveet OF WooDLAXDS (arms facing p. 176) . . 

Cameron op Fokdon and Lowestoft (corrigenda, p. xii) 

Campbell of Kilbryde . . . . 

Campbell of Tarealumla 

Campbell (Cockburn) of Albany (arms facing p. 240 ; cor 

p. xii) . . 
Carlyon of Gwavas (arms facing p. 176) 
Caemichael of Harton Hills 
Caeon op Ottawa 
Cartwright of The Maples 
Casey of Ibrickane and Weeroona . . 
Clarke op Mandeville Hall (corrigenda, p. xii) 
Clarke of Rupertswood (arms facing p. 240) 
Clibboen of Holmesby (arms facing p. 64) 
Close of Streyncham. . 
Cockburn of Adelaide (corrigenda, p. xii) 
Cockbuen-Campbell op Albany (arms facing p. 240 ; corrigenda 
Coffin of Bareington 

Cooper op Woollahea (arms facing p. 128) 
Coeney op Suva . . 
Cotton op Adelaide . . 
Cox OF Eeenside . . 
Cox OF Winbourn 
Ceawpord of Mieamar 

Cumbrae- Stewart of Montrose and Wildernesse . . 
CuRRiE OP St. Kilda 

Dangae of Sydney and Camden (arms facing p. 64) 

Davenpoet of Beaumont . . 

Davis op Redcastlb . . 

Deakin op Llanaeth (corrigenda, p. xii) 

Denison op Rusholme. . 

Devee of St. John 

Dickey op Amherst . . 

Dickson op Aenside 

Dixon of Eyrewell Park 

Dobson op Hobaet. . . . . . ■ . . 

Dobson of Melbourne (corrigenda, p. xii) 

Docker of Carhullen 

DoDDs OF Sydney 

Dowling op Luie . . 

DowLiNG OF Sydney . . 

Dumaresq OF Mount Ireh (arms facing p. 128) 

Duncan of Hughes Park 

Bddington of Ballangeich 

Erskine (West) of Hjndmarsh Island 

















la, p. xii) . . 























. 296 


. 166 




, 267 

Fawcett of Pinjarrah Park (arms faci7ig p. (i4 ; corrigenda, p. xii) 


FitzGterald of Moira 

Fitzgerald (Foster- Vesey) (embodied in Foster op Thurnbt) . . 

FiTZROT of Ringstead 

Flint of Belleville . . 

Forbes of Carterton (arms facing p. 352; corrigenda, p. xii) 

Forbes op Sydney 

Forrest op Perth (corrigenda, p. xiii) . . 

Foster 6f Thurnby (arms facing p. 176) . . 

Foster- Vesey-Fitzgerald (embodied in Foster op Thurnby) 

French of Prescott and Toronto . . 

Fulton of N"apier . . 

Gill of Runnymede and Greenvale (arms facing p. 176). . 

Gordon op Nanaimo and Comox . . 

Grant of Tullochgorum 

Greene op Greystones . . . . . . • • 

Gregory op Rainworth 

Griffith of Brisbane (corrigenda, p. xiii) 

Grigg of Papanui and Longbeach . . 

Groye of Ooldbrook (arms facing p. 128) 

Grueber of Ormley . . 

Guthrie op Geelong 

Hall of Hororata (arms facing p. 240) 

Hambrsley . . 

Hamilton of Elderslie 

Hamilton op Hobart (corrigenda, p. xiii) 

Handfield of Melbourne 

Hawdon of Westerfield . . 

Hay op Rose Bay 

Hayter of Winterbourne 

Hbadlam of Egleston. . 

Headley (Balls) of Melbourne. . 

Hearn of Hamilton (arms facing p. 176) . 

Heatlie of Glen Heatlie 

Henty of Northlands (corrigenda, p. xiii) . . 

Highett op Toorak and Mitiamo Park (corrigenda, p. xiii) 

Holmes of Hawkestonb House 

HoLROYD OF Caulfield (arms facing p. 240; corrigenda, p. xiii) 

Holt op Parramatta and Rockhampton 

Hope of Timaru . . 


Horn of Holmwood 

Irby op Tenterpield . . 

Irving (Winter) of Noorilim (arms facincj p. 852) 













Jackson op Jackson Dale (arms facing p. 352) 

Jackson op Sandpord House (corrigenda, p. xiii) 

Jackson op Telau 


Johnson op Wairakaia 

Johnson op Wellington (artns facing p. 288) . . 



Katee OP Mount Beoughton (arms facing p. 352) 

Kennedy op Blleeslie 

King op Double Bay, Goonoo Goonoo, and Tamworth 

King op N'ambrok and Mairburn 

Kinneae op Beookong House 


Kirkpatrick op Oloseburn 

Kitchener op Dunback 


Labertouche op Melbourne 
Laidley op Hillside . . 
Learmonth op Eumeealla West . . 
Learmonth op Prestonholme. . 
Legge op Cullenswood House . . 
Lethbridge op Homebush (corrigenda, p. xiii) 
Lewin op Lancaster 


Lyne op Gala (corrigenda, p. xiii) 
Lyne op Sydney 



Macansh op Canning Downs (corrigenda, p. xiii) 

Macaethur op Wyandea 

MacBain op Scotsbuen (corrigenda, p. xiii) 

McClelan op Hopewell 

Macdonald op Oharlottetown (corrigenda, p. xiii) 

McDougall op Ottawa 

McDougall op E,o.salie Plains . . 

MacKellar op Dunaea 

McKellae op Steathkellar, Groxton, and Lerags 


MacKinnon op Mountpord 

McMastee op Waikauea 

McMillan op Sydney 

Macpherson op Bungeeltap . . 

Manning op Wallaeov 

Mantell op Wellington 

Maeshall op Roskille and Faielight 

Maunsell op Auckland 

Mein op St. Kilda and Moolpa (arms facing p. 64) 





Meredith op Llandapf 
Mbsser of Springwood . . 


Miller op Auchat 

Miller op Crag Miller 

minchin op woodburn 

Moppatt OP Hopkins Hill 

Molesworth op Edlington {arms facing j}. 240) 

MooRE OP Glbnmark . . 

Moore op Springwood {arms facing p. 288) 

Moore of Wierton 

MowAT op Toronto 

Murray op Castbrton 

Murray op Mittagong 

Murray-Prior op Maroon (arms facing p. 24U ; corrigenda, p 






Neill op Sydney and Kiama 


Nicholas op Bothwell . . 

Nicholson op Sydney and Luddenham 

NicoLSON OP Lyndhurst 

Noel of Brisbane (arms facing p. 128) 


Norton op Ecclesbourne and Euchora (corri 

, p. xiii) 



O'Connor op Toronto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 381 

Ogilvy OF Richmond ,. .. .. .. .. .. arms facing p. 352 

O'Gbady op Carlton and Queensclifp . . . . . . . . . . 372 

O'Halloran (arms /aciragr p. 176) .. .. .. .. .. •• 81 

Oliver OP ToLCARNE .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 151 

O'LoGHLEN OP St. Kilda (arms facing p. 128; corrigenda, p. xiv) . . 154 

Onslow . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . ■ • 389 

OSMAND OF StAWELL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . 139 

Palmer op Brisbane and South Kennedy 

Parker op Perth 

Payne op South Yarra . . 

Pbarse op Fremantle (corrigenda, p. xiv) . . 

Pearson of Ediowie (arms facing p. 240; corrigenda, p. xiv) 

Pearson of Kilmany Park and Craigellachie 

Peterswald op Adelaide 

Phillips op Dry River Station 

Pickering of Hindmarsh . . 


Playford op Drysdale (corrigenda, p. xiv) 

Prior (Murray) op Maroon (arms facing p. 240 ; corrigenda, p. xiv) 

PuGSLBT op St, John and Rothesay (corrigenda, p. xiv) 




Ralston op Hampden . . 

Reibey op Entally 

Reid op Elbeeslie 

Reid op Hokitika . . 

Reid op Ratho. . 

Rbwsb (Smith) op Manly and Wollongong (arms facivg p. 64) 

Reynolds op Montecillo 

RiCHEY OP Halifax 

robeets op woodristng 

Ross op Westfield House 

Russell op Golphill . . 

Rutledge op Farnham Paek AND Sherwood 

Rutledge op Weerongguet (corrigenda, p. xiv) 

Ryan op Derriweit Heights . . ... 



Sanderson op Killingworth . . 
Sanpord of Hamilton and Wesanpord . . 
Sargood op Rippon Lea 
Simmons of Churchill 
Skene op Marnoo (arms facing p. 288) 
Skene op St. Kilda 
Smith op Adelaide 
Smith op Bathurst and Gamboola 
Smith op Gordon Brook (arms facing p. 64) 
Smith op Kyogt.e . . 
Smith op Mareyatville (arms facing p. 64; corrigenda, p. xiv) 
Smith-Rewse op Manly and Wollongong (arms facing p. 64) 
Stafford op Landsdowne 
Stanbridge of Daylespord and Clare . . 
Staughton op Eynesbury 

Stawell (embodied in Poster of Thurnby) (corrigenda, p. xiv) 
Steel of St. Leonards 
Steele of Carlton 

Steeee op Perth and Blackwood (arms facing p. 64; corrigenda, 
Stenhouse of Comox 

Stephen op Montreal and Causapocal (arms facing p. 176 ; cor 
p. xiv) . . . . . . . . . . .... 

Stephen op Sydney (arm.s facing p. 176) 

Stewart (Cdmbeae) of Montrose and Wildeenesse 

Stieglitz (Von) of Brisbane 

Stockton op St. John . . 

Stout op Bankton . . 

Stuart op Sydney (arms facing p. 288) 

Studholme op Merevale and Coldstream 

p. xiv) 












Tapper op Invercargill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 300 

Tarlton of Glenelg, Stirling East, and Adelaide (corrigenda, p. xiv) 299 
Teschemaker op Taipo Hill and Kauro Hill 364 

Thomson op Lennel 

Thoknton of Sydney . . 

Thurston of St. Helier's, Thorneury, and Suva 

TiLLET OP Fredericton AND St. Andrew's .. 


Tripp of Orari Gorge 
Tupper OF Armdale (arms /acmgf p. 128) 
Turner op Highpield (corrigenda, p. xiv) . . 
Tyrwhitt op Nantyr 

Vebdon of Melbourne and Upper Macedon (corrigenda, p. xv) 
Vernon of Coldstream . . 

Vbsey-Fitzgerald (Foster) (embodied in Foster op Thurnby) 
Von Stieglitz op Brisbane (arms facing p. 352) 

Walker op Four Peaks 

Walker op Ryde . . 

Walker of Windsor . . 

Wallace . . 

Ward op Wangandi . . 

Washboubn op Brockworth 

Watson of Glanworth 

Way of Montepiore 

Wayne of Milton (arms facing p. 128) 

Webb op Hathrop. . 

Wentworth of Vaucluse (arms facing p. 240) 

West-Erskine of Hindmarsh Island 

Wharton op Highpield (arms facing p. 352) 

Wilkinson op Glebe Point 

Williams op Pakaraka 

Williams op St. Leonards 

Wilson op Bulls 

Wilson of Ercildoune (arms facing p. 64) 

Wilson op Maryborough 

Wilson op Wilcelyn 

Wilson of Woodlands 

WiNDEYER op Sydney and Tomago (corrigenda, p. 

Winter-Irving op Noorilim (arms facing p. 352) 

Wise op Manly 

Wood op Riccarton . . 

WOOLLCOMBB OF AsHBURY (arms facing p. 288) . . 

Wright op Perth 

Wright op Wellington . . 

Wrixon op Raheen ( corrigenda, p. xv) 

Wyndham of Leconfield (arms facing p. 288) . . 

YouL of Symmons Plains . . ' . . 
Zeal of Clovelly . , 























Hon. Thomas Turner a Becl<ett is a member of the Executive Council of Victoria. 

His third son, Edward a Beckett, Esq., m. at Thirning, Ashfield, Sydney, 20th January, 
1891, his cousin, Fanny Sarah, second daughter of the late Arthur Martin a Beckett, Esq., 
P.E.C.S. England. 


Hon. James Cox Aikins was lientenant-gOTernor of the prorince of Manitoba from 1882 
to 1888. 


Captain J. T. T. Boyd d. at his residence, Glenfern, Inkerman-road, East St. Kilda, 8th 
March, 1891, in his 66th year. 


Hon. Sir John Cox Bray, K.C.M.G., was appointed chief secretary of South Australia in 


Donald Cameron, Esq., is not now M.L.C. 

Lady Cockburn-Campbell d. at Perth, Western Australia, 11th Sepitember, 1890. 


William John Turner Clarke, Esq., B.A. Ch. Ch. Oxford, to. at Christ Church, Streatham, 
CO. Surrey, England, 2nd April, 1891, Gertrude, third daughter of Alfred John Mansfield, 
Esq. of Telford-avenue, Streatham-hill. 

Hon. J. A. Cockburn, M.D., is M.L.A. for Mount Barker. 

Hon. Alfred Deakin, M.L.A., is a member of the Executive Council of Victoria. 

Hon. F. S. Dobson, Q.C., LL.D., is a member of the Executive Council of Victoria. 


Captain Theodore Fawcett is not now a member of the Legislative Council of Western 


In the emblazonment of the arms read " surmounted bv " " surmounted of," 

Hon. John Forrest was created K.O.M.G. 1891. 


Hon. Sir S. W. Griffith, K.C.M.G., is now vice-president of the Executive Council, 
premier, chief secretary, and attorney -general of Queensland. 


The wife of Theyre h Beckett Weigall, Esq., gave birth to a daughter at Government 
House, Hobart, 7tli Febmary, 1891. 


John and Alice Hindson had anotlier daughter, Dora Henty, who d. at Seacombe, Sorrento, 
Victoria, 28tli December, 1890, aged 6 months and 28 days. 

Charles James Henty, Esq., second son of Henry Henty, Esq. of Tarring, Kew, Melbourne, 
m. at Holy Trinity Church, Kew, 10th February, 1891, Annie Beatrice, third daughter of 
Frederick William Howard, Esq. of Teaghur, Kew. 

Barbara Wliilemena Bayntun, relict of the Rev. Edward Reed, M.A., and daughter of the 
late Sir Edwin Bayntun Sandys, Bart, of Miserden Castle, Gloucestershire, and mother of 
Mrs. Richmond Henty, of Northlands, d. at her residence, 32, Albert-gate, Hyde Park, London, 
22nd December, 1890, in her 86th year. 

J. M. Highett, Esq., is M.L.A. for Mandurang. 


The wife of Oscar Van Assche, Esq., gave birth to a son at Cure Pipe, Mauritius, 18th 
November, 1890. 


The wife of Henry Bowtell Jackson, Esq., gave birth to a son at Sandford House, Sandford, 
Victoria, 20th March, 1891. 


Christopher Lethbridge, Esq.,d. at his residence. Prospect, Homebush, New South Wales, 
13th January, 1891, aged 62. 


Hon. W. J. Lyne is M.L.A. for The Hiune. 


William Macansh, Esq., M.B., third son of the Hon. J. D. Macansh, M.L.C., m. at 
Toorak Presbyterian Church, 16th December, 1890, Ada Lillias, youngest daughter of the 
late John C. Lloyd, Esq. of Melbourne. 


Hon. Sir James MacBain, K.C.M.G., M.L.C., is a member of the Executive Council of 


Hon. A. A. Macdonald was lieutenant-governor of Prince Edward Island from 1884 to 

Hon. James Norton, M.L.C., is LL.D. 


Hon. Sir Bryan O'Loglilen, Bart., Q.C., is an executive councillor of Victoria, and was 
elected member "of the Legislative Assembly of Victoria for Port Fairy, 1889. 

W. S. Pearse, Esq., is now M.L.A. for West Fremantle. 


Hon. C. H. Pearson, M.A., is now member of tbe Legislative Assembly of Victoria for the 
East Bourte Boroughs, and an executive councillor of that colony. He was minister of 
Public Instruction from 1886 to 1890. 

Hon. Thomas Playford is M.L.A. for East Torrens. 


Hon. T. L. Murray-Prior, M.L.C., is now chairman of committees of the Legislative 
Council of Queensland. 


William Pugsley, Esq., is not now Speaker of the House of Assembly of New Brunswick, 


The younger son of Dr. Thomas Falkner Fleetwood, Charles Eupert, d. at Warrnambool, 
5th December, 1890, aged 4 years and 8 months. 

Sir E. T. Smith, K.C.M.G., is M.L.A. for East Torrens. 


Sir William Foster Stawell, K.O.M.G., d. at Naples, 12th March, 1889. 

His eldest daughter, Anne Catherine, m. at St. Mary Abbott's, Kensington, London, 17th 
October 1889, Sylvester John Browne, Esq., yoimgest son of the late Sylvester John Browne, 
Esq. of kartlands, Heidelberg, Victoria. 

His second daughter, Mary Letitia, m. at St. Mary Abbott's, Kensington, 14th May, 1890, 
Edward William Hawker, Esq. of Adelaide, South Australia (see Hawkee or Adelaide, 
vol. ii). 


Hon. Sir J. G. Lee Steere, Knt., M.L.A. for Nelson, is now Speaker of the Legislative 
Assembly of Western Australia, having been Speaker of the Legislative Council of that colony 
from 1886 to 1890. 


Sir George Stephen, Bart., who resigned the post of president of the Canadian Pacific 
Eailway Company in 1888, was created a peer of the United Kingdom, 1891. 

E. A. Tarlton, Esq., is not now M.L.C. 


James Turner, Esq., is not now a senator of the Dominion of Canada. 

Hon. Sir Q-. F. Vordon, K.C.M.G., C.B., P.R.S., is an executive councillor of Victoria. 

Hon W. C. Windeyer, M.A., LL.D., received tlie honour of knighthood, 1891. 


Hon. H. J. Wrixon is an executive councillor of Victoria, and member of the Legislative 
Assembly of that colony for Portland. 

§iirk\9 Cnlnntal Qlintrg. 

VOL. I. 

imtp ot 0oxUjlmxXi^. 

HENTY, RICHMOND, Esq. of Northlands, Derby, co. Bendigo, Victoria, 
Australia, b. 3rd August, 1837, at Portland, Victoria, being tbe first 
white man born in that colony ; m. 30th April, 1861, at St. George's, Hanover- 
square, CO. Middlesex, England, Agnes B., daughter of the Rev. E. Reed, of 
Hanover-square, London, and granddaughter of Sir Edwin Sandys, Bart., and 
has had issue, 

I. Ernest George, b. 17th September, 1862; m. 12th June, 1890, at 

St. Matthew's Church, Albury, Katie, second daughter of Francis 
M'Crae Cobham, Esq. of Wodonga, Victoria, who settled in the 
Port Fairy district in 1839. 

II. Richmond Sandys, b. 24th November, 1864 ; d. at Goulburn, New 

South Wales, 1887, aged 22. 
HI. Lindesay Pace, b. 1866. 
IV. Percival Edward, b. 17th January, 1868; d. 26th March, 1889, at 

Heidelberg, aged 21 years. 
I. Eveline Agnes, in. at St. George's, Hanover-square, London, 11th July, 
1888, Capt. Edward Charles Starkey, of Tang Hall, York, late 13th 
Mr. Richmond Henty is the author of Australiana, or my Early Life, which 
was published in 1886. 


John Henty, Esq. of Burwasli, co. Sussex, 
England, b. 1670; m. 1696 (his wife Susan 
•was b. 1674, and d. 1730, aged 56 years), and 
was buried at Rustington, co. Sussex, 7th 
January, 1729, having had issue, 

I. John. 

II. Samuel, b. 20th February, 1699 ; m. 
1736 (his wife Jane was b. 1702, d. 
4th June, 1748, and was buried at 
Rustington, co. Sussex), d. 10th De- 
cember, 1772, aged 73 years, and was 
bui'ied at Rustington, leaving issue. 

III. Francis, b. 10th January, 1701 ; 
buried 10th March following at Rust- 
ington, aforesaid, aged 2 mouths. 

VOL. I. 

I. Elizabeth, b. 1697 ; d. 20th December, 
1767, aged 70 years, and was buried 
at Rustington. 

II. Ann, b. 5th Jvme, 1703 ; buried 26th 
September, 1723, at Rustington, aged 
20 years. 

The eldest son, 

John Hentt, Esq., was 6. Avigust, 1698, 
He m. 1728 (his wife Sarah d. 9tli January, 
1736, aged 36 years, and was buried at Little- 
hampton, co. Sussex), and was buried 5th 
November, 1750, at Littlehampton, aged 52 
years, having had issue, 

I. John, b. October, 1729 ; d. 26th April, 


1741, aged 11 years, and was buried at 

Littleliampton, aforesaid. 
II. William. 
I. Sarah, b. June, 1734 ; buried at Little- 

Tbe second son, 

William Hentt, Esq. of Littlebampton, 
CO. Sussex, b. February, 1731 ; m. Jane, third 
daughter of William OUiver, Esq., of Little- 
bampton, by Mary, his wife. Mrs. Henty 
was b. August, 1737; d. 17th April, 1820, 
aged 82 years, and was buried at Little- 
bampton. He d. 24th April, 1796, aged 65 
years, and was buried at Littlebampton, 
having had issue, 

I. William, h. 1761 ; d. 16th April, 1786, 
aged 25 years, buried at Littlebamp- 

II. John, b. October, 1/63 ; buried 5th 
December following, at Littlebampton. 

III. Samuel, h. April, 1765 ; d. an infant, 
and was buried at Littlebampton. 

IV. George, of Ferring, co. Sussex, 
banker, b. December, 1766 ; m. 10th 
June, 1790, Ann, daughter of the 
Kev. James Penfold, vicar of Ferring, 
Goring, and Preston, co. Sussex (she 
was b. 5th May, 1771 ; d. 6th Novem- 
ber, 1832, aged 61 years, and was 
buried at Ferring, aforesaid), and d. 
25th August, 1829, aged 62 years, and 
was buried at Ferring, leaving, amongst 
other issue, 

George, of Northlands, city of 
Chichester, co. Sussex, J. P., third 
son, to whom arms were esta- 
blished ; b. 1803 ; m. 1833, Maria, 
daughter of the late Cornthwaite 
John Hector, Esq., of Stodham, 
Hants, and has, with other issue, 
Douglas, b. 1838 ; m. 1867, Julia, 
daughter of Robert Martin, Esq., 
of Overbury Court, co. Worcester. 
Edwin, of Ferring Grange, Worth- 
ing, CO. Sussex, J. P., b. 1805 ; m. 
1838, Lavira Frances, daughter of 
Philip Boghurst, Esq., of Worth- 
ing, CO. Sussex, J. P., and has, with 
other issue, 

Edwin, b. 1844 ; educated at 
Kugby ; in. 1875, Georgiana 
Laura Alma Henrietta Eliza- 
beth, second daughter of the 
Eev. William Somerset, rector 
of Woolastone, co. Glovicester. 
T. James, h. 1769 ; d. 10th February, 
1794, aged 25 years, buried at Little- 
VI. Thomas. 

Tli. Henry, b. 1777 ; d. 20th May, 1786, 
aged 9 years, buried at Littlebampton. 

I. Ann, b. June, 1759 ; d. 21st February, 
1773, aged 13 years, buried at Little- 

II. Sarah, b. March, 1772 ; d. 3rd Octo- 
ber, 1780, aged 8 years, buried at 

III. Mary, b. May, 1780 ; d. an infant, and 
was buried at Littlebampton. 

The sixth son, 

Thomas Hentt, Esq. of West Tarring, 
CO. Sussex, England, banker and farmer, was 
born January, 1775 ; left England in the ship 
" Forth of Alloway," for Launceston, Tas- 
mania, and arrived at that place, April, 1831. 
At the commencement of the present century 
there were but six breeders of the merino 
sheep in England, of which Mr. Thomas 
Henty was one, having secured his blood at 
the sale of the flock of King George III, 
which were jDresented to that monarch by the 
King of Spain. Mr. Henty became very 
celebrated for his excellent breed of merino 
sheep, many from his flock having been sent 
to New South Wales. He m. Frances Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Joseph Hopkins, Esq., by 
Philadelphia, his wife (she was b. at Poling, 
CO. Sussex ; d. 8th May, 1848, aged 72 years, 
and was buried at Launceston, Tasmania), 
and d. 25th October, 1839, at Launceston, 
Tasmania, aged 64 years, buried there. He 
bad issue, 

James (Hon.), member of the Legislative 
Council of Victoria, eldest son, b. at 
West Tarring, co. Sussex, 24th Septem- 
ber, 1800. Dviring the early part of 
his life be was engaged in farming 
pursuits on his father's property, subse- 
quently joined the family banking firm 
of Henty & Co., at Arundel, Worthing, 
and Steyning, all co. Sussex (which 
business is still carried on by members 
of the same family), and in May, 1829, 
with his brothers John and Stephen 
George, emigrated to Swan River, 
Western Australia, in tbe ship " Caro- 
line," taking with them a number of 
their father's merinos, the thorough- 
bred horses, "Wanderer" and "Sir 
John," and other cattle, and purchased 
a small estate near Perth. After re- 
maining in that colony for eighteen 
months they proceeded to Van 
Diemen's Land (Tasmania), where 
they were joined, a few months later, 
by their father and the rest of the 
family. After a short visit to Europe, 
Mr. James Henty returned to Launces- 
ton, where he commenced business as 
a merchant, and from 1851 was the 
bead of the well-known firm of James 
Henty & Co., of Melbourne and Gee- 
long. In 1844 he was offered a seat 
in the Nominee Council of Tasmania, 
which honour he declined. In 1851 
he settled in Victoria, and represented 
Portland in the Legislative Council in 
1852. Mr. Henty took, in 1855, bis 
seat in the Upper House for the 
South- Western Province, which he 
held for many years. Mr. James 
Henty was sometime Chairman and 
Director of the Melbourne and Hob- 
son's Bay Railroad, of the Liverpool 
and London Insurance Company, and 
held similar positions with the Com- 
missioners of Savings Banks. He »;., 
1830, Miss Carter, of Worthing, co. 


Sussex, and by her (who d. 1868) liad 
seven cliildren, of whom are, 

Henry, J.P., eldest son, partner in 
the firm of James Henty & Co., 
Melbourne, merchants, b. at 
Launceston, Tasmania, 9th May, 
1833 ; visited England, 1848, and 
attended King's College, London ; 
returned to Victoria 1851. In 
1865 he was returned to the Legis- 
lative Assembly of Victoria for 
Grenville, and has successively 
held the appointments of Com- 
missioner of Education, Chairman 
of the Board, and Commissioner 
of Savings Banks. He is a Direc- 
tor of the Victoria Sugar Com- 
pany, occupies a seat in the 
Council of the Diocese of Mel- 
bourne, and is a member of the 
Cathedral Chapter. He m. 1859 
Marion Ann, eldest daughter of 
W. a. M'Kellar, Esq. late of 
Highton, Geelong, Victoria, and 
has issue, Henry P. and Charles. 
Herbert James, second son, b. 5th 
October, 1834, in co. Sussex, Eng- 
land, and the following year went 
to Tasmania with his parents ; 
returned to England in 1848, and 
was educated at King's College, 
London ; in 1851 settled in Vic- 
toria ; subsequently became a 
partner in the firm of James 
Henty & Co., and finally left the 
colony for England in 1876. He 
has served as councillor in the 
City Council for the Lonsdale 
ward, has filled the office of Mayor 
of Kew, and was sometime Vice- 
Consul for the Kingdom of Den- 
mark at Geelong. He m. April, 
1861, Frances, eldest daughter of 
Sir Francis Murphy, first speaker 
of the Legislative Assembly of 
Victoria, and by her has issue two 
sons and two daughters. 
Thomas (Hon.), member of the 
Legislative Council of Victoria, 
b. at Launceston, Tasmania, 1836 ; 
entered the Legislative Council as 
a representative of the Southern 
Province 1885 ; and d. October, 
1887, aged 51 years. 
Thomas, b. in 1802, served at the battle 
of Algiers on board the " Minden," 
and d. in 1819 from a ruptured blood- 
vessel. Memorial tablet in Tarring 
Church, CO. Sussex. 
Edward, of Muntham, Wannon River, 
Victoria, b. at West Tarring, oo. Sussex, 
10th March, 3 809 ; in 1831 emigrated 
to Van Diemen's Land, where his three 
brothers, James, John, and Stephen 
George had, a few months previously, 
arrived from Western Australia, but 
being dissatisfied with his prospects in 
the island, he proceeded, the following 
year, in the barque " Carnarvon" to 
Victoria, finally, in 1834, settling at 

Portland. Mr. Edward Henty repre- 
sented the county of Normanby in 
the Victorian Legislative Assembly for 
many years. The first pure merino 
sheep were landed by him. He was 
the pioneer settler of Victoria ; d. 14th 
August, 1878, having lived the latter 
part of his life in the suburbs of 
William, of Launceston, Tasmania, soli- 
citor, elected to the Legislative 
Assembly of Tasmania, and was for 
some years Chief Secretary and 
Treasurer; m. Miss Campfield, sister 
of Mr. Campfield, Government Resi- 
dent at Albany, Western Australia. 
Charles, of Kelso, situated near the 
mouth of the Tamar, and nearly 
op)posite Georgetown, Tasmania, man- 
ager of the Bank of Australasia at 
Launceston, and sometime member of 
the Legislative Assembly of Tasmania. 
Stephen Geoege, of whom presently. 
John, of Sandford, Wannon River, Vic- 
toria, emigrated in May, 1829, with 
his brothers, James and Stephen 
George, to Swan River, Western 
Australia, in the ship " Caroline," 
and after remaining in that colony for 
eighteen months proceeded to Van 
Diemen's Land, and finally to Victoria. 
He d. leaving three daughters. 
Francis, of Field Place, Studley Park- 
road, Kew, near Melbourne, and of 
Merino Downs, co. Normanby, Vic- 
toria, J. P., Commissioner of Savings 
Banks, youngest son, b. at Field Place, 
near Worthing, co. Sussex, England, 
30th November, 1815 ; left England in 
the " Forth of Alloway," at the end 
of 1830, and arrived at Launceston, 
Tasmania, in April, 1831, where his 
brothers James, John, and Stephen 
George had previously arrived from 
Swan River, Western Australia, and 
in 1834 joined his brother Edward in 
Victoria, being one of the pioneers of 
that colony. He m. at Launceston, 
Tasmania, Mary Ann Lawrence, of 
that place, and d. 15th January, 1889, 
at his residence. Field Place, Studley 
Park-road, Kew, Melbourne, in his 
74th year. By his wife (who d. 
November, 1881, and was buried in 
Boroondara Cemetery, Kew, near Mel- 
bourne) he had issue, 

1 Lawrence Shum, b. at Merino 
Downs, 9th April, 1845; and d. 
there 10th February, 1877. 

1 Louisa, b. at Merino Downs, 12th 
August, 1847. 

2 Carohne, b. at Merino Downs, 29th 
August, 1849 ; m. at Holy Trinity 
Church, Kew, Victoria, 6th 
August, 1890, Alexander Magnus 
MacLeod, Esq. of TaUisker, 
deputy chief inspector of stock. 
South' Australia, eldest son of the 
late John Norman MacLeod, Esq. 
of Castlemaddie, Portland. 


3 Alice, b. at Merino Downs 8th 
April, 1852; m. 15th AprU, 1875, 
John Henderson, Esq., of Shrub- 
lands, and of Queen-street, Mel- 
bourne, stock-broker, and has 
issue, I. William Francis ; li. 
John L. Henty ; I. Ruby Alice ; 
II. Elsie Mary Eliza ; III. Louisa 
Charlotte Francis; IT. Winifred 
Caroline Henty. 
Jane, of Richmond, Victoria, widow of 
Samuel Bryan, Esq. She is now living, 
and in the 85th year of her age. 
Stephen George Henty, Esq. of Port- 
land, Victoria, where he transacted business 
as merchant and banker, emigrated in May, 
1829, with his brothers James and John to 
Swan River, Western Australia, in the ship 
" Carohne," whence he proceeded to Tas- 
mania, finally joining his brother Edward at 
Portland Bay, Victoria, in 1836. He was 
one of the founders of the Melbourne Club, 
and some time a member of the Legislative 
Council of Victoria. He m. at Swan River, 
Jane, daughter of Captain Pace, a commander 
of an armed sloop-of-war in the E. I. Co.'s 
service, and d. 187-, having had issue, 

Richmond, of Northlands. 

George Edward, m. Miss Adair. 


Walter, m. Miss Campbell. 

Frances, m., 1859, M. Smallpage, Esq., 

and d. leaving issue three sons and one 

Annie Maria, m. B. S. Bree, Esq., and 

has issue two sons and two daughters. 
Emily, m. D. Wylie, Esq.; deceased. 
Mary, d. at Findon, Victoria, January, 

Ellen, m. L. Coster, Esq. 
Agnes, m. E. Coster, Esq., and has seven 


Arms (limited to the descendants of George 
Henty, Esq., of Ferring, co. Sussex) — Az. 
three roses in fesse or., between six bezants, 
four in chief and two in base. Crest — Upon 
a mount vert a lion ramp, per chev. or and 
az., holding between the paws a lozenge of 
the last charged with a bezant. Motto — Per 
ardua stabilis. 

Sesidence — Northlands, Derby, co. Ben- 
digo, Victoria, Australia. 

^tttxt JDf ^titl) anU JSladtluooU. 

of Jayes, Blackwood, Western Australia, member of the Executive 
Council, Speaker of the Legislative Council of Western Australia, and member 
of the Federal Council of Australasia, h. 4th July, 1830, at Hale House, 
Ockley, CO. Surrey, England, knighted by Letters Patent, dated 20th June, 
1888, m. 16th June, 1859, at Hampstead, co. Middlesex, England, Catherine 
Anne, only daughter of the late Luke Leake, Esq. of Perth, Western Australia, 
and has issue, 

I. Edward John Lee, h. 2nd February, 1863. 

II. Charles James Lee, h. 9th June, 1868. 

III. Hubert Arthur Lee, 6. 4th June, 1872. 

IV. Wilfred Lee, I. 26th July, 1878. 

I. Edith Anne Lee. 

II. Louisa Kate Lee. 

III. Marian Rose Lee, m. 21st September, 1887, at St. John's Church, 

Bunbury, Western Australia, Alexander Paterson Turnbull, Esq. 
of Prinsep Park, near Bunbury, second son of the late Hon. Robert 
Turnbull, M.L.C. of Melbourne, Victoria. 

IV. Alice Maude Lee. 

V. Mabel Constance Lee. 
Ti. Bertha Mary Lee. 
VII. Amy Floi'ence Lee. 


The family of Steere have been resident at 
Jayes, Ockley, Dorking, co. Surrey, England, 
without interruption since the Conquest. 

Henry Steere, Esq., held lands atTrouts, 

in the parishes of Capel and Ockley, co. 
Surrey. He m. Mary, sister of Edmund King, 
Esq., and d. in 1659, and was buried at 
Ockley, leaving, with other issue, a son, 


John Steeee, Esq. of Ockley, m. Anne, 

daughter of Eversed, Eaq. of Ockley, 

and d. in 1670, leaving a son, 

John Steeee, Esq. of Jayes, Ockley, bap- 
tised at Ockley, 1st September, 1616 ; m. 

Ellen, daughter of Watkins, Esq. of 

CLLfford's Inn, London, and d. 19th, and was 
buried at Ockley, 20th January, 1699, aged 
83, having had by her (who d. 11th, and was 
buried at Ockley, 17th May, 1680), with 
other issue, a son, 

John Steeee, Esq. of Jayes aforesaid, 
baptised at Ockley, 1st February, 1647, m. 
Fiducia, daughter and co-heir of John Lee, 
Esq., of Plaistow, co. Sussex, and Plunistead, 
CO. Kent, and d. 14th December, 1689, aged 
42 (when his widow re-m. Matthew Raper, 
Esq., of London, dying in 1705), leaving issue, 
besides a daughter (Fiducia, m. Samuel 
Papilion, Esq., of London, merchant, by 
whom she had a son, John, who d. s.p.), a 

Lee Steeee, Esq. of Jayes, m. Martha, 
daughter of Thomas Scrocold, Esq., of Lon- 
don, merchant, and by her (who d. July, 
1775), left issue, a daughtei", Fiducia, d. tinm., 
and a son, 

Lee Steeee, Esq. of Hackney, co. Middle- 
sex, and of Jayes, J. P., Gentleman of the 
Privy Chamber to the King, m. his cousin 
Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Steere, Esq. 
of London, and d. January, 1785, having had 
by her (who d. February, 1790) a son, Lee, 
d. an infant, 1758, and a daughter, his heir, 

Maetha, b. at Hackney, co. Middlesex, 
1755; m. at St. George the Martyr, South- 
wark, 00. Surrey, 15th February, 1774, 
EiCHAED Witts, Esq. of Everslieds, Ockley, 
CO. Surrey, who was b. 1746, and d. 15th 
January, 1815, and was buried at Wotton, co. 
Surrey, having had issue, 

Lee Steeee Witts, Esq. of Jayes, i. in 
Somerset -street, Portman- square, London, 
1 4th December, 1774 ; assumed the surname 
and arms of Steeee by Royal Sign Manual, 
dated 9th January, 1796 ; m. at St. Maryle- 
bone, CO. Middlesex, 21st June, 1798, Sarah, 
eldest daughter of Robert Harrison, Esq., of 
Ripley Court, co. Surrey, and Benningholme 
Hall, CO. York, by Sarah, his wife, youngest 
daughter of Ralph Dodsworth, Esq. of 
Whitby, CO. York, and d. in 1832, having had 

I. Lee, of whom presently. 

II. Robert, b. in Harley-street, London, 
17th April, 1807, and baptised 29th 

May following ; assumed by Royal 
■ Sign Manual, dated Ist April, 1819, 
the surname and arms of Haeeison 

I. EHzabeth, b. in Harley-street, London, 
11th March, 1802, and baptised 19th 
April following; m. first, at St. Maryle- 
bone, London, 26th June, 1823, Rev. 
Henry John Ridley, M.A., rector of 
Abinger, co. Surrey, and prebendary 
of Bristol, son of the Rev. Henry 
Ridley, prebendary of Gloucester ; and 
secondly, 28th September, 1843, James, 
first Lord Abinger (see Burke's Peer- 
age), who d. 7th April, 1844. She 
d. 13th October, 1886. 

II. Sarah, b. in Harley-street, London, 
9th October, 1804, and baptised 14th 
December following. 

The elder son, 

Lee Steeee, Esq. of Jayes, Ockley, Dork- 
ing, CO. Surrey, and of the Carlton Club, 
London, J. P. and D.L. for Surrey (High. 
Sheriff, 1848), J.P. for Sussex, and was M.P. 
for West Surrey, 1870-80; b. in Harley- 
street, London, 21st June, 1803, and baptised 
19th July following, educated at Harrow and 
Trinity College, Oxford ; m. at Hessle, co. 
York, 30th January, 1826, Anne, second 
daughter of James Keiro Watson, Esq. of 
Hessle Mount, co. York, and d. 9th October, 
1890, having had issue, 

I. Lee, late Lieut. 88th Foot, b. at Hale, 
5th December, 1826, baptised at 
Ockley, co. Surrey, 27th March, 1827 ; 
educated at Eton ; m. 1851, Margaret, 
daughter of the late Keiro Watson, 
Esq., and has, with other issue, a 
daughter, Sarah Fiducia Lee. 

II. Henry Lee, Master of the Wamham 
Staghounds, m. Elizabeth Fitzroy. 

III. James Geoege Lee (Hon. Sie), 
now of Perth and Blackwood. 

IV. Augustus Frederick Lee, in. Ellen 

T. Charles WUliam Lee. 

Arms — Per pale sa. and gu. three lions 
pass. arg. Crest — Out of a mural crown per 
pale gu. and sa. a lion's jamb, erect arg. 
Motto — Tu ne cede mails. 

Besidences — (town) Perth, (country) Jayes, 
Blackwood, Western Australia. 

Club — Weld, Perth, Western Australia. 

Estates— In Williams District, 10,000 
acres ; and in Blackwood, 2,000 acres. 

mtitl) of #ortfon JSroofe. 

SMITH, THOMAS HAWKINS, Esq. of Gordon Brook, Grafton, New 
Soutli Wales, Australia, J.P., 6. at Quinton, co. Northampton, llth 
April, 1829, m. at Prospect, New Soutli Wales, 7tli January, 1862, Emily 
Blanche {h. 2nd August, 1845), second daughter of Frederic John Rothery, 
Esq. of Sydney, New South Wales [who vras h. at Portsmouth, Hants, and 


d. 19th January, 1860, having m. Emily (d. 4fch December, 1852), daughter o£ 
Robert Chenery, Esq. of Portman-square, London, by Sarah, his -wife], and 
granddaughter of Nicholas Philipp Rothery, Esq., by Miss Ann Fisher, his 
second wife, who d. 21st September, 1812. Mr. Smith has no issue. 


WiLiiAM Smith, alias Kent, of Moor 
End, parish of Potterspury, co. Northampton, 
d. 1556, and by his wife Jone, left issue, 

I. William, of whom presently. 

II. Edward, of Moor End, m. Alice, 
daughter of Anthony Eurtho, Esq. of 
Furtho, CO. Northampton, and d. 1560, 
leaving Anthony, of London, citizen 
and haberdasher, who, by Ann, his 
wife, had issue two davighters ; and 
Wmiam, who d. s.p. abroad. 

I. Margaret, m. Edward Earsby, Esq. of 

II. Lewes, m. John Addington, of Pot- 
terspury, yeoman, and had issue, 
Thomas, Anthony, and Edward. 

William Smith alias Kent, of Moor 

End, aforesaid, m. Mary, daughter of 

Marsey, Esq. of Berwood Hill, co. Warwick, 
and d. circa 1587, leaving, 

I. Henry. 

II. Wilham, who d. s.p. between 1587 
and 1616. 

III. Thomas, of whom presently. 

I. Susan, m. first, Walter I'Uing, Esq., 
and secondly, Hercules Wincot, Esq. 
of Pakinton. 

II. Ellen, m. Richard Gorstilowe, Esq. 

III. Margaret. 
IT. Anne. 

T. Joyes, m. Thomas Addington, of Pot- 
terspury, yeoman, and had issue two 

Ti. Elizabeth, m. Mr. Holes. 

Til. Jane, m. Richard Scrivener, of Pot- 
terspu.ry, yeoman, and had issue six 
sons and two daughters. 

The third and youngest son, 

Thomas Smith, alias Kent, of Moor End, 
aforesaid, m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Thomas Saunders, Esq. of Long Marston, co. 
Bucks ; and secondly, Margaret, daughter of 

Conny, Esq., and widow of Thomas 

Laigte, Esq. of London. By his first wife he 
left issue, 

I. William, aged 6 in 1618. 

II. Thomas, of whom pTesently. 

III. Anthony, of Grafton Regis, co. 
Northampton. By Ann, his first wife 
(who d. October, 1642), he had issue, 
William, who d. in infancy, and Mary. 
He m. secondly, 1st May, 1643, Cecily 
Burrier, and by her had issue, Anthony, 
h. 1645; William, b. 1651; Robert 
(who by his wife, Susan, had issue, 
John, b. 1678; Thomas, b. 1679; 
William, b. 1686, d. 1687 ; Mary, b. 
1676, and Margaret, b. 1682) ; John, 

b. 1659; Elizabeth, b. 1646; and 
Margaret, d. 1656. 

I. Margaret, m. William Reeve, Esq. of 
Grafton Regis, and had issue. He d. 
1658. She d. 1683. 

II. Susan. 

III. Mary. 

Thomas Smith, Esq. (who, in his will, 
omits the " alias Kent," hitherto borne by 
the family), d. 1658. By Elizabeth, his wife, 
he had issue, 

I. Robert, buried 1623—4. 

II. Thomas, of whom presently. 

III. Philip. 

I. Elizabeth, m. 1655, Richard Core, 
Esq. of Pattishall, co. Northampton, 
and had John, Richard, Anne, and 

II. Anne, m. Thomas Henson, Esq., and 
had issue, Thomas, Robert, and Eliza- 

III. Jane. 
IT. Mary. 
T. Susanna. 
TI. Margaret. 

The second son, 

Thomas Smith, Esq., was, in all prob- 
ability, and is believed to be, identical with 
Thomas Smith, Esq. of Potterspury, co. 
Northampton (who, in his will, proved 1721, 
left lands known to have been in possession 
of the aforesaid Thomas Smith, alias Kent) ; 
m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Scrivener, Esq. 
of Yardley Gobion (of age at her father's 
death in 1658), and had issue, 

I. Thomas, of whom presently. 

II. George, of Yardley Gobion, in the 
parish of Potterspury, m. Anne 
(i. 1681), only child of WUliam 
Wiekens, Esq. of Yardley Gobion 
(marriage settlement dated 1699), 
and had issue George; Anne, m. 
Edward Hoar, Esq. of Yardley Gobion ; 
Mary, m. Mr. Harris ; and Elizabeth, 
d. an infant. He d. 1709. 

I. Mary, d. miin. 1730. 

II. Margaret, m. Edward Brown, Esq. of 
Moor End, aforesaid (marriage settle- 
ment dated 1699). 

Thomas Smith, Esq., formerly of Grafton 
Regis, and afterwards of Yardley Gobion, 
m. about 1690, Martha, eldest daughter of 
Thomas Brown, Esq. (d. 1702) of Broad- 
water, Yardley Gobion, and sister of Edward 
Brown, Esq., aforenamed. Thomas Smith d. 
1739, having by his said wife (who d. 1721), 
had issue, 

I. Thomas. 


11. John, of Yardley Gobion, h. 1703, 
and d. 1777. By Priscilla, his wife 
(who was b. 1710, and d. 1766), he 
left issue, Elizabeth, who was h. 1765, 
and d. unm. 1794, aged 29. 

I. Martha, b. 1691, m. 3rd November, 
1716, John Bland, Esq. of Yardley 
Gobion and Grafton Regis, who d. 

II. Ann, b. 1692, m. 15th January, 1710, 
William Webb, Esq. of Alderton, eo. 
Northampton, who d. 1782. She d. 

III. Jane, m. 25th December, 1718, 
Thomas Scrivener, Esq. of Potters- 
pury, and d. 1763. 

IV. Mary, m. 1717, William Cook, Esq. 
of Paulerspury, co. Northampton. 

The elder son, 

Thomas Smith, Esq. of Moor End, afore- 
said, b. 23rd April, 1701, m. 1727, Sarah, 
daughter of Christopher Wren, Esq. of 
Hanslope, co. Bucks (who was b. 1664, 
and m. Sarah), sister of Christopher Wren, 
Esq. of Pindon End, Hanslope (who 
was b. 1694, and d. 1765, having had issue 
Sarah, m. Lieut. John France), grand- 
daughter of Hugh Wren, Esq. of Hanslope 
{b. 1629), great granddaughter of Hugh 
Wren, Esq. of Hanslope (6. 1598, d. 1658), 
by Eleanor, his wife (who d. 1658), great 
great granddaughter of Christopher Wren, 
Esq. of Hanslope {d. 1613), by Mary, his 
wife, and great great great granddaughter of 
Hugh Wren, Esq. of Hanslope {d. 1585), by 
Margaret, his wife. Geoffrey Wren, con- 
fessor and privy councillor to Kings 
Henet VII and Henkt Till, was rector of 
Hanslope from 1509 until his death in 1527. 
He was brother of William Wren, of Sher- 
burn House, co. Durham, from whom was de- 
scended Sir Christopher Wren, the architect 
(i. 1632). Hugh Wren, b. 1487, living 
1553, was chantry priest of Hanslope. 
Thomas Smith d. 9th November, 17ti6, 
having by his said wife (who was b. 1703, 
and d. llth June, 1778, aged 76) had 

I. Thomas, formerly of Horton, and 
afterwards of Preston Deanery, both 
CO. Northampton, b. 1727, m. 20th 
January, 1757, Catherine, daughter of 
John Hawkins, Esq. of Oxford — see 
Burke's History of the Commoners 
(by Miss Wainwright, his wife) ; sister 
of William Hawkins, Esq. of West- 
minster (who m. Susanna, daughter 

of Thomas Grant, Esq., and d. 1781, 
having had issue, Samuel Hawkins,EBq., 
of Westminster, who m. Miss Sarah Cal- 
land, of the same place) ; also sister of 
the Rev. Thomas Hawkins, chaplain of 
Magdalen College, Oxford, author of 
The Origin of the Enqlish Drama, 
&c. {b. 1729, d. 1772) ; niece of William 
Hawkins, Esq. of Hornchurch, co. Es- 
sex, author of Pleas of the Crown, 
created Serjeant-at-Law, 1724 (who 
was b. 1682, and d. 1750) ; grand- 
daughter of John Hawkins, Esq. of 
Great Milton, co. Oxford [who d. about 
1703, having m. Mary, daughter of 
Edward Dew, Esq. (b. 1619, d. 1656), 
of Islip, CO. Oxford, son of Richard 
Dew, Esq. of Harwell, co. Berks, and 
grandson of Edward Dew, Esq., also of 
Harwell] ; great granddaughter of 
John Hawkins, Esq. {b. 1621, d. before 
1678) ; great grandniece of William 
Hawkins, Esq. of Mortlake, co. Surrey, 
J.P. (who was b. 1624, and d. 1678) ; 
and great great granddaughter of Wil- 
liam Hawkins, Esq. of the city of 
Westminster. Thomas Smith d. 25th 
June, 1795, having had by his said wife 
(who was b. 1727, and d. 8th January, 
1793, aged 66) a son, Thomas, baptised 
14th March, 1759, and d. llth Novem- 
ber, 1766, aged 7. 
II. John. 
The younger son, 

JoHK Smith, Esq. of Pury Lodge, Potters- 
pury, was baptised at Grafton Regis, 4th 
October, 1730, and also at Potterspury, 
llth October, 1730 ; m. first, 7th January, 
1756, Eleanor, daughter of Richard Scrivener, 
Esq. (b. 1694, d. 1763), of Potterspury, by 
Eleanor, his wife ; and by her (who was b. 
1733, and d. 8th August, 1757, aged 24), had 

Sarah, of Towcester, co. Northampton, 

b. 1757, buried 3rd February, 1816, 

aged 60, unm. 

He TO. secondly, 31st July, 1760, Elizabeth, 

daughter of John Hawkins, Esq., and niece of 

Mr. Serjeant Hawkins, aforenamed, and d. 

ICth April, 1813, having had by her (who was 

b. 1727, and d. ICth Sei^tember, 1776, aged 

49) a son, 

Thomas Smith, Esq. of Houghton House, 
Great Houghton, and afterwards of Manor 
House, Quinton, both co. Northampton, b. 
2Cth December, 1767; m. 17th April, 1794, 
at Towcester, co. Northampton, Frances,* 

* Frances, the third daughter of Gilbert 
Flesher, Esq. of Towcester, co. Northampton 
[who was b. 1730; m. 1758, Sarah (6. 1732, 
d. 1806), daughter of Edward Bagshaw, Esq. 
of Frowlesworth, co. Leicester, by Sarah, his 
wife, daughter of John Vere, Esq. of Cester 
Over House, Monks Kirby, co. Warwick 
(see Burke's Landed Gentry) ; and d. 
1779] ; was sister of Catherine [who was b. 
1761, m. flirst, 1787, Wilham Elliott, Esq. of 

Greens Norton, co. Northampton (b. 1760, d. 
1800), and secondly, 1806, John Malsbury 
Kirby, Esq. of Towcester (6. 1761, d. 1824), 
being his second wife ; and d. 1825] ; also 
sister of the Rev. John Thomas Flesher, 
rector of Tiifield, co. Northampton [who was 
b. 1771, TO. 1799, Rhoda {d. 1817), daughter 
of Rev. Thomas Biker, vicar of Culworth, co. 
Northampton, and d. 1832, leaving issue, Rev. 
John Thomas Flesher, rector of TiiEeld, afore- 



third daughter of Gilbert Flesher, Esq. of 
Towcester. She was h. there, 22nd Septem- 
ber, 1764, and baptised there, 3rd November, 
1783; d. at Northampton, 18th March, 1836, 
aged 72, and was buried at Great Houghton. 
He d. 25th November, 1833, aged 66, and was 
buried at Great Houghton, 2nd December 
following, leaving issue, 

I. Thomas, of Hornsey, co. Middlesex, 
and afterwards of Glenrock, Sydney, 
New South Wales, h. 7th and baptised 
23rd June, 1795, at Great Houghton ; 
emigrated to New South Wales, 1830 ; 
m. at Newtimher, co. Sussex, 23rd 
October, 1823, Penelope, eldest daugh- 
ter of the Eev. Webster Whistler, 
M.A. of St. John's College, Cam- 
bridge, rector of Hastings and New- 
timber, CO. Sussex (who was b. 16th 
January, 1747 and d. 2nd March, 1832, 
having m. 1795, Miss Mary Lashmer) ; 
granddaughter of John Whistler, Esq. 
of Stow Wood, CO. Oxford (who was 
baptised 1717, and d. 1786, his widow, 
Elizabeth, dying before 1794) ; great 
granddaughter of John Whistler, Esq. 
of Newbury, co. Berks, and Beckley, co. 
Hants (who m. Mary, and d. 1721) ; 
great great granddaughter of the Rev. 
John Whistler, vicar of Clapham, co. 
Sussex (who was b. 1625, and d. 1685) ; 
and great great great granddaughter 
of the Rev. Hugh Whistler, rector of 
Faccombe, co. Hants, [who m. first, 
Hannah {d. 1626), and had the afore- 

named Eev. John Whistler; and 
secondly, Sarah {d. 1646) ; and d. 
1659, having had issue by his second 
wife, Henry Whistler, Esq. of Epsom, 
CO. Surrey, whose granddaughter, Jane, 
m. Sir Thomas Webster, Bart. {b. 1682, 
d. 1760), of Battle, co. Sussex]. Mrs. 
Smith was b. at Newtimber, 15th 
August, 1795, d. at Plymouth, co. 
Devon, 11th December, 1866, and was 
buried at Cornwood, co. Devon. He d. 
at Glenrock, Sydney, 28th July, 1842, 
leaving issue, 

1. Thomas Whistler, of Glenrock, 
near Sydney, member of the 
Legislative Assembly of New 
South Wales, b. at Hornsey, eo; 
Middlesex, 26th September, 1824, 
m. at St. James's Church, Sydney, 
29th June, 1847, Sarah Maria (fi. 
1830), daughter of John Street, 
Esq. of Tooyong, Bathurst, New 
South Wales (by Maria, his wife, 
daughter of John Eendell, Esq. of 
Tiverton, co. Devon, by Sarah, his 
wife, sister of Alderman Sir Mat- 
thew Wood, of Hatherley House, 
eo. Gloucester, Bart., M.P., twice 
Lord Mayor, father of Lord 
Hatherley) ; granddaughter of 
John Street, Esq. (by Miss Lucy 
Duncome,of Sheen andOld Albury, 
CO. Surrey, his wife) ; and great- 
granddaughter of Henry Street, 
Esq., who was descended from 
Lawrence Street, Esq. of Birtley, 

said, b. 1800, m. 1831, Miss EHza Spencer {b. 
1804, d. 1885), and d. 1852, having had issue 
John Henry Flesher] ; also sister of Gilbert 
Flesher, Esq. of Towcester, D.L. for co. 
Northampton (who was b. 1772, and d. «nm. 
1845) ; granddaughter of Thomas Flesher, 
Esq. of Duncot, Greens Norton, near Tow- 
cester [who was b. 1684, and d. 1762, having 
m., first, 1719, Hephzibah (b. 1696, d. 1725), 
daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Hawkins, 
of Greens Norton, and by her had an only 
child, Sophia [5. 1722, d. 1775, having m. 
Thomas Bedford, Esq. of Potterspury, and 
had issue by him, Sophia Frances, b. 1762, m. 
John Pinckard, Esq. of Handley, near Tow- 
cester (who was b. 1760, and d. 1834), and d. 
1836] ; and secondly, 1726, Hannah {d. 1774), 
daughter of Charles Gilbert, Esq. of the city 
of London (who was b. 1677, m. 1702, Anne, 
daughter of William Boulting, Esq. of Wed- 
more, CO. Somerset; and d. 1711), son of the 
Eev. William Gilbert, rector of Tiffield and 
vicar of Culworth, co. Northampton \b. 1620, 
m. 1661, Miss Catherine Yerburgh (b. 1637), 
and d. 1693], son of William Gilbert, of 
Eeresby, co. Leicester, who was descended 
from Henry Gilbert, of Gilbert Place, Lulling- 
ton, CO. Derby, living there before tlie year 
1066] ; niece of Frances, daughter of Thomas 
Flesher, Esq. of Duncot aforenamed, and wife 
of the Eev. Edward Montgomery, of Milton 
House, CO. Northampton ; great granddaughter 

of Thomas Flesher, Esq. of the city of London 
[who was baptised 1648, m. 1679, Frances, 
daughter of Sir Francis Eewse, of Hedge- 
stone, Harrow-on-the-Hill, co. Middlesex, 
Knight, scout-master-general and lieutenant- 
colonel of horse to King Chaeles I. Sir 
Francis Eewse m. Anne (d. 1693), daughter 
of Thomas Hutchinson, .Esq. of Pinner, co. 
Middlesex {b. 1572, d. 16s6, having m. Mar- 
garet {b. 1583, d. 1656), daughter of Eoger 
Alanson, Esq. of London), and d. 1654] ; great 
great grandniece of Margaret, daughter of 
Thomas Hutchinson, Esq. of Pinner afore- 
named, and wife of Henry Wight, Esq. of 
Gaysham Hall, Barking, co. Essex [who d. 
1692, having bad issue, Sarah, who in. 1662, 
the Eight Rev. Thomas Cartwright {b. 1634, 
d. 1689), Lord Bishop of Chester] ; also great 
great grandniece of the Eev. John Hutchin- 
son (son of Thomas Hutchinson, Esq. of 
Pinner aforenamed), of Lichfield, co. Stafford, 
rector of Astbury, co. Chester, and prebend- 
ary of Turvin, in Lichfield Cathedral [who 
was b. 1611, d. 1705, having m. Elizabeth, 
daughter of the Eight Eev. John Hacket (b. 
1592, d. 1670), Lord Bishop of Lichfield and 
Coventry] ; and great great granddaughter of 
Thomas Flesher, Esq. of Otley , co. York, where 
the family had been resident since the Con- 
quest, the name being derived from the 
French, Flechier, an arrow maker. 


CO. Surrey, living temp. James II. 
Thomas Whistler Smith d. at 
Bays water, parish of Paddington, 
CO. Middlesex, 12th November, 
1859, and was buried in Kensal 
Green Cemetery, leaving 

I. Thomas Wliistler, I. at 
Ecolesbourne, near Sydney, 
12th August, 1849 ; d. unm. 
at Tamvporth, New South 
Wales, 17th October, 1874. 

II. Henry Whistler, of Ko- 
cliester, co. Kent, captain and 
brevet-major Royal Engi- 
neers, b. at Grlenrock, afore- 
said, 8th November, 1850; 
«i. at St. Margaret's, Eo- 
chester, 4th August, 1874, 
Florence Agnata Frances 
(b. 1853), youngest daughter 
and co-heir of Major-General 
George William Powlett 
Bingham, R.A., C.B., of 
Rochester, aforesaid [who was 
b. 1817; m. first, 1845, Sophia 
(b. 1818, d. 1881), daughter 
of Col. Charles Cox Bingham, 
R.A. (who was b. 1772, m. 
1798, and d. 1835), by Sarah 
Osmond, his wife (d. 1862), 
daughter of Samuel Hayter, 
Esq. of Wareham, co. Dorset] ; 
granddaughter of Arthur 
Batt Bingham, Esq., E.N. 
(who was b. 1784, m. Emily, 
daughter of W. L. Kings- 
man, Esq. of Petworth, co. 
Sussex, and d. 1830) ; great 
granddaughter of the Ven. 
William Bingham, D.D., 
archdeacon of London [who 
was b. 1744, m. 1775, Agnata 
(d. 1827), daughter of Libert 
Dorrien, Esq.] ; and great 
great granddaughter of Rich- 
ard Bingham, Esq. of Mel- 
combe Bingham, co. Dorset, 
barrister-at,-law, who was b. 
1698, m. 1740, Martha {d. 
1765), daughter of William 
Batt, Esq. of Sarum, Wilts, 
and d. 1755, having had issue, 
Richard Bingham, Col. Dor- 
setshire Militia, eldest son 
[b. 1741, m. first, 1766, 
Sophia (d. 1773), daughter 
of Charles Hasley, Esq. of 
Great Gaddesden, co. Herts, 
and by her had issue. Colonel 
Charles Cox Bingham afore- 
named, and d. 1824], and the 
before-mentioned Dr. Bing- 
ham, second son. Richard 
Bingham, Esq., was a de- 
scendant of Eobert Bingham, 
Esq., of Melcombe, co. Dorset, 
who d. 1524. Capt. Smith- 
Rewse has issue, 1. Henry 
Bingham Whistler, b. at Luck- 
now, India, 22nd August, 

1876; 2. Geoffrey Bingham 
Whistler, b. atKalabagh, Pun- 
jab, India, 16th May, 1878; 
and 3. Merrick Bingham 
Whistler, b. at Rochester, co. 
Kent, 29th September, 1887. 
Capt. Henry Whistler Smith 
and his issue, by Royal Li- 
cence dated 9th April, 1889, 
were authorised to assume 
the surname of Eewse in 
addition to and after that of 
Smith, and to quarter the 
arms of Eewse. 

I. Anna Maria, b. at Glenrock, 
Sydney, 29th April, 1848, m. 
9th September, 1875, at St. 
Margaret's, Eochester, Wil- 
liam Gregory Walker, Esq. 
of Sydney, barrister-at-law. 

II. Sophia Catharine, b. at Glen- 
rock, Sydney, 27th April, 
1852, m. at St. Margaret's, 
Eochester, 20th April, 1876, 
Capt. Henry Lethbridge 
Jessep, E.E. 

III. Emma Frances, b. at Glen- 
rock, Sydney, 10th April, 
1854, m. at St. Margaret's, 
Eochester, 8th June, 1876, 
Giles Frederick Walker, Esq., 
of Ceylon. 

IV. Alice Penelope, b. at Glen- 
rock, Sydney, 6th August, 
1856, d. in London, 20th No- 
vember, 1859. 

T. Amy Caroline, b. in Welbeck- 

Btreet, Cavendish-square, co. 

Middlesex, 10th May, 1859, 

m. 15th December, 1886, at 

St. Margaret's, Eochester, 

Lieut. Arnaud C. Painter, 


2. Eustace, of Glenrock, Darling 

Point, Sydney, b. 3rd December, 

1825, w. 2nd September, 1852, Anna 

Matilda, daughter of John Street, 

Esq. of Tooyong, Bathurst, New 

South Wales, aforenamed, and d. 

at Guildford, co. Surrey, 6th 

March, 1872, having had issue, 

Maria Caroline, b. 18th September, 

1854, m. 1881, George Lee Lord, 

Esq. of Sydney, who d. 1883; and 

Emily Euth, b. July, 1857, d. 

1859. Mrs. Anna Matilda Smith 

was b. 1831, and d. 22nd June, 

1888, at Macleay Heights, Mac- 

leay-street, Sydney, New South 


1. Mary Frances, b. 29th July and 
baptised 18th August, 1827, at 
Hornsey, co. Middlesex; d. young. 

2. Harriet Sophia, b. 11th December, 
1828, m. at St. James's Church, 
Sydney, 6th May, 1846, James 
Riley, Esq. of " Geelong, Port 
Phillip, Victoria. 

3. Catherine Penelope, b. 26th 
March, 1830, m. at St. Mark's, 



Sydnej, September, 1853, Henry 
Butler, Esq. of Hobart Town, 
Tasmania, speaker of the Legisla- 
tive Assembly of Tasmania, and 
sometime member of the Legisla- 
tive Council and premier of that 
colony, vflio d. 1885. She d. 1876. 

4. Jane Ellen, h. at Sydney, 28th 
November, 1831, died 5th and was 
buried Vth January, 1833, at 

5. Sarah" Emily, h. at Sydney, 16t.h 
August, 1833, d. there 1st June, 

6. Emma Amelia, h. at Sydney, 3rd 
June, 1835, m. at St. Mark's, 
Sydney, 11th December, 1855, 
James Kusden, Esq., R.N., who was 
h. at Falmouth, co. Cornwall, 8th 
January, 1823, and d. at Buntry 
Bay, Ireland, 14th July, 1860. 

V. Marianne Prances, b. at Glen- 
rock, 10th June, 1836, m. at St. 
Mark's, Sydney, 22nd September, 
1856, Alexander Frederick Bun- 
dook, Esq., sometime of G-ordon 
Brook, New South Wales, after- 
"wards of Buckland Abbey, co. 
Devon, England, and now of The 
Hove, Torquay, co. Devon, who 
was h. at Paignton, co. Devon, 5th 
April, 1817. 

8. Henrietta Octavia, S. at Q-lenrock, 
13th June, 1839, m. at St. Mark's, 
Sydney, 22nd January, 1859, John 
de Villiers Lamb, Esq. of Palmers- 
ton, Sydney, New South Wales. 

9. Anna Maria, b. at Glenrock, 5th 
March, 1841, in. Hon. John Een- 
dell Street, of Sydney, member of 
the Legislative Council of New 
South Wales. 

II. Henry Hawkin?, b. at Great Hough- 
ton aforesaid, 18th September, 1796 ; 
buried there 11th May, 1800. 

III. John. 

IT. William, of Bedford and Northamp- 
ton, b. 13th August and baptised 9th 
October, 1799, at Great Houghton ; d. 
uiim. 12th December, 1833, at South- 
ampton, and thei'e buried in St. John's 

T. Henry Gilbert, sometime of Fairlight, 
Manly Beach, near Sydney, New South 
Wales, and afterwards of Brighton, 
CO. Sussex, England, father of Henry 
Stinton Smith-Rewse, Esq. See Smith- 
Eewse of Manly and Wollon- 


VI. Charles, of London, b. 9th June, 
1804; emigrated to New South 
Wales in 1827 ; and d. iinm. at Isling- 
ton, CO. Middlesex, 27th March, 1849. 

I. Catherine, b. 12th April, 1803; m. 
at Great Houghton, 15th September, 
1825, Henry Burt, Esq. of Towcester, 
CO. Northampton, and afterwards of 
London, attorney-at-law (who was b. 
at Stoney Stratford, co. Bucks, 20th 
February, 1797, re-m. 20th February, 

1841, Miss Elizabeth Bradshaw, and 
d. 1877) ; and d. at Towcester, 15th 
October, 1825. 
II. Frances Elizabeth, h. 15th December, 
1808 ; d. 18th May, 1825. 

The third son, 

John Smith, Esq., of Manor House, 
Quinton, and Greens Park, co. Northampton, 
was born at Great Houghton, 20th June, 
1798. He m. at Farthingstone, co. Northamp- 
ton, 31st August, 1826, Sarah Ann (b. at 
Hulcote, CO. Northampton, 22nd November, 
1794, and d. 10th June, 1858), second 
daughter of Thomas Hill, Esq., formerly of 
Hulcote and afterwards of Tiffield and Shut- 
langer, co. Northampton (i. 6ch April, 1761, 
m. 3rd February, 1791, and d. 13th No- 
vember, 1854), by Elizabeth, his wife (b. 
1768, d. 10th November, 1848), daughter of 
Shadrach Wesley, Esq., of Blisworth, co. 
Northampton (who was b. 1737, and d. 1803, 
his wife, Sarah, surviving till 1824). Mrs. 
Sarah Ann Smith was granddaughter of James 
Hill, Esq. of Hulcote, Easton Neston, co. 
Northampton (who was b. 1725, m. 27th 
January, 1759, andrf. 10th September, 1774), 
by Miss Ann Buswell, his wife (who was 
b. 1731 and d. 22nd January, 1795). Mr. 
Smith d. 18th and was buried 24th August, 
1869, at Quinton, having had issue, 

I. John Thomas, of Manor House, Quin- 
ton, and Greens Park, Blakesley, co. 
Northampton, b. 12th August, 1827 ; 
m. at Blisworth, co. Northampton, 5th 
May, 1859, Frances Ann (i. at Blis- 
worth, 1st July, 1837), youngest 
daughter of Benedict RoiDcr, Esq. of 
Blisworth [J. 1797, m. 28th December, 
1826, Caroline (b. 1797, d. 1st August, 
1878), daughter of Edmund Briggs, 
Esq. of Bath, co. Somerset, and Miss 
Elizabeth Hudson, his wife; and d. 
13th March, 1847] ; sisterof Ellen [who 
was b. 1827, »». 1851, John Malsbury 
Kii'by Elliott, Esq. of Lillingston Hall, 
Lillingston Lovell, co. Bucks (b. 1823), 
grandson of William Elliott, Esq. of 
Greens Norton aforenamed] ; also 
sister of Charles Edward Koper, Esq. 
of Blisworth, county alderman (who 
was b. 1832, m. 1860, Mary, daughter 
of William Whitton, Esq. of Caswell, 
Blakesley, co. Northampton) ; niece of 
William Eoper, Esq. of Bayham 
Abbey, co. Susses [who was b. 1780, 
m. Frances (A. 1790), daughter of 
William Elliott, Esq., aforenamed, and 
had issue, John William Roper, Esq. 
of Frant, co. Susses, who d. 1882] ; 
granddaughter of John Roper, Esq. 
of Potterspury, co. Northampton [who 
was b. 1756, m. 13th December, 1787, 
Miss Ann Freeman (i. 1767, d. 9th 
October, 1841), and d. 25th October, 
1837] ; and great granddaughter of 
John Roper, Esq, of East Harling, co. 
Norfolk. Mr. J. T. Smith d. at Quin- 
ton, 13th January, 1881, having had 



1. John Sydney, of Manor House, 
Quinton, b. at Quinton, 7th 
January, 1861 ; m. at St. Mary 
Magdalen's, St. Leouards-on-Sea, 
CO. Sussex, 9th October, 1888, 
Marion Clare {b. 4th January, 
1863), third daughter of Samuel 
Chester, Esq. of Hastings, co. 
Sussex, J.P. (who was b. 13th 
February, 1828, and d. 1884), by 
Euth {b. 1830) his wife, daughter 
of Q-eorge Elpheck, Esq. of Lewes, 
CO. Sussex. 

2. Alfred, baptised Ist December, 
1865, d. 14th and was buried 18th 
May, 1866. 

3. Albert Ernest, b. at Quinton, 
15th November, 1870. 

4. Thomas Henry, b. at Quinton, 
24th October, 1871. 

1. Fanny Ada, of Evesham, co. 
Worcester, b. at Quinton, 6th 
March, 1862. 

2. Emily Sarah, of Evesham, co. 
Worcester, b. at Quinton, 24th 
June, 1863. 

II. Thomas Hawkins, of G-ordon Brook, 
emigrated to New South Wales, 1852. 

III. Henry Gilbert, b. at Q.uinton, 19th 
December, 1832 ; d. 23rd and was 
buried there 28th March, 1838. 

IT. Charles William, of Fieherbeck, 
Ambleside, co. Westmoreland, for- 
merly of London, J. at Quinton, 28th 
August, 1834. 

V. Heney Fleshee, of Kyogle, Casino, 
New South Wales. See next article. 

I. Frances Elizabeth, b. 29th March, 
1831, at Quinton ; m. there, 25th April, 
1855, John Jackson, Esq., of 38, 
Leadenhall-street, city of London, and 
Bayswater, co. Middlesex, now of The 
Limes, Watford, Herts, master of the 
Merchant Taylors Company, 1875 
(who was 5. in Leadenhall-street afore- 
said, Gth June, 1828), d. s.p. 3rd July, 
1885, and was buried in Norwood 
Cemetery, co. Surrey. 

II. Catherine, of Fisherbeck, Ambleside, 
CO. Westmoreland, b. at Quinton, 30th. 
May, 1836. 

Arms — Gu. a chev. cottised between three 
cinquefoils erm., all within a bordure engr. 
arg. Crest — In front of a talbot's head 
couped gu. a cinquefoil erm. between two 
trefoils slipped vert. 

Residence — G-ordon Brook, G-rafton, New 
South Wales, Australia. 

Club — Union, Sydney, New South Wales. 

Jittiti) ot Upogle. 

SMITH, HENRY FLESHER, Esq. of Kyogle, Casino, New South Wales, 
Australia, J.P. for New South Wales and Queensland, h. at Quinton, 
CO. Northampton, 18th August, 1838, emigrated to New South Wales, 1859, 
m. at St. John's, Darlinghurst, New South Wales, 18th January, 1877, Sophia 
Susannah (&. 10th May, 1854), second daughter of Edward Charles Close, Esq. 
of Morpeth, New South Wales (who was 6. 1825, m. Miss Louisa S. Plafct, and 
d. 1887, vide Cjlose of Steetncham), and granddaughter of Edward Charles 
Close, Esq. of Morpeth, by Sophia Susannah, his wife, only daughter of John 
Palmer, Esq., RN., sometime deputy commissary-general of New South 
Wales. Mrs. Smith d. 29th Ochober, 1886. Mr. H. F. Smith has issue, 

Thomas Close, h. at Church-street, Newcastle, New South Wales, 19th 
June, 1878. 
Lineage and Arms — Vide Smith of Goedon Brook. 
Residence — Kyogle, Casino, New South Wales, Australia. 
Club — Union, Sydney, New South Wales. 

SMITH-REWSE, HENRY STINTON, Esq. of Manly and Wollongong, in 
the suburbs of the city of Sydney, colony of New South Wales 
Australia, and of 18, Southwell-gardens, South Kensington, co. Middlesex 



England, b. at St. Kilda House, Wooloomooloo, Sydney, 3rd Nov., 1857 ; 
m. 16th March, 1878, Julia Grieve (6.1859), second daughter of Edward CoUing- 
wood, Esq., of Hyde Cliffe, Blackheath, co. Kent, England (who was b. 1824, 
and TO. Helen, daughter of Rev. James Macgowan, the author of numerous 
works) ; niece of William Collingwood, Esq. of Liverpool, co. Lancaster (who 
was i. 1819 ; m. Miss Marie Imhoff, and has issue, W. Gershoni Collingwood, 
Esq., M.A., of Windermere, co. Westmoreland, b. 1856, author of The Lime- 
stone Alps of Savoy, &c.) ; also niece of Cnthbert Collingwood, Esq. of Upper 
Norwood, CO. Surrey (who was h. 1826, author of Rambles of a Naturalist on 
the Shores and Waters of the China Seas, &c.) ; granddaughter of Samuel 
Collingwood, Esq. of Blackheath (who was b. 1786, m. his cousin Frances, 
daughter of Samuel Collingwood, Esq., and d. 1852. She was b. 1789, and d. 
1868) ; great granddaughter of William Collingwood, Esq. of Greenwich, co. 
Kent [who was b. 1756; m., first, Miss Ann Sophia Deedy(&. 1757, and d. s.p. 
1785), and, secondly. Miss Mary Deedy (b. 1764, d. 1843) ; and d. 1827] ; and 
great great granddaughter of Samuel Collingwood, Esq. of Greenwich [who 
was b. 1730, m. Miss Mary Edwards (who d. 1798), and d. 1810], great great 
grandson of Ralph Collingwood, Esq., a descendant of Sir John Collingwood 
of Eslington, co. Northumberland (who d. 1550), from whom also was 
descended Cuthbert, Lord Collingwood, Admiral. Mr. H. S. Smith-Rewse has 
issue, a daughter, 

Ethel Helen Annie, b. 8th February, 1879. 
Henry Stinton Smith-Rewse, Esq., and his brothers Gilbert Flesher and 
Eustace Alfred, in compliance with a deed dated 20th June, 1888, obtained a 
Royal Licence, dated 9th April, 1889, authorising them and their issue to 
assume the surname of Rewse in addition to and after that of Smith, and to 
quarter the arms of Rewse. 

Heney Q-ilbert Smith, Esq., sometime 
of Fairliglit, Manly Beach, near Sjdney, 
New South Wales, and afterwards of 
Brighton, co. Sussex, England, sometime 
Member of the Legislative Assembly, and 
afterwards of the Legislative Council of the 
colony of New South Wales, fifth son of 
Thomas Smith, Esq., formerly of Houghton 
House, Great Houghton, co. Northampton, 
and afterwards of Manor House, Quinton, in 
the same county (vide Smith of G-oedon 
Brook), was b. at Great Houghton, co. 
Northampton, 15th February, 1802 ; emi- 
grated to New South Wales 1827 ; m., first, 
at St. Clement's, Hastings, 24th January, 
1839, Eleanor, fifth daughter of the Rev. 
Webster Whistler, Rector of Hastings and 
Newtimber, co. Sussex, and sister of Penelope, 
wife of her husband's brother, Thomas Smith, 
Esq., formerly of Hornsey, co. Middlesex, and 
afterwards of Glenrock, Sydney, New South 
Wales. Mi's. Eleanor Smith (who was b. 
1813) d. s.p. at Hastings, 11th October, 1839, 
aged 26. Mr. Smitli m. secondly, at Moreton 
Bay, Queensland, 11th November, 1856, Ann 
Margaret* (6. 1823, d. at Fairlight, Manly 

* She was entitled, by her descent through 
heiresses, to quarter the arms of Thomas de 

Beach, 7th April, 1866), second daughter of 
the Rev. John Thomas, M.A., of Brockhill, 
parish of Shelsby Beauchamp, co. Worcester 
[who m. 1819, Mary (d. 1872), daughter and 
eventually heiress of Joseph Stinton, Esq., by 
Mary,' his wife, only child of Joseph Severne, 
Eso. of Munderfield Harold, Bromyard, oo. 
Hereford (b. 1741, d. 1805), by Mary, his 
wife (b. 1745, d. 1832), second daughter and 
co-heiress of Rowland Berkeley, Esq. of 
Cotheridge Court, co. Worcester, J. P. (who 
d. 1759), a descendant of Thomas de 
Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk, son of 
Edward I., King of England] ; niece of 
Joseph Stinton, Esq. of Mvmderfield Harold, 
aforesaid, and Hampstead, co. Middlesex, 
J. P. and D.L. (who was b. 1795, and d. s.p. 
1850) ; and granddaughter of John Thomas, 
Esq. of Brockhill, aforesaid, and by her had 

I. Heney Stinton, of Manly and Wol- 

II. Gilbert Flesher (Rev.), M.A. of 
Emmanuel College, Cambridge, rector 

Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk, son of King 
Edward I. See Burke's Royal Families, ed. 



of St. Margaret's and St. Peter's, South 
Elmham, co. Suffolk, England, and of 
Manly and Wollongong, aforesaid, h. at 
Manly Beach, near Sydney, 15th July, 
1860, m. 4th August, 1886, Augusta (b. 
1860), eldest daughter of the Rev. Eose 
Fuller Whistler, of Emmanuel College, 
Cambridge, M.A., vicar of Ashburn- 
ham, Battle, co. Sussex, rural dean and 
J. P. (who ?». 1855, Augusta, daughter of 
James Watts, Esq., of Battle) ; grand- 
daughter of Edwai'd Webster Whistler, 
Esq. of Colchester, co. Essex (who was 
b. 1799, m. Mary Ann, daughter of 
John Alcock, Esq. of Sheen, co. 
Stafford, and d. 1879, his wife dying 
the same year) ; and great grand- 
daughter of the Bev. Webster Whis- 
tler, rector of Hastings and Newtimber, 
CO. Sussex, aforenamed ; and has issue, 
Henry Gilbert, h. 7th August, 1887, 
and Osyth Mary, b. 7th June, 1889. 
By Royal Licence, dated 9th April. 
1889, the Rev. Gilbert Flesher Smith 
and his issue were authorised to assume 
the surname of Rewse in addition to 
and after that of Smith, and to quarter 
the arms of Revise, in compliance 
with a deed dated 20th June, 1888. 
III. Eustace Alfred, of Manly and 
Wollongong, Sydney, New South 
Wales, b. at Fairlight, Manly Beach, 
near Sydney, 15th April, 1863. By 

Royal Licence, dated 8th April, 1889, 
he and his issue were authorised to 
assume the surname of Rewse in 
addition to and after that of Smith, 
and to quarter the arras of Rewse, in 
compliance with a deed dated 20th 
June, 1888. 

Henry Gilbert Smith m. thirdly, at Bath, 
1867, Anne Louise, eldest daughter of Edward 
Lloyd, Esq. of Limerick, Ireland, M.D., by 
Anne, his wife, only daughter of George 
Hodges, Esq. of Ballincollig, co. Cork, Ire- 
land ; and d. in London, 1st April, 1886, and 
was buried in St. Andrew's Churchyard, Hove, 
Brighton, co. Sussex. 

Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, sa. a fesse 
dancettee erm., between three crescents or, 
for Rewse ; 2nd and 3rd, gu. aohev. cottised 
between three cinquefoils erm., all within a 
bordure engr. arg., for Smith. Crests — 1st, 
a demi lion ramp. erm. holding in its paws a 
branch of laurel slipped vert, for Rewse ; 
2nd, in front of a talbot's head couped gu. a 
cinquefoil erm.betw. two trefoils slipped vert, 
for Smith. 

Residences — 18, Southwell-gardens, South 
Kensington, co. Middlesex, England ; and 
Biarritz, B. Py. 

Club — Conservative, London. 

Estates — Manly and Wollongong, Sydney, 
New South Wales, Australia. 

MEIN, GEORGE AUGUSTUS, Esq., M.D., J.P., of Falkenstein, St. 
Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, and Moolpa, New South Wales, Australia, 
eldest son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Nicol Alexander Mein, of the 
43rd (or Monmouthshire) Light Infantry, who was brother of Pulteney Mein, 
Esq., Surgeon, 73rd Regiment of Foot, and Lieutenant-Colonel William Mein, 
of the 52nd (or Oxfordshire) Ligtt Infantry, C.B. Dr. Mein was h. in Dum- 
friesshire, Scotland, 27th December, 1822 ; took the degree of M.D. at the 
University of Edinburgh, 1845 ; emigrated to Australia, 1853 ; returned to 
England on the breaking out of the Crimean War, and offered his services as 
surgeon to proceed to the seat of operations, but these being declined, he 
returned to Australia in 1857, and, in partnership with his brother, purchased 
Moolpa Station, Murrumbidgee District, New South Wales, returned to 
England in 1861, and m. Jane Hetherington, daughter of the late Edmund 
Gibsone, Esq., C.E., of Penton House, co. Cumberland ; immediately after- 
wards returned to Moolpa, and was made a magistrate for the Territory of 
New South Wales ; continued pastoral pursuits, and subsequently purchased 
Boorooma, Warego, New South Wales, Gilmore and Herbert Downs, Queens- 
land, and Woodslee Downs and Turiroa, New Zealand. He has issue two 
sons and three daughters, 

I. Pulteney, I. 7th January, 1876. 

n. Douglas, h. 5th February, 1878. 



I. Beatrice Helena, m. James Cox, Esq., M.D., of Collins-street, Melbourne, 

and has issue one son, Frank Elton, h. 2nd January, 1887. 

II. Augusta Nicola, m. 25th April, 1888, Stuart Brownrigg Leishman, 

Esq. of Lome, Queensland. 

III. Annie Mary Agnes, unm. 

Arms — Az. on a fesse embattled erm. 
between six cross orosslets fitches or, a tiger's 
head affrontee vert, striped and crowned with 
an eastern crown gold, between two eagles 
displayed of the last a canton of the second, 
thereon pendent from a ribband gu. a repre- 
sentation of the medal struck to commemorate 
the capture of Seringapatam, encircled by 
the word " Seeingapatam" in letters of 
gold. Crest — Out of a mural crown or a 
dexter hand issuant charged with a human 
eye ppr., surmounting three swords, one in 
pale and two in saltire, also ppr. pomels and 
hilts gold, the upper parts of the blades 
encircled by a wreath of laurel vert. The 
above coat of arms was granted to Pulteney 
Mein, Surgeon of the 73rd Eesiment of Foot, 
and his younger brother, Niool Alexander 

Mein, Lieutenant- Colonel 43rd (or Mon- 
mouthshire) Light Infantry, tlie father of Dr. 
Mein, whose imcle, William Mein, Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel of the 52nd (or Oxfordshire) 
Light Infantry, C.B., was granted the same 
arms and crest, with the canton in the arms 
charged with the representation of the gold 
medal conferred upon the said Lieutenant- 
Colonel William Mein for his services in the 
action at the river Nive, encircled by the 
word " NiVE " in letters of gold, pendent 
from a ribband gu. fimbriated az., in lieu of 
the medal before described. 

Residences — (town) Falkenstein, St. 

Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria; (country) 
Moolpa, New South Wales, Australia. 

Clubs — Melbourne and Australian. 

jHtHellar of ^tratl)feellar, Crojittin, antr 


MCTT^ELLAR, THOMAS, Esq. of Strathkellar and Croxton, Hamil- 
■ \ ton, Victoria, and of Lerags, Oban, Ai^gyll, Scotland, J. P. 
in Victoria, and late member of the Legislative Council of Victoria, h. 
15th June, 1819, m. at Geelong, Victoria, 20th December, 1849, Catherine, 
second daughter of the late John McColl, Esq. of Mingary, co. Argyll, Scot- 
land, by Jean, his wife, daughter of Archibald Campbell, Esq. of Lerags, Oban, 
CO. Argyll, which lady was directly descended through the family of Campbell, 
of Lochnell (see Duke of Argyll, in Burke's Peerage, and Campbell op 
LoCHNBLL, in Burke's Landed Gentry), from Colin, third Earl of Argyll, and his 
wife Lady Jane Gordon, daughter of the third Earl of Huntley, and has issue, 

I. John, of Tarrone, Victoria, h. 28th October, 1850 ; m. at Christ Church, 
Warrnambool, 1st June, 1875, Edith, youngest daughter of the late 
William Rutledge, Esq. of Farnham Park, Warrnambool, cos. 
Villiers and Heytesbury, Victoria (see Rutledge of Werrongguet), 
J. P., member of the Legislative Assembly, and one of the earliest 
and best known of the pioneers of the colony of Victoria, by Eliza, 
his wife, daughter of Richard Kirk, Esq. of Sydney, New South 
Wales, and d. at Saltram, Torquay, 6th August, 1885, aged 34, 
leaving issue, 

1 Neville Thomas, I. 22nd March, 187G. 

2 Ian Kirk, h. 1st December, 1880. 

3 Alan Campbell, h. 25th July, 1882. 

4 Eric Rutledge, h. 8th May, 1884. 

5 John, h. 28th September, 1885. 



His widow now resides at Famham Park, Victoria. 

II. Thomas, b. 4th Deoember, 1853 ; m. at Yangery, 18th January, 1877, 

Mary Trotter, youngest daughter of the late Roderick Urquhart, Esq. 

of Yangery Park, Victoria, and d. 22nd Octobei-, 1877, leaving issue, 

1 Thomas of Banuke, Illowa, Victoria, b. 28th December, 1877. 

III. James Allen, of Raglan Station, Raglan, Queensland, b. 29th July, 

1855, d. 30th August, 1888, at Rockhampton, Queensland, aged 32. 

IV. Campbell Duncan, b. 3rd March, 1859, author of The Premier's 

Secret, &c. 

V. Ernest Edward, of Raglan, Queensland, b. 5th March, 1863. 

I. Jane Campbell. 

II. Rachel Harkness, ?re. 5th April, 1890, at St. John's Pro-Cathedral, 

Brisbane, Henry Clifford Brock- Hollinshead, Esq. of Planet Downs, 
Queensland, second son of the late Henry Brock-HoUinshead, Esq. 
of Hollinshead Hall, Lancashire. 

III. Catherine Hamilton. 

IV. Mary Jane Grange. 

Mr. McKellar went to Australia, 1848, and after becoming possessed of 
the properties of Hyde Park, Kanawalla, and Kenilworth, purchased the 
estates of Strathkellar and Croxton, which he still owns. He also bought 
the estate of Lerags from his wife's cousin, John Beverley Campbell, Esq. 


John McKellae, Esq. of Lochhead, co. 
Argvll, Scotland, b. 1746 ; m. Miss Sinclair, 
and d. at Lochhead, 1854, aged 108 years, 
leaving issue, 

I. John, of whom presently. 

II. Neil, m. and had issue, Duncan, of 
Havaiinah, Cuba ; and Malcolm, of 
Otago, New Zealand. 

I. Margaret, m. D. Macpherson, Esq. of 

Ashens, Helensburgh, N.B., and had 


John McKellae, Esq. of Knebsworth, 

Victoria, Australia ; b. 1790 ; m. Rachel, 

daughter of Thomas Harkness, Esq. of 

Grlenkin and Clachaig, and d. at Knebsworth, 

25th October, 1859, leaving issue, 

I. Thomas, of vrliom we treat. 

II. David, of Brooksdale, Tapanui, Otago, 
New Zealand ; of the Nacimiento 
Eanolie, State of Coahuila, Mexico, 
and of New Mexico, U.S.A. ; m. 27th 
November, 1867, Jane Catherine (b. 
25th January, 1848), eldest surviving 
daughter of the late Hon. William 
Skene, of Skene, Hamilton, Victoria, 
member of the Legislative Council 
(see Skene of Marnoo), and has 
issue one son and six daughters. 

III. Peter, of Gladstone House, Inver- 
cargill. New Zealand ; to. Ellen, 
daughter of the late J. Smith, Esq., 
and has issue, 

1. Charles, now of Grladstone House. 

2. Thomas. 

1. Mary, m. the Eev. W. Cameron, 

D.D., of Invercargill, New Zea- 
2. Ellen. 
IV. John, of Sweetwater, Colfar co., 
New Mexico, U.S.A. He was the 
owner of Tapanui Station, Otago, 
New Zealand, and the iirst mayor and 
principal owner and founder of the 
town of Tapanui, but removed to 
America in 1877. He m. Mary, 
daughter of J. Pinkerton, Esq., and 
d. at Sweetwater, September, 1883, 
leaving amongst other issue, 

1. John, now of Sweetwater, Colfar 
CO., New Mexico. 

I. Margaret, m. at Lochhead, co. Argyll, 
Scotland, 24th February, 1846, Eobert 
Macintvre, Esq. of Eastfeild House, 
Bute, N.B,, and d. 12th March, 1882, 
leaving issue, 

1. Kobert, b. 10th July, 1852. 

2. John, b. 10th February, 1854. 

3. Thomas, b. 5th November, 1855. 

4. Dugald, b. 12th May, 1861. 

1. Anne. 

2. Eachel Harkness. 

3. Margaret. 

II. Isabella, m. 26th March, 1850, Mal- 
colm Buchanan, Esq., and d. 3rd April, 
1874, leaving issue, 

1. Malcolm, of Eivervien-, Kearnev, 
Nebraska, U.S.A. ; b. 4th Febru- 
ary, 1855. 

1. Eachel Harkness. 

2. Anne. 

3. Mary McKellar. 



4. Alexandra. 

III. Jane, of Avondale Ranclie, Wagon 
Mound, Mora Co., New Mexico, 
U.S.A. ; on. 1886, Joseph Leopold 
Matt, Esq. of Missouri, U.S.A. 

IV. Catharine, m. W. Galbraith, Esq., 
M.D., of Invercargill, New Zealand, 
and has issue. 

T. Mary, m. Joseph Eogers, Esq., of 
Glenquoicli, Invercargill, New Zea- 
land, and d. 1874, leaving issue. 

Ti. Anne, m. 1876, Joseph Rogers, Esq., 
of Glenquoich, New Zealand, and has 

VII. Rachel, m. 3rd Julv, 1866, Thomas 
Skene, Esq. of Krongart, Penola, 
Soutli Australia, only son of David 
Skene, Esq. of Langseat (see Skene 
OF Maenoo), and by him (who d. 25th 
November, 1885), had issue, 

1. David, now of Krongart, h. 10th 
November, 1872. 

2. John McKellar, b. 1st October, 

3. Thomas, h. Ist Jamiary, 1878. 

1. Rachel Barbara. 

2. Jean Edith. 

3. Ann. 

4. Margaret Mary. 

5. Katharine. 

Arms used — Arg. ieitveen two harrulets gv,., 
a lion pass az. in chief three crescents sa., and 
in base as many mwllets of the second. Crest 
— A dexter arm embowed in armour, holding 
in the hand a scymitar ppr. Motto — Per- 

Hesidencf-s and Estates — Strathkellar and 
Croxton, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia, and 
Lerags, Oban, oo. Argyll, Scotland. 

jfatotett of ^tnjarral) ^arfe* 

Murray District, Western Australia, J. P. since 1862, elected a member 
of the Legislative Council, 1886, and captain of the Pinjarrah Mounted 
Volunteers, late of the 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabineers), v\rhich he joined in 
1851, b. at Corsley House, Wilts, England, 10th February, 1832, was educated 
at Cheltenham College, to. in London, 30th March, 1864, Eliza Agnes Audry, 
fourth daughter of Captain Hill, of the 57th Regiment (who d. in 1848, at 
Clonmel, while on service administering relief during the Irish famine of 
that year), and has issue, 

I. Theodore John Henry, b. 14th August, 1865. 

II. Charles William Theodore, b. 24th June, 1873. 

III. Ernest Murray Johnson, b. 25th April, 1876. 

I. Mary Agnes, b. 6th October, 1866. 

II. Agnes Constance Augusta, b. 1st August, 1868. 

III. Emmeline Eleanor May, I. 2nd May, 1875. 

IV. Eva Adela Julia, b. 4th November, 1877. 


Tliis family was seated in Yorkshire about 
the middle of the 17th century. Sie 
William Fawcett, K.B., b. 1727, purchased 
a commission in the army, and was attached 
to the English contingent under the Marquis 
of Granby, which served under Fkederick 
THE Great, of Prussia, in the Seven 
Years War. Captain Fawcett was accorded 
the honour of taking home the despatches, 
and reporting the account of the Battle of 
Marburg (17tiO) to King George II. This 
he did in the German language. The young 
officer at once Obtained his majority, and, 
after declining offers from Frederick the 
Great, who gave him his portrait, he finally 
rose to be adjutant-general of the army and 

governor of Chelsea Hospital. In 1799, 
during the absence of H.R.H. the Duke of 
York in Holland, Genei-al Fawcett was 
appointed commander-in-chief. He d. in 
1804, and was accorded a public funeral, 
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales being chief 
mourner, attended by four princes of the 
blood royal, including H.R.H. the Duke of 
Kent, father of H.M. Queen Victoria. 
General Fawcett left two sons, William 
(major-general), and Walker Dawson (major- 
general). The former of these two sous, 

Major-Geneeal William Fawcett, after 
the American War, brought home a wife. 
Miss Catherine Moore, of Philadelphia, and 
resided in Ireland as governor of Limerick 



and adjutant -general of Ireland. He d. in 
1826, and was buried at Southampton, having 
had two sons, 

I. William (colonel). 

II. Henry Augustus, lieutenant R.N., 5. 
18th January, 1791 ; entered the navy, 
18th August, 1804, and served as mid- 
shipman at the battle of Trafalgar, 
1805. He d. in 1882, aged 91 years, 
without surviving issue. 

The elder son, 

Colonel William Fawcett, of Craven- 
hill, London, 5. 28th December, 1786, became 
colonel of the 14th, and afterwards of the 
38th regiment. He m. September, 1827, 
Mary Agnes, sister of Francis Dawe Wick- 
ham, Esq. of Bath, co. Somerset, formerly of 
Melbourne, Victoria (she d. 1840), and d. 
10th October, 1859, having had issue, 

I. William Whalley, of Meadow-bank, 
West Norwood, co. Surrey, England, 
b. 1st January, 1829; m. 4th June, 
1857, Caroline E. Stafford, and has 
surviving issue, 

1 Robert Arthur, h. 14th Decem- 
ber, 1860. 

2 William Harold, h. 2nd December, 

1 Katharine Agnes, h. 24th Decem- 
ber, 1863 ; m. her cousin, Arthur 
Cuthbert, Esq. 

2 Florence Maud, b. 12th Decem- 
ber, 1867. 

3 Lilian Josephine, b. 28th April, 

II. Theodoee (Hon. Captain), of Pin- 
jarrah Park. 

I. Emily SeHna, b. 26th April, 1830; 
m. September, 1861, Arthur Andrew 
Cuthbert, Esq. of Haifa, Syria, and 
has one son, Arthur, m. his cousin, 
Xatharine Agnes, daughter of William 
Whalley Fawcett, Esq. of Meadow- 
bank, West Norwood. 

II. Emmeline Agnes, b. I7th September, 
1837 ; m. 10th June, 1856, WUliam 
Clement Cazalet, Esq. of Grrenehurst, 
near Dorking, co. Surrey, and has ten 

Arms — Arg. on a bend, az., three dolphins 
embowed of the field, finned oi'. Crest — 
A dolphin, embowed as in the arms. Motto — 
Officio et fide. 

Residence — Pinjarrah Park, Murray Dis- 
trict, Western Australia. 

F.R.G.S., F.L.S., of St. Helier's, Taviuni ; Thornbury, Viti Levu ; and 
Government House, Suva, all in Fiji, governor and commander-in-ctief of 
the colony of Fiji, and H.B.M.'s high commissioner and consul-general for the 
Western Pacific, b. 31st January, 1836 ; entered the British Consulate at Fiji 
and Tonga, 1866 ; acting consal, 1867 ; chief secretary and minister for 
foreign relations, 1872; elected "chosen and special adviser" of the native 
kings and chiefs to confer with H.M. Commissioners regarding the annexation 
of the islands to Great Britain, 1874 ; colonial secretary and auditor-general 
of the colony, 1874 ; secretary to H.M. high commissioner for the West 
Pacific, 1879 ; administered the government of Fiji, 16th November to 20th 
December, 1880, 10th November, 1883, to 23rd July, 1884, and again in 
1885 — 6 ; consul-general for the Western Pacific Islands, 1888 ; lieutenant- 
governor, 1886, and governor, 1887. He m. 14th January, 1883, Amelia, only 
daughter of John Berry, Esq. of Albury, New South Wales, and formei'ly of 
CO. Meath, Ireland (see Berry of Suva), and has issue, 

I. John Horatio, h. 20th October, 1887. 

II. Edward Thomas, b. 4th June, 1889 

I. Eliza d'Este, b. 19th July, 1884. 

II. Alys Amelia, b. 19th April, 1886. 

He was created C.M.G. in 1880, and K.C.M.G. in 1887. 

VOL. I. C 




The ancestors of this family settled at 
Kington, Thornbury, co. Gloucester, Eng- 
land, a copyhold belonging to the Duie of 
Buckingham. The family, of -which there 
are still many branches existing, is one of the 
oldest in Gloucestershire, and has now been 
seated at Kington House for nearly five 

The Suffolk family of Thurston, like the 
Kentish line, is now extinct, and it is believed 
that these, the Thurstons, of Gloucestershire, 
are the only direct descendants of John 
Turstin, the branches of whose family in 
COS. Norfolk, Suffolk, and Kent called them- 
selves Turstin, Thurston, and Thruston, and 
in the western counties assumed the name of 

E.ICHAED TuBSTiN, lord of the manor of 
Chemingnarde, near Thornbury, Witelai Hun- 
dred, CO. Gloucester, a.d. 1399, came out of 
the south of Norfolk, where the family was 
numerous. He claimed a common origin 
with the Bassets, and acquired Chemingnarde 
from William and Maud Stafford. On his 
death, in 1413, the family appears to have 
broken up and to have found new homes at 
Wootton-under-Edge, Thornbury, and other 
places. His great grandson, 

EoBEET Thubstin, of Kington House, 
Thornbury, co. Gloucester, d. 1484, and was 
buried in the north chapel of Thornbury 
church. His grandson, 

EiCHAED Thurston, Esq. of Kington 
House, Thornbury, d. 1541, and was buried 
at Thornbury church, leaving a son, 

Thomas Thueston, Esq. of Kington 
House, m. 25th September, 1539, Alys Hicks, 
of Berkeley, and d. 2nd September, 1544, 
leaving a son, 

Geoege Thtjeston, Esq. of Kington 
House, b. 1540; m. Anne Thurner, of Thorn- 
bury, and d. in 1612, leaving a son, 

John Thueston, Esq. of Kington House, 

b. 1582 ; m. Agnes Tayer, or Thayer, of 
Thornbury, and d. in 1637, leaving a son, 

John Thueston, Esq. of Kington House, 
Thornbury, b. 1616 ; m. Margaret Thurner, 
and d. in 1658, leaving a son, 

Nathaniel Thueston, Esq. (so named 
after Nathaniel, son of John Thurston, of 
Hoxne Abbey, Suffolk) of Kington House, 
b. 1641 ; m. Margaret Mills, of Eorest of 
Dean, and d. in 1723, leaving a son, 

John Thueston, Esq. of Kington House, 
Thornbury, b. 1678 ; m. Ursula Parnell, of 
Thornbury, and d. in 1739. His third son, 

Samuel Thueston, Esq. of Kington 
House, m. Mary Lewis, of Nether Stowey, 
CO. Somerset, and was father of 

HoEATio Thuestok, Esq. of Kington 
House, b. 1757; m. 25th November, 1786, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Eear-Admiral Holmes, 
of H.M.S. " Cambridge " (who d. at Jamaica, 
22nd December, 1761, after the capture of 
the French frigate " St. Anne," commanded 
by Captain D'Acquillor), and by her (who d. 
1803) left at his decease, in 1835, a son, 

John Noel Thueston, Esq. of Bath, co. 
Somerset, and of Thornbury, co. Gloucester, 
b. 14th August, 1802 ; m. at St. James's 
church, Bath, 2nd February, 1830, Eliza 
West, of Bath (who was b. 5th August, 1807, 
ard d. 4th January, 1873), and d. 3rd March, 
1846, having had issue, 

John Bates (Sir), K.C.M.G., F.E.G.S., 

Horatio, deceased. 
Henry, deceased. 
Arms used — Sa. three bugle horns, stringed 
or garnished az. Crest — A stork arg.leggedaz. 
Residences — St. Helier's, Taviuni ; Thorn- 
bury, Viti Lpvu ; and Government House, 
Suva, all in Fiji. 

Clarfee xif 3S.tii3ertstooiDtr. 

CLARKE, HON. SIR WILLIAM JOHN, of Rupertswood, co. Bourke, 
in the colony of Victoria, Australia, Bart, (so created 29th December, 
1882), LL.D., member of the Legislative Council of Victoria, 6. in Tasmania, 
1831, m. first, 23rd November, 1860, Mary, second daughter of the late Hon. 
John Walker, member of the Legislative and Executive Councils of Tasmania, 
and by her (who d. 1871) has issue, 

I. RuPEKT TuKNER Haveelock, h. 16th March, 1865. 

II. Ernest Edward Dowling, R.N., I. 19th May, 1869. 

I. Alice Blanche, h. 4th August, 1862, to. 8th December, 1887, Chess- 
borough Falconer John Macdonald, Esq., of Wantabadgery, New 
South Wales, eldest son of 0. C. Macdonald, Esq., late 22nd 



II. Ethel Maud, b. 12 July, 1867. 

Sir William to. secondly, 21st January, 1873, Janet Marian, eldest daughter 
of tlie late Peter Snodgrass, Esq., member of the Legislative Assembly of 
Victoria, son of Colonel Snodgrass, and by her has issue, 

III. Clive Snodgrass, b. 20th October, 1873. 

IT. William Lionel Russell, b. 31st March, 1876. 

V. Francis Grenville, b. 14th March, 1879. 

VI. Reginald Hastings, b. 26th October, 1880. 

III. Mary Janet, b. 24th December, 1874. 

IV. Agnes Petrea Josephine, b. 3rd September, 1877. 

Hon. Sir W. J. Clarke arrived in Victoria in 1850, and devoted himself to 
sheep-farming. Sir William vras for a time manager of the Woodlands station 
on the Wimmera, afterwards, conjointly with his brother Joseph, rented the 
Norton Mandeville station, Tasmania, and subsequently returned to Victoria. 
During his residence in the latter colony, he was chairman of the Braybrook 
Road Board, and a member of the Melton Shire Council. In 1878 he was 
returned to the Legislative Council as one of the representatives of the 
Southern Province, and in the following year was appointed president of the 
Melbourne International Exhibition. Sir William is now president of the 
West Bourke Agricultural Association, and president of the Victoria Coursing 
Club. His large donations towards the Cathedral Fund of the Church of 
England, and the Indian Famine Fund, and his many other liberal benefactions, 
should not be left unrecorded. 


The paternal ancestors of the Hon. Sir W. 
J. ClAEKE, Bart, of Rupertswood, in Victoria, 
were from a very early period resident in the 
neighbourhood of Wells, co. Somerset, 
England. They were at first settled in the- 
manor of Greinton, and subsequently at 
Middlezoy and Weston Zoyland in that 
vicinity. The descent of Sir William is 
deduced step by step from one of the name 
resident at Grreinton in the time of Queen 
Elizabeth. His widow, Joane, was a 
benefactress as well of her own church at 
Greinton as of the neighbouring cathedral of 
Wells, as shown by her will, dated 30th 
January, 1628, and proved at Wells, 9th 
August, lfi33, at which time she had living a 
daughter, m. to Robert Cooke, Esq., and an 
only son, 

William Claeke, of Greinton, whose 
will, dated 8th December, 16Y1, was proved 
80th November by Joane, his wife, who sur- 
vived him. He left three children, 

I. William, of whom hereafter. 

II. John, d. 1686, leaving by Joane, 
his wife, a daughter, m. her cousin, 
William, son of Gabriel Clarke, Esq. 
of Greinton. 

I. Joane, a legatee of her mother. 

William Clarke d. 1671 ; his eldest son, 

William Claeke, of Greinton, was pos- 
sessed of the lands of Catcott Heath, in the 

parish of Moorlinch, adjoining Weston Zoy- 
land. His will, dated 6th December, 1685, 
was proved at Wells, 6th November, 1686. 
By Elizabeth, his wife, he left two sons, 

I. William, of whom hereafter. 

II. Thomas, to whom his father be- 
queathed lands at Aller Moor, in the 
same county. 

William Clarke d. 1685- 

His eldest 

William Claeke, of Greinton, proved 
his father's will, s. his father in his lands of 
Catcott Heath, and made his will, 8th 
January, 1709, which was proved by his 
daughter at Wells, 18t-h May, the same year. 
By Mary, his wife, who survived him, he 
left one son and three daugliters, 

I. Philip, of whom hereafter. 

I. Hannah, m. Mr. Sturman. 

II. Elizabeth, proved her father's will. 

III. Jane, m. John Hart, Esq. 

William Clarke d. 1709. His son, 

Philip Clarke, of Willake in Middlezoy, 
was in possession in 1700 of his father's 
holding of Catcott Heath ; he settled at 
Weston Zoyland in 1714, and served the 
office of churchwarden 1737. He was m. 
three times. By his first wife, Jane, daughter 
of Mrs. Joan Daunton, widow (who, by her 
will, dated 8th December, 1720, bequeathed 

c 2 



her family paintings to lier son-in-law), who 
d. 12th May, 1702, he had one daughter, 

I. Hester, m. Mr. Harris, of Mark, co. 

By Alice, his second wife, who was buried at 
Weston Zoyland, 26th August, 1710, he had 
two other daughters, 

II. Joan, baptised at Weston Zoyland, 
2nd April, 1704, buried there 26th 
April, 1712. 

III. Mary, baptised at Weston Zoyland, 
15th January, 1708. 

By Hester, his third wife, who survived him, 
and whose wiU was proved at Wells, 24th 
March, 1766, he had further issue, a son and 
five daughters, 

I. WiiiiAM, of whom hereafter. 

IV. Hester, baptised 21st March, 1718, 
m. Mr. Napper. 

T. Jane, baptised 3rd December, 1720, 
buried 7th May, 1731. 

VI. Christiana, baptised 4th May, 1723, 
m. Mr. Brewer. 

VII. Rachel, baptised 2nd February, 
1724, buried 12th October, 1736. 

VIII. Joan, baptised 6th June, 1729, m. 
28th October, 1749, Thomas Martin, 
Esq. of Middlezoy. 

Philip Clarke, d. 11th December, 1742, aged 
69, and was buried at Weston Zoyland. His 
only son, 

William Claeee, of Willakc; was bap- 
tised at Weston Zoyland, 27th December, 
1726, and resided at his father's place near 
Middlezoy, where he was married, and his 
eldest son was born. By Elizabeth, his first 
wife, who was buried 23rd April, 1762, he 
had two sons and three daughters, 

I. William, of whom hereafter. 

II. Gabriel, baptised 26th December, 

I. Elizabeth, baptised 14th October, and 
buried 12th November, 1754. 

II. Elizabeth, baptised 14th Sepitember, 

III. Grice, baptised 5th January, 1760. 

William Clarke m. secondly, by licence dated 
26th July, 1762, Mrs. Mary Keene, but by 
her, who was buried 30th December, 1789, 
had no issue. He d. March, 1771, and was 
buried 29th of that month in the same place, 
with his father and mother ; his eldest son, 

William Claeke, of Weston Zoyland, s. 
to his father's lands, and served as church- 
warden for Weston Zoyland, 1784. He m. 
by licence, dated 2nd May, 1771, Amy Sparke, 
of Chedzoy, near Bridgwater, co. Somerset, 
and had issue, 

I. William, of whom hereafter. 

II. John, baptised 14th March, 1776, 
accidentally killed near Bridgwater. 

III. Joseph, of Wiveliscombe, co. Som- 
erset, baptised 2nd December, 1779, 
had two sons, 1 Joseph, d. s.p. ; 
2 William, of Falmouth, Cornwall, 
England, m. and had issue, 

IV. Richard Perry, of Barnstaple, co. 
Devon, England, m. Mary Snow, of 
Marley, and had, 1. Richard Perry 
(Rev.), m. and had issue; 2. John, 
d. s.p. ; 3. Charles Snow, of Barn- 
staple, m. and had issue. 
William Clarke d. intestate. His eldest son, 
William Claeke, of the parish of St. 
Botolph, Aldgate, London, baptised 11th 
July, 1772, at Weston Zoyland, settled when 
young in London, and subsequently resided 
at Barnstaple, co. Devon. He m. 18th 
February, 1796, Sarah Turner, of Weston 
Zoyland, and had issue, 

I. Charles, of Chelsea, co. Middlesex. 
England, m. Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Howe, of Merridge, near Bridg- 
water, and d. March, 1878, leaving two 
surviving sons and four daughters. 

II. William John Tueneb (Hon.), of 
whom hereafter. 

III. Lewis, of Essenden, Victoria, 
Australia, left two sons and seven 

I. Sarah Turner, m. Richard Comer, of 
West BeiTuudas, and d. s.p., 1843. 

II. Caroline, m. Mr. Mead. 

III. Louisa, m. James Hearn, formerly 
of Lower Petherton, co. Somerset, 
and afterwards of Thorngrove, and d. 
at her residence at Brunswick, May, 
1890, aged 78, leaving issue four sons 
and four daughters, several of the 
sons being well known amongst pas- 
toralists. She had lived in the colony 
of Victoria for forty-nine years, and 
survived her husband many years'. 

William Clarke d. 1819. His second son, 

Hon. William John Titenee Claeee, 
Member of the Legislative Council of 
Victoria, formerly of Fivehead, co. Somer- 
set, went to Australia in 1840, settled first 
in Tasmania, and afterwards at Victoria, 
where he acquired a great estate. He m. 
Eliza, daughter of Rev. George Pyke Dow- 
ling, of Puckington, co. Somerset (by Anne 
Biggs, his wife, of an old and wealthy family 
of Bristol merchants), and had issue, 

I. William John (Hon. Sir), Bart, of 

II. Thomas Biggs, b. 1833, settled in 
Australia, m. Hannah, daughter of 
Henric Nicholas, Esq. of Caywood, 
Tasmania, and d. leaving issue four 
sons and three daughters. 

III. Joseph, of Mandeville Hall (see 
next article). 

The Hon. W. J. T. Clarke d. in 1870. 

Arms — Or, two bars az., between four 
escallops, three in chief and one in base, gu., 
with two flaunches of the second. Crest — In 
front of a dexter arm embowed in armour, 
the hand in a gauntlet ppr., grasping an 
arrow in bend sinister or, flighted arg., three 
escallops also or. Motto — Signum quserens 
in vellere. 

Residence — Rupertswood, co. Bourke, Vic- 
toria, Australia. 



Clarfee oi JHantrebill^ llalL 

CLARKE, JOSEPH, Esq. of Mandeville Hall, Toorak, near Melbourne, 
Victoria, Australia, J.P. for the Central Bailiwick, Victoria, b. 1st 
January, 1835, at Newtown, near Hobart, Tasmania, m. 22n(i March, 1860, 
liis cousin, Caroline, daughter of his uncle, the late Lewis Clarke, Esq. of 
Essendon, Victoria, and has issue, 

I. William John Turner, b. 11th July, 1862. 

II. Lewis Alexander, h. 4th May, 1864. 

On the deatb of his father, Mr. Clarke became possessed of property in 
South Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. He is a Director of the 
Melbourne and Hobson's United Railway Company, and also of the Colonial 
Bank of Australasia, in which he has a very large interest. 

Lineage — See preceding article. 

Besidence — Mandeville Hall, Toorak, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Bancjar of ^pUnep antr Camtrm. 

DAN GAR, HON. HENRY CAREY, of Grantham, Sydney, and The Grove, 
Camden, New South Wales, Australia, member of the Legislative Council 
of New South Wales, of the Middle Temple, London, barrister-at-law, and 
B.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge ; b. 4th June, 1830, at Port Stepheno, 
New South Wales; m. 1865, at Sydney, Lucy Jane, daughter of Commander 
Lamb, R.N., and has had issue, 

T. Richard Halifax. 

II. Reginald Neville. 

III. Horace William. 

IV. Leonard Adrian. 

I. Mabel, deceased. 

II. Lucy Beatrice. 

III. Elinor. 

IV. Nora. 

V. Muriel Ethel. 


This family first resided in co. Cornwall, 
England, after being, as is believed, ex- 
pelled from France at the time of the Revo- 
cation of the Edict of Nantes. 

Chaeles Dangae, Esq. of Looe, co. Corn- 
■wall, b. November, 1718 ; m. 12th May, 1767, 
at Pelynt, co. Cornwall, Ann Carey, d. 6th 
December, 1807, and was buried at St. Neot, 
CO. Cornwall, having had by her (who was 
b. 10th November, 1736 ; d. in 1789) a son, 

WiLiiiAM Dangae, Esq. of Lanipen, in the 
parish of St. Neot, b. 4th January, 1772 ; m. 
31st March, 1794, at St. Mabyn, co. Corn- 

wall, Judith, daughter of John Hooper, Esq. 
of Helligan, Penhargard and Trequites, co. 
Cornwall, d. 17th December, 1851, having 
had by her (who d. 7th September, 1852), 
ten sons and one daughter, viz. : — 

I. Charles, b. 18th March, 1795, d. 
22nd January, 1796. 

II. Henry, of whom presently. 

III. John, b. 21st January, 1799, d. 
2nd April following. 

IV. William, of Turanville, Scone, New 
South Wales, b. 10th March, 1800, d. 
It am. in England, 1868. 



T. John Hooper, J. 6th May, 1802, d. 

26th November, 1806. 
Tl. Thomas, of Scone, New South Wales, 

I. 13th June, 1807, m., and had issue. 
VII. Charles, h. 13th June, 1809, living 

in Australia, 1854, m., and had issue. 
Tin. John Hooper, b. 17th October, 

1811, d. unm. at Scone, New South 

Wales, 22nd June, 18-49. 

IX. Richard, d. an infant. 

X. Richard Carey, of Haverstock Hill, 
St. John's, Hampstead, co. Middlesex, 
a merchant of London, b. 2Sth Decem- 
ber, 1817, m. 1st January, 1844, at 
Callington, co. Cornwall, Ann Trew- 
eek, daughter of William G-olding, 
Esq. of Callington, and d. at Effing- 
ham House, CO. Surrey, in 1866, leaving 
an only child, Louisa, who was h. in 
London, 15th July, 1845 ; m. John 
Michell, Esq., British Consul at Saint 
Petersburgh, and d. there about 1874. 

I. Elizabeth, b. 8th March, 1805, in. 
1832, at Plymouth, co. Devon, Samuel 
Wellington Coot, Esq. of Neminga, 
New South Wales. 

The second son, 

Heney DANaAE, Esq. of Haverstock Hill, 
in the parish of St. John, Hampstead, co. 
Middlesex, of Grantham, co. Cumberland, 
New South Wales, and of Neotsfield, co. 
Northumberland, in New South Wales, J.P. 
for the territory of New South Wales, and 
sometime a member of the Legislative Coun- 
cil, b. 18th November, 1796, at St. Neot, co. 
Cornwall ; went to New South Wales in 
1822, and was first employed as an assistant 
Government Surveyor. Visiting England in 
1828, he returned to the colony in 1830, and 
two years later, settled at Neotsfield, thence- 
forth devoting himself entirely to pastoral 
pursuits ; in 1853 again visited England, and 
returned to Sydney about three years later. 
Mr. Dangar m. at St. Neot, co. Cornwall, 
13th May, 1828, Grace, daughter of John 
Sibley, Esq. of St. Neot, and d. in Sydney, 
2nd March, 1861, having had by her (who 
was b. 25th February, 1801, and d. 1869, in 
New South Wales), five sons and two 
daughters, viz. : 

I. William John, of Neotsfield, Singleton, 
New South Wales; b. 16th March, 
1829, at St. Neot, co. Cornwall ; m. in 
Sydney, New South Wales, 1865, 
Marian, daughter of John Phelps, 
Esq. of Sydney, and d s.p., 8rd August, 
1890. She d. 1880, and was buried at 
Singleton. Mr. William J. Dangar 
was sometime president of the 
Northern Agricultural Society, and 
with his brotliers the Hon. Henry 
Carey, Frederick Holkham, and Albert 

Augustus, owned property in the dis- 
tricts of Liverpool Plains, New Eng- 
land, and Gwydir, New South Wales, 
to the extent of 130,000 acres. 

II. Henry Caeby (Hon.) of Grantham, 
Sydney, and The Grove, Camden, 
New South Wales. 

III. Frederick Holkham, formerly of 
Grunknowe, Sydney, New South 
Wales, and now of Lyndhurst, Cleve- 
land-road, Ealing, Middlesex, and a 
merchant of Feuchurch-street, London, 
b. 23rd October, 1831, at Port Stephens 
aforesaid, m. 1858, at Sydney, Eliza, 
daughter of John Phelps, Esq. of 
Sydney, New South Wales, and sister 
of Marian, wife of William John 
Dangar, Esq. and has issue, 

1. Dudley Richard. 

2. Harry. 
1. Ada. 

IT. Albert Augustus, of Baroona, Single- 
ton, New South Wales, b. 8th June, 
1840, m. 1866, at Windsor, near 
Sydney, New South Wales, Phoebe, 
daughter of E. Rouse, Esq. of Rouse 
Hill, near Sydney, and has issue, 

1. Rodney Rouse. 

2. Norman Napier. 

3. Clive Oollingwood. 

1. Maude Marian. 

2. Elsie Eleanor. 

3. Grace Gladys. 

4. PhyUis Phcebe. 

Besides his share in the property 
situated in the districts of Liverpool 
Plains, New England, and Gwydir, 
New South Wales, Mr. A. A. Dangar 
owns 53,000 acres in Queensland. 
T. Francis Richard, b. 14th February, 
1845, at Singleton, d. unm. 

I. Margaret Elizabeth, b. 28th December, 
1834, at Neotsfield, co. Northumber- 
land, New South Wales, m. Walter 
Lamb, Esq. of Kambala, near Sydney, 
and Rooty Hill, New South Wales. 

II. Florence Blanche, b. 26th December, 
1847, at Singleton, m. G. F. Want, 

Mr. Henry Dangar obtained a grant of 
arms in 1854. 

Arms — Erm. on a bend sa. cottised en- 
grailed gu., a ram's head erased or between 
two esquires' helmets ppr. Crest — Upon a 
mount vert, a demi man affrontee in armour 
ppr,, the helmet adorned with three feathers, 
az., holding in the right hand a broken tilting 
spear also ppr., and supporting with the left 
an escocheon sa., charged with a ram's head 
erased or. MoHo — Traditus non victus. 

Residences — Grantham, Sydney ; and The 
Gi'ove, Camden, New South Wales, Australia. 



Babmport of JSeatimont. 

DAVENPORT, SIR SAMUEL, K.O.M.G, LL.D., J.P., of Beaiimont, 
near Adelaide, South Australia, vice-president of the South Australian 
Branch of the Geographical Society of Australasia, h. at Shirburn, co. Oxford, 
5th March, 1818 ; m. 1st June, 1842, Margaret Eraser, only daughter of the 
late William Lennox Cleland, Esq., of Calcutta, barrister-at-law, by Harriet 
Erskine {nee Fullerton), his wife, but has no issue. He settled in South 
Australia, 1842; was crown nominee of Legislative Council 1846 — 47; non- 
official member of the partly elective Legislative Council which passed the 
Constitution Act, 1855 — 56 ; elected member of Legislative Council, and first 
minister therein under responsible government, 1861 ; member of the Legis- 
lative Council, 1857 — 66 ; hon. executive commissioner for the colony at 
International Exhibitions of London, 1851, Philadelphia, 1876, Sydney, 1879, 
and Melbourne, 1880; assistant executive commissioner for South Australia 
at the Indian and Colonial Exhibition, held in London, 1886 ; seven years 
president of the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society, and fifteen 
years president of the Chamber of Manufactures, both of South Australia ; 
hon. LL.D. Cambridge, 1886. He was created a knight-bachelor 1884, and 
K.C.M.G. 1886. 


Tlie Davenports descend from Ormus de 
Davenport, living in the time of the Conquest. 

This family was seated at Great Wigston, 
in Leicestershire, in the 16th century, where 
they resided at the Moated House, which was 
standing till abont 1745, the site being now 
the property of Sir Samuel Davenport's 
brother, Mr. Henry Devereux Davenport. 
There is a tradition in the family that this 
property was bought for a younger son of the 
Davynports of Bramhall, Cheshire, in the 
16th century. In that century (1553) Thomas 
Davynporte was mayor of Leicester. He en- 
tertained Makt Queen of Scots in Leicester 
Castle. His son purchased lands at Q-reat 
Wigston, in the parish registers of which 
place entries occur relating to the family 
from the commencement of the registers in 
1569. Numerous monumental tablets exist 
in the parish church of Grreat Wigston, of 
which some members of the family were vicars. 

John Davenport, Esq., of The Moat House, 
Great Wigston, Leicestershire, b. 1738, ni. 1768, 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Marriott, Esq. of 
Everdon, co. Northampton, and d. 20th Sep- 
tember, 1788, leaving, amongst other issue, 

Geob&b Davenport, Esq., banker, of 
Oxford, and of Great Wigston, fourth son, b. 
at Wigston, co. Leicester, 14th July, 1782, m. 
at St. James's Church, Piccadilly, London, 
1st June, 1805, Jane Devereux, daughter of 
Joseph and Jane Davies, of Mineweare, Pem- 
brokeshire, and d. at Oxford, 2nd December, 
1846, aged 64, having had by her (who d. at 
Oxford, 25th March, 1840, aged 61), 

I. George Francis, of Adelaide, South 
Australia, m. his cousin, Eliza Daven- 
port, of Wigston, CO. Leicester, and d. 
in Adelaide, 8th April, 1843, having 
had issue, 

1. George Henry, d. at Toowoomba, 
Queensland, January, 1881. 

2. Charles James, d. November, 1886. 
1. Emily Jane, m. R. B. Rtugrose, 


II. John Marriott, of Oxford, over fifty 
years clerk of the peace for co. Oxford, 
m. Sophia, daughter of Thomas Walker, 
Esq., of Heathfield, Oxon, and d. 3Ist 
January, 1882, leaving issue six sons 
and one daughter. 

III. Robert, of Battunga, South A.ustraha, 
J.P., m., and has issue sons and 
two daughters. 

IV. Samuel (Sir), K.C.M.G., LL.D., 
J.P., of Beaumont, near Adelaide. 

T. Henry Devereux, formerly of Ealing, 
CO. Middlesex, now of GranviUe-road, 
Eastbourne, Sussex ; m., and has issue 
three sons and four daughters. 

I. Mary, in. George Venables, Esq. of 
Cookham, co. Berks, and d. in 1883. 

II. Jane Rose, d. anm. 1887. 

III. Maria, m. Robert Brough- Watson, 
Esq. of Swanland Manor, co. York, 
d. s.p. 1879. 

iv. Rhoda Grace. 

Arms used — Arg. a chev. between three cross 
crosslets fitchee sa. Crest — A felon's head 


■ conped ppr. haltered or. This singular crest is 
supposed to have been borne on the helmets 
•of the master sergeants in their perambula- 
tions through the Peke-hills and the forests of 
Leek and MacclesSeld, to the terror of the 
numerous gangs of banditti which infested in 
former times those wild districts. There is 
in .the possession of the Capesthorne family a 

long and very ancient roll, containing the 
names of the master robbers who were taken 
and beheaded in the times of Koran, Roger, 
and Thomas de Davenport, and of their com- 
panions. Motto — Tu ne cede malis. 

Residence — Beaumont, near Adelaide, 
South Australia. 

JSotofeer of Craisiehurn. 

BOWKER, HON. ROBERT MITFORD, of Craigiebam, Somerset East, 
Cape Colony, member of the Legislative Couneil, Cape Colony, 6. near 
Ayjuer, co. Dorset, England, lOth August, 1810; m. at Glenavon, Somerset 
East, Cape Colony, 19tli December, 1838, Sarah Elizabeth, youngest daughter 
of Robert Hart, Esq., of Glenavon, aforesaid, and by her (who d. 25th August, 
1875, and was buried at Craigieburn) has had issue, 

I. James Frederick Fleischier, of Glenavon, aforesaid, K there ; m. 

Josephine Smuts, of Capetown. 

II. Robert Mitford, jun., h. at Craigieburn, 16th May, 1848 ; to. at Graaff 

Reinet, Agnes Bohun, and has issue, one son and five daughters. 

III. Septimus Bourchier, h. at Craigieburn, 27th March, 1850 ; m. Catherine 

Horney, but has no issue. 

IV. William Henry, h. at Glenavon, 25th November, 1851 ; m. Helena 

Stayman, and has issue, four sons. 

V. Robert Hart, &. at Craigieburn, 6th June, 1853; to. Emily Brooke, and 

has issue, three sons and one daughter. 

VI. Oliver Osbaldeston, h. at Somerset East, 29th September, 1857; unm. 
TH. Miles Edgerton, h. at Somerset East, 14th June, 1860 ; unm, 

I. Anna Maria, h. at Glenavon, 18th January, 1840 ; d. unm. 28th 

February, 1875. 

II. Ellen Tamplin, h. at Thorn Kloof, 19th March, 1841 ; to. Robert Hart, 

Esq., of Ailsa, Cathcart District, who d. having had issue, two sons 
and three daughters. 

III. Ann Stretch, h. at Glenavon, 7th February, 1843; m. James Scott 

Pringle, Esq. of Bavians River, and has issue. 

IV. Effie Mitford, h. at Glenavon, 7th June, 1846 ; m. John "Ward Stevens, 

Esq. of Cradock, and has issue, four sons. 

V. Sarah Elizabeth, h. at Somerset East, 24th January, 1856 ; to. John 

Mitford Bowker, Esq., and has issue, six daughters. 


This family is believed to be identical with 
that of Bourchier. Mr. Bowker's ancestor, 
according to tradition, having lost all his 
estates, through adherence to the Pretender, 
Charles Stuaet, was compelled to change 
Ills name from Bourchier to Bowker. 

Tlie Anglo-Norman family of Bourchier is 
of great antiquity. They are frequently men- 
tioned in English history. One of the family 

is famous as having been the patron of Caxton, 
the printer, and an Archbishop Bourchier, 
who was killed at the battle of Barnet, is in- 
terred at Westminster Abbey. 

Thomas Bowkeb, Esq., left co. Westmore- 
land to settle in Northumberland. He was 
father of several children, amongst whom were 
Benjamin and Miles ; the latter gentleman. 

Miles Bowkeb, Esq., who moved from 



Northumberland into Dorsetshire, subse- 
quently resided in Wilts, and finally, in 1820, 
emigrated to Cape Colony. He m. in North- 
umberland, about 1800, Anna Maria, daughter 
of Captain John Mitford (of the Reedsdale 
Mitfords in Northumberland). They were 
both buried in the district of Albany, Cape 
Colony, and had issue, nine sons (amongst 
■whom are the present Hon. Robert Mitfoki> 
BowKEE, and his youngest brother, James 
Henry Bowker, F.R.G-.S., F.Z.S., F.S.St. 
London (gold medallist), J.P. for Cape Colony, 
who served in the Kaffir War of 1846 — 47, 
and in that of 1851 ; inspector, frontier armed 
and mounted police, 1855 ; served in the 
Transkei expedition, 1858, and remained in 
command until the withdrawal of the police 
in 1865 ; was engaged in locating and settling 
the FiBgoes ; took part in the expedition to 

Basutoland, 1868, and was employed in settling 
the boundaries of that country, and dividing 
it into districts ; commandant of the frontier 
armed and mounted police, 1870, and in the 
following year commanded the expedition to 
Hope Town and the Diamond Fields, and was 
some time chief commissioner at the Diamond 
Fields ; in command of expedition to Tembu- 
land, 1875 ; governor's agent, British Basuto- 
land, 1877 ; and was appointed one of the 
commissioners for Natal for the Indian and 
Cohmial Exhibition), and two daughters, all 
of whom accompanied their parents to the 
Cape, with the exception of one son and one 
daughter, who were born in South Africa. 

Arms used — Arg. a cross engrailed gu. 
hetween four water-bougets sa. 

Residence and Estate — Craigieburn, Somer- 
set East, Cape Colony. 

fj^xiIrnpU of Caiilfitltr. 

HOLROYD, HON. EDWARD DUNDAS, of Fernacres, Alma-road, 
Caulfield, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Q.C., barrister-at-law, 
and judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria, h. 25th January, 1828 ; m. 
at East St. Kilda, near Melbourne, 19th April, 1862, Anna Maria Hoyles, 
daughter of Henry Compton, Esq., and grand-daughter of the Rev. T. Comp- 
ton, vicar of Paignton, co. Devon, England (of the family of the Marquess of 
Northampton), and has issue, 

I. Arthur George, h. 15th May, 1865. 

II. Spencer Edward, h. 2nd March, 1867. 

I. Catherine Compton, h. 1st February, 1863 ; m. at All Saints, St. Kilda, 

19th December, 1888, J. J. O'Hara Wood, Esq. of Brisbane, barrister, 
eldest son of the late O'Hara Wood, Esq., C.E., of Sydney. 

II. Ethel Hardman, h. 17th April, 1864, m. 4th January, 1890, at All 

Saints' Church, East St. Kilda, Oscar Van Assche, eldest son of the 
late Henri Van Assche, of Antwerp. 

III. Sophie Marion, h. 4th September, 1870. 

Mr. Justice Holroyd was educated at Winchester College, which he entered 
as a commoner in February, 1841, and carried off several prizes, and in two 
consecutive years (1845 and 1846) a Queen's Gold Medal for the best Latin 
and English prose essays. He left Winchester in July, 1846, and in October 
of that year proceeded to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated 
B.A. in January, 1851, and M.A. in 1854 ; called to the Bar at Gray's Inn, 
6th June, 1855; arrived at Melbourne, 1859; admitted to practice as a 
barrister in the Supreme Court of Victoria, 27th July, 1859, and subse- 
quently became a member of the Tasmanian Bar ; declined the appointment 
of judge of the Supreme Court of the colony of Victoria, which was offered 
to him in 1872; appointed Q.C. in Victoria, 14th January, 1879, and 22nd 
August, 1881, judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria. 




Geoege Holeoyd Esq. of Crawcroft, son 
of WlI/LIAM HOULEKOIDE, Esq., m. 12tli 
July, 1602, Isabella Haigh, and had two sons, 
I. George, of Hutdiroyd, parish of Kish- 
TTorth, W.R. CO. York, m. at Elland, co. 
York, 8th July, 1639, Susan Wbiteley, and 
had amongst other children a son Isaac, who 
settled in Ireland temp, Charles II, and 
acquired large estates in that kingdom, m. in 
1680 his cousin, Mary, daughter of John 
Holroyd, Esq. of Crawcroft, and had an only 
son, John, b. in 1680, m. Sarah, daughter of 
William Elwood, Esq., and sister and co- 
heiress of John Elwood, Esq., Vice-ProTOst 
and representative in Parliament for the 
Uniyersity of Dublin, and was s. by his eldest 
son, Isaac Holroyd, Esq., b. in 1708, m. Doro- 
thy, youngest daugher of Daniel Baker, Esq., 
of Penn, co. Bucks, and was s. by his only 
surviving son, John Baker Holroyd, Esq., 
afterwards Earl of ShefEeld (see Burke's 
Peerage) ; and ii. Isaac. The younger son, 

Isaac Holeoyd, Esq. of Barkisland, parish 
of Rishworth, W.R. co. York, by Agnes, his 
wife, had six children ; the eldest, 

Geoe&e Holeoyd, Esq., b. 28th April, 
1643, was father of 

EsATT Holeoyd, Esq., b. 3rd February, 
1689, who had a son, 

Geoegb Holeoyd, Esq. of Barkisland, 
aforesaid, b. 9th January, 1719; m. Eleanor, 
daughter of Henry Sowley, Esq. of Appleby, 
CO. Westmorland, and had issue, 

I. Geoege Sowley (Sie), of whom pre- 

II. Henry, b. 7th April, 1760; d. 16th 
April, 1780. 

I. Mildred, b. 11th April, 1761 ; d. 20th 
October, 1762. 

II. Charlotte, b. 30th April, 1762; d. 
30th March, 1794. 

III. Jane, b. May, 1764; d. 9th January. 

IV. Eleanor, b. 18th May, 1768 ; m. 9th 
February, 1797, William Glass, Esq., 
and d. sip. 7th March, 1828. 

T. Mary, b. 2nd February, 1771 ; d. 14th 
October, 1787. 

The elder son, 

SiE Geoege Sowley Holeoyd, Knt., one 
of the justices of the Court of King's Bench, 
b. 31st October, 1758 ; raised to the Bench 
14th February, 1816 ; resigned 17th Novem- 
ber, 1828. He m. 10th September, 1787, 
Sarah, daughter of Amos Chaplin, Esq., and 
d. 21st November, 1831, and was buried in 
Wargrave churchyard, co. Berks, having had 
by her (who was b. 18th June, 1768, and d. 
at Exmouth, co. Devon, I4tli November, 1848, 
aged 80, and was buried with her husband), 
I. George Chaplin, b. 9th September, 
1790. This gentleman was engaged 
in a very spirited action between the 
" Ceylon," " Windham," and " As- 
tell," East Indiamen, and two large 
French frigates and a corvette, on the 

3rd July, 1810, which ended in the 
capture of the " Ceylon " and " Wind- 
ham," and escape of the " Astell," on 
which last-mentioned vessel Mr. G. 
C. Holroyd was appointed (during the 
action in which he was wounded) cap- 
tain of two guns on the gun-deck. He 
m. 1st, at Hyderabad, 2nd April, 1818, 
Virginie, daughter of General Mottet 
de la Fontaine, of Compiegne in 
Picardy, governor of Pondicherry, and 
granddaughter of the Marquis de 
Fecamp, by Marie de Solmiac, his wife ; 
and by her (who d. 1st August, 1845) 
had issue, 

1 George, lieutenant-general Ben- 
gal Staff Corps, b. 18th February, 
1819 ; entered the E.I. Co.'s mili- 
tary service 1st March, 1838, be- 
came colonel 1st March, 1869, 
and lieutenant-general 7th Septem- 
ber, 1884; served throughout the 

" operations of the Candahar force, 
1838—42 (wounded 15th Septem- 
ber, 1842), took part in the Gwa- 
lior campaign, including the battle 
of Maharajpore ; and the Sutlej 
campaign of 1845 — 46, and was 
present at the battle of Sobraou, 
horse shot. He m. 31st December, 
1844, at Futtehgurh, India, Emily, 
youngest daughter of the late 
Captain L. Garstin, of the 88th 
regiment, and has had issue, 

I. George Augustus, b. 29th 
November, 1847; d, Easter, 

II. Henry William, b. 26th 
March, 1854, d. 8th March, 

I. Emily Mary Anne, b. 10th 
July, 1846; d. 16th July, 1847. 

II. Emmeline Louisa, b. 22nd 
August, 1849. 

III. Kate Virginie, b. 15th 
December, 1851 ; m. 31st 
December, 1872, to Major 
Norton Charles Martelli, Ben- 
gal Staff Corps, second son of 
T. C. Martelh, Esq. of Kings- 
town, Ireland, and has issue, 

1 Charles Inglis Holroyd, 
b. 9th March, 1876. 

2 Richard Godfrey Hol- 
royd, b. 23rd March, 

1 Georgiana Kate, J. 14th 
November, 1873. 

2 Emelyn Irene, b. 26th 
December, 1874. 

3 Kate Virginie, b. 2nd 
October, 1877. 

IT. Florence Mary, b. 5th Feb- 
ruary, 1861. 

2 Henry (His Hon.), of Kensington 
Gardens-terrace, London, county 
court judge, b. 14th July, 1820; 



admitted a member of the Middle 
Temple, November, 1844, and 
practised a8 a special pleader 
under the Bar ; called to the Bar 
at the Middle Temple 6th June, 
1853, and went the Oxford Circuit 
and Lichfield and Stafford Ses- 
sions. He reported for some years 
for the Laiv Journal, and has 
since given his services to the In- 
corporated Council of Law Re- 
porting for England and Wales ; 
made a county court judge 27th 
May, 1880, by Lord Chancellor 
Selborne; m. at Brighton, co. 
Sussex, 28th August, 1858, Louisa 
Fanny, daughter of Colonel Gor- 
don, and has issue, 

I. Louisa Gordon, b. 13th Jan- 
uary, 1860. 

II. Mary Virginie, h. 25th June, 

III. Henrietta, h. 10th May, 

3 Charles (maj.-gen.), lieutenant- 
colonel Bengal Staff Corps, 5. 16th 
October, 1822; entered the mili- 
tary service of the E.I. Co., 11th 
June, 1839, and retired as major- 
general 23rd January, 1875. 
"While in India he was constantly 
employed on the Staff in Assam, 
and during the crisis in 1857 was 
principal assistant commissioner, 
Seebsaugur, Upper Assam. He 
m. 1st, 13th November, 1862, 
Mary Florence, widow of Colonel 
Hannay; she d. at Seebsaugur, 
Upper Assam, 31st August, 1863, 
without leaving issue by Major- 
General Holroyd, who m. 2ndly, 
26th August, 1872, Anna Eliza, 
daughter of Thomas Smith, Esq., 
and by her (who died 7th January, 
1880) has issue, 

I. Patrick Charles, h. 4th June, 

II. Edward Eraser Eochfort, 
b. 20th November, 1875. 

I. Nora Palmer, b. 30th Janu- 
ary, 1877. 
4 John, b. 20th December, 1823 ; 
entered the Madras cavalry, 3rd 
August, 1844; took the surname 
of DoTETON in addition to and 
after that of Hoieotd, in 1831, 
in compliance with the wish of his 
uncle, General Sii- John Doveton, 
K.C.B. ; m. 5th July, 1847, Pau- 
line, daughter of Monsieur Amand 
Law de Clapernon, commissaire 
adjoint de la Marine en retraite, 
and d. in India, having had by 
her (who d. at Pondicherry, 6th 
November, 1886), 

I. John George, b. 29th July, 
1848 ; d. 23rd AprU, 1864. 

II. Henri Victor, b. 19th Octo- 
ber, 1849; d. 27th August, 

III. Charles Albert Hodson, b. 
6th June, 1851. 

IT. Edward William Law, b. 
24th August, 1852; m. 6th 
August, 1874, to Marian 
Georgina Brizzi Bristeghi, of 

T. James Amand, b. 13th May, 

VI. George Joseph Marius, b. 
4th January, 1865. 

VII. A son, b. September, 1867 ; 
d. within a month. 

I. Mary, b. 16th September, 
1854; d. 21st September, 

II. Mary Adolphine, b. 4th 
April, 1859. 

IH. Emma CecUe Blanche, tvrin 
with her sister, Emily Vir- 
ginie Louisa, b. 11th October, 
1860; d. 12th September, 
IV. Emily Virginie Louisa, twin 
with her sister Emma CecUe 
Blanche, b. 11th October, 
1860; d. 11th February, 
T. Victorine Henrica Francaise 
MathUde Genevieve, b. 18th 
June, 1862; d. 6th July, 
1 Mary Anne, b. 8th August, 1829 ; 
m. at Exeter, co. Devon, June, 
1850, Major-General Henry MUls, 
lieutenant - colonel Bengal Staff 
Corps (son of the Rev. William 
Mills, D.D., rector of St. Paul's, 
Exeter), who entered the E.I. 
Co.'s military service 20th Octo- 
ber, 1840, and became a major- 
general 12th August, 1876 ; served 
in the campaign of 1842 in Afghan- 
istan, and was present in the 
various actions from Candahar to 
Peshawur; in the Gwalior cam- 
paign, and present at the battle of 
Maharajpore, 29th December, 
1843, and the Sutlej campaign of 
1845 — 46, including the battles of 
Moodkee and Ferozeshah ; and 
was employed during the Indian 
Mutiny in 1857, in moving troops 
to the front. They have had 

I. Henry Holroyd, b. 20th Sep- 
tember, 1860. 

II. William Holroyd, b. 14th 
September, 1862. 

I. Virginie Lucy, b. 15th May, 
1851 ; m. 14th September, 
1876, Surgeon-Major William 
West Quinton, M.B., hon. 
brigade surgeon. 

II. Mary Anne, b. 1st Decem- 
ber, 1852; d. 11th June, 

III. Ada, b. 5th Novembei-, 
1856; d. 5th September, 



IV. Catherine, h. 26tli Septem- 
ber, 1863, and d. same day. 
T. Agnes, i. at Cawnpore, 12tli 

January, 1870. 
Tl. Priscilla, h. at Bareilly, 27t]i 
January, 1872. 
2 Virginie, b. 29tli January, 1835; 
m. 25tli November, 1862, Rev. 
Alfred Wilson Mills, M.A., Ox- 
ford, rector of St. Erth, eo. 
Cornwall, son of the Eev. Wil- 
Ham MiUs, D.D., rector of St. 
Paul's, Exeter, and brother of the 
before-mentioned Major-General 
Henry Mills ; and has issue, 

I. Mary Virginie, b. 7th July, 

II. Katharine, b. 9th October, 

Mr. G-eorge Chaplin Holroyd m. 
2ndly, 14th August, 1848, Fanny, 
sister of the Eev. Edward C. Har- 
ington. Chancellor of the Diocese 
of Exeter, and d. 24th November, 
1871. She d. s.p. 25tli March, 

II. Charles, b. 31st January, 1792; 
entered the Navy, and d. s.p. at Mo- 
minabad. East IncUes, 13th September, 

III. Henry Amos, b. 24th May, 1793 ; 
d. 23rd February, 1794, and was 
buried at Hampstead, co. Middlesex. 

IV. Edwaed, of whom presently. 

T. Frederick Court, b. 28th November, 
1797 ; d. an infant, and was buried at 

Tl. Thomas, b. 23rd March, 1799 ; edu- 
cated at Harrow ; entered the profes- 
sion of the law, which he abandoned 
in 1827 ; was a member of the Light 
Horse Volunteers, and in 1821 did 
duty at the coronation of King Geoege 
IV ; in November, 1831, being on a 
visit to the continent, he had the good 
fortune to give important aid in saving 
the town of Spa from destruction by 
fii'e, for which service he was pre- 
sented with a silver medal. In 1832 
Mr. Thomas Holroyd proceeded to 
Calciitta, and after joining a mercantile 
house there, became high sheriil of 
Calcutta in 1837, when Her Majesty 
Q,ueen Victoeia came to the throne, 
and had the satisfaction of presiding 
at a sheriff's meeting and signing the 
address to Her Majesty from the in- 
liabitants of Bengal. In January, 1839, 
Mr. Holroyd left Calcutta and settled 
in Gloucestershire, where he held a 
captain's commission in the yeomanry 
of the Duke of Beaufort, and was a 
member of his Grace's hunt ; subse- 
quently re-visited India, and returned 
for the second time in 1847 ; and after- 
wards, at the solicitation of an eminent 
mercantile firm, proceeded to the Indian 
Archipelago, and travelled as far as 
was then permitted over the islands of 
Java, Balli, Lombock, Sunibavva, Ti- 

mor, Borneo, and the Celebes, cruising 
among those islands for some eighteen 
months in 1847—48, and gaining very 
valuable information as to their capa- 
bilities. Mr. Thomas Holroyd m. 5th 
July, 1823, Sarah, daughter of William 
Morgan, Esq., and by her (who d. 29th 
June, 1853) has issue a daughter, 
Sarah Morgan, m. 29th October, 
1872, as his 2nd wife, Kear Ad- 
miral William Charles Chamber- 
lain, admiral superintendent at 
Devonport Dockyard, who was b. 
21st April, 1818; entered the 
Navy, June 1831 ; promoted to the 
rank of lieutenant 4th November, 
1840, for his conspicuous gallantry 
at the storming of Acre, being 
himself the first man to surmount 
the walls ; appointed commander 
22nd October, 1844; subsequently 
employed on the West Coast of 
Africa, capturing slavers, and in 
the Pacific ; afterwards, on account 
of ill-health, was obliged to go on 
half-pay, when he visited Malta, 
and for a time acted as private 
secretary to the governor. Sir W. 
Reid, G.C.B., R.E., but on the re- 
turn of his health he went to the 
Baltic in command of the " Con- 
flict " towards the end of the 
Crimean War, and was promoted 
to Post Rank, 21st February, 
1856. After having been em- 
ployed on the Syrian coast. Cap- 
tain Chamberlain in July, 1862, 
commissioned the " Resistance " 
(one of the first ironclads) at 
Sheerness, and whilst in command 
of her in the Mediterranean, in 
1865, he received the oiler of the 
command of the Steam Reserve at 
Portsmouth, which he accepted; 
in 1868 was appointed captain 
superintendent of Chatham Dock- 
yard, which important post he 
retained until he attained Flag 
Rank in January, 1874 ; appointed 
admiral superintendent of Devon- 
port and Keyham yards, and 
hoisted his flag 12th August, 
1875 ; finally resigning June, 1876. 
Admiral Chamberlain was the 
eldest son of Sir Henry Chamber- 
lain, Bart, (see Burke's Peerage), 
by Anne Eugenia, his second wife, 
daughter of WiUiam Morgan, Esq. 
of London, and in. first, 19th 
June, 1845, Eliza Jane, eldest 
daughter of Captain Basil Hall, 
R.N., who was second son of Sir 
James Hall, Bart, (see Burke's 
Peerage), and by her had issue, 
Basil Hall, b. 18th October, 1850 ; 
Henry, late lieutenant R.N., b. 
1st January, 1852; m. 1881, Isa- 
bel Ellen, daughter of Rev. Lewis 
Parker, and has issue, Henry 
Seymour, b. 1883 ; Alice Mary, 



and Isabel Dorothy ; and Houston 
Stewart, b. Stli September, 1855, 
m. 1878, Mdlle. Anna Horst. Ad- 
miral Chamberlain, by his second 
wife, Sarah Morgan Holroyd, had 
issue, a daughter, Harriet Sarah. 
He d. 27th February, 1878, at 
Brighton, co. Sussex, and was 
buried there. Her Majesty was 
pleased to grant his widow apart- 
ments in Hampton Court Palace. 
Til. James John (Rev.), of White Hall, 
near Colchester, co. Essex, rector of 
Abberton, co. Essex, b. 28th Septem- 
ber, 1800 ; educated at Harrow School 
and Christ College, Cambridge, B.A. 
1830, M.A. 1835; presented to the 
rectory of Abberton by the late Lord 
Lyndhurst, Lord Chancellor, and was 
rector of that parish for forty-six 
years. He m. 12th September, 1833, 
Sophia, eldest daughter of Samuel 
Tyssen, Esq. of Narborough Hall, co. 
Norfolk, and d. 3rd February, 1876, 
and was buried at Abberton, having 
had by her (who d. 5th July, 1870), 
1 Tyssen Sowley (major), of Dony- 
land Lodge, Colchester, co. Essex, 
and of the Junior United Service 
Club, London, J.P., captain in the 
Essex Militia, b. 11th January, 
1839, was formerly captain in the 
Queen's 34th ; served with them 
in the Crimea, 1855, including the 
siege and fall of Sebastopol, and 
the assault of the Redan ; also in 
the Indian crisis 1857 — 59, and 
was present at the actions at 
Cawnpore (where he was wound- 
ed), Meeangunge, Lucknow, Az- 
imghur, and Bootwul. Major Hol- 
royd subsequently exchanged into 
the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers. 
He m. 2nd October, 1872, Mary 
Anne Jane, only daughter of the 
late Rev. Robert Corbett (by Maria 
Simmonds, his wife, daughter of 
John Pountney, Esq. of Low Hill, 
00. Stafford), who was third son 
of Uvedale Corbett- Winder, Esq. 
of Aston Hall, co. Salop. (See 


Burke's Landed Gentry.) 

2 George Ridley, h. 6th February, 
1844; d. 14th July, 1850. 

3 John Henry Graham, captain 6th 
West York Militia, formerly cap- 
tain 65th regiment, 1864 to 1873, 
when he retired ; was present 
with his regiment during the war 
in New Zealand; b. 5th April, 
1846; m. 17th October, 1872, 
Harriet Gertrude Isabella, eldest 
daughter of the Hon. Charles 
William Moore-Smyth, of Bally- 
natray, co. Waterford, Ireland, 
J.P. and D.L., who was second 
son of Stephen, third Earl Mount- 
cashell (see Burke's Peerage), 
and has issue. 

r. Rowland Henry Tyssen, b. 
3rd August, 1874. 

II. Charles Edward, b. 16th 
August, 1882. 

III. A son, b. in Alexandria, 
4th June, 1885. 

I. Isabella Charlotte Sophia 
Wilmot, b. 21st July, 1873. 

II. Ada Lilian Louisa, b. GVo. 
January, 1876. 

III. Helena Anna Mary, h. 7th 
March, 1877. 

IV. Harriette Gwendoline, b. 
4th November, 1878. 

T. Sophia Beryl, b. 29th Sep- 
tember, 1880. 
Tl. A daughter, b. in 1887. 

4 James William, b. 13th February, 
1848 ; d. 4th March, 1848. 

5 Charles Wbish, h. 13th February, 
1849 ; d. 17th February, 1853. 

1 Sophia Baker, b. 27th June, 1834; 
m. 9th June, 1858, General John 
Alfred Street, C.B., colonel of the 
2nd battalion Scottish Rifles, who 
served in the 98th regiment with 
the expedition to the North of 
China, 1842 ; was brigade-major, 
1st brigade, 4th division, in the 
Crimea, and was present at the 
battles of Balaklava and Inker- 
man, siege and fall of Sebastopol, 
and expedition to Eimbourn ; 
afterwards served as military 
secretary at Gibraltar to General 
Sir W. F. Williams, Bart, K.C.B., 
the governor, until he became a 
major-general 6th March, 1868, 
soon after which he was appointed 
to command the troops in Ceylon. 
She d. in Ceylon, 15th December, 
1874, having had issue, 

I. Alfred Edmund Campbell, 

b. 16th January, 1861; d. 

10th September, 1861. 

I. Sophie Catherine, b. 27th 
July, 1862; m. 22nd April, 
1880, Edric Frederick, 3rd 
Baron GifEord {b. 5th July, 
1849), of St. Leonard's, co. 
Devon, major late 57th regi- 
ment, V.C. (see Burke's 
Peerage), who accompanied 
Sir Garnet Wolseley to the 
Gold Coast in September, 
1873, and for his conspicuous 
gallantry in the Ashantee 
War was given the Victoria 
Cross ; took part in the Zulu 
War, 1879. His lordship was 
subsequently colonial secre- 
tary for Western Australia, 
and senior member of the 
Legislative Council, and in 
1883 was appointed colonial 
secretary at Gibraltar. 

II. Louisa Mary, b. 18th April, 

2 Charlotte Henrietta, b. 2nd May, 
1836 ; d. 22nd AprU, 1850. 



3 Mary Anne Tliesiger, h. 24tli 
February, 1840; d. 11th May, 1850. 

4 Louisa Boddicot, b. 14tli March, 
1842 ; m. 28th October, 1863. at 
Colchester, co. Essex, to Lieu- 
tenant Colonel Emilius C. Delm6 
Badcliffe, of the 88th regiment 
(eldest son of the Eev. Charles 
Delme Eadeliffe), in which regi- 
ment he served in the Crimean 
War, 1854 — 55, including the 
battle of Alma and siege of Sebas- 
topol ; served also in suppression 
of the Indian Mutiny in 1857—58. 
They have had issue, 

I. Charles, b. 21st September, 

II. Henry, S. 30th March, 1866, 
at Futtehgurh. 

III. George Vaughan, b. 6th 
June, 1867; d. 7th Septem- 
ber, 1868. 

IV. John Frederick, b. 15th 
December, 1871 ; </. at Darm- 
stadt, 30th September, 1882. 

T Seymour Arthur, b. 26th 

August, 1873. 
Tl. Alfred, b. 1879. 
I. Marian Louisa, b. 13th April, 
1870, at Peshawur. 
Tin. William James, b. 20th August, 
1802; d. 6th March, 1803, and was 
buried at Hampstead, co. Middlesex. 
IX. Henry, barrister-at-law, clerk of the 
Crown, and prothonotary in the Su- 
preme Court in Calcutta, b. 5th April, 
1804; m. 8th December, 1831, Lucy, 
daughter of the Hon. Sir John Franks, 
one of the judges of the Supreme 
Court in Calcutta, and d. there 29th 
September, 1859, leaving issue, 

1 George Sowley, captain in the 
73rd regiment, b. 23rd December, 
1841 ; d. at sea 7th September, 

1 Elizabeth, h. 18th September, 
1832; m. at Calcutta, 29th June, 

1853, Jervoise John Grey, Esq., 
B.C.S., second but eldest surviving 
son of the Right Hon. Sir Charles 
Edward Grey, K.C.H., and had 

I. Jervoise, b. January, 1856 ; 
d, same day. 

II. A son, b. 12th August, 1865; 
d. soon after birth. 

2 Catherine, b. 8th December, 1834; 
m. at Calcutta, 14th December. 

1854, Skipwith H. C. Tayler, 
Esq., B.C.S., eldest son of William 
Tayler, Esq., and d. at Patna, 9th 
October, 1857, having had issue, 

I. Henry Graham, b. 8th No- 
vember, 1855. 

II. Charles Holroyd, b. 6th 
May, 1857 ; lived only a few 

3 Lucy Sarah, b. Slst August, 1837 ; 
m. at Calcutta, 5th February, 
1863, Edward Grey, Esq., B.C.S., 

third son of the Eight Hon. Sir 
Charles Edward Grey, K.C.H., 
and has had issue, 

I. Charles Ed ward, S. at Bourne- 
mouth, Hants, 16th Decem- 
ber, 1866. 
ir. Ealph Henry, b. at Bur- 
hampore, 30th November, 

I. Catherine Lucy, b. at Kish- 
naghur, 23rd September, 

II. Mary Elizabeth, b. at Mal- 
vern, CO. Worcester, 17th 
.August, 1865; d. at Wimble- 
don, co. Surrey, 19th January, 

X. Frederic, b. 14th March, 1810; d. 
at Hampstead, 29th June, 1811. 

I. Mary Anne, b. 31st December, 1788 ; 
OT.4th December, 1810, Captain Charles 
Court, of the H.E.I. Co.'s Bombay 
Marine Establishment, and Marine 
survey or-general of India (appointed 
1810), who d. at Ballygunge, 9th Sep- 
tember, 1821. She d. s.p. 14th May, 
1813, aged 24, and was buried at Cal- 

II. Sarah Louisa, b. 4th July, 1796 ; d. 
11th January, 1876. 

III. Sarah Maria, b. 26th May, 1805 ; d. 
at Brighton, co. Sussex, 3rd August, 

IV. Charlotte, b. 8th September, 1806; 
d. at Hampstead, 30th June, 1811. 

The 4th son, 

Edwabd Holeotd Esq., barrister-at-law 
and senior commissioner of the Bankruptcy 
Court in London, b. 24th July, 1794 ; called 
to the Bar 26th April, 1826 ; m. 28th Decem- 
ber, 1820, Caroline, daughter of Charles 
Pugsley, Esq. of llfracombe, co. Devon, by 
Sarah Wadland, his wife, and d. 29th Jan- 
uary, 1881, having had issue, 

I. George Frederic, barrister-at-law, J.P. 
for CO. Northampton, and lieutenant 
in the Northamptonshire Militia, b. 
6th May, 1824; was sent to Winches- 
ter College as a commoner in February, 
1837, and in October, 1842, went to 
Trinity College, Cambridge, where he 
graduated B.A. in January, 1846, 
and M.A. in 1849; in 1865 he 
came forward as a candidate for the 
representation of the town of North- 
ampton in Parliament, but was de- 
feated ; called to the Bar at the Inner 
Temple in Hilary Term, 1873. Be m. 
at Eoehampton, co. Surrey, 30th 
August, 1862, Charlotte Lavinia, 
daughter of Adolphus Johnson, Esq., 
and d. at Conneragh, near Youghal, 
CO. Cork, Ireland, 15th September, 
1874, having had by her (who d. at 
Dinan, 29th November, 1870), 

1. Frederic Edward Adolphus, b. 
21st June, 1861. 

1. Gertrude Beryl, I. 26th July, 



2. Brenda, twin with her sister, 
Minna, I. at Biarritz, 20tli Feb- 
ruary, 1868; d. 20th March, 

3. Minna, twin with her sister 
Brenda, h. at Biarritz, 20th 
FebrnarT, 1868. 

4. Violette", b. 19th November, 1870 ; 
d. at Blyborough Rectory, co. 
Lincoln, 6th January, 1871. 

ir. Edwaed Dttnbas (Hon.), of Alma- 
road, Caulfield. 

III. Arthur, b. 3rd March, 1833 ; d. 30th 
March, 1835, and was buried in 
Lewisham Churchyard. 

IV. William Rice Morland (Colonel), 
Lieut. -Col. Bengal Staff Corps, and 
Director of Public Instruction, Pun- 
jab, b. 28th October, 1835 ; served 
in India, during the Mutiny, in the 
86th Regiment, and with the Central 
India Field Force under Sir Hugh 
Rose ; severely wounded at the storm- 
ing of Jhansi, and behaved with great 
gallantry at the siege of Calpee. He 
m. 1st, 25th August, 1866, Helen 
Maria Sophia, daughter of Major West- 
maoott, and granddaughter of Sir 
Richard Westmacott, and by her (who 
d. at Rawul Pindi, 8th April, 1875) 
has had issue, 

1. G-eorge William Fraser, b. 31st 
March, 1871. 

1. Helen Margaret Louisa, b. at 
Simla, 16th June, 1867. 

2. Alice Marion, b. at Murree, 11th 
August, 1868 ; d. at Peshawur, 
2nd May, 1869. 

3. Geraldiue, b. at Murree, 21 st 
August, 1869. 

4. Lucy Beatrice, b. 3rd January, 

He m. 2ndly, 3rd July, 1882, Elinor, 
daughter of General Turner, C.B., 
and by her (who d. 9th January, 1884) 
has issue, a daughter. 

I. Sarah Louisa, b. 6th October, 1821; 
m. at Wimbledon, co. Surrey, 20th 
AprU, 1853, to the Rev. Francis 
Thomas Clarke Margetts, M.A. Cam- 
bridge, Vicar of St. Wendron, Hel- 
ston, CO. Cornwall, and formerly Rector 
of Blyborough, co. Lincoln, and has 
had issue, 

1. Arthur Edward, b. 25th Decem- 
ber, 1856 ; d. 25th August, 1880. 

2. Francis Edward, b. 25th April, 
1860 ; d. 19th January, 1881. 

1. Caroline Edith, b. 2nd March, 
1859 ; d. 25th June, 1884. 

2. Amy Louisa, b. 5th February, 

3. Eleanor Charlotte, twin with her 
sister Catherine Anna, b. 26th 
November, 1863. 

4. Catherine Anna, twin with her 
sister Eleanor Charlotte, b. 26th 
November, 1863 ; d. 10th Novem- 
ber, 1880. 

5. Amabel Frances Lucy, b. 3rd 
April, 1865. 

II. Caroline, b. 31st March, 1838. 
Arms—A.z. five spiir rowels in saltire or. 

Crest — a demi-griffin or. 

Residence — Fernacres, Alma-road, Caul- 
field, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

^tep]&m t^t JHontreal antr Caiisapxital 

STEPHEN, SIR GEORGE, Bart, of Montreal and Causapocal, Canada, and 
of St. James's-place, Middlesex, president of the Canadian Pacific Railway 
Company, h. 5th June, 1829 ; created a Bart. 3rd March, 1886 ; m. 8th March, 
1853, Charlotte Annie, daughter of Benjamin Kane, Esq., and has a daughter, 
Alice, m. 2nd October, 1873, Hon. Sir Henry Stafford Northcote. Bart., 
C.B., M.A., of 7, Seamore-place, in the parish of St. George, 
Hanover-square, co. Middlesex, and of the Carlton, St. James's, and 
Atheneeum Clubs, so created 23rd November, 1887 ; M.P. for Exeter, 
i. 18th November, 1846 ; second son of Sir Stafford Hemy Northcote, 
first Earl of Iddesleigh, G.C.B. 

William Stephen, of Hillside and of 
DufTtown, CO. Banff, b. 1769, m. Elizabeth 
Cameron, and d. 1852, having had by her 
(who d. 7th June, 1845, aged 69 years), with 
other issue, a son, 

William Stephen, of Dufftown, after- 
wards of Montreal, Canada, b. 25th March, 
1801, m. 22nd November, 1828, Elspet, 
daughter of John Smith, Esq. of Knockando, 
CO. Elgin, and had, with other issue, 

Geoege (Sir), created a bart. 1886. 

Arms — Or on a pale az. between on either 
side a sprig of three leaves of maple slipped 
gu. two fleurs-de-lis of the first. Crest — A 
dexter arm embowed ppr., vested az., 
charged with two fleurs-de-lis or, and hold- 
ing in the hand a pickaxe ppr. Motto — 

Residences — Montreal, and Causapocal, 
Canada. To wn Residence — 25, St. James's- 
place, Londo-0-, S.W. Clubs — Marlborough ; 
St. James's. 


Chief Justice and Judge, and Commissary of the Yice Admiralty 
Court, Hobart, Tasmania, h. at Carr Hill, Gateshead, co. Durham, England, 
24th April, 1833 ; arrived in Tasmania 16th July, 1834, where he was 
educated, and, after serving a short time in the Civil Service, returned 
to England in 1853, entered the I\Iiddle Temple, and was called to the Bar 
6th June, 1856, having obtained the first certificate of honour, being the 
highest honour awarded by the Council of Legal Education at the preceding 
examination. He returned to Hobart, was admitted there 22nd January, 
1857, and became Commissioner of the Caveat Board for the Issue of Crown 
Grants, and later Crown solicitor and clerk of the Peace. He was appointed 
Attorney- General 5th February, 1861, and was subsequently returned to Par- 
liament as a member for Hobart, afterwards representing Campbell Town. 
For many years he was a member of the Tasmanian Council of Education, 
and was for a time President. He was also one of the Council of the Hobart 
Ladies' College, a Vice-President of the Royal Society of Tasmania, and a 
promoter of athletic sports. During his political career he was as vigorous 
as leader of the opposition as he was strenuous in purpose when in office, 
while during the administration of Sir Richard Dry he was virtually Premier. 
On the 5th February, 1870, he was appointed Puisne Judge, on the 2nd Feb- 
ruary, 1885, was sworn in as Chief Justice, and during a visit to England he 
was knighted by the Queen in person at Osborne on the 16th August, 1886, 
having been gazetted on the 29th May previously. He has acted as Deputy 
Governor, and twice as Administrator : on the last occasion for nearly four 
months. Sir William m. at Launceston, Tasmania, 1 7th March, 1869, Fanny 
Louisa, second daughter of the late Ven. William Henry Browne, LL.D., of 
Ballinvoher, co. Cork, Ireland, Archdeacon of Launceston, Tasmania (see 
Browne of Hobart), and by her (who was h. at Bifrons, Launceston, afore- 
said, 80th March, 1835) has had issue, 

I. Frank Lambert, b. 5th July, 1861, barrister-at-law. Middle Temple, in 

1886, and admitted in Sydney 14th February, 1887 ; d. at Sydney 
25th April, 1887. 

II. William Percy, of Caiwarroo, Queensland, b. 10th Api-il, 1864. 

I. May, b. in Hobart 28th December, 1859. 

II. Ethel, b. 8th December, 1868. 

III. Kate Louise, b. 13th December, 1871. 

IV. Edith, b. 5th May, 1875 ; d. 7th June following. 


Michael Dobson, Esq. (wliose sister 
Elizabeth m. first the great grandson of 
Eobert Trollop, Esq. of Eedheugh, New- 
castle-on-Tyne, co. Northumberland, free- 
mason of York, 1655 ; secondly, John 
Harris, Esq., and thirdly, the Eev. William 
Lambe^ M.A., lector oi St. Mary's, Gates- 

head, CO. Durham, and dying 29th May, 
1769, was buried in St. Mary's Church, 
having had issue by her last husband a son, 
Captain Lambe), d. before 1743. By his 
wife, Elizabeth (who survived her husband, 
and was buried 7th April, 1743) Mr. Dobson 
had surviving issue a son and a daughter, viz., 



I. John. 

II. Elizabeth, baptised 26tli December, 
1734, m. 1773, John Greene, Esq., 
and d. 2nd January, 1814, leaving 
issue, Joshua, 6. 1774, d. 13th Novem- 
ber, 1861, aged 87 years, and was 
buried at St. Cuthbert's. His son, 
John, of Rodsley House, d. in Decem- 
ber, 1870. 

John Dobson, Esq., the only son, bap- 
tised 9th August, 1731, m. 18th August, 
1763, Mary Ferguson, by whom he left issue, 
with a daughter, Frances, baptised 23rd De- 
cember, 1768, m. William Hawkes, Esq., 
brother of Sir Robert Shafto Hawkes, a 

Michael Dobson, Esq., baptised 23rd 
May, 1764, m. 1792, Elizabeth, daughter of 
William Lambert, Esq. of Tweedmouth, co. 
Northumberland, and d. at Gateshead, co. 
Durham, having had by her (who d. in 1852, 
and was buried at Richmond, co. York) two 
sons and four daughters, viz., 

I. William, h. 9th March, 1797, d. 28rd 
May following. 

II. John, of whom presently. 

I. Mary Ann, S. 24th May, 1793, d. 26th 
February, 1795. 

II. Eliza, I. 10th March, 1796. 

III. Mary Ann, b. 23rd March, 1798. 

IV. Jane JeflPreys, h. 5th August, 1799, 
m. 21st May, 1836, at Hobart, Arthur 
Smith, Esq. of Beaufront, Ross, Tas- 
mania, formerly of Feversham, and, in 
1887, of Walmer, co. Kent, England. 
She d. at Walmer 16th January, 1881, 
having predeceased her husband, who 
d. at the Shrubbery, Walmer, 15th 
July, 1887, aged 80 years. 

John Dobson, Esq., formerly of Carr 
Hill, Gateshead, co. Durham, and afterwards 
of Hobart Town, Tasmania, solicitor, h. 
26th November, 1800, baptised 27th Febru- 
ary, 1801, served his articles in the office of 
his uncle, George Anthony Lambert, Esq., at 
Gateshead, completing his term in London, 
and became a solicitor and notary public. 
Besides practising his profession, he held the 
office of clerk to the magistrates of Gates- 
head, from his admission as a solicitor in 1832 
till he resigned that office 1st October, 1833, 
in order to emigrate to Tasmania, for which 
colony he sailed 13th January, 1834, in the 
" Mary." After the passing of the Reform 
Act of 1832, by which a member was given 
to Gateshead, he was appointed returning 
officer for the borough, and acted as such at 
the first election. He was also employed as 
secretary to the Health Authorities on the 
outbreak of cholera in 1832. Prior to sail- 
ing for Tasmania, he was presented with an 
iniluentially signed valedictory address. On 
his arrival in the colony, he was placed on 
the rolls of the court, 29th September, 1834, 
and continued the practice of his profession 
until his death. He m. first, Mary Anne, 
daughter of Matthew Atkinson, Esq. of 
Carr Hill, co. Durham, by Mary, his wife, 
daughter of Isaac Littledale, Esq. of Bolton, 

and by her (who was h. 7th March, 1811, and 
d. in Hobart, 2nd April, 1837) had issue, 

I. William Lambert (Hon. Sir), chief 
justice of Tasmania. 

II. Feank Stanley (Hon.), of Mel- 
bourne. See next article. 

I. Emily Collinson, h. 12th October, 
1831, m. Eev. William Wood, incum- 
bent of Christ Church, Hawthorn, 
Victoria, M.A. of Caius College, Cam- 
bridge, and d, at Hawthorn, 4th May, 
1864, leaving issue, 

1. Henry Simpson, surgeon, h. Octo- 
ber, 1856, d. at Cloncurry, 
Queensland, 3rd March, 1883. 

2. Arthur Jeffreys, surgeon, h. 9th 
April, 1861. 

3. William Atkinson, surgeon, h. 
10th May, 1863. 

Rev. William Wood m. secondly, at 
New Norfolk, Annie, daughter of the 
late Thomas Fyfe, Esq. of Mount 
Nod, Surrey (her sister Margaret m., 
as his second wife, the late William. 
Stanley Sharland, Esq., M.H.A. and 
J. P. of New Norfolk), and has issue 
by her, Frederick Fyle, S. January, 

II. Mary Anne Jane, d. an infant, 
buried in Hobart. 

Mr. John Dobson m. secondly, 29th Janu- 
ary, 1839, at Launceston, Kate, fourtli 
daughter of Richard Willis, Esq. of Wan- 
stead, Tasmania, and by her (who was h. 
15th December, 1819, and d. 14th Septem- 
ber, 1868) had, 

III. Arthur, I. 20th February, 1840, en- 
gaged in pastoral pursuits for thirteen 
years in Rakaia, New Zealand ; kUled 
at Zoblane, South Africa, 28th March, 
1879, unm., having joined the Fron- 
tier Light Horse as a volunteer in the 
Zulu War. 

IT. Henry, of Hobart, solicitor, h. 24th 
December, 1841, called 30th Decem- 
ber, 1864, m. at Ratho, Bothwell, 4th 
February, 1868, Emily, fifth daughter 
of the late assistant commissary- 
general, Thomas James Lempriere, 
and has issue, 

1. Louis Lemprifere, h. 10th June, 

2. Ernest Des Voeus, h. 3rd June, 

3. Clare Lempriere, h. 3rd Febru- 
ary, 1877. 

1. Kate Harriette, h. 5th June, 

2. Emily Lempriere, S. 17th Sep- 
tember, 1870. 

3. Margaret Jane Lempriere, h. 
26th September, 1882. 

T. Louis, h. 30tli January, 1845, acci- 
dentally killed at Woods Point, Vic- 
toria, 18th March, 1867. 

Tl. Alfred (Hon.), of Davey-street, Ho- 
bart, Tasmania, and of the Inner 
Temple, barrisfer-at-law, solicitor- 
general and member of the Executive 



Council of Tasmania, b. in Hobart 
IStli August, 1848, educated at the 
Hutchius scliooi, and, after some pre- 
paration in yarious pursuits, went to 
London, was called to tlie bar of the 
Inner Temple, 2Sth January, 1875, 
and subsequently of Tasmania 10th 
September, 1875 ; represented Glen- 
orchy in the House of Assembly, 
elected 14th June, 1877 ; 18th August, 
1877 ; 20th May, 1882 ; l7th July, 
1886 ; was appointed attorney-general 
13th August, 1877, and became leader 
of the opposition in 1883 and 1884 ; 
was elected Speaker for the first time 
21st July, 1885. He is a member of 
the Tasmanian Council of Education 
and of the Board ot Legal Examiners, 
and is church advocate ibr the diocese 
of Tasmania. Mr. Dobson is un- 
III. Elizabeth Alice, h. 23rd October, 
1843, m. 5th September, 1868, George 
Patten Adams, Esq. of Hobart, and 
formerly of Launceston, Tasmania, 
solicitor, and registrar of the supreme 

court, fifth son of James White Adams, 
Esq. of Martock, co. Somerset (see 
Adams of Hobakt), and has had issue, 

1. Arthur Dixon, b. 30th May, 1871, 

2. Sydney Dobson, b. 14th Novem- 
ber, 1876. 

3. Eeginald Dobson, I. 22nd June, 

:. Edith Isabel, b. 26th April, 

2. Catherine Mabel, b. 25th Decem- 
ber, 1873. 

3. Florence Marian, b. 5th March, 

4. Alice Gertrude, b. 16th July, 

IV. Georgiana, b. 27th November, 1846. 

Mr. John Dobson d. at Hobart, 2nd June, 

Arms used — Arg. a fesse nebvlee gu. 
between six fleurs-de-lis sa. Crest — Two 
lions' gambs erased in saltire gu. Motto — 
ZTt tibi sic alteri. 

Sesidence — Hobart, Tasmania. 

DOBSON, HON. FRANK STANLEY, of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 
B.A., LL.D., Cambridge, barrister-at-law of the Middle Temple, Q.C., 
r.L.S. London, member of the Legislative Council, chairman of committees, 
Victoria, h. 20tli April, 1836, in Tasmania ; educated first at the leading 
private school in Hobart Town, of which the principal was Mr. Hutchius, and 
afterwards at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A., and 
LL.B., in 1858 ; called to the bar at the Middle Temple, April, 1860, and 
immediately afterwards, having emigrated to Victoria, practised his profession 
at the common law Bar. In 1863 he was appointed one of the lecturers on 
law in Melbourne University, and was for some years certifying barrister to 
the Victorian friendly societies, which office he resigned on entering Parlia- 
ment in 1869 as member of Council for the Southern Province. He is one of 
the trustees of the Public Library and National Gallery, official visitor of the 
Observatoi-y ; member of the Royal Commission for Technological Instruction ; 
Queen's Counsel ; examiner in French and German at the University ; M.A. of 
the University of Melbourne, and was for some years the representative for 
Belvoir in the Church of England Assembly. He was Solicitor-General in 
the O'Loghlen Ministry from July, 1881, to March, 1888. He m. 1st, 27th 
June, 1863, Adelaide, daughter of the Rev. Edward Whitehurst, rector of 
Dfynog, Wales, and of Oswestry, co. Salop (whose only surviving son. Rev. 
John Whitehurst, rector of Farnborough, near Wantage, Berks, England, d. 
4th December, 1886, aged 48 years), and by her had issue, 

I. Frank Temple Stanley, of Melbourne, B.A. and LL.B., Trinity Hall, 
Cambridge, I. 21st April, 1864 ; m. 22nd August, 1887, Miss Bertha 
Emma Armytage Hopkins. 


J. Ethel Adelaide Fanny Stanley, d. 23rd November, 1865, in Hobart, 
aged 5 months, and was buried in the family vault, Hobart. 

He m. 2ndly, 8th June, 1871, Edith Mary, younger daughter and co-heiress of 
John Carter, Esq. of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-Ia\v, Q.C. She d. 6th 
April, 1874, and he m. 3rdly, I5th April, 1879, at Hobart, Henrietta Louisa, 
daughter of the late William Stanley Sharland, Esq., of Woodbridge, Tas- 
mania, M.H.A. of New Norfolk. 

Lineage and Arms used — Vide preceding article. 

Besidence — 4, Michie's-buildings, 73, Chancery-lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 

Clubs — Oxford, aiad Cambridge, London ; Melbourne. 

Cillej> ot JreDerictcin antr ^t. auUreto^s. 

(1879), P.O., of Fredericton and St. Andrew's, New Brunswick, 
Canada; appointed pix>vincial secretary and member of New Brunswick 
Government, 1st November, 1854 ; held that position, with the exception of 
two years, until 1st July, 1867 ; member of Dominion Government and 
Minister of Customs, 18th July, 1867 to 1872 ; Minister of Finance, Canada, 
from 1872 to 1873 ; Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, 15th November, 
1873, to 1878; Minister of Finance, Canada, 18th October, 1878 to 1885, 
when again appointed Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, which position 
he now occupies ; b. at Gage Town, Queen's County, Province of New Bruns- 
wick, 8th May, 1818, and was educated at the county grammar school ; m. 
first, at Portland, St. John, New Brunswick, 6th May, 1844, Julia Anna, 
daughter of James T, Hanford, Esq. of St. John, and by her (who d. 1862, 
and was buried at Fredericton, New Brunswick) has had issue, 

I. William Harrison (Rev.), b. 26th April, 1845, and d. 1877, leaving (by 

Bessie, his wife) three children. 

II. Leonard Arthur, of Toronto, Canada. 

III. Albert, d. when two months old. l_I_0»J'H_i3/*G 

I. Louisa, m. A. F. Strut, Esq. of Fredericton. 

II. Annie, m. Thomas Burper, Esq. of Winnipeg. 

III. Julia, unm. 

IV. Frances, m. William De Wolfe, Esq. of New Orleans. 

V. Jessie, m. T. D. Chipman, Esq. of St. Stephens, New Brunswick. 

He m. secondly at St. Stephens, New Brunswick, 20th October, 1867, Alice 
Star, daughter of Zachariah Chipman, Esq. of St. Stephens, and by her has 


IV. Herbert Chipman, b. 6th September, 1868. 

V. Leonard Percy De Wolfe, b. 21st May, 1870. 

D 2 




The family of Tilley was originally seated 
in Devonshire, England. Two of the name 
came to America in the " Mayflower," and it 
is supposed that Sir S. L. Tilley is a descend- 
ant of one of these. It can, however, be 
affirmed with certainty that his ancestors 
came at an early period to America. His 
great grandfather, Samuel Tilley, Esq., 
came to New Briinswick, with other loyalists, 
in 1783, and became a grantee of the city of 
St. John, having been, before the Kevolution, 
a resident of Long Island, New York. Mr. 
Samuel Tilley's grandson, Thomas Morgan 
TiLLET, Esq. of Gage Town, Queen's County, 

New Brunswick, m. Anna Susan Hunt, 
daughter of William Foters, Esq. of Frede- 
ricton. New Brunswick, whose ancestors 
were residents of West Chester. New York, 
and also came to New Brunswick as loyalists 
in 1783. She d. at the age of 78 years, he 
also d. at the age of 78 years, and left a son. 
The Hon. Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, 
K.C.M.G., C.B., B.C. 

Crest used — The head of a hattle-axe 
issuing from the wreath ppr. 

Sesidences — Fredericton and St. Andrew's, 
New Brunswick, Dominion of Canada. 

)tafforti ot a.antist»otone. 

(1887), of Maine, co. Lontli, and Landsdowue, Christeliurcli, New 
Zealand, Prime Minister of New Zealand from June, 1856, to July, 1861, 
October, 1865, to June, 1869, and in 1872 ; member of the House of Repre- 
sentatives of New Zealand uninterruptedly from October, 1855 (at which time 
he was superintendent of the Province of Nelson), to March, 1878; and a 
commissioner for the Colonial Exhibition, 1886 ; b. 23rd April, 1820 ; m. first, 
24th September, 1846, Emily Charlotte, only child of Colonel William Wake- 
field, by Emily Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Sir John Shelley Sidney, Bart., 
and sister of Philip Charles, first Lord de L'Isle and Dudley, but by her (who 
d. 18th April, 1857) bad no issue. He m. secondly, 5tb December, 1859, Mary, 
tbird daughter of Thomas Hougbton-Bartley, barrister-at-law, of the Inner 
Temple, Speaker of the Legislative Council of New Zealand, and by ber had 
six children, 

I. Edwaed Tytler Stafford Howard, b. 24th May, 1860. 

II. Humphrey de Bohun Howard, b. 31st March, 1862. 

III. Berkeley Howard, b. 24th October, 1869. 

I. Anne Isabella. 

II. Mary Montgomerie. 

III. Edith Margaret. 


The immediate ancestor of this family 

Hugh Staeford, who m. first, 4th July, 
1746, Mary, daughter and heir of Edward 
Smith, Esq. of Maine, and by her had issue, 

I. Edward, his heir. 

II. William (Rev.), B.A., to. Hannah, 
widow of Brent Spencer, Esq. of 
Ballycastle, and d. s.p. 

III. Hugh, Lieutenant - General 
H.E.I.C.S., m. 1st, Thomasine, daugh- 
ter of Rev. H. Sullivan, of Clonakilty, 
CO, Cork, and by her had issue, 

1. John, Major-General in H.M.'s 
service, m. Frances, daughter of 

Francis Whalley, of Winscombe 
Court and Norton Hall, Somerset, 
and Hinton House, Hants, and 
by her (who d. December, 1847) 
left issue at his decease, February, 

William Joseph Fitzmaurice, 
of Mount Edgcumbe, Surrey, 
C,B,, major-general Bengal 
Staff Corps (retired), m. 
1852, Emily Mary, daughter 
of Major Gavin Young, 
judge-advocate-general of the 
Bengal army and by her has 



William Francis Howard, 
captain R.E., h. 19tli 
December, 1854, 
Henry Lawi'«nce Caulfield 
Howard, lieutenant, 

R.E., b. 20th May, 1859. 
Edmund Boyle Whalley 
Howard, 5. 16th October, 
Florence Howard. 
Thomas Sedgwick, d. 1853, 

John Francis, major-general 
Bengal Staff Corps (retired). 
Charles Stewart, d. young. 
Boyle Torriano, colonel Bengal 
Staff Corps, ni. 1874, daugh- 
ter of S. Newington, Esq., 
M,D., of Kidgeway, Sussex. 
Thomasine, m. M. Vadnalle, 

and has a daughter. 

Anna, d. young. 
2. Edward, major 31st Regiment, 
d. August, 1826, unm. 

1. Eliza. 

2. Harriet, m. Colonel Baton, of 
Drayton Hall, Norfolk, and had 
one son and one daughter. 

3. Letitia, m. Major-Greneral Caul- 
feild, C.B., son of Venerable John 
Caulfeild, Archdeacon of Kil- 
more, of Benown, co. Westmeath, 
and d, August, 1826, leaving four 

4. Frances, in. H. S. Mercer, Esq. of 
Edinburgh, and d. s.p. 

5. Emily, m. 1st, John Forbes Baton, 
Esq., captain Bengal Engineers, 
by whom she had three sons and 
one daughter, and secondly, John 
Brown, Esq. of co. Roscommon, 
by whom she had one son. 

General Hugh Stafford m. secondly, 
Harriet, only child of Lieutenant- 
Colonel Spencer, and by her had issue, 
one son and three daughterii, who all 
d. s.p. He d. January, 1819. 

Hugh Stafford m. secondly, Catherine, 
daughter of H. Gumming, Esq., of Killowen, 
CO. Down, but by her had no issue. He d. 
1783, and was s. by his eldest son, 

Edwabd Stafford, colonel in the army, 
high sheriff co. Louth, 1795, b. 1747, m. first, 
Frances, daughter of Francis Palmer, Esq. of 
Palmerstown, co. Mayo, and of Rush, co. 
Dublin, but by her had no issue. He m. 
secondly, Mary, third daughter of Robert 

Agnew, Esq. of Howlish, co. Durham, 
grandson of Sir James Agnew, Bart., by his 
wife, Lady Mary Montgomerie, daughter of 
Alexander, eighth Earl of Eglinton, and by 
her had issue, 

r. Edward Norton, b. and d. 1793. 
II. Bebkeiet Buckingham, his heir. 

I. Augusta Buckingham, d. 1S07. 

II. Clementina Louisa, d. 1872. 

III. Thomasine Palmer, ni. Rev. John 
Hermin Stafford, incumbent of St. 
Paul's, Liverpool, and d. 1834, leaving 

IT, Frances, m. 19th January, 1820, Rev, 
Patrick Brewster, and d. 7th June, 
1831, leaving issue. 

Colonel Edward Stafford, d. 1802, and was 
s. by his son, 

Beekelet Buckingham Stafford, of 
Maine, eo. Louth, high sheriff' co. Louth, 1828, 
b. 25th March, 1797, m. 3rd July, 1818, Anne, 
third daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick 
Duff Tytler, by Isabella Erskine his wife, 
daughter of the Hon. James Erskine, of Alva, 
senator of the College of Justice, and by her 
had issvie, 

I, Edward William (Sir), G-,C.M.G., 
his heir. 

II, Berkeley Buckingham de Bohun 
(Rev.), b. 28rd August, 1822. 

III, Hugh Henry Tytler de Toeni, b. 19th 
April, 1824, m, January, 1860, Caro- 
line, daughter of William Wood, Esq., 
and has issue, 

1. William, b. October, 1860. 

2. Berkeley Buckingham. 

3. Hugh Henry Archibald, 

1. Isabella Erskine, 

2, Emily Margaret, 

iv. Patrick Plunkett Leslie, colonel 
Madras Staff Corps (retired), b. 13th 
July, 1826. 

I. Isabella Erskine, 

]i. Mary Montgomerie. 

Berkeley Buckingham Stafford d. August, 
1847, and was s. by his eldest son, Sie Ed- 
ward William Staffoed, G-.C.M.G-., now 
of Landsdowue. 

Arms used — Or a chevron gn. Crest— Out 
of a ducal coronet per pale gii. and sa., a 
demi swan ruing, wings elevated and displayed 
arg. beaked gu. Mottoes — Stat nominis um- 
bra ; over the crest. Garde lafoy. 

Residences — Landsdowne, Christchui'ch, 
New Zealand ; Maine, co. Louth : and 19, 
Eaton-square, London. 

©til of a^unnj^mtUe anU ©rernijale. 

r^. ILL, JAMES BRUCE, Esq. of Runnymede, Casterton, co. Normanby, 
vJ Victoria, and Greenvale, Dalrymple, North Kennedy District, Queens- 
laud, Australia; b. 1.5th March, 1849, at Aberdeen, Scotland, went to 



Queensland in 1867 ; m. 15th July, 1885, at Christ Church, Warrnambool, 
Victoria, Ruth, eldest daughter of Lieut. -Gen. James Farrell Pennycuick, 
R.A., C.B., of 22, Linden-road, Bedford, England, and of the Junior United 
Service Club, London ; formerly Laird of Soilzarie and Logic, co. Perth, 
Scotland, reputed head of the ancient family of Pennycuick, of that ilk, co. 
Edinburgh, by Jane Martha, his wife, eldest daughter of William Rutledge, 
Esq. of Farnham Park, Warrnambool, cos. Villiers and Heytesbury, Victoria, 
J. P., member of the Legislative Assembly, and one of the earliest and best 
known of the pioneers of the Colony of Victoria (see Rutledge of 


According to tradition the ancestors of the 
Aberdeenshire family of Gill came originally 
from Cumberland (where, at a very early 
period, they owned lands, amongst others the 
bai'ony of G-illsland) into Scotland. Certain 
it is that the surname is of great antiquity in 
both countries. 

In 1296, Patrick del Gryle is amongst the 
gentlemen of Peeblesshire who sign the Rag- 
man Koll (see " Chambers' Peeblesshire," p. 
65). This prefix " del " was not uncommon 
at that period. The above Patrick Gill, as 
well as some others of the surname, appear 
in various of the Scotch counties as people of 
some position. 

It ha3 been the constant family tradition 
that tbis family is directly descended from a 
John Gill, wlio was Provost of Perth early in 
the 15th century. The various records of 
Perth show that the family had then been 
very floru-ishing, and besides owning the lands 
of Haltoun and Torsopy, in the county of 
Perth (John Gill, lord of Torsopy, appears 
as witness to a charter, signed at Edin- 
burgh, 11th February, 1366), held such 
positions of trust and distinction as proved 
them lo be worthy men. 

John Gill, of Haltoun, was burgess, baillie, 
and afterwards, 1403, provost of Perth. 
Another John Gill, burgess of Perth (prob- 
ably father of the former) is mentioned fre- 
quently in the town records from 1328 
downwards. John Gill, burgess of Perth, 
and M.P. for that town, 1364, 1367, 1369 
and 1373, together with the old family of the 
Mercers, of Aldie, takes a prominent part, at 
this pei-iod, in the management of public 
affairs, and in 1406 — 7 proceeds to Paris with 
Sir Walter Stewart of Ralston, and others, 
to renew the league between Scotland and 
France. He is mentioned as deceased be- 
tween 10th June, 1-118, and 27th July, 1420. 
In 1410, John Gill (probably a son of the 
last-mentioned John Gill) was one of the 
three first lecturers on philosophy and logic in 
St. Andrew's University, under bishop Henry 
Wardlaw, the pious founder of that seat of 
learning. The family, much reduced in cir- 
cumstances, appear in the records of Perth- 
shire as late as 1648. 

The Aberdeenshire branch are believed to 
iiave left Perthshire, and to have settled in 

Aberdeenshire, in the early half of the 16th 
century. Most probably they had done so 
to escape some of the constant feuds only too 
common at that period, but owing to the 
very defective state of the registers and re- 
cords generally (the Aberdeen and Banff 
wills were unfortunately nearly all destroyed 
by &re previous to 1721), the connection of 
this family with their more southern jjro- 
genitors cannot well be traced. 

Alexanbeb Gill, b. about 1550, who 
settled at Auchlyne, in the parish of Aberdour, 
in the Buchan district of Aberdeenshire, 
m. Barbara Findlay, and was dead before 18th 
March, 1618. Their son, 

RoBEBT Gill, of Auchlyne, appears as 
living there in 1618 and 1655, m. and had 
two sons, 

I. George, 

II. Patrick, of Ailhouseburne, co. Banff, 
m. and had a daughter, Issobell, bap- 
tised 2nd April, 1653. 

The elder son, 

George Gill, who removed to Warie- 
lip, in the adjoining parish of Boyndie, 
and county of Banff, where, according to a 
curious old raised-lettered tombstone, he 
"departed this lyf" 3rd April, 1689, m. 
M. C. (initials on tombstone ; Cumming may 
have been the maiden name of Mrs. Gill, as 
a family of this surname are interred in an 
adjoining grave). Many members of the 
Gill family were interred at Boyndie, 
although there are only two tombstones there. 
Issue, two sons, 

I. Alexander. 

II. Patrick or Peter, b. about 1680, re- 
sident for many years at Fingask, 
Fraserburgh ; m. 1st, Barbara Spence 
(b. 1682, d. 1757), and had a large 
family, who all d. young, with the 
exception of one daughter, Barbara, 
m. 1st, Capt. Alexander Catto ; and 
2ndly, Alexander Walker, shipmaster, 
of Fraserburgh. Patrick Gill m. 
2ndly, Barbara Sim, but by her had 
no issue. By his will, dated 16th 
March, 1763, he leaves the bulk of 
his property to his grandchild " Pat- 
rick Catto, and his heirs male or fe- 
male, procreat of his body ; failing, to 



his sister, Isabel C'atto, and her heirs : 
which failing, to Alexander Walker, 
grandchild in the second marriage 
with my daughter, &c." Patrick 
Grill is said to have died when 101 
years old. 

The elder son, 

Alexander Gill, h. about 1679, farmed 
first in the Pitsligo district, was a great 
agriculturist, and removed to one of the 
finest farms in Buchan, viz.. Mains of Pit- 
fuer (Pitfour), in tlie parish of Old Deer; 
m. Barbara {b. 1676, d. 1742), daughter of 
James Urquhart, merchant in and baron 
baillie of Fraserburgh (of the Urquharts 
OF Meldrttm), by his first wife, Christian 
Adamson. Alexander Gill, d. 18th June, 
1731, and was interred at Pitsligo, leaving 
issue, two sons, 

I. Alexander, captain of a merchant- 
man, m. Isobel Catto, and had issue, 
three daughters, Barbara, Isobel, and 
Christian, who all d. young. 

II. George, b. 1704. 

The second son, 

GEORaE Gill, shipmaster, of Fraser- 
burgh, b. 1704 (a strong Jacobite and Epis- 
copalian) ; m. Christian Catto, and d. 17th 
September, 1741, leaving issue, three sons 
and one daughter, viz., 

I. Patrick, of him again. 

II. Alexander, baptised 21st April, 1736 ; 
m. twice. Issue of first marriage now 
extinct. His second' wife was Helen, 
daughter of Charles Shand, Esq. of 
Gellyhill, parish of Gamrie, nephew 
of James Shand, Esq., Provost of 
Banff, 1729—32, progenitor of the 
Shands of Craigellie, in Aberdeenshii-e, 
and of the Burn and Arnliall, in Kin- 
cardineshire ; she d. 1789. Her hus- 
band, who predeceased her, was buried 
at Boyndie. 

Their eldest son, 

James Gill, a captain in the mer- 
chant service, m. Catherine, daugh- 
ter of John Simpson, Esq. of 
Meikle Hilton, parish of Turriff, 
and was wrecked off Rattray 
Head, near Peterhead, where he 
perished with all his crew, 12th 
April, 1811. Their son, the late 
Charles Bowman Gill, Esq., M.D. 
(St. Andrew's TJniversity), in. 
20th June, 1 844, Charlotte Gellie, 
and d. 26th July, 1863, leaving 
issue, two sons, 

1 James Gill. 

2 George Gellie Gill. 

III. George, baptised 8th July, 1740. 

I. Christian, baptised 11th June, 1738; 
d. unm. 24th June, 1808. 

The eldest son, 

Patrick Gill, a captain in the mer- 
chant service, trading mostly between Banff 
and Holland. He was a keen Jacobite, 
and helped several of his friends, who were 

adherents of the Stuarts, to go and come from 
Holland. He perished at sea with all his 
crew between the years 1760 — 1770. Captain 
Gill in. Anne, sister of James Clark, Esq. of 
Linksfleld, co. Banff (who m. 1752, Mar- 
garet, sister of John Shand, Esq. of the 
Burn and Arnhall), and daughter of Captain 
Alexander Clerk or Chirk, by his wife, Curis- 
tian Gordon, descended, it has always been 
stated, from the old Aberdeenshire family of 
Gordon of Lesmoir, and had issue, one son 
and three daughters, viz., 

I. Patrick. 

I. Margaret, baptised 14th October, 
1753 ; d. unm. 

II. Anne, d. unm. 

III. Sophia, TO. 1783, Alexander Dutf, 
Esq. of London, and had two sons, 

1 Alexander Duff, d. young, nnm. 

2 John Duff, settled in America, 
who, by his wife, Margaret Stuart , 
had, with a son, Alexander, d. 
unm., two daughters, 

1. Jane Duff, m. Duncan Mae- 
kay, Esq., lately Mayor «( 
Brantford, Canada West, and 
had issue. 

3. Margaret Duff, m. Captain 
Ritchie, son of Peter Ritcliie, 
Esq. of Aberdeen, merchant 
and shipowner ; no issue. 

Patrick Gill, Esq. of Aberdeen, h. 1757 ; 
m. 23rd June, 1782 ; Margaret (who d. 11th 
December, 1828) , daughter and eventually sole 
heiress of David Anderson, Esq., planter, of 
Kingston, in the island of Jamaica, of the 
same'family as David Anderson, of Finshaugh, 
Aberdeenshire, an eminent mathematician 
(who d. 1629), and had issue, four sous ami 
four daughters, viz., 

I. Patrick, h. 1783, d. an infant. 

II. Patrick, b. 1786, d. an infant. 

III. David, of whom hereafter. 

IV. John, b. 1794, d. 1799—1800. 

I. Mary, of Aberdeen, b. 1784, d. unm., 


II. Margaret, h. 1787, d. young, unm. 

III. Sophia, b. 1791, d. unm. 26th Sep- 
tember, 1828. 

IV. Marjory, b. 1792, d. unm., 2nd August, 

Mr. Gill d. 26th January, 1850 (having en- 
tered his 94th year) ; his only surviving son 
and heir, 

Datid Gill, Esq. of Blairythan, Aber- 
deenshire, b. 26th May, 1789, who bought 
the properties of Blairythan and Savock, in 
the parish of Foveran, AberdcenshLre, was a 
commissioner of supply, and, for nearly 
sixty years, a magistrate for the county ; also 
for some time an officer in the Aberdeenshire 
militia. He m. 20th November, 1838, Ma--- 
garet {b. at Savock, 8th March, 1809, d. 
ISth December, 1870), daughter of Gilbert 
Mitchell, Esq. of Savock, (baptised there 1st 
April, 1774) and Margaret Bruce his wife, 
sister of James Bruce, Esq. (see Moir-Byres 
OP ToNLEY, in Burke's Landed Genlrif), of 



laverquhomery and Longside, co. Aberdeen, 
J.P. and commissioner of supply for Aber- 
deenshire, and had issue. Mr. Grill, who had 
nearly completed his eighty-ninth year, d. at 
Aberdeen, 6th April, 1878, having had issue 
by his wife Margaret Mitchell, besides two 
sons, Patrick and David, who d. infants, four 
sons and one daughter, viz., 

I. David, now of Blairythan, co. Aberdeen, 
LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., J.P., h. 12th 
June, 1843 ; m. 7th July, 1870, Isobel 
Sarah (authoress of Six Months in 
Ascension, &c,), second daughter of 
the late John Black, Esq. Dr. G-ill, who 
■was educated at Marischal College, 
and the University of Aberdeen, has 
been Astronomer Royal at the Cape 
of Good Hope, from February, 1879 ; 
is a knight commander of the Order 
of the Medjidie, and author of A De- 
termination of the Solar Parallax, &c. 

II. Patrick Gilbert, of Niall, Wandoo 
Vale, and Christmas Creek Stations, 
North Kennedy district, Queensland, 
and of Monomeith, near Cranbourne, 
Victoria, a J.P. for the colonies of 
Victoria and Queensland, h. 15th 
October, 1845 ; baptised 26th Novem- 
ber following ; educated at the Uni- 
versity of Aberdeen ; was one of the 
earliest of the North Queensland 
settlers, having settled there in 1864. 
He d. unm. at Melbourne, 21st June, 
1886, and is interred in the Melbourne 
Cemetery, where there is a tombstone 
erected to his memory. 

III. Andrew John Mitchell-, of Savock 
Culteroullen, Aberdeenshire, Auchin- 
roath, Rothes, co. Elgin, N.B., and 
of the Isthmian Club, London, F.A.S. 
(Scotland), author of The Houses of 
Moir and Byres, b. 1st August, 1847 ; 
educated at the University of Aber- 
deen, and R.A. College, Cirencester, 
CO. Gloucester {s. 1878) ; is a J.P. and 
commissioner of supply for co. Aber- 
deen. This gentleman has assumed 
the additional surname of Mitchell. 

IV. James BurcE, now of Runnymede 
and Greenvale. 

I. Margaret, in. 17tli January, 1882, the 
Rev. Henry Powell, M.A. (Clare, 
Cambridge), rector and patron of 
Stanningfield, Bury St. Edmunds, co. 
Suffolk, and of the United University 
Club, London, and has issue, three sons, 
all b. at Stanningfield rectory, viz., 1, 
Henry Mitchell Powell, b. 21st May, 
1883; 2, Frederick Gill Powell, b. 
19th August, 1881; and 3, Gilbert 
David Bruce Powell, b. 15th August, 

Arms — Lozengy arg. and vert, on a chief 
gu. three martlets of the first. Crest — A 
demi eagle rising ppr. Mottoes — Sursum 
prorsusque, above the crest ; and, below the 
shield, In te Domine spes nostra. 

Residences and TSstates — Runnymede, Cas- 
terton, co. Normanby, Victoria ; and Green- 
vale, Dalrymple, North Kennedy District, 
Queensland, Australia. 

Club — Melbourne. 


BLYTH, HON. SIR ARTHUR, K.C.M.G., C.B., F.R.G.S., of Avenue 
Villa, Campden House-road, Kensington, co. Middlesex, England, Agent- 
General for the colony of South Australia, h. in Birmingham, co. Warwick, 
19th March, 1823 ; m. 5th March, 1850, Jessie Ann, fourth daughter of the 
late Edward Forrest, Esq. of Birmingham, by Eliza, his wife, and has issue, 
I. John James, m. 1873, Elizabeth Hawker, and has two sons and three 

I. Eliza Sarah Emily, imm. 

U. Prances Eleanor, in. 1877, William Briggs Sells, Esq. of South 
Australia, and has two sons and two daughters. 
Sir Arthur Blyth was educated at King Edward's Grammar School, 
Birmingham ; emigrated to South Australia with his family, and arrived at 
Adelaide in 1839. He has been five times treasurer, twice commissioner of 
crown lands, twice commissioner of public works, and twice chief 
secretary and premier of South Australia, all which offices he held between 
1857 and 1876 ; appointed agent-general for South Australia, 16th February, 
1877 ; royal commissioner for the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1886, and 
executive commissioner for South Australia ; delegate to Colonial Conference, 
1887 ; created K.C.M.G. 1877, and C.B. 1886. 




William Bltth, Esq. of Birmingham, 
ro. Warwick, son of Robeet Blyth, Esq. 
(who d. 1836), by Anne Brittain, his wife 
(who d. 1816), m. 1818, Sarah, daughter of 
the Rev. William Wilkins, of Bourton-on- 
the-Water, Gloucestershire, and by her (who 
d. November, 1861) had issue, 

I. William Wilkins, b. 1819 ; m. Belinda 
Dransford, and has one son and four 

II. Howard, h. 1821 ; to. his cousin, 
Hannah Blytli, and has two sons and 
one daughter. 

Ill Aethur (Sie), K.C.M.G., C.B., 
F.R.G-.S., agent-general for South 

IV. Neville, b. 1825, many years a mer- 
chant in Adelaide, colonial treasurer 
in the Hart Administration of 1868, 
and minister of education in the 
Boucaut Ministry of 1877 ; m. Julia 
Barns, and d. s.p. at the Rowans, 
Sutton, CO. Surrey, 15th February, 
1890, aged 65. 
William Blyth d. June, 1855. 
Arms used — Erm. three roebucks trippant 
fpr. Crest — A roebuck's head erased gu. 
attired or. gorged with a chaplet vert. 

Residences — A venue Villa, Campden House- 
road, Kensington, W., and 8, Victoria-cham- 
bers, Westminster, S.W. 

Clubs — St. Stephen's and St. George's. 

GREENE, MOLESWORTH RICHARD, Esq. of Greystones, Bacchus 
Marsh, Victoria, Australia, J. P., h. in South Frederick-street, Dublin, 
14th January, 1827, m. at Woodlands, Victoria, Australia, 27th July, 1854, 
Emma, daughter of Sylvester Browne, Esq. of Hartlands, Victoria, by Eliza 
Angell Alexander, hi.s wife, and has issue, 

I. William Pomeroy, h. 7th May, 1866. 

I. Corientia Marj% h. 19th November, 1856. 

II. Constance Angel, h. 23rd December, 1862. 


William Geeene, Esq., E.I.C.S., settled 
in England on his return from India, and 
held office at the Court of King Geoegb III, 
being granted apartments in Hampton Court 
Palace, where he resided till his death. He 
TO. Miss Mary Yorke, of the family of the 
Earl of Hardwicke, and had issue, 

I. WiLLiA.M Pomeeoy, of whom pre- 

II. Rawdon (Rev.), vicar of Sandgate, 
CO. Kent, En-gland, to., iirst. Miss 
Mahon ; secondly. Miss Coddington ; 
and, thirdly. Miss Verschoyle. 

III. Francis, of Australia, to. Miss 
Elizabeth Edwardes. 

I. Mary, to. Rev. John Hardy. 

William Pomeeot Geeene, Esq. of 
Collen House, Coilen, co. Louth, Ireland, and 
afterwards of Woodlands, Victoria, Australia, 
entered the Royal Navy, 1st March, 1810, 
then aged 13 years, was on board one of the 
ships stationed at St. Helena to guard 
Napoleon, served under Lord Exmouth at 
the taking of Algiers, and retired as first 
lieutenant, having see)] much active service, 
including the first Burmese War. He to. at 
StUlorgan, co. Dublin, 1826, Anne, daughter 

of Richard Griffith, Esq. (who, in early life, 
went to the East Indies, whence returning, 
he settled at Millicent, co. Kildare, in the 
year 1786, became deputy-governor of that 
county, and represented the borough of 
Askeaton for some years in the Irish Parlia- 
ment. He was subsequently presented with 
the freedom of the city of Dubhn, by the 
unanimous vote of the corporation, for his 
spirited defence of their rights and privileges 
in Parliament), by Mary, his second wife, 
daughter of the Right Hon. Walter Hussey 
Burgh, of Donore, co. Kildare, Chief Baron 
of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer in 
Ireland, and M.P. for Dublin University, by 
Anne, his wife, daughter of Thomas Burgh, 
Esq. of Bei't, co. Kildare, and sister of 
Viscountess Ferrard and of Thomas Burgh, 
whose son was the second and last Lord 
Downes. Mrs. Anne Greene (who was b. 
September, 1795, and d. 1865) was also sister 
of Sir Richard Griffith, Bart, (see Burke's 
Peerage). Mr. William Pomeroy Greene 
d. in the autumn of 1846, having had 

I. MoLESWOETH RiCHAKD, of whom we 

II. Rawdon Foster, J.. 2nd August, 1829, 



m. Eose, daughter of Dr. Mackay, 
and A. 1871, leaving issue, one son, 
George Mackay, and three daughters. 

III. WUliam Frederick, h. 22nd October, 
1831, d. unm. 1862. 

IT. Richard Griffith, h. 22nd September, 
1835, d. unm. 1850. 

V. George Henry, h. 20th July, 1838, 
m. EHzabeth, daughter of Colonel 
Crawford, and has issue, 1 William 
Pomeroy ; 1 Elsie \ 2 Georgiana, and 
another davighter. 

VI. Charles Philip (Rev ), of the Rectory, 
Cromwell-road, Clapham, co. Surrey ; 
rector of Clapham, b. 2nd October, 
1840, nnm. 

I. Mary Frances Elizabeth, m. January, 
1856, Sir William Foster Stawell, 
K.C.M.G., of D'Estaville, Kew, Mel- 

bourne, ex-Chief Justice of the col'.uy 
of Victoria, second son of Jonas 
Stawell, Esq. of Old Court, co. Cork, 
Ireland, by Anna, his wife, second 
daughter of the Right Rev. William 
Foster, D.D., Bishop of Clogher, 
Ireland (see Foster of Thubnby) ; 
and had issue, 1 Jonas Molesworth ; 
2 William ; 3 Charles Leslie ; 
4 George Cooper ; 5 Richard Raw- 
don ; 6 Rodolph de Salis ; 1 Anne 
Catherine ; 2 Mary Letitia ; 3 Henri- 
etta ; 4 Melian. 

Arms used — Vert, three hucTcs trippant, or. 
Crest — Ozit of a ducal coronet a stages head, 
or. Motto — Nee fimeo nee spertio. 

Residence — Greystones, Bacchiis Marsh, 
Victoria, Australia. 

^tepl)tn of ^ptinep. 

STEPHEN, HON. SIR ALFEED, G.C.M.G., C.B., of Dynevor-terrace, 
College-street, Sydney, New South Wales, Lieutenant-Governor of New 
South Wales since 1875, I. in St. Christopher's, West Indies, 20th August, 
1802; m., first, 22nd June, 1824, Virginia (who d. 23rd January, 1837), 
daughter of Matthew Consett, Esq., merchant, of London; and, secondly, 
1838, Eleanor, daughter of the Rev. William Bedford, D.D., senior chaplain 
of Tasmania. This lady d. July, 1886. Sir Alfred Stephen has had issue, 

I. Alfred Hamilton Hewlett (Rev. Canon), h. at Hohart, Tasmania, 1826 ; 

educated at Sydney College, and subsequently at Cambridge ; 
ordained in 1848, returning shortly afterwards to Sydney; appointed 
to Christ Church in 1850, and in 1855 to St. Paul's, Redfern. In 
1869, he was made a Canon of St. Andrew's Cathedral, and was 
sometime Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Randwick 
Institute. Canon Stephen m. 1852, Rebecca Maria, second daughter 
of the late George Cox, Esq. of Winbourn, Mulgoa, near Sydney, 
New South Wales (see Cox op Winbouen), by Elizabeth, his wife, 
daughter of Archibald Bell, Esq. of Belmont, ensign in the 
102nd Regiment; and d., having had six children, five of whom 

II. Matthew Henry (Hon.), Q.C., of Glen Ayr, Glenmore-road, Sydney, 

judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, h. 5th 
December, 1828; m. 30th September, 1854, Caroline Sibella, 
daughter of Henry Tudor Shadforth, Esq. (late Usher of the Black 
Rod, Legislative Council, Sydney), by Marianne Stephen, his wife, 
and has a daughter, Caroline Alice Lina, m. at Sydney, New South 
Wales, 2nd July, 1885, Francis George Villeneuve Smith, Esq., only 
surviving son of Sir Francis Villeneuve Smith, Knight, of 19, 
Harrington-gardens, South Kensington, co. Middlesex, England, 
late Chief Justice Supreme Court, Tasmania, by Sai'ah, his wife, 
only child of Rev. George Giles, LL.D. 



in. Montagu Consett, m. Emily Smith, and d. 1872, leaving issuo. 

IV. Edward Milner, m. Florence Smith, and has issue. 

V. William Wilberforoe, unm. 

VI. Cecil Bedford, m. Alice Tooth, and has issue. 

VII. Septimus Alfred (Hon.) of Sydney, New South Wales, member of 
the Legislative Council of New South. Wales, h. 8th May, 1842 ; 
m. 31st December, 1864, Lucy, daughter of Robert Campbell, Esq., 
sometime colonial treasurer of New South Wales, and has issue, 

1 Robert Campbell, of the 14th Hussars, 6. 20th. December, 


2 Colin Campbell, h. 3rd May, 1872. 

3 Mevvyn Campbell, h. 28th April, 1876. 

4 Noel Campbell, h. 26th May, 1878. 

6 Humfrey Campbell, h. 28th April, 1882. 

1 Fanny Ethel Campbell. 

2 Annie Sophia Campbell. 

vtii. Ernest Farish, m. Mary Taylor, and has issue. 

I. Clara Virginia, m. Alfred Hewlett, Esq., who d. leaving issue. 

It. Jessie Maria, m. George Leslie, Esq., and has issue. 

III. Eleanor, deceased. 

IV. Sarah Consett, iinm. 

V. Alice Mary, unm. 

VI. Agnes, m. Percy Bedford, Esq. 

VII. Mary Anne, m. Montagu Severn, Esq. 

The Hon. Sir Alfred Stephen was educated at the Charterhouse School, 
London, and afterwards at the Grammar School, Honiton, Devonshire. He 
went with, his father to the West Indies in 1815, and afterwards returned to 
England; called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, November, 1823; emigrated 
to Tasmania in 1824; and in April, 1825, was appointed solicitor-general 
of tbat colony ; attorney-general of Tasmania, 1832 to 1838 ; judge. New 
South Wales, April, 1839; president of the Legislative Council, 1856 — 57; 
chief justice, 1844—73, and lieutenant-governor, November, 1875 ; adminis- 
tered the Government from February to June, 1872; again from March to 
August, 1879 ; and, thirdly, from 11th November to 12th December, 1885 ; 
and was appointed to a seat in the Legislative Council of New South 
Wales, March, 1875, which seat he resigned March, 1879. He has been for 
many years a member of the Council of Education ; knighted August, 1846 ; 
created a C.B. in 1862, K.C.M.G. 1874, and G.C.M.G. 1884. 


James Stephen, of Ardendraught, parish of 
Cruden, Aberdeenshire, b. in 1670, had issue, 

I. James, of whom presently. 

II. John, b. 1702, m. Janet Forbes, and 
was father of 

George, b. 1739, who, by Elizabeth 
Kobb, his wife, had a son, 

Q-eorge, b. 1776, m. Anne 
Burney, and had issue, 

1 Greorge Alexander, m. 
Elizabeth Johnston, and 

has four children, one of 
them being Reginald 
(Rev.), of Christchurch, 
St. Eilda, Victoria. 

2 Oscar Leslie, m. Isabella 
Birkmyre, and has two 
children, the yoanger of 
whom is Alexander 
Condie, C.B., C.M.G. 

.3 -Ufred. 

1 Anne, m. 9th Feb., 1S36, 



Rev. Sir William Dun- 
bar, Bart., rector of 
Dummer, Hants, Eng- 
land, and by him (who 
was b. 16th May, 1804, 
and d. 27th November, 
1881) had issue (see 
Burke's Peerage and 

2 Elizabeth, m. James 
Young, Esq. 

3 Ellen, m. Joshua Dy- 
mock, Esq. 

The elder son, 

James Stephen, Esq., b. 1700, m. Mary 
Brown, and d. in 1770, at Nantill, near 
Aberdeen, Scotland, leaving a son, 

Jambs Stephen, Esq., b. 173.3, m. Sibella 
Milner, and had, amongst other issue, 

William, M.D., from whom are descended 
Major J. Grant Stephen, and (through 
Mary, his daughter, m. to Ven. Arch- 
deacon Hodson, of Cambridge) Major 
Hodson of " Hodson's Horse " or 
" Corps of Gruides " celebrity. 

James, sometime M.P. for Tralee, and 
afterwards for East Grrinstead, co. 
Sussex, and for twenty years a master 
in chancery, from wliom descend, 
Henry John Stephen, author of T/ik 
Commentaries ; Right Hon. Sir 
James Stephen, K.C.B., P.C., formerly 
under secretary of state for the 
Colonies, and professor of modern 
history at Cambridge (who m. Jane 
Catherine, daughter of the Rev. John 
Venn, rector of Clapham, co. Surrey, 
and, dying in 1859, was father of Sir 
James Fitzjames Stephen, K.C.S.I, 
(1877), Q.d, D.C.L., of Anaverua, 
Ravensdale, co. Louth, Ireland, 32, 
De Vere-gardens, Kensington, and of 
the Athenseum and Oxford and Cam- 
bridge Clubs, London, one of the 
judges of the Exchequer Division of 
tlie High Court of Justice, b. 3rd 
March, 1829; educated at Eton; M.A. 
of Trinity College, Cambridge ; called 
to the bar at the Inner Temple, 24th 
January, 1854 ; recorder of Newark- 
on-Trent, 1859—69; Q.C., and a 
bencher of the Inner Temjale, 1868 ; 
member of the Council of the Viceroy 
of India, 1869 — 72 ; professor of 
common law at the Inns of Covirt, 
1875; member of Fugitive Slave 
Commission, Copyright Law Com- 
mission, Extradition of Convicts Com- 
mission, and secretary to Education 
Commission, 1858 — 61 ; appointed 
one of the judges of the Exchequer 
in January, 1879, on the retirement 
of Baron Cleasby ; and treasurer of 
the Inner Temple, 1886—87. He m. 
19th April, 1855, Mary Richards, 
eldest daughter of the Rev. James 
William Cunningham, vicar of Har- 
row-on-the-IIill, by Mary, his wife, 
eldest daughter of the late General 

Sir Harry Calvert, Bart.) ; George 
(Sir) Knight, Q.C., sometime D.L. 
for CO. Bucks (b. 1794 ; educated 
at Magdalene College, Cambridge ; 
knighted in 1837, in recognition of 
his services in the cause of negro 
emancipation ; called to the bar, 
June, 1849 ; and in 1855 emigrated to 
Melbourne (whither two of his sons 
had preceded him in 1852) ; was 
elected first president of the Mel- 
bourne chess club, which was founded 
in August, 1866, and in that year he 
acted for a short time as commissioner 
of insolvent estates at Geelong ; m. 
1821, Henrietta, eldest daughter of 
William Ravenscroft, Esq. of co. 
Antrim, and d. at Brighton, 1878, 
having had, amongst numerous other 
issue, James Wilberforce (Hon.), 
who was b. in London, 1822 ; educated 
at St. John's College, Cambridge, 
where he gradviated fourth wrangler 
in 1846, and shortly afterwards M.A. ; 
called to the bar in 1848, and sub- 
sequently emigrated to Victoria (1854) ; 
elected member of the Legislative 
Assembly for St. Kilda in 1871, and 
became attorney-general ; and in 
1872 was made a judge of the 
Supreme Court of Victoria ; Sibella, 
m. Mr. Garratt ; and Nancy, m. Mr. 
Dicey. James Stephen m., secondly, 
Mrs. Clarke, widow of a clergyman, 
and sister of the celebrated Wilber- 
John (Hon.), of whom presently. 
Sibella, m. Maxwell Morison, Esq. of 
Edinburgh, advocate, from whom is 
descended the Vernon family, Sibella 
Morison having m. the Rev. James 
Vernon, chaplain of St. Helena. 
Hon. John Stephen, a judge of Supreme 
Court, New South Wales, formerly solicitor- 
general of the Leeward Islands, b. 1770, m. 
Mary Anne Passmore (who d. 1st January, 
1863), and d. in Sydney, 21st December, 1833, 
having had issue, 

I. Sidney, from whom are descended the 
late James Sidney Stephen, Francis 
Stephen, of Melbourne, and Annie, 
m. Mr. Carre-Riddell. 

II. John. 

III. Alfred (Hon. Sir), G.C.M.G., 
C.B., lieutenant-governor of New 
South Wales. 

IV. Francis. 

V. George Milner. 

I. Sibella, m. Mr. Robison. 

II. Mary Anne, m. Mr. Shadforth. 

III. Clara, m. Mr. Hardy. 

Arms — Arg. on a chev. between two 
crescents in chief and a dexter hand couped 
at the wrist and erect in base gu. two mullets 
of the fii'st. Crest — An eagle displ. with 
two heads sa. beaked and legged, or. Motto 
— Virtus ubique. 

Residence — Pynevor - terrace, College - 
street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 



near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, member of the Legislative 
Council of Queensland (appointed 1882), was b. at Pamsfield, co. Nottingham, 
1st August, 1819; arrived in Western Australia, 1829, and in 1841 entered 
the Civil Service of that Colony, where he was engaged in surveys and 
explorations until 1854, in which year he was sent to conduct the exploration 
of Northern Australia, started by the Imperial Government ; went to Queens- 
land in 1855, and in 1859 became surveyor-general of that colony, from 
which post he retired 1st September, 1879. In 1858, he conducted an 
expedition in search of Leichhardt, and the same year received the gold 
medal of the Royal Geographical Society. He was appointed trustee of the 
Queensland Museum, 1876, and created C.M.G., 1875. The Hon. A. C. 
Gregory is unmarried. 


Thomas G-eegobt, Esq., sheriff of Not- 
tingham, temp. Chaeies I, had issue, 

I. Joshua, of whom presently. 

II. Joseph, ancestor of the Gregorys, of 
Lenton and Harlaxton, co. Lincoln, 

JosHtfA Geegoet, Esq., m. 1671, Mary 
Bretagne, and his eldest son was 

Joshua Geegoet, Esq., b. 1681, whose 
eldest son, 

Joshua Geegoet, Esq., m. 1705, Ann 
Millar. His eldest son, 

Joshua Geegoet, Esq., m. Margaret 
Craven, whose eldest son, 

Joshua Geegoet, Esq., ot. Ann Jackson, 
and had issue, 

I. Joshua, of whom presently. 

II. WiUiam Johnson, D.L. for co. 
Bucks, m. Sarah Jalland, and d. 1863 
s. p. in. 

Joshua Geegoet, Esq. of co. Nottingham, 
and subsequently of Western Australia, h. 
1790, m. 1813, Frances, sister of Charles 
Blissett Churchman, Esq., who d. unm. 1833, 
in Western Australia. This lady was h. in 
London, 1794, and d. at Perth, Western 
Australia, 1859. Mr. Gregory d. at Rain- 
worth, Western Australia, 1838, leaving, 

I. Augustus Chaeles (Hon.), C.M.G., 
of Rainworth. 

II. Francis Thomas (Hon.), F.R.G.S., of 
Harlaxton, near Toowoomba, and of 
Edingley, near Brisbane, Queensland, 
Australia, member of the Legislative 
Council of Queensland, h. at Farns- 
field, 19th October, 1821, m. at Ipswich, 
Queensland, 11th May, 1865, Marion 
Scott, daughter of the late Alexander 
Hume, Esq. of co. Middlesex (she was 

h. in London, 29th May, 1841), and 
had issue, 

1. Francis Augustus, h. 25th Octo- 
ber, 1867, d. 2nd January, 

2. Charles Leigh, h. Ist October, 

3. Francis Westbrook, I. 31st Octo- 
ber, 1869. 

4. Walter Churchman, J. 28th Jan- 
uary, 1871. 

5. Augustus Claude, h. 25th Novem- 
ber, 1872, d. 4th May, 1873. 

1. Marion Elizabeth Augusta, h. 6th 
February, and d. 11th October, 
The Hon. Francis Thomas Gregory was 
an old colonist, and was well known 
for his explorations of Western Aus- 
tralia, for which he received the 
founder's gold medal of the Royal 
Geographical Society. He arrived in 
Western Australia in 1829, and at the 
age of 20 entered the Civil Service of 
that colony ; appointed staif-surveyor 
in 1847, and in that capacity became 
known as an enterprising and success- 
ful explorer. The rivers Gascoyne, 
Lyons, and Murchison were discovered 
and named by him, and also the Ash- 
burton, De Grey, Fortescue, and other 
rivers in the north-west of Western 
Australia, which he discovered in 1861, 
when in command of an exploring 
expedition started by the Imperial 
Government. Mr. F. T. Gregory went 
to Queensland in 1862, was for some 
years commissioner of crown lands, 
and was called to the Legislative 
Council in 1874. He d. at Too- 
woomba, Queensland, 24th October, 
1888, aged 68. 



III. Henry Cliurchman, of Cheltenham, 
CO. Grloucester, England, b. 1823, m. 
1863, Mary Harris. 

Residence — Rainworth, near Brishano 
Q.ueensland, Australia. 

Club — Queensland, Brisbane. 

DUNCAN, JOHN JAMES, Esq. of Hughes Park, Watervale, Soutla 
Australia, J. P., member of the Legislative Assembly of South 
Australia from 1872 to 1877, and again from 1884 to 1890; h. 12th February, 
1845 ; m. first, 5th November, 1873, Jane Morison, daughter of Arthur 
Harvey, Esq. of Durban, South Africa, by Elizabeth Young, his wife, but by 
her (who d. 1st November, 1874) had no issue. He m. secondly, '27th August, 
1879, Jean Gordon, daughter of James Grant, Esq. of Lincoln's-inn-fields, 
London, by Mary Anne Todd, his wife, and by her has issue, 

I. John Grant, h. 1st September, 1882. 

II. Walter Gordon, I. 10th March, 1885. 

III. Keith Anstruther, h. 12th November, 1886. 
I. Mary Hughes, h. 8th January, 1881. 


John Duncan, Esq. of Wallaroo, Soutli 
Australia, son of James Dtjncan, Esq. of 
Anstruther, Fifeshire, Scotland, by Betsy 
Keay, his wife, m. I7th December, 1839, 
Joan, daughter of Thomas Hughes, Esq. of 
Pittenweem, Fifeshire, Scotland, by Eliza 
Anderson, his wife, and sister of Sir Walter 
Watson Hughes, knt. late of 48, Porchester- 
terrace, London, who was in early life a 
master in the mercantile marine, settled in 
South Australia, 1841, and was engaged largely 
in mining and pastoral pursuits. Sir W. W. 
Hughes developed the Wallaroo and Moonta 
copper mines, gave 20,000?. towards the 
establishment of the Adelaide University, 
contributed to the expenses of explorations in 
South Australia, and was a promoter of new 
industries. He received the lionour of 

knighthood, 1880, and d. Ist January, 1887. 
Mrs. Joan Duncan d. 9th December, 1856, 
having had issue, 

I. Walter Hughes, m. Alice E. Good, but 
has no issue. 

II. John James, now of Hughes Park. 

I. Eliza Eobina, m. John Gordon, Esq., 
and has issue one son and four 

II. Sophia Richman, m. T. J. Hanley, 

Mr. John Duncan m. a second time, and d. 
19th April, 1880, having had, by his second 
wife, two sons and two daughters. 

Crest used — .4 panther's head. Motto — 
Prudentia ducit. 

Residence — Hughes Park, Watervale, 
South Australia. 

Cocfehiini of atitlaitie. 

COCKBURN, HON. JOHN ALEXANDER, M.D. London, of Adelaide, 
South Australia, ex-premier and chief secretary of South Australia, 
formerly minister of education, 6. 23rd August, 1850, emigrated to South 
Australia in 1867, m. 13th May, 1875, Sarah Holdway, fourth daughter of the 
late Forbes Scott Brown, Esq. of Longformacus, Berwickshire, Scotland, and 
of Glugar, Penang, and has issue, 

I. Piers Alexander, I. 16th May, 1876. 
I. Margaret Stuart, h. 18th August, 1880. 




There is in the possession of the Hon. John 
Alexander Cockburn a family Bible, printed 
1713, -wherein are the following entries : — 
James Cockburn, b. 18th February, 1729 ; 
Janet, h. 2nd March, 1731 ; Marget, h. 6th 
February, 1733 ; John, b. 5th August, 1735 ; 
Mary, b. 14th May, 1737 ; Thomas, b. 1739 ; 
Mark, b. 1741 ; Elizabeth, b. 1743 ; Cecil, b. 
1745; Hannah, b. 114,7 ; Agnes, b. 1750; and 
Sarah, b. 1754 ; there are also dates which 
seem to show that the father of the above 
was b. 1698 and d. 1760. 

Peter Cockbuen, Esq. of Whitrigg, Ber- 
wickshire (whose father lived at Ayton, Ber- 
wickshire, where, in the village churchyard, is 
the family burial ground), was b. about 1777, 
m. Hannah Brodie, and d. about 1823, leaving 
a son, 

Thomas Cockbtthn, Esq. of Berwickshire, 
Scotland, m. at Tweed Hill, Hutton, Berwick- 
shire, 1845, Isabella Wright (who emigrated 
with the family to South Australia in 1867), 
and d. in 1855, leaving issue, 

I. Patrick, d. unm. 

II. John Alexandee (Hon.), of Ade- 

III. Thomas James, m. 1887, Alice 
Bathern, and has issue, two sons, 
Patrick and Thomas. 

I. Isabella Begbie, m. 1872, Clement 
Giles, Esq., member of the Legislative 
Assembly of South Austi-alia, and has 
issue, three sons and two daughters. 

Crest used — A cock croioing ppr. 
'Residence — Adelaide, South Australia. 

palmer of JSmtane antr ^tmtl) l^mneDp. 

PALMER, HON. SIR ARTHUR HUNTER, K.C.M.G., of Brisbane, and 
of Beaufort, South Kennedy, Queensland, Australia, president of the 
Legislative Council, h. in Armagh, Ireland, 28th December, 1819; edacated 
atToughal Grammar School; m. 8th June, 1865, Cecilia Jessie, daughter of 
Archibald Mosman, Esq. of Armidale and Randwick, New South Wales, and 
sister to Lady McUwraith, and by her (who d. 81st August, 1885) has issue, 

I. William Hangar Hunter, I. 17th May, 1866. 

II. Arthur Cecil Hunter, I. 27th April, 1868. 

III. Carl Beaufort Hunter, 6. 18th November, 1871. 

I. Mary Jessie Hunter, 6. 24th October, 1873. 

II. Estelle Georgina Hunter, h. 15th May, 1881. 

The Hon. Sir Arthur Hunter Palmer emigrated to New South Wales in 
1838, was engaged for some years in pastoral pursuits in connection with Mr, 
H. Dangar's stations in the north of New South Wales, rising to the position 
of general manager, and, in 1845, Sir Arthur went to Queensland. He repre- 
sented Port Curtis in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, 1866 to 1879, 
and Brisbane since 1879 ; colonial secretary, secretary for works, Queensland, 
and secretary for lands, Queensland, 1867-68; colonial secretary and 
premier for about five years from May, 1870 ; colonial secretary and secretary 
for public instruction, January, 1879, to December, 1881 ; president of the 
Legislative Council since 1881 ; administrator of the government from May to 
November, 1883, again from April to December, 1886, and subsequently from 
9th October to 30th November, 1888. In 1881 he was created a knight 
commander of St. Michael and St. George. 


Rev. Aethtje Palmee, A.M., chancellor of 
Ossory, and rector of Bunford, co. Kilkenny, 
Ireland (brother of Patrick Palmer, F.T.C.D., 

LL.D., and of Ven. Henry Palmer, arch- 
deacon of Ossory), m. 1777, Margaret, daugh- 
ter of the Rev. Samuel Madden, LL.D., 



T.C.D., vicar-genei-al of Ossory, by Cas- 
sandra, his wife, daughter of Michael Trarers, 
Esq. of Skehenore, co. Cork, and had issue, 

I. Thomas, in holy orders, m. twice, but 
d. s.p. 

II. George, captain 15th Foot, and major 
of brigade on staii' of Greneral Lord 
Hill, m. Frances, only daughter of 
Nicholas Power French, Esq. (brother 
of the first Earl of Clancarty), by Jane, 
his wife, daughter of Sir Eichard 
Butler, Bart., of Garrybunden and 
Templeton, co. Carlow, Ireland, and d. 
in 1809, having had issue, 

1. Arthur (Van.), D.C.L., arch- 
deacon of Toronto, and for many 
years rector of Guelph, Diocese of 
Toronto, Canada, m. first, Hester 
Madeline, daughter of the Kev. 
George Crawford, LL.D., vicar- 
general of Ardagh, and by her 
had issue, 

I. George, m., and has issue, a 

II. William Crawford. 

III. Arthur, F.T.C.D., m. and 
has issue, a son, Arthui-. 

I. Mary Madeline. 

II. Frances, m. to the Rev. H. 
W. Stewart, and has eleven 

III. Margaret Anne. 
IT. Hester Rebecca. 

He m. secondly, Catherine, daughter 
of Captain John Blanshard, 
H.E.I.C.S., and by her had issue, 

I. Richard Power. 

II. Harry Blanshard Stewart. 

III. Thomas. 

I. Katherine Eleanor. 
2. Nicholas Power, captain 54lh 
Bengal Native Infantry, m. Rebeka 
Barrett, and was killed in action 
during the Afghan War, leaving 
a son. Colonel Arthur Power 
Palmer, C.B., commandant 9th 
Bengal Cavalry, who served 
throughout the Indian Mutiny 
Campaign of 1857 — 59, was ad- 
jutant of the 10th Bengal Lancers 
in Abyssinia, aide-de-camp to 
General Stafford in the Duffla 
Expedition of 1874 — 75, served in 
the Afghan War of 1878—80, and 

in the campaign on the north-west 
frontier of India in 1863 — 64. 
This officer has been frequently 
mentioned in despatches, and has 
received numerous medals. By 
Helen, his wife, he has one 
III. William, captain 68th Regiment, d. 


T. Harry, entered the army, afterwards 
took holy orders, and went as mission- 
ary to Sierra Leone, where he d., to- 
gether with his wife and only child. 

I. Margaret, m. Captain Robert Mayne, 
and has issue, a daughter, Harriet, m. 
to the Rev. William Scriven. 

II. Cassandra, m. to the Rev. James 
Metge, son of Mr. Justice Metge, and 
had issue, three daughters. 

III. Han'iet, d. unm. in 1869. 

The fourth son. 

Lieutenant AsTHrE Palmee, R.N., I. in 
Kilkenny, Ireland, entered the Royal Navy, 
and was appointed lieutenant in 1808. He 
m. first, Eliza Hall, by whom he had one son, 
deceased; secondly, 22nd February, 1819, 
Emily, daughter of Robert Hunter, Esq. of 
Dublin and Downpatrick, Ireland, and by her 
(who was I. in 1791, and d. at Youghal, co. 
Cork, Ireland, November, 1826) had issue, 

I. Aethue Hfntee (Hon. Sir), 
K.C.M.G., of whom we treat. 

II. Harry Wyndham, d. unm., 1887. 

I. Emily Martha, m. Robert Brett, Esq. 
of Dublin, who d. in 1879, leaving 
issue, two sons, Arthur Alexander 
Burrough and Hunter Palmer. 

II. Meta, m. C. A. Anderson, Esq., M.D., 
of CO. Mayo, Ireland, who d., having 
had issue, one son and three daughters, 
viz., Henry de Burgh, Louisa, Gerald- 
ine, and Meta. 

He m. thirdly. Miss Jane Cox, and d. at 
Youghal, 30th April, 1 836, having had by her 
one son and three daughters. 

Crest used — A dexter arm embowed in 
armour, the hand grasping a spear in bend 
sinister, point upwards, all ppr. Mottoes — 
Auspicium melioris cevi : and Palma virtuti. 

Residences — Brisbane, and Beaufort, South 
Kennedy, Queensland, Australia. 

Camphell xif ^arraluntla. 

CAMPBELL, FREDERICK, Esq. of Yarralumla, Queanbeyan, New South 
Wales, Australia, h. 26tli February, 1846, m. 23rd May, 1877, Frances 
Catherine Burford, daughter of James Wright, Esq. of The Peak, co. Derby, 
J. P., and by her (who d. 11th February, 1881) has issue a daughter, 
Sybil Jean, h. 1st October, 1880. 
Mr. Campbell m. secondly, and by that marriage has issue, 
A son, 6. 29th March, 1890. 




This family descends from the Campbells, 
of Ashfield, cadets of the House of Dun- 
ti'oon, Crinan, Argyleshire, and now repre- 
sents the elder branch. The Campbells of 
Duntroon (which jilace was passed down from 
father to son since the time of Duncan Yong 
Campbell in 1448), died out in the persons of 
Major-General Sir Neil Campbell, governor 
of Sierra Leone, who d. unm. 14th August, 
1837, and his brother, General Patrick 
Campbell, who d. unm. at Southampton, 
29tli August, 1857. 

John Campbell, Esq., a writer to the 
sinnet, and the last laird of Ashfield, near 
Crinan, Argyleshire, m. Agnes, daughter of 
Robert Paterson, Esq. of Kilmarnock, and d. 
at Greenock, 12th November, 1797 (when 
the estate of Ashfield was sold) leaving 

I. John, a merchant, of Calcutta, d. 

II. KoBEHT (Hon.). 

III. William, m. 

The second son, 

Hon. Robert Campbell, of Campbell's 
Wharf, Sydney, New South Wales, mem- 
ber of the Legislative Council of New South 
Wales, was a merchant at Calcutta, and in 
1796 went to Sydney, and established a 
branch of his business there. He was b. 
28th April, 1769, m. at Sydney, 17th Sep- 
tember, 1801, Sophia, sister of John Palmer, 
Esq., assistant commissary-general, and d. 
at his country residence, Duntroon, Quean- 
beyan. New South Wales, 15th April, 1846, 
having, by his "wife (who d. 5th May, 1833) 
had issue, 

I. John (Hon.), member of the Legis- 
lative Council of New South Wales, 
b. in Sydney, 25th July, 1802 ; edu- 
cated in England, where he remained 
from 1810 to 1819 ; was elected to 
the Legislative Assembly for the 
Sydney Hamlets in 1856, and in 1860 
accepted a seat in the Legislative 
Council ; d. num. 22nd January, 1886, 
aged 83. The Hon. John Campbell 
gave 10,OOOZ. towards establishing the 
bishopric of Riverina. 

II. Robert, b. 5th October, 1804, d. 31st 
March, 1859. 

III. Charles (Hon.). 

IV. George, b. 27th June, 1818. 

V. Frederick, b. 24th June, 1821, d. 
15th February, 1844. 

I. Sophia, h. 24th February, 1812. 

II. Sarah, b. 1st April, 1815. 

The third son, 

Hon. Chaeles Campbell, of Belconon, 
near Queanbeyan, Murray County, New 
South Wales, and of Laggan Lodge, In- 
verness, Scotland, member of the Legis- 
lative Council of New South Wales, and 
barrister-at-law of Lincoln's Inn, was b. at 
sea, 20th September, 1809. He m. at St. 
John's Church, Parramatta, Cumberland 
County, New South Wales, 22nd June, 1837, 
Catherine Irena, eldest daughter of George 
Thomas Palmer, Esq. of Pemberton Grange, 
Parramatta, and of Grinninderra, Murray 
County, New South Wales, lieutenant 61st 
Regiment. This lady d. in London, 28th 
April, 1863, and was buried in Lansdowne 
Cemetery, Bath, co. Somerset, having pre- 
deceased her husband, who d. at Laggan 
Lodge, Inverness, his residence in Scotland, 
17th August, 1888, in the seventy-ninth 
year of his age. He had issue, 

I. Walter, of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, b. 5th November, 1838, d. at 
Cambridge, 23rd July, 1860. 

II. Feedebick, of Yarralumla. 

I. Agnes. 

II. Susan. 

III. Sophia, m. 18th January, 1872, 
Richard Henry Byron, Esq., lieu- 
tenant Royal Navy, and has five 
children : 1, John ; 2, Hugh ; 1, 
Kate ; 2, Maud ; 3, Mary. 

The Hon. Charles Campbell purchased 
his estate of Belconon, near Queanbeyan, 
from Charles Sturt, the explorer, in 1836. 
He also purchased Campbell Field, near 
Melbourne, colony of Victoria, in 1840. 

Motto used — Agite pro viribus. 
Residence — Yarralumla, Queanbeyan, New 
South Wales, Australia. 

River, Queensland, Australia, member of the Legislative Council, 
and formerly postmaster- general for the colony of Queensland, b. 13th 
November, 1819, baptised at Wells Cathedral, m. first, at South Creek, 
near Sydney, New South Wales, 3rd September, 1846, Matilda, daughter 
of Thomas Harpur, E.sq. of Cecil Hills, near Liverpool, New South Wales, 
and formerly of Lime Park, co. Tyrone, Ireland, and by her (who d. 25th 
November, 1868, and was buried in Brisbane Cemetery, Queensland) has 
had issue, 

VOL. I. E 


I. Thomas de Montmorenci, of Maroon, Logan River, Queensland, J. P., 

5. 27tli January, 1848, m. at Holy Trinity Church, Bowen, Queens- 
land, 18th March, 1878, Florence Claudia, daughter of Henry Moor, 
Esq. of Highgate, co. Middlesex, England (who d. 11th February, 
1861, and was buried in Highgate Cemetery, co. Middlesex), and has 

1. Thomas Bertram, b. 4th February, 1883. 

1. Florence Elizabeth, b. 1st January, 1879. 

2. Mabel, b. 10th September, 1881. 

3. Ethel Nora, b. 1st December, 1884. 

4. Phyllis Claudia, b. 23rd July, 1886. 

II. William, b. 18th August, 1849 ; d. 17th January following. 

III. Morres, b. 15th May, 1853. 

IV. Hervey Morres, of Brisbane, Queensland, B.A. of Sydney University, 

barrister-at-law, master of titles for Queensland, and member of 
Colony of Queensland Society, b. 9th September, 1856, m. at Kan- 
garoo Point Church, Brisbane, 17th August, 1881, Margaret 
Murray, daughter of Alexander McDonald, Esq. of Brisbane, an 
officer in H.M.'s Customs (who d. 26th October, 1872), and d. 
1st January, 1887. leaving issue a son, 

Hervey McDonald, b. 25th April, 1883. 
v. Redmond, b. 25th October, 1858. 

VI. Hugh, of Aberfayle Station, Torrins Creek, Townsville, Mitchell 

District, Queensland, b. 5th July, 1860. 

VII. Lodge, b. at Brisbane, August, and d. September, 1863. 

VIII. Egerton, of Moorlands, Malvern Hills, Queensland, b. 5th October, 

I. Rosa Caroline, b. 27th March, 1851, vi. at Brisbane, 29th August, 
1872, Arthur Campbell Bulkley Mackworth Praed, Esq., and has 

n. Elizabeth Catherine, b. 29th October, 1854, m. at Maroon, 15th June, 
1883, John Robert Jardine, Esq., and has issue. 

III. Weeta, b. 24th June, and d. 27th July, 1861. 

IV. Matilda, b. 26th January, and d. May, 1865. 

Hon. Thomas Lodge Murray-Prior, m. secondly, at Ryde, Parramatta 
River, New South "Wales, 18th December, 1872, Nora Clarina, daughter of 
Robert Johnstone Barton, Esq. of Boree, Nevang, New South Wales, and by 
her has issue. 

IX. Frederick Maurice, b. 9th March, 1880. 

X. Robert Sterling, b. 29th August 1881. 

XI. Julius Orlebar, b. 25th March, 1884. 

V. Matilda Aimee, b. 25th September, 1873. 

VI. Emiline, b. 18th May, 1875, d. at Sydney, New South Wales, 

5th February following. 

VII. Dorothea Katherine, b. 13th December, 1876. 

VIII. Alienora May, b. 31st May, 1878. 

IX. Ruth Angela, b. 27th July, 1885. 



Mr. Murray- Prior arrived in Sydney, May, 1839 .; was appointed to a seat 
in the Legislative Council of Queensland, 22nd Februai'y, 186G, and has been 
acting president of the Legislative Council of that colony. 


RoBEET Price, Esq. of Cambridge (whose 
will, dated 3rd October, 1643, was proved at 
Oxford, llth April, 1644). By bis wife 
(living in 1643) he bad issue, besides a 
daughter, a son. 

Captain Thomas Peioe, of Eathdowney, 
Queen's County, Ireland, who went to Ire- 
land with his regiment about 1636, and 
obtained, by letters patent from King 
Chaeles II, dated 30th March, 1667, the 
estates of Eathdowney, Crealleagh, Kil- 
coran, &c., situated in the barony of Upper 
Ossory, Queen's County. He also held 
land from St. John's College, Cambridge, 
proved his father's will 1644, d. 17th March, 
1690. His will, dated I7th March, 1690, was 
)iroved at Dublin, 18th April, 1691. By 
Elizabeth, liis wife, he had issue, 

I. Thomas, of Eathdowney, aforesaid, 
raised a corps and commanded it as 
colonel; was killed by the rebels, 
1700. His will was dated 7th July, 
1693, in which he desires to be buried 
at Eathdowney. He had issue, 

1. Eichard, of Eathdowney, living 
1690 under 16, d. s.p. 1736. 

2. Thomas, of Bolton-street, Dub- 
lin, and of Eathdowney, A.M. 
Trinity College, Dublin, founder 
of the Eoyal Dublin Society, h. 
1679, d. unm. 2l8t October, 1751, 
and was buried at Eathdowney. 
(Inscription in Eathdowney 
Church, " Sacred to the Memory 
" of Thomas Prior, who spent a 
" long life in unwearied en- 
" deavours to promote the wel- 
" fare of his native country ; 
" evei-y manufacture, every branch 
" of husbandry will declare this 
" truth ; every useful institution 
" will lament its friend and bene- 
" factor. He died, alas, too 
" soon for Ireland, October 2l8t, 
" 1751.") 

1. Isabella or Essabell, living under 
16 in 1690, m. Samuel Wag- 
staffe Stubber, Esq., who d. s.p. 

2. Ann 1 

3. Elizabeth/ 

II. Eichard, of The Green 
alias The Morehouse, parish of Holy 
Trinity, Cambridge, which he held 
by lease from St. John's College, 
Cambridge ; also held land under a 
similar lease in Parson Drove, parish 
of Leverington, Isle of Ely, co. Cam- 
bridge, as did his grandfather Eobert. 

I. Maet. 

II. Sarah, m Gaile, Esq., and had a 

son, Benjamin, to whom his uncle, 

• under 16 in 1690. 

Eichard Prior, bequeathed, in 1719, 
the mills of Eahinina and the lands 
in Harestown. 

Maet Peioe, who was living 1690 and 
1751, m. the Eev. Thomas Mueeat, and 
had issue, 

I. John, of whom hereafter. 

II. Thomas, under 16 in 1690. 
I. Christy, under 1 5 in 1690. 

John Mueeat, afterwards John Mtteeat- 
Phiob, Esq. of Eathdowney, Queen's 
County, Ireland, assumed the additional sur- 
name of Peiob, in compliance with a clause 
contained in the will of his cousin, Thomas 
Prioi', dated 22nd June, 1751. He m., first, 
Mary, daughter of Colonel O'Neill, of co. 
Down, and by her (who d. January, 1761) 
had issue, 

I. Andrew. 

II. John, living 1775. 

I. Susannah "^ 

II. Mary | 

III. Isabella J- all living 1775. 
IT. Elizabeth | 

v. Sarah J 

He m. secondly, Jane, daughter of John 
Flood, Esq. of Flood Hall, co. Kilkenny, and 
widow of E^v. James Myhill. He d. 1781. 
By his second wife he had, 

III. Thomas, to whom his father be- 
queathed lands at Coolishellbeg, co. 
Kilkenny, and Ballynacor, co. Wick- 
low, living 1775 under age. 

IV. Frederick, living 1775 under age. 
v. Eichard, living 1775 vmder age. 
VI. Joseph, living 1775 under age. 

The eldest son, 

Andrew Miteeay-Peioe, Esq. of Eath- 
downey, high sheriff co. Wicklow, 1777 ; m, 
29th April, 1772, Frances, second daughter 
of Eedmond Morres, Esq. of Dublin, M.P. 
for Dublin, by Elizabeth, his wife, only 
daughter and heir of Francis Lodge, Esq. of 
Dublin, and d. 1795, having had issue, 

I. Thomas, of whom presently. 

II. Andrew Eedmond, appointed by 
patent 8th May, 1809, accountant- 
general of the Irish post ofBce, b. 
1786, m. 17lh March, 1814, Catherine, 
daughter of Sir John Call, of Corn- 
wall, Bart., and rehct of General Mac- 
kinnon, and by her had issue, 

1. John Laurence (Eev.) rector of 
Linby, perpetual curate of Pop- 
plewiok, CO. Nottingham, and 
chaplain to the Earl of Rosse. 

1. Catherine Frances, m. 2nd March, 
1842, Eobert Cartwright, Esq., 

E 2 



fourth son of William Ralph 
Cartwright, Esq. of Aynhoe, co. 
Northampton, M.P. 

2. Fanny Isabella. 

3. Emily. 

4. Sophia Louisa, m. 11th June, 
1839, Francis Hearle Stephens, 
captain, 14tli Light Dragoons, 
second son of Samuel Stephens, 
Esq. of Tregenna Castle, Corn- 

I. Eleanor. 

II. Mary. 

III. Catherine, d. young. 

Thomas Mureat-Peioe, Esq. of Rath- 
downey, high sheriff of Queen's County, 
1799, and member of the Irish parliament 
for the boroughs of Lesburne and Bannow, 
b. 1773, m. at Gretna Q-reen, and afterwards 
at Donnybrook, Ireland, Catherine, daughter 
of Joseph Palmer, Esq. of CufEsborough, 
Queen's County, colonel commandant of a 
corps of volunteers, and d. 5th November, 
1854, buried at Newry, having by her (who 
d. about 1802, and was buried at Dublin) 
had issue, 

I. Thomas, colonel in the army. 

II. Lodge Morres, of Brunswick-square, 
Brighton, co. Sussex, J.P. and D.L. 
for CO. Middlesex, colonel command- 
ant of the 5th (Elthorne) regiment 
of Middlesex militia, and formerly 
paymaster of the 12th Royal Lancers, 
b. 3rd April, 1797, ot. first, in London, 
June, 1819, Anna Maria, daughter of 
John Brownrigg, Esq. of Coote Hill, 
CO. Donegal, and widow of Colonel 
Robbins, and by her (who d. in 1834, 
and was buried at Hulme, Man- 
chester, CO. Lancaster) had issue. He 
m. secondly, at Coventry, co. War- 
wick, October, 1836, Letitia, only 
daughter of John Wilkes Unett, Esq. 
of the Woodlands, co. Stafford, by 
Elizabeth, his wife, only surviving 
issue and heiress of Thomas Unett, 
Esq. of Stone, co. Stafford, and by her 
(who d. at Kensington, co. Middle- 
sex, 22nd July, 1854), also had issue. 
He m. thirdly, in 1856, Laura, 
daughter of Captain King, R.N., of 
Penzance, co. Cornwall, and widow of 
John Datton, Esq. of co. York, a cap- 
tain in the army, but by her (who d. 
in 1871, and was buried at Bath, co. 
Somerset) hud no issue. He d. 
13th March, 1871, and was buried at 

III. Hervey Morres, of Hougham, co. 
Kent, clerk in the orlnance depart- 
ment of the Tower of London, b. 24th 
August, 1798, m. 1832, Mary, only 
daughter of Thomas Shipden, Esq. 
of Deal, CO. Kent, banker, and d. s.p. 
14th January, 1873, and was burietl 
in Kensal Grreen Cemetery, co. Mid- 

I. Ellen, b. at Rathdowney, d. about 

II. Catherine, b. at Rathdowney, d. about 

The eldest son, 

Colonel Thomas Mubray-Prioh, of 
Windsor - terrace, Southsea, co. Hauls, 
formerly M.P., served in the 11th and 18Ji 
Hussars in the Peninsula and at Waterloo, 
b. 1790, m. first, at Millbrook, co. Hants, 
27th November, 1812, Jemima, daughter of 
Captain Thomas Dickson, of Prospect-place, 
Southampton, and by her (who d. 5th No- 
vember, 1817, and was buried. at Dover, co. 
Kent) had issue, 

I. William Amherst, h. in Loudon, 
1814, and d. in 1815, aged six weeks. 

I. Jemima Frances Sophia, b. at Shirley, 
CO. Hants, 15th September, 1813. 

II. Louisa Elizabeth Catherine, b. at 
Boulogne, France, 26tli December, 

He m. secondly, at Cookham Church, co. 
Berks, 3 1st December, 1818, Eliza, daughter 
of William Augustus Skynner, Esq. of Moor 
Hall, Cookham, co. Berks, by Mary, his 
wife, daugliter of Richard Orlebar, Esq. of 
Henwick House, co. Bedford, and by her 
(who d. 18th November, 1863, and was 
buried in Southsea Cemetery) had issue, 

II. Thomas Lodge (Hon.), of Maroon, 
only surviving son. 

III. William Augustus, ensign in the 
59th Foot, b. at Bruges, Belgium, 
18th November, 1821, d. unm. 5tli 
February, 1844, and was buried in 
Portsmouth Grarrison Cemetery. 

Colonel Murray-Prior d. at Southsea, 
19th July, 1864. 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, vert on a 
bend erm. three cheveronels gu., for Prior ; 
2nd and 3rd, per fesse gu. and or, four 
mullets counterchanged, for Murray. Crests 
— 1st, an estoile vert, for Prior ; 2nd, 
a mullet per pale or and gu. for Murray. 
Motto — Malo mori quam faedari. 

Residence — Maroon, Logan River, Queens- 
land, Australia. 

)all xif ilorovata. 

HALL, SIR JOHN, K.C.M.G., of Hororata, Canterbury, New Zealand, 
first minister New Zealand, from 1879 to 1882, h. 18th December, 
1824, TO. I8G1, Rose Anne, daughter of William Drydeu, Esq. of Kingstou- 
upon-Hull, CO. York, England, and has had issue, 



I. Godfrey Dryden, h. 16th January, 1862, d. 29th of the same month. 

II. Wilfred, h. 15th January, 1864. 

III. John Dryden, b. 16th September, 1865. 

IV. Godfrey, b. 14th December, 1868. 

I. Mildred, b. 26th May, 1863. 

II. Mary, b. 22nd June, 1867. 

Sir John emigrated to New Zealand in 1852 ; was a member of the Pro- 
vincial Council of Canterbury, 1853 — 76 ; resident magistrate for Christchurch 
and Lyttieton, 1856 — 63 ; elected a member of the House of Representatives, 
1855; the following year became colonial secretary; member of the Legis- 
lative Council from 1862 to 1866; postmaster-general, 1866 — 69; again 
colonial secretary from 1872 to 1873 ; appointed premier of New Zealand, 
1879, and retired from that office, 1882. He was created K.C.M.G. in 1882. 


This family claims to be a branch of tlie 
old Lincolnshire family of Hall. 

John Hall, Esq. of Kingston-upon-Hull, 
CO. York, a younger brother of the Trinity 
House at Hull, ni. in 1768, Eleanor, daughter 
of George Dutchman, Esq. of Kingston-upon- 
Hull, and d. 27th November, 1816. By his 
said wife (who d. 12th May, 1820) Mr. Hall 
had issue, 

I. John, b. 16th September, 1774, d. at 

II. Geoege, of whom presently. 

III. Thomas, b. 27th July, 1783, d. 12th 
August following. 

IV. WilKam, b. 18th February, 1785, d. 
2nd January, 1787. 

I. Mary, b. 19th February, 1770, d. 

11." Elizabeth, b. 19th February, 1770, d. 


III. Eleanor, b. 12th April, 1771, d. 4th 
May, 1783. 

IV. Elizabeth, b. 27th December, 1776, 
d. young. 

V. Mary, b. 17th January, 1780, d. 14th 
February following. 

VI. Elizabeth, b. 17th January, 1780. 

VII. Eleanor, b. 4th November, 1784. 
The second son, 

Geokge Hall, Esq. of Kingston-upon- 
Hull, was an elder brother of the Trinity 
House there, and was b. 4th January. 1782. 
He m. first, 2l8t October, 1817, Grace, 
daughter of Thomas Williamson, Esq. of 
Kingston-upon-Hull, and by her had issue. 

I. George Williamson, of Christchurch, 
Canterbury, New Zealand, b. 5th 
August, 1818, m. 1850, Agnes Emma, 
daughter of William Dryden, Esq. of 
Kingston-upon-Hull, and has issue. 

II. Thomas Wiliamson, of Timaru, Can- 
terbury, New Zealand, b. 18th Novem- 
ber, 1819, m. 1845, Sarah, daughter of 
William Young, Esq. of Wapping, 
CO. Middlesex, by whom he has 

III. John (Sir), K.C.M.G., of Horo- 

I. Ann Williamson, twin with her 
brother, Thomas Williamson, b. 18th 
November, 1819, d. 1st June, 1826. 

II. Grace Williamson, b. 31st January, 
1826, m. to John Sugden Neal, Esq. 
of Croydon, co. Surrey, and has 

Mr. Hall m. secondly, 28th November, 
1848, Mary Anne daughter of Harrison 
Packman, Esq. of Horndon-on-the-Hill, co. 
Essex, but by her had no issue. He d. 29th 
August, 1865. 

Arms — Arg. on a chev. sa. between two 
talbots' heads erased in chief of the last, 
and on a mount a tree-fern in base ppr. a 
mullet of six points witliin an annulet or. 
Cresi — Two fronds of fern ppr., therefrom 
issuant a talbot's head erased sa. guttee d'or, 
gorged with a collar gemel, or. 

Residence — Hororata, Canterbury, New 

Calbeit of gKooUlantis. 

CALVERT, JOHN JACKSON, Esq. of Woodlands, Marrickville, near 
Sydney, N.S.W., clerk of the Parliaments, N.S.W., b. 31st August, 
1830, at Manchester, co. Lancaster, England, m. at Sydney, 1869, Mary 
Murray, daughter of James Barker, Esq. of Sydney, and has issue, 



I. Thomas Andrew Copley, b. in England, 16th November, 1889. 

II, Cecil Harnett Hamilton, b. at Sydney, 5th January, 1875. 
I. Ethel Watson, h. 2nd December, 1872. 

Mr. Calvert was educated at Brasenose College, Oxford ; emigrated to 
New South Wales in 1853, and obtained an appointment in the colonial 
secretary's office ; in 1856 was appointed clerk of select committees of the 
Legislative Assembly, afterwards became first clerk of the Legislative 
Council, and in 1871 was made clerk of Parliaments. 


William Jackson, Esq. of Woodplump- 
ton, CO. Lancaster, hadissiie, 

I. Thomas (Very Rev.), of wliom here- 

II. Willia'Ti, of Woodplumpton, co. 

The Yeuy Kev. Thomas Calvert, D.D., 
Warden and Dean of Manchester, Fellow of 
St. John's College, and Norrisian Professor 
of Divinity in the LTniversity of Cambridge, 
chaplain to King William IV, b. 1775, as- 
sumed the surname of Calvekt by royal 
licence, 1817, m. 24th September, 1824, 
Juliana, eldest daughter of Sir Charles Wat- 
son, Bart, of Wratting Hall, co. Cambridge, 
and sister of Sir Charles Wager Watson, Bart. 
(see Burke's Feerage). She d. 14th August, 
1877, aged 84, and he d. 1840, leaving issvie, 

I. Charles Thomas, M.A., barrister-at- 
law of Lincoln's Inn, b. 1825, d. 

II. John Jackson, of Woodlands. 

III. Reginald (Major), of Owlstone Croft, 
near Cambridge, chief constable of 

Cambridgeshire, late 11th Hussars, b. 
January, 1832, m. Maria, eldest daugli- 
ter of Alexander Colton, Esq. of Hil- 
dersham Hall and Land«ade, co. 
Cambridge, and d. April, 1888. 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, or six gouttes, 
three, two, and one gu., within a bordure az. 
charged with eiglit owls arg. for Calvert. 
2nd and 3rd arg. on a fess gu. between two 
goats' heads couped az. armed and crined or 
in chief, and a greyhound courant in base sa. 
three pheons gold, for Jackson. Crest of 
Calvert — Amount vert thereon an owl erm. 
gorged with a collar az., pendent therefrom an 
inescocheon sa. charged with three gouttes 
two and one arg. Crest of Jackson — A 
goat's head az. erased armed and crined or 
charged on the neck with a pheon, as in the 

Residence — Woodlands, Marrickville, near 
Sydney, N.S.W. 

Property — Woodplumpton Hall and Bal- 
derston, near Preston, co. Lancaster, 

Cooper xif aeoollaljra. 

COOPER, SIR DANIEL, Bart., of Woollahra, New South Wales, G.C.M.G., 
first speaker of the Legislative Assembly, N.S.W., b. 1st July, 1821, at 
Bolton, CO. Lancaster, m. 4th September, 1846, Elizabeth, third daughter of 
William Hill, Esq. of Sydney, and has, 

I. Daniel (11, Hill-street, Berkeley-square, and St. James's Club), b. at 

Sydney, 15th November, 1848, m. 12th July, 1886, Harriet, second 
daughter of the late Sir James Grant-Suttie, sixth bart. of Balgone, 
and has issue, Dorothy, b. 1887. 

II. William Charles, b. 22nd October, 1851, m. at Sydney, 18th November, 

1876, Alice Helen, third daughter of George Hill, Esq. of Surrey 
Hills, Sydney, N.S.W., and has issue, George William, b. 1878; 
Arthur Hamilton, b. 1888 ; and Alice Nellie. 

1. Ellen Sophia. 

I). Alice Jane, w. 9th July, 1868, to Frederick Green, Esq. 

III. Mary Elizabeth, m. 29th April, 1886, William Palfrey Burrell, Esq., 

H.M. consul at Port Said. 



IV. Florence Eva, m. 10th June, 1882, Hugh Arundell Trevanion, Esq., 

only son of Hugh Charles Trevanion, Esq., and Lady Frances Bowes- 
Lyon, his wife, which marriage was dissolved 1887. 

V. Elizabeth Edith, m. 25th April, 1883, Henry Valentine Macnaraara, 

captain R.A., of Doolen and Ennistymon House, co. Clare, D.L., and 
has issue. 

Sir Daniel Cooper emigrated to New South Wales, and returned to 
England in 1835 ; was educated at the London University, and in 1843 again 
proceeded to New South Wales ; became a member of the Legislative Council 
of that colony, 1849 ; was elected first speaker of the Legislative Assembly of 
New South Wales, and held that office from 22nd May, 1856, to 31st August, 
1859 ; is a member of the Senate of Sydney University, president of the Bank 
of New South Wales ; and was acting agent-general for that colony in 1888 ; 
knighted by patent, 18th July, 1857; created a baronet, 26th January, 1863, 
for the part which he took in promoting the Lancashire Relief Fund ; 
K.C.M.G., 1880; and G.C.M.G., 1888; and is an officer of the Order of 
Leopold of Belgium. During the Crimean War, Sir Daniel was very energetic 
in raising subscriptions for the relief of the widows and orphans of the soldiers 
who fell in battle, and himself subscribed largely during the continuance of 
the war. 


Thomas Cooper, Esq. of Bolton-le-Moors, 
CO. Lancaster, had two sons, viz., Daniel 
Cooper, Esq. of Sydney, merchant, who d. s.p. 
3rd Novembor, 1853, aged 68, and 

Thomas Cooper, Esq. of Sydney, mer- 
chant, who m. 1814, Jane, daughter of 
Nathaniel Ramsden, Esq., and had issue, 

I. Thomas, of Sydney, b. February, 1819, 
m. Angelina, daughter of William 
Macdonald, Esq., and d. s.p. 

II. Daniel, created a hart. 26th Jan- 
uary, 1863. 

III. John, b. 23rd June, 1829. 

1 \\ James, b. May, 1831, m. Adelaide, 
daughter of William Macdonald, Esq., 
and has issue, John, Adelaide Eliza- 
beth, and Emily. 

v. Charles, b. 6th March, 1835, m. Miss 
Anne Baker, and had one daughter, 

I. Ellen, wi. to James Holt,E3q.,andd.s.jj. 

II. Hannah, m. to John Eobert Cropper, 
Esq., who d. 1876, leaving issue. 

in. Elizabeth, d. 1874. 

IV. Sarah, m. James Booth, Esq., sur- 
geon, of Montrose, Scotland, and has 

Arms — Az. a chev. engr. between two lions 
pass, in chief and a star of eight points in 
base, or. Crest — A lion sejant or collared az., 
supporting with the dexter paw a lance erect 
ppr. and suspended therefrom by a chain 
gold an escocheon also az. charged with a 
star as in the arms. Supporters — Dexter, 
Faith, holding in the sinister hand a mullet 
of six points or : Sinister, Hope, holding ia 
the dexter hand a like mullet. Motto — Perse- 
verantia omnia vincit. 

Seat — Woollahra, Sydney, New South 
Wales. Town House — 6, De Vere-gardens, 
Kensington, W. Club — Devonshire. 

dfjoster t^t CJiirnip. 

FOSTER, HON. WILLIAM JOHN, of Thumby, Newtown, New 
South Wales, puisne judge of the Supreme Court of N.S.W., h. at 
Rathescar, co. Louth, 13th January, 1831, m. 8th August, 1854, Matilda 
Sophia, daughter of John Williams, Esq. of Landigige, Pembrokeshire, South 
Wales, by Jane Makeig, his wife, and has issue, 

I. Arthur William John, h. 24th June, 1855. 



It. William Henry, h. 24tli May, 1856, m. 1886, Ella, daiigliter of George 

Clift, Esq., and has issue, a daughter. 
irT. Thomas Chichester James, b. 5th September, 1858. 

IV. Edward Pakenham, b. 25th June, 1860. 

V. Frederick Leopold, b. 18th April, . 

VT. Charles Ernest, b. 1st December, 1871. 

TIT. Rodolph Wellesley, b. 20th September, 1874. 

I. Catherine Jane, m., 1st August, 1882, Lieutenant Honrj- John Jeffreys, 

n. Wilhelmina Rosalind, m., 29th September, 1886, William Mclntyre 
St. Clair Maclardy, Esq. of Sydney. 

III. Helen Mary Elizabeth, unm. 
Mr. Jastice Foster was educated, first at Cheltenham College, England, 
and afterwards at Trinity College, Dublin ; settled in Victoria in 1854- 
(having visited the colony two years previously), and engaged for a short 
time in agricultural pursuits ; subsequently studied for the bar, and was 
admitted 13th May, 1858 ; the following year was appointed crown prosecutor 
for the northern district, and in 1870 crown prosecutor for Sydney, which 
office he resigned, December, 1877, and became attorney-general under the 
Farnell administration, with a seat in the Legislative Council, which he 
resigned in 1880 ; afterwards became M.P. for Newtown ; in 1881 minister of 
jastice in the Parkes ministry ; and again, in 1887, attorney-general, which 
office he subsequently resigned, and in February, 1888, was appointed a judge 
of the Supreme Court of N.S.AV. Mr. Justice Foster has written a treatise 
on the District Courts Act, which is still regarded as the standard work on 
that subject. He has been a member of every diocesan, provincial, and general 
synod of the Church of England constituted in New South Wales. 


Mr. Justice Foster traces his descent, 
tlirough the families of Fortesoue, Chicliester, 
and Boucliier, back to King Edwabd III. 
According to tradition liis paternal ancestors 
"we"e formerly seated in Berkshire, whence 
they migrated into Ireland. 

John Foster, Esq. of Dunleer, co. Louth, 
for many years M.P. for that borough, m. 
10th December, 1704, Mary, youngest 
daughter of William Fortesoue, Esq. of 
Newi-ath, co. Louth, who was grandfather of 
William Henry, fii-st Earl of Clermont, and 
son of Sir Thomas Fortescue, knt. of 
Dromisken, co. Louth, lieutenant-colonel of 
Prince Ciiarles's Horse Gruards and governor 
of the Castle of Carrickfergus ; and by her 
(who d. 29th October, 1762, aged 77 years) 
left at his dect-a^e, 16th May, 1747, 

I. Anthony (Right Hon.), of whom 

II. Thomas (Rev), CD., rector of Dun- 
leer, b. 16th November, 1709 ; m. 
1740, Dorothy, daughter of William 
Burgh, Esq. of Bert, co. Kildare, and 
was *. by his son, 

John Thomas, of Diinleer, some time 
M.P., who m. 2nd April, 177G, 

Lady Elizabeth Hervey, daughter 
of Frederick Augustus, fourth 
Earl of Bristol, Lord Bishop of 
Dei-ry, and d. 1795, having had 
bv her (who m. secondly, 19th 
October, 1809, William, fifth 
Duke of Devonshire, K G., but 
d. s.p. by him, 20th March, 1824), 

1. Frederick Thomas, b. 2nd 
October, 1777, M.P. 

2. ArousTus John (Right 
Hon. Sir), Bart., P.C., 
Gr.C.H., of Stonehouse, co. 
Louth, J. December, 1780, was 
appointed envoy extraordi- 
nary and minister plenipo- 
tentiary to the United States, 
1812, and subsequently to 
Sweden, Denmark, and Sar- 
dinia. He was created a 
baronet, 30th September, 
1831 ; he m. 18th March, 
1815, Lady Albinia Jane,* 

* The king granted to this lady and her 
two sisters, 29th September, 1832, tlie pre- 
cedency of an earl's daugliters. 



daughter of the Hon. Q-eorge 
Vere Hobart, secon'l son of 
George, third Eiirl of Buck- 
inghamshire, and d. 1st 
August, ]8tI.8 (his widow 
dying 28th May, 1867), 
having had, 

I. Feeberick Geoege 
(Sir), wlio s. as second 
baronet, b. 3rd January, 
1810, and d. unm. 25th 
December, 1857. 

II. Cavendish Heevet 
(Rev. Sir), of Glyde 
Court, Ardee, co. Louth, 
rector of Theydon Gar- 
non, Epping, co. Essex, 
1843 to 1887; b. 7tli 
May, 1817 ; educated at 
Eton and Magdalene 
College, Cambridge 
(B.A. 1841) ; s. his 
brother as third baronet, 
25th December, 1857 ; 
in. 15th January, 1844, 
] sabella, youngest 
daughter of the Kev. 
John Todd, curate of 
Frankley and St. 
Ifenelm, Halesowen, co. 
Salop, and by her (who 
d. 3rd June, 1881) has, 

1. John Frederick, 
J.P. and D.L., 
high sheriff co. 
Louth, 1875, late 
major 6th battahon 
Royal Irish Rifles 
(Louth Militia), 
and formerly of the 
13th Hussars, b. 
18th January, 1847; 
educated at Marl- 
borough and Mag- 
dalene College, 
Cambridge ; m. 20th 
April, 1871, Caro- 
line Emily, eldest 
daughter of Thomas 
Coxhead Chisendale 
Marsh, Esq. of 
Gaynes Park, co. 
Essex, and has issue, 
Augustus Vere, b. 
30th March, 1873; 
Emily Albinia ; 
Mary Isabella ; and 
Alice Jane Blanche. 

2. Hervey, lieutenant 
Royal Irish Rifles, 
b. 20th June, 1851 ; 
d. unm. 31st March, 

1. Jane Yere, m. 2nd 
October, 1872, to 
Robert Boothby 
Heathcote, Esq. of 
Friday Hill, Ching- 
ford, CO. Essex. 

III. Yere Henry Louis, b. 

25th April, 1819. 

III. William, M.P. for Dunleer, who m. 

1743, Patience, daughter of John 

Fowke, Esq. of Dublin, and d. 24th 

August, 1783, leaving issue, 

1. John William, of Castlering, co. 
Lauth, D.L., M.P. for Dunleer, 
b. 1745 ; m. 1788. Rebecca, only 
child of Hamilton M'Clure, Esq. 
of Dublin, and d. 1809, having 
had issue, 

I. Frederick John, of Castle- 
ring, and Ballymascanlan, 
Dundalk, co. Louth, J.P. 
and D.L., high sheriff co. 
Louth, 1845; b. 1799; m. 
22nd October, 1827, Isabella, 
fourth daughter of Peter 
Yere, Esq. of Carlton-on- 
Trent, co. Nottingham. 

II. William Hamilton, d. 1813. 

III. Henry, d. 1820. 

IV. Charles Thomas, d. 1822. 

I. Elizabeth Susan. 

II. Louisa Jane, m. 26th Octo- 
ber, 1819, Thomas Span, 
second Baron Plunket, P.C., 
D.D., Lord Bishop of Tuam, 
Killala, and Achonry, being 
so consecrated in 1839; and 
had issue female (see Burke's 

III. Emily Anna, d. 1874. 
2. Henry. 

1. Patience, m. 1766, to John 
M'Clintock, Esq., M.P. 

2. Elizabeth, m. to John Longfield, 
Esq., M.P. 

I. Margaret, in. to Stephen Sibthorpe, 
Esq. of Brownston. 

II. Charlotte, m. 1738, to Nicholas 
Forster, Esq. of Tullaghan, great 
grandfather of Sir Thomas Oriel 
Forster, Bart, of Coolderry, co. Mona- 
ghan, Ireland. 

The eldest son, 

The Right Hon. Anthony Fostee, 
Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, Ireland, 
from 1766 to 1777, b. 12th December, 1705; 
m. first, 25th February, 1736, Elizabeth, 
daughter of William Burgh, Esq. of Bert, co. 
Kildare, and by her (who d. 30th Julv, 1744) 

I. John (Right Hon.), Baron Oriel, so 
created 17th July, 1821, P.O. Great 
Britain, chancellor of the exfhequer 
and last speaker of the Irish House of 
Commons, from 1785 to 1801, bar- 
rister-at-law of the Middle Temple, b. 
28th September, 1740; m. 14th De- 
cember, 1764, Margaret Amelia, 
daughter of Thomas Burgh, Esq., 
M.P., of Bert, CO. Kildare. She was 
created a peeress of Ireland, as 
Baeoness Oeiel, in 1790, and Yis- 
couNTESS Feeeaed, 1797. Lord Oriel 
d. 16th August, 1828, having had issue. 



besides a daughter, Anne Dorothea, 
who m. James Blackwood, Esq., an 
only son, Thomas Henry, afterwards 
Thomas Henry Foster-Skeffington, 
Viscount Feehaed, who m. 29th 
November, 1810, Harriet {nee SkefHng- 
ton), Viscountess Masseeeene, only 
davighter of Chichester, fourth Eael 
OF Masseeeene, and d. in 1843. The 
Viscountess d. 2nd January, 1831, 
leaving issue. Their eldest son, John 
Skeffington, became Viscount Mas- 
seeeene, Viscount Feeeaed, and 
Baeon Oeiel (see Burke's Peerage ; 
Masseeeene, Viscount). 

II. William (Eight Eev.), of whom 

I. Margaret, b. 1737, m. 1759, the Hon. 
and Eight Eev. Henry Maxwell, D.D., 
Bishop of Dromore, 10th March, 1765, 
and of Meath, 15th April, 1766 ; third 
son of John, first Baron Farnham, of 
Farnham, co. Cavan, Ireland, and 
father of John, fifth lord, and of Eev. 
Henry, sixth Baron Farnham. She d. 
16th March, 1792. He d. 7th October, 

The Lord Chief Baron m. secondly, 1749, 
Dorothea, daughter of Thomas Burgh, Esq. 
of Oldtown, CO. Kildare (see Burke's Landed 
Gentry, " De Bue&h of Oldtown "), and 
(?. 3rd April, J 778. His second son, 

EiQHT Eev. William Fostee, D.D., 
Bishop of Clogher, Ireland, was consecrated 
14th June, 1789, Bishop of Cork and Eoss ; 
translated to Kilmore, 1790, and to Clogher, 
1796 ; h. 1744, m. Catherine Letitia, daughter 
of Eev. Henry Leslie, D.D., of Ballybay, co. 
Monaghan, prebendary of Tullycorbet, 
Clogher, and afterwards prebendary of Tan- 
dragee, in the Cathedral of Armagh (see 
Leslie of Ballibat in Burke's Landed 
Oentry) ; and d. November, 1797, having by 
her (who d. 1814) had issue, 

I. John Leslie (Eight Hon.), of Eathe- 
scar, CO. Louth, M.P. for that county 
for nearly twenty years, baron of the 
exchequer, Ireland ; »«. 1814, Hon. Le- 
titia Vesey-Fitzgerald, daughter of the 
Eight Hon. James Fitzgerald, P.O., 
by Catherine, his wife, first Baeoness 
Fitzgeeald and Veset, and sister of 
LoED Fitzgeeald and Veset, and d. 
1842, having by her (who, upon the 
death of her brother Henry, third 
Lord Fitzgerald and Vesey, in 1860, 
in accordance with the will of her 
brother William, second Lord Fitz- 
gerald and Vesey, assumed for herself 
and her issue the surnames of Veset- 
Fitzgeeald after that of Foster ; and 
d. 1866) had issue, 

1. William Foster- Vesey-Fitzgerald 
of Moyvane, Newtown Sandes, co 
Kerry ; Kilmurry MacMahon 
Kilmihill, co. Clare, and MuUac 
loe, CO. Louth, J. P., cos. Clare 
and Kerry, h. 12th July, 1815 
educated at Trinity College 

Dublin (B.A., 1839) ; m. 27th 
April, 1847, Sarah Anne, only 
child of Henry Quilter, Esq. of 
Monken Hadley, co. Middlesex, 
and has issue, 

I. John Vesey, barrister-at-law, 
b. 25th February, 1848 ; edu- 
cated at Eton and Balliol 
College, Oxford. 

II. William Vesey, b. 25tli 
March, 1850. 

III. Henry Martin, b. 1st April, 

2. John Foster - Vesey - Fitzgerald 
(Hon.), J.P., b. in Dublin, 1818 ; 
educated at Trinity College, 
Dublin ; and emigrated to Aus- 
tralia in 1840. He was twice 
colonial secretary of Victoria, 
Australia, acting-governor of 
Victoria in 1854, the following 
year was elected to the first legis- 
lative assembly under the new 
constitution, and held ofiice as 
treasurer in the first O'Shanassy 
ministry in March, 1857, finally 
leaving the colony for Europe. 
He m. 1850, Emily, daughter of 
Eev. John Joseph Fletcher, D.D., 
of Dunran, co. Wicklow, and has 

I. John, b. 1864. 

I. Emily Henrietta Louisa. 

II. Anna. 

3. James Foster- Vesey-Fitzgerald, 
of Moyriesk, Quin, co. Clare, J. P., 
cos. Clare and Q-alway, D.L., co. 
Clare, and high sheriff of Clare, 
1868 ; b. 8th May, 1821 ; edu- 
cated at Trinity College, Dublin 
(B.A., 1842) ; m. 4th December, 
1845, Henrietta Louisa, daughter 
of the late Sir Eoss Mahon, Bart., 
of Castlegar, co. Galway, by his 
third wife, the Hon. Maria 
Geraldine Fitzgerald, daughter of 
the Eight Hon. James Fitzgerald, 
of Inoheronan, co. Clare, prime 
sergeant in Ireland, by Catherine, 
his wife. Baroness Fitzgerald and 
Vesey ; and has issue, 

I. James, B.A. of Trinity 
College, Dublin, barrister-at- 
law, b. 1846. 

II. George, captain, Clare Artil- 
lery, b. 1849. 

I. Henrietta Mary Emily, m. 
1870, George Barrington 
Godbold, Esq., late captain 
27th regiment, and d. 24th 
December, 1877. 

II. Geraldine Sophia, m. 1872, 
Eobert Hume Crowe, Esq. 
of Toonagh, J. P., co. Clare. 

1. Letitia. 
II. William Henet (Eev.), of whom 

I. Catherine, m. 1805, William Drum- 
mond-Delap, Esq. 

II. Anna, ?». Jonas Stawell, Esq. of Old 



Court, CO. Cork, and had, amongst 
other issue, a son, afterwards Sir 
William Foster Stawell, K.C.M.G., of 
D'Estarille, Kew, Melbourne, ex-chief 
justice of the Colony of Victoria, 
second son, who was b. in co. Cork, 
June, 1815 ; educated at Trinity 
College, Dublin (B.A., 1837) ; called 
to the Irish bar, 1839 ; emigrated to 
Victoria, arriving in Melbourne, 1843 ; 
and afterwards held large squatting 
interests near Avoca, and between 
Lake Wallace and Glenelg ; appointed 
attorney -general of Victoria, 1851 ; 
returned to the legislative assembly of 
Victoria for Melbourne in 1856, and 
succeeded Sir William h Becket as 
chief justice in 1857, remaining in 
that office until 1886, when he was 
appointed lieutenant-governor of the 
colony of Victoria. Sir W. F. Stawell 
■was knighted in 1857, and created 
K.C.M.a., 1886. In 18*73, the Uni- 
versity of Dublin conferred upon him 
the degree of LL.D. He m. January, 
1856, Mary Frances Elizabeth, only 
daughter of the late William Pomeroy 
Greene, Esq. of Collen House, CoUen, 
CO. Louth, Ireland, and afterwards of 
Woodlands, Victoria, Australia, 
formerly lieutenant, R.N. (see Greene 
OP Geetstones), and had issue, 

1. Jonas Molesworth. 

2. WiUiam. 

3. Charles Leslie. 

4. George Cooper. 

5. Richard Bawdon. 

6. Eodolph de Salis. 

1. Anne Catherine. 

2. Mary Letitia. 

3. Henrietta. 

4. Melian. 

III. Henrietta, m. 1810, Jerome Fane, 
Count de Salis, and d. 1856, leaving 
issue, William Fane de Salis, vrho 
emigrated to Victoria, but afterwards 
returned to England, and became 
chairman of the board of directors of 
the Peninsular and Oriental Steam 
Navigation Company ; and the Hon. 
Leopold Fane de Salis, member of the 
Legislative Council of New South 

IV. Elizabeth m. Rev. James McCreight, 
and had issue, a daughter, Letitia, m. 
Edward Jeffreys, Esq. 

T. Letitia, m. John Henry North, Esq., 
Q.C., sometime M.P, for the University 
of Dublin, and d. s.p. 
The second son, 

Eev. William: Henet Fostee, of Lough 
Gilly, CO. Armagh, and of Altamenagh, 
Donegal, Ireland, rector of Lough Gilly, co. 
Armagh, and formerly midshipman, R.N. ; 
m. 18th December, 1821, Catherine, daughter 
of James Hamilton, Esq. of Brown Hall, 
Ballintra, co. Donegal (who was maternally 
desf^ended from the Scottish royal house of 
Stewart), by the Hon. Helen Pakenham, his 
wife, sister of Thomas, Earl of Longford, 
Major-General Sir Edward Michael Paken- 
ham, G.C.B., Lieutenant-General Sir Hercules 
Robert Pakenham, K.C.B., and of Catherine, 
wife of Arthur, the first and great Duke of 
Wellington ; and d. 1861, having had by her 
(who was b. 1803, and d. 1873), 

I. Arthur Hamilton William, of Bell 
Isle and St. Ernan's, co. Donegal, J. P., 
CO. Donegal, b. 1824; educated at 
Trinity College, Cambridge ; m. Ara- 
bella Rose, daughter of John 
Hamilton, Esq. of St. Ernan's and 
Brown Hall, co. Donegal, J.P. and 
D.L., high sheriff 1826 (see Burke's 
Landed Qentry, "Hamilton op 
BeownHall"); and has issue four 

II. William; John (Hon.), of Thurnby, 

I. Catherine Helen, m. 1849, John James 
Verschoyle, Esq. of Tassaggard, Sag- 
gard, CO. Dublin ; and of 36, Upper 
Mount-street, Dublin, Ireland, J.P., 
CO. Dublin, who was educated at 
Trinity College, Dublin ; third son of 
the late John Verschoyle, Esq. of 
Stillorgan House, co. Dublin (who 
d. 1840), by Margaret, his wife, 
daughter of John Stuart, Esq. of 
Dromespil, co. Tyrone ; and has issue, 
besides five daughters, two sons, the 
elder of whom is the Rev. John Stuart 
Verschoyle, B.A., of Pembroke College, 
Cambridge, curate of Holy Trinity, 
St. Marylebone, London, b. 1858. 

II. Catherine Wilhelmina, nnm. 

Arms — Arg. a chev. vert between three 
bugle-horns sa., stringed gu. Crest — A stag 
trippant ppr. Motto — Divini gloria ruris. 

Seiidence — Thurnby, Newtown, New 
South Wales, Australia. 

lamtton of ©oiart. 

SHANK, K.C.B., LL.D., of Hobart, Tasmania, governor of Tasmania, 
b. 30th August, 1836; educated at Aberdeen University (M.A. 1857, LL.D. 
1885) ; m. first, 18th August, 1863, Caroline Jane Ball, daughter of Frederick 
Augustus Geary, Esq. of Putney, co. Surrey, which lady d. 1875 ; and, 



secondly, 4tli July, 1877, Teresa Felicia, daugliter of Major Reynolds, 57th 
regiment; and has issue, 

I. John Zachary Macaalay, l. 5th January, 1865. 

II. Robert William. 

III. Henry Wallace Beainer. 

IV. Alan Woodforde Ball. 

V. Frederick Geary. 

VI. Gavin Macaulay. 

I. Anne Sophie Henrietta, m. 7th April, 1890, at St. David's Cathedral, 

Hobart, Theyre A'Beckett Weigall, Esq. of Melbourne, barrister, 
eldest son of Theyre Weigall, Esq. of Melbourne. 

II. Mary Caroline. 

Sir R. G. C. Hamilton entered the Civil Service in 1855, in which year he 
went to the Crimea in the commissariat establishment. He became accountant 
to the Education Office from 1861 to 1869 ; and to the Board of Trade from 
1869 to 1872 ; assistant-secretary to the Board of Trade, 1872 to 1878 ; 
accountant-general of the Navy, 1878 to ] 882 ; secretary to the Admiralty in 
1882 ; in that year he undertook the duties of under-secretary for Ireland, and 
was permanently appointed to that office in 1883 ; but retired in December, 
1886. In 1884, he received the distinction of K.C.B. From 1874 to 1875, 
he was secretary to the Civil Service Commissioners ; and was appointed 
governor of Tasmania, 1887. 


Eev. Gavin Hamilton, of Hoy, Orkney, 
N.B., m. Helen {d. 1S06), sister of Zacliary 
Macaulay, Esq., the father of Lord Macaulay, 
and died in 1846, leaving a son, 

Rev. Zachary Macatiiat Hamilton, 
D.D., minister of Bressay, Shetland, N.B., 
m. 1832, Anne Irvine (d. 1840), daughter of 
G-eorge Crookshank, Esq. of Orkney, N.B., 
and d. in 1876, leaving issue, 

KoBEUT Geobge Ceookshank (Sir), 

K.C.B., LL.D., of Hohart. 
Anne Helen Macaulay, m. Charles Hay, 
Esq., but has no issue. 

Margaret Lendrum Logie, m. David 
Edmondston, Esq. of Buness, Shet- 
land, and d. having had issue, two 
sons and three daughters. 

Penelope Macaiday, m. Dr. Edmondston, 
and is now deceased. 

Crest used — Issuing owt of a dwcal coronet 
or, an oak tree fructed and penetrated trans- 
versely hi/ a frame saiv all ppr. Motto — - 

Residence — Government House, Hobart, 

agauson of €rciIUoime. 

WILSON, SIR SAMUEL, Knight, of Ercildoune, Anakie, Victoria, 
Australia, and of 9, Grosvenor- square, London, resident at Hnghenden 
Manor, Bucks, England, D.L. for Middlesex, M.P. for Portsmouth, h. at 
Ballycloughaii, co. Antrim, Ireland, 7th February, 1832 ; mi. 1861, Jeanne, 
eldest daughter of Hon. William Campbell, M.L.C. of Victoria, by his wife, 
Isabella Cameron, and has issue, 

I. Gordon Chesney, h. 1st August, 1865. 

II. Wilfrid, h. 3rd March, 1872. 

III. Chesney Clarence, h. 2nd March, 1873. 
iv. Herbert Hayden, l. 4th February, 1875. 



1 . Adeline Constance. 

ir. Maud Margaret. 

III. Florence Mabel. 
This gentleman, who was educated at Ballymena Academy, co. Antrim, 
Ireland, emigrated to Australia, where his brothers had preceded him thii-teen 
years previously, and arrived in Melbourne in May, 1852. After visiting the 
goldfields with some degree of success, he entered into pastoral pursuits, subse- 
quently, in conjunction with his brothers, purchasing Longerenong, one of the 
best stations on the Wimmera ; and afterwards, Yanko station, Murrumbidgee, 
New South Wales, with other properties. He was twice elected a member of 
the Legislative Assembly of Victoria for the Wimmera ; and was twice elected 
(first in 1875) to the Upper House of Legislature for the Western Province. 
He built the " Wilson Hall," of the Melbourne University ; introduced the 
salmon into Australian waters ; is the author of works entitled : Salmon at 
the Antipodes, The Angora Goat, and other valuable papers on acclimatisation. 
Sir Samuel Wilson was vice-president of the Melbourne International 
Exhibition of 1880, and a royal commissioner for the Fisheries Exhibition in 
1883. He unsuccessfully contested the county of Londonderry in 1881, and 
the northern division of Buckinghamshire in 1885, and was returned to 
Parliament, as M.P. for Portsmouth, in 1886 ; knighted in 1875. 


SlE Samtjel Wilsox is paternally of a 
branch of the family of Wilson, settled in 
the north of Ireland. In the female line he 
claims descent from the ancient histi ric 
house of Kirkpatiick, of Closeburn, Dum- 
friesshire, traceable back to Ivone Kirk- 
PATKICK, who lived in the time of David I, 
and witnessed a charter of Robert Brus, Lord 
of Annandale, to the monks of Abbeyholm. 
In the troublous times of the latter half of 
the 17th century, three brothers (so says 
tradition) of the chief of the Closeburn 
family, crossed in an open boat from Gallo- 
way to the county of Antrim, landed at the 
Gi-iant's Causeway, and settled in the north 
of Ireland, where several families descended 
from them are still resident. One of these, 

James Kiekpateick, of Kinflay, co. An- 
trim, had a daughter, Elizabeth Kiek- 
pateick, b. in 1740 ; m. 1759, John Wilson, 
of Birneyhill (6. 1719 ; d. 1789), and had ten 
sons and two daughters. Of the former the 
seventh son, 

SAiirEt Wilson, of Ballycloughan, co. 
Antrim, b. 1775, m. 1808, Mary, daughter 
of Samuel Smyley, of Dunard, by his wife, 
Sarah Henry, of Fairview, Dungiven. They 
had issue, six sons and five daughters, viz., 

I. Wniiam, m. twice, and d. leaving two 
sons and four daughters. 

II. John, m. 1852, Anna M'Neill, and 
had issvie, Alfred, d. s.p. ; Anna, m. 
Captain Bridges, R.N. ; and Minnie. 

III. Charles, m. 1859, Elizabeth Leece, 
and had issue, Harold Charles and 
Frances Annie. 

IV. David, m. Margaret Kitson, and has 
three daughters, Louise, m. Arthur 
Aitken; Marguerite; and Georgina. 

V. Alexander, m. 1847, Marion Mackin- 
non, and has issue, five sons and two 

VI. SAJirEL (Sir), now of Ercildounc, 
and 9, Grosvenor-square. 

I. Ehza, m. 1833, Francis McCaughey, 
and d. leaving issue : 1. Samuel 
McCaughey, an extensive landowner 
m Australia, and one of the largest 
sheepowners in the world ; 2. John ; 
3. David; 1. Elizabeth, m. Dr. Whitley, 
and has issue ; 2. Mary, m. Rev. W. 
McKay, of Garvagh, and has issue; 
3. Jane, m. Hugh Stewart, and has 
issue; 4. Louisa, m. John McKay, 
M.D., and has issue; 5. Anna, m. R. 
Smith, and has issue; 6. Margarctta, 
■m. Thomas Smith, and has issue; and 
7. Charlotte, m. John M. Chesney, 
J. P., and has issue. 

II. Sarah Jane, m. James Hamill, M.D., 
and has issue. 

III. Mary, m. 1850, Thomas Kelly, who 
d. s.p. 

IV. Rose Anna, m. Robert Chesney, and 
d. leaving issue. 

V. Margaretta, d. unin. 1852, aged 17 

Mr. Wilson d. in 1846. 

Arms — Per pale sa. and gu. a wolf ramp, 
or. charged on the shoulder with an estoile 
gu. between four mullets in cross of the 


third, on a chief of the last a representation 
of the end elevation of the Wilson Hall of 
the Melbourne University between two salmon 
naiant ppr. Crest — A demi-lion or. charged 
on the shoulder with an estoile gu. and rest- 
ing the dexter paw on an escocheon per pale 
sa. and gu. thereon a wolf's head erased, also 
or. Motto — Semper vigilans. 

Town House — 9, Grosvenor-square, London, 

Residence — Hughenden Manor, High Wy- 
combe, Bucks. 

Estate — Ercildoune, Anakie, Victoria, Aus- 

Chihs — Carlton ; Conservative ; Constitu- 
tional ; and Bachelors' ; all in London. 

Coffin (A JSarrinston. 

COFFIN, HON. THOMAS, of Barrington, Shelburne county, Nova 
Scotia, Canada, sworn of the privy conncil, and appointed receiver- 
general 7tli November, 1873, sat for Shelburne in N.S. Assembly from I85I 
to 1855, and again from 1859 until the Union. Returned to Commons for 
present seat in 1867, again in 1872, afterwards on his appointment to office, 
and at last general election ; h. 27th February, 1816, at Barrington, m. first, 
12th May, 1840, at Barrington, Sarah, daughter of Prince Doane, Esq. of 
Barrington, by Lydia, his wife (she was h. 31st December, 1819, at Barrington, 
and d. there 2nd September, 1870), by whom he has had issue, 

I. Thomas Henry, h. at Barrington 10th May, 1845, m. 25th May, 1870, 

Sarah L., daughter of Warren Doane, Esq., by Sarah, his wife, and 
d. at Barrington 11th July, 1870. 

II. William Doane, h. at Barrington 2Ist April, 1852, d. there 6th June, 


III. Fred Ashley, of Ottawa, in the Finance Department, Government 

service, I. at Bari-ington 12th February, 1858, m. at Windsor, 22nd 
November, 1883, Jessie May Merril. 

IV. Edgar Horner, h. 6th April, 1859, at Barrington. 

V. Harold Doane, h. 28th March, 1865, at Barrington. 

I. Emma Jane, h. 17th February, 1847, at Barrington, d. there 16th July, 


II. Jessie, h. 24th November, 1850, at Barrington, m. 1st February, 1871, 

H. Wilson Crowell, Esq., son of William Ci'owell, Esq., by Letatia, 
his wife. 

III. Ella Sarah, h. 22nd August, 1856, at Barrington, d. there 1st June, 

He m. secondly, 31st December, 1870, at Barrington, Adeline, daughter of 
John Cofian, Esq. of Barrington, by Azuba Ann, his wife, and has had issue 
by her, 

VI. Leverett Austin, I. 23rd March, 1872, at Barrington. 

VII. Herbert Kay, h. 2nd September, 1873, at Barrington. 

VIII. Thomas Roy, I. 17th March, 1874, at Barrington. 

IX. Kenneth, h. 28th July, 1879, at Barrington. 

IV. Mary Veit, h. 6th February, 1876, at Barrington, d. 23rd July, 


V. Ethel Lena, h. 11th May, 1881, d. 17th June, 1884. 

VI. Esther Margaret, I. 28th August, 1885. 




Sii' Richard CofBn, knight, accompanied 
William the Conquehob from Normandy 
to England in the year 1066, and the manor 
of Alwington, co. Devon, was assigned to 

The authorities who have written respect- 
ing the CO. of Devon make honourable men- 
tion of Sir Elias Coffin, knight, of Clist 
and Ingarby, in the days of King John ; of 
Sir KicHAED Coffin, of Alwington, temp. 
Heney II ; of Sir Jeffrey Coffin, of 
Coombe Coffin, under Heney III, who 
granted, a.d. 1254, to Richard Coffin and his 
heirs for ever, free warren in all his demesne 
and lands of Alwington, in the co. of Devon ; 
and of other knights, descendants of these, 
during successive reigns, till the time of 
Heney VIII, when we find Sir William 
Coffin sheriff of Devonshire, and being 
highly preferred at court, master of the 
horse at the coronation of Anne Boleyn, a 
gentleman of the privy chamber, and after- 
wards one of the eighteen assistants of Eing 
Heney VIII at the tournament of G-uienne, 
in France, a.d. 1519. This Sir William 
Coffin was also high steward of the manor 
and liberties of Stanton, co. Hertford. At 
his death he humbly bequeathed to his 
master, Heney VIII, all his hawks, his best 
horses, and a cart, and, leaving no issue, he 
conveyed the manor of East Higginton, in 
the parish of Besryn Arbor, with all his 
other estates in Devon, to his eldest brother's 
son, RicHAED Coffin, Esq. of Portledge. 

Nicholas Coffin, Esq. of Butler's 
Parish, co. Devon, d. in 1603 ; will proved at 
Totnes, co. Devon, 3rd November, 1603, in 
which he mentions his five children, viz., 
Peteb, of whom presently, Nicholas, Trist- 
ram, John, and Anne. 

Petee Coffin, Esq., m. Joanna Thimber, 
and d. in 1627 or 1628, leaving four 
daughters and two sons, one of whom, 

Teisteam Coffin, Esq., the ancestor of 
the numerous families of that name now in 
Canada, was b. at Brixton, near Plymouth, 
CO. Devon, 1605, emigrated to New England 
in 164.2, and settled at Nantacket, where 
several of his descendants were raised to the 
bench. He m. Dionis Stevens, and d. at 
Nantucket 2nd October, 1681, having had 

I. Petee (Hon.), of whom hereafter. 

II. Tristram, 6. 1632, d. 4th February, 

III. James, h. 12th August, 1640, d. 
28th August, 1720. 

IV. John, d. 30th October, 1642. 

V. John, d. 5th September, 1711. 

VI. Stephen, d. 14th November, 1734. 

I. EUzabelh, I. 1634, d. 9th November, 

II. Deborah, d. 8th December, 1642. 

III. Mary, d. 13th November, 1717. 

The eldest son, 
Hon. Petee Coffin, b. 1631, m. Abigal 

Starbuck, and d. 21st March, 1715, having 
had issue, 

I. Peter, b. 20th August, 1660, m. Eliza- 
beth Starbuck (who was b. 9th Sep- 
tember, 1665, and d. in 1731), and d. 
November, 1699, having had issue, 

1. Tristram, b. 26th April, 1685. 

2. Nathaniel, b. 26th March, 1687. 

3. Samuel, b. 26th February, 1689. 

4. Barnabus, b. 12th February, 

1. Abigal, b. 9th July, 1683. 

2. Eunice, b. 23rd September, 1693. 

3. Jemima, b. 1695. 

II. Jetheo, of whom presently. 

III. Tristram, b. 18th January, 1665. 
IT. Robert, b. 1667. 

T. Edward, b. 20th February, 1669. 

I. Abigal, b. 21st October, 1657. 

II. Judith, b. 1672. 

III. Parnel. 

IV. Elizabeth, b. 27th January, 1680. 

V. Eliphalet. 

The second son, 

Jetheo Coffin, Esq., b. 16th September, 
1663, m. Mary Gardner (who was b. 27th 
May, 1670, and d. 28th October, 1767), and 
d. in 1726, having had issue, 

I. John, of whom presently. 

II. Josiah, b. 28th July, 1698, d. 1780. 

III. Robert, b. 11th April, 1704, d. 

IT. Peter. 
T. Edward. 

I. Margaret, b. 10th June, 1689. 

II. PriscLlla, b. 26th December, 1691, d. 

III. Abigal, b. 12th February, 1701, d. 

The eldest son, 

John Coffin, Esq., b. 12th April, 1694, 
m. Lydia Grardner (who d. in 1788), and d. 
in 1768, having had issue, 

I. Jethro, d. in 1809. 

II. Peter, d. in 1799. 

III. Richard. 

IT. Hezekiah, d. in 1810. 
V. John, of whom presently. 

I. Deborah, d. in 1816. 

II. Lydia. 

III. Parnel. 

The fifth and youngest son, 

John Coffin, Esq. of Barrington, Nova 
Scotia, b. at Nantucket, 14th August, 1727, 
removed to Nova Scotia after the American 
Revolution, m. Mary Davis (wlio was b. 20th 
November, 1729), and d. at Barrington, 
having had issue, 

I. John, b. 31st December, 1752. 

II. Petee, of whom presently. 

III. Tristram, b. 3rd June, 1762. 
IT. Zebulon, b. 4th April, 1764. 
T. Seth, b. 18th February, 1768. 
Ti. Josiah, b. 8th October, 1770. 



I. Mary, b. 23rd October, 1754. 

II. Margaret, b. 23rd June, 1756. 

III. Lydia, b. 1760. 

IV. Mary, b. 25th December, 1766. 
The second son, 

Petbb Coffin, Esq. of Barrington, Nova 
Scotia, b. 12th October, 1758, at Nantucket, 
m. Esther Doane (who was b. at Barrington 
12th October, 1761), and d. at Barrington, 
having had issue, 

I. Thomas, of whom presenlly. 

II. Peter, b. 22nd July, 1804.. 

I. Mary, b. 23rd August, 1784. 

II. Margaret, b. 1790. 

III. Anna, h. 20th January, 1793. 

IV. Elizabeth, b. 1795. 

V. Letitia, b. 22nd June, 1798. 

VI. Flavilla, b. 18th February, 1800.. 

The elder son, 

Thomas Coffin, Esq. of Bai-rington, b. 
there 17th June, 1787, in. Margaret, daughter 
of the late Joseph Horner, Esq., a united 
empire loyalist, and for many years collector 
of Customs at Barrington, Nova Scotia, and 
by her (who was h. at Barrington, 16th 
August, 1790) had issue, 

I. James D., b. 12th March, 1814. 

II. Thomas (Hon.), of Barrington, of 
whom we treat. 

III. Joseph, b. 12th November, 1817. 

IV. William, b. 23rd April, 1828. 

I. Esther, b. 19th November, 1812. 

II. Abigal, b. 23rd August, 1820. 

III. Margaret, b. 1823. 

IV. Mary Ann, b. 24th January, 1830. 

V. Joanna, b. 20th October, 1834. 

Residence — Barrington, Shelburne co., 
Nova Scotia, Canada. 

BUNDET, HON. WILLIAM HENRY, Q.O., of Zephyrside, Molesworth- 
street, North Adelaide, South Australia, judge of the Supreme Court 
of South Australia, h. 30th January, 1838 ; arrived ia South Australia, with 
his parents, in 1848 ; was called to the South Australian Bar 1865 ; Q.C. 1878 ; 
entered Parliament in 1872; held- office as minister of justice and education, 
2nd July, 1874, to 15th March, 1875; appointed attorney-general of South 
Australia, 27th September, 1878; held that office until 1881, and in 1884 was 
appointed third judge of the Supreme Court. Mr. Justice Bundey was for six 
years captain of volunteers, and for ten years prior to 1884 commodore of 
South Australian Yacht Club. He m. 28th March, 1865, Ellen Wardlaw, 
daughter of the Hon. Sir William Milne, knt. (1876), of Sunnyside, South 
Australia, late president of the Legislative Council of South Australia, by 
Eliza, his wife, daughter of John Disher, Esq., of South Australia, and has an 
only child, 

Ellen Milne. 


The Hon. Mr. Justice Bundey's paternal 
grandfather was a Hampshire yeoman, and 
his father, James Bundey, Esq. of Bashley 
Manor, Christchurcb, Hampshire, England, 
m. Harriett (rf. 1872), daughter of James 

Gower Lockyer, Esq. of Exbury, Hampshire, 
and d. in 1849. 

Residence — Zephyrside, Moleswortb -street. 
North Adelaide, South Australia. 

Clubs — Adelaide, Der Deutsche. 

MOLESWORTH, SIR ROBERT, Knt., late of Edlington, Melbourne, 
Victoria, Australia, judge of the Supreme Court at Victoria, 1856 to 
1886, 6. in Dublin, 3rd November, 1806 ; m. 6th January, 1840, Heni-ietta, 
daughter of the Rev. Joseph England Johnson, and d. at Auburn, 18th 
October, 1890, having by her (who d. 1879) had, 

Swtitb Stnith Stnitli-TxfttJ^r 

of fflavrjjjjfutU? of Gitvdmt Brook of jftanlu unci WoUoitgong 

^nwccii {Be tit Wilsfott 

of Pinjjtvrab Piifk of StKilDn autt ©oolpa. of €!,rrtli>outt?. 



Hickman (His Honour), barrister-at-law, and, since 188G, judg-e of the 
Court of Insolvency, Victoria, formerly County Court judge, 6. 23rd 
February, 1842, m. first, 9th July, 1868, Eliza Emily, second daughter 
of William Rutledge, Esq. of Farnham Park, Warrnambool, 
Victoria, J. P., member of the Legislative Assembly, and one of the 
earliest and best known of the pioneers of the Colony of Victoria 
(see Rutledge op Werronggurt), and has issue, 

1. Robert Arthur, h. 6th Jaly, 1871. 

2. William Farnham, b. 7th March, 1874. 

1. Enid Josephine. 

2. Emily Maud. 

He on. secondly, 15th June, 1882, Alice Henrietta, daughter of Dr. 
Ffloyd Minter Peck, of Sale, Gippsland, Victoria, previously of 
Newmarket, and by her has issue, Elaine, Lynette, and one other, 
ir. Robert Arthur, b. 15th April, 1843; m. 10th June, 1874, Flora 
MacDonald, second daughter of John Matheson, Esq., and has issue, 

1. John Matheson, b. 16th February, 1878. 

2. Robert Hickman, b. 24th November, 1879. 

3. William Edwin. 

I. Elizabeth Josephine, m. 10th March, 1869, to George Edmeades 
Tolhurst, Esq., and has issue. 

Sir Robert was educated at Trinity College, Dublin (B.A. 1826, M.A. 1833), 
was called to the Bar, 1828 ; emigrated to Adelaide in 1852, proceeded to 
Melbourne the following year, and was called to the Victorian Bar ; the same 
year was for a short time acting chief justice ; solicitor-general for Victoria 
from 1854 to 1856, when he was created a judge of the Supreme Court, which 
office he resigned May, 1886, and the same year received the honour of 


The family descends from 

Sib Walter Moleswoeth, an eminent 
soldier, temp. Edward I, who accompanied 
that monarch to the Holy Land, and w as con- 
stituted, in the 26th of the same reign, sheriff 
of the counties of Bedford and Bucks for ten 
years. From Sir Walter we pass to his 

Sir Koger Molesworth, of Huntingdon- 
shire, "whose son, 

John Molesworth, Esq. of Helpeston, in 
Northamptonshire, was escheator of the co. 
Rutland. He d. in 1542, and was s. by his 

JoHK Molesworth, Esq., who m. Mar- 
garet, daughter and heir of William Westcott, 
Esq. of Hansacre, in Staffordshire, and had, 
with other issue, 

Anthony, his successor. 
John, of Pitcarrow, ancestor of the Baronets 

The elder of these, 

Anthony Molesworth, Esq., «?. Cicely, 
daughter and heir of Thomas Hurland, Esq. 
of Fotheringay, co. Northampton, and fixed 
VOL. I. 

his residence there ; but from hberal habits 
and the expenses incurred by entertaining 
Queen Elizabeth at his seat, Mr. Moles- 
worth became so much involved in debt, that 
he disposed of the greater part of his landed 
possessions to discharge the incumbi-ances. 
His elder son, 

William Molesworth, Esq., m. Mary; 
daughter of Sir Francis Palmes, of Ashwell, 
CO. Rutland, and left three sons, 

Guy, colonel of horse in the Royal Army 
during the Civil Wars. 

Edward, captain of foot, 1642, and sub- 
sequently major-general, m. Miss Hat- 
bean. He d. leaving three daughters, 
Mary, Jane, and Frances. 


The third son, 

Robert Molesworth, Esq., was also a 
military officer during the civil wars in 
Ireland, and after that kingdom was delivered 
up by the Marquess of Ormonde to the Par- 
liament of Eiiffland, he became an adventurer 
for continuing hostilities, in order to reduce 
it to obedience, by making three several sub- 



scriptions, two of £600 each, and one of £300, 
for which he obtained two thousand five 
hundi-ed acres of land in the baronies of 
Moghergallin and Lune, co. Meath. He was 
subsequently an eminent merchant in Dublin. 
He m. Judith, eldest daughter and co-heir of 
John Bysse, Esq., who was afterwards lord 
chief baron of the Exchequer in Ireland; 
and dying 3rd September, 1656, was s. by his 
only child, 

KoBERT MoLESWORTH, who, having been 
ambassador at the Court of Denmark for 
several years, was advanced to the peerage of 
Ireland, 16th July, 1716, as Baeon of 
Philipstown and Viscount Molesworth. 
His lordship m. Letitia, third daughter of 
Richard Coote, Lord Colooney, by whom he 

I. John, second viscount, ambassador at 
the court of Tuscany and Sardinia in 
1710 and 1720. His 'lordship m. Mary, 
daughter and co-heir of Thomas Mid- 
dleton, Esq. of Stanstcd Montfichet, 
CO. Essex, by whom he left a post- 
humous daughter, Mary, m. in 1751, 
to Frederick Gore, Esq., M.P. The 
viscount d. 18th February, 1726, when 
the honours devolved upon bis brother, 

II. Richard, s. his brother as third 
viscount. This nobleman, who was 
aide-de-camp to the Duke of Marl- 
borough at the battle of Ramilies, and 
had the good fortune to save his 
grace's life in the engagement, attained 
the rank of field-marshal in the army, 
and filled the offices of master-general 
of the ordnance, and commander-in- 
chief of his majesty's forces in Ireland. 
His lordship >?;. 6rst,Miss Jane Lucas, 
by whom (who d. 1st April, 1742) he 
had three daughters, viz., 

Mary, m. to Robert Rochford, Earl 

of Belvedere. 
Letitia, m. 2nd October, 1753, to 
lieutenant-colonel James Moles- 
worth, and d. in 1787. 
Amelia, d. itnm. 30th January, 1758. 
His lordship m. secondly, Mary, 
daughter of tlie Rev. William Usher, 
archdeacon of Clonfert, and by that 
lady (who d. 6th May, 1763) had 

Richard Nassau, fourth viscount, 
who d. 23rd June, 1793, when the 
honours reverted to his cousin, 
Robert, fifth viscount (refer to 
William, third son of first vis- 
Henrietta, m. 10th October, 1774, 
to the Right Hon. John Staples. 
Twho were burnt to death 
,, , . with their mother, the 

Melosina, I ^ig^ountess, at their 
^^^7' house in London, 6th 

l_May, 1763. 
Louisa, m. first, to William, first 
liord Ponsonby ; and secon(dy, to 
■William, fourth Earl Fitzwilliam, 
and d. Ist September, 1824. 

Elizabeth, in. to James Stewart, 
Esq. of Killymoon, co. Tyrone, 
and d. 30th April, 1835. 
The viscount d. in 1758, and was s. by 
his son, Richard Nassau, fourth 
III. William, captain in the wars with 
Spain, M.P. for Philipstown, and a 
commissioner of trade and plantations ; 
m. in 1726, Anne, eldest daughter of 
Robert Adair, Esq., of Holybrook, co. 
Wicklow, and had issue, 

1. Robert, who s. liis cousin Richard 
Nassau as fifth viscount. His 
lordship m. 18th August, 1761, 
Mary Anne, daughter of Israel 
AUeyne, Esq. of Cork, and by 
her (who d. 2nd August, 1819) 
left issue, 

I. William John, sixth viscount. 
This nobleman having adop- 
ted the profession of arms, 
attained the rank of major- 
general, with the lieutenant- 
colonelcy of the 9th Regi- 
ment of Foot. His lordship 
and the viscountess were un- 
fortunately lost on board the 
"Arniston" transport, near 
the Cape of Good Hope, on 
their passage from Ceylon, 
30th May, 1815, when the 
honours reverted to his cousin, 
Richard Pigott Molesworth, 
Esq., who became seventh 

II. Walter, d. in 1783. 

III. Robert, b. 16th April, 1768 ; 
m. 27th September, 1793, 
Mary, eldest daughter of 
Charles, fourth Viscount 
Ranelajh, by whom (who d. 
25th February, 1814) he left 
at his decease, in April, 1814, 

1. Henrietta Sarah, d. 9tli 
February, 1834. 

2. Mary Annette, d. 27th 
February, 1831. 

IV. Richard, d. 19th September, 

I. Anne, m. first, 27th Decem- 
ber, 1792, to John Foster 
Hill, Esq. ; and secondly, in 
1807, to the Baron de Mallet, 
and d. leaving issue. 

II. Jane, m. to Johu Stephen- 
son, Esq., and is deceased. 

Robert, fifth viscount, d. 29th 
January, 1813, and was •?. by 
his only surviving son, William 

2. John, d. iniiii. 

3. Richard, h. in 1737 ; m. Catherine, 
daughter of Francis Cobb, Esq. of 
Twickenham, and at his decease, 
29th September, 1799, left issue, 

Richard Pigott, who s. his 
cousin, William John as 
seventh viscount, 5. 23rd Julv, 



1786, and d. ttmn. 20th June, 
1875, when he was s. by his 
nephew, Samuel, present and 
eighth viscount. 
Francis, lieutenant K.N., d. s.p. 

23rd May, 1812. 
John, captain R.N., b. July, 1789 ; 
m. 6th February, 1828, Louisa, 
daughter of Eev. Dr. Tomkyns, 
of Buckeiihill Park, co. Here- 
ford, and d. l-lth August, 1858, 
having had by her, vi-ho d. llth 
August, 1873 (with two daugh- 
ters,* Margaret Letitia, m. 4th 
April, 1886, to Rev. Charles 
Richard de Havilland, M.A. ; 
and *Mary Louisa, m. 8th 
November, 1876, to the Rev. 
Edward Carr, LL.D., vicar of 
St. Helens, co. Lancaster, proc- 
tor in Convocation, and hono- 
i-ary canon of Liverpool, who d. 
1886) a son, 

Samuel (Rev.), M.A., pre- 
sent Viscount Moles- 
worth, of Swords, 00. 
Dublin, and Baron 
Philipstown, of Philips- 
town, in the King's 
County, in Ireland ; of 
St. Petrock rectory, St. 
Issey, CO. Cornwall, of 3, 
Palace-gate, London, and 
of the Carlton and Clergy 
Clubs, rector of St. Pet- 
rock, CO. Cornwall ; b. 
19th December, 1829 ; 
s. as 8th viscount, on the 
decease of his uncle, 
20th June, 1875. His 
lordship m. 1st, at Paris, 
6th May, 1862, Georgina 
Charlotte Cecil, youngest 
daughter and co-heir of 
George Bagot Gossett, 
Esq., 4th Dragoon 
Guards, by his wife, 
Charlotte Dougla«, after- 
wards Marchesa di Vin- 
chiaturo, and by her 
(who d. 22nd January, 
1879) has issue, 

I. George Bagot, lieu- 
tenant 3rd battalion 
Duke of Cornwall's 
Light Infantry ; b. 
6th June, 1867. 

II. Charles Richard, 
b. 3rd January, 

III. Arthur Ernest 
Parnell, b. Ist May, 

IV. Samuel Percy, b. 
29t.h July, 1873. 

I. Andalusia Louisa 

* Granted a patent of precedence as the 
daughters of a viscount. 

Charlotte Georgina. 
m. 30th April, 1887, 
Athelstan Laurie, 
only son of John 
Riley, Esq., barris- 
ter-at-law, of the 
Inner Temple, and 
has issue. 
II. Charlotte Joseph- 
ine Elizabeth, m. 
16th October, 1883, 
Rev. Henry Edward 
James Bevan, B.A., 
vicar of St. .An- 
drew's, Stoke New- 
ington, London, and 
has issue. 
III. Gwen Gertrude 
Lord Molesworth m. 
2ndly, 23rd Januarv, 
1883, Agnes, daughter of 
Dugald Dove, Esq. of 
Nutshill, CO. Renfrew. 
Anthony Oliver, Captain R A., 
b. 1793 ; m. first, 26th April, 
1827, Jane, daughter of John 
Potter, Esq., and secondly, 
7th July, 1835, Grace Jane, 
daughter of Morgan Crofton, 
Esq., barrister-at-law, and d. 
9th July, 1848, having by the 
latter had issue, 1. Richard, 
major late Royal Dragoons, 
b. '3rd May, 1836; m. 24th 
July, 1861, Mary Louisa, 
eldest daughter of Charles 
Augustus Stewart, Esq. of 
High Leigh, co. Chester, and 
has surviving issue, Richard 
Bevil, b. 10th November, 
1870; Lionel Charles, b. 
1874 ; Mary Cicely Caroline, 
Louisa Juliet Marion, and 
Katharine Olive Theodora ; 
2. Morgan Crofton, captain 
R.E., b. 1837 ; m. 30th April, 
1862, Georgina, only child of 
A. Duke, Esq. of Rugby, and 
d. 10th July, 1867, leaving 
issue, Herbert Crofton St. 
George, lieutenant R.A., b. 
1st February, 1863, Lilian 
Mary Grace, and Georgina 
Beatrice ; 3. Anthony Oliver, 
retired lieutenant-colonel 
R.A., b. 1839; m. l3rd 
March, 1865, Anne, youngest 
daughter of Major Hope 
Smith, of Cruicksfield, co. 
Berwick, and has issue, 
William, b. 1865; Hugh 
Wilson, b. 1870; Ernest 
Kerr, b. 1878; Francis 
Crofton, b. 1880 ; Anthony 
Oliver, b. 1882 ; Evelyn, 
Maud St. George, Winifred 
Grace, and Rose Miriam ; 4. 
William Robert, R.A., b. 
1841, d. in Bermuda, 15th 
F 2 



September, 1864; 1. Mary, 
711. IStli January, 1863, to the 
Kev. William Sykes, M.A., 
chaplain to the forces, Can- 
terbury, CO. Kent ; 2. Kate 
Charlotte Eleanor, m. 21st 
July, 1880, to Thomas Duke, 
Ksq., son of T. A. Duke, 
Esq. of Clapham ; 3 Grace 
Jane Sarah, m. 27th July, 
1869, Kev. John Marshall 
CoUard, M.A., of Friar-park, 
Henley-on-Thames, co. Ox- 
ford ; 4. Amelia Frances, m. 
30th August, 1881, Eev. 
Walter Oswald Wait, M.A., 
B.C.L., curate of St. Matthew, 
Eugby, CO. Warwick. 

James Thomas, d. 13th July, 

Wilhelmina, m. 5th May, 1804, 
to Bartholomew Jeffery, Esq., 
■who d. 1842; she 'd. 7th 
May, 1866. 

St. George Catherine, d. in 
France, 4th May, 1858. 

Salome Letitia, relict of Kev. 
John Boucher, d. 1829. 

1. Letitia, m. to Captain George 
Johnstone, and d. in 1764. 

2. Elizabeth, m. to Richard Holmes, 

3. Juliana. 

4. Jane. 

5. Amelia Charlotte, m. 20th 
August, 1770, to Knight Mitchell, 
Esq., and d. 12th November, 

6. Isabella, in. J. Clootwyk, Esq., 
and d. 1786. 

ly. Edward (major), who left by Mary, 
his third vs'ife, two sons, 

1. John, vi'ho m. Frances, eldest 
daughter of Matthew Hill, 
Esq., and d. 24th April, 1791, 

John Edward Nassau, D.D., 
vicar of Rochdale, b. in 1790, 
m. first, 28th November, 
1815, Harriet, daughter of 
William Maokinnon, Esq., 
and by her (who d. in 1850) 
had issue, 1. Willinm Nassau 
(Rev.), M.A., hon canon of 
Manchester, and vicar of 
Spotland, Rochdale, co. Lan- 
caster; b. SthNovember, 1816 ; 
in. 3rd September, 1844, 
Margaret, daughter of George 
Murray, Esq. of Ancoats 
Hall, Manchester, and has 
surviving issue, James Mur- 
ray, b. 19th January, 1849 ; 
Alexander, b. 8th September, 
1851 ; William Nassau, b. 
28th October, 1853 ; m. 1^82, 
Clara, daughter of Thomas 
Healey, Esq. of Howarth 
Cross, and has, Dorotliy 
Nassau, b. 1883; Murray 

Crompton, b. 14th March, 
1856 ; Robert Francis Stuart, 
1862; and Margaret, b. 28th 
December, 1860 ; 2. John, b. 
1818 ; in. 5tli October, 1847, 
Mary, daughter of Laurence 
Newall, Esq. of Littleboro', 
and rf. 21st December, 1886, 
leaving by her (who d. 7th 
September, 1878) issue, Ed- 
ward Newall Molesworth 
Hepworth, b. 1848 ; m. 1880, 
Marion, daughter of Rev. 
Frank Ley Bazeley, M.A., 
vicar of North Molton-with- 
Twitchen, South Molton, co. 
Devon ; Frederick Nassau, b. 
25th October, 18.50 ; in. 14th 
August 1877, Emma Louisa, 
only daughter of John Henry 
Davenport, Esq., and has 
Eric Nassau, b. 1878 ; Henry 
Talbot, J. 1880; John Daven- 
port, b. 1885; John, b. 1858; 
m. 1885, Emily Maude, 
daughter of Rev. Henry 
Mitchell, M.A., F.S.A., rural 
dean, and vicar of Bosham, 
CO. Sussex, and has Helen, b. 
1886 ; Lawrence Teesdale, b. 
1864; William Mackinnon, b. 
1867 ; Sarah Emma, b. 1854 ; 
and Harriet Eleanor, b. 1856; 
Margaret Elise, m. 1885, 
Edward Ashwell Mitchell, 
Esq. ; Marion Patricia ; and 
Flora Hill; 3. Daniel, b. 
1821; 4. George Mill Frede- 
rick, of North Down Hall, 
Bideford, co. Devon, and of 
Town House, Littleboro', co. 
Lancaster, J. P., for cos. Lan- 
caster and Devon, and Com- 
mander R.N., retired, b. 14th 
September, 1825 ; m. 19th 
August, 1851, Sarah, daugh- 
ter of Lawrence Newall, Esq. 
of Town House, Littleboro', 
and by her has issue, Reginald 
Balfour, b. November, 1852; 
in. 19th April, 1888, Marian, 
daughter of Edward Thom- 
son, Esq. ; Geoi'ge Nassau, 
b. 4th June, 1856, d. 13th 
April, 1879 ; Arthur Hill, b. 
25th October, 1857 ; Harriet, 
d. an infant; Mary Capel, and 
Jessie Fitzgerald ; 5. Reynell 
Francis Wynn, M.A., rector 
of Washington, Durliam ; b. 
1827; m. first, 1851, Eleanor 
Jane, only daughter of the 
Rev. John Hilton, and by her 
has Francis Hilton, b. 1854 ; 
John Hilton (Rev.), M.A., 
vicar of St. Mark's, Peter- 
borough, and chaplain to the 
Bishop of Peterborough ; b. 
1856; Ernest Hilton (Rev.), 
B.A., curate of St. Mary's, 



Carlisle, h. 1858 ; m. 6th July, 
b. 19th May, 1858; Arthur 
Henry, b. 14th December, 
1886, Adeline, daughter of 
Rev. Charles King, M.A., 
prebendary or canon non- 
residentiary of Salisbury, and 
vicar of Stratford Castle, 
Salisbiu'y, Wilts, and has 
issue, a son, b. 20th August, 
1888; Arthur, B.A., barrister, 
b. 1860 ; Mary Agnes, b. 1852 ; 
and Eleanor Jane, b. 1862 ; 
he m. secondly, 27th July, 
1864, Frances Elizabeth, 
second and only surviving 
daughter of Admiral George 
Henderson, and has further 
issue, Rodney Henderson, 6. 
1865 ; Theodore Henderson, b. 
1872; Walter Henderson, b. 
1873; Bertha, b. 1868; and 
Dora, b. 1871 ; 6. Guildford 
Lindsey (Sir), K.C.I.E. 
(1888), CLE. (1879), of 
Harvington, Simla, consulting 
engineer to the Government 
of India for State railways, 
b. in 1828 ; m. 22nd August, 
1854, Maria Elizabeth, eldest 
daughter of John Thomas 
Bridges, Esq. of Walmer, by 
Harriet Elizabeth, his wife, 
daughter of Sir Robert 
Affleck, fourth baronet of 
Dalham, and has, Henry 
Bridges, b. 1855 ; Robert 
Bridges, S. 1863; GuyLayard 
Nassau, b. 1865 ; Percy Bray- 
brook, b. 1867, lieutenant 
R.E. ; Amy Frances, m. 1879, 
Charles Blair, Esq., C.E. ; 
Eva, b. 1858 ; Louisa Mary, 
b. 1860; m. 1881, Edward 
Augustus Dennys, Esq. ; 1. 
Harriet, m. 1st January, 
1856, to Samuel Crompton, 
Esq., M.D., of Brookmead, 
Cranleigh, Guildford, co. 
Surrey ; 2. Emma Frances, 
m. 1850 to George Poulden, 
Esq., barrister-at-law, who 
d. 1868 ; and 3. Louisa, m. 
1846, to the Rev. J. Edwards, 
who d. 1864. The Rev. 
Dr. Molesworth m. secondly, 
1854, Harriet Elizabeth, 
widow of John Thomas 
Bridges, Esq., and daughter 
of Rev. Sir Robert Affleck, 
bart., and d. 21st April, 
2. Robert, m. I7th November, 1773, 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Tuke, 
Esq., and had issue, 

Edward (major), b. 7th July, 
1775 ; who m. first, Elizabeth 
Dorothea, daughter of Red- 
mond de Montmorency, 
brother of first Viscount 

Frankfort, and by her 
(who d. 8th October, 1812) 

John Charles Villiers, cap- 
tain in the army, b. 18th 
October, 1800; m. 17th 
June, 1827, Maria Ca- 
therine, only child of 
the Rev. Roger Ford, 
and d. 1832, leaving, 
Elizabeth Maria Fre- 
derica ; m. 1852, to 
William Willans, 
Elizabeth Dorothea, m. 
Theophilus Boileau, 

Esq., and d. 8th May, 
Margaret Letitia, m. to 
Colonel John Hope, 
R.B., and d. 22nd July, 
Major Edward Molesworth 
in. secondly, Mary, daughter 

of Crane, Esq., 

and relict of Joseph True- 
man, Esq., and d. 14th June, 
1842, having bad by her, 

Edward Nassau, major 27tli 

Regiment, in. 1852, Mary 

Anne, daughter of John 

Hunt, Esq., and d. 30th 

April, 1868, having had 

issue, Edward Hogarth, 

captain Bengal Staff 

Corps, b. 1854; William, 

b. 1856 ; and Amy Ellen 


Emma d. ttnm. 

Arthur, captain Royal Marines, 

b. 24th March, 1786; m. 

21st August, 1809, Eleanor, 

only daughter of Lazarus 

Steele Roberts, Esq., M.D., 

and d. 30th January, 1859, 


Arthur John, lieutenant 
Royal Marines, b. 16th 
July, 1810, m. Sarah, 
eldest daughter of John 
Parks, Esq., and had 
Sarah Mary, Alice, and 
Letitia Jane. He d. 23rd 
August, 1857. 
Thomas Hooper, R.N., b. 
5th August, 1823; m. 
first, 1847, Harriet 
Morphitt, daughter of 
J. Parks, Esq. ; secondly 
Rosa, daughter of lieu- 
tenant Henry Walker, 
R.N., and had a daugh- 
ter, Isabel. 
Robert Sackville, b. 24th 
January, 1825 ; m., and 
d. in 1864, leaving issue, 
Constance Florence 

Emma Sackville, m. 
1883, Sydney K. Mus- 
pratt, Esq. 



Erasmus William Gray, 
b. 12th February, 
1830; d. 1863. 
Ellen Mary, m. 1st 
January, 1837, Peter 
Lund Simmonds, 

Caroline Julia. 
Clara, m. ] 854, to 
Robert Bruce Walker, 
Esq., and d. 9th June, 
Eichard Carr, major- 

general E.A., h. 23rd 
April, 1789; m. 24th 
May, 1810, Marianne, 
daughter of Thomas Tuke, 
Esq., M.D., and d. 11th 
February, 1859, having by 
her (who d. 24th March, 
1858) had, 

1. Thomas Edward, 
M.D., surgeon R.N. ; 
h. 5th July, 1813 ; m. 
3rd December, 1850, 
Marianne, daughter of 
Dover Farrant, Esq., 
E.M.A., and d. April, 
1873, leaving by her 
(who d. 2iid June, 
1867), Richard Far- 
rant, b. 3rd December, 
1851; d. 9th May, 
1856 ; Charles Ed- 
ward, b. 26th Septem- 
ber, 1853 ; m. first, 
19th August, 1882, 
Anne Ellen, daughter 
of John Terry, Esq. 
(she d. 24th April, 
1886) ; and secondly, 
Xatherine Marianne, 
daughter of Rev. 
Robert Airey ; Dover 
Nassau O'Dwyer, b. 
29th September, 1860 ; 
on. 18th May, 1882, 
Margaret, daughter of 
George Tiei-ney Fer- 
gusson, Esq., E.A., 

2. Henry Orlebar, b. 
10th June, 1817, d. 
October, 1881. 

3. Robert, b. 17th 
January, 1819. 

1. Mary Eliza, d. 30th 
June, 1881. 

Letitia, m. to Sackville 
Hamilton Eaton, Esq. 
y. Walter, d. in 1773, leaving issue. 
VI. Coote, M.D., m., and d. 29th No- 
vember, 1782, aged 85 years. 
Tii. Btsse, of whom presently. 

I. Juliana, d. unm. in 1759. 

II. Mary, m. to George Monok, Esq. of 

III. Charlotte Amelia, m. to Captain 
William Ticliburne. 

IV. Letitia, m. Edward Bolton, Esq. of 
Brazeel, co, Dublin. 

The viscount, who was highly distinguished 
by his talents, literary and political, d. in 
May, 1725, and was s. by his eldest son John, 
second viscount ; his seventh son, 

Bysse Molesworth, Esq., in. 7th De- 
cember, 1731, Elizabeth, sister of John, first 
Lord Mount-Florence, and widow of Edward 
Archdall, Esq. of Castle Archdall, co. Fer- 
managh, and d. in 1779, leaving issue, 

I. Arthur (major), of Fairlawn, Moy, 
CO. Armagh, who m. first, in Septem- 
ber, 1764, Catherine, daughter of Sir 
Walter Fletcher Vane, Bart., by 
whom he had an only daughter, Eliza- 
beth, m. to Richard Reynell, Esq. of 
Reynella, co. Westmeath. He m., 
secondly, Mrs. Henrietta H. Blackett, 
widow, who d. s.p. ; and tiiirdly. 
Miss Elizabeth Ledgingham. Major 
Molesworth d. 20th August, 1803, 
leaving by his third wife (who d. 14th 
December, 1816) two sons, 

Arthur Nepean, of Fairlawn, co. 
Armagh, b. 27th August, 1799, 
m. 18th January, 1820, Harriet, 
second daughter of Captain 
Charles Hawkins, 3rd Foot, and 
d. 25th May, 1877, leaving, 

1, Arthur, of Fairlawn, b. 1821, 
m., 1855, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Dr. Eing, R.N., and has issue, 
Arthur Nepean, b. 20th Novem- 
ber, 1856, and Frances Elizabeth 
Ives, b. 10th September, 1858. 

2, Thomas Nepean, b. in 1824, 
m. 11th October, 1846, Sarah 
Georgina, daughter of W. Kert- 
land, Esq., and had, Arthur 
Nassau, b. 14th August, 1851, 
m. 1878, Sophia, daughter of 
Hon. John Sifton, of Canada ; 
Balfour Nepean, b. 6th December, 
185a, m., 1882, Louisa Agnes, 
daughter of H. H. Thompson, 
Esq. ; William Ponsonby, b. 11th 
May, 1856 ; Ellen Harriett ; Lucy 
Mary ; Eva Sarah; and Maud 
Marion ; 1, Jane ; 2, CaroUne, 
m. 21st May, 1873, to Ralph 
McGeough Bond-Shelton, Esq. 
of The Argosy, co. Armagh ; and, 

3, Harriet, m. first, 1850, to the 
Rev. Richard Wrightson, vicar of 
Lusk, who d. 1875 ; and, secondly, 
27th INovember, 1877, William 
Symms, Esq. 

Thomas William Ponsonby, b. 10th 
December, 1800, m. Itjth April, 
1827, Anne, youngest daughter of 
the Rev. Thomas Fawcett, rector 
of Greens Norton, co. Northamp- 
ton, and d. 1881, leaving issue, 
1, Thomas (Rev.), B.A., chaplain 
to H.M. Forces, Chatham, b. 31st 
December, 1829, m. 1854, Caro- 
line Mary, daughter of William 
Bowles, Esq. of Abingdon, and 



has, Montague Pulteney, b. 1856 ; 
Hugh Thomas (Rev.), b. 186U ; 
Arthur Bysse, b. 1867 ; Constance 
Maude Caroline ; Agnes Sarah ; 
and Alice Sophia. 2, Walter 
(Rev.), M.A., vicar of St. Peter's, 
Bishopsworth, near Bristol, b. in 
1831; Anne Sophia; Julia; 
Lucy ; and Mary. 

IT. Robert, of whom presently. 

III. St. George, m., and has issue a son, 
William St. George. 

IT. Richard. 

T. Ponsonby, an oiEcer in the army, m. 
Susannah, sister of Sir R. H. Sheaffe, 

Ti. William. 

TIT. John Cole. 

I. Caroline, m. to Charles Walker, Esq. 

ir. Florence, m. to the Rev. Thomas 

III. Alice. 

IV. Caroline Amelia. 
The second son, 

Robert Molesworth, Esq., m. in 1770, 
Miss Rose, and had issue, 

I. Arthur, major-general E.I.C.M.S., 
m. Mary, daughter of Matthew 
Kearney, Esq., and d. 7th January, 
1843, having by her (who d. 3rd 
February, 1860) had issue, 

Hickman Thomas, of Ken with, 
Abbotsham, co. Devon, major- 
general R.A., b. 7th August 
1820, in. 15th April, 1857, Mari- 
anne, daughter of Robert Lind- 
say, Esq. (see Crawford, E., in 
Burke's Peerage), and has issue, 

1. Hickman Crawford, captain 
R.A., b. 12th February, 
1858, m. 1883, Margaret 
Amelia, daughter of John 
Hopper, Esq. 

2. Arthur Lvidovick, lieutenant 
R.A., b. 12th July, 1860. 

3. Robert Everard, surgeon 
Army Medical Staff, b. 7th 
July, 1861. 

4. George Nassau, lieutenant 
Royal Irish Fusiliers, b. 5th 
February, 1865. 

5. Thomas Charles Underwood, 
b. 27th October, 1866. 

6. Richard Piggot, lieutenant 
R.A., b. 25th January, 1868. 

7. Herbert Ellicombe, b. 15th 
December, 1872. 

8. Walter Guy, b. 18th Feb- 
ruary, 1874. 

9. Alec Lindsay Mortimer, b. 

1. Gertrude, b. 1862, m. 15th 
July, 1885, Rev. Robert 
Walpole Sealy Vidal, M.A., 
vicar of Abbotsham, co. 

2. May, b. 1869. 

Robert Francis (Rev.), rector of 
Coston, Leicester-hire, b. 30th 
June, 1826, m. 7th February, 
1852, Gertrude Le Normand, 
eldest daughter and co-heir of 
George Bagot Gossett, Esq., by 
his wife, Charlotte St. Clair, 
daughter of James Douglas, Esq., 
now Mai'chioness of Vinchiatui'o, 
and d. 8th May, 1877, having had 
issue, George Bagot Francis 
Richard Pigot, M.A., barrister- 
at-law, b. 23rd January, 1853 ; 
Henry Lemprifere, lieutenant 6th 
West York Militia, b. 26th Sep- 
tember, 1862, d. 22nd June, 
1881 ; and Algernon Francis, 4. 
26th June, 1873. 

Jane, d. unm. 

Gertrude, m. to Francis Lascelles, 
Esq., Madras C.S. 

Mary, m. N. W. Kindersley, Esq., 
who d. 3rd December, 1844. 

Emma, m. to G. M. Ogilvie, Esq., 
Madras C.S., and d. 22nd May, 

Selina Hare, m. 9th March, 1844, to 
Hickman Kearney, Esq., who d. 

Agnes, m. 12th October, 1847, to 
the Rev. Charles Ricliard De 
Havilland, M.A., vicar of St. 
Matthew, Cobo, Guernsey. 

II. Hickman Biatxey, of whom here- 

III. Theophilus, d. 1851. 

IT. Bysse Cole, a major in the army, m. 
Jane, only daughter of William 
Sm-vth, Esq., and d. 4th December, 
1819, leaving, 

William Robert, in Holy Orders. 
Herbert Philips, in Holy Orders, 
b. 1813, d. unm. 1847. 
V. Bourchicr, captain R.N., b. 1778, d. 

unm. 1855. 
I. Caroline, widow of Colonel Gurnell, 
The second son, 

Hickman Blatnet Moleswoeth, Esq. 
of Dublin, m. first, January, 1806, Wilhel- 
mina Dorothea, daughter of Brindley Hone, 
Esq., secondly, Maria, daughter of George 
Studdert, Esq., and d. 3rd May, 1844, leav- 
ing by his first wife (who d. 1815) a son, 

the late Sir Robert Molesworth, 

Arms—(jt\x., an escutcheon vair between 
eight cross crosslets in orle or. Crest— A. 
dexter arm embowed in armour ppr. holding 
a cross crosslet or. Siij)porter.9 of the 
Vi.9count.i Molesivorth — Dexter, a pegasus 
arg. wings elevated or ; sinister, a pegasus, 
wings elevated gu. the sinister pegasus semee 
of cross crosslets gold. Motto — Vincit amor 

Residence of the late Sir Hobert Molesicorth 
— Edlington, Melbourne, Tictoria, Australia. 



CLIBBORN, THOMAS STRETTEL, Esq. of Holraesbj, Elizabeth Bay, 
Sydney, New Soutli Wales, Australia, and of The Castle, Moate, co. 
Westmeath, Ireland, Secretary of the Australian Jockey Club, Sydney, b. 
4th February, 1837 ; m. October, 1868, Clarinda Mary, daughter of Richard 
Magan, Esq. of Rockfield, co. Westmeath (see Magan of Emoe in Burke's 
Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland), and has had issue, 

I. George Holmes, h. 1869. 

I. Ethel Mary, h. at Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, 1871. 

II. Adelaide Beryl, h. at Sydney, New South Wales, September, 1873, d. 

January, 1874. 


John Clibbobn, Esq. of Moate, co. 
Westmeath, temp. William III, b. 1623, 
in. Uinali English, and was father of 

Joshua Clibborx, Esq. of Moate, 5. 1665, 
whose will was dated 21st February, 1727-8 ; 
by Sarah, his wife, he left issue, 

I. John, his successor. 

II. Abraham, of Dublin, merchant, m. 
Anne, daughter of John Coppeck, by 
whom he had issue, 

1. Sarah ; 2. Jane ; 3. Elizabeth. 

III. Joshua. 

IV. Gt-eorge. 

T. Robert, of Whelan Grove, co. Kildare, 
m. Anne Martin, and liad two sons and 
a daughter, 

1. Joshua, m. Lydia, daughter of 
William Cooper, Esq. of Cooper 
Hill, Q,ueen's Co., and had a son, 

Kobert, of co. Dublin, mer- 
chant, m. Elizabeth Morris, 
and d. 1798, leaving, 1, 
Joshua ; 2, Mary ; 3, Lydia. 

2. Henry, to whom liis father left 
Whelan Grove. 

1. Sarah, m. 23rd August, 1754, 
Edward Cooper, Esq. of Cooper 
Ti. James, of Moate ; by Experience 
Barclay, his wife, he left issue, 

1. Barclay, to whom his father left 
the lands of Raheens, m. Sarah, 
daughter of William Cooper, 
Esq. of Cooper-hill, in the Queen's 
Co., by Experience, his wife, 
daughter of Abel Strettel, of 
Dublin, and had issue, 1. James ; 
2. William Cooper; 3. Joshua; 
4. John Barclay ; 5. Edward, m. 
his cousin Mary, daughter of 
George Clibborn, Esq. of Moate ; 
6. Thomas; 7. Robert; 8. Lvdia; 
9. Sarah ; 10. Anne, m. 1783, John 
Johnston Dorragh ; 11. Eliza; 12 

I. Mary (Mrs. Jackson). 

II. Dinah (Mrs. Wilson). 

III. Sarah. 

IV. Jane. 

Mr. Clibborn d. 1728, his eldest son, 
John Clibborn, Esq. of Moate Castle, b. 
1695, ni. Sarah, daughter of Hoop of Hoop- 
hill, near Lurgan, co. Armagh, by whom he 
had issue, 

I. Joshua, m. Hannah, daughter of Jacob 
Goff, of Dublin, and sister of Jacob 
Goff, Esq. of Horetown, co. Wexford, 
by whom (who m. secondly, William 
Pigott, Esq., of Slevoy, same co.) he 
had an only daughter, Mary Goff. 

II. George, of whom hereafter. 

III. Abraham, of Aghernergil, co. West- 
meath ; d. 1762. 

IT. Robert. 

I. Elizabeth (Mrs. Sutton). 

II. Ruth. 

III. Sarah, m. John Pim. 

IV. Jane. 

T. Ann (Mrs. Pim). 
TI. Abigail. 

His second son, 

George Clibborn, Esq. of Moate, m. first, 
Elizabeth Strettel, of co. Dublin, by whom he 
had issue, 

I. John, his successor. 

II. Thomas Strettel, d. unm. 

III. Joshua, d. s.p. 

I. Sarah, m. Joseph Fade Goff, Esq. of 
Newtown Park, co. Dublin. 

Mr. Clibborn, m. secondly, June, 1777, 
Anne, daughter of George Homan, Esq. of 
Shurock, co. Westmeath, by whom he had 
further issue, 

IV. William, m. Miss Bailey. 

V. George. 

II. Anne, m. John White. 

III. Abigail. 

IV. Jane. 



v. Mary, m. Edward Clibborn. 

Ti. Euth. 
Mr. Clibborn was s. by his eldest son, 

John Clibboex, Esq. of Moate, m. Eliza- 
beth, widow of Richard Fetherstonhaugh, 
Esq. and had surviving issue, 

I. CuTHBEET John, his successor. 

I. Mai'v, m. her cousin, William Goff. 

II. Sarah. 

III. Abigail. 

Mr. Chbborn was s. by his only surviving 

CuTHBEBT John Clibbobn, Esq. of Moate, 
b. 1803 ; m. February, 1836, Jane, daughter 
of Greorge Arbuthnot Holmes, Esq. of Moo- 
rock, in the King's Co., and d. 1847, having 
had by her (who d. 2nd March, 1876) four 
sons and one daughter, 

I. Thomas Steettel, now of Holmesby, 
Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, and of The 
Castle, Moate, co. Westmeath. 

II. Greorge Holmes, b. 23rd August, 
1840, d. March, 1853. 

III. Cuthbert John, of Kiltegan, co. 
Wicklow, b. 10th January, 1846 ; m. 
November, 1871, Mary Graves, 
daughter of Graves Cathrew, Esq., 
barrister-at-law, and has issue, 

1. Graves Cathrew, b. 1875. 

2. Cuthbert John, b. 1877. 

1. Jane Holmes, b. 1872. 

2. Georgina, b. 1874. 

IT. John, captain Bengal Staff Corps, of 
Moorook House, Moate, King's Co., 
and of Bareilly, North-West Pro- 
vinces, India, b. 8th December, 1847 ; 
m. 8lh November, 1881, Annie Leonie 
Macpherson Frith, daughter of John 
Butler Hamilton, brigade surgeon. 
Army Medical Staff, and has issue, 

1. Cuthbert John Hamilton, b. at 
Mussourie, 13th November, 1883. 

2. Cecil Hamilton, b. at Aligarh, 
19th February, 1886. 

1. Leonie Annie Holmes, b. at 
Naini Tal, 16th September, 1882. 

2. Violet Louise, b. at Aligarh, 29th 
January, 1885. 

I. Jane Moore, b. 8th August, 1838 ; d. 
13th August, 1853. 

Arms — Arg., two cheveronels between 
thi-ee wolves' heads erased sa. on a chief of 
the last an escallop between two round buckles 
of the first. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet 
or, a wolf's head sa. Motto — Virtus vincit 

Residences — Holmesby, Elizabeth Bay, 
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; and 
The Castle, Moate, co. Westmeath, Ireland. 

CASEY, HON. JAMES JOSEPH, C.M.G., of Ibrickane, Acland- 
street, St. Kilda ; and of Weeroona, Port Phillip Bay, both in Victoria, 
Australia, chairman of General Sessions, and judge of County Courts, Courts 
of Mines and Courts of Insolvency for the colony of Victoria, chairman of 
Land Tax Commissioners, member of the Executive Council of Victoria 
knight officer Legion of Honour, and knight officer Crown of Italy, h. at 
Tromroe, barony of Ibrickane, co. Clare, Ireland, 25th December, 1881 • 
m. Maria Theresa, daughter of James Cahill, Esq., by Mai-y McNamara, his 
wife, but has no issue. The Hon. J. J. Casey was educated at the Galway 
College, and, after having spent some time in America, proceeded to Australia 
arriving in Melbourne 14th February, 1855. The same year he became part 
proprietor of the Bendigo Advertiser, and afterwards of the M'lvor Times, and 
the Riverine Herald ; was appointed a territorial magistrate and was returned 
to the Legislative Assembly for Mandurang in 1863, which seat he retained for 
many years ; was some time commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey ; in 
1868 was appointed Minister of Justice under the M'Culloch administration • 
and in 1869 was also appointed Solicitor- General. He was president of the 
Board of Land and Works in the Francis Government, from 1872 to 1875 
and first Minister of Agriculture, the department of agriculture havincr been 
founded by him. Judge Casey was appointed chaii'mau of a Royal Com- 
mission on Intercolonial Legislation, and a Court of Appeal in 1870, and in 
1878 was president of the Victoria Commission, and executive commissioner 



for tlie Colony at the Paris Exliibition ; for his servicea in which direction he 
was created a C.M.G. ; was executive vice-president of the Melbourne 
International Exhibition of 1880 — 81 ; and is president of the Federal Bank 
of Australia. The Victorian Hansard was established on Mr. Casey's motion, 
and he is the author of Casey's Justices' Manual. 


Nicholas Casey, Esq., son of Feank 
Caset, Esq., by Jane Shannon, his wife, m. 
1804, Margaret, daughter of John O'Dwyer, 
Esq. by Mary Fitzpatrick, his wife, and d. 
1844, having had by her (who d. 1842) a 

James Caset, Esq. of Tromroe, Barony 
of Ibrickane, co. Clare, who in. 1828, Maria, 
daughter of F. Coffey, Esq., by M. O'Dwyer, 

his wife, and d. in 1886, having by her (who 
d. in 1888) a son, 
the present Hon. Jambs Joseph Casey. 

Crest used — An eagle rising, reguard . hold- 
ing m the healc a dagger. Motto — -Vigore 
et oirtute. 

Residences — Ibrickane, Acland-street, St. 
Kilda ; and Weerouna, Port Phillip Bay, 
Victoria, Australia. 

Cojc of SBiniourn. 

CiOX, HON. GEORGE HENRY, of Winbourn, Mulgoa, near Sydney ; 
J Beowang, Mount Wilson; Burrundulhi, Mudgee ; and Pine Ridge, 
Talbrugar, all in New South Wales, J. P., member of the Legislative Council ; 
h. 18th October, 1824, at Richmond, N.S.W. ; m. 21st June, 1853, at Mulgoa, 
Henrietta Jane, eldest daughter of Henry Cox, Esq. of Broombee, Mudgee, 
and has had issue, 

T. George Henry Frederick, h. 1858, m. 1879, Miss Edith Tindall, and 
has issue. 

II. Herbert Alexander, h. 1860, m. 1883, Miss Mina Wyatt, and has issue. 

III. Reginald Belmore, h. 18G5. 

IV. Alan Mackenzie, h. 1873. 

V. Vincent Dowling, h. 1875. 

I. Fanny Eliza, I. 1854, m. 1880, George Stewart, Esq., and has issue. 

II. Amelia Una, h. 1856, m. 1877, Mordaunt Lowe, Esq., and has issue. 

III. Amy Caroline, h. 1861, m. 1881, Reginald Lowe, Esq. (deceased), and 

has issue. 

IV. Lucy Agnes, h. 1863. 

V. Alice May, h. 1866. 

VI. Ada Maud, I. 1868, d. 1883. 

VII. Florence Minnie, 6. 1871. 

The Hon. G. H. Cox, on leaving school, became engaged in squatting 
pursuits in the Mudgee district ; was elected to represent Wellington in the 
first responsible Parliament, 1856, and in the second Parliament was returned, 
unopposed, for the same constituency ; in 1863 was appointed to a seat in the 
Legislative Council by Mr. Charles Cowper, which he still holds. In 1852 he 
was made a justice of the peace, and was the first mayor of the municipality of 
Cudgegong, which was the first rural municipality proclaimed under the Act. 


Ml'. Cox was the first landholder ia the Mudgee district to lease his land to 
tenants, which he commenced to do just after the gold discovery in 1851. He 
is well known as a wool grower throughout the colonies, and also abroad. 
His exhibits have secured him numerous prizes, having won, in 1862, the gold 
medal given by Messrs. Mort and Co., for greasy wool, a gold medal and 
diploma of honour at the Amsterdam Exhibition of 1862, another gold medal 
at Calcutta, in 1863, and in 1878 the Grand Prix at Paris for the best wool in 
the world, besides numerous other prizes. He is a member of the Council of 
the Agricultural Society of New South Wales, president of the Mudgee 
Pastoral and Agricultural Society, a member of the Synod for the dioceses 
both of Bathurst and of Sydney, and is now senior member of the Legisla- 
tive Council of New South Wales. 


This family was at one time seated in 
Dorsetshire. Robeet Cox, Esq. of Wim- 
borne, in that county, b in 1731, was the 
only surviying son of William Cox, Esq., 
who was b. in 1695, and was the son of 
Thomas Cox, Esq. of Wimborne, co. Dorset, 
who was b. in 1670. Robert Cox in. and had, 
with otuer issue, a son, 

Captain William Cox, of Clarendon, 
N.S.W., and formerly of Devizes, co. Wilts, 
where he was b. in 176i ; obtained a com- 
mission in the army in 1795, and arrived in 
New South Wales in 1801 as paymaster of 
the 102nd Regiment or New South Wales 
Corps, m charge of a number of convicts, 
chiefly Irishmen, who were concerned in the 
Rebellion of 1798, amongst wliom was Holt, 
the leader or general. Mr. Cox retired from 
the army, and became a successful colonist, 
first at Brush Farm on the Parramatta river 
(where he employed Greneral Holt as man- 
ager), and subsequently at Clarendon on the 
Hawkestury river. Mr. Cox was chosen by 
Governor Macquarie to construct the road 
which crosses the Blue Mountains from 
Sydney, crosses Cox's river, and connects 
Bathurst Tvith the coast. Tliis road is 130 
miles in length, and for the service i-endered 
by its construction Mr. Cox received a grant 
of land in the Batliurst plains, which he 
called Hereford. He afterwards took up 
land in tlie Mulgoa valley, and also formed 
stations on the Macquarie river at Biu'rend- 
ong, and on the Coolah creek. In 1833 he 
removed from Clarendon to Fairfield, near 
Windsor. He was for some time engaged in 
pastoral pursuits, and the progeny of his 
merinos from the Cape now form the cele- 
brated Mudgee flocks. Mr. Cox was a magis- 
trate of the Territory, and d. at Fairfield, 
near Windsor, in 1837, and was buried in the 
family vault at St. Matthew's Church, Wind- 
sor. He had issue, 

I. William, of Hobartville, Richmond, 

II. James, of Clarendon, Tasmania. 

III. Charles, killed by natives of Fiji, 
South Sea Islands. 

IV. Geoege, of whom presently. 
T. Henry, of Broombee, N.S.W. 
Ti. Edward of Fernhill, N.S.W., 
grandfather of Edward Standish 
Cox, Esq. (see Cox of Fernside). 
George Cox, Esq. of Winbourn, Mulgoa, 
b. 1795, m. 1822, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Archibald Bell, Esq. of Belmont, ensign in 
the 102nd Regiment (she d. 1876), and d. 
1868, having had, 

I. George Henet (Hon.). of whom we 

II. Archibald Bell, b. 1825, m. 1858, 
Fanny Lamb, and d. 1863, leaving 
three surviving daughters. 

III. James Charles, b. 1829, and d. same 

IV. Charles Clarendon, h. 1831, at 
Clarendon, near Windsor ; m. first, 
1855, Louisa Stuart, and by her had 
one daughter. He m. secondly, 1860, 
Jidia Haylock, and by her had two 
children, one son and one daughter, 
and, thirdly, 1867, Charlotte Miller, 
and had issue by her, six children — 
four sons and two daughters. He d. 
16th June, 1878, at Broombee. 

V. James Dalrymple, b. 1834 ; unm. 

TI. Frederick Savage, b. 1835, m. 1861, 
Mary Hannah Miller. He d. 1868, 
having had ten children. 

VII. Alexander Hassall, b. 1837, m. 1866, 
Agnes Christinn Douglas Dickson, and 
has eight children. 

VIII. Albert Tarlton, b. 1841 ; unm. 

I. Eliza Georgina, b. 1823, m. 1847, John 
Hobart Cox, Esq., and d. 1886, leaving 
nine children. 

II. Rebecca Maria, b. 1827, m. 1852, to 
the Rev. Alfred Hamilton Hewlett 
Stephen, canon of St. Andrew's Ca- 
thedral, eldest son of tlie Hon. Sir 
Alfred Stephen, G.C.M.G., C.B., lieu- 
tenant-governor of New South Wales 
(see Stephen of Sydney), and by 
him (who is now deceased) had six 
children, five of whom survive. 

III. Sophia Matilda, b. 1832, m. 1856, 



Frederick Borton, Esq., and had six 
IT. Amelia Una, b. 1843, m. 1867, Rev. 
William White, and has eight child- 
Arms used — Or three bars az. on a canton 
gu. a lion's head erased arg. Crest — A 

griffin's head erased sa, pierced through the 
neck with an arroio gu. headed and feathered 
arg. Motto — Fortitudo in adeer.iis. 

Residences — Winboum, Mulgoa, near 
Sydney ; Beowang, Mount WiLon (summer 
retreat) ; BurrvinduUa, Mudgee ; and Pine 
Ridge, Talhrugar, all in New South Wales. 

Co^ t^i JtrttSiDe. 

Cox, EDWARD STANDISH, Esq. of Fernside, Rylstone, New South 
Wales, Australia, h. in 1856 ; m. 7th May, 1881, Alice Victoria, daughter 
of Sloper Cox, Esq. of Hobartville, Richmond, New South Wales (by Adelaide 
Garlino-, his wife), and great granddaughter of Captain William Cox, of 
Windsor, New South Wales, who arrived in New South Wales in 1801 (see 
Cox OF Wi^ bourn) ; and has issue, 

I. Edward King Standish, h. 24th July, 1885. 

I. Lily Alice Standish, l. 2nd April, 1882. 

II. Beatrice Standish, h. 5th July, 1883. 

III. Millicent Margaret Standish, h. 14th July, 1884. 

IV. Mary Standish, h. 20th October, 1887. 


Edwaed Cox, Esq. of Fernhill, Penrith, 
New South Wales, yougest son of Captain 
WiLLiAii Cox, of Windsor, New South Wales, 
who arrived in that colony in 1801 in charge 
of a number of convicts (see Cox of Win- 
BoruN) ; m. Jane Maria Brookes, and had 
a son, 

Edwaed Kino Cox, Esq. of Fernhill, 
Penrith, N.S.W., ra. 19th May, 1855, Milli- 
cent Anne, daughter of Richard Joseph 
Langford Standish, Esq. of Frankfort and 
Glin Lodge, co. Limerick, Ireland {b. 5th 
September, 1795, and d. 21st May, 1861), 
who was a descendant of Sir Thomas Standish, 
bart., who came over to Ireland from Eng- 
land, and left three daughters, his co- 
heiresses, one of whom m. his cousin Mr. 
Standish, a younger son of Mr. Standish, of 
Duxbury Park, co. Lancaster; another, Faith, 
TO. in 1633, Darby O'G-i-ady, ancestor of the 
Viscounts Gruillamore (see Burke's Peerage) ; 
and the thiid, Mary, m. Robert Cox, Esq. 
of Ballynoe, co. Limerick, Ireland (see 

Burke's Landed Gentry of Q-reat Sritain 
and Ireland, Cox or Balltnoe). Richard 
J. L. Standish, Esq., m. in 1820, Elizabeth, 
daughter of the Rev. Austin Martin, by 
Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Captain 
Robert Agnew, of Howlish, co. Durham (see 
Joseph Foster's Noble and Gentle Families, 
p. 595). Edward Eing Cox d. 25th July, 
1883 (his widow subsequently residing at 
Bebeah, Mount Wilson), having had issue, 

I. Edwabd Standish, now of Fern- 

II. Herbert Montgomerie Standish. 

III. Alfred Edward. 
IT. James Templar. 
T. Ernest King. 

I. Mary Constance, m. September, 1881, 
Jchn Archibald Anderson, Esq., and 
has issue, three sons and one daughter. 

Arms used — See Cox of Winbourn. 
Residence — Fernside, Rylstone, New South 
Wales, Australia. 

COTTON, HON. GEORGE WITHE RAGE, of Adelaide, South Australia, 
member of the Legislative Council, h. at Slaplehurst, co. Kent, England, 
4th February, 1821 ; arrived with his parents in South Australia, 7th March, 
1849; m. first, 30th June, 1846. His first wife d. 29th April, 1849, and her 



infant son sliortly afterwards. He m. secondly, 22nd September, 1849, 
Elizabeth, daughter of William Mitchell, Esq., by Emma Morcom, his wife, 
and by her has issue, 

I. George Samuel, h. 22nd February, 1858 ; m. 15th July, 1880, Annie 

Wallace, of Adelaide, and has issue, Robert Harold and Alice 

II. William Mitchell, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. London, I. 4th May, 1860; m. 

26th June, 1888, Maud PuUein, of Camden Town, London. 

III. Edward Witherage, 6. 1st March, 1870. 
lY. Charles Henry, h. 23rd September, 1874. 

1. Emma Morcom, «i. 23rd June, 1875, William Bowen Chinner, Esq. of 
Adelaide, professor of music, but has no issue. 


Sir John Maclean's Parochial and FamUy 
Histort/ of the Beaneri/ of Trigge Minor re- 
lates, that the founder of the family of 
Cotton, in the West of England, migrated 
from the county of Chester in the 14th cen- 
tury. They, or some of them, lived for many 
years in Botreaux CastlCj in the West of 
England, and it is believed that the present 
Hon. G. W. Cotton is descended from a 
younger branch of this family. 

RiCHAED Cotton, Esq., son of Eichaed 
Cotton, Esq. of Lamerton, co. Devon, by 
Elizabeth, his wife, was baptised at North 
Liimerton, co. Devon, 20th April, 1Y46, and 
d. 6th June, 1799, having had by Mary, his 
wife (who d. 14th January, 1796), amongst 
other issue, 

Sahtjel, of whom presently. 

Richard, found dead on the sea shore in 

the West of England. 
James, in the service of the Excise, lived 

sometime in London and Canlerbm-y. 
Joseph, went to America. 

Jane, in Willis, Esq. 

Grace, m. 30th May, 1798, Thomas Cory, 

Esq., and had issue. 

Samuel Cotton, Esq., was baptised 21st 

June, 1789. In his youth he resided near 
Plymouth, co. Devon, when about 18 years 
of age removed to London, thence to co. Kent, 
and arrived in South Australia, 7th March, 
1849. He m. in the parish church of Maid- 
stone, CO. Eent, about 1817, Lydia, daughter 
of James Boorman, Esq. of Mottenden, co. 
Kent, and sister of Thomas Boorman, Esq. 
also of Mottenden (Henry Boorman, Esq., 
a second cousin to the Hon. Geoi-ge Wither- 
age Cotton, is mayor of the town of Tenter- 
den, CO. Kent, for the current year), and d. 
in South Australia, 19th July, 1862, aged 73 
years, having had by his wife (who was b. in 
CO. Kent, and d. 10th September, 1878, in the 
89th year of her age), besides a daughter 
(Jane Boorman, who m. 24th December, 
1845, Claude Shuttleworth, Esq. of Bowers 
Hall, Essex, and has issue surviving, Claude 
Jolmson Samuel, WilHam, Alice, and Char- 
lotte), a son, 

the present Hon. Geoege Witheeage 

Crest used hy the Son. G-. W. Cotton — An 
eagle displayed. Motto — Aqaila njn capit 

Residence — Adelaide, South Australia. 

>aj> of J^ose 33aj>. 

HAY, HON. SIR JOHN, K.C.M.G., of Rose Bay, Woollahra, Sydney, 
New South Wales, Australia, president of the Legislative Council of 
New South Wales, h. at Little Ythsie, co. Aberdeen, Scotland, 23rd June, 
1816 ; m. 28th February, 1838, Mary, daughter of James and Mary Chalmers, 
but has no issue. The Hon. Sir John Hay was educated at King's College, 
Aberdeen, MA., 1834 ; emigrated to New South Wales, arriving in Sydney 
in 1838, and settled at Welaregang, on the Upper Murray, about seventy miles 
above Albury, where he resided for about eighteen years, during which time 
he was engaged in squatting pux-suits. Sir John was returned to the Legislative 



Assembly for Murrumbidgee, 2od April, 1856 ; was minister for Lands and 
Works, 1856 — 7 ; speaker of tbe Legislative Assembly, 1862 to 1865 ; became 
a member of tbe Legislative Council, 26tli June, 1867 ; and on tbe 8tb July, 
1873, was appointed its President, wbich office be still bolds. He was 
created a knigbt commander of St. Micbael and St. George in 1878. 


William Hay, about the middle of last 
century, held the farm of Shellim, which has 
been in the possession of his descendants ever 
since. Before that time the family seem to 
have been resident in Buchan. By Annand, 
his wife, he had a son, 

James Hat, of Shellim, who, by Jean Sim, 
his wife, was father of, 

John Hat, Esq. of Little Ythsie, co. 
Aberdeen, Scotland, b. at Shellim ; m. Jean 

Mair, who was b. at Mill of Birness, Ellon, 
and d. at Little Ythsie, Tarves. He d. at 
Little Ythsie, leaving issue, 

I. John (Hon. Su-), E.C.M.Gr., now of 
Rose Bay. 

II. James, m. Jane Chalmers, and had 
issue, 1, James ; 2, John ; 3, William ; 
1, Helen ; 2, Jane ; 3, Mary. 

Residence — Rose Bay, Woollahra, Sydney, 
New South Wales, Australia. 

CLOSE, ROBERT CAMPBELL, Esq. of Streyncbam, Stanmore, New 
Soutb Wales, h. 5tb October, 1831 ; m. 3rd June, 1880, Marion Sophia, 
daughter of Charles Nathan, Esq., M.D., and has issue, 

I. John Campbell, h. 17tb March, 1881. 

II. Douglas Campbell, h. 20th August, 1883. 

I. Gertrude Campbell. 

II. Dorothy Campbell. 


This family was formerly settled in York- 
shire, England. 

Edward Close, Esq., H.E.I.C.C.S. (the 
only child of an only son), m. in 1789, Mari- 
anne, only sister of Charles Streyncham CoUin- 
son, Esq. of the Chantry, Ipswich, co. Suffolk, 
and d. in India, 1790, having had by her 
(who, after remaining in India nine years, 
returned to England with her son, and resided 
with her brother at the Chantry, dying in 
1826), a son, 

Edwabd Chaeles Close, Esq. of Mor- 
peth, Hunter River, New South Wales, 
Australia, b. in 1790 at Rangamatty, India, 
educated at Hackney, England ; in 1805 ob- 
tained a commission in the 48th Regiment, 
then serving in the Peninsula, and was 
engaged in seven battles. In 1817 he went 
to New South Wales with a detachment of 
his i-egiment ; soon after sold his commission 
and settled at Morpeth, on the Hunter River. 
He m. 27th September, 1821, Sophia Susan- 
nah, only daughter of John Palmer, Esq., 
R.N., then deputy commissary- general of 
New South Wales, and d. 7th May, 1866, 
having had by her (who d. 26th June, 1856) 
three sons and a daughter, viz., 

I. Edward Charles, of Morpeth, New 

South Wales, b. 1825, m. Louisa S. 
Piatt, and d. 1887, having had issue 
three sons and three daughters. His 
second daughter, Sophia Susannah, 
was b. 1854 ; m. 18th January, 1877, 
Henry Flesher Smith, Esq. of Ivy ogle. 
Casino, New South Wales (who was b. 
18th August, 1838), fifth but third 
surviving son of John Smith, Esq. of 
Manor House, Quinton, and Q-reens 
Park, CO. Northampton (see Smith of 
GoKDOX Brook), and d. 1886, having 
had issue, Thomas Close, b. at Church- 
street, Newcastle, New South Wales, 
19th June, 1878. 

II. Robert Campbell, of whom above. 

III. George Thomas Palmer, m. Amy 
Leonora James, and has issue three 
sons and three daughters. 

I. Marianne Collinson, m. George 
Campbell, Esq., and has issue three 
sons and three daughters. 

Arms tised — Az. a chevron between three 
garbs arg. Crest — A garb arg. Motto — 
Fort is et fidelis. 

Residence— ^treyni:\\, Stanmore, New 
South Wales, Australia. 


Carlj^on ot #b)a\3a$J. 

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, J.P., b. 31st March, 1860. 



Philip Carlyon, Esq. of Tregrehan, Par 
Station, Cornwall, England, son and heir of 
Thomas Caelyon, Esq. of Tregrehan, by 
Elizabeth, his wife, daughter and co-heir of 
Philip Hawkins, Esq. of Pennans, and Eliza- 
beth Scobell, his wife, whose motlier, Mary, 
•was second daughter and co-heir of Sir 
Joseph Tredenhiim, knight, of Tregonan, 
governor of St. Maws, m. Elizabeth, only 
child of Eev. Samuel Trewbody, of Boscundle, 
and niece of Edward Craggs, the first Lord 
Eliot, of Port Eliot. By this lady he had a 
son and heir, 

Edward Trewbody Carlyon, Esq. 
of Tregrehan, at whose decease, s.p. the 
estates devolved upon (the eldest son of his 
uncle. Rev. Thomas Oarlyon, of St. Just, 
Roseland, by Anne, his wife, daughter and 
co-heir of William Q-wavas, Esq. of Penzance), 
his first cousin, 

Thomas Caelyon, Esq. of Tregrehan, 
high sheriff of Cornwall, 1802, m. his cousin 
Mary, only daughter and heir of William 
Carlyon, Esq. of St. Austell, by Elizabeth, his 
■wife, daughter and co-heir of Rev. John 
Pomeroy, of St. Ewe, by Thomazina Hooker, 
his wife, grandniece of the celebrated Divine, 
Richard Hooker. By this lady (who d. 13th 
January, 1821) Mr. Carlyon had issue, Wil- 
liam, "his heir; Edward, successor to his 
brother ; Mary, m. Captain Collins, R.N., of 
Trewerdale ; Eliza, wife of Clement Carlyon, 
M.D., of Truro (their sonisEdwai-d Trewbody 
Carlyon, Esq. of Trevre, Cornwall ; and their 
daughter Elizabeth m. Dr. Browne, Bishop 
of Ely) ; and Harriet. He d. 16th December, 
1830, and was «. by his elder son, 

William Carlyon, Esq. of Tregrehan, 
barrister-at-law, b. 7th January, 1781 ; d. 
unm. 27th May, 1841, and was s. by his 

Edward Carlyon, Esq. of Tregrehan and 
G-reenaway, J.P. and D.L., major-general in 
the Army, h. 1783 ; m. 1820, Anna Maria, 
elder daughter of Admiral Spry, of Place 
and Tregolls, co. Cornwall, and by her (who 
d. 13th June, 1854) had nine sons and one 

I. Thomas Tristrem Spry, of Tregrehan, 
J.P. and D.L., high sheriff, 1862, for- 

merly major 3rd Dragoon Guards, b. 
6th April, 1822 ; d. 6th June, 1884. 

II. Edward Augustus, M.A., barrister- 
at-law, J.P. Devon, England, b. 3rd 
June, 1823 ; d. 5th December, 1874. 

III. George Gwatas, captain 1st Regi- 
ment of Poot, b. 21st July, 1824, in. 
Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas Long, 
Esq., and d. 19th October, 1875, leav- 
ing surviving issue, 

1. George Richard Gwavas, of Tre- 
grehan, Cornwall, J. P., b. 16th 
May, 1855, educated at Jesus 
College, Cambridge, B.A., 1880, 
called to the Bar by the Hon. 
Society of the Inner Temple, 1882, 
s. his uncle. Major Thomas Tris- 
trem Spry Carlyon, 6th June, 

2. Arthur Spry Gwavas, of Tiko- 

3. Edward Fitzherbert Gwavas, b. 
8th November, 1861. 

1. Alice Helen Gwavas, m. 28th 
December, 1878, Ernest L. Mein- 
ertzhagen, Esq. 

2. Ada Mary Gwavas, in. 19th De- 
cember, 1884, AJfred Gibliug, 

IV. Richard Hawkins, lieutenant Royal 
Artillerv, d. 27th April, 1845. 

V. Samuel" Alfred, d. 14th August, 1830. 

VI. William Pomeroy, d. 1853. 

VII. Horatio, b. 12th "May, 1833 ; m., and 
has issue. 

VIII. Arthur Hooker, b. 10th March, 
1835, d. — 

IX. Tredenham Fitzherbert, b. 3rd July, 
1841 ; m., and has issue. 

I. Anna Maria, m., 18th .June, 1850, 
Edw-ardCoode, Esq. of Trevor Cottage, 
St. Austell ; and d. 10th November, 
1872, leaving issue. 

Arms — Sa. a plate betw. three castles arg. 
each charged with a cross crosslet gu. Crest 
— A demi lion rampant gu. ducally crowned 
or. collared arg. holding between his paws a 
bezant, iltf o Wo — Turris tutissima virtus. 

Residence — Gwavas, Tikokino, Hawkes 
Bay, New Zealand. 

Bocfen* of Cai1)tillcn. 

Granville, New South Wales, Australia, District Court judge since 
7th June, 1884, h. 1st April, 1842 ; m. 25th June, 1873, Clarissa Marj, eldest 



daughter of the Van. Archdeacon Joseph K. Tucker, of Victoria, and has 

I. Alfred Brougham, h. 14th August, 1878. 

II. Ernest Noel Brougham, h. 25th December, 1885. 

I. Winifred Brougham. 

II. Mildred Brougham. 

III. Agnes Brougham. 

17. Gladys Mary Brougham. 
V. Rosamond Brougham. 


Egbert Dockee, Esq. of Newby, co. 
Westmorland, was b. about 1726, and d. 
1806, having had issue, 1, John (Rev.), Vicar 
of Eastmean, Hants ; 2, William, of Bampton, 
CO. Westmorland; 3, Joseph, of London, 
banker ; 4, Robert ; 5, Thomas ; 6, Edward ; 
1, Mary. The fourth son, 

Robert Docker, Esq. of London, mer- 
chant, m. Eliza, daughter of Joseph Perry, 
Esq. of Hackney, co. Middlesex. Both d. 
young, having had issue, 1, Robert, of Wel- 
lington-road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, co. 
Warwick, b. about 1800, and d. 1878 ; 2, 
Joseph (Hon.) ; 3, John, f?. young; 1, Agnes, 
d. young. The second son, 

Hon. Joseph Docker, of Thornthwaite, 
Scone, New South Wales, member of the 
Legislative Council of that Colony, and some- 
time surgeon H.E.I.Co., was b. 1802 ; ap- 
pointed postmaster-general, January, 1866, 
and colonial secretary, September, 1868 ; and 
was ;i gain postmaster-general from December, 
1870 to May, 1872. He m. in April, 1839, 
Matilda (who now resides at Darlinghurst- 

road, Sydney), daughter of Major Thomas 
Brougham, H.E.I. C.S., of Penrith, co. Cum- 
berland, and died 9th December, 1884, having 
had issue, 

I. Alfred, deceased. 

II. Edwin, deceased. 

III. Ernest Brougham (His Honour), 
District Court judge. 

IT. Edward Hay. 

V. Wilfrid Law, m. Ada M. Lord, 

VI. Arthur Robert, ni. Florence L. Lord, 
and has surviving issue two sons and 
three daughters, 

YII. Lawrence Thomas. 

Till. John Frederick, m. Lillie Woods, 

and has issue three sons and one 

I. Agues Isabella. 

Crest used — A bridge ivUh three archesppr. 
Motto — Stare super vias antiqiias. 

Residence — Carhullen, Granville, New 
South Wales, Australia. 

g)ti:iut of JSanfeton. 

STOUT, HON. SIR ROBERT, K.C.M.G., of Bankton, Dunedin, Otago, 
NcTV Zealand, h. 28th September, 1844, in Lerwick, Shetland Isles; m. 
27th December, 1876, Anna Paterson, daughter of John Logan, Esq. of 
Dunedin, J. P., and has issue, 

I. John Logan, h. 23rd December, 1879. 

II. Robert, h. 7th April, 1883. 

III. Thomas Duncan Macgregor, 6. 23rd July, 1885. 
I. Margaret Annie, h. 23rd April, 1878. 

The Hon. Sir Robert Stout went to New Zealand, 1863, and was appointed 
second master in Dunedin Grammar School, having taught as a pupil teacher 
in his parish school in Ijerwick for five years. He afterwards became a 
student at Otago University and fellow of New Zealand University ; was 
called to the New Zealand Bar, 1871 ; entered the provincial council of Otago, 
New Zealand, 1872 ; became provincial solicitor, 1873 ; was elected to the 
General Assembly, 1875, for Caversham, and in 1876 for Dunedin; was 
attorney-general, March, 1878, to June, 1879; minister for immigration, 1878 ; 



prime minister and attorney-general and minister for education, 1884 to 1887. 
Sir Robert is president of the Danedin Preethought Society, and founded 
the Otago Schoolmasters' Association, now the Educational Institute of 
Otago, of which he is also president. He formerly contributed constantly 
to the press, for three years was editor of an important weekly journal in 
Otago, and has contributed largely to the New Zealand Magazine. He was 
created K.C.M.G., 1886. 


This family is of Norse or Danish origin, 
and has been resident in the southern portion 
of the Shetland Isles for many centuries. 

Robert Stout, a builder, held real pro- 
perty in Shetland, part of which is still held 
by his grandson, Hon. Sir Robert Stout. He 
m. Grace Williamson, and had a son, 

Thomas Stout, of Lerwick, Shetland Isles, 
Scotland, who m. first, Margaret Smith, of 
Celtic origin, whose family was also long 
resident in the Shetland Isles. By her (who 
d. 3rd October, 1858) he had issue, 

I. Robert (Hon. Sir), now of Bankton. 

II. George Smith, unm. 

III. Thomas, m. 1884, and has issue two 

I. Janet, m., 1878, John Macgregor, Esq., 
M.A., barrister-at-law, and has issue, a 
son, Thomas Stout, b. 1879. 
By his second wife he had issue, 

IV. WilUam Anderson, m., 1887, and 
has issue a daughter. 

V. John Bannatyne, unm. 

Mr. Thomas Stout d. 11th March, 1879. 

Mesidence — Bankton, Dunedin, Otago, New 


O'HALLORAN, JOSEPH SYLVESTER, Esq. of Carlisle-place, Victoria- 
street, London, formerly of Adelaide, South Australia, secretary of the 
Royal Colonial Institute, Northumberland-avenue, London, h. at Adelaide, 
28th March, 1842, m. 17th August, 1886, Alice Mary, daughter of the late 
Henry Simpson, Esq. of Ridge Park, Adelaijde. In 1859, Mr. O'Halloran 
received an appointment in the Audit Office, South Australia, and, after 
passing ten years in that department, was, in 1869, appointed clerk to the 
Executive Council and clerk to the Court of Appeals, which offices he 
retained until 1871 ; acted also as private secretary to the Right Hon. Sir 
James Fergusson, Bart., governor of the colony of South Australia, from 
February to May, 1870; was appointed assistant-secretary and librarian of the 
Royal Colonial Institute, April, 1881, and in December, 1883, was promoted 
to the position of secretary. Soon after his retirement from the government 
service, in 1871, Mr. O'Halloran came to England, and found occupation in 
the city of London, where he filled secretarial appointments for a period 
extending over seven years. In 1873 he proceeded to New Zealand and 
travelled through both islands, visited the Cape of Good Hope in 1877, in 
the following year re-visited Australia, in 1882 proceeded to north-western 
Canada, and again visited Canada in 1884. Mr. O'Halloran has also formed 
an acquaintance with many of the smaller Colonies. He was a member of the 
London Committee of the Jubilee Exhibition, held in Adelaide, 1887. 


Hugh O'Halloran, of Clanf'ergeal, de- 
scended from the ancient family of that name 
VOL. I. 

who held lands on the east of Lough Corrib, 
CO. Galway, was father of 



Hugh O'Haleoeax, of Clanfergeal, Tvliose 

Hugh O'Halioeah-, of Slianagolden, oo. 
Limerick, b. 1650, m. Johanna O'Donoglioe, 
and had a son, 

Michael O'Halloran, of Limerick, wlio 
■was b. 1682, in. Mary McDonnell, and d. 6th 
Api'il, 1759, leaving a son, 

Sylvester O'Halloean, M.E.I.A., of 
Limerick, surgeon, historian, and antiquarian, 
who was b. in Limerick, 31st December, 1728. 
He studied medicine and surgery at the uni- 
versities of London, Paris, and Leyden. 
While on the continent he paid particular 
attention to diseases of the eye, and at Paris 
wrote a treatise on that organ, which was 
pviblished at Limerick in 1750. Various 
other publications followed, and his Proposals 
for the Advanceineut of Surgery in Ireland, 
with a retrospective view of the ancient state 
of Phi/sic amongst us, appears to have actuated 
the founders of the Royal College of Sui'geons 
in Ireland, of which he was elected an honor- 
ary member, 7th August, 1786, two years 
after the date of the charter. Among other 
achievements. Dr. O'Halloran was tlie virtual 
founder, in 1760, of the County Limerick 
Infirmary. He devoted much time to literarv 
and antiquarian researches, and was one of 
the few modern historians who possessed the 
power of reading ancieint Irish manuscripts. 
In this department he wrote several works, 
and, in 1774, published his General History 
of Ireland from the ISarliest Accounts to the 
Close of the \2th Century. He was the 
author of other works, the whole of which 
are enumerated in the memoir by Sir William 
Wilde, which was published in the Dublin 
Quarterlii Joiurnal of Science for August, 
1848. He m. in 1752, Mary O'Casey, and d. 
llth August, 1807, in his 80th year, having 
had three sons and one daughter. His 
youngest son, 

Major-general Sir Joseph O'Hallohan, 
Gr.C.B., in the E.I. Co. 's service, colonel of 
the 30th Regiment, Bengal army, was b. in 
Limerick, 13th August, 1763 ; appointed mid- 
shipman on board the "Swallow" sloop-of- 
war, in the E.I.Co.'s sei-vice, 22nd Febrviary, 
1781 ; obtained an East Indian cadetship in 
July of that year, and was gazetted an ensign 
in I he Bengal army, 9th May, 1782, attaining 
the rank of lieutenant, 6th January, 1785 ; 
promoted to the rank of captain, 7th Jauuarv, 
1796, to that of major, 25th April, 1808, lieu- 
tenant-colonel, 4th June, 1814, and colonel, 
4th June, 1829, having been raised to the 
rank of brigadier-general, December, 1828, 
which ceased on the expiration of his term on 
the divisional staff, 23rd December, 1833. 
This closed also his active military career, 
after an unbroken, uninterrupted service of 
over fifty-three years. He landed in England, 
13th May, 1834, and on 15th February of the 
following year received the honour of knight- 
hood, having had conferred on him some 
years previously the Companionship of the 
Order of the Bath, and was invested with the 
Grand Cross of that Order, 12th February, 
1841 ; promoted to the rank of major-general. 

10th January, 1837 ; elected a member of the 
Royal Asiatic Society, November, 1836, and of 
the Royal Irish Academy, llth November, 
1838, and on 25th June of the same year, the 
mayor and corporation of Limerick presented 
him with the freedom of that city. He in., 1st 
December, 1790, Frances, daughter of Nicholas 
Bayly, of Redhill, co. Surrey, colonel of the 
West Middlesex Militia, and M.P. for Angle- 
sea, formerly of the Grenadier Guards, second 
son of Sir Nicholas Bayly, third bart. of 
Plas-Newyd, Anglesea (descended from the 
ancient earls of Lamington, in Scotland), and 
Caroline, his wife (only daughter and heiress 
of Thomas Paset, brigadier-general in the 
army), whose eldest son, Henry Bayly, in- 
herited, in right of his mother, as ninth 
Baron Paget, and thereupon assumed the 
surname and arms of Paget alone, and was 
created Earl of Uxbridge, 19th May, 1784 
(see Marquess of Anglesey, in Burke's 
Peerage). Major-General Sir Joseph O'Hal- 
loran d. 3rd November, 1843, in his 81st year, 
from the effects of an accident, having had by 
Frances, his wife (who was b. 16th November, 
1773, and d. at Calcutta, 22nd January, 1835), 

I. Charles Sylvester, lieutenant H.M. 
17th Regiment, b. 1st September, 1791, 
d. at Mauritius, 1812. 

II. Thomas Shuldham (major), of Lizard 
Lodge, O'Halloran Hill, South Aus- 
tralia, b. at Berhampore, East Indies, 
25th October, 1797 ; was a cadet at the 
Royal Military College at Marlow 
(which was removed to Sandhurst in 
1812) in 1808 ; appointed ensign in 
the Royal West Middlesex Militia in 
1809, gazetted an ensign in the 17th 
Foot, 1813, and joined his regiment the 
following year ; appointed lieutenant, 
28th June, 1817, purchased his com- 
pany in the 97th Regiment, 27th April, 
1827, placed on half-pay in 1837, and 
the following year retired from the 
army, after having seen much sei'vice, 
principally in India, and served during 
the whole of the Nepaul war, 1814 — 16, 
and during the Deccan war, 1817 — 18. 
In 1838, Major O'Halloran sailed for 
South Australia, landed at Glenelg, 
21st November of that year, and settled 
with his family at O'Halloran HUl ; 
on 2nd February, 1839, was nominated 
a justice of the peace for South Aus- 
tralia, gazetted major-commandant of 
the South Australian Militia, 26th 
February, 1840, and on 8th June, 1840, 
commissioner of police, which post he 
resigned, 12th April, 1843 ; nominated 
senior non-official member of the old 
nominee Council, 15th June, 1843, and 
continued in that position for eight 
years ; gazetted lieutenant-colonel of 
tlie volunteer military force, 1854, re- 
turned to the Legislative Council at 
the first election, March, 1857, and 
resigned his seat in 1863. On several 
occasions he commanded expeditions 
against the blacks. He was the prin- 
cipal fovmder and svipporter of Christ 



Cliurch, O'ETalloran Hil), and one of 
the original governors of St. Peter's 
Collegiate Scliool. Major O'Halloran 
m. first, 1st August, 1821, Miss Ann 
Gross, of Dawlish, co. Devon, and by 
her (who d. at Calcutta, 1823) had 
two children, one of whom d. in India, 
and the other, Ann, »». Captain Disney 
Eoebuck, of the 23rd Fusiliers. He m. 
secondly, 1834, Miss Jane Waring, of 
Newry, by whom he had three sons 
and one daughter, viz., 

1. Thomas Joseph Shuldham, I. 27th 
April, 1835, in. Julia, daughter of 
John Woodforde, Esq. of Ade- 
laide, South Australia, and has 

2. George Waring, h. 19th Septem- 
ber, 1836, m. Miss Eliza Hand. 

3. Henry Dunkin, h. 16th Decem- 
ber, 1840, m. Miss Mona Wright. 

1. Frances Jane, h. 14th September, 
1839, m. Frederick Wright, Esq. 
of Adelaide, and has issue. 
Major O'Halloran d. 16th August, 1870. 
III. St. George James, midshipman E.N., 
h. 23rd April, 1799, served in H.M.S. 
" Bellerophon " during the American 
war, 1812—14, joined H.M.S. "Sylph," 
sloop-of-war, as a 'volunteer, and 
perished off the coast of Newfound- 
land, 1815. 
IT. Henry Dunn, 5. 15th September, 
1800, m. in Canada, 1840, Miss Char- 
lotte Eobertson, niece of Sir Fenwick 
Williams, bart., of Kars, and d. 15th 
September, 1871, having had issue, 
1. Joseph Clanfergeal, h. February, 
1846, was in the Civil Service of 
South Australia, 1865 — 68, inspec- 
tor of constabulary, Mauritius, 
1st September, 1870; poor law 
guardian of Flacq District, 1874, 
and of Plaines Wilhems District, 
1875 ; police magistrate of Eod- 
riques, October, 1879 ; civil com- 
missioner, 1882. He m. Bessie, 
daughter of Miijor Edward Nor- 
man, Madras Native Itifantry, and 
has issue. 

2. Henry Montgomery Maxwell. 

3. William D'Aroy Gardner. 

1. Charlotte, h. February, 1843, m. 
Surgeon-major Theobalds, Madras 
army, and d. in India. 

2. Ellen Kathleen, h. 6th July, 
1847 ; m. 1874, F. Edward 
Paynter, Esq., and has issue. 

3. Florence Cole, h. 6th April, 
1849; m. Eev. Henry Dening, 
and has issue. 

4. Mary Eiverola, d. 10th August, 

5. Frances Earsalie. 

6. Agnes Bayly. 

T. Edward Paget, lieutenant H.M. 3Sth 
Foot, h. 18th April, 1802, served in 
the Burmese War, 1825 (left leg 
amputated at Eangoon) ; m. 1828, 
Miss Anna Gavin, and d. s.p. 1831. 

VI. William Littlejohn, of whom 

VII. Joseph Palmer, ensign H.M. 46th 
Foot, b. 3rd June, 1807, twin with his 
sister, Frances Bayly ; d. of cholera 
at Bellary, Madras, 8th October, 

VIII. John Nicholas, 5. 2Gth December, 
1810, served in the Bengal Armv, re- 
tired in 1836 ; m. 4th October, 1834, 
Elizabeth, youngest daughter of 
Major-General James Pringle, Bengal 
Army, and d.s.p. 30th November, 1886. 

I. Frances Bayly, b. 28t]i August, 1793 ; 
d. an infant. 

II. Ann Helen, h. 17th October, 1795 ; 
m. 16th March, 1814, Major George 
Cuninghame (of the Cuninghamea 
of Entricken),' Bengal Army, who d. 
at Mauritius in 1838, leaving one son 
(George, lieutenant 54th Eegiment 
Bengal Native Infantry, who was 
killed at Guridamuck in the disastrous 
retreat from Kabul in January, 1841) 
and one daugliter, Helen. Mrs. Cun- 
inghame d. 30th May, 1856. 

III. Sophia Sherbourne, b. 28th Decem- 
ber, 1803; m. 1822, Colonel John 
Henry Dunkin, C.B., H.M. 44th Foot 
(who d. in 1825, at Dacca, while com- 
manding, as brigadier-general, a divi- 
sion of the Bengal Army), and d. 
in London, 1832, leaving issue one son, 
William, lieutenant H.M. 44th Foot, 
who m. Miss Soj^hia Elliott, and d. at 
Bathurst, New South Wales, Febru- 
ary, 1852, from injuries sustained 
through the falling in of a tunnel. 

IV. Frances' Bayly, J. 3rd June,' 1807; 
twin with her brother Joseph Palmer ; 
d. an infant. 

V. Jane Baillie, b. 17th December, 1808 ; 
■m. 1827, Major-General Sir George 
Moyle Sherer, K.C.S.I. (who d: No- 
vember, 1870), and rf. December, 1888, 
having had three children : 1. Joseph 
Ford, major-general Bengal StafE 
Corps, of 18, Magdalen-road, St. 
Leonards-on-Sea, co. Sussex, b. 12th 
April, 1829; m. Charlotte, daughter 
of Major Goldney, and has issue': 
1. Sophy, b. 28th July, 1831 ; d. 
December, 1854; 2. Helen, m. John 
William Burns, Esq. of Kilmahew, 
Dumbarton, and has issue. 

VI. Frances Franklin, b. 24th July, 
1812; TO. first, 183-, Thomas Spens, 
Esq., M.D., Hon. E. I. Co.'s Sei-viee, 
and by him (who rf. in Calcutta, 1836) 
had issue one son (Thomas, ensign 
Bengal Native Infantry, killed in the 
Indian Mutiny, 1857), and cne 
daughter (Frances, who m. Lieu- 
tenant-General Henry Knightley 
Burne, C.B., military secretary to the 
Government of India). She m. 
secondly, Gilbert Kincaid Bogle, Esq. 

VII. Maria Nugent, b. 17th October, 
1814; m. at Dinapore, January, 1833, 
Major Thomas ^'allancey Lysaght, 

G 2 " 



Bengal Ai-uiy, who d. from -vrounds 
received in action, June, 1849, leaving 
four daughters, viz. : 1. Frances, m. 
1857, Frederick Rutherfoord, Esq. of 
the Cape of Good Hope, and has 
issue ; 2. Caroline, d. August, 1858 ; 
3. Maria, d. December, 1871 ; and 4. 
Margaret P., d. 1884. 

The sixth son, 

William Littlejohn O'HALnoKAN, of 
Adelaide, South Australia, captain 38th Regi- 
ment of Foot, was *. 5th May, 1806, at 
Berhampore ; came to England, 1811 ; re- 
ceived a commission as ensign in the 14th 
Foot, 11th January, 1824, and joined that 
corps at Meerut ; served with his regiment 
at the siege and storm of Bhurtpore (medal) 
in 1825 — 26, obtaining his lieutenancy in 
action ; exchanged into the 38th Reginient in 
April, 1827 ; served on the staff of his father 
at Saugor, Central India ; returned to Eng- 
land on sick certificate in 1830 ; employed 
on recruiting service in Belfast, 1832 to 1834, 
in which yea.r he embarked for Sydney, with 
a detachment of the 50th Regiment ; rejoined 
the 38th Regiment at Chinsorah, in 1835, 
and the following year accompanied it to 
England ; obtained his company by purchase, 
39th December, 1837, and finally retired 
from the army in April, 1840 ; the same year 
embarked in the " Lalla Rookh " for South 
Australia, landed at Glenelg, 11th August, 
1840, and purchased a property near Ade- 
laide ; appointed a justice of the peace, 
August, 1841 ; a member of the Board of 
Audit, March, 1843 ; private secretary to 
Grovernor G-rey, and clerk of the Councils, 
June, 1843; and auditor- general of South 
Australia, January, 1851, from which post 
he retired, 22nd January, 1868. Caprain 
O'Halloran in. 15th December, 1831, Eliza 
Minton, daughter of John Montague Smyth, 
Esq. of Cork, and d. at Glenelg, 15th July, 
1885, aged 80 years, having had by her (who 
Avas born at Cork, 10th December, 1810, and 
d. in London, 14th December, 1884) five sons 
and three daughters, viz., 

I. Henry Joseph, h. 3rd January, 1834 ; 
d. 22nd November, 1837. 

II. Joseph Sylvester, secretary of the 
Royal Colonial Institute. 

III. Nicholas, b. 13th October, 1844; m. 
24th Avigust, 1876, Elizabeth Alice, 
daughter of Robert Wilson Hall, Esq. 
of Riverton, South Australia, and has 
had issue, 

1. William Robert Cole, h. 2nd 
July, 1877; d. 14th January, 1878. 

2. Nicholas Bayly, b. 11th July, 

3. Edward Clanfergeal, b. 21st 
January, 1880. 

4. George Paget, b. April, 1883. 

0. Hector Hugh, b. 27th June, 

6. Joseph Sylvester. 

1. Alice Hannah Frances. 

IV. George Grev, b. 29th October, 1846 ; 
d. 3rd June, 1849. 

T. Edward White, of East Adelaide, 
solicitor, b. 8th October, 1852 ; m. 
13th June, 1878, Clara Aunger, 
daughter of James Phillips, Esq. of 
Adelaide, South Australia, M.R.C.S., 
and has issue, 

1. William James Petre, h. 6th 
March, 1883. 

2. Hugh Carbery, J. 17th June 1887. 

3. Roy Edward Gordon, b. 27th 
September, 1888. 

1. Ethel May. 

2. Marie Constance. 

3. Marjory Gwendoline. 

I. Eliza, b. 2nd November, 1832, at Bel- 
fast ; m. Samviel White White, Esq. 
of White Park, South Australia, and 
has issue, 

1. Samuel White, b. 25th October, 

2. Joseph Nicholas Bayly White, 
b. 20th October, 1861. 

3. Edward Paget O'Halloran White, 
b. 23rd December, 1866. 

4. Montague White, b. 25th June, 

1. Eliza. 

2. Margaret. 

3. Mary Kathleen O'Halloran. 

4. Ada Frances Isabel. 

II. Helen Kathleen, b. 3rd May, 1837; 
d. 14th October, 1837. 

III. Mary, b. 24th December, 1838; m. 
Thomas Giles, Esq. of Glenelg, South 
Australia, and has issue, 

1. William Anstey, b. 20th June, 

2. Thomas O'Halloran, b. 29th Janu- 
ary, 1863 ; m. 1888, Jean, daughter 
of Robert Barr Smith, Esq. of 
Tqrrens Park, South Australia, 
and has issue, a son, Hugh 
O'Halloran, b. 1889. 

3. Eustace, b. 29th May, 1866. 

4. Henry O'Halloran, b. 8th June, 

Arms (granted to Major-General Sir 
Joseph O'Halloran, G.C.B.) — Quarterly, 1st 
and 4th, az. a castle of two towers with a 
curtain wall and portal approached by three 
steps arg. standing on a mound vert, on 
which is inscribed the word "Hubrehur- 
PORE," gold, in chief a sword and an Indian 
sabre in saltire ppr. pommels and hilts or, 
surmounted by an Eastern ci'own of the last, 
for O'Halloban ; 2nd and 3rd, gu. a horse 
pass. arg. on grass ppr. caparisoned az. 
bridled and saddled or, on a chief of the 
second three mullets pierced of the third, for 
O'Halloran (ancient), over all a cross of 
pearls ppr. Crests — 1st, for augmentation : 
Out of an Eastern crown or, an arm in 
armour ppr. garnished gold, the hand in a 
gauntlet also ppr. grasping a flagstaff, there- 
from flowing a standard az. charged with a 
monkey statant also or, motto over, Pur- 
swabbie ; 2nd, O'Hallokan (ancient) : A 
lizard pass, or, motto over, Clan-Forgail 
a-boo. Motto — Lothim agus marbhaim (I 
wound and I kill). The origin of the 



ancient arms of the O'Hallokans is thus 
narrated : A chieftain of Clanfergeal, on a 
journey, resting for awhile beneath a tree, 
fell asleep from fatigue. Three chiefs of a 
neighbouring tribe, at enmity, were on the 
point of attacking liim, when a lizard, crawl- 
ing over his face, awolte him. Seeing the 
hostile intentions of the three armed men, he 
sprung up to defend himself, sIpw their chief, 
who was mounted on a white horse, and 

mortally wounded the other two. To com- 
memorate this achievement, he assumed for 
his crest a lizard (in Ireland termed a man 
keeper), and for his shield of arms three 
mullets pierced, with a white horse capari- 
soned, without a rider, on a field gu. ; adopt- 
ing for his motto the words, in Irish, I 
wound and I kill. 

Residence — Carlisle place, Victoria street, 
Westminster, co. Middlesex, England. 

Cupptr of armtiale. 

T UPPER, HON. SIR CHARLES, Bart, of Armdale, Halifax, in the province 
of Nova Scotia, in the Dominion of Canada, G.C.M.G., C.B., LL.D., 
M.D., L.R.C.S. Edinburgh, high commissioner for the Dominion of Canada, 
h. 2nd July, 1821, at Amherst, Nova Scotia; m. 8th October, 1846, Frances 
Amelia, daughter of Silas Hibbert Morse, Esq. of Amherst, Cumberland, 
Nova Scotia, and has issue, 

I. James Stewart, of Wilton Lodge, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 

barrister-at-law, h. 26th October, 1851 ; m. first, 8th September, 
1875, Mary Wilson, daughter of Andrew Robertson, of Elmbank, 
Montreal ; she d. 7th August, 1876, leaving an only child, 

1. Marie Stewart. 
He m. secondly, 9th June, 1880, Ada Campbell, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Gait, chief justice of Ontario, and by her has issue, 

1. Charles Stewart, h. 8fch August, 1884. 

2. Jessie Campbell. 

3. Prances. 

II. Charles Hibbert (Hon.), of Halifax, minister of marine and fisheries, 

Ottawa, barrister-at-law, M.P., h. 3rd August, 1855 ; m. 9th Septem- 
ber, 1879, Janet, daughter of James McDonald, of Blink Bonnie, 
Halifax, chief justice of Nova Scotia, and has issue, 

1. Charles, h. 10th December, 1880. 

2. James McDonald, h. 23rd December, 1887. 

1. Sophie Almon. 

2. Frances Lilian. 

III. William Johnston, of Winnipeg, aforesaid, barrister-at-law, h. 29th 

July, 1862; VI. 6th July, 1887, Margaret (sister of Janet), daughter 
of James McDonald, of Blink Bonnie, chief justice of Nova Scotia, 
and has issue, 

Katherine Gladys. 
I. Emma, I. 23rd July, 1847; to. 22nd July, 1869, Major-General Donald 
Roderick Cameron, R.A., CM. G., commandant Royal Military 
College, Kingston, Canada, who was 6. 1834 ; entered R.A. 1856 ; 
captain 1866, major 1875, lieut.-colonel 1882, and colonel 1886; 
served throughout the Bhootan Campaign 1864 — 66 as adjutant and 
as staff officer of officer commanding R.A. Dooar Field Force (medal 
with clasp, thrice mentioned in despatches), accompanied the Hon. 
W. McDougall, C.B., to Fort Garry, as a member of the Executive 


Council, N.W. Teri-itories, 1869 ; was commissioner of tlie Inter- 
national Boundary Commission, and secretary to the Canadian 
Delegation at the International Conference held at Paris, 1883, for 
the pi'otection of submarine cables. They have issue, 
1. William Tupper. 

1. Sophie Tupper. 

2. Nancie Tupper. 

3. Lillie Tupper. 

4. Mary Tupper. 

5. Frances Tupper. 

It. Elizabeth Stewart, d. an infant, 1st November, 1850. 
III. Sophie Almon, d. 17th August, 1863. 

Sir Charles took the degree of M.D. at Edinburgh, 1843, and the same year 
obtained the diploma of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, and is an 
M.A. and D.C.L. of Arcadia College, Nova Scotia; has been a representative 
in the Nova Scotian and Canadian Parliaments for thirty-one years, having been 
returned fourteen times continuously ; was appointed by Act of Parliament, 
1862, governor of Dalhousie College, Halifax ; was president of the Canadian 
Medical Association, from its formation, 1867, until 1870, when he declined re- 
election. He was a, member of the Executive Council, and provincial secretary, 
Nova Scotia, from 1857 to 1860 ; and from 1863 to 30th June, 1867 ; prime 
minister of Nova Scotia from 1864 to 1st July, 1867, the date of the Union ; 
sworn a privy councillor of the Dominion of Canada, June, 1870; held the 
office of president of the Privy Council, 1870 to 1st July, 1872, when he was 
appointed minister of Inland Revenue, which post he held till 22nd February, 
1873 ; minister of Customs 1873, minister of Public Works, 1878—79 ; and 
minister of Railways and Canals 1879 — 84 ; high commissioner in Great 
Britain for Canada, 1884 — 87 ; executive commissioner for Canada of the 
Antwerp Exhibition, 1885, and of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, London, 
1886, of which he was also appointed royal commissioner by the Queen. The 
University of Cambridge conferred upon him the honorary degree of doctor 
of lawi and the same day had granted to him the honorary freedom of the 
Worshipful Company of Fishmongers of London ; was minister of finance, 
1887 — 88; since then high commissioner in Great Britain, and one of H.M.'s 
plenipotentiaries in the Fishery Commission at Washington, 1887 — 88 ; 
nominated a C.B. 29th June, 1867; K.C.M.G. 24th May, 1879, and G.C.M.G. 
1st February, 1886; created a baronet by letters patent bearing date 13th 
September, 1888. 

In consequence of persecution two brothers, 
previous to 1522, iied from Hesse Cassel, 
Upper Saxony; one settled in Holland, and 
in 1813 a descendant, Daniel Tupper, was 
burgomaster of Rotterdam. Another mem- 
ber of tlie family settled at Sandwich, co. 
Kent. From this latter branch descended 

Thomas TrpPER, who emigrated to America 
in 1635, landed at Sangus, Mass. (now called 
Lynn), and two years later removed, with 
nine others, to Sandwich, Mass., and became 
the incorporators of the town. He had a son, 

Thomas TUPPEK, S. in 1637, whom. Martha, 
daughter of G-oyernor Mayhew, of Martha's 
Vineyard.* He left a son, Eliakim Tupper, 
who was the father of Eliakim Tuppee, who 
left a son Charles Tupper, of Oornwallis, in 
Nova Scotia, who emigrated from Lebanon, 
Connecticut, United States of America, in 
1760, to Cornwallis ; he m. 24th October, 

* Tlie old mansion house is still standing 
in Sandwich, and is occupied by a member of 
the family, Russell Ellis Tupper. 



1762, Elizabeth West; both are buried at 
Cornwallis. He d. aged 12 years, and she d. 
at the age of 85, and left, with ten other sons 
and four daughters. 

The Rev. Uhaeles TrrPEE, of Kingston, 
in the province of Nova Scotia, D.D., h. in tlie 
township of Cornwallis, 6th August, 1794 ; 
m. Miriam, daughter of James Lookhart, of 
Parrsboro', Cumberland, Nova Scotia, and 
widow of John Lowe ; she d. 4th July, 1851. 
Rev. Dr. Tupper d. 19th January, 1881, at 
Aylesford, Nova Scotia, and left, with other 
issue, Hon. Sib Chakles Ttippeb, created a 
baronet, as above. 

Creation — 13th September, 1888. 

Anns — Per fesse az and or on a fesse erm. 

between two boars pass, in chief or, and a 
sprig of niayflower slipped and leaved in base 
ppr, three escallops gu. Crest — Upon a 
mount vert a greyhound statant sa. charged 
on the body with two escallops or, holding in 
the mouth a sprig of niayllower as in the 
arms. Motto — L'espoir est ma force. Sup- 
porters (borne by Sir Charles Tupper as a 
G-.C.M.G-.) — On either side a greyhound sa. 
collared and pendent therefrom an escocheon 
or, charged with a sprig of mayflower slipped 
and leaved ppr. 

Seat — Armdale, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Do- 
minion of Canada. London residence. — 97, 
Cromwell-road, S.W. Clnhs — St. George's, 
Hanover-square ; St. Stephen's, Westminster. 

Pearson J3f €Uwto(e. 

PEARSON, HON. CHARLES HENRY, M.A., of Ediowie, Williams- 
road, Toorak, Victoria, Australia, minister of public instruction, 
Victoria, late fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, and sometime professor of 
modern history, King's College, London, h. at Islington, co. Middlesex, 
7th September, 1830 ; 7?i. at St. George's Church, Gawler, South Australia, 
lOth December, 1872, Edith Lucilla, daughter of Philip Butler, Esq. of 
Tickford Abbey, co. Buckingham, and of Queen's Gate-terrace, South 
-Kensington, London, and has issue, 

I. Edith Gertrude Hilda, h. 23rd July, 1875. 

II. Evelyn Mary Muriel, h. 8th September, 1877. 

III. Maude Oriel Reada, I. 13th April, 1879. 

Mr. Pearson was educated at Rugby and King's College, London, after- 
wards became a student at Oriel and Exeter Colleges, University of Oxford, 
and took the degree of B.A. ; in 1874 arrived in Victoria from South Australia, 
where he had been a resident for a few years, and immediately took the 
position of lecturer on history at the Melbourne University, having been 
lecturer on modern history at Trinity College, Cambridge, from 1869 to 1871. 
He afterwards became head master of the Ladies' Presbyterian College, which 
appointment he resigned in 1877, and in the following year was elected a 
member of the Legislative Assembly of Victoria for Castlemaine. In 1862 — 3 
he edited the National Bevieiv, and has published among other works, Histori/ 
of England in the Fourteenth Century, 


This family claims descent from the 
Pearsons of Lincolnshire, who migrated into 
Yorkshire in the 16th century. 

John Pearson, Esq. of the city of York, 
b. 1Y36, m. first, at St. Sampson's, York, 12th 
April, 1757, Mary, daughter of Robert Atlay, 
Esq. of Sheriff Hutton, co. York, and by her 
(who was baptised at Sheriff Hutton, 11th 
February, l732, and was buried at St. 
Sampson's, 24th September, 1772) had issue, 
I. John, of whom hereafter. 

II. James, formerly of Lisbon, and after- 
wards a merchant of Jamaica. 

III. Thomas, of Manchester, co. Lan- 
caster, b. 1760, ;«. 9th November, 
1787, Ehzabeth, daughter of Benjamin 
Brierley, Esq. of Manchester, and d. 
July, 1827, having had by her (who 
was b. 22nd September, 1767, d. 9th 
December, 1821), 

1. John, of Manchester, b. 18th 
September, 1788, m. 1st, at the 



Collegiate Church of Manoliester, 
21st September, 1818, Mary, 
daughter of John Atkinson, Esq. 
of Manchester, and by her (who 
was h. 11th May, 1797, and d. 
20th December, 1834) had, 

John Atkinson, b. 9th January, 
1820, m. at St. John's, New- 
foundland, 11th September, 
1845, Anne, daughter of John 
Boyd, Esq. of St. John's, 
jSTewfoundland, and A. s.p. 
27th October, 1848, and was 
buried at Malta. His widow 
re-m. in 1858, James Baird, 
Esq. of St. John's, New- 
Mary Anne Elizabeth, h. 4th 
August, 1822, m. at the 
Cathedral, Manchester, 24tli 
August, 1852, to George 
Pearson Friend, Esq. of 
Kingsbridge, co. Devon, only 
son of George Friend, Esq. 
of Harberton, and had issue. 
He m. secondly, at St. Elijhin's, 
Warrington, co. Lancaster, 4th 
August, 1836, Louisa Teresa, 
daughter of Peter Atkinson, Esq. 
of Kingston-upon-Hull, co. York, 
and dying 6th June, 1867, left by 
her a son, 

Henry; of Manchester, surgeon, 
b. 13th July, 1837; elected 
M.E.C.S., 1865. 

2. Benjamin Brierley, b. 26th June, 
1790, d. uiim. 17th September, 

3. Benjamin, of Southside, Wilms- 
low, CO. Chester, b. 7th AjDril, 
1793, m. at the Qiiakers' meeting 
house, Plaistow, co. Essex, 8th 
January, 1835, Charlotte Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Mark de 
Giberne, Esq. of Wanstead, co. 
Essex, and d. 14th September, 
1857, having had issue, 

I. George, of Southside, Wilms- 
low, CO. Chester, b. 28th 
October, 1835. 

II. Edward, of Wilmsiow, 
' aforesaid, b. 12th November, 

1836, m. 1873, Ellen Clare, 
daughter of William Miller, 
Esq. of Millerfield House, 
Edinburgh, and has issue, 
Edward William, b. 1878. 

I. Charlotte, b. 16th February, 

1838, d. 25th March, 1845. 

II. Helen, b. 9th December, 

1839, d. 21st April, 1845. 

III. Elizabeth, b. 1st May, 

IV. Maria, b. 18tli January, 
1843, d. 27th March, 1845. 

4. James, b. 18th September, 1795, 
m. at St. Nicholas, Liverpool, 16th 
October, 1822, Eliza Doodey, of 
Liverpool, and d. 1841, in 
Australia, leaving issue. 

5. Ebenezer, b. 20th October, 1798, 
d. 27th October, 1798. 

6. Eobert Hawker, b. 6th April, 
1801, d. unm. 1844. 

1. Mary Ann, b. 22nd January, 
1792, m.. at the Collegiate Church, 
Manchester, 25th September, 
1816, Joseph Garcide, Esq. of 
Manchester, surgeon (who was 
b. 1st June, 1790), and d. 22nd 
June, 1844, having had issue. 

2. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1st June, 
1804, m. at Crediton, co. Devon, 
19th January, 1826, George 
Friend, Esq. of Harberton, co. 
Devon, who was b. 27th Febru- 
ary, 1804, d. 29th October, 1846, 
having had issue. 

3. Martha, b. 28th April, 1807, m. 
at St. Sidwells, Exeter, co. Devon, 
May, 1831, as his 2nd wife. John 
Toms, Esq. of Exeter, co. Devon, 
and afterwards of Newcastle, in 
Upper Canada, and had issue. 

IT. Eobert, baptised 16th, and buried 

23rd October^ 1768. 
T. Eobert, baptised 6th August, and 

buried 7th September, 1770. 

I. Mary, buried 13th March, 1771. 

John Pearson, Esq., m. secondly, 1773, 
Jane, daughter of Thomas Pierse, Esq. of 
Oswaldkirk, co. York, and by her (who re-m. 
at St. Martin's, Coney-street, York, 27th 
November, 1801, William Pontey, Esq., and 
d. 11th October, 1840, he having predeceased 
her 3rd March, 1830, aged 76) had, 

Ti. Christopher John, d. February, 1781. 

II. Mary, b. May, 1775, m. at H udders- 
field, CO. York, John Eastwood, E.-q. 
of Liverpool, co. Lancaster (who was 
b. at Dalton, co. York, 1776, and d. 
13th June, 1838), and d. 14th August, 
1833, having had issue. 

III. Jane, J. 26th May, 1776, m. at 
St. Martin's, Cony-street, York, 14th 
May, 1801, Joseph Munby, Esq. of 
York, solicitor (who was b. at Kings- 
ton-upon-Hull, 1772, and d. 7th 
March, 1816), and d. 23rd August, 
1819, having had issue. 

He d. 24th February, 1778. His eldest 

JoH:^f Pearson, Esq. of Golden-square, St. 
James's, Westminster, co. Middlesex, F.E.S., 
member of the Eoyal College of Surgeons, 
member Eoyal Institution, hon. M.E.C.S. of 
Ireland, and hon. member of the Eoyal 
Medical Society of Edinburgh, b. 3rd 
January, 1758, m. at St. James's, Piccadilly, 
London, 24th February, 1784, Sarah, 
daughter and co-heir of Eobert Norman, 
Esq. of Lewisham, co. Kent, by Ann, his 
wife, daughter of John Greig, Esq., and d. 
12th May, 1826, having had by her (who was 
b. 24th August, 1763, d. lo'th September, 
1826, and was buried with her husband at 
St. Luke's, Old-street, City-road, London), 
I. John Noeman (Eev.), of whom 



II. Henry Kobert, of Hyde Park-square 
parish of Paddington, co. Middlesex, 
b. 2J,th August, 1790, entered H.M. 
Treasury, 18 LO, retired as chief clerk 
in IS-tQ, m. first, at St. Anne's, Soho, 
24th August, 1819, Anne, daughter of 
Thomas Harris, Esq. of Brixton, oo. 
Surrey, and by her (who was b. 7th 
May, 1797, and d. 9th April, 1833) 
had issue, 

1. Henry John, b. 28th August, 
1820, d. unm., being drowned in 
the Bay of Biscay, 22nd April, 
1838, while a midshipman on 
board the " Ctimbridge." 

2. Frederick Thorpe (Rev.), of 
Queen's College, Oxford, b. 10th 
December; 18il, appointed per- 
petual curate of St. George's, 
Whitwick, CO. Leicester, 1865. 
Took the degree of B.A., 184-1, 
M.A., 1847. Ordained deacon, 
1844, and priest, 1845, both by 
the Right Rer. John Lonsdale, 
Bishop of Lichfield. He m. at 
St. Albans Abbey, co. Hertford, 
31st May, 1853, Louisa, daughter 
and co-heir of Samuel Leney, 
Esq., and by her (who was b. 
24th November, 1831) had, 

I. Erederio Henry Walter, b. 
3rd March, 1854. 

II. Arthur Norman, b. 18th 
February, 1856, d. 16th 
April, 1859. 

III. Reginald Alfred, J. 31st 
July, 1859. 

IV. Gilbert Leney, b. I7th No- 
vember, 1864. 

T. Sydney Norman, b. 12tli 
March, 1866. 

, , T- . r twins, b. 25th 

I. Ada Louisa, I p^^^^ 

II. Sophia, ]_^g.. •' 

III. Beatrice Mary, b. 15th 
May, 1857. 

IV. Gertrude Anne, 4. 31st May, 
1858, d. 10th April, 1859. 

V. Angela Maud, b. 2nd Sep- 
tember, 1860. 

Ti. Julia Madeline, b. 4th Jan- 

uarv, 1862. 
VII. Eleanor, 6. 31st July, 1863. 

3. Alfred, b. 12th July, 1823; 
entered the Bengal (afterwards 
Royal) Artillery 1842; retired 
30th September, 1861 ; lieutenant- 
colonel in H.M. Army, 15th No- 
vember, 1861. He received a 
medal and two clasps for the 
Sutlej campaign in 1845 and 1846, 
and a medal and clasp for the 
Indian Mutiny in 1857 — 59. 

4. George Babington, b. 4th August, 
1827 ; entered the 44th Regiment 
Bengal Native Infantry ; received 
medal for the siege of Mooltan ; 
d. iimn. 29th January, 1850, and 
was buried at Barrackpore, near 

5. Edward (Rev.), of Micklcgate, 
York, b. 11th April, 1829 ; entered 
Worcester College, Oxford, and 
took the degree of B.A. 1852, and 
M.A. 1855 ; ordained deacon, 1852, 
by the Right Rev. Samuel Hinds, 
bishop of Norwich ; and priest, 
1853, by the Right Rev. Thomas 
Turton, bishop of Ely. 

6. Charles Leslie, b. 20th November, 
1831 ; entered the Royal Navy 
1847 ; became lieutenant 1857 ; 
received medal for the Baltic 
campaigns of 1854 — 55. He m. at 
Linden, co. Perry, Tennessee, 
America, 8th March, 1865, 
Georgiana Brooks, vrho was b. 
July, 1846. 

1. Mary Arabella, b. 2nd May, 
1825 ; «!.. at St. John the Evange- 
list's, Paddington, co. Middlesex, 
2nd February, 1860, to Thomas 
Lowis Thornton, Esq. 

Mr. H. R. Pearson m. secondly, at 
Holy Trinity, Brompton, co. Middle- 
sex, 23rd January, 1838, Charlotte, 
daughter of John Cousehs, Esq. of 
Prinsted Lodge, co. Sussex, and d. 
16th November, 1870, having had by 
her (who was b. 20th March, 1810), " 

7. Julius Alexander, F.S.A., b. 4th 
December, 1838 ; associate King's 
College, London, 1857. 

8. Octavius Henry, b. 1st Novem- 
ber, 1839; entered H.M. Pay- 
master-General's Office, 1859. 

9. Henry Robert, b. 14th January, 

2. Agnes Charlotte, b. 13th June, 

3. Madeline Jane, b. 12th Novem- 
ber, 1844, d. 14th August, 1848. 

4. Eva Angela, b. 12th December, 

6. Lucy Madeline, b. 28th June, 

6. Georgina, b. 20th May, 1851. 
Mr. H. R. Pearson obtained a grant of 

III. Edward Atlay, b. 5th December, 
1795, d. 24th August, 1799. 

IV. Lucius, b. 21st July, 1797, d. 16th 
March, 1798. 

V. Frederick Burnet, of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, b. 9th November, 1800; 
entered 9th Regiment Light Dragoons 
1827 ; retired 1831 ; took the degree 
of B.A. 1823 ; M.A. 1827 ; appointed 
captain 1st Royal Cheshire Militia 
1852; retired 1855. He m. at St. 
Paul's, Knightsbridge, co. Middlesex, 
29th January, 1850, Annie, daughter 
of James Heydocke Hill, Esq. of New 
bold Firs, co. Warwick, and relict of 
Granville Sharp, Esq., and by her 
(who was b. 10th June, 1812) had issue, 

1. Frederick James Norman, b. 9th 
April, 1851. 

2. Arthur Hubert, b. 25th June, 



1. Isabella, h. 19tli August, 1852. 
He d. 3rd February, 1870. 

Tl. Edwin (Sir), of Wimbledon, co. 
Surrey, and of the Atbeneeum Club, 
London, England, F.E.S., h. 20th 

■ May, 1802 ; entered Trinity College, 
Cambridge, and took the degree of 
B.A. 1825, and M.A. 1828 ; appointed 
lieutenant of the Yeomen of the 
Guard 1836, retired 1842; knighted 
at St. James's Palace, 4th May, 1836. 
He m. at St. Mai\y's, Bryanston-square, 
CO. Middlesex, isth April, 1841, the 
Hon. Alicia Ann Hewitt, eldest 
daughter of James, third Viscount 
Lifford, and d. 18th April, 1883, 
having had by her (who was b. 21st 
May, 1812), 

1. Edwin James, of Millfield House, 
Northohurch, Berkhanisted, 
Herts, and of the Athenajum 
Club, London, J.P. for co. Herts, 
b. 13th February, 1842 ; appointed 
lieutenant 2nd Koyal Surrey 
Militia, 6th August, 1864 ; entered 
the Board of Trade 1865; m. 
1868, Emily M., daugker of the 
the late E. Valpy, Esq. of Champ- 
neys, Tring, co. Herts, J.P. 

2. Francis John, b. ,10th April, 
1843; d. 26th May, 1843, at 

3. Arthur Ashley, b. 14th Novem- 
ber, 1847. 

1. Ahoe Maud, b. 24th October, 

2. Emily Georgiana, b. 20th Novem- 
ber, 1849. 

3. Adelaide Isabella, b. 11th July, 
1851 ; d. 18th December, 1851. 

4. Adela Isabella, b. 20th Novem- 
ber, 1852; d. 13th November, 

5. Edith Anne, b. 8th April, 1855. 
Til. Arthur Hugh (Rev.), rector of 

Norton-in-Hales, co. SalojJ, and Fox- 
earth, CO. Essex, M.A. of Queens' 
College, Cambridge, b. 21st February, 
1804; m. at Great Chesterford, co. 
Essex, 25th August, 1829, Isabella, 
daughter of the Hon. and Eev. 
Richard Fitzgerald King, M.A., son of 
Robert, second Earl of Kingston, and 
d. 31st July, 1847, having had issue 
by her (who d. 7th January, 1882), 
1. Douglas FitzGerald, b. 5th Jan- 
uary, 1832 ; entered Christ Col- 
lege, Cambridge, in 1850; d. 18th 
July, 1860. He m. at All Saints, 
Southampton, 28th June, 1854, 
Adelaide Cecilia Caroline, daugh- 
ter and heir of Samuel Le Fevre, 
Esq., collector of customs at Bar- 
bados, by Anna Maria, his wife, 
2nd daughter of the Hon. Peter 
Boyle de Blaquiere, and by her 
(who was b. 6th October, 1834) 
had issue, Doviglas Erris, b. 16th 
September, 1856 ; and Amy Isa- 
bella, b. 14th March, 1858. 

1. Constance, b. 27th September, 
1830 ; m. at Walcot, near Bath, 
CO. Somerset, 25th April, 184-, 
Rev. John Evans, M.A. (Trin. 
Coll., Dub., and Oxford), incum- 
bent of St. Mary's, Grassendale, 
near Liverpuol, who was b. 19th 
October, 1821 ; took the degree of 
B.A. 1844, and M.A. 1853. She 
has issue. 

2. Geraldine Frederica, b. 4th No- 
vember, 1843. 

VIII. Osmund Venn, b. 3rd July, 1807 ; 
d. 26th April, 1816. 

IX. William Wilberforce, M.A. (Trin. 
Coll. Camb.), b. 18th January, 1809 ; 
m. at St. James's, Piccadilly, 1835, 
Angela Eliza, daughter of Alexander 
Alexander, Esq. of the Larches, co. 
Warwick, and d. 26th December, 1861, 
having had issue. 

I. Lucy, b. 29th December, 1784; d. 
19th August, 1805. 

II. Sarah Ann, b. 14th August, 1786 ; 
m. at St. James's, Piccadilly, 18th 
September, 1817, George Gisborne 
Babington, Esq. of Eothley Temple, 
CO. Leicester, F.R.S., who was b. 22nd 
January, 1794, and d. s.p. 1st January. 
1856. She d. 16th November, 1870. 

III. Mary Arabella, b. 8th December, 
1791 ; d. 17th July, 1810. 

IV. Frances Medley, b. 22nd December, 
1798; d. 13th March, 1826. 

V. EmUy, b. 3rd May, 1806 ; d. 10th 
July, 1811. 

The eldest son, 

Eev. John Norman Peaeson, of Bower 
Hall, Bumpstead Steeple, co. Essex, b. 7th 
December, 1787; entered Trinity College, 
Cambridge, and took the degree of B.A. 1809, 
and M.A. 1813 ; ordained deacon 1812, and 
priest 1813 ; appointed incumbent of Holy 
Trinity, Tunbridge Wells, co. Kent, 1839, 
which living he resigned in 1853 ; m. at 
Albury, co. Surrey, 11th September, 1815, 
Harriet, daughter of Eichard Puller, Esq. 
of London, merchant, and sister of Sir Chris- 
topher Puller, knt., chief justice of Bengal 
(see Burke's Landed Oentry), and by her 
(who was b. 9th September, 1790, and d. 9th 
March, 1870) had issue, 

I. John (Hon. Sir), of Dundridge, Har- 
berton, South Devon, and of 75, 
Onslow- square. South Kensington, co. 
Middlesex, b. 5th August, 1819; 
educated at Gonville and Cains College, 
Cambridge (B.A. 1841, M.A. 1844); 
called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 
1844 ; Q.C. December, 1866; appointed 
a justice of the High Court of Judica- 
ture, Chancery Division, 1882, and 
knighted the same year. He m. at St. 
George the Martyr, Bloomsbury, co. 
Middlesex, 21st December, 1854, 
Charlotte Augusta, daughter of the 
Rev. William Short, M.A., rector of 
St. George the Martyr, Bloomsbury, 
and afterwards prebendary of Sarum, 



and rector of Llandrinio, co. Mont- 
gomery, and d. 13th May, 1886. 

II. Francis Boyle, of the Bengal Civil 
Service, h. November, 1820 ; ap- 
pointed judge of the S udder Dovvanny 
and Nizamut Adawlut, the High Court 
of Appeal, North-West Provinces, 
India, 1863, and one of the puisne 
judges of H.M. High Court of Judica- 
ture for the North-West Provinces 
of the Presidency of Fort William, 
1866. He in. at Agra, India, 25th 
February, 1851, Caroline Charlotte, 
daughter of General John Campbell, 
of Kinloch, and has issue, 

1. Francis Campbell, h. 28th Decem- 
ber, 1852 ; m. July, 1886, C. Kin- 

2. William Lavrrence Wemyss, J. 
11th July, 1854. 

III. Christopher Eidley (Eev.), M.A., 
formerly incumbent of St. James's, 
Tunbridge Wells, co. Kent, and after- 
wards rector of Combe Pyne, Lyme 
Kegis, CO. Dorset, h. 2nd June, 1826 ; 
entered Queens' College, Cambridge, 
and took the degree of B.A. ISiQ, 
and M.A. 1852 ; ordained deacon 1849 ; 
priest 1850. He m. at St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, co. Middlesex, February, 
1862, Mary Louisa Foster, daughter 
of the Eev. Peter la Trobe, Moravian 

lY. Chaeles Henet, now of Ediowie, 

V. Alleyne Ward (Eev.),M.A., formerly 
rector of St. Margaret's, Canterbury, 
CO. Kent, and afterwards rector of 
Halstead, Sevenoaks, co. Kent, h. 
10th December, 1832 ; entered Pem- 
broke College, Cambridge, and look 

the degree of B.A. 185";, and M.A. 
I860; ordained deacon, 1855, by the 
Eight Eev. Samuel Wilberforce, bishop 
of Oxford ; priest 1856. He m. at 
Dunchurch, near Eugby, co. Warwick, 
18th August, 1864, Elizabeth, 
daughter of George Hume, Esq. of 
Toft, CO. Warwick, one of the taxing 
masters of the High Court of 
Chancery, and has, with another 
daughter, Gwendoline Lisa, h. 7th 
July, 1865. 
VI. Theodore Venn, h. 11th July, 1836 ; 
d. 15th May, 1842. 

I. Harriet Augusta, h. 3rd February, 

II. Lucy, h. 7th May, 1818; d. unm. 
11th October, 1846. 

III. Emily, h 7th October, 1822; d. 
3rd July, 1826. 

IV. Isabella, i. 15th December, 1823; d. 
22nd June, 1838. 

V. Charlotte Louisa, 5. 3rd February, 
1825 ; d. 3rd July, 1826. 

VI. Charlotte Matilda, h. 31st July, 

VII. Mary Georgina, h. 11th December, 
1834 ; 'd. 28th February, 1837. 

Eev. J. N. Pearson d. 4th October, 1865. 

Arms — Per fesse dovetail gu. and az., three 
suns in splendour, gold, on a bordure dove- 
tail or, four hurts. Crest — A demi lion 
ramp, gu., charged on the neck with three 
bezanti between a double gemelle, or, in the 
dexter paw a shield az. cliarged with a sun 
in splendour, gold. Motto — Sol et scutum 

Residence — Ediowie, Williams-road, Too- 
rak, Victoria, Australia. 

Estate — Haverhill, near Melrose, South 

BONYTHON, JOHN LANGJDON, Esq. of Carclew, Adelaide, South 
Australia, editor and (with F. B. Burden, Esq.) proprietor of The 
Adelaide Advertiser and other journals ; justice of the peace ; chairman of 
the Adelaide School Board; and chairman of the South Australian School of 
Mines and Industries, 6. in London, 15th October, 1848 ; m. 24th December, 
1870, Marie Louise Eriedrike, daughter of Daniel Friedrich Balthasar, Esq. 
of Berlin, by Louise Charlotte Caroline Haase, his wife, and has issue, 

I. Clive Hereward, h. 31st July, 1872. 

II. John Lavington, i. 10th September, 1875. 

III. Hugh Trevanion, h. 9th July, 1879. 

IV. Arthur Fairbairn, h. 18th June, 1883. 

T. Francis Godolphin, h. 4th January, 1885. 

I. Mary Elsie, h. 10th March, 1874. 

II. Edith Annie, I. 8th August, 1877. 

III. Ada Langdon, h. 17th June, 1881. 

' Mr. Bonython has in his possession the famous Bonython flagon. It bears 



the date 1598, and an inscription states that it was " used at the coronation 
banquet of James I and VI of Scotland by one of the Bonython family, who 
officiated at the banquet." 


The Bonytlions are an ancient Cornish 
family. Their original seat, Bonython, is 
" in the Lizard district in the parish of Cury, 
a bleak wild tract on the serpentine forma- 
tion, where the sea washes the lonely shores 
of Gunwalloe ; and in this remote district 
they flourished for many generations in great 
repute, exercising a wide influence, botii 
social and political, throughout the length 
and breadth of the land" (Gentleman's 
Maffazine, February, 1868). In the 12th 
century, Simon de Bonytlion went into 
Ireland as the king's special representative ; 
and one of the Cornish historians mentions a 
member of the family as a man of great 
repute in the reign of Henet V. During 
the preceding reign, the well-known estate 
of Carclew, iiear Falmouth, with an ad- 
joining manor, passed by marriage to Richard 
Bonython, son of Simon Bonython of Bony- 
tlion. Later on, the family had other seats, 
notably one in St. Columb Minor. They 
intermarried with the leading families of 
Cornwall. Sir Francis G-odolphin, the famous 
soldier of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and 
the ancestor of the Earls of Q-odolphin, was 
the son of Katherine, daughter of Edmund 
Bonython. But it was during the troublous 
days of the Stuart dynasty that the Bony- 
thons figured conspicuously. They held 
various important official positions, had seats 
in Parliament and were to be found as 
distinguished men at the Bar, as well as in 
the Army and the Navy. The poet Long- 
fellow was a descendant of Captain Eichard 
Bonython, who was one of the original pro- 
prietors of what is now known as Maine in 
the United States of America. Both Bony- 

thon and Carclew have passed into otlier 
hands. At the beginning of the present 
century, the only property which remained 
was in St. Columb Minor. There lived 
John Bonython, Esq., the head of the 
family, who was the son of Thomas Bont- 
thon, Esq., by Mary Eoberts. his wife, and 
was b. in 1755. His eldest son (by Ann, 
daughter of John Langdon, Esq.), 

Thomas Bonython, Esq., was b. in 1787 ; 
emigrated first to Canada, and afterwards to 
Sovith Australia, whither he was followed by 
his eldest son (George Langdon) and grand- 
son (John Langdon) ; m. 5tli October, 1816, 
Ann, daughter of John Harris Langdon, Esq. 
of Newport (she was b. at Torpoint, co. 
Cornwall in 1799, and is still living in 
Launceston, Tasmania), and d. at Mount 
Barker, South Australia, 21st September, 
1860. His eldest son, 

Geoege Langdon Bonython, Esq. of 
Adelaide, South Australia, b. in Prince 
Edward's Island, 8th August, 1820; m. in 
London, Cth January, 1844, Annie, daughter 
of James Fairbairn MaoBain, Esq. of Aber- 
deen, son of James MacBain, Esq., by Janet 
Fairbairn, his wife ; and has issue, 

John Langdon, of Carclew. 
George Langdon, uiim. 
Alfred MacBain, m. Alice Ekers, and 
has issue, a daughter, Winifred. 

Arms used — Arg. a chev. between three 
fleurs-de-lis sa. Crest — A fa/mn feeding , ppr. 
Motto — In Deo spes mea. 

Jtesidence— Carclew, Adelaide, South Aus- 

iLillej) ot 3Smiane. 

LILLEY, HON. SIR CHARLES, Knt. of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 
chief justice of Queensland, b. at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, co. North- 
umberland, 27th May, 1830 ; to. lOth April, 1858, Sarah Jane, daughter of 
Joshua Jeays, Esq., sometime mayor of Brisbane, and has issue, 

I. Edwtn Mitforb, b. 16th January, 1859 ; m. 1885, Kate Goggs, and has 

a son, Edwyn Mitford, and a daughter, Kathleen Mitford. 

II. Chai-les Bertram, h. I860 ; to. 28th March, 1888, Anne Martha Goggs, 

and has issue a daughter, Madge Buscall. 
in. Walter Preston, b. 1863. 

IV. Harold Bedell, b. 1864. 

V. Arthur Shipley, b. 1866. 
Yi. Alfred Mitford, b. 1868. 
VII. Bertram Mitford, b. 1871. 



vm. Wilfred Jeays, h. 1874. 

I. Annie Mary, h. 1862 ; m. 1887, Robert Gran, jun., Esq., J.P., and has 

issue, Gharles Robert, b. 1888. 

II. Ethel Mitford, h. 1867. 

III. Gertrude Sarah, b. 1870. 

IV. Sibyl Mitford, b. 187.3. 

V. Grace Mitford, b. 1880. 

Hon. Sir Charles Lilley was educated at University College, London, and 
ai-rived in the Colony of New South Wales in 1856 ; became editor (and joint 
lessee with W. C. Belbridge, Esq.) of the Moreton Bay Courier ; was called to the 
Bar of Queensland, 1861 ; Q.C. December, 1865 ; was returned to the first par- 
liament of Queensland, in 1860, as member for Fortitude Valley, and retained 
his seat as representative of that electorate till 1874 ; was attorney-general 
1865 and 1866 ; premier and attorney-general, November, 1868 ; and colonial 
secretary, November, 1869. In February, 3874, he was appointed an acting 
judge of the Supreme Court, and in June, 1879, chief justice of Queensland. 
Sir Charles Lilley was mainly instrumental in founding the Brisbane Grammar 
School, and is chairman of the trustees of that institution. He was chairman 
of the Royal Commission on Education in 1874, and in 1872 of the Royal 
Commission on Law Reform ; and was knighted 1881. 


The Lilleys were formei'ly located in the 
extreme north of England, and in Koxburgh- 
shire, Scotland. 

Thomas Lillet, Esq. of Hull, co. York, 
and of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, co. North- 
umberland, son of Thomas Lilley, Esq., 
merchant, by Ann Greene, his wife, m. Jane, 
eldest daughter of James Shipley, Esq. (by 
Jane Crowe, his wife), eldest son of William 
Shipley, Esq. (of an anoiept Northumbrian 
family), by Hannah, his wife, daughter of 

Thomas Mitford, Esq., who was the son of 
Thomas Mitford, Esq., and grandson of 
James Mitford, Esq., a merchant of New- 
castle-upon-Tyne (of the ancient family of 
Mitford of Northumberland) ; and was father 
of the present Hon. Sib Charles Lillet. 

Residence — Brisbane, Queensland, Austra- 

Clubs — Union and Queensland Clubs, Bris- 
bane ; and Wanderers' Club, London. 

Boslyn-gardens, Sydney, and of Tomago, Hunter River, New South 
Wales, Australia, barrister-at-law, senior puisne judge of the Supreme Court of 
New South Wales, b. at Westminstei', co. Middlesex, 29th September, 1834 ; 
m. 31st December, 1857, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. R. T. Bolton, 
M.A., vicar of Padbui-y, Bucks, aud some time of Hexham, New South 
Wales, and has issue, 

I. Richard, b. 9th September, 1868. 

II. William Archibald, b. 9th April, 1871. 

III. Edward, b. 14th August, 1876. 

I. Maria, &. 2nd May, 1859; m. 19th April, 1S81, Arthur Irby Traill, Esq., 
J. P., third son of R. J. Traill, Esq., M.D., of Collaroy, New South 



II. Mary Emily, b. 13th December, 1861; m. IDtli December, 1884, 

Archibald Gr. Ralston, Esq., barrister-at-law. 

III. Jane, b. 17th March, 1864. 

IT. Margaret, b. 24th November, 1866. 
Y. Lucy Allen, b. 8th November, 1872. 
The Hon. Mr. Justice Windeyer emigrated to New South Wales with his 
parents in 1835 ; was educated first at King's School, Parramatta, and after- 
wards at the University of Sydney, which he entered in 1852 (B. A. 1856 ; M.A. 
1859) ; and was admitted to the New South Wales Bar in March, 1857. He 
was for a short time Crown prosecutor for the whole of the country districts, 
which office he resigned on entering Parliament, as member for the Lower 
Hunter, August, 1859 ; the following year he was again returned to Parliament 
for the electorate of West Sydney, which seat he afterwards resigned, but in 
January, 1866, was re-elected for West Sydney ; appointed solicitor-general 
16th December, 1870 ; returned to Parliament 8th September, 1876, as first 
member for Sydney University, and in March, 1877, accepted office as 
attorney-general, to which office he was again appointed 21st December, 1878 ; 
ho was elected to the Senate of the University of Sydney in 1865 ; was presi- 
dent of the Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts in 1874, and the previous year 
was also President of the Public Charities Commission. Since 1873 Mr. Justice 
Windeyer has been a trustee of the Sydney Grammar School and Public 
Library; he is a fellow of Sydney University: vice-chancellor 1883-1887; 
and since 1879 has been judge of Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Court and 
deputy judge of Vice- Admiralty Court. Mr. Justice Windeyer initiated the 
Volunteer movement in New South Wales in 1860, was appointed captain in 
that force, and gazetted major in 1868 ; and in 1874 originated the Discharged 
Prisoners' Aid Society. In 1887 he was appointed an lion. LL.D. of Cam- 
bridge University. 

The family of Windeyer is of Swiss 
origin, and was originally seated in the 
Canton Berne. 

JoHS- WiiLlAit WixGETEH. (from whom 
the Hon. Mr. Justice Windeyer is lineally 
descended), a soldier, came over to England 
about the year 1735, and was some time in 
charge of the naval stores at Purfleet. His 
second son, Archibald Charles, was several 
times mayor of Rochester, and his eldest son, 

Walter Windetee, Esq., m. and had 

I. Chaexes, his heir. 

II. Archibald. 

III. Walter, captain E.N., and some 
time commander of H.M.S. "Vic- 
tory," and naval aide-de-camp to King 
William IV ; d. from the effects of 
injuries received in action with a 
French vessel. 

IV. John, purser H.M.S. " Warspite." 
The eldest son, 

Chaeles Windeyer, Esq., b. in Stafford- 
shire, 1780, was the first recognised reporter 
in the House of Lords ; emigrated to Sydney 
in 1828, and became police magistrate of 
Sydney, which office he held for many years. 
He m. 8th August, 1805, Ann Mary (d 

re64), daughter of Eichard Rudd, Esq., by 
Miss Hyde, his wife, and d. in 1855. His 
eldest son, 

Richard Wixdetee, Esq., barrister-at- 
law of the Middle Temple, b. in London, 
10th August, 1806, was some time parlia- 
mentary reporter for the Times and other 
London papers, and the originator of Todd's 
Parliamentary Companion. He was called 
to the Bar at the Middle Temple, 1834 ; 
emigrated to Sydney in 1835 ; and in 1843 
was elected to the first Legislative Council of 
New South Wales as member for Durliam. 
He m. 25th April, 1832, Maria, daughter of 
William Camfield, Esq., of Groombridge- 
place and Burswood, co. Kent, and d. at 
Launoeston, Tasmania, 2nd December, 1847, 
leaving by her (who was b. 18th August, 
1795, and d. 7tli December, 1878) an only 
child, the present Hon. William Charles 
Windeyer, senior puisne judge of the 
Supreme Court of New South Wales. 

Arms used — Arg. a bear salient ppr. Crest 
— All apple ppr. 

Residences — (Town) Lulworth, Boslyn- 
gardens, Svdney. (Coimtry), Tomago, Hvmter 
River, New South Wales, Australia. 



gietntoortl) of 2^auclust. 

WENTWORTH, FITZWILLIAM, Ef5q. of Vaucluse, near Sydney, New- 
South Wales, Australia, J. P. for New Zealand, h. 31st July, 1833, 
near Sydney, m. 18th. February, 1868, at St. Michael's Church, Sydney, Mary 
Jane, daughter of George Hill, Esq., J.P., and by her (who was b. 1840) has 
had i.ssue, 

I. William Charles, h. at Merley House, near Wimborne, co. Dorset, 

England, 1st September, 1871. 

II. D'Arcy, b. at Greycliffe, Rose Bay, Woollahra, New South Wales, 

20th June, 1874. 
HI. Fitz William, b. at Greycliffe, Rose Bay, 12th November, 1876. 
IV. Geoi'ge Godfrey, b. at Prospect, near Parramatta, New South Wales, 

13th February, 1878. 

I. Edith, b. in New Zealand, 1870, d. at sea, 1871. 

II. Dorothy, b. at Macquarie-street, Sydney, 9th February, 1873. 


Tlie family of "Wentworth, originally 
Winteworde, is said by genealogists to liave 
derived its designation in Saxon times, from 
the lordship of "Winteworde (so written in 
Doomsday Booh) in the wapentake of Straf- 
ford, and CO. of Yorlc. 

This is a distinguished branch of the an- 
cient stock of Wentworth Woodhouse, co. 
York, a family which has been rool-ed there 
from the earliest period. While the lands of 
Wentworth Woodhouse continued to be the 
seat of the Chiefs, and descended from sire 
to son, in an unbroken series, till the succes- 
sion of male heirs failed with William, the 
second Earl of Straiford, the junior scions of 
the family founded in several instances houses 
of rank and influence, the Wentworth s of 
WooLLET, OF North and Sotjth Elmsal, 
OF Bbetton, of Wentwobth Castle, of 
Nettlested, &c. 

RoGEE Wentwoeth, Esq. of Eirkby, co. 
York, living 1551 (second son of John 
Wentworth, Esq. of North Elmsall, co. 
York), was father of 

Thomas Wentworth, Esq. of Kirkby, 
who had two sons : I, Thomas ; and li, Hugh, 
ancestor of Wentworth, of South Elmsall. 
The elder son, 

Thomas Wentworth, Esq., living 1573, 
was father of 

William Wentworth, Esq., who d. in 
1635, leaving Thomas, of Kirkby, whose line 
is extinct, and Michael. The yoimger son, 

Michael Wentworth, Esq. of Mattersey 
Hall, CO. York, had, amongst other issue, a 

Daect Wentworth, Esq., formerly of 
Athlone, CO. Roscommon, and afterwards of 
Argreagh and Trim, co. Meath, Ireland, 
steward to the 4th Earl of Roscommon, in 
Ireland, and captain in the Meath MUitia 

(original commission dated 1st October, 
1690), h. in 1640, m. first, Alice, daughter of 
Sir Robert Sterling, knt., governor of Cork, 
and major-gsneral of Munster ; by the Hon. 
Jane Blayney, his wife, daughter of Edward, 
first Lord Blayney, and widow of Sir James 
Moore, knt. He m. secondly, Sarah Dod- 
well, of Athlone. She was executrix to her 
husband's will. In her will, which is dated 
1st November, 1719, and was proved 
8th December following, she desires to be 
buried at St. Patrick's Church, Trim, by the 
side of her husband. Her mother, Mrs. 
Mary Dodwell, was buried at St. Patrick's 
Church. Mr. Wentworth d. 29th AprU, 
1710, in his seventieth year, and was buried 
at St. Patrick's Church. By his second wife 
he had issue, 

GrEOBGE, of whom presently. 




Anne, wife of White, Esq. 


Mr. Daroy Wentworth obtained from 
William Hawes, a lease of Fyanstown, co. 
Meath, dated 8th June, 1692. His eldest 
son by his second wife, 

GrEOEGE Wentwoeth, Esq. of Fyanstown, 
eldest son and heir, m. Catherine, daugliter 
of Robert Longfleld, Esq. of Kilbride, co. 
Meath, and sister of William Longfield, Esq., 
and by her (who d. in 1721) had issue, 

Robert, of whom presently. 
Darcy, d. x.p. 
Michael, d. s.p. 

The eldest son and heir, 

Robert Wentworih, Esq. of Fyans- 



town, CO. Meath, and aftei'vvards of Bride- 
street, Dublin, was under age at the date of 
his father's death. He m. first, 1731, Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Walsh, Esq., and by lier 
(who d. 1729) had issue, 

I. Darcy, of whom presently. 

I. Catherine. 

He m. secondly, 1732, Anne, daughter of 
Edmond Darcy, Esq., and sister of John 
Daruy, Esq., both of Millstown, co. Meath, 
and by her had issue, a daughter, 

II. Sarah, m. John Sheilds, Esq., of 
Wainstown, co. Meath, who d. 27th 
June, 1792, having bad a son, Rev. 
Wentworth Sheilds, rector of Kilbeg 
and Newtown, co. Meath, whose sons, 
John Grore Sheilds and Frq,ncis Webb 
Sheilds, assumed by royal licence, 
dated 7th January, 1877, the prefix 
surname of Wentwoeth (see Wade of 
Clonebkaney, in Burke's Landed 

Mr. Eobert Wentworth's son and heir, 

Dabcy Wentwoeth, Esq., was living 
near Portadown, co. Armagh, 1747, and in 
Portadown, 1801. He was b. about 1722, m. 
at Seagoe, near Portadown, 8th January, 
1747, Martha Dixon, of the parish of Seagoe, 
and d. 11th November, 1806, aged 84, and 
was buried at Seagoe churchyard, near Porta- 
down, having had by her (who d. 17th 
July, 1803, aged 76, and was also buried at 

I. William, of Mallartine, co. Armagh, 
removed in 1P22 to Bellevue Cottage, 
Kamsgate, co. Kent, corneit in the 5th 
Dragoon Guards, 3rd May, 1800, and 
on half-pay, 2ist Dragoons, 1803. He 
was b. between 1747 and 1752, m. at 
Portadown, 2nd February, 1777, 
Elizabeth Dickson, and d. at Eams- 
gate, 1828, having had issue, 

1. William,' of No. 5, Werburgh- 
street, Dublin, m. 2nd April, 1804, 
at Seagoe, Mary Calvert, and had 
an only child, Elizabeth, who m. 
Dr. Allen E. Mahood, of Kings- 
town, and had an only child, 
William Wentworth Mahood, 
Esq. of Kingstown, who d. s.p. 

2. Robert, m. Miss Oliver. 

3. Darcy. 

4. CJiarles Watson, H.E.I.C.S. 

1. Mary, m. SkefRngton Thompson, 

2. Martha, m. Wilham Bucknell, 
Esq., who emigrated to Australia. 
They had issue, a son, Robert. 

3. Catherine. 

II. Samuel, baptised at Seagoe. 

III. Gerrard. 

IV. Dakcy, of whom presently. 

I. Mary, baptised at Seagoe, 12th 
December, 1747. 

II. Dorothy, m. James Joyce, Esq., and 
emigrated to Schenectady, State of 
New York. 

III. Martha, ni. first, Moses Paul, Esq., 
and by him (who d. about 1812) 
had issue. She in. secondly, John 
Johnston, Esq., of Lurgan. 

IV. Mary Anne, b. about 1771, m. about 
1799, Thomas Sinnamon, Esq. of 
Portadown, and had issue, Darcy, of 
Portadown ; and Harriett, who m. 
George Kinkevel, Esq. of Portadown. 

The fourth and youngest son, 

Daeoy Wentworth, Esq. of Home Bush, 
Parramatta, New South Wales, went to that 
colony, 1791, as superintendent of convicts 
on Norfolk Island ; appointed assistant sur- 
geon to His Majesty's Settlement at New 
South Wales, 1st December, 1796 ; a Justice 
of the peace for New South Wales, 15th May, 
1810 ; surgeon to the settlement by Royal 
Warrant dated 31st May, 1811 ; superinten- 
dent of police at Sydney, 8th April, 1815 
(resigned 31st March, 1820) ; treasurer of 
the Police Fund, 3rd June, 1820 ; superin- 
tendent of police, and treasurer of the 
Colonial Revenue, 1821 ; and reth-ed from 
public life, 1825. He d. at Home Bush, 
Parramatta, 7th July, 1827. By Catherine 
Parry, his wife (who d. in 1800, at Parra- 
matta) he had issue, 

I. William Charles (Hon.), of w^iom 

II. Darcy, major in the ai'my ; educated 
(1806) at Bexley, co. Kent ; served in 
the 63rd and 73rd Regiments,' and 
finally settled in Tasmania. He m. 
at Edinburgh, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Major Charles Macpherson, inspector- 
general of barracks for North Britain, 
and d. s.p. 21st July, 1861, aged 6o. 

III. John, midshipman R.N., educated 
(1806) at Bexley, co. Kent ; sailed' in 
the " Royal Oak " witlithe expedition 
under' Admiral Malcolm, to North 
America, 1814, and was drowned at 
sea, 1820 ; unm. 

I. Martha, d. young. 
The eldest son, 

The Hon. William Charles Went- 
worth, of Vaucluse, near Sydney, and 
Philip- street, Sydney, New South Wales, 
"the Australian Patriot," was b. in Norfolk 
Island, October, 1793, and at the age of 7 
was sent to England for his education, re- 
turning to New Soiith Wales in 1810 ; in 
1813, he accompanied Mr. Gregory Blax- 
land and Lieutenant Lawson in an attempt 
to cross the Blvie Mountains, in which they 
were successful, and, after having experi- 
enced many difficulties and dangers, suc- 
ceeded in reaching home, June 6th of that 
year. In 1816 Mr. Wentworth went again 
to England in the " Emu," and matriculated 
at Cambridge, and in 1819 published A 
Statistical, Historical, and Political Descrip- 
tion of the Colony of New South Wales. 
Whilst at Cambridge he -wrote his well- 
known poem on Australia. He was called 
to the Bar at the Middle Temple, 4th 
February, 1822 ; returned to New South 
Wales, and was admitted to the Colonial Bar, 
September, 1824. The same year he and his 



friend, Dr. Wardell, also a barrister, started 
the Australian newspaper in Sydney, but 
after the death of the latter geiitleman, Mr. 
Wentworth withdrew in some measure from 
his professional and literary labours and 
entered into pastoral pursuits, still continuing 
to take an active part in politics. He was 
leader of the Patriotic Association, which had 
as its object the promotion of the interests of 
the people of New South Wales. In June, 
1843, he was returned to the Legislative 
Assembly for the city of Sydney ; and in 
1849 took a prominent part in the foundation 
of the University of Sydney. In 1854 he 
pi'ooeeded to England on a political mission, 
returned to his native country in 1861, and 
the same year was appointed president of the 
Legislative Council of New South Wales, 
which colony he finally left for England in 
1862. Mr. Wentworth m. at St. Michael's 
Church, Sydney, 26th October, 1829, Sarah, 
daughter of Francis Cox, Esq. of Albion- 
street, Surrey Hills, Sydney. She d. and 
was buried in 1880, at Eastbourne, co. 
Sussex, England. Mr. Wentworth d. at 
Merley House, near Winiborne, co. Dorset, 
20th March, 1873, aged 78 years, and was 
buried at Vaucluse, near Sydney, 1873. By 
his said wife he had issue, 

L FiTzWiLLiAM, now of Vaucluse. 

II. Darcy Bland, lieutenant (retired) 
8th Hussars, b. at Vaucluse, 10th 
January, 1848, m. at Chislehurst, co. 
Kent, Lucy Anne Bowman. 

I. Fanny Katherine, b. 2nd August, 
1835, twin with her sister Sarah 
Eleanor, m. at St. James's, Sydney, 
John Reeve, Esq. 

II. Sarah Eleanor, b. at Sydney, 2nd 

August, 1835, d. uiim. at Corfu, 

III. Eliza Sophia, b. at Vaucluse, 24th 
November, 1838. 

IV. Isabella Christina, b. 20th Septem- 
ber, 1840, d. unm. at Malvern, 1856. 

T. Laura, b. 12th November, 1842, m. at 
St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, co. Middle- 
sex, 17th December, 1872, Lieutenant 
Colonel Henry William Keaj's Young, 
late of the 18th Regiment of Foot, of 
Kylesden, Chart Sutton, co. Kent, 
who served during the Persian cam- 
paign of 1856 — 57, with the Bombay 
Rides, nlso with the same regiment 
and the Poonah Irregular Horse in the 
Indian campaigns of 1857 — 59. She 
d. s.p. November, 1887. 

VI. Edith, b. 1st January, 1845, m. at 
St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, co. Middle- 
sex, 1872, to the Ven. Charles Gordon 
Cumming Dunbar, D.D., archdeacon 
of Grenada, 1875 (i. 1844), fourth 
son of Sir Archibald Dunbar, sixth 
bart. of Northfleld (see Burke's 
Peerage), J.P., D.L., convener co. 
Elgin, and formerly an officer 22nd 
(Cheshire) Regiment, by Sophia, his 
second wife, daughter of George 
Orred, Esq. of Tranmere, co. Chester; 
and has a daughter, Beati-ix Leyla 
Marjory Wentwortli. 

Arms — Sa. a chev. between three leopards 
faces or. Crest — A griffin pass wings ele- 
vated arg. 

Residence — Glencairn, Bournemouth, 

Kstate — Vaucluse, near Sydney, New South 
Wales, Australia. 

J8eetl)am ol Ci)mtc{)iirc|). 

BEETHAM, RICHMOND, Esq. of Christchurch, Canterbury, New 
Zealand, J. P., resident magistrate for Christchurch and sheriff of 
Timaru, South Canterbury, 6. at Horncastle, co. Lincoln, England, 30th April, 
1836; m. at Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, I7th September, 1863, Lucella 
Prances, second daughter oP William Swainson, Esq., P.R.S., P.L.S., &c., &c., 
naturalist, of Perngrove, Hatt, Wellington, but has no issue. 


Hugh de MoNiaoMEET, Loed of Mont- 
gomery, was guardian to William Rufus, 
and m. Joscelina, daughter of Thorolf de 
Beaumont, of Portandomare, by Neva, his 
wife, daughter of Gorma tlie Old, third King 
of Denmark, whose wife, Thyra, was daughter 
of Edward the Elder, King of England. 
His third son, 

RoDGEE, Earl op Arundel and Count 
OF Shrewsbury, m. Mabel Talvase, daughter 
and heir of William de Bellesme, Count of 
Alenfon, and was father of, 

VOL. I. 

Roger de Poictou, Earl of Lancaster, 
who, by Almodia, his wife. Countess of March, 
was father of 


March. His grandson, 

Ralph de Betham, changed his name to 
DE BETH.iM, in lieu of his patronymic, on 
the restoration to him, in right, of his grand- 
father, of the casrle and manor of Betham, 
on Morecambe Bay, co. Westmorland, Eng- 
land. His son, 

Thomas de Betham, m. Amuira, daughter 



of Ricliard Fitz-Roger, Lord of Wood 
Plumpton (whose wite was heir of Dun- 
stan Banister), and was great grandfather of 

SiE Thomas de Betham, of Betham 
(now spelt Beetham), co. Westmorland, m. 
Parnell or Petronella, daughter and heir of 
3ir Robert de Burton, Lord of Burton, near 
Kendal, co. Westmorland. His grandson, 

John de Betham, of Trimby, co. West- 
morland, living 1405, m. Margaret, sole 
heir of CoUinson, Lord of Castlecarrock, co. 
Cumberland. His great great grandson, 

Arthur Betham, of Trimby, b. 1546, at 
Morland, co. Westmorland, was great great 
great grandfather of 

Edward Betham, of Highmore, Toweett 
and Newbystones, baptised at Morland, co. 
Westmorland, 22nd January, 1643 ; m. Mar- 
garetta, and had issue, two sons, 

I. Re7. Robert Betham, A.M., rector of 
Silchester, co. Soutliampton, England. 
He sold his estate of Highmore, &c., 
to his cousin, William Betham ; was 
drowned in Fleet Ditch, London, and 
buried at Silchester, 25th November, 
1719, having had issue, besides three 
daughters, two sons, viz. : 

I. Rev. Edward, B.D., d. unm. He 
left his estate to support a botanic 
garden in Cambridge. 

II. Robert, d. an infant. 

II. Mathew, of whom presently. 
Mathew Beetham or Betham, baptised 

at Morland, 1st October, 1682. He settled 
at East Ardsley, co. York, where he had 
issue, four sons, viz. : 

I. William, of Talkingham. 

II. Michael, of Stanisland. 

III. John, clerk in the Bank of England, 
d. in London. 

IV. Joshua, of whom presently. 

Joshua Beetham, m. Sarah, daughter of 
. . . Fisher, Esq. of Scrooby, co. York 
(she was buried, 1806, at Hooton Pagnell, 
near Uoncaster, co. York), and was buried, 
1798, at Hooton Pagnell, leaying issue, 

I. William, of East Ardsley Grange, 
d. s.p. 

II. Michael, of London, d. s.p. 

III. Mathew, d. an infant. 

IV. George, buried at Hooton Pagnell, 
3824, s.p. 

T. Joshua, of whom presently. 
1. Susannah, baptised 12lh July, 1767, 
buried at Hooton Pagnell, 1820, s.p. 

Joshua Beetham, Esq. of Doncaster, co. 
York, merchant, m. Catherine, daughter of 
. . . Richmond, Esq. of Crimpsall, co. York. 
She was buried at Lincoln. He was buried 
in Doncaster churchyard, and left issue, 

William Beetham, Esq. of Danum and 
Te Mako Taita, both in Wellington, New 
Zealand, J. P., late of Frimley Hill, co. Surrey, 
England, m. 25th June, 1835, Mary, daughter 
of Phillip Horsley, Esq. of Hull and Don- 
caster, merchant, who was the son of Marma- 
duke Horsley, Esq. of Helmsley Blackamoor, 

CO. York, and d. 3rd August, 1888, aged 
79 years, having had issue, 

I. Richmond, now of Christchurch, 
Canterbury, New Zealand. 

II. William Henry, of Toweett, Waira- 
rapa. New Zealand, J. P., b. at Hex- 
thorpe, CO. York, 10th August, 1837. 
He is chairman. County Council, 
Wairarapa North ; m. Marie Zelie 
Hermance, daughter of Charles 
Francois Denis Frere, of Mareuil, 
L'Oise, France. 

III. George, of Wellington and Hawke's 
Bay, New Zealand, J.P , and member 
of the House of Representatives, New 
Zealand, b. at Horncastle, co. Lincoln, 
9th May, 1840 ; m. Annie Frances, 
daughter of N. W. Levin, Esq. of 
Gledhow-gardens, London, and of 
Wellington, New Zealand, and has 
had issue, Mita Muriel, d. an infant. 

IV. Hugh Horsley, of Brancepeth, Wai- 
rarapa, and of the Masterton Club, 
Masterton, New Zealand, J.P., b. at 
Horncastle, co. Lincoln, 21si. Novem- 
ber, 1841 ; m. 30th April, 1879, Ruth, 
thii'd daughter of Charles Robert Bid- 
will, Esq. of Pihautea, Wairarapa, 
Wellington, J.P. (see BiDWiLL of 
Pihautea), and has issue, 

1. Ralph Pitz-Roger Bidwill, b. at 
Brancepeth, Wairarapa, 10th 
January, 1880. 

2. Orengard Horsley, b. at Brance- 
peth, 12th June, 1886. 

1. Thyra Talvase, b. at Brancepeth, 
5th December, 1883. 

V. Charles Edward, of Te Apiti, Hawke's 
Bay, New Zealand, b. at Horncastle, 
I7t;h May, 1843. 

VI. Phillip Joshua, of Hastings, Hawke's 
Bay, New Zealand, barrister and 
solicitor, b. at Frimlev Hill, co. Surrey, 

VII. Norman, of Te Apiti, Hawke's Bay, 
b. at Frimley Hill, co. Surrey, 25th 
June, 1853 ; m. 27th June, 1881, Alice 
Mary, eldest daughter of Herbert 
Samuel Wardell, Esq. of Te White, 
New Zealand, J. P., resident magistrate 
and sheriff of Wairarapa, and has 

1. Norman Trevor Beaumont War- 
dell, b. at Hastings, Hawke's Bay, 
7th March, 1882. 

2. Harold Richmond Wardell, b. at 
Hastings, Hawke's Bay, 6th July, 

I. Anne Palmer, b. at Horncastle, co. 
Lincoln, 19th December, 1838 ; m. at 
The Hutt, Wellington, to Thomas 
Coldham Williams, Esq. of Wellington 
and Wairarapa (see Williams of 
Pakaraka), and has issue, 

1. Hugh George, of Lansdowne, 
Wairai-apa, B.A. of Jesus College, 
Cambridge, b. 26th September, 

2. Guy Coldham, b. 18th August, 



3. Wyyern Henry, h. 15tli May, 

4. Thomas Grwynne Horsley, b. 11th 
May, 1874. 

5. Algar Temple, b. 3rd October, 

G. Erie Temple, 5. February, 1885. 

1. Ethel Alice, b. 27th March, 1863 ; 
m. 10th February, 1886, Arthur 
Edward Russell, Esq. of Te Matai, 
and has issue, I, Ethel Ida; ir, 
Beatrix Hamilton. 

2. Maude Mary Anne, b. 18th May, 

3. Hilda Temple, b. 3rd April, 

4. Elfie Clare, 6. 16th March, 

5. Eila Mabel, b. 3rd February, 

6. Una Mildred, b. 29th December, 

7. Enid Githa, b. August, 1881. 

II. Mary Margaret, b. at Hexthorpe, co. 
York, 25th May, 1815 ; m. at The 
Hutt, Wellington, 22nd January, 1868, 
James Nelson Williams, Esq. of 
Frimley, Hawke's Bay, J. P. (see 
Williams of Pakaeaka), and has 

1. Heatheote Beetham, b. 2nd De- 
cember, 1868. 

2. Arnold Beetham, b. 19th April, 

3. Cyril Nelson Beetham, b. 1st 
November, 1877. 

4. Edric Beetham, b. 12th July, 

1. Winifred Beetham, b. 18th 
January, 1872. 

2. Gertrude Mary Beetham, b, 9t]i 
September, 1873. 

3. Elsie Jane Beetham, b. 16th 
December, 1874. 

III. Susannah, b. at Hexthorpe, co. York, 
14th October, 1847 ; m. 21st February, 
1878, Cecil Ausfustus Fitz-Roy, Esq. 
of Eingstead, Hawke's Bay, J. P. (see 
FiTZ-RoT OF Eingstead), and has 

1. Charles Cecil Southampton, b. 
24th March, 1884. 

2. Frederick Waller Southampton, 
b. 3rd July, 1885. 

1. Maud Mary le Strange, b. 12th 
December, 1878. 

2. Louisa Gwendoline le Strange, b. 
28th May, 1881. 

Arms — Or three fleurs-de-lis az, a crescent 
arg. for difference, impaling: quarterly, 1st, 
arg. on a fesse gu., three mill-rinds of the 
field, for Swainson ; 2nd, arg. on a chevron 
sa. three crosses pattee of the field, for 
Wealdt ; 3rd, gu. a chev. or, between three 
crosses pattee arg., on a canton erm. a buck's 
head erased sa. for Strickland ; 4th, arg. a 
cross gu., between four nails of the second, 
for Pill. Crest of Beetham — A stag lodged 
gu. Motto — Per ardua surgam. 

Residence — Christchui-ch, Canterbury, 
New Zealand. 

3Sotsfortr of ©ttatoa. 

BOTSFORD, HON. AMOS EDWIN, of the citj of Ottawa and parish of 
Sackville, in the Dominion of Canada, lieut.-colonel Reserve Militia, 
CO. Westmorland, senator of the Dominion of Canada, for the province of New 
Branswick, h. 25th Septeaiber, 1804, at St. John, New Brunswick ; m. 17th 
September, 1864, at Sackville, Mary, daughter of the late Oliver Cogswell, 
Esq. of Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, but has no issue. He has been a member of 
the Legislature for fifty-five years, twice appointed speaker of the Senate by 
Commission under the Great Seal of the Dominion of Canada, was a member 
of the Legislative Council of New Brunswick from 1833 until the Union, and 
was called to the Senate of the Dominion of Canada by Royal Proclamation in 
1867; senior judge of Westmorland County for a number of years; a com- 
missioner to settle the boundary between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 
1836 ; a delegate to Washington in 1839 respecting the Border difficulties ; a 
commissioner with Colonel Robinson, R.E., and Mr. Bonchette to define the 
boundary between Canada and New Brunswick, and a delegate to Washington 
respecting a Reciprocity Treaty in 1852. He moved the resolution in the 
Legislative Council in 1860 approving the Union of the British North American 


H 2 




The progenitor of the farnily on the con- 
tinent of America, Hknry Botsford, settled 
in Connecticut in 163j), only nineteen years 
after the "iVIay flower" crossied tlie ocean. 
Amos Botspoed, Esq. (son of G-ideon Bots- 
FOBD, Esq.), a United Empire Loyalist, was 
b. in JS'evv Town, Connecticut, 30th January, 
1744, but through adhesion to his allegiance 
in the Revolutionary War was forced to leave 
his home. He embarked at New York in the 
British Fleet, with other Loyalists, in the 
autumn of 1782, to seek an asylum in Nova 
Sc )tia, and landed at Annapolis. He was 
appointed by the British Government agent 
to the Loyalists, and subsequently removed 
to Westmorland ; upon the erection of the 
province of ISew Brunswick, he represented 
that county, and was elected speaker of the 
first House of Assembly in 1786, and was 
afterwards re-elected by each successive House 
until his death in 1812, thus havmg filled that 
impartant oflice twenty-seven years. He in. 
8th November, 1770, Sally, daughter of 
Colonel Joshua Chandler, a gentleman of 
large landed estates in New Haven, who ad- 
liered to the Loyal cause, and came to Nova 
Scotia, with his fa'nily, in the British Fleet, in 
1782. Colonel Chandler with his ton William 
and two daughters, Mrs. Sarah Grant and 
Elizabeth, met with a sad fate, having been 
shipwrecked on their passage from Digby to 
St. John, New Brunswick, on the 9th March, 
1787, on the rock-bound coast of the Bay of 
Fundy, and perished miserably in the woods. 
Amos Botsford left, with two daughters 
(S:trah, b. 11th August, 1771 ; in. Rev. John 
Milledge ; and Anne, b. 2!<th April, 1778 ; m. 
Stephen Milledge, Esq.), an only son, 

The Hon. Wilitait Botsfokb, one of 
the judges of the Supreme Court of New 
Brunswick, and previously speaker of the 
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, b. in 
New Haven, Connecticut, 29th April, 1773 ; 
m. 21st January, 1802, Sarah Lowell, daughter 
of the late Hon. William Hazen. She was S. 
17th October, 1775, and d. May, 1851. He d. 
at Saokville, 8th May, 1864, having had issue, 

I. William Hazen (deceased), represented 
the county of Westmorland in the 
Legislature of New Brunswick. 

II. Amos Edwin (Hon.) , of whom we treat. 

III. Charles, a lawyer. 

IV. George, a barrister, clerk of the Legis- 
lative Council of New Brunswick. 

V. Chipman (deceased), a barrister, re- 
presented the county of Rishgouohe, 
New Brunswick. 

VI. Le Barou, M.D., educated at the 
University of Glasgow, Scotland. 

VII. Bliss, represented the county of 
Westmorland in the Legislature, 
elected speaker, and is now judge 
of the County Court of Kent and 

VIII. Blair, warden of the Dominion 
Penitentiary, Dorchester, deceased. 

I. Sarah Anne, m. the Hon. Robert L. 
Hazen, barrister and member of the 
Senate of Canada. She is now deceased. 

II. Eliza, d. tciim. 

Crest used — A bird close. Motto — Digna 

Residences — City of Ottawa ; parish of 
Sackville, Dominion of Canada. 

38afor (^l atrrtaitrt. 

BA-KER, HON. RICHARD CHAFPBY, C.M.G., J.P., of Adelaide, 
South Australia, member of the Legislative Council of South Australia, 
h. at North Adelaide, 22nd June, 1841 ; m. Katherine Edith, daughter of the 
late Richard Bowen CoUey, Esq., and by her has issue, 

I. John Richard, h. 1867 ; educated at Cambridge. 

II. Robert Barr, h. 16th May, 1879. 
I. Edith Adelaide. 

Mr. Baker was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambindge (B.A. 
1864) ; called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, June, 1864; became a member of the 
Legislative Council in 1877, and took office as minister of education, 1884 ; 
was a member of the South Australian Commission on the Indian and Colonial 
Exhibition, 1886. He vs^as appointed special envoy in 1885 from all the 
Australian Colonies to Great Britain, to negotiate a Postal union between that 
country and Australia, and for his services Her Majesty was pleased to confer 
on him the Order of St. Michael and St. George, in 1886. He is the first 



native-born South Australian ■who sat as a member of the House of Assembly, 
or who has occm^ied a seat in the Legislative Council. 


John B^kee, Esq. of Ilton, co. Somerset, 
d. before 6th January, 1617. He had issue, 

I. Nicholas, of Ilton. 

II. James, of Ilton, where he was buried 
12th March, 1649. His will was dated 
12th May, 1647. He m. twice (his 
first wife died before 12th May, 1617, 
as his second wife, Joan, was living at 
that date), and had issue, 

1. Hugh, hving 12th May, 1647. 

2. John, of Ilton, co. Somerset. By 
Joan, his wife, he had a daughter, 
Joan, b. 14th October, 1651, and 
buried at Ilton 22nd October, 1654. 

3. Thomas (Rev.), of Bishop's 
Nympton, co. Devon ; elected 
scholar of Wadham College, Ox- 
ford, 27th April, 1645; B.A. 
10th April, 1647 ; afterwards 
minister of Bishop's Nympton. 
He was a famous mathematician, 
and as a mark of esteem the 
Royal Society presented him with 
a medal. In their Philosophical 
Transactions for 1684 an account 
of his great work The Geometrical 
Key, or the Gate of Equations 
Unlocked, is preserved. Rev. 
Thomas Baker d. 5th June, 1690. 
By Elizabeth, his wife, he had 
issue, Thomas, living 1689 ; James, 
studying at Oxford 1689 ; Joan, 
m. Mr. Pole j Theophila, unm. ; 
Hannah, utim. ; Elizabeth, unm. 

4. James, b. before 1629 ; d. before 

5. Rob&rt, b. before 1629; living 

1. Mary, m. at Ilton, 20th January, 
1651, John Parsons, Esq. 

2. Joan, wife of Mr. Norman. She 
had a son, James Normau. 

Nicholas Baker, Esq. of Ilton, co. Somer- 
set, surrendered, in 1617, to " Mistresse Doro- 
^ thie Wadham, wiflowe, late wife of Nicholas 
Wadham, Esquier," all his estate lying in 
Hortmead, in the parish of Ilton, co. Somerset, 
late in the tenure and occupation of " one 
John Baker, deceased," father of him, "the 
said Nicholas Baker." His will was proved 
5tli July, 1633, by Alice, his widow and ex- 
ecutrix. He had issue, 

I. Gabeiel, of whom presently. 

II. Nicholas, buried at Ilton, 8th April, 
1665, having had issue. 

III. Thomas, living 1H27 and 1647, and 
his wife Frances was living 1632. 

IV. Eusebius, of Ilton, yeoman, living 
1618. By Anne, his wife (who was 
buried at Ilton, 31st December, 1691), 
he had issue. 

John, of Ilton, m. at Puckington, 
CO. Somerset, 27th June, 1665, 
Susannah Standerwicke, and was 
buried at Ilton 30th August, 1704. 
He had issue, by Susannah, his 
wife, who d. 1710, 

William, of Ilton, yeoman, bap- 
tised 23rd March, 1669; m. 
before 1798, and d. about 
1737. By Jane, his wife, who 
was buried at Ilton, 24th 
July, 1735, he had issue, Euse- 
bius, baptised 21st March, 
1698 ; buried at Ilton, 2nd 
April, 1699; WiUiam, bap- 
tised 3rd Auril, 1700 ; buried 
at Ilton 14th of same month ; 
John, of Ilton, yeoman, bap- 
tised 6th September, 1704 
(by Ann, his wife, who sur- 
vived him, he had issue) ; 
William, baptised 11th Octo- 
ber, 1710 ; Mary, baptised 
28th May, 1701;' buried at 
Ilton, 8th June following; 
Jane, baptised 4th October, 
1708 ; buried at Ilton same 
John, baptised at Ilton, 2nd 
February, 1674; living 1709, 
and having issue, John and 
Grabriel, both under age at 
that date. 
Mary, baptised at Ilton 6th 
June, 1666 ; m. Mr. Little- 
john, of Capland, parish of 
Broadway, co. Somerset. Ex- 
ecutrix of her mother's will 
14th January, 1709—10. 
Joan, baptised 4th August, 1643, 
at Ilton ; m. there 19th February, 
1662, to William Goodwin, Esq. 
Both living 20th April, 1692. 
She had issue. 
V. James, of Martock, co. Somerset. 
By Joan, his wife, who survived him, 
he had issue, a daughter, Frances, who 
was living 1632. 

I. Agnes, or Anne, was unm. 1627, and 
wife of John Smith, 20tli December, 
1652, at which date she had a son, 
John, living. 

II. Alice, living 1618. 
The eldest son, 

Gabkiel Bakee, Esq. of Ilton, co. Somer- 
set, m. before 1643. and d. 29th May, 1677. 
By Joan, his wife (who was buried at Ilton, 
2ist December, 1700), he had issue, 

I. Gabriel, b. 3rd April, 1647 ; d. young. 
li. Nicholas, b 22iid Januarv, 1651 ; d 
7th MHy, 1657. 

III. Gabriel, b. 20th August, 1654 ; 
buried at Ilton, 2oth March, 1663. 



IV. James, of whom hereafter. 

I. Mary, baptised IVtli September, 1643 ; 
on. at Knole, co. Somerset, 8tli No- 
vember, 16fi6, her cousin, the Eev. 
William Baker, vicar of Ilton, co. 
Somerset, for forty-eight years, who 
■was h. in 1637 ; educated at Wadham 
College, Oxford, and d. 3rd August, 
1708, aged 71 years. She d. at Chisel- 
borough, CO. Somerset. She had 

1. William, b. 17th September, 
1667 ; d. 7th January, 1668. 

2. William (Right Rev.), D.D., 
fellow of Wadham College, Ox- 
ford, sometime rector of St. Giles- 
in-the-Fields, co. Middlesex, and 
chaplain to the House of Com- 
mons, Bishop of Bangor, 1723, 
and, subsequently. Bishop of 
Norwich, b. 20th December, 1668 ; 
d. 4th December, 1732, aged 65 
years, M.l. in the Abbey Church, 

3. Gabriel, of Ilminster, co. Somer- 
set, b. 13th December, 1674. 
He d. 1720, leaving Joan, his 

4. Nicholas (Rev.), rector of Chisel- 
borough, CO. Somerset, vicar of 
Broad Windsor, co. Dorset, 
treasurer of Bangor Cathedral, 
and prebendary of Ilton, in the 
cathedral of Wells, b. 24th Feb- 
ruary, 1676 ; m. twice (Agnes, 
his first wife, was living 1720, 
and Jane, his second wife, 1747), 
and d. 8th January, 1748. He 
had issue, 

I. John (Rev.), M.A., of Wad- 
ham College, Oxford, rector 
of Garyeston alias Gaston, 
CO. Norfolk, commissary of 
archdeaconry of Sudbury, 
joint registrar of Bangor, 
and vicar of Ilton, co. Somer- 
set, b. 1713; d. 20th Janu- 
ary, 1757, aged 44 years, and 
was buried at Ilton, 25th 
January following, having 
had issue, John, aged 9 years, 
3rd September, 1751 ; and 
William, b. 16th August, 
1747, at Ilton, liying 1764. 

II. William, LL.B., of Trinity 
Hall, Cambridge, barrister- 
at-law of the Middle Temple, 
treasurer of Norwich Cathe- 
dral, and joint rector of 
Bangor, admitted of the 
Middle Temple, 12th March, 

III. George, living 1732. 

IV. Nicholas (Rev.), vicar of 
Martock, co. Somerset, and 
prebendary of Ilton, in the 
cathedral of Wells, b. 11th 
July, 1719; m. first, Ann 
Swayne, of Dorchester (who 
was baptised at Upwey, 

1721), and by her had 

1. Arthur, buried 9th No- 
vember, 1752. 

2. Nicholas, buried 8th 
April, 1754. 

1. Mary, baptised 27th 
December, 1750. 

2. Jane, baptised 19th 
May, 1752; buried 30th 
November same year. 

He m. secondly, Mary Hunt, 
of Compton Pauncefoot, co. 
Somerset, and by her (who d. 
13th October, 1802, aged 72 
years) had issue, 

3. Joseph, baptised 20th 
October, 1755 ; d. in 

4. Gabriel, baptised 31st 
October, 1757. 

5. James, b. 16th May, 
1763 ; m. first, Miss 
Dunn,of Devonshire, and 
by her had issue, a son, 

'i. Edward Whitley, 
who m. Miss Harriet 
Crow, of Yarmouth. 
She d. in 1862, aged 
73 years, and was 
buried in Nunhead 
Cemetery, co. Sur- 
rey, leaving issue, 
a son, Edward 
William Whitley, 
' of Discard Park, co. 
Chester, who was 
b. 3rd March, 1816; 
m. Elizabeth Tilley, 
of Streatbam, co. 
Surrey (who was b. 
22nd August, 1819, 
and d. 30th Septem- 
ber, 1866) and had, 
amongst other issue, 

1. Edward Whit- 
ley, who m. and 
has issue a son, 
Edward Whit- 
ley, of Wini- 
borne Minster, 
CO. Dorset. 

2. Edgar Crow, 
of The Laurels,' 
Victoria, and of 
Glenora, Co- 
wichan, both in 
the province of 
British Colvim- 
bia, Dominion 
of Canada, J.P., 
and member for 
Victoria, Brit- 
ish Columbia, 
in the Cana- 
dian House of 
Commons, b. at 
Lambeth, co. 
Surrev, Eng- 
land, 16th Sep- 



tember, 1845 ; 
educated at the 
Royal Hospital 
Scliools, Green- 
wich ; entered 
the Eoyal 

Nary, 11th Sep- 
tember, 1860 ; 
promoted to 
the rank of 
lieutenant, 9th 
August, 1870; 
and was some- 
time navigating 
lieutenant of H. 
M.S. "Niobe;" 
retired 22nd 
1878. He sub- 
sequently be- 
came account- 
ant in tlie Pro- 
vmcial Trea- 
sury, secretary 
to the Board of 
Pilot Commis- 
sioners, and 
of pilots, and 
grand secre- 
tary of the 
Grand Lodge 
of Freemasons. 
Mr. Edgar 

Crow Baker m. 
at Bebington, 
Cheshire, 17th 
March, 1869, 
Frances M«ry, 
eldest daughter 
of Captain 

Richard Jones, 
of Halifax, 

Nova Scotia, 
and by her 
(who was b. 
1st December, 
1846) has had 
issue a daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth 
Cecilia Crow, 
b. 10th August, 
1881 ; and rf. 1st 
August, 1884. 
He m. secondly, 17th June, 
1793, Hannah, daughter 
of William Bishop, Esq. 
of The Leigh, near 
Cheltenham, co. Glouces- 
ter, and by her (who d. 
I7th July, 1848) had 

II. William, b. 21st 
May, 1802 ; d. 4th 
April, 1823. 

III. James, b. April, 
1805 ; d. num. in 

IV. George, b. 16th 
May, 1811 ; ;h. 28th 

February, 1843, 
Melinda Harris, 
daughter of Phillip 
Lovell, Esq. of 
Taunton, co. Somer- 
set, by Martha 
Sealey, his wife, and 
has issue. 
V. John, b. 23rd Janvi- 
ary, 1815; m. 1846, 
Mary Yates, of co. 
Stafford, and has 
liad twelve children, 
seven of whom sur- 
vive, viz., four sons 
and three daughters. 

I. Hannah, b. 4th 
April, 1795 ; m. 
Thomas Bidler, 
Esq. of Gloucester 
(whorf. about 1853), 
and d. in 1849, 
liaving had issue, 
one son and one 
daughter, now de- 

II. Mary, b. 27th 
April, 1797 ; m. 
James Randall, Esq. 

III. Anne, b. 25th 
January, ISOO ; m. 
Francis Hall, Esq., 
a native of Carlisle, 
and had an only son, 
now deceased. 

IT. Agnes Joan, h. 
8th Mav, 1808; m. 
23rd May. 1846, 
Robert Rixon, Esq. 
of Pembroke Dock, 
who d. in 1852, 
leaving one child, a 

3. Jane, baptised lOth 
June, 1756. 

4. Sarah, baptised 25tli 
December, 1758. 

5. Catharine, baptised 19lh 
February, 1760 ; w. 26th 
December, 1785, Henry 
Jforris, Esq., son of 
William Norris, Esq. of 
Taunton, co. Somerset, 
and d. 9th December, 

6. Charlotte, baptised 11th 
March, 1762 ; m. 13th 
July, 1788, Henry Nor- 
ris, Esq., son of Wil- 
liam Norris, Esq. of 
Taunton, eo. Somerset, 
and d. 4th June, 1830, 
and was bviried at St. 
James's Church, South 
Petherton, co. Somer- 

7. Joan, baptised 16th 
April, 1765; (!. iinm. 

Rev. Nicholas Baker was 
buried in Martock church- 



yard, 19th October, 1798, 

affed 80. 
T. Gabriel, living, 1747. 
VI. Arthur, living, 1748. 
Til. Joseph, living, 1732. 

5. James, b. 8th August, lfi79. 

6. John, b. 25th October, 1683. 

1. Mary, b. 3rd August, 1672; m. 
at Lufton, co. Somerset, 20th 
August, 1690, to John Goodwin, 
Esq. Both living, with issue, 1705. 

2. Joan, *. 4th November, 1681 ; d. 
21st July, 1682. 

II. Grace, b. 29th November, 1649; m. 
at Ilton, 16th December, 1672, to 
Robert Rugg, Esq., and had issue. 

The fourth, but only surviving son, 

James Baker, Esq., b. 27th May, 1656; 
m. before 1677, and was living 9th October, 
1695. By Elizabeth, his wife (who was 
living 1689), he had issue, 

I. James, of Ilton, yeoman; buried at 
Ilton, 30th April, 1762, aged 85. By 
Elizabeth, liis wife (who was living, 
1709), he had issue, 

1. James, of Ashill, co. Somerset, 
baptised 16th July, 1708, at Ilton ; 
buried there 28th May, 1763. 
He had issue, 

Eusebius,of Ilton, m. there, 1st 
June, 1767, Mary Morris, of 
Ilton, widow ; and m. se- 
condly, December, 1770, 
Raohael Leaky, of Ilton. He 
was buried at Ilton, 28tli 
January, 1772. 

Betty, wife of ... Gardner, 
Esq., executrix to her father's 
will, 14th August, 1763. 

Sarah, wife of . . . Winter, Esq. 

2. John, of Ilton, baptised there 
17th January, 1709, and was 
buried there i4th February, 1766. 
Testamentary paper was dated 
7th Septemijer, 1764, at which 
date his wife, Joan, was living. 

1. Mary, baptised at Ilton, 18th 
June, 1703 ; m.. . . . Hooper, Esq. 

2. Jane, bapl ised at Ilton, 23rd May, 
1705 ; buried there 30th Septem- 
ber following. 

3. Joan, baptised at Ilton, 30th 
June, 1706; buried there 11th 
October, 1763. 

II. Eusebius, baptised at Ilton, 14th 
October, 1679. 

III. Thomas, baptised at Ilton, 28th 
April, 1682. 

IV. Gabriel. 

V. John, baptised at Ilton, 2nd August, 
1686; buried tliere 12th September 

VI. John, baptised at Ilton, 10th Octo- 
ber, 1687. 

VII. William, baptised at Ilton, 26tli 
December, 1689. 

The fourth son, 

Gabriel Bakee, Esq. of Hurst or Bower- 
henton, in the parish of Martock, co. Somerset, 

was baptised at Ilton, 3rd August, 1684. By 
Hannah, his wife, he had a son, 

William Baker, Esq. of Hurst or Bower- 
henton, who m. Anna, daughter of James 
Garrett, Esq. of Hentstridge, co. Somerset 
(she d. on Old Midsummer Day, 1789), and 
d. 13th February, 1799, aged 84* years and 10 
months. He had issue, William, who d. s.p., 

John Bakee, Esq. of Ilton, and of Lopen, 
CO. Somerset, only surviving child, b. Ist Sep- 
tember, 1751 ; m. first, at Ilton, November, 
1771, Mary, daughter of Richard ChafEey, 
Esq. of Stolse-sub-IIamden, co. Somerset, and 
by her (who d. 2l8t August, 1788, and was 
buried at Lopen, aforesaid) had issue, 

I. John, of Ilminster, co. Somerset, b. 
at Ilton, 30th August, 1772 ; in. at 
Chard, co. Somerset, 1797, Mary Anne, 
only child of Charles Giffard, Esq. 
(she d. 19th January, 1843, and was 
buried at the Old Meeting Chapel 
yard at Ilminster), and d. 27th August, 
1852, and was buried in the Old Meet- 
ing Chapel yard at Ilminster, having 
had issue, 

1. Charles Giffard, of Seaton, co. 
Devon, b. 26th June, 1805 ; in. 
first, at Frostenden, co. Suffolk, 
10th December, 1829, Clarissa 
Juliana, eldest daughter of Robert 
Bovrett Barfoot, Esq. of Frosten- 
den, aforesaid, and by lier (who 
d. April, 1835, and was buried at 
Risca, CO. Monmouth) had, 

I. Charles Edward, b. 7th 
November, 1831. 

II. John Henry, b. 1st March. 
1833 ; d. and was buried at 
Seaton, 26th June, 1852. 

He in. secondly, at the Old 
Presbyterian Chapel, Crew- 
kerne, CO. Somerset, 6th June, 
1844, Elizabeth, eldest daugh- 
ter of James Cuff, Esq. of 
Merriott, co. Somerset. 

2. John, of Ilminster, attorney -at- 
law, b. at Ilminster, 12th De- 
cember, 1806 ; m. there, 24th 
August, 1832, Mary Blake, eldest 
daughter of John Collins, Esq. 
of Horton, in the parish of 
Ilminster, and by her (who was 
b. 15th May, 1810) had, 

I. Malachi Blake, b. 20th Sep- 
tember, 1833. 

II. Henry, b. 12th February, 

III. John Collins, b. 28th Feb- 
ruary, 1842. 

IV. Alfred, b. 19th Januarv, 

I. Lucy, b. 17th October, 1836. 

II. Bertha, b. 22nd May, 1838. 

III. Anna Matilda, b. lo'th July, 

IV. Mary, b. 11th August, 1843. 
T. Emily Margaret, b. 20th 

May, 1851. 
Tl. Flora, b. 3rd Januarv, 1854. 



3. William, d. an infant. 

4. William, of Taunton, co. Somer- 
set, attorney-at-law, h. 26th May, 
1811 ; m. at St. Mary Magdalen, 
Taunton, fith June, 1837, Louisa, 
youngest daughter of John Bird, 
Esq. of Greenham Barton, in the 
parish of Ashbrittle, co. Somer- 

5. Henry, h. 9th April, 1814; d. 
iinm. 23rd April, 1832, and was 
buried in the Old Meeting House 
yard at Ilminster. 

6. Thomas, of Kensington, co. Mid- 
dlesex, and afterwards of Kings- 
cote, in the parish of Woking- 
ham, CO. Berks, barrister-at-law, 
of the Inner Temple, b. 7th July, 
1819 ; m. at St. Mary's Newing- 
ton Butts, CO. Surrey, 9th Decem- 
ber, 1847, Maria Louisa, second 
daughter of John Watkins, Esq. 
of Cheltenham, co. Gloucester, 
and has issue, 

I. Fehx, b. 15th October, 1857. 

I. Jessie, b. 16th December, 

II. Amy, b. 16th April, 1852. 

III. Ella, b. 29th May, 1859. 
Mr. Thomas Baker is the author 
of A Battling Life; The Laws 
Relating to Burials ; The Law 
of Highivays; The Magistrate's 
Pocket Guide, &c. 

1. MatUda, b. 6th June, 1799; d. 
20th November, 1814, and was 
buried in the Old Meeting House 
yard at Ilminster. 

2. Mary Ann, b. 26th October, 1800 ; 
m. at St. Peter's, Guernsey, De- 
cember, 1820, Richard Webb, Esq. 
of Cadworth, co. Somerset, who 
d. at Manchester, 11th May, 1846, 
leaving issue. 

3. Emily, b. 16th February, 1802. 

4. Sarah Sophia, b. 31st May, 1809. 

5. Ann Matilda, b. 10th December, 
1815 ; m. at Ilminster, 23rd Sep- 
tember, 1843, John Cogan Con- 
way, Esq. of Fortess-terrace, 
Kentish Town, in the parish of 
St. Pancras, co. Middlesex, and 
has issue. 

6. Elizabeth, b. 3l8t July, 1817; m. 
at Ilminster, 10th April, 1855, her 
cousin, James Baker, Esq. 

II. EiCHAED Chaffet, of wliom pre- 

I. Anna, b. 15th June, 1774; m. Robert 
Richard Roberts, a captain in the 
ai'my, and had issue. 

ri. Ann, b. 15th March, 1776 ; m. Ri- 
chard Hine, Esq. of Beaminster, co. 
Dorset, and has issue. 

III. Mary, b. 28th June, 1778 ;1 

d. uum. >• twins. 

IV. Martha, b. 28th June, 1778 J 

V. Harriet, b. 18th November, 1787 ; d. 
unm. 23rd February, 1838, and was 
buried at Lopen, co. Somerset. 

John Baker m. secondly, at Lopen, 1790, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Arden, Esq. 
of Lopen, and by her (who d. 15th December, 
1825, and was buried at Lopen) had issue, 

III. Thomas Arden, only i«sue by the 
second marriage, b. 23rd February, 
1793; d. unm. 5th July, 1852, and 
was buried at Lopen. 

His second son, 

RiCHAED Chaffey Baker, Esq. of Lopen, 
CO. Somerset, was b. 2nd September, 178+. 
He m. at Lyme Regis, co. Dorset, 18th No- 
vember, 1810, Mary, eldest daughter of John 
Anstice, Esq. of South Petherton, co. Somerset , 
and d. 29tli April, 1821, and was buried at 
Lopen, having by his said wife (who was b. 
16th August, 1786 ; d. 24th August 1849, at 
Morialta, near Adelaide, Soutli Australia, 
and was buried in St. George's Church, 
Woodford, in that colony) had issue, 

I. John (Hon.), of whom hereafter. 

II. James, of Cleverham, co. Somerset, b. 
at Lopen, 21st February, 1815, m. lOtli 
April, 1855, his cousin, Elizabeth, 
sixth daughter of John Baker, Esq. of 
Ilminster, aforesaid. 

III. Henry, of Sunbury, co. Middlesex, 
b. 8th November, 1818, m. at Enfield, 
CO. Middlesex, January, 1851, Eliza- 
beth Anne Willis, and by her (who d. 
at Sunbury, co. Middlesex, 14th March, 
1856) has issue, Henry Chaifey, b. at 
Enfield, aforesaid, November, 1851, and 
Florence Mary, b. February, 1854. 

I. Harriet, b. at Lopen, bapiised 14th 
December, 1811, m. in 1838, at Oat- 
lands, Tasmania, John Harnett Harri- 
son, Esq. of Ealing, co. Middlesex, and 
has issue, James, Harnett, and Harriet. 

II. Mary, b. at South Petlierton, co. 
Somerset, baptised 17th July, 1817, 
m. 22nd January, 1844, at Adelaide, 
South Austi-alia, Jacob Hagen, Esq. of 
Ropley, near Aldresford, co. South- 
ampton, and has one child, Sophia, 
now of Ropley House, Hants. 

III. Elizabeth Anstice, baptised 17tli 
September, 1821, m. at St. George's 
Church, Woodford, South Australia, 
10th October, 1851, jEneas Morrison 
Allan, Esq. of Terlinga, South Aus- 
tralia, son of George Allan, Esq. of 
Allan Vale, Tasmania, and d., 12th 
April, 1852, and was buried at St. 
George's Church, Woodford, afore- 

Hon. John Bakeh, of Morialta, Norton's 
Summit, near Adelaide, and of Terlinga, 
South Australia, a member of the Legislative 
Council and some time premier and chief 
secretary of the said colony, and one of Her 
Majesty's justices of the peace there, was b. 
28th December, 1812, arrived in the colony 
of South Australia, 1838 ; m. at Allan Vale, 
Tasmania, 7th June, 1838, Isabella, second 
daughter of George Allan, Esq. of Allan Vale, 
Tasmania, and by her (who was b. at Greenock, 
N.B., 24th July, 1819, and now resides at 



MoriaHa, Norton's Summit, near Adelaide, 
■whicli estate consists of 2,200 acres) had 

I. KiCHAED Chaffet (Hon.), C.M.Gr., 
J. p., of Adelaide. 

II. George Allan, b. at North Adelaide, 
7th April, 1843, deceased. 

III. John, h. at Morialta, 30th May, 1853, 

IT. Augustus Boyce, h. in Finchley New- 
road, parish of St. John, Hampstead, 
CO. Middlesex, 10th March, 1859, 

V. Allan Selby Blake, of Terlinga, South 
Australia, b. in Paris, 12th January, 
1862. Terlinga Estate consists of 
about 30,000 acres. 

I. Mary Anstice, b. at North Adelaide, 
30th April, 1840 ; d. 24th May, follow- 

II. Mary Anstice, h. 18th December, 
1845, m. Sir Robert Dalryniple Boss, 
speaker of the House of Assembly of 
South Australia from 2nd June, 1881, 
until his death ; treasurer from June, 

1876, to October, 1877, and was a 
member of the South Australian Com- 
mission on the Indian and Colonial 
Exhibition, 1886. He d. at North 
Adelaide, 27th December, 1887, having 
had two children, Alfi-ed and Isabel. 

III. Isabella Morrison, h. 1st November, 

IV. Elizabeth Anstice, b. 24th Septem- 
ber, 1849, at Morialta, where she re- 

r. Jessie Smythe, b. at Morialta, 14th 
March, 1851 ; d. 1st April, 1852, and 
was buried at Melbourne, Victoria. 

VI. Margaret, h. 3rd September, 1855, m. 

1877, Reginald Arthur Egerton, Esq. 
(who was b. 1850), fourth son of 
Major-general Caledon Bichard Eger- 
ton, of the 89th Regiment, deputy ad- 
jutant-general of the forces, and mili- 

tary secretary to the Duke of Cam- 
bridge ; and grandson of the Rev. Sir 
Philip Grey-Egerton, of Egerton and 
Oulton, CO. Chester, bart., rector of 
Tarporley, and the higher mediety of 
Malpas (see Burke's I'eerage, Baronr-t- 
age, and Knightage), and has issue, 

1. Eeginald Francis Le Belward, b. 
31st March, 1880. 

2. Wilfrid Allan, b. 17th May, 

3. Philip, b. 18th March, 1884, d. 
21st March, 1884. 

1. Mary Caledon, b. 1st February, 

2. Winefride Annie le Clerc, b. 14th 
February, 1879. 

3. Hilda Dupre, b. 25th January, 

4. Dorothy, b. 19th May, 1885. 

5. A daughter, b. 5th November, 

VII. Harriet, b. 31st May, 1857, m. Lieu- 
tenant William Boileau Charter, R.N., 
son of Major Charter. 

The Hon. John Baker was a life member of 
the British Association of Science, a fellow 
of the Royal Geographical Society, a member 
of the Ethnological Society, and of many 
other learned societies of Europe, and presi- 
dent of the Royal Agricultural and Horticul- 
tural Society. He was deputed to present 
the address to the Queen from the colony of 
South Australia, on the marriage of the 
Princess Royal, 1858, and d. 19th May, 

Arms — Per fesse or and az. in chief a cin- 
quefoil between two swans' necks erased, and 
in base a swan's neck erased between two cin- 
quefoils counterchanged. Crest — A dexter 
arm embowed, ppr. charged with two cinque- 
foils az. holding a lozenge also az. thereon a 
swan's neck erased or. Motto — Carpe diem. 

Residence — Adelaide, South Australia. 

Bafen* oi S^ittorta anti Cxibjicftan. 

See Bakek of Adelaide. 

>eam xif Hamilton* 

HEARN, WILLIAM EDWARD LE FANU, Esq., M.D., of Hamilton, 
Victoria, Australia, surgeou, H'uiiiltoii Hospital, and health officer, 
HaiiiiUou, h. li'Jtli June, 1854, uniit. 




The Hearns were originally seated in 
Northumberland, England. Ford Castle, in 
that county, was the seat of the Heron family, 
to which family belonged "Sir Hugh the 
Heron," mentioned by Sir Walter Scott in 
Marmion. The first to settle in Ireland, 
about 1713, was, 

The Venerable Daniel Heaen, M.A., 
Archdeacon of Cashel, 1726 to 1766. He m. 
Miss D'Oyley, and had issue, 

I. EoBEET Thomas, of whom presently. 

II. George. 

I. Arabella, m. the Rev. P. Dundas, rector 
of Mullingar. 

RoBEET Thomas Heaen, Esq., of the 14th 
Light Dragoons, m. first. Miss Colclough, by 
whom he had issue several daughters and two 

I. Daniel James, of Correagh, co. West- 
meath, Ireland, lieutenant-colonel of 
the 43rd Regiment, m., and bad issue a 
son, Robert Thomas, major 76th regi- 
ment, who m. Amelia Maria, daughter 
of Captain Henry Wilson, of the 37th 
Regiment, and d. 1862, leaving issue, 

1. Daniel James (Rev.), rector of 
Kilmurry, in the diocese of Cork, 
Ireland, who had the following 
arms confirmed to him and to the 
other descendants of his grand- 
father : — Per pale gu. and az. a 
chev. between three herons arg. 
Crest — On a mount vert a heron 
as in the arms. Motto — Ardua 
petit ardea. 

2. Charles Richard Mont Orgueil, 
of Templenew, near Bally shannon, 
CO. Donegal, and of the City and 
County Conservative Club, D i iblin, 
Ireland, b. 1850, m. 1875, Ellie, 
only child of the late James 
Thornley, Esq. of Templenew, and 
has issue, two daughters. 

II. Mark, drowned in the Isle of Man. 

'' He m. secondly, Juliet Frances, daughter 
of Major Michael Fleming, of Roadstown, co. 
Sligo, and by her had issue, 

III. Michael, captain in the army, d. 
unm., killed at Aboukir. 

IV. James, of the 34tli Regiment, d. in 
India, utim. 

T. Henry, captain in 91st Regiment, iii. 
Miss Whitehead, and d., leaving one 
son. Rev. Henry Thomas, B.A., Trinity 
College, Dublin, curate of Ramsbury- 
with-Axford, Hungerford, co. Wilts, 

Ti. William Edwaed (Rev.), of whom 

"VII. John, of the 60th Rifles, d. unm. 

I. Juliet, m. William Strangways, of co. 
Kilkenny, captain in the 80th Regi- 

The sixth son, 

Rev. William Edwaed Heaen, M.A., 
vicar of Killargue, co. Leitrim, and afterwards 
of Kildrumferton, co. Cavan, Irehind, m. 1821, 
Henrietta Alicia Reynolds, of Kinsale, Ire- 
land. She d. 1876. He d. May, 1855, having 
had issue seven sons and three daughters. 
One of the former, 

Hon. William Edwaed Heaen, A.M., 
LL.D., Trinity College, Dublin, of the Uni- 
versity of Melbourne, and of Heronswood, 
Dromana, co. Mornington, Victoria, Australia, 
member of the Legislative Council of Vic- 
toria, was b. at Belturbet, co. Cavan, Ireland, 
21st April, 1826 ; educated at the Royal 
School of Enniskillen, under the Rev. Dr. 
Graham, and subsequently at Trinity College, 
Dublin, was professor of Greek, Queen's 
College, Galway, and afterwards examiner to 
the Queen's University of Ireland. He went 
to Melbourne in 1854, having been selected 
as professor of modern history, modern litera- 
ture, logic, and political economy in the Uni- 
versity of Melbourne, and on a redistribution 
of subjects became professor of history and 
political economy in that university. He 
subsequently resigned his professorship and 
became dean of the faculty of laws in the 
University of Melbourne on the establishment 
of that faculty in 1873. In August, 1878, he 
was returned to the Legislative Council as 
member for the Central Province, was one of 
Her Majesty's counsel in Victoria, chancellor 
of Melbourne University, and was the author 
of Plutology,a Textbook on Political Eco)iomy , 
and other standard works. He m. first, at St. 
Paul's Church, Dublin, 14th December, 1847. 
Rose, daughter of the Rev. W. J. H. Le Fanu, 
rector of St. Paul's, Dublin, and by her (who 
d. 11th June, 1877, and was buried in Mel- 
bourne Cemetery) had issue, 

I. WiLLiiM Edwaed Le Fanit, M.D., 
now of Hamilton. 

I. Charlotte Catherine Frances, unm. 

II. Rosalie Juliet Josephine, m. 11th 
July, 1884, James Young, Esq. of 
Tower Hill, Victoria, J.P., but has no 

III. Henrietta Alicia, unm. 

He m. secondly, at Trinity College Chapel, 
Melbourne, 29th August, 1878, Isabel, daugh- 
ter of Major W. G. St. Clair, of the 9th Regi- 
ment, Dublin, and d. 23rd April, 1888. He 
possessed property in the parishes of Kan- 
gerong, Wannacue, and Fingal, co. Mornmg- 
ton, Victoria. 

Arms — Per pale gu. and az. a chevron 
between three herons arg. Crest — On a 
mount vert a heron as in the arms. Motto — 
Ardua petit ardea. 

Residence — Hamilton, Victoria, Australia. 



Ross-shire, Scotland, and of Albany, King George's Sound, Western 
Australia, member (since 1873) and chairman of committees of the Legislative 
Council of that Colony, b. at Exeter, co. Devon, 1845, s. his brother 6th 
September 1871, m. at Albany, W.A., 1870, Lucy Anne, daughter of Arthur 
Trimmer, Esq., and Mary Anne, his wife, daughter of Captain Sir Richard 
Spencer, R.N., C.B., K.H., of Posteness, Western Australia, and has issue, 

I. Alexander Thomas, b. at Albany, W.A., 1872. 

II. John Stothert, b. 1873. 

I. Grace Lucy. 

II. Sophia Olympia Cecilia. 

III. Rachel Mary Anne, 

IV. Lalla. 


This is a branch of the Breadalbane Camp- 

SiE Alexandee Campbell (grandson of 
John Campbell, of Achaladar, by his wife 
Katherine, daughter of Sir Ewen Cameron 
of Lochiel, see that family in Burke's Landed 
Gentry), a lieut.-gen. who, at the battle of 
Talavera, commanded the 4th division of the 
army, and was severely wounded, was 
created a baronet, 6th May, 1815, and ob- 
tained a renewed patent 3rd July, 1821, ex- 
tending the limitation to his grandson, 
Alexander Cockbuen, and after him to the 
issue male of his second daughter, Isabella, 
Lady Malcolm. Sir Alexander m. first, 
Olympia Ehzabeth, eldest daughter of 
William Morshead, Esq. of C'arluther, in 
Cornwall, and had issue, 

John Morshead, a lieutenant of infantry, 
killed at the battle of Assaye. 

Allan William, lieut. -colonel in the army, 
fell at the battle of the Pyrenees, 
28th July, 1813. 

Olympia, m. Alexander Cockbuen, 
Esq . of Madras, banker, of the family of 
Cockburn, of Rochester, co. Berwick, 
and had, Sib Alexander Thomas 
CocKBUEN, second hart. 

Isabella Charlotte, m. to Sir John 
Malcolm, a.C.B., and d. 1867, leaving 

Amelia Harriet, m. to lieut.-colonel Sir 
John Kinnier Macdonald, C.B., of 
Sanda, N,B., British envoy to Persia, 
who d. in 1830 ; she d. at Boulogne, 
16lh October, 1860. 

The baronet m. secondly, Elizabeth Anne, 
daughter of the Rev. Thomas Pemberton, by 
whom (who d. 20th January, 1870) he left 
another daughter, 

Flora Elizabeth, in. 19th November, 

1833, to the Hon. and Ven. Henry 
Reginald Yorke, M.A., archdeacon 
and canon of Ely, rector of Wimpole, 
Cambridgeshire, and of Aspeden, 
Herts, brother of Charles Philip, 
fourth Earl of Hardwicke, and d. 12th 
January, 1852, having by liim (who 
was b. 30th October, 1803, and d. 
26th September, 1871) had issue (see 
Hakdwicke, Eael of, in Burke's 
Peerage) . 

Sir Alexander Campbell was proxy, in 
1812, for the then Earl of Wellington, at his 
lordship's installation as Knight of the Bath, 
and himself leceived knighthood. He served 
during the celebrated siege of Gibraltar, and 
was colonel of the 80th Regiment at the time 
of his decease. He rf. llthDecember, 1824, 
and was *■. by his grandson, 

SiE Alexander Thomas Cockburn, 
second baronet, resident magistrate at Albany, 
Western Australia, who assumed, by Sign 
Manual, in 1825, the surname of Campbell, 
in addition to his patronymic Cockburn ; he 
m. first, 20th June, 1827, Margaret, eldest 
daughter of the late General Sir John 
Malcolm, G.C.B., by whom he had issue, 
Charlotte Isabella, and Olympia, m. first, 
4th November, 1857, to Charles Uhde, Esq. 
of Hanschucheim, Baden, who d. in 1859 ; 
and secondly, 1863. to Friedrich von Pallnitz, 
of Ippesheim, Bavaria. Sir Alexander ?b. 
secondly, in 1842, Grace, daughter of Joseph 
Spence, Esq. of Birstwith, co. York, by whom 
(who d. 31st July, 1870) he had issue, 

I. Alexandee, third bart. 

II. Thomas, present bart. 
I. Cecilia. 

Sir Alexander »«. thirdly, 4th April, 1871, 
at Albany, We>teru Australia, Miss Sophie 



Jane Trimmer, and d. 23rd April, 1871, when 
he was s. by his son, 

Sir Alexander Cockburn-Campbeli,, 
who was h. 1843, and d. unm. Gth September, 
1871, when lie was s. bv his brother. Sir 
Thomas Cockbpen-Campbell, present bart. 

^rras— Q.uarterly ; Ist and 4th gra'id 
quarters, quiirterlj, 1st and 4th, gyronny 
of eight, or and sa.; 2nd, arg., a galley, sails 
furled, oars in action sa ; 3rd, or, a fesse, 
ehequy az. and arg. over all, a chief, arg., 
charged with a rock, ppr., subscribed Gibral- 
tar, between two medals for Seringapatam 
and Tiilavera, for Campbell ; 2nd and 3rd, 
grand quarters, quarterly', 1st and 4th, arg., 
an ostrich feather ensign ed with an imperial 
crown, ppr., between three cocks, two and 
one, gu. ; 2nd and 3rd, gu., six mascles, three, 
two, and one or, for Cockbuen. Crest — A 
dexter hand holding a scymitar, ppr. ; over 
it the motto, "Without fear." Motto below 
the shield " Forward." 

Residence — Albany, King George's Sound, 
Western Australia. 

dTamily of Cocfeburn. 

Petrits de Cockburn witnessed a dona- 
tion to the monastery of Soltra, co. Berwick, 
a. D. 1230; his ancestors possessed the lands 
of Cockburn in that co. as far back as Scottish 
history extends ; the adjoining estate of 
Langton came by the marriage of Alexander 
de Cockburn with Mary, daughter of De 
Vetereponte, Baron of Langton, killed at 
Bannockburn, and remained the seat of the 
principal family for nearly 500 years. 

The latest offshoot from the baronial house 
of Langton was that of Selburnrigg, founded 
by a younger son, who inherited that estate 
in Lammermoor from his father, the Baron 
of Langton, about the end of the 15th 
century ; it descended to 

James Cockburn, of Selburnrigg, whose 
loyalty to King James VII resulted in his 
being obliged to take refuge abroad, his lands, 
after the troubles of 1688. were added to the 
estate of Sir Archibald Cockburn, Bart, of 
Langton. He was father of 

John Cockbhen, d. at Langton, 1712, 
leaving a son, 

David CocKsrHN, resident at Langton, 
the seat of his kinsman. Sir James Cockburn, 
Bart., d. 1763, having issue by his wife, Mary 
Whitelaw, of a family anciently of that ilk, 

I. Thomas. 

II. David. 

I. Mary, m. her kinsman, Thomas Hood, 
grandson of James Hood, of Hoods- 
land,* who, in 1648, sold that place, 

* James Hwde, m. his kinswoman, Mar- 
garet Edzeare or Edgar, his grandfatlier, 
K. Hwde, who possessed Hv/deslund, was on 
23rd September, 1561, dilaitit along with his 
father-in-law, John Edzeare, of Wedderlie, 
Richard, Oliver, James, and George Edzeare, 
" lor invading with jakes, swordis, steel 
bonettis, culveryngis," vtc, the lands of David 

spelled in records, temp. James V, 
Hwdesland, the residence of the family 
for generations. 
The son and heir, 

Thomas Cockburn, of Rowchester, co. 
Berwick, b. 1723 ; m. Agnes, daughter of 
John Scntt, of Belford, co. Roxburgh, grand- 
son of Sir Jolin Scott, of Ancrum, Bart., and 
in right of his mother, Margaret, sister of the 
last Lord Rutherford, of Rutherford, heir to 
that dignity (see Burke's Extinct and Dor- 
mant Peerages) . By lier he had issue, 

I. John, of Rowchester, in. Jane Ross, 
heiress of Sliandwiok, co. Ross, repre- 
sentative of the ancient Earls of Ross, 
and by the entail assumed that sur- 
name. By her he liad issue, 

1. Tliomas. captain in the army, 
killed at the siege of Badajos. 

2. Charles, d. sp. 1839. 

1. Christiana, d. vnm. 1872. 
Mr. Cockburn-Ross, D.L. and J.P. for 
(he COS. of Berwick and Ross, d. 1827, 
and was s. by his second son, Charles, 
who dying without issue, the line of 
Shandwick became extinct. His 
nephew, John, who .s. to his cousin's 
estate of Stoneridge, assumed the sur- 
name of his mother's family, being 
paternally also i-epresentative of the 
Cockburns of Selburnrigg. He d. 

II. Thomas, m. Henrietta Colebrook, and 
had Thomas, d. .<:.p., and Agnes Mary, 
m. 13tli November, 1815, Henry Staf- 
ford Northcote, Esq., M.P., their 
eldest son was Stafford Henry, first 
Earl of Iddesleigh (see Burke's 
Peerage) . 

III. Alexander, in. Olympia, daughter of 
Sir Alexander Campbell, Bart., and 
had a son, Sir Alexander Thomas 
Cockburn-Campbell, Bart. 

I. Agnes, m. her cousin-german, Thomas 
Hood, of Hardacres, co. Berwick, J. P., 
and had, with other issue, 

Thomas, captain 75th Regiment, 

d. at Sancta Mauva, 1818. 
John Cockburn-Hood, of Stone- 
ridge (now Stainrigg), co. Ber- 
wick, J.P. and D.L., b. 8th July, 
1795, m. first, 1818, Janet Anne, 
second daughter of Alexander 
Low, Esq. of Leadnurquhart, co. 
Fife, by his wife, Anne, second 
daughter of George Thomson, 
Esq. of Nuthill and Falkland, and 
by lier (who d. in 1836) had issue, 
" 1. Thomas Hood, b. 1820, ap- 
pointed to the first Upper 
Houses of Legislature in the 
Colonies of Kew South Wales 
and Queensland, m. first, 

Spottiswoode of that ilk, but tlie said Laird 
and his coUegis were acquit by the haill 
assize. Wedderlie, co. Berwick, belonged to 
the Edgar family for 700 years. 



Charlotte, second daughter 
of Colonel Jolin Shapland, 
C.B., by his wife, Elizabeth 
Flora Nicholetts, and by her 
(who d. 1854) has issue, 

I. John Shapland Elliot 
(Rev.), M.A.,Trin. Coll., 
Cambridge, vicar of 
Kirkby Fleetham, co. 
York, b. 15th January, 
1844.. m. 1876, Gertrude 
Greorgiana Beresford, 
and has issue, 

1. Claud Beresford, b. 
3rd April, 1877. 

1. Marion. 

2. Gertrude Cecilia. 

3. Caroline Cliarlotte. 

4. Mary Margaret. 

II. Thomas Cockburn, cap- 
tain in the army, b. Ist 
January, 1845. 

III. Alexander Eutherford, 
lieutenant, E.N., b. 4th 
March, 1850. 

IV. Charles Edwin, of 
Bidcford, New Zealand, 
b. 16th July, 1851. 

T. Keith Ross, b. 4th 

March, 1853. 
I. Janet Anne Lucy, m. 
Benson Day Harrison, 
Esq. of Scale How, and 
Bayes Brown, Westmor- 
land, late lieutenant 8th 
He ni. secondly, December, 
1866, Caroline Theodosia, 
eldest daughter of the Rev. 
John George Beresford, 
rector of Bedale, co. York 
(son of Admiral Sir John 
Poo Beresford, Bart., G.C.B., 
G.C.H.), by hiswife, Caroline 
Amelia, daughter of chief 
justice Lord Denman. 

2. Alexander Charles, d. 1866. 

3. John, C.B., lieut.- general 
Bengal Staff Corps, of Stain- 
rigg House, Coldstream, co. 
Berwick, 19, Cornwall-gar- 

dens, London, and of the 
United Service Club, J.P. ; co. 
Berwick, b. 1823 ; m. 1879, 
Bell, eldest daughter of the 
late Spencer Mackay, Esq. 
of Grazeley Lodge, Berks, and 
widow of the Rev. P. G. 
Bentley, of Felton Grange, 
Salop. Lieut. -General Cook- 
burn-Hood was in the 
Punjab campaign, 184-8-9, at 
Mooltan, and in the Indian 
Mutiny campaign, 1857-8, at 
Delhi and Lucknow. 
4. James Low, d. unin., 1881. 

1. Anne, d. 1863. 

2. Agnes, m. George Ferguson, 
E. I. Co.'s Civil Service at 
Madras, son of Lord Fuller- 

3. Isabella. 

4. Rachel. 

5. Cecilia Charlotte, m. Archi- 
bald Walker, Esq. 

6. Janet Keith. 

Mr. Cockburn-Hood, in. secondly, 
1844, Mrs. Elizabeth Cosens, of 
Karnes, Coldstream, co. Berwick, 
only daugliter oi the late Peter 
Weir, Esq. of Kames and Bogan- 
green, co. Berwick, by Margaret, 
daughter of Thomas Mouat, Esq. 
of Garth, CO. Shetland. She «. her 
brother, 1837, and m. first, 1835, 
Iiobert Cosens, Esq., lieutenant, 
R.N., who d. 1841, leaving issue, 
George Weir Cozens, b. 1837, and 
Robert Cozens (who has assumed 
the additional surname of Weir), 
b. 1838. Mr. Cockburn-Hood d. 

II. Isabella, m. Lord Robertson, son of 
the histovian. 

III. Margaret, m. James Stothert, of 
Cargen, co. Kirkcudbright. 

IT. Mary. 
T. Marion. 

Tl. Cecilia Charlotte, d. mim. 
Mr. Cockburn was deputy-keeper of the 
Great Seal of Scotland. 

jHotoat of Cxirontxi. 

Mow AT, HON. OLIVER, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, LL.D., Q.C., 
prime minister and attorney- general of the province of Ontario, which 
offices he has held since 1872, b. at Kingston, Ontario, 22nd July, 1820; m. at 
Toronto, 19th May, 1846, Jane, daughter of John Ewart, Esq. of Toronto, and 
has issue, 

I. Frederick, sheriff of Toronto, b. 2.3rd February, 1851 ; unm. 

II. Arthur, b. 29th October, 1855 ; m. 20th September, 1881, Elizabeth, 

daughter of Rev. Professor McLaren, of Knox College, Toronto, and 
has ispae. 



1. Oliver, d. in infancy. 

2. Arthur McLaren. 

1. Marjorie. 

2. Margaret. 

III. John, h. 1st August, 1860 ; d. 2nd October, 1861. 

I. Jane Helen, h. 19th June, 1847 ; m. 7th September, 1875, Charles R. 

W. Biggar, Esq. of Toronto, barrister-at-law, and has issue, 

1. Oliver Mowat. 

2. James Lyons. 

3. Frederick Charles. 

4. Thomas Ewart, deceased. 

5. Jean Ewart. 
1, Isabel.- 

II. Jessie, h. 29th November, 1849 ; d. same day. 

III. Laura, h. 23rd May, 1853 ; m. 11th January, 1882, Thomas Langton, 

Esq. of Toronto, barrister-at-law. 

IV. Edith, h. 13th January, 1859. 


This family is of Scottish origin, and is 
supposed to be related to the Mowats of 

John" Mowat, Esq., formerly of Canisby, 
Caithness-shire, Scotland, the father of the 

present Hox. Oliver Mowat, went to 
Cuiada in 1816, and settled at Kingston, 
Ontario, where he died. 

Residence — Toronto, province o? Ontario, 
Dominion of Canada. 

FITZROY, CECIL AUGUSTUS, Esq. of Ringstead, Hastings, Hawke's 
Bay, New Zealand, J. P., inspector of sheep, b. 10th January, 1844; m. 
2ist February, 1878, Susannah, third daughter of William Beetham, Esq. of 
Danum, Wellington, and Te Mako Taita, Wellington, 'New Zealand, J. P., late 
of Friraley Hill, Surrey, England (see Beetham of Christchurch), by Mary, 
his wife, daughter of Phillip Horsley, Esq. of Hull and Doncaster, co. York, 
merchant, son of Marmaduke Horsley, Esq. of Helmsley Blackamoor, co. 
York ; and by her (who was h. at Hexthorpe, co. York, 14th October, 1847) 
has issue, 

I. Charles Cecil Southampton, b. 24th March, 1884. 

II. Frederick Waller Southampton, b. 3rd July, 1885. 

I. Maud Mary le Strange, b. 12th December, 1878. 

II. Louisa Gwendoline le Strange, b. 2Sth May, 1881. 


Henet Fitzrot, second illegitimate son 
of King Charles II, by Barbara Villiers, 
Duchess of Cleveland {b. 28th September, 
1663), was created 16th August, 1672, 
Baron of Sudbury, Viscount Ipswich, 
and Eabl of Euston ; and 11th September, 
1075, DiiKE OF Graftox. In 1680, his 

grace was installed a Knight of the Garter. 
The duke in. Lady Isabella Bennet, only 
daughter and sole heir of Henry, Earl of 
Arlington, Viscount Thetford, and Baron 
Arlington, by wliom he had an only son, 
Cliarles. His grace performed, at the corona- 
tion of James II, the office of lord high 



constable of England ; and on the landing of 
the Duke of Monmouth, in 1685, he com- 
manded a part of King James's forces, and 
behaved with great gallantry in the action of 
Philip's Norton Lane, in the co. of Somerset, 
narrowly escaping with his life. He was, 
however, one of the first who deserted his 
royal master for the Prince of Orange, in 
■whose cause he was wounded in storming 
the city of Cork, and d. within a fortnight, 
9th October, 1690. His grace was «. by his 

Charles, second duke, K.Q-., who in- 
herited, in right of his mother on her 
decease, 7th February, 1722—23, the earldom 
of Arlington and viscounty of Thetford, 
creations of 22nd April, 1672, and barony of 
Arlington of Arlington, creation of 14th 
April, 1663—64.. His grace m. Henrietta, 
daughter of Charles, Marquess of Worcester, 
and granddaughter of Henry, Duke of Beau- 
fort, by whom he had issue, 

I. George, Earl of Euston, b. 24th 
August, 1715 ; d. in July, 1747, s.p. ; 
having m. in 1741, Dorothy, eldest 
daughter of the Earl of Burlington. 

II. Augustus, of whom presently. 

III. Charles, b. 23rd April, 1718; d. 
29th July, 1739. 

I. Caroline, m. to William, second Earl 
of Harrington. 

II. Isabella, m. to Francis, first Marquess 
of Hertford. 

III. Harriet, d. tinm. 

His grace d. 6th May, 1757, and was s. by 
Ids grandson, Augustus Henry. His second 

Hon. Au&ustus Fitzeot, who was b. 
16th October, 1716, m. Elizabeth, daughter 
of Colonel William Cosby, governor of New 
York, younger son of Alexander Cosby, Esq. 
of Stradbally Hall, Queen's Co. (see Burke's 
Landed Gentry), and by her (who m. 
secondly, James Jeffreys, Esq.) he left at his 
decease, 24th May, 1741, two sons, viz., 

I. Augustus Henry, who s. his grand- 
father as third duke ; b. 28th September, 
1735 ; was installed a Knight of the 
Garter, and filled the offices of secre- 
tary of state and first lord of the 
Treasury in 1765 and 1766, and that 
of lord privy seal in 1771. His grace 
m. first, in 1756, the Hon. Anne 
Liddell, daughter and sole heir of 
Henry, Lord Ravensworth, from 
whom he was divorced, by Act of Par- 
liament, in 1769, having by her (who 
m. secondly, John Fitzpatrick, second 
Earl of Upper Ossory, and d. in 1804) 
had issue. His grace m. secondly, 
24th June, 1769, Elizabeth, daughter 
of the Rev. Sir Richard Wrottesley, 
bart., and by her (who d. 25th May, 
1822) had issue. The duke d. 14th 
March, 1811, and from him descends 
the present Duke of Grafton. 

II. Chaeles (Lieutenant-Geneeal). 

The second son, 
Lieutenant-Genebal Fitzrot, 

was elevated to the Peerage, 17th October, 
1780, as Baron Southampton of Southamp- 
ton, 00. Hants. His lordship m. in 175S, 
Anne, daughter and co-heiress of Admiral 
Sir Peter Warren, K.B., by whom he had 
issue, eight sons and five daughters, of 

I. George Ferdinand, who s. as second 
lord, was b. 7th August, 1761 ; m. 
first, 21st August, 1784, Laura, 
daughter of the Hon. and Right Rev. 
Frederick Keppel, lord bishop of 
Exeter, by whom (who d. 1798) he 
had an only daughter, Georgiana 
Maria, m. 1814, to John Horace 
Thomas Stapleton, Esq., and d. 8th 
August, 1830. His lordsliip m. se- 
condly, 2nd December, 1802, Frances 
Isabella, second daughter of Lord 
Robert Seymour, by whom (who d 
3rd June, 1838) he liad, 

1. Charles, third baron, lord lieu 
tenant of co. Northampton, b 
28th September, 1804; m. first, 
23rd February, 1826, Harriet^ 
only daughter of the Hon. Henry 
Fitzroy Stanhope, which lady d 
23rd October, 1860 ; he m. se 
condly, 25th February, 1862, 
Ismay Catherine {V.A.,) daughter 
of Walter Nugent, Esq., a baron of 
ihe Austrian empire, and grand- 
daughter of Sir Charles Jenkin- 
son, Bart. Lady Southampton 
has been appointed one of Her 
Majesty's ladies of the bedcham- 
ber in ordinary, and had issue, 

1. Charles Henry, present Baron 
Southampton, of Southamp- 
ton, CO. Hants, lieutenant 
10th Hussars, b. 11th May, 
1867 ; .?. his father, as fourth 
baron, 16th July, 1872. 

2. Edward Algernon, h. 24th 
July, 1869, lieutenant 1st 
Life Guards, formerly page 
of honour to the Queen. 

1. Ismav Mary Helen Augusta, 
b. 13th April, 1863 ; m. 12th 
June, 1883, Rev. Lord Charles 
Edward FitzRoy, son of 
Augustus Charles Lennox, 
seventh Duke of Grafton, 

2. Frederica Louisa, b. 4th 
July, 1864, late maid of 
honour to the Queen ; m. 
12th February, 1890, Percy 
Edward, eldfest son of General 
Crutchley, of Sunninghill 
Park, Berks. 

3. Blanche Georgiana, b. 18th 
September, 1865 ; m. 6th 
December, 1887, Hon. Ed- 
ward Sholto Douglas-Pen- 

His lordship d. 16th July, 1872, 
and was «. by his elder son, 
Charles Henry, present Lord 



2. Henry (Rt. Hon.), b. 2nd May, 
1807, M.P., P.O. ; m. in 1839, 
Hannah Mayer, sister of Baron 
Rothschild, and d. 17th Decem- 
ber, 1859, having by her (who d. 
2nd Deceniber, 1864) liad, Arthur 
Frederick, b. 15th December, 
1842 ; d. 8th November, 1S58 ; 
and CaroHiie Blanche Elizabeth, 
m. 30th June, 1864, to Sir Coutts 
Lindsay, Bart. 
1. Anne Caroline, m. in October, 
1828, to the Rev. Humphry 
Allen, M.A., incumbent of Trinity 
Chapel, Clifton, and d. 3rd 
August, 1857. He d. 6th June, 
1. Laura Isabella, deceased. 
Lord Southampton was a lieutenant- 
general in the army, and colonel of the 
34th Foot. He d. ]4th June, 1810, 
and was *. by his eldest son, Charles, 
third baron. 

II. Charles, a general officer, b. 5th Sep- 
tember, 1762 ; m. 21st September, 
1816, Eliza (nee Barlow), widow of 
Clavering Savage, Esq., and d. 18th 
October, 1831. 

III. Henry, b. 13th September, 1765 ; 
m. 4th January, 1790, Anne, eldest 
daughter of Garret, first Earl of 
Mornington, by whom (who m. se- 
condly, August, 1799, Charles Culling 
Smith, Esq.) he left at his decease, 
1 9th March, 1794, two daughters, 

1. Anne Caroline, d. unm., 16th 
December, 1835. 

2. Georgiana Frederica, m. to 
Henry, Marquess of Worcester 
(afterwards Duke of Beaufort) ; 
and d. 11th May, 1821, leaving 
two daughters. 

IV. Warren, b. 1st September, 1768 ; m,. 
ilth February, 1794, Maria Theresa 
Josepha, daughter of Andrew d'Isaac, 
a German councillor of state, by 
whom he left at his decease, 24th 
May, 1806, one son and a daughter. 

V. Frederick, b. 10th October, 1769. 

Ti. William, of whom presently. 

Til. Robert, 1 1. .v J J 

„ -nij J ^ both deceased. 
Till. Edward, J 

I. Susannah Maria, d. unm. 

II. Charlotte, in. to Viscount Dun- 
gannon ; d. 22nd November, 1828. 

III. Emilv, m. to William, Lord Bagot, 
and d. 8th June, 1800. 

IT. Louisa (deceased), m. James Allen, 
Esq. of Bromsgrov3, Woi-cestershire. 

T. Georgiana, m. to the Hon. Major- 
General Sir William Ponsonby, who 
fell at Waterloo. She d. 6th Feb- 
ruary, 1835. 

His lordship d. in 1797, and was s. by his 
eldest son, George Ferdinand. His sixth son, 
Hon. William Fitzeot, of Keuip- 
ston, Norfolk, a lieutenant-general in the 
army ; b. 12th December, 1773 ; m. first, 20th 
May, 1799, Catherine, sister of Sir Simon 

Houghton Clarke, baronet, by whom (who d. 
16th May, 1808) he had issue, 

I. William Simon Houghton, of Kemp- 
ston, Norfolk, J. P., an officer in the 
army ; b. 8th December, 1802; m. 21st 
July, 1829, Anne, daughter of Thomas 
Bagge, Esq. of Stradsett Hall, Norfolk 
(see Bagge, hart., in Burke's Peerage), 
and d. 11th May, 1882, having had by 
her (who d. May, 1860), 

1. William (major-gen.), of North- 
cote House, Rugby, co. Warwick, 
J. P., late colonel commanding 31st 
regimental district, and lieuten- 
ant-colonel 47th Foot ; b. 29th No- 
vember, 1830; m. 3rd September, 
1864, Gertrude Mary, daughter 
of Captain Wentworth, R.E., and 
has had, William Wentworth, b. 
25th April, 1867 ; d. 25th Janu- 
ary, 1884 ; Philip Fitzwilliam, b. 
24th February, 1870; Frederick 
Henry, b. 22nd January, 1872; 
George Francis, h. 10th April, 
1873; Charles Edward, b. 19th 
January, 1876 ; Hope Robert, b. 
1881; and Gertrude Anne, d. 
22nd July, 1873. 

2. George Dartmouth, captain R.N. 
(retired), b. 22Qd May, 1832 ; m. 
11th January, 1866, Caroline 
Catherine, eldest daughter of 
Cluny Maepherson, of Cluny 
Castle, CO. Inverness, and has 
issue, George Ewen Maepherson, 
b. 26th December, 1866 ; Gordon 
Duncan Seynioiu", b. 15th Febru- 
ary, 1868; Emily Sarah Lucy, 
b. 11th February, 1871 ; Georgina 
Elizabeth Catherine ; and Mar- 
garet Caroline Anne. 

3. Ferdinand, lieutenant-colonel 
late R.A., b. loth June, 1833, m. 
18lh September, 1855, Mary 
Helena, daughter of Major 
George Russel-Cremelin, C.B., and 
has issue, Ferdinand Trevor, b. 
11th January, 1857 ; Reginald, 
b. 6th August, 1858 ; George 
William, b. 1st March, 1861; 
Frederick Voyle, b. 6tli July, 
1869 ; and Anne Emilia Mary. 

4. Philip, colonel commanding first 
battalion Northumberland Fusi- 
liers, b. 8th March, 1837. 

5. Frederick Keppel, 8Lst Regi- 
ment, b. 16lh August, 1838; d. 

6. Edward Albert, major R.H.A., 
b. 7th February, 1840; m. 29th 
October, 1874, Lucy Jannetta 
Julia, youngest daughter of Cluny 
Macpberson, and has issue, Eva 
Mary Lucy St. John, b. 7th Sep- 
tember 1875. 

1. Annie. 

2. Catherine, m. 1864, W. F. Arun- 
del, Esq. 



II. George William Howe, b. I7th De- 
cember, 18G3, lieutenant E.N., ■who 
fell at Navariuo, in 1827. 

III. Arthur William Bagot, Bombay 
Cavalry, b. 1805 ; d. 1879. 

IT. Charles William Henry Gage, com- 
mander E.N., b. 7th January, 1807 ; 
m. 1837, Caroline Emily, third daugh- 
ter of Richard Phayre, Esq. of Shrews- 
bury, and d. 25th Janviary, 1886, 
having surviving issue ; Gage Charles, 
lieutenant 6th Dragoon Guards, b. 
19th April, 1845 ; d. 5th March, 1872 ; 
and Lucy Harriet. 
Y. Feedeeick Thomas William Coke 
(Rev.), of whom hereafter. 
General Fitzi-oy m. secondly, 4th July, 1811, 
Lady Elizabeth Fitzroy, daughter of 
Augustus Henry, third Dvike of Grafton, 
and d. 19th May, 1837. His widow d. in 
1839. His fifth and youngest son, 

Eet. Feedeeick Thomas William Coke 
FiTZEOT, rector of Great Ringstead, Norfolk; 
b. 30th January, 1808; m. 31st May, 1834, 
Emilia Le Strange, eldest daughter of Henry 
Styleman, Esq. of Snettisham Hall, Nor- 
folk, and d. 20th February, 1862, having had 

I. Frederick Southampton Le Strange, 
late captain 15th Foot, b. 7th July, 

1836 ; m. 12th April, 1877, Annie, 
third daughter of Edward Atkinson, 
Esq. of Seafield Hall, Donabate, and 
Carrick Brennan, Monkstown, co. 
Dublin, and d. 23rd May, 1890, leaving 
a daughter, Violet le Strange, b. 21st 
March, 1878. 

II. Henry William, late R.N., b. 27th 
June, i838. 

III. Cecil AuGrsTrs, of whom we treat. 

I. Emily Katharine L'Estrange, m. 21st 
June, 1859, to Frederick Hogge, Esq., 
and is deceased. 

II. Maria Louisa, d. 11th March, 1861. 

III. Adela, m.. 14th February, 1874, 
Arthur, youngest son of William 
Blundell, Esq., and d. 19th June, 

Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, France 
and England ; 2nd, Scotland ; 3rd, Ireland ; 
over all, a .sinister baton, compony, arg. and 
az. ; a crescent for difference. Crest — On a 
chapeau gu. turned up erm., a lion, statant, 
guardant, or, crowned with a ducal coronet 
az., and gorged with a collar, counter com- 
pony, arg., and of the fourth. Motto — Et 
decus et pretiura recti. 

Residence — Ringstead, Hastings, Hawke's 
Bay, New Zealand. 

jHactronaltr of CiiarlottttoiDu. 

House, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, postmaster- 
general Prince Edward Island, 1873, and lieutenant-governor of Prince 
Edward I.sland, August, 1884, I. at Brudnell House, P.E.I., 14th February, 
1829; m. at St. James' Church, Georgetown, P.E.I. , 25th November, 1863, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Owen, Esq. of Cardigan House, P.E.I., post- 
master-general, and has issue, 

I. Aeneas Adolphe, h. 30th November, 1864. 

II. Archibald Percy Gordon, h. 15th April, 1867. 

III. Reginald Hugh, h. 2nd September, 1869. 

IV. Andrew Douglas MacGregor, h. 10th February, 1874. 

11 incase. 

This family claims descent from the Clan- 
ranald branch of the Macdonalds of the Isles. 

Andeew Macdonald, Esq. of Panmure 
Island, Prince Edviard Island, Canada, the 
grandfather of the Hon. A. A. Macdonnld, 
was b. at Island Shona, Inverness-shire, Scot- 
land, 30th November, 1745. He was a 
merchant at Arisaig until 1806, when he 
disposed of his property and business in 
Scotland, and with -his family emigrated to 
America, where he had purchased an estate 
of 10,000 acres in the province of Prince 
Edward Island. To settle in this estate, he 

brought over with him a number of High- 
land families. One of his brothers, John, an 
oiEcer in the 2nd batt. of the 84tli Regiment 
under Major Small, had preceded him to 
P.E.I. , and there m. Margaret, sister of 
Captain Macdonald of Glenaladale. Another 
brother, Hugh, resided at the Island of Eigg 
in Scotland, and d. there, and a sister m. in 

Scotland about 1788, Eraser, Esq. 

Mr. Andrew Macdonald m. 1772, Isabella 
Macdonald, of the Borrodale branch of the 
same clan, and d. at his residence, Panmure 
Island, Prince Edward Island, 30th May, 



1833, leaving his property of Panmure to 
his grandson, Andrew Archibald. He had 
twelve sons and three daughters, viz., 

I. Angus, b. 1773 ; d. nnm. 

II. John, b. 1775 ; d. num. 

III. Alexander, b. 1777 ; m. Jessie Mac- 
donald, and d. 1847, leaving issue. 

IT. Donald, J 1779 ; d. num. 
V. Colin, b. 1781 ; d. unm. 1860. 
Yi. Ronald, b. 1783; m., and d. 1846, 
leaving issue. 

VII. Angus, b. 1786 ; m. Mary, daughter 
of Archibald Macdonald, Esq. of 
Rhue, and d. 1863, leaving issue. 

VIII. Hugh, of whom presently. 

IX. Archibald, b. 1790; d. 1873, leaving 

X. Charles, b. 1792; d. 1857, leaving 

XI. Norman, d. young. 

XII. James, d. 183-. 

I. Matilda, d. 1877. 

II. Clementina, d. 1873. 

III. Catherine, d. 1882. 

The eighth son, 

Hugh Maceonaid, Esq., controller of 
Customs and Navigation Laws at George- 
town, Prince Edward Island, was a member 
of the Provincial Legislature for several 
years, and for some time held the office of 
high sheriff of the province. He was b. at 
Island Shona, Inverness-shire, Scotland, 27th 
July, 1788; m. April, 1826, Catherine, 
daughter of Archibald Macdonald, Esq. of 
Rhue, Arisaig, Scotland (who held the estate 
of Dalelea and Lochfhiel, in Inverness-shire), 
and sister of John Macdonald, Esq., pay- 
master in the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 
who m. Miss Farquhar, and d. s.p. in Malta. 
Mr. Hugh Macdonald d. at Georgetown, 
P.E.I. . 10th November, 1857, having had by 
his wife (who d. at Georgetown, P.E.I., 21st 
April, 1872) three sons and two daughters, 

I. Andrew Akchibald (Hon.) , of whom 
we treat. 

II. Archibald John (Hon.), of George- 

town, Prince Edward Island, where 
he carries on a mercantile business, is 
a member of the Provincial Letiisla- 
ture and of the Executive Council, 6. 
10th October. 183 1 ; m. 1873, Marion, 
eldest daughter of Dennis Mui'phy, 
Esq. of Hythe, co. Kent, England, and 
has issue, 

1. Temple William Faber. 

2. Archibald Glengyle. 

3. Hugh AUister. 

4. John Howard. 

1. Mary Marion. 

2. Ahce. 

III. Augustine Colin, a merchant of 
Montague, Prince Edward Island, b. 
30tl) June, 1837; was a member of 
the Provincial Legislature from 1870 
to 1873; elected to a seat in the 
Dominion House of Commons in 
1873, and again in 1878 and 1882, 
but was defeated at the general 
election, 1887. He m. in 1865, Mary 
Elizabeth, fifth daughter of the Hon. 
John Small Macdonald, and lias issue, 

1. Winnifred. 

2. Frank Somerled. 

3. Louis. 

4. Ernest. 

1. Josephine. 

2. Helena. 

3. Florence. 

I. Ann Isabella, b. 1830 ; d. 1832. 

II. Eliza Maria, b. 1832; m. 18''3, John 
A. Macdonell, Esq. of Donaldston, 
Prince Edward Island, who d. s.p. in 

Crest tised — A casile, triple-ioxcered arg., 
masoned sa., and issuing from the centre 
touer a dexter arm in armour embovyed, 
grasping a sicord all ppr. Motto — My hope 
is constant in thee. 

Residence — Government House, Charlotte- 
town, Prince Edward Island, Dominion of 

Estate — Island of Panmure, Prince Edward 
Island, Canada. 

MEREDITH, EDWIN, Esq. of Llandalf, Masterton, New Zealand, 
member of the County Council, North Wairarapa, and chairman of 
the Whareama Road Board, h. 22nd August, 1827, vi. 14th December, 1852, 
Jane Caroline, eldest daughter of Captain Frederick Edmund Chalmers, and 
has issue, 

I. Edwin, of Te Nui, New Zealand, h. 30th October, 1853, m. Ada Stcuart 

Johnstone, and has issue, 

1. Guy Owen. 

2. William Laird. 

3. George Steuart. 
1. Ada Matilda. 

II. Richard Reibey, h. 4th February, 1857, m. Theodora Alice Lane, and 

has issue, 

I 2 



1. Owen Glendower. 
1. Gwylfa Glendower. 

III. Clarence Kay, b. 28th November, 1858 ; assumed the surname of 

Kaye in addition to and after that of Meeedith; m., 26th February, 
1884, his cousin, Rosina Maria, only child of Captain Joseph Henry 
Kaye, R.N., F.R.S. (who d. at South Tarra, Victoria), by Maria, his 
wife, eldest daughter of George Meredith, Esq. of Cambria, Swansea, 
Tasmania, by Mary Evans, his second wife, and has issue, 
1. Gladys Maria. 
TV. John Montague, b. 5th December, 1862, unm. 

I. Mary. 

II. Rosina. 

m. Clara, m., 21st December, 1887, Robert Heaton Rhodes, Esq. 

IV. Elsie Emmeline. 

V. Edith Dry. 

VI. Janie Chalmers. 

VII Gwendoline Meredyth. 
vjii. MelitaMeredyth. 
TX. Kathleen Meredyth. 


The family of Meredith can trace a descent, 
tlirough a long line of the princes of South 
Wales, from Owen Glendower. 

John Meredith, Esq. of Temple-street, 
Birmingham, co. Warwick, England, and 
afterwards of Castle Bromwich Hall, near 
Birmingham, solicitor and barrister, in., about 
1768, Miss Sally Turner, of Birmingham 
and by her (who d. 1819) had issue, 

I. John, an eminent solicitor of Birming 
haru, in. Lucy, sister of Sir Thomas 
Lawrence, the artist, and had one 
daughter, Lucy Louisa Ann, ni., about 
1824, John Asian, of Birmingham 
and has numerous issue. 

II. Charles, of Leicester, England, soli' 
citor, coroner, &c., had issue, one 
daughter, Fanny, deceased. 

III. Henry, of Birmingham, gunmaker, 
had two sons, only one of whom, 
Henry, attained manhood. 

IV. George, of whom presently. 

I. Louisa Ann, b. about 1772, m. Thomas 
Twamley , of Hampstead, near Birming- 
ham, and had one daughter, Louisa 
Anne, b. in Birmingham, 20th July, 
1812 ; m. at Edgbaston, near Birming- 
ham, 18th April, 1839, her cousin, the 
Hon. Charles Meredith. 

II. Anne, d. itnm. 

One of Mr. Meredith's sisters married a 
Mr. Linwood, whose daughter Mary was the 
Miss Linwood whose wonderfully clever and 
artistic pictvires in worsted crewel-work were 
the admiration of the world in the first 
quarter of the present century. He d. in 
1788. His fourth and youngest son, 
George Meredith, Esq. of Cambria, 

Swansea, Tasmania, b. in 1778, entered the 
Navy in 1794, and, as lieutenant in the 
Marines, served in America, the West Indies, 
and Egypt ; was invalided on full pay in 
1805. He formerly resided at Castle Brom- 
wich, and subsequently, on retiring from the 
Marines, at Newbury, and at Ehyndaston, 
Pembrokeshire, Wales, from which place he 
emigrated to Tasmania, arriving at Hobart, 
18th March, 1821, in the " Emerald." During 
his residence in Tasmania, Mr. Meredith 
experienced many difficulties and dangers, 
and on one occasion his house was broken 
into by the noted bushranger Brady. Mr. 
Meredith in., first, J 805, Sarah Westall 
Hicks, an heiress, and by her (who d. in 
1820 at Khyndaston) had issue, 

I. George, believed to have been mur- 
dered by aborigines in Kangaroo 
Land, about 1832. 

II. Charles (Hon.) , of Malunnah, Orford ; 
and Hobart, Tasmania. He was for 
24 years a member of the House of 
Assembly, an executive councillor for 
23 years, a minister of the Crown in 
four administrations, a magistrate of 
the territory 36 years, &c., &o., b. 29th 
May, 1811, at Poyston, co. Pembroke, 
Wales ; in 1821 emigrated, with his 
father and family, to Tasmania, which 
he left for New South Wales in 1833, 
and took up runs on the Murrum- 
bidgee, Manaroo, and Limestone 
Plains; visited England in 1838, re- 
turned to Sydney the following year, 
and resided for some little time at the 
old house, Homebush ; subsequently 
returned to Tasmania, landing in 



Hobarfc, October, 1840, and purchased 
from his fatlier the estate of Spring 
Vale, was some time resident magis- 
trate for the district of Port Sorell, 
which ofTic^ he vacated in 1848, and 
dm'ing the succeeding ten years rented 
his father's estates and resided in the 
district of Glamorgan ; subsequently, 
in 1858, removing to his own estates 
at Pressor's Plains. He was returned 
a member of the then nominee-elective 
Council, and took his seat, 17th July, 
1855, and 2nd December, 1856, took 
his seat as the first member for 
Glamorgan, in the first representative 
Parliament of Tasmania; shortly after- 
wards was called upon to accejjt office 
as colonial treasurer in the cabinet 
formed by Mr. Gregson ; was next re- 
turned for the City of Hobart ; again 
took office as colonial treasurer, which 
he held until November, 18G6 ; in the 
new Parliament represented King- 
borough until 1871, in which year he 
was returned for West Devon, for 
which constituency he sat until his 
final retirement from Parliament in 
1879. In 1872—3 he held office as 
minister of lands and works ; in the 
Eeibey ministry of 1876 — 7 again 
occupied his former position as colonial 
treasurer, and immediately after his 
resignation was appointed police 
magistrate of Launceston, whither, 
in June, 1879, he removed from 
Malunnah, Orford. He m., at Old Edg- 
baston Church, near Birmingham, 18th 
April, 1839, his cousin, Louisa Anne, 
daughter of Thomas Twamley, Esq. of 
Hampstead, near Birmingham. She 
was b. in Birmingham, 20th July, 
1812, and is the authoress of Notes 
and Sketches of Neiv South Wales, 
My Some in Tasmania, Over the 
Straits, &c., &c., nearly all of which 
works were illustrated by herself. She 
has been awarded prize medals in 
London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Cal- 
cutta, for paintings illustrating 
Australian natural history, and is the 
only woman holding one of the fifty 
" Special " silver medals of the Mel- 
bourne Exhibition of 1866—7 for 
'' art and literature combined." This 
lady was elected honorary member of 
the Tasmanian Royal Society, " in 
recognition of services rendered to art 
and science in Tasmania," and on like 
grounds enjoys a pension from the 
Tasmanian Government. Mr. Meredith 
d. at Launceston, Tasmania, 2nd 
March, 1880, having had issue, 

1. George Campbell, b. 1st July, 

2. Charles, b. 5th April, 1844, d. 
15th September, 1888. 

3. Owen, mining engineer, b. 6th 
AprU, 1847 ; m. Ist November, 
1871, Eliza Jane Winasor, and 
has issue, 1, David Owen ; 1, 

Louisa Anne, b. 10th September, 
1873; 2, Winifred Eliza; 3,Sabina 
Ida ; 4, Violet ; 5, Corinna Ruby. 

I. Sarah, m., at Hobart, James B. 
Poynter, Esq., banker and merchant, 
and had issue, three sons and one 
daughter, who reside in the colonies. 

II. Louisa, »»., at Hobart, Captain John 
Bell, merchant and shipowner, and has 
issue, one son, George Meredith, living 
in Southland, New Zealand, and three 
daughters, residing in England. 

III. Sabina, m., at Hobart, John Boyes, 
Esq., merchant, and had issue, five 
sons (one in the army, one a captain 
R.N., and another, now deceased, who 
received the Victoria Cross for gallant 
conduct at Nagasaki) and four daugh- 

Mr. George Meredith m., secondly, 30th 
October, 1820, Mary Evans, and by her (who 
d. 21st November, 1842) had issue, 

III. Henry, d. nnm-. 

IV. John, m. Maria Hammond, and has 
five sons and five daughters. 

T. Edwin, of whom we treat. 

IT. Maria, m., 6th November, 1845, 
Captain Joseph Henry Eaye, E.N., 
F.R.S., who entered the Navy, 18th 
December, 1827; obtained his com- 
mission, 6th April, 1839 ; from the 
15th of the following May until his 
return to England in 1843 was en- 
gaged in an exploring expedition to 
the Antarctic regions in the " Terror," 
and subsequently became director of 
H.M. Magnetic Observatory at Hobart 
Town ; and by him (who d. at South 
Yarra, Victoria) has issue, a daughter, 
Rosina Maria, who m., 26th Februavy, 
1884, her cousin, Clarence Kaye 
Meredith- Kaye, Esq., before men- 
tioned, third son of Edwin Meredith, 
Esq. of Llandaff, Masterton, New 
Zealand, and has issue. 

T. Clara, «j. Su" Richard Dry, who was 
amemberof the old Legislative Council 
of Tasmania, afterwards represented 
Launceston in the House of Assembly, 
chosen first speaker, and was colonial 
secretary and premier of Tasmania, 
from 24th November, 1866, to 1st 
August, 1869 ; but by him (who d. 
October, 1869) has no issue. 

VI. Fanny, m. Captain F. S. G^ynor, of 
the 99th Regiment, and has one son 
and one daughter. 

Tii. Rosina, m. Captain F. Despard, of 
the 99th Regiment, and has one 
He d. in 1856. 

Arms tised — Arg., a lion, ramp., sa., gorged 
with a collar, and chain affixed thereto re- 
flexed over Ihe back or ; with seren qiiarter- 
ings. Crest — A demi lion,ramp., sa., collared 
and chained as in the arms. Mutt'j — Spes 
est in Deo. 

Residence — Llandaff, 

Masterton, New 



<Sr(S5 ot ^apanut anU lonshtatb^ 

GRIGG, JOHN, Esq. of Finglas, Papanui, and of Longbeach, Ashburton 
County, Canterbury, New Zealand, J. P., b. at Bodbraue, Duloe, 
Cornwall, England, 21st April, 1828 ; m. at Otabuhu, Auckland, New Zealand, 
7tli June, 1855, Martha Maria, daughter of Henry Vereoe, Esq. of Tautauroa, 
Mangarei, Auckland, and formerly of Pendavey, Egloshayle, co. Cornwall, 
and by her (who d. 19th December, 1884, and was buried at Longbeach) had 

I. John Charles Nattle, b. at Otahuhu, Auckland, 17th June, 1861. 

II. Henry Robert Scott, b. at Avonbank, Canterbury, New Zealand, 26th 

October, 1867; d. 7th October, 1880. 
HI. Edward Francis Joseph, b. at Longbeach, Canterbury, 28th October, 

I. Chrissie Anna, b. 26th March, 1856; d. 10th June, 1865. 

II. Emily Catherine Nattle, b. 12th December, 1857. 

III. Mary Emiline, b. 1st August, 1859 ; d. 11th August, 1881. 

IV. Annie Abbott, 6. 31st May, 1862. 

V. Katherine Henrietta, b. 23rd August, 1865. 

VI. Martha Clarissa, b. 23rd August, 1872. 


The family of G-rigg settled in Cornwall 
about the year 1700, and soon after purchased 
the manor of Bodbrane from Lord Arundel, 
where they continued to live until 1854, when 
it was sold by the present John Grigg, Esq., 
to Mr. Goad, of St. Avistel. In the church 
at Duloe are the following inscriptions : — 
" Sacred to the memory of John Grigg, of 
Bodbrane, in this parish, who departed this 
life the 4th day of April, 1792, aged 68 years. 
In gratefid remembrance of an affectionate 
parent, this small tribute is erected by his 
son, Eob. Grigg. May he rest in peace ; " 
and " Near this marble are interred the 
remains of Martha Nicholas Grigg, daughter 
of Robert and EKzabeth Grigg, of East Looe. 
She resigned this life for eternity the 8th 
day of August, 1810, in the 21st year of her 

Joseph Grigg, Esq. of Bodbrane, Duloe, 
CO. Cornwall, England, baptised at Duloe, 
12th August, 1764; m. 27th March, 1794, 
Christiana, daughter of William Nattle, Esq. 
of Cadson, St. Ive, co. Cornwall, and d. at 
Bodbrane, 17th October, 1824, aged 61, haying 
had issue, 

I. John, of whom presently. 

II. Joseph, of Port Love, Talland, co. 

III. Robert, of Tremadart, Duloe, co. 

IV. Thomas Nattle (Rev.), rector of St. 
George's, Bristol, co. Gloucester, Eng- 

V. William Nattle (Rev.), curate of St. 
Ive, CO. Cornwall. 

Tl. Thomas Nattle, of Slade, St. Ive, co. 

The eldest son, 

John Geigg, Esq. of Bodbrane, Duloe, co. 
Cornwall, baptised at Duloe, 22nd February, 
1796 ; m. 5th July, 1827, at St. Ive, Chris- 
tiana, second daughter of Thomas Nattle, 
Esq. of Bicton, St. Ive, co. Cornwall. She d. 
at Bodbrane, and was buried at Duloe. He 
d. at Bodbrane, 21st August, 1845, aged 49, 
and was buried at Duloe, having had issue, 

I. John, of whom we treat. 

II. Joseph, baptised at Duloe, co. Corn- 
wall, 12th January, 1832 ; d. s.p. at 
Fowey, co. Cornwall, 27th Sep)tember, 

III. Thomas, d. in infancy. 

I. Christiana Nattle, baptised at Duloe, 
aforesaid, 17th June, 1830 ; d. in New 
Zealand, October, 1874, umn. 

Residences — (Town) Finglas, Papanui, 
Christchurch ; (country) Ijongbeach, Ash- 
burton County, both in the province of 
Canterbury, New Zealand. 


Mtljt^ ot i^alifa^. 

EICHEY, HON. MATTHEW HENRY, Q.C., D.C.L., of Halifax, Nova 
Scotia, in the Dominiou of Canada, Lieutenant-Governor of Nova 
Scotia, 1883—1888, b. at Windsor, Nova Scotia, 10th June, 1828 ; educated 
at Collegiate School, Windsor ; called to the Bar in Nova Scotia, 1850 ; 
appointed Q.C. 1873, and honorary D.C.L. of Mount Allison Wesleyan College, 
Sackville, New Brunswick, 1884. He has been thrice mayor of Halifax ; 
M.P. for Halifax from 1878 to 1883, and Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia 
4th July, 1883 to 4th July, 1888 ; m. at Halifax, Nova Scotia, 22nd June, 
1854, Sarah Lavinia, daughter of the Hon. John Hawkins Anderson, of 
Halifax, N.S., merchant, who was sometime a member of the Executive and 
Legislative Councils of the province of Nova Scotia, and receiver- general, 
subsequently, upon the union of the British North American Provinces, called 
to the Senate (he d. 24th December, 1870). By her he has issue, 

I. Matthew Henry, of Halifax, N.S., b. 11th March, 1857; 7n. lltli 
October, 1883, Blanche Sarah, daughter of Bmmott Walton Sutcliffe, 
Esq., late of Halifax, N.S., merchant, deceased, and has bad issue, 

1. Matthew, b. 21st October, 1884 ; d. 1st August, 1885. 

2. Henry Max. b. 3rd January, 1886. 

3. Emmott Garth, b. 30th April, 1887. 

I. Margaret Sarah Louisa, b. 18th April, 1855 ; ??^. 1st June, 1876, Lenox 

Albert Jack, Esq., of H.M. Dockyard at Halifax, N.S., afterwards 
H.M. naval storekeeper at Trincomalee, Ceylon, where he d. 9th 
February, 1883, leaving issue, Ernest Lenox Richey, b. 25th June, 
1877. She m. secondly, 2nd December, 1886, Lieutenant-Colonel 
David North, R.A. (retired), of Farview House, Rochforthidge, 
Westmeath, Ireland. 

II. Augusta Emma Lavinia, b. 18th Novembei-, 1858. 


The Rev. Matthew Eichey, D.D., was b. 
in the North of Ireland, 25th May, 1803, and 
left home at an early age. He was eminently 
distinguished as a scholar, orator, and divine 
in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, in 
Canada, was at one time president of Vic- 
toria College, Cobourg, and for some years 

president of Wesleyan Methodist Conference nion of Canada. 

in Canada. He m. Louisa Matilda N^ichols, 
and by her (who was b. in 'New York, in 
1804, and d. at Halifax, N.S., June, 1880) 
he left at his decease, which took place at 
Halifax, 2-ith October, 1883, a son, 

the present Matthew Hexry. 
Residence, — Halifax, Nova Scotia, Domi- 

0otl ot 33rishant. 

l^OEL, HIS HONOUR ARTHUR BAPTIST, of Brisbane, Queensland, 
-L\ Australia, Judge Northern District Court, Queensland, b. in Melbourne, 
Victoria, 16th December, 1855 ; m. 25th September, 1879, Henrietta Augusta 
Macdonald, daughter of Henry and Anna O'Hara, and has issue. 



I. Leland Virgil Edmund, b. 14th April, 1882. 

II. Wriothe.sley Baptist, b. 27th June, 1884. 
HI. Cyril, b. 10th December, 1889. 

I. Gertrude Vivien, b. 1st July, 1880. 

II. Gladys Millicent, b. 14th April, 1886. 

His Honour Judge Noel arrived in Queensland, 8th January, 1881. He was 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple, London, 26th January, 1877, and 
appointed a judge of the Northern District Court of Queensland, 5th January, 



Egbert, son of Noel, was Lord of Ellen- 
hall, &c., and in the reign of Henet I had 
a grant of the greatest part of Grainsborough, 
in the co. of Warwick, from Lawrence, the 
prior of Coventry, and the monks of that 
house. In the reign of Henbt II he fomided 
the priory of Raunton, or Ronton, near 
Ellenhall, his chief seat, for canons regular 
of St. Augustine. This Robert had two 

I. Thomas, sheriij of Staffordshire for 
seven years, in the reign of Henry II, 
and for one year upon the accession of 
Richard I, who left at his decease 
two daughters, 

1. Alice, m. to William Harcourt, 
of Stanton Harcourt, and had 
Ellenhall and other estates, as 
her moiety of her father's pro- 

2. Jean, m. to William de Dunston, 
and had for her share Ronton, 

II. Phiiip. 

The second son, 

PHiiiip Noel, had Hilcote, in Staffordshire, 
from his father, and was s. by his son, 

Robert Noel, Lord of Hilcote, who m. 
Joan, daughter of Sir John Acton, Knt., and 
from this Robert we pass to his lineal descend- 

James Noel, Esq. of Hilcote, who in the 
5 Henry VIII was nominated, by Act of Par- 
liament, one of tlie justices of the peace for 
assessing and collecting the poll tax, &c. He 
m. a daughter of Richard Pole, of Langley, 
in the co. of Derby, by whom he had six 
sons, of which Robert, the eldest, continued 
the line at Hilcote, while another branch was 
founded by the third son, 

Andrew Noel, Esq., who, at the dissolu- 
tion of the monasteries, had a grant of the 
manor and site of the late preceptory of 
Dalt>y-upon-Wold, in Leicestersliire, which 
had belonged to the knights of St. John of 
Jerusalem, and of the manor of Perrybarr, 
m Staffordshire. In the 2S Henry VIII he 
was sheriff of tlie co. of Rutland, as he was 
afterwards, both in the reign of Edward VI 
and in that of Mary. In 1548 he pur- 
chased the seat and manor of Brook, in Rut- 
landshirei and was elected for that county in 
the first parliament of Queen Marv. He iit. 

1st, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of John 
Hopton, Esq. of Hopton, in Shropshire, and 
widow of Sir John Perient, by whom he had 
Andrew, his heir, and several other children. 
He espoused 2ndly, Dorothy, daughter of 
Richard Conyers, Esq. of Wakerley, in the 
CO. of Northampton, widow of Roger Flower, 
Esq., by whom he had one son, 

John, father of 

William Noel, Esq. of Kirby Mallory, 
high sheriff of Leicester 2 James I, 
whose son and successor, 

Vere Noel, Esq. of Kirby Mallory, 
was created a baronet in 1660, 
and was ancestor of Sir Edward 
Noel, who s. to the barony of 
Wentworth, in 1762, and was 
created Viscount Went- 
worth. The viscounty is ex- 
tinct, and the barony is now 
held by Ralph Gordon Noel, 
Viscount Ockham, son of the 
Earl of Lovelace (see Went- 
worth, Baron, in Biu-ke's 

Mr. Noel was s. at his decease by the eldest 
son of his first marriage. 

Sib Andrew Noel, Knt., of Dalby, in the 
CO. of Leicester, who was a person of great 
note in the time of Elizabeth, living in 
such magnificence as to vie with noblemen of 
the largest fortunes. Fuller, in his Worthies of 
England, saith, that this Andrew, " for person, 
parentage, grace, gesture, valour, and many 
other excellent parts (amongst which skill in 
music), was of the first rank in the court." 
He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, and 
became a favourite, but the expenses in which 
he was involved obliged him to sell his seat 
and manor at Dalby. Her majesty is said to 
have made the following distich upon his 
name : — 

" The word of denial, and letter of fifty. 
Is that gentleman's name who will never 
be thrifty." 

He was thrice sheriff of the co. of Rutland, 
and member for that shire in several par- 
liaments during the reign of Queen Eliza- 
beth. Sir Andrew m. Mabel, 6th daughter 
of Sir James Harrington, Knt., and sister 
and hen- of John, Lord Harrington, of Exton, 
by whom he had issue, 



EuwAKD (Sir), his heir. 
Charles (Sir), Knt., d. Mitm. in 1619. 

Alexaader, of Whitwell, m., andlet't issue. 
Lucy, m. to William, Lord Eure. 
Theodosia, m. to Sir Edward Cecil, after- 
wards Viscount Wimbledon. 
Elizabeth, m. to George, Earl of Castle- 
haven, in Ireland. 
He d. at his seat. Brook, in Rutland, 9th 
October, 1607, and was .5. by his eldest son, 

SiE Edward Noel, Knt., wlio, when young, 
was made a knight-banneret in the wars in 
Ireland, and was created a baronet 29th June, 
1611, and elevated to the peerage, by letters 
patent, dated 23rd March, 1616-17, as Babon 
Noel, of Ridlington, in the co. of Rutland. 
His lordship m. Juliana, eldest daughter and 
co-heir of Sir Baptist Hicks, Knt., which Sir 
Baptist was created a baronet, 1st July, 1620. 
Sir Baptist was furtlier advanced to the 
peerage as Baeon Hicks, of Ilmington, in 
the CO. of Warwick, and Viscount Campden, 
in Gloucestersliire, 5th May, 1628, for life 
with remainder, after his decease, to his son- 
in-law. Lord Noel ; and upon his death, on 
the 18th October, in the following year (the 
barony becoming extinct) these dignities were 
inherited by Lord Noel, who, by his wife 
(who d. at JBrook, 25th November, 1680), had 

Baptist, his successor. 

Henry, m. Mary, daughter of Hugh 

Perry, Esq. of London, but d. -t.p. a 

prisoner for loyalty to King Charles. 

Elizabeth, m. to John, 2nd Viscount 

Chaworth, in the peerage of Ireland. 
Mary, m. to Sir Erasmus de la Fon- 
taine, of Kirby Bellers, in the co. of 
Penelope, d. unm. 
On the breaking out of the civil war. Lord 
Noel raised forces for the royal cause, and 
departed this life in his garrison at Oxford, 
8th March, 16-13, and his widow erected a 
handsome mural monument to his memory 
in Campden chiu-ch. Lord Noel was s. by 
his elder son. 

Baptist Noel, second Baron Noel, and 
third Viscount Campden. This nobleman 
was as faithful a cavalier as his father, and 
raised a troop of horse and company of foot 
for the service of the king. For his estates 
he was obliged to pay to the sequestrators 
£9,000 composition, and an annuity of £150 
settled on the teachers of the period. He 
sustained the loss of his princely seat at 
Campden, which had been burnt down by 
the royal army to prevent its becoming a 
garrison to the parliamentarians. His lord- 
ship lived to witness the restoration of the 
monarchy, and was made lord lieutenant of 
the CO. of Rutland. He m. 1st, Lady Anne 
Fielding, daughter of William, Earl of Den- 
bigh, hy whom he had no surviving issue. 
He espoused, 2ndly, Anne, widow of Edward, 
Earl of Bath, and daughter of Sir Robert 
Lovet, Knt., but had only one stillborn child. 
His lordship wedded, 3rdly, Hester, daughter 

and co-heir of Thomas, Lord Wotton, by 
wliom he had issue, 

I. Edward, his successor. 

II. Henry, of Noitli Luffenham, in Rut- 
land, who m. Elizabeth, daugliler and 
heir of Sir William Wale, and left an 
only daughter and lieir, Juliana, who 
m. Charles Boyle, 2nd Earl of Bur- 

I. Mary, m. to James, Earl of North- 

II. Juliana, m. to William, Lord Alinston. 

III. Elizabeth, m. to Charles, Earl of 

The viscount, m., 4thly, Lady Elizabeth 
Bertie, daughter of Montague, Earl of Lind- 
sey, and had surviving issue, 

I. Baptist, of Luffenham, in the co. of 
Rutland, M.P. for that shire, m. 
Susannah, daughter and heir of Sir 
Thomas Fanshaw, and left, at his 
decease, one son. 

Baptist, who inherited as 3rd Earl 
of Gainsborough. 

II. John, m. Elizabeth, daughter of 
Bennet, Lord Sherrard, and had issue, 

1. John, M.P., for Northampton- 
shire, who d. unm. 

2. Thomas, m. Elizabeth, widow of 
Baptist, 4th Earl of Gains- 

3. Bennet, m. to a daugliter of 
.... Adam, Esq. 

1. Elizabetli, d. nam. 

2. Bridget, m. to David, Lord Mil- 

3. Alice. 

I. Catherine, m. to John, 1st Duke of 

II. Martha Penelope, m. to ... . 
Dormer, Esq. 

His lordship d. at Exton, 29th October, 
1682, and was .s. by his eldest son, 

Edward Noel, 3rd Baron Noel, and 4th 
Viscount Campden, who had been created by 
King Charles II, by letters patent, dated 
3rd February, 1681, Baron Noel, of Titch- 
field, with remainder, default of male issue, to 
the younger sons of his father, and was ad- 
vanced to the dignity of Earl oi' Gains- 
borough, 1st December, 1682, with similar 
limitaticm. His lordship was constituted 
lord lieutenant of the co. of Southampton, 
warden of the New Forest, and governor of 
Portsmouth. He m. 1st, Lady Elizabeth Wri- 
othesley, daughter and co-heir of Thomas, 
4th Earl of Southampton, by whom he ac- 
quired the lordship of Titchfield, and had 

Weiotheslet Baptist, his successor. 

Francis, m. to Simon, 4th Lord Digby, 
and d. in 1684. 

Jane, m. to William, 5th Lord Digby, 
brother and successor of Simon, Lord 

Elizabeth, in. to Richard Norton, Esq. 
of the CO. of Southampton. 

Juliana, d. unm. 



The earl m. 2ndly, Mary, widow of Sir 
Kobert Worseley, of Appuldurcomb, in the 
Isle of Wight, and dausjhter of the Hon. 
James Herbert, of Kingsey, in Buckingham- 
shire. He d. in 1689, and was s. by his son, 

Weiotheslet Baptist Noel, 4th Baron 
Noel, 5th Viscount Campden, and 2nd Earl 
of Grainsborough, who m. Catherine, eldest 
son of Fulke Greville, 5th Loi'd Brooke, and 
had two daughters, his co-heirs, viz., 

Elizabeth, m. in 1701, to Henry, 1st 

Duke of Portland. 
Eachel, m. in 1705 — 6, to Henry, 2nd 

Duke of Beaufort. 

His lordship d. 21st September, 1690, when 
all the honours devolved upon his kinsman 
(refer to issue of Baptist, 3rd Viscount Camp- 
den, by his fourth marriage), 

Baptist Noel, Esq. of Luffenham, in the 
CO. of Rutland, 3rd Earl of Gainsborough. His 
lordship »!. Lady Dorothy Manners, daughter 
of John, 1st Duke of Rutland, and had issue, 

Baptist, Viscount Campden, his suc- 

John, d. in 1718. 

James, M.P. for Rutlandshire, d. unm. 

Susan, m. to Anthony, 4th Earl of 


Mary, d. in 1718. 

The earl d. 17th April, 1714, and was s. 
by his son. 

Baptist Noel, 4th Earl of Gainsborough. 
This nobleman espoused Elizabeth, daughter 
of William Chapman, Esq., by whom (whom. 
2ndly, Thomas Noel, Esq., grandson of the 
3rd Viscount Campden) he had issue. 

5th and 6th earls. 

I. Baptist, \ 

II. Henry, j 

III. Charles, d. young. 

I. Elizabeth. 

II. Jane, m. to Gerard Anne Edwards, 
Esq. of Welham Grove, co. Essex. 
Her only son, Gekaed Noel Ed- 
wards, assumed the name and arms 
of Noel, upon inheriting the estates of 
his uncle Henry, 6th Earl of Gains- 
borough, and was Sib Geeard-Noel 
Noel, Bart. (See infra.) 

III. Juliana, m. to George Evans, 3rd 
Lord Carbery, and d. in 1760. 

IV. Penelope, d. young. 

V. Anne. 

VI. Lucy, m. to Sir Horatio Mann, 

VII. Mary. 

VIII. Susanna. 

IX. Sophia, m. to Christopher Neville, 
Esq. of Wellingore, co. Lincoln, and 
had issue, 

1. Christopher Henry, h. 1774, who 
took the surname of Noel in 
compliance with the testamentary 
injunction of his cousin, Thomas 
Noel, Esq. of Walcot. He m. 
1818, Miss Abbott, and d. 27th 

February, 1838, having had an 
only child, Sophia Mary, m. 30th 
May, 1844, Colonel F. W. AUix, 
of Willoughby Hall, co. Lincoln 
(see Burke's Landed Oentry). 
2. Henry (Rev.), rector of Cottes- 
more, CO. Rutland, grandfather of 
Ralph Neville, Esq. of Welling- 
ore and Walcot. 

His lordship d. 21st March, 1750—51, and 
was s. by his eldest son, 

Baptist Noel, 5th earl, who d. in minority, 
on his tivavels, at Geneva, 1759, when the 
honours devolved on his brother, 

Henrt Noel, 6th earl, at whose decease, 
unm., in 1788, the Earldom of Gains- 
BOEOiiGH and all the other honours became 
extinct; while the estates passed to his lord- 
ship's nephew, Gerard Noel Edwards, Esq., 
who, thereupon assuming the surname and 
arms of Noel, and subseqviently succeeding 
to his father-in-law, Lord Barham's baronetcy, 

Sir Gerard-Noel Noel, Baet., he m. 1st, 
20th December, 1780, Diana, only child of 
Charles Middleton, Baron Barham, and his 
successor as Baroness Barham, and by her 
had issue, 

I. Charles Noel, his heir, created Eael 
op Gainsborough ; grandfather of 
the 3rd and present Earl (see Burke's 

II. Gerard Thomas, M.A., in Holy 
Orders, Canon of Winchester, h. 2nd 
December, 1782; m. 1st, in February, 
1806, Charlotte Sophia, daughter of 
Sir Lucius O'Brien, Bart., of Dromo- 
land, and by her (who d. 31st August, 
1838) had issue, 

1. Anna Sophia, m. in 1832, to the 
Ven. Philip Jacob, Archdeacon of 
Winchester, and d. in 1858. He 
d. in 1885. 

2. Louisa Diana. 

3. Charlotte Christiana, m. in 1832, 
to the Rev. James Driimmond 
Money; and d. 19th December, 

4. Emma, m. in 1830, to the Rev. 
Charles Edward Kennaway ; and 
d. in 1843. He d. 3rd November, 

5. Elizabeth Welman, m. 7th April, 
1853, to the Rev. George Augustus 
Seymour, Incumbent of Holy 
Trinity, Winchester, and d. 26th 
September, 1868. 

6. Caroline Maria, d. 7th December, 

He m. 2ndly, 15th May, 1841, Susan, 
5th daughter of Sir John Kennawav, 
Bart., and d. 24th February, 1851. 
His widow d. 14th February, 1890. 

III. Horace, major in the Army; b. No- 
vember, 1783 ; d. December, 1807. 

IV. Henry Robert, R.N., b. in 1784 ; d. 
in 1800. 

V. William Middlet'n, b. 2nd May, 



1789, who was elected M.P. for Rut- 
land, in 1838, at the deoease of his 
father. Sir Gerard Noel, but reaigni^d 
his seat in IB'iO. He was appointed to 
the command of the Rutland Mditia 
in 1839. IJe m. 20th May, 1b17, Anne, 
daughter and sole heir of Joseph Yate.s, 
Esq. of Clanna Falls, Grioucestershire, 
which lady d. fith October, 1851. He 
d. 20th January, 1859. 
VI. Frederic, Captain R.N., b. 25th 
February, 1790; m. 7th September, 
1815, Mary, eldest daughter of William 
Woodley, Esq., and d. 27th December, 
1833, leaving, 

1. Augustus William (Rev.), rector 
of Stanhoe, Norfolk, i. 30th July, 
1816; m. 16th June, 181,1, Lucy, 
daughter of Captain William 
Norris Tonge, R.N., of Alveston, 
and d. 188-i, having had issue, 
Uchtred Middleton Campden, 

b. 18-12 ; d. 1852. 
Frederic Augustus Douglas, b. 

28th August, 1843. 
Gerard Henry Uchtred, captain 
R.N., of Hunstanton, near 
Lynn, co. Norfolk, and of the 
United Service Club, London, 
J. P. for CO. Norfolk; b. 5th 
March, 1845; m. 11th Au- 
gust, 1875, Charlotte Rachel 
Frederica, eldest daughter of 
Francis Joseph Cresswell, 
Esq. of King's Lvnn, co. 
Norfolk, and Hon. Charlotte 
Cresswell (see Calthoepe, 
Baeon, in Burke's Peerage), 
and has issue, Francis Arthur 
Gerard, b. 3rd December, 
1880; Charlotte Ida Freder- 
ica, b. 11th March, 1878; and 
Constance Ida Diana, b. 21st 
June, 1879. 
Ida Lucy, b. 1846. 
1. Fanny Louisa, m. in 1843, Henry 
Victor Malan de Merindol, Esq., 
M.A., M.D., and by him (who d. 
1879) has issue. 
Captain F. Noel's widow m. 2ndly, 
in 1838, Lieut.-General Sir Thomas 
Hawker, K.C.H., and d. 24th January, 
vti. Francis James (Rev.), M.A., vicar 
of Teston and Nettlestead, co. Kent, 
b. 4th May, 1793 ; m. 24th April, 1822, 
Cecilia Penelope, sister of the 1st Lord 
Methuen, and d. 30th July, 1854, 
having had by her (who d. 27th June, 
1885, aged 87), 

1. Edward Andrew, of Clanna Falls, 
CO. Gloucester, and of Elston Hall, 
Newark, co. Nottingham, J. P. 
and D.L. for co. Gloucester, one 
of H.M. Corps of Gentlemen-at- 
Arms, late captain 3 1st Foot, and 
lieutenant-colonel Gloucestershire 
Rifle Volunteers ; b. 2nd January, 
1825; m. in 1848, Sarah Gay, 
daughter of William B. Darwin, 

Esq. of Elston Hall, Notts, and 
by her (who d. 15th June, 1889) 
has, William Frederick, J P., 
major R.E., b. 1819; m. 1st, 4th 
February, 1879, Josephine Annie 
(divorced 1883), daughter of 
Joseph Watts Halliwell, Esq., 
and has, Edward William Middle- 
ton, b. 18th March, 1880; Gerald 
i>ederick Cecil, b. 1881. He m. 
2ndly, 2l8t January, 1885, Bea- 
trice Elizabeth, eldest daughter 
of Rev. Joseph Christopher Brad- 
ney, M.A., and by her (who d. 
16th October, 1889) has issue a son, 
b. 30th December, 1888; Cecil 
Edward Berkeley, rf. 1869; Francis 
Charles Metliuen, lieut. R.N., b. 
1852; m. 27th October, 1886, 
Wilmot Juliana, daughter of T. 
Maitland Snow, Esq. of Cleve 
House, Exeter, and has issue 
(Mary Penelope, b. 1887, and 
Francis Methuen, b. 1888) ; 
Ro'^ert Lascelles Gambler, lieut. 
R.N., b. 1855, m. 1887, Laetitia Carmela, daughter of Rev. 
D. S. Koelle, of Richmond House, 
Middlesex, and has issue, Gambler 
Baptist Edward, b. 24th June, 
1888; James Wriothesley, late 
lieut. Royal Wiltshire Mditia, b. 
1861 ; Anne,>tt.l873, Lieut. -Colonel 
Thomas Hamilton Forsyth, who 
d. 10th December, 1887 ; Matilda 
Catherine ; and Eleanor Agnes, w. 
31st December, 1889, Francis 
Joseph Cade, Esq. of Spondon. 

2. James Gambler, C.B., b. 10th 
July, 1826. 

3. Francis Methuen, in the Navy; 
b. 4th January, 1829 ; drowned at 
Sydney, 12th November, 1852. 

4. Montague Henry (Rev.), M.A., 
vicar of St. Barnabas, Oxford, b. 
18th December, 1840. 

1. Matilda Catherine Emma, 7n. 4th 
August, 1849, to Edward Leigh 
Pemberton, Esq.,M.P., eldest son 
of Edward Leigh Pemberton, 
Esq., brother of Lord Kings- 

2. Millicent Mary, m. 8th June, 
1852, to her cousin, Berkeley P. 
G. C. Noel, Esq. of MoxhuU Park, 
CO. Warwick. 

VIII. Berkeley Octavius, A.M., b. 3rd 
December, 1794; m. 22nd June, 1820, 
Letitia Penelope, only daughter of 
Ralph Adderley, Esq. of Coton, Staf- 
fordshire, and widow of Andrew 
Hacket, Esq. of Moxhull Park; and 
dying 28th March, 1841, left by her 
(who d. 18th January, 1860) a son, 
Berkeley Plantagenefc Guilford 
Charles, of Moxhull Park, co. 
Warwick, J.P. and D.L. tor co. 
Warwick, and patron of two 
livings ; b. 29th July, 1821 ; edu- 
cated at Eton and Trinity College, 



Cambridge; m. 8th June, 1853, 
his cousin, Millicent Mary, 2nd 
daughter of the Hon. and Rev. 
Francis James Noel, of Teston, 
Kent, and has, Charles Francis 
Adderley, b. 30th August, 1854, 
late liout. 2nd Dragoon Guards ; 
Edward Henry (JRev.), b. 12th 
February, 1859 ; James Haring- 
ton, b. l'7th February, 1861 ; and 
Louisa Letitia Millicent. 

IX. Leland Noel (Rev.), M.A., hon. 
canon of Peterborough, and vicar of 
Exton, Rutlandshire, b. 21st August, 
1797; TO. 30th December, 1824, Mary 
Arabella, daughter of John Savile 
Foljambe, Esq. of Osberton Hall, 
Notts, and by her (who d. 2nd May, 
1859) left at his decease, 10th Novem- 
ber, 1870, 

1. Horace Q-eorge Wriotlieslev Noel 
(Rev.), b. 18th October, 1825. 

1. Emma Cecilia. 

2. Mary Penelope, m. 24th April, 
1849, to the Hon. and Rev. A. G. 
Stuart, and d. 24th January, 
1859. He d. 16th September, 
1889, leaving issue. 

X. Baptist Wkiothesley (Ret.). 

I. Louisa Elizabeth, m. in 1807, to 
William Henry Hoare, Esq. of The 
Grove, Surrey; and d. in 1816. 

II. Emma, m. in 1808, to Stafford 
O'Brien, Esq. of Blatherwycke Park, 
and d. 19th November, 1873. 

III. Charlotte Margaret, m. 1st, in 1813, 
to Thomas Welman, Esq. of Pounds- 
ford Park, and, 2ndly, in 1839, to 
Thomas Thompson, Esq. of Vanbrugh 
House ; she d. 18th August, 1869. 

IV. Augusta Julia, in. in 1814, to Thonias 
G. Babington, Esq. of Rothley Temple, 
Leicestershire, who d. 19th January, 
1871 ; she d. in 1833. 

v. Juliana Hicks, m. in 1834, the Rev. 
Samuel Phillips ; and d. 4th January, 

Lady Barham d. 12th April, 1823 ; and Sir 
Gerard m. 2ndl3', Harriet, daughter of the 
Rev. J. Gill, of Scrapetoft, in Leicestershire, 
which lady d. in 1826; and, 3rdly, 13th 
August, 1831, Mrs. Isabella Evans Raymond 
(who d. at Morlaix, France, 9th June, 1867), 
but had issue by neither. He d. 25th 
February, 1838. Lady Barham was s. in her 
barony, and Sir Gerard Noel Noel in his 
baronetcy, by their eldest son, ChAELes 
Noel, 3bd Lord Babham, who was created 
16th August, 1841, Baron Noel, Viscount 
Campden, and Earl oe Gainsborough (see 
Burke's Peerage). Their 10th and youngest 

The Hon. and Ret. Baptist Weiothes- 
LKT Noel, M.A., b. 10th July, 1799; m. 
17th October, 1826, Jane (of the Manor 
House, Great Stanmore, co. Middlesex, who 
d. 13th May, 18S9), eldest daughter of Peter 
Baillie, Esq. of Dochfour, co. Inverness, 
N.B., M.P., by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter 

of John Pinney, Esq. of Somerton, co. 
Somerset ; and d. 19th January, 1873, having 
had issue, 

I. Wriothesle? Baptist (His Hon- 
our), of whom presently. 

II. Ernest, of Lydhurst, Hayward's 
Heath, co. Sussex, and of 29a, Gros- 
venor-square, and the Athenaeum, 
Brooks's, and National Union Clubs, 
London, J. P. and D.L. for co. Sussex, 
and M.P. for the Dumfries Burghs, 
1874 to 1886, b. August, 1831; edu- 
cated at Edinburgh and Trinity Col- 
lege, Cambridge; m. Ist, 24th June, 
1857, Louisa Hope, only daughter of 
Thomas Milne, Esq. of Warley House, 
Yorkshire, which lady d. 23rd August, 
1870, and, 2ndly, 15th October, 1873, 
Lady Augusta Keppel, youngest 
daughter of the 6th Earl of Albe- 

III. Albert Leland, m. 21st June, 1859, 
Ella, third daughter of the Kev. Capel 
Molyneux, and has, Barham Moly- 
neux, b. 8th February, 1868; Mabel 
Ella, d. 23rd October, 1889; Dorothy 
Manners; and Ina Katherine. 

IV. Eugene Frederick, of Manor House, 
Stanmore, co. Middlesex, J.P. for that 
CO., b. 1839; m. 1st August, 1865, 
Ethel Maria, only daughter of Thomas 
Chapman, Esq. of Bryanston-square, 
London, and has Baptist Wriothesley 
Leland, b. 9th August, 1875; Evan 
Baillie, b. 23rd January, 1879 ; Gwen- 
dolin Ethel, b. 1869 ; Hilda Mary, b. 
1877 ; Margaret Eugenia, b. 1881 ; 
Cicely Jane, b. 1884; and Innla Edith, 
b. 1886. 

I. Mary JanC; m. 23rd April, 1868, to 
Thonias Anthony Denny, Esq. of 
Beeding Wood, co. Sussex. 

II. Emily Elizabeth, m. 27th May, 1852, 
to the Hon. Henry Lewis Noel, son of 
Charles Noel, 1st Earl of Gains- 
borough, and d. 3rd October, 1890. 

III. Gertrude, m. 8th February, 1855, to 
Sir Henry Flower Everj', Bart., and 
d. 26th February, 1858. 

IV. Edith Louisa, b. 1840. 
The eldest son. 

His Honour Weiotheslet Baptist 
Noel, of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 
barrister at-law, judge of the Court of Insol- 
vency, and Land Tax Commissioner, Mel- 
bourne, b. at Thorpe Hall, Walthamstow, co. 
Essex, 15th August, 1827 ; m. at John Knox 
Church, Melbourne, 1858, Margaret, daughter 
of John Mackenzie, Esq. of Tain, Scotland, 
and had by her (who d. 6th June, 1869), 

I. Arthue Baptist (His Honour), 
judge Northern District Court, Queens- 

II. Antony, b. 1857; »»., and has two 

III. Guy, b. at Hawthorn, Victoria, 
28th "^ December, I860; m. at St. 
Andrew's Church, Brighton, Victoria. 
2nd June, 1883, Blanche Mabel Mayne, 



only surTiTiiif! daughter of James 
Hatch Gibhs, Esq. of Glenroy Park, 
Brighton, Victoria, barrister-at-law, 
and comptroller of Stamps, Mel- 
bourne, Victoria, and has, Bervl 
Vernon Laslibrooke, h. 13th May, 
1884; Eleanor BaiUie, b. 1885; and 
Valerie Winifred Wriothesley, b. 26th 
October, 1888. 
I. Eleanor, h. 10th November, 1858; m. 
1884, Alfred Cornish, Esq. of Dun- 
raven, Toorak, Melbourne, but has no 
His Honour Judge Noel was educated at 
Trinity College, Cambridge ; called to the 
Bar at the Middle Temple, November, 1850; 
and emigrated to Victoria, 1852, arriving at 
Melbourne in November of that year. Soon 
after his arrival, he was appointed police 
magistrate at Kilmore, and in January, 1855, 
police magistrate for the county of Bourke ; 

in October, 1855, became crown prosecutor 
for the North-East District; appointed deputy 
chairman of General Sessions, July, 1857 ; 
chief commissioner of insolvent estates, 
March, 1859 ; and judge of the Court of 
Insolvency, February, 1871. He d. 19th 
May, 1886. 

Arms — Or, fretty, gu., a canton, erm. 
Crest— A. buck at gaze arg., attired or. 
Suppo7-ters of the Earls of &ainsboroiiqh — 
On either side, a bull, arg., armed and un- 
guled, ppr., gorged with a naval crown, az., 
therefrom a chain reflexed over the back, 
gold ; pendent from the crown an escutcheon, 
also az., charged with an anchor, erect, en- 
circled by a wreath of laurel, or. Motto — 
Tout bien ou rien. 

Residence — Brisbane, Queensland, Aus- 

Chib — Queensland. 

dfjortts (A Cartnton. 

FORBES, SIR WILLIAM STUART, of Cai-terton, Wellington, New 
Zealand ; Pitsligo, co. Aberdeen ; and of Fettercairn House, co. Kin- 
cardine, Scotland, h. 16tli June, 1835; s. his uncle as 9th baronet, 27th May, 
1866; m. at Nelson, New Zealand, 1st July, 1865, Marion, .3rd daughter of 
J. Watts Esq. of Bridgend, Nelson, New Zealand, and has had issue, 

I. Charles Hay Hepburn, h. 3rd June, 1871. 

II. Kenneth Macdonell, h. 1873 ; d. 1876. 

III. William, h. 1st April, 1876. 
)7. Hugh, I. 20th June, 1882. 

I. Emma Louisa. 

II. Marion Elizabeth. 

III. Katherine Evelyn. 

IV. Adelaide Amy. 

V. Beatrice Pullerton. 
yi. Georgina Gordon. 
VII. Mildred Gwendoline. 

The surname of Forbes was derived from 
the lands so called on Donside, in Aberdeen- 
shire. Fergus, of Forbes, son of John, of 
Forbes, had a charter of Forbes from Alex- 
ander, Earl of Buchan, in 1236. Duncan 
Forbes had a charter of the same lands from 
Alexander III, circa 1271. John, of 
Forbes, who, besides Forbes (which he held 
from the Crown), held Edinbanchory and 
Craiglogy from the Earl of Mar, and was 
sheriff of Aberdeen, had, by his wife, Mar- 
garet, a son, 

Sir John Forbes, of that ilk, who s. 
before 1387, and by further acquisitions 
increased the family possessions, was knighted 
circa 1390, and d. 1406, having had four sons, 

Alexander, his heir. 
Sir Wiiham, of Kinaldy, who m. Agnes, 
daughter of William Eraser, of Phil- 


orth, with whom he got Pitsligo, and 
was ancestor of the Lords Pitsligo. 

Sir John, who got Tolquhoun by marriage 
with Margery, daughter and co-heir of 
Sir Henry Preston, of Formartin, and 
was ancestor of the Forbeses of Tol- 
quhoun, Foveran, Waterton, and Cul- 

Alister Cam, got Brux by marriage with 
the daughter and heir of Sir Henry 
Cameron, and was ancestor of the 
Forbeses of Brux, and of His Honour 
David Grant Forbes, of Sydney, New 
South Wales, district court judge. 

Sir John was s. by his eldest son, 

Sir Alexander Forbes, of that ilk, who, 
in 1407, accompanied Alexander Stewart, 
Earl of Mar, and Sir Walter Lindsay in an 
expedition into England to tilt with Lord 



Beaumont and otlier English liniglits. He 
fought at Beange in 1421, visited James I 
when in captiTity in England ; and was made 
a lord of parliament as Lord Foebes, circa 
1442. lie m. Elizaheth, diiiiffhter of George 
Donglas, Earl of Angus, and granddaughter 
of RoBEHT II (afterwards wife of Sir David 
Hay, of Yester), and d. 1448, having had 
issiie, James, 2nd lord ; John, provost of St. 
G-iles ; Annabella, m. Patrick, master of 
Gray ; Margaret, m. Meldrum, of Fyvie ; 
and EUzabeth. m. Alexander Irvine, of Drum. 
His son and successor, 

James, second lord, had, in 1456, a licence 
to fortify his castle of Drumminnor, other- 
wise called Forbes, then the chief seat of the 
family (the name Castle Forbes has since 
been transferred to Putachie). He m. Egidia, 
daughter of William, first Earl Marischal, 
and had, 

William, third lord,OT. Christian Gordon, 
daughter of Alexander, first Earl of 
Huntly, and was ancestor of the 
Barons Forbes. 
Duncan, of whom presently. 
Patrick, of Corse, a quo the Foebeses of 
Craigievar, and the Eaels oe Gea- 
Egidia, m. Malcolm Forbes, of Tolquhon. 

James, second lord, d. in 1460 or 1461, and 
was s. by his eldest son, William ; his second 

DrNCAK" Forbes, of Corsindae, had, by 
Christian, his wife, daughterof Mercerof Bal- 
lief , a son, William, of Corsindae, who, by his 
wife, Margaret Lumsden, had two sons, 
James, of Corsindae, who continued his line ; 
and Duncan, who obtained the Priory lands 
of Monvmusk at the Reforniiition, d. 1.587, 
having m. Agnes Gray, and had, with otlier 

William, of Monymusk, who m. Lady 
Margaret Douglas, eldest daughter of William, 
9th Earl of Angus, by whom he had five 
sons and three daughters. He d. previously to 
1618, and was *. by his eldest son, 

I. William Forbes, Esq., who was 
created a Baronet of Nova Scotia, by 
patent, dated 31st March, 1626, to himself 
and his heirs male whomsoever, of the lands, 
barony, and regality of Forbes, within the 
region of Nova Scotia, in North America. 
Sir Williimm. Elizabeth, daughterof Wishavt 
of Pitarow, by whom he had three sons, and 
three daughters. Sir William was s. in 1665 
by his eldest son, 

II. SiE William, who m. Jean, daughterof 
Sir Thomas Burnet, Bart., of Leys, by whom 
he had one daughter, who m. George Rickart, 
of Auchnacant, and an only son, his successor, 

III. Sir John, who s. his father in 1670, 
and m. 1st, Margaret, daughter of Robert, 1st 
Viscount Arbuthnot, by whom he had a son, 
SrE William, his heir, and a daughter, Jean, Maitland, of Pittrichie. Hem. secondly, 
Barbara, daughter of Sir John Dalmahoy, of 
Dalmahov, by whom he had, with other 
issue, John, from whom the Forbeses of 
Boyndlie (see Burke's Landed Gentry). Sir 
John was s., in 1710, by his eldest son, 

IV. Sir William, who sold Monymusk to 
Sir Francis Grant, Lord Cullen, in J 71 3. 
He m. Lady Jean Keith, daughter of John, first 
Earl of Kintore, hy Lady Margaret, his wife, 
daughter of the Earl of Haddington, and had 
by her two sons and four daughters, of whom 
Mary «j. William L^rquhart, Esq. of Meldrum. 
John, the eldest son, m . Mary Forbes, daughter 
of Alexander, third Lord Forbes of Pitsligo 
(through whom, on the decease of John, 
master of Pitsligo, in 1781, her descendants 
became heirs of line of that noble family), 
and dying before his father, left two sons, 
the elder of whom, 

V. SiE William, s. his grandfather as 
fifth baronet in 1730. He m. 1730, Christian, 
daughter of John Forbes, Esq. of Boyndlie. 
and wass. at his decease, in 1743, by his eldest 
surviving son, 

Ti. Sir William, a banker of great emi- 
nence in Edinburgh. He m. 1770, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir James Hay, of Haystoune, co. 
Peebles, Bart., and had, with otliers who d. 

I. William, seventh baronet. 

II. John Hay, of Medwyn, co. Peebles, 
Lord Medwyn, a Senator of the College 
of Justice, h. September, 1776 ; d. 
1854 ; m. 1802, Louisa, daughterof Sir 
Alexander Cuming-Gordon, first baro- 
net of Altyre and Gordonstoun, and 
had, with other issue, 

William, of Medwyn, West Linton, 
CO. Peebles ; of 17, Ainslie-place, 
Edinburgh ; and of the New Club, 
Edinburgh, J. P. and D.L. for co. 
Peebles, and Secretary to the 
Commissioners in Lunacy for 
Scotland ; b. 1803 ; educated at 
the University of Edinburgh ; 
called to the Scottish Bar, 1825 ; 
m. 1841, Mary Anne, second 
daughter of the late John Archer 
Houblon, Esq. of Hallingbury, 
CO. Essex, M.P., and has had, 
John Houblon, J. P. for co. 
Peebles; b. 1852; m. 29th March, 
1883, Hon. Alexandra Catherine 
May Eraser, daughter of Alexan- 
der, seventeenth Lord Saltoun, 
and has issue a daughter, b. 1884 ; 
Dorothy Charlotte Mary Eleanor ; 
Mary Anne, m. 14th October, 1863, 
Walter Henry, eleventh Earl of 
Mar and Keflie, who d. 1888 ; 
Louisa, m. 17th October, 1877, 
as his second wife, Sir James 
Ranken Fergusson, of Spital- 
haugh, Bart., d. 12th September, 
1878 ; Harriet, m. 1871, Hon. 
Augustus Erskine, and d. 23rd 
February, 1884 ; Helen Anne ; 
and Elizabeth Jane. 

Alexander Penrose, Bishop of 
Brechin 1847—75, d. num. 1875. 

George Hay (Rev.), m. Eleanor 
Mara Irby, daughter of James 
Werayss, of Cariston, d. s.p. 1875 

Helen, d. 1881. 



Elizabeth, d. 6th January, 1885, 

aged 76. 
Louisa Penuel, m. 3rd April, 1832, 
George Kalpli, 3rd Baron Aber- 
cromby, and d. 21st April, 1882. 
III. George, of West Coates, Edinburgh, 
b. 1790 ; m. 8th February, 1819, Mary, 
daughter of Sir John Hay, 5th baronet 
of Smithfleld nnd Haystoune, and by 
her (who d. 3rd March, 1877) had issue, 
1. Charles William, of iSandicotes, 
Parkstone, near Poole, co. Dorset, J.P. 
for Wilts, b. 1820 ; educated at Har- 
row and Oriel College, Oxford ; m. 
1860, Jane Agnes, 3rd daughter of the 
late Walter Long, Esq., M.P., of Rood 
Ashton, Wilts ; 2. George Edward, «j. 
1868, Louisa Lilias, daughter of Archi- 
bald Trottei*, Esq. of Dreghorn, and 
d. 1881, leaving Edward Archibald, b. 
1869 ; Spencer Dundas, R N., b. 1874 ; 
Marion Theodore ; and Mabel Chris- 
tian ; 3. Louis, b. 1830 ; m. 1853, 
Emma Francis, daughterof Lieut.-Col. 
Colbeck, and has a daughter, Florence 
Mary Emma ; 4. James Arthur, Capt. 
(retired) R.N. ,»». 1867, Fearne Jemima, 
daughter of James Kinnear, Esq., and 
widow of W. E. Aytoun, Esq., D.C.L., 
and has, Arthur George, b. 1871 ; 
Charles Hay, R.N., b. 1873 ; William 
Samuel, b. 1877 ; James Louis, b. 

1880 ; Reginald Morhad Norman, b. 

1881 ; Mary Constance ; and Emily 
Fearne Anne ; 5. Alexander Reginald ; 
1. Mary, m. 1854, the Rev. Canon 
Thomas Dundas Harford Battersby, 
vicar of St. John's, Keswick. 

I. Christian, m. Sir Alexander Wood, 
K.C.M.G., and d. s.p. 1868. 

II. Rebecca, tn. Alexander Ronaldson 
Macdonell, Esq. of Glengarry, co. In- 
verness, and d. 1840, leaving issue. 

III. Elizabeth, m. 1803, Colin Mac- 
kenzie, Esq. of Portmore, co. Peebles, 
and had issue. 

IV. Jane, m. James Skene, Esq. of Rubis- 
law, CO. Aberdeen, and had issue. 

Sir William is mentioned by Sir Walter 
Scott in his notes to Marmion as follows, 
" He was unequalled perhaps in the degree 
of individual affection entertained for him by 
his friends, as well as in the general esteem 
and respect of Scotland at large." He d. 
1806, and was s. by his eldest son, 

VII. Sir William, who m. 19th January, 
1797, Williamina, sole child and heir (by the 
Lady Jane Leslie, his wife) of Sir John 
Belches Stuart, Bart., of Fettercairn. By 
this lady he had, 

I. William, captain in the Army, d. unm. 

II. John Stuart, 8th baronet. 

III. Charles Hat, of Canaan Park, 
Edinburgh, b. 15th October, 1806 ; m. 
5th July, 1833, Jemima Rebecca (now 
residing at 44, Warwick-road, London, 
S.W.), 3rd daughter of the late Alex- 
ander Ronaldson Macdonell, Esq. of 

Glengarry, and d. 5th November, 1859, 
leaving issue, 

1 William Sttjaet, present baro- 

2. Alexander Charles (Rev.), b. 
15th April, 1837 ; m. 2nd April, 
1862, Williamina Joanna , daughter 
of Roderick Cochrane, Esq., and 
has issue surviving, William Alex- 
ander, b. 18th January, 1867 ; 
James Edmund, b. 1871 ; Charlotte 
Hay Stuart ; and Ethel Macdonell. 

3. John Stuarl, b. 28th May, 1849, 
joined the LTnited States Cavalry, 
and was killed in action 25th 
June, 1876. 

4. James Edmund, b. 14th Novem- 
ber, 1851. 

1. Elizabeth Jane, m. 7th September, 
1880, to the Rev. George Digby, 
A'icar of Low Hai-rogate, who d. 

2. Henrietta Jemima, m. Isl Septem- 
ber, 1863, to the Rev. Waher 
Hiley, M.A., of Hyde Hall, Saw- 
bridgeworth, co. Hertford, and d. 
lOth June, 1883, leaving issue, 
Walter Henry Theodore ; Charles 
Forbes ; Alan Richard Illeigh ; 
Ernest Haviland, b. 11th June, 
1870; Ronald Macdonell, b. 1873 ; 
Margaret Jemima, b. 1866, d. 
1867; Sybyl Theodora, b. 1872; 
and Dorothea Frances. 

3. Adelaide Louisa, m. 4th August, 
1868, to the Rev. Francis Robert 
Traill, M.A., vicar of Stanway, 
Glovicestershire,Hnd by him (who 
d. 1883) has issue, Francis Stuart 
Forbes, b. 1877 ; Margaret Louisa ; 
and Adelaide Alexandra. 

IV. James David, D.C.L., LL.D., Princi- 
pal of the United College of St. Sal- 
vator and St. Leonard, b. 20th April, 
1808; m. 4th July, 1843, Alicia, dauah- 
terof George Wauchope,Esq.,of Edin- 
burgh, and d. 31st December, 1868, 
leaving issue, by her, who d. 21st 
February, 1SS5, 

1. Edmund Batten, b. 25th Decem- 
ber, 1847 ; m. 2nd July, 1885, 
Charlotte Agnes, daughter of 
Major-Gen. Robert Wauchope, 
and has had issue, William, b. 21st, 
d. 25th, January, 1887; James 
Stuart, b. 13th February, 1888 ; 
Fergus Robert, b. 19th Januarv, 

2. George, b. 6th April, 1849. 

1. Eliza, d. 1869. 

2. Williamina, d. 1870. 

3. Alice. 

I. Jane, d. 23rd June, 1871. 

II. Eliza, d. 14th April, 1840. 

Sir William d. 24th October, 1828, and was 
s. by his 2nd son, 

VIII. Sir John Stuart, who was b. 25th 
September, 1804, and m. 14th June, 1834, 
Lady Harriet Louisa Anne Eerr, 3rd daughter 
of William, 6th Marquess of Lothian, and by 



her (who d. 26th Aisril, 1884, aged 75) had a 

Harriet Williauiina, m. 29th Jnly, 1858, 
to Charles Henry Eolle, 20th and 
present Lord Clinton ; and d. 4th 
July, 1869, leaving issue. 

Sir John assumed the additional surname 
and arms of HEPBrRN, on the death of 
Alexander Hepburn Murray Belshes, as heir 
of entail to the barony of Inverniay, and as 
heir-at-law to the estate of Balmanno, both 
CO. Perth. Sir John d. 27th May, 1866, and 
was s. by his nephew. Sir William Stuaet 
FoEBEB, the 9th ard present baronet. 

Creation— ^Ist March, 1626. 

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, az., on a 

chev., arg., between three bears' heads, couped 
of the last, muzzled, gules, a man's heart 
ppr., for FoiiBES of Monthtjsk, 2nd, 
counterquartered, 1st and 4th; az., three bears' 
heads, couped, arg., muzzled, gules, for 
FoEBES OF PiTSLiGO : 2ndand 3rd, az., three 
f rases, arg., for Feaseb: 3rd, or, a bend, gu., 
surmounted by a fess chequy, az. and arg., 
in chief a crescent of the third, for Stuaet 
OF Fetteecaibn. Crest — Issuing out of a 
baron's coi-onet a dexter hand holding a 
scymitar ppr., motto over, " Nee timide nee 
lemere," forFoEBES. Supporters — Two bears, 
ppr. Muifo — Fax mentis honestse gloria. 

Seats — Pitsligo, co. Aberdeen ; and Fetter- 
cairn House, CO. Kincardine, Scotland. — Resi- 
dence — Carterton, Wellington, New Zea- 

dFortes xif ^j>trmp. 

Wales, Australia, district court judge, B.A. (Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge), barrister-at-law, b. 19tli May, 1819 ; m. 24tli November, 1846, Kate 
Augusta, daughter of Henry Boucher Bowerman, Esq., by Marian Willans, 
his wife, and has issue, 

I. Francis Henry, b. 27th March, 1848 ; m. Jane Robertson, and has issue 

three daughters. 

II. George Holden, b. 2nd March, 1856. 

HI. Charles Farquhar, b. 20th December, 1867. 

I. Kate Augusta, 6. 23rd May, 1852 ; in. James Graham Mitchell, Esq., 

but has no issue. 

II. Sophia Agnes, b. 24th June, 1862. 


Alistee Cam Fobbes, youngest son of 
SiE John Fobbes, of that ilk, was of Brux 
in right of his wife, the daughter and heir of 
Sir Henry Cameron, by whom he had two 
sons, John, d. s.p., and 

DrNCAN Fobbes, who had three sons : 
I, William, of Little Kildrommie, who had 
three sons, Alexander, of Toure, John, of 
Barns, and William, of Ardmurdo ; II, John ; 
and one other, who went into the Church. 

The second son, 

John Fobbes, had four sons : James, 
killed at Pinkie, William, Duncan, and John. 

William Foebes, of Barns, who .?. 5tli 
December, 1550, received a charter under 
the great seal from Queen Maet of the lands 
of Barns. He had two sons, Alexander ; and 
Geoege, to whom he gave Skellater, co. 

Geoege Fobbes, of Skellater, was «. by his 

William Fobbes, who was a soldier, and 
joined Huntley's army, the rest of the clan 
siding with the Covenanters against the king. 
It was in consequence of this that he took 
the motto Sohis inter plurimos, since re- 

tained. He left three sons, Geoege, who s. 
his father, William, and John. 

Geobge Fobbes, Esq., in. Isabel, daugh- 
ter of Forbes of New, celebrated for her 
beauty, and by whom he had three sons, 
George, his successor; Lachlan, to whom 
he gave the lands of Edenglassie; and 

Lachlan Fobbes, Esq., had many sons, 
among them, 

Geoege Fobbes, Esq., M.D., who went to 
Bermuda, m. there to Mary Tucker, and 
had two sons, Francis William (Sie), and 

Hon. Sie Francis William Forbes, 
Knt., of Leitrim, Sydney, New South Wales, 
Australia, first chief justice of the colony of 
New South Wales, b. in the Bermudas in 
1784, and proceeded to England at an early 
age for his education ; called to the bar in 
1812, and the following year was appointed 
attorney and advocate-general at Bermuda, 
three years later chief justice of Newfound- 
land, and on 1st June, 1823, first chief justice 
of New South Wales; arrived in Sydney 
with his family, 5th March, 1824; appointed 

of Coldhmok 


of Trf^Utb 

erf Avttt&rtlf 

of BH^^bttttf- 

af St Kil&a 


of (Hilton 



a member of the Legislative Council by sign- 
manual, 11th Ansust, 1824; the same year 
appointed to the Executive Council, received 
the honour of knighthood, 6th April, 1837, 
while in England, and resigned his appoint- 
ment of chief justice in July of that year. 
The same year he returned to Sydney, and 
resided at Leitrim, near Sydney, until his 
death, 8th November, 1841. He m. 22nd 
November, 1815, Amelia Sophia, daughter 
of David Grant, Esq., M.D., of Kingston, 
Jamaica, by Anne Hitchman, his wife, and 
by her (who was b. 24th February, 1794, 
and d. 14th March, 1886) had issue, 

I. Francis William, b. 12th December, 
1817 ; d. unm. 14th December, 1886. 

II. David Grant (His Honouk), of 

III. Charles, d. an infant. 

Arm-i — Az. a crescent between three bears' 
heads couped arg. muzzled gu. Crest — An 
arm in armour ppr., couped at the elbow, 
lying fesswise, the hand ppr., holding a 
dagger in pale, thereon a bear's head as in 
the arms. Motto— 'SioXw^ inter pluriraos. 

Residence — Sydney, New South Wales, 

i^arsootr of ixipptin iCea. 

THOMAS, K.C.M.G., of Rippon Lea, East St. Kilda, Melbourne, 
Victoria, Australia, J.P., member of the Executive and Legislative Councils, 
lieatenant-colonel Victorian Militia, and member of Harbour Trust ; h. at 
Walworth, London, 30th May, 1834 ; m. first, 10th September, 1858, Marian 
Australian, only daughter of the late Hon. George Rolfe, M.L.C., and grand- 
daughter of George Rolfe, Esq., by Ann Morphefc, his wife, and by her had 

I. Frederick George, of Elsternwick, Victoria, h. 18th January, 1861 ; to. 
9th April, 1885, at Holy Trinity Church, Balaclava, Melbourne, Agnes 
Penrose, third daughter of E. S. Parkes, Esq. of Irona, Balaclava, 
Melbourne, and has issue, two daughters, Agnes Marion, and another, 
I. at Elsterwick, 4th July, 1890. 
ri. Percy Rolfe, h. 26th September, 1865. 

III. Alfred Herbert, I. 21st August, 1868. 

IV. Harry Morton, h. 21st January, 1870. s 

V. Willie Ernest, h. 17th November, 1875. 

I. Clara Wordsworth, h. 14th February, 1864, m. at Rippou Lea, 29th 

November, 1889, Henry Bunting Webster, Esq. of Canterbury, New 

II. Edith Marian, l. 13th December, 1866. 

III. Emma Winnifred, I. 16th May, 1872. 

IV. Gulielma Bei'tha, h. 7th September, 1874. 

He m. secondly, 2nd December, 1880, Julia, daughter of James Tomlin, Esq., 
by Charlotte Rippon, his wife, and by her has issue, a daughter, 

Julia Charlotte, h. 11th October, 1882. 
Sir P. T, Sargood arrived in the colony of Victoria, 12th February, 
1850, in the ship " Clifton," and was for a short time clerk in the office 
of Public Works, but soon after entered his father's business in Collins- 
street. In 1852 he went to the Mount Alexander gold-fields, afterwards 
took charge of his father's country business in and about Castlemaine 
and Sandhurst, and returned to Melbourne in 1854, continuing in his 
father's business, which soon grew into an extensive establishment. Sir 
Frederick took a great interest in the question of colonial defences, and 
initiated the formation of No. 2 St. Kilda Rifle Corps in 1859, and 
VOL. I. K 



became its secretary. He became one of the best rifle shots in Victoria, 
and, visiting England in 1861, competed successfully in many rifle contests, 
and took part in ths Wimbledon Meeting of 1862. He returned to Victoria 
the same year, and in 186-i was appointed lieutenant, in 1866 captain in 
command of the St. Kilda battery, and in February, 1872, major, resigning 
his command in Januar}^, 1877, but continuing on the general staff. He is a 
member of the Free Trade League, having been a member of the original 
Free Trade League ; president of the Chamber of Commerce ; elected one of 
the members of the Legislative Council for the Central Province, in May, 
1874; commissioner of savings banks; executive vice-president of the Mel- 
bourne Centennial Exhibition, 1888; and at the first election of the Harbour 
Trust Commission was elected a member of that body. He was minister of 
defence, Victoria, from 13th November, 188.3 to 1886; and appointed minister 
of defence and education, 1890 ; in 1885 was appointed a companion of St. 
Michael and St. George, and in 1890 created a Knight Commander of the same 


Fredeeick James Saegood, Esq. of 
Ci'ojdon, CO. Surrey, England, who was one 
of the members for Melbourne in the old 
Legislative Council, and in 1856, at the first 
election under the new constitution, was 
elected a member of the Legislative Assembly 
for St. Kilda; m. 30th October, 1830, Emma, 
daughter of Thomas Rippon, Esq. (who was 
for several years cliief cashier in the Bank of 
England), the brother of Dr. John Rippon, 
and son of the Rev. John Rippon, Baptist 
minister of Up-Ottery, co. Devon, and d. 16th 
January, 1871. He had issue by her (who d. 
20th October, 1884), 

I. Feedeeick Thomas, K.C.M.Q-., now 

of St. Kilda. 
I. Emma Rippon, m. Or. H. Williams, 

Esq., and has issue : 1. Frank ; 
2. Rippon; 3. Stewart; 4. Harold; 

1. Emily; 2. Fanny; 3. Katherine. 

II. Louisa Eliza, m. W. Paterson, Esq., 
and has issue: 1. Arthur; 1. Liua ; 

2. Ethel ; 3. Mary. 

III. Caroline Ellen, m. J. Alexander, 
Esq., and has issue: 1. Florence; 
2. Maud ; 3. Hilda. 

IV. Grulielma Frances, m. W. H. Moss, 
Esq., but has no issue. 

V. Rebecca Jane, m. J. T. Cooper, Esq., 
and has issue : 1. Ellen; 3. Gulielma 
Bertha ; 3. Louisa. 

Residences — Rippon Lea, East St. Kilda, 
Melbourne ; and Ellerslie, Mornington, Vic- 
toria, Australia. 

W^mxmx ot ISvookons House. 

KINNEAR, ROBERT HILL, Esq. of Brookong House, Toorak, Mel- 
bourne, Victoria, b. at Longforgan, co. Perth, Scotland, 2-4th February, 
1820; m. 6th July, 1847, at Dundee, Rosalie Magdalene Katherine, daughter 
of George Ludowick Korn, Esq., a merchant of Hamburg. She was b. at 
Barllowick, Germany, 25th March, 1822. 


James Kinnear, resident at Longforgan, 
said to be a descendant of the old family of 
Kinnear, of that ilk, m. Isobel Bisset, and 
had, with several daughters, three sons, 

I. John, resident at Fingask, co. Perth, 
m. Magdalen Soutar, and d. 1801, 
leaving issue. 

II. Charles, of Kinnear and Kinloch, 
CO. Fife, Scotland, a successful agricid- 
turist ; m. 1772, Ann, daughter of 
James Hunter, of Inchture (by Janet 
Mathevv, his wife, daughter of James 

Mathew Mains, of Fintrie) , and sister 
of Charles Hunter, of Seaside, co. 
Perth (see Burke's Landed Gentry), 
and Thomas Hunter, of Glencarse, co. 
Perth, and of Mrs. Elizabeth Kinnear, 
of Lochton, and had issue, 

1. Tliomas, of Kinloch, m. first, 
1792, Lucretia, daughter and co- 
heir (with her sister Jane, wife of 
John Graeme Murray, of Murray- 
shall) of Thomas Anderson, of 
Nevvljurgh, co. Fife, and had, 



I. Charles, of Kinnear and 
Kinloch, J.P. and D.L., b. 
1796; m. first, 1825, Christian 
.Tane, only child of John 
Bojd Greenshields, Esq., 
advocate, by Jane, his wife, 
daughter of Robert Boyd, of 
Drum, CO. Dumbarton, and 
heiress of her brother, 
Eobert Boyd, of Drum, and 
had issue, 

1. Thomas Charles, d. 

2. Jolm Boyd - Kinnear, 
Esq. of Kinnearand Kin- 
loch, CO. Fife, J. P., h. 
1828; called to the 
Scottish Bar, 1850, and 
to the English Bar, 1856 ; 
unsuccessfully contested 
the county of Fife, 1868, 
but was returned, 1885, 
for the Eastern Division ; 
was political secretary to 
the Lord Advocate, 
1852-56 ; and is author 
of Ltif/est I'fthe Decisions 
of theSnuse of Lords on 
Appeal from Scotland ; 
Principles of Reform, 
Political and Leqal ; 
Principles of Properly 
in Lund, &c. Mr. Boyd- 
Kinnear, who assumed 
the former surname on 
tlie death of his grand- 
mother, 1848, in. first, 
1852, Sarah Harriet, 
only child of George 
Frith, Esq. of Worksop, 
CO. Nottingham, Eng- 
land ; she d. 1866, and 
he m. secondly, 1868, 
Teresa, daughter of 
Clemente Bassano, of 

3. Charles George Hood, 
of Drum, and of Gros- 
venor - crescent, Edin- 
burgh, architect, b. 1830; 
m. 20th August, 1868, 
Jessie Jane, daughter of 
Wellwood Herries Max- 
■weli, Esq. of Munches, 
Stewartry of Kirkcud- 
bright, J.P. and D.L., 
M.P. for Kirkcudbriglit, 
1868 to 1874, convener 
of the Commissioners of 
Supply, by Jane Home, 
his wife, eldest daughter 
of Sir William Jai-dine, 
seventh baronet of Ap- 
plegarth, co. Dumfries, 
and had two sous and 
five daughters. 

Mr.Charles Kinnear Ht. secondly, 
1837, Charlotte, eldest daughter 
and co-heir of George Pater- 
son, of Cimoquhie, co. Fife, and 

by her (who d. 15th December, 

1884) had 

1. Charlotte Elizabeth. 

He d. 9th April, 1874, aged 79. 
Mr. Thomas Kinnear m. secondly, 
17th November, 1801, Janet, 
daughter of George Thomson, of 
Nuthill, Falkland, co. Fife, and 

II. Thomas, d. unm., 1838. 

III. George, d. unm. 

I. Margaret Marjoiy, m. James 
Skelton, writer to the Signet, 
and d. 1878, leaving issue ; 
her son is John Skelton, 
advocate, author of Shirley, 

II. Susan, d. unm., 1815. 

III. Rachael, m. John Eraser 
Macqueen, Q.C., of Air. 

He rf. 27th August, 18ii9, and was 
,f. by his eldest son, Mr. Charles 
Kinnear, of Kinnear and Kinloch. 
2. Charles, of Kinnear, which he 
entailed, 1809, and d. unm., 9th 
January, 1811. 

1. Margaret, m Greenhill, of 

Cordon, co. Perth. 

2. Susan, d. s.p. 

III. Patrick, of whom presently. 

Patrick Kinnear, Esq. of Lochton, 
Carse of Gowrie, co. Perth, J. P., «. Elizabeth, 
daughter of James Hunter, Esq. of Inchture 
(by Janet Mathew, his wife, daughter of 
James Mathew Mains, of Fintrie), aud sister 
of Charles Hunter, Esq. of Seaside, co. Perth, 
and Thomas Hunter, Esq. of Glencarse, co. 
Perth, and of Mrs. Ann Kinnear, of Kinnear 
and Kinloch, and had, with two daughters, 
who d. unm., a son, 

Patrick Kinneae, Esq. of Lochton, J.P., 
m. 1811, Elizabeth, daughter of Patrick Hill, 
Esq. of Pitfour, and d. 1848, having had, 
with three daughters now deceased, two sons, 

I. Robert Hill, of whom further. 

II. Charles, of Lochton, m. tmce, hia 
second wife being Margaret, daughter 
of James Mathew, Esq. of Watery- 
butts, and left issue. 

Crest used — Two aneliors cabled in saltire. 
Motto — I lioe in hope. 

Residence — Brookong House, Toorak, Mel- 
bourne, Victoria. 

Note. — The first known ancestor of the 
old family of Kinnear was 


Lton. Stmon DE Ktnee, and Amy, liis 
wife, lived in the same reign, and their son, 
Simon, made a grant to the church of St. 
Andrew's, which was confirmed by Alex- 
ander II, 1213. 

Sir John de Ktnnere was living, 128P. 
Robert II, on 15th August, the seventh 
year of his reign, granted a charter of the 
lands of Kynneir, as a free barony, to John 
de Kynnear, and the heirs male of his body, 
whom failing, to John, son of Reginald de 
Kynneir, &c. 

K 2 



JoHN^ KiNNEAR, of that ilk, sat in parlia- 
ment, 1560, and liis younger son, Henry, was 
abbot and commendator of Balmerino, and a 
lord of session ; his eldest son, John, by 
Christian, daughter of Robert Bethune, of 
Creich, .<t. him as commendator, but d. s.p. 
His younger brother, David, rector of 
Auchterhouse, d. 1632, leaving a son, John, 
who, in 1635, was served heir to his uncle in 
the manor and monastery of Balmerino. 

The intermarriages of the heads of the 
family were with Forret, of that ilk ; Wemyss, 
of Pittoncrieff ; Balfour, of Monquhany ; 
Drummond, Moncur, Ramsay, of Colluthie ; 
Lord Lindsay, of Byres ; Achmuty, of that 
ilk, &c. 

Datid Kinneir, of that ilk, registered 
arms, 1672, viz., sa., on a bend or, three 
martlets (" or Kinnerie birds ") vert. Crest — 
Two anchors in saltire ppr. Motto — I live 
in hope. An older bearing was three birds, 
displayed on a bend; and still earlier, a fess 
between three birds displayed. David d. 
soon after, and was .?. by his son, of the same 
name, after whose death there occurred, per- 
haps, the most remarkable succession of 
heiresses to be met with in any genealogy. 

Sophia Kinnear, m. Robert, afterwards 
Sir Robert Anstruther, of Balcaskie, bart., 
who assumed her name ; they had one child, 

Christian Kinneae, of Kinnear, who d. 
young, in 1687. 

Mart Kinnear, of Kinnear, her aunt, m. 
Mr. Kenneth Mackenzie, afterwards Sir 
Kenneth, of Cromartie, bart., second son of 
George, Viscount Tarbat, and d. 1688, leaving 
one child, 

Anne Kinnear, of Kinnear, who d. young, 
and was s. by her aunt. 

Agnes Kinnear, of Kinneai-, who left a 

James Kinnear. of Kinnear, who d. 1700, 
and was s. by his sister, 

Cecilia Kinnear, of Kinnear, who m. 
David Bayne, M.D., who took the name of 
Kinnear, and d. October, 1721. 

Cecilia Kinnear, of Kinnear, her daugh- 
ter, m. 28th May, 1751, William Dous^las, 
of the Tilwhilly family, elder brother of the 
Bishop of Salisbury, and d. 9th April, 1782, 
leaving one child, 

Cecilia Maria DoroLAS Kinneie, of 
Kinneir, who m. John Macdonald, of Sanda, 
comptroller of customs, Bo'ness ; she sold 
the estate, 1795, to Charles Kinnear, of Kin- 
loch, her eldest son. 

Colonel Sir John Kinneir Macdonald, 
C.B., of Sanda, envoy to Persia, in. Amelia 
Harriet, daughter and co-heir of Lieutenant- 
General Sir Alexander Campbell, bart., of 
G-artsford, and d. s.p., 1830. His brother, 

Ven. William Kinneir Macdonald, 
archdeacon of Wilts and canon of Salisbury, 
was father of 

Ret. Douglas Kinneir Macdonald, of 
Sanda, vicar of West Alvington, oo. Devon, 
who m. Flora Q-eorgiana, daughter of Patrick 
Hadow, Esq., and d. 11th February, 1865. 
Their son, 

Douglas John Kinneir Macdonald, 
of Sanda, co. Argyll, resident at Salisbury, 
now represents the family ; he was b. 1839 ; 
m. 1866, Jane Martha M'Neill, daughter of 
John Alexander Mackay, Esq. of Blackcastle, 
Midlothian, and has issue. 

dSorUou of i^anaimo antr Ctimoji% 

r^ ORDON, DAVID WILLIAM, Esq. of Seaview, Nanaimo, and of Aspen 
V^ Grove, Comox, both in the province of British Columbia, Dominion of 
Canada, member of the Canadian House of Commons ; h. in the township of 
Camden, co. Kent, Ontario, 27th February, 1832 ; m. first, at Victoria, British 
Columbia, 3rd September, 1864, Emma Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James 
Robb, Esq. of Comox, British Columbia, J. P., and by her (who d. 15th February, 
1882, and was buried in the Old Cemetery, Nanaimo, B.C.) has had issue, 

I. Herschel, of Comox, I. 24th May, 1867. 

I. Laura Alma, h. 26th September, 1865. 

II. Amy, h. 20th April, 1869. 

III. Jessie, I. 11th Febraary, 1871 ; d. 12th May, 1873. 

IV. Isabella, h. 11th Febriiary, 1873 ; d. 21st of same month. 

V. Marion, h. 20th February, 1874. 

VI. Edith Montgomery, h. 12th June, 1876. 
vir. Margaret Helen, h. 11th February, 1880. 

He m. secondly, at Lunsiag, co. York, Ontario, 5th June, 1886, Katharine 



Statirah, daughter of Joseph Sheparcl, Esq. of Lunsing, co. York, Ontario, 
and by her has issue, 

VIII. Florence Huntley, h. 26th February, 1886. 

Mr. Gordon emigrated to California in 1856, thence proceeding to British 
Columbia in 1858, where he settled in 1861, at Nanaimo. He is a contractor 
and builder, and head of the firm of Gordon and Co., wharf owners. He was 
one of the promoters, and for many years on the committee of management, 
of the Nanaimo Literary Institute; in 1856 unsuccessfully contested Nanaimo 
in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, but was elected to the 
House in June, 1877 ; unsuccessfully contested the same seat and his present 
seat in the Commons, 1878 ; but was retui-ned to the Commons, 4th August, 


John GtOrdon, Esq., the grandfather of 
David William Gordon, Esq., emigrated 
from Coventry, co. Warwick, England, to 
India, and thence to America. He served in 
the Eoyalists' forces during the Revolutionary 
War, at the termination of which he removed, 
with other United Empire Loyalists, to 
Canada, and finally settled in the township 
of Camden, co. Kent, Ontario. He m. in the 
State of Maryland, U.S.A., a German lady, 
and by her had issue, 

Michael John, of whom presently. 

Aaron "I 

John >A11 deceased. 

Ephraim J 

Sarah, m. Mr. Hewit, of co. Elgin, 

Ontario, both deceased. 

Elizabeth, m. Mr. Shipley, of co. Elgin, 

Ontario, both deceased. 

Michael John Gordon, Esq., b. at 

Maiden. He, with his brothers, served in the 

militia, under General Brock, at the taking 

of Detroit ; was present at the battle of 

Chrysler's Farm, and other engagements 

during the war of 1812, 1813, and 1814. His 

residence and crops were destroyed by the 

American General, Harrison, when he 

ascended the River Thames in pursuit of 
George Proctor and Tecumseh. He m. 
Judith, daughter of William Marsh, Esq. 
(b. in Manchester, England, who built the 
first house on the present site of Ridgetown, 
and d. in 1856), by Sarah, his wife, eldest 
daughter of Alexander Montgomery, Esq., 
and cousin of General Richard Montgomery, 
the American commander who fell in the 
attack on Quebec in 1775. Mr. Alexander 
Montgomery m. the daughter of Mordecai 
M. Myers, Esq. of New York city, and 
during the Revolution left his home in Stam- 
ford, Connecticut, and settled in Gagetown, 
New Brunswick, dying in Toronto in 1839, 
aged 98 years. His daughter Sarah, above- 
mentioned, was b. at Gagetown, N.B., 31st 
May, 1779 ; m. in 1802, and d. in June, 
1883, aged 104 years, having been one of the 
first settlers of Western Ontario. Mrs. 
Judith Gordon d. at Wallaceburg, Ontario, 
in 1847, where also Mr. Gordon d. in 1852, 
leaving issue, 

David William, of whom we treat. 

Residences — Seaview, Nanaimo, and Aspen 
Grove, Comox, both in the province of British 
Columbia, Dominion of Canada. 

©utjrte (A ^tt\m%. 

GUTHRIE, THOMAS, Esq. of The Hermitage, Geelong ; Rich Avon, 
Avon River, in cos. Borung and Kara Kara ; Qaambatook, Avoca 
River, co. Tatchera, all in the colony of Victoria ; and of Mount Graham, 
South. Australia, h. 25th April, 1833, at Dnns, Berwickshire, Scotland ; left 
home in 1847, when fourteen years of age, and sailed from London -in the 
barque "Windermere," arriving the same year at Hobart Town, Tasmania; 
in which colony he spent two years, gaining a knowledge of sheep farming. 
In 1856 Mr. Guthrie joined the late Mr. George Synnot in business as stock 
and station agents and wool brokers ; but retired in 1864, taking over the 
Quambatook station, the property of the firm, and devoting himself exclusively 
to squatting pursuits. In addition to his estates already mentioned, Mr. 



Gutlirie has large squatting propertiV s (crown leases) in South Australia and 
the Northern Territory, the chief of which are Avenue Range and Avon 
Downs, the latter being 768,000 acres in extent, situate on the James and 
Rankin rivers, 250 miles south of the Gulf of Carpentaria. He also owns the 
freehold estate of Brim, co. Lowan, Victoria. Mr. Guthrie was the first 
person to send sheep from Victoria to the Northern Territory. He m. at 
Geelong, Victoria, 15th September, 1864, Mary, daughter of Mr. Rutherford, 
of Roxburghshire, Scotland, and widow of John Oliver, Esq., and has issue, 

I. Thomas Oliver, h. 6th January, 1867 ; resides at Mount Graham, South 


II. Arthur Donaldson, h. 15th April, 1870. 

III. James Francis, b. 13th September, 1872. 

I. Mary Gray, b. 29th August, 1865; m 17th October, 1888, Philip 

Russell, Esq. of Makwallock, Beaufort, and Osborne House, 
Geelong, Victoria, son of Alexander Russell, Esq. (see Russell of 

II. Isabella Catherine, b. 28th September, 1868. 

III. Agnes Ethel, b. 2nd February, 1875. 


David Guthrie, Esq. of Duns, Ber- 
wickshire, Scotland, m. Mary Frater, and had 
a son, 

David Gutheie, Esq. of Duns, Berwick- 
shire, Scotland, who was b. there, 22nd De- 
cember, 1791 ; m. there in 1814, Ae;nes Gray 
(who also was b. at Duns, 3rd December, 
1791, and d. there, 4th August, 1859), and d. 
at Duns, 7lh September, 1842, leaving a son, 
the present Thomas Guthrie, Esq. 

Residences — (Town) The Hermitage, Gee- 
long; (country). Rich Avon, Avon Eiver, 

COS. Borung and Kara Kara ; Quambatook, 
Avoca Eiver, co. Tatchera, all in Victoria ; 
and Mount Graham, near Mount Gambler, 
CO. Grey, South Australia. 

Estates — Rich Avon, on Avon River, cos. 
Borung and Kara Kara (22,746 acres) ; 
Quambatook, Avoca River, co. Tatchera 
(8,600 acres) ; Brim, co. Lowan (320 acres), 
all in Victoria ; and Mount Graham, near 
Mount Gambier, co. Grey, South Australia 
(3,700 acres). 

JHacpI)trson ot JStmstdtap. 

MACPHERSON, DUGALD, Esq. of Bungeeltap and Emily Park, 
Ballan ; of Nhill Station, Nhill, Lowan co., all in Victoria; and of 
Paddington, Cobar, New South Wales, Australia, J. P., h. at Asbens, Argyll- 
shire, Scotland, 9th September, 1820 ; m. at Melbourne, 1st June, 1852, Mary 
Elizabeth, daughter of Richard O'Cock, Esq., solicitor, of St. Kilda, near 
Melbourne, and has had issue, 

I. Charles Richard, of Paddington, Cobar, New South Wales, b. 

11th April, 1854; m. 27th July, 1887, Miss Mary Florence 

II. Norman, b. 20th May, 1857 ; d. 15th September, 1860. 

III. Arthur Dugald, of Paddington, Cobar, New South Wales, b. 11th 

February, 1860. 

IV. Ronald, of Paika, near Balranald, Caira co., New South Wales, b. 

23rd October, 1864. 
v. Cluny, b. 18th February, 1867 ; d. 28th September, 1871. 



vr. Dugald, b. r2th April, 1870. 
VII. John, b. 1st May, 1876. 

I. Alice Jane, b. 17th January, 1856 ; m. 8th March, 1882, Charles E. 

Webb, Esq. of Walgett, New South Wales. 

II. May Adelaide, b. 1st April, 1862. 

III. Jessie Musgrave, b. 31st December, 1865. 
IT. Margaret, b. 21st May, 1868. 

T. Marion, b. 13th December, 1871. 
Mr. Macpherson left Greenock for the colony of Victoria in 1840. 


Kenneth Macpli arson, living in the reign 
of Alexander III, eldest son of Ewan Baan, 
2nd eon of Murdoch, parson of Kingousie, cap- 
tain of the clan Chattan, m. Isabel, daughter 
of Ferquhard Mackintosh, of Mackintosh, hy 
whom he had two sons, i, Duncan, of Cluny, 
ancestor of the great House of Macpherson, 
of Cluny, the chiefs of which filled, genera- 
tion after generation, a prominent place in 
the local history of Scotland ; li. Bean, or 
Benjamin, ancestor of the Macphersons of 

DuGALD Macpheeson, Esq. of Badenoch, 
and afterwards of Strone, near Kilmun, 
Argyllshire, Scotland, taxman, descended 
from the family of Macpherson, of Cluny, 
CO. Invei-ness, was b. in 17-16, and d. at 
Brackley in 1S37, leaving issue : 1, Dugald, 
2, Hugh, of Brackley, Lochgilphead, Argyll- 
shire, taxman, who d. ahout 1865, leaving a 
widow and two daughters. The elder 

Dtjgald Macpheksox, Esq. of Ashens, 
Argyllshire, taxman, was b. at Strone, Kil- 
mun, Argyllshire, in 1782 ; m. Jane, daughter 
of Peter McKellar, Esq. of Bramfield, 
Ardrishaig, Argyllshire, taxman, son of Mal- 
colm McKellar, Esq. She was b. at Bram- 
field, June, 1800, and now resides at Ashens, 
Helensburgh, Scotland. He d. at Ashens, 
1862, having had issue, 

I. Dugald, of whom we treat. 

II. Peter, of Paika, near Balranald, 
Caira co.. New South Wales, b. 1827 ; 
m. November, 1864, Eliza, youngest 
daughter of Richard O'Cock, Esq. of 
St. Kilda, near Melbourne, solicitor, 
and sister of Mrs. Dugald Macpher- 
son, and has, 

1. Walter Alexander, b. 7th August, 

2. John Allan, b. 7th September, 

3. Sydney Eonald, b. 6th Mai-ch, 

4. Leslie Mitchell, b. 17th May, 

1. Florence Catherine, b. 28th 
January, 1867. 

2. Jane, b. 8th August, 1868. 

3. Margaret Ethell, b. 3rd April, 

4. Constance May, b. 6th Februarr, 

III. John, b. 1st August, 1835 ; d. at 
Nice, 1888, on his way to England. 

I. Margaret, b. 1818; d. 1887. 

II. Jessie, b. 1822 ; m. July, 1858, 
Alexander Francis Leslie, Esq., factor 
to the Earl of Fife, and has issue, 

1. Alexander, b. 12th May, 1859. 

1. Jane McKellar, b. 12th August, 

2. Elizabeth Murray, b. 22nd Oc- 
tober, 1863. 

III. Catherine, b. 1826 ; ot. Januarv, 
1861, William Mitchell, Esq. of Suc- 
coth, Argyllshire, Scotland, and has 
one surviving son, 

William, b. November, 1863. 

Arms used — Per f esse or. and az., a lymphad 
of the first, ivith her sails furled, oars in 
action, ma-st and tackling all ppr., flag fly- 
ing gu., in the dexter chief point a hand 
couped, grasping a dagger, point upxcards gu., 
in the sinister chief a cross crosslet fifc'/ee if 
the last. Crest — A cat sejant ppr. Motto — 
Touch not the cat but a glove. 

Residences — Bungeeltap and Emily Park, 
Ballan ; Nliill Station, Nhill, Lowan co., all in 
Victoria ; and Paddington, Cobar, New South 

jHurrap of jHtttaijiDns. 

Drameevin, Mittagong, New South Wales, district court judge, b. 
1st August, 1812 ; m. 29th November, 1877, Arabella Marcella, daughter of 
the late Nicholas O'Connor, Esq., M.D., of Mallow, co. Cork, Ireland, first- 
class staff surgeon, and has issue, 

J 36 


I. Harry Haslewoocl, b. 3rd February, 1880. 

II. Charles O'Connor, b. 27th February, 1882. 

I. Eileen Marcella, b. 9th September, 1885. 

II. Mary Dorothea Leonie, h. 19th April, 1888. 


It is believed tliat this family of Murray 
traces a common ancestor with the Dukes of 
Athole. They were formerly seated at 
Philiphaugh, Selkirkshire, Scotland, whence 
Judge Murray's great grandfather (who was 
a doctor of medicine) migrated to co. Norfolk, 
and settled at Norwich. 

CH4BLES MuERAT, Esq., by Elizabeth 
Knight, his wife, was father of 

Chables Knight MrERAY, Esq., bar- 
rister-at-law, who m., 1st, 16th November, 
1827, Hon. Henrietta Anne, eldest daughter 
of the third Countess of Eothes (see Burke's 
Peerage), but by her (who d. 14th April, 
1832) had no issue. He m. 2ndly, 25th Sep- 
tember, 1838, Maria Haslewood (who d. 
26th December, 1876), and d. 14th June, 
1865, leaving issue. 

I. Chaeles Edwaed Eobeetson (His 
Honour), now of Drumeevin, Mit- 
tagong, New South Wales. 

I. Mary Grace, m. 17th July, 1860, 
Edmund Sheppard, Esq., barrister-at- 
law ; both deceased, leaving issue, 

1. Edmund Haslewood. 

2. William Fleetwood. 

3. Arthur Murray. 

4. Herbert Norman. 

II. Edith Maria, unm. 

Arms used — Arg. ahunting horn sa., gar- 
nished and stringed gu., on a chief az. three 
stars of the first. Crest — A demi man winding 
a horn ppr. Motto — Sine tisqtie superna 

Residence — Drumeevin, Mittagong, New 
South Wales. 

JHiirrap ot Casttrtcin. 

MURRAY, ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND, Esq. of Dunrobin, Caster- 
ton, Victoria, formerly of Caius College, Cambridge, h. 29th June, 
1849. He is unmarried. 


This is a branch of the clan Murray, re- 
presented by the Duke of Athole. 

William Mueeat, a farmer in Suther- 
landshire (as was also his father), had, by 
Mary, his wife, a son, who proceeded to 
Hobart, Tasmania, and m. the daughter of 
Lieutenant Sturgeon, by his wife, a member 
of the family of Skene, of Skene (an accovint 
of which appears in this work), and had by 

her a son, the present Alexander Suther- 
land Murray, Esq. 

Arms used — Az. three mullets arg., within 
a double tressui eflory counter-flory or. Crest 
— A demi savage ppr., holding in his right 
hand a dagger ppr., pommel and hilt or., and 
m his left hand a key of the last. Motto — 
Furth fortune and fill the fetters. 

Residence — Dunrobin, Casterton, Victoria. 

JHiller of Crag JHtller. 

MILLER, MATTHEW ROBERTSON, Esq. of Crag Miller, Napier, 
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, 
b. 17th February, 1829; m. 1st, 17th July, 1848, Margaret, daughter of John 
McKellar, Esq. of Soraby, Argyllshire, Scotland, and by her (who d. 1856) 
has a daughter, 

I. Margaret, b. 19th February, 1853; to. R. Harding, Esq. of Mount 
Vernon, Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, and has seven 
Mr. Miller m. 2ndly, 17th February, 1859, Elizabeth, daughter of John 
Anderson, Esq. of Dumfries, Scotland, and by her has issue, 

I. John Anderson, h. 28th July, 1870. 

II. Matthew Robert, b. 20th October, 1875. 



in. James "William, b. 17th February, 1878. 

IV. Bdric Duncan Druramond, b. November, 1884. 

II. Helen, b. November, 1861. 

III. Agnes Mary, b. 1868. 

IV. Elizabeth Jane, b. 1872. 

V. Catherine May, b. 1874. 

VI. Frances McKellar, b. 1876. 

Vii. Jessie Maud l ^^.^^^ ^ j^j ^g^^^ 

VIII. Mabel Dawson J 
Mr. Miller left England in 1849, and after spending seven years in Victoria, 
went to New Zealand, where he has resided since 18£8. 


Matthew Milleb, Esq. of Millerstone, 
Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, bad a son, 

Matthew Millee, Esq., of the same 
place, who was father of 

Matthew Miilee, Esq., of the same 
place, whose son 

Matthew Millee, Esq. of Millerstone, 
Paisley, Kenfrewsliire, Scotland, m. 1780, 
Catherine Moir, and d. 1820, leaving issue, 

the late Mr. Millee, of Millarstone, 
Paisley, who m., in Dromore, Ireland, 
January, 1826, and d. at Crag Miller, Napier, 
New Zealand, 12th April, 1885, aged 83 

years, leaving issue by his wife (who d. 14th 
November, 1886, aged 80 years), 

I. Matthew Bobeetson, of whom we 

II. John, m. Margaret Campbell, and has 
issue, one son, Robert. 

I. Mary, m. James McKnight, Esq. of 

Cheltenham, Melbourne, Victoria, and 

has issue, three sons and three 


Residence — Crag Miller, Napier, Hawkes 

Bay, New Zealand. 

Club — Northern, Auckland, New Zealand. 

jHarsJ)aIl of 3^osfeiIle antr dFairltflI)t. 

MARSHALL, THOMAS, Esq. of Roskille, Waverley, near Sydney, and 
of Pairlight, Elizabeth Bay, near Sydney, New South Wales, solicitor 
of the supreme court of New South Wales, h. 26th March, 1848; m. 31st 
October, 1888, flulda Ulivia Agt, daughter of the late Hans Jorgensen, of 
Copenhagen, Denmark, by Wilhelmina Sheuman, his wife. 


Jeeemiah Maeshall, Esq. of Holly Hall, 
Huddersfield, co. York, where he and his 
wife Estlier both died, had, besides several 
other children (one of whom, afterwards 
became the head of the great firm of engi- 
neers in Yorkshire, and founded the Marshall 
ilax mills, at Leeds, and another became the 
proprietor of a large matting establishment 
in Yorkshire, which he inherited from his 
father), a son, 

Joseph Maeshall, Esq., who was h. at 
Holly Hall, Huddersfield, May, 1818. This 
gentleman studied for the medical profession, 
but ultimately, in 1840, emigrated to South 
Australia, proceeding thence to Sydnej', 
where he became a nianufacturing druggist in 
William-street, and about six years later 
purchased the site of the present Paddington 
Brewery, which was developed by him. 
Mr. Marshall m. ]5th April, 1843, Esther 
(now of Fairlight, Elizabeth Bay, near 
Sydney, and of Te Whare, Blackheath, New 
South Wales), daughter of Greorge Robinson, 

Esq. of East and West Newton Estates, 
Carnaby, co. York, whose father, living also 
at Carnaby, was on terms of friendship with 
Geoege IV, and on several occasions had 
the honour of entertaining His Majesty at 
his house. Joseph Marshall d. 18th May, 
1880, leaving three sons, 

I. Joseph, proprietor of the Paddington 
Brewery, in conjunction with his 
brother, Mr. James John Marshall. 
He m. Louisa Emily Dobson, of 
Plevna, Elizabeth Bay, and has issue 
two sons and two daughters : 1. Joseph; 
2. Rupert ; 1. Amy ; 2. Edith. 

II. James John, of East Court, Waver- 
ley, near Sydney, m. Amelia Board, 
and has a daughter, Violet. 

III. Thomas, of Rosskille and FairHght. 
Crest used — A knight in armour. Motto 

— Tirfute non verbis. 

Residences — Roskille, Waverley, near 
Sydney, and Fail-light, Elizabeth Bay, near 
Sydney, New South Wales. 



itaitilep ot ifeillsitrt. 

LAIDLEY, HON. WILLIAM GEORGE, of Hillside, Edgecliffe-road, 
Woollahra, Sydney, New South "Wales, member of the Legislative 
Council of New South Wales, h. 1833 ; m. 18th April, 1854, Jane E. P., eldest 
daughter of John Atkinson, Esq. of Launceston, Tasmania, and has had 

I. William Sydney, b. 22nd March, 1855 ; d. 24th May, 1855. 

II. Shepheard E., b. 25th March, 1861 ; m. 6th January, 1886, Ethe^, 

daughter of David Moore, Esq. of Melbourne, Victoria, and has issue, 
a son. 

III. Reginald William, b. 7th May, 1863. 

IV. Norman Wyld, b. 15th February, 1867. 

V. Consett, b. 7th November, 1868. 

I. Emily Jane, b. 6th July, 1856 ; m. 30th March, 1881, George Montagu 

Merivale, Esq., son of John Merivale, Esq., late registrar of the 
Court of Chancery, London, and has issue, one son and one 

II. Melanie Sophia, b. 10th November, 1858 ; d. 15th January, 1869. 

III. Mabel, b. 12th May, 1870. 

IV. Mildred Mary Innes, b. 26th February, 1873 ; d. 14th July, 1878. 


The family surname was originally Laidlaw, 
but it was changed by the present Hon. W. 
Gr. Laidley's grandfather, or great grand- 
father, to the present mode of spelling. 

James Laidlet, Esq. of Rosebank, Sydney, 
New South Wales, late Deputy Commissary 
General, was b. in Perthshire, Scotland, 1786, 
entered the Commissariat Department (in 
which were also three of his brothers, all now 
deceased), and served under the Duke of 
Wellington during the Peninsular War. He 
subsequently served in the West Indies, 
Canada, Mauritius, and New South Whales, 
arriving in the last-mentioned colony in 
1827, as head of the Commissariat Depart- 
ment in the Imperial service, a post which 
he had previously filled in Mauritius. He 
m. at Barbadoes, W^est Indies, Miss Eliza 
Jane Shepheard (who was b. in Herefordshire, 
and d. in 1861), and d. in Svdnej', 30th 
August, 1835, aged 49 years, having had 

William Geoege (Hon.), of Hillside. 
James Turquand, to. Mary Weston, and 
d. 1874-, leaving issue one son and 
one daughter. 
Theresa Shepheard, m. 1841, Thomas 
Sutcliffe Mort, Esq., who was b. at 
Bolton, CO. Lancaster, England, 23rd 
December, 1816, and arrived in Sydney, 
in 1838, where he subsequently ob- 
tained great notoriety. She d. in 1869, 
leaving issue five sous and two daugh- 

ters, and he m. 2ndly, Miss Macaulay, 
and d. 9th May, 1878 (when a statue 
was erected to his memory in Mac- 
quarie-place, Sydney), leaving issue 
by his second wife two sons. 

Elizabeth Carter, m. J. S. Mitchell, Esq. 
of Etham, Darling Point, Sydney, 
and d. 1868, leaving issue three sons 
and five daughters. 

Maria, m. 1846, Hon. Henry Mort, 
M.L.C. (younger brother of the above- 
mentioned Thomas Sutcliffe Mort, 
Esq.), who was b. at Willow Field, 
near Bolton, co. Lancaster, 31st De- 
cember, 1818; educated at Manches- 
ter, and emigrated to New South 
Wales in 1840, where he was identified 
with his brother in many of his under- 
takings. He was for some lime a 
member of the Legislative Assembly, 
and in 1879 was appointed a life 
member of the Legislative Council of 
New South Wales. He is a director 
of the Liverpool. London, and Globe 
Fire and Life Insurance Company, 
the Alliance Marine, Mercantile Bank, 
Equitable Life Assurance Society of 
the United States, the Australasian 
Investment Company, and the Sydney 
Meat Preserving Company, of which 
he was one of the originators. Mrs. 
Maria Mort d. in July. 1873, leaving 
issue three sous and three daughtci's, 



and her ■widower re-m. in 1878, the 
widow of Dr. Rowland Traill. 
Katherine Marion, m. 20tli June, 1849, 
His Honour James Sheen Dowling, of 
Sydney, N.S.W., District Court Judge, 
and has issue five sons and one daugh- 
ter (see Dowling of Sydney). 

Oetavia Jane, m. Rev. Robert Mofl'att, 
and d. .i.p. in May, 1877. 

Residence — Hillside, Edgecliffe-road, 

WooUahra, Sydney, New South Wales, 

©smantr tsi g)tatotlL 

Stawell, in the colony of Victoria, member of the Legislative Council 
of that colony for the province of Nelson (elected 1888), h. at Stoke Damerel, 
CO. Devon, England, 10th April, 1824 ; emigrated to Victoria, 1850 ; m. at 
Christ Church, St. Kilda, 18th October, 1862, Mary Jane, only child and heir 
of Thomas Wood, Esq., sometime of Bideford, co. Devon, by Mary Anne Ropei', 
his vrife, but has no issue. Prior to Mr. Osmand's emigration he had served 
in the Royal Navy, having been commissioned as acting second master to the 
"Antelope," 11th September, 1847, and to the " Trincomalee " 17th same 

James Osmond, of Somersmill, in the 
parish of Willand, co. Devon, yeoman (great 
grandson of Thomas Osmond, of Stagmill, 
in the parish of Uplowman), recorded his 
pedigree at the Heralds' Visitation of Devon, 
1620. He d. October, 1644, having m. 
Johane, daughter of William Chamberlaine 
or Chamberlvn, of Halberton, and left issue 
six sons and three daughters. 

Geoege Osmond or Osmand, of Halber- 
ton, yeoman, one of the younger sons of 
James Osmond, of Somersmill, d. 1681, 
leaving by Welthian, his wife (who d. 1688), 
three sons, James, Philip, and George, whose 
descendants lived at Halberton, Sampford 
Peverell, and elsewhere iti the neighbourhood, 
and one of whom — owning property in or 
near Topsham — is said to have been the 
father of 

James Osmand, Esq., I. at Edinburgh, 
1775, and, having studied under Sir Joshua 
Brooks, entered the Royal Navy 10th June, 
1797, as surgeon's mate on board H.M.S. 
" Gibraltar " ; qualified at the Royal College 

of Surgeons, London, 1808 ; ranked as assist- 
ant surgeon 6th June in that year ; ap- 
pointed surgeon 30th August, 18C9, and was 
placed on the half -pay list 28th December, 
1824, when he went to reside at Ridgeway, 
Plympton St. Mary, co. Devon. For his 
services at Algiers and Ti-afalgar (on board 
the " Swiftsure ") Surgeon Osmand received 
the medal and clasp in 1848. He m. 18th 
September, 1804, Elizabeth, daughter of 
James Baker, of Stoke Damerel, shipwright, 
and by her (who d. 26th October, 1848, 
aged 65 years, and was buried there) had 
issue two children, 

William Henry Seville (Hon.). 
Elizabeth Jane Seville, baptised 2nd 
January, 1820, d. an infant. 

Surgeon Osmand d. 26th February, 1849, 
and was buried at Plympton St. Mary, where 
liis son has placed a tablet and window to his 

Residence — The Sycamores, Stawell, Vic- 
toria, Australia. 

RUTLEDGE, THOMAS FORSTER, Esq. of Werronggnrt, Warrnambool, 
Victoria, Australia, J. P., h. at Port Fairy, co. Villiers, 19th April, 
1846 ; m. 3rd August, 1876, Edith Annie Lydia, eldest daughter of the late 
John Ritchie, Esq. of Boodcarra and Aringa, co. Villiers, Victoria, J. P. (by 
Sarah Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Charles Davis, Esq. of Sydney, N.S.W.), 
and granddaughter of the Rev. Dr. Ritchie, of Torbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland, 
and has issue, 

I. Noel Eeresford Forster, h. 10th Februarv, 1SS6. 



II. Thomas Forster, b. 21st March, 1887. 

I. Edith Muriel. 

II. Violette Blanche. 

III. Kathleen. 

IV. Amy Forster. 

V. Emily Milliceiat. 

VI. Eileen. 


This family, of English origin, settled in 
Ireland in the time of Oliver Cromwell, and 
owned the lands of Ballymagirl, near Bawn- 
boy, CO. Cavan, Ireland, for several genera- 

James Rotledge, Esq., was squire of 
Ballymagirl, Cavan, in the 18th century. 
He m. Martha, daughter of Mr. Forster, of 
Longford, in Ireland, and sister of Thomas 
Forster, Esq., M.D., of the Army Medical 
Department, and afterwards of the Brush 
Farm, near Sydney, New South Wales, and 
by her had issue, 

I. William, of whom hereafter. 

II. John, sometime of Port Fairy, co. 
Villiers, Victoria, and afterwards re- 
turned to Ireland, where he d. mim., 
near Dublin. 

III. Eichard, of the Briars, Farnham, 
CO. Villiers, Victoria, b. 1st April, 
1810, m. 11th August, 1849, Alice, 
daughter of the Rev. Charles Dickin- 
son, incumbent of Ryde, near Sydney, 
New South Wales, and d. 24th Oc- 
tober, 1887, leaving issue, 

1. Charles James, M.D., F.R.C.S. 
. (Dublin University), b. 26th 
August, 1860, residing in Vic- 

1. Elizabeth. 

2. Alice. 

3. Amy, m. William Bayne, Esq., 
and has issue. 

IV. Forster, of Ballymagirl, co. Cavan, b. 
25th December, 1816, *. his father, 
m. Elizabeth, daughter of William 
Parsons, Esq. of Cavan, and d. leaving 
two sons and two daughters, viz., 

1. William, joint owner with his 
brother of the Ballymagirl pro- 
perty, m. Eliza Wilcox, of Cavan, 
and has issue. 

2. Richard, of Ballymagirl, m. 
Katherine Mack, of co. Cavan, 
and has issue. 

1. Eleanor, m. her cousin-german, 
Forster McCoed, Esq. of Clon- 
turk, CO. Longford, Ireland, and 
has issue. 

2. Martha. 

T. Thomas, of Carwoola, Molonglo, New 
South Wales, b. 12th March, 1818, m. 
1 1th October, 1849, his cousin-german, 
Martha, daughter of Thomas Forster, 
Esq., M.D., and has issue, 

1. William Forster, of Gidleigh, 
New South Wales, b. 28th July, 
1850, m. 14th June, 1887, Jean, 

daughter of Major Morphy, of 
the 23rd Regiment of Foot. 

2. Edward Knos, of Glen Riddle, 
near Tamworth, New South 

Wales, m. 29th November, , 

Frances Hamilton, daughter of 
Hamilton Hume, Esq., and d. 
13th December, 1882, leaving 
issue one son and one daughter. 

3. Francis Henry, of Gunningbar, 
New South Wales, b. 26th De- 
cember, 1865. 

1. Ahce Louisa, b. 19th May, 1852. 

2. Elizabeth Martha, b. 24th June, 

3. Fanny Amy, b. 1860, m. 1885, a 
solicitor of Young, New South 

4. Jane Eva, b. 8th April, 1862, m. 
1st June, 1887, C. S. King, Esq. 

Ti. Lloyd, of Port Fairy, co. Villiers, 
Victoria, merchant, m. Isabella, eldest 
daughter of Richard Bennett, Esq. of 
Sydney, and has issue, 

1. Edward Lloyd, of Grafton, New 
South Wales, banker. 

2. Percy Lloyd, secretary of the 
Liverpool, London, and Globe 
Insurance Company, Sydney, m. 
Miss Holly, of Sydney. 

1. Annie, m. Mr. Young. 

I. Mary Anne, m. 1844, Lloyd Edwards, 
Esq. of Carwoola, New South Wales 
(at one time a landowner in the 
county of Antrim), and has issue, one 
son, Richard, and four daughters. 

II. Martha, m. 1844, the Hon. Edward 
Knox, of Fiona, Sydney, N.S.W., 
merchant, member of the Legislative 
Council, and has issue, foiu- sons and 
four daughters, viz., 

1. George, of Sydney, N.S.W., bar- 
rister, m. Jane de Winton, daugh- 
ter of the late Captain Pryce or 
Price, and d. 9th March, 1888, at 
Cairo, aged 42 years, having had 

2. Edward, of Sydney, merchant, 
m. May, 1878, Edith, third daugh- 
ter of Joseph Scaife Willis, Esq. 
of Sydney, by Janet, his wife, 
tifth daughter of Robert Speir, 
Esq. of Burnbrae, Renfrewshire, 
Scotland (see SpEiEof Burnbrae 
AND CuLDEES in Burke's 
Landed Oentry), and has issue ; 
1, Dorothy ; 2, Marjorie. 

3. Thomas Forster, a meichant of 



Sydney, m. 3rd May, 1S86, at Port 
Fairy, Victoria, Amy Hope, second 
daughter of the late John Ritchie, 
Esq. of Boodcarra and Aringa 
aforesaid, J. P., and sister of Mrs. 
Thomas Forster Rutledge, of 
4. Adrian, of Sydney, barrister. 

1. Clara Elizabeth, m. 20th Decem- 
ber, 1876, William Oswald Gil- 
christ, Esq. of 200, Queen' s-gate, 
London, S.W., and lias issue (see 

2. Jessie, m. Eric Mackay, Esq. 

3. Fanny. 

4. Kate. 

The eldest son, 

William Etjtledge, Esq. of Farnliam 
P^rk, Warrnambool. Victoria, J.P., member of 
tlie Legislative Assenibly , and one of the earliest 
and best known of the pioneers of the colony 
of Victoria, b. January, 1806. at Ballymagirl ; 
m. 1840, Eliza, daughter of Richard Kirk, 
Esq. of Sydney, for some time an army 
surgeon, and d. 1st June, 1876, leaving by 
her (who d. at Farnham Park, Warrnambool, 
31st August, 1888) two sons and five daugh- 
ters, viz., 

I. Thomas Foksteb, of whom we treat. 

II. William Rupert, see next article. 

I. Jane Martlia, m. 1861, Lieutenant- 
General James Farrell Pennycuick, 
E.A., C.B., of 22, Linden-road, Bed- 
ford, England, and of the Junior 
L^nited Service Club, London, formerly 
Laird of Soilzarie and Logic, Perth- 
shire, Scotland, reputed head of the 
ancient family of Pennycuick, of that 
ilk, CO. Edinburgh ; eldest son of the 
gallant Colonel John Pennycuick, C.B., 
K.H., of Soilzarie and Logie, eo. 
Perth, and of the 24th Regiment 
(who was killed at Cliillianwallah, 
East Indies, in 1819), by his wife, the 
daughter of the late Rev. James 
Farrell, vicar of Lauesbro', and Rath- 
owen, CO. Longford. Lieutenant- 
General Pennycuick was b. in 1829 ; 
served during the Crimean War from 
November, 1854, and was present at 
the battle of Inkerman, and siege of 
Sebastopol (5th class of the Medjidie), 
served also in the Indian Mutinj', 
1857 — 8, including the relief of 
Lucknow and battle of Cawnpore; 
and in China, 1860, and was present 
at Tangku, capture of Taku Forts, and 
surrender of Pekin. He was placed 
on the retired list, 1886. He has, 
with other issue, wlio d. young, 

1. Alick, military cadet. 

2. Jack, residing in Victoria since 

3. Elliot. 

4. Charles. 

1. Ruth, m. at Christ Church, 
Warrnambool, Victoria, 15th 
July, 1885, James Bruce Gill, 
Esq. of Runnymede, Casteiton, 

CO. Normanby, Victoria, and 
Greenvale, Dalrymple, North 
Kennedy District, Queensland, 
Australia (see Gill of Runny- 

2. Edith. 

3. Maud. 

4. Etliel. 

5. Ada. 

II. Eliza Emily, m. 9th July, 1868, to 
His Honour Hickmau Molesworth, 
since 1886 judge of the Court of Insol- 
vency, Victoria, formerly County Court 
judge (who was 6. 23rd February, 1842), 
elder son of the late Hon. Sir Robert 
Molesworth, knt., of Edlington, Mel- 
bourne (see Molesworth of Edling- 
ton), judge of the Supreme Court at 
Victoria, 1856 to 1886 ; and by him (who 
m. secondly, 15th June, 1882, Alice 
Henrietta, daughter of Dr. Ffloyd 
Minter Peck, of Sale, Gippsland, 
Victoria, previously of Newmarket, 
and has issue by her, Elanie, Lynette, 
and one other child) had issue, 

1. Robert Arthur, b. 6th July, 1871. 

2. William Farnham, b. 7th March, 

1. Enid Josephine. 

2. Emily Maud. 

III. Martha, m. 25th June, 1872, Thomas 
Macknight Hamilton, Esq. of Ensay, 
North Gippsland, Victoria, J.P. (see 
Hamilton of Ensat), and by him 
(who was b. 5th May, 1844) has issue, 

1. William Rutledge, b. 8th July, 

2. Robert Ion, b. 16th Julv, 1878. 

3. Jauies Irvine, b. 20th July, 1880. 

4. Thomas Ion, b. 6th March, 1882. 

1. Eliza Ruth. 

2. Norah. 

3. Enid Mary. 

4. Edith Gordon. 

IV. Susanna, m. Thomas Falkner Fleet- 
wood, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S. (Dublin) 
of Warrnambool, Victoria, and has 

1. Thomas Falkner. 

2. Charles. 

1. Ruby Eliza. 

2. Sybil Mary. 

3. P'earl. 

r. Edith, m. Ist June, 1875, at Christ 
Church, Warrnambool, John McKellar, 
Esq. of Tarrone, Victoria, eldest son 
of Thomas McKellar, Esq. of Strath- 
kellar and Croxton, Hamilton, Vic- 
toria, Australia, and of Lerags, Oban, 
Argyllshire, Scotland, J.P. in Vic- 
toria, and late member of the Legis- 
lative Council of Victoria (see 
McKellar of Strathkellar, Crox- 
ton, and Lerags), and by him (who 
was b. 28th October, 1850,' and d. 5tli 
August, 1885) has had issue, 

1. Neville Thomas, b. 22nd March, 

2. Ion Kirk, b. 1st December, 1880. 

3. Alan Campbell, b. 25th July, 1882. 


4. Eric Eutledge, b. 8th May, 1884. 

5. John, b. 28th September, 1885. 
Mrs. McKellar now resides at Farnham 

Park, Victoria. 

The Hon. William Butledge owned land 

near Kilmore, together with the great Farn- 

liam special survey of 5,000 acres. He and 

his brothers were landowners, merchants, 

and bankers at Fort Fairy, or Belfast as it is 
also called, of which place Mr. Rutledge was 
magistrate, mayor, and alderman. 

Crest used — A mural coronet. Motto — 
Cor onat fides. 

Residence and Estate — Werronggurt, 
Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. 

Club — Melbourne. 

Eutletrije xif Jfaniftam ^arlt antr ^I)ntocicitr. 

EUTLEDGE, WILLIAM RUPERT, Esq. of Farnham Park, Dennington ; 
and of Slierwood, Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, J. P., h. 14tli July, 
1849 ; TO. 1877, Margaret Lorraine, second daughter of William Armstrong, 
Esq. of Hexham Park, co. Villiers, J. P., and has issue, 

I. William Lorraine Leslie. 

II. John Horace Douglas. 

I. Dorothy. 

II. Janet Isabel. 

Lineage — See preceding memoir. 

Residences and 'Estates — Farnham Park, Dennington ; and Sherwood, 
Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. 
Cluh — Melbourne. 

SSHrtjCiDn of Eajttn. 

WRIXON, HON. HENRY JOHN, of Raheen, Studley Park-road, Kew, 
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, member of the Legislative Assembly, 
Victoria; h. in Dublin, Ireland, Octobei^ 18^9; in. 17th December, 1872, 
Charlotte, daughter of the Hon. Henry Miller, of Findon, Kew, Melbourne (who 
d. 7th February, 1888), chairman of the Bank of Victoria, one of the early settlers 
find legislators of Victoria, son of Captain Henry Miller, of the 40th Regiment of 
Foot, who was present at the battle of Waterloo ; and widow of Musgrave 
Wroughton Anderson, Esq. [by whom she had issue, Lilian Charlotte, m. at Holy 
Trinity Church, Kew, 13th February, 1889, Alan Sidney Stanley, Esq. of Long- 
stoweHall,Cambridge, J. P. CO. Cambridge, 6.1861 ; second son of Captain Sidney 
Stanley, of Longstowe Hall, Cambridge, M.A. (Camb.), J. P. cos. Cambridge 
and Huntingdon, and D.L. co. Cambridge, late captain 1st Hunts Light Horse 
(Duke of Manchester's), and high sheriff for cos. Cambridge and Hunts, 
1873 — 74, who was h. 21st December, 1828, and assumed by royal licence, 
la56, the surname of Stanley, in lieu of his patronymic, being the only sur- 
viviDg son of William Wentworth, Esq. of Cambridge (see Stanley Of Long- 
STOWE Hall, in Burke's Landed Gentry) ; and Helen Maud, m. at St. George's, 
Hanover-square, co. Middlesex, 18th December, 1890, Charles Wentworth 
Stanley, Esq. of Longstowe Hall, Cambridge, M.A. (Camb.), J.P. co. Cam- 
bridge, and, from 1885, captain 4th batt. Suffolk Regiment of Militia, h. 1860, 
eldest son of Captain Sidney Stanley, of Longstowe Hall, Cambridge, M.A., 
J.P. and D.L.], and has issue, 

I. Arthur Henry, h. 1878. 

II. John Melbourne, h. 1881. 
I. Charlotte Mabel, h. 1875. 



Ml'. Wrixon arrived in Australia in 1850 ; in 1858 returned to Ireland, and 
-was educated at the University of Dublin ; called to the Irish Bar in 1860 , 
returned to Victoria in 1863, where he was admitted to the Bar towards the 
end of that year ; was junior counsel in the celebrated cases of the Queen v. 
Beaney, aud Cornish and Bruce v. the Queen, when a verdict was recorded for 
'260,00UZ. In 1868 he was returned for Belfast, in 1870 took office as solicitor- 
general in the M'Culloch Ministry, and in February, 1886, was appointed 
attorney-general, which office he vacated in 1890. In 1871 he brought in and 
carried " The Criminal Law Amendment Bill." 


This family lived at Ballygiblin, co. Cork, 
Ireland, and the progenitor in that kingdom 
is said to have been a soldier who came over 
with Cromwell. 

Heney Weixon, Esq. of Ballygiblin, co. 
Cork, had a sister Mrs. Anne Samuels, as 
appears by his will dated 13th April, 1714, 
which was proved 9th October, 1714. By 
Catherine, his wife, he had issue, 

I. Nicholas, of whom presently. 

II. Robert, of Killroe, co. Cork, d. 1750. 
By Mary, his wife, he had issue, 
besides two daughters (the elder of 
whom m. . . . BuUen, Esq., and 
the younger )». Alderman William Win- 
throp, by whom she had a daughter, 
Bridget), two sons, Henry and Robert. 

III. John, of Blossan Fort, co. Cork, 
d. 1744. He had issue, 1. Henry, of 
Blossan Fort, d. 1778 ; 2. Robert, of 
Cork, d. 1768, having had, by Mildred, 
his wife, John, Benjamin, father of 
Henry, and Bridget; and 3. John, 
Alderman of Cork, whose daughter, 
Elizabeth, m. . . Hannings, Esq. 

IV. Henry, of Glenfleld, co. Cork, d. 
1732, having had by Mary, his wife, 
sister of John Yeamans, Esq. : 1. Yea- 
mans ; 2, Henry, of Glenfleld ; 3, 
John; 4. Eduiond; 5. Nicholas; 
I.Mary; 2. Catherine ; 3. Susanna; 
4. Dionisia ; and 5. Alicia. 

I. J^llinor, m. Roger Crofts, Esq., and 
had a daughter, Alicia. 

II. Alicia, m. . . . Freeman, Esq. 

III. Adavighter, m. . . . Lake, Esq., 
by whom she had a son, Henry. 

Nicholas Weixox, Esq. of Ballygiblin, 
m. the daughter of Charles Bastable, Esq. 
of Castlemagner, and sister of Arthur Bas- 
table, Esq., and John Bastable, Esq., and d. 
1740, leaving issue, a daughter. Charity (who 
m. Arthxu- Lysaght, Esq., brother of John, 
Lord Lisle), and a son, 

Hexey Nicholas Weixon, Esq. of 
Assolas, CO. Cork, who m. Anne, daughter of 
William Mansfield, Esq., and d. 1794, 
leaving, besides a daughter, Mary (who d. 
1810, having m. 30th May, 1772, as his 1st 
wife, William Hare, Esq., who was elevated 
to the peerage, 31st July, 1800, as Baeon 
Ennismoee, CO. Keeey; and furtlier 
15th January, 1816; and Eael oi' Lis- 

TOWEL, 5th February, 1822. See Burke's 
Peerage), a son, 

William Weixon, Esq. of Ceoilsk, co. 
Cork, who m. Mary, daughter of John Town- 
send Becher, Esq. of Annisgrove (by Mary, his 
wife, daughter of the Rev. Morgan Donovan), 
and sister and heir of Henry Becher, Esq. 
of Creagh, both co. Cork, and had issue, 

William, of Ballygiblin, b. in 1780; 
assumed the additional surname and 
arms of Bechee, and was created a 
baronet, 30th September, 1831. He 
m. at Kilfane, co. Kilkenny, 18th De- 
cember, 1819, the very celebrated 
actress, Elizabeth, daughter of John 
O'Neill, Esq., and d. October, 1850, 
his widow dying 29th October, 1872. 
His son is the present Sir Henry 
Wrixon- Becher, Bart., of Balhgiblin, 
CO. Cork. See Burke's Peerage, 
Baronetage, and Knightage. 

John Michael, barrister-at-law. 
Nicholas, in holy orders. 
Marianne, m. to Thomas Harris, Esq. of 
Bathview, Mallow, co. Cork, and has 
several children. 
Jane Charlotte. 

Georgiana, m. to Robert De la Cour, jun., 

of Fairy Hill, co. Cork, Esq. 

Aethue Nicholas Weixon, of the 

Dragoon Guards, believed to be a descendant 

of the family of Wrixon of B.'illygiblin, m. 

Maria Bentley, by whom he had a son. 

Judge Aethue Nicholas Weixon, of 
Barker's-road, Kew, Melbourne, Yictoria, and 
afterwards of Harcourt-street, Dublin, Ire- 
land, who was b. in 1810; emigrated to 
Australia in 1850, but afterwards returned 
to Ireland ; m-. in 1832, Charlotte Matilda, 
daughter of Captain William Bace, of Fair 
View, Clontarf, Dublin (who fought under 
Wellington througliout the Peninsular War, 
was, for a short time, in command of his 
regiment at Toulouse, and received the 
Toulouse gold medal), and d. in Ireland, 
1861, having had bv her (who was b. in 
1821, and d. in Ireland, 1859), 

I. William Henry, of Barker's-road, 
Kew, Melbourne, J. in 1833; ««m. 

II. Arthur Nicholas, episcopal minister 
in the L^nited States, b. in 1835 ; unm. 

III. Heney John (Hon.), now of Raheen. 
J?e*(Wc«ce — Raheen, Studley Park-road 

Kew, Melbourne, Yictoria, Australia. 



aeapne xif jHilton. 

WAYNE, FREDERICK, Esq. of Milton, Otago, New Zealand, b. 1st April, 
1834; emigrated to New Zealand in 1859; m. 27tli August, 1863, 
Agatlia Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. George Barker, of Cambridge, by 
Elizabeth Ann Christmas, his wife, and has had issue, 

I. Frederick George, b. 2-2nd March, 1868. 

II. Herman Milford, b. 18th March, 1869. 

III. Edward Salmon, b. 4th June, 1870. 

IV. Thomas Henry Babington, h. 24th February, 1874. 

I. Eveline Mary, b. January, 1867 ; d. in infancy. 

II. Mary Argent, b. loth April, 1872. 


The family of Wayne formerly held pro- 
perty in the Peak of Derbyshire, England, 
which was sold by the present head of 
the family, the Rer. W. H. Wayne, in 

Of this family was Colonel Wayne, who 
was killed at Nantwieh, 1646, during the 
Civil Wars, fighting for the King. 

William: Watxe, Esq., the great grand- 
father of Mr. Frederick Wayne, m. Maria 
Downes (who m. 2ndly, Henry Flint, Esq., 
and d. at Duffield, near Derby, about the 
year 1831), and d. at Duffield, near Derby, 
1783, leaving an only son, 

William Henry Wayne, Esq., who held 
land in the parish of Duffield, near Derby, 
and lived the latter part of his life at Much 
Wenlock, Shroptliire. He m. about the 
year 1802, Anne Salmon, and d. October, 
1856, having had by her (who d. April, 
11^54, and was buried with her husband at 
Much Wenlock) an only son, 

Ret. William Hexet Wayne, M.A., 
of Quorndon House, Derby, and of Aberar- 
tro, CO. Merioneth, Wales, vicar of Much 
Wenlock, Shropshire ; m. lUtli February, 
1829, Jane, daughter of the late Samuel 
Frederick Milford, Esq., J. P. and D.L., d. 
at Much Wenlock, 20th December, 1872, 
and was buried there, having had by her 
(wlio d 7th February, 1875) five sons and 
three daugliters, 

I. William Henry (Rev.), of Quorndon 
House, Derbyslaire, rector of Willey- 
cum-Barrow, Broseley, co. Salop, b. 
1832 ; was educated at Trinity Col- 
lege, Cambridge (B.A. 1856), hi. 1856, 
Eliza, daughter of Captain H. Foskett, 
of the 14th Light Dragoons, and has 

1. William Henry Foskett, b. 1862. 

2. Herman G. W. 

1. Mary Geraldine. 

2. Lilian Gertrude Frederica. 
Tl. Feedehick, of whom we treat.. 

III. Herman, of Tinkwood Hall, Much 
Wenlock, Shropshire, and of the 

Army and Navy Club, London, J.P. 
for Wenlock, retired Lieutenant-Col. 
4lh Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 
formerly Captain 10th Regiment of 
Foot, i. 23 rd March, 1838; educated 
at Cheltenham College ; m. 1st, 20tli 
August, 1862, Theresa Louisa. 3rd 
daughter of the late Sir William 
Edward Rouse- Boughton, Bart., of 
Lawford Hall, co. Warwick, and of 
Downton Hall, co. Salop, F.R.S. (by 
Charlotte, his wife, youngest daughter 
of Thomas Andrew Knight, Esq. of 
Wormsley Grange, President of the 
Horticultural Society, and niece of R. 
Payne Knight, Esq. of Downton 
Castle, CO. Hereford, the celebrated 
Grecian), and sister of Sir Charles 
Henry Rouse-Boughton, Bart., and by 
lier (who d. 26th March, 1872) had 

1. Francis Herman Milford, B.A., 
of Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A., 
b. 1863; educated at Magdalene 
College, Cambridge; m. 28th No- 
Tember, 1887, Charlotte Isabella 
Blanche, youngest daughter of the 
late Sir George Kinloch, Bart., 
proprietor of the baronies of Kin- 
loch and Balmyle, &c., and Lord 
of the Manor of Meigle, co. Perth, 
a member of the Scotch bar, J.P. 
and D.L. (see Burke's Peerage 
and Barovefage). 

1. Theresa S. C, b. 1865. 

2. Frederica Laura, b. 1866. 

He m. 2ndly, 21st January, 1874, the 
Hon. Eleanor Louise, elder daughter 
of St.. Andrew Beauchamp, 14th 
Lord St. John of Bletsho (by Eleanor, 
his wife. 2nd daughter of Vice- 
Admiral Sir Richard Hussey Hussey, 
K.C.B., G.CM.G., of Wood Walton), 
and sister of Sir St. Andrew St. John, 
15th Baron St. John of Bletsho, and 
a baronet, and by her has issue, 
2. St. John, b. 1877. 



IV. Robert Sewallis, of Aberartro, near 
Llanbedr, co. Merioneth, Wales, and 
of the Junior Carlton Club, London, 
J .P. for CO. Merioneth, b. 1842 ; edu- 
cated at the University of Cambridge 
(B.A. 1863, M.A. 1867), called to the 
Bar at the Inner Temple, 1868. By 
Georgina, his wife, he has issue, 

1. Robert Hamilton. 

2. Edward Dalrvmple. 

3. Philip Grant. 

1. Georgina Milford. 

2. Marj Susan. 

3. Lilian Sewallis. 

V. Edward Foskett (Rev.), M.A. of the 
University of Cambridge, vicar of 
Church Preen, Shrewsbury, co. Salop, 
m. Mary L. Harnage. 

I. Mary Milford, d. 1869. 

II. Jane Foskett, d. 18.54. 

III. Sophia Caroline, unm. 

Arms — Gu. a chev. arm. between three 
dexter gauntlets or. Crest — A pelican feed- 
ing her young or, collared gu., on the body 
an erm. spot, nest az. Motto — In te domine 

Residence — Milton, Otago, New Zealand. 

a JSetfeett of jHtUxmrnt. 



of Melbourne ; The Grange, and Kalora Park, Berwick ; and West 
Lavington, Anderson's Inlet, South Gipps Land, Victoria, Australia, member 
of the Executive Council of Victoria, fellow commoner of Downing College, 
Cambridge, barrister-at-law of the Inner Temple, formerly, from 1868 — 7Q, 
a member of the Legislative Council, and representative of the Duffy 
Administration from 1871 — 2, I. 7th July, 1833, baptised at St. Paul's, 
Hammersmith, co. Middlesex, England ; m. at St. Peter's, Melbourne, 
17th September, 1855, Emma, daughter and sole heir of John Mills, Esq. of 
Melboui'ne, formerly of Gloucester, England, and has issue, 

I. William Gilbert, of Jesus College, Cambridge, and of the Inner Temple, 

h. at Brighton, near Melbourne, 10th April, 1864, unm. 

II. Arthur Hayward, of Downing College, Cambridge, h. at The Grange, 

CO. Mornington, Victoria, 18th June, 1867, registered at Berwick 
under the name of Arthur St. Thomas a Beckett. 

I. Emily, h. at Hyde Park-gate, co. Middlesex, England, 20th June, 1857 ; 

m. at Berwick, Victoria, 16th February, 1884, Benjamin Talworth 
Paine Backhouse, Esq. of Melbourne, and has issue. 

II. Emma Minna, h. at CoUingwood, near Melbourne, 23rd November, 

1858 ; m. at St. Kilda, Melbourne, 14th January, 1886, Arthur Merric 
Boyd, Esq. of St. Kilda, and has issue. 

III. Constance Matilda, h. at Prahran, Victoria, 8th May, 1860 ; m. F. P. 

Brett, Esq. 
IT. Ethel Beatrice Tsobel, 6. at Berwick, aforesaid, 4th September, 1866. 

By royal licence, dated 18th April, 1888, he and his issue were authorised 
to continue to use the surname of a Beckett, aud to bear the arms of a Beckett 
with proper distinctions. 


William a Beckett, Esq. of The Grange, 
Haverstock Hill, co. Middlesex, England, 
and of Golden-square, London, solicitor, 
captain in the St. James's Volunteer Corps, 
the grandfather of the present Hon. W. A. 
C. h, Beckett, was 6. 11th April, 1777, at 

Deverdale, co. Worcester, m. at St. George's, 
Hanover-square, London, 17th February, 
1801, Sarah, daughter of .... Abbott, 
Esq. He d. September, 1855, and was 
buried at Paddinglon, co. Middlesex, having 
had issue, 



I. William (Sir), of whom presently. 

II. Thomas Turner (Hon.), of Walmer 
House, CoUingwood, Victoria, b. in 
London, 13th September, 1808, edu- 
cated at Westminster School, practised 
in England as a solicitor for about 
twenty years ; subsequently emigrated 
to Victoria, arriving in Melbourne, 
January, 1851. The following year 
he became a memher of the Legislative 
Council, and in 1857, registrar of the 
Church of England diocese of Mel- 
bourne ; was commissioner of customs 
under Sir James M'CuUoch, and some- 
time chairman of the Hobson's Bay 
Railway Company. His eldest son is 
the Hon. Thomas a Beckett, of Mel- 
bourne, puisne judge of Supreme Court, 
Victoria, who was b. 1837, called to 
the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1859, and 
appointed a puisne judge of Victoria, 
1886. He m. 1864, Isabella, daughter 
of Sir Archibald Michie, K.C.M.a., 
Q.C, of St. Kilda, Melbourne. 

III. G-Ubert Abbott, of Hyde Park-gate, 
CO. Middlesex, metropolitan police 
magistrate, b. 17th February and 
baptised at St. James's, Piccadilly, 
London, 6th May, 1811, m. at St. 
Greorge's-in-the-East, co. Middlesex, 
21st January, 1835, Mary Anne, 
daughter of Joseph Glossop, Esq. of 
Silver Hall, Isleworth, co. Middlesex. 
She d. 1861. He d. at Boulogne-sur- 
Mer, France, 30th August, 1856 ; 
having had issue, 

1. Gilbert Arthur, of Micliael's- 
grove, Brompton, co. Middlesex, 
*. 7th April, 1837, m. 15th 
November, 1862, Emily, daughter 
of William Hunt, Esq. of Bath, 
CO. Somerset, and has issue, 

I. Gilbert William Francis, i. 
at Talbot-terrace, Padding- 
ton, London, d. August, 1884, 
and was buried at Thorndon, 
CO. Essex. 

I. Minna, b. at Talbot-terrace, 

2. Albert, of the War Office and of 
Brompton-square, London, b. 
10th May, 1840, m. at St. James's, 
Piccadilly, London, 1862, Susan 
Emily Eccleston, but has no issue. 

8. Arthur William, of Temple- 
gardeus, and of Gloucester-street, 
Warwick-square, co. Middlesex, 
b. at Portland House, North End, 
Fulham, co. Middlesex, 25th 
October, 1844. By royal licence, 
dated 18th April, 1888, he and 
his issue were authorised to con- 
tinue to use the surname of 
k Beckett, and to bear the arms of 
k Beckett with proper distinctions. 
He m. at the Roman Catholic 
Chapel, Spanish-place, Maryle- 
bone, CO. Middlesex, 17th Feb- 
ruary, 1876, Susanna Frances, 
elder daughter of Forbes Winslow, 

Esq. of Cavendish-square, co. 
Middlesex, M.D., D.C.L., and has 


I. Arthur Thomas, b. at Marine 
Parade, Brighton, co. Sussex, 
3rd January, 1877. 

II. GQbei't Forbes, b. at 
Brighton, CO. Sussex, 15th No- 
vember, 1878, d. the next day. 

III. Patrick Abbott Forbes 
Winslow, b. in Cavendish- 
square, CO. Middlesex, 17th 
March, 1880. 

IV. Walter Horace Francis, b. 
in Cavendish-square, 30th 
March, 1881. 

4. Walter Horace Callander, b. at 
Hyde Park-gate, London, 1st May, 
1847, d. at Boulogne-sur-Mer, 
France, 28th August, 1856. 

1. Fanny Matilda, b. 9th February, 
1836, m. at Holy Trinity, Bromp- 
ton, CO. Middlesex, November, 
1859, Sir Henry Leland Harrison, 
Knt., B.A., of 3, Kyd-street, 
Calcutta, commissioner of police 
and chairman of Corporation of 
Calcutta, son of Rev. J. H. 
Harrison, of Bugbrooke House, 
CO. Northampton. 

2. Florence Mary Anne, b. at Hyde 
Park-gate, London, 18th June, 
1853, mim. 

IT Arthur Martin, F.R.C.S., b. in 
London, educated at the London 
University and at Paris ; was some- 
time staff surgeon to the British 
Legion in Spain ; arrived in Sydney, 
New South Wales, 1838, where he 
continued to practise his profession. 
He was for several years a luember of 
the Legislative Council, left the colony 
in 1858, but returned to Sydnev in 
1865, and d. there, 23rd May, 1871, 
aged 59 years. 

I. Sarah, b. 15th December, 1804, m. 
John Livingstone Callander, Esq., 
surgeon, 7th Hussars. 

II. Matilda Sophia, b. I7th December, 
1813, m. 28th January, 1836, John 
Sympson, Esq., and d. 30th January, 

HI. Emily Elizabeth, b. 13th March, 
1815, m. Thomas Morel, Esq. 

IV. Agnes Sophia, b. 1816, d. unni. 1835. 

V. Margaret Louisa, b. 11th August, 
1817, m. Thomas Hull Terrell, Esq., 
barrister-at-law and county court judge, 
and d. December, 1871. 

SiE William aBeceett, first chief justice 
of Victoria, b. in London, 28th July, 1806, edu- 
cated at Westminster School, called to the 
bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1829, emigrated to 
New South Wales, arriving in Sydney by the 
ship "City of Edinboro," in May, 1837, whs 
appointed solicitor-general in 1841 ; in 1846 
was made a judge of the supreme court for 
the district of Port Phillip, and in 1851, chief 
justice of Victoria, retiring in 1857. He m. 
Ist, at St. Pancras, co. Middlesex, 1st October, 



1832, Emily, daughter of Edward Hayley, 
Esq. of London, and by her (who was b. 2nd 
March, 1810, d. 1st June, 1841, and was 
buried at New Town, New South Wales) had 

I. William Aethfe Callandee, of 
whom we treat. 

II. Malwyn, of Melbourne, b. 26th 
September, 1834, baptised at St. 
Paul's, Hammersmith, co. Middlesex. 
By Affra Anne, his wife, he has issue. 

III. Edward FitzHayley, b. 16th April, 
1836, baptised at St. Andi-ew's, 
Holborn, co. Middlesex. By Deodata 
Jane, his wife, he has issue. 

IV. Albert Chambers, b. at Leitrim, New 
Town, New South Wales, 1st January, 
1838, d. 1st December, same year. 

T. Reginald Brodhurst, of Melbourne, 
late lieutenant 7th Fusiliers, b. at the 
Grange, co. Mornington, Victoria, 
1st May, 1840. By Selina, his wife, 
he has issue, 

I. Sarah, b. at the Grange, aforesaid, 
Slst May, 1839, d. same day. 

Sir William h Beckett m. secondly, by 
special licence, at Port Phillip, 30th October, 
1849, Matilda, youngest daugliter of Edward 
Hiiyley, Esq., and d. 27(h June, 1869, in 
London, and was buried in Norwood Ceme- 
tery, CO. Surrey. 

Arms — Or on a chev. gu. between three 
lions' heads erased of the last a fleur-de-lis 
between two annulets of the first, all within a 
bordure wavy of the second. Crest — A fieur- 
de-lis az. surmounted with a lion's head 
erased erm., the whole debruised by a bend- 
let sinister wavy or. Motto — Foys sapience 
et chevalerie. 

Residences — Melbourne ; The Grange and 
Kalora Park, Berwick ; West Lavington, 
Anderson's Inlet, South Gipps Land, Victoria, 
Australia ; and Penleigh House, Westbury, 
Wilts, England. 

Club — Melbourne. 

WHARTON, HENRY, Esq. of Highfield, Waiau, Amuri co., Canter- 
bury, New Zealand, 5.28th July, 1844; m. 17tli September, 1879, 
Miss Ellen Caroline Pitman, of Devonshire, England. 


Thomas Whaeton, Esq., M.D., of Old 
Park, CO. Durham, b. 1614 (son of John 
Wharton, of Winstone, who purchased Old 
Park, and 7th in descent from Gilbert 
Wharton, 2nd son of Thomas Whaeton, 
of Wharton and Croglin, and brother of 
Henry Wharton, ancestor of the Duke of 
Wharton), was the celebrated Dr. Wharton, 
who continued to practise physic in London 
during the plague of 1665, and to whom 
King Charles II granted, in consideration 
of his eminent services in attendance upon 
the sick of the foot-guards, an honourable 
augmentation to his paternal coat of arms, 
viz., a canton or. Dr. Wharton, the friend 
and companion of Asholme and Sir William 
Lilly, the astrologer, d. October, lfi73, leaving 
by his wife, Jane, daughter of William Ash- 
bridge, Esq. of London, an only surviving 
son and successor, 

Thomas Wharton, Esq., M.D. (Pembroke 
College, Cambridge), of Old Park, who m. 
twice, but had issue only by his 1st wife, Mary, 
daughter of John Hall, alderman of Durham. 
Dr. Thomas Wharton dying 1714, was s. by 
his eldest son, 

George Wharton, Esq., M.D. (Pembroke 
College, Cambridge), of Old Park. He m. 
Anna Maria, daughter of Wilham Petty, Esq., 
but d. s.p. 21st March, 1739, when the family 
possessions devolved upon his brother, 

Robert Whaeton, Esq. of Old Park, b. 

1690; mayor of Durham in 1729; m. 5th 
May, 1715, Mary, daughter and eventually co- 
heiress of Richard Myddleton, Esq. of 
Offerton, co. Durham (grandson of George 
Middleton, Esq. of Silksworth, by Elizabeth 
his wife, only daughter and heir of Christopher 
Wharton, Esq. of Offerton), and had issue, 
I. Thomas, M.D., A.M., Fellow of Pem- 
broke College, Cambridge, of Old Park, 
the friend and correspondent of Gray, 
the poet, »i. Margaret, daughter of An- 
thony Wilkinson, Esq, of Crossgate, co. 
Durham, by whom (who d. December, 
18(i3) he had issue, Robert, his heir ; 
Richard of Offerton, Fellow and M.A. 
Pembroke College, Cambridge, barris- 
ter-at-law, M.P., chairman of the Ways 
and Means, and subsequently one of 
the joint secretaries of tlie Treasury, b. 
1764, m. Henrietta, daughter of James 
Farrer, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn ; Mar- 
garet ; Elizabeth ; Deborah, m. the 
late Rev. Thomas Brand ; and Cathe- 
rine, 711. Major-Gen. Anthony Salvin. 
Dr. Wharton d. 1794, and was ,s. by 
liis eldest son, Robert Wharton 
Myddleton, b. 1760, of Old Park, and 
of Grinkle Park, co. York (who as- 
sumed the name of Myddleton, under 
the will of his grandmother's brother, 
Francis Myddleton, Esq., on the death, 
in 1801, of Sir Thomas Heron Myddle- 

L 2 



ton, Bart.) ; m. 1st, Miss Penelope 
Stainsby, and had by her, Richard 
Wharton Middleton, of Old Park, co. 
Durham, and Grinkle Park, co. York, 
b. 1795, and d. s.p. 7th October, 1885, 
having m. Francis Penelope (who 
d. Ist September, 1878), daughter of 
Lieut.-Col. Watson ; Anne, m. John 
Wilmer Field, Esq. of Heaton Hall, 
CO. York ; Frances, m. John Wilkin- 
son, Esq. ; and Elizabeth, to. James R. 
Watson, Esq. Mr. Wharton Myddleton, 
m. 2ndly, Elizabeth Sophia, daughter 
of Captain Pococke, of the 1st Regi- 
ment of Life Guards, by whom he had 
issue, Henrietta; Sophia, m. Rev. R. 
Gray ; and Catherine. 

II. RiCHAED, of whom presently. 

III. Jonathan, of London, d. s.p. 1768. 

I. Catherine, m. William Ettrick, Esq., 
of High Barnes, co. Durham. 

II. Elizabeth, m. the Rev. Thomas 

Mr. Wharton d. March, 1752. His 2nd son, 

RiCHAKD Whaeton, Esq. of the city of 
Durham (mayor, 1760), b. 1721 ; m. Anne, 
daughter and heiress of William Lloyd Chan- 
cellor, Esq., and granddaughter of William 
Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester, and had issue an 
only son. 

The Ret. Robert Wharton, M.A. Pem- 
broke College, Cambridge, chancellor of 
Lincoln Cathedral, and archdeacon of Stowe, 
b. 1751 ; m. 1787, Sarah, only child of the 
Rev. John Wlialey, of Huggate, co. York, and 
by her had issue, 

I. William Lloyd, M.A. Pembroke Col- 
lege, Cambridge, of Dryburn, co. Dur- 
ham, J. P., D.L., high sheriff co. Dur- 
ham, 1833—36, b. 18th October, 1789 ; 
m. June, 1818, Frances (who d. 28th 
February, 1879), eldest daughter of the 
Rev. J. H. Jacob, of The Close, 
Salisbury. Mr. Wharton d. 15tli 
November, 1867, and was s. by his 
brother, John Tliomas. 

II. John Thomas, M.A. Pembroke College, 
Cambridge, of Dryburn, and of Aber- 
ford, CO. York, J. P. and D.L., s. his 
elder brother, b. 1795 ; m. 1832, Mary, 
2nd daughter of the Rev. John Henry 
Jacob, prebendary of Salisbury, and 
had issue, 

1. John Lloyd, now of Dryburn, co. 
Durham, J. P. and D.L., and 
Bramham, co. York, J. P., M.P. 
for Durham City, 1871 — 4, and for 
West Riding, East Yorkshire, 
since 1886, chairman Quarter 
Sessions, co. Durham, barrister- 
at-Iaw, b. 18th April, 1837; m. 
20th January, 1870, Susan Frances, 
eldest daughter of Rev. A. Dun- 

combe Shafto, rector of Bi-ance- 
peth, CO. Durham (see Shafto 
OF Whitwoeth, Burke's Landed 
Gentry), who d. 29th March, 1872, 
leaving issue a daughter, Mary 
1. Mary Sarah. 

Mr. J. T. Wharton d. 25th September, 
1871, and was s. by his son. 

III. RoBEET, of whom presently. 

I. Anne Elizabeth, d. 1851. 

II. Catherine, d. 1862. 

The Rev. Robert Wharton, d. 29th January, 
.1808. His 3rd son, 

Robert Wharton, Esq., B.A. St. John's 
College, Cambridge, barrister-at-law, judge 
of tlie County Court, N. R. co. York ; m. 
Katherine Mary, 3rd daughter of the Rev. 
Robert Croft, late canon residentiary of York, 
and d. 27th October, 1849, having had 

I. Robert. 

II. William James Lloyd, Captain R.N. ; 
m. 31st January, 1880, Lucy Georgina, 
daughter of Edward Holland, Esq. of 
Dumbletou, co. Gloucester, sometime 
M.P. for Evesham, co. Worcester, 
and has issue, three sons and one 

III. Henet, of whom we treat. 

I. Elizabeth Anne, in. 30th October, 
1866, Edward Vaughan Richards, Esq., 
Q.C., who d. in October, 1884. 

II. Catherine Alice, m. 11th April, 1860, 
James George Fife, Esq., Lieuti.-Gen. 
R.E., Bombay Army (who was b. 12tli 
September, 1824, see Fife-Cookson, 
Burke's Landed Oentrif), and has 
issue, four sons and five daughters. 

III. Matilda Mary. 

ly. Sai-ah Isabella, m. 4th August, 1874, 
John Walter Buohanan-Riddell, Esq., 
barrister-at-law (who was b. 14th 
March, 1849), nephew of Sir Walter 
Buchanan-Riddell, Bart., of Riddell, 
CO. Roxburgh, Scotland, see Burke's 
Peerage), and has issue, 

I. Walter Robert, b. 21st April, 

I. Katherine Margaret. 

II. Olive Frances. 
HI. Dorothy Isabel. 

Arms — Sa. a maunch arg. and a canton or. 
Quartering, with several others, Kirkby, 
Lancaster, Bolbeck, Montfichet, Middleton, 
Conyers of Bowlby, Conyers of Layton, 
Aton, De Vesci, De Vere, Bertram, Scrope, 
Lloyd, &o. Crest. — A bull's head erased arg. 
horned or. charged with a trefoil vert. 
Motto. — Dio volendo lo faro. 

Residence. — Highfield, Waiau, Amuri co., 
Canterbury, New Zealand. 



atrams ot flohart. 

ADAMS, HON. ROBERT PATTEN, of Hobart, Tasmania, puisne judge, 
. h. 4tliMarcli, 1831 ; m. 1st, Mathilda Adelaide, 2nd daughter of Captain 
George King, R.N., port officer, &c. (who d. 20th October, 1858, aged 
65 years), by Harriet Matilda, his wife (who d. 6th August, 1869), daughter 
of Richard Yaldwyn, Esq. of Blackdown, co. Sussex (who m. 1798) ; and by 
her (who d. 31st March, 1867) has had issue, 

I. Robert Percival, R.N., b. April, 1859 ; to. at Sydney. 

II. Guy Lestrange, d. 18th March, 1864. 

I. Violet Isabel, d. 8th March, 1862. 

II. Adelaide Laura, b. 1862. 

He m. 2ndly, 13th December, 1870, Kate, 4th surviving daughter of George 
Francis Huston, Esq. of New Norfolk, surgeon, J. P., M.H.A., and by her has, 

III. Gerald. 

IV. Francis. 

V. Raymoud. 

VI. Gilbert Waynflete, b. April, 1885. 
III. Madoline, b. 9th September, 1871. 
IT. Helen. 

Mr. Justice Adams was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple, 1st May, 
1854, and to the Tasmanian Bar, 25th September, 1856 ; was formerly 
chairman of Quai'ter Sessions at Launceston, and commissioner. Court of 
Requests ; represented Hobart in the House of Assembly ; appointed solicitor- 
general of Tasmania, 20th December, 1867, and third puisne judge of 
Tasmania, 4th March, 1887. 


WiLiiAM Adams, Esq. of Mai-tock, co. So- 
merset, m. Mary, daughter and co-heir of James 
"White, Esq. of Martock (who d. 19th January, 
1775), by Hannah Cole, liis wife, and left 

J'ames White Adams, Esq. of Martock, 
b. 4th November, 1791 ; m. Mary Ann, daugh- 
ter of James Patten, Esq. of Martock and of 
London, solicitor, and d. 30th July, 1883, 
aged 92, having had by her (who d. 1869), 
seven sons and three daughters, viz., 

I. James, solicitor, m. Martha, sister of 
William Francis Bown Louche, Esq., 
sometime of Durban, Natal, and d. 
leaving issue, a daughter, Marian, m. 
Alfred James South Quekett, Esq. of 
London, solicitor, son of Professor 

II. William, d. young. 

III. RoBERTPATTEN(HoN.),puisnejndge 
of Tasmania. 

IV. Edward Patten (Rev.), of Hagley, 
Tasmania, canon of St. David's, 4. 
27th October, 1832 ; m. Barbara, eldest 
daughter of Walter Angus Bethune, 
Esq. of Dunrobin, and by her has. 

1. Edward, *. 29th May, 1861. 

2. Walter Bethune, b. 11th January, 

3. George Patten, b. at Deloraine, 
20th July, 1866. 

4. John Charles Bethune, b. 28th 
February, 1871. 

5. James Douglas, b. 9th July, 

6. Angus Robert, b. 4th December, 

7. Ronald Eraser, b. 26th December, 

1. Charlotte, b. October, 1859. 

2. Helen Bethune, b. 28th Novem- 
ber, 1864. 

3. Julia Bethune, b. 1st July, 1869. 

4. Mary Bethune, b. 10th December, 

5. Barbara Bethune, b. 9th January, 

T. George Patten, cf Hobart, and for- 
merly of Launceston, Tasmania, solici- 
tor, 6. 2oth Decembi-r, 1833 ; appointed 
recorder of titles, July, 1876, and 



registrar of Supreme Court, April, 
1885 ; m. at Hobart, 5tli September, 
1868, Elizabeth Alice, eldest daughter 
of Johu Dobson, Esq., formerly of Carr 
Hill, Gateshead, co. Durham, and 
afterwards of Hobart, I'asmania, 
solicitor (see Dobson of Hobaet), by 
Kate, his 2nd wife, 4th daughter of 
Eichard Willis, Esq., of Wanstead, 
Tasmania ; and by her (who was b. 
23rd October, 1843) has had issue. 

1. Arthur Dixon, b. 30th May, 
1871 ; deceased. 

2. Sydney Dobson, b. 14th Novem- 
ber, 1876. 

3. Reginald Dobson, b. 22nd June, 

1. Edith Isabel, b. 26th April, 1870. 

2. Catherine Mabel, b. 25th Decem- 
ber, 1873. 

3. Florence Marian, b. 5th March, 

4. Alice Gertrude, b. 16th July, 

Tl. Joseph Dixon, of Martock, M.D., b. 
9th April, 1835; m. Arabella (of 
Taunton), cousin of Robert John 
Beadon, Esq. of Hobart, barrister-at- 
law, and has issue. 

Til. Henry White (Rev.), successively 
of Jericho, Oatlands, Bothwell, and 
Hagley, Tasmania ; m. Xatherine, 
daughter of Rev. Charles Cuthbert 
Southey (6. February, 1819), vicar of 

Kingsbury Episcopi, co. Somerset, son 
of the poet, Robert Southey, and has 
had issue, 

1. Harry Cuthbert, b. 27th June, 

2. Alfred Charles, b. 8th December, 

3. George Edgar, b. 7th May, 1882. 

4. Hubert Southey Dixon, b. 13th 
Septembei", 1886. 

1. Isabelle Annie, b. at Oatlands, 
Tasmania, 4th July, 1869. 

2. Ellen Edith, b. 23rd July, 1870 ; 
d. 20th August, 1870. 

3. Katherine Joan Mary, b. 1st 
November, 1874. 

4. Winifred Marion Bedford, b. 18th 
February, 1876. 

5. Bertha Southey, b. 10th Decem- 
ber, 1877. 

6. Mildred Southey, b. 20th Febru- 
ary, 1879. 

7. Muriel Emily, b. 29th March, 
1880 ; d. 1st October, 1881- 

I. Mary Ann, d. young. 

II. Ellen Coverdale, of Martock. 

III. Isabella Louisa ; m. William Francis 
Bown Louche, Esq., sometime of 
Durban, Natal, brother of Martha 
Louche, before-mentioned, wife of 
James Adams, Esq. Their children 
reside in England. 

Residence — Hobart, Tasmania. 

atfeinson ot B^\M)\\x%t anU %txxit\ %txxit\ 

ATKINSON, HARRY LEIGH, Esq. of Sandhurst and Terrick Terrick 
West, CO. Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, M.D., I. IBth September, 1831, 
at Weaverthorpe, near Scarborough, co. York, England ; m. 1st, 1868, at 
Sandhurst, Victoria, Christiana, daughter of John Morton, Esq. of Sandhurst. 
She d. April, 1877, and was buried at Sandhurst, having left issue, 

I. Amelia Margaret, I. 25th April, 1871. 

II. Helen Louise, h. 28th February, 1873. 

III. Edith, h. 16th March, 1875. 

He m. 2ndly, 30th April, 1878, at Sandhurst, Caroline Evelyn, daughter of 
Thomas Moulden, Esq. of Sandhurst, and by this lady (who died 23rd 
Tebruary, 1881, and was buried at Sandhurst) bad issue, 

I. Evelyn Leigh, I. 4th June, 1879. 

II. Evelyn John Rupert, h. 3rd February, 1881. 

He m. 3rdly, 17th December, 1884, at Sandhurst, Fanny Ellen Betger, daughter 
of William John Boobier, Esq. of Sandhurst. This lady d. s.p. 8th October, 
1886, and was interred at Sandhurst. In 1883 Dr. Atkinson acquired the 
Terrick Terrick West and Auckmore Estates, co. Bendigo, Victoria, consistiug 
of about 50,000 acres. 




The Kev. Moset Atkinson, incumbent 
of Langtoft and curate of Sledmere, co. York, 
England, great grandfather, of Dr. Harry 
Leigh Atkinson, was b. in Cumberland, and 
educated at the College of St. Bees in that 
county. He subsequently settled in co. York. 
His son. Mosey Atkinson, Esq., was a solici- 
tor at Malton, co. York, and m. Elizabeth 
Sellars, by whom he had issue, 

I. John, of wliom presently. 

II. Thomas, of Kilham, co. York, sur- 
geon, m., and had with other issue, 
a son, Thomas Parkin, of Kilham, 

III. William, of Filey, co. York, surgeon, 

The eldest son, 

John Atkinson, Esq. of Weaverthorpe, 
CO. York, surgeon, h. in 1802 ; m. in 1828, 
Amelia, daughter of James Wilson, Esq. of 
Thirkleby, co. York, (she d. April, 1856), 
and d. 1803, leaving issue, 

Haery LEiaH, of whom we treat. 

Residences— ^andhnvit and Terrick Ter- 
rick West, county of Bendigo, Victoria, 

Esfcites — Terrick Terri'-k West, Auck- 
more, both co. Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. 

jMiller tA Sititjat. 

MILLER, HON. WILLIAM, Q.C., of Auchat, Cape Breton, Canada, 
senator of tlie Dominion of Canada and ex-speaker of the Senate. He 
■was called to the Bar, May, 1860 ; represented the county of Richmond in the 
Provincial Legislature in 1863 ; was one of the senators named in the Royal 
Proclamation of Union in 1867 ; appointed Queen's Counsel 1872 ; was twice 
offered a seat on the bench, which honour he refused ; and was appointed 
speaker of the Senate, 17th October, 1883, a post he held until the dissolution 
of Parliament in 1887 ; h. at Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 12th February, 1835 ; 
educated at the Grammar School, St. Andrews, and the Antigonish Academy ; 
TO. October, 1871, Annie, daughter of the Hon. James Cochran, of the city of 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, but has no issue. 


This family is of Irish descent, having 
emigrated from Belfast, Ireland, in 1720, 
and settled in Maine, U.S. In 1760 some 
members of the family removed to Maine, 
Nova Scotia, the great grandfather of the 
Hon. William Miller having been one of the 
original grantees of the township of Truro. 
His grandson, Chaeies Milleb, Esq., h. at 
Antigonish, in. 182S, Eliza, daughter of 

Eichard Smith, Esq. of Wicklow, Ireland, 
and by her (who d. 1887J left at his decease, 

Hon. William Millee. 

Residence — Auchat, Cape Breton, Dominion 
of Canada. 

Propeftif — In city of Halifax and Kich- 
mond CO., Cape Breton. 

©libtr of CnUante. 

OLIVER, HON. RICHARD, of Tolcarne, Maori-hill, near Dunedin, New- 
Zealand, member of the Legislative Council of New Zealand, minister 
of Public Works, 1879—81 ; member of the Executive Council, without 
portfolio, 1882—84 ; and postmaster-general, 1884-, h. 21st February, 1830 ; m. 
1st, 18th June, 1858, Ellen, daughter of William Purchase, Esq. of Penzance, 
CO.' Cornwall, England, and 2udly, 19th August, 1885, Louise d'Bste, 
daughter of J. S. Courtney, Esq. of Alverton House, Penzance, co. Cornwall 



(who d. 1881), and sister of tlie Eiglit Hon. Leonard Henry Courtney, M.P., 
P.O., M.A., of 15, Cheyne-walk, and of the Reform and Athenfeum Clubs, 
London, second wrangler and fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge (who 
was h. 1832, called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1858, bencher 1889, professor 
of political economy at University College, 1872 — 75, under secretary of state 
for the Home Department in 1880, and for the Colonies in 1881 — 82, financial 
secretary to the Treasury, 1882 — 8-1, and deputy speaker and chairman of 
committees (House of Commons) from 1886, M.P. for Liskeard 1876 — 85, and 
for S.E. Cornwall from 1885), but has no issue. 


John Olitee, Esq., d. 1800. By Katherine 
Jasper, his wife (who d. 1829), he had a 

Robert Oliver, Esq. of Penzance, co. 
Cornwall ; m. 1819, Elizabeth Fox, of Ludg- 

van, CO. Cornwall, who d. 1874. He d. 1871, 
leaving issue, 

the present Hon. Eichakd Olitee. 

Residence — Tolcarne, Maori - hill, near 
Dunediu, New Zealand. 

JSadlie af CiDnrafe antr Hap. 

BAILLIE, SIR GEORGE, Bart., of Ognez, Toorak, near Melbourne, 
Victoria ; and Benerembah, Hay, New South Wales, Australia, J. P. in 
Victoria and Queensland, h. 20th October, 1856 ; educated at the Scotch 
College, Melbourne, and Caius College, Cambridge, taking B.A. degree in 
1881 ; succeeded to the title of baronet at the decease of his uncle, Sir William 
Baillie, Bart., in 1890. 


Thomas Baillie, of Polkemmet, Linlith- 
gowshire, Scotland, m. Anne, daughter of 
'Thomas Ingles, of Murdistoun, and had issue, 
Thomas, his successor, served heir to his 
father in 1667. Thomas Baillie, of Polkem- 
met, son of this last Thomas, and served to 
him in 1704, was father of Thomas Baillie, 
of Polkemmet, whose son and successor, 

William Baillie, of Polkemmet, ad- 
mitted to the Scottish Bar, 1758, was made a 
judge of the court of session, by the title of 
Lord Polkemmet, 14th November, 1793, which 
office he resigned in 1811. lie m. 1st, 3rd 
December, 1768, Margaret, daughter of Sir 
James Colquhoun, 4th baronet of Luss, and 

William, created a baronet. 

James, b. 1782 ; in the civil service of 

the E.I.C.; d. unm. 
Robert, R.N., b. in 1790 ; d. unm. 
Isabella, d. unm. 1844. 
Mary, m. to James Johnston, Esq. of 

Helen, d. unm. 1826. 
Janet, m. 25th August, 1804, to David 

John Campbell, Esq. of Skerrington. 
Eliza, m. to James Campbell, Esq. of 

Penuel Jane, m. to Earquhar Campbell, 
Esq. of Ormsary. 
Lord Polkemmet m. 2ndly, 15th April, 1803, 

Janet, sister of Sir John Sinclair, Bart., of 
Ulbster, and d. 14th March, 1816, and was s. 
by his son, 

SiE William Baillie, of Polkemmet, b. 
in 1784, created a baronet, 14th November, 
1823; w,. 1815, Mary Lyon, daughter of 
James Dennistoun, Esq. of Colgrain (and 
co-heir of her mother, Margaret, daughter of 
Robert Dreghorn, of Blochairn), and by her 
(who d. I7th December, 1872) had, 

I. William (Sir), of Polkemmet, co. Lin- 
lithgow, Scotland, J. P. and D.L. for, 
and convener of, co. Linlithgow, b. 2nd 
February, 1816 ; educated at Eton and 
Christ Church, Oxford (B.A. 1836) ; 
s. his father as 2nd baronet, 28th 
January, 1854, M.P. for co. Linlithgow, 
1845 to 1847, hon. colonel 1st Edin- 
burgh (City) Corps of Artillery Volun- 
teers ; m. 14th April, 1846, Mary, 
eldest daughter of Stair Hathorn 
Stewart, E«q. of Physgill, Wigtown- 
shire, and d. s.p. 21st July, 1890, aged 
74, when the title devolved upon his 
nephew George. 

II. James Dennistoun, b. in 1817 ; went 
to Tasmania in 1839 with his brother 
Thomas, and in the following year 
crossed over to Victoria, Australia. 
He subsequently returned to Scotland, 
and d. 1st Mav," 1876. 



III. Robert, h. in 1818 ; d. 12tli May, 1883. 

IV. Thomas, of whom presently. 

V. John Hope, h. in 1825 ; d. 1837. 

VI. Alexander Hope, h. 15th October, 
1827 ; m. 30th April, 1878, Edith Caro- 
line, 2nd daughter of Fairfax Fearnley, 
Esq. of Sutton, Notts, and d. 19th Sep- 
tember, 1883. 

Txi. George Augustus Frederick, captain 
Haddington Artillerv Militia, h. 31st 
July, 1833 ; m. IGtli' February, 1871, 
Mary Gertrude, 4th daughter of Ben- 
jamin Peyton Sadler, Esq., R.N., and 
d. 7th April, 1882, leaving issue, 
William Lyon Dennistoun, b. 11th 
August, 1872 ; Catherine Gertrude 
Penuel ; Janet Hope Peyton ; Mary 
Gertrude Colquhoun. 

I. Margaret Dreghorn, d. unni. 26th 
August, 1870. 

II. Margaret, Colquhoun, d. unm. 12th 
October, 1868. 

III. Janet Sinclair, d. unm. 12th March, 

IV. Mary Isabella, m. 1848, to Alexander 
Baron Seton, Esq. of Preston, co. 
Linlithgow, and d. leaving issue. 

V. Elizabeth Penuel Jane, m. 1854, to 
Samuel Eeeve Tucker, M.D., E.I.C.S., 
who d. 1857, leaving a son, William 
Baillie, b. 1855. She d. 14th June, 1887. 

VI. Helen Jane. 

Sir William rf.28thJanuai'y, 1854. His4thson, 
Thomas Baillie, Esq. of Ognez, Toorak, 
Victoria, and Benerembah, Hay, New South 
Wales, J. P. for Victoria, and a member of 
the Melbourne and Australian Clubs, b. 21st 
June. 1823 ; in 1839 went to Tasmania with 
his elder brother, James Dennistoun, and in 
the following year crossed over to Victoria, 
Australia, and formed the Carngham sheep 
station, now owned by the Hon. Philip 
Russell. After some years, on bis brother 
returning to Scotland, he took up country 
further west on the Wimmera river, which 
station, named Polkemmet, he sold in 1856. 
In 1864 he purchased tlie Benerembah 
Station, on tlie Murrumbidgee River, New 
South Wales, to which his eldest son suc- 
ceeded. Mr. Thomas Baillie was a trustee 

for numerous institutions in Melbourne, a 
member of the General Assembly and Scots 
Church Sessions, but never actively engaged 
himself in politics or public affairs. He m. 
in 1849, Elizabeth, daughter of Captain James 
Ballingall, R.N., of !\Ielbourne, Victoria, and 
(/. at Melbourne, 7th January, 1889, aged 65, 
leaving surviving issue, 

I. Geoege (Sie), Bart., of whom we 

II. Robert Alexander, b. 24th August, 
1859; m. 13th July, 1887, Isobel, 
daughter of David Elliot Wilkie, Esq. 
of Ratho Byres, Midlothian. 

III. William, b. 25th April, 1861. 

I. Mary Dennistoun, m. 5th August, 
1874, to Lieut.-Col. Thomas Caradoc 
Rose Price, Madras Staff Corps {I. 
21st October, 1842), second son of 
John Price, Esq., inspector-general of 
the Penal Department (who was mur- 
dered by convicts at Williamstown, 
Victoria, 27th March, 1857), fourth 
son of Sir Rose Price, Bart., so created 
30th May, 1815 (see Burke's Peerage, 
Baronetage, and Knightage), and has 
had issue, Thomas Rose Caradoc, b. 
2nd August, 1875; George Robert 
William Rose, b. 22nd, d. 30th Decem- 
ber, 1877 ; Louisa Mary Elizabetli 
Rose, b. 2nd August, 1876. 

II. Elizabeth Janet ; m. 25th March, 
1885, Hon. William Edwin Cavendish, 
lieutenant Grenadier Guards (who was 
b. 18th May, 1862), 3rd son of William 
George, 2nd Lord Chesharn, and has 
issue, a daughter, Elizabeth Compton, 
b. 7th March, 1887. 

Arms — Az. nine estoiles three, three, two, 
and one or, within a bordure counter nebulee, 
arg. and sa. Crest — Out of a cloud ppr. an 
estoile of eight rays or. Supporters borne by 
present baronet — Two lions guard, arg. 
Motto — In caligine lucet. 

Residences — Ognez, Toorak, near Mel- 
bourne, Victoria ; and Benerembah, Hay, 
New South Wales, Australia. 

Seat — Polkemmet, Wliitburn, Linlithgow- 
shire, Scotland. 

PUGSLEY, WILLIAM, Esq. of the city of St. Jolin, and of Rothesay, 
King's County, province of New Brnnswick, Dominion of Canada, 
barrister of the Supreme Court, M.P. for King's County, and speaker of the 
House of Assembly of New Brunswick, h. at Sussex Vale, King's County, 
27th September, 1850 ; to. 10th January, 1876, Fannie J., daughter of Thomas 
Parks, Esq., late of the city of St. John, merchant, deceased, and has issue, 

I. Thomas Parks, h. 27th May, 1877. 

II. William Gilbert, h. 28th September, 1884 




John Pttgsiet, Esq., the great great grand- 
father of the above, was h. Stli March. 1736. 
By Elizabeth, his wife (who was b. 27th Feb- 
ruary, 1732), he had issue, besides a son, 
Daniel (who, with his brother John, went to 
the British provinces after the war of the 
Revolution, and settled in co. Cumberland, 
Nova Scotia, where he became a large landed 
proprietor, many of his descendants, now re- 
siding in Cumberland CO., being among its 
leading citizens), a son, 

John Pugsiey, Esq., who was h. 20th Octo- 
ber, 1756, served aa an officer in the British 
forces during the American revolutionary 
war, and afterwards, with his brother Daniel, 
went to the British provinces, where he 
settled on the Hammond river. King's co., 
province of New Brunswick, but subsequently 
returned to New York, taking with him the 
younger members of the faniUy, but leaving 
his eldest son, Daniel, on the farm on the 
Hammond river, and shortly afterwards went 
to England, where he remained until 1830, 
when he revisited New York. He m. Mary, 
great granddaughter of John Archer, Esq., 
lord of the manor of Fordham, co. West- 
chester, State of New York, U.S.A., supposed 
to be descended from Humphrey Archer 
(who was b. 1527, and d. 24th October, 1562), 
eldest son and heir of Richard Archer, twelfth 
in descent from Fulbert L' Archer, one of the 
companions of "William the Conqueror (see 
History of Westchester Co., New York, by 
Bolton, Vol. II, pp. 499 and 500), and d. of 
sunstroke, in the city of New York, August, 
1830, shortly after his return from England. 
Many of liis descendants now reside in the 

city of New York, also at Peekskill and other 
places on the Hudson river, in New York 
State. His eldest son, 

Daniel Pugsley, Esq. of Cardwell (then 
part of the parish of Sussex), King's co., 
New Brunswick, m. Phcebe, daughter of 
Richard Sherwood, Esq. They both d. at 
Cardwell, aged upwards of 80 years, and left 

WiLMAM PuGSLET, Esq. of the city of Port- 
land, in the city and county of St. John, New 
Brunswick, b. in the parish of Cardwell (then 
the parish of Sussex), King's co., owned and 
managed a fine estate near the village of 
Sussex, King's co. He m. Jane, daughter of 
the late George Hayward, Esq. (who d. at 
Sussex, King's co.), and by her has issue, 

John, d. in California. 

William, of whom we treat. 

Grilbert Raddan, president of the Regina 
Long Lake and Saskatchewan Railway 
Company, and is largely engaged in 
railway enterprises in the North- West 
Territories of Canada. 

Daniel, of Regina, North- West Terri- 
tories, Canada. 

Abigail, m. John M. Smith, Esq. of the 
city of Portland, St. John. 

Josephine E., m. Robert B. Humphrey, 
Esq., manager of the Union Line of 

Jennie, nnm. 

Julia, deceased. 

Residences — (Town) city of St. John ; 
(country) Rothesay, King's co., both in the 
province of New Brunswick, Canada. 

O'LOGHLEN, HON. SIR BRYAN, Bart., Q.C., of Manhattan, Barkly- 
street, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, I. 27th June, 1828 ; 
m. 17tli September, 1863, Ella, third daughter of James Mackay Seward, Esq. 
of Somerset, Preston, near Melbourne, and lias issue, 

I. Michael, h. 16th October, 1866. 

II. Colman, h. 16th December, 1869. 

III. Bryan, h. 20th January, 1875. 

IV. Charles Hugh Ross, h. 6th July, 1881. 

V. Henry Ross, h. 1887. 

I. Annie Bidelia Margaret. 

II. Lucy. 

ui. Ella Maude. 

IT. Frances Mary. 

V. Clare Mary, h. 10th February, 1889. 
Sir Bryan received his final education at Trinity College, Dublin (B.A., 
1856), was called to the Irish Bar, 1856 ; went to Victoria in 1862, and the 
following year was admitted to the Victorian Bar; the same year was 



appointed crown prosecutor; resigned that office in 1877; was returned to 
the Legislative Assembly, 1878 ; the same year was appointed attorney-general 
of Victoria, and premier in 1881, retiring in 1883; appointed Q.C., 1890. In 
1877, he was returned, though absent, to the British House of Commons, as 
member for Clare, Ireland, which seat was declared vacant by the Committee 
of Elections of the House of Commons, '24th April, 1879. Sir Bryan s. his 
brother as third baronet, 22nd July, 1877. 


The O'Loglilen family have been for cen- 
turies settled in Clare, and, before the coming 
of the English into Ireland, ruled over the 
territory in the north of Clare, now known as 
the Barony of Burren. 

COLMAN O'LOGHLEN, Esq., J. P., of Port, 
iu the CO. of Clare, b. 17-15, m. 1st, the daugh- 
ter of Bartholomew O'Connell, Esq., and 
sister of Daniel O'Connell, Esq. of Kilgorey, 
CO. Clare, which lady d. s.p. ; and 2ndly, in 
August, 1783, Susannah, daughter of Michael 
Tinuoane, M.D., of Ennis, co. Clare, by whom 
(who d. 1821) he left, at his decease, in May, 
1810, five sons and one daughter, viz., 

I. Hugh, of Port, h. 1st October, 1784, 
m. 2nd February, 1815, Barbara, 
daughter of John Flanagan, Esq. of 
Clogher, co. Roscommon, and d. 9th 
May, 1849, having by her (who d. 
1820) had issue, 

1. Colman, b. 28th April, 1817, d. 
unm., November, 1848. 

2. Hugh, b. in 1818, d. 1874. 

1. Winifred, b. 27th January, 1816. 

2. Barbara, b. June, 1819. 

II. Colman, d. unm. in 1826. 

III. Terence, d. unm. in 1828. 

IV. Michael, created a baronet in 1838. 

V. Bryan, of Rockview, co. Clare, b. 9lh 
November, 1790, who m., in Dublin, 
Ellen, daughter of Daniel Kelly, Esq. 
of Dublin, and sister of Bidelia, wife of 
the Right Hon. Sir Michael O'Loghlen, 
first baronet, and had issue. 

I. Luoinda, b. 1785, m. to Hewitt Bridge- 
man, Esq. of Turnie, co. Clare, M.P. 
for Ennis ; and d. s.p., in August, 

The 4th son, 

The Right Hon. Sir Michael O'Logh- 
len, Bakt., b. 6th October, 1789, a distin- 
guished lawyer, was caUed to the Irish Bar 
in 1811. Having filled successively the 
ofiices of solicitor-general of Ireland in 1834, 
and attorney-general of Ireland in 1835, and. 

having been during that period M.P. for Dun- 
garvan, he was elevated to the Irish bench 
as a baron of the exchequer in 1836, which 
office he relinquished on being made master 
of the rolls in Ireland the following year. 
He was created a baronet, 16th July, 1838. 
Sir Michael was the first Roman Catholic 
that, since the revolution of 1688, was raised 
to a judicial office, either in England or Ire- 
land. He m., 3rd September, 1817, Bidelia, 
daughter of Daniel Kelly, Esq. of Dublin, 
and had issue, 

I. Colman Michael, second baronet. 

II. Hugh Ross, b. 10th May, 1827, d. 
unm., 19th November, 1850. 

III. Bryan, present baronet. 

IV. Michael, barrister-at-law, b. 28th 
November, 1829. 

I. Maria, b. 8th September, 1818, d. 
unm. in 1839. 

II. Susan, b. 1st November, 1820, m. to 
John Woulfe Flanagan, Esq., D.L., of 
Drumdoe, Boyle, co. Roscommon, who 
d. 1869. She d. November, 1880. 

III. Bideha, b. 24th January, 1822. 

IV. Lucy, b. 4th October, 1825, d. 1884. 
Sir Michael d. in 1842, and was s. by his 

eldest son. 

The Right Hon. Sir Colman Michael 
O'Loghlen, second baronet, P.C, Q.C., and 
second serjeantin Ireland, b. 20th September, 
1819, filled the office of judge advocate- 
general from 1868 to 1870, and represented 
the CO. of Clare in Parliament from 1863 up 
to his death, 22nd July, 1877. Dying unm., 
he was s. by his brother. Sir Bryan O'Logh- 
len, thu-d and present baronet. 

Arms — G-u. a man in armour shooting an 
arrow from a cross-bow, ppr. — On a 
ducal coronet, or, an anchor erect, entwined 
with a cable, ppr. Motto — Anchora salutis. 

Seat — Drumconora, Ennis, co. Clare, Ire- 

Eesidenee — Manhattan, Barkly-street, St. 
KUda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

river, Moira co., Victoria, Australia, J.P., member of the Legis- 
lative Council of Victoria, h. at Edinburgh, Scotland, 20th February, 1840 ; 
in. at Noorilim, Victoria, 30th June, 1868, Frances Amelia, only daughter of 



William Drayton Taylor, Esq. of Timmering, Rochester, Rodney co., 
Victoria, J. P., and Frances Pyke, his wife, and has issue, 

I. John Irving, h. 10th August, 1872. 

II. William Irving, h. 4th January, 1876. 

III. Oliver Irving, h. 14th September, 1878. 

IV. Cyril Nasmyth Irving, I. 30th December, 1886. 

V. A son, h. at Coonil, Wattletree-road, Malvern, Victoria, 13th No- 

vember, 1890. 

I. Frances Irving, h. 4th October, 1870 ; m. at Christ Church, South 

Yarra, 22nd May, 1890, Dr. Henry FitzGerald-Powell, third son 
of the late Rev. Edward Powell, of Ballinasloe, co. Galway, and 
Wyndser, co. Mayo, Ireland, and grandson of the late Colonel 
Edward FitzGerald, K.H., of Turlough Park, co. Mayo. 

II. Margaret Irving, h. 23rd January, 1874. 

III. Amy Irving, I. 27th April, 1877. 

IV. Elsie Irving, h. 4th May, 1881. 

T. Laura Irving, h. 17th August, 1882. 

VI. Florence Irving, h. 4th July, 1885. 

Mr. Winter-Irving emigrated to the colony of Victoria with his friends in 
1842. He was a member of the Shire Council of Waranga for nine years, two 
years' out of which he was president, and stood for the Eastern Province 
against Sir Francis Murphy, but retired in favour of that gentleman on Mr. 
Patrick O'Brien's coming forward. He is a life member of the Royal 
Geographical Society, and was- elected a life fellow of the Royal Colonial 
Institute, 1886. By royal licence, dated 24th January, 1889, he and his issue 
were authorised to assume the surname of Irving in addition to and after that 
of Winter, and to quarter the arms of Irving. 


The Irvings have long been one of the con- 
siderable clans in the south of Scotland, tlieir 
fighting force being estimated in the 16th 
century at 500 men. The Bonshaw family 
were looked upon as chiefs, and so recognised 
in an Act of Parliament, 1587. 

Egbert de Hibewtne, 1226, is the first of 
the name traced ; in 1258, Alan Ykewtne 
was sent as envoy from the Scottish nobles to 
those of Wales ; Reginald was archdeacon of 
Teviotdale and Glasgow, and d. before 1286 ; 
EoGEE OF Irwtn was clerk of the King's 
wardrobe, 1327—32, and in 1329, Wiiliam 
Ikwtn was clerk register; and in 1384, 
Nicholas de Yeewtne was canon of Glas- 
gow. In 1504, David Irwin was owner of 
Irwin and Hegsland ; younger branches were 
seated at Woodhouse, Coveshaw, Auchin- 
bedridge. Stank, Luce, Wyseby, Gribton, 
Logan, Knockhill, &c., and at Castle Irvine, 
CO. Fermanagh. 

Christopher Irving, of Bonshaw, Annan, 
CO. Dumfries, is said to have been at Flodden ; 
in 1547 he was taken prisoner by the English 
under Henry Wharton. Edward Irving, of 
BonsliBW, his son, in 1590, was at feud with 
William Bell, of Blackethouse, and drove him 
from bis fortalice. At this time, Johnstone, 

of that ilk, is styled his " master and land- 
lord ; " he and his sons were concerned in the 
slaughter of Lord Maxwell, warden of the 
Marches; one of his sons was killed by the 
Kirkpatricks, circa 1554 ; Bonshaw Tower 
was besieged, but not taken, by the Earl of 
Marton. His son, 

Chbistophee Irving, of Bonshaw, m. 
1566, Margaret, daughter of John Johnstone, 
of that ilk, which marriage had been, in 1564, 
prohibited by the privy council. He had 
issue, William, of Bonshaw, d. s.p., and 

Edwarb Irving, of Bonshaw, who m. 
Margaret, widow of Sir Alexander Kirk- 
patrick, of Kirkmichael, and had issue, 

I. William. 

II. Herbert, in whose favour his nephew 
James resigned the estate, 1655. 

But at this period the succession is involved 
in some obscurity; George Irving, of Bon- 
shaw, m. Agnes Carleton, who in her widow- 
hood m. her husband's brother, Jeffrey Irving, 
of Robgill, who was beheaded in 1624. The 
second son of Edward Irving, Herbert 
Irving, was of Bonshaw, 1648. James 
Irving, of Bonshaw, was, 25th May, 1655, 
served heir special of his grandfather's 
grandfather, Edward, of Bonshaw, in the 



lands of Ecclefechan, held of the crown, and 
immediately, as already stated, resigned the 
seat to his uncle, Herbert. 

William Irving, of Bonshaw, registered 
arms, 1673, and seems to have been " the wild 
Bonshaw," known as a persecutor of the 
Covenanters; he was stabbed to death at 
Lanark by a drunken follower in 1683, and 
buried in the old church there; bis violent 
death had been foretold by Mr. Donald 
Cargill, whom he took prisoner at Covington 
Mill. There were intermarriages with Kirk- 
patrick, Douglas, of Kelhead, and Jardine, of 

Hekbeet Ieving, of Bonshaw, d. before 
1699, and was s. by his son, 

William Irving, of Bonshaw, h. 1663, m. 
1698, ^miha, eldest daugliter of Andrew, 
third Lord Rollo (see Burke's Peerage), and 
by her (who d. 1747) had, 

I. John, his heir. 

II. Robert, writer to the signet, living 
1765, TO. Miss Veitch, sister of Lord 
Eliock, and d. s.p. 

III. James, M.D., b. 1713, settled in 
Jamaica, where he acquired Ironshore, 
and other valuable estates ; to. Eliza, 
daughter of Jacob Motte, Esq. of 
Charleston, South Carolina, and was 
living in 1765. His eldest son, 

James, of Ironshore, Jamaica, by his 
wife (who re-m. Elie FranQois 
Boucher de la Motte, and d. 1813), 
the daughter of Phillip O'Connor, 
Esq.of Carrick Foyle, Jamaica, had, 

1. James, of Ironshore, Jamaica, 
Kensington-square, London, 
and Pisa, Italy, h. 1792, to. 
1819, Judith 'Bowen, third 
daughterof Thomas Nasmyth, 
Esq. of Rhodes Hall, Jamaica, 
M.D., and by her (who d. at 
Bonshaw, 19th June, 1873) 
left at his decease, which took 
place at Leghorn, Italy, 10th 
October, 1855, 

I. James, M.D., b. 9th July, 
1822, d. s.p. at Leghorn, 
11th February, 1856. 

II. Robert Nasmyth, now 
of Bonshaw, co. Dum- 
fries, late lieutenant 12th 
Regiment, b. 20th August, 
1827, nnm. 

2. Henry Hoghton, of the 58th 

3. John Beaufin, m., and had a 
son, John Beaufin, of Florence. 

4. Jacob .JSmilius, to,, and had 
issue two sons, Jacob ^milius, 
of America (who has an only 
eon, Jacob ^milius), and 
John Beaufin, of America. 

IT. Paulus .^milius (lieutenant-colonel), 
governor of Upnor Castle, living 1765. 
He had a son, Lieutenant-General Sir 
Paulus .^milius, created a baronet, 
1809, whose title became extinct on 
the death of his son. Sir Thomas St. 
Lawrence, third baronet. 

I. Maria Emilia. 

II. Jane. 

William Irving d. 1742. His eldest son, 
John Irving, of Bonshaw, b. 25th August, 

1699, TO. Friiulein von Claprod, and d. 1749, 


I. William. 

II. Henry, who left one son, 

John, lieutenant-colonel, living 1765, 
TO. Judith, daughter of Colonel 
Paulus jEmilius Irving, of Wood- 
house, and was father of 

John (Rev.), vicar of Llantris- 
sent, CO. Monmouth, and 
afterwards of Bonshaw, parish 
of Annan, co. Dumfries, to. 
Margaretta Davies, and d. 
1870, leaving an only child, 
Margaretta JEmilia, to. Rev. 
Charles Irving, rector of 
Donoughmore, co. Donegal. 
At the death of the Rev. John 
Irving, Bonshaw passed to its 
present owner, Robert Nas- 
myth Irving, the heii- male of 
the family. 

III. Robert, heutenant-colonel 70th Regi- 
ment, killed at the siege of Guadaloupe, 
5th October, 1796, aged 50, leaving by 
his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of James 
Currie Carlyle, of Bridekirk, three 
daughters, Elizabeth, Margaret, and 
Sophia, who to. Colonel William Beck- 
with, brother of Sir George Beckwith, 

IV. Paulus ^milius. 

I. Mary ^Emilia, m. Hon. Clement Rollo, 
son of Robert, fourth Lord Rollo (see 
Burke's Peerage), and had issue, 
Robert, who settled in America ; John ; 
and Mary, who d. num., 1776. 

II. Katherine, living unm. at Doncaster, 

III. Jane, m. James Currie Carlyle, Esq. 
of Bridekirk. 

The eldest son, 

William Irving, of Bonshaw, who exe- 
cuted a deed of tailzie, 19th December, 1765, 
and d. 1779, having to. 13th November, 1767, 
Janet, daughter of Sir John Douglas, Bart., 
of Kelhead ; she d. 1806, leaving a daughter, 
Christina, and a son, 

John Robert Irving, of Bonshaw, advo- 
cate, m. Jacobina Donaldson, and d. s.p.m.s., 
18th June, 1839. He had, 

I. John, lieutenant in the Royal Marines, 
d. s.p. 1837. 

I. Joan Maria, m. John Dickson, Esq., 
master of the academy at Annan, and 
had issue. 

II. Janet Margaret. 

The younger daugliter, and eventual co-heir, 

Janet Margaret Irving, to., at Edin- 
burgh, Scotland, 1826, John Winter, Esq., 
formerly of Lauder, Berwickshire, and of 
Edinburgh, Scotland, and afterwards of 
Lauderdale, Ballarat, Grenville co., in the 
colony of Victoria, son of Thomas Winter, 
Esq. of Cold Shields, and afterwards of 
Lauder, co. Berwick (whose family was for- 



Dierly located in Gloucestershire, England, 
and who d. about 1804), by Betty Yellowlees, 
his wife. Mr. John Winter was b. 3Uth June, 
1794, emigrated to Victoria with his family 
in 1842, and became owner of the celebrated 
Winter's Freehold Gold Mine, Ballarat. la 
1857 the Winters acquired a number of valu- 
able sheep-runs in the Rodney district, and a 
few years later purchased the freehold of 
large tracts to preserve their estates from the 
encroachments of selectors. He d. at Lauder- 
dale, Ballarat, 12th August, 1875, aged 74 
vears, having had by his said wife (who d. at 
Bonshaw, Ballarat, 6th May, 1846), amongst 
other issue, two sons, 

James, J.P., of the firm of Winter Bros., 
of Durringile, Toolamba Estate, Mur- 
chison, Eodney co., Victoria, h. at 
Edinburgh, Scotland, 1834. He was 
elected president of the Shire Council 
of Waranga in 1870, of which he had 
been a member from 1864 ; m 1871, 
the daughter of the Hon. W. H. 
Pettitt, and d. at Norwood, near 
London, 4th February, 1885. 
II. William Ibvin& (Hon.), of Noorilim, 
who assumed the additional surname 
of Ievin&. 

Arms — Quarterly; first and fourth, arg. 
three holly leaves vert, for Irving ; second 
and third, checquy or and sa. a fesse arg., 
charged with a saltire eouped gu., two 
flaunches of the last, each charged with two 
trefoils slipped of the first, for Winter. 
Crest of lEViNa, a dexter cubit arm in armour, 
holding in the gauntlet a branch of holly con- 
sisting of seven leaves and fructed, all ppr; 
motto over. Hand ullis labentia ventis. Crest 
of Winter, a hind trippant arg., supporting 
with the sinister fore-foot a saltire gu., gorged 
with a collar flory counter flory, with chain 
affixed thereto and reflexed over the back sa., 
and charged on the body with two trefoils 
slipped of the last. Motto — Sub sole sub 
umbra virens. 

Hesidence — Noorilim, Goulbnrn River, 
Moira co., Victoria, Australia. 

Cluhs — Australian and Melbourne. 

JSstates — Stanhope Estate (24,800 acres), 
Mount Scobie Estate (8,900 acres), both co. 
Rodney; Noorilim Estate (2,400 acres), co. 
Moira; and Tirrengower Estate (7,000 acres), 
in COS. Heytesbury and Polwartb, all in Vic- 
toria. Total, 43,100 acres. 

Jatfeson of Sacit5ion Bale. 

JACKSON, FRANCIS ARTHUR, Esq. of Jackson Dale, Fiji, h. at the 
Vicarage, Riccall, co. York, England, 19th October, 1837; educated at 
Rugby -when Dr. Archibald Campbell Taifc, afterwards Archbishop of 
Canterbury, was head master; served in the New Zealand Militia during the 
New Zealand War. He is the head of the Colonial branch of the Jacksons 
of Doncaster (formerly of Fairbnrn and of Rossington, co. York), located in 
the colonies of New Zealand and Fiji. 


This family of Jackson were formerly 
owners of Fairburn Manor, and of Rossington 
Grange, co. York, England. Fairburn Manor 
was sold, by the descendants of Thomas Jack- 
son, Esq. of Fairburn Manor, to the Right 
Hon. Viscount Palmerston, E.G. (the cele- 
brated premier of England), in 1817. One 
branch of the family settled in the United 
States of America nearly a century ago, and 
their descendants are now citizens of the 
United States, and landowners in the state 
of New York. Another branch settled in 
cos. Tyrone and Armagh, Ireland, and pur- 
chased lands there. 

James Jackson, Esq. of Fairburn, Led- 
sham, CO. York, son of John Jackson, Esq. 
of Fairburn, baptised 24th April, 1642 ; m. 
11th June, 1673, Ann Askham ; and was 
buried at Ledsham, co. York, 20th May, 
1703, leaving one son, 

James Jackson, Esq. of Fairburn, lessee 
of the great tithes of Fairburn under the 
dean and chapter of York, and had freehold 
lands there, baptised 4th February, 1675; 
d. in 1745. By Anne, his wife (who was 

buried 10th March, 1736), he had an only 

James Jackson, Esq. of Fairburn, bap- 
tised 11th November, 1703; on. 26th April, 
1732, Mary, daughter of John Pease, of Fair- 
burn, yeoman (she was buried 16th March, 
1774) ; and was buried 14th December, 1789. 
He had issue, 

I. John, of Fairburn, co. York, baptised 
18th April, 1733 : m. 14th July, 1755, 
Sarah, daughter of Matthew Lee, Esq. 
She was bm-ied 7th May, 1774. He 
d. 2nd November, 1797, aged 64, and 
was buried at Ledsham. He had issue, 
1. Thomas, of Fairburn, only son, 
baptised 14th June, 1756. He 
purchased the whole of the manor 
of Fairburn, and in 1801 became 
lord of that manor, which hia 
descendants sold to Lord Pal- 
merston in 1817. He m. thrice, 
and d. 17th November, 1813, 
leaving issue. 
1. Elizabeth, baptised 27tli Decem- 
ber, 1757; m. 16th June, 1785, 



the Rev. John Lowe, M.A., of 
Lincoln College, Oxon, vicar of 
Huddersfield, vicar of Brotlierton, 
rector of Tankersley, perpetual 
curate of Wentworth, domestic 
chaplain to Earl Pitzwilliam, pre- 
bendary of York cathedral, and 
justice of the peace for the W. R. 
CO. York. He d. 2nd Mar, 1837, 
aged 80, and was buried at Went- 
worth, CO. York. She d. Hth 
July, 1794, and was buried at 
Brotherton, co. York. 

2. Mary, baptised 23rd January, 
1759, and d. 24th August, 1762. 

3. Catherine, baptised 6th October, 
1760; m. 2nd June, 1791, as his 
second wife, Thomas William 
Tew, Esq., deputy-judge of the 
Honour Court of Pontefract, a 
banker at Wakefield, Pontefract, 
and Doncaster (who was b. 11th 
January, 1764, and m. 1st, 10th De- 
cember, 1787, Elizabeth, daughter 
of ... . Vaux, Esq. of Hundhill 
Hall, Pontefract. She d. 31st 
October, 1788), son of Thomas 
Tew, Esq. of Margaret-street, 
Cavendish-square, London (see 
Tew op Caeleton Gtean&e 
in Burke's Landed Gentry), by 
EUinor, his wife, daughter of 
Edward Cockroyd, Esq. of My- 
tholmroyd, Hidifax, co. York. He 
d. 22nd October, 1832, and was 
buried at Doncaster, having had 
by Ms second wife (who d. 9th 
June, 1830, aged 67, and was also 
buried at Doncaster), a son, 
Edward Tew, Esq. of Crofton 
Hall, CO. York, J.P. and D.L. for 
the West Riding, and previously 
captain 1st West York Yeomimry 
Cavalry ; and a daughter, Cathe- 
rine Mary, b. 1st January, 1801 ; 
m. 25th October, 1825, Rev. 
James Jackson Lowe, rector of 
Fletton, CO. Huntingdon, and d. 
16th January, 1869. 

4. Sarah, m. 2nd January, 1794, to 
Grosvenor Perfect, Esq. of Thorp 
Arch Hall, co. York, and d. in 
1798, leaving issue. 

5. Mary Ann, baptised 6th March, 
1766; d. unm. 4th December, 
1843, and was buried at Swindon, 
CO. York. 

II. James, of whom presently. 

III. Joseph, of 16, Hatton-garden, Lon- 
don, free of the Brewers' Company, 
1781, baptised at Ledsham, 12th April, 
1738 ; m. at St. Andrew's, Holborn, 
CO. Middlesex, 29th August, 1775, 
Sarah, only daughter of Edward 
Smith, Esq., citizen of London, free 
of the Girdlers' Company, and d. 9th 
August, 1799, and was buried at St. 
Bride's Church, Fleet-street. His 
widow d. 23rd January, 1832, aged 
77, and was buried at St. Bride's, 

Fleet-street, London. He had issue, 
with three younger children, viz., 
Joseph, John, and Mary, who d. 
young or unm., a son, 

the Very Rev. James Edward Jack- 
son, M.A. of Queen's College, 
Oxford, dean and rector of 
Armagh, b. 5th March, 1778. He 
was the author of Two Main 
Questions between the Churches 
of England and Rome; m. 1st, 
his first cousin, Lydia, daughter 
of Thomas Jackson, Esq. of 
Tullydoey, co. Tyrone, Ireland. 
She d. 7th December, 1810, and 
was buried in the family vault at 
St. Bride's Church, Fleet-street, 
London. He m. 2ndly, in 1819, 
Lydia, daughter of Robert Lam- 
bert, Esq. of EUand Hall, near 
Halifax, co. York, and d. at Paris, 
19th August, 1841, in the 64th 
year of his age, and was interred 
in the church of St. Bride, Fleet- 
street. There is a stained glass 
window in Armagh Cathedral, 
erected to his memory by Lord 
John G-eorge de la Poer-Beresford, 
archbishop of Armagh and pri- 
mate of all Ireland. His second 
wife d. 17th November, 1870, 
aged 78, and was buried at 
Harold's Cross, Dublin. 
IX. Thomas, of Tullydoey, co. Tyrone, 
Ireland, baptised at Ledsham, co. 
York, 20th August, 1740 ; m. at Leeds, 
CO. York, 11th December, 1783, Lydia, 
daughter of James Eyre, Esq. of 
Leeds, co. York, mercliant, and d. 
29th April, 1805, and was buried at 
Benburb. His widow d. 6th Decem- 
ber, 1852, aged 91, and was buried at 
Benburb, having had issue, 

1. James Evre, of Tullydoey, afore- 
said, J.P.", b. 3rd February, 1794; 
d. unm. 19th March, 1862, and 
was buried in the family vault at 

1. Mary, m. 16th August, 1804, to 
Samuel Neville Ward, Esq. of 
Baston, Haves, co. Kent (who d. 
27th October, 1850), and d. 15th 
June, 1855, having had issue (see 
Ward of Calteblet in Burke's 
Landed Qfutry). 

2. Lydia, m. her first cousin, the 
Very Rev. James Edward Jack- 
son, M.A., of Queen's College, 
Oxford, dean and rector of 
Armagh, vide ante. 

3. Elizabeth, d. unm., 21st February, 

4. Ann, d. unm., 27th May, 1859. 

5. Sarah Eyre, m. 7th April, 1809, 
to the Rev. James Tisdall or 
Tindall, M.A., rector of Ballin- 
derry, co. Londonderry, Ireland, 
and d. October, 1865, leaving issue. 

V. Henry, of Rossington G-range, co. 
Y'ork, J. P., baptised at Ledsham, 29th 



May, 1745 ; d. utim. at his seat, Ros- 
sington Grange, 22nd September, 1822, 
and was buried at Eossington, co. York. 

I. Elizabeth, m. 3rd November, 1763, 
Thomas Fisher, Esq. of Frystone- 
Monk, CO. York, -nho d. 13th October, 
1793, aged 64. She d. 4th March, 
1810, and was buried with her husband 
at Frystone-Monk, co. York. 

II. Mary, d. young in 1737. 

The 2nd son, 

James Jackson, Esq. of Doncaster, co. 
York, J.P., and alderman, baptised at Led- 
sham, CO. York, 20th March, 1734; elected 
mayor of the borough of Doncaster, 27th 
September, 1787, and again 24th September, 
1795 ; m. at Doncaster, 11th October, 1764, 
Mary, daughter of John Partrick, Esq. of 
Doncaster, and niece of William Partrick, 
Esq., alderman and justice of the peace ; and 
d. 11th October, 1797, aged 63, and was 
buried in the family vault in St. George's 
Church, Doncaster. By his wife (who d. 
27th May, 1810, and was buried in the family 
vault in St. George's Church, Doncaster) he 
had issue, 

I. William Partrick, I. 5th August, 1765 ; 
d. 5th May, 1771, and was buried in 
the family vault in St. George's 
Church, Doncaster. 

II. James, of whom presently. 

III. John, h. 5th September, 1769; d. 
26th August, 1785, and was buried in 
the family vault in St. George's 
Church, Doncaster. 

I. Mai-ia, b. 9th July, 1772; m. I7th 
November, 1791, John Branson, Esq., 
M.D., of Doncaster, J. P., alderman, 
and an eminent surgeon, who was h. 
21st February, 1759 ; elected mayor 
of Doncaster in 1818, and again in 
1830; and d. 3rd July, 1838. She d. 
6th October, 1849, leaving issue, a 
son, Ferguson, also an M.D., who m. 
22nd May, 1845, his cousin, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Samuel Neville Ward, 
Esq. of Baston, Hayes, co. Kent, 

The 2nd son, 

James Jackson, Esq. of Doncaster, co. 
York, J. P., banker, and alderman of the 
borough of Doncaster, elected mayor, 22nd 
September, 1803, and again 22nd September, 
1814, h. at Fairburn Manor, Ledsham, co. 
York', 27th September, 1767 ; m. at Tiokhill, 
CO. York, 27th October, 1800, Henrietta 
PrisciUa, sister and co-heiresa of Henry 
Bower, Esq. of Doncaster, F.S.A., and 2nd 
daughter of Freeman Bower, Esq. of Xil- 
lerby Hall, Bawtry, and Maltby Hall, all in 
CO. York, J.P., and D.L., W. R. co. York, who 
was son of George Bower, Esq. of Bridling- 
ton, E. E. CO. York, and grandson of William 
Bower, Esq. of Bridlington (see Bower of 
Welham, in Burke's Landed Gentry). She 
was h. 23rd January, 1781, and d. at Cheveley 
Hall, 00. Cambridge, 26th August, 1852, and 
was buried at Cheveley, co. Cambridge. Mr. 
James Jackson d. 14th March, 1821, and is 

buried in the family vault in St. George's 
Church, Doncaster. He had issue, 

I. Freeman Henry, h. 25th December, 
1801, baptised at St. George's Church, 
Doncaster, and d. 18th March, 1820. 

II. James (Rev.), M.A., of Brasenose 
College, Oxford, sometime Chaplain 
H.E.I.C.S., afterwards rector of Lyd- 
gate, CO. Suffolk, and subsequently 
vicar of St. Sepulchre's, London, and 
rural dean, h. 3rd May, 1803, baptised 
at St. George's Church, Doncaster ; 
m. at Farley Castle, co. Somerset, 9Dh 
April, 1834, Eliza, daughter of John 
Houlton, Esq. of Farley Castle, alias 
Farleigh-Hungerford, co. Somerset, 
J. P., and D.L., colonel 1st Regiment 
Somerset Militia (see Houlton of 
Fahlet Castle iu Burke's Landed 
Gentry), and by her (who was b. 25th 
March, 1807; and d. 12th April, 1877) 
had issue, 

1. James Bower, captain in H.M. 
3rd West India Regiment, and 
afterwards of H.M. 21st Regi- 
jnent of Infantry, b. at Surat, 
India, 18th May, 1835; m. at 
Charter House, London, 5th 
January, 1864, Isabella Sophia, 
third surviving daughter of John 
Miles, Esq., M.D., of Charter 
House, and d. at Ealing, co. 
Middlesex, 12th December, 1881, 
without issue. 

2. John Houlton, b. at Ahmednug- 
gur, India, 27th December, 1837 ; 
m. at St. Michael's, Cornhill, 
London, 27th June, 1869, Eli- 
phalette, daughter of the Rev. 
Thomas William Wrench, M.A., 
rector of St. Michael's, Cornhill, 
London, by Diana Maria, his 
wife, daughter of John Kirke, 
Esq. of Slarkham and Retford, 
CO. Notts., J. P., sometime captain 
in the 24th Light Dragoons, and 
afterwards colonel of the Sher- 
wood Rangers (see Kieke of 
MiBFiELD Hall in Burke's 
Landed Gentrii) ; and has issue, 
besides three daughters, five sons, 

I. Richard Houlton, b. 18th 
March, 1870. 

II. Edward Ellis, b. 22nd 
November, 1871. 

III. Wilfrid Swinhoe, b. 15th 
August, 1873. 

IV. Laurenoe,6.l7th May, 1875. 
T. Francis, b. 4th January, 1883. 

3. Edward Ellis, b. at Bombay, 
India, 1st July, 1839, and d. 19th 
July, 1840. 

4. Ellis Charles, b. at Ahmednuggur, 
India, 15th May, 1841, and d. at 
Chatham, Ontario, 13th January, 

5. Freeman Henry, b. at the Rec- 
tory, Farley, co. Somerset, 24th 
December, 1842 ; m. at St. 



Michael's, Cornliill, London, lYth 
December, 1872, Mary Edith, 
daughter of Henry Bransby 
Cooper, Esq. of the Bengal Civil 
Serrice, of the family of Sir 
Astley Fasten Cooper, Bart., and 
has issue, 

I. Freeman Astley, b. 4th 
March, 1874. 

II. Neville Ward, b. at Baroda, 
India, in 1875. 

6. Edward, of London, civil en- 
gineer, b. at the Rectory, Lyd- 
gate, CO. Suffolk, 20th December, 
1845 ; m. Georgina Dorothea, 
daughter of the Rev. Thomas 
William Wrench, M.A., rector of 
St. Michael's, Cornhill, London, 
and has issue, 

I. Edward Robert Houlton, b. 
18th April, 1881. 

I. Evelyn Mary, b. at Singa- 
pore, 5th May, 1877. 

II. Henrietta Eliza, b. at Singa- 
pore, 3rd June, 1879. 

7. Fi-ancis Arthur, b. at the Rectory, 
Lydgate, co. Suffolk, 4th Feb- 
ruary, 1847 ; settled in Australia. 

1. Henrietta Eliza, b. at the Rec- 
tory, Lydgate, in 1844; m. at St. 
Sepulchre's Church, London, 3rd 
July, 186-, George William 
Smith Fielding, Esq., late 11th 
Hussars, and by him has issue, 

I. George Ellis, b. 1870. 

II. James Bernard, b. 1872. 
I. Maud Hetty, b. 1874. 

2. Marianne, b. 17th February, 
1849 ; d, 1st January, 1851, and 
was buried at St. Sepulchre's, 

III. John Edward (Rev.), M. A. of Brase- 
nose College, Oxford, second class in 
Lit. Human., curate of Farley Castle, 
CO. Somerset, 1834, rector of Leigh 
Delamere, and vicar of Norton, co. 
Wilts, 1845-6, sometime rural dean of 
Malmesbury, hon. canon of Bristol 
Cathedral, and fellow of the Society of 
Antiquaries, b. 12th November, 1805, 
baptised at St. George's Church, Don- 
caster. He is the author of TJie History 
of Doncaster Churches, The Wiltshire 
Collections of Aubrey and Jackson, 
Wiltshire Historical Papers, Farleigh 
Hungerford, Wtdf Hall and the Sey- 
mours, Lord Stourton and the Murder 
of the Hartgills, temp. Mary I, The 
Literary Treasures of Longleat, some 
sermons, and numerous articles iu The 
Wiltshire Archmological and Natural 
History Magazine, of which lie was 
editor for eleven years. This eminent 
genealogist, heraldic scholar, and anti- 
quary, has, by his works on topo- 
graphical, arehseological, genealogical, 
and antiquarian subjects, added much 
learned matter and historical informa- 
tion, much of which was discovered 
by himself, to the literature of his 

VOL. I. 

country. The Rev. Canon Jackson is 
IT. William, lieutenant in the 25th, 9th, 
and 75th Regiments of Foot, b. 20th 
January, 1808, baptised at St. George's 
Church, Doncaster ; m. at St. Helier's, 
Jersey, Ellen Acombe (who d. at 
Richmond, 11th May, 1884), and d. at 
Richmond, 17th January, 1879, and 
was buried there, having had issue, 

1. William George, b. 13th Decem- 
ber, 1830, served as captain in one 
of the Waikato regiments during 
the New Zealand War; m. at the 
Church of St. Clement Danes, 
London, 8th July, 1861, Elizabeth 
McCulloch, daughter of William 
Blair McKean, Esq. of South- 
ampton, and d. at Newmarket, 
4th June, 1879, leaving issue, two 
daughters, Elizabeth and Ethel 
M. Ellen, b. 20th December, 1865. 

2. John Edward, d. young, and was 
buried at St. Male. 

1. Henrietta Marianne; to. at St. 
Barnabas, Hornsey-road, 9th 
April, 1868, Alexander Gordon 
Duff McKilligin, of Richmond, co. 
Surrey, and d. 24th September, 
1873, leaving issue, 

I. Alexander Gordon Duff, b. 

II. Percy Stuart, b. 1871. 

2. Elizabeth Ellen, d. young. 

V. Charles, of Doncaster, co. York, bar- 
rister-at-law, J. P. and treasurer of the 
borough of Doncaster, and captain 
West York Yeomanry Cavalry, banker 
1831 to 1866, b. 25th July, 1809, 
baptised at St. George's Church, Don- 
caster; called to the Bar at Lincoln's 
Inn, 6th May, 1834 ; m. at Hands- 
worth, CO. York, 6th September, 1842, 
Margaret Caroline, daughter of Hugh 
Parker, Esq. of Woodthorpe, co. York 
(see "Pabkee of Woodthoepe akd 
Steeetthohpe," in Burke's Landed 
Gentry; ed. 1817), J.P. and D.L. 
W.R. CO. York, and sister of the late 
Right Hon. John Parker, P.C, M.P., 
secretary to the Treasury and the 
Admiralty, &c. ; and d. at Balby, co. 
York, 1st December, 1882, having had 

1. James, of Doncaster, b. 21st July, 
1847 ; in. Eliza Letilia, daughter 
of the Rev. Thomas WiJham 
Wrench, M.A., rector of St. 
Michael's, Cornhill, London, and 
d. having had issue, 

I. Rowland Bower, b. 1877. 

II. Alan Rayney, b. 1881. 
I. Alice Dor"othy, b. 1875. 

2. Charles Hugh, of Doncaster, b. 
11th August, 1851. He is unm. 

3. Edward Alan, b. 22nd Januarv, 
1857, m. 16th October, 1883, Mary 
Y. Boyce. 

4. Hugh Rowland. 

1. Carohne Alice, m. at Doncaster, 



27tli April, 1865, to the Kev. 
Thomas William Hamilton 
France-Hayhurst, M.A. of Trinity 
College, Cambridge, of Davenham 
Lodge, rector of Davenham, North- 
■wich, eo. Chester, son of the Kev. 
Thomas France-Hayhurst, of Bos- 
tock Hall, 00. Chester, lord of the 
manors of Bostock, Kinderton, 
and Stanthorne, hon. canon of 
Chester, J. P. and D.L., and M.A. 
Trinity College, Cambridge (see 
" Feance-Hathuest or Bostock 
Hall," in Burke's Landed 
Gentry) ; and has issue, 

I. Hesketh, b. 1866. 

II. Edward, b. 1868. 

III. Walter, b. 1870. 

IV. Francis, i. 1873. 

V. Gerald, b. 1875. 

I. Lucy, b. 1874. 

II. Constance, b. 1877. 

2. Mary Frances. 

3. Margaret Caroline. 

4. Florence. 

ir. Feancis Aethue (Eev.), of vrliom 

Tii. George (Lieutenant- General), Ben- 
gal Staff Corps, of St. Helens, near 
Preston, co. Lancaster, sometime col- 
onel in H.M. Bengal Cavalry, h. 1st 
July, 1812, baptised at St. George's 
Church, Doncaster ; served in Bundel- 
cund in 1842, in the Punjaub cam- 
paign of 1848 — 49, and during the 
operations on the Peshawur frontier 
in 1851 — 52, under Sir Colin Campbell, 
and in 1857 was twice wounded in an 
attack on a body of mutineers of the 
26th Bengal Native Infantry. He m. 
at Kurnaul, India, 9th February, 1839, 
Phillis Sophia, daughter of Nathaniel 
Nugent Strode, Esq., captain 16th 
Regiment, and by her (who is now de- 
ceased, and is buried in Brighton 
Cemetery, co. Sussex) has had issue, 

1. George Cliarles (Colonel), Bengal 
Cavalry, second in command and 
squadron commander 12th Bengal 
Cavalry, major of the body-guard 
and aide-de-camp to Lords Mayo, 
Northbrook, and Lytton, when 
governor-generals and viceroys of 
India, b. at Chittoreghur, India, 
5th February, 1841 ; served with 
the Eusufzai field force in 1863, 
and with the Abyssinian expedi- 
tion in 1868. 

2. Arthur Strode, b. at Saugor, 
India, 26th January, 1845, d. on 
board the " Gloriana," 25th May, 

3. Clement Nugent, of Hertford 
College, Oxford, proctor of the 
University of Oxford, 1883, b. at 
Simla, India, 2nd April, 1846. 

4. Morton Strode, of H.M. War 
Office, b. on board the " Gloriana," 
ofE the Isle of France, on the 
voyage from India, 6th March, 

1847 : baptised at Cheveley, co. 
Cambridge; m. 23rd July, 1884, 
Edith Eosine, second daughter of 
W. W. Martin, Esq., and has 
issue. Myrtle Strode, b. 6th June, 

1. Annie Phillis. 

2. Henrietta Mary, d. 8th June, 
1859, and was buried at Murree, 
in the Punjaub, India. 

3. Alice, d. at Murree, Punjaub, 
India, 2nd May, 1859. 

4. Ellen Gertrude, d. at Brighton, 
CO. Sussex, England, 13th March, 
1883, aged 25, and was buried in 
Brighton Cemetery. 

Vlii. Thomas (Bev.), M.A. of Brasenose 
College, Oxford, sometime vicar of 
Wadworth, co. York, and afterwards 
vicar of Merevale, co. Warwick, b. 31st 
January, 1816, baptised at St. George's 
Church, Doncaster; d. unm. at Brighton, 
CO. Sussex, 7th August, 1878, and was 
buried in Brighton Cemetery. 

I. Henrietta Eliza, baptised at St. 
George's Church, Doncaster; m. at 
Doncaster, 6th April, 1826, to tlie 
Eev. James Thomas Bennet, M.A., 
rector of Cheveley, co. Cambridge, 
and J. P., son of Philip Bennet, Esq. of 
ToUesbury, co. Essex, and Roughani 
Hall, CO. Suffolk, J.P. and D.L., high 
sheriff of Suffolk, 1821 (see "Bennet of 
Eor&HAM Hall," in Burke's Landed 
Oentry) ■ and d. at Nowton Hall, near 
Bury St. Edmunds, co. Suffolk, 13th 
August, 1882, and was buried at 
Cheveley, co. Cambridge. The Eev. 
James Thomas Bennet d. 12th July, 
1868, aged 71, leaving issue. 

II. Frances Mary, b. 1st January, 1814, 
d. 15th January, 1815, and was buried 
in the family vault, St. George's 
Church, Doncaster. 

III. Marianne, baptised at St. George's 
Church, Doncaster, 1820, d. unm. 20th 
December, 1874. 

The sixth son, 

The Eet. Feancis Aethue Jackson, 
M.A. of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 
vicar of Eiccall, co. York, and formerly 
curate of Charborough, co. Notts, b. 30th 
April, 1811, baptised at St. George's Church, 
Doncaster; m. at East Markham, oo. Notts, 
14th July, 1836, Charlotte, youngest daughter 
of John Kirke, Esq. of Markham and Eetford, 
CO. Notts, J. P., sometime captain in the 24th 
Light Dragoons, and afterwards colonel of 
the Sherwood Eangers (see " Kieke of Mie- 
FiELD Hall," in Burke's Landed Oentrif), by 
Anne Mervyn, his first wife, eldest daughter 
of Sir William Eichardson, Bart., of Castle 
Hill and Augher Castle, co. Tyrone, and of 
Kilfeacle, co. Tipperary (see Richaedson- 
BuNBTJET, Barts., of Castle Hill, co. Tyrone, 
in Burke's Peerage and Baronetage) ; and 
d. 21st February, 1844, and was buried in 
Eiccall Church. Aduion. granted to Charlotte, 
his widow, 11th March, 1845, who d. at Wey- 
mouth, CO. Dorset, 13th October, 1887, and 



was buiied in Brighton Cemetery, co. Sussex. 
They had issue, 

I. Francis Aethtje, now of Jackson 
Dale, in the Colony of Fiji. 

II. Freeman Rayney, of Wanganui, New 
Zealand, J. P. for that colony, was 
formerly of the Birchwood, and Mani- 
pori Lake sheep stations, and was a 
member for Riverton in the Council 
of the province of Southland, New 
Zealand, b. at the Vicarage, Riccall, 
CO. York, 27th October, 1838 ; m. at 
Waldeek, New Zealand, 19th February, 
1859, Anna Eleanor Augusta, youngest 
daughter of the late John Shea-Lawlor, 
Esq. of Gurteenrue, co. Cork, Ireland, 
by Margaret, his wife, daughter of 
Daniel Mahony, Esq. of Dunloe Castle, 
Killarney, co. Kerry, Ireland (see 
" Mahont of Dunloe Castle," in 
Burke's Landed Oentry), and has 

1. Freeman Lawlor. 

2. Henry Herbert. 

3. Edward Rayney. 

1. Florence Charlotte, m. J. R. 
Mason, Esq. of The Hutt, Wel- 
lington, and of Napier, New Zea- 
land, and haa issue. 

2. Mary Letitia. 

III. Heney Bowee, of Telau {see next 
article) . 

I. Charlotte Letitia, authoress of A 
Romance of Posilipo, and other works ; 
m. at Christchurch, New Zealand, 9th 
March, 1858, her cousin, Thomas 
Woollaston White, Esq. of The Warren 
Station, Canterbury, New Zealand 
{b. 25th May, 1829), eldest son of the 
Rev. Taylor White, yicar of Norton- 
Cuckney, co. Notts (by Dorothy Letitia, 
his wife, daughter of Colonel John 
Kirke, of Markham and Retford, co. 
Notts, before mentioned), and grand- 
son of Sir Thomas Woollaston White, 
first bart., of Walling Wells, near 
Worksop, CO. Notts (see Burke's 
Peerage and Baronetage'). Mr. 
Thomas Woollaston White d. s.p. 

II. Henrietta Priscilla, m. first, at Christ 
Church, Canterbury, New Zealand, 
Thomas George Dyson Holland, Esq., 
and by him (who d. 29th July, 1869) 
had issue, a son, Thomas George 
Harold Woollaston Dyson Holland, of 
the Bank of Australasia; and a 
daughter, d, soon after birth. She m. 
secondly, Edward Harold De Courcy 
Martelli, Esq., and by him (who was 
killed by his horse falling over a stone 
wall, whilst hunting) had issue, two 
sons and three daughters. She m. 
thirdly, James Alfred Selfe, Esq., son 
of Henry Selfe Selfe, Esq., a London 
police magistrate, by .Anna Maria, his 
wife, eldest riaughter of the Venerable 
Archdeacon Spooner (seeunder"lNNES- 


Burke's Landed Gentry), by .Anna 
Maria Sidney, his wile, daughter of 
the Right Hon. Sir Lucius O'Brien, 
third bart., of Dromoland, co. Clare, 
Ireland (see under " Loed Inchiquin," 
in Bvirke's Peerage). The mother of 
Mr. James Alfred Selfe was eldest 
sister of Catherine, wife of the Most 
Rev. Archibald Campbell Tait, arch- 
bishop of Canterbury. 

III. Frances Marion Mervyn, posthu- 
mous child ; m. at Waldeek, New 
Zealand, 22nd July, 1861, Thomas 
Smith Wright, Esq. of Dipton Bush 
sheep station, eldest son of Isaac 
Wright, Esq. of Hobart, Tasmania, 
wool broktr and merchant, and has 
had issue, a son, Ernest, d. June, 
1882, and a daughter, Ada, b. 1868. 

Arms — Per pale gu. and az. on a fesse erm. 
cottised arg. between three shovellers of the 
last, a cross crosslet between two annulets of 
the first. Cre.'it — A demi griffin gu. collared 
and chain reflexed over the back or, holding 
in the dexter claw a shoveller's head erased 
arg. Motto — Strenue et honeste. 

Residence — Jackson Dale, Savu Savu East, 

jEstafes — Jackson Dale ; Na Ko ; Vadra 
Vadra; Vatu Kuro; and Wai Kovuna, Fiji. 

Sacfeson ot Ctlaiu 

JACKSON, HENRY BOWER, Esq. of Telau, Savu Savu West, Fiji, b. at 
the Vicarage, Riccall, co. York, England, 2.5th December, 1841 ; m. 23rd 
November, 1888, Jemima, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Cox, Esq. of Savu 
Savu, Fiji, and has issue, a son, 

Harry Francis Rayney, h. 11th February, 1890. 

Mr. Henry Bower Jackson served during the second New Zealand War, 
with Her Majesty's colonial forces, and received the New Zealand War medal. 
Lineage and A7-ms — See preceding article. 
Residence — Telau, Savu Savu West, Fiji. 
Estates — Telau, and Na Nanu Island, Fiji, 

M 2 



JACKSON, JOHN HENRY, Esq. of Sandford House, Sandford, co. 
Normaiiby, Victoria, Australia, J. P., b. at Launceston, Tasmania, 29tli 
January, 1829 ; m. at Wannon Parsonage, near Coleraine, co. Normanby, 
Mary Anne, youngest daughter of Benjamin Bowtell, Esq. of London and 
Kent, England, descended from a family of Frencli refugees, and by her (who 
d. at Southport, Queensland, 15th August, 1884) has issue, 

I. Henry Bowtell, h. 27th June, 1856; m. 24th November, 1886, his 

cousin-german, Elizabeth, only daughter of Robert Towart, Esq. of 

II. Ernest Sandford, M.D., resident surgeon, Brisbane Hospital, Queens- 

land, h. 18th July, 1860. 

I. Ada Constance, m. May, 1877, Ernest James Stevens, Esq. of Dur- 

rimba, Southport, Queensland, J. P., and member of the Legislative 
Assembly of Queensland, and has issue. 

II. Alice Maude, to. 13th June, 188-, William Tomline Wilkinson, Esq.. 

solicitor, and has issue. 

III. Margarette, m. at St. Mary's Church, Sandford, 13th Febriiary, 1889, 

Rowand Harry Macarthur, Esq., second son of Rowand Macarthur, 

Esq. of Bairnsdale. 
Mr. Jackson is guardian of minors, shire councillor, and formerly its 
president, president of the district Pastoral Society, and member of Church 
Assembly, Ballarat diocese. 


This family were long resident in York- 

Mr. J. H. Jackson's gi-andfather left his 
native county and settled in London. He 
m. Jane Paynter, and had issue, four sons 
and two daughters, viz., 

I. John Henry, of whom hereafter. 

II. Samuel, of Yarra House, Enfield, co. 
Middlesex, England, and formerly of 
St. KUda, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus- 
tralia, b. 1807, settled at Melbourne, 
and was an eminent and one of the 
earliest architects of that city, having 
built many of the principal buildings. 
He m. Mary Anne Lowther, and d. at 
Tarra House, Enfield, 7th May, 1876, 
aged 69 years, leaving issue, an 
only daughter, Mary Anne, who m. 
Thomas Cornelius Lawson, Esq. of 
London, surgeon, and has issue. 

III. William, one of the original " Fawk- 
ner Party," who landed in the 
schooner "Enterprise," in Port 
Phillip Bay, and, with three or four 
others, the first to stand on the pre- 
sent site of the city of Melbourne in 
1835. This gentleman, together with 
his elder brother Samuel, took up land at 
Jackson's Creek (so named after him). 

The greater part of tliis estate is now 
named Sunbury, and is the seat and 
residence of Sir W. J. Clarke, Bart. 
Subsequently the two brothers bought 
from John Henty, in 1846, Sandfohd, 
which is still in the possession of the 
famUy. Mr. W. Jackson in. Mrs. 
Bassingham, and d. s.p. 1862, in 
IV. Joseph, freeman of the Haber- 
dashers' Guild of the City of London, 
b. 1811; settled in Victoria, 1850; 
and d. at Sandford, in 1887. 

I. Eliza, m. her cousin-german, Thomas 
Weston, Esq. of London, surgeon, and 
had issue. 

II. Jane, d. unm. 

The eldest son, 

John Henry Jackson, Esq. of Laun- 
ceston, Tasmania, b. in London, 30th April, 
1800, and baptised there at Sion's Chapel, 
22nd May, following ; landed in Van Die- 
men's Land (now Tasmania), 29th September, 
1823 ; m. at St. John's Church, Launceston, 
9th June, 1828, Sarah Lowe, who was b. 3rd 
October, 1808, and d. at Ring's Meadows, 
Launceston, 1848. Mr. Jackson, who owned 
land near Westbury, Tasmania, d. 22nd 
September, 1837, and was buried in the Old 



Cemetery, Launceston, leaving issue, one son 
and two daughters, viz., 

I. John Henry, now of Sandford. 

I. Eliza, b. 13th June, 1831, m. 14th 
January, 1858, Thomas Corney, Esq. 
of Irrawahand Warrnambool, but has 
no issue. 

II. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 14th May, 1833, 
m. Robert Towart, Esq. of Casterton, 
CO. Normanby, Victoria, and has had 

1. Jatnes Alexander, settled in New 
South Wales, and »t. 4th December, 
18 — , Effie King, and has issue. 

2. Herbert, also in New South 

3. Norman, in New South Wales. 

4. George. 

5. Allan. 

1. Elizabeth, m. 24th November, 
1886, her cousin-german, Henry 
Bowtell Jackson, Esq., elder son 
of Jolin Henry Jackson, Esq. of 

Residence — Sandford House, Sandford, co. 
Normanby, Victoria, Australia. 

Hater t^t jHouitt 3Srous{)ton. 

KATER, HON. HENRY EDWARD, of Mount Brougliton, Moss Vale, 
New South Wales, Australia, J. P., member of the Legislative Council 
of New South Wales, and member of Licensing Court, 6. 20th September, 
1841 ; m. 8th February, 1870, Mary Eliza, daughter of William Forster, Esq. of 
Brush Farm, New South Wales, member of the Legislative Assembly, and has 

I. Henry Herman, h. 31st October, 1870. 

II. Norman William, h. 18th November, 1874 


The Hon. H. E. Kater's ancestors were of 
German extraction. 

Captain Henbt Kateb, of the 62nd 
Eegiment, engaged in the trigonometric sur- 
vey of India under Colonel Lambton ; cou- 
ti-ibuted fifteen papers to the Philosophical 
Transactions ; received the gold medal of the 
Royal Astronomical Society ; by his en- 
quiries for constructing Standards of Weights 
and Measures he was honoured with admis- 
sion into numerous learned societies in Great 
Britain and upon the Continent; regulated 
weights and measures for Russia, for which 
service he received the Order of St. Anne of 
Russia, and was presented with a diamond 
snuff-box. He m. 31st May, 1810, Mary 
Frances Reeve, and had issue, Edward, of 
Mexborough, W.E. co. York, England, lord 
of the manor of Mexborough (who obtained 
a grant of arms) ; and Henet HEEMAif. 

Henby Heeman Katee, Esq. of Bun- 
garibbee. New South Wales, and afterwards 
of Calcula, near Orange, New South Wales, 
J. P., was one of the Earl Marshal's Gold 
Staff officers at the Queen's Coronation, and 
was a graduate of Magdalene College, Cam- 
bridge, went to New South Wales in 1839, in 
the ship " Euphrates," which he chartered, 
and loaded with cattle and horses. Amongst 
the latter were Capapie, Tross, Cantab, Para- 
guay, The Giggler, a,n,d Georgiana, from 
which have been bred some of Australia's 
stoutest racehorses, and the cattle helped to 
form the celebrated herd of Mr. William 

Suttor, of Brucedale, near Bathurst. Mr. 
Kater m. 30th July, 1840, Eliza Charlotte, 
daughter of Major Edward Darvall, and d. 
at The Meads, Enfield, 29tb June, 1881, 
having had issue, 

I. Heney Edwaed, now of Mount 
Brougbton, Moss Vale, N.S.W. 

II. Edward Harvey, b. 11th September, 
1846, m. Eanny Matthews, and had 

1. Edward Darvall. 

2. Charles. 

1. Mary. 

2. Eliza. 

3. Mary Agnes. 

4. May. 

I. Emily Mary, m. J. E. Hogg, Esq. 

II. Laura Georgina, m. A. G. Rose, 

III. Mary Frances, num. 

IV. AUce Eliza, m. H. Salwey, Esq. 

.<4r)H,?— Quarterly ; 1st and 4th, az., on a 
bend engr. or, between two fleurs-de-lis arg., an 
eagle, with two heads displ., sa., for Kater ; 
2nd, gu. a chev. vaire or and az. between 
three roses arg., for Reeve ; 3rd, gu. a leg, 
in armour, couped at the tliigh, between two 
spears erect, points upwards. Crest of 
Kater — A cat ramp, guard, ppr. between two 
elephants' trunks or. Motto — Nil mortalibus 

iff«irffHce-'-Mount Brougbton, Moss Yale, 
New South Wales, Australia. 



Bicftscitt of anisitre. 

DICKSON, RAYNES WAITE, Esq. of Ariiside, Domain-road, South 
Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, president of the Law Institute 
of Victoria, and advocate of the diocese of the Church of England, Melbourne ; 
b. 13th August, 1844; m. 20th October, 1870, Elizabeth, daughter of William 
and Elizabeth Kiddle, of Somersetshire, Eagland, and has issue, 
I. Raynes "Waits Stanley, h. 11th November, 1871. 


William Dickson, Esq. of Anfield Lodge, 
near Liverpool, England ; m. 27tli January, 
1801, Frances Eickets, daughter of Raynes 
Barrett Waite, Esq. of Blue Hole and 
Moreland Estates, Montego Bay, Jamaica, 
who was lineally descended from Colonel Sir 
Thomas Wayte, the youngest of the twelve 
judges who condemned King Charles I 
to death. Colonel Wayte was one of the 
first settlers in Jamaica, where he acquired 
considerable property. Mr. Dickson, d. 1st 
September, 1817 (his wife having predeceased 
him on the 2nd April, 1812), leaving one son, 
who resided at Ashmeadow House, Arnside, 
Morecambe Bay, co. Westmoreland, England, 

and who m. 4th June, 1835, and d. at Leipsic, 
10th October, 1869, having had by his wife 
(who d. at Bootle, near Liverpool, co. Lan- 
caster, 22nd April, 1850), 

I. Raynes Waitb, now of Arnside, 
South Yarra. 

I. Frances Anne, m. the Rev. Mathew 
Henry Martin, and has issue three 
sons and two daughters. 

II. Elizabeth Waite, deceased. 

III. Agnes Hannah, unm. 

Crest iised — A bear's Tiead, muzzled. 
Residence — Arnside, Domain-road, South 
Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Botolttts nf ^j>trntp. 

Wales, district court judge ; h. in London, 2nd December, 1819 ; m. 
20fch June, 1849, Katharine Marion, daughter of James Laidley, Esq. of 
Rosebank, Sydney, N.S.W., late deputy commissary-general (see Laidley of 
Hillside), and has issue, 

I. James Arthur, h. 28th April, 1850; m. 25th January, 1887, Maude 

Matilda Street, 
u. Vincent George, i. 23rd April, 1852. 

III. Neville, h. 9th August, 1856; m. 3i'd August, 1887, Marie Stuart 


IV. Russell, h. 15th October, 1858. 

V. Septimus William, h. 7th April, 1863. 
T. Katherine Eliza, h. 7th February, 1862. 

His Honour J. S. Dowling emigrated to Australia with his father in 1828, 
but retui-ned to England in 1836 ; entered King's College and graduated LL.B. 
in 1841 ; was called to the Bar in 1846 ; appointed attorney-general at Port 
Curtis in 1849, and afterwards went to Sydney. He was made police 
magistrate in 1851 ; appointed crown prosecutor in 1857, and in ISol district 
court judge. New South Wales, which post he has since held. 




Hon. Sie James Dowling, Knigbt 
(brother of Vincent George Dowling, Esq., 
who was grandfather of Vincent James 
Dowling, Esq. of Luie), was b. in London, 
25th November, 1787 ; educated at St. Paul's 
School, London ; in early life was newspaper 
reporter in the Houses of Parliament ; called 
to the Bar at the Middle Temple, 1815 ; 
edited several legal text books, and brought 
out nine volumes of law reports. He was 
appointed a puisne judge of the colony of 
New South Wales, 6th August, 1827, and 
arrived at Port Jackson, in the ship 
" Hooghly," with his family, 24th February, 
1828 ; appointed acting chief justice, April, 
183H, and chief justice in succession to Sir 
Francis Forbes, when he was knighted. Sir 
James Dowling m. in 1835, as his second wife, 
Harriott Mary, eldest daughter of the Hon. 
John Blaxland, formerly of Newington Hall, 
CO. Kent, England, and afterwards of New- 
ington, Parramatta River, New South Wales, 
sometime member of the Legislative Council 
of that colony (see Blaxland of Foed- 
wich), and widow of Alexander Macdonald 
Ritchie, Esq. of Calcutta, merchant (who m. 
in 1816, and had issue), and d. in Sydney, 
27th September, 1844, aged 57 years, having 
had issue by his first wife, 

I. James Sheen, district court judge. 

II. Vincent Francis Woodcock. 

I. Susau, m. the Rev. Charles Spencer, 
M.A., and d. his widow. 

II. Eliza, m. 30th March, 1842, Sir 
Arthur Hodgeon, K.C.M.G-. (1886), of 
Clopton House, Stratford-on-Avon, 
CO. Warwick, England, and of the 
Windham Club, London ; formerly of 
Eton Vale, Darling Downs, Queens- 
land, Australia, J.P. and D.L. for co. 
Warwick (high sheriff thereof 1881), 
and J.P. for the borough of Stratford, 
b. 29th June, 1818 : educated at Eton 

and Cambridge ; emigrated to New 
South Wales, and amved in Sydney in 
1840 ; represented Darling Downs for 
some time in tlie Legislative Assembly 
of New South Wales, and after tlie 
separation of Queensland sat for the 
Warrego in the Parliament of the 
latter colony ; sometime secretary for 
public works, colonial secretary, and 
premier of Queensland ; was ap- 
pointed general superintendent of the 
Australian Agricultural Company in 
1856 ; and in 1874 returned to Eng- 
land. He was representative for 
Queensland at the Exhibition held in 
London, 1862 ; executive commissioner 
for the same colony at the Paris Exhi- 
bition, 1878; royal commissioner, &c.. 
Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1886 ; 
and was mayor of Stratford-on-Avon 
from 1884 to 1888; son of the Rev. 
Edward Hodgson {d. 1854), vicar of 
Rickmansworth, Herts, by Charlotte, 
his wife, sister of the late Colonel 
Pemberton, of Trumpington Hall, co. 
Cambridge, and has, with other issue 
(see Hodgson), 

Francis Henry (Rev.), M.A., vicar 
of Abbots Langley, Herts, b. 
1848; educated at Eton and 
Trinity College, Cambridge ; m. 
July, 1881, Mary, second daugh- 
ter of the late Hammond Solly, 
Esq. of Serge Hill, Herts. 
III. Maria, m. George Blaxland, Esq., a 
merchant captain trading between 
China and India, second son of the 
Hon. John Blaxland, of Newington; 
and d. s.p. 

He.tidence — Sydney, New South 


Botoltng of iCuit* 

DOWLING, VINCENT JAMES, Esq. of Luie, Rylstone, New South 
Wales, Australia, J.P. for New South Wales and Queensland ; h. in 
New South Wales, 11th January, 1835 ; m, Frances Emily, fifth daughter of 
Thomas Chaplin, Esq. of Breillah, Sydney, New South Wales, and has, 

I, Willoughby Vincent, h. at Thargomindah, Queensland, 19th May, 1871 ; 

educated at Eton. 

II. Prank Osborne, h. 25th January, 1884. 

I. Ethel Maude, h. at Thargomindah, Queensland, 3rd June, 1869. 

II. Ruth Beatrice, h. at Luie, New South Wales, 8th October, 1878. 

III. Elsie Luie, /;. at Luie, New South Wales, 11th August, 1880. 

Mr. Dowling was educated in England, and on his return to his native country 
entered into the business of a .squatter. He is one of the pioneers of Australia, 
having discovered the Cuttaburra and Spring country, and the river Paroo 



in 1859, on which he formed stations, and for many years was settled at 
Thargomindah, until 1875. He also opened up the country on the BuUoo, 
Wilson, and several other rivers. Mr. Dowling was appointed a justice of 
the peace for the colony of New South Wales in I860, and for Queensland on 
the formation of that colony. In Queensland he holds several stations, 
among them the Gummin Gummin station. He purchased from Dr. Cox in 
1877 the estate of Luie, which consists of 14,900 acres of land, on which are 
pastured many sheep, the wool from which has taken numerous prizes, among 
them the gold medal at Calcutta and the silver medal at Amsterdam. 


Vincent George Dowling, Esq., a war 
correspondent, brother of Sir James Dowling, 
Knight, who was father of His Honour James 
Sheen Dowling, of Sydney, New South 
Wales, district court judge; was for many 
years editor of Bell's Life in London, and he 
it was who first caught Beliingliam after the 
assassination of the Right Hon. Spencer Perce- 
val, cliancellor of the exchequer and prime 
minister of England, in the lobby of the House 
of Commons, 11th May 1812. He was father 

WiLLOUGHBT Dowling, Esq., who emi- 
grated to New South Wales in 1830, and 
resided at Flinton, near Sydney. He m. in 
1834, and d. in 1848 (his widow surviving 
till 1870), having had issue. 

I. Vincent James, of Luie. 

II. John Francis, murdered by blacks in 
Queensland while exploring, 1865; 

I. Susan Emily, m. Francis Alexander 
Powell, Esq., eldest son of Nathaniel 
Powell, Esq. of Turalla, Bungendore, 
New South Wales, J. P., and has issue 
two sons and two daughters. 

Arms used — Or on a bend az. a stag's head 
cabossed between two billets. Crest — A 
falcon belled and jessed, holding in the dexter 
claw a sword. Motto — Fortis et egregius. 

Residence — Liiie, Rylstone, New South 
Wales, Australia. 

Club — Union, Sydney. 

(1885), F.R.H.S., of Rusholme, Toronto, Canada, lieut. -colonel in 
Governor- General's Body Guard, M.P. for West Toronto, Canada, h. at 
Rusholme, Toronto, 22nd November, 1846; m. at Chippawa, Niagara Falls, 
Ontario, 22nd April, 1874, Julia Abigail, daughter of Oliver Tiffany Macklem, 
Esq. of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and lins issue, 

I. Frederick Coningham, h. 5th July, 1875. 

II. Harold Edmund, h. 3rd June, 1878. 

III. Edgar Street, h. 13th August, 1879. 

IV. Victor Edward, h. 13th December, 1882. 

V. Gordon Cyril, h. 30th March, 1885. 

VI. Egerton Boyer, h. 6th February, 1887. 

I. Jessie Florence. 

II. Dora Louise. 

Colonel Denison was called to the Bar 1870, and was alderman of the city 
of Toronto from 1878 to 1884 ; was a cornet in the Governor-General's Body 
Guard during Fenian raid into Canada in 1866 ; served as orderly officer to 
Sir Garnet (now Viscount) Wolseley in the Red River Expedition of 1870, 
appointed captain in 1872, major in 1876, and lieut.-colonel in 1884. Went 
to Egypt in command of Canadian voyageurs, employed by the Imperial 
Government in the campaign in the Soudan, 1884 — 85, for the relief of 



General Gordon, and while accompanying General Earle's column took part 
in the battle of Kiibekan, and for his services received the Egyptian medal 
and two clasps, and was made C.M.G. 


The founder of the Canadian branch of the 
Denison family was Captain Johk Denison, 
son of Geoege Denison, Esq. of Headon, 
Yorkshire. He was b. at Headon, 20th Novem- 
ber, 1755. After serving a number of years 
with his regiment, the 2nd West York, Captain 
Denison sailed for Canada, 1st July, 1792, 
eventually settling in Toronto, 1796. He pur- 
chased a large tract of land near Weston, co. 
York, Ontario, about 1798, which is still in the 
possession of the family. He m. Sophia, daugh- 
ter of Arthur Taylor, Esq. of Dovercourt, 
Harwich, co. Essex, England, and d. at Tor- 
onto, 28th October, 1824, having had issue, 

I. Geoege Tayloe (Lieut. -Colonel), 
of whom presently. 

II. Thomas, m. and left issue. 

III. Charles, d. s.p. 
I. Elizabeth Sophia, m. John P. Taylor, 


Lieut.-Colonel Geoege Tatlob Deni- 
son, of Bellevue, Toronto, b. 29th December, 
1783 ; m. Esther Borden, daughter of Captain 
Richard Lippincott, a United Empire Loyal- 
ist, who, after fighting for seven years for his 
king and a " United Empire," settled near 
Toronto, receiving a large grant of land in the 
township of Vaughan, comprising about 3,000 
acres, from the Crown, as compensation for 
the loss of his property in the United States, 
which had been confiscated. He d. 18th De- 
cember, 1853, leaving issue, 

I. Richard Lippincott (Lieut.-Colonel), 
unsuccessfully contested West York in 
1861, and d. 10th March, 1878, leaving 

II. Geoege Tatloe (Colonel), of whom 

III. Robert Brittain (Lieut.-Colonel), 
was brigade-major and afterwards 
deputy adjutant-general of Toronto 
district. He has issue. 

iv. Charles Leslie, b. 21st August, 1841, 
m. and has issue. 

I. Sophia, m. William Coates, Esq. 

II. Mary, m. J. Fennings Taylor, Esq., 
and has issue. 

III. Georgina. 

The second son. 

Colonel Geoege Tatloe Denison, of 
Riisholme, Toronto, b. at Bellevue, Toronto, 
I7th July, 1816, was sometime senior officer 
of Militia in the province of Nova Scotia. 
He d. 30th May, 1873, having had (by 
Mary Anne Dewson, his wife) seven sons and 
two daughters, viz., 

I. George Taylor, lieut. -colonel com- 
manding Governor - General's Body 
Guard, police magistrate, Toronto, 
J.P., b. 30th August, 1839, unsuccess- 
fully contested Algoma in 1872. 

II. Feedekick Chaeles (Lietjt.- 
Colonel), of whom we treat. 

III. Henry Tyrwhitt, b. 29th January, 

IV. Clarence Alfred Kinsey, captain and 
adjutant Governor - General's Body 
Guard, b. 9th April, 1851. 

T. John, lieutenant R.N., b. 25th May, 

VI. Septimus Julius Augustus, captain 
4th Batt. South Staffordshire Regi- 
ment, England, b. 3rd September, 

VII. Egerton Edmund Augustus, captain 
3rd Batt. South Staffordshire Regi- 
ment, England, b. 25th December, 
1860 ; d. 8tb July, 1886. 

I. Esther Borden. 

II. Elizabeth Mary, m. Major J. M. 

Crest tised — A dexter arm embowed, vested 
az., cuff or, the hand ppr. pointing with the 
forefinger to a star gold. Motto — Persever- 

Residence — Rusholme, Toronto, 
of Ontario, Dominion of Canada. 


EINLAYSON, JOHN HARVEY, Esq. of Strelda, Stanley-street, North 
Adelaide, South Australia, J. P., editor and part proprietor of the Sovdh 
Australian Register, and member of the North Adelaide School Board of 
Advice under Education Department, h. 3rd February, 1843 ; m. 20th March, 
1878, Alice, daughter of the late Thomas Shoobridge, Esq. of London, 
merchant, by Jane Pym, his wife (a descendant of John Pym, temp. Chakles I), 
and by her has issue, 

I. Harvey Pym, h. 11th January, 1881. 

II. Katharine Alice, h. 14th August, lb79. 




Henry Pinlatson, Esq., was a freeman of 
the city of Glasgow, whither he removed from 
Stirling. By Mary Fletchfield, his wife, he 
had five sons, William, Robert (of whom 
presently), James, John, and Ebenezer, and 
one daughter, m. to Robert Brigson, Esq. 

Robert Finiatson, Esq., burgess of Grlas- 
gow (in which city he was a manufacturer, 
with his son of the same name), m. Jane 
Connell,and had eleven children, the youngest 
of whom, 

William Finlayson, Esq. of Helen- 
holme, Mitcham, South Australia, arrived in 
that colony, February, 1837. He m. at Edin- 
burgh, 30th September, 1836, Helen Harvey 
(who d. 20th October, 1884), and has had 

I. Robert Kettle (Rev.), m. twice, and 
has five sons and three daughters. 

II. William, m. twice, having had issue 

by his first wife, two daughters, and by 
his second wife, two sons. 

III. John Harvey, of Strelda. 

IV. Ebenezer, m. and has surviving issur 
one son and one daughter. 

V. Henry, d. in infancy. 

I. Jane Connell, unm. 

II. Helen Harvey, widow of William 
Ambrose, Esq., has issue two sons and 
three daughters. 

III. Jessie G-race, nnm. 

IV. Elizabeth Mary Christina, m. Hubert 
Nickels, Esq., and has four sons and 
one daughter. 

T. Hannah, m. William B. Randell, 
Esq., and has two sons and three 

Residence— StrelAa,, Stanley-street, North 
Adelaide, South Australia. 

STUDHOLME, JOHN, Esq. of Merevale, Ohristchurch ; and Coldstream, 
Ashburton CO., Canterbury, New Zealand, J.P., sat as member of the 
House of Representatives for Kaiapoi, Canterbury, from 1867 to 1874, and 
also for Gladstone from 1878 to 1832, b. in 1829 ; edacated at Queen's College, 
Oxford. He left England for Canterbury, New Zealand in 1851, wbere lie 
was for many years a member of the Provincial Council of Canterbury, and 
TO. in 1862, Lucy Ellen Sykes, daughter of William Moorhouse, Esq. of 
Knottingley, W.R. co. York, England, J. P., and has issue, 

I. Jobn, h. 1863 ; educated at Christ's College, Christchurch, New 

Zealand, and at Christ Church, Oxford (B.A. 1887). 

II. William Paul, b. 1864 ; educated at Christ's College, Christchurch, 

New Zealand, and at Magdalen College, Oxford (B.A. 1886), and 
was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, London, 1887. 

III. Joseph Francis, b. 1866; educated at Christ's College, Christchurch, 

New Zealand, and at Jesus College, Cambridge. 
I Lucy Ellen, b. 1869. 
II. Florence Mary, h. 1872. 


The family of Studholme, at a very remote 
period, removed from Hinchcliffe, co. Dur- 
ham, into Cumberland, where they continued 
to hold land till 1853, when Mr. John 
Studholme's elder brother Joseph went over 
to Ireland, and purchased an estate in King's 

John Studholme, Esq. of Studholme, 
Abbey Holme, and afterwards of Morton 
Head and St. Nicholas, near Carlisle, co. 
Cumberland, sold the last of the family 
estates. By Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of 
Paul Nixon, Esq., he had issue, 

I. Joseph, of Ballyeighaii and Kilmaine, 

J. P. for King's co., Ireland, m. lllh 
July, 1878, Mary Hastings, only 
daughter of James Robert Davis, Esq. 
of Bagot-street, Dublin, by Charlotle 
Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Robert 
Atkins, Esq. of Firville, co. Cork, and 
has had issue, 

1. John, b. 9tli June, and d. 5tli 
July, 1882. 

2. Launcelot Joseph Moore, b. 21st 
September, 1884. 

1. Elizabeth Charlotte Anne. 

2. Mary Hastings. 

II. John, of whom we treat. 



lir. Michael, of Waimate, Timaru, Can- 
terbury, New Zealand, J. P., m. and 
has is3ue. 

IV. Paul. 

I. Frances. 

II. Elizabeth. 

III. Ada, m. Charles Baker Stoney, Esq., 
M.D., and has issue. 

Arms used — Vert, a horse arg., caparisoned 
or, on a chief of the second three spur-rovoels 
gii. Crest — A. horse^s head coaped arg., 
bridled or. Motto — Semper paratus. 

Residences — Merevale, near Christchurch ; 
and Coldstream, Ashburton co., Canterbury, 

New Zealand. 

dPrmcl) of fresco tt antr Coronto. 

TMRENCH, FREDERICK JOHN, Esq. of Prescotfc, co. Grenville, and of 
Jj Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Canada, barrister-at-law, member of the 
Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Canada (returned in 1879, and re-elected in 
1883 and 1886), h. at Burritts Rapids, co. Grenville, Ontario, 18tli January, 
1847 ; educated at Ottawa ; called to the Bar, May, 1870 ; m. at Stratford, 
Ontario, 28th April, 1875, Alma Lucia, daughter of John Gordon, Esq., 
formerly of Aberdeen, Scotland, aad has issue, 

I. Frederick Henry, 6. 18th February, 1876. 

II. Guy Carleton, h. 13th October, 1878. 

in. George Grenville, h. 28th December, 1880. 


Jeremiah Fbench, Esq. (the great grand- 
father of the above), or his immediate 
ancestor, is said to have come from the neigh- 
bourhood of Manchester, co. Lancaster. 
There is some account of him given in 
Munson's Early History of Manchester, 
Vermont, U.S.A., in 1764, to which point he 
came from New York State, and the public 
records at Montpelier, the capital of Vermont, 
contain much information about him. On 
the breaking out of the Revolution he, with a 
few others at Manchester, refused to assist 
the rebels, and joined the British A.rmy in 
Canada, serving as an officer under Burgoyne. 
In consequence of his loyalty to the British 
Crown his lands at Manchester were con- 
fiscated, and his wife and children driven 
from their home and land across the border. 
In 1792 he was a member of the first Canadian 
Parliament, and his name appears in the 
original records of the Parliament, which are 
in England. During the visit of the Duke of 
Kent (father of Queen Victoria), in the early 
part of this century, he was entertained at the 
residence of Jeremiah Fi-ench, and it was 
during the festivities on this occasion that 
the latter's daughter, a young girl, was 
accidentally shot by her own father, when the 
gentlemen, including the duke, were at target 

practice. He »»., and had, amongst other 
issue, a son, 

Benjamin Feench, Esq., who m. Miss 
Wood (whose sister m. the Bishop of 
Toronto), and had issue, 

Benjamin, m. Sophia, daughter of Colonel 
Henry Burritt, M.P. He is still living. 
John Steachan, of whom presently. 
Ann, d. unm. 

Maria, m. James Forsythe, Esq. 
Mary, m. Mr. McGillis. 
Fanny, m. Sutherland Colquhoun, Esq. 
Eliza, m. Caleb Knight, Esq. She is stiU. 
John Steachan French, Esq. of Burritts 
Rapids, b. at Cornwall, Ontario, 1st March, 
1812 ; m. 1st June, 1836, Marianne Chesley, 
of Cornwall, who was b. 16th September, 
1811, and d. 17th September, 1867. He d. 
10th January, 1858, leaving, amongst other 

the present Feedeeick John Feench, Esq. 
Arms zised — Sa., a bend or, between ttvo 
dolphins embowed arg. Crest — A crescent 
per pale arg. and or, between the horns a 
fleur-de-lis counterchanged. Motto — Malo 
mori qiiam fcedari. 

Residences — Prescott, co. Grrenville ; Os- 
goode Hall, Toronto, Canada. 



SANDERSON, FREDERIC JAMES, Esq. of Killingworth, North Adelaide, 
South Australia, collector H.M. Customs, president of Marine Board of 
South Australia, and special magistrate, b. 4th July, 1834, at Newcastle-on- 
Tyne ; m. 1st July, 1856, Sarah, daughter of William and Louisa Cecilia 
Tounghusband, and has, 

I. Francis Villiers, b. 11th June, 1862 ; m. 20th December, 1888, Fanny 
Augusta, daughter of Edward Klingender, Esq. of Toorak, Victoria, 
and has a daughter, Beryl Olive. 

I. Annie Louisa, m. Henry Debonaire Gardener Haggard, Esq. 

II. Edith Fergusson. 
HI. Helen Lilias. 

Mr. Sanderson arrived in the colony of South Australia in 1852 ; was 
appointed clerk in the Treasury, 26th June, 1854; secretary to the Lands 
Titles Commissioners, 1st December, 1862, and secretary to the attorney- 
general, 1st December, 1870. He was acting under-secretary and government 
statist, from January, 1878, to June, 1879, and was appointed collector of 
customs and chief inspector of distilleries, 9th July, 1879. 


Mr. Frederic James Sanderson is the son 
of Francis Sandekson, Esq., formerly of 
Killingworth House, Newcastle-on-Tjne, co. 
Northumberland (who d. in South Australia, 
22nd February, 1864), by Hannah, his wife, 
who also d. in South Australia, 4th November, 

Arms used — Paly of six arg. and az., on 
a bend sa. three annulets or. Crest — On a 
mount vert a talbot pass. sa. eared or. 
Motto — Sans Dieu ri'en. 

Residence — Killingworth, North Adelaide, 
South Australia. 

n\\i\^ ot atr^Iattrt. 

SMITH, JOSEPH HENRY, Esq. of Brongham-place, Adelaide, South 
Australia, chairman of the South Austi-alian Railway Commissioners, 
b. 13th August, 1843 ; m. 22nd October, 1869, Lydia, daughter of the late 
R. Christian, Esq. of Barrow, Rutland, and has had issue, 

I. Harry Osborne, b. 15th August, 1870, d. 19th April, 1884. 

II. Frederick George, h. 27th May, 1879. 

I. Agnes Ethel. 

II. Florence Helena. 

III. Blanche Alice. 

V. Frances Marguerite. 


Th'.s amily is originally from Stafford- 

Joseph Valentine Smith, Esq. of Wal- 
sall, CO. Stafford, and of London, m. Mary 
Osborne, of London (of an old Leicestershire 
family), and d. February, 1870, 

Joseph Henry, of Adelaide. 

Frederick Osborne. 


Motto used — Pax in hello. 
Residence — Brougham - place, Adelaide, 
South Australia. 


STEEL, REV. ROBERT, M.A., Ph.D., D.D., of Lewington House, St. 
Leonards, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, minister of St. 
Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Sydney, h. at Pontypool, co. Monmouth, 
15th May, 1827 ; m. 23rd November, 1853, Mary, daughter of John- Allardyce, 
Esq. of Glass, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and has issue, 

I. John James, M.B., Ch.B., L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S. Edinburgh, b. 31st 

August, 1854. 

II. Robert Alexander (Rev.), M.A. (Sydney), minister at Queanbeyan, 

New South Wales, b. 4th July, 1856 ; m. 1879, Amy, daughter of 
James Barnet, Esq., colonial architect, Sydney, and has issue two 
sons and three daughters. 

III. Hugh Peden, of Sydney, solicitor, b. 30th January, 1865. 

I. Mary Jane, m. James Robertson, Esq., accountant. 

II. Anne Gillespie, m. Edward Kossuth Satchell, Esq, dentist, J. P. 

III. Elspett AUardyce, m. Arnold Bertie Low, Esq. 

The Rev. Dr. Steel was educated at the School of Ochiltree, Ayi'shire, 
and at the Royal Burgh Academy of Ayr; in 1843 entered King's College and 
University, Aberdeen, and in 1846 proceeded to New College, Edinburgh, to 
study theology; minister first at Cumbrae, in the Firth of Clyde, 1852, after- 
wards at Salford, Manchester, co. Lancaster, 1855, and while there he was 
chosen one of the executive committee of the United Kingdom Alliance ; 
subsequently removed to Cheltenham, co. Gloucester, 1859; and was trans- 
lated to Sydney, New South Wales, 1862. Dr. Steel is councillor of St. 
Andrew's College, within the University of Sydney, and was prominently 
associated in the establishment of that college. He has for many years been 
elected by the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New South 
Wales tutor in church history and pastoral theology, and in 1867 was 
appointed moderator of the general assembly. In 1872 he received the 
honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity from Lafayette College, Pennsylvania, 
the University of Gottingen having conferred on him the degree of Doctor of 
Philosophy in 1861. Dr. Steel is the author of Doing Good, or the Christian 
in Walks of Usefulness, 1858 ; Samuel the Prophet, 1859 ; Lives made Sublime 
by Faith and Works, 1861 ; The Christian Teacher in Sunday Schools, 1867 ; 
Burning and Shining Lights, or Memoirs of Good Ministers, 1864 ; The Neiv 
Hebrides and Christian Missions, 1880 ; The Shorter Catechism Illustrated, 
1885, and The Achievements of Youth, 1890 ; in addition to which he edited for 
several years the Presbyterian Magazine and the Australian Witness, after- 
wards the Presbyterian, and in earlier life contributed articles on religious 
subjects to the British Messenger, the Quiver, and several other publications. 


EoBEET Steel, Esq., whose family was 
for many generations connected with Ayr- 
shire, Scotland, m. Jean Peden (who d. 1847), 
a descendant of Alexander Peden, the cele- 

brated preacher of the Church of Scotland in 
the days of the Covenant, who was ejected 
from the parish of Glenluce, 1662, and d. 
1685. Mr. Steel d. 1859, having had a son, 



James Steel, Esq., who m. 1826, Anne 
Gillespie (who d. 1830), and d. 1829, leaving 
a son, 

the present Rev. Robert Steel, M.A., 
Ph.D., D.D., minister of St. Stephen's 
Presbyterian Church, Sydney. 

Crest used — A lion's head erased. Motto — 
Ferro non furto. 

Residence — Lewington House, St. Leonards, 
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 

BATLES, HON. WILLIAM, of Yar Orrong, Toorak, near Melbourne, 
Australia, J. P., executive councillor and alderman of the city of 
Melbourne, h. 1st November, 1820, at Hunderthwaite, co. York, England ; 
m. 1864, at Pituncarty, Macquarie River, Tasmania, Isabel, daughter of the 
late Arthur Buist, Esq. of Pituncarty, Macquarie River, and has had issue, 

I. William James, of Selbourne Chambers, Melbourne, barrister-at-law. 

II. Walter Melville, squatter, of Toorak Station, near Hughenden, 

Queensland, Australia. 

III. Norman, of Yar Orrong, Toorak, solicitor. 

I. Mary Buist, d. 24th November, 1888, at Yar Orrong. 

II. Elizabeth Sarah. 

III. Ada. 

Arriving in Tasmania in 1846, Mr. Bayles settled in Melbourne, Victoria, 
in 1852 ; was elected a member of the Melbourne City Council, 1861, and 
mayor of Melbourne, 1865 ; elected to parliament in 1864 for Villiers and 
Heytesbury, and represented that constituency for 15 years ; was commissioner 
of Trade and Customs in 1868. Since 1863 he has owned the estate of 
Coomete, near Hexham, co. Villiers, Victoria, Australia. 


The family came from Scotland and settled 
at Hunderthwaite, oo. York, England. 

William Batles, Esq., of that place 
(grandfather of the Hon. William Bayles), 
m. Miss Mary Deut, of Mickleton, co. York, 
and had three sons, 

I. William, of whom presently. 

II. John, settled in Tasmania, and d. 
there, leaving no surviving issue. 

III. James, d. in London. His son 
James John settled in Tasmania, in 
1823, at Rokeby, on the Macquarie 

The eldest son, 

William Batles, Esq. of Hunderthwaite, 

CO. York, m. Elizabeth, daughter of 

Hogg, Esq. of Romald-Kirk, co. York, and 

had issue, 

I. William (Hon.), of Yar Orrong. 

II. James, of Hunderthwaite. 

Arms used — On. afesse arg. betw. in chief 
three martlets and in base as many mullets of 
the last. Motto — Virttite et prudentia. 

Residence — Yar Orrong, Toorak, near Mel- 
bourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Estate — Coomete, near Hesham, co. 
Villiers, Victoria, Australia. 

Sidney-street, Wellington, New Zealand, member of the Legislative 
Council and of the Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute, h. 11th 
March, 1820, baptised at St. Michael's, Lewes, Sussex, England; m. 1st, 29th 



July, 1863, Mary Sarah, daughter of Edward Prince, Esq., and has by her 
a son, 

Walter Godfrey, h. 30th April, 1864 ; m. 28th November, 1888, Katherine 
Louis Marguerite, only daughter of Ernst Louis Bucholz, of Saxe- 
Cobnrg-Gotha, who was for many years consul for Germany at 
Auckland, New Zealand. 

He m. 2ndly, 10th January, 1876, Jane, daughter of Benjamin Hardwick, 
Esq. of Beckenham, Kent, England, solicitor. 


Waltee Mantell, Esq., liTing temp. 
Henet VI, 1440, m. Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Abbot, Esq., citizen and mercer of 
London, and had a eon, 

Walter Mantell, Esq., living temp. 
Edwaed IV, 1470, who was father of 

John Mantell, Esq., living temp. Henet 
VII, 1495. He was father of 

SiE Waltee Mantell, Knight, of Hey- 
forde, CO. Northampton ; m. Margaret, daugh- 
ter and heir of Oliver Wood, one of the 
justices of the Common Pleas, and djing in 
1530, his widow re-m. Sir William Haut, 
of Bishopsbourne, Knight. She m. Srdly, 
Sir James Hales, Knight, and d. at a very 
advanced age, in 1577, and was buried in 
St. Mildred's Church, Canterbury. Sir 
Walter Mantell had issue, 

I. John, m. Ist, Anne, daughter of . . . 
Brown, Esq., by whom he had issue, a 
son, Walter, who was attainted and 
executed at Sevenoaks, 1st May, 1533 ; 
and, 2ndly, Anne, daughter of Fienes, 
Lord Dacres, and by her had issue, 
two sons, one of whom d. young, and 
the other d. unm. 

II. Walter, purchased the site of Horton- 
priory, attainted, and executed at 
Maidstone, 1st May, 1533. He m. 
Jane, or Mary, daughter of Sir James 
Hales, Knight, one of the justices of 
the Common Pleas, and had issue, 

1. Matthew, had Horton-priory re- 
stored to him in 1571 ; m. Lucre- 
tia, daughter of . . . Wake, Esq. 
of Bilsworth, and had issue, 
I. Walter, of Horton Mona- 
chorum, co. Kent, seneschal 
of the Church of Christ, 
Canterbury ; m. Catharine, 
daughter of Thomas Turney 
de Brockhill, Esq., and had 

1. Walter, aged 15 in 

2. Henry, aged 12 in 1619. 

3. John, aged 10 in 1619. 

4. Matthew, aged about 8 
in 1619. 

5. Thomas, aged about 6 
in 1619. 

1. Elizabeth. 

2. Catharine. 

3. Benetta. 

II. William. 

2. A son, d. unm. 

3. Thomas, of Westminster ; m. 
Catharine, daughter and co-heir 
of Roger Horn, Esq. of Kenard- 
ington, and dying in 1588, his 
widow re-m. Robert Smith, Esq. 
Mr. Mantell had issue, besides 
four daughters (one of whom m. 
. . . Broadley, ancestor of the 
Broadleys of Devonshire and of 
Dover), three sons, 

I. A son, «!., and was father of 
John, of Tenterden, who d. 
in 1687, leaving issue, Regi- 
nald, of Tenterden, who d. 
s.p. 1743, and another son, 
who had two sons, 1. Ed- 
ward, of Mersham, oo. Kent, 
who m. and had issue, Ed- 
ward, d. a minor ; Charles, 
d. s.p. ; Thomas, Fellow of 
Bennet College, Cambridge ; 
and William, of Kenehill, 
Tenterden, who m. and had 
issue ; and, 2. Thomas, of 
Ashford, co. Kent, d. unm. 
in 1756. 

II. Thomas, a lieutenant in the 
army. By Jane, his wife, he 
had issue, besides two daugh- 
ters (one of whom m. Robert 
Daines, Esq. of Dover), two 
sons, viz., 

1. Charles, a mariner, who 
m. and had issue, besides 
two daughters (one of 
whom m. John Parker, 
of Dover, shipwright, 
and the other m. to 
Richard Hudson, Esq.), a 
son, Charles, of Dover, 
who m. Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Hobbes, 
of London, distiller, and 
widow of Henry Doves, 
Esq. of Dover, and had 
a son, Thomas, of Chil- 
ham, CO. Kent, surgeon, 
who m. Catherine, 
daughter of the Rev. 
John Nichols, rector of 
Fordwich, co. Kent, and 
maternally descended 



from a brother of Bishop 
Kidley's, and had issue, 
1. Sir Thomas, of Dover, 
F.A.S., F.L.S., &c., &c., 
knighted 10th May, 
1820, by H.M. King 
Geoege IV ; m. Anne, 
daughter of William 
Oakley, Esq., and great- 
grand - daughter of 
Henry Doves, Esq., and 
was living s.p. in 1829 ; 
1. Catherine; 2. Eliza- 
beth; 3. Mary; all d. 
infants ; 4. Sarah, d. 
tinm. ; and 5. Martha, 
m. Christopher Greaves, 
Esq. of Canterbury, vrbo 
d. in 1802, having had 
issue, two daughters, 
Catherine, d. unm., and 
Susan Grauford, who 
was living unm., 1829. 
2. Thomas, commanded a 
ship of war, was taken 
by the Algerines, and 
many years a captive in 
III. A son, d. unm. 
4. A eon, d. unm. 
III. Thomas, of whom presently. 

I. Anne, m. Richard Nevill, Esq., and 
had issue, 1. Thomas, x.p. 1619 ; 2. 
Thomas, dean of Canterbury, s.p. 
1619 ; 3. Alexander, s.p. 1619. 

II. Eleanor. 

III. Margaret. 
IT. Mary. 

V. Dorothy. 

The third and youngest son, 

Thomas Mantell, Esq., headborough of 
Lewes, CO. Sussex, 1562 ; constable of Lewes, 
1572; and one of the twelve, 1591. He was 
father of 

Thomas Mantell, Esq., one of the society 
of the twelve, 1611, who was father of, 

I. John, m. 1628, Dorothy Munger. 

II. Thomas. 

I. Dorothy, m. 1629, William Morris, 

The second son, 

Thomas Mantell, Esq., headborough, in 
1644, and constable in 1652, had issue, 

I. Richard, m. 1st, in 1644, Elizabeth, 
and, 2ndly, Mary, who d. in 1708. 

II. Edwaed, of whom hereafter. 

I. Mary, m. in 1655, Jos. Walter, Esq. 
of Lyndfleld. 

The second son, 

Edvtaed Mantell, Esq., m. 1st, Ann 
Tester, and by her had issue, Thomas, of 
whom presently, and Susannah, b. in 1690, 
and d. in 1710. He m. 2ndly, Mary Martin, 
and by her had issue, a daughter, Elizabeth, 
d. in 1710. His only son, 

Thomas Mantell, Esq., d. in 1736. By 
Martha, his wife (who d. in 1736), he had 
issue, besides tliree daughters (Mary, b. 11th 

May, 1718; Susan, b. 3rd January, 1720; 
Martha, b. 1st November, 1722), a son, 

Thomas Mantell, Esq., b. 15th March, 
1716; m. Susannah Austen (who d. in 1790, 
aged 74 years), and had issue, 

George (Rev.), of Swindon, co. Wilts, 
m. Martha, daughter of .... 
Houstoun, Esq., M.D., of Bath, and 
had a son, George, of Faringdon, 
CO. Berks, M.D., who m. Ann, 
daughter and co-heir of the late 
John lies, Esq. of Studley Grange, 
CO. Wilts, and had, amongst other 
issue. Sir John lies Mantell, Knight 
(created 1867), of Swinton Lodge, 
near Manchester, co. Lancaster, and 
of the Windham Club, London, 
F.R.G.S., J. P. for Lancashire, and 
stipendiary justice for the division 
of Manchester, 1869 to 1885; called 
to the Bar at the Middle Temple, 
1847 ; Queen's advocate, Gambia, 
1841 — 47 ; and chief justice at the 
Gambia, 1847—66; b. 1813; m. 
1866, Elinor Knight, second daugh- 
ter of Charles Hitchcock, Esq., 
M.D., of Fiddington House, Devizes, 

Thomas, b. 114,1, d. 1748. 

William, b. 1744, d. s.p. 1792. 

Thomas, of whom hereafter. 

Harry, b. 1752, d. s.p. 

Mary, ot. Mr. Dewley, and d. s.p. 

Susanna, m. Mr. West, and had sevei'al 

Thomas Mantell, Esq., b. 21st April, 
1750; m. 1776, Sarah Austen, of Peckham, 
CO. Kent (who was b. 25th November, 1755), 
and d. 11th July, 1807, having had issue, 

I. Thomas, of Lewes, co. Sussex, m. 
Hannah Groves, and had issue. 

II. Gideon Algeenon, of whom pre- 

III. Samuel, of Lewes, co. Sussex, m. 
Henrietta Kennard. niece of Sir 
George Crewe, Bart., and had issue. 

IT. Joshua, U7im. in 1828. 

I. Sarah, d. an infant. 

II. Mary, m. Charles West, Esq. of 

III. Jemima, mim. 1828. 
IT. Keziah, unm. 1828. 

The second son, 

Gideon Algeenon Mantell, Esq., 
F.R.S., of 19, Chester-square, Pimlico, Lon- 
don, formerly of Castle-place, Lewes, co. 
Sussex; Brighton, co. Sussex; and Claphani, 
CO. Surrey ; b. 3rd February, 1790 ; m. at 
St. Marylebone, London, 4th May, 181G, 
Mary Ann, eldest daughter of George Ed- 
ward Woodhouse, Esq. ot Maida-hill, Pad- 
dington, CO. Middlesex, and d. 11th Novem- 
ber, 1852, having had issue, 

I. Walteb Baldook DrEANT (Hon.), 
now of Wellington. 

II. Reginald Neville, b. 11th August, 

of ffioutrrnl awK Qaueapucitl of RimnvimrKf ana ©rrntuiUc. uf SutJucti 


oi Adehxiite 



1827; baptised at St. Michael's, 
Lewes, co. Sussex ; d. num. 1857. 

I. Ellen Maria, b. 30tli May, 1818; 
baptised at St. Michael's, Lowes ; m. 
J. W. Parker, Esq. of West Strand, 
London, publisher. Both deceased s.p. 

II. Hannah Matilda, b. 24th November, 

1822, baptised at St. Michael's, Lewes; 
d. unm. 1841. 
Arms — Arg. a cross engr. between four 
martlets sa. Crest — A stag's head couped 
affrontee arg. 

Residence — Maramarania, Sidney-street, 
Wellington, New Zealand. 

^m% of aeatstfieltr ^m%u 

EOSS, HON. DAVID ALEXANDER, of WestBeld House, St. Foy- 
' road, in the Banticue of the city of Quebec, Canada, member of the 
Legislatiye and Executive Councils, province of Quebec, and lieutenant- 
colonel of Militia; called to the Bar 1848, appointed queen's counsel 1873, 
and attorney-general 1878; h. at Quebec 12th March, 1819; m. there '27th 
February, 1872, Harriet Ann, daughter of the late Colonel Samuel Lynde 
Valentine, of Bangor, Maine, and widow of the late James Gibb, jun., Esq. 
of Quebec, but ha.s no issue. 


The family originally came from Tain in 

John Eoss, Esq., the paternal grand- 
father of the Hon. D. A. Eoss, was b. there. 
He joined the expedition for the conquest of 
Canada, under General Wolfe, as a volunteer, 
and fought at Louisburg and at Quebec on 
the Plains of Abraham in September, 1759, 
where he was wounded. He m. 1769, Anne 
Story, of Boston, and d. about 1818, leaving 
issue, two sons : 1. John ; and 2. David, of 
the city of Montreal, Q.C. ; in. Mary, widow 
of Rev. Dr. Sparks, a Presbyterian minister. 
The elder son, 

John Eoss, Esq. of Quebec, a prolhono- 
tary of the Court of King's Bench, b. 1782 ; 

m. 1817, Margaret, daughter of David Eoss, 
Esq. of Quebec, and d. in 1826, leaving a 
daughter, Eliza Jane, and a son, 

the Hon. David Alexander Eoss. 
His widow re-m. Mr. Sti'ang, and by liim had 
issue, .John ; Annie, m. Henry Atkinson, 
Esq. of Etchemin, and is deceased ; and 
Mary, widow of the late Dr. James M. Cas- 
sels, resides at Lennoxville. 

Crest used — A lion ramp., holding a rose, 
slipped and leaved. Motto — Rosam ne rode. 

Residence — Westfield House, St. Foy-road, 
in the Banticue of the city of Quebec, 

Club — St. George's, Hanover-square, Lon- 

mim of jHanlp. 

WISE, GEORGE FOSTER, Esq. of Manly, near Sydney, New South 
Wales, Australia, government agent for immigration, some time 
sheriff and comptroller of prisons ; b. July, 1814 ; m. June, 1842, Frances Lucy 
Mary Anne, daughter of the late Milbourn Marsh, Esq., postmaster-general 
of Jamaica, West Indies, and niece of the late Sir Francis Forbes, first chief 
justice of New South Wales, but has no issue. 


The family of Wise originally came from 
the county of Kent. 

The paternal grandfather of Mr. G. F. 
Wise resided at Maidstone in that county. 
He m. Miss Stacy, and by her had a son, 

Edward Wise, Esq. of Hill Grove, Pem- 
bridge. Isle of Wight; a resident of the Isle 
of Wight for 65 years. He m. in 1812, 

VOL. I. 

Amelia Wilson (who d. about 1847), and d. 
in 1863, having liad issue, 

I. Geohge Foster, now of Manly, near 

II. Edward (Hon.), -jiidgeof the Supreme 
Court, of New Soutli V\ ale s, b. m ihe 
Isle of Wight, 13th August, 1818; 
educated at Eugby; called to the Bar 


J 78 


in 1844; for several years travelled 
the western circuit, during which 
time he edited the law reports of the 
Court of Queen's Bench, and a work 
on the law of riots and on bankruptcy ; 
arrived in Sydney in 1855, appointed 
solicitor-general in 1857, and in 1859 
attorney -general, and was made a 
judge of the Supreme Court in Feb- 
ruary, 1860. He m. Maria Bate, 
daughter of Lieutenant Jolm Smith, 
R.N., and d. at St. Kilda, Melbourne, 
Victoria, 28th September, ISfiS, leav- 
ing issue, four sons and one daughter 
(Minnie Avibrey, m. 14th April, 1886, 
at St. Michael's and All Angels', Chis- 
wict, CO. Middlesex, England, Arthur 
Hamilton Raikes, Esq. of Winder- 
mere, CO. Westmoreland), all of whom 
reside in England, except the second 
son, Bernhard Ringrose, of Sydney, 
New South Wales, barrister-at-law, 
attorney-general of New South Wales, 
1887-8, and lately one of the members 
of Parliament for the city of Sydney ; 
m. 1884, Lilian Margaret, daughter of 
John Forster Baird, Esq. of Beaumont 
Hill, Northumberland, and has issue, 
one son, Anthony Forsler. Mr. Jus- 
tice Wise presented his valuable col- 
lection of books to the Sydney Free 
Public Library. 
. Emily Anne, m. 16th August, 1836, 
Hon. Sir William Montagu Manning, 
Knight, LL.D., of Wallaroy, near 
Sydney, N.S.W., and of the Atheneeum 
Club, London, judge of the Supreme 
Court, New South Wales, 1876 to 
1887, and chancellor of the Sydney 

University since 1878, who was b. at 
Alphington, near Exeter, co. Devon, 
20th June, 1811 ; educated at Uni- 
versity College, London ; called to the 
Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1832; went to 
Sydney in 1837, and was soon after- 
wards made chairman of Quarter 
Sessions ; solicitor-general. New South 
Wales, 1844 to 1848 ; acting judge of 
the Supreme Court, January, 1848, to 
November, 1849 ; again solicitor - 
general from November, 1849, to 
May, 1856 ; was appointed a nominee 
member of the Legislative Council in 
1851 ; returned to the Legislative 
Assembly for South Cumberland in 
1856, and the same year became 
attorney-general, retiring the follow- 
ing year ; again attorney - general, 
1860 and 1868-9 ; knighted in March, 
1858, when on a visit to England ; 
returned to the colony in 1859 ; 
nominated a life member of the 
Legislative Council, 1861 ; and in 
1876 appointed judge of the Supreme 
Court ; son of John Edye Manning, 
Esq. of Clifton, Bristol. Mrs. Man- 
ning d. 16th November, 1846, leaving 
issue (see Manxixg of Wallarot), 
and, on 7th June, 1849, her widower 
re-m. Eliza Anne, second daughter of 
Very Rev. William Sowerby, Dean of 
Groiilburn, New South Wales, by 
whom he has issue. 

Arms used — Sa. three chevronels erm. 
Crest — A panther's head erased. 

Residence — Manly, near Sydney, New 
South Wales, Australia. 

^iDiil xif g'pmnuins Pains. 

YOUL, CHARLES, Esq. of Symmons Plains, Perth, Tasmania, J.P., h. 
7th November, 1843; m. 20th November, 1872, Locklina Charlotte, 
daughter of Francis Flexmore, Esq. of Beauvilliers, Macquarie-street, Hobart, 
Tasmania (see Flexmore of Kempton), by Charlotte, his Tvife, daughter of 
Captain Thomas Peters, of the Duke of York's Regiment, and has issue, 

I. Charles Albert Henry, I. 23rd June, 1878. 

I. Mabel Constance Annie, h. 5th September, 1873. 

II. Lina Henrietta, h. 28th June, 1875. 

Mr. Youl's property, situated on the South Esk River, consists of 5,300 


Eev. John Yottl, arrived in New South 
Wales, 1800, m. 1810, Jane, daughter of 
She d. 1877, leaving a son. 

Sir James Aendell Youl, K.C.M.G-., of 
Waratah House, Clapham-jjark, co. Surrey, 
England. He succeeded in introducing 
salmon and trout into the rivers in Tasmania, 

and also made the first shipment of salmon 
ova to Otago, New Zealand ; was political 
agent for Tasmania, 1861-3; seven years 
honoi-ary secretary and treasurer to the Aus- 
tralian Association ; and acting agent-general 
for Tasmania, February to October, 1888 ; 
created K.C.M.a. 1891. He m. in 1838, Eliza, 



dsughter of ... , and by her (who d. 
4th January, 1881) has had issue, 

I. Charles, of Symmons Plains, of 
whom above. 

II. Hari-y, m. Emma Martin, and <] . 
5th March, 1870, leaving one son, 
James Arndell, h. 7th May, 1872 ; and 
three daughters. 

III. Alfred, m. 1875, Margaret Mansell, 
and has issue three sons and four 

IV. Cecil James, m. 1885, Mary Dinah 
Macmicliael, and lias issue two sons. 

I. Jane, m. W. M. Ord, Esq. 

II. Rebecca, in. William Carpmael, 

III. Annie, 
IF. Louisa, 
T. Emily, yunm. 

VI. Grace, 

VII. Florence Nightingale, J 

Crest used — A tcheatsheaf buticeen three 

Residence and estate — Symmons Plains, 
South Esk River, Perth, Tasmania(5,300 acres) . 

SSatlltams of ^t. ^tonarU^i. 

WILLIAMS, HON. HARTLEY, of St. Leonards, St. Kilda, Melbourne, 
Victoria, Australia, senior puisne judge of the Supreme Court of the 
colony of Victoria; 6. in Collingwood, Victoria, 15th October, 1843; to. first, 
24th December, 1870, Edith Ellen, daughter of Commissary- General G. Home, 
late of the 15th Hussars and 12th Lancers, and by her has issue, 

I. Hartley Eyre, h. 5th December, 1871. 

II. George Herbert, h. 16th January, 1875. 
in. Edward Ernest, h. 4th December, 1875. 

I. Edith Ethel, I. 26th June, 1873. 

II. Muriel Maude, I. 25th April, 1880. 

He m. secondly, 4th January, 1887, Jessie Bruce, eldest daughter of the late 
Thomas Acland Lawford, Esq. of Kinellan, Wimbledon Common, and by her 
has issue a son. 

IV. Roy Bruce, 6. 22nd April, 

The Hon. Mr. Justice Williams vs^as educated at Repton School, near Burton- 
on-Trent, co. Derby, England, and afterwards at Trinity College, Oxford, 
•where he took the degree of B.A. He is a member of the Inner Temple ; was 
called to the English Bar in April, 1867 ; returned to his native country, 
October, 1867 ; admitted to the Victorian Bar, April, 1868 ; and was elevated 
to the Supreme Court Bench, 4th July, 1881, of which he is now the senior 
puisne judge. 


This family is of Welsh origin. 

BiJETON Williams, Esq., a planter of 
Trinidad, West Indies, m. Miss Hartley, 
daughter of Major Hartley, and had a son, 

Hon. Sie Edwaed Etee Williams, for 
over 20 years judge of the Supreme Court of 
the colony of Victoria ; called to the Bar at 
the Inner Temple, 1833 ; emigrated to Vic- 
toria soon after his niiirriage and shortly 
after the foundation of Port Phillip, and for 
a time practised at the Victorian Bar; was 
for some years a member of the Bourke 
District Council, having been elected a mem- 
ber of that body in 1844; created chairman 
of Quarter Sessions, Jauuary, 1852, which 
appointment he held in conjunction with 
that of commissioner of the Court of Requests 
for the city of Melbourne and the county of 

Bourke ; took office as solicitor-general, AprU, 
1852, by virtue of which position he became 
a nominee member of the Legislative Council, 
and was subsequently appointed a judge of 
the Sujjreme Court of Victoria. On resign- 
iiig his seat on the Bench in 1874, he re- 
turned to England, and d. at Bath, co. 
Somerset, in 1879, having had the honour of 
knighthood conferred upon him the previous 
year. By Jessie, his wife, daughter of the 
Rev. Charles Gibbon, of the Manse, Lonniay, 
near Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, by 
Miss Duil, his wife, cousin to the Earl of Fife, 
he had issue, 

I. Edward Eyre (Colonel), m. Harriet 

II. Hartley (Hon.), now of St. Leo- 

N 2 



I. Annie Grace, m. Frederick Langloli 
Parker, Esq., and has issue, three sons 
and two daughters. 

II. Jessie, d. 1872. 

Arms used — Qyronny of eight erm. and sa., 

a lion ramp. or. Crest — A talbot pass, per 
pale erm. and or. 

Residence — St. Leonards, St. KUda, Mel- 
bourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Cartlui(ijJ)t of %\)t JHapIes. 

(1872), of The Maples, co. Frontena.c, and of King-street, Kingston, 
Ontario, Canada, M.P. for Soutli Oxford and leader of tlie opposition in the 
Dominion House of Commons, president of the late Conimercial Bank of 
Canada, minister of finance 1873 to 1878 ; h. at Kingston, Canada, 4th. Decem- 
ber, 1835 ; educated at Trinity College, Dublin ; entered Canadian Parliament 
1863 ; in. 1859, Frances, eldest daughter of Colonel Alexander Lawe, H.E.I.C.S, 
of Cork, Ireland, and has issue. 


There were three families bearing this 
surname in the time of Hbnbt VIII. Sir 
Richard is supposed to be descended from the 
Eet. S. Caetwright, pi-incipal of one of the 
colleges in Oxford, temp. Queen Elizabeth. 
Mr. Cartwright, who was sent to Boston by 
Charles II, in 1663, as commissioner to tlie 
then colony of Massachusetts, is also thought 
to be an ancestor of Sir Richard John Cart- 

Richard Caetwright, Esq., was h. in 
London, February, 1720, settled in New 
York, 1741. In the troubles of 1775-6 his 
house was sacked and burnt, and he and liis 
son driven into exile. It is probable that all 
documentary evidence which might have 
proved the family to have been a cadet of the 
Cartwrights of Aynhoe then perished. He 
m. in 1743, Miss Beaseley, of Albany, State of 
New York (descended from one of the early 
Dutch families wlio settled in New Amster- 
dam when a Dutch colony), and had issue, 

Hon. Richard Cartwright, member of 
the Legislative Council of tipper Canada 
from its formation in 1792 vmtil his death, h. 
at Albany, State of New York, then a British 
colony, 2nd February, 1759. He accom- 
panied his parents into Canada, and for a 
time attended Colonel Butler, of the Queen's 
Rangers, as his secretary. He afterwards was 
associated with the Hon. Robert Hamilton, 
until this gentleman went to Niagara, Mr. 
Cartwright remaining at Kingston. Soon 
after his settlement in Kingston, Mr. Cart- 

wright was appointed judge of the Common 
Pleas, and on the division of the provinces 
was appointed a member of the Legislative 
Council, but declined to accept a seat in the 
Executive Council, which was several times 
offered to him. He m,. Miss Secord, of French 
Huguenot extraction (whose family came to 
America on the revocation of the Edict of 
Nantes by Lotus XIV), and d. at Montreal 
in 1815, having had issue, 

I. R. D. (Rev.), of whom presently. 

II. James, d. v.p. 

III. John S., b. 1804, represented the 
county of Lennox and Addington from 
1836 until his death, in 1845, at Kings- 
ton. He left issue. 

IV. Stephen, d. v.p. 
I. Hannah, d. v.p. 

Rev. R. D. Cartwright, of Kingston, 
Ontario, Canada, chaplain to the forces; m. 
Harriet, daughter of Conway Edward Dobbs, 
Esq. of Dublin, a descendant of the family of 
Dobbs, of Castle Dobbs, co. Antrim, Ireland. 
She d. at Kingston, in 1887. He d. at Kings- 
ton in 1843, leaving issue, the present Hon. 
Sir Richard John Cartwright. 

Arms used — Erm. a fess hetmeen three fire- 
balls sa. fired ppr. Crest — A wolf's head 
erased or, pierced through the neck ivith the 
broken blade of a sword arg. Motto — Defend 
the fold. 

Residences — The Maples, co. Frontenao ; 
and 13, King - street, Kingston, Ontario, 

^apiie of ^otitJ) ^arra. 

PAYNE, THOMAS BUDDS, Esq. of Maritime, Soutli Yarra, Melbourne, 
Victoria, Australia, J. P., h. 19th April, 1819, in Carlow, Ireland ; 
arrived in Melbourne, 24th December, 1839, and is amongst the successful 
pioneers of the colony He was for some time engaged in pastoral pursuits, 



but afterwards adopted the legal profession, and was the first conveyancer 
under the 11th Victoria, No. 33, admitted by the Supreme Court to practice 
in the colony. He retired from practice in 18-54, and m. at Aghadowey, co. 
Londonderry, Ireland, 3rd July, 1855, Rosa Mary, eldest daughter of the 
late Curtis Hemphill, Esq. of Aghadowey, co. Londonderry, and has issue, 

I. Frederick William. 

II. Thomas Henry. 

III. Arthur Ernest Tyndall. 

I. Mary Elizabeth Jane, m. James Littlejohn Ogilvy, Esq. of Dilbhui, 

Oatley-street, Woollahra, Sydney, N.S.W., manager of the Com- 
mercial Bank of Australia, 171, Pitt-street, Sydney, N.S.W. 

II. Sarah Emily Prances, unm. 

Mr. Payne has possessed estates in the colony of Victoria since 1840. 

Mr. T. B. Payne is descended from a very 
old family possessing large estates in 
England. His grandfather settled in Ireland 
in the I7th century, and had a son, 

John Payne, Esq. of Giltown Lodge, co. 
Kildare, Ireland, who was b. in co. Carlow, 
Ireland, and by Mary, his wife (who was b. 
in Queen's co., Ireland), had amongst other 
issue, a son. 


Thomas Budds, of -whom we treat. 

Arms used — Ou. on a fess between two 
lions pass. arg. a sprig of trefoils. Crest — 
A lion's gamb erect and erased arg. holding 
fessways a tilting spear rompu gu. Motto — 
Malo mori quam fcedari. 

Residence — Maritimo, South Yarra, Mel- 
bourne, Victoria, Australia. 

^iXt\)t\xtx oi Buniacft. 


ITCHENER, ARTHUR BUCK, Esq. of Waihemo Grange, Dunback, 
Otago, New Zealand, h. 14 November, 1852, unm. 


CoLONEii Henry Hoeatio Kitcheneb, 
of Manor House, Cossington, co. Leicester, 
late lieutenant-colonel 9th Regiment of Foot 
(retired 5th November, 1847), m. Miss F. E. 
Chevalier, and by her (who d. 1864) has 

Henry Elliott Chevalier, major 4th 
Regiment (Duke of Cornwall's Light 
Infantry), instructor Royal Military 
College; appointed ensign 10th July, 
1866; lieutenant, 10th February, 
1869; captain, loth November, 1875; 
and major, 26th July, 1885. He m. 
1877, Eleanor Fanny, daughter of 
Colonel Franklin Lushington, C.B., 
of Hansham, Kent's-road, Torquay, 
Devonshire, late of the Scots Fusilier 
Guards (by Anne Dobree, his wife, 
daughter of General Sir Philip Bain- 
brigge, K.C.B.), fifth son of Sir Henry 
Lushington, 2nd baronet, and has two 
Horatio Herbert (Col.), C.B., C.M.G., 
R.E., of Cairo, and of the Junior 
United Service Club, London, H.M.'s 

commissioner for delimitation of ter- 
ritories of the Sultan of Zanzibar, 
1885 ; governor-general of the Red 
Sea littoral from 1886 to 1888 ; aide- 
de-camp to the Queen from 1888 ; and 
adjutant-general to the Egyptian 
army from 1888 ; b. 1850 ; appointed 
lieutenant, 4th January, 1871 ; captain 
4th January, 1883 ; brevet major, 8th 
October, 1884 ; and brevet lieutenant- 
colonel, 15th June, 1885. Colonel 
Kitchener is unm. 
Frederick Walter, captain West York- 
shire Regiment (Prince of Wales's 
Own), formerly the 14th Regiment; 
was appointed lieutenant, 11th Sept- 
ember, 1876 ; and captain, 11th 
November, 1882 ; served in the Afghan 
War of 1878-80 as transport officer 
Cabiil Field Force, and was present in 
the advance on Cabul under Sir F. 
Roberts, in the engagement at Cliara- 
siab, 6th October, 1879, at Karez 
Meer, in the operations in the Chardeh 
Valley, at the defence of Sherpore, 



and accompanied the Kama expedi- 
tion. He m. the daughter of Major 
Fenton, and has two children. 

Aethue Buck, of whom above. 

Frances E. J., m. 1869, Harry Rainy 
Parker, Esq. of Rothley Temple, 
Loughborough, co. Leicester, and of 
the Carlton, Athenieum, United Uni- 
versity, and Garrick Clubs, London, 

J. P. CO. Leicester, h. 1837; eldest son 
of Viee-Chancellor Sir J. Parker (who 
d. 1852), and nephew of the late 
Viscount Cardwell, of Ellerbeck, co. 
Crest used — A stages head pierced with an 

Residence — Waihemo Grange, Dunback, 
Otago, New Zealand. 

Marlborough, New Zealand, member of the Legislative Council of 
New Zealand and chairman of Committees, lieut. -colonel New Zealand 
Militia, and late captain in the 24th Regiment of Foot, h. 22nd February, 
1827; m. 11th July, 1854, Hannah Maria Ann, daughter of John Greensill, 
Esq. of Purfleet, co. Essex, of H.M. Ordnance Department, by Eliza, his 
"wife, daughtei' of John Roberts, Esq., D.D., and has issue, 

I. William Grey Hall, I. 11th May, 1867. 

II. Thomas Douglas Hall, h. 1st June, 1872. 

III. James Hamilton Hall, h. 13tb January, 1877. 

I. Eliza Mary, h. 8fch January, 1869. 

II. Caroline Louisa Hall, h. 17th July, 1870. 


The name of Baillie is met with in the 
time of Edwaed I. Sir John Baillie is 
mentioned as being appointed one of the 
arbitrators to hear and determine upon the 
claims of the competitors for the Crown of 
Scotland in 1292, whose name and seal, 
seven stars with the motto " Quid clarius 
astris," is attached to that document. 
Tradition says that on a certain occasion one 
of the family single-handed killed a wild 
boar, and relieved his sovereign from danger, 
■whereupon he was desired henceforth to 
bear nine stars, which all his descendants do, 
but some of them have the boar's head for a 
crest, and others the arm and seymitar, being 
the weapon with which the deed was done. 

SiE William Baillie, of Lamington, co. 
Lanark, by Marian, his wife, daugliter of Sir 
John Seton, of Seton, had a numerous issue. 
The three eldest sons, it is said, had maimed 
a clergyman, who had been taken into the 
house as tutor, for a grievous offence which 
he had committed in their family, of which 
injury he died. The power of the Church 
at this time being great in Scotland, the 
three brothers were (continues the tradition) 
obliged to fly. 

The eldest, who settled in Inverness, is 
stated to have fought at the battle of 
Brechin, and to have been for his services 
rewarded with the lands of Dunain and 

Torbreck, part of the castle lands of Inver- 
ness; from him springs the family of Doch- 
four, and its derivative branch of Bedoastle 
and Tarradale (see Burke's Landed Qentri/ 
of Q-reat Britain and Ireland'). The second, 
of whom presently, settled in Ireland, and 
the third went to the Isle of Anglesey, and 
founded the family of which the Marquess 
of Anglesey is a descendant. The second 
brother was 

Alexawdee Baillie, who settled in Ire- 
land, at Innishargie, co. Down, in the reign 
of James I., about the year 1620, and d. 
1687. He had issue, John (Capt.), of whom 
presently; and Edward, who settled at Ring- 
dufferin, co. Down, and was ancestor of the 
family of Bailie of Ringdufferin (see Burke's 
Landed Oentry of Great Britain and Ire- 
land). The eldest son, 

Capt. John Baillie, who was h. 1623, 
d. 1687, and was s. in Innishargie by his 
eldest son, 

James Baillie, Esq., who was h. 1653, 
and d. 1710. He was s. by his second son, 

John Baillie, Esq. of Innishargie, 6. 
1697, who m. Jane, daughter of Matthew 
Forde, Esq. of Seaforde, co. Down, and d. 
1759. He had issue, 

I. James, who sold Innishargie. He m. 
Anne, daughter of Francis Hall, Esq. 
of Strangford, and d. \19n. 



ir (Col.), of Sherwood and 

Kilbrade, co. Carlow, which property 
he bequeathed to his nephew, John 
Baillie's son, John McLean Baillie, Esq. 

Ill (Ven.), archdeacon of 


IV. William (Capt.), of whom pre- 

V. John, whose son, John, had issue, 
John McLean, present owner of Sher- 
wood and Kilbrade property, left to 
him by his great-uncle Colonel EaUlie; 
and Clement, Colonel R.E. 

VI. Thomas, capt. E.N., lieutenant- 
governor of Greenwich Hospital, and 
surveyor-general of the Ordnance; d. 

VII. Richard, killed in Holland. 

Capt. William Baillie, of the I7th 
Light Dragoons and of the 51st Regiment of 
Foot, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Colonel 
Comber (she d. about 1850), and d. 1812, 
having had two sons, George and Thomas. 
The younger, 

Lieut. Thomas Baillie, of the 23rd 
Regiment of Fusiliers, was surveyor-general, 
New Brunswitk, Britie^h North America, and 
resided at The Hermitage, New Brunswick. 
He m. 16th June, 1824, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Major Townshend Monckton Hall, of the 
28th Regiment of Foot (who is a direct 
descendant of Sir William de Montalk Hall, 
of Skelton Castle, co. York, one of the nobles 
attendant upon King Heney VIII at the 
Field of the Cloth of Gold), and d. 5th June, 
18fi3, having by his said wife (who d. June, 
1832) had issue, two sons, 

I. William Douglas Hall (Hon.), of 

II. Thomas George, h. 27th August, 
1828 ; d. 27th November, 1865. 

Arms — Az. nine stars three, three, two 
and one, arg., a bordure wavy or. Crest — 
A star of eight points arg. issuant from a 
cloud ppr. Motto — Quid clarius astris. 

Residence — Heunington, Picton, Marl- 
borough, New Zealand. 

jHilltar of €trciarlt^. 

MILLEAR, THOMAS, Esq. of Edgarley, Wickliffe-road, Victoria, 
Australia, J. P., I. at Edgarley, Glastonbury, Somei'set, England, 
16tli February, 1834; appointed territorial magistrate in 1862; m. 3rd July, 
1862, at Berry Bank, Cressy, Victoria, Nancy, daughter of Joseph Gardner 
Mack, Esq. of Berry Bank, Cressy, Victoria, youngest son of James Mack, 
Esq. of Berry Bank, Reston, Berwickshire, Scotland, by Anna, his wife, 
eldest daughter of John Austin Esq. of Baltonsborough, co. Somerset, 
England, and has issae, 

I. Thomas, h. 24<th April, 1866, unm. 

I. Millicent May, h. 12th May, 1863 ; m. David Melvin, Esq. 

II. Mary Cecile, h. 81st October, 1869. 

III. Frances Isabel Clare, h. 31st January, 1870. 

IV. Carolina Alice, h. 22nd January, 187-1. 


The Millears are supposed to belong to the 
iamily of Milliers, of Brittany. 

Thomas Milleae, Esq. of Edgarley, 
Glastonbury, co. Somerset, England (which 
estate he probably acquired by purchase), 
was b. about 1771 ; m.. Mary Haine, who d. 
about 1838, and was buried in St. John's 
churchyard, Glastonbury. He d. about 1S51 
(M.I. in Glastonbury churchyard), and had 
issue (besides a daughter m. to the Rev. H. 
V. Olver, and had four sons, educated at the 
London and Cambridge Universities. One 
of her grandsons, Thomas Olver Harding, was 
senior wrangler about 187-i), a son, 

Thomas Millbae, Esq. of Edgarley, 

Glastonbury, co. Somerset, b. 5th January, 
1809; OT. at West Pennard, co. Somerset, in 
1833, Ehza Norris, of West Pennai-d, where 
she was b. in 1811, and d. in 1843, at Edgar- 
ley. He d. at Edgarley, in 1865, having had 

I. Thomas, of Edgarley, Victoria. 

II. John, deceased. 

I. Eliza, m. Thomas Pickford, Esq. of 

II. Mary, m. A. Bailey, Esq. of GlastoB- 
bm-y, CO. Somerset. 

Eesidence — Edgarley, Wickliffe-road, Vic- 
toria, Australia. 



Cluh — Australian, Melbourne. 

Estates — Edgarley, Wickliffe-road, co. 
Ripon, Victoria (18,490 acres), and a share 
in the following estates : — Pallal, Bingera, 
CO. Murohison (11,250 acres) ; Canoon, Hay, 

CO. Waradgery (17,800 acres) ; Wanganella, 
Wanganella, co. Townsend (4i,530 acres) ; 
and Murgha, Deniliquin, co. Wakool (42,312 
acres), all in New South Wales, Australia. 

jHoffatt of fHopittttS Hill 

MOFFATT, JOHN, Esq. of Hopkins Hill, Chatsworth, Victoria, Aus- 
tralia, president of the Mount Rouse Shire Council, 1889 to 1890, h. at 
Shirva, near Kirkintilloch, Scotland, 17th December, 1854; is unmarried. 


The Moffatts came from the Moffatt Hills, 
Scotland, in the time of the Covenanters, in 
the 16th century. This branch is descended 
from one of three brothers, the other two of 
whom went to Ireland, and traces its descent 
through the families of Ferrie, Galbraith, 
and Buchanan, back to King Robert Bruce 
of Scotland. 

John Moffatt, Esq. of Westfield, S. at 
Westerwood, Cumbernand, 1787 ; m. 1815, 
Mary, daughter of William Ferric, Esq. of 
Newland, who was 2nd son of Robert Ferrie, 
Esq., 4th laird of Balgrochan, by Marjorie 
Gralbraith, his wife ; and d. at Westfield, 
25th May, 1833, aged 46, having had by her 
(who was b. in 1791, and d. at Westfield, 
30th October, 1861, aged 70) a son, 

William Moffatt, Esq. of Hopkins Hill, 
Chatsworth, Victoria, Australia, formerly of 
Shirva, Kirkintilloch, Scotland, h. at West- 
iield, 1821 ; emigrated to Victoria in Feb- 
ruary, 1872 ; m. 7th March, 1854, Isabella, 
daughter of Robert Anderson, Esq. of Inch- 
breck, near Kirkintilloch, and d. 23rd June, 
1879, leaving issue, 

I. JoHjr, now of Hopkins Hill. 

II. Robert, of Ballarat, Victoria, h. at 
Shirva, near Kirkintilloch, 22nd 
August, 1858 ; m. 17th November, 
1880, Minnie, daughter of Archibald 
Fletcher, Esq. of Sydney, New South 
Wales, and has issue, two daughters, 
Isabella, b. 14th July, 1881; and 
Naomi, b. 22nd September, 1882. 

III. William, of Lake Bolac, Victoria, b. 
at Shirva, 29th June, 1863 ; m. 19tli 
August, 1885, Jessie, daughter of 
Donald McLellan, Esq. of Manor 
House, Hamilton, Victoria, and has 
issue, a son, William Harold, b. 22nd 
June, 1887. 

I. Mary, b. at Shirva, 7th December, 
1860; m. 12th April, 1882, James 
Clark, Esq. of Tek Mallay, Tenkasi, 
Southern India, coffee planter, but has 
no issue. 

II. Isabella, b. 15th March, 1868, at 
Shirva, aforesaid. 

Residence — Hopkins Hill, Chatsworth, Vic- 
toria, Australia. 

dPitj#n*aItr xif jHotra. 

FITZ/^i ERALD, HON. NICHOLAS, of Moira, St. Kilda ; and of Collins- 
\Ia street West, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, elected a member 
of the Legislative Council of Victoria for the North Western Province in 1864, 
since which time he has been twice re-elected; J. P. since 1863. Mr. FitzGerald 
was h. at Galway, Ireland, August, 1829 ; in 1845 he entered Trinity College, 
Dublin, where he obtained honours; and in 1849 gained a first scholarship at 
Queen's College, Galway, having entered the King's Inns, Dublin, the previous 
year. He passed some years in Ceylon and India, and soon afterwards, 
having established himself in Victoria (1859), he founded the famous 
Castlemaine Ale Brewery, similar establishments being now also held by him 
in Melbourne, New South Wales, and Queensland. He m. at St. Patrick's 
Cathedral, Melbourne, September, 1863, Marianne, eldest daughter of the late 
Sir John O'Shanassy, K.C.M.G., of Tara, Hawthorn, Melbourne, and has 
had issue. 



I. Francis John, b. 1864, educated at Trinity College, Dublin ; m. 23rd 
January, 1889, at the Oratory, Brompton, co. Middlesex, the Hon. 
Mina Susan Georgina North (who was b. 28th November, 1865), 
eldest daughter of the Right Hon. William Henry John, 11th Lord 

IT. John Plunkett, b. 1866. 

in. Edward, b. 1868. 

IV. Matthew, b. 1870. 

V. Percy Desmond, b. 1872. 

VI. Reginald, b. 1874. 

VII. Nicholas Kevin, b. 1877; d. 1879. 


John FiTzGrEBALD, Esq. of Gurteens, co. 
Waterford, Ireland (of a family which is 
stated to have held landed property in Kil- 
kenny), forfeited his hereditary estates for 
his devotion to the royal cause. He m. the 
v^•idow of General Harrison (Cromwell's 
General), by whom he acquired the estate of 
Turlough, 00. Mayo, Ireland, and had a son 
and successor, 

Thomas FitzGeeald, Esq. of Turlough ; 
m. 1st, Elizabeth Ferron (mother of Ralph 
Jenison, Esq., master of the Buokhounds to 
King George II) ; and 2ndly, Henrietta, 
daughter of J. Browne, Esq. of the Neale, by 
whom he had six sons and four daughters, 
amongst whom were, 

John, of Turlough, .?. his father, d. unm., 

and was .?. by his bi'other George. 
George, of Turlough, who s. his brother, 
was a captain in the Austrian Service, 
m. Lady Mai-y Hervey, sister of Fred- 
erick, 4th earl of Bristol, bishop of 
Derry, and by her (who d. 1753) had 
two sons, 

1. Geoi'ge Robert, m. Lucy, sister 
of the Right Hon. Thomas Conolly, 
of Castletown, and d. leaving one 

2. Charles Lionel, of Turlough Park, 
lieutenant-colonel of the North 
Mayo Militia ; m. 1777, Dorothea, 
eldest daughter of Sir Thomas 
Butler, Bart., of Ballintemple, 
CO. Carlow, and was great grand- 
father of the present Charles 
Lionel FitzGerald, Esq. of Tur- 
lough Park (see Burke's Landed 

Patrick, of whom presently. 

Mary, m. the Marquis d' Arezzo, governor 

of Naples. 
Bridget, in. Thomas Leslie, Esq. o'l 


Mr. FitzGerald d. 15th July, 1747, in his 
86th year. His 4th son, 

Patrick FitzGerald, Esq. of Kilnecarra, 
CO. Mayo, m. 2ndly, Margaret Aylward, of 
Ballinacar, co. Galway, and was s. by his 
eldest son, 

Pat KICK FitzGerald, Esq. of Ballinacar, 
m. 1744, Anne McDonnell, of Tannagh, co. 
Mayo, and was s. by his only son, 

Patrick FitzGerald, Esq. of Ballinacar, 
m. 1774, Julia, daughter of Edmond Burke, 
Esq. of Creagh, Duffin, co. Mayo, and had, 
with other issue, 

Francis FitzGerald, Esq. of Galway, h. 
1779, m. Lienor, eldest daughter of John 
Joyes, Esq., of Wood Q.uay, Galway, and 
by her (who d. 1840) had issue, 

Nicholas, the 8th son, of whom we 
He d. in 1857. 

Arms used — jErm. a saltire gu. Crest — A 
boar passant. Motto — Honor prohataqiie 

Residences — Moira, St. Kilda, Melbourne; 
and 117, Collins-street West, Melbourne, 
Victoria, Australia. 

Estates — Castlemaine, Victoria ; Fort 
Bourke Station, Darling River, New South 
Wales; Tickilara Station, Sparta Downs, and 
Mount Howitt, South Gregory, Queens- 


KING, HON. PHILIP GIDLBT, of Banksia, Double Bay, Sydney; 
Goonoo Goonoo ; and Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia, 
member of the Legislative Council of New South Wales ; 6. .31st October, 
1817, at Paramatta, New South Wales; m. there, 1st June, 1843, his cousin. 



Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Hannibal Hawkins Macarthnr, Esq. of The 
Vineyard, Paramatta, New South Wales (see Macarthue of Wyandra), 
nephew of John Macarthur, Esq. of Camden Park, the founder of the wool- 
growing industry of Australia, and has issue, 

I. Philip Parker Mc Arthur, b. 1st April, 1844; unm. 

II. George Bartholomew Gidley, b. 2nd July, 1846 ; m. Elizabeth Grey 

Brodie, and has had 10 children, viz., 
1. George Mc Arthur Gidley. 
•2. Arthur Philip Gidley. 

3. Euston Hannibal Gidley. 

4. Allan Essington. 

5. William Bartholomew Gidley. 

1. Elizabeth Matilda. 

2. Emmeline Blanche Grey. 

3. Mary Pearl. 

4. Adeline Maud. 

5. Olive. 

III. John Lethbridge, b. 2nd July, 1853 ; m. Fanny Marsden, and has 


1. Philip James Lethbridge. 

2. Frederic John Lethbridge. 

3. Francis Lethbridge. 
1. Iva Muriel. 

I. Elizabeth Maria, b. 18th August, 1857 ; m. Lieutenant Henry E. 
Goldfinch, R.N., of Forest Lodge, Lyndhurst, nephew of Serjeant 
Merewether, Q.C., and has issue, 

1. Philip Henry Mc Arthur. 

2. Gilbert Mc Arthur. 

1. Elizabeth Lucy McArthur. 

The Hon. P. G. King spent his early youth in the Royal Navy, under the 
command of his father and Captain Robert Fitzroy, and retired in 1836, soon 
after which he became attached to the staff of the Australian Agricultural 
Company at Port Stephens, and in 1854 was selected by the Board of Directors 
of the Peel River Company to manage its affairs. He was the first mayor of 
the town of Tamworth, was appointed a commissioner for the Sydney Inter- 
national Exhibition of 1879, and in 1880 was appointed a member of the 
Legislative Council of New South Wales. 


This family is of Cornisli extraction. 

Philipp Kiwa, Esq., b. 1557; and d. in 
1636. An inscription is to be found to his 
memory in Launceston Church, co. Cornwall. 
By Thor Bethywin, his wife, he had issue, 

I. John, b. 1593. 

II. William, b. 1595. 

III. Philip. 

IV. George, b. 1603. 

V. Thomas, b. 1606. 

VI. Robert, b. 1609. 
L Mary, b. 1594. 

II. TyHeria, b. 1596. 

III. Margaret, b. 1601. 
The 3rd son, 

Philip King, Esq., b. 1598, was father of 
Philip King, Esq., who was b. in 1642, 
and d. in 1689, having had issue, 

I. Philip. 

II. John, b. 1681. 

III. Nicholas, b. 1687. 

I. Mary, b. 1674. 

II. Elizabeth, b. 1679. 

III. Priscilla, 4. 1683. 



The eldest son, 

Philip King, Esq., J. 1678; m. Mrs. Joan 
Peai'se, and had issue, 

I. Philip, b. 1712; d. 1713. 

II. John, h. 1714. 

III. Digory, b. 1716. 
IT. Hugh, b. 1717. 

V. Anthony, b. 1722. 

VI. Philip, of whom presently. 
I. Philippa, b. 1720. 

The 6th and youngest son, 

Philip King, Esq. of Launceston, co. 
Cornwall, b. 1726 ; m. Utrecia Gidley (who 
was b. at Exeter, co. Devon, in 1725), grand- 
daughter of Bartholomew G-idley, Esq. (b. 
1690), who was grandson of John Gidley, 
Esq. of the manors of Gidley, Bitten, and 
Wickley (b. 1611 ; and d. 168.5), who was a 
firm supporter of Chables I, and a colonel of 
the Army under Chables II ; and by her 
had a son. 

Captain Philip Gidley King, R.N., 3rd 
governor of New South Wales, b. at Launces- 
ton, Cornwall, 23rd April, 1758 ; entered tlie 
Eoyal Navy, and at the age of 12 was mid- 
shipman ; in 1775 went on active service to 
Virginia, was promoted by Admiral Byron to 
the rank of lieutenant, 26th November, 1778, 
in which capacity he went to the East Indies 
in the " Europe," in January, 1783, with 
Captain Arthur Phillip, first governor of New 
South Wales ; was 2nd lieutenant of H.M.S. 
" Sirius," commanded by Captain Phillip, and 
was present at the head of Sydney Cove when 
the governor proclaimed the foundation of the 
Colony ; appointed superintendent and com- 
mandant of Norfolk Island by Governor 
Phillip, 12th February, 1788, three days 
afterwards sailed from Port Jackson in the 
"Supply" with his party of 2-1 persons, 
landed and formed the first British settle- 
ment at Norfolk Island, 5th March, 1788, 
where he remained until 24th March, 1790; 
afterwards went to England, and returned 
21st September, 1791, with the rank of com- 
mander in the Navy and a commission as 
lieutenant-governor of Norfolk Island. Having 
attained the rank of post captain, he was 
governor of the colony of New South Wales 
from 28th September, 1800, to 12th August, 
1806. He m. in 1790, Anna Josepha (b. 13th 
January, 1767; and d. in 1844), daughter of 
.... Coombes, Esq. of Bedford, England, 
and d. at Lower Tooting, co. Surrey, 3rd Sep- 
tember, 1808, having had, besides daughters 
(amongst whom were Anna Maria, b. 23rd 
April, 1793 ; m. 13th February, 1812, Hanni- 
bal Hawkins Macarthur, Esq. of The Vine- 
yard, Paramatta, New South Wales, and d. 
at Ipswich, Q.ueensland, Australia, 1st Sep- 
tember, 1852, having had 11 children (see 
MACAETHrE OF Wyandea) ; and Mary, the 
youngest daughter, m. in England, 25th July, 
1826, Robert Copland Lethbridge, Esq. of 
Werrington, Penrith, New South Wales, 
■whither he emigrated in 1826, and d. 5th 
October, 1865. She was b. at Old Govern- 
ment House, Sydney, and d. 17th December, 
1872, leaving issue (see Lethbridge of 
HoMEBrsH), an only son, 

Reab-Admibal Phillip Parker Kino, 
F.R.S., F.L.S., of Dunheved, Penrith, New 
South Wales, was the fir.?t Australian who 
became an admiral, b. 1.3th December, 1791, 
in Norfolk Island ; eitercd the Royal Navy, 
November, 1807, and distinguished himself 
by his gallantry in boat actions on the French 
coast ; attained the rank of midshipman, 18th 
May, 1808, and was promoted to a lieutenancy 
in the "Trident" 64, guard-ship at Malta, 
28th February, 1814. in February, 1817, he 
was sent in command of an expedition having 
for its object a survey of the coasts of Aus- 
tralia, and continued employed on that ser- 
vice in the " Mermaid " and " Bathurst" (of 
which latter vessel he was made commander, 
17th July, 1821) until his return to England in 
1823, when he compiled a narrative of his 
surveys. In September, 1825, he was ap- 
pointed to the " Adventure," and ordered to 
survey the southern coast of America. He 
was paid off 16th November, 1830, and was 
not afterwards employed. He was advanced 
to post-rank 25th February, 1830, and was 
appointed rear-admiral 1855. In 1^32 he 
published a volume entitled So lYi'H 7 DiVec^joHs 
to the Coasts of Easfprn and Western Pata- 
gonia, including the Straits of Magellan and 
the Sea Coast of Tierra delFuego, containing 
the results of his South American surveys. 
Rear-Admiral King, besides being a F.R.S. 
and a F.L.S., was a member of the Royal 
Asiatic Society of London, and a correspond- 
ing member of the Zoological Society. He 
settled in New South Wales in 1831, and 
was manager of the Australian Agricultural 
Society ; was a nominee member of the 
Council, and in 1851 was elected for Glou- 
cester and Macquarie. He m. 1817, Harriet, 
2nd daughter of Christopher Lethbridge, 
Esq. of Madford, Launceston, co. Cornwall 
(see Lethbridge of Homebush), and d. 
February, 1856, having had by her (who d. 
19th December, 1875), 

I. Philip Gidley (Hon.), of whom we 

II. John, of Nambrok and Mairburn, 
Victoria. (See King of Nambrok 


III. WiUiam Essington, of Melbourne, 
b. 1821 ; m. Christina Sarah Riley, and 
has numerous issue. 

IV. Robert Lethbridge (Ven.), B.A. 
Catub., archdeacon of Cumberland, m. 
and has numerous issue. 

V. Charles McArthur, police magistrate, 
Bourke, N.S.W. ; m. Jane Passmore 
Wilson, and has numerous issue. 

VI. Frederic ; m. Mary Jane Lethbridge, 
and has issue. 

Tli. Arthur Septimus, of Melbourne; 
m. his cousin, Elizabeth Margaret, 
younger daughter of Robert Copland 
Lethbridge, Esq. of Werrington, Pen- 
rith, New South Wales (see Leth- 
bridge OF Homebush), and has issue 
six sons and four daughters. 

I. Elizabeth, m. Herman Ludolphus 
Prior, of Ivy Cottage, Snaresbrook, 
England, barrister-at-law, called to the 


Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 29th January, 
Crest used — A lion ramp. Motto — Labor 
ipse voluptas. 

Residences — (Town) Banksia, Double Bay, 

Sydney; (country) Groonoo G-oonoo and 
Tamwortli, New South. Wales, Australia. 

Estates — Dunheved, co. Cumberland (3,500 
acres) ; and Belle-Vue, oo. Cumberland (3,000 
anres), New South Wales. 

Itiitfl of #amhrnfe antr jHaiAiirn. 

KIN(jr, JOHN, Esq. of Nambrok, Rosedale, and Mairburn, Metung, both 
in Gipps Land, Victoria, Australia, h. 9th January, 1820, at Paramatta, 
New South Wales ; m. first, 20th January, 1853, at Rosedale, Gipps Land, 
Marianne, daughter of Dr. Peck, of Newmarket, England, and by her has 

I. Philip Gidley, of Boisdale, Gipps Land, Victoria, h. 9th December, 
1853 ; m. Henrietta Dawson, of Rosedale, aforesaid, and has three 
children, Philip Gidley Leshe, I. 1882 ; Henrietta Antoinette, h. 1878 ; 
and Mary Anne, h. 1879. 

I. Anna Josepha, i. 3rd December, 1855. 

II. Menie Agatha, h. 1st December, 1860. 

He m. secondly, 27th October, 1864, at Kensington, London, Antoinette 
Stretanus, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Gehle, of the Dutch Church, Austin 
Friars, London, and by her has issue, 

II. John Henry, l. 14th October, 1865. 

III. Margaret Antoinette, h. 1866. 

Lineage — See King of Double Bat, Goonoo Goonoo, and Tamworth. 
Besidences — Nambrok, Rosedale, and Mairburn, Metung, both in Gipps 
Land, Victoria, Australia. 

Estates — Nambrok (13,000 acres), and Mairburn. 

^xtijtx oi MxitktnX^on. 

College, Cambridge), a member of the Middle Temple, London, of 
Brickendon, Longford, Tasmania, J. P., warden of the municipality of 
Longford, coroner, chairman of General Sessions, chairman and treasurer of 
Longford Road Trust ; for several years member of the House of Assembly for 
Longford, and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London ; b. 13th 
November, 1836 ; m. 31st August, 1881, Aphra Gertrude, daughter of 
Alexander Gierke, Esq., J. P., by Frances Gertrude Sweetnam, his wife, and 
has issue, 

I. William Fulbert, b. 29th October, 1883. 

I. Frances Gertrude Clerke. 

II. Aphra Caroline. 


The name of Archer is found in the Boll 
of Battle Abbey. It has been variously 
written as Le Archer of Archard. Bobert, 
son of Fulbert Archer, was tutor of Henet I, 

and received a grant of seven manors, co. 
Berks, in which grant King Henry styles 
him, " magister mens." 

One line was ennobled in the person of 



Thomas Archer, Esq., M.P. co. Warwick, 
who was created by Letters Patent, 1747, 
Baron Archer, of Umbershide, co. Warwick. 
Alderman Thomas Aechee (who in an old 
deed is stjled " practitioner in phisicke ") is 
mentioned in the last will of Captain William 
Minors, of High-street, Hertford, bearing 
date 1666, who bequeaths to his " oozin," 
Thomas Archer, and his wife, certain legacies. 
Captain Minors was mayor of Hertford in 
1662, and d. 18th July, 1667, and was buried 
in All Saints' Church, Hertford (see Clutter- 
buck's Sistory and Antiquities of the County 
of Hertford). Turner, in his History of 
Hertford, makesmentiouof Thomas Archer : — 
" The old yew tree, which stands near the 
western angle of All Saints' Church, towards 
Bailey Hall Field, was the gift of Mr. Alder- 
man Thomas Archer, who served the office of 
mayor of the borough in the years 1681 and 
1694, and was planted by him in 1660." 
This " old yew tree " is still in existence. Dr. 
Thomas Archer's brothers were, Henry, 
Joseph, and John. He d. in 1694, having 
had three sons, 

I. John, of whom presently. 

II. Henry, M.D., d. unm. 13th January, 
1723. His portrait, painted on oak, 
is preserved in the family. 

III. Joseph, d. unm. 
The eldest son and heir, 

John Ahchek, Esq. (whose widow was 
buried under the "old yew tree" in All 
Saints' Churchyard, Hertford), had a son, 

Thomas Aechee, Esq., who m. Sarah, 
daughter of Edmond Newton, Esq. of Bengeo, 
Herts, and d. 27th February, 1734, and was 
buried under the " old yew tree " in All 
Saints' Churchyard, as was also his wife. In 
his will, dated 10th December, 1733, he 
leaves a considerable amount of property. 
He had issue (besides a daughter, Sarah, who 
d. unm., and was buried with her father, 
mother, and paternal grandmother, under 
the " old yew tree " in All Saints' Church- 
yard) a son, 

John Aechee, Esq., who m. January, 1752, 
Mary Bazell or Bassett, and d. in 1765, having 
had by her two sons and one daughter, 

I. William, of whom presently. 

II. Henry, went to America, and became 
a major in the American Army. He 
m. Miss Mifflin, the daughter of the 
Governor of Pennsylvania, and d. in 
America in 1788. 

I. Mary, m. first, in 1777, Dr. Frost, of 
Hertford (who d. in 1787), and 
secondly, T. G. Street, Esq., for many 
years editor and joint proprietor of 
the London Courier newspaper. 
The elder son, 

William Aechee, Esq. of Woolmers, 
Longford, Tasmania, left England for Tasma- 
nia in 1827, and for him and his eldest son, 
William, the governor, Colonel Sorrell, had 
reserved free grants of land (shortly after 
this period land could only be obtained by 
purchase). He m. 16th May, 1776, Martha 
Kensey, who d. in England, 26th January, 

1816. He d. at Brickendon, Longford, 
Tasmania, 3rd January, 1833, aged 79 years, 
from the effects of a fall from his horse, 
having had nine sons and five daughters. His 
four eldest surviving sons were, 

I. William, of whom presently. 

II. Thomas (Hon.), of Woolmers, Long- 
ford, Tasmania, h. at Hertford, Eng- 
land, in 1790. In 1811 he left Eng- 
land for Sydney, and was made a 
clerk in the Commissariat Department 
in February, 1812. In 1813 was made 
a J. P., and sent to Tasmania in charge 
of the Commissariat Department, and 
appointed a magistrate of the territory 
in 181G, and sjiortly after a deputy- 
assistant commissariat-general. At 
the time of the establishment of the 
Legislative Council, in 1827, he was 
appointed to a seat by the governor, 
and continued a member for about 
20 years. With regard to his qualifi- 
cations as a government officer, the 
following is quoted from a dispatch of 
Governor Sorell's to Governor Mac- 
quarie : — " Hobart Town, 4th October, 
1819. I beg leave, upon this occasion, 
to notify to your excellency, in the 
strongest terms, the satisfaction which 
I have felt in the correct and careful 
performance of his duties, which has 
characterised Mr. Ai'cher during two 
years and a half that he has had the 
charge successively of Commissariat 
Department in the two settlements 
under my authority, the last 20 months 
of which at Hobart Town." The Hon. 
Thomas Archer at one time owned the 
estates of Woolmers, Fairfield, and 
Panshanger, being a block of over 
31,000 acres, and of Cheshunt, near 
Deloraine, consisting of 10,000 acres. 
He m. in 1816, Susan Hortle, who d. 
31st July, 1875. He d. 16th October, 
1850, having had issue, 

1. Thomas William, m. Mary, 
daughter of Major Abbott, and 
has had issue, Thomas Chalmers, of 
Woolmers, Longford, Tasmania, 
d. at Longford, 4th March, 1890, 
in his 50th year; and Louisa. 

2. William, m. his cousin, Ann 
Hortle, and has issue, twelve 

3. Joseph, of Panshanger, Longford, 
Tasmania. {See next article^ 

1. Martha, in. the Hon. Robert Q. 
Kermode, of Mona Vale, Ross, 
Tasmania, and has issue four sons, 
viz., I. William ; ii. Robert ; III. 
Louis; IV. Thomas. 

2. Ellen, m. the Rev. Alfred Stack- 
house, M.A., incumbent of Long- 
ford and Perth, Tasmania, and 
has issue, four sons and one 

3. Susan, m. James Stewart Kil- 
gour, Esq., M.D., and has issue, 
twelve children. 

III. Edward, arrived in Tasmania in 



1835, and inherited the land purchased 
by and granted to his late father. He 
d. at Northbury, February, 1862. 
IV. Joseph, original proprietor of 
Panshanger, Longford, Tasmania, d. 
28th June, 1853. 
The eldest surviving son, 

William Aecher, Esq. of Brickendon, 
Longford, Tasmania, J. P., left England in 
1823, in the " Aguilar," a vessel chartered 
by himself and other intending colonists, 
taking with him 32 sheep of the Hampton 
Court flock of merinos, vphicli number he 
landed in Tasmania. He m. 1st May, 1829, 
Caroline, second daughter of Robert Har- 
rison, Esq. of Woodbury, Antill Ponds, 
Tasmania, J.P., and the owner of consider- 
able property in Tasmania, and of Eochford 
Hall, CO. Essex, England, where he was a 
captain of Militia. She d. at Brickendon, 
26th April, 1862, aged 57 years. He also d. 
at Brickendon, March, 1879, aged 
90 years, having had issue, 

I. Robert Joseph, b. 19th December, 
1832, m. Ellen, eldest daughter of 
Alexander Gierke, Esq. of Mountford, 
Longford, Tasmania, and had issue, 
besides five danghters, a son, Alex- 
ander, LL.B., St. Peter's College, 
Cambridge, and barrister-at-law of the 
Middle Temple, London. 

II. William Henby Davies, now of 

III. Alfred, b. 16th July, 1844 ; m. 
Christien Von Heucketum, , and has 
issue, three sons. 

IT. George Frederick (Rev.), M.A. 
Christ's College, Cambridge, canon of 
Hobart Cathedral, b. 20th July, 1848 ; 
m. Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Young, 
M.H.A., J. P., and late deputy-com- 
missioner of Oude, and has issue, four 
sons and one daughter. 

I. Eliza Caroline, m. Alfred John Home, 
Esq., J. P., eldest son of Lieutenant 
Alfred Home, of H.B. Majesty's Ser- 
vice, and chief police magistrate of 
Longford, and has issue, one son, 
Raymond Kensey, and one daughter, 
Aimee Caroline. 

II. Mary, unm. 

III. Ellen, unm. 

Arms used — Az. a cTiev. between three pheons 
arg. Crest — A bear's gamb holding an arrow 
in bend all ppr. Mottoes — 3Ialo mori quam 
fcedari ; Le fin couronne Vceuvre. 

Residence — Brickendon, Longford, co 
Westmoreland, Tasmania. 

Chib — Nevf University, St. James's-street, 
London, England. 

ARCHER, JOSEPH, Esq. of Panshanger, Longford, Tasmania, J.P., h. 
27tli January, 182-J, at Woolmers, Longford, Tasmania ; in 1836 
educated in England, returned to Tasmania in 1842 ; in 1862 was made a 
magistrate, and in the same year was elected member for Longford in the 
Leo-islative Council ; continued to represent that constituency for 10 years, 
and then retired from public life ; m. 28tli December, 1852, Ann, second 
daughter of the Hon. W. P. Weston, of Hythe, Longford, who was twice 
premier of the colony of Tasmania, and a member of Mr. P. Smith's ministry, 
without office, and has issue, 

I. Percy Weston, h. 25th September, 1855. 

II. Edgar Kerraode, I. July, 1860. 

III. Bertram Lyttleton, h. 18th December, 1863. 

IV. Leonard Dubrelle, h. 25th March, 1868. 

V. Bernard Clark, I. 20th March, 1871. 

I. Isabel Madeline ; m. 3rd December, 1880, the Hon. F. W. Grubb, of 

Launceston, Tasmania, member of the Legislative Council. 

II. Frances Mary ; m. 21st December, 1887, Arthur Peck, Esq. of Mel- 

bourne, Victoria, architect. 

III. Aimee Josephine ; m. 28th April, 1887, R. L. Parker, Esq., of the 

firm of Ritchie and Parker, solicitors, Launceston, Tasmania. 

Mr. Archer was one of the promoters of the Launceston and Western 


Lineage — See preceding article. 

Residence — Panshanger, Longford, Tasmania. 

Estates — Panshanger, Longford, and Burlington, both in Tasmania. 

Epan of Btrrtoeit ^tit^ijt^. 

RYAN, CHARLES, Esq. of Derriweit Heights, Upper Macedon, Vic- 
toria, Australia, b. llth March, 1818; m. 13th October, 1847, Marian, 
daughter of John and Susanna Cotton, and has issue, 

I. Henry, b. 26th January, 1850; m. llth December, 1879, Denise Anne, 

daughter of Thomas J. Nankivell, Esq. of Toorak, J. P., and has issue, 
three daughters. 

II. Charles Snodgrass (Dr.), of 162, Collins-street East, Melbourne, b. 

20th September, 1853, at Melbourne, educated at the Church of 
England Grammar School, and subsequently at the Melbourne 
University, as a student of medicine ; afterwards proceeded to Edin- 
burgh, where he graduated in medicine and surgery, and took the 
degrees of M.B. and C.H.M. ; studied medicine in France, Austria, 
and Italy ; in September, 1876, entered the Turkish Service, and was 
forthwith sent to Nisch, where he was placed in charge of a large 
hospital during the Servian War ; was afterwards sent to the Orchanie 
Balkans, in charge of 3,000 Turkish soldiers, and from there was 
ordered to march to Widdin, although still suffering from a severe 
attack of dysentery. He reached that place in ten days, having 
nearly died from exhaustion on the road. Whilst in Widdin, he was 
present during nine bombardments. From Widdin he proceeded 
with Osman Pasha to Plevna, which he gained after marching for 
three successive days and nights ; was present at the first battle, 
being the only doctor on the field. He was present at the great 
action of 31st July. On the 8th September his horse was shot under 
him, and his attendant killed by his side, whilst riding into one of 
the redoubts, which were about to be attacked by Skobeleff ; with 
the attacking columns, entered one of the redoubts captured by the 
Turks from the Russians at the battle of Gravitza, and on the Turks 
being repulsed from this redoubt, was the last to leave, which he 
did leading his horse, on which he had placed two Turkish soldiers 
whose legs were broken, and in this way returned to Plevna, a 
distance of six miles, for the first two miles of which he was exposed 
to a very heavy fire. He next accompanied the expedition to Loftcha. 
On the 18th October, he left Plevna for Constantinople, and was 
sent to Erzeroum in charge of an ambulance. Here he remained 
four months, in charge of a hospital ; during this period the city was 
besieged by the Russians for six weeks, and for four weeks Dr. Ryan 
was suffering from a severe attack of typhus, which disease carried 
away twenty-two out of the thirty-six surgeons in Erzeroum, and 
more than 16,000 Turkish soldiers died from it and from dysentery. 
He received the Order of the Medjidie of the 4th class, the Order of 



the Osmanieh of the 8rd class, and tlie war medal. Dr. Ryan m. .'jtli 
July, 1883, Alice Elfrida, daughter of the Hon. Theophilus J. Sumner, 
of Stony Park, Brunswick, Victoria, member of the Legislative 
Council, and has one son. 

III. Cecil Godfrey, h. 30th July, 1866 ; unm. 

I. Marian Ellis, b. SOtli July, 1848; m. 13th. October, 1873, Frederic 

Charles Rowan, late captain 43rd Regiment, and has issue, one son, 
Frederic Charles Eric Elliot, b. 13th July, 1875. 

II. Ada Mary, b. 9th May, 1855; m. 23rd February, 1883, Lord Charles 

Thomas Douglas-Montagu-Scott, Rear-Admiral R.N., C.B., Naval 
A.D.C. to the Queen 1886-88, commanded H.M.S. " Bacchante," 
1879 to 1882, youngest son of Walter Francis, 5th Duke of Buccleuch 
and 7th. Duke of Queensberry, and brother of the present Duke of 
Buccleuch and Queensberry, and by him (who was b. 20th October, 
1839) has two sons, Charles William, b. 17th April, 1884, and David 
John, h. 7th March, 1887. 
in. Blancbe Adelaide, b. 20th November, 1857; unm. 

IV. Mabel Hartley, b. 13th March, 1861 ; unm. 


This family have lived at Kilgera, Kil- 
kenny, Ireland, for generations. Kilgera, 
■with other estates in the neighbourhood, was 
given to an ancestor of Mr. Byan, by Oliver 
Cromwell. The estates have now all passed 
away from the family, Kilgera having been 
sold under the Encumbered Estates Act, 
about thirty years ago. 

Heney Evan, Esq. of Kilgera, Kilkenny, 
and of 48, North Great George-street, Dub- 
lin, Ireland, by Ellis Agar Hartley, his wife 
(whose godmother was the Countess of Bran- 
don), had issue, 

Chaexes, of Derriweit Heights. 

Edward, m. Margaret, daughter of 

Deering, Esq., Q.C., of Derry- 

brusk, CO. Fermanagh, Ireland ; de- 

William Hartley, d. mini. 

Henry, d. rtnm. 

Robert, d. unm. 

Eichard, living unm. 

Anne, m. the Eev. Thomas Nolan, D.D., 
vicar of St. Saviour's, Paddington, co. 

Middlesex, both deceased. She had 
issue, besides three daughters (one of 
whom, Lucy Martha, m. 1870, as his 
4th wife, Thomas Berry Horsfall, Esq. 
of Bellaraour Hall, Eugeley, co. Staf- 
ford (where his widow now resides), 
D.L. for cos. Lancaster and Stafford, 
and M.P. for Derby and Liverpool, 
who d. 1878), two sons, viz. : 1. Thomas 
(Eev.), M.A. Oxford, rector of Kings- 
ton-Bagpuze, Abingdon, co. Berks; 
and 2. Edward, deceased. 
Ellis, m. Isaac Corry, Esq. of Abbey 
Yard, Newry, Ireland, and had issue, 
a son, Trevor, and several daughters. 

Arms used hy Mr. Charles Hyan — Qu. 
three griffins' heads erased or. Crest — A 
griffin segreant az. holding in the dexter claw 
a sword erect ppr. Motto — Malo mori quam 
fcedari (being the arms of the family of 
Evan of Inch, see Burke's Landed Gentry). 

Residence — Derriweit Heights, Upper Ma- 
cedon, Victoria, Australia. 

Club — Melbourne. 

aeap of JMiDnUfixirt. 

WAY, HON. SAMUEL JAMES, of Montefiore, Adelaide, South 
Australia, Chief Justice of South Australia, Judge of the Yice- 
Admiralty Court, member of the Executive Council, chancellor of the Univer- 
sity of Adelaide, &c., &c., b. at Portsmouth, Hants, England, 11th April, 1836 ; 
educated at Shebbear, North Devon, and at Chatham, co. Kent; arrived in 
South Australia, 6th March, 1853 ; called to the Bar of South Australia, 1861 ; 
appointed Q.C. 1871 ; member of Education Board, and member of the Council 



of the University of Adelaide, 1874 ; retarned to the South Australian Par- 
liament for the district of Sturt, 1875, and appointed attorney-general the 
same year; chief justice, 18th March, 1876; elected vice-chancellor of the 
University of Adelaide, 28th April, 1876 ; administered the government of 
South Australia in 1877, 1878, 1879, and 1883 ; chancellor of the University 
of Adelaide, 1883. Chief Justice Way is unmarried. 


This family was seated at Morchard 
Bishop, CO. Devon, England, where their 
names occur in the parish registers, since the 
latter part of the seventeenth century. 

Eev. James Way, of Adelaide, South 
Australia, Bible Christian minister, son 
of John and Elizabeth Way, was b. at 
Morchard Bishop, co. Devon, 17th June, 
1804; entered ministry of the Bible 
Christian Church, 18th May, 1826 ; president 
of Bible Christian Conference, 1847 ; arrived 
in South Australia, 13th November, 1850; 
established the first Bible Christian societies 
in South Australia and Victoria, and was for 
many years their general superintendent in 
Australia. He m. at Eochester, co. Kent, 
England, in 1834, Jane (b. at Chatham, co. 
Kent, 21st August, 1811), second daughter of 
Edward Willis, Esq. of Chatham, co. Kent 
(who was the last of a long succession of 
small freeholders in co. Norfolk, but settled 
and married at Chatham), by Elizabeth, his 

wife, and d. at Noarlunga, South Australia, 
14th August, 1884, having had, 

Samuel James (Hon.), chief justice of 

South Australia. 
Edward WilHs, L.R.C.P., of Adelaide, 

in. thrice, and has issue, 1. Inman ; 

2. James ; 1. Bessy ; 2. Kate; 3. Grace; 

and 4. Marion, all unm. 
Elizabeth, m. Frederick Dewe Beach, 

Esq., and has issue, 1. Frederick 

James, »j. Sarali Long, and has issue ; 

2. Sydney Edwin ; 3. Herbert Way ; 
4. Frank; 1. Florence; 2. Jane, 
infancy ; 3. Olive, d. in infancy. 

Jane Amelia, d. utim. 
Florence Ann, m. Allan Campbell, Esq., 
and has issue, 1. Allan ; 2. Archibald 

3. James Way ; 4. Colin ; 5. Neil 
6. Gordon Cathcart ; 1. Jeanie 
2. Florence. 

Residence — Montefiore, Adelaide, South 

jntiit of BtlUbtlle. 

FLINT, HON. BILL A, of the city of Belleville, co. Hastings, province of 
Ontario, Dominion of Canada, J. P., and a member of the Senate of 
Canada from May, 1867 ; first president of the Board of Police, Belleville, and 
mayor of that town in 1861, h. in Elizabethtown, co. Leeds, Ontario, 9th 
February, 1805; m. there, 10th September, 1827, Phebe Sawayer, second 
daughter of B. Clements, Esq. of Elizabethtov^n, aforesaid, but by her (who 
d. at Belleville, 2'±th May, 1886, and vpas buried in the cemetery near that 
city) had no issue. 


The great grandfather of the Hon. Billa 
Flint migrated from Flintshire, N. Wales, 
and settled in Connecticut, U.S.A., when a 
British province. His son subsequently 
started for Canada as a United Empire 
Loyalist, but was forced to settle down at 
Brandon, Vermont. He d. near the then 
village of Brandon, having had, amongst 
other issue, a son, 

Billa Flint, Esq. of Brockville, co. 
Leeds, Ontario, b. in Connecticut, U.S.A., 
before the Declaration of Independence, went 

to Canada in 1781 ; >». in 1 802, Phebe Wells, 
whose father came from the north of Ireland, 
and settled down in one of the eastern states. 
She was b. in Vermont, U.S.A., went ^a 
Canada about 1801, and d. in the State of 
Pennsylvania, U.S.A., aged 90 years. He d. 
in 1852, aged about 77 years, and had, 
amongst other issue, 

the present Hon. Billa Flint, only sur- 
viving child. 

Residence — City of Belleville, co. Hastings, 
province of Ontario, Dominion of Canada. 



pearse of dfremantle. 

PEARSE, WILLIAM SILAS, Esq. of Plympton House, Cantonmeut- 
road, Fremantle, Western Australia, J. P., and formerly member of the 
Legislative Council, b. 21st May, 1838; m. 23rd April, 1863, the daughter of 
John Hawkes, Esq. of Warwick, England, by Johaanali Peadletoa, his wife, 
and has issue, a daughter, 

Amelia Johannah. 


William Peabse, Esq. of Fremantle, 
Western Australia, nephew of Silas Pearse, 
of Plymouth, co. Devon, left England about 
1828 or 1829; m. May, 1837, Susanna, daugh- 
ter of William Glyde, Esq. of Yeovil, co. 
Somerset (who d. in 1850), and sister of 
Samuel Glyde, Esq., also of Yeovil, and d. 
6th April, 1866, having had by her (who d. 
5th November, 1879), 

I. William Silas, of whom above. 

II. G-eorge, h. 1st December, 1839. ^ 

III. Samuel, b. 11th July, 1845. 

IV. Francis, b. 30th September, 
1847. .All 

V. James, b. 9th August, 1852. | m. 

I. Mary, b. 24th January, 1842. I 

II. Priscilla, b. 1st January, 1850. | 

III. Anne, b. 14th September, 1854. J 
Residence — Plympton House, Cantonment 

road, Fremantle, Western Australia. 

^cttrstoaltr of ^titlaiUe> 

PETERSWALD, WILLIAM JOHN, Esq. of St. Heliers, Adelaide, South 
Australia, chief commissioner of Police for the colony of South 
Australia, 6. at Jamaica, West Indies, 28th November, 1829 ; educated at the 
Edenborough Academy, and afterwards at Elizabeth College, Guernsey ; 
resided for a time in Jersey, vs'here he was a captain of Militia, and afterwards 
left for South Australia. He m. at St. Heliers, Jersey, 11th March, 1852, 
Emily Mary, daughter of Charles de Ste Croix, "Griffier" of the Island of 
Jersey, by Jane, his wife, and has had issue, 

I. William Charles, h. at Lea, 26th March, 1853, d. at Adelaide same 


II. William Ernest, of Adelaide, South Australia, major in the South 

Australian Militia Force, h. 30th January, 1854; m. 19th April, 
1885, Ellen, fourth daughter of Edward Spicer, Esq. of 133, Cannon- 
street, London, and of Adelaide, South Australia, merchant, but has 
no issue. 

in. Arthur Charles Turner, h. at Adelaide, 11th February, 1861, ^mm. 

IT. John, h. at Adelaide, 23rd April, 1863, unm. 

V. Francis Dumaresq, h. at Adelaide, 14th January, 1868. 

I. Emily Jane Mathilde, m. William Birkenshaw Wilkinson, Esq., 

financial agent, Adelaide. 

II. Grace Margaret. 
[II. Florence Maude. 




The Pefcerswalds were originally a noble 
family of Silesia, where they resided at the 
castle of Peterswaldau, in the district of 
Eeichenbaoh, governed by Arnold von Peters-' 
wald in 1322. The family, which was very 
wealthy in the first half of the seventeenth 
century, had come into Franken, Southern 
Grerniany, and had been admitted in the 
knights canton of Rhon Werra. Brandies of 
the family went subsequently to Sweden, 
Hanover, &o. Carl Friedrich von Peters- 
wald, royal master of the horse of Great 
Britain and Brunswick Luneburg, &c., in 
1752, son of Maximilian von Peterswald, by 
his wife, Elizabeth von Kussow on the Hardt, 
in his will, dated 1752, made his heir the 
eldest son of his sister, Helene Juliane von 
Peterswald (who was b. 1680, and m. 1700), 
by her husband, Friedrich Wilhelm, ii von 
Eickstedt, on condition that he took the 
additional surname and arms of von Peters- 

Wilhelm von Peterswald left Germany 
for political reasons about the year 1770, and 
settled in Exeter, co. Devon, where he m. 

and had two sons, William and John, who 
emigrated to Jamaica, West Indies, where 
they possessed an estate named Petersfield, 
St. Mary, and were successful as planters. 
The latter, John, d. s.p. 20th November, 
1814, at Jamaica, aged 38 years, and the 

William Peterswald, Esq., sometime 
colonel of the St. Mary's 1st Eegimeut (West 
Indies), m. at Kingston, Jamaica, 23rd June, 
1823, Jean, daughter of Captain Walter 
Gray, of the Sutherland Fencibles, by Eliza, 
his wife, daughter of Sir Arthur Nicolson, of 
Lochend, Shetland, Bart., and d. at Liverpool, 
25th August, 1848, aged 72, leaving by her 
(who was h. 6th November, 1790, and d. at 
Adelaide, 1868, aged 78) an only child, 

the present William John Peterswald, 

Arms — Or. on a fesse sa. a boar's head 
fessewise erased pointing towards the sinister. 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet two elepliants' 
trunks erect. 

Residence — St. Heliers, Adelaide, South 

PLAYPORD, HON. THOMAS, of Drysdale, Norton's Suminit, South 
Australia, M.P., J.P., premier and treasurer in the South Australian 
Ministry, h. 26tli November, 1837 ; m. 1860, Mary Jane, eldest daughter of 
the late Rev. William Kinsman, and has issue, 

I. Thomas, h. 23rd April, 1861. 

II. Edward Copley, h. 22nd March, 1864 ; m. 1888, Emily Welbourne, and 

has issue, a daughter. 

III. John Tomlinson, h. 11th October, 1869. 

IV. Charles Loyd, h. 2nd November, 1871. 

V. Frank Elliot, I. 10th October, 1876. 

I. Mary Annie, m. 1886, the Rev. J. Sexton. 

II. Eliza, m. 1888, J. H. Tuck, Esq. 

III. Harriet Alice. 

IV. Jane Pei-ry. 

V. Mabel. 

He held office as commissioner of ci'own lands and immigration at various 
periods between 2nd February, 1876, and 24th June, 1881 ; was commissioner 
of public VForks from 16th June, 1884, to 4th February, 1885 ; and again 
commissioner of crown lands and immigration, 4th February, 1885, to 16th 
June, 1885. 


Thomas Platford was h. near Doncastei", 
CO. York, England. He m. Miss Mary 
Tomlinson (who d. aged 84 years), and lived 
and d. a faimer at Barnby Dunn, about 

seven miles from Doncaster, aged 84 years. 
His eldest son, 

Thomas Platford, h. in 1785, enlisted at 
the age of 16 in the 2nd regiment of Life 



Gruards, and was present at the battles of 
Vittoria, Toulouse, and Waterloo. He rose 
to the rank of sergeant-major, and left the 
regiment after twenty-one years' service ; 
was then employed by Adjutant-Q-eneral 
Cannon to write the historical records of a 
number of the regiments in the British Army. 
Having purchased, on the founding of the 
colony in 1836, some land in South Australia, 
he emigrated there in 1843. He m. in 1836, 
Mary Ann Perry (whose father was of Welsh 

descent, and spent all his life in the service 
of the East India Company, and whose 
mother was a Miss Drysdale, whose father 
came from Perth, Scotland), and d. in 1873, 
having had by her (who d. in 1871), 

I. Thomas (Hon.), now of Drysdale. 

II. John, m. and has issue, one daughter. 

III. Edward, m. and has issue, two sons 
and four daughters. 

Residence — Drysdale, Norton's Summit, 
South Australia. 

Jitibtp of €ntallp. 

EEIBEY, HON. THOMAS, of Entally, Hadspen, Tasmania, M.A. 
' Trinity College, Oxford, M.P. for Westbury, and speaker of the House 
of Assembly, Tasmania, 6. 21tli September, 1821 ; m. 28th October, 1842, 
Catherine McDonall, daughter of James Kyle, Esq. of Inverness, Scotland, 
by Anne, his wife, daughter of Captain Urquart, of Minus, Scotland, but has 
no issue. The Hon. Thomas Reibey was premier and colonial secretary for 
nearly eighteen months, again colonial secretary in the Crovvther Ministry for 
thirteen months, and has been fifteen years in Parliament. He was elected 
speaker of the House of Assembly in July, 1887. 


The original spelling of the name was 
Eaby, having been altered to its present form 
by the Hon. Thomas Keibey's father. 

Thomas Eabt, Esq., sometime in the East 
Indian Navy, subsequently commanded a 
ship of his own, and Anally settled in 
Sydney, New South Wales, as a merchant; 
was a descendant of a very ancient Entjlish 
family of Eaby. He m. Mary Haydoek, of 
Ipswich, CO. Suffolk, and had a son, 

Thomas Eeibey, Esq., who altered the 
spelling of the name. He m. in New South 
Wales, Eicharda, daughter of Eichard Allen, 
Esq., M.D., medical attendant to King 
Geoege IV, and sister of the late Hon. George 
Allen, member of the Legislative Council of 
New South Wales, who was descended from 
the founder of Dulwich College, 1819, 
" Alleyne Edward." He had issue. 

I. Thomas (Hon.), now of Entally. 

II. James Haydock (Eev.), M.A. Ox- 
ford, rector of Denbury, co. Devon, 

I. Mary Allen, widow of the late Charles 
Arthur, Esq., who was nepliew of the 
late Colonel Sir George Arthur, of the 
York Chasseurs, who, in 1814, was 
appointed superintendent of Hon- 
duras, which post he held till 1822 ; 
in 1824 was appointed governor of 
Tasmania, and continued so for twelve 
years, subsequently appointed governor 
of Bombay, and d. in England, 
Sesi'dpiice — Entally, Hadspen, near Laun- 

ceston, Tasmania. 

Estates — Entally, aforesaid (about 4,000 

acres), and the Oaks Estate, Tasmania. 

S^ernon of Coltrstrtam. 

VERNON, FORBES GEORGE, Esq. of Coldstream, Okanagan, and of 
Victoria, in the province of British Columbia, Canada, member of the 
Executive Council and chief commissioner of lands and works for the 
province of British Columbia, h. at Clontarf Castle, near Dublin, Ireland, 
21st August, 1843 ; m. at Victoria, 11th September, 1877, Katie Alma Branks, 
of California, and by her (who d. 31st March, 1885, and was buried at 
Victoria) had two daughters, 



I. Gladys Louise, b. 1878. 

II. Beatrice Alma Ashley, b. 11 



Walter de Vernon. 

This family descends from tlie Lords of 
Vernon, in the Duchy of JNormandy. Their 
common ancestor, 

WlLUAAi DE Veknon, assvimed that sur- 
name from the town and district of Vernon, 
of which he was proprietor in 1052. This 
William had ttvo sons, 

fwho both came 
I into England with 
<j William the 



RiCHAED, LoED OF Veenon, was One of 
the barons created by Hugh Lupus, earl of 
the county palatine of Chester, by the title 
of Babon op Shipbeoke. This Richard, 
pccording to Domesday Book, was a consider- 
able landed proprietor. His 2nd son was, 

William db Veenon, whose great grand- 

RiOHAED DE Veekon, m. Avice, daughter 
and co-heir with her sister, Elizabeth, of 
William de Avenell, of Haddon, co. Dei'by, 
and dying before his father, left four sons, 

I. Warine, who *. his grandfather as 
Baron of Shipbroke, m. Auda, daughter 
and co-heir of Williana Malbank, 
Baron of Wich-Malbank, now Nampt- 
wich, CO. Chester, with whom he 
acquired several manors in that shire, 
and by whom he had two sons, 
Warine and Ralph. He was s. by the 

Warine, Baron of Shipbroke, who 
m. Margaret, daughter of Ralph 
de Andeville, and relict of Hugh 
de Altaribus, by whom he had a 
son, Warine (who d. s.p.), and 
three daughters, his co-heirs, viz. : 
Margery, m. to Richard de 

Edith, m. to Sir William Staf- 
ford, Knt. 
Eohesia, m. to John Little- 

These ladies, after a pro- 
longed litigation with their 
uncle, Ralph, were obliged 
to surrender to him a moiety 
of their patrimony. The son 
of this Ralph, Sir Ralph de 
Vernon, lived to a prodigious 
age and thence was called The 
old liver. He was a witness 
on the Scrope and Grosvenor 

II. Ralph, a priest, d. s.p. 

III. SiE William. 
IT. Robert. 

The 3rd son, 

SiE William de Veenon, Knt., chief 
justice of Chester, 15 Henuy III, m. Mar- 

gery, daughter of Sir Robert de Stokeport, 
and sister of Robert de Stokeport, who d. 
1239, and acquired by her the manor of 
Appleby-Parva,andthe advowson of Appleby- 
Magna, in Leicestershire; he was s. by his 

SlE RiCHAED DE Veenon, who in 12.52 
had a grant from King Henet III of the 
castle of the Peake, m. Margaret de Vipont, 
and was .?. by his son. 

Sib RiCHAED de Veenon, Knt. He 
m. 1st, Alionore, daughter of Giles de 
Frenes, which lady d. s.p. ; and, 2ndly, 
Juliana, daughter of William de Vesey (by 
Agnes, daughter of William de Ferrars, 
Earl of Derby), by whom he acquired Har- 
laston. By her he had a son, 

SiE RiCHABD DE Veenon, who TO. Matilda, 
daughter and co-heir, with her sister, Alio- 
nore, of Sir William Camville, Lord of Aston 
and Clifton Camville, summoned to Parlia- 
ment as baron, 2nd and 4th Edwabd II. Sir 
Richard d. before his father, leaving a son, 
William, ten years old, and a daughter, Isa- 
bella, who m. in 1337 Sir Richard Stafl'ord. 
The son. 

Sib William de Veenon, Knt., b. 1312 
— 13 ; m. Margaret, daughter of Robert, Baron 
de Stopford, and was s. by his son. 

Sib RiCHAED de Veenon, Knt., of Haddon 
and Harleston, who in. Juliana, daughter of 
Robert, or Roger, de Pembruge (by Juliana 
Zouche), and sister and heir of Eulco de 
Pembruge, and d. 1377, leaving a son and 

SiE RiCHAED DE Vebnon, Knt., of Had- 
don and Harlaston, b. 1370 ; m. Johanna, 
2nd daughter and heiress, with her sister 
Isabella, of Richard Stackpole. (After her 
sister Isabella's death, who was widow of 
Rese ap GritBth, she became possessed of the 
Griffith and Somerville estates.) Sir Richard 
Vernon d. in 1401, leaving two sons and two 
daughters. The eldest son. 

Sib RiCHAED Vernon, b. 1394 — 95, in. 
Benedicta, daughter of Sir John Lndlowe (he 
inherited Tong, co. Salop, on the death, in 1446, 
of Isabella, the widow of Eulco de Pembruge). 
He was speaker of the Parliament held at 
Leicester in 1425, and treasurer of Calais ; 
d. 1451, aged 56, and was s. by his eldest 
surviving sou, 

StE William Veenon, Knt., J. 1416; m. 
Margaret, daughter and heir of Sir William 
Swyufen, Knt., by Jocosa, youngest daughter 
of William Durvassal als Spernore ; she was 
also heiress of Robert Pype. Sir William 
was knight-constable of England ; he d. in 
1467, aged 46, leaving four sons and four 
daughters. He was s. by his eldest son, 

SiE Henbt Vebnon, Lord of Haddon, &e., 
governor and treasurer to Prmce Arthur, 
eldest son and heir apparent of King Henex 
VII ; the Prince spent much of his time 



■with Sir Henry at Hadclon, where one of tlie 
apartments was called " tlie Prince's cham- 
ber." Sir Henry m. Anne, daughter of 
John, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury, by whom he 
had (with six daughters and four younger 
sons) , 

I. Eichard (Sir), who inherited Haddbn, 
and marrying Margaret, daughter of 
Sir Kobert IJymoke, Ent., left at his 
decease, in l?il7, 

Greorge (Sir), of Haddon, who d. in 
1567, seized of thirty manors, 
leaving by Margaret, daughter of 
George, Lord Talboys, two daugh- 
ters, his co-heirs, viz., 

Dorothy, in. to Sir John Man- 
Margaret, m. to Thomas Stan- 
ley, 2nd son of Edward, Earl 
of Derby. 

II. Thomas, of Stocksey, whose grand- 
son, Henry, claimed the barony of 
Powys. He d. s.p. 1606 ; is buried at 

III. Htjmphket. 

IV. John (Sir), was one of the king's 
council in Wales, and custos rotulorum 
of Derby ; m. Ellen, daughter and co- 
heiress, witb her sisters Anne and 
Dorothy, of Sir John de Montgomerie, 
by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Gresley ; she inherited S iidbury. Sir 
John Vernon d. 1545, and was s. by 
his only son, 

Sir Henry Vernon, of Sudbury, who 
m. in 1547, Margaret, daughter 
and co-heir with her sister, 
Elizabeth, of Humphrey Swin- 
nerton, of Swinnerton and Hil- 
ton, by Cassandra, daughter of 
Sir John Gifford. He died 1569, 
leaving two sons and two 

John, who m. Mary, daughter 
. of Edward Littleton, of Pil- 

laton, and widow of Walter 
Vernon, of Houndshill, but 
d. s.p. 1600. Buried at 
Henry, of Hilton, m. Dorothy, 
daughter of Sir Anthony 
Heveningham, and d. 21st 
June, 15!_)2, leaving Margaret, 
an only daughter, his heiress, 
who was b. three months 
after the death of her father ; 
she m. her third cousin, Sir 
Edward Vernon. 

This Sir Henry Vernon gave the great bell to 
Tonge, of 48 cwt., and 6 yards round, and a 
rent out of his manor of Norton " for the 
tolling of it when any Vernon comes to town." 
He d. in 1511. The third of his sons, 

HuMEHEEY Vebnon, Esq., m. Alice, 
daughter and co-heiress of Sir John Lvid- 
low, of Hodnet, eo. Salop, and grand- 
daughter, maternally, of Eichard Grey, Lord 
Powis, and left at his decease, in 1542 (with 
other issue), two sons. 

George, who inherited Hodnet, and 
whose great grandson, Henry Vernon, 
Esq., was created a bart. in 1660, a 
dignity that expired with the third 
bart.. Sir Eichard Vernon ; but the 
estate of Hodnet ultimately passed 
through Elizabeth, only daughter of 
the first bart., to her granddaughter, 
Elizabeth Atherton, wife of Thomas 
Heber, Esq., of Marton (see Burke's 
Landed Gentry). 
The second son, 

Thomas Veenon, Esq., who m. Helena, 
daughter of Ealph Shirley, and left, in 1556, 
an only son, 

Walter Veenon, Esq. of Houndshill, b. 
1552 ; m. Mary, daughter of Edward Little- 
ton, Esq. of Pillaton, co. Stafford, and was s. 
in 1592, by his only surviving son, 

SiE Edwaed Veenon, Knt., of Hounds' 
hill, b. 14th December, 1584 ; m. 1613, his 
cousin, Margaret, daughter and sole heiress 
of Henry Vernon, Esq. of Hilton and Esing- 
ton, CO. Stafibrd. He d. 16th June, 1657, 
leaving (besides six daughters, amongst whom 
were Anne, m. George Harper, Esq. of 
Twyford, eo. Derby ; and Mary Catherine 
Grace Elizabeth, d. unni.) three sons, viz., 

I. Henry (Sir), of Sudbury, Hounds- 
hill, &c., h. 1615; m. 21st September, 
1634, Muriel, daughter and sole 
heiress of Sir George Vernon, Knt., of 
Haslington, judge of the Common 
Pleas, and was ancestor of the Ver- 
nons of Sudbury (now Lords Vernon), 
the Vernons of Hilton Park, Harefield, 

II. Edward (Colonel), of North Aston, 
CO. Stafford, had a grant of the castle 
and lands of Clontarf, co. Dublin. 
He m. a sister of Joseph Guldeford, 
Esq., and had issue, Mary, who d. 
unm., and Elizabeth. 

III. John, of whose line we treat. 
The third son, 

John Veenon, Esq. of Clontarf, co. 
Dublin, quartermaster-general of the army in 
Ireland, m. first, Anne, daughter of James 
Huish, Esq. of Sand, Devon, and had a son, 
John, who d. in London, unm. He m. 
secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Fulke 
Walwyn, Esq. of Much Marcle, Hereford, 
and d. intestate 13th March, 1670, leaving 
issue. The son and heir, 

Ebv. Edwaed Veenon, of Eedmile, co. 
Leicester, m. Lettice, daughter of John 
Bankes, of Uttoxeter, co. Stafford, and had 
issue, I. John, his heir; ii. Edward, D.D., 
rector of St. George's, Bloomsbury, Middle- 
sex, d. unm. 1765; and I. Catherine, m 

Yeates, Esq. The elder son, 

John Veenon, a captain in the army, 
afterwards of Clontarf Castle, co. Dublin, m. 
Dorothy, sister of Hans Otto Grahn, a 
Hanoverian nobleman, by whom (who d. 7th 
May, 1773) he had issue, 

I. Geoege, his heir. 

II. Edward, of Dublin, captain 4th 
Dragoons, high sheriff of Dublin 1768 ; 



m. Isfc January, iVfiO, his cousin, 
Caroline Cathei-ine Yeates, and had 
issue, seven sons, 

1. John Frederick, b. 2l8t October, 
1760 ; d. 18th Deoeuibor, 1760. 

2. George William, barrister - at - 
law, h. 16th January, 1762; d. 
unm. 1792. 

3. Francis, E.N., h. 20th February, 
1765 ; d. s.p. 1796. 

4. Charles Hawley (Sir), chamber- 
lain to H.E. the lord-lieutenant of 
Ireland ; b. 22nd July, 1766 ; d. 
nnm. 24th June, 1835. 

5. Brabazon Dean, lieutenant - 
colonel in the army, and major 
16th Regiment, b. 27tli November, 
1768 ; m. Helen, daughter of 
Harmer Bond, Esq. of Ballyna- 
hallick, near Rockmills, co. 

6. Henry, b. 1st May, 1771 ; m. 
1796, Frances, daughter of 
Thomas Plunkett, Esq. of Port- 
marnock, and had issue, 

Eev. Greorge Edward Vernon, 
of G-rosvenor-plaoe, Bath ; m. 
first, Jane, daughter of Arch- 
deacon Kingsbury, and by 
her had no issue. He m. 
secondly, Harriet, daughter 
of Lieutenant-Colonel Henry 
Bruen, of Oak Park, co. 
Carlow, M.P., and d. leaving 
a sou, John Bruen, who d. 
1873, leaving a son and a 

7. Harcourt, in the army, b. 18th 
March, 1775 ; d. unm. 

I. Charlotte, »». Thomas Wright, Esq. of 
Houghton, CO. Derby. 

The elder son, 

Geoege Veenon, Esq. of Clontarf Castle, 
barrister-at-law, whose will is dated 1st May, 
1785, and proved Stli May, 1787 ; m. Eliza- 
beth Hughes, widow, and had issue, 

T. John, his heir. 

II. George, d. unm. 10th May, 1802. 

I. Frances Dorothy, b. 17th November, 
1755 ; m. 22nd October, 1776, James 
Crawford, Esq. of Auburn, co. Dublin, 
and d. 20th July, 1S44. 

II. Diana, m. Sir Brodrick Chinnery, 

The elder son, 

John Veenon, Esq. of Clontarf Castle; 
m. 1780, Elizabeth, daughter of H. Fletcher, 
Esq. of Newtown Park, co. Dublin, and had 

I. Geoege, his heir. 

II. John Fane (Rev.), of Aubone, co. 
Cavan,6.May,1790; TO. December,1812, 
Frances, daughter of John Kearney, 
D.D., Bishop of Ossory ; and d. 7th 
June, 1843, having had issue, 

1. John Edward, of Erne Hill, co. 
Cavan, M.A., J.P., and D.L., 
high sheriH 1864, and one of the 

Irish land commissioners from 
1881 to 1887; b. 12th August, 
1816 ; m. 2nd July, 1846, Harriet, 
youngest daughter of the Right 
Rev. Dr. John Leslie, Bishop of 
Kilmore, by Isabella, his second 
wife, second daugliter of the 
Hon. and Right Rev. Thomas St. 
Lawrence, Bishop of Cork, and 
had issue, John Fane, of Erne 
Hill, Belturbet, co. Cavan, 1, 
Wilton-place, Dublin, and of the 
Athenffium Club, London, M.A. of 
Christ's College, Cambridge, bar- 
rister-at-law, J. P. cos. Cavan and 
Dublin, b. 5th July, 1849, m. 
11th May, 1882, Thomasina 
Georgiana, second daughter of 
Eev. Henry Joy Tombe, B.D., of 
Hollywood House, Glenealy, co. 
Wicklow, prebendary of St. 
Michael's and senior canon of 
Christ Church, Dublin, rector of 
Glenealy and rural dean of Wick- 
low, 1855-81; Edward Saunder- 
son, b. 6th March, 1851 ; and two 
daughters. He m. secondly, in 
1858, Maria Esther, eldest 
daughter of the Hon. George 
CoUey, of Ferney, co. Dublin, and 
d. 1887, having had by her one 

1. Anna, m. 27th March, 1843, Sir 
Nicholas Chinnery, Bart. This 
lady and her husband were both 
killed in the railway accident at 
Abergele, 1868. 

2. Frances. 

I. Frances, m. Bertram Mitford, Esq., 

II. Elizabeth, m. Charles Arthur Tisdall, 
Esq. of Charlesfort, co. Meath. 

III. Maria, m. first, the Hon. and Rev. 
Pierce Butler, brother of the third 
Earl of Carrick ; and secondly, Walter 
Fawkes, Esq. of Farnley, co. York. 

The elder son, 

Geoege Veenon, Esq. of Clontarf Castle; 
m. 1808, Henrietta Maria, daughter of Wilson 
Gale-Braddyll, Esq. of Conishead Priory, near 
Ulverston, co. Lancaster, and d. 1822, having 
had issue, 

I. George Braddyll, of Clontarf Castle, 
d. v.nm. about 1833, and was s. by his 
next brother, the present Mr. Vernon, 
of Clontarf Castle. 

II. John Edwaed Venables, of whom 

III. Charles Pierce, d. nnm. about 1838. 

IV. Walter Fawkes, d. uiim. 

V. Braddyll Francis, d. unm. 

VI. Henry Townley, lieutenant R.N., d. 

I. Henrietta Jane, m. Henry Pelham 
Clay, Esq. of co. Nottingham, son of 
General Clay. 

II. Elizabeth Charlotte, m. the Eight 
Hon. John Parker, late secretary to tlio 
Admiralty, of Onslow-squarc, London. 



III. Maria Frances, m. first, 

Colman, Esq., and secondly Napier, 


The second son, 

John Edwakd Venables Vebkon, Esq., 
now of Clontarf Castle, co. Dublin, Ireland, 
B.A., J.P., and D.L. co. Dublin, high sheriff 
1847 : h. 1813 ; educated at Trinity College, 
Dublin (B.A. 1838); .s. his brother' 1833 ; m. 
first, 20th August, 1836, Louisa Catharine, 
only daughter of Charles Proby Bowles, 
Esq. of Park-lane, London, and by her (who 
d. 12th August, 1853) had issue, 

I. Edward, lieutenant-colonel and hon. 
colonel 5th battalion Royal Dublin 
Fusiliers, h. 31st January, 1838; m. 
27th March, 1861, Jane, daughter of 
Matthew Brinkley, Esq. of Parsons- 
town, CO. Meath, son of John Brinkley, 
D.D., Bishop of Cloyne, and has issue, 
Charles Albert, h. 1864. 

II. Charles Albert, h. I7tli January, 

III. FoEBES Geoege, of whom we treat. 

IV. G-ranville William, major 16th Kegi- 
ment, h. 2nd July, 1845 ; m. 30th 
November, 1882, Emma Rosalie 
Pender, daughter of Stephen Francis 
Shairp, Esq. of St. Max, St. Leo- 

T. John Francis Henry, I. 31st January, 
1848; d. unm. 14th March, 1884. 

I. Louisa Emily, m. 2nd June, 1863, 
George William, second son of Ed- 
mund Floyd Cuppage, Esq. of Clare 
Grove, CO. Dubhn. 

Mr. J. E. V. Vernon m. secondly, 25th Sep- 
tember, 1856, the Hon. Rosa Gertrude 
Harriet Daly, daughter of James, first Lord 
Dunsandle, which lady d. s.p. 31st August, 

Arms — Arg. a fret sa. Cresf — A boar's 
head erased sa., ducally gorged or. Motto — ■ 
Vernon semper viret. 

Residences^Co\distT&&m, Okanagan ; and 
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 

AIKINS, HON. JAMES COX, of the cities of Toronto, province of Ontario, 
and Winnipeg, province of Manitoba, and of co. Peel, province of 
Ontario, Dominion of Canada, lieutenant-governor of the province of Manitoba, 
and a member of the Privy Council of the Dominion of Canada, h. in co. Peel, 
Ontario, 30th March, 182.3 ; educated at Victoria University, Canada ; sat in 
the Canadian Assembly from 1854 until 1861; in 1862 was elected to the 
Legislative Council, and in 1867, at the union of the British North American 
provinces, vs^as called to the Senate by royal proclamation ; sworn a member 
of the Privy Council, 9th December, 1869, from which date until the re- 
signation of Sir John A. Macdonald, in November, 1873, he was secretary of 
state and registrar-general of Canada; re-appointed to same office in Sir John's 
new administration, 19th October, 1878 ; subsequently minister of Inland 
Revenue, and, 8th October, 1882, appointed lieutenant-governor of Manitoba. 
He m. in Toronto, 5th June, 1845, Mary Elizabeth Jane, only daughter of the 
late John Somerset, Esq. of Toronto and co. Peel, province of Ontario, and 
has issue, 

I. John Somerset, of the city of Winnipeg, I. 27th February, 1850 ; m. 

13tli October, 1887, Abby Lemira, daughter of 0. C. Colby, Esq., 
M.P., deputy speaker of the House of Commons. 

II. James Albert Manning, of the city of Winnipeg, M.A. of the 

University of Toronto, Q.C., h. 10th December, 1851 ; m. 10th 
December, 1884, Mary Bertha, daughter of the Hon. A. W. McLelan, 
member of the Privy Council of Canada, and postmaster-general for 
Canada, who was sometime president of the Privy Council for the 
Dominion of Canada, minister of Marine and Fisheries, and minister 
of Finance, and represented Canada in connection with the Inter- 



national Fisheries Exhibition of 1883, held in London, and by 
her has issue, 

1. James Cox. 

2. Gordon Harold. 

III. William Heniy, of the city of Toronto, M.B. (Toronto University), 
M.D.C. (Victoria University), L.R.C.P. (London), b. 22nd August, 
1859 ; m. 27th December, 1887, Augusta Hawksworth Wood, daughter 
of the late Easton Hawksworth, Esq. of Invermay, M.D., and grand- 
daughter of Amassa Wood, Esq. of the city of St. Thomas, Ontario. 

I. Helena Ann, b. 20th April, 1846 ; vi. 22nd August, 1872, Rev. Donald 
George Sutherland, M.A., B.D. (Victoria University), LL.B. 
(Toi'onto University), and has issue, 
1. James Arthur. 

1. Mary Helena. 

2. Clara Margaretta. 

3. Helen Gladys Graham. 

u. Mary Jane, b. 23rd February, 1818 ; m. loth July, 1873, James Elliot 
Graham, Esq., M.D. (Toronto University), L.R.C.P. (London), and 
has issue, 

1. Joseph Sutherland Aikins. 

1. Mary Edith. 

2. Annie Florence Helen. 

3. Emma Lucille. 

4. A daughter. 

5. A daughter. 

III. Emma Francis. 

IV. Clarissa Elizabeth, d. in infancy. 

V. Clarissa Elizabeth. 


This family is of Scottish origin. 

James Aikins, Esq. of co. Peel, Ontario, 
Canada, the father of the present Hon. 
James Cox Aikins, was b. in the county of 
Monaghan, Ireland, in 1779 ; m. 1813, Annie 
Cox (who was b. 1791, and d. 1856), emi- 
grated to America in 1866, and lived in 
Philadelphia, state of Pennsylvania, for four 
years, when he went to Canada and settled 
in CO. Peel, Ontario. He d. in 1865. 

Besidences —(Tovi-n) Toronto, province of 
Ontario ; and Winnipeg, province of Mani- 
toba; (country) in co. Peel, province of 
Ontario, Dominion of Canada. 

Effafes — In the cities of Toronto and 
Winnipeg, and in a number of counties iu 
the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, 

HOLMES, HON. MATHEW, of Hawkestone House, Wellington ; Cintra, 
Dunedin ; Awa Moa, Oamaru ; Castlerock, Lumsden ; and Manipora, 
Southland, all in New Zealand ; member of the Legislative Council of that 
colony; 6. near Strabane, in Ii'eland, 15th September, 1817; m. at Strath- 
allan, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 26th May, 1841, Anne, youngest 
daughter of Allan McLean, Esq. of Strathallan, formerly of Coll, Argyllshire, 
Scotland, and has issue, 

I. Allan, of Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, barrister and solicitor, b. 25th 



January, 1845 ; m. Lillias Waldie Wyndholm, and has issue, one son 
and a daughter. 

II. James Stuart, of Awa Moa, Oamaru, Otago, h. 14th July, 1847 ; m. 

Kate, daughter of . . . Miller, Esq. of Edinburgh, and has 
three sons. 

III. Mathew Stuart, h. 4th October, 1855, unm. 

I. Elizabeth, h. 14th April, 1842 ; m. D. S. Warren, Esq., late of Melbourne, 

deceased, and has one son and four daughters. 

II. Isabella, i. 1st April, 1846 ; m. the Hon. George MacLean, M.L.C., J.P., 

of Dunedin, and has one son and fire daughters. 

III. Annie Julia, h. 7th February, 1852 ; m. John White, Esq. of Dunedin, 

solicitor, and has four sons and two daughters. 

IV. Kate McLean, h. 17th July, 1858, unm. 

In the early days of the colony the Hon. M. Holmes was a member of the 
Provincial Council of Southland, and afterwards of the Provincial Council of 


The family of Holmes came from the West 
of England and settled principally in Down, 
Tyrone, and Londonderry, in Ireland, durinff 
the plantation of Ulster, in the reign of 
James I. Others of the name came from 
the Lowlands of Scotland, and settled in 
Cavan, Longford, and Antrim. 

Tlie immediate ancestors of the Hon. 
Mathew Holmes were farmers residing at 
Strabane, in Ireland, for about 150 years. The 
Hon. Mathew Holmes was the last of that par- 
ticular branch, and, about fifteen j'ears ago, 
he sold his interest in the last farm held by 
the family in Tyrone. 

James Holmes, Esq. of Ballycolinan, 
Strabane, Ireland, m. Elizabeth Watson, who 
d. about 1843. He d. about 1818, leaving a 
son, Mathew, of whom we treat. 

Residences — Hawkestone House, Welling- 
ton ; Cintra, Dunedin ; Awa Moa, Oamaru ; 
Castlerock, Lvimsden; and Manipora, South- 
land, all in New Zealand. 

Proper/i/— At Av/a, Moa, Castlerock, Mani- 
pora, Cintra, and Wellington, New Zealand, 
and in Victoria, Australia. 

iHtCItlait oi ffeopttotlL 

MC/^LELAN, HON. ABNER REID, of Riverside, Hopewell, Albert co., 
V_y New Brunswick, Dominion of Canada, member of the Senate, com- 
missioner of the Civil Court, and auditor of county accounts, b. at Riverside, 
Hopewell, 3rd January, 1830; educated at Hopewell; was a member of the 
Government of New Brunswick as chief commissioner of Public Works, from 
April, 1886, until the Union; called to the Senate by royal proclamation in 
May, 1867. He m. at Harvey, Albert co., October, 1876, Anna Bathsheba, 
eldest daughter of the late William James Raid, Esq., collector of customs at 
the port of Harvey, Albert co.. New Brunswick. 


This family is supposed to have been 
originally seated at Ross-shire, Scotland. 

Petee McClelan, Esq., emigrated from 
Londonderry, Ireland, to Londonderry, Nova 
Scotia, and was one of the pioneers in the 
location and settlement of Londonderry, Col- 
chester CO., Nova Scotia, where he continued 
to reside. By . . McElmen, his wife 

(whose parents immigrated to Nova Scotia 
from Londonderry, Ireland), he had issue, 
Peter, of whom jiresently. 
William, d. young. 

David, of Londonderry, Nova Scotia 
(where the name ia spelt McLelan), 
was grandfatlier of the present Hon. 
Archibald Woodbury McLelan, for- 



mei'ly postmaster-general and a 
member of the Dominion ministry, 
now lieutenant-governor of Nova 
Scotia ; and d. at Londonderry, N.S., 
at a very advanced agQ. 

Naney, d. young. 

Eutli, m. her cousin, Matthew McElmen, 
Esq. of Londonderry, Nova Scotia, 
and d. there, his widow, aged 103 

Mr. Peter McClelan, m. secondly, and by 
this marriage had several children. His 
eldest son, 

Peter McClelan, Esq. of Hopewell, 
Albert co., New Brunswick, J.P. and judge 
of the Court of Sessions for Albert Co., N.B., 
was h. at Londonderry (or Great Village as it 
is now called), Nova Scotia, Vill ; acquired 
considerable property in Albert co., and m. 
at Hopewell, in thatco., 1809, Lucy, daughter 
of Bradbury Robinson, Esq. (who came from 
the New England States to Harvey, Albert 
CO., N.B., where he died), by Mary Clarke, 
his wife ; and d. at Hopewell, 19tli November, 
1866, having had by her (who d. 1877) eleven 
children, viz., 

I. John Edward, h. 8th January, 1810, 
m. Mary A. Peck, and d. 18th Decem- 
ber, 1880, having had issue, 

1. Peter Edward. 

2. Abner James. 

1. Clara Ada. 

2. Ida May. 

3. Minnie Lucy. 

4. Hattie Ray. 

5. Marv Ella Maud. 

6. Ethel Blanche. 

II. Joseph Greenleaf, I. 26th April, 1811, 
d. 16th April, 1848. 

III. Thomas, h. 25th December, 1812, m. 
Anne Turner, and has issue. 

1. Thomas Henry. 

2. John Abner. 

3. Joseph Obed. 

4. Peter James. 

1. Lucy. 

2. Nancy. 

IV. Peter, h. 31st October, 1822, d. 19th 
October, 1866. 

V. George, h. 9th February, 1824, m. 
Mary Elizabeth Pearson, and d. 16tli 
January, 1866, having had an only 
child, Florence Rebecca. 

VI. Abnee Reid (Hon.), of Riverside. 

I. Mary, I. 18th October, 1814, m. 
William C. Robinson, Esq. of Monc- 
ton. New Brunswick, but has no 

II. Anne, h. 30th September, 1816, 
m. Elisha P. Turner, Esq., and has 

1. Joseph "Witter. 

2. Peter McClelan. 

3. Amos. 

1. Lucy. 

2. Anne Elizabeth. 

3. Nancy. 

4. Zenas. 

5. Harriet. 

III. Harriet, I. 31st December, 1817, 
d. 29th October, 1886. 

IV. Jane, h. 24th May, 1820, m. Thomas 
GUbert, Esq., higli sheriff of Albert 
CO. up to hij death, and has had 

1. Charles Simonds, deceased. 

2. Walter Raleigh. 

3. Humphrey Thomas. 
1. Helen Jane. 

y. Lucy, I. 23rd October, 1825, d. 9th 
July, 1846. 

Residence — Riverside, Hopewell, Albert 
CO., New Brunswick, Dominion of Canada. 

Mp of Ctntevfitlti. 

IRBY, EDWARD, Esq. of Bolivia, Teaterfield, co. Clive, New South 
Wales, Australia, 6. in Hampshire, England, 14th May, 1821 ; m. 10th 
July, 1850, Mary, '2nd daughter of Archibald Windeyer, Esq. of Kinross, 
Raymond-terrace, Nevi^ South Wales, and by her (who d. 20th July, 1885) 
has issue, 

I. Edward de Crespigny, m. and has issue. 

II. Frederick William, 
in. Charles Augustus. 
IV. Rowland John. 

Mr. Irby was educated at the Military Academy, Woolwich, with the 
intention of entering the Army, but his health failing him he found it 
necessary to seek a change of climate, and emigrated to Australia in 1842, 
landing at Sydney. About twelve months later, he commenced pastoral 
pursuits, staying for some years on Mr. Wiudeyer's station, and. eventually 



becoming manager for that gentleman. He afterwards purchased BoliAna 
from Sir Charles Robei'ts, which station consists of 100,000 acres. 


The family of Irby is of great antiquity. 

Anthony Iebt, Esq. of Gosberton, co. 
Lincoln, living temp. Henet VIII, was 
grandfather of 

Anthony Ieby, Esq., M.P. for Boston in 
the reigns of Elizabeth and James I, an 
eminent lawyer, a bencher of, and autumn 
reader to, the society of Lincoln's Inn, which 
did him the honour of having his arms 
painted on the third window of Lincoln's Inn 
Chapel. Mr. Irby was appointed one of the 
masters in Chancery, temp. James I. He m. 
Alice, davighter of Thomas Welbye, Esq. of 
Moulton, and widow of Mr. Tash, and was 
s. at his decease by his eldest surviving son, 

SiE Anthony Iebt, Knt., M.P., and 
high sheriff of co. Lincoln in the reign of 
Charles I ; who m. Elizabetli. daughter of 
Sir John Peyton, Bart., of Isleham, co. Cam- 
bridge, and dying in 1632, was s. by his 
eldest son, 

SiE Anthony Ieby, Knt., M.P. for, and 
recorder of, the borougli of Boston, and 
high sheriff of co. Lincoln in 1637. This 
gentleman in. 1st, Frances, daughter of Sir 
William Wray, Bart., of Glent worth, co. 
Lincoln, and had an only daughter, 

Elizabeth, who m. in 1645, the Hon. 
C+eorge Montague, of Horton, eldest 
son, by his third wife, of Henry, 1st 
Earl of Manchester, and was mother of 
George Montague, the celebrated 
Eakl of Halifax, so distin- 
guished as a statesman and a 
poet (see Burke's Extinct 
Peeraije) . 
Sir Anthony m. secondly, Margaret, daughter 
of Sir Eichard Smyth, Bart., of Osterlianger, 
CO. Kent ; and thirdly, Margaret, daughter 
of Sir Edward Barkham, Knt., but by those 
ladies had no issue. He m. fourthly, Cathe- 
I'ine, daugliter of William, Lord Paget, and 
had, with five daughters, an only son, his 
successor, in 1670, 

Anthony Ieby, Esq. This gentleman m. 
Mary, daughter and heiress of John Stringer, 
Esq. of Ashford, co. Kent, and was s. by his 
elder son, 

Edwaed Ieby-, Esq., M.P. for Boston, 
who was created a baronet, 13th April, 1704. 
Sir Edward m. Dorothy, daughter of the 
Hon. Henry Paget, and granddaughter of 
Lord Paget, and dying in 1718, was s. by his 
only son, 

SiE William, b. 8th March, 1707, who 
was elevated to the peerage as Baeon 
Boston, 10th April, 1761. This nobleman 
tilled several high otEces about the Court 
during the reigns of Geoege I and 
Geoege II ; and, while a commoner, sat in 
Parliament for Launceston and Bodmin, j 
He TO. Albinia, daughter of Henry Selwyn, | 
Esq., by Kuth, his wife, daughter of Anthony i 

Compton, Esq. of Gainslaw, co. Northumber- 
land, and had, with a daughter, Augusta, m. 
to Lord Walsingham, two sons, 
Feedeeick, his successor. 
William Henry, h. in 1750; m. in 1781, 
Mary, youngest daughter and co-heir 
of Rowland Blackman, Esq. of Antigua, 
and left issue at his decease in 1830, 
William Henry Kowland, b. 13th 

March, 1784; d. in 1812. 
Augusta, m. to Sir W^illiam Lang- 
ham, Bart., who d. 1812. 
His lordship d. 30th March, 1775, and was *. 
by his elder son, 

Feedeeick, 2nd baron, F.A.S. and D.C.L., 
b. 9th June, 1749; who to. 15th May, 1775, 
Christiana, only daughter of Paul Methuen, 
Esq. of Corsham House, Wilts, and by her 
(who d. 9th May, 1832) had issue, 

I. George, 3rd baron, D.C.L., b. 24th 
December, 1777 ; who w. 17th October, 
1801, Eachel Ives, eldest daughter and 
co-heir of William Drake, Esq. of 
Amersham (descended from the 
Drakes of Shai-deloes and the Garneys 
of Boy land Hall), and by her (who d. 
6th April, 1830) he had issue. 

George Ives, 4th baron, b. 14th 
September, 1802; m. first, 25th 
January, 183t', Fanny Elizabeth, 
eldest daughter of W. E. Hop- 
kins-Northey, Esq. of Oving 
House, Bucks, and by her (^iho 
d. 14th April, 1860) had issue, 
Florance George Henry, 5th 
baron, b. 9th March, 1837; 
m. 17th October, 1859, Hon. 
Augusta Caroline, second 
daughter of John St. Vincent, 
3rd Lord de Saumarez, ard 
by her (who m. 2ndly, 16th 
April, 1883, Sir Henry Percy 
Anderson, K.C.M.G., M.A., 
of Tannheim, Bournemouth, 
Hants, and of 76, Eaton- 
place, London, a senior clerk 
in the Foreign OiEce, son of 
the late Eev. E. Anderson) 
had issue, 

George Florarce (Sir), 6th 
and present Baron Bos- 
ton, of Boston, CO. Lin- 
coln, and a baronet, of 
Hedsor Lodge, Maiden- 
head, Bucks, and of the 
Carlton, Junior Carlton, 
and Bachelors' Clubs, 
London, M.A. Oxon., 
D.L. for CO. Anglesea, a 
magistrate for Bucks, 
and a lord -in -waiting to 
tlie Queen, 1885 to 1886, 
b. 6th September, I860; 



educated at Eton and 
Christ Church, Oxford ; 
m. 13th March, 1890, 
Cecilia Constance, daugh- 
ter of the late Hon. 
Augustus Anthony 

Frederick Irby, of Hil- 
lingdon Grange, Ux- 
bridge, Middlesex. 
Cecil Sauinarez, of Hitch- 
am Grange, Taplow, 
Maidenhead, Bucks, 

J. P., capt. 7th batt. 
(Militia) King's Koyal 
Rifle Corps, b. 3rd 
February, 1862 ; edu- 
cated at Eton; m. Slst 
January, 1885, Florence 
Augusta, second daughter 
of the late Clement Dp- 
of Rousham, Oxon., and 
has issue, Greville 
Northey, b. 24th August, 
1889, and Evelyn Au- 
gusta, b. 25th September, 
Gilbert Neville, b. 23rd 
October, 1864, hon. 
attache Diplomatic Ser- 
vice, late lieutenant Ist 
Argyll Rifle Volunteers. 
Alice Fanny Catherine, m. 
3rd July, 1890, Gordon 
Frederic Deedes, Esq. of 
Hillhurst, Kent. 
Winifred Mary. 
Evelyn Maud Mary, b. 
22nd October, 1875; d. 
2nd April, 1876. 
His lordship Florance George 
Henry, 5th Baron Boston, d. 
3rd January, 1877. 
Rachel Fanny Anne, m. 26th 
May, 1857, to Augustus 
Arthur Vansittart, Esq. of 
Bisham Abbey, Berks, who 
d. 1882. 
Alice Frederica, m. 25th July, 
1861, to John ■\Vingfleld 
Malcolm, Esq. of Poltalloch, 
Lochgilphead, Argyllshire, 7, 
Great Stanhope-street, Lon- 
don, and of the Carlton and 
Junior Carlton Clubs, Lon- 
don, M.A. Oxon., J. P. CO. 
Kent, J.P. and D.L. Argyll- 
shire, and from 1872, lie'ut.- 
colonel 1st Argyll Rifle 
Volunteers, of which lie was 
appointed hon. colonel, 1886, 
M.P. for Boston from 1860 
to 1878, and for Argyllshire 
from 1886 ; eldest son of J. 
Malcolm, Esq. of Poltalloch, 
J.P. and D.L., and nephew 
of the late Neil Malcolm, 
Esq., M.P. 
His lordship George Ives, 4th 
Baron Boston, m. secondly, 30th 

July, 1861, Caroline Amelia, 
eldest daughter of John St. 
Vincent, 3rd Lord de Saumarez, 
and had by her, Maud Caroline, 
d. 1st September, 1873, and 
Dorothy Gwendalen, d. an infant, 
]6th July, 1865. He d. 22nd 
December, 1869, and was s. by his 
only son, Florance George Henry. 
William Drake, b. 18th September, 

1808; d. IHlh October, 1839. 
Augustus Anthony Frederick, b. 
13th February, 1820; m. 22nd 
May, 1866, Jessie Augusta, eldest 
daugnter of Sir T. Montgomery 
Cuninghame, Bart , and d. 5th 
April, 1870, leaving issue, Char- 
lotte Augusta, m. 31st July, 1888, 
Edward Neil Baynes, Esq., son 
of Sir William Baynes, 3rd bart. 
of Harefield; and Cecilia Con- 
stance, m. 13th March, 1890, the 
6th and present Baron Boston. 
Llewellyn Charles Robert (Rev.), 
MA., rector of Whiston, co. 
Northampton, b. 14th November, 
1822; m. 1st July, 1845, Mar- 
garet Emily, daughter of Jonathan 
Bullock, Esq. of Faulkbourn, 
Rachel Emily, m. 7th May, 1840, 
to William Jones Prows'e, Esq., 
captain R.N. (who d. 1860), son 
of George Bragge Prowse, Esq., 
lieutenant-colonel of the 1st 
Somerset Regiment of Militia, and 
d. 9th July, 1873, having had issue. 
Charlotte Isabella, m. in 1827, to 
Thomas, 5th Earl of Orkney, and 
d. 7th September, 1883. 
Frances Matilda, d. 2oth November, 

Frederica Maria Louisa, m. 17th 
December, lh40, Edward Horatio 
Hussey, Esq. of Ratlikenny, 
styled baron, of Galtriin. and d. 
(his widow) 13th July, 1885. 
Georgina Albinia. 

Catherine Cecilia, m. 11th 3Iarch, 

1852, to Colonel Walter Caulfeild 

Pratt, late captain 67th Regiment, 

of OvingHouse, Aylesbury, Bucks, 

and of the Army and Navy Club, 

London, J.P. and D.L. for Bucks, 

lieut.-colonel commanding the 

Bucks Militia, from 1855 to 1880, 

when he was appointed hon. 

colonel ; third surviving son of 

Colonel Pratt, of Cabra Castle, 

CO. Cavan. 

His lordship George, 3rd Baron 

Boston, d. 12th March, 1856, and was 

«. by his eldest son, George Ives. 

II. Frederick Paul, rear-admiral of the 

Red, C.B., of Boyland Hall, Norfolk, 

b. in 1779 ; ?n. first, December, 1803, 

Emily Ives, youngest daughter and 

co-heir of William Drake, Esq. of 

Amershani, Bucks, and had bv her 

(who d. 7th August, 1806) a son". 



Frederick William, of Boyland Hall, 
Norfolk, J.P. and D.L., b. in 
1806; m. 7th March, 1846, Isa- 
bella Harriet, only child of Eoberfc 
Nicholson Bruce, Esq. of Chester- 
square, London ; and d. 1st June, 
He TO. secondly, in 1816, Frances, 
second daughter of Ichabod Wright, 
Esq. of Mapperley Hall, co. Notting- 
ham, and by that lady (who d. 16th 
January, 1852) had several children, 

1. Charles Paul, E.N., h. 1818; 
accidentally shot, 1836. 

2. Montagu Henry John, h. in 1828. 

3. Leonard Howard Loyd, lieut.- 
colonel late 74th Regiment, h. 
1836; TO. first, 31st August, 1864, 
Q-eraldine Alicia Mary, daughter 
of Eev. J. Magenis, rector of 
Great Horkesley, and had by her 
(who d. 18th April, 1882) issue, 
Frederick Arthur, lieutenant 
Rifle Brigade, b. 23rd June, 1865 ; 
and Leonard Paul, b. 9th January, 
1871. Colonel L. Howard Irby 
m. secondly, 22nd January, 1884, 
Mary, eldest daughter of the late 
Col. John James Brandling, C.B., 
E.H.A., of Low G-osforth, co. 
Northumberland, and has a 
daughter, Frances Margaret, b. 
1st December, 1884. 

1. Frances Harriet, to. 19th June, 
1845, Lewis Loyd, Esq. of Monk's 
Orchard, Beckenham, co. Kent, 
20, Hyde Park-gardens, London, 
and of the Oxford and Cambridge, 
Carlton, St. Stephen's, and 
Athenoeum Clubs, London, one of 
H.M.'s lieutenants for the City 
of London, J.P. co. Surrey, and 
sheriff thereof 1863, formerly a 
banker in London ; eldest son of 
E. Loyd, Esq. of Coombe House, 
Croydon, co. Surrey, banker, who 
d. in 1863. 

2. Margaret Amelia, to. February, 
1843, to Henry Kett Tompson, 
Esq. of Witohingham Hall, Nor- 

3. Adelaide Paulina. 
Rear-Admiral Irby d. 24th April, 

III. William Augustus, in holy orders, 
b. 28th November, 1780; d. 10th 
March, 1807. 

IV. Paul Anthony (Rev.), of whom 

V. Edward Methuen, b. 21st March, 
1788, an officer in the 3rd Regiment 
of Foot, killed at Talavera, 27th July, 

VI. Charles Leonard, captain R.N., b. 
9th October, 1789 ; entered the Navy, 
23rd May, 1801 ; appointed lieutenant, 
13th October, 1808, and captain, 1827 ; 
was the author, in conjunction with 
Mr. James Mangles, of a work 

entitled Travels in Sgypt, Nubia, 
Syria, and Asia Minor in 1817-18, 
published in 1823. He to. 8th Feb- 
ruary, 1825, Frances, second daughter 
of John Mangles, Esq. of Hurley, co. 
Berks, and d. 3rd December, 1845, 
having had (with a daughter, Frances 
Elizabeth, to. 22nd November, 1855, 
to the Rev, Robert John Howard 
Rice, M.A., vicar of Sutton Courtney, 
Berks) a son, John James Charles, 
major in the Army ; adjutant of Cliel- 
sea Hospital, b. 16tli Avigust, 1830 ; 
was present at the battles of the Alma, 
Inkermann, and Balaklava, and siege 
of Sebastopol, and on one occasion 
during the Eastern Campaign of 
1854-55 was severely wounded (left 
leg amputated). He to. 15th April, 
1856, Henrietta Elizabeth, eldest 
daughter of the Rev. Thomas Wal- 
pole (see Eael of Oepokd in Burke's 
Peerage), and has issue, 1. Charles 
Leonard, b. 4th April, 1857; 2. Ernest 
John Frederick, b. 30th March, 1864 ; 

3. Ralph Alexander, b. 11th April, 
1866 ; 4. Alfred Spencer Christian, b. 
24th August, 1868; 5. Augustus 
Horatio, b. 11th September, 1873; 
1. Frances Rachel Gertrude ; 2. 
Theresa Margaret, d. 5th January, 
1869 ; 3. Henrietta Dorothea ; 

4. Amicie Maud. 

VII. Adolphus Frederick, in holy orders, 
b. 1797 ; d. 29th April, 1863. 

I. Charlotte, d. unm. in 1848. 

II. Albinia, d. 21st August, 1839. 

III. Christian Elizabeth, d. 5th February, 

IV. Augusta Matilda, to. 20th January, 
1853, to the Rev. William Holds- 
worth, M.A., incumbent of Notting 
Hill, and d., his widow, 4th April, 

V. Anne Maria Louisa, to. in 1817, to 
Henry John, Lord Selsey, who d. 
10th March, 1839. She d. 19th 
December, 1870. 

His lordship d. 23rd March, 1825, and was 
s. by his son, George. His 4th son, 

Rev. Paul Anthony Irby, rector of 
Cottesbrook, co. Northampton, b. in 1784 ; 
m. first, in 1814, Patience Anne, eldest 
daughter of Sir W. De Crespigny, Bart., and 
by her (who d. in 1831) bad issue, 

I. Claude Frederick, major late Madras 
Army, b. in 1815. 

II. Thomas William (Rev.), B.A. Cam- 
bridge, rector of Rushmere, Wang- 
ford, CO. Suffolk, b. in 1817. 

III. Augustus Henry, lieut. -colonel, b. 
in 1818 ; d. in India, 1861. 

IV. Edwaed, now of Tenterfield. 

V. Leonard, b. 1822 ; d. 1856. 

VI. Algernon, b. 1825 ; d. unm. 23rd 
November, 1876. 

I. Frances Anne, to. 14th May, 1850, to 
John Cotton Powell, Esq. of Selsfield, 
CO. Sussex. 



II. Caroline, m. first, 27th February, 
184.9, to the Rev. Septimus Stockdale, 
rector of Wilby, oo. Northampton, 
who d. 11th May, following; secondly, 
1859, Rev. Robert Gibbings, vicar of 
Radley, Berks, who d. 1865. 

III. Emma, d. unm. 26th February, 1890. 
He m. secondly, 8th September, 1836, Wil- 
helmina, eldest daughter of David Powell, 
Esq. of Loughton, Essex, having by her (who 
d. aSth July, 1842) had issue, 

I. George Powell (Rev.), M.A. Oxford, 
vicar of Weedon, co. Northampton, 
b. in 1838; m. 23rd September, 1869, 
Emma Sarah Bransby, eldest daughter 
of Joseph Lewis Aubert, Esq. of 
Nunsbury, Herts, and has Paul 
Aubert, b. 1st August, 1872 ; Lewis 
Michael Aubert, b. 29th September, 
1882; Emma Wilhelmina, b. 20th 

August, 1870 ; Mary Katherine, b. 
13th September, 1871 ; Helen Eliza- 
beth, b. 21st October, 1874; Henrietta 
Margaret, b. 15th July, 1879 ; and 
Evelyn May, b. 28th May, 18S5. 
II. Paul Anthony, b. in 1840; d. in 

He m. thirdly, 9th August, 1849, Augusta, 
dau^liter of the late John B. Cowell, Esq., 
and d. 10th February, 1865 ; his widow d. 
25th August, 1870. 

Arms — Arg. fretty sa. on a canton gu. a 
cliaplet or. Crest — A Saracen's head in 
profile ppr. wreathed about the temples arg. 
and sa. Supporters of Baron Boston — Two 
antelopes gu. each gorged with a chaplet or. 
Motto — Honor fidelitatis pra;mium. 

Residence — Bolivia, Tenterfield, co. Clive, 
New South Wales, Australia. 

JSerrp ot ^tiba. 

BERRY, HON. JOHN, of Sava, Fiji, commissioner of Lands and member 
of the Executive and Legislative Councils, h. 11th October, 1840; m. 
1st February, 1883, Sara Eugenie, daughter of the late James Morey, E.-;q. of 
Sydney, and has issue, 

I. John Lionel, h. 5th April, 1885. 

II. Raymond Dudley, h. 6th September, 1886. 

III. Kenneth, h. 19th May, 1888. 
I. Queenie Lillian. 

Mr. Berry entered the Survey Department, New South Wales, 1866, and 
the Survey Department, Fiji, 1877 ; became acting surveyor-general, 1879, 
commissioner of Land Woi-ks and Surveys, 1882, and a member of the 
Executive and Legislative Councils, 1883. 


John Beret, Esq. of Albury, New South 
"Wales, formerly a resident in Meath, Ireland, 
d. 19th March, 1866. By Mary, his wife 
(who d. in June, 1874), he had issue, 

I. JoHK (Hon.), now of Suva. 

II. Henry, m. Mary Gibbons, of Sydney. 

III. Thomas, in. Christian Gibbons, of 

IV. William. 

I. Amelia, TO. 14th January, 1883, His Ex. 
Sir John Bates Thurston, K.C.M.G., 
F.R.G.S., F.L.S., of St. Heliers, 
Taviuni ; Thornbury, Viti Levu, and 
Government House, Suva, all in Fiji, 
governor and commander-in-chief of 
the colony of Fiji, and H.B. Majesty's 
high commissioner and consul-general 
for the Western Pacific, who was b. 
31st January, 1836, entered the British 
Consulate at Fiji and Tonga, 1866 ; 
acting-consul, 1867 ; chief secretary 
and minister for foreign relations, 
1872; elected "chosen and special 
adviser " of the native kings and 

chiefs, to confer with H.M. commis- 
sioners regarding the annexation of 
the islands to Great Britain, 1874 ; 
colonial secretary and auditor-general 
of the colony, 1874 ; secretary to H.M. 
high commissioner for the West 
Pacific, 1879; administered the govern- 
ment of Fiji, 1880, 1883-4, and again 
in 1885-6 ; consul-general for the 
Western Pacific Islands, 1888 ; 
lieutenant - governor, 1886, and 
governor, 1887 ; son of John Noel 
Thurston, Esq. of Bath, co. Somerset, 
and of Thornbiiry, co. Gloucester (see 
THrESTON OF St. Heliees, Thoen- 
BUET, AND SrvA), and has issue, 

1. John Horatio, b. 20th October, 

2. Edward Thomas, b. 4th June, 

1. Eliza d'Este, b. 19th July, 1884. 

2. AIvs Amelia, b. 19th April, 


Residence — Suva, Fiji. 



WALKER, HON. LANCELOT, of Four Peaks, Geraldine, New ZealanrI, 
member of the Legislative Council of New Zealand, b. 26th Novem- 
ber, 1829, unmaiTJed. 

William Walker, Esq., b. 1650, a resi- 
dent of the parish of Ecclesfield, co. York, 
m. Mary, daughter of Joseph Wood, Esq., of 
the same place, and d. 1708, leaving a son, 

Joseph Walker, Esq., who, marrying 
twice, had, by his first wife, two sons, Joseph 
and Benjamin, and by his second, Anne, 
daughter of Jonathan Hargreave, Esq., three 
sons, who became celebrated as ironfounders. 

I. Jonathan, father of Jonathan, of Fer- 
ham, who d 1807, leaving one son 
and two daughters, Jonathan, Mary 
Jinne, and Anne, m. John Drake, 

II. Samuel, of whom presently. 

III. Aaron, father of one son, who d. 
issueless ; and a daughter, m. John 
Pearson, Esq. of Leeds. 

The second son, 

Samuel Walker, Esq., principal founder 
of the ironworks, b. 1716, at Hill Top, Eccles- 
field, removed to Masborough at the age of 
30, and thenceforth his career was one un- 
interrupted course of commercial prosperity. 
He rf. 12th May, 1782, leaving, by his wife 
(with three daughters, Mary, m. Jonathan 
Walker, Esq. ; Sarah, to. William Parker, 
Esq. ; and Anne, m. John Whitacre, Esq. of 
Woodhouse), four sons, 
I. Samuel, father of 

Samuel, of Masborough, m. Eliza- 
beth, daughter of John Palmes, 
Esq. of Naburn. 
Mary, to. Hugh Parker, Esq. of 

Margaret, m. William Walker, Esq. 
of Wilsick, CO. York, deputy- 
recorder of Doncaster, who d. 
1830. The eldest son of this 
marriage was the late William 
Walker, Esq. of Wilsick Hall, 
Doncaster, co. York, J. P. and 
D.L., M.A., barrister-at-law ; who 
in. 1858, Alice, daughter of Hugh 
Parker, Esq. of Tickhill, co. York ; 
and the second, but eldest sur- 
viving son, is the present Thomas 
Walker, Esq. of The Woodlands 
and Wilsick Hall, Yorkshire, J.P. 
and D.L., W.K., co. York, and late 
captain West Yorkshire Yeo- 
manry Cavalry, b. 1808, educated 
at Trinity Hall, Cambridge (B.A. 
1830, M.A. 1833) ; to. 1841, Anna, 
daughter of John Stephenson 
Ferguson, Esq. of Ballysinnon, 
CO. Antrim. 

II. Joshvia, of Clifton, near Rotherham, 
who purchased the estate of Blythe 
from Colonel Mellish, in. Susanna, 
second daughter of Samuel Need, Esq. 
of Nottingham, and dying 1815, left 
issue. From him descends the pre- 
sent Cajitain Henry Ashton Case- 
Walker, of Beckford Hall, near 
Tewkesbury, co. Gloucester, J. P., 
formerly captain 12th Lancers, who 
assumed the additional surname of 
Walker in 1882, at the death of his 
brother, and in accordance with the 
will of his uncle, Henrv Frederick 
Walker, Esq. of Blythe Hall, Notts 
(see Walker, of Beckfoed Hall, 
Burke's Landed Oentry). 

III. Joseph, of whom presently. 

IV. Thomas, of Berryhill, near Mans- 
field, sheriff co. Nottingham, 1809; 
d. s.p. at Bath, 15th April, 1828. 

The third son, 

Joseph Walker, Esq. of Eastwood, co. 
York, and Aston, co. Derby, high sheriff, co. 
Derby, to. 10th October, 1785, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Samuel Need. Esq. of Nottingham, 
and by her (who d. 27th May, 1823) had issue, 

I. Joseph Need, of Calderstone, co. 
Lancaster, D.L., b. 30th September, 
1790, in. Katherine, daughter of 
Samuel Parker, Esq. of Scots House, 
CO. Northumberland, and d. 1865, 
leaving, with other issue, 

Henry, now of Perdiswell Hall, near 
Worcester, D.L. co. Worcester, 
high sheriff, 1883, b. 1826; edu- 
cated at Eton ; TO. 1871, Georgina 
Harriett, eldest daughter of 
Captain Francis Mostyn-Owen, of 
Bryntirion, co. Salop, and by her 
(who d. 1887) has, with other 
issue, Henry Francis Mostyn, b. 
1880. He purchased Perdiswell 
from Sir OiHey Wakeman, Bart., 
in 1875. 

II. Thomas, of whom presently. 

III. Edward Samuel (Sir), of Berry 
Hill, Notts, J.P. and D.L., high 
sheriff of Notts, 1866-7, and mayor of 
Chester, 1838 and 1848, b. 1799 ; to. 
first, 15th September, 1842, Frances 
Valentine, daughter of George 
Stevens, Esq. of Old Windsor Lodge, 
and bv her (who d. 1864) had issue, 

1. Edward William, of Berry HiU, 
Mansfield, Notts, J.P., b. 4th 
April, 1844 ; educated at Harrow 



and Trinity College, Cambridge ; 
called to the Bar at Lincoln's 
Inn, 1868; m. December, 1874, 
Elizabeth, youngest daughter of 
the late 'I'homaa Ewell, Esq., 
which lady d. 23rd April, 1886. 
2. Frederick Adam, b. 10th Septem- 
ber, 1851. 

1. Marion Emily, m. March, 1866, 
Robert Narcissus Batt, Esq. of 
Purdysburn, Belfast, Ireland, and 
of the Junior Carlton Club, 
London, J P. and D.L. co. Down, 
and sheriff thereof, 1870 ; b. 1844, 
only .son of Robert Batt, Esq. of 
Purdysburn, J. P. and D.L., who 
d. 1864. 

2. Fanny Louisa, m. February, 
1879, the Rev. Frederick Hail, 
eldest surviving son of T. Dicken- 
son Hall, Esq. of Whatton Manor, 

3. Sophia Eugenie. 

4. Harriet Anne, m. 13th July, 
1881, Evan Theodore Prichard, 
Esq., second son of Rev. Richard 
Prichard, B.D., rector of Newbold- 

Sir Edward Samuel, m. secondly, 12th 
June, 1866, Mary Elizabeth, daughter 
of Captain Hallowes, R.N., of Olap- 
well Hall, CO. Derby, and d. January, 
I. Harriett, m. Rev. "William Alderson, 

rector of Aston, near Rotherhani, who 
d. s.p., 1851. 

II. Sophia, TO. Thomas Trebeck, Esq. of 
Southwell, and d. s.p., 27th April, 

III. Catherine, m. .Tames Haffenden, 
Esq. of Clearwell Court, eo. Glou- 
cester, and d. 16th April, 1858, leaving 
three daughters and one son. 

IV. Elizabeth, d. num., 14th May, 1832. 

Mr. Joseph Walker d. 7th June, 1801. His 
second son, 

Thomas Walker, E.sq., late Royal Scots 
Q-reys, of Ravenfield Park, co. York, b. 19th 
July, 1795; TO. 21st April, 1819, Constantia 
Anne, eldest daughter of John Claudius 
Beresford, Esq., privy councillor in Ireland, 
and alderman, and, at one time, lord mayor 
of Dublin, and granddaughter of the Right 
Hon. John Beresford, P.C., barrister-nt-law, 
who was the second son of the 1st Earl of 
Tyrone (see Burke's Peerage, Marquess op 
Waterford), and by her (who d. September, 
1871) had, amongst numerous other issue, 

the present Hon. Lancelot Walker. 
Mr. Thomas Walker d. 10th July, 1843. 

Arms — Arg. on a chev. gu. between two 
anvils in chief and an anclior in base sa. a 
bee between two crescents or. Crest — On a 
mount within a wreathed serpent a dove 
statant all ppr. Motto — Junoti valemus. 

Residence — Four Peaks, Geraldine, Can- 
terbury, New Zealand. 

JSoptr of #Int(ent. 

Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, formerly of the 11th Regiment 
of Infantry, and sometime assistant military secretary to the general com- 
manding in the Australian" colonies, from which posts he retired in 1858, h. 
14th November, 1825, at Tralee, Kerry, Ireland ; m. 4th Februaiy, 1857, at 
Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria, Lucy Charlotte, daughter of Robert Martin, 
Esq. of View Bank, Heidelberg, Victoria, and has issue, 

I. BoBEET Alexander, of Lara, Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia, h. 

15th February, 1858; m. May, daughter of Mr. McDonald, and has 

1. John Thomas McDonald. 

2. Robert. 
1. May. 

II. Theodore Fielding, of Mildura, Victoria, h. 12th October, 1860. 

III. Arthur Merrie, of Glenfern, St. Kilda, Melbourne, h. 19th March, 

1862 ; m. 14th January, 1886, Emma Minnie, daughter of Mr. 
A' Beckett, and has issue, John Gilbert A' Beckett, and another son, 
h. at Penleigh House, Westbury, Wiltshire, 15th August, 1890. 

IV. Frederick McArthur, of Treryboo, Queensland, h. 1st November, 

VOL. I. p 



Y. Thornton Martin, of Melbourne, b. 24th November, 1867. 
VI. Harry Lascelles, b. 2nd February, 1869. 
Til. Reginald Septimus, b. 26th July, 1870. 
Yiii. Rupert, b. lOtb December, 1871. 

IX. Kirby Montagu, b. 19th September, 1873. 

X. Norman Gear, b. 5th September, 1876, deceased. 

I. Lucy de Guzman, b. 1st February, 1864. 

II. Enid, b. 5th September, 1874. 


This family of Boyd, of the co. of Mayo, 
Ireland, descends from John Boyd, who 
came to Ireland in 1716. He acquired pro- 
perty near the town of Killala, and is said to 
Lave been related to the Earl of Kilmarnock, 
who was beheaded for the part he took in the 
Kebellion of 1745. 

Majoe Alexander Boyd, b. at Killala, 
CO. Mayo, Ireland, and baptised there, August, 
1792; m. at Gibraltar, li-lth October, 1812, 
Susan, 4tli daughter of Major Robert Browne, 
of Shrule and Hedford, co. Mayo. She was 
b. 1786, baptised at Dundalk 15th May, 
1796, d. at Derby, 17th July, 1873, and 
was buried at' Kensal Green, co. Middlesex. 
Major Boyd d. 21st May, 1869, and was 
buried at Kensal Green, leaving issue, 

I. Louis Alexander, captain 36th Foot. 

II. Robert Thomas Browne (lieutenant- 

III. Alexander Fielding, C.M.G., of 
Walkergate, Beverley, Yorkshire, late 
treasurer-general of the Ionian Islands, 

m. the daughter of C. Eagueneau, of 
Beverley, and has an only son, Alexan- 
der Charles, LL.B. (Cambridge), J. P., 
of The Lakes, Dukinfield, Cheshire, 
and of the New University Club, 
London, who was b. 1852, and was 
called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 

lY. John Theodoee Thomas, of whom 
we treat. 

Y. Frederick William Arthur. 

I. Mary Francis Meyrick. 

Anns used — Az. a fesse checquy betiv. 
three cinque/oils in chief and a crescent in 
base. Crest — A dexter hand cowped at the 
wrist erect pointing with the thumb and 
first two fingers, the others turning down. 

Residence — Glenfern, Inkerman - road, 

East St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, 

Estates — In Moorcargill and Bluff, New 
Zealand, and in Victoria, Austi-alia. 

jpamilj) of 23rofcDne. 

The family of Browne, of Shrule and i 
Hedford, descend from Matthew Browne, j 
son of Rby. Robert Browne who came to 
Ireland as private chaplain to the Earl of | 
Strafford. Matthew Browne served on the 
staff of Marshal Schomberg at the battle of 
the Boyne in 1690, and for his services 
William III granted him the estates of 
Shrule and Hedford, co. Galway. He left 
two sons, and from John, the eldest, this 
lamily claims descent. 

Major Robert Browne, of Shrule and ! 

Hedford, above-mentioned, m. Miss Elizabeth 
Swift, of Dublin, and had issue, 

I. Robert. 

II. Ricliard, of the Royal Marines.. 

III. Thomas, major 67th Regiment of 

lY. Fielding, colonel, C.B. 

I. Frances. 

II. Catherine. 

III. Elizabeth. 

IV. Susan, who m. the above-mentioned 
Major Alexandeh Boyd. 

mit\) oi jMarrj>atbiIIe. 

SMITH, SIR EDWIN THOMAS, K.C.M.G., M.P., J.P. (since 1868), of 
The Acacias, Marryatville, Adelaide, South Australia, ex-mayor of 
Adelaide, son of the late Edwin Smith, Esq. of Walsall, co. Stafford, b. 
6th April, 1831 ; m. 1st, 1857, Florence, daughter of Robert Stock. Esq. of 
Clifton (she d. 1862) ; and 2ndly, 1869, Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Spicer, 
Esq. of Adelaide. Sir E. T. Smith was educated at Qneeu Mary's Grammar 


School ; emigrated to South Australia in 1858, first established himself as an 
importer and afterwards as a brewer, finally retiring from business, 1887. 
In 1875 he built the Kent Town Brewery, in Ruudle-road. In 1872 he 
entered Parliament, and accepted the office of Minister of Education, 1884; 
was mayor of Kensington and Norwood, 1868, 1869, 1870, 1872, and 1873; 
and of Adelaide, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1887, and 1888 ; commissioner at Inter- 
national Exhibitions at Philadelphia, 1876, Paris, 1878, Sydney, 1880, and at 
Melbourne, 1881 ; commissioner at Colonial and Indian Exlaibition in London, 
1886, and at the Melbourne Centennial Exhibition, 1888 ; vice-president and 
promoter of the Adelaide Jubilee Exhibition, 1887; president of the South 
Australian Zoological and Acclimatization Society, trustee of the Savino-s 
Bank, and a member of the Board of Management of the Adelaide Hospital, 
and other institutions. He was created K.C.M.G., 1888. 

Arms — Per pale gu. and az. on a chev. nebuly-counter-nebnly or, between 
two bezants in chief, and a cross crosslet fitchee in base of the third, a pellet 
between two cross crosslets fitchee of the second. Crest — A goat's head 
couped arg. gorged with a collar gemel az. and between two bezants. Motto — 
Dum spiro spero. 

Besidence—The Acacias, Marryatville, Adelaide, South Australia. 

Clubs — Adelaide and Austral. 

Cprtoljitt ot 0mxtpi\ 

TYRWHITT, RICHARD, Esq. of Nantyr, West Gwillimbury, Canada, 
lieutenant-colonel 36th battalion active Militia (Peel regiment), first 
returned to Parliament for South Riding, co. Simcoe, Ontario, 16th February, 
1882. He served as lieutenant in a provisional battalion on Niagara frontier 
in 1866, and in the North West Rebellion Campaign, 1885, commanded the 
Wimbledon Team in 1866, b. at Tecumseth, Simcoe, Ontario, 20th November, 
1842; m. at Trinity College Chapel, Toronto, 26th April, 1870, Emma, 
daughter of the Ven. Archdeacon George Whitaker, M.A. of St. John's 
College, Cambridge, Provost of Trinity College, Toronto (who d. at the 
Rectory, Newton Toney, Wiltshire, England, August, 1882), and has issue, 

I. Richard Edmund, b. October, 1872. 

II. George Herbert, b. September, 1874. 
I. Alice Mary. b. 29th March, 1871. 

ri. Emma Mildred, b. October, 1875. 
lu. Elizabeth, b. February, 1881. 
IV. Charlotte Louisa, b. April, 1883. 
v. Arundel, b. June, 1886. 


This family, styled by Camden in his 
Britanuica "the honourable and ancient 
house of Tyrwhitts, knts.," has been seated 
for several centuries in the north of England. 
It has had an able historian in one of its 
members, Mr. Robert Philip Tyrwhitt. The 

first person of the name of whom we have 
any certain account, is a SlE Hkeculps, who 
is said (on the authority of the Vincent and 
Harleian MSS.) to liave been knighted and 
settled in Northumberland, 2nd William I. 
This knight, or his son, bearing the same 

P 2 



name, married a daughter of Sir Thomas 
Scargill, Knt., and was living A.D. 1109, 10th 
Hehry I. 

Sir Hercules is stated to have thus acquired 
the surname of Tyrwhitt : — Severely wounded 
in defending a bridge, single handed, against 
numerous assailants, at the moment he had 
succeeded in ibrcing them to retire, he fell 
exhausted amongst the flags and rushes of an 
adjoining swamp, while the attention of his 
party, who, in the interim had rallied, was 
fortunately directed to the spot where he lay 
by a flock of lapwings (or as called in some 
counties tyrwhits) screaming and hovering 
above, as is customary with those birds when 
disturbed in the vicinity of their nests. 
Camden, however, in liis Remains, derives 
the name from the place so called. The son 
of Sir Hercules, 

SiB Robert Tyrwhitt, was Lord of 
Tyrwhitt and Assancke, in Northumberland. 
He wedded a daughter of Sir John Wither- 
ington, and from this marriage descended, 
through a line of ^jrogenitors who allied with 
tlie Umfravilles, Lowthers, Harbottles, Ogles, 
Vauxes, of Gillesland, Nevilles, &c., 

Robert Tyrwhitt, grandson of Sir 
Oliver, who was grandson of Sir Hercules. 
This gentleman, who is described (Harl. 
MSS. 810) as " Robertus Tyrwhit arm. de 
Ketilby, com. Line, ac Tyrwhitt com. North- 
umbria," is mentioned in several of the MSS. 
sometimes as of Tyrwhitt and at others as of 
Ketilby. He m. Anne, daughter of William 
Wyciiffe, Esq. of WyclifEe (a sister or cousin 
of the celebrated John Wyciiffe, who was 
succeeded in the mastership of Balliol Col- 
lege, Oxford, by Thomas Tyrwhitt, a cadet 
of the family), and had two sons, 

I. Thoma?, of Tyrwhitt, who m. a 
daughter of Alan de Boisterick, and 
was ancestor of the Tyrwhitts, of 

II. William (Sib). 

The second son. 

Sir William Tyrwhitt, of Ketilby, in 
the county of Lincoln, is described in the 
Harleian MSS., No. 1550, as " Primarius 
Justicianus Anglise," but of Sir William's 
being invested with the chief-justiceship we 
liave no other authority. He in. the daughter 
and heiress of John G-rovale, Esq. of Harps- 
well, in Lincolnshire, and liad (with a 
daughter, Cecilia, who wedded Sir William 
Newport, Knt., and became, after her 
husband's death, Abbess of Ipswich) a son 
and successor. 

Sib Robert Tyrwhitt, Knt., of Ketilby, 
who was one of the judges of the court of 
king's bench, in the reigns of Henry IV, V, 
and VI ; his patents, four in number, are 
dated 8th Henry IV, 1st Henry V, Ist 
Henry VI, and may be found in Calen- 
darium Patentium, Twrri Londinensi. 
He is named among the " Tireurs des 
Peticions " to Parliament either for England 
or Ijascony and Aquitaine, for every parlia- 
ment between 9ih Henby IV and 7th 
Heney VI. That the boldness of the feudal 

chief, however, strongly predominated in the 
character of this learned functionary over the 
meekness of the christian judge, appears too 
evident by the following curious extract from 
Cotton's records : — " 13 Henry IV, William 
Lord Rosse, of Famlake, complayneth 
against Robert Tirwhitt, one of the justices 
of the king's bench, for withholding from 
him the manor of Molton Rosse, in Lincoln- 
shire, and laying wait for the said Lord Rosse 
with the number of 500 men. Sir Robert 
Tirwhitt before the kynge confesseth his 
fault and craveth pardon, and offeringe to 
stand to by order of two lords of the kindred 
of the sayd Lord Rosse as they should 
choose, whereunto the kynge agreed, and the 
sayd Lord Rosse chose the archbishop of 
Canterbury and the Lord Grey, chamberlaine 
to the kynge, who made alonge award, leav- 
ing the right of common of pasture in 
Wragby, in com. Line, to the determination 
of Sir William Gascoigne, chief justice, and 
it was enjoigned to the said Sir Robert 
Tirwhitt that at a day certaine he shod 
repair at Molton Rosse 2 tunnesof Gascoigne 
wyne, 2 fatt oxen, and 12 fatt sheepes, and 
offer rej)aration. And that he should bring 
together all knights, esquires, and yeomen, 
that were of his own, and that they shod all 
confess their fault and crave pardon, and 
further offer to the sayd Lord Rosse 500 
markes in money, and that the sayde Lorde 
Rosse should refuse the money, graunt him 
pardon, and take his dinner only." The 
whole of the proceedings in this matter, from 
their commencement by the petition of . 
William Lord Roos to the award of the 
arbitrators above mentioned, are recorded at 
great length in the rolls of Parliament, 13 
Henry IV. The details are very curious, 
and throw much light on the manners of that 
day. The award is an object of particular 
interest to the philological antiquary, as 
being almost the earliest specimen, on record, 
of English as a written language. 

This feud between the families of Rosse 
(or Roos) and Tyrwhitt continued up to the 
time of James I who, on the occasion of 
several lives being lost on both sides in a 
casual rencontre during a hunting party, 
caused a gallows to be erected at Molton 
Rosse, near Belvoir, declaring that he 
would hang the first like offender on it. 
This gallows is said to be renewed from time 
to time, up to the present day, whenever it 
falls into decay. (Gough's Camden, vol. ii, 
p. 388 ; History of Lincolnshire, 1826 ; and 
Gent's Magazine, part I, A.D. 1799.) Sir 
Robert had issue, 

I. William (Sir), his heir. 

II. John, of Harpswell, who m. the 
daughter and heiress of Sir . . . RoUes- 
ton, Knt., and had four daughters, of 
whom Elizabeth espoused John Which- 
cote, of Whichcote, in Shropshire. 

I. Katherine, m. to Sir John Griffith, 

II. Maud, m. to Sir William de Mont- 



The elder son, 

Siu William Tyhwhitt, Knt., of Ketilby, 
shared in the glories of Agincourt (Nicholas's 
Agincourt), and received by royal grant, 8th 
Henky A', the bailiwick of three towns in 
P"ra.nce ; in this grant he is styled, " toutissimo 
dilecto militi meo Willo Tyrwhit." Sir 
William, who was likewise appointed in the 
Ist Hen BY VI, cenesclial of certain castles 
and parks in the county of Lincoln, founded 
ttie hospitals of Wranby and Glanford Brigg, 
in that sliire, and the chauntry and chapelry 
of Higham, in Essex ; was sheriff for York- 
shire, 14th Henry VI, and one of the knights 
of the body to that monarch. He was s. at 
his demise, 29th Henhy VI, by his son, 

Adam Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Ketilby, some- 
times styled Sir Adam, Knt. This gentleman 
wedded, 1st, a daughter of John, second Lord 
Lumley, and 2ndly, a daughter of Sir William 
Newport, Knt., by Cecilia, daughter of Sir 
William Tyrwhitt. His son and successor. 

Sir Kobekt Tyrwhitt, Knt., of Ketilby, 
received a general pardon, 34th Henry VI, 
for all offences he might have committed, and 
died 36th Henky VI, possessed of three 
manors in the county of York, and fifteen in 
the county of Lincoln, besides divers manors, 
&o , in Nottinghamshire, Essex, Sussex, and 
London. Sir Robert m. Jane, daughter of 
Sir Richard Waterton, Knt., and was *. by his 

Sir William Tyrwhitt, of Ketilby, who 
acquired by grant, from Richard III, the 
bailiwick and lordship of Scotter, and though 
"Armiger de persona" to that monarch, he 
received a general pardon from Henry VII, 
and was subsequently, for his distinguished 
valour at the battles of Stoke and Blackheath, 
made successively a knight and a banneret. 
He espoused Anna, daugliter of Sir Robert 
Constable, Knt. of Flamborough, and had 

I. Robert (Sie), his heir. 

II. Philip (Sir), knt. banneret, living 
23rd Heney VIII. 

III. Edward, T 

ir. Thomas, I , n j „, 
TT 1 >who all a. s.v. 

V. Humphrey, [ 

VI. John, J 

I. Agnes, m. to Thomas, Lord Burgh, 


II. Elizabeth, Sir William Skip- 
with, Knt. 

Sir William, who was thrice sheriff for 
Lincolnshire, was s. at his decease, in 1522, 
by his eldest son. 

Sir Robert Tyrwhitt, Knt. of Ketilby, 
grantee of Cameringham and Staintield, at 
which latter jilace he b>iilt the mansion bear- 
ing that name, long the residence of the 
Stainfield branch of the Tyrwhitts, its first 
baronets. This gentleman, vice-admiral of 
England, and a banneret, was seneschal of the 
priory of Newstead, as also of Elsham, and 
bailiff of Barton-on-Huii.ber, 26th Henry 
VIII.* He m. Maud, daughter of t>ir Robert 
Tailboys, of Goulton, and had issue, 

About this period the Beverley branch of 

I. William (Sie), his heir. 

II. Robert (Sir), of Leighton Broms- 
would,in Herts, one of the ecclesiastical 
commissioners for Lincolnshire, 26th 
Henry VIII, who received hirge 
granti in the counties of York, Lincoln, 
Herts, Essex, and Sussex. Sir Robert 
was sometime master of the horse to 
Queen Mary. He wedded Elizabeth,! 
daughter of Sir Edward Oxenbridge, 
second son of Sir Goddard Oxenbridge, 
sometime governess to the Princess 
Elizabeth, by whom he had an only 
daughter and heiress, who m. Sir 
Henry D'Arcy, Knt., and predeceased 
her father, s.p., in 1507. 

III. Philip, of Barton-on-Humber, who 
m. the daughter and co-heir of Edward 
Burnaby, Esq. of Barton, and from 
this alliance sprang the Tyrwhitts of 
Stainfield, baronets (so created 29th 
June, IGll), which family is now ex- 
tinct, but the estates have passed by 
will to the Drakes, of Shardeloes, and 
are now enjoyed by the present Thomas 
Tyrwhitt-Drake, Esq. of Shardeloes. 

Sir Robert's eldest son and heir, 

Sir William Tyrwhitt, Knt., seneschal 
of the priory of Gaykewell, served the office 
of sheriff for Lincolnshire, 28th Henry VIII, 
and, with his brother Robert, was one of the 
ecclesiastical commissioners for that county, 
in tlie 26th of the same reign. Sir William, 
who obtained large grants from the crown at 
the dissolution of the monasteries, married a 
daughter of Sir Robert Girlington, of Nor- 
manby, and, predeceasing his father in 1541, 
left issue, 

I. Robert (Sir), of Ketilby, who raised 
and led 250 of his tenantry with the 

the Tyrwhitts, descended from Adam Tyr- 
whitt, second son of Brian Tyrwhitt, of Tyr- 
whitt, and in the fourth degree from Sir 
Hercules, became extinct, the great part of 
their possessions in the counties of York and 
Lincoln devolving on the Tyrwhitts of Ketilby. 
A William Tyrwhitt, of this branch, after- 
wards Sir William, who married a daughter 
of John, Lord Lumley, was at Agincourt, with 
three archers ; he was son of Robert Tyrwhitt, 
of Beverley, who died 6th January, 1427, two 
years before his contemporary. Sir Robert 
Tyrwhitt, of Ketilby. It appears, too, that 
soon after the first Sir William Tyrwhite, 
described as " Primarius Justicianus Anglise," 
settled at Ketilby, that the lordship of Tyr- 
whitt, in Northumberland, was usui-pcd by a 
prior of the Order of Knights Hospitallers of 
St. John of Jerusalem ; it shortly after came 
into the possession of the Ogles, who were 
connected with the Tyrwhitts. 

+ This lady was the authoress of a small 
volume of Morning and Evening Praters, 
with dirers Psalmes, Simnes, and Medita- 
tions, Land. 1574. This little book was so 
highly valued by Queen Elizabeth, tliat she 
had a copy of it bound in solid gold. — Watt's 
Biographical Dictionary. 



army sent against the rebel earls, 13th 
Elizabeth. He m. Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter and heiress of Sir Thomas Oxen- 
bridge, son and heir of Sir Goddard 
Oxenbridge, by Elizabeth, his wife, the 
sole daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas 
Echingham, of Echingham, and was s 
at his decease, in 1581, by his eldest 

WOliam Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Ketilby, 
who wedded a daughter of Peter 
Ereschville, Esq. of Stayvely, in 
Derbyshire, and was s. by his 
Eobert Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Ketilby, 
who m. Bridget, daughter of John 
Manners, fourtli Earl of Rutland, 
and left a son and successor, 
William Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Ketilby, 
who m. Catherine, daughter of 
Anthony Brown, Viscount Monta- 
gue, and was s., at his decease, by 
his eldest surviving son, 
Francis Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Ketilby, 
who d. in 1673, leaving an only 
daughter and heiress, 

Catherine, who espoused Sir 
Henry Hunloke, Bart., of 
Wingerworth, and the great 
great grandson of this mar- 
riage was 

Sir Henry Hunloke, Bart., 
of Wingerworth, wlio 
thus represented the 
eldest or Ketilby branch 
of the Tyrwhitts. 

II. William, d. s.p. 

III. Tristram, of G-ranby, in Lincolnshire, 
who was "camp maister" to the army 
marching northwards to quell the rebel 
earls of Northumberland and West- 
morland. He m. a daughter of Sir 
William Shipwith, Knt., by Alice, his 
wife, daughter of Sir Lionel Dymock, 
Knt., but d. s.p. Sir Tristram was 
author of A Treatise on the Duty of a 
Commander-in- Chief. 

IV. M.iR5iADUKE, of whom presently. 

I. Elizabeth, m. Humphrey Littlebury, 
of Stainsby. 

II. Eaith, m. 1st, Ambrose Sutton, Esq. 
of Barton, and 2ndly, Lawrence Meers, 

III. Troth, in. Godfrey Foljambe, Esq. 
The fourth son of Sir William Tyrwhitt, 

MABMADrKE Tykwhite, Esq. of Scotter, 
espoused Ellen, third daughter of Lionel 
Beresby, Esq. of Thribourg, in the county of 
York, by whom he left at his demise, in 1599, 
a son and heir, 

Robert Twtbwhitt, Esq. of Scotter, and 
afterwards of Cameringham, co. Lincoln, who 
was sheriff for Lincolnshire, 9th James I. 
He m. Anne, daughter of Edward Basset,* 

* " The Bassets," to follow the words of a 
quaint inscription in Cameringham, " were 
also in their generations of great authority, 
having been bai'ons and allied to the crown, 
and companions of the Order of the Garter." 

Esq. of Fledborough, in Nottinghamshire, 
and had (with other children, who died 

I. Maemaduke, his heir. 

II. Robert, was for thirty-two years in the 
service of Chaeles I. He was eldest 
esquire of the horse, master of the 
buckhounds, and, with Sir C. Clerk, 
ranger of the New Forest. He followed 
the fortunes of that ill-fated monarch 
to the last, and when the momentary 
ascendency of the Regicides had sullied 
their country with the blood of his 
master, he did not long survive. The 
broken cavalier lingei-ed, unmolested 
by Ceomweli, at Hampton Court, but 
for two years. He d. January, 1651, 
and was buried in Hampton Church, 
where a monument is erected to his 

III. William, d. v.p. 

IV. Edmund, gentleman pensioner in 
ordinary to Charles I. 

V. Francis, was, in his youth, cup-bearer 
to the Queen of Bohemia, sister to 
Chaeles I, and accompanying her to 
her husband's court, was present at 
most of the great battles of that period 
on the continent. In 1631, having the 
king's commission for that purpose, he 
raised 1,500 men for the service of 
Gustavus Adolphus, and in 1632, when, 
vipou the retirement of the Marquis of 
Hamilton from the command of Gus- 
tavus's English and Scottish forces, his 
successor, the Duke of Saxe-Weimar, 
had reformed the 6,000 British into 
two regiments, Lieutenant-Colonel 
Francis Tyrwhitt was, by Gustavus's 
desire, appointed to the command of 
the first. In November of the same 
year, a few days before the battle of 
Lutzen, he was taken prisoner by the 
Imperialists, whilst on a reconnoitring 
party with Gustavus, and was thus 
debarred from sharing the honours of 
that fatal day. He escaped after the 
action. In 1642, he joined King 
Charles, at York, with 155 men, and 
in the same year was appointed to a 
principal command in the wars in Ire- 
land, where he d., 1643, and was buried 
in Christ Church, Cork. 

Ti. Thomas, "divine and chaplain" to 

King Charles I. 
I. Elizabeth, m. Sir Ferdinando Lee. 

The eldest son and successor, 

Maumaduke Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Camer- 
ingham, b. 15S8, m. Mary Haggerston, and, 
dying in 1631, was s. by his eldest son, 

Cecil Tyewhitt, Esq. of Cameringham, 
who m. Anne Townshend, and was *. at his 
demise, in 1694, by his son, 

Robeet Tyrwhitt, Esq. of Cameringham. 
This gentleman in. Ellen, daughter of Thomas 
Lyster, Esq. of Coleby, and had issue, 

I. Thomas, who s. his father at Camer- 
ingham. This gentleman, who em- 
braced the Catholic religion, d. unui. 



at Paris, in 1755, having alienated Lis 
paternal estates. 

II. KoBEKT, of whom presently. 

III. Marmaduke, d. in 1699. 

I. Frances. 

II. Elizabeth. 

III. Mary. 
IT. Anne. 

The second son, 

The Kev. Kobeet Tyewhitt, D.D., canon 
of Windsor, rector of St. James's, West- 
minster, and of Kensington, co. Middlesex, 
canon residentiary of St. Paul's, and arch- 
deacon of London, m. Elizabeth, daughter of 
the Eight Eev. Edmund Gibson, D.D., Lord 
Bishop of London, by Margaret, his wife, 
daughter and co-heir of the Kev. John Jones, 
D.D., rector of Selatyn, co. Salop ; d. 1742, 
and was buried in the Chapel Eoyal, Windsor, 
having had (with two daughters, who d. 
young) five sons, viz., 

I. Thomas, M.A., F.E.S., E.S.A., in- 
herited the wreck of his uncle Thomas's 
fortune. He was a distinguished 
member of the literary, as well as 
polite, world. The most eminent 
scholars of this country and of the 
continent imited in bearing a willing 
testimony to the vast extent of his 
literary attainments. His best works 
are his iiotes on Shakespeare, his 
Chancer, and his Aristotle's Poetics. 
These last were published after his 
death (from the manuscript found 
among his papers) by the University 
of Oxford. The first edition, consist- 
ing of a limited number in folio, was, 
with a few exceptions, presented to 
Clowned heads. He was deputy secre- 
tary of war, and clerk of the House of 
Commons, d. unm. August, 1786, and 
was buried in the Chapel Eoyal, Wind- 

II. Edmund, in holy orders, rector of 
Bishop's Wickham, vicar of Bromfield, 
in Essex, and prebendary of Chiswick, 
in St. Paul's ; m. Margaret, daughter of 
Thomas Gilbert, Esq. (brother of the 
Most Eev. John Gilbert, Archbishop 
of York), and d. 6th January, 1785, 
leaving issue, 

1. Thomas (Sir), Knt., sometime 
Lord Warden of the Stannaries, 
and vice-admiral of the counties 
of Devon and Cornwall, and 
private secretary to Eing 
Geoege IV when Prince of 
Wales. He represented Plj'moutli 
in several successive Parliaments, 
and was constituted in 1812 gen- 
tleman usher of the black rod, an 
appointment he retained until the 
summer of 1832. Sir Thomas, 
who had several foreign orders 
of knighthood, d. unm. 24th Feb- 
ruary, 1833. 

2. Edmund, formerly in the Life 
Guards, d. unm. 1826. 

III. Kobert, in holy orders, M.A., a con- 

siderable benefactor to Jesus College, 
Cambridge, of which he was sometime 
fellow. He founded four Hebrew 
scholarships there, and d. unm. 25th 
March, 1817, aged 82. 

IV. William, a military officer, was killed 
at the siege of Louisburgh, unm. 

V. John, of whom presently. 

The fifth and youngest son, 

John Ttewhitt, Esq., captain E.N., some- 
time of Wallingford, and afterwards of 
Netherclay House, co. Somerset, m. 23rd 
October, 1764, Katherine, only child and 
heiress (by Katherine, his wife, daughter of 
Edwiird Jones,* U.D., canon of Windsor, 
fourth son of Chief Justice Sir Thomas Jones) 
of Very Eev. Penyston Booth, D.D., Dean of 
Windsor and Wolverhampton, grandson of 
Francis Clinton, sixth Earl of Lincoln, andrf. 
in June, 1812, having had issue, 

I. Thomas Tyrwhitt, Esq., afterwards 
Sir Thomas Jones, Bart., b. 1765, 
sometime M.P. for Denbigh and 
Shrewsbury, inherited, in 1790, the 
estates of his maternal cousin. Sir 
Thomas Jones, Knt., of Stanley Hall, 
heir of Sir Thomas Jones, chief justice 
of the Court of Common Pleas, temp. 
James II, and assumed by sign- 
manual the surname and arms of 
Jones only, under his relation's will. 
He was created a baronet 3rd October, 
1808; m. in 1791, Harriet Eebecca, 
daughter of Edward Williams, Esq. 
of Eaton, CO. Salop, who d. in 1824. 
Sir Thomas d. 24th November, 1811, 
leaving issue, 

1. Thomas John (Sir), b. 12th July, 
1793 ; sheriff of Shropshire, 1816 ; 
sometime M.P. for Bridgnorth ; 
m. in April, 1821, Ehza Walwyn, 
youngest daughter of John Mac- 
namara, Esq. of St. Kitts, and d. 
5th October, 1839, leaving by her 
(who d. 24th June, 1865), 

I. Henry Thomas (Sir), of 
Stanley Hall, co. Salop, b. 
16th April, 1824, late lieu- 
tenant in the Eifle Brigade ; 
s. his father 5th October, 
1839; m. 3rd November, 1853, 
Emma Harriet, Baroness 
Berners in her own right, 
only daughter of Hon. and 
Eev. Eobert Wilson, and 
niece and heiress of Henry 
William, Lord Berners (see 
Burke's Peerage), and has 

1. Harry Tyrwhitt Wilson, 
equerry to H.E.H. the 
Prince of Wales, late 
lieutenant Grenadier 
Guards, now lieutenant 

* The wife of Edward Jones, D.D., was 
Mary Huxley, heiress of Stanley, co. Salop. 

t The issue of Baroness Berners are cn- 
entitled to be stvled " Honourable." 



Prince of Wales's Own 
Norfolk Militia Artil- 
lery, high sherifl co. 
Leicester, 1884 (assumed 
by royal licence, 23rd 
February, 1876, the sur- 
name and arms of Wil- 
son only), b. 7th August, 

2. Raymond Robert, B.A. 
Cambridge, b. 22nd July, 

3. Hugh, lieutenant E.N., 
b. 14th July, 1856; m 
10th August, 1882, Julia 
Mary, daughter of Wil- 
liam Orme Foster, Esq. 
of Apley Park, co. Salop, 
and has, Gerald Hugh, 
b. 18th September, 1883. 

4. Clement, b. 21st Octo- 
ber, 1857. 

5. Rupert, lieutenant R. A., 
b. 25th May, 1859. 

6. Philip Bourchier, late 
lieutenant R.N., b. 28th 
November, 1861. 

7. Leonard Francis (Rev.), 
B.A., b. 29th October, 

8. Thomas Knvvet, b. 28th 
December, 1864, d. 8th 
October, 1886 

9. Jolin, b. 14th September, 

1. Ardyn Mary. 

2. Sibyl Grace. 

3. Hester Efa. 

II. Edmund, major-general, late 
Bengal Stall' Corps, formerly 
deputy inspector-general of 
police, Meerut, Bengal, h. 
18£5 ; m. 10th February, 
1851, Mary Jane, daughter 
of Richard Ford. Esq., and 
has issue, Louisa Harriett, m. 
25th May, 1880, Mons. Louis 
Alphonse Duperrel; Lucy 
Marian ; Minnie, m. 12th 
June, 1878, Captain Fraricis 
W. Bromfield, 2nd battalion 
Cheshire Regiment, instruc- 
tor at R.M.C., Sandhurst. 

III. George Booth, b. 1830, d. on 
board the " Nizam " s.s., off 
Aden, 28th April, 1875, ««*»«. 

I. Leila, tn. in 1848, to Captain 
Hylton JoUiffe (who d. 1854), 
eldest son of William, first 
Lord Hylton. 

II. Harriet Anne, m. 4th 
August, 1846, to John G. 
Sheppard, Esq. of High 
House, Campsey Ash, Suf- 
folk, who d. 1882. 

III. Charlotte Frances, m. 6th 
August, 1850, to Albert 
Ricardo, Esq. 

2. Charles Tyrwhitt, b. 24th March, 
1801; m. first, 28tli November, 

1817, Emily, daughter of Admiral 
ToUemache, and sister of Lord 
ToUemache, which lady d. 3rd 
December, 1821 ; secondly, Cathe- 
rine Alicia De Burgh, sister of 
Hubert De Burgh, Esq. of West 
Drayton, which lady d. May, 1837 ; 
and thirdly, 19th March, 1838, 
Jane Maria, daughter of John 
Clerk, Esq. He d. July, 1876, 
leaving, by his first wife, a daugh- 
ter, Emily Elizabeth, m. 9th June, 
1840, to Gerard Ralph Leycester, 
Esq. of Toft, CO. Chester, who d. 
1851, leavina; issue. 
3. Edmund, b. in 1802, d. unm. in 

1. Harriet Emma, m. 1818, John 
Mytton, Esq. of Halston, co. 
Salop, and d. in 1820. 

2. Charlotte, to. 1819, James Brad- 
shaw, Esq., and d. 1820. 

II. John, of Worcester, and afterwards 
of Gibraltar, sometime marshal to the 
Admiralty there, in Sophia, daughter 
of the Hon. Champion John Dymoke, 
and had issue, 

1. John, R.N., d. tiiim. at Bornou, 
in Africa, 1824. 

2. James Bradshaw (Rev.), rector 
of Wilksby, co. Lincoln, m. 25th 
January, 1827, Anne, only daugh- 
ter of James Barrett, Esq. of 
Bushey, in Herts, and has had 
issue, Reginald Henry Dymoke, 
d. ■iiiuH. 1851; Montagu Dymoke; 
Cecil, m. 1855, William Ffaring- 
ton, Esq. ; Sophia, m. 1862, lo K. 
D. Drewitt, Esq.; Margaret; and 

1. Martha Sophia, m. first, Capta n 
William Walker, of Fermoy, Ire- 
land, by whom she had, John 
Tyrwhitt Walker (Rev.) ; William 
Tyrwhitt Walker, Inniskilling 
Dragoons. She m. secondly, 24th 
July, 1847, Colonel Guy Prender- 
gast Clarke (see Clabke-Travehs, 
Bart., in Burke's Peerage), who 
d. 24th November, 1866. 

III. RlCHAED, of whom presently. 

I. Elizabeth, d. vnm. 1812. 

II. Catherine, d. 1843. 

III. Margaret, d. 1841. 
IT. Frances, d. 1843. 

The third son, 

RiCHAED Ttrvfhitt, Esq. of Nantyr, co. 
Denbigh, barrister-at-law of the Inner Temple, 
London, and recorder of Chester from 1822 
to 1836, D.L. for the shire of Denbigh ; b. at 
Chard, co. Somerset, 25th August, 1772; 
educated at Winchester, and called to the 
Bar in 1798 ; m. 4th August, 1797, at Great 
Hallingbury, Essex, Elizabeth, only daughter 
of the Rev. Joniithan Lipyeatt, M.A., rector 
of Great Hallingbury. and vicar of Bovinger, 
Essex (she was b. 20th March, 1777, d. 18th 
August, 1846, aged 70 years, and was buried 
20th August following in the Protestant 
division of the cemeterv, outside the Porte 



Louvain, Brussels) ; and d. 30tli January, 
1836, in the 64th year of his age, and was 
buried 9th February following, in Llantsaint- 
flraid Chureh, liaving liad issue, 

I. Kobert Philip, barrister-at-law, one of 
tiie metropolitan police magistrates, b. 
15th July, 1798, in the parish of St. 
Pancras, co. Middlesex ; called to the 
Bar 11th February, 1825; m. at tit. 
James's, Westminster, co. Middlesex, 
30th September, 1824, Catherine Wig- 
ley, eldest daughter of Henry St. John, 
Esq. of Crouch Hill, co. Middlesex, 
youngest son of the Hon. and Very 
Rev. St. Andrew St. John, sometime 
dean of Worcester (see St. John, in 
Burke's Peerage). He d. at Oxford, 
England, 18th June, 1886, leaving issue, 

1. Richard St. John (Rev.), M.A. 
of the University of Oxford, of 
Eetelby, The Parks, Oxford, 
vicar of St. Mary Magdalen, 
Oxford, 1858; b. 19th March, 
1827 ; m. first, at Trinity Church, 
Marylebone, co. Middlesex, 28th 
June, 1858, Eliza Ann, second 
daughter of John Spencer Stan- 
hojje, Esq. of Cannon Hall, 
Barnsley, co. York, by Lady 
Elizabeth, his wife, and by her 
(who d. 8th September, 1859, and 
was buried in the Holy Cross 
Cemetery, Oxford) has a son, 

I. Walter Spencer Stanhope, 
lieutenant 1st Warwick 
Militia (resigned), b. 6th, 
and baptised 13th, September, 

He m. 2ndly, at Long Preston, 
CO. York, 2nd Januax-y, 1861, 
Caroline, younger daughter of 
John Yorke, Esq. of Bewerley 
Hall, Pateley Bridge, co. York 
(see Burke's Landed Geiitiy), 
and by her (who d. 6tli December, 
1883, aged 53 years) has issue, 

II. Cecil Robert (Rev.), M.A., 
b. 25th December, 1862. 

III. Hugh St. John, b. 21st 
May, 1865. 

IV. Beaucliamp Edward, twin 
with his sister Frances Mary, 
b. 15tli August, 1867. 

V. Reginald Yorke, b. 10th 
June, 1870. 

I. Alice Catherine, b. 13th Feb- 
ruary, 1864. 

II. Frances Mary, twin witli 
her brother Beauchamp Ed- 
ward, b. 15th August, 1867. 

2. Beauchamp St. John (Rev.), 
M.A. of Clare College, Cam- 
bridge, formerly vicar of Up- 
church, Sittiugbourne, co. Kent, 
and now vicar of Wispington, 
Horncastle, Lincolnshire, b. at 
Arundel Cottage, Crouch Hill, co. 
Middlesex, 3Ist May, 1830; bap- 
tised at Hornsey Church, co. 

3. Robert Fox, *. 20th Mav, 1834; 
d. 14th July, 1888. 

II. Thomas (Rev.), M.A., vicar of 
Winterbourne Whitchurch, rector of 
Turnworth, both co. Dorset, and a pre- 
bendary of New Sarum, b. 11th Janu- 
ary, 1802 ; m. 20th June, 1837, Mar- 
garetta Anne, 2nd daughter of the 
Rev. Nathaniel Bridges, vicar of 
Henstridge, co. Somerset, and d. 11th 
August, 1849, at The Hague, buried 
in the Protestant cemetery there 14th 
August, 1849, leaving issue (besides 
two other children), 

1. Thomas Enright Percy, lieu- 
tenant 36th Regiment ; d. in the 
Punjaub, 20th August, 1868. 

2. Philip Nathaniel, commander 
R.xV., b. 31st July, 1843, 7n. 2 ;th 
April, 1870, Catherine, daughter 
of Frederick St. John, Esq., and 
has issue. 

3. Henry Mervyn (Rev.), M.A. of 
the University of Oxford, for- 
merly vicar of Nazing, Essex, and 
now vicar of St. Michael and All 
Angels', South Bromley, London ; 
b. 14th May, 1845 ; m. 9th April, 
1872, Jaqueline Frances, daugh- 
ter of Yen. William B. Otter, 
archdeacon of Lewes, and grand- 
son of the Right Rev. Dr. Otter, 
Bisliop of Chichester, and has 

4. Cecil Booth (Rev.), M.A., vicar 
of Cauldon and Waterfall, Ash- 
bourne, CO. Derby, sometime 
chaplain and fellow of St. Chad's 
College, Denstone, co. Stafford, 
b. 26th May, 1849. 

1. Alicia Margaretta, »«. 9th No- 
vember, 18'; 0, Edward Frances 
Knottesford-Fortescue, Esq. of 
Alveston Manor House, co. War- 

III. Richard Edmund (Rev.), M.A. of 
Brasenose College, Oxford; of 
Breckles, Reading, Berks, look orders 
at Salisbury, 24th December, 1837 ; on 
the retired India lisl ; b. 25tli Feb- 
ruary, 1807 ; m. 17th March, 1859, 
Elizabeth Hester, daughter of Andrew 
Peterson, Esq. of Mesnil and Jemelle, 
in Belgian Luxemburg. 

IV. Henry, barrister-at-law, b. 31st 
August^ 1808 ; called to the Bar, 21st 
November, 183 !•; d. tiiim. at Toronto, 
Canada, 30tli May, 183S, and was 
buried 1st June following, in St. 
James's churchyard, Toronto. 

T. Percy, b. 6th'' October, 1810; d. at 
New Orleans. 

Ti. William, of whom presently. 

VII. Septimus, b. 21st August, 1815 ; 
went to Canada in 1833, and was 
captain of the Loyalist Militia in 1838. 
He is now residing at Greensborough, 
North Carolina, U.S. ; b. 21st August, 
1815 ; m. 3 Ith April, 1842, Maria 
Louise, d;-.ughter of Captain Wilder, 



of the 3i'd Light Dragoons ; s.p. 
December, 1871. To mark the origin 
of his family, he gave the name of 
Kettleby to a place -which is so aarked 
in the maps of Canada. 

I. Harriet Anne, b. 15th September, 1800. 

II. Eliza, b. 16th January, 1804. 

III. Emily, b. 27th July, 1805 ; d. at 
Bath, CO. Somerset, England, 19th 
May, 1871. 

IT. Louisa Stanley, b. 30th Janxiary, 
1814 ; m. 11th October, 1850, Signor 
Enrico Cicopieri St. Clair, who d. in 
London, 8th October, 1867, and was 
buried in Woking cemetery. 

The 6th son, 

William Ttewhitt, Esq. of Nantyr, co. 
Denbigh, recorder of Chester, was b. at 
Stanley, Bridgnorth, oo. Salop, 10th July, 
1812 ; went to Canada in 1830 ; m. at 
Lloyd Town, Toronto district, 22nd May, 
1840, Elizabeth, daughter of Captain John 
Armstrong, and by her (who was b. at 
Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland, and d, 
at Ottawa, Ontario, 1886) had issue, 

I. KlCHAED, of whom we treat. 

II. John, b. 22nd January, 184.i, 
was at Dunediu, New Zealand, in 

III. William Henry, b. July, 1846 ; 
d. September, 1847. 

I. Margaret Elizabeth, b. 26th 
March, 1841 ; m. at West Gwil- 
limbury, Canada, Thomas Gra- 
hame. Esq , M.P. in the Canadian 
Parliament till March, 1871, and 
has issue, 1. Percy, b. 31st July, 
1865; 1. Susanna Maria; 2. 
Ellen ; and 3. Harriet Hannah, 
all b. at Hawthorn Bank, Tor- 

He d. at Tecumseth, Ontario, 6th February, 

Arms — Gu. three tirwhits or lapwings, or. 
Crest — A savage ppr. wreathed and cinctured 
vert, holding in both hands a club. Mottoes 
— Me stante virebunt ; and Tyme tryetli 

Besidence — Nantyr, West Gwillimbury, 

1 1 ilk, and Lasswade, and of Lyndhurst, Esplanade, St. Kilda, Mel- 
bourne, Victoria, Australia, Bart., J. P. for Victoria, h. 1842 ; educated at 
Melbourne College, s. his father as tenth baronet, 1879, was a commissioner 
for the Centennial International Exhibition, held in Melbourne 1888. He 
m. 14th July, 1881, Annie, eldest daughter of the late John Rutherford, 
Esq. of Bruntsfield-place, Edinburgh, formerly of Illillawa, Australia, and 
has issue, 

J. AETHaR John Eeepekick WiLiiUM, h. 8th June, 1882. 

II. Harald Stanley, h. 22nd October, 1883, 

III. Lionel Rutherford, h, 1887. 


I. John Nicolson, of Nicolson and Lass- 
wade, Midlothian, was created a baronet of 
Nova Scotia, 2nd July, 1629, with remainder 
to his heirs male in general, and was s. by 
his grandson. 

II. SiK John, who was s. by his eldest son, 

III. SiE John, at whose decease s.p. the 
title devolved upon his brother, 

IT. SiB William, who was s. by his eldest 

T. Sir Thomas, who was ,?. by his brother, 

Tl. Sib James. This gentleman dying s.p. 
the title devolved on 

Tii. Abthue Nicolson, of Lochend, 
Shetland (direct descendant of Bishop Nicol- 
son, of Dunkeld, son of the first baronet), 
who m. Mary, daughter of Alexander Inncp, 
commissary-clerk of Aberdeen, and left a 

Tin. Sib Abthue Nicolson, who was 
served heir male in 1826. He m. in 1821, 
Eliza Jane, eldest daughter of William Jack, 
D.D., principal of the University and King's 
College, Aberdeen, but dying s.p. in 1863, 
was s. by his cousin, 

IX. SiK Aethtjb Bolt Nicolson (who 
was served heir male in 1866), son of Captain 
James Nicolson, R.N., by Catherine Ann, 
sister of Major Alexander Maxwell Bennett ; 
b. in Lerwick, Shetland, 1811; m. 1829, 
Margaret, daughter of Eev. George Bisset, of 
Udny, Aberdeenshire, by whom (who d. 
1869) he had issue, 

I. Abthue Thomas Bennett Kobeet, 
present baronet. 

I. Mary Isabella. 

II. Anne Jane Oceana. 

III. Katheriue McArthur. 



Sir Arthur, captain in tbe 4th (or King'3 
Own), sailed for South Australia, where lie 
arrived in 1838, went to Victoria 1853, and 
was appointed commissioner of goldfields. 
He d. June, 1879. 

Creadoit— 2nd July, 1629. 

Arms — Or three falcons' heads erased gu. 

Crest — A demi lion or armed and langued 
gu. Supporters — Two eagles or armed gu. 
Motto — Uenerositate. 

Seats — Grimister House, Lerwick, and 
Brough Lodge, Fetlae, Shetland, Scotland. 
Residence — Lyndluirst, Esplanade, St. Kilda, 
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Campfttll ot iiilhrj^Ut. 

CAMPBELL, JOHN LOGAN, Esq., M.I)., F.R.C.S. Edinburgh, of Kil- 
bryde, Auckland, New Zealand, superintendent of Auckland, New 
Zealand, and cabinet minister without portfolio, 1856, b. at Edinburgh, 3rd 
November, 1817; m. at Meerut, N.W.P., India, 1858, Emma, daughter of Sir 
John Cracroft Wilson, C.B., K.C.S.I., Indian Civil Service, and has had 

I. John Logan, b. at Florence, Italy, 26th May, 1864 ; d. in infancy. 

I. Ida, b. at Naples, 22nd December, 1859 ; d. in London, 1880. 

II. Winifred, b. at Florence, 26th May, 1864; m. 10th December, 1889, 

Herbert Cyril Orde Murray, heutenant 1st Gloucestershire Regi- 
ment, only son of Colonel A. Stavcley Murray, chief paymaster in 


This family is lineally descended from that 
of Campbell, of Aberuehill, Baronets of 
Nova Scotia. The immediate ancestor of 
the family is SiE John Campbell, of Lawers, 
CO. Perth (great grandson of John Campbell, 
of Lawers, youngest son of SiE Colin Camp- 
bell, first of Glenorchy, 3rd son of Duncan, 
1st LoED Campbell, the ancestor of the 
families of Aegyle and Beeadalbane, see 
those titles in Burke's Feerar/e), who m. his 
cousin Beatrix, daughter of Sir Colin Camp- 
bell, of Glenorchy, and had three sons, 

I. Sir James Campbell, of Lawers, m. 
Jean, daughter of James, 1st Lobd 
Colville oe Culhoss (see Burke's 
Peerage). Their son, John, m. 1629, 
Margaret, Baeoness Loudoun, and 
was elevated to the peerage, 12th May, 
1633, by the titles of Baeon Faerin- 
TEANE AND Mauchline, and Eael of 
Loudoun, to him and his male heirs 
for ever ; but his lordship joining the 
opposition to the Court, the patent 
was, by a special order, stopped at the 
Chancery, and the title superseded 
until 1641, when it was allowed with 
the original precedency. In this year 
he was appointed high chancellor of 
Scotland, and first commissioner of the 
Treasury ; and after the decapitation 
of the king, when the Parliament re- 
assembled in 1648, Lord Loudoun was 
chosen president of the Session, which 
ordered the Proclamation of Charles 
II. Upon his majesty's subsequent 
defeat at Worcester, the earl was not 
only deprived of his office, but forced 

to conceal himself in the Highlands, 
while an act of attainder and forfeiture 
passed against him. His lordship and 
his son. Lord Mauchline, had the 
honour, afterwards, of being specially 
excepted frojn the indemnity granted 
by the usurper to the people of Scot- 
land. He d. 15th March, 1662, and 
was s. \>y his only son James, 2nd Earl 
of Loudoun (see that title in Burke's 
Peerage), who is represented as lieu- 
general by the Earl of Loudoun and as 
heir male by Sir James Campbell, of 
Aberuehill, 13ait. 

II. Colin Campbell, of Aberuehill. 

III. Archibald Campbell, prior of Stratli- 

In 1594 Sir John acquired Aberuehill, and 
other lands, from the family of Moray, of 
Abereairny, and the following year resigned 
them in favour of his second son, 

Colin Campbell, of Aberuehill, who had 
a crown charter of confirmation in that estate, 
12th July, 1596, and acquired Craigineh, 
Leonards, and other lands. In 1612, Archi- 
bald, Earl of Argyll, justice general of Scot- 
land, granted a commission to " my lovit 
Colin Campbell, of Aberuehill," to apprehend 
or pursue to the death all persons of " that 
most unhappie and barbarous raice of the 
name of M'Gregor," his majesty's rebels. 
An Act of Parliament, 1617, against the elan 
Gregor, mentions depredations committed by 
tliem on the estate of Aberuehill. Colin 
Campbell had issue by his wife, Jean, daughter 
of Harie Drummond, of Eicearfon, 
I. James (Sinj. 



II. John, of Foordie, a member of the 
Committee of War, 1647, d. in or 
before 1683, leaving issue, Mary, m. 
Henry Stewart, advocate, 4th son of 
Sir William Stewart, of Grandtully ; 
from this marriage descends Sir 
Archibald Douglas Stewart, Bart., of 
Grandtidly, co. Perth (see Burke's 
Peerage and Baronetage). 
He was s. in 1618 by his eldest son, 

Sir James Campbell, of Aberuchill, a firm 
adherent of the royal cause, vpho was created 
a baronet of Nova Scotia by Eoyal Patent 
dated 13th December, 1627 (see Douglas's 
Baronage of Scotland). He m. Ann, daughter 
of Patrick Hepburn, of WooUing, and Janet 
Napier, his wife, and dying in November, 
1640, was s. by his son, 

SiB Colin Campbell, 2nd baronet of 
Aberuchill, then a minor, who became a 
lawyer and politician of note, and held the 
various high appointments of sheriff depute 
of Argyllshire 1668 ; senator of the College 
of Justice under the title of Lord Aberuchill 
1689 ; lord of justiciary and privy councillor 
1690 ; and was also of the Privy Council to 
Queen Anne 1703. He represented the co. 
of Perth in Parliament from 1690 to 1702. In 
1669 Sir Colin Campbell acquired the barony 
of Kilbryde, with its fine old castle near Dun- 
blane, Perthshire, the seat of the Earls of 
Menteith, still the property of his represen- 
tative. A crown charter a few months later 
erected all his lands into one free barony, hold- 
ing direct of tlie king, to be called Aberuchill, 
and made Innerucliill into a burgh of barony. 
Lord Aberuchill suffered losses amounting to 
17,201Z. at the hands of the Scots from the 
Highland Army, under Lord Dundee, and 
had an Act of Parliament granting him com- 
pensation, which he appears never to have 
received. He m. 1st, Margaret, daughter of 
Alexander Foulis, Esq. of Katbo, and had 
one son, 

Archibald, who d. tinm. r.p. 
He m. 2ndly, Catherine, daughter of Sir John 
Mackenzie, of Tarbat, Bart., and sister of 
(leorge, 1st Earl of Cromarty (see Burke's 
Peerage), by whom he had, 

II. James (Sir), his successor. 

III. Colin, commissioner of customs, 
lather of Colin Campbell and Jean, 
wife of Alexander, Lord Lindores. 

I. Anna, m. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, of 

Cromarty, Bart, (see under Earl of 

Cromaetie, in Burke's Peerage), and 

had issue. 

Sir Colin d. at Edinburgli, 16th February, 

1704, and was s. by his eldest son. 

Sir James Campbell, 3rd baronet, who 
m. 1st, Jean, daughter and heir of Sir John 
Dempster, of Pitliver, oo. Fife, and had, 

I. Colin, of Pitliver, which estate he 
sold. He was an advocate, and m. in 
1722, Catherine, daughter of William 
Nisbet, of Dirleton, in East Lothian 
(whose youngest daughter, Williel- 
mina, m. David, 6th Earl of Leven and 
5th Earl of Melville, see Burke's 

Peerage) ; he d. before his father, 
about 1738, leaving 
1. James, 4th baronet. 

1. Catherine. 

2. Colina, m. Thomas Hogg, Esq., 
banker, Edinburgh, son of William 
Hogg, Esq., and Grizell Nimmo, 
and had issue, two daughters. 

I. Catherine, m. 1721, George Drum- 
mond, Esq., six times elected ac- 
countant-general of Excise, and Lord 
Provost of Edinburgh, and had issue. 
Sir James m. 2ndly, his cousin. Lady Jane 
Campbell, daughter of James, 2nd Earl of 
Loudoun, by whom he had no issue. He d. 
before June, 1754, and was s. by his grandson, 
Sir James Campbell, 4th baronet, b. 1723, 
who m. 1st, in 1754, Margaret, daughter and 
heiress of Captain William Conductor Ball, 
of Hatton Garden, London, land commissioner 
for Scotland, and had, with three other sons, 
who d. young, 

I. Colin, captain 19th Regiment of Foot, 
brevet-major and lieutenant-colonel of 
the Perth Militia, who d. unm. 1811. 

II. Alexander (Sir), 5th baronet, h. 16th 
August, 1757 ; m. in 1816, Miss Mar- 
garet Coldstream, of Crieff; and d. in 
1824, leaving, amongst other issue, 
James, present baronet (see Burke's 
Peerage and Baronetage). 

I. Jane, m. 1775, to William Pearson, 
Esq. of Kippenross, co. Perth, and had 

Sir James m. 2ndly, Mary Ann, daughter of 
Joseph Burn, Esq., and had by her, 

III. Thomas, b. 1769 ; d. tinm. 1799. 

IV. "William, writer to the signet, who 
m. 1st, Eliza, daughter of William 
Hunter, Esq. of Glenormiston, co. 
Peebles ; and 2ndly, Jane, daughter 
of Cleghorn, of Strathvithie, co. Fife, 
and had issue. 

V. Frederick, m. Miss Caroline Mouat, 
and had issue. 

Ti. John, M.D., F.R.C.S. Edinburgh, of 
whom presently. 

II. Marianne, m. 1st, to Sir William 
Cunningham Fairlie, of Eobertland 
and Fairlie, Bart. (see Burke's 
Peerage and Baronetage) ; 2ndly, 
James Hathorn, Esq., and d. s.p. 

III. Catherine, m. to Alexander Wight, 
W.S., and d. s.p. 

IV. Margaret, m. to Lawrence Dinwiddie, 
of Germiston, co. Lanark, and had 

V. Helen, m. 1st, to John Barcla}', 
M.D.; 2ndly, to Charles Oliphant, 
W.S., and d. s.p. 

Sir James Campbell in early life served in 
the Scots Greys, and was present at the battle 
of Fontenoy ; he sold the estate of Aberu- 
chill in 1772, and in 1800 executed an entail 
of the barony and estate of Kilbryde. On 
his death, March, 1812, these and the title 
passed to his eldest surviving sou ; his 4tli 
son by his 2nd wife, 


John Campbell, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S. 
Edinburgh, 1784, who m. 1807, Catherine, 
3rd daughter of John Logan, Esq. of Knock- 
shinnoch, co. Ayr, had, besides four daugh- 
ter."!, three sons, viz., 

J. James, b. at Kilbryde Castle, Perth, 
1809 ; d. in Edinburgh, 1819. 

II. John Logan, b. 1812 ; d. 1817. 

III. John Logan, of Kilbryde, Auck- 
land, New Zealand. ! land 

^rw*-— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gyronny 

of eight, or and sa. ; 2nd, arg., a lymphad, 
her oars in action, sa. ; 3rd, or, a fe«s 
checqur, az. and arg., all within a bordure 
erni. Crest — A lion guard, gu., crowned 
with laurel, and holding in his dexter paw a 
sword, ppr., hilted and pommelled, or, and in 
the sinister a daj or highland pistol ppr. 
Motto — Sequiter victoria (orteis. 

Sesidence — Kilbryde, Auckland, New Zea- 

Camtron xif dfjortrnn antr iLoioestxift. 

CAMERON, HON. DONALD, of Fordon, Ljmington ; and of Lowestoft, 
near Hobart, Tasmania, J. P., h. Isfc August, 1814, member of the 
Legislative Council, and sometime chairman of Quarter Sessions; m. 
8th June, 1847, Mary J., second daughter of J. Morrison, Esq. of Stirling, by 
Jane Maidment, his wife, a descendant of John Maidment, of Olden Barne- 
veldt, Holland, advocate, and has issue, 

I. Donald Norman, h. 3rd November, 1851 ; m. Annie, eldest daughter of 

the Hon. J. R. Scott, of Hobart, Tasmania, member of the Legisla- 
lative Council, and has issue, three sons. 

II. Cyril St. Clair, captain 9th (the Queen's Royal) Lancers, h. 5th De- 

cember, 1857 ; appointed 2nd lieutenant, 22nd March, 1879, and 

lieutenant, 1st July, 1881 ; served in the Afghan War in 1879 80, 

accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar, and 
was present at the battle of Candahar (medal with clasp and bronze 
decoration). He m. 28th August, 1887, Margaret H., 2nd dauo-hter 
of General William Templer Hughes, C.B., of Dunley, Bovey Tracey 
CO. Devon, England, son of the Rev. Henry Allwi-ight Huo-hes, M.A., 
rector of Honiton, co. Devon, by Sophia Elizabeth, his -wife, eldest 
daughter of the Rev. Edward Honyvvood, LL.D., rector of Honiton 
and has issue, a sou, 

Donald, h. 1st May, 1888. 

III. Eustace Noel, h. 8th April, J 865 ; unm. 

I. Adeline Constance, h. 9th April, 1854; to. 6th October, 1875, Captain 
Arthur Joseph Stourton, late of the 78th Highlanders (who has been 
for many years settled in Australia, and belonged to the Australian 
Soudan Contingent on active service in the Soudan in 1885), eldest 
surviving son of the Hon. William Stourton (by Catherine Alicin 
his wife, daughter of Edmond Scully, Esq. of Bloomfield, co. Tip- 
perary), and grandson of William, 17th Baron Stourton (.■-ce Burke's 
Peerage), and by him (who was h. 21st February, 1841) has had 

1. Frederick, h. 1876 ; d. 1877. 

2. Reginald Joseph Norman, h. 4th October, 1877. 

Mr. Cameron has been in the Commis.sion of the Peace for foity years, and 
has been member for North Esk in the Legislative Council for eighteen years. 




The family of Cameron is of great antiquity 
and historic interest in Scotland. This is a 
branch of the family of Cameron of Lochiel, 
CO. Inverness, Scotland. 

James Cameeok, Esq., b. 15th October, 
1730 (whose father, with two of his sons, 
accompanied the clan Cameron, headed by 
their chief and kinsman, Donald Camex'on, of 
Lochiel, to join Charles Edwaed, " the 
young Pretender," and fell at the battle of 
CuUoden), went to Edinburgh where he 
prospered. He »n. 14th June, 1770, Jane 
Lindsay (who d. 8th December, 1785), and 
d. 10th April, 1790, having had two sons, 

John, a mercliant of Jamaica. 

The 2nd son, 

DoKALD Cameeon, Esq., M.D., of Fordon, 
Lymington, and of Haddon House, Tas- 
mania; studied medicine in Edinburgh, and 
was appointed surgeon mate or assistant 
surgeon in the Eoyal Navy, 1798, joined the 
" La Forte," which was lost in the Red Sea, 
was then transferred to tlie " Lion," 64 guns, 
was on the Red Sea and Indian Station for 
over two years, and returned to England 
acting full surgeon, was then placed on the 
North Sea station, where he remained for 
over four years, retiring in the early part of 

1800. He then entered into private practice 
in the north of Scotland. In 1820 he emi- 
grated from Scotland with his family in the 
" Skelton Castle," to New South Wales, and 
in 1823 settled in Tasmania. Mr. Cameron, 
m. 10th January, 1780, Margaret, youngest 
daughter of Robert Still, Esq. of Edinburgh, 
writer to the signet, a descendant of an old 
Aberdeen county family, and by her (who d. 
14th June, 1859) had, amongst other issue, 

I. Donald, now of Fordon. 

II. Robert, h. 20th September, 1817; 
m. Maria, daughter of Alexander Still, 
Esq. of Sydney, and has issue, one son 
and two daughters. 

I. Elizabeth, b. 10th December, 1801, 
and d. 10th Januai-y, 18G0, having 
had eight children.' 

II. Margaret, b. 10th February, 1819, d. 
13th March, 1858. 

Dr. Cameron d. 7th July, 1857. 

Arms of Cameron of Lochiel — Gu. three 
bars. or. Crests — -Ist, a sheaf of five aiTows 
tied with a band gu. ; 2nd, a dexter hand 
grasping a sword ppr. Mottoes — Unite, and 
Pro rege et patria. 

Residences — (Country) Fordon , Lymington ; 
(town) Lowestoft, near Hobart, Tasmania. 

3Sraj> nf auelaitie. 

BRAT, HON. SIR JOHN COX, K.C.M.G., of Adelaide, South Australia, 
J.P., speaker of the House of Assembly of South Australia, h. 31st May, 
1842; TO. 13th January, 1870, Alice Maud, daughter of John and Sarah 
Hornabrools:, and has issue, 

I. Cecil Thomas, h. 27th September, 1874. 

II. Harry, h. 10th June, 1879. 
I. Blanche Ada. 

Sir J. C. Bray entered the South Australian Parliament in 1872 ; became 
minister of justice and education, 1875 ; attorney-general, June, 1876, to 
October, 1877; premier and chief secretary, 24th June, 1881, to 23rd April, 
1884 ; treasurer and premier, 23rd April to 16th June, 1884 ; chief secretary, 
15th October, 1885; treasurer, 1886 to 1887; and speaker of the House of 
Assembly, 31st May, 1888 ; created K.C.M.G., 1st January, 1890. 


Tom Cox Beat, Esq., the paternal grand- 
father of the Hon. Sir John (Jox Bray, d. in 
1837. By Sarah Pink, his wife (who d. in 
1855), he had a son, 

Tom Cox Beat, Esq., who d. 4th June, 
1881. By Sarah, his wife (whom he m. at 
Portsmouth, Hunts, 1839, and who d. 3rd 
May, 1877), he had issue, 

John Cox (Hon. Sie), now of Adelaide. 
Thomas William (Rev.), m. Rachel Le 

Mesurier, of Bedford, England, and d. 
leaving five sons and one daughter. 

Sarah Ann, m. John S. Kerr, Esq. of 
Greenock, Scotland, and has two sons 
and three daughters. 

Blanche Louisa, in. Alexander Donald- 
son, Esq. of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Sesidence — Hutt-street North, Adelaide, 
South Australia. 



aiisnit of #pn5an. 

ALTSON, WILLIAM, Esq. of Cannonbar station, Njngan, New South 
Wales, Australia, member of the Legislative Assembly, h. 7th April, 
1855; m. 29th June, 1887, Ellen Maud, daughter of James Milson, Esq. of 
Elamang, Sydney, New South Wales. 


The family of Alison from very early times 
resided in the parish of Avondale, Lanark- 
shire. The Gaelic name is McAlister, and 
was changed into Alison when the clan was 
driven from Loupe, Argyllshire, by the fol- 
lowers of King Robert the Beuce. Alex- 
ander McAlister, a descendant of Gromerled, 
the Lord of the Isles, took the side of Baliol, 
and, with his brother John, was attacked by 
King Robert the Bruce in his principal 
stronghold called Castle Sweyn, in Knapdale. 
Compelled to flee he was taken pri-oner on 
liis way to Ayrshire and was confined in 
Dundonald Castle, where he d. in 1300. His 
brother John escaped to the abode of Sir 
Winter de Hamilton, in Hamilton, the an- 
cestor of the dukes of that name, who also at 
first took the side of Baliol. To preserve 
liim and his followers from the wrath of 
Bruce, Sir Winter de Hamilton placed them 
in Avondale. There tliey have continued for 
t;00 years, and a great many of the small 
estates in that neighbourhood are still owned 
by their descendants. Their original estate 
of Loupe was confiscated and given to the 
youngest brother, who remained faithful to 
£ruce, and that branch of the clan retained 
the ancient name of McAlister to the present 
century and are frequently mentioned in 
Scotch history. The Alison family are also 
alluded to several times in the time of the 
Covenanters. One Archibald Alison, of 
Windyedge, a farm belonging to the ancient 
estate of Cairnduff, fought at the battle of 
Drumclog against Claverhouse, afterwards 
Viscount Dundee, and also at the battle of 
Bothwell Bridge ; but at the skirmish at 
Ayrsmoss, he was taken prisoner and suifered 
martyrdom at the Grassmarket of Edinburgh 

in 1679. His dying testimony is recorded in 
the well-known volume called The Cloud of 
Witnesses. The sword of Michael, his 
brother, is still in the hands of the family, a 
sword which he wielded at the battles of 
Drumclog and Bothwell Bridge, and at the 
siege of Londonderry. His estate is still in 
the possession of a cousin of the present 
William Alison, Esq. 

James Aliso:n^, Esq. of Windyedge, co. Ayr, 
m. 6th April, 1813, Jeannie, daughter of 
William Jamieson, Esq. of Middlecroft, co. 
Perth (she d. 4th December, 1874), and d. 
1st February, 1861. His eldest son, 

William'Alison, Esq. of Dunavon, Strath- 
aven, Lanarkshire, Scotland, J. P. and com- 
missioner of supply for co. Lanark, b. 1815 ; 
m. at Sydney, New South Wales, 8th Feb- 
ruary, 1842, Eliza, daughter of the late 
Captain Charles Hope Thompson, of Queens- 
ferry, and d. 31st March, 1885, having had 

I. James, of Bonnyton, Ayrshire, a com- 
missioner of supply for co. Ayr, b. 
1854, unm. 

II. William, of whom we now treat. 

III. Charles, m. Constance, daughter of 
Dr. Cox, of Sydney, New South 

I. Ellen, m. George Russell, Esq., and has 
issue, two sons and one daughter. 

II. Jane Jamieson, unm. 

III. Christina, unm. 

IV. Eliza, m. Walter Hussey Tivian, 
Esq., and has issue six daughters. 

T. Adeline, unm, 

Besidence — Cannonbar station, Nyngan, 
New South Wales, Australia. 

JHatartftm* xif aSEpantrra. 

near Sydney, New South Wales, senior chaplain to the volunteer 
forces of New South Wales, and for seventeen years head-master of The King's 
School, Parramatta (retired in 1886), h. 19tli January, 1825; m. 16th May, 
1849, Mai'garet Anne (h. 4th September, 1827), younger daughter of Charles 
Frederick Priddle, Esq. of Petersham, New South Wales, by Jane Isabella 
Wardell, his wife, a co-heiress of Robert Wardell, Esq., LL.D., of Petersham, 
New South Wales, and has had is^^ue. 



I. George Hannibal Charles, commander R.N., b. 24tli April, 1850 ; m. 
Kate Maria Ewer, of Salisbury, and by her (who was b. 12th August, 
1849) has issue, 

Lionel George, b. 20th April, 1876. 
Alan George, b. 26th May, 1877. 
Violet Kate, b. 15th September, 1878. 
Olive Kate, b. 30th May, 1881. 
Marjorie Kate, b. 27th May, 1883. 

II. Robert Broughton, b. 25tli July, 1851, d. 9th May, 1852. 

III. Arthur Gordon, b. 7th January, 1854, d. 15th January, 1855. 

I. Margaret Isabella, b. 21st August, 1863, m. 5th February, 1889, Walter 

Sigismund Brown, Esq., M.R.C.S. England, second son of Walter 
Brown, Esq., M.D., of Bridlington, Pnrramatta. 

II. Annie Catherine, b. 25th September, 1867. 


The Macartliurs were originally the chiefs 
of the clan Campbell. 

The first appearance of the Campbells is 
in the reign of Alexander II of Scotland. 
The most ancient MS. genealogies attest their 
Gaelic origin. When iirst mentioned we find 
them divided into two great families, after- 
wards distinguislied by the patronymics of 
Macarthur and MaoCailinmore. Till the 
reign of Robert Bruce the Campbells did 
not possess a heritable right to any property 
in Argyllshire. The situation of the Mac- 
arthur branch at this time was very different, 
for we find them in possession of a very ex- 
tensive territory in the earldom of G-armoran, 
the original seat of the clan. It is, there- 
fore, impossible to doubt that Macarthur was 
at tliis time the head of the elan. This posi- 
tion he appears to have maintained until the 
reign of James I of Scotland. In 1487, when 
this monarch summoned his parliament at 
Inverness for the piurpose of entrapping the 
highland chiefs, John Macarthur was one of 
those who fell into the snare and seems to 
have been amongst the few specially devoted 
to destruction. He was beheaded along with 
Alexander the Lord of Garmoran, and his 
whole property forfeited with the exception 
of " Strachur," and some lands in Perthshire, 
which remained to his descendants. His 
position at the head of the clan is sufficiently 
pointed out by the historian. Bower, who 
calls him " Princeps Magnum apud suos, et 
dux Mille Nominum." 

Macarthur of Strachur was chief of the 
clan Campbell previous to 1427, since which 
date the oldest cadet, MacCailinmore of 
Campbell of Loch Arve, now Duke of Argyle, 
has filled that position, not by right of de- 
scent, but by feudal and territorial power. 

John Macarthur, Esq. of Strachur, Loch 
Arve, N.B., was slain at Culloden. He had 
seven sons (all of whom fought at Culloden 
Moor, a.d. 1746) : — i. Charles, who uiort- 
gagen his estate to the MacCailinmore or 
Argyle family. He had issue, two sons, 

1. Charles, in whose time the Strachur mort- 
gage fell due and was foreclosed; and, 2. 
Duncan, who entered the royal navy in 1794 
as an assistant surgeon. He eventually rose 
to the rank of a "pliysician of the fleet," and 
it was he who attended the great Duke of 
Wellington at his death ; ii. a son, who, 
after Culloden, went to Perthshire. His 
grandson was " Macarthur of Little Mill," 
Perthshire; ill. a son, whose grandson was 
" Macarthur of Hinton," a purser in the royal 
navy. He wrote a book of considerable merit 
on Naval Courts Martial ; IT. Alexander, 
of whom presently ; V. a son, also went to 
Perthshire, after Culloden. His grandson 
was a lieutenant R.N. ; Tl. a son, supposed 
to have been killed at Culloden; and Tii. a 
son, supposed to have gone out to the 
American colonies. The fourth son, 

Alexander Macarthur, Esq., fled from 
Scotland after the battle of Culloden, and 
apyie.'irs to have taken refuge in the West 
Indies, whence, after a time, he returned and 
settled at Devonport, Devonshire, England. 
He m. a Scotch lady, and by her had two 

I. James, of whom presently. 

II. John, of Camden Park, Menangle, 
Camden co., and of Elizabeth Farm, 
Paramatta, Cumberland co., both 
New South Wales, Australia ; b. in 
1767, at Plymouth, co. Devon ; and 
entered the army in 1782, and at the 
close of the war in 1783 (his regiment 
having been reduced, and he being put 
on half -pay) entered upon a course of 
study to complete his education. 
After the lapse of some time he pur- 
chased a captain's commission in the 
102nd Regiment, destined for New 
South Wales ; embarked for Sydney 
with his young wife and infant son, 
afterwards General Sir Edward 
Macarthur, and arrived in Sydney in 
June, 1790. As early as 1791 he 
began to turn his attention to agricul- 



ture ; in comiiion ■witli tlie other 
officers of llie regiment, lie was offered 
100 acres of land near Parraniatta, -with 
a promise that -wlioeTer first brought 
his land into cultivation should have 
an additional quantity. Captain Mac- 
arthur was the one to claim this privi- 
lege, and he it was who, in 1795, first 
broke Australian soil with a plough, 
all previous cultivation having been 
carried on in true primitive style, with 
the hoe. On the land thus acquii-ed 
he established a homestead, to which 
he gave the name of " Elizabeth 
Farm." In 1794, he purchased from 
a brother officer sixty Bengal sheep, 
which had been imported into the 
colony, and from that time devoted 
himself to the production of fine wool 
in Australia. In 1796 he obtained 
from the Cape some pure Spanish 
merino sheep, in all five ewes and three 
rams, and with this new and valuable 
blood he commenced to crop his hairy 
sheep ; and whilst others were devot- 
ing themselves to the jiroduction of 
carcasses, he steadily jaersevered in his 
original object — the production of fine 
wool. In 1801 he took the first sam- 
ples of merino wool to England, and 
having submitted them to the inspec- 
tion of a committee of manufacturers, 
they reported that the merino wool 
was equal to any Spanish wool, and 
the crossbred of considerable value. 
Supported by the manufacturers, who, 
in the unsettled state of Euroj^ean 
affairs, were fully alive to the advan- 
tage of obtaining a national source of 
supply for their raw material, and en- 
couraged by Lord Camden, the Secre- 
tary of State, Captain Macarthur 
decided on retiring from the army 
and devoting himself to the production 
of fine wool, on condition that he 
should receive a grant of not less than 
5,000 acres of land in any locality he 
might point out. He obtained some 
sheep from the royal flock of Spanish 
merinos at Kew, and retvirning to the 
colony in 1805, in the sliip "Argo," 
which he had purchased, he succeeded 
in landing five rams and one ewe. The 
land which was granted to him by 
Lord Camden, then known as " The 
Cowpastures," became the foundation 
of the Camden Park Estate, where the 
descendants of her grandfather's flock 
are preserved with great care by the 
present owner. After taking a lead- 
ing part in the deposition of Governor 
Bligh (a most accurate account of 
which is to be found in Eusden's 
History of Australia, vol. i), Captain 
Macarthur was, with several officers of 
the New South Wales corps, sent to 
England under arrest, and after an 
absence of seven years, being honour- 
ably acquitted, he returned to Aus- 
tralia in 1817, provided by the 

Government with suflncient accommo- 
dation for himself and his sons, James 
and William. John Macarthur was 
called the " Father of the Colony." 
In 1825 he was appointed member of 
the first Legislative Council of New 
South Wales. The expectations that 
he liad formed of the wool trade of 
the colony were crowned with com- 
plete success, and the wines from 
the vineyard which he formed at 
Camden have taken the first rank at 
international exhibitions. He m., 1788, 
Elizabeth, daughter of R. Veal, Esq. 
of Judgeworthy, Bridge Eide, Devon- 
shire, England, and d. at Camden 
Park, 10th April, 1834, having had 
issue by her (who d. in February, 

1. Edward (Sir), K.C.B., lieutenant- 
general in the anny, b. at Bath, 
England, 1789 ; entered the army 
1808, and the following year was 
promoted to the rank of lieu- 
tenant, in 1820 to that of captain, 
and in 1826 to that of major. He 
served throughout the Peninsular 
War ; was present at the battles 
of Corunna, Yittoria, the Py- 
renees, Nive, Nivelle, Orthes, and 
Toulouse, and was with the 39th 
Eegiment in Sicily, Canada, 
Spain, and France. After his 
return to England he was, for 
several years, secretary to the 
lord chamberlain ; was appointed 
to the charge of a district in 
Ireland during the troubles of 
1837 ; made lieutenant-colonel 
1841 ; subsequently went to New 
South Wales as deiiuty adjutant- 
general ; made colonel 1854 ; in 
1855, appointed commander-in- 
chief of H.M. forces in Australia ; 
promoted to the rank of lieuten- 
ant-general, 1856 ; and from 1st. 
January to 31st December, 1856, 
was lieutenant-governor of Vic- 
toria. He was created a K.C.B. 
in 1862, and the same year was 
appointed colonel of the 100th 
Foot. He m. in 1862, Sarah, 
third daughter of Lieutenant- 
colonel Neill, and sister of the 
gallant Brigadier-general Neill, 
who fell at Lucknow ; and d. x.p. 
in London 4th January, 1872, 
aged 82 years. 

2. J ohn, of London, barrister-at-la<v, 
b. 1794; educated at King's 
College, Cambridge, was nomi- 
nated to be chief justice of New- 
South Wales, when death over- 
took him, 1831. He was iinm. 

3. James, of Camden Park, New 
South Wales, b. at Parramatta, 
1798 ; educated by a French refu- 
gee (Huon de Kerillan) until 1809, 
when he and his brother William 
accompanied their father to Eng- 




Innd, and were sent to Grove 
Hall Academy, Bow, under the 
tuition of Dr. Lindsar. After 
luwing travelled (in 1815) through 
several continentnl countries, he 
returned to Neiv Soutli Wales in 
1817, in the " Lord Eldod," and 
assisted his father in the manage- 
ment of the Camden Estate, 
again visited England in 1828, 
returning in 1830, and went to 
England for the third time in 
1836, taking petitions to the King 
and Parliament on transportation, 
immigration, and representative 
institutions. He then published 
Neiv South Wales, its Present 
State and Future Prospects. He 
returned to Sydney in 18.39, 
when he became a member of the 
Legislative Council, was rejected 
by the electors of Cumberland, 
1843 ; elected for Camden, 1848, 
and again under the new constitu- 
tion in 1851, continuing to serve 
until 1856 ; in 1859 was returned 
for West Camden, but declined 
re-election ; again left for England 
in 1860, and returned to the 
colony in 1864. In England he 
was a member of the Inter- 
national Statistical Congress, and 
one of the commissioners of the 
Exhibition of 1862. When offered 
the honour of knighthood, in re- 
cognition of his public services, he 
respectfully declined the proffered 
distinction. Mr. James Mac- 
arthur m. 14th June, 1838, Emily, 
second daughter of Henry Stone, 
Esq. of Lombard-street, London, 
banker, and d. 21st April, 1867, 
having had by her (who d. 27th 
November, 1880) an only daugh- 

Elizabeth, now of Camden Park, 
Menangle, New South Wales, 
h. 8th May, 1840, m. 31st 
January, 1867, Arthur Alex- 
ander Walton Onslow, Esq., 
retired captain, E.N., who 
was h. at Trichinopoly, India, 
2nd August, 1833, his father 
being at that time in the 
H.E.I. Co.'s civil service ; 
went to Sydney, 1838, and 
thence to England, 1841 ; 
educated at schools in Surrey 
and Nottinghamshire, and 
entered the navy in May, 
1847, on board H.M.S. 
" Howe," 120 guns. Captain 
Sir James Stirling, first 
governor of Western Austra- 
lia ; was for three years on 
service in the Channel and 
Mediterranean squadrons, 
and during that period took 
the Qvieen Dowager Adelaide 
to Madeira ; was sent to the 

West Coast of Africa in 1850, 
and the following year svas 
present at the attacks on 
Lagos, in the Bight of Biafra, 
— a great stronghold of the 
slave trade — now an English 
colony. He was promoted 
to the rank of lieutenant for 
gallant conduct displayed by 
him in a severe stoi-m on his 
way to England in H.M. 
paddle-steamer " Volcano ; " 
sailed for the Baltic in March, 
1854, and the following year 
was present at the bombard- 
ment of Sweaborg. He was 
next employed on the Austra- 
lian station in H.M.S. 
" Herald," surveying the 
East Australian coast, re- 
turning to England, 1861 ; 
was made commander, 1863, 
and subsequently went to 
Sydney on sick leave ; was 
jslaced on the retired list, 
April, 1871, and promoted 
to the rank of post-captain. 
He represented Camden in 
the New South Wales parlia- 
ment for many years, having 
been first returned in Janu- 
ary, 1870. Captain Onslow 
was the eldest son of Arthur 
Pooley Onslow, Esq. of Send 
Grove, Kipley, co. Surrey, 
England (see Onslow, Bart., 
in Burke's Peerage), by Rosa 
Koberta, his wife, daughter 
of Alexander MacLeay, Esq., 
E.E.S.,F.L.S., for many years 
colonial secretary of New 
South Wales, and elected 
speaker of the first Legisla- 
tive Council in Australia ; 
and d. at Camden Park, 31st 
January, 1882, leaving issue, 
1. James William, h. 7tli 
November, 1867 ; 2. Arthur 
John, 6. 29tli April, 1873 ; 
3. George MacLeay, 5. 2nd 
May, 1875 ; 4. ' William 
Arthur, b. 27th May, 1877; 
5. Francis Arthur, b. 7th 
June, 1879 ; 1. Emily Susan, 
b. 12th June, 1869, d. 20th 
April, 1876 ; and 2. Sibella 
Eosa, J. 4th June, 1871. 
4. William (Hon. Sir), knight, of 
Camden Park, Menangle, New 
South Wales, member of the 
Legislative Council of New South 
Wales, b. at Parramatta, in De- 
cember, 1800; assisted in the 
managament of the Camden 
Estate. He was a member of the 
Legislative Council from 1849 to 
1855; representative commissioner 
for the colony at the Paris Exhi- 
bition of 1855, at the close of 
which he received the honour of 



liiiiglithood, and was made an 
officer of the Lepou of Honour. 
In November, 1857, Sir William 
returned to the colony, and left 
again for England in connection 
■with the London Exhibition of 
1862; returned to New South 
"Wales in March, 1864, and was 
appointed to a seat in the Legis- 
lative Council. He d. unm. 29th 
October, 1882. 

1. Elizabeth, b. 1792, d. unm. 1842. 

2. Mary, b. 1796, m. 182.3, Dr. 
James Bowman, principal medical 
officer of New South Wales, and 
d. in 1856, having had issue, four 
sons and one daughter. 

3. Emmeliue Emily, m. 1843, Sir 
Henry Watson Parker, knight 
(1858), K.C.M.G. (1877), of Sta- 
well House, Kichniond, eo. Surrey, 
England, and of the Union Club, 
London, J. P., b. at Lewisham, co. 
Kent, 1808; was, in New South 
Wales, private secretary to 
Governor Sir George Gipps, 1838- 
46 ; crown nominee of the Legis- 
lative Council, and chairman of 
committees of the whole Council, 
1846-55 ; a representative member 
of the Legislative Assembly at its 
first institution, 1856-58 ; crown 
trustee of the Australian Musevim, 
1848-56 ; and official trustee, 
1856-57 ; first minister and princi- 
pal secretary at tlie first institu- 
tion of re.'iponsible government, 
1856-57, and a member of the 
Executive Council, 1856-60. He 
was the foui-th surviving son of 
Thomas Watson Parker, Esq. of 
Lewisham, co. Kent, by Mary, his 
wife, daughter of John Carnell, 
Esq. of Sevenoaks and of Cor- 
rendon, Hadlow, both co. Kent. 
Lady E. E. Parker, d. s.p., 3rd 
May, 1888. 

Mr. Alexander Macarthur's elder son, 

James Macarthije, Esq. of Stoke Damerel, 
CO. Devon, England, b. 1752 ; m. Catherine, 
daughter of Hannibal Hawkins, Esq. of 
Arnvale, co. Cornwall, England (said to be a 
lineal descendant of Admiral Sir John Haw- 
kins, temp. Queen Elizabeth), by Elizabeth 
Earle, his wife, an Irish lady. James Mac- 
arthur and his wife both d. on the same day, 
7th February, 1824, having had fo\irteen 
children, viz., 

I. Hannibal Hawkins, of whom pre- 

II. James Earle, lieutenant in the 14th 
Regiment, b. 18th December, 1788 ; 
m. Anna, daughter of Major Field, of 
the 14th Regiment of toot, and had 
issue, two sons and two daughters. 

III. John, major-general Royal Marines, 
and was for many years in command 
at Port Essington, New South Wales, 
until the settlement was finally aban- 

doned in 1850, 5.16th March, 1791 ; m. 
Mary, daughter of Lieutenant James 
Maearthur, of Haslar Hospital, 6?. 28tli 
July, 1802, having had issue (besides 
two children who d. in infancy) seven 
sons, of whom Charles and Edward 
both attained higli rank in the Royal 
Marines, and Edward served with 
distinction at Odessa, in the Crimean 
IV. Charles, lieutenant R.N., b. 2nd 
March, 1792 ; d. unm., 14th April, 

I. Elizabeth, b. 15th June, 1783 ; m. 
Major Nicholson, R.M., and had issue, 
one son and three daughters. 

II. Catlierine, b. 16th July, 1784 ; m. 
29th March, 1808, Captain John 
Geary, R.N., who was b. 8th Septem- 
ber, 1787, at St. Margaret's, co. Kent ; 
entered the navy, 24th December, 
1797 ; master's mate of the '•' Mon- 
arch," 74 guns, at the Battle of Tra- 
falgar, where he was wounded ; pro- 
moted to a lieutenancy, 29th May, 
1810 ; afterwards became acting- 
cajotain of the " Madagascar," and for 
his great exertions in subsequently 
saving part of H.M. 90th Regiment, 
who had been wi'ecked in the " Coun- 
tess of Harcourt," on the coast of 
Sicily, was honoui-ed with the thanks 
of the Governor, Sir F. Ponsonby ; 
appointed commander 17th February, 
1831. Captain Geary, who during 
the term of his service was several 
times wounded, succeeded, on different 
occasions, in saving the lives of three 
persons who had fallen into the sea, 
by jumping overboard. He comes 
from a family eminently naval, his 
brothers William Charles, Jrancis 
Daniel, and Joseph Vincent, were all 
lieutenants in the navy, as were also 
his maternal uncles, John and Nicho- 
las Tucker, the latter of whom was 
for eighteen years attached to the 
military department of Greenwich 
Hospital; and amongst his ancestors 
were Admiral Francis Geary, the cele- 
brated Captain Percy, who flourished 
temp. Queen Elizabeth, and Sir 
Cloudesley Shovel. Captain G-eary 
had ten children, of whom the second 
son, William Charles, was a lieutenant 

III. Mary, b. 16th September, 1785, 
twin with Emma, d. uiim. 

IV. Emma, b. 16th September, 1785, twin 
with Mary, d. unm. 

T. Maria, b. 8th November, 1786; d. 

VI. Caroline, b. 11th April, 1790 ; m. 
Captain Mends, R.N., and d. 30th 
May, 1821. 

VII. Louisa, b. 13th August, 1794; d. 
an infant. 

VIII. Ann, b. 21st January, 1796; m. 
Captain R. Douglas, R.N. and d. in 
April, 1825, having had issue (be- 

Q 2 



sides one child who d. young) two 

IX. Fanny, h. 10th June, 1797; in. 
Lieutenant-General Henry Ivatt Dela- 
conibe, of the Eoyal Marines, and d. 
27th October, 1853, having had issue, 
six sons (four of whom d. young) and 
four daughters. 

X. Jane, b. 17th February, 1798 ; d. unm. 
19th July, 1879. 

The eldest son, 

Hannibai Hawkins Macaethue, Esq. 
of The Vineyard, Parramatta, New South 
Wales, h. 16th January, 1788, at Plymouth, 
CO. Devon, England; in 1804 went to New 
South Wales ; returned to England, via 
China, in 1808, and finally settled in New 
South Wales, returning to that colony in 
November, 1812. He was for some years 
associated with his uncle, John Macarthur, 
Esq. of Camden Park and Elizabeth Farm, 
in the development of the merino wool in- 
dustry ; sometime police magistrate of Parra- 
matta ; member of the old Legislative Council, 
and afterwards the first elected member of 
parliament for Parramatta, under responsible 
government. He was chairman of the Bank 
of Australia, afterwards commissioner of 
Crown Lands at Braidwood, New South 
Wales, and finally police magistrate of Ips- 
wich, Queensland. He m. 13th February, 
1812, Anna Maria, daughter of Captain 
Philip Gidley King, R.N., third Governor of 
New South Wales (see King of Double Bat, 
GooNOO GooNoo, and Tamwoeth), and d. 
26th October, 1861, at Norwood, co. Surrey, 
England, in his 75th year, and was buried 
in Norwood Cemetery, having had by her 
(who was h. 23rd April, 1793, and d. at 
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, 1st Septem- 
ber, 1852), 

I. James, h. 9th November, 1813 ; m. Srd 
March, 1851, Margaret Haldane, 
daughter of Kandal William McDon- 
nell Callander, Esq. of Craigforth, 
Stirlingshire, Scotland, second son of 
James Callander, Esq. of Craigforth, 
who afterwards assumed the surname 
of Campbell (see Callande b of Ceaig- 
TOETH, in Burke's Landed Gentry), 
and d. 25th September, 1862, leaving 
issue, two sons and one daughter. 

II. Charles, b. 21st May, 1820 ; m. first, 
Agnes Martha, daughter of Colonel 
Baldock, H.E.I.C.S., but by her had 
no issue. He m. secondly, Mary Jane, 

daughter of Mather, Esq. of 

CO. Armagh, Ireland, and widow of 
Captain Synnot, and d. 13th December, 
1871, leaving issue, one son and one 

III. Geoege Faiefowb (Be v.), now of 

IV. John Alexander, h. 15th January, 
1827 ; m. Clara, daughter of Edward 
Pollard, Esq. of Sydney, merchant, 
and bas issue, three sons and two 

T. Arthur Hannibal, b. 16th March, 1830 ; 

m. Emmeline, daugher of Andrew 
Allan, Esq. of Sydney, and d. 6th 
March, 1871, leaving issue, two sons 
and two daughters. 

I. Elizabeth, b. 7th May, 1815; m. at 
Parramatta, 1st June, 1843, her 
cousin, the Hon. Philip Gidley King, 
of Banksia, Double Bay, Sydney ; of 
Goonoo Goonoo ; and of Tamworth, 
New South Wales, Australia ; member 
of the Legislative Council of New 
South Wales, and has issue, three sons 
and one daugbter. See King of 
Double Bay, Goonoo Goonoo, and 

II. Anna, b. 7th December, 1816; m. 
Captain John Clements Wickham, 
K..N., who entered the navy, 21st 
February, 1812 ; made lieutenant, 6th 
October, 1827, and commander, 10th 
January, 1837 ; and was sometime em- 
ployed in surveying the coast of 
Australia and Bass' Strait. He sub- 
sequently became a police magistrate 
in New South Wales. Mrs. Anna 
Wickham d. 23rd June, 1852, and left 
issue, two sons and one daughter. 

III. Catherine, h. 14th June, 1818; m. 
1840, Patrick Leslie, Esq. of New 
South Wales (J. 25th September, 1815), 
second son of William Leslie, Esq., 
J.P. and D.L., tenth Laird of Wart- 
hill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (see 
Leslie of Waethill, in Burke's 
Landed Oentrif), and had issue, a son, 

William Norman, captain 92nd 
Highlanders, b. 11th June, 1841 ; 
m. December, 1864, Emma, third 
daughter of Roger Kerrison Har- 
vey, Esq. of Thorpe, co. Norfolk, 
and d. at Dartle, Waikato, New 
Zealand, Srd May, 1876, having 
had issue, 1. William Leonard, 

1. October, 1865 ; 1. Ethel Maud ; 

2. Mabel Marsaili ; 3. Aline Ella ; 
and 4. Leila Isabel. 

IV. Mary King, b. 6th January, 1822 ; 
m. first, Hugh Gordon, Esq., second 
son of Hugh Gordon, Esq., H.E.LC.S., 
J.P. and D.L., who purchased Badi- 
furrow, now called Manar, Aberdeen- 
shire, Scotland (see Goedon of 
Manae, in Burke's Landed Gentry), 
and by him has issue, six sons and 
three daughters. She m. secondly, 
Francis Henry Wilson, Esq., but by 
him has no issue. 

V. EmmeUne Maria, b. 10th July, 1828 ; 
m. first, 1848, the Hon. George Far- 
quhar Leslie, a member of the Legisla- 
tive CouncQ of New South Wales (b. 
19tb August, 1820), a younger brother 
of the above-mentioned Patrick Leslie, 
Esq. of New South Wales ; but by him 
(who d. I860) had no issue. She m. 
secondly, Vigant de Falbe, captain 
in the Eoyal Danish Navy, and by 
him has issue, two sons. 

VI. Emma Jane, h. 2nd May, 1832 ; m. 
21st January, 1852, Francis Robert 



Chester Master, Esq., late lieutenant 
58th Foot {h. 18th May, 1823), son of 
William Chester Master, Esq. of 
Knole Park, near Bristol, and The 
Abbey, Cirencester, co. Grloucester (see 
Master of The Abbey and Knole 
Pabk, in Burke's Landed Oentrij), 
lieutenant-colonel, 3rd Fusilier Guards, 
and a gentleman usher of the Privy 
Chamber to Geohge III, Geoege IV, 
William IV, and Queen Viotoeia, by 

Isabel Margaret, his wife, daughter of 
the Hon. Stephen Thomas Digby, 
vice-chamberlain to Queen Charlotte; 
and d. 8th March, 1866, having had 
issue, two sous and one daughter. 

Arms used — Az. a cross moline arg. hetween 
three antique crowns or. Crest — Two laurel 
Iranches in orle. Motto — Fide et opera. 

Residence. — Wyandra, Ashfield, near Syd- 
ney, New South Wales, Australia. 

ANDREW, REV. JOHN CHAPMAN, of lea, Masterton, New Zealand, 
M.A. of the Uuiversity of Oxford, vice-chancellor of the University of 
New Zealand and J.P. for that Colony, formerly fellow and tutor of Lincoln 
College, h. 9th March, 1822; m. first, 6th December 1856, Emma, third 
daughter of the Rev. H. Fendall, M.A., vicar of Crambe, co. York, England, 
and by her has had issue, 

I. William, h. in Otago, New Zealand, loth July, 1861 ; to. 19th April, 

1888, Miss Margaret Annie Mackay. 

II. John Chapman, h. at Whitley, co. York, December, 1866, now at 

Corpus Christi College, Oxford. 
TIL Philip Oswald, h. at lea, Masterton, New Zealand, 2nd March, 1872. 

I. Mary Godiva, h. in Otago, New Zealand, 10th December, 1857; d. at 

Nelson, New Zealand, 25th October, 1883. 

II. Beatrix Jane, h. at Oamaru, New Zealand, ,30th April, 1864; m. James 

Hudson, Esq., M.B. London, of Nelson, New Zealand, and has a son, 

III. Isobel Hilda, h. 31st October, 1868; d. at Nelson, 30th October, 


He TO. secondly, 19th July, 1880, Emily Sarah, youngest daughter of John 
Morgan, Esq. of Hobart, Tasmania. 


WiiLTAM Andeew, Esq. of Yorkshire, 
was in the Scotch Army which surrendered 
King Chakles I to Oliver Cromwell. He 
settled at Birstwith, near Harrogate, co. 
York, for which property the Rev. William 
Andrew, elder brother of the Bev. John 
Chajiman Andrew, still holds a crown grant 
from the Protector. His descendant, 

William Andeew, Esq. of Birstwith, m. 
Catherine Pawaon, of Gill Bottom, Fewstou, 
CO. York, and had issue, 

I. William, m. Elizabeth Dickinson, of 
Norwood, in Otley, co. York, and was 
father of William Andrew, who was 
b. 29th November, 1773, m., and had a 
son, William, whom. Elizabeth Hard- 
caste, of Wakefield, co. York, and 
had a son, William, who d. an infant. 

II. Charles, b. 2-lth February, 1776 ; m. 

Elizabetb Mason, of Otley, co. York, and 
had issue, William, d'. at Manches- 
ter, leaving a son, William ; Charles, 
of Birstwith, Ripley, co. York, m. first. 
Miss Brooke, by whom he had issue, one 
son, Charles, (/. 6th March, 1886, and 
two daughters, Mary Anne Emery and 
Rosa ; and secondly ,"Deborah Richard- 
son Osley, of Hartwith, co. York ; 
James, m. Jane Tute, but had no issue ; 
Mary, w. Rev. John Stanley Tute, 
B.A., vicar of Markington, Ripley, co. 
York, and had issue, three sons" and 
four daughters ; and Catherine, num. 

III. James (Rev.), of whom hereafter. 

IT. John, b. 16th June, 1783 ; m. Hannah 
Cooke, and had issue, William, John, 
James, Charles, Mary, Ann, Bessie^ 
and Jane. 



V. Mielaael, b. 10th October, 1787 ; m. 

Elieii Aked, of West End, Thorn- 

I. Catherine, S. 21,th May, 1778; m. 

John Stausfield, Esq. of Strongford, 

Idle, 00. York, and had eight children. 

The third son. 

Rev. James Andrew, incumbent of 
Whitby, CO. York, b. 25th October, 1780; 
m. 11th January, 1819, Jane, daughter of 
John Chapman, Esq. of Whitby (she d. 1876), 
and d. 3rd December, 181^3, leaving issue, 
I. William (Rev.), M.A. of the University 
of Oxford, hon. canon of Peterborough, 
rural dean and rector of Paston, Peter- 
borough, CO. Northampton, England, 

h. at Whitby, co. York, 16th October, 
1820; m. 12th July, 1862, Isabella 
Mary, daughter of Robert Maugham, 
Esq. of Chancery-lane, London, but 
has no issue. 

II. John Chapman (Rev.), now of lea, 
Masterton, New Zealand. 

III. James, M.D. of St. Bartholomew's, 
London, b. 5th September, 1830, at 
Whitby, CO. York ; m. 1862, Isabella, 
daughter of Henry Simpson, Esq. of 
Whitby, but has no issijlR 

I. Jane, unm. 

Motto used — Crescit sub pondere virtus. 
Residence — lea, Masterton, Wellington, 
New Zealand. 

armjtafle nf Jucjlttp. 

ARMTTAGE, GEORGE, Esq. of Ingleby, Winclielsea, Victoria, Aus- 
tralia ; and of 59, Queen's-gate, London, S.W., J. P. for Winchelsea and 
Tasmania, l. 29th July, 1821 ; in. 14tli August, 1852, Louisa Eulalie, eldest 
daughter of Francis Flexmore, Esq. of Greenponds, Tasmania (see Plexmore 
OF Kempton), and has, 

I. George Peancis, of 4, Kensington-square, London, h. 21st August, 

1853 ; m. 9th September, 1879, Rosamond, youngest daughter of B. 
W. Ball, Esq. of Putney, co. Surrey, England, and has issue, 1. 
Eulalie Georgina, h. 26th June, 1880 ; 2. Daphne, h. 29th September, 

II. Oscar Ferdinand, M.A., of the Isthmian Club, London, h. 12th July, 

1860; m. 7th May, 1885, Maud, eldest daughter of Richardson 
Andrew, Esq. of Prestbury Hall, co. Chester, England. 

III. Cecil Frederick, h. 7th October, 1861. 

IV. Albert Victor Somerville, h. 17th November, 1867. 


Stephen Armttage, Esq., m. Anne 
Taylor, of Oxford, England, and d. at Bath, 
CO. Somerset, England, having had issue, 

I. Geoeoe. 

II. Cliarles Stephen, m. Catherine Ward, 
of Kidderminster, co. Worcester, Eng- 
land, and had one daughter, Anne, in. 
Claude Hamilton, Esq., and d. 1820. 

III. William (Rev.), d. tmm., soon after 
taking Orders, being drowned when 
shooting near Halifax. 

I. Anne, in. John Rose, Esq. 
GrEOEGE Aemttage, Esq., eldest son, b. 
1765, in. Elizabeth Rose, of Ticknall, near 
Ashby-de-la-Zouche, co. Derby, England, who 
d. 24th March, 1850. Mr. Armytage d. De- 
cember, 1853 (having lived the latter part of 
his life at Brussels). He had issue, 


II. John, went to Waterloo with the 
Eno-lish general who was billeted in 

his father's house at Brussels, and has 
not since been heard of. 
III. Alfred, d. at Lille, January, 1842. 

I. Elizabeth, m. Baron Jolly, a general 
in the Belgian Army, who d. 2nd De- 
cember, 1879. She d. 9th August, 
1869, leaving issue, 1. Oscar, Baron 
Jolly. 2. Ferdinand, Baron Jolly, a 
general in the Belgian Army and aide- 
de-camp to the king. 

II. Sophy, a nun, lady superior of the 
Order of Daughters of the Cross, h. 
20th July, 1808; d. at Liege, 21st 
April, 1885. 

III. Fanny, a nun, d. 29th May, 1877. 

IV. Mary Anne, a nun, d. 15th Decem- 
ber, 1877. 

V. Matilda, m. Mr. Clarke, and had issue, 
1. William, a major in the Belgian 
Army ; 2. Alfred ; 3. Leander ;' 1. 
Sophy ; 2. Mary ; 3. Clotilde. 

Geoege Aemytage, Esq., eldest son, of 



The Hermitage, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 
J.P. for Geelong, b. at TicUnall, co. Derby, 
1795; left England. February, 1815, nnd 
an-ived at Sydney, N.S.W., ioth August, 
following, where he remained only four 
months, proceeding to Bagdad, Tasmania, 
and finally to Victoria in 1812. Mr. Army- 
tage m. Elizabeth Peters, of Bagdad, Tas- 
mania, who was b. 5th June, 1802, and d. 
1873. He d. at The Hermitage, Geelong, 
12th July, 1862, aged 67 years, having had 

I. Thomas, b. 17th February, 1820 ; d. 
unm. 1841, aged 21. 

II. George, of whom we treat. 

III. Alfred, b. 30th March, 1823. 

IV. Charles Henry, b. 24th August, 
1824; m. Caroline Tuckwell, and d. 
1875, leaving issue, 1. Charles Nor- 
man ; 2. George Harold ; 3. Ernest ; 
1. Ada ; 2. Laura. 

T. Joseph Edward, b. 31st October, 1829 ; 
d. 1872 unm. 

VI. Frederick William, b. I7th October, 
1837; m. Mary, daugliter of the late 
Simon Staughton, Esq. of Exford 
Station, Melton, Victoria (see STAroH- 
TON OP Eynesbubt), and has issue, 
I.Fred; 2. Harry, m. Fanny Kelly; 
3. Frank, m. his cousin, Carrie Army- 
tage ; 4. Bertram. 

VII. Ferdinand Felix, m. Anne Fair- 
bairn, and d. 22nd August, 1889, at 
Corao, Victoria, aged 45, leaving issue, 
1. James ; 2. George ; 1. Carrie, m. her 

cousin, Frank Armytage ; 2. Emma ; 
3. Mabel ; 4. Margaret. 

I. Eliza Anne, b. 12l,h August, 1827; 
m. John Rout Hopkins, Esq. of Win- 
clielsea, Victoria, and d. 1885, leaving 
issue, 1. Walter; 2. Arthur; 3. Henry; 
1. Eliza Mary, m. 23rd April, 1874, 
Samuel Thomas Staughton, Esq. of 
Eynesbury, Melton, Victoria, M.L.A., 
J. P., and has issue (see STAUGHToy 
OF Eynesbubt) ; 2. Ada, m. Alec 
Murphy, Esq. ; 3. Bertha ; 4. Ethel ; 
5. Lily ; 6. Nellie. 

II. Elizabeth Sophia, b. 25th November, 
1831, m. John Charles Galletly, Esq., 
and has issue, 1. Charles; 2. Claude; 
3. Reginald ; 1. Blanche, m. Fred Gal- 
loway, Esq. ; 2. Ethel ; 3. Jone. 

III. Virginia Charlotte, b. 12th Novem- 
ber, 1833 ; m. George Fairbairn, Esq., 
and has issue, five sons and one 

IV. Matilda, b. 3rd October, 1835, d. 

V. Emma Henrietta, b. 5th February, 
1840, d. young. 

Arms used — Oa. a lion's head erased betw. 
three crosses botonnee arg. Crest — A dexter 
arm embowed, couped at the shoulder, habited 
or. the cuff arg. holding in the hand ppr. a 
dagger of the second, ■pommel and hilt of the 
first. Motto — Semper parafus. 

Residences — -Ingleby, Winclielsea, Victoria, 
Australia; 59, Queen's-gate, London, S.W. 

WALKER, HON. WILLIAM, of Crescentville, Windsor, New South 
Wales, Australia, solicitor, member of the Legislative Council • h. 
at Glasgow, Scotland, 26th February, 1828 ; m. first, 29th March, 1853, Maiy 
Cova, daughter of Jonathan Hassall, Esq. of Matavi, Camden, New South 
Wales, and by her (who d. 13th July, 1858) had two children, since deceased ; 
secondly, 24!th August, 1859, Henrietta Medora, daughter of Robert Cooper, 
Esq. of Ormonde House, Paddington, New South Wales, and by her (who d. 
4th September, 1874) has issue, 

I. Frederick William, of Sydney, solicitor, h. 7th December, 1861. 

II. Charles Alexander, h. 5th March, I860. 

III. Archibald George, of Sydney, h. 8th January, 1867. 

IV. Robert Bruce, h. 6th November, 1870. 

I. Mary Medora, m. Patrick James Clark, Esq. of Sydney, manao-er of an 

insurance company. 

II. Elizabeth Henrietta. 

III. Heni'ietta Anne. 

He m. thirdly, 20th April, 1876, Jessy, daughter of the Rev. William Wood 
of Pitt Town, New South Wales, Church of England clergyman, and by her 
has issue. 


V. John Russell Dalglisli, b. 13tli October, 1880. 

Ti. Arthur Ferguson, b. lOth August, 1884. 

IV. Alice Wood. 

v. Jessy Agnes Theodora. 
The Hon. William Walker arrived in Sydney with his parents in 1837 ; 
educated at Windsor ; admitted an attorney in 1852 ; represented Windsor in 
the Legislative Assembly for ten years, from 1860 to the end of 1869 ; and 
appointed to the Legislative Council 30th December, 1887. He was the chief 
founder of the School of Arts in the town of Windsor, and was its first 
president, which office he i-esigned after seventeen years' service ; was secre- 
tary of the Hawkesbury Benevolent Society for eleven years, and wrote its 
history in 1856. In 1871 he was elected an alderman of Windsor, and after- 
wards served the office of mayor of that borough. 


This family was settled at Kinross, Kinross- 
sliii-e, Scotland, and in the churchyard of 
Kinross the tombstones of the earlier mem- 
bers are still to be seen. 

G-EOEGE Walkeb, Esq., was b. at Kinross, 
1734 ; m. Agnes Eeston ; d. at Glasgow, 1825, 
and was buried with his wife in the burying- 
ground of the cathedral of G-lasgow. His 

WiiiLiAM Walkee, Esq. of G-lasgow, was, 
with his father, connected in business with 
the great firm of Robert Dalglish and Co., of 
Glasgow. He m., in 1794, Agnes Wilson, of 
Glasgow, and by her (who d. I7th November, 
1832, aged 57, and was buried with her 
husband in Cathedral Cemetery, Glasgow) 
left at his decease, 3rd March, 1834, aged 

Geoege Walkee, Esq., formerly of Glas- 
gow, N.B., and afterwards of Windsor, New 
South Wales, was educated for the Presby- 

terian ministry at the University of Glasgow, 
but finally adopted teaching as his profession, 
and emigrated to New South Wales, under 
the auspices of the Kev. Dr. Lang, in the 
year 1837. He m. at Glasgow, 23rd Novem- 
ber, 1824, Elizabeth Ferguson, of Glasgow 
(who d. at Windsor, New South Wales, 7th 
December, 1876, aged 76), and d. at Windsor, 
New South Wales, 26th September, 1883, 
aged 87, leaving issue, 

William (Hon.), of Crescentville. 
George, m. Sarah Smith, of Pitt Town, 

New South Wales. 
Elizabeth, m. Rev. Canon George Banks 

Smith, of Hobart, Tasmania. 

Crest tised—A stag standing at gaze under 
a nvt tree, all ppr. Motto — Semper vigi- 

Residence — Crescentville, Windsor, New 
South Wales, Australia. 

Wn^m cif iHtlhoiinte antr tapper jHatctiott. 

of Queen-street, Melbourne, and Alton, Upper Macedon, Victoria, Aus- 
tralia ; b. at Bury, co. Lancaster, England, 21st January, 1884; m. 28th 
March, 1861, Annie, second daughter of the late John Armstrong, Esq. of 
Melbourne, solicitor, and by her (who d. 22nd August, 1889) has issue, 

I. Arthur Laurence Ridley, b. 1862. 

II. Reginald, b. 1865. 

III. Egbert Sumner, b. 1868. 

IV. Nevil, b. 1885. 

Sir G. P. Verdon emigrated to Melbourne in 1851 ; was called to the Victorian 
bar 1863. In 1857, he was engaged with the volunteer force in suppressing 
an outbreak of the convicts ; in 1858, was honorary assistant in the Astro- 
nomical Observatory ; retui^ned to the Legislative Assembly for Williamstown 
in 1859, and was treasurer for Victoria in 1860 and 1861, and from 1863 to 



1868; appointed first af?ent-general in England for Victoria, 1867, resigned 
that post in 1872, and became colonial inspector and general manager of tlie 
English, Scottish, and Australian Chartered Bank, Melbourne, a position 
which he continues to occupy. He is president of the trustees of the Publin 
Library, National Gallery, and Museums of Victoria, member of the board of 
visitors to the Melbourne Observatory, of which he was sometime honorary 
secretary and chairman; major on the retired list of the local forces of 
Victoria, and a justice of the peace for the colonies of New South Wales, 
Victoria, and South Australia. Sir George represented Victoria at the official 
reception of the Soudan contingent at Sydney, and was representative of the 
Royal British Commission at the Melbourne International Centennial Eshi- 
bition, 1888-89. He is an associate of the Institution of Civil Engineers ; hon. 
member and president, Institute of Architects ; was elected a fellow of the 
Royal Society in 1870, invested with the Companionship of the Order of the 
Bath, 1866, and created K.C.M.G., 1872. 


At the G-eneral Survey, 

Bebteam de Vebditn (stated to have been 
son of G-odfreye, Comte de Verdun, sur- 
named "le Caplif ") possessed Farnham 
Royal, Buckinghamshire, holding the same 
by grand serjeanty, viz., by the service of 
providing a glove on the day of tiie king's 
coronation for his right hand, and of supijort- 
ing the monarch's right arm during the same 
ceremony, so long as he bore the royal 
sceptre. At the coronation of King G-eoege 
IV, it is believed that Sir G-. F. Verdon's 
grandfather was named as the person quali- 
fied by descent for this service, but being too 
old and infirm to attend the Court, it was 
performed by some representative Irish peer 
on his behalf. Bertram had three sons. 

I. NoEMAN, his heir. 

II. Milo, d. in Ireland. 

III. William, of Brisingham, co. Nor- 
folk, witness to a charter a.d. 1100, 
ancestor of the Veedons of Norfolk, 
Suffolk, and Northampton. The re- 
presentative of the Verdons of Bri- 

John de VEEDiTTf, a minor at his 
father's decease, m. Margaret, 
daughter and heir of Simon Filz 
de Lisle, of Brixworth, co. North- 
ampton, and d. circa 1300, having 
bad issue, 

1. John, d. circa 1303. 

2. Thomas, Lord of Brising- 
ham, Brixworth, &e., d. 9th 
Edwabd II, leaving a son, 

John (Sir), Knt., of Mar- 
thesham, co. Suffolk 
(having removed from 
Brisingham), who, dying 
1346, left by Maud, his 
wife, three sons, 

1. Thomas (Sir), on 
whom Brixworth 
was settled in 1329 ; 

he d. v.p, leaving 
by his wife, Alice, 
an only son, Thomas, 
who d. s.p., before 
25th Edwaed III. 

2. John (Sir), was 
summoned to par- 
liament as a baron, 
from 27th January, 
1332, to 22nd Jan- 
uary, 1336, and 
again 25tli Febru- 
ary, 1342. He m. 
twice : by Maud, his 
first wife, he had a 
son, Edmund, who d. 
s.p., v.p., andauda,ugh- 
ter, Margaret,OT. first 
to Hugh or Henry 
Bradshaw ; and se- 
condly, to Sir John 
Pilkington ; and by 
Isabel, his second 
wife, daughter of 
Sir John Vise de 
Lore, he had a 
daughter, Isabel, m. 
to Sir Imbert Noon, 
Knt.,amongst whose 
heirs-general this 
barony of Verdon is 
now in abeyance. 

3. Christopher (Su-). 
1. Susan, wife of Sir Nicholas 

The eldest son, 

Norman de Veedon, living 1140, m. 
Lasceline, daughter of Geoffrey de Clinton, 
lord chamberlain and treasurer to Xing 
Henet I, and had issue, 

I. Bertram, his heir. 

II. Nicholas, abbot of Burton. 

III. Eobert, m. Joan, daughter and co- 
heir of Hem-y de Bourton, of 



Warwickshire, and was ancestor of 
the Yekdoks of Draycot, co. Warwick, 
and of Ibstock, co. Leicester. 
IV. Simon. 

I. Alicia, m. to Ivo de Pantulf, of Wem, 
CO. Salop. 
Bekteam de Vebdon, the eldest son, was 
sheriff of Leicestershire from the 16th to the 
30th of King Henry II's, reign inclusive. 
He subsequently attended Richaed I to the 
Holy Land, and was at the siege of Aeon, 
which place, upon its surrender, was com- 
mitted to his custody. This Bertram founded 
the abbey of Croxden, co. Stafford, anno 
1176, and was otherwise a liberal benefactor 
to tlie Church. He ot. first, Maud, daughter 
of Eobert de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, by 
whom he had no issue ; and secondly, Eoesia, 
but of what family is unknown. He d. at 
Joppa, in 1192, having had issue, 

I. William d. s.p., 1199. 

II. Thomas, of whom presently. 

III. Bertram. 

IV. Robert. 

V. Nicholas, successor to his brother. 

VI. Walter, constable of Bruges Castle, 
in Valois, and had a son, Ralf de 

I. Leceline, m. to Hugh de Lacy. 

The second son and heir, 

Thomas de Veedon-, m. Eustachia, 
daughter of Gilbert Bassett, and by her (who 
m. secondly, Richard Camville) he had no 
issue. He' d. in Ireland, amio 1199, s.p., 
when he was s. by his brother, 

Nicholas de 'Veedon, who, in the 6th 
John, paid to the king lOOZ., as also a 
courser and palfrey, for livery of those lands 
in Ireland, whereof his father died possessed. 
But in 12 years afterwards he took part with 
the rebellious barons, whereupon all his 
lands were seized by special precepts from 
the crown to the sheriffs of Warwick, Lei- 
cester, Stafford, Lincoln, Bucks, and Oxford, 
and placed in the custody of William de 
Cantilupe, during the king's pleasure. On 
his submission, however, to King Heney III, 
those lands were restored to him in the first 
year of that monarch, and he appears after- 
wards to have enjoyed the favour of the 
king. He died in 1231, leaving (by Joan, 
his wife) an only daughter and heiress, 

RoEsiA DE Veedon, who m. Theobald 
Le Botillee, of the noble family of Butler, 
of Ireland, but being so great an heiress, re- 
tained her maiden name after marriage, 
which her husband adopted. At the time of 
her father's decease, she appears to have 
been a widow. This lady, who founded the 
abbey of Grace Dieu, for Cistertian monks, 
at Beldon, in Leicestershire, d. in 1248, 
leaving issue, 

John, her heir. 

Humphrey, rector of Alveton, d. at 

Paris, 1285. 
Nicholas, who had the manor of Clu- 

more, in Ireland, d. s.p. 
Theobald de Veedon, ancestor of the 

Veedons, Lords of Darlaston and 
Biddulph, CO. Stafford. 
Maud, m. to John Eitz-Alan, Earl of 

Roesia was s. by her eldest son, 

John de Veedon (alias Le Botiller). This 
great feudal lord, being one of the barons 
marchers, had orders, in the 44th HenetIII, 
on the incursions of the Welsh, to keep his 
residence upon the borders. After which he 
was one of the barons who adhered to the 
king, in the conflict between the crown and 
the nobles ; and upon the triumph of the 
royal cause at Evesham, he was commissioned 
to raise forces in Worcestershire, for the 
purpose of attacking the only remaining hold 
of the barons, at Kenilworth. But these 
troubles being at length ended, John de 
Verdon was signed with the cross, and 
accompanied Prince Edward to the Holy 
Land. John de Verdon m. first, Margerie, 
daughter of Gilbert de Lacie, and co-heir to 
her grandfather, Walter de Lacie, Lord 
Palatine of Meath, in Ireland, by which 
alliance the castle of Weobley, co. Hereford, 
came into the Verdon family ; and secondly, 
Alianore, whose surname is unknown. At 
his death, being slain in Ireland, 1278, he 
left issue, 

I. Nicholas (Sir), of Ewyas Lacie, d. v.p. 
and s.p., 1271. 

II. John, Lord of Weobley, d. s.p., circa 

III. Theobald, of whom presently. 

IV. Thomas, of Staffordshire ; returned 
as a man-at-arms, l7th Edwabd II ; 
ancestor, it is believed, of Sir Thomas 
de Verdon, Knt., of Denston, co. Staf- 
ford, and of his brother. Sir John de 
Verdon, sheriff of Staffordshire, 34th 
Edwaed III, who d. s.p., leaving his 
sister, Joan, wife of John de Whit- 
more, Lord of Whitmore, his heir. This 
Joan left two daughters and co-heirs, 
viz., Joan, in. to Henry Clerk, of 
Ruyton, co. Salop; and Elizabeth, m. 
to James de Boghay, Lord of Whit- 
more. (See Burke's Landed Oentri/, 
MAiNWAEiNe of Whitmoee.) 

I. Agnes, d. 1305. 

The third son, 

Theobald de Veedon, lord of the moiety 
of Meath, in Ireland, had, in the 3rd 
Edwaed I, on doing homage, livery of his 
lands, paying 100?. for his relief. At this 
period he held the otfioe of Constable of 
Ireland. For some years subsequently this 
eminent person seems to have enjoyed the 
favour of the crown, and to have received 
several immunities ; but in the 19th of 
Edwaed's reign we find him arraigned for 
treason, and divers other misdemeanours, 
before the king and covmcil, at Bergavenny, 
ana condemned to imprisonment and con- 
fiscation ; the king, however, taking into con- 
sideration the good services of his ancestors, 
and his own submission, freed him for a fine 
of 500 marks; and he \\as soon after sum- 



moned to parliament as Baron Verdox. 
In the 29tli of the same reign (Edward 1), 
his lordship was one of the barons in the 
parliament of Lincoln, who, by a public in- 
strument, under their seals, sent to Pope 
Boniface VIII, asserted the right of King 
Edward, as superior lord of the whole realm 
of Scotland. Lord Verdon having had sum- 
mons to parliament to 3rd November, 1306, 
d. in 1309. By Margery, or Elenor, his wife, 
he had issue, 

I. John (Sir), d. v.p. and s.f., 1297. 

II. Theobald, of whom presently. 

The younger son. 

Sir Theobald de Veedon, second baron, 
had summons to parliament in the lifetime 
of his father, as "Theobald de Verdon, 
junior," from 29th December, 1299, to 22nd 
February, 1307, and afterwards, without the 
word "junior," from 4th March, 1309, to 
24th October, 1314. This nobleman, in the 
6th Edward II, was constituted justice of 
Ireland, having likewise the lieutenancy of 
that realm, and the fee of 500^. per annum, 
then granted to him. His lordship m. first, 
Maud, daughter of Edmund, Lord Mortimer, 
of Wigmore, by whom, who d. at Alveton 
Castle, 1315, he had issue, 

I. John, d. s.p. 

II. William, d. s.p. 

I. Joan, m. first, William de Montagu, 
and secondly, Thomas de Furnival, 
second Lord Furnival, and d. in 1334. 
Joan had the castle of Alveton as co- 
heiress of her father. 

II. Elizabeth, m. to Bartholomew, Lord 
de Bm-ghersh. Elizabeth had the 
castle of Ewyas Lacie as her share. 

III. Margaret,)", first, Marcus Hussee; 
secondly, William le Blount; and 
thirdly. Sir John CrophuU. Margaret 
had the castle of Weobley, as tliii-d co- 

heiress. By Sir John CropliuU she 
had a son, 

Thomas C'rophull, whose daughter 
and heiress, 

Agnes, m. Sir Walter Dcvereux, 

He m. secondly, Elizabeth, widow of John de 
Burgh, Earl of Ulster, and daughter, and 
eventually co-heir, of Gilbert de Clare, Earl 
of Gloucester, by Jane Plantagenet, daughter 
of King Edward I, by whom (who m. thirdly, 
Sir Roger d'Amorie) he had an only 

IV. Isabel, who had the castle of Ludlow, 
as fourth co-heiress, m. to Henry 
Ferrers, Lord Ferrers, of Groby, wliicli 
Henry d. 17th Edwaed III, leaving 
by the said Isabel, 

William, Lord Ferrers. 

Philippa, m. to Guy de Beauchamp. 

Elizabeth, m. to . . . de Assells. 

Theobald, Lord Verdon, d. at Alveton 
Castle, and was buried at Croxden, aged circa 
34 years, in 1316, when the barony of Verdon 
fell into abeyance amongst his daughters, and 
so continues with theu" representatives. A 
descendant of this family. 

Rev. Edward Verdon, B.A., incumbent 
of St. Anne's, Tottington, co. Lancaster, and 
of Dublin (whose father claimed the title of 
baron, formerly borne by the Earls of Shrews- 
bury), m. Jane Frances, daughter of Dr. 
George Hobson, of London, and was father of 
the present Hon. Sir George Eeedeeic 

Arms used — Or. a fret gu. Crest — A lion 
pass, supporting with the dexter pate a fret. 
Motto — En Dieu sefie. 

Residences — Queen-street, Melbourne; and 
Alton, Upper Macedon, Victoria, Australia. 

Club — Athenseum, London. 

arti)ihaltr tA Halifax antr Cruro. 

(1872), Q.C., D.C.L., of Halifax, and of The Cottage, Truro, Nova Scotia, 
in the Dominion of Canada, h. at Truro, 18th May, 1814 ; called to the bar in 
Prince Edward Island, 1838 ; and in Nova Scotia, 1839 ; Q.C., 1856 ; 
solicitor-o-eneraJ of Nova Scotia, 1856 to 1857 ; attorney-general, 1860 to 
1863 • sworn of the Privy Council of Canada, 1867 ; secretary of state for the 
province of Nova Scotia, 1867 to 1868 ; lieutenant-governor of Manitoba, 
1870-73; judge in Equity of Nova Scotia, 1873; lieutenant-governor of 
Nova Scotia, 1873-83 ; m. at Truro, 1st June, 1843, Elizabeth, daughter of the 
Rev. John Burnyeat, rector of the parish of St. John, co. Colchester, Nova 
Scotia (who d. in 1843 at his residence, The Cottage, Truro), and by her has 
had issue, 

I. Adams George, l. 29th May, 1847 ; d. 19th October, 1861. 

I. Joanna Archibald, I. 29th May, 1844 ; m. H. D. Laiue, Esq. of New 
Glasgow, Nova Scotia, civil engineer. 



II. Elizabetti Alice, h. 16th. November, 1851 ; m. the Right Rev. Llewellyn 

Jones, Bishop of Newfoundland and Bermuda, of St. John's, New- 
foundland ; and Bermuda. 

III. Mary Lavinia, h. 13th September, 1862. 


This family is of Scottish origin. About 
the middle of the 17th century several 
members of the family settled in London- 
derry, Ireland, where they remained till about 
the middle of the 18th century. Some of these 
went to America and settled temporarily in 
Londonderry, New Hampton, from which 
place four brothers of the name went to Nova 
Scotia, and settled in Truro in 17fi2. David 
Archibald, the eldest of these brothers, was 
b. in 1717. In 1766 he became the first 
member of the township of Truro, in the 
General Assembly of that province, and in 
after years the seat was held by his son, 
Samuel; his grandson, Samuel Greorge William; 
and his great grandson, Charles Dickson 
(whose brothers were the late Sir Edward 
Mortimer Archibald, K.C.M.G., British 
consul-general at New York, and the late Sir 
Thomas Dickson Archibald, knight, of 
Bickley, co. Kent, England, a judge of the 
Court of Queen's Bench, England, and after- 
wards of the Court of Common Pleas. David 
Archibald's great great grandson is the pre- 
sent Charles William Archibald, of Eusland 
Hall, Ulverston, CO. Lancaster, England, J. P., 
member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 
eldest son of the above-mentioned Charles 
Dickson Archibald). He m. in 1741, Rachel, 
daughter of James Duncan, Esq. of Haverhill, 
Massachusetts,New England. His descendants, 
and those of his brothers, are now very 
numerous. They are to be found in every 
county of Nova Scotia, every province of the 
Dominion, and in almost every state of the 
Union. One of David Archibald's brothers. 

SAMTJEL,had a son, James Aechibald, who, in 
1796, was appointed judge of the Court of 
Common Pleas for the county of Colchester, 
in Nova Scotia, which office he held till his 
death in 1828. He left numerous issue, 
amongst whom was 

SAMrEL Archibald, Esq., who was b. at 
Truro, 14th October, 1784 ; was a justice of 
the peace for over forty years ; m. 19th 
February, 1807, his cousin, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Matthew Archibald, Esq. (who was 
also a representative of Truro for some years 
in the Municipal Assembly, and a son and a 
grandson of his in after years represented the 
county of Colchester in that Assembly), a 
brother of the above-mentioned James, his 
father, and by her (who was b. in 1786, and 
d. 3rd April, 1846) left, at his decease, 10th 
April, 1864, the present HoK. SlE Adams 
Geoege Aechibald. 

Arms (granted to the descendants of Sir 
Thomas Dickson Archibald, knight, judge of 
the Court of Q,ueen's Bench, son of the Hon. 
Samuel George Archibald, master of the 
rolls. Nova Scotia) — Arg. on a bend az., be- 
tween two estoiles of the last, three crescents 
of the first, all within a bordure invected sa., 
charged with three mullets or. Crest — A 
palm branch slipped in bend ppr., in front 
thereof a mount vert, thereon an estoile or. 
Motto — Palma non sine pulvere. 

Residences (Town) — 61, 'Holies-street, 
Halifax ; (country) The Cottage, Truro, Nova 
Scotia, Dominion of Canada. 

Clnb — Halifax. 

^arfetr tyt ^ntl). 

PARKER, STEPHEN HENRY, Esq. of Karrakalta House, Perth, "Western 
Australia, barrister-at-law, member of the Legislative Assembly for 
York, and formerly member of the Legislative Council for the city of Perth, 
h. at York, Western Australia, 7th November, 1846 ; m. at Perth, 27th July, 
1872, Amey Katharine, daughter of the Hon. George Walpole Leake, Q.C., 
member of the Legislative Council of Western Australia, and sometime acting- 
chief justice, Perth, and has issue, 

I. Francis Maitland Wyborn, h. 1876. 

II. Harold Wyborn, h. 1880. 
iTi. Hubert Stanley, h. 1888. 
IV. Ronald Wyborn, h. 1886. 

I. Rose Elizabeth, h. 1873. 

II. Mabel Constance, h. 1875. 

III. Ethel, h. 1878. 

IV. Hilda Amey, h. 1879. 




Edwaed Paekee, de Wliitcliurcli, co. 
Chester, England, left one son, 

Henky Paekee, de Nortlillcct, co. Kent, 
w. twice, by his first wife he had one son, 
Christopher. He m. 2ndly, Margaret, 
daughter and heir of William Davy, Esq. of 
Northfleet, and by her had, besides a daugh- 
ter, Margaret, m. first, to Mr. Swanne, and 
secondly, to Mr. Franke, a son, 

KiCHAED Paekee, Esq. of Northfleet, co. 
Kent, m. Jane, daughter of Nicholas Grove, 
Esq. of Swanscombe, co. Kent, and by her 
had issue, 

Henet, his heir. 
"William, d. s.p. 
Johanna, d. s.p. 
Heket Paekee, Esq. of Northfleet, m. 
Elianora, daughter and heir of Mr. Dudley, 
of Stone Place, co. Kent, and by her had 

RiCHAED, his heir. 

Elianora, m. the Very Rev. William 

Franklin, D.D., of Shorne, co. Kent. 
Margaret, m. John Gierke, Esq. of Kem- 
sing, CO. Kent. 
RicHAED Paekee, Esq. of Stroude, co. 
Kent, J. P., m. Prissilla, daughter of Robert 
Edolphe, Esq. of Hinxell, and sister of Sir 
Robert Edolphe, and by her had issue, living 
at the time of the Visitation of Kent in 1620, 
three sons and one daughter, viz., 

John, his heir. 

John Paekee, Esq., believed to be ancestor 
of John Paekee, who possessed part of the 
Northbourne estate in Kent, and was father 

Stephen Paekee, Esq. of Northbourne, 
near York, Western Australia, who emi- 
grated to that colony in 1830. He m. at 
Northbourne, Deal, co. Kent, 9th November, 
1813, Susannah, daughter of Robert Wy- 
born, Esq. of Northbourn Court, near Deal, 
CO. Kent, and by her had issue, 

I. John Wyborn, b. 1814, at North- 
bourne, baptised there, 25th January, 

II. Stephen Robert, baptised at North- 
bourne, CO. Kent, 25th January, 1816. 

III. Stephen Stanley, of whom pre- 

IT. Edward Read. 
T. William Mercer. 

Stephen Stanley Paekee, Esq. of 
Northbourne, York ; Budge House, York ; 
and Adelaide-terrace, Perth, Western 
Australia, b. 1816, at Northbourne, co. Kent, 
England ; m. 1844, at York, Western Aus- 
tralia, Elizabeth, daughter of John Sewell, 
Esq., formerly of Maplestead, co. Essex, and 
has issue, 

Stephen Heney, of whom we treat. 

Arms used — Ermine a stag's head ca- 
bossed gu. attired or. Crest — Out of a 
ducal coronet gu. a bull's head or, attired and 
crined arg. 

Residence — Karrakalta House, Perth, 
Western Australia. 

Cripp xif ©rart ©orge. 

TRIPP, CHARLES GEORGE, Esq. of Orari Gorge Station, Woodbury, 
Canterbury, New Zealand, J. P., barrister-at-law, h. at Kentisbere, co. 
Devon, 1st July, 1826; called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 30th April, 1853 ; 
emigrated to New Zealand, January, 1855 ; m. at St. Michael's Church, Can- 
terbury, New Zealand, 23rd September, 1858, Ellen Shephard, 3rd daughter 
of the Most Reverend Henry John Chitty Harper, lord bishop of Christ- 
church, Canterbury, New Zealand, and primate of New Zealand, by Emily, 
his wife, daughter of Charles Woolridge, Esq. of Winchester, co. Hants, 
England, solicitor, and by her (who was h. 11th December, 1834, at Willow- 
brook, near Eton, co. Bucks, England) has issue, 

I. Charles Howard, of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, barrister- 
at-law of the Inner Temple, London, ]\I.A. of the University of Cam- 
bridge, h. at Mount Peel, Canterbur}-, New Zealand, 1st October, 1859. 
ir. Leonard Owen Howard, of Wellington, New Zealand, barrister-at- 
law of the Inner Temple, London, h. at Retreat Villa, Acland-street, 
St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 17th November, 1862. 
III. Bernard Edward Howard, of Melbourne, Victoria, h. at Oi-ari Gorge, 
Canterbury, New Zealand, 23rd December, 1868. 



IV. John Mowbray Howard, h. at Orari Gorge Station, Canterbury, New 
Zealand, 6tli May, 1870. 

1. Frances Emily, b. at Bishop's Court,, Christchurch, Canterbury, New 
Zealand, 24th March, 1861, m. at St. Thomas's Church, Woodbury, 
Canterbury, 25th July, 1882, Arthur Hope, Esq. of Kaurunui, 
Tiraaru, and of Richmond Station, Mackenzie Country, Canterbury, 
New Zealand (who was b. at Seaforth House, Seaforth, co. Lan- 
caster, England, 26th September, 1853), third son of Thomas Arthur 
Hope, Esq. of Airlie-gardens, Kensington, London, formerly of 
Stantoii, Bebington, Cheshire, England (see Hope of Timaku), by 
Emily Hird, his wife, daughter of Christopher Hii'd Jones, Esq. of 
Liverpool, and has issue, 

1. Henrj' Norman, b. at Timaru, Canterbury, 24th October, 1883. 

2. Owen Morley, h. at Timaru, 16th November, 1886. 

3. Selwyn Peter, b. at Timaru, 11th February, 1889. 

1. Edith Mary, b. at Timaru, 23rd December, 1884. 

2. Roma, b. at Timaru, 22nd March, 1890. 

II Catherine Mary Howard, b. in "Worcester-street, Cliristchurch, 24th 
August, 1864. 

III. Eleanor Howard, h. at Orari Gorge Station, 6th August, 1867. 

IV. Edith Howard, b. at Orari Gorge Station, 10th March, 1872. 


That this family resided in Somerset, and 
liad landed property in that county for many 
generations, appears from a great number of 
old parchment deeds still in the possession 
of the family. The oldest which has at 
present been found is of the reign of Henkt 
VIII, and relates to the estate of East Brent, 
■which has only lately been sold. Referring 
to the same estate of East Brent, there are 
several deeds in the succeeding reigns, and a 
marriage settlement of the time of Chaeles II, 
in -which East Brent, Shipliam, and Kewbay 
are mentioned as family property. 

John Thipp, Esq. of Shipham and Hunt- 
spill, Somerset, living in the reigns of Wil- 
liam III and Mart II, and Q,ueen Anne, m. 
twice. From his second marriage are de- 
rived the Tripps of Bristol, one of whom 
went to Holland, and amnssed great wealth 
at Amsterdam, where, in his honour, a street 
is still called Tripp-street. His son was 
created in Holland Baron Tripp by the Prince 
of Orange, and one of his descendants com- 
manded with great credit the Nassau Brigade 
at Waterloo (see Waterloo Despatch, 19tli 
June, 1818: "General Kruse of the Nassau 
Service likewise conducted himself much to 
my satisfaction ; as did General Tripp, com- 
manding the heavy brigade of cavalry"). Tlie 
son of the first marriage. 

Rev. John Thipp, rector of Huntspill, 
m., and had issue, two sons : i. John, the 
heir; ll. Samuel, who m. and had numerous 
issue. The eldest son, 

John Tripp, Esq. of Huntspill, barrister- 

at-law, deputy recorder of Taunton, and J.P. 
for cos. Wilts, Dorset, Gloucester, Devon, 
and Somerset, m. Anne, daughter of the Rev. 
James Upton, rector of Bishop's Hall, near 
Taunton, and fellow of Exeter College, Ox- 
ford (whose son. Prebendary John Upton, 
was also a fellow of tliat college, and rector 
of Great Risington, co. Gloucester. He d. 
unin. at Taunton, co. Somerset), and by her 
had issue, 

I. John. 

II. James Upton, m. Miss Edsaw, of 
Eittlenorth, and had issue, 

1. James, who tn. first. Miss Buckle, 
and, secondly. Miss Harvey, and 
had issue by both. 

2. Charles Upton. 

3. Francis Upton. 
1. Sarah Caroline. 

III. George, post-captain, R.N., was 
present at the battle of Bunkei''s Hill 
in 1775 ; m. Miss Deacon, and had 
issue, Elizabeth Anne, who m. her 
cousin. Rev. Robert Henry Tripp. 

IV. Robert (Rev.) , rector of Rewe, near 
Exeter, co. Devon, m. Miss Thomp- 
son, of Kirk Deighton, and had issue, 

1. Robert Henry (Rev.), vicar of 
Altarnon, co. Cornwall, m. his 
cousin, Elizabeth Ann, daughter 
of George Tripp, Esq. 

2. William Upton. 

3. John. 

4. Charles Upton, captain 36th 
Native Infantry. 



1. Marianne. 

2. Elizabeth. 

3. Anne. 

V. Henry, barrister-at-law and bencher 
of Lincoln's Inn, resided at Orchard 
Wyndham, near Watchet, the ancient 
seat of the Wyndhams, for fifty years, 
and d. there unm. 

I. Mary, d. unm. 

II. Anne, m. Brigadier-General Wil- 
liam Owen (who was b. at Rotter- 
dam, 30th September, 1746, and d. at 
Martinique (Fort George) in 1795), 
son of John, who was a lieutenant- 
general and colonel of the 59th 
Foot, and sometime M.P. for West 
Loo, and grandson of Sir Arthur 
Owen, third bart. of Orielton, co. 
Pembrolfe, and left issue, 

1. Sir William Owen, eighth bart. 
of Orielton, co. Pembroke, b. 
at Port Mahon, Minorca, 11th 
April, 1775, and baptised at St. 
Panoras Church, London ; was 
called to the bar at the Middle 
Temple, 22nd November, 1799 ; 
practised as a special pleader, 
and in the common law courts, 
and went the Oxford Circuit. He 
also received the appointment of 
attorney-general for the Car- 
marthen Circuit, and that of 
postman of the Court of Ex- 
chequer, s., on the death of his 
uncle, Sir Arthur Owen, in 1817, 
to the baronetcy, and in 1844 
assumed the additional name of 
Barlow, upon succeeding, on the 
death of his aunt, Emma Anne, 
widow of Hugh Barlow, Esq., 
M.P. (formerly Hugh Owen), 
and under the will of that gentle- 
man, to a life interest in the 
estate of Lawrenny, in Pembroke- 
shire. He d. unm. at his resi- 
dence, Fig Tree-court, Temple, 
London (where he had lived for 
nearly sixty years) , 25th Febru- 
ary, 1851, aged 76 years, and was 
buried in the Benchers' Vault in 
the Temple Church. 

1. Emma Anne, m. at Machynl- 
leth, CO. Montgomery, February, 
1821, Thomas Jones, Esq. of 
Esgair Evan, co. Montgomery, 
and d. s.p. 30th September, 1861, 
buried at Llanbrynmair, co. 
Montgomery, North Wales. 

2. Frances, b. 7th November, 1785 ; 
m. at Bathwick Church, Bath, co. 
Somerset, 15th June, 1815, her 
first cousin. Rev. Charles Tripp, 
D.D., afterwards rector of Silver- 
ton, CO. Devon, and had issue. 

III. Francis Alicia Deborah Frederica 
Upton, d. unm. 
The eldest son, 

Ret. John Teipp, LL.D., of Christohurch, 
Oxford, rector of Spofforth and Catton, co. 
York (which living was bestowed upon him 

by George O'Brien, Earl of Egremont), b. at 
Taunton; m. Sarah Burehell, and d. 11th 
February, 1814, having had issue, 

I. George, captain 25th Regiment of 
Foot, served in Egypt under Sir 
Ralph Abercrombie, in 1801, and was 
at the battle of Aboukir. He d. unm. 
at Spofforth Rectory, 21st August, 

II. CiiAELES, of whom presently. 

III. Peter, lieutenant-colonel 98th Regi- 
ment of Foot, and governor of Port 
Elizabeth, Natal, b. at Spofforth, 18th 
August, 1786 ; »«. at Graham's Town, 
Cape of Good Hope, 24th November, 
18:d8, Frances Mary, daughter of John 
White, Esq. of Durham, ai-my sur- 
geon. He d. at St. Clair, Ryde, Isle 
of Wight, 12th June, 1862, and was 
buried in the cemetery there, leaving 
three children : 1. Henry John How- 
ard ; 1. Ellen Sarah ; 2. Frances 
Charlotte Anne. 

lY. John Upton, retired commander, 
R.N., 1847, b. at Spofforth, 27th Oc- 
tober, 1791 ; entered the navy, 20th 
October, 1802; made lieutenant 7th 
June, 1809. He m. at Bathwick 
Church, Bath, co. Somerset, 5th Janu- 
ary, 1826, his cousin, Sarah Caroline, 
daughter of James Upton and Sarah 
Tripp, of Fittleworth, Sussex. He d. 
at Cleveland-place, Bath, 31st De- 
cember, 1850, and was buried at Wal- 
cot, Bath, leaving issue : 1. John 
Henry ; 2. Henry Howard; 3. George; 
1. Henrietta Elizabeth ; 2. Jessie. 

I. Frances, b. at Spofforth, 16th August, 
1788, m. there 27th June, 1811, Henry 
Eyre, Esq. of Landford, Wilts, son of 
the Rev. Henry Eyre, of Landford, 
whose niece was Frances Elizabeth, 
Countess Nelson, only daughter and 
heiress of his brother John Maurice 
Eyre, Esq. of Landford House. 

II. Charlotte, b. at Spofforth, 21st June, 
1794, d. unm. at Exeter, 23rd August, 
1845, and was buried at Kentisbere, 
CO. Devon. 

The second son. 

Ret. Charles Tripp, D.D. of Trinity Col- 
lege, Cambridge, formerly rector of Bond- 
leigh, CO. Devon (to whicli living he had 
been presented by his godfather, the Hon. 
Percy Charles Wyndham) and afterwards 
rector of Kentisbere, co. Devon (which 
living was bestowed upon him by George 
O'Brien, Earl of Egremont), also at different 
times presented to the sinecure rectories of 
Blackborough, co. Devon, and South Bradon, 
CO. Somerset, and afterwards rector of Silver- 
ton, CO. Devon, J. P. for cos. Somerset and 
Devon ; b. at Sjiofforth, co. York, 20th April, 
1784; m. at Bathwick Church, Bath, co. 
Somerset, 15th June, 1815, his first cousin 
Frances, second daughter of Brigadier- 
General William Owen, lieutenant-colonel 
61st Regiment (by Anne, his wife, daughter 
of John Tripp, Esq., barrister-at-law), and 
sister of the late Sir William Owen, 8th 



baronet of Orielton, and by her (who was h. 
7th November, 1785, and d. 27th March, 
1866) had issue, 

I. Henry (Rev.), M.A., rector of Win- 
ford, near Bristol, co. Somerset, and 
late fellow of Worcester College, Ox- 
ford (B.A. 1839, M.A. 1841) ; h. at 
Bondleigh, co. Devon, 6th April, 1816 ; 
educated at Winchester and Oxford ; 
m. at St. Leonard's Church, Exeter, 
25th June, 1857, Anne, daughter of 
Eev. George James Gould, incumbent 
of Mariansleigh, co. Devon, and by 
her (who was b. at Luckham IGth 
April, 1839, and d. at Winford 29th 
March, 1888) has had issue, 

1. Owen Howard, h. 6tli January, 
1862, at Winford. 

2. Henry Howard, h. 6th October, 

3. Walter Charles Howard, h. 23rd 
January, 1870. 

4. Cecil Edvpard Howard, b. 3rd 
December, 1872. 

5. Howard Bertie, b. 26th March, 

6. Hugh Upton Howard, b. 3rd 
October, 1878. 

1. Mary Howard, b. 9th Jvme, 1860 ; 
m. 2nd October, 1886, P. Cripps, 

2. Florence Margaret Howard, b. 
29th November, 1863; m. I7th 
December, 1885, W. L. Gub- 
bings, Esq., Army Medical Staff. 

3. Annie Frances Howard, b. 29th 
January, 1865. 

4. Amy Howard, b. 15th July, 

5. Agnes Howard, b. I7th October, 

6. Emma Howard, b. 3rd March, 

7. Winifred Howard, b. 3rd May, 

8. Alice Josephine Howard, b. 28th 
January, 1877. 

9. Gerakline Howard, b. 27th Octo- 
ber, 1879. 

II. John (Rev.), B.A. of the University 
of Oxford, rector of Sampford Brett, 
CO. Somerset, and chaplain of the 
Union, Williton, Taunton, co. Somer- 
set ; b. 20th Jvdy, 1821, at Bondleigh ; 
m. at St. Leonard's Church, Exeter, 
11th November, 1856, Elizabeth, eldest 
daughter of Eev. George James Gould, 
and sister of the wife of his elder 
brother Henry, and by her (who was 

b. at Luckham, 7th October, 1837) has 
issue, besides five other sons and two 
daughters, a son, Charles Howard, 
b. at Carhampton, co. Somerset, 22nd 
Julv, 1858. 

III. Charles, b. 30th April, 1825, at 
Bondleigh, d. 8th August, 1825, and 
buried at Kentisbere, co. Devon. 

IT. Chaelbs Geoege, of whom we treat. 

T. William Owen (Rev.), b. at Kentis- 
bere, 13th May, 1828 ; on. at Pudding- 
ton, CO. Devon, 27th November, 1856, 
Mary Georgina Anne, eldest daughter 
of Rev. David Llewellyn, rector of 
Puddington, and d. at Kennerleigh, 
CO. Devon, 18th April, 1860, having 
had issue, a son, Charles Llewellyn 
Howard, b. at Kennerleigh Rectory, 
CO. Devon, 19th September, 1857, and 
a daughter, Ethel, m. 1885, E. P. 
Rooper, Esq. of Tiverton, co. Devon. 

VI. Arthur Sampford, b. 1st January, 
1831, at Sampford Brett, co. Somerset ; 
m. 23rd July, 1857, at Puddington, 
Agnes Jane Harriett, second daughter 
of Rev. David Llewellyn, and sister of 
his brother William's wife, and has 
issue, besides two other sons and a 
daughter, a son, Arthur William 
Howard, b. 5th May, 1858, at Esgair 
Evan, Llanbrynmair. 

VII. Howard, b. 18th August, 1832, at 
Sampford Brett, d. unm. at Glasgow, 
9th April, 1857, and was buried at 

I. Frances, b. at Bondleigh, co. Devon, 
22nd October, 1817 ; d. 25th Febru- 
ary, 1818, and was buried there. 

II. Frances Anne, b. at Bondleigh, 31st 
May, 1819 ; m. at Silverton, co. Devon, 
5th December, 1850, Rev. John Henry 
Wise, rector of Brendon, North 
Devon, and has issue : 1. John Owen, 
b. at Hankerton, co. Wilts, 16th De- 
cember, 1852, and 1. Emma Blanche. 

III. Eliza, b. at Bondleigh, 14th March, 
1823 ; m. at Silverton, 27th August, 
184-6, Captain C. T. Bentiey, of H.M. 
78th Highlanders, who d. at Derby, 
6th January, 1858, aged 44 years, 
leaving issue. 

Dr. Tripp d. at Silverton, co. Devon, 9th 
April, 1865, in his 81st year, and was buried 

Arms used — Qu. a scaling ladder in bend, 
between six cross crossletsfitchee or. Crest — 
A hawh ppr. 

Residence — Orari Gorge Station, Wood- 
bury, Canterbury, New Zealand. 

sealfetr of Eptte. 

WALKER, ARTHUR GEORGE, Esq. of Addington, Ryde, near Sydney, 
New South Wales, Australia, h. 3rd September, 1828, at Rhodes, 
Concord, New South Wales, and baptised at St. John's Church, Parramatta, 

of (J,hvi0tcUnrci} 

oi Iciovcivatci 

of G.dlitt^tan 

^f aauU■^cI^. 



New South Wales ; m. 19th January, 1854, Lachlina Elizabeth, eldest daughter 
of Dr. Thomas Scott, R.N., and granddaughter of Lieutenant Thomas Davey, 
governor of Tasmania, and has issue, 

I. Arthur Ernest Scott, b. at Rhodes, Tasmania, 30th November, 1854. 

II. Herbert Travers, b. 1st September, 1856, at Rhodes ; m. Mary Cleve- 

land, third daughter of Thomas Scott, Esq. of Newcastle, and has 
one son, Norman Francis. 

III. Percy Ehrensward, b. at Rhodes, 11th June, 1858. 

IV. Ross Lewin Blaxland, of Iveridge, Tasmania, on which estate he was 

b., 1859. 

V. Lachlan Scott, b. at Iveridge, Tasmania, July, 1860. 

Mr. Walker m. secondly, 3rd June, 1889, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of 
Charles Blaxland, Esq. of Cleves, Parramatta River, who was fourth son of 
Gregory Blaxland, Esq., discoverer of the famous pass in the Blue Mountains 
(see Blaxland of Foedwich). 


John Walkek, Esq. of Headingley, near 
Leeda, and of Gawthorp Hall, near Bingley, 
both CO. York, barrister-at-law, son of Joseph 
and Mart Walkeb, of Wortley, in the 
parish of Leeds, was b. 24th August, 1754, 
appointed recorder of Leeds by Queen Anne, 
and took the usual oath on the 29th March, 
1711 ; in. first, at St. Peter-at- Arches, Lincoln, 
4th May, 1780, Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel 
Field, Esq., formerly of Hunslet, Leeds, and 
afterwards of Norton, co. Lincoln, and by her 
(who d. 11th May, 1781) had issue, a daugh- 

Elizabeth Field, h. 30th April, 1781, d. 
August following, and was buried at 
All Hallows, Barking, Tower-street, 

He m. secondly, at St. Peter's Church, 
Leeds, 16th May, 1786, Mary, sister of Mrs. 
English (wife of Dr. English, of Hampton 
Court, physician to King III), and 
daughter of John Eogerson, Esq. of Leeds, 
CO. York, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of 
. . . Brooke, Esq. of Rhodes Hall, near 
Leeds, co. York, whose ancestors, the De 
Brokes, were of Norman origin. Mrs. Mary 
Walker owned the greater part of Leeds. 
She had issue, 

I. John, merchant in the South Sea trade, 
and a captain in the militia, b. 13th 
May, 1787, baptised at St. Dionis 
Backchurch, Lime-street, London. 

II. Edward Brooke, b. 2nd May, 1789, 
baptised at St. Dunstan's, Stepney, co. 
Middlesex; m. Elizabeth, daughter of 
William Stanford, Esq. of the island 
of Malta, and had issue, 

1. Edward Brooke Evans, went to 
Tasmania when a boy ; m. Rose, 
daughter of Walter Powell, Esq., 
and had two sons and two daugh- 

1. Elizabeth Stanford, m. Henry 

Searle, Esq., and has two daugh- 
ters : Ellen, TO. Dean Kirby, and 
Mary Rogerson, mmot. 

III. Thomas, of whom presently. 

IV. Abraham, b. 24th October, 1797, bap- 
tised at St. Dunstan's, Stepney, went, 
when a young man, to Tasmania ; m. 
Jane, daughter of Captain Welsh, and 
had issue, several sons (two only of 
whom survived) and two daughters, 

1. Mary, m. 12th February, 1862, as 
his first wife, Albert Norton, Esq. 
(5. 1st January, 1836, m. secondly, 
Harriet Deacon, and by her has 
issue, one son, Albert James), 
sixth son of the Hon. James 
Norton, of Elswick, near Sydney, 
New South Wales, solicitor, mem- 
ber of the Legislative Council of 
N.S.W., and brother of the present 
Hon. James Norton, of Eccles- 
bourne and Euchora, nenr Sydney 
{see that family'). She d. in 
giving birth to an infant, which 
also died. 

2. Ellen, m. Douglas Gadsden, Esq., 
but has no issue. 

I. Mary, b. 7th November, 1793, baptised 
at St. Dunstan's, Stepney. 

II. Elizabeth Ann, b. 6th January, 1795, 
baptised at St. Dunstan's, Stepney. 

The third son, 

Thomas Walkee, Esq. of Rhodes, Concord, 
on the Parramatta River, New South Wales, 
and of Rhodes, on the South Esk River, and 
Iveridge, both in Tasmania, deputy-assistant 
commissary-general of New South Wales, b. 
in Yorkshire, 3rd December, 1791 ; baptised 
at St. Dunstan's, Stepney, co. Middlesex, 
entered the army of the Duke of Wellington 
before he was eighteen years of age ; was 
attached to his staff, and also to the 16th Light 
Hussars (afterwards the 16th Light Dragoons), 
being in the commissariat ; went all through 




the Peninsular War, and was present at the 
Battle of Waterloo. For his services he re- 
ceived the medal for Vittoria and the clasp 
for St. Sebastian, and had the highest creden- 
tials from the Duke of Cambridge, through 
the Duke of Wellington. Thomas Walker 
and his brother officer, Thomas Cordeaux, 
were chosen, out of all the commissariat, to go 
out to New South Wales and inspect the 
commissariat, which was at that time in a 
very bad state. He was deputy-assistant com- 
missary-general, and went to New South 
Wales in Governor Macquarie's time. On 
retiring from the service he settled in Tas- 
mania, where he lived for about forty years. 
He m. Anna Elizabeth, second daughter of 
the Hon. John Blaxland, formerly of Newing- 
ton Hall, CO. Kent, England, and afterwards 
of Newington, Parramatta River, New South 
Wales, sometime member of the Legislative 
Council of that colony, the head of the Blax- 
land house (see Blaxland of Foedv^ioh), 
by Harriott, his second wife, only daughter 
of John Louis de Marquet, of Calcutta, for- 
merly an officer in the Garde du Corps of 
Louis XYI, and by her (who was 5. at New- 
ington Hall, CO. Kent, England, 8th Decem- 
ber, 1804, and d. 20th December, 1889) had 

I. Frederick Thomas, I. 11th May, 1827, 
at Rhodes, Concord, New Sovith Wales, 
and baptised at St. John's Church, 
Parramatta, New South Wales, unm. 

II. Aethue George, now of Addington, 
Eyde, near Sydney. 

III. John Rhodes, 5. 8th May, 1839, at 
Rhodes, Tasmania ; baptised at Christ 
Church, Longford, Tasmania, unm. 

IV. Harold de Broke, h. 18th December, 
1843, at Rhodes, Tasmania ; baptised 
at Christ Church, Longford, iinm. 

I. Harriott Mary, h. 29th October, 1823, 
at Rhodes, Concord, and baptised at 
St. John's Church, Parramatta ; m. at 
Longford, Tasmania, 1st June, 1854, 
as his first wife, the Hon. James Nor- 
ton, of Ecclesbourne, Double Bay, near 
Sydney, and of Euchoi'a, Springwood, 
Blue Mountains, near Sydney, New 

South Wales, member of the Legis- 
lative Council of that colony, trustee 
of the Free Public Library, Sydney, 
and of the Australian Museum, Sydney, 
fellow of St. Paul's College, within the 
University of Sydney, and university 
solicitor (see Norton of Eocles- 
BOUENE AND Etjchoea), and d. at 
Ecclesbourne, 12th September, 1860, 
and was buried in Sydney, having had 
issue one son and three daughters. 

II. Gertrude Jane, h. 11th January, 1826, 
at Rliodes, Concord, m. 21st March, 
1860, as his first wife, William Norton, 
Esq., barrister-at-law (who was h. 25th 
December, 1830, and re-m. Mrs. 
Douglas, by whom he had no issue), 
brother of the aforementioned Hon. 
James Norton, and d. 6th August, 
1862, having had a daughter, Gertrude, 
who d. young. 

III. Anna Frances, h. 21st June, 1830, 
at Rhodes, Concord, unm. 

IV. Louisa Eliza, h. 23rd February, 1832, 
at Rhodes, Tasmania, tinm. 

T. Selina Rhodia, b. 30th August, 1833, 
at Rhodes, Tasmania, d. young. 

Tl. Marion Laura, b. 11th July, 1835, at 
Rhodes, Tasmania, m. 3rd May, 1888, 
the Rev. Charles F. Garnsey, of Christ- 
church, Sydney. 

VII. Ellen Blaxland, b. 11th July, 1837, 
d. in infancy. 

VIII. Alice Octavia, b. 16th March, 1841, 
at Rhodes, Tasmania, uiun. 

IX. Adela Russell, b. 22nd February, 
1847, at Rhodes, Tasmania, m. 27th 
July, 1870, George Coleridge Nixon, 
Esq., son of the Right Rev. Dr. Francis 
Russell Nixon, first Anglican Bishop 
of Tasmania. 

Thomas Walker d. at Rhodes, Tasmania, 
12th April, 1861. 

Arms used — Arg. a chev. between three 
crescents az. Crest — A greyhound pass. 
Motto — Fideliter et alacriter. 

Residence — Addington, Ryde, near Sydney, 
New South Wales, Australia. 

DIXON, MARMADUKE, Esq. of Eyrewell Park, West Eyreton, Canter- 
bury, New Zealand, J.P., I. 1828 ; m. 1859, Eliza Agnes, daughter of 
the Rev. James Suttel Wood, of Wood Hall, Wensleydale, Yorkshire, rector 
of Cranfield, Bedfordshire (by Catherine Mary Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of 
Roger Darvall, Esq., son of Joseph Darvall, Esq., governor of Bencoolen, in 
the H. E. I. Co.'s service), who was the son of John Rider Wood, Esq. (by 
Ann, his wife, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Cautley, vicar of Ouseburn, co. 
York), and grandson of Richard Wood, Esq. (who m. in 1729, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Ottiwell Rider, Esq. of Bolton Castle, Wensleydale, co. York), 
and by her has had issue (besides a son, d. young). 



I. Marmaduke John, h. 1863. 

II. Richard Orme, h. 1864. 

I. Agnes Rosa Marion. 

II. Catherine Amelia Mary Elizabeth. 


"William Dixon, Esq. of ITolton Park, co. 
Lincoln, d. in 1780. By Martlia Drury, his 
■wife, of Adlington, co. Lancaster, he had 
issue, besides four other children, 

I. William, of whom presently. 

II. Thomas (Eev.), of Laceby, co. Lin- 

III. Richard (Rev.), of Claxby, co. Lin- 
coln, m. Miss Walkden, and had issue, 
two daughters, Fanny and Martha 
Walkden, both of ■whom d. imm. 

I. Ann, eighth and youngest child, m. 
Richard Eoadley, Esq. of Scarby, co. 
Lincoln, and had issue, a daughter, 
Mary Ann, 'who m. her cousin, Thomas 
John Dixon, Esq. of Holton, co. Lin- 
coln, and had issue. 

The eldest son, 

William Dixon, Esq. of Holton, afore- 
said, who, in 1800, established the " Society 
of Industry" at Caistor, co. Lincoln, for the 
better relief and employment of the poor. 
He m. the daughter of the Rev. Mr. Parkin- 
son, for fifty years rector of Healing, co. 
Lincoln (by his ■wife, the daughter of the 
Eev. Mr. Green, vicar of Kirkby-upon-Bain, 
CO. Lincoln, ■whose wife ■was the daughter of 
Sir Richard Wal^wyn Green, of Hereford- 
shire), and by her had seven children, amongst 
•whom were, 

Thomas John, of Holton, co. Lincoln, 
eldest son, ■who ■was high sheriff for 
that county, 1862 ; m. his cousin, 
Mary Ann {d. 1885), daughter of 
Richard Roadley, Esq. of Searby, 
aforesaid, and d. 1870, having had 
seven children, all of whom d. young, 
except two daughters, viz., Ann, now 
of Holton, unm. ; and Emily, m. to 
. . . Jamieson, Esq., M.D., of 
Caistor, co. Lincoln. 

James Geeen, fifth child, of whom pre- 

Amelia Margaretta, seventh and youngest 
child, in. George Ship worth, Esq. of 
Moortown House, co. Lincoln, high 
sheriff, co. Lincoln, 1858, and had 
eleven children, amongst whom were, 
George Borman, of Moortown HaU, 

South Eelsey, Caistor, co. Lincoln, 
barrister-at-law, lord of the manor 
of South Kelsey, b. 1820; called to 
the bar at the Middle Temple, 2nd 
May, 1845 ; m. 1846, Miss Alethea A. 
Bigsby; Margaretta, m. to the Rev. 
Mr. Turner, of Offord Cluny, co. 
Huntingdon ; Susannah, m. 1858, 
John Lewis Ffytche, Esq. {b. 1816), 
of The Terrace, Freshwater, Isle of 
Wight, and of the National Conserva- 
tive Club, London, M.A. Oxen., 
F.S.A., J.P. and D.L. co. Lincoln, 
J. P. CO. Derry, and high sherifP, co. 
Lincoln, 18G5, lord of the manors of 
Sheiiord-cum-Campton, co. Bedford ; 
Eisley, co. Derby ; Leybourn, co. 
Lincoln ; and Fenstanton, co. Hun- 
tingdon ; cousin to Lord Tennyson, the 
poet laureate, and eldest son of J. 
Ffytche, Esq. of Thorpe Hall, near 
Louth, CO. Lincoln, J.P. and D.L., 
who d. 1855 ; Charlotte, m. to the 
Eev. Benjamin Gibbons, M.A. Ox- 
ford, of Waresley House, Hartlebury, 
Kidderminster, co. Worcester, vicar of 
Lower Mitton, Stourport, co. Wor- 
cester ; and Annie, m. to the Eev. 
Samuel Wright Andrews, M.A. Cam- 
bridge, J.P., prebendary of Lincoln, 
rector of Claxby- with-Normanby-on- 
the-Wold, CO. Lincoln, 1869, and vicar 
of Usselby, Caistor, co. Lincoln, 1887. 

James Geeen Dixon, Esq. of Caistor, co. 
Lincoln, m. Mary Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Dawber, Esq. of Brigg, co. Lincoln 
(by Miss Eobinson, his ■wife), who ■n-as son of 
W. Dawber, Esq. of Scampton Hall, in the 
same county, by Mary, his wife, daughter of 
the Eev. Mr. Kirk, vicar of Appleby, and d. 
in 1878, aged 89, having had by her (who d. 
in 1872), 

the present Maemaduke Dixon, Esq. of 
Eyrewell Park. 

Arms used — On., aJJeur-de-Iis or, a chief 
erm. Crest — A lion ramp. arg. Motto — 

Residence — Eyrewell Park, West Eyreton, 
Canterbury, New Zealand. 

#ruthtr xif ©nnlcj>. 

r^ RUEBER, STEPHEN HENRY, Esq. of Ormley, Fingal, Tasmania, 
V^ J.P. since 1843, and elected ten years successively -warden of the 
municipality of Fingal, h. 8th May, 1818 ; emigrated to Tasmania in 1839 ; 
m. 23rd May, 1839, Elizabeth Miller, of Edinburgh, and has issue, 

VOL. I. R 2 



I. Stephen Henry, present owner of Ormley, Fingal, Tasmania, J. P. 

since 1872, b. 7th October, 1843; m. 6th March, 1867, Hannah 
Fletcher, and has issue, a daughter, 

II. Thomas William, h. 17th June, 1845; vi. 2nd July, 1868, Harriet 

Thompson, and has issue, two sons and one daughter. 

III. Charles Frederick Archibald, b. 23rd September, 1849; m. 10th 
January, 1873, Elizabeth Elliston, and has issue, six sons. 

IV. Francis Henry, b. 6th May, 1852 ; unm. 

I. Mary Elizabeth, m. 29th January, 1867, Thomas Spencer, Esq. 

II. Elizabeth Helen, m. 28th November, 1881, Edward 0. Cotton, Esq. of 

Glamorgan, Tasmania. 


Tlie Grviebers are of German extraction. 
Three brothers emigrated from Frankfort in 
1572, one settled in India, and d. s.p., one in 
Ireland, whose descendants are now extinct, 
and one in England, whose descendant, 

Stephen Henet Gbitebbe, Esq., was a 
captain in the E. I. Co.'s service, and was 
father of 

Stephen Heney Getjebek, Esq. of Brook- 
ley, CO. Kent, England, East India merchant 
of the City of London, and member of the 
Goldsmiths' Company; m. 3rd August, 1801, 

Mary, daughter of She d. 

20th February, 1862. He d. 31st January, 
1855, having had issue, 

I. Henry, m. Eliza Pierce, and d. leaving 
a daughter. 

II. Thomas, of Granville Park, Black- 
heath, CO. Kent, England, formerly 
practised as a solicitor; m. Emily 

Eowsell, and has issue, three daugh- 

III. Charles Stephen (Rev.), B.A. Ox- 
ford, vicar of Hambridge, near Taun- 
ton, CO. Somerset, England, m. Cathe- 
rine Appold, and has issue, three 
sons and seven daughters. 

IV. Stephen Henet, now of Ormley, 

I. Mary Anne, m. Hugh Pierce, Esq., 
and has issue, four sons and live 

Arms used — Per pale or and az., three 
roses counterchanged. Crest — A rose between 
two wings erect, each charged with a rose. 
Motto — Honor virtutis prcemium. 

Residence — Ormley, Fingal, Tasmania. 

^state^Now owned by Mr. Stephen 
Henry Grueber, jun. — Ormley, situated 
between Fingal and Avoca, on the banks of 
the South Esk River, Tasmania (6,000 acres). 

Jforast ot ^tvtij. 

FORREST, HON. JOHN, C.M.G., J.P., F.R.G.S., F.G.S., F.L.S., of Hay- 
street, Perth, Western Australia, member of the Legislative Assembly 
for Bunbury, first colonial treasurer and premier, under responsible govern- 
ment, of Western Australia, and one of the representatives of that colony at 
the National Australasian Federal Convention, formerly commissioner of 
Crown Lands and surveyor-general of Western Australia, b. 22nd August, 
1847 ; 7n. 29th February, 1876, Margaret Elvire, elder daughter of Edward 
Hamersley, Esq. of Pyrton, near Guildford, Western Australia, B.A. (Trinity 
College, Cambridge), brother of the late Hugh Hamersley, Esq. of Pyrton 
Manor, co. Oxford, England, J. P. and D.L., chairman of Quarter Sessions, 
and high sheriff, 1840 (see Hamersley article below), but by her has no 
issue. The Hon. John Forrest is an honorary fellow of the Italian Geo- 
graphical Society, honorary fellow of the Imperial Geographical Society 
of Vienna and St. Petersburg, knight of the Italian Crown. In 1865, he 
entered the Survey Department in Western Australia, and has commanded 
several exploring expeditions into the interior of Australia, including that 



sent out by the Government in 1869 to search for Leichhardt, for which 
services he received the thanks of the Governor and Legislative Council, 
and was presented with the gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society 
on 22nd May, 1876, and also with a grant in fee of 6,000 acres of land 
by the Imperial Government. The same year he was appointed deputy 
surveyor-general of Western Australia. He acted as commissioner of 
Crown Lands and surveyor-general, from September, 1878, to January, 1879 ; 
acting comptroller of Convicts from May, 1880, to July, 1881 ; appointed 
commissioner of Crown Lands and surveyor-general of Western Australia 
in January, 1883, and colonial treasurer and premier, on the inauguration of 
responsible government, 1891. He was created C.M.G., 1882; author of 
Explorations in Australia, 1876, Notes on Western Australia, 1884, 1885, and 
1886; represented the Colony at the Colonial Conference in London, 1887. 


This family is believed to have originally 
come from France. 

John Fobeest, Esq. (at that time pro- 
nounced Foret), a merchant of Bervie, near 
Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, Scotland, h. 
1759. He erected the first spinning mill in 
Kincardineshire, m. twice, and d. 1826, 
having had by his first wife two sons and 
two daughters, viz., 

I. James, of whom presently. 

II. Thomas, went to the West Indies, 
and d. there. 

I. Agnes, m Dixon, Esq., and 

had issue, Rev. James ; Thomas, an 
artist ; David ; and William. 

II. Mary. 

James Foekest, Esq., b. in 1789, at 
Bervie, Kincardineshire ; trained to the law, 
and became a writer to the signet ; m. Mary 
Cheyne, and d. 1856, leaving an only son, 

William Foeeest, Esq. of Leschenault, 
near Bunbury, Western Australia, civil 
engineer, h. 1819 ; emigrated to Western 
Australia in 1842 ; m. at Glasgow, Scotland, 
in 1840, Margaret, daughter of David Hill, 
Esq., and has issue, 

I. William, h. 1842; m. 1864, Mary 
Ann, davighter of John Fowler, Esq., 
and has issue, 

1. Alexander. 

2. Walter. 

3. Edward. 

1. Grace. 

2. Edith. 

3. Agnes. 

4. Maud. 

5. Laura. 

6. Eva. 

7. Una. 

n. James HiU, b. 1845 ; m. 1870, Annie 
Maria, daughter of W. C. Eamsay, 
Esq., and has issue, 

1. Cunningham. 

2. William. 

3. Matthew. 

1. Mary. 

2. Annie. 

3. Margaret. 

4. Rose. 

5. Minnie. 

6. Grace. 

III. John (Hon.), of Perth, the subject 
of this article. 

IV. Alexander, M.I.C.E., of Perth, West- 
ern Australia, member of the Legisla- 
tive Assembly for West Kimberley, 
and one of the representatives of the 
colony of Western Australia at the 
National Australasian Federal Con- 
vention ; b. 1849 ; m. 1880, Amy, 
eldest daughter of Edward Barrett- 
Lennard, Esq. of Annandale, Western 
Australia (see Baeeett-Lennaed, Bt., 
in Burke's Peerage), and has issue, 

1. Kimberly Fitzroy, 

2. Anthony. 

3. John. 
1. Sylvia. 

Mr. Alexander Forrest accompanied 
his brother John in his expeditions in 
1870 and 1874, and subsequently made 
expeditions in Western Australia 
without the assistance of his brother. 

V. David, b. 1852; m. 1881, Mary, 
daughter of John W. Parker, Esq., 
and has issue. 

VI. Robert, b. 1854; m. 1875, Esther 

VII. George, b. 1858, m. Alice O'Neil, 
and has issue, 

1. Ernest. 

1. Flora. 

2. Blanche. 

Arms — Arg., on a mount a forest of trees 
ppr., on a chief az. three stars of eight points 
of the first. Crest — A cubit arm erect, 
vested az. cuff arg. the hand ppr. holding a 
cross botonny fitchee in bend sinister of the 
second. Motto — Vivunt dum virent. 

Residence — Hay-street, Perth, Western 



jpamilg of l^amerskg. 

Previously to tlie 16tli century this family 
was seated in Staffordsliii-e. One of the 
Staffordshire house, Sib Hugh Hameks- 
LEY, settling in London, was president of 
Christ's Hospital, and became lord mayor 
of London, 1627. From him is supposed to 

Rev. Samuel Hameeslet, rector of 
Checkendon, co. Oxford, who m. 1765, Anne 
Alleine (deceased 1767), and d. VlTo, having 
bad issue, 

Htjgh Hameesley, Esq. of Pyrton 
Manor, Tetsworth, co. Oxford, who m. 1810, 
Margaret, davighter of John Bevan, Esq., 
and by her (who d. 1849) had issue, 

I. Hugh, of Pyrton Manor, J.P. and 
D.L., chairman of Quarter Sessions, 
high sheriff, 1840, b. 1st August, 
1814; m. 2nd June, 1835, Philippa 
Mary Anne, daughter of John Shawe 
Philipps, Esq. of Culham, co. Oxford, 
and by her (who d. 21st February, 
1877) had issue, 

1. Hugh Buckley, of Pyrton Manor, 
CO. Oxford, b. 29th July, 1838 ; 
m. 1879, Elizabeth Sophia, 
daughter of J. Shaen Carter, Esq. 

2. Edward Samuel, of Pyrton 
Manor, and of the Junior Carlton 
Club, London, J.P. and D.L. co. 
Oxford, b. 14th August, 1839; 
m. 1st, 24th January, 1865, 
Alice, daughter of ... . Barton, 
Esq. of Sydney, New South 
Wales, Australia, who d. 21st 
February, 1875 ; 2ndly, 3rd De- 
cember, 1878, Louisa M., daugh- 
ter of J. B. G-raham, Esq. 

3. Arthur (Rev.), rector of Nuf- 
field, CO. Oxford, b. 19th February, 
1841 ; m. 14th February, 1865, 
Jane, daughter of the Rev. T. 
Hopkins, of Nuffield, and d. 21st 
November, 1872. 

4. John Henry, of Hoole Lodge, 
near Chester, lieut. -colonel late 
22nd Regiment, major 1st battalion 
Cheshire Regiment in 1881, and 
chief constable of Cheshire from 
1881, b. 20th April, 1843 ; m. 1878, 
Lucy, daughter of Rev. James 
Caspar Clutterbuck, D.C.L., H.M. 
inspector of poor law schools. 

5. Alfred St. George, barrister-at- 
law, b. 8th October, 1848. 

6. Cecil Siaafto, b. 10th February, 

1. Fanny Philippa, m. 4th August, 
1863, Colonel Claude Ducat, 
Bombay Staff Corps. 

2. Emily Clara, m. 13th January, 
1859, Colonel Hale, R.E. 

3. Mary Anne, d. 26th October, 1873. 
■•^- 4. Katherine, m. Rev. C. Bowly, 

rector of Messing, Essex. 
5. Adelaide Sophie, m. 21st De- 

cember, 1880, Lieutenant-Colonel 
the Hon. Edward Alexander 
Holmes-A Court, of Oxford, major 
of the 85th Regiment, or Shrop- 
shire Light Infantry, from 1882 
to 1886, when he was appointed 
hon. lieutenant-colonel ; chief 
constable of Oxfordshire from 
1888; b. 23rd October, 1845; 
5th son of the second Baron Hey- 
tesbury, and has issue. 
Mr. Hugh Hamersley m. 2ndly, 25th 
January, 1882, Hon. Gertrude Anne 
Holmes-A Court, daughter of 2nd Lord 
Heyfc'esbury, and d. 1884. 

II. Edwaed, of whom presently. 

III. Samuel, m., and has issue, Malcolm 
Travers, m. Catherine, daughter of 
. . . Spratt, Esq. ; Margaret, m. . . . 
Wilson, Esq. 

I. Margaret m G-reen, Esq., and 

has issue. 

II. Frances Isabella, m. 1827, William 
Locke Brockman, Esq. (see Beock- 
MAN OF Beachboeotjgh in Burke's 
Landed Gentry). 

III. Elizabeth, m. 1st, G-eorge Johnston, 
Esq., sonof G-eneral Johnston, and has 
issue ; and 2ndly, Baron von Eonitz. 

Mr. Hamersley d. 1828, and was s. by 
his eldest son, Hugh. His 2nd son, 

Edvtaed Ha.\iersley, Esq. of Pyrton, 
near G-uildford, Western Australia, B.A. 
Trinity College, Cambi-idge, m. Anne 
Louise Cornells, and d. 1874, leaving issue, 

I. Edward (Hon.), member of the Legis- 
lative Council of Western Australia, 
m. Jane, daughter of J. M. Dempster, 
Esq., and has issue, Edward, Charles 
William, Percy, Elvire, Louise. 

II. Charles, m. Blanche, daughter of 
Arthur Trimmer, Esq., and d. Decem- 
ber, 1890, having had issue, Arthur, 
Elvira, Margaret. 

III. Hugh, m. Marion, daughter of J. M. 
Dempster, Esq., and has issue, Hugh, 
John, Evelyna. 

IV. Samuel Richard, m. Matilda, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Brown, Esq., and has 
issue, Hugh, Vernon, Ada, Mary, 

v. Bevon. 

Tl. George, in. Emily, daughter of . . . 
Anderson, Esq. 

I. Makgaeet Eltiee, m. 29th February, 
1876, Hon. John Fokeest, C.M.G-., 
J.P., F.R.G.S., F.G.S., F.L.S., of 
Hay-street, Perth, Western Australia, 
colonial treasurer and premier of 
Western Australia. 

II. Flora. 

Arms of Hamersley, Lord Mayor of Lon- 
don — Gu. three rams' heads couped or. Crest 
— A demi griffin or, holding a cross crosslet 
Jitchee gu. 



©rant ot CuUarijgorum* 

GRANT, JAMBS, Esq. late of Tullocligorum, Fingal, Tasmania, member 
of Council of Education and of some minor boards, formerly J.P. and 
member of the House of Assembly for Fingal, b. at Brixton, co. Surrey, 
England, 23rd January, 1823, baptised at the Chapel of Ease, Stockwell, co. 
Surrey ; educated in Hobart, and afterwards entered King's College, London ; 
w. first, at the parish church, North Down, Tasmania, 27th March, 1851, 
Charlotte Mary, 2nd daughter of Jocelyn Henry Connor Thomas, Esq., 
formerly of Everton, Carlow, Ireland, by Charlotte, his wife, daughter of 
Henry Partridge, Esq. of Hockham Hall, co. Norfolk (see Burke's Landed 
Gentry), and bad issue, 

I. James Henry, of Woodleigh, Herberton, North Queensland, J. P., b. 

29th December, 1851. In conjunction with his brothers he owns 
the extensive cattle station of Woodleigh, Queensland. 

II. Edward Neve, b. 24th March, 1853. 

III. Leslie Jocelyn, b. 19th August, 1854. 

IV. Wallace Partridge, b. 13th October, 1856. 

V. Franklin Stanhope, b. 31st March, 1860. 

VI. Herbert Neil, b. 24th January, 1864. 

I. Katherine Mary. 

II. Edith Caroline. 

Mr. Grant m. 2ndly, at All Saints' Church, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, 
Australia, 18th July, 1877, Adela Seton, eldest daughter of Francis McCrae 
Cobham, Esq. (lineally descended from the Cobhams, formerly of Cobham 
Hall, CO. Kent), by Catherine, his wife, daughter of Captain Walter Synnot 
(see Synnot of Ballymoyer, Armagh, Ireland, in Burke's Landed Gentry), 
and by her had issue, 

VII. Francis Cobham, b. 30th April, 1878. 

He d. at Ballinclea, co. Dublin, Ireland, 19th September, 1890, aged 67 years. 


This family is of the Scottish clan Grant. 

James Gkamt, lived at Nairn, Scotland, 
where he d. 1833. By Margaret, his wife (who 
also lived at Nairn, and d. there, 1834), he 
had two sons, viz., 

I. James. 

II. John, d. s.p. 1826, at Sydney, New 
South Wales. 

The elder son, 

James Geant, Esq., a London merchant, 
h. at Nairn aforesaid, 2nd October, 1786, 
and left his native place between 1802 and 
1805 ; chartered a vessel and went to Tas- 
mania in 1824, with a land order from the 
Colonial Office for a free grant of 2,000 
acres. This was augmented by the acquisi- 
tion of 1,500 acres, as heir to his younger 
brother John, who had preceded him to 

Tasmania with a land order for a free grant 
of that area. This was further added to 
(carrying out the policy of the British 
Government, to encourage emigration and 
settlement in the young and struggling 
colony) by an additional grant of 1,000 
acres, to w-hioh he had become entitled under 
the regulations, after encountering all the 
privations, dangers, and vicissitudes of early 
settlement, for expenditure in improvements, 
and as a meritorious colonist. These grants 
formed the nucleus of the present estate, 
which comprises 14,000 acres. Mr. Grant 
m., at the parish church, Tenterden, co. 
Kent, 12th September, 1818, Caroline, 
5th daughter of John Neve, Esq. of Tenter- 
den, CO. Kent (see Nete article below), and 
d. in 1870, at Launceston, and was buried in 
Fingal Cemetery, having had by her (who d. 



1868, at Launccston, and was buried in Fin- 
gal Cemetery), besides a daughter (Rose, 
who m. Thomas Montague Hammond, Esq. 
of Lindisfern, Victoria, now deceased, having 
had issue, of whom survive, Caroline and 
Jessie), a son, 

the late James Q-eant, Esq. 

Arms used — Ou. three antique crowns or. 
Crest — A mount fired ppr. Motto — Stand 

Residence (of the late James Grant, Esq.) 
— TuUochgorum, Fingal, Tasmania. 

Club — Tasmanian, Hobart, Tasmania. 

Ustate — 14,000 acres. 

Jpamtlg of M^bt. 

The first recorded anoostor of this family 
is Adam Le Neve, of Q.iiedenham, co. Nor- 
folk, living temp. Edwaed I. The family 
were afterwards of Tivetshall, in the same 
county, temp. Heney IV ; of Ringland, co. 
Norfolk, temp. Heney VII ; subsequently of 
Cavendish, co. Suffolk, and St. Martin's-in- 
the-Kelds, co Middlesex ; of Thornton-le- 
More, CO. Lincoln, temp. Geoege I ; and 
latterly of Tenterden, co. Kent. 

Of this family were Sir William Le Neve, 
Clarenceux King of Arms, and Peter Le Neve, 
Norroy King of Arms. 

John Le Neve, of Cavendish, co. Suffolk, 
and of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, co. Middle- 
sex ; m. Catharine, third daughter and co- 
heir of Rice Griffith, of St. Martin's-in-the- 
Fields, and d. at Hammersmith, co. Middlesex, 
in 1654, leaving issue, amongst whom were 
Richard, second son (who was a lieutenant 
in the Royal Navy as early as 1666, and re- 
ceived his captain's commission 4th August, 
1671 ; slain on hoard his own frigate, the 
" Edgar," during an engagement with the 
Dutch, on the 11th August, 1673, aged 27 
years, and was buried in Westminster Abbey, 
29th August, 1673. His nuncupative will 
was proved 16th August, 1673, by his brother 
John) ; and John, fourth and youngest son. 
His widow re-m. 29th January, 1662 — 3, 
Robert Hope, Esq., chief clerk of the spicer- 
ies to Kings Chaeles I and II, and d. 25th 
July, 1682, and was buried 29th July follow- 
ing, in Westminster Abbey. Mr. Le Neve's 
fourth and youngest son. 

John Le Nete, b. 10th January, 1649 — 50 ; 
m. first, Frances, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Monk, of Potheridge, co. Devon, elder brother 
of General Monk, afterwards Duke of Albe- 
marle, and by her (who d. of small-pox on 
the 12th of May, 1677, and was buried 15th 
May, following, in the north aisle of West- 
minster Abbey) had an only child, Mary, 

who lived only twenty-four hours. He m. 
secondly, 20th June, 1678, at the Bishop of 
London's Chapel in Aldersgate-street, Lon- 
don, Amy, daughter of John Bent, Esq. of 
Paternoster-row, citizen and merchant taylor 
of London, by Ann, his wife, daughter of 
John Newton, Esq. of Houghton-on-the- 
Hill, CO. Leicester. She was b. and baptised 
at St. Faith's, London, 29th August, 1655 ; 
d. 12th December, and was buried 17th De- 
cember, 1687, in the north aisle of Westmin- 
ster Abbey. He d. 26th July, and was buried 
2nd August, 1693, in the north aisle of West- 
minster Abbey, behind the organ, leaving by 
his second wife an only son, John (the author 
of Fasti EcclesicB Anglicana) ,yf\iora his father 
left to the guardianship of his covisin, Peter 
Le Neve, Norroy, who placed him at Eton, 
and afterwards at Cambridge. His career 
was an extravagant one : having the command 
of ample means and large estates in various 
counties, he parted with them before he was 
32 years old, and was compelled to seek a 
living by his pen. Ultimately the Bishop of 
Ely presented him with the living of Thorn- 
ton-le-More, to which he was installed, 2nd 
January, 1722. He d. about 1741, leaving a 
son, John, b. 1715, who, on attaining his 
majority, on account of his family misfor- 
tunes, migrated to Kent and settled at Ten- 
terden, at which time he dropped the prefix, 
Le, from his name. He was the grandfather 
of Mrs. Caroline Geant, tiee Nbve, the 
mother of the late James Grant, Esq. 
The present representative of the family is 
William T. Neve, Esq. of Osborne Lodge, 
Cranbrook, co. Kent, a retired solicitor, and 
first cousin to the late Mr. James Grant. 

Arms of Le Neve — Arg. on a cross sa. five 
fleurs-de-lis of the field. Crest — Out of a 
ducal coronet or a lily arg., stalked, leaved, 
and seeded gold. Motto — Sola proba quse 

HAMILTON, HON. THOMAS FERRIER, of EldersHe, New Qisborne, 
Bourke co., Victoria, Australia, J. P., president of the West Bourke 
Agricultural Society, and late member of the Legislative Council of Victoria, 
b. 1823 ; in. 1853, Elizabeth Milner, daughter of the late Judge Stephen, 
of New Zealand, and has had issue, 

I. John Ferrier, h. 1854, m. November, 1S80, Isabel Grant, but has no 



II. Sydney Vereker, d. young. 

n\. Claude William, m. July, 1885, Beatrice Bird. 

IV. Harry James Eustace. 

V. Vereker Thomas Sydney. 

I. Georgina Jane Vereker; m. November, 1880, Alfred Nevett Fletcher, 

jun., Esq. of Rosehaugh, N.B., who was h. 14th May, 1853, and d. 
1st October, 1884. 

II. Julia Annie. 

III. Blanche Muriel Eugenie. 

IV. Adela Marguerite Violet. 

V. Eva Mabel Ziliah; m. December, 1887, William Maitland Stewart, Esq. 

(who was h. March, 1850), youngest son of the late Stair Hathorn 
Stewart, Esq. of Physgill, Whithorn, co. Wigton, Scotland, J. P. 
and D.L., by his third wife, Jane Rothes, daughter of John Maitland, 
Esq. of Freugh, by Jane, his wife, daughter of Sir William Maxwell, 
fourth bart. of Monreith. 

VI. Constance Augusta. 


William Hamiltojt, second son of Alex- 
ANDEE Hamilton, first of Silvertonliill, was 
the first of Westport. His eldest son, 
Thomas, d. s.p., and was s. by his brother, 
John, whose grandson m. Janet Drummond, 
and d. 1625. John, who succeeded, left a son, 
James, m. Anna, daughter of Sir Patrick 
Hamilton, of Little Preston. Their only son 
was killed in battle ; and their eldest davigli- 
ter m. Walter Sandilands, eldest son of 
William Sandilands, of Hilderston, second 
son of the fourth Lord Torpichen, by Eliza- 
beth, his wife, daughter of John Cunning- 
hame, Esq. of Cunninghame Head. The 
title of Cunninghame Head having, with 
that of Ruthven, become extinct in the male 
line, in the person of Sir William, third bart., 
of Cunninghame Head, who d. in 1724, 

SiE James Sandilands Hamilton, the 
eldest son of the above marriage, assumed the 
baronetcy. He d. s.p. 1733, and was s. by 
his brother, 

SiE Waltee Sandilands Hamilton, a 
captain in the army, who served thirteen 
campaigns under Marlborough. He m. his 
cousin, Helen, daughter of Thomas Hamilton, 
of Olivestob, colonel of the Edinburgh Regi- 
ment, and governor of the city, and had two 
sons, James and Thomas, both military offi- 
cers, who d. s.p., and daughters, of whom the 

Geizel Hamilton, the heiress of West- 
port, m. John Feeeiee, Esq. of Kirkton, 
CO. Renfrew, and had issue, 

I. William, his heir 

II. Walter, of Grlenfuir, co. Stirling, 
m. 1784, Lillias, daughter and heir of 
William Wallace, Esq. of Cairnhill, 
CO. Ayr, by Jean, his wife, daughter of 
Archibald Campbell, of Succoth, and 
had issue, 

1. John, of Cairnhill and West- 

2. Archibald, major, 92nd Regi- 
ment, d. unm. 

3. William, in the army, d. unm. 

1. Jane, m. Thomas Riddell, Esq. 
of Camiestoun. 

2. Margaret. 

III. James, one of the principal clerks of 
session, m. Miss Coutts, and had issue. 

lY. Islay, major-general in the army, 
and governor of Dumbarton Castle, 
m. first, Jane, only child of John 
Macqueen, second brother of Lord 
Braxfield, and had issue ; secondly, 
Agnes, only child of Roger Cutlar, 
Esq. of Orroland, and widow of Wd- 
liam Lawrie, Esq. of Redcastle, and 
has issue. 

The eldest son, 

William Feeeiee Hamilton, Esq. of 
Westport, lieutenant R.N., commanded the 
party of sailors who dragged the cannon up 
the heights of Abraham, previous to the cap- 
ture of Quebec. He m. Miss Johnstone, of 
Straiton, co. Linlithgow, and dj'ing s.p., 1814, 
was s. by his nephew, 

Colonel John Feeeiee Hamilton, 3rd 
Dragoon Guards, of Cairnhill, co. Ayr ; and 
Westport, CO. Linlithgow, N.B., J. P. and 
D.L., b. 6th September, 1786, m. 2nd August, 
1817, Georgina, third daughter of Charles, 
second Viscount Gort (see Burke's Peerage). 
She d. 1847. He had issue, 

I. Walter Ferrier, of Cairnhill and 
Westport, b. 31st May, 1818, captain 
in the army, formerly A.D.C. to the 
lord-lieutenant of Ireland, M.P. for 
CO. Linlithgow from 1859 to 1866 ; m. 
Barbara Agnes, daughter of James 



Mavsliall, Esq., and d. 8tli April, 1872, 
leaving issue, 

1. John Wallace, of Cairn Hill and 
Westport, b. 1863. 

2. Francis Sandilands, b. 1865. 

II. Colonel Charles Vereker Hamilton- 
Campbell, of Netherplace, co. Ayr, 
N.B., b. 1819, assumed the surname of 
Campbell on succeeding to the estate 
of Netherplace, an ancient cadetship 
from the Loudon family ; m. 1863, 
Mary Sancroft, only daughter of 
Samuel Randall, Esq. of Orford, Suf- 
folk, and by her (who d. 1872) has 
issue, two sons and three daughters. 

III. Thomas Feekieb, of Elderslie. 

IV. John Prendergast, m. Agnes, daugh- 
ter of James Buchanan, Esq., and has 
two sons and one daughter, Lilias, 
who m. 7th November, 1888, David 
Alexander Skene, Esq. of Pierrepoint, 
Hamilton, Victoria, lieutenant in Vic- 
torian Mounted Infantry {b. Ist 
August, 1855), third son of the Hon. 
William Skene, of Skene, Hamilton, 
Victoria, member of the Legislative 
Council (see Skene oe Marnoo). 

V. William Archibald, captain Ayrshire 
Eifles, deceased. 

I. Jane Lillias, m. Colonel Andrew Gril- 
lon, of Wallhouse, co. Linlithgow, 
J.P., who d. 1888. She d. leaving 
one son, Henry, of Wallhouse, and 
of 13, Eoyal-terrace, Edinburgh, b. 
185'! ; captain 18th Hussars from 
1885 to 1888, and paymaster 13th 
Hussars from 1884 to 1S88. 

II. Julia Mary, m. G-eorge Oswald, Esq. 
of Auohincruive, Ayrshire, J.P. and 
D.L., who d. 1871. She d. leaving 
issue, a daughter and a son, Richard 
Alexander, of Auchinoruive, co. Ayr, 
N.B., and of Cavens, Kirkcudbright, 
N.B., who was b. 1841; m. 1868, 
Maud, second daughter of the late 
J. H Smith-Barry, of Marbury HaU, 

III. Georgina Vereker, d. 28th March, 

Colonel Hamilton served throughout the 
Peninsular Campaign, for which he received 
a war medal and three clasps. He repre- 
sented, through his mother and grandmother, 
two of the oldest famihes in Ayrshire, viz., 
Wallace, of Cairnhill, and Cunninghame, of 
Cunninghame Head; and, through his grand- 
mother, Hamilton, of Westport, and Sandi- 
lands, of Hilderston. He d. 13th May, 
1871, and was s. by his eldest son, Walter 
Ferrier Hamilton, Esq. of Cairn Hill and 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu., three 
cinquefoils, erm., within a bordure, arg., 
charged with eight martlets of the first, for 
Hamilton ; 2nd and 3rd, gu., a lion ramp. 
arg., within a bordure arg. and az., for Wal- 
lace. Crest — Two branches of oak crossing 
each other in saltire. Motto — Addunt robur 

Residence — Elderslie, New Gisborne, 
Bourke co., Victoria, Australia. 

J^amflg of asaallace. 

The Wallaces of Cairnhill (formerly spelt 
CairngeU) are one of the oldest Scotch 
families. The first was the second son of 
Sir Richard Wallace, of Eiokarton, whose 
third son was Wallace of EUerslie, and 
whose eldest son m. the heiress of Lindsay, 
of Craigie, and has ever since quartered tlie 
Wallace and Lindsay arms. The Wallaces of 
Cairnhill are connected by marriage with 
nearly every family of distinction in Ayr- 
shire, and even with royalty itself. At 
Flodden, one of the slain knights was Wal- 
lace, of Cairnhill, and it is generally under- 
stood his eldest son perished by his side. 
On the old tower at Cairnhill is a curious 
stone, with inscription and a coat of arms, 
Wallace and Muir of Rowallan, a niece of 
Elizabeth Muir, wife of King Robeet II, 
having m. Sir Hugh Wallace, of Cairn- 

Adam Wallace, second son of Sie Rich- 
ard Wallace, of Rickarton, m. a davighter 
of Allan, Lord Cathcart — his grandson and 
great-grandson were both killed at Flodden, 
1513 — the latter m. Janet Montgomei-y, of 
Giffin, and his son, Hugh, m. Isbel Mure, of 
Rowallane ; their grandson, Hugh Wallace, 
was, in 1567, one of the assize who tried 
those persons accused of Darnley's murder. 

He m. Janet, Lady Barskimming, and was s. 
by his grandson, John Wallace, who d. 1610 ; 
his eldest son, James, d. unm., and was s. by 
his brother, Sir John Wallace, who m. Jane, 
daughter of Sir Archibald Stewart, of Castle- 
milk ; he was member for the co. Ayr from 
1617 to 1621, and d. in 1631; he was s. by 
his son, Robert, who d. 1701, and was s. by 
his cousin. Sir Thomas Wallace (brother of 
Sir Jolm Wallace, of EllersUe, now repre- 
sented in the female line by Sir Archibald 
Campbell, of Garscube, hart.) . Sir Thomas 
in. Lilias Cunninghame, of Craigends ; d. 
1748, and was s.